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Cranbrook Herald May 10, 1906

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luio.-l., llf
I'IMMiiiiiiiK,   mill isn   COLUMBIA,  THUKSDAY,   MAV   10.   Uieu
Nl'.MItKK 7
Boys anil
Wheelbarrows ami
Wheel Carts
25c. to 65c.
Fishing Tackle
Croft's  English   Lint
the best mad..
Slanger's   Racquet's   and
Wright & Ditsor.'s Racquets and Ayers Balls.
$1.50   to   $10.00.     New
Styles and pretty designs.
Baby   Hammocks.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Altention
that thc mind ol nun, woman and child turns to healthful recreation in the way ol oul ol- dour sport. Some like one amusement,
some another, but whether it be fishing, tennis, golf, baseball,
lacrosse or a lazy hour in a hammock, with the right kind of
warm weather reading, *-e can supply the necessary equipment and
at prices that will please and surprise.you. We don't buy in small
quantities or of the middle man, but direct of the manufacturers.
Our trade is worth something to the manufacturers in these lines,
and our large orders enabled us to secure the lowest prices. Another important point is the fact that every line we carry is the best
made. We want to keep a customer and know we can do it when
we sell him the best article at a price to:i often paid for a cheap one
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Golf Goods
A large  variety  and at
right prices.
Kodak Goods
W< keepev£ryttthig In the
way ol photographic supplies .it Toronto prices,
W*   i a v e   yuu   niuncy.
lia se bai I (ioods
Balls, Bats, Chest Protectors,
Masks, Gloves. Everything
Ior a   new   team   starting.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
«. E, WALKER, General Managm Al EX. LAIRD, A_»|, Geo'l M<UMg«
A (jeniral Binking busincts transacted.    -\.   mmi* may be opened and conductW by
mall with all branches ot lliis Bank.
HcpimiN of  Sl aiiil upwards received, mut Interest allowed at
current rate*.    Thi; depositor (s subject to no delft) whul-
I'vur in the wHlidruw.nl of the  whole or anv
portion ol the deposit
Cranbrook Branch,
F. C. MALPAS. Manager
I Capital Paid Up $.I.<HHI,IHHMKI Reserved Fund $3,900,000.00 t
* *
; I). R. Wilkie. President. Hon. R. Jalfray, Vice.-President *
j *
* llriuiilics in Provinces nf llritish Columbia, Alberta, Sas *
4 katthctvan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec *
; *
4 l.ilrrejt allowed on Savings account] FROM  DATE OF DE- *
J POSIT »t lil|fKett current rates and compounded h.ill yearly. {
I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
A Loud Voice or a. High
Pitched Soprano
i- nnl H MHitiy in tflliljilinillllg oi-'Iith In UK.   .1
gooil lii'iillliv 11 lilspor 11 ill pui ynu in !_!.|>llot!l_
 '    mil.  -I.   II.   M. lln.l...   il... uuui .lull
;„h,*i*ii.™    T,-I,'|.l„ ra uii.  wl-l.il
nml i,.,,-iv,.|.uiii.*iiliii*,-ni-,-. .Iu«i link il it nil
lurS'iiiul.n*.*,, ivo will ilo III. rwi.     All wo ivniil
Gem Ice cream Freezer
.1   i* i |i 1   lion.   » i
0 r y   0 n I-
J. D. McBride
Crnnbrook. B. 0.
Tlu- council meeting Inst evening
iilllavttKl quite a crowd as il was
rumored around town Uial there was
to be something warm over the en-
louvment ol the slock by-law. v.i
of t-he scats were taken soon altei:
eight o'clock, and quite a number ol
citizens were standing, Tin- first,
■ tiring done was io Introduce \. Ilydo
Haker, t-he new alderman, wtricb v. .is
done in .1 very appropriate manner
bj Mayoi Rogers, who extended tlie
new member a most cotdlnl welcome
! ui behalf ot ilie other members.
The application*, of .lames Keunod)
.mil .Joseph McUonnell loi the position ol city teamster In case the
council purchased a team were read
.uui plawd ou nle. j
A loner u.is read Irom Chid Coin
iiiisshitii-i Green lo ilu* effect that
the ji Uiu.*. lot ihe new public buUdlug
would be pushed forward on tiw le-
(urn of ihe provincial onglneci to
Victoria. I
Aliteiiii.in Tlsdalo reported Uml the
lines hail been mn around the onis-
uiii-o ground, and that loi Uie present
the committee would not dig the pn
mai bad been contemplated. I
The linal act as to lhe debenture
hy-laws was taken and each of llie
hy-iaws presented and adopted lu a
tm mai way. I
Alderman Tisdale announced Hut
there were sOtne ratepayers presenl
Who tIrsinil to tie heard on ihe pound
question, John Laurie wa^ the
lusl otic hoard, ami lie slated ihal he
had Imiii lold ihat liis animal Imd
been run about lhe lown ami iheu
finally nUpod ami Mirnwn. lie
llioughl   lhat it Ihis wi'le lute »t- was
a disgrace to Uw community.      lie
ilnl not Mi'itik that ii was right in I
lake such active measures wiihoni I
ample notice, and lie did not believe
that proper notice hnd Im-oh Riven.
Mr. Laurie said thai he tried to be a
g.«*l citizen awl was -always willing
lo obey the laws of the lowu in
which he lived. 1
Tom Marshall had a liorse baken1
up thai had beni nut, or the corral
only a few minutes and was going lo
lhe creek da get a drink. He also
hail a complaint about his corral
tfalv being left Open hv Uie police.      '
Alderman Jackson stated that ho
had chuigc of the by-law and that as
long as il was on the ordinance hook
he Would sco that it was enforced.
It was prepared wiih care ami passed
without a dlflseflHug vote in the
council. He staled that he had
iluw hoists hut he had to keep them
up the .same as other people, and if
ihey were eaiiffhl running at largo lie
would expect to timl Micm in the
pound and  to pay  the fee charged.    I
Tbe rate by-law was presented,
The rate will be ahoui fifteen mills
and the amount io he raised is about
$17,MM). The ordinance will come
up again at the next meeting. j
The question of getting the refuse
on the streets hauled to the nuisance
ground eame up, and Alderman Tisdale said that it. Stewart, who had
lieen appointed scavenger, had said
that he would not keep his part ol
ilie contract regarding tte price of
$1.25 a load since the council had
failed to give bim the exclusive right.
to do all of that work. This
brought about a little tilt between
Alderman Jackson and Alderman Tisdale, and Alderman Jackson said
1111111 if Stewart, did not. want to keep
his contract he had better 'be fired
| and another man hired.
Alderman Tisdale asked lhat lho
clerk he Instructed to call for bids
lot the lumbei to Im- used in ihe construction ot tin* sidewalks aunt the
iiddltfon to the tiie hall AhlBrman
l-'ml. thought that ii was better Ioi
ihe cltj io nsk fm bids vi.'."..|'i
Alderman Tisdale did um agar with
him Alderman     Jackson   llioughl
thai the proper committees should
look after Uio matter. This brought
up the question of an engineer, ami
AUleuii.ni Ityan expressed lhe opinion
ihat ii would Im- necessary for the
cltj to einploj someone to sir that
ihc grades ol the streets wen- made
righl and tl.it the contractors dltl
their wmk according to the speclfi*
i a i ii in *. The maj oi said t hat I In.
money      on   the      hy-laws   would   lie
available ivMrin a month and
ihai the work of preparing Ior the
expenditure should lie cxpedMod by
llie council.     The whole mattei   was
[lolii-c committees and thej wilt
probabl j bring iu a reporl .ii llie
nevt meeting.
Alderman Ryan brought up the
question nf the eitj buying a ti*am
and lite matter was rulerreil In the
works committee to reporl.
The council then adjourned.
This morning at 10 o'clock the
members of the police committee met
wiih the mayor at ihe council chamber to hear lho grievances'o( the ratepayers regarding cruoltj lo animals
in enforcing the pound law, and tlte
leaving of gales ojien in private corrals. Quite a crowd gathered, mid
lhe evidence was heard, hut 4-he committee ami Mie mayor did nol consider it cnoitgli tn show ih.it any
i inelly ;had Ihvii practiced, and as lo'
the gate an apology was tendered hy
the police, and Ihc meeting adjourned
alter short talks had been made by
Oeorge Powell and S. McDonald on
ihi' pound law.
Our Goods are
A correspondcn-l asks for a description of the coat of arms of Canada.
This we take great pleasure in giving:
The Canadian coal-of-arnis as ori-
giinally designed, consisted ol the
arms joined, al quarterings, of' the
four original provinces, Novn Scotia,
New Brunswick, Quebtio and Ontario.
Later on additional quartering* were
Introduced, until now- Prince Kdward
Island,  Manitoba and  British Col -
bin are also rep resented,
In the upper hn hand corner, or
(purler, of lln- shield, is the ciut-of-
arms of Ontario, a sprig of lhree
leaves of maple on a green hack-
ground, and above them the ted cross
of St. Oeorgo on a silver background.
In the opposite quarter is iho arms
of Quobec, consisting ol the fleur-do-
lis, tlie Hon "passant en-aidant" on a
noid background, and below the Hon
a sprig of three maple leaves. Underneath that of Ontario is the Nova
Scotia arms, two thistles on a blue
background, and below the salmon
one this-tie on a blue background.
Under Ontario also is the New
Brunswick arms, an ancient galley
with oars in action and sail spread,
and alKive the ship a Hon. The arms
of Prince Edward Island is a shield
hearing two tiers. The arms ol
British Columbia in a shield bearing
a crown surmounted with a Hon
with the letters B. 0. in each side,
awl around the crown ate two
sprigs, one ol laurel and one nf oak,
with st-oms meeting heuealh the
crown. Tlie. arms of Manitoba consist of a shield. The upper part ol
tho shield contains a St Georges'
cross and below the cross is a buffalo.
We have the largest assortment of Tabic and Bar Glasses,
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, Plain Whiteware, and
Oilt   Sets,   in   the Kootenays.     We   make    a   specialty   of
Ask us for prices.  It
will pay you
21b Sealed |*
j^^m~■■m-******^mmm—im—mmmm——mm9—mas^*mmi^ai*m9—wi*mm9amm^.—   ,   . .——~- w,
'Paris Lumfr5"and"5ugarDiamond,5" are manufactured entirely from'
CaneSugar grown on our own E&ldtes.They areabsolurely twre.brillidnf" in
l aWwarance and possess superior sweetening qualilies.-Por table use Ihey jit ti.!ici'ous i
^Mm^mmmmm^^maam^———i*»*MVKmaa- a   1 n*—**    n i !___—■■      ■ fi THK   CHAM BROOK   UEItALO
"It's more than fine:
it's elegant"
It you could hear what sume ot the
in.-ll ale v.i. ing almut t!l._c lielv
Spring Suits
Spring Top Coats
Spring Rain Coats
you .vi.uld imt lose a minute in picking
uui the garment thai pleases VOl'.
Main   .*'  the clothes  arc exclusive
:i,t^..i|-.ali. -ii-. - - .nul   llllVe   :ui  duplicates.
'llut is tvhv early choice U so
desirable - and why VOU shnuld
come SOON,
■H-H-H-H-l- l-l-M-l-H-l' I 11 I I -I'
The Cosmopolitan illi
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
,M-H l-l-l l-l-l-ll l-l-l-l 111 l-l-l 1111111111111 Ml Ml 11
Mv- ^t!W(MM>*
.hunk .7        v
'-\V. ulwiiya lmvc* mi liuiui u lurjio stuck of iirstoluss quality,
\\ I'-oi'i' instiifliiiy tin- Intosl iiiai-liim-ry to none wiih our tre-
iiioiuloiis sinmu^' initio. Al (jrcseul wo are Boiling oue-lmlf ton
nor wwk nf llie most [mliitonble snusnge ('raiibrooli oitizons
fmvfl lusted.
Tin- iih*. ili-ji irinn-iil In our business is lho famous
uri' -olliiin in. I'nsl us tlo-v .*.*in In* uurel.
Vou will r in- iittuntinii ami .'ivility from all uur muployoes
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦< >♦*■♦*■-.<.♦-.♦♦♦♦♦♦
20.000 ACRES
nl Hi,, mm pick i.f ilu* teloclml Inn,In in lln' bountiful Kootonny
Vitll-v, Kiihi Kootcnt.y, ll. i'.. oxtoitiling frnm (' I Flat .ii
Klk,.mm. ..If,.||.,l fnr mil. nt (rn.n *". tn *|u |i,*r am.
The Kootenay Valley la of Unsurpaned Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situ*
ation West ol the Rocky Mountains.
Tlm Ihii.Ih |ir_nuiil every fuiiLnrc nt usefulness, including tlm-
licireil lii'luilu-*, l.in-liv llitis, inilrsll, limine nml  iniiiuliiw.   The
lirn-liv llm-, mm-li  nn.l it.ni.lnw lumi nslatof deep, liluuk
Iniinii ilm lii'imli limil liulng n -.in.lv inuni, ■plondtdly adapted
i',„ fun!,-ninn,-. Wh,-ii- Irrigation may lit* necessary nn ihe
Ih'iii-Iii.h. wtim. inn Imliiiil iiuiii tlm iin.i. nit. i.i creeks rltiwiiie Iron.
lln- II...kii-unu lln* Ki.nl'.inn* liv.-1. Tin- Inilil!. iun fully uur-
v.'yi',i nn.l -in I i In- low Iiuvo I i Hiih-iliviili'il Into fenced
Tin- purchase price will li.el.alo, the HiiiIkt, whiuh oanbesold
hy lhe piiri'hn.er will i any lial'illtty to gnvorninent or other
royuliy. Tin* um tun will In many ut.it-- ninn'. han ri!nli/.i! lhe pur-
chin.oprli.il, .ml i..illli.iilloi.nei.inii.erlally r ip ilm i uut in-
v.-n-.l I.n..- ..in ho ilriveu on ilm Kootenay river, which touch-
es.o.'ory lul mivoono. The main wagun road through t ie valley
|.n-si- over nr i-Iii-i" tii ouch lul, ninl the iiriijin.-i.il K« ote my Con
nnl ruilwiiy will niirnllol ihe wagon road.     (Tie 0. I'. K. in* quite
 ,1,-n'mnl' Iii the lnii.li.
Fm iiuilii'i particular, apply tu
Or to Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B. C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   "
... >
. HI
i ii .
ii. .
. KI
I l.l
• .11
. .11
■ II ,
' II,
I ,1 I
I ,( I
I ,1,
I ,1,
I ,1,
A Synopsis Prepared by City Solicitor Thompson
Tbe following is a bnei synopsis of All stoves ft lira iu use shall utand
In* by-laws of llie eity uhicb atieet \ upon au iron oi zinc plat*. -All
lie uit/ei.s .it large up to tin- 1st oil chimneys shall be kept clean.
.„  . In case of    an     infraction   ol the
,.,..,.. - *bove sections Uie owner, occupant
a, IHADES l.l*.ENSL or a.gen.t u( t.|w ^use shall be liable
BY-LAW, I lo a but ami Uie building may be ai
I'he   following    'license     lees   arej t«ml by ord-er ot Um coined at  ins
charged by the eity:
Billiard taWesi tor everv .six
months   \
Bowling wlleys oi a rlllo alley
i.n  everj   six months 	
Selling opium (except chemists and druggists) Iol
ovei»   *i\ moiiilh.   :
Ul|,rl,-,.jr IIH-U-llKllls Un
evei v -■■ii  iiioiiili..
detail liirlrti.iul> Iol t-ieiy
sh   months       	
ti a retailer has two places
ni IiukIucsji loi each place
i.n  i'H'i \  six months 	
Hawker*     mnl   peddlers     Ioi
oittsiili'    COllCCI ns
tomorjerete spwd. Drive.., shall
slacken spenl ut crossiiiiis All
•*•'*-«.<.<'■, -.l'i''. l-'ll by the ilnv,.,
must be secured.
No horse, more or ...kill,,
trained, lir.ikeu nr ejhiliii.^
, mi
, nn
i    eiorj   -ni
>s,    buggies,
chicles "le.pi
ever)     si.
iei)    vehicle
•r    every  sis
50 iii
i* J       sii
,,r ever)*
nr every
Hi. UU
1 jit
111 IIU
lllll 111
lllll III.
**    COLUMBIA   HOTEL    **
'?• Otto V. Hough, Proprietor <**>
* ELKO, B. C. -
...   Xi'wly furnished throughout,    Boat of dining room sorvioe Z',
••■       nnd comfortable rooms.     Whon in Elko, call und sen us. «►>
Transient     trailers    foi
six months 	
Circus or menagerie foi
.'Iivu'tres,  conci'i'l    hall
annum, provided ihc theatre
has sealing caparity Ior less
ihan uc'i persons 	
iusiiraiu'e agents oiler than
lire iiisiiiaiuc agents,
agents for loan companies,
fie, for each company lot
every six monilis 	
Agents lur insurance companies other ihan lire insurance companies, agents tor
loan oompanicH not, i-csideni
wnh in Mie municipality,
ior every six   months 	
iri-ii-pluiiii' L'oIIlpall'U,s■ for
every six months   	
I'jei-itic companies, for every
six mouths	
f'ur trailers, for every six
Hutttiu sfmw oilier than
circus and menagerie and
pi'ttoiinaiii'i's in theatres
pur ilu'iu 	
Asttojlogiure, fortune tollers,
rlaii", ojaiiis aii-d palmists
ior every six montiis    . .. ...
I'radlng si-aiup, gut or coupon
I'oiujiniiies,    ior
monihs  ...
livery person, 11 nn ot cor por
ai-il'ii llslll-g llailnrg slauips
lor every six mon
livery person loHowmg a pro-
lession, ii,L,li', .ucujiaiii-n ot
calling n.'i oiherwiKc speci-
li* - -1 or wno carries on any
contract ot won. other tiiau
jouiiteymen ior     wag»-s     lm
every six months       5.111)
Licenses are payalrle in ads ami,
miii term nutc on me i.oh itays m
.lanuarj ami Juty.
There is no iltxtliotton in thu Hccuat
fee lor a |Hirt of tin* lu-ensc 'term.
Any jiui'Moii rallying on business
without a Mceusc is liable i.n summary con.ii.lion of a ime noi ex-
ccod'ing $250,1)0 ninl costs logeibei
with Hu* amount of lhe license or hi
mice months imprisonment tor the
lirsi uilensi; and twelve aiouMis ioi
ihe sccwid.
llltl';     LIMITS   AND     m ILIUM.
Tin- lire limits of lhc citv  ure    as
Coiiiiiieiieing ai the norlii-west corner of the Intersection of Van llornt
aud Lewis streets; thence along
Lewis st reel lo Keuwlck avenue,
i Hence along Veaw tck avenue and
Kootenaj sl reel to Anvils streel;
themv along Angus street to Van
llornc si'cci'i; thonco along Van
lloiiir sireel  lo place ol tiogimtitig.
All huil-fliug1. eiTciid ftithin tho
nn- limils musl lie built wilh main
walls of brick, iron, stone, cement oi
wood anil wilh routing of iucumbiist-
ililo tuaierial and sulij,-ci to curtain
n-strielioiis as to measurements il
buill of brick, s*tone m cement. Tlio
outbuildings within ihc lire limits
musl be subject to .vimilar restric-
lions. Chimneys must he lout t-ij
Icel ahove tlte roof and the tops of
ilie Chimneys must he at least four
it) feet from any woodwork and
no col lon and pain'i unless aiiaeliiMl
io plaster, shall be used ou lhe in
side nail.-., ceiling* «>i partitions,
Existing 'buildings within tin-
limils cannol Ite altered unless
authority of ihc Oily Engineer
oblaiiicil.        \o    blllUllllg    shall
cr*i't*>l within ihe ellj  until
j     All buiWiags of Iwo stories or more
i within     the fir*     limits   must have
uti   eitlier a bxed stairway or ladJei ot
j Mcuitlr.v witli approaches or flails to
ttie    roof. Kveiy     hotel,  theatie.
churcli,  piAIIti hall  a"d  othei    piihlu
place shall Lave two <^l clicniical lire
extiii^nislMMs conspicuously iHttced ol
UVQ tfi) gallons capacily each
No person sba-ll set tin- lo an>
bru-sti, slumps, logs, tiivs, etc ,
iviltnii ilie eity cicepl with lhc con
Bent) oi  lhe chiel of  lhe lire brigade
The keeping ami stoi ing of com
liiis-tihlis air ivMiamH and fcgirial
i'n itn- occurrence ol a lire the
elritrf of ihc lite briga'de lias ahsolnie
control .nut anv person interfering ot
obstnh-tiii'g i'he hrigade is liaMe in
immediate arrest. No person is allowed to ■drive over the nose while iu
use. The t'bicf of ihe lln- brigade
j has power to keep the streets iu llie
I ueig-bbortonil ot Un- lire char.
No electric wires shall he placed in
any building wliliotii jtoiice being
f?iv<n lo the city clerk, and the
being insi-eei-,-^ at the owners
Any  person   committing a    breach
of the by-law   may be t.ne;l one htiu-
dred dollars (JHHI.OO) au;l costs   oi
nvelve ujonihs Lmprisonmnit.
No person shall allow any torse,
bull, ox, cow, .sheep, goat, pig
■,'lhor cali'ie or poultry to run at
largo within the city, oiherwi.se the
same may be Impounded and the
owner thereof is liable for damages
Any persou may impoiiiui an aoinial
found running aL large. Thc line to
the pound keeper for every animal is
as follows:
Stallions, $5.00.
Othvr horse.s, mares, geldings, lit
lies or mules Sl.no each.
Hull, tnM.
Cow or otber kind of cattle, SJ on.
Boar pig, $4,00.
I'ig, sheep or goal $1.00.
Fowl, -Mi ceats.
The pound keejH'r may also collect
$1.0.1 for impounding any animal and
twenty-five cents {'in cents') for ...
iKHind'iug any fowl and for food may
charge as follows:
Horses and rnules $.1.00 per diem.
Other cai'ilo and swine 50 cents.
Fowls and geeye in cents per diem,
If 'the animal.1; are not micemed
the pound keeper will pruee-ed to
There    shall    lie
on     ab!    dogs ul    $1
hitch's $5.00.
It is ihe duty of t-he ofttiri of dog*
to procure a lag from the eity clerk
oUierw-lse the dogs wilt be impounded
and unless ledtH-mi'd  will  In- sold
destroyed, Tags musl. !«• placed
on do*g',s collar sn as lo he plainly
In addition to the above charges,
etc-., -any jiersoti guiliy of an infraction ot ihe 'by-law is liable lo a
penally nf $100.00 and costs or two
months imprisonment.
A liealih officer shall be appointed
for tiie city with power to inspect
all buildings awl places am) to fftioni
all cases of coni-agious d'iseose shall
Ik- Immediately reiiortcd. The. power
of the health officer and of ihe board
of health (which consists ol lhe
council; is practicably absolute in all
mailers peru-iining to public hrailth.
Sanitary inspectors shall be appointed-. ' Tbey consist at the present time of the police force. Their
duties- are to keep a vigilant supervision over all streets, lots and
premises and io notify the owners
thereof 1o elean the same. II the
s-aine are not cleanod witiliin twenty-
four hours, the owner or occupant is
guilty of a-n infraction of the bylaw.
The inwlioail heattt oflicer has absolute power lo isolale and t|uaraii-
tine all perse/us affeeletl with, or who
have been In the neighborhood of
persons infected wiih contagious disuse ami any person al tempt nig ui
break quaiaiitine is liable to a heavy
penality, All houses and vehicles
when1 suoh infected persons have been
shall 'lrf\ disinfected.
Dwelling houses are subject to the
following restrictions. Every room
(a) shall con'tain 380 cubic feet ot
air space for each jx*rson; Ch) with a
proper window; (e) and with a closet
within or apparlment lo ih« same;
fall) No house shall be erected upon
soil composed of refuse unless covered wiih charcoal or concrole.
Privies and cesspools miis-1 he con-
strueto.1 aeeording to the provisions
of the by-law airl subject to tlie in-
peeiinn of the   medical heallh   ofli-
!i»ll  he
—*rt~'  '     i*i«niLrM on    llie
No. person shall tide or drive
across a sidewalk. No person shall
coast -or toboggan on any street,
alley or lane.
Any person scattering paper oi
sweepings on the public streets ts
liable to a penalty under ihis bylaw.
The owner Ot OCCUpftttl of a house
stall have the sidewalk ahutling on
his land cleaned from dirt or snuv.
No person shall cncumtiei, injure or
foul any road, street, alley or lane
ol the city; and no iiieic'hant shall
pile packing cases or boxes on lhe
sidewalks except for Immediate removal; and no mciehaiit shall expose
goods for sale on Un street, except
upon a Miiiill shell not. more ihan one
toot wide and fastened lo the building; nor shaitl any person otherwise
ofcstrucl traflic.
Winn buildings ax1 lu-ing const nnl
ed a (eiice shall be built in tloiil
theieol pursuant tt) the by-law.
No   person   may break ot remove
i>    planking or paved sidewalk    ol
i.nlway withon'i consent of the couu-
5 ami
on all
thereol be i'tbtt with lbe city clerk
In easi- of au iiilraclion ol thc ahove
provisions i'he cily council may remove the building al lhe expense ot
the owner. AMIuiildngs within the
cily are liable to insn-eelion by the
proper authority.
Every chimney or fine within llw
cily musl In* built of brick, stone or
cement four (4) inches in thickness
exclusive of plaster, laid wilh a full
joint, and ibe timber upon which the
chimney tests must tn* of al least
eight (M inches below Hie base ol
the chimney, aud the chimney must be
so constructed as to ait mil ot It being cleaned, Chimneys must con-
Unite three (3) leet below lhe celling
and lout (•!) fii*i ahove the roof, and
have in them a soot box below the
Iron smokestacks must be forty
(10) leel in height with a proper
spark arrester.
Siove pi|M's passing through any
partition, celling or lloor shall have
melal thimbles surrounded with four
H) inches uf brick or cement and at
least eiglrlei-ii (IS) inches from the
ceiling and six (fij inches   from    the
ide walls, with pip^is, well jointed
and secured by wire, in buildings
liencefoi'th    *reet*ed   no   stove   pipes
hall pass through mote than one (1)
partition or ceiling belore entering,
the chimney, I
Stables must he |iroperlv constructed, drained and kept clean ami no
filth will lie allowed to stand In any
No diseased or adulterated food or
Hould shall he ottered for sale.
Every owner oi tenant of a dwelling house wHhin lbe eity, must sup
ply wholesome drinking water. All
refuse such as the contents of privies
<*esspools, offal, dead animals, swill
etc., must lie removed hv lhe city
scavenger, and any per*m' other than
the city scavenger removing tlie same
is liahle to prosecution.
No well shall t«' constructed or
inaiirlaiiiod and any well now existing Unalt be closed ftpd no longer
us-ed. This provision applies to
walei used for drinking or washing
The penalty    lor an infraction    of
this by-law not exceivting $100.00 and
costs or two months imprisonment.
Begigiug, drunkenness, vagi amy,
ptflilic swearing and public indecency
are strictly prohibitod under a penalty ol Ston.ofl ami costs or two
months imprisonment.
Three or more persons shall not
stand on tiie sidewalk so as lo interfere with foot passioigers, this, however, -does not aRfOt, street preaching;
provided, however, that ordinary
traffic ti not impeded.
No person shall run a race on the
streets. Horses or other animals
while being driven must be u«der
con-trol and must not toe run at    an
*j. 9* THE J- **
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
Trap doors upon the sheets ;.n-
piolnbititl except wilh consent ol
council. Vnj person excavating
must properly protect the excavation
by tailings and hy lights at night.
All gules mnsi swing inward. No
building can he removed without consent  of lhe council.
All awnings m-psl 'he of at least
soven hei above tlio ground. All
vernadaiis projecting over ilie streel
on Baker .sheet musl be Immediately
removed, and no verandah projecting
over any oihet street shall he allowed without consent of lhe council,
Signs must be ot at least, ten feet
a/boye (the ground ami not mole than
two foot from the building.
No person shall throw eordwood
ui coal upon the sidewalks or saw
oi split upon ihe sidewalks unless it
is being delivered in which case it
shall he removed within twenty-four
No |>orson stall prepare mon at
on Uie streets.
Street auctions are prohibited.
The injury or destruction ol orna-
uiiiiial shade trees and shrubs is prohibited.
No pole, post or pillar shall lie
erected ou Hie streets unless the consent ol the council is obtained.
No person shall place any signs on
any telegraph or telephone or other
pole of the city, and all signs thereon must be removed; nor shall the) j
ii'iiaih dodgers to the same. '
No person shall climb telegraph,
poles or itees or climb over railings1
or fences unless it be employees ol
the Ivleciric Ligbi Co., etc.
No person shall deface any fence or
rail by drawing or writing or paint
ing thereon.
The selling oil of fireworks within
the cily Is' prohibited, The discharging of any gull, catapult or firearms is prohibited, The throwing of
stones, snowtwi'lls oi other missels
on tin- shifts is prohibited.
Thc rule -.1 'he load ti that
vehicles  shall  pass to the lelt.      The
penalty ol aft Infraction ol the bylaw Is a line nol exceeding HOO.fio
and costs or two months imprisonment.
No person slui'll spit on the sidewalks within the city or within any
public I^iHdlng excepting in spittoons.
Tin- penalty of an infraction of tits
by-law is a line not exceeding $100.00
aiid costs or iw>< months imprisonment.
Celebrate at
Tli.. list
it siiuiils to-day, is as
•1. A. HARVEY,
IHt. IV. s. H|.,l,|„
lilt. MILES,
.1. II. McBRIDE,
J. tl. McUALLUM,
IV. 1). HILL,
0. E. REID,
11. .1. MeSWEYN,
Fort Sleele
.1. P. FINK,
11. II. SHORT,
0. A. (I ASK ILL,
1). J.  ELMER, Moyie.
F. J. SMYTH, Moyie,
Fort  Steele,
May 24th
' A special train will leave Cranhrook at
u a. 111., leavinj. ftarysville al o p. ni.
1 There will he all kinds of sport and lun
for everybody. * Buy your ticket for
$300 in Prizes
jM ^B s^i i^i ^i a~. tm ^w 1^ iw i^i w*a ^s ip^ wa wo pv t~a a^ wo a^ am 9~ft~a w*§ bm
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Rough and Dressed Lumber TIIK I .'It A MUCOID.  ll__l.AI.il
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McLaughlin Carriages and D«.ing Implements for Sale        4
CRANBROOK,    B.   C. ;
Shop Phone 50 P. O. Box 144 Bam Phone •*)    J
Rambling Reveries
A model iiiisikiud in oui optnran la
nol a m.oi win, alone brings   wealth
to liis Inline; not one wtm endows his
wife with .t in,.- s-K-ial position,, hut
h'.h.r    be  ti  6VK  Su liumlilf        Tl.t .   ,.
e ji.-itally tim* when an appreciative
husband fltvw bta eantett approval ..f
every siijsKes'ion, Imt as the years _..
■■ii 'tie weal and 'cu tncideut t.. uM-
i- plainly <•> in- wen, aud then the
battle Ih-uih- 'i,.it tllsctiuragtw *
nianv liousekeeperN Faded etupets,
tarnished furniture meei liei pyes.
V*lf*Umre Rives place ''■ lirtliffervnee;
discouragimeftl i.il • - t-he pltffe ol
I determined effort; the home i^ tteg-
f Hi.- one wh.. gives to his wi).* the best hi ted ..inl tin- liomemalier is no b.n-
I ol hiiusi-lt. wlm appntiati- hei w- >-"r ■< liome-keepei This i
! lues and pardons Iu-i fault
£%-%%%%%%%%*%%%%-»%•%-%*%%Q0%%%-%%* %»%»%*»
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
the New Managers.
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tml ol the 21
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Fresh and Cured Meats
Presh   Fish,   (lame  and
We iiupply only lhe bell.     Vnur
trade I. .elicited
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adiluiluMINSRAt WATER FACTORY t" liis osti.b.
lisliint.nl ami would cordial]- sulii-ii any residual or traveler to cull or send for ,i sample ordor (partioularly liy tin*
tra li'i ninl guurautous liis .$001.8 superior In any in tin* dis-
trirt.   Tlu' public ar.- iv-iji.' -If.illy recinostod to visit us ami
Sillllpli* till* *_'i,uils 111  tilt*   t'ili-liilV.
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
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make call and see the new stock of Ready t
made clothing just received. All Union
I Labor.
ill.*   litis
XeaMno Business
' lur OWN.
'I'll,- i.mi
111,., litis
fjouses ot fl>at'\.8*
n P"r'nii
mil      T
li.ill  pity
ii* Herald
...'III   Iin
mli*   mi
villc  C|H Smcltcr -tug—
lIlllM    III,
I A model hushand may he a dav
laborer who returns to his home at
night unl, a bard earned rtolhu
clasped in lus honest hand, and adds
it to the family (und io be used to
provide necessary comforts fm the
Family. Ho shares faithfully with
his wile whatever In* may earn l>\
Hade  01   protesstoTi       When   business
matters perplex hi- dues not go  home
wilh a Woeful tale id his haldslii|'s
.ind   luui  the hiigbt   i|do ••!  lus chal-
netei to in*, assoeiatni, inn in- comes
nno his li.niiv with a i'lii*i-ilul l.ni-
1l1.it Inspires his wile with w*w
courage after .1 dav ol perplexing duties which women alone bave to meet,
and in then monotony became dis-
tastelul ti. Un- mosl patient ot
A model husband does nol bang up
ins fiddle .ii iiu- door, 10 be taken up
as he goes mil io entertain outsiders,
.iml mine inio his homo as devoid o|
any suggestion "i musii a.s is lhe
face ol a monk.
A model husband is om- wlm will
share i-u'iy hardship or sorrow life
may tiring to his wile, ami sweetens
MitlViing with his words of li.v.- and
syiiipalli)' and when age imd Infirmities rob her of lu-t personal charms
and wrinkles lake lhe place of dimples, his love is like the holly that
blossoms in the winler of adversity,
The m,.del liiish.iii.l does nol allow
his selfish nature lo aceul.l to himself
all the hies sings which come with a
well kepi home, and permit bis faith*
ful wife to hear all the burdens; he
does not fret and fume if a Kick
child disturbs bis peaceful slumbers.
declaring urgent' business duties on
ihe morrow will demand liis alten-
t'lon ami he cannot lose sleep, yet can
spend soveral nights at the club or
lodge each week ami never complain
of heavy eyelids.
A model husband prefers the society
of his wife and children tn that ol
club, opera or dance, and when his
wife shares in these recreations they
arc a pleasure in him. when she is
absent  ihey cease to amuse.
A model' husband ti not only lender and kind, he is manly ami brave.
It is a pitiful sight to see a strong,
well-balanced woman yoked in a
pigmy ol a man who never had an
aspiration higher than bis slonmeh;
who wll nes when he is hungry ami
gtuut* when  lie is fed.
A model liusbaitd musl In- nn lionesl
man; noti only lionesl with his fellow men, thus keeping his commercial reputation abnvu reproach, hut
honest in paying his obligations to
his family. When be allows vice and
dissipation to rob bim of his manhood and self-respect he cheats his
wife oui  ol hn  legal lights.
Model hiisbaiidi as .1 rule an- not
the outcome oi eiiriitnstjinces, imt
ihev aie nal uial products. A kind,
loving son will become altei marriage, a model husbanil \ selflsb,
arrogant son will foou into a
twamcat. unreasonable huslmml lie-
cause hi- loves    himself belter    ihan
ways occupy .1 second place in his
affections; when their opinions clash,
and the happiness ol either parly is
111 tin* balance it will he surrendered
or ihrre will he friction in the hmise-
A model husband delights to bring
happiness to ihc heart ol the one he
calls wife .'nd never forgets to cherish and protect Mh* atom nf human-
ily il*- law made his own. Ills
marriage vows are not made on
Thanksgiving 1.. be broken on Christmas
A 1 Iel husband is noi nocessnril)
une of the kissing kind, nlm nevei
enters his house or leaves it without
kissing his wife, and tlten amu-fes his
ass,K*iat*cs hv saving his wife would
rather have a Ms.-, than .1 dollar, and
.is a kiss has less commercial value
it suits holh panics
\Ve believe lu the existence nf modi]
Imsbawls; in truth we have known
great, noble, solf-sacrlflcing men who
would scorn in 11njhi.se on any ciea
line dependent upon ihem foi care
and piote-Mii'-n Yd we are skeptical of the abundance ot stub men.
anil we too oftrn And a vast gulf
between thc real and lln' ideal which
cannot Im- bridged hy human prayers
or human tears Sotnc men inay
inn well for a season, then drop
theii masks at Intervals: latei tlieso
are laid aside revealing ihc line
eltarnctei ol tlh- man
Tlien the iK-aniifnl hnhhle hoists
and the i.iinhow lints vanish in mid
an, leaving wlsel and sadder women
to mourn met lln-i
ith •
1 Central Hotel
I lu- lending ho
ld in  thc SI. R
l\ Itandlev, I'rup., S. J. Morrow, Manager      Marys  valley
S3 Diniiii; K.1..111 service the besl. £g
K Tin- place 10 stop when visiting lhe Smeller Cily 5
The Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
lias been recently refurnished and is nuw une of
Ihc best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for
thc peuple.
Marysville Drug Co.
We carry a complete stock of everything in the
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away
for your goods.
Herbert Spencer, who is the best
authority on blologloal truths, thinks
lh.it    the     eventual     mixture of the
varieties of the race will produce in
\inerica .1 imn typo nf man than
has heretofore existed iu our world
imne plastic, more adaptable, more
capable of undergoing ihe modifications needful foi complete social life,
and flatters the coming women with
the assurance that A merlon will produce tiii'ii graiidei than Hie world has
vet known, mi if tliis he tine those
not alre.nlv mati<d mav llml little
difficulty  in securing model husbands
Mln-n a  woman thus possess a  Iel
hus'hand tflie should crown him Willi
i-ai'ih's brightest and most preelous
diadem, a woman's love
PeWiaps every mai ind woman in
olil community supposes she possesses
a model husband, aud we should he
sorry to say anything llml mighl he
the means of dispelling the delusion.
We feel sure no two women weigh
mankind iu -exactly the same scales.
What one woman may regard as vir
lues another may regard as Inlllts
Thc average housewives find mon
use for a tack-hammer and stove-
platedifli-i   than algebra and geome-
The humblest home may he made
attractive with dowers and music,
and these arc factors of happiness
far groa'tfr than lhe trappings ol
There is a great difference between
a home-maker and a In ime-keifper.
There are women who are good home-
makers and failures as home-keepers.
In the flush of exoltement Incident to
forming a new home, it is a pleasant
task to arrange furniture. Everything is new and Ute housekeeper lias
little to do aside from suggesting the
iai thai tesis a woman's fklelil v to
duty Man) lie wnh an uncrowned
lm-    work,  iun    God's   benedict ion,
"She   has    ,| ,i.(.   nh.,1    .be   COUld, '     is
more hissed  ilmn  the world's    ap-
plea.se   hesl.*W.*d   Upon   all   .lllllli'.Ss   llle
i'l.l.Mis w. .un H.N \1.1s\1.
As ihis papei has ttlwavs olaiiued
lie right Ul ein.er-e i-i|i. i |iioIes
sions  and    e.illui^s   in    llle,   il   seems
only iusih*,- :,, rail attention 10 a
lew ,.t Hn- man) mistakes in oui own
line d| I.u* in. . \ . we endeuA*ui to
tiiaiii- Mir, papei .■ "ii.une paper,"
perlmp   'hi* borne circle iidwun is a
fttl-ing I'l.lll- '.. poll,I uill 101111' «'t llle
evil.   ..I   Lhe   prew,   a.   tt'e   M'W    Hii-lll
Tliere ivas a time wlirti the news
papei -i-lnK-d ihe noblest   scniimrttts,
wlii-ii oui gieatt-.t 1111-11 anl women
wen- proud 10 speak through its columns, Tln-M' da) > an- plUil t'ool
riiillleoiis al'gUIIielll is seldolii loiltiil
in   Die  newspapers of   to-dny;   m-illiei
is there an)  ilign-Il)   In theii  eritlo-
ism Nuw wc iiiui 'he religious news
an.l ihe quotations from lbe stock
exehnnge side by side The) pander
lo lhe had nisljiiet of Uh- Illoliej  si-ek-
ci      Tiny accuse without  pily    .unl
defeii.l without mason     TIk) elevate
and   imii down   regardless   of merit
Iiul whj   11  is so?     Wh)   Ibis lameiiL'
aide    liaiisilinn in   ihe    press   of uut
is sadiicr ihan the fael Itself. The
people demand iust sm-h a press
A noble, ttlgliified press can onlv be
possible when a noble public deniands
ii Vn uubcallh) desiie to satisfy a
longlugifoi gloss pleasures has made
our newspapers what tliey ate.
.loiitnalisis ad in 11 the evil effects of
sensational reports of criminal acts,
iii.l admit thai 111 person has ihe
right to sow the M-i-.t.s of disease iu
Hie physical body of his fellow men;
yet ihev are guilty of .sowing moral
ind mi'lttal disease, which is a fat
greater crime. Many read the news-
napers, who arc on the holder ol
Irresponsibility and suggest inns of
crime easily lake root in suoh minds.
The sickening details of diabolical
crimes are sources of eiil Ilium!
curdling headlines .haw Ihe utliulinii
nf those who aie liltngl") foi ailven-
luie, and ihe young aie especially
.lama-g.-d  In   what   Ihei   lead   lo.      It
is tine there is a class of readers,
wh > repudiate all thai is impure in
literature, as Un- child before it'll! ml is coiitaiiiiiiaied wilh the base
mil vulgar elements in life, loves
thai which i.s beautiful .md will lay
iis Inn lingers on the petals id a
(lower and show its admiral lou long
Ittloie n can lisp a word
The demand for Immoral papers is
a sad common! on ihe tendencies of
ihe limes and ih.- temptation in ensure a large circulation hv pand'ng
lo thc 1.0.i.-s oi the visions, has led
many .,t them to prostitute theii
pyrin in on lei to place them nn a
fliiahc'lul basis We have journalists
who would scorn in publish ought
Unit  would corrupt  the reader,    yet
Sllt'h     papei s  aie    gCHeiuil)    lhe  ones
who stiffci lot wani of pntrotiilge..
Mi Adams ol the Advocate says,
"The newspaper men come ucnl'ei
holding the helm nf opinion than any
othei ulass ol men. They have the
whole world for an audience. We
have Hi. in wiih our breakfast. The
breakfast goes to the body ami the
newspaper to the moral system. II
mir coffee were poisoned every morning, the race would soon die. If you
pm poison inio ihe newspapor ihe
race will soon be bad " Many newspapers give tbreo columns to a sen-
s-ational divorce and three lines to
Un- notiee of a "golden wedding."
Tlrese pests of Journalist* lievci
hesitate to Invade ihe homes of sorrow antl sn picture tu tin- world the
sailed anguish ol stiickei. h.-alis.
Thev expose to view ihe long hidden
skeleton hum-il in so many closets.
Tliey have tbe audacity to pry into
lite affairs ol lbe lamil)      We read
lll.iI   lhe    Mhillialis   were   famous    for
tli.u greed for gossip, yel even ihey
had thell limit. The dead were a.s
sacred 10 many as their gods, Iu
mn day all personal mailers ale disserted The finalities oi human pity
sit-ins in have (ailed out of journalism The reporters prj Into the
comers of the sick room and iu the
mosl indelicate manner expose with
revolting minuteness the different
phases of disease. Kven the lasl
words of ihe dying an* blazoned In
lhe head lines of the newspapers.
They revel in all soils ol sensational reports. The more sensational
the reports the more compensar
lions ih.-y receive from the publishers. Slurs on women arc looked
upon as choice morsels, to he chewed
by Hie public, iluis pandering to vulgar tastes of those who have
nioiheis, wives and sisters in whom
Ihev arc Indebted for every spark of
respcolnbllily ihey possess. Here
him 1 h every man and woman gets
his oi her dose of current slang. The
demand Ior m-wspapeis is so great,
a host of cheap writers enter lhe
lielil of journalism ami Hie worst feature in the case is thai il is ihc bad
Kiulish and not thc good lhat we
(iml ia ihese papeis. In Ihis, as in
olher callings, skilled workmen are
scarce and thev call toi high wages.
There aie papers conducted by men
whose aim is in elevate ami iml de-
giade lhe profession. Vol Ua- papeis lhat lind Hn- mosl favor iu the
e.es of tlu* loading public of lo-dav
are Well spired wilh slang Those
containing thr fullest account of the
prize lighl and horse race are the
most popular. To use a modern
newspaper phrase, "-Tlie articles must.
Iw hrrevy." Finally, lhe newspaper
echoes our lowest selves in its
methods, its manners and Its Kng-
lis'h. In Japan newspapers are suppressed for publishing scandalous
articles on tue private life ol individuals, Yel we are trying lo Chris-
tiiitii/e Japan.
While ihis crM'telsm upon our own
calling may seem seven', yel we believe our readers will vouch for its
truthfulness. However, the evil referred to exists most in our large
metropolitan dailies, while lhe weekly papers, with few exceptions, are
free from these evils anil elevate and
better the fireside.1, they visit.
(From thtr Blairmore Times.)
i.iwii-i is the only* one ..t Die i*a-s
lown   ihai will hold a criehratiun mi
Victoria Day, May INth.
IJutus Hans,-uii-iv and li   Frasoi are
hoih confined in   the    Coleman 1	
pital suffering imiii blood poteoo.ng.
Many Howard    lefl on Wednesday
lot l.r'hbiidi-- 10 utlend He sick bed
of     his brothel    .lack   wlm is quite
seriously ill
The survey an I plans foi the rare
track bete have heen completed anl
work upon the track will be commenced within a lew davs
.1. It Millei, lately in charge ol
ihe p Mums Po here, has been
transferred to a position In H r
anl expects to leave shortly to assume his new duties
JUStice    V     C     Ite.i.h.      ol       Klan
Imposed a line nl M anl costs each
to iwi. young men loi riding ovei
tbe wagon hudge near Frank laatei
than a    walk ..I,  Wedmwdaj     aftei
^>ciety anu i McVittie & Laidlaw,
PROFESSIONAL cards I        Mining Engineers
*        and Surveyors,
KNIGHTS   of   PYTHIAS Tffnfl rT^81*00^ R <-•
Cr.nbn»k, B. C. iVlMS'SV- U S'
Meets every Tuesday it . p. u,. it ttUmlMt, U. h.
Nru   Kiu'crnily  Hull.	
J. a. Arnold, Kits
... ..       .  tleorge TlK>miis-D, I'-t'. | J-»***s*.*!-«*s*!-H*9-«-»*VH-s-l**
Visiting   bretnren  cordmi, invited 11   c  J
to UtenJ. 9   First-class Work by Experi-  i
Criobriwl  Local t'alon  12,1 oT^hTTill., i | tn"d   Hands' *
Hru.hcrhnod ol Carpenters .nd joiner,    j fr     ^.,     _ 'Z
"i *n.cri«. : J    The Cranbrook HottI ?
Meetings even Thursday tvenlutil   ?> n . »«-»_._ Z
""'""'""«  * BARBER SHOP?
I. 0. 0. T. hal
Visit!nt brethren cordially Invited
™ Vuiii, Edward Foot
I.O.O.F.     liu City L«d|t
No  42. Meets every
A shot i nun- sim-e Mr. Thomas !•:
Knvlaiid visited Crnnbrook,  with   n
\i.-w   to  finlim;  sinl.il.le hnmis   loi   a
number nf families now renidiiiK on
ihe rarminx lands oi N'orlli Ihikota.
A short irip of Inspect imi covering
bin a small pan ol lhe available
lands iu lhc vlclnft) o| 1-his cltj
convinced him he had seen enoueb in
justify him in report lne favorably of
ilu- local Hy to t-ltouc whom he reprc
.Joseph Ityan experts thai quilo a
dozen families will take up their residence in the Immediate neighbourhood wiihin the next two months,
as the resuli of Mr. Freeland's in-
spcotiou. lie has received the subjoined letter which fully hears mil
his rvpeetaiioiis:
Kuivka. Mont.
31th April, 'mi
Dear Siri-
After an absence of less than
feu days I readied home and was
made lhc target of a Ithiusaud
question?, from family and friends
a.s to the prosperity of vour
flourishing town id' Cranbrook,
After relating to them as hest I
could     some      of     thr       uailiraj
advantages offered hv vmir vouur
and grow-fng city, I related' uiy
vlsil to the Suiinvside fruit ranch
ot Mr. William Hamilton. After
relating the success which had attended the efforts of Mr. Hamilton in fruit culture, all were de-
ll'ghtod and decided tlmt I had
fmmd a new KI Dorado, and lhat
they would visit it themselves in
the neat future.
Yours, etc.,
Thomas K. Ftivlaiid.
The lettef is highly significant, being a wholly unsolicited expression oi
the opinion of a practical farmer and
fruit »rower of wide experience in
Western Canada, Dakota, and Montana With fuller advertising we
mij_,'ht expect better icsults.
City Scawtflcrj
The City Council
have appointed
R. Stewart
; the official scavenger]
!of the city of Cran-
; brook. Parties having closets to clean,'
; refuse matter to haul;
' to the City dump '•
; grounds should leave ,'
; orders with him. The '
I city must be cleaned.
Address Bon 105.
Mew     li null*    ILill,
Ing Oddfellows cordially invited.
K. II. McKay M. I). Blllin
N. 0. Soo'y.
UiD-rool Iodic No. J.
1. F, * 1. M.
PreXii I |   FwW M«»«* - SpwWiy   |
' '"- E. SOUTH.   Prop',. ♦
 I-M ••••*.♦♦■♦?
lti-giiiar Dteellngs no
iim .lunl Thursday
ol evt-ry inuuiit.
Visiting _r_ti. tn welcomed.
s. II. Huskiiis, Sec'y,
Jl. A. Uoalts, u. ,ii.
F.   ().   I-.
Mri't    in    I'ntmore    ilall    i*i,r.
I'. Ross Tate, Vi. V.
A. M. Hlaik, ti. Sec'y.
Visiting lirollicrs cordially invlteil.
-lIiH-l  til   II   ,,l I..   I*'.  Hull 2t„l
lilt .S.iliirtltii iMt'li itiniiih.
Vlsltiug liii-tliit'ii  always  m-ln
T. Ili'.viii, ,i.i„. i..' Larrlmt
IV. .11. Sec'v
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
iluell Block Criitinwk. B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public, Etc
Cranbrook,    •    •    B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Avt.
Forenoons .... 9.30 to   11
Afternoons - - • . 1.30 to 3.30
Evenings 7.30 to 1.90
CRANBROOK ::    ::    :.-    ::    B. C
• to 13 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong av.
Advort'talng is nut merely attraot-
[ng llie   reader; advert isiji**; is    convincing Mm.     A marl is not    going
to spend Ivls minify on it I'limso or a
liropi't* idace fm* each artiele; aiid Hllunny pioturo,    He wants facts.   And
is with pride   she   looks upon    her a woman wonts figures—prices.
EAST, viu Porl Arthur to
Viu Sun Lino to
St. Paul, Miuneaplis
Only lim* connecting with LI Ml
St. Paul to Chicago
Daily Tourist Sleepers
East Dunuioru Junction
11500 Tons, 570 feet long
For full particulars apply to loci
agents or write
0. H. HILLIER, Agt. Cranbrook
.1. S. CARTER, E. .1. COYLE.
D.l'.A., Nelson.  A.G.r.A. Vancouver
• to 13 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   I » iii.
Office la new Reid block
Repairing; Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specialty
#-.--. . * 4*
_ is now located in its comfort-
j able and attractive new quar-
J ters in thc Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is iust up-to-
date and is mod-rnlv equipped
J to do just the best work in all
» branches of the tonsorial art. ♦
4  . T I
»'. R. BEATTY,
Drink Home Beei
It is Pure
It is Healthy
it is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
7e Buy and Sell on Commissios.
WANJEDi-Western Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
The Daintiest Yel
Our New Photo
Picture Framing a
| Prest Photo Co
* farm for Sale
.Situatiil on the Kootenay
, rivi.T. ono mill' from Mayook,
■ containing Wll ner....; I'M acres
', bottom lumi; 51* acres under
cultivation; new li-rooni nuxl-
' em cottago. Also 115 hoail
', of cattle tuul live horses, witli
all farm implements.
For particulars apply to
Samuel McLean, Ma-zoo.. B. C. t
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alia.
j|t*H«« ».*■»♦♦■♦■»»♦•♦♦-■♦»»» 9 »0
Cranbrook Sash    \
and Door Factory j
All kiiuls of linn,h work it. f
wtty of iIim.th, windows, tra..- !
solus, eli-. Kiln dried lumber !
for Inside work, Our work is i
guarautoed t.iul our prices are
satisfactory.    Screen   doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Calfiry hut, Utr SU.
Oeo. B. Powell, Proprietor
Fur high clas. work iu dyeing,
cleaning, pressing, repairing and
FreKk Dry Cleaniij i Specialty
IVe ilu all kinds nl ladies' work. TUK   CUANhitOOK    II Kii A I. h
'fty tlte Herald   Publishing OompsoT,
I.,hi..i and Manager.
The Herald is wm Hi im a year. It
costs i«ll>   ■$-.        Ni'   IUIUI   in    Souiti
Kast Kootena] ean afford lo lie with
..in n, aud everyone living outside nt
tin ii. iii.-i, uiii> is interested in the
in.-... .-i ilns suction, should read
i'      li publishes Uu- news while 11 ia
news.   U  is controlled absol ly bj
Uu- |iitblishers,     Nn cirque, part)   ni
' n«iii kIh.iI  dictates  ii.-,   policy,       li
■ (Um t n\  to please ihe people,    It's
ii.--.li,. is in pirhlisli a newspaper Hi.it
Will   In-   ,\   cr«Hl      In   Hi.'    llHUIIiy.
Sui.I  iii  \i.nt   -nli-.il i|riii ii   .md   you
will Ite thankful evei alieisvard.
A1K11ii-in- i.in*-    M per ini'li, poi
' inoi,tli, nn more an i no li*ss.
."Ueadine in..* tei   l'i   eenls pei   line
in itoii-advei ti->--i     1" wills i'i i   lii"*
'i. regular a I-.* ! Users,
ll n.ii .1.- ii- '.. reach ihe P'-ople ot
Snuih   V..I--   l\• mti-nav   yen   must   ad
seriiso In  Ih ■ Herald
I'l,,- ll. ..,1.1 bus .. firsl rlnss jol
plant luhl Its work is id Mn- besl
Th.- ii'i.iiii ii.'h'i wanl charity, ii
m.u.i• .i square    ileal on   yo.it   joli
Work. It we eali't Bill! Voll ill HH.ll
ill   and  |M ii-i'.   klek,   an I    si-ml     v.an
work io some Cheap .lolin house
tl .--i thai nevei spends a eenl
Will.:   THAN
1,000 zv Week
This i- lho guarii.it.Bl rir*
niiiiii I ilu* llorulil
I'roHsr ml BiiliMiri|i-
Iimi lists li|il!ll In lllv_Ml.ll.
n,,i, I iy mlvortliiers ul uny
Tin' lli'iulil giviiBailollar
in I'oltia tor a ilollar lu money. Tlm uilvertlsor has the
riitlit in know islnit In- Is
receiving fnr his money.
The Herald in nut- |U|ier
that courts luveslitlgatloii.
jj      HKRALI) AGENCIES      .
< •     lW Herald  will be found on , ,
, [ Hale al the follow ine places: ]'
• i-M-srjMillc, Marysville llru/ Slore ,,
\ I Wardner, (i  Donahue's Sture *
] | Mnyie. S. K. Harvie'ij ilruu Slore ♦
- '%an. K. P. Fintay *
X Fernie, Purdy's Hook Slore
X Elko, Hulbrook's Bunk Slore
♦ Cranhrook,  Beatlie & A It hi son's ^
X        and C. H. Keid & Co.'s
l.el us he houewt wilh eucli otter
I.n   us   keep eoiH,    wilbholdhlltei
v.,rnI- ,i ,t„.;. ,,i  ihis by-law Itoiji
a i.nV stuwlpoinl, Instead ol pcr-
mlMthg ourselves lu ho worked up by
inisii'lu.-srntii'iK'ii "i' mi ^iiiiiii*! iiiiiiil
uui.  -
In 'ilu- insi plaee there was tm oil-
.ininln in iht- passage "I a public
IiMiiii.i by-la vv. The people generally
i.ali/.nl the importance and necessity
rn Midi a measure n. Cranbrouk. Tha
members ni tin- Council s.u nighl
nftei'.jiilglil ami discussed the provisions i.i llinl In law wllh others, und
no ratepayer appeared to oittr any
suggestions hi   make any objection.
Tin-, ■ini-mlii'is .,] ilu- nniiinl were
imi arbitrary in lh. n action. They
.lul uol >n ih.-niM Ui _ up tts Czars o(
ilu- ronuiiiiuit). <>n iia- contraij
Mn*. sought inf'ii nml imi hy gelling
rupirs ol by-laws Irom oilier towns
an.i shaped theirs along .similar lines.
They were acting lor the tiesl Inter-
fsis nl iin* community, using lhe
brains thai llie Lord had given them,
lur thai purpose,
iiii- members nf ibe council are nol
. i i min als,
They an- nol scheming lo injure
ihe properly nl Hie people or any
annual owned by anyone in lown.
They arc not tailing advantage nl
ihen official positions in Impose on
any r,ii/Vn tn tin- town.
Now, honestly, Is there a man In
Craubrtook   who     Urinks   Ui.ii    the)
Well, l-hen, Iel  us gel logeHtor and
teason   Ihis   thing oul,    and   hi-     fail
uiili ilu- council and ourselves.
Every riti/ni hns his rights, and
tirosc rights in lown, province mid
dominion, extend rail) as far as Un*
enjoyment nf those ileitis docs not
work an injury nr a hardship to any
othei Individual.
The iii.iii i\itli.,i lawn or a gaixien
has his rights, and those rights Include protect'lon in an Incorporated
I.ci a man sptnd $50 or MOD and
several weeks in work mi a garden or
a lawn, ami Hun gel up some morn*
int. awl iiii.il ilu' whole thing ruined
hy Rome animal Hal Ims enteral Ihc
I'kice .ii night, ami bow dn ymi sup-
pus.' jn* feolitf
Th..! man will he hoi under ilu- col-
Vmi  honestly,    imw.  has hi- mil    a
right [jo in* lint? '
He will get out    and   express
opinion ot  thi' animal and  Uu*    i
who owns him, and it  ti ten <*lui
to om* ihai  what he savs could
i«- pi luted in the Herald
Vou say that llie animal that did
that damage should be token "» !t»'|
pound Perhaps the -niinai te gone
.md failed iu leave .my address Hm
taking it lo 'liv p^und will not ie*
place that garden or lawn, llut il '
iin* animal wax not allowed io run ai
large il wouhl noi have had a onaticu j
t.i imve dune any damage.
ui; tin* oilier land a man thinks n !
good   deal   ul      his COW.      He     don'l
wa«l to see het abused and is will- |
ing in light ior ber protection
lhat   man  is right.
Nt. man lias tho right to abuse an)
animal, no matter if he wears -a ~iai\
as -ivig as the bottom ol' a dish pan I
ilm iei us gel together and reason
Th. council will not stand for an)
abuse of animals, nor are they coin*
(idled to take i.m mueh [or themselves, They wanl the ordinance
enforced, bi i itn) want Ihe word .
done right, (live the council ti (
chance, They want to perforin the |
ilutiv» "i tlii-ii olliee in a mannei i
Umi will he a credit to tilieinselvee!
and tin* community. Lei us help the I
council None ol us wanl to have]
ihfws iiimiiiig at large dning damage
to lawns and gardens.     And none oil
ii- nam the people wlm owns the
rows impos-ed upon.
Whal  is Hie sil'iiation''      ..
Suieial iiuii have'ilieii animals im ,
pounded, and it las cosl lite owners
a lee. In some cases ihe payment
of hills fee was u hardship,.*, Hilt Is
ihai ihe tan J1 of ihe coune-llV Till
people generally wain a protection
l>) law. and il was pass*;*!. The law
w.is published twice In the Herald,
and there is hardh a man iu Cran
brook who docs not read the Herald.
Nol only was the law published, bul !
refeieiiei' was made to il and Ihei
i'iiiiirei'1 waited lo give the people a
chance to make arrangements lo ean
tui theii animals. Mul nothing was j
done, And in all probability noth
nig would fcavc been done, if none ol
(he cattle hod lreen lakm up. Tln-
uiai'ier will righl itself iu iinm.
\ similar by-law is in force iu otiier
towns and is nol eonsWerwl a hard
ship .rn the people, and a.s soon    as
lhe iM-uple adjust I hem selves t.i lh.
new conditions here, they wil1. loot
upon  ilu1 law as a good thing.
There is really no reason why tliere
police ollieers. Itemeinlier ihe police*
mon and Hie men were acting under
ondcrs. They are mu. to be bloancfl.
If t'lu*y did nol obey rudeir, tiie)
wnuld Imve bwn dlsdiurged. H the
Millers had nm been given the ordln-
amco would not have been enforced.
And nfier the commotion subsides
lln- great majority of the people Will
say -that* il is a good thing.
Theie Is really ao reason why then'
should be any movement agojinst the
council or lhe mayor on this by-law
They have done what Miry thought
was nglit and for the best Interests
of ilie eoniuiiiiiity. T-iioy should nol
Ih- al)iised, they should noi tie liandi
capped, hut they should receive Unmoral assistance ol ihe community in
lire good work,.
Let- us developc homo pride and civli
[uide. Let us ma1 (i Cranhrook bean
Wful. Lei us have lawns, ami gardens. And to do Ural lhat we. musl
keep up ibe eattl.-.
l.ei  us be reasonable on ail {things
Comfort as an Aid to
Health and Happiness
[ t♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦*
11 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ «»♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*■♦«■ i
. 4 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ }
I ♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦««♦♦♦«♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦««♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦<.♦« *■«♦♦<
Too few men realize the importance of
Clothes, in their relation to one's health
of body and peace of mind. Take the
question  of
Spring Suits
for instance. The man who is wearing one
of the New 20th Century Brand Spring Suits
or 20th Century Brand Top Coats, " rain
or shine/' has a tremendous advantage over
mere ordinary mortals who have yet to
discover the merits of these garments.
To be Well Clad
is to be 20th
Century Clad
p..ratinn sUCfcceds
againsl  right, lhe
in a nauseous dose of
as    to the good   done
The Kernie Ledger copied our ser
mon ol two weeks ago on purity ii
politics, and comes'back with tin
comment printed below. We agio
wiih Kdiw.r Molt, and wlien Mu
Mmo arrives, he will find the Herahl
in line aklvoeatiug wlut is right ami
condemning corruption, no matte
whal parly is guflrfiy, The Herald
has had some experience in the past
in this -distriot prot'ost/tng against
corruption, and even to-day 'the memories of thc liiidiiiRs of lhe commission that invest igat-rd the grnnl'ing ol
tiornses lingers in the minds of some.
It is line lhat the official repol'l
made out by Mr. Dui lock-Webster,
tht' commissioner, has been burled in
lhe archives of Ihe government ofllces at Victoria, hut enough was
nude public io show 'the people what
a real live political graft meant,
Someday that report will lie brought
lo life, and Uhu there will be people
in this dhtt'det who will open Hieir
eyes in astonishment. The Herald
has- considerable ol tin- evidence hut
would like fo get more. Ami llial
is nol the only piece ol political
grafi that has been worked in this
dis'irii'l. There are others, ami as
lire Ledger SftyB, the lime will come
wlnii some nf Ihem will he given
publicity, and lihey will make mighty
nterest'lng reading.
Following is    the comment     made
hv  the Ledger on  lire Herald edili/r-
The Herald is right as to these
political camp-followers, bui if tho
press of thin country would do a
litt'le less gtneraii/ing and more
particularizing more good would re*
■mlb :rom, the expenditure of printers'
tifc. To preach a sermon such as lhe
above is all verv well, hut nobody
pays much atteiiifoii lo the preaching
Intaiise nobody iu particular is hurt.
VU1111 an opportunily ts ofliered lo do
good in .joining lorers to stamp out
nne crying evil, some flagrant attempt to debauch and rob a community or a province, ilie paper thai
imcs out 'boldly and does noi battle
for the right is" generally allowed to
ilo Us own lighting until Uie timid
..nes find oul which way thebat'lle is
going to terminate, and ihen the public is treated to a demons!ration of
niivmigomenl  whi
of everybody because
i-orpniaiion mates mo
a position  in spend
fear of anybody gover
wins a  light  Unu  the
ling a fight; maWer who ihey might he, or how
arc treated .high thev may stand in the council.1
■nerali/.atioti. of the party. The Herald is oppos-
mhiiii'il  cl  tu piilll-ical grafting, no mallei
an.l broad-minded'- which party it  takes   | laco.       Sail
lends in the good'the liiiihv    ones     an.l    in  iliis way
sn  when a   great •cleanse lhe party.     The fact  I'.iai   ii
'y I lie) aie in man who    works     a dirty, political
line, etc, etc. graft is a Liberal nr a Conservative,
without      lhe ;does nol  lessen the crime.    That   is
ng ils actions how a partisan proves himself lo be
subserv- an enemy to his parly ami If
time-serving fellows will be try. Demand an lionesl deal for thc
found on lhc top. rail uf the fence rights of Uie people, wheilier il he in
s'hoiiiing "Wc lold you sol.'1 "We tile district, in lhe province or u ihe
did il!" See what .i power the Dominion, And it might he sng-
press wields? I gcsti d   Uiat   if   the   people   in     every
There is enough of the grafting dislriel in Canada would act on lhat
such as is mi'lll(lined by the Herald, basis Ihere would be less of the
going on right under ils nose here iu grafting in higher places. A Liberal
Kast K-ootcii-av to keep- Umi papei tbiei ur a Conservative grafter looks
and  the balance of     us liusy  looking  jusl  alike lo the Herald
after It,        No more completely ot-j 	
gaiii/ed  eouihinaiion    exists in     any      ff|   ,  ,, n ,    is ,
 Btr>   ""    lu' ??fW* "   '■isl,-|ll^!siar.   in and cut     down  the regulai
upon the nc-ks oi lhe people a yoke m lh, c.vt,nsvs. T!l, h(,,ivv ,msi.
of political bondage and monopolist c fl in\-i.r,-iit to m-ganizallan in a
greed    lti.ui     can  he found    in    this .      i.lCornorftltni
uoiinuv aifd  Uie  lime is rapidlv   ap- '    '
[....aching  when   liie  Herald  and     all H,    i(1 ((„i(H,     ,        t,, (,    	
...her papers will have ample onpopj^ his T|tl. „,,    |)Usi
Itmi y  to be     muehi less .general     In    hlHlH     ,      ,^mUw,    „kfi \ .g
.ratters whose polllies Is iliinder am     riv.ltll hllsillOSS,       Thc  [inl,  l(,lliS
-row out o   lhe organised effortsi oPftS vvp„       „    b,    ,   k   s|ll,l|lrl    ,„,
th.-ir remarks as to the evils   whuh p|0S(_,   tJa-lH-lv
whose morals is money. B     ■'   _____
Indications grow     upon every hand     ....    ,'".„, ,     ,
pointing to an even worse .cond.tiu..1, lhe hush lire has already started
in Canada as io corporate; political !" ill,,i ll,n loCftl Rovenimtnl ofllcla s
ami business graft llmll has ever h'lVf' '!" l>»wer in expend money lo
hm. found Ift'oxlm over the bonier,l»°J' ,Il° n"" Hiai is hemg wrought,
and lire people ol this eoimlrj    will }™ spwrnmeiH will lose more by a
he    iill'i-.l    iiimii   In      fh lose  hi-lweeii' lalur'' 1,llstl '"'(' ,lun  "   Wn"',l   l!llifl '"
1   iiiploi lire wardens lo look after   lhe
icuiporaleil      town   is      now
and there shot/Id imt he a
arty end gi
ml bouesl gi
ess  im-llioils
■nie Lidger
anada will |
hel Ween
.md faiih
ihi-  peAjite    id
I  lu  Ihe einel-
uf the country   durli
Alderman .lacksoi
forelin! an onlinnnci
nl.  and  vei   acl   fall
helieves in Oil
that he has eaie
wiih lhe people,
..1    com
'■ UiPliS   'bai
niuelil.il   Uuu
md mnn
ot pouirlkeeper.
The way to make a law ellivllve ti
to enforce ll,     If II  Is a hail    <	
tin n  repeal  i<
Tin- people of Cranlirnok emphatic
caliy said hv lheir votes "l.el us g.)
ahead and make CraiihrooK the liest
town in Ue interior nf .UrUHIi Co-
liuiihia "
Political  emeigii
(range conditions
•viand seai
ii    lllif
■s bring
When lh
lal  was hroughl   t
province,   the Conservatives
wl   Ui offset   its i-iu-ci     by
telliing of the crimes of thi'   Liberals
in other mailers.     Now when    the
Conservatives   charge   ih,'    Mbcrals
with   crooked   work    on paying Immense sums to a company that   was
supposed in   stimulate   immigrat'
Duncan Itoss dc
show ing    up Mr
The Crows Nesi    Pass (
I pany,   which   is als,.   the   walei    coin
I j pan\  uf  Kernie, lias raised  the walci
II rates   in    that    town. Whal     lhc
' people should do is t.i g<i hack to the
\\ ,i t ci wagnu fni a lunl I ibiee months,
Tliat would bring lhc monopoly lo
I'imc Thev have not got a ehich on
the watei   iii lbe Klk  river as yel.
'IVic pound by-law was passed by
tinauimous vole of lhe council, and
everj alderm n is recorded as making
a motion in lhe progress of iis passage. It is a poor lime lor any one
of the aldermen to come out and
say ihal they olpposcd it, for there
never was any opposHion to the pas
sage of the by-law     that  we    know
Stand together and make a town of
used      lloih of these gentlemen   are  alderman, adopted by a big majority   KKVOTK OK K. C. SUBSIDY NOT
laboring     men, men   who wmk haul   by-laws lhat  provides for the    bor-j ASKED KOI!
hm m
whu has
peuple wiih yarns and gaeikus hav
a righl lo lie protected, ti is siu-b
men wlm make a town, because they
are honest in iheir opinions and arc
also fair in lheir conclusions. Th,'
Herald takes olY its hat to holh Mr.
Marshall and Mi. Laurie.
the llberallly   of   rowing of abwit WO.OOO im Impr
the  fact      Ihal    mciils  and   had  a chance   lo  look
Hanson's  aulo
ning pretty  sir-
g   fu|
ue day
1 Wilmer Outcrop:—Just as Tlie Outcrop is going to press the Iol lowing
| telegram is received (rom President
Pollen a! OMaua:
Ottawa, Out., May 'i, 100G.
Editor outcrop,—Your Ottawa coi'
respondent is mistaken.       Nn extension of time    lor eltaricr or subsidy
Mr. Laurie and Mr, Marshall showed   Uiat  thev   were good  citix.ens   al
the   iiivrstigation    held this morning
Is the Liberals byI-in  which  Ihev     were  the complalli-
Poster  in a      bad I anls        Ailer the matter had     been
light.     Whal should he done in   both j discussed, both ol the gentlemen said
Ihe Kaien island ileal aul. U.e inuni-   ibat thev were in favor of the    law
Die ohl storv of "Betsy we killed the I geallon niatler,  is for lho party   in  and had no complaint to make about
lM..n.-•   ' power io insist on justice being dealt | lheir horses or cattle   being   laken,
If some, corrupt   monopoly or or-1 oul and     the guilty   ones   suitor, no  but simply objV-cled    to the meibods
Before     ymi send   away to    som
cheap     .lu'.iii department house    Io
goods of anv  kind, make Inquiries a
to express fates and  Uieu go lo lb
home  inerohtnl   and   get   bis     price.
and examine     the quality of    goods. « KiMHenay Central has lieen asked
II vou do thai   and lake into    con-  I1'1-
sidcialion     the fact  that the    homo H* <-'. Pollen.
merchant    is    paving   taxes     in   the'    'l'»1'  following   letter  has  heen    re*
town,  is contributing to every   [uml  Wived from Mr. W.  A.  lialliher,  \l.
raised  for Uie advancement ol      Uie P.. In answer to a telegram senl liim
town, is doing all in his power lo " accordance wilh a motion passed
Hv the removal of .Mr Welch and! maMe Cranbrook a larger lown and & a PuWta meeting held in Wilmer,
f.,..iiv i„ t,iio Duii_. '„i\v,-,i.i„.r,iJ,ni "1,IS increase lhe value of everv Immo asking lum il a revote of tlw Koote-
family    to  the    state ol Washington   jn tho IoW[| ^^ ,)|lt ac'knowl.  nay Central  Hallway company's sub
tile Herald lost the services of Wll- edge thai the place to trade is wilh sWj' had been applied for and in-
Mc Welih, who had been with ihis of-   the home merchant. I forming him    that the citizens   were
lice for over iwo years.    During thu   ■ strongly opposod to ihe government
last  twenty-five   years we have seen   . ][ &  . ™«y tunny io hear pooiHe allowing any such ^']-
'    , „.       talk againsl a Sunday morning paper Ottawa, Apnl i.id,  umi..
many boys enter   a newspaper ofllco,   nil ;u.t,mil, o( Ull. Woik being done on (i- A. Slarke, Esq.,
ami have watched then progress and   Sunday, but   vet  arc perfecllv satis-        Wilmer, B. C,
seen them grow  to manhood.       But   fled with a  Mondav morning    paper.     l'''ai Mr. Starke,-! have your tele-
in all that time we have never known   Take the Nelson    News for Instance.   *-rr*») of ll»* 21st.    So far as I know
a hoy who was quicker to learn   his   lis Sunday morning issue   s produc- there is no revottng of Kopteimy Cm-
work'and more reliable iu performing   i*d  wjih  tiieexivplion of perhaps an   Iral  Hallway subsidy being asked,
il  Ihan was Willie Welch.     Ile    had   hom     or two ol    work prior to    12 Yours truly,
pride in bis wmk and Mt an Inter--o'clock Saturday nighl.     If it   were, W. A. (Ialliher,
est in doing what be did in the very' to change and issue a Mondav mom- rbc above letter has luvn received
best manner possible, lie developed,' ing paper, nearly everv bit'of the her*1 with great satisfaction, ami tho
um onlv as a printer, bul along other, work done would' have io be done on general Impression prevailing now is
lines as well, and wIn-ii be lelt Cran- Sunday. Thai is the difference Im- 1**1 construction of the road will lie
brook, was in our opinion one id tin;   tween ihcory and lact. continued and the road completed liv
brightest boys of fileen years that wo j   Augusl  2nd,  cm?, in     keeping with
ever knew,  ' lie  was a'heller print-!    We met  with a sad misfortune last! 'h'1 conditions ol the subsidy nel.
er     than    manv men   we have known   week.        Some   parties climbed    liir'    However, just     what  Ute K   (     l(.
who have worked al   the husiness fm   fence siirioHiuling our banana orchard   P?°P|fl w?"'  n*  wtawa  is somewhat
years,     he could    write local  items   and stole mosl ol the fruit that was"' « myslery hen1, as il was already
ahsuiutely conect a.s lo giainniai' and   ripe       II the banana orchards cannot I Wportcd  luey had applied h
cons)nieiion,  ami  whal   was    mote,   he protected    with lbe presenl police
W llie was always n Mob' geiltleumn    (one then wo say double the    men.
Within  iwo yearn time the Ims   will   The   cull uri! nl In n.is m cm |h	
Ire a full Hedged prinici   ami able    to   coinage.! bv proper protection.
earn   regulai    journeyman's     wages.) 	
Take his careei and compare ll with     The ntilomohlle face will now be a
some oilier boys in Ciiinbrook, There   eonimon Uung in Cnanhiwik
are .hoys m Crnul k wh
ij tension   of    time on     thell
which has until 11)01) In mil, and Ihe
question is asked, why should ilnv
wanl an extension of (heir elmrter
ai ibis particular time? Some l*ave
suggested (Ii.ii tbcic is an cum in
Ihe report and Ihal it is an amend
ment   to   lhe chatter      thai   is   Iielng
itbiiiii a ■ i
ihooling, without the 1
nitkes men out of hoys
o become g<«»d clthens
o the community. It
nd a sin to see bow
ovs   in    this   (own   ate
oam     lhc    streets      i
pechmns of humanity,
town yesterdny\M\m\   for.       This sol	
bis ranch litem reasonable fot ii is known an
Ijlj, | meul    is   required        In hi
wle,   wilhoul1    Pele Woods w
raining    Uial and said thai  III
and Ills Ihem is a  man  who li ,  ________________■.
ami a credit, pine tree foi  Uu lays.     Last Mon-I'haiiei  acl  prmulcs Uie mil'VC)  nlm 11
is  a   shame dav   lhe man   was  walking along  the1 "Mi "to"  Hie  laleninllonal  Bmimlnty
aome ul    lho mad and saw    N   Hansnn's automn   '"»,   whereas il     should   rend "i.^
ailowwl     to bile coming at  Rood speed.     With ft ward" the line, as lbe i.iilwai    will
is     woillil.-v. v 11   id  leiim   he  Ibiew   oil  his   shues   only   be  Iiuiii     to eonnccl   Willi     the
'«> -mtu    im and     w iii up (he trot) and is  afraid  Ctww N
to come down
Kuralnbed by Beale A Elwell,  Hrok*
Uii'IiisclVI-S ui      iheir   families        We
wish      Willie   Welch   every   prosperity
that his good work entitles trim    to,
and  hope to sic bim  wiihin a     very
slim i  time the proprietor ol a news- .,     ,      ,    „   _
papei      And  that, is where he    will «■• Cranbrook, B. C.
gol  io. lm be is made of the    right   Canadian Consolidated
kind of slulT. I Can.uliaii  (ioldftelds  	
 . | W.'Mleih Oil A  Coal  	
Planl a few trees this vear and yuu   International   Cool   A   Coke
wil'  (ed .thankful  for  it  ever   alter-  Sullivan Group     Mining Co.
ward I Nicola  Coal   Mines.  Ud	
—— [ Nicola Coal A  Coke 	
What     is Um matter     with Moyie   North Star 	
this vear1'        If Ihey intend lo ecle-   Rambler   Cariboo 	
hrale     ihev     should   he saving so.   Canadian  Marconi   	
Cranhrook wants logo there'for the   Kicky Mountain Oil     	
first  ol     July  if thev     ean get    the   Sullivan   Bonds	
chance I Oranby Oonsolidaied
Na!os:-3nfiU  North Star
,. .7
, Ji I
„ ,;i7
,. .:»
. -u_
. .-'t
As ;i revnle of lhe subsidy lur* hot
* i : n naked for it Is noi likely
Unl il will he asked (m al all, as
the present session of Parliament is
drawing to a close. In thai case
construction musl soon lie vigorously
pushed in order io lake advantage of
the subsidy amounting lo $ftft,0fl(l
Cranhrook had a strenuous day last  livan; lfilio    International   Coal
Monday.       The   people nleeted     an, Coke.
Does It   pay  to    cat, drink    and
sleep?    You have-to, that's all. Does
it- nay to advertise'.'     "Ns tlte "eat
and drinto" of husiness.       You can't
 ,'i.j  live tm sleep alone.
... 3.50 f The first requisite of successful fld-
.., .85 vertls'ing is a meritorious article:
,,.70.00 | second, confidence in its merit,   and
 18.25, third, enthusiasm.
-)000 Sul-|
A\    Don't expect a big   harvest  unless
your seed is scattered on fertile soil. THB CBAXBBOOK HEBALD
I Ladies'
I Shoes
Our ..lock ii nuw complete in Ladles' Shi.es, Ian and lllack Slipiwrs, Oxfords, Laced or Buttoned
Shoes, nude by snch well known manuluctarers as J, & T Bell, of Momreal, and l.dw... c. Burt
•I New Vork. « Ladies' Tan Slippers Iron. Si.15 to $5,00, « Laced or Buttoned Shoe* Iron, t, 00
tuSoix,.    • jo pair odd  lioes of shoes.    Regular  price  from 11,73 lu Jj.uo.   To clear,  $..15
Seed potatoes C. C. S.
0   S   Prised spent Sunday tn V<-
.I    \|,
K.u   Saie-Fn
idll-A   JoMOe
F"i real har_,un- i
dress fabrics there i
Hill  A"  Co.'s.
John Kerr, of Fori
town Saturday last.
muslins     audi
no place like
i   Haynes
n at Sirdai
.!    Ill.uk,
last with i'r
iris Chttriei
t.d   Mr
e C
visiting wilh
Ins wee*.
t Fcrnie.   spent   Sua
nbrook friends,
•I Wardner, was   u
-f days this
>k vlsitoi
nl Ward
I> A. McFaihme, nl Frank, i
town 10-day on business.
Brick ice eroam lor sour S;
dinner, phone 141. "The Palm'
Josepg Baiiihrick was token t
h*' pital to day being under
Fresh fruits, ice cream, home-modi
candies at "The Palm" phone 111
S, E. Oliver, formerly -»f Wni-dnei
| and Cranbrook, was in town ihi*.
week shaking hands wi-th old friends,
'    Qeorae Hunter earn*' up from Jat-
(rav Monday In east ins vote al Uie
eity election.
Prompl delivery of bulk and hriefc
lee cream. "The Palm," pbone 111
(korge Torilock visited Spokane
last week, and savs thai il  is & great
Curtain stretchers 12.50, C, C. s.
Oeorge Gearv, ol Fori Steele, was
registered al the Cosmopolitan Monday last
Only    tu i-ii,i*.v   work tun
fiom ..hi   dressmaklnii depai'..- .
Hill & Co
Mrs l.esin Clapp, Mn Wm Win.
I) H'Miii and Mt* Oeorge Mewl visit*
i.l F'-inif Tuesday
James a MacBaln, ... JoHroj wai
registered ai the CosmopoHtsn Uu
l.illei jiait of last week
ll.   Flayer's lug  dog
Banana Belt Weather
Now reign
pride in hi
Min- and die man with the natural
* ia busy with the rake and planting
..Ma.   We ate  taking orders  for Redding  PlanU,
Hum.   Plan)a and Hailing Haakelx far Vcrifldlhf.    Willi
veiy  liiile expunt-iQ and a little work you can have
nature's gifts in  bloom nnil sweet emeH in abundance around your own little hit
Tennis Teas
ii'fi now announced which means tennis playing,
We have Trnnis Shoes, while canvas uppers; while
rubber soles. In verv best i|uilily ClSVti Oxtsrds,
leather ioles.   children's, Mimes,. Ladles', Men's.
Q. T. R. Tea
Is suitable for
uur teas direct fr
on getting a ttnlfori
whole, well jMieketl
rich aroma.   0. T. U Tra It an sear perleii a* any lea
yuutin buy.
erv oeeasiun
iiiallty, t
1 retai
are importing
a* can depend
tlvciireil leaf.
lllllll  lllll llli.l
To display a uli-e plain lull loliuw
lon.liouiil lun.. il in ,i ,1,*, ..in |
|.ol- ill till ii/.*-. tlie.ler. Tulip
print. Iran. tic. lo 1.1 uo.
'iin.i |..'if,vi Moron
ol H'e Imvo ill,.
Crcsceai JcsIidb ii
Slapk* tiriK.rk. and Cro.ler.
Hosier*.   Craabrook. H.C.
Droning bees, sultry iiihui. a hammock pleasantly
shaded, with draws) occupant tliis ie eternal Hi-
iicHs. Wc nre in ilie eternal fitness business, Wo
provfde the hammock, you'll  have to do tbo resl
H.-iv aiv  111,
Jj oo       $,( oo        $j so       $*. oo        $5 '
$<■..,so So.oo
C. E REID & Co.
Druggists       phone 71       Stationers
Ulc Can Til Vou
llllt  With II suit
ill fliiv Price from
sir, in sin
The Leading Tailor
•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
**   X       i..  .,o  .-t.i.... n..,t  .,..1	
The lasl decree of compaii-
S' n relers to my pure bred
white Plymouth rocks. Conic
and see them and met full
particulars. Eggs for hatch*
in tor $2.00.
*%-»««t%%^««* %%-*««.**
In all styles ami colors
To mulch all colors of
buildings made on short
notice at Spokane nr Calgary prices.
Tarpolins and blanket covers made to order.
Save duly and freight
by ordering Irom
A. Grenier, Cranbrook.
$7.00 at S4.94.-C. C. S.
J, Ankers, of Jaflray, was in town
Saturday last.
D. T. Moore, of Wardner, was in
town last Saturday.
George Laurie eame up from Creston last Thursday.
C. A, Gastrin, of Klmberley, was
in lown last Monday.
Carl Kdimidt, of Fort Steele, was
at the Royal last Saturday.
Car furniture just arrived 0, 0. S.
W. Montgomery, of Wardner, was
in Mm* Metropolis lasl  Friday.
J. A. MacDonald, of Nelson was a
guest at. the Royal last Tuesday.
R. P. Taller, of New York, was
registered at Hie Royal las* Thursday.
t-i.no at $4.48.—C. C. S.
Miss .1. Mnogan, of MarysvlMo,
was a visitor in ihe city lasi Saturday.
A. T. Vroiii) ca
last Tuesday for
Mrs. A. Shello.
Wyclifle Monday i
Fred   MHctell, ol Klmberley
town    last Monday evening
up from Crcslon
day   in   tbe ol.l
lime it
t  h.-t
one night last weeh li is not
1 nown who did the work
Tom Young returned Tuesdav Irom
Mlairmoic where be has bocu taking
treatment   at   Uh1 springs
Mens shoes on sale.—C  C, s.
W. Uoodridge, of Kort Steele,
placed his autograph on ihc Cosmo*
poll tan register Sunday lasi.
Wanted—Four improvers at llill
tv Co.'s dressmaking parlors at once.
Also two apprentices
Joe Goupill, ihc popular proprietor
of Ute Manhattan hotel, Movie, visited Crnnbrook Tuesdav and'Wednesday.
Wanted— Situation by young map
. s bookkeeper, or anv other position
of trust Apply "11," Herald oflice. 7.
J. Kerrigan came in last Saturday
from the Wild Horse rood where he
has been working tor the government
with a number ol mm.
Wanted—A position for a girl in a
home where the work is not too
■heavy. Have had experience, Address "A. ll." Herald oflice.
John Leask and Thomas Turley
\islted Wild Horse Tuesday. They
reported ihc placer mines as quite
active on Ihe creek this spring.
fill pairs hoys Ihiots, sizes 11-13,
uvular    price   Sl.'di This   week
$1.35.—Reid A Vn
.1. F. I'riugle, Un. popular proprietor of the Falls View hotel al Marysville, was transacting business in Uw
city Who first of tbe wwk.
I Kor sale—six thoroughbred barred
Plymouth rock hens and one rooster;
age iwo years, Apply Kt A. C.
lhe ll.
William I-Hgglns, wh
Jalfray, was registered
lasl Saturday,
S.   ,),   Morrow came    dow
Marysvlllo    M I
next morning.
E. II. Sin,Ul |ihs moved hi
to tbo Cosmopolitan hotel wh
will live this summer.
Xo more lorn neckties Un* Lai
Collar prevents H.—Reid A Co
A. L Couzens, of the smelter
enjoyed a short vacation in thf
the latter pan of the week
Miss   Lena   Hodgson and   Mr
Reagan, of Marysville.  were    Cran
hr.Hik visitors last Friday.
Miss .1. Whitehead, of Moyie wain Ibe eiiy Friday last and register
cd at Uh' Cosmopolitan hotel,
W.flO at J3.88.—C. C. s.
George Leiteh   has returned    fron
iel hlu fdge where    he has been    toi
•vcral weeks Ior medical treat men I
Robart McNulr, who has ,k ranch in
k country, was u
nd registered at iht
fain Ii
■it tbey
Allan Munsoii, who was confined to
the St. Kugene hospital las4 week,
with lonsilitis, was able lo get mil
Saturday and has returned io Jaflray.
The men who arc dumping garbage
on ihe two empty lots opposite M,
H. King's residence will do well io
cease. Those lots are not a garbage ground.—K, V.. Simpson.
Wanted, as soon as possible, iu
Cianbrook antl throughout this section of country, a heavy rain. Nol
particular as to time nf storm, so
thai there will Im* plenty of rain.
Seed polatocs C. C. S.
The Miners ami Smoltcrmch's union
of KimlHilcy. is having ;, set of by.
laws printed at tbo Herald olllce.
This union is growing iu strength
and is composed of a line bunch of
l*ost — An envelope eontainlnj
$41.50 as follows: One live dollar
hill, six one dollar hills and two
25c. sh.-n plasters. Finder please
return to Herahl oflice and receive reward. 7
Ai Uie regular meeting "f Kev Citv
Lodge No. 12, I.O.O.F., on Monday
evening, J. Manning was elected
delegate to Uk* Grand Lodge, which
meels in Victoria next inoiiih. .1. I'.
Fink was elected alternate.
Men.s shoes on sate.-C. C. S,
Fred Small went to Steele yesterday lo look after some work on his
ranch. His pari tier, Mr. Not tbey,
has Ih-cu kept busy gelling the necessary farm implements and horses.
Tliey  will commence seeding at  once.
"Charlie" HreiK-hley left for Snake
Lake, Alberta, last Saturday, where
Iw goes to take charge ol a large
ranch at that place. Mr. Hrenehley
is an exper.ciicod hand in ibis line ol
work, hav ng lieen in business in thc
Northwest Territories for several
We do Blowet Piping, and we do
lot ol it.     We are doing it all    Min
| time, therefore, we can be depended
upon to do a satisfactory job.     We
keep     Heavy Zinc   Ball Joints    and
i Oasl  Gates iu stock, Ior this line ol
work.      Let us help vou oo.l— PAT-
V.    Itrault   and    family  left    last
'Ming   Monday for Montreal where be    will
great   reside'in the future,     Mr. Br.iiiil bas
, tw-ii     with     bis     broiler,    Joseph
Lost, a bunch ol keys, lasl  Sal in-   Bwiulfc, lhe pasl     year or two, but
day, containing two   dour keys    and   bas returned easl     to remain peruia-
Findei   please   nenllv.
|    Walking shoe J3.10.-O. C, S.
II.  V.  Amiable and IL  E   HlMhN
We    reeeh
fresh rhubarl
RUs,   toinatot
regularly in
plnacb, pea.-
lettuce — G
T    Rob
Hugh McNeil came down from
wvcliftc last Monday to vote at the
eity elect-ion and remained im-MI Wednesday
This banana weather is getting so
regulai that spring fever is a prevailing complain! in Ibis part of Uh'
Our dressmaking department is now
nn-elv undei Way, where only first-
class work will be turned out.—Hill
A Vo.
Win Uoodridge, ol Steele, was in
the metropolis the lafrtei pari of last
week and was registered ai the Cosmopolitan
Kor bargains in Indies hand hags
and purses see om w indow.-Tate A
Si I't'lers.
This  week  we  will offer our eni ire
•^Jock  of  while  ami  colored   muslins
tho my latest pailenifl and designs
at    one third of the    regutai
price-Hill .V Co , Cranhrook
several  smaller key
leave at Horn-Id offici
M    Mclnnis,  C,  ll.
M,  Agnew cairn-    up
lasi    Monday io eas
iiy election,
General   Supcri-jrtcntlcnl
McNab and .1.
from Elkmouth
voles at     the
...  They
ear. accompanied hy' T,  Marl
relumed lasl evening.
Kor Sale-Four thoroughbred Spitz
PUPS for sale at   J20 each.      Address
JJ. Pushii', care of Wentworth hotel
these dogs are a bargain.
M.fifl at   J.1.28.-C.  ('.  s.
We had to resort to the gasolene
engine for a day nr two this week
owing to a break in ib' water mains
Uiat, put our water motor out of
business for a short time.
William Welch and family left last
HpdkAflfl   and will   remain in    that I
Judge Wilson returned to-day Irom
his trip to Golden axui Wind.-nuere.
coming by th^ way ol Calgary. A
short session of thc county ctfurt was
held to-day.
Married—On Wednesday evening at
Uie Presbyterian mam*', Rev. Fortune
otlieiating, Hugh Fleming Stewart,
ol Winnipeg, and Miss Emma Lee
Hopkins, ol Lmncus, Missouri.
I. 11. Humphrey, ol NcwcasUe, N.
11., is in town the guest ot James
Ryan. Mr. Humphrey and Mr.
Ryan were boys together and had
not met unt'H yesterday for uventy-
nine years. -
Ben Murga'troyd, engineer, and
George Askey, iircnian, have been
transferrcHi to Lethbridge to lake the
new local run from Lethbridge to
Macleod. W, Grooves will be the
conductor on lhe new train.
.1. 14. McMullen, the newly appoint-
<d government agent Ior the Fernie
disiriet, is In town conferring with
Government Agent Armstrong regarding lhc division of lbe business
iu tte two districts.
Tbe Presbyterian and McMiortisi
churches will hold union services next
Sunday, owing to the absence of
Kev. Westman'. Tbe morning service
will -be held at the Methodist church
and tlie evening service at the Presbyterian church, Uev. Fortune official ing.
Hr. Green returned from fels trip to
Minnesota this morning. Mr. Hillier, who was to have been operated
upon Ior stomach trouble, found after
examination ihat he was get-ting
along nicely and ttat an operation
was not necessary, and he is in Winnipeg on his way home.
A. S. Trow and E. W. Thrall ar-
rived last week trom Wisconsin and
ill remain about a month al Ferry
Creek awaiiing tor the hydraulic
company, in which they are interested, to gel in shape for work. .1. S.
Trow, the local manager, says ibat
everything will ire ready for business
iniabout ten days or two weeks.
.Metis shoes on sa'le.—C, 0. S.
"A scrmoii for workers," wHI he
preached in tlie Baptist church next
Sunday morning by the pastor. At
night Mie suhjeel will be, "The
greatest name in history." A hearty
invitation is extended to all to attend these meetings and also the
Sunday school in the afternoon.
Special efforts are being made- to increase the number of scholars iu all
departments, particularly the bible
class. Strangers and visitors made
Mens shoes on sale.—0, C. S.
F. W. Peters, general western
In-igh't agent ol the C, P. R., was in
Uh' eity last Saturhay evening in
bis private ear, the Mimiedosa. Mr.
Peters was accompanied by E. H.
Maeklin, manager of the Winnipeg
Free Press, and Oeorge A, Merric ,
of the Merrick-Anderson company ol
Winnipeg, Mr. Peters was here for
■the purpose of conferring with a
number of thc lumbermen. Thc
party went west Sunday.
fS.Ofl at $3.48.-0. 0. S.
.Mrs, Larry Doolan has leased the
C. P. R. hotel at Sirdar aud will
refurnish t-he place and put it in the
best of condition for tbe comfort of
guests. Sirdar is most favorably
known as a health resort and Mrs.
Doolan will do all in her power to
make the hotel attractive for everyone. Already she has put up several tents with board floors and
furnished them with cots, thus giving
.a person the best chance id the world
Ior a few days outing with all tte
comforts of home.
Shoes at cost.-C. C. S.
HiR'A- Co. have made a great hit
wiih t'heir new slock of furniture,
and already they are selling to customer hen* and also cast and west
tbe entire length of tbo Crow, lt is
not always easy io sell goods, but
when 11441 A Co., buy anything they
consul! the wishes of the people and
thus make selling far easier. This is
the same with i'he furniture, thoy
have laid in a stock of just what the
jM'ople want, and tlierelore il i.s an
easy matter to dispose ot the goods,
Boys blouse suits at ball price
this 'week.—Reid & Vo.
In ihis last* of the Herald is
printed a synopsis of the by-laws
adopted by the city council ax prepared by (-ily Solicitor Thompson.
The Herald prints tl is without cost
to tbe city and Ior the iK'nefit nl th
~""       encourage Your Boy *
 i„„ „ I,.. 1
im .. uut. I,     Tli''r<-i»ii'( ;. mt.t*- ■.••r-.iM--il.lv arttrk «
...-I.ut* is io. n mil uii-h ., i.,-v I,.,,i, pieuuur*. hin.'i S
in-i.iiii  .1, .\i*4-n-.iv ni,.'   rl -'■ from .'OII..1I- 13*
hi t..ii.-r[.r..'.-i watvhM   li m".'*i"jiv- Juan nf
iMM-Wil.in.il a 1 uiu.'L.-,,.',,
Mn Wm. Oh-aiy and Mrs A C .
Bowness leave in-day for an extended
usit to' Winnipeg
Tin' smooth, pure ice cream is what i
you gei at "The I'a-tm "     Phone 111   ;
I     The    Cttlgory      Herald    says     Uiat;
",|t George   Leudlmi-tei   Is arranging   lo
engage in buslnesa m ihai town.
Reid .V (',. are --hovving sonic new j
Mil natty designs   in mens   siiiiiirn'r'
h.i Is
Mis A [' Olwnettc and Miss1
Itui.kwallci, ot Mansvillc, arc ie !
glstered at the Cosmopolitan to-ilay
It is reported that .1 ll Fink has,
poisoned I bought au interest  in a brewery
il Mooso Jaw. arrived iu lown lim
Saluixlay and took looms at lhe
Royal. Thev were joined heir by
.I.E. Amiable, ol Nelson, on Monday, and bave Iveen looking over some
properly in the districl this week.
Joseph McDonnell,    while assisting   ..... ....	
in loading a ear of cattle tbe first ol people,  so  that  residents of    Cran
tlte week had.the mosfortuiie lo   fail brook may know what laws have been
Irom the ear and was quite severely
Injured,   fracturing   three ribs.    At
present he is getting along as nicely
as could be expected under the
cu instances,
Sunday shoe $1.88.-C. 0. S.
Captain     Miller,    of   the lacrosse
team, is anxious lo get ihe   players
■line for steady work and    would
-----      **""     «•••-"     •**'.". I      I VIU     IttSl III     illlV     1171      KUUIVU)
iuowiay jor  Ellensburg,  Washington, Uk-e to have Mie 4m vs turn out inuni
where tnOy will    resMe in the future, form everv night for practice.    This
niere was a large number of friends will 1h> absolutely necessary* 4o   get
at the station to say good-bye. Mm1 team in shape for the first game
Bargains in shoes.—C, C, S. m the 21th ol lhc month..,
Tbe CUStomS Oflice has  n   I^A.ikr.nn      $4.00 at  $2.1)8.—C, V. S.
c s.
customs oflice has a telephone
a-t last, and the number is IIH. Col-     Will Sinilh, who has charge of the
lector White has been waiting for the C. P. R. station garden, has the lot
permit    from    headquarters and    as In fine shape these days.     The trees
soon as il arrived he lost no time in are leafing out nicely, and the tulips  --■   , -	
■having a phone installed.     This im- are all in bloom.     Everv dav   tbere The moral, I'll tell you right here,
provement  is Ihe result  of the    re- are many people    seen enjoying    thej       That- to (eel quite secure
quest preferred hv President Boa-Hie beauties ol Mie place, and the dav is        Vov the winter, make sure
and Secretary Roberts of   t,he hoard corning when it    will be one ol   the Of   a "Sl tishine   Furnace" in    the
ol trade and the Inspector, sights ol Cranbrook. spring ol tbe year.
For sole bv Patmore Bros*
created for lhe control of tire munic
ipalilv.     This synopsis will bo    run
,   two weeks and after that there will
ir-  be no excuse Ior anyone to say that
they are ignorant of the provisions of
I any ordinance, for there is no excuse
in the world for any one living     in
Cranbrook not to be a regular readei
of the Herald.
On a bright sunny day
You are qu'te apt to say, '
"There is no need of shingling   |usl
And you wait till the rain
Is upon you again
And then   you   "Can't work in
Now lest  I should fail
To make plain in this tale
Buys Desirable Residence
On   Armstrong   Av.nue
W.t.r and Electric Light
Stock Brokers        Cranbrook, B. C.
Wo   are   offering   this  week   n line of Ladies1
Handbags ami   Lad I b s'   ami   0 e n t s'  Purses
to clear ut greatly reduced prices, su aa to make
room   for our new stock.    These arc bargains
WM. F.  TATE &  SON ;
Official Watch Inspector forC.lMt. Crows Nest Pass DtvUIo
Pjuils th»t h»vt un
struck Cranbrook. All
shades and colors. .* J>
11 your house wants painting, iust get our prices and you will
be surprised how litfle money it takes to paint your bouse with
our paints.
rkCallum & Company
j Good Old Port \fj//d
I | inuni tlin m'4i.-iii .'in.I i|i'li|f|it/ul t.i
| |   tlu-  palate.     If   yon    would    "'-<■■
j1    The Drink of Kings      fi
In perfiiviloii, (r.i unmi ol ouroMwt      {Jb-
I | vim tr.*.
]|     A. L. McDERflOT
I,  W holennlp Winn und Spirit Merehnni       _**mT
I I  Cnii.l.iuok.   ll.C      :■     I'hoi.,-   17        |fttW"
Mr. and Mrs, ff, II. Wilson, Mrs.
Prest and.W; T, Reid left last Monday for the coast to attend the annual Motliodisl -oonfereneo at Vancouver, The party will visU Victoria. Seattle and nth-r coast points
before they return
The Crows Nest Sleam Laundry
company bai some hard luck last
week and in consequence some of tbe
work was delayed. Une ol then
machines broke down,'but tbey bave
everything in fine shape now and are
ready to give prompt attention lo all
kinds ol work. Mr Chapman, tho
manager, Is pushing things to give
the people firsl class service and he is
There will U- a special meeting of
temperance people al tho Baptist
el uieh next Sunday evening after 'he
reg iai service. Mrs. SpotTordj
the ff. C T. I . organizer lot British Columbia, will make au address.
Tliere will In- special music for the
occasion. On Monday afternoon.
May 13, a meeting (rf ttoso Irrterosted
in temperance will Ih- in-td at tbe
>Hh*r*drst church, when the annual
election nf lhe Cranhrook W. V. T.
11, will he held. Mrs. SpofToiil will
be present at Ibis meeting also.
The improvement made in tha
(Hpiipnunt of the Herald in Uh- way
of new type has evidently struck a
responsive chord in the hearts ol the.
people. For tbe past two weeks lhe
Herald's large force has been kept
busy filling orders from all parts of
the district, ami among all tin' Jobs
turned out, none have given better
satisfaction Mum those done in that
new Tiffany Upright, a late design oi
type Iree Just recelvrd liy Ibis office,
li is delicate   and chaste in appear
ance, and attractive as wt.ll, and
meets with the artistic desire of the
customer. The Herald taki-s pride- in
its job work, the men take pride in
the .work, and the eonstanl aim Is to
give Uie very best fur the money.
"That's good enough for a town the
size of Cranbrook" Is never heard in
ibis oflic Th.it is why tbo business
of the Herald is Increasing in such a
rap hi manner, During ibe past two
weeks tin- Herahl otffec baa turned
out lith bonii.l copies ol constitution
and by-laws coniaminf; seventy pages
tor thc (Md Fellow* ol Moyie, Wank
work for ihc Staples Lumber company, the Easl Kootenay Lumber
company, lho King Lumbei mills,
the Roi'iiisoit-.MiKui'/n* Luiiiber rom-
pany, the Hakei Lumber company,
the Standard Lumbei company, ihe
North Star Lumbei company, thc
Sullivan >tnvltei, tlw Crows Nm
Pass Luinlh-r company, one of thc
finest jobs of Iel ter heads ever turned out in the province for the Fink
Mercantile company, a two color card
for Beattie i^ A'tcbtsoti that ti a
gem, several orders for ladies visiting cards, large orders of stationery
for hotels In Craubrook, Marysville,
Moyie, Elko, besides a large amount*
of ordinary work for all pans of tho
district. To be able to gel work
from firms liike the:* it is necessary
to be able to cive satisfaction, and
to give salisfaetion one must have tha
type equipment, the quality of stock,
and llh* men wlm understand the art
of printing. All of these cost money,
but they bring results, ami Mutt is
what the Herald aims lor. Ir costs
over $100 a week now to meet the
pay roll of the Herald stafl, and the
teason that il has crown is on account of the material appreciation
shown by Uie people iu tlie way of
increased business. Tlie Herald proposes to phase its patrons by giving
Iiiem the best obtainable, That is
its mo Mo and it will slick to it
; through 1 hick and mm. THE   CltANKIIOOK    llfclt.vl.it
33 M»»94*M-»»M*»»»3-»MMM*•**• 3*3
(From the H">'>' I.''"'*" >
1|„.„-       I l.l    I.-i"*        •"•'I"*'1"""    "
,,,-1.-1     I,...I    I..-I.H.—.1    n I Iw*"™"1
.,,„„,„,       II,, lloyii'  I'l.l'-n.,->""•'<
, I   llll .    UH     »"*l.   ■""'  -'■I'*"*1
, ,,i„;* ,.i ii..iimi in ii..' ""Hi' -'"''"'
...v.... I.....  ii -iim*!'*-! .""i •!"; '"'"
..iiiiiii  wlm '" l'."''" '•';•"',
llnl. fm ilu- mirk '.liiiiilil I..* -""""
|,,|   t,,   II     I    I'!..'In.'     I'"*-"1' "'      "
ii,, „^,„*i.,i...ii      -nm ■•"■   -'';:;
«,»t\ ln.ll |.lai'.-rs m tl"...'
have I'.'.l "" it '' "I
|.l.,i  „i   iiru.li.i-      '
 I inn     il,M-ti.-- i'i'
imi.: It 'I'" ••■•'    I"'1'"'1
Hi, „       .Imlilil I'Ul.   "I' ■'    "
,i,  iilm-li
Mill.-In*    .1
II    , i. i.illl. u
Itlltll- i'l
I..III-      .I-*
i-vi-iiiiil;  1
I"...-.-.- were
iill'dilis iiill l»* I""" 1'" ""'" •""
..iiiiii,"lalimii       I    ..Irlillili,  Who WM
i.iii|n,i.iiil, m charge ol Ihe Trust
i»..iu.ivs affaire, Mi ui 'l.e week*!
u.i lor hi. li * rn iluu.I Porks, H.
Principal  tin
O.li.ii.iu   school
ill health lo gi,
luis   li'tiili-tni   111
uv   SiiyiU-r,   ol tlio
,.m luvn obliged liy i ul lliis
, n|i liis charge. Hel
. resignation .m.l lelt     Among   Uii*
deal to all British Columbia toi   all' N'HTll'K. .
M.i.i.ts  In tin- mini- stalf that   the,   rff_3Jai__iaS(aE'E*a£,'3raaK_'ai'EIS;d
li-ad is ilu- vital yel uni-overed   io i   Miss Mansfield will do fane? tvoe-  fi
any     silver-lead   pwpmj   "'    this  writing tor afternoon or evening el-
r.wnc.1  li.     Capt.  Ouitt    work   question, supplied, or
'-•'""  ,5-tt
Tiie properly
Armstrong, brothei uf .1 Armstrong,
it y.
mines    that will    he
typed Irom copies
lm..I  i .
,vi,Is ,, i ll In Hn '
ii   is    i,.i   ..u* "I     I'l-"*' :"
l|,,,l   if     limn il.K-.Kls ••
Unl * '-I' IUIUI'
liolllil   :       ,,l..*n  I
ll.ll.* .1
|ll,.|ll.   ii
1.1 ii-
,.,1,-1,1.,I       thi-li-
*    .,     .it,.I   llll
i,  I..
i .        m.l      Inn  r-'urrcll
.. la.   L.i   l-iJu.il
Hals. Ilillu-i is up i  frail
I,,,,,,I, ut, ,, vii.il mil. Mm-- 1'tiu.criiii
linn,  liivvuml,    allei  putting    '"
  tinn* i.ti In- [arm urui 1'rii.liiii,
l„-iil   ,i  iia;   nt   l»,,  in    .linn*     "i'1'
In. parents hel  noiii.: l.u.'h un 'hi'
,.,,„l i,, wiirli Hi lie I- ,iiiliiisi,isiii*
■ivei  Hi, uuui, |>rospn-i> ..I l-r.-s.nit,
uml  ini.'iiii      Hi, imprincn.ii.ls
■tt it on  tliere In* li.'- iiiisiin I" l«*l
lli.il ii,,\ \ fiiriliet -' ii,.until- lias
l„, „ ,,|...,n,/, t llieie .ml i* l..nn.l
un licni'lii-iiil '.. il"* ...iiiiiiiiniii
.linnet*, t'lilliplon is I'l Tsi.le.rl, t
U'lll'llllllPlll liinh, Is Itriittr, Iiuiii
across lli, .Iii.it tiift. ,is il is also ,t
11.ml Irom ili.i, >.. I'..ii Mill. I'""
Miiiini is tuul.in,; .in addition in Ills
llllll'l. \   s,.|,   11,1,   llllll,   ll. llr.       1
Mrs. IV. II ri.iwloiil recently. Maim
Krisl I.il Me has a new liuggy, nml
ivlii'n noi cngngctl in executive ditties
s|ii-o.ls liis inn, riding uver lhc country.
Hilly Mi'iiilitli ts nxlng it|i Hu* hull
ul Hi, nlil sl..,iiii,i "l_cl.ii" ami will
use it tts a .iuiui luil'gc.
llalli'l 11. l_ai.il. i.|ii'ii'.|l Hie Sloiie
l..iil„*i shop Hi, liisl iif tin. week
Iinm* Smith is In .-lii..__.»■ nl it
.1. (' Drown- w.is In lown llini-
ilai lie is now iu \ll>>-.t-_.. Inn
will return lo lloyie uexl  m-i-l.
Alts. A   I'   lliioil il-l. accompanied
In*  Iter  mothei*,     h-iiii I Thursday
from Washington, I. t'„ where she
li.ul I i tor several months
Han Mcintosh lus been laid up wilh
tli'-iiiiiutisiii fm Bome lime past and is
mow ,ti     liltiiiiniii" Inking Ireattncn
,it  tin* s|iritins.
Moti-ltiv eveuing lot    ll.uiu'.la,    San-1 worked or stripping mi' this season
kali'li-'ivan      Mi   Snyder made   many arc (lie     World's    Fair,   Tetiinist-li.
Iriends ilm ing I.U shurt stay -here and Ptarmigan,    Paradise,   Nettle   M,
liiiati-ui  .lilt   ,i i i   ims    great!)    regrel Black Diamond,    11    _., Mlchelsen'a
held   ..i.   Tn.-sl.i.   i..sii,s Ins s,t v„,s     Kll.irls are   he- and Lead Quwn.
fuici lo imiii a big in, tn.nl, to s,r a    ii.-w principal a gang of men, under tire foreman*
Ker i Mav   Ullh   n.,,,, n„. provincial normal school. In ship of Tims   Martin, went up Toby
n in*   members   presenl    tm,   m,,,,,tiun*     .li-. McNab is     in creek   on    Tm-sdav     to repair    the
\\   ll    rmil,. president of tlie    as- rlrarge ..I tin* selusd an I Hiss :;Klor-. wagon mail,     ll Is said ihe repairs
s.n-t.t.......   tendered   Ins resignation, euee Melntyre is usnlstiiq;. necessary this season are light,
whit*   was   aeeepted.     There    was     Alfred Manuel, the popular nonlface] It is reported t-tiat .1.  A. Maedon-
Irictlon betuivn Mr. Tultle and    1..   vilio intuitu*!-,    tli, Krank hotel    was aid.  K.I'..  leader nf     the opposition
Atkinson.     The tetter is vlee-presl- marricl    Simla)    evuiliig   in    Miss in the ll. I'   legislature, will arrive
ilnii   .a   the  association   .md   also Margaret   Kllen   Walsh    .m.l thereby, iu Wilmer on Saiimlav      It is    nnl
nl,-nt  ni  tlte tooiltall iiuii.     He InuigH i'i, st.ui nl a v,-i\ good   joko known whether In- comes on political
i.lisl ili.u ins i'IiiIi was noi gel-  Mi    Manuel worktsl on   in-    (.'lends, or conn business,
ting  fair play   Irom   Ibe   president, The cliarvvtiii s,s »> in l„ t.i, pi-uu I   llm     ll.iiipi     returned   last wwk
who sei-int I uuuillini; 'io call a meet- i.n medium    in    Ki.ml, nt ei1.len.-Ing  from Cranl 'k and reports   Hniisli
mc t„   t.ittfv   in.....-.)-       Altei ai-   iv  popular.!. ula    man   when   In' Columbia's   tali,     cily a     bustling
ceptlng iin-   ivslgna-tiou   noinhrations m«is marrictl     I  il boys"   ii.nl plan-     He says he saw man) >»i t-ha
loi a m-iv pivshlc.il were iii.idi.     1'   u.ng jii.iiu.,ii I., gi.e .li    Manuel    a boys wlm wenl south Irom hero and
II   tllia-l.i, and  I.   It.   likuisnii  were   ccr)     Inlgc  -i'*.l    ,:;.,         il,    wa Uuv  ate all piling up then    million.
tii.tiiniaicd   and upon   a mie   being ciigtiisuni ,.i the fUiuiti.c plaits lh.il tlcnuliaa .Luk was tit  wmk In    Hi,
laki-n   il    w.i-   Inuni     Uial   each    lull   I.... I   li.sn   I.nil.     In.mi,I.   ami   neall, Slillii.ii   mine  and  hail  nol   nnssisl a
1    votes       .It    llkitis-on,  wl.ll    was   fo,.l,.|  Hi,    inn.|in„l,,i-  liv   arranging   shift   ill      f Ii-tii      lilnlillis       .l.nK
in in, chair, ii-iiis,.i io gin- tin- nasi-   I,, iui, u„ vvi.hli.ig lake pla,,  ..' , IXiionilc, tire   lonsorcal    artist, was
uut n.ii* ami a loss-iip gave lln*   po-    ili.i  |,., I .ill _,,„,■ Itiimc *mi   'lie nlg.l doing alt*islie  tlllnining ou  a     li.uii
sitn.i, in Hi   tVhai.li      Tin* mci-lllrg   an.l lell iiii in, nt'.iluun 'i.i n wllh a hammer and    wore his usual
iln-n proceeded i" di-euss n„ hnhlliigl exicinhd liiiinymiuip nip smile       Ind all    lie    others weie
rn ., celebration  in  Kei'iiic on    H..i     CiHIn  llcl.coi|,   I Isler, formerly Ims,, lun  ,,l| Inleml in ,-ouic    hack
■lllli          lli,     ...sum,     nil.'   lllll.nl-   i.l   ll.i, l..il, li.is ,,|i,i„,l up ,oi „lliee lit again,        .III*.   Ilaupi   was all   through
1 ilv    111 laml    .iml III.')    n—ifli.-sl j III.11  iiii,   ll.tiisiille smeltei  and savs   (t
lu*    U.u     ll.n   .III),   will     bo  Is 0 veiy 1 pit-..- planl.
cclcbrn-i.d in an appropi'laie   luannei V, K. bunn at,I    wire arrived    It.
at   r.ivil.-i        ti.ilius ,,l  uiili,us hinds town    Sun-lav      evening  (Inin  S|nll,i-
wnli liliual muses ,111- being advet machene, ami ihev remained in   this
tisuii mui in ti,, eiining there will he vlclnitv (01 soverntl ilays,    Mr, Dunn
a grand ii.iii has   tss-n Ims,     repairing the ,t'l.
Tli.'    I.ieinsse    lims  tin-  ptaclielng   graph and  teleph.  lines and  itislti
regularly  Hies, dais.     T'liorc    have minis ami reports ilieui nil now
luui  several  new  tn,n  laken on  the fnst-elass condition,     He also run a
team anil Hi, lin's expeel to he ip a telephone line    and pel  iu   several
condition tn make .1 rn-iliialile show- phones along  .he big flumo for   .lie
ing againsl  Clatilnook on llle llllll. Columbia   Itivel*  Lumber  Po,,    which
.1    II    llillei,   manager (or   lite   I', will la- a greal convenience In case ol
Burps cf.nipi.pl  lit-* pasl .ear iii ibis accident vvvuii ib-v start to run their
dislriel,   has lieen    tiaiisieiriii     tu foes down their tliimc.
iinotlici charge ,u„l mil reave sjioi'll) The   No. d creek ranchers held    a
(01   British ('nluiulii.i.     lie will    he public meeting lasl  week and fiii'iiicd
siieeissli.l hi  U.-iirg,- W. Kerr     who a game protective association.      II
comes Iron, itn* lliiss|ani| hrrtpolt   ot Oaleson was elcctwl president and  -i
the business Mel'ullough seeielary-lreasurcr.
E.   Ili-i
, Was ll
K   llm
nil Hie I.edgei
1,   III,  1*1.llllll
llisiieting luisti
llltty     In   lake
ink*    drug
ess  ill    till
from Spo
a pusit-liu
Mis, vi, s. Keay ictuliifd fron
lallnnlltnii S.ilttl day morning, wlien
.sli,   lias   been    listtiitg    fur    sotm
.1)01. tils.
M, Mi-limes iimi t'liitiili* came ii
iinm Calgitty Sniiiiiliii morning aim
lelt im llu'li liiiin, iii Klkmiiulli in
the evening.
Al „ meeting nl Hie Kofi si.sde
li.iai'tl of 11 inlo held on Ute 2111
prox.  a   ii'siiliitinti  was  itiiaiiimiiusli
pas-ii-il* In  l.il-nl nl  On- Clllislruction n
ibe Kiioliiiii) Central i.iilwtit. 01
tin. original chnrlcreil route ami ,
slrong t'liiuiiiiiii'i'   ,i|'|i.,ii,n*.| in    ib.
wliali-vi-t   1n.11   In* 1 nl  in-i-essal*)
seillle Hi, id.Jl-.tl       Tin* plesillcill .
1 mini
nf   I11.nl,
Hi,  i'i
I,    HIM I*
V I' rinnelle, lb, lintel I,
Miny.svilln, tvas sbakillg ham
Ins*' Kt'l'llie ft ii nils Thut.sii,11
rhi'in-iii- lepi.tts nverylhltij
iei.    Iliint'lsliliig    condition
sllli-llel   eily.
Uui llaiullei Wl lor the
Mi.nil.ii wilb s.'i li,-ad nl Inns.
In- purchased al Gateway.
Ilamllcy will tliive lbe horses nul
Ihrnugh lire Pass, following Hm railway, ami thence on north ni  Catgar)
lilmie In- L'XpecIs In disiinse of Ilieui
C, li licNnb, mnimger nf ilu
[Inker Lumber company, ('rows Nest
Landing, wus in Um cilv Tuesday.
Bernard Haiilml. nrclillcci nntl en
giimel, ot Chicago, is in Um _ily in
d.u f.u tb, purpiise ..I preparing plans
tm*   ilm new*   brewery    uf   Hm Porl
Sleele Brewing 1 1 1, which will
lm buill ibis summer. Mr. Bnrlbcl
tnul-i-s ii special!! nf breweries ami
cold storage plan'ls ami has dune tin
class n( wurk- all over tin- Unllci
Slales and Canada,
Th lice siiiffni ilm Conl company
iiinvi-:l inin tim magnificent new
.iili.e buihling last Saturday, Thi
is nn, nf llm finesl buildings of il
1,1ml in ilm Interior ol British Cu
liiinbin .uui js niimtiiibiv adapted for
Um us, lm wbieb il is intruded. It
I- tlm Intention of lbe ciuiipaiiy 1
snd Ute niniiiuls and make driveway
.md walks, ami ninn completed will
e nf pride to tbe fill/cm
nl  Ken
Mis   Kershaw, accompanied by her
 Hrer,   arrived   yesterday morning
from s.ui Frnticlsro. Mis'. Kershaw
says Um reports .,1 lire Son Francisco disaster nave nut [men cxaggera-ted
in Hi, news reporls. Tli, Iwo nights
Iiilliili lug tlm i'.iilbi|ii!,|,e Ihey wen
obliged in sleep nn tbe ground in one
nf Hm parks, vuib onii- ibe blankets
ib,i* carried Iiom limit* I m     Mrs
hi'tsb.iii bus some Interesting relies
which were laken Irom the ruins   ol
llmir      place  ,ill,r     111,    (lfo,   among
others a .silver     teapol    winch    she
Imillgbl   Iinm   l.twliiinl.
Fcrnie Lodge, lvniB*liis of Pythias,
iimi I,.is sitiimi, ni membership t., en
nil'* I'   i"   nm representatives    tn
"m  gin' Ue Al   lbe  lueetiim
Imld lust ii,,i,,i.,,- wmiM, IV. IV
Tuul,, I', a, was elected as repre-
soniui.ne, 1I1, olher delegate being .1
|.'li*isi*lii„iii,, I' c .|*|„, B|.nm| |(K|R(,
will    niis-l     nl   \.i„,,i     ,„   11,,. S||,
insi A s.|ii,s.ii|in,„i i„, u.e rellel
btiiilii-r ktiigbt.. in s,,ii Francisco,
was laken up tuul a substantial sum
t'-nli/.u'l. which will ut once be ror-
iiiiidi.i in sun Francisco.
(Krom the Kernie Free Press.)
Ibelllselics     inlo  .,    milium lee along
wiih ,1 representative limn i-.u'b 'I'd'
I,, 1,1111   I belt   plans  iiiI.i ill.r!
Hugh   11    Klant.  of   HnssLinl,
il a unanimous call in Knoij
church, Fcrnie. at a meet ing held at
ibe   church on   Wednesday   evening.
rim mis-ling was presided over by
Kev. Vi. It. lluss. liiv. Mi. White-
man vvas alsu nomillplisl, and upon a
vole being liikin Ml. (iuiui was dc-
elali'tl elci'lcil. A motion Was l||ell
carried making the call unuiilniou.
Aimtliet 11,,,1 mn w,,s i.iiileii lu wbieb
lbe clMHCll  pliilgiil  llsclf  10  glte  Mi.
(it-ami a nioffi'M) salary of t|. - .md
a flee inalise.
A quiet liiil very Inleresl Ing welding look plan, al Ui, Cat-hollo
i-buieii on Mon.inv morning at »
o'clock, Um principles being Mr.
lluis A. Klaimi ami Miss Josephine
Ityan. Kev. Palper Tavernicr per-
formed the ceremony in the presence
■ if a lew liiiininii* friiiids. M|ss J-;na
Iviikpalnek iii-led as bridesmaid ami
llr. .lames McLean was groomsman
A very pretty aud s-lyljsb wi'lidillg
look place al Clirist t-JinrHi on Mon
dav evening at s o'clock, when -Mt
llm hurt (i. Loekliarl and Miss Iluiu
McHuiiiey were uiiii.nl in marriage
I'he ceremony, which wns performed
i.y Hev. E. 'II. Hiiillcll, M.A., was
witnessed hv a large number
iiiiil guests, who lilled lbe elnucli to
ih, doors.
Farrell St Hader will havo their
new bold open for husiness next
week nl Pinclter Station.
Tbe licnvy steel which the ('. P. It.
is laying on the Crows Nest branch
is viiihin lour miles of Pincher
Station nn the cast, and is approaching HU Hie rale nt a 11110- a day. This
settles thc report of llu- road being
changed Irom its presenl location.
II. L. Kiiink passed through from
Butte mi his way to Frank yesterday.
It is said In- will increase liie output
nf Hie Frank mines in 2,r,n(i i,m*-
Vi, s. Ke.iv. customs collector, uexl
week will move bis nllice inlu the L.
T   Vi   blink Ile lias secured     Un
three corner rooms ou tin* secmid
door lot* this purpose.
Tin* Klk Hirer club closed its doors
lusl night. The club was tint u
financial success. Tin- closing nf tliis
elub will In* welcomed by Uie hotels
wlm  pui a license   for carrying   mi
'luii   business.
Mrs. .lolm llalliip, ol Klkn, wife nl
Hn* c, p I',, section foreman, liied
sinlibnlv on Tuesday from compile!.
timis following i-liHil-liii-Ui. A
spis-iiil liitin Wins soul to Fernie and
Hi. Ilnuiii.II 11,'in ilnwi, bm ims nm
bit.'    In    save Imr   life.       The   round
nip ol ovei 111 miles was made in In
tniiitiies. Much sympathy is [ciit, iiu
Hi, bereaved husband and lire live
little motherless children,
Mr. Me.iii.ui'll. ol Wardner, occupied  Knox clilt'n-li pulpit  lasl     Sull-
A carload nl slwllinm. Valued .11
11.nun each were broitghl in on lbe
(i. S II. 1111 IV.-.ltmsd.n .mil were
seiil ilnwii lu Cl-niilironk.
Miss Walker, nf'Cianlirnnk, arrived
mi Ui*;lii,s.-|;iv evening lo ussist tb,*
Isispllal sttiii during Miss MrKnr-
linie's illness.
A sixth room was- added to    lb,
Pernio public school aPler the Kastot
liuuliiili.       Miss   .lintel    HeLend,     oi
Viiiict.uver, is |.lic new teacher. Miss
McLcnd's room is largely made up ni
children fiom Miss Itamsev's overcrowded classes, thus relieving the
conges!..! condition oi Ihal room. The
school is imw well graded in tb. good
Messrs. W. Ilnlliiinii ami .1. |, Me*
Donald had an exciting experience
last Sunday, some miles down ihu
Klk. They wore mi a lishing exiicili-
tlon and attempted lu cross Un
liver in an old scow. Tbe curreit
proved loo strong and lhe boat was
carried rapidly down the stream. It
slruek a log jam and Mr. McDonald
lumped. Hy swimming lm managed
10 reach ihc shore, .Mr. Hoffman,
wbo stayed witb ibe boat. Jumped as
'he boat approached another nun and
he escaped  without a (lucking.
(From Tire Frank Paper.)
The movemeni toward incorporating has cryslalizcd and Monday even,
mg uexl will deckle whether Hie village ol Frank i.s l.i 'be erected inlo a
lown or not. Pursuant 10 the ac-
lion taken al Uu- regular ratepayer,
mooting in the early pari of the
month, when a resolution favoring |n-
eorpofation was adopted, Overseer
Parmer lias called a special ratepayers meeting to lake official ac
lion on the ques linn, Tlie meeting
will Ih' Itebl al Iho oflice of (he Union
Hank Monday evening of next week
at 7,30 o'clock. A resolution
authorizing the overscor lo proceed
tu secure incorporation as a town
will then be presented and lhe rale
pa yets asked to vole on it.
li. T. Bislinp, Harry Pilling and
(tlatlslonc Bolshaw made lie trip to
lbe top of T'urile mountain Sunday
and obtained some line photographs.
They found no change in the condition ot tbe lop of the mountain.
It. p. Cornish, formerly with tho
Bullish American Trust companv, at
Vancouver, arrived in Coleman' last
week lo lake (lie management, of the
local branch nl the Trust company
The family of Mr. Cornish aeeompa-
'-' a 1 '"'" ol the executive com-  in,.| |„M, i„,| ,-,,, addition lo the bank
llmsl was' duly a|iiiiii*nled special
gamo warden to sc that the law is
strictly enforced in future as regards
fish and all other game. Tie while
men .is welt as Indians will have tn
be very carelul in luture as lbe
ranchers are aroused ami mean to
spare none.
(From the Outcrop.)
.Iml^e Wilson will bold a special
session ol Hu* county court in ihe
Wilmer enuti Ihiiisu' no Saturday,
May rnli, ■
On Monday Hie steamer Ptarmigan
left (inldei, on her Inst trip (or the
season. She lilnti'lit a load oi Ireighl
as lar as Kpillliiaohene and returned
to Golden. Yesterday sin' started
up river again ami is expected 1,,
reach Wilmer to-night.
' It is   staled thai    chief Engineer
Bluck js   coming   over the K. c. B. , , 	
survey line -ivHfi Hie clue! en-ineer ? ,a,'l"re '" "'!,'■■"'>'.• lhc following
"i th, company lhat js now working !* .'"! commit it*,.. Dr. Taylor, Dr.
ivn the eonsiiNelion ,,l Hie first lu ?,••'''<'■ T5<™asn K'»R. ••£'•> "■
miles. Il is said Hmy will closely c""'<1""' ***S (m,r<ii\ E' sauhorn.
examine lbe wmk in he done a I the •'-«'«•"••'.••■ 'he copim ">J-.\nl' «!«
way In I'.nial Kla-I. assistance of the people uf Gulden
Ou Monday two horses swain
across Windermere lake, from IV. It
(W»l's pasture nn Hm wesl side
around Um end ..[ the long point  nl       ,   ,
Canterbury ami lapdoil lust north ,,[ f™1 Ms hm '""""« llls """«''rf'"s
lbe fenie diviilinK ('has   l'i,ilwrig"lll's  "!;.!'"':    „ . ,    . -, ,,..,,
and  B.  Mmigrau's rauelii-s   the   ills    , 1l,ns; ,'-l"'*v ""J   *"'    ,"'  l*"'1'1*
iuiui'    being in   ih, imigbliiiibm 1*   '.-'V,   ™™ ,u|'theii'   resWotii-o     in
iw,, iniins Golden, Mt   Caret liavltig li.s>n Irans-
11 j. ,,,.'..,   1,1,  -    ,„   ,1   , ,,     fcrii-il iu one nf tire pushers here.
osrAu in -In..- This ,,..>,,, v his ffiP "'''t^'T ftllm^ " 1flftW|' ffi
noi hmi wo,k.,| fo, more limn    iii!   i1.'11.      ,,l,s ,s .P.roMyJianl on    old
(Krom the Uolden Star.)
Oolilm's annual vacv meeting will
Ik- held on Monday anil Tuesday, Aug,
30 and 21. It will In* a success, us
the committee who has lhe program
in charge was never known to mnki
delermilied to make   this year's meel
the hest ever held in the mivrior.
W.   v   Wells, ti.ti.V.,   atriral    m
Golden Saturday last ninl s|>cni scv-
tilC     fill-1    T ||_lT    jt    |s   |
'■sl   new
■ lusl   think ol it, he
tart i:
had for
pany owning this    mine ha
|hml ahoiii half u million ilevelopln
ihis camp lias I'?;" "' S|I""J|   "is l"''"'''"'1 '"   v":-
iig day.    The cum    ""
Capl. Ciinlile. Vi. Stevenson ami ,1.
™(|i' G.    f-tlock,   have gone   mil   lo    the
h    a. v.*.,   |.e,..       | 'eea,  est ?   """Il ",rk "' lta SpHlmacheno  river
hopes 11,.* eiunpaiii  will n.m b,  (in •   1'!' '1 "';'r '""*   ""ior l'1"' gi'i'latic'' "f
1 "'"  '"   "Ml>   II. G. Low.  the eminent guide    and
They expeel to be gono u
more and iheir chances for
a batch  ni i,is game    arc
Lasl     week      ,||, biggest  deal     1,1   ""' ',','
Him  Mirnugh n,     Nortii Kast  Kooie-
na)   was elnseil,   wln'll   III   C,  Pet nan
munttgi-i ut ilm 1'aii.iili.n,  tleiai    Co.'
 i,in,,    smellers     ,i     k, ,'„i    ,i .."'  ,!*   n""'''.    man'agcr   nl      lhe
I'il.'i   Uai    bmileil lhe (lliinl    »r 'nia.ii-*.-mine, wlm has been visiting
"f I'hns. ei,, ,,'       smi *      -hem '"s ?H *">""' '"    ^i'1'1*""' ami also
ihe sum o      im  un ' ,  "            '". I"'"'"- «>' (W«est in PTssiern Canada,
lease ,„,  il fm   li u'.',!      Tie       ,' ll'u"""1   '"  Ooldon  on  Tuesdav   lasl
■na.   In- laken up ,.| ' .,',» ,  !...  TJ, »nd '"j,1 vcsn-nluy morning per iteam-
dovolop Ill  is s,,   el' i'l   I. ft  s Pl'     m«t"tlP"l   '<"'    «'il"'"*       Mr.
rw .ires i',,*k it  Ire ei,'ri-'i 1",'"''' '"i"--"1 llis 1"'"''"v Immensely.
lii'i'iusli    iml      ,,,*',,,         li Mi*s   hnll0r  ■''"If  wils™   h'll   ves-
"wtmi    ' co c , ,;    „■"win, "     '"*'"il*V '"'" n:ilm<"' ,n   ""W • silii"«
eanaein ,,( *.,ii, , ,",       ,   ',, , '    "' IIb'   fnunl-y   court ,,|  thai ,,„inl.
sh.ilili    ,1   or „,.,,,'..,. inreil    I l.l.-. |s Ills honor's lirst   visit   In  the
'"'"« •" '" '"'•" He    mine, wbieb  Windermere iHsltiet.
a.ensl.un uiili. |„ aijout n week Ihe mosl dangerous part of th,. Kicking llorso
river will be dyked.    On account,  nl
tual   la- o|ietiiti-|  a
No cash bus been paid down as Villi
fin   none,  taking    ibe
hrond lien thai lire i. mlr, ,,,,„.,    ,   V,      "'"' "^ <1yk.il.     On aeeninit,   ol
THK success of pasttf
depends upon the
flour. Bread and pastry
inust I..; more than merely appetising; they must
be *holesome, digestible,
The flour depends
upon the wheat and the
way it ia milled.
Royal Household Flour
i. nude from spring
wheat only. It is milled
by the newest and best
machinery. It is purified
by electricity.
Use it and you get
bread not only light, crisp
and appetising, but also
*hulesome,Uigestible and
Vou will better your
baking by buying Ogil-
vie's Royal Household
Flour from your grocer.
•jllvle Fltur Wilt C* IM.
Noliee is hereby given that 1 iu-
ttinl to apply lo the Honorable
Cbiel Commissioner ol Lands ami
Works and to ilu- Assistant Com-
missioin-r ol Lands antl Works for
tht- district ol Kast Kootenay lur a
license to prospect Ior coal and
petroleum on Mie following described
land, siuiau- on North-Mas I Michel
Creek, about seven miles north ol the
Canadian I'.initr railroad, and lying
wesl ol the iMiliines group and noiili
ul ihe Crows Nest hiss Coal com*
pttliy's land, liein^ just nuiih und
a.ijaiviiL lo llutleilielil's in id Maltin's
claims,  whose  hteli-ses ale  2,IHU   and
i,nun respectively, thoni
I. Coiiimi'liriiii*, at a post planted
one link- nol lli o| the nuilh-easl ihii
net ol V. I., lliillerfield's elaim, till
same being the inill.it pnsl ol M.u
Ilia Corner's claim and maikitl  Mat
ilia Comer's north*east eornei
IhwiM he chains, west, thence «»
chains south, thence hu olialns east
llience m> chains north to place o
■begbming, contalultoj about u 10
.Martha Corner, Locator,
A.   lv  Wayland,   Agent.
3, Commencing at a post nlanted
al lhe north-east cuinci ol Mai lha
Comer's claim, the same being thu
initial post of W. J. Demorest's
claim and marked W.  J.  Demotust's
north-west coracr, thence su chains
easi, thonce 8U chains south, thenco
so chains west, thenee mi chaius
north to place ol beginning, containing  about tiiu acres.
W.  J,  Dcmorest, Locator,
W. E. Wayland, Agent.
3. Commencing at a post planted
al the north-west corner ol W. J.
Demorest's claim, the same being the
initial post oi T. J. Demorest's
claim, and marked T. J. Demorest's
soulh-west coiner, thenci; Uii chains
iust, thenco 80 chains north, thence
■SO chains west, thenee SO chains
south to place of beginning, containing about 610 acres.
T, J. Demurest, Locator,
A, E. Wayland, Agent.
4. Commencing at a post planted
at T. J. Demorest's south-west curlier, the same being the initial post
Of Kmily Corner's claim and marked
Kmily Cornel's south-east corner,
thence 80 cliaius west, ihence 80
chains north, thence 8U cliains easl.
thence 80 cliaius south to place of
'freghming, containing about 6 in
Kmilv Coiner, Locator,
A.   K.  Wayland,  Agent.
5. Commencing at a post one
mile north of Kmily Corner's northwest cornor, the" same being the
initial post ul ,1. ll, Hemphill's
claim and marked ■!. II. Hemphill's
north-wesl coiner, thence 80 chains
south, Ihence 80 chains east, tltence
SU chains nortii, thence SO chains
west to, place of beginning, containing ahout  640 acres.
.1. H. Hemphill, Locator,
A. E. Wayland, Agent,
fi. Commencing al a pust plantetl
at .1. II. Hemphill's north-west corner, the same being the Initial post
of 1'. 0. Hohlcn's claim ami marked
R. (i. Belden's sun Hi-wesl corner,
thenee 80 chains east, thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chains west,
thence 80 chains south to place nf
beginning, containing about (MO
II. 0. Belden, Locator,
W. E. Wayland, Agent.
7. Commencing nt a post planted
about one mile west ol a point about
two miles north ol IL (i. Belden's
north-west corner, llie same being
the initial post ol A. E. tt'avland's
claim and marked A. E, Way land's
north-west corner, ihence 8u chains
east, thenco 80 chains south, thence
80 chains west, thence 80 chains
north to place of beginning, containing ahout fi-!0 acres.
A. K. Wayland, Locator.
8. Commencing at a post planted
nl E. A. Way-land's north.west corner, the same being the initial post
of A. C, Homphill's claim and marked A, C. Hemphill's north-ease corner, thenee 80 chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains east,
thenee 80 chains north, to place of
beginning, containing about 610
A. C. Hemphill, Locator,
A. E, Wayland, Kgcnt.
fl. Commencing ai a post planted
at A. F,'Hemphill's north-east corner, the same being the initial post
of F. W. Hemphill's claim and marked F. W, Hemphill's south-east corner, thence 80 chains north, thence
80 chains west, thenco 80 ohains
south, thence 80 chains east, to
place of beginning, containing about
(HO acres.
F.  W.   Hemphill, Loeator,
A. E. Wayland, Agent,
10. Commencing at a post plantetl
at F. W. Hemphill's south-east corner, the same being the Initial post
of II K. Belden's claim and maiked
B. E. Boldcn's south-west corner,
thenee 80 chains ninth, thenee 80
chains east, thence 80 chains BO tith,
thence 80 chains west to place o( beginning, containing about 1140 acres.
B, E,   Hidden, Loeator.
A. E. Wayland, Agent.
I _r
jj Om- force pump, two turnings
ill feel in .viilth.
I \ Two itln-tn trtmt office ilinirs.    i
1 I
j.j One ii tout i.ilii-i' window.
j'l Din1 Ul fool piilviiui'iwl iron |
&     chimin-) top.
AN nm:,,ml lili.in.   Apply
|    F. L SIMPSON, I
Herald Office
U .     I        ■ '     ' .    1      :'"
•H^-hH-W-1-M-M-H-W-W-I- ■
: Cranbrook   Foun-:
dry and
::Machine Shop:
;; Mckimion & Johnston
S>niJ|i»ii ul ttc|ulmjua_i lur dlipuul ot Mil*
erall on Oomlslon lands Is   MiiIIoIm.
Ih: Northwest Territories aad ihe Vskoi
(n.ii   iiiui Uiutis tuny ue niimnsml Ml I •
iii*ii' lor sort .-".il iiiiii f.i) for in iiint.'ii.-    N t
wore than -• Hratowtbtiaeaiitiwl ny on* in
.i.. rn..,i. rn i'.'Iuimii.. Ki.>iitiy ut in.- uile uf
ton rttlU (iitIoii of -Vim -unu.**., shall tit-.'"ll.'.'l*
cl nn il.t*Kro»isoiilpiit,
Uuaru.  ivr-oii- ot elsbtnn jwut umi one
iimi joint slivk Quiap-tttt- li ililiiii. Ii''1   itiitit-r-
it iiiiu-.iu-s iniij oiiimiii'iito rn. atnbdbi i...-i»
A Iii'i'iniin-r't ci-flillt-uli' is i mult*.i   for .um
or i >wrf,UM*xondiiM Ihe, upon )...>■ mfnt
i itih.uii-t' oi IT.eU.Hil iiumiiii for un nml. l.Uiai
uud I.- rn Mu in ftita uw .nii.iiiii for u eotapany
a iron IHII..-I. i!.oinii discovered mineral  u
plaee, in.i>   .mui,- a .iiuii. iDuuxtouu ii'i't by
in.it ii out il.i- s.ui ii! wm. in,, legdj posU, lie.tr-
mt: I...Ml imi ii"lin"ioiit-(u furl, .nil on On-  line
..I lh.* I.t.it-->r vi'in.
I In-   .l.llli. -mill lit) ny. if l.-.l   iiiililii   hilt.,ii
ll,l>i   If   i   i.llnl   lllllllll  ll-n   lllll,'-,   ol   i,   lllll.llltf
ph..u.l.is''Iiiii* .-im .nl.iiinni.il .lm iillnHe.l lor
iiiulli-o Mill,-,..i rr.i.ti"!.     Hi*' tv*
Wt- are prepared to
iiii ull kinds ..I iv
IMltr wurk lliJI\.V llllll
■' fight, iiiuku castings,
11        turn shafts, ele.
;; Scientific    MurseshoeinK   a
i iit.if-il fi.li * T..!..f..*-*-*-*-*--*■ l__i___LJ_J
1  I  I  I  t  I   I  1  1  I   I   I  I™1   l~t^  i~   i
Al ii
i  it..-
iiMiiiuiitti i.'i-ol.i.-r In
Ul ii v\\ I'll or
..lll.l   n^iiliriii. in-,
hi. mil-.
■ i hj iin- Mlnlal
t or
ulUia BUUlaltihiM iwi
i<- iiiKoii I. iiil.iiy.i
III    liHJUII.II. sll.Ill   |0.
ult) ,.t ll..- mli* of ."■
lUubRIUHl III*'  N.  W
IV.II|..|>      1 lu.i-1   1).
mifei s.|ii.u.*,  .-uu.
A. W. McVittie
H. H. McVittie
(ieneral Anc.it
4 ,
...     .. 4
Dominion and Provin- J
cial   Land  Surveyor. 4
TIMBER, MINE   and !
CRANB!*»0K,   IJ.   C. {
Pete's Barber Shop
Has removed Irom the Wentworth
hotel to nest dour to A. 0, Bow*
ness' and opposite new bank building. I invite everybody. My wmk
will give satisfaction, First-class
barber shop.
P. J. Leithauser, Hgr.
MHaao gmbhjmQhJ
13- €dgar Davis |
Pnrnace, Boiler, Range,
A nml Fireplace wurk t. special- i
v v
4 ly. I
9 9
^*        All descriptions "f stone. Y
X work undertaken. 1 Inlers lefl
A at
Ij!       .1. D, MoBRIDE'S        |
y will rceit-ve prompt attention, o
± Phono 11
"O.ilvlw*. Bowk fur ■ Conk,"
ii. ui tui its 1_0 |ufes ol' .1eell.111
reeipw, .onie ne.cr publf.hed bo-
t'er«. Vour .rijeer etn UU you
Geo. R. I.eask & Co
Our work is our advertisement, hut we
put this ml in the Hemhljto
emphaslzo it.
Near Lower irniHtroiiy Avoilll
Tnke notice that two ninnlhs after
date I intend to applv to tbe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission lo pnrohnnn the following described lands in South Easl
CommonolnR at n pnlnl marked
"James Ryan's north-oast coiner
post," planted al the soutli-onsl corner of Lot 3007, Group 1, tbence
south five chains, more or less, <1o
the norlh bank of St. Marys river,
thence westerly lollowlng lbe said
north hank of St. Marys river fill
chains, more or less, to the southeast coiner of Lot flC07, Oioup 1,
thenee northerly along thc easterly
Hmlt of said Lot f!.ili7, fifteen chains,
more or less, to thr southerly limit
of said Lot 20117, thcuce easterly
along the southerly limit, of said Lot
2.'I07, elghly chains, more or less, to
the place of beginning, containing 77
acres, more or less.
_ , , James Ryan.
Dated at Cranbrook,     R. C, this!
30th day of April, I90C. 6-0t
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days  alter date  we  inleml   to apply
to tlw ctiiei Commissioner ol Lamls
and Works at Victoria, for a special
license to cul antl carry away timber from "0 the  following (Inscribed
lands in South   Kast   Koolcnay;
Commencing at n post plantetl nt
the BOUth.oast comer or the liiti.
('ailer limil, license No. liMI, thence
dinning Ml chains east; thence Min
n ng t4ti chains north, thonco running
mi chains west, thenco running kii
chains south to point or commencement.
Dated this DM) day "f April, A.I).,
II. II. Ross,
Jos. Vi. Koss.        :i 51
Notico is hereby given that thirty
days alter date we intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lamls
and Works at Victoria, tor a special
license to cut and fairy away limber from oil the following desciilied
lands in South Kasl, Kootenay;
Commencing at. a post, pl.i-nii-d at
tbe north-east comer nf the tit*),
Carter limil., license No. .mil, thence
running 8(1 chains cast, thenco running Wl chains norih, thence running
80 chains west, thence running KI)
cbains .south to point of commencement.
Mated this 0Lit day of April, A.M.,
H. H. Ross,
Jos. VI. Ross. S-5t      '
Hi-io,-iii of   M.u
ttpllDU tlm  \ nk.h
lll'llOII Ol lilt'  Mil
ni;ln IftCOIlQuod I
.■ liiiin ..in-  It..!-.'
 ) —A
"N   .-I   llm
I-.. H'in-«-
II'  Mttkui
■ ll,.-.:'.'   tll
..-,*l IU 1.1.
tm ....ili-.teil ou tin- ..ni i".i .li.i'l it uxcei
il.i) I.
Mn ilu- Yukon Terrll
us fu.li   mu)  lu- u
i term ut tweni) yo
e'irlulil is i-iiiiiiii.-ii
i 11-.uri
. a live.
. renew
' -uI'Iiicil;
.uw  Millet
lll.l. h. t lllll iniilll'l.il..  10 ll.- IIM'il I'}    III.   UOSltlOU
iiii 111.- Im <l.i\ uf August ill il.e I i-u. of tilt- iluu*
ut Uie lease,
lne leAteu ilmll lime oue
iiiiiiiu two years in
,.U<'UifilKi lur eai-n iut' ii'ilrt rtii.Uu sis y'fitrH
trulii Mi.'li .lalf. Ut-iiutl, llutl per mlu- i.u nist
ear, mid si" p*-r mite foreaoli subsfli|iientywtr,
tiyanj nine us plmei- mtuinu
I'liteerfMlnlUg m Uo- \ likon ten limy, rn-i-k.
ul.'li, ilii-raii.i inli Uiiiiiis, sit.ul nol exaeeu '~*i
-.-I in Ii-iikUi, iiieiiMin-il mi ilie 1mm.- Iiiii- ni
i'IihmiI uii.-i'iiiiii iii tin: oiit-K or mii.ii. Uie
:>!!...- ii. n>.in : in-., l.i l'.inm* feet. AP nliier
Ihi ei I'litiins -.linil ot. -tin f.-.'i sun ne
i liim.s.iii- iimrkfil hy two .ega. pusti, oa e a
tii-ii run, lii'unii). iniili-en     hull") um-a lit* "b-
llllt'll Wl l.lll   l.'U .lit.*., ll   tin'    .',,lllll   is   iin luu
I 111:
.ma ruouriiar
:   t-.H'li   iUllIll
oil] t-t
one it\uis
Len ml es or
i elaim mnsi
erson oroonipany ataMi
lu'i.i ii lift.- imuer's ct-iUtU'ute.
1 lu- discoverer ui a MOW mine u entitled to a
Claim or l.Wii leel lu ivuulli. mn) it Uie i'..rty
consists of two, I,SOU letl nllojeliei, ou tne uui-
l.lltul ttlllull no ioy.il!> -.mil, lie t'lmrgWl, lh»
ii-sl ul lne j.itity uiUJiiary > luiuis only.
iiuii tee #10.   K.iy.iii) ai ii..-i.iu-ni in., ami
"III-  . -.111' I't'l   I'.lll  ullltll'  IUl.it'tll  111'-    h'""'    'lilt*
I..'i fr.'iu llm ViiMitl leitiloiy tobe onid to tue
i oiuptroller.
No free miner ulmii receive a .rr.uit ut mu e
in..ii ui.'- mum... I'luiiii on each s.'.'.u.it.' roer
i-i .-eh oi■ gulcll, mil tlie sume miner may iini.l
III)) IHillloer ol cluiius liy plirclnuei mul free
iiuii''!- may work tlieir .limns lu iiiiiiuerslun liy
11 Iluu mun''- itmi pui nm lee of |& A 1'iaiiu
mny ue liitml-.ii.-il, uti.l uuui tiiu- ohtuiuetl m, tnti
same creek, kuIi'Ii ur river, i.y giving imueeUtit
jmyliiK a lee.
».'iK musl lie iluiu* nn u claim e_.ii year tu
tin- value oiut ifii-i i.-iti.
A I'i'iiiik'Hte tlmt work liiisl.i>**n .lime tit ml tie
..I. u.u.'.i .-inli ji'ttr. If mn, im- claitn hliull be
deemed to iieuii..uiiiiiit>u,Hud open tooct'iipHtiuu
anil eiury hy it Ir»-t- liilnei.
Tne lnniiitliirieiiiif it elaim may heil.'llneil ub.
solut. ly hy liaviug a' sin u*y in.nle ami puhlUtuuH
notices m tlie Vukou Official U *■
Uuds hi
, tli.
L|iiiro|ulittt'il   Domltiloii
' Niiithnu.-it   leiilinrlea
uiiiiiu iiu- Yukon Territory uri* oin-it u*
prospeotlng foi I'l-iiuu-iiiii, ana tin* iuii.i-.ier
uiu) iI'si'iti- rm an niillvhluul or eouipaiiy Imv-
■ iih iiNii-liiuiTy on tin- iuiui lu he i-r.i-.jie, letl, an
area ol u*'acres. SimiiU ilie |iu.pi*eior <Us-
OuVCr oi. in [..nlm: ijti.nitiiii-s, mul sulislaeiorlty
esiulili-ti mieli iliscovety. an are.i nut <-\ceetlltig
'iluu-res, iltelmllliK tile oil well uml   sil.-li other
lumi as may be determined, mil he -.oni io tint
illsioverei ill llle rule of fl.OO an ai-i.-, snlij.-ei
loruyulty utsuull rule as may he s|niillleii by
I leputv ol tlie Minister of ihe I ute
I ie Hi, Interior.
picking a Horse
lor a particular purpose is easy for
us, Because we have them lor nil
kinds of use. Naturally our
i.s far superior to that of tbe burnt
which has to cart coal during ilia
week and carry his owner to a funeral
tin Sunday. If Santa Chins saw our
horses ho would ponslon on his old
reindeers, chop up his old sleigh ami
biro a rig from us. You should tlo thu
same when you require the services of
a horso and carriage for any purpose,
Especially as our scale id charges
makes ft really cheap transit,
The Hfliulley Livery Sin Met
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old slmcs made new.   All kind;
uf repairing.   Hive me a call.
Livery *£
Teams and driven lumfaheil tor my
point In the ili.trlcl.
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
Therefore, to read
. .The..
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yetvr
$1.00 For Six Months
Herald PublishingCo.
F. C. SIMPSON, Manager
I Seven Years Ago $
? in Cranbrook -M at 3
*«•«_■ e-ee.-ceccetecfr «*«*•*#»
ii..;. rn.  member
Metropolitan   Opera coinpair
mvejrtiices   for    Kort   Stcvli
.nm one rig  drove by Curly   Brown
mi'i    with    dw.ist.'i WltiU-   g
down Hn* half-way hill, Un- driver
u.i thrown out and Um team lashed
..ii wub ii. helpless load (loth
iiiii- wero dragging and when the
burxes reuohed tbe bcooihI hill two of
Hn- l.id..-*, Miss Millard ai..I Miss
Coll.'. were thrown mil on lhe rocky
toad ll 'he h.oi .if ihe QVfi mih*
hill  ..ur ot  'h.* nnr.   hi  WlP 'lis'   *e.1t
njececded *tti grabbing 'in- rein i and
polling tbo beam Into a sidc-
hill, where In* stopped them. .Miss
Millard bad one .um broken aiid Mu.
Colbj had several ribs broken and a
.cut.' goah on l»r forehead, Other
occupant a ol    'lie buggy  were badl)
-.hal.it. up. Hi-, Kw.ii, *i*d-_U:._uUi:
were *uittmotiod and alter rendering
all possible aid lo rhe injured ones
ihej wen' taken lo the Foil Sierlo
It.is,piial. A t last accounts hoth
ladies were recovering rapidly.
£       INTKKKSTINti   ITEMS.        ;
A Scotch iu-wspa|»er, refertin;* lo
the dcaifh ol Has Mavonnen, states
thai he was* undoubtedly a Scois-
li, and thai hi., it'al name u.i<
MacKinnon, j
A s-plcndwl oak table which wo*
formerly the Communion table in ihe
parish church at (ioudhursi, Kent, is
now used in flic taproom ol a local
The itible soelel) distributed GOO
Japanese testaments to tic officers
ana men • u u.e lyo Maru, an Iwui
before ,'dte Jt-ft the London docks.
The official (la/eiie announces I
appointment of il. E. Ilea ttie, ol
t 'ran.irook and of A. B. (irace, ' of
Foi t S-teeie, as members ol ihe license commission, under ihe provisions of the act passed at the last
session which places the-grant of
liquor llocnsos under the hoard. The
appointments are good ones and will
in.ci wilh lhe approval of everyone
in the districl.
Messrs. A. II. Clements, A. it
Lulls, F. .1. Squires and .lames Nce-
lu-nd, more familiarly known as the
mayor's brother', the gentlemen who
eame over Irom Nelson to assist iu
ihe work oi installing au Odd Fellows lodge in the city last Tuesday
made many Iriends during ilieir brief
stay in Cranbrook., who long will remember lhe visitors as might) good
representatives of a first-class town.
Cranhrook always lias a cordial welcome for getitilemen .if thai son.
Messrs.   Highy    ai
came over from Fo
on a brief   vis-it.
stdd tlieir hilt
t Van Arsilal-eii
i Steele1 Friday
Although they
est iii the Hig
one    ol
Chief, tbey look upon i
lhe biggest- propositions in Kast
Koolenay. Mr. Highy shited that
four assays were taken on ordinary
looking rock, taken iron four different pluces, showed values as foi*
lows $10.95, $__5.ti;i, tliiti, M-19.57.
Tliat is pretty g.Md evidence of a
The merchant,s ot Cranbrook are
considering the subject of early elns-
iiu; a custom thai prevails in most
of Hie leading towns iu llritish Co*
luiiitiia during ilu- summer months.
li all iiuiie in iht- movement, ii
Would .seem to he a step in lhe right
direction, sluee it would give both
the employers and ihe clerks and opportunily io -get out during bhe long
pleasant evenings, wilhoul effecting
in lhe least iheir volume nf busluoss.
A mooting will probably be held iu a
shori iiuie io tnke action on t-he mattei  one way or Hie other.
l.asi Tuosdaj evening Kev Citv
Lodge No. li. 1. 0, 0, F., was Instituted in iliis ciiy and twenty-two
new mrmlH'rs were Initiated, The
lodge will stan oul wiih a complete
membership of aboui fifty members,
which mates it one of thfl si longest
lodges In the province. District
De.egn.tc Lon, assisted bv Messrs.
Clements, Squires and Neelands, all
of Nelson, haul charge of the work.
The following officers were installed:
It. E. Beattio, N. 0.; F, K. Simpson,
V 0,; Fred Ha/en, Secretary; .Joseph Mitchell, Treasurer.
Mill, nf Hill A Co., li
ii from bis brother,
of West Kootenay.
The spring Ihis year is as backward
s an average candidate fnr iniiia-
lou Into a secret order.
The Herald oilier is gott-lng so
man. Chinese laundry buildings
around its [dace of business that we
are considering the advisability of
put ling in a few fonts of Chinese
lype and starling a Celestial edition.
The provincial library in the Free
Reading Room, Watts block, is free
lo all and contains one hundred volumes, all new, on the following
topics, viz: Social science, natural
donee, useful arts, literature, do-
rip Hon and traced, fiction, juvenile
books, biography and history, by
some of t-he best authors of th*** day.
Any resident of Cranbrooi. or vicinity is entitled to the loan ot these
books as lung as such person complies with the rules, having (irsl
signed the agreement, which w-lM be
presented hy t-he librarian, Below
are a few of tltfl rules to be complied
Books must lie bandied with care
und leaves must not be turned down
Two volumes may lie drawn by euch
reader and retained for two weeks.
Tlw fine of live cents shall he paid
for each book kept over time, and
no books shall be lent to any ohe
to whom books or an unpaid fine or
fines are charged.
A reader desiring a book not at the
time in Uie case may bave it reserved for him for forty-eight hours after its return by giving notice to the
A reader returning a book, which
is not reserved may renew it for
two weeks.
in addition to this library the room
is supplied with the leading newspapers from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, also magazines and periodical! s.
.Mi. Abel IJuiehcllfto, a veteran
chartist and journalist, lus died   at
lloimlirih, near iiunis..). [le wa.-.
etglit/y-foui years old, and had boon a
journalist lot  sixty  )LA1 t.
All the land in tbo parish of At.
Injieale (L'oUrtty Limerick J lus hi-eu
pmciiascd undei the Utah Laml Act.
uays the "irish Independent," woi
noi a single Undloid is hn   there,
A verdict of "Death fiom sell-
privation" was returned al Hie inquest al   Eating ou James  .Newman,
who starved to -death although there
was plenty of food m lhc ho USD, ami
lie had ill iu his pocket.
A woman who applied for advice at
lbe OhiswiCk l'olice court said that
after .she bad lived m a Itous
fifty-four years llie landlord had
given her a week's notice lo move,
As she had no agreeiueiii, she was
told ihat sin* would have to go.
The Derby Board of (luardiaus has
passed a resolution, by twenty votot
t*i nineteen, in favor o'i female reliov-
ing ollieers. Ono member Bald Mint
wore would soon be "lady policemen
and lady scavengers."
"1 knew you were Scotch by the
way you gave evidence," said Mr.
Trout-heck, the London coroner, io &
witness the olher day. "Scotch
people generally give bet, tor and
clearer evidence ihan Knglisli
The Bishop ol Snuthwark dedicated
a new Roman Catholic church al
Dover ihe oMier day. The new edifice is parity hewn nut ol the chalk
elilTs, the. internal decoration being
an eract copy of that cairied oui by
the early Christians in the catacombs; nf Rome.
An interesting discovery has been
made aboard Nelson's flagship, ibe
Victory. Kor years il has been
thought that only fnur iil-pnuudcrs
on tbe middle deck remained of the
rigiiiai armament. But recent
documentary examination hy Cbiel
Gunner. Berry lias revealed proof that
eight 3'2-poundcrs, still standing ou
the lower deck, also formed pari ot
Nelson's battery of 101 gnus, laken
inlo action al Trafalgar.
"Ten o'clock in the afternoon" Is
ihe lime to w^liich polling booths are
to be kept open if Air. Dickinson's
bill becomes law.
Coder a bill of Mr. John Ward, the
Labor M. P., it Is tn be au offence if
an emoloyer makes K a condition
that, bis men shall cease io he members nt a trade uninn of benefit society
While superintending, shunting
operations smne distance east of.
Voker Station, William Alorison, ihe
North British Railway station master, was killed by a train.
Tbo Glasgow magistrates recommend the corporation to adopt bylaws 'limit'iog' lb-, time when ice
cream shops may be kept open to ibe
hours between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Hy his Wilt, a pauper, whn recently
died at the Wes tbury I Wll t sh i re)
workhouse, lef-r his eat to ibe King
of Spain as a wedding present,
The Braille Printing company, of
Edinburgh, has brought out hooks for
the blind made of thin aluminum
sheets instead of paper, embossed in
the usual manner.
.Mr. Andrew I>ees, who for oyer
Miirty years was employes! in Messrs.
Wm. Robert* A Co.'s mill, Oala-
sbiels, was presented by a few friends
with an albert and seal on tlie occasion of bis departure for Canada.
A nun who applied at the North
lx>ndon police court for a certificate
exempting his child from vaccination
said that he had conscientious objcc
Hon to vaccination, because he had a
relative whose wooded teg and humped back resulted from it.
Workmen ad West Lavington (Wilt
shire) who were looking over some
thatch taken from tbe roof of a
cottage, found a rusty canister containing twenty-five sovereigns, bear
ing tbe. dale Wis, which were valued
by the. batik at 33s. each.
One of the most interesting men
Fairlie bas produced, Mr. David
Boyd, tbe mosl. noted of makers of
toy boats has just died there, aged
eighty-three. It is sixty years since
Ih* began making toy boats for ihe
Glasgow fancy goods warehouses, and
since then be has turned nut tens of
thousands of them.
The death has taken plaee In Glasgow of Rev. Alexander Hislop. MJ...
1). D., professor of pastoral theology
and Christian ethics in the United
Free Church callege, Glasgow. From;
Mie parish school of bis native townf
of Karlston, Berwickshire, where he
was born in 1811. Dr. Hislop proceeded to tbe University of Glasgow, where he had a distioguisbed
 ♦      .- ■
Golden Star:—Work is rapkWv going ahead along the!line of the K. C.
R,, where an Immense army of men
i.s now employed. The contractors
are pushing tbe work   with all pos-
-lames Arnold received ihe following letter Irom I.. S Murdock, for
merly a clerk in Reid A Co.'s store,
in which is told that gentleman's ex
pcriencc with Mm earthquake:
Martinet, Calif.,
April 111,  19mt
.las. Am Id, Cranbrook, it. Ci
Friend .lame.-,;—The '.lines comes
round again for the renewal ol my
accident policy. Enclosed lind P, 0,
oider f.»r |Ki.OO,   amount ol renewal hundred
fci policy B383?6. Vou will no thence west sixty ifib) chains, thenc*
U..UI.I bave learned the particulars ol ;>,'ul'tl ''h*1 hundred and twenty il_.j
i:ie ieini.iv caithqmuc we exptr- ^f'rJS lht' Etacc "' '"'-""''"S ,
Kneed me al u.u    ytwlerdaj town    .l'*  fJSS""BS?«J;1 ■ 1"v,t   P1**^
vm lbe damage dtx* to*property ana t^LT1^ A Cameroon
lbe  tarn oi lite ii    wmotSre stu- fifiLi6?1*!    T 1,.:IUT, "or,h
Noilce thirty days after date I Intend to apply to tlie Clue! Coiiiiiiis-
sioner of Lauds and Works Iut a
special license to tui and cany away
trtntrei from ihe   following described
lands in St.uih  Kast  Koolenay, B.C.;
1.1) i 'umuit'iieiiig at a post placed
al the iturt-h-WCKl loinct ol A. Caui-
eion's limbec license, ihence vvefft
fortj i mi chains, ihence north one
huinlted and sixty (lUOj chains, ihencs
east tori j ilti) chains, tbence soutli
one hundred and sixty (1B0J chains to
tbe place nl beginning,
{'ii Commencing at a post placed
at the north-west corner ol A. Cameron's timber license, thence east su-
*y (tiO) chains,     ihence   norih    onu
and     twentv      0'iti,  chains,
on to icii
'Frisco at
i om  paper.
poitdous,    i need uol
jou oi ihc tires iagin
.iu- present moment
wiii give you a moro
iban i can.    itut enough nwtd w
sa)    thai   t'.i'le   l.*,  SCaiCCtJ   a bUltdlltg
in the ijiisiiu'.ss porl ion oi'*Jri>cn Mi ,,)(
standing, lhe water mains were
M.iKcu in ilie upheaval anil thus cut -
mi uom water supply—they are help-,
less. IVo suiiend ttere, nut comparing il wnh tlte citj, we are lucky. I
i.ne bju.ic burned here and DUO store
c.ugbi iun, imi the latter was lor-
ii.nait-ly tMut^uislnd. Tliere isn't a
eouipteco store or brick building in
the place. Tops, corners, suits,
.ue down, in taol almost ut to rp-
uu Id, i am sleeping m an old two-
storey building, Was awakuud hy
ilie bed iryiug to buck me our, bui.
being used t<> "buckers" 1 stayed
oiiiu the water pitcher turned Upside down in my boots, then I decided it was time lo gel up and shut
lho Hung oh. All this time it kept
..citing worse and tlu* out building
commcue.-,l rocking like a frco in the
wind, J finally dccWcd lb "got oui
on Hie
—    ou#
hundred and sixty iltlOj cliains, thenci
ivi'ii i"i*.  | in j chains, thenoe .-.outu
one hundu-d ami   sixty (ltfOj chaiui,
,   tliencc cast i"i'\ iiui cbains, to ihc
,'onccl report    hiV 0, hi.,*llt.[IL.K
y .1 McVittie.
Dated   this  ;u.   \a\   of   Maroh,
.mim:i:.\L act.
I Form V.)
CKRT1F1C v IK     m-      IMPItOVE-
Taki* notice tlmt  1, Thus, T.
 -_  o    Vitlie,   V,   M.   C,   No.   BTSiTS,
if, MiiuMng 1 might as well  for j-Vauk    Williams, F.    M
'<n toji ii anj   top tlu'iv was going
  . No,
B787-10, (in, kalim.i.i. F. M. 0, No.
bo. So 1 Maggcici to Mie ridge B737M and Waller Van Arsda-ten,
board and the scene trom Micro was j1'1""' Miner's Certificate, Eo B737&6,
certainly a "stlrrbnj" oue. Tbe mtoud, sixty dtiy__ from dat« ;ieiwf,
trees were shaking as if some giani ,1' ap|Hj io the Mining Recorder ior
had sought lo uproot them, ihe a Certificate ot Improvements, lot
houses danoeil and swayed, the chim- ,i;'' purpose of obtaining a Crowe
neys all took, a tumble to ibemsolves, Giant of the above claim,
women scri-aiiiiil, in fact it is some- *^Itl' further take notice t-hat ao
thing so weird 1*1! not si-on forget. Hon, under sect-ion 37, must he com-
The ihiug lasted about a mlnuto and mewed before the issuance of such
nf course when tinislKd I dried nut Certdflcate of Improvements.
my bonis and aflei taking a survey Dated ibis 38Hi day of Mard,, A.D.
of the root, I climbed baeK into  the IMS. l-lOt"
roost.    The bed which usually stands
square In tbo room was turned   par-	
(daily around,  the dicssei  was moved
oui  about a foot  from Ilie wall, and 	
tbings     were    generally     deranged. ■
Finally, ihe cry of "lire' was heard Notice is hereby giver. Ibat thirty
and nf course then it was time to days after date we Intend to spply
get out and try lo be of some use.        to the Chief Commissioner of    Laadi
However, as l said   before, we   es-   and Works for a special license lo cut
capnl the lire    demon,  most luckily,   and carry away timber fiom '.lit fol-
Vou will be surprised, no    doubt,   lowing described lands ir. Souib Easi
io barn that our mutual friend, Jim-   Kootenay:
my Eraser, was in 'Frisco through (1) Commencing at a post planted
ihe burning and earthquake. He at the S. W. corner of timber _lotas*
came up to see me to-day and starts No. 1,573, tbence west 80 cbains,
lo-nigbt for the easl. He escaped thence north 80 chains, tbence east
wit-hoiil a scratch, nm ai the same SO chains, tbence south 60 chains to
time feej.8 as if ho has had a suf- the place ot beginning, cootatoiD't
iieiein-y of lbe Paclllc coast. Now, tiiu a>res, more or less,
friend .lim, 1 must cut out and turn (Jl) Commencing at a post planted
in. Am sleeping just the same, The ai tbe S. W, comer of timber I teens*
first night 1 was tbo only one nut of No. 6574, thence west 80 chain*,
a dozen who would sleep here. A tbence north 80 chains, tbence east TO
nice little .shock came :i lia t night, but chains, tbence south SO chains, to th*
onlv felt lo ine like a "high daddy" place of beginning, containing 6*4
and" lent enchant-meni to my dream, acres, more or less.
My kindest regards to Tommy and f_3 > Commencing at a post planted
your brother Sid when ynu write or at tbe S", W. corner of license No.
see him. Kindest personal regards 8576, thence we^t SO chains, tbeoca
ami wishes, north 80    chain?,   thence   east     SO
Vnur old friend, chains, thence south 80 chains to the
L. S. Murdock, place ot beginning,   containing    610
Marline/., Calif,  acres, more or less.
  I    il)   Commencing at a post plaLted
NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.       one mile west of the S. W, comer ot
——— timber license No. tin'.t, ihence wen
Sealed tenders   addressed io     tho 40 chains, tbence   north lfiO chains,
undersigned and marked "Tenders fot   ihence east  10   clains, tbence south
Station   Building,     Fernie," wiil be   160 chains, To tbe plaee of bflginaiflg,
received up to loK   May 21st, ]%fi,  containing 610 acres,
for the erection, completion, and de- .Joseph Whitehead Ross,
livery   of frame station building    at Hales Kingston Ross.
Fernie, B. 0. Plans, specifications Located the 15th day of Marcii,
and copies of proposals can be seen   i<.nfi. *_-$!
on application to Division Engineer,
Calgary, or Resident Engineer, ('ran*'
brook. !
The company reserves the right to
reject any or all tenders.
N. E. Brooks,
Division Engineer, c.P.R.
Calgary, May 7th, 1906. 7-2t
Sixty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands awl Works 10 purchase the following described lands sinuate in
South Kast Kootenay, B. c.
Commencing at a post at thp S.
E. corner lot -0-17, group I, ilwncc
north 80 chains, thenee east 10
chains, ibenOo south Drfi chains,
tbence west 20 chaius, thence north
-0 chains, thenee west 20 chains to
the plaee of beginning', containing 860
acres, moro or less.
Dated this 8tb dav of May, I'Ji'ti.
7-!R* ' Roy C, Myers.
Siitj days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Chief Commissionei ot
Lands and Works at Victoria, B.C.,
lot permission to purchase the following land*; in Snuih Kast Kootenay, B, C:
Commencing at  a post  planted at  8.20 an
the N.  K. corner of lot 2i*fi8, group rjau ^ ^.
Effective, Sunday, Jan. 31st, following changes in passenger iuia
sehedflie: No. 3 leaves Rextord 10.4*
a.m.; Bonners Ferry 1.80 p.m.; «
rive Spokane 5.40 p.m.; leave I.M
p.m.; Adrian 9.-10 p.m.; Pacifi*
Avenue 5.10 a.m.; Everett 5.40 a.m.;
Seattle 7.00 a.m.
No. 1 leaves Rexford LOO a.m.;
Bonners Ferry 3.30 a.m.; arrtv*
Spokane 7.00 a.m., irmi 7.15 a.m.;
Adrian 10.30 a.m., Wenatcbee WO*
p.m.; Paolflfl Avenue 6,45 p.m.; connecting with No. 272. Everevt (LM
p.m.;'arrive Seattle 7 30 p.m.
No,  2  no  change.
No. 4 leaves   Seattle   8 00    am.;
Everett    sn-   a.m.; Pacific  Aveau*
Wenatehee 8.03 p.m.; Ad-
1, thence tweniv chains wesi/ thence '""' "•• pm':Bft"iM   SP°T **
twenty chains'norih, tbence forty P-mii u*a^e 8-4lJ P-W-J Bonners
chains west, thews sirty ohains Kerry 12.25 am; Rexford 5.02 a.m.;
north, thenee sixty cliains easi.l No, 260 leaves Rexford 6.20 a.m.
tbence forty chains south, Uience | connecting with No. 4 Swift too 7.34
_ly ehains east, tbence forty ohains a.m.; arrive Fernie 8.00 a.m
The room is nicely furnished and is ■ sible' speoJT Material Is "arriving by
a comfortable plate to spend your: every tmln, white men are continual-
spare moments, aud is not run by, ly streaming out to tbe scene ol
nor in tbe interest ol any church, operaMons. It is said -thai work
party, or clfque. Everybody wgU'wtM be carried on throughout the
oome. Remeniber tbe place swond summer «M possibly ftll ,nert winter,
floor, Watts block, over Mighton's Tbe oamps along the trade present a
tobacco store, Baker street. , Uwely tight.
south,  thence sixiy   chains  west
place of   commencement,    containing
CIO acres, more or less.
John F. Adams, Locator.
D-vfol..April 17tb, 1906. 5-51
Take notice t-hat the partnership
■heretofore existing between the
undersigned, Robert Johnson and
Paul llandley, as hotel keepers in
the town ol Marysville, under the
firm name of Robert Johnson, has
tbis day been dissolved by mutual
oonseut. The business in luture will
bo oarried on by tbe said Paul Hand-
ley in bis own name, who assunjes all
the liabilities of the said partnership, and to whom all debts due and
owing to tbe said partnership shall
be paid.
Dated this 7th day of April, A. D.
Robert Johnson,
Paul  Hand ley
O. H   Thompson 5-4t
Nn. 849 leaves Kernle 10.00 p.h.j
Swinton 10.2b p.m.; Rexford 12.44
a.m.;-    conne oting  wiih   number -l.
Through sleeping can. operated W
tween Spokane and Fernie. U.aatjkt
fare between Spokane and Ftrm*
12.00. 1
Kernle lo Vancouver 23 hours and
46 minutes, connection being mad*
with No. 272 at Pacific Av«U*.
Extra local trains Nos. 265 and 26<
will be operated between Spokin*
and 1/eavenworth, leaving Spokibt
4.00 p.m.; Wenatehee 10.50 p.A.;
Wenatehee 12.03 a.m.; Spokane 8.W
a.m. Buffet sleeping cars will b*
operated between Spokane and Leavenworth, trains Nos. 265 and %4a:
also extra train between Seattle and
Skvkomlsh, leaving Seattle 6.30 p.m;
Everett 8.10 p.m.; Pacific Avenu*
8.15 p.m.; Skykomish 10.20 p.01.
Returning leave Skvkomlsh 6.00 a.m.:
Pacific Avenue 8.09 a.m.; Everett
8.23 a.m.; Seattle 10.00 a.m. Local
train being operated between Bon-
n«rs Ferry and Spokant will bs witfc
4iimi THK   CHASl.KOOk   IHCliALU
o i- r TENDERS m■■mutm. FATHER   C0CC0L0   BACK
l\i;  lliilll-. TUNNEL | 	
Scaled    (widen,   addressed lo    tbe   III*:   TELLS   AN     IKTERESTINU
undersigned will in* received until ttj       sruitv he Till*: NORTII-
..'ikn'k iiik.m « Thursday, May loth.
I'lin,   i,.i     enlarging   Moyie Tunnel. I
Contractor    to    fuiiiKii    all plant,
labor, etc.     The ooitipauy to estah      F...I,-.   Coccolo,     tho    missionary
lish an operator at Tunnel.    Further I priest,    who   establisl'«l    ""'    sl
iuiui in.iii..ii m.iv In* lia.l ni  the   "1 | ].;„,,,.,„. _iissii.il. aii'l Is beloved by aii
ii i il"' Remdenl   Engineer, Cran- him   relumed on   Tuosday
brook.     Tenders musl  be submitted! »"" k
mi printed  imnis furnished liy     tti
uompany. The rompany will not be
bound in aecepl Iho lowest oi any
II   V   I'l UK'Kit.
i:.-i.Ili.i Engineer,
i. u Cranbrooi., II. •'
«« **-* <<•_-»-»-*-. *->*t *•*♦»♦-»•»•»
-*. *.i *f
know him, i-
iiu* will*, ui il"' ""Uii  and was
., i,.,i und i-nlliiisia-iii I"  I"*- man.
Iriends and admirers ni this '.•«"   II
will   In-  H'llll'llllli'li.l   Uml    lln'"'      '>■'*
.,    rumor last     uinii'i    lo Uio eltect
iiiii tin* pries, lia.I titi'ii k.Hiil in ll"'
,,,,'nli a ".un   were uv.-rJoy.--l    to
Nam  llial   llii'iv  .vim  I""«  '"  the
.i.iii-iin ui      Speutciu. ,ii llu-    ii'lum
mil ,u,,i    -i.ii ti ti- in    Uuu roimtry,
il„-i  i'i
II  1
um ▼
.;, I mil m-ii iiii   um l.ilii
9 ih,- station      .Mill  lunl'I
••- nil!   „.|1   Iill I.    ,il..ni*  ali'l
"* I.imiiin.          I'lilT    'I''""
£    iii tl   iiul    hell.-.   .
."• |l ,..    uill   In       ill                          ■'.
1       I'ull     .    "*.   - I
i _**».-	
"II     »,,III,   flu    llll
1   H.i.w...   norlh   I    Inr
l Sii nl" Hmiii-.-   uurtl. .-   Inp
R. N. FINCH -* CO.
IN.CCTIONCfl Phon.132
Taylor Safe
t.   l.W.li.1
s.ep   i.i.a.iuiri
Liiililein.   All i
nearly new,
II lm   Willi lillllll
F.J. Bradley & Co.
A Six Roomed Cottage
In liisl i*lass repair, two l"ln,
s-tiilil.- and linn liniist-, on ono
nl lho lunst attractive .streets
mi  linker lllll, lacing St. .lo-
.l.pll , t'llTli. Hi-asimaW.. piiCO
.m.l   I..U,Mill.*   Iriiim
Fred    Dumont
and m-ii .1-
slaii.l ulral
lll.il I nail., I   ml!   nl...
Hi,- .'nasi iii Pranl.ru
mils 1
.1, the
.11    In
li.Ulul    ,*,,|,lm   .*.!
seeing im*   aii"
i I   .In  tml   un,lil
i-  Ol'lgill   In   llu*  tlllllnl
iii tin' luiiuii-lnins, • i
;l„     l',,.i..il„iui.   Ill   Ul.'
,i*s   nl       lln"  llnl l|l    li   il   IS       ,
llttvilig  liil   nn   In*...I'l ''I-    HI
i's lake curl,   in I*. Iiiii.ii i    mil
thi-re are three    good hotels.     There
i; -jd-Aj a met ho^iUl. which, though
small,  would Im* a crwHt  to a larger;.
I..wn 1      loinid -jnvsell       there
amiii-sfmV own'lttlc manv of:  the  ALL   TllRKi;   UK THK    BY-LAWS
old timers ol  'Kootenay are looted! ARK ADOPTED ti\  BIG
there, allei having made a little for-       a MAJORITIES
lime m  the  Klondike ■ ■
I   .un   sou* to    *av the tiran.d     The election lasl    Monday resulted
Trunk Paclflc vvill pass i long    way   h) .the election of V.  Hyde Baker .is
im i
ben i
mli    nl    ila/ill
linimlii's    mil    In' iu
 ch uiilt il nisiili* world.
* llh-l    IHn     li.-i-kt-     ■.PHI.      Ill      llll
IH'iglllH.1 1   nl   Ha
I..  H..I.H..-.  Itopiug  In  It'aili    Sltiart
lake In*     il"' breaking np ol    lho
iiu, wliu I recelwd a l-elegram imm
mn iiisiii,|, calling mi' down in ilm
Coasl mi in.- inl nl May. Already
ilu* ii-i- uas changing in colon and
consistency. 'I'ln* Indians ilwniKlit il
m.l satr tn nn lii   iiii- lakes, and  nn
-lain   slinm    l-liloUgh III'-     i inlaim*
iimii.i bri.fi iiii* loo laie     Tliey ad-
list-tl   tin-   In   t,-llllt.   In   . I../.-I l.ili        nil
,.„,*. si„„s ami i.. descend 11"
ski*, ii.i iii a i-aiinf     Si, ,,ii I started
.t-.lin   lm    ll.l/rlli.ll.   lllll   llll   liliellllin
iiiui* nn ii*.' iun* iii bad shape, so
lia.ll.   *»'uH>1l      lli.H   I   mlllil siaiivll
-iaiiii mi in.-in Aii companion*, ii
m.i iripplnl -.. liad, were plaj.il oul,
\,i,-sai, usl vie linl m lake It hei,
tlie ip us iiuiii- iiiat  ih.- iiuii- Minim-
I et   l'lnn-Miit   uas ....   Ii.i*   Hav   > *       I
I kl'l.l   |ia!l.nil.    Wlllllttg   i'l   In*'      'la.
1 I..W
i ih.- steamer mnde In." appcruncc
11  III   lllllll f..lll   ■ llSNCIlgCl'S,   i.l,.I      nn
hei I ». ni i.. I'oi'l E-Mlnglrl., nh-.-re
I uai plrkxl up in il..- i-iiiii*..-s
lli-aiiuv an.l il..- I i   linil tended
li   Van nitll'l* "
l-'alll, i   I'ni'i'i...  mil   t, mail) alinitl
'eli .litis iii:,| lh.1l lillllll <n Hi'
I'n,ml  at..I  Irr il,* ll s  ili-lnir.l.nis inr
i'i11li.-i work      I mil Ilini lie uill 	
.mm »li Hut ||i' is I" n-i "11. I" ll"'
 Hi in   iml
alderman to succeed James iluu. resigned, In* a majority ,.f ill ovei A.
McCowan, Tin- total vote nn aldermen Wus 833.    Tin* vote Has a-   I.il
.. 'Jn
.'t'l'lll.li  I'.l.'I'Hl.O
do everything in
the cartage line
Perry« Tifzgerald
•Telephone 63
Lnal week iinideiiHHoiiie
trouble, 1ml everyiliing
■ ti nil right now. We
Imve installed N E W
got everything in tdiape
fur   good    work,     (lur
-I inltv  is   S II I It T
'Don't lie afraid to entrust ut- with the finest
of woollen fabrich, as
wi* have the best of facl-
Htles for washing and
preserving tin" original
softness of tho lesion*,
Crows Nest Steam
Laundry Co.
ami     as
hat I. io ilii'iii, Itoiving
made my way in llie Pacific. Lit
mt- tell vmi Uiftt Uu- Indians of thc
1, ,nh mi- noi> so bad as ihey are
|iii*iiiri-il by wnur lourlsls u» the
roiitlaiv   1   fotllld   ' lielil   vei y   grateful
for lhe liltle good that t may li
done t-o them, bodily, hy attending
ilii'in in sickness or ut'cidcnts a.s Hiel
ihysirian, or jjitelleclually as theii
adviser, and spiritually as their mis
"And what would I say of t'ie few
whiles   thai   I   eame  in  rontai't   with
Thev would nol let me he in wanl
id what tliey li.ul ul their disposal
especially Hie managers of the Hudson's    llay     posts,     Kcaltered    all
Hiroigb Uial country. They ai
gentlemen of llio-bcsi kind.    The die
tiit-i     is al present Invaded hy    il.
surveyors oi Mie Urand TrunK I'm'
fie, coming both ways, thai  is   Irom
tlie eoasl  by  tin- Slti*ena river    ami
the Ktaser river hv the war of Porl
fieoige. Al   this      last   point   Illi".
have a large warehouse wiih enotiglt
supplies for an army, and puckers
are hired all over to dishilmie more
KUf.|.l|es along the Nechaeo and
Siiiari rivers. The prolwldlllles are
ilh.it ihr line wi'l cross the Fraser
riv.'i ai Fori (leorge and ilien M-
low lhe Neebacn river lo Krasei lake
01 iui- Small liver as far its lhe
mouth of Ihi' Smart lake, lo pass In
Un- south of ilie lake inio He Bulk
\e\ talh-y where the rich i-opper
mini's and coal seams have uttracted
ihe allention at capital. When in
li.i/rlNm .last mi host. .Mi. Luring,
was ottered $50,001) for some of his
eopnoi mines.
"T-he ("Irand Trunk I'acilic will also
benellt ihf plucer di^iu^s of Jamle-
son and Manson creeks, where alHini
one Inniiired miners, notwithstanding
lhe hijpli price of supplies and lack
of transput 1,1 Hon, ;tr.- eneourn'Rwl in
ihi-ii  work hy successful clcnriiitts.
"Arable land is. found, uol only in
ilu- IMcasanl ami Bulkley valleyn, bm
ailmosi |H*re itmi there all over live
oouii'l ry east of I la/.el I on, Many
looallotiR wen' made lasl summer hy
Vmerleans, Imt much more of thai
will he -dun* this season. Already
I wn sleamers have eoine up llie
Skei-na with crowds of miners nnd
land seekers. I nfui luiialcly lh,
liiiiher is not so plentiful and mi
good as run' would expect, on account ol previous (Ires. The large
timln-1 has born replaced by poplars
and   birch whoso    luxuriant growth
speaks  well   for   lhe soil.      ■   It      was
generally admitted ihal lasi winter
was an exceptionally mild one, the
mercury not falling lower than 12
degrees, and that did nol last more
ihan iwo days, in the beginning ot
".lust alter thai old spell I lefl
my headquarters on Stuart lake iu
company with six stalwart natives to
visit to camps all along the shores
of the lake, thirty-nine m les in
length, and after resl ing a while a!
the Portage, we slid uier the hundred miles .,[ Babine lake, then a
perfect sheel of ice. Twelve days
passed very quicklv with the Indians
win. had come from Bear lake and
olher points lo meet mc, and the miners of Manson, Jamieson and Duncan
creek, who were renewing tlieir supplies at lhc Hudson Bay fort, and
making arrangciiicnis with ihe Indians for lhe packing of same in dog
trains. Through living telegraph
the news had readied Hazel ton,
Rooher Dchoule .u.tl Vlorlcclown in
the Bulkley valley, llial Ihc Doctor
I'riesl was in th.- weinily, for there
a distance of sixty nr seventy miles
is not considered niueli, and how to
refuse to bring consolation to the
afflicted, lhe dilticullirs of the trails,
Hie means of locomotion were not a
solid excuse for the missionary. Men,
do^s and tol>oggans were at my disposal. The manager of the. Hudson
Bay offered food for ihe priest, . for
my ln-d'htn companions, and for my
doRs.     So we lefl  Babine for Flnzef
I  returned  l"**:
Raker ...
Spoiled   ballots 	
Ruker'.s majority 	
Km I.
Sfn.ihd  .
ntim:i:t    |MPRO\ i:\ii:.\ts
Ko. I
,,      , !.,.,, 'I"' <laj    "as an   ideal one to
r,.- ftftier was rmlher ^v,n1" u"' wl"" ,llr lmUl ,,|H'
ml   nat.J.ion   ih.o.cji   M,-   ,,e-    ' ***   ''"^   »'l'"'   Dl
nnd lapi'is ven  daugeim
pon  a
It \\K   \ti\ KRTISINfl
g    ha
lh.-   I
ihe hem
si -.tioiiii. -I form ol
hwirv -a Imii could
sell in th.- i- niidiiici' of lhe
nh ti. kvoplng lininactilale
if Us skirls. ll is due en-
lireh io Ibis ulira-cotisertaiism thai
itlltll rec.nily Hie bank has advertis-
.■d its many conveniences and advan-
tlines—or lailiri' has failed hi do so—
b> a cattl merely directing the public
lo ils doors upon lhe same principle
as a community creels sign posts
along its highways. This bioak an-
noupcemenl contained only a lew
Hues, giving iht- name of lhe hank,
ihe officers and iiirectur.s, t|ie capital, .surplus and ainomH of deposdts,
with a cold Invilaitlon to do business
with the bank.
These cards in lheir very naluie exhaled a clammy atmosphere. Tliey
seemed almost to voice the sentimeni
thnl the bank iu asking for the business of llie public was really doing it
a favor.
Bul such a style of advert.sing is
imw rapidly passing away. This
metamorphosis in bank advertising
has been the result entirely ol coin-
petition among banks for additional
business, The banking husiness is
very profitable, ami, like all remun
dative businesses, has attracted to
itself many people. Bul, ihal all
engaged in" it may profit, it has heen
necessary to break down the old conservative harriers and creel new ones
allowing a widi'i latilnde.
The new banks were the first to
break awny from the former standards nl nil ra coiisiTva live advertising1. The rnpjdliy with which these
younger Institutions forged to the
froni in Hie amount of husiness secured optm d Hie eyes of the older
banks tti ihe fad' thai to retain
their hold thev must use the same
adveiMisiiiK method.
And they arc doing tliis. The
ehunge is being wrought .^-.-.'dually
hm aurely. Oni) recently a publicity organization was formed, con.sisi-
ing of officers from different banks
I'hroiFghoui. the counlrv the purpose
of which is io thoroug'hlv study all
methods of advertising which can
inofiialily be used by banks.
soldiers patrolled iiiem ami .ilm
streets wero blinked mil. debria, .alio,   walls     und Iii uks     ami   s ,-s
liienlnnii was courteous ami kind,
Kimniie seemed in lie trying In dn
all ilin could Iiii everyone els,,   ami
lit.II      nil lsl.nl lines     weie     lint
.llOIHtl.t   nl
.lilt   unl III     llli.lls.lll.il  nl    .Mia. .
mie penniless, nn.l the banks being
I'lused, led iiiiiii iiiiiii,iii money    in
llieli pnekels. 'llie ulmle nl 11,,'
nil    uas   ilesttniisl   lull   a   small      I
sli.i|.e.i comer, iii ihe residential ihu
I ii.ii The ini.ll alril supplies Mill In
l.l     Hn*   ntlllili-     un.lil   were   a   ll.nl
senil ami nn une wenl  I Ku,    bm
I .ill    ami   |'i».l       une    servwl    alike
Weil, in nunc back in mysell ami mj
nun esperk-uoes; allei walking mi"
li lilleeii miles ami ki.iiib In.iii nm*
plaee tn aiiiilli.i*,    Mi.  Steuail     uc-
.'ol.ll .1 me all    this lime, always
.linking an excuse Hul lie bail Inm
ii. ss in lln* pail nl Hie eil. where   1
uas ^iiiim In. I ...Uli.1 ibat my wile
ami lllllll ami all hei people li.i.l gol
null. Mili-li tii Ualnnla. sn ue Weill
buck in Hie Keiiy ami then lo Ala-
nt.'ila ubeie I Innnil tlitin both, sale
a .il .yell .nnl anxious f-|i i^-i Imyk in
Kelson,       Tin*   ..Ibei*    pans    |i(  llie
^i  nf r.ililniiiia lime sutleren hail-
li alsu, eu-iy luun lias ils list o|
il, ail. . n,l its ruins, ami, while the
pall, is all |iul the besl liijlil on it,
ilm |.,..|.le in many iikees ate nen'olis
aii.l .HscullFug.lt ami Iti'l like getting
• ml Sim*.' I hale Ini'li lieie 1 have
[eli several small slmeks, and lbe
semalinn is a illeaillnl one. Tho
people ate all s.i nervous lhat ilie
inninilil it is fell the etowils rh ji*l.i
a flen/y and seli'al.i ai.i| Unlit lo gel
free and ilivay I ean assure you t
Will be glad to leaye Ihis. Iiea'nlifiil.
. unfortunate country—ami Ret baek lu
I line' K°'"' "w t'lll,a'1.. "i"1 tlii'isli I'nlimi-
fit'iaiftl   as     returning    oil!.
cvetvi'hitig      in    readiness.
Unold  aeied  as  clerk  and   11    Hick
nihoHiam  sened  »s   seniWneei     lot
A.   McCowan -ind   John    Hutchison
acini in  I'he same capacity (or   Mi
Baker,     Both candidates bail    their
friends who were working hard    for      p-(\   \\^\   jh]    Moylo    was
success, but    the contest throughout! i;r,i Friday
tlie day was i( most, friendly one, and;    Arthur llliree
not a harsh won! on the pari of any-! )-ls\  Sundny
one marred Hie good feellffg tha't pre-     jj   \)   Hew HI   of Mn
vailed.     So far as Hw Improvement! j0WJ, |ft'S| TiicmLh
ni. ii.
1    tOWIi
by-laws were concerned. Uie'ft'iends of j '"vWHJJm Uai Iiii" of
both eawlidnles    were giving   Miein   jtl lottll yesterday.
..I Fernl
i Wa
I unln
The following statement for pnbll-
i*ation has 1m*iii receivwl from Mr.
Maxwell Smilh, Dominion fruit Inspector:
As ihere si-ems to be considerable
.ilarm and some misunderstanding a-*
to ihe Dominion government's intentions rc the enforcement of tho existing laws ri'giila-.tiiig the fruit trade,
il mighl be \yell tti say that: In nil-
diii.ui to my other duiies, including
Hu* enforcement of the Fruit Marks
Aet. I tim instructed to enforce sections I and "» of lhe ''Act respecting
Hie packing and sale of certain s-taplc
I'oiiim.iditii's, lflfil,*1 as amended
l!H}ii. Section 5 of d-he said Act
sta-ies ihal: "livery hox of berries
oi- currants offered for sale and even
Iwrry box manufactured and offcre
fnr sale, in Canada, shall he plainly
marked on Hie side of ihe box, i'n
black letters .at least half an inch
square, winh lhc word "shorl," unless il contains when level—full as
nearly as practicable—(a) at least
four-Ilf His of a ijuarl, or (b) two-
fifths of a quark.
This will allow those having berrv
boxes on hand, or who mav be importing berries in hoses, 'which do
flirt, comply wiih ihe above regula-
••itnis to dispose ol same bv -imply
marking them "short," hut"l sirong-
ly recommend that no more illegal
li/'ixes, or baskets, be purehastHl or
manufactured. The lus Hro and convenience oi having uniform standard
packag-cs must appeal to all fair
minded persons and no undue hardship will he imposed on Ihose who
endeavor lo get im-o line as .tuicklv
as possWde. I shall continue tb
exercise the same tliscrcel miKlera-
tion as has characterized my official
work in lhc past hul then* must be
steady ptogress ..toward full rom pi i-
niicc with alt Ihe Irull regulations in
:>rder to insure the. f uiles I- measure of
harm, ny between growers, dealers,
Mnsumers and Inspectors.
. ♦-	
mMuiNiastie   supporl.        The   ladles l    ,\nlt>n  \\-AX^s c llir.
took an active    pan in t-he election  Creek -last SnturdaA
so far as voting was c, emert,   and.     \   F Krnplel wai h-i-i
the majoiity of    those on the    list Cranbrook Inst  s'.i.n.i.. '
look advantage of lhe fael and   were     n   \\   \)avti   ..i Uvi-iiin
on hand early     to cast their ballot.] tho Craiibrook ves'lewla\
The po-.ls    plosod   ai a o'clock  and!    ,|    \   Rrowle'i   of Fern
Hie ballots     tor aldermen    were    the   th,. r, .ivl.....,!,   i ,'* i   Tl,
first counted. When Hie result was
announced, Messrs. Bakei and McCowan, who sat next to each other
were the firsl to shake hand';. Mr,
McCowan look his defeat in a good
natured way, in faci through the entire day, lhe two candidates were
often together, exchanging jokes
on the work, and selling a gtiinl
example on how to run au election
wilhoul senseless hiel ion and unwarranted  trouble.
The Herald favored the election of
Mr. Baker More there had lieen am
other eamtidoite named, for the reason thai he was a business man who
had made a success iu his own affairs, and ior Hie further reason that
he was a very heavy pmpertv owner
he would naturally iw a man who
wnuld consider very seriously any
move on ihe pari of tin* council thai
would tend to increase taxation. It
i.s- cvideju that the majority of the
property owners lonk the same view
of Hie matter, and for ihat reason
Mr. Bakei was fleeted liv a handsome
Mr. McCowan made a good run
considering tlie fact tliat he was
'broiiglit i,<| t.he lasl minute, and had
Imd no iiuie tti make a canvas. And
through il all he worked hard, telling good Scotch stories and displaying the besl of good humor all
ihr time.
Nelson Nows:-Hcrbert M..Fuller-
ton semis' Hie Daily News an interesting leiter from California, concerning
the recent. 'Frisco 'disaster. Mr.
Finlcrton's letler is datetl April Sfltll
at  llealds'hurg, Calif., and says:
"II may very probably interest
some of jour readers lo hear some
details alioiil the San Francisco disaster from an eye witness. I left
Rnssland on Friday, April 20th, for
San Francisco to find my wife, who,
W. Sheppanl
the Cianbrook   la-
Dave Bl
(he Cranbrook I
Miss M,i, U'Rourkc, id Moyie, \v.i^
visiting friends hi Cranlirook last,
I). .'I. Wilson, of Rlkmoiith, was
regisier.-d ..i ih.- Crnnbrook I,, .t
A. B. Tiiies, of Trltes-Wood Co.,
of Kernie. was m I own a few days
ihis week.
A. P. Stephenson, wno i*. travelling
lot ihe North Si.u Lumbei coin
panv, wai in lown last  Friday
II B. Iti'iinlii-i. managei of Ihe
Mayook Lumlier company, plnrtil his
autograph on Hie Cranhrook llolel re
gisler lasi  Saturday,
II Thompson, .lolm While, (i Lin-
nt 11 and Oeorge ll 1-MwnnIs, oi
Moyie, were ktopping nl Hie Cran
brook n few dais ihis wvvk,
Herb Killlclloli, who lives al Nelson, was in town several days this
week, There is not a more populai
man on the road than Mr. Fullorloii
Kurt/'s   Own"
■Kurt/'   Pioneer"
"Spanish blossom"
Maioifaetnreil   By
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
148Cordova St.,  W.,
Last   Sunday Tom     Wallace while
at tempting to'-ford lhe dead water at
the mouth 1 of    Si. Marys river,   was
drowned by his horse geMIng    over
his   depth and   starting (0 struggle,
.   _    thus throwing. Wallace.off and placing
ton, but what trails, what means   of   hm in i position that he was unable
loeomolion!     Only those who    have   .0   extricate   himself.      The victim
Hrtn     Hie* trails   and     drove on thai was well known   in lhe disiriet   and walked up through lhe once beautiful   her license, said license being   Snout
Thirty days after date 1 intend to
with our baby, had heen'some' time "I'l'ly to the Chief Commissioner of
there., visiting her si.slet', Mrs. Cap-1 Lands and Works for a special li
tan Andrew Nelson, on Rltts street cense lo cut and carry away tlmhei
near Van Ness avenue, trom the    following   described lamb,
"Ymi  have  heard     all  about     Lho   ritlMrte in South   Kast  Koolcnay:
story of Hie fir*' 111  lhc newspapers      Commencing     nl   a   posl    planted
ils horrors, and     the len iblc tlisas-1 nbont  ihr pinilcis   ol a mile west
tern, public and private, ihat, beroll'ol bhe south wesi corner oi i..t inr.,
every otto—so that I will only lell thenco snuih Hi chains, Uienco west,
you my personal experiences and iho 40 chains, Uienco nortii km chains,
courtesy and kindness 1 met with thenee wesl Iti clains, ihenee north
from evervi'-ne. On the way tti Hie 1" ehains, llience easl K0 chains,
eity I met a gentleman, a Mr. Chas.. Uieuce snuih Hit chains lo lbe point
Stewart, an attorney, and in couver- "I commencement and containing 010
sadlon I told him why I was going to neros, more or less.
'Frisco.     He replied  that  he was al- ,ln|in Strong.
so ou his way tliere, after hiking his Loentiil Nils 7th day of May, A. D,
wife lo an oil I wide (own lor safety. I "W0. 'I Ui*
The kindness of this gentleman I can'— 1
never repay.     He had losl evei vlhiiig I NOIiCh |
in the fire,        Home, otlice, library,! 	
and his; huge coniicciion, hul his own Notice is hereby given that thirty
troubles were forgotten im mod lately days aftet date tti- Hakei Lumbei
and with inborn kindness and eourl- Co., Ltd., intends to apply in Hie
csy of the true American and cspec- Chief Commissioner of Lands and
'ally the Oalifomiaii. he placed him- Works al Victoria, lor a speolnl li-
s-elf at mv service tn help me locate *"*'»se to cul and earn away limber
my wife' and chid. Telephones, from the following descrihed lands
telegraphs, and conveyances 'of all near Crows Nesi Landing in Soulh
kinds were not available, and it  was   Rasl  Koolcnay district: |
impossible to got (ihem for any price.     Commencing 30 etiains west of Um
''Landing   at    Market    slri-et     we   smith-east corner of War.lrope's tine
i *
i Mouldings Must s
* *
i Go t
*•. *
It is the Last we He_ve to
Sell and so the Price
is Cut to Bedrock.
Read these
* ,_„_«______»________
m Painters   und   Decorators J
% II. Oak Plate Rail per fool
120 fl. Oak llalu Moulding, per foot    •
611 fl. Burnished Hill Mould, per foot
72 fl. Bronze Gill Mould, per foot    •
KMKI ft. Ceiling Mould, per fool
I.S6 fl. Terra Cotta andtiilt Mould, per foot
200 ft. Willie and Iiiii Mould, per fool
Hotel a* S
ductus Comfort a Specially
Qood StaMlif In Conaection
Nearest to railroad ami depot.    Has accommodation.* for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Hul and Cold Baths
j)i»> »,
Hoggarth & Rollins
Maple Leaf
Tennis and Lacrosse Shoes
Represent the acme of perfection in athletic footwear. They are made over all
styles of footform lasts and come in either
Tennis or Oxford cuts. For ability grace
and comfort "Maple Leaf" outing shoes
have no equal. Ask for them al your
J. Leckie  Co.,   Ltd.
there are many people who will    ■!«■
shocked at the receipt of the news.
Mak,e vour arrangementf.     to ceje-
.   brate at Marysville on -the 2..!h May.
Mansrm ami other   camps.   The three  They  are arranging to give    every-
fftores are doing a good busine;;.; and   hody a good time.
toboggan    through    them  will    knnw
llazehon is a pielly little town
i'he Skeena river, very livoly in
summer, when the boats bring new
eoirters every Irip. lt is tho distri-
huiing point for the Bulkley, Babine
city, with  tlie high gaunt walls    of 1" chains north     of lot ;tll0!i, group
bui-klings which were once lhc pride I. thoncc Sh chains south, thenco   St)
ot   California,      hangdog   over     the chains west, Uience Sn chains   norih,
■street's and standing in tcrtible ruins thence 80 chains     east    to point of
in all manners of   ways and shapes, commencement, 1
If il had not been for Mr. Stewart       'I'he Baker Lumher Co., Limited,
I would have had a hard time to find Vet Jno. Cholditeh,
anv place in the city, as the street ?-5t Agent.        1
name;, were all bldttod out.   Strange     Dated 1st ol May, 1906: J
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed fro... private houses, churches or our
own parlors,    Flrstclass undertaker in attendance J> ■*
Cranbrook Cooperative Stores


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