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Cranbrook Herald Nov 24, 1904

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 NO1/ 2s 00-t
• •'A   ■'
XDir.lill   :i.-.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. .;.■:»>. a. Cox, President, li. B, Wai.kkr. ('.,',,. Man.
I'.iU  I'n    Cipllll . . 18.70,000.00
Kelt         MIIIII.IHII, IH,
T„,ai Reuurces Nov. M, '03 m.ihiii.iiiki nn
Deposits Reaclved.  General Banking Business Transacted
SWINUS UANK 111 I'lUlilIM   llepailli Deceived   Inlcrnl Wowed.
I'Rr.si-Ni rati: on interest i'hreb percent
HANKIN.i   111    Mill      I'.' i.     ni,  Im in ,li   .e-l   '..mull:.».i U. ,n.,il
(1,11 „l toil,, .„.,-,,,..,,- ,.  .-I   .   -   ,1 !,->,.-I i..    , , - in1.1,,-.,.,1
l„ the ........-.. nl it,,. I'mnl I. u...... I. w.tl ., in pmn.pl i.tt.'iiti.....
,.nnm..imii.mi.j. ll„„,ji„„,H,,„l,l,i].
i Cipil.il, Paid Up $3,000,000 t
X Rest $2,850,000 J
| T. R. Merrltt, Pres.   D. R. Wtlfele, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
j   *
J A jjeneral banking business transacted.     Drafts sold availa- J
v ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.     Special *
i attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     Jj
The Two l.iherals are Bectcd in llrili-h
I inltiher's llllljority, '■"'"
Ifnss' iiuijority, -.«'
n.l.  Nm
«0nly 26
lap Ceft*
l|||||||j|l  ()„lylV,,l:,vs Iill
in which to mnke your l||||||||l
1  1       Christmas pnrchu
. s.   A :;,,i,,l numy nre '      M
l|l||l     Ollly   Inntill,   lltn.
ml.   uud   We   shnil   be   II
|            !,',,'d"e'ilc'"v..l|",'u
1'    pl'ici'S.      f 'III'    XllKIS        III
Koods lire neni'ly i
1! in. mul while  look-      1
itie; nround, if you sec uii,\thi
ig which lakes your fnncy,  we'll
I'.henrfully Iny it nsidc until t
ie eventful moment.   Thru  you
will luivc nothing to do but .
'ill and got ihi'in. of il' you   wish
we will be c:l;ul tn leuve Ihell
;it   ynil''   house        U'e   llUVP   ill-
lind whiii the) need hd-e.    1
live you ever looked through our
stock of ,'liijllilis.   Ii solves
he •■Wind shnil it he." problem
ui. r. iuic$on,«
'Umkr and Optician
N. II.—A. we lime inn Ct.rllln.ia ill.
erware in. tliiiM. looking iirounJ lor wed*
din,: presents, Hill find our as
aorlntenl complolc,
Real Estate and Other Offerings
$; buys:: p. .1 S'orbur)  Vvemie,
s ;7•'. Iu.,-. :: roottt.Hl liouse on 11 inson  Vvenue,
si-J ... hii)   - nui.it P  - - i. Avenue.
si:.''- i buys   in, -. :     -■ • it   'rinstroiiN  Vvenue,
-I tn. nn, .  i • • - -v. Norltur) Avenue.
si t „, i.,,   li i    n ,c mi Itiirwell  Vvenue
ti I.,.". nu\   tloi.l ■ st, A mi strnnn Avenue.
s| .... bin- , ■  I. li . ... II Avenue,
: I i 1,1 Imj'B s i i-  ' ' Street,
m.' fill bin- 11 i-  I holt      -. II   i   Vvenue,
s.'".,..' In,,- '.' i- - I I, - -   \,     i ..-,..; Vvenue
\] i) ,,,!,,i d. -;i i.i i  Im il lings, both residi-iilitil nnd
I,ii- .- |,i-,.|ii'i..-.. i.nm-. lit ,1. ■ I.m Is; mining pro|«'rtics nl'
nil de,..-ti| ns    I ii will i   i    til        i.. .ull .ir write us I'm-
Stove Time
Is HereinS
Y,,ii cum ,t afford to let your
house fjel chilly. Neither cm
yon .illord to overlook out- slock
ol HEATERS. Wc have the
largesl assortment ever brought
to Cranbrook.
reports from ull points bo fur lusird
front "ii.- Ross n umjority "t  lid,
As Siiiiili.niiiccii is HOW llliolll the
only district t., ruixirl this iiinjorily
should I.,  inmiu.il <" 2011
Kurtlier reports reeeivtil yester
.111)' In.... the eleetioll in Kimtenn)
mul V nle I 'i. ii I .<„, ritlillgs, give eln-
iiluuis I,, Ihegniil victory ueliievnl
i.y the Libeiul [mrtv. Tin- returns
from K.iolennv slightly reduce the
umjority nf \\. A, (lutlilier. h is
still weihovci- TIKI. Till' l'luces ml
In liciir In.iu will   in.t   ehiiiige  the
result llllll,-I'liillv
Iii V.iletViI,.,,,. Dinieiiii Ross'
lend wns notably iucrensiil by the
ret urns received,luring In Iny. The
pluces yet to be lunrd from lire
I'oitsitleretl not only snfe for him
hut certain to increase his iiinjorily.
A conservative   estimate   ns   to
wlllll the tilitd figures will be pluces
(iulliher's majority nl f.itl mul thut
of Itoss nt 200,
Oalliher's Majorities.
Ilnllilu'i' received  n.njorities tit
the following places of importance:
Rosslnntl, 8.
.Nelson, iin.
licvclstoke. III.
Crnnbrook. •">'...
Ferule, -'10.
Moyie. u'.l.
Yinir. 117.
ICuslo, 11.
New Denver. It.
Morrissey -Mines..'!
Morrissey, 7.
C'onl Creek, M.
Trail, Ml).
Marysville, 17.
Fort Steele, II.
Mnyook, 7.
Llll'do. .'!.
cfnkusp. 11.
Slocni, City, •',.
Field.::.   '
P.-dliscr. II.
Warilner .'.
I'.Y Tilt: OLD M i\ s
"JS ,,,-.  !J -S -   ,;  i   f| :,(l'
Charley   Uasklll,   who   is now
living   nt   Kinilnrlu).   v rites  The
llcinl.l thut   whenever  ll litor
e,ts tired nf the luinunti liell cli
tiiiiic In- may com.- up to thut neck
,,f ihe wools where the lieauliflli
is lyiiitf mi tin- groiuiil about
twelve inches thick und still full,
inc. mnl ,h< weather iniltl und
r'ml Eiploilot al the MorrllMi Mines
li-, Friday,
'to The lie
There wi,
IV llllll ll„
III, ,'lectin    Til,
next .Inv it sunned
The,-lection Tiles.
Il'iiir iu t Irauhrook,
\.-r lln- riding,except i
the Inrger .-iti.
f /%       Stet'Uitfl Silver
;'      j or Cut iSIase...
is ttlwnys in good Inste for
wedilitig  gifts.   We huve a
nice line of cul glnss. Stcrlil
ten. dessel-l tut.I  tuhlc spoiuts.
'   ilesserl   nnd  tlll.it'   forks   lo
hm.se from.
,,,     <    m f. Gate
■""If    (,\        . .li:i\Kl.i:il AN MilTH'lAN
\ \       )     Olllt'ltil Wni.-li  Iiihit Im- ('.  I'.  It.,
||  |1   \ ) I'hMVrl ,\l'Hl   I'llHH hlvlrll
V W.'is.l  1 pi ll -1
'ul iii fat-l .ill
r-w of
'riu'i-i-MTtni'ii ti.
doubt nboul Ctnlliher's i»Ii»ol-
nl this I'tvliiii: ciUlSii] ;i   I'.tI-
iiiu "t apathy on both  sides,   Th.'
lhriT ihiIImil:' plntvs   in  Cranbrook
riv i>ii ,\iiusti'Hiiu   uvonun,   and
uritin tlie   dnj   thei*e   n*pro   tew
nt'ki is nt woii. ami a few teams
riiiuhii; in the   \nt.'i's   from  the
:nii|is.     Hut   il was   haid    tu   gel
many ..- vote on either side, nnd as
result instead of ha. iiifi   in   the
•inhlrorhood of 70U  votes,  then-
were bul 3-4*1.   The polls elosed al
lurk and then Ihe croM'd   wronl
tn the Crnnbrook hotel and  waited
tor tin- returns,   Tho results eon-
lied some surprises.
As (he \oirs kepi eomitiH in from
litis dislri.'l  the  smaHnrss  t>t'  the
vote ami the simdl majorities tilled
the lienrts of some of the Couserva.
ves    h ith   hope   ami   depressed
any  of  llie   Lilxmds,  ;is   it was
though I that with in»«\  majorities
from Hoaslnnd and Uevelstoke llie
ivsiili would li.'   \.t\   elose,     Ihn
when Kosslantl in run I thegovenitr
down and Revelstoke followed suit,
there was nothing more to it, Then
Nelson eaiiie in wiih tin- bin majority lor (iallihtTaml tlinl of course
einched it,   Tliere was L'ood natur-
v.l joshing  and  everybody  had  11
good lime.   No little interest  wns
manifested    in   Yah-Caribou,   as
Oiinraii Itoss is  well   known   here
.Mid has many friends, but that  result wns still in doubt when the report ceased on Monday  imliIiI. but
yesterday's reports show  thai   lie
has a iiinjorily, bul not as large as
There was little or no lieltitiR on
the results, one or two wafers be-
in- mnde o njoritirs,
Do Vou Want An Annual?
Parties wanting copies of the
Christinas ninnlier wmild do well lo
place their orders nt once, The
Herald aniinal this year will be the
most interesting publication issued
in this part of the country, The
edition will be limited to 2000 nnd
bendy the demand tfives evidence
that the issue should be larger.
It will contain pictures of people
and scenes so that a perusal of the
paper will lie like a visit to the
district, and after reading tlie
many articles written by members
of the stall' and old timers in the
district one will feel that they know
South Kast Kootenay. It will be
a paper worth preserving for future
reference. After the last paper is
sold tliere will be no chance to gel.
another. Lasl year we were several hundred shy, and we may be this
year as well. Cash with the order
is the rule unless it is   some   one
who has an account with The Herald.
Mr Baker,  the socialist  eamli
late, was in the "also run" class.
There is one line of reform that
should be inaugurated iu Cranbrook. and that is the inexcusable
habit of people going Ul the hall
late when there is an entertainment of any kind. If it is a dance
it is bad enough, because it shows
bad taste, but if it is it theatre or
airy stage entertainment it is simply
inexcusable, There is no reason
on earlh why |ieo|,le who have paid
for their seals should have their
evening spoiled by late comers
breaking in on the performance
looking for their seats. Some one
has said iu the past that a LrtHxl
looking woman is never late at n
public function. We have never
noticed that phase of the tpieslion
in Cranbrook. but in the future we
propose to watch and see if llie
person who said   that   is  right or
The people of Crnnbrook arc a
good mitured lot as a rule. Those
who go iu for polities do their liest
for their respective sides, bul iu a
good natiired way. and when the
polls are closed they wait for the
returns and joke together. This
is as it should lie. The biggest
tool on earth is the man who will
lei htS political prejudices come between him and his friends. No
man is absolutely right, everybody
is wrong to a greater or lesser
decree, This should lrejioni in
mint! iu discussing polities. "Kadi
man may have his opinion, ami lie
has a right to it. and every party
litis its faults, but all are comprised of Catridiaus. who when it
conies down to the real issue are
rendy to stand for their country's
good in Ihe face of everything,
banana crop is eoverwl with
inches uf tin- beautiful this
We understood that a former
resident of Cranbrook who is now
living in Morrissey, laid iu a trance
for several hours and when he re*
covered claimed that he had been
in heaven, The probabilities are
(hill he was simply asleep ami
dreamed that he was back iu Crnnbrook.
II. I., Stephens and Matt   Rock-
endorf. of the Australian  hotel of
Morrissey. were in town  a   couple
of days this week.    This is  Matt's
lirst visit to Cranhrook for   many
moons, and he was not sure that it
was Ihe same town.    He got  Alex.
McDcrmot to  point   out  the new
buildings and identify the streets,
and the he began to  figure on  the
changes iu tlie town since  he  was
foreman, city circulator, \\t\  man.
job man. engineer, pressman.assistant editor and devil on The   Herald iu the early days, when the paper had one column   of advertisements and eighty-live subscribers,
none of 1 hem in advance.    In those
days Matt and tin- Old   Man  had
luxurious apartments  iu the back
end of llie building then used  for
the  Heridd   olliee.    The bed  was
mnile of pine and John Hutchison
wns Ihe architect.    We bought the
nails of George   Miner on credit
nud stood off \V. T. Reid forn pair
of blankets.   The artistic furnishings of that room will ever remain
as a beautiful dream and   pleasing
reminder of  the  pioneer days  in
Cranbrook.   There was one lamp
and ihe chimney was cleaned once
a month if we had the time.   Once
iu a while we would have a  social
gathering, and   Beattie, "Hutch."
Miner. Knie Small, the Leitch Iwys
and a few other  bachelors would
come to the cheese   and   cracker
feast, all taken on tlie sly from Jim
Ryan's kitchen.    Those  were the
great days and things havechanged
since then, but with all the prosperity of Oranbrook, with all the
improvements, with  the marriages
that have given many of us other
ties and responsibilities, it is hard
to forget, the good   times   of   tlie
early days.   Matt remembers them
ami he will always look upon Cranbrook with a feeling of keen   tie-
light   on    account   of   the   early
Morrissey. B.C.. Nov ;_M Four
lei ti miners were killed as a result
of a blowoul nt the coal mines Hear
this town last Friday,
The.had are:
The 11 co idea I oooitrred while (lief
morning shift was at work in No 1.
tunnel of the Crows Nest Pass coal
colliericrai Carbonado, a short time
before noon, and of ]■*> men that
were in that tunnel, only one is
alive today, This fortunate man
was a driver who had brought on!
a string of cars, and was returning
into tlie mine. He had only proceeded a short way from the entrance of the tunnel when Ihe
blow-out took place, and although
nearly overcome by gas, managed
with great difficulty to reach the
outside and safety.
No 1 tunnel has always been I
considered tlie most dangerous of I
all the workings at this mine, un
account of the great tpmutity of
gas. Cnusunlly large pockets of
gas are encountered, which, when
the coal has been mined away lo
such an extent that, thai remaining
is of insutticeiil strength to hold the
gas back, the great pressure ex-
plodcs or "blows out," as the miners term it. It was in this tunnel
that live men lost their lives last
fall from the same cause As a
general rule Ihe approach to one uf
jroekets is followed by a low rumbling noise which gives warning to
the men working as to what may
follow. Tllig last blowout, however, seems to have been so strong
thai Ihe men had no chance to es-
uape, but were caught without the
least warning. So laru'e was lie ]
|H)cket and so strong was the pressure, the coal forced by the gas was
blown for several hundred feel out
in the main tunnel, and was ground
up as tint1 as powder. (hie
miner estimates that there was at
least 2000 tons of coal forced out,
and it will be some time before the
debris is cleared away and work
Of the men killed, twelve bodies
were recovered the afternoon and
night of the explosion, One, that
of the tire buss, James Green man,
wtis taken out Sunday morning,
and one Thomas Jenkins, is still
iu the mine, although three shifts
working eight hours each, have
been untiring lit their efforts to
locate tlie remains. Thisis. if possible, the saddest case among the
fatalities, as the wife ami family of
the dead man had just arrived
from England the morning of the
accident ami are heartbroken at
their welcome to Mornssev.
Patrick Moyie. one of the death
was a driver in No 1. mid had lin-
ished his shift nt 7 o'clock that
morning. As the driver who was
to relieve Mm. did not appear for
work. Boyle consented to work an
extra shift, and iu so doing lust his
life. And in this instance it seems
a strange co-incident iu thut the
absent driver, by missing his shift
in the Femie mine, escaped it like
fate there in the big explosion of
two years ago, when 150 men were
The funerals occurred in Forme
hist Sum Iny. and a spveinl train
was run from Morrissey to give
friends ami relatives an opportunity of attending.
It was a most  deplorable alVnir.
but one in which no bit in i can   be
attributed to either the eompnuy or
miners.    It was fortunate  in  that |
the mines   are   not   working   full i
strength, and the number  of men
iu No 1 was unusually small, or the.
list of fatalities  would   have  been
much larger, and iu aunccideal  of I
;his kind there is no escape.
Discharge Men Who Drink.
The stringent aiitilhpior rule
that has lieen put into effect on the
Montana divisions of the Northern
Pacific had its first demonstration
recently. Three engineers. HO lire-
men, two civil engineers and several foremen and ynrdmasters were
summarily discharged for.drinking.
says the Butte Inter-Mountain.
It is the declared purpose of the
Northern Pacific to rid its rolls of
every man who is addicted to strong
drink to any degree. The headquarters of the road in this city
will not give out any mimes, but it
is freely statiil that tl exl batch
of employes to feel the ax will he
in the im'ssenger department says
the Spokesman Review.
The Biggest Christmas Stock
ii\ the Kootenays
Do Holiday Shopping
You can do it successfully with us. U'ritt- and t.i! us whit
you are thinking of as gifts and about what you desire to pay,
and wc will ship the goods on approval. They may be returned
if you are not satisfied with our selections.
Our store has the "Book Centre" reputation. This year'
even more so than usual, the store is stocked with everything
in the line of books lor which wc thought there would
be any demand. The best way is to come right in and look them
over.   You'll find something that "Just Suits."
•   ■   •   •
Look in our store for your Christmas gifts. Big stock to
pick from. Low prices. Polite service. Willingness to do more
than is expected.   You will like to trade here.    Iu<t received
from I5c to $3.00.   Also
from 35c to $5.75.
Big Book and Drug Store
Where it will Pay to Deal the Year Around
Cf4t-8.-S-8-S-S -8- 3-S--S- -3~6.-S--iS-3-S -I- .%
The Best
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ty If you want the best insist
*r on having nothing but
Stub Proof and
| ER'S INVICTUS SHOKS arc at  the
<■* TOP of the ladder, too.
4 3 .-O-E-S-a 8- S--S AC- R-:« -1 E -R-
oi Christmas goods is pouring into our store daily.
There are so many articles
that   are   just   lovely   for
that we cannot enumerate
them. We have everything
from complete dinner sets
down to the simple plate or I
a cereal set. Everything in '^''
Crockery and China
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.S-(t-dS-Ri4ti-K-8-A.8-« &-8--S-S -8-8--8 -8- -8- -8 -S-« -8--8--S;
fort Steele mercantile Company
;8-JMMI 8 8- 8=8=8= SI 8-U 8 8 8=8 8 4t 8 8 8 8 8 38 8-8-t) TIIK  CUA.XBROOK   HEltALB
iL't. it || ih.'ir s..... -s toiv.iiiii pnrtist.n :..|-' ih"s.-1 .■i-|..-tiiiil loafers whose- only        fitacklalosb As a Campaigner
lr'U'U"    v.intuge,     tl ,.,-   ll,.-   |..„,-,""' ....... is I., sit .,„,,.,,.l ,,,.   the |     \Vl|„, ,.,,„„,.„,,   ,;,,,.    ,,„,„.
ishn..,.t gliuiil.1 Ik. swift  nn.l sure. | ,',,r!l,'rs m'!1   whm,".. "LiL.™....1!1! lo   foi.tlk'tuig   nn.„,gu„„.,,,s    ,il
ishuieitt should In* swifl  and sure, I    " " , ," .
.,      .      ...       . : match   nmf   rliss lln-   u"\'Timiriit
 »<l,l,'rl1 ,1"  «"U*S   '"'   l-ll"'r;'1 , l,,'-:,„s, i, ,|,„.s n..t giv,yollil |,.-u
/U-o*^ -.-v*»*-»— *-. ..:* I'.'.is,-.-,:,, i,,-.   Tin- ,|.ii<-k.-, l';,n- ■ si..,,.
* lulu shown th,   |i,-.iiis;n.  ih-,1   such 	
r,l.:.„ :.„'! Proprietor      |inim|un. w;i| ,„,, |„. ,,,|,.,,,,, ,t   |n Mr. :„„| \|r,. Hclnnes Leave
.•iih.-t-si'!.- in |,"liti'H. tin- .piiokcr      Toiluj'   Mr.  ..n.l
either sine in politics, in.' .p.i.'K.'r      Toiluy   Mr.  ..n.l   .nm.   iiinicuim
T,, „,,,, i „-!.. ...i,-   i.--'- will h.-r [nilitiritl slii.uli.nl ot  nior- M.'lunis I. I'l   for   I'ulgnry  wl,,-.-.'
,.,i.v»'-' n  f""'1' '■'- 1K'":;;:;. „iuv i». ,---„-.ed. i n...i..t<ii i. ,'»•>•wi» "f1;;i" ""■1;1"";' '.'I"
,i„, i„:.„.|  .„ 1,, ,   .'"■'•■>•"  iil,-|MI-tilli' "I   this   must   esllmnl.le
i s,,".-.-i ti-:,.. i „i,.,.-..',.-"-" ' ftnnilv isu ilisliiu-l   luss to C'nin-. --.--- ■  , «	
, ,!";■"            . ;,t:.''- i'V RAMBIING REVERIES luiH.k'.   I'... v.'o.s.iH-v hnv.. is'l',,hv}t...u.l,its in thi-.-hnir. (,n»
•,'"'• ,.■:,„„'.„;„  iii...."-., Hl.-< „it Ih- i,i...„-.-t-s. having remov-  enthusiastic mid Instill until  !l;:il
'i,",i..„ I',,."...,.....-.•.... I*-.   li'> " "■ liV A I'UKAMHIt. 1Hlfrillll |.-,„,  st,-,-l,. so tlinl   Mr. when it was nrrnngiil lo bring M
i.i >ww, »|.iu'".;i'"u "",',"1"™;:;,' v.,,,-,:,„., ,s Nor i rAii.iiit:. M.-lttt.isiitinhi l,.',-.-,itrt,llvl,..-t,t.-.l   ■\lu,-l.nit»i-l.  on  to  WUiner.     A
1 "!    u'r",,',"„a','„i,,,., -' ...               ,                       ,-, |„ l,H,k iiflur Ihu iiu'nt Imsini'ss of UioiiKh   ,1   was nearly    niidnigl
.lulus iiuulu hy his uuuiiniti,.- II.
('. Miii'kintoah, tin- C'oiiaervtitivH
enndidute fur Koot, nny, arrived tit
Windermere .I, S.-iluriliv evening
.mill ho!il a meeting ill ll,.'- hull tli.-iv
Mrs. Mnlcolin "I e o'clock, having driven nil tho
wuy from Furl Steele il nl day, :,
ilistniu-o uf '.li mill's. Although
Ihu meeting   wns   not  mm, uiu.'il
until Unit morning, tho  otiug
with .1. U, I'itls iu tho i-hnir, |
lli'lof,'  ordering  ,- w  Suit   ,.|
l 'I..thus. l'.,'..-tiis.. we know we ,-.-,ii
|,l,-;,s,' \uii I Mir mens,.rente,its
un, correct, our styles proper and
uur prices (ill-using.
Von will l..< iisiunislu'il huw inn,-I,
your ii|,|„'.-,riui,-,' will Ih' improved j M
liy wiiiring I'luth.-s Mu.le to Onlur.|'
llun'l nttiki-,-, inuniiliiili uf ,-, mole
hill hy thinking tlml font mulVi'sl   .,.
lllllllll   I derivi'l    I,.'    luu  ,-\|,,-„.|_
sivo for yon to wear.
Crescent I,,,not: X,,. :i:i
Cranbrook, II. C,
i,,., I,,...,...   •-  ■
, „„......,.".. ».u,'",i ,l»l-        \\',  nuti,.,, n„.  ,v„r,|s  so ofti'i
»•"■' ,     . ,, .,, _,„„  "Aliirrnigi'  is .-.   Inthii-,-."    U'i-  .lo
j?:sts."i:i!niv.   ii..v,'it.i„,.iwiiigiv,',if.,v
H,.,,,!,,,!! tn.    I'. ,•-.,.- I"-'   II"1''  ,-,■:,suns   why   w,-   .to    nut.    I.nils
., lu-.n-i. i  I-, ,,..- n,. ■..     ■< |,|,o,s ,,,-,-.„■,,-t- failure   ilini   nun'
...-,-.-   »»« --.i--.'i- '"•'••■""• i"'"'' ,,,,,,.  :.,       ,,f   tlls    miin.ls.
■"'"'"■'■"""• ,   „,,„.,, ,,„. ,,„,|,i,. „is..iiiI.|TIi>' gri'iil funll in ll.isiln. mul :,g ■
i:-11i"k'..'..'u"',..".,.'."'..".-, ■" " '" n"' is. Ihi'iv nt-.'su nu.n.i  lovnloss iiuir-
li,.,.„l,l t ring, .     I', ,,|.l.- iimrry fur  lorliuic,
•ni..ii.-ii,i.u.i-.. I. ,'i.;»" "j,1'li'1"1' ,,'.'"; fuiui'iiiiil soon: Inn wlt.-ti (or I
look nil. . th.- in.-:.t   l.iisin.-i
„hi'-h In- hull l-htll-gl' al   thill   till,.-.
Si...-.-   ihi-ir   rcmovul    I,,-,-.•  Ih.-tv jv
hits I i. nothing uf iiit.-r.-si I,, th,-
town ,.,- Ih.' |..-u|.l.'lh.-,i  til.')'   lu.vn
Uol :'.,.-ii lli.-it- ,-issislan..-.   and   in i 1
,<l,ur.'l. mul souiiil .-iri'l.-s Ih.Ui will
Is- luissiil, wl,tl,- as a |,ill,li.- Bpirit
.-.I Inisiii.-.i, iiiat. win. wns always
ri'll.h witlt his tin..- and
Ininlvtiiii-i*thi' iiil'1-.-sis..l'thi-	
;;:'':.   .       ,i..'r,uT; '...»• ««u .-. i..n *i .-n i..r i,. -.•  K i„u.iwu...niu'.	
:,,, .,,1      ii      ......   .i  ..'■ ''"'-" ""'>■ »'" i«i;P!n,ss  vilhiKyuys In.  |||i(ViM|   M, „• .l..lM,rlim- »'il
"-'"'-' ''     '    ""' k.   ." Is  'J'"  '''K1"   l„.,', loss Hint will  ho Willy  Ml
ii.. 'i '-""j ;;;■;;,;" f",; "n-v'"'"•'■"-li !»'•■ <" «">: it..si...™i..t.-n«iu tnkw Mf m<-
::t..:;,: ■ :;,, :,::;:'■'    :." ",;.|i":v,",:;,yT-:uz,r-- *^ h.^.? »■''"»•"»
„.,.,..I    - ii. I'n.lil.r -
l'<.inn rlv    liviil,    an.I    lltn
Mill-ring,'   is n   failniv."!
';;;:r.,8r„t'i,'"!!'i'1,la.,'n ';"'" "hv r.i.-;;.rs»ruv.;rv...,ii;v.<,.»iii,..y'-»n.
"",k'   ",ul1   "   "lil"1"""1   ' '" 11,'gion. wis Miiovory prosprrilv
llllt.ll  it'      I.OVI'   is    till'    sunn-.'   ol
iialiiiai,-..t,s,-,|ii,-ii,-.'.    U'lii'iiuinnn
inunl   ..llirmlsl,,,,,!,, „■ „„ |uv, ,.,,.|, ,,||„.,., ,|„.v
ih of  invi'sli   knou ,1 hy lltn nctions I.y tin, Inn'
""   «"'"«  ""  K"'W«.rtli.....>_..   I   su   ,„,.    Al;; „„,,,„ s„M,,.,!'Mi:s.M,.|„l,ii,
"    '"    ll:"i'1'"1 ! will, a hands,,,,,,-|,,'„rl l,r 1, Will
Mr. Mc-Tnnis with u golil  imn mnl
I'r, sid,-,,l   lioosi'Vi'll    I
.'hnrgitl   two -.,,.-.
...  A /.ul... as ll"-   I'-
trillions tlml  ha,.-  I
ft*" li'""lmB!'    "rU"] 'I'lowufr   gunumlions,    «',-   ....
tifl.'r tlm Stiiiuliml   "il   nini|inn.y. |iru. ,| ,,^:,;_l,-,,,,-,,i shotikl Inst n
li may hu that tin'   nt'opln  o[  thi' rousonnhl.'longth of ti forthes.'
I'liiti'd Stnt.'B huvi' ilrnwn li   grout nru iiiiiivr hcnvi'it  li    th.-y    will
,,,'iz,. i„  ih.-   i-.'-,'h'.'ti f   Mr. uv.'.'hu tigiiin in tho woi'1,1.
Kuusi-v.-ll. nml llml   l"i'      un.\l
f ■ yonm. Iliiil I'oimtry innj   hnv.- i.rn itntt.s   txnituvs.
itnal.'suh.l.'ly inili'pi'Uih'iil nnil lion-      \\\, „. |„,. |f ,.v,.lv ,,,,,,I,,.,- H|„,
,-si  uiliniiitBtnition.    If   they    ilo ivntls thisilopni'ti t is ptirtii'ithir
itMilln.uk,.:.  I.i::  dill'.-,-,  with i-noiigh  iilioul   koupiug hor girls,
,    , ... u    , , mnl not lettingthi'iii hll thetrhemls
liiisini'BsileiilBon Wall strut, _,-i|i w^ , n] ( |ni|,.!m| |||m.
l-illg.'B, when   «v  see. as we ilo I..,.
'I'liu   l-eeenl   eleftioiia   souuileil „l'l, I our lietil slieels iu the res-
ll„-   ilenth   knell ot   soeinlisiu   iu| iilenliul set'lious. young girls of I''
rtritish Coluiiil.iii.
... I every lltippiin'88 it, llie filial,.
Last 1'i'i.lay a low of Ihe friotllls
win, had wurkiil with .Mr. nnil
Mis. Mi'lnnis in I'liureh work as
I'ri'sliylerinns, enlleil  at   tin, i    '
...d   II   lima
ulslreel  ei
Ihm.I  the walks
lifter,lurk even
The .•oiliest li.-lw.-eii   Mr-  Unlli   sigh   fur Ihe  gooil old luwsuhinil
hut-uud flovernor Mnekinlosh  wash| u,-|'..« hells,
li elenn one. Voting girls  who tire nllowed to
go   un   Hie   sll'eets   lllolle   or   will.
i other I'oinpitnions nfier diirlt. huve
,h,y riiBtlei'B Ihnn Itollius  Urnlhei-s ''"'I'}   ''"'"'"' <'"' "going wrong."
', „. .       ... and ran Benreelj It,- ]ilaiiu-.| tl thev
 I W"'1"1' Wwnnls. j i.ii.Uo  niiBsleps,    Wi,   are   nlniosl
inpted tu sny wedonol pil\ iheir
.     .     ," ' slioiild.    It'is a,.!
Kiioli-iiuv is lit.- iiupuilanl Biil.j'eel  sul'e,    X utter  how   ipti.-l   and
ju8lMuw. I l-eB|,.-.-l 1.1.1.- Ihe street, tit
holder, Tho gifts were a nival
surprise to lltn iwipienta hut gi'eut-
ly upprei'illted, as well as lite (ol,
lowing ti'lilri-ss:
Drat- Mrs, Midlines. It is with
deep i-egrel we hnvu leiirnetl of
your liiii11 ilirisiun to I. live C-rnu-
iiroolt, Though ,v,■ hud known
you wi-t.- S'lini-what unsi-tll.-il re-
gurding your pluim for tin- future,
yet wi- hud hoped you would tilti-
ntntely see your way i-l.-.-n- to remain in your presenl   home,     We
h:t\. at.- in at, inl'urinnl way thi-;
evening tu Buy what we lire
sure your host of friends in C'rnu-
hrooli will hi-aftily eiiilorae, that
you \, ill he greatly missed in ninny
ivavs. Vour eiithusinstii' .stippot-t
of every good, ns well as the liti-
an.-ial aid yon huve so hh.-t-ully
rendered have proven your excellent ounlities to nil.
'['lie  prosperily  of  Sniitl.   Kn»l  inotliers
There tin-   (ew   u.'U . 	
All'  thus.'   , ni'.'ti-.l   will,   ll
dill'ereul   orgnnizutions   of. fvno
i-h.ir.-lt   kit..,,-   how  t.. lipprei'int
! whul  you   haw  I n  ahle  t,, t|,'-
eoinplish outside your lllllliy lionie
,iiiili,-s. and it   is  iu  this  respect,
'Bpc'lul.le the street,   liei-.. mv nl-   W(, 1m.]U,V(, (ilc. K,.enti'Bt loss will he
,,ay:,  prowlers niter dark, and no  BI)Bl||, | |    V(|1||. |.,,„„„,d.
young gl]'lis sure. ,,  „lllsl   |„',  u,,,, i|-vi,,u;  p,  hoth
,   U."   m]  «'!  hirlhi'r mid say no   v ■„,,]{ ml,l Jlr. iMclnnes lo   nut.'
hoy tBBiir.'either.    I he rigid kind h,,,, „,iv .„,,„,„ ,„,,,,„ ,,v „„, ,,„,.
- ofiiiolherkee|wh,.,'!,i-..v,;,,lu.w,,l L,,.lW,i[on slni-i.  von   lirst   hecwiio
"Hiu Biir'Htdhhergol a alroug ntglit and provides him will '-» i...UnliHi-.l  with it, und l„ know
v I'coiilidoncefr tlip  pic nml, gwn.'B   nn.l   coinptiuy   •■■■<I   t.luit ihia litis U lur 1  small
■"*<""•*_ reirv^rt hK^ifetri	
ouiyiti •''fr--^"--^
, . ii    i       'C ,   .. .     i -i i ii .    . i       e 1(11 HU'IS Ol    uil.lt    llctit    iieeil    lie
hrook'B   v„t-  mis   polled.    Ih I,-,-,,  like that.  I swork  (m,,,„   „H  ,|Mli   ,.,„,, „   ,„  ,„.
wus i :::,,.i/aii ithef side, thai yields the  1,,'sl   I I. Iivi-Lm,,}   ||„.b,,   h„,„||  tukeiiB remind
'•lends, Iyuii hoth ofyourmnuy well wishers
j in Craiiliruuk. win. will contiinie
I.. pi'llV Ihat h.-nvi-n's I'ichesl
hlossing's iiiiiv follow you through-
(iitl life nnd litnl wo tn'ay all nt last
I.,- ."HI.-d in tin- l-'nthi-l-'s  I	
ll WI1B :, i.uinll I"!,- all   over
McTulosh, I'",' :,   ninn      Another thing: ilini'l   lei   I
gel their heads lilledwith
ofhiBiige, i
cuuipitigit.    Ih-wan up  nguinsl  n |mVb("     |ji-shK-s   I,.
I  "liesl  gir
id "heal  I'el
hard propoBilion, hill   hu  inude
hard lighl
Xuw   fur a   pull  nltngether  fot
rlouth I'.:,si Kootenny,
Silly, litis kind uf tall, Is posilively
liaiuifiil. Ask urn tloclor and lie
will 1,-11  you   that   Irniihle nflonest
hegins  llml  way.    IV till   talk
very eloipienllj on this Biiltjeel, if
.,,-.-....Id huve villir private eitr, l.ut
•  H-ehope 'vi'  luive  snid  eiuiuglt  I"
The   Cinul.n.uk    Lilieruls    nre aef you   Ihinking, if you huve mil
talking of Bending   Mr.  li.:..".  of nlre'n.lj thought.
the Kort Steele   I'roBpector, a ■ 	
Ihiwiii  ol  a   lestiin al 1"1-  I-AIKIIIUII ISU flit: 11 ,i
life  \u-  an
tiling iu I ,„—,   „,   |	
»f Lliuir niJiiriT  i;"'"l „.,,„ u ,,,-,. ,|||h,,,1(| :i|i|pi,i||.. (,
work done hy  hu.  paper  lor   .Mr. nre perfei'l getillemen,  Men whose
(iullilu-i-. lives   nml  charnclers  nru  hincker
I Ihnn   th.<   dark.-si   niK|it,       .Mm
irihe Liheral  parly   i-,  if".- h. «'l i-.-npy liroiniiu'iil posilionsin
itself  il will   prosecute  nny   ninn Boeiety simply   heenuse   he wttirs
,. ..,      ' .      i   ,   ,t       i    ,    luu' ulotheB nud   li...-.  a few dollnrs
i"'""1" >'ul h'""1'11   "'" "l"'1    inhispockel  -tl,,,.   In-   has won in
ioitB,    X,. parly is  Bitting  enough Lome poker girtlteor inlu'iilc.l from
|, tuha...   fraud, uud   th.-  lumi tut ll Bt, upright nnil industrious
who would accept .ifiicoguiucd   hy miecslor.    Hul   follow llm lives of
frntiil has little pi'i'somil houor.       j!1".'"'' .vnung ineii   hu- just n   few
' j lini-l yours nnd  see  whul Ihu  end
! is.    Soon   they   comiiieiicc  to   go
lintcil  I" dui'.n Ihe Biiniiy side of lil,- which
Perry Creek News.
The  prospects .,1'  Perry I . -..
look very good  just   now nnd liuxi
Benson promises I..  !.<• u   In.sy .
it. innnv ways,
Mr. "Trow, of Ihu Perry Creek
ITyitruulic   and   Mining compniiy,
l.i'l'ut-u spring I., gel Inndier for
I'urllier work on Iheir phtnl uexl
.1. Thompson and IheT3Mikshoys
are working away on Iheir shafi
and at-, now down In feel anil ex.
peel tu si like hclrock in nhoiil 21)
i',-..| more. They tire putting in a
steiini pump tu Itunillt' the witter,
The pi'ohahilitiesarethul they will
strike il in g I Bhnpe nt hedrock,
•I IfeiiiieTierry wenl into L'riin-
lirook lids  week   lur supplies und
, ,s ,..   uu-,   ciiiiiiieitcc  ,..   goiuien,    lie is sinking u  shnl'l iiunt-
If Mr. linllili.-r is  iippointnil  lo| down the Biin.iv side of life which M Hd Town mi what isgenenillv sitp-
lill tl lice of iniuiBter of mines, is inurk. .1 nnd hlu.-k.-u, d I.y  deeds  nosed is tl Id  cliMiiiel uf'l'ei-i-y
wliichias, t" I routed.   Hrl   ol'titrocily nn.l cri  thut   lodi.yl'rcek,    lie litis renchiHl a depth nf
.;.i. i- i.,„,t;,  „;ii    .; t     form   Hi"   '"'I'l   liea.lings  fur si.  HI) feet with n doul.l partnienl
t sit I ulnintita   will   uuu\   n.Kuiit-1                                    . .                 . ...         .                            i   i'   i      i
' iiimiy iiewspnperartielea it,,-it I.ring  shnfl, uud ex  ts tu reach hedttiek
"B08   ''i'1"'1' lkll"wn    i"   ih,';;, sli'nd.l't'   lo  every      Where in n shorllime,
province. does this ehiss uf t   I'luntr;
The) .-..„,,- fi-umlli,. ,-luss „f  hoys Marric(|,
••pi- -,-ss" -i Vii'toi'i'i oniier   ia thul never know whul  tl   is tu .|,,
„„,.-.,-, ,.'., ,.. ,-,. „,  .,,    ,, ,„,   nn lionesf day's work.     Hoys who      At Ihe Man-,    S'ovenilier ll.
lllllllll.till.'.'   lilt.-   S    I I, ill       til'1    lll'Itlt. ... ,- I ' • l        , i, ,u     ..     ,,.     I- i.
'-- will tu.I Work unless I hey  e,-t   j,1B| | |,y il.,.   Ifcv. W. (I, \\ , l-ulliuie. II
hen he ivneiiitl hcrc'ih,' L\	
itiv.-s wen, wide nwnke, mid "I
ecoBsity so wen' lli.-it- friend-;, the
ippoiieiits.      Must  ,.l'  tl...  town's
n-uple    were    eullgl'i'gule.l    ul    ill,
I'nioti hotel, which was lirilliuullj
tlluniiualed with I'l,in. s,- lunterus,
:im\ ns the "governor" nnd part.
dnive int.. town there wus ,-.  ttrenl
llWIlkeillllg, llie 1.01.1 eheul'ing of
lite CTOWli lining elllltn I   liy   the
melodious sounds ot dinner hells,
cow Lulls, etc, After ll geiierul
grot-ling ..I' Iri.-ii.ls the) ull nil
ioui-iu-d  to   tin-    Liberal t'niiser
Villi,l' llllll W llel'e II rullsinu in, el
ilig wns held, .lullles .lottos,.I,   net
ing ns I'iinli'iiiiiu,
stock Quotations.
Furnished Ly Henle, ,V   Ulwell,
hrokors, Crnnbrook P.. C,
<l. lint;.  Ii.
Sullivan  „
N'.ir.li  si.,,-  '
I r.l.ili.il nl. ml .mil rni.r  Ill
,l ,-,,-,„ Oil,,.„IC,nl I |,„nv. .   . a:
l,i.|„,.'lj,t oil ,i.iitl',i,,l'',,„ij,.i,..,'. ... MM"
II,.11 lliu-r W..,,.,- I',,,.,-i.l I .si  1 last. Boi(Nli>Ml. Mi,,™  I"
\r 1..-11.i I'uiii ...nt I'.,I.,,         11
t'oj   Hull  1
Men anil  women ill litis  , nt>
and adjoining territories, I., represent mid advertise i i.l esinl.lish
e,l house of solid lint llll standing
Salary to moil $21 weekly, to women
§12 Iu SlSiWeeklv with expenses
ailviini'i'd each Monday Ly check
direcl from hutitli|lliil'tui'8. llol'S,
nud buggy furnished when neees-
snrv: position pei'innneut. Address
Blew Bros, & Co.. IVpt. A. M in
Bklg,, Chicngo, III. 211-llt.
Leask & Henderson
:: wa tillDl 00K    (lui-s.sc..n.i.»n• siwci«n>
''■■ i        >l liniui Slahlini in l'„,„„'ili„ii    t'
|| Hotel <& **
.\.■..'   ■• t . i   ill,.ail mnl itcpul.     Hits iii-riiiiiiiiiiilii-
1] Until, iu  ia.- public iinetpialltsl m Crnnbrook,
f j   Hot an.t Cold Bollia
Ilotrtr.-irlli & Rollins';
s '!
imfni :■■ m '-in jmiWLWtimmmimBe*
^ When you visit Cranhrook slop at the        \
^> None Better In the District <rfk
<$ Wales?] and up.    Short Orders and Oysters <jr
d> served in any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m. <*k
%"* The table is the bat, Ihe rooms .are unsurpassed for clean W
•%> Itncss and comfort .mi the bar is supplied with the best brand <^
&s of liquors and cigars. A
^ L. B. VANDEcAR, Prop. ^
®M33 ■] 7M mmMmmHM3Mmimm$
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers,
Drop in ninl sec its nny time.    We are on deck 25 hours
mil til llie 2-t ™
HHBBB£ 1! V. ;II:T;;iEiSiSISI3Ea^EiaLli]illrlLlEi
t! p. t:>'.tj;':r. ti-t'-t'.-t'.-t'. < t.'-t
I)AN HOLLAND, the Shoemaker
Shop In Ih.- new nddilion I.,  th.
. I Aiken block.
Ih-dues only Ihu l.est work,
various kinds of -Tub Work
wm.ied this winter. To gel it
.1 promptly nml rigid sec
James Greer
C'ont factor nnd Builder
The peopl
Hint   city   were   ul
The Pioneer Hold of the St. Marys Valley. J:
Comfortable rooms,   Satisfactory dining room service, and the /,
best ol everything at the bar. '•
FRED DREW,       ,\v       Proprietor. (
.-    ,*>>5fl-s>>'S.sta'3.3:M.39..se.6:9:-3tS99l9l9S!S99S3i,
We are now in shape to furnish all kinds of
j j   Orders promptly filled and delivered in town. I'.ir prices apply
I: King Lumber Mills Co. Limited
,. -ml ...III   III.   Tiu-mI.iv   ...   -   |.    III    i
. 0. !' IiiiII.
.1. a. aiimii.i.. K. it;
\  111. l.l-I-
linn Ui,.|lir..|,,.„i.l,..ltv...,,.,,I ,,, ni	
i.ini.i.i.ik LkiI i ni.iit Iill ol the United
tlr.ithcrliuitd uf Carpcnk-rs „n,t Joincrl
ol Amcrkfl.
Tl,,- lumi .ii,-,.- ,-,,-,,  I'i-I.ii ni...,
.i   in   ... I    I   II. In,II
VMiliin .t,.-.i.....i, i.m. in,...-I
.1     \    I.,MH,I .1     II    Mi  |,n,ll  I,.
in, so. i'l,.-,,,,.,
«*•«v     1.6.0,1',    Key til) liulir
^c,i,^-   ... u \ .-,'„•,, i	
...,, „..-,.,... ti.t't, ,. .,
.1.  I I.      S I i
,1 >',<.,.„.->'l>l.l,.,ll>ll„ II,..I
.   I    \|,,,.,,» ll    I.   \|,|.-„,|	
,^i %       Irinbr,,..!, l.uditc, N«. j,
W,\ 1.1', * I. «.
f-S>'\\"'-/X.      It'Tiiini  I'liimi »n iin*
/ V./ /\      t    t n ii ,i iv ,.i ii.
Till:' A. L.li.  M3„
i    I  i,  ,,   I'   imn
Visiting Brethrea cordlitl) Invited tn uiirnJ
OIIA.N'BIIOOK l.tilUiK, stl-1.1,
OKAXItlitlllK, P.,'.
M.-.-t- 1st .III.) :tl,l Tu.'.-d.iv i-.e.v luOlill,
,,l Alilmtlnlnlp.      '
Yiilttnc bretlu-en i-onllnlly i„ii,.-,l
.1  M,  -,,.. is,.- It.     W..I. A...l.i\i uu   s...-.
\V. F. GURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, li. C.
is up Iu dull' with lis line instinc
lireitd. sum,' ns mother used tu
milk.'; try ii. Wedding Cukes arc
in our Ilini, We buven Hue Block ol
cuke ornninenls to suit nny wedding
■ ■ i'iioni; so ■
way,, inclined tu he lilerary.
littl ore   than  Ihe' lioy iviioj A'.. Id I win I!
! works I'r. nrly lil! Int.-. six  dnv-
niters   developing! ""
lie    Week,    llllll'    Weeks    ill     ||
mil,, nnd twelve months  in   ll
now Ihat will g,,u longwny towttr,
'   I'n Hu- olher   lit.,,,!   We   ufli
Isee u young mnii wiih pool' puree I
eit.v.    In fad there  is  no cluincc| perhaps uu ngcl  mother, you ■
W'urd. I„,lh of Ke
I,.  Miss Cirri
Al the Munseut, Friday. NTnVP.ll-
her IS, hy tin- Rev, \V. tl. VV, t'or-
tlllie.   1,'ui.efl  ClllI'll    Iu   Miss   licssi,
Sndler. biilh of Cranbrook,
I'"'""'T ' ,s'""'!'s "'"'"''' livH    AMhuMeihudisi   pnrsoiingn mi
dupun.lsun whul llml  yoiittg inmi jTUes,luy, Noveinber 22nd  I'.HM. by
ti..,,- tu slup h.-r L'fuwlh
j':', ,', '""  , •,"1"1,-  '"""iTuesduv, Nov,- ,-, „. -,. .„
L<       ,      ... i       ,,      dues.     How u let, We lieur the  lirst    |.,,.   c'l   'I'l,,.,,,,,^,,,,    \l,.    I ,,,,.,,!.,
Selielur  leiuplel Ilnv   he   the! ,      , . , lo'V.rs..!.   I In,111 ,soil. .111.   Ijllllolll
neit Lieulennn Governor ol   lint ,      I '"    W 7 "'■ h'. Tyson, of Trail,  to Miss 1 -
',/.!• ... I 'I(8n  ll,,lt '' working young riellu JI. Allon, of Oueliih, Out.
ish   ( ohitnl.in.      Hint   will   menu Ilium as he comes ll i Ins work  ol|
Cut in Two.
several    tu".,-    political    deals   nil  night, tired nnd wenry from linuesl
urn I. ]•' '-    Mow   lln...  young mnn
[through   Iih-  nn.l  see  Ins  Inline,
!s Inv Iu- will I,.- the  president
According tu Ih.- evidence given „f a ,. grenl  rnilrond  corporntiou
nt Belleville regarding th.- alleged;,.,-II wuer ..I' sou,,, grout   met-.
trick hnllot, hoses, (here wns a deep ennlil ilnhlishiuenl,
lllid conspiracy on the pttrtodi few!     N'ow Mill.-1 nlriisl  .,1   .„
A shockingocctirrenootook pltu-u
in Ihe olliee uf Morrow A Mcl-'nr-
liltii. Insl Tuesilny night when they
decided tu cul iii two the price ol'n
lol ..I' shoes uud shirts thut wet-,-
broken in sizes.    These goods hnv,
,   ,      ,  '|.,i''   '•','."   ' "i' ..'",',." itwu elnsses ,.f voting ii.    Which  1 ii nrrnngcil   on   u long counter
Lil^mlB of Mini mtiiiK t"il.-n-nl L.|i.mh ilo vmi l>W tn?   An> yon nnd n-rlahily arn 1li..KmiiW simp
inlont oftlio votcm, or i-lmMlicri' ||„ whoHn lilV in t.iic ..I' h'nsy  tlml  Cranln'oolt  lias ever had in
aw Dome pi.'opli' who nre porjiirin^ activity ;ti work, or nii« you onu nl'; litis lim1.
i- *
}: Musk fiiriilslied lor Hulls, Parties, etc. |
•( Two lo seven pieces, ..
| {
};' Cr.inl.r.iok,   -    -    -    li. C. f
[   Hive Vi... Any 1'ilnllnii lo be Bnncf
*   tin Any ol Vour Rooms Need Rnpcrinjt?
Kslinialrs.tfivt'ii nn lar^r con-
Iracls. Wo don't want tho
earth, We want to nlenso
vun with llie work and receive
iv.-isiiti.-ilili' pay.
(tuyal lintel, Crnnhnmk
a5* • ■»<
!>   ImJ TL' %j r^
I William Gordon
McCallum Block
llarristers. Solicitors, Elc.
Ilazcll Block Crmibruiik. II. C,
j       C, H, DUNBAR       j
4    Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary    ♦
J Public, Etc. :{
X   Crnnbrook,    -    -    It. C.    »
Physicians and Surgeons.
UHiii' at Residence, Armstrong Ate.
Torcnoons,   ....   «:.io n. ||
I Ili-moons   ....   I:.10toj.-J0
livening.    ....     ;.,10 In 8:M
CRA MIROOK,    :   :   :     :       :    It. ,'
DR. A   I). MORnAN
Ii'i'u-k:—ArniHli-onu A,'.'.....'. ..|,|„,sii,. M.-.
i-.,iiii.'l|-»l.ii-..iiiu-,. «,,„.-
ui mi    lli,|-iis:-l''iir.,| I.   '.,  ,,,   II;  ntli'l
  I till tn JI.U1I;.......in-, 7 !UI .,, s.tlil
T,.l,-|,l,„,.,.. 1,7
l« I * I ® I * I ® I «■ I «> I •S> I 'J-1 * I «• I « I ■*
Dr. Connolly,     |
'    Physician and SttiRcoti ,.,
* Olliee on Armstrong Avenue c„
S   ll,,l-us:-'.l,u 11 ll   in .   L' lo I 11. III. 7 '•'
l.."|. I"-       'I' '" I""' v)
i.i'Ti'n noitRSt
'.' to l ■ „ ,„.
t to 11 p. III.
11„ s p. ni
Tin: Lnlest Delicacies,
Fresh Crabs, Shrimps, Herring and Lobsters.
.<  Always the  best   of meats and fish.    The
market that sells nothing but the best.   v«
The Calgary Cattle Company,
Tnl, In-thiil i,  i- my iiilN.lli.N li.iit,
ply In Ilin llni.nl nt I.i, ens,. I  u,is-i ,
tnr ri-i.iilii-o.ili   liisti-..,  ...   lln. ui'st ri'unl...
mwti„Knn line I,,'l'l."#, llin-t. t.,,-.. Irnno
l,i-ft,, iwll ... t:.,l„„.|   It. Hi.li,i.-l ..tn..
l,,,iiiilii...i.,,,i .:,- Wiiiilini I,,..,!  i ..,,,.i
(J,     u,il...lnl en...I,,,,,,k, i; I'.. \,„   11, it,.
-♦        ;ll--l,v A. A. Onrrie
j. M. DERR,
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specially
DR. llllll.AKI1, M. U. C. V. S.
Horse Dentistry mid  I,: ,.
n Specialty
r cl. Nn. 74. CRANHROOK, II. C,
Till:   HOUSE'S   PLEA
li|.l.ill nm i,
11,,ll 11 llill 11- I
111. ll>,<|,I.IUIN|l!||-|
Ami III 0 it si
i' •
im.  v.wc ,   <nJ ||0||SE BBNT|8T
CRANBROOK. B. C. 'Phone 71
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
TltOS. T. McVITTII!, R. L. S.
I'llAM'.IIOHK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   Nov.   24.   1(101.
NUMBER   ::r.
'I'hu Herald .,„,,„.I Ibis year will
edipso nnythiug iittnnipleil in Urn
way of nn iiuiiutil in this section of
the couulry, l''"r llie |»ib1 two
wiH.ka Mr..l.Meph Uynii Iiiih Ih'cii
visiiiiig vnriona |mrla of the dis
ti'icl securiug infi.rniiitii.u hu- ti
cuniplete und . ompii'lieiislve wrile
up of Ihu .,-, -,e. ,,l  the .uuiiln
Mr ltyi.li is nn u,-,-uniplisl,e,| writer.
mid with his I nl.d I Hu iu -i
and Ihe industries llml   hnv I
Lined Iu build up l'i ...L.uul, nn.l
Hu- other I..mis oi tin- district, hi
v.u.-k will prove boll, valuable nnd
interesting. There u,ll In- nrliclcs
lo ..Id iin..'.':. in lln- district, re
culling  iucidenls   llml   huve   now
pi ml" history, n   ivviov,   >,l the
gnnMli ul I'l-.niL.uuk. references Iu
the public hislili.li.ii..., whul the}
toe   uud    Ml,,,I    till')    Should   he.   ':,
piinomnui ul th.- attractive scenes
uf   lid-,   ntuvvelous   seeliuii. Willi  n
prul'iisi I'   pictures uf citizens
nnd  residences,   The si/.e ,.1 the
pnper will he the BtllltO ns the regit.
lur size ,.f The Herald, unit thole
will he from If. iu -I pages. Ves,
il will cost money to gel .nil n pnper
like Ihitl, There is nodoubl nlioiil
it. Hut Tlie II.-t-nii! i-, willing I,.
Bpcnd the money if it cuu seenre
the r.-sult-.. Th.- nnnuiil Inst year
was received with great favor, bill
this year's pnper will i-ust more
money nud he I'm- more ihihoi'nte
in every way. Th" cover will be
specially engraved Ly the Stovol
company of Winnipeg, und printed
in colors, Thutv will he three
scenes uii the If.oil showing the
three industries thut hnvo con-
trilunei! ii. the prosperities of
Cranbrook und' lln- towns uf the
district, mining, bitnliering mid
railroading. The cover alone will
cost over *KK) und it will he n
beauty. Lust your Hi,-re were nenr
ly 1,000 of the 1,500 issue,! sent Iu
the old com,try lifter they hud been
rend here iii this dislt-i.-t tin.I it,
Enstern Cnnndn. This yenr then-
will   he   *2,lli)t)  copies   issued,   nnd
that i is that not  less Hum In..
UOtl people will rend il. nn.l Hint is
only mi average of Hve to the copy,
which is very small. An estimate
of 15,000 people would be fnr neurer
tu th,- facts  in   ut,  iss, I' this
The paper will be issued abonl
the fifteenth uf December, thus
giving ample time fur the u.lver
USUI'S   to   get    the   full   Lellt'lil   for
tbeirChristnins advertising, There
fore it behooves tl..- li,.- men uf the
district I., g.-i ready and I'..in, some.
idea as lu what they mil wuul. s,.
that when The ftprald representn
live calls thej will he rend) lu lull,
Cranbrook Presbyterian Church.
it: INIl.touK l.l' I X:
I'll." I...II , Iv   I. linn "I   ll„-!..:.',I
Si.l.l.-.in.s i.i.-u. ll„   ni   i„„I71„|.  I"     „f I,,.,.,,-,-    ,,,,-„„„■,-, I'r..., In. «'k   li-
* J'*1 "..Ijlrrt,, "'I'  „'     .,.„.,.,,,..,,,,,   „,„!„.   I,,,,,,    „,,„   ,,„„,
, I ml.......     Ms
'Ill,' 1,1.1,1
,11 III.',	
s ,,   hi
,-,! I lend
.-  w il, w i',,in,
C.i.ui k will..,I.-i Church.
Liirui-r i.l Minion ii'iuu' mul I'„,i- Street
l',i  W.n-	
S I.u S I
I'l,.11,. 11.,, .Ill,,
T ».!.,.      W-u, I'l "-. Ml.
I   i '.I. ,1   ',,... e.     ...
Mi,. \Y, s Keny l.fi for I'd
muni..u un Snnilnj mi n ,i.,ii tu
I' \   Mutt ,  ii, rln I- I  n  t t-
ber of btichclors  to n  Thnnksgii
it.g dinner I.i-1 evening.
Mrs. i I'r., II \V, Keith nrrivcl
I'ruii. Crnnbrook un Snlunlai lo
join Iter husbaiid .1 I'onl I Vei !■
A  gOllg  I'ul- ,1, Ill,ell,g    ill.'   lie
pnrlure ul if. tin.,.. It is In i-n pul
iip.it IbeC. I' K .hi'"! 'I Ins is
ii grenl convenience tu the trim I
iiiu public
We were in i rrnr lust wci I. in
Btulingthill the,I. -.p.iti-hi i nt Ci-iin
brook ivnsnl I .nil ford, luiin,: the
puilsing uf the trilill I''   I \el.itl::
The u.lalnt.' wns iiinde bj Ihe
operuiui- who rnil.Nl t" forwnni  uu
,.filer lu tl,,- .,, -., Inniul line. Tl.i
,,per.-,lur wns di-.inis ,od,
The iniiu'B .-I Coal Cr.-.-k nre
working verj steadily mi.I nre laming out un average of I.HIH) Ions :,
Till.   Ktlgh'B'  slllui.e,    lust     I'll,I.iV
llighl was nil.-..-led I.) dim guests
Various speakers entertained Ihe
audience, Music was supplied In
the hull I. A mock tin,I cnilBlll
considerable ainiisemeiil uud in
ci.ientnlly it   swelled   the   tr, usury
of the onler by Bevenil hues
t.itpii.l refreshtnents. cigar, Blind,
wiclies. ele.. were pissed nmund
with lavish prodigality.
Surveyor  John   McLntchie, ul
Nelson, wiih u   fur. f ten   men
huve been busy hu- the past two
weeks running survey lines ul
Crows Nest fur the' ('. I'. K.
Aiming the proposed improvements
that the railway will put in is a
round house, a new depot and additional yards to aeeomodntti nt
least Iill!)' curs. Crows Nest, us
was intimated in u previous issue,
will he made a divisional point.
I',-.,,. K -I T •"'
Cronbronk Riptl.l Church,
Tlti'liillmvl - ■' I.-,  hi " ..us 1,,'t.l
  Duplin, I'l....,I,
s.iii.l,,, . II  ii  in mi.I 7 ".nn
Si ..', S.l."",         Up 1"
Vimna IVi.pl"" .." ,' ," Tnw.li,)
I',,,,,, Mi'.'llnit. - i' '"  Wedneadu,
Tim ii.ilill,' .I,.,!,,' Inv I In , „'l
• Cranbrook Sash    I
. ♦
: and Door Factory •
i ■ •
.... ,v-.s-.-.
I -.-. I ..,,...,......   "ii'll,,|.-,l.iv. I ■-..,
I.,-. ,1.,- I un. I    ..I   1" •■'■ ,"■ I lie
tore, ,,. wl..'..  ll,,' l"!t,,...'.:• .iict'l.'.i
I....,- nillii  I-- il..' l-'.u.l
,\,    I..    \l. . >., M...T.      wl.lllwUllV,    ,'...,.-
I I..
v r. .:...,,,.- . ...IiiiI.-.i.-. , ninln-uuk,
I..   It.   \ -in.   Ituvill  Inilul.l '■','
Hun \l. I.... , i.l Mimliiiln, hotel ......
II.........it, ., llulli.in, t'raul I. Iiulvl,
,' t I.
.1 pi, I'.iii.il. ..ni.i..in in."   ,.:..,
t I..
.1. it.   Ik.wi.iii,  t'u t"'l,,:,„  hotel,
,..11,1 1..
II.,I. MelWk,  Hunt   KuuU'im.v Iiulvl, I     f
I'liinlirniik, - —
W, Mim.ll, In.i'.'ii.il lu.l.'l.I'mnluool.
Shell.,..'.<: t'lnpp, Iroiiafu. ... Wllllllli
Itnllins, Weuiwnrll, lu.l.'l. 1'mi.l.muk,
II. W. Drew, Xortli Slur Iiulvl, Kin.
All kinds uf litiish work in J
Wnv uf   d.,"rs.   .villdoKS. ,,:... {
s,„,,... ,-t,-.   Kilu Until luinlier \
fur inside work,    ' llll «"ii. ,s j
uualulile.-d nud uur prices lire 1
Biitisfactury. 1
l •
; Rough and Dressed Lumber ;
For Sale :
,   IN nil si t'i:i:\ii i oi iit o|- i-.ttiTisn
i,n.l mil,
I-, Un- ii, in   ■       Ihe I. uu, Iti'aialr.v   Ai'l   ...lit
,  lil  ■   ,  *-    mil  ui   lln' In.ill.-r nt ...,
ti,   ..„. \l,i,s.in,. Tuwn«ii,'
:    I i' ni ii.I v.  .in.I   I'l:.,,I;
I'. Iluu it,  , ,i  nn nm nitnu.nl  In |,l,iu ul
M.u.-ill.,- i.,„i„..,.|ll,.,l in Oi.. In  ,1   regi.
  uiiNi'i i r.
t , '-   ...,.,•  ,i,i  n „i,i,i,. , i,i.i
I> I ll„- J.,1,   ,1,1 ,.,-,,I,,.-, met
i .in |.iiiiu n.l..-., t uiM.-i-iiii-
.. ii.ii. mi    „-,-'.. , i , i,,.i
.nut  I'   Unit...., l,.r illn-.il 	
n  Mnr.VBVllle .".ninn. tll.nl ,,, lti„ I.it.,1
ilnl.il'. .1.1.. SI..I
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.' c«   *
Phone night and day 77
New rigs, gu.i.l driving
mid saddle horses nt
reasonable r.de. Our
niin'will l.e to give good
enie I,. all horses sttt-
1,1,-d with'us.
N. C. McklNSTKY, Prop.
\ !.,      litlll due  ,-t    Itoitie-
spans     - !   Worsteds   l'<'v
I. I'tiilot Made Suit-.
Sal isfticl iu;. guuraiiteiil.
,l,lliiv»l',irnill,0nlflrl.. hold, Ki.uliv.-
W. s. r'niKVlhe,  llnynl Iiulvl,  Klin-
,1. Melloiuil.l, tnu.slortu Unhurt .lull.,-
sou, t'enlral hotel, M.iri-vill.-.
Kind, A .I",,.'-, lull- Vi,-,v hotel, Mn-
IV, II. Ilrailfonl, St. Marys hold, st„
.iliv.'i Pure,'. I'urrv t'r.'ek hotel, IV,-.
ivf k.
.1. II. Mi-MI'I.I.IS,
Cltlel License lust tor.
IX Till! lul'NTV ,01111' III' UOOTI-tXAV
in I'tton.iTi:
Nolirl'lH herohy r-iv.'ii Mm.  nn Uu' 101-1,
ilnvulXuvemlior,   11,111, II IH nnlervd l,v
Andrew I my, linn,, u.-iins |n.lip "I .!"■
sniil ,',,.1,1. tlml iliunw r'ergHann At- 'unR,
nOli'lnl M.l.i.i.iisT, i.i ...- iu .null..!-1 tin. pol'lton
,,f tl„. ,',„...,.I- ol Koi.nsiu.v ini-lmleil In tin1
l.'rnultinnk I'liH'tocnl .li-iii.-,, tw „.li,.inis-
,,...,,.,,, nil nml HtllKlllnrtll.'tnlti..u[ Hull)
tltn-ri'tl, I'rillilironk, turuu...... <1 'iWHt i.i
kviiry iii'ilin... ni- ..Hi.'.- porann luivt»t| ni.v
.liiiin.ii -iiilurunl   in  ,lu..tisOil„„i,,„ nt
llii'islnti'i.lltu'nuiil li.i.-i-n-ul is fupnu.l In
-HI.I l„-t,,l,- II,,-."..HI, llll)'   1,1 II II,ll-l.  I'.HIl.
unit, ,,.     ,T,-I,,i,    I, uu. i.iMi,.- i-.l  ,,,,l.r
,.u,I,...if..,.,I, bis ,...„'.' ..ml iiil.li.-a-mnl lln-
.i.lt oui-iu-.ili.i- ol tiis rliiim or Ili.iTUBt .uut..
s,..nimi-ut nt Ins .in-.,nn, ninl ,1.,-I,-.........1
ll......nru. ulnnvl ll.-l.l 1')   I,..,,    All-rllii-
,,,II |,i.„ I ,...t.  .1,,- ,1,-lut,,,,,,,it ullkoci,
.ni- i, u.nt iiii.i.il i,, thonrlnl.ll Ij „l
» h he alinll linvu tuul nollrv.
li 1 nt li." it, it..- i'l.. .,,,)- nl No
,,-,.,I,,-,   11,01
I IMR-t I I K'-l SON AII.MS-l'llllXli,
tl.-,.-.', .ull. i.,1 A.lmliil.tralnr.
Pul....- i... Irmstroni i.
l\ tilt', ul \n fill III' ,'F KOllTKNAt
II I \ , I lui;|-si'l-:l'l.l.
I\ I'llllllATI
\..- ,via I...-.-1.,  ti,,-, , .... it.-  Uut.
.:,,, nl v....     11,1.1 ..   "... unteri'il l.v
ln',1,   ,  1 rtam, I:-..    , K ...'I.:" "I 'I"1
.,,,l,,,„i,   One .limn.. 1. uiii.iu, In,,-..-.,I.e.
,,,li.,„l n-tun.i,-In - uu..ul f,„ llml purllilll
,.til„.|,„i„li  ..I  l,,„„,■,„.)■  Ili.'ll.ilul In  ll.i
, ,,.,,!.....,e .1.., ,,-.-,l.!,-,.,., Inuiii.,,,.,.,,
.      mil   ...i.i    .1 ...ii-   nl   tl. ,1
l uut. ... ,t ,... ,;,   l.In, I.. I,. ,i,.,.,-ii.i-.i. In,
,,u ,,
tin . ui .Iii," in nl tier |,i-,'m,u In.vi..,: nn.
I,nn ,,,..iii,.i Inlurral ... ,1,,..I,-ml,....,,., ,,i
III,,    .mat ,„•    ...i.l    ,l".....Hi.il     ..
I  ,    ."     I    In'tnni    Hi,'    IU..I.     ,1,,..
nl      I ■     I,.-.I.    I.)     i-.'.:i..,.|,.,l    I",,',
Olliee removed tn iloro building net
mi ,,1,1,,-,    ni   '-.  lull piirtlruliira ..ll.i.
,.|i  ii .-,., nn.l .. -in. ll.i	
    i In.  nl O iirit.v Of ,u.)l
I.. .1 i,, lilm     III,, II.,. .mil  In.I m.'Uliim.iil
,1,,,. il,,   nl,,  ini.ii ,,,i    | I uilli It...
Lu.n, i ui.-. linviiiH ri.gn.-il It.
•u -i. ..-,., ,,. ,, 1,1,-1, ll-Sl.llll ll.lV.'ll.ul
.In) nl N.i
m\\m 0masRmvlm SPEEDY
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
un.. t mini'siiN AinisitioNii
-, -_'l u.ll,-ml .l.tunms, ...I
i\ tin: i ut \n ,ol IITlll' KIIOTHNAV
inii.i.iiN \T I'tiltT si'i-'.Ki.i-:
is I'limiATK
\ i-  l.,,,i.,  im-,, ,1...,  ,,.. llio llllll
,l.o-..l Nii.-inli... I:,..I. it nn. mil I iiii. I„,i,,,r. li„lr„« I ,.li-,l..u.<li,.K,'i.ls.'
..in,,,.u,t i Hint .!..„,". I'-'s'i Arm
■trnni,   ...in n.l    .",„..■,«,,..,",-  tor llinl
|,„,-,i     ll-     iMiiiii.     uf     Ki.iil-niu
ImOmlnil     ,.     It...     Crnnlil I,    ,.l	
I,,n.l ,li-ii,. i     I- inInn..is, nil"! i.l ull   I
sinuuliit     II -O.I..   .if ..>,....   Al.>x..tul.-r
Al I I )lnr.,.i,ll,-.   ...ml...-. il.'i-rM.'.l
Ilvm-.v .-.-.-.Iii...-...-... I.e. |mmon Iiii vitig in.)
i'l„lin „[...,, „r 1,,1,'ri'Bl in l.tio illatrllnnlo.i ul
llu'Wliil,' ..I .Im witil il I iu ii'ituiri'il
ni.,i.,i i„.....,> ii..- limit iin., i.i n mi..-.
nn    I,.,- ..ni",.-.,", hitler, nililrwnnil In tl,,'
 ,-iviguul, l,is iiiiiiii' nml ......i-.-**m unit ili-
f'lll |.i.iii,-iilni-..ii 1.1k ,<lt,im or It.teroat,,....1
u Hlnli'llli'lll .,, liiHiii.....,,,, mul Ihu ....turn ol
.1. in-iii u. .mil l.-l.l I-;, him.
AUi-r III.'until tlllth till)' nt Di'.-i'lnl..',- 111.'
..ilini,. .Irul.ir will proret'll ,011, Ih.'.liHlrilm
.tun ol ,1,,' vt.tt.tn luoinn rpgnnt to tliose
-liinii- mil) ..f itlih'h hi,ahull l„iv„l,n,lrotli'u
], 1 ul,I'nuilirooh thla 2lat.tiny iitNo-
i- 1.... I tin I.
.1. I'. AllMs'lltONO.
Jtfi.at o.ll.-iul Ailmininltu'i.r.
Notice for Transfer of License.
.'uiMu-i.ii-.i-i.j given iluu »,', alioiton A
[.'hipp nt llu'T...... nf (Jrtlllbrnilk, If.l'.in-
I.....I In npplv In III'' It'ini.l ul i.uI'ltnc ,'.It...
mi..i.'„..,. Im-1. ,iiuiiil.'.'.>f ...ir Iiulvl limit t-
In Ihu pri'liilaua kmnvn nml iliwrltinl i.a Hit
■ Wi.niinii-,1,  Iiulvl,"  link...'  at,.'.'., I'm..
lu k. I'...'.. ... Wllliiun  It..Hi t frmi
In ..ok.
Outtul tka tin! ilny nl Nov her, 1001.
tl-Jlt. nlu-lii.iiA I'lnpp.
Paint that Stays
\\V usi' lln- heal "I' inn
ti'r'ml nml our work utwiiys
i-civt's siitisfiiotioii.
Wlit'ii you wuul iKiintiiiir.
[uipt-r liiinging, docoiiitin^
oi sii-cii .writing, sir tn
i K
RE—r-YOUR <n
CC01NTS in f
lRRLARS ? ? ? ? ?   •
: If the rush of business I
> prevents YOU finding
; time to write up your
i books, or having your
bills and accounts regu-
; larly rendered and collected, apply to
V. II. Ilnv 217
CRANHROOK, „*   _•* 11. C.
Draying is a Particular
Wo make thai our Imsbu'ss,
Did you ever henrauyeomplninls
abonl uur work. Wu einpliiy
Ihe besl men we em, llml lo do
the Work. 'I'li.-y nre.-:,refill and
prompt,   Tint is why we pletiso
the | pie.     Wewnnl yuiirl.llsi-
liess and if We gel  il We will keep
it. 1 Ultse We will SUlisfy \'"ll.
Perry & Eitzgerald
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
Olllce opposite C. P. R, 't'lluNK 6,1
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
em,',,',„'n",,"'t.",»'i °^ timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of tlie finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
St. Pout, Chicago, New York
am, ,ii.   i-,'|ms i:\sr
Palace and tn.irisi Slecncra, Bullet   l.lhrur.
Cam, Minium Hay Coichen,  Duiini Cm.
;Meals a In Carle.
L Bast nnd Wesl Daily L
Speclnl excursion ra.ea In World's Pair, Si.
I.uiiis.      Vour choice ot mule.
For inti'H, fol.lura ..nil full tnfurinntl in
rcijniillng trips, call nn or n.l.l.'oss
s. ii. VRHKK^ Tl. ltltANHT
It. W. I', A. I'. I'- A T. A
Srattlo 7.11 \V. liivvrsiil.' Aw
Wnsli. Eiwkane. W'nali.
Notice lor Transfer ol License.
Nuli.'ii iu livrehy given   tl.nl   1.   (tenrge
Sen... nt Port Slvi'le, ILL'., inleml  pply.
tu llie Itinuil ill LteenanCoinnilaatnnera ni
liii-ii- regular meeting on I) mlior lull,,
llinl r„r,lll'tiliateroli..y hotel lieenanll. ll„-
|,i,.iiii»,« km..,,, „,„l ileaerlluiil „» 11 Cell-
tint lintel." Wnnliier, IL I'., i" .loin, Itynn,
nl Wnnlltvi', ILO.
till.II, (Icn. Rvntl,
llut.U.il Wiuilmi Nuii'iiilni ...'1, 1004
,.. >i„. iruh, ituy  i, r, tint
 I .l.-i,Hi-1,u IIUn I   P. II-.-in  -limn
.1,-  ".,.., Ui, ,.(..,.i.l-    llllll,nl l.  \1
Mi'Vlllle awurn III,' I.',,,,. ,1,,) "I <)-,<,I,,-,.
I'...I mil tu,. ,■.,,,,,a. 11.,..-lii ,-(-,i-l t,,.
ninl ut I'mnk I llna.ni ...nn. lli-J.nl, ilnv
.ill ,-,-  lout. I  Iimm-: Mr,  w
V U,„.I,,,,!,!,I. I.   I'     llll Ill'il  I'll- III"   Mini
I. i. unlvreil   ll.nl   lln- mill   pll f   I   -
.nnil- I   Mm....ill-   ll'eil    in    ll,<>   1,1.1.1
regtatry ullien nl S'„U  ll. r unlieretl
7,'ltl, Im »>»<<„iti.il  ,,.,   uliinlmUlllg III.-,.- r	
.tin. t. ,,,'"., .if ...il t.lm, il.'«.rll..'.l ... 1,1,-1..
,;.   117.   :ts. tut,   II.   II, ,...,1 -in. nml III.'
I,-,.,,. mnl I. .,: |„i.,"l in 111,,,, p.,,-,..,..
itaul.l I'l.i'i. .ni.l pnrltnl, uu In In-.-li.n'u.nl-.i
lining in.irk.,1 uu "A" .... Illeesllitnt ri-li'l-reil
lultl It..,sill,I lllllilu.-il nlA. W  \l, Vnii.-
I. ...null,    .ml -..I  it,,i   llin .ul,I nt,till
I'lllits ,..'..1 iilii-il.- In Oil.II ..-..   |iliii.  nt 11,1,
..lid ,...,-,,si I M..,-)-..'ill.' II.,'  ill  nil
1,-1 Isn. Hi--iiul |1.ni  in.ml,-!   -till,  uilli
llliiesevpllul, llml -nil   til.... ...  In  I."  IU-,I
si.nil n...  ...ii.  tliureun .1.- piirtl,,,, ..<
Ilium...In i.  t,-i... i,mi -..inIiii.in ul this
.., 'Hint II,.'...iit >,|,|.l{...uilu.lii.lt enuae In
he   n-i-.-.l in Ihe -,-..nil ,k  llvralil" -'
...,ii|,:,|-,-|,ul,lulu,.1 nl .'in,iin k, II. ,'.. ,1
OHei'iipy "f thla  .- tn,   lour ., uav.,
:..il,,. ul ami ».|,,.|„s". nml Out. .I......'.
»..ii period ...l.l u|.|,li-„„, < sliult mna  I."
l-i.t-.l ill  ....  It.- :: '.....if il-.. .I. ul  In III"
uniil |„,>'ii tsuld plmi." i > ti- I'lltnlnnleil
na iiIiireuiii.L u In, py nt ,t... unl,-,-: nn.l
Uu,, „|„„, prunl. In ,'.- an.lntnvtlon ". ll,"
.litlriel reglu.rnr  ", Ihe anpn-l illl'l  „>
N'.-laun, 11.!.'., nlpui'l I.tleuiiui, ,,,,. pn.l-
litgna iifi„','u„|,|, mul If ji.ii.iniiin ...it-
I.ig„rellh'.l in it,,--III Ilknmil.1 reglelrne
.iilliln ii puelu.l ut vis iieukB i, in, Ural  pul'
li-iill in,I |i,i,ii:.= ili-i. .lu -nl leitlulvur
-'mil thurenpun nllm-l. In-,-",., hi. mrllllenlv
il,,.. Hi" i. nn. ,...,1-1...li  In :-.-in Inipnm
"ll.iivi'l 1 euniplli'il i.'lti unl ll.i- nnler,
,,!,. ir |.-.   ilmii.m up.,,, lining Hied in
Hie foil,I  i-egl.lry iilll.o .,1 N,l.  I'- I.'.,
ahull lie nml I invfleeliw tor n'l liitefila
nml |,„.|,.,.„-
I, lafurllivrnnlvml Hint Iheenalu nf nml
liirldenlul lu.lil«u|i|.lle.illnnlii'|iiiiil liy llie
■ltd npplh'iiulH.
IV, I-  illltli. ..  lll'.VTKIt
i nml I,  If -
Su'lvllur tor A|i|,lienlil. till ll.
-Iiil-I uu. ml It, lipid) lu the I 1,1,1 Ituunnlu
.,„.",,., Lu. il" mul Wink, lur |,".-lni»-i.mt.i
imieliuaO Ihv li.tli i, il'H.'1'ihe.l lumi, nvfir
llnultell  sln.i".,.  Ill  0,"  l.i-lii-l   "I  .s,,nlli
ll,,:.. K ,11..)'
I'm. lielngiil .. p...l plultlol lull llll
.,, II, .    Suulhi'l'i, lluilu.,)', ,.,„,..  mil,,
 I.I mils, in,,,,   I mimim-il n.l
I ink-try nl it'" A I.   I'm, «,,.. I. luurm.l
!'. .1. I' N. W."'■',,-,,,  .' 'Ul' -inlilv
I'linina    .-  mat   ,-..,..   ,-l.nl.ia.    II..-.,,-,'
 -IheiHlilnehulua III"...', aval lul-ly rluilm
lu pi. f enlun.i-. num., euitl.uning IIOU
:, -  ,' 'In...
|> | .1,  llUllltl'll SIHIIUH. \.mllil.-.   I Til,,
f. .1. I'mil-i,..
it.-,.1.1 |„. p. A. Pnitlanii, Agent
Toronto. .Monlreal. New Vork,
.Vint il int.- Provinces, Xew l-higk-iiul
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle.
California Points
Unequalled Passenger Semcc
Hleepors, Tourists' Caliches, llining
Cars. Tourist Sleeper Service, west
from Itevelsli.ke daily  lu Seattle
ami Vi liver; east from Ditninore
del. daily lo Si. hull, W'ediiesduy
and Sunday to Tovonlo, Monduv lo
Monlrenl, r-'ridny I" Montreal und
'riti-iiugh   I kh.u's   I.,   nml   from
Ureal Urilni.i nml the Coutitienl
F,„ hill inrliculnn npply tu local ngenl
tl. Ilillier, Ascnt, Cranbrook.
I   S, I'AK'i'ldl,              K. .1. l'i'YI.1'
ll.l'.A., N.-l-un    A.'id'. \. V live
Wanted Immediately I
0, sell Prill Ti""-. Itnapherry. (Inns, l.-.-.y
,ii„l In.,...,, llilsllei., Me,   n t PI..V a-eekl) :
-nun free.    Then' la hlg inuuey In lltlawnrk
|0r oi. ul,)- iin-n.
We hnve, under enlltvinlnn. uver 111,0 nerea
N,n-..-i-vS..„-l..in,-l..ilii.s-,l.""li". I  „,»l
l„„t vnrlelh'alur iin-hiird unit gii'd n plnnl-
|,m    Wu will ilellver gonda In .-...t is In
- I  till  Ir"ir,m  twl.1     l'„r nn «
„„,,.,,,.",-,-..,I. nn".Inn lldall, f I-
HMMUinnlterll      Anply ,-tur l.-rn,
S.'t. Will,.iiil."..i.nn|l".n"liluInrl...-nlnt.-n-
or lur the Immlling ul uielual
For terms, maps and further particulars npply t" ti,, following
local hind ugenls:
.'. Hyde Baker, Crnnbrook, 11 C,    K Mulhindiiine, -Ir.. fn slou. I'.. C.
t. IT. Wilson, Worthier, B. C,    '      II  ii M. Bird, Nelson  Hilt, li. Ili'iu-c. Wiluier. li. C
I h' to
British C.Hitnhiu l.atiil Commissioner,
Canadian Pacitic Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
British Columbia Iiiu
tllUB.rn.tua 'I.- Uonnill - l;...   i --   I
The Richest Province in the British Empire
I. nl. ull nn.l .Unl-. n- .-'•- •-,-. - - ' >•■ „, .1 ii".
iili.inil i-.iiii— n-.iii- nml ,.. n - ,-- ,   .    hike    . ,  I
strated   2
Sent Post Free on Receipt of Price, $1.00 and $1.50
Address, JAMES LAWLER, Rossland, B. C.
Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited
Capital $625,000, of which 35 per cent, in shares is now in our
Treasury.   Shares lully paid and non assessable.
Mines directly west of the
Iieltoi nud 1.1'ltoi No. i. War
Kagle nnil Centre Star. I'mir
.if    t hu   largest   gol.l.ei.ppur
mines in lite world, all "I
which huve paid lurg,- dividends.
|ts-i>"Snine identical orennd
veins now in sight on the BIG
FOUR.    Large ore luxlies.
Assnys from *.1 1,, $800 in
gold, copper, silver, etc, Very
rich display ns now on exhibition in the city ore exhibit,
causing wide comment.
k We have nearly two utiles
■ of railway ,,„ Big Four prop
i erty wiih witter nnd timlier iu
Z ubutnlnni'i'.
J      Rossland ore sbipmBiits for
7 I'.KIl d.'dl.lHKI tons. Shipped
<f fur I'.lli::. uluiiit I1U.IHH) tuns.
" Total value „f Etossl.it.il ores
mined, $27,000,000,
Please Note Price at
15 Cents 1W
Tor One Month
Rosslruul's larjie ore UA'w*
iiri' a (jreat sucrcss with lln*
concpntratioii systfiii ■>! ort*
rotlnctiou. $.H.U0 '■!■■■ now
pny- in mine aa now [.roviil
liv tin- latusi ri'ijoriri luulOivi-
Xn loss than lit" shares
sold. Slinrt-s i-iin li-- hail on
installment plan, payments
monthly. Twenty per eenL
r.-isli. Imlance within ;i  year.
Company lias nn tlclita or
men now \vorkin'_r.
Referenees. The (Jon.
Mayor, Gold Commissioner,
iwstmaster, t»r an) bank or
business man in eity.
ili.-lvj.  .,   ti.l.-it,  fi,.'.l'l.lll-  ..llN.-ll
\\ l.ii-li ttik.-n Ut tlii'lliHiil   Irwin on   t"
HiiiiM--l nil UifVfi.voKHufthi'ir life
1.1 1,.I 11. nlimliiwiinivil I" iin-ii'--
\nj amount le.s than tlOO send b>
poitolf Ice or expreti monej order; n\er
llltl niiKiunt, l>> bank tlraft i.i Sciretar>
Itin Four Consolidated (told Mines,
Lid., Hu*. land. B. C, Canada.
■ IHnnkH nml our "
lis kImiwInK "'I ItlWHllllltl in
KftHtriH fr Miniim .'tiLtiu.-.
Robinson=McKenzic Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Oi
2:; Rough and Dressed Lumber iiii: CtlANBHOOK   in:i,.\i.i>
I Job Iprintinci is an Brt «**£** I
The Herald Practices the art.     You can get only one kind of |j
Printing in this office.    That is the best.
"Ucniitr," In lln- t.li.t.r,  1>1U ol   .-How  |
Hiii arty Su Vouu8M-Tuu Sights. Mill
■ Utv'i Harrowing l«iu', nn, .-■..
Tliree uf us, civil ciikIikvi-s. nnil
mhiiu l'i.-I., ii i '.i-,.i'!i.i, nsbisttmlH
wore runuintf u lino Ui tlit; Tu\viir>hi|i
of   u \.-i\   rungli mul wilil i'l	
mnl bad our fiiiiip  In  ■> ■■' u.c ul* tvti-
ai-9,   which   >in'!i,'i.'.i   il nlj   n i
B|il iny Wttlor tt'ii hit (I ■ uine an nss ll
wns auunilt'l' Mini- tiny ,i. ; -. in fuel
mnl us convt'iitiumilii.,■-    lira    iiui
observed   bv-   IhihIiwI .'.v    we   wit,'
going uiitiut   tn us i   ui   i i.i- lime wnii-
mil .'...it in Vi'Kl, i.ii'l Sullll1, 1 tJ11n ii-
.l. nth. like, no ■■' ii". will i  ns much
us oven ti [tucket knifu Cur protectluii
I it-.ll> .41.*,- til nt 11.,1 i>i| it t'M.
Togged out in     thla uinimiT,    ami
wuii  ..i,l\   u   ii i»;i8  re-i    over  mj
shoulder, I lunl worked w Ith suine u(
Un-   in. it   mn-I    of   lln'    ' ii ' ■:      i ,.:
mure   ill.in   a  i| i.ii'ti't'  of  it   III
cuniji,   i,nt had waiuloi i d nwm   fruui
tliom  I.y degrees   and   un	
iti.v mind being occupied Willi n I'il
,.f prospecting I wan il ijnu ,,n inv
own nccoimt. Smldi'iil.v riiiH/lnK
tlml ivo were separated, I fvtnrted i.u
.■iimp, or thoiiglit I hub iI.'Hl- su,
for It was neai iiig sundown, the nsu-
nl limit ../ nnr dnj 's work, "tVlij
dim'l 1 .-.-.' soiiiethlng nf llml Mil Hied ramp lire, or .mm. Bomi.iini.yv" I
said in uiywjf M'wrul iiim-8. "I
nuisl Imve footed inuro Ihnn the distance   to   il."       Hut    nt,    I    kepi     111   I	
illreclloii till thorn ahead, instead of
ccdurtt, war a strungu hill I had never seen Before. I'p lo i Ii|h i Imu it
hadn't even orctirred lo inn llml J
might im going Ni..' wrung u;i\, but
now I feel for inv ronipass, it's In
wnip, of course. ''Tliero"s win-to
nlij .sol went down  in  11..   wesl, and
Cranbrook \i
Livery S
•Im- ml..
ll."S- trees: iny cuurse i, nil i-iylit!"
So .... 1 tramp iiUi.in. iivrnnlulitilly
btopjihlg to lisU'll: hut l.iil-t Ili'Ns is
Kproudllig ils in.,iii I- over everything.
"Ilv .Tow! II,is Is n nlvn how .I've
.1" If I In..- to stnv out all night'."
Illll'kvl' „,.il iliirk,',' i,  ,...■"■,. -.
-■Wl.... inuki'S llinl IWlg-coucklllg
nnlm-V" I nin beglni ill.' lu lei I lie
ei.letllv lumi..us. nml -In.iurrv" ... ,1.,
iiu.im for    ii.   ...r  I  liiini'i   I-,-     ,i
...n'l   1.1,10     l.eeii n  ,l,,u  I
K 1 nrross  1!."..,.!    Wlllll   uu,   I     t,,
Traeil lu a .Voir,
lint the wolfs rmnpournnco sunn
si.ttleil i,, .....I I wns u|. .. .,— ln-
stulttcr, -fli-i. I yollod nnil whistleil
mul i-iiis-il |'nli, generally, but  no re-
I'l.v ,'„„..'.    I.I  li'  I.-II you   l,i.',i
l.iiii.  ll.,.,  i mill  whs nn.l whul   I Weill
Iluu.ml,    ni.-iiinlli-     ..ml     pltvsicnlli
lull   il   eilll'l   In: .Im,.,.     1,„,-',|     |,„,i.
tU   I"'   II"'.-.     .-"I,-I    nn    ll,,,|      Nuill,
lumiI.lim;   uilli   l,,,i   i,-:,l   uiiiililu      tu
eh.su ....  .-) trltig     nil   llml      1,,„-
niitlil- I ri-.v ..s the    wi.ll tlml      I
Knew wns iv..ilium Lis c-llnncu lo .-nl
,,.", soru ns ,. l.uil ..It ovvr, nml still
from bt-'liiir uiiiililu In move. Hut l
liiutlf mi iill ilii.vliiilit .-,i|,|-,ii-,l.
uud, seeing ,,,, ,v,,|j, I sei'utnl,lull
iliovn iiii.I l.iinl.'il ull over fur berries
.ie anything in give mo .. lil il- i im:
hut .hey were nut of an edible kinil,
mul tnnilo mo feel worse. Hut. ,.
.lii.il. helpcil in- u bit.
I   [.I,nl.ImI   ,,,.,   hero iiiui  Ili-n-:-.,,.-
ti.." tn ui- it|i roots, hut the)
ilfiln'l siilisfy luniger In it." I-,,.,.
idini.'i.im ,„ii, „s I tinned ill" corner
of u hillock, tin-,-,- wns tlie wolf, ,.
big ci-.-.v one, ui. my track, bin keeping a rcspocluhlo distance.     ,.,,   nt)
slinking  llie iinm   nl   I,in.   li-  trull,nl
Imck, but mil, ,.. i.iki. up .... trail
shortly after.     All ,lu.y long     us    I
ronllleil  ..lii.nl   l..<  ,.| in I  nnil   dls-
..ppi-nicil .., Interviils,  -I, lluto being  kept   ..II by     slinking   of   the
el...in.    Ascending     u  hill   I rlimln.il
its tlk'tli-t    ll'L'0   I"    St'-    ii    I  .....III   get
......  heiirhigs     .,, un bv,  luii      ihe
whole illstrlet ns fur „s I eouhl nee
Whs i.-iv ,.. me.
 ul Ntitlil in n Tree.
'fill-    SITIlllll niglil      |, ,11,1,1          (,„,|-
Weill)', fniuislicii  nn.l altogether used
up.     I  .....     ..  riilnist i.i.i.i .-,
„,.-. .mil ulion I liiul 0, lake I., ,i
live   llii.   .•( ,1   „inl,I    I   Ui,s   iii       ,1
Tennis nn.l driven fuiiiisl.v.1 for  nny
point in tlie district,
A. DOYI.E, Manager.
: Dezall Brothers    :
■ ,
j   Blacksmiths
•     Horse Shoeing
; Carriage Kcpairing and
! General Jobbing.... j
t Outside Orders Promptly <
I Attended tn.
hat "III,-- knnl.-il-.i  Milling A   Ma
Land Notice.
-, ! Synupsls ul Rl|Ulllloa, lur disposal I), Mil,
ends mi Dominion Linda iu Manitoba,
Itm Northw, . Itrriluries uud IbC 1 nknn
,.t   i ,..,i iu..- ,,„,, i -,, iii i— ui no net
-Un ...It—il.u.ii .■!' ...,   nulluimii-      \,,t
Willi...   -'    ml— -.in N-UoU  1,'Vil  I,,  "ll"  ui
limit ni company,    .,,..,uy ,., ,in> rate ».
.I'll'-.l"'! I !   ', "" t  l- -llilll I,i'"-'ll"it
mil tint,
Hi    WCllglil
l,„l   I   liniu.it
nllv sullubie
self    ,'„    betwei'i,       its      niuiioi'oim
bl-iinelies,  .,,  I  euuliln't   ,1,,,,,      p       |
Imppeiieii l.. il.,/- fiiiiu alieer oxjunin-
.."...     I1"-    I    ui.l  ni i    i i-ii..i,i
iivil morning. Inn .ml,-, fur wimt
Reuiuv.1 in me ii lew nioiiieuts, when
I nwiikeiieil from u hot-rililo .Iruum
II,..,  I  wns being ... lucked    In      llie
u,.l(.    .11.   .....is ■ I nut  liooliiii-
l.u.l.v,  ...uf  linil  it   tun   Im,,  for   nn
pl'ei'ulUl.iii   In   .,, ,,,-      aiysnlf       ,,,
illtioagsl    11,0   lunl .      I      .'I.i,:il,l   In,, u
llropl I,-  en.-....I
...... I'm  wiiii,,.
Ami there   wus Urn w„tl t,.-iii,.,,ti\
wuiiuie for Ills u...-.iiliii iletltn.  nm
ilioin I must, lliuiigl    -iiiui.   ,,,
u.ei.iiiit .,f my i'1'iinipeii limb,. ,,, -it,
resiilled in ii hrokeii  leg.     tgaht    I
htnrlud,  l„. fore  I   lunl  prueeclisl
mure     lim.   i,    htiiiilmi    y„r,|B   in,
si,-null,  gnvo ,,...    I   |   (cl|  ,,,    ,|„,
Ciirtll    llltl'l'lj      I- I:,I-     ,    nml     -,.p,.,|.
.:!  tin-  Wuii'  1 -,    I',. I-      |   IniiHl  liuie
ut     Ui
Formerly Hotel I'hair
NFXSON,   li. C.
II. TO"ll'KINS, M.inafrer.
('Iiiu Itoli'l  is nn,' of lite host in
British  Coltiiuliiii and  tin-to-ilnti'
in  ovi.'l'j   ri'spi.'ot. Well  lightiil
111),I,■ founts.
Do you want a Stove? Do you
want Boots or Shoes? Do you
want Bargains where New
Goods are arriving: daily ?
Then come to my store.
Fresh from the     ;
Candy Kitchen j
I-:.--,-)- ivccl 'snnr supply "f Irani, 1
enmlynf every klnil-ileiir In Ihu hniirl ,
.full Im-mnl - I enitfuellnlta     Our t
ml-,,,,Inl- I'li'iuua  „i„|  I,,,, -ml,|- •
nl her ehuiii.su ., iIn 111,llllt Il-ll Imn-    J
l:-lm:i:m   ll-i.-r   ' |i,..il v "■:,: I   -.-. let -   ,
..„,i,.|,-.«. ,
• •«•■«•••• «-• .... ». a ,s» • • •'.'
n.l,. nml I.,, rii'liiuutlltupiinuraromnln.
ne". Which  will  he  |i|i
SM) ,1,1).,ifier dill, il I-III)   ill .nil   l,i
.pplvn. ll," Itii.-I ,',u„u,..i..n.i  nf Lumi.
....,1 tl inks In pu.el tlie lullintlligileai'llh
-,l Im-1, iii ..mil, Kual I. nny
r.uiiun-iu'.tm ul .. pual phinlvtl.., Ilu'iiorll.
.,,., innnr ,,f II. T   Arnold'. |,n riupli	
Il.-in-" ltll.lii.il.. -nsl. I tun- I l.-li.,,,,-."llllll e   I'll  .In.,,.,   ii-"   .l.mii-    IU -I.iiiii.
in -ill i llnlnt I'    I. Iiiii.IiI - I,  |i,u," ,,.
uilniiu H-etuelU.
II, I A'plrntherUllh, A n Hint,
3T-DI IIuIh'I, Ih.rk.
Timber Notices.
V,i„.   ,. Ii-ivln   uiv-n   llml   .l.i.i -.  ,t„i.
nl"-l    Im-  I    i nl   In  ll|,|,|v   In  .1,- -llinl
-inin---in.,-.- nf   I I.   mul   unit..    I	
-|,-i-,l In-,,. nl llllll  mill, Hill I III,I,-.
imiii Ihvlnllnwliigilescrl I I'nu.ls li. Sniitl.
Im-   K i ,I...ri, i. llini.il I'liliu.il.ii. :-
I- Ililng nl  ii  |i,,.i   |i|iii,i-   nli",,, fi
-I,-in. miiili ,,t it,- .,,ii,li„mi  -nm-,  ,, I,
Km l,.i,ll.lu,. llllll,,,. Inn." N„ .-,11...',. 11,-lull". 1 I. 14. ..linil... II ,i -.1», clmliiH, llumee
lluliil llifs alsl .iny ulOeluher, ll«H.
I-inl l.il.i-   |.,„- -.
Ill :,|. .Iiiiuiw llnickell, Agent.
N.ui- i. Imi-I.i  uir tin.   II.im- ilnva
.if.-,'ili,,"l , ml lu imply lu .he chief cum.
i.im.i.,1-1 u, Inn I. ...nl   iruik. lur „  ■ina-lnl
li-"...,- ,., und -nil.   n.mi.   Ilnilic,. in,,,,
.1,-I,,lli-.,ui-.1-.,nl,-, limit, in Sunth-Kiiul
k -nn. ■ 11- ii... lln,1.1, I'lihiinhh,:-
.'".I -I„g '.,    , .'    ph„U".l   in    ili-
nurlh.wcal   e„r„„r  ,.| Lily Slnpl" ■
limit, t ,,".. 8Uchn|iia, Ihctiee  fi.su
1„ I Ihi.et.t dnyul Imii.l.-r. Imn,
Mllluli Sliiplcs. LucHtur.
,1,,,1,,'U llnivkvir, Age,,,.
Niui- i- l,-i-l.)   given   ll.nl   thirty .Iny.
'.ui-i'iii-i' nf hinds nnd work" lur 'u'spe'iiui
,11.1 ,1:.) illl,„. ml
ildcd  I I,
 MlllWer ...    J?
I'u.rllnry. iit i
district, li.i
. in South K.w.
|,li I     HI    lln
l\.i: Miislermini'stlm
I. I",Imn,-.1 ,..i,..i
1,-1- liu.il. llll... .Imn... I Imn- su,ill.   In -liuin., ,|„
,'HSl Urn-In.in-. I.. i.l, I lii'irlunlllg
II, I   Iii-l'.'ii.IiI.i, iili.-i -. Imn.
mi. Sluph's. I In
.1...  Ilru-k-il..In,
-n   Hint   Ihlrty   diiys
pply tn it,- -lit,.[nun.
In-1,.II-nm ,l—i-.  I I. u, i
I.i", ii Ui.iii-i   Itnlii.t, |.„l |
Hides' limber limit  it.- nl, I, |„,i
-li-    ,.-..    ,',   -luii,,-.   it.-,,-  s 1.   I
l>i I this i'lul il.i
Null-  i.  Im,-!-   -i,,.,,   lliul    ,1,111,     I,,,.
nll-l ill- I I nil .,, npiilr ,,, .1 1.i'-i-,u'„
inlsslonnrollHH.Iaiunl   works  ,,,.- ll inl
li -in-n    nml mi,.-, n.mi,   ,1 i- fun,,
I he fiilliiwlng ileseri I hinila in rtnilli.Knal
K mi. .Imin. I   llrllish l-nllllnlihi:—
rtl.U.m'Hl'lllg   Ut    .1    l.ii.l   pi I   ,,,    Mm
mii'lli-wesl .-iH-iicr   ,,,'   t'ii.,1  It,,.!-'   0 ■
r-illn- in.y.u-n - . .[■ ... t
ee. tlu'l.t Hllii-1 ... !„   I. ..'
I'lil.e, Muilt.u'.    ,1  I,...Uut Ui-   \.   \\
Inliit ,...,! -M-iiil nil lu
:.!-. ...ill,.     I lie Im Orlll
in,I e.t n.l- laics l.. tir
X. W.  1'.. cx-nl.ii.; I   -   \.    I-II- 1
a— miner in... -I , • ..'.    I-..-, ul'
i.,11c. eucli lorn term -t t.v m, years, re
ul.l-In tticiloi-iitiiiii-I urn ll.i.i-ic. ,,l tl.o
Tliu |ejueo'a rluhl i-i Iliad tn llie ..itm
.ii hull,.- b.r- ..: Hi- rlv.-r helnii l,„, ,.
ni:,,-,, ni,,, snnl'e.,,the imil
Furnishes a class of news that cannot be
found in the best metropolitan daily or weekly published. It is a weekly record of those
events with which you are associated. IL
tells ol the home, the ranch, the individual,
the industries that are making fame and fortune for South East Kootenay, the sports of
the mountain and the valley. It tells of all
T;':''lT'I!S that combines to make the mountain homes
of British Columbians so attractive, and why
people are anxious to return when absent
on  pleasure or business.
i,,'i—nt oullcitail oi, tin,,i..|„,i tifter n usee
lircdg.-.lttlHliia Vllkoti Ten llnry. -Si\ leu
uf liu- mil... .-.ml. mil) I,,. griHlledlii „ t
in. ' for tl term of t.i-,,1.  ,e,i,-.. ul-, ren
Tlie lessee's rkdii is tlttied lo ,',.-...,,,,.,
"it I «i l.i.r. ,. Hi- n. i- I'ulolt  luu  ,.
Il.il.lt, Iluu hulllulnr. I„lmli\-, ,-, Us mm,:
nit Hi- isi dtiyiif Auaiist In the your ol llie ,.
T ec .lull.:.,..-..-.Irml", in npcnil
ivlthliit,vuyenrafruiiiiheilH.uoflliol,'Hsd .
„aadrednetor o„oh l, .1- ...,',I.i .Is y-
I,,,,,. -iicIhNi.".    Itoniid, Sl.rti iu. mile fur ,
I'luoer Mini
miHi. riven,
geilvud  du-n
. I,-,
-I.nm.  Ili-
iln.ul ii.
chnlns, ,1	
-I,iinm In |.In.,-H   l,-;,liliii,-
lliil.il ll.i- u 1 -. diiynf Octnher. null
1,11,1-Sliiplcs, I ...ni
JllHH'sllruckclt, Agent.
Nell- Is hurvliv  oi.-,. llml  thill,  .1,,,-
iiflieihtti'l i ml luiipplvn, il Iii-f-un..
,,,i..i ri.flul.ila i,mI  wurkH Inr .. .-tm-iul
,li-li,ll,ii,iua'il-.iiil'iil'l,ii'i.|.'iii Suulh-Kiisl
K ny illstrlet, It lllshL'iihuulilii:-
,'' , 'I„g ",   I'h I „.  the
ilnrlh-wcsl  ■ • uf  [•'nil   Oio-ls'  thither
limil.  Ih-.."" ..uilli su  -liuin., ,1,,.,  west
su chnlns,, hu i-.nn I. si -l„,in.. 11,-,., ,...
HI. chains.. "nfl.cni. a.
I ...let ilii.ii.i ,!,,,- ,,i 11,-t, ,1,,.. nun,
-li useStiipl™, I •.
J  Itn.-kcii. An-,.!.
Nuii.-c i. hcndiv glynn  llml  thirty ,1m.
niter,IhIc I i ,.,l l,ni|,|,l,i mil Iii-,-.-,,,',,.
Illlsslnlterulhillils nm,   Bucks Inr ,.  ., inl
Il.c fi.ll.n.ii,u',l,..,.ril,,.,l'liui,ls'lii Sul'llli-liusl
Kuutviiuydlslricl, lltilish |-|,liiiiil.i,.:-
lIunitlieHchig   ni   ii   |iu.i   ptiiuted ul   lite
f snl". Ihnreii'ill I e offered   lliutice nurlh KUchuins ,1 cewcsl NO chiiliis'
-i iii.i.-iit. IHU... ii.
,i . .nnl.i-iil. IN- llll, ,In.v ,.f Xnvenilior.
llml..it ,1,-I-,.mul I", mum. hy I' II. Mul*
rls, thcfollnwlng pri,|,erl.y:
All thai ,',,l„ .u-iiiu-o-n-l o* I mil nml
IH-etllfscssitunlc, lying mid hulnu Luis Hum-
burs line nml T»e In If « number I'ive. iu
Mm Tn,,„-ii-ii Klmberli'i', mconlliig lu it
[.luu liiul in if.- Litiid I'.cui.ii.viitll-c n, Vic-
Oirin. It.,'. Si'tH,inhcrflrd. IHttM.ns nunihiir
•■,1,II." being Hie Kin-Ill .sou- lintel. ,i-j„llimit ill. nil fur,,,,,u cum, uiiieil , herein.
Tell per eoIII "llfii-pnri-hiiseprieelnliepiutl
Hi   ,1,,'   ,i„,"   "f  Side,   till'   IlllllltU-e   ...|   terill.
«Inili iiilltiemnkc know,, nl ,1,,'li lanle.
I'iii terms nnd eoiulllinns of Sfiluilpply In
tuna snlleltnrator.Morlgi,8w,
,'rnul k, Il.c,
1,,-ilc.l Xm-vniher llrd, lunl.
>,„ mi s  me ,1,- Hist   Urn   iu,    .,-
|sislu,.ls I....I sei.uo .I   I!.,, plnec in e,
,',-)•    lliu'iti,,,,    fllf      |,m,    culling „,„
JHtiirtlllg tires  tlml   |   ii,i-|i,   bo gulil
ul   hy   III.:  .sun,I.m   Inn   h„,|   |„   ,,., ,,,-
j In eump nl.,,iu  ll,e mi.IU i     i|„,
[lilgllt, N.'M tin) nnd dii) nfier t|,„
t'litiie pm-t.v whs nut tiring guns ...id
,- rehltig, nml linnllv nn uf 11,-,i
. , I lug Sight „, whul. I.n llioitgbt
must l.e u I,.-,..- ivns ..In,ul In lice
When i, eotnpmilun livid his ncin in
eu.ilfnti, ninl (boy iipprnnclied
sloullllliy, tn II, ii I in- lying Inseiislblo
...Id in.v In,ii- liirnod while. Their lie-
i„g lunl dotllllless driven nil II,,' Wolf
In il..- nick nf lime.   'II.-,, slgiinlleil
tn   .be ..SI   hy „   |u-,ri,ii.i-i l-.l volley,
mul  I  wns curried to rnliip, rvcove'e- I
il.g     Snf.n.Slln.:.    ul.l.V    lim   full,,Win-    j
d„y.    Iloiuur.
wl j",,-,, di ice iil.u.u tl onnlry nm.b
The Handlcy l.ivery Stables
lur lltn iicci.ssnr.vniltf.l,
May . rn.i, ,\ ,. |
.'uiuuliioi fni'incra will I.- nitrprlsed '
lu In,in tlml s,::u7 Ions ,,f |,..v. vol- '
mil ui s|"I.ul'.u, ii,.,.,. imp, | ,.,.,„„ I
.l.e   United Htntua during  tin- flncnl
year cud Iii jj June,  I'J.iit. )
tnr s supplied hy iih nte hnnilsuniv,
I well nppol.ilvd  nn.l onlirclv   siltlslnelury.
I They mid inilrl. I" tl'" Idonann. nl n Irin
.-llierei. tiolhingil'iiul.   l.uiw  ,,l   vol.ieli'   In
,.M "nslness Hi ii Hflisllivc perantl tint-
nliythilig in Ihu iippvnrnilcvl I either In jnr
Ulnae nli" HU'pnt'ti.'iilnr ns luatylc.
i'.ll'l. IIAMil.KV.
In    lit,.'.'I., ,l„v,,,-,,, ,,,,,-r. ttnl
K... Music,-,,,.,,.. I.hchIuc.
.lllllll'H  lll-H.-kcll. Ann,...
Timber Notice.
X..llrn i. l.-.-el,,.- given it,,,, thirty ilnvs
nller tlnle. I Inleml  ,., npply In the chief
'."HIH.i-si ■ t.f Inmla nml ..ticks   nl    Vim
loriu torn s| i.d li,n.i.u In cut mid eurrv
„,..,.,. tlillhor off the lolhnilngduserlhrd lands
iu Snulh-l-ltlsl Knulenny:—
. uiHHicii-iiig ...   u  pusr  plnnlvd   nn  llie
"... mnl....,,. ..It-.   I' llngiut's 'unl., r limit
.UleliHlnsiiorlh frotn tho amilh-ensl  -
Ihei-enf;   II  ni.i'l I. M.-. chnlns Intliclu.cth.
ens nor pual ill suit] P. P. Hugi i ,.,.
Itll.ll!    Hi e  .....l-rly    ] I    clitiliia;    tl no
nurlh .11 cliuliiu in ili„ soulli.tii'Ki ,.,,,- - ,,t
I.n, M-ir.llr  I. Hiiulh-Kital Kunlunne:
INeneeeiihlelly l„ ll.e I„,„k  nl  |,„k„ I'l k;
I lu-li".. s.ui.ll". I,,   Hill chimin! ll c itn-lo-ly
•_•'. ,-hni.i.  full.-  phien ,,f -,,„ ,,
'•"iilnii.il.u HI •maninr deaa
li Im I'ninliruuk, ll.tf., il.i. :iili ilnr.il
October, llllll
aim. I. W. Mllehell.
Nut ten i. hereby glynn I lint Klxty d.iys nil or
dnlo   I  inn-nil In npply In  llie , Njef 	
miasionernfhuidsHiu! a-nrks fur pnrinisalou
in punduisn the fulluwlng iluserlhcd lumi.
sin, I in H.i.t k „y .li,.,iin
I'limmnnciugu, nt „ pust phllilctl I'llchuin.
■mull t,l li. .'. sin,Hi', norllt-iveat eurn■ r.
thence auu.l, so cluiius, Ihoiico west HI
chnlns, thence north Nil elinlns, thenee eusl
mi cluiius ,n ,,„s, nf coinmvnvvineitl cnntnln-
IngHI'invm. less.
Iiiil-.l imiiil,-,- int. imn
A. II. Tinner,
UI-'iL Aiipllcnnt.
T'nkv notice Mint It la my litluntiun lu npply In tliu llnnrd if Henna. CnuiiniHsfuiicis
f.tr ,'rnut.ti.uk tli,I ii, I ut llinir next regullir
meeting mi December t.'itli. Iffltt, Inr it
Irnuafer In v.-lf it, ituhert ,lohnatot, uf
lite hiilelli|.oiiHe fin-Ihclentrnl lit,Int..MnriH-
| ...111
■.in.i.l. uf I
 I .Illicit llll llll.tll.   .tut],   Im   illlltmnil.   lltn
..-., "ftlic |„irlyi tnliniii -In ly.
I III IV fee-lit.    It.iyillia, -HioHIti,,, met
 Illllf |,er C'lll nnil.,' ..I I I..-  -.,:,!   -Inn
.-,11  1;- lu  leilllnu     .ml ,„  l,|-
. -In,
el ,,
, giving notice and
iu aeh roar ."
«..:: nniM  nt,-.,
tln'V.il tut loii-l .-„
A tllieiile ttiul .. ml, int.. ]....... il,„,e mil.! lie
nli nin.'il .'.let. y-nr. II nm.  <!,- ,-i;  .Null I,,.
,I,-eiu-Ht-tlte...,,,n.l,,,m.t.unit ,,|i-ti ,ii,,ci<in>„[t,,,i
IHe ! iiliri-i'iif',', -Iiiu limy lie,]c!l„c I  ntl-
...Ii.t-ly l.y NnOiiKK -inn) ... „l,.,,iiil|,.il.li.ti:t,u
IHltlOUS ,1, Ul- Vnl.ii it'll.-,:,: I i./elte
i't'lrntciini.   All    ni ,,:,,,.illicit   Dnmlnlnn
I ii.il- . i -ui lulu, lln '„■,.: ,-, T-iiii,,nes
llllll wi.tun IN- Mi- ti I. iii.-rv nru npen In
tmi-li-etlim  tn.  |ic,..|.m.iiu.   mul ll.e tmul-tei | i,
1.1,1) i-c-i-i- ,,„ ;. tu. no.,'... cnutp.,!!,   tun- ' 1,
i..g...ncl,incrrimllicltiu.|t |„i,. ,...,',„l. m   B|
iire.t ttrill';i-ti...   s.it.nli it,,. ,,,,„,-,..,■,,„■ ,it, |9,
enver nil In ,laying u" "'
esti.hll.ti auelt illsctn
1...n'l as iniiy"l«,",l-m,n'ni'i-il.'',', -i'l". -mil'.,',"i'l',,'- '    ?
ill.cuvercrallhertilcnl - in new. sill I
Inrnyidlyntsiieliriitani in.iy l.e spenllled liy
,1.1)11.. .1. SAIAIIT,
l,c|„,tvnrtl,8 Minister nil he llitorlor
I'-I'l ri.,,-.
is not only a joy and a source of information
to your own home, but it is a weekly letter to
relatives in the old home back east. Western news is always of interest to the old folks
at home. No young man living in South East
Kootenay should fail to send the home paper
to those he has left behind. The father, the
mother, the brother or sister, will soon watch
for it with anxiety, because it tells the news
of the country where the boy is living.
Tramway Incorporation.
't'llkc nnlitt. ll.... ll nlnc.ie.tui]   llllln up
uiiiier the Tumi.....  ('iinipHtiv   liicurimni.
Huh Act nml A ling Im. fur the purpusi
uf euustraellng inlnliilHg inplelhig nml
 rating,, iruni...... hnlive  v puinl in
pnlii.uuf.I.eHnlllriui  11.11. s N ,-:..,-, Km,
tunny, tn lite North   Sliir brunch   ul tin
L'roWS   XeM    I'll...   It.-lil.litv.    mnl      ,,   -f,.-l
Hcpllro, I,mil.lull. Iflegniph nml tcleplinm
poles >.i...i. nml tilling mul ,,l,,- ,. I |,
■lit- n Hint I   lim .-iit
shell ,. I.l.n, Iln-i    ll. I In
,N-it,,i-ii  Agent, hi I'run
llllll  Willi  ill- In-li-lll.    ",   lllllll   Mini.,
Il.i-ilni Miicy-i-lllc, II.C. ,l,i.  It,Inl,
ll-lttl.-ii l:,n,
1,1-11 -
.-im- t'U,No.
I in,mi. I). Wei
is the home paper of the district. It covei s
the news field, it pictures from week to week
the iife in the west, it tells of the resources of
South East Kootenay, the richest district in
resources in the Dominion. It is a paper that
j will give pleasure to you and to the old folks
at home. You should subscribe for it now
for yourself, and you should send a copy
back east.
The Subscription dj? AA a \laai*
is only...^«^* yLAjV il   I Cell
Land Notice.
Sixty dnj'H, .-.hu-1 ml to npply lo
th"   I'liiel    0 tiiusin,,,.,.    of      L„I„Ih ' „,„|
IVnrka fur pcrililrslull It, ptirrlliisn "■ Hcres
o!l„n,ls|iunlt< in Ihe district uf Mm.IN !:....
bnnli'iniy mnl .1—t-ilictl u. fnlluits:
.'un,,,,. ii.g ... ilie Intnrsectl , it".
«es, li ILul lii-u.i"imtil. k'nctoimvili*.
tricl with .he right nf ,vn,y nl.l.e llrltlali l',,|.
Il.nl.in s.u.Ohiii niibinv. ,1 aoulhtll	
lOehnlna, lltfiue u-esi ,,, in- „,i,t ,iti„ ,,,
tiny, llieuee nit,nu snhl rigid nf ,,-„)■ lo:|iln»e
nf I'tiHuiieimnineiU,
ll-'I'IU Hlhn A. Mnnnera.
Cratihronk, n.,'., Im S'oveinlier In'-I.
Land Notice.
Xotieo is hereby given Hint slxl) dnyanllnr
'l„l,' I Intend It, npply tu the I'liiel ,' mi..
sinner nf I,nn.lu miii Works fur permission
in ptirehiisn l|„. lullnivlng desfrilied Inmls
aittinted in lin.t Kootennyillalrlel:
I'l.miii-iu-ingiii ,i pnsl  plnulcd I'll elinlns
smut, „f IS. c. smith's northwest corner,
theme sunt h Nt.cliulns, tlieiiee ireatSOclinlna
| Ihenee north «„ elinlns, ihencv vnst sneliiiliis
iin pnsl uf eonu to nt. -tiiilnitiiiig 1,1,1
imn.l.u Crnuhruok. October astli, llllll.  ''''r'" ™'™01'1'™. (   |( ^^
;1J Jiih.iA.JIct)o..nH.    |    |), I,,,. ,.,- :.,-.t I,. null.
You can afford it. You often spend $2.00
foolishly and don't miss it. Try this year
spending $4.00 for THE HERALD, one copy
for you, one copy for the good old folks at
home. Try it for one year. You will never
regret it.
$2.oo A YEAR
nr+m.km, *.•*•«.
■»■»».».»« »»««.«,««. THE   CISANItltOOK    IIKIJAI.I)
Ladies' Costumes
All reduced in price   27.50 for 18.50, 2G.00 lor 16.50, 23.00
for It-i.i. 18.(10 for             11.50
Men's Tweed Suits
Regular 8.00,10,00,12.00, reduced t       4.«5
Ladies' Silk Blouses
12.00 lot'Mill. lO.OOfor 7.50, 8.00 for <>.0u, o.tlll for 4.50
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Men's Negligee Shirts
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An Attractive feature Is Our
in i w:n:'i> Hu mi
*|MH.il||    i N.l 11,1- til.    |||
WO  IIAltd UN-- .'■■   mi.',
Nun is tin- luii" lu iir.lur your
Photo 4 4
Also lo onU.rtli.il Kiiliiivi'tinni yon
Wlllll lo solid lo mother,
Prest Photo Co.
Vonitsa Clean Currants I
I-         -
1 *
This CniTiinl i
m'l l.uv Iti'ttor.
y clcnii   a i-uiiiul. hltick beauty, 7
G. T. R: Packet 15c       i
Fancy and Staple Groceries anil Crockery.
la.l, knows nhnl w'e sell nn.l jjS
Iluu we nre tint .;,,,.lie-t wiih saw
■   sinntli.nl    Hon'.  ..it',- 5«
hink .im in.: tlml yon will I $g
I'mdln   Inr   ThanlisehiHlt 3C
..I ii,,- Ihe .->
•   - M
n, i ...     -   ■•  vim ,■„.. ,
ll RI Jl esh kill.-.! hi
liiir^iiirS^^iif*^ ■ •. !* wtimmtfimtm{%
MMwmmmmm mmmmmmwm
U   Y
1 n tern at ion a I
Coal and Coke
Company Stock
Beale I Elwell
MCI.    Ol I 11' IM.    THEM    FOR
31    CENTS
if And Still They Come K
Tl.o cars, ivn mean, loail ■ I with goods for Mini-
niug it .Sithlous urn nrriving almost every tiny.
Wi, in-,- iinlonding today ii car of that celebrated
Royal Household Flour.   Come nml "ut ,-t  suck
of it before il is nil |j ■ nnyfhing else kept
in u lirst class store. II is our nttiulii'i': call lisup
nml we'll suiul wh.-d yon want nf ,      Vours,
Manning & Siddons   %
Picked Up About the City  hy  Asking
Questions of Many People.
For rent throe rooms: npply In
Hi'Milii office.
lunl bargains at
.Morrow A-.MoFiirlniie's.
(I «,' Watson, of Fort  Stuolp.
is in town today.
Wnutfil Position ns cook in
hot,-I. liy until ninl wife.
T. A. Murphy.
Born, to Mr, ami .Mrs. E, Home,
Monday November i'l it girl.
Tim license commission will
meet in Crnulirouk on the liitli ot
.Mrs. Stone nnil Miss Atwooil,
of Movie, were Crnnbrook visitors
last Monday.
Charles Estinero arrived today
from Vaiicouver. Me will retiiitin
in lown several days,
Wanted, n fitrnislietl Itouse for
tho winter.   Host of cure taken  of
Address The Honitil.
Tlu-c. I'. U. qtindrille club will
hold ils next iliincc al W'.-ntworlli
hall on Friday evening.
Next  \Ve,llies,l.-,v is St. Alnltvws
day, Wltnl lire the Scotch ..I
Cranbrook going to do':
.Mrs. -I Wnllingor was brought
ilowti front lumborloy totlnv and
taken tu the liospitnl quite  ill.
See Morrow* McFnrlnno's bnr-
gain counter.
Lost, nn. buckskin pouches, one
containing $1(5, mnl tin- uther ST.
Finder please return te Herald
office and receive rewurd,
"ii Mondtiy night ..I ibis »-,.,-k
Rev. nn.I Mrs  Fortune enlertniiicil
til-' elders .-.ll.i   lll.-lliHL-ers. and llluir
ivives, ul K ,, u \ I'l'esl.vterian
Nee Mttri-uu A. McFnrlnne's bnr.
iuin counter,
Services iii III,. Mutliudisl ell.urli
i.-M SiiiiiI; v ut the nsiinl hours.
fit., pastor will preach in the
morning on "Thv kingdom Come.''
In Ihe evening "A (lood Mollter."
Sole or exchange  for farm  or
titnlter lands   Nine room residence,
.ne block from |»sl office, Hansen
Vvenue, Cranbrook, II. ('.
H.'l-tf r. I,und.
Se,- Morrow ,v Mt-l-'ai-l.-niu's bnr-
{nin fuiiid.-r.
Hurry Rowucss has purchased
tin- Mm,hull,in hotel nl Mnyie of
M.-sseis. Armstrong A- Swiiiiiiirton,
ninl liiuli |Bissi'ssii,ii yesterday. If,'
will goio Moyie Boine time uexl
month iu live.
Se,- Morrow & McEnrlnn'os bar-
gflill ei.uiit,.,'.
"My little boy is as passionately
fond of pictures as I am. ami he
says he is going lo lln- -art gallery'
nl Frost's studio to buy mo nn
Xmiis present," said it Crnnbrook
gentleman this week.
no fake.   Call null be convinced.
Morrow A McFurluiiu,
James Balfour, lite well known
railway insurance hustler, spent
sevend days in town this week.
Mr. Bnlfour left for Ihe const this
week nnd then will work Inward
lu.....' lo spend his Christmas with
the old folks.
Morrow A McFiirhino for al'
kinds of goods thut men wear,
Olo Lundquist. and employe ut
Kings mills met with an accident
Inst Monday that might easily have
proven filial. He fell from n Hut
ear nnil lighted on his head and
shoulders, receiving injuries thut
rendered hint unconscious for several hours. Dr. Bishop was rnllwl
ami dressed Ihe wounds ami .Mr.
t.ituquiiil in now recovering.
A Bargain Counter
Wchavc a Iin; ol broken si:es in SHIRTS and
SHOES th.it we .ire selling at just one hall the
regular price      	
$I.7S Shoes at $ .00
5.00 Shoes at 2.S0
4,00 Shoes at 2.00
2.00 Shoes al    1.20
$ .70 Shirts at $ .30
.90 Shirts at .10
1.00 Shirts at .00
1.00 Shirts at .70
2.00 Shirts at 1.25
I Morrow a McFarlane
First Class Boarding Establishment
Apply to
Your Wants
Our Aim..
We havu studied the wants of tin- people in tl is
district.   Thai is onr business.    And iu I,::-, • ,.
our Christinas stuck  .,-,- hnv,- made It  , niiii'n ,
l.uv  whal you  want.    Furthermore,  wc   I:
bought  low  this your, und  you an- to got  the
benelil.    We hale   everything   ill lln-   will   i t
D'.l.l.s. HOOKS. TOYS,LEATHEH (,'ooDs
I'KKsslNi;  t'.ASFS.  I'll "I'l |;|>.   t..i |.i  ,
ARTICLES,     Everything   that   ,,.,:  ,
Children   may   want.     Cull    in   ,,i,.i   . ,
C. E. Reid & Co.
U/>e Druggists
Mr. and Mrs. Chisolin, of Mull
River, were in town yesterday.
.Morrow   A-   MeFtirl:    for nil
kinds of gotsls that men wear.
Our $1.75 waieh, .stem wind ami
stem set is ji hummer.
Wilson the .It'Weler.
Born, to Mr. uud Mrs. Scot McDonald, Monday, November L'I, n
William Van Arsdnlen, of Fori
Steele, was a Craiibrook visitor
.Morrow A-   McFnrh   fur  till
kinds of goods that men wear.
Wanted Lady desires jstsilion
as stenographer. Good references.
Apply The Herald. :!2-lt.
Fur Sal.- Corner lot. house with
cellar and furniture, Sl'-iII cash.
Apply P.O. Bus 71. ('rani.rook.
Morrow & McFnrhine I'm- all
kinds of goods that men wear.
Next  Monday evening there is
extra wuii on n't tin- I hid Fellows
lodge nml a   full nltendance is re-
•lum.-s Mel'liail. uf Marysville.
was ii, town last Tuesday on I,is
way t,. Murysvilli! after it hunting
trip iu Sand Creek country.
Sen Morrow A- McFurlnue's bar-
guilt counter,
Crnnbrook hud it's lirsi siunv fall
I'ur the season yesterday. The
ground was soft tuul the snow left
tin streets in a bad condition.
F. -I. Huberts, representing the
Sweeney interests in the Sullivan
properties, was iu town lust Tuesday mi his return In Spokane.
Woman's distinctive lovn for the
beautiful iu art would whisper lo
Sunlit Clans lo visit lln- "art gal-
lory" al Frost's studio and make
some selections from iheir new
wnll tlecorutioiis,
Ileal bargains al
.Morrow A McFurltuiu's,
Fxpericnecd nccountniit. shorthand writer and typist desires en-
gngemenl iu .Taininry. First class
references, salary $100, Apply
Crnnbrook Herald. !l-l :h.
We have a beautiful line of
Sterling sliver gmsls suitable for
wed,ling and Xmiis presents, Our
prices are as cheap as eastern linns
t'ltll sell this elnss of goods.
Wilson llie Juwler,
Sue Morrow* McFarlnno's bargain counter.
The llelllld olliee would consider
il a favor if those who have built
hollies, lidded to stores or done
anything in the way of improve-
incut Binco January I. would bring
such information to the olliee with-
out delay, so that it may be included iu the improvement record for
Cranbrook for the year I'.HI-I.
That we are doing the (I FNTS'
FKKXlSHINIi business of this
town is due to one price, and low-
Morrow A' McFnrhine,
The Knights of Pythias gave a
very enjoyable "At Homo" last
evening nt their hull. There wnsn
large attendance und it most interesting program was presented con-
sisting of vocal und instrtimontal
music, The crowning feature was
the lecture on Damon and Pythias
by Thomas Rookes, illustrated by
chloral pi,'lures thrown on the
wnll. Cards were indulged in by
those caring lo piny ami iilioul i'l
o'clock  ttu iipputly.jug lunch  wus
See Ihat line slock of candies if
Mrs. Evan's store uexl It, Reid A
Go's dry gotals store.
F. W. (1 lover and his two sons ol
•lull'rny. loll recently for London
England, where he will pul tin tu I,
school. Mr. (Hover is an old time!
in the Kootenays having packed
into Wild Horse in the eighth s.
Francis MeConnell. who is ut-
tending St. Boniface college ul
Winnipeg, is now it member of lln
college ot'cllestl'tl ill which he plays
,-t clarinet. The WinnipegTribntu
of recent date speaks in high prat'si
of lite work of the orchestra at a
concert given in Winnipeg lasl
That we are doing the (1 FNTS'
Fl'liNISIIINd busin.'Bs of this
town is due to one price, and low
Morrow A- MoFiirlnne.
The mock parliament will he
held ul tiild Fellows hall tomorrow
night ns Wetitworlh hull is engaged. The budget speech will pro.
Illlbly be delivered followed by lie
til.illiiil.il debute. There ate a
number of members who expect to
deliver their maiden speeches tomorrow night ami they will pro.
bablv be warm ones.
Mrs. Evans, of the Vaiicouver
store, has taken the rooms formerly occupied by Prest's studio as a
bn 1.   store to handle   holiday
goisls until the lirst of the vonr.
The other store in the Imperial
bank block will   be   kept   open   as
usual, but   will   I nliirged   and
I        NOW OPENING.!
A large consignment of
Spanish Wines
|  ^ Port and
Wholesale Wines. Liquor, and Cigars
M Ounce of Tact i$
«S « f.
Worth a Pound of fiction
The Firemen's Ball.
The liriueiis ball held last Thurs-
dny evening was ll grout success.
socially and financially, The committee in charge of the affair did
all iii titer power to establish the
ball us aii annual event, and so fat
did they sue, I that  hereafter il
will surely he so considered by the
people of this town. The attendance was just large enough to enable everyone present to have a
good tittle, ami the words of praise
front all who were present is ample
evident'!' that the evening was a
uu,si enjoyable one. The lull
orchestra of Wright A- Milwnrd
furnished the music, ami the re.
freslitneiits served were dainty in
the extreme, The hall was appropriately decorated with lire hose,
buckets, ladders, uto„ and preseni-
ed a unique tuul attractive appearance, It was a late hour before |
the ,Ian,-ers were willing toucknow.
lodge that they had had e igh of
pleasure for ihe night ami consent- j
eil in playing of the "Home Sweel
Home" waltz, after which they re-
I tntilly left fur their homes.
The receipts for the evening
818(1.25 mul .the expenses $1)1.75.
leaving a net  bnlu  of $151.50,
with seven tickets to hear from.
This low expense was made possible hy the generosity of Messrs.
CIupp nnd Rollins, proprietors of
the Weulworlh. who refused lo
take any money for lite hull. A
huge number of Ihe ladies assisted
very materially I.y their contiilmi.
tions in the way of cakes, etc..
which was very much appreciated
by the management.
Hay for Sale.
The undersigned has 50(1 tons of
X„. I timothy hay at $11.50 per
ton and 500 tons of firs! class tip-,
land hay at $11.00 per toil f.o.b.
Olds f,,t"ittllli,.,liate shipmetll; rate
from Olds to Cranbrook is $.1,110
per ton. Win. Dean.
(lids. Alberta,
THE insuring public are told fcy
the agents of the combine companies that while they do charge
higher rates, their companies are stronger and safer than are the non-combine
companies which we represent. In fact
they go so far as to say our companies j
are unsafe!
This statement has been reiterated i
by them so often that some people actually believe it to be true. As a malter
of fact it is an absolute falsehood, as the
following extract from the Government
Blue Book for the year ending December 21st, 1903, page xcii, v/ill show.
The rate of assets per cent of amount oi
insurance in force is thereon shown.
That is the true and only comparison of
financial strength:
Combine companies as follows:—
British American .88; Western 1.01.
Non-combine : — London Muiu.il
1.09;   Ottawa   1.07.
In face of this comparison we ask
where is their boasted strength ? and
why pay higher rates for a protection
which is not as strong as that we ofier
Arnold $ Robe
Real Estate mi Insurance • Craitbrooli. B. C.
Hot Water
I- a grenl ii.iu.-iimiii.. in il,- hoiueil
vuii get ii u luu von viiiu it. If vita
.Wl tint it il  li.  v.I," pm ihe
nllllll in ...,,,. in hut wnler.    t's Iv I .,
tin fellow »l .,:]- hiinsi'lfn	
I'.m ]n-l In liml uu, wl.nl .mil |ilnii,hers
mill tin It, sitm.lv you ..ill, l.lenlj of hot
wnli'i ..llll..' tin..' I'llll "in -.    It" never
t,Mr     t"'f  i„ Iml  »:,,'■,  hecniis,. ,,.■ keepynu
well .„|t|.lii"l.    ..,--,In- |.„i..r.'
PLUMBUM, llh'ATIM.. KflllllMinad
VltNTII.ATIMi liMilMililfS nn: cranbrook  iu:i!.\i.n
The Saratoga
II. IK). Proprietor
This i'. a new restaurant, anil
will l>u operated on modern
plans. Open day and night,
.•liiil the best the market affords
will   be  served   on   the tables
Best meal in the country for the
least money
Tobacco, Cigars and Fruit    |
Opposite C. !'- R. Station ^
, _     — —
!  Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.    Ash for CranbrooK
] Deer and insist on having it.
The Cranbrook Brewing ®. Malting Co. Ltd.
Also Manufacturers of all kinds of Aerated Wctors.
CRANBROOK, ^*   *   #   British Columbia
l5..-JMfr-©-<9-®-(5-®-®^-i1.>-w--4)—is- ItM^HS-SMsHsr-tSr-
It the Cosmopolitan Botel
A Firstclass House Centrally Located
rf Fine Sample Rooms In Connection.    The bedrooms A •■
til) ii
ii, are airy and comfortable, and llie table is the best the 1!-,
1!  II
.1.I. Stephens,
li. I. Stephens,
IK, Rnckendnrl
J. I iiwsun,
^ m ANCE
The l."i„l,,i, \ssiirnnce Cor 'iilinii
in i ,,\ii.i\. i nti,.\M,
The Mercantile l''ire Instirniicc Co.
,,r TiutiiNTi,
The Murvl I ('usually Company
ul   l:\l.ll.u,III,. 111'.
The Itiiiliv.'iy Passengers' Atiauranee C puny
ul   |.,,NI„,\.  lAel.'.M'
Now Vurk Lite
When Yon  ri.lnk ?/ INSURANCE.-Ymi Tblnli »/
As we predicted several months
months aj;o. the Flathead country has been thrown open. The
" rush is on." The mines arc
rtmningfull blast and everything
is lovely. If you are in our neighborhood come to the Alexandra
Mold. It is Ihe best hotel in
the district	
II. L. Stephen,
.1. I. Stephens
IS., thi n.ir;:,:i I ,!J ,,.,, .t'.i w.- wi,'. to prepare-ourselves,
This i-i a thoujht constantly b.-ljiv each  individual employed
In Cranbrcolc's Greitett Store i lb -r.-l ,.-<■, w.- ,,,,;! unloi I not only our
sini, but the Greateit Sto:!c ol Li-Ji:-.' .vi.i Wtjn's (inl. cv.-r  brought
intj th- city.
As an incentive lo tin CASH purchase  we will deduct 15 pet
c::it ,t:i.l rjfund it cheerfully from all cub sahy.
This b i'l. ,; ,,l until turther advised.
If so,
nil we
call j
! An
,    be pleased to
rCOSl   show you what
i Thi
:      McSV\
,e Fall  ?   wehavc
l-^i   il  UU   i   |,avesoinc
.   We
stil ;
left :
S      ;
Stoves, Ranges, Coal and
Wood Heaters
Don't forget lltai wc do all kinds of PLUA1BTNG required in
your house.    We guarantee all our worli lo
he done hy lirsi class plumbers
$> When You Buy Liquor
H Buy the Best==—-
t-eeeipl of uii invoice I'r Jim   Hovnl  dislil   Jg
ha ■ Ihe imn, tuul from i liciunl   puinl   is
We :.- li  ,.„.|, lltilll'   ill     III.'    lillltur    1,1,1
9 w
f    I-,-, It
4?   ill t Ihe I
i  line,
Y Wholesale Dealer in l.ii|uors ami Li»ius
%&ttt &W®&$.VWW&»»b&*»&$>fr®
Stephens' Bros. & Cn.. Owners and Proprietors,
Morrissey Mines, li. t.
The Great Northern is building
from Morrisscy to the east.
Morrissey is headquarters for
contractors, supplies, etc. The
Australian Hotel Is the "Hub."
If you wish to find anybody enquire at ihe Australian, you will
find your man there	
Stephens Hros.. Owners anil Proprietors,
Morrissey Junction, It. C.
I I rSi ffl iv. ffi   ., (Si ,$ (•■ i.\ .«s-
• <Si .V ID (il HWSi '•> (S\  (SI (51 ,v 3HB
:•     •    i*    (!    ffi   (•)   (j)   •'    •■    •     •'   '•'    •
 —NELSON, li. C.
MniiiifiietiirerB of mul ivh ilesnle tuul retail denier,, in
Marble and Marble Work of All Kinds.
\Vu own our own (runrrii mi, nml the i[ii;iliiy is (•(.urctlril
in In- iin- host. Monuments, Headstones, Narble Trim*
mings for Buildings, a spi'i itilty, By buying liuin hh ymi
-.■I tin' mtitoritll ;il lirsi cost.
F Pernio, nnil Kenvi
I'ltnenl Ihe littler  |
loot weeks ago  Milchell  .  "'t\  Jailer, T 'iicounler.
\,.|.,,l, I M|g   "I    hirg.'.   Illl.l   .11   s e   ease-.
spouted, bnilies of ore  is  be
.'   \l it      fumble; uf    freuuellt    OCCUl'ri'llCC   ill
,     he    deelslut, was  ,g  USI 11t- s     ,,, I R .„
Ihe result ivnu nuts, is     -         f  , b    ,.    R  } ,„
I'l'i'inr  s| OI'IS, llllll I If
illii'iTliiill.iit'i'. tin*   ri
.     ,.       i        i.i..   .,,,i   wuii   iii'i't    im-   un.     is    UI-I-.HIIIII-; ;      ,r   ...   .,   ..
in ( mnliruoK   1«iuii\   linil    _. , '_, ii;il      rp| l      I      \\ .   I . l.'-hl
Kr  UiiYit' l.t-.i.l.'t-
A, I,, Mel lei iiiui wns in town "ii
M Inv.
(.'bus.   Diesel   lias    Mill I   In
, Movi, nml Ih nui.in siiperinleuileul
Ihe lower  levels, showing llinl.|ul ihe Si,   llnu.-n..
. ..,   f"i...   :      :'''  ,l"|ltl  ."] ',,.,                       ,     mi. iie.il ea„„. ,,,, iroiiii'rnn
,    ., i .' t   it wnler inn richer,    I he mine tieier  ,      .,,,,,         , '         ,      ,,
orfi'itwus   pul   up bv   I'oln  ,    ,    ,                                         I,root,  I uesihtv uu, relume.    «ill
.,,  v      , '   i. nt,        i' ti,   ookeil  -e   iriiiiiisint'  and  lln re   ,.      .
,",    W,     I   \   .       A. ,llllll,S.        Itutll;. I ,      I       1 i        , i ,-,
,,, i | IS HUM' aliullt   , ulllile    lite   uintllllll
btic.ki'i's nn- vci   yes-1
llieurouuil Mitchell refused I
. . re blu.-lo-il out  Ihat   Iherc  win
was   siluu   "1     , i    ,, ,,        ,    ,
,.      | , three veal's aito  before  the sliul-
S: lull! •!!, ui'llltcliun serve,! ol'   f"w  |1">'S   :l    ''«   »■"!«>   I"'»   l"'""
l','iuiiis,""h'is' sl'nke  Imliler.   Tin
,,,.,,„ v  will be   hold until    ll"'   I"
mi-lies ciiine I" an ntrn-i- nl.
'I'he tin 'lion   precedinc   is   it   ""
,.minder lu  Crnnbi'ooli   | pie  "I  SM
|,„ N'evius Milchell   race  tibintl it
his ivif
Wall..,'   II   l.tiinu   of   Cr:,nl.lit,.L
was   liule   TIllll'SllllV    uli id,,!' llllll
look in Ihe ilni.ee, '
Miss Hose llnviu, lulinerlv a res
itlt-,,1 ml'  Movie bill   III,,..-   iveelllll
"I  Mni-v-uil!,. lefl    llii.    week    fur
her home ill \ .-nn-urn,-i.
oil, lint nu nice was tlt't'llllgl'll Its
Mil.-hell's lllll'kers said llllll il was
iiiipt.-...ibl,> lu lind ,-t track at thi:.
li of the year.
Two Nights ol Contlt Opctti.
Cruiilirooli lunl n elm ofsliuw-
i,,u Iter ti|ipi'ecintiiiii for soiuetltiup;
artistic in the li [ comic opnru
ivhen tin. P,.".'u...||. Prince llpern
coiupnnj' visited this town i>n
Moiidny'   and   'J'uesfhiy, but   ill  a
 insure fuileil lo do it,    The  hall
Bhould have   I n  crowdeil   In  its
n titosl capacity, for there are
cnoiiu-h   lovers'of   liicili    qutilitv
   ii, I -t-.-iiil..-<m,1; tu  du   it.   bill
t'ul-    s    leas hu  allenilailei..
iilll.ollKl)   i"""1    "as .not   whul   it
nl.,,ul, huve I ii.   Mr. Cranston.
who  is   t punsililu   lur  l.ri.iLiii.u
this must t'xcnllelil uruiini/ation
over litis circuit, is entitled lo all
Itinduol  pi-ids,'   fur  his   jiiih'inent
 I     nerve.        11    lakes    a     hie
::,,:,,•,,,,fee to induce artists of lite
.inntliiittul'tlif leaders of the HeK.
::,,,- Prince compnny lo come up in
tin- ,mini,I:,ins lay. mill   if   Ml'-
Crniislon ui'ts "ul even he will play
in luck.   Ti mpanv plavt-il two
niehis in Crnnbrook. i'.-a 'Dinvolo
M.lllilll) and 1,,'t Mnscotl Tiles
dny. It is inipussilile for The
llernlil al this time lu go  into tie
(nils uu ll scollencuuf the  work
both nights. The sincc.-i-s nre pen
plu ul recognized lal.-nl, ll.e work
tins clean Iron, bngilling to end.
and never before has a  Cranbrook
audience lind such : pporfiinify
loenjuy n niglil of niirlh nnil nilis-
lic siii'cini;.. The Herald trusts
llinl .Mr. Crniislon will not be discouraged  I that he will  collii	
lu induce high class orgiinizntions
like tin- Hcggnr Prince I Ipn-a company tu come over litis circuit,
'I'ln- people will lippil'l'hllf   hi:,   ei'
furls ninl ii li'iirn lo know   that
i:l„ i, In. adti'l'liHi'S   a
ll will belt good thing.
Cnnie .,> ll,.   Iltii.tl.l nil,,
list i,   |n|, print im
I in,,,'I In- l.t-'ll'.m
Itev.ll. ir.Finillny of (''oi'l,Steele
oeelipieil the pulpit ut   the   I'tllilt
I't'i'sbvlerinii church last Sunday.
Ilnv. A, Hunulilliiigihe hurl Steele
Mis. McNeisli. ,,f Klk.i. wl,,, has
been ill in Ihe hospil.nl fur llie pnsl
len ilnvs. wid return to her home
A man from Ihe territories ciiine
iniu t'ernie It.st week looking for ti
in,i flinch, lie probably Ihotighl
we l'liised baiilililis like they do in
Payday of the Crows Nest Pa:::,
Vn:i\ eoinpany was nu Saturday
anil S1 H2.H00 was pttid lothe miners who work in ll Ilieries tri-
biihnv I" Pettiie. Tic aiiiontil
paid al each colliery was as follows:
Coul      Creek.      jlil.oUO; Michel
$.|'.l.:,l)0; Curb uln, S2l,nlK); ft is
etpeeleil Ihat this payroll will con.
slanllv increase from now  w
ing to the fuel that llie Great,Nor-
ilieii, will connueiiee nest month I,,
haw I'Viu, ke and   coal lu  111
ih.-   hands   .if   tin
f. a- :
level uf ihe shall and in a distant
.if ah.,nt Pint) feet,     Through  tl
eulirtesv    uf    Palri.-k    Hnl.llIT,    ll
ftboss, the editor i.r the   l.ciiilorl     liott'l    fofu'el    II,id   lln-   Moyii
wiis allowed to go ill nnd see il   r.ir' Miners I'liion will  give  Iheir  Iiiu
himself   Inst    elt'tiili::.       ll   Wns   II | foil I'lll     minimi..:,l-v    ball    ul,    lln
'".  "'•,'"'    .  •    i i „„i 'sight well wiirlh  seeing.     In  Ihe  eveninttof  December I iiii.    Tiel,-
,U,  ' 7 ";'   "'".?'"    ,   '   ,'   laeeoflhedrifl is nl I   In feel   ul
"'l"":',' '-'''-^      1        ,,,,,„,     I    clean Cul,',,:,   of Ihe    bin .,    ,,-:„!,-
ii'iiwi.'l.   iiiiil ;i   liuin iiaini'M        .  ,, ■'    i .    ,, . ,,,,    ,
'      iitnnti.l   In. I.i Inw Ilnv   Minis   .vi tnitnil in 111.' IIIMl.'.     Ilit'haiiL!
I  i 111 'I 11 t .    1 It      I ' •    I I' I I '      I 11 I I   ' * • > > ' IB ... , , . .
.,,,,,, ,     u vsn me. Will   hail im     hen   I 'one
tall  in  lull. Ihe   purse   It,   b ' SSU.       ," ,
..,     ,      , ,'        i    iv.,„| ,|,. I'll, so I Was nul kiiuun huw    ... el.
he  flick wus cleiinetl oil iiiiil the    ...      .. ,    . .
. Ilui.n ,,'clock      ItorilV-   wide,'this   ,ire  liutl.V    was.       It    is
I    I 1111 1     I ) I  11II  n ■        II     lioi' i ,   . . i -M.
..      ,.     .,       ■ I , .1,    ..,„. u I'll   sliipiniiLi '"'«' am   wi I'.' ami
I uiir tor He wifkwho won       ,       ''   h.         .   , .
ii      i          it , i„   ..r,,,,. to till' sini'He*    st   h      is. In   a
Willi.    Iiiimi.'.Ii u.'lv   -ilit'i       ,,•    Ir      ,,■'.            ,    , ,
.,      .,   ni     •   i        ,r   ..    |    ,       ,'G'llUn       IU'      lis   niv    Iin.  \    IlltH   a
if rarf i\ r, SlcTuv a    nlli'i'i'tl  t«> ,    .,    ..   ,     . ,.,,,,,.   , ,■ .
„ Rctwick ugninsl  Mitchell   for 'l"P h „l nb"UI   Jn h-el Iron.    I, ■
m   t.,,„..,,liii,„duiv,'l,i„,lw,var,ls Burfnce.nnd .shack a    L ,„  1
M.e start in the   IIIU.    Milchell do. I''"'"   where   ihe    lug si take  was
'lined to accept the ehullouge, ...ul ".' '   v '""i1"  '"   ""'   rals"   h'""1
lur.I Ids were raised to S7III)  N,,'„   1U"".1,"1'   y,     ,.
i.i i     ,  .,   n- .. rn v     lie   S .     Mlgone   is    a
tin    liri-u cards start utter- ,  •'„ , ,        ,       .
u'oiidei-ftil property.    In  the  [nee
of the sllol'tllge uf walui- antl limii,'
hanilieapped in a ilozi'ti flill'erenl
ways incidi'lltal to the slarliiiL: np
of a properly that has long been
closed down, Ihe cash surplus to
the 20th. of September lasl was
SI ft 1,01)0, after pnyiiigun indebted-
lless oE S2II.00U. 'Willi lllaliitiiulli
oru reserves, the new uutchinery,
lead at C1H aiid a bounty uu it besides, the St.   Kimono  aiid   Moyie
Will be sll'ielly    iu   il    lor    Villi'::    lu
Mr, anil Mrs. Hurry P.arr, Wusn
were iu town Wednesday.
The   I'",!  ts |,. nl!,,   :,si ildiui
bulls on Thiirsihiy.
T, T. McVillie, .1. Wnlsh. II
Million and Win. Kiilil, relit I'l im I
from the  l-'l.itli,-i,.l country Tn.-s
The "W I pile"  llii.-f  is  ngiiit
doing luisiit, ss tiro I Sleele.    II.
will surely gel sis  months al   th.
l-hiveriiiuenl hnlel, il eantthl.
.A Bin Oattriiil.
(lenrge  ITlllller,  th. ttrnctor
has   sig I    a   , ti-ai'l   with   I
Cranbrook Sash ami Door Cm
piinv for the building of iilll) cnltle
gimrils I'orlheC, P. II. He is t,,
furiiiiJ, 10 each Week nfier I he 21111
ui this tn,,nth. This coiilrncl wil
inl.,. litii.itiiii feet uf luiiiber, uud
keep Mr.   Ilnnli.i   liusj   fur   ■
tun,. I nil',
Another liiui.-iiiti Belt,
Medicine lint'l'i i:   The"01tl
Mm." nf Ihe Ci'iuibmok   liernld is
piirliciilarh   1'aeelions  in   Ihu  last
issue of Ih scellenl i -nal. ami
wi-iit-s   Inrgely   ul'   tin-   I ...-nil il'nl
wealbui- prevailiug in whul we arc
apt I...-aII "npt elite Uockies."
Well, "Did Man." you havun't niiv
thing liken in poly of beautiful
Wi'lllher.      We lu'l'l'lll Ihe I III 111,VI'
-  lino  samples,  ami   Ihe  bulk
is equal lu Ihe best uf I he samples.
o, — *
ill 0,
S Locals in this column will be *
$ charged at the rale of 5 cents J
J) per line each issue. J
ifl ,*
Thnntliv „„'!  ,,1'linnl  hnv.  pressed.
tiittitr nml ,-cc's (ni- siilc.   Write Im- low
llHll miffs.  I. Uf I'elir, Dlilslillry, All!..
1   P. BURNS ^. CO.   I
_ e3
LWImleuk ami Retail
Tresh and CuretMU-ats
Presli   Fish,   Qnme   and
We supply only ilu- best     Your
ini.tf is solicited
Marktt-! in nil the principal towns
In ltriti-.lt Liilititiin.i
j  ...Manitoba Hotel.,. |
J-                            i I'mlet- New Mnnngeineiit) {
J                 1). A. IVlcDONALi). rianager I
X rh1" H.i:e! is in the center of town.   The  rooms are »
}.:in').'ta'j'e and well furnished, the dining room is .first- .{
*:',isi, .mi the bar is supplied with the best.   When you j
« 7v.ni! a giii place to stop come to the Manitoba. I
mi '*
j SWall Papers^ ]
We are making special
reductions in prices of
all lines of
Call and see us before
buying. Our patterns
will please you.
Mouldings to match
all papers.
, *
I F. J* Bradley & Co. I
I Arnistroni. Ave.        CRANHROOK, R. C,
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is I knit liy
II is tlie Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
,.,„. .,„,,., „ ,-„„ ,t „,, | cnckcr. Old shoes made new.   All kinds
thing   smell,.« of    M,minim   und   other',.!*,  I'lyiiinulli ll...-l.« ninl IIrown Leg■'„« rt'pair'.IK.    (live llll'a I'llll.
uhneu. ,'"r"s-   Aptily lu A. 0.1'teol. r
Say, People
lliiveyiui seen  th.- work ul
Cri.W'S  Nesl  Shan, l.iillliilr.
It's     eeflainlv    up     lu      Im,
i%  S ial n i'l't.r   I I.   ami
family   work.       Speeillllis
llannels.   bluukets   and   cur
tains.      While   labor    nt
I'erleel sntisfuelii.il  given
Crows Nest
Z    Steam Laundry
£ SU UK S McWIIili, l'riiprielors
To Subscribe for tlie
' :
I     ,
llAMtliOOK.   BQITISB   COLUMBIA,    I IHItSDAY,   DEC.    I.    1904.
MJIIIK1I   I'.ll
  ■'■„     .i.uniy basineiit ami  thai base nt
}     '    rtTJ^ISDV ATIfYNS    'y  would bo open sis   nights        llie
The Canadian Bank oi Commerce    i  : observations Jwkfart£...n,,,..
,•„, ..,.- h.I'i ml,,
.ni. ti.   .' , ii     ' In
,  ,   ',    ,   II   ,,-,.    ,.    e     •-,
F. C MALPAS, Manager.
Head Office, Toronto.
Ion. I'.l,e. .1 I'M, I'li-si.l.-nl.                               II. II. Walk,,,. Cm. MM.
I'.iitl  lip   ClOllll          $5.70..HI,, „,,
U„i                                                 K.1HHI.1MHI...,                   • the  ninn   who goes  lo eliiircl
'ni.li RwoorceiNov. to. -i..t                U.OOO.OOO.OO                 J should |«ij   for  a   reservcil   sen.
1 Deposits Received.   Qcncral Banking Business Transaclcd :   'I'l i*tu-iillj ration is free yet
J               SIMM,. IUM,  IIIIMHMB.il     D< If «.. ,.IAIIO.,d,            : ;il!e|il-e:,fher..,ts:,shui,cr>  n-   Un
I          raffiBNTRATBOPINTBRBn-THRBBPERCHNT        j feKl Kiht »S
; .,!!^\:.:,\.,!:...VV..,.-...,,.vr.:i. '■■.■.,:..- ;■ ■;!:;',;;  iclij h ,.n r»ru...i,..nu-,»t, a i...
*   ...                  ,.,   ,-....,.....          ,...,, „      ,.,   ..,,       ', of |M'i.|.le snenk uilon church  anil
• i sneak ...it again, nnd in their own
,: j littl, ,1,„ ■I up lie.-tiis. fci I ilninkful
"      j llllll    ll tilleelil.tl     plllle     litis    lllll
|- IS8I ll.       And  II   l"l   "f these    peuplt
I think llinl the} are g I christiiius
Capital, Paid Up $3,000,000
Real $2,850,000
-»      .mil
u,     I
, d.    If unl go to church, pay your
way.      ill   llllll    way luu  can   be
liuin- willt yourself,  sipinre  with
S T. R. Merrltt, Pres.   D, R. Wilkle, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager li:
il.   _____ "'
JJ A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold avalla- J
-" ble In every part of Canada, United States and Europe, Special <■>
j attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager,     g
'.*(!?  «JW_WJT*^B(S'^i,'ffi*x-N,W
*0nlv \, Days Celt*
the church, s.juare will, the  wo
tuul s,|„,'ire with Ih'- I ."id
tike vi
I Only 21, dnys :, I
|,  Christiniis purch
I only liMiking uronn.l. and we shall he
pleased ttt show you what wo huve
uud give you  our  prices,   Our  Ninas
I* I goods nre neiirl} nil in, nnd while look-
hi".- nroiutil, if you se" tut} thing ti!ii.;, bikes y ■ fun..
a cheerfully lay it aside until tlie eventful moment. Then ym
I will have nothing to do but cull and gel them, or if you visl
we will be "1,-nl lu 1,-ale lit.-in at your hulls.' We have in
creased our stock to such mi esteiil tlml nlniosl everybody cm
lim! what Ihe} need here, tluve yon ever looked through on
9    stock ofeligiblcs.    If solves llif'WIinl shall it be." problen
m. ii. micson,«jeweler m& optician
N. B. • \s ».' have our Clirlslmaa Bilierwnre In, lliose looking around fur wed-
iiin; presents, will find our assortment complete,
••■■K'lll-Ti.'-ffit ffs^'w.i:«_»>7*'ifla.ir ;.vt-A£'.''y;cN__-i—ft»_*—»'.■'. .mm.**-*
For Sale or Rent
High class Boarding House j ..j
in the most rising town i?'
of the Kootenays, doing ;t %
good business, with suretj «
of ;i large fortune t,> an «H
energetic person     ;,i
In,  inch,.,' particulars apply  i„ b>.
Stove Time
Is Herele^^
Y,n, s.i i.i il afford to let \ tur
h ttise gel chilly, Neither cm
you afford to overlook our stock
,1 HEATERS. We have the
largest assortment ever brought
lo Cranbrook.
is I
SEv^H J;
eltmMfca;  ,,
 ■  iiJi"^1
A Kaslu widow lias written to
tlu. Kooteniiiii iuiligimiitly denying
the repuri tlml she was nboul to
remarry.   This is printed  merely
lu    show    the    ilill'ereln-e   lietweeu
Kuslo widows lunl their Bisters
elsewhere. A Xelsuit widow would
have sighed, ami atbnilled that
perhaps ,, was the best thing lo ilo
under the  eircituistnnces.    Nelson
l-li nisi.
A    Crnnbrook    widow    would
have     llotifi.il     111.'     paper    llllll
I she had several oilers under con-
I siderntioii, but had no] yel arrived
al a decision,
Tin' struggle  for shorter hours
by   work u   generally   calls   to
mind a very funny thing gotten off
by (leorge Ado, the humorist when
he worked on .-, farm in In,liana.
His employe was a banket', and
speaking of bin, one day to a
friend, Ade said: "He is the best
inan I ever worked for. lie don't
ask nn- to do a day's work in ten
hours,   lie gives me sixteen,''
Prize lighting hnstleterioat.il in
Forme i" such mi  extent   tlml  n
contest now only   r 'ives two or
three lines in one of the Feruie pa-
A ;. v. of the men in   .his   coin-
inuiiit} who tuil   not,   neither   ilu
they spill, bate been given a  nice
blue pap.-r by  Constables   Jtorris
and   lluskius.    There   has    been
abonl as  nasty a hunch "f red liglll
I dciidbnufs linngilignroiuul the town
I for the past two months   as   could
! In' found any where  in  tlie west.
■  ■' 'ill.   .  ih, v   s I   tin-in   out   lu
tattle with 1"....'i.nil ihe....l.l u,.n.l
', iu some other euinp.
A lnil} sai.l to the Old Man this
week,   "i   lloll'l prupuse   lu   be   late
muii,,_ tu the theatre lifter litis ill
t'rii'.lu'uuk. 1 know llml I tun nu
pi i e beauty, ami lur thai reilson 1
ilon'l want othei people to sil} when
I come ii! Ihat the I'kl Man was
right in stilting that homely wi in
u,-IV the tines    will'   CllUle   1,'lle.      I
know what you men think. You
., ivc an idea that H' a win,inn is mil
.. im-ii Is'iinty she spends su much
lime at her toilet in the end. nvor
iu improve her appearances that
sin- is always late wherever she
goes. Thai is wind yon men think
ami that is what even Wollmll sa\s.
Anil. lu. Ihat is lln- dill'.-ri-nee be-
tut in a mm, ami a wotunn, Never
look l"i- eharitl lur Women IllllOtlg
Till' L'uver, ul authorities. Ihe
.bot.nl ,.f lri.de or   sum,. -   else
should lake hold .if tin-  sli I   ini-
proventenl   ,| iliun   h I'uiv   frosl
mm- it impossible. Otherwise
during ll.e winter ami uexl Bprillg
ivheiiever there is a thaw, lite ttiuiii
.'Ie,.I   in the loWII    will he   <>,,,'    ill-
Biiirerable.ilisgri fill, dirty Inex-
fiisable. priil'a,,ily provoking mud
I,iiiu Wlinst' business is il lu see
that ti deeree of respeeliibllily ami
cleanliness is observed in mailers
ofihis kind.- Isiiyun.Mf.MeKay.
is il lite wnler company, or isil the
poor defenseless public,
Mntriiiioninl matters are looking
so promising in Crnnbrook ihat The
Herald has sent a hllrryiip order
tor wedding stationery. We will
soon be ready to meet all demands.
•el in. to read in. tu play   jinnes
in. l<> talk ill. tu Ia,\ follllilnl - lur
future education nml fi	
Ill        --Het  llie lllll.it" is
ill this world, and if a  VOllll"    in.,,,
L,i. the habit early in life ol
iii] thinking along
liu,  , I,.- will roup tin-   ben, id-  m
lit,     -.. i.r-.. just .is   if In    .   '     the
||t   llit'ol   spelldll,"   hi-    Ul
inc. ami idle, useless   eonversutitui,
111' Will  leap tile     leslllt lift
lh.it is ,-, fa,hoi- I'n  i   : .    -fund
I t.
Tic Knoll- „t Ihe KoolCM) Central.
To the cantor of Till lb raid:
Dear Mr'   To    cnrrccl  what
seems tu In- ii   previllenl iiiisa|ipri'.
Iieiision. will you   kindly   publish
Ihe   following'  ,'Xlraels    li     llie
coiupnny's charter:
■The company nitty lay out. eon-
strncl and uperiile a railway oi lln-
gauge of four fuel eight ami one-
half in,'lies, as follows:
"From Port Steele   n,    Klk •
souie other convenient poiuton llie
I'ritws Nest railway lietweeu Klku
and Wnrdner: thence on either tlie
east ur west side of Wigwam river.
or by ill.'  si euiiveliielil  ruille lu
the international l„,„i„lnr, line.
■■|-'i  Port SI,-ele.  lu Winder-
mere, either the east ur nest side
<>f the Kootenay river, thence lu ihe
lown of Golden on tl mill line,,I'
the Ciiuiiiliuii Pueilic railway."
This means that if Klk, is not
chosen then it limy be some point
between Hint place nnd IVnrdner,
but neither Elko nor Wnnlncr,
The following extrncl from the
Subsidy Act of P.IIW tuny also be
uf interest, uud is perfectly ilofln.
"To the Kootenay Central linil.
way company font lino of railway
from Golden to tliu iiitcrnatioiml
boundary line via Windermere ami
Port Steele, und erossiinitli,'Crows
Nest Railway at or near" Elko."
There is no subsidy lur a line
south of Fort Steele on the west
side of the river ninl il may be
i|Ui'stioneil whether there is for a
line northward unless it starts ns
per ohm-tor "from Fort Si,vie." for
clearly enough Westport is not
Fori Steele.^
Hugh Wail. M. I,.
A Niftscr  Ran Amuck.
Pur the pnsl week u negro nam.
e,l .luh,i Johnson has been Vork-
iug around the Imperial hotel doing odd jobs, and gutting his living
there anil ait occasional huirdollar.
Yesterday In- told Mr. Mnthesou
that-he was going awny ami thai
he wanted his money. Tin- proprietor iptiety informed him that
tjiere was nothing coming In him
ami it is said llml the dark skinned
individual asked him to collie into
the next room nml before anyone
reali/.eil what bad happened he had
pulled a knife and was doing an
nrtistic job of curving on the side
..I Matliesoii's t'ue,. nnd neck. .Mr.
Mnthi'son grabbed him by the
lliront and attempted to hold hint
oil' so that he could not reach him
with a knife, bill if a third party
had not come to the rescue there
is no lolling what the resell might
have been. As it was Mr. Mntlie-
soti received one cut on Ihe cheek
tlinl rotpiired live stitches to close,
and two or throe smaller ones on
lln- Inee and neck. The negro
tnade hss escape, nnd was afterward captured in a woodshed in the
tenderloin district uud taken to the
lockup. It wus n mere chance that
iln>   nutting did   not   resell   in  a
tragedy, as a slight vurii of one
of lite strokes would have reached
the jugular vein und  tliere would
limin 1 t 'Iianei'  lu save  Mr.
CRANBROOK MERCHANTS   <>■• ;■ — —.:-:•. . ,    ..:-.-• 8 .ti^-^mi
Anyone   wl,..   has   visitiil   the ,„   „    ,,, ,        1i||||        /^W ¥
•    'k;';;rr;;;;;,   £!c!i Pleased ^'-'-i1, /^y   f
tin- I'aeI  that   never  before  iu lln      :■
history of the town has then' licet,
such hirco slocks  ..I  ■_' Is. ne\.
beiure Biifh ii.mlity,iiiiil ivluil   i is  what every man sa>s
still mure Importiiiit, never belur,- (J     who wears our furnishings.
weru Iiii- prill's su i,,,\ :,s nre it.-,in ^ t -.liry complete r.in^c oi
'I" !   tl'ia   year       Tin    I I.i... ... ,•%!,".
Iwls Hint it can say without luyiii" ..iYlfclM  r»..
Itself open   lu    the    t'liiil-jn of ,'XIIU I 31   ! I l\' | .' U | k 11' .'
geration, thai  there can !«• I I     ',     rURNISHINGiS
in Ihe  various   lines  kepi   I.y lite !
I'rillll.ri.uk  lllerebHills Jllsl .',.-': I
jttsi as late, jnsi as  nrtistic, uud , {'<
jnsi as low priced articles in I tan j if
I,rook as would  be found  in mi} <)
tin uf ten lo fifty  thousand iu the <\
west.    Only  tin'-   other tint  Tin- ,-;-
Herald .-ilu.a-was talking ton -..-n | ri
tleiimn from Turontowhu had been j ,
luukinc; over the city  fur a  lew (.
dal'S.        lie   expressed    himself   US       U
greitllv  surprised   at  the class of I i
goods sold In- the Crnnbrook mer- l J
ehnnls and lite great variety Ihat a I "r
eiisioiner hnd to choose from.   "In 7
your drygoods stores uud your
drug stores, in the jewelry stores,
in fact iu every line of merchtiu-
dise. 1 have seen tilings llllll has
caused uu, to open iny eyes. To
my miii.I Crnnbrook wns a little
place up iu the mountains where
ti would dillieult to linil anything
up todnte, I huve jusl come from
the truilc centers oi' Ihe easl. and
here I find you up lo dale in every- [
thing.'' The until is right. Cranhrook Is tin up In dtiie tow-it. Her
business men are up to dale people. That is why "ranbrook
grows. That, is why her mcrchuuts
etnn,i,and a trail,' from such a Inrge
territory, That is why litis year
people iu n radius of fifty to seventy-live miles around Cranbrook
will do their shopping here, They
know thut they will gel value received for every dollar I hey spend
in the town.
Irjm the very b;st makers    44
•in Carud.i. (p
Our prices arc right Ijr J
^ood gfoocts. j?
Don't forycl that wc E
have the most coiuplt-te &
line of j.
SHOES     f
r     v- I
n cast Kootenay. *a
- I   ■ :; -  ". .* S r. S r. " ." .".
iflulvcf^     '..    .
There is nothing prettier, nothing more appropriate, nothinsj that gives so much in way of
personal satisfaction, and that meets with such
universal approval as PEARL JEWELRY ..* „•»
it is pure, it is atttractive, it is stylish, and can
h: appropriately worn by all ages, Be sure and
see our stock before buying;.   We can please you
I'liiinil Holies ol a Mail.
Lasl Sunday the bones nf n man
Were found  ill 11 pile of (lt'ifl    Wood
in the Elk river nlioiil elghl utiles
below Elko, Cory Don went l„
ihe pi,ice when notified iu hopes
llinl he might be able lo identify
the remains, bill Ihe flesh wns so
far gone Ihat it wns Impossible, ll
is Bnpposcd however, that the remains were those of the nun who
attempted to swim Ihe Elk river at
Morrissey about it year ago when
the river wns high nnd the current
was swift.
Trouble With Socialists,
Victoria, Nov. ^"i Serious friction is reported to have rise,, between the sociulist members of ll.e
legislature, by whose grtieo largely
the niliniiiistralioii pulled through
Inst session, The trouble originated, nee,nling to a well informed
champion of Ihe new parly, in a
declination on the purt uf life gov-
eminent to cnticol its own appoint-
ineiit of Mr. Ailulplius Williams its
police magistrate of Vancouver city
tut appointment that is very objectionable to certain lending socialists
of the tormina! city, New nud
more general ground of difference
is stuted to huve presented itself
during Ihe federal ele,'lion can,.
pttigu. when the sueinlists received
material aid in the etiinpnigii fund
from strong Conservative sources.
They now claim that there wns a
well defined understanding, lite
sociulist ciindiihite not receiving
I he support which hnd been looked
[orfmmtlioConservatives. . Unless
the breach is bridged by further
concessions on tlie part of premier
.Mcl.rido nnil his colleagues, it is
quite within the realm of probability thai .1. II. Ilawlhornwaile and
Parker Williams will be found casting opposition votes on the lirsi
confidence motion introduced al j
tho forthcoming session of Ihe loci
A Daily and The Herald lor S2.5U.
Say. The Herald has Ihe grenl
est proposition to niiike in llie rent!
illg line Hint wns ever olforctl t
the publie.  To nil new subscribers j
of The Herald, llllll   lo   those   who
lire inking the paper mid pay nil-
rears and one venr in advance, we
will send The'lleriilil for one year
nud the Daily Toronto News, an
independent paper edited by .Mr.
Wilson, one of the lending journalists of Cimndii. Think of it. A
inelropolilun dally wiih till the
news of the world nnd The Herald
for only $2.50. ll is iiion.-i in ml.
vanee proposition, but il is une
thai should appeal tu tlm rentiers
of this notice, We maku this "Her
for the purpose of increasing the
circulation of The Herald, Al-"
as iniliii'i'iueiit for subscribers In
pay what they owe. Y,.n can nf.
ford tod,, il.'
A This place is a storehouse of good things to eat. Almost every'
It country from the equator to the froeen seas has contributed to
7    help make this stock of
ri    the most complete and interesting.
The necessaries as well as the luxuries of life arc here,   ft
And to add to their attractiveness the prices are moderate. fa
-S-.JI. S-S--S-
^L-C-C-S--- SJ:
Ton %mk mercantile Company f
tf-B" 2--B- S--S- s- 3-C--Q- S--S--3--5r-^fS--S~C-C-^J-3""S" -■"0""S""3""3"*^)
The Bsggesi Christmas Stock
ii\ the Kootenays
(let the Habit of Buying Your
Xinas Presents
We are full to overflowing and goods are going
out every day.
Send Us Your Mail Orders!
W    F.   TATE   i.i™JLLEr".__Ar!i:'. .°.F,n£!.?i-
Olll.-ii.l IVntiti I,...;', nn ,'   I'. Ih, ,'."«" Nf",   1'"'"   II"-:-..1
The W. C, T. I', are talking of
instituting a reading room iiiCrnn-
lirook. II. would be 11 grand thing.
With no public library, no pin,'efor
young men to congregate, no resort
where good literature and beneficial converse may be indulged in.
inunyu boy gets started 011 the
wrong mail. If we bad our wny
nvery clinreb that was built bv pub-
Adverllsing Pays.
W. T.Keid of Bold et Co,, spunk-
big of the big add he had in The
Herald last month, said: "There is
no doubt thut it pays to ndvor-
tlsn in The Herald. "We told the
people through the paper about
our special building stile and the
results far exceeded our expectn.
lions. It is evident that tlm poo.
pie of this district read the Herald,
in,I that it pays to advei'lise in  it
lie contributions, and that is the when ymi have anything to sol
j wny till of them are paid for. wouldI mul etui give the people tin. bnr-
| bo provided  with   11 comfortable, Ignitis tlml you udvortise."
N'Mlv AitiNot.INI-: M.u'iiixi:
Tn,' Ih'i.d.i has Installed 11 ti|if-
setting inaclilnc, nml licrcaflci' llie
inilifi will lie primed in iluu way
Tj'pc.ii'ltliiR inacliiiics arc expensive,
aiid fri'intit mi anytliine ot Ilia!
wi-klii is im snap. We had in burrow th.'   money 10 gel tin-  Iiinr
because there arc a number ol pen-
pic win. mm us mnl llnn'l pay us
Iliit-ine, the entiling niniiili we expect
t„ prcseltl i'V,'filin,lv whn nives ns .,
ilnlhir willt 11 slate, 1. Thai stale-
in,'.,I will an. In' a mere matter ",
Inn,., lint ,. reminder linn we w.nn
tlie cntn ,l,„i is coining tn hs in bcnl
llii' slii'tilY In a fnniimi'. liul wi
iniulit mill. Inr lite lii-lti-ru nl lln-1.1,
ers ut I'liuilnnnk, that Cranbrook   1
ll nlv mil 1 II..' American inn
tiiii-iu 'nl its slr.c ilini has a lype-
setiiiic machine in npcrnlinn mul Tin
Ih'inhl ,.- ii-, Iv weekly paper   i,
lllllislt t'.iltnillil.i llml uses such i
Toys      Dolls      dames      Swell Perfumes
Lowncy's Chocolates will be here in two weeks.   Prices
uill be (rom $1.00 lo$9.00
(iifi Books      liii'i Brushes      (iiii Bibles
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I'ii lures        Vases        Clinks Guars
Pipes       Cigar Cases of nil kinds       Smoker Sets
liiiini Leather Qoods
Silver Sets       Pocket Hunks       Purses       Mirrors
Silver Back Brushes      Military llnir Brushes
Manicure Sets
Leather (ioods til' all kinds
Slei'shs      Lacrosse Sticks      lite.      Lie.      Etc.
Miss Terry is in charge of Upstairs, and has with
her Miss E. Link ami Miss (i. Small. Our staff now consists of nine persons, and we can Rive you every attention.
Biy Book and Drug Store
Where it vi HI Pay to Deal tlie Year Around THE   (ft VNBROOK   If Kit AM)
Editor and Proprietor.
n..-ii,-ii.i,i, mi,, nli *i„
. ll rust,
i. ilv 1C. Ni, mini iii South Boa. Kootenai
,,...'....ml tf be ivi,l,i.„, 11, uml ever.volll
living......lileol th. ilUlrlrt. whoUtalww.il,
,„,|„.|,,,,li„,-,,,,ln..,-,li"..-.l."i,l'l'"'"  '
lit Il.l.«.ll Itil" in-..'■'"-   I<
,. i,,l .,l,.,,i„..-l.i  l.vil." |.nbll»ber.  N,
flititi,. itin-lt ..iiii.liii.liii.l .lifit,,"-., I'"1"'-'
ry'tnlll tl„' I*'-     I,'"1"4"
i-l, »-|.,i llml will ■'-'.'
„„ |„      S.-I..I   il.   ...Ill   s,ll.s.ll|.
,„, [liiiiikfiil ever nltel
It .It.
It. On- ii.intiii
tiuli ninl..ml
ml   III,,
mil I
,.,,,.. .SI   |t«r Itiell. ahufl '
I,, m.iiii.ii' nml ii ""■
....   t:. i.-itts ,.*..- lint'in >■
 ,',> I'
, [I,.,
„,,. .fills  lu
ll unl .It-sin-
K,W.   km,I,In.
Ti,,' II',' I
„.|,   ,l„.  |„.,.|.li- .., St.t.ll
iiiilttl  mlver in I'l"
  Tl..'  Il.-itil.l ,1,,,,',
In,ttti.     I'   n «  t,   -,|,l,,i,. .lent tn.
iliivitlk.   It «f i-nli'l -nn vim in ttuiil-
yiutill ■'. ti.-t. tnni  spin,   ,i,,nr  unit.   In
l,„. I Imntullilltl lllillsi. it, lim t'ltsl  llllll  llt-v
I B, Is .1  ,.-,,.   il, I ,1,1,1,,1,1,1,.
There .will lie a Blronous umiii-
I'ipal uiunptii^ti in Nelson »1 the
t'oiiiiiig election.     John   Houston
lb.nit utter blootl, ami as a ran
(liilnlt) Inr miiyor lie will iiuike tin
city of Nelson na warm as a town
ih the tropical zoue.
'I'lii' Northwest Territories is ti
n-ri'ivi* autonomy as soon as tin
nccessiiry limit)Rements *an l»
It is tnt) bin! that Lnurier ami
Roosevelt could not have visited
the St. Louis exposition tin* same
ilay. Hy tho votes oi' the people
they have been declared the twi
ni'ist popular people mi tlie Aineri
can conthiiont.
it Snulli Aim-lira. It i- ii|i tti
Ink*, ii is li\'-. ami it is forwlul
mil people take toil paper of thai
■liaractiT. Um# life to you Wil-
•ox. ami may yon reap llie reward
thai you have earned.
The Hernld took occasion to say
at the time the charges of corrnp-
tion wt-rf publisheil ayainst Mii.i
Inspector Dick thai it wouli.
Rttmbl ■ on tin- iiil.L:rit\ of that ii -
dividual. Th.' result ol the first
sessi >u of tin- examination held it
l-Vriiii- last week, although everj
opportunity was given for a full
and free investigation, failed t.
produce anything that would «l-
tracl tn tlir slighteSl degree Iron
tin' em inhle lepntatiou thai thai
gentleman has always eiijoytil,
The date for the next session ol
tlir British   Columbia   legislatun
•ems soini'wliat in tie Unite. 1-Ymii
Victoria it was announced that tin
house, would mi'i't in January, Inn
from Kaslo conies tin- report thai
Mr. Green tins Btated that then
will lif no si-ssiou iu January.
Tin' murk parliament is a good
if those who have been appointed
leaders will make it a succi'ss.
Otherwise ii will prove a lament-
able failure.
Kentucky is havingan unusual
Irouth the past summer. We 1-
from what wo have seen of tin
average Rentuckian, a droull
w.mid not raiisi- any undue ill-
convenience, He always takes it
Duncan      Ro
reached 2011,
majority   has
N (he guilty men can 1m> found
who were instrumental in defraud*,
iug the people hy introducing a
trick ballot box iu Ontario, they
should receive the limit of the law.
No party can afford to shield such
renegades, They are n'mentico to
civilization and whether Liberal
or Conservative The Herald hopes
that the guilty ones may rest foi
years in the silence of a prison
cell so that they may have time to
cultivate greater respect for (lie
majesty of the law ami tin* rights
of the people. This is no question
of politics. It is simply a question
nf ferreting out crime, (Jive the
rascals the full benefit.
Rockefellow's income the past
year was only about $14,000,000,
several millions less than the year
before. Well, even at that it beats
Ihe income of the editor of tin's
paper by several dollars.
The Prospector is still talking
election, What is the matter with
the Kootenay Central, the mining
industry of South East Kootenay
tho lumber industry, the gloriom
possibilities of the greatest district
in !Canada today? Both parties
cannot be in power. Tlie question
is settled for four or live years. s<
let us all pull together, The man
in I'i.'ist Kooleuay who is allowing
party polities to interfere with his
business is making a mistake. Wc
are all idler ihe dollars. This is a
good country to get them in. Lei
alii of us rustle for South L'list
Andrew Carnegie says that we
will have universal peace in the
year of 8,000, He is not well In*
funned as to the feeling between
Vancouver and Victoria,
|l would be interesting to hear
Premier Mcliride's opinion of ihe
Ktivelstoke vote.
This has been a ^ood year in
Crjitlbrook. It has been one of
thijise years that lias given every
man who worked for it a chance.
Hut like every year it was a ixior
one for the drone.
The Phoenix Pioneer is five
years old. and it stands today as
one of the best papers publisheil in
British Columbia, it is the only
paper that has remained under one
management since it started in all
of the Bounclry country, and this
fact is due to the enterprise, industry and ability of its editor. W.
it.. Wilcox.   The Pioneer is one of
Minority Candidates.
The Nelson News, in an editor
,al commenting upon minority can
didates, quotes a few cases in tin
past history of Canada, and lln
Mr. King referred In in ihe follow
ing article is Senator King, of
Cliipman, N. li.. father ot ilu
King boys of Cranbrook. The
News has this to say:
The Wentworth (Ontario) ele<--
i at ease as decided by the county
court judge has been appealed ami
the matter is now before the superior courts. The conservative candidate would prevent a lot ol
trouble and render both his party
ami his country, a service if he refused to sil in the house uf commons as a minority member.
Tliere is no allegation of fraud oi
corruption in the Weutworth ease:
but the seal clearly belongs in
equity to the Liberal candidate
who polled l'i votes more than his
tory opponent, but who has been
counted out owing to the stupidly
of a deputy returning officer in
numbering the ballots in his subdivision. I'nless the Liberal candidate is seated a clear injustice
will be done to him and to the
majority of the voters of the riding.
In two well known former cases
the error was that of ihe candidate
or his agent. In IHH7 OL G. King,
Liberal, and G, K. liainl. Conservative, were candidates in Queen's,
X. B, Mr. King received I.Iill
votes, and Mr. Baird 1.1B0. The
returning officer, however, declared
Mr. Baird elected on Ihe ground
that Mr. King's deposit had been
paid, not by an agent, as the law
directs, but by another person.ami
that, therefore. Mr, King was uol
legally a candidate al all. As the
officer had accepted Ihe deposit,
given the certificate  required  by
the law, and held tl lection,  he
had clearly laid himself open to
severe criticism, and lie was summoned before the bar of the house
to answer for his conduct. Mr,
Skinner, acting for the Liberal opposition, moved ihat Mr, King's
name be substituted on the return
for that of Mr. liainl. reserving to
the latter the right to contest the
election in the courts. The ease
was referred to the committee on
privileges and elections, which recommended that the house take no
action, the trial of election petitions having been transferred to
the courts; and this report was
fu the West Durham (Ontario,
case the irregularity consisted in
the fact that Mr. Thornton's de-
posit had been paid by marked
cheque instead of in legal tender
or bank bills. Mr. Thornton, the
Conservative candidate, received
l,li:{7 votes and Mr. Heitl) L,»fJT.
The returning officer, after taking
legal advice, did not return either
candidate, but made a special return sotting forth the facts of thr
case. The point was never settled.
Mr. Beith.lhe Liberal candidate,
refused to accept the s&at and a
new election was ordered when;
Mr. Beith finally won bv a majority of 12.
It is not necessary to go outside
of thi! Kootenays for a case in
which a candidate won end held
his seat through a defective law.
but Mr. Smith of Wentworth wiil
stand better with his constituents,
and run a much better chance of
'ction if he  refuses lln- seat
liurd    Miss.
The wedding ceremony thai un
ted Mr. VV. I'Mliuda.le MissCar
ilui;, Bertha Moss, h.-ld at Chrisi
•hurch Inst Tuesday ;ti ! o'clock, u
u.. was all thai the lovi 1*8 of ;,
pretU wedding could desire, 'flu
church altar was decorated with
chrysanthemums, while the win-
lows held trailing vines. Miss
itoss, sister <>i me bride, was
iridesm»id. anil .1. A. Motherwell
officiated as U-st man. E. S. Delicti .in.i ti. .Milam were tin' usm-is.
Several minutes before the appoint
-.1 hour the church was crowded
with tin- friends of ihe contracting
,1,'irties. and promptly at I o'clock
In- wiih ling parly walked bIowIj
lp the aisle while the wedding
march was being played by
\liss Armstrong. The groom was
waiting al the altar with Key.
Beucham, the officiating clergy,
mm, ami tin- bride was given nway
>,\ Mr. .1 l-\ Armstrong. Tin
mile looki-d exceedingly pretty
The lunl.' was dressed in white
silk halmte trimmed with valeu.
ines lace, veil of tulle and orange
ilossoins. nud carried a shower bo.
quet of chrytanthemuucB, The
■ u-iilesniaid \\i.iv;i cream silk gown
tad a black picture hat. The
bride's going away gown was a
i blue cloth suit ami white hill
viih green trimming.
After the reeonls were signed
the wedding party retired from the
ulmreh ami took a earraigc for  the
reside f Mr. and   Mrs.   -I.   A.
Harvey where they   were   followed
by ihe u'C.csls and a reception of an
hour or more was held.    All joined
iu  congratulating the   bride and
.•room and a few words  were  spoken by a number of guests and the
health of the happy couple .hank
liy those present,
' The groom is a  mosl  estimablt
noting  man.     lb- came  to  East
Kootenay a) tho time of construe
.inn. ami although young iu years
ivas given charge of llie legal busi-
icss along the line to which hegavi
lis whole attention,   Afterward In
chose to settle in  Cranbrook.  and
Here he  has built  up a  lucrative
practice and a reputation as a sterling citizen.   The bride has lived it,
Cranbrook   the   past year.   Imvillfl
•lune with   her  sisters  from   Korl
Steele, bill   during  thai time  sin
lias won fur herself many  friends
The newly married pair left on tin
'.-ist hound train at   I   o'clock,  ami
were accompanied to the train bya
large crowd of friends.    They  will
visit Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal, returning   to Cranhrook   in
ahout a month.
a Popular Hotel,
Tin Imp. rial lioti ! is doing ■
letter busim s-i every mouth, "ind
thU is due p. ihe I.,'! that the pro
|iri"t.'i> an- making every endeiivi I
to please Ih.- public.     The  hotel   C
nicely furnished, and dining  r n
servhv is one that satisties the
public, and at the Iwr one can lind
the lust iii liuliors and eigara,
Messrs. Matl.eson and Small are
anxious t • in.'-1 th'' demands .<(
the people and are willing toBpeul
energy, money and time lo aecump-
.ish litis, and perhaps that is one
if the bijr  reasons why  they  are
i ting with such success in their
On Tuesday, November 2Uth.
Karl Dalev, iufanl sot. ol .Mr. and
Mrs. Norinan   Hill.    The  Funeral
services     Were      held     Wedliesil.iv
morning at ihe residence, Ui*\
Thompson officiating, ami th.' re
mains wi«re interred in the Oian
brook cemetery. The Knights ol
Pylhias.el which order Mr. Hill
is ti prominent member, attend* d
the sen ices iii a \»»\\, The ay iii
pathy of the community is extend
e I in the bereaved parents in th,
loss of their beloved one.
Before  onleriug   a  new  Sml   i
Clothes.    Because we know we eau
please   you      Our   measurement*
nr' correct, our styles proper and
our prict s pleasing,
Voil v. ]'■'■ In   a  '..;.:>!]. d how much
your ■ ):;■ ; rauce will he improved
U\ wearing Clothes Made to Order
IVm't make , mountain of a mole-
hill bv thinking that Coal and \ esl
made It. order wi'l be too ,- pen
81 ve for you to wear.
Leask & Henderson
ii Cranbrook
I Hotel «* ^
.    Miss
.1 >!.
' a I'I"
Died of Wood I'nisinitijj.
.Mi,nnil i-'i-i'n'iisi,n. a iniiiiT t'tn-
|,l..v,-.l al tin- St. KllgollO mi,,,' al
Muyiu. ilini last Sunday at tlm
hospital in this ,-ily ,,f 1,1 1 poisoning, fTo wns ilmnping ore cut's
a lew days ago at tho mint* alula
■ai'.if whirl, ..lily a part uf lit,' ore
linil itl'oppoi] out ran back on hint
mil cnuglit his foot, bruising if
pretty Emily nnil Inuumting lim
ih'sh'in u,„''|,la,.,'. lb' laid oil'for
, I'tiv iluvs and thi'ti wont bunk to
tvot'k, thinking Im was all right.
Blootl poistiiing s,-i in. however
,n,l Im was brought to the hospital
but il was loo Into, anil Im soon
piissuil away. .Air. Ti-inhv. secretary of tliu Miners union, cum,' up
Monday and reiiiniiiitil until today
Gtulenvoring lu Becure word
from lim ri'lntivi'sof tlm deceased,
and yesterday he received instructions to forward the retuniiis to
Nova Scotia. Undertaker Bentty
hail charge of tho remains and they
were forwarded on tlm oust bound
train luilay.
fin    Friday   N'ovembe
Father Ouelel Hiclatii
Louis Hnrper, anil  (ionic
both   ot   Waiibmr.     Th.
ttouple lull thai nftori i fur Nil
son where they visited n few days.
Mr. .luiius-is lim well known ne-
coviiitn.it hi tlm Crows Seal I'ass
liiuulii'i' coinpaiiy. and Im lias a lol
.if friends in lliis district win, wish
hint tuul his must cstiuinblc wife a
life of joy and prosperity.
lialliher is Thankful.
Si -Ist,,. II.C. Sov„ 24th, ltlO-t,
I''. 10. Simps,,,,.   I'jsi|.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
My I Vat- Simps,,,,: Please express through your paper my
sin,'ere appreciution of tlie good
work done by tlm electors of Crnnbrook riding in my interests in lln
recent campaign. Believe nm th,
same is very gratifying.
Yours Sineerlv.
W.   A.  iialliher
Own the Ocean.
< if .-tit n swell bv wearing one o
Morrow & McFiirliiiie's lull dresi
suits. In two Weeks We have sent
ill si.\ ,,filers. Win, will lie lln
next? Remember we guitriintei
everything. No money until you
make your debut,
Ihe fliisy jVtau.
II fun ivnnl tiitri'l iilnriirilo
In wane nliliKinu Iriwiil.
.tll.l ii'iiin n |.nn.lism sni I
|,..I.'I |tn It'ill.l. .Vll.'i ..I.VH.vs I
Miieli W»illi'th nlilnii,
nit iiisiu
Antnnumy For The Terrilnries,
i Ittuwn. Nov, l"\—The dominion
mover,,iimui has notified pretnkr
Kn.illi.iu, of llie Northwest Terri-
lories, thai llii' i Ittuwn  nuthoritius
tire prepared to   n ive a delegu-
liiitis here during lite lirsi week in
■laiiuary to discuss the granting of
lull provincial powers to the territories.   Sir   Wilful   Lnurier  and
Hun Clllbrd Sift, reinnkiiig tlm
neci'ssiiry arriiiigeineuts for the
conference and will lie on Ihe committee of the ouhinel that will re-
ceive ,1m western delegation.
tin ll veuf the dissolution Si"
Wilfrid wrote to premier llaultuin
stating llinl should liisgovernmi'iil
I,,' sustain,',! il would be   prepared
it ilialely lifter the election   lo
.'liter ti ] a oi negotiations fur tlm
piit'puse nf arriving at a settlement
nf tlm various tpmsliuus Involved
in the granting uf aiilononiy lo tlm
territories, with a view to ,let,ling
will, ll.e queiti,hi nt tlm next sessi.. ,. ..I parliament,
A Worthy I'ndcrtakiru:.
'I'lm girls mission liainl of the
Methodist church will hold a side
uf dulls, iiiiil useful and fancy
articles for Christmas presents on
Thursday December 8th from 4 lo
li o'clock nt the reside,,,',' of .Mrs.
• I. A. Harvey. Tea and refreshments also served. Proceeds devoted iu the niaititeiiniice of uu
orphan Indian girl in the Kitniiiaal
the few papers that  will be rend,   ,. , .
...t.i :.. .   , ■   .,-.-.   ,t t    , ■    which is now declared to be his bv
with inii'i'i'Hl iii British Columbia,Iti,  t t„„.i,,.:. ,    ,   «     , ■
.   ..     ., • i   •    ii   i    ,      I"" laundering net ,,l a deputy re
in *iew Brunswick, in l'.nglnnd ir turning olTcn-
A in.
III-iim.nl-nm in,Ins,,,,ir.
Hut lie ivIittH,' in'i'i'.v wurkhiir li
Isermvileil full ni ii.nl.
II- ul I sltt|. ttisliii-li.
nl ,
Sn „ .villi v
At.tl .mini it i-l-l
Hit 111 tlllt tn,,,, till
Workn tlilrl.v Inn
ll.-'ll lln.l ,. „. .., -nm-,,,,,
Tlinl In,- it,,,,- ,,-,-
Alltl IK .lltn u l,il.. Urn nil,- ,„,
Is It'll nihil! nil Plena,..
S.,'......i,ii,.. • •-* ,
! Cadbury's
Fancy llu.v Chocolates
al the Candy Kitchen
Alan Unl..'.-  ,i   I ,-v' It.   t
..till   lillllt.     IV
nf I
wn.v.  Tl.ui niptina -,,i„.. ,-j;, l;i
«,,,-. i, ,. snu ..I'll -■--..- mix 11 i;i:
f"l   ,'lili     .ml-, lis  t| a
."" I'l l.„v i„ Turn......    S|„>,'h,l
nttpiillii,, Kivc, n, iii.nl nrilprn.
j Q. P. TISDALE. ;
j>... ;,
DAN HOLLAND, Ihe Shoemaker
Shop in the new addition lo  tin
Aiken block.
Iletlues ui,Iv Ihe best   wul'k.
' Iti
Hay for Sale.
The undersigned has 500 tons of!
No. 1 tbnothy hay at Sll.oO per'
ton ami oUO tons ol' lirsi class up-
land hay al $(J,00 per ton i.o.h.
< ►Ids Tor immediate shipment: rate
from Olds |<. Cranhrook is $4.901
per ion. Win. Dean,
Olds. All.«^rta.
A child who is old enough to
study is old enough lo wear
glasses. Do not cliance marring
the life of tlie child by neglecting the sight. Kveslrain always
renders study difficult and ultimately injures both body and
mind. Glasses are not expensive.
Quest* I'limmi! a Snctiall)
iiimii tabling In Conttci Hon
Nf,,,,',.: tonillira.il mnl depot,    ttnan
.lull-.   f,,|    Hit-   |,,|!,tli'   ......|H:,II,..I    in
Unl ami C„hl Ihuli-
Moggnrth & Rollins
I *
,, -r.^r^xmwxxmmir.    -.-.«-. it. ,ss
l't;t:s, t:\-|- I.,,i.,,i: N... ::::
Cranbrook, is. C.
\!,i-,s Ji.,1 i.n.l   1,1.  Tii.-.l.u-   ni   s   |,    ,„    ;„
It,"   I .l.i.ll.
.1    I. ,\I,M,I ,., K   It  S
: l,t.-l l.ii-ii .i.iilii.ll.i-ii
ml   I
r.'xthroiik Local Union 1211 >•> loe United
llrotherbood „l Cirpen.eri ami Joiners
of America.
I'm-  I..,   I   la nun   Prltla,    .mm,
|.   ...   ml . I.   I', llllll
. I'nnllil.-I. tnl.tinll,   In, I
.1    II    11- |, mil,..
'  ,18
nn.l.    tu, Cll) LikIic
X«.  ,'•    V ue.  ll.HI
.'■"    ,        , ,
„..k... -,. .1      , ,  I,.
« II '.l.l	
trtlllll.il.,,.   In,I;,-,  V„    l,
V I'  .'. I   '1
None Better hi the District
*' When you visil Cranbrook stop at Ihe
4> Rates Si and up.    Short Orders and Oysters
^ served in any style from 8 |). in. tn 6 a. m.
V The labit: is the b:>h the rooms arc uinurp.u'vd for clean  S3
4& liness and comlort and the bar is supplied with the best brand  v;
4*> of liquors and cigars.                                                                    rfj
\p L. B. VANDElAR, Prop.
TSie Wentworth
Ciapp & Rollins.
The New Managers.
@ Drop iii and sec us any time.   We arc nn deck 25 liniirs [•■
m out of the U
Tlie Pioneer Hotel of the St. M.irys V.illey.
Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining room service, and  the
best of everything at the bar.
We arc now in shape to furnish all kinds of
J j  Orders promptly filled and delivered in town, IW prices apply   * J
j! King Lumber Mills Co. Limited |
William Gordon!
j| McCallum Block
tk   Ilk'
-     nu: A.
i.. r
Ml 3H
-inn, Inl
t  r   i. ni
r.'ll cordlollj >
1 -OKI
tn iiu.-iiti
ti    i ■ ■■
IIIOlIK l.ll]
: tXllliiu.K
1   Mi   ,,
III tilil i ■:,--!-
al   .11 sill
:    it       Wii, ,
Inlly i
. .. t:
IV   ll.
VV. F. (iURL),
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
" -l K.   1IU1TIS1I   ,,,,i.l'MtllA
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Barristers, Solicitors, lil.:.
Ilszcll Illaili Cranbrook, I). C,
C, H, DUNBAR       I
■5    Barrisler, Solicitor,  Notary    *
Public, Etc. ;
< Cnitinrnok,      -      -     Ii. C.     »
< v'/,»Vt»V*,»V»VV.'1tWW pvt>
Physicians and Surgeons.
Olllce al Kesldencc, Arinalront Ave.
Forenoons, ,:.',i i„ n
Aflernt.ona   •
BvcnlnijB   •
The Latest Delicacies,
Fresh Crabs, Shrimps, Herring and Lobsters,
v* Always tlie  best   of meats and fish.    Tlie
market that sells nothing but the best,   v*
The Calgary Cattle Company,
Tnkonntirnt.lnit.lt is my Intf-nlion to np.
y ,u flip Uinit'il  nl  l.i.i.nsp r.nHmis-iu,..,,-.
1 tin-Ci'iinbronk lllalrlnt nl ,1 s, l-Putilnt-
I ,, ,Inu tm I), mlipr Inlll, IOUI, fnt-ii Irnita.
Iprlr ...japll In Hubert, II. Ilnlmrf.ul tin,
luili'l lleoiia lor tin, Wiirihli'i' butal »l, Wnril-
l,„lp,l,,l,',„,,l,r,„,li, ll.i'., Mm. II. llml.
;t+-lw A.A.Cnrria,
Repairing Promr.t'y Done.
I)k'. A   D. MORGAN
l'..|e|il -. 1.7
V- I -• I •• I « I >!-1 <•'■ I ••' I'.' I ; , ® I «• I ® | .1
Dr. Connolly,     \
Physician and Surgeon
'* Olliee on Armstrong Avenue
5   Ihil'IIBt-l.ln II .,.,..     -,., I i      •
Inn p. III. I'l,.,,!,. lit.-,
ml |.i |.:. m. ! . : 1 |.. ' . i . ' •     .     ■     .
ni'iCH iii.i'H'-:
ti in 12 n  iu
I In II ,,  ....
nm. 1.   ui
1)1.. HUM AKI:, ,M. I,'. C. V. Is
11 rmilNAKV RURIIIill.N
Uur::.. IVnlialrv and  I.: n,   .
a S|io,'inll)
lit. Nn. ;i. C»ANBR00K, ll. i.
Till;   MORSE'S   PLEA
In mil.mm mi	
iii 11... iiliihl a
.tint in his..
en isiii.'uiik, ii. e.
I'l c Tl
.    ., r.      .  ,,    | THUS. T. McVITNl!, P. I.. S.
Font wear lo Measure a Specially! j. r. laioi.aw, n. e.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Enginet-r.-;
and Surveyors,


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