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Cranbrook Herald Mar 8, 1906

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*"' tig* '-th
» *
J Capital Paid Up $3,900,000.        Reserved Fund $3,900,000. S
I Total Assets over $39,000,000 I
R. Jaflray, Vice.-President J
I D. R. Wilkie, President.
* Provinces of
* Branches in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskat-
* chewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
4 Interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM   DATE OF DE- *
4 POSIT at current rates and credited half yearly. J
are offering
Several Choice  Farms
Hither for
Fruit   Or    Stock
I  >ill HI    ^M^     >» 11III I
I $100
Wl   in I„ a diamond ll like depositing II in Ihe bank, while lite 96
mt   llamnnd mat nol pat Interest on ,l„<    ey   directly, like Hie jj£j
M_ auk, it gives the wearct a prestige tlml  pais dividends everj w
Rc ,i.,i  <„ the tea,      II.,,f a look .,, mn In,,* and   see it we can S_g
.* .* T H E jt .*
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply (or terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
We have a few pieces left Irom uur Xmas stuck which
we wish to clear out, su will sell theni at greatly reduced
prices. II you need n gi»i,l hair brush, hat brush, clutlies
brush or mirror now is your chance to -tut it.
WE    Tnlo Xf  *Cr_ti    —JEWELERS AND—
• *•   i aie a son, graduate opticians
Official Watch Inspectors, Crows Nest Pass Division, O. P K.
— -e	
The Office Of The
Cranbrook, hav boon Removed to the
North Hast corner of Baker and Cranbrook Streets.
P. C. MALPAS, Manager
•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦««««. «-««.♦«-*-♦«.•♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦«♦««.♦»
Victoria, March   8.—Finance mints*'bead ol refund ol proportionate   col-
t.-i Tallow was luily entitled in   IliaMotions undei tin- Chinese restriction
 ""- «■* «*" "-:,:;'i AAr^AAInAAr^
colved Irom h,,ih -sides uf tho chnm-| ,„ „„lk „ vlrttla) ,.sHllsi ,,    ,.,„.
Telephone No. 4
Cranbrook's B
(lotul Quods Hake Store-
keeping easy.
Mail Order
ideal   blend  Ceylon
...   ulflo Kan,  Lai's,
l.ipluu and III,,. Rib.
Uu, brands.
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Seeley's   Extracts
McLaren's Jelly
l-earman's Canadian Hams and
Breakfast Bacon.
Fearman's Cheese
Limberger Cheese
h'dam's Cheese
lioi upon Hu- completion nt In*- annual
budget speech  to-day,  [i.i   while     mil
gifted with im exceptional eloquence,
nnd dealing with public nutters us a
lnisiiii'ss mun rather Uuui as a skill- men
lul politician, he managed iu   clothe  nJls
wii'ii interest Hit* dry bones ol mat-) tlm
stalled columns    of figures, and
Chinese, ami we. cannot expect ■< see
litis iimi nl revenue appear again,1
ai least lm a long time, Tlw collections tot    Uw last year amounted
lo hm Jl.lHiU.      In  HUH il  will In- I'eni we received 358,000 under
wl.     In lMua, ns l Imvo saul,
uum was $226,0(10 and in    all
lo, we hate received us our share of  llw
proceeds of litis law jy.")3,(H)U and,
as the largo source of revenue has
now disappeared, ii will lit well for'
us in remember that such a surplusI
as we show ihis year can hardly be
repeated, and it will aL llie same
time be necessary for us to exorcise
tin: utmost eare ami economy 1-n ord-
n to keep our expenditures '.vilhin
ihe revenues,
, "As already stated, the increased
t the revenue shown by llw accounts,
hlsl points indisputably in an Improvement in nnr industrial co-ndii-ious—
through expansion, development uud
prosperity in ail parts of tlw province. Tliis improvement will be ihe
more readily graspod hy a comparison
ot revenue during the past tew. .years.
present Uw conditions and ihe pr
peols ol i'he country in such color anil
proportions as cannot but be encouraging to all who, with Inm, have
r ni Ui in British Culumhia, as Oan-
uila's banner province, leading the
confederation in the wealth ol all
In opening his address tlw honorable minister commented Uial it was
the third occasion upon which he had
riseuln the legislature to pre;
formal motion Inr supply, tm
first presentation of the budget he
bad reluctantly been obliged lo offer
what was lit tie belter than a tale of
WOO. t)n the year following he had
been able to refer lo conditions lhat
were slightly better; and now, in offering his third budget, he was able
most happily to congratulate i lie
house and the province upon conditions that were highly satis faiilor)
and eminently encouraging to nil hv
tti-Hi'geiitly interested in tlw prospe
ily ol Uw luture ol Uw province, Ilf
had no thought that in ihis year s
review of the linanci.il conditions ul
the province it would have been necessary for bim to deal at all with
the adverse condition of tlw past.
Ue had hoped to confine himself to
the more cheering presenl, ami the
more pleasing prospects of lhe future. Certain remarks that had been
made, however, by the member i- r
t'olumbia (W. C, Wells) in the course
of   his   consideration    ol Uw speech
USSLHS !!,r.ol!l.'il.!.1|,l,a.!,rlit.!'u.,c:l11 &!  ¥K ~PuM e abwufttTwllffttowT have
,g*</> p
"8 a 2-
Your Money back if You are not Satisfied
For the waterproof kind, see west window
year 11)00, the net revenue
was $1,511,1112. in 1001 the figures
were $1,1105,1130; in 11102, $1,1107,1)23;
iu 11)03, $2,0-1-1,(130; in 1001, $2,1138,-
Jtiii, and in 1005; $2,H2ii,-Hil— thai is a
steady increase, amounting in the aggregate to $1,3/11,353 in Ihe six years
last pasl. Of this there is due to
the Increase In tho timber royalty
ahout $311(1,000 to Increases in    laud
sales; $100,000 land revenue, $120,0110
per capita grant $65,000, taxation
(real propertv, personal property, income and wild land), $100,000, revenue tax $00,000, and to the Chinese
head  tax,  $175,000.
"On the other hand there is necessarily a corresponding increase in expenditures, which as a reference    to
in men I und reply, ami he had    d<
terred attention    to them until    Uns
"1 cannot, however," said Hon.
Mr. Tallow, "allow the statement
made a few days ago by Mr. Wells
in pass uncontradicted, Tliat pen*
ileman, in speaking of Uie imanci.ti
position nl the province, saul practically that the task of the provincial
finance minister had heen an eos>
one—that it was all plain sailing for
him, inasmuch as all the more Important public woiks had been completed before the government assumed power, more particularly the
bridge over the Fraser river at New
Westminster. A more unhappy example could scarcely have been found,
fur as you know, the lale government
floated a loan of Uiree ami a halt
millions |n the yeai 1002, and by
reference to the act under which this
loan wus grant wl you will six* that
t-he money, once raised, was to be
applied flrst ly to tlw payment of tlw
then existing overdraft; secondly, In
payment of ihe construction ol tho
Kiasei river bridge; ami thirdly, the
balance was lo he paid inio revenue
account. Hut wlmt was the actual
laev On ilie commencement of tlw
flKCal year when we look olllce, Wfl
fmiml $80,000 in the treasury, which
represented deposits on account of
Suitors' Punas, Intestate Estates,
etc., to the amount ol $152,000 in
all—or in oilier winds we were actually $72,000 behind. Since that
dale we have had to pay out over!
$5*6,000 to complete the New Wesl-1
miustei bridge over the Flaser riv-
cl,   in addition  tn nearly  $200,000 on1
niliei public works then under contract uml which were supposed lo!
have been provided fot out of the
balance nl that loan. Sn il could
haidly be coiled all plain sailing. I
However, H is useless lo refer at i
"    al-1
for many years been more or less in
excess of" revenue. This excess,
which in Uie 12 years preceding 100a
amounted tn over $9,000,000, wiih an
average of $800,000, for the period in
iim-siinn, had to be met by periodical
b-aos, ilw result ,,f which *iy. Uiat
between interest, sinking fund and redemption, the charge ol lhe public
dcbl (his coming year amounts to
$732,97*1—of which 'amount, however.
$272,000 gnes to the sinking fund anil
ihe redemption of rebentures; or in
other words about one quarter of our
revenue has to be sel aside to meet
Uiese standing charges, an amount
winch, however, is being annually reduced as our debentures are*redeemed
and hy the end of 1607 will be reduced hy the payment nf the loan
maturing that year, and hy the re-
liemption of the debentures under the
"I'ail lament Buildings Equipment
Act" liy over $li7,000. This charge
includes $56,700 for interest and sinking fund on (he dyking debentures,
Issued under the net of fast year and
which will he partly paid by the
clmfgc mi the dvktsl lands.
" \t tin- presenl  time ihe debt   of
the province stands as follows:
Balance due under—
Loan Act, 1S77  $
Loan Act, 1X87	
Loan Act, 1807	
Loan Act, Iflflli	
Inscribed stock 	
Uyknig debentures	
Lake of the Wood's
[(Five Ro>esi Flour
Sold from Halifax to
Leiteh Bro's. famous
Hungarian Flour
Made Irom
Manitoba Hard
Brackman   &  Ker's
rolled oats and wheat
Brandon    Creamery
Butter in 14 Ib. boxes and one pound
greater length tn a condition of
fails now happily past, and which   ls'an
already  well known ol hy  the pcoplo   Ui
In all  $12,731,83C
"The amount to the credit of lbe
sinking fund is $1,153,538. leaving the
present debt of the province at $11,-
218,200, or $101,188 less than when I
presented my financial statement of
lasl year to the country.
"In examining the accounts and expenditure lor tlie past fiscal year it
will he apparent that our total actual
"1 aiii    glad," Uie   minister    con-
luincil, entering upon Uie subject matter proper nl bis address, "to be able
lm Uie second time tn announce ihat,
we have not only been able lo    live1 yi
within   oui   Income during  lhe    past   ly
year,   but also   to bring forward   a  ri
substantial surplus of revenue    over
expenditures,  a surplus  in   rounil  figures of $2118,765.     In considering this
surplus the firsl quest it,11  llial naliit-
ully suggests Itself is how il has been
arrived at.     And I am doubly happy
iu behig in a   position to show that
condition of affairs, which having
once attained, we shall endeavor lo
"A comparison of the half yearly
statement of revenue to the 31st December, 1005, with that of 11)04,
shows: To December 31, 1001, $1,-
235,103; and to December 31st, 1005,
$l,188,505-a decrease of $16,058. But
as the 1004 statement includes tlw
$225,000 brought to tlie treasury under the Chinese Restriction Act, wo
can regard the showing as a satisfactory one, showing an increase of revenue for Uw half year of over
$150,000, while the estimate or expenditures is also less for the half
year, than iu IDOL This fact is not
so significant, as the proportion ol
moneys voted, il not spent in the lirst
half is usually included in the second
half of the year. However, from tho
returns made and taking into account
the supplementary estimate of $8:i,*
82,'l asked for the current year, I
feel quite safe in prophesying thai
lhc end of tlw year will show lhat
once more we have succeeded in living
wi Ui in our income, and possibly have
a small balance to the good.
"Now, with regard to to-day's estimates of revenue and expenditure
for tbe fiscal year ending 80th June
next, you will see that the revenue is
estimated at $2,617,076, or $87,000
more than for the present year, although in arriving at that amount
allowance has been made for decreases under certain heads. Owing
to the amendments to the Assessment
Act by which Uw personal property
tax has been reduced, there being also
some reductions iu railway property
tax, and a classification made ol
timber and coat lands, and also to
the fact that' we find, that although
ihere is a large increase in income
lax from $28,010 in 1903, to $72,000
iu 1005, still Uw estimate for last
year was in excess. We have con-
nQA'gnn'sequen-tiiy reduced the estimate under
11 n«ii nan I these- heads thus: Taxes, under the
I'JjTJSJ four headings referred to, $65,000;
1 ' ' 'mining receipts generally, including
free miners' certificates, $15,000; li-
cinses, $20,000; coal laxes and royalty, $20,(100, and miscellaneous, $40,-
000, a grand total of $100,000. On
the other hand we arc able to increase our estimate of revenue from
1 land sales and land revenue generally
'liy $35,000; revenue from Uie timber
riiyalties and licenses, $130,000; mineral tax, $15,000; unworked crown-
granted lands, $10,000; registry fees,
$10,000, and revenue tax, $10,000-
or $215,000 in all; to which there may
Im: added as from new Bourccs of Income $10,000, expected tn in- derived
from Ing scalers' lees, $11,700   under
expenditure   is practically    the
mi    of our   estimate    therefor,
■ being a difference nf less than'
n 1,000. l might particularly men-j
tion in  this connection the estimate
nf  taxes.      t'nder  the  heads of   real   ,.    ,r,v      .      _.„„.„,   .,..   „,„. con
aud personal property, wild lauds and  "» KKta   »Soreta ' tri.0le?s;
Income, «*,* rslimiitnl   the vivid    ot V     ""''(r. ""■'   L """""'" l*fvE
 j- >«"»»: I-" a-'-'-Hiirt^,,:. SS^Sst'tK:
!(I5_,8»0, Antl tlie provincial
rovenuo tux, which we oatritiiated at
11.0,000, ns ,1 mutter ol tttcl produced Sl',7,iiiiii. The iiiiiiiinii ol cash ul
,,,11 i-roilit in bunk on the (list ot
.Inly last uus $534,80-1, ol Which,
however, a sum ot $1711,IN. was duo
tn ,l,.[,osit. on account of Suitors'
funds, Inti'stiitr   Estiiles, fit-., 1,'av-
] crcaecs onttmera-tctl wc Stow
not excess ol sonicibiiin like
"Now, witli repaid to uur cslimat-
I eri expeiulitulTS, the public liclit     m-
I mains practically the _amc, the small
Increase Miik made necessary liy the
addition ol about ?_,i*iiu required   to
_______________ ' meet dual payments on the IK" loan.
it lias 'been   almost entirely ilue    toi li,K the amount actually hiHotrittrB   to I whlc'1 bt'™m'-'s liayalilo in Itmi
Improved   Industrial conditions   and the province at 1965,031   upon which I   "-'ivil government salaries show a
very   healthy    expansion   in thu In-1 tho province is drawing Interest  -at  '"""'"■'I ». roaso ot 119,000,   but "I
rmisisl amounts wc have been    able! Mie   rale  ot 3   per    cent   until the i ",is I".000 ls ,ot •"* Scalers and as
to   realize upon the actual Increases monoy is rrt|iiired an estimate   ot receipts   under   this
in production in tlm Industries nl the "In' the dyking act ot last year M1™' a!'Pt-ar I" "'<• estimate of rc-
provinee. You will remember that provision was made tor an issue ot venue, this may be regarded as a
In Iramlng our estimates tor the last debentures, not to exceed *:t(i5 Otln cross-entry. Another amount ol
fiscal year wc exercised the greatest with which to take up the overdraft I*'.5*1- I°r assessors throughout the
possible caution    and   economy,    so! on the dyking account at lhat  date   Province is    to enable us to appoint
that it was hardly possible to   cur-' *"  '
tail the expenditure provided against.
As a matter of fact the actual expenditure lor the year was $2,052.-
Itlti whereas thc estimate ol ex|ienili-
titre had been $2,038,2*5-showlng t,ho, ,„„ ,,,,-„»„,,. ,-..-, -    . ..     .
small excess ol $13,011, On the "As taxes and oilier monoys are h""*1 appointed on Vancouver island
other hand the actual revenue was. largely collected towards the end of aml '" "•" Kootenays, thc two ex-
$2,020,481, our estimate having been Juno, there is usually a good deal of tremes of the province, and it is pro-
$2,522, 076, thc excess being in this!money on hand in the carlv |»rtion l">sl-|t lo gradually extend Ihe system
case $3*8,380, principally due to tho of the fiscal year. By an'arrange- to the whole province. Apart Irom
growth, In timlier revenue, land re- ment with the bank since the first of ,,,rese -',<!ms ,,,le increase provides tor
venue, revenue trom laud sales, and April, 1004, we receive inlerest at a °-erl( m the bureau ot inlormation,
receipts under the Chinese restriction the rate ot 3 pet* eenl. on our depos- "n additional inspector of fruit pests
act. Our surplus is therefore founil Itsover $25,1100. During tlie 21 (rendered necessary hy
not to result from any curtailment months, during which tliis arrange- growth ot horticulture)
ol necessary expenditure lielow the nient has been in lorce, wc have re- 0,,ler sma" items, tht
estimate in that behalf, but In the'eeived in Interest from Ihc bank . ''ivil service salaries being only about
expansion of receipts through gratify- total sum of $28,5011, instead o     as   12.500.
Ing provincial industrial growth. formerly having to pay interest     to 	
"Thc amount   received under    the the banks on an overdraft.    This Is a I (Continued on page two.)
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Victoria, March 1.—In consequence
of the Associated Press despatch
Irom Nelson, appearing io the city
papers here to-day, stating that Lhe
Mountain Lumbermen's Association
had requested tlte government to
legalize the Doyle scale in the districl east of the Cascade mountains,
iu preference to the British Columbia
scale, which works unsatisfactory for
logs of small diameter, though good
for the larger logs of Uie coas*t disiriet, .). A. Macuonald, leader of the
opposition, raised the question in thu
house this afternoon.
Hon. R. V. Green, chief commis*
sinner, iu replying tn Mr. Macdonald,
gave assurance that the pending measurement of timber would not affect
the dislriel east oi the Cascade mountains, until such time as tut* .c.i'n
qiiesiinn was gone thotougiily into,
and legislation dealing with thc same
was enacted,
amounting to $33-1,271. Tliesc de- more asscsJi<>rs as they become neces-
bcirttircs which !>ear inlerest at Hi sar-,r s"° as to car,-v out ,,ie recom-
per cent, are printed and readv for niendation ot the tax commission as
issue when Uie money is requited, but tu t*>ards of equalization, the object
in the meantime they are carried bv bt'ill8 to adiust ,lw' Ration all over
the treasury. i the province.    Already assessors have
the rapid
and a    lew
the increase    in
.1. P. Nauuetti, the lord mayor ol
the Irish capital for 1906, is the
foreman printer on thc Nationat Freeman's Journal. He bas long beeu
the leader iu the Dublin trades council, is a member of the corporation,
and represents Hie College Green division in parliament. He still
nightly does duty in the Freeman office, though he lives in Dublin's palatial mansion house, has a salary of
$17,51)0 for the year, and ranks during the tenure uf the lord mayoralty
as a privy councillor with the title
"right honourable." His father was
an Italian compositor who settled in
Dublin sixty years ago.
are made by saving what we have.
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fail it saves the hair you have, and
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$ 06 buys one lot on Baker Hill,
across creek.
$ 300 buys 2 lots on Armstrong
Avenue, on the Hilt.
% 400 ^u>s tw0 '0,s *n 0De °* ^'e
best residential blocks on the
*% 600 bu>'s *l 0Mr storey dwelling;
four rooms; water; chicken
house; two lots; fenced,
$300 cash, balance on easy
$ 760 buys a two storey dwelling,
33 tt. by 18 ft., five rooms
with barn in rear. Water.
Terms, $200, cash balance
$25 per month.
$1000 buys a one Btorey dwelling,
plastered, water; size ol
building 2S fi. hy 32 ft., together with half acre of land
$1000 buys dwelling and two lots,
one block from cenler ol
town.     Easy terms.
$1200 buys a - Storey dwelling,
2 bed rooms, parlor, dining-
room, kitchen and large
hall; olaslered; electric
light. Easy terms. Centrally located.
$1500 buy a lwo storey dwelling,
centrally located, in good
residential rieighborhnod.
Water, electric light and all
modern conveniences.
$3200 lrtl>'s a two storey dwelling
plastertd throughout, with
two lots, Ground lloor
consists ot parlor, sitting-
room, dining-room, kitchen,
pantry and one bed room.
Second floor consists of 3
large bed rooms and bath
room, toilet, etc. Good
cellar, hot air heating
throughout. Eilectric light
t*leplione and water. One
of the best appointed residences in Cranbrouk. This is
a real bargain.
A Safe and Profitable Investment Capable of Earning 40 per cent per Annum
To be Incorporated with Capital of $50,000 Divided Into 500 Shares of $100 Each.
Fully Paid and Non=Assessable
The limits under option for tho above named company arc sim
ut,-.I „,.,r Kitchener, 11. 0., on the Crows Nest branch of the Canadian Paoilio railway and consist ol 6760 acres of timber Inmla
held under government license, Another large tract of timber
land litis been Btaked f»r the benefit of the company, tho lnttil of
whose htililiin_B willaggregate nlHittt 1(10,000,000 feet. The licenses
now in force are deposited with the Hank of Montreal, Regina,
The purohase price of the property, including all logs and ties
now out thereon and nlso all improvements, is $26,000. one-half of
whioh is tu be pniil in cash, anil the other half In stui'k ul' tho
contpauy 125 shams—at par, <*f the balance of the stock 1175
shunts- 100 Bhnre's are to remain ill the treasury as a.reserve, ami
tlio remaining 275 shares nre now offered for subscription at par,
payable as follows: 25 per cent at time of subscribing and 25 per
lent per in..ntli thereafter until fully paid up. Tlte proceeds front
tin* sale uf tin- stock to lm used for the purpose of completing tlte
purchase ol' the property uml for plant equipment,
On or before May 1,1900, ti meeting of shareholders will 1,,*
Failed I'm' the purpose of organization ami the election uf u Board
ul' Directors,
The plant to be installed will have a daily capacity of 30,000
leet and will be complete in every particular.
20,000 ties and 400,000 feet of sawlogs are now cut and awaiting;
means of transportation to bring them out oi the bush.
Negotiations are pending with the Canadian Pacific Railway
company for large future deliveriesof ties, posts and telegraph poles.
(',,1 this mil uml semi it with tho amount of the lirst instalment
t" ilf l.tit'AI. AGENT, or to the Baukdireot.
Care Bank of Montreal, Regina, Sask.
Please allot  tne Share ..
ul' the Capital Stock of the (I. A. HUNT LUMBER COMPANY.
Limited, as por your printed prospectus, for whieh 1 herewith en-
close S , being first payment on same.
Lumber 0,000,000 feet
Ties 100,000
Posts 00,000
Telegraph poles 2,000
Made up as lollows:
Lumber, 5,000,000 leet at $2 per 1000  $10,000
Ties, 100,000 at 6c per tie     .....   6,000
Posts, 50,000 at 2c per post             1,000
Poles, 2,000 at 50c per pole 1,000
Total       $18,000
A very conservative estimate, bul
With a constantly expanding market in lho prairie proviu.es,
conservative capitalization, practical management nml large timber
reserves, we consider the stock of this company une uf lhe Safest
and best investments nuw in lhe market,
All Payments on account of slock lo be made lo thc Bank of Montreal, Regina, sask- who will hold funds in trust until lhe Company's Organization shall be completed
Arnold & Roberts, Local Agents
Telephone 99 - - - Cranbrook, B. C.
m page one.)
In- institutions    sbow an    liiul $10,000 for llie insane asy-
,i  im    pi ml in,; olliee, ami $7,-
liui pitals.      I* ivl* Uiou.sa.iul of
in ,ml of the establishment of
tculosia sanitarium, antl   wiicn
.,■ min consideration lhc   groat
interest iai.m In efforts     to
oul this   iin ad disease,    we
il)  liujic thai much more    may
" hy iht- province iu 'ihis dlree-
iiii on.
shows a decrease of
itt, due to the changes In the
. , Aet, this applying only, ii
must he 'borne in mind, to half of
it,,- li f.il year, Uie first half of the
ji, 1 1 "in ng under the old acl. The
probable saving under the amended
School Act will probably he ahoul
M,ii.inm or $70,01)0.
'■iim ihe principal Item of in-
in., >-, 1 am happy to say, is in the
direction ul public works, upon these
we arc able to devote $230,150 more
Hi.in last year, an amount practically
equal to out surplus on Ihe 'dtith dt
.in:.'- last, ihus bearing out the promise in.iili' in the speech al lhe commencement of Ihe session of more
liberal      appropriations   for     public
■ i , total estimated expenditure
(ni the year of I!»07 i.s $3,837,1)10,
tn ivhich must In* added inlerest on
railway guarantees ol $50,000 and
atlvanccs undei ihe Dewdney Relief
Act (a considerable portion of which
it,nn '..iri, in Uu- province during Hie
uexl  J\  years) of   $25,000,   bringing
Hie Inl.il'llp tn $2,012,010, ,111 aillOlllll
lieailj    $,'100,000   ill  excess  nf   the     es
i im.n't- nl expenditures for lhc present
yeai I $205,000 in excess of Ibe es-
thiiatc ol revenue and receipts for
1000 07, this deficiency being as before explained, provided for hy lhe
amount nf (he surplus at the 30th
Jui ■ i. i, ,tii'l which is at!M Intact
"Speaking 'd the excess of actual
imaU'd revenue, I attributed
ihi lm ici'.e in ihe Improved conditio       ii,in*,:i ii s, notably lum-
Tliis pui i Icular Increase appi . to ir m\un: io Uu- Increased
n : mn  lumber in lhe Nmth-
v, ■ ■  ■', the fuel  that  trade in
(hi    l'i lied   States has  heen  si)IIici."it
lo ii heir   own production and
for I ■ line being to relieve ua of
ilii'ir competition in our legitimate
i lint  tins condition of   at-
fun maj change at any moment,
ami makes it mine ihe less necessary
for us iu press tor the protection of
the industry in this province. The
vario i revenues derived under this
heading exceed the previous year's hy
$102000, mostly from royalties and
special licenses", the latter of which
increased nearly 50 pcr cent., from
1,15] lo 2,100 hisi year. Al present
ihere aro 120 mills in operation in
all parts nf lhe province with a per
diem e :.acity of 4,200.000 feet. The
toi.ti rut of last year is estimated at
5,0on.nno,000 it., an Increase of 110,-
000,OHO over 100-1, and everything
points to still further increase in the
oulpul and there i> more than a hope
thai ' contemplated tariff changes
hv om ,ni Igbbors to the soulh will
civ,■ u ,i larger markel for our mau-
nfai ired products, enabling us to
dii pi ■ nnt only nt our first grade,
hut ot various oilier grades which
have been regarded as worthless in
tin- pai i.    Meanwhile   f   think    thc
pnn i ■'   I  evoi v    reason for    com
ri ■ il on on " llie elTeel ot the
pnlli v nt i •: H-'in - the exportation
,, i     :.,'.'.    material     In   forest
"Coming now to the matter of our
mineral production, we find thut il
amounted to $21,403,000 last year,
this graffd total being divided as follows: Gold, $5,900,500; silver, $2,-
007,700; copper, $5,-180,000; lead, $2.-
:j;ili,00U, and zinc, $182,800, a total
ul melalliterous minerals of $15,001,-
000. To these have to be
added for coal $8i300,000, coke %'ijili,
000, and building materials, $1)00,uuu,
making the grand total of $21,408,-
000; and this would have heen larger
but tor the falling off in the production of coal of a quarter of a mil-
mi<m tons, due to Hie (act nf lhe
collieries of the Western Fuel Co.,
being shut down.
The steady increase during the
past ten years furnishes cause for
much provincial satisfaction. -Hy
years Uie growth of the mineral output is traced thus:
1004 ,
$ 7,51)7,1151;
. 10,455,000
. 10,900,001
. 12,393,000
. 10,34*1,000
. 20,080,000
. 17,480,000
. 17,495,000
.  18,077,01)1)
1905   21.-103,000
"The great advance made in tlie
past year i.s the more gratifying foi
the reason that it is not alone due lo
the increased juice ot I'he various
metals, more particularly copper, but
also to the increased tonnage mined,
over 211,000,000 pounds of lead am.
half a million pounds of copper. Then
i.s one it-em in this connection worthy of special reference as pointing to
lhe creation of what is practically
a new industry for this province, Ihal
is zinc, the increasing quantity ol
which mined, some 13,000 tons, developed in connection with the operation of Uie lead mines in the Koolenay country, was for a time the most
serious problem confronting the mine
owners. But now Ihal the mallei
has been intelligently taken in hand,
a commission of the foremost men in
tlieir profession have reported on Ih
question and this has led lo lhe c-
tahlishmeut of plants al Kaslu and
Krank for lhe purpose nl dealing witli
these ores, and a new and prontftWi
Industry appears to he opening up in
this connect ion.
'Hut noi only have we In congratulate ourselves upon Uio increased pro-
duel ion of ores, but upon the fact
thai 1his increase Iras led lo such
stimulated activity in smelling. All
our smelters are now working, and
have increased their capacities, new
plants are being established; and we
have the satisfaction ot knowing lhat
almost every pound of ore produced
is now smelted or otherwise treated
within the boundaries of our own
"Passing now to the most satisfactory growth of our agricultural interests, I think it is safe to say thai
the number ot people who have come
to the province in the past year,
and the en-quirles for land, have exceeded ihose of any former year.
M::rc. especially does this apply to
immigration from Manitoba and the
Canadian Northwest, whence many
who have shared in Mie general prosperity, h-ave crossed lhe mountains
to Invest their savings and make
their homes in the middle climate of
llritish Columbia. Almost invariably
the empiiries are in the direction of
fruit growing, drain growing is ual-
ur.iily discouraged as the land can he
put In much more profitable uses for
dairying, swine raising, poultry farming, etc.,   in      all uf    which'   llieie
is great opportunity for expansion
as the consumption and demand are
far in excess nf the homo production,
a condition which, however, i.s already beginning io show improvement, as we (luii the Imports ot agricultural products tor 1005 are
slightly U.ss than in 1004. In 1005
we imported Irom foreign countries
$1,-838,608 worth of products under
this head, and from other provinces
of Canada, $4,821,170, paving duties
thereon of Uhi,mis, making Hie total
expenditure in thi., connection $7,003,-
040. In 100-1 lire imports trom foreign countries had totalled $1,600,817;
fmm other provinces, $5,008,021,
making a total valuation of $7,100,-
138, wiih dulies paid of $201,020,
bringing the tolal tor lhat year to
$7,401,30*1, showing an Improvement
of $187,718 less sent oul of lhe province Ihan iu previous years, which
may be attributed almost entirely to
lucreascd locai production. But as
the amounts of products handled or
marketed i.s over $12,000,000 and the
local production a little over $5,000,-
000, ii is pi,tin there i.s still a great
opening for those willing lo engage in
the industry. We are at the present
time negotiating wiih the department
of agriculture al Ottawa with respect
to the formation of a live stock association, ami the holding of sales of
pure bred stock, ami we are iu hopes
that we may he enabled to couple
with this, uie Inspection of creancrles
lnil instruction iu dairying, the object being, lirst that a superior article of uniform quality may be produced al the lowest cost, in order to
compete successfully wilh the imported artiele, thereby keeping in the
province the large sums now being
sent out to purchase products which
can and should he raised in the province; and second, to bring owners aud
possible purchasers nf live stock to-
gather in order Uiat a fair price mav
he realized, and animals of good
quality and well acclimatized be acquired to ilu* mutual benefit ot all
"I'eil,-.i|-s. however, our greatest et-
fori so fm has been in horticulture,
wh. re for a second Umo we bave recorded a success at the exhibition of
colonial funis in Emsknrt, Encouraged hv mn success iu 1904, we determined lasl veal' upon making a
still greatei eftort, Th.' C 1'. ti.
kindly offered to curry out fruits over
theii'lines free uf charge, so that at
a comparatively small cost we were
able to -.eld ni England a carload of
British Columbia trults instead nt as
before, a few packages, which gained
for us not onlv the gold medal and
eigbl silver medals al lhe show of the
Koyal Horticultural Society of London", Imt an amount at advertising
almost ine.vleulahle jn its extent,
value and effeel—for the real objects
of those exhibitions is nnl so much.
lo exploit foreign markets for oun
fruits, us to give an objeel lesson
on our climate and resources, Everyone knows tlie immense strides laken I
hy this industry in Ihe last few j
years; from the last returns we lind
that the C. P. II. bandied no less
than 4.235 tons of our fruit in 1005,
as againsl 3,010 tons in 1'iot and 2,-
511 tons iu 1003; while it is estimated that no fewer than 8,000 fruit
trees have been planted in British
Columbia in Uie lasl year, in a.ldi-j
tion to 200 arres of strawberries aud
a large acreage ot small fruits. It ■
has been necessary In protect thosej
engaged in the Industry hy tbe pas-]
sage of verv stringent regulations I
and rules againsl the importation of
poor nr di'-i.i cd *-ine|.: and we hnve
■been so successful in thi-. lhat we lind
In the London Times an artiole in referring to our fruit, this statement:
'The insect plagues which work such
mlschtftf in California, have been excluded hitherto, and this immunity
gives British Columbia an enormous
advantage. The expense and risk of
insect ides are avoided '
"Mr. McNeill of the dominion -department of agriculture says: "The
one thing which impressed me was
the fact Ihal as far as the fruit industry is concerned, the growers commence iu this country with a clean
slalc' We are determined to use all
our efforts to keep the slate clean,
because we realize the loss caused by
had or diseased stock is not so much
the cost of planting and cultivation,
a.s in the ulterior effect, when aftei
years of waiting for a profitable return the planter finds himself in a
worse condition than when he began.
After the exhibition in England, Mr.
Palmer, who so .successfully handled
our provincial fruit, sold portions by
auction in the different cities and obtained such prices as would assure
good prolit, and the verdict iu London
and Liverpool, as reported by the
agent general, was that our growers
'might always feel confident ot selling such fine fruit at an equal or
even hotter price.' There is every
reason to believe, Uiat wilh due diligence mi our part, our province will
continue successfully lo invite tho
attention of Ihose who are seeking an
ideal locality for fruit raising or
small tarmtmij;, and at uo distant date
become the banner fruit district of
"In dairying there is a steady improvement and the other methods are
giving way before the system of cooperative creameries, established under thc auspices of the government.
Of course Hie imports are still largely hi excess of the local production,
but it is satisfactory lu find tbut
Hie product of uiir ]ti creameries iu
1005  was  double  lhat  of  1904,  when
at ion of the provlno
ion of Canada."
Oliver (Delta)    im
ment of the debate.
s of the  Doniin-
ved ihe adjourn
Victoria, March 1.—In the legislature to-day lhe debate on thc sccund
reading ot Die hill to amend the
Columbia and Western Railway Subsidy Act, 1-890, was continued by
Henderson (Yale) and Bowser (Vancouver). Paterson (Islands) moved
the adjournment.
This afternoon's debate elicited no
new points ol special importance on
either side. Henderson, however,
clearly showed hv reference to the
legislation ot 1001, that lhe Columbia
tV Western company weie re-established iu their original status created hy aeis of 18!t.s, and Hmt consequently the several negotiations of
1-800-99 and 1000, including the Mackenzie A Mann bargain, had no hearing upon the present slate of the
case. In 1001 the Columbia A Western Railway company, by petition,
had secured tiie passing of a bill restoring their rights lo construct-sec-
twns five and six of the line, and
with this restoration the contract
was as it criginallr stood in 18;)t:
save that an extension uf time was
granted in which to make surveys.
In concluding his review of the history of the Columbia A Western
transactions, Henderson moved, in
amendment to tbe resolution "lhat
thc bill be read a second lime now,"
the following: "That all the words of
the resolution after lhe first; word
'that' Iw struck out and the following  substituted  therefor:
"That, whereas, lhe Columbia and
Western Railway company was Incorporated by chapter 54, of lhe statutes ot 1800,
"And whereas, hy section 10 of the
said chapter 51, it is enacted thai the
lines ot raiiwav    mentioned in    lbe
In  schedule,  together wilh branches aud
the   Cn
iou.il   to
ii amounted   to 715,812 pounds.
1005  Uiese creameries produced   ovei
1,400.000   pounds   or   about    250,hoi
pounds more than iu  I904| and    distributed over $;ui,oon among    tluii
patrons, or $54,000 in   excess of   tlu; ,
distribution of 1901. In addition it ' tli.it the comp.i
is estimated that there were 100,0001 Columbia A W
pounds of private manufacture, increasing the tolal production to some
1,800,000 pounds, valued at $480,01.0.
As to quality, I mav say lhat Mr.
W. A. Wilson who judged the dairy
products at the Dominion exhibition',
paitl a high compliment to British
Columbia butter holh in its quality
and ils uniformity.
"A great responsibility rests upon
Ibe province for the proper handling
ami development of these great gifts,
with which nature has so generously
endowed us. We should see to it
well that we place the commercial,
anil economic conditions of the prov-.
ince above reproach. We are to show , vcyed within the time, noi: in the
Ibat the affairs of our province are, manner prescribed hy statute and are
managed with an eye single to itkj not. vet surveyed:
future, Uiat our financial posit ion j "And whereas, it wns contemplated
shall he kepi as good as Unit of any i that hy the granting of the subsidy
other country in any part ot thej as set forth in the Culumhia i'
world, and Uiat in our legislation we Western Ael, being chapter 8, stat-
keep clear of such laws as mighl now. tites of 1800, that portion of British
upset the happily established conli- Columbia extending from the Colunt-
denee of the -world in onr province, hia river to Penticlon, as well as
avoiding class legislation inuring to tire country bordering upon and tri-
tho special iH-nelit of any portion of butary t-o Okanagan lake, and also
llie community, sanctioning only such the Okanagan railway, would bo de-
letrjslation as shall be for the general velopod and made profitable at an
interests of the whole country So earlier period than if no such subsidy
will we do our part to place out| was granted; and further, that the
province in that proud position, woi- coast cities would be very niateiial-
thv of a province entitled by natural, ly benefited by securing a more di-
eiiilowment to become the richest and reel route into Uie mining and smelt-
ifiiist valuable of any in lbe coufider-   ing camps ot the Boundary district,
extensions,  shall   constitui
luinhia A Western raiiwav:
"And whereas, it is coml
U.e granting nf said aid as
bv chapter 8, of the statutes nf I8!t
nisiruei the said
railway within
the time and according to liie terms
ot tbelr act of Incorporation:
"Ami whereas, tbe cnmpany has
not complied with the conditions of
the Subsidy Act, as set forth in
section I, chapter 8:
"Ami whereas, it vvas enacted thai
'no lands shall be granted to the company which are not designated and
surveyed by them within seven years
from the passage of this act':
"And whereas, t-he said Subsidy
Act was passed on Tlie 17 Hi day of
April, 1800:
"Aud wdiereas, the lands lo be
granted wen; nol designated and stir-
a    Pentifton; and    il    was furlhvi
| contemplated thai the annual loss to
tbe province of British Columbia, on
account  of its guarantee    uf inlerest
| on   the bond*,   oi ihe  Shuswap    and
Okanagan raiiwav  would, by i-lra construction of thc Columbia A Western
raiiwav  to, or    iu.tr Pentlcton,    in
very materially  reduced, ii not    al
logetlter eliminated:
"And whereas, fO secure llie construction of Ii.i' Columbia A Westein
railway at ihe earliest possible dalu,
it was enacted iif.it ihe railway company should deposit security lo the
amount ol fifty thousand dollars,
which said amount was to he forte!i
ed if ihe railway was not built in oi
near Peniiciou within four years from
tlie 17th day of April, LSOii:
"And whereas, tin* railway has not
vet   been  buill   lu Piuticton:'
"And wh.'ieas, the security before
mentioned has not been estreated:
"Ami whereas, the failure of the
Columbia and Western Railway com
pany to construct lheir lines of rail
way to Pen tic ton has resulted In
Incalculable loss to the province ol
British Columbia, and made it necessary to provide a subsidy of $750,
000 in aid of a line of railway from
.Midway tu Vernon:
"Therefore, Ihis bouse is of Uu
opinion that Uie Columbia A* West
ern Railway company is not en-Li tied
to any further aid."
Bowser's reply was an elaboration
of tbe argument made by the premici
yesterday. lie dealt mainly with
the Mackenzie A Mann bargain in
1808, and the subsequent negotiations
with ihe Semlln government.
; The adjourned debate on Hie second
reading of Williams' (socialist) bill
to Amend the Master and Servant
Act, which provides inter alia, for hi
monthly pay days, was Uieu resumed
i by 1 lawtliorutliwaite, who made a
strong appeal for silppoi t. II*
pointed out lh.it in Greal Britain il
Was     almost   invariably  the rule     ti
bave weekly pay davs or at the mosl
onlv   In   alloW   two '    weeks   lo  clap*.,
Tbe  leadei   of     Ihe   opposition     cn
pressed his heaiiv sympathy with the
principle nf Hie hill and' said lie
would vote for lho second leading
lie pointed out   thai   it   would   be ne
cess.uv to amend Hie bill In enn I
lee. bin sn far as Hie principle ol
more trequeirl pay days was concern
cl he entiii'h endorsed Un* mouatiro
and believed it would work lieneili i.n
tv in all classes i f the comiiiunllj
In paiiieul.il. twice a month pny day*
would strike a serious blow in ih,
baneful cmlll syslem. Workingmen
Would be largely treed from tbe (lis
abilities   nf the   presenl  svstein    bo
freil ml-ly Imposed.     A  me.ru II
Ihis kind would inure lo tlie mt >re t I
of merchants •'* well as in wag.
....in,-is. lie could conceive nf ell
cuniKlunecs wherein a sli iel enforce
monl of ibis measure would prove a
hardship, hm hv thoughl thai in com
inillee an amendment could be Inserted thai would meet these eases
and in any event be had sullieieni
confidence in the good judgment and
forbearance of wage earners to feel
assured that Ihey would mil invoke
the law in circumstances where its
provisions would obviously work Injustice,
Paterson (Islands), Carter-Cotton,
president of the council, and finance
minister Tallow, spoke in opposition
lo the hill.
Tanner (Saanlch) thought it wuuld
work a hardship on farmers.
Ross (Fernie) did not think a similar law in the eastern firovlnccs had
proved an "unmitigated success"  but
wnuld vote fur thc second reading of
the hill.
McNiwn (Victoria), and Dr. Young,
(Atlin) briefly   induisud    the    prln-
ciple nf Hie bill, and on a division,
| lhe   second   reading   ul   the   hill     was
j adopted by  10 tu 13, tbe vote being:
I    l-or — Brown,    McNivcn,    Jones,
j Evans, Davidson, Oliver, .1. A. Macdonald, Cameron,   Haw thorn in waite,
Ui.liaius,  McBride, Cotton,     Fraser,
Koss, Taylor,   Wright,  Young,    lin-
lotit, Manson.—19.
Against—Drurv, Tanner, Paterson,
Wells, Hall, Tallow, Ellison. IMifford
Bowser, A. McDonald, Fulton MacGowan, (iranl.-13.
Ca the third reading of hill No. [3,
An Acl respecting the iim- .nel manufacture, within British Columbia, of
Umbor cut on lands nf the crown,
Una. It. V. Green, proposed it,.' to!-
lowing amendment to section I:
"Whenever a seizure is made of timber un.ler the provisi, ns of this Act
the onus of showing that ihe timber
seized is noi subject to the provisions
of this Acl, shall be upon the own-
ilers, or person iu possession
This elicited from lhe leader «f the
opposition an unusually vigorous
speech, Macdonald denouncing the
proposal as an absolutely vicious
'■ne. So forcible were bis" remarks
that Green quickly asked to have the
tbiid reading stand over that be
might remodel tbe amondment,
Several hills were advanced ,t sl ge,
and the budget speech was sel for
The hnuse will sii on Salurda) and
prorogatfoh is now looked foi oy
Thursday next.
Victoria, March 3,-New bills wen:
introduced to amend the Wnler
Claus.-s Act, Bush Cue Aei, Liquor
License and Municipal Clauses Acts,
and to provide for the eslabll ihment
of a Royal stock Breeder's association,
The amendment to the Water
Clauses Act is lo restrict ihe powei .
of municipalities in the man. i , t ■ \
pinpnaling      lecoidid     watt i I lie
iimendmenl lo the Bush tue Art provides ihai permits lie required to
staid tins fm clearing land, between
May     Isl   ,uid    October    1st       I'bn
amendments   lu   the   \,\q    Lleeu ie
and Municipal Clauses     \.i i .nc    In
il reetkm ol limiting ihe number
oi I,.| mi licenses In cltlr , m...    .m t
Mil" ' ■ ti  reslrleted in lli li«
in »l  live hundred of popul.iti md
one i.n each additional Unm antl   11 Is
met .ill.-  is  in   Men      ol   lilt'   pi   li i    .1
local option measure, wlmh ilu pi, -
snU iii of the council has in charge
a hill he believes Ibe present legisla-
iine wuuld noi enact,
Bill No",  Id,   Green's measure    re-
! i .1,1,; use and manufacture nl Umbel un on lands uf the crown, was
Bulls 18, U) amend the land ad;
iu respecting rhe measurement of
limhei, were read a Uiini lime. Bill
I-I, lo amend tbe Health Ael pass,-.!
McNiven (Victoria) moved lhe .*,r-
coml reading uf the hill tn prevent!
Hie running of open slrects cars; and
Bowser (Vancouver) moved the a>l-
jounimonl of the debate.
Eraser (Grand Forks) moved the
second reading of the bill extending
the rights of Hie West Koolenay Power and Light company, and permitting
them to transmit and dispose of
power iu Yale district.
Fraser pointed out^Ibat tl. object
of the bill was to enable the company
(Continued on page eight)
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Tlir Mgfa uriff advocates io both
Canada and thr foiled State* never
cease to pratt about tht benefit of
tbe htgli taiifl lo tht farmer, and
persist in their eflort to secure the
support of the agricultural Interests
for a still gruater increase in tlw
land. It is pleasant, therefore, -o
rend an address like tlw following
delivered by a non-partisan to a nonpartisan OrgtMBffbttl tike the Canadian Club ol Toronto, nod by a man
wlm stands in tbe front rat* ol m-
wHigwit and scien-tiilc agrWBkurlsta
of Canada. By invitation, E, C
Drury, Ol Crown Hill, (Hit , a utad-
uate of Uie Ontario Agricullutal cot-
loge, es-prendrnt ol the <>nt*ii<i Agricultural ami Hiperimeitul 1 mon,
ami son of tin* fit st mimst-rr of tgri-
ciiltiiie for Ontario, was the speak-
et, ami it is nemllrhs to say that be
was list-toad to with great Interest
by Ins distrngu-islnsi awlence, The
undress was *-. follows:
Mi Drury ofassrvod tihnl the faun
ers are, as a rule, a silent class;
then views were not often beard, bui
their importance warranted thell being heard more often than ttw-y are
Tlw rural population comprised thret-
tilths oi Uh* population of ■■i-e wun-
Iry, while tliey had three times as
mueh capital invested as all tbe
Other enterprises of the country combined, the figures toeing $_.;imi,ihmi,immi for the iai
mers ami $542,000,000 fur the
oUh-i interests. Wore than that,
they added to the wealth of Uiv
country 1443,000,000 pcr year, while
all the other producers combined only
added $;ittv,oiH).(Miu.
"I know that will be challenged at
once," Mr. Drury added, "as the census figures show that the products of
the manufacturers were $481,(KK*,00«.
If you will look at tlw question you
will lind that the manufacturer adds
to the wealth of the country only by
the additional value that he gives to
bis raw material, therefore, the
amount of Iris raw material has to be
deducted from the census figures."
Mr. Drury said that the census figures of 1891—tbe details were jot hi
the returns for 1901—Show**! that thc
raw materials amounted to about
one-half the finished product, and his
estimate had been made on that
For the farming class Mr. Drury
claimed merit as -tbe backbone of
stability in the country. "I know
our faults," he said, "but we are
less swayed by the excitement of tbe
moment tliat} any other class." Tlie
farmers' case before the tariff commission, lie said, had been practically
unanimous in saying that protection
dhl not help them. They produced
mainly pork, beef, cheese, butter and
grain,' awl even if th? bulk of thest
products were consumed at home the
larmer knew very well by practical
experience that the price he received
was regulated in tbe foreign market
to which the surplus was exported.
"At tbe same time, we do not want
to form a combine, we wanl to remain law-abiding citizens,'' said Mr.
Drury, amid laughter, admitting,
amid further laughter, that such a
combination was impossible, anyway
Canada is an exporting country, and
as the last great open land in the
world with such great resources still
to be exploited, it would continue to
be so. "If Canada Imports agricultural products we will have lo open
up communication with Mars or some
other planet and get them for the
whole world," said Mr. Drury.
Under these circumstances, the farmer is convinced that no twisting
ami turning of the tariff can add very
much to the price of what he has to
sell, but, on tbe otber hand, lie knows
that the tariff does add to the price
of what In1 has to buy."
As an illustration, Mr, Drury said
that by actual experience lit had
found ibat it took Uie price he had
received for -.'t fleeces of wool to pay
fm a tweed suit which he bought.
"We don't know where the money
goes, but we have an idea the tariff
has something to do with it somehow," said Dr, Drury, amid laughter
and applailse, As to Uie farmer being prosperous, he admitted tbey
were better off iban tliey used to be.
Hut hy keeping Recounts ou a farm
it had been shown that, allowing for
Interest on investment and wages for
the sons, tlw farmer had nothing left
tor bis own wages. That capital
bail in most oases been handed down
from pioneer days by tbe grandfather
wbo hewed down thc forest. All the
farmers OOUld get was gained only by
the greatest frugality, gOOd manage
ment and carefulness. Thev bad ti
pay from $225 to $285 a year with
board ami washing for a hired man,
owning to the competition *A the
factories in the towns, which were
protected by the taril! and enabled to
pay hither wages Hun tbe farmers.
The farmer had been reasonable ti
their tariff representations, having
only asked Uiat if any etvauge be
mane Uie scale be downward Instead
of upward, ami that tbe llritish preference be carried on as far as it
would go.
"The Manufacturers' Association,"
Mr. Drury continued, "have urged for
mure protection because tbey must
rimi|iete with cheap foreign labor and
groat aggregations o! foreign capital,
What is Mie position of the Canadian
farmer? He pays the bill to help
lhe manufacturer compete with cheap
foreign labor. Who pays bis bill"
The Canadian farmer competes with
elteaper foreign labor than the manufacturer does. Ile competes with tbe
Iia-!f-savage labor of Argentina, with
Uh' pa.ipei labor of India, with the
clteap laibor from all Uie world in the
British market, which is bis only exporting market. We have our cheap
labor competition, and we have dear
labor at tiome here—just as dear as
any class in Uie country have."
Mr. Drury cited the cattle business
as an example, wherein the Ontario
farmer has to compete with the range
fed cattle of Texas and Argentina,
and even the Northwest, but against!
tbe latter he made no complaint, as
ttie people there were brother Canadians. Under -those circumstances,
the farmers were entitled to some
relief, and tlie paternal sympathy of
tbe Manufacturers' Association, who
presumed to argue for their welfare,
was deserving ot tlie name of
MPecksnHIkwi.,r Notwithstanding thel
development of tlie west, the rural!
population of Canada bad only increased by 1.62 per cent, in the last
census decade. How could the country go ahead when its basic industry
remained stationary? It was like
building a house by taking the bricks
trade lot flourishing cities and towu,
fur where argricultiire was developed
tne traders were sure to follow The
fai mers were the bulwark of Uiv
whole country, and if they prospered
tht  whole country  would piospei
Rambling Reveries
The appta! for volunteers in the
gnat battle of life, in exterminating
ignoraiiit and eiroi and planting high
on an everlasting foundation the baa*
nei   of   intelligence   and   right,   I*    di-
levied io ever) tnentbei ol this   de-
pal linen: Would >-'U bul giant It
audience      Let mi otoild ajjaw Uai ken
your spirit or weight ol .sadness oppress your heari A ioust* ambitious
siiioutdi'liiig lues. 'llii- Uui tl may
ten now    ue    wieallied     Uestnivd Lu
grace thy brow. Km si the train-
miHs that Impede Wry progress audi
eimg to hope.      'the \uuid frowned
darkly upon all who have ilt'l yet
won lame's wiealb, but uu Iht-y tolled. 1'lacv lu^h thy slaiidaid, and
Wltb a lum   tread ami  Iimi lev-     eye
press   sivudily   onward       Pel severe
and thou will suiely it-.uli it Aiu
there   those  who  have   waU-bed     un-
rewarded, Uuuugh long sorrowful
years, lot the dawning ul a brigbiei
morrow, when the wear!) a'ml I
should calmly rest. Hope's bright
rays still illume their dark pathways,
ami cheerfully yet they waich. Never
despair! Kami not, though ihy ask'
be heavy, and victory is Hum*.
The past year has been one ot t
bloodshed aud carnage. lu all pails I
oi Russia men, women ainl Innocent \
children have been murdered by the
tens of thousand.-., but yet Christianity is advancing, is rolling on and is
going    to   warm the   hearts of    all
Maclcod, March B.~Mr. Gardner, ol i
Macleod, sub-eollectoi ol customs anljl
inland revenue, and a nominee ol Un-  I
I Liberal party here, ha*- beeu suspend-jl
'■ ed for alleged Irregularities m t-he accounts of Uie office here, and an   of-j
: tieial fiom ibe Lethbridge office is Ini
charge ol the office making tnvestlga-
I lions, and pending the appointment of'
! Gardner's   succeJBor.      The circum-
i stances wWoh led up to the ease were
those of some individual m Maoteod,
who had inought certain hoists over
tlie line on llie Usual conditions that
the same were tor his own use and
not foi sab- \ le.nii was subsequently Mild in a party In town and
(iui'dnvl     is alleged    In have  iiuined
laivlv taken steps
of $_iu on the tear
wii hm lu.s propei i
Hon arising betwei
. Intel ibitv, ami Ihe
lhe duly   In  (i.ut.
j suspicions,    he   en
. hcauuuai lers as to
; result  that  tli
i'l..'''      -f'-.l
Following .
Ian ol last year,
Dial Madoed p
trappy in theii
patronage. Tlie
it legulai n its are
i. whuh was quite
luty       Some trie-
-n ihe pal lies at  a
man who bad paid
ni. ha\Ing some
mmuufcated w Illi
Uie $20, with the
ligation look
. lieen suspend
Nitmi    af-
itei Hi
if iloei
•tit ui.ii
distribution ol
full  exlent  of
iml  yet  known
nations and ail nal ions will bask
its light. Men may shut tlie window blinds su they cannot see il,
or they may smoke Uie pipe of speculation until they are shadowed under their own vaporing; but the
white light of the gospel made up of
ail the beautiful colors of earth and
heaven, violet plucked from amid the
spring grass, the indigo of the southern jungles', the blue of the skies, the
green of the foliage and the yellow
of tlie autumnal woods, tbe orange of
tlie southern groves and the nd of
the sunsets, all the beauties of earth
and heaven are combining to keep tlie
•ball of Christianity rolling. Great
Britain is going to lead all Europe lo
the foot of the cross; Uie United
States is going to bring all America
lo God; these two great countries
Will combine and take Asia for God
and then' the three with their combined strength will bring Africa into
tbe fold aud tlie world will be ' redeemed, The good homes of our land
are the little yeast cakes that keep
the moral influences working. Infidelity and atheism arc receiving
their death blow from clubs in the
hands of the good mothers of our
Only a few days ago I read how a
kind look and a tear of sympathy
upon the face of a clergyman led to
the conversion of a poor convict.
Such kindness is easily bestowed,
and yet how often it 'is withheld,
even from those wln.se souls are
yearning' for our sympftthJU those
who know so little of gladness, bin
have tasted to the very dregs of life's
bitter cup. Yes, if wc would be
truly happy, we must become so
busy and Interested in trying lo lessen the suffering of others that we
will forget our own misfortunes. As
wc journey through life, iel us never
hesitate to turn aside into llie path
of self-denial if duty calls us tliere,
tor there is always a blessing, in
duty, although it may often seem to
interfere with pleasure. Hut whoever is truly noble and worthy will
keep this principle uppermost iu his
mind. Let us do our duly while the
years come and go, aiid although
their loyliest season blooms but lo
fade again, let benevolence, pure
flowers, never fade from the path
wc tread and we may he sure that
within our souls hope and contentment, if not actual joy, will ever
bloom in ail t-he freshness ami beauty
of glorious springtime.
Tbe eighteenth century will stand
iu history as the age in which the
doctrine of Uie rights of man developed commanding strength and
popular sway. The French Revolution in Europe, and the American
Revolution in this country, spread
democratic ideas broadcast. Tlie
nineteenth century did very much to
secure the rights of woman. At ,thc
close ol the preceding century, housekeeping and serving were about the
only occupations open to women
To-day ttiere Is hardly any occupation which she is not Iree to enter,
It is quite generally acknowledged
that she Iras the right to do anything that she can do well, and
that, too, without any surrender of
her womanhood. Whatever other
great things the twentieth century
shall achieve, we feel quite sure that
it will be characterized by a more
intelligent appreciation of the rights
of children, and better agencies and
methods for their training and development. It will be the reminiscence of childhood.
Home should be made the most interesting and best loved spot, oi
earth, not merely four square wall;
of wood and brick; it should he the
fountain of civilization, the very
word should touch every filler of our
soul, and strike every chord iu Ihe
human heart with Its angelic fingers,
a place where that is centralized oi
the higher and better things of life
bringing forth in the highways and
byways an influence that wil. Ire felt
by all with whom it comes in contact. It slwuld be a place wltere the
heart is, a place where our feel may
leave but not our hearts, a place
where angels unfold their wings, lhe
place we love best, because it Is the
place where mother is.
Man can build the house and roof
it in, a resistence against the storms
and elements; but the man with all
his genius and artisan science cannot make the home; that ever has
and ever will 'be the task of woman
It is she alone that can bring to it
warmth artfl beauty. Here she reigns
Let our   homes be   places of  love,
Notice is hereby given thai the
partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the linn
name and style ol the I'ine Tree Lumber Company, is this day dissolved
The undersigned, Malcoim Melnnes,
will wind up the partnership business
and is entitled to collect all acoount-5
due, and will pay all the liabilities
of the firm.
M. Melnnes,
J. W. Agncw.
Dated at   Cranbrook this 23rd day
ot February, 1»06. 49-51
Crescent Lodob No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets tveiy Tuesday at 8 p. m. at
New  Fraternity  Hall.
J. A. Arnold, K.R.S.
George Tliompson, CC.
Visiting   brethren   cordially invited
tu attend.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Bngineers
and Surveyors.
THOS. T. MoVlTTIE, P. I.. S.
.1. T. LAIDLAW. li. E.
$*J 4-5 .'$-?*$"$$ «*$-. s-i^-j$^
....briMi.   Local  tnlon   1241 ol  lit UllMI
Brotherhood of Cirpcolcr. .nd Joiier.
of America.
Meltings tverj' Thursday evening at
1. O. O. T. ittil, over I'at'niuie Hro..'
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
Krrd Vuill, Edward Koote,
itec.-Sec. l-ii-si,l.nt
I.O.O.P.    Key Cily l.rt|<
No. 42. Meets e.ory
Monday    night    At
Fraternity   Hull.     Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
~   II. McKay, M. D. Hillings,
First-class Work by Experienced  Hands.
The Cranbrooi. Hotel
N. O.
Craibrook LtJ|c, Ne. h
A. F. ft A. M.
Regular meetings us
the third Thursday
of every month.
Visiting bretnren welcomed.
S.   II.   Husk ins
M. a. Beale,
W, M.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date we intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works and the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal, oil and
petroleum on the following lands, to
wit, and more fully described as being situate about four miles easl of
tiie Canadian Pacific Railway Laud
Grant, 18 miles south of Crows Nesi
Pass and adjacent to, and adjoining
the Flathead River, iu Ulock 4503,
South East Kootenay, ti. C:
1. Commencing at a post planted
at Uie north-east corner of ti. V.
Scott's claim, same being lhe initial
post of U. F. Scott's elaim ami
marked "ti. V, Scott" and lying
south and adjacent lo Edward Whitmore 'a clal in; thenee south eigh 1 y
chains, Uience west eighty chains,
Uieuce north eighty chains, thence
east eighty chains, to lhe place of
beginning, containing U-10 acres, more
or less.
U. F. Scott, Locator.
R. L.   Beard and   Charles   McQulre
2. Commencing at a post planted
al the north-west corner of George
Scbarfl's claim, same being the initial posl of George Scharf's claim and
marked "George Scharf," and lying
south of C. Owen's claim and adjacent thereto; tbence easl eighty
chains, thence south eighty chains,
thence west eighty chains, thence
north eighty cha ns to the place oi
beginning, containing (1-10 acres, more
or less.
George Scharf, Locator.
R. L.   Beard and   Charles   MeGuire,
3. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner of Mrs. E.
0, McDorman's claim, same being the
initial post of Mrs, E, C, McUer-
mau's claim and marked "Mrs. E. C.
McOormau," and south and adjacent
to B. F. Scott's claim, thence west
eighty chains, thence south eighty
chains, thence east eighly cliains,
thence north eighty chains to the
place of beginning, containing o Hi
acres, more or less,
Mrs.  E.  U. McDorman, Locator.
R, L.   fteard and   Charles   MeGuire,
4. Commencing at a post planted
at tbe north-west corner of Calvin
McDorman's claim, same being the
initial post of Calvin McDorman's
claim And marked "Calvin McDor
man," and lying south and adjacent
to George Scharf's claim; thence east
eighty chains, Uience south eighty
chains; tbence west eighty chains
thence north eighty chains to the
place of beginning, containing fiio
acres, more or less.
Calvin McDorman, Locator.
R. L.   Beard and   Charles   MeGuire,
44-61* Agents,
F.   0.   E.
Patmore    Hall
C. Ross Tate, W. P.
A. M. Black, W. Sec'y.
Visiting brothtis cordially invited.
Meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday Is
"Good Templars Hail."
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
A. McCowan, C.R.      J. Sims, Sec'y
I. O. G. T.
Meets every Friday night above Pal
mere's Store.
Come and Join tbe Happy Band.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to tbe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license to cut and carry away timber from the following described
lands in South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post at the north
west corner of C. W. Wilson's No. 1
license, tbence 1UO chaius south,
thence 40 chains west, thenoe lid*
ehains north, thence 40 chains east lo
place of commencement.
Robert Little, No. 2, Locator.
Located this 22nd day of Fehruary
1000. 4!(-5t'
Meets every    second     and    (ourtl
Saturday in Patmore's Ilall.
Visiting brothers always welcome.
Facial Massaee a Specialty   +
Prop'r, ♦
is now located in its comlort-
able and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is iust up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
to do iust the best work in all
branches of the tonsonal art.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
w. F. OURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Hazell Block CrHbraok, B. C.
C. H. DUNBAR      I
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   *
Public Etc S
Cranbrook,    •    -    B. C.   5
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Restdeace, Armitroag At.
Forenoons - - • - 1.30 to   11
Afternoons .... 1.90 to 1.30
Evening. 7.30 to 1.10
CRANBROOK ::    ::   ::   ::    B. C.
I to 13 a.m.
1 to   1 ,m.
7 to   I p.m.
Office and ruldence ou Armitronf a..
Take notice that thirty days ailer
date I intend tn at>|,ly to tin- Chlel
Commissioner nf Lands mul Works lot
a license to cut and carry away tim
her trom tlie lollowlng described
lands in South Kasl Kootenay:
Commencing al a post at tlte
north-west corner ,,t Kolit. Utile's
No. i .license, thence 1 ISO chains
south, thence 40 chains west, thence
1*0 chains north, thence 10 chains
east to place of commencement,
O. S. Frizzell, No. 2, Locator.
I-ocated this 22nit day ot February,
1906. Ill-Si-
I to 11 a.m,
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   1 p.m.
OOw Ut new Retd block
Repairing Promptly Done
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
We Will Do
Your Draying
m a in
ling to labor hard to
accomplish that object. That is why onr
liusi ness pros]x.*rs : :
\*7e Buy ani S:I1 on Cj.-nnisiioa
WANTED:-W«tern Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynnc &
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apiily to the Ohief
Commissioner of Lands and Works fur
a license to cut and carry away timber from the following described
joy and brightest sunshine, places Oh lands in South'East Kootenav:
enduring love Uiat outlasts Uie wed- Commencing at a post near O. S
ding day, and which produces a life FrizzeJl's south-west corner of No. 1
run vue imwmj of one long unbroken honeymoon, the license, thence ItiO chains norlli,
from the foundation. la concluding, j moWmg place of character, a place thence 40 chains west, thence ICO
Mr. Drury said he had a dream oil where t-he child breathes an atmos-j chains south, thence 40 chains cast
the future of Canada. Ii was -that phere perfumed by the choicest flow-' to plaee of commencement,
the  great agricultural lands ot Oan- ers   of heaven,    where it finds    the c  W. Wilson, No. 2   Looator.
Una should be so opened up and   do-'greatest earthly security in mother's     Located this 22nd day of February,
l veloped   that    tbey   woufd   provt* loflng, fostering case. IMS. 4»-6f
People who want Job work done
cannot afford to pay for poor work.
That ii why it pays to get work
done at the Herald oflice.    No com*
& taint is made ol the work turned oil
ere tor the reason that it U up to
date and Uw work of u| to date
printers. That makes a iittaimm
*t* uv MItUmI
If you require any hired help, either male or female, write to us. Our
charges are reasonaWe.
Employment,    real   estate,  Insurance and commission agents.
H tl WetaUiwiD, Albert*
Notice Is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable, tlie ciiii-f Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following dt?scribed
lands, situate about two miles from
tlie mouth and ahout one fourth
mile west ot small stream running
northerly into the Flathead river and
about two miles east of C. F. R.
line as surveyed, South East Kootenay, B.C., and lies adjacent to E.
E. L. Dewdney's claim on the east:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner, being Uie initial post, thenoe running north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east nu
ohains to place of commencement and
containing 640 acres.
Cecil B. Winter, Locator.
.lames Fisher, Agent.
Located this 29th day ot September, iim, a-,. TIIE   CKANBROOK   HERALfl
Uy tin. Herald    Publishing Company,
7 Limited.
Editor and  Manager.
The Herahl believes in placing
blame aud praise where each belong,
regain] i - ot tlio party thai may be
i.n Tliere are Liberals who do not
take ilia! view of lhe question, but
Lhe Herald takes pleasure iu reproducing the following editorial Iiom
the Toronto CHobc that bits tlw nail
right i-u the head;
li, Liberal press should be critical
and constantly alert tu relation to
iht: government a-t otuwa. Nu
newspaper in Canada believes thai
all wisdom awl all honesty are In unu
political party, oi that any goveru-
nu-i.i ib absolutely safe itfcuiusi in-
capuoitj and cupidity, Urall know,
i.u uanj politics. The great corporation . with then organised lobby,' ptaj the game wiUi imUi parties
Barnacles -ne not particular about
poll cal names, but aie ailer ihe
government ship. There never was
., government that could be left alone
bv its real friends—Ub professed but
self-seeking friends will always be at
baud. That is why llie Globe and
other Liberal newspapers are concerned about the expenditures, rami
revision, management ol the Intercolonial, construction ol the Uiaud
Trunk Pacific, and other large responsibilities of the Ottawa government, Wt- know that subsidy hunter, proteotion manufacturer,- place
man, and professional are all, and
always pressing then suits and plying Uioil craft. The very best service thc Liberal press can render
Laurler is lo stimulate and direct
healthy public opinion both within
ami without government circles, in
Lt,.ut of Un: highest efficiency, utmost
honesty, and must profitable economy
in all departments of the civil service, and in ail undertakings and responsibilities oi the government. No
oue knows tliat better ur appreciates
it more justly than the prime minister himself. II the Liberal press,
by being intelligently critical as well
as frankly symputliotlc, can render
tlie government that high service,
ninn' will have been done both lur
the Liberal patty and Ior Canada
than by ail possible applause that is
uncritical and indiscr miniating and
against sueh service the slanders of
prejudiced opponents can have no
of a few rank Conservatives WOO bad
been bowling for a cabinet minister
for years and then when thev h.d a
chance to get one, got out ami fought
it. There were a lot ot Conservatives who couk) noi see it that way
and did all they could for Uie election of Mr. TempUman.
Tlw lumber dealers of tiie coast
have made a raise of $2 a thousand
in the price of lumber.
What a relief it would be ii tho
Winnipeg papers would take a    day
oil and print the news oner instead Of
filling their columns wltb partisan
politics, What is thc matter with
\uu people, anyway'* Don't vou
know that the sun ol prosperity has
•n over Canada, that the people
coming to this country liy the
hundreds of thousands, that Hiey
tlon'i care about t-he brand of bitter
partisan politics you are doling oul
to your readers day after day, but
lhat they are most interested in the
advancement of their new borne, ol
iheir adopted country, of tlie success of their latest move, Take a
I limbic No man oil earth can eai
a  quail a day tor 3U3 days Straight.
The LeRoi is paying dividends once
more. It looks better in this country every day.
A man named Simpson committed
suicide in Winnipeg the oilier day, i'
was not  lhe Old Man.
The Old Timers of this dislriel
-hould gel together and arrange to
preserve the early history of this pan
of the country before it Is u>o late.
It. L. T. Galbraitb is the proper man
io shoulder that responsibility and In
should not lie permitted to escape,
The advance of tlie St, Eugene
slock the past month has been most
satisfactory to those who owned it,
and speaks well for mining in Easl
l>ave Carley is a Conservative.
The Herald Is probably the onlj
weekly paper in this province ihal
will print the budget speech. It is
an Interesting document and reflect"
great credit upon the finance mlnU
ler. Mr. Tallow is lionesl in giving
„._. views. He says, "I am happy
in being in Uie position to show thai
it, (tbe surplus) has been almost entirely due to improved industrial con
ilitiins." That and Increased taxation and decreased outlay is bound ti
produce a surplus.
If it were not so deplorable, the
efforts ol coi lain Consei vative papers
in lbe province to gloss over the
Kaien island scandal would be aiuus*
ing In Um extreme, These papers,
true to tlieir partisan spirit, either
ridicule ihe investigation or lamely
endeavor to defend the deal Iiom beginning iu end. Nol a single Lon-
servulive paper has had ihe mural
courage Lu oven mildly criticize the
policy pursued in secretly granting
valuable lands io a railway corpora-
lion aL the behest of speculative
agents, wliu testify on the stand that
thu urigtual agreement between tlietn
and tlte Urand Trunk provided lur a
payment oi tin,uuu if the laud was
secured. When actions of this char-
aetei on the part of the government
an; strenuously defeuded by partisan
papers, the freedom and independence
uf the press becomes a misnomer, antl
Mn admiration of the public turns tu
scorn anil piiy.
The Calgary Daily Herald is one of
the strongest Conservative papers in
the west, and its independence has
given it unusual influence. The Herald is not published within the
boundaries of British Columbia, bul
il n were, il would make no difference as to Its Conservatism or its
opinions upon public matters. He
felling to the investigation ol the
Kaien island affair, this Conservative
Calgary paper makes this righteous
and stinging comment;
The investigation of thc odious
Kaieii scandal is drawing to- a
close. All British Columbia is
convulsed with indignation over
the affair. The spectacle of government secrets being peddled
around among a crowd of harpies
ts revolting to every decent sentiment, The cabinet which, rightly
or wrongly, js charged with the
responsibility lor this miserable
development in lhc 0. T. P. promotion deserves lhe censure the
members are receiving. Tiie traflic in legislative favors lias gone
on BO uiililushingly at Victoria so
long as to encourage the lobbyists
tu attempt anything which promotes loot.
If a Liberal paper in British Columbia had printed the above, the servile
Journalistic time servers of the Conservative camp would have howled
with indignation and charged the
guilty paper wilh endeavoring to
make political capital. British Columbia needs a few Conservative
papers like tlie Calgary Herald, a
paper that holds loyalty to the people above loyalty to party.
The Conservatives are saying lhat
thi- defeat of the Liberal candidate in
Quebec ir, the firsl step in the down-
fail of the Lauiier government. The
man who was elected is a straight
labor man and ran on the labor
tickel. In one ot his talks he said
that if elected it would he by Liberal
and Conservative voles and no party
qajild claim the credit of his election,
and that he would, go to Parliament
as a labor represenfa-live nnd not as
ii Conservative or a Liberal. That
ought to settle it and stop a lot ot
this tomfoolery alHiut the downfall
of Liberalism In Quebec.
The Honorable Mr. Templeman was
elected at Victoria on Tuesday by a
handsome   majority.        There    was1
nevei n question   as lo     Um* result,
simply .i question   as In  the sanity
I Seven Years Ago I
I in Cranbrook %# *M J
HE  g
THAT    DATE   -
Next  week closes the first- year  of
Uie Herald.
It is lime to talk of sidewalks or
raise a fund for rubber boots.
The regular monthly meeting ol tht
hoard of trade will be held at tin
lownslte office next Tuesday evcnin
A portion of tlw machinery for the
new mill for Mr. A. Leilch has heen
shipped from Ontario aud wilt he
shortly followed by the remainder,
A petition is being circulated ask
ing the minister of mines to appoint
Mr. Patmore as successor to C. M
Edwards as -mining recorder, as Mr
Edwards expects to retire from thc
service at an early date.
Tom Rookes, manager ot the Kalis
pell telegraph line, was in town Sunday. Mr. Rookes looks well and
prosperous and his many friends in
Cranbrook were glad to see him.
The T. Leask Sash and Door FaC'
tory is now running on full time and
many orders from other towns and
adjoining territory are being receiv
Contructor Grant has commence!,
work on the changes that are to take
place in the post olliee building. The
roof will be raised so that it wil)
lm two stories and fourteen feet add
isl to the rear.
Pa-rrott Bros., of Calgary, have
started to erect a building to be
used as a feed and produce store,
whicli will be completed in the course
of two or three weeks. Tliey will
carry feed and farm produce and ehi|i
from Alberta to Cranbrook.
Plans are being prepared for a
large building to be erected at the
corner of Baker and Van Home
streets Just west of Hie Cranbrook
hotel and opposite the station. It
will be a two storey building and
similar in appearance to the Aiken
block at the comer of Baker and
Cranbrook streets.
The government says Hiac all gambling must stop. If the law ti
strictly enforced a big lot of pokei
outfits can be bought ail through the
country for very little money, and the
blues will no longer be redeemable at
(3.50 per.
..The provincial police of this province have received orders to sup
press gambling and the order is te
Im. strictly adhered to. The good
old game ot draw will he relegated
to the rear, and seven up, old sledge
and cribbage will lw substituted.
Stud poker, of course, will be Included in the order, and the wise
and solemn dealers will tiave to seek
pastures new. ' The blues, reds and
whites will have lost their charm
and will be used as counters only,
as they will no longer have a monetary value at the end of the
One subject that might be profit
ably discussed at the board of trade
meeting on Tuesday evening, is that
ir sidewalks. Tbe condition of Uie
streets at the present time is enough
to arouse t-he Ire of a saint. There
should be sidewalks of some kind nut
down, and at that meeting they
could do no better than to start
movement of this kind.
On March I, HMN), to Mr. and Mrs
Carberri, a daughter.
On March 5, 1006, to Mr, and Mrs.
Aeion, of Sirdar, a son.
On March 5, IMC, to Mr. and Mrs
Henderson, of North Star mill, n
HE    ROASTS    llll'   BOARDS   OF
Lasl Tuesday .,' Victoria, Ml
lt.iss, member front Ferine, tnnk ik*
casion i<> „*-,* Lis i l.*nn*i,t',* hi abusing
Lln-  Associated   B,m I Tl.1.1'*   .ll'.l
I'UM.I, „>    lllll ...UI.HI.        »ll.ll   |Hlllll|ll.'li
tliis Is nol known, bul tin' people wliol
participated in the i veilings ol Hut
Associated    Hoards,  knew only     	
u,ll ,I,.,, polities ,*,  ligurc in ilu*
Mr. Ross look advantage ol il n*
(11*11111,111   I,, s.i.Iill   >*i„s„lv li„* As
sociuliil Hoards ol   Trade ,-l Suuih
.-.1st,-,:,  British   t'ol I l.i    Tins body,
In* alleged, ot Ismail) sain i se .-,
being a ,.*.,,„. .,, ...„,,..,mm Iiul tl
i\.,s „ ii  ,. i ul ,.,, ,,. ,1,,' dicta-lion ol tin i. .L.i. , ,,l tin- ,,|,|„.s,li,,n,
»l.„ iusltg.il,sl it.,  ,.*...I s ,,,,.1 he
lliuirght, ii, >,,.,* nr i ..... - actually
drafted     them lit,     \ssucialed
Boards tveiv mm in ull mums and
purposes pull .i il,-   I.,,..i.il machine
in s i„ tn li. ,,,* i> i*..:,,„,:,.,        It
was   |ii.s,,l,..i ,,m-i   l,\  ., paid ,,llii*i.il
nl il„* I. .1 (towiniiti ul iii„, -,„.i
,.l  tm _fll.lt,,   l.i .,.,,.„.,.   I.,...,.,I    in
Smilh l'i
, 1,
, II  ,.„
soclnlcd Bo.u-.ls, tlml ii its nautili-
„,*ss ivas uut tu be atlogclhei .los-
troyed, ii n had not actually gone,
it must break loose Irotn its relations
with ttr.- leudel ,,i llu* opposition.
Ituss had a good deal lu say in uon-
llCCtllili  Willi Ills ,,m, election und   III,'
now notorious incidents ni tin* ballot
boxes. IK* lurthei proceeded to
make a bitter personal attack iipi.ii .1.
A. Macdonald, because ol that gentleman's support i,l Un* eight luun day
tor siiu-lii-is. lie charged Maodonald
with being a political laklr, and saul
he was .-,_i it l.-.l it, ,,„ credit lur attempting to bring aboui a mUteiiicnl
between Hie smell, r owners and tlieir
, mployccs in tire matl-cr >>i hours ol
e II**,.,
w ishwl
-ni Bucli-
's view
ol  Mr,
' i
ade, and
veil the
m, U.U.
7, I imii.
i,r Hero
havo a
,1. , ran
ways   „
u    avoid
,\,r.   N
.11 1
and .dr.
roth Col
es,   have
ircl all
year ex-
oi, pari
voted oi
l)   pI'OlLT-
ask in*;
Nlig.it ion.
idea ul
Mi. All*
i Iti
s domina-
the       h
s    myth-
am     not
e      tl
a I       ii
,1 govcr
I i
xeept   un
iw  and
st lou    of
nu expo
t, both
ul   .\ nieh actions
ii er
d   i
.\ si n'Kssi-'i I. CONCKUT.
The concert in aid oi tin- Free
Heading Room was u grand success,
Wentworth ball was well lilled with
an appreciative and enthusiastic audience. Mayor Rogers opened b) a
f.*w brief remarks on the good work
of Un- reading room, Us worthiness
of support, ele*, .""I was followed bj
an Instrumental duel In Miss llyck-
maii ami Miss iliichcrofi, which met
with heart) applause Miss Connolly came next witli ,i solo, in ber usual good voice, ami delighted the
audience, Miss Rhode Leiteh rendered "San.Is U'Uif," III which she
showed givai range ul voice and
cheerfully responded lo a heaiiy encore. .Miss Fliiiiis sang "Angels,"
.singing with her usual sweetness and
was warm!) applauded. J. Suns
sang "Tin Sentinel Am I," which
received much upplutisi? and called
for an encore. Mr. I) It. Wood sang
"John Chinee," composed by himself, which proved to lhe audience
that he is a union man, ile was
warmly applauded by every member
of organised labor in the house. Mr.
A. Shankland sang "That Pudding,"
which brought down Lite bouse, as
did his encore. Sirs. Brock recited
and proud her abiliH as an elofu
tlonlst iif merit. Mrs. Ilislop's soh
was a gieat treat and was greatl;
appreciated. Mr. J. Suvllle dis
played great skill in club swinging
and pleased the audience very much
Indeed, The bagpipes and dancing
of the McCowan family, was one uf
tlie pleasing features of the evening.
Aliss Lily in the Highland fling dance,
Master Douglas iu the horpplpo dance,
Master Charlie in the sword dance,
and Mi. McCowan in the sailor's
hornpipe dance, each in their turn
received hearty encores. Tbey ale
Indeed an entertainment in themselves and always please an audience.
Much credit is due Miss Huehcrolt in
so ably doing ber part as accompanies! for the evening.
Dr. Mclnlurff, tvho was formerly in
charge of the largest Methodist
church in Spokane, hut now at the
head of a colony in Idaho, a few
miles from Creston, stalled a series
uf meetings lure this week, As the
gentleman was soliciting funds for an
orphans borne al Ins colony, Mayoi
Rogers telegraphed Uev. Rasmus,
pastor of the Mctfkriial church at
Spokane and received tlw following
"Pos-iii.Hv cannol endorse li M
Mclnturfl m anyone associated wnh
Dodgers wen- IhhuccI containing ihis
Information .nui Un- resuli was that
Mr. Mclnturfl had In close his meetings, In bis i.wn defence lhe gentleman lold lhe Herald thai hi- did iml
expect au endorsement from Hev.
Rasmus, but thai he could get one
from a luiifilied-iiieii ol good standing
in Spokane who were held in higher
esteem Ihan Rev. Rasmus, lie fell
hurl over the way be was treated in
Cranbrook anil said ihal he might
yel decide to arrange a few meetings
here and if he did he would present
some matters of more than ordinary
interest to the peuple of this town
in regard lo Rev. Rasmus nnil show
why that gent'leman had sent that
kind of a telegram to Mayor lingers.
"Wait a minute," she said to her
husband, "let us see what all this
excitement is about. There was
such a crowd In front of Chas. E.
Reid A Co.'s drug slore window,
it was Impossible to get hy them.
All were looking at a lady combing
her long, beautiful hair. She was
one of the Seven Sutherland Sisters,
GIVE    l'i BLICITV    Tl)   Tilt:
Cranbrook has started along tlw
path of progress tlrts time with a
spirit ibvt bespeaks success The
people realize ihal to promote the
best interests of the town and add tu
ihe permanency id all Institutions the
population musl Ik' Increased through
tint that territory ihal is irHmtnn
io Cranbrook, Lasl Thursdaj even
in.*, the board ui trade held a   meel
nig al   lhe council chatUlH'l  with quih
a number presenl. Then* was quite
a little business transacUd, iim in.l■■■:-
ilu- appniiitineiii ui a cum mil-tee lu
arrange for ihe publication ni a
pamphlet and anothei tu form an
organization ta be known as "The
um Club," ihe membership fee to in
>'• and the u ey thus ralwil lu he
used in Hit- printing ol Uu- phampici
and paying other expenses ilirllin-il
wlullg lhe line of publicity,     The idea
met immediate furor and before the
meeting adjourned there was a good
start lor tlie Hit) dub. The roll ol
honor, at the present time, without
any work being done, is as follows,
This list will bv kept running m tlie
Herald unlit there aie luu names,
Below is the list;
■jAMc-S u-litihit,
DR. .\lii.t....
,1. I). McBRIDE,
A. W. McYlTTlE,
W. F. UL'RD,
W. ti, HILL,
Mr, Roberts, secretary of lhe board
of trade, is anxious to receive the
name uf all those whu desire to be-
i oine members, of lhc Uiu club, and
Uie membership is not confined iu
Cranbrook, bul includes all ol ihose
who live in the territory tributary to
Cranbrook, lt is surely a roll of
honor as it will mean the names oi
Lltose who are anxious lo do some-
tiling to promote the best interests
uf tlieir town and tlieir district.
The called meet ing of the board
of trade met at the council chamber
wiih President Beattie in the chair
and Secretary Roberts in bis ollicial
position. Ah no word has beeu received from the secretary of the
Associated Boards of Trade as to tho
resolutions passed at the last meeting of Uiat body, nothing could be
done altin-g that line.
The question as lo greater publicity as to the advantages of Cranhrook and districl was generally
discussed, aud it was finally moved
I hut a committee be appointed to
prepare a comprehensive pamphlet
covering the advantages of this section, This was carried and the
chair appointed Messrs, tl, T. Rogers, E. Elwell, A. Moffat, George
Hoggarth and Secretary Roberts.
Tins brought about the question of
funds and how the necessary money
was to lie raised. F. E. Simpson
suggested tbe formation of an One
Hundred club, with a fee of $5.no.
•I. A. Harvey was enthusiastic in
support ing the idea and it was generally discussed. A motion was
finally made and carried and F. E.
Simpson, J. A. Harvey, W. T. Reid
and Secretary Roberts were named
as the committee.
This closed the business of the
meeting and on motion an adjournment was taken.
The committee on the One Hundred
Club will meet to-night at the office of Arnold A Roberts to com
plete their pjans of organization.
The Verpa May Co., band and or
chestra, which has just closed' a six
weeks' engagement at the Lyric
theatre, Calgary, open a three nights
engagement here on Thursday, March
15, in the beautiful comedy drama
"Queen of Hearts," wilh six big
vaudeville features between aeis, in-
(iluding the great Arnolda juggling
wizard and chin balancer, Miller and
May, the comedian and soubrette, the
lateit illustrated songs, McLean and
Alviu, comedy sketch artists and
Fred P. Miller, singing and dancing
comedian, There will be an entire
change of play and specialties at each
performance, Tliere will be a parade
at noon on Thursday and free concert In from of tbeaire ai l.'db each
F. C, Malpas, who has just returned from England and Scotland, in
speaking of what lie had observed
while absent said that from his point
of view be did not believe that British Columbia was well enough advertised in ttie Old Country, and especially ihis part of tlte province. Mr.
.Malpas was very much pleased with
the idea of lhe board of trade issuing a pamphlet showing up the advantages of this districl, and is of the
opinion that several hundred could he
distributed to a good advantage
through Mr. Turner, the British Columbia agent in London*.
 » —
Furalshed by Beale A Elwell, Brokers, Cranbrook, B. C.
St.  Eugene     ,9a
Canadian Oqldfields  7
Western Oil & Coal  .15
International Coal A Coke  ■ .30
Sullivan   5
Nicola Coal Mines, Ltd 5
North Star  !t
Rambler   Cariboo  U
Marconi   Wireless (Canadian)... 4.0(1
Consolidated   Stock  126.00
Rocky Mountain Oil 76
Diamond Vale Coal  30
Humming Bird  iu
Beaver Valley Oil 25.00
Rales:—OfiW) St. Eugene; 800 Sul-
IIvan; 1000 Nicola Mines, Ltd,
n  T,;eC«imiliuiiBn.ikofCommor(vfiUil] Imv, moved into ll.oir now !.,
ably Bituatoa.  _  L ho I k n .,...-, .0f tin- fim«i in liritisl. fniuml.
mv furniBlied in ;. muimortluit rellci isnv.lh m>ou ,|l(. \nii\. „..,..,..   .
of the stall.
lm ; mid urn now mosl rotufurt-
niil lbe moms mi tiir Bt'coml floor
mul mlda grontly to th. ruin fori
Some time in November a dark-
skinned individual who claimed thai
he was from Macedonia and was
travelling Uirough tlte country looking for homes for pour girls in his
country, who had embraced the
Christian faith and wanted homes
where tbey could learn Ute ways ol
civilization and secure an education
iu the English language in return foi
what domestic services thev might
perform, The proposition sremi I
lo be a good one in a iiumhei of
people in Craubrook as it Imd to
many in olbcr cities in tli,- province,
and as a resuli it is said that Mad
in cold cash was handed oui in lhe
nice appearing foreigner to send the
poor gills here to commence their
labors fm two years foi liie sake of
civilization. There was also a storj
that the man who was [,, i,- h__.1 lefl
his brother In bondage In his coimirj
for liis safe return with the money,
Be it as it may, week-; have gone bj
and nothing has been lieaisl ol tbe
mysterious man or the money. It la
also said thnl he secured about STtill
iu Nelson, ahout $1100 in Revels tube,
$250 iu Ferule, and various amouni i
in the different towns along the line
from the e.iasi east. Tlie last beard
from him was while he was at Regina, and he reported to Rev. West-
man that tliere was s. me trouble at
home and he had received orders to
stop bis work. Since then there has
been absolute silence, although Mr.
Westman has done all in his power lo
secure some Informal-Inn as lu lis
whereabouts nnd lhe reliability nf his
professions, in the meantime there
is a general effort on lhe part oi a
number of people In lhe cities ul the
Kootenays lo secure hmisehelp hul
tbey are not looking for anyone from
| &     Chinese and Japanese i
I K    Silks and Novelties
I i\    For Sale Cheap!
o      *    (.all fiid examine cur stock and secure bar-
88 sains. Remember that lliis sale lasts but iwo weeks
1       Wong Fong & Co.
include everything that appeals to the
critical In music, and to those who
know the nature of piano construction
A third ol a cenlury has firmly entrenched them in the hearts of the
people ol Canada,    Before buying see
| C. ROSS TATE, Local Agent
HIS ]HTlES.-E\TENl)l-:i> \
Victoria, March 0.—Dr, .lames 11
King, the member for Cranbrooi. and
Liberal whip, who has been confined
lo his bed for several days past, Is
now somewhat Improved and hopes
to be able tu attend tu bis parlin
mentary duties to-morrow, Di
King is one of Ute most useful members of the house an.l as ollicial whip
has proved invaluable to his part;.
His absence caused no little Inconvenience, and his return will he warmly welcomed on both sides of the
Imuse. He had intended speaking on
the bndget in further support uf the
arguments already frequently advanced by him thai the requirements
of Southeast Kootenay were not
properly appreciated by the government of tlie day.
es__5ara-T'rf tisti&maaau
Mining and Hilling supplies, co.tl, iron, steel
cant hooks, saws axes and numerous other
Articles required In the above Hues, including
camp steel ranges at
j   McCallum & Co.
•**■''*»•'*'»»'*%■%»•■».■%.'% %.%■»,
»^*'»^.#l')•**.-* -•.*%%%
A business man's rainy dnj oi
Waterproof    Bool  without    an
eipial.       Ask    In   sec   lln in      al
.. your- dealers.
1.169 Men's tan
Chippewan    Veal
Kip Waterproof
liainl malic an.l lir.iss rlvotletl,
have s*iii(»I- sol,, unit slip, celluloid eyelets nn.l Itonlts. This
Boot will give y,„, milisfiit'-
I ion.
J. Leckie Co. Ltd.
B C. Livery antl  Feed  5tables !
_ .
t First class Ri*.'s, safe iimi snli»l, tennis. Drivers 4
4 iiii.I puck horses for nny point in thu tlistriot, {
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop \
4 Sauia old stand opposite station J
. 4
tilt Olllit.lt    HY M \|L.     ■•.,<■ im.h
the l"!l.,iiii,,- ili'srillu-il |„i,,| ncal  tlm
wi'slcrn    l,,„,i„l„ry    ,i(   South  Last
l\, „,,,.,,;, y;
lli>Kliiiilng „l a posl pl.niinl nlmiib
'""' mnl t, iinm ter miles smilh l,.„,i
il...il,*ll Killing on the ll   f   SuiiHi-
1'iu    railway     mnl    i Ing ,-., i   in
i-hains;    thetice   south    1110    ehains;
Iiiiiit ivi-sl   in chains; ll».,    i„„ii
lull   chaiiii    „l,ii,|. il,,. ,.,,.,1 lino    nl
Iaiiii.    ' ■,,,' iimi,,., claim
TIMIII.ll NOTICE. I' Iwl lhe sih ilay nl |.',-liin„iy, II	
Take Notice Uial thirty ilays all,-, '' **' Allan Mans,,,,, Locator,
ilai,* I in1-,ul lo apply to tl,,- Chiel
Commissioner ol Limits ami Works
..i Vi, lnrla Inr a spi-clal lleenso lu
cut ami carry away tinihot* frum lhe
lollowlng iloscrltal lamls near the
wesl houndary „I Easl K„i,i,*„„v*
lleviin.iiiK nl a posl plantml nt
about one ami ,,ii,-l,i,l[ miles souih
of Goatti.ll si, Iin it un 11. C, Southern
Railway, ami running 811 chains wesi;
thenee Sll chains south;     thence    80 ,;„. „„|H, SI;(D „, tl„,' 11. (•'. so,
I.,,., notice thut thirty day. after
ile I Intend In apply to the Chlel
i.:,,,,,i*. .iiui.-r „t Lnmls ami Works
, „ special license to cut and oarry
>...y in,ibei* from the following des-
lliwl liui'ds In West Kootenay;
ing  at  a  pust   planted  ou
chans east; Uience 80 chains   north; ripht-ot-way altout a half mile north-
to the. place ol beginning. ,.,,st „i M.Nellllo Siding, thence east
•t.-.H         .lames Joyce, Locator. ,„„, |,,,if mile, tbence north i„,e   ball
 mile,  thence     east     one hall mile,
|il,,*,,c,. north   one   hall mile,   tbence
TIMBER NOTICE, kasl   one   mile,   tbence   north    one
Take notice  llial.  thirty  days alter  '"ill mile, more or less to     the B.
<late I Intend to apply tu the Chiel <'• ..southern    rlghtrol-way,    thence
Commissioner   of   Lamls ami Works
south-westerly   along   said   ri   ,t-oI-
way tn pnint ol commencement.
., at Victoria tor a special license    to __ D> Shackleton. Locator.
*r    cut    and    cany    away  linilicr Irom|   l>nli,,l February Bth, 1308.     4li-6t* THE CRANBROOK HERALD
White Muslin
J: White ami Black
I     Shirt-Waist Suits
* Na. y Blue, Grey and Green Luslre Shirt Waist Sulti
* \.V„ii. S *■;...•. .tn,l Nainsook
J        Embroideries
; all « ,1'!.*. and prlcef.
Wentworth hall
tt4*****4**4tt'. HMM»MtMMM.MtMMMM*f
I  New Spring Goods  1 One Night Only
Thursday March  8
......;.,...... ,<;..-«■§■ t^9t't^9
We are bll
Ids in sltap
Some day
y seliin
k   lie
,„■» quar-
mil Issue
.1.     M. .11,-
time mu gn
complete  as
us oateliilly
cei v   ,le
ever a,.,
,u„l    pi
orders arc
>   nlteliiled
G.   T.   ROGERS
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for Vour Animal friends
£m)     '  '     we Imve a nplete asBortmentol
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better. They "ill euro nny simple
trundle and save yon lbe expense
.'■'   nt a   veterinary.     Try the,,,   llii.
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C. E. REID & Co.
Druggists       phono ;i       Stationers
Oul nt Town OrJers Wil! Receive Prompt Attention
Ta* l. mcdermot
Wines,  Liquors  and  Cigars
CRANBKOOK, British Columbia
Help Cranbrook
and the  district by
mailing a copy of the
to   a   friend : : : :
There Are a Few Left
Original Big Double Spectacular
Uncle Corns Cabin
1 ndi't li.r management of
Mure ll
clues Thau Ever,
Mecb.11,,,.,1  BBeotB,
I'ml   (1,1 l.i.-l, .  Mil,,.,,,   Hand
r,ii.iil!l-:n i-'Kmai.i: nm M COUPS
lll.tlllll  lllll MIS
MALI-:     AM)     .K.U1I.I*:      QUAIt-
nn sal.
Heal tic tt
Soon be lime (or fishing.
M, Mclnnis eame up from Elkmouth
last Saturday.
Mrs. Peter I.uiul is visiting friends
in ('ranlirook.
Constable Dow, of Elko, was iu
town yesterday.
Dr. Bishop, of Marysville, was In
town last evening.
Mr. anil Mrs. Otis Staples were in
town lasl oaturday,
Thomas Acton, nf Sirdar, was in
lown last Sunday,
Hoy Clothier, of Moyie, was in
town last Saturday.
Por Sale—Eight room, well finished
house on Baker Hill. Apply
to Dan Burt-on. 4ti-tf
.1. A. Iluchcrnft, of Krank, was in
town last Thursday.
T. s, Moran, of Wattsburg, was in
town last Saturday.
P. Jensen, of Wasa, was In town
lasl Suiiiiay and Mondav.
Miss (rlayds Gaskill, of Kimberley,
is visiting friends in town.
K. 11. Small made a trip to Wasa
yesterday and returned to-day,
Miss Frances Cline spent Sunday
last ai her home in Pincher Creek.
Hugh Mclnnls came over (rom Baker yesterday for a day In Craiibrook.
What is the mattei with this
wea'Hier?    It could not be-better.
Mr. and Mrs. MaeBeth, of Moyie,
weie in town the latter part of the
Mr. Ege, of Moyie, was in town on
business tm Friday and Saturday of
last week.
Mrs, Whitehead and two children, ol
Movie, wne iu town the latter part
oi Un* week.
I can supply you with tresh milk.
Drop me a line or call on ti. l.ouns-
buiy. 4S-2t*
-lames Kyan is in Calgary tins
week on business connected with his
•lumbei   interests.
Mis Urehaut, ol Sinclair, arrived
to-day tor n visil with .Mr. and
Mis   K   II. Small.
I'd Hill, of Movie, was in town
yesterday aftei attending Uu- meeMng
of the license hoard.
A lady's wrap left at the Odd Fellows ball February 22nd, ean Iw had
b) calling at this office.
Mis. Wisnri and Mrs. Alexander, of
Wardner, wen- visiting friends in
Cranl)rook last Saturday.
\ F, Krapft-I, manager ,>f the
North Star Lumber company, came
down from Elko last Saturday,
Dave B reckon ridge eame dowm Imm
Ute up-rlver logging camps last Mondav   for  a  (ew  days  in  Cranbrook.
Mrs .1 A. Stoddard ami daughter
a i i iveil to day on the Windermere
stage to visit friends in Cranbrook
and Fori Steele.
Long wear—Kitchen-ware is ou
Canada enamel-ware.—Palmare  Bros.
Mr. Thomas Drummond, railroad
engineer nf this plaee, returned from
Banff, Alia, lasl week, where he has
been for some time.
•'"hn Elliott and family left Mils
wivk fm their new home in Mortal-
aeh, Sask , where Mr. Elliott has
purchased a ranch,
Wanted—To borrow W.500 lor three
years. Best of security. Apply to
ll.. Herald office, 49-tf
Miss Hay ward, ol Windermere, came
in mi the Windermere stage unlay,
and is on her way lo Kernie where
she will visit friends.
Oeorgo U. Parker bas gone to Elko
where Ih; has accepted a position
wnh the North Star Lumber company, as accountant.
ilaptist church pulpit subject next
Sunday night will be "Tlw Touch of
Jesus." All s'lrangers, visitors and
friends made welcome.
Contractor Realty is making the
repairs fur the Handiey building and
F. J. Bradley A Co., have the painting and papering contract.        {
Tlie harbingers of spring are In
evidence. Tlie small boy Is playing
marbles ami tbe small girl is skipping
tbe rope.    It all seems good.
Tlie district license commission met
in Cranlbrook Tuesday evening and con-
si tiered the application tor a license
for tlie Brewery hoarding house at
Moyie, but again turned it down,
The charm of a well-appointed bath
room is greatly enhanced by tha Installation of "Standard" sanitary
porcelain enamelled fixtures. For
sale hy Patmore Bros.
V. Desaulnier,   J. Ooupill and    F.
Johnson, all hotel keepers, ot Moyie,
were in town Tuesday and yesterday
tor lhe purpose nf attending the meeting nf the district license board,
G. T. Rogers has had hi-- itore
badly torn up tbe past week making
improvements for the introduction <>i
his big shoe slock, hot when he gel \
through Ik will have "in* ol Uie tlie
There is io hv cmiMderuhle building
in Cranbruok this season A ...;-■
number of people are figuring mi new
hutld-mgs and repairing "i enlarging
•.id ones. Cranbrook will bave a
lively  summer.
L«rok out irboul setting fires this
tune of year. A wind ma) eouie up
at any time, especially .1' nijr
Don't leave fires burning at nighl on
the outside. ^ *m ma) rue il il run
Licensed nigineei is open In: engagement. Ahle to lake charge and
operate ai,y  kin<l  ul  planl       Besl    "I
reference,    Saw mill preferred,     \-\-
.liess    Engtneei,    care   ol Crrn Urttul
I I-m i-i. Cranhrook   It   V IH it*
Mike McCarthy • >! lln team sliovel-
ineii ai Macleod, is hi town on hi
return trom an i Ktended vi nt io the
Suu-s where in- iuis been visiting relative* Mi MeCarUn ba .. im I
ul Irlendi in Cranbrook who were
pleased to tee the "Id li"> mice more
Cranbrook should have a in si class*
baseball team this yen There ti
no teas-Mi in Un* world Wh) thla town
ca-nuol get up a loam Ui.ii will skin
anything almtg Uw Crow      The   ma-
tenal  is heie.  ami .till   Uiat   is needed
is organization.
A I. McDermot and wid- relumed
last Saturdav from Winnipeg wlier
they |md lieeu ior the pasl thre
weeks. Mi McDermot said thai Ij
was glad lo get back in Uu- banaii
bell where one did nol have i" wen
a blanket around Unit bead i<> keep
from freezing tu dentil.
I-!, sproule, of Marysville, was in
town to-day.
i   Thompson an I Olivei  Burge,
IVin Creek, an* in lown '••■ la)
i   McDonald and   Hair)   Bradford,
Wv.-liiVe. an* in Irani k to-day.
.1   T.    Laidlaw     i.n   lo-daj     foi
anotfaei   trip  tu   Alaska        lie expert*
'-. be absent about two months
rii.'i.- will be a loi more beards
grown iii Movie nuw iii.it the lady
!>■ i■_..■!   has -"i'ii nut  and led   town,
Joseph Kyan left lo-day Ior a nip
up ihe Kor.;,-ii.n valU't loi Un* pin
pow ut looking i»vei ti.\ Un.ti uf tin
Koulemiys Valley  Land coin| \
V. c Malpas .nnl lami-J) returned
lasl 'I uewlaj  i:uiii Ui.ii trip vi Unci
ii tits   in  England      They  had    .1
must  delightful  time and  relumed  in
•I,.- besl «d health
\l Uml.' visited several «.f the
towns bet wmi here .md Tabei last
week and spenl Neveral 'lays there
when* li-- I..is inici'Sis n, .» large
I -.    (01   hatching   Irani   Ulue Ral
rrd  I'M th    Bocks.  M nu  nei   I I,
(5 on pei hundred Call ul Mrs W
F Down, lhree miles wesl uf Cram
brook ui drop 1 mi Cranl k.
II T   Sewmaich   .1    \    V   Camp
bell .md K   \\   Wheeler, are    among
tlie new    11 hn, of Uie  Bank
('nm ic*       Mi      S'ormnn  resl
Mi 1,"I.imi uas transferred to
lorla m. uccount ol his health,
Mi    Mason has lieen transferred
the buildings and expressed the de
,ie tu duiiale the bus at the easl
mil of Baker streel where the bunch
"i poplai Hits uie growing, instead
ul those on Norburj avenue. This
location uill give uiuii' room Cut the
buildings and at Uie same time giv.
.1 commanding site that will place Un
new buildings in plain view of tin
railwa) station, it will also tend
lu confine the business nn H.iker
street as that street will he Further
iinptoved tn the east.
Tin- council will hold a special meeting lo-morrow nigfn fm tin- putpuse
nf considering bye-laws.
Following is the payroll uol expense sheei for Uie mouth of February;
in-1 Isch.
Mail Rockendorr, of Calgary, passed Uiiougb town yesterday un Ins
way back from (irand Kinks, where
he had been to visit his mother. Matt
was anxious to stop oil, hul as husi.
ness Is on the boom iu Calgar) he
felt that he should imt lose any time
in getting back.
Albert Lund, of Moyie, while driving a horse almul llie SL. Kugene
mine lasl Tuesday, was badly injun-d
in a runaway and was Jnuuglii to the
St. Kugene. hospital for treatment.
The unfortunate man had one leg
broken and was badly bruised all
over bis body.
There will he a football meeting at
the gym a week from next Wednesday
evening for ihe purpose of oi'giUilallig
a league for the season. Last year
football in Cranbrook was a grenl
success, because ii was handled properly, and Uie Herahl hopes ihal this
year it may lie the same.
Clean up your back yards, your
froni yards, your alley, in fact nil nf
your premises, This'is ihe lime of
Ure year that such a movement is
Imperative lor ihe sake nf the health
of your family and the health of lhe
community. Get busy and help llu1
eouneil in their laudable efforl in
make Cranbrook a clean and a lieaHhy
The annual congregational supper uf
the Presbyterian church took place
Tuesday evening in the old church
and was an entire success. After
supper a short programme was serv-
I and was well received.
The new building for Uie Electric
Light company is nearlng completion
and wiH Ire occupied as soon as ii is
finished. Il will be a big itftprove-
tnent on the prt-seni quarters as il
will give ample room for every department.
Arthur Ward and wife ami Miss
Annie Want, ot An.piini, Out., arrived last Tuesday and uill make
their home in Cranbrook. Mi. Ward
and Miss Ward are brothel and sist.-i
of Mrs. Syl. Richards and fur the
present are Mrs. Richards' i;iiests.
Clteapness isn't what you pay, bul
what you get, Ior what ymi pay.
When you buy a Koolenay Hangfl
Quality ol material aud eui ire satisfaction is whal you get, for what you
pay.     Kor sale by  Patmore Bros.'
Water color painting, drawing and
wood carving. Mrs. It. Sanders is
des'irinus uf forming classes iu all or
any of Uie above subjects. For terms
applv to Mrs. II. Sanders, Bakel
llill, or to C. E. Reid A Co, South
Kensington diplomas in drawing and
The public preaching services in the
Methodist church will be nf special
interest next Sunda v. The pastor
will lie assisted bv Uev. .1. P, Unwell, uf New Westminster. Mr. Bow-
ell will preach tlie evening service.
The choir will furnish a suitable
musical programme, All aie invited.
Talking of cigars the other day, E.
II. Small, of tne Cosmopolitan hotel,
said: "We cannot sell any other
cigar bul the Kurt/ when we have it
in sloek. There is no use talking,
it is a popular eigir with all olasscs
of people. 1 don't smoke a cigar myself, but a cigar Hmt retains popularity musl be a good one."
Harry Pettet was called home I, st
week by the serious illness of his
mother and left his bride in Uie east.
As soon as he found he could leave
he returned to tbe east and will
bring his wife to Cranbrook when he
comes back. Miss Birdie Pettet
also came home trom Winnipeg and
will remain for some time.
F. J. Smyth, of the Moyie Leader,
was in town last Tuesday. Mr.
Smyth Is more optimistic than ever
as to the future of Moyie and is confirmed iu t-he opinion that Movie is
to be one of the best towns in all of
t-he Kootenays. The Herald is of ihe
Opinion that Mr. Smyth has gol the
right idea and that he will soon see
tlie day when all of liis predictions
as to the prosperity of Mnyie will be
more than verified.
The Cranhrook brewery, under the
new management, are rapidly getting
ready to meet the demand for their
product, antl expect to have a new
brew out some time next week. Mr.
Poplier, the brewmasMer, of the Fernie brewery, was in town this week
supervising the work, and when lbe
brew Is ready for delivery i! can be
depended upon as being the best.
That is the only kind Mr. Mul?. will
permit the es'iahlishment to turn
"Mike" Durick, who is to lie the
chief factotum of the Falls View
hotel at Marysville, was iu town
with John Pr ingle, Uie proprietor, today. Mike savs that the new hotel
will "blow in1' next Monday with
proper ceremonies and that from
that day on the Falls View will be
ready 1o treat the public iu a manner
that wi-M reflect, credit upon the
town and the hotel. John Pringle,
as proprietor, and Mike Durick, as
manager, make a team thai will he
hard to beat in t-he holel business in
this district. Both men are popular
both are well known and both are on
tbe square.
A   s, Nicholson, wl... wa- conne.
ed   wilh   llie  Ci.iuhiouk  Sash  &   Do
Factory, lift  last  Tuesday  for    li
old hm'uc 11. the east, when* he    will
remain permanently.     Tliere wero   a
tm ul lus iriends at llie sltttloil lo
hid him farewell aud wish him lhe
best of luck 111 his new field of labor.
ll. Cl. Hamilton, ol Calgary, wlm
is lirst assistant of J. S. Dennis,
land commissioner iui British Columbia tm lhe C. IV II., was iu town
this week in appear before Uu* muni.
eipa-l board nf revision In bchall ol
property owned hy Ins company in
ibis town.
Thc man who changes his ad. in the
Herald is a wise mall, since each issue is read hy not less than from
2,51)0 to 3,0(10 people weekly. Thai
is a lot of people lo have a business
talk wilh each week, and yet tliere
arc a number of business men who aie
overlooking lliis advantage. Change
your ads., ihe people notice it anil il
shows thai you arc alive and lhe public prefer to  hade with live nun.
Tliere is more reckless shooting going 011 around Cranbiook. Last
evening Mrs. Huskins, while walking,
lunl a bullet strike the ground jusl
iu front of her, throwing up llie dust,
in a manner that was enough to carry
terror to the bravest heart. This
carelessness in shooting should be
slopped. Some day thete will he a
tragedy and tlien the party guilty
will   carry   to his grave ihe knowl
Beattie A Atchison, acct   rendered February J" .           1
l.     It Vanllccai,   prisoners
id acct.   im   February
'i    1; Leask, acct.   rendered
Match   1st        	
R Tliompson, account
rendered February  Ji
W     J     Lamb, .mi.    rendered
February  33 	
I. Reid .\ Cu , ant rendered February ii"
McCallum a Co., acct. rendered February - 	
Cranbrook Elcclric Co., shade
Cranbrouk Sash a Horn I u .
ani    rendered March 1st ...
W,   Bush,  wood ami  logs 	
Board Urder, No. :i,
A, A. Macneil 	
School Boaid Older, No. Id,
Mrs   Brock 	
School Boaid Urder, No. 11,
Miss  Lewis  	
School   Board   Order, Nu. \i,
Miss  Cartwiight   	
School Boaid Urder, No. it,
Miss Springer 	
School Boaid Order, No. 11,
Mis,  Elmsley 	
School Boaid Older, No. 15,
E. Klwell 	
School Board Urder, No. Hi,
Bradley A Co	
School   Board   Older,  No.    17,
J. K. Davis 	
School   Boaid Older,  No.    lb,
Beale A Klwell 	
School  Board   Order,   No.   10,
Beattie A Atchison  	
School Board Order,   No.   20,
Crnnbrook Sash a- Door Co.
School  Boaid   Order,   No. 21,
Beale A  Klwell 	
1.,   A.    Anderson, salary    tor
February as police judge . .
ll.    Lamont.   removing trees,
Hanson Ave,	
C. II   Prest, cash, postage .
Jas.   Staples,    fm      damage
Clothing al lire 	
W.   Harrington,   for    damage
clothing at  fire	
.1,  A. Arnold, salary as Tre-as-
salary   as
edge ot a deed done  thai   he
have given worlds  to have c
Those who are Interested in intcl-
leclual affairs and had the opportunity of hearing Hev. W. W. Baer this
week were greally pleased and edified. Mr. Baer lectured on Sunday
and Monday iu the gymnasium. His
clear, logical and forceful demonstrations of truth appealed lo the
large audiences which gathered to
hi at him. Mr. Baer has made 'a
close study of psychic's aud he explained clearly, hypnotism, sleep
walking, dreams, and exposed thu
fallacy of spiritualism, .Mr. Baer
will receive a good reception if he
again visits Crnnbrook on a lecturing
Kverybody iu Cranbrook will ho
overjoyed to know thai lhc report
regarding the probable death of
Father Coccola al the hands nf the
Indians in the north is mil well
founded, No man who ever lived iu
ibis si-eiion had io a. greater extent
lhe love of the people (hull I'
Coccola. He was looked upon
hue Christian gentleman, one
had given his life for lhe salvation of
C. II. Presl, salary ,
It, s.  Baron, salary
nf Police 	
U. McLean, salary   as police,
! I).  Noller,  salary as Jailer  ,
Clerk .
s  Chief
would hj. MeAullie, salary as Special
M-   I    Police     .
Pay roll, Kire Dept.
35. OO
personal sacrifices made by him  1
heen  equalled   by    very    few   ill
world.     lie is doing a grand     v
among lhe Indians iu lhc north
IV Herald joins with his ardent
mirers in   wishing him success.
Last Saturday morning between ti
and 7 o'clock a freight train going
west with J. Hoberts as engineer
ami James Alexander as fireman, ran
into a rock slide in a cut near Sirdar. The engine was thrown from
lhe rails and the fireman was caught
between Uu- tender and the engine
and crushed to death-, The brakeman
who was on the engine, Hugh Mar-
inn,  had    his foot  caught   and  badly'
■ smashed, bui no bones broken. The
engineer had bis foot caught for a
moment but his injuries were slight.
I The remains of the fireman were
brought to Cranbrook Saturday and
laken charge of by Undertaker Beatty
m  .Mondav  thev  were forwarded
v ■' ■■" i■ \I'll \L.
A new lumbei company has heen nr-
i:ani/eti in Cranl k wnh a capitalization of   j:iini. 1.    The promoters
nf Uns enterprise an- \ Hyde Hakei. f U M. \.,l, .md James Ryan,
ai memlM-is of the Standard Lumbei
•■Jlilpaiiv.   un,'   n|   Mie   must   successful
•rtiipatnes engaged u, the lumber business on tlte Crows \.'s! tine       Tbr
"•'" 1  the new    compo v  is     thr
Baker Lumbei Uanp.tn Limited,
and the mill will he located neai the
mouth uf E||< rjver, un the K.mte-
"■'! Lord CoblMiii n| England, lus
■ ikei. <<iu.ono ut it,,- stock, and 11*10,.
'on has been taken hv ihose interested in promoting the companj The
balance nf ihc >:..«.-. will be iold 10
parties  id   Canada.
The compain  have one i.i lhe best
llltV   silr.  ii,   Uie  west.  „,   |*   [s   |,,,.a..
"I ni. Uie Kooti uui  nvei where there
is a  lame h-n.  n|  >*ii|]  «,,.,.,    M, ,tul
■my numbei nl bigs cm he handled
wiihoni any    dang ■ ol loss        the
company have secured about 330.1 -
  'eei m winder iii ihe neighborhood of then mill sp.- that can be
bandied In the most pconomicaJ manner.     Arrangements are being   made
lo  build   U.e  new   mill   .md   woik   will
he commenced will 1:. ., very short
'mie. C I) McNab the successful
manage! of •!;. Standard Lumbei
company, will he managei nf the new
companv, and this fact virtually insures tbe success u! U.i- new company. The headquarters will be at
Cranhrook, which is u ;-.,*::
hoihI thing fur this town.
A. C. Smith has moved his fiutt,
confectionery and cigat store from
the corner opposite the depot to the
Leask bul Wing, nexl door tn Fink
Bros., where he will he pleased to
see you all.
Shoe Dealers
Our travellers wil] call on vou in
a lew days with Ute New Samples
ol    :: ::    :;    ,,
Maple Leaf Rubbers
They are the ninl rubber goods
West.      Don't
until vi.ii have
*. ,1, the
J, Leckie Co., Ltd.
Selling Agetrts for the West.
Medicine Hat, on the order of tin
•VC Sons of Scotland, a society of which
his the deceased was a member. Messrs.
irk H. McFarlane. E. A. Miller, P.
nd,Leahv, I). McEwen, E, Roberts and
id- \, p. Marshall officiated as pall
In  hearers and followed the remains
this issue of the Herald is a letter the train from Beattv's undertaking
from Father Coccola thai will be mul rouius. Mr. Coghi'll. of Medicine
with inlerest hy the people of Ihis |jat, accompanied the remains to
country, I tliat  city.
At the present moment it mighl [ James Alexander had been trans-
he very opportune to note the causes' fcrred from Uie Hat about two
of fire.' 05 per cent, are caused from' weeks ago and had Iwcn working
kerosene, 21 per cent, by gasolene, only a few trips since coining to this
t:i per cent, hy electricity, while only division. Ile was a Scotchman and
i of 1 per cent, is caused by was born in ihe Orkney Islands and
acetylene. Though there are now had never seen a train of cars until
iwo million people using acetylene a few years ago when he arrived in
light  in  America,     there have   'only   Liverpool.
been four tires from it in one year, I Since coming to Canada he had been
against 8,86fi from kerosene and gaso- employed by the C. P. H. and was
line. Tliere have also been 1,001 considered one of the best firemen on
fires from electricity, 1,707 fires from the mad. His friends were legion
cily gas, and 520 from candles. Be- and the news of bis death will carry
sides these there have been only four sorrow to many a heart ou the Crow
fires from acetylene. This speaks as be was a general favorite with all
volumes for thc safety of acetylene,  the boys.
Patmore Bros, are handling the high- Forbes doat friend to mourn and
est    grade   acetylene    generators In | ween
America.    They are simple, sure and  Whlle swwtlv in the dust f sleep,
safe.     Ihc   best light in tbe woild."  AwJ wiini you mw_ mv grave to seei
Prepare yourself to follow tne.
Death    does   not one long     warning
Then be careful how you live,
Prepare in time, do not delay,
For I  was quickly calb«d awav.
B. T  F.
The mayor and city council seem to
 ,—.ho unanimous   in their   opinion thai
The two mosl Impoi (anl mat-   the new offer for a site for the public
«***« —'"- *•»■■;KTMS USy'nE*;Tt Tm
health   nlliirr ami   a scavenge., | nn„|lr   <,,,„. ,u ihr md nl    Baker
Kurtz' Own
Kurtz' Pioneers
The council meeting lust evening
was not a very exciting affair. In
faet the session was a very rfiiiet
if? li .
site originally  solt-ctcd
'"Sel-1 |„,|ilal* grove at. the em! of
Aldermen Murphy anil Tisdale sub-' street is a plot of ground about e*;^
niittiHi a recommendation for health shape and has a stealer area Mian
officer, iiainins Dr. Cormotly. As tlie sii lots selii-icd on Nurbury
lliis recommendation had lieen pre- avenue, lt is ibe idea of tlie mayor
pared prim* to application reoolvetl and council to plaee the huilding in
liv the committee Irom l>rs. Kin,; ami the cenier ot the park and then beau-
tlreen, it was deemed advisable lor tilv Hie grounds by lawns and (lower
tlie committee to lake up tlie inatler bills. Hy building on lliis site Cran-
agaln and it was sn referred, and will brook will have a place to take
lie submitted to the roiineil when slraneeis to, a beauty spot in ttie
tliere is a lull attendance The mm- town, an attractive plac* in which
mince also recommended It. Stewart everv ritijen will take pride. The
as- soavengor, but Alderman Fink was Herald believes that every man in
of the opinion that a scale „( prices Hie town will heartily support thc
should be filed before the appoint- council in this move. It is a wise
men I was made. This objection -gave one in every respect. As Alderman
rise to considerable discussion, but Jackson said at the meeting last
the matter was fmallv referred back evening! "I have property on the
to the committee so I hat. the rights other street and it the buildings went
ol the people would lie absolutely there it would be worth money to
protected belore an appointment was  inc. but  the park is ttie only   place
made. in lite town for those   buildings and * —	
Another mailer of mine limn usual   I am heartily   in lavor ot that loea- ,i~~u~, j    .
Importance was ttie change made in Hon." And Alderman .lackson didi Miss Mansnr-Id will no taocy _rp»-
the site tor the government buildings not hurt himself with ttie people when writing tor alternoon or evening es-
Wlien Mr, Hamilton, of Calgary, was he would not let private interests tertalnments at reasonable rata.
here this week he liad a lalk'   wilii  stand in Hie wav ol a movement that Guess    work   questions supplied, oi
J. D. HcBride
Hardware  Merchant
Cranbrook, li. C.
Spanish Blossoms
Union Made Cigars
tlie mayor regarding tlie location   ol  was lor the public good.
' tyv«l Irom coptei.
(From   tbe Moyie Leader.)
I'ortei returned with 1,
in England tliis week.
,  Beale was up Irom Cranbrook
reek InokiiiR altei  business.
ill I,
I 'bis week It Campbell sold the
Flank li.uil.v proporty to Louis t'ol-
I'    i   McMalion and Wll
■ were down
lirst ol the
.t,„l   wile   spent
i [siting will, fin
l<      .1      Kline,
I,ml  ol the ii*,*,*!
iii Klk,. and Fernie.
Mrs l*'„l.*i lell Thursday lot llulte.
Mrs Foot, accompanied Iter as far
as Cranbrook.
.I.., i...„|,,ll tvas liver to Nakusp
Hns ii,vk ami relurnod Willi tns sis-
',.,    Mi -   i;,*,,t*ll ami children
riiree shifts an
now being wi
driving the lo
ver  lunncl on
„,,.,,,   ,„,     Hi,1
WTO,   side of
ii, W. Patmore ami wife were iu
Moyie Uus week from Cranhrook. Mr,
Patmore was dning some work on
the gas planl in the Hotel Kootenay.
II. A. Smith's sister, Jenny, arrived here yesterday and will booh take
,i posit jon as clerk in Um* Movie post-
Il.n iy Dimock Intends moving his
family in tlie boumlary line on the
Spokane Internal tonal railway some
time next   week.
Cltcstei Cobb returned to Moyie
tins week from Kansas, where he has
heen for several months, His brother
Claudt. intends coming here also be-
fore lu*ig.
Tlie Moyie Athletic association is
making very satisfactory progress,
.tin! now has a membership of 75.
Several good, lively games of Irasket
hall have heen played already. Thc
association will hold a regjjrlar meeting mi Un- lirsi Monday of each
Mnyie has Insi its distinction of
luiving thc onlv lady barber in the
Kootenays. Last Saturday Miss Ida
Li-mid) sold her barber shop fixtures
and good will of Uie business to Wal-
ii-i It. I.aing, who owns the shop opposite the Koolcnay hotel, Wm.
I'ieiMin, of Toronto, will he here to
lake charge of lhc shap in a few
days. Miss LiirdcH left Thursday
ful Spokane, and fiom there slie Intends noiug to Iowa to visit her
parents. Miss Lindell made plenty
• d monej and a host of friends during
ln-i i.ix mnnilis' residence in Moyie.
l;   W.   Ri
(From  the Fernie Ledger.)
Airs.  McMahon, uf iMoyie,  is in the
cily, Uie guest of her sister, Mrs. Dr.
ii ]iiuce Brawn, for some years
accountant with Messrs. Sheppard A
Elliott, Mi to-nig'h't for Cranbrook
in take a position with .1. D. Well i ide.
gcis lias leased the Pal-
rket of P. Burns A Co.
ami experts to Ire able to open up
in the meat business next week. Look
mu toi .ui  in next Ledger,
The Klk Lumber company unloaded
anollrei carload of machinery for the
new mill yesterday, This makes live
cars that have arrived and there are
siill iwo 11111111 on the road bes-kles
car load of belting.
.1. (i. Cummings, D. L, S., who
has been rusticating in such villages
as Montreal, Ottawa., Toronto and
Peterborough, down east, returned to
the cily yesterday morning looking
brigh'l .ind happy ami ready for
good veal's work.
1    Ks
4   of
Holt comes well recommended. He i:
a married man with a family of three
Or, Walkem will shortly move
Vancouver, where he will take up the
practice of medicine again. During
Dr. Bunnell's absence at the coasl he
has been assisting Dr. Corsan.
The Hanbury Co., which recently
bought out A' Milton's lumber interests at Jaflray. will have men tin
Uie ground next' week to commence
the erection of a portable miii The
capacity of this mill will Im* ahoul
M.OOO wet.
Tlw police have tor more limn two
weeks been looking (ot clues thai
will lead to the detection of (be
guilty party who deliberately planned
to wreck the Coal Creek train bj
placing a heavy iron plate on the
track. But so far their etuois have
lieen without success. It is bftllevod
Unit the would-be train wrcekci,
realizing the etioimity of his crime
shortly after doing it, Immediately
got out of the town. There was no
mistaking the intuition of the man
whoever lie was, for Iw wedged the
metal in between tlte ends of two
rails so that it could not shake out.
This crime is punishable by a life sentence.
Several important improvements
are taking' place at the Kernie Lumber Co. mill and when the season for
cutting opens up at the end ot this
month, the company will lie in belter
shape than ever before for turning
out first-class lumber. A new Imilding with a corrugated iron root has
beeu built for the planer, and the
roof of the mill has been raised and
also covered with corrugated iron.
[.t    as   mcntioiiid
I. to paragraph numbered
idei, all lolls nr charges
toloie charged   oi   Imposed by
railway   companv tor    delay in
additional time   used in, the loading
ur unloading nf cars, whether   under
the name ni demurrage, car rental or
car service,    or   otherwise, and    all
rules regulating ihe same to be and
the   same are hereby  abolished   aud
disallowed; and all raiiwav
ics subject in ih*- jurisdlcll
public team tiaek delivery, and shall l-Jo "not know. !
be    placed   accordingly; and, il    nob ,_. _ j
en-'unloaded within Ute free time, such' Many men get cold (eel in watchine'
•inv ! car g^] i„. subject    to the car ser-  tlie women gel out of die wei
boaid shall bun
pose and use the
i Except as
proviso in paraj
thi-, order, e\
freight tariff, u
anv railwaj coin
charge fm delay
unloading ol cm
car rental, m en
same is hereby
lhe following tithe same aie h
such chalies. ,
uch ihai
of, vice toll.
KILE 10. 1    The successful leader manatee
The railway agent shall notify the|have    most    , f the   woik doii
consignee or  his    carter, ou applica-   proiv.
tinn, where bis car bas been    placed 	
(or unloading.     Any time within Uie,    Very much of the lobby evil
free time allowance lost  to tlte eon-1 paper.
ci'iupaii-   signee in so doing, tor which the rail-
i of lhe  way company is responsible, shall be
eloith  cease  to  lm- added to the free time allowance
same, |    If a ear has been placed before   i
mentioned   in    the o'clock a.m., and at that hour    the
r.iph numbered   1 ot agent or his representative is unable     The-mies Uo i
iy   portion ol    anv  ot tails to inform the consignee    or -Imaginary legs
bill uf tailing,    ol his representative, ou application.
While the people know bow to
lem  1-liemselves  lhe duces
ling ihem how remains.
.ity  of    lei-  ..
pany providing lot a   to the placing ol  the car and where ■    The devil BtllHes when lhe Christian
tiling    orj it has lieen placed, tlien the free time spirit hooks up
., oi  for demurrage,j shall nol commence until 12 o'clock,!
service, be and tne noon, following, unless the consignee] Thai is nnbli
I Uai lowed, and thai commences to unload before noon, in to recover its
K and rules be   and  which case llie time so lost  to     the over. '  ■
reby substituted tor consignee shall he added to the   tree
nd [oi lhe rules re-, time allowance as aforesaid
example lhat   ti
'eel  after being
ompanlcs 1
lioriwd to
ns nt theii  cxisl
,t-ii,l   In   Mihstllut
lien iimtler spec!
nn .md filing .
h.u ..r jndiw-lua
various tariffs
I   lhe   Miles   hen
lull  ciime
mi ami froi
A D.  lOOfl;
,',!    In
i   al-
delivered, or
lhe com-
IU'LE 11
Freight,     for    which the railway
mupany holds     previous or standing
^ orders from consignee for placing
a  designated  tracks or  private sidings,
- shall not he entitled    to the   extra
I  twenty-four hours allow tit by rule i
I foi paying freight charges and giving
placing or delivery  onlers, but   wIh
in   bitnd  shall      he entitled      to  the
I  twenty-tout hours allowed by rule i
1  id) for clearance of customs,
RULE 12.
When both eats and traevs are
ed bv ihe same private party, no cat
service tolls shall be charged,
The  delivery     of cars    to private
3. The rail*
Uiev arc lien b
ihe aforesaid |i
Ing freight Iai
Un- n.lls and i
fled, In Ue pu
general notices
supplements    In
I. This nrrir
maltei s.l foi
fmce ..nd take
lirst daj  ol M
vtded   tli.it   tint
in    il.c  rules
.shall   lie  de,
feci   the  1".,.
placed, foi h
lug lulu r in- of this order, or to tlipj tracks shall be considered to hav.
frelgb't delivered to a railway   com-! been made when such ears have been
pany lor carriage before the  coming properly   placed on the tracks 'de
Inlo force ot this order. | signaled, or when they would have
Real goodness i
ing backward.
(From Th» Frank Paper.)
Dr, J. A. McCreight, mounted police veterinary at Macleod, has been
in ihe Pass the past few days investigating cases suspected of being glanders. No ease warranting Dr. Mc-
freight in ordering the destruction of] carried,
Uie animal was found, bul in one'
case in which the lest was applied,
slight symptoms were detected, resulting in the horse being quarantined for forty days, after which the test
will again be applied.
An announcement is made at Winnipeg of the plans of tlie C, P. IL tor
hotel construction work in the west
this season. The list ot undertakings in this respect includes mention
of improvemenis and enlargement ot
tlie different tourist hotels tm the
main line, but makes no mention
B,   All frelglll ir.i
less, which is, or is to
unloaded by the shlppei
Des thereof', shnil  be si
following     rules,     tn   he     ki.-'V. n
"The Canadian Car Sen le
IU LE 1.
Wlien cars arc held under load,   or
awaiting loads, beyond the free time
allowed hv rule _!, for any reason for
which the consignee or shipper is responsible. a toll of nne   dollar    per
car, per day of twenty-four hours, or
any part thereof, shall be charged to,
and paid by,    tho shipper, consignee,
or other party    responsible therefor,
shall be Charged to, and paid by, the
shipper, consignee, or other party re*
sponsible therefor,
other tolls paid. <
in carloads or   be.'n so placed but for some condition
he, loaded or for which the shipper or consignee i:
s or consign- responsible,     If cars cannot  Iw    st
ihject  to   the placed, the railway company holding
lown    as them shaH so notify the consignee, in
Rules":—  onler  that  he may have the oppor
i tuuity of designating some other sid
Ing on which lie is willing to load or
unload, if he so desires.
RULE 11.
If,   after placing,   cars are ordered
to another siding on the same road,
at the-    same    station, to complete
loading   tir unloading by tlie    same
shipper   nr consignee, the free    time
shall be computed from t-he original
placing, less the time occupied in replacing the car.
RULE 15.
If, after arrival at destination,   a
car is reco-nsigned under switching ar-
, tangemeiits,   ihe   original   consignee
I alone shall   have twenty-four    hours
d allowed  'll wbieb to give orders for    special
of arrival   Placing or delivery; and he shall   pay
m charges one dollar per day, or any part therefor   special (>'i '°r   ftll time    in excess of    the
cl  lo rules   twenty-four hours,  so that the final
free   time   of forty-eight hours,
shall 1
f the goods en
on   sue!
Twenty-lour honrs
the consignee, after nolle
in which to pay live toll
(if any), and give order-?
placing nr delivery; (sub,
II  and  15). ,    ,        , ■     ■   ■
Fortv-cidi! hours tree time shall he sweirt-y-two hours, as the case may
allowed for loading or unloading (ex- be (authorized by rule 2), shall stil
ei'pt as   hereinafter    provided)
before or
lime sh.il
.   if placed
"' free   lime
fur loadinn
remain to the party who accepts de
RULE 16.
hegin nt  I p.m. following;'    H an authorized employee upop
railway   which     perforins switching
    shall iH-gtn at 7 o'clock a, services gives notice that such rail-
an hotel at Crows Nest lake.    There  |fl   [0,j|ow(n* i way js unable to   receive ears    for
has been considerable talk of a tour- ja) i-Wcnt'v-four hours additional private sidings, owing to conditions
ist hotel being built al the lake bui fm, tj[|1(1 sl-,l(| ll(, ai|0Wtti fot un_ for which the shippers or consignees
it would appear evident that it is not loading coat coke and lime in bulk are responsible, then any other rall-
among the company's plans to build  .1|k) jor |(KH|jnt, 0r mi-loading the toi- wa>' company having cars for    such
the free |
■iiiu ,u 1 p.m, following;'
ci ll o'clock a.m., the
Ul hegin at 7 o'clock a,
An advertiser in the local columns
ol an exchange, says:
Have you seen the very latest in
two-piece suits for spring?
No, we haven't, hul our winter
suit is showing alarming signs of
going Into a great many more than
two pieces before spring is sprung
upon us.
A Peck of McSwajn
Went away on the train
To get a bushel of rye,
Hut as he walked back
Twix't the rails of the track
Ik* said he was awfully dry.
Judge Wilson came in from Cranbrook on Monday evening and held a
short session ol court here yesterday
and to-day, The only case whicli
went to trial was that of Dragon vs.
U'helan, which was closed this morning by argument of counsel, and
jini ment was reserved.
Fred Simpson, of the twin Heralds,
ol Cranbrook and Lethbridge, passed
through Fernie on Um1 Saturday even-
in train on his way to Lethbridge to
chuck that twin under the chin and
make n glad at sight of its dad.
While the Cranhrook one is taking a
sleep aftei being farmed with a gad
by .ui Irate Cranbrook eity dad.
A while main in charge of Uie in-
I crests of the province turned over
lo a middleman 10,000 acres of provincial lands fni townsite and railway purposes for $1.00 per acre.
Some Indians sold M,O00 acres ol
land to the same institution at VIM
per acre, or a toUl of $105,000.00.
Mm.il—The people of the province had
bettei turn oft the $1.00 man and engage a $7 "di Indian to take his place.
(From tha Free Pren.)
Mr. T. B. May, manager of the
Fernie branch of the Canadian Bank
of Commerce, will shortly sever his
connection with Uiat institution. He
will Iw succeeded by Mr. Gilbert
Holt, of the Victoria branch of the
bank, who will probably arrive in
Fcrnie towards the end of March.
Mr. May experts to leave not later
than Apr i'l IflUi. He will retire from
the [ranking business and will devote
his attention to private investments,
some of which are at the coast. The
news of Mr, May's decision to leave
Feinie will he received wilh genuine
regrel by all who have met blm
BDiiall) or in a business way       Mr.
t this year.
R, Sleeve's new hotel at Lundbreck,'
i'he Windsor, is open and doing a nice
business.    T. Madden is in charge,     j
Is, deals,
lowing desc
namely* hi
(b) "Flv
allowed   n
It is reported in Frank that    the      . ])luv f(
opera-ting plant at Lundbreck is about   ' ((l. 'j|(
completed and    that shipments ovei  WL^ tiie *Mt»
the new tipple are about to begin.     | am|    jts   ^
A new company to bore (or oil has  twenty-four I
just been formed at Pincher creek, J.  allowed for h
ti. Woods, formerly ol Frank, is   the     (d)  Twenty-four
chief promoter. | free time shall In
ance nf   customs,
of ti
Superintendent Erlckson ol this
division of tlie C. P. K., Superintendent James Browulcc of a main
tine division, John Breckenridge, ol
Breckcnridge A Lund and A. Doyle,
who is interested in coal lands near
i'aber, were visitors lo Frank Monday. They visited tbe mine and
later went to Lundbreck in Mr. i
Erlckson*s car to Inspect the mine'
there. I
James Callan, clerk at the Imperial hotel the past two years, leaves
the Imperial to-day to take the
managership of one of 0. Fames' new
hotels. Mr. Callan will assist in
opening the Lille house and will then
lake charge at Bellevue. j
Tlie report comes from the North
Fork that Stoncy Indians recently
killed two big mountain lions near
the gap of thc Livingstons. It is
stated that the big felines had become so bold that they actually
chased a couple ot ranchers who were
driving near the Boulton ranch, from
their wagon, i
A sad bereavement was visited upon the home of W. O. Evans yester-  held to he, responsible, shall be
day when the tour months old dough-.ded to the free time allowance,
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Evans was tak-| RULE 0,
en iu death from a complication    of     If wet or inclement   weather,    ac-
ailments peculiar to babyhood. , cording to local    conditions, renders
a loading or   unloading     impracticable
BOARD   OF     RAILWAY COMMIS-' ,luri!lS .,,u*',i"l'ss """,ls. ?• «PP" th«
lion  is a poi
allowance   for   c'.e.i
and fm   giving,   pin
orders, forly-eighl h
Where lhe destination is not a port
of entry, forty-eight   hours shall   be
allowed lor clearance of customs   at
the outside port of entry,
BULK :i."
No car service toll shall he charged for Sundays or legal holidays.
' RULE  I.
Car service tolls shall not be collected from thc consignee for any delays for which the customs ollicials
mav  be responsible.
Cars shall he so placed as to be
easily accessible ai all times during
the period allowed for loading or unloading. At stations where such
placing is al the time reasonably
practicable, cars shall be placed so
as to be easily accessible on both
sides, Time lost to tlte shipper or
consignee through interruption, either
liy movement of (rains, or shunting
of ears, or any other cause for which
the railway company is, or may lie
of lumber   only, consignees shall so advise them, and
and scantlings.   Mie car service toll shall lie charged
tree time shall   be Until Uie cars on such private sidings
cal, and at    tide- ''ave been unloaded or loaded, as tli
unloading lumber °ase may be, or     until such sidings
I have been otherwise cleared.
imi   of  Canada    to RULE 17.
i (Irain Acl, 11)00,1 Uars hold in transit for inspection,
■nis apply, only grading, clearing, bagging, comple-
free times-ball he Won or change of load, or change of
■ grain. destination,    under a through    rate
hours additional from tlie original shipping point
allowed for clear- the final destination, with or wiUiout
where the destina- a stop-over clrarge, and detained over
making the 'be time allowed for such purpose In
of customs, Hie published tariffs, shall be subject
or delivery '<> tbe car service toll. If such ship-
In all. I "icn-ts are transferred to other cars
the car service tolls shall follow  on
the cars to which transfer is maile.
A shorter word   for sensationalism
is sin.
ire to seem good is uiilver-
Tbe de:
Many people tall into air holes iu
considering great propositions.
Washington was eloquent, but    he
never made a set speech.
There is   very
what is talk.
much   thought over
Thursday,    25th    Day   of   January
A. D.  lfioi..
goods to damagi
sh.Hi he extended
full free   time of
I But if ihe parties
ill   themselves of
the time allowance
j as to give the
iii table weather,
iglccl or fad to
the lirsi    forty-
Present: I
A. C. Killam, Chief Commissioner.
Honorable    M.   E, Bcrnier, LL-D ,
Deputy Chief Commissioner. |
James Mills,    M.A.,  LL.D.,   Com-'
missioner. i
,-euly-two hour
ol  suitable  wea-tb*
t    be allowed addi-
bv  reason of such
; for which
Every competent legislative mind
is expected to get through a bill.
Men who do not know they are sul
fer ing for more law arc understood
to be of reactionary tendency,
Washington was kept in politics because his personal preference all the
time was to get out :
Nothing makes men meaner than a
charge of corruption against which
they have a proper defence.
A warm day is suggestive ot keeping coot.
The time always comes with the
girls wlien they think it is sweet
not to know how old they are.
Look    out   tor
jingle of words.
the case mav In
er, they shall t
tlOtlttl   flee     I ink
When, o* ing to cotidil
the railway    company,
— I railway   companies,    i.s oi     are rc
Whereas numerous complaints have sponsible,/or to any "irefllrpb or. 'de
been made lo the Board ol Railway fault of Ms or  lheir agents or    eni-
Commissioners for Canada with   re- ployees, or to storms or floods,    or
spect   to the   charges made by rail- to accidents on a railway, or accid-
way companies tor delay in the load- eni to the equipment of lire railway
ing   and unloading of cars, and   llie company or companies, cars are teu-
rhles regulating the same; derod     to the   cmi.siu.nee in numbers
And     whereas   it appears to    Uie beyond     his    ascertained   reasonable
board that all such charges and rules ability   to unload within the aulhor-
should be disallowed, and  that,    in ized free lime, such additional   time
eases in which railway cars are,   or shall be allowed   as   may he ncces-
are to be, loaded   or unloaded    by sary, with the exercise of duo   and
shippers or consignees, railway com- reasonable diligence on  lhe pari    of
panics   should   he authorized,    sub- Ute consignee, to unload tlie ens   so
ject to the rules hereinafter contain- in excess.
eil, and by way of compensation for RULE 8,
unduly  prolonged detention  and   use The   consignee   shall   he   promptly
of cars and   use   of tracks, io     in- notified of the arrival of his freight,
crease, as hereinafter specified, their and shall lie held to have heen noli- houseoleantng campaign,
tolls   upon traflic carried   or to    he fled when notice of arrival has    heen
carried    in   carloads, or   at carload delivered al his address, or place  of
rates; business; provided  that,  if such i.ol-
And   whereas   II appears to     Hie ice be given later than I; o'clock   p.
board to he importatU, in the public m.,     it shall   be considered   not    to
interest,  to secure the fullest     pos- have t>een received until 7 o'clock the
si'hie    use   of railway   cars, tracks, following     morning.       11   notice be
and equipment, and tor that   object mailed,   tlte consignee  shall  be held
to discourage the delay aforesaid; to have been notified al 7 o'clock a.
Now,    therefore, in pursuance     of in. of the day following,
discord     in every
sections 23,    25, 2 7 and 275 of the
Railway Act,  190.1, and of all powers possessed by Hie board under the
said Act-
11 is nl deled that
RULE fl,
If Hie consignee fail lo give placing
or delivery orders within the twenty-
four hours allowed hv rule i, the car
Public sentiment is so like the wind
it is difficult to tell the source or
destination of it.
No hobby horse is long a novelty,
The best seed corn is the product of
People not sensible to un ailment
better stay away from the doctor.
Thc hose companies are lively whim
the water is abundant.
PIans  are   being    made   for    Hie
In ilie absence of argument articles
uf Impeachment are prepared.
The best  man   is content  to  take
second place.
The honeymoon is at its best when
it is full.
--li-i.il   he
Men who see no fault In themselves
are ot narrow vision-.
ft is not always discreet to advise
Most housewives j'idgc the purity
of a flour by its whinnies*. White
somehow signifies purity, But while
pure flours we always white, white
fluurs arc nm always pure.
Royal Household Flour
ti the whitest flour thai is milled.
It is also the purest. You may think
lhe flour you are using is about as
white as flour can he. Yet If you
place it beside Royal Household
Flour it wih look yellow by comparison. Ask your grocer for Royal
Household, and make sure that he
understands that you mean it.
Ogllvle Roar Mills Co., Ltd.
"Ogilvte's Book for u Cook," c-oti-
tatua l3o pages of excellent recipes,
some never published before, Ynur
pmtiTcaii lelt.vmi howtnui-iit KKKK.
Cranbrook   Foun-11
dry and
Machine Shopi:
Mckinni'ii & Johnston ;
\\\> nm prepared t"
'lu nil kiiuls Ilf IV-
puir wurk lii-itvy ami
light, miiku enstiiiKB,
turn hIi.'iIis, i'ii'.
Scientific    Horseshoeing   u [
nopals uf Regulations fur disposal of Min*
trail »n Dumtnloo Lands in Manittttia,
th* Northwest Terhto -* ain] the Yukoa
0 i    i n it lamls IllttV t<e |i'in-ii.iM,i nl |I0 pal
,  ,.;  ..ii,,it).uui fcso n.i anthracite    \  -
i,'Iiiiiii   .' .u'let can In- iti-i4',l|t»l l,j   nue iu
iti a ut etghKwu /ears imii over
i kti-okcuiuiMUiefciii'litiiiu f  iiiiik-i'u
i'- ina) -iiitiim .'uiu iui .i mlulng i. cn,
in m-r\ t'l-iUtU-iiti- is granted hie uuu
..■.ils.imL-M'fHin-.;!!.-.. ujhiu |..,>iut-nl
ice t,| -...*>,|ti*i iiunuiiil.il mi iimUtilliitl
n -:c tn -liu |>ei ..in,,ilu l-i .i CUIUptUlf
u tu ia|.il._l.
I   A. W. McVittie   {
I ',
| Dominion .ind Provin* J
* clal   Land   Surveyor. 4
\    li. H. McVittie   \
4 (iin.r.ii Agenl 4
\ TIMBER, MINE  and |
{ CRANBWOK,   B.    C. {
4 4
Pete's Barber  Shop
Has removed trom the Wentworth
hotel to next door to A. i\ Bowness' ami opposite new bank build-
Injr, I invite everybody. My wotk
will give satisfaction. First-class
barber shop.
P. J. Leithauser, Hgr.
ii i-H'l. Ill tin- uikuu
im ,'u. i I a iiilulii I'H'.in.
Imv llll'lll ul ni) ait) i.i tl,
I III.  iiimiii,l ill l||i luctul
Wll lit II   lillf.'li
• i>l   n iiniiiiiK
U\  Uili I,V I'll   III)'
...lain nr
* .ii'iiaiiil
....nl Ull
i ir.. „ ii lur ii i>'i ui
uuli mu lei i
ur luini. ji-.i
ei <>i iitu
.,   If-UiiW-
.i. .< .i,n,i'iii-,,,i-ii,ui
[iin- MtiiUtei
>[ lhu lu
ii., l.-wuo'a right Is
■ -, '■ i   t nn-. ,i   in
imiiI.ii.hI lu lh,
UH    W.lll-I
luui  ,nn 1 MiUJ-d tut
- huwun ih  i, .-lifii'i
liu lillis ,i. .
Hi. UX(!0|H Ull l
eli aliuniiitB te
i iiutsuua
h loi   hut
ti  .iftskttl-
Ureaue tu
Hi,  1' wt*L> shall has
I'llCll UVU i   l.i-i. uut W
ilhu,mu -I m
■ k-asi- i„r
i'l*     .ii ,i    IllU'l'll    lllll   1
ur Iractlou 1
m tiiudaH
SllllHl, 111.
1 ■'saxasaNssaNasasasasasN
"Clean Clothes
o>a 1> .,1 llu- miaul IWU aii'l a lull
iluOIBll iill llie Ollt[lUt .ilu-. it BXOWHll
lu tlm Yukon Territory.- su leaies
is Hliull    lim)   In* (iiaiiit-tl lu a ln-e
unu of i ..eui} year*, wmi renew
e's iiuiii la i-uiiiiiit-ii iu iut- sulmierg*
trntt is iU,' uv. i ui Imv iun n.iiei
i--.iuiui.tr. iu be IUe-1 nj na uosllluu
ui) nr August iu Uie year ul the uitiu
e sii.ui lum* one dredge in operation
tears from llie ilateol the lease, and
tor i-ai-n hvb miles wilulu six years
lute. Itunial.ai u pi. m. - rur nisi
ub lubaeiiuent year,
s J.l.l.
i ilie Vi
,011 le
Notice is hereby given that I, Allan S. Nicholson, have this d.iv
withdrawn from the partnership heretofore carried on under the liim
name of the Cranhrook Sash A Dooi
companv, between mysell and Albert
Slater, Henry A. MeKqwan, John ll
Spenco and William C, Slater, nnd
the last mentioned persons will earn
on the partnership business, and will
collect all debts due the partnership
and pay all its liabilities.
Datetl at Cranhrook   IJ C, th
dav of March. 1900.
Allan S. Nicliol
Witness: C, Darling. a
It is may to Imvo ulmii
'^ clotliea whon there is a first
cliiss luutulry ill tuwu. You
cau't afford to patronize Chinese when ymi ean get your
work ilmii' liy white people in
a white wny and at prices that
m will ttpjjeal to anyone wlm
■ wants liimhI work
l Crows Nest
\    Steam Laundry
Notice is hereby given tlml thirty
days after dale we Intend to apply
to the   Chief Commissioner ot Lands ■
P (
Iranbrook, B. 0
and Works at Y
-license to cut ,
ber from the
Commencing at a posl placed
the southeast corner of lot No. (ilu
East Kootenay district, thence en
80 chains, thence soulh 80 chain
thence west 80 chains, thenco nor
no chains, io place of commcncemi
Roblnsoir-McKenzic Lumliei Co , I
Dated March 5th, 1000.        SO
Parcel i.
Notiee is hereby given that tbirtv
days after date we Intend tn apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Land's
and Works at Victoria for a special
license to cut and carry away timber from the following described
Commencing at the southwest corner Robinson-McKenzio's Lumber
Co.'s Limited, timber limit, southeast of lot (1108, group 1, East Kootenay district, thence south 8*1 chains,
east 80 chains, north 80 chains, west,
80 chains to place ot commencement.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co,, Limited.
Dated March oth, 1!I0«. 60-5t
13. Edgar Davis
;        BRICKLAYER and
, Ftirnn..., Boiler, Ktitigc,
, ami Firiiplni'o work n spui'lul-
' I.v-
\ All cloacrlptions uf stone.
\ \inrlv undertaketi. I Inlera lefl
.1. D. Mi Mil UK'S
will recieve prompt attention,
I'li'one 116,
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
1', 0. Bos 861, •,-
9 ?
4AAAAAAAi.AJ.-LJ.-LA*-'-'-'-' '■«
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work Is our advertisement, but we
put thin ml in the Hemld^lo
emphasize it,
CKANIikOOk, li. C.
Near Lower Am strong Avenue
i 'd tu be inii.ndtd fur  men  that  there is a good deal   tbey   fa-,
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of finish work in
way of doors, windows, transoms, etc, Kiln dried lumber
for inside work, t Mir wurk Ib
guaranteed and oiir prices are
satisfactory.    Screen    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
Take n.il ice that thirty days aftei
date I intend tn apply to the Chlel
Commissionei of Lands and Works [>.!
a license lo cut and carry away lim
hei [mm the following desciibed
lauds in  Soulh   K.n.l   Kiml.-uny
Commencing ai  a post aboui   one
mile   smilh Wesl       id     Skunk chili I.
liver, and near Sidney Jellett's
snuih e;tsi corner, thence u.u chains
south, thenco -10 chnlns west, iheiiee
I Mill chains      north,    Ihence   III chain.
ensl  in place
 _ ilie base iim- or
ration nt tin- orueh ur gukll, tlie
iu.in i mm u> j,i»i>i feel,    Al'-iiiier
mntkeil n> iwo egui I'.sts uu i; a
uriun nuiK-ea Kntr) must ne nu*
.i ti'ii iiu.s, ii tin* i*iiiiiii ia «..!uu
i tm
"IK- i*\Uil
toll mliliilini.il leu ml
iud oi conipunj at.i - Inn a claim mint
i'\i-ier ut n new mine is entitled lu »
i. leel  iu leuutli. ;nui ll  tlm |-..it>
two,   .*"'"■ feel .til ... ■ lu-t, .ui tiie QUI-
ih uu niy.ill> ulmii in- cUatuiKl, the
I'iiitiimlimu-) .Unu-...uiy.
.- Tin.   i.i-j.iii. ut iiii- iai,-"I I.*." tuul
i-i t'l'iii mi tin* value ut tlin uoiil U\.p
lu- Viimiii leilltui) lu lie i-aiil lu Ue
•tmll i
ant   nl  mine
.ue lii.it Hulk has been iluiie mint be
idi year; if um. the claim Bhull n0
:ie.iii.iiiiliitii'il,iiliU upeil .-..i. ■ iif._li'>u
.. it (reo inliier,
iilil.estif iteliUiii ina\ I.e.ii'lUieil  uli-
luiviiig.. Mini) uiini,-ami |.ulill>.lllilK
miIU l<i llie
,i,-, Sllbjt-Ot
.nivllietl  by
U   W. l
Duiiiitvortlie Minister of t
nisi  h,
|. uf i*<.iniii,
C. W. HiIm
ih-.*i,i, ti i.
II,  l.m.,1,,
1 ..,<-., i,
1 1
i.s 23,1,1 il.iv
nt  l''l-lllll.llv,
lerelty    given tliat    tlie
animal a
K of Ihe L'
lllll  Ilf   ltl-vi-
Silill   fill'
purpose nt
licaring    all
against the
of tlio 1'
if t'laiililim
., 11. (J., will
lie ln-lil
the Council
Chambers in
the said
y nf i'i.iiiIh
ink on     thu
frill day
.1 March, A. ll.
llllili, at the
limn* ni 10.80 a. m.
II. C,    this
Still ilay
January, iiiiiii.
C. II. 1
City  Clerk.
tor a particular purpose ti easy lor
us, Because we have them toi all
kinds ol use. Naturally our
is far .superior to lhat ol the hm -su
which has lo call coal during the
week and carry his owner to a funeral
"ii Sunday. K Santa I'l.ius saw our
hmses iu- would pension «.ft his old
leindeeis, chop up bis uld sleigh and
hue ,i lit; from US, Villi sllUllltl llu lllll
same when yoll rcqutl'O the sen ices nf
a horse and carriage Ior anv purpose,
Espci i.illy as our .scale ol churgos
makes il  really cheap transit.
lhc hand ley Livery Stables
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
nl repairing.   Dive me a call.
Livery  S
Tenuis ami driven lurulsheil lor auy
point In the ilistrlcl.
A. lil.Yl.r., Manager TIIE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
mm* m__ m__ m__*
iiy iiy j^ |p
Here is an opportunity to secure just what you want
in a country that has  the finest climate on earth
Kootenay   Valley   Will   Raise   Most    Everything
And the market is at the farm gate, Here you can make big money on your farm products, and live
where youa labor will command a good price in winter. Garden truck, grain and roots of all kinds
are profitable. Much of the land is timbered and the logs, which can be cut and sold free of government royalty, will pay the price of the land.   The opportunity of your life.
For Full Particulars Write or Address
Joseph Ryan, Agent, Cranbrook, B. C.
(Rj   Rev. Benjamin Hood ileitis.   Bnp-
lisl minister,    Delivered ai ihc
Bnptisl church i weeks ago i
"Our subject Ior this enulng's
consideration may Im- termed the
'Saint's responsibilities regarding ihe
sinner,1 and our text can In- found in
ihe lib chapter of Oonesis, vs. u .md
iu. •And the Lord said unto Cain,
'Where is thy brother?', ami he said.
■Am I mv brother's keeper?' And
lie said, 'the voice of thy brother's
blood rneth unto mc."
This momentous question definitely
pronounced by a man forever distinguished as "the first murdered is
emphatically and comprehensively ■
satislicd in so far as it can at all inlerest lhe divinely redeemed by the
clean mi convincing character ol the
Christian's responsibility, as noi j
trayed In ihe spirit nf Wn ureal flod-
h'.i.l Let us give earnesl and sympathetic attention to-nlghl tn a seven
I- l.l ami spiritual Interpretation of
lln   I..''level's duty
I The liisl denning utterance nl
holy wril ihat will Illuminate mn
ilm.ne is recorded In tlw second
ei>istlc tn the Corinthians, the Urird
chapter, and t-he third vei se Ue
icid   tbes-e   searching   words     "Ye
iuc    manifestly    declared    lo  bo   'The
l ",ii itles1 nl Christ, known .unl read
ol all   monl" The vast universe
• i mighty forcon nml Illimitable t.i
i nm ii-.. inafla-ble. inexorable, liiemii
preliensihlo, eternally depresses a hu
pnnie message ll is in Clint,il le!
lei-, (he liioilghl ot (ind.     Thai   mas !
tei| n'.-e nf royal HtoraUiro—the
ciirl Han's elmrter—Hie holy bible,!
becomes mngnificotrtly precious when
mc iee,d',i i iii.it ii is ,i literal trans-
In Hon uf divine intenliun relative loj
mil i,ue ll is Hod's let lei In man -
"In i llC hiTiiuuni. was lhe WOtxl, and
i:. word was with 0-od, an,I the woui '
w ,i i ;.<i ,uui the word became flesh j
iin,i .iweh amongst us " This la
Jolm's siii.Iiiii,■ Introduction ol    the
\-    I : i'     fill isl .1,'Slls   Is   ll:,'    ;,....
.'i " . ages, ihe heaven Inspired (el
1.1, ihe 'wiiiil' ot Jehovah expressed
lo   lh-  ii.-atini's When   Paul     e\  '
claims "I could wish ihat myself
wi n* ..' i tirsorl from Chrlsl fm my
breil en my kinsmen nccordtnn lo
■ J sh," we .ue compelled i>. re
ftomethliiR ol ihe spu ii nf
ihe  Master's sacridoo     Thai histor-
Ir        nli lice nt    Ihe    liiarll i   Stephen
'1  ".I    lay   not   this   sin     to lheir
il.,' •.-," is ,u once strikingly    sug-
t,e *i\.- of     Jesus. "Katber   ' (orglvo1
ih.ni toi    (hey know nol what   they!
ilo "    The world acknowledges   thai
lioblj ami I'loquenlly these men were'
'epistles'    nl    Christ Hut    I'anl1
would remind the citizen of Corinth,
tli,- citizen ot Cranbrook, lhat Oodly
profession    means   (iodlv expression.
'Ye' are lhe epistle's of Christ.
I pass in sorrowful review  the
n i ' le facts ot our (tolly life:
onr superior selfishness, fruitless frivolity, dHigenl disloyalty, mercenary
motive; our sordid greed, contemptible meanness and hideous Inconsistency, Let us solemnly quest! n if it
is possible for a redeemed and regenerated saint to have feMowsliln
with tlie Holy Spirit upon the floor
nf the dancing hall, to express the
Imperial loveliness nt the Saviour by
means iif corrupting eaids, to adequately a<ml righteously interpret the
fads and forces of Oo'd through the
medium ol pronouncedly worldly influences! I
Shame upon us that we should tor-
got llie   liearts   thai seek   Ior truer.
Wtonghls than these, tor more eloquent passages nt Christian experience turn from tlie archives of'
heaven, it is contemptible that we
shniild even dare to presume thai
Clod could endorse the message ol tho
average careless life.
II our second definition of a
saintly suul is imperial and Important, In Isaiah 43 chapter and Hlih
verse, we read: "Ye ate my 'witnesses' smith ihe Lord."
Prominent anil eloquent in tbe balls
ot hie    there stands forth Satan    as
wnh   nHttcrlng   argument and thtin*
derotis climax     he urgvs upon    men j
lhe   cl.ums ol  lime,  tlie possibilities
ol earth.    Pleasure anil power, |>essi- j
mism, atticism,  these are bis   pleas. I
\ii.i God has commissioned his peoplo
io stand forth in His stead, to   give
righteous   ei .donee,    tu furnish    Invincible lestlmony      "That which wo
have heard, which we have scon With
oui eyes, whuh we bave hiokvd upon
a  d out   hands    lave handled ul     tlw
word nf life Fm Mn- life was manifested and we haw seen u and beat
witness ami shew unto vou that eternal life which was with lbe lathei "
Such is lhe writing ut the Moved
illseiple       And  men,  angels and Hud
ls ll
oui daily witness
Satan,  to   cun-
turage a seeking,
l   ilnll.ltol
ileum     sin.   lo
anxious heart''
111 Hul Jesus also said to Ills
faiillul followers: "Ye are the salt
of ihe earth."
Now salt purifies Hm* immense ucean
waters, preserves our (nud, and pnv-
\okes llle in tire soil. Doos our
saintly inlluence purify ils atmosphere, preserve tlte mm what is divine provoke in men what ibings aro
noble"' s.,11 possesses a sii|H>iia-tm<-
ly illlTerentinting flavor, Insistently
Does "in Christian life, repudiating
the carnal, ivspontl so rcmarkah,y to
i'i. pit itii.tl .nc we so dis-t'inel-tv
Tin savage un I ihe Briton illus
t Mie a powerful ilihctciiiiatioti in
Th. re is ,* dllTerence ol law' The
llriti :   i.  i' . is Hn- Hi if ish law:   thu
i^.i r Hie ciistuins nt his l'i ibe.
I'l   , Is .i difference nt language! The
Union will naturally express himself
in the King's English tht- native in
ihe tongue of his lathers. Tliere is a
difference of loyally!     The Briton is
tine    tu    tlie  ideals    of   his empire  !
tin* negro will fight lor the traditions
of his peoplo, And there is a difference of life' The African's very nature and being, his fundamental Instincts nn.l lite are all poles apart
frum lhe characteristic marks of the
melius Briton,
Wh l is the law we regularly rc-
cogni'/.o, ihe language of our heart,
lhe loyally uf our suul, the real nature of our characteristic life? Do
these differences differentiate us trom
the world? Are we the salt of
Cranhrook? The good salt waves
from corruption the flesh. Are the
united Christian churches of our city
really relanling the profess of cancerous sin? Is ihc community pure
because of our contact with it? Or
aro we 'bound to confess that the
facts publish abroad 'that "tire salt
b*s lost its Savior?
Are you yet convinced that we are
mn  brother's keeper?
IV. Our Lord went on to enlarge
noon the disciple's calling. Mat
thew recites His invitation: "Follow
me and I will make you to become
'fishers' of men."
The fisherman has a definite calling!
It is not lo mine, to legislate, to
wage   warfare,   to   promote pleasur
able picnic:   his   calling    is distinct)
from  all else;   he  is une  who devotes
his entile sell lo fish catching. Aio
we selling guinls mere, driving teams
merely, running macinncrj merely,
earning our wages merely, exhausting
Hie day merely, or is our great calling commanding all our energies so
as lo catch men for Clod?
Tk* fisherman has a detinue character!
In ihe romance and history nf every
nation the) that go down to tl.o
.sea in ships' have found then special
place. His broad sou'-wester, shining oilskins, long sea boots ami
storm tanned countenance, to say
noth Hig uf those marked mannerisms
ol personal it) so peculiarly and exquisitely fashioned by Hie myriad lingers of the ocean—ever proclaim the
man who toils i». reap ihe harvesl of
lhe great  salt   seas.
Do lhe stormy svas and surging
tides ol British Columbia lne evoivi.
Such a type ol Cluisii.ui manhood
possessing such maiks of ,i distinctive,
The fisherman has a definite equipment!
Ile docs nut fmtify himself with
Singer sowing machines, neither does
he embark upon a battleship. Ilo
■lives in closest syinpftthj with nets
and lines, and sails and boats. And]
certain departments of his extensive i
business imperatively demand tho uso
of bait. Well do I remember as a
boy iu the Michigan woods dangling a
In-lit and naked pin among lhe darting minnows in some creek, hul never I
do I remember le ha\ secured one. j
I tacked the, bail. And can the nu-j
attractive ami naked hie of some
lOflll servant of (be Lord perlonn lho;
impossible?       Shall  we not gicully'
loll care'.'    |
uce T.i
.ass    Ihi
mcern ou i sel ves cega id ing personal |
bait? Musi nol believers reveal|
something ol Uie Immortal Saviour
il they would "draw all men" into
tlie Kingdom?
The fisherman has a definite know
lie  knows  the  tides and local conditions of curreii'ts      He is acquainted    with   Uie   movements    ol   his
quarry.       By  his  lechnie knowledge j
he BUCCOdds.     A  man equipped   with;
splendid  rod  and  templing bait    will I
seek in vain for reward in the depths
of tlie domestic rain watei    barrel.
His energy  is    misapplied,  his labor
lost,       Breiberen     we   need to    he
tauglit of Hod  :  our calling demands i
an earnest and thorough knowledge of
lbe human   heart; a knowledge   'hat!
will bring power and ensure success.,
Paul could say: "1 so run not as uncertainty: «o fight 1 not as one that!
'iKM'telli tne air."
V.   But our table of obligations is!
■not yet completely; revealed.     Jesus
■also taught men saving: "Ye are lb
light ol thc world.*'
The Christian community const i
tutes Hie world's light.
Now light  awakens!
When tlie miracle ol another morn
ing is assured ami (lod would once
more awaken to consciousness His
silent hosts, does He stoop to t-he
prostrate ox upon the field, does lie
shake tlie slumbering trees, docs Ho
hammer at tlie homes of men? No!
He lilts His superb sun above the
mountain ridges and at once the fields
and trees and valleys and villages
quiver with strong; sweol life.
Does titc steady, pure light nf out
daily life -awaken in men a conscious*
ness ot sin, of need; of grace? Are
we arousing Cranhrook to a diviner
dav, a day ot Cod?
Light also guWcsl
i    fJeaUemi along our western shores
thi^ lighthouses   aro found.     Yonder
Uirough the darkness the ship slag-
gers toward its port. Suddenly tho
path of light slants across the boiling watei crests and guides, ihe sailor
on his way. That sentinel Hghl fulfils a two-fold function. li ts a
faithful protesl against the darkness
ol ih.' night, il is an efiUienl protest
againsl ihe cruel, ragged reefs. And
also n is ;i power that protects the
strangei ship, tlie storm-smlttec
mariner, tlie unwary, What shall wo
say to-night of our guiding inlluence
as' lights in Cranbrook; what of our
puritanic protest against the sins of
the people; what' ol
sympathy and vigilant
ti.-d help us'     Perhaps stletic
kindly!     May Jehovah awaken us!
Light also promotes life!
The longei light that heralds ihe
springtime brings with it the modest
daisy, the enlivened woodland, Uie
song of stream. The whole world
'hulls wilh intoxicating life. Truly
would our Godliness compel a generous response, our laudable approaches
he crowned wiih garlands and rejoicings were we but loyal io the simple
line of duty, as the spring-tide sun.
VI. In Luke I'd, verse id, our responsibility is exceedingly magnified
toi "the Lord said unto lhe servant,
go out into t-he highways aud hedges
and compel them hi come in!"
Hence wc are searchers!
The sweet smiling valleys of distant South Wales arc robbed of considerable of theii beauty by the pres-
tlie grimy calling and its
g associations, Too sadly
do the shadows of sorrow
s way. Some little negligence, smne unavoidable contingency,
and the dread explosion convulses the
country side. 1 have seen the sad,
sad fates of the wives, thc mothers,
children, and the village girls as
lliey watch the ghastly findings of the
rescuers, praying, hoping that the
mutilated form of father, brother,
lover, might not yet greet tlieir
blinded vision. I have seen the stalwart man seize the heavy mine pick
with heroic power and savagely assail the obstructing seams. ' Thus
struggling, straining madly, fighting,
does be toil until overpowered bv tbe
fumes and hardships he (alls' into
bleeding Impotancy, Hul over the
falling body a comrade leaps, snatching from tbe loosening lingers the insi ruiiieiit  of salvation.
Grim, sturdy heroes, arc these men:
noble achievement theirs1 Hul why
such tireless, ceaseless effort, this
(ranlie sacrifice, this superhuman
courage, this tremendous excitement.?
Behind tlmse pitiless walls of solid
blackness somewhere there are fall.-!
ers, brothers, friends, companions;
Ibis is the sufficient  reason. |
AH around in Crnnbrook city our
brnlhi-rs, friends and loved ones are
bving enlnmhi-d in the blackest dun-
gcons nf misery and disgrace. At
uur very feet Immortal men are being
lured to destruction, despoiled of
manhood, and abandoned for eternity:
while Christians compromise and curiously, criminally remain splendidly,
inactive. In the name of God Almighty, I charge you again Ibis
night:'"On out into the highways and
the hedges" and endeavor to seek and
succour such sow'.s, for wc are our
■brother's keepers!
VII. A last time the Holy Spirit
•directs us to His illustration of one
theme contained in Ezekiel. In Uie
third chapter we are made aware ot
a divine appointment as a watchman!
"Son of man I have made thee a
watchman."     Then follows a   divine.1
Instruction:   "Hear the word at   my
mouth and give them warning    Iiym
me." And then follow these incriminating words, "When I say Ulito Uie
Wicked thou shall surely "die, and
thou givest him not warning to save
his life, the same wicked man shall
die in his iniquity, but his blood will
I require at thine hand!"
In the 33wl chapter this significant
responsibility is even more harshly
pronounced, "It the watchman see
the sword come    ami blow not    the
II umpet, and the people Ik- nut
Warned; if the sword come and take
any person from among them, he is
taken awav in his iniquity, but his
blood will" I require at the watchman's hand."
Appalling is cur responsibility,
amazingly atrocious our conduct! The
souls that are slipping toward the
shadows to-night right in our midst
will face us in condemnation at the
awful bar of God.
(1«h1 graciously pity us: God in
mercy forgive usl What thanksgiving danger! What an unsuspecting
multitude! What sentinels! What
watchman! What guilt! What
blood! Our brother's blood upon
the ground crieth unto God against
us! I appeal to you all as you
believe in eternity, as you believe In
an unending banishment, and eternal
happiness recognize vour Christian
responsibility, respond to God's call
and your brother's cry!
* I Confectioners, - Craubrook
Canada's population hy firsl census
of 1005 was 3,251.
Canada's population in 17113 was
Canada's uopulation at confederation, 18(17, 3* millimis.
Canada's population, 1001, 5,371,*
Canada's population, estimated on
June 30, 1004, 5,604,338.
Canada began 20th century with
same population as the United States
began tlie lflth.
Canada has 4fl countries and nationalities represented in her population.
Canada has 132,1(11 more males
than females.
Canada is adding to ils population
every year by immigration a number
equal   to  Toronto's  population.
| Canada has more than one half of
the white population of all Britain's
| Canada has enfranchised 25 tier
cent, of -her population.
| Canada has 87 per cent, of Catia-
.dian-born people, 4,(171,815,
I Canada- has 8 per cent, of British
born people, 405,883.
I Canada has therefore 05 per cent
of BriVlsh-born subjects, 6,077,008.
i Canada has only 5 per cent, nl
foreign-born people, 2113.817.
, 55 per cent, of Canada's foreign-
'■born are naturalized.
■ Canada has HI centers of 5000 population and over; 31 of population of
IftiOOlt and over.
F, A. Heiuze, the Montana   copper
king, has Interested    himself in    the
Telk'wa districl ol the Bulkley valley
•to the tune of about $5,000,000,   and  f
'the man who successfully fought   the | £
Amalgamated has undertaken to   de-; *V
velup the Immense coppei  deposits oi, T
northern   British   Columbia.     Great  ^
secrecy has hitherto   been preserved *WQQ$*pt.*<* * ... ;.. ;... , yt^
regarding the moves made hy Hemze
■in the north, but it is known that his
right hand man, T. Jefferson, of Bui-
tc, accompanied by Harry I lawson, of /T^fkrs.
Victoria, spent hist summer in    the' .*-■>•■-
Bulkley valley and II has leaked out
•that Jefferson secured, on behalf ot
lleiu/.e, working bonds (,:i over forty
copper claims al prices aggregating
ahoul five million dollai*
The proprietors acquired conditionally by Ileitr/e include, besides copper
claims, 28 square miles of cnal 'lands
iu lhc same disiriet, and it is understood thai a smeller will he in operation In connection wiih these copper
mines within Sixteen months, Ii Is
alsu reported that Hcinze purposes
building his own railway trom the
Tel-kwa mines to the coast.        Di
I :^
Effective, Sun* y, J 2! , following changes In nger train
schedule: No. 3 le ■ : ■. : 10.4S
a.m.; Bonners 3 ; ar
rivi1 Spokane 5 I • "1
p.m.; Adrian Pacllto
vi-li.luniiii and prospecting work witllAvcnue 5.10           . a.m.;
lie pushiil us Minn us passible ami if
tlie showing jiisiili.- expectations
llt-inzi-'s iiiilliniiH will be put to wurk
lu i*uiii|iliiU. Helmut's plans.
It is uuly a lew weeks since IIHii/t*
sold his enormously valuable .Molilalia mini's in a Uiini party which is
supposed in Intend working in harmony wilh the huge Amalgamated,
the copper trust against which Hehi e
successfully dolemicd Irlmscl! Heinle
was the lami'st uppositlon the trust
Imd mi this contincnl  be!  ho   Iel
his Montana properties nu ami     i'
liKiks us    if lie (nul    Nimiii.n ..I
retiring permanently Irom Uie Industry.
i.at.ilv the names "I tin* HulM.-v
vailcj have become familiar to the
piihlii- ear, hul   now    thai Augustus
Seattle 7.00
Nu.   l  lea, a.m.;
Ituiiiii*rs    Ferry Ive
Spokane "" i 15 a.m.;
Adrian  I" 10   . * ■*  1-H5
p.m.; Pacific Avenue 5 i ■*--
nccting   wilh '   5.58
p.m.; an i*. ■■ Se
No. 2 no .
No. I les a.m.;
Everett      0 10 .'.venue
9.211 a in.:  IVei   tehee ; A I-
riun t.n'j p.m ■ -3
1, i:..;    let vi *:s
!•'.-.iv it 25 a.m 02 a.m.;
No. 250 leavi    It. i :. m.
connect.!.: I 34
a.m.; ai rive I* -
No. 2-10 lea' ; ;
Helmut bos    undertaken   louse    ills | Swinton   10.1 :  12.40
Montana millions Inr tl* development  •'*11' ■    '" ;   '■
of ihe resources nl the Tel-kwa,    it     Throe ed In
spected linil a copper camp will
III'   sl.lltisl   US   Will   .it I l.ll I    Ullllll-Wi.ll
attention aud Hie Iniln'iii, alinosl unknown northern districts ol this province uill lin.l capllr.1 pouring In i"
develop their ttrr.ri resources nt min-
ing ami agriculture.
While it is the i-lininieil name ol
Ileiiae that promises a rapid and
siilemlld developmenl foi norUiern
liritisli Columbia, lie is nol alone in
liis opinion "I Hie deposits nf coal
anil copper llial lie under the bunch
grass nf lhe Tel-kwa illstrlet.  .lames
tween Sp ■ .per
tare   bel« ■ l-'einie
jj uu.
t'einie to Vai ind
15    lllill.!'. HM-IO
with   No.    272 at    Paell
Extra 1 cal trains N d 266
will   In*   opera! *  infl
and   Leavenworth,    le Spokane
■1.00   p.m ;   \V, j. m.;
Wenntchcc  12 03 B.M
a.m.        Buffel :s will    be
operated between I . Leavenworth,  tra n     '         * 5  and  2.in:
'so extra train bel itle and
Diinsiiniir, llie Vancouver island   coal
king   has acmilrcrl coal properties In Skvkomish, leaving   - p.m;
lhc sa  country    and the Tel-kwa Everett    8.10   p.m.;    Pacific Avenue
mines, a company owning claims on 8.16 p.m.; Skykpmi 10.2(1 p.m.
t-he T.-l-kwa river, lias iust Ihtii   in- Returning leave Ski I a.m.-)
corporated with a capital ot 1300,- P*olHo Avenue 8.00 a.m.; l-.veretj
iiiiii This company is unilcrstood to 8.2.1 a.m.; Seattle 10.00 « m I.ncal
have a splendid showing on Us innii- train hem*, operated : voen Hon-
ertv ami everything promises a riim*' ',"'rs -,"pn')' ani1 SP '"' "'th-
futiire Inr lhat  district.'   The  iuein-  '"'awn.
porators of the Tel-kwa mines are all
llriiisli   Columbians,    being    A. -1
Campbell and 11. E. Maivlonalrl,    ol
Nelson, and ('. II. Schopster anil   E.
SOCiltaf'with  The   eui,"S''riS  "nt   01!  0RDER     ,!Y   MAIL'      2Sc  PEI»
Kossland, having l»en one ot Iho first  COPY, AND SEVEN CENTS   FOR
owners ol the Le Uui. I I'OSTAOE. THK   CRANBROOK   tlKRALO
Bovril on the
Dinner Table
Any meal is the
better for the use of
a little BOVRIL. It
adds so much to the
flavor anil nutriment of
su many dishes that it should be in every kitchen.
I'he mere odor uf BOVRIL creates appetite, and it
contains the nourishing element of prime beef that
strengthens and builds up the system.
1 lere is a BOVR11.-helped dinner dish :
Eighl pounds of prime beef ia concentrated in
four ounces ft ltUVRIL
CLARE, I'm ii uti'ut
of nu Inch In thlckiit**.
ninl .'ii-'k in 11 little liuiui.
..HuHing -l..".'. ten min-
uiut. ui'iuoif if liked wnll
tlnnr  Kui'rt|inniHli,fiiii;.t
I, i-.il ft Kill,if.; 1 l""   ■■"'!
H'lvill itook mi inl hi Hit)
{..tu, .iftri the i.iitii-i l.us
Won iiiiiueil ult': (lour
nuiiiil tli* Miaul Kliit .■nm
l>illl  lll.l-"*   lllllifill
Huwil ii pirpaird i.uk hy
liy ij.ei.ial appuinliiiriil -J
Purveyors tu His Majesty King Edward VII,
pun uvar uack u| hulllft aud llal tWavUtuI Fi-n-aHum I'lilur*.
Ih'u.k tn notify tlio residents <>f Kast Kootenay thnt be lius
lidded ii MINERAL WATER FACTORY tn his ettali-
lishtiiutit and would cordially solicit uny resident or traveler to call or send Eor a sample order (particularly hy the
trade) uml guarantees Ids goods superior to any in thu ills-
w_ trict.   The public nre respectfully requested to visit us and
ft Bumplu tbe goods at tlie factory,
g That Spring Suit g
£$ rt is time to havo your measure taken uml  1  have jttBt re- Jjj
Jgj  reivi-il ll i-i..ii|.l.-li- lim- of j**{
ffl       Spring and Summer Suitings       &
ffl  r i ;ii„      iv..., ;,. ,,,,,1 l.„,_ n,>, .ha _,.,„_ B
from lli.* milli,.
K   Innn in
Drop in mul limk over the stock.
L. Cohn, The Tailor
ty Armstrong Av
Cranbrook. 11. 0, uy
'mini x
we have your overcoat and suit.  WE BELIEVE %
thai it wiil please you, that you will like its cut, its grace T
and fabric, and, withal, we're confident you'll be pleased ?
with its price.        jA        a*       Jl       **       Jt       Ji A
: :.v.:.-:.-;-.:.-:..:..:-.:..>.>^v<.<»x-<-*|.->^-w.<'{..>.><.-">.:"X">*4"M..>4
4:        ^
4\     ^r
4, i k
+ » A-
....... ♦».»»{.
MiiulacUnri ol
Rough and dressed
1-UriBEK and
Also all  kinds ol
*:   __
Jatfray, Ryan anil
Cranbrook, B. C.
Heid Office. • Cranbrouk
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
(Continued from page two.)
■I in the
quoted a
prove the
ihcn lines and supply pow-
Boundarj country. He
great moss of figures to
nature and extern ol the
,iiul mining industrlei. now
uii.lt't way in tto* Boundary, basing
tliereon an argument in favor ot allowing the West Kootenay Powor ami1
Lifiht "eompanj everj facility to.sup-,
pi) powei i. i il.. ap and permanent'
operation of i-bese great ami growing
industries. He dealt with the t'.is
cult- Power company's opposition to
the hill and pointed mn that that,
company could -u best onlv supply
3,000 horse powei an.l Irequen-tfy
could imt supply more ihan 1,600.
Krast'i sai.l he was n,.i seeking lo
advocate ihc cause ol one company
in preference to thai ol another, but
simply to secure toi his constituency
an adequate powei supply, lie believe! il the in,-mui lull ttecame law
every mining operator in the Boundary districl would he assured a
cheap, plentiful supply of power for
years to come. Speaking particularly oi thv operations of tlw Granby
company, Prasei said thai anything
that tends io curtail its operations
must necessarily haw* a had effect on
the general prosperity ol the whole
district. Lack ot sufficient power
would necessitate the partial closing
down of the sineller, ami such an
event would Ire disastrous, not only
lo the compati) hm in an equal degree to all working nun (hiding employment in ami aooul Grand Porks,
Mvich.inis wuuld also suffer. In cloning Fraser -saitl
depends upon succc
low grade ores in which this portion
uf Uiu country abounds. Cheap
power must he lhe basis upon which
we .shall build bioad and bluing thu
foundations of om luture prosperity.
Un no account imist we resiucl tne
generation ui electrical power. For
such a course wmilil spell ruin tu our
settlers or investors coming to this
province [ot iiiioiiu.ition regarding
our lands, our timber, or our mineral
resources could obtain none. They
were told that tbey must go hunt for
it. Apart Iiom some few publications of a U'ly general nature it was
a fact that there did not exist in the
government office to-day any Information of real practical value to intend in t; seitleis or investors. The
situation was even worse, for it was
a vreM known fact that contrary to
tlie jtatutc law, settlers had been referred to tlie C. P. R. agents for informal ion regarding public lands,
lhat weie not owned by that corporation, but which, in defiance of the
law, ihe company now controlled and
handled as though tliey actually owned them. It was unintelligible to
Oliver how a finance minister who
professed such unbounded confidence En
the potentialities ol the province,
fatted io Impress his colleagues with
some of his own enthusiasm Dealing with the estimates for the coming fiscal year, Oliver declared that
tlwy  contained  clear evidence ol     au
approaching general election, and m
view of this act he said, he proposed
to review at  .some Ten-gib  lhe record
il tlie McBride government sine
fits olliee three years ago.
Oliver certainly carried out, his
threat. He commenced at the proceedings immediately preceding the
lasl general election, when by a
change in the date of polling the government weie enabled t'> obtain a
snap vote ol the country, and mil-
liuiud |hs researches down to the
passage of the strond leading of Hie
bill to amend the Columbia A West-
em Hallway Subsidy Act on Friday
evening last,       This portion of    hi-.
"'duTvcry"luiuw!s'lew511 ms replete with good things,
fully treating il1"' Kepi tlto opposition Benches iu a
great stale of enthusiasm. Very
little escaped the member for Helta's
attention, and his scathing denunciations of ihe government's tinkering
with tlie land laws, and lhe public
school question were punctuated with
loud and long applause. In concluding, Oliver again referred in eloquent
Is' and   would   'wguage l0 llil' government's waste;!
various mining
only result iu   daiu«ge to the
munitj' at large."
Dr. Voung ( Ulin) moved the adjournment ol the debate, He will
move   an   aniemlnicnl   in   comnii -1ee
protecting    the interests of the t'as-   ,,       - , ,     ,.      „   ,     , ,.
cade Power company  to  lhe limit .-1   d{WB«PA for I lie efforts of t|ie stlMg-
its present capacity. ■ Bi")g   settlers,   prospectors \W min*
i|iportuni'tirs in so far as apV active
assistance in tnt* development of
the resources of the province was
concerned. He severely censured the
government for [ts undue subservience
to corporate influences and its utter
, March 5.—Oliver (Delta)
resumed the budget debate this ,u-
ternoon ami foi more than two
hours held lho close attention of lho
house in an ejfl.uust.lvc review of the
record oi the McBride government
since its taking olllce in iw'i, Owing
to lhe laic hour al which ihe house
rose il is impossible to-night Lo more
than give a bricl summary ot Oliver's
address, but a full report of llm
speech will appear in these columns in
a few days. In his opening remarks,
Oliver generously congratulated the
minister of finance upon his clear,
business like preseutatJiVp of the budget and extended his personal coijgrat
illations io the minister for tlie
and briefly sketched lines upon
which lie believed the affairs ol the
province should be administered, and
iu accordance with which a liberal
'government would so administer
these affuji,-i after the nejft appeal
to the country bail been laken,
whether during Hip present year or
in the ordinary course, dining the
coining year.
Brown (Greenwood) moved the adjournment of the debate.
Routine work occupied the balance
of ihe afternoon session, Two amendments to the bill to amend the Columbia and Western Subsidy Act in
committee, proposed by MacGowan
(Vancouver) and Hawthorn thwaite
(socialist)   respectively, give     good
lo bear upon his dc
in view of the lieu
by the   taxpayers
y lie brought
y sacrifices made
the   provinces
both iu the form ol increased taxation and in tiie material curtailment
in expenditures upon public works,
Oliver said it was satisfactory to
lind thai these sacrifices bad not been
made in Vftiu, thai   ihey had at least
enabled th
D Iin,
it to
nounco a ■
U t
s.   1
il  tht)
face of llu
■ inch
1 t,
■a and the
t   ol
lie works
11  wc
e be
It   Sll
indeed had
of lil
not   been
ing  .-.
,b oul
i  hel
i n
' and
. al
lie to
ihe minis!
e,i in
province u
men I
Of  It!
i clii
ef i
regard    to
(!  oi
the   impn
i    hi
id so
it   w
as i
' fair
the credit where it belonged, Tin
greatest increase iu provincial revenue
was from our umber resources and
the boom in the lumbering Industry
was directh attributable to Ute settlement of llie northwest provinces,
thanks to the wise and intelligent
immigration policy of the Liberal
government at Ottawa. Another
source uf increased revenue was the
sale of lands, and lie
Columbia was benefited by the splendid efforts of the Dominion government to attract settlers. In this regard il was also only right an.l
proper to consider whal the provincial governmenl hail done to encourage the development of the natural
resources and help along the 'healthy
expansion ci our various industries,
By a reference to lhe public accounts
he found that In the first iwo years
in which ibe Melt rule government
held olliee Ihey increased taxation
upon real property .til per cent., on
personal property 11)5 per cent., upon
wild lands li per cent. Hut with
regard to the latter Hem, which
largely affected land speculators, lie
found that the government recently
reduced the taxation on wild lands
some IU per cent, nuking it barely
equal to 50 per cent, of the taxation
Imposed upon Improved properly. He
found further, that the government
had Increased the Income tax IfiO per
cent, the mineral tax Till per cent, the
coal lax, in lbe shape of royalties,
eic, iu per cent, and had established
a new  lax  againsl   the  mining
try by Imposing a tax on all
granted mineral claims,     In all
instances there was an average
crease ol taxation of 73 per cent
■oinciiieiit  therewith there li
.in   average   annual reluct i
ixpemtiluroB on public work
III  per  ei
was abundantly evident theref
the people <>t British Columb
made   veiy large sacrifices t<
the   finance minister   to announce   a
surplus, but  it    was nol sn apparent
that   this surplus hud  been obtained
by any   wise legislative   or any administrative acl of ihe government.
Oliver said that he fully agreed
with the minister of finance us to the
great potent Iaiiii es of the province,
and Hint it would require an enormous increase in population to at all
adequately exploit these great resources. It was pertinent to ask, he
said what ihe government bad done
or attempted to do to Increase the
population, If the government had
really appreciated the necessities of
tlie case some steps wnuld have lo be
taken to prepare reliable informal ion
for distribution In other parts of
Canada, the United States and Great Scalp
Britain where population might be ob- hair "
tained, and not only
promise of affording another fight,
ihis question before the V  ?■ It-    is
finally confirmed in its claim lot    it
land subsidy.
The first amendment read as follows: ''This aet shall not come into
force until the lieutenant governor in
council is assured that tlie Columbia
and Western company or the C. p.
R, company, has granted to the Pacific coast merchants, equal freight
rates to Koolenay and Crows Nest
points that now obtain, or may obtain, from Winnipeg to the said
points "
The second amendment leads: "Provided always that where any settler
or squatter has occupied continuously, of improved to any reasonable
extent, or made written application
for, prior to the year lWOt), a portion
of land not exceeding 160 acres in
extent situated within the crown
land grant hy the said act, be shall
be entitled to receive from the said
company a grant for the same in accordance with the existing regulations governing the disposal of preempted crown J.tihIk."
It Is understood that the government have made terms with Price Ellison iu regard to the Midway and
Vernon railway bill. The premier's
opposition will be removed and arrangements will be made whereby
an early settlement of the railway's
i„ iiriii'h llii'ni to a subsidy will he effected,
again mrvwii     T|tp   tnening M.Hsjon Wils    devoted
mainly to the further consideration in
committee of the whole of the bill to
consolidate aud amend the Municipal
Clauses Act. Several oilier bills
were advanced a stage ami the hill
to amend the Columbia and Western
Subsidy Act, passed Uirough committee, with the addition of a new section proposed by Ilawthonithwaiti
as given above,
Mucfiowun's proposed section was
voted down, the premier taking the
stand that to add a clause to the
hill of the nature proposed by MacGowan. was inopportune and unfair.
Tbe grievances of coast merchants in
the matter of C. P. II. freight rates
were being considered by the Dominion Railway Commission and he had
every reason to believe that body
would deal fairly and effectively with
the matter.
Hawthornthwaite's proposed section
did not pass without debate.     Oliver
pointed out that there should be   no
need for such a section,      Cnder   the
statute law   of the province settlers
'I1'*''11 weie entitled to greater  rights   than
11,11    ■ those cited in the proposed new section.     It  was true that   the govern-
I ment of the day had over-ridden   the
i statute law and allowed the C. P. R.
I to handle   lands     tbey bad no claim
I upon.   lie was  afraid   that  the   pro-
i posed amendment would restrict the
i righl s of thc public, which by statute
i law permitted any settler to pre-empt
Perhaps a line from this lost point
Ol lhe province will prove of some interest to your readers. Our district
liad the reputation ol being very cold
and stormy during winter, but Uiis
year up to this date the thermometer
lowest degree was only 18 below
mo, and uo storm to speak of. The
cold days ol Septembei and October
made me prudent and forced mo to
make our quarters as comfortable as
it could be done considering the tin
Acuities ol transportation and we can
fate the fro/en mercury without feai.
We had a nice gathering ol Indians
lot Christmas, some coining Irom
Mc l.eod, Poti Georges ami oven Irom
llabme All   followed   lhe cx.icise.
preparatory to ihe t-'eusi with greal
Interest, and about iu approached ihe
Holy Table for lhe liisl time, some
iu     their   sixteenth    witilei  received
baptism.      Thev aie the  lal ra     ol
tbe eleventh bout, h.-tict late Umn
nover. Those poor Indians musl be
guided by a true wisdom lo come
from so lar off ami having no othei
means of transportation hut snow
shoes and dog-tiuins, and leave comparative comfort    to go to iii u
one who alone can ami will gne pei
leet eon l en t men I ami pence in tin,
world and hope for the Joys ol oue
io come. All the while people of the
surroundings, three in numbei, thai
is, the people of the Hudsons Hay Sl
-lames Port, were presenl al nml
night mass antl besides then generous
presents invited me to lbe Christinas
Meanwhile mv devoted uud /eahnts
compatriot, Hev. father Beilot, hut
gone to Fraser lake, where a large
crowd gather from Ilony deck, llu/
elion, Roelier, Deboiilo, etc, was
waiting for him. Four splendid does,
wvK trained to toboggan, look the
Father across the mountains and back
We have a good supply of smoked
salmon (or our winler. aud a Iol ol
beaver, link or some other small
game. that, our good Indians bring lo
us from time to time, besides the
rabbits that our guns drop at our
feet would permit us to trcal
friends, hut no hope to see a pale
face through this region until "Max
next; hut then 1 believe there will he
a big rush of new settlers ami prospectors; many locations were made
last summer.
In provision of that T am Hying In
get a sawmill, the logs for a proposed school tor the natives have lieen
cut down, but when we consider the
difficulty of getting supplies, we Iin'
our task a serious one.
1 hnve now to be ready for a winter trip lo Rabine and llu/elton, visiting on my way the Indian camps
along Smart nnd Haliine lakes.
The expectation of the Grand Trunk
Pacific hns made nf lIa?.rlton an important village, hut many deceptions
as a rule follow railway's anticipations. Prom good authority I learned that the railway line will be located no less than a hundred miles south
oflia/clton, passing hy Bulkley Valley. What a change a railway would
cause In the country. Great are the
possibilities of onr province, the
traveller alone   can   have an idea n{
N. Coccola, o.m.I.
n  lhu
' Ibat
,   . I 'did acres or purchase (i-lff.
"iUM    .1   A. Maedtmaid, the leader of the
I opposition, pointed out that there
I should lie a provision to safeguard the
just claims of applicants for timber
limits within the area ot the grant,
and he intimated lie would propose
an amendment to tliat end at the report stage.
Three women were so interested In
a woman standing in Chas. E. Reid
& Co.'s drug store window combing
her long, beautiful hair, that one of
the three said, "Why that preparation
they use," referring to the Seven
Sutherland Sisters Halt Grower and
Cleaner, "won't grow your
One of the two said, "Weil,
.   ■   - --..,  reputation   hut   I ought to know,    when I-have been
capital to invest   in these resources,   using it for several   years and    my
As a matter of faet  there was   still  hair has grown over tWe feet." The
.data available as lo    the other one said, "I have used it and I
province.    The gov- know  that It is -good    and my hair
Itempl fo fake never was better than it Is now. They
1^-    Intending knew.
no reliabl
resources ol lh
ernment had made
stock ni provincial as:
Victoria, March 1.—The Kaien is
land land grant investigation bv a
select committee of the bouse, closed
this morning, sn far as the taking of
evidence is concerned. The members
of the committee met this evening to
consider their findings.
This morning's session of the enquiry was hrief. Bodwell and Green
being recalled by Macdonald lo answer to one or two minor points. However, Macdonald succeeded in elicit inn
one piece of information of considerable moment. He had heen questioning Green regarding governmenl lands
at Port Simpson and the boumlaiies
of the Indian reserve in tlie vicinity
of Kaieii island. From replies made
by Green, Macdonald suggested the
probability of the government being
in possession nf tbe lands nud worl .
department's field notes of the survey
of this reserve. On search being
made, field notes dated 1S8-1 were
produced, and these notes distinctly
state tbe fact lhat Kaien island was
an island. This point has been disputed by the. chief commissioner In
defence of his refusal t i accept applications to locate land n:i Kaien
island. The fi«!d notes of the survey of the Indian reserve siiow clearly that, the lands ami works department had in its possession Information of the true nature of Kaien island since 188-1. The reserve was
placed on the Tslmpseun peninsula hy
the then provincial government iii
From Bodwell, Maodonald elicited
the fact that he had prepared the
draft of the agreement between the
Grand Trunk Pacific company and
Larsen ami Anderson, whereby the
former agreed to pay Larsen ami Anderson M0.000 for their assistance in
securing t-he Kaien island land grant
if that site was finally adopted as lhe
railway's terminus. Bodwell professed ignorance as to how Anderson
eame to waive bis inlerest In that
agreement, and also denied knowledge
of any further sum, than the $10,000
admittedly paid to Larsen hy A
son, having changed hands.
could not say whether or not
Grand Trunk' Pacific had paid over
Mie balance of $30,000. Bodwell fm-
ther admitted having borrowed $5,000
from Larsen but said it was not on
account of the Kaien island land
deal, hut in connection with the Victoria terminal undertaking. 1 le
could not explain how Mrs. -lames
Anderson came to know ahoul the
The Miner's union Heel ion held
Moyie last Saturday resulted as f
President—Wm. J. Fellhnm.
Vice-President— N. A. McDonald.
Financial Secretary—Thos. E.  K
Treasurer—.Inn. Blackburn,
Conductor—Wm. Shlra.
Warden—Phil. Summers..
Trustees—.foe. Shea, .fas. L, G
boas, Mike Nugent, Pat Hlggir
Alex. Cameron.
Finance Committee—lames A, M
Donald, A, J. Chisholm, G. A, I
Hotel %* s>
Quest. Contort • Specialty
Uood StiMIni li Connection
Nearest to ii.il,. n.l ami ,le,„,i.    (Ih. accommodi*
Hum, tor the public unequalled In Crnnbrook.
llut and Cold ll.illi.
Hoggarth & Rollins
f                               ^1
In the Gentle Spring Time
comes the thoughts of
Improving Your Premises
Are You Going to Paint?
Are You Going to Paper?
Are You Going to Decorate?
If so, drop in or send nie a card and
we will talk it over.     There are
new ideas in colors, new designs in paper that may
prove interesting to
cm your Work.    We do nothing  but
the best and you will find our
prices right.
Painters  and  Decoraters
20.000  ACRES
uf tlia very pick of tlie sele-t.il I Is In the beautiful Kooleiiny
Volley, Kuwi Knotenny, II, i'.. osteinling frum Caimi Flat tu
l.lku, ore offereil for sale al froni >3 to till ■ acre,
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility,
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
The lamls present every fealn I usefulness, inctiiitliis limbered bunches, brushy Hals, marsh, prairie ami meadow.   Tlm
biushv iluis irsh  nn.l meadow lands t slstof deep, block
loam;' the benoli loud belli, a sandy loom, splendidly odopteil
Inr fruit culture,    Where Irrigation may be necessary on lhe
benches, water can be bad fr tin ..niiiiii crocks lloivlng from
the Rockies Into the Kooti v rival 'I'ln' lamls am lull, surveyed und some nt the lots Ilini, been sub-divided Into fenced
lai'iiis ul abuut 80 acres each.
Tli.. purcliuse price will incln lo the Umber, which can be sold
by tho purchaser without any liability tu governmenl oi other
royalty. Thallmher will).. niaiiy cases more than realise ilu* pur-
chose price, oiiihvlllinnllcosesiuaiurlally n p tlio amount In.
vested. Logs con be driven on the Koolenay river, which touch-
es every lot save one. Tho main wagon rood through the volley
posses over or close to each lot, and the proposed Kootenay Cen
nal railway will parallel ihe wagon road. The 0. I'. It. Isniiile
convenient to tho lands.
I'm further particulars apply hi
Or to Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B. C.
♦ ♦
********************** *****444444444444***ii
1 The Cosmopolitan |
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
M-M +


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