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Cranbrook Herald Oct 4, 1906

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Leghda-I ,,. mi,,,,
Apnl  11-tiC
NUM15ER 28
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,010.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
9. f.. WALKBR, O.n.n.1 M.nag.i ALEX, LAIRD, As... Cal Mua|«
A ganaral flanking limine, IrintlChUl,   Ar ounl, ma, be op.n.d an. c.aiaeM If
,,,.,    ..illi all brM.el.tl ol Ilil. Uank.
Ptp..-it. of ."fl und iipwnrUn rucalved, mul intercut allow**! al
current rules,    lhc depositor la »ubjeet to no delay whatever iu llie  withdrawn) ol tne  whole or uur
portion  of   llie   dcpoNit
Cranbrook Branch,     - \\ P. C. MALI'AS, Manager
Capital I'ai I Up $1,280,000.00
Rest $4,280,000.00
1 D. R. Wilkie, President. Hun. R, Jafiray, Vice.-President
4 Branches in Provinces oi lirilsli Columbia, Alberta, Sas
katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec
4 Interest allowed on Sivings  accounts FROM  DATE OF DE- *
J   POSIT at t ; it.; cjt; t. ri-;; a tl on.j3..tlel tulf   yearly. |J
• *
4 ———— *
* 4
jjj I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     i
-> *
********* **..**************! ***********************y-
Now fillet exceptional privileges in connection
with their loans on building property	
Local Agents, will give   you full particulars if
you will call  at their  office on Baker street
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-^ -»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦< ♦
Uas needs, jusl as much a.s vou have. You need
cleaning and living up once in a while, and so does
your watch. About once \ ye\r the proposition of
cleaning and oiling that w.itch conies up. It's then
that you want to think ol us. Flu* treatment accorded *\ watch is just the sinie whether it is the
best or tin* poorest make ihat is, the best attention i.s given it.    Let us li:; uo your timepiece.    -**
A  Victoria   Correspondents Views
McBride Prefers Another Session
to Going to the
Von should always two :i preparation guaranteed
hv makers ol Silverware. wo have Thurston'fi
Silver polish, manufactured oxpressly for tin-Tor
Silver-plate Co., and Sterling Cream manufactured hy tin' Standard Silver Co., We sell both
kinds an.l guarantee they will not Injure the finest plated ware,    v     v     V     v     v     v
Official Watch Impnton C. P. Railway Crown Nest Pass Division
(Prom tlio Nelson Daily News.)
Victoria, Sept. 37.—At any time
ihu news grows moro Uiau unusually
scarce in Victoria, rumor may always be depended upon tu produce
predictions ui aii early dissolution of
ilie legislature and au appeal to the
country. Such a prediction was
launched about a week ago, given sufficient dcllnltencss as to place the
date of a prospective general election
in December. The difficulties in the
way ol laktog a vote in such a coun-
try as Urltlsh Columbia during tlio
depth of winter in themselves destroy the probability of such a guess,
and un the other hand members of
lhe government declare emphatically
that there is nu intention of taking
an immediate appeal to Uie electorate. The recent tutus through lhe
Interior ridings taken hy Premier McBride, and hy 'his lands minister, Hon.
It. P. Green, did noi disclose a state
of public feeling sufficiently cordial
as to predicate the certainty ot a
government victory. At the same
tlmo tho government has now a nia-
joriiy of one at least upun the floor
of the house, and is therefore prepared to face another session with comparative equanimity, There is very
tittle prospect of any specially contentions legislation being brought
down during next session, as the
policy of the administration will be
to obtain its estimates as quickly a.s
possible and then dissolve lhe house.
Suggestions thai His Honor Lieutenant Governor Dunsmuir has requested
Premier McBrtdo to dissolve the
house at tho present time ate absolutely without justification. The expectation that the vacant attorney
generalship will be filled More the
governments next meets the house is
not endorsed unanimously by observing politicians. Thf only Two avail-
aide candidates for this portfolio are
Mr, Vi. It. Koss, of Kernie, and Mr,
w. .1 Bowser, K.C., of Vancouver,
neither of whom is regarded as sufficiently strong to be safely entrusted
with the opening of his constituency,
The only feature in the political
situation at tbe presenl time is created bv the recently projected element
■ >f lh" labor party as a distinct and
separate factor—which will have the
effect of considerably weakening the
socialistic ascendancy and is viewed
wilt more or less sincere favor by
both of the old parties. The Liberals declare ihat there is nothing extra-radical in the adopted platform of
labor; and that inasmuch as the labor
policy is in harmony wilh the pro*
vlncial Liberal platform, labor members may ba expected to vote and act
with the Liberal forces in the house
as against Conservatism and its ally
Socialism On this latter point
there are signs in the air already
Uiat tlie next session will see an at
least ostensible rupture between the
Conservative governmental forces and
the Socialists under Mr, llawthornih-
ivaite, This is a necessary prelude
as viewed bj both the Interested parties to a general election, Premier
Mi Hi ide having uhiloiihtedlv lost quite
as much popularity among bhe Conservatives of Hrilish Columbia1
through his alliance with the Socialists as through any sins of either
i.mission or commission, At tlio
same tune the socialists are inclined
to sharply catechise theii leader upon
Ills loyally lo the Conservative
premier during the recent sessions,
,111,1 in ihe tippet country he may he
saul to have lust very much in
strength ihiough his supporl of the
Columbia & western Railway land
giant hill, a support thai he has ut-
teih failed to justify with his own
political lailh.
it is as vet early In the dav to
coiisidei ihe probable legislation of
nexl session or the attitude of the
bouse concerning H- There will undoubtedly be provision for largely increased expenditures In widely distributed nubile works, this being the
usual preliminary lo an elect-ion   ap.
peal. Miliol difleieiices aie expected
by nemo to cause lbe .secession o'
s. vera! government momn. s, lln
names of Messrs, Clifford, Macgowan
t)l 11 non ami Wilson being freely men
Honed in this connection. Such pio
pbesy has but flail foundation. Mr
Macgowan has manifested a disposition toward displays ol Booming In
ili'peiideuci', bul at lhe crucial moment of a vote has always been iu
line. Mr, Wilson bas hod his differences with the government, differences
so radical as io produce his resignation from the ministry, but Iw remains a staunch Conservative, nevertheless, and ihe government will net
go on) of existence through bis withdrawal of allegiance to ti'ae parly
wilh whicli lie has always boon identified. Mr. Clifford's lapses from
strict party control have not been
such as to occasion special alarm to
his leaders or to the party, nor does
bis disposition appear tc have undergone any special change. It Is true
that Mr. Kllison carried his objection
to llie government's course to that
extent- lasit session that he voted
against them on important issues. He
was well aware, however, of what
he was doing. His stand for the
rights anil interests ol the Midway &
Vernon railway was forced by the
oottdiblons in his own constituency,
and his very departure from orthodox
Byron E. Walker Talks
of the Country
Looks to See \ This Province a
Great Manufacturing
Mr. Byrofto Walker, general manager of tht* Cuiudian bank ui W ulu-
meice, aud rucogui&ud every whom in
liuaiiolol oii'olrs a* ono ui wie, ablest
financiers in Canada, arrived in t'rau*
urouk lasi Ki'Kiaj nj special tram,
accompanied by bis family and sec rotary, it. l-.. Cassell and wile, and
Prof. Alexander, uf thc Toronto
niversiiy. The party was met ai
the station by Mr, 1*'. C, Malpas,
manager ul the local branch, who
loOKoil after then entertainment while,
they were in ihe city. The ladies
were given a drive to the Sl. Eugene
mission, and were delighted wnh the
scenery and the climate. The paily
look luncheon al the Wilga with Mr.
Malpas. Later      iu       lbe       tlaj
Mr. Walker was driven ovei
Bhe city so that ho might
have a chance to view the residential
portion ul the lowu. The part) left
about 11 o'clock by special train for
Kootenay Lauding, all ol ihem Leeliiig
thai they had enjoyed iheir brief stay
in Cranbrook.
Before the special lefl a representative of the Herald visited Mi. WaUei
tu his car and secured Irom Inm tin
presslons ut Cranbrouk and    Hrltuvh
lumbia. Holding the exalted position in Canadian finance thai lie
does, Mr. Walker naturally makes a
continuous study oi the conditions
Dl lhe entire Dominion, and yel it is
surprising tu see how a man who
lives thousands of miles from Uiilis.li
Columbia has su completely mastered
ihe condibloiis uf this province, li
lias been about four years since Mr.
Walker was over the Crows Nest
line and te expressed himsell as
highly pleased at the e\ IdeuceH ol
growth and permanent prosperity
ihat were made manliest during bis
trip through ibis section cl ibe
country. ile spoke especially ut
Kernie and Cranbrook as iwu towns
ihat showed greater iranst
along tbe line of progress ihan
ui the towns in tbe wesi ihat h
visited un this trip.
Referring tu British Columbia
Walker grew enthusiastic as to the
fuiure possibilities. "lea's ago be
bad said that the people oi lliis pro*
iuee weie in error tu luoklng Lo the
front dooi for ihe development oi
the resources, instead ot turningi to
the back duor. Tbe trade oi lln
Orient was to he considered as an important factor in promoting the
growth of lhe province, but hu had
predicted in ihe past Uial the time
would come when the great purchasing power ot the prairie countrj
would be impressed upon the pcuph
of Br It 1st) t'olumbia, and now thai
tune had arrived. The vast empire
at the back dooi of British Columbia, which was rapidly becoming
populated with an Industrious people,
a people whose products would always be limited to those ol au agricultural nature, would prove an
increasing market fur ihe varied products of British Columbia. In tbis
province the people can fi.ini.sh lish,
coal, fruit, lumber and iron, products
that the prosperous people ot ihe
prairie must buy. The development
of communities ,n the prairie provinces might he mole rapid, owing to
the fact that the conditions there
made it possible tu mote quickly
roallsro on ihe products produced, bui
wilh tlte vas-t water powers of British Columbia and Die unlimited supply ol taw material, this province
must become a manufacturing province, uud one that would meet the
growing demand of lie middle west.
It would resolve itself inlu a simple
question of physics, and nature, in
faking her course would hy this fortunate coiuDiinalioii of conditions,
bring prosperity to ihe peoplo of the
west. In Hie pasl people had lamented over tbe fact that Uie prairie
country was not sei lied up wilb
greater rapidity. The llmo was not
Ihen ripe. Hut when laud iu
Western states became scarcer,
when land'hunger again struck
great masses of the people who
cd l-i secure free homes, thin tin
had to (low toward the vacuum in
Western Camilla. During ibe l;,st
two or three years llinl Lido has
flowed toward Canada wilh di-lei
mlrtod persistency. The agricultural
lauds i.f the.prairie ate being occupied
tlius forming a markd for whal British Columbia can furnish, anl 11 is
province will   Iw able to fulfill    the
mdiliuns thai have been created for
her own benefit.        And  Ihis demand
will create the    need for transport
We Refer to Green Fruits
WE have a number of nice things to take their
place on the tabic.    One is PURE MAPLE
•* SYRUP.    In addition to the ordinary Maple
flavor syrups sold by every Grocer, we have some of
r Pit you will ask ior our " MAPLE" or "PRIDE OF
CANADA" Brands, you will have a Syrup ol a most
delicious flavor and wholesome as well.
Our Goods are
is making great progress in tie sleel
uule, And British Columbia With
i-i  iron deposits   is a field    for ilm
Iron Hade and will be the next   place
ior tho establishment ot steel
works. This is bound to follow.
Some bad said ihai llu; timber re-
■iOM'ces would be' exhausted within
.ne ot two generations. This was
([iiesliotiable, bul be as it may, when
Uie limber was exhausted iron lu a
great extent would lake ihe placo ut
lumber in construction, and lliiiish
Columbia wuuld be greatly benefited
.ti thai way.
Mi. Walker was emphatic on tlie
nailer uf belter terms for lhe province of Hrilish Columbia, lie insisted that ihere should he a readjustment lhat Would give- Ihis province
her rights, British Columbia was
differently situated than any olher
if the provinces. When this province
joined the confederation she came in
>ikI gave her territory as her b-irth-
rtght, and her subsidies are Insignificant as compared with the other
provinces, When the two new trans-
.■'iiitincnial mads arc buill across
ins province there would follow government expense entirely out of proportion iu the Immediate fiuaucial
advantages gained. It would be unfair lo the people of lbe province, to
levy heavy taxes lot" this purpose, no
mailer huw prosperous they might be.
What was needed Was a campaign of
ducat ion on ihis matter of bettor
terms throughout the province, so
Uiat ihe truth cuuld lie plainly and
intelligent,y prcsenled lu He people
of the oast, Hrilish Columbia had a
: iod case, tint It should he able to
iiesent her claims in the strongest
light. The people of lho province
should realize ihis and give ihe matter  conscientious  ami   intelligent  al-
(Continued on page eight.)
.on facilities, a great factor in the
upbuilding of anv section and Ihe
development' of the resources ol-any
new country. Tonnage means rail
roads at all limes, and the tonnage
will be here and the rail rends are
bound to follow. This is iho railway
imilding age. There are more rail
ways building in lhe Cniiel Slales
than ever More in ihe history of the
republic. And Canada is maklnn
great strides. The C. P. It., wllh
Its line reaching across the continent,
is constantly building feeders, the
Canadian Northern is doing the same,
the Grand Trunk is building its main
line and placing side lines into every
territory that promises business.
This al! means an immense demand
for steel rails ami Canada is going to
lie in a position lo furnish Ihem,
With a steel plant at Sydney, Nova
Scotia, another at- thfl Rno, and one
just opened at Tort Arthur, Canada
STANDS A   I'll*;.
Tho hose race between Moyie and
Cranlirook on Labor Hay, thai has
caused so much ol a controversy,
lias wound up by Movie refusing to
run the race over. It is to be re
•relied thai there has been so much
Ill-feeling over this mailer, but it
scorn's that there is no way out of it.
The Herald was anxious to see   both
-.ides come   lo      an  agreement   oti     a
basis by which lhe question could he
settled. Now il seems Ihal il Is impossible. Following is ihe correspondence that will explain tho situation:
Crauliio.il.-, S.-pt 23, run;
T, M Roberts, Sccrelary Kire Team,
Dear Sir:—"Referring io hose reel
race, I beg lo state that ni a meeting of the Lahot Dav minimi tee held
l.isl   evening   lh"   lollowlng   resolution
w.is carried:
"We. Uie Labor Dav commllleo
having ii'ii I Hi- oilu'i.ii letters nf ibe
llmekeepers find ledges, ibe majority
-i whom declare thai lhe race was a
lie    hel ween      Moj ie  .Old     ('ratlin ool
hose learns. We the Lnhor Daj
cnmmlllee sustain ibe decision ol the
judges and timekeepers, mil declare
thai the race shall In- run/over 0**alli
Inside of ihlrly davs ,a wime place
io be agreed upon bMwerti ihe con-
lesllng learns. In case of either
team defaulting or   refusing to run.
the  purse  of   $15(1.00  shall   go   to    (he
leam that complies with lhe ordei
'.f ll.is committee 1.. run attain."
Kindly lake noliee and govern
yourselves accordingly,
Yours verv truly.
II. White, Secretary.
Sept 2Mb,  lflOfl.
E, 0. Kamm   Movie. B, 0.:
Dear Sir:—I am in receipt of a
lei ler from (be Secretary of the
Cranlirnok I.ahor Day commiltee, a
copy nf which I understand has been
si'ni lo your team, informing lhe
Cranbrook hose team that his committee have upheld the decision ol
the timekeepers that the race here
on Labor Day for the Harvie Cup
was a   tie between Cranbiook     and
Hyacinths, Tulips,
double, all colors
Narcissus  in   single   and
also Hyacinth   glasses
'«"■ '■-- -                         -^
For   FIRE,   LIFE  and
Phone No. uu.
REAL  ESTATE Insurance
If you want value for
your money, it will pay
to examine our stock
before  buying   jt jt   <**>
Tli.-  Up io Date lla dware Man
(Continued on page eight.) TIIK  CBAirBBOOK   TIKKAI.I.
Founders in Clfitdl ot*
H*nd Tailored Garmestii completely ftnUhed.
in Overcoats.
Fit-Reform Top Coats and Rain
Cuts are different enough to he
distinctive—without overstepping the
bounds of good taste.
If you demand something out of
the ordinary—in  style  as   well as
pattern—you "ill   find  BOTH in
Fit-Reform Overcoats.
AN D MOR E Quality of cloth
—faultless tailoring and trimming—
are in every garment.
VALUE is the keynote of the
Fit-Reform success. «
We liave justjrecelved 	
Two Cars Timothy Hay
A . Quality
Also on hand large quantity Oats and Feed
.*.*, t e-e-cst s-M-tte-e-tc-t tec; s e 11- te tsee-ec e Bkn't.-uK-t-...:^
A Series of   Articles   Treating   with  Conditions   as   they are
Found at the Different.Mills ol this
l>8-a*4S-83-S*»-!> fl****** i*M**9 8 3 • »M-5 ■ Sii 5 S-Si-5 M**S9SI)r'*
Two years ago when Mr. mis Staples began i"s lumbering operations "i
what was then called Bayard awl has
since been re-named WycllBe, the Her-
.1,1 predicted that other concerns
would either liave io follow I"'- Improved methods ot d" s"ll,'r ""
eclipse. Since thai time there has
1,,-,-n a ii""-1 remarkable lmpro.-co.enl
,„ milling and logging practice and it
eannot by any means, ho entirely
niirlbu'ted lo Uw botlormcut „l trade
conditions. Aotlvo, aggressive ">i"
petition .iml reduced vs. ol pioduc-
Hoii proved .. valuable stimulus, anil
ihen oanto lho rocouagenienl ol ""
Tin- combination ro
nu|l«l in better '»i|ls 'll"' cheaper
production, and ii, Ur practical B","1
oncolcd ihere can !><■ no d.,.ib. bm
that M i. Staples' enterprise ami
pluck ale deserving ol a share ol UW
credit. ,,
\ deal "I waler flows Ulldct lh
viaduct spanning Uhi St. Maryi
river closo by vYyolilto and washing
uo sides ,,( Staples' yanls, but »■
, log ol Staples' docs ihat walm
carry. For '""' reason, tho limns
li',- away to it"- norll. towards Cherry
Creel, ,ii,a "!' "long Perry Ci-cok m
Uie »,-si, and lor another, Mr. Staples is no great bollovor In tho water
conveyance ol logs. Ho prefers a
logging railroad and uses llial bvs-
lem equipped wllh bis own rolling
slock and Shay engines built al
Lima, Ohio. The logs, when cut Jn
il,,- woods, arc decked near lbe 	
into a marketable commodity. Here
conies a Inn slab along tho roils. Tbe
spirals spin il of! to tin right and it,
falls on tlie chain conveyors lhat
bring ii under tl.e slash-saws which
cul ii io the proper length lor lath
lock. ll llieli tails oilo an iHllcss
chain conveyor, ull wnlch 11 is picked
ui.il laui beside a smc I circular c..n,g
carrying tour saws. Quick us one
cm grasp 11"' Idea "t whai Is happen
Ing  llial   slab is cm. im,,  Ibiec i-.ini:
aud these are simply thrust into llu
month ol llie l.ni, mill ami come mil
hubs ai lhe f.u .sol,-. Thev ale made
as lasl as you can thrust a bai pli.
through a Buck. The man who .iocs
the sorting is a lightning poriurmer.
He has lo linn-He Ihe waste snip,
ami decide llie grade „1 lho two laths
in    one  moll,,i,    of his hands.     The
material is I, llnl up. nd ami plac
cd ou a conveyor whieh carries lho
hun,lie lengUtwisc between iwo Iiuii
trimming saws which lake care thai
lhe     h ngtll  is COI leel    ami aw;iy   it
goes om i,, the sorting and Iranslor
table.       This very interesting     de-
pariiiicui is in charge ol Henry
Norlli,-., wb,,, sime he came oul Iron.
Stillwater, .Mum . wilh his family
erected nearly all the buildings a'l
Prom Un- huh mill to the basement
where all the shaltllig, pulleys ami
I,,wei ineel.ai.isms ot lhe nigger,
loader anil kleker, not lo inonllnn
those i.f ihc band-saw ami lhe ureal
itivcyurs, is only a slep or I
The main line .shall spins by- the
level-age of a uu inch diameter pulley, ami ovei   Ihal  pulley  Hies u hell
'lh a 111  inch face ami  lll.it  hell   is
,i Irom the lly-whecl in ihe   englr
Cmi.i.lii |38l noros ,,f inagnlllcont land, situated In the best
farming locality tu be found In East Kootenay, being 10 miles
from Btoro ami postollice. Tbo Koolenay Central Railway
survey traverses tho proporty. li is bounded on one Hide by it
large stream whieh nffonis oxoullent trout ami char nailing
Surrounding the property i- a o mi.try capable of grafting manv
liundred hem] „f cattle and miiny promising mining prospects
are being worked in ihu neighboring mountains, uml apart from
fanning this property should shortly become vory valuable lor
oti.or purposes on account of tho naturally central position it
boars wiili rugiird to tbo surrounding country, 250 noros ol this
proporty can bo brought under cultivation will, ease and tliere
aro already 20 acres in mixed crop. 70 tons ol hay are cut
annually ,,ff ihis lumi. There aro suitable buildings lor ull pur.
and uu irrigation ditch bus been constructed wliich will
..sl, wale, for Irrigation nud domestic purposes, For further
———   particulars apply to  —»-———
and if it
1,1,,eli it,
Ileal clslato Agents, Cranbrook
i nol desirable to purchase, tin, property in one large
iu  be CUT I'l'un,I  I'lVII'KI. into smaller parcels
of   III   HO   -111,   nm acres, or otherwise,,  to suit purchasers.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦< »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
20.000  ACRES
of tlm very pick of the selected hinds iii the beautiful Kootenay
Valley, Kasl koolenav, It. C extending Irom Canal Flat to
Klku, aro offered for sale nt from fl to (lo per ucre.
The Kootenay Valley Is of Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
Tbe hinds presenl everv feature <»f usefulness, Including tim-
hored bonchos, brushy flats, innrab, prairie uml meadow, 'I'he
brushy flats, marsh ami meadow lands consist of deep, black
loam; lho bench land being a sandy ioam, splendidly adapted
f,,r fruil,-uii,,,,-. Where Irrigation may I," necessary ou the
benches, water can bo hud from tbo mountain creoks flowing (nun
tbo Rockies into tbo Kootenay rlvor. The lnmls are Ililh. sur-
veyed and some ol the lots Imve been subdivided into fenced
larms of about 80 ncros onuh.
The purohaso i""" will Include the timber, wbieb can he sold
by U.e purchaser without uuv liability to government or other
royalty. Thetimbor will In many cases more ihan realize ibe purchase price, and wIllinalloiHosmaterially recoup the amount-Invested, Logs can bo driven iintiie Kooteimy river, which touch.
,-s every lot save ono. 'I'he main wagon road through the valley
passes overor close t>> each hu. and tIre proposed Kootenny Central railway will parallol the wagon road. I'he 0, 1'. II. is quite
convenient to lhe hinds.
l-'„r funiier particulars apply i<>
Orto Joseph Ryan Cranbrook, B. C.
< „.
<,. >
, „ ,
, ,<>
, „,
• >, >
• „ ,
"■ >
• ,1,
' ,1,
, „,
, I,,
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables j
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and Bicycle]Repairers
MXiujhlin Cirriajei and Dserin? implements lor Sale
Shop Phone 50 P.O. Box 144 Barn Phone90
way track, which wns built ami
Luiistvuutcd by Mc Staples' company,
ti novel further than a short haul
iiom ilu* actual scene nl thc cutting,
oni' il.ti cat is tiitwl wiili a small
donkey engine operating a wlntllai
ami hoisting derrick for loading the
train. 'lhe derrick .Imps a <loubl<
hook attachment which clasps a lon
,ii either end (just us vol. would buhl
a lead pencil by the ends belw
vui.i thumb ami mtihlle linger) .uui
away goes lhat Ing through the
io its proper plan- on the load. A
i ruin crew nl four men bring
about I" i"111 leet al each nip. Prom
tlie cars Mie lop; arc dumped into ibf
pond mul from Vl«vt resting pluco do*
iilr slowly up ibe jack-ladder lo Uw
mill, taking their Imlh as they
iravel to ' remove all loose bark,
gravel, sand oi mud. ,
Tin- log-deck is provided with kick
cr, loader ami nigger, each going u
share uf feeding the logs lo ibe 1-1
Inch il.iniih' cut band saw mill manufactured bv lho McDonough Manutac
tm ini- company, of Kan Claire, Wis.
Joseph Palcnaude is sawyer ami oil
Uw night shift is rollcved hy Horry
Mlii'll'si'ti.     SCO them wbi-f..' you will,
and as often as von will, there remains a fasriiiaiioii about u band-saw
mill, lis work is so clean cut and
its precision of action so assured that
one loses a realization nf ihc enormous power thai drives the steel
ribbon (it is a big rlhbon, io be sure)
(lying at the rale ol 11.Olid feel a
minute. It slips through medium-
sized slicks at lhe rule of about foui
IiiM a second, as nearly as one can
figure ii. A -slab, in a board, is mn
ofi a Hi foot log i'1 al'0Ut four
seconds. Tte sawyer, of course, has
alt ihe responsibility imt alone Uu
the proper hardline ol this iremend
mis engine, bui also lor getting tbe
maximum amount ol the higher grade
lumber from the Vastly diversified
materia] prcsenled to bim. A saw
ver deficient in Mhis lasi particular
could easily run his employer inio
prcventible losscu away up in tho
thousand.-;. Experience aids, hut tht
decision as lo whal i'sacHy will be
Ibe besl use lo which a log ean be
applied must bo most Instantly. II
Hushes his orders by an almost im
perceptible motion of bis hand io ibe
setters on the carriage and tliey in
nun regulate the setting mechanism
Theirs is an arduous post, taking
bolh brains and muscle, ami when a
ItiKh speed, shot-gun feed, such as
used bore, i.s under ihe carriage
there is an element of danger thai
nothing can entirely eliminate
.Joseph I'alenaiidc and his Iwo young
assistants gol a 1" foot log sealing
■Hill feel into ihvir dutches ami wholly disposed of it, in one inch stuff
mostlv, iii precisely 115 seconds. Wilb
smaller logs Die speed is greatly Increased,
Prom the band-saw thu lumber
travels along the live rolls to tin
I'dgef, an unusually powerful machine
and ihen to the trimming -saws
Some nf Ihe latter ate fixed and
Others are set normally above thc
lew] of the trimming lohlo and
brought 'into action when required by
a lever system worked from lbe plal
form, The lumber passes from th
mill hv a phalli conveyor and is lilted np'lhe bench al lhe norih side of
ib.- planl io Hn' grading ami distil
inning platform. Here an alniirahl.
system is adopted. Along lbe ras-t
side of ibe soiling deck is a wide
platform provided wilb a number
uai mu fill ago (racks on which nm
small trucks. There ure some inn-
teen nr more, ol these trucks, and a
must elaborate junction syslpm is
avoided hv providing anolher, hul
depressed, track at right angles' to
those leading from ihe sorting table,
iin ihe depressed Hack is a car provided wiib tails on top placed transversely in the line of motion of tlte
vehicle nn whieh they are mounted
ami corresponding in gmigc lo thr
sysiem used all over Me yard. Winn
a truck on any particular tine or rails
on the grading platform is full, file
transfer car is run abreast nf that
line ami ibe loaded car passes over to
lhe yard I racks. Two or lhree of
those lit lie loaded trucks are hauled
away to their proper alley and pile
Ity a wise, old horse who knows hi's
business lo a fine point. Electric
trolleys are used for this lumber
transfer in some of lhe very large
plants, bul that system has serious
disadvantages in the way of breakage
of the elaborate appliances adopted.
The ilry-klln process is not used at
the Staples plant, all llie lumher being seasoned bv ibe natural, or air.
drying metb.nl. Fully nine million
feet nf stock musl lie now stored in
the vards.
To return lo lhe mill. It Is of
great interest to slndv lite eeonomv
ol material practised at, this concern.
Nothing is allowed     t0 go to waste meiul, and     the joints   filed smooth,
that can, by any means, be converted The saw Is ready for work again a't-l
The boiler ami engine house is enn
slrnctcd entirely of slum* ami brick
having concrete floors anil is covoro
wiih a galvanized roof supported   o
sieel girders,    li is ihe last word in
lire-proof  construction.     Tbe  engim
wliich is jn charge nf (I. .1. Selk, wa
built  by the McDonough Manufaclui
ing     companv  (lbe     same linn  ihat
made    lhe h.iu l-inill).        This really
beautiful aparalus     is of the
-ingle cj Milder, piston va'vc,
controlled   hy  a     Gardner governor
with automatic slop.    The revolving
globes  regulate  the steam  supp'
to tin revolutions per minute, if that
limil be exceeded tbe automatic safely   appliance conies    inm operation,
Again, if thv belting wbieb drives lhe
governor from  the main axle, sin,ult
break, and    so permit of llie engin
running    away,   or racing, as it    i
called, once more Uie automatic safe
ty shuts nit the steam supply,
Tbe engine furnishes 600 h. p. and
though running day and night (Sun
days excepted! it works without i
trace of shake or vibration. The
lly-whecl is l- feol iu diameter with
di inch face, and by its great weight
gives steadiness io the running under
all conditions of stress or load.
A Russell engine drives the 3' _
Kilcwat dynamo, which furnlsh'.'s
energy for ahutil 1,000 lights. The
yards are lit entirely wilb arc lamps
from this base of supply, lhe mill, repair shops, ofilces, etc.", being provided wiih Incandescent ligliis.
In the engine room a large Blako
pump i.s always under steam and
liceps the water pressure on lhe entire .sysiem uf pipe lines whicu ex
tend through all parts of tbe buildings, yards and lumber alleys, This
-.limp is of the pattern approved by
the underwriters and is of is, 10x13
rating, equal tu discharging I,inm gallons per minute with 70 revolutions.
The main suction is carried out im
ihe middle of tbe Sl. Marys river
close hy lbe burner. An Inleresl
feature nf Uh- lire protection system
adopted here is thai tbe pump aul
matically increases its revolutions,
or discharging capacity, according io
ibe demand on it.
The boilers, Ibree iu number, are of
the I)uk-h own, ul' foie-bearili pat-
lent wil1,) automatic feed. Steam
costs money In intake and any economy in production effects a sawng iu
ensl-. When (ins. -J. Selk, mill sup
t'tiiiieiidettl ami inasier mechanic, for
inerly wiih the famous Woyeuhauset
Lumber company, look charge
Staples tbe entire waste of lhe mill
was tasked to provide sleam for tin
big engine. He effected such im
provemmts in tlm matler of vav-li
adjustment, ami so nn, that now the
saw-dusl from ilie baud-mill and Hi
edgers is much more than sullicient
fur all sleam making purposes. Fuel
is cheap in saw mills, hut where cnal
is used any material saving foots ii|i
a big economy ul the month's end.
(hi one occasion Mr. Selk bv adding
; inch inside lap nn lbe valv
engine he bai] under bis charge and
also adding ■; of an inch outside lar,
ami advancing Ibo eccentric in degree*
in tbe circle, thereby virtually shortening Hie cut-off ; in ,! cf the 30 inch
stroke, he secured a saving nf 5
pounds of steam per ll. p. per hmt
or equal In J or a lon of coal p<
hour. Mr. Selk is a mechanical el
glueer and lakes charge nf the repn
shops where all ibe rolling stock of
tbe Staples' lailwav is renovated,
and is also responsible [cr the electric
department. He lias prepared drawings fnr an improvement in Uu- main
conveyor to ihe burner ami will use a
cable iu [titure Instead nf a chain.
The deals In catch and carry lhe
waste will be clamped <>u ilie cable
bv clutches such as ate used „n  the
ilili* cars.
'iVie tiling room, dlrcelly over the
band.mill, is in charge nf A. ]). I'ai-
inei with Abe Nasi und as his- asslsl-
tlit- The vaiinns machines in Ihii
loparlmenl used fm sharpening Uu
baud, edgei\ trimmer, slash and lath
aie all automatic in action and
els of ingenuity.      Here lite hand
are mended and brazed, No
mailer bow gnni| (he material in
bis class nf Innl may he, Ihey are
;till subject to accident and to, snme-
tlmes, unaccountable breakage. On
don a piece musl he let inlo ihem
when this is necessary a powerful shears, operated hv a lever, cuts
lhe saw square across where the new
piece is to go in. Tbe edges of bhe
saw across lhe line nf the mend, and
also the mending piece, are ground iti
ii special machine to a deep feather
edge in provide a sufficiently deep
Inp for ihe weld. Silver solder is
run in the joint and the twn pieces
re then clamped immovably between
the Iwo white hot soldering irons.
Pressure is steadily applied as the
'older is running. The operation is
epeat't-d    at   the  olher     end  nf   the
er iH'itig swedgeil, stretched and
shai|teinil, Uut is, if it uwded those
operations before lhe men-ding vas
■Alien new the band-saws are about
11 Inches in breadth, and when reduced by wear to almut U inches are
considered as having survived their
practical usefulness. In the case of
.saws luiiiiiug day and night as ihey
do at Staples' tbe wear is about \
inch per monlh, so that lho avura^e
life of a hand-saw may he put at
ahoul eigjht inuiilhs of actual Use.)
The repair simp is provided wiih itm
own engine and lakes ils steam from
lhe main bolters. It is a little bit
ni a llitng and would not make a decent pup of the big chaj) lhat runs
tbe main mill. hul it- makes up in
speed what it wants in si/e. li
wniks in un end ol a Iwny and gives
inoliun to Iwo big sleel lalhcs, a
large drilling machine, a steel planer,
simper, grinding machines, and so nu.
A i uue end is a fine lilaeksmitliing
shop and adjoining it is the hospital
lor Injured rolling stcek oi all kinds.
The vehicles ate brought atmoBt under
ihe same tool as ihe forgo anl ie-
paiis of eveiy kind can lie cHected
thoionghly  and  quickly. A  power
piess is used tor plessiug uu th"'
Wheels. The equipment in Ibis Important department is tmth oaorough
ml lotnpleie and in a big plant like
Staples' ii must olTeot very Consiilor-
nhlo s,,\ings in lbe course of a year.
This round bouse, if one may so
name it, may lie colled the terminus
f the Staples' railway sysiem.
Mere the engines, callouses, ami
trucks rest wlien Ihey get a chance,
ml tbey dn net nflen get it. Running lights are permitted over the
('. IV It. tracks, and this necessitates
ibe operation nf the logging twin*
according to the rules of ibe C, I'. It
so lhat a conductor is regularly ii
charge of each train on each trip
Some nine or ten miles of track is in
use and extends north and north-ease
utn tbe Hints by Cherry Creok,
where thete is timher tributary lobe mill sufficient to keep it in work
for thc next twenty years. Thero
are oilier limils on Perry Creek but
thev, of course, are not yet being
t. .Hilled.
The planer building adjoins the
shipping platform and is provided
wilh its own boiler and engine In
charge ()f C, W. Cartsen. The engine
liouse is built entirely of galvanised
Iron. The planing floor is provided
with the usual complement nf sizers,
moulding machines, slickers and su
The official staff consists of Henry
Pecker, manager, and William Slavics, as accountant. P. H. Yates represents the firm will: the wholesale
houses  throughout   the  Nnrlhwest.
When Mr. litis Staples eame into
East Kootenay from Stillwater,
Minn., tbe timber in lhat country, except wlut was controlled by the
Wcyerhause A Cook interests. ' was
practically exhausted. Having disposed of certain interests of bis, Mr.
Staples pushed Into this locality to
study conditions, and finding them
satisfactory, though lbe oul look was
far less encouraging than nuw-, he
made an Initial investment of an
amount which cannol fall far shorl nf
a quarter nf a million dollars in order to put bis enterprise un an enduring and profitable basis. The
growth nf the husiness has been remarkable, and now Staples A Co.
Limited (a subsidiary organ tea-Won to
lhe Otis staples Lumber companv)
is operating" lumber yards in some
seventeen or twenty points north of
Stavety, Alta. Tlie lumber yards of
ihe Staples A Vo.. Limited, are
sii nated in -the lollowinp named
towns: Calgary, west end, Calgary,
east mid; Olds, IIH Deer, High Rh'er,
P< wden. Innisfail, Stettler, Dovls,
AMx, Erskln, Norma, Stratbinore,
Lnngdon, Mayvrllle, Sfcavely,
The Kimberley Milling companv
have sold and ship their entire cut
amounting lu abuut SS-OOO feet a dav,
to the Staples company at Wyclifie.
Hotel <£ <&
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Uood ■•-..i-liiik' io CoriD'-'Ctlon
Near... to rallioeil ami depot.    Ilos ai-roniniofla.
Hon. for the public oneqruUled la Cr»nlirook.
Hoi and Cold Baths
Hoggarth & Rollins
Manitoba Hotel
han Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook, b. c.
Headquarters for
Lum ber men
in tliu cily.   Tin
lilrolly l,,,',il.-,l ,ii„l l„i-
i..r is BuppiW will. Uii
i „l l.i..
******** yvltT-i ***"*¥«**¥****
i-H-H-m-n-i-r i-i-i-i 11111 i-i i-i-m-i-HH-H-
11 The Cosmopolitan
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
Vancouver World:—Fourteen rcsolu
lions wore passiii by the memlbcrs of
i'ln' I'lriiailiiiii Forestry association
yesterday afternoon, and the conven-
ii ,n ..as fittingly brought to a conclusion.. In ailil'iliiin lo the regular
business resolutions a resolution "I
grcollng I,, Sir Henri .luly do I.olbi-
uirri' was passi.l ami a telegram at,
once sun io the Hist president ol
lli'- Canadian Forestry association
lhe ilianks of thc convention were
conveyed to tho president ol the
I nlled stales and Mr. 0. Vi. Prico
his. representative. A resolution oi
sympathy was alsu passed and will
be forwarded lo Mr. C. M. needier
wll" is al present in lhe hospital
having undergone an operation.
Sol lisciission arose when thc re-
soliiihiii regarding settlers in timber
limits was brought up. The original
resolution staved thai no homestoo.1
pr pre-emption should he granted on
land mora valuable lor limber than
for agricultural purposes. Mr. Duncan lluss, M.l'., stated that lhe
lands in question should be classified,
am! nu,veil an amendment lo the resolution, lie staled Hint timber
areas should he reserved ami no
seiilers allowed Ihere, but as tiro
law sloud al Ihe present lime llle
solllers could go everywhere.
""   ludson !•'. .'lark staled    that
Uie laml should lie classified In blocks
ami Uial in, setllor should be allowed
t,, set-lie un lbe laud unless ibe set-
lie "I  wns large enuiigh lo permit
"I ;i sniiill village being buill.
Mr, Hoss staled Ihal be was relef-
ring inure generally lo the railway
l"-li lu lliiiish Columbia, nnd Ibat bo
had been urging the governmenl, to
lake action. Sellleis wnuld persist
in B"iiig Inlo small areas wiihin Uie
limber areas, and if Hie government
would say Ihal. lhat land was timber
land ami mil open lor settlement
there would In  lurther trouble.
I'be resolution was then carried, as
Whereas, lbe clearing ol small areas
by sellleis iu the midst, of timbered
sections of the different provinces,
lire being lhe means usually adopled,
is a fruitful cause o[ the yearly des-
tructlnn ot great quantities of limber, be it
Resolved, that in the opinion of
Ibis convention nu bomcslead ar preemption should be granted on land
more valuable for limber than tor
agricultural purposes, and lhat this
convention urge upon the proper
authorities the necessary classification of lands at lhe earliest possible
The resolution which was ol most
interest to Uie   local and provincial
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Brewer nf
Fine Ales, Porter and Lager
Mmmfucturora of till  kimls of Minora.!   Wators, Including
Litliia itmi Seltzer Wntors, equal  l.» any im-
ported article.   Try a siimple i-.-isi*.
thenco 80 chaina easl, thenee HO
chains north, Uienco SU clains west
to place of beginning, containing
abonl. (ill! ncres.
.1. n. Mi-ball. Locator,
Hv ,l. II. llctitplnll, Agent.
Loealoil 'Augusl 2Mh, lUOti.
(Continued on page three)
Notice Is hereby given thai thirty
days after date 1 inteml lo apply U>
ihe lion, the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and WorKs and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and
Works for the district of
East Kootenay, B.C., for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following dcKcrihotl land:
1. Commenolng at a post planted
about ftUO chains north and ahout
fid chains west of the crossing of Um
Nortii Fork of Michel creek by one of
the northerly boundaries of lut 4fi8S,
group 1, the same being thc initial I acres,
post   ol    J. B. Deball's elaim    and W.  A. MclJiirney, Locator,
marked "J.     B. Deball's north-west' By .1. II. Hemphill, Agent,
corner post," tbeuue bti chains south.     Located August 2'Hb, lltOii.      Ul it
2. Commencing al a post planted
at .1. H. I'ebaM's not'lb-wt'st cotnei,
.same being lhe in Hal post or W. A.
MiHuiney's claim ami marked "W. A.
McHurncy's north-east coiner post,"
tbence nil cbains soulh, tfcenco 80
chains wesl, tbence KU chains nort.li,
Ihence Hti cbains east lo place ol beginning    ami    con laining about    010 TIIE   CBAKBBOOK   IH'I'AI.n
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed Irom  private house1;, churches or our
own parlors.     Flrstclass undertaker in attendance ** •■*
CranbrookCooperative Stores
Wi have  the besl  facilities In the Kootenays lor
suppl | Ing
S   during; tlte suiiinier weather.    Wholesale and retail
?|      P. BURNS & COMPANY
1  The Wentworth
jjfj Clapp & Rollins,
|a The New A'anagers.
Drop in and see us any time.    We are on deck 25 hours
out of the 24
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦• <> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
| clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, t
I "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in *
♦ make call and see the new stock of Ready
made clothing just received.    All Union
M******** **** ■-.***********&,
Manufnc.urer. of
LUflBBR and
Also ull   kinds of
.III is .1
•l.-ilTniv. Rynil uiul
Cranbrook, B.C,
Head Olllce, - Cranbrooi.
^VVYYVYYVVV If  VV**********1**^
Xeabfno Business
■bouses of (Tftav\>8««
Villi*    tlhc Smeller Cily..
Marysvlllo h ;i s
,-,,nii, into lur own,
The town now lum
n iKiri.ianonl pay.
roll Tlo- llorulil
,- ,i n heartily on-
ilorso tho followiiiR
IhibIi.osb hoiiBOB:
rhe leading ho* S
I in lhc St. ffl
1 Central Hotel I
Marys  valley.
I'. Handle., 1'rnp., S. J. Morrow, Manager
ffl lliniii); Nniim service tlie hesl.
JS The place lo slop when visiling Ihe Smelter City
S      * 9T*. 4   m 9      t     at w
he Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
Has been recently refurnished and is now one of
>.v the best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for &
g the people. ||
| Marysville Drug Co.      |
■0 We carry a complete stock of everything in the j£[
& Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away W
K* foryour goods. H
Rambling; Reveries
Women should fciow more devoted
and men fonder altei marriage U
they have the slightest idea ol being
happy as wives and husbands. It is
losing sight of this fundamental
trni h whieh leads to hundreds of
divorces. Vet many a nun will
scold lus wife whu wyiild never think
of breathing a harsh word u> lus
sweetheart, and many a wile w It look
glum and morose on ter lumuaads
turn who had only smiles aud words
ol client I 01 hun When he was her
aul lor.
Don't repress Uw buoyant spun ol
youi children; hull un fiom ol meiti-
iin'i.1 around the lamp aiiil nteli&ht ot
it home bloita out many a ewe an.l annoyance during ihe day, and the
buel safeguard they cam uk« with
i lieiu Intro the world is the unseen in
llueliie ol    a    blight     Little domestic
circle. Put hoinc lust und toreuioit,
tm tlieie will oume a tnne when the
homo circle will be broken, ivhrn you
long "loi    tm*    touch of a  vojilsned
hand  and   lbe BOUIkI  ol a ValCO    that
is siili," nwi when your greatest
pleasure will Im* in remembering thai
you did all in your power to put a
song under every Inn dm, to inaku
each othei  happy.
Then* i.s a wise old German saying
lhat "Only u god or a bruit* Cull
dwell iu .siilli mli-." Ali*ii and women
need congenial compaiishlp, bolh lur
Lhu sake ol health and happiness.
■lust as your lungs, after using up all
thi' oxygen in a close room, need to
he lilled wiih fresh, otitroMoor air,
so your mind need contaot with other
minds to get new ideas. There is
such a thing aa mental as well as
physical hunger. Herders on thu
cattle ranches of the West frequently
become mad trom the isolation they
are forced to endure. Women on
lonely farms and in small villages:
glow' iiioi-fmi and mildly insane, and
people do not guess lhat Ihe cause
is want of companionship.
lt is for this reason that a woman's
work at home is always more trying
ihan that of ber husband, who goes
to his oflice, sees new faces, and has
the friction that is produced by meeting other people. Even the farmer
has more Intercourse with his neighbor at market, or at the village grocery, Iban his wife, who may not see
anyone outside of her own family for
weeks. lt is a great mistake uf
young people to isolate themselves.
Even if their tastes lead them to a
quiet life, they should make It a
point to cultivate a lew agreeable
A good husband makes a good wife.
Some men can neither do without,
wives nor wilh ihem; they are
wretched alone in what is called
single blessedness, and they make
their homes miserable when ihey gel
married; they are like Tompklu's
dog, which could not bear to bt* loose
and howled when he was tied up.
Happy bachelors are happy husbands,
and a happy husband is ttie happiest
of men. A well matched couple carry a joyful life between ihem, as the
i wo spies carried the cluster of
Eschol. They multiply thell joys by
sharing ihem,' and lessen their troubles by dividing ihem. This is line
arithmetic. The wagon of care rolls
lightly along as they pull together,
ami when it drags a ItUle IteftVlly, ol
there's a hitch anywhere, they love
each otlhei all the more, and so lighten ihe labor.
Tbo young man who is always
found around the street cornets and
who spends his evenings in dunking
and playing cards, will never amount
io much, it is contrary to thu
natural order of things, ' The boys
who spend their precious youth in
Hits manner, are the ones who will
lake the place of our day laborers;
they will live in poor houses, wear
poor clothes and wh'ii thev come to
die ihev will Ih* followed hy their
graves by few iriends. Oh. ihat the
young men of our land mighl awaken
lo a knowledge of their sinialicn.
There is an opportunity for every
young man to become an honored
citizen, and so many, oh. so many
precious boys, are allowing themselves to be carried along, apparently
caring hut lilMe almut lheir future.
We do admire a manly boy, one wbo
tries lo beoomo a man, and we always feel like helping bim along. The
boy who steps out frnm among evil
associates, gives tobacco lbe go-by,
has ihe true grit, and deserves to b«
helped. II takes considerable to
tm n one's hack upon ihose whom ho
has been associating with and we ad-
tniie the pluck of one wbo does so.
out country needs grand and good
men, and t„ Income a grand and
good man, one musl lie a grand and
good boy. || is a wrong idea thai
every boy musl "sow his wild oats."
When you sow a crop of wild oats,
vou must, take time to harvest a crop,
.nnl ihe crop is never anything hut
cb.itl. "Wild oats" need never be
sown. The time spent in sowing
wild oatfl Is worse than lost, (or the
tlmo OOHld Im- spenl in sowing a crop
ibat would yield a golden harvest.
He careful ahoul the kind of seed you
sow, foi ''whatsoever a man Boweth
that shall be a!80 reap."
Half tlie marriages in the World am
nothing but bubbles and barter. A
man Wants a wife. He casts about
til they     deu-lop     Some  ..-Muct ol
womanliness and should no more be
allowed lo    m-iiiy than .,    i b < taw
ilnef .should  take charge  •■'
garten.     We cannot hop
bubble mio substance altei .
(Continue*! fiom page two)
for nn even exchange. In a year .
is tired nl his bargain. In five year
love is dead, and cold-browed tolei
ance imhi'iils love's garments. 1
twenty years tolerance is at il
grave nnd bate reigns supreme. The
wife is naggy and prieklv and peckish.
The husband Is dogmatical and
tici'iil and mean. Hul I bere ..
hang together on the 'bough, like t
gnarled and frosted apples, until tb
winds of death dlfilodco them and
away they go. The only way to he
rid of bubble marriage—marriages
that turn out, emptiness wilh one
drop of water as the resldum, and
lhat drop n tear—Is to educate our
hoys and girls to something higher
ttain playing with pipes and soapy
water. "(live th'-m someth.ng more
earnest to do and see that they do tt.
Compel men and women to choose
their life companions with at least
n tithe of the solemnity they bring to
the selection of a carriage, horse or a
ribbon. Legislate laws against early
marriages. "I can't tolerate children," said a little simpleton to us
the other day, "but I adore dogs!"
and yet that girl had an engagement
ring On her finger. There should be
a special seclusion for such  girls un-
membeis ol Uw association  -
Bed as follows;
That the association strongly    endorse and recommend   to ll
cial government the req lest
Uniish   Columbia     delegates for .it
tioii i.n tin- following poin
That   a   thorough    .) .tern     ol Ure
ranging be establl bed       I ■ ■
ed areas ol the    pro*, ini e Im
in'o d-istm is in each ol whi
lire supervision ol one oi  more   duel
wardens,    Thai i wo or i
langeth be employed d i
Bummei  months with auil ont]
make     arrests     l..i   . total lbe
laws    relating to    llrei. io take immediate action and enforce 1
put out such (ires as maj ■   0
to issue ot refuse pel mil oul
fires dm mg the dry
lupcrvlse such flri ■ •■•
on at 1 ounl "i 'in- ii" ■  "i dan
That     tlie    foil,,win.
made   by   the associated
trade at convention al  Ci au
Lhc 1st of February be cn loi al un 1
again   li-coiiimend.d     lo   the  autboi i-
1. T.liat the provincial government
secure for the place ..i cbi 1 fire warden, a man of zeal and enthusiasm,
who being retained in the srrvicc foi
a term oi years, would evolve a system of protection suited lu the special circumstances of Uie country.
3. That ihe provision be made,
whereby land owners ami holders   of
timber leases, and licenses, pay a Pa''t
of the expenses incurred iu Uie prevention and suppression ol tires,
'd. Thai the interests so contributing, be given a voice in Uie selection
of local wardens.
1. Thai arrangements bo made
witb I'ho railways whereby trains
wilb tank cars and proper outfit, an.l
gangs of men, shall at a short notice
be available for fighting Arcs, along
or near railway lines.
5. That men called out hy fire wardens Ite paid as soon as discharged.
C. Tl-at the origin of all bush (Ires
he strlotly investigated and offenders
rigorously prosecuted, 1
That ilie bush fires act be amended
so as t-o make il au offence to set out
fires for any except domestic purposes
from the 1st of April to lhe i.0th
September without a permit from Uio
fire ranger, which pei mil If issued
.shall require the permittee to have
on bund the necessary help and appliances t>o control the lire.
Also lo make it an ofTenco under
said act for anyone to permit a Ure
t-o leave his property, or start a lire
at any time and permit it to run at
large. j
That the system adopted in Ontario requiring lire patrol along railways during summer monlhs he recommended for the province uf llritish
That the .sections ol lho bush (Ires
act applying tu locomotives be nude
applicable also iu engines used in
logging operations. I
That section six ol the bush (Ires
acl be amended to make it applicable
all the vear round.
Voles' of thanks were passed to
Kail Grey, the lion. Jas. Dunsmuir,
ibe It. C. Lumbei and Shingle nlauu-
ufacturers1 association, thu Mountain
Lumbermen's association and the
press, and in addition to these the
follow iiu, rcsululions were curried
Whereas, the destruction ol large.
areas ot the forest wealth of Canada1
bj tire is still ol yearly recurrence,!
lh- it resolved ti;al ii is Incumbent
on the governments of the provinces]
of the Dominion to legislate tit the
earliest opportunity still more
stringently against the use of lire in
11 inhered port ions of 1 he various
provinces during the .summer months
and furl her and of equal importance
to provide means for efltciently carry-
big out tlie provisions of Lho statutes
tliai may be passed.
Hesolved that the attention oi the
pioiKM authorities be directed to tho
necessity of a strict and rigorous
enforcement of tbe law relating lo
the prevention and control ol prairie
fires, as such, fires, in addition to being particularly destructive in relation to the production of (mage, have
pioved exceedingly disastrous in their
cfiect on Lhe growing timber, as well
as preventing ihe extension of those
Limber areas whicli, though small,
are valuable, bolh for shelter, beauty
and luture furest supply. j
Kesolver, that in older that our
forest resources may be so handled as
to become as nearly as possible a
permanent source of limber supply it
is imjportanti that regulations governing the leases should provide, for a
tenure under such conditions as will
encourage the adoption of the hest
forestry methods in all lumbering
opera! ions.
Resolved, that an appeal he made
lo the federal and provincial governments and the larger Interests which
will be beneficially affected by lhe extension of the forestry interests fur
liberal financial assistance toward
carrying out to the lullomt possible
extent the aims and objects of this
Resolved, that ihis mooting of tho
Canadian Forestry association desiies
lo bring to the attention of (be
proper authorities t-he desirability
td taking steps to promote Forestry
through the schools aud educational
Resolved, that ihis meeting of the
Canadian Forestry association desires' to reaffirm the resolution passed
at the Canadian Forestry convention
held at Ottawa in January last regarding the reservation of the forests
required for the protection of streams
furnishing a supply of water for irrigation, and for the prevention of destruction by floods; and specially desires that speedy action should' be
taken in the direction Indicated by
the resolution referred to and that
this matter he brought to the attention of the proper authorities at as
early a date as possible.
Tbe   following loi    pre-
vcoiing  me typhoid  levi 1  will bv oj
terest,     Thej   aie extracts     from
It . rature ul tlie department    1
ag.H uii uie    and    11 om  lhe  Winnipeg
. ■
iv.-,. j ".ii    bo . -*■    well  mil ilale I,
the '.h:..        ...-., a allow   nu do*
..  ..iun,.tl mallei
. ■
1    ieni   Uio   entrance ol flies    an 1
-, in     en-en doois
■ ■:   ..
;,..   all 1   ■ 1  , ■ prop irlj  uool
. -I ...,>! ...1 milk ttud waiw  u -< d    ti)
...-.,      .-....■.   Doited,
i\U    .   au-i    111,0.  an   ■ wo    .11 Lit les
■   pal ■ 11 ilai I]    Led   i\ tth    ij
|i 1
Heal    kill      thu     Lypl I    poinou,
, it youi .ii h.i.11,:; walei    U
 '-■ ud   iUt.p.1 n.i
■ ■ ;.  J   : 1   LUll Ij'   noli
■  ■   .
- cut youi    imi.. Irom 1 ou am-
  .. 1 ,'.. ■ ui. <■
.1. beal lo 1 ■" l-abunhfii oi
.11     Ut'ttti 'ian.- Keep  H  al     Illi),
[01   flftti n  nui,uiis.  and
iol rapi 11)
Du' j hands maj al 0 cai ry typhoid
infi.  ion, Lht'iTioii, wash youi   Hands
. aielullj   belore  allow ing   Ihem      lu
■ "im' oi contact     \\11b loud stuffs ui
anj kiml.
Food   becomes    infected   with flic
. ..ling illn 11 oi liy dust trom Uiy
Wash thoroughly all vegetables that
nie intended lu lie eaten raw, wash
,n watei ol known purity, or water
.ii.ii has been boiled and cooled.
Keep flies oui ot ibe bouse as much
a.-, possible by screening all doors
. ud windows and liy using ily papers
Covci all loud supplies so Uiat filet
all.l   dust    ma\   not    have access     U
Hi.in. it you have ;l case ol typhoid
in jour house, and lhe patient cannot
be isolated from the rest oi lhe lam
ny, and have a nurse who docs nutli
ing t'lM' but attend to his wants, it is
most desirable thai he be removed at
onco to ibe hospital. I ndet no circumstances should an Individual having lo do wilb the patient, come in
contact  wiih ihe general load supply
Ol lhe house.
Cleanliness is one of the greatest
safeguards against  typhoid lever.
The manure pile or garbage heap
n one ol lho greatest brooding-
grounds for files, ii is therefore Important that manure ur decaying matter be not allowed io accumulate.
Uleairlincss of lhe person, and III
everj detail of housekeeping, cleanliness iu everything to he eaten and
drank, cleanliiicss of back yards and
most rigid cleanliness in the care oi
those sick with the disease, cannot bo
too strongly emphasized.
li Is further recommended that In
iii"s wilhoul sewerage works a box
of loose loam or sawdust be kept In
the privies and a trowel-full sprinkled,
occasionally over thu contents. This
is one of i'he best known methods ul*
rendering lhe waste in such places
The philanthropic visitor wilh Uie.
large, beiicvoleiit-looking face had secured pi'i mi-Sinn in nddress the inmates of the jail.
"Come, Mike," said llill lbe burglar, "dc gent wid de swell front is
guilt' to make a speech."
"Mak"   lis peach!"  exclaimed  Mike
Ihe sticknp man.     "I'd like to    see
do guy woi kin do dat!"-Ex.
The provincial library In the Free
Reading Room, Walts block, is Iree
to all and contains une hundred volumes, all new, on lhu lullowiug
topics, viz: Social science, natural
science, useful aits, literature, Ue-
sei'i'iiion and travel, flotlon, juvenile
books, biography and history, by
some of lbe besl authors of llie day.
Any resident ol Cianbrook or vicinity is entitled lo the loan of these
buoks as lung as such person complies with Uie rules, having first
signed the agreement, which will bu
presented by thu librarian, lieluw
aru a few ot thu rules lu bu compliud
Books must be handled with care
aud leaves must not bu tinned down
two volumes may be drawn by each
reader and rotauied lor two weeks.
Ibe line ol Uvu cents shall bu paiu
tot each bouk kept over lime, auu
no bouivs shall bu lent to any one
lo whom buoks or an unpaid nuu or
lines are charged,
A leader desiring a buok not at the
lime iu the case uiay have 11 teseiv
ud ior him lui lorty-eigbt hours alter us return by giving notice to tue
A reader returning a buok, which
is not reserved may renew it lui
two weeks.
tu ad.iii.iuii to tbis library lbe loom
is supplied witb tbe leading uews-
papeis frum thu Allan lie to thu
I'acilic, also magazines and periodi
cal a.
The room is nicely furnished and is
a comfort*ablo place to spend your
spare moments, and is hot iun by,
uur in the Interest uf any oliurou
parly, ur clique. Everybody wul
come. Remember the place, second
lloor, Walls block, uver Migbioiis
tobacco store, Haker street.
1 have a large quantity of    above
to sell at full wing prices:
Per ton
No- 1 Timothy, f.o.h. Cranbrook     $18.5U
No. 1 Cpland, f.o.h.   Cranhrook  4 v     U.00
All orders promptly attended to.
20-ti      1. DoFehr, Dldsbury, Alta.
Cbjslu bkt Lopqb N't. oo
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at tl p. m. at
New  Fraternity  Hall.
T. M, Huberts, K.R.&S.
J. A. Arnold, CC.
Visiting   brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
0.0.(-.     Key Cit] Lodgf
No. 42. Meets every
liZ-^r*^ Monday night at
New Fraternity Hall, Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
Work in th- Third Degree
V. 11. McKay, tt. T. llavnes,
N. O. Sec'y.
UHn'iniiik*l ntlue. No. i-
\. P. A. A.M.
Regular meetings on
tbe third Thursday
ol every mouth.
Visiting hreti. en welcomed.
S. H.  lloskins, Sec'y.
M. A. Beale, w. U,
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every Wednesday evening   at
S p.m, in B, ol L. F. Hall.
O.  Hoss Tate, tt'.P.
Chas. Smith, W.  Sec'y.
Visiting  brethren eoidially   invited.
Meet at ti. of L. F. Ilall 2nd   and
lib Saturday each mouth.
Visiting brethren always welcome
T. Boyter, Jas. E. Larrigan,
W. M,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
tlazcll'Block   ~ Cranbrook   ,C
«      C, H, DUNBAR       j
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    .
Public, Etc. %
Cranbrook,     •     -     B. C.   j
I .-***+♦♦♦♦»♦*#«***♦♦«*♦»•.»
Physicians and Surgeons.
OrT.es al Reskleuoa, Armstrong Are.
Forenoons • . • - i.30 to   11
Aitcrnoons ■ • . • 1.31) to S.30
Evenings 1.30 to 8.30
CRANBROOK li     ::     i!     :i     B. C
• to 12 a.m,
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Oflice and residence on Armstrong ave
• to la a.m,
lm   I p.m.
1 ta   8 a.m.
Office la new Reid block
Repairing: Promptly Done.
:ootwear to Measure a Specialty
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Once there was a man who thought
Uncle Russell Sago ought to stop
work. He spoke to him about it.
"Whv get together any mote, money,
Mr. Sage? You can't eat it; you
can't drink It. What good will it do
"Ever play marbles?" Unolo Russell asked.
"Yes   when I was a hoy."
"Couldn't eat 'em. could yon1
Couldn't drink 'em, could you? No
use to ynu, were shay? What 'did
you play marbles for.'"—Ex.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I, the undersigned, intend (/■
apply lo the Chief Commissioner r>
Lands a»d Works at Victoria, B.C.,
fur a special license to cut ami cany
away limhei- Irom the following describe! lands in East Kootenay;
Commencing at the north-east corner of lot 5240, thence west 100
chains, thence north 40 cliains, thence
I east 101) chalns> thence south 40
i chains, to place of commencement,
containing nix hundred and forty
acres, more or leas.
Arthur Plgott.
I    Craubrook, Aug. lfttfc, lVmii.    WO.
Our work ii our advertisement, but we
pui tli ih iiii in the Heraldjio
emphasise it.
Near Lower irmfltrong Avenue.
«   A. W. McVittie   }
Dominion and Provin- i
cial   Land  Surveyor. 1
H. H. McVittie
(ieneral Agent
McVittie i
Alitiinji I
and Sun
TIKIS. T.  BcVlr
is now located in its comfortable arid attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and ti -nodernly equipped
to do iust the best work in all
branches oi the tonsorial art.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
WANTED     Western   Oil   and
Diamond Vale Shares
Waghorn, Gwynne &
When Vou
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens* Rockendorl
Opposite C P. R.
$1.00    PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
| Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory j
All kinila of finish work iu
way of doors, windows, trail-
some, etc, Kiln dried lumber
for inside work. Our work is
guaranteed and our prices are
satisfactory.    Screen   (loom
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
it plea -■ you to have tbel
^olographs of youi relatives
ami friends, possibly some you
have not seen in years?
Now, what about yours?
We know you have not
though! much aboui it and
your attention to a duty you,
are neglecting. Come up and
SEE OUR STYLES, and aet|
in fe-nod tune fur Christmas.
Notice i.s hereby given that thirty
days after date, I intend making application to thc Hon. the Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works lor a
special license to cut and remove
tknilier (torn the following described
lands commencing at tbe south-east
corner of lot 8164, South Eaat Koo-
tenay, tbence running west eighty
cliains, souih eighty chains, east
eighly chains, north eighty chains ia
place of commencement.
J. Hanbury,
A. Milton, Anot.
Dftbsd July list, 1801, m ICO
Hy  llie ll.-ra.tJ   Publishing Company
l-fc   /*ml*tm».*m*S4***"*\
K.litor anil Manager.
The lleralii Is wortn 111) a year .It
costs onlj SI -Vl """' "' h0-"lb
out It, ami everyone llylagoutsWatl
.be district, »i.u is Interested Jn We
progress ol th,s section, •hould read
ii It publishes the news while it .»
nrwa H is controlled absolutely r.
the publlshera. No cirque, parly o
ladividual dictates Its policy. It
don't try to please the |u-"i>le. " '
desire is to publish a newspaper tra.
will lie a cram to the community.
Send in your subscription and you
will be tl.ii.ikl.il ever afterward.
Advertising rates Jl per Inch, pei
month, no inure anil no less.
Reading matter 15 cents per Iin.
to non-advertisers; 10 cents per IIM
to regular advertisers.
II you desire to reach the people ol
Soutli East Koolenay yan must ad-
vertise in The Herald
The Herald lias a first-class job
planl, and ils work Is ol the best.
The Herald don't wanl charily. It
wants a square deal on your Job
work. II we can't suit y„n In qual-
Uy and price, kick, anil send your
work lo some Cheap John house in
the east that never spends a cent In
mori;  than
1,000 a, Week
This Is the gunranlenl circulation ol il„' llorulil
lion lists open to Investigation I.y advertisers al any
The Herald glveB a dollar
in value for u dollar In money. The advertiser has the
right to know whal l.e is
receiving for his money.
The Ileal,! is one paper
that courts Investttigiition.
Tbe  Herald   will be found on ..
sale at the following places: ] \
\\ a rysvlllc, Marysville Draft Store < >
Wardner, li Donahue's Sture \ \
Moyie. S. K. ttarvie's Drug Store <'
Ryan, K. P. I'inlay <.
Fernie, Purdy's Hunk Slore ] [
l:lkn. Molbroiik's Book Store ] J
_ Cranbruok,  Beattie & Atchison's < •
and C. P.. Reid & Co.'s
The Clrecnwood Times is len years
uld, Tbe Times has done much for
tbe Boundary country ami its editor
and proprietor, Duncan Ross, M. 1
Cnanbrooh Herald.
Tbe above is from lhc Greenwood
Ledge, lln- head m small caps being
supplied by lhe edlloi ol the Ledge
Tho clipping from this papei luu been
cut short, ilu- portion staling whal
.Air. Itnss bad done personally for
Greenwood and thai district being
left out. Such practice is scavang
it newspaper work and it Is a mat*
tei ui surprise Ihal It. T. Lowery
would indulge in It, or permit it if
he was nnt guilty nf ibe act himself.
Tbere were t won ty-three Methodist
ptacbors In Winnipeg last week direct
Irom England. .Vital is the matter
wuii a larill on preachers until thoso
now in Canadn gel bettei pay?
It .is Cily Clork Roberts now, and
In- will make ono ol Lho best.
Manager Walker did noi rate to
wan tbreo hours for the regular
train last Saturday, which was late,
(to In- ordered a special to tho Landing uiul a tug t.. take his ear over
lhc lake lo Nelson. That is a nice
•way to travel.
No man ever saw a prettier day
than Insi Sundny In Cranbrook, It
was ideal in every respect.
Cranbrook sees evidence of prosperity in this dominion cve.v week
in the way of private cars that pass
through this town going either east
or west, And in a few months there
will he manv more, for ihe through
trains from St. Paul to Spokane will
■he running through here and lhat will
bring thousands nf people into Crnnbrook thai would never have been
here wilhoul lhe building of ihe Corbin road.
And speaking <>f lhc Corbin road,
very tew peoplo in Cranhrook realize
what that mad will tlo fnr Cranbrook. A railroad man wlwv ti in a
position to know, said to
tbe Herald one day ibis week,
"Thc building ..t ihe Corbln road will
prove a great thing for ihis town,
tt will mean a great Increase in tho
number ol railroad uieu employed al
this point, and ihat will mean a
wist amount of Increased business [01
every business man in this town. lt[
will'also mean tbat hereafter every-
body from ibe northwestern state;
will" come to Cranbrooi. wfceo ihey!
want lo visit any part of .this dis-
inci. And when the Kootenay Central is built mio ibis mwn Oraii-|
brook will be on the verge ol ad-,
v.itir.'iiient that is to make it one nf
tin- best towns in British Columbia." i
11 Cranbrook Is not the atiioni.ii.iie
center nf the Konleiiays where dn
you lind one'.' j
Tbe editorial convention to l.e held
in Cranbiook next year will be held
in the new governmenl building. *
wii.it' .lust mark what we say. j *\
The visit inn editors will find that
there is nothing ton good foi ihem In
Cranbrook, 1
The    hypocrites are not   all     dead'
yet.       We ran across one last  week, j \
And il   we mentioned   his name    ne
would be more surprised than any one
It is pleasing to the Herald management to lind so many sew names
coming it un the subscription list
each week. It shews that onr et-j
forts arc appreciated in a substantial
And speaking of subscriptions. Look
here Mr. Business Man, is there 1
another newspaper in this neck uf
woods thai is willing Io let ynu see
Imw many papers it prints, when it
presents a I'iM for advertising. And
vol y..u have lbe right to know.
Last Thursday evening a business man
In Cranbrook was in lie Herald oflice when tho papers were being run
off. He sai and watched the counter
until tho run was through nnd then
got up and said, "Well, 1 thought the
old Man might be bluffing about the
circulation ol the llcraul, but now 1
know belter. The Herald can show
tlte goods when it comes to a matter
i.f circulation." We only wish that
all of lhc business men of Cranhrook
wnuld do the same thing. If yuu
wanl to reach tbe peoplo of ihis district you must advertise in the Herald. Ami you can come in any tlmo
and verify ihis statement. Is there
any other paper making tbat otter?
Wo Sllt-ss not.
We are pleased wilh the style and
peculiarities of some of the editorials
in the Hevelstoke Mail-Herald. if
we were not pleased with them we
would not have written them.
There are evidently some government officials who labor undei' tbe impression thai a public olliee is a
private snap.
The Conservative party as a whole
will never accept Leader Borden's
ideas of government ownership, That
is loo radical for ihe old line Conservatives.
It is too bad ihat Dick iMcBrld
was not broad-minded enough to Invite Mr. Macdonald, leader of the
opposition, lo accompany him in
Ottawa on thc mission to secure better terms for this province. The
mistake that Mr. McBride is making
is in endeavoring to make the proposition a political question. Mr,
Byron Walker, general manager of
the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
very aptly remarked that it was nol
a political question. Tlie assistance
of a keen, analytical mind like that
possessed by Mr. .Macdonald, would
have been invaluable to Mr, McBride
in presenting tbo claims of British
Columbia. In this matter there is
no place for buncombe. The authorities at Ottawa will lie looking for
sound arguments.
There will be three candidates in
the raee for the Conserbative nomination for member, and perhaps four.
Aside from Messrs. Cavin, Harvey
and Rogers, it is now rumored that
City Solicitor Thompson may enter
the contest. Mr. Thompson lias rallied the burden of several campaigns
in bills districl on bis shoulders in
t-he way ol lining much of the hard
work, and tbere are a number of bis
friends wlo think that be should
have a show at the flesh puts.
How the Conservatives would rejoice if Leader Macdutiald would accept the judgeship.
Cranbiook will sec her best year
next season.
That city building wants to Iw kepi
iiiit of polities. Liberals as well as
Conservatives will have to pav taxes
fot its construction.
Who will be Cranbrook's next
If there was any crookedness in
ibe elect inn at London. Oni. lind out
win. were guilty and give Ihem the
ull limit of ih:' law, no matter
whether ihey are Liberals 01 Conservatives. Tbat is our platform, And
as to the land deal in which a bunch
if Tories were Implicated, if they
arc guilty, give it io them the same
way. The only wav In make x'
country comparatively honest is to
punish the gui ty on a non-partisan I
basis. But the majority of ihe newspapers, organs by nature and organs'
by support, are afraid to sav a word
if that word would cast a shadow on1
any member of the party that owns
them body and soul. Thank Cod the
Herald docs not depend upon any!
party for Its existence, and its editor
does not have to Iwml the supple knee
to make a living for his family,
W. D. Hill, of Hill & Co., said to the "Herald" this morning:
" I tried to find a little time to fix up an ad. this week, but could
not do it. I have been busy with travellers every afternoon and
evening this week. And we are getting our stock in shape to
reduce. It must be done. By the way, tell your lady readers that
we have on a special sale of Dress Goods suitable for women and
children, bought direct from the manufacturer in a job lot, the
regular price of which is 75 cents, and we are selling this week for
371. It is a bargain they cannot afford to overlook. And you
might tell them also that we are disposing of the balance of the
Ladies' and Children's Hats at less than wholesale price. That is
all. I must hurry and arrange room for a big carload of iron beds
and mattresses that are soon to be here. Our furniture business is
growing so that it takes considerable of our time. You might tell
the men that the fall stocks of 20th Century Suits and Overcoats are
even better than ever in style and makeup, and that is saying a good
deal.   I will give you an ad. next week, but have no time to-day."
Cranbrook's Greatest Store
Baker Street, Cranbrook
L. A. Hamilton, for years land
commissioner (or the V. ti. R., and
during the construction of the Crow
line in charge of the towns in   which
lhe railroad company was inheres tod,
was in town several days this week
Nhe guest oi Mr. and Mrs. V. Hyde
Baker. Mr. Hamilton is now retired In.m active life vvith the C. P. It.
bul still holds an advisory position
with ihc laml department. He has
retired lo a farm about fourteen
miles from Toronto antl is engaged on
a very huge scale in scientific fruil
farming. Mr. Hamilton took ibis
course, as for years he had suffered
wilb very poor health, bul in his
agricultural pursuits be found the
mini sought panacea, and is now in
lite best of health anil spirits.
It has been about four vears since
Mr. Hamilton last vlsilcd Cranbrook
and he was most favorably Impressed
with the advancement made by tlte
town. In the early days of Cran
brook lie invested iu some ol the best
property in the town and has always
refused to pari with anv of it, as he
considered lho investment gllt-odgcd,
On Hits nip he looked over bis propel ty fm ihe purpose nl securing in-
formatii n antl next spring be will
make Improvements. In fact it Is
quite probable thai somo of the
buildings in whicli he is interested
nn Hakei street will be removed ami
new buildings   nf brick nr stone   bo
hnill   in thell place.
"Cranbrook has reached the   stage
When      one n.-ed    have un leal   almul
permanoni Investments.    The lown is
substantial, she is ami always will be
tho commercial center of this entire
district, and as the district increases
in importance Cranhrnnk will continue to grow iu si/e and volume ol
business transacted. There is one
very important question to Im; considered here and that is sewerage.
'Not thai any action need to be taken
righl now so far as putting iu sewers, for as long as lhe town is as il is
now, and the conditions are carefully
watched, there is no pressing need of
a sewer system. Digging sewers iu
this gravel is going lo be a very expensive proposition, and the plan
.should provide for a shallow sewer in
consequence. There is nc need to
have your sewers deep enough to
drain closets', in basements. Basements are no places for closets, but
thc city council should at this time
have a survey made that would include a comprehensive plan of drainage, either by sceptic tanks or otherwise, and a map made of the same
so that people putting up large buildings would know how to arrange
tlieir plumbing. Another good plan
that is adopted in Victoria, and that
Is  to have your sewers in the lanes
Instead of on the streets,    There are
many good reasons for this.
"1 am rather disappointed not t
sec nmre work done in lbe way nf
agricultural in ihs district, bul I
suppose tlml the people have not yet
turned In the soil for a livelihood.
Thai time will come in ibis part of
the country ami the soil here combined wilb the climate, will justify any
effort in lhe way of farming and fruit
raising along line proper lines."
Mr. Hamilton mel manv nf bis old
friends here who wen- pleased lo sn
him ami to know thai he was enjoying
such excellent health. Mo left' 01
Wcdnesda) for the east bul will re
Intn early in lhe spring lo arrange
ioi building operations.
$100 AN IIOI It.
Cranbrook will have a curling rink
this year, .hidgo Wilson says so,
.'nn Pinkham savs so. .Mm Ryan
savs sn, George Hoggarth and Vic
Rollins savs so. Ilcil Beattie savs
so. Dr. King savs so, Mr. McCallum says so. In tad. about nu or
Hi ol the besl spm ts tliat ever fore-
RaMiered in anv lown "f lhe universo,
met lasi Fridav evening ul lbe council chamber anil Ihey all said sn.
What ale vnu gning In dn iu a case
like that'.'' Onlv .me thing. Build
the rink. Tbey have raised $2,400
up to dale and it only will need
J I.nno more In give Cranbrook a
modern curling rink in every respect.
And you unsophisticated individual,
do vnu know whal a rink means for
Cranhrook? In the lirst place it
again Ihis year it means that Cran-
menns n Inl of genuine sport. Then
brook will gel the bonspiel for tile
Kootenays, That has been assured if
ihis Invvn gets Ihe mli. That means
a hundred curlers coming to town.
What'* Dr. yon know what that
means? Hoot mon! Ii means the
blggesl time the lown ever saw. Ami
they slay n week, llont mon! Thank
goodness ihere is an hospital here.
There arc a few old-lime curlers here,
hut before the season Is over everybody will learn to curl. Il is royal
sport (Hint is what Jim I'-inkhatn
and Vie Rollins says, backed up by
-fudge Wilson and Vi. V. Gurd) and a
rink will be a great nil. for Cranbrouk. There will be a meeting tomorrow evening at the council chamber of the shareholders and those in
lerest ed in the building of a rink in
Cianbrook.     You antl yoi. and    you
musl    Im-   there.        And l»    there
promptly on time.
There was a strike of the machinists nl thc C. P. R. shops last Monday morning, but perhaps not a dozen
people in town outside of tvhe members nf the "Machinists association
knew anything about it. Tliere had
been a request for a slight increase
in wages all over ihc western division
of the 0. P. R., but there had been
no answer given. Ii was decided that
a strike would he called Monday
morning at a certain hour unless the
company granted the request. Tie
men in the Cranbrook shops were out
only ten minutes when ihey got word
ilai the matter had been settled in a
satisfactory manner, and that a wage
of forty cents au hour for ten hours
bad been granted,
Mrs.   .1.   f.  Noble asks lhe   Herald
in thank the people of C rat Ji rook fm
lheir  kindness      In her   in  her  recent
boreavemenl when she lust her
husband. Coming as she did
stranger lo lbe town, she will not
forgot the whole-souled sympathy
shown, and ibe attention uf iho members nf the Knights of Pythias.
The tenders for the rest ot the
public build ing were opened last
Saturday and tbo figures allowed that
lhe lowest tender combined with the
contraci price for lbe basement was
bel ween $3,000 and $-1,01111 higher lh;1n,
the combined appropriation * of the
city and province. Mayor Rogers,
whn has charge of the mailer for tho
city, is naturally worried over tho
situation, as the contract for , tho
other porl ion has been let and work
already commenced. On Tuesday Mr.
Rogers left for Arrowhead where ho
was to meet Commissioner Green and
see what could be done in the way
of getting the government to put up
more money. It is a good bet that
the pcoplo nf Cranbrook will not vote
another cent for lheir share of the
building.    Tbey Ibink tbey have done
1 Millinery & Jackets |
...No Formal Opening..
This year I will not have a formal opening.
But I have a larger and better stock than
ever before. The FALL GOODS have
been carefully selected and I have a beautiful
line of LADIES' JACKETS. There is no
set day. Come any time. You will find
prices lower than ever.
Miss   M.   McLeod
hiihieIi. wwdall)'  wlien  II   I"  Mmi rHeel i ( llw I'"'' (""" foi
Into oonslilorallon Ui.ii  the cily   will   In Uw biih-II.i ,1 mining i
only have Uio use „l i I ,„„• U.lr.1   llw lln.iml.in ,- try li-hleli
„l lln-   hiilhllnft, alUioiiirli Hiey    nro lilieil .villi l;er,ilo eon  nn.l r
paying linil „l Hi st.    Tlio    in.-;      li Is   lin.l Innl  111.' mallei run
ink.' was mail,' in lolling nny "'   Uw]  Iw Ri'HI   Is n ureal  I,.,,!
...     .. . r     , I 1...I..     ..I      II...    .an...     n ..A I... I'.l.-1,1..       ....
as  uiaili'  Ul   lOlllllg  anv   iii    iiii '     >".'"        "   >•   ..   k	
■I  until  lbe cosl  nf lhe whole  ship nn  Iho mm nnd n  lmrdsh||
... 1..  I.,,,..... the    town       mill      lhc   coal    conn
structure was made known
There is lit Me new in the Fernie
Strike, except   thai all nf lhe miners
at Michel have go ml In symptilhy
wilb tbe miners oi Coal creek. There
is at this time no hope of immediate
settlement. The miners demand thai
no one shall work at tte mines un
less they be members of lhc union,
while the company takes the stand
that they have no objeotlolis to the
union, bul tliat liicy will not run lhc
mine on a olosed basis, bul thai if a
man comes llierc and wants to work
he may do so if he is competent
whether he be a member of tbe union
or nol.
Thc effect of the strike is bad, very
bad. It, is demoralizing to business
in Feinie, uud is already having   an
Ii.an      and     Ibe cnal
growing feeling Uml
men have been led off mi lb
Ir.n-k    in smne     nf Ulu
slake In   Mi. Sherman,
llnl   Ihis feeliii-'  is van-
forness among the men.
Plans have been prepared for a new
Industrial school lo be em-tod at the
Sl. Eugene Mission to cost between
$30,000 and $10,000. The building
will Im' complete in every way, iim.l-
nrn as to detail of construction and
equipment ami a crcdil In the valley
from an architectural point ol view'.
The plans nie now in Ottawa for approval by ihc Dominion government,
and work is expected to start nu tho
new building early next spring. TIIE   CllAN'UIIOOK   HERALD
Be Careful About Jackets
Don't buy a Jacket unless you are sure the style is
right. The safe way is to go to a store where new
styles are UP-TO-DATE. We kno *r of one in
Cranbrook at REID & CO.'s.
You'll find our New Fall Dress Goods right in style
right in quality and right in price at
ood    teas
and there
are   always worth   their
is no
ea   that   has   better   qualities   in   it  than
our OA>n blend.
ight    flavor,   Right  Price.   It is  just righ
G. T. Rogers
Fnncy and HtnploOrocct
tiMi'k't'i'v. ghiBHwaro. l..i'
allocs,hoBlorj. inittti, ulu
Just Arrived. See
play. \\V hnve ji
in china. Come i
delightful display
do not buy.   ('ur
our window dis-
st wlmt you wuul
i nntl inspect our
own though you
priced are   right.
C. E. RIED& Co.,
Phone 74.
Druggists,  .Stationers
Dispensing is our specialty
Campbell & Manning
j To Whom it May
■  people  of   Cranbrook
,i position  to look alter
ring   and  Furniture
AH F.  wish   to notify
*   »       tli.it we Are now i
all their  wants  in   the  Uphol:
Repair Work.
If you want a Mattress specially made, or repaired
or any piece ol Furniture re-covered and made to look
as good as new, just leave your order .it our Store,
or ring up Telephone No. 9, Our team will call at
your house lor goods and deliver when finished free
ol charge.
The Cranbrook Cooperative
Stores, Limited
Peterson's Patent
Craven's Cigarettes
Watch Cranbrook grow-.
Tom Gallon, of tlte Imperial bank,
spent .Sunday in Nelson.
Tlw prevalence ol sickness throughout ihu city is growing less.
William Small has
for a visit of a fev
gout- lo Uw
A. Grenter visited thc Spokane fa.t
and reports a very pleasant time.
M. t). llll I in:
ai Perry Creel
Thomas Cavin left on Tuesday for t
trip to the coast, Tom said he Wa-i
going on business,
s  spell l
the pas
■iai    clay*
eek recup-
tlw Curling
'9   [uteresten
ink will   meet
vtiling at   thi*
.i. F. Strode, the expert1 automobile driver, returned to Spokane the
first ol the week, but expects to re-
riin to Cranbrooi in about ten days
.vitii another machine.
Mrs. James Bowness, molher uf A
C. Bowness, arrived in l ranbrook
Monday, Mrs. Bowness is a lady
seventy years ol age but made the
trip fr,,m Prince Ehward Island wiui-
out any trouble whatever.
All shareholders in the Curling
Rink company and others inten
in toe building ol a rink w i mee
to-morrow (Friday) evening ,it the
council chambeis at 8 o'cltick, tit
sine and not miss thai  roei' i
William O'Hearn, ol Wardnei wa
in town last Tuesday. ll kept
'Fish" bus) while In lown shaking
bands with his many Irieiul , and
that old chap has a bo ■• ol lh..;.
II 1. and .1 I. Stephen the well
known hotel keepers, arrived in Lhe
eity Tuesday lo looh aftei mime busi
ness in regard '.j i'he hotel propm
lies ihat ttey own in l-.. d Koole
TO RENT—Two    nicely    lui     h i
I'.i-iiis.    Apply Mrs. Bourgoine, Han-
sou avenue, il
tieot -    Laurie,
ihe Royal lo-day
.;    (':.    [on,
A.  F,   Kiaplt-I,     iti.it.-
North St^r null ai     KII I tli
Parkei   lbe bookkeeper, wen :.
on Monday and Tuesda) and n lied
the North Stat mill just north ot
Mrs. T. Cole, ol Marysville who
was* brought to the hospital lusl
week quite ill, is rapidly Improving
anil will Boon Ik* able io return In.me.
Mr. Cole came down Monday lo see
II. I-:   Taylor, ..( Klmberl
town ilu-- afternoon.
\lis.    W    Clayton, ol
was in 'own Tuesday.
The Herald is like Cranbrook—you
cannot slop Its growth
.1. 0, Trow, ui Perry Creek, was m
■"-. n on business last Tuesda) -
i M. A-gnew, ol tige Bakei Lumber
compan),  ti  in  town to-day.
Captain James McEvoy, ol Fernie,
is tn town lo-day uu business.
It v and Mi •■ Foi nine have returned n.im theii visit to Calgary,
A    Carney   w.is ,,i  ihu   Cranh \
I'Veral <i.iv s lliis week.
There were S78 new names added to
lb* volei. list up to lasi Monday.
It Amici -un, superintendent of lhe
Sullivan nun.', ti in town tliis ufter*
Juine Joyce ol Bakei, was registered .it lhe Cranbiook lasl Wednesday,
1. H. v'auDecni and wile hate
altendil ' i"- i.m .ii Spokane
pa it week.
J.     M   Carrol, o|    Kimberley
bt i j. ,.     tt-   I  al     lbe Royal si
days ilns week,
i>   .1
duwn fiutii  Kim
■ cral
Wan ltd—Position
nurse.        Apply
epcr ot
111        ul
It   l.JO
. li.ui
u   add
Lasl Sunday a party oi Iri
this city left   Cranbrook abc
iu ihe afteinooii and went u
spout   the afternoon   with Mr.
son,  returning io Cranlirook
eight o'clock,    li is needless li
thai tliey went in/an automobile.
Fred Brown has returned from tho
prairie and vvill remain in Bast Kootenay. Kred missed the mountains
aud ihen he was nol hankering after
om* of those Manitoba winters. lla
wenl up ui wurk at lhu Stem Winder
TO LET—Bedroom wiih board, every convenience; English people. Apply Box "A", Herald olllce.
Word has been received from Walt
Edwards, who is now running un the
prairie. He says ibat he Is doing
Well but thai be sadly misses Uio
town ul Craubrook and the big arm)
ol Iriends Uiat he has in this place.
Wall has none thu best oi Ins friends.
They all miss him.
.Some d the finest potatoes over
brought into llw Herald olllco were
the lot left here last week hv P.
Mi.hllfiou, who has raised a flue crop
on Chief of Police Baron's ranch just
a mile and a half east ol Lown. The
soil is light ami is bcnih land with
no Irrigation, but Mr. MWdleton's
kuovvleiihe of agriculture enabled bim
lo make a great success ol tbe crop
this year.
E. Elwell received a letter from
Joseph Bambrlck this week in which
Mr. Bambrlck slated Uiat he would
be In.me some time in November. Mr.
Bambrlck bas been in New Zealand
lor the past year superintending the
laying of a lot of wooden watei pipe,
and has been very successful in bis
WANTED—To buy fowl. A. C. Pig-
gott, Cranbrook. ii
It. J. McSweyn, the tail
doing a big business in tu
the past week, and lie Iw
All    shareholders    in
Rink company   and othc
in  the   building uf I
'.,, morrow   (Kriday)
council   chambers at   8  o'clock,
sure .uid not miss thai meeting.
C. K. Wood and family, oi Fernie,
have been enjoyiog an outing at Wasa
Foi ihc past week.
Bert Ross eame up Irom Sirdar on
Mondaj afternoon to take Mrs. Ross
nntl the bah) back home.
Dan McDonald spent several days
at Pern Creek lhe pasl week enjoying ., visit with Olivei Burge.
Miss Fisher, ol Winnipeg, has taken
Miss Well man's place In ihe.olliee of
the Kiuk  Mercantile company.
A. Moller, Uw contractor, bas goito
down neat Elkmouth where he will
ereel an hotel ful   Alex. McCool.
Mrs. Br. Bishop and Mis. John
Pi ingle drove down from Marysville
lasl Monday to do some shopping.
All shareholders In tlw Curling
Kink company and others interested
in the building oi a rink will meet
to morrow (Kndn) i evening at the
council chambers at 8 o'clock. Be
sine and not miss llial meeting.
II Goldrlck and family have returned from their trip to the east, where
they  spent   a  veiy  pleasant vacation.
A K, Leilch nnd sister Miss Ella
and E Patterson loft on Monday for
New Westminster to attend ihe lair.
FOR POULTRY inquire of W. L.
Whitney, Craubrook. 26-it
Mr. and Mrs. Max McSweyn and
little daughter Max Ine, of Nelson,
have been In tlw eity the past few
Mi. and Mrs, Fred Parsons hav
returned from their honeymoon trip
and an* living al the Royal hotel for
llw present.
A little rain arrived last Saturday
and was appreciated by everyone, as
the. roods were getting somewhat
:. bas been
lined coats
sold some
for a mi inhere   Willi-
beauties,     He has ordei
bet  mole and Ihev will li
in a few davs..     If y(>u want  to >
lv see something fine in Uiu way
un coat     just drop   into McSwu
plaee aud let him show  them  to
lt  will make your bear I glad to
theni even if y.m have not  lhe ]
io get your old coat mil  of soak
Cold weather is here. Have
bought your heating stove'.' We
iust the one you need. Invest
DO IT SUW.    Patmore Bios.
All shareholders in tin
Kink company and others ii
in llie building oi a link will meet
to-morrow (Friday) evening at the
council chambers at 8 o'clock, Be
sine and nol miss that meeting.
Ur. .1, II, King was called to N.-l
son this week as a witness in th.
ease of the man charged with murdering an old man at Sirdar by brutally assualling him about iwo' week:
ago. The doctor was Called t-o at
tend the injured man al the time
antl aftet'ward lne victim of tlte assault died from the injuries received
and other complications.
K. K. Deal tie returned last Tuesday from a trip to Calgary and Edmonton. Mr. Beattie was very much
taken uo wiili the north country and
says that Calgary and Edmonton are
both great towns and are hound lo
become greal commercial centers, Me
saw many peuple formerly of Cranbrook, and in every case, although
well satisfied with their business thev
niie and all expressed lhe opinion
ihal there never Was a lown Iih*
Craubrook    nor   a belter    bunch of
people   1)1 uin   those   who   live   at      lhe
commercial   center of    ihc   Banana
Ilt'l le)
Lar pen ler
,W'I.     flail
lus week.
aud   wile, ol   Kim-
tno.ik visitors   oue
d Ins
I). R.  ..n.-.., ui WyclilTe, plac
autograph uu     the Cranbrook
regislei last Sunday.
Ail shareholders in the Curling
Kin,, compan) and others Interested
in the building ut a link will meet
io -morrow (1* inlay J evening al Lhu
council chambers al *> o'clock. He
sine, aud uol miss ibat meeting.
C. A. Oaskili, manager of llw Kim-
belie) Manufacturing company, was
at lite Royal lasi Tuesday.
\ii. Adolph came up Irom Haynes
lake ihis morning ou business connected with ins lumbei company.
A new tie null is to bt* erected neai
Wardner b) William Thorpe. It wm
bu iu cpcraliou wiihin a few weeks.
C, n.
do ilie:
manager of ihe Uakci
r, came up from Wat-
mug,     reluming yes-
.1. P. Fink, whu has beeu very
w Uiu pasl lew days wuii pneti-
tiina, loos n turn im Uie hotter iu-
tj anl is now iii a good way lor a
'cedy recovery.
it ami Jas,
.n.t..u im
U'cy   will
pigs i
in. Green, tt. J. Mollis.
I.ai.llaw lefl lliis at u
Caidsloii, Alberta, where
indulge in a good hunt.
People wnh dogs, chickens,
cattle should    be sine to read     the
notiee Issued by City Clerk Itobciis
iu litis issue of Uw paper.
Don't uv tu write all lho news.
Jusl .-..iui your relatives oi friends
lhe   lletald.       That   will   save you a
lui of lime and trouble.
Ncisu    Robinson, ul     Fort Sleele,
was    tu lown    last week visiting his
partner, whu Is cou lined lo ihe    St.
I'.ug.ue hospital.
A.  Ehvyoil,     J. Woods   und Lortn
Jaltray the firsl  ol
l in Ihe work on the
North star company
n  went   li
week to as:
mill of tin
thai point.
A Vt
I lilUS    till
ii vvill bi
a til
ave made big prepata-
millinery opening and
•ai ruect'ss. Tlw lad-
ink    cannot afford Lo
HISS   ll.
Tlw Ni
t ful
numbei ivl 21
assed    ihrmigh lown last
the new Spokane and Ill-
railway,  which  will    bo
wiihin a   few
Two puw
anl i'i, l
Sunday for
completed to Spok
weeks. Arrangements are in*™*
completed to inaugurate through
fnigh! trallie from St. Paul Id Spokane by the 15th ol next month.
Il i.s said that there are quite a  liber of shipments of cattle in tlw
state of Washington wailing for the
completion of lho road, and Ihey will
be senl over Ibis line through Cran
bkiok to St. Paul and on Lo Chicago,
Th.'ie has been somo quick work at
nil Mie mills of the disiriet- at different titties in cut ling lumber. Tbis
week Uw Herald received lhc report
that- lusl Friday the boys at the
North Star mill in eight hours and a
ball eni fla.flUtl feet of one and tw0
ineh stuff. Thai is going some with
a mill that dues nol claim to be out1
of unusual capacity.
ids ->f
Cheapness isn't what you pay, hut
whaL you get for what you pay. Il
is economy to install a "Sunshine*'
furnace; bums coal, coke or wood.
Tried und bested; gives euine satis-
faction.   For sale by  Patmore  Bros.
Tlw firm of King A Green have concluded lo purohase tut automobile foi
their   business.       In    the    miml
every   one the   move is a wis
The practice nf Ihese  Iwo  phv
extends over a large territory    and
often  Ihey  receive an emergency call
from   Wardner,   Perry Creek, Marysville,    Kimberley,   F0rt Steele    and
other places. For a long drive horses
are slow and a man's life   may    depend upon tlie lime a doctor reaches
With these facts in view    the
E   E.  Jnnei
berley Sunday
Mrs .1 Tavlur, ul Moyie,
lh- St, Eugene hospital.'
li -I. and Max McSweyi
Elko Tuesday and Wednesday
Mr. and  Mis.      \.  Leiteh
from iheir n ip.   tu ib.
It P Cook, ..f Kort Steele
C, McKiiistrv, of Marysville
lie illy.
Born—Al Marysville. It <'., Octobi
1, 1906, to Mi. and Mis. A. Ke.iga
a sun.
a i
11 he i
a»t   Vest,-
and V
are   in
pnul lb
Colpman, ..f    ('■
days ui town tills
his [amity.
,Iuiui l.i-Ri.v, sawyer
lelt Tuesday 'to -.
private family,
aid oflice.
W. p White,
mine, regis tend
A. Suustrum, t
ti,    he around
typhoid  level.
iwley, spent.
week   w 11 b
uf Wyclifie
winler    n
ui   man
of  1 lull   llie
-', is abli
at laek ul
ul   V,i
Nuiih Slat' mill north of town
.ias finished lbe cul at that plaee aud
s being dismantled preparatory t„
removal to tin- new site hack of the
Sl.   Eugene  hospii'al.
(lust. Thcis ihe well known minor,
..I Pern Creek and one of the best
chaps in lln- Kootenays, was in tuwu
several days this week looking aiiei
some ui hu mining interests.
All shareholders m tlw Curling
Rink company and others In teres ten
in the building ui a rink will meet
to-morrow (l< i nlay - ev. mug aL lbe
council chambers al s o'clock, Re
,uie and not miss lhat meeting.
lleili Laiigiu has been looking ailer
tlw clearing up oi the site fur the
new mill ui the Noiih Slar company
lhat is to be creeled just hack ol llie
Si. Eugene hospital.
TEACHER WANTED—For the Elkmouth school, holding second elass
certificate; duties commence aL once;
salary $&U per monlh. Apply lo Joseph tt. Ross, Seu'y-Treas.. Elkmouth. iili-ilt
!•', c. Malpas, manager of Uw Canadian Bank oi Commerce, leaves loin,mow lur the coast for a couple 'd
weeks visit with hu family, who bave
been there Uie past two months.
C, M. Edwards came down lo-day
from lbe Uppei Kootena) vvU'ic be
lias been looking up some limhc
limits and will return tomorrow.
Tom Proctor, the greatest rustler
Ithel'u is in all of Wesl Koolenay,
iu town unlay. Mr. Proctor said
Uiat ihe Nelson fan was a great sue
cess Ibis year.
A temperance meeting will be hel
in ihe Methodist churoh Sunday even
ing, October. 7th, at close of ihe
evening services. The public are
u.riliailv invited to attend. Rev. S.
.1. Thompson, former pastor of the
Methixlisi church, will bo asked to
address the meeting.
Mr. and -Mis. Hislop have moved to
Klm-beHoy. where Mi. Hislop lus ihe
school, Mrs. Hislop conies to t'tau-
bruuk every Thutsdav and remains
until Saturday looking after her music pup.Is, ami'makes ber lieadipuiU'!.-
at the home ol H. H. Short.
The heavy     sleel girders   for
auutit    l'i tl niu
iti.'I' a dollai  in Uu'
tlie)    will get     ilie
Messrs.  Macdonald
Bradford, ol     Wyclifie, relunwd yesterday irom Spokane, where Uwy at-
lomlcd lbe lau  and bad a good  lime
all around.
All    shareholders    in   tlw Curling
Kink company   una oUlors   iulereslou
K   McKay and  \   C. Vlokey, of
was     transacting business    in
me nn Friday and registered at tbo
j Cosmopolitan.
sited B Archibald and J. P. Mcintosh are
oui of Hn* hospital alter several
weeks ol typhoid.
Private board and furnished room
a an lid in a youug lady, Apply to
Box V-, Herald office. ' 38
Mi and Mrs. M It King will re-
lutn ylo-moiiow Irom a visit to Uw
coast, und Uw Spukane fair.
K tt*. Workman, of Macleod, is re-
lieving dispatchei McDonol, while the
iaitei i* taking bis holidays.
tt. 0. Krelkaw, representing llm
Vane, uver World, was among Uw
guests at the Cosmopolitan Friday
Mrs, (doctor] II A. OhrtsUe, o'
Vananda, Tcxada Island   is mating ,i
tori   visa  to hei  sister,  Miss Man
on, of the Bank ol Commerce.
P. Lund and wife, ... Wardner, relumed uu Tuesday's train from their
Ihe Forestry convention al
\ aiii'uiivel.
K. tt. Godfrey, ol Calgary, II. V.
Uthbous, ol Vancouver, and Vi. A.
Warns   of Wyclifie, are ai the Cos-
ii. .j..., ii. in.
Tbe morning Main was on time
three days in succession this week
nd tlw people .iei not understand
rhal was the mattei.
II, wh.. has a contract
; a big bumi:. oi prop*
s Nest t'oal company at
was    iu town     Tuesday
il ami
in   LUU
, il.    meet
to-morrow Outlay' evening At Uu
council dnuuhcrs ai a ouiuca. i>.
sure aud nol miss that meeting.
There seems u, be something doini
around the U. c. S. Stores thes>
nays, ti was found necessary ii
put ou a second delivery ng Ull
lthoda   Leilch   will tak
u     Class   iu    vot-al and    |
Tonus may nc luui by
oil,    eilhei      Hi    peisuu  or
man', m-vv sidewalks that an
UCIIig uu.lt over lowu ale a giea'
uiipiovemelit and aa* biiugiug ioui
many  wolUs    ol piaise    Irom oitueu
auu strangers alike.
All     sbarcboMeis
RiliK company   and t
Hi   the    ItlilMUlg  ol   .«
to -morrow   (if nda))
in tbo Culling
thcis mtcresteu
riiiK will meet
evening at  the
council   chambers at  t>   o clock,
sure and not miss thai meetmg.
Frank VanDecar has purchased thu
cigar stand nexl to ihc Palace hotel
in v algary oi an. Slinks, Lormerl) l»i
Morrissey. The stand is one ot llw
best iu Calgary.
Tlw city council should have the
st reels alt leveled boloin Uw giouud
is ttu/.i-n, aud tlw water works company   should   be ashod   to  lower    the
tei I o
el   the
fore ii
s  loo
SCV I'll
lie sold
Call befon
(J,   P.   R.   House.      V
ii rei
Cards have been is
the coming marriage
i.     Jame
Heine llal, ami Miss .Vlag
gie McCread), oi Ciauhiuok, Uie
ccremoll) to take place Ocio.a-r ill,
al the home of .Mrs. Llms.e.
X. Hyde Baker is becoming an expert with his aut-uinuiJtie ..nd evei)
day iui the past week he bas had a
paily of friends oul for a rule. Tbe
machine works In a most satisfactory manner ami lbe wav ii will kill
distance is a surprise and a pleasure.
The gymnasium opens again, Tlw
buys are gathering at..und and hie is
being manifest once more. Uu
Saiurda) evening oi ibis week the,
first basket ball game will lx* played.
The teams will be ehampioued
James Brechin ami F, McKay. The
doors are open for alt.
Papers eau talk alioiil circulation
bul   the Herald can show   Uie   goods,
Thu circulation oi ihc Herald is increasing right along, whieh is Liie oi
tlw best indications in the world that
lhe district is progressing and thai
the Herald is gaining in iavor with
ihc people.
For sale—One National Cash regisier. Total adder; only a shut;
time in use; good as new, puce veiy
reason wide.—The Fink Mercantile
Co., Ltd. ill
Frank Goddorles returned yesterday from his trip to Wales. Before
going to Mie old country, Mr. Uod-
deties went lo Detroit, Mich., and
married a lady there he had known
for the pasi fourteen years and took
her wilh him to Wales, Mr. Ootl-
dcrics brought several people back
wiih bim who will liccomo permanent)
residents of this district
Mr. and Mrs. Norqtiay and the baby
left this afternoon on the east bound
train. Mr. Norqtiay went only a;
i.u as Swift Current, but Mrs. Nor
quay and the baliyw ill go as (ar as
Winnipeg and afterward gu to Prince
Allien, Sask., returning bete in January, Aficr tiiat dale Mr, N'orquay
will lie transferred to Lethbridge,
They warm the homes,
Bake the bread  and
Roast lhe Meats that
Make the man.
MeClary's '•Famous'
Pat-more Bios.
del i vei
lhe Ci
Wardrobe,     was
B. C.
T. G. Jone
mo in i bm
the   tt unlet uu
Mrs.    J. .nes
"-t. Clair.
work in kitchen
Apply u> Harry
.a  hotel, Kimberley,
nd wile, of Wardner,
v and lelt Friday on
stage lo visit    with
Mrs. J, L. Mc-
I hell
alt. and -Mis. oiu
send in vour timber
•s u. Uie Herald.
uur attorney io
in tlw lletald.
y and little sou, ol
returned home Frt-
pleasant visit at
Mrs. Day's parents,
er Buige.
ttilliam God Charles, who has been
Willi the Central holel at Moyie lot
Uw past iwo years, aimed Monday
iu lake tlw position ul clerk at ibe
Canadian hotel in Uns city.
John Ryan, tf Wardner, was ui
tuwu Tuesday.
Harrj Joyce, one ot the best carpenters and buildvis m this district,
was in town this week on his wAy
back u Kimberley (rom "lahk, where
lie has beeu building a new mill ioi
Uie King Lumber Mills company.
M, A. Macdonald, ol Loudon, Out.,
has come i<> Cranbrook to asst.ciato
wnh J. A. Harvey in lhe practice oi
law. Mr. Macdonald is a lawyer ol
xperience ami lias youth and energy
and will make ,t success in Cranbrooi.
and this district.
ti. tt. Griffin, oi Calgary, E. J.
Filzpatrick, of Marysvulej J. H.
Green, ui Raymond; Jay Anderson, of
Wyclifie; P. W. Gilpin, ol Jafiray,
and Dan McLeod, ol Wardner, were
among the guests at tte Cosmopolitan Saturday last.
Cecil Prest assumed the duties of
his new position as tiuuf'kwpcr at J.
D. McBride's last Monday morning.
Mr. Prest enjoys tbe reputation of
being one of the best bookkeepers ui
Lhe district, and it goes without saying ihat be will ^ive eminent tails-
faction in bis new position.
Harry Briggs, :iw well known representative of II. P. Rtthet .*•; Co.,
oi Vieloria, the reliable dealers in
the lies' brands oi liquors, is in Uie
eity this week interviewing Uw* hotel
men. Mr. Briggs is a quiet individual, talks little, but has the happy
faculty of nuking iriends oi all whom
in- meels, and is always buund to do
a good business.
i". M. Roberts, the new city clerk,
has changed the hours ol his office to
lu tu 1, and Hum i to 4 o clock.
Tins change has been iud\Je for Unj
benefit of men whu a.i« laboring
regular hours and will thus be given
an rjpporl to attend to any bus
iness the) may have witb tf« city
at the noon hour. Mr. Roberts will
always be found at the clerk's oftto©
between 12 and 1 o'clock for that
Too many people in this town fa.il
to realize what a magninu-nt resort
ihey have right at Perry Creek. Tlw
man whu is feeling somewtut run
down, can tlo no better lur himself
than to gu to Old Town and spend a.
week or ten days at Oliver Barge's
hotel. There une can imd everything
comfortanle, and Mis. Burge can put
on a meal that would nuke a man
dying ol consumption want to pai-
take. The scenery around Old Town
is macnifioent, the opportunities    to
see all kind of mining are unlimited,
and when yuu gel ready to leave you
cannot help but wish that you might
remain longer.
that  it   would    be
meet  tuis demand
sent for a   machine
good  time on   long
Splendid choosing, the very latest
'fleets, lhe prettiest and daintiest
pal lei »s and designs at Reid &, Co.
The new sidewalks all over the
city are proving a great thing Ior
mothers and nurses wllh the baby
LOST—Brown kid glove in Cran
brook, depot waiting room, Sunday
September 30th, Finder please leave
at Herald otlice. 28
FOR RENT-Two well furnished
bedrooms; electric light; moderate
terms.   Mrs. Marshall, Hanson ave.
F. J. Smyth, editor of the   Movie
Leader, was In town   last    Monday,     Mwjic*ne    Hat      Newsi-Mss    A.
Bv   Ins smile   no one   could   guess  L   ,       }m ()f     Bouraamoutb
jvlwlhcr there   was to be an election  En»!aIldi airiv,(1 hl    Winnipeg    las
"■1S fa!1 or not- week, on her way lo reside in   Cran
.fames     Bracket!,       of    Lookout,  brook, B, C.      Miss    lllllam is     a|
Idaho, well and favorably known us a teacher of superior merit, trained for
timber cruiser, his been'in the upper  the    assoolaled boards of tlw   Royalle*l"
valley as far an White river the last  Academy of Music, London, and will
(wo weeks looking    over the timber  be a welcome addition tc the teaching
ground.    Such men as Mr. Hrackett staff of Cranbrook,   _Mlss Hltlam
are    the imm we like to see tor
always means business.
doctors  thought
good business   io
and     they have
thai    will  make
Medicine    Hat
v sleel girder
ibe new Fink MenanUl
building arrived ibis week and have
been placed in position and the work
ol finishing the front is now going
fm ward rapidly. The contractors,
Kerr A Campbell, expect to have tho
building enclosed within a short
short time.
E. Reed, of Winnipeg, arrived last
Monday  with his wife and four chil-
ihen and   will become a    permanent
resident     of  Cranbrook.      Mr. Reed
lias acceptod  the position of job matt
iu the Herald office and is now looking after bis duties.     The Herald   is
always looking after the interest,   of
its piilruns and in selecting Mr. Reed
take this position was careful   to
ertaln that  he had had years    of
encc in the large offices of Canada ami   London,   Eng.,    and    henco
ciiiues  to  Cranbrook     equipped  Wltb
the leohnionl knowlehoe to glvo  ihu
ba a sister of Mr.     F. II. TTlllam,     of,""^' P^™1.8 ( tl,e «£«■  in     0u!
Craubrook, formerly of Medicine Hat,'*"V "l aniiiUc Mrpogttpfcjr.
who hav,
a sucocs
must be
Sole Agents,
s an art, anl only
had die experience can
ol it and even then
i natural aptit
even experience   wlil
count Inr little. The dressmaking
parlors of Hill A Co. are wlnninj
laurels these days for the eXCtdleno
ol the work turned out. Tlmse who
have not investigated ihis matter
should tlo so without delay, for it ti
worth something to the ladies of
Cianbrook to have such an establish
ment in this city.
Tn this big display of new and sty-
sii hats you will hnd   just the bat
for outing purposes, lor travelling  or
dress occasion.     They are jaunty and
desirable iliaj.es at Keid A Co.
Married—On Wednesday, September
Kith, 1006, at Litchfield, Minnesota,
Mr. Robert Burns Benedict, of Mar
yook, B. C, and Miss Mary March,
daughter of .Mrs. Nelson Jonathan
March, ol Litchfield.
The wedding was largely attended,
as lhe bride was a prominent lactor
in church and social circles in her
home town ami enjoyed a high deenw
of personal popularity. Mr. Benedict
is* well known in this district as the
manager of ibe Mayook Lumber companv, the chief stockholders being tbo
members ol the March family aod
himself. A more popular business
man dues n"t live in the district, add
by his close attention to business he
has made a success since coming to
South East Kootenay. Mr. and Mrs.,
Benedict arrived in Cranhrook last
Tuesday, having visited the coast
Cities un their honeymoon trip, and
Wednesday went to Mayook, lheir
fuiure home. The Herald joins with
lhe people of Craubrook in extending
for the happy couple for
■>f happiness and prosper*-
been spending September in Mon-1 Ity. Mr. mnl Mrs. Benedict will be
treal attending the session ol tho at home at Mayook after NovembM
General Coatcrence. first-
and fi
s. .1. Thompson, of Victoria,
rinorly pastor of the Methodist
uf tliis placo will arrive in
,n    Saturdav    and  vvill be  the
guest nl Mr. and Mrs. 0. T. Rogers.
Mrs.     Thompson  is    also with  Mr.
Tliompson.       On Sunday his    many
friends   will have an opportunity   of
listening  to him  speak, as he    will
have (large of   the   service in       the
Methodist church.    Since leaving here
Mr. Thompson has been elected pre- best wish
sident uf the B. C. conference and has a long lib TIIE   OOANBBOOK   IIKRALO
.... c..tC.:-..e-t«sn-ofr»fr«n:-t-»e-t-t>t<-s>t:<-&«-tt«>«-t- **<■-'j,..
;3.:.3 •>«-a>9DiMr*M9»vm
'From  the Moyie Leader.)
J. L.   Murphy Is    taking Mr. Att
woods place white lhe laliei i-s away
on Uis Li'ip east.
Two large statues foi llw Catholic
church amnio, here Mis wees irom
Alouiieai. lhe) an- nuw ueiiifc yui
in place in Lbe church, and will tw
blessed .it lo-moiiow evening s service.      I'all.ei   tli...mi, ul  Liaubioo*,
win be uere, a- amo l-alhei I aver*
uier, ol Fcimc, lbe siatues, oue ol
,.iie Sacred Heart ui Jt»u* and     ilu*
ul(U11 jj fcJi, I'oH'l, acre made it)
An. Cam, oi Mi....u-ai, and .ue probabl)   the Urge l in   hiu»t KooUnaj
luches. iuc
i was given
u thu
l nne
yel be*
i..uii standi   .
btatuu .'. the ■ a>"tl "*'
tu ihc  h U)   Mrs. .lames t
and tha   ,.: SI   Pi lei by  lhe la
ttie Altai Society.
wm.   Bird,   who    has hem
Ciaubruok   uospnal    toi somo
wuii .1 broken auu, is out and
again, bul ii will bu a   white
tore in- can return to work.
Some important improvements have
recentl) been made in the living ap-
ailments ol Kev. Mr. Sowctoutts,
pastoi oi lhu .deiiiu'iisi church,
Robert Campbell is down at PlUOlwi
Creek with a hunting party. He has
sent .several birds and ducks home
biuuu he has been away.
Peter Corrlgun passed through
Moyie Tuesdav goiug iu Rossland,
lie has just returned Horn Cobalt.
He, like man) others, has had
enough of it in thu mining camp m
the cent belt.
,1.    Atlwood, llw C. P. It. statlou
agenl at Muyie, is taking a two
weeks' layuli, and Thursday he and
his win* and daughters Annie aud
Nina ami s0u Willie left Ior Necpawa.
Mr. Attwood has some farm land
near Neopawa, which Iw intends dis-
posing of.
Some substantial and necessary Improvemenis ale being made in the
system ol the Moyie Water company,
Five men have been employed Iol
sume time building cribbing for p tlw
pipe line leading from the dam. This
lias bei n ilie source of most of tlw
iroublu during thu winler time In llw
past, and the work being done now
vvill make tlw waler mam piactltally
immune unm frost.
ud Miss Christina A.
made man and    wile.
ihe Brigadier was much pleased with
ihe local S. A. band.
Mis. Thus. Beei* has returned irom
Halcyon Hot springs, where she
underw eu l ti ealmenl ioi i heunia
B, il. Short, formerly of this city
and now ol Crunorook, spent yestei
day In the city while en route homo
Horn Spokane. Mr. Short sees marvelous changes in our city, which lie
lias not visited since before the big
The big damage cases against luu
tiatioi Stewaii and lhe G. N. It.
brought on by tho Fcrnie Lumbei
company, Uw Elk Lumbei company,
and Hit- Cedar \ alley company are U
come up at lie .issues at Nelsui
uexl week. The tolal damage asked
iui amount to $128,800, the Foi
Lumber company's   claim alone being
L. J. Boag uicaded guilty In Uw
police cuiut yesterday to a violation
oi llie game laws, m shooting a, bull
Elk and he was lined %'uti. The head
was confiscated and Justice of the
Peace Moiiait referred the matter ot
ils disposal to the attorney general.
the head is a beauty, though uot a
particularly large one. li has 12
points and weighs 75 pounds, The
uead was biotighl to the U, P. R. olliee for transportation to a taxidermist in Vernon, and ibe officials noticing the green coiidiliou ot the
head, informed ihc police, who ihe
next day located Boag. The Elk
was shot near Hosmer mnl the hunter
was ignorant of the recent change in
the law protecting Elk of lbe male
(From Tbe Feinie Ledger.)
The output of coal at Uie mines loi
the week ending Friday, ihv. 31st,
was a;, follows: Cual Curl., J3.ll.il
tuns, Michel, 0,010 tons. Total,
it),580 tons.
Manager Holt, ul lho Bank of Commerce, met hu family ai Rexford
last Thursday. Mrs, 11..It ami children were accompanied by Miss Hickey, a si-ler ol Mrs. Hull, who will
remain a short Lime in Fernie.
Last Sunday
wending its w
where the Lord
ing was lo bu held, I
wilh a gun, whu bad
Ins belt ami birds wei
ol his blouse        The
Ledger    was
,-aids   tlw hall
Alliance mcel-
• mel a gunner
sheds stuck  iu
iu tbe pockets
Ledger pleaded
for game, bul it couldn't get the
same, no, not a single feathered
grouse, lie saw men playing cricket
uiul heard guns pupping in the thicket, as he wended Ins way to the hall.
There wen- hoys uill playing iu the
brambles, and wicked girls were taking rambles, but no one seemed Lo be
playing baseball.
Fred Stork is now a full-fledged militia captain.
Fred Stork and family relumed
from Ontario last week.
Mrs. A. P. Walker is progressing
rapidly, and will be able to return
Irom Leihhridge ahoul the llh of
next month.
Ed, Home, an old time Kernie'te,
and now accountant for tho East
Kootenay Lumber company, spent
Sunday in the city with old iriends.
M. A. Koattwr, 11. Willing-ham, Win.
Scott, John Pcdcpal, John Hunter
und several others, left Saturday
night for Sfpoknno lu have a fair time
of it.
Mr, Watson, agent fer the new
townsite property at Pineher station
has concluded a sale of all the remaining lots to an American syndicate, and the sale of lots will con
Iiniie under [he direction of Calvin
A Hatfield. The new owners are,
so it is said, going to build a large
general slore as sunn as possible.
John Breckenridge, of lhe contracting firm of Breckenridge A Lund,
passed through lown Monday on his
way to Calgary, lie has been down
on the line ol ' tho Spokane International superintending Lho shipment of
their  large railway outfit lo Calgary.
all their contracts with the Spokane
International  having been completed.
(From the Fernie Free Presi )
Constable Sampson was down Irom
Michel last night. He had an experience With a big brown hear on
tho On ws Nest trail n few days ago
Tho bear scrambled up a big tree and
Mr. Sampson ventured a shot at him.
This l glil   him down in a   hurry
and said constable was making ready
or a tussel al close range, Inn Mr.
Biiiin thought better of it and made
Ilis II,.uur .1 idge Wilson held court
on Tuesday when John Rice was
tried for obtaining money under false
pretenses. The evidence was clear
against him and ho was sentenced to
six months. Rico represented himself
as a detective and undertook to bring
back a runaway wife for $100. He
proved to be a fake.
J, Stephens, of Morrissey, went
over in Calgary on Sunday to place
his children at school there.
R. Todd, late nf the Rank of Hamilton, has succeeded W. Martin at the
Calgary Cat lie company.   ...
The double wedding of members of
the Salvation Army attracted a
large number to Uw operahouse last
ovenlng, after the enrollment under
the colors, when about a dozen new
members were added, Brigadier
Smceton performed the wedding ceremony according lo ihe S. A. ritual.
Mr, Joseph Owen and Miss Amy
Walt.'ihouse went through the ordeal
first, after which     Captain  II. Bas-
Black Diamond'' Thom;is, of
Ferine, und lames Burrows, of Coin*
P. Md.ai en company 'his week
bioitdii down 12,000 logs from the
Crows Nest lake.
The Scotchman of Coleman have
decided to celebrate st. Andrew s
dav by riving a ball and sapper.
D. A Simian and a rrew of car-
penteis left vesteitl.iv morning for
Lille, where they will erect a large
M.u nu our enterprising merchant,
returned ' Wednesday from Victoria,
It    C .   where he went   to meet       Ins
wife and daughter on     their arrival
hum China.
Uev K A Robinson has resigned
bis pastorate at Coleman to accept a
call at Lacombe, He will be succeeded by the Kev. E. li. Spurr, a
graduate ol Kings College, ol Wind
sol. N. S.
Grand Forks, B, C, Sept. 89.-
Word reached here ihis evening of an
immensely tub strike ol cobalt winch
was made yesterday near West Bridge
on ihe west folk ui Kettle Over.
This strike is of gigantic proportions
and has created a great excitement in
the camps, li hids fair lo rival the
cobalt camp m New Ontario. Prospect ts from all over the country are
Hocking into tbe camp and staking all
the vacant ground for miles around.
it (SII.
J  want
n of the    flour
iei  day,"     said
Mrs. Newliwed, severely.
"What was the mallei- with it.
ma'am'" asl.nl ihe giocer.
"II was tough. My husband simply wouldn't eat (be biscuits 1 made
with it."—Ex.
otale  at   Coleli
.» Lacombe.
etvice October
uns going ueev
tun  if
(From the Outcrop.)
. Spragg and her daughter,
iiu.iu, len on the Ptarmigan Sundav im their home in Cooperstowu,
n." it The former is a sister ol Mrs.
Lewis ami Mrs. Brewer, whom they
have    been     visiting  ior      over      iwo
mouths. Mts, Hartman has greally
improved in health during bei v
an.1 hopes Lo return heie again next
veai. Holh ladies made many
it tends here, and wore delighted Willi
ihe mountain life.
Two Russians passed through ihc
valley Uns week, A local Highlander
thought ihat because they were (j
dans Uio) ought lo talk Gaelic aud
threw lhe two talks al them. But
lain ciiintux.
An u/.oiiagiam Rem Windermere
says Captain Caul ley ami Mr. K.
Mmpion had au interesting turkey
sboi.t Tuestlay and the Captain car
lied oil the turkey.
Mi.ss Haywood ol Sinclair, has tak
en charge of the ttilnier Leleplioue of
lice, wiiic Miss McNeil is taking ii
tew loluiays camping up Horse inici
creek wilh Mis. Lewis, Mrs. Star-
ninl and others.
The directors of the Noiih American Lumber company arrived from
Boston by way ai Cranbrook and
sJpeut several days last week examining lheir thnuer along Findlay
creek. 'i'he Outcrop has Information
on good nU'thotily that this company
tias obtained the right to ull the limber along Koolcnay river anove where
rimllay creek empties inlo that liv
er, as well as tbe limber up Findlay
Tac company's plans ate to erect i
very large saw mill just below the
mouth ol Findlay creek on thc Koolcnay river and have it in operation
liy the time the Kootenaj' Central
railway is completed lo lhat point
A stareholdor in this company states
that tne manager ol Uiu company
staled in a report he issued last year
ihat he hati interviewed Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, president of the 0. P.
It., and on behalf of tbe North American Lumber company gtiaranUted to
slop a train load oi lumher a day over
lhe Kootenay Central as soon as the
railroad was built. Thc manager
further stated that Sir Thomas advised him to go ahead with thy mill
nnd said that the railroad would bn
built by lhc time the company were
ready t'o ship lumber. It is under
st<H>tl that on the strength of Ibis
report lhe directors cainc all ; the
way from Boston with the intention
ol establishing camps up Findlay and
determining the site of the new mill
etc., bui thai some hitch in tneir
proceedings has occurred and so far
no definite woik has yet been start
cd. although the delay is said to be
uuly temporary aud ihe plans for future operations are being duly con
(From tht Golden Star.)
A. R. Yates came tlown on the last
boat from Wilmer, where ho lias been
located for the pas*t live years d„ing
just enough business in drugs to
make bolh ends meet, and left
Tuesday lor tin- prairie, having decided
to go Into business at Gleichon. Bc-
ioie leaving the upper country Mr.
Yates was tendered people's lies!
wishes in the shajw of a banquet, al
which nearly all the titi/ms sal
Uaniel Nicholson, one of our respected farmers, died very suddenly
last Tuesday under rather iiiiltirtun.it
circumstances, He was going ahoii
bis daily duties after having visited
town and securing some supplies
when he sustained a full which ended
fatally at noon the next day. Deceased was 63 years olrl, and lived or
a farm about four miles up the valley, He leaves a wife anil family to
mourn his loss. The funeral took
place yesterday.
(From The Blairmore Times.)
Mr. and    Mrs. Norman Ilrolev,
Fernie,  were     visitors in Blairmore
The I'nion Rank of Canada havo
made arrangetnenls to start a branc
in Blairmore and has leased the room
adjoining W. A. Beobe, as its location. The move was decided on this
week and the equipment for the new
place has been ordered.
0, L. Whalen, of Fernie, was a
visitor in Blairmore this week. Mr.
Whalen is making arrangements for a
glove contest to hu pulled off hero he-  stile.
(From The Frank Paper.)
Tbe Rev,   R.   A.  Robinson,  English
lunch minister, has resigned his pos-
an tu accept a   call
He will hold ins last
Mth        Mt.   Robin
necessitates    lus tesifciia-
the   school board,    which
has been tendered and an election of a
siiceessoi vvill In- held uCXt ttetllles
.lav Mr. Robinson bas made a host
uf friends in The I'ass during lus slay
in Coleman who wilt greatly icgiet
His decision to leave the districl. Mr.
Robinson will bv succeeded by tlu
Rev. E. B. Spun, a graduate ot
Kings college, ol Windsor,   N. S.
The special oi lb'" Canadian Society oi" Engineers stayed over night
at Coleman Monday. lu the morning, bv pre-arrangement, aboui hall
the members nf ihe party availed
themselves of the Invitation of lhe
International Coal A Coke oomipany
to lake a trip inlo the mine. All
enjoyed the novelty of a ride under
ground at express train speed. The
. ngincers expressed ilieiiisclve.s as
deeply Impressed wiih whal they saw
of the International company's property.
The InStr uments for the band    al
Coleman bave been ordered aud    are
expected lo be here in     a few    day
Tb.' order was for fifteen of the best
band   iust rumen is  manufactured
Negotiations ale pending for the
sale oi ihc McLaren saw null property west oi Blairmore, io a syndicate of American capitalists. Tlw
property Includes the mill site aud
mill aud limber limils, having ahoul
300 million feet of green limber. Experts are now cruising lbe limits and
it is expected to be known within a
fortnigl t whether thv deal is consummated. The properly is uwmd
by Senator .McLaren. The mill has
hail a most successful season and lia!
cut marly lhe entire supply ol log:
lhat was got duwu uu lhe spring
drive .More logs having bocomi
necessary tu finish uut the season1!
cut, a dam has been built just below
lhe outlet ot the lake to back up iht
water in the Old Alan, and during the
past few days lhe artificially made
Hood has been on and the second drive
iu progress. A supply af logs
lictint io fill out lhc season bas been
brought down.
Tbe Union bank will open a branch
ai Blairmore very shortly. The i
was decided upon litis week and
equipment (or the new place has been
ordered. Fot" lhe present lhc bank
will occupy lbe room adjoining iht
olllce of Capt. W. A. Heche. It ha:
not been announced as yet who vvill he
in charge.
Two important business institutions are being established at Cowley. One is the Union Bank of Canada, a branch of winch is soon In
open, ami the other is Ihe wheat elevator which has just been completed
and was expected to begin receiving
wheal yesterday, Threshing is now
in full swing and it is reported that
much wheal will be marketed at the
new elevator.
Charles Chestnut has been engaged
with a crew of men the past few
weeks doing seme prospecting work
on the Leitch-McVittie property, just
cast of Hillcrest, geitihg ihc ground
ready  for  an examination. W.  E
Duncan, who has been directing tin
work, ordered il slopped Saturday.
It is understood thai a sale of Ui,
ground is in prospeel.
Three Indians were brought to
Pincher Creek lasi week from Oily-
City, where ihey were arrested by
Constable C. tt. James, who is acting-as customs officer at that place
for running horses across lhe line
When the Indians were told tbey
would have to pay duly on lheir
horses they put up tlie bluff that they
weie exempt and ro used to pay,
which resulted iu their arrest.
Two Frank boys gol themselves into serious trouble. Sunday by playing
lhe vandal. They were Louis and
Aniline Domoustie, sons of A
lleiiioustie. Tbey broke into the
school house and literally turned the
school room inside out. Tbey scattered ashes over bhe lloor and desks,
broke slates, tore up all the book*
Ihey could and did pretty nearly
everything else ihai an evil Inclination
of mind could suggest. Monday
when the teachers put in an appearance* llw place was such a wreck llial
ll was necessary to close school while,
the building was righted. The Identity ui the miscreants was soon
learned and the case was placid
the hands of ibe police.      After   t
sulfation with the school authorities
as to what was best to he done, it
was decided tc lul the buys ull by
lheir peiiple     paving for all damage
which was iloue. '   Il   wouldn't Iw fall
to tell what happened to the hoys
al home, but if reporl is true they
won't do it again.
"What have vmi got in thai package?" said ibe attendant at the
great public museum.
"Bananas," answered the hoy.
"Dozens of 'em.    Want nne?"
"No, and you can't bring them in
"Why not?"
"It's against the rules. nut vnu
can cheek the package at that window and get  it wlien vou come out."
"Cost anything to cheek it?"
"Five cents."
Tbe boy said he wouldn't pay it and
went away.
"1 guess I can go in now, all
right," he said.
"Hold on. Have von got those
bananas concealed about you'"'
"Yes. sir; all hut lhe skins. I
thrown! them away."
And there was a grin of triumph nn
his face as be went through the, turn-
a Union Made   Cig&.r
Kurtz's Own
Ku tz's Pioneer
Spanish Blosssoms
Yon finish one with regret nnd begin
another with pleasure,
For gnlo I.v till good dealers BT
148 Cordova St.,
Vancouver   -
B. C
I will  have my winter supply
of Conl iu a few days, ami  am
ready to Dike imters.     I   will
Bankhend Hard Coal $8.75
Soft Coal $6,75
Lasi winter T wus out of Conl
part of tinu'. Tins your ! propose lo keep a good supply on
hand, ami vvill Bull
Notice is hereby given that thirty
t^rSfcn**? !nlelHi to apply »
he Ohio! Commissioner ol Lands and
Works at \ ictoria tor special licenses
to cut and carry away timber from
the following described lands iu
South Kast Kootenay district:
1. Commencing at a post planted
about eight miles north 0r lot 458K
and about forty chains north of the
N. E, comer of timber license number
4078, thence east ltitl chains, thence
norih 40 chains, ihence west 160
chains, thence south 10 chains to Uie
place of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted
at the norlh west corner of M. Melnnes' N0. i application, thence norlh
Hi chains, thenee east ItiU chains,
tbence south 'IU chains, thence West
HiO chains to the place of conimenec-
3. Commenolng at a post planted
at the north-west corner ol M. Melnnes' N,j. 2 application, thence north
in chains, Uience east. 160 chains,
ihence south HI chaius, thenee. west
llill chains lo Uw plac* ol couillltiuv-
4. Commenolng at a post   planted
al lhe uoiih-west coiner ol M. Melnnes' application No. 'd, Ihenee north
to chains, Uieuce east llill ehains,
Uieuce soulh 4ti chains, Uieuce west
Hid clains to the place of commencement.
5. Commencing at a post planted
at the intersection of lot 15SM, with
lbe north fork of Michel creek and
running west 160 chains, ihence norlh
-1(1 chains, thence east IliU chains,
th.nee south 4ti chains to tbo place
of commencement.
I!. Commencing at a post planted
•in chains north of the Intersection of
Lho noiih boundary of lot 4588 with
lhe north fork of Michel Creek,
thence running west 160 chaius, thence
north 40 chains, thence east IBO
chains, llience 40 chains to the place
of commencement,
7. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner of K. V
Thompson's eoal license No. 1037
thence running north 160 ohains,
tlence west 5 chains, tbence north
8U chains, thence east 20 chains,
more or less, to timber license No.
1069, thenee south 210 chains, thence
west  15 chains, more or loss, to   the
place of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
seven miles north of lot 4588 and one
mile west of timber license No. 4073,
Ihence north 80 chains, thenee west
80 chains, thenee south 80 chains,
thence east SO chains to the place of
0. Commonclng at a post planted
seven miles north and one mile west
uf timher lie. use No. 4073, thence easl
811 chains, thence north ku chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south
80 ihains to the place of commence
Iff, Melnnes, Locator.
Dated toe 23rd day ot August, A.D
IMOli. 24-Ut
Receives both ladies and gentlemen
as resident or as day students. Has
a complete commercial or business
course. Prepares students lo gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades
Gives the four years' course for the
B.A. degree, and the first year of the
school of science course, in affiliation with Toronto university. Has a
special "Prospectors' Course" for
miners who work in B. 0,
Instruction is given iu art, music,
physical culture and elocution.
Term opens September 17th, 1906.
For calendar, etc., address "Columbia College, New Westminster, B.C."
Notice is hereby given thai thirty
days alter dale 1 intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works at Victoria for special licenses
lo cut and carry away timber from
tlw following described lands
South Kast Kootenay:
1. Commencing al a post planted
on the northern boundary of lot 128,
one mile Irom the iiort.i-east corner
of said lot 123, marked M. Mcluues'
(1) S. W. corner, ihence north 60
chains, more or less, to M. Melnnes'
limber application, (2) of Ki is date,
tbence cast 125 chains, more or less,
to O. Kelly's timber license, thenco
.south IU chains, more or less; LbcUCO
west 85 chains, more or lest,; tlience
south 20* cliaius, more or less;
to the northern boundary of lot 123,
and tliencc west along said boundary
III chains, mote or less, to the place
ol commencement, containing 010
acres, more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted
al Uw north-east, corner of loL 11-10,
thence soulh 10.84 chains, thence
west IU chains, thence south 10
chains, moro or less, to thc northern
houndary of C. Melnnes' limber license, thence east to the north-east
corner of said license, thence south
20 chains, lo M. Melnnes' application
No. 1 of this date, thence east 125
cliains, tihence north 30 chains, more
or less, to Elk river, thence following said Klk river down to lhe point
of commencement.
Iff. Melnnes.
Dated   this   18th    day ot August,
1906. 22-51
If you    have a   cow   you are not
using and want a pasture, 1 will take
care ot It Iree (or the milk.
II M. II. Boron.
Thirty days afler date we Intend
to apply to the Ctief Commissioner
of Lantls and Works, Victoria, B.C.
for a special license to cul and
carry away timber from the following desciibed lauds, situated
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted 160
chains west ol mile post 7 ou the
western boundary of lot 4591 at firsl
south-west ancle of lot 1897, ttence
running east ffl chains, thence soutg
40 chains, thcuce west 160 chain:
tbence north 40 chains, thence east
8U chaius to place of commencement.
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Datid  July 31st,  1906. 20-6t
Thirty days after date we intend
lo apply to the Ctief Commissioner
of Lands and Works, Victoria, B.C..
for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described lands, situated
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted 40
chains souih of post planted HiO
chains west of mile post 7 on the
western boundary of lot 4591, at
first south-west angle of lot 1867.
thence running south 80 ehains,
thence running west 80 chains, Ihence
running north 80 ehains, thence running cast 80 chains to place of
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Dated July 31st, 1906. 20-«t
Thirty days after date we Intend
to apply to the Ctief Commissioner
ol Lands and Works, Victoria, B.C.,
for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from tbe following desciibed lands, situated iu
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at tire northwest corner of L. Harvey's timber license
running 80 cbains south, tbence 80
chains west, tlience 80 chains north,
tbence 80 chains east to point of
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd,
Dated July 22nd, 1600. 20-6t
Thiiiy days after date wc intend
to apply to Uw Ctief Commissioner
of Lnmls and Works, Victoria, B.C,.
for a special license to cut and
entry away timber from tlw follow
ing described lauds, situated iu
South Kasl Kootenay:
Commencing ut u post at thr
north-east corner ol F. II. Pollen's
limber license, running south 80
chains, tbence west 40 chains, tlwnce
south 40 cliains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 120 ohains,
Llience west 40 ehains to point of
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd,
Datid July 21st, 1008. 20-6
Noliee is hereby given that thirty
days after date l Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria (or a special
license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands
in South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west corner of J. Melnnes'
licence near Elkmouth, B.C., and
running north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence cast 80 chains to the place of
beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Dated at Elkmouth, B.C., this'20th
day of July A. D. 1'906.
(ij Oo you want D bargain in ^
j| CninWook property, I will j|
[in soil my business liouse mul ra
I lot opposite C, I*. U. d.'i'ot I
p) cheap. PnyB good rout.   Kino |
j| Investment.   Address
i j    Gum Lee, Cranbrook, B. C. ^
1 Or J. A. Harwv
Is.l-Jt I
Notice i.s hereby given that Milrty
days after dale w'e intend to apply la
tlto Hon.   the Chief Commissioner   ol
Lauds and Works, Victoria, B. O.,
tor special licenses to cul ami cany
awav timlier Iiom the following des
irlbod lands iii Soulh Fast K.uile-
tay, B. C:
(1)   Commencing nt n poi  planted
about a ball     mile 1 ih     aud  iw
miles west of Ibe noitb west coi m
of lot 2'tll!, Uience west llitl chain
thence souih 40 chains, tbence ear
liill chains, thence north -lu chaii
to the point of commencement
(2i Commencing at a post planted
about a quartet of a mile souih and
four miles west of the tun lb-west
coiner of lot 2316. thenee west BO
chaius, tbence south 80 chains, thenc,
east 80 chains, iheiiee north su chains
to llw point of commencement,
Sparwood  Lumher Co.,  Ltd.
Located August 26,  1006.        2;i ,".t*
Take notice that sixty davs aft
date I intend to apply to liu* Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for permission tr
purchase the following describe
lands in Soulb Kast Kootenay: Com
mencing at a post planted at th.
north-east corner of lot 325, running
east 80 chains, north 10 chains, west
80 chains, thence south 40 eliains to
the plaee ot commencement contain
ing 320 acres,
Harold  Darling.
Wardner, B. C, July 13th, 1008.
Take noliee that sixty days from
dale I intend to apply t
ihe Chief Commissioner c
Lands and Works at Vli
torla, for permission to purchase tii
following described lands iu Soutli
Kast Kooteuay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west corner of lot 2593
being marked Hugh Mcllugh, thenct'
west 40 chains, thence north 41
chains, thence cast 40 chains, thenci
south to place of commencement
containing 160 acres.
Hugh Mcllugh.
Fernie, B. C, Aug. 14, 1006. 21-01*
Any available Dominion Lands
wiihin the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may be homesleaded by
any person who is the sole head ol a
family, or any male over 18 years oi
age, lo lhe extent oi one-quarter
section of 160 acres, more or ness,
Entry must be made personally at
the loeal land office for the disiriet
in which Uie land is situate.
Tbe homesteader is rc quired lo per
form the conditions connected therewith under one of lhu following
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of thc land
each year for three years.
(2) II the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm iu the vicinity of the land entered for, the requirements as to residence may be
satisfied by such person residing witb
the father or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of ins
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may be satisfied by residence upon tlw said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should be given to the Commissionei
of Dominion Lauds at Ottawa of
tention to apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at $10
per acre for soft coal and Viti for
aiithracite. Not more than 320
acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Itoyalty al llr
rate of ten cents per ton ol 2,01111
pounds shall bu collected on the gross
Deputy of the Minister ol the luleiio
Notice is hereby given  that tM;
days after date 1 intend matting
plication to the Honorable the 01;
Commissioner of    Lantls and    Works
for a special license to cut aud cany
away    timber fiom the lands situate
in the district of South  Fast Ki.otc-
iiiiy, about Iwo miles .soulh-easl,    ol
Jaffray Station   and being lot, 1.2 hi,
group 1, Koolenay District.
J. Hanbury,
A. V, Kmpfcl. Agent.
Dated at Elko, B. C, Augusi,   lllli,
1906. 23-51
Notice is hereby given that sixty
(till) days after dale I intend lo apply to tte Hon. Commissioner of
Lands and Works to purchase Uut
following described lauds situate ii
East Kootenay, on tho Spokain
Branch C, P. It. seven miles south of
Curzon, B.C., on Liiile Moyie River:
Starting at a corner post marked
"D. Muir's corner stake," Uience
north parallel to C. P. It. tracks
sixty chains, thence west forty (40)
chains, thence south sixty (M')
chains, thence cast forty (Id) chains
to point of commencement and said
to contain two hundred (200) acres,
more or less.
D. Muir.
Dated at Curzon, B.C., in East
Kootway. August ISlh, 1006. 21-bV
— 1
1 lne force pump, two awnings H
1',', feet in wiilth.
§ Two cliiss front olli,-,- floors,    i'l
I llni-ll I'oot ofllco window.
[fl    I"  l',',,| »,-ilviiiii»-,l iron I
3     chimney top. i
I ■     ' g
[jjj Allingooil lition.   Apply I
iii    F. E, SIMPSON, §
Herald Office i
I In
1.  .■' . 'I, 'li- Ir'.V'li-'li-'li-'li- li.l||,i|i-'li-'li,l|i-'/,.'l|.'|i,lfL,|L.
Cranbrook   Foundry and
Machine  Shop
IVlcKinnon & Johnston
Wo urn pivpart',1 to
.lo nil kinds of rn-
pnir work heavy uml
liulit. make cAstlngs,
inrn shaft,,etc
Scientific    t1or.sc.shtH.-inK   a
Livery S
Tenuis and drivers furnished for Buy
point In the illKttie',
A. DOYLE. Manager
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days afler date I inteml making application to He lion. Lho Chiel Com-
111 ssioner of Lands and Works for a
special liiense to cut and take aWay
timber from the following described
lands, situate in .South Kast Kootenay, B. C:
1. Commencing at the north-west
corner ol lot 0023, Perry Creel',
thence running north 80 ehains, east
eighty chains, south eighty chains,
west eighty chains, to place of commencement,
2. Commencing at the north-west
corner of lot 0028. Perry Creek,
lh. uce running north eighty chains,
west eigbly chains, south eighty
chains, east oigtty chains, t-o place
of commencement.
J. Hanbury, Elko, B. C.
A, Milton, Agent.
Dated Aug- 3rd, 190(J, H2-.r»t
From riONTRBAL and (»UI:Bl-C
Kmpivss of Britain   ...    Oct, llllll
Cake Champ-lain  Oct, iTlh
Kmpivss ol' In-Inn,I     Nov.-,'11,1
Lake Eric . Nov. tilth
Firsl Cabin, $05 nml iipwnnls,
according to steamer;   one .-luss
steamers   lintor Hale),   lJ-1'l.'iO;
Second Cabin, SI;", and upwards;
Third Class, $2(1.60 and $28.76.
Apply iii ,„ for our illustrated
Booklet descriptive of our superior
Third Class accommodation,
.11 reel
I.,-il„- Michigan Oct. I Vi I,
Tl,i,.l Itlanmily, ^11.60
Mollllnsr < I. I    Jill.
(inrryiin S I (linnonly, tin.""
Special Limited Train
"0\ t HSI |H \| tll."
<)6  hours
OCT, mill and NOV, I -Jt I.
For dolailiil information and
berlli reservations for Irniu or
hnalH. npply to local agent, or write-
.1. S. CARTER       E.J. COVI.E
li. T. A., A. II. T. ....
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes marie new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give mc a caU. Tin;s<it aniikook 111:1; Al.l>
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date  1   intend   to apply   to
the Honourable the chief Commissioner of hands and Works for a special
license to cut anil cany away timber
from the following described lands
situate iu the district of Kast Koo
1. Commencing at n post planted
about ten chains from lhe mouth of
Prospectors' creek up the Vermillion river and marked "11 Howell's north-west corner post," thence
south -10 chains ihence east IHO
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
wesl 100 chains, to the place of
llenrv Howell, Locator.
Located the 17th day of Augusl,
2.   C
onirnractns n
1 a
sl   lllllll
son ll.
nl  mnl   mlioi
'. 11'
111.' Ill
ell's a.
,lltli-.v,-st   ro.
1 1,1 [,,
Ili'li (No.   1) ami III,
u ti
■il "William
S      lint til Wi-.-.
l.'l     |„„.
, ll III I'll.
, llll
-,,<•<'       I'.
nm ch.
uus, ihenco
Ill   llllll
wesl li". c
IS   ll
.   11,1-   pi
Ol .1,1,1
tin-in i-m,-i,i.
William Vi
oil   the l,'It
II    ,,:
i   Aug..
II. c
1    .
;.  |in
-.1 lllllll
sou In
ul     -il,,l
.   «
,.   :,nlllll ttt'sl
IS.     1
,[ lllllll
No 1 ami   i,
,-,l '
s   ii,"tii wesl
1    l„l
souih -in il,.
,  III,
■II,,'    ,-
11,11 till
ilns,   Hi,-,,,-,
111   ,
II   ,1,11
Ul   ,,,111
ui-sl   Iiiii ill
times A   I-m
; lo
III,' llll
. It. 1..in rn,
1 II.
U.I the nth
.iy o
I   AiTgit
I. c
n im
sl   Iliuil
Uu chains li
cUurs' iiirk
I'.isl    ll!
ol Vermillion rlvcr
il a.
iillusl  '
A. Laurie's south-west coiner post,"
llience north 40 chains, ihence easl
IBO chains, thence south 40 chains,
Uience west 100 chains to the place
ol commencement.
James A. Laurie, Locator,
tt. tt. Laurie and 11. Howell,
L.vcatod the   ISlh   day ot August,
fi. Commencing at a post planted
norih of and adjoining ihe north-west
corner post of said location No. I
and maiked "Henry Howell's southwest coiner post," thence north 40
chains, thence east IHO chains, thenct
Kuuih -10 chains, Uience wesl tiiu
chains to the place of commence
Iientv  Howell,  Loeator.
Located the 18th day of August,
6. Commencing at a pust planted
north of and adjoining Henry How
ell's north-west corner post of loca
tion No. 5 and on the east bank ot
the Vermillion river aud marked
''William tt. Laurie's south-west corner post," thenee north 40 chains,
thence east lliU chains, thence south
4n chains, tin-nee wesl llill chains tu
the place of commencement,
ttilliam tt. Laurie, Locator
Located     the   ISlh dav of Augusl.
7. Commencing at a post planted
north of and ad oining \v. W
Laurie's north-west cot iter post of
location No. 0 and marked "ll.'tiiv
Howell's south-west corner posl."
thonce north 80 cliains, th uce east
ho chains, thence souih Mi chains,
thence west 80 clains to tlie place oi
Henry Howell, Locator.
Located    lhe  18th  dav of   August,
plant ts!
post,   ol
William W. Laurie and Henry Howell,
Located   the   ISlh day ol   August,
II. Commencing at a post planted
noith ol and adjoining -lames A.
Laurie's north-east cornel post Ol
location No. Vd and on the east bank
ot the Vermillion    river ami marked
William tt.  Laurie's south-east corner  posl,"   thence  north  8U    chains.
ihenee west 80 chains, ihence   souih
80 chains,  ihenee easl 80 chains     t.
ihe place of commencement.
William W. Laurie,  Locator.
Localed   thc   ISlh day  of   Augusl
i.'i.  Commencing at a post planted
not lb of
...Mik  ot
maikivl   "
in.i    adjoining vYilllahi   tt.
not lh east coiner post of
No. 11 aii.i on the easl,
lhe      Veiliiillii.n  uver     und
James a. Laurie's souih-
cist cornet post," thcuce north lt.u
.bams, Uieuce west in ihains, ihence
bouth llill chains, Heine east 40
chains lo the plate ol commence-
James A. Laurie, Locator.
William tt. Laurie and llenl)  Howell,
Located   the   1Mb day    ol August,
a  pout   pl.inl.il
place o
.', .cueing .1
imv 11,llr    to,
desk iUM ."„,
iii.-i eui ami   ,
III li' i>   1,1,1 111 Wl
enal   11,11 chat
llll,,,    llll'lll'li    Wl
iioiili 111 chain
William Vi. 1.
lul   Uiu   JO 1I1
ui    July,
. Commencing at a post planted
ill .so chains easl of William W.
lies    nm lli west  coiner pust     ol
.lion lasi mentioned ami marked
iity lluwcll s south-west corner
1, ' thence norUiolO chains, thence
. lut) chains, Iheiiee south 40
uis, tbence west lou chains to the
e ot commencement.
lleiuy  Unwell,  Locator,
oca ted    the   Jtnh    day  ol   July,
8. Commencing a.i
noith of and at
Howell's north-west
location No. 1 and situate
west hank of the Vermillion rive
and marked "lleni_v Ilo weirs south
west corner post," Hence north 81
chains, thence east 80 chains, thenci
south 80 chains, thence west 81
cliains to the place of commencement
Henry Howell, Locator,
Located the 18th day ol August
9. Commencing at a post planted
nmth of and adjoining Hen )
Howell's nortii wesl  coi net   posl    ol
jocalilon No.  8 ami on  the east    liailk
ill ihe Vermillion river nnd marked
"William tt. Lauiie's soutli west coi
net post,"    thence north SO   elmlns
thenee easl 8l. ehains, Ihenee south
Mi cha ns. Ihence west 80 chains to
Uw place of commencement,
18.  Commencing at a [iust planted
ihoiit  lorly      chaius east of     licury
ilowoll s north-west corner posl of
Otaiurn last mentioned and marked
•William tt. Laurie's south-west cor-
lor post," Uience north 8U chains,
Jiuice cast 8U chains, ihence south
.ij chains, thence wesl 8U chains lo
liu place oi commencement.
William W. Laurie, Locator.
Localed    lhe   UOLh day   ol     July,
ID. Commencing at a post planted
ahout -IU chains north ol William tt.
uiurio's north-oast cotnei' post of the
.ocatioli lasl mentioned and marked
'Henry Howell's north-west coruo
post,1' thence east 8U chains, thenc
.onih so chains, thence west bi)
.hums, thence north 80 chains tu th
[dace of commencement.
licury iluwell, Locator.
Located   ihc  81st     day ot    July
20. Commencing al a post planted
ahout five chains, north of Henry
.lowell s noiti-east corner post oi
lido last mentioned location an.i mark
d ''William   tt. Laurie's north-wes
oinei post," thence east lbU chains,
.hence south 40 cliains, thence wesl
.on ibains, thence um Hi 40 chains to
.he ptacc ot* commencement.
William W. Laurie, Locator.
Localed   the   31st   day   oi    July,
21. Commencing at a post planted
at the niuiiih of me south (ork ot the
Simpson river and unused "William
A. Laurie's north-west coiner post,"
ihence east 40 chains, thence south
itiu chains, thence wesl -10 chains,
ihence north* 160 chains to tbe plate
oi commencement,
William W. Laurie. Locator.
Located    the  L.tu   day   ol   August
.lied     the
mu ih easi
■lo ohtitns
thenee    i
18th dny   ol  Augusl
post pbnt,.
be month ,
lie Vermlllio
li.iuk  theni
tt   Lai '
thence ,,„i
cha ne
e,l       "Willi
.Mill   IU  rlia
to   the   pla
th. ii
tt Mi.,111  tt.   Lauiie,
ted  the   mil day
.1 Augusl
It Commencing at n Ptwt plant e
About ten chains from ihc mouth i
Prospectors' creek up thc Vctmilli.
i Ivei on the easl ban I Ihereof an
marked "Henry Howell's south <•..-
eornei post," ihenee norih io chain
tlience west 100 cl.iius. tlience soul
thenee east lllll
if cotiitiieticellietit
lleiuy  Howell
ihc   istb day
place ,
Lis ator.
ut i
.   Commencing at a post planted
oi ami   adjoining   William     tt.
tie's moth cast eornei post of lbe
mentioned  location and   marktvi
nrj      Howell's northwest comer
,"  ihence    east 80 chains, thenc
10    chains,   Uieuce west     80
ihenee north 80 chains to Uie
ated the
iy   Howell,
13th   ila>
ii August,
,ti tb- mouth ui
■iimpson rivei •<
Howell s north--,
hence   west   40
a at a post   planum
he south fork oi the
ml   uut kni "Henry
ost   comer     post,
hains, ib'tice   south
thence west 40 chains, thenc* south
160 ehains to the place of commencement.
William Vi. Laurie, Locator.
Located   the   14th day ol August,
28. Commenting at a post planted
east of and adjoining William tt.
Laurie s south-east comet post ol
the last mentioned location and marked "Henry Howell's south-west coiner post," thence east 4u chains,
thence ninth ItiU chains, thence west
40 chains, lb.-nee south ItiU chains lo
the place ot commencement.
llenrv   Howell,   Locator.
Located He 14th day ol August,
'ill. Commencing at a post planted
east ol ami adjoining Henry Howell's
south-east comer post of the lasl
mentioned     location    and    marked
"James A. Laurie's south-west cornel post," Ihence east 40 chains,
thence north 180 chains, llience west
40 chains, thenoe south 160 ohtlfti
to   ihe plaee ol coinmi'licenienL.
James A, Laurie- Locator.
William tt. Laurie, and Henry Howell,
Located   the    lllll    day  01    Augusl,
ao. Coinmeiic.ng ai a post planted
east ol aud adjoining James A,
Lauiie's south-east corner post oi the
lasi mentioned location and marked
"Wll I Hun tt. Laurie's south-west coi
nei post," llience easl 4U chain;.,
llieme mu th IUU chains, thence wesl
lu chains, thence soulb lt.u chains
io ihe place ot commencement,
James A. Laurie, Locator.
Located ttie Uth day ot August,
dl. Commencing at a post planted
east of aud adjoining William tt.
Lauiie's south-east cotnei' post ol
lbe last mentioned location an.l
marked "Henry Howell's south-wcsL
corner post," Ihence east luu ehains.
thence north 4U chains, tbence west
loo chains, thelice soulh 40 chair, lu
ihe plaee of commencement,
Henry Howell, Locator.
Located the llth day ol August,
'd'i. Commencing at a post planted
about two miles north of the mouth
ul Lhc Simpson river and on the easl
bank of the Vermillion river and
marked "William tt, Laurie's southwest corner post," tlu-nce east ItiU
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
West HiO chains, llience south 40
ehains to the place of commencement.
William W.  Laurie, Locator.
Located the lfilb day ol August,
33. Commencing at a post planted
ninth of aud adjoining ttilliam tt.
Laurie's north-west corner post of
ihe last mentioned location and
marked "James A. Laurie's southwest comer posl," thence east ItiU
chains, thenee north 4U clains,
thence west I til) chains, thence soulb
10 chains lo lhe plaee of commencement.
James A, Laurie, Locator.
William tt. Laurie and lleiuy Howell,
Located   the   15th dav ot   August,
34. Commencing at a post planieil
north ol an,I adjoining James A.
Laurie's north-west corner post ol
ihe last mentioned location and
mat kid "lleiuy Howell's south-west
corner post," ihence norlh 111 ehains,
thence east tliu chains, ihence south
40 chains, thence wesl IUU chains lu
ihe place of commencement.
Henry Howell, Locator,
Located   the   I6tb day   Oi  August,
35. Commencing at a post planted
nm Hi of and adjoining Henry
Howell's north-west comer post oi
tin- last mentioned location and marked "ttilliam tt. Laurie's soulh-west
corner posl," Uience north 40 chains,
Uience cast 100 chains, ihence south
40 chains, tbence west Hit) cliains,
to the place ol commencement.
William W.  Laurie, Locator.
Located   the   lfith   day   of August,
36. Commencing at a post planted
not ih of anil adjoining William tt.
Laurie's north-west corner post of
the last mentioned location ami
marked "James A, Lauiie's southwest corner post," thence north 4U
ehains, tbence east ItiU chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 100
chains to Uie place of commencement,
James A. Laurie, Locator.
William W- Laurie and Henry Howell
ahil    the   lfith day   oi  August
easl    10
i   Iluwell,
13th day  .
the place
I    August
of   All
ommenclng al n post planted
norlh of and adjoining Henry
Howell's north-east corner {post of
location No. II and on the wesl 'bank
of Vermillion rivei and
"ttilliam tt'. Lauiie's soulh-easl c
ner post," tlience noitb 40 thai
tbence west IliO chains, Ihenee so
4ii chains, (hence easi 1(10
the place of commencement.
ttilliam  W.  Laurie,  Loealor.
alert   the 18th   day of August,
chains to
13.   Comment*
at a post plnnfed
norlh of mid adjoining William W.
Laurie's north-east coiner post of
location No. 12 and on the east hank
of the Vermillion river and marked
"James A. Laurie's south-east corner post," thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 cbains, tbence south
80 chains, thelice east 80 chains to
the place ot commencement,
James A. Laurie, Locator.
31. Commencing at a post planto
west of and adjoining lleiuy
Howell's north west eornei   post    of
i.e I non lasl mentioned and mark-
d "William W. Lauiie's norOli-casl
i-oin.'i posl," thenco wist 100 chains
,hence south 40 chains, thence east
ilu  .hams,   th-'iice    north  -10   chains
0 the place ol commencement.
Wilham W. Laurie, Locator.
Located   tho   LHIi day   oi  August,
25 Commencing at a post planted
•ves-l oi an I adjoining William tt
Lauiie's north-west coiner posl     ol
1 llr lasl mentioned location and mat
ed   "James     A.  Laurie's north-oast
corner post," thence wesl 8U chain
ihence south  811 chains,  llience    cast
su chains, thelice north 80   clains t
the place of commencement.
III) tt.
tues A. Laurie, Loealor.
Laurie and Heniy Howell
the   14th day   of August
37. Commencing at a post planted
about ten chains west of James A.
Laurie's uorl.t-wcst coiner post of
the last mentioned location and
marked "Henry Howell's south-west
coin.'i post,1' thence north 160
elmlns, thence east 40 chains, thence
south luo ehains, thence west 40
chains      to   the    place  of  eomiueiice-
41. Commencing al   a po
twenty chains west ot Heniy Howell's
north-west comer post ol lln la
mentioned location and marked "William W. Laurie's souih-w.-; cornel
post," thence north 4ii chaws, tttence
east l tiii chains, thence outh ■ ■
chains   ihence west  160 chain the
place of commencement.
William W.  Laurie,  I
Located the ltitlt dav Of Augusl,
42. ''ommencing al  a posl
about twenty chains west ol William
tt.  Laurie's  north-west  cornet    posl
ot the   location   last roentiot
marked     James    A.   Lauiie.
wesi cornel  post,"  ihence n-rtl      i
Hums, thenoe east u,u chain
somh    -in chains,   th nco
chains   tu    lhe      place    ol  CO
.lames A. Laurie, Lo ator.
ttilliam tt. Laurie and Henry
Agent ■
Located   the   lUtb   dav  .....
43. Commencing ai rt posl planted
abuut loity chains west ol James A
Laurie's north-wesl cornel pu ol
Uie last mentioned loi at -
cd   "Heniy   lloweii I   loU :      	
net    post," thence    not Ui        ., .
thence east   li.u chain ,
16 chains,   Ihence  WOVl   100 chain!)    to
tbe place ui commencement.
Henry  H	
Located   the   Juih   da) ol
■ll. Commencing at a post planted
nut Lh ol ami adjoining Henry
Ho well's north-west coi nei  pust    ot
the last liieuliomd loi.iiioii ami
maiked "William W. Laurie's suuih
west cornel post," tlience north 4t
cbains, ihence east 160 thai us, ihenci
suuih 10 chains, thence west inn
chaius to (be place oi commence
ttilliam W. Laurie, Locator.
Located   the   ltith day  oi   August.
45. Commencing at a post planted
about loity chains west ol William W.
Laurie's north-wesl eoruer post oi
the lasl mentioned location ami
marked "James a. Laurie's sou tli
west corner post," tin nee north 40
chains, theneu east luu chains, in, in.
soulh     40    el'uius,  Ihenee      west   1 o:
chains iu iho place ui comiuenue
James A. Laurie, Locator.
William tt. Lauiie and licury Howell
Located   lhe   I7tb   day ol   August,
40. Commencing at a Post planted
about loity cnains west ot James A.
Laurie's north-west corner posl oi
ihj last mentioned lucalion am,
marked "Henry Howell s south-wesl
corner post," ihence north -IU chains.
tlience east IUU chains, thenee south
lu chains, ihence wesl 160 chains tu
tbe place of commencement.
Henry Howell,  Locator.
Located the 17tll dav ol Augusl,
47. Commencing at a post plaiite
about twenty chains west ol Henry
I low ell's north-west corner post oi
the last mentioned local ion and
marked "ttilliam tt. Laurie's soulh
west corner post," thence north 41
chains, thence east ICO chains, thenc,
south 40 chains, thence west 160
chains to lhe place ol commencement
William  tt.  Laurie,  Locator.
Located the I Tth day ol August.
1606, 24-61
Thirty days after date I intend It
apply to lhe Chief Commlss oner oi
Lauds and Works for special license.
to cut and cany away limber from
the following described lamls in Kasi
(1) Commencing at a post planted
ou lhe west, bank of the Klk rive'
one-hall mile south of lot tib'di,
ihenee 80 chains west, thence 81-
chaius south, theuce 80 chains, mot.
or less, east to lhe hank of the said
river, Ihence up stream to the polnl
ot commencement, aud containing
UIO acres, more or less.
(2) Commencing at a post plantetl
on the west bank of the Klk rivei
one aud one halt miles soulh of lol
6832, tbence west -10 chains, thenci
south 100 chains, tlience east 40
chains, more or less, to tie saiil
river, thelice up stream I (ill eliains to
the point of commencement, and con
taming (iiu acres, more or less.
John Strong,
Located this   Oth   day ot August,
1900. ' 21-01"
Henry Howell, Locator.
tie   ISlh   iluy of August,
26. Commencing at a Post planted
at lho mouth of the Simpson river
and on the east bank of lh? Vcrinil-I
lion river and marked ".lames A.
Laurie's south-west corner post,
tltenco norlh 160 chains, thence east
10 chains, theuce south I (it) cliains
Ihenee west 40 chains to the place o
James A. Laurie, Locator.
ttilliam tt. Laurie and Henry Howell
Localed   the   llllt day ol   August
27. Commencing at. a post planto
east ol and adjoining James A,
Laurie's south-east corner post o
the last mentioned location and
marked "William W. Laurie's souUi
west corner post," thence east 40
chains,   theuce   north     160    chains,
:.H. Commencing at a post planted
west of and adjoining lleiuy Howell's
soutli west    coiner  post  of  tlie   last
 ntioncd location and marked "Wil
ham tt. Laurie's south-east comer
post," thence west 40 chains, Ihence
north Hill chains, theuce east 40
chains, Mieiiee south I GO chains to
ihe place of commencement.
Will am tt'. Laurie, Locator.
Located thfl l-Sth day of Augusl
39. Commencing at a post planted
noil It of and adjoining William W.
Laurie's north-west corner post of
the last ment oned location and
marked "James A. Laurie's southeast coiner post," thence west 80
cliains. thence north 80 chains,'thence
■ast 80 chains, tbence south 80
chains to the place of commencement
James A. Laurie, Locator,
William W. Laurie and Henry Howell
Located   the   1,0th day   of August,
40. Commencing at a post planted
sixty chains west of James A.
Laurie's north-west corner post ot
the last mentioned location and marked "Henry Howell's south-west corner post, thence north 40 chains,
thence east 160 chains, thenoe south
40 chains, thenoe west 160 chains to
the place of commencement.
Henry Howell, Loci/tor.
Located   the 16th day   of   August,
Take notice that sixty days aftn
date I intend to apply to the Chic
Commissioner of Lauds and Works ni
Victoria for permission to purchase
the following described lauds it
South East Kootenay:
Commencing       al       the
west       comer        of      lot
thence west 40
Ihenco north 40 chains, thence east
tti chains, theuce south HI chains, to
place of coinineucmeut, containing in
all 1U0 acres, more or less.
24-9t* William
Six!v   h.■-     "• ■   late ! Intend    to
apply 'to     Lbe   Honorable   the Chief
Lands and Works at
■ .. ;..i     permission io purchase
lied land. situated
in South Ka l Koo ■
Commencing at a post at s. K.
cornel oi lot 60*tl anJ marked J. A,
west bank of Kootenay
\\ -  \.  tt.  corner,  thence east
i-.. ins,      more        or      less,      ...»
river,     thn<e 60   chains   south-east
ah ng river,   tlv nee ^'    chains west,
■ ■ 46 cliaius norih lo point ol
commenced^ ni. the whole containing
120 .t< res, more oi less
.John   s   Machray, Locator,
J.   K.   l-.dttiiindson,  Agent.
Septembei   12, 1906. 25-6V
' '■]pIiIiliL»I»teIiTMIiTri[iTilM^
Notice is herehy given that thiity
lays altei date we Intend to apply la
be Chiel Commissionei ol Lauds and
A'orks foi a special license lo cut ami
any away   liluhei  Iiom the lollowlng
le i Ibed lands in South East Koote-
i ommeuclng at a posl planted fifty
chains north of the souih-.-asi eornei
u I.,; HI, group une; ihence east 40
hi thorn e    noi ib    100    chains,
hence wesl hi chains, thenoe south
IKU ehuius in the place of beginning,
outs mug 010 a< res, more oi less.
The  Staudaid   Luinbor  Co ,   Ltd.
I.t..ale,I lh.- 31 : uat ot August,
\    ti    IIJOU 2l-6t
Sixty davs aii.-i dale I Intend tu
apply to the Honorable Lho Cbiel
Commissioner ul Lands and Works at
\ nlm io. im pri mission to purchase
li,' following described lauds situated
.11 .Si
u |iu»i ailji
ary   Iouum
jilting s.
ti-     uli-l
ni .
I.s   N.    1-:
In lu
f    1.
.Slllllll,    III,
IUU       -II,
It    II
1,  1
. iiai
„-,-  Hi i-li.in
r.lst   to   1
IS IIU. Ill,
Mllli       ul
ullt,llll,Hi;   ll
,u acres.
Jones, Locator,
tllllllllllMlll,    1
, ti-iii.
r T.
1UU (J,
Notice Is hereby given ibat 00 days
aftei dale 1 luitiid to apply to Uie
.ion. Chief Commissionei of Lands
and Works, Victoria, ti. 0. for permission to purchase ihu following
..in.is situated m South Kast Kootenay:
i ommencing at a I108* planted    at
lhu soutliwesl coiner ol Lot 28U,
.hence running west till chains, llience
..uniting uui in 40 chains, tbence running east uu chams, Uieuce running
lUinii -lu chains to po.nt of commence-
M. li. King.
Cranbrook, September 17, 1606.   20-9
t'o    all bidders of land within     the
limit:, ul Lot 4, Utoup 1, Koolenay
District, and to all holders ol Watei
Uncords on  Josephs Pigirie UreUK.
Applications for ihe apportionment
if pail oi  the dull  inches of ...watei
torn said creek recorded in favor oi
loiiu 'I'. OalUfallh on the 23rd   day
ii May, ibii, and lor permission    to
tiauge     the puinl ol divutsiou    ami
he course ot the ditch lor the diver*
ion ul pari oi sa,d water, will     be
leard uy me at my otlice ou Monday i
.Uth day ol Ucioiiet, isiUU, at eleven
.ciuck in ihe torenouiii under authority of Sections tii, it and 27 of the
sa.d Act.
Objections should he filed with me
■ u or betoie llle 22nd day of Octobei,
haled at Cranbrook, lhe 17 th day
id September, loou. 26-4t
J. P, Armstrong,
Assistant- Commissioner uf Lands and
Works for lhe Southern Division ol
blast Kootenay.
Take notice that thirty days altei
.late 1, the undersigned, intend Lo
apply to Liie chief Commissioner oi
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
ior a special license lo cut and carry
away timber from the following des*
cruied lauds iu Kast Kooteuay:
Commencing at a post planted ai
,he north-west corner of 'ut nin'J,
hence suuth 80 chains, thence wesl
,u chains, tbence north 6U chains,
Llience cast 70 chains to place oi
commencement, containing six hundred acres, more or less.
Arthur Pigott.
Cranhrook, Aug. Ililh, iUUU.     22-51
Notice is hereby given that thirty
-lays after dale 1 Intend making   application Lo ihe Honorable the Clue.
Commissioner of    Lauds and    Works
tor a special license lo cut and cany
iway    limhei fiom the lands sitUatt
ui Uie district ol South East Kootenay,  about  two  miles south-west   ot
Jaflray  Station  anil  being  lut  bit It.,
group l, Kooteuay district.
J. llaiiiiuty,
A. Milton, Agent.
Dated at Elko, H. C, August I3lh,
lOUti. 23-51
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date 1 intend lo apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works at Vieloria for special
licenses to prospect for co-al and
petroleum over the following described lands iu South East Kooteuay dis
1. Commencing at a post plaule
s-ix miles north of lot 4688. and al
the north-east corner of coal license
No. 1062, thenoe running north 8U
chains, thence west 811 chains, thenc
south 80 chains, thence east 80
ohains to the place ol commencement.
C. Melnnes, Locator.
•Dated the 23rd day of August, A.I).
2.* Commencing at a post planted
six miles nortii of lot 4f>88, and at
tlte north-east comer of coal license
No. 1092, thence east 80 chains,
tbence north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence soulh 80 chains to
the place of commencement.
H. Mcljiiies, Locator.
Dated the 23rd day of August, A.I).
1806. 2'1-ftt
Thiity days after date 1 intend to
apply to the chief Commissioner oi
Lands and Works, Victoria, B. C,
ior a special license to cut ami cany
away timher from the following described lands situated in Kast Kooteuay:
lummenc ng at a pust planted ai
the south-east Corner ol lot 05-'id,
ihence south 36 chains, mole or less,
lo the north-east corner of lot 358,
ihence west Vih chains, more or less,
lo the north-west corner of lot 358,
ihence north 45 chains, more or less,
to ihc south-west comer of lot 8640,
lln nee east 45.88 chains, more oi
less, thence soutli !) chains, more or
less, to the south-west corner of lot
H533, tbence east 80 chains, more or
less, to the place ot commencement
J. S. Patterson.
Dated Sept. 1, 1806. 24-fit"
Church—Don't you think the automobile has come lo slay?
tJolham—Well, there was one out
in froni of my store*to-tlay which I
thought had, but they got a horse
after a while and got it away after
it had been tliere about four hours.—
Kdward Piatt, a barber, who attempted suicide by cutting his Uiroai
altei i love disappointment, w,,- lei
oil al the South Western police court.
in S'cwllmb, who stitched up the
wounds, saul the prisunei owed his
life io a peculiar formation ol lhc
neck, Lho apple of Uie throat beiug
unusually large, and haul iu cut
The Wandsworth Ouardlans have
iust decided to refund to -Mi. II
llawley, the -sum of E10 Ws. 6d.
His wile, an liim.ile oi one ol llie
Metropolitan asylums, died on August,
JJ,   IIIUI.      Nevertheless,  Mi.   Itawl.y,
not knowing she was dead, went on
pay ing foi liei mainlenani e loi t wo
years, Mis llawley was buried by a
sister  without   Mr, Hawley'6 knowl
on account ol several persons making a a nue to li a*u &l. I'ctei s
etitiiuh, -sh.ii.i.,1. iLie.otiy, ntiore    u.u
iCiniOU, lUc V1C.11 till., l,.-.. It, >l
.U.i I m. Utiiiiij,   has   bud     ..'    i" ...
noiiui aliiXid io ih, piliats ol um
ciiuich. "All adults who ate unbap*
,i/,,l ui possessed ny devils, wiouid
leave Uiu Lhutcb    uilci   lhe scruiuu,
■ Mil,'IWi.se   llt.v   should   lelu.un   till   tbO
conclusion ul llie Lord's service."
Because ol Ui.ii depredatious a
niiiiii..-I ..i gypsies Wett cseurted out
<it   iieiclolU Uile ny   the poi ilu,        uu
ilie Vioins.ei.sit.u- |)UlUi'l in.) Wee
.in i  i.y   anion.'.   «uU)  y. poliei;.     wuo
UloVlM    I Ihlll   .,11   Hi   tin-   Uu.i.i.iaiy       oi
oorcestet ciiy, wn. ic itiej uuputi to
Bvi tcsi iui uiu ti.gni. i.ut me city
ponce leiiisci to iel tnctii leinaili,
auu ihe gypsies were uiUeuiod iu tl
.juun liultuul larmei iui a test in    a
A j "ting man aiAtod at Willesdeu lor
numinous against a licaet-»eullecioi
oiiles.leu      Junction    I..1    assami,
isuig out oi liis reiusttl mat uiorn-
, iu give up us  ticket Iiom  Hoi)
id to elision.      lie teiUsoU iict.tt.se
coiiieuUed nu wus eutilled lo neep
.' uu.cl io the cud oi lus journey,
.m.l ii was ins mu ui ton on nniviug
U Uus toll lo travel io bulisbury, and
iieic pay excess, .wi. Uautniry
[rantitl a summous, but lo.d appu-
.iiii ne believed the compan)  hau   a
Igtll  lo collect the tlcaet,
No fewer ihan iui iy -nine martins
[.--.is caii ne seen on lie parish room
u tiickiie'tl (.Sussex.)
AL Brackley, Northamptonshire, a
ramp hns Oven lonint wtiu was mating a surplice do Uiuy for a sliilt.
.Mr. Councillor Daises, fishing from
'laciou pier, hooked unu brought up j,
►leyciu   winch lay   at  lhc notion   oi
lie   cutting of eleven   acres     ut
eat   at  Lciiloii. i.inc.dn.sluie,  led
ihe disturbance ol over luu    rau-
s,  Uii'ec foxes and several phea-
Burglars who bloke into a house
at Chard stole a hox of pills and 7d
ui cash. The pills weie ul lho v.u-
teiy said lu be Worth a guinea a
Dr. tt'jnn Westcoit, tho coroner for
Easl London, deviated recently that
an epidemic oi suieido always accompanied a prolonged period of hot
James Colly.r, ol Peterborough,
w*uo served tu Uie Crimea war ami
.he Indian mutiny, has been granted a
pension ot od. a day alter applying
.or lorly years.
As two t'ams were being driven
Itoino at Buchingham from uhe»markei
ihey luiifcht with battering-ram tenacity, aud one sustained a dislocated
neck and was killed.
Louisa Webb, of Kast Ham, was
lold by her mother lo look tor work
When net face Was slapped for her
-.aucy answer she al templed to
ner throat with a table knife.
Some lads, while bathing in tho
Kiver Wey, al liyllcct, found in the
.nd ot ihe stream an ancient boat
fashioned from a tree trunk, believed
uo dale back to prc-Koiiiau times.
At Scarborough Inspector Jowett
.aid the practice of slicKing pins and
laming needles into donkeys ou
Seal borough sands to make the am.
.nals run, liad become very  prevalent.
One of Uie players in a football
match at Leicester recently was a
youug man wilh one leg. lie was
ihle, with Uie aid of a crutch, lo
run as last as most of the oiher
In future the prisoners' ward in
military hospitals will be known as
iho detention ward, the detained ward
as lbe observation ward, and tho
lunatics1 ward as the mental ward.
After standing empty for some
lime, Uie large convcui, the property
.if the I rsuline Sisters at Boulonge
(who were expelled under the govern*
men) older), has been sold, realizing
about iS.OtJO.
Father Bead, ot   Cambridge,     nos
seceded from the Church of Rome
Hid married Miss Margaret Rogers,
a Cambridge lady. He has been appointed to a Church of England curacy in a London parish,
The only known survivor of the
naval battle ..f Navarino, which look
place iu Uii',, ti Mr. John Slalner, of
Rydc, who recently entered upon his
hundredth l.iithday. He was a middy ou board the Talbot.
To a man named Howe, charged at
Marylebone with using bad language,
Mi. "Paul Taylor said; "I will lake
into consideration the state of tin
weather, and you musl pay a fine o
10s., or seven days.''
Through, a fire breaking out on a
Ureal Central goods ira.n at Princes
Risehotdtigli, a wagon was totally
ties troyed, wiih its contents, which
Included a piano and a quantity of
chocolate cases.
I have known men who have nearly
walked themselves inlu their grave
on the gulf links, says Max IVinher
ton. in The Taller. In'several cases
complete breakdown bas resulted
Tbey ait: nuw induced to playing, "ap-
pruachi in Ibeil own hack gardens,
an i tu pul nn- on ibe floors ol
pews during Uw "times ..( sermons."
Had thev played a busker game, not
(orj-etling how t,, tun. and generally
' .-l l >.ii :., ibeli departing youth, they
would still he sane and at large.
on.- of a number of Dartmouth
lishetm.'i. whu appealed on board the
Aeolus recently to protest against
gun pia.ine in ih.- bay, saul that
when ihe guns weie filing lhe fish le-
lo bite, and jumped oui oi the
Sis ..ui of twelve jurors, chiefly
foreigners from Poland, at Betlmal-
green Coroner's court, could not sign
ih.-ii names bo the verdicts they returned. The coroner: "A stiikmg
example ol the cultivated foreigner.
A modern Adam and Eve were
11 urged ,.' ttbc East Loudon police
court wnh stealing £70. The man
was said to have been led astray by
the woman, and, while he was dn>-
■ barged, sh.- was sentenced to six
,],■ ths  hard labor.
Among recent admissions to ttw
warehousemen, clerks .-... i drapers'
school Cutley, are litres hoys ui Uie
•-.niu' age an.i i.iiuily, being  triplets.
Ili.v aie miis ot tlie lale Ml. Julm
l'ii_*. Jones, a ttelsu supports! ol lho
Complaints hau- been nude to Uw
Raucliue education committee Uut
.some bChoolmaslel s have become
dealers in caps, winch ihey sell to
theii pupils. Noi long ago* it was
found Uut haircutttug was carried ou
tn one sctool.
Au cider of merit has luvn established toi Uiu Scarborough police
force, and policemen who cam u will
receive a shilling a week extra pay.
Tiie nisi man to he enrolled on il
is Policeman Pickard, who captured
two burglars siugle-hauded,
One ol the torn buys who weie
summon..I ai Yarmouth toi letting oB
lircwoiHs ii. lho streets was nned
Js. t.il, while thc others weie Let ofl
wnh a slim ng, because lie procured
the squibs from a shopkeeper by saying lie was fourteen years old, when
ho was only eleven.
The death has taken place ol Muh-
aci Muiiei,get, who for many years
Had lived entirely alone in a collage
in lhc heart of Hard wick Woods, iu
Norfolk, and was regarded as an eccentric character. Multingec was in
his seventieth year.
A young lady who attended _, wedding at St Peter's church. Tiverton,
.' .i bai was Uie object of so
much attention Uiat the church warden waUcd up to her and asked her
ii slu- would u.u like io retire and
complete hei toiler. The lady at
once left the church.
At CasUe Bylhatu, in Lincolnshire,
an interesting record i;as been made
with a field of barley, which was
nulled ou May 1, and the crop cut
on August J7. carted on August in,
and is now in slack, only seventeen
weeks having elapsed hum seed to
The Marquis ot Anglesey, his mother, La ly Alexander Paget, and his
brother, Lord Victor Paget, ate taking la.il) lessons in Wv\*n from Uw
village schoolmaster ai Plasnewydd.
lh- declares te u determined to be
aide lo talk to his tenants in their
own language.
Mr. Wynne E. Baxter, the East
Lowli :. corooer, has held 134 mir^esl!*
.luring Uio last month. This nuuioer
Is in excess ol any month since Usa.
Thirty-four inquests were held last
week, sixteen ol them being on young
children who died iroiu hot weather
Mrs. Frayling, wife of the Vicar of
Hat wnh, bos just returned Irom the
Royal Humane society a honorary
testimonial on vellum in rciogiutiou
of her courage and presence oi niind
when she plunged into the «.*a from
the esplanade three months ago and
rescued a boy.
Representatives of Japanese spin-
nii.g .u.i :...;i.■..A'i\^..n~ tirms are instituting inquiries, quietly and un-
obstruclively in Lancashire respecting
tbe adoption oi electricity in cotton
milts, with a view, no doubt, of
adopting similar motive power iu
iheii own factories in the near future.
What is believed to be a record
in the matter of ocean travelling lus
been accomplished by a iour-mocths-
t.ld hot. The Infant's mother died
recently .n Canada, and the baby was
sent from Toronto to Montreal, aud
placed in charge of a stewardess of
the Ionian, whu hi ought him to Liverpool.
A scaffold er, who, wiih anoUier
man, vvas caught at PlaistoW carrying a bag containing fillings aJlegwd
to belong to the Gaslight A Coke
company, remarked to ttie constable:
"It is our game to pinch the things
and get clear, and your game to pinch
us. Vou were too smart tor us Uus
Mrs. Matilda BoWell, sevi-nteen
years old, who summoned her seventeen-year-old husband tecenWy at Uw
West Ham police court for striking
her, said that hot husband's income
was Us. a week. They have beeu
married eight months. The magfe*
Irate dismissed tlm summons and advised them to "make it up."
When arretted cn a charge ot
breaking the j!>ss of a street fire-
alarm, value 3d., George Taylor, »
mate of a barge, said: "I"did not
break it, but if you think I did my
skipper's wife will pay for it." He
seemed greatly surprised when Mr.
Mead, at the Thames court, sent him
tc prison for a month.
In a case at Old street, in which a
carman (employed by Picktords) and
his brothers-in-law are under remand
on charges of stealing and receiving
"luggage in advance," it is alleged
tbat the carman had been in tho
habit of allowing the other n»n to
enter his van during his -ourneys and
steal the luggage.
A sergeant in the East Surrey regiment who posed a letter at Mid-
del burg, Cape Colony, two and _ hall
years ago, to his mother in Wandsworth, received it recently from the
postman while he was visiting bis
mother. Postmarks indicated that it
bad been to Bombay, Pekin, Sydnoj
si i.ts    in     VNOTHER
Vancouver, Oct. L—Hough lumbei
has again beet; advanceil a dollar a
thousand throughout Hrilish Columbia. This decision was arrived at as
■i re.uit of a joinl meeting of tbe
Mountain I tunbei \l luufueturei s' as
sociatioit and ihe British Columbia
Lumbei Manufacturers' association in
Vancnuvei Other matters of com
mon m;.'test to Ute coast and raoun
lam tmiis were discussed among
them ihe presenl car shortage, but
no definite action was taken except
m the price of lumber. It is undei
-stood ihat tiie reason for the rise in
the price was thai the mills had heen
forced to this course as ihe price of
logs bad risen wages were hitrh.
labor scarce, and ahove all the supply
of 1ol,s wa.s shrinking very rapidly.
Till'  Oi U-   CO VST SWEPT  MV   \
T\ I'HihiN.
Pensacola, Kl.i , Oct. l—Not since
tbe Galveston disaster has such a
hurricane swepl ihe Gull coast as the
one that struck this city Thursday
morning wiih such alllmpelllng force.
and raged for 12 hours, Uu* wind
blowing steadily al mi and liu miles
an bo'ir, wiih occasional gusts of
lou miles an hour. The known loss
of life up lo dale is in, -...inch will
probalhly he increased to 75, while
the properly loss will exceed 55,000,-
000, Never in ihe history of ihis
port , i in Florida has such wreck
and devastation been wrought. Ilun-
dieds of persons ate homeless, wilhoul food and clothing, and are being
oared  for by   charity.
Great steamships and ocean-going
sailing vessels which have withstood
ihe hurricanes ol oceans, were hrlp-
less bet.ne ihis terrible death-dealing
lorce and ale a totally mangled heap
upuit the beaches, mingled wilh ihe
wrecks ot llshing schooners and tug-
boals, while thousands ol .sticks of
limber uud homes antl wharves
iiitcimingled with ihii- wreck.
1-1.tm Kort McRae lo Esasambit
in uke, ,i distance ul ten miles, all
the bay shore ha- been swept clean
except a lew whaives, vvheie llo.iltil a
Heel oi '■> largo ships before tic hurricane, l'o;t McRae, one oi ihe
modern coast   forts,  has been swepl
away .md lives lives losl. One ol
lbe people is insane from llle tei libit
experience. Many saved themselves
by lushing fnsl lo Ute batteries, Fori
Pickens and Fori Barrancas aro
badly damaged, Hn- former almost
The navy yard has suffered to tin
exieiii oi ovei >l.mm,win. Five wai
vessels were sunk or driven ashore,
'lie lloating dock i.s crushed and othei
damage is sustained. Three people
have been drowned there. The magnificent,    Seatiibia drawbridge, costing
hundreds ol thousands ol ilollais, is
gone and three lives were lost. ll
was more than a mile in leugttli and
OWlied   by   lhe   Louisville  ,v   Nashville
Railway company, Three Immense
export- docks ot ihai company have
been swepl awav or damaged. Every
wharf ami warehouso along the city
Water front  has been .swept away and
the red snapper fishing industry has
been destroyed. Tte immense packing bouses have been carried away
and al* Lhe licet id about sixiy vessels only iwo of them remain. Tho
cily is in a terrible condition and a
relief co mission is working uighi
aud day m an elioii t-o relieve Uie
Buffering hundreds ol the destitute.
We aie parliculaily loitunate in
being able lo announce that on Thursday, October -1, there can be secu
popular novelties in ml'llnory, which
are exclusive at Held it Co.
Gcoige Askey, of
Nellie Campbell
England, at the
age, Hev. ttestir
happy couple are
home on Hanson
1600, E. l-'alhe
antl Miss M. E.
at lbe Methodi
Westman olliciati
rod pall look
loie reluming -
,y, October 1. 1806,
Cranbrook, and Miss
Harvey, recently of
Meihudist  paisou-
ian officiating. Tlie
living in Lheir new-
sday,     October     ;j,
nnghum, oi Nelsou,
Scon, of Winnipeg,
st     parsonage,  Rov.
Ilg, The newly mal'-
uip io Ferine be-
ihelr future home at
This is the tune of the year when
everyone should examine tlieir chimneys and sec if all is well lor lbe
hot flres of winler. That is how
so many Ores aie caused, pure carelessness as to lhe conditions ol pipes
and Hues. A Utile care just at this
nine may save your home or yosi
alot'O latci in ihe winler.
When a deaf and dumb gill get;
proposed to, silence doesn't always
give consent.—Ex,
"Why were you so nervous when
you were giving your evidence in the
witness box"" asked Hose.
"The man who was cross-examining
me was one to whom I was once engaged and threw over. Ob, it was
terrible! I was afraid be would ask
mc my age out of spile, and I had
never been on oath before."
"Huh' What do you know about
war? Did you ever hurl yourself into the 'imminent, deadly breach,' or
'seek the bubble reputation, even in
ihe cannon's mouth?' "
"Wellm no, not exactly. Net to
auy noticeable extent. Rut I haVS
taken home unexpected company to
(Continued Iiom page oue.)
Movie, and tlat his committee ""tei
the' lace l-> Ih-  i un over inside thirty
davs at some place to be agreed upon between the two teams.
On behalf nf the Cranbrook bose
team I bet; L. notify vu we an- prepared lo tun the race oil on neutral
grounds, it necessary, and as Fernie
ba- offered to pay "the expenses of
both teams to contest ibe race in
lhat city, we tor our part will be
prepared to meet you there at a date
convenient   to both teams.
I sincerely trust, wc shall be able
ui ibis manner in make some saiis-
factury arrangements, wtlch will
close ibis regrettable  incident     and
shall   he    glad   lo     heat   liotn   you at
youi early convenience,
Vours faithfully,
Thos,   M.   Roberts.
Movie,  H. ('.. Oct.   1.   IHOU.
Mi   T. M.  Roberts,     Cranbrook, B,
Deal Sir:—Referring to vour letter
of September 25th. On behalf ol
the Moyie hose team I beg to inform
v.ui that under no circumstances can
we consider the question of running
ibis late over again.
Yours truly,
E. 0, Kamm.
The Westminster Glee and Concert
Party    who      United    Canada     three
ears agu under Mr. Edward Brans*
umbo's direction wnh such success,
ie again visiting tills country and
ie hooked io appear at Presbyterian
"lurch on October 20lh, l pon ihe
ompleUon   oi   theii lasi Australian
and New Zealand loin this pupulai
body of singers ret in mil to England
giving conceits cu route through lho
United Slates and ou rechlng London
Mr. Gdward Uranscombe reformed
bis company.
Amongst the buy chorlslers accompanying this parly are no less
iban tliree lads who' are ranked
amongst ihe most celebrated boy
soloists in England.
The solos Is is include several names
who have already established theii
popularity throughout Canada,
utiii.iigst whom mav be mentioned
Madame .Wane Ib.oltn, Mr. Kdwaid
Uranscombe and Mr. Kd. Hal/ell. The
pany ..nlv remained in London aboui
three mon ihs, almost Immediately
again selling oil on their travels,
and iht-y have just completed mosl
suceesslul tours through South Af
ma, India, and the Far Kast, thenc.
journeying lo China and Australia.
Vancouver, Oct. l.-c. M. Hays
aud othei otllclals of the G. T. P. returned to-night (i„m Kaien Island
..n ih.- Princess May. They said
woik was being pushed on lli
wharves at Prince Rupert, adding iwo
or lhree thousand more feel. ' .Men
vvill be working all winter. Mr
Hays was delighted with lhe harbor,
which he says is the best on the Pac
lyc const, lie is non-com mil lal at
lo when actual const ruction trom this
end will begin, but .savs the road will
have io build to Vancouver.
(Vancouver Province.)
The lines ol cleverage between the
Independent Labor party, launched at
the recent Trades Congress held at
Victoria, and the Socialist parly will
he expatiated upon by Mr. H. P.
IVittpiece In the Sullivan hall tomorrow night.
'Ibe Socialists intend to have
tlieir own candidates all over the
province at the next provincial election," said Mr. Petlipiece to-day
"and shortly after the closing of tin
Nelson convention, which opens on
October U, wc shall nominate five
candidates in Vancouver. Tte Socialists intend to work entirely independent of the new Laboi party. Heforu
long we will call conventions at important centers all over the province
for the purpose of arranging campaigns for the next election."
In the Baptist church pulpit next
Sunday night Pastor B. Goodfield
will discourse upon ihe Important
subject: "Tie Immortality of Iu
llueiice." Lord's sacrament will be
commemorated at the close of the
vmiiig service.
Strangers and friends   made    wei
The Dominion Meat company, who
will lake over the business of Messrs.
Harris Bros,, of this city, on Odober
15th, will continue the feed and
grain, as well as the meat business,
ami both branches will be enlurgod.
Mr. Jubez Harris i.s being retained as
manager np io the end of the present
Dominion Meat Co.
Sold Out
The Cranhrook Co-operative
Store has purchased the Derr
Block on Armstrong Avenue, and
intend remodelling the building
to serve as undertaking parlors.
This branch of their business han
occupied valuable space in their
furniture store, and the company find it necessary to accommodate their increasing trade
in furniture and other lines to
move the undertaking stock to
other quarters. E. T. Marrion,
late of the New England Undertaking Parlors, Spokane, Wash.,
will be In charge of this department, and it is the Intention of
the C. C. 5. Company to make this
branch of their business thoroughly up.to.date. With a man
of Hr. Marriott's experience, we
are safe in predicting: that the
business will be well looked after
and worthy the town of Cranbrook.
The woild owes you a living, but
collection of tlte debt details au a>v
ful lol of huslling.
tte know stenographers who beat
President Roosevelt to this matter ol
"spelling reform."
The man wlm is afraid of failure
should nevei begin.
Slories unfit for ladies to hear are
Unfit  For gentlemen to lell.
Nature loves a joke—that is why
some men ate where they are.
The bread of idleness is very apt
to produce menial indigestion.
Tbe man who takes no interest in
politics seldom has any civic prin
It is hard to argue with a man
wh" Invents lus own statistics, it
is also foolish.
Some revival meetings would re
suit better tl started with a resur
A gieat many of life's tragedle
would he comedies if we looked a
them from another viewpoint.
tte   never    itvoir a   man     boasting
about   being  self-made  bul   what    w
wish thai be had put on .some linisl
ing touches.
Vou may not Ih* able to make
silk purse out of a sow's ear, hut you
can make something that will answer
all the purposes of a purse.
There is one good thing about this
"postal card" fad. ll enables
to keep the promise to "write every
day or two."
A task approached with dread i:
usually doubtfully performed.
A whole lot of men who think ihey
are Independent are merely stub
Men who have thc easy jobs are tin
ones who have tackled lie haul work
ll is a good policy that does iml
give Mie insurance company the he
of it.
Men wbo have succeeded hest as
leaders have had long I raining as foi
No one   ever wins   bv merely wish
A clear conscience is a good cun
for insomnia.
The world owes a debt of gratiindi
to ils dreamers.
The repentent prodigal never criticises the bill of fare.
The wage nf sin is death, and tin
"ghost" never fails to walk.
Economy is not parsimony.
Heaven would be a lonesome   place
if salvation depended  on  doing
slead of Irving.
It is a mistake to think you draw
nearer to God by getting away from
your neighbors.
When you start out to look foi
trouble it is a waste of energy to
lake a microscope along.
Children move in lhc right dlrec
Hon much more readily when led thai
when merely directed.
If the average man were as big as
lie imagines himself to he, the world
would Iw awfully crowded.
A whole lot of people who pild
themselves on their smartness an
constantly buying gold bricks of
The facl that a man yells "stop
thief" is no sign be has had his
pocket picked. He may lie seeking
to divert attention.
How often you hear il said of sonu
professional titan: "He is a mighty
smart man, but he drinks so hard."
Tbe latter part of lhe quolation gives
the lie to the (list.
As llle father is bent so is the son
You have to reach down before you
can lift up.
It does not Mpiire much of a
search to find fault.
The greatest successes are often
founded 'rn failures.
Love is blind, bul it never wastes
lime in consulting an oculist.
If heaven weie a reward Instead of
a gift mighty few of us would stand
a show,
Solitary confinement in a dark dun
geon is too good fur the man wlm
mbs   childhood     of its   playtime in
order  to eitlieii 1 iinsetf.
Robert—1 say. Henry, what do you
make out of tins'' There was a donkey Mmi in a rope, and lbe rope was
four feel long. Twelve feet away
there was a bundle ol hay, and lh.
donkey wanted to gel to ibe hay, because he was hungry. How did he
do tit?
Henry f 11 iutnphani ly)—Oh! I've
heard thai before. You want me to
.., "I give it up," ami then ymi will
say "That's just what the otter donkey did."
Robert—Not at all. my dear man.
Work it out; it's quite simple.
Henry (after a pause)—Well, I don't
know how he did it.
Robert—Why. he simply walked up
to the hay anil ale it.
Henry—But ynu said the hav was
twelve feet away and he was tied lo
a rope four feet long, and—
Rohert—Yes, but the rope was not
tied to anything. Vou mustn't jump
at conclusions like that, you know.—
Druggist (coming home late and
finding burglar in his shop)—What do
you want?
Burglar (hurriedly, making a hurried exit through the window)—O,
nolhlng—nothing—I'm better now.~
tf-Xl****-}-.-■?■} *-\l >)? 1*3 ZZJZt,,..
I Seven Years Ago 1
| in Cranbrook ** dt l;
Last Friday evening was a gala
day for the Odd Fellows of Cranbiook. Grand Master Welch, of New
West in ins-ter, and Grand Chaplain
Clements, of Nelson, arrived on the
morning    train   fiom the   west and
weie   met   at     the  depot   hy   a     local
committee who escorted them to lhe
Cranbrook hotel. The day was spent
hy the visitors in getting acquainted
and I ooklng over the town. At H
o'clock thai evening the work al the
lodge room was taken up and the
session lasted till 12 o'clock. Tin
tueinheis and their guests then ud
jourued to ihe Cranbiook hotel wher
a number not members ot the orde
were in waiting to Join in the Und
propared lot lbe occasion. Ahoul
titty sat down lo lbe tables and
luui was spenl m doing justice to
one of the besl spreads ever laid
Cranbrook. Winn the cigars were
lighted Ihere followed a least of lea
son and wit tbat was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Afler singing Auld
Lang Svne lbe guests dispersed fool-
mg ihai the event had been a most
happy one.
Oak Lake News:—Mrs. Archie
Leilch expecls to loin h.r husband,
who is now a< Cianbrook, R. 0., in
about two weeks. Thus Oak Lakt
luses one of ils most respeef'd citizens and the loss will be felt quite
severely, as they were alwavs fi
most iu any social event thai L,ok
Cms! able Morris' family arrived
Hum Trail this morning.
Mr, J. L. Parker, ihe new- manager
fur the North Star mine, arrived
[''"tu Rossland Mondav. lie was
musl favor-ably impressed with the
appearance ,,r Cranhrook and the
beauty of its location.
. Victor Rollins, who h.is been working in lire station at nighl for some
tune, made his liisl trip braking Friday night, tti ile making a coupling
ai Fcrnie bis hand was caught
smashed s0 that he lost a portion of
us thumb and two fingers. Ile was
brought to Cranhrook and now is
under Hr. King's cart-.
J. McNeill returned from Wlnntpoe
Friday. He brought a necktie with
him that puts to shame anv that
Stilly ever wore.
(Calgary Eye Opener.)
The g. iiial traveller lor Seagram's
whiskey concern vvas in Calgary ihis
week litis Ll ing up business lor lhe
linn. lie presented the newspapers
and his customers with a large colored pioture of Joe Seagram's race
horses. The Eye opener vvas favored with otic of those pictures, enclosed in a $7.50 frame, on lhe dis-
liuci understanding that we were to
give Seagram a write-up. tte shall
do so.
Wc consider Seagram's whisky to
rank very h gh amongst the numerous
poisons now on the market. Not
ihal il is any worse Ihan oiher whiskeys, bul, being mosl drank, it
creates more havoc throughout the
country. It has put more men in
lheir graves Ihan a corps of census
sharps could enumerate in a year,
amd has pul thousands upon thousands of good men on the hog. Sea'
grain's wealth is built ou the folly
of others and each of bis racehorses
represents a hundred or more
wretches who have died ol delirium
tremens brought on by mopping up an
overplus of bis rotgut. tte have uo
more respect for a man iu Joe Sea-
,gram's business iban we have for
RadclifTe or ihe murderers whom Rad-
elJffe hangs. They are all in the
killing business. Seagram's racehorses and his wealth cut no figure in
our eyes, tte have helped him buy
loo many of his    flyers ami so   has
almost every olher d d fool of our
lo 1XK0 Dr. IL S. Tanner was shut
in a cage for fourteen days without
food or water; he did lliis to prove
that alcoholic stimulation was not
necessary. In ISS7 he abstained from
all Ioods for forty-two days and
nights, subsisting entirely on air and
water" On Hie 38th'day of his fast
be walked fourteen miles Dr. Tanner is now a resident of Los Angeles,
Cal., and he recently challenged any
beer drinker lo live exclusively
beer and he will lake nothing but
wafer; the test to be continued until
Ihe superiority of beer or water
demons I rated as a life sustainer; ho
has offered to pii himself against six
beer drinkers. Dr. Tanner, now 7U
years of age, hale and heart v. maker
this challenge because ii is often asserted thai beer is a healthful
wholesome,   life-giv ing  beverage.
Of course Dr. Tanner's challenge
will never he accepted for no habit
unl beer drinker could live ten days
and subsist entirely ou beer; it is a
very easy matter to subsist on water
for twenty, thirty or forty days,
and has been ih  hundreds of limes.
H would be Interesting to find out
bow long a  man could  subsist  mi
Rtrnlghi diet .»( whiskey.     His finish
would he a corker.
Captain Duggc of ihe Hamburg-
American liner Prin?, Oskar stood by
the rail as bis handsome beat neared
The day was fine, the sen blue ami
sparking, and a pure, cool wind was
"How beautiful lhe sea is," said
Captain Dttgge. "Did veil ever witness the wonder of those who see the
sea for  the fust lime''"
'Once T saw Iwo peasants in   such
cnmsLwes. Tbey gazed ut the
boundless spread o' rolling blue water
with awed eyes.     Then nne said:
" 'Amazingd Who would have
thought there could he sn much Water
-s that??'
" 'Yes,' snld thp olher. 'And remember, Fritz, ynu only -.-ee what is
on lop.' "—Ex,
(Continued  from page one.)
support has. mt-essarily strengthened
Instead ol weakening his position with
the Conservatives of tlie interior of
Mulish i oluinbia.
As to the socialists; they and tbe
government are prepared to view with
equanimity ihe seeming development
of acidulated hostility, both well
knowing that the government has
now a sufficient majority to assure
it against destruction hy anv hostile
vole in which lhe socialists may join
for tactical reasons. The last session in the natural life of this parliament may therefore he expected lo
be shorl ami comparatively tinim-
Porlant. for the Liberal opposition,
Inl bv Mr. Maedonald. does md, pro-
pose to waste time in academic discussion nor will it lake the trouble
lo lay a campaign foundation in Ineffective resolutions which might
serve the government for platform
sireniHiicnitig. Tlie general condition of the country, its Improved
financial status, and lhe absence of
anv pressing abuses exciting provincial  Indignation are looked to hv    the
ad min 1st ration as likely to justify
a fahoiahle verdict hv the electorate
when an appeal shall be made.
An aching tooth,
T rise to shout,
Is just about
Thu best thiug out.—Ex,
Hamilton Times—The boast that
the Whitney government's power bill
was a triumph "for the principle of
government ownership and operation"
is no longer heard. The organs nre
busily engaged in protesting that
Whitney never intended to Introduce
government ownership and operation
And Hilly Maclean's megaphone voice
is still.
"Calgary Herald:—The west ustiallv
takes a man at h s face value. The
graduate drops bis degree, the honorable forgets that he's a senator, tlu
nobleman loses his title, and everybody looks into the face of a man.
A man is the biggest Ihing in the
west, and in Hie face of this levelling
process, which taps a man on the
shoulder wherever he goes, can Lord
Grey or any other nobleman expect a
meat demonstration?
Hohcaygeon Independent:—Toronto
would hoist nny old Hag, if it
Ihonghl it would tickle the vanity of
lis visitors an.l make Ihem buy souvenirs and pay two prices for hoard
and lodging. Toronto is out for business. Toronto shouts patriotism
when there is money in it. The
Stars and Stripes are uood enough
when Ihev are blowing off greenbacks.     Dollars talk,
Bracebrldge Ga/ette:-The farmer
keeps on improving his stock, and
through compel Dion at the fair,
where competent judges are in charge,
he finds out in what respect he has
liained anil maybe lust. He is thereby better able Hi go ahead improving
and rectifying nny errors he has
made. It is an education in the
truest sense, and one that can be
learned in no olher way.
Toronto World:—The Toronto Globe
shows commendable newspaper enterprise in sending Mr. A eland to Winnipeg as Hs western editorial representative. This newspaper, in many
respects, possesses thai which in time
sin.uld make it a national daily. The
spirit that prompts it lo send Mr,
A eland westward will, it carefully
nurtured and intelligently guided,
place it in a class hy itself—a class
few publications can break into without equally strong financial sinews.
But The Toronto Globe, with the
Federal government behind it, with a
political party liberal in its proposed
principles and liberal with its money
to its organ, and with a progressive
directorate, having al its call the
resources of many corpora t tons,
should go far as a business organization. We may continue to differ with
it on matters of public policy, and
with its directors, hut no ono will
say that it is not a great newspaper,
The Globe has made a wise choice in
Mr. Aeland. He is a cultured gentleman, whose views will ever be those
of a man of refinement and discernment. He goes west fully equipped
for bis important task, and with the
onfidenl knowledge of his friends
that be will do no dishonor to the
paper with which he. is connected, hut
muct credit lo the profession of letters. The. Toronto World salutes
The Toronto Globe and Mr. Aeland,
and wishes both adequate success.
A New York Irishman was visiting
a [rlend in Hie Adirondack!* and was
taken wiih a desire to go hunting,
Borrowing a gun from his friend he
set off alone in search ot game.
Some lime after his host heard *
distant report of a gun- A few
minutes Inter he heard someone
shouting. From a window he spied
in ihe distance his friend hot-footing
it for home and behind hint a bear.
gaining at every step. Nearly spent
the pursued reached the door just in
time to cry oul:
"Quick Mike! Quick! Open the
tlooi!  I'm bringing liim home alive!"
The cold mornings has
commenced. So has the
sale of our heating stoves,
with a rush. This is
where you get your
money's   worth.    .*    J*
Hardware'Merchant  lMt
Total dally   .1
NiiiiiI,i-i ,,[ il.n
a in si
.   in
A ..-l.ll!,.     dailv
ni ini,
Petal number
, -in, ,11,
IUvisi„n !.,  \. ... Macnell, Principal
Total .Lilly   altvn.lai.cc.3iil
Tolal mrollmcnl   aa
Avcrago l"i month 30.15
Percentage   11,1,1s
Porlccl attendance— Ethel Culver,
Florence West, llelln Taylor, Rull.
Harvey, Lilian [.cask, Katlileen
Bridges, Sybil H'hyte, Handle Short,,
Daisy McOallum, Amv Buck-lln, IMI,,
Drummond, Rose Clasklll, I-larrej
Dickson, John Wood., Joe Bourgoyne,
Charlie McCowan, Donald Leslie.
Numbei enrolled
IL, li.   Clair
Tolal   dally attewlance.053
.. 111
Igc ...   31.30
Porlccl atacadaace:—Rachel Bard
gott, Qeorglna Oartwright, Melvii
CarH-rlgbt, Margaret Corbett, L\i-
S.11 Iluv is, Josephine Uriimmond,
Itoboi-i Plnley, Arthur Fowler, Sadie
Clillls, Harold I Ilckenbotham Lionel
Leask, Jessie McCowan, Lillian McCowan, Bortiha Nesbitt, Florence
Uo.nl. Vivian Sclssons, Inoz Smith.
Division  III ,   K, n Purdy, Teachci
Many housewives think
it cheaper to buy than to
buke, That is because their
I1.1k.ing isn't successful every
lime. Their failures run
the eust up.    Get
Royal Household
and follow directions. The
result will be light, wholesome bread or pastry every
time. Vou pay a few cents
more for Royal Household,
but those few cents buy
certainty and purity. Your
groeer ean supply you.
Ogilvie Flour Hills Cr.., ltd.
153 Montreal.
T0i.1l   attendance
Niiiul,,-, enrolled
... ia
... 35.07
Jimmy—1 guess Johnny is a Har,
or soini'iliin'.
Jimmy—He lold mo his grandfather
losl 11 leg or a arm in every battle
hi' lil III, an' I askiil him how many
battles he 'nz in, au' ho said, "More'..
Kul her ine— "As you say vou understand ihc language 61 the (lowers,
what does tliis bunch of American
beauty roses Hay?
Kidder—That a fool and his money
is soon parted.—Ex.
Perfect attendance:—Mildred Cllne
W-lllred Dallas, Katharine Dumonl
Hose Dumont, Wan.la Kink, I,nulls
Fowler, Bernlce Fraser, Carl liill
Stanley IHU, Wilfred Hunter, Doroon
Jcffaivs, linliv Newbll-l, Malbel Pass-
more, Olive White,
Division IV., c (',. ll,,ii. Teacher,
Tolal dallv allemlanoo..85-l
Number enrolled   10
Average  .n.ai
Perleol attendance:—Arthur Bowness, Florence Bathle, Ella Bryans,
Harold Bridges, William Filqia-trlok
Wesley Plnley, [mils 111-11, Orach.
Iliggins, Jessie Hunter. Brownie Jar-
dine, Lottie Leask, Irving Leask
Carrie Moore, Andy Patton, Laura
Richards, Earle Stewarl, Nigel
Ihompson, Hazel Tail,,.. Alice w,k«i
Oordon Walllnger,' Lauretta Armstrong,
Division V„ 1!. M, Springer, Teacher
Total attendance  7r.11
Total enrollment     51
Average Ior month   li.m
Perleol attendance:—Clarence Agnew, Wilfred Brault, John l-'ii/iiat-
rlok, Rov llill Dan Lnbadlo, Albert
Laurie. Nell McCallum, Alberta McLean, Win. Moore, Ralnstord Parks
Doris Walllnger, Helen West.
For particulars call up 'phono No.
08 between the hours ol 0 a.m. and 8
p.m., or 'phone Nu. 00 ailer olliee
hours. All orders will reeeiv.
prompt attention.
i'l C.   J.   MANSFIELD.
why s,
a pile
ny apparently level-head,-,l
n arc satisfied lo go up lo
read) 'made clothing, y.uik
oul ., sun .md wen it ahoul in cold-
blooded ,|.,> light, Imlelleront lo Us
glaring eflecls. Must be because they
never tried
the mad,' lo measure kind. Costs a
bll more, hul look at the results!
Why ,1. in tt-cy think il out.
Furnished by Beale & Elwell, Brokers, Cranbrook, B. C.
Norkh Star  28
Sullivan  14
(lem Silver Lead   2
Nicola Coal Mines, Ltd 12J
B. C, Amalgamated Coal 25
Inteinational Coal & Coke t;2
Canada Western Oil    ,'li.
Rambler Cariboo  85
Sales—50,000 Sullivan; SE.WIO
North Star; 5,000 Nieola Coal, 3,000
Gem Silver Lead; 2,000 Canada West-
era Oil. 27 31
Noliee Is hereby given Ibat <>n tile
17ih day ol Soplembur, mm,, ii was
ordered by  P.     I-;.  Will   Es.|iilro,
local jiiiluc ol llie said court, Ihlll
James Pcrgusnn Arnualrung, Oulclnl
Administrator lor Ihal poi lion nl Die
County of Kootenay Included In    the
Electoral Dislriel  of Cranl I.     be
adiniiiislralor ol all ami singular the
eslate ol William II, Oliver, of
Mayook, lumberman, deceased iuics-
Every person Inddlited (0 the h..i.l
deceased Is rcjuircl lo make paymeni fortlivvilli lo lbe undcrslgnctl.
Everv   person   having in possession
eO'ecis belonging to the .1 used    Is
required forthwith to notify lhe
Every creditor or olher person having claim upon or inleresl in tl„
distribution of lbe eslnlc ol llie said
deceased is required lo send before Mie
first day ot October next, hy registered letter, addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and the
lull particulars of his claims or interest, and a Btnitomcnt of his ne-
eount and llie nature of tlie security
(if any) held hv him.
Alter the said flrst day of October,
MOO, the administrator will proceed
wilt, the distribution of lhc estate
having regard to Ihnse claims only ol
which he shall have had noliee.
Dated at Cranhrook this 20th day
of September, 1006.
I. P. Armstrong,
Corporation   of the    City    of
llllll   TAX   BY-LAW.
No person shall allow any horse,
mule, bull, ,,v, eow, sheep, goat, pig
or olher cattle ol |,,,illlrv lo illn at
large will,in tin- cily. otherwise llie
s.i  im.ii he lu.| 11,l,-,l and tile owner il,,-ie,1 is liable l,,r damages caused.
Anv pels,,11 may impound an animal
lo I running ai  large.    Tlie line lo
Die poundkccpci loi ever, animal is
as follows:
Stallions, $5 nu
Other horses,    mares, geldings, lil
lies 01   mules.  II Ull each,
llllll.  ..Villi
Cow or "ilie, kind ,,1 rattle, !   nn.
Hoar pia. $1.00.
l'i,,  --I p ,,1 goal, ?i no.
Fowl, :::, eenls.
The pniindkeepei   may   also   eollcol
II uu I„1 linpou K .11,1  animal .m.l
Hi   eenls foi     Impounding anl  (owl,
and lm Iml 1,1..v charge as lull.... 1
Horses .,,,,1 iin.i,-. .1 uu pei diem
othei entile an,I   win,- 511 era Is
low I ,01,1 geese ■::, rems pe 1,1
If ib- animals   „,,i rolecinisl lhu
I nlkeepel   » ill    -,-,-,1   In   ,,.||
I'll,',' shall I"- a l.iv nn all ,lne,%- .,1
SI 75 an.l on .,11 hil.-l.es S5 00.
II   Is  llie duly   ,,[  III,- nwnel   nf dogs
lo procure n lag limn the City ri,-,|.
nlll.-ivvisi-  111.-  il,ie,s  will   1,1-  ini| lllul
unl unless redeemed will I*. Hold ,.,
lesiinveil. Tags niusi I,,- pineal on
log's collar s,, as i„ l,e plainly seen.
In a.him,,i, i,, il,,- .,l„,i,- charges,
in; l'i-,-. n guilty ol an iiilracliinn ol
he In-law is liable lo a penally ot
Sliiiiiin ami ensis oi two mniiihs Imprisonment,
a8-3t T. M. Roberta,
Ciiy Clerk.
Wanled aI onee five liundred (500)
men fnr bush, smeller, lumher mills
and m nine. Wages fnr bushmen,
$2.50 and $00.00 a month. Employment for all kinds of laboring men.
Employment, all the year round,
Olllelal Administrator.  Write or   call on     A. P. Chenette.


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