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Cranbrook Herald Feb 8, 1900

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OBANBitooK, r.iiinsii Columbia, Tin iisdav, i*'i:i*i*iai;y n.   moo,
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President. B. E. Wai.krr, Oen. Man.    I
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
— i
A (ieneral Ban kin*; Business Transacted. i
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
fort sr 1:1:1.1: BRANCH.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
First Class Dry Wood,
Fir and Tamrac.
See 5am Mitchell.
Post Office Box 25
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
I       Saw and Planing Mills
j :::AT
-AU.   KINliS   OF-
| Rough and
I Dressed Lumber, j
I Dimension Lumber,
I 5hingles and
I   iMUUIUill*^***.      .
11I especial':
Prentice is Ik Poobah iif
and Shows It.
The Government is Standing on a
Shaky    I'oundation   and
May Fall.
"The S Emporium"
Balance of Furs at reduced prices.
Some snaps in remnants.
Ready made clothing, odd lines, to clear, at 20 per cent
A few pairs of boots, both fine and heavy, to clear cheap
before stock taking next month.
Stock complete in every line.
Hotel 3 3
(hi'sl« Comfort • Specially
(loud Slabllng in Connection
Nearest to milium) mnl iU-p-.ii.     Hii*. ■iccnnimoda-
tiniiH  for  Hie public  unequalled   in  I'riinhrook.
(fi 1 am m 11 a m m m mf.1   -,,. . •• . • ,|,,I,,,,,,,,,|.
Fort SteeleMercantile Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Men's Furnishings
And Groceries
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Cranbrook av- Fort Steele ** Wardner
Victoria, Pel), a.—Tbe parliamentary
week [list closed Ims wltuesaed Hit* beginning, of the eml mi ttr us'he Seuiliu-
Cotton government is concerned. It
uiny continue to exist by graee of lis
supporters fnr » few weeks longer-, but
llie time te bound to come in the neai
future when some one member will feel
bimself aggrieved iliule matter what
nbout) am) take advantage of tlie wimj.hu
tlmt he funis ready to Ills hand for the
overthrow of the government. Mr.
Prentice bas already emphasized ile
completeness of the larce into which
popular government has degenerated in
this province, ami Premier J'reutice s
tbe new title he has received in rouse-*"
quence at the hands of lm brother, parliamentarians.
Tlie discussion of tbe Coal Mines Regulation hill showed ihe frail structure of
the government.
Jlou. Dr. McKecbnie has charge of
the bill, and witb his colleagues iu the
government had determined to force the
matter through witb a rush. It was ou
the motion fur second reading of the
bill, and no consideration was to be
given tbe opposition, or any of llieir Arguments listened to. -In vain Messrs.
Mcl'billips aud Joseph Martin nrgtd tha:
the insertion of the educational clause
which is tbe essence of the hilt, would
work scandalous injustice hy taking the
bread and butter out of the mouths of
honest white workiugmeii, simple because of their inability lo read Kngllsh.
In vain did Col. baker plead fur just one
day's grace in order that be might ascertain the effect such legislation would
have upon the toilers of bis contltuency.
In vain did Mr. Helmcken ask fur an adjournment of the'debate until he could
gin's reminder that it had heen promised
the debate would go over until ihe following day.
••We've changed mir minds/' was
Hon. Dr. McKecbnie's bltini rejoinder,
iu admission of a deliberate breach of
faith; while (be private members of the
party smiled ami aueeied at the Indignation of tbeir opponents, fancying themselves secure in lhe possession of a majority of one—not counting Mr. Speaker.
Mr. Prentice bail not been reckoned
in the calculation at ull for the simple
reason that be bud accepted a ''pair"
wiih Mr. James Dunsttjore when tlmt
gentleman had been called to New* Vork
liy the news of bis brother's fatal illness
There w;.s in consequence link interest
manifested when be took his sent after
Mr. Helmcken bad heen curtly refused
permission to adjourn the debate, or
even when he (Prentice) rose in his
place and cattght thespeaker'satlention,
There was 11 magical change in attitudes and expressions, however, when
tie said what he had to say, proceeding
to Illustrate the ability of any member
of the government party to "hold a pistol at the head ol tlle premier." as tne
oppositionist had expressed it—and
cninniaiiil obedience.
The house had learned hy the evening
papers, be said, that Mr, Alexander
Dunsmuir had jnst died iu New York;
and in view of the close relation borne
by tbis bill to lhe Dlltisuiulr interests be
thought it would he little more than ordinary courtesy lo postpone its further
consideration  until  the morrow,    lie
added significantly that he had just
been released fiom liis pnir with Mr.
Dunsmuir, nnd ihere was enough in the
manner of tbis remark to indicate tbat
he would, if tlie mailer came to a vote,
raise bis baud with the opposition.
"I think it would he well for the sen-
■ member lor  Victoria to apply again
w for an adjournment *of the debate,"
be said, "and for the government to
grant it," realizing that be had the government and all its following completely "rattled."
If they had considered it the government might have realized that they
would, with Mr, Prentice voting against
tbem, bave Mil! a tie, ami be able to
save themselves hy the useful speaker's
As it was they were seised with
panic.   The ground seemed  less secure
an ever; tbe'arrogant position they
bad been inconsiderately asserting' ill
through the afternoon was abandoned in
a moment,
"Oh, very well," said tbe president of
the council.
And the adjournment was forthwith
grunted, tbe silence of the government
phalanx being lhat nf titter aud complete
consternation. And the very next day
it happened again. The government
were determined to force a conclusion of
the debate, and foolishly declared with
positiveness that they would hold n
night session to do it. Mr. Prentice,
with one other supporter, quietly suggested, "Oh, will you!" and the government recognized the ever present pistol,
and threw up ita hands. Tbis is parliamentary government in Uritiah Columbia under present conditions,
When reference was made to tbe provincial offer on Tuesday, Col. linker
aaked the indulgence of the house while
be read a teller indicative ol Ihe patriotism which exists among liiiti-.li nutlets
i 1 all parts of the world
on this continent, "It is really worth
reading to tlu* bouse," he added, "be
■ease it makes ns proud of our nation
The (**->rrespotnience follows:
"I'oit Qulbhon, Jan  29 lyno.
"Col. Baker;
"Pear Sir:   I an anxious to do all in
my power to forward the views of Mr,
Hughes, i» copy of whose letter, which
will explain itself, I enclose. I may say
Hint he is a Welshmen, about 30 years ol
age, and lell my employ in Manitoba to
go to Montana some twelve years ago,
where he bas been in the cattle and
mail M11111111}: bUlltUpa ever since.
*'| know liim io he a thoroughly bom
orable and rearlessjtpiuiguiBn.and physically all that the mosl critical would de
-uie; mid am Mire v mid  be a Splendid
acquisition   to   our   mounted    scouts.
Knowing lhat you aie deeply Interested
in our present struggle musl be my excuse for troubling you in this matter,
and would feel grateful if vou would let
me know what chance there is for my
frleild getting on.
"Vours truly,
(Sd.) "Jno. Htnieyman."
"hillings, Mont., jail. It, tttov,
"Dear Mr. Honeytitau; I happened lo
hear this morning that some of yonr H
C people were sending troops to Soulh
Africa, aud being very much interested
thought I would write and see if you
could give lue any information about it.
I thought 1 had outlived any sen It mental feelings toward the 'Old Country.'
but just Ht present 1 have a strong desire
to go aud fight for her, and would like to
go with western troops. I think I am
quite well qualified. I sei veil iu the
Spanish war as sergeant of a troop of
ruigh riders, and am in fine condition
physiclally. My prospects are very
good, but 1 can't help feeling I ought to
lie at the front. If tbey have any trouble getting men to fill out tbe troops and
you will wire me at my expense, I will
come at once.
"Vours trulv,
(Sll) "J- ti Hughes."
Again, in endorsing Captain Irvings's
unanimously adopted lesolutiou of loyally and fidelity, pledging lhe province io
support with men aud means the Motherland until lite present just war Is fought
lo a successful end, as it must be, Col
linker lead au extract from a letter he
had jusi received from Craubrook, slat
ing that there were $fxty-seveu applications from tbere to join tl-.e British Columbia contingent. There were twenty
more from Pernie. and altogether liis
constituency could safely he counted on
to furnish too of just the right sort or
men, as all the men of blast   Kootenay
enthusiastic cheersr
Continuing, tbe colonel held that the
resolution bt ought forward by Captain
Irving was only expressing the feeling
of intense loyalty and devotion that was
going up irom all the colonies anil all
parts of lhe great British empire. It
was such a resolution as the house could
imt do better than pass unanimously and
wiih enthusiasm.   He was particularly
pleased with the concluding portion of
the resolution, which asserted lhat the
war now entered upon must nt all costs
be fought to a tiuisb, (near, hear )
When one took up the daily papers and
read with regret uf what could not but
be accepted hs temporary reverses, il
was indisputable that comfort was at the
same lime to be found iu the fact lhat
these reverses were hot iu any way disheartening the British troops, bit on the
contrary making ihem more than ever
determined to carry the war to a success-
sul conclusion iu defiance ol all things.
This was the characteristic of British
troops. They might meet with temporary defeat, but tbey refused to know il.
They might be "licked" for the moment
but they would come np smiling, and .
win in the end against any odds. The !
present war, as alt wars, was to ho deplored, but it was of inestimable value
iu binding all the colonies oi the British
llag more closely together than tuey bad
ever beeu before, presenting Great Britain as one united nation, and showing to
the world llial it was such a nation that
now bad to be reckoned with in any
quarrel with Knglaml.
The resolution was agreed to,
Safe Mining Investment
She Sends Over Kali lhe (Inula fur
Stnilliuiia's Horse.
The Boys Get  Enthusiastic  Send
Olfs From All the Towns
in the District.
East Kootcnay's Roll of Honor
Captain Kdniand Parker
Arlliur Hearn Ivor Thomas
A I*: Smith
I rank Norton
K H C Hammond
Adam Mali
Joseph Macilunalil
Harry llawes
Saul Wright
John lionsfifhl
Waller lid wards
Alexander hauler
W T lisynes
Many persons dislike the idea of buying
mining shares lest all of the money invested should be lost. The plan of operation
adopted by the Kootenay and Algoma
Gold Mining Company, Limited, absolutely insures a success sooner or later;
and that success seems to be now certain
in the PEDRO CLAIM which appears
to be on the same ledge as the Black Bear
You are sure of some profit and it will
probably be a very large one.
We are instructed to sell
Not more than 20,000 shares at b cents
per share, in monthly installments ot one
cent per share.
W N Clark
Edwin R Murrv
Joseph Wflke
Wm O'lk-aru
(it-urge Hazel
Arthur Wallace
James Kearney
Charles Peterson
Alfred Junes
Fred (I Arnold
Arthur II Cree
Charles Norton
Alberl (iee
W M Hsrper
Richard HeerluK
John E Kennedy
Robert Shaw
Harry Thomas
John McUuff
John Urlffln
Harry W Mellon
Wm l-analag
licortje llamley
Waller West
Charles Hearn
John C Neshlli
South Kast Kootenay is all light, in
patriotism as well ns iu everything elae
When lhc call came for voluiilcers, and
It was announced thai a recruiting station would he opened at Fort Steele 011
last Monday, a wave of patriotic enthusiasm swept over the district, ami hy
Tuesday night III** full quota of forty had
heen examined and accepted. The roll
of honor is given a hove, and shows those
-alio lost no time In responding to the
call of the mother country by joining
Strathcona's Horse,
Captain Hdnimid Parker was designated hy Colonel Steele as recruiting ofli-
cer, The captain is a veteran ot lhe
Bngllsh army, hut has lived hi Hast
Kootenay about seventeen years, and
will leave wilh   the contingent   for  the
number who applied bul failed to pHss
the medical examination. Ofthe i-.uin
ber accepted, over one half enlisted from
Craubrook, the balance coming from the
other towns iu the district.
Orders were received yesterday afternoon from Captain l'arker, calling 011
the contingent lo report in I'ort Steele
at 12 o'clock today. It is now understood that ihey will come back to Cranbrook tomorrow moruiug and leave for
the east 011 Lhe noun train.
A glance over the roll will show thai
Soulh Rast Kootenay is losing a fine
body of meu, and many of them have
beeu in lhe district a long while and
have friends by the score. The Herald
regrets their departure, but glories hi
iheir patriotic courage, and freely predicts that the reputation of South l-'.ast
Kootenay will be In good hands hi Southern Afiica.
The Pedro will be a mine
Get In while shares .ire at the boltom figure.
McVittie & Hutchison,
Mining Brokers.
Tbe Qrouad Hog.
Last Friday was ground hog dav, ami
according (o tradition if (he suu shines
on that day so that the auimal cau see
his shadow he returns to hia hole to re*
main six weeks. Iu other words, if the
sun shines, it means lhat ihere will follow six weeks of ntntmy weather, The
sun came out bright for a few minutes
near noon, so if the bfgn proves true
there is stormy weather in store lor this
seel Ion.
Tbe Champion Skater.
J. K. McCulloch. of Winnipeg, lhe
champion skater of the world, gave an
eihihilloii at the rink last Monday
ntglil. There was a fair attendance and
those present were very much pleased
wilh lhe performance. Unfortunately,
while doing his celebrated trick ot jumping over harrella, the skater slipped and
fell, Injuring his knee, and badly bruia-
hig hte face and body.
A Heavy Loss.
London, Feb. 1 —The supplemental
lists of casualties fill two columns In
nonpareil type 111 the morning papers,
making 1300 reported thus for, for Oen.
Duller*s operations north of the Tugela
river. The Daily Chronicle estimates
that the total exceeds uno. The forty
per cenl loss nt Spiou Kop is greater
than any British force ever suffered, es
cept possibly at Alhuera. The Admiralty has warned all half pay naval officers
to hold themselves in readiness for service. Thia, with the fact that Ihe able
seamen, not thoroughly experienced,
have been withdrawn from (lie channel
squadron, la taken to imllciile an eatly
luobilUatlou o( the reserve fleet.
Tbe Craabrook Hoys.
Adam Hall is an old resident and hat
lived neiir the Mission for souie time.
John K. Kennedy ts a brakeman on
the CtOW, and Wall Kdwards an engineer.
"Itob" Shaw will be missed in this
dittrict, nud us manager of ihe Geary
stables knew everybody and everybody
kuew him.
"Ike" Poster, who has been night
watchman, is among the crowd. "Ike"
will take his jokes with him.
W. N. Clarke and John McDltff are
among the popular hn\s who will be
missed. Mr, McDufV has had charge of
the London St Liverpool store, and Mr
Clarke has been wilh 1'ieper -\ Currie.
Marry Mellon is going, and after the
war is over ami the Union Jack is floating over the Transvial, you will hear
from him in the rich gold fields of lhat
Joseph Wllkey has been wilh fi. II.
Miner for lhe past few months.
William O'Hearne is another engineer
on lhe Crow, and George Haul ley, heller
known as 'Curly," is a well known railroad man.
Walter West, well known on the Crow
as cleik for contractors, is one of .be en-
Ihuilaslic boys.
Charles Peterson is on ihe Hat, and
says he proposes lo pull Oom Paul's
"Jack" Neshitt will be missed. "Jack"
never had much lo suy, hut he was always true blue.
W. T. Hayties is well known among
the railroad boys and he will be missed
hy all of tlfeui. J
John Itonsfield, familiarly know as
"Red Jack," will go to look after Dob
The Seed Off.
It Innl been the intention of the people
ol Cranbrook to give a supper to lire
contingent tbis evening, but the order
calling them to Port Steele changed
the plans, and it bee nne necessary to
arrange for a gathering last night. Willi
a number of railroad boys on the com.
millee, arrangements were quickly nude
lo hold n smoker at Forrest hull. It
was aboul 8130 when the people began
to gather* and by 9:30 lhc hall wus t
puckid-    A program was piepuied, cou-
Kootenay & Algoma's Annual Report.
To tbo President nml PI rectors ol the Kootenny and Algoma UoM .Mining Com*
puny, Limited, of Cranbrook, I*. ('. *
liciitliiifu : Tho operations of the Compnn\ since its reorganisation and tha
removal of headquarters to Cranbrook have be«i confined to three properties.
It was understood that the policy ol the Company should Iw to confine expenditures to the initial development ol properties sutllclently to make them saleable,
uud then to sell, the available capital ol the Company not 1 elng sufficient to enable it to thoroughly equip and operate ;i mine. In pursuance of this plan the
work.loin-on the " Kootenay " claim near Waneta in West Kootenay was confined
to the year's assessment, while the adjoining claim was restaked as the "Cranbiook." The showing on those claims seems, ns far as I rati learn, to be that of
an Immense iron capping allowing a little copper, end the work done up to the
pre-u'iit timo does not appear to give any idea of tin* site "f the real ledge, or of lhe
quality of tho ore, though the assay*, shun |2.00 In gold and two per cent copper;
the sit mu ion of these claims ou lhe bank of the Columbia river and on ihe .Vein 11
A Port Sheppent rallwiiy, within five miles ol the Nortfaport smelter, is of greal
Importance in deciding the value of the ore; Uie <"-i "i shipment would be so
slight that a large body of low grade ore would Ite very valuable, and ii is evident
that a careful fliul systematic course of development shoatd f»* commenced on them
as soon ns possible with u viow to determine the extent ami quality of the ore body.
Tin* Company undertook to do a hundred feet "i work on the -■ Pnion Jack,"
11 claim about live miles from, and south of, Cranbrook. for which work a half intercut in the claim was to lie acquired, bul at tin* depth <>f thirty fivt the- appear-
um «■ ui ii,«- it-aig-a -.--.i** sucll thai it was deemed advUahl-? ^abandon Uie work and
forfeit all claim to the property, bat a half interest was permantly acquired in tbe
"St. George's Cross," an adjoining claim.
Por several months after this the Company remained [die, -naming numerous
different propositions submitted without finding one etutaM-a to your scheme of
operations until in Xovemlwr last a contract wns entered into with the owners of
the "Pedro" to do one thousand dollars worth of work on that claim for a half Interest; two hundred dollars was Immediately exi>ended in stripping the ledge for
a distance of over two hundred feet, showing an average width of over three feel
of ore, from which assays have been made showing s value of $20.00 in gold, silver
and lead. It was deemed advisable to postpone farther operations tilt the winter
was over when work could l-e more economically carried on; the ore i- verv similar to that mi the surface in the ** Black Bear" claim, snd ii is almost certain that
you have the same ledge. Von may enngratntate yourselves on this fact, aa at
the depth nf about ninety foet the workings on the "Black Bear" are in ore that
carries good gold values, It may be well to point out hero that the" Pedro" is
only half ft mile (ovor easy country irom tbe North Star branch ofthe Canada 11
Pacific railway.     Timber ami water are convenient, and concentreUng machinery
can la* operated at A  moderal «l, so that the ore can be marketed at s lowei
cost price than the average. Tho showings at the surface on tin- " Pedro " and at
the depth attained in the " Black Bear," viz.. one hundred f*-»*t, coupled with the
conviction that they are both on the same le*tge, warrant the conclusion that ynu
have a property which will develope, with comparatively littleexpense, into an ore
producing mine which will net a handsome profit to the Company, and 1 think
you arc ta be congratulated upon your success, for while the theory you propose
10 work under,  was that,  in a number of venture-, one success would cover all
losses, yon have scored a deckled success on the second venture. I, myself, fe«l
confident that on the " Pedro" venture you will make many thousands oi dollars,
and it is possible that development will prove the Waneta properties to be still
more valuable-
f am yours obediently,
A, W. M'VITTIK, D. I., s.
* Mining Kngineer,
sisthig of patriotic songs and speeches,
and Mr. A. I.eilcb, Sr., who Acted as
chairman, kept the ball rolling at a
rapid rate. It was a great semtoff and
the Cranbrook members nf the contingent-, one ami all, expressed themselves
hs grateful for the strong evidences of
good will anil words of good cheer on
the eve of their departure.
Hunks of Volunteers.
Halifax, N. S.iJaU* 16, i</jn,
To the editor of The Herald, Craubrook. H Cv. We are much pleased and
gratified at lhe kind expression of good
will ou lhe part of the people of Cranhrook, aud thank them for their generous gilt. We regret being forced lo
leave without paying onr friends a vUll,
so lake this opportunity of bidding them
all good bye, aud wishing prosperity ami
■access to all.
Prank K. Leach,
O, I,. Rook.
II. W. Huckelt,
A. Irvine Robertson.
Called lo Craabrook.
Nelson Miner: The Presbytery met in
Nelson this week, Rev. R. Frew presiding as moderator. A call, extended to
the Rev. Mr. Fortune, of Alvinston,
(int., was considered, accepted and forwarded to Mr. Portune, who will probably accepl. It speaks volumes for the
progress of Cranbrook that it has now
become self sustaining, aud thai uo
further aiil from the church funds will
he required.
Odd Felltwi' Social.
The Odd Fellows of Cranbrook  will
ve a social one  week  from  Friday at
tlnir  hall   tor  the   members  ami   their
ludy fllends,    A short program  is being
anauged aud luuch will be seived.
ll Wss Urgel) Attended sad Wat ■ Pr**-*
oouaced Success.
The carnival held lasl Thursday night
at the rink was largely attended and
was a great success. There were a large
number iu costume and many apeclatoii
present Messrs. Keay, Parker aud Hill
served as judges, aud they awarded
pr /es as follows:
Best original  costume.   Mr. Cssllske,
market woman.
1 Mrs Oil! as Columbia.
2 Miis M'.M ii hs Qood Luck.
i   Miss (->'l>ell as G>psy.
j    Miss Shea as Japanese.
1 Miss A. (Want as Night
2 Miss U. Leitch as Swiss C.irl.
1    Iv Mnrry as Darkey.
3 C. Prest ns Knight.
Boys under 16
1 Charley Ilremner,
2 Davis McKachern.
Hoys under 10,
1 Colon Leitch.
2 Wilbur Hill.
Closing Barber Shops,
We, the undersigned  barbers of Cranbrook,   B. C,  do hereby   agree lo close
our  shops  five  nights  in   the  week  al
9 o'clock, and on Saturdays at 12 p.m,
to keep closed until Monday morning,
W. It. McFarlane.
F.J. Dickenson,
Hrnesl Deuieis,
W. K. Stone.
Shews up Weil.
There are fourteen residences just completed or iu course of construction iu
Craubrook at this time. f
:'   Good lob Work?
XHUBSDA^    -   -   ■
r. I.   *UMl* ■■■'■. I illti'i ■ n! Wann-ii
ii.::m- i
England's Bin *.rmv.
If you do come to The Herald
office. That is the kind we
do.    Trv us and see.
HOTEL        ?
Loudon, Feb   2.    Mi WyndliJlit'd    re-1
mark ■'       leclai the
coiom   is thai Gi
a     rt nigh I   .
Africa Can
run; 15 oi .* South U in vi
reci ieved »Uh wonder men 1
total uf 21      0 tn
:,*..* ■ OM there, "Mil lilt* exce|
000 that are    final ■        ■     , ■
this i- the       ■ ■
cv.-i i ui   nto
iii,- (   . m 11    \\  1
gdli rSo.ojo     tt. I   .
hnd .*.- a u
Mr  W'yudh 111      pi ■ li wa th
thi defense ilu )el   put
lorwuid os la w bat hus i.< ■
being  done,    Thi;
inoi tit iir p i] er* ia thai   hi**,
natoni h lhe cciiulr*,      ;i
lug, 1 nl] :..   .
Ten tin ui 1 ■     li ■■■ -  ■■-'■'■■'   I   md        1
la - *   ne ■ bul up al I.ii'iym
h\.* nu     ;
Irooj b who no! yel
in aihlitioti  lo  those nl   sea.    Why
many eflVcttves I) i\e   yel     eel    ■■    .. .
raiiL' oui ol  ■
1 I
i ■  1 rill
. :    fml
Everything first class. Rooms newly furnished, well
j lighted, well ventilated, and heated by furnace. Conveniently
jlccatcd, and ranks wilh thc best.
First-class Dining room and besl of Cigars ami Liquors,
-, ; Rates, $2.00 per day.
Short orders day and night        LratlDfOOk.*. D* L*
, r henrt. reeled
■   .*.   rhere. uot 80 yards
!     ■
y it* tdeti 11
.      il * :   ■     :
did  -1,  1 horror,
It nip  pn ...... 1
■    ■    : li. "1:';'    ; ■
n ,..,    ■     pi-luj      I'n.ti ld,\   t! v brin
!:■ ,     ,. ||   !*. .     '.  fill* |10«
lip. ,, l      :,-'■■., rotich.ll lindlnl
i>i| to 11 town}  side*
v ■  iviitl- lie   i :. to .1
■    ■
'     1©DQ:Q   ■ .■    ■        j      I  )j   §j "JOO
"1 r tlie M.-i Comfortable
" lulu Knot Kootenay.
Get ready for our new skating rink.
I have just received a large shipment of        jt jt Jt jt
Club   and   Hockey   Skates
Also a Special Line of
A Call Solicited
S S G. H. Miner
\\ ■ .,
nml il
,. ui-: iinz.ili
Ol      hllpj I'll     ,       1
far del
It sei
in   as thougl
-■■" i» • ■
Willi ll
now   holds
irv when v- -
-.villi ll
■• Boer aiuiy
■:     II '1    org II
»ill nol exp
ildeq lately «h
w lien
gener 1
ftom    r..|ue
/■■iiiii'. -. lln
ill.-!.: in  i uh
lumbers.    K
.-'I;;.'   I-
ll,,K to  I..,,,
thai   i irBe ;■ I
lusl he kepi
'.,,.,  .: .loiij  i
lhe honnil >r
Pernie is.
e Free Prcs
'he  I'ofl   Sleel
etor ilu- wee
.IorIms lu a sn
nf Imi
^ dog   UIIV   1
he nliwarrante
mis it i le
V.'-'l,  ...   two U'.
ng   Uie   pei
ol   this    lowl
other linn
-.■.is that li
of llle .'.linn
leallng wilh tli
inlhe.se coll	
lust we
-k ■'musl In,.
e b
ci nil interestc
party in llie proccefl
that look j., u
lit lllei
ominitlee nn
14 refern 1 to 1
tlle Pro
|..,l.„ "     '1
s ■.-..,.,■ the on
trulli 11
,' l-K.-pi—...
littered regari
inn tU.
wboli  ■•n'l.i
he wrilerol til
certainly   v,
.■a   "int.',,  .'-.
as the e . oi
lids paper was
... the . omu
,     ll tbere m
in Pen
e ' line.- "i
would-be p
who  are s,-.
llieir 11
.•.Hell aspiin
■■ at Hi- expen
of Port
Steele," the
pic hen   wnnl
like to
to  < ll..
letige  the   1
ire, and ne he
A u'.uii
■ XT/-...
We f»i!
lo l "■'■ how
i id tlmt a , oil
""'"' » "
ilnled,  li in an
of tlie
Pro pecti i  ■
emeiits."    Uot
tho     1
js    depend    n
" ror ll..' tru
ii i
iis statement
If the 1
Wpeclor hn
epreaentniivi i
this to
ul wbo wenl
I n
•|kl'    Ml.il     .1 ...
s those we i
ed lolasl .,...'
Ile is CI.
rlailll) qnile
sponsible, ml
in  all
.  mi.i.■!:';■■.   ■-.:.
no one
here pays un
* ut
ciition I"
Helloes ol
•o.l   Gazette
umbers   ..I   ,,i
us Ii ave heei
i-iv.-.l fi..n «
boys i
i   .Muni mu   .
other   wesi i
.»r service i
lhe Sti ith....
.■in.   They 1
ni . ..hi ,   b
tbat lhey
lol   he   enlisl
The applies
i include  mil'
of Ruo
eveldl's Ron
ti.lets    TheH
7-elte  i
- '"  possess
of   n i ■ in ■ •
Indicates nl
l"   i certuil
Hint th
..,■ will he ..
'■i:;  el. in. i '   .
tho col
liligenl "1   i
nun,  who   n
jnst Iii
ed foi lhc ...
Iii    hortal-de
K   V. Sim,
\ ii ...:. wonv
the i ironiri si
ii".   \,«   Kiiu
Ui'lilli',1 Tl inlinlll
VanDecar & Sun, Props
Crnnbrook, ll. C.
Nrwlj   Pui'lil lied
I n. >■ i. a whal sin did, tin
er seized lii-ri-lilkl and lunipi
-li.-.li.l so, iliepiiulherniadi
'....M..,,,,, IE I III llllil,I.
sl Willi llii
'lllll I. I.,Ill
. hill,     llllil  1.1.1
i l linn Ills
The Spokesninu-Kevicw contrast, lhc
Cllllllirinis li.iiiy i;'.'   nl   a    Hritisll   S'll'li'.T
wilh lb.' simple outfit  nl  a  l | ector,
nnd remarks: "The scicuce ..I war is
imperfect when it fails to train soldiers
to despoils* in field service with all  111"
mid Iriii. down  their necessities.    A
eked f-.'iii   the   hills,
rll\ utler lliedlspaleh .'fa fn
Slrfllhcotifl Hi. rimini:
thi...sail.I   im-ii in sr-i   . .mi         ni,is,    -
trails and cabins of llilti I. Columbia,   „., .'   '.!   ,  '."      .      .
would give tbe Queen  betlei vi.-.' in   , n(1(
South Africa Ulan she will net from  i ,- md the sea, un.
oooc.lt) men from London, \  ■
Olla.i.i, Feb, s    Strntbconn Morse ir-   , .
rrnititiK collinleticed M.mdny nidi   r 11 	
ttibulid aa follows:   A squnilron—I'lril   ,      .
troop, Manlloba, 40: seeotul Iroup, Mnos-   11,,.	
oinin, .1 : third troop, Keftiua, i <; rtb
troop, Pilncc Albert   mil Baltlerord,  |n:   upon he
total, it-..
B aipiaclron—First troop, Calvary,   ; ;    Hie 1    |.   ■'-'
second   troop,   bldmonton,    1 :   third   I.       'rn  nnd i>.   .
troop, Pincher tiiees, 2o,   Mncleoil, ao;
fourth troop, r.ethbrldKe, 1 -, Mediciu
Hat nnd llnplc Creek, ."■. total, 160
C squad — Pirsl li". p. Foil Sleele
40; second troop Nelson, 401 iliinl troop
Qoliletl   i". Revelstoke, lo, Vernon, 15
fourllilio.il., K..0:1" 'P'. 15, \'.l'l,"t|V(.|
15, Vict.nil, 15; total, 160; I'rali 1 lnlnl
4S0 men.
slrelched rnrwunl
bill a shorl yard I
'.Oi.'.i.    \- for l!i
its llili-nik'ii vn-
iin.l.l I... lookln
nl. nm. In'	
lit I, Tail 11M lm
Al I'-nuili hi
ike.   Wliiil wu- II?   Wliii
'I here ii rnntrniTnln.  P
' l"fp I"	
using nnx-
liail ceased.   Ml was onee
..an be,   Will, Ihe re-
lho man's fears became
lime 1 mhl
.,"..1   hi    rllle
1 l'i- in  iilueedi
.1.   11.1,: li,
in ilu- ki.,'
■par il
fail. 11   I'l ..itl
1 ■■ le. \ few
ill ' m-ln n.iiir-
11., whleh    Innl
I ti, i I pushed in.   1. Iiiili.-i-lii
a I.i
Stood Death ill!. \
H. II. Mnn.lay, s lawyer n Henrlel a'     :- .1 I   -
Tes., once •" led .. Brove-diKucr,    11 ■     -
says:   "Mv brother  was vory Inn with
malarial f,-.-..ri.u.li mi..'i.e.   I persuaded   1 '
Iiln, 10 try K'cctriclnitlers, and he wm    1 1
soon much belter,   1 inncd theii
use   until    h -I. Ily   cure I.    I     ''    •''■
nm mt,- Ble Iri   lllttei       ■■ 1 hi.   life "    ' " ' ; ■  '
This rem dyexpe 1. kills     .
Keillls uml p irifie   tin I ' d    ; - - -
tion, reRiilnli liv.-r. I Idue) ,aml hi ..,-...
cures constipation, dyspepsia, icrvous
diseases, kidney troubles, reunle com-      .
plaints', glvu perreel health.   Only joe   ,    ',,;    ,lH.
at it K Beattie's drug store. a>)f«red,   The ery:   "Basil!   Basil!
wnn hi
nllod his
li. III,
imi In-   hnd
.1    to    save
lhe  loving husband
!,:yi>'k h, life, and \'_
,il weak, lllll safe, to '
:-00Q ) « "DO' -     *•).;.., <;'"■■:■ -)( 'iOQQQG©.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    ««
McVittie & Hutchison
ioes ami Real Estate
INSURANCE ,-t ,'t        .<
' I   Cranbrook, B. C.
L- \J 1 XJ\ cd hr W
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All K'l.v-k- ni
Rough a d Dressed Lumber
;    When in Kimberley
I    Stop at the .....
t ♦
I KiftBERLEY Hotel I
* •
! Wellman c< Hurel, Proprietors,                    I
! New Building;, New Furniture, and Every-   I
! thing first-class.   Our object is to please our   t
! patrons.                                                                  2
T. A. Greighton,
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything;,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife anil lhe bachelor should deal \iiili hint,   It will pay them.
Livery ^
Proprietors .'5 ■•" ■•'■
Regular  Stage   lo   Kimberley
^ hii,i drivers furnished r..i nn>
lln- illslilct,
Manager   ,-t    ,-t
VV. F. aURD, B.C. L.
Bai risler, Solicitor, Etc.
trnnl.rn.il.. :        Itrilish Columbia
I . Citn-nilnSi C. I-.
I'orl Steele, B, C,
..   II.   I1..SS. II.   U.   Ill K, ll.ll-ll
Banisters, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
-'fm- nn nl-
J. R. COSTIGAN, Qa..     ""'■' s'""u
■MH.IB.    ciiaxiuiook        General
House and Lot in Cranbrook
■ i.i.fn
-.1 nnwnrd.
Vive rooms, pantry, cellar nnd lnrite I 	
, slied; for renl. fi; per inniilli.  nr for
'sale, *55o,  fas ensn, balaiico'ft5 per   HORSnSHOIHNO,    MINING WORK
"ho   „„„ub '' Advertiser will renl hounas nr ***** IIUNKRAI, RKPA1R1N0,
'•'u''^   stores in Craiil.rook, Moyie Fernie, Fori 	
|*»"j   Steele or Ki„.l,.-rl,-v, titrtillm purrliase : -\yA (■ nx    >V< X HI-1VOKK
'"""   .mi ens.* lei-in...   Apply, I'. 0. l)0.i ii j,,
Ctanl rook, U, C. Promptly Attended to.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Lcadville ol East Kootenay.
Terminus o| North Star branch of thc Crows Nest I'nss Rnlhvav
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within n rniHin nf
threo miles,
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's Rivor district.
Ureat Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will !«.* located here
'. 0.. KIMBERLY.
Via* Cranbrook
Sole Agent
Commercal Hotel...
....J. F. & Q. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranhrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines and   Liquors at the   Bar
Mm^^*^iiLii3i*aBProp 11 a m in
Tbe Best Stock, tbe Most Satlsfaetory Prices, and
Flrit-Clau  Work.      Repalrlai Neatly Esecaled.
B. C Furniture &
Undertaking Co,
Maaufadnreri of ill Kinds of
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmer;.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
I East Kootenay TT
! 3 Hotel 3
. T. Richards »
I'rufirliiiir   :::   Itl      9
This holel bos beeu refitted and refumisheil.    The lalde
tn the best.    Satisfftctory rates given regular boarder*.
J Baker Street
Cranbrook, B.C    |
M. Mclnnes g Co.    !
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Sleele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
Central Hotel North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hotel is open both da; and J Tee North Star Hotel is llie lirue nn.l
night.   Tlie liar goods are first class, jjj magnificent hotel nt Kltllberloy thnt
nml the dining room is in charge of J Ib just finished nnd is furnished new
Thos. McCarson, nnd is second to.none g throughout.    Everything in eonnee-
in the Kootenays.   Free sample rootna jjj tion Ib first-clans.     When you visit
snd the liest nnd quietest bedrooms ill jjj Kimberley,   don't   forget   The   North
tbe town. j Slar Hotel. p-
01UNBR00K,  B. C.
Shine; Pointer, t :14V4, by star
Pointer, dun* by Sidney, 2;1Q%, hns
be-fR a mile in SiOS-li, Inst half In 1:02%,
In the second bent of tbe 2:14 pace
at 1'i'bann, O., tbe other day, liurr
Patch set n uew track record of 2:1*%
Little RclfT nnd "Skeett" Martin,
American Jockeys uow riding uu Bug-
li'ii trucks, arc di-lug tliulr share of
thu w luu lug.
Frank Ityndyk, tliu gigantic variety
performer rniuiiniKiiiiig iu thn Atlantic
coast couutry, now ims a mark ot
t-i'ost't. Krauk Btands over it luuuis
Etoury l-Motschroan, tho Auttrlan
buyer. imn bought tho may mare Eva*
lou by Bgmout OUIof, from w. 10. Den-
isoii, Kldorado, Ran., for export to Vienna.
Two of ihu now trottora of 180D,
Ktngmoo-d, 2:ii-v*j, nud Reroute, 2ilt%
iht.ni'.h tin- two nre liu nl ly iim yot In
the ku mu cldui are out uf Red Wilkes
um res.
Black Robert) with two drat money*
ami a record of *,,&% to his credit llio
other week nt Ihivi'iiport, lu,, Ims UlflllO
gooti nil -i in-- claims advanced on bin
behalf this year.
The chestuut pacing marc Aria, by
Newton's AlllO Wilkes,   who wou  Ihu
romarkablo tea heat race, the 2:24
pace, at the recent Newburg track
meeting, Clovelaud, is owned by John
B, Davis, Toledo.
Ulngen'sStOOU i* the fastest mile but
oue ever trotted by n Btnlllou lu n race.
His mile lu '2:tw-\ hist fall at Louisville comes third on that list. Only
Directuin1 a 2:05% in a race holds over
these two performances.
Deceiver, by Al turnout, and Alta
Dell, by llohndel, recently knocked
seven seconds from ihe Oregon pole
record for pacers at Salem. The miio
wns doue iu 2:10, lust half in liOS-Ji,
and In the Hrst half Alta broke.—
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
How a Drunken Husband Was Made a
Sober Man by a Determined Wife.
She writes:—"I had for a long time been
thinking of trying the Samaria Prescrtp-
lion treatment on iny hUBband for his
drinking habit', but I was afraid ho would
discover that I was giving hlm medicine,
and the thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a week, but one day -when he
came home very much intoxicated and
his week's salary noarly all spent, I threw
off alt fear aud determined to make an
effort to save onr homo from the ruin 1
saw coming, at all hazards. I Bent for
roar Samaria Prescription and put it in
m-CiTfT "'.-^feot-ad noit morning and
attent re, iu.i..g iiaftwffuj WtV/rtsf an3
everything else dear t-o a woman's heart,
21 ml hm,I«ni1 ]-<"* told mo tlmt -whiskey
wa«i vllai stuff and ho was taking a dislike
ua" ■ 6 Y?*1 0,nI^ to° tn-e- forhefore I
hadglven him the full course he had stop-
ped drink ng oltogethor, but I kept giving
fSSSffitetlff i£w,w «0,1°-nml tbon sent
ror another lot to have on hand If he should
relapse, as ho had dono from his promises
Sum.SS* nTr ,**"■ ftnd -1 <"» 5385
you this letter to t-ell you how thankful I
woVeiS^ taltoW lt WiU ™"«»
amiS ^mi)lilB1t In *lIlJln' 8eal0d oavelopo,
sent free, giving testimonials imdfull In-
formation, with directions how to toko or
administer Samaria Prescription. Cor».
ffiSotlflAniS ronB'*>rcd sur-% oenfide*
ttal Address lhe S-imariaRamody Co
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont. '
Wc arise io Inquire If this secret do*
slor Is anything like ilie Into Mr. Lust-
gert'B sesamoid hoiie.—Loulsrillo Post.
I'm nee cuu l'i'1 into n fracas on as
short notice an nny oilier country, ami
can gel over It with equal rapidity.—Cin*
clnnntl Enquirer,
While Prance mny bo standing on tht
edge nr a volcnno crater, It's often happened of hue, nnd there wns found to
be nothing iu It.-l'tilUilelplito Times.
"Wc are nil in the siiuie Lull," until une
Trench nrmy ofllcer, "Ves." snid llio
others, "nnd we're nil trying to see who
cmi nick it tlm bardcal.**—Washington
Zulu, Ltiborl nnd Plcquart hnvo suffered persocatloti for righteousness' sake.
The BOItl CBUUOt bll dend in n nation thnt
can Btlll produce aucti men.—London Ad-
Eighty years ngo Napoteou snid of the
French Ihnl ihey were u nntlon of turn*
conts, without character nnd moral
courage. Tho court mnrtlnl will show
whei her he wns right.- London Mail.
Pr-pnervril Snap Bubbles.
If ouu wishes to make soap bubbles
which will last several days, prepare
the following mixture In n room where
the temperature is uot lower thau 03
degrees: Dissolve at a gentle heat one
part of castlle soap, previously cut Into
thin shavings, in 40 parts of water, distilled, if possible, and, wben the solution Is cold, filter It
Moving done this carefully, mix in
a bottle by violent and persistent shaking, a little at a time, two parts of
glycerin with three parts of the above
mentioned solution of soap and allow
It tbeu to stand where it will not he in
thc way of dust. The liquid, which Is
nt tlrst clear, soou becomes turbid. After a few days a white precipitate will
have risen to thc tup of the liquid, leaving the remainder clear. Draw off the
clear portiuu with siphon (a bent tube)
and keep It for use. To U1G a Hlphou
It is necessary Ilrst to till it ami then
to plunge the shorter arm Intu thu
liquid tn be drawn off.
This mixture is called glycerin liquid,
'rhe mm it forms is or Mich strength
Hint a bubble four inches lu diameter
mny he kept in thu open ulr of a room
for three hours K supported by u ring
of Iron or hone an Inch and u half in
dhimcict- or allowed to rest on boiiio
s.ti'i woolen fabric, if placed uuder a
gloat shade, it may last hh long as
three days, if tilled with tobacco
smoke, It looks very much as If It
were solid,—Boston Transcript.
Tno IIiw Necks.
"Once, when I was in New York
some years ngo," aald A. W. Wlielpley,
"I found myself one afternoon standing before a conuter In oue of lhat
city's largest dry goods houses selecting some collars.
"A good many men Rallied up while
I wnB there and ordered collars of
various sizes, from 13 to 18.
"I heard a full, rather hoarse voice,
ask for 'turn down, 20.'
"I turned to note tbe man with the
thick neck and beheld Grover Cleveland beside me. 1 knew him by his
resemblance to the fellow on the cigar
"I Imd been given my change nnd a
small pocket of wares by tbe auburn
haired goddess of the counter, and witb
one more gliinco nt the generous proportions of the man of destiny 1 was
moving away when, strangely enough,
the autocrat ol the house of congress,
Tom Heed, came steaming up to the
"There they stood, neither evidently
knowing the proximity of the other.
"And bless me If he didn't a;,; for
collars, 'second medium, welt band,
turned front, 21!'
"1 wondered if he thought the store
provided a surveyor for such monstrous measures, but the goddess wns
equal to the occasion nud handed out
the desired size."—Cincinnati Enquirer,
Why (itiiiilli-Eln Knt Men.
Some   grewsomc   Information   has
been collected by a member of tbe
European medical fraternity In relation fo trlUtk, tlmt mt meD# A PreDch.
man figures that 20 per cent of nil
cannibals eat the dead in order to
Slorlfy them; 19 per cent est great
K^i&k^o m OrMHiito;
dron In order to renew their youth; 10
per ccut partake of their near relatives
from religious motives, cither In con*
neetlou with Initiatory rites or to glorify deities, and 5 por cent feast in order
to avenge themselves upon their enemies. Those who devour human flesh
because of famine are reckoned as 18
per cent.
In short, deducting all these there re*
mains only n portion of 24 per cent
who partake of human flesh because
they prefer It to other menus of alimentation.
In the heart of Africa man eating is
continued to this dny, and to such an
extent that In certain villages ribs and
quarters of mnn ment can be bought
It Is easier for the native there to kill
men when they desire llesh thau to go
to the exertion of hunting game.—St.
Louis Post-l>ispatch.
Catarrh Can
Be Cured.
Japanese Catarrh
haa   luifi'Mtniiv  .-.ljifi   with   'Kt*   m-ust
rt in*.!,'cm 11- ill (■.en-to, and cured
to -May tiiretl.
Miss A. Knott, ol hi-achville, Oat., writer*:"]!
we had-ouly known of Japanese l-ntiorli Cure
•ft-tii--* itgo, my father would linv-.- been saved
from wiidlug hundreds uf dollars, nml 1 would
hnvolrwn Irtn* front thai instant pain nnd
noynniM-of tbhmost tiisgnBttag disease.   11
hud eutiimi t.'r *-■■-rs.   Mv lic.nl wns iin
up so thut 1 could not breaths throngh
ntmtrlls. My ln-mth wu vn Impure I h id
nl most n <■ mitnni pnin In mv hand imd over mv
I'Vt-i. NotliinK I ■ "*■. 1 i;i'i gavo uk* pm-mntwat
relief, unlit using Japuiew Catarrh Ouro.
From thu very llr**t It k.ivi* mo relief, aad in .1
nhori limo hnd removrd Hi  a *-.iin«'mi 0
nun I oouldbnathofrobl] Un r ■ the nuatitii
Thepiln left my bund unl <■ ■ i!" offoot
upon my breath wu tralj wonderful purify
Iiik nnd rviiinvmiM vtn ■<--<.■>•■■' tha unploai.
mu odor, nml daring tni i«si jroni since u-h-k
Ulil reme y linve nm felt ill ■ 1i.iiji  RlRti <>!   my
furinortrouule.   1 can bithly woininund li
und icn.i't nt HTeral othon in ournifig ib rhood
nhirin it uasoarad.
Bold by aUdrnsgUts. BOoonti. -ifnss-unpls
•out to uny addr«HM     Eflqtoia  t-oont lUtnp.
Aiiiit.-n , in, i.ntiiih* k Msophsrion Oo.,ul
Charon ■twit, Toronto.
Unbic, 2:30, ii Roother new standard
trottor to the credit or Pamlico, 2:10.
Armada Prince, 2:10V,, pacing, is oue
of the fastest of tbu hobbled brigade,
Billy Andrews, 4, 2:U7Vi. by Huw Bella,
tops the list of new pacing performers.
The nnme of Prince Wilkes, by t.'iip-
taln Cook, who took 11 '-J-yeai-nld pacing
record lust season of 2:15!^, hus been
changed to Stacker Taylor.
Frank Harrington drove Hou, Frank
Fowler's young green burse l'nclnriiv,
by Patronage, 2:12%, n mile iu 2:lT:,1i
recently at Dgvenport, la.
Marion G, 2fl0,*by Rockdale, who began tbo season with a record of 2:25%,
has paced 11 races so far tbis season,
aud has won seven of them.
Much Ado, 2:18l&, the New England
trotter, Comes through thc home su-eich
like a frec-for-aller, nml wius most of
bis heats and races tliat way.
Lakeside Trincc, n young horso by
Pntchen Willies, 2i28& recently wou a
race at Berlin, Germany, trotting nearly
two miles at tbe rate of 2,28%.
The Riverside farm's (of Berlin, Wis.)
black colt, Black Robert, who won with
ridiculous ease In 2ll8f4 Ht Davenport
recently, is oue of the fastest 4-year-olds
of the year.
Betoulcn, 8, 2:10-& now 5, will not
race tbis yenr. Tom Marsh bus sent
hlm home to Muplewood farm, Portsmouth, N. II. He bas sensational speed,
but is n cripple.
Split Silk won two bents io tho 2:10
pace nt Rigby park, Chicago, the other
day, lowering ber record to 2:08'/t, but
was not up to concert pitch and lost thu
race.   She Is In foal to Joe Pntchen.
Senator A, 2:10, recently won a race
at Milan, Italy, beating Bismarck, Au*
train nud Miss Boworman at mile nud a
furlong bents. Bismarck look tin* lirst
at the rate of 2:20, and Senator A tbe
next two, rate of 2:18, 2:18 2-5.—Horse
A LA f.
Raised stripes like
Hon*, grouuds ■ f Vi*.
nrds appear on Ins-
one. sill;  and penu
I.:u*e bonds appear
Ince  trimmed   model
winter ten *.- iwuv
Sable, sealskin, om
chinchilla wraps an-*,
conspicuous pnsltiuna
upon somo of tbo
fur   autumn  and
Pi ran d lamb and
;: in mlngs oCfcopy
In the edranco ull
Silk cord applique*
or braiding des .* is n
ul li   [ui   icmei '*■!:■-.
some * ■■ lb cost! 1.
All the red shades
deepen -1  In   1 .-*. i.:
s..*.n*j< Ln*  in  ruffi
■ I Iii ■ }i: aud che*
f tli- summer have
d tbe j;.< i lemlnot
nml gc
en  im
1 have I.**
by   I'rt
There will soon appear some very
beautiful dabllfl nnd plum shades, devoid nt all metallic llghu. which, in cloth,
light wool tuid siiu ami wool mixtures
will form ror*/ smart and exceptionally
becoming autumn gown*,
liu Marry suitings ou white nud gray
Interwearings, rich costume Venetlaui,
luttlng serges, boulevard diagonals, Bor*
ui**' and S:tj. 1 -11 > cheviots are among ibe
novelties in all wool thai are to be used
for bandsoinw tailor costumes.
In the ihowlng ur early niilunin uiilli-
m*i*y yellow beflrteil black roses, with
black lace or chiffon and short but very
full black ostrich plumes, are among the
novel trimmings ou leuhoru ami ml bin
shapus ami hum in lawdlko upeuwork ef*
reuti in blfleh chenille.
A l-i.KAHANT MKD1G1NK.—There
are some pills wblob have no other purpose evidently tban to boget painful internal disitironiices in the patient, adding
Lo his troubles ami perplexities rather
Limn diminishing them. One might as
well swallow some corrosive material.
Pnrmeles's Vegetable Pills have not this
disagreeable and injurious property,
'lhey ure ensy to take, are uot unpleasant
to iho tat-le, and their action Is mlht aud
(toothing, A trial of thein will prove this
They ulTer peace to thu dyspeptic.
nil Mi'.'wiiiir*.
Excitement is often tho cause of strange
telegrams, as well ns of other strange
A man who hnd been one of the pus*
sengers 011 a shipwrecked vessel wns
rescued almost by a tuirnele. Ou arriving nt a place from whieh lie could semi
fl Iplcgrnpblc message, he forwarded tbe
following dispatch to his brother:
"1 am saved! Try to break It to my
Tbo Chinese have devoted themselves
for ncnrly 4,000 yenrs to the artificial
propagation of tisbet, shellfishes, fowls,
pearls and spongea.
Mi-uiil's Liniment cum H in Cows.
The Long Inland railroad has adopted
the rule Unit pllMcngcr* nre to leave the
ems by the front door mid enter by thc
rear iloor.
All thc employees of the Montreal
street railway bnve heen Insured against
accident lo the amount of $1,000 ut lbs
expense or the company,
The Italian Itntlitlclnn I.nigi Bodlo
reports iu tho Qlornalo degll Economist!
that the Italian railways carried In 1801
nearly 12,500,000 foreign passengers, ot
whom 0,21P,8i:i traveled first cloil,
D,00S,*144 second and only ;(80,0(M> third.
During tbo administration of the receivers of the Baltimore nnd Ohio railway 15,860 box cars, 0,750 wooden gondola cart, 0,000 pressed stsel cars, 31-J
miscellaneous cars, postal, express und
dining cars were purchased, at a total
oust uf ■$17,000.000.	
Up* and Du-tviiH.
"1 believe that every nmn Is trying
In some wny to live up to an Ideal."
"1 don't, A good many of them aoem
to bu trying to live down to ideuls."—
Chicago Times-Hern Id.
<lia»3» In nonuhot I mi-..
A full of rocks from the centra of
tho Horseahoo Falls has had tho effect of restoring It to tho shape from
which it derived its name. Of laM
years Llio full has boon "V" shaped,
and this resulted in the greater part!
of the water plunging over the precipice near the centre. In 1819 tlio
crest of tho falls wus acute, in 1843
it was obtuse, and In 1880 wub
acute, but In 181)0 it began widening
■out. Tho present full of rock Is but
one of the steps lu h.„ slow r*»tr**t
A Mnn of Norre.
The most curious feature In the case
of n miner Imprisoned for nearly 70
hours lu the Qaylord conl mine nt
Plymouth, Pa,, wns his peacefully falling asleep In his tomb as soon as ho
realized that he was likely to he rescued. It would be difficult to imagine a
re serene nervous system. There
wero plenty of chances, too, tbat tbe
miners might not get the poor fellow
out alive. When Iinally he did emerge,
be behaved himseir as a hero ought to
behave—quietly, with less thought of
himself tban of his distracted mother,
who at the moment was ut home praying for him.- Collier's Weekly.
lll-a Complaint.
a only one thing that I ol>-
Jeet to," su Id the patient man with a
last year's hat. "I'iuiiot* must he played
en. That's what tbey were made fur,"
"You disapprove of some of the to*
loo tlons}'1
"No, I don't. All I resent Is having
my daughter call that piece with
which shu wakens the houso every
night a 'slumber song.' "—Washington
"Kver hnvo your hnlr singed?" askod
the barber of tbe mnn who haa a thin
thatching upon the (op of his head.
"Occasionally. Once the furnace
blow out ou me, once 1 mistook gasoline for kerosene, nnd ouce tbo gas
range exploded while 1 was Investigating a k'nlt."—Detroit Froe Press.
Harry Monkhouse, seen here in "The
Gaiety Girl," is to star in England in
Aliss" IVose^tnhl will present tbe role
of Louise in the tirst performance of "A
Soldier of tbe Empire."
Margaret Anglin will play Mlml wiih
Henry Miller iu Chqrlcs l'ruhuian's production of "Tbe Only Way."
Agnes Sorma will net In Paris during
the exposition of 1000. No German actress baa attempted that since 1872.
Mrs. Langtry'd new piny is to be called
"The Degenerates." She will appear In
it as the mother of a 10-year-oKI daughter.
It is stated that only two of the characters iu the "Children Of the Ghetto"
will speak in tbe distinctly Jewish dialect
Violet Vanbriish will tnko the role in
the new Dniry Lane melodrama which
Aita Ilehau Imd agreed ta act before Au
gnstln Daly's death.
James M. Colvllle will play John Storm
iu the special "Tlie Christian'* company,
in which Qffie Blister will appear as
Glory Qnnyle. This company will open
iis season In Bridgeport, Conn.
"The Gadfly," which Stuart Bobson
will give nt WnHack's theater, New York
ciiy. beginning Sept. in, is a dramatisation  "f a  novel of lhat  name,   written
somewhat lu the vein of Sardou's "Daniel Rochat."
The company which has ireen engaged
for "Mistakes Will Happen" is snid to be
etrong. It is bended by Charles Dickson
snd Includes A. II. Stuart, .1. W. Blandish, H.*n Deane, h. is. Willard, Lansing
Rowan, Elsie Esmond and Lottie Hyde,
So rapidly does lung Irritation Kpread
aud deepen, that often In n few weeks a
simple cough oiiloilii'ites iu tubercular
consumption. Give heed to a oough,
there Is always danger in delay, get ■
bottle of Hu kin's Antl-Consumptive
Syrup, and cure yourself. It is a medicine unsurpuFsed for till throat and lutif<
troubles, It is compounded fn*m eoverol
herbs, tach ono of wblob st mitts at the
head of the list as exerting a wondeiful
hilliieiu'i! iii curing consumption and all
lung disent-es.
Moro than bnlf a million sewing machines nre mnde every yenr In tbe
United Stntes, being nine-tenths of all
those mado on tbe globe. About 200,-
000 persons are employed in tbis Industry.
The bnsln of tho St Lawrence river
covers 5110,000 nqunro miles, ot which
400.000 nre In Cgoad*.
Knari's Liniment Cores Distemper.
Fay In SCRIP for Dominion Lauds and
Save 20 per Cent. Discount.
For full information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or lo uny onloo of tho MERCHANTS' DANK
UAN AIM In Manitoba or tlio Wvit,
Tin, oorsot him r>ir,io to stay.—New
York Tribune
Hiitjlil variations 0l nn al.l law: Wheu
trniti fall out, honest mon mav como to
tnolr duoH.-Now Yorl; Telegram,
At onco llio awful query rise, If tlio
shoe trust is going lo squecxe tlio nation's foot, liotv aboul corn combinations?
■ Berlin (Mil.) Herald.
Tho trusts are commencing to sduoeu
nil arountl, Hvon tlio women aro nut
exempt, A cot-sot trust I. boing organ-
lied.—Milwaukee Now..
Tbo proposition to limit tho output ot
whisky iu Kentucky i„ 20,000,000 gallons
may bnvo u good ileal to -lo with Inaugurating llio wnr against Irnsls. There
nro cortnln things that the American
pooplo will not stand,—Peoria llernlJ-
Tho Shamrock la heartily welcome to
those waters and tu everything she wants
except tho etiii.—Now York Tribune.
Sir Thomas Upton protests in advance
against thu Impeding or liis yacht's
courso in thc great raco by excursion
boats. It would nppeur that Sir Thomas,
wiih prophetic eye, already sees hia finish.—Philadelphia Ledger.
Tho Interest taken in tho Shamrock by
thu general public is much groator than
that shown In the case of Lord Dim*
rnven'e Valkyrie. This is already n
proof of tho general Impression that tho
contest will bu thu groatost ot Ihem all,
and that our victory will bo tho most
notable iu the history of tho America's
cup.—New York Eveuing Sun.
"Sites Mnrclo Vnn Dresser hns been
engaged to succeed .lossle Bartlett Davis us lending contralto of tbe Boston-
"The Desert of Snlinrn," with n company of SO people, will be one of tho
nHfn/i-Hn-na ■>* Mm Pflrfe nrnnilMnn ■.,,*.•*
Iinrry Karl has just made nrrnuge-
tnents with Charles l-Yohrahn for the
rights or "Tho (Jny Parisians" for ihe
coming Benson,
The German Lilliputians, who havo
done well ns comedians In tbis country
for a number of years, nre to make
their first appearance in London soon.
Lillian Itiisscii lias been engaged for
a season of -10 weeks In Weber &
fields' Music hall, Nvw York, and It Is
snid her salary for tbnt period will bo
Lewis Morrison is In New York ar-
ranging to take n company of players
to Jnpau, thence to Australia, The vet-
cnin nctor conceived the project while
playing nt Sau 1'nuicisco.
"The Sweetness of Paltb," n play by
M. Jacques Normand, produced at tho
Comedle Pranoalsc, Is merely n bucccss
d'estlme. It Is of I]Igh literary quality,
but lacks intense dramatic situations.
An Bugllsh actor who died on tho
road was shipped In his eoflln to London recently by bis manager as "the-
nirical properties." This cost $4, whereas if lie had gone ns n corpse the cost
would have been §00.
('alulle Monties, the French author
whose fame has grown since bis duel
lu defense of the slender Hamlet of
Sarah Bernhardt, is about to come tn
America, primarily to superintend the
production or u play which lie has
been writing for Miss Julia Marlowe,
incidentally to deliver & course of Ice-
lures on literary topics.
damps and Colic I
Always relieved promptly by
Dp. Fowler's Ext. of Wild
When you ar.-- -seized with an altack of
Cramps or doubled op wilh Colic, you
want -i remedy you are sure will give you
relief and give it quickly, too.
You don't want ;*ii untried something
that MAY help you. You waul Dr. Fowlers
Extract of Wild Strawberry) which every
one knows will positively cure Cramps and
Colic quickly,     jost j
a dose or two and you
have case.
But now a word ol
proof to back up these !
ssertions   and   we ]
have it from Mr. John t
Hawke, Coldwater, !
Onl,, who writes; t
"Dr. Fowler's Extract '
^^^ _^._      of Wild Strawberry Is
~^^__^~        wonderful cure for I
^*^ Dlarrhoaa,  Cramps i
and pains in Hi-** stomach.   1 was a great |
sufferer until I gave it a trial, bot now I
have perfect comfort."
..EXT-Or !*J
When Lhiooln Dlefl.
And bo lhe hours passed without per*
ceptlblo change In the president's condilioii ami with only slight shifting of
tho Bcono nrouud hlm. Tho testimony
of those who hnd witnessed tho minder began to lie taken lu un adjoining
room. Occasionally the figures at the
bedside changed. Mrs. Lincoln enme
In at Intervals, sobbing out her grief,
and tbon was led away. This man
went, another took bis place.    It was
not until daylight that there came n
perceptible change, Then the breath-
iiiS grew quieter, llie faco became
more culm.
Tbe doctors nt Lincoln's side knew
lhat dissolution was near. Their bulletin of i; o'clock read. "Pulse falling;"
Hint of hull' past it, "Sill! falling;" lhat
nf 7, "Symptoms of Immediate dlssolu*
Hon," und tbeu at 'S3 minutes pait 7.
hi the presence of his son, Kecrctarles
Htnnton, Welles and Uslior, Attorney
(ienenil Speed. Senator Sumner, Vvl
rule Secretary Mny. Or. Clurloy, Ids
pastor, and several physicians nnd
friends, Abraham Lincoln died.
Tbere wus n prayer, and then tbe
nolomn voice of Stanton broke the still*
in**-'*, "Xow bo belongs to the ages."—
Met'lure's Magazine,
Deur Sirs,—I have great faith in
MINARD'S LINIMENT, as last year
I cured a horse nf Rlng-boue, with
live bottles.
It blistered the horso but in n mouth
tbere was no ring-bone nnd no lame*
Fonr Palls, N.B,
&  jitrthti/ tfriuO fKt/ fa-rf* <<t\4UH/ wnAi
Modest AppchI.
The attention nt I'uKiisii speAklog
visitors io tlie Milan enll'txlrnl Is fend.
Ily Attracted by tlio rolloirlng uotlfe
which nppenra over nn nltns box:
"Appole to Chai'ltnbleB. The itrottt-
ers, so en'leil, of Mercy ask slender
arms for llie Hospital. They linrbor
all kinds of diseases nnd have uo respect to religion."
It steins to as that the City Government
of Chicago would have thc Chicago rive:
sprinkled onco a day.—Memphis Commercial-Appeal.
St. fouls win open ino new school.
rooms this rail.   This will be better foi
Ihnl ciiy tl  the World's fair—Poor's
till-.i Herald.
A lawyer hi Chicago lias been sent to
'air for luconipeleucy. Thc cltj would be
safer if some of the olhct kind were sent
lhcre.-vl.os Angeles Times.
This is tho season of the year when
Milwaal.ce does uot shine in baseball.
The national game i- nl its best in ilu-
ciiy during thc winter, wheu Connie
Mack is telling about his plan, for licit
W, S, C.   ia
tor the pRinTER
IMI/O •*"-•• by "" oelebnUd Arm
The UtMt »nd bwt.
New-i, MitMllftuy.
Berius, oto.   Bni in
th* world.
Cast by Iht "(-Ut
ling" lYoceM. Th*
only pltnt ot the
kind in Canada.
Of all makes and
kmdt--newa&d a**
cond hand.
iho in
- that I
SIX OILS.—Tho im»t conolofllro i
raouy, repeatedly laid before thu publi
tin* columns ol tin.* dally preaa, proves
Dn.Thomas' EIcLEcnuc tin.—na absolutely
pure combination ol six of tli" Bnost remedial oils in existence—remedies rht-miiiitic
rain, eradicates affections of ilu* thrift nnd
lungs, and cures piles, wounds, sores, lanie-
iiess, tumors, burns, uml injuries of horse*
and c-attlo.
No Bye Por Art.
"What Interests yon so deeply?" she
"I nm trying to make up my mind."
be answered, "wlieilier Hint tiling <m
the table te my new wn ste! ui sleet upside down or yonr new but right siiio
up."—Chicago Post.
A NotfiMe rrevpilcnt.
"The beef trust hcoiiis determined to
put Hit' price of Bleaks uji higher tlmn
ever berore," remarked Mr. CI a swell.
"Beef can senreely get higher than It
wna when the cow jumped over the
moon." added Mr. Dtikanc.-I'ittsbiirg
People upend n terrible lot of time la
getting mod anil feeling Horry for It.
A girl's Idea of taking cure of her
brothere te to tel] on tbem whenever they
do anything u (drl wouldn't do.
Von meet n nmn every now nnd then
whn does not control hte own vole, hut
who can tell you jnst how your own bullet hIhiiiIiI he CBBt.
Rending good books doesn't muito a
woman ii bright conversetlounlist an
inm-h hh ih« consclouiuoi! that alio him
ou hecoiuliiif c'liitliun.
Sprains, Strains and Injuries of thi
Back often cause Kidney Troible.
Hen U tht proof:—
Mrs. S. Horning, Glasgow Street,
Ouelptlf Ont., saysi "Doan's Kidney
Pills are grand. 1 have not been 111 since
taking them, which was over a year ago
last winter, and can give them my warmest
praise | for they restored me to health after
25 years of Buffering* Twenty-five years
ago I sprained my back severely, and ever
since my kidneys have been In a very bad
state. The doctors told me that my left
kidney especially wai in a very bad condition. A terrible burningpaln wai always
Eresent, and I suffered terribly from luin-
ago and pain in the amall of my back,
together with other painful and distressing
symptoms, common in kidney complaints.
I could not sleep, and suffered much from
salt rheum.
" When I first commenced taking Doan's
Kidney Pills I had little or no faith in them,
but I thought I would try them; and it
Siroved the best experiment I ever made,
had only taken two boxes when the pain
left my back entirely. Three boxes more,
or fivo in all, made a complete cure.
"After 25 years' of suffering from kidney
disease I am now healthy and strong again,
and will be pleased to substantiate what I
have said, should anyone wish to enquire.'*
An Unusual Offer,
H you aro at all skeptical about trying
Grimthu' Menthol Liniment vour druggist will sell it with tho understanding
that If not entirely satisfactory your
money bock. Uso It for rheumatism,
neuralgia, sprains, bruises, muscular
soreoesa, and all forma of swelling and
Inflammation.   All drugging 25 cents.
A Limit.
"Now," said tbe careful newspaper
mnn ns be showed the statesman nn
interview, "you nre quite sure you said
all thte'r
"Yes." was the reflective answer;
'I'm sure I said It. but I can't be sure
about bow long ni remember I said
A  C'litvlpnilmn  [-'oncer.
The following Incident is told of Austin
Bldwelt, tbo notorious forger, who mnny
years ago attempted to break the bank of
When he was arrested, he remembered
tlmt, being short of money at the time, be
hud procured lunch on credit nt a I-ondon
restaurant, nnd wrote to nu acquaintance
v.iinin ne una ueinenueu to Bottle tfce
score. Tbis was duly done, and Bid well
was apprised of the fuet. Then the forger
recollected that be had forgotten to tip
the waiier threepence, as usnat, ond Le
forwarded three postage stamps to the
restaurant keeper for Robert's benefit.
Ilidwell's missive to the landlord, framed,
wns long ou view in the bar of the re»-
CALSBS GHOW.—It takes very Utile to
demnge tho stomach. The cause may
Im* blight, n cold, something ealen or
drunk, anxiety, worry, or some other
simple causa, llut If precautious be not
taken, this simple cause limy havo most
serious oonsequenoes, Many a elironlejilly
debilitated constitution today owes its
destruction to slmplo causes not dealt
with in time. Keep the digestive apparatus in healthy condition and all "nl be
well. Paimelee'B Vegetable 1'llls ara
better than any other for the purpose.
Laxa-Llvep Pills are tho mosl
perfect remedy known for the cure of Constipation, Dyspepsia Biliousness and Sick
Headache, They work without a gripe
or pain, do not sicken or weaken or leave
any bad after effects.
The Keturiii'i) Prodigal.
"No, hiiIi," mild the returned colored
prodigal, "dey ain't no much room fer
de eullud mail In Boston cz what dey
makes out."
"Been there, have you?"
"Vos, sub, en mighty glad ter git
"What was the trouble?"
"Trouble 'nuiT, sub, I tell youl I
henrn tell dey wuz takln do eullud
folks In ban en eupportln of 'cm right
en lef; but dey Boon leinine know dat
I wuz clean mistook; 1 thought I'd
Jlno wid whnt dey calls de 'literary
folks' up dnr, but dey kicked 1110 out.
Don 1 gone ter speech mnklu, but dey
warn't nobody 111*11 out ter heah mo
Vept do janitor en two perl Icemen,
Ku, would you b'lleve It, suh, I
couldn't even git n place ez teacher In
one er tie high schoolsl"~Atlanta Constitution.
Miiiard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc,
Had Left For Pari* Inknntvn.
In n murder trial In Dallas the counsel for the defense was examining a
venireman regarding Ida qualifications
to nerve. Tho candidate admitted that
ho hnd onco been a member of a jury
wblcb tried a negro for murder. It la
hot permissible in such cases to nsk
tho result of the trial, ao the counsel
"Where Is that negro now?"
"1 don't know," wnn tho reply. "Tho
■sheriff hanged hlm at thn appointed
lime,"—Law Notes.
a Painful Br ror.
"Your daughter's collego yell Is almost musical, Mrs. Twitter,"
"College yell I She's slnglug."-Cbl-
cago Hecord.
Thete never wu*, mid never will be, A
universal pansoea, In one remedy, for all
lis tu wnioh llu->h Is hfir—the very naiure
.,r many onratlves being such that were
the germs of ntber and differently seated
diseases routed In tho system of tha patient— whit would relievo oue ill in turn
would Hggravato tl>e other. We have,
however, In Q ilnliio Wine, when obtain-
able In a sound, un.idniterated state, a
remedy for in iny anJ grlevaus Ills, By its
gradual and judicious use the frailest systems uro led into convah-icence and
strength bv lhe influence wbloh Quinine
exerts on Nature's own n-storatlvta. It
relieves the drooping spirits or tho?*. with
whom a chronlr state ol morbid despondency and lack of interest in life tea disease, and, by trauquilulnsf the nerves,
disposes to sound aud refreshing sleep-
Imparts vigor to the notion of the blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throughout the veins, Btiengthenlng th-a healthy
animal functions ot the system, thereby
making activity a nocOBfmry result,
strengthening the frame, nrd giving life
to tbe digestive organs, which natoraily
demand increased HUbstance— result, Improved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of
Toronto, nave glvon to the public their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
and, gauged by the opinion of scientist!,
this wine approaches nearest perfection
of any In the market.     All druggUtB sell
To remain a hero there nre two things
Dewey must nvoid—politics and matrimony.-—Wichita Kagle.
Ex-Governor Uugg wears ti 22 Inch collar.   I*'ur a mun who la In public life ha
has a dangerous neck exposure.—Washington Post.
Where Is Ignatius Donnelly? He ought
to he ut Kenncs with his cryptograms.
Porlmps Bacon wrote the bordereau.—
Worcester Spy.
Miss Ivy Crab tree of Carmi. Ills,, Is
accused of poisoning four persona. She
seotns to boloug lu the poison branch of
the ivy family.—Denver Post.
The unpoetle character of Kipling*a ln**t
ponn haa raised a grim snsptcion tbat he
is flguilug for the succession to iho poet
InurcaloBblp.—Pittsburg Dispatch,
Mrs. I.nnRtry snys that newspapers
misrepresent her age, But thnt is n trl
fling matter. Age does not count in this
life su mueh as experience.—Washington
CIsste Loftus, that clever mlmie of
clever actresses, returned to ihls country
ns "Kitty" Loftus, In a few more yenrs
she will probably consider herself old
enough to be called "Catherine."—I'hila-
LUCUi STEELE Jt BRISTOL   cirei« i>m
Importers of Oroctrlea      J-*?** "• Caff***!
Writi bi  . I..S.4 n.Kitr»cU
Willi U. H*PiHton,Ont.    I..H.A B. 8pk-ci
tTmaqualle-d by any ether U
C-anoda, in matter, paper and
All Kinds for Printers
Hw4 one:  Toronto.
PtclBe Court Brucki UO C*rt*n
Strwt, Tuemnr.
He knows,
Hi* patron knows,
and everybody know9
that this can contains
the purest, best, and
most delicious Coffee
that expert buyers can
procure. It's
Chase A Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
that's the reason.
If you keep cows you cannot afford to be
without* CREAM SEPARATOR, and If you
want to have tha best, moat moderate la
price, aad oa eaaieet terms, apply to
R. A. LISTER ft 00., LTD.,
S3S Kins St., Wlnnlpe-f,
j Dealers la Dairy Supplies and Product, Ou*
oliri-B Engine-),  If fin-,* Tread I'owara, Ktc.
Ms-N&ss- Jisssn mask
tl.   COCKSmjTT PLOW CO., Wluulp.f.
if )•■■■'. f.n'.ui. 1 iiiiviiii tha \\ititiijit-c iiuii-
ness I'liiir*,-!* Jnst now, io not waits vour
evenings at name, Wo osn rrtra yonr itmrno1
tlons ln some aabjeat l.y mall.
Writ (or d-Mcrlpt ve catalogue.
U. W. DONALD, Han.
         FREE C'JRE
a*** now. Mi'u'[.,il!lii*»i,.|,ftr. AiidrcssThe
NsarosAlOnemliwiCoM 77 Vlotorlu
St.. Toronto.	
il St. TltVS Dttncf.   -"-rrti'j |
t<y  the  New  Discover]' L
roll cosrie treetmenl sent I
vSKKtoallinir<-rf>it. Writer
PARIS 1900
Parties contemplating thti trip ere Invited
to write for particulars of personally con-
ducted or loaopendeot lours from Winnipeg
Director of tho "Oouin"   School of Lan-
Kii'iUi'S and lU-tircsciiUitivc of Thomas Oook
Jl Son, of London und New York.
Adflr-nee, R?fl llatn Btraut, Wli.ulpe-f. I.O.O.F,    Kt. l';i> I"
Hooks, etc.
Beattie's Drug Store,
Post Office BuilJiiie.
The proper place for i lie government officer oi South East
Kootenay Is in some lown on
the  railway,
rwp   a
nt Oilp
arlflii, t
lenora nml <:
11!  11,1 t
ictoi ).
mil returned I
J   P. .
tor Tue
• I.i.
.k fisl
It Vn1
BOt, try
- >'
■r.ekeiv "I a  1
W. I',
li.iy nu 1
egal Ira
toiled  I'ort S
• Tiies-
nt Gilp
rnnplierries,  n
|>|i'rs   mid
tie's, i»
nirs In
the lies
lonp as foi
nd i
t 1 ent-
Two e
Apply t
> 1'. Mi
I.I.' bedroom
. r„
hotel. Ib
nu the
Ian.   of   llie
visit to (,
..I Moyie, in:
jl. Saturday.
egjis ai
nt ]'. .->
d butler; tlie
in the
William Cariin, oi I'ort Steele, was a
Crnnbrook visitor Wednesday,
Try Cil, in's Tor jirore|Hes. Always n
full anil choicestcek ou hand,
J K. McCuIloeli gAve nn exhibiUo i o
■-.kniinn on iin* lake ni. Movie Tuesday.
Rev. Ale*** Dunn occupied the pulpit at
the Presbyterian clittrcli Ins' Sundny,
Tom Konks returned Iari week from
Ksllspell looking line after hi-. linVf va-
J. II. McMiilteii Is putting it]) Ice fur
Bevernl parties, and is Hettin-y a yood
Messrs. Beattie and Moif.it attended
Masonic lodue nt i'ort Steele Tuesday
Sick & Mautz, <>f the l-'ort Sf-eie
brewery, have put up 500 tons of ice lhe
past week.
For porridge you can yet rolled nats,
groats, rolled wheal, wheaitles, middlings nml corn meal ot Gilpin*-*-',
Harry Relneiiian, W, It. Ross and
Robert Mathers CBlllc over from I'oil
Steele Friday to see lhe Coontown 10 ■.
Read McViltie ft Hutchison's announcement in tills week's puper, relative to a block ni Kootenay & Algoma
The routine! lur llie piece of road between Nelson nud Hfllfmir lias l.eeli lei
to J. 11. Stewart, tlie well known contractor,
The board of trade held a meeling last
Monday nlghl si Forrest hall, and Iran*
sarted considerable business of Importance.
A nice selection nf winter apple**, sneb
ns Spies, Baldwins Greenings, Russets
Ben Davis, Sweets mid Spluenberg at
P. McConnell'S.
Once more il i*< like winter, and the
heavy fall of snow Monday night will be
a great help 1 1 those wbo need il in
their business just now.
Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Ricker left
today lor Spirwood lo join their husbands, where Ihe)' will leside. A number of friends accompanied tbem lo the
Col, Henderson txperis to move fiom
his ranch near Moyie to Cranbrook,
within 11 few weeks. This will be pleasant news to the colonel's many fiiends
in this city.
The Baker hill sidewalk i*- nearly completed, and I hole whn have subscribed
aud failed to pay would do well lo call
at M, Mclnnes. & Co.'s market nud deposit the cash.
The Chinese New Veai s celebration
has mine to ,,-i end, and The Herald
ollice force is feeling bettei II is uow
possible to talk in tin! pari of town
without using n fan horn,
The Coontown 4 ro gave a mosl creditable perltum iiu*<- here to two laige
houses. Those pieseut were well satisfied with tbe show It was clean am)
entertaining from beginning to end.
Afler llle holidays ynu think of ordinary, every duy affairs, Now that the
holiday season is over, lire insurance is
of lhe ordinary, perhaps, bu*. very neres.
•sary. too.   See McVittie & Hutchison.
A citizen of I'ort Steele gol himself in
bad odor with the people of that place
by displaying h spirit ofantsgonlsm lo
the war spiiit tbat uow prevails. Ash
result bis building was thoroughly placarded with posters, sij<iis, etc., that
Mr I'arker, the water man, has purchased tbe restaurant property owned by
John Willis, nud rented lhe saint- to Mr.
Sheridan, who has opened a bakery 111
connection with the restaurant. "Kip"
Willis bas noi decided whal be will do,
but expei is 10 remain in Crnnbrook,
Twenty-five poml tie makers for f.if
fray.   Apply at Ctaubrook hotel,
O'Neil St Cameron.
Upper Minn*;.
During the past year the price of copper was subject lo m.iiiv changes, resulting in  a generudly much  higher  price
than  hail  ruled previously.    The Atiml
gamated Copper company, organized In
Ilos'.on, with a capital oi $75.00:1.0 ro, acquired control of mines producing about
half the total American output, lhe
mines controlled were chiefly in Montana, the Inrye-st copoer oroducers in ibe
Stat*iS, and it v asevid-*U tint ihe in'en*
tio". wh lo cur:ail p-oduction. The
price of the m*til in-^reised rapidly and
it rose from fourleeu 10 tventy cents
per pttMiid Tlle result was naturally all
increased production, and even the >*tate
of Montana productd 10,000 tons more
than in the prereedint; year, while new
coppei mining companies were organ'zed
ir. sreat numbe.s. Eighteen new com
panics started in the I,ftkfl Superior district alone, with over $15,000 000 sub
scribed for capita1. But the luirou*.in
consumption was checked ' y the aud ten
rise in price, which consequently fel to
nbout ibe medium price of seventeen
cents. In America n'one was the cm*
sumption increased, but tli-it tncr-ase
was extraordinary 111 spite nf the high
price, the quantity absorbed being about
tS'i.oo'i tons, au increase of ou r 50 per
cent on lhe absorption in 1S9S, and it is
considered certain the increase in its
maud will be enormous during this year
both iu A.nerica nnd iu Europe, forth*
cessation of demand there was only temporary owiug to the sudden rise iu prices
and tin fear of the American attempt to
corner tbe on-put, aud it wi.l beniiny
yesr-s before the newly opened mines ard
:ni*reased activity in the old ill nes can
cope with the rapidly increasing cou-
During thc past year, enormous dividends hnve been paid from copper mining, no less than -fjS.uxi.oyo beb g panl
by ten American companies. The
world's output for the year 1 k*jS v?,is
about 437,0)0 Ions, and for 1833 was 480,-
1 jo tons.
Kootenay -ft Algoma.
The annual meeting ol this company
was held ou Monday at the office of Mc
Vttlie Si. Hutchison. The directors elected for the year are as follows : Prcsi*
dent, A. Leitch; Vice president, M. Mc-
[nnes; Directors, G-'o. Bremner, Jus.
-tyan, J. R Costigan, J, H King, M D-,
T. T. Richards, ti. ti. Simpson, H. D.
Henderson, John Leask ami A. W McVittie. John Hut-'hisou wis appointed
seer •tHry-lreri'*u,er.
The statement of account aud n report
of the past year'soperalious showed lb it
the company's sfftirs were in a very
healthy and promising condition and
Uie sharehol le^s are to be congratulated
in the probao Hty of a dividend iu tbe
near future. A small number of sb ires
in to be pul on the market itlltlledtatsly
al six cenls a share, oue cent cull, am)
4 cent a*month for the bdance. An examination of (be list of directors should
convince anyone that the funds of llie
ompany will be earefully handled
A Night u' Icrrnr.
"Awful anxiety was felt I1 1 tho widow
of the brave Ganeral Hmohaui of Much-
lal, Mv , when lhe doctors said she
would die from Pueuuioutn before uu rn-
i ig" writes Mrs S. H- Lincoln, wbo m-
u-nded her that tearful night, but she
begged for Dr. King's New DisiMven,
i*.huh bad more than once saved lur
liu*. aud cured her ol CVii-uin**. tiun.
After t-iking, she slept all night,
Further use entirely cured hei " This
marvellous medicine is guaranifed to
••ureall Throat. Chest and Lung Diseases.
Ouly 50c and fi 00 Tiial bottles nee
tit R. li. Beanie's drug store
We have a very huge suppK*   nf fiesli
and sailed meats on   hand and have decided to quote priees as follows:
Beef, by side or carcass   ~'.v
1'ork, " "           ,s   r
Million      " "       tu   c
Beef, pt-r pound	
Pork, "   	
Mill tOll, "             1 ■'.■•
A large supply of smoked meats ai a
reosuunble pi ice.
Thanking you forymirpasl pnlronage,
we still look for your  patronage   in   ibe
future. M   Mi lum • \ Co,
A Successful Dame.
The dance given bv Messrs. Wellman
unl Hurel at their bote! in Kimberley
last Wednesday evening was n mosl successful affair, nnd the guests did nol yt-t
hick until Friday, The Fmt Siee'e
baud was present, and a laige number
from that town. Everyone in attendance
report a glotious time and speak in high
praise of lhe hospitality ol iheir hosts.
<?t    Y'_-J     "J 1 IL' 1_1 "   "s' " *_s>" ""* * *   * ®~® ® * ® ®^ ■■-■'^'■®'-®''©^^5v^«^'^
OK, :  British Columbia. §
' ■     ■      '■''"- 1  ti ' .' .: ~::   '-. -~-.tt-—.—•*-—-——       *  ~ ■    ®—*?
and 11,
Ucncral New?.
Moyie has over too voters on ber list.
Thf-- Moyie lake is fnven over and fur*
nislies excellent skntiug for lovers of thc
Tlie Kootenny club of I'oit Steele, hns
arranged for new quarters. It -vill build
a cottage which will be equipped with
eveiy convenience. The members writo be congratulated ou their enterprise,
mi Teaming
Wood  and   Ice  Por  Saie
I'ay Kali.
I,. H. VanDecar, the president of this
company and the principal shareholder
Inspected the working-* at the mine a
few (Uys ago and is much pleased with
the outlook. Tlie Bhfcft -su the large
led;e is down 85 feet and a slreak of
good pay ore is now showing steadily,
This is eighteen inches in width, adj lining the talc footwall and assays fo^ 5}
per ton in gold, silver, copper and lead,
the percentage of copper being about
four per rent. The remainder of the
ledge eons sis of a rose colored quartz,
similar in appearance to to that in the
small, rich ledges. There is now a little
water coming in at the bottom of the
shaft, and the ore chute is evidently not
far nway, The dip of the ladge has become nearly vertical and there is now no
doubt of llie stability of lhe foruiatioa
and the continiiniee of the veia.
A Itial shipment of the tellurtdt ore
from the small ledges will be made almost nt ouce and the result of the shipment will opeti tbe eyes of investors to
tlie   fact   that   the   Pay  Roll   is worth
The work of development which iu i s
initial stages was necessarily done under
a foreman, has now reached the point
where it can be more economically carried 011 by contract, and arrangements
are beiug made lo sink on the main
ledge 011 terms very advantageous to the
A Mining Besl.
I.. B. VniiDecar has purchased the
rights of other owners lu the Horseshoe
group and is now the sole owner of lhat
properly, and intends to push the development with energy ,811(1 thoroughness.
Klch Find un the Hall Mson.
Moyie Leader: J. V. Parrel 1, owner of
the Half Moon mineral claim adjoining
town, made a valuable iiml on his pio
;ierty a short time ago. At a distance of
aliont a quatter of a mile up Campbell
creek and on the led branch uf the
creek he uncovered a strong vein of
quarts and ledge mnlter. The ledge
seems lo be well defined ami is exposed
for over 50 feet, Mr. I-'arrell Intends doing some work at this (.uitit ami furiher
determine the worth of his discoveiy.
Mining Notes.
John Hutchisiou, secretary of the
Kootenay & Algoma Milling company,
was tendered a vole of thanks nt the annual meeting for tbe elTi'dent manner lu
has discharged ihe duties of bis ollice,
snd was h'juored by a unanimous ie-
Charles Kstmere took up the bond on
the Black Bear last week, making lhe
cash payment agreed upou inlo the
bauk. This places lhe title to the pro*
perty in lhe hands of the company, and
the proposition 011 a good basis. Mr.
Estmere has also received word from lhe
government that it will uot be necessary
lo have lhe name of the properly
changed, but that it will be recorded as
lhe lllack Bear.
High I good lie makers.    Price u cents.
Apply 11. Pollard,
Coatfell, B. C,
Cranbrook. Britisli Colin
N'i>tle,*is in r -o/ *.lve.i 1
ilai. 1 »rit«* ultniuk a ■ :
Cmiuil sinner or I,: ndsani
slo-i in imp'tia-a* **"\ linn-tr
I oil, Gniiillieilililiu 11    a !..■>;
of 11, nver.ami n 111114 i-
lliiiicowesteUluyeii.nl , ■
dm ins, llienreniui cl-jhtj.
Hated ai Ferule January .
Nut CO is liereliy ulve
date 1 intend (a nuike**,!]
Cnnunlssionea of hands
sloti to pureim-i1 six lum'
laml, commencing at a |i
throe miles west of i*:iu ri
eighty ulialns, thonce we
south eighty chains, tliei
n> -miii of e*>iniii''iii-em*
Dated Kernle, B.C., J.i
a llul
' t;
;:!■ v   h-. ■
.1 Alt VIS
Takanatice tlmt one montlmflor
ta apply tn I lie Chief In mi ni-.-.inner
Works fnr permission to imreluse
described lands: Can)inclining at
nu the Moyie I'laeer Miuing pti
yards'smith west ol tin* junrtlnu 1
creek trail, thenoe sutitli 40 chain*'
40 chain-*., thence north l'i Olinllis,
in chains In the lilac.-! of boglllllhli
ma acres tmire or lo-.s.
Dated ihls -.v-th day of .laimary. 1
Certificate of Improvements
SlTKhlXTHNDKNT   MIXl'll.U.   11,AIM
( St), 8503]
Situate in the Fort ystee'n  Mlllll
smith Kast Kootenay district,
ted-Hliuiiicd on Mgtfer creel
the I'ay master,
TAKK NOTICBllmt I. Arcliili
ile, free miner's cortllloiilc N'o. 111
iigenl for the I'ay ltoll (lull Mlnli
ciiniiiauy.JImlted. nf Critlihr
cr's cerllMciite Se. i.W,,,, |(1
tlie dale Ili'hSllf, toappl)  to
fur a oertllloatoof Improvei
1 iisl* or obtaining a oruwn
Ami rnrllier take notli
scetlon 87, must be oommeiio
suaiice nl such oerilflpote nf imi
Dated ihls 2nd day of Docembc
It. c
- lhat .
Certificate of Improvements
I'AY   It   I.I,  .MINKKAI,  n.AIM   fXfl
S.tiiate iu the Port Steele Minim- Division
Soulh  Kast  KiKitenay district.    Wlicro
catcd   lylnu' imrlh nl ami iidjiliiliig
I'aymastiu*, on XiKwi creek,
TAKK NOTICK lhat I, Archibald W, Mo'
He, froo miner's oonlllotite %■>>. s.-i-Tn. nohnu
iiH-'Ut fm* tlm I'ay lloll (loll) Mining ami .Mill
company, liinltod, or Cniniir uk, it. '., 1
miner's csrllllcuto No. iioofn, Intend slstyd
ir.mi the iliiie hereof, to spply to tho mining
enrder for a oerlllloiilo ef Improvements, for
purpose uf nhtainhi-.*; a crown gnud ui ihu nti
u liim.
Ami nil titer tnko notli*" lhat uotlon, tin
seetlnn M musl im i-oinmenitHl befora tlio
simtico of such eertllhmle nl Impmvcmoiitf,
hated this .'ml day of December, IS 0.
Certificate of Improvements
(NO, arniij
Sliuatc in the Fort 1 teete Mining I
Hon h Kast Kootenay illstrlct.    W
ted—On Nigger oroek, nbout one
TAKK NOTICK that I, Arclilhh'd
lio, free miner'soortlflcale No, iidsto,
agent fm* the Pay ltoll (told Mlnlllfi a
0 in mny, llmlled, of Cranhrook, n ('..
er s ei'rl llleate No. 110070, Intend, slxlj
1 lie dale hereof, lo ripply lo the mliiln
for a ccrtiticaie or Improvements, im
1111HH of ohuilniiig 11 crown grant ni
And further take notice Hint nell
seetlnn 37, must he oommoncoil liefi
siianco of such certlllcale of |lll|iriiVPIii
Dal-'il this Sliil duy of he Ihsr, ISIS,
,■ ,.., 1 -*, ,; >Nril .„ -^   Is the divisional point of the Crows M
KJ-\l\U 1*\VJ\JIV Nest pass Railroad. ||
W  Cf*/irihl*-nnW  Iias a ,0=sta,** rount* house, larg-e machine SI
g  VUIHUI *JVl\ shopSt expensive railroad buildings and ex- If
tensive railroad vards. _t
• ;,  Crailbrook ■* the natural and commercial center of South East H
.;. Kootenay. H
JS Crailbrook -stlie headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- ?5
;.; tlons of South East Kootenay. J||
gj Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts In W
.;• South East Kootenay. «P
1* 1
i;. Cranbrook is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after I?
;i-r week. it
1 Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, K
f;}» manufacturers and investors. H
fit %!f
t| Por further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to H
It. C. I.ANf) INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Get   Your   Freighting When in Cranbrook
Stop at the   :
Sam Hitchell
P. 0. BOX 25
Forrest Hou*»
v. w. Lavcu
non 111 T.")if|i>*(i*(i i(ii(i i|\**(i-fiip(pm»pi(iip in
CRANBROOK.     -     li. C.
Olllclnl iV.lcl, tm,*— m C. P. I » Plaillllg Mill
. 1/     • li "'"! Sash and ::
James Kerrigan   |    Door Factory
Proprietor.   :   :
Wholesale Grocer
General Agent
Whiskey     Wines     lleer
Ale   Stout
Rossland Beer in Kl*j<s
■^nsli   jt  iliiurs  .,<  Moilldiilits
.,-«    l:i'aiiics   ,.<
Band Sawing ■< Turniiij;
Ari.- for those who know ;i good lliing when they see it.
A Snap....
ir M
A mini's lilack, Heavy WelRht, I). B. Wool Suit, $10.00
Don'l ho around shivering when vou tan buy a suit ot
Reid's warm, heavy underwear for Si.50.
Christmas Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Etc, at
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
The Work Tells
the Tale   j*    jt
Chas. Estmere...        Greef&Co.
Real Estate,        THI- contractors
Mining Broker:;r-fSS
Kstiliu'tes given on all classes of work
'"   nl intent] to build,  see
l!ln<'k llenr...   .T'4<'    Hlliplrc	
Kliiilicrlcy Connoliclnttil, 10
Kimberley, li, C
VI. Cnmbniak
But to have it pay
properly, you must
gel the value of your
money in paper, and
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who understand iheir
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?'After XmaS
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don'l. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
,,4   ,4   B. C.
G. Johnson....
Pieper & Currie
.1. II. KING
Physician and Surgeon.
ni'ni'i' -in 1 n» ii  iimnit,
CRANBROOK,    ••:■•:   P, C.
liu'rvaiie hns pUlures nr plintos
llial sllnulil be trallK'll.
Wc have .-1     Of Ready made.
\*V Assayer
^ Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
(i. R. LEASK
l.:,I.' 1,1 r,,r»iiln
aSrimeiK M^lContractor- Builder
fug's to make up
lor all sizes.
Willi Hip Iftlesl mncliinc in llie niarkcl
lor 111 (iking frfttni ■*, we (ev\ cnitJldcul nil)'
oiiler*; you ieu\e witli lis will (jive ynu
sallsfnctinti and be nppreclnted bj us.
Presi & Co, Pholggrophcrs
Over p-ueiuilicc, I'mnlmiuk.
'1'lin.p ,'ftiiL,.m|'l:i1LilK Irliiltllnir will (In well I" lei
mu llto Ill llle onntmol..
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Single Fare
Winter Carnival
Feb. 15 to 17
Agents and Pursers
Kevelslnke and   South, Ferule
and West
S;ll Ikkeu I'ebruary  I2lh. IJIh.  Hll,, ISIh
and I6lh,
Liniilin* going; portion to date of
sale and return portion good to
leave Rossland up to Feb. 18th.
Por rule, nnd full infniinnlioii nililresa
nearest loenl njrelit, or
I'\ M. MKDHURST, Agt;, Cranlirook
\V, F. Aiiileraon, t.I'.a., Nelion, il. o.
u !•:, .1. rciyla, a.ii.I'.a , vane nvir, n. u.


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