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Cranbrook Herald Jun 1, 1899

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In'UMil 1.1. 11
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President, . ''■ '"• Waikkr, Oen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Just Arrived...
Fresh Stock of
...Prices Right
Choice Confectionery, Fruits, Etc.
Cigars, Pipes, Tobacoos, Cigarettes and Smokers Sundries.
Gomplete line in Toilet Soaps. See our line of Silks, Ribbons, Laces,
and Trimmings. Everything In Ladies' Furnishings. A few nice Dress
Lengths.   Ib Gentj' Furnishings wc have, everything,
Ri'in.mti-r the atnlltl.   Etlkln
Two doors East of Bauk
r.-" x- - i
Larondc Bros.
i*i®<i)iii mm
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
(iood Stabling in Connection
Ncnrpni to rnihoad and depot.    Hns accommodations for the public tirtcqttnlletl in Crnnbrook,
.^aai(.]   (?<mmmi. .............®
I Flies     :=:      Flies      :=:     Flies
Not House Flics, bul Fishing Flies
®        We have received the largest stock/in East KootenayTdirect e
® from the manufacturers in Toronto and New York.   We can @
© satisfy thc most fastidious.    Re.ls, rods, lines, worms, froggies, -
g and everything necessary to insure a good days' fishing. _
|  It Pay. ta Deal at :: :             Seattle's Drilg StO^ |
Posioflicc building, Crnnbrook g)
?fi.l§l®l®l8»l®l.®]$lf L®'l®l®i®".l.®l®l®i®l®l®l®l®l®l®l®l®l®
. »♦ ty*-* *■•*-.*
Important, if true.
Any store news we may tell you may be relied upon as perfectly (rue. And it is quite
as Important as it is true. TRUE IT IS,
there is no place in British Columbia that
does more to win trade than the TORONTO
CLOTHING STORE Our large and increasing trade shows the people appreciate our
- efforts, our goods and qui* prices.
Yours for your good and our own,
SALAD  and.*
A lodge of tlie Ancient Order of Independent nud Interdicted Goo Goos baa
been organised in Crnnbrook, Them*-
gnnlxallou is evidently a success, as the
majority of the members urt- enthusiastic. Wejolued one night, and although
we have nu serious complaints t<i make,
yet neither hnve wo any lingering, lire*
pressible desire to Join again. Drotheri
Medhurst, Dunbar, Beattie and Leitch
piloted ns through tbe mystic mazes of
initiation. We have recovered and we
are glad of it. When ono suddenly
plunges deep, down into tlu* ilver Styx,
•nd cau easily hear the twang of goldi'ii
harps, and llm soft tread of man; feel
on the nt reels thut nre paved with precious metals, and tlit'ii is suffered to return to the bright Bimsltine of this glorious world, hia heart it* full of thanks*
giving, and bis bouI overflows with joy
We still retain n confused Idea of the obligations as administered by Exalted
Grand Master Medhurst, btil the physical gyrations ol the first degree, as demonstrated by Brothers Dunbar ami Leitch
left an impression thut will not be easily
eradicated. We saw stars nud moons
enough to form a brilliant constellation,
and tlie memory of tbat moment lingers
now like au iridescent dream. We are a
Goo Goo, and we trust n member in good
standing. Anyway, we are willing to
let It go at thnt.
tn   m   tti
Charles Theis, one ofthe lending members of tbe Fort Sleele Mercantile company, ami also one of the shrewdest and
best money makers in the west, has been
in town several days this week. Mr.
Theis is rather hard of hearing, ami tu
this connection lhey lell a mighty good
story on him. An old acquaintance,
who had battled with hard lack for some
time, met bim on tbe streets of Spokane.
Raising his voice above the ordinary
tone, he said:
"How do you do, Mr. Theis? Can you
let me have $5?"
Theis, iu his characteristic manner,
placed his hand to his ear, nml replied:
"How's that ?"
The Mend, repenting that he bad
made bis request so small, thought be
would take advantage of tlie cin*uinstances, and asked in a louder tone:
"Can you let me have f iu this morning?"
"Great heavens t I wish I bad beard
yon tbe first time," answered Tbeis, and
reached for his pocketbook.
Orders for Mauling.
Orders left in box at Reld's Clothing
store for P. II. C»ossley will be taken
up nt 12 and 4 o'clock nud given prompt
attention. fl. II. Crossley, Prop.
Do You Wear Shoes
?     ?
Wc have just received the finest asjortment of shots ever
brought Into East Koolcnay. We have them in Black, Tan
and Chocolate colors, and all thc latest shapes. We also received a very fine line of Men's Underwear lor summer.
Call and examine these goods and be convinced that we
art .elling Ihem at prices lower than you ever dreamed of.
Our Motto is
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook IP Fort Steele & Wardner
Ills reduction In
High Undo Moventouts
a iiii'c lino of
I'lif-agcim-nt and Wedding Kings,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chains,
Blouse Sets, Lu	
Wnr). mnl floods Hiinratiteed
tn (live Satisfaction,
W. F. Tate
The Cranbrook
Stationery Store
n. A. BEALE,
Commission and
Insurance Agent.
Fort Steele,
British Columbia
McViltie & Hutchison.
—Denton &■—
Mines innl lands surveyed*      Insurance
Curries a complete
line of	
Try our sc CiRnrs.
Also a Circulating Library.
Good Reading lor Little Money.
Opposite Crnnbrook hotel,
Are You dt dt0}
Going to Build
Dominion Day Will be Cele-
brated in Good Style
Several Hundred Dollars Will he
(iives? in Prizes,
All the Towns in the District nre Invited to
Join in the Jollification.
Cranliroolt  will  celebrate  How
Day, mnl what la motif the cclebi
will beneredittotliepenploofihi«
tuiil district    The meeting palled by lhe   1
board of trade lo arstfiige for the cu
bration, wns the largest aiui moat en-   by Mr.    I. .M-uIIn
thuslhsllc gathering Pvcr held in Cra
brook,   Tbe townslte office was crowd'
in iis utmost capacity, nnd nearly 1 very   bj Simp-on, ii w.u decided l<» lm
business bouso In lo.v.i Uml one or more   one day's Rpc
represehtntlves.   Success was in ih
and  Hie  Interest   luimlfesled   by
majority at the start, proved canta)
and before the proceedings were 1
under headway, every  persou  pr
displayed an anxiety t" lend a helping      The meeting tli
J. W. H. Smythe, vlcepresldi nt nt the   1
board of trade, called llie meeting lo or
dei, and John Hutchison wns named :■
rccretnry.    Mr. Smythe staled briell
the object of lhe meeting, nml expressed I
tbe hope tbat action might be taken to
give Cranbrook n cel^brntioi lhat Would
set n precedent in Kast Koolcnay.
It was moved by A. Mofffltt, seconded
by P. ti- Simpson, that Cranbrook celebrate Dominion Day and the motion
wop carried uixinlmn&y.
Mr. Moffatt then moved iimt a committee consisting of Messrs.. Smythe,
Rankin nml Huiclilson bo named to
select committees for the work. This
was seconded by Mr. Greer, and lhe
motion prevailed.
Tbe committee, after a few minutes'
conference, reported as follows:
Sports—J- fi* Laidlaw, T. Wellumu,
O. II. Richardson, C. U, Edwards, J. M.
Medley, J. Hutchison, G. II. Miner, \V.
W. Doble, JJ. II. Small. 1'. S. Drummond, M. Rockendorf, II. U. Dunbar,
T, T. Richards.
Finance—J. W. II. Smythe, A. Mof-   H-
fall, J. Fink.
ly Mr, l-tniikin that Ibe
ecs select an executive
llial lhey nicel Inline-
Ijniirnuioiit nf citizens1
turned and'every
1 Dial the woik
had he
J'ina 1
The <
day aft
and or
The ge
The Executive Cm
•ting of Hu- vnrii
I, ami member! \
from em-h commit
■e committee, w
charge nf llio wo
b—J.'li, Laidlaw.
ol Hi
■ to form ibe
ll   will have
-J. W. II. Sl
■nds-Jauiea Ryan,
tising-— ti. !■;. simpsot
\ceiilivc commiltce 1:
ernoon  at tbe Crnub
pinfeed  by e
in, ami ti. ti
k hotel,
; James Ryan
son secretary.
port progn
and Nelso
special li
thai day.
woik was discussed and it
to have atl committees re-
son or before 2 o'clock lo*
rrangeincnls will he made
rales from Medicine Hat
nud if one can lie secured a
;i will be run from Fernie
Oat* Has Ilccn l-urnicd lu U|icrutc ia This
Pari of Smith East Kootenny.
A. number of lhe citizens of Cranbrook,
all men interested iu the development ol
South East Kootenay. have decided lo
re-organize the Kootenay v*t Alj-i-'iu
Gold Mining company, limited, nud to
move the head oflice to Craubrook,
This company already owns two good
claims in West Kootenay, hut the object
of the company will he to dcvelopi
claims tributary lo Cranbrook. Willi
lids object in view, tbe West Knolenay
claims will be sold  and l]ie fui.-Is oi the
mpniiy will be devoted to development work in the vicinity of oui own
The average prospector is as a rule un-
uhle to develope bis property to a saleable point, and this is where the Kootenay St Algotnn Gold Mining company
intends to step in and help him out and
at tbe same time make iiiouv',   foi iis
shareholders.    The co-operation of a
number of people creates capital with
little strain on atiytmily. Il is Uie in-
lentien nf those Interested to bring a
liber of properties to a saleable l1"'"1
ho thai any one ofthyui turning out Ip
be 11 "winner" would make the company
a permanent success.    Willi sucll fi lui
iii-i-s-like board of directors as the following Ihere cau be but Idtlo doubt as to
ihe outcome: John Leask, M Mclniicff.
tl, Ibemuer, Dr. King, J. Ryan, II. II.
Dunbar, J. Costigan, H. D. Jlen.1. r-on,
W. R. ft'OBS, A. W, McViltie and J
Ills re-in I a Itk
.ok should
i.i anlhorit
1 win
II so, see...
Contractor and Builder
.mi Mb!
rt pil. waul
IlllMWll lllCIII
ii>:l- wilti Uie
llles lo liiivc a atone
itnmtltaf a few devils
iiIuIrc in actions tlmt
the c-ln-me. With-
■onclins llirowndirt
s windows uud lotu
IB put up l.v i.eioy
l,)'«_luil) ,.1 Kuiloey
mid cool .lown Jiidi
McnU lo lie
lliii liny ul ibe Mlssloli,
Sl. Uii||ei
llliles .Mi.
mul Iiiivi
id Uu
lislli...   Ill
lei, will lie present
. 1..-.1 :■ ■ .
1 llie rou'ormntion
here  ui!
lie  two principal
11: ,   1,;.! tlie oilier
1   in tli
f people
tl Steele
«« I{,   A lnrge
.111.I .".ili.-i plnccula
■1 . \ lei R.
He is a busy man, because be pleases
tbe people, bnt he will furnish you plans
and specifications, and give yon estimates ou any building idea you may
jt   J.    H. C.
New .iustias ol Ihu l-cai'ii.
Under tlie provisions of lhe* "Magistrates Acl" au order has Issued limn
the provincial secretary's oflice naming
the new appointees as justices ol lhe
peace for britisb Columbia, Those appointed in $ouUl East Koolcnay are op
follows: R. I, T. Galbraith, T. T. McVittie and A.W. Blcnsdell, Port Sleele;
W. Fernie, W. Blnkemore and Q, l,e-
VaSseur, l'emie; James Baker, A. Leitch
aud A. Moffatt, Craubrook; J. 1). Cordon, Tobacco Plains. Tbe above appointments wenl inlo force on the 23d
of May, mul all appolnltnouls as justices
heretofore male ure recliuled, such res
cisiou to take place oil lhe 30U1 of June
Elmer Mijtgravc 1; Hciieitlti.
J K Miwui ive, of llie firm ol Small
Hi MuHgrave, ofthe CoJUHo(u>litaii hotel,
w.r. married on Wednesday. May 34, at
t lie'ti-i-,,' io, Mich., to Miss Nellie I-'arrar
Abet the wedding, nu elegant supper
was 1 iven at the hi me ofthe brbWs parents. Thai evt-iiing :li<- h-y\y couple
lefl for DeUall, whei< lhey t*»-k a
steamef fur Niagara Putt*,   Thej "ill
rru.:'e   ai.tiuid   \\u-   \.i',.i-.  ..   ..ei-k  or ten
days nud lht-n (tart for Crnnbrook, and
expect tn airivc here about the 15th of
tbis mouth, Mr. Musgrave'a ui.-niy
friends in Smith Kast Kootenay, and he
Ins a host of -hvi.i, ..ill j tin witb Tbe
Herald in wishing bim aud his bride
I) happiness in life.
There Are Many Promising Properties
And More to Follow.
And Present Conditions Show Big
Improvement Over Last
Season's Work.
litn Mineral Claim.
A location situated betwecr Palmer
bar creek and Cranbrook. Owners,
Watt ami Campbell. Elevation, "hoo
The country rock is a very dark igne-
is rock, very much broken and distorted. Tbe formation is as if the whole
hillside was one great slide from the
mountain and not in place. Yet through
these rocks there are several quart/ veins
which were probably true fissures. Two
sucll veins are exposed for a short distance, the first 11 to 15 inches wide, and
the second eight to ten inches, with
strike iN 24 degrees W. and dip 80 degrees to W. Quite n quantity of blue
cupper stoill appears on tbe quart*, but
■ itlle more, so far ns I could see. The
only woik lhat I could find done consisted of au open cut of some four or live
feel on lite first vein. As near as 1 eould
make out this claim is a re-location of
lhe Time Check mineral claim, ami the
Mime posts have been used.
Paymaster Mineral Claim.
Situated ubout 41x1 feet west of tlie Kva
11 the same range of bills.    In an open
cut a quartz vriu has been exposed. 30
inches  wide,  running   norlb and south
and  flipping  vertically.    It appears to
off some 10 feet above the present
The vein carries copper pyrites
but not iu quantity,
Daisy Mineral Claim.
Location. Owned by Ben Pugh and
William Ross, Fort Steele. Klevation
) feet. Situated near Palmer Bar,
hull a mile from the C, P. R. tote road.
There is here exposed in an open cut
iome six to eight feet deep, a small
pmttz lead three inches in width, cutting irregularly through sveuite in a
general S 60 degrees E direction. Just
In the cut there are signs of a local disturbance which has increased the size of
a fissure and 10 inches of calcite has
icen deposited or. tbe side of the quartz.
This, however, is very local. I could
find, in places, only a few patches of
:opper pyrites, while on tbe dump I saw
ii couple of pieces of rock, probably from
the lead, carrying a little galena.
Austin, et al, situated a mile or so from
tbe "Old Reservoir" ou Palmer mountain, at an elevation of 3,700 feet. The
country rock is composed or rather soft
shales and shaley sand stones, A tunnel has been run some 30 feet, entirely
in slide save for the last few feet, gaining a depth of about 15 feet. A broken
quartz ledge is here exposed, 12 to 24
inches wide. Both ledge and containing
rock are part of a large slide and tbe
-l-iartz was practically barren.
This claim is situated on the same
mountain at an elevation of 3,900 feet.
Tbe country rock is a dark, coarse-grained igneous rock. The tunnel on the
claim ts in 45 to 50 feet, of which three-
quarters is through broken slide rock of
which the crevices are filled with surface
wash.   The remaining 15 feet is iu the
country rock, hard and black, and showing absolutely nothing. There is a small
quartz vein wandering through tlu*
masses of the slide rock.
.inavri'iKinv aad Embalming,
The British Columbia furniture com
puny will do undertaking and embalm
iuu.   Ollice foi
the present at fifaggfl it
Bin vn
mil Dmir
ll lit tllO fill
> 1;. 2 fi
6x6 fi
.1 7"    HI
"   j fi
10x6 1
1"\1 -.
1 c,
11X34 MI
li. Bl"
ItCll    ...
1 is P«r
UilH    '
Ilnti.  W
1 40
.    1 Ou
tia.s Wanted.
At lilt
Slur mil
.-, 1 lire, or
Tlli-y .111
sl be
ood mn
.Sim .Minn
Pay Rail Grasp.
Made up of Pay Roll and Paymaster
mineral claims, both locations, and
ned by Vandecar, Lattin, Quain and
Smith, of Cranbrook aud Fort Steele.
Reached by a fair trail from Palmer Bar
a distance of some six miles. Development hau been practically confined to
tl.r Pay Roll. The general country rock
quartzite, but cutting this near the
creek is a syenite dyke, running about S
30 degrees ti. Th|s dyke is cut at right
angles by a quarts vein some five inches
wide, dipping S 30 degrees K at angle 65
degrees, and showing in au exposure on
the hillside. I could not discover that
it cut into tbe country rock after cross-
ing the dyke. Tbis small vein carries
some copper pyrites, aud a certaiu
amount of "leUurtde" appears to have
been take** out. Assays given me by
arums disinteresteil parties who have
had samples assayed gave values of from
$*» to U1" t<> the ton in gold on picked
samples. Free gold cau be found in the
quartz, ofteu visible to the naked eye.
As nothing more than surface exposure
bus beeu made and the permanence of
the vein has not been established, it is
an open question whether the lead can
lie profitably wurkvd.
Tbe nuarfcttcs, forming the country
nick, at au elevation of jtsoujfeet, dip N
23 degrees W at angle of 45 degrees. Al
ihe upper tunnel here tbere is a Urge
pocket of galena showing ou the surface
seemingly embedded in quaita. I could
not find any true walls tu indicate a vein
but the country rock was considerably
disturbed *ud broken in the vicinity of
, the deposit, probably accounting for
this. A tunnel about 20 feet long, and
nf irregular shape, had been run under
tins surface exposure, leaving the quartz
as a hanging wall, and consequently not
Kpostng much of the lead. Prom data
gained in litis tunnel, the owners started
a second tunnel some 22 feet lower down
the hill, with tbe intention of crosscutting tbe lead at lhat depth, but although
in some 34 feet they had failed to do so.
I was of the opinion that the tunnel was
being driven too far to the left and ad-
visul n turn of some 45 degrees to tbe
tight, where tbe lead ought to be met
with if it continued lo that depth,
There has, practically, beeu no mineral found except on tbe surface, aa uoted.
There the showing gave good grounds
for the hope that an extension might be
found v Ut-u development work had
further progressed.
[Further work on tbis properly has
brought them to the lead, which fulfills
the promise made iu tlu: surface show-
A Deal for Moylc Mines.
J. B. Hustings, of the War Bagle com
patiy,   has  recently  visited   tbe   .Movie
minesasa representative of Uie British
American company, but whs recalled by
the unfortunate accident at  the  War
Bagle, lt is understood that a big deal
is on for the purchase of the leading
properlies iu tbat section and lhat more
than one corporation is in the race. Referring to the deal, the Nelson Miner, iu
an interview with George A. Blgelow, of
Creston, says:
The St. Bngene ami Petet property is
owned by John A. Finch, Peter Ursi-n.
James Cronin atul White. It is upou
the St. Kugcne that the greatest amount
of development work has been done.
The price set by the OWUetS is said to be
$400,000 plus the value of the improvements  which   they have now in baud,
consisting oi a tramway, concentrator
anil ore bins, which one is estimated to
cost $85000 There is a laige quantity
of ore blocked out iu the St. Bugene,
which has an average value of from 50 to
60 ounces silver aud from 45 to 50 per
cent lead. James Cronin. manager of
the St. Eugene, says lhat by September
ist he will be putting 150 tons per day
through the concentrator, which will
ield an average profit of J30 per ton.
The Queen of the Hills and Moyie
properties are owned chiefly by E. P.
Davis, of Vancouver, and the price set
upon them is placed at 1200 000. The
lowest property on tbe ledge is tbe Lake
Shore, which is owned by Murphy end
others, the selling price nt which is said
to be $135,000 These figures Indicate
that the deal upon tbe several properties
would require something over $Slotcoo,
Miaiag Notes.
Charles and Tim Farrell have rettrrned
from Sullivan bill where they have been
doing assessment work on their claims.
Henry Thiry and Mel Adams have
quit M. Mclnnes &t Co. for the summer,
and gone to do assessment work on their
claims on tbe Wild Horse.
The Hamilton brothers have started
to work on tbe Bellevue group. Tbey
have a tunnel it. 157 feet, and will run
60 feet more, unless tbey strike the
ledge. That will give them a depth of
something over 100 feet.
The Sullivan company is gradually securing control o! other propeities on
Sullivan hill, by the formation of other
companies. It is understood ihat it has
secured a 15-day option from the Farrell
boys on two of their claims in that locality.
N. C. McKiustrey left yesterday (or
Spokane, He was taking some excellent looking samples of ore with him
from claims he is interested in 00 Sullivan bill. Among the lot were some
from the Big Dipper which created n
most favorable impression.
Frank P. Hogan. president of the Sit I'
livan Mining company, and C. If. Wolf,
secretary and treasurer, were in town
several days this week. They had paid
a visit to the company's (properties on
Sullivan bill, and were feeling very good
over the present showing. A shaft is
down over 120 feet, and there is increasing evidence of the richness ofthe ore,
and the extent of tbe body. Messrs.
Hogan and Wolf left yesterday for Spokane.
Charles Theis, of Spoknne, has purchased lhe Chickamon Stone on Bull
river of Johnson and RObgrsOfl, It was 11
cash proposition and the consideration
was large enough to satisfy Messrs.
Johnson and RobersOD. who retain a
large block of stock. Seven men will be
put to work at once, and the force increased as circumstances will permit.
The property is a copper and lead proposition, with a magnificent showing. In
the way of development there is a tunnel in 160 feet, and a shaft sunk 20 feet.
The Chickamon Stone promises to be
one of the best properties in the district,
aud will soon be classed with tbe shippers.
McVittle ft  Hutchison's Mlalsx Stock  List
Prices subject to sale or change without uotice.
Sullivan 8038   ('em .$«ll5
iiut.itiKiit    or, 1:.,: i>i-.-4-i    id
The above properties are on ttuillran hill.
Lewis Creek Mining Cd tocoM
\ ii nil-la $ m UiileCartboo...|0«fK
Northern nolle....   ta
Wc recommed Virginia as the best buy-
in the market, the ledge on the 500-foot
level having been struck.
Ureal Dear Mineral Claim.
This claim is a location owned by C.H
Buy your Sash and Doors direct from
the manulacturer, and nave yourself
money. T. W, l.iask. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY   JUNt,   1.   1899.
V. k. 31MP80N, Editor antl Manaser.
Tho HoraU rtwlrofl tn give Ute riowsol the
dtstrlot ir too kunw any about your town,
your mine ur your people, Bend it to Mils oBlec,
The Herald Jot) ofaep. is fully equipped, anil
flrst olaSI work i. tfuar-i-i.et-d.
The Herald is widely circulated thtolltthiiU.
South East Kooteuaf. it covers ttie Md uud i-
a valuable advertising medium, hates made
known uu upiillcatlou.
Tbe events so far tliis year show more
Conclusively than ever before tbat South
Bast Kootenny is destined to be one of
the grea'est mineral districts in Canada,
Tlie more development work that is
done, the better is the showing for mineral. The evidence is ample now to convince anyone that the mineral is here In
such quantities that capitalists need hesitate no longer to invest their money In
legitimate propositlors, And, what Is
more, men with money have come to
Ih is conclusion, and already ihls season
thousands of dollars have been invested
in mining within a few miles of Cruubrook. Asa result, there will be moie
development work in this district this
year than ever before. Ami South Bast
Kootenay bases her claims for future
p os per Ity on ihe result of work to be
done. The greater the development, the
gieaterwill be the showing of mineral,
and more positive the evidence that the
wealth of this distiict is virtually unliui
ited. No man need be afraid of South
Bast Kootenay. If he will wait his reward will be a rich one.
Cranbrook bs the center of railroad
operations in the construction of the
Crows Nest l'a's road, has Been greal
prosperity from her liicepllon. Hut the
uture Is far brighter than the past lias
ever been. Combined with the increased railroad business, will l»' the
commercial activity lhat will come a"
the outgrowth of mining development
uii over the territory tributary to this
town. Cranbrook is the center of business, of population, of the mining industry, and must naturally forge ahead with
the Jwonderful growth of the country
ll:it is bound lo come. The man who
would seek pastures anew, now that tbe
future of ibis town and district is as*
s.ired, lacks in tbat quality of judgment
that keeps so many men poor. There
will be unlimited opportunities to make
money in Ctaubrook, in Moyie, lu Fort
Steele, in Kimberley, in Wardner, in
Fernie, in any and all of the towns in
this dis' 'let, for the lime is coming when
they will all be larger and better towns
than tbey are now. South ti st Koott
nay is a winner.
The miners of the Slocan should uot
be too hasty, nor should the mine owners be too arbitrary. Tbe question ol
wages should be a mutual one. A strike
means great loss to miners and mint-
owners, as well as a deadly blow to the
whole district. Men who work in the
mines are entitled to good pay, and men
who put tbeir money in mining property,
and st ind thousands upon thousands
before there is any surety tbat there will
he any returns, are entitled to every consideration from the miners. Let the
workers and the owners get together and
treat the question fairly, but keep out
such meu as Ed Dtyce, who leaves behind him u trril of slaiving, discontent
ed millets, and ruin and devastation in
mines, britisb Columbia is no place tn
plant the seeds or anarchy. The future
of the country and the future of the pen
pie depend upon boih sides using reason
and common sense.
II looks now  us  if the  bicycle trust
would lake a header.
The celebration at Cranbiook will be
like the lown—first-class.
Thc city of New York and the stale of
New York will expend (aoo.ooa m giving
Admiral Pewey a welcome home
The transportation companies continue
to make Rfcat buds in the Atlln district
Such a procedure means many dollars to
The prospenty of South Bast Kootenay should be celebrate.! at Cruubrook
on Dominion Day,
The estimated cleanup of lasl yenr'i
work in the Klondike te foo.oc u ■■<
Whether the cleanup Kill equal the estimate is still s question,
It is to be hoped thai the people of i ur
neighboring cities will be able lousit
Cranbrook on Dominion Hay They
will find a hearty welcome.
The opening up of the Bull river mines
is going to give Wardner a boost. The
Chickamon Stone, which wus sold this
week, is only six or seven miles from
that lov.n, and the development of that
mine means the development of other
properties in tbat section.
Separate Member for the Kootenays.
A special meeting of the board of
trade wns held IhsI evening to consider
it telegram from the Rossland board of
trade, urging action in behalf of lhe
movement to have tbe Kootenays set
t'part as a separate district under the redistribution The executive committee
was Instructed to telegraph Premier
I.aurier and Mr. linstock to the effect
ihat the Craubrook board of trade
strongly endorsed tbe action ofthe Ross*
land board of trade relative to the subject of redistribution, This was done
The Herald
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities for turning out first-class Job
Printing are complete. Send in an order and
become convinced of the fact.      "
I wlah that I eould &u again
To Hint ..id siielllng school,
Where ».■■ had tm, on winter nights,
And helped to play the foul.
1 sin H..1 believe Just like deceive,
Anil dropped the i* in thumb,
Watching the door with anxious fear
Lust Lyddy shouldn't com*-.
When Lyddy, standing straight uud trim,
Began her gum to .huw,
My hear! went rasing up nml down,
Worm  than ihe wand'rlng Jew;
I  I'm ,i k ui i araway,
A douMi- ni in hum.. *
And Friday's i changed .iff fur y,
ah ■   i  cause Lyddy'd como.
Bill Rum ■•. hi vvn i worse than I,
, ould ho;
And i know ones ho spelled maohlne
W| ',     and double ■•;
luii lui u i sei our lotten sol
Mi  i   anyway  bin   plumb,
■ ■ .1   id*   h i   always sun- to heat
uii nlghta whon Lyddy'd come.
lidUi -  ran atl down uur bucks,
r ii tho room would grow,
While mastei  tried iome wnnl to llnd
Tl ii   Lyddy dldn t knowl
phihi ■ an i ichlsm, gneiss and chrism,
• ih, whim wo hiiI anil muni,
Foi ■!., re was nothing els*- to do   •
hi. nlghti when Lyddy'd como I
When Lyddy'd come wo didn't need
Thu light nt stars ur moon;
The  winter nights seemed brighter then
Than daya do now m noon,
For Lyddy's eyae made glad our skies,
Ar. I though shu spelled us dumb,
Johoshaphat, how proud wo were
On nights when LyUdy'd comol
-A. Ji. L, Haves, in Detroit Free Press,
j        By WUlis B. Allen.
5-3«rtMI ,:^X0^0^iK<KW^imt!W*O«u
WK WERE both well tired out,
one July evening Jn 1886, when wo
renched Chumounlx, Fred, my old Latin
sehool classmate, could beiir mountain
climbing, and, whut was worse, mule-
kirk riding, much better thnn 1, so thin,
while I was glud to llnd my way to my
room, in the top nf the queer old hotel,
nt un enrly hour in tho evening, Fred
remained In tho pnrlor, busily studying
up maps and guides for an exclusion
over the .Mir do lihiee to the "Garden,"
it small, ferttln spot, surrounded by
eternal iee, in the very heart of the
Next morning he was off ut four
o'clock, lea*, ing ine to upend the day
quietly in tho vulley, 1 was disturbed
but onee more Before rising', this time
by n herd of gouts, wbo scrambled along
under my window, with bulls tinkling
merrily enough.
In tbe course of lhe fprenoon I strolled
away, book In baud, following the
course of the Arve for u little while,
and Ihcn, striking off Ot right angles
up tin- bunks of u small Brook, which
joins thu larger strewn, just above the
The air wns soft and sweet with summer sunlight, uud the breath of the
sili'iit forests, reaching from my feet
higher and higher, until the front rank
looked on these desolate, glittering
fields oT snow Unit crown Mount Blanc.
Ilt'side till! brook the velvety turf was
doited with wJJ.) forget-me-nots und
imnsles, growing thermos confidently as
it iln'\ were not In the very truckp(last
year's avalanche.
M length I enme lo a spot whero the
brook had in m/i's past strewn its own
path with fragments of huge rock!*,
which il had loosened und Ihrowii dinvt)
rrom some fnr-olV height, where the
fool of man never irod.
One gignntlo Bowlder lay completely
ncroas the original Bed of the stream,
nud rose liken wall Beside the water.
that turned out of its way, unci ran oil'
with ti i_'*''d-ii»inivd murmur.
The tun hero lay wwm nnd bright,
jual ■ ternotlng ihe chill breeze tbnt
came from lhe glaciers through tho
narrow gorge. 1 gathered u few dry
sticks, kindled a lire, jusi tor company,
nud nestled comfortably down Into an
msy corner to read tJiB rocks, the brook,
the .l.y. nml, If then, were time left,
my bonk, which, if I rememljer rightly,
was "Redgntint|ct,"
llo.. lung I sut Ihere I cannot tell.
It must have been t-wg^or three hours,
for it was pnsl noon when I looked
at ray watch, threw tho smoldering
firebrnnds Into tho Brook and rose to
return to the hotel.
\s I did sm. I noticed imlf n dozen
footsteps In the steep, sandy Bunk that
formed iho sido ol tho rnvino at this
point, it suddenly occurred to me that
I hnd read in my gulllo Book, while I
was sitting In my own room,six months
Before, ot n rrrtuiii waterfall, which,
from thc description, musl surely be on
iim brook, Yes. I recollected tbe bnso
of the /iir-zn-r path, tlmt we hud Boenos
we rodo along tho valley, on our way
from Tele Noire, laie tin* preceding
1 wns feeling much refreshed und
rosh tl by my sieBtn, uud, by n short out
over Ihls embankment, 1 could doubtless strike that pattl iifteru Hirer minutes' scramble, an somo one. had evidently dune Before mc.
So | would have n Httlo nd venture,
ami s u of the sights of Chiiiiiounlx
all by myself.
Certainly there wns nothing rnsh lu
thia resolve, or formidable in the undertaking, though a certain feebleness
resulting iroiuii recent ill turn nt Geneva should hnve warned mo against
tasking my strength too severely,
At any rate, at it I went, laughing
nt tlio easiness of the ttSCent lis I followed the broad footsteps of my predecessor. My calculation wns that I
should come out on the path nt n point
t:- in ino feet above my starting place.
Before 1 luul proceeded fnr, however,
tlif convenient trucks abruptly censed.
Beyond, uutl on each side, thero wns
nothing but the gravelly bank, with
here nm\ there a big rock, whioh seemed
ready i.mIii.pat thclightost touch. I
I'l'iinly enough, the lirst climber hnd
becomo dlst'ourngcd al this point, nnd
had picked ills wny to tho bid torn ngoln.'
As I looked back. I wnn startled loob-i
Bcrvuihe elevation whlehThnd reached,
nml I Involuntarily crouched closer toi
the earth, with u sensation as of tippiug
over backwards.
The movement, slight aa it was, dislodged a clump of stones and sand,
whk-h went rolling aud plungiug down
at u great rule to the brook, the sound
of whose waters wus now hardly audible. No wonder the mun had given it
up! Should I go on, or literally back
down, as lie hud done'.'
My determination was stirred, und, al*
though I heartily wished Fred waa on
hand with bis sympathetic courage, I
resolved to complete what 1 hud begun.
lt wus tough work. Hands and knees
now—.md carefully placed every time,
at thut.
Onee 1 very nearly lust my balance
by the unexpected yielding of u largo
stone, which guvu way under my foot.
How fearfully loug it was before. I
beard it smite on the bowlders Below!
I knew if 1 slipped, or missed one step,
the impel us of n yard would scud tnc
nfter the .stone-    As I looked over my
shoulder, it Bccmed like clinging to tho
slope of a cathedral root', where a pufi
of wind mlghl bo fatal.
There was no question now ns to the
course I must take. It was "Excelsior"
In sober earnest—only 1 didn't have the
inspiration of a maiden, wiih a tear In
her bright Blue eye, looking on.
Steeper and BtOOperl    I wus pnnting
heavily In the rarllled atmosphere, and
trembling rrom exhaustion, lt wus so
terribly lonely. Nothing but the dark
forms of the trees, the waste of iee and
snow, and now aud then a bird, winging its way silently over the gulf, until
mv brain whirled us 1 watched its slow
By to-morrow tbey would miss me,
nnd organise a ueurch, with Fred at
iheir head. They would llnd my footprints beside tbe brook, where I had
leaped carelessly across nfter panalesi
then ihey would come upon the blackened traces of the litile lire, and tbe
loosened gravel of the steep bunk; they
would look upward with a shudder,and
search the harder, Pretty soon one of
tbem would lean over u crevice nmong
the bowlders, shrink back with a cry of
horror and Beckon to the others. All
this if i failed By one step!
Rut still I worked on laboriously,
often pntislng for giddiness or a, want
of breath, nnd digging with my flnger-
nnits little hollows in the hard bank
for my feet.
Once or twice, n long, tough-root of
grnss saved me, mid very soon, to my
joy, straggling Bushes, strong enough
to support n few pounds of weight,
thrust iheir tops through the sund bed.
Then enme scrubby trees, cedar uud
llr, oftentimes growing straight oul
from n vertical face of rock, und quivering from root lo tip as 1 drew myself
cautiously up.
I shall never forget the agony of the
moment when one of them cume out
entirely, uud let me full backward. For-
t unately its comrades were near enough
tc save me, though it. wus with rough
li unda,
To shorten the story. I climbed at Inst
out upon a small, level spot, which
proved to be the longed-for path.
Following it painfully up for a few
rods, I reached u little but, where 1
found a kind old French woman, who
refreshed me with food and drink,
helped to make my tattered clothes
presentable nnd held up her hands
after the demonstrative fashion of her
nut'um wlieu she henrd of my climb.
"Hud anyone ever ascended to the
cataract upon tbnt side?" I asked.
"Jamais, monsieur; jamais, jamais!"
(Never, monsieur; never, never.)
And could she tell me the height
from the valley?
A thousand feet! Well, T hnd hnd
mountnln climbing enough for one day,
and nfter a visit to thc Cascade, which
wns close by, I hobbled down the easy
path aud back to the hotel, to read
"l.ediraiintlct" until bedtime.
When Fred got. back and henrd tbo
story, his eyes were round enough, ns he
declared he would not leave me behind
ngnin, to play invalid, until we cnme'in
sight of the Cunard wharf in East Roston. And he kept his promise.—-Golden
ttevr Tariff Hate* un dial Pelt on the
I'net Ho Coast.
A change of importance to thc manufacturing interests of the Pacific coast
hus Been made by the new tariff, If the
understanding now entertained Is tho
correct one. Its Importance is suggested iu a note of Instruction given byC'ol-
lootor Jackson to tho deputy collectors
in the following communication]
lu view of tlio Ktundurd fixed by tho
new tariff of 'J'j per cent, nf fixed carbon us the line of deinarkutioi) Between
anthracite nud bituminous coal, you
will exact n deposit on all cargoes here*
tofore passed ns anthraolto from Swan*
Under the Old tariff conl that exceeded 08 per cent, ol fixed carbon was rated
us anthraolto coal and   was  admitted
free oT duty.
Most of tlie coal imported here from
Swansea ranged from st) to tm percent,
nnd so enme In free. Under the new tariff it will nearly all be rated ns bituminous and will be charged a duty of 07
cenla u ton, Tho instructions given
wore for tho purpose of securing n deposit equal to the duty Before releasing
such conl.
Immense quantities of Swansea con!
nre annually imported at Suu Francisco port for consumption on the
Pacific const, mostly for manufacturing purposes. The kind of
conl with which it comes mostly
in competition is the Pennsylvania
anthracite. Whether the duty is sufficient to cover the difference In the cost
of transportation from Pennsylvania or
not remains to bo seen. If it docs nol,
the result, it is suid, will be simply to
Increase the eost of this kind of conl to
tho manufacturers who use it.
Bakery *£ *£
(Successors to R. S. McNeil)
We have the only brick
oveii In Crnnbrook now
iu operation, nnd tbe
quality of our bread is
first clnsR. Will deliver
to auy part of the towu.
Give Us a Trial Order
Promptly Attended tc.
Take notice that the jmrlnt-r.sMp heretofore
oxbliui: between us, tlm iiml-H-alfme*:!, as hold
keepers at tlie towns fit Wnrdner anil Cascade,
11. 0-, under the llrm name nf Kckstortn & Hlinp-
son, hus Ihls day beeu dissolved by nuitiial consent.
The business will be continued by 0, J. l>k-
stnrm, who assumes all liabilities nf partnership
and to whom all debts due i In. partnership must
bepttld, '
Dated at Cranbrook, It. C„ March l, 1690.
Witnesses 0. .1. WKSToltM,
U. N. Johnson, F. K. SlMI'SiiN.
for C, J, Keksloi in.
Matt Kockendorf,
for l". K Hlmiisnn.
Paper Hangers
Modern Work.   Eitlmatca Furnlihed.
Dt-ter. la Wall Paper aad Moaldlaii.
II yoa Intend to paper or paint your
building let ua llfnre oa your contract
Ijtto of Toronto
Contractor •»« Builder
Thos. coutemplatlDg building will do well to Id
me figure on the contract..
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Parrott Bros.
,,Dealers in...
Farm s Produce
Thu best of..
Hay and Oats
Ou hand at all times.
Cull atul see us	
Van Hume avenue, between
Commercial and Royal hotcla
Freight and baggage hauled to
and from any part of the city.
Teaming   of   aU
prompt attention.
kinds  given
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Port Sheppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
The only rail route without chanie ol cars
between Nelson and Roland and
Spokane and Rossland.
I.tmv. '■:-(> a. ni.   NKl.snN    Arrive 11:30 p. m
"     l.-.ll.    "     KDHHI.AM)      "       Will   "
"      8.111) a. 111.   M'UKANI-: -.1(1 |>. m
Train Hint leaves Nelson itl ixii a. m makes
close connections at .Spokane lor ull 1'uclHo
Coast lKilnts.
Passengers for Kettle Itiver and P.nnndaiy
Creek connect nt Marcus Willi static dally.
®. ..............................a.,................t I
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer,
Have you seen his stock >   It includes tht bat of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Flsh and Oysters.
■   The housewife and the bachelor should deal with hint.   It will pay then.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
 AU.   KINDS   OF	
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Arrived this week at	
"The ^Emporium"
...A Carload Of...
See our E. & D. Wheels,
New Raymond Sewingjt
Machines always in J.J,
stock    Jt    Jt    jt    jt
Another Shipment of Dry Ootids,
Ladies: Blouses, Belts, Blouse Jt
Sets, Skirts, Undershirts, Zyph-
ers, Dress Qoods, Trlmmlng_»
Ties, Rufs, Square* and Carpets
 Sherlock & Bremner...,
California : Wine : Co.
....NELSON, B. C.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
Proprietor :::
This hotel haa been refitted and refurnished,    rhe table
is the beat.    Satisfactory rates given regular boarders.
Baker Street       :-:       :-:       :-:       Cranbrook, B. C :
Oil  fur  1-tiri-iJH-,
Caller—Dooan'l It worry you to think
of your daughter on tho ocean?
Ohl bitty -bund sakes, nol Sho enn
Royal hotel,
Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Gass in Every Respect.
The Beit Stock, tbe Most Sstltlactory Prices, and
Flrat-ClMi Work.      Reralrlaf Neatly E-ecnted.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
• •••**>*> *>■*■*■ * *>■* »»»»»««••■
Crows Nest Pass
$5% Coals Coke
Agent for East Kootenay;
rilNINQ BROKER. Cranbrook. B. C.
imtt«»»«»i •■»■»■••»••*»
Fort Steele
Brewing Co.'s . -^Porter... •
Best on Earth   Jt       ~~
in wood or Bottles      Joe Mitchell, Agt.
Cranbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes jj Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,       Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie. '
It U now quiet at Hollo. Po_-sil>ly they
poured the nnraa on the troubled waters.---
Bitltbuuro American.
A peculiarity of tho Spanish people ll
that none of the boy babies born this year
is being named Dewey.—Chicago Record.
The exhibit that "will attract most attention at tho Paris exposition if shown
will undoubtedly bo the American volunteer.—Philadelphia I-nxlRer.
Only ouo iu ten nf those wbo Joined the
rush to tlm KolJUt'lili* of Alaska Biioeocded
in bringing homo ihoihv wraith thaji tbey
possessed at starting.—Omaha lieu.
With Iho  ouu   depriving   Finland of
homo mlo about all that's left to the on*
lives of Hint unhappy country is n clear
view uf tlieir Fliinlnh.—Bt. J.uiils Ropllb-
If Whltolnw Raid's luggatlonol rank.
inn tho l'iii-lliV ocean an Ainei'lean hike ll
vonilderod nt ail, it win havo to bo taken
With it K<iuil ileal ot milt.—OltlcagO Deniti-
Tho way piK Iron Ih going up will tlilvo
tho man who luilili. up IiIh Kidluseu with a
nidi tO convert iho null Inlo coin and USO
a wooden pog, iron Ih LwQOinlOtf too valuable fm- simple   luxuries. — Plttsburfi
Tho Intorunl laughter euro is now rocom-
ineiiiled iu glvo health and boauty. Doubtless It will prove moro ofllonotoui than tlio
Infernal variety wilh which wo nro all of
us au unfortunately familiar.—Boston
TllO common tmi*iVHHltm lliattholmllan
trtbos uro thriftless is apparently upset by
iho re[Hirt of the Osagos, whoac annual In*
como from fnrudntf Is nearly 1460,000, or
moro tlmn (850 for each man, woman anil
child.—Baltimore Herald.
A smokeless loeomotivo has been running for over a your and Is now uudorgo*
ing u test on tl»> New York Control railroad to soe to what extent it Is smokeless
It ought to bo adopted and duplicated rap-
Idly If it docs what Is promised of It.—
Boston Globe.
"We aro actually now in possession of
all tho Philippine Islands," says Senator
Davis. This information should lio rushed
to Generals Otis and Merrill and Admiral
Dewey, who will bo glad to hem* It. A
certified copy might also bo mailed to Mr.
Agulnaldo.—Chlcngo Chronicle.
Tho Rev. Joslah Strong of New York
Bays that au "antlbargain brotherhood
and sisterhood-' should bo organized
whoso members "will not rush to bny
articles because prices aro low." Wo may
next expect tho organization of a society
whoso object shall bo to inako certain
changes In human nature.— Alba Jour
For the early spring sitting nlno eggs
are enough.
The habit of egg eating when ouce
formed is difficult to euro.
Whilo chicken pox Is contagious, it is
not particularly dungerous.
Feed the fowls a good variety, but uot
so much that thero will bo waste.
Hamburg* will not do themselves full
Justice unless they havo full range.
Inactivity, contentment, rest and plenty
nf proper food are the chief aids to fattening.
As fowls aro sold almost entirely by
weight, good conditiou lu flesh is dcslr-
Should dlseaso of any hind appear nlways prepare a warm, dry place for tho
If a hen lays soft shelled eggs, give hor
plenty of gravel, oyster shells and crushed
An active, vigorous cook, if below the
average size, will stro as largo sized chicks
as the heaviest.
Tho quicker ono ilisposea of all but
breeders and hatchers tho less expense
nnd care will bo needed.
If service or profit or vigorous growth
is desired, thore must bn a frequent change
of cockerels in tho Hock. To keep up tho
vigor new blood is necessary.—St. I.ouls
Butchers will appreciate a newly designed ment block which Ims a hollow surface
on one sido nnd a flat surfaeo on tho other
and ia hung on two pivots in its frame to
brlug either surface uppermost, where it
can be bolted to hold it steady.
An Iowa man has patented a combination rnko nud pitchfork, the ttoea being
pivoted on a nil running nt rlglii i.iinl-**-
with the handle, with notohoe cut in the
disks on which iho tines uiv mounted to
receive spring plnswbleh look the tines In
position for otto.
Making wool out of limestone u iho
Achievement of an tndlnnn genius—C c
Hall of Andonou It l_nVt futxwtus, but
a good deal like It    Rims a lougor fiber
and enn bo mado lulo a thread It Is firo*
proof, nml the rimmil._rl.iiv Is by UieaUlot
a furnace atul chemicals.
A Texan  has patented n  folding tied
which Is suspended from the colling by
four pulleys, the ropes running loacon*
tnil iihnfl. whleh  ll turned   hy  nulling a
ropowmind on a wheel earrlcd by ihu
uliaft, thus drawing tho bed up l« (hi'ceil
Ing and lulling It out uf tho way
If youwoivnti thi'iiiimn, thei-arth would
appear to be (H tltuoi largor than thu sun
tliH'H t,i residents of thin pluml
At tho present rate of combustion tt h
thought the sun will lart from 7,000,000
to 1(1,000,000 years before burning Ittolf
There Uono portion or the human bmly
whioh continual to Inorooie in sue
throughout Ufa and docs not ccniewlth
tho aitiilnmeiits of matiirliy This ll thu
.ry stnl It no letiHof the eye.
HinarJ's Liniment for sale iMywIro,
Wm .il nl  ll  Unci..
A Vancouver
-P.ruiftiKiitly   Cured ot   Catarrli
-After II) YuiiV Unlferlnff.
Mr. Thos. CrtWfotd, Snrgeimt Vancouver
PotttM Force, writes: 'I hnve been ti grent sufferer from catarrh, which I contracted over
l? years ago in Winnipeg, I tried many _-.>■
called intarrh com, consulted physic inns,
catarrh specialists, and not one or them gave
me inure than D liille temporary relief. About
two years ago] tried Japanese Catarrh Dure,
nml since completing this treatment 1 have
been permanently cured, i can highly recom*
mtml it—the tlrst application relieved."
Sold i>y nil rtniggUts. be cents. Hix boies,
guaranteed to cure any case uf nasal oatarth,
forH.,60, A fn-e Bniui'le aent to miy penon
Buffering from catarrh. Endow Scent rtnmp,
Address the Qrlflltki A Mu.-iiln_n.ui Co.. in
Church Street, Toronio^
A Le»»ii it, i'Mii<-iii-f.
When the eminent botanist Professor
Aitiimn of Glasgow was a munll boy
ho had tho present of a silver bit,
whereupon his UlOtllor was ho worried
wilh nnestlOUl us to what lm nlnml.1 do
wilh it tlmt bhe e.tclaimeil. "Ueitlly
ynu luul better go to Tlmiinm BlUot'l (a
well known pharmacist) und buy sut*
pence worth of pnlienco.'
Down tho Btroot iiiinvlii*"1 tho lad and
doimiudeil uf tin* clioinlllt, "Mr Elliot,
pleusj givo mu bixpernio worth of patience '
Mr Elliot, taking in tbo situational
a gliinco. Htiid '•Certainly, uiy boy;
there's a chair. Just .sit down and wait
till yuu get it '
Professor Aitmnn's endeavor to purchase patience wuh a grent success. It
made a deep impression nn tho lad and
was ouo ot the factors of hte success in
A -Mii-iici-'n Blanket,
This Btory. told of Sir Ralph Aber-
crombie. the victor of Aboitkir. shows
thut even in death he did not forget
consideration for others. After tho battle nt which ho whs mortally wounded
ho wns carried on bonrd a ship, nnd a
soldier's blanket was placed under his
head to ease it He felt tlie relief and
askod what it was.
"Only a soldier's blanket." was the
"Whose blanket is it?"
"Only ono of tlie men's."
"I wish to know tbe name of the
"It is Duncan Roy's, of the Forty*
second, Sir Ralph.'
"Then Bee," said the dying general.
"that Duncan Hoy gets his blanket
thiti very night."
lie MlKlit Hare Married.
Pita-Greene Halleck never married.
yet as Mr Howe reminds ns in his
"American Bookman." ho could not
have been without attractions, for a
certain superior ludy is reported to have
"If 1 were on my way to chnrch to
ue married, yea, even if 1 were walking
op thu aisle, and Hulleck were to otter
himself, I'd leave the man 1 had prom
ised to mnrry and take him."
To thia perhaps, should be joined his
epigram, written for a young lady who
had nsked for his uutogruph
There wanted but thla drop to till
Tlio wtfelen poofs cup of fame.
Hiirmli.   Tin ni lives a lndy still
Willing to tuke Iim name.
A Xnnllppe Outtviitcl.
An Englishman of Lymington hnd
tho misfortune to live in u continuous
quarrel with bis wife, who wns a mod
ern Xnutippe nnd threatened in case
sho survived him to dance over his
grave. It was her lot to outlive him,
but it wns not so easy to cany out her
threat. The husband hnd the precaution io make un injunction iu his will
requiring his body to be buried in the
sen, near his residence, and without
cereniMiy The injunction was compiled
on the Contrary,
"Isn't that a lire alarm bell that's
"Well, 1 -should say not That's the
bell of the Dnlvereallst church. "—Chicago Tribo n\
I'Viv and O00y oxnectaralion Immediately relieve* and froei the throat nnd lungs
from virion! phlegm, and a medioine that
promotes this is Ebe besi modlolne ta use
(or -iniiglis, colds, Inflammation of the
lung-- and all affections of the ibroat and
ohe»t, rhis te pnfllsoly what Blokle's
Antt'Oonmmpttvo Syrup is a spoolflo fori
ami wherever um d u htu Riven unbounded satisfaction,    Children like it Uvause
It Ih pleasant, adults like H Ix-cnuse It relieve* and cures the disease,
"Sny. whore's dat nickel I gib yer
w'en 1 wnr. calllnon yor alsterl"—Now
York Journal.
"What's the matter, bub?1
"I lent Willie Jones mo new skates,
au ho's gone un fell lu dis hole wid
W ii nt i-i! tu Set III ma elf Hitflit.
"Pray do not misjudge mo." he said,
uh ho entered tho office "I am u poor
man, and I cannot afford to be put in
a fulso light beforo the public, i desire
courteous treatment at your hands and
ask that yon be not deceived by appearances. My hair Is long, bnt it is because of a financial disagreement with
my barber    1 urn no poet"
Then he succeeded In selling the Sunday editor a book thut be didn't want
—Chicago Post
* Her Plan.
Mr. Tczzleton (with swelling nuts-
des)—What wonld yon do if you and I
wero all alone iu tho house and yon
should seo u burglar crawling through
tho window'.
Miss Diis-dey—Ob, 1 Bhould stand
right in front of tlmchnir behind which
yotl were hid und if possible argue with
him until tho folks enme homo.—Chicago Dully News.	
luiari's LininitHt cures Burns, etc.
Mounet Sully ia soon to act   Iago at
the Comcilie Francaiaa
Coppee'a "Violin Maker of Cremona'
hus been made into aU opOTU.
The past season in Jfow York boa
been annsnally fall ot new things uud
nnusunlly prosperous
Julia Mitrlowe'i name Is Julia
Brough, and in her early Stage career
she was billed that way
Sibyl Sanderson has entirely recovered from her lung illness and i3 again
studying with Trabadelo
Laurn Millard, .losie Intropidi ami
Henry Norman nre sinning in New
York ttt the American theater
Madrid bus got over it*. Badness
enough to produce a new opera called
"Maria del Carmen ' It did not prove
a very great work
Mascogni has succeeded in securing
genuine hold ngnin with his "hte " He
conducted the first performance aud
was recalled BO times
Coquelin ban postponed Indefinite]
the production -it' Emilo Bergeron'
''Mors Tlmn Queen." which was t
have followed "Cyrano de Bergerau '
Annie Hus-ell bus signed B contract
wiih CharlesFrohinna bytheprovlsiom
of which hhe will continue lobe starred
under liis direction for several years to
Andrew Muck's play fur next season
Will bu "The Last of the Rolllins, ' n
comedy of Irish life, written tpeeinlly
for him by Ranisny Morris, author ol
An Irish Gentleman.'
It has practically been settled that
Mr. Goodwin will uct next spring iu
London under Charles Ft oilman. Mr
Goodwin has expressed his intention to
appear us I ago, Richard 111 nnd Shy-
A novelty in millinery Is a shirred
silk toque.
Iliscnit color and white are combined
very smartly in somo of tho new spring
A crenm lace blouse is one of tlio
smart accessories of fashionable dress
at tho moment.
A toque of tucked whito chiffon
trimmed with black ostrich feathers
and narrow folds of black velvet on tbe
brim is very smart.
The pompadour comb, ono of tho latest novelties for tbo hair, is extremely
pretty in effect, as it Hts in front of the
high perched knot rounding in tho out-
lino of thu pompadour.
A now idea for tho tucked silk blouse
is the use of colored sill; in tho stitching. Palo green or bluo silk stitching
on the tucks of a white taffeta blouse
gives it a very novel appearance.
Ruches of mousselino do Koio in a
variety of palo colors, machine stitched
on the edges with silk to match, aro
one of the novelties in trimming. They
are very narrow, are box plaited aud
are very effective.
Quiet, simple olegnnco exoressed in
Boft nentral tints is the rule in dress.
Pale gray, mastic, dark blno and black
are the chic colors for gowns, and there
is moderation in everything except elegance nml expense.
A trimming for a blue nnd white
foulard is a band of white satin on
which nre sewed two rows of black velvet arranged in Vandykes nround the
hem. Frills of whito edged with velvet
mny trim the bodice with a vest of
cream luce over white chiffon.—New
York Sun.
Jute hns been nsed  in clollim.iking
in Bengal for 8.700 years,
Somebody calculates that 1,000 tons
of soot settle on 118 square miles of
London territory every month.
In London a paving stone which
weighed SOO pounds and which was
Wedged iu on all sides by other stones
wns lifted up by a mushroom.
The Michigan Presbyterian snys that
five minister.-, of the Detroit Presbytery
have recently left the ministry to go
intoothei callings, and fonr others aro
likely to do so very soon.
Nearly all the cotton raised in Egypt
Is sent to England Factories do not
llourish there on account of the dust
and the excessively dry air. In the few
which nre iu operation ihe Bpinners
havo to work from U n. m. to l'i p, ul
for the small sum of 10 nnd 80 cents.
Under the workings of a new rule
the policemen of Huston ore receiving
Instructions in the law Every week a
number of legal questions pertaining to
matters which coino under their daily
observation are propounded to them,
and this system of examinations Is believed to huve greatly improved tliuelli-
cieucy of the force.
L- re nnd coins aro sometimes tested
by tho ring
A man is apt to drink mineral wnter
when he fells rocky
lu politics and courtship a third party
Is usually tiiiilesiralilc.
It's probably tbo loudness of his apparel tbat makes the howling swell.
Experience teaches people a lot of
tilings they would rather not know
Tho tongue is about tho only muzzle
loading weapon that hasn't been discarded.
Tho doormat mny not be a thing of
beauty, but it always gets there with
both feet.
When a man gets Into trouble, the
majority of those who call to sympathize with him ure only ufter the particulars.
The better half of the family never
knows quito ns much abont how tho
other half lives ns she would like to
know.—Chicago News.
Tree planting should bo dono now at
tho first opportunity.
Quince trees need not bo planted moro
than 10 to r. feet apart.
(.let tho ground lo be plautod to trues
ready uow as soon us possible
Priming In good season now Is onu of
the best ways of thinning fruits.
Tlm grape, quince, currant, gooseberry
and rose grow readily tnun cuttlugj.
Homo k'UOWlodge and experience aro
needed to make fruit growing a success.
Minard's Lininicitt Cures DiiM,
Calling Hin Iiln**.
"My time is worth $1 a minute to
me," said the busy man
"All right." replied the iusuramo
agent "I'll take just 10 minutes and
allow yoa the discount on the first premium. "
Too Previa ni.
FYiend—What are von kicking about t
Humorist— I'm a chnmp 1 went and
destroyed all my Spanish war jokes
that 1 bad left over it 1 had them
now, I could work them over to suit
the Filipino war.
It   Ib   Al*_olu.ely   Necessary   to   Give   Home
Alleniion lo the illood M Thli Seaion.
Iii the springtime the blood needs attention. The change of the year produces in everyone, whether conscious
of it nr not, some little beating of tbe
Bbme peoplo have pimples, a little
oosem&tOr Irritation of the skin: others
fou'l easily tired and depressed and
have a ]>oor appetite, a ionic is needed, nnd the best tonic—the best  spring
msdioluo for man. woman or child is
Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills for Pale People. These pills do not purge and
weaken liko Other medicines. They
make rich, red blood, build up tlio
nerves and mako weak, depressed aim
easily timl peoplo feol cheerful, active
and strong. No other medioine in the
world has offered such undoubted prool
nf mi-lit. aud what Dr. Williams' Pink-
Pills huve done for others they will do
for you if given a, lair trial.
Miss Ella U, Kelly, North-West Harbor, >'.S., says: "I can cheerfully recommend Ur. Williams' Pink Pills to
any person suffering from any form of
weakness, as I havo proved their worth
in my own case."
Remember that pink colored pills in
glass jars, or in any loose form or in
boxes that do not bear the full Uttiue
("Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People" are nst Dr. Williams'. No
ono was ever cured by a substitute.
Sold by all dealers or direct from the
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Ont., at BOo. a box or six boxes for
IHvet-K Are Iiml T«ni|.crf*d.
One of the peculiar clients of diving Is
that it makes one bad tempered, says a
writer in Tho Outlook, .Vs tho irritabll
Ity passes away as soon as ono Is drawn
up, it is only reasonable to suppose that it
is caused by tho unusual pressure of air
inside tho dress though In what particular way It acts I cannot say. My experience and that of other divers whom I havo
questioned la thnt tho merest trillo may
make one furious Thero Is always something wrong. Tho lines aro held Ioo tight
or loo slack, or thero is too much air in
the dress or too little, or tho boat Is drift
Ing too fast, in* shells aro not plentiful
enough, nr the dress is leaking, or tho faco
glass is uot clean, and so forth.
1 havo occasionally become so angry at
somo Imaginary trouble that I havu given
the signal to be pulled up with the express
Intention of'■licking" every one In the
boat. As I neared tho surface, however,
and the pressure decreased my fighting
spirit would gradually wane, and by tho
time the faco glass was unscrewed l would
bo so ridiculously good nuturcd as to for
get entirely my errand.
I was cured of a bad case of Grip by
Sydney, C. B. C. I. LAGUE.
I was cured of loss of voico by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
I was cured of Sciatica Rheumatism
Burin, Ntld.
Love may be blind, bnt lhe blindness
is not con tog tons, It does not reach the
aro the oaussfl of duiponoenoy and melancholy. A disordered llvur is one caus-
and a prime one. A disordered liver
means n disordered stomach, and u dbor
•tared Bfunaoh means disturbance uf the
nervous lystoin, This brings tho whole
body Into sublsotlou and the victim feels
sick ali over. Parmolee's Vegetable Pill-
nre a recognised remedy In this state and
relief will follow their use.
"Uow many persons can yon crowd
Into a car'." 1 asked the conductor
"That depends on whether they are
married folks or couples thinking about
it,' he replied.—Philadelphia North
'Tv.ill purify the
systsm-OIvs you
itronf-th «nd
Very tew people escape the enervating
influence of spring weather.
Thcrn is a dullness, drowilunu and
Inaptitude for work on account of tho
whole syslcai being clogged up wilh im.
purities accumulated during Uie winter
Thc liver is sluggish, the bowels inclined to be constipated, tho blood impure,
and the entire organism is In need of a
thorough cleansing.
Of all "Spring Medicines," Burdock
Blood Bitters is the best.
It stimulates the sluggish liver to activity, improves the appetite, acts on the
bowola and kidneys, purifies and enriches
Ibe blood, removes all poisonous product •*, and imparts new life and vigor to
those who are weak and debilitated.
7 Big Mr. Win, J. Hepburn writes
Dolls, from Centralia, Out,: "I can
sincerely say thai Burdock Blood
I-iltcrs is the best spring medicine on lhe
market. Last .spring my blood got out
of order, and I bad seven or eight good
sized boils come out on my body, aud thc
ono on my leg was much larger than au
egg, I got a bottle of Burdock Hlood
Hitlers, and inside of six dayh, when only
half the buiiie was taken, thero wasnt
a boil to bu seen. I hive recommended
B, H. H, lo dill'eient people in our village,
anil all derived benefit from il. I wish
B.B.U, e\eiy success, as il is indeed a
great medicine for tho blood."
n.H.H. is a highly concentrated vege-
labia compound -toaspoolilUI dosos-*add
water yourself.
CUT     THIS     O-FiFK-R.    OUT.
Milburn's Heart
and Nerve Pii!s
Mips Mt&ijaret Hrown, 027 Oolborn*
St., London, Ont., says :—"ily mother
has beeu afflicted with nervousness and
general debility for a long time. Sho
suffered a great deal with insomnia, aud
i'onnd it almost Impossible to sleep.
"1 went lo \V. T. Strong's drugstore
and got a box oC Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills, whioh she took, and derived
BO mueh benefit Irom them that I bought
another box for her. They have done her
a wonderful lot of good, making her
nervous system mueh stronger, giving her
restful sleep, snd remortun mnny other
svmptomH which previously distressed
"I can tmlv say that these pills are s
great remedy for any ono Buffering from
weak nerves, general debility, Blooplcso*
m ns or heart trouble."
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Hills are
BOo. a bos or .1 for. 1 .-j, at all druggists.
An .-i'1'U-nii it I nir •
King L-owanlka's oostuine wns rather
remarkable On hti bead lio woro a block
brood brimmed lelt hut ovor a loartet
nightcap A louu bright blue dressing
gown, mueh ciubroldurotl witli soarlot
braid in ManehuBter stylo; a flannel shirt!,
i weed waistcoat, trousers and aggrosslvuly
now yellow boots completed hi. costume
This wus evidently bis holiday attire, fur
on ui her days hi.-, soarlot nightcap was ro
placed by a blue Tain O'Shantor und ibe
dressing gown by o shoddy ulster.
Wo seated ourselves opposite tho door
looking out on tho rhvr, while tbe rest of
my party were grouped in a circle round
us It was ootetiquettoforony but tho
king and his Interpreter to enter tbe but,
bo Lotla and the councilors remained out*
sido whilo wo carried on desultory conversation on the subject of our respective
Journeys, hunting, eto,, enlivened by tho
gontlo tinkling of tho plnnu and tho subdued singing of tho king's choristers.—
Bliiokwood'R Magazine
ATIVK —in purge is the only effect of
many pills nnw on the market. Panne
leij's Vegotablo Pill, are mora than a purgative. Tbey strotigtlieo bho Btomitoh,
whero other pills only wottken it. Thoy
olcanso the blend by regulating tiie liver
and kidneys, and lhey stimulate where
other mil compounds depress. Nut Mm-
of an injurious nature, used fnr merely
purgative powors, outers Into their eum-
ihiiinit lo riiiuii iiimi. Anyway,
When doctors can't Iiml anything left
in a mnn to cut ont. they advise a
change of climate as a means of restoring his health.
OO. nre the proprietors of DR. THOMAS'
EULEOTRIO OIL, which Is now being
sold in iiiiiiit.ii-.t- uuiintltles throughout
ihe Dominion, it is welcomed by the
.uffeHn.* invalid everywhere with omniums of delight, boonuse it banishes pain
and gives- instant relief. This valuable
-peulflO for almost "every 111 that flesh Is
holr to," In valued bv the sufferer as
more precious than gold, It Is the ellilr
of life to many a wasted frame. To the
farmer It Is Indispensable ond should be
in overy houKQ.
IthiKliii; the Clmii'iin.
First Tramp—That dug got yon up a
tree, did heT
Second Trump—Vos, I never saw so
much bark about it tree iu my life before,
Croii]) rrmnplly  Relieved.
Mrs. .T. Slmms, Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver, U. C, writes: "Ono of our children
has been subject to ernup almost flnui its
birth. We llnd Griffith's Menthol Ltoi*
ment always to glvo prompt relief, and
would not bo without it In our homo. An
a liniment we do not think it haa uny
equal,   All druggists, BSot-S.
The Imt'iM'iiini TLIny:.
"They say all the lovemaking wns
on her part '
"So I've heard Unt then hesnpplied
the money, you know "—Philadelphia
North American
There nover was, aud never will be, n
universal panacea, lu oue remedy, fur ull
ills to Which flesh Is heir—the very nature
ot many curatives being mich that wete
the germs of other and differently seated
diseases rooted in the system of the patient—what would relluvo ono III lu turn
would aggravate the other. We hnve,
howover, in Qul"lne Wine, when obtain-
able In a sound, unadulterated .tire, a
remedy fnr many anil grievous ills, liy its
gradual and judicious use the frailest system b are led into convalescence and
strength bv iin- Influence wu.h Quinine
exerts on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieves tho drooping spirits of thoso with
whom a chronic state of morbid despond
enoy and look of Interest In life is a disease, and, by tranquili/lng the nerves,
disposes to sound and ri_fiv-hlng ■*-i.-.-p-—
imparls vigor to llm notion of tlie blood,
which, beiugstlmulsted, coitrt-esthrougb-
out the veins, strengthening the healthy
>inlinal functions of the iytt-.ro, thereby
making activity a neic.-urv result,
strengthening the frame, and ftivlng   llfi-
to tho digestive orguos, which nntarnlly
tlemnnd Increased Bubitanc.—result, improved appetite, Northrop and I.Tinan, nf
Toronto, have given to the public their
superior Quinine Wine at tbe usual rate,
•mil, gauged by tlie nplulou nf suh*ntl-.ts,
thi. whi'." ap'irnuchc-. nearest piTfrotlnn
if uny in the market. All druggists kcII
The winners of tho sowing machines In
the Royal Crown Snap On's, competition
for the Week ending April Mh «r« m follows: Winnlpv, Miss il. Lyons. Fori
RoogBiMonltobn.Mrs R Morgan, Portaga
la Prairie; Nurtn Wi-st  Territories,   Mm.
it Pearce. Edmonton,   Tbo Royal Clown
Soap Oo, will continue tin- oorapstltlon,
giving away three machines each Muuday
iititii further notice,      	
Mmifs ijuiMciit Relieve; Neural*-!..
Give syuHtQms and dotation of defect h-jv* t. atastsl hwoth: i«
'M vls'oT_gfxd i'l -.rich eye'-'   At what linn.- <_I.nJt,  -vetu Tun nm
''■-■- •ttt-.trti'-ii-i!  •.Tit**.*!  (!e!*r  '.'.mp-.tltt-.il.     0---fd, (SK;
 ;.■.': Mckt?. II.32.   The*".' prides c£T-.r <'ver*.-thiiiR; all
Bini'lsgimtftieet-a.-i-'ridTcm-ed.    State kind av.A style of iriune-
s.raiK'ii temple or around «s_r or oa nose. On rsoefTug yoiu- order,
•ituf '..v. ns wiii sand yoo year glasses sstelypsckea, v<-~' !'*.i»i juu r.mi: b.dano« in cut-
tif satimonAry, 8 pw cent «n ol-ubi of thrn or mot-e.
"When buying, why not get the best?"
_. "-■-- Willi   MANITOBA   I.1N>.1_1.I.   oil..
For Inside and Outside House Painting, Floors Wall-. Ceilings- Booh.
m:-tii Miii'it Tht> Quality of tin- on  i» tin- Life at tbo  Paint.
tuple cards ibowlnn stlty Arti«tlcshniUi»of PAINTS, MAINS nml BXAUBI4. tu be
i P.TO-DATB" Bsrdwsrsdealon bstwsea tbeOrtal Uk sand l-aciUe Oosaa,
u__„(.oiur«j   Qi p, STRPHIINS & CO., WINNIPEQ.
Mil In
D epublic Mining Stocks.
I   lU-ll.- llll'
,';VVM,;;ln,i,!;;." u!r,[:Vt "Republic Mining Camp"
Tliu i* ii I ft I lo fir,ut of mine deellni »ii)i one o( u>*- rlehesl n«'o i-i .-<ii>. im*
i«'n- hi ihi- ui.riii.   1 nm ,-\.',-|iUiiiuiiiv h, il liii-nk.it ii-1.< pro-rreM of evouti nt i:.--
iili.i*', nn.I I inn iiiiit tun v .iiiitiln-i- mul ml. Im-un. liiii'iiilln-.- put, liii.*-r.    At present I
hi rvaomtll-'itil (.mi*' Sin*-, llnllc uml It.-lun. Prim----- Muuil. Iti-hiilt-i-r ami .Iniiibu.
B. OARTI.V PAItKBB, Ulnlnfl Broker, IS A.l<-ini.i-> St. B.,Toronto,
RESUSCITATES worn out Lands. IMPROVES Good Lands
and makes thc Best Lands BKTTER. IMPROVES the
QUALITY of the Crop and Increases the QUANTITY.
ip„n.™iiJlfc-..MAO_«» X -hJ _C'P
WW *»LBEf.T TOILET '-GAP ; *,_,
>»__..    MON—"•-      ' -*
l.CU, STE-XE li Wx.iL  Glrcla Tea.
Importers of Qroc.rie,      I;-*1* S'-SStS.
Willi QS. IlaiulUoti, Ont.    LIIB. BplM.
-Ueueral Insurance. Agent
i I it i. < orapanJei RepreMntedi
Quebec Fire Assurance Co.
Koyal Insurance Co.
Sun t:*,.u.anct Office
Union Assurance bociety
M^AU claisei of Insurance tramacted, *z2
loskM -irunipily and ■atiifmi.torily ■elll-.d.
In I'V.rj Miii]i.i|inllty In the rrmln..- of
Write tur 1.1>| io
Itunk nf lluiiiilton HufhtlnK    '
lln. 120.'. WIMTIPBG, MAN.
iu* tnatruotioni from Mr. H'ln. Hmtdrie, v.ii
]■>>* I'arin, Hiiinilt'm. -iin., ill.-- lioin-. ot the 1'u
tiirlty winm-i- Murliinait w,-. will .ell by publir
Auction .it liiiui'l ■■ l;-i-.j-iiury, Toronto, oa
A V.lUitMc ConHi_n[nent <<t
Thoroughbred Stallions,
Brood Mares, Saddle Horses,
Hunters and Steeplechesirs.
Thli Ih an iiminual Opportunity for fiirrncr- to ■
Improve thoir browing ■took, «* wnoot tin
boot wood over imported u Loojaded io thii
ureal -niii;.
("iit-iluiriien .'(inUiniriL' |ierii(rrcpi nnd full tmr
lloulan will bo muJoa to »oj aodmi iin ■
Auotlonoer nml l'ro|»rietor.
(Jranil'. lli'juxtltory, Toronto |
Aiiullnn mil*:** of HoIMl (*aiTli_j;i'i, HiiniOvr j
Hli:., ct-iiry TiicmI.1) am) 1'riilnj.
I'nvul/* itli--* ■.-very rtny.	
It is the coffee that
never fails to give absolute satisfaction.
The seal which it
bears is a guarantee
that its purity and
strength have not been
tampered with, and that
it surely is
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee
Can 7011 N-Tord tn hn erftlumt a Hat*
nh-r-Q you r.n, j-.i     q# from
|1S,00 tip.
We Xt-rjt n hrpo ,tn.-k llwtjr, nn ti.nd nt 7TPI,
CH1NERV; r-» tit om Dslly or Wttklj .«pMl
or Job Ontllt, on fow hours' nntlco. W. .Ih
Toronto Type Foundry Co., Limited.
tie Ow.a St., Winnipeg.
In loach, tone 3ml tin-
Ub limy liavn Dooqusl,
eepondinte warned In overy town to tot
m.m nitus.. as? icior Bt.,Woiti
(.nrrlHgo*, n,,^,,,-. nHrrowa, « luitmiil*-!
&c. t.>uii.siiiiT ri.uvr to., Wlnnlpoff,
W. \. U,   210
Ami yon Can't flit Away fnim
the I ACT Hint
!• What Vou Ol OUT to iir..- DROAUSR or
26   CENT8  PER   LB.   CAN.
"WATT    &c    ALBERT,
U.noml AK^nt,.
I'. O. lln. nH».   tVliml|'.tf. M-n.
Plain tad Tarred.
I* -■.'■iii,,;.■■!,.-!,■,:■'!.rut
••'in.' .iiln r-, 1>U' 11- It III
dm K,ut-li'-nt an-1 wjirni-
"i-t.U l-- v.- r\ ;.*'.   ir
ll *N'i |..-~t ll.   thn   ■*■■*:■!
'ompiif. It witli ottmrn
tf-lun- burl a*.
Writo ior tno unput,
Iliotni-llim   In   \lmrtlniiui.   Itimik-ki-fjp-
ini.. AiMiuiM Hi. Writing,  ii'i-jii.-.t t.nr-
raapondenOO,   PmOtll »l    Oranunnr,   Com-
inofolal Lawi Ku.. glvon nt Uone.  if you
Cftoii.t affiint tliu lliiiti "r inOimy to atluTid a
n-guLir Collogo to pn nan- f-r Ihedntloa of life,
wny WMtO your OVOnUigl ttma thor-iiijfb in-
atructlon can »"■ given jva by mail.   Kirn par-
tlol.trM on iiiiiilii-.i'li n.
Addrm o. \v. oo.*xai.i>, Beo'jr,   v>mul-
in'K Bohnol nt Oorreap lonoe,   Anillair'!
with uiniii|>i-ti Baalneta < <»iii-*». tviuui-
|i>'K.  .ilun.
WholMom*, lli-piHhful, Appntlxlus
Tor Salo Evi-rywlioro.
II.  I'UUI'TOIl   *   CI.,
U.nitlr.,1. LOCAL   NOTES     |
of Reid & Co.   They
man, was ;i Craubrook vlstto
Picked  Up About the Cily  by Asking
Questions ol Many People.
A. Moffatt is building uu addition to
his bouse.
Read thi-" new ail
talk busiuess.
Tlie Cranbrook Fruit Store for fresli
eggs aud butter,
Rend Beattie's change of advertisement and remember whal he says.
Sine rooms to rent. Furnished or unfurnished. P- McConnell.
James Ryan is shy one of his driving
horses that he turned out hist week.
Get your Screen Doors uud Sash at
the factory. T. \Y. taask.
The pny checks arrived Tuesday night
and the railroad men arc happy in con-
Do you want first-class confectionery
—fresh and pure? Go to theCraubrook
Fruit Store, linker block.
Sum Morrow is at Fort Steele this
week filling a vacancy in the Fori Steele
Mercantile stoic at that place.
The hoard of license commissioners
will meet al Fori Steele on the 15th of
June, lo consider applications for liquor
John Hutchison wishes now he hud
not turned his horse loose. Il is chasing grass nml the judge is cUaBlng tbe
Fresh milch cow and 100 hens for sale.
V, McConnell.
Father Welsh wns in town Tuesday
securing subscriptions for the new Cuth-
olte church thut is to be erected In this
If yon waul a nice, cozy corner to take
your frieuds for a dial, try the ice cream
parlors at the Craubrook .Stationery &
Cigar store,
P, McConnel, of Winnipeg, has closed
tbe deal with Mr. Eyre, and taken pus-
session nf the bakery aud will continue
the business.
W. S. Reid has been enjoying a visit
from his brother, Charles E. Reid, of
RevelBtoke, who will engage in the drug
bisiness at Fertile.
Mr. Hoffman has been troubled with
hoy s tearing out his foot bridge over tbe
creek, and warns them that if it is repeated tht re will be trouble.
Mr. Tanner, the Presbyterian student
who has been in charge at Moyie, held
services here Sunday. He will hold regular services in Craubrook until this pulpit is filled.
The government has asked for lenders
fnr carrying the mail in Cranbrook between the railway station and tbe post-
office. Tbe bids will be opened at Ottawa on June 16.
Richard Strong was appointed co stable to act for Constable Morns during
the latter's absence iu Nelson. The appointment was a good one and Mr.
Strong is attending strictly to business.
The Joyce brothers, ofthe Commercial
hotel, have arranged to receive a pi 1 vale
report of the great pugilistic battle be
tween Fltzslmmons and Jeffries which
wil' be pulled off at Coney Island on the
evening of June 9.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Curran and their little
daughter came down from the North
Staryestetduy, Lastevening Mr. Smyth
invited a number of friends to the bank
rooms to meet the visitors and a most en
joyable lime was bad.
Messrs. Trent and Kennedy, two of
the pioneer settlers uf Cranbrook, hove
their cabin built in one of the little val
leys adjacent to Cranbrook, and are sur.
rounded by as pretty scenery as can he
found 111 britisb Columbia.
Among the greatest hustlers in l.asi
Kootenay Messrs. Pieper and Cun ie
not lake a back scat. They are doing
more painting and papering than ull
other firms in ihe district combined, and
arc recognized as leaders in their line,
The Herald neglected to mention last
week the magnificent display In the way
of Hags ami bunting made by the firm of
Maggs it Hughes. Il attracted a great
deal of attention and gave rise to much
favorable comment.
E. H. Small, of the Cosmopolitan
hotel, says that they cannot complain nc
their bouse is lull all the time. This is
largely due to the fact that the Cosmopolitan is recognized as oiu: ul the best
hotels in llie district.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
has changed the office ot" its store to the
front part of tlie building, which makes
a great improvement In the appearand
of the place. Jake Fink, lhe local man
ager, is never satisfied until his slure is
first class in every respect.
T. Forrest, of Donald, arrived last
evening and will proceed at once wilh
the work of completing bis huge bole)
building 0:1 Haker street. Mr. Forrest
•-ays that Ihere is no ijm-slion Imi that
(he North Star branch will lie built from
I'riuiliriiiik, und lie is anxious to get bis
hold in shape as soon as possible.
Joseph Mitchell has disposed of hi
wholesale liijuor business lo James Kerrigan, of Winnipeg, and turned over lhe
business yesterday. Tbe Herald hopes
Mr. Mitchell will conclude to remain in
Crnnbrook, and at the same time ex
tends a cordial welcome to Mr. Kerrigan
who is a young business man of ability
and push,
N. Hanson, governor ol the haliwickj
of Wasa, spent several days in lowu this
Mr, Grady, of the Grady Hardware
company,' relumed from Macleud last
R. Karatofaky, the tobneco dealer of
Fort Steele, was a Craubrook visitor
A. Leitch, of the Cranbrook Lumber
company, vi-ited Macleod and Lelhbridge this week.
Fred Pieper has gone to Kimberley
for a week or so where he has a large
.oti.ract of painting.
J. I). Gordon, eusloms officer at Tobacco Plains, was in town Friday uight
un his way to Nelson.
Messrs. Pieper, ti. II. and Fd Small,
Medhurst, Dunbar, Alonde and Hale visited Kimberly last Sunday.
A. W. Bnrkhart is the new operator in
charge of lhe Fort Steele and Spokane
telegraph company office in this city.
Charb-s Theis, one of lhe peincipal
ockhotdcrsof lhe Fort Sleele Mercantile company, cume up from Spokane
,sl week.
WUlintn Johnson, otOraugeville, Out.,
;. guest of J. W. 11. Smythe,   IU- has
been touring the west and will probably
Ijcate in Winnipeg,
G. L. Johnson, furmerly of Fernie, hns
located in  Moyie and opened 1111 assay
lice.   Mr. JolniBon is u man of expor**
nee and well qualified for his \\o:k.
Mr.  and   Mrs,  Thomas   Rooks eame
■er from Steele Friday.    Mrs. Rooks
look the west train here and Thomas
ill be left a grass widower once more.
G, H. M. Catsons, of Macleod, aii'.ved
b'st night and will locate here in charge
ofthe Grady Hardware company's store.
There is n mighty fine lol or people com-
dim Macleod to Craubrook.  and
Mr, Carsons is evidently one of tbem.
■ t!A\jk***AMti*A*M^st**a^A
Living In or Visiting Cranbrook, Whom
Wc Ail Know or Should.
Robert Shaw lias returned from Moos-
John Fink came over from Fori Sleele
last Monday,
W. R. Ross and R. G. Shier visited
the metropolis Tuesday.
Honker Keep, nf Fort Steele, was a
Crnnbrook visitor Monday.
Miss Sikts, of Port Steele, s\ ent Sun"
dny with Mm. C. M. Rdwnrdn,
E. H. KllOH, the Fott Sleele real es
For Sale.
A tobacco business ut a very reasonable figure, in consequence of the owner
wishing to occupy lhe whole of his lime
with insurance. This is a first class opportunity. Don't mis-i it. Write at
once to A. II. Cree,
box 131, Fernie, B. C.
Tbe Boundary Dispute.
London, May 27.—Tbemoriiing papers
discuss tbe most prominent features of
the Anglo-American commission w iih
an apparent desire to pacify both Canada
aud tbe United States.
The Daily Chronicle says; "The
whole boundary dispute is small, but
there is much reason to fear tbat the
lumber quarrel is the cause of friction.
Hoth sides appear to be thinking of perpetual retaliation aud reprisals. Such a
state of things is full of evil. Tbe commission affords nn opportunity to give
and take. It is urgent that a settlement
should be effected. Should this fail and
should tbe Nicarngus arrangement fail
also, a very unpleasant relation might
ensue. A leturn to any unfriendly temper between the two branches of the
Anglo-Saxon race would be a disaster to
everyone, mid above all, lo Canada herself." 	
Still Hopeful lor a Sett lem en I.
London, May 26.—Tbe Washington
correspondent of the London Post says:
"I am informed lhat the statements rep
resented that slate departmeut ofliciuis
have reported the boundary dispute as
hopeless, ate absolutely untrue. The
administration has been exceeding annoyed by the statement, and hopes that
no credence will he given to newspnper
articles circulating the rumors. Hoth
President McKinley and Secretary Hay
hope thai SirJu'Win I'auncefole will return to Washington with such Instructions from Lord Salisbury as will insuie
the settlement of matters.
McVliiic & Hutchison's Bargain List.
House and lot and market garden in
grand order, 8260.
Milk business, including cows, horses,
etc., $2200.    liasy ternm.
Haker street lots, Irom $375 up.
Two hotel bargains, Ask for particulars.
Will Uo On Strike.
Denver Ledge, May 25: The miners
of the Slocan have decided to go out on
strike rather tluiu accept the terms offered thein by the mine owners ofthe
camp of $,*■» for eight hour shifts. A big
meeting of miners was held at Sll ver toil
this morning and this decision was arrived ut by the lenders of lhe tuiueii.'
union. The Silverton union, amalgamated with lhe Smidou uiiiou and their
respective treasuries combined. Henceforth there will be but one union, uud
lhat at Sandon. ti.d Hoyce, the lender
ofthe union men in the Coeur d'Alcnes
is on his way iu to the cump, to direct
the affairs and actions of the local union.
The Western Federated Miners' Union
will lend financial assistance.
A second meeting will bu held tonight
al Silverton to perfect the amalgamation
ofthe local unions, and to arrange
plan of campaign for the npproacbiug
The New Canadian Pacific Service.
Nelson Tribune: In connection wilh
the new train service which the Canadian Pacific railway company will inaugurate on June iS-.li, W. ti. Anderson,
travelling passenger agent, has received
the following letter iron) R. H. Kerr,
general passenger superintendent, dealing witb the improvements to bu mnde
in the Kootenay service: "big improvements have also been made in the Kootenay and Crows Nest service, and close
coiiiieetionsiwill be mnde at Dunuiote,
both east and westbound, with trains
from Kootenay Landing. The westbound train will reach tbe landing in
tbe evening, easlbound in the morning.
The service between Nelson nnd Kootenay Lauding will be performed by
Bteamera at night, Prompt service will
be given belweeu Nelson and Rosslaud.
At seven connections will be made at
Uohson wiih Arrowhead bouts iu both
directions, Overland passengers will
have the option of going by the Crows
Nest or main line. This does not apply
to tbe the sleeping car portions ns via
Crows Nest berths will have to be paid
ir on the steamer as occupied. Berths
1 ihe steamer between Kootenay Land'
g and Nelson will be one dollar."
Shelf Hardware
Our line is complete. Carpenters and others requiring anything in the above
line will do well to see our
stock before purchasing
Fishing Tackle
Just received, a complete line of
fisliinj! tackle, jointed rods, reels,
lines, fly hooks, trout and salmon
Hies, etc.
Pioneer Hardware Store.
,u - «_.4he,c!osc of our flrs- year's business in Cranbrook, we take much pleasure in thanking our many friends for
their liberal patronage and respectfully solicit a continuation of the same at the old reliable store. Finding our old
quarters much too small for our large stock, we have moved into our new store two doors west of the Cosmopolitan
hotel, where we have thc most complete stock of all kinds of Hardware ever brought into East Kootenay. The following will give you a slight idea of the wide variety ol our stock:
Builders' Hardware
We have all sires of Nails, Building Paper in Plain and Tarred, Oils,
Paints, Glass, Locks, Hinges, Sash,
Doors, Etc.
In this line we handle the best
American and Canadian makes, at
the lowest prices.
Wc handle the Grand Jewel line,
with Steele Lined ovens. These are
ideal cookers. Also many others such
as the Alberta Grand Jewel, Silver,
Daisy, Macassa, Eclipse, Kitchen, At-
habascas, supplied with grates for coal
and wood, or lor wood only. Several
kinds oi Steel Ranges now in stock.
Agate, Copper'
and Tinware
Wc have now in stock a full line
ol Enamelled, Coppir and Tinware.
We were never in a better position to
supply the above goods than wc are
now- Call and see our set of Stove
Tinware consisting of 13 pieces.
Prices sure to please.
Tinsmithing Department
We arc very busy in this line and believe it is because wc do first
class work and attend promptly lo all orders placed.
di di di Q. H. MINER
Now te Ibe time, to insure ngni-ist typhoid and inouiUaiu fever] $3.00 a year.
1500 a week Indemnity] ntso Against
accidents connected with railway nnd
stage. Write for particulars to M. A.
Beale, Fort Steele, 11. C.
Tako nntlno Hint n meeting nf tlie Hoard 0'
i.u-ctisi* I'liiiuni -simir-rH r«r Him1 ii Kits Kootenny
will be held nt tlie Ct.urt Ilonso lathe town o(
Port Sli-i le nn iim lBtli 'mv of .lime, IMW, at tlm
hour nt 11 o'clock In tlie form ion to consider
tin* following n|ii.l!cailoiis fur liinmr Mooiihsj
Jamas ltynn, Crnnbrook hotel, Craubrook,
hotel 1 ii-i ■[]>■'■.
Mrs. Mary Doilhhr.e, Kast Kn-t'iiny hotel,
' .niiiiio-ik, hotel linen tn.
E. 11. small, Coanwpolltnn hotel, Crnnbrook,
hotel ilcensn.
Levl it. VnnDccir, Itoyal hotel, cnmhiooic,
hotfl! Heenso.
1!. \V. BABNKS.
Chief Inspector,
I Cranbrook
Corner llftUor street
mul lliins.m aveitlt.
over [wstofflca	
$j All Sizes ol Photos up to 11x14
i Finished in Platlno or Polished.
Views  ol Cranbrook  and Other
Points ol Inters! in British Columbia Will Be on Sale	
dt Prest & Co.
Cigars, Tobacco and Cigars.
Wills Brand ol Tobacco.   Pool and Billiards.
Pott steclo,    -    British Columbia.
\V. lu INihh. ll. W. JlKltOllMRIt
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
11. L. Cummins, C. E.
immaii Columbia
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANUROOK,    ::::::    It. G.
Planing Mill
-■Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  „*  Doors jt Mouldings
.*   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
G. Johnson....
\V Assayer
^ Metallurgist
Moyie, B. C.
TZT^zr^sr^zr^ -_y   «  c   «  »    »   <bks   «*—>__■—vy  t/^&   vzt^zj   jzi^z>   «. ^-r *c >^   ^^/**m-'£***--*w-**^y-****'__*-n*i'-—^
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
f nA MRDnni^ ,s the divisional point of the Crows
•vK^i^DlVVVlV Nest Pass Railroad.
Has a io=stall round house, large machine
shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Eastern Store
Call and See Us
Eastern Prices
Clothing,   Boots and Shoes,   Millinery,   Silks,   Etc.
First class Dressmaking Parlors. We turn out work on very short notice. All
first class and up to date.
Call and see us before you make auy pure-liases on Clothing, Roots, Shoes, Millinery, Silks or Drcssmaklnx and we will convince ynu that you onu save 39 1° 40 per
cent by making your purchase witb us.   Call and be convinced.
Owing to the Increase of our business we shall put more hands on and make
the interior ol our store larger to meet tbe demand. Ask our customers what has
caused this. They will tell you low prices aud strict attention to our mail order
MAQGS & HUGHES, Opp. Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook
This hotel has just been opened to the public. The building
is one of the best in East Kootenay. The furniture is new
and the table is first-class. We have every facility for pleasing
the public and we propose to do it.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $2.00 per day. n     ,      id/-*
Short orders day and night.       UanbroOK, D. L..
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes That Will Please
Gents' Ties, Fancy Shirts, Summer Underwear!
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs jt jt jt jt
A Full Line of Groceries on the Way
HILL & CO....
t^      Mclnnes Block
M « » I* « »(g
The Grady 3
Hardware Co.
>>♦» *-*_- •>-♦-♦■ •-•■ •- •
►♦♦•(j)  ©*-*-*>-•-» ♦ *> *> ♦■*> » * *
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop,
The Central Hotel > open l><*tli day and
night, Tlie bar gootla are Unit clflM,
and llie ill 111 HR too in te in cllflrgo nr
Thos. McCarfion, and in second lo none
iu the Kootenays, Pree sample rooms
and the best ami quietest bediooiiiH 111
thc towu.
The North Star lintel Is the InrgO nml
lilflgtilflcout hotel at Kiii-t.r.h-y Hint
is jimt linii.liril and Is furnished m-w
tlimnghnut. liver)1 thing in C0QI1CC'
linti Ib fiisl'da-ts. When you visit
Klmhcrlcy, dun't forget Tie North
Star Hotel.
Commercial Hotel...
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best Wines and  Liquors at the  Bar


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