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Cranbrook Herald Aug 27, 1903

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VOLUME   <i.
f'li.VNI'.l'OOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,    I III ltsii.W.   All.1ST   27,   I'll):!.
NUM11KB *;)
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Oro, A. Cox, Prold.nl, n. B. Wai.khk. O.u, Man,
I'.U Il.i   Capital           S»,7Gl.lll'J.UII
.l.ilao.lliiil Illl
tuiil R.MNrc..
Deposits Received,   tk-iieral Itaiikini; Business Transuded
SAVIMIS HINI, III I'.UIWiM    lli-mnll- Knrl.nl   Inti-f.-l .lliiwcil.
DANKINU ll>   .1.11-   I ■*,".-11 - 1.... v- 1 -.■ In nnd wiilnlniwa livmnil.
llul ul 1,,4411 in- 1- t'lvt" .-ti-it ...,.*,.i 1.>,.   1 iituiniliui-ttt - ii.l.li i-.|
|„|| 4111.11*4*4   4,|   |l,.'l',.l,|l I.   ,44   lll.ll   Hill     I."   ,""14l|'l   llltl-lllll.ll.
CKANBKiiiiK llltANCll. |-\ C MALPAS, Manager.
a)l«l»|.*N|*i,M,M*,^. 1 a 1*,... i rt 1 . : •■ 1 . 1 •. 1 . I-. I'i>
[•I • I , ! ...;.,.......;.. .    . ; 1 , 1 . ; . , . 1 . | . ; . ; . U. | . ,|... I...' -
ii, We must leave the store verj s 1.    Pi-ices
'Ul IlllOlll line hull'.  (|)L
Cost Cuts No Figure Now
We huvc slill a lul ..I' goods on liiind ull of wliich inusl be
closed nut rery quick.
Ladies' Muslin Underwear, Hosiery, Shoes, etc.
Men's and Boys' CluDiing,' l-'iirnishiiiKs and Shoes.    -•
In Hardware, Groceries, elc.
we hnve still u lurge stock.   Tliis opportunity won I lust much TT
longer.   It is simply wnsn* nol lo buy here,
G. H. GILPIN    a
A \A I A I It, I ***. ; * 1 * I ..*. ; A 1 ,J- i  i. [  !, I 4- M A I * I * I '!. I A I A I A I A | A | A I A | A I
♦ l*l*l$l$l •> 1 *-•:-■*!-j I*.-I■•■!•! Ill km l®l<!)h \-a-a-. I$liiiiii®
dmtHU iiiii ******************* -siS.*! « »«*«**lll
i      IA1PERIAL BANK 01* CANADA      |
4«> Capital, Paid Up
■ Rest
$2,983,896 3
$2,636,312 J
S T. R. Mcrritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. .ind Gen, Manager J
I A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- |
• ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
{.attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     *
%MIIHll>.rlll(». HUT******* tttttti ******** «:«?*
If ynu go on nllowing your eyes tu siiinrt nud ache and niiiuij   gj
.I.' to make Hi.n. Blrong again. Q
W. WILSON. (il<AI*^T** optician       B
leoooaooooo'soooo-v v> )oo©p@q
you in.iv never nuinii
Neither dhn we,    I lou'l iiwurnstin.il
A Great Question  |
is what brands of Tea and Coffee j
is the best.   After usin*i»* the     •
F. S. M. CO.      j
j brand yon will have nothing else •
j No. 150c. No. 2 40c.  No. 3 35c
No. I 60c.   No. 2 50c.   No. 3 40c |
ml I MONDAY,  SEPTEMBER  7, 1903 j
-,9S*3*3i-S-JMMS) »HiH 11!
a UY THK iil.Ii MAN
%*, ta *»■» ps-B-Mseee ta*** k • ■
A few days ngo C. W. EdwnrdB
was tishiug 'u the Elk river in
Elko, and snugged a Ironl iu ll
aide, which nfterwnnl gol niru
'I'wn or three duys litter tli-orj
lloggurth. while lishing lielow Ilu-11 A Grw| Day fol. ,|,c peo !e „< Everybody Will be Here I
lulls,  cuuglil  lhe Ironl   with  the I J . ■       , j
hook slill in iu. side.    It was itiail-   J
Iili-iitiHiil, ns ii was n llyuf peculiar  J
''"''""' ""'"'''"'" ""*•*   *' '       "'J 325 eu.-l. will Ih. giveu, one tor the  Inrgosl ininiber represent
*J uny one Industry, the other for the Ih-sI gel up,
. Poll) Rnce.one hull mil'- Isl sill UO
J Iiidiiin it,  '. mile Isl 810 ihi      2nd SS 1X1
5   Squuw Race,  half mile       Ul $ 7 (Kl
* Sawing Contest, two men to saw
J  Tie Nuking C'onlesl 	
* Chopping C'outesl 	
The people of llii- |, nt i, i, i uf ,!,
four lil*..- ii in il,.- dislriet.
i lue .lay recently a lad) lourial
traveling ensl over the Crow, gol
off ilu* train al Craubrook lo I....I,
nrouud during ilu- ten minutes
stop. Sin* gazed ul the mm,,,tains
nlioiil tin, town, iiiiiI turning lo a
companion, said: "Well, I don'l
see any nf the big things they talk
about in the wesi." uiul turned to
niu inlu the cur. As she ilitl sn she
cuiue up tu 1*. 1.111 t.i. manager of
the Crows Nesl I'ass Lumber company who was talking to a friend.
The lady looked at him for a few
seciniils. and then stepped around
him to the cur. without saying a
word, but it was evident from the
expression on her fnee thnt she
hud changed her mind,
m 4,0
Have ynu ever noticed Constable Morris ami John Stei-L-itt
talk to onch other on the street.
Unless they stand sidewnys. it is
impossible for tliein to heat- without yelling Iniallv.
A liar is a liar iu n political campaign as well us in business, uml
il is well enough In nu.i-l Ilu*,,,
either tin,.'.
Iii 'iV 'i*.
There nre a number nf parents
in Crnnbrook win, nre criminally
negligent regarding tlieir children,
Mnuy of the young boys are permitted to ran the sti ts until  nil
I'nradeal III ..clock
Iig, fnr whicl, two prizes ..!'   .
Uiul $5 i»i   >
:inl :•,:; mi »
2nd .-sll (HI I
SI i'l IHI ft
* 'In Illl :*
s 25 nu :{
J  Teiiiii Drawiug Contest
J Drilling Contesl
f Greased 1'ig
jj Climbing Greased Pole
* Running Long Jump
j-   linn,li,,-.' Uiul, -In,up
 slim tin B
Winner gets the pin *
Isl Sill 11.1
 $10 00 ;»
2nd $ ■", mi 5
1st Sllllal       2nd S •', tm  .
1st SI.". Oil       2nd Sl.". (Kl *
Football Gniuo.
Tue.if War.
I'mvs uiul llirls Pool Knees Cor Prizes.
Their Mill Purchased by   Ilie  Hanbury
Manufacturing Co.
Slater saw mill with Iln- timber
liu,ils ami everything connected
with ihe institution was sold In
.Inlin Hnnsbury, nf Brandon, Man.,
who wns acting for tin- Hnnsbury
Miiiiufnctiii-iiig coinpany, nf thai
town.     The    money    wns   paid
itv, antl Monday morning Ilu
new cuiupiiti) assumed charge.
Tin- purchase includes nbpul 1)000
acres of timber, The lleralil
times nf night, uutl any liny whn trusts thai the Sinter brothers nnil
Is permitted to do thnt long enough T. Lensk, the partners in ilu- "lil
is on the straight mad to the devil. Hnn will not lenve the district, as
nnd in later yenrs he will blnnie his they nre good citizens .-ii„l good
parents Iur llit-it- Inck of discipline, i men t.. linve here, Tin- side menus
Crnnbrook is raising a bunch .-! ilm introduction of new capital in
of ten l.n,l hoys The. are suiiirl the district, nnd iln- interesting nf
enough, nud with  proper  training U company llml is u successful one.
would become yi....l y. ;; ni.'ii un.l ; |, hn- n large niiiiiufactiii-iiigestab-
liseful citizens, llul they nre un ! lislm.i-nt at Bmiidou. several litin-
the wrong path now,    It isi. slinine  lier  Minis in   lhat   province,   ami
llml. something is not d in save recently   purchased  iibout   11,000
I li. in Proper measures in.)) will acres of timber limits ou the I'aci-
luive more effect■ tliim the work of He const. Mr. Rnnsbui-y, who
Iill kinds of moral societies on  the  recently   cmne   in   Crnnbrook   in
same I Ii live yenrs hence,  Save ' search nl a mill was very favorably
Hit'boys and the men  will  In- all  impressed with the olil  look  here.
Lord Salisbury Is Dead.
London, Aug.  22.    Lord  Salisbury died peacefully al O.OSo'clock
Mannlaeturin-! to. l.»..i-l,t.    Fnr 48 hours it was seen
.ast   Saturday   the   Lensk _ .v |,|ml t, „d wns inevitable.    Even
Un- administration nf oxygen failed
I., effect. This evening a few
minutes after 11 o'clock tin- former
premier turneil slightly townrdshis
favoritedimghter Lady Gwendoline
Cecil, who was kneeling beside
him and then quickly breathed his
through the Imperial bank of this hisl. all the ineinlicrs" uf his lord.
anil il iliil   lint   lake   him   long   to
make the deal.
I*',.,* the present lhe mill will he
pernled   under ilu-  management
Among   the visit i.i--,  preacher*;
I his week tins Rev. Smith of .Morris
Bey.    Mr. Smith wus in charge  ofLj- j ,, gin.er
lhe Crnnbrook  Methodists  in  lhe "J	
enrly history of the  town, nnd  he The Bible Sudely,
ideuhostof friends  tth,, wee      A mMting   WM   ,„.,,,   ,„   „„
u-liiil tu sec him ngiiin. Mr. Sndtl
is.*, preneher who dosen'l eudenvo
in impresB iiuyone with hissnuctity
9*............ *......
tt,* . . • . ..............
or extreme goodness,    11.- is sine.
in liis work, uml  lhe  i pie I
l.iilhii, In,ii ami in
III llllll-lo llo ni, in
of tt,.,!, in tin* Louis vim.yiur,I.
i.init Keliiilin-t.
The King   Mercniitil pant
closed a   'leal  with I'.   Mnthesoii
lasl   Tuesiluy.   ivhei-eby  ll ■
iwuy's store building on linker
street is li-iiiijfei'ivil |n him. In
.Ilu-future the cnmpjii,) ,v.|j enn-
lim- itself li, Ilu- jobbing trade in
ilu- gr ry   line, antl  ils  lumber
business, It is understood Hint
Mr. Mnthesoii intends In build un
hotel nn the lul If ltcean secure n
license. If nut. lie will rent it fuj-
commercial purposes,
McBride Is Moving
.1. I). Mellriile is moving his liiirilwnrdc stuck tn
Hied. II. .Miner building. He is also moving
hardware, sloven, linwnrc antl everything in liis
line ull over Ilu- district, simply becnuso his
prices nre riglil uml his goods un* tin- lieSl,
......... ♦♦li)
..♦.♦. ♦-♦ ♦ ♦■♦!.,
The Vute in This District.
The total number of voters in
tliis  district  as registered,  is as
Umiibrook 7711
Port Hh-elo 152
Moyie 100
M'artlui-r ,,,,... 71
Kyan .anil Vach.   Iill
Murysville  71
Kimberley and North Star.. (ID
IVjisji,, ,   12
Methodist church mt .Monday
evening, liev. S. .1. Thompson
presided.     Tin-     Hev.     Rcrnnrd
Bryan,   uf   Tm to.   a  delegated
ngenl nf the I'lipcr Cniiadti lirauch
'•I"'''..'.'I"'I Qf  ,|„.   1;,.;,^, ,1M,|   |-,„,,i„,,   |,i|,|,.
' IM'"111" I society, wns present ami spoke in
,, very iiilerestiiig nnil eloiptenl
ll|ll|ll|e|-of Ilu-   aims   anil  work   nf
ilm society, It publishes now :n'.7
llill'erelll li-,ilisliil!..ii*, [if lhe bible,
employing ulioul 1.000 men ami
women iu tl-aiishiling tin- woi-il nf
liutl into the ilill'et'.-iil laiigunges
ami ilialet-ls spoken in the world,
elicit uver 5.000,000 epics nf lhe
bible ii rt ■ taint,'il liy this society.
Its aim is tn print' ami sell the
bible al actual ensl. ami In supply
free, the bible t.» every nation un
earth. After lhe very able address
the following officers were elected
for n locnl brunch "f the bible
society. President. R..I. Macconnell; Secretary, W, T. Keid; Treasurer, P. C. Malpas: depositary
I for the sale of bible), IS. E.
An executive committee consisting of Messrs. M. Mclnnes, ,T. (Iill
W. hi. Nobles, (I. \V. I'nlniorc.
Rev's. Auvnohe, Fortune, Bead,am
and Tl,nu,sun were elected,
A   public meeting will be held
shortly, ivlu-i,   Ruler  information
will I,,- supplied ui.nl collectors of
subscriptions   tn  aid   tlie society
|2"il   -vill he appujntcil.
ship's funiily except lurd Cecil,
wen* nt the bedside,
| Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyue-
Cecil, K. G. P. C'„ etc., third marquis of Salisbury wus born ut
Hatfield House Hertfordshire ou
flu- 3rd of February, 1880. He
wus educated at Eton and Christ
church. Oxford. He represented
Stamford in tin- house nf commons
from 1858 to lHlit.. He wns seciv-
tury fur In,Iin and president uf the
Indian council from ISIIIi to lht">7
und iu Ihe diplomatic service Iill
1808, subsequently holding the
offices uf Hrst lord of the treasury
and secretary of the state for
foreign nll'airs. He wns three
limes prime minister of England,
on the Inst occasion holding ollice
from 1805 till 1902.
To his heir viscount Cnmborne
gu his vast estate of 20.1100 acres
and ids magnificent residences at
Hertfordshire, Deal, Ornuborue,
and Nice.]
PasgeroMt. In Employ Chinese.
Vancouver Province, Thodanger
of employing Chinese lubur wliere
intelligence and trustworthiness
are required, uiul especially where
ilu* lives nf felli.w.tviirk nre dependent iipt.ti the exercise of these
qualities, is abundantly bIiowii by
tlie evidence which hns been given
nt tin- inquiry into the cause of the
explosion nl Cumberland, The
discovery of mutches uml smoking
ninleriills tm tho persons of Ilu-
I'liiuaiiiiui whn Winn killt-'l is quite
sufficient proof of their use nf them
during the hours of their employment. It is true enough thnt now
and again we lind instances in
which the   iiiui-e  ignpr(\l|t  uniting
Europeans, hnve isiee guilty ..f
conduct of this kind, but the in-
stances are isolated and it. is possible tn impress upon any class
of European people no matter
how low they [flay lie in the scalp
uf civilization, the necessity for
putting a check upon themselves
where the danger is great and
obvious. It tines not seem possible tn instill this necessity inlu
tin* minds of coolie Chinamen
under unv circumstance whatever.
Thnt has la'cn proved too often  I..
require reiteration.    Under these Iof tin-  mi-   supposed   I., eontii
ilistrict an-   nil  .j,,;,,     -
Crnnbrook ou Labor  Day ton   isl
il,.- unions in  muking
day.   The   program   |*i--i I.)
lhe committee in i In . I. um
llllll BilOlllll    :.it.     a    .->.  i|   il .    ,.;
sport, us it ii -i,.,luu
thai nill   lllltnrall)    cull f.. ll, 	
tm. resting c.iitesl .    Th m-
Iters of ihe tlitl -
it-ri. taking u  gn  -    .
pn-pnrntioiiB, ami  .
their power i" m ,k.
.■■ss',,, I'M'D iiuriienlnr.    I'l., |.,,
plegenerallyshould s-iy.-l lu L ho
Hay I an, going I I, i. .„   „- fin-
duy should   I,*-  ci lebral ~
going to Cranbrook,"   I, isn- k--
I., lulk al.i.i,i working ull tit ■ lim
A man should   Ink,-  a lioliilu. nnw
and ilt.-ii. an.l a  , I linn in ink
il is when  everyou -els    is ilnin*.
the sume  lliim;.     Sn du i'l ;
the  ilay   m-   ilal,-,      I    ,    ,
Cl  1"  I'raiil k   uml   i
friend", lo come.     V ■■
good time, nml will thu . niiirihute
your share in innking ,' il ; tin
success Ihai il is l-ullli ! i
Broke His Leg,
Lister Fleii. ,,l  Klk,..   |„cl   tii,I,
ll serious nccideiil las Sundi y i   „r
his n li.    II.- v.,, i ilrivi
I h of horses, ami
I" ih.-   drove, on     - I   ll,    I	
kicked hi,,,,    lh- mi   I     .   in  the
hills nearly seven miles i
nn.l realizing Ihu, ll,  \ i     hurt,  he
start.-.1  I'm-   I e.      Ti      :       •'   I
hail lieen kicked, beenmc
fui llunlly,  Ihai   li--  conclude*]   to
eel off his horse to r,  I it.    Wl
he attempted I....:. pun lh   g,
he discovered   thai   lie-   leg wns
broken just above the
horse In- was riding wu ■      ildouc,
antl broke  loose,   Icnviiiy him   in
tin- woods   quite   a   iii :   '
liuiiii'.   He managed  t.i*  ,    *
Ihc   mails,  anil   nfter  iiuiii;
some lime,  was  picked up hy Ii.
Hirtz. «i„, ha|4|i,-;i- -I lo.lrii  nluiig
Ihai way mid im k him ,    I-.:   -   Ur
King wns telegraph, il I   -,
lli.-re the  uexl  tnoriiiiiy
the fracture, anil l.ronglil the vie
lim 1..   Ilu.   Sl.   Ei
lhat ilny.
! Tin* ll'-ialil is giving prizes
I 1..i ilu.se who gu.-BS the cloi-
J ; ,i. ll,.* vute cist in South
; Eusl Kootenay thi* lull,
The lirst   prize is Ji set 0*4
! .Iiii,en iiii exhibition at the
', I*.a,  Steele Mercantile omu.
I puuy's.
, 'I he seciillll is a cuuicra, to
I I-     I'll at Beattie's.
{ I'll.' tliinl istwnyelirs' Mill.
■ •riptioii in The Ilt.rnld.
'. Read the ml. un the iusidc
* It   trill   Wil   vou   .11
: .-'-'in ii.
The lirsl race lH*twcciithe.)*-j«h.t»
'ilieil ulf   un account  of uo
vied.   Tin* second *'»« sailed last
I.,   ami  wiis -win  by lhe
R liimc ■    in   n   fine   fim.h,   the
Vnii'i-ienn   Imt coming over the
rl) 1.1  miles ahead.     The
-: « ". in,,  un  Tiit-sil-i)*,  -nid
in lis* Shuuirnck  was l-oaten.
i.   il ni tl i;it lhe  l.ipiun J_q»l
uittclns*...!.     There   are J^iree
-      -a ■ -.   unless  the   R,.\i*iui*e
-■ie-. the next.
William Bliikcinurcniity be .t*ht)
candidate in the Pernis be*
> camj iiijiit is over.
1'    Kin-.*, tin* liberal  c*>ndid»te,
w,ll attended meeting at
I    -I ,-:•- le last Saturday nigkl.
There   is  quite a »JghJ ,g_ ti
i-uie hetweeu Hurry Beutly -And
W. li. 1(.,-s.  for the diisef.iijtivia
The   campaign in this dislriet
in all probability, not wt,rm
up to any great ejitent until tbqut
ll   if I Ictober.
A Rare Metal.
Pulladuiuiisusuall: i
aleil with tin* ran* uu tal i rhtxli in.
osmiuin, ruthenium und iridium,
ll is usually nssoeinkd vi-' ,1..
nnd hits been found in -I., p] ■■ r
mines of the Caribou .list iei.B.C.
Snnie gold l.res ..I' I'e cul I
from live per mil n- len pe
of metallic pallidum), whicl, is ob.
tnltied by fusing it tog. tii -r ritli
silver,dissolving iin- graniilur alloy
thus obtained   in   liot   uilric ucid,
when    lhe    eiilil   USUIlll)    :
By nddition nf „ Bolutirniol -
elilnriile. ll,.* silver i-  I-,    ipilu    :
IIS elilnriile. which    is    i   IH'  ,  ll    i'l
Hlteriiliou. Tlie piillidiiiiu in the
solution   i*.  then   ;» .   ,:: I
ini-nus ,,r ii-in-v   ey.-iniih,  i    *:,..
t..ri.i of nyellowish-whil    - I
pnllndium     cymiide,    Pi,
has Ilu-  lowest   melting   p-hi.l  t I
an) nl lhe pi,i,inuu, gr, ,.\.
ends   altiiut    15    . I
reseiuliles   plntillUUl    ill   I
lustre ami steel iu liunl, - fl
more mnllnble '.lam plnliiiu
is nii.iv readily wi Ided. l\*l - a
piilisheil, il has a -' ■ '1-liki I ' ill
lustre uml lines iiiii tarnish, Tincture of iodine wiil' blacken '.he
surface nf palladium, Inil nol of
platinum, The inetid, on nccount
nf ils resistance to oxidation under
ordinnry ntmospheric conditions,
is used in tin* manufacture nf
ehroniiineters and line watches ami
nlso in some extent in lhe construction nf balm I lam-- of line
assay scales. Pnllndium ,1114, be
detected, when [.resent, liy mixing
a solution nf BOtliuiu   thiosnlphnle
C, Wells of North £ut
nay. will probably go back
legislature by acchunrttion,
■■.,'■ in  that  riding will op
,*■-" him.
Th Crnnbrook liberal. h«ld
lirsl meeting of the campaigii
their comuiittee rooms lust Mon.
,y evening, and innnguraied .the
they liuve iu view.
li. I'.   I'.-ttypiece, of the ,Van.
r I 'lnrion. the Socialist paper,
,       .1  through Crunlirook Tue*.
li.)    hu-   Fernie. where   hi, -ti .lo
I'nk in behalf of the can-iidacy
Mr.  .Mel'hersoii, the  -K-a.li.1
Increase .1 Cul .MJm..
The Fernie Ytun Press ujn Ibal
lh.- payroll of the (',-N.'F.,4Coal
 pany fur the month of .-Inly to*
the three collieries iiuiouals to the
magnificent total of $151,000. Tha
li rgesl previous i)ay was for J una
when $130,021,05 was pai.1.m lhat
the ] .ay given out today willeiCMad
of any previous month I*y
S21. l78,'.lo.   Tin- puy ni ,**tch.place
ta - 1*3 follows,
Co I Creek ia |S»|W8.
Michel .■Moi.Vil.
Morrissey .**f3e4atisj.
T'.lal 4tf£,Wi>.
The .-'renter aini,uiituf<^)natFU«1-
ion work at Coal Creek account.
i"i- Ilu- larger pay there in P*.VP°r*
lion tu tu tlu- tonnage miii.-d.
Visited Fort Steel..
inr, A number.,of Crau-
brook eiiiiservatives, including
Thomas Caven, candidate for .this
rilling, and G. 11. Tl.ompaou,
.an nf iln* Cruubrook conser-
vativo association, visited .fort
Steele Friday evening, Theyjear*
met ami entertained politically by
tin- Port Steele consen-atiye.aaio.
The BI; Mill $|trte*.
Tin' Iii,.' saw mill .of ilie Cwi-fs
Nesl Pass Lun.Iht co.npm»y.at
Wi.tdiier was start.*,! on .Tueaday,
4" I ihe niiichiiicry given.*.4t*al• by
uny  capacity whatsoever in conl pale   le 1   ,\
mines should lie outdo absolutely watch for chin
ircuiiistances their employment iu ! palladium, sn ns in color lhe liquid j ■- vera!   logs   lating rpul .through.
liuil nud Everything seemed to work..latin, fruui isfn imily. uud froin now qu an-
illegal, as their presence t|t siinii I »iii.--lin,wii in black. Diluted oilier lurge industry,ij)ill,lbf)|»fjlid«d
litliiir* is 1111 ui|.1t|iige|tineiit of the willtwaler.il returns to the fonner to llio commercial wurltl of, Soulk
lives uf white workmen. color bill renmiiis clear, I East Kooloimy. THE   CttANBROOK   HERALD
tS ^i.i*..v*^\
. F.Utor and Proprii I   i
TE-KAlSi-JF SUB>CtttlT10Ni
um icw l * -'■
Mlim-litlf-T i.»
Tlie Ileral.t dwlies t.i ittve-the npwsnf the
district,    tt yuu ktimv   unv about   ymu   tnnn
ynui mine or your i*eo|ili*. mmhI II to this oitlre.
Whaf, Omulirook iimls and
uliould Limv«- is litst elnss siduwls.
Thi- people should not Ik> eonteiit-
i-il witlrscluMils that are partially
witisfuctury, ami el ion lil not stop
iit nuythiug less than the Ix'sl
The town is ^rowinK* ami now has
elose tu;a popultttiOn of "J.ihui with
a very lat>[e pt*rt.vuttip. of eltiMren
ut si-liin.lJiMi*. Iii ettvl) years,
when the town hail nol attained
the ini)jf)i'laiit position lhat it holils
today, Initli in a eoinmereial way.
antl as to population, it was well
enough t" be more easily satistit-d.
But conditions hnve I'hniwd, mul
thi1 trustt't's havi- -now a li,,i\;.
responsibility Upptt their shoulders
in providing etlut'atiotial facilities
for sin*li a livr^e nuinl'-i nl' pupils,
ami although tii luwtti .1 lliis
largo number is tin* most import
ant factor to be taken into eon*
suleratlotii it must also lie borne
in mind that t Craubrook has now
n-fii'liitl tin' staiif where tin* stand-
arcl of her.sohools will be a direr!
benefit nr positive detriment in her
future. Parents will imt ttike
ehunevs with tin1 education of their
children, and if Cranbrook cnnnol
alt un 1 the advantages thai one has
a right tn eiipOct in a town lliis
size, the result is thai parents will
leave Crfiithfook just as sunn as
they can secure [jositious nr Inisi*
nesa openings in other places thai
will glvy tn 1'ln'tii a living and an
opportunity, to educate their i'hil-
ttivii. But, people should bear in
mind, that although the trustees in
accepting tin* responsibilities nl'
their office, (16 imt accepl thf full
respou^tbUitieB of tin- sRnntion.
Tin1 government nl Victoria, ami
tin- pi'»pli*:i« Cranbrook can l.y a
united u-tiVti makf il possible for
Ilu- trustee^ iln accomplish the
objects l|ii'V have in view, In tlm
tirst plap' il is nol possible lo have
lirst-clilsr&ehools without first-class
teachers, -ind tirst-class teachers
will not take a school unless tin-
salary to" wind il should be, The
people should demand of! the
governing 11 salaries in keeping
with the responsibility of iln*
position *hi a, town the size of Cranbrook, ,It'thts cnniiol lie accom-
plislicd. then the. people should
make up the deficiency until thr
government authorities can Im
induct'if to see tlie twitter in its
right feghj, Whni Craubrook
elmnld have is a better school each
year than she had the year before.
A school that would cause the
people fchrojnghoul ilm district '"
Bpeak nt' it with pride nnd pleasure.
And. in this ctiniiectioil, il is the
duty of'piiri'iils to do all in their
power to assist the teachers, hy
encouraging their children in industry anil obedience while ai
-school, refusing at all times tn
take tip sides with the child against
lite teacltrr unless the ease is ul'
A aeriuii'-Vnature. We have taughl
school, and wc know something of
the trials of a teacher, lim n,
plead guilty to the charge ul being
tt crank on the school question.
We believe in lhe grand ■u'noil lhat
can be'accomplished by Hrst-cltiss
BChools, .Many a life lias lieen
ruined from the ell'eets nl' poor
schooling in youth, Cranbrook is
entitled to the best nl all times,
aud the government should go tn
the limit in tin' way nf legitimate
: il ..t itc
.ut ilu
ni ihi
.*|,l.m »i   I-Hi,   19
.Iiiiiu-.  tin
<>l   I
•-Ml   i
', u.'il ■■'. '•■'■:• mm iHiutrtil "I'
1 .- i)i -,. u. il •■!  iln- n :n- i. li
un  imui "'■' iw i "'i 'i"-u. if
.     ,..[-, ,,, .v... ,1. Ittt*,   ftllkll  '-
1(.tivetv Hill liiUm
itntptlon ..r n
wrtioim-r Un* I
.it. i.i iinn. i"
■ Bninii' i'
Hilt 111 111
imt in Un- in
i > - ••' ■'■
ul III   Wil) -i
tru I r.iihva;
Fort Steele License lli-irki
Ni.li,-,. is lii-iil.,
llllMllilllll'll   lll'14-ltll
tiuli iniili'r tilt' *tl
li.'i'ii-.' Act  llll-l)   f'
i,'ii tlmt tlii'ini.tt'
iiive iini.li- iili|'li'*i
i-i.ilKiii  llii- Hull
liqilur li.'.'11-i- i„ ,*
..'  ■
Why Mining Is Attractive.
Tin- iiif.iu attraction nboul min
inn iu thut it yives quirk netion.
For insfnni-t- tlie proapeetorn wbo
diseovtred tbe Lueky .Tnek ..i.
Poplin- creek about n moiitb n^o,
nre now itiiikintr n deill for S75.000
ent.li. Tin- men win, u,v selling
out nt tills fnnoy fi^iu-e lmvi- probably lieen pui-kine; tln-ir lil„,,k,-ls
around tlie li Ills fm- two or three
decades' seurcbing I'm* Ilu- npi-n
seams fo nntiii-i*'*, trensure vnult;
imt when Im-ii tinully came, il
nil in n'lu'.np' uiul so quickly iln
they lit't'iniii' wenlthy tlmt lliey
liuve no time fur lluit trunsitioii
tlirotiiili Nvhii-li n business in,in
passe8,ln aecuinulatin-i wealth,
Tln-i-.'- is no other business on
,'iirtli in ivhieb Ilu- four  nun   who
own the  Lucky Jack .-..nil  liavej
iiiuili- SiT.'t.iliKi honestly i„ IIOdayB.
'l'lint    is     tvliy     proHpet linii   in'
jiupiiliir. |
y ,, t.i . • ill
.ni.. iiii'.iii-1
-  4    4liS|lll44'-    I'l
tin- |iliiii-s yiu opposite llii'ii imui,*-:
.1. II. Gilpin, \VI„.l,-'il,., Mi.i'.isst-v
Mitt* Hegull, \Vliiit,-.il,*. Muni s«*
Cliu. Ftneh .'. l-'i.-l JnniM transfer
iiuiii A. K. l'-uli-. bulla View hotel,
May liilllor i.ini-i.'i' inuu t'raiik
l'i*i.i-ii*i-. .Iiiflniy lioi.se, Jaffray.
A ini-.-tiii_i nl 1I14; bonrtl of lloenaoonui-
iiii-siiiiii-i-s  l'ort su-i'li* Iiconso .lisii-'n-t
ttill In. lll'lll  ut   lli4 in   Iioiisd l-l'illi-
brook 4.1, Tliiirsilnv, Si*|,ii'iiil...f in, 11103,
ni On* hour ..1 ton o'clock in tin* forenoon In fiillsiili'l' surd itpplirtlllons.
liuifil Ferule, August 21, UHB.
2.1                .I. II. M. \l IIIIN.
Cliii'i Lleonso lii-i lor,
Timber Notice
Tnkn iiotlcu tlmt tliiny ilnys tifior
l:in* tu- itn.-ml lu upplv 'in llii' Cliii'i
I'olllinissloni'r ul Liimls iiii.I Wnrks, ul
Vicluriu, (ur il s.ioclnl lleonso I...- >l nml
i-urrv n id- linilii*,* Iiuiii iln* I'llli.tiiiin
!,--.-'ii!„-,l liiiiils in Hniiili linsi Kooloimy i
l. I'oiiiiiionciii-i in ;i posl pluiitctl
no..rllio soittliwcal .'orllur of Lul :-.'.sj;
tlii-ii.-.-nuilli-.I'.-lniitis; llionou west su
elmlns; ilionco south SU Mini,,,-: Ihonco
ensl Sll ehuins In Iln' pllleo  ni hogilllll-j,
i-iiiituitiiiii.' uiu acres moro oi less.
1. I'.iliilliel'i'iliL'    111 ll    |I08I    I'lilllteil
 ii*  Ilie  iini'lliivest   corner  ol A.   K.
Willi's pro-ouiplloll Nn. 777. thenee
treat su eliuiiis; t li.-i.4-.- norlh Sll ehuins:
llli'Ili-l, ens, SU elinins' Ihelu'l*   suiiili   SU
cliulns in iln, pluco ni' lii-ciiiin*., inn.
tltllllllg 1110 ni-ii's iiuiii' ur less.
I'ni.'.lni tlrniilirook, the 2.1th, dny nf
Ancusl 11)03.
::i  Wiiltshiug LutuUor Coinpnnv, Lul.
"illiiiktyiilil.".   •■I'.lniktyiiler",   "Mllta-
< liile & "Inin" liiilii-nil elniiii-.
-iiiiiiteil in tin* Fori Ptcolo initiin*, tlivla-
ii,ii 4i) Hus! Koulontiv iii-itiet.
When* l.ieitle.1: tin Hu- Si. Mns
river, on .In* ensl si,!,*, ubovo llio
s.i'.ili forkfonl.
Tiiki liei-ihni I. FraneisJ.O'tlollly
.,(   Ni'lsmi.    II.   ('.. ns ukoiiI  fill'   lleiiiv
Uro.igliton Thiiiiisiin.iiee minors' eorti-
liinlf S'u,   II "UlSO,   inleiiil, sisly iluvs
(•niu Iln- ilnti-   lien'.',',   I,, npply to the
ii-.uiiiigr u l-*t- ft- eeilili-.-.l: ■ cl Illl-
provonumts, for tl.u purposo ... ohttlln-
Ing erown grants ol tlio ul-ovo cliilniB.
Ami iiiitlii-i ti.ku iniiiee Hint action,
liilllor sei-linll   ,17,   .nils,   he  enliuiieiieeil
lieliiie llieis-iuiiiie   Of 8111*1.   ivililicilles
Timber Notice
Tnke nntiei' llml lliirty ilms uftefililte
1 inleiiil Iniipi'ty Initli* Chlol .-nniliiis-
siii.iei* nl Lumis uml wmks ut Vielinin.
fm* it s|iei:iill lieelisi- In cut noil enrry
[twny tilnliel- I'n',,. the follntvin-* ilesi-rili-
I liimls in South Kust Kootonny:
Commencing at u pnst pluntou ut the
northeast cornor  post nf 1*'. II. New-
lini'ii's timlier limit nn Iht- wesl slile nf
...ntelinv liter lllinlll   Ityn  miles   snutli
I Klk Mouth, tlieuce north «.". ehuins
nmi- nr less in Hu- sniiili boundary ol
II. ll. tlnpkin's timlier limit, thence
west seveiuylite unit ono tliinl chains,
thenee south 88 ehuins In Ilie north
liiniiiilury nf I    II. Mewtnuii's Umber
Iiinil, Ihonco oust   seventylive uml  nut*
luiil elinins in iln* place nf Iteglnulng,
toillllllllllg lllnnetes inure nr  less.
llnteil at Cranhrook, ll. .'. tbo 15th,
lay..( August i„n:i.
' 22 I'. L. NAISMITII.
One $20 Set of Dinner Dishes Free
Cnn be Seen at the Port Steele Mercantile Company's Store
;ite,l ihi- i-i ilnvofJuly, A. n. mu:
20 I ItAM'ls .1. U'KKII.LY.
Timber Notice.
ike notiro  Hmi   llilrly ilnys ntto
' I in I In npply n. tho Clilof Cum
.loner of Uinlsuiul  Wnrks ul  Vie
il, fnr ii  s| il lleouao  nl  nm
-. i.,,.,, tu > Iiiiiu iln* follmvlii
■lilieil Inmls   iu .-mull   Kital   Koilto
nl n po
llntesl e.
Ihonco nesl  III  elm
cliulns, llll-licu  vies
soiilli au elinins, lh
thence lb -10 elm
" llnteil ill Ct
Angusl Iniili.
, tin
lillileil   III   Illi
II, tl roup ono,
nee    Ill  II
I'll chnlns, . I Iti,.,
nee ens. lllll elinins
lOncros mora or less,
k, Un- 16th, ilny
Timber Notice
ike  notico   thnl   tlilrly tint's ll
-,  I inn-nil   i.i  ni.i.li- 'ni Iho Chlel
ii444-14 1-,,, Lumls 'nml  Worka ul
or.n, for n special tlliibor Iiconso I
nml eniiv liinher from tlie following
•rlhcil Initils in  .-null,  Lust   Koot'
Commencing ul a posl plantctl .
mile ttesl nl Ilie lllitlhcusl cornel' nf Lul
8211 Croup ono, lh. o west 120 chnl
ll o north 1 Ml elinins, tlient-e eust
eliuiiis, Ilu e snutli  III elinins,   Ilie
ens. 30 chnlns, tlieneo south -III chnl
llieiie.ieusl 70 elinins, tlieiiee smith
elinins tn Hie  plnce nl  beginning,  e
mining IHO ncres more or less.
Datel nl Cranbronk, Uie l.'uli, ilay
Annus! lllll;!,
22 E.    UIIMI
One $15 Up=to=Date Camera Free
May be Seen al R. li. Beattie's DniK Store
The Herald for Two Years Free
May be Seen Anywhere in Ihe District
HOW?   =   WHEN?   -   WHERE?
Let us tell you about it. The process is an easy
one. The Herald has a number of readers who are in
arrears on their subscription, And, there arc a large
number of people in South East Kootenay who
should be a subscriber to The Herald, but are not.
To stir up the delinquents, and to offer an inducement to others to subscribe, we are going to give the
above named prizes, and there are only two conditions
First—You must be a paid up subscriber to The
Herald to enter the contest.
Second—The one who ^guesses the closest to the
number of votes cast in South East Kootenay at the
coming provincial election, takes lhe first prize, the
set of dishes; the next, takes the second the camera;
and the third takes the last one, two years, subcrip°
tion to The Herald.
You see it is easy. Any one interested in South
East Kootenay, should be a subscriber to The Herald'
lt costs $2.oo a year or $i.i)o for six months and is
worth more. And if you are a subscriber, you should
have your subscription paid. Therefore, by simply
making a guess on the number of votes that will be
cast in South East Kootenay, wliich will cost you
nothing, you may be thc one to secure one of the
prizes offered. It is a chance to use judgment in
figuring, and profit thereby.
At the election in 1900 the total vote was 974 in
what is now Cranbrook and Eemie districts, compos-
,-ig all of South East Kootenay. What will it be this
ye.ir is the question,
No country, no creed, no color barred. This is
going to be a big year in South East Kootenay. You
will want the news. The Herald prints the news
when it is news.
Take Advantage of This Opportunity
Cranbrook, ll. C Publisher
Timber Notice
Tnke notice thnt  thirty iluvs nfter
ilule I inleiiil lo apply In tho Chief Co
iiiissiiiiier of Lumls lllltl  Winks ut   V
Int'in. fnr u  special  license in cut. nml
carry llnihcr (rom the following ilcscrll,
eil Inmls iu Solllll l-Jnst Kooteiuyl
Commencing ut a pnst plu'nte.l -111
chnlns smuli nf iln* uorthenst corner
post nf U. Smith's timber limit, thenc
east mil elinins, ihenee smuli in chain!
ll ee ttest luu eliuiiis, theiiee mirth   II,
chnlns tu tho placo nf beginning, containing IHO ncros moro ui- less.
Dnleilul l* 111 ul.l-..,.1;. Hie 15t|i. day nf
Angusl 1110:1.
Nniiee is horoby given IiiiiI tenders
Will he receive.! (..I* Mil* piirclinSC 111   Lilt
.'!„ Iilnek r., Cruubrook, 011 which tbere
i« ereeie.l.. snutli fraiiio ilwolllng house.
Tonus will he cosh, iiiynhle upon Ilu
completion nl Hie Stile. Ten.lets muv lit
led with W. F. tini.l, solicitor lor tin
uiulcrslgnoil, linker street. Crnnbrook
un.l will he reeeive.1 up to UlO thin] llliy
of September HM!.
.1. F. AUMSTltOXG,
22 Oiliciiil Ailiiiliiljtrnto
Timber Notice
Ni.lii-t'islii'ii'li.v ti'.-.-r, ilml  niiliin tliirl.
Iiijs.liis. Hill nil,  apply lo lln< I'lliel Dm
iiinsiiiin'1' of I uinls iiiiiI ll'oiks. Victoria, Iii
iH'tiiiissiiiii  In ,'iit iiiiiI curry invny linlliar
fruui 1,11 Iniliiiiiii'. itisi-tilii'il Inmls in h'uiilti
lliisl Ki iiii:
Cotntnolli-llig iiiii- inile wrst uml liven
cltnlns Himtli nl Hn- Mutinies! comer
lli'i'iuiii'i's 1 lii.l.. i- Uremia mi   I1.....I. Hi
i-rt'i'k, llii'i'i'.. tun mill's ui'-i. hull n in
smuli. lun mili-a.'..*. I luil' ii mill* nor
lo iiltim uf luvlimlng.
11.1...1 .ini,* an.li, u>t).i. 11
Land Notice.
ilici' is lii'ifli.v  given llml   alxly ilnys
utter iluto I i ml in apply tn tin. > lilcf
<'i4ii]iiiissi44iii.i- iif lumls utiii   nn lis Inr pur*
tnissiiill In |ili|-i-liiisi' lll.l- |iri'-i'lti|ili Nii.-t.",.",
 int'iii-ingill IliaH. W.rnriicrotUil. .Vntt'i
1,444.1. llli'l,-.ll   UU,clllliUS   llllllll.   iliiTI'llll 11,
ctlllllis tii'st. llii'ii  H'l I'linhis soul ll, Hivri'
Iiiiiiis 111 iiiiiii!   o! .'iiniini-tu'i
uc .".20 acres.
Siuiu-il. C..I. At-.i.Hlri
link, Annus, llllll. lllllll.
Land Notice
Timber Notice
Tn In
lil In
it tliill llilrly .In;
p|.lv lo Un- Chlel .-iimmis-
l.iiii.l-i,i„l Winks ul   \'i>'l.niu.
cut  license In   cut uml   eitrrv
4HIUV timber trout the following ilosorlh*
.1 lumls III Sniill, I'.usl  Kent >.".
t'liminoiielng ul  n  |kwI   plunlml  in
hnins west nl the  siiiltlii'usl   eiiruer of
.... :',::ii, Uroui   Ihonco smilh SO
lllllllS, Ihonco  west  HI elinins.   tlieiiie
uiilil Wl ellilins, thonco   eusl   .Ml   ellilins
<i tin- place nf beginning emiuiliihig mu
lintel ill Cnuibrook, August Will, 1W3,
22 W. Col|.n.n...
Timber Notice
Tnke notice Unit lliirty ilnysnliei- ilnlo
I IlltOllll Inupply In the .'liiel   I'nuilllis-
Blotior of Laiiils ami wnrks nt Victoria,
fm- ii spoclal lieense In .*i.t ilml curry
away limber train Iho following iloserlb-
eil Inmls in Snulh Fust Kootonay!
Commencing at u post pluntetl 20
chnlns west uf Hie uorthoiiBt cornor nf
f'l. II. Kenne.ly's limbor I luit ou tlie
nest si.le. nf Ki'inlelinv liter iiImiiU 1\V44
nml nm- llllll miles south "1 Elk Month.
Ihenco north -10 cliulns, Ihonco wesl 100
clialus, llieuee solllll III eliuiiis, thence
eust H.II ehuins in plnce nl In-ginning,
containing till) acres more or less.
Uaii-il ni I'l-iiiiliiiink, ilu- 16th ilny of
Angusl Hull,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
0RAN0ROOR,   DFITISH   i'OI.umiua
ll)R. P. E. KINO,
iil'it'li HOURS,
I to ti p. m.
7 In i p m.
(i. H. THOriPSON.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Sollillor far It. Imperial Haak .1 Caaada
The Culo.1.1 l.vcalme.l ... Lm. Comas.>
Cranbrook. II. C,
|  John Ellenberg,  |
I.N KEAKUh- WENTWtlKTIt IllllEl.      }
Pioneer in the business and J
his work always ranks with .
the best.    Call and see him. *
Repairing boots ol all descrip- *
Hops, Irom a cork sole to a S
lady's (inest slipper. %
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
and Builder  j*
All wark Ruir*nlcf*J.   See hi befsrt
you build.   II will pay yti.
Cranbrook, BI
Timber Notice
Tako notice thai lliirty daya aft or ilnlo
I intoiul io apply id tho Chief Oommls-
slonor ot Lamia ami Wurks ut Victoria
fm* ii HiH'i'iul license ti> rut ami carry
thnlior (rom tin- following iloscrlbeil
lamia, in -South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing ut u pnst plan toil w
eliuiiis west of 11. Trltoa Boitthwcst
corner post on tho west side of Colli
creok, about seven mill's from its mouth
theuce Bonth -10 chalna, thoncg east 1U0
ohnlns, thonce north -io chains, thence
west UlOuluuus to tin1 place of begin*
ning, containing fi40 acres moro or less.
Dated ut Cranbrook, ibe 15th duv of
iVugiiat IU03.
n \\\ HAKDY.
Timber Notice
Noli ■(> is lii'i'.-l.y glvL'ti Mini uill'n tlilrtj
iln.vHti. r. Illffgur will apply lo tliu ('lili-l
Ci)llimtnaionor nr bun n uml Wmks, Vi.-lmiii,
f..i' |.i-iHiii-Hii>ii in inl nml riiiT.v iiwu.v limlii'i
frnm ill-[..lln-ui.M il.-si'i'ili.'.l Imui-* iti Solltli
Ijnnt Konloimyi
I'.imiiii'liclliH oiK' milt' Wi'Bl nml Iwt'iit.i
ilmi ns nuilli of ilif iinitliwi.pl  i-ni-i.t-r ui
Iiiin i'h  timber tinman on   Pmmb  Dub
i-rifk (lul IJIIW) llii'iu-i'iivi. inil,.-. neat, hull
u iiiilr-niiili. two lallefl.i'tiKt uml liuil it mill
uurlli tn placo oflicglnnliig,
D.iii'il July -Jin li tOOil. 'J*J
Timber Notice
Nutli-otaluivby glvtm Unit nltliin Uiiit.
diij'B 0. ''■ Ultfgur »ill apply tn llio I hie,
ruiniiiissii.iii'i'uf Lun.I-. uiul Wurks, Vlutoril
Iur i'i>iiiiissitiii to cut um) i-iirry nwny tiiulit-i
Irom tliu fuPowhig doscribwl lauds in South
Kunl Konii'iiin;
Cummeiulug twenty cltnlns north uf ih.
imrtlnvi'ril t-niui-inl Itii'iiiut'i's liuiliiT liri-tisi
on Plumb Uubenok (hot(1108) (hiiu-n win
n niilr, m hi III ti tulle, I'linl ii mill' ami noil li t
mill' in |iliiii- ul' lit-ginnitijA.
Dutnl July -'Dili, l.lll.l. L'L»
uiit tiiu iii-
Timber Notice
h lioreby given
(iill »,il ujiply
r uiihiii I Iiii m
ilu- Clili-f Cum
.( Liuiijs tiiiil Wurks, vfcturla, Uo
iit'Nuis.su-11 tu mt uml carry uwiiy tlmbei
-iiiiiu ilif f.iil.Miiti^ di'si'iilit'il lumls iu South
liust Kootenuy:
(.'ummeiieiiig nun mih' vt**\ uml hvi-nij
i-hniii.H north of lhe uurlhui-Kl eonier u
Ilri-iiii.i'i*,*i Uuibir Iht-iisu un Plumb Uul
I'i'ii'k. llu-tii'i' mu iiiili-s Weat, hulf u mil.
nuilli, 1»n miles rust, half it mile aoutli tn
lilnee ul hegllltllllg.
lHitvil July UOtli, lltCKI. 22
Nuliee la lioreby glvon llml 00 duyantl'
dnte I iiii-'iul in ii|i|ily in ihe ehirf com ini
-itiiiir ni Liiu.Is iiiiiI worka til Victoria lor
lioriuUahni lo piirelmae Ute folloivlng  ilea-
i-tllii'il Iiinil In H I.ual IConlonaji
 nonelngiil a poal phintoil on tlio eaal
Hih-nfaereek llltlllllltf llllo IfintlOI'tll flll'll uf
Mieliel creek, nlioilt Ihr ml u  Imlf lllilea
uorlli uf the   intersection   nf  ilm  north
liimmhii.v of hit   'IJiHil.   i; |i  I,  with llio
snid nnrtli fm-k ol Mieliel en-el,, tliaiini norlh
ISO elm lis,   ilinn'.'  ensl.  Nil   olitltlis,  Ihe	
HoulkSOi'liniiis, tlieiiiii in-at hu cliulua to
ihe |ilueeuf boglnuli g, eonliilnliig niu uerea
•j:i M. Mclnnea,
U ii. r.
l'l*:i:TII*'li*ATi:     OP     IMPR0VKMI3N IH
MiNi:i[Ab ACT
"Rtiiernlil", nmi "Phneni\", tninernl elnitna,
Siliiuted in lhe Kort Sloole
uf  Kusi   Kootenny   i
lueiitod: On the si, Marys rlvor.
Tnke nniiee I hut I, A. II. lle.vhimi nf Knshi
ll, C, iisiitieni for M. .1. Mflip!ti, fret* mbiers'
 tilli'iiteXi). U OOftOu  inti'titl, sixty duys
Iiuiii iln-ilule ln-n-tif, tn apply In the mllllUR '
leeurdiT 1'uri'i'i'llllentiMif Improvements, for   enten
Iht- piirpnsn of nliluiniiiK erown griin's uf   11 dn,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby glvon ilml nlihln llilrtj
duys II. ll.Mi-VittleWill npply In Hit. l'|iji>|
t'uuimis-'ilinev of bunds un.l Wurks, Victoria,
fur pei'mif-siim lo nit ainl miry niiuy litubei
li'niti Un* billow iug ileaerlbud lumls in Smiili
Kasl Kuotiumj:
Coin aienel tig ow mile wosl anil sixty clinhia
aoutli uf iln- not'iliHosi. corner uf ItreuiiiDi-'s
liiiiliii lii-i-nse un Pluilll) Huh ir.i'k. theiife
tuo null's wist, hall u mile H.iilli, two mites
eusltiiiil half aiiillu nuilli to plui'u ui begin
11,,I.-,i ini.vLMiih, won,
■j j
iiui.ih:n at I'liitr sti:i;i,i:.
olCrai.lirouk, II, C, l l>ermun
Surveys 0i	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims*
Etc., made by contract,
P. 0. Fart Steele, B, C.
Timber Notice
Take notice that thirty days after
iiuii> I Intentl to apply to tho Chief Commissioner uf hinds and Works at Victoria fur a Bpeelnl lieense to out uml
carry away timlier from tlio following
described lnmla in South Kast Koote*
Commencing at n p-ost planted ut J.
Leo Fen wick's southeast corner inist on
ibe east bank of liold Creek, thence
soiilli KtOchailiB, thenee west 40 chains,
thonco nortli 100 chains, thence east 40
chalna to thq place of iK'glnning, e
ininitig 040 acres more or less.
Dated at Cranbrook, this Ifith day uf
August l.m:i.
'J:' J. K. l.KTIIHKlD.iK
Timber Notice
Tako notiee I but thirty iluya afterdate)
utcud lu npply In tile, llh-f ('oanuiruilniier uf
I minis mul Works bra spccitil timlier liivnw
'n.nt uud entry nwny liuiln-r fiom the fui
owing dew rilled lumls in Snulh Kust Kuole
my, containing 040 acres more or htu-:
Comineuelng nt the suutliHist corner ol
'. M. Kenuirk'n timber license on llioru-t
milk of Gold ('ink. theme suulli 100 eluUns.
timiicu west 40 ehuii.s. tliem-e north luu
'liulus, tlieuce eust 40 i hnins to plnce ot he*
Iluliil iho ,1r,l .luy ul July, ]00B.
II JukuK. bethliriilne.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,   iYop,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc most
Economical wy to handle it.
—DRS. KING & URlitiN,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ofllee it Rcsldeece, Armstrong Ave.
Korenoons,   ■   •   ■   •   9:30 to II
Alternooufl    *   ■   *   *    l:J0 to J:JO
Eveilsin   ■   •   •   •    7.30 to 8:30
CMA>BROOK,    : :    E. C
Timber Noti'!
Notice is hereby glvon tlmt ihirly duys nf
ler ilute I intend to upply tu UmChitl Turn
missiniior uf Iannis uml Wurks nt Viet min
for a spocint license tu cut und enrry uwuy
limherfrnm the following dt-aorlhod lands:
Commencing nt » post plunieil 40 ehnius
-tenth uf Lite sou Hi west corner ul Lot 6100,
. hence south NO elinins, I hetire east HO i'liains,
thence nurih NO chains, thence went ho ehnius
to tho point uf iiiin nii'iii'i'im-ut.
billed tills aiet day ol July, 1003.
Ill A. K.Crothem.
Timber Notice*
Take r.olIce that thirty dnya after date I
intend tu apply to the Chief Commiasiotier
of IuiiiIh uud wurks fui aspetinl lieeust- to eilt
nnd enrry uwuy timlier (rum tlie fallowing
iloKi-rihrd   lumls in  South  Kust   Kootenny,
containing 040 acres more or loss:
Commencing 40 ehnius south from M.
Smith's northeast rorner post, (bone« east
lOOclinlns, llience suuih 40 ehuins, thenee
west UIU ehuins, theme nmlh 40 ehubia to
pline of lii-ninriiiiir,
[)< i al Crnnbrook thia Kith duy ol July,
IH Frank Culpmmi.
tfoiiUi'ilyotCruiihi k. It. r
,1 nil ll McMuli
T,) .luliii M.-Mulinu, fliQilifi'lidnnl,
'I'tlke notion thnl   Hie  lltlOVO  iiumeil   plilill-
Mff hns comineiiced net lun ngniust yuu hy
defuull Bumiiions lor tliefullowingolulmi
Tlie|.hiiiili[fHelaiuiisfui'lhesiimnr *'J ,'.
lieing the sum ol|a(l5 tor mniiey Itmtioil by
ilie plniutiff to (lis delemhuit, uutl Ihe sum
uf •fun fnr iiiouey himied l.y nun Oeorgo Mui-
tlbimto Hie defen tin lit, nhlrh sum him been
ussigneil hy iln-snid flcorgu Mtittlsou to tlie
Atld lake tiulil'f Hint h.v nil order ut J. A,
F. ni ii. imlfte of ihia cuurt datetl 10th,
Allgliat lllllll, it- wns orih'ivil ihut, lhe philli-
lii'f lie ut llliurly to servo ymi tlm above
tunned defendant hv pul dishing i,ulii:o uf lhe
mhi<l order in -I cotiseeittlvu issues of tlm t'rnn*
hi'tink Hernld, puhlislieil nt Crutiliruuk, 11. C.
ml ihut. Hu- lime within which yon mny
liter a dispute nolo to said notion ho within
[inlu ilie dale of service us rttoresuld.
tlionhove clnlms. |    Ami I uke iuiUl'o that unit ss you outer sueh
Ami furiher tnke nuliee Ihut uelinn, uiiih-r   tllapllle nolo neutindllgiy, jutlfjuieiit. will ho
section 117, must. l<o commenced hefure Uu-  given iigtibtst. yon hi your absence.
Issuu   t.r hi r]i    ii-t'tiliinli'S  uf impiiivo-      Duli'il nlFruuhrook, II. (',, this lilli dny
mnillH, uf Augiht lima
Onled ihis L'uth duv nf August, A. I), 10*111 . tt . F. liunl, Crauhrook, ll (',
illl a. II- Iloylnnil. Agenl    1      -J-J Bollettorfor (ho plulntiff.
Notice Is hereby given Hint Ihri-inioiiiuauf
tn* tlitithitoliereof an ii|itillealloiiwilllsiinuil«
in lhe   l.leiltelinlil   lloVellinr lit  Vleturialo
cliungn Hn-iiiiiim' ui the Im ii rln Lumber Compuny, Limited, in "St. Mur.v'n Itlver Liimher
Com puny, Limit eil."
Iluliil ut Cranhrook, ll. ('., Ihis4th day nf
July, IIHHI. *
w. f. (limit,
HI Solicitor tor tho Applicants.
Timber Notice
Take notice that thirty days after
date I inleiul to apply to tbe Chief Com-
missioiirr of Lands and Works at Victoria for a special timber 1 cense to cut
nnd carry awav timber from tho following described lands iu South Kast
Kootonny i
(l) Commencing at a oost planted at
the northeast comer of V, t'olpnian's
timlier limit, thence south along the
east line of snid limit, 100 ehuins,
tlieuce eust 40 eliuina, thenco norlh 100
ellilins, thenee west 40 ehuins to thu
place of beginning, containing 040 acres
more or lesB,
(8) Commencing at a p-ust planted 40
chaliiBnorthofJ.il, FenwlcVB southwest rorner post on tbe west side of
Gold Creek, thonce west 80 chains,'
thence north 80 ehalns, thence east 80
chulua, theuce south 80 ehalns to the
place of beginning, containing 040 acres
more or less,
Hilled al t'l'lllililnnk,   lTltll,   of   AugllSl
Undertaking: And
Graduate of Champion college of   U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Hunk of Com*
nierce, Craubrook, ll. C
Ifpholiterlnf tad Qeneral Furniture Kepafrlnj
Will attend lo nny work in the district
A|e»t lor Ihe Brandon Marble and Uranile
Woiji*.   Tombstones,  Headstones clc
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook for
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Timber Notice
Tike notice that thirty days nfter dnte I
Intend tn npply to (he chief Commissioner
nf Lumls tint)   U mis fur n spcrhll   limber
license to cut and carry nwny tint ber from
the following ileserihed  lumls 111 Smilh Kusi.
Kootenny,containing 040 acres moro or leesi
L'otiiiiieiiiiiiH -tochnlns north "f l'\ M- Pen-
wick's aonthwesl corner, on west shloolQold
tireek, thence 80 chains wcst,80p|inliis uorlli,
Hti tliniui east uml sn oliaius unu Hi.
Dnleil theJInthdnvuf.liiiie. Illll.'l.
Ill Tin isl). Kevin.
St. Paul, Duliilli. Minneapolis,
Chicago and points cast
Tliniiiuli 1'iiliira nail Tourist 8le.|M}l*fl
DlaliiK tuul llulti'l Bltin-tlll*| l.ilniiry .'lira
Fnr Ilnti,.. l-'iilili'i-s anil l-'nll .1.forma loll
call on or iuIiIi-i-sh,
II. T. LANDECK, Agent,
Q. VV. P. A., Seattle, Wash. Till:   CRANBROOK    HERALD
«:       More SummerGoals plaml ni-.n the Bitrgnin Tiililestd ■»
4 »
J            t-'viaeo will mil permit u detailed account ol tticli i-nl J
«         I i-i,-, Un,..   x, i,. tin* following, i'.mi.- .-in.i i-Mtiii- ♦
..           iin* for yourself. »
* ■»
J. Ladies* Colored Muslin Blouses now HALF PRICE {
J Ladies' nnd Misses' Whilcwcir at ,1,1 per ecu I off *
«. »
< All uur Parasols at one third off regular price J
«■ »
, Children's Colored Dresses In r.i ;il one third off »
. .
J l.ndies' Duck and Pique Skirls reduced 33! per cc-iil :{
1 lll.uises, While Muslin nnd Cambric, beautiful new goods, I
,        at one iliinl off Ihc regular price I
i ►
J x,*« s,-|,i,-iiii.4-i- i*'.*i*.iii.ni siu-ft-1 J
|       Reid & Company I
«*>        mm   ^^,. i
i        \\"m   ■—-—j.  i   i. -,
*Sr<rJf       ,¥      ,.l     ■ '       JIMtilll mi|
Picked Up About the Cily  by Asliinf.
OuesliiMs of Many People.
ui nf
_.  Wu linvo jusi i*i*i*i-ivi-:l our e
m JACOBS' IRISH  BISCUITS                w
& shipped ilii'i-t*t to 113 from Dulilin,    'I'll., assortment consists 0
>\ of many  plain nml tiiu-y  varieties, seed, fruit und iced ono ^
jSj pound dikes, etc., etc.                                                             0
| Q. T. ROGERS gj
| Cosmopolitan Hotel §
Cranbrook, B. C.
J. R. Downes, Proprietor
:, 1
I Firstclass House, Centrally Situated ^
Sjj Commodious, Well Lighted Sample |
W. Rooms I
0 A
pcixxl 3-ovclrv
A word In
A iii-m-l lii-m
nhviivs ;i we
i petirl iiiii] iliiiiuonil ring is
iil.lition in ii I,i.It'..
Jewel Casket
m. jf. Gate
uiu* Jeweler
Official relate!) Ittepeetoi
c. p, K„ arown noitt Envision
| Get that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
The goods will suit you
Thc cut will suit you
Tho making will suit you
The price w ill suit you
• mwrnm
(.i  -A    .'-    ..    .-    B   ...   ,.'-   ■ .- -ffl  ®    A    .^--^-(5V-<-.**.
.   ..... 1. ,.j
New Hotel, Newly Furnished, Bcs! of Dining   i.i
Room Service.     A comfortable place lo slop in the   ff
center of thc town.
$   ii)-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-!..) SWB-®- ®- l.y -(i)-®-® -® -(SMSI-sila
.*--<•>-451—.•/—.♦>—W—tSI—l-.J—t.i—t..i-n.*-4.,,-A.>-—I.*—(.^-..i—i.,-...:--^.*- li-d-i^-i^h-(.j-®-®
y        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        8
None Better In the District m
_ Kates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oyslcrs S3
|Q served in any style from 8 p. in. to 6 a, in. jnj
yS Thc table is the test, the rooms are unsurpassed [or clean- B
P lincss and comfort and the bar is supplied with the besl brands JS
f% of liquors and cigars. f%
M L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.        M
l):m McDonald visit, 'd Ward tier
hut Tuesday.
Dr, P. E, King visited Marys-
villi- lust Sunday,
N. E. Brainy, of Fernie, wns a
Cnuilu'uuk visitor Tuesday.
A. Moffatt went to Lethbridge
last Tuesday for ti day's visit.
Constable Hoskins. of Ktmber-
1 *y, was in town last Saturday,
James Fraser, of Morrissey
Mint's returned to Cranbrook Monday.
Archie Vroom left Tuesday for
n brief visit to relatives aud friends
in the east.
Miss Wilson, sister of \V. H.
Wilson, left yestenluy for her
home in Ontario,
Mr. .Tones and wife of Marysville. went ilown to the ranch below Wardner Tuesday.
Dr. Harvic returned last week
from a trip to Spokane and other
points in the western states.
Archie MrKachern litis gone to
Wanlner to work for the Crows
Xest Pass Lumber company.
K. L. T. Galbraith went through
Crnnbrook Monday en route from
West Kootenay to Fort Steele.
The children's concert has been
postponed until a week from Friday, owing to the scarlet fever in
Mrs lVttet. Miss Pellet and
Marry Pellet left Tuesday for a
visit tn Montreal and other eastern
H. L. Stephens, proprietor of
the big hotels at Morrissey and Morrissey Mines. was in town
Mr. Forest has returned from
Morrissey Mines where lie was
painting on Mr. Hanson's hotel
Lost, n |M.i'ket book betweon the
residences of J, P. Kink and M.
Milnnis. A reward will he paid
lo Ilie tinder.
The fool ball boyB have laid
<<ni ii lim- ground back of the
Bnptisl church and are practicing
each evening,
Charles Farrell and Tom Rader.
of the Iireal'Western hotel at Morrissey Hi lies, were Cnuibrook
visitors yesterday.
Harris & Jolliffo have painted
lhe front of their meat market,
ami Mr. Jollllfo is having Ins
residence painted,
Mrs. Howlaiidsou will open her
kindergartitl school on September
1st. Arrangements can be made
now tor the entroco of pupils.
Ij, M. Mansfield and wife came
down from Marysville Monday
evening. Mrs. Mansfield left for
her home iu Vermont ou Weduesdny.
Several of the directors of the
Ever)  1-lv i-  -                          Iti. Me M of Wi     „„ *     LSI         '      !          iHIPPED             ff
"°f-M»B:.H.s,          | 25 i!     '   OFF ALL ;.;:: ND BOOKS!*
>..-,,-, ''-'*: Mst.        ,;i
Mr. .-iniili.,,1   Reid  & Co.. rt '.;..-■                                     and wo        f*f
tuniitl j-euh-nliiv  from n  visit  ol - um     This i    i nn*ut op-'oituiiiiy        rf
.-v.-i*.*il w.-,*k. w"itl, ivlniiv, .i„ ii„.    S top'! 1.        i-   littl    iii             iill iiml st-j them         ff
■if ■ ■'••ll. ' .*•'"'.' '"JJ- or nol                      ].-.\: f,„* *..-„..        _k
.;*: '.   I                  :   .. ,.'- ul U .. |„*i                                           S^
% Beattie, the Dnio-jrisi and Stationer f
Mr. nml Mrs. E, H.Sn
Elko t'\i-r Sunilny,
liruus.- an- l*-gitimi *■
tin* 1st nf ni-xi month.
Don"!   forgt-l   the    Litliui
ct-lebratioii in C'riinlirook.
A. liunl,. n-iiini. ilv.-.t.-iil-i, from
i   l|. totllf   Stlltl*S    in   Sr.llli*   nm.
Cnrl N'" "       --. i-i-n„-l',-i-,-v i'■-,-,-:, I'].,
IK .-i-.in i >.-,,,v.
Thu   Hen.lil   turtiinl   oul  boiii
l'..-ti-i-*i Fur tin* Cniiilii-iink   Liibor
JtkJ i
town s.-vernl ilnys thii
C. V.. Roid, -.1 Bin    ii
Cnuibrook relatm* I ,
Wnniiil   A, inntol  I I,    I-     ■-! :.,.,u„„   thnl   ,-i:.„„„   i,      £*< < < *- *■ ' '-■ * <'4 *.**<      '' J   ' 1****^
ilia »l lit.ni.-.   A|i|ilv I-. tl.;- ..Hi.-.-. .  ..II.-.I iii   British C'olimiliiii.     ||    W A. L. ricDermot                                             A. C. Bowncss «fe
,IflUH,fl (iln ,„„,  r ,,v ..„„, luki-Bi, law, n.i-i.-iv uf miitiTi :   *'; _       MeDERMOT t®. BOWNESS,             ■-'-
i-vi-nil ihiys this «-.-pk nl Kuut.ii.-i5   ""'   |;|"*''l;l--  <rork n to turn    SJ Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants'^
'.ui ivork of ilmi i*li,*n*,*iii,-i-.
.Iiiiiii-s liri-i i- i-i l.uiltltng n i ut-
tngo mt ilu* i-rnl .ii!.- of iii-- i itj
for rent.
Mm  Donahue ia liuililii        ,.i       ''    '•',|"'1-   "''   l'il"'1"''  ,'lv'1**
tage to rent on the enst niili- o    i.«*omimnitHl   l.y  Miss  Kettlesnn
,.,.,.,. |j lli ■ |-,.-1,i. l"**.  . hi i.-_: li i.i*.   .ii.-l   Miss
lliil.-li,-.   his   ml.,|ii..l    ilnuij-liter,
tisii.-il   C'riinlirook    Berornl   ilnys
this tt.i-l,.   Mr.  I..-I..-I is iiiiiliiu*..;
liis iiniiii.'il nip iii nrriingo for hia
Dr. lli.in,ill.  of Fernie, mis n urniii Imsiness.    Messrs. MeDer
Crnnbrook visitor Insl Monilnj nnil mol & Bowuessnro his Crnnbrook
Tnesilny. ; tvpreseutntives,
Mrs. F. II. Swell, of T. ronlo, ia 	
visiting her sister henr, Mra  *l   *l. District Meeting,
Kemitxly. Then ml iliatriol  meotiiiR ol
The schools were elo&il Insl Um ropi-oaonttitivoa of the Ensl
Mondny, owing to Bevei-nl enses ufj Kootenny Mothoilist churches wns
scnrlet fever iu town, held hoi-o this week,   Tlioso in ut-
'■I-' S tlllll Beer
ifj    Penh. Deer
li. II. Thompson, the solieilot
will move his utliiv in tin* .li.liii
Lensk builtling this week.
Mrs, Riclumls ntnl ilnnghlei'
Ltitirn ri'luriii-il Moiuluy from .-;n
extended visit tu Helenn, Mont.
Mrs. H. D. McMIUimi nml little
teiidnnco ivere ns follows:
Rev. -I. II. White, sillK'rintend-
.-nt nl missions; Rov, -I. Robion
Fernie; Rov, ti. K. Smith, Morris*
Bey; Rov. A. E. Mnrshm, Michel
Rev. T. C. Colwell, Conl Crook
Rev, ('. Dockstitdor, Elko; Rov
I!. I-i. S. Tnylnr. Moyie;  Rov.  W
he Highest Bran Is
ol isLUICil nnil
IRISH     Wil'.* Kll
flu- l.a-scsl anil  01
1 besl  Assarln
; nf Uomesllc
besl  ilBsorlra.nl <».
-S    5!i,Mh.si..l IRIS"    WHISKIES [u^"K
A complete stock ol Cigars, consl itlng ol the I -
y> "Pharaoh," "LaFortuna," "Irving," --liar- S
-C rlster," ".Monument," "Hilila" and others. /k
j^ Mall Oi-Jers Promptly Attended t.,. Telephone 17 Jfis
<j> Write for Prices. CR VNBROOK, B. C. S
Agents lor I. Lebsl & Co . Hay ,-iiiJ Grain. 2,
■■>' y r'v rv/,- ryriy v r r j   .- ,* r >■ ~y \. y >*» >
■ •
/  JtlO 1.
litmsi 9 to rent.       -II
I     -■ Iiieila mul boulter l;n      ,   ■ . le.
laughter "Dooksie,"   ni  Cowley, K.  Dunlnio, Kimbcrlny; Rov, T, J,
ire visiting Mends in Ci-uuliiiook.|Thomjia Crnnbrook, Also Messi-s
I'l.-ii.tuii.  Fernie;   Piitinore, Crtin-
T0111 Roberts, of the Ilrm of
Arnold iv Roberts, received his'
conimissioii ns notary public this]
.1. R. Downes is milking extensive improvements with the
residence pim-hnscd i,f -\. W. Mc
This section of the country hns
never Iiml ns much ruin before this
biitik. nml Hctheriiigton, Creston
From Hip lYostiector.
Muntbers of tho Fori Steele
f^olf club wen- out in force on
Thursday evening.
Mrs.   I). V, Mott,  Mrs, T. (i.
We re| ;.■.. nl only tiie besl  .   . niNtiuc
CRAN BROOK,    B.   C.
•    ■    ■	
• 11 © I	
.       .       i      i   \A     l     A
vein- in the mory of tlie oldesl   Burrow's nnd .Miss L. Mott, Furnio,
Willium West, the well known
prospector, hns gone In the Poplar
Creek districl ns 11 ropreBeninlivc
nf severnl Crnnbrook citizens.
Tin* Fori Steele Mercmitilc
company is having mi nrcli Iniili
in front of ils store to give 11 better
draft of air for their large cellar.
T. Drummond mid wife lefl yes-
lenlny for 11 visit lo relatives in
Montreal and other eastern riiii-s
They expeel lo be nlisi-ul aboul 11
Tin- new business block  Hull   is
lieing  et ted  l.y  .Messrs,   Hazel
and Clodderies ou Baker avenue, is
going to lie 11 credit lo the lown.
11 will be ready for . ecu] uncy
within a few weeks.
"We advertised sonic houses for
rent in The Herald Ins! week,"
said Mr, Roberts, ot Arnold *
Roberts, "mid  rented  Iwo ns Uie
■ Iii t   result uf ilmt  advertising.
It pays in advertise in Thc
.1. I). McBride is moving his
hardware shu-l* to the building
formerly occupied by tl, II. Miner.
He has 11 big job, for the reason
lhat he carries nn enormous sl cli
nnd it will tnke li to in..I;,   the
(let ready for your guesses nfter
this Week. The se! of ilisheil III
till.   Flll'l    Steele    Meivillll ill'   COlll-
jumy's store is iittracting the nt-
teiit'i.ni of tin. Indies, anil the
cainei-ii at li. I-'.. Ilenlli.-'s looks
gootl to ti large number, See how
your subscription is. Bipinre iipnntl
Bend iu your gnesaea.
Undertaker Ciinipbi-11 wns culled
to Ferine Friday, lo embalm the
l>otly of Henry MeQutlid, ngod III
years, bookkeeper I'm* Tfiles-Wutu]
company, who died'-'ul' opilorisy
Sunday, Angusl Ifi. I'he roninins
were shippeil to Cluirlettowii, P.
E. I., where deceased hail a brother
visited   llnll river 0
t.-ip Thursday,
Cnplaitt Dulgnrdno mid Mrs.
Didgarillio, who hnve lieen visit-
ing nt lhe residence uf R, |).
.Mather relimioil to PortTowiiaenil
•I. W. Cuipenter. Sum- lake.
Texiti, arrived at Steelo Tuesday.
Mr. Carpenter ii hei-o on business
connected with Hie Gold Creek
.Mining and Power couinnny al
IiiiiI river.
J T   Arriving; Fresh Djtfly At
j I
1!    Kino- nercantile Co.
♦ ♦
,4rnold & Roberts,
Real Estate and Commission Agents.
Houses for Rent or Sale.
Por Sale
II..use. linker Hill.
11-.use. 1 ImiBon Avenue.
II..use. Armstrong Avenue.
Store. 2-storey bldg Annstiung av.
Mineral claim, within few milesof
Crnnbrook, houso and 2 lots.S-lCO
For Rent.
Utilise un Baker Hill, 810 month.
Cul Inge nil' Bnker Sll-oet, $10.
Houses for rent or sale nre in. ■■■■
si it.-i I in thislist froo of charge up- (si
.1.1 application,
Crows Nest Coal company  hnve  re8itli_lg lllui wllicl, was his'former
been visiting the mines at Fernie,',     u ,, , , 1
Michel  mul   Morrissey   the past
W. C. Johnson, accountant ut
the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
home.   He was well known tiround
Lethbridge.   Pincher  Creek   and
Mr. Moffatt left lasl Thursday
for Lethbridge, for a few days visit
, with his son Thomas.   He will  bo
ut   Winnipeg   und   other eastern   *•„,,,*   (||,   \v(-.l,u.,i,l.*,y   I,,    Miss
l™'"-8' , Alice Moffat who will] lompany
Miss Green, who has been visit- him to his home nl  Potnbrooko,
ing her'brother, Dr. Green, the Out., to  rninuiii  uiilil  alter the
past few - weeks, left Mondny for Christmas holidays.   Miss Maggie
tin'const.   The doctor ui-compiiu- Molfntt will remit ill ns tins guest of
ied her to several __:oiitta in  West lier  brother   iu  Cranbiook  until
Kootenny. Christnias,
; Not how big the suit is,
: but how well it is made!
, This is thc question that people are mostly interested in, and is
, the magnet that is drawing them to cur .tore, to a live and mod-
! em tailor shop, it's the store that saves you mcr.cy.   It's where
I you get value for your dollars.
, Cranhrook Block Cranbrook, B. C
1     HOUSE IN
Proprietors. |___j
mmtwm mmmm g i •::■: • GGGG^Em®
Tliis is un oxncl cut nl' 11 lim- of | \ j
Clothing tvi* nre agents for, and It
lliis line cnu only I..- found in uiu- , ,,
Bloro in Crnnbrook, Hill & Co.'s ' \\
Mammoth clothing House, ' •
♦ ♦■•
es 3 3
Quests Comfort o Specialty
(iced Slabltn-j; in Connection
Nearest to raUiontl ami tlepot.   Has accommods"
lions lor tho public uueqiialleJ in Cranbrook.
Ilu! and Ctiltl Iiuiii,**,
ames R^'A^,:l
 Proprietor       J j
mmmmmGL 'tlgemsg . sza mm GGGmmmmmm
in all thc
Towns in
1| Colu-.i-ibi.!.
eat Merchants
Wholesale and Rclall
i-..   Fresh and Cured Merits Fri-sh
• *--      Fish, Game and Poultry.
Wc supply only tho best.   Your
trade is solicited.
M$53mMimm:GGniGGG:GBG!GiGGGGmmmmm TIM*.  CRA-NRROOK   11 I.I'A 1.1>
WW, mc Victor Brand ot EvapowJ^Crwm
{Z"Tinn\Z:GGG'lucn   I.i*.-:- ;--'•;. «£
In the
Camp    *•■»•-"'-: ■"?-•" ■ •.;*','—" -
■imlilies -Victor" is uiioiuullcd.
Sold by all Grow-H. D.ol.r, a*"* uu'""'".
A STRAIGHT TIP TO INVESTORS IXm'i U> gulli-il int.. risky outal-ifo Bix-wlattoiui which tuny pxial
itiilj in the fertile iuuigiuutiou of iugomous Lwomoters, Luvoil yoni' uiouoj right hc*ru in Crnnbrook, t£«-.>I
..•state here ij nofl on the Louin and will give yon a mur.' sji.*.ily;iiiil sure return for your money, We have
several snaps to offer. T. M. ROBERTS, Customs Broker and Notary Public
a   *
■** MORE   THAN   $30,000   IN    PREMIUMS '^
1 Greatest Attractions and Biggest 1
c Amusement Features Ever Secured 1
» -**
STEPHENS BROS. *-■< CO., Props.
M,llli'l I.TI II M. IINIIII'.II-
STIil'K r-ll, ,\V        MINT IMUI
I IMI Mil's |i|s|.|.AY
VKK ii.mi nultsus i:s'n:i:i;|. nm KVKST KACH DAY lj_r
•filO.OOO    IN     PUH.SES %
"Bs Down   Town   Street  Carnival   Every   Night,   Vaudeville %
S Specialties mid IUrI. Class Circus Features |j.
| Special tow Hates On All Railroads^
$£  Concession Privilege. Inr Sale.   Writ,- Inr I'rt- tin list      II, li. Sliinmcl. See. ■*&
mg, n irnnhnmk Lodge, Nn. 31
'W\ '' A. P. & A.M.
M. A   111 Al I, Sn
I lmvi. ail'lol In inv uiuiilii
iiilitin pi-i.|.iii-i.,l in fnrnl.li pi
oiii-c.   nn.
4 11-41, .1,14-1*.
.... ...ilk In
inilura ul
iiiiiii*, ulwiiya my
Mill Machinery
.1. L. NEILSON & CO.
II yoa art- ill Irniilili- will, your CH|[lnG la
aay way ar yunr boiler Is ii-iiklni: nr neeita
Aa.hlnx Bend fnr inc. I have a inn- aaai|i
aad lull -i-i nl tools fur tliiin-. all Mini- uf i-n
xliii* ami tiuilt-r repairing nml cleaning tii;iii a'
your mill,   lull nr stunt li card lu
J. I' PATTUN, Machinist, Cmlilimok, II. C.
* F..I- ii|i-l.i-ilnli- | i-l.* i- tilnil Un*   -►
* PREST PHOTO CO.       >
J      llill   -ill*   1,441,        IV.*   llllll,.*  Ill,-   Vtll-V        »
5  l.ui-i in Vuiliiins uml I'lutliiuiua  *\-f''i "• '•- ''•'-*-- S "' SWS-SHSHB-ft
************************** ,     Harriage
46*6**********************',?       Vis. llllll till-   CITY    I1AK-
■» -j i-:kv is iin- |iii i.i-.-i ii ..;,-<. J
.li) .vi'ililin-r ciiki. iiiiiI uniiinirnts s
.{! I   iii Illl! Inti'Sl i-lvlr.   Why scud *•
r        George Pfliittlii, Pro,.. j j PS)l^V.tfi™k- j
I Morrissey Mines, I!. C.       *■ * "" '• "hii'i''"-* •
5 The best restaurant in   I
% South East Kootenay. J{
4 When   you   visit   the \
* town be sure and try it >, ?
!«*w«»»*«i*-»-».»»9*»*»??»»J| i Vroom & Dezall
An hole! for tlie people. The largest
and the besl. Pleasant rooms. The
best me.il in the district.
11. L. STEPHENS, Prop.
This is the big hotel at the Junction.
Everything comfortable. It is the
place to stop.
I'1-44IU   Illl-   llU4|| .tl'll.
Tin* Windsor hold will In- -viiil)-
fill' opi-niii*;- ilisilll-  111 Itvn   week's.
\V. II. OnniiliK.of l-'i-rnif. will linve
shorter tliiin llii-tlrinv crocli trull.
I'ui-iii's cnn i.ullii rigid nl Um
nliovi' sttii-i- cheuper Iluni thoy can
I'l-ciiilil in llic ^iiuiii. Ilii-ins.-lvi-s.
|a grand opportunity
W, R, Wilson, (Ini.^isi  nt  tin
■liiiiitinii. is moving liis  stuck   lu!
tin' in w town lliis uivk,    lh-   will
..ri'li|.y llllll' oJ tIn- Un**l, OlVl'lul l.y
(JUlis & Kirlinnlsim,
Tin* coiiscl'vativi'S ul' tin' riding
tire or^imisiinK i|1 newly nil tin1
siiiiilliT ■•■imps. A locnl brunch
was uiviiiii/i'il ai Conl Creel* on
Moiulny and (mother one ,*it JntVrny
The now nmii between the •Tunc*-
lion find tin' tuwn has been completed tiiiil is a credit to the road
inspector, I). McKay, who had
chtu'jjjeof the wurk. The men will
uu ti) fernie and commence to
work on that portion of tlie. rond
between Fernie and the Junction,
The Feniie-.Murrissey road seems
tu hnve received a cheek somewhere. Tin- summer is rapidly
passing and nothing has been delimit.*lv decided.    The -uVrrillllelit , lli,'r,'s-    T!'is is » lllH' s,■, iini1
at Ihr !*V I Slu'1.- .Men
pany's store.   Tlioi
,, living in t'liinbruuk slunild
The Herald is Giving   Prizes   for   tlie
Closest Guess on the Vote in
This District.
The Hernld is desirous of securing a rivals on subscriptions nnd
new subscribers. To <\n this it is
willing tu ulVer an inducement in
the wny ul' prizes, and these prizes
are to be given to those who will
guess tin* loosest to the vute in
South blast Kootonny ties full. To
enter the i o,i.est it will be necessary for you to lie n paid up subscriber to the He old. If yuu tire
in nm tirs, and pay up todnio, yuu
can register n guess. II' you aro
not a subsc. 'bev mid wisli to be
one ut' those who tvi 1 linvo a chanoe
to secure one of lhe prizes, all you
have to do is to become a subscriber, pay the cash and make
your guess.
The lirst prize is $20 set ol
dishes   consisting  of   nintyseven
j Eagle Cafe
{   •• nn li) slii|i|.in-.-.   I'l-ii-.-s rit-iii. I
J: •> l-linii. SI        llnpcsllc M, II. till ii nil  T
•)      C. W. WILSON,      ?
-a,-®-®-®-®-®-®^-®-® -®-®-®.-<i
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
I'rcs.-ic'il IJrick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, tire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Blacksmiths j
Horse Shoeing  !
Curiiiine Repairing anil       ;
General Jobbing.... j
Outside Orders Prumpll)
-tinnili-il in.
(i. I>. TISDALE,
ivery  3
Candy Kitchen
»       t 'nrrlean(?Bm|il.te slock ol
1 Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
j Biscuits, Pipes and
I   TobaCCOS. Ill" us a call
.1 ****>->*.+***>->***>*->**^*>**^*1*i.>
GEARY&DOYLE|iFrUit = VcgetableS!
I.-      I linvi" a Hun iissi.rliiu-iil
Proprietors .* «* •**■ ||    .,|„,,.,,, ,,„|. x,.w ,„,.
.4       lllliii';-;. |ri II _H'I1S, hi*.-,IIS.       .;.
.      .-I.-.    Fin.-   En-sli   ti-nlt.     '■
, A line Line of Glassware •
4 »
i u  1
4- .
•V.-tt #"'('»» V V V W- vi* VV-#'!"■■ t V't VVV » il
Teiniii and drivers funiliilieil fiir nny
point in Hip ili-tiitl.
Alana^cr   j   L-»   jt
have allotted S5.0UU for lliis world '"' M'r" ;,t ll,t' L'G ' ^uv:e iMcrcnu-
and no delay should be incurred in jlil'' ^"ipany's slore.   Those ladles
-,      ' ,    ,    . ' ■•■ ■  :-- ' ' l I- .-I,-...i.i   .,..11    .,t
avillLT ll t'Npt-luleil   in   its   proper
Th.* American cuttle are still
pulling tlie grass up by  the roots.
Foil I' blaek and one brown bears
was killed above 1'hillipp-s falls
ast week.
Ib*rb iMillfitun ciitno down to
-i'i' the ball Liame between Roos*
villi' and the boundary line snr-;
Kvery man south uf Klk river
and north ul' the international
boundary lino got his name on the
voters list.
'Happy Prank" met with a   ser-
is accident while oporilting  the
iln* slore and see the dishes. That
will nol cost you nnyllf.ng.
'I'lu* second prize is a SIo camera
and cnn be seen at K. K. Beattie's
drug store. A cainern is always
handy, especially when you get
one Iur nothing.
The third prize is two years
subscripliou to The Herald.
The cnuipnign is on. The lend
bonus is grunted. The lumber
businese is incieasing. Kvel'y-
ihing will be booming and The
Herald will print the news, You
should read The Herald, and it
you read it. yuu should pay for it.
Now is yoni opportunity.
l slm.- n Bong ..r the W,-*t inml
TIuhi-jIi li.nv shall it synu imt full
Tliot hwuIIuu ni,- [ii-nii'li! ii'..u: *.
To niiiiiii'i* tin- itiu,- hurlKuuH
And how stiii 11 letter*] nnd paper
liui'iiM.]) uii- brent li »> nr.-: ,
They know, iln-v travel llio I'l'-ilrtP,
Tln-y know Ilu- uoiiK i»r Hi dtrKo-
Tlie ;
Is 1
Ni'; nights, «
lllllll  nf  Ilu-  V
with Ilu- uii
lien th
1-1 \i
i- blllifl
Mia in.
of the sl-.-iti
ow-himg gob!
l«li  nn
-.--Iiiii 1
A 1.1
of th" wnvlt
tvlth the uro
ivii   nt
ur- Himw tin
i of SllM-peiH
i.r tii.' r-tiiii
lar'a earihwa
ig tlm
III    I'L'l
the slu
* iiiin
' V'tei
Of   Illl'   Hll'lglll
tiii.-r .if light
nf  lh-- Sllliill
1111 uf th^ ev
s n t it r
y 11 i*e I
lie liomi
Willi   of   WOlVM   111
- ohlldren's Mini; 1
Illl'gO   MWL'Ct   Bl'lp  <
' awe t'f tin- grea
the .
ii  the
if the
I  d'.'.-[i
- Ill
ilay tlmt
i lor.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The i 'aiindian I'acilic Uailway compuny coutrol u large area of the
choices! fanning and ranchinu landa in the Klk. Kootenny. t'olumbiu
and Slocan vallej in the Kooti nay district and in the Kettle rivftl and
(Iknnagiiii valleys in the Boundary district. A large majority of these
lands mv readily u ci isible by railway.
Tin* .■iM;:f.-,.-lli- llllK.llllt iif |n'ilii-i|i;il uud inli*l*.-lt, t-\t-.-|it ill tilt' t-1181*
ul' l.lllti-i llllll- 1 SL'.'i-l I ii I  .'-i-i... in iiii uii i|    inln |i-|| i.istillllll-llts IIS .illiiw II
l.t tin- l.ilili- I i-li.-.i: ll>.< lii .1 Iii In* liniil nl Ilu- linn- ul' I'lii'i'liiiKi-. tin- Ht'i--
nuil .mi' yi'iu I'ri.iii ilntc .- i.iifi-liiiis.., Il.i. tliinl t\.-u \i*,*i.-s. mul so on.
'I'lu-liilli.t. ini i.ili|.<    liu.. tin- iiiiitin :i ..[ Ilm : uii'l nislaliiii-iilH ul.
lllll .H-n-B 1*1 i lilli- il 1.1  11  i. i'S iniili-i- tin- ,-lliin lil iillis:
UIU III-, ill .-.--'.'ill i ii rm . Ul ill Iiiimi nl S .".-...*. 11. *.. -. t ,1.-, I inslul'ls ol * ."-.MIO
llii)..... ill   :i.uii|i, i ■!, -. I .i iuslnl ul    'il.'.Ki.'.i.-i|iiiil inslul'ls nf (10.00
llllliu-.nl   :i..iii|.4 i.i, I ,i in .iii,,,, :,|     Ml.lKi. ll,., |,iul inslul'ls nf 7H.IHI
Ittllll.Mll    l.llll|i. I :i, . I  I i.i* I. iinn -nl      '.i.'.s.',.'.I,,|iinl inslul'ls..!' 80.00
lilt) it,-.ill   1.511 |a-i-nr. Isl in-.i.il i   lll".S.-|.ll...|\mllimliii'lBof    IW.Ol)
Iiiiiu.'ul   5,00..i-i-in- IhI iimlul nl   I-'.'.'■.',.'.i..|unl Inalni'Uol   UHI..KI
I la iiuiii*,' .-'J..".ii |.i i* in i.'iii-.- siiliI ...i ulim-li'i- li	
11 Liuil is iiml Im* iii In1, nl Hi,- llllli. uf piii'i-linsi-. u i-.ilnrlii.ii If.mi
Iln-Iiiiii-uill I.i iilluwi-il ii|uiil In liu 11. i* i-i-.il un tin- iiiiioiiiit |Kiitl in
I'Xi-i-sa of thi' ii.-.u.il i.i-h insliilniinl. I nl. n-st nl six |it-r t-i-nl will la-
cliurui-tl ..it i.t.tiIiii- itistiilnu'iila,
Tin* i*nni|i.*iii\ i-. :il.-.ii iuii-.i-.iiil in tin. following ti.wiisitt-s: Klk...
Oniiiln-ook, Kiiiilii-i-ly, Al.lii.lu.-- Kit.ilii'iu-r, Creston, Proctor, Nelson,
tIt-t-rni'il. Li'inontiin, C'nath-ijriir. C'liai-itili' City, tiriiiul Forks. Eholt,
(ii*,,*ii\ti....l. Mi.ltt.it. Niikiiap, \ni...Iini.l. Kurulatoke, Donulil iiml
l\nniliii.|is, Ti'iins uf [iiiynionl niv unr-tliiril i-usli nml tin-ltiilun.'.. in
six mill twi'lv.. in..ulii-. ..illi iiiii-ivst.
For Ini-tli. I- luii'lii-iiliira n-iplv l" tin- following l.u-nl ngpnts:
W, M, L'roBt. (liiU4w-nv.M»iitiii.ii     -l. A. Mi-Cnllnni, Grnnil Forks.B.C.
U. II. Ilni.v. U'ilini r. ll.C, li. A. Hfiiili'll, Kln.lt. II. ('.
V. llvtlt* llnkur. Criinln-ook, II. C.    A, Pi rgiiaon, Grconwooil, U. C.
.I.'r.'li.u". ss. Kiii-li.-iii.r. II. r.      .1. I), sililmlil. Rpvelstoki-, B. C.
K. Miilliiiuliiiii *- .Ir.. Ci-fsti.li. II. C. Tlioinns Alirii'l, Xnknsp. K. C.
tl. IC. Sii.i-i.r-. Cnsi-ii<1i<. II. C. P. J. Fulton, Kniiiluuiis. II. C.
F. C. Elliot, Trout LiikuCity, B.C.
Or to ALI:\. T\\ LOR, District Land Agent at Nelson. B. C.
Or.l.S. DENNIS, Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta,
Stuck Qutilutiuns.
l-'iirnisliril liy Bi>n1i>, Hutchison
. . 1.. 14 41 1.1
Will- Iiml- i
I'll)- llllll	
ilui-i-li'iin llitj	
iiutr ii	
Crntt-B Ni'.l !',■ it	
St. K»k»,„- Ml. Mini*	
Ciiii. (Ill .mil I'iiiiI MI.i.-h l.l.l..
llli'-iliil-.iiil ii mil'ulii'	
Kiwi liiu.- N--.I t'linl	
I'uiiiiillilll H»lil I'ltlil"	
.,( nm.Illl
bi« liny   billing  tuiu-liliii' ul lli.'|.i;. UKvull. liroki'fs, Crnnlirook II. C.
Klltvnrils lull,* l-iin.-l, lust    week, .VnriliSliir      15
Tim in.ii.-uis ui-,- uii picking!";",;;;";.,;;;     '",'
illli kli'lii-l-rirs.      I'tlsplll't'l'il-S,      llllll   |t,ijui,,..,   -Ill
.1 Ii.-r -in.-ill I'riiiis lliiil grow iiloiig
Phillip's i'i',-.'!,. fur Ilm ■•mining
.lohn N.-lsi.uussistnnl nstl'iitiiinu I'
ttilli Ihu I'nili'il Stiitisnml Cniiiidil
li'iiinilni'v liliu sitl-vi'yors, uml tvlm
Ims    I'lllll-gC    ill     till'     ll-|llllglllti..ll
pnrty, wns Inking ulisi-rviitiuns
from tin' lop "I' Olil llnlily lliis
wi'i-k. but Inili-il to si*n nny pnrsun
ivorking on Klk rivi-r briilgu.
Pi-oviiicinl Mini'i-iilugisl l(ulii'i*t-
son, Geo, Wntstin ntnl Mr. Robinson with puck truin left liereThurs-
ilny llltli lifter puirlinsing supplies
nml will bu the lirst pnrty with the
■xccption of the builders over the
new trail,
If lhe energetic goveriiiueul nfli-
t-iids uf Suiiili l-iuat Kooleiiny gnl
tlm Klk river bridge built hd'oif
the lusui'i'i'i'liiiii. people could cut
.tinner in Klku nntl supper Iln- next
luy in Flntheiiil oilfields nml sleep
t.'ti hours nt Kuosvilli*.
Tin* It-nil from here lo Flnthciitl
river will l«- llirnugli by 20lh nl
lliis month, which will bring Ilu
I'l,iilir.nl ,,il Iields within ten hours
For Snlc.
Ilu i mln*: I - in ilus fn un Cnu ilm ink:
1120 ncres; 40 ncres under cultivation: houae mul riiui'liu builtliiigs.
implements, etc.; nhout 75 ni-n-s
well tiudiereil; $2,000 cnah,
Fivf-ruutn cottage, two lota; twu
blocks from (.'. P. R, station,
Apply nl Townsitu Olllco.
Teacher Wonted.
Wunlutl. school li'imlmi- I'm' the
North Sim- mine. Mjilu nr Female
holding second nr tliinl clnss certi-
lii-nti-. Apply In trustees, Nuilli
Sim- .Min,-. North Slm*. I'.. C,
Fur Sale.
Tin-  .Tunics  Greer  Iioubo.    ll
will bu sold nl n   ri'iisuiiublc print-
in.l .ui snlisfni-tory terms,    Apply
*tli>4itiii'tit to I>riii44ni44 Wink of Wouion'a
At-. Aaiuolatlott,
Perhaps snitnt visitors ut tlio r.e-
i*i>iit Woman's Exposition in Matttsotl
Si|ltul*i' (liuili'tl nulicct] lu tin- -.ulli'iv
somo quaint hom-.sj.un cloth, with n
niftt-il Burfaco. This lloiiios-jun wafl
wovon hy tin- l-Vench-Onnaitian women ot tlio Provinco ut niniil-.-, mul
i-iHliiii-.v li-il lo uu interesting phasa
ul women's   work iu hantllcrurts   In
-Miss I-'.ililh Watt, who Ims thargo
ui tin- ik-pol  c Illll'll  I.i   tl..-     M.II4-
tre.il brunch   of uho   Ci.na.llun   Wu
..Hill's All As-nrillliilll. il- UOW 111
Now York, wl.l'l-U sll.' is stllllj'lllg Illi*
tvlinii- subject ul lmii.llcr.tftg in the
Unilcll Ktuios. Tbo fiiiiiiilii.ii Association, which bus brunches iii overs
city ot in.poi'tancc in the provinces,
Is endeavoriim; to develop Un. native
itiilusiiL's iiniiuig the women, us Un*
lleorllolil uml   other liiilustrloa    havo
b ili'vi.lupi'il iii this country.    Tho
Kri-nib-l'iiiuiiliiiu women mako rag
flu-pels uiul rugs uiul weavo holno-
spiui. Their only imirkot Im- this i.i
wiih tin- vlllugo siuii-l per, uli.4 allows them cro.llt fm- ii. nt- nn occasional piece tn it siilnmor tourist. Tho
Womau's An ^A.isui-iiiiinu iloslros lo
iuniisti then, with urtislic il.-signs
anil dyes, uiul evcntiiullv use ti stamp
for the besl work, llko that used by
tlio Arts unit Crafts Association iu
tins country, lt ulso tviuits tn provide a ninrkel for Uu* work, vory
much nn tin- plan uf Hit- womau's
exchanges, rotalnlng only enough of
tho proceeds to puy expenses. The
dopot in Montreal is nm uu this plan.
Tin* fanners' wivc-a arolinrl tin* liny nf
t'hull-ins mako tin- best things. They
manufacture a pivtt-y tug carpeting,
which Is aulil fix* 4B cents a yard.
Iicsiili's ibo French women In Quebec, thoro nn. in iln- Northwest colonics   Of   lillli.'illll-.     44|„,   llllll,.-     II   iill.-.
artistic cross-stitch, s,,tiu*tliiiig like
iii.* lliilgurliui cnihroldcrlcs, and
weave I...lb clittll nml 111..-..     I'lu- mull
ills.I mul,,. pottery, bim i-tl -fi^ipols
mul llns-lnn lacipioi' wn.-k*. Tltriillgh-
i.ni ('iiniidu un- tin- liuiiiiii women,
who retain tlieir primitive mnnufac-
t.u-osof bnskols, inoccnsiiis, head
work mul si4]ii<<i iin<>- rugs, ludfuns
iit-i-liiunil witillll nit.I- mill*, ul   *Miin-
iri'iil. uml I'ltnn iiui II through tho
backwoods in tin- two acouiis. A.
soon us one gets up Inlu tin. Hudson
Ilay country or elsewhere oil tin-
liiMii-ii tracks ho inula excellent Indian wurk, which .legcnd-ntes ns li
comes in contact with civilization.*—
Now York Tflliiui-j.
Flour, Feed and
Outs, pur tun...
Outs: pur cwt..,
llriin. pur tun...
Pii'mi. pur cws..
..$!)2 (Kl
.. 1 115
.. 21 00
..     I 25
i.i.- ..I nbovc otorc, mul forty iiilliu'Hernld ollice,
Sliurls. perloii  25 UU
Slun-ts. pur nut     1 illl
Wlicnt, per ewl     1 Hi)
New puliiliii's. pur bug...    1 "-'
New potntoos sniiili   uinls
peril)  2
Ci-fiiuiury butter, pur 11).. • 25
I luit v tub 20 It. 22
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on thc St. Eugene Mountain.
It has ihc St. Eugene lead.
It cm be bought at 10 cents pet- share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock \ow
and sell on thc rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All KinJs 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
(J Dealer in
O Poultry, Pish and Oysters in Season.
The Herald (iives lhe News,
New Dairy
\V. II. Bniil(,'etl Ims come tu Ornn-
lirnnli with n lim* liiu-uf mill h cows
nml will ii|»*ii n duiry. Tins.- de-
sirin-4* lirsl-I'insi. milk should see
him.    Uu will unit you.
.   Have Ynu Any Falatlai lo be Done?
j   Hit Ail) of Your Itooini NceJ P.perl.i?
I'.slitiinti's Ltivi'ii nu liir^i1 cun-
tnil-Is. Wo don't wnnt tin*
t'iiiUi. Wi* waul to please
yuu with tin' work and recoivo
l'OllSolllll>1() jiny,
Royal llitlel, Cranbrook


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