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Cranbrook Herald Jan 7, 1904

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en.vNr.iiooiv, uiutisii Columbia,  iiiliisday, .i.ammrv
Tlie Canadian Hank of Commerce
I'.eail Office. Toronto.
ROM. Oro, A.Cox, rn-si.lcit. ll. H. Wai.kkh, Oen. Mau.
P.IJ 11,1   Capital      SH.7UO.0UO <HI
ll -I        il.lHIO.IIlBl Illl
Talal Kesnatits      K.t.fMW.UIH>'»-.t
l).*|uisiis Received,   liencral ItankinK Business Transuded
S*VIN(1S llINk IllriBIIII-MJ   ll.'iii.iln.kticlicJ   Uleitll Mlawid.
lUNKIS'tl    UV    Mill.      Il,-|.4.-.il- 111414-ill- 4,144-14   , Ul.l   nllll'lllinil  111 'lllllll.
omul inuu iiii-,,nm- iivi*ii,, ,-i I-, 4- mi.-mi,in.  i niiiiii-.il a iiililntwial
in iln-in Igor ul llin i'i mil.im.I, Ilium h niil leu.-in-1 ii-il iiiii-ui inn.
* Cmpttal, P.iid Up $2,'*83,8-'*> S
5 Rest $2,636,312 J
J T. R. Merrill, Pies.   D. R. Wilki-, Vice Pres. .ind Gen. M.inaB-r !
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ON DEPOSITS
| A general banking; business transacted.     Dralts sold availa- *
S* ble in every part ot Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
„ attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager. J
«•»*♦ ♦» **************************** *     ** *       •»»*
ILL be a record breaker for lhe Kootenays and * t
Cranbrook.   We hope that it will be for
you and for us, _^^_^
We wish our many friends a very happy and *l
*» prosperous New Year. * -
We take advantage of this opportunity of thank-
«» -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 	
*» ing you for your patronage in the past and hope that *.*
tl we will have the pleasure of it in the future. 1►
ts* Our motto is "honest goods and fair, square {*
*» dealing."   By keeping this always in view we made tt
*I our business last year the largest and most satisfactory .'
1» since we established business here in 1398,'and we hope it
*» to make this year still larger. ,1
*» By doing business strictly on business principles i!
sS —giving a dollar's worth of goods for a dollar, giving «I
it the best goods possible for us to b'jy, and never repre- 1*
•♦ senting anything, we h.\v-* made our name so well I*
#* known all over western Canada that it is now only*.
85 necessary to mention the letters F. S. M. Co. to know 3 >
f» where to go to get hon.'st goods, honest prices and II
honest treatment,
J* Kust Kwitcnnv's Hit! Mnil < ifili-r 11.ins.-. *{
ft*************************************************! I
ft***********************************************"*' ■
4,. i i i - .4, - s 111• Mi-; -.*> I » I A I .*,, I * I A ;
. • i i*i« 1*1*i-?i-»-l*ri*i*l*i
ii       —       1
<ff Wc have some good offerings in St. i j
w Eugene, While Bear, and other Ross- if
If land stocks.   Also some bargains in TT
* | .1-1 .*• | . I . : • I
j&   Real Estate   J&
.. ,   .      .      .      .   ||   .      .■ j A j * | *.-- j » I .» j   i   | 4  Mi      .      .
Liberal Convention Will be IU 1,1 Tut-sdny
nf Nnl Wtek.
N.-l.iiii. 11. ('.. .lun. ii.   S|,viul
tu The Herald.   Tin- conservative
nominating   convention   uf Kimte-
n.-iy convened tlitsiiftcmooii, There
were lliirlj elghl delegates in nt-
I.-ml, .-.    l'..l I.in  .li-.lii.-l   uu*.
4,441       ,,|,,l- .1   ,,l, ,1. 11,11, Holtt,     I''.
Oni'ii, .KiibIo,   |.i,*i.i.l,*.l.    Three.
ll.-lllll'll Wl-I'i- |lllll-i'll ill tli'lllillillinll,
i*\-liu\i*lllii|-   *uVllllusll.   Uiisslnnil:
Clins. .M.Kiiiiii. KiibIo, .in.l .1 A.
Hnrvey of Cruuhrupk.   After inuu.
IlllllioilS   closed   Mr. HllI'Vi'.V IVilll.
drow, Tin- mli- resulted in -I in
flivor ut Mnelnlnsli mill II In- Mc
Kiiiiii.   Tin- niiiiiiiiiititiii nt' ,M,-n-ln-
IukIi    WIIH    llllllll'    IlllllllillllillS.        Au
executive comiiiilteo wiih urgnu-
i/.ul In i-iinilm-l Ilu- campaign t-i.in-
■aiscd of   0110   IVpl-l-KI-llllllivi-   from
i-iH-li provincial ilistrii-t. Thuse
i-li-i-li-il \vi-ri-: Green, Kuslu; A. II.
McNeill Etagslntltl; .Jolm [loiu-toiij
Nelson! W. II. Iliiiili-r, Slni-iiii;
Tuin Taylor, Revelstoke; llni*i*y
Wrfgl.it, Ymir. mill [0, T,Kogei'|
t'niiilii'iHik. Tin- l'*i'i*uii* delegation
iniilil iiui ngree upon u represent!
nlivi' mul tlio i-liiiii-i' wns referred
tu tin- loeiil iiimini/iiliiin, I'liliiin-
liin uut lieing represented its choice!
wiih Iiiiii n'f'i'lTeil   tu   Uu-   liiriil ur-
gnui/utiou, Tliis evening tin- visj
itiug delegntes wore linnqui-tcd by
ilu- Nelson conservativelissuciiition
ut Uu-tii 1 Central hotel.
aboit mines and MiNiNGli;:.:;,:;tr;::
jiliiiupi-il inln Hi.*  Ink.
tailings uml
i heretofore
.    Knr this
Tlie Liberal Cunvcntluti.
The Crnnbrook llliernls lieM n
lnrge meeting Montlny night, lliere
being lil people present. VV, 1-*.
liunl wus iu the ilinir. mil
speeches were uinde by Btivernl pre.
sent, Delegates, were i-h-i-li-il to
ilu- Dominion eonvontion ui Nelson
next Tiiesilny ns 1'nllnws: SI. Me-
tunes. \Y. T. Reid. W,  P, Gnvd,
T. Y .;. W. Oliver, CD.MeNnb
ll. D. (Iiiiil;i..ii. .Ins. lli-.-uili. F. K.
Simpson, A. I.. McDerniot, nml
lit-tiiM-i- Muir. The delegiitiou will
lenve Mmiilny luorniiig. By u
resolution pnsaeil it will lu* untini-
niniis fiu-W. ll.liiillilii-r.
II. W. Posj  Males Su- -j liikrcvliiii;
Preparing   lor   Placer   Work   on
Wild Horse and Perry
In Talc Carlbiin,
The |ii'liiiinl i«.l is boiling furiously in 1lu* Vnte-Cnriboo ilistrii-l.'
'I'ii.'ii-  M-i-ins   lu   be  i.uili'unli of
liberal cuiulidiileBi willi iioiiitsili.
I':i4i'i*   liiiiuiiii   lluss   nml   lliiuli
McCuleheoii. both .-I  Clreemraoil.
ilolm I). Swnnsou, of Knmlooiis,
mul DenuiB Mnrpliy. ul  AsbcroftJ
nr<- riiniliilntrs iimiii'il in tin- northern piiil  of lhe district.   In  the
conservative pnrty  tlu-re nr*» only-
two iiniiii-s nu'iiliiiiii'il. Mayor llin--,
iill un.l .1.  T.   Iiiil.ins.4ii   .'.I' ICnni  I
limp-., with Iln- lull, r ns I'nvui-ili*.     j
The Crnnbrook district delegate8
| In the eouBervntive convention  nl
|Nelaun win- .1.  A.   Ilnm-v.  Tom
Onven. 0. T. Rogi'l-s,  l„   il. Vnn-
Decnr iiiiii U, P. Thoiiips'on,
Ba©G®«f30ywet9BQeG(«GGUCJC ( )f.iO
The Holidays are Over.
■    I Bring us your walch repair-
! iug, as we now have mor-.* time at
our disposal, and can |-ive your work the
attention it should bave. Every job which leaves
this shop is thoroughly done; therefore we guarantee satisfaction.   Others have tried us and lound our work satisfactory.   Why not you ?
VV. H. WILSON, Jeweler antl Optician
.1. A. linn,.j  hns L'..
I.. Uu
 isl Iii interview ilu- guveminonl
ui mntlers ul' interesl  In ilu- ills-!
(■•^»Hi^1V^W»1HSl-*:<W»'1-,«V-riH»i--(«) <SS ® -t»)-<8>- (*v ta  ®-®**ffi <*>~<i) Av~^
feH-®-®-*^-^'3^^H^v^^ ~W-i*> Vh-t.v & ■.*>-<•) *» <ir-itH8hGrt$
il Just Arrived . . . JJ
I he largest anil best stock of
Granite and
Tin Ware....
I've broi ght Into the district.
®® Christmas mid a Happy New,
Wishing: you all n Merry
am  Vour.-s fur  Hardware,
g-ijy-tfh^® C*>-i>"&> <•'' c«w#)-(.) (b-'-tS ® m-i*1--? is1 <i--<*>-<*G-<i>-<i>-'®-i$
i; i;,.
M. I'. IV
'in Nelson
.1. W. lhnvk.* iiii.I IV I). Hutu*
wrif r|i*i*li'il;iM iti'li**4,*iti-s for Mnvii'
tn tin' lilit'tiil con volition nl Nolaon.
iln* Calgary Callle Company.
Lnsl mpkttroiKP Wchshjr, mijui-
ngor for tin* CnlRiiry Cnttli'colli*
[1,'iny. \vn» in lown supervising tho
trnnsfer oi' tlip mont biisiiinssbf
M. Mr!iinis 11 liis company. The
Oiilgnry Cnttlp eoinpnny is ,*i slrony;
conibination with huiulcpiarters in
Gnlgnrj* nnd shops in Albcrtn mul
Britisli Columbin, Recogniziiig
Crnnbrook ns n centrnl pdifit, rtrol
bping ilesironsof enterinK tlie field,
overtures wero miulti to Mr. Mctu-
iti's niid it (leal wa.s littiilly rnnsum-
nittti'd. The company will nmke
Crnnbrook tlie distrilmting point
for this part of the distriot* and
propose to make evory effort to
meet the desires of tho people Mi
tin- nient line. The hrst beef procurable will lie put on the block,
mul thi' Lusiiit'ss will In* cimird on
with the iden tlmt there \n nothing
too good for Cruiibrpok.
II. \V. Ross ivtitr I during the
week front it trip to Mexico wliere
he went to examine n mining pro.
■position in th<' interest of investors, Since his return he has
something to sny of mining in
Mexico of interesl to the -people of
South Kast Kootenny.
Mr. Koss says that thero is a
great rush of people of nil clnssss
iiii-lutlini; capitalists, into tlio
northern portion of Mexico,caused
by nothing more than skillful ami
j in He ion a ndvertislnt. In a few
Instance,*) then' have been some
ext nit >nl inn ry success and these
have been used tu .inflame the
fancy of thousands, and other successes follow as the result of action
ami effort,
In a number instances American ingenuity and mining skill
have revived historic mines with
fairy talcs attached thai give great
scope nml opportunity for the pro.
motor, wildcat ami otherwise,
The country is a lund of antiquity
iiml romnnt'o, -j nrtteuhirly suited
to the exploiting of fancy free
propositions; bn1 in tlie end, it is
there as elsewhere, mho h;is to work
for what one gets, ami success
come only to industry and intelligent effort.
The mining conditions there are
similar to thoso of all other countries, ami the opportunities no better than here in South Kast Kootenay. There is. however, a great
revival of mining there which has
come nboul largely by the circulation nf information of the opportunities] nntl Mr. Uuss Bays that
his observation of those things and
the results impresses liim with the
lack of the saint' hero and the con-
The Heudrix electro-oynuido
process is nttrncting a grent deal
of attention, and wherever tried is
meeting with excellent results.
When-Mr. Ross left here some
time ago he took with him a considerable quantity of nre from liis
property here, which ln> had tested
by the new process. Ore that
assayed $102 iu gold, contained
almost entirely in sulphides of
iron, /inc. copper and lead, gave
returns of il7 per cent uf the assay
value in Iwo hours mid forty
minutes, with no ),< nrptible loss
of iho solution. Severnl i roper-
lies that have been idle ou account
uf inadequate treatment, are being
equipped witli plants of the uow
I purpose n building 160 foot long
liy 2') foot wide and two stories
lligll has heen built on the lake
shore, In the upper story huge
sett liim tanks will bo built nud
through these will pass all tin
climes mul tailings frum lhe mill
On the lower floor will Ik- a series
of the newly designed concentrating tallies, over which all the
material will |iass
The idea is now in the treatment
of this clnss uf ores aud lhe result
will In- watched for with much interest. Millmen have never been
satistied with the process in vogue.
The per cent of loss iu the tailing
has always been too groat, and as
this occurs by the suspension of
metals in solution it has been a
difficult problem to overcome,
The new plant at the St. Kugene
is especially designed for this purpose.
On Wild Horse.
Have (iriltith. the principal
owner of placer mines on Wild
Horso. nnd Bong QuoHJg the
Chinese manager of tlie mines,
were in town during the week
innking arrangements fur 25,000
feet of timlier to make improvements and repairs to the plant for
next season's work. Last season
was a successful ono, and preparations are being made to enlarge
the work next year.
That portion of the Invicta
worked by Thompson and Theis
Inst year will be worked by the
Chinese hereafter. It was found
by tho Thompson company that it.
was impossible to "bottom" the pit
with the  present level  of sluices
ml dump, antl practically nothing
was taken from tlio pay dirt. The
Chinese will adopt a different system. They will raise the sluices
to increase the fall and dump:
work otf tho top ground in this
wny. ami later lower the sluices  to
loan up the pit. The Hrst season's
work will lie applied to  stripping.
ml the second to ('loaning up.
The Shalt at Old Town.
(ins Theis was in fmm Old
Town during the week having
sume repairs made to the pump
used in the now shaft being sunk
on Perry Creek. The lioys aro
meeting with the usual mishaps
and annoyances, but thoy have
been too long at the front to lot
trifles trouble thom. It wns found
leeossnry to move the plant some
listnnee nud start a new shaft on
account of quicksands and slimes
encountered, after down twenty
feet. They have the second shaft
well under way and will be at il
again in a few days,
i r i
Improvement* al Ihe St. Eugene.
The management of the St.
Kugene has perfected a now concentrating process lhat is likely toI
greatlv increase the per cent of
savings in slimes from concentrating ores.
The new dovic.i is the idea of
(Ins King who hns had charge if
the St. Kugene conoeiittntor for
sometime, lt has not yet been
put inlo use on a largo scale, but
iu tin experimental way it hns
proven so successful that the St.
Kugene company is making arrangements to install ;i plant of
sufficient capacity to handle all of
the slimes and tailing of the St.
Kugene mill.
lt is estimated that one and one-
half per cent of the vah.ei nre lost
in tho tailings, mid that the new
process will save nt least  o.to perjj Essay on Kipling Hev. Fortune
cent, which will menu nu.ch in tho. Violin Solo  Mm. \Vnlling4jr
aggregate. i^^T  mI *,' « J"?"
No change will 1 e made iu the    """l S,,l° " J1* J*   'j- 7
H I Homling... Mr". \V. 0. W. lorlune
Inl-uier [iriii-ess,     1 lie new   p« BS  yo,.„l Uliel    Mrs. an.l Ml*. Mu.-I.ihI
will la- simply nn ii'lililiuiiiil equip-   Current Evcnli I-'. B. Simpson
Literary Profram.
Tin- Crnnlirook Literary society
will meet oil Friilay evening nt tlie
(liiil Fellows linll, und it is expect-
1 tiiut tlu-ri- will la- n"**ooil jitti'iiil-
uni'e. Thin organization Ims uiuili-
u great success ol its efforts tills
yenr. and the interest luiiiiil'esled
iu tin- wurk is evidence of tin- fnct
ilmi gn*nt i*m-tl lins already Ih-i-h
accomplished; It is a matter qi
regret, however, that more nf file
young men of the lown do net tuke
un interesl in tin- work. It pre-
Bents nn opportunity of broadening
tin- mind mul cultivating u taste
for nicnlul improvement ihnl
should lie tidien !*'tt*i*umuge of liy
ev: ry young mnn in the community. Two years uf thnt work alone
would inculcate ideas thut might
easily change the entire course of
one's life, mid lirin^ nhout au improvement iu ones condition thnt
would prove the source of i-verhist-
in,i: gratification.
The committee lias prepared the
following program for nest Fridny
evening, and they trust thnt then'
will Im' ii lurge attendance:
Piano Pui't, Mrs. Iteiil mul Mrs. Darling
Rending ,1. W. RoMnsph
Hull (Juil I'lintniiiiiis frmn Ktplinj-
Mo -Miss Illimlu 1.1-iirli
l;ac!i Was Largely Attended and Very
A Benefit Smoker for the Hospital
and a Gathering of  the
Labor Union Boys
Last Saturday night  the t'ran-
brook Lnlior I'liiou gnve n smoker
at thoir hall, which  was the first
of a series of entertainments  lhe
union propose to'give  during the
the winter Benson,    The' occasion
was the close uf the year and  the
installation   of  the   hew ofticers,
which are as follows:
President, Thomas Boy ter,
Vico.-Preseut. K. Couture,
Financial Hee'y.'H, J. Lipsot.
Treasurer, I. K. Manning,
KoconliugSec'y. .1..I. Miller.
Guide. II. Lai'mmt.
Guard, R. Young.
. A more pronounced success  was
never obtained by any organization in the way of an   impromptu
entertainment,       The   hull    was
crowded,  und   about  il    o'clock,
Williain Oliver, the  retiring president took the   chair,   and  then
followed a  [Jrogram consisting of
music, songs, speeches and stories
that'kept   those  present   iu  good
humor front start to finish. Messrs.
Wright, Black. Glass and   Worth-
iugtim   wore   the   musical   stars,
while   talks   woro   made   by   Dr.
King. Messers. S'pilsted, McDonald
Smith, Simpson  aud   Thompson.
Also Scottish and other dances by
Mr. McGoweti aud   his   sou and
Mr. Glass.    At  the dose of the
program, Mr. Oliver was presented
witli nu   elegant   gold chain  ami
locket, and the following address
wns road by B. Logan:
Crnnbrook, 11. C'„ Jan. 2, laot.
Tu Mr. Williain Oliver, n-'tiritig Presl-
ilontC. h, V,
Dear Brother uml Friend:—The inein*
hereof this organisation desire to take
tills opportunity ot expressing lo you
the retiring proSldent,' thetrnppr-e^lrttion
f tlie worked perfiinned by yon in t**-
ImW of tlie oifpinijEatioti tlu ring tlie term
you have held tlie ofllee. Wo tin meiu-
bere, hnve always found you energetic
und alert, regiVnutfg tho iiiterests of the
orgiuiizntioii, Impartial in your dcelsioiis
and solicitous at nil limes for the wells
f.ireof your brtUherf, lifitli us members
of Iheprganisuitipii aad na Individuiils.
We believe iiuit the BtlcceaBpf the I'run-
brnok iuiloti e'iiii be'tiVrgely attrtbuteil lo
the wisdom displayed in your executive
capacity, and the desire evinced upon
your part for. harmonious action.in dis-
|jostng.of ((aegtions ot lm|wrlance to tbe
organjxn,(lon, Therefore we ask you to
accept fliindlight token of the high esteem in Which yon are held by your
comrades', trusting 'that in wearing it
yuu will be rgjnluded of the pleasant relations existing between lhe members
of the (Yttiibrook Labor Union ami yourself, during lhe time yon were our
honored president, and we wish to impress upon your mind, tlmt tbe tiiliiri;
can hold,,no honors, no prosperity, no
happiness (but will exceed the desire of
vour friends aod well wishers in this
A liounteons lunch wus then
served, nfter which there was more
music uud talks, It was a* late
hour whon the meeting adjourned,
nud everyone present expressed
themselves as grntefnl over the
greflt success of the evening.
Benefit Smoker.
Last week Messrs. William Gordon and Thonius Roberts conceived the idea that a smoker might
l>e given for the benefit of the St.
Eugene hospital, that would give
those who might attend a pleasant
evening, tint) at tho same time raise
a substantial fund for the hospital.
With characteristic energy they
took up the work, and secured tin-
co-operation of a nuiiilier of
friends. Tickets wore issued in
advance, and many people took an
active interest in disposing of the
same. Wentworth hull wascrtjwd-
ed by 0 o'clock, and the program
I presented "Wns pleasing nnd inter-
esting    Ri   K.   Beattie  acted as
chairman, and ns usual mode ft
great success of the meeting,
Refreshments were served during
the evening, all being contributed
by friends of tho institution, and
the program consisted of talks,
songs, etc. It was ti most enjoy-
able affair ami netted just $100 for
the hospital, which wus rf-oeived
with a deep feeling of appreciation
on the part of the Sister Superior.
Edward Truwst Meet. DcMk *>■ i
Meunlain Sid*.
Kilwnril Tru-vsr. whu wns living
uu a much belonging to D. H.
Huss mul K. I'uiiiitti-**,-, on Hold
Creek, for thebeueflt of his health,
met with instant lU-uth lasl Tlmrs-
dtiy while out ou a uiouutain. hy
tin- ncetdentnl dischnr-re of hit
riflu. Tin- accident was a mott
distressing one, uud the deceased
leaves n wife find iluusrliti-r tu
mourn liiu untimely di-ath. The
ri-uinins wi-iv linui^ht tu Crnnlirook
Tiiesilny mul interred in the ivine-
li-ry. Rev, Thompson having
charge uf the service, Mrs. Trowse
and child lefl Unit evening fur
tlu-ir former home in lVtersliurg.
X. I).
The stury uf tin- accident as told
liy Sir. Ki«s. whu ii.i-.uiiiiaiiiiHl
Mr. Trowso on the trip is as iu-
terestilig ns it is sud. They bud
left the enini* together and started
to cliltib ond uf the big hills ou
Gold Grfelt, nUiiit. twenty iniles
suutli uf A'nnlner. After going
up one side they lms-a-il (,ver the
erest mul started down .-ignin. A
sliurl ilistniu-e down they reached
i rocky shelving, nnd Sir. Trowse,
whu wus in the lend, stopped to
tuke ndvautage of the magnificent
view presented, Bending ilown in
u hulf sitting posture he pluc-d his
riHe ucross his kiui^ and took i,
pair of Held glasses und swept the
vulley. In the distance was a
smuke rising from some camp, and
passing the glasses back to Bota,
who wns about three feet behind,
he nsked if it was u certain Uggiag
enmp. Ross put the glusaes to hia
eyes, nnd then followed a report.
Dropping the glasses he saw
Trowse lying thee down on the hillside, his tegs la'iit up under hia,
and the rifle ,*i little below where it
hnd caught uu a ledge of rock. It
wus evident thut in rising the rifle
lnul slipped, the hammer striking
the rock, The bullet, wliich wns
u 80-80, hnd passed through the
body ut the left nipple, resulting
iu instant death. It was impossible
fur Sir. Ross to do anything alone.
so he turned to the ciujip to break
the news to the wife, and his partner. I'oiiiitney. Returning with
the hitter, the body wns slid down
the mountain on a deer hide, and
then planed over a horse and carried
tu eunip, where it was held until
Sunday when it wns taken to
Wardner, On Monday coroner
Moffat and Dr. Green, visited
Wardner and held nn investigation,
the finding of the coroner lieing
iu accordance with the facts given
bv Sir. Ross.
Tbe Bean Cwlast.
The Im'.-iii contest instituted, by
W. P. Tate, the jeweler, with an
clegnnt silver ten set us a prize,
tiriiusi-d uu immense amount of iu-
ten-st from Macleod to Kootenay
Landing! The guesses were num-
eruus. but Sirs. K. Elwell, was lha
fortunate one, her guess lieing
11*1,250 und the total muniicr of
ls'ims iu the jnr lieing 82,20)1.
Mr, Tute is ill-serving of consider-
libit- praise for the amusement ihe
nffonliil the people by his fonfettt,
the beauty of the prize and the
liliernl conditions. ..us it .cost no
une a ei 'lit tu liiuke n.gues-J,
The I'uiiiitiiig of the -Ik-ans was
ii big task. The committee con-
sistiil of Rev. lViicham, ,M. A.
Bi-nle. \V. J, Atchison'. \V't,Tpf^M,
h. S. SlunliK'k. Dun uud John
Brimmer. Mr. Tate kept the tally
while the committee did the count.
iug. After the result hod bein
ascertained lh - guests w^in- treated
to a fine oyster supper by Mrs,
The eust is suffering from ex.
i-eiilingly enld weuther,
(< THE < a .wr.nooiv mat a i.n
Editor and Proprietor.
Handsome Christmas Box.
Nelson Sews: The t'bristuins
issue of the Cranbrook Hernld hus
iimie to hiiiul. und it is n uiusl
creditable proiluetion. It eon-
tains 51 pages ol excellent matter
between its handsome covers, is
profiiBi-ly illiislrntiil und nrlislie
from a typographical standpoint.
• Krum a glut ul the contents, the
iiiin of the publisher, K E, Siiiiu*
sun was iu Include must uf tin
characteristic'features wllliin tin
Herald's Bcppe of usefulness, awl
to deal with the progress uinde iu
i that field during  the  year 11108
Included iu this there issu (him.
as tin- editor says, "uf uur suein
uml spiritual affairs, us will in
surdid. mean things." Gni'li sub
jeet was hunilliil by those uiusl in
touch with them, nud the result il
thut there is considerable wel
written and valuable infornintloi
concerning flu* mines, lode, plncei
and cual. lhe luuilier Industry mu
the affairs of Crnnbrook, Moyie
and ulher places in the field ul
the   Hernld,   nol  omitting   sunn
little information ci erniiig Ilu
Herald itself.       lu  lhe  intnaliii-
tion to*tlie publication Sir.  Simp
sou says:   "Willi  the ink
the times should come uu-i
vunci-d ideas iu public  lit",
affairs uf the country have
the   pioneer   singe,   when*   me
fitted fur the conditions then  n
longer fill the needs, mul ns n eun
sequence, the country loses sum
of its attractiveness thai  il  migh
"otherwise hnve.   Material progress
eun now la- secured only by logica
legislation mul businesslike  meth
nils iu the promotion  uf large  in.
terests.   The time fur petty spile
petty jealousies and petty |*nriis
unship   is   past,      The   time   fui
broad statesmanship,  integrity  ii
the discharge uf official duties, and
intelligence in lhe appointment nf
officials hus arrivi-d.    South  East
Kootenny   uml   British Columbia
bus a greut future, yet llml   futiiri
del-ends upon lhe people.    Xntiin
litis done her shun-,mul tin- respon-
. nihility now rests ii|*in the people.
If they nre true lo themselves mid
true lo the community   iu   which
'they live, all will Ih- well."
unci-  ut
i uf lid
-.     Th.
' - Besl Yd Issued.
Daily News Advertiser, Vancouver, It. I'.: The Christmas
edition of ihe Crnnbrook "Herald"
is the lies!, yet issued from Iln
Provincial press. 11 is n neul
volume of ,Vl pages, tastefully arranged, nnd the work well executed,
uud will ussisl iu iniiiulniiiiug Ilu
* creditable reputation of "Ilu- la-st
paper iu the liest town in tin* liest
district   in  tlie best   provinco i
Instead   of   the   usual   run   i
Cliristuius stories unit  jhh-iiis,  tii
volume sets forth  tl mill urns
and incidents most characteristic
MOt the Kootenuy River region, without extravagant laudation, The
features embrace a resume uf tin-
mines uml mining, embodying in.
teresting descriptions uf noted pro-
* perties, uu exhaustive chapter on
the luuilier industry,nud u write-up
of Cranbrook uml of Moyie mul
- Huosville, smuli towns adjacent,
It shows .the progress of tlu* ills
trict uud is u publication of in
flraad Lodjje Secretary Approves.
.T. P. Fink is in receipt of the
following letter from Fred Dnvi-y.
grand secretary of the I. 0. 0. F.
lodge of this province, which explains itself:
Dear Bro. Fink- I received the
annual edition uf The Crnnbrook
Hernld in due course nnd have to
thank yuu for your kind reinem-
■ hranee. It certainly is a most
creditable publication both tothe
enterprising proprietor nnd editor
nnd to the district in  which it is
' published, I happened to be confined to the house wiih nn attack
of lagrippc at the time of its receipt uml rend it through from
cover to cover. I think the article
ou milling is exceedingly well written and is both interesting nnd in-
' structive.    I  think   I detect  Bro.
• "Kiiupsoii's hniul in the description
of "Beautiful Crnnbrook. Wishing yon the compliments of the
season aud again thanking you for
your thoughtful 'consideration.
Yours fraternally.
Fred Dnvey,
Vlcwi ol a Former Krsidmi.
..   Clarence  -Miner,    formerly   ol
Cranbrook, but uow manager ol
the Slnrkeeii hotel, "I Buffalo, N.
Y.. the finest department hotel in
that city, wrins us fulluws:
Buffalo, X. Y.. Dec. 2H. 19011,
Mr. P. Iv Simpson, Cranbrook,
II. C.   Dear Sir:   I unt pleased to
•knowledge the receipt ol your
Christinns edition of the Cranbrook Hernld. You surely nre to
be congratulated on getting up
inch a bright nud interesting
•diiion. which cannot help but bo
interesting to the people ol your
district ns well ns lo those who
formerly lived then'. I am glad
to hnve n copy und thank you for
remembering me.   We ur.' doing
giaal busini'ss hen', every nami
being  occupied,      Wishing  yuu
iiii Mrs. Simpson the compliuii
of the season, I am.
Yours Sincerely,
C. A. .Miner, Mauager
A Beoelil lu Cranbrook.
F, K. Simpson. Editor Hernlil.
Iicnr Mr, Simpson! I presunu
thnl ii word of giaal cheer uud eil
ciiuriigenieiil is iis neceptnble to nil
editor ns il is to u prenelier, uud
possibly il is just nlanit us seldom
received, for unfortunately lor Ilu
happiness "I tin- human nice, tlu
world is far more lilieral with fault
Hiiding and abuse, than II is will
iitieniliilion. Although I il)
in.l nlwnys see eye to eye with yuu
I admin* tin- manly stand yuu taki
in mutters politic, The principle!
yuu cuitni'iutc are cuiiilueive ti
the upbuilding uf Ihc Individual
Hie Inwn and the slate. As I
news sheet the Hernld ciimpiii'ei
very favorably Indeed with uni
paper uf its size I hnve ever seen
The Intent product of your zeal uud
enterprise, Ilu- Christians editioi
nf The Hernld. is u credil to your
self nml staff. In the town of'Crnii
brook mill In Solllll Kusi Koote
nny.    ll   is n   Irue   find   vnlunlili
epil e iif ihe history uf ('run
brook, its present thriving colli
ililious uiul nf the greut natural
resources of South Kusi Koitenny,
und its Milne us un advertisement
if this town nnd district cnn scarce,
ly Ih- overestimated, The entire
edition hears evidence of cnreful
mul skillful lnlior. and ullugetlier
il is uiie nf lhe la-st if uut tin- best
productions of the kind I hnve
ever seen.
Wishing you nml yunr stuff, including Sirs. Simpson, nil honor
nnd success, with the compliments
of the senson.
I am. Yours Faithfully,
11. Beacham,
Pastor of Christ ehurel
Aa Inlernllaf Edition.
II. Piilmore, of Putinon-  Iiii
Ii.i i it It*. 1 in the following letter from
ilu- McClnry Manufacturing com
puny, nf Vancouver:
Vniuuiivi-i-. B.C, Dec8)1, HXKt,
.Messrs.   Pul more   Bros,.  Craubrook,   II.  C.    Gentlemen!   We
wish In thank ynu for a copy ol
the Cruubrook  Herald Christum1
edition,    We hud Iu-anl of thii
issue from unotlu-r source, uiul un
pit-used to hnve the copy us it  is  u
verv. interesting edition, uiul is well
gotten  up.
Yours Faithfully,
The .Mct'liirv Manufacturing Ct
Will Do Cranbrook tlood.
Phoenix Pioneer: Hue of Iln
la-st holiday numbers of nny weekly published in lhe Kouteiinys.
wus lhat issued Insl Week by lhe
Crnnbrook Hernld. ll wus issued
iu magazine form, with cover, and
illustrated with hull' tone engravings. It wns a cretlH lo Crnnbrook
uud its energetic business men
who liberally supported it, as well
us to its wideawake publisher. F.
E. Simpson. That issue will do
Crnnbrook a lot of gwal.   __\
A Splendid Number.
Winnipeg, Sinn.. 28th, Dec. 1008
F. E. Simpson. Esq,, Cranbrook,
B. C. Dear Sir. Simpson: I
have rend with much interesl the
Christmas edition of The Hernld
which some one was ginal enough
to send me. whicli is n splendid
number, Yours Truly,
'1. L. Duii'h-.
Assistant l.aiul Commissioner,
Speaks Well lor the Tswn.
Oqunwkn, I Ills.. I Democrat: We
ire iii receipt of tile Christinus
'dition of the Crnnbrook, B. C„
Herald, edited by our former
townsman F, E. Simpson. The
liliou is 1-oiuid iu suhstuutiu! il-
linniiiuted covers nnd typographically and otherwise spenks much
for the business.enterprise uf the
publisher uml the town wherein it
Baby's Breakfast
The  best  breakfast,   dinner  or
supper for a child is
Victor B~»d
Evaporated V^FCfikTC*
lt is the full cream cows milk, evaporated and
It contains all the bone, flesh and
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IU. by CbarlQttito*
Happy.Healthy Babies.
LonJc.it.tu Milk Co.. CbirwttMMS* *
in thi; sirpltKME COURT or uiutisii
Till-: UATTKR OP TUB Kstati: OP
Tttkl uoliii* tint*,' f.nir wi - U fr.-ni lli,* data
lii'mil Application «itl b| Built Ul 0 jm!);1'  '■■
itiitilM-ir,, ni Hip tun court*. Victoria, im
I ilnli i,f iv*, r llatbfwa, ndtnlnhH rotor »l
Hn- i-l   .If til  III,'  lllll, 4. I* l],i *)-||M*<l.   fill     [H'ltlli*-
itm tout II hjf privitti'i-tilt* Hip mil t»tiit*- ol
(hi*suit] tlemi-MHl, bttng pari ol lli>* toath*
•ut ant] louthw-nt qtiartm o\ ml loo I,
lOVOlbip U. ntii.ni [ortjHve rui'i-.-t from  tbt
(M.v ol New WHttnlnlatfr, eonprbliiK n t r
'IH' lllillilivtl 1111,1   n-vHltVtlilf*' (IT'll  BCffVi
>f tiuoli land.
Dated nt rr-nlirook, -Innuarj (Hi. Unit.
ll i'i llatvpy, MHiimTiV I in ill m r,
twin iInr fwr AilniitHMtiiiliit
Timber Notice.
I.O.O.F. Key City Lt-Jgc
No. *•.: Meets every Monday iiilltit ul Ihrlr hill oh
ll-ikt-i street.    soJoiiiIiik
Unity nnttwi,'
W. N. Clark,
Lraikroak LW|r, Nt. U
A. F. t A. M.
Ketfu'tr m-trtlng*. on lhe
tn int ThMtrttU} ur the
*»*, elitillieil.
M   A. I'.PAI V, HH>,
No   Home
so Humble
that it need
be without
The Berliner Gram-o-phone
fi.o-2 brings you one. V.V make it easy for you to
own a Gram-o-plione. Even a;i ordinary piano or organ
costs a l;t of i:u:icy—thsre ar-2 lesjon-t to pay for aud
weary Hr.ir.-i of prastlcj—an.l than a piano ii only a piauo.
The "Berliner Cram-o-phous" gives you more than
2O0O selections to choore from. — " A child can operate it."
of t
> It of III
o.'t Tn
I     I.U
yuil.   It MO(*j> und
In -.oiir iiome iin
■   I lllr- f| iliijcr
"ii-ili (lit: coft fi
Prices uf Clrarn-q-phonas   *fi» | fi*  X-.    -feAtf
completer with a ftq<io?4* «P**7  W tp*f^/
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Sold  on easy inon-tltly payments If d»Jtpod,    Wrltt
for particulars, Cutalo^ue ond list of Records.
M.iiiul.K*tn'i--l liy
E. BERLINER, 2316 St. Catherine Strttt, Montrtal.
North Star.
Tl.i- Christinns tri'e fur thi'
i-liililii'ii Hvlllt! nl Uiu Xiirth Stnr
lllllll', I'IIIIII' nit with -,'l'i-nt BlIi-ri'BB
iiii I'lii'istiiins i-vi'. Over Silo lnul
Im'i'ii subseribud t'lir the piirchnse
nf im-si'iits mul tin* yoiingstui-s hnd
n w"i»l tiniP, A t-'liolc • pi'iif-rnni
wns given t-ntiri-ly l)>- locnl t.-ili-nt,
Tin- Rev. W. E, illinium. "Sky
Pilot," wns thr recipient nf ,-i
■ii-iu-rniis I'lii-istiiins donntion uf
Sll,"). l-'rii'iuls frmn Kiiiilit-i'ly uml
M.ii'ysiilli- were I'l-esent in gootlly
iiiimlii'i'M uml i-iiju.vi-il tin' fun us
iiini-h uh Ilu- North Slur people,
lOvi-i-yiiiii- |iri-ui'iii wnadeeplygrntl-
llrd hy the success nf the aitlu-i--
Presbyterian Churth Services.
Siniilnj*, .liiiiunry 11), llllll:
Morning:   I'lislm-'s topic, -|'i-|-
i-r'u Siiliiliitiuii,"     Sui-i-i'il   siiiii;a:
"Onwiwli I'liiiiitiiin Siiliiii-is;"
"There's ii B*|-I|i|id I'm- Little Child-
len:" "Savior, Thy I lying Love,"
liy the i'liuii* nsniHtnl liy I'liunis uf
Ihi-i'h' voices, Oit'ertory smj.
"fltllil the (I.iikI Pight with All
Thy Might." livening Service!
Pnstor's Uipie: "Tlie Prevniling
Voice uf the Wuilil." Songs liy
chorus of hoys' voices: "Behold ii
Stmngcr nt the Door; "Snvioi-
Bi-enthe  nn   Kvoiihig   Blessing,"
Anil i:   "Fntlier,   Keep   I's   lu
Thy Cure," soprnno uml nllu sulus,
chorus   hy tl hoir.      Double
i|iini-li-lli-. "Sun of Mv Soul,"
Duel. "Art Thou Wenry," Mr, uml
Mrs. (I, II. McLeral, After Hone.
dieli "Now.lhe Dny Is fiver."
"-'- "■
Hcalin)* and Cookinc Stoves
Boots, Shoes and Clothing
Y-iit nm buy sit my nlnco up
rliPiiply iih yt'iii inn  in .Miiiiiri'iil
In Hie simiii |t,.|.tt<Ci,iifi nf J, Fi ArniBlifitiR,
Imlili i> mi I'l'iinlii'titik,
ICruwfn-il RrotbmurCmloti, H.r..
n.-tw ;   v.
]i; ,i|,l, Marli'llti,
[      Defi'iiilnnt.
Tm Itili-li Miirli'lii, ill" ilflcmlant:
ToltB HJtllW  lll'll   till' ttlMIVO IIIUIIl'll iilniti-
titf  lu.u <■ iiiiiii '..,!   (IP tail   UB»ltt*il   .villi by
su ill in 11:1*1 For III' fn Inivinn'iliiiln:
Tin- iiltilnt'ff'*.rlnlm In Inr thf mini nf***Jii.
belnfffor ffnnil-i soil mil ilellvorthl hy tlio
|i]nintiff to Hit' 'I •filllil ml  nt I'rtMlMii ulini-
Ami hike iniiirp t.lutt liy an onicr nt.T. A.
Forln, judge i>f tlii* coi|r*r, iIilIr) tliu ITtli
iln.v nl DeniimlH-r, lmi-'l. it won ontorail tlmt
the pluliiMK l»* ut lilietiy to tervoyn i, lhe
iilttlve immeil ilfluiiittiiiti liyiuililittliiim nntii-f
til I lilt H.liil Ol Jl'|  ill llllir I'OUHHi'lltiVd itNIH'S (if
Tlie Crunlirook lltralih tuililmliH,! m ('nm*
brook, El, l1., uml tin*,' tlm tiiqu wl tlllll uhicli
yuu mny i'iilt'rui|i*i|ini>' noli' tu miiil notion
bit nil liiu [.'iirtivn il lysfi'iiiu tlu- ,lut** olwr-
vii'J ns n'tni'stiitl.
Anil Ink In*) Hint unV-iH you I'lili'i* tnii'li
tllsjiulo null- nnnonlliigly Jtnlgnn'iil; will lie
K'ivcn ngnlniil ytm iu yottrnliw*iiii*,
I). In'- Crunlirn k tliiH |»tli dajr nl De-
rtuiiii'i'. limn.
\V, V Oiinl, Craiilirook. It C.
-toll StiliiCluif.ir Hit' IMitiiitilf,
N.itiiv It Itr-M'liv |.Vtn tliiii I Iiii
iii  iu.' I'l.nf c ntltilontr ■>■ I
w,.-Lh, Vui.iiiii, |..i«-|i-,i„i HrtuH <•> nit
tuul unry hnii.v itiiilwr from tilt tullnaliiH
i't*«. iil>..I IiiiiiIm 111  So ulli Kail Kooli'iun
I'.lllllll'lllillK til II |,onl |ili|llll>.l ill Illl 1H1
li..i  of), 1 :i|7, (Initlli I.  I mi Ho' «--i
».i,-i.i ui.-i nw'tNnl I'tn-H Itnllwav Iti-ulit
of Wn , Iiii nri* Hit.1 i>n<< niili* mini' or i--- in
lilt rati lunil, «.i ilu- Km.him v llivi'i: it	
imrlli u'iiiii* hiii,I tin nl, nm- milt' uioiv or U-n,
io th.. pmilTi limit nf lot till Mlmtlli I; tl v
■■;.-,I on*- milt' mor - Ii-hm lo Hi,* niii,I hImii.v
oUni.l nulmiv; tlii-ii,<*i*ii>illi iiIkiii* i>i*> nuni
rlnlll of unv nm- imli' mor   Ii-mi, to tin-
iii....- nf iH-ttlnnliuj nln I iih diu npim
Hi I llii*. lilli iltu ol NomulK-r, lllii:t.
■11 Mul, Him lliirit
Timber Notice
Noli.'i'ihliiivly itivui tlmt K. M. An.lro.oi
Illl lUym.fii-r dale Ih'piuIi tu ii|.|ily Iii Hie
■ hii'f t'ouiuii nioner 11 Iiiiiu'm ntnl \\ art* nl
Viol miu lor h 1 uii n I timlier liit-nn. (,u Iln- foi
lowing ilifi'ril i-,l Uml:
loiillUt-lirii-K ill 11 point  III iluiiim  Wi'.it   of
ilit-H iuiIivm'mI 1 order nl Tlinu, leutlt'ii |ire
i-in|iiinn, iln min iiii-liiiiiiH, tlii'mv mniii
ho, Iiuiii-. 1 -,.,,i I, mm to tln> St. Miirvmivi-r.
1 Inlii'iihiihIh-i.v ilnwtl Iln* limtk uj St Min.vi
river t)t 11 iiniiil ilm- iinrlli nf nl n-.- ot r-nm*
llli'l.rt-Uifi,I    llifi.i-,1   tine   mm th   |„   |,|u,f ,,(
r.niil.t'nok. IVeemlier 11 ill. \'Mya.      :\w
Timber Nolice«
X.iti.'i-it Imn-liy y;iviiii Hint tl.iily .Iuvh nf-
ter ditto tytliel linker will u(i|ily In tl Iiiul
.-iiiniujiwiiiuer nf liuiiii mil workn fnr it-.'ii'
I'inl ||ce|lf|ti tu nil nml miry i,,-,;^ |iutIm-i-
fi.itu tlielntl.iwing ili-Hi'liliil Inml:
Car-qptenelng a' * (mint l-'n olitiina wrti ol
ilh*Hiiri1ii>^( rorner»| lot Wi, tii u u i-net
so iliiiiliH. tWii.ii mniii mu elinli.t, ilii'i.i'i-
wi'Ht M|i tilni*un, Mu-tiee nmi li hii iliniuntn
Hwi'inlitT lilli, Hio.'l, tn
Timber License.
Nniiee U hereby (jlven tliu I llilHr dn-iHitl
ler ilnie Ki.n-I Itnkir HilU|i|ilj> to iin- i-hlt-l
t'oiiiiiiii* tinner ol Iniidd nnl workn tnr n tpe*
i'inl Ihvu-e in rut nml entry nwny IIiiiIh-i
from the tnUn *,iug lieflerllied tn d:
I'oiiirai'iii-inu ut 11 point ISO iIiuIiih wpa| ot
1I0-noi'llii'in 1 rorner ot lul IflJ,' llu-m-i- wett
.■ii) iliu'tw, Hit-iiit* not th mi eltniim, llionet
euHt Hit rliniiiti, tlituire roiiiIi mo rlmint to
I'lut'i' ill 1 uinmi'iii'i'mi'iii.
Di'i-emlier 17. llltci. 411
II yaa arc la irwable wllh ,..r h|Ih Ii
aa, 4414 ar mar a-altcr I. k.kla| w ate,.
waakla, icaJ lar «t. I aaic a l.f.r ,aai,
aad l.ll ul .1 nnil, la, ,.l.| .11 k|,,, .1 „.
|lat ..d k.llrirr,.lrl),f aad .l.aala. Hiatal
>aar mill    1'all ar »ad a ..id I.
J. I'  I'O IIIN. VlnklaM. CratkrMli, B. C.
Harvey, McCarter & llunbai,
Barristers, Solicilurs, lik.
lUicll blutk Cnabruuk. H C.
llii'l'iuiiitv fuii'ii nf Kiiiili-iinv, lin'ila
1*111-1 SllH'll-,
11 v a.iga, nt Utllliluoiik, ll.e
M.-44-1,nm  I'laliitlff,
[l-'nilili Niik ru niM-'ynl 1'ia'
. . . GOOD MILK . . .
I Disii-i-tn thniik yuu for your
pnti-oiingo, nml «ill continue to
serve my custoii'iors with tho lies!
nf milk. Yours fur u merry Xnins
nnd ii huppy new yenr.
New ti^s, good driving
(inil siuldlc lioraos nt
ronsotmblo r-iir. Our
iiint]will In- to givo |i[OOt]
run- tn l.ll llOl'SPJ Bin-
I ill'l I witli UH.
N.C. McKINSlRY, Pro;.
I        II.I! . IMeilil'llll
To Frtilik Nli*k, llinilelendttll'l
Tiiki- ii-.tii'.- Mint  tl Iiove mnu.-il plain
■ iff.   Iiiim   rollllll- llii'ii   lli'lioll  llgllilltt .Villi ll.V
d. fiiull sumii.ouh, Ioi- Ilm Followingelulin;
Tlte | Iiiul iC- i-liiiuiHforllii-Himof 111 -
7."., lieing f.irgnniltHiltl nnl delivered by Ilie
lillllllllff lo Iln- ilifili.lillit ut I'm nt Hon k
Ami ink.- in Mm- Mint l.y nu order nf.I, A.
Knrlti, Judge uf Iiiii .-..iu l ..IiiIimI l In* ITtli duy
of Dm'm Iter, 11)0.1,11 wat tmlered Mint I lie
plnliilin IhmiI lil.i'ii.v lo nerve ynn, I lien linve
liniueil .l.f.-u.'iiiil. liy |.iiIiIIhIiIi g linlleo ul
III.-Mil i.l ni-.li'i ill 'i HIT 1-1 HIHi'i-litivt- ixSll.'H nf Ilu-
Crnnlimnk llehilil, imlilltlied nl frnnlironk,
ll. IV, tuul llul. Ilm Iiiim witliiu wlti.'liyou
muy i'iiIi-i* ii ilirtj-oie nolo tn en iii ncllnn lie
nit lilli 31 diiifl Iiuiii Mu- duti- uf ilittervire
imufiir.su i,|.
Ami t .1;.- mil Iin Mini uiiIi'nh yon etller H-ieli
i|Ih|iiiIu imli- m-.ni.liugt,v, |nilgtnetit will lie
given iLgnlNHl yon iu yunr ntixenee,
Dnled ut rrni.lir-ucik.thiH lillh.luynl De-
i'i'in Iht, lllllll.
\\. P. nurd, rrmilirook, H. V,
■tn-li Knlieitni-tnrtlinPlninllir.
In Hie County Court of kuoti'iiuv hidden nl
IMnry   Hoiiiiloi.',  nf f'ruiilirunk,  II.
It.!'.. Pltdlltilf,
l-'iiiiik Nii-k.
(       Dili-ndmit.
To Prank Nluk, the iMvmlatit;
Tuki-noli.'.) Mint tin- nhovt nnini'.l j-luin-
liff Iiiih I'oiniiii'iri'ii  llfltioi  iinniiml   you   b\,
ordinary etiinmoim for llio following elnltu:
Tin* iiiiiin tilf'ei Hu im ill for Mm bum of f.'ly
lieliigtlinainoiint dim hy Mm iHtinlaiit to
Mn* idulnttn for gnotln wild nnd delivered hy
llin plnliilin to tlu'difciidiuit nn nil forth n
Mi,, pliiini llli-tl herein.
And tnke tint lue thai hy nn order of J, A
I'nrln, judge ol iliio eottrt, duted the imm
duy of December, 1008, it wa* ordered Ilnti
tlie |iln'nliff lie nt liberty tu iwrvi- yuu, ilu*
iibovenonted difuniliuit, hypiihliebiiigiiotiii
ol ilieta'd order iu fuitt* cnitHoutiliro laaitea nl
ilii> Craiilirook Herald, publihliHl nt Cruubrook, ll. r., mul |but llio time within whicli
yon muy enter a dinpute note to nuid ai-tlon
tm within 31 dnytfrom lliedutauf the narvi.f
iih nfoii-Hiiil.
Ami hike notice tlmt mil. hh,vou enter mich
di-piii ii.- iiscnrdhigly, judgment will lie
given ngilllel um in voiiruliHi-iu'e.
Hilled til i'r..,ii.ro..k, It. c, iiiin 1 <-hli dny
ul li.nmlii-r, IIUUI.
w. I -.nurd, CrntibronV, H.c,
40-41 .'■...l...t..i'l,,r flmnliti.
Land Notice
Notire in l.en*by given Mm' billy dnjfl nf-
Inr dull-, I liiteml In npply to Mm (libI
t'tiiniuiKHitimr nf l.niiilHmiil Winks, Vii loriii,
(or iiiiiiii riun to puri'lium- tlm In!-
lotinjdeiieHbed lumla, in flntitlili.iil Koolo*
Commencing ut a limt |ilutilei| ut tin-
norlhtOKtcorner nt Int 2HT7, (Irnnp nne)
Mu'iiie north SOI'lioinn;thenceemtl-aueluiliii)
ih. iii-i- miiiib mii . Imii k |lu-iire wi-nt SOehiitm
to tlit> ],Im-ii ul lii-gtiiuing, itiiitiiiiiiiij.' Kill
ncret mure or Wm
huiul (he llllli ilny uf \i.vi-uib. r. 100't.
■'l.'i Mnrybville l.iimbi-r Co., Ltd.
Nolliw it hereby given Hint we llio under
biirnnl int.ml to npply, Hll dnyn nft*»rdnte
lo thi'UHKihinnt   t-onimiHHioiu'i' id IuiiiIh mi
wurkn fur l In- ditl rirt of I'hiHl Kooletitiy iiiiiI
the i-ti!tl commissioner ufJ.itulH und wurk
for li.'enHi>H lo pniMpi'i'i (orronl mni petrulniltll
un ihu following iit-Hi'iilu'd lundt In Bmt
(u) Commencing nt a poid phmled :) milt
wi-Htiil Iho I'liihi'iHl ilvrraud nhout iIkIi!
iiiil.Nloni Mm liili'iiiiitioiiii! houudiiry, lie*
ing tint Html Invent comer poH ot (1.0, limit*
lin't nliiiiu, Mi.-iii-ef.iHl Htli-linimt (.. .1. Amler-
Hnti'tcliilm, thi'iici' norlh mo I'linln***, Ilii'tirt
witl xn.'hmiiH, llienee Hon III mo ehnlna In
pin.-t.-nf lnglnn)iig.
1 nt iul uth Decern'er, 1003.
(I.C. Ili-iUtm, Umlor.
■I. Ciiaii-nui, Agent,
(h) Cumin.iiehg nt n post being lhe
ROlllheiiHl enriier punt ui It. I*:. Ih>.itiii-'n
i-lniui, iidjioi-iir lu tlm BoiltllWPHl .-nrti.-r nf
Ut'. lit-mimWhiiiii, theiiee wiHt no c-luiiiiH.
Ihenee norlh no chuiiin, Ih.-iu-i-etitt ho eholim
lliencetiiititli hii elinliiH io plticii nf lieginniiig.
l.ot'iiiHii ii*.-. uiher li, 100.1.
It I). Ben tile, Locntor,
.1. Ciimn-oti, Agent.
(.-) Commencing nt tin- Nmitheiur corner
of It. V.. ilentlie't eluiiUi being Mm nnrtliei.sl
enrtmr ol (lenrae W nice elnliii, thence m
HOchnlnt, llienee went nu chuliit, Mnm«
iinrlli Ml I'huiiiH, ihi-u.'i- eimt hii chnl ut In
pine* of beginning,
l.o.'nh'd Deccinher 0. 1000,
(leorge Wnlen, Loc-tlnr.
■I.t'iim.-rnu, Agent,
(d) Cnnimrtieitiffntlhe imrtlnnHt, eurn'ei
ntdeurge Wnll-'tclulni, Iwlug the iplrlhwi-Hl
corner ul (I. Iv Heallie'ti'liiiiujln-nceBiiilli
HU   ell llllli*,   t lii'lit','   eilHli  Ml)  ilm ii*>. t li.-iii,'
north Hll I'hiiliiH,  I hence   wett   Hll i-tittltlH in
plu.-i' nl lii-Kinniiin.
Located h.ivmVr 0, 100ft,
i). I), tlmittin, Lonnt-or,
<i. t'luu.'i.ui, Agent,
(e) Commencing dint a pn*it uii iill two
iiiili-H eiiHl nfl!. h. lt,-ulti.*'H cluiui, h<-inK the
-oiilh ennl isomer of P.K. KlngVeluim,llience
went KOchitltiH, iheiirRtmrtliHOchninii. Ihenct
ennt ho eh ni uh, thi'tice hoiiiIi mi ,-u hm to
place nl l-i*niniiiiii.:.
I. :.ni l ml Decern Imr 10, 100ft,
P K King, Lue.itor.
J. Cnim-ron, Agent,
(0   Cnnimemiiig ut lhe Soiilli ennt comer
uf. P.R, Kiug't iInliii, being noiHliwehtcorner
ul (1. .1. liiui liit'H iiiiiin. I hi m-e cunt Hlli-huiim
• lience norlh tOi-haltit, llienoewctl80t'lialti»,
thence untilb ho chaiua to (jnce id beginning.
Loeuti-d Dt'i'cmlierlO, 100,1.
(I..I. Beattie, Locntor.
.I.t'iimernn, Agent.
(/ii  Commencing nt MieBnntheiiHt comer
Ol P. P. Kh.g'uiluini,  hi ing ilm norlh emit
corner o| AL B. Klug't clulu), ttieiicutuulliHO
.-liuiiii), Ihenco went HI ehnlun*, theuce norlh
H'.'liuhui, thini-i-ennt HOilinbiH tn   plnco ol
Lufiileil Oeei'inher 10, 1000.
M. B. King, Locntor.
J. f mm run, Agent,
(li)  Commencing nl the smith went comer
pott of 0. J. Ilenttie't claim, bfing tlm tior b
wett comer of L, U. Heuttle'n i-lnim, thence
.-iihi, 80 clmiitn, theiiciiiioi'th 80i-htlun,thence
iii'Hi. hii i-hitiiie. I heme ninth Mi clittiut tu
place id beginning.
I.until .1, December 10,101(2,
L. M. Bent lie, Lnentur.
.I.t'umernn, A*gent.
(i) Cumniemiuir nl u pott nboilt one mile
nouth of M B. King'-i fi ilm. Inlng (1. C.
Klng'.nnotiili wetl corner p.mi. tlmjiee mit>i
HOebnliiH. then i* urn Mi mi ehuins to M. B.
Kiiift'Mchilui, limine went hii clutlmt, thence
noiiih N.ieluiii.H in plnce ol begiiiuliig,
I.ui'.led Dee. Hi, MIO'l.
Q.C, King, Ln-nlor.i.
J. I -Ull.-1'..ll. \f.,i.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
li In 1'J a in,
1 lo ll p. m.
■ in a |i  in.
McVittie & Laidla
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
J. T. I.AII1I.AW. M. I-.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
(Nil shoes made new.   All kin
ol repairing.   Hive me a call.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Water
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders]
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc mi
Economical wy to handle it.
a. H. THOriPSON.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Sollillar for Ike Imperial Bilk ol Caaaila
Tke Culaolal laveila-eil aao* l.a.a Caaipaay.
Cranbrook, U. C.
Physicians and Surgeon
Ollice .1 Peildroce, Armalroflf Ave.
Foreaooia,   >   -   -   -   Ul I, II
Alleriooa.   ....   l:Nlo3:M
Evealoi.   ....    UttoH'M
CRANHROOK,    :   :    J I    E.
,i. .*******
The Contractor r
Whu tiet.i Con tracts
If vuii wnnt tn lmilil li-l inn know,
I will la- I'li'iisi-il tn fiimisli .vim
i-stitnnti-u nnil mny lu-lji yon unt
witli Miimt- iili'tm ns tu plans.
Livery 3
Proprietors ******
Team, anil ilrivera tiinil.lit-il for ail)
point In thr ilialrict.
Manager   J,  J,   ji
Formerly Motel Phalr
B. TO-IPKIN5, Manager.
I'liin lniti-1 is nm- uf Ihi' Ih'hI in
liiilmh t'lilninliiii nnil IIU-to.llntii
ill i'Vi-ry ivn|jt'.*t. Willi llglltnl
siiiiipli- moms.
l'rii|irlei(ir at Ilie
Candy Kitchen
Cnrrlen it complete HiiH-k nf
Candies.Triiils, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. ni.e >■ • «n
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes,   ji   J»
Phone night and day 77
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing anil
Qeneral Jobbing....
Oal.Me llrdera Mroma.ll>
Alleadrd lo.
- *4>*........aaa
Perry & Fitzgerald
II you want your haulin
done promptly and right, giv
me a call.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook fo
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the lies!
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
St. Paul, Duluth. Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
1 lirniliill I'liliu-p aail Tourist Slpe-iem
liliihiH an I linn**! SiniiKlii-,' Library 1'ilr,
Fur ICate,. Politem anil hill .iilnrnia-liili
i-nll nil or iiililri-s.,
H. T. LANDECK, Agent,
A. B. C. DENfylSTON,
Seattle, Wash.
0. W. V. Al,! Tin: ritANui.'tiok  HERALD
a************************************************ i .
************************** ************************' *
||Slaughter Sale.]!
?!  OF-  JI
* >
* >
«   >
« »
Sale commences
illl vs.
Jan. (illi anil continues
See hand hills.
«» 4.
0 May 1904 have in store for you <J
Health, Wealth and Prosperity. %
Fancy anil Staple Groceries and Crockery     <►
Cranbrook, B. C. '♦
k-%K*¥, %\%\\\%*\*%\h\\\\\\\\^M
Bui sometimes that is a hard matter.     To be reliable nne
must be on time.   We have Alarm Clocks that are guaran
teeil.    Yuu can't be lite with on.' of them.    They  will pull
you out of bed, but you will have to put on your clothss.
The clock's won't do thai.
W. F. TATE,   Jeweler and Optician, jj
Official uxitcb Inspector il. p. K„ Crowe Meut Division
_t   _ Q
I Compressed Air, wiiatWiintDo? ®
V-             II l, III reman- the lawn: aad aaaayiaa hair from the iii-ik altera cut. £
V*            ll will ilr> the hair aad sialp iiak-kli afler a ahampua, teaviiiK a |ili*ii-ani ^
9  leellat. 9
B           I' "'II -IO' Uie l«« In.Uaili alter a shave Q
£)           I it stiaiiar it Is uaeitaaleif.   Ils fane reaches every p ire of (lie sklu, u
ti\  aad makes shailax. pleasare. /-Si
©The most laaveaieat, ap tn-date, pleasia-* la caslamer apparatus ever 3
Installed lo a barber shop. *$
O.   K.    BARBER   SHOP.
The Calgary Cattle Company,
M i r.i 14.114.<!,.) i •) I (81(511 -.11 ,-• i ffl I® I (91 I (SICSI Ci I® IS I® I® 11-11 • ■' • 1 -
s   «i«"'MANNING & LACEY i„r
Grocerlas, Dry Goods, Hoots, Hoots ami .Shoes, .
Window .Shades, Crockery, Glassware, Etc.      1
\\'u Iiiim* ii uuisl iissi.il il in Ilnli I ii >M* I il II -K .-Mill I Ml I'II illl is ti' | lll'll-ir
\,<ii    with   lln-iii       I'rii-i'-*   i'iiiii.
MANNING & LACEY.        f
'*' -~,..-.*.*-,.,--1..... II. ..il,...,. i
i * i <s; -i> i n i # 11--1 ■»' i * i»i * i * i * i * i * i *' * i 4-I ■-* i * i * i • i •' i ■* i -•'-1 ■•■' i
9 A. I.. ricDermot A. C. Bowness 9
Wltolesule   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants J?
.    Sihllii Heir        I The IllKhest Brands i The Lament aad S
«£> Feral, IU-.-r        | „f SCOTCH and ' •"■'*"  Antuirlau-ai ■%>
>Jv   H.ss Ale I ii,,c,i     uruKiiii-c I af Diimeslii*
9  (lalaat s Stout    I 1KIMI     WHISKIES | L|^„,
***' A cnniplete stock of Cigars, consisting uf the
9 "I'haraoh," "LaFortuha," "Irving,"  "Bnr-
^ r Is ter," •'JHonuiiient," "Hilda" and others. *^j>
ui Mail Orders l'i-..,i,ptlv Attended to. Telephone 17 &
•T Write for Prices. CRANBROOK, B. C. _2
Agents for T. Lebel & Co., Hay and drain.
(.)-(;.)-(•} *(•) -®-®-®r-®-^-®r-®-®-®--®r-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®
i  **, Manitoba HoteL- J
ii il'mlcr New Management I ([,
J D. A. McDONALD, manager I
ifi This hotel is In the center of town. The rooms are j,
f comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- (i,
'i' class, and the bar is supplied with the best. When you i
j. want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. <•>
tey-(ir i.y-®-®-J.i)-®-®-®-®-®-t»-<»- -®-®-l.,.®-(.: o-gl*®-®- ®-®-®- ®
*t mi run iniiki* si-li-rtiiiiis from
o;ir stock for your friends whi.-h
will l»* nsi-fiil ns well us ornament-
Some of our customers linve nl-
r.-udy Iiml reserved fnr them their
choice I'ruiu uur Hhesl stiH-k.
We have slill n good variety mi
hnnil of suitnlile presents for Itotli
3 (j nnil olil,
I k i.i. •!-. mi- I ni;.* sl. ..I, I.,-!"..n-
milking inin* Until ptin-li.-isi-s.
-   ---a*-
Cnuibrook  Cottage Hospital,
Cm iht 'VriiiKtrunx iivi'iiui' nn.l Lento St,
lor full |tu rl li -nln rw :i|>|>ly to
fliss Muss, - Matron.
(irniltmlu nf St.  Hike's llosiitiol, Vmi-
.•OlIV.T, B.C,
Piiki-il  Up About Ihe City  by Asking
Qnesiinns nl Miny People.
.1. \V. lli.liiiisi.i, visil,*.l Nelson
Inst week,
.Miss Ki-n.v is visiting I'rii'inls iu
I). .1. Elnii'i-, nf Moyie, w.13 iu
Inwn tliis week,
The new house of Mr. nml Mrs.
C, M. KiKiiiiils isi'iiuipletiil.
I-i. II. Sinnll mul futility sin-lit
Christmas with relatives at Klko.
Mr. nntl .Mrs. Morley nre ooonpy-
inir their new house on Bilker hill.
II. Purrol visited High River
lust wi-i-k In inin-li.-isi- n few ili-nft
Chnrles Estniere mini' down
I'ruiu I'l'niie for 11 few dnys tin-
imst week";
Miss .feniiie Hirlmnls lvluriii'il
lust S.iinkj. to Elko, wherii s!i" 'is
lenchiiiK Bt-hool,
\'i,- Kulliiis neeompnuieil George
ITuggnrth mi u lilisiuess trip tu
Medieine lint Insl week.
.1. IWI.\ the Kitlllierley imsl-
innster,  wns Blinkini* linuils with
I'l'iililil'uuk t'riejiils inst week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. T. MuVitlie, nf
Kurt Steele, were visiting Mr. nnd
Mrs. Hurry McVittie Insl week.
\V, s. Ki-.-iy. eiistoius ollicer nl
l-Yrnii'.   slii'nk  linuils wiih  I'nin-
lirunk friends un New Year's dny.
Ueorge Welister, ninnngiTof the
Calgtu-,1 i'iiiii'* i-uiti|iniiv. sja-nt
severnl duys in Craiilirook Inst
S.11. Morrow spent New Yours
wiih N'i-Isuii relatives. Hi- wns
,1.'rniiil niiiril liy Mrs. Morrow uud
Iiiiiu .ni his return Mondny.
K 13, I'.r.ilii.* is in Winnipeg
lliis week 011 luisiiu-ss Mr.
Ilenttie did n liig holiduy lilisiuess
nnl is nli* ly  preparing for next
Ueorge Wales ,-,-iiiii' up from
Wnrdiicr during the luilidays to
1,-II11 few uf iln- Imys li.™ tu return
llnuikB I'm* the joys .* .nl lii-m-lils of
the pnsl vi-nr.
Miss li.-iisy Mi.ll'nt returned with
Ini- iiin-li- nud iiiiiii   Mr. uml   Mrs.
Tl ns   Mnll'iii.   in  their   ranch
lii-m- Ijethlit-idge, for n visit ul' 11
week or two.
(tl»orgc JohuBon, who litis spent
(In- siiiiiini-r in Hu- l.urili-iiu conntry
returiiivl Insl week. He Breaks in
high pi'iiisi- ul' iln- mineral prospects uf Ihnl section,
Jniites Ryan, of the Craiilirook
hotel, lefl Suiiiluy fur nn extended
trip. He will visit his uld home
in.New Brunswick, Boston,Chicngo
mul return home liy the way of
Sun Francisco,
Stive your orders for Enlon*s
until the new firm of Morrow &
McFai'lauc open their tlents' Eiiru-
islting Store, They will have u
new slin-k llml will lie complete in
every detnil, nud will sell nt prices
llml will meet the hearty npprovnl
uf tin-pui't-iiiisers. Wait for Morrow <J MeFnrlane.
The engines iu the ynrds mid
Iln- whistles nt the shops mid mills
i-iiiplinsi/.i-il tlio departure of the
uld yeur in 11 must vucit'erniis mmi-
nir.   \'ery few peoplo,were ablo
In sleep llll'ollgh tile racket, mill
the noise uf tin-whistles wns uug-
iiii-iiti'il hy Iln-tiring of guns mul
Hie i-ruekeni.
A. I.i it li retnriuil Inst Suiuhiy
frmn his Irip lu Mon-tl-enl,
•li s  liiil   w, nt   tn   Pincher
Creek ihis week In visit his mother
whu 11 utiv returned from  Kim-
Dr. J ll. Kin-,'leu ves toniurruw
for Victoria to resnme his duties
ns a member of the proviucinl
Mi .m.i Mrs P. .Nmii,. Miss
.l.-ssi.* uiul Harry of Macleod speut
the huli.Iiiim with Mr  mni Mrs. .1.
II. S i.
Wanted n position ns i*<mk.
Mr,v,- had over i~, yenrs exp,>rienee
l.i-.ivi- wonl i iih .luseph  Iiuiiiii
I'jilinilinn lintel.
The Scotch |«-..|,I,-,,|' Cnuibrook
will celebrate "Bobby" Bnriis
lurilulni un the 25th with uu np.
propriaU' Btip|x*r<
Chtirlie Mofnnea lefl Sumluy iu
oompaiiy  with  ill s   Kyau for
Boston wliere he will nttend u
school for the blind.
t'hnrli-s Armstrong returned
Suiiiluy from n visil In his ulii
huiiie in I'-cliridge, Out. He reports n splendid tiip and a lim*
Will the parties who tuuk lhe
Cbuiese lanterns from iu front of
the U, P, It, boarding house New
Year's night, please return mul get
the i-nndleB,
Tie- Crnnbrook Odd Fellows are
preparing  for their i mil ball,
wliich is lu he held Febrnnry 1.
Tliis event is looked forward to
witli pleasure,
Mr. mul Mrs. E, .1. Smith came
in frum Iheir i-uncli nu Sl. Marys
prairie  Weduesdny   morning  in
ti for their little girl to tuke Ilu-
train to Nelson, when- she is ut-
tending school.
Mrs..!. I). McBride mid daughter Edith left lust week for the
enst. Miss Edith will enter n
young Indies' school nud Mrs.
Mi-Hi-iili- will remain forsome timo
to seek the benefit of u different
cliinnte for her health,
Mh/niqi-r f-Mi-rrtt! uml Sir. j\et-
terlield, the cutter, of P, Burns *
Co., lnul ii handsome displny for
tho holitlnys. The Hernld Ilelieves
it is safe iu saying thai there was
not n more attractive meal ninrkel
i'i t'niiniln tliis yenr lliuu the Cranbrook branch nf P. Burns & Co,
Fred Ewerl did n nice piece of
wurk for W. F. Tate, the jeweler,
iu arranging his electric ln-11 for
tlie displny window, ll was fixed
wiih iiltcrnutiug currents, mid attracted all kinds of attention und
nny iiiuuiiut uf praise,
'I'lu- Herald stall' indulged iu Ilie
luxury of numerous smokes through
llin   Chrislllliis-tiili-     due   In    the
kind tliuiiglitl'ulni-ss ul' Arnold
,>.• RolierlB, McBeruiot * Bow-
ness, und ('. E. Reid & Co..
i-ni-li favoring the office with n laix
nf fnigrnul Hnvniins.
A. Taylor, brother of Superin-
teudenl Taylor, Dr. Wilson niid-K.
Rtiymer, of Edinoiitou, urn in tlie
city on their return from a trip to
the Bnuiiiliiry country, The
gentlemen nre enthusiastic in tlieir
praise over thi- Kootenuys, mid
nn- very favorably Impressed with
Uev. II. Benellam, uf Christ
church, left Monday I'm- the ensl.
He will In* lnnrried during his
nbsence, nnd expects lu return tu
Crnnbrook wiih his bride nhont
the first nf March; The Hernld
takcB this occnsiotl In express its
nilinirnliou forthe sterlingqiinlitii-s
nf the reverend gentleman mid tu
wish him every joy in his married
Mrs. I-!. .1. Hill, mul ilnughter
Flossie, uf Lethbridge, Mrs. .1. II,
Rivers, nf Raymond, mul Mrs. Ed.
Hill, of Moyie, have la-en pnrlici-
pntiug iu ii family re-union with
Mr. und Mrs, W. I). Hill, mid Mr.
ntnl Mrs. Niirninn Hill, uf this cily.
They hud ii must eiijnyuble time,
nud left tliis week fully appreciating the hospitality and friendliness
! the Crnnbrook people,
j    H. W, Ross, of Fort Steele, re-
, turned lust week I'ruiu an extended
.trip through tin- Slates.   He visit-
. iii   Spokune,    Chicago,    Oiunho,
New   Orleans   mul  old Mexico
while nbsent,  und found  milling
conditions  mosl   favorable,     He
' was strongly impressix] with the
changes in tin- treatment of low
grade ores, resulting in  bringing
tu tin- front properties thut have
been lung neglected, and greatly
lidding  lu lhe prosperity  of the
various milling sections.
Miss Carter, sister uf Mrs
II. Kim; arrived   Uxlny  frmn  t
The churches uf Crnnbrook nn*
holding union prayer meetings this;
Christmas ties .-ire going nt23<*
i-aeli ut the Fori Steel.- Mi-ri-mitiii-
Cranbrook hockey players have
organized a clnb und will try to
get into the I'mivs Ni*st league.
The Furl Steele Meri-iintile compnny are Belling nil nf their 10c,
."illi* mnl IH* ti)-s nl -.'.'n- now In
If yuu want a good tie ut hull
price don't fail to see tin-lug displny ut tin- Furl Steele Mereniitile
company's stun*.
The hockey inntoli lust evening
between Fernie uml Pincher re-
sult.il in ii srort-uf In l)) i in fiivor
uf Fernie.
Mrs. Kennedy hus token the
munis un llic second door of the
King Mercantile company building
where she will dike nnlers for
Ed. Patterson, of the, Furl Steele
Mercantile compauy, left Christmas dny fur the east. He will lie
tiliseut five weeks iiiiiI will visil his
.Id home fnr the first time iu many
-Miss Khoiln Leitch will lenve
Tuesday fur Toronto, when- shin-ill enter the Westlronrue school,
Sin- will Ih- suilly missed by her
many friends in Cranbronk where
she is n universal favorite.
Miss Muss has opt'iied ii private
hospitnl iu Cnlnbrook and is pn>-
pureil ti) tuke discs nud give thein
lie la'St uf cure. The ludy is u
graduate uf St. Luke's hospital,
Vnncouver, nnd comes to Craubrook highly recommended.
It is stilted on good authority
thnl .1. I iillis of Morrissey uud
Miss Dolly Watt, formerly of this
town, wen- married at Region on
Wednesday. Th" Herald joins
with the hest of friends in this district in wishing them every lllll'pi-
uess mul pmsperity.
Messrs. Arnold * Hula-rts received n Christmas souvenir frum
the Crnnbrook boys iu the enst
that wns novel in the extreme, tt
was a nil lint ou which wns inscribed the greetings of the senson
uud the following Jinnies: C, Ross
Palmer, Dr, Hnrvle, I). .1. Mc
Sweyn, E. S. Wnrren, Dr. 1'*. E.
King nnd A. ,1, Wilniot.
Some confusion hns arisen with
the Patmore Brothers of t'rnti-
liriKik mul Morrissey Mines. There
un- Inin- brothers und they nre engaged in tlu-H.'illli* business iu Imth
places, although the two firms nre
distinct nnd sepnrnte. The Cnin-
lirisik iTnii is tiiiuttgeil in selling
sliives. furnaces, tinware, etc.. mid
lining plumbing uutl repairing.
Their plnce of business is nexl to
tlie Mncconnell furniture slnre.
9*   **   **   SEE THEM   .*
.*»   **
Look out tor Colds ai this season of the year.    They
are dangerous.    We sell a mixture that kills
the cold and stops the cough.
R. E. Beattie, *jt the Druggist!
Where It Pays to Deal ' '
Caalake   Lawrence.
Tin- Winnipeg Free Press hns
the following aciinint of the wed-
ding of n brother of J, H. Cnsluke.
nf this city;
A quiet wedding wns celebrated
yestenlny afternoon at the Zion
church piirsiniuge. wheu Mr. H. E.
I 'nslnke of the 0. P. R. stair nt Rut
Portage, wus united in marriage to
Miss Let itin June Lawrence,
ilnughter of .1. H, Lawrence, of SI
Euclid nvenue, nud niece of lieu.
Lawrence. M. P. P. Rev. \V. E.
W, Seller performed the ceremony,
The bride looked charming mid
wore n travelling costume of brown
with white silk Moire, und large
picture lint. The groom was supported by Mr. O 0Connor, of the
0. N. R.'. while Miss Edith May
Lawrence, her sister, assisted the
bride, her costume l.'ing of navy
hlui-. with blue silk blouse and
white hat.
After the ceremony the wedding
pnrty drove to the residence uf the
bride's parents, win-re they snl
down to ii sumptuous repnst. The
happy couple will take up their
residence ut 1112 fliggius nvenue,
You Need a New Suit
If thnl is the case, yuu should I iireful in the
selection.   We can give you nne tlmt will la- sat-
isfuetory in  ipiuliiy. workmanship und price.
"''"I* i" mnl s nu* stuck.    Onr clothes are
nuilli- in Cranbrook b.v Cnuibrook people.  Thev
ure suits thnl suit.
Leask & Henderson
* I A
A\ «■ I
* I * I»I *!> I *» I * ] **> I * I»I« I »I I« I ♦ I«I«I«I»I«I * I»I«I»I,
*l-?IH-8>l*K->|iel*!--l-s>|-S*r!>l I , : .   .   .   ,   , , i-   ,--,,-   , ; j, .
Headquarters for High Class Goods for Ladies and Gentlemen at the lowest possible
prices. j« »■* Special Lines just now. Clothing for Winter Wear. *
(• I A I A I A | <^ |,-,. | A | a ; i> ; ^> | A I 3,1  ;..- : , ; .- ; ; ■ .
!■ I •«' I •!> I •!' I V I ■•• I -• I » I * I <i> I I'i I f I I ..* I -j* I <ii I..-1 -i
a> I ♦ IAI <* i AI
♦ I.?: a
We are in receipt of ji complete line of school books and
parents should bear this in mind when purchasing for
their children.
toilet articles C. E. REID& CO.
||        When you visit Cranbrook stop at Ihe
jg None Better In the District
Q Rates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oyster*
«a served in any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
8        The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed (or clean
liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the lest brand
(S| of liquors and cigars.
K****K***********t******** ******************.********
|Just a Moment, Please!
J If yuu wnnt n nice, Tender Steak ur n Choice Roast, orif
5 yuu want uny kind ul' really good meat, come lu us. (live us
x your instructions lu cull dolly for nnlers. We -munis-- you en-
S tire Biitisfnotion; we nre in business to'ptenseyou * -.
t t
************************** **************************
®** **** *** 9* •* * * . * • « • * . 9.it 41^ • « • • ♦ *** * * *** *****
An Onlarlo Opinion.
Wulkcrton, tint., Telescope: Our
tlinnks nre due to Mr. S. A. Clancy
for the Christinus edition of the
Crnnbrook, B. C. Hernld. It consists of ")4 pnges literally crammed
full of readable and instructive
matter, interspersed witli cuts of
sonic of the principal men nf the
plnce ns well as their palatini
residences nud plnces of business.
The rending mutter is particularly
viilnnlile to uny prospective settler
nnd cannot fail to be of grent service lu those seeking u location iu
Hint fast developing country, The
enterprising publisher deserves, ns
lie will receive, the fhniiks of 111
who   nre    fortunate    enough    tu
■ nsscss u copy of ilu- Christmas!
number ol tin
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort • Specially
(iood Sl.blinj (i CoimcHm
Nearest to rnilioait am) ilepot,    Ua. arrnwnioita*
tlini.*. for the pulilic unei-ilalle.!  fn Craubrook.
Hoi and Cold Baths
Cranbrook Hernld.
G. E. GRIFFITH, Proprietor.
Well fnl'iiiohed comfortable nanus, giaal menls.   Stop
Iii-n- when in tuwn Till'   GRAXRROOK   HERALD
j If you pay an o-jliorbitnnl price tor n suit PART of your j
J money is wastnl, uo matter how good iln* garments an*.   II yuu  J
pay ever so smuli u price for n  Imd suit  ALL your money is J
wasted,    If yon buy n good suit you  uiusl   puy at  leasl  a  lair j
price, anil tlmt is nil ynu will pay fur n suit maili- by J
Cranbrook Block
Cranbrook, B. C.   J
- ************************>**************************.
I Stoves, Enameled and Tinware |
Call and see us.    We can J
supply you  in these lines. I
Plumbing.  Heating  and Tinsmithing.        %
*> *
«************************** ************************»
ALL Companies i whether so called Board or Non-Board I are chartered by the Government.
The Government demands in  return for this Charter that each Company shall deposit  with them
suflicient securities to cover a certain per cent.ii*-** of insurance in force.
Tbe Government have made this percentage over and ab:>ve ,the average rate of losses.
Plione   99 - - - - - CRANBROOK, D. C.
in all the
Towns in
i P. Burns & Co
A Wln.liMalt aad Rel.ll
| Meat Merchants
l-resh and Cured Meats Prt---.li
Fish, (iame and Poultry.
We supply only the liest.   Your
trade is solicited.
When j -nin.- In
Fort Steele
Stop nl tlu-
Hotel *    j
Now uunmgpiiipnt.   Ni»w t'ur-
■   nitiliiiiLfs,    No ('liiiii'if.
The Herald Gives the News.
.Saw Mill riachinety
Planing Hill Machinery
Iron Working /Machinery
Mining riachinery
Machinery lor all Purposes
I      All ol very hest makes.
I   Write
I J. L. Neilson eV Co.,
1 611! Miln St., Wlnnlpex
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, lire
places, boilers lined, or any juh
work in Ihe brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
an., HAY
Chi nlways supply hhiho tit
I'iwht pHi't'd. SlniuiiViy pli'itsi'
i;ivi' ipfuroncGS.
In 1924 You Will See How
You Looked in 1904.
£Clol your pieture tnken ut oueent
Prest Photo Co. Studio
Land Notice.
Xn'ii'i' is hi'M-liy nlvi-li ilmi si\l,v iIiivh nflH
■lul.* It. M. AiiiIitmhi uill ll|'|il V tu llii' (liir-i
I'liliilill^liiiipriil Liiii Ik nii'l Wiiii,*. Viiliiriii,
tnr |icrtuiM-iini In |niii*lui-*r tlio lulluffll v. llo-
-iriiml Imui nil hii inm iln* S ■. Mhiv'm river.
In tjout.li Kiwi Kimti'iiiii: Commencing nl
MioHiulli nml i-oi'imr nf Lot 21)08; itVin-i*
north 30 chnl nmii nru or Hutu tin- right ul
ivoyol llin.Norlli Stnr hit li rnil.vii.v-l-lteiioi
M.inili .-iiHtfily 15'i'huitininnrflnr Won fnlloiv
itiKtlinrigtil nf wny of Hiilil i-iilwii.v In tin
Si. Mnr.v'H tivi't; tli.'iin- wi'Hlcrli 10. fliiiiiii-
mini-i.ll r-li.lliMiinu ||,(, SI Miii-y'riiivil-ti
[inlnl i,f ruiiiiiii'iii'.'iiii'iil nliiiuiiig 1*2 ucht
III,.I    I.'HH.
Dm il Novi-iiiIh'I'OMi, 100,1,
Ho it. M. Anileinoii,
Hive Vnu Any fainting tu he Dnne'i*
llu Any nf Vour Riiums Need PopcrliiK?
Estimates given un largo con-
trnets, We don't wnnt the
enrlli. We mint to please
yon with the work uml reeeive
reasonable! puy.
{ linyal liolel, Crr.nhni.il.
' !Sa>-®-(,y-®-®-®-t.>^.>-®--®-®-®-®
Harriage     |
Ves. nml the CITY   BAK- I
i) EtXSh the plnce to get n nice I
iii wedding rnke uiul  ornnments r
I in the lulest style.   Why send f
I yunr nn ler out nf town nml i)
f la-rlinps linve the ieoingbrok- (4)
<f en by shipping. Prices riglit. fo
(*i  I'aoar II (Ippi lilt M. B. Church   I
*     C. W. Wil SON,      I
Land Notice.
Nnlii-i* in lii-n-l-y nivi-11 llml   wllliin  hI\I 4
-In* nir lull-lluli.-il   ll.iris 11 ill H|,|ilj  1.4
Ilia Clili-11'lililliiiHBliiiii-r ul lnmla nn.l IVuika
Vlalnrlil, Inr la-riulaaiiili l» Iniri'linan Ilia Ini
liuiiii-, I nnl- in 41 inlliaiiat K inli-unj-l
(-iiniini-lii-liift nt 1)11* nnillia-i-Hi riirnr-r til
iilivi-i-ll.iini-'-i appllriitltui in inirrliaan ml
inilllllgTllli-a' |iri,i-iii|'liiin un IVir*. I'ri-i'-i
llii-n.-,-*, ll III l-llillllH, lll'll 111 iliiiiliH, iiiiiii.
in i-lii-lna nml i-.-i-it 411 tiliullia I 1 |ili il
iiilliiui, lii'i-llli'lil
Hi I lli-n-lnlii-i-ami, mnn
Land Notice.
\nli14, lalii-ri'liy etiven Ilial   nitliji niili
ilnja Hun  1.  U.rin   will   ii,i|.lv   11.   Iiii
l.'lilif I'iii laaliuinr uf  I.tuul, nml   IVnrka,
Vi luii.-i, Iur in-rilllaaliill lu |iiti'i-]imii> lln- [ul
Iiniili-; lnmla Iii Smuli l-Jilat Kuu.i>iiiiv. iiui-
'unu -I11---11I Huullii'iiKl enrner uf l-l-ial
• iii-  Vi,   I ii|i(illriilfiin Im Iftnla-r limiiai-
llll'lll,, -44,11, ail . lllllll*! Dl |,r ll-HH.N) ■|*i,i„.
1,,.-.in|.iioi., iiniili, an i-liiilna 411 1, iiii>iu-i
uurlli stnI'liiiitia nmii- ur le«H, in |,'iei|iiluir
.uii'ail|i|illi-llllull Iur timlii-r liu-m-i*. lli a*
'linflia iii-i-l In 1 lui*uti-uiiiiiii-i im-ii;.
II.Iliil II In, ami. tlllll.
Land Notice.
NiiIii-i- ia lii'ii-liy niv 11 llml. lim iii4.ut.lia nt
Ioi- ilnli- in- liiti-ml lu n|i|il.v lu Iln* I'l.aa-i
1 uiiimiininiil nl liiuula iiiiiI Wnrlta, Vir
(.mill, ll.C, Iur |„,|-iiiiH.inli lu ,itiii<liiiH|, Illli
[iiIIuwIiik.I.hi'iIIii-i] Inula:
Cllllltll.-111'lll*, lit 11 ptiHl litmili-il nil Uu- 111-HI
lil Illm II. II.   Kin,;  Iiiul,,.)- Iiinil   1111  Ilu-
M,,ii,-liu-iMii ti„.i*. I-. Itnllmiy rlitlil utwuy
lln-ln-,, 11 illli Ill -III l-lllltna, llli-mi- ll'i-Hl
lui-liiiiiiH. II > Ill In i<iiilwii.v Huiil ut
14  .v, Hii-llii'i'ilHli My lilun-i Hniii iJalit uf mi.)
Iii |illli'l* iif rnlllllirllirllll'lll Iilniiiiiia'   Hll
iii-i-iH 11.nl r I1H4.
Kin*.-M. 11 iiniili*r 1 uny. I.llnili-il,
as                 |n-i- M. It. Kill-, MitiuiKi-i-
ll.li'ilFiilllll Kn-I K .liny,.Vill.lllllll,lllllll
.1. S. RTEl'HEXS
Tin- Australian Hotel is the plnce to put np when
ynu nre iu tuwn.     The "Big While Hotel," 'Til
Morrlssey Junction, B. C.
Stephens Bros., Owners and Proprietors
II. I.. Stephens. J. li. Stephens, J. I.auson. M. Rntkeiiiliirl
Play Ball
In othor wonls,
when in Morrissoy
Mines Itnik tu your
comfort ntnl st-iiy
nl tin* botol whriv
yuu orp,\ your 111011-
ivy's worth.
Alexandra  Hotel
Stephens Hrns. & Co,
Ownen and Troprklurs
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Tin* t'niinilinii Pacific Rnihvnv company control n large uren nt the
choicest forming mul ranching lumls in the Elk, Kootenay, Columbia
mnl Slocnu valleyi in tin- Kootenny districl nnil iu the Kettle river und
Oknnngnn valleys in the Boundnry district, A large majority ot Uiese
lauds nri' readily accessible bv railway.
Miss Alice l'uii'/.eiiH speii! New
Vein- with her brother, tin- agent
nt Ryan,
.1. B. Campion, who eunie from
Nurt.il Bay recently, tu take n pnsi-
liiui iu tin- superintendent's office,
Ims returned lo the east, lb- Ims
obtained, it is stiiti-d, u bank np.
poiutiueiil in Montreal,
Mabel und Milton Cory iieeuui-
piHiied tlu-ir father, C'oudiiotor
fury, lu Mi-dieiun lint un Nu. *!.
New Tear's dny. They returned
tu town mi Monthly, well plenseil
wiih Iheir visit.
Superintendent uml Mrs. Taylor
entertained the memliers of the
nilii-i- slud in iliinu-r uii Christmas
dny. Tin- function wus nu enjoy.
lillle une iu tlu- best sense, tlllll the
guests were liunl iu tlieir praises
nf the hospitality nf the liust mill
Operntor ll. tt. Htedman lins
returned tu tuwn from Ditnniore
.liiiietiiiu. nud fur some duys hns
lieen acting ns agent ul Brouiley'B
W. ll. Cavers, fur sume time
operator ut Macleod, is touipor-
urily netiug us duy operator nt
Mrs. J. Altwood, wife uf the
natoiii ni iUoyui. .-14441.-   io   luivll   nn
Tiiesiluv's i-iisiliuuuil train.
Miss (fyorgie Smnll. Bister of
Firemnn W. (1, Smnll, hns gone lu
Klku uu u holiday trip,
.1.   I-I.  Jenkins,  wlm  came lu
Craubrook frum Indian Head, hn
been appointed abstract clerk i
fin- freighl uHiee.
iuv:i iinn Mr. Tnylor ni-i-uuipiiiiii-d
his brother (who is visiting the
Boundary country) ns fur us the
A pectilinr incident delayed the
eastbouud train I'm- mure than twu
hours oil the Inst duy uf Ilu- uld
year. As Nu. -I wus rounding u
onrve just west uf Moyie she run
into a largo onk block which luy
in the centre uf lhe trunk. Tho
iuipncl broke mil the lire grates uf
engine 85, uml, uf course, put uut
Ilie lire. Engineer Murphy nnd
fireman with the aid uf lhe train
crew rigged up the damaged Luxes
nnd restarted tin- lire to such good
i-lfei-l tlmt tin* train wus nblo tn
run into Cranbrook unaided, mid
only twu hours Into,
Tlie end uf the yenr hns quite a
Iiuiiiii iu lmiki'iui'ii im the Crow,
It has already been reconled in
these columns how un operntor
findiug the calling of n hrakeiunu
more attractive, (both frum n i«'-
euiiiiirynmi u In-nltli point uf view)
deserted the office fur Iln- caboose,
Now, u'i'iii'iliiig tn present indicn-
Atirutiiie Dccurallons, Fine Music anil
a (Iood Time.
The lirst uiiniinl I'. P, R, bull
wns given nu New Venr's night
nnd it wns a success fruui every
itniidpolnt, Tin- Imli wns decorated willi limiting, Hugs, mirrors
and railway lanterns, all eombin-
ing tu produce n must pleasing effect, Hut the piece nf wurk tlmt
nttraoted it greut deal of attention
und evoked much praise wns the
engine mul i-nlaaise drown uu cni-.-
vns by Duncan MoLenn,   Tin* en-
glue wasa line  ph uf drawing,
It, was numbered l'.Hl-l. just com.
lug Iii. while un lhe balcony wns
the rear nf n caboose, 11103, just
going mil.
The liiill wus crowded nud the
music furnished by lhe Fernie ur-
elieslrn wus ii feature tlmt elicited
nil kinds uf pruise. .Aboul I:!
u'elnek nu elegant lunch wns served
nfter which dancing wns resumed,
Tlie committee that hnd ehnrge
tloiiB.it'lsnot Improbnblethnl n reg- ,,t tin- dance wns made up ns fob
uliii-rush uf operators for braking low*I N. Cluiput, T, S. (Iill. Clms
honors will set in, The latest te- Yeaijdlo, J, H. Cnslnke, P, Spronle!
emit Is operator, [his title should hy, Cameron A. Jnrdlne. witli .1.
be lir.ikeniin nuw| .1. 1!. I'l-uinle.vi Xi-tterllelil ns prompter. Mrs. .1.
bi-nkemoii hnveiH. Si-uit. Mm. M. Barney, Mrs. t!
■S. Uill mul Mrs. W.t
Timber Notice
Nuiii-i inliiTi-liy iiivru Hint i4i<li>n lliiu.v
.Iii.vh ll.iliMl ll.iili 44il]4i|.|,lv Iniiinrlilpfi-nm
iiii-hiuiii'i- ut LntlilaiiiiiI  WuiliH, Vii-tni'iii, Inr
,i -|ii- inl li .hi, lu nil, linili.-i  un Hu, tniln*-
Inn il. Hiiilii il Imui ni-nr SI Mm i- riii.i s li
Eu.l  Ivuiili-lin.v:   I'm)))))-iu-ili|r nl ilu* nuilli
i'ii-i inriirnil Wtilklii'a I'mlan li.-.nap, tl	
,i,-.4 4i null-nun.-in I,™ lu Hi,- ,11-1  lunil  ii'
II. M   Anil-nnn'a lii <-, llml -Ill  III
.■liniiiH in in-nr Ii'hh In St, Aninlir'a |.r,--.-..,,.-
Inn. It IIBt. 80 Hillflia   Ilim-O   nr   li'HH   In
Hn, HI. Mur-ia  rivi-r.  H Inan Hit-SI
Mnrya liii-i tu .i |mii l ilm. iinrlli nf pnlnl  nt
iiiuinii-iiii'inii.t.   tlii-ii.-i* annlli   lu  |iiiliil uf
i iiiiiini-lii illl i-nl.
ll.il.-il Hn-'.Hi nl Hi- i-inii-.- Idll'l. ill)
Cull liny Maurice Nevin lias gone
liiuiie tn MncleiHl. Reports snys
thut he is going In school.    His
su ssul- ill   the  I'idi-hnv-sllip   is
Oteo. M. Pearson, fresh frum Eng-
Brnkeuinii A. 0, Choqnette hns
completely recovered frum ids
necident uf several weeks ago, and
lias returned tu work.
Operator H. J, Hicki bus been
Iriitisfi-rred frum Crows Nest to
Morrissey, Another new operator
is C. Killing, wlm Ims la-en np-
pointed tu Frank.
F. Q, Cameron, ynrd foremen ut
Fernie, expci-ls his sister In nrrivi
frum Wetnskiwiu un n visil tliis
Brakeman V. 11. Hampton  hus
n nilv been under medical treat*
ment fur liis fractured rib. 'I'lu
accident occurred in tliis wuy. (hn
evening i.t Crow's Nesl tin- brake-
111(111 wns e iliplitig  il   i-ulniiise unit
his train, when tin- draw burs slip
pell, crushing liim between the
caboose, nnd thi' lirst car.
Dispatcher E, E, Bnrdette line
lieen incapacitated from duly fm
twu weeks by tin accident, whicl
lie Buffered to Ins foot n short tiiut
ago. It wns thought ut one linn
thut serious complication! would
ensue. Luil. hnppily these wen
averted, uud Mr. Bnrdette isnlmosi
tit fur work again;
Superintendent nml Mrs, Taylor
hnve paid Iwu visits In Sirdnr during the put  week.   (In  tii-  I rat
Lately, fuu.  lli
hml many changes in tlu-ir ranks
Meluw is ii list nf tile llewi'iiiners
mul departures,
Whu  liuve left   Ihe   service:
F. MeFiirlniid. E. .1. Bedtleyon, A
F. Thwing, 11. Gardner, E. Smith.
Hurry Min-tiii. A. (i. Camp,
New Men: Fred Dickmnii, I).
Williiiins, (liner Huiul. Allien
Ward, Alfred MoKeagee, Mux I).
Death ol N. C. Sthiui.
Rossland Miner:   N, ('. Si-luui,
whu recently joined  tin- editorial
stall'   nu   the   Colonist,   dii-d   un
Christmas morning nfler n very
brief illness.     1) used was for
severnl years nn editorial writer un
tin- Vancouver News-Advertiser.
,-mil only moved tu Victoria upon
flu- removal uf David II. Bogle
frum tin- managing editorship. He
wus tin Englishman liy birtli mul
wus quite un authority upon muni-,
eipnl mnl economic subjects, lb-
set-veil fur severnl terms us reeve
uf the municipality uf Bumnby.
At une lime he took nn native purl
iu pruviiii-inl politics, nud unsuccessfully contested North Ensl
Kmili-iuiy against Colonel linker.    |
nmcroti wen-
the patronesses,    The futuro pup.
ulnrily nf tho ('.  P.   It. ,1, s |s
ussiireil uiul it is tu be hoped thnl
liy the tinis they linve n unt her bull
increased Imli room will be nlfonl-
Shallot al Ihe Rink.
Grent, interest is manifested iu
sknting nl the rink tin's yenr. and
nearly every night large crowds
ure iii attendance, The rutes for
t'ekels nre us fulluws:
Senson ticket, good for Italy
uiul gentleman        '$ fi IK)
Ten tickets, for ladies ... 1 00
Adlllts, live sknles ..... | uo
Children, Hi tiekets      1 0U
Rink open frum 2 tcf 11 p. m.
John Houston lu Immigrate.
Nelson Tribune: Asked uu New
Venr's ilny if it wns true thut h"
intended leaving Nelson, Jolm
lluiisiiin. tin- long-hand journalist
nf The Tribune, replied: "Ycb; 1
intend tu leave Nelson immediately
after tin- legislnture adjourns,
which will be about March 1st.
T will lirst gu tu Edmonton,
Alberta, where 1 mny locate, 1
nm leaving Nelsnn iu order In
make n living, ns I Iiml polities mi
expensive game," Asked if he iu-
teiideil resigning his sent in the
legislnture. Mr. Houston said:
"Ves: ns sunn us 1 lind u location
outside tlie ii'niine.- that suits
K- el P. Installation.
The Knights ,,f Pythias lield an
installation Tiiesilny night nnd did
i lurge .niKiiiMi of degree work.
\ merry pnrty frum Fernie arrived
m Ilu- morning train to participate
iu flu- wurk. It was niacin up of
life following gentlemen: .1. ('.
Hutchison, W. W. Tnttle, ('. H.
Lovers, P. Joiner, W. S. Proctor,
U. Lawrence, A. P. Hnnseii,
George Olnpp mul A. lt. Trites.
H. Cameron and Ed Hill of Moyie
were also present. At M o'clock
n recess uf nu hour wns tnken nnd
nil repaired to lhe Cosmopolitan
hotel wliere n line lunch wus in
Waiting. Nn speaking wns indulged in uml ns su.m  us th li
bles   lind   1 n   disiiosod   of tin-
 inhere returned to their wurk iu
tin- lodge room, uud it wns nearly
I o'clock when uu adjournment
wus tnken. The Fernie visitors
returned nn uu early morning
of hit
l>v It
un.l i
I III I :i
UlO n
1(10 ll
I IK I ii
I I'll I :
• aggregate amounl uf principal uiul interesl, except in tin- ease
i under -S^.'ii) per ncro, is divided inlu ten iustnlmeuts as shown
iible below; th.. lirst tu In* paid nt the time uf purchase, lln- Bee.
-yeur from dnte uf purchase, thc tliinl Iwu years, mul so on.
lowing Inlile shows Ilu- amount uf tin- auiitinl iuitnluieuts ou
>8 ut ilill'i-ri'iit prices under tin- nltav indiliuns:
1 Sii.fiOperne
t 11.00 per nn
:.:.() perm*
1,80 per lie
5.00 |s-r in-
1st in.-.liilin, nl s fill.HI,
1st illslulllli-lit
1st ilistillllli-lil
Isl iuslnl Ill
1st inslulnii'iil
Isi instalment
ll inslul'ls nf S   .',lll»l
71.110, IIequal inslnl'ls nf (Ki.ini
811,1)0, II equid inslul'ls ol' 70.00
llfi.Hfl, (I cqtllii inslnl'ls nf 80.00
107,85, II eqiini inslnl'ls ol 1*0.00
1111,8)1,lleqilili instiil'tiiuf 100.00
ild un slluiti-r lillle.
II' liiml is pniil I'ur in full al tin-1iiiii- nl' purchase, n nilm linn fi.nn
llii' jirii'i' will lir ,illii\vi'i| i>i|ia' to ten piTrriit OU thu niiiuinit |i*iiil in
PXCI'BS of tilt*   ItSllIll   rush   illitil'llli'llt.     Ilitcl'i'st   lit   si\ JiiT ivnt will Ih-
eliargod mi ovonlut* lustnhuouUi
The compniiy is also interested in the following towiisiteit Elko,
inliriHik, Kiuiliei-ly. Aldridge, Kitchener, Cresloh, Proctor, Nelsnn.
rrnrd, Lemonton, Cnstlegar, Cascade Cily. (Iruiul Forks, Eholt,
eeuwood, Midway, Nuknsp. Arrowhead, Revelstoke, Donald uud
niliaips. Terms uf payment nre one-third cash nnd ilu- balance iu
nnd twelve months, with interest.
Fur further particulars apply tu the following local agents:
. M. Frost, Gateway, Montana     -1. A. MuCnlluni, Grand Forks,B.O,
It. Hruee. Wilmer. It. ('. II. A. Reudell, Eholt, II. t*.
Hyde Baker, Cranbrook, B, t'.    A. Ferguson, Greenwood, It. (.'.
T. Bnrgesi, Kitchener, B, O.       .1. D. Sibbtdd, Revelstoke, B, ('.
Mnllniiiluiiie. .Ir,. Creston, It. ('. Thomas Abriel, Nukusp. II. C.
K, Stacker, Cascade, B. ('. F. .1. Fulton, KninloopB, ll. 0,
V. Elliot. Trout Lake City, B.C,
Or J. S. III.'NNIS, Land Commissiuncr for llriiisli Columbia,
Calj-ary, Alberta.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining (akirs.
Il will Increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock loov
and sell on the rise.
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Sume serious evidence lins developed iigniust John Cnshel, whn
is mi trial nt Calgary charged witli
b.-iiig instrumental in securing the
release nf his brother who wns lo
hnve been hnve been hanged fur
iliueli r.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Wc have moved our oflice to upstairs over Beattie's
drug store where we will be found lor the next two
weeks and would ask anyone owing us to call and
settle their accounts within that time.
.**....®m  «-*a
...... ♦-•)(,-•......... • ♦ • • .,ii, • • • *.,.)
CRANBROOK,    -     -     -     I). C.
Sale Horses,   ("mini Rigs.   Cumfurlablc
Aiiiiiiiiiuiilnliiiii".   Drivers and Kigs
for any pari of Districl.
Paul Handley, = Prop.
(ll-ORlili A. KERR,
Slab Wood and Fence Posts
Repairing* Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Spec's!!/


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