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Cranbrook Herald Oct 5, 1905

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Array '-■'A'tZi	
•'V ,J  ,v
NUMBER  -.'8
Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund. $3,500,000
ll. li. WALKER, 0 i Manage.       Al IX. LAIRD, Aari. Oen'l Manager
IflflUtll Al   IIU   fill lOrtlNU IIAII B ,
$5 nml undei .   . :i ctnti
Oval $S •nil not itcmilng$10   ....   0 nntl
"   Sit)      " "        mu   ...   iu centa
"   $30     " "        ISO   ..,   is centi
Tli.--.,* Order* .ur Huyoblo nl I'ar al nny olllce lit ClUMiUnol ■ CIta ed Bunk
(Yukon excepted), und it tha principal hanklnit ~x n iu lhc liiilcJ States-,
They liuin mt vxcvlk-nt method of remitting small mums of money
with sal  t> ami ul -.iiuiii cost,
(imperial bank    I
! of Canada!
* *
• *
» ■—' ■ *
♦ *
j     Deposits of $1 and upwards received and interest al- *
* lowed from date of deposit at highest  current rates and li
J compounded half yearly. J
I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     *
T *
* *
is advancing rapidly.     Buy now before
it gets loo high.
I li.r Lowest Prices |
j \
CV • ffl
ffl  Our Optical Department &
Kb j9i
Ms ti here lor vour benefit.    You .ire at liberty to nuke use oi il. ^j-J
9j In-fly, lully, at your convenience.   It's our business to tell you jw
U* ot eye ailments, and to prescribe tlie cure,   II glasses .iri*  tin* >y
GV remedy we will lit them lor you, accurately and becomingly, ■?!
r^J and just as cheaply as thc highest grade ol optical work can be mv
Tig  supplied Inr-     And  also remember that the examination costs   |2fl
^g you not a cent.   Give ui a call,      ..**       •*       .*       •* JM
j« .-*■ TH E -.-« **
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
m at
g\ Properly Repaired Watch §
i Kernle Free Frew )
Three membcni ol the Fcrnie Free
Picks utalT, .1 U Wallace, J W.
HobcrUon ami Bert Whlnwter, bad a
plea .mt trafuji ovoi i" Crowi Nctt
hut Sunday      The) arrival al    Ur
ll 1 « iinhl    lli-- Suit t  iH'ii.i',     at
9 o'clock in ilu- evening, having ">\
nf.I iin- _.:. iuii,-. in ten hours,   Tlu*
La Iii ovoi is it enjoyable. The trad
Ik good anil l.uiU level, and ua lure is
•ii    lu'i    Iwai .,i  tin, season ut    n.i
Al   III.- Nullum!   Iluiis,-  ||i,-v nu-l  .in
old prospectoi nantcfl Johu Cochrane
wlm lia,I Just In-, n hrouglil mn ul Liie
Flaihcotl tlif tlaj before more dead
limn Hint-, in.lri Mi. (i i's cure-
till .iiu iiiiuii Uiu ulil man was ia.pi.lly
recovering and lit* told uui represent
aim-s a Ihrllllng tale, bordering un
Lho Inerodlhle, ol an unknown golu
tniii.' 11- hud discovered lu the hear.
ul   tin-      Haili.ad and ol   lite   U'llihlt
ju'ivatluns la* had undergone,
.Ui.  I'mlii.uu: i.s a  tjl'ieal prospect-
ut who has .seen lia winters. Ik- was
brought tt, thu Suniinlt Houso by two
other prospectors who happened tu
run across him In a helpless condition, sultciing fi mu tin* privations he
had undergone
"1 lell Spokane luui weeks ago,'
.said Air. Cochrane, "lor Uie Flalhead
iu prospeel curtain eoal aud ull claim*.
Luld b> a Spokane syndicate. Willi
uie was au expert who went iu to ex-
uinluu ihe seams, Ue luuk possession
ut a vacant shack u^ai uui claims, .il
miles south ol Crows Nesi and one
mile duv.(t tbe Flathead river frum
lbe junction ot the Crows Nest trail
with the river. After two or three
days my partner touk sick, caused,
we both believed from drinkiug spring
water llial was covered with oil seepage. He left mc to go back to Spu
kaue, promising to send nie more
grub and assistance.
"I did uut hear from him again.
A lew days after bu left me 1 discovered neai our cabin an uld blaze uurk
on a iree A mile further uu 1 noticed another, and upon examination 1
fuund others, evidently marking an
old trail. Wilb a good deal of difficulty 1 followed the blaze, though all
signs uf a trail had long since disappeared. 1 kepi ou believing lhat tlie
trail had iml turn made without a
purpose. After fnur miles laborious
work 1 came upon a deserted placet
gold milk' on a small creek. 1 exam
Hied it with interest. The diggings
had evidently been deserted fur many
years, probably if* ur iti years 1
•buuUI s.i\ by tbe gtueral appeal an. v
A great ileal ol work bad been dune
hi  tlti- unknown miners. 1 should say
t least enough to keep six men bus)
r two seasons. A trench 50 feet
long, 10 feet deep and 3 feel wide at
lie bottom and 5 feet at the top hai.
been dug, and the earih bad evident-
boon washed ior the yellow metal. I
yaw no signs of the departed miners,
no pans, no habitation aud no tools
oi any nature. 1 came away altei
-pending an houur or two there, intending to so back at a later day. A
tew days later my food supply ran
uui ami 1 took ill, partly fiom pri\a
Hon and partly from dunking ibe oily
water. 1 was in a very bad condition
when found by a couple ol prospect-*
01*8  who came to m>   cabin last TUCS-
iia*. Tin-) gave me some medicine
.mil food, but reluming from their
claims on Tliuisilii) ami llllll lug mc no
iii-ui'i tin-) brought nu' out on horse
There in n lotfcnd still, current among
old lime prospectors which may throw
..unu- light upon tlie Btrange story
inltl hy ibis old miner.
'Ilu- Story goes that years ago tiller
miners with picks, shovels and pans
made     their   way Into tlie Klathe&il
in try,   Some weeks latei one made
lus  appearance back into olvllliatlor
and told of a harrowing conflict with
Indians.   They had discovered a rich!
gold elaim and wore busy developing'
il  when Ihey were attacked by Inrti-'
.ins   His  two comrades were   slain
and hu escaped.   Uudaunted by hi-. »*-.-
periencc he secured the assistance ol
tl ree others and went back to follow
Up his discoveries.   That was tiw last
uver heard uf them.
Mr. Cocnrane came to Fernie on
Monday and proceeded to Spokane lhe
following morning. His two rescuers
were rewarded for their kindness by
a full description of his find and they
left Crows Nest thc next morning to
sift it to the bottom.
n iiHintiB itrairnlo limn to yon for yenrs I mo.   The ili-lk-nto Wl
J§j purU ilninii ituli'si-rilnilili' work will soon wi-nr thoittsovlvos I" fij
fit ruin ili-slruy tlio high finish uml |.,-i-l'.-.-t lil iflilloiv.il to run in gj
w« ti.T!iliittiiiliitltiK dirt  ur lunl nil.    Triii' oi'otioiuy  in ,-i  tin.,- Mg
ti pioi'ii lion in liuviti^ it ropttiriKl liy mon who am iniikiiiga lit'.- £5
® sliiily uf tho ilolii-iili- mechanism of lho wntoli,   We liave w
n wiirliuii'ii win. In.vo spi-nt lim.'mul inuni.y nl tin.  host srlim.l fc<
"gj' in America learning the science uf watch repairing, )§j
Although there lias been no definite
word (torn ihe coast as to wtiai action bas been taken on the matter ot
in- incorporation dl Cranhrook, yet
there >s uo doubt but that lbe ordei
ii, council will be Issued Within a lew
days and the dale si t loi the Hi
i lection
t p io il.e present time tin re bj
been nothing pusltive as lu il.e pmii-
ablu caitdidulvfl f-'i majol " T
Itogcis is iillll liiiiig gynerall) spoken ot a-, a winning candidate, ami Uur
mg lbe past week the name ui Dovere
liuin has intn suggested a.-, a probable caiHildute. As foi aldeimeii I belt*
ta\e been quite a numbci oi names
talked ui, bm iho qualification bandt-
oap is preventing quiie a uumbel from
entering the field wbo would uilei-
wlsc be prcscnlctl and wliu alsu would
make might)' good members ol ilu
council. Among tte names suggested
at tbe present time are those ui Jas.
t).ui, Charles UuXab, Joseph Jack-
-on. Alex. .Modal, i».m Murphy, J. P.
Kink, James (Jreer, Uevere Hunt, V.
Hide Baker, J. I), McDrldc, in. J
ll, King. Any ul Hum- men would
prove valuable on tb.- council an.l no
louiit would be satisfactory to tlia
majority ot Lho people of Cranhrook.
As will he seen by an a.l in this
issue ul lhe Herald the new town of
Lundbreck is now on Uie market. This
fact is impoi uml to those who are
looking tor investments, aud it is
worth Uie while ol anyone io Investigate Lhu proposition. Messrs. lireck-
unrldge A Lund are twu men who ate
-veil kuown in Western I'anada, and
what is mure Uie better tliey are
ituown the more ihey arc thought of by
Uie people. Lundbreck is their town.
it could have been placed on the mat-
tct six months ago, hut such a move
would have been contrary to Uie policy thai these two gentlemen have
pui sued since engaged iu business iu
this part of the country. They wanted to wait until the permanency ol
the mines were established, fur they
ri new   thai   wilh  Uie  mines   being    all
right, aiid tbe fine agricultural country suirouudiug tbe town, it inusi
then make a prosperous place.   Thai
nine bas come and iu CO|lS«lU.W100 tlie
town has been placed on tin* market.
A. N. M-juat, uf Winiupi-g. is manager
of the properties ol the company, ami
people wbo an- interested in Uie proposition will Hnd tutu a pleasant und
obliging gentleman to deal wiui.
Windsor, Sept. 2s.—About vi) years
ago Jusepb Demister, one of the big
lumber dealers ui lhe day, started a
aft of white oak logs down Uie Lin-
say river so lale iu ihe season that
U was caught iu lhe Ice in Lake Seu-
gog  and   sunk,   because   of   not   being
properly buoyed up by lighter timber.
For some reason the raft was ncvel
located- N. W. Trimble, a grandson
of Demister, who until recently resided at Klmstead, in this county, spenl
nearly a year in a quiet bunt lor the
raft, which lies under thirty feet of
water and imbedded in the mud.
About a month ago he was successful
in locating if. He says it contains
several thousand sticks of white oak
aud situated. Ma-.li slick contains
about HiU cuuic feet, worth at the
present oue dollar per cubic toot.
There are probably one million dollars' woiib ol timber in the raft-
Mr. Trimble will remove to tbe lo-
cation ul Late Scugog, where he will
remain until the work is completed.
He will use bulges wilt tackle and
hoist ing engines tu pull uui the logs.
Victoria, Seipt. 30.—A special tu
tlu* t'o l on is i says the Nanalmo miners tonight sustained the committee's
negotiations with the Western Fuel
cumpany b) a vote of iiii to ltd. Thu
Strike, which lor the last four month:,
has waged bitterly, was consequently
called ol) tonight.
Tbe settlement is iu the nature ol
a compromise, both sides to the dispute giving and taking until the final
diall was arrived at.
A working agreement for two years
has been reached and signed.
Work will be resumed on Monday
and the city, which has sui'iered severe depression, will once more rise
to bustle and activity.
Iti tbe atguincnl ul a questiun    be-1
lure Judge Forin at Nelson lasl Mun-
day  lbe judge'-, own hi utile]  en-clcd |
a protest Uui  thiett ibe Judge oui ul
ollin- and left   Hie KooleilA)S   without
a judicial count) eourl When l/hooi
del was Issued In lla- guVctliiuciit foi
ibe creation ol the new dlstrli t ul
East Kootenay, it failed iu provide
tor the continuation uf Judge Furln
in the district oi Wost Kootenay. As
no commissions have yet been issued
lul   LWu judges  it  lell  Judge      l-'ui in
without jurisdiction,
The Nelson New.-, says iu yesiei-
d.lj -s issue;
"Alan) opinion:, weie exprcssod ou
Uie subject, the consensus ot uplulun
bc-ing that such rt-sults could uui have
been foreseen in the provincial altm
ties for judicial purposes has occur I
ed again an.i again In the his (or) ul
every province uf Canada, including
lliiiish Columbia. Never before has
an act of a legislature or mi ordei In
council abolished the jurisdiction ofn
judge. Lawyers could hardly believe
that such was the case in ibe presenl
"Inquiry In telephone ol Judge Forin received the reply tlml the Dally
.views account was correct.
"Later it was learned dial Judge
Forin lias telegraphed Attorney Clen-
oral Wilson acquainting him with the
Circumslanccs, and thnt Ihe latlei
had replied stating Ihal he bad al
ready communicated by wire with the
dominion department of justice.
"In the meantime Kootenay is without a county court judge, as no ap
point men I has yel been officially an
nounccd for thc position created in
East Kootenay. Ii is expected thai
the new commissions will arrive by
the end of thp prcu'iif week, an anien
ded commission for Judge Forin and
one for p. E, Wilson for Fast Koolenay."
Wishing for a nice fat grouse or
partridge for his supper last Sunday
Ca.pt. J. O. Trow, ot Uie Perry Creek
Hydraulic Mining company look his
dog and gun and strolled Into lhe near
by hills. Upon his failure to return
il lhe supper hour the family became
loiiiewbat anxious and when darkness
bad settled and he bad not- yet ap-
jK-arcd all reared that be bad mul
with some serious uccldtlit,
Accordingly several men iu tie employ of tne coiitjiuiiy loot' tanlurns
aud began a search in the hills, whicl
lasted until near midnight, wlien it
was abandoned tu wait lot daylight.
At daybreak the enure crew was uut
and soon all the people along tbe
creek, including W. K. Collins, Gust
Thies, O. Binge, Arthur Burge, and
Jack Thompson and his crew, were
earnestly searching. Mrs. O. Burge,
of Old Town, also kindly went to
help lo soothe thu sufferings of feat
ami suspense oi the wife and daughter, Mrs. F. F, Servls, of LaCrosse,
Wis. The search, under the direction
of Mr. II. A. Bright, of Black River
Kails, Wis., was continued until
noon when the huuurahle captain
strolled in, claiming hu was not lust
but thai the tamp bad been dodging
lum. Thu explanation disclosed lhe
tact thai Mi. Trow had missed his
way, in fact bad even missed Old
Town, when darkness overtook him
and lie was obliged lu camp <U He
lulls ior the night. In lhc Morning
it was dark and slonii) ami a iu-uv)
log lay in the valley, winch did not
rise toi .several hours. Allei lbe sun
became visible Mr. Trow made Ills way
to llle creek, crossed It, -.nd .I..covered liimscll three miles beiuw old
Town and sis miles from home. He
arrived borne safe and sound, hut
slightly  worse for wear, shortly at-
r noun, where be was received wilb
great rtijoitwv*. The [Seunebei.-, were
accordingly called in and dinner served and Mr. Trow retired to secure
ihe much needed rest,
"Let ibe tatted call bo killed."
Wm. F. Tate & Son,
Official  Walch Inspector*, Crows  Neat Puss Division, 0,  P,  li,
I have a few things left in thc way
of furniture which I must dispose of
at once. I also have a bargain iu a
piano which 1 do not care to move,
and will make terms satisfactory to
Mrs. G. D. Brown.
Advertising is not. a cure all. Good
advertising, unless supplemented by
good business methods and good store
management, will not make anyone a
Mr. Albright, originally from Read
ing, England, but for the past twenty-two years of Houston, Texas, has
heen in Cranbrook for the pa-it few
days. Mr. Albright is delignted with
what he has seen of Western Canada
and said: "I tave been staying tor
some days on the prairie ..ear Medicine Hat and while 1 admit thai ll
is a fine country there I much ureter
your mountains. You see I have been
living In a fiat country so many years
that Cranbrook looks good to inc. I
don't know whet ter I shall Lcttlo
bere or not but I can say this, that
you have one of the best towns, surrounded by some of the best country
1 have seen in the westj"
FRANK  Sl'lili. :
• ilo
«,n i pa
Frank, Alia., Sept. ;• -in
of the l. M. li. v. a ,u i.t in
diaii-American (oal and (. ke
ny, which was deel ired Ihi fifth t.f
the month, was se'tte.l late lodnj
when Ihe miners voted to ratify an
agreement in '.be nut ire ol i compromise which ha I been reached Wednesday bed ween the heads of the mini-
workers and the mine management.
The mine will resume operations at
once. Tbe compromise relates to lhe
check-off system, which was the mam
cause of the strike through the inability of the representatives of the
men and the mine management to
agree upon it when negotiations for a
new contract between the company
and the men were lu progress. The
compromise provides that the check-
oft clause in the new agreement shall
be the same as that lu the Fernii
agreement and that thc iutrepteta
Hon of It shall he lhe same as Uial
of the Crows Nest Pais company
Roth sides may therefore be said to
have gained their point. The agreement will provide for the same wage
scale as hitherto In force.
We hoar Ihii remark overt da)
Vim gel full dollar's worth inr everj
dollar invested.   If you don't think
-o we
will return your dollar.
\ fl Shady Reputation |
♦        ♦
♦ attached to a druggist will t .How him from ocean to ocean      I
J Hy A SHADY REPU TATiON. wc mean _[
4>            Substituting cheaper or inferior drugs for those ordered
X by your physician.
♦ Substituting another drug inr  a drug not in stock or-
♦ dercd by your doctor.
mc never Rave
and never will do cither of the above. The people know it.
That's why, when a particular or pure drug Is wanted, every person goes to
It will soon be here and you will need that
I cary thc largest stock in East Kootenay to
pick from.     Drop in and sec them.
P, 5.   All kimls ..I ammunition.   Mail orders promptly lilled
,.t  -  _
'j* Wo liuvu i'nl;iru*'''l our I'liari'Tn and our stuck very con
'*C siil.-ntlily nl lui.' uinl i'lni -inp'-ly th- wanta "f ihe  pnblio In   5;
V nny Iimi.   Although wi* soil hi fastorn prions wr* havn nothing   *
!£ nliulily in sIoukIhiIT,    We nuiiniiitec our nomla Cot wlmt we
•J* sfll tin-in  tor.     I-unilpfrm.'ii'-i uud  prosptmUtura' su upline  a
¥ Hp.'ri.'il'v     I.ri us outfit yon    Wo hnve soiiu* m»« hiki second
*\* li.'iiul  furniture, stows, etc.,  to go m   roul  bargain prices,
v Cord wood for Sale,    l.mploymeiil Agency in Connection.
| Jas. McArthur, the Second Hand Man |
Cpp our guns and
OUiU. ammunition
bufore you  buy.    We
have a complete stock
to show you.     j*    j*
maCcallum $
$OmoOO»tm «•«©« «M«WI«SM<t9MM«Mtt«IIN9l|^
from his trip below Fort Stifle,
wlit-rc he was examining s<nne mining
(From   the   Ledger.)
Mis.   James    Boyes, uf Cranbrouk,
thc guest of Mrs. .1. Beddings   over
Sunday and left ou Monday lor Spo-
kan.- over ihe ti. N.
Tbe uut put  ol   tho  mines  for      tin*
week ending Kriday, s.|>lenib.T 22nd-
Coal Creek 7828 ions
Michel  7I,,;* ,,,,,s
C.irtiotiiulo 2U.il tuns
Total 18938 ions
Norman Uroley ri'tunii*d from the
mast -Just week wiih Ms lunl.- and
will reside tot a stmri tlmeln Cranbrook, whore he is looking .uut the
contract for ilu- building id the raw
home nf the Canadian Hank of Com-
0, li, S. l.iudvry. manager "' the
Coul company, nrrlved Irom Mwllctnc
n a s|ii'i'i.il train   in
.1. llill nnd party ni
u ftnd escnrl tVein tu
Uiidse)   looks  im
■i- leaving his
ut   door en
Mat yesterday t
time to meet .1.
lhe Q, N. si aii-
the mine*. Mr
prnvtil In health "^un
i.,,.: last -inly.
The Eagles held their
l-er tain ment on the athletic grounds
fast Thursday nlgbl nnd ^-on-d a
great success rlcsplle Mn; threatening
aspect or the weather during the afternoon. A large crowd wa:- in attendance and tiuili th<* city liamls
were on hand. Electric litfhfs had
been provided and a large dancing
platform was made use ot by many .\
light tanlaMie tor during the
Blood poisoning lias set in one   of
Chas.   O'Neill's   Icot    and  tie i.s now
i the Cranbrook hospital.
.Mrs. dun in is on ber return    from
lui European tup and will bv m Spokane iu a few days,  slu- will itn-u re
im to Moyie.
Sam Woiiiiingion's bull leirirr, Si.
ugfiie Belle, look flrst prize at the
Isuii fair.   The dog will also be ev
ted at liir Spukanv fair.
llh' QcorglQ l>_idui_ii.l  is out ot
hospital,   bui  lus. teg is still    in
Mil paris and will have to be kept
ihat way fur several mouths.   Ik* is
ble to be around ou cruU.Jit.-_..
Kobt. t'ampbi-ll ri-iutned home Tues-
a>  from a, -.hooting trip  iu the prai-
ics, Where he went with Al. A. beaie
i Craubrook.   They succeeded in bat;
ing   eonsldcrahle game, and bad   a
imii trip all around.
Tie Niedi'istadl appeal ease will b»
Ulchetl  mill keen Interest   through-
ut llritish Columbia, as it appears
thai     tint rights oi a brewer to sell
bis heer ti not clearly defined.     Mr,
Nlederstadt may b<* in tin* wrong   in
ibis ease,  but  although a  Dutchman,
to use a western phrase, he is fiom
Missouri,    and    Uioy have to "show
Ihi' Fir-'' Prrss.)
The nine tipple wns put in operatlm
for tin* lirst Kmo yesterday hv Lh
dumping uf a car from No. 5 mine
The trial dump was eminently saiis-
taclory, everything working ver>
smoothly and giving great satisfaction to Mr. Colvllle, superintendent,
and to Mi. Wiltshire, the superintendent id erection, both of whom were
present. The ears to lie used in connection with the new tipple will nol
be made until the receipt of a special
wheel fiom England ul an appro
Tracklaying in lhe newly laid    oul
and constructed yard at Coal Creek ti
now proceeding apace     The steel i*
being rapidly extended iu  toward wlm
is known as  the dump  and   past   tin
new stand Ior lbe scales. These scale.'
are the same as were in operation a
the mine before.   They are now stand
fug   on    a solid concrete foundation
nnd when the railway cars pass   ov
them they are run to a location wbe
ihey remain until taken by the lot
motive to Fernie and elsewhere.
Miss McBride, of the hospital staff,
here, has been appointed matron
tte Michel hospital to succeed Mi:
Mcintosh, who has resigned. Miss
McBride takes up her new duties
about October l'i. Miss McFarlane
of Winnipeg, formerly on tie Michel
stalT, will siiceped Miss McBride ai
lhe Feinie hospital.
Jos. Austin, 0. P, R, agent at Elko, returned this week from Montreal,
where he had been attending a brotherhood meeting. Mr. Murphy, wht
was relieving Mr. Austin, has gone lo
TalMir    to relieve llie agent there.
.1. 1.. Jamieson, C. P. It. engineer
and Miss Kate Hrrron, daughter of
John Ilerron, M. P., Pinchei Creek,
will Im* married on October 1 and will
pass through Fernie on tlieir way ti
Portland to spend their honeymoon
The bride and groom are well and favorably known in Fernie .
P. II. McTavish and his twin brother, Donald McTavish, were In the city
this week-. The latter is ou his wa)
to Toronto, where he will tain- u
law course at the University. Th,'
sfriking resemblance between the
brothers 1ms caused many a mistake
on the pari of iheir acquaintances.
Uev. Mr. MoColl arrived from Vmli
ou Wednesday. He. will have charge
of the Presbyterian missions at Michel, Coal Creek and Morrissey. Mr.
MeCoB has apenl many jrara in mining towiji preaching Mi.- gospel.
A. Good, of Crows Nesi, has au interesting collection ol animals, all
natives of the Jtoekies. Il includes
Splendid black hear, four varieties of
owls, a large eagle, a wild duck anl
a coyote. They all seem to thriv
well and Mr. Good Is proud of his
collection. Mr. Good also tas some
line trophies of the hunt. One sheep's
head is a particularly line one, worth
at least Uuu. fcacli horn is 18 inches
in circumference at the base and eact
is 34 inches long from base to tip.
HOY 11;.
(From the Leader.)
The   Niederstadt case will he    appealed.
C. A. Foote is tendering his ie. ig-
nation as chief of the Moyie breluig-
C. H. Dunbar, 'barrister at Crnnbrook was in town for a few 1 ours
Mrs. Thos. Cameron, who li.,a h-en
in the Cranbrook hospital tor the pist
week Is on the rapid road to recovery.
***-• J. Johnson  returned  ihis  week
Without doubt the Ptarmigan has
done a much larger business wllh tourists this year than ever in the his-
toiy of navigation on the Upper Columbia river. This, ot course, is
t gratifying to the captain and
everyone wiih interests in the ooun-
Tbe iiumlici ol louiists whu
have arrived may not be counted by
the thousands yet a good substantial
Start  may  be said  to ba\e boon made
in   ills  dircctlou  and  each   year   the
effect   Will   be   seen.    Besides   the   Ik'llr-
iiis iu be derived Irom tho tourist's
trade has been demonstrated and any
means taken toward increasing lliis
trade will now be more readily pared iu.
UcLfOd, Huh Windmill j
man certlfj   lo having
light between a monsti
ii mil   grown     tuounta
tt   Work  iti   lbe  While  Cai iiiilie
idei creek. Thej stale thai they
I I Itol
(Fiom the Frank Pa||Jer.)
The return ball game between Frank
and Coleman for $11KI a side has nu;
materialized as yet. It begins to loo!*
as if some oue had "welched." Tte
players of the Frank team are ind in
iti lo think they are entitled lo ihe
$25 forfeit money  thai  was posted.
John McDonel, of the Union howl,
aud Miss Cecilia Holt were married
Thursday evening last at the Catbollc
church, Blairmore. The happy couple
left the same evening for Montana,
returning lu Frank yesterday morning.
I). Evans, formerly superintendent
of tie Crows Nest Pass co mate's
mine al Michel, and later in charge
of lhe Breckenridge & Lumi (import)
at Lundbreck, is engaged in reporting
ou various coal properties in thc Pass
for eastern eapii.ili.sis. Nothing deli-
nile is known concerning lhc report
Iml ii is rumored the work is king
done in llie inlerest of 'be Ureiil
Tte party of young men -vim ilnib-
ed Crows Nest mountain a Yw woiks
ago went part way up Sunday lo
take phoiograpls of Interesting points
The party included the original climbers, Keith Whimster, p. 1>. McTavish
G. narrower and D. L. Stauter, and
C. H. Prest, lbe Cranbrook jbolog-
rapher was along to make th*-* pictures. The members of the party had
themselves photographed on the
Information reached tbe Frank Paper this morning which puis a niw
complexion on the political hituatlo'i
iu the riding. It is to the effect thai
a fourth candidate for ihe legislature
I'as made his appearance m tho field
in lhe person of Charles Kettles of
Plncher Creek, who will run as an independent. Mr. Kettle's it. vision In
stand comes as a great surprise as it
bad been supposed ihe linn ot latllr
was all arranged wiih ibo nominations made hy *ho old !.*.e pai'liis nml
the labor people. Hi. coming out will
will further complicate a situation
lonsidorrd alrea.lv none ot the .-.:i.p-
(From  the Times.)
w. Barnard secure the contract for
upplylng the Frank miners with meat
during their strike.
The Puss Power and Lighting com
pany expect lo be able to have the
town wired and lit up by electric
lights by the end ot nest week.
Government Engineer I'onion spent
the first of the week in making an estimate of the cost ot a road across
the Frank slide. This time the work
is being done under the direction of
the provincial government and is no
politieal bluff.
Mrs. S. Manahan arrived from New
Westminster, B. C, on Monday to join
her husband, Mr. S. Manahan, of th,;
Coleman hotel. Coleman.
(From the Wilmer Outcrop.)
For the balance of the season Cap
tain Armstrong has decided that tie
Ptarmigan will make no more regular trips, but will leave Golden about
every four days. The exceptionally
low wafer is the reason given for
this announcement. The steamer this
season, all things considered, has hail
a good season's business, and it is understood that the freight for thc winter is now nearly all delivered and
there will tie no such trouble at the
close of navigation as there has In
every previous year. Tbe ore to go
down Is also nearly cleared up and
another    trip    or two will finish It.
lhe goat neaily over) tu
evening across lhc creek, anil
Bob   Win.llicld   was   working
tiuiiili of iin- tunnel when be
i big
iu ipa
un Ho
hat sen
mg and
at   the
noticed a big eagle Bwoop down   al
ttie   goal, .oid Hu* goal  Immedlatel)
real ed up and Btruck al the eagle
Bob tl en called lbe other men out lo
witness the light. The tlgbl toiitiuu
ed perhaps tell minutes. The eagle
Would rise iu the an an.l then swoop
down, and each time "Billy" would
get up on his hind legs and bunt with
bis head nnd burn,. When lhe eagle
rose each time the goat would run
and the fight elided when thc goat
reached tho shelter of a projecting
ledge oi rock.
Another man in this vicinity has
jusl got some cheap printing Irom the
ua.sC, ii Is ».iid. The Outcrop has
favored ihe same fellow on several
occasions when nu other print shop
on earth could have done it for him,
but we won't do il any more.
Upon his return from tie Gulden
Sports last week John McLeod, the
popular manager ot the Wilmer Mercantile company, stated that he had
seen for himself part of the grading
un the Kootenay Central railway and
saw three of the dump carts that re
ciuily arrived. He further states
thai as nearly as he could learn the
general impression at Golden is thai
work will be pushed as soon as men
can tie obtained, wl'ieli will be when
ibe harvest Is over on lhc prairie.
Last Saturday an Outcrop reporter
visited the Nellie M. group ou Toby
creek, where ihe h
grade ore was mad
by ll. II. Washburn,
far   proved     llm
proposition of i
this camp,     Tl
strike of   high
iwo mon lbs ago
. and wbieb has so
richest grass-root
many uncovered in
strike    was made
aboui   live   miles      above   lhe   presenl
end of the Toby wagon road, or 33
miles from Wilmer, mi the south side
of the creek and I MO feel above the
creek's bed. Al ihis puinl a tunnel
has since been inn in over Htl feel
on lbe ledge, showing ore all the way.
The lead is ahuui four feel wide and
the paystreak from two to M inches,
yet tor the entire .sn feci tho reporter estimates it would easily average
six inches iu width. At the lime lbe
urc in lhe tunnel face had almost
pinched oul, hut was again widening
out al the bottom. This, of course,
occurs and is expected in all mines.
Above this first tunnel, perhaps Tdl
feet, another tunnel was in 25 leel
with ore showing all the way, and
above thai again an open cut showed
lhe same ore, and another short short
tunnel, still a little higher up, followed the ore in. The ledge hod also
been uncovered in places for several
hundred leel further up. Down the
hill from the first, or discovery, tunnel the ledge had been dug Into iu
different places and ore found for -libit
feet below. The trend of the ledge is
precisely north and south and dips
slightly westward, anl, therefore, is
easily followed. The ore is very pretty looking and cai lies hinh values iu
silver and copper and some of It good
lead values. However, the exncl value of the ore will soon be known as
the last sacks of the first shipments
uf two ear loads were being filled at
the time and puck iinimals and wagons were, busily engaged hauling the
on* to the Wilmer landing for shipment to ihe smeller, Mr. Washburn
bad minora working ulghi and day
shifts and Hum the wmk mentioned
ii   can   i"-   seen   i;oo<l    Work   lias   been
accomplished since the discovery. Two
Very lame specimens of the ore were
lying nu lbe dump which are lo be
scni to ibe Dominion lfixhi-UHon and
will certainly attract attention at
Westminster. Messrs. CL A. Starke
It. It. Bruce, Mr. Washburn's partners     in  lbe  Nellie M„  visited      the
property Sunday and arranged to
erect a cabin and gel everything iu
shape io ft'ork all next winter
John I lousion has disappeared,
Wonder if John's conscience is troubling him over the way be jobbed Kootenay newspapers out mn of several
hundred dollars two or three years
ago with Conservative political ads'.
Take notice that thirty days after
dale I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works al
Victoria, for a license to cut ind
carry away timber from the following described lands situate in Kast
Koolenay  District:
Starting at a post planted at the
northwest corner of lot 8280, group
one, running soulh Wl cbains, thenee
running west Kb chains, i hence running norlh SO chains, thence running
east 80 chains, thence running west SU
chains to the point of commencement.
25-fit IL IL Boss.
Dated this 12th day ol Sept. 1905.
__ rr—:-: 1H
\*m\ mnnent payroll nnd Is    5S
jH      1lVM1&_>ft   rtf    rHiaVYia*       iheirak-niiviif HieSi.     M
ILeabfttQ Business
Ibouses of flbar^s*
Hbc Smelter cttv...
Mans*.ilk* has COIIU
intn her own. Thc
town nuw has a permanent payroll ami ti
ihe gateway uf the Si.
Marys valley. .** rhe
Herald ean heariilv
indorse lhc following
business houses;
^Ogilvies' Reputation11
goes into every barrel of
Royal Household Flour
If Royal Household Hour were not as
good as Ogilvies say it is, who would be
tlie greatest laser?
You would try it once—if it were not
good you would he a small loser, perhaps,
But Ogilvies would probably lose
your custom,
They would also lose the custom  \Ki
oi every other woman who tried it
and of thousands who had never
tried it but had been told that it was not
as represented.
Therefore Ogilvies must make Royal
Household Flour the best flour because
they stake their reputation upon it, and if
you and thousands of others found it was
not the best, Ogilvies would ruin their
So Ogilvies make Royal Household
Flour the best flour, in their own protection.
Incidentally that is your strongest protection
— it guarantees you the best flour because the
brand carries with it Ogilvie's Reputation.
Ogilvies simply ask a trial—knowing that it will make a permanent *„,
friend for Royal Household Flour. ^Mn
1 Central Hotel
li. Johnson, Proprietor
ft Ditiiiit; Room senile Ilu- hest.
The leading no- ,-J
tel in the Sl. ft
Maris  valley,
ihe pltue lo Slop When vlsltlllg the Smeller Lily
1 The Royal Hotel
\. I". Chenette Proprietor
lias heen rcccnll) refurnished and is iw« one »(
w-w . ....   |H..^t   ... B|lf,f   .. Ill),   flailing   ni.   OI.IWI.WI   .-'*.»     ^v
s.  . sjj
lhe hest hotels in llie district.
llie peuple.
Headquarters i,.r
55t '   ■ u_
tt ffi
Notifo ii liereby biu-ii Uial llilrtj
.la..-, altor duto 1 Intt'ml io apply tu
ihi' Cniu! L'o.nniissionci uf i.an.ls and
«,,iks n.i a license to prospect loi
coal aial pan iiliiini on il.c lollowing
ilcaciiliial lands in lllock lOUM, Kast
Kootena) illsli'lol:
Number I.
r ncnciiuj al a posl marked soulh
weal coiner.and plained ou it..- easl
side „[ ilie l''l.itlia.i.l river, about nine
miles    uur tl,   .a    lhc   International
l,,,iin.l.ii) line, Ihence ......1. Sll chains,
Miami.' easl 8(1 chains, llience suuih
_u chains, thoncc west 811 cliaius lu
the place of h-tsinulng, containing Ml)
acres, more or less.
Dated Sapl.'iiiliei  in, 1005.
,1. II. Langley, Locator.
Number 1.
Commencing ai a post marked the
southeast corner, and heiiis adjacent
to J. I). Langloys southwest corner,
Uieuce west 811 chains, llience nortii
8U chains, Ihence easl 80 chains,
thenee suillll 80 chains lo place ol In
giiiiiins, containing 010 acres, moi
or less.
Dated September 111, 1005,
l.tia M, Johnson, Locator.
Number 3.
Commencing at a pust marked the
northeast corner, and being adjacent
to J. H. Langlcy's southwest corner,
Ihence south 8U chains, thence west
m chains, thence nurlh 80 chaius,
thenee east 80 cliains to place of beginning, containing 810 acres, more or
Dated September 10, 1905.
W. .). Langley, Locator,
Number 4.
Commencing al a post marked thc
northwest corner, ami being adjacent
to .1. II, Langlcy's southwest corner,
ihaiici' aasi sn cliains, Ihence south 80
chains, Ihence ..est su chains, thenee
north 80 chains lo place of beginning,
cunlaining 040 acres, inure t.i" less.
Hated September 10, llllir..
It. L. T. Oalliraiih, Locator,
Number 5.
f'u lonclng al n pust marital tlin
southeast corner, and being  ■ mile
cisl uf J. D. L.ineliv's s,,ul hens I curlier,     thence  th su chains,   thrnce
west S.l chains, thence south Su
chains, llience easl su chains to place
ol beginning, containing 040 acres,
more or less.
Dated September in. 11)08,
A. .1. Dovlln, Locator.
Number li.
C ini'iiciug ut a post marked the
snuihwest comer, und being adjacent
iu A. .1.  Devlin's sun i Inns I  corner,
then asl 811 chains, thenee north 80
chains, thence west sn chains, thence
suuih sn chains lu place ul beginning,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated  September  10,   11105
.1. A. Harvey, Loealor.
Number 7.
Commencing at a posl marked lho
.n.i'thwest corner and adjacent to A.
J. Devlin's siiilthwesl curlier. Ihenee
snuih SU cliains. thence ran 1 Sll chains,
tbence .niiih 80 clains. tbence wesl
SU chains lo place ni beginning, con
laining lilo acres, more or less.
Dated September 10, 1005.
,1. D. Gordon, Loealor.
Number 8.
Commencing at a post marked lhe
northeast corner, and adjacent to A.
1. Devlin's southwest corner, thence
ivest 811 chains, thon.ee south SO
chains, thence east sn chains, thence
north sn cl ains tn place of beginning,
containing B.O acres, more or less.
Dated September in, 1005.
Allred Page,' Locator.
Niiiiiher 0.
Commencing at, a post marked the
northwest comer and adjacent to Alfred Page's southwest corner, thence
Ihenee enst 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thenee west 80 cbains, ihenee
lOl'Ill SU chains t.i place
ontnliilng uiu acres uu,
I Ml all    Sl lllllllll,1    III,    I
II.  IV.   I'cepl,
Number lu.
ol licgililiiu
e ol  less.
mn ile .i-i
lied   Page
I llie
.1 adjacent to Al-
snniliwesi corner, Ihenee
snuih sll chains, Ihenee west SU
ehuius, Ihence lioilh Sll clains, Ihence
easl su cliains tn place ul beginning,
containing uiu acres, more or less,
l.ai.d Sep'tombei III, 1905.
II. Hlueli, Locator,
Number 11
Cuiiiiiieiieing at a post marked the
southeast coiner and adjacent  lo 11.
Hindi's     southwest    corner,   thence
north   sn   ehuius,    Uiencc west   so
cliains,   llience snulll Sll cbains, thence
easl sii chains to place nf beginning,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Paled September in, 1006.
W. II. North, Locator.
Number 12.
Commencing al a posl mnrkod the
northwest corner, an.l adjaccnl to 11.
Dinah's southwest corner, thence easl
su cluiius, thence suuih su chains
ihence west 811 chains, thenco nurtt
SU cluiius to place of beginning, enn
laining 640 acres, more or less.
Dated September 10, 1905.
II. I-'.  Laudrick,  Locator,.
Addressed lo lhe undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Indian anil .'ish-
eries, Olliee ilhlg., New Westminster^
11. C." will lie received at this ollic,
imtiI Saturday, October SI, 1005, in
clusivdv fur the construction ot Indian
and Fisheries Olllce Illdg , Now Westminster.
Plans and specifications lo be seen
and fntins ol lender 10 be obtained
ai ihis Department, at the nllice of
ii. A, heeler, Esq., Resident Engineer, New Westminster, D. 0.
Persons tenderding are nneiliod thai
tenders will nol he considered unless
londe on the printed lorm supplied,
and signed wiih lheir actual .signatures.
Each lender must be accompanied
hv an accepted dieipic on a chartered
lii.nl,. made payable tn liie order nl
ihe Honourable lhe Minister ol Pub
lie Works, equal to ten tier cent (III
p.c.) ol lha amount of the tender,
which will he forfeited it the part)
iiiiileiing decline into a contract when
called upun lo do sn, nr It fail in
dine to enler inlo a ennlraet when
complete ibe wmi, contracted for. li
ibe tender be noi accopled lho cheque
will be returned.
Thu ilepill'tlni nl dues nnl bin.I itself
tn accept ihe Inwesi or auj' tender,
II)   Oilier,
Department ol Public Works,
Ottawa, Sept. 20th, 1905.     37-21
Notice is hereby given Hint the
partnership heretofore existing be
I wc.',, us, the under.signed, as ranchers, near Cranhrook, in lhe cotinlv nf
Koolenay, llritish Columbia, has 'ilu
dav been dissolved I.v mutual con
All drills owing to the .said partnership are I.) he paid lo Adam 11
Dal/icl, nt Cranbrook, aforesaid, and
all cluiius against the said partnership aro tn be presented to the said
Allan. 11, Dnl/iei, by Whom lhe same
will be settled.
Witness: Signed:
.1. A. Harvey,    Adam B. Dalitcl,
Creswlcb WhciicM
Da led at Cranbrook this 22 dav of
September, A. 1). inns. 27-41
The Brotherhood or Railway Trainmen wilt hold a hall on Thanksgiving
evening, and make tlie ball an annual
event hereafter. Arrangements are
being made fur a big success on thai
1 Marysville Drug Co.      I
We carry a complete stuck uf everything in the KS
linn: and Stationery line. No need t« send away ti
li.r ymir guuds. >;?
53 53
n -A it
gj JAMES NEIL. Proprietors ft
| MARYSVILLE, B. C.   Th- '"^ ""J '*-• |
•^ equipped   hotel in   tin*  SS
:y. ..* Commodious Sample Rooms. KJ
ft St. Mary
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
None Better In the District
4> Rates $i and up.    ^hort Orders and Oysters                <^j
^ served in any style from A p. rn. to 6 a. in.               A,
ffl Thc table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed lur dean  0|
V liness and comtort and the bar.is supplied witli tlie best brand  <^
4j» ol liquors and cigars.                                                                         A
$ L. B. VANDFxAR, Prop.        &
9 _______ ffltSELaa_iai!IiKI!I:il_};;_<.i:SEiS3i
...Manitoba Hotel,.
J i [Tudor New Mnnngenionl) i
J D. A. McDONALD, manager *
J Tit''- Hotel is in thc center  of  lown.    The  rooms  are   »
* ,
J. comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- {
« class, and the bar is supplied with the best.    When you »
* want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. J
y^#*->###W#*-***W. 4l-#'-9*_9#9-19^.4<-994r^#4'*y4r*|i#V-Mr-9#'9^94r94
"> a
*! V^Sftoo*
\ P3-UW'
Maiiiifmtilr.is ul
I.u..ml, unit iliesseit
l.tirilllil. ami
Also  ull   Minis  nt
Jiifl'rny, H vim tuul
('r,iii'lir.».k, IU".
lind Olllce,  Cranbrook
i «_
hereby   given lh.it till
Notice Is
bus allei
He I'liiel I
Works lor n special license in cu
carry away  limber I > Hie in
ing described   land   in Norlh
Parcel Nu. 3.
Commencing at u posl planted i
une   mile mu ih nf Wlnie river
abuut   I  miles   ensl  uf block
llience   nniih su chains,  Hunec
io  chains, llience   snuih   mi cl
llience   west  Sll chains   In   plac,
I'ntiililelieeiiit III.
Com ncing ni a I '  planted   mi
the northwest cornel ol t". A   ' hup
 s Parcel Nn   tl,  llunee easl   sn
,   ,chains, Hul   ll 80 chains, Ihcn.'O
I   nl I to appi)  '"  vmsi su   elinlns,     b   «0
iiom.1' of I,nn.Is uiu   chains in place nf comm.'iieoiuent.
In plnCU "1 ni
Parcel Nn. n.
imenciiiR al  ,i poal  pli d   n
a I III', a-1   e a   ul   I        .     I !,.,{
Parcel No. 7, Ihence ensl   in
Ihenee um Hi   III chains,   llll'lll
sl   lllll ehuius,      llala a
nils  lo place nl <
Hitliwcst ci
, un's parcel No
chains, thence sn
wesl. 811   cha
i'l N
it a post
uf C.
nted nl
A. t'lllip
.1, I bailee ensl Ull
b Sll cliaius, thenee
llience     nurlh    80
■hains to place uf commencement,
Parcel Nn n.
Commencing nl n pnsl planted nt
lhc tioi'tliwesi iniiiit ni c, A. eli. in -
man's Pared No. 8, thrnce easl .Ml
dains. thenco norlh su chains, ihenee
wesi 80 chains, llience soulh 80
cliaius to place uf commencement,
Parcel No. III.
Commencing at a pnsl planted   at
chains, iii,'iice wast -in chains,
liullh     lllll chains,    thence east
chains in place ni commencement.
lbe northwest corner of ('. .\. i li.u
  man's Parcel   Nn. !l. iheiiee easl   80
Pared Nn. 5. chains, llience nurlh 80 chains, ihenee
Commencing at a   pnsl planted al   wcs| 811   chains,   ihenee     soulh   >D
the northwcsl corner of C. A. I hap- _|lains l0 ]tlKl, „, commcncemciil
man's Parcel No. I, thenco south Hi"    Dated Ihis lib dny of Sept. 10115.
C:   A.   Ohu| in
Take notice thai we Intend in   np-
pam.| N()   „ I Ply   tO   the   lllllllll   III   license   eniilli.M-
Commcncing al a   p'osi planted  on '.""''''s '". Cranbrook illstrlcl „t  the
the east Boundary line ol block 1511(1, "rat mooting held lliirly davs   alter
nn the north   bank of    While river, J'"' lll!il    appearance   nf Ihis notice,
thence east 80 chains-, tbence    norlh ""' a transfer Irom Gougeon At Nel-
80    chains,   thence   west 80 chains, term-Id in (leurge D, Gougeon of lhu
thence south    au chains, lo place, ol license   Ior   tbe Queens hold, I'ruii-
cniiinielieeiiicnt. brook.
  |   Dated   September 20,1905,       _.VIt
Parcel Nu. 7. Gougeon A. Netterfleld. THE   CRAN BROOK   fl EH A Lit
II. I. Stephen..
M. Rockeadorl
J.  . 3**1,11.
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big' Alexandra
hold is still the hest conducted hotel In Easl Kootenay. Your money's worth
al all times.
BlffphtM lint. A la,, QwMri an,l l'i„|>rl.lii...
Morrissey Mines, It. c.
II I. Stephen.
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver .<•.* .< «_£
iiii: uui WHITE imii'i
II    I    Rl.p_.nl, Owner and .-.*»,-......r.
Morrissey Junction, It. C.
i! Cranbrook
Hotel S S
flucst* I'nn.l.irl a Speciitll)
(inud siiihiiiiK in Connection
Ni-iurs, In mill,,ml aial ile|n,l.     Una acenni
(lull,  fur  llle  public  unequalled   In  I mm
K..I and did llalhs
['.* .*-•*• > » 9 9 9 *>■*»'» t
Hoggnrth & Rollins
 Proprietors       J
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.    We are on deck 25 hours ||
-a out of lhe 24 j'|
•l^l-H-H-H-l-H-MS-l-l-fr-H-M--I HM-I-1~M-i~IH-t-H-M-H
||.ii|-|||-M4'l-lll|.|'l-l I'lll-lll-l-l-ll-l'l-l-l-l-l-M
Che Cosmopolitan
•I I-I
Strictly Firstclass and Up-to-
D.ile in every respect. The
bar is stocked with the best of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
and lhe Dining Room service is
■M-W-l-l-M'-H--l-W--M-l-l-l-l--l !•!■!•!•! I-I-I-I■■! .I-1-I-H--M-I
-l-M-l-l-M-M-H-l-l-l-M-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-I-I I-l-l-l-i--:-I-I til-I-I
l\ C. Livery and  Peed  Stables \
lli:-.. -.aim a,m    M i   .....   Drivers
l'i I Hi el
Uial    |,a
homes  f,,i nn.. p..iiii iii  Hi,' ttislrii'i,
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
SlllllC llltl .lllllll m|.| ih   Bt.llil.ll
liiiiiliiiiuk I'n'sb)Icrian Church.
Sabbath Services 	
  ... 11 .i.m. and 7.80 p.m.
Sunday School It llll.lo Class...", p.m.
('I., is. um ICndeavor, Tuesday ...8 p,tn.
The public aro cordially Invited lu
attend nil ihe meetings,
_rnsl.,r, IV. Q, W. ful nine, 11.A,
Crauhri.uk Methodist Church.
Curlier uf Itansiin Avenue aa. I oul. Streel
Sunday Services :—
Divine Worship 11 a.m.
Suniinv School  ;i p.m.
liivinc Worship  7.30 p.m.
Tuesday :—Epworlh League uf Christian Endeavor  fi p.m
A enrdial invitation is extended to
lhc public.
J. P. Westman, Pastor
Cranbrnok Baptlal Church.
The lollowlng is   a list i.f the ser
vices held iu the Bapllsl church :—
Sunday   II a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School  3 p.m.
Yuiing Peoples ... 8 p.m. Tuesday
Prayer  Meeting ... 8 p.m. Wednesday
The public aie cordially Invited to
attend all  the uie.-l.ngs.
Paalor, J. I.. Sloat.
§ Speaking of a
Good Thing
Yon all,iiiiii snu our now work
un nnr new swell mounts,
Prest Photo Co!
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing; Mills
All Kinds Ol
Take u ri.lu to
nn.l  IViTv Creek nn.l Btou nl
The Perry
Creek Hotel
O. BURGE, Prop.
Plntvr mid Hydraulic Mining
tiul-t ;it li.'iinl. - A Bmtiiti.
ful Drill- .'in.l ih.* place to
spend tin iMijoynhlt* ilfl)'
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
101J shoes ittmle new.   All kinds
nf repairing,   Give me a call.
A special correspondent ol the Toronto Qlobe VISIUhI  Krir.it lUt  Wit'l*
and rwnt the following interview with
I. M Prootot on tin* lumber situation in British Columbia:
Mi I. M Proctot is one of the
large null operators ot FVrnle. Yes-
i-jiilay In- presented Cranl tj hi i views
a*, a lumberman m convei latiou witli
un- Globe uortespoudent Tliere was
ii" hesitation In his mind as to the
necessity   (oi  a duty on rough lum
"Il ymi could uuly convince ilu- farmers thai n will not raise tbe price
nt lumber we would soon get out duty," he said. "I wish you would
show iiii- any sawmill man who bu
made an) iimiir) in iiu.*. country, ilu*
Amci li ans   i    in and i al  ui. uui
market In Ute prairie. We waul lo
kot*|i  Use    Americans     out.   Wi   will
..ii.ii .in er  In  hell  ai   [he   ■allU*  jilii'i—
ih.ii iin- price -<'ll nul vary an) mom
Iban Mn- |u lee mi .u.) thing else.
Jli.u   i.u,   Uml   guarantee   Ik-      ilr
ii'iiiiii.t-il' The idea dues nut seem
' ll would have tu he loft Ui some
lau minded people to tKclde.'
Aii, I'rucloi Wi in on in describe
M.iiif features ul Die trade. Ile did
noi shi[i e.is\ t,i Winnipeg., A shlp-
inciil had been made in tbo old cotin
in via guobec one,*, hul uu relurn
was evei gol—Umj eni Ire value ot the
carload was taken lor ficlghi rail's.
Then, again, not much went to Manitoba as Uuu market was luu close
to Ontario and Minnesota.
Their   market chielly laj   wesl    ol
itcgilia and   SOUth   ol   Sa.1Kal.1n11,     as
thu mu ihi'iii portions or AI liu i la ami
and Saskatchewan were now being
supplied hy lheir own mills. The interior nulls of Uri Lish Columbia, lor
whom .Mr. Proctor spoke, did not
have much clear lumber; it was nearly all medium grade and in demand
hy settlers for tlieir Hist houses or
shelters. At the coast Uie quality of
lumber Is better, and in llial respect
ihey stood on a different Footing than
the Interior mill men. The) ship lumber east, too, bin ifo not slaughter
thell prices us Uie Americans do. The
American lumbermen in Idaho, Montana ami Washington an* the men,
Mr. Proctor says, he ti "up against."
"Can't you compete with i.hetu on
youi own ground?'1
We have not as good a class ot
expert bushmen as they have, and,
besides they sell their good lumber at
hfgb prices and send their medium
nil over here at a low price."
Mr. Proctor was at pains to declare ihat Ins priii's are reasonable.
We retail common ordinary hoards
at (1(1 a thousand, and you cannot
buy limn in ihe east lor $'_!5. Ue retail clear lumber for $_5, and you
could nut touch ii at $i0 at Ottawa
now. The northwest farmer buys lus
lumber far cheaper than ho could get
n in Ontario," Uue reason why the
American lumbermen worked so hard
to secure the Canadian trade is because so many people are settling in
Canada requiring lumber, while that
is nul the ease in tlie western states.
The production ot lumber in the iu-
terior ui British Columbia be estimated at 200,000,000 feel or upwards
white lla.umi.uuu were imported last
Apart from the une item of better
bushmen, you can produce as cheaply
is ihe Americans?1*
Mr. Prod oi believed the consumers
lid mil heiii'li: by the slaughter prices
ii ihe Americans, bnt Ibat the mid-
lleinen absorbed the henellts.
"Uli.u     alniiii  Die coiiibinali J
Canadian lumberincu?"
That iinn'i amount to anything.
was just to keep us from cutting
each other's throats." Mr. Proctor
en I'd Unit Un- Canadian lumbermen
mid Increase iheir production if thc
.iil'et w.irr,tilled it, bui American
'iiipt'tition rcstrjfkd lheir output,
lie hough t nea I'l) all his mill maohiii-
ery and   supplies   in  Cau.ula
Wo nd all our provisions from
lln- prairie, and wo pa) more for our
CENTER shots
All Kind', Of :   s-% | f
Rough and Dressed LumberiLfanbfOOk
Livery S
A k.m.i I.ui  I in-. Vear
IU    n... i. I
The Twelfth Animal
Spokane Interstate Fair
October 9 to 15, 190r>
Wonderful Displays of PAIN'S FAMOUS PYROTHENICS,
I.... "iinm "Till'; FALL IM'' I'Olt'l' AIITIK'I'" in Fluminii
I'n. a.irks, LAI'tiKli KXIIIIilTS in I.YI.KY DEPAET-
MI-INT of th.- PATH, MEN'S RELAY RACE iliiritiRtlic Whole
tt'iiuk. KIkIH Unifies Tlio FINEST SHOW of LIVE STOCK
uver lit'lil in WnsliiiiKtoii, UP-TO-DATE Vniulcvill.. I'm^nnn
Every Afternoon mul l.vcniim. Ueniitifiil KHI'I'I' DISPLAYS
for Iill! CASH l'111/.I.S. FIVE or MOIIE EM'ITINll RACES DAILY. SPOKANE KENNEL CLUB'S 1% Antiii.il 1),,,.
Sln.w, INDIAN VILLAliE.'iiul INI.IAN RACjES nnil Dunces
Concessions lur Sale II.HVIil I. W. I'l'lil., Pri'slil.iit
# Write lur Premium Llal anil Race Pro,™     R0BT, II. C0SIIR0VI!, Sir. a.ul M[r
j——————— — ————————
Triiiiu. ami (Irlvttra imnlabed tor .uy
point In thr iliatrl.l.
A. DOYI.fi, Mtnaxer
Glean Clothes!
It is ensy to have clean
clothes when there is a first
i'Iiibs laundry in town. Yon
can't afford to patronize chi-
lii-H,. win.-!, vou can yet your
work done by white |»-ople in
ii white wny and ul prices tliat
will appeal to anyone who
wants good work
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Crnnbrook, U* 0,
(l_ken from the Gulden Star i
Twenty-one years (rum now these
will be called the "good old Times
To look prosperous is one thins at, 1
io fed prosperous is quite another.
No matter what a girl's politieal
creed may be, she always wants piu-
A man may smile and smile, but ||
he doesn't quit in tune he will see
There are people who will nevei go
iu heaven except thoy can go at es
cursion rates.
lln* heels on ladies shoes this yeai
au- higher. The piue ui ilu* shoes is
the same.
A wue la called the "bettci hall
because she usual I) g.*is the beet   ol
the othei hah.
Many a man ean hear the ring ul a
■ iImi  dollai  faithi-i   Mian  that ul    a
church bell
A real du.lish man Is ol no line In
this i.n.ij hi.il.i except i,, bt Ihr ted
wnh b) foolish girls.
1 heir  JS   llitili-  lui,   in   !||(.  ph'lu,una
i> engageiiictil than there is In the
lirst domestic battle
A smile does not cosl anything and
ii is mueh more becoming on a wo
man's face than powder.
The  business  iu   which  ymi aie Mile
yon could have made money, generally Is ihe other man's.
Vou have friends who wil! stand li)
um io the last dollar—yom dollar, ..i
course, nut theirs.
The llieatrlcal world would be p par*
Ise   it   all the    actresses were as
good as their pictures look.
\ man nol long ago placed a horse
shoe over lho dooi and that liighl llie
house burned down.
A woman's bauds may be pah* and
delicate, but she can handle a huttel
plate than a man can,
No woman who doesti'l think she is
handsome will consent to have her
picture taken in a group.
A young man bcie wants lo know
how long girls should be courted,
dame as short girls, oi course.
A witness in a burgtai ease said
"ihem lawyers was tbe must iuquls
Hive cusses he ever did see.'*
.Marriage is a radio instead oi a lot
tery, as one man gots the prise While
the other fellow gets the shake.
At the moment ot his birth every
man has a brilliant future before bim
—and it usually remains tliere.
The heathen worships an idol ol
stone, but nothing short ot an idol ut
gold seems to satisfy civilized man.
The woman who wanted to throw
herself into her husband's grave has
just married a newspaper ageut.
it makes a great deal oi difference
io the actor whether his name is
prominently on liie bill board oi
board hill.
We do not think that silver dollars
should be made heavier than they
now are. They are hard enough lo
raise as it is.
After a woman is married it is well
for Iter to remember that cooking'is
a greater accomplishment than thumping the piano.
A Mininjj Expert
who appreciates
good boots=-~~Leckie
Boots"-writes us as
Notice is hereby given tliat Hit days
from date 1 intend lo apply lo llie
t'liict Commissioner ol Lauds aii.1
Works to purclia.se tliu following il.-_-
criUid lands, situate in tliu district ui
South l_ast Kooleaay:
t'uinineiieing al a posl Minuted al
the Intersection ol tlu- right ol way
oi thu tlreiii Nmiln-iii HtiiUvay antl
the east boundary ot ioi 731(1, theucu
nurlh Hi iliuiiis, llience .-.ist in
hams, thcuce south to Ihe rislit ol
way of tho Canadian Pacittc Hallway,
Uienco lolli,wing sunt rigid ol way
weslcrly >,, a puinl muiiIi i.i Ibe
oullirast corner ul lut iiiiii, thence
lOrth to place of comuit'iiceinciil.
(lau. II. Sii.it.
Iliil.d Sept. IHI,  lllllll.        ~(l-!lt
Hi   .1   I.m sn. ,'.,.. I.i.l.
I    H.C
..i-.iimi,.s._[ t..k.- pleaanre In Hating lh. tollowin_ lact,
. I.: r. .
Umiii . month u..-,. I had i« n itarl mil, ns, mining, .I.f
':';'llL1•,,'-'"  '"' ■■'    • I-- ■ .i ,u„ui
.     ,''     logguig... I,,,,,,-' '   . ,..,    .,:,„;.  ,„     ,_„,
i;';"",',1 ""l"1  "'" "■ ' uver.   IT,, ,m hi l j„i',,„,
""' "I"" "';';' "'"k in llm. i.-i-. a.ul thr -a. ,,i il,. In.
Map   -.•M.liila.l.    ,,„,„,,,    ,,.,   ,,„.,    ,,,„,,   ,|„. „,.,„'. ,..,.,   J,y
""'"' "       ,' "'' ""'■" have given ,....,..-. Balitfaction
in noikiiiuiialiip, material, .,,•:,. and ..a,,i,,i
1 am. g.-l.lli-li„-|,
Yoiira li'ih
i   IV, M,i l:U'V i . ,. M, K..
•-iil'i  Ciila -iKei Mining Co.
For bjiIo rolail I.y all m....l Bhoe dealers,    Manufactured and
Bold wholesale bj
.1. Leckie Co.. Ltd., Vancouver. B. C.
I Tor family Use
I Try  souu1 of cur  Excellent
j   Sherries
| Thej1 are Unequalled, Unex-
| celled
IH, l. mcDcrmot
Wholesdle Ultne merchant
•       I'l.  17. Craubrook
Cranbrook Qnsrl
Made from the best malt and the purest water, it i.s unexcelled for quality. ►* Ask for
Cranbrook Beer and insist on having it. .*.*
The Cranbrook Brewing; and
Malting   Company,   Limited
Also manufaciurem ul ad kinds ol Uraied Wtten
For Fall ninl Winter will b; so many and ao strongly
contrasting that every man who it* fond of dross can
Hint several thingi. lo hiu liking for every purpose and
every taste ean find its ideal at
Nolle, is li'ii'liv given, pn
the "Tiusii'is   anil   Kxrcul
.nil  In
Of this season's fabrics still await
yi.ui order tu be made u.to a suit or
coat. Wliy not lake advaoi^ge ot
mu ead-ol-lhe-season oiler ? Wbile it
is still summer for ynu it is new
wlntei for us.   So we will
at aljeut the cost of the clotii to
cleat it out. The tailoring will he
up io our usual Btaml&rd, That you
know u, tlit* highest.
beet tiian tliey pay in Ontario. Morse and aniending Acts, that nil crodilow | I  C A C 1/     C,     H PMHPPQnM   THG
feed  is a l.ig He... n,  oui   m., ™. \^^Ttie\"!il tt,ii1''rii!l:!LtA^    K     flCilUCKaUll TAILORS
Tl,,- linil.Iiiii: nl llle Crows Nest j who ilini nl Fort Steele Junction on
branch o|idi«l lho Interior ot llriii.sli tlio iiiiii il.iv ol April, lOiifi, nn- u-
Columbia to the cast and croatetl   a I. ireu on or before the Mill .lay   ol i
n,.,,i„, ,i,ri,, i„„„ i„r ii , i,'i.„i i Ociober, mun,   lo sonu! I.)   posl pro-
maikot rlgllt Hero Ini in,' pi. iiul.   .1 i    w     '     d M       w ||u. ||||10r8g„.
the prairies, nml wo would like tho f-d solicitor tor ih,- adinlnislratllx ol
prairies as a natural markol tor our ihe esiaU- ol tile suul decoosod ul lho
proilui'ts." iadilress Wow jiu-n, in writing veil-
"How would vou Iw sulisiiod with l"«(°ri path, lull |,iiiiin.l,iis ol theii |
.         ,,   .        ,   .    , , saul claims anil u statement on im-u
the application oi the ilniiipinn ilausu a__0U]1|S ,uu|  t|„. nature ol llie sec-'
against American lumbei  luriiies   tor    payment   ol ilie   saul
'If   vou    could   prove llicy wero  claims, it any, held by them respi-i-
,      .      „ | lively.    Such paper writing shall, in
•"""P.ni. 'addition    to     such   particulars,  sel
"There is machinery lor invostlgat-  |0rth the    Christian names an.i sm-
ing and provins that.   Supposing the names, addresses ami descriptions oi
government did not derm il advisable ,m* c'ai"1«,nt"' „ . „      ., ..
6              ,              ,    ,          ....  _ And that so   soon  alter the   saul
to put  a duty    on lumber, and that ,.1Ul   day o(   October,    11)11., as the
dumpiliR from Uie United States was law   thereto shall liim permit,      liie
prevcnU'd,    would you he afraid    ol said administratrix   will proceed    io
Anierl,-a„ inmneiiiiiin"' distribute tie property owned by the
American .ompeliluin sai(,    ieaasat   at the time ol     his
"Not a darned bit of It, ' replied death,   among   thc   parties entitled
Mr. Proctor with expressiveness   and thereto, having regard only to    the
frankness,   He hastened to say, how- claims of   which slie shall then have
. .   .1,., k„ ,„-, ,i ii, .„ „.^,',m   h» received notice in the manner   above
ever, that ho feared tliere would   be _et ■ tj    M „lat ,h. saW ^^^
ways of getting around the dumping tratrix will not   be liable   for    said
regulations.     Even now tricks  were property or any part thereof to any
played,   and   gooil    dressed   lumber, Person or persons ol whose claim or
_? _         ,i ti   .    i .            -,„- claims   she shall   not have   received
which was liable lo duty was smug- s,|ch _0|il,e as a,oresajo al _ Ume
gled in along with poor lumber. of such distribution.
There   arc different phases ot    the        William F. third,
lumber question, but there seems   a Townsite Block, llaker Street, Cran-
, .      •   ,- ,i ,    ,        brook, It ('.
strong   determination on the part of | Solicitor tor Rose Cook,
the dealers to secure, it possible,   a Administratrix.
duly nl $2 on rough lumber. I   ')"t"t at Cranbrook this 13th day of
I      August,  1005. 20-4t
Before you make arrangements for
your fall
X    see us for ideas, designs and stock.
It may he mutually profitable
1 FJ. Bradley & Co.
Arli-itic   Painters   and   Decorators
<_-**->->->->'>->**-I-*-l-*H--J--'^^ TUK  CRAMtROOK. HERALD
CRANBROOK  HERALD',^«... .^  .,..-...
B, The Herald Publishing Company.
Uie amount ot teveuUS derived
; Same territory. The total
drawn Iron. Ihis pari ot lhc
. Tin- teveni
Editor and Manager.
ut ry in tile same period will
innate  .850,000,
lln- revenue Irom the Crows  N--st
'ompauy alonv will amount
which added to the unhrr
tines,  royalties, license ivcs.  an.l oth-
,i sources    ol revenue will probufcly
exceed the quarter million mark.
"That out of Ibis vast sum   only
The Herald is worth 51" a year,   ll
S3 iSSU»_irf^to».^l*".«*^T'*^ XoA _'
out it. aul everyone living outside ot ol thc province is an aiis.nii.ty which
Ihe .listuct, who is intei'esled In ihe\.,,ui,i t„, expected ..ul\ nom a go\-
progrcss ..t Ihis section, should read :,,„„„„, lkl. „.,„„,, ,„ issuing bogus
it.   It publishes lhc news while it Is
news, it Is controlled absolutely by licenses to pcoplo purporting to give
tlie publisher N,. clique, parly or them tho right in explore ami devel
Individual    dictates     Its   policy.  It „.,   -1)a, altJ ,„| _|a|m_ u, the same
aa;a:'Aa A':A'i A ^'^ i-i ^ in r,.,iii, r ,
will he a credit    lo   the community.j»nl)  ih«- privilege ul giving Into com
Send in   your suhsi rlptlon and    you
will ut* thanktul evei afterward
Advertising rates Ji pei Inch, single
cojutnn, pet month, nu more and no
Reading matter 15 cents per line
to non-advertisers , 10 rent, pei line
io regular advertisers 11 isIuosb
locals tivi- cents pet line each Insertion
If vou desire to reach thc people fit
South East Koolenay you must ad-
veitlse in The I let aid.
The   Herald   has   ._ first-class   Job \_\
plant,   and   iis work    is ot the best,  m
The tlernld  don't want charity,    li
wauls   a square   deal   on your    job
work.  11 wo can't suit vnu in qual- have lo be    ci-luiuled, thus red
ity and    ptlco, kick, ami Bend   your tlie amount d! available cash at
ork to Borne   Cheap John h
I., light tnt that which the governmeul has at read) taken their moiu-j
"The decision ol the court in ft
rase arising out of such thlmblorlg
ging by iiu- commissionei i»l lands
and works to which the Judge states
tlut siu-h oHiri.il cannot Issue two li
censes lo the same parcel ol land,
places ihi' government in rathei n ne
riili.ii position and ritiders It possl
Lhat .i consbliu.iiiu- portion of tin*
monies wrongfully obtained by issuing
licenses in Tom. Ulck aud Harry will
the east that nevei
spends a cent   In
1,000 a, Week
Thai i» ll.i, Clu,,t
Circulation ol th.
brooh Moral.)   A*
I'rosa r nal sulmeiip-
tion li-la upon i,, Invesllga.
lion by ailvurtlsura ul any
I'l,,- Ilernlil glvus a dollar
in value lorn dollar I n-
ey. The ailverlira, lilts tlio
right to know whal ho is
receiving tor tlia iii.a.ay.
Tlio llaial.l ia ono |ia|ior
Unit courts Invesliligalloli.
The Hernld will he found on
, sale al the lollowinK places:
Marysville. Marysville Driij; Slore
Wardner, li Donahue's Stnre
Moyie, S. k. Hume's limit Store
Ryan, K. I'. Flnlnj
Fernie, Purdy's lliuik Store
F.lku. Holbrook's Bunk Store
Craiibriiuk,  Beattie & Atchison's
4        and C. B, Reid & Co.'s
you never
yuu are paid
lever net paii1
ior more
you do.
The Herald fcas been
plain facts for tho pas
uncut  tho situation  in
so i.u- as the expenditure
money is concerned,   liver
properly    in   the Crnnbro
realizes that ho pays tuxe
ly since ihey are nearly it
year what thej  were Inst
stating some
two months
this district,
i-   ot   public
erj  ownec ol
ik distrlol
, espcclal-
ublu   Mus
And   al
ii'■> Hum litis district
tlllii,uut) last year,
government apnroprl-
though the rvc
were Kin:.- tha
tbe provincial
ated only $5,000 ior Improvements
this year, and hardly any of that has
hern expended. That it is a shame lo
tieat this district in such a manner,
everyone apprei lates, Conservative
and Liberal alike, but some people
wdl swallow a lot ol injustice It Uie
medicine Is admini ■■ rod toi political
ji u r poses.
i»- V. Mutt, ..im,i ol the Pernio
Ledger, las been reading the Herald
articles, and last week Ito expressod
his opinion in tin.- following mauner:
"We must join the 'Old Alan1 In
lhat tte government does not spend
enough ol the revenues obtained front
ihis corner of the province In improving the existing roads and in making
new ones.
"We have just been interviewing
one o! the government officials closoly
connected with tbo expenditure ol the
monies appropriated for use in the
Fernie and Cranhrook districts and
have learned that up to date about
$U)00 have been expended out ot the
$0000 which was appropriated for the
Kernie dislriel, and aboui $000 oui
of the $600(1 appropriated tor the
Cranhrook district bas been applied
for Improving the roads of that district. This money is available after
the first of July and can he expended
al any between that date and the 1st
of July, 1000.
"The amount set aside for roads
and bridges in these two districts is
ridiculously    small   when   compared
disposal ut the government. Add to
tt-ls the developments In the llaslam
null case, whicli indicate thai revenues that are justly due and collectible have been allowed to run loi
years in arrears, and the 'Old Man
of the 1 Ii-i aid might In- able to dti
Cover that political favoritism is not
the only taolor. which enters into the
problem of getting the paltry five pcr
cent of rovenues derived from South
East Kootenay paid hark in the shape
ol a few shovels full of dirt and a
lew additional poles laid down ou existing loads and bridges. It is nol
necessary to impugn the motives
which aclualo the government in pursuing such a senseless course in regard
iu Die development of lliis part ol the
province, li lbe expend ilu re ul lhe
toad money is governed as the 'Old
Mail1 seems to believe, by political
motives, Uieu the supporters of such
government should see to it at once,
.ind have this part of the program
placed in tho hands of some one whu
tias a little broader view ot politieal
expediences than seems to be. possess,
it! hy the present manipulator oi thai
kind of work. The elephantine end ol
ihe government menagerie which has
been at considerable trouble lately in
ils endeavors U> explain Uie whys and
wherefores of the failure to collect
lhe revenues due from a certain milling linn, might go further and enlighten the public concerning the antics of Uie monkey end of lho show
m its dealings with South East Koolenay, both in the going ot its revenues and in the coming of Uie same.
"How men ol acknowledged ability
can remain in, and be a pari of, an
administration which Bhows such lamentable want oi ability, viewed either lviim the poiul ot politieal expediency or fiom Uie broader ami
Higher standpoint ol statesmanship,
is a problem which seems to be
troubling more than one man of ability and understanding in this
Some one connected with the government has given the Moyie Leader
ihe following excuse lor not doing any
woik m Uie Craubrook district   this
It has been learned upon good authority that there will be very little
money expended by tho government
on public iuiiprovcmctils in this district iiiiii) next spring. The reason
im this is that work can lie done to
better advantage iu the spring than
later iu lhe season. As Uie appropriations are not available until aflei
July 1st ul each year il is impossible
to do any work unlit then, ai which
lime lhe ground is .try and lhe cosl
ol doing mad work, etc., is more expensive. Therefore this year's appropriation will be held over lor next
year's work.
There Is more real humor in the
above statement tlian has been evolved by any professional humorist on
the American continent during the
past year. One would hardly credit
Uie    Honorable   Robert Ore-en with
ich a lunny streak.
In the (all it is loo diy  to wmk,
In the spring nothing is done,
The head of a great department  will
When there is an election to Im* won,
Really, on tho square, Bobby Green,
Hobby Green,
Do   you think people will swallow
such fitnff?
It Is rank, It is rotten, it Is really
To   give   Cranhrook district   suet
Over $100,000 in  taxes we paid last
Conservatives      and I.literals were
mulct alike,
Hut for     political   revenge,     nobby
Green, we fear,
You would put Uiis district on the
We are onto you, Hobby Green, Rob-
by Green,
Vour game is very, very old,
Were    King a   Conservative,    it    is
plain to be seen,
Crnnbrook district would not be in
the cold. |
Don't Buy a Fall Suit or Overcoat \
»♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
t'lilisl'liXT   l.lll.
Meets 2nd and Ith Tl
a: No. :'.:'.
It. c.
as,lav  a. K p.m.
.maini of garments
;ire ■•how Ing.     The
fabrics arc the latest and best produced by
the leading mills. The tailoring a"1 unl>
he equalled by the lew renllj good tailors
in Canada.
Ilu* styles are Hie newest a mi most
correct, and the lit leaves nothing to be
these garments have no equal that's
known to many nml should he known lo
Our stock i** complete ami we can sat -
isfy you no matter how particular you are.
We arc sole agents tor this celebrated
brand of clothes for men* and wc invite
you to come and Inspect them.
t"    *— 1 "  —     ♦ ♦  '   '"■   '     4
all su
If Uu*
of  lhc
slate officials ol Nebraska law-',
tendered Un-ir railway passes.
dominion .mil provincial office
,      nl    Canada     would  tin   thai
mmi Ll be a wonderful tailing oil
passengui traffic on Canadian
questions asked hy i
alii sIlICO Un" paper
items from the Issi
ago. Many do not
aud take ttie items
of lbe present day.
un   lhe pail  ol   llie
i several amusing
carters of tlie Her-
ilurted to reprint
■s ol seven year*.
lotlce the leading
printed lor news
This is excusable
misses, but when
: pie ot this lown.
11 you hau* been a knocker it is not
too late to reform. A booster has a
chance for heaven, a knocker, never.
Cranbiook has today the best loi oi
business men tu lie found iu .my town
the size of Craubrook in all the dominion ol Canada. Tin- Herald'has
had dealings wllh them for nearly
eight   years   and knows whereol    it
newspaper editors tall Into Uus ertui
ii i-. amusing iu the extreme, Seven
yearn ago last week a. \\. McVittie
had quite au DXperlcncu wllh a family   of  grlxzly      heats.   The  lleiaU   Ol
that dale printed Lhe story, and last
week ii reprinted tho Lale under lhe
head of "Seven Years Ago." A low
days later the Nelson Tribune, which
is presided over hy the Immaculate
and erudite William Blakemore, printed the story in the shape of a special
telegram from Cranhrook, bringing il
out with a big double scare head.
Tbe amateur editor ot the Tribune is
also excusable, as his knowledge ol
ihe nowspiD|)cr business seems to be
rather limited.
South l-.ast Kootenay Is in better
condition today than ever befure in
its history, and its future Is bright
enough to attract ihe attention of
any person looking for something sure
and reliable.
The Herald Annual this year will
be better and more attractive than
ever, li will he along different lines
ihnn those followed hist year, and
will he the kind of a publication that
will be sought after by hundreds of
people and will be read bj   thousands.
It   hutls
no man
to be honest.   It
at   the
st are beginning to In
lne -in
al tr
siiry. Well,
- Io expenditure
•rnmeiit in the
prevails all over
io the ratio ol
lhc surplus   at
talk of Hob Edwards, edl-
or of tie Calgary Eye Opener, being
an Independent candidate for the provincial house of Alberta. For the. sake
of those wlo win he elected it is tn
he hoped that Edwards will not be
elected. Ho has brain-., In- has coiir-
age and he has a tongue like ihe sting
of a wasp, and a pen as facile as the
downy end of an ostrich plume, with
a point as sharp as a surgeon's lancet, li he occupied a seal In the first
house of Alhet'ta he would have all
kinds of fun with the weak kneed aul
grafting element,
Hawlhorthwaite, thc socialistic supporter of the McBride governmenl,
eame very near spoiling the settlement of the strike ai Nanalmo by
butting in with his grandstand plaj
ai the wrong time, fortunately the
men had sense and a settlement was
effected, but without any thanks to
Mt   Hnwthorlhwalte
The man who owes Iol n news-paper
is taking advantage of circumstances
to keep away from the publisher that
which is jiMh Ins It is only two
dollars a .mmi, ami thai amount no
one in British Columbia can say that
he cannot afford to pay. There are a
few on the list id the Herald who will
have to settle through a lawyer before long, Patience has ceased lo be
a Virtue, and il is evident that that
Is the only way these few will ever
Ih* Induced lo pay whal ihey owe ihis
ii the same policy n
practiced by the gov
Cranbrook district
lhe province, and al
increase as to taxes,
the end of the year should be of immense proportions. It is easy to save
when you don't spend, and it is easy
to starve when you don't feed. The
government's policy of expending little money iu improvements and increasing the taxes reminds us ol the
man in Missouri who saul: "l just
gut my mule so he could live on sawdust instead of oats when Ihe blamed critter died."
Tin* city council  ot Nels
ou has re-
dueed the     pay   of   theii
mayor to $1 a    month.
That will
probably settle the matter
ami 1 foils-
ton also. Perhaps this is the only
case nn record where the member oi
provincial house, the mayor of a
prosperous city and the editor of a
daily paper is selling type in a foreign country for a living.
•0*9 39999 S3999 MSSeSi&ftfrfi&'ij
Ou the square, now, boys, don't you
wish lhat you hud saved a lew ol
those dollars that you blew last summer so that you would bo able lo buy
a good overcoat ior this winter?
Wc heard two young men talking
about "luck" the day. One said that
he never had experienced any luck
since he came to lliis part of the
country. "1 had $170 when 1 arrived
iu Craiibrook nnd have had a pretty
good job ever sime ihal time, but I
cannot gel ahead. In [act 1 have not
as much money now after three years
work as I had when 1 came here. And
I know of several fellows who came
here without a cent and yet today
they have money in lhe bank or sonie
good property. Thoy have been lucky
while-1 have been jn.it the other way."
Luck? Not by any means! H Was not
luck, ll is Impossible lot a man making Jtiti lo $80 a month lo save anything if he Spends on an average oi il
a day that he don't need to spend.
The man who has gol something to
show for his work is the man who
has saved something from his salary
each week. He didn't Wait until next
week or next month to start, but he
made a beginning when he drew lus
first salary.' That is why he has a
house lhat is (laying him some ten I
That is why he had $300 or $1100 to
Invest when ihere was a chance lo
take advantage of a bai gain. Thai is
why he is going ahead in a material
way, and that is why he is h litis lied
with Cianbrook ami South East Kootenay. There is not a belter Held on
earth today for lhe young man who
has grit, Intelligence, industry and
the determinate Won to win.
"But I can't get a job," you will
hear a young man say. Why, my
dear boy, don't you know that the
country is full of jobs for the right
kind of men?   Don't you know    that
when a $1 a day job is open you will
gel it. There are all kiiuls of chances
here for tho young man who wants
io do tight and has intelligence and
energy, Get In and drill boys. That
is  lhe road to success
When the C. P. H. "President's
Special" passed through Cranbrook
[last week the train slopped only a
I few minutes, mil during that time Mr.
Shauglinessy transacted all kinds of
business and talked with many peo
pie. The famous railway president is
a human dynamo. He talks in short
sentences .m.i like a man  who     ha I
been accust ed to give orders all bis
life. IU- looks as ii he might be a
retired military ofllcei who hod Lak
en good care oi b,niself, and he lias
iiu eye Ihal would be a hard one lo
meet ti a man was bent oil deception
ut any kind. To the average individual, officials traveling like President
Shaughncssy, It appears as if he was
simply oul on a happy jaunt. But
during the Hip from Montreal to Victoria Mr. Shnu'ghnessy no doubt gave
the filial decision ou matters that will
aggregate millions to the comapny,
and the subject matter of all these
projects musl be as familial' to liim
as his own name. To be able to do
that a man must have brain an.l ox-
eoutivc ability, and if Sir Thomas
Shaiighnessy did not possess both to
a marked degree some other man
ftould be president of the C. P. R.
♦,9 :S-25S?3*4*S3-**4 <****** »^
iness al the camp, a position known
as local agenl In this way he continued season after season to look utter the business undoi lus charge
working at limes like a slave, and
never failing to give entire satisfaction to those who had intrusted theii
o his management, in l»»M
ni on the c. P. H. opened
iTunllles for men with n-lltl-
luuibet business and amhi
Loileh Lhuuglu ti was his
m.i be engaged in business
i. sawing bridge Umber foi
\ company ai Sudbury and
ill   n
ilu- rail
lliis   Iill.
ran, he c
Lake, Mi
three In..
ai..:. unl.
with \
i 1B88, ll
n.l lealizi
camps Hi.
iiul ml
loll I
IB a little
ili.it in tli.
would he
ges i..r his
.1    in
, Mil's,
Tlia individual who does nnl know
Archibald Leiteh does nol know easl
Kootenay. With the oxeeplion oi V.
tlj'do llakur, who lmil lived here una
ranch sini'i- boyhood, .Mr. Leiteh is
ih? pioneer of pioneers ol Cranhrook,
ami probably una ol tin1 lus) known
in,ii in Ilu' interior ,,i lliitlsli Columbia. Today Mr, Leiteh, the head ol
tho largest lumber company in this
pari ol the province, i.s known liy all,
Imt his success of Inter years is siiu-
ply ilu- result oi industry and lhc application of native Intelligence iu his
early days. Horn at La Prairie, l.ui'-
liar, lie Weill li) si'liool ior a slum
liiiia ai Montreal, bill bus schooldays
were very llinilcd as he went lo work
for hinis.lt at the age of liltecu years
driving a learn iu a lumber camp ou
the Ottawa rlvor. Lumbering was the
chlel industry on lho Ottawa river in
those    days and most i.f lbe young
lisi'litad   lo no wesl   to Oak
iiiioli.i,   where   ho   and his
hers engaged in the milling
business, Tho eliattge was a great
oue, and although the business was
proiltablc, yet Mr. Lcitcli was never
satisfied, lie found ItimsoU longing
tor tho odor of lho pine and the sawdust, for the Ini.'i. ot lli.' saw us it
travell.il through the great
logs mi ilia iiiiii carriage, for the lite
Uial lie had li.il. successful in in Hie
past, uml ilia life Willi all iis hardships held for liim a peculiar anil fascinating charm. Around a flour mill
lia Wiis out of bis clement, anl in
1,197, whin work was lirst startid on
llie Crows Nesi line he lolil bis brothers thai lie wus noing lo British Columbia and sec whal the chances were
for lumbering. lie wenl to Wesl
Koolenay lllsl lint ,li,l noi sec niij'-
ihiiig Ihal attracted him, mul nn his
m.u back stopped ofi ui Golden ami
catno liy stago lo Fori Stoolo. Thero
was n,, Cranbrook iban, although lhe
iml been surveyed, uml lie
lo size it,. Hie situation,
ol.  Hal,,
rode ..
lime in
lot- I
ho !
uml lo
in  sawmill   ami
liy Ilu- first ol
nill w.i
ready for lim
■inlier.   Tin- company  was known
ilia Cranbrook Lumber company,
was u partnership nl first Inn
iifierwuiil made a Jolnl  stock
Thai  fall and winter    the
epl going au I  il  was    Ilia
F.   0.   li.
Vi. I'.: S. .1. Morrow, W s.i A.
M. lilnek. Aerie meets ut 1 0.0.
V. hall Ist and .'in! .'n..l.,y
y 2nd and lib Tuesdav in
Meets i
"Good Tempi..
Visiting brethren cord
A. McCowan, I'll.     ,|.
1. O. G.
illy invited.
Suns, Sec'y.
Meets every
Friday night
lore's Store
• '..mi" and join lhe Happy Band
Meets every 2nd Wednesday and Ith
Saturday at 8 o'eloek in Oddfellows
Visiting brothers always welcome.
W. F. OURI),
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Ele.
Ilsull lliuik Cranbrook, 11. C.
I      C. H, DUNBAR       \
*   Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary    ',»
| Public, Etc. j{
1   Cranbrook,    -    -    ll. c.   {
Physicians anil Surgeons.
Oflice at  Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Ol-.'U'I. HOURS :
Forenoons - - -
- 9.311
o    II
Afternoons - - -
-  1 .'in 1
i a.in
- ','..'111 1
i 8.an
ion iiiui
men naturallj
drifted into that occu-
pallon.   Allot
driving  learn awhile he
was     given i
position as clerk in a
camp and he
etiniiiied at II is branch
.1    III,'   Unlit
itlltll  he was  nineteen,
wll, n   lie   Was
given chnrge ol a snug
,1    lii.li III-   W
- young bu  a position
.try in ibis part of
•eople expressed the oplti-
hai man Leiteh musl he
crazy to be sawing so much lumber
with nu market within 300 miles."
llm he was not. When the town be-
gan lo build there was a growing local markol, and when construction reached this part ol ihe district
the thousands ol lies he had cut on
contract lot the c, I*. U. were in demand, And thus the business grew
(he leading lumber In-
disl i iel, In 1002. Mr.
d a merger of Bovoral
ub is now known as lhe
v Lumbei company, of
eshlelil unl general man
' t
1  lln
S   Wl
wliiili In
is p
iiiiii men and other business men an:
always on the lookout for young men
who arc reliable, who want to   earn
tlieir    money and little more,     who
are not always listening for lhe whistle io    blow,   who are anxious    in
make    money tor their employers in
whatever    capa-ity tliey aie ph.ced'.'
Did > ou   ever   know of a man   who
would     soldier   on his work getting
(promoted!   Did you ever bear   of   a of that    responsibility, but lie    hail
It ts quite possible thai tlie election ' man upon whom you could nol. rely I made good lo llie satisfaction of fiis
ol the flrst mayor and council of Cran- gelling liis pay raised?  II you   aro employers, and when the opening came
brook will he by acclamation.    That getting il a day try to earn $1   to lie was given the opportunity.   Later
would speak mighty well lur lhc peo- give    your   employer   a chance and he was given charge of the firm's bus-
iigcr. The company bus
tray, Cianbrook, Itlioiln
dues un Immense limine
mills ul
aud Ityuii
s   Mi   1.,
mg lus     mill iu
happy     f lv.   ami In
stiiillieli  unit   solid   .'Hi'
brook mil British Colli
llie lllll
.ml,   n   I
Of       ill.'
I ♦ 1 ♦ I ♦ I ♦ j it-14 I ■! I -j-1 ...|... i * i f i *
•>     Dr. Connolly,     '*'
._    Physici.ii. and Surgeon
® OKicc on Artnslrons Avenue
Hours ■■
p.m., 7
-II lo 11 I
to 8 [i,in.
in ,  _  to 4
'Phono iiiii
LIKES lllalt .Ml .11)11 WORK,
f    lhe
s. ami
Krai Ron, ol lloosiiiie.
gt-iiing nil kinds of a,I, w,
Herald olllco lbe past live
iu scniling a check tor the lasl Instalment ha pays tin- mechanical do-
pai'lineiil iin- following high compliment:
"1 am bettor satisfied with every
job I gel from llie Ilernlil nllice,
ivhlch iu in; eslimatinn is done lo a
king's taste mul ut mosl reasonable
prices. I mn sending ynu another nr-
iler in a few days whicli speaks louder liuin words, iml I inori, iban appreciate Hie excellent manner my orders are taken care uf ami sn promptly despatched.   Yours Uulv,
Prod Run."
i>i»|-H4>l«l«l4.|*>|«i'•■ i ..'I■«■ i.. i
dr. i-\r.. KiNti
II to \'l am.
I In   II p.m.
~ tn   8 p.m.
oflice ami tcsiileiiie ni, Armstrong .nn
DR.  P. II. Mil.IS
OFFICE llm It.-; ,
ii io i.'. a.iii,
I   In    11 p.m.
7   lu    8 p iu.
Ofllco i ■«   Una |,|,„.|(
CRANHROOK,  ll   t'.
Repairing Promptly Dun,-.
Footwear to Measure a Specially
People wlm wanl Job i
cannni afford In pay inr p
Thai is why it pays to
dime at tlu. Herald ofllco.
plaint is iiuiile of tin- work
here for lhe reason liiul il is up to .
date ami llie work vi up in dale
printers. That makes a dlKci-ance
with any individual.
asl  , mi-: rn.vNni.ooK  nnu.vi.n
Do You Read Our A d
We Want  to  Know
('ill  Mill   . I Mm I '. .111 „ ,1,     I.IIIIM  Ml' S.'ll.l
ii I. rstun-iiiii] ui-t In.- inl' It.
October 6, WOS
Cranbrook c« operative Stores
t: m   M u   y s ,;   j. « .'    _fl
"_J          r-    "»     _. C t/j   — »_. t.    jP
5      .S M , y . _ - c
9  J_     -^    u     r. r* i^    ., CU   O
S. 5 S   . S * S.__ ~ .2 >S
Bi § s
tu  C c^  Wi X
MS ~  C  -  u
"J!     .x«
5 g» S ue~-
3~ §    '   -oi
-* I °J_ ".
-j r. _y "u jrf ^
_J    ., .3      .  -r, "J          ^*"    U.   u w
8 i* 2 5 Js ."5 .2      h * §
3 g « 1 .» 2 £ 5 3, g c*
o  t c  o
p O 2 8. ■"
*• »2---o
« c E «c
I __.«! 2
***«! b J- 3 s h
NjIS — _  ._  £ -o
"* 8 u t~" Ltu'i.   :
o "-S fe ** «     5*  5 B
'S c - ° o j;.*."   8     S-S |
S .. -c 8.-9 ^* si       n^-c     a
■   ■     •*J-SSa3S*>.S!21§'fSM2"
"j — i> .5 w - .« u c  -.3 i;__, -_• w i i/. _.   >n. 5 - -
& .3  •» .__  -  -.  I  3  w  -r o eg  u 5 ;. ^ - *j J2 8  "• j3 '5 <a
S  *_  9
S  '""-1  -i "9  8  «  u  c;  2.
_, -n
1-   O   t/,
J    £_.   C
-e-r.mJSiScQ'J.!*''.        C
~~J_ _ j.
3 0 0 3
O u r- o
u   U C   .j
ooooooooooooooe.ooooooo    i
8 lITKXIi Till !>!   "    I'
. ll
I Railway trainmen §
like il i'
I' M, ll.i.
iii town
\lntiagci  Kraptell
en luui". 11
Tale .'. Sou,
nl  Ihi.
Ilia   I   IM.
til, Mas tn town yesterday
Wenlworlli Hall
October 26th, 1905
I'm), li.iiri'sne's Orchestra in
X       Two ',"... olll.'es, set i.nil lluol Units
™  block, I.u  lent.     Apply lo lloale .«
Klwell 7-11
Ilia Misses Burkell  loll  lost Tuesday lor Welaskiwln lo vlsil al  lheir
I a nu ii lew months,
DOII'I   lull   lo  sea  Ml.  an.l   Mis. ll.illl
an.l  llie     whole H.iin family as pictured lo   the London Hioseopo   cnu
...... J,
| flew jFresb
s Bulbs
* Ilviu'intlis. Tulips llll.l nil
* lemlliiR vnritii'S  ut   HI'LBS
J just r.'.'.'ivo.l.
«.    2*i r.'iits  u 'I'vro tor 'l.lu
: Beattie St Jltcbison s
* where il pays lo deal.      J
^    See pur drug ad. ou Isl page   a,
i. *
» i
Operai  House
Friday- Saturday
SEPTEMBER.   6.   7
The London
Bioscope Co
10,000   LIFE   LIKE,  UP. I I'll A 11. ANIMA 1 EDPIC 1 llll s
lOCAL nous
I.i tin.
,  look
Picked  Hi' *t..».l  '•« Cily   b>   I.UnK
Ouestloltfl ni 'Ian.   People.
I! al rami.ne Hros   ad,
1    It   Proctor, ol Nelson, i
.,  nip Ihtough • 1 .i-i  Kiwli'iu
ii,n mat  some lauds an I al',
In, in n Iiuiii
SeMi.ii ul il.e boys who oi-lglnall)
I,.ulnl limn I'rlnw Kdwaid Island an
mi,  much inlt'iTslcil In the proposed
li el   I..   Ilia       I.nil    iVs  "lie    "i
Ul,I,,       mi;,I     "11   llllll    lliltlll'l   IS   hllHl
we miii  wall,  liat i.   lo  Ilia old   b,,me "
1 will ',,,11 my iin i.a"." il re lil-iie"
.,'  ,,   bnigaln   as I have olho.    al
,,i, ,,n,ui. Iii make.    The I ■>■ has
,, slnlio  latum, slono cellar, wai
,i conn.', in.a. anil cveti Hiln ', ...   ox
.tlltiil    i-nndillun       I'm   parlhulnrs
address   or   call   on     -«• l'«rl
,1. Ilai Davis has pmi completed
<Vl, mi iin- places loi tt V
(lunl» new resilience llial arc beau
uas. They arc made in panels and
ot pressed brick ami have attracted
a greal dual nl atli'iilion ami all kiiuls
of praise. Mr. Han- is malting u specially ol tire places and bis long e\-
pi'i-loncc enables hint lo adhere lo sei
i-i.lHit- principles iu lhe construction
iiiui at the same time produce thc
mosl arllslll effects.
Km Rent ('lieap-Tlie house lately
occupied by Nelson Dhilwlslc, shno-
nialU'!', Hanson avenue. Apply Heale
At lOlwcll. 11-2T
Now is tlia lime tu arrange Ior tlie
hlating nt ynur house for cold weather,    Sts- Patmore Hros. at onco.
Mi. antl Mrs. Urate, of Kernie, who
have jusl returned from a trip tu
England, spent a couple nt days this
week wilb relatives in Cranbrook.
Holel for sub—llolel lining a good
business, nicely situated, ami can
give possession at any time. Inquire at Herald. Btf
Peter Matheson mate a hurried lilp
in lo the Tobacco Plains .ou.itry litis
waal, iii search of a line toain, but
tailed tn find what 1"' wanted.
lli s I'.ililh Peverelli, who has been
visiting Iter sister, Miss Peverelli, at
Iho Wonlwni'tl' hotel fot the past lew
months, returned to Calgary Tuesday.
Mis      \.   Martin,   trained    nurse,
Cianbrook,   11    C.     Parties needing
s, riii'is mat call at residence or address al genera! delivery post office
Cranbrook Aerie. No 987, K, 0.
K, will resume iis meetings tnmnr-
i. w (Friday) evening. A full attendance of ilu- members is requested
Visiting brothers are cordlall; tnvll
oil I., lie present,
Do ynill eves bolher voir'   Don'l dc
lac  In having  Ihoin  evamlneil.     Wc
guarantee our work snd we live   in
Cianbrook. Tate * Son,
Rev. .lubn l!ol.son. ll \.. chair
man of lho Kasl Koolenay ilisitict,
will  preach in tho Metl-odlst  mm.1i
II. \l     Sua.I,il      IllOI'llillg   nnl   cvcUng
Hav. ,1. P.   Westman, nl   his r, urc
gnc .   '.,   I', :,;,,'   lo   1'la.ial    aillii'.O    am
soi. i es in  ne, I ion v, .iii lhe . I mli
dime ui an.l   .'I-.' ynur I    I
The   l.llli Ion    11   ISCOpi'   a,"   .Mill    will
, i tin- W ntwoi lh hall   o
,, and Satin la) evenings wnh a
complete tu w series nl up lo-dalo
moving plotures and the latest [lius
ti.iieti .omjts. The compan) Is highly
irciiiiiii'iitli'ii by every lown where
ih.'i have Iimi. an .,.,,1 and are suit-
to ilrligbl ih>- nm.i'l.- ..i Cranbrook
Price     ! -      -    a" I SO.
I ,t.11. •. ,1,  ,: lo gel \ Isiting t ai.ls
printed  will  consult   thell   "»	
i,i, i-. lo calling ji 'I,, ll. iai.I ol
tlie mul looking al H.a seal sauvplca
laml oul oi this ..ii...'      Nn    lad)
aae.l   III  ahaiia.l   ol  .,  calll  | I«l   b)
ll.e  11, i.ilil.
Mis   ILim 'In-,  "i  Mn    Hoi
K ma.     loll   Iai i  Tin ilai   foi   hei
lluliii- ui   Vi I   Man ,   l{,'\    I'.u tl	
jolng  it.Hi     lal     Mis   Ilu.i..li     has
been vor)  loelilo alnco c iug hero a
lew weeks ng..   ami ful  u u     hei
III. wai ilespuili I nl bill lul I) she
secim in have ImprniTd, bui II was
tbotigbl III'--1 io Imm' lift I'.o lo il
...Wei   lillllll.le   Wllilo  -ll     .1.1,   al.l.'   10
iravol Hi Kiiiiin..' will return In
tune foi  services next Sunday,
liost—I.ako Suporlot moss agate
in   iin-   (otm    ,,i   ii   w,iiiii charm,
with Huff     gold links  be side
Howard on reluming lu IV. ('lino's
barber shop, Sl ll
The Co-operative Stores have luu
experimenting with lhe circulaltan uf
the Herald tbo posl lew weeks loi
tlie purpose oi asccrlalnlng ii    Iboli
.ills weie loud,    ll,  Iheil  ail   Ilns v.cck
tbi'y express perfect satisfaction villi
ihe cxperl
Killlillie   III
Ilernlil  Wu
PHONE <")<*
Kor   stove    quality,   see Patmore
Wanted—A girl lor housework, Apply to Mrs. George Itoggarth.
Watch the dale on your address. It
will show you how you stand on your
Hear the highly cultivated male*nnd
female voices in the illustrated song
features presented by the London Bioscope company.
The  new Presbyterian church will
lie completed by the lirst of November ami it is expected that the first , Dallas,    Lethbridge.     Steam  heated
services will be held iu the new edl*   throughout aud everything lhu best,
ficc lhe first Sunday in next month.    | o8.u c_ tIi Eckslorm -.v Co.,
W. I). Hill ..v Co. have just installed | Proprietors,
a complete sel of the Weir wardrobes. ci. T. Itogers lias made some vurj
These wardrobes are an expensive attractive improvements in his home
proposition, but they are tbe Leading 1 am| now |ms one oi the mosl comlort-
Improvcmenl for Uie handling of cloth-1 ab|e and convenient louses in town.
ing, att.l thai Is what Mr. Hill is
looking tor,      Nothing is too costly
Peaches, plums and pears for preserving al Pink Bros.
For rent, two unfurnished rooms
near business center. Apply Herald
A. J. McCool, proprietor of the hotel at Kort Steele Junction, wns in
lown last Monday.
Kor Sale—A most excellent horse
for city draying; good adtion; quiet
and gentle.    Inquire at Herald olllce.
There is no better service on tin-
"Crow" than i.s given at  the Hotel
for Mi. llill when he is seeking to
Improve his business premises. lie
wants to give the people the benefit
of the best. On the trout of each
glass door is the famous 20th Century brand trademark, that is uow
known from Halifax to Vancouver
Peaches, plums and jtcars ioi pre
sen ing at Kink Hros.
Tate .V Son, the jewelers, have just
Anv oni* sending Informal ton that
will lead to the whereabouts of one
Airs. Annie Harris, who came from
Lcwlston, Maine, will be amply rewarded for their trouble.
C.    ilelvin Hatch,
28-at Wardner, It. c.
The Herald Annual  i
i.u   bell
wiil in* i
I ll.lll
ills year   will
mli eni   lie a most attractive publication and
i one thai will he nt demand.   It will
There bus been no wt.nl received consist of ll lo uti pages, bound with
from Prof. Hepburn, who was called a bandsome, special!) designed cover,
away In lhc night two weeks ago, L-preseiiting locnl scenes and ideas,
aha under these circunulauces was siovcl A Co., ui Winnipeg, have that
unable to see tils Irieuds and say |mr, D, lhl, work IU -mm| ll(lW arw]
good hy.*. u was understood when fhal is sulliclcnl guarantee that it
be borrowed ihe suit case from a Wl|| be artistic in Uie extreme de
friend thai some relative was very 111 grec Tjlis u..,: llu,u, wil| !l(, :niUll
■   ■    ' w U,en   """""""^ "«w been ; ^.h mJtm mmattt
thai ii  was lhe advent »l an Kurlhermote,    the
. , x:... t .1 birthday. The prolessoi !
is true to ■.I..' teachings ol childhood '
and seems lo have a profound revei
ence lot the da) of his birth Koi
;ha i.-.i-.'.. ihi Herald ferls confldenl '
ihal ti- will c\i n ever) means avail- :
able to return lo Cranbrook for his {
Uetobci  birthday
Wantod-Dlnlng   room girl.     Good I
wages,     Address Hox S4,  Moyie,  n  \ltllllU.d, will be very reasonable. The
^ • size will be ju&t a little smaller than
lln Is not only ihe banana bell, the Ladies Home Journal, a size Uial
Iml accumulative evidence tends to ' Wln |lll)Vl. convenient and satisfactory
show llut ii la also the great vegetable bell of Uu: Kootenays.  Yester-|
Mrs P. Ilamlll brought four potatoes 1 considered the best space, and tli
to lho Herald olllco that weie raised two inside pages of the cover the next
righl liore in lovvu on thru lots. If
■all h.nl wauled io bring live or more
oi ih,- potatoes she would have had
in mi uii- a i ai i ui dray. Last spring
Mi.   anl   M
would pui
to have boh
Thej  were
Vimual tins year will be Issued the
nnl ii_- ni Deceinbei mi Uial it will
irove one nl tie greatest advertising
ihe district,
last vnu as there
ilverUsing, however,
■ will be the sain
3  lasl
. which,
I in  every   respect.      The  bad;  ol   tin
cover of     a publication like  that
best.   These pages will  be printed in
two  colors,   so   that   those   fortunate
enough to have these spaces will be
Insured a magnificent display. Hut to
Ilamlll   thought   theylgjve all the advertisers good position
nt ,t lew potatoes so as  reading    matter will 'be placed page
■I'aily ones foi the house,  page by page    with ihe advertising,
I Mu- Early Rose variety; so that ono page on lhe inside of the
.0,1     prettlci    potatoes   weie never ■ blM'k *'•*• l»' " K00;1 ilh another. As
raised      .ml Mrs   Ilamlll Bavs   that lho l'"v,'r Wl11 lM' ,lu' "lst  ,,iUt    ol
ihe    hook printed those wanting io
,l"'-   have i-i gh  to last  ibe family , S(Yl||(l H|)aoo [n thls parl 0, t,hl. hl,ok
all wiiiin     and siill some lo spare. 1 would (|„ wdi to make arrangements
Tho Cianbrook dislriel  is surely all   as soon as possible.
righl as the great vegetable OOttlcr.    |  ♦ —
Misfl  Mel.eoil,   who has just   itinve.l
Into her Imndsoine new store ou l(a-
Por Sale—ll-i'iHim house wilh waler
lunl iii. (BOO cash or terms. See
"lluliii "
Tin* Molson News of Tuesday   eon
tains    a   thrilling   aceoiinl ot    Dr. ktr street, wishes the Herald to   au
Dr. doss' experience in slopping   a nouneo in ihe public llml  sin-   will
runaway learn on the sireets of Nel- havener millinery opening on Mondnj
son last  week, and nlso the sad tid- and Tuesday,  the Dili ami   HHh     cl
ings  ihal   the  heroic doctor  Is    now October,   This yeai Miss McLcoil  has
confined lo the city hospital on no- enjoyed exceptional advantages in the
count of his brave art.    Tbe people of way ol seem ing the latest in the way
Nelson will soon learn Unit tlie mod- of millinery novelties, as she had    a
ii.   When   Manager   dc-'esl and retiring   doctor is naturally sister who has been a leading inilli-
uneed  his  Intention   •le  of an heroic mould, and that he will ner at Seattle, but who has returned
 alisfic.1 for ll knew lhat   surprise mnnv of the people ot   that io Eastern Canada, go through    the
ihe results would prove salIsla'ctory! town before be has lived among them markets and buy the latest and best.
,                     ,,, i,            ...      .,--,_    m     l     , As a  result  her sun-  wl     he stock-
In fact, thc Co-operative Stores will j long.     His old friends in Cranhrook Jjj   *ith ()|... JJ Ul|, |jI||isI slnH.s   (lf
cnntlniie lo run  lhe len eenl  coupon   rem) of his heroic action with pride ,,iiltinery,    ladies' waists and ladies'
in ile future whicli is redeemable al   audi) is quite brobahlo thai his many ready lo Wear goods ever pul on tlis-
Uie     slore  under cerinln  conditions  admirers here would make up a   large play in Kasl Kootenay.   Don'l forget
Whieh are explained in the ail this', purse of gold and sent to him as a )l,t' l,fllcs .ill,li ,!,,n.'t l,ll-v ll,llil Jr"11
week. It is io the interest of every testimony of their high esteem and
oni' In read it for this reason, and appreciation of his bravery, did they
ii is io the Interest of the people iml understand bis sensitive nature
generally lo read the ad every week and his niter Indifference to money,
tor it niters Inducements that cannot
(Moyie Leader.)
That Moyie is prosperous, and that
Ihere is much wealth hoarded up in
the sates, bureau drawers, etc., of the
Mineral city is becoming generally
known to lbe outside public Even
the yegg men, crooks, safe blowers
"eon" men in general are on to ll.
A desperate attempt was made last
Wednesday night at robbing the safe
McEaehern A Macdouald's stoic.
Why    the  burglar  (ailed   lo complete
he job is iml known, but it Is sup
posed   he   was frightened away     by
oinc passers by.   As ll  was be bail
verylhing in readiness Ioi applying
the match to the [use, llut he drop-
pod overytblng and made a hasty exit through the back door, which he
kit wide open. The man gamed au
entrance ihiijugh ihe window on lhu
south side oi the building by breaking
out a light oi glass,   (idling to the
ide which is in a room at lhe hack
ol the store was Uieu an easy mallei.
Krom dvduciions made by several
ut the emulators ot Sherlock Holmes,
lie    ciacksiuaii    was a iioVICl'  at   Lhc
lusiness. Koi instance, he bioke oil
ihe handle ol the sale instead ot lho
iiubinatioii, and the amount ol ml
fo-glycerllic, if such it was, whicli he
I would have nol only blown the
sale   io    Iragmculs,  bui  would  have
uui the back end ol lhe store mil as
well. He also did a poor job in soaping ibe crack around the door, and al
kasl an ounce of the treacherous explosive had dripped onto lhe lluol.
liis louls were a liatiuutT and a steel
hill about ll inches long. 11.- luui a
fuse about eight inches long anil a
cap uu it, an.i had a pair ul blankets
i ibe froni ol lhe sale lo deaden
the   noise   ot   the   explosion.    Ik-   also
left his ■■bug"    behind,    which    was
ode out of a small can with apiece
candle iu it.
Nul another thing in the stole was
touched.   Even  had   the  burglai gaiu-
1 an entrance to the sale he would
have been poorly rewaied for his troll
hie,      as     llieie    was  only  about   (-111
locked  up.    lie left   no clue      to      his
. <'Cm^C>00C'0O00000000OO0OO0C'000O0OOC'0OOOO000"OOOO
A GOOD cai si;.
Mi. c. .1. South, of Vancouver, was
in lln- cily lliis week I'm a lew days
and while here addressed a public
meeting in the Mcthodls! church, Mi.
South is superintendent ot lhe Children's Aid Society, wbieb is an iu.li-
tution formed under ihe Children's
Protection Act of British Columbia.
This society has been formed .or ov
er lour years and has done excellent
work. Th.- lirst building occupied was
a'nandoned  because  of  ils  being    loo
tiia.ll lo accommodate all who wire
brought in. Now the problem ol
erecting a new building is confronting
the committee. The) have already
taken into custody and are in control
of 81 children. Those who listened
to Mr. South ibis week were deeply
impressed wiih the magnitude 11 lho
work and ihe Importance ol hell Ing
in ihe same. There is Indeed no greatei wmk iban helping these neglected
children. So far ihe government las
dune but little to assist in ihi< mailer and the members seem cold as lo
lo lheir duly of helping the suffering
ones of uur province,   Tbe purpjrl ol
Mr. Smith's visit lo Cianbrook ibis
Week was lo arOuse inlerest and sympathy in ihe organization and io ask
Ontario Grapes
DELEWARE        1
A - A
*_* This means the new Souvenir Writing Tablets ***
ffM JL
w we are exhibiting just now. ~£
A  _ _ . A
They are the Best Out Yet!
Each tablet has a good view of Cranbrook or
vicinity on every leal, luur different views being shown. They are just thf thin? to use lor
your home letters and so advertise this district.
ml        n.       (Small, 35c
Three Sizes, ^mm 40c
I Large, 50c
C. E. REID & CO.,
9 9
in ttip erection   ol   a    -v
llt'l'l'  is 11 smiil   w.ii,     «
new building
tor thc W. C. T. U. or th.* cnurches
and it us to be hoped that il an appeal Is made the public will ictpond
To have heard Mr. South speak was
tn be convinced nf the n.'-eesiity of
Immediate action and we are tuilv f-or-
ry that more were not in ittcndauce.
he overlooked.
There Is one of the best hotels
The celebrated   make nf McClary'a! the district   for sale.  Apply to
lhe dales and don't buy until
have seen her slock.
KINK HOT!-.!, KOU SAt.i:.
' Famous Sloves at Patmore Hros.
I Herald olliee.
Miss Mary Macdonald, begs to an
noiince lhat she bas staited business
as dressmaker and general seamstress,
(lo out daily if desired. Address, opposite Crows Nest Laundry. *_l.i-i:iw
■» I UK t_UANHK(K)l_;i[KHALI>
Japanese coal exports bave risen in
value fiom (3,337,150 In 1898, lo
$7,414,045 in IUU4, oi 217 pel CMil
in seven years, The chief customers
win- British India, Sii.uk Setib-
ments and China.
A tine ioof of tlu* proper gauge
weighs from 125 to 180 pounds    per
too squall* feet, of lead and copper.
Win pounds: of slate. 700 to BOO
pounds, and of tiles.   1,500 pounds.
The nitrogenous casein of skim-
milk is used In the manufacture of a
new electrical insulator, called 41a
lite, sold in Germany, li can he
tooled easily, and compares favorably
aa au insulator wnh ebonite and
It costs    110    per    horsepower    per
hour, plus a service charge ol $50
per    month,   lu     generate electricity
from  Lowell,   Kali ,   to a  I"" loi II
in iic Joplln zinc lead dislriel This
is a saving, as compared wilh the
cost ol steam.
Twenty-five years ago the Iobs In
silver lead smelting was iti per cent,
id ih.- eontcnl ol lhe oro In those
metals; to day iho loss ol lead is
seldom in excess of "i pel cent, of
silver loss, and ol mild priwtii all)
The cosl ol opening n mine in the
Jopliu (Mi-.) district) In produce 75
to 100 tons ol ore in ten hours, including concentrating mill, Is    about
$15,1       Winers aro paid $2.25, aud
shoveler-: $2 pel day. Aboui 25 to
:r,_ ton.*, oi ore is sloped per drill
per day.
Swansea, Wales, exported 285,775
long ions of Un plates in 1004, lhu
record. The largest purchaser was
Uie United Stales, which took lb
per cent, more than in 1803. At the
mid yi ihe year ihere were 100 mills
a' work in tlreat Britain, producing
an average ol abonl 700 boxes weekly
per mill.
It is claimed that Uie Sutton-Steel
dielectric concentrator In treating a
5n per cent, zinc middling, assaying a
per cent, copjier, separated it Into
a 53 pel cent, zinc product, wnh 0.7
pei iciii. copper, thus showing a recovery ol 87 per cent, of the zinc in
the zinc product, and lit! por cent, of
the copper in tbe copper concentrate
Milliiien ol Gilpin county, Colo.,
now receive $2.50 per day of elgh I
hours, whereas teietolorc tbey huve
worked J 2 hours at $3. In const*
quei.ee mill owners have advanced the
cost ol milling about IU per cent, per
ton, or about one dollar per ton,
practically making mine operators pay
Ior lhc change in mlilmen's wages.
In good steam-boiler praotlec as hlgl
as 8ll per cent., ol tho heat onergy of
the coal can bo converted Into sleam,
bud when the sleam is converted into
best only 15 or 21) per cent, of the
mechanical power, Mil* result is at
original potential of Um coal. Gas-
engine practice, is, however, improving Uiii. result, as high as ib per cent
being obtained.
Up to the present time mercury lias
been extracted froni ils ores solely by
the dry process. Various chemicals
and electrolytic methods have been
proposed repeatedly, and numerous
experiments mode, but without commercial success. Perhaps lbe development ol electric current, generated
by water power In localities where
the use of fuel is nearly or quite prohibitive will render profitable the extraction ol riie metal by some electrolytic process.
Belgium exported 202,833 tons coal
briquettes In thc five months ending
May -JI, as against 226,080   tons in
the corresponding period of last year.
The largest buyer was France, 71,-
lul tons, as compared wnh 117,440
tons last year. The United States
imported 30,112 tuns, as against 37,-
.50 tons in 1804.
The total production ol all lead
pigments during 1'JOt amounted to
147,010 abort tons, valued al $!_,-
881,121, an Increase of 5,521 tons in
quantity and ot $l)Bfl,i12fl iu value ovei
lhc oillpul of 11103. The impoi is of
these lead pigments In 100*1 amounted
to 1,112 sborl tons, valued at $102,-
081, These pigments Includo white
lead, Bliti llm wl lead, zinc lead, red
Clioe of 0.1 pur cent, ni ammonia.
Filtration through cloth ti no doubt
one of the mnsi efficient methods of
saving fume and very fine dust in metallurgical practice, Al tbo Globe
smelting and refining works, ai Denver, Colo., the cost ol attending a
bag-hoiist, collecting the (urao, etc ,
is about len cents per ton of ore
smelted. At smaller plants the cost
will average about 25 cents per toil
oi ore treated. Tbe bags arc simply
tubes of cotion or woolen cloth, IU
to 20 inches in diameter, ami 20 to
35 feet in length, usually about 80
At the end ol 1904 Itussia had a
total ol 2.(5 blast furnam, with  six
tin-is of a modern Ope in wwn» of
erection, only ici hiraacai were
m operation   during the v->'.    how-
•.ci.     'lhc total production ol    pig
inn tu tttW was J,!iu[,oue ions.     The
lotai slooi-tn&king resources ai     the
i-n.i ul   Itmi  were   lepieseiiii .1  hv   320
uju-n h.uiih furnaces, Iti besscuuu
convener-., 182 crucible furnaces, with
1,346 crucibles, and *ui reverberator)
beating and wclbing furnaces, There
weie in addition 193 refineries, ana
iu-a.il> uuu pmldImg lui naces. The
total output of open hearth steel    iu
19(1*1   Waa      2,1111,0011      tuns,    against
iini,iu.n u.iis reported i>> ilu- brase
imt process. Employment in ihe uon
and sleel industry was given to 2U7,-
■l.i.l  people.
sign my name to thath" "Why not''"
asked Ute editor. "I wouldn't have
anyone know 1 had anything lo do
with that for lhe world. I cannot
afford i<> •.<<■ into a scrap will my
neighbors " Tbe editoi smiled be
nevoknHy and said, "Why .should I
mix up m -i  scrap that litres uot con
i mi''   VVhj should von ex peo 1 mc
assume the blame fm  the publication of an article lo welch >ou   are
a i io sigu your own name?"   The
man itopped his papei and went away
— ♦	
PHI-;  oi ll l   \l w   IN   THE COR
(Los  Viigeles Herald.)
1 lingered o'ri  lho checkei  game    a
night oi  iwo ago,
The one who played against  mc seemed   to have  no  ghost   "I  slinW ,
lo show the prestige of Uu* United  i had a bunch  ol lustj kings    Ihal
states steel corporation it is worth)
oi remark   ihal in 1801   It reported
5.1.8 pel cent, ol lhc uuu on- shipped
fiom Lake Superior, and 38 pet cell I.
ot ilu* total production m tins country; 30,8 pel eenl. ol lie cuke nude,
44.3 per cent oi the pig uon, '.ti.,
per cent, of tha ipiegclciscn, ferro*
manganese and lerro-phosphorus;    uo
|R*l e.nt. ul the bt'sseiuer sleel ingots
and castings; 50.4 pel cent, ui Lhe
opiii-h.iiitb steel ingots and tastings,
57.2 pei    enn. oi ihe bcsnumct steel
tails, 35 i per ctut. ui ihu structural
shapes; 5a pel cent, ui thu plalcs and
sheets, excluding nail plate, 71.3 pel
rent, oi ihe wire tods; 28 pel cent.
ui ihu bars, skelp, nail plaiv, upcu-
be.iilJi and itmi tails, and Hi pel
cent, of the wile nails.
(Kam loops Sentinel. J
K<u the first lline in thc hlstor) of
Kamloops the. lull-fledged Chinese
oaUi, with all possible trimmings,
was administered during the sittings
oi ilu- county coini la.si week, li was
a   picturesque   sight.    Judge,   counsel,
sheriff, accused, witnesses .m.i police
all adjourned iu the yard ami ihere a
ceromouial altar, lo-wit, a block of
wood was erected. Before ii was
placed candles and joss sticks, whose
dainty perfumes sunn pervaded the
ciruuiiiambietit atmosphere and gave
i ise io tin- impression that solemn
iralood musl lie the occasion to call
for (to such a waste of fragrance, Oriental tragi ance, be it understood,
and Chinese at that; for there are degrees of Oriental fragrance, the last
bring worse than the first, only more
The prescribed oaUi was written in
Chinese on special paper The oatL
set forth the virtue of truth and the
witness undertook lo forovor in thc
world to come lo peiainbiilale Un-
si reds of gold, or Uie mad paved
wiih giuid intentions, minus bis head,
even as a chicken about to tie relieved of its upper story, ii he failed to
icil a plain unvarnished tale. The
written oaih was then, amid a hush,
gravel) and solemn!) hgltuil at oue
of the altar canities by the witness,
who held il until it was consumed
That slage uver the same individual
was given a chicken which he forthwith decapitated on the, altar, and
theii with conscience dear and fancy
free he could, would and did testify.
In this    manner     was the veracious
Celestial pledged to lell the iriilh.
and lie court returned to the court
room and resumed its wonted air of
dignity and repose.
The amount of ammonia required to
protect potassium cyanide solution
from dissolving large quantities of
copper increases with thr strength of
llie cyanide solution, but is not affected hy the amount of copper up to
3 per cent. With more than ,l per
cent, copper, a large amount of ammonia is necessary to obtain a good
extraction rrf Ihe gold. With ores
containing from 1.5 to 3 per cent.
copper, and with a 0.25 per cent.
solution of potassium cyanide, the
hest extraction Is effected in presence of 0.1 per cent, of ammonia.
Dan Stringer had been sawed in
two io a Montana saw mill, and Bill
Wharton was delegated to go to his
shanty and break the sad news to his
wile. He found bet .standing in tin
door, broom in hand, and after fidgeting around for a spell he said:
"Wldder Stringer, wo know not
what a day may bright forth."
"Wa-al, s'poso we don't,'" she    re
"We are a wife tn the mornin1, n
wider at night, and such is life."
"What wider ye talkln' about,''1
"Wldder Stringer, our husbands go
forth al the risin' o1 lhe suu, am'
come not hack at its setUn'.'1
"Look a-hcrc, llill Wharton," said
tho woman, as she turned on hei
caller, "if you have got anything lo
say spit it light out,"
"Welt, then, Ban is no more on
"Why aiii'l he?"
"Bokaso lies been sawed In two al
the mill ami gone to a better land
Wldder, may heaven give y. strength
to beti-r up under this awful blow."
'■And 1 reckon It will, D'ye gee
them live men sitnif ovei Ihere on
he hill.'"
"Yes, 1 see 'cm. And who Ik Ihey?"
"Callers," she replied; 'callers to
see II I was a wnldei and on tho
many, and al least five more will
he along by to-nioirei. Yes, I guess
heaven will give nie strength to bear
it, and I'm much obleeged to you
And now 1 must go in and change my
apron and put on my shoes aud git
ready for a rush."
iiuliiil all about
And bullied ni) opponent's  i, who
dale not venture mil
Wa) over in a curtiei sh k A timid
liiile  man;
lb* watched mi ri owned leads marching b) wnh h.ii.iui ami with
And seemed lo in- disc. iged ovei
slaii.ling sliil su lotlg.
Hut pieiiv  soon an opening occurred
iw.i blocks aw.iv,
And not anottcr   moment did     ih-n
little fellow slaj
lie bounded u .-t   the board and  look
three kings In une fell swoop,
Th.n landed in   ui) king-row  wnh   a
wild, ecstatic whoop.
Don't Pay Rent
Build a House
Hut before doing su Bee James
•Jiver. tlio contractor, Re will
be able to blep ymi with siitf-
gesttoua iliut will prove valuable.
James Greer
Contractor and Builder
uu   ,
,', I
ll.~'iili|ii'irlrrs Wi
t-oiil'i-i'iiiimrv and fruit.   Wi
arethengonts bore for the fa
You've known these
that hist sat aro
And never male a i
others raged and
unlet     fellows
ml and thought
.ise   while     lh,-
In   111
Shipments \
,m tiotliiiiK '
4 4
i   »■■•"••#
Hums (J. U. Chocolates
well known 1>> all lovers
tfu u il sweets,
0 Imt fresh stock.
I is now located in its conilort-
. abl. and ..llr.ir.tiv_ new quar-
f ters in the Watts buildinK. .*
j ! This institution is just up-to-
Ttic whole coiiiiniinlti   lia.I
ll ink ol  liuin as 'Iaa.I
Oc else sn \n_,v near ii  Ihal     tholi , . . ,
h"in- tn [iimi- hati Hod. ' * date and is modernly equipped f
Tin- I'haits Willi m-ujirillii.il I.n   thell   j to do iust the best work in all !
portion pnse uml strut, 1 branches ol the tonsorial art. I
And M'l-in.  It, OVfl'louK  tin- man  win,    i ,
1,1't'ps   Ills   l.lll.ai    Mint, '  * ..... ........-....■^■.......................... .........,*
lint sonic day,  whin   iimai  ev.I'voiu- j
is looklne t'nilu-i wnv,
This i|nii-l  tellmv sees ,i i-ham-c      i
lih-ak inlu ihe iilav
llr- reaches mil and -r.ilis ihin»s iha
ilia "Haa- had ma,a,-l
lie mils inlu Hit- lili-aania all      it
I'lllTRV  I"' slnli-il
Till,,null   all   lln-   lunrs   nl  sil.'.iee.   S
ii hel ter mil  lorgl'l
The HI 111 inan
rrai-li llie kin..-.
er,  n
Don't (Ittiili Ihal um removes diiii-
'lllli.'s; il  siin|ily pas nn,iinil  Ihem.
Iion't   il.,ulil   lhc   r t... ri
"everything goes."  Ii  ns
wild him.
Many a man hm
looking, ini wmk ,
ad his eyesight
all may seem well. The question is
Uow will the horse slanil the str.ii;
ut a hard day's work ? lias he tli
grit that will make him lil lo figll
the llnllle lo a finish 1 (inr hoist-
arc the fight lu a finish kind—ilo thc!
work thoroughly and quietly. When
in want nl such nu nnitmtl, tor pleasure ur work, try ours, UV have also
an elegant outfit ol Landaus, Coaches, Coupes, Hiinahouts, etc., [<>i hire
at unheard ul little prices.
lu lhe Matter ol the Petitions ol
Frederick ivtets, M. vv. Baker, 11.
O. Wilson, 10. llramiiK'l, A. S.
Iiiirshfll, C. K. Htult, 11. E. Une,
Margaret A. 11. Leckie, John
Urcsuahan anil S. It. Baker, undei
Section II ul the "Cnal Mines
Notice is hereby given Uial Die
above mentioned inn ins bave Died
petitions lu lln- Judge ut Uus Court
to decide disputes as to the licht ol
title to prospecting licenses Iol     Uie
illowirig described lan-ls, llal i.s   lu
.>- -
Situate in Enst  Kootenay on    Un-
n.l side ul I'Tuiti.atl River un oil or
Sua,.. Creek, S tu 8 miles north ui
tin- International Boundary,
Description ul laml staked hy Fred
ruck Peters;
C enclng nl a post uu lhe north
wist liiiiik uf oil Creek marked "Iluu.
.'inl I'liei'.s N, W, Comer," adjoin
iiir Sir C. ll. Tupper's S, W. oornci
pnsl,     thenCO     snlltll      .'lullll   ill.tlla,
thence cast olghly chains, Uieuce
miiili eighty chains, Uionce wesl
eighty .'liains in polnl ol commence
ini'iii, containing um acres,
Descitptlon o> land staked hy M.
v.. Baker:
Commencing al a pust on tin- .....ii.
well sulc nl Oil Creek marked "ii
Vi. Baker's N. ll. Corner," athuiiun,
A.  alcK.    Dick's S.   E.   cl   linsl,
ilieni-e south eighty chains, Inonci
west eighty elnuns, thenco north
tighiy' chains, thence cast ei^ltii
chains, to -point iii commencement,
containing uiu acres.
Description ol land stakeil In 11
i'l. Wilson:
Comincncing at a polnl nn iha
southeast sine of Oil Creek, marked
"II, ii. Wilson's N. !■:. Corner,"
about one uml a halt miles in a S.
W. direction Irom Sir C. II. Tup
pel's S. \V. corner post, thcuce south
eighty chains, Ihence west eighl)
chnlns, thence north eighty chains,
thence east eight, chains lo paint "i
comtneiiccmciit, coiitaiiiitig Bin acres.
Description ui land slaked lu E.
Commcneing al a pual on lhc east
tiuiik ol Oil Creek marked "E. llriim-
uui s s. Vi. Corner," about nun
miles in a S. Vi. direction from Sii
c. II. Tupper's s. Vi. corner post,
Ihence nortii eighty cliains, thenee
east   eighty   chnlns,     thenco   soutl
I'igl.!'.       -Iiai',11'1,       [linCi       WCSt     til,!'!'
eiialus iu imitii ul commcticcmeiit,
tin,laining lilt) aires.
Description nf laml slaked hy A. S.
llm ch.'ll:
Commencing at a l>"sl on the east
bank of Oil Creok marked "A. S
Burchelt's N. Vi, Corner," adjoining
E. Hraiunit'i's s. Vi. corner post,
thence south eighty claims, thene.
oast eighty ihains, thence north cigli
ty chains, tbenoo west eighlv chains
lo polnl ol commencement, containing
tiiu acres.
Description of land staked hi C, E
Commencing at a post tin the easl
hank uf Oil Creek, marked "C. E
lliuil's N. 10. Coiner," adjoining S.
Bur-hell's X. W, cornel post, thence
.snuih elghly chains, liuin- west
eighty chains, Uience north eight)
chains,  Ihenee cast eighty cliains    ti.
point   oi t'l'iiimt'iii-i nt,   containing
Bin acres.
The Hundley Livery Stables
A newspaper man was uski.i to-
puhlisti an article roasting a citiwn.
"Certainly, "he said to Uie caller.
"AVhat shall I say?" He was furnished wilh an outline ot what was waul
d, and wrote an article that was a
scorcher. That's splendid," exclaimed the. friend delightedly, when the
article was read to him. "That's
,'illright; that'll make his old hair
crinkle." "All right," said the
editor; "let me see—what are your
initials-'" "Good heavens," said
the citizen, "you are uot going    to
Public notice is hereby given lhat
auction sales ul school lands will lie
held In the Province ol Alberta us
Edmonton, Wednesday, October   IS
lllllll,  al   It'll o'clock a   in
Loduc, Monday, October _:ird, 1005,
.11, len o'clock a   III.
IVeluskiwili. TIiiumIiiv. Oetolier __!• I ll
lim."., al  tan o'clock, n   in
I..na,inli,., Monday, October ,'iutli.
inn."., ul len o'clock a. in.
Inuisfall, Thursday, November iml,
limit, al  len o'clock a, in.
Ditls-lniry, Monday, November ftth,
mnri, nl irn o'clock a. in.
Calgary, Friday, November lOlh,
llllir., ut   ten o'clock a. in.
High River, Tuesday, November 11,
1005, al ten o'clia'k a. in.
Pinclicr Creek, Thursday, Nnveinliei
1Mb, 1005, al icn o'clock a. in.
These lands are situated, speaking
generally within a distance of Irom
twelve to twenty miles of the Calgary ami Edmonton railway and ot
lhe Crows Nest branch of tie Canadian Pacific railway.
Where any of lhe lands are uiulei
lease llle 'sales will lia subject lo
such lease iiiiiil iis expiration nn ilia
.Oth November, 1005, ninl lhe lessee
will have the privilege "f removing
any fencing ur oilier im|irovemenls l'o
may hnve on tlio laml. Where anv
pared offered is crossed by a imblm
highway ur railway, lln- suit' ,,i sntli
parcel shall lie subject iu the reservation nf llial lumi covered hy sneli
highway, or Ihal may be required inr
the tight uf wny or othei purposes of
Uie railway,
'I'he sales  will  onlv i vav  tin- sin
face rights ami will lia silhjecl tu lhe
usual reservations in lavoi ol ihe
One tenth in cash nt  tlm time   of p ,
sale, antl     llm balance in nine equal!l "rr"'l '
annual Instalments with Interest    nl
Itm   i.ila  of   lila   pet   ,',-,,,   pal
un tlm Ijaliiina hi  Uie piirclia
a.   Hutu  time  in  nma rt'iuaiumg
pail, excepi m casts where lho
uf     Hm    Ian.! dnea  mn  an,ail  l
acres,    In which raw lho terms
iniyim-in iliall In linn ii, ensl
Uie bait.  Ill turn  ,' I  ,,i	
,l,ll llial,',     VI-1, ll    last   al    Half lhe pat rent par annum.
l.'liuri ,, parcel "I land being I I,
Sl   llolVn,   Hm    ailal,,mm     diall   i ll   I I'"!'    full    pillTil'llllire.    lil'Hl
aialv    depnsll   una Hundred Dollars tourist slunni.r ri'Si'rvuttoiiB
arool"wi.l''''k ,',''■ •"''"' "|I''"IM' "" i'" l'"'il1 "W"1'1'"' «oi''
For "this V'li'l'.m'i'^ni.niling piiitbaM-l's i "• mk'< *««"'. Cranbrook.
should itrmi.lt' theiiiselvca wllh mark- J- S, CARTER,      E. J. COYLE,
nl   choqucs    on chartered hanks    ol D.P.A., Nelsoi. A.O.P.A, Vauoou.-il,
Canada, made to their min order and|
and payable at pur a!  Ilia polnl     of
sale, or with bank miles nf larg
Vancouver,   Victoria,
Seattle, Portland Ore.
30 Day Limit
Cliuiri' i.l' mules, all mil viu Minims
S. S. Princess Victoria
Dominion Exhibition
On Sulc s.'|d.-inla-I- 2-1 lli it. 1 hi. :;
(luoil Iii tfliirii til! (i.-t. |Sf.]i.
tee lo other points
annumiTlil*OUJ»;ll   SleCpl'l,g
Dllilj  ll  Sr|il   _J.il11 I., ( Ict,  .lilli
LANDS   SITUATK     n\    AK1MIN \
D*osei*ljiliot) oi laml staked bj M. 1
Lain', about 3 to .1 milt**- inn ih ..i Lbe
liiiein.uioii.il   Boundary   lino
Commencing nt .. post on ilu- north
hank of the creek market! "Mrs. M
K. Lane's N. E. Corner," adjoining
I). I'. Il.ill.ili.i.is s. K. corner posl,
Uionco sou tli eighty chains, tbelicu
wi-si eighty cliains, Uience north
eighty chains, Ihence east eight)
ebains Hi [loint of commencement,
containing oni acres.
Description of lon.1 slaked bj
Margaret A. fl. I,cckie, about ono iii
two miles north ol ilu- International
Uoumlary line;
Commencing at a post on lie norlh
side of Hu* creek, marked ".Margaret
A. tl. Leckie's S, \V. Corner," alioiit
three miles in a S. W. direction from
II. W. Lane's S. W. corner post,
thence north eighty cbains, thence
east eighty chains, thence south
eighty chains, thence west eighty
chains to point of commencement,
containing (i-Mi acres.
Description of laml slaked by .lolm
Uresnahan, adjoining lln? Internal ion
.il Boundary line;
Comincncing ai a polfft on the
Boundary hu.' marked "John Hrcsim
bun's s. \\. Corner," about out' mile
mjuUi of George Bradley's S. !■;. coi
m-i post, thence north eighty chains,
thence east .oisbty clains, Ihence
souih eighty chains, thenco wesi
eighty cliains to place of commence
mi'iii, containing 010 acres.
denomination ns possible. The
ance of the cash Instalment must in
every case he paid before tbe close of
lbe sale, falling Which ilif deposit of
One liiiiulinl Dollars will be forfeited
and the laml withdrawn Irom sale,
Scrip or Warrants will not be accepted.
Note:—Cbnqiiies will will nnt he
taken in payment unless marked "accepted" by (he banks on which thev
are drawn.
List or ihe lands lo be sold mav he
had nu application tn "The Secretary
Department id lhe interior. Ottawa,
or to any of lie agents of Dominion
lands in Manitoba, Saskatchewan nr
tiv order,
V. C. Keves, Seer..'tarv.
Department of lbe Interior.        2fi-3t
Ottawa, tr.ih September, 11105,
Take uoiue ibat thirty days after
date 1 Intend to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Viitoriii for a special lieeiisc to cut
and carry away timlier from the foi
iowlng described lands iu West Koolenay:
Commencing at a pnst planted mi
the soulh side of the H. (', Southern
righl of way, about 10 chains east of
lhe McNeillie siding; thenee in au
easterly direction along ibe south
side of said right nf way Kin chains,
thence smith -Id ebains, thenee in a
westerly direction 160 chains in a
point opposite Ihe point of commencement, thence iti cbains north tn polnl
of commencement, containing fi 10
acres, more nr lees.
E, D. Sbaekletnn, Loealnr.
Dated Sept. 25, 1005. 27-5t
Description of laml staked by ,S
H. Baker; '
Coiiiinenclng al a pnsi ou (lie norlh
snle of ibe creek, marked "S. B
Baker's N, E. Corner," adjoining
"dm   s, Tail's   s. E. corner post,
hence south eighty chains, thelice
west eighty elinlns, thoiico north
eighty chains, tbence east eighty
chains to polnl of commencement
containing Mn acres,
Notico is hereby given thai Ills
Honour Jwlgo Kuiin, by  order da Led
Sepleliibej     full,    1005,      bus    oiil.ie.l
Unit nny person Interesied in Uu-
suhlecl mailer of s.tid petitions or
having any objections to Um prayer
oi saiil petitions being granted, y lu. JI
on or before  the   I Mb dav of  >\.ve.n-
her, iiiuri, nie wnh tlm Registrar of
said Court ai Cranhrook a petition or
statement selling forth bis claim or
ilie ground of his said objections, nml
verify the same under oath.
And ibe said Judge has further ordered that a copy ol said petition).
shall be forwarded to any party Interested by saitl petitioners or iheir
solicitors on application being mnl
therefor to tbe Registrar of ...u.
Court, at Cranhrook
Baled   the fiih   dny or Soptemher
Tupper it ririitin, Vancouver,
Solicitors for Petitioners,
J.  i<\  Armstrong, Craiibronlc,
25-lt Kegislrar of Court.
: Cranbrook   Foundry and
Machine  Shop::
; McKifinon & Johnston
Wo nro |.iv|,;,r,.l  i..
.In    all     kiwis    nf    IV
Imir work In a* \ uml
li^ht, lllilkl' i ;i:.lin:"-..
Unit ■ I 111 Tin, .'Ir
SynupalN ut KcKulatiuun lur lUSfaul ui Min-
i-iuis ua (luminiuii I i.:,i'   iu   Wiiiiiiiitii,
the Northwest rtrrlterin nuii mc \ ukuu
,i ii  in - . 1., tn
V * I ■ ■ ■    iiiii..'i,   It.,
■i:ih..tl. i. i
i-M-.-i-.HIl; h.i-.
lii-i ..nn.n.i I.n
,   ,i      I i„-  In-
• >n  ilu*  iliilm
f Scienlifk    Itorswhoelnjs   a y
£ Specialty
#-»%*-*'*-•-»-.**.•-.'» -*.*•-.*»**•»--.•»•»■».(§
; STEWART'5  \
J Tli,' Leading Sl
i Klil.MI   Kill I IS ;
, i--itii.sn nits J
4 CHOIt-I.  ('llNI'lal'TlllM' 111 ,
_ IIA/.l.l.Wtllll) IL'tO UUI' Ml ,
1            '■ i" Mi«wr. {
\ ' — ,
0     PHONt   «"     " *•*****-•*******    *■■*■     '
n. •% ** •• •%-k % *. (|
; Cranbrook Sash    j
: and Door Factory •
All kinds vt tinisli work in \
|  way of iloors, windows, intn- J
!,   Kiln ilrioil lumber J
fur inside work.   Our work is J
I guumnteed and our prices nro ',
j  sutisfnetory.    Screen    doors \
I *
: :
J Rough mul Dressed Lumber ;
For Sulc *
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It in Healthy
It i.s the I "est
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
*""«♦♦*•> ##*#**#->**♦*♦*#:«.
' <»
1 We Will Do
| Your Draying
inniilit'l' llml um
. snlisl'iH'tiini.
Tlinl in our lilisi-
lll'SB.     W'f    Wlllll    Iti
|.l,,ia,'.   Wu nre wil.
ling to lnlior luinl In
ll.'.a.||l|.|isll   Dull   Ull.
.iffi. Tlml in why uui'
|in.s|i,'i'M : :
,   rl.-   M.ll-M
Ill    .     I.IU Ii ..il.-...
.Ill     |..l-.,M"ll    ill  .        I'!
I    I. ..   .   ■  ntle ■ i
III   i     ,     i,
i  !■'
I ||
.    . |lln
I .      ■    M-i.till
II 'I    I,ll    ,1    I,
IllKllI Is cm
I.J-. I III 111).
HilUlll I'D
n     \> il. i
i   i'1-...ii-i
■Ini..ij.- Crunk,
ie !>.,si- nn.   or
.     Ml     „   U-ll.     It'll
JUslStSUt iw
llllll lillllll
•it of ttie im
I hoi nn.l
iu.il .hip
- uon.-i- .m.i
i.-ii year t..
me must be
1 |iUl>IUIilllH
ll.'IiUlV'nrilli- \|n
.iiHinri'i'i! movers -*f tli-.
Ma-mi k Ki-'.li Pianos	
% ^ •» •*-•* % ■•
A. W. McVittie
Dominion and Provin- {
cial   Land
11.11. McVittie
urveyor. 4
(ieneral Agenl '
CRANBROOK,   B.    C. }
0•»»****%» •*••*
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
Rotel *
A Short Drive
From Victoria
AM. .111. I'Al'll It   I'tllN I'S
St. ,'j.ul, Chicago, New  ..ml.
AM. A l.l. I'UIN I'M  I   IHT
I'niiiii- inn] linirliti Sleepers, Build   l.lbrnr)
i.tiin.  Miiili'rii   lln,   imii In-tt.   I),mill   lur.,
I'ti'iil. a la Carle,
mi  linsl  iiiiiI  Wesl   limit   L
SpeclfftI'.iiirHlnii rnk't n, Vi'nrld'a Pair, St.
l.iniiH.     liiiir iiiniii iii route,
I',it nl,-   I,,tin. :.... I lull nil,.,,, ,
ii'i-ni'luin iii|-,,all ml In   .
8, 'm ''KIIICI.ll, ll. II is 111'
ll  IV  I', ,. i   I' ,i r  i
Hoillllu VIII  «'. Illvtll a.I„   Un
Wnali, Hlmkliliu, IViimIi,
j: J. Edgar Davis |
BRICKLAYER nod        %
CONTRACTOR        *!;
Klll'linre,   Hliilt'l',    11,-inm,'. X
S* mi
1 Fireplnco wink tt Bpccinl- *i|
All il.-ni'iiplioiis i.f Btotin   -j-
% Wl
t III,
1, iiiiiltrtiil.fi,. Onlom It-I'i A
People ol South East Koot- | «
enay who visit Victoria should j X
not fail to visit Goldstream. ** | * .j.
It is the tourist's paradise. 9*4**44**44+*44*+***4)$
•i. I). Aiii',i,'iii|.;'s       %
I I' ivo pmilipl nil.'iih,>n   .J.
P. 0.  Ilnx Kill * THK   CRAXBROOK   HERALD
Take notice that I Intend to apply
to tht- chii'i Commissioner oi Lands
and Works (oi a Special License to
tut anil care; sway Umber Irom the
following described lands In East
Koou-miy iJistriot, British Columbia:
Commencing  at a post    planted _
mile   weal ol    the Skookimichuck  liv
ri, mi the nisi cretl on tbe west side
ami close iu Uail going up said
creek, tbence south Ub chains, thence
„,-.»i io chaius, tbence north lou
chains, th-tu-e ea»l ■»■' uhalna, to lln
pi.tte ot beginning.
K. Rice.
Aug. '-inl, 1BW*
Take not lee that i Inlwid lo apply
to lln*  ( lin-i   INunmisMonci   ol Lauds
and   Works Ioi a Special   I. ■>  lu
.nt ami ..ui. awaj   limhui  i  tin
following .1. ..uiini lands in l ust
kuutrua) District, UnliHli Columbia.
i oiniiii in in,-, .it a po'.i planted .ti
K, Itm''. No I uorth weal luiiiu,
Uience soutlt inn chain*, Iheiiei Wv*\
-in chains, tbence aurih luu i luui >,
Unmet- eoal  I" chain* lu place ul hf
i:   lik.
Aug   Wid,  1008
Take notice ili.it I luleiul to applj
to Un- I lim CuiiiiiilsMonei nt I..Hul*
antl    Mi.iks foi   a S|„i ml     I.i., Hm* In
cm ami lim) awaj Dmln-i (mm Ihi
toll.own;', ili-serlbvd lands iu Kasi
KooU'iiit)   Uisliiel, Hrillsh Columbia
Cutumeiiuing .it a pust plaiited ai
E. Rice's No. i iioiili west corner,
thence south 100 chaina. thence west
nu chains, thence nortii luu chains,
tbence east -lu chains in place ot be
I). Aid.cm.
Aug, 23rd, 1003.
Take notice that 1 inteml to appi)
to liie Cbiel I'utniin-.-.mm-1 oi Lands
and Works for a Special License to
cut and carry away timed from the
following described land-, m East
Kooteuay District, British Columbia.
Commencing al a post plaut-eil ai
ti. McLean's north-west corner,
thence -juuib ItiU chains, thence wesi
■iu chains, ihence north 100 chains.
ih.uiv casi 40 chains to place of lie
I). .McLean.
Aug.  2did,  1905.
Take notice thai 1 Intend to appi)
to tin- ( hiei Commissioner ui I.audi,
and Works for a Special License to
mt and carry away timber from ihi
lullowing described lands in Kasi
Koounay District, British Columbia
Coin im-nc mg at a post planted I
mile north of 1). McLeans No. '.
north-east corner, tbence wesi -it
chains, thence north lllll chains,
tbence east -iti chains, Uience suutli
ii.ii chains to the place ol In-ginning
it.   Whebell.
Aug.   23rd,   1905.
Take notice that 1 intend to appi)
to ihe Cbiel Commissioner ol Land';,
.uid Works (or a Special License u
cut and carry awaj timber from lh.
following described lands in Easi
Kootthay District, British Culumhia
Commencing   at a host planted w
ti.       Wlielrvll s       solllh mist      colln'l',
thence souih   mi chains, ihence ensl
-i chains, ihenee uollli _' chains,
l-bence West 80 chains to the place ul
it. Whebell.
Aug. 23rd, 1005.
Take notice that thirty davs alter | Take notice that thirty days attel
date 1 intend ta apply iu tbe Clu-i date .1 intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissionei oi Lands and Works for Commissioner of Lands and Works fm
a license tu prospect for coal and i-e- a license to prospect Ioi coal ami petroleum ou ihe lollowlng lands iu troleum on tbe following lands in
Suuih Kasi Kootenay. < South Kast K<«ot-?nay:
Commencing ai   a post planted at J   Commencing at   a post planted at
lhe iioilhcasl foiiu-i, being lhe imiih- the southeast earner, being iht* southeast corner post oi tbe Alodlu Komi- east corner post of the Prank lut-
guire coal chum, about two miles tell coal claim, about two miles Met
nm iii ui the southeast eornei post of ol the southwest corner post of the
the Lewis Rolls   coal claim,    Uience Coral Wilcox coal claim, thenoe north
south Ml chains, thence west ttti NU Chains, thence wesi B0 chains,
ihains,  llience uoilii Mi chains,   llieni-f   Uieuce stHiltl Ml chains,   Ihence     east
vast mi chains, lo place ol bcgimuug.  mi chains lo place oi beginning,
All claims located l>> Matthew, an* All claims located by Matthows are
relocations, lounetl) located by An- relocations, formerly located by Andrew I Jacket l. The boundaries oi the drew Hackett. The boundaries ut the
said lucalluus aru the Langlc) group said locations are the Langley group
on tin* north and the C.  l\  It   sin-  on the north and the c. P, It. sur-
ic)   I  on  Hie  west. Key  line on the west.
!   Dated Augusl 4th, 1803
l >.
nli.  IUQ5.
Matthews,  Locatoi
w   u. inn   Agent,
s. Matthews, Looator,
w   Belden, Agent,
very line on the west
I _'ed August 4th   1805.
S. Matthews, Locator,
tt   Belden, Agent.
vey line on the west.
Dated  August   4th,   1805
S.   Matthews,   Locatoi
W.  Beldm, Agenl.
Take notice Ihal I inleml to applv
to Un* Chiel Commissi unci ol I an.l.
and Woiks lot u Special Llccnsu in
cut ami carry away llmbci (row ilu
following described lands in Easl
Koolenay District, British Columbia
Commencing at a post planted iill. WhebclPs No l north-west uu
ne!, ihence noi id ItiO chains, tin i.u
east -in chains, Uience sooth lOti
chains,   thence   west    -to   (-"bains to
I'la-e ol liegl Bg,
t.i I.'
Aug   2.iul.   11)115
Take notice ih.it  I  ml io appi)
I.. 'In- Chlel Commissionei ol I audi
..mi Works I.u n Special l Icense :.
nu and curry aw.i*. Umbel from lln
following desctibeu" l.unl, in Easl
Kooteimy District, llritish Cului I
Comm'ehclng at a   i I pis
A    lichl.s      No    .:  KtiUlli ,, i
Ih ll.e    iluili      Hill      .lunl,..     Ilii-m.
noi in chains, thenci noulli Hu
iI'.ih.s. thence wesi in ihains in ilu
place nt commencement,
A   Oeddes
Aug   83rd, 1005
Take noilce Ihal I in lend to appi]
Li the (hu'l Commissionei ul Land
.it'il Works loi a Sptviul Llii n t- l<
eni   and cut \   aw.it   hinbei   Mom   (hi
[ullowing ,1. .miiI...I l.u.i". in Kasi
Lu.!,imt  Dtsirtci, llritish Columbia
I'..min.-in-mg ni a post planted al
a   tliitdt-H   No   i iniiiii wi ,i corner,
ih.-,,..   ii<'i Hi   Iflli . h.nii-    u ' easl
iu iti.linn, ih mr south Km chains,
id. i.i,- w.-.i   in ih.ni.. it, (flare of lo-
i  i
W    Falrlleld.
Aug   yard, 1005,
Pake notice Uial ihlil) days aflei ! Take notice that thirty davs alter
date I iii;,nd lo a|tpl) io iin- 'in.i dale 1 intend to apply to the Chlel
CummiKMuiu*! ul Lands ami Works ni Commissionei ol Lands an-t Works Ioi
u license tu piuspeci foi uml and \u- a license to prospeel Im coal and petroleum mi ihe fulluwing lands m troleum on ihe following lands in
Son th Easl Kuulelia) Souih Eoal Kootenay:
Cummeuciiig .ii   ,i posi  planieil nl Commencing al   a post planted at
lhc    uoitliwesl   i 11,     |,i mg    tl„- lhc   southwest     corner, being     lhe
nurlh     wi.t    eoiuei     |hjsI    ul    lhu soulliwcsl   cornel   poRl  ol  Uiv Coral
""i""   \.  111.yd  i claim, adjoining Wilcox coal claim, adjoining Ihe Anna
<■!'■' Altslie I tun iiy ■  | claim    uii  Mitotan     oal    claim un    lhe  h,
i hi  ..i-i,     thence   sun th   so chains i thence north SO cliains, ihence    easl
Uituci .,,■! Nu chains, iiuiii.- i h mj sn chnlns,    ih.*nc*    south 80 chains
chains, ii,,in,- nesi su chains to plan- thence west mi cliains to place ol be-
.ii beginning, ginning
All claim.-, located b> Matthews are I All claims located by Matthews are
reluealiuhs, luruieil) located in An* relocations, formerly located by Andrew Uuckell. The boundaries ui the drew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said loealiuns aru the Langley group said locations arc the Langlev group
on thc north and  lhc C. r. It. sui-,"n the north nn.l the C, P. R. sur-
i-y line on lbe west.
Ualod August   lib,  ltlti5,
S.  .Matthews,  Locator.
W. Belden, Agent.
vey line on the west.
Dated August -lib.  iflOO.
S. Matthews, Locator,
W. Belden. A Kent
Take notice that thirty days after I Take notice that thirty davs after
dan- I intend to apply to the Chief date 1 intend to apply to the Chlol
Commissionei ot Lan-da atw works ior, Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license to prospect for coal nnd pe- 'a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on thf following lands in 'troleum on thf- following lauds in
South Easl Kuutenay: South Easl Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at Commencing at a post planted nt
tha northeast coiner, being the north-j the southeast comer, being the
casi cornel post ol [Tic Maud Harris southeast corner post of the Bessie
coal claim, about two mites east of j P. Harris eoal claim, adjoining the
tbe northwest corner post of the Coral Wilcox coal elaim uii the wesi,
Uollie A. Boyd coal claim, thence Uience north mi chains,' ttvnee west
south 8U chains, thence west titi 80 chains, thence soulh hu chains,
.■hams, th, nee north mi chains, thence i Uienco east 80 chains to plaoo of be-
casl mi chains to place of beginning,     ginning.
All claims located by Matthews are I All claims located by Matthews are
relocations, formerly located hv An- relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the drew Hackett. The boundaries or the
said locations aro the Langley group said locations are the Langlev group
iq the north and  the C,  P. It. sur-,on tbe north and Ihe C. P. R. sur-
ev line on the wesi
Dated August -ith, 1905.
S.  Matthews,  Locator.
W. Belden, Agent.
thirty days afle
vey line nn the west.
Dated   AUgllSt   Hh.   1905.
S. Matthews,  Locator.
W. Beldcn, Agent.
Take noliee   lhat thirty days after
Take nol in' 111, _^^___
dale I inteml io apply io the Chief dale I intend tn apply to the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works tor t Commissioner ol Linus and Works for
a license lo prospect lui cual and pe- a license to prospect for coal ami petroleum ou ihe following lands in troleum on the following lands in
South Kasi Kootenay: South Kasi Kootenay:
Commencing al a post planted ;,t Commencing at a post planted ul
he noi th wis i em ner, being ihe i lhe southwest corner, being the
lorth west' eornei post oi the soirthwesl corner post of tho Moses
tlilne Sluhan coal claim, adjoining Crittenden coal claim, adjoining the
lie .Maud Hams coal claim oil the Mary Reynolds eoal claim on the
east, thence south mi chains, tbence north, ihence north 80 chains, Uience
■ast 80 chains, thence norlh Mi chains, i cast Sti chains, thence south a1*
hence west 80 chains lo place of be-fchalns, thence wesl sn chains tj
.inn ng. I place of liegimiiiig
All claims located by .Matthews are ' All claims located by Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by An- relocations, formerly located by An-
irew Hackett. The boundaries ol the rfreW Hm-keit The boundaries of the
.1 locations are the Langley  group  said locations are the Langlev group
ill   the
e\  line
lhe   C.   1*.   K,
Matthews,   Locator.
W. Beldcn, Agent.
>ii the north and the C. P. It. survey line on the west.
Dated August   Ith   1005
s. Matthews, Locator.
W   Belden,   Agent
■asl   ..un. i   [Ms
oal claim, n .-
...; Ihwest cum
Shehau coal el.
■h.i.ns, thence \
iomIi   sn   thai
Matthews,  Locator.
W    Belden,  Agent.
Take noliee ihat thirty davs altei
date I intend to appi) to the Chi.1!
Contra ssioiiei ol Lands and Works n i
a in ense to prospeel im cnal and pe
troleum on the following lands in
South Kasi Kootenay:
Commencing nt a post plained ,,t
the fcouthi a**! corner, being tbe
southeast comet post ol the Lewis
Bolts coal claim, adjoining the
Muses Crittenden eoal claim on the
west, llience north 80 chains, ihence
west Mi chains, thenee souih 80
chains, thenee ensl 80 chains to place
ol beginning.
ill claims located by Matthews are
relocations, formerl) located by Andrew Hackett. Tbe boundaries of ihe
snld locations ate Uie Langloy group
on tin* norlh .nil the (V IV It, survey line on  lhe west,
Daie.l   Aii.usl   Iih,   1005
S, Matthews, Locator.
W. Il.'l^n   Agent.
Take notice thai thirty days after
date i inn*nd~to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works lui
a license io prokpect foi coal and petroleum on the following lands in
South Easl Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at j
tbe northeast corner, being the north-
east coin i post of the .Mis John
Osterberg coal el.Tim, adjoining ttie
Anna Sh. ban coal i latin nn the west,
thence souih Mi chains, ihence wesl
mi chains, tbence nortii 80 chain.-.,
ihi'iin- rast iu chains lo place ol be
All claims located bj Matthews are
relocations, lormerlj located hy An-
■ii,'.-. Hackett The boundarie ol the
said locaUoni are thc Langte) -._. i ■ ■ j.j j>
un lhe north and the C, P R bui
ley line on the wei I
Dated Augusl   Ith   i""'.
s. Matthews, Locator.
W    Mill.it.  Agent
Take noliee that thirty days altei
dale 1 intend to apply to ihe Chiel
Commissionei ol Lands and Woiks lor
a license tu prospeel foi coal a"<l i"
troleum on the following lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at   a post planted at
tin*     south-east    coiner,   being      tli
relocations, lormerlj located by Andrew Hackett. Tin- boundaries uf the
taid locations ate the Langlev group
"li   the   north   and   Iht-   ('.   p,   |{    MU
vey line uu the treat.
Dated  August  4th,  1805,
s   Matthews, Locator.
W. Belden, Agent.
Take notice that thirty days afle
date I intern] io apply to the Cue-
Commissionei ol Lands and Works fui
a license lo prospeel foi coal aud   in
Take notice that Hum davs aftai
date   1 In lend  -,,   appi*,   ■,, lhe rk, ■■
Commission,-! .„ [,auJ ,, u„..s ju|
•' "wow i" prospeel foi ,„l ami p,-
iroleuui on the following lands in
South Kasi Kootenay:
Commencing ai a post planted ni
i h.- noithw est col liei. being i he
north west eornei post ul tin-
Alma slu-haii coal claim aboui two
miles north of thu southwest
corner post of lhe 11. ni) Cul
tins coal claim, _. thence ton tli Su
chaii.s, iht nee ea t 811 chains thenci
norlh 80 chains, thence west 811
chains to place of beginning.
All claims located h) Matthews aro
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. Tho boundaries ol the
said locations are the Langlev group
mt the north nml the C, P. U. survey line mi the west.
Dated August 4ih   19(15,
S. Matthews. Locator.
W.  Beldcn, Ageiit.
Take notice lhat thirty days after
date 1 Intend to appi) to ihe Chiel
Commissionei ol Lauds and Works [or
a license to prospect tor coal and petroleum on lhe following lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northeast corner, being ihe northeast corner post ol the Madge Cass
coal claim, adjoining the Frank Hat
zell coal claim on the south, Ihenee
soulh 811 chains, thence wesi 80
chains, Ihenee north Ml chains, Ihence
east MJ chains to place oi beginning.
All claims located by Matthews aro
eliK'aiions, formerly .mmled by \n-
irew Hackett. The boundaries ol the
said locations are tbe Langley group
on  the norlh  ami   lhe  C.   P.  R, sur-
))' line ou  the west.
Dated August 4th,  1905.
s   Matthews, Locator,
W. Belden, Agent.
Take notice that thirty days aflei
.lale I intend lo apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license to prospect for coal ami petroleum on the following lands in
South Kast  Kootenay:
Commencing at a post platiteil a'
the northwest comer, being the
north wes t coi ner pos t oft he
Julius Orlh coal claim, adjoining lln
Madge Cass on ihe east, "llifncc
south 811 chains, thenee easl 80
chains, llience norlh 80 chains, Ihenee
west 80 chains to place of beginning.
All claims located by Matthews arc
relocations, formerly located hy An-
Irew Hackett. The boundaries of the
laid locations are the Langley group
>n the north and the C. P. R, sur-
i'cy line on the west.
Dated   August   llh.   1995.
s. Matthews, Locator.
W   Betden,  Agenl
Ihal thin*, davs aftei
io appi) to 'he Chici
Commission, i ol Lands and Works im
a license to prospect loi coal ami petroleum on ibe follow ing lands in
South Easl  Kootenay:
Take mil i'
T.il..'  m.tnr    'lui   thnt.   il.ivs   -ifler ^	
date   1 Intend lo   npnl)  lo the Chief!   T,       .,      ..      ... .    ,        .,
i "nmmU    I   ml       ml   Vt.it It.  [,,r ' "■'■'     '"'"IC     Ul.ll    Mill 1 >    II .11 S   ,11II 1
.."..!....   .TL,!.,™!. '...!:... '!,!.;!'.[ date   I intend to  appi)  io iiii- Chlel
Tate notice Ihal I intend to apply
io ihe i hu*r Commissioner ol Lands
and Works fm a Special License to
■ ui and carry away timber from the
following desei iln-.l lands in Kasl
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
W. Ealrlleld's south-east corner,
ihence noi tli 100 chains, thence east
■lo chains, ihence south 1110 chains,
thence west 40 chains in place of beginning.
W. Fairfield.
An*   23rd,   1995.
license lo pi..-pen loi coal ami  |i
troleum   on   tbe   follow ing   lands in
South ICoi t Kootenay
iiissiouei oi Lands'and Woiks t
a license to prospect foi coal ami   pe
u;;i',,,i,,,;~r.ii"al'"I'i)o.t  .InnM „l ffi'V,?" „*?, '?"?*in«   l,,",s '"
' a.iil,,,,.,     ,,     |,,„,,,     ,|„. Stiiili l'...ai K,»iU'iii,y
„,,,,,    ,,,,. ,„.,    ,„, ,   ,,   ,i„. Comniotiolng ai  a uust planted m
'   „   i ,          i ,,,"      „, lhe northeast corner, botag tho nortS-
1   "   i'."i."i' ""'''i'lni',   •' im.'* „.csl     ,.,„„,,,   D(W,  „, fl,,,  W||nam
Birrlaong .'nal olaitn, adjoining     the
l.t-wis it.ills t'linl i-luim on llie south,
ili.iiii.s    tu  lll<'".''' t'O'itli K" .'hains, Ihence wwl
Kfl   cliains,    tlu nre   nollh Hu challt'
n„  John  it i I claim on    Hit
t'.l'.l,     ll I'    I.OII1 ll     Ml     I'll I,      til,'III,'
easl     mi chains,     llience   norlh    ,sn
chains.     Ihence   wesl  81
""I'll cWmfftcri In  Mai ivM,rc,,'ll""!;lV'as0 s0 cllallls lu I"""' "' "'
. ,i     .i,,,,,.      lui,i,.iii 'i ,t.,i   i.v   tn    ginning-
' '      _',,'".',',"    '";","    ',,'"'   All claims Inciiieil liy Matthews are
,ll,»   II,,,'  all       lln-  Iniillalitl is  „t  ll,,'   ,,,,,„,iimS|     (o|,„„.|y   ,waM   by   A„.
s'' """"'  m ""' l^nnglcy group  drcw ulir.k,,,,,.  T|,c fuuMArloi Ol the
saitt locations an- tile Langley group
ii tin- nurlh anil the C.  P. It. sur-
>li  Hi
Hi lin.l the C. 1'. It
'V line on the west.
Haled Aupst •llh,  1005.
S, Matthews, Loonier,
Vi. Belden, Agent.
vey line on the west,
ilale.'l  Augusl  4th,  tno5.
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Bclden. Agchl.
Take notice Hint I Inleml lo apply
lu iii- Chlol Commissioner „t l.nn.ls
nn.l Works lur a Special License In
i-nl and carry away timlier Irom the
lollowlng ili'snilieil lands iu Rasl
Kooteuay lllslrlcl, llritish Coluinlilii:
Conimonclng al a jmsi planieil at
IV, Pnirllnld's Nonlli-cast, coiner,
thence .-ast so chains, thence south
s.i chains, Ihence west mi chains,
thence north -su ihains in tim place
of beginning.
0, Will-toll.
Aug. 2.11.1, 190.,
Take notice   thnt  thirlv ilnvs after
date   I Intend lo   apply lo the Chiel,   _ , ,       . ,
Commissioner ol Lands and Works fori Takc notice that thirty days after
a license lo prospect for cnal and pn- date I intend to apply to thc Chiel
troleum on lho following lands in . Commissioner of Lands and Works f.,r
South Kast Kootenay: 'a license to prospect lor coal and  pe-
Commonolng at   a post planted nt   troleufn   on   the   following   lands In
the southwcsl corner, being the smith- .South Kast Kootenay:
wesl   coiner   posl   nf   the    Thomas     Commencing at   a post planted al
Large coal claim, adjoining llie Jul-  'he   northwest   corner,    being    lhe
lus    Iiiiii   i I   claim un lbe norlh,   north     west   corner    posl   of   the
thrnce north su ihains. thonce easl Mnry Hcynolds coal claim, about two
sn chains, Ihence snuth su chaina, miles west of tho northeast corner
Ihence wesl 80 chains In place nf In- l"'sl "' »'rs- -1"1"1 Osliirbcrg cnal
njpning. claim, thenco snuih 80 chains, thence
ill claims located by Matthews arc ''"sl   *"  chains,   thenco   nortii   s.l
relocations,   Ior liy located by An- chains. Ihcneo west 80 chains to place
ili-civ llnckell.  The i, darlos ol Hie '"',W i"g,i     , , ,    „ ,.,
said l.icnllmis nro lhe l.nnirlcv erniui A" "Mm localcl1 ''>' M»W*»*V» nfo
uu llie iituili and the O I' it »i • Hiicnlions, lormcrly Inenied by An-
vey Hue un lbe west.     '     ' ilrow llnckell.   The bniindaries ot the
liainl Angusl  i'ii   1'iiia |sl;il1 locations nre tlio Langley group
S. Matthews   Locator    !"" ""' "'"'"' luul  ""' ''■  ''■ "■ s"[-
W. Dolilen, Agent.   I
the soiilhwesl co r, being llle smith
west corner pust al llie Uilliinn '.t-i
lerlicld coal claim, adjoining tin-
Barney Thomjisoii on lbe ensl, ltei.ee
ia,i ill SO elinlns, lin-i,..- east Sn
chains, thence smnli 811 chains, thence
west su chains lu place of beginning.
All claims locntnl by Matthews arc
relocations, formerlj localeii by Au-
In-w llnokelt. The boundaries of the
will I, nnl inns are tho Lnngloj group
nn lbe norlh nnd the C. P. It. sur-
lev line on the west.
Dated Augusl llh   lOOli
S.  Mntlhews, Loealor,
W, Belden, Agenl.
Take niiiit'i' tlinl ihiiii days altei
ilalc I Intend In appi) in llle Chlel
Commissioner of Lands .in,I Works Ior
a liceiist- tu prospeel foi coal .nut petroleum on lhe fulluwing lauds in
Soulh Kasl Kootenay:
Commencing al   a posl planted nl
llie     suutli easl     i i,   being  th,
sunlit an-i ,,,iii,i  nosl ,,l llie liana;
Thompson conl claim, al i Iwomili-h
east ill the snuibwest corner posl   ol
the I lem y Collins conl do  tbeuce
norib si. chains, llience wesl su
chains, lh net suuih nu chains, thelice
east kii chains in place ut In ginning.
All claims located by Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries in" the
said loealiuns are lhe Lnnglcy group
on the north anil the c, P. It. survey line nn the west.
haled Augusl  llh. 11105.
S. Matthews,  Locator.
Vi. Beldcn, Agenl.
Boulb-oast   corner post  ol the M.uv   troleum   on   the   lollowlng   laiels in
Marshall   coal claim, adjoining    tho South East Kootenay:
Henry    Collins on the   west,  thenee     tomnicncing at   a post planted al
north   80   chaius,   thence   west     -n   the  north-cast    corner,    Iwing    the
.-liains,   thence     south    80   chains,   norllicasl    cornel     ol   He    SWoulc
il a.- ,-asi 8ii ihains lu plan- ni lie-  fcuiliades coal claim, adjoining     lhe
icu-niitii. I Mollie Olson uu Ihe east, ihenee soutli
All iiaims located by Matthews aro *]' "uius,    thence    west 80  ihains,
relocations,    nerl)  located hi  An-   "'■ i"'1'   """h '"' chains, tlence   east
.luw  llat-I.eii    The boundaries "I ih.-,"'" ''!'•""■'  '"e "' '»'K nunig.
■aid i.-„i s are the 1 .angle)  group     *" 'l'""'" I"'-"'-! I'!  Maith.-ws an
■    - n lui.iitt.iis.    i nil) lutaied by An
drew lla,I.,-ti lln- boundarie- ol the
s,,i.I locations .nt- Hu- Langley group
un the intiili an I Uie .'   1'   ll   am
Vt'V   lllie  uii   the   West
Halt-.l  August   lilt    IB0I
s. Matthews, Locator
W   llelilm, Agenl
Take notice Dial llilrtj days allei
dale I tu,ami lu appi) - ihe Chiel
Commissioner ol Lands nnl Works foi
a license to prospect lul eual and pe.
lluleuut uu llii- fulluwing lalais .a
Suuih Easl  Kooteuay:
Commencing at a posl planted at
ibe northwest coiner, being the
iturili west coiner posl ol tbe
Mrs. William Nel l.-iliel.l coal rl.ua,
adjoining ihe Wm. NellerOeld un in,
souih, thcuce south su chains, llicuct
,-asi 80 chains, Ihence north su
chaius, thence wesl 8U cliaius lu
place ui bogiuniiig.
All claims lucaled Uj Matlhews arc
relocations, toiiucrl) tocaled in Vn
ilrew llaekeii. The boundaries ol Hie
said locations arc tbe Langlc) group
,,ii thc iituili and Hie C. i'. It. sur-
icy lun' ..a the west
liainl Augusl   Illi,  I'm".
,s. Mattliows, Locator.
W. Bclden, Agent.
xli   liie   nol
th ami   ihe  ('
It      MM
vey line ni
i the nml
Darted Ai
igust   llh,   10(18
s   Matt-tan,
W    11,-1,1.
.MU U 1..
l^kc    llUl
nu   thai unit)
>.. atlui
Uui.     1   .11.
il.a    n»     *t,.l;,     .
U     I
.„  i.....
i_ uuimiMioi
.. i    Ul    I...4... 1   Ull
a \\
a. tMiUttti  ii
, pioapcci loi .
mui  i
-.IUM.-UUI     ull     dK     lUUUVul.
on..i.. in
.uuiU uaai
l  UllllIKItC
iiiji at    a poi.1
u...l ...
Ulti        SOOlll1
Hi it       1 Ollll'l ,
.ng    in.
tot net poai ui
O .     ll.
il      Lho
...lii a    »„h
ui     Hit:   auu ill
L   uuine i
(lUal   ol   Ui,:
Uilli)    * Ullllfb
ii  Uittoii,
ui. uce uui i
LU  on -.Uaiu.-,,   i
. u    mu..
oU   (.UrtlUj,
UltUcc    ouUtU
• chants,
tlieiiec wvtti, av cuams <o pmcu ui m
ao ciaim~> located h) .\lalllmw-. alt
iclucaUoli->, iiilliiell) imaieU Ij) An
Uiew llacheU. Hie OOUIiUat'teS ol lla
-.aid locations are the Laiigie) group
on Uie uoriii and the c. r. ti. sui
. i-> nue on the West,
uaied Au^Ubt llh, 1005,
_. Matthews, Locator,
W. Belden, Agetit.
Take notice that Unity ilajs allei
date 1 lUii-nd to apply io uie Utuui
i. ouimissiouei ot Lands and Works ioi
a license to piospeci ior eoal and Pe*
U oieuiu oil lhe toilowiug lands in
.-.oniii hast Kuoii-iiay:
Uoiiiiiienelng at a post planted ai
ihe stiuitka-si corner, being tlie south-
cast corner post oi the A. L, Atidel
son coal claim, adjoining the Al. 11.
lullivau coal claim uu lhc north,
ihence north 80 cnains, thenee wesi
,*>u chains, ilnnt'e souih su chains,
thence east 80 cliaius lo place ot beginning.
All claims located   by   Matthews aii
relocations, formerly located by Andrew llaekeii. The boundaries ot the
iaid locations are the Langley group
on the north and the U. r. U. sur-
icy Hue on the west.
Dated August -llh,  1005.
S.   Matthews,   Locator.
W. Uelden, Agent.
Take notice that thirty days attei
date   1 iulemi to   apply to the t'luei
ommissioiier ol Lands aud Works lui
a license to prospeel lor coal and petroleum ou the following lands in
.South Kast Kootenay;
Commencing at a post planted ai
the uoriheast corner, being the north*
east corner post oi lhe Al, 11. Sulli
van coal claim, adjoining lhc Ned
Cooper coal claim on the wesl, thenci
south Sll chains, thence west Uti
hains, thenco north 80 chains, llience
-ast Mi chains lu place ot beginning.
All claims located by Matthews aru
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said locations are the Langley group
in the north and ibe C. I*. H- sur-
,ey line on the west.
Dated August -Uii, 1005.
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Belden, Agent.
Take noliee that thirty days allei
dale i inielid Io appi) lo lhe Chiel
Commissioner of Lands, and Works i u
a license to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the following lands in
Souih Kasi Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted al
ihe northwest coi ner, being the
north west corner post ol lhe
Ned Cooper coal claim, adjoining tlin
W. ll. Warrington coal claim on the
south, tbence south mi chains, Iheuei
east HU chains, Uience nurlh 8tl
chains,     Ihence    wesl    ,iu    chnlns    lu
plane of beginning.
All claims locnlcd hy Matthews are
relocations, lormcrly located by Andrew llaekeii. The boundaries of the
said loealiuns are lbe Lauglej group
on Hu- norlh and lhe C. IV K survey  line on   the West.
Dated Annual   lib,  1005
S.  Matlhews,  Locator
W, field, n, Agenl.
Take notice that thirty davs after
date I Inleml to npnl) to tin- Chlel
Coniini*.suiti.'i oi Luii Is an.l Woiks im
a license lo prospect foi coal and \> -
Mol'inn on the following lands in
South Kasi Kootenay:
Commencing al a post planrpil at
ihe uoitbeast corner being ilu- uoriheast corner posl of the I), Klliotl
eoal claim, adjoining the Mollie Olson Oil the Wesl, llience SOU III Ml
chains, thenee west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thenee cast 80 chains
in place of beginnlngi
All claims located  hy   Matlhews ate
relocations, formerly located hv Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
sairl loealiuns are the Langley group
nn the north anri the C, P. R. survey line on the west.
Dated August -Ith.  1005.
S. Matthews, Locator.
VV, Bidden, Airenl.
Notice is hereby given ihal B0 dayi
fl'OIII dale 1 intend lu appi) lo the
chief Uommisslouei oi Lands ami
Works 'o puiehasu tlie followliuj dee
ubid lands,    situatui in lla- district
ol  SoUlll   Kast   Kool.na).
Commencing at the uorih-east coin
er of lut 5240, group l, Kootena) Dis
irlct, Uience south rm chains, thenct
east 'iu chains, thence norib Mi
ihains, thenco west in chaliin to ih.
puiui of commencement.
Located the 11 ill day of Sept. lttuj
11. Uuuglaiki.
Cranhrook, H. O. 26-01*
Take notice that thirtv davs after
dal* 1 intend to applv to the Child
Commissioner nf Lands and Works for
a license to prospect for conl .'iml
Tnkc noflep ihat thirlv dnvfi ufter
date 1 inlcnd tn applv to lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands nn.l Woiks for
;i license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands in
South Kasl Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the    southwest     corner,   being    llie,    ., ,        , ,
southwest corner posl of Henry Col- L{ °'m,,™< *' a ,,ost f-fn wl ?
Ilns coal claim, lin-i,,,. no. ll. Kl. 'hf northwest JWjer, being In
chains, llnnce east 80 clurins, thence ffni <V P0 T ,f!St °(.."
south NU chains, llnnee ttvst 80l!*2Ute.i2,"lS.^l.«.!JrJ.ln ^
clains to place ol bcfiintiilig.
All claims located hv Matlhews are
Notice is hereby given that thirtj
■lays after dale 1 Intend to apply u
,he Chiel Commissioner ut Lands ana
iVorks and the Assistant Commission'
er of Lands and Works fur the district
ol Kast Kootenay for a license lu
prospect fur cual and petroleum on
the following land, situate adjacent to
ihe seventeen (17) mile post ol tin
Canadian 1'aciiic Hallway post am
one milt- easl thereot, in what ti
.uiuwn as Block 45D3, Southeast
Kootenay, British* Columbia.
1. Comincncing at a post planted
at the north-east corner of Daviti
Martins claim, same being the initial post ot the said David Martin s
claim aud marked David Mai tin,
ihenee south eighty chains, thenct-
west eighty cliains, thenee north
.-ighiy chains, thence east eight)
chains, lo the place of beginning, con
laining 640, more or less.
Located August 4th, 1UG5.
David  Martin,  Locator.
It.   L. Beard   and   Charles AicUuire,
2. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner ui .May Redman's' claim, same being the initial
posl uf .May lied man s claim aim
marked May Redman and south an.l
adjacent to David Martin s claim,
ihence sou ih eight) cliaius, tlit-tic
west eighty chains, thence nortt
eighty cliaTns, thence east eight)
chains io ihe place ol beginning, eon
laining 040 acres, mole or less.
Located  August   Ith,  1005.
Maj   Redman, Locator,
It.   L, Beard   and   Charles McOuire,
3. Commencing al a   posl  planted
at   llle    souih wesl     COlllCl   oi   Wi-sleV
Martin's claim, same being the inli
nil post oi W'eslcv Martin s claim and
marked Wesle) \iuilili and lOiilh and
adjacent tu Mav Rodmnn's claim,
Llience north eight) chains, iln-nce
west eighty chains, tin nee soulh
oighly    chains,    ll*enec   call   eight)
cliains io lhe plac  beginning, con
laining t) in acres, more or less.
Located Augusl 4th, 1005.
w.sl'-j  Martin, Locator.
I. Commencing al a post planted
ai ile Boulh-wesl cornel ol James
Brady's claim, same being ilu- In Ilia1
post oi .lames llriuh'» claim ami
marked James Brady, and ensl ami
adjacent lo Wesle) Martin h claim
ih.-iic ea-.i elgl ly chains, thenci
nurlh eighty chains, lln-ueo wesi
eighlv chains, thencu sou Hi eight)
chaina to tho plai e ol beginning, con
laming 010 acres, mote oi less.
Located August   Ith, 1005,
James  Brady,  Locator.
I!    L   n.-aut   ami   Charles Mndnirc
B. Commencing at a post plant-oil
al llle north east corner of Allien
Delorc's claim, same being tho imt
iai post ot Albert Delorc's claim anl
marked Albeit Delore and south and
adjacent lo Wesley Martin's claim,
Ihence south eighty chains, thenee
west eighlv chains, llience north
eighty chains, Ihence east eighty
chains lo the place of beginning, containing 040 acres, more or less.
Located August  tth, 1005.
Allien Delore, Locator.
R    L. Beard   and   Charles McOuire,
6, Commencing al a post planted
nt the north-west eornei of James
Steward's    claim,     same being     tin
Notice is hereby given that Unity
.lays ami date I intend to appi) lo
the cinei Commissionei oi Lands and
A'orka and the Assistant L'ouunissiou-
•r of Lands and Works loi tie District of East Kootenaj loi a lice&aQ
to prospect tor coal ana petroleum
un the lollowlng land, situatu m.i tb
and adjacent tu tin Klathead rivet wu
ihe south adjoining whal is known aa
the Hackett Uruup un ihe west and in
iiliA'i. tJLi.i, SuutliMutt Koou-uaY.
British Culumhia:
1. CuiiUiiciaiiig   at   a   posl   planted
at the Boutb-eusl curnei ot Al'oert
tHniu.oies claim, same being tho
initial post oi lne said Albwt ttiui-
niuic and matkid Albel I Wlittmoie,
Uience     Wesl    eiglu>   chains,     Uu-m o
uuiih   eighty   chains,     Uience    cast
cighiy Chan.;,, Uieuce kUuUi eighty
chains tu the place ui hc^iuuiiig, con*
um mg nm acres, mon- ui ins.
LotaU*d  August lilli,  1S.U5.
Albert Wimiiiuii-, Locater.
U    1.   Beard   and   Char leu AicUuire,
2. Commencing at   .i |..-t planted
-l       ti.      u..  ., '. .   .     ,..||,t'i    ,,1      JuliU
Dutham'i claim, ame being the initial pu.i ui John Durham's claim and
mui hi .1 .!■:.i, i' . i„i.,, a;..i ii ing east
aud adjai. llbeil tti Itlilon -i
claim, in. n. e ,,..1 'ii . igtit) ' bains,
thencu   ... liains,   thence
south    eight) Iii ace    west
eight)  chaui place ul begin-
iii'-g.   con .i   : lu ai ies, more or
Located August '.■:., luu5.
.loon Duiliam, Locator
i:    I.   H.-a-.i   and   Charles McUutre,
i Commencing al a post planted
at the not ih-casl eornei of c-dwatd
Whitmore b claim, same being Uiu
initial post oi I'.tiwatd Whit mule's
claim and marked Edward Wtutmote
and tying suuih and adjan lit lo Al-
nel i Whan ■ i. iim ihence suuih
eight)     cinii i    west   eighty
, hains, ibei i iti eight) chains,
thence easi e gh ) chains to the place
ol b giiutiii. . :. atuiug B4ti acres,
more ui I •
Located Augusl i;.., 1005.
Edward Whitmore, Locator,
R,    L.   II.-aid    and    Charles   Mcliuirf,
4. Commencing at a post planted
at ih,- noi i. wesi i oi net ol C. Owen'*
eloim, san e being i initial pest uf
t uarles Oweu'i claim and marked
Charles Owci ■ . aud lying south and
adjoining John i' trhain a claim,
tbence east eighty chains, tbence
suuih eight) i tuius, Ihence west
etgl iy chains, Uwnw: north eighty
chains .': place oi beginning, containing i-i'' ncn  . i- ■•'■ (i  less.
LtAsti-d Augusl 0th, 19U6.
Charles Owens, Locator.
Charles Mcliulre, Agent.
5. Coiiiiucncin^ al a post planted
at the north-vast corner ot B K.
Scott s claim, same being the initial
post of B F. Scott a claim and mark-
ad B. F. Scott and lying south and
adjactnt to Edward Whitmoro'a
claim, thence south eighty chaius,
tli-nce west eighty chaina, thence
north eighty cbains, Uience cast
eighty chains to the place ol beginning, containing C4u aa?;;, moie or
Located August 6th, 1906.
ti   F,   Scott,  Locator.
K    L   Beard   alJ   Charles MeGuire,
6. Commencing at a post planted
at the north ■■*■■. corner ui George
Scharf's claim, same being the initial post of George Scharl s claim and
marked George Scharl ar.d iymg
aouth ol U. Owen's claim and adjacent thereto, thence east eighty
.hains, ihence south eighty chains,
ihcnct. west eighl) chains, thence
north eighty chains to the place ot
beginning, containing 640 acies, mori
or less,
Located August 6th,  1905.
Geoige Sctarf, Locator.
R.   L. Beard   and   Charles MeGuire,
7. Commencing at a pos't planted
at the north-east cornel of Mrs E.
C. McDorraan's claim, same being Uie
initial post ol Mrs. K C. McDor-
man's claim and marked Mrs E C.
1'c!'o:e.;i, and south and adjacent to
ii. F. bcott s claim, ihence west
eightv chains, thence snuih eighty
chains, thence east elghly chains,
thence north eight) chains to Uie
place of beginning, containing C40
acres, more oi less.
Located Augusl Oth, l'JU5.
Mrs.  K   C   McDorman, Locator.
U    i.   Beard   and   Charles McQulre,
H. Commencing al a post planted
.a lhe north-west eornei ol Calvin
McDormah's i lain rame tiding the
Initial posl ol Calvin McDorman a
claim and marked Cnlvln McDoiu.au.
an A lying south and adjacent to
Oeorgo Scharf's claim, tbence east
eighty chains, thence BOuth eighty
uhains, then u w ■ • eighty chains,
thence north eight) ihains in the
plate ol beginning, containing ii4tl
awes, more oi I ■■ ■
Located   \'>--^' Bth, 1A05,
Calvin McDorman, Locator.
U    I.   Deai i   and   Charlea McOuire,
.\ •■:-•
tVnieii'i'n   oV'Vh7jollmvlng'landB'in  i,!i,ial    p?Rt   "f   ;,:ll.",,s    Steward's
S h Kasl Kootenay: ' ..:'.11"'. !.1.1.'!,. '".'l!!1' .. .i !'.!!!'i' i?   J^ll
.In?     Ihe   Henry     Collins   on     :he
[soulh, thenee Roillh 80 chains,  thencr
I     south   ami   adjacetil  to Jan
Brady's   claim,    thence    nasi  eight)
chains,   thence   south eighty chains,
lliciice west eighty chains, thelice
north eighty clains to the place of
beginning, containing fi-lb acres, more
Form F.)
TAKE NOTICK that thc Selkirk
Copper Mines, Limited, Non-Personal
Liability, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 682,233, intend, sixty days Dora
Lhe dak* hereof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder foi a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And lut fher take notice that action,
under Section At, must be commenced
lief ore the issurancc of such Certificate of Improvements.
The Selkirk Copper -Mines, Limited,
Non-Personal Liability. 24-9t
Dated this   2nd day oi September,
A.  D.,   19115.
All claims located hy Aiatuicws areir"/1' gFehalmT'' tin-lice" no.      sn oi* less.
elociilions.    forme.lv located bv An-lfflns     tin ee   west   80   el '        '"-,,fl:l AuS''«'   ■■>'. '■,,ir''
hew Hackett,   The boundaries of the (.i.'„.,.',',* Kwrlnnliii-   ' James Steward, Loealor
-.i ,' .* , , iihiii     ni    irr i^iiiiiiii^, _, . j, . ,       ..i.Ij.^ij,,.!,
iaid loeallons are the Langloy group i   All claims located by Matthews
in lhe north and the C. P. R. sur-
It    L. Beard   and   Charles McOuire
One sharp la/oi will cut deeper than
a halt do/en old knives, and one convincing ad. will cul deepei than a
half dozen poor ones.
Make your ail writing a part of
youi regular work. Don't leave it
to be done when vou happen to have
spare time, and if you happen ?o hava
spare time. THE   < RAXBBOOK   HEBAI_D
Nest   last
i his
at   M,  Ku
i the
1    wc
thill   j
■k    .1
K. Klwell visited Cro\
William Carlin was in
J. c. lltvd and i.i ide returned last
Sunday  fiom  the easl.
Charles Sp ils lead visited Calgary
and Edmonton last. week.
Wanted, a gal i"t general bouse
work,   Apply Herald ..Hue.
M. A. Beale indulged lu a few days
BhOOt-itIg  at   l'iiiiln-1   li.-ek  la.s.1   Week
James Ryan returned Tu-lij liuin
his trip tu Revulsloke and ihe turt*-t.
Bert Koaa and Mi. and Mis.  Acton,
ui Sudar, waited m Cranbrook    on
Mi. and Mis. W. I' Hill expect tu
leave the lu it of the Weak toi a mi'
lo coast cities.
Mr. Cm lis, maiia^ei oi tin- electric
hght    company, is In
Qeorge Qeary is Impi
most saltstactoi)   uuiiiiu-
geue hospital.
W. T. Reid and wile relumed
w*-k fiuiu thell nip tu cities oi
in. Green returned List Tuesday
iroiu his hunt on the prario, He u*
poi ts very good spm i.
The la> iu,; ol stool on ihe Corbin
road bas bt-guu al Wht. and ll will
he pushed rapidly lorward.
J. .S. Parker, ul Fort Steele was
iu lown Wedtii alav and made tin1
Herald office a pleaaaiil call,
Charles Chapmau ami J. White, ol
Fort stude, ."lid Uitir n\e mountain
sheep   to    l'lol.   lloina.lav,   ol      New
York, this week loi $(125
Friday ami Saturday uf thi.-, week
lhci.e will be a special sale al llill .v
Co.'s of ladies' rain coats a', less
than cost pine.
Hill A Co. received thi
tin" picture of the home ol
Century" clothing people,
the clothing,  ihe best.
IU. Wall, ol Knit SiriV, v.,.; in
town a Short nine last lim. Ivy. It
has been staled that llie douwr contemplated moving to C rami rook.
Mrs. s. .1. Morrow accompanied
ha sinter, Mi-s Jackson, to Nelson
this week and will visit wilh hel
parents for a shoi t time.
Bert W. Langlti, after three years
steady work in ihe Kootenays, left
toda) ior Chipman, S. ti., for a visit of several months at Un- old home.
Mrs. Charles Smith has returned
from her trip lo the east, where she
has been visiting relatives and friends
tor the past two months.
A. Leiteh returned last Sunday
frum Hevelstoke, where he attended a
meeting of the British Columbia lumbermen.
Fred Robinson arrived from Winnipeg this week and yesterday went lo
the Slocan country where parties lie
represents havo large nulling interests.
A. Mollat, Miss Moffat and Miss
Delahaye returned Tuesday from their
visit with Mr. Tom Mollat near
Lethbridge. Mr. T. Moffat returned
with the party and visited in Cranhrook for a few days.
Air. McClary, of Sussex, N. B., has
been visiting old friends in Cranhrook
the past week, and left, loday for his
home. lie was very much please*;!
with Cranhrook and the country and
expressed thc opinion that this was
a great country for young men.
James Greer returned last week
from an extended trip over the prairie country. He says that that part
of the west i.s in a most prosperous
condition and Unit there will be a
big growth dining the next two or
three years.
Nexl Sunday Lev. Benjamin Oolri-
fleld, ti. A., pastor nf the Baptist
church will preach upon lhe following
subjects: Morning, "Tie Light ol
'lol" Evening, "The Supreme Test
rd the Bible" A hearty invitation Is
extended to visitors, strangers mid aii
not  iu regular attendance elsewhere
Don'l   forgrf   lhe Gilt   Etlg ady
made clothing sold by Leask A Ilu
derson, it is conceded lo he ainnnjt
Uie best manufactured on the Amerl
can continent and is nil union made,
il you have not seen ibis clotting you
should lose no time in doing bo, The
prices arc right,
Don McKay nrilvoil in
lirst of the week and left
1. P. Fink visilod Moyie this week
plaeei claim is piogic^sing iu a moat
satislactoiy manner.
Charley  Armstrong, oi  Moyie,  was
n   town last Saturday.
\.   D.   DrummODd,   of   Fernie,     was
ii town Thursday un olhcial -busincsi.
VV,  F, Ourd and (amity lave moved
miu then handsome new residence on
Baker hill.
Kiih-iis and family returned
last Saturday from an extended visit
to eastern cities.
ii     \    McFailand.   ol   Blairuuue, ac
countant    t«>i    Un- French company,
was in town last Saturday.
Mis. Coipmau juj children arrived
ll is week funii Cowley   to make I get i
home in Cranbrook ior Uh* winter.
Albeit Banks came in Iiom Pcriy
Creek lasl Tuesday. Ile U-ports
thai     wulk ol     the Tlioin-psou-Hanks
Friday and Saturday ot this week
there will he a special sale at Hill &
Co.'s ot ladies' tain coats al less
than cost pi ice.
w k. Collin-, ..[ Perry Crook, is
preparing to work a bai opposite
old town and for this purpose is COH-
stiuctiag a Hume about au ball a
mile long.
Mr, James Stewart, chief tn* In
sjiector of Uie "Crow," returned homo
ihis week fiom Winnipeg, where he
bad been visiting his faaily for the
past month.
i/uiie a number ot people are talking about noiug to Sjiokane t_ at-
lend the fan. Among them aie Jas
Ryan, Vic Rollins, Al Doyle, T. Martin and T. M. KobcrHi.
R   Bishop,    oi   Mortleton
ud I. P. Bishop, chiei despatch
.i at Quebec City foi the Quebec a
si. John railway, lal-hci and brolh
ei ..i' Dr. Bishop ul Marysvlllo, have
been visiting ilu doctoi the pasi
week. They continued ou then trip
h.   tin* cast   lust   Monday.
There seems i,, |,e trouble about
Ute building i.i a rink in Cranbrouk
this year. This is too had, lot a rink
properly bandied would mean a pay-
iUg proposition in Cranbrook. li ti
io be hoped thai the people iuieresl-
.*d iu the proposition will get to-
geiJier and loruiulatc a btisiu.-v> like
plan ioi construct ing a rink.
Mr, BeiiiH-n, who is a Mgcrdemaln
artist pat excellence, is m town fui
a lew days, lie is au a.lcpt in bis
line ami we have never seen but one
man who could excel him, and Uial
was the famous Hermann. Mr. Bennett will remain to organize a class
ior teaching parlor tricks, and his
games arc well worth the money.
Conuiiiiiiiliiiu tlio Crows Neat Pass, mnl silunltil in u distrlot noted tor tlio raising of STOCK
liliAIN. 11 AV in ul .-ill FARM PRODUCE, with an iiioretuiitg PAY ROLL From its MINKS,,!
DOMESTIC nml STEAM COALS, LL'NDBBEOK offers exooplionnl opportunity Inr lll'sl
SKSS MI'.N ami INVESTOllS, There tire good open'iiKS for vurions lines ot G UN ERAL
HI si N l>s mul n.iiml.lf loi'iitions for FLOUR MILLS nntl ELEVATORS, Tlif CLIMATE
is uiiBur,Ni_iHl .ii tli. mil nml there is un iibuiulaiil supply of 0000 WATER.
For Pull Partioulurs Apply to the TOWNSITE OWNERS j»>
A. N. M0L1AT. Manager XX
* .VNDBRECK     -     -     -    ALBERTA jj
IX xx
Z*t*999999999999999999999 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
the st, Marys i
make a few rep
said ihat the
creek would ho
aud son).' "Hi'
When asked il
money  cxpen
■ .vet
repaired r
r minor \
then* was t.
'd    this   fall
'own the
later fm
B he will
loads.   He
ght   away
ork done
be much
in   public
improvemenis   in   bis  deparlnienl.s  he
quietly answered in the negative.
Friday and Saturday of this week
there will be a special sale at Hill A
Co.'s of ladies' rain coats at less
than cost price.
The contract for the new fraternity hall that is to he built by the Odd
Fellows and Knights of Pythias has
been let to Geo. R. Leask A Co. and
work was started this week. It will
give the two lodges magnificent quarters.
The school house at Marysville Is
not large enough lo hold more than
half of the children in thai town and
yel there does nol seem lo Im* a
chance for securing an enlargement,
The people of lhat town have protested hut in vain, and it looks as
if they would have, lo stand it.
Division 1. Principal A-. A. McNeil: Total attendance, _7U. Number
on roll, 36. Average, 28.5. Perfect
attendance made by Victoria Miller,
Delia Drummond, Adelaide Rlcltard*
son, Daisy McCallum.        ———
Division 2. Mrs. Brock, teacher:
Kiirollinent, 47; boys, 30; girls, 17
Total attendance, Ba7. Average attendance, -12.K5. Perfect attendance:
Gertrude McDonald, George Kerr, Jo
Bourgoine, Joe Kennedy, James Duo-
Ian, Lionel Leask, Simeon Pringle,
Winnie Deacon, Jessie McCowan,
Kuth Harvey.
Division .'i. Miss K. tawls, teacher: Enrollment, 12. Average attend
ance, 83.32, Perfect attendance, Rachel Bardgett, Mildred Cllne, Arthur
Fowler, fcMgar Handley, Lilian McCowan, Charles Morrison, Jessie
Murgatroyd, Bertie Murgatroyd and
Florence Wood.
Division 4, Miss Cartwright, teacher: Enrollment, 51. Average attend
ance, -15.(111. Those giving perfect attendance: Hazel Burkctt, Marcus
Deir, Robert Derr, Wilfred Dallas,
Katharine Dumont, Frances Drummond, Wanda Fink, Gordon Fowler,
Wilfrid Hunter, Gladys IHokeqlmlh
Division 5, (i. C, Williams, teacher Enrollment, 63. Avorage attend
ance, ll. Porfeot attendance: Wilfrid
Brnult, Norman Fowler, GractoHlg-
gins, Willie Moore, Edith McDonald,
Sadie Nesbltt, Andy Patterson, Lis
sic Rirhardson, Mac Welsh.
Nelson, li c. Sept 30.—Mayor
Houston has been located at flold-
fiulds, Nov., wtere he is wrtrMing as
a journeyman pi inter m a nowspapei
olllce. Ile has apparently carried ou 1
his nil repeated threat iii.it ho would
quit British Columbia, Ills continue:!
absence will probably create a vacancy in tho provincial legislature lor
Nelson, and also for the mayoralty
of this city.
Always Better
Each succeeding season sees
the   standard   of   Fit-Reform
garments raised higher.   \\ hat
w.is j__o.nl last yiiii', iii bettered
this year
Cloths are richer—patterns handsomer—tailoring finer- than Fit-
Reform has ever vouched foi before
Values are greater, too, because pric. i
remain the same,
Suits iiiiii Overcoats    $12, to$."0.
Trousers $3.50 to $7.50
M      TIT'     WJ        „ a 1,, I  IT„.
Tlti. loulftiiail ul
tide*   evny   peiniuit .
Fil-Relnrm B_.....i.     S& REI0!*M'*\!
The only Fit-Reform Wirdtohe here is al
Washington, D. C , Svpt. 3d.—Lasl
bulletin gave forecasts ul disturbance
to ci oss continent 29 lo Oct. i, warm
wave  37   to Oct.   2,  COOl   wave  30     to
Oct. I. Nexl disturbance will read
Paeilie cast about 3, cross west ol
Rookies hv ch.se of I, gieat central
valleys 5 to 7. eastern states 8. Warm
wave will cross wesl ol Rockies olUouI
3, great central valley.-, fi, eastern
states ;. Cool wave will cross wesl
of Rockies about R, great central \..I-H^
leys 8, eastern slates 10.
During first half t>[ October all
weather features, except rain, will be
unusually radical ur Intense. Rain
will he heavy in a tew .small sections.
The other weather features usually
referred to are wind, temperatures,
frosts, hail, snow, thunderstorms,
electric storms, etc. From Sept 30
onward for several days the storms
will be severe in great central val
leys, and the forces that usually up
set- our atmosphere will receive add!
tional impulses about Oct.   I.
Second dlslurlinncc ol October will
reach Pacific coast about x, cross
west ,d Rockies by dose of flf greal
central valleys III to 12, eastern
stsies 11 Warm wave will cross west
of Rockies about 8, greal central val
leys 10, eastern states 12, Cool wave
will cioss we.-.i of Rockies about 11,
great central valley:; 13, eastern
slates 15,
This disturbance will com,- dining a
period id high temperatures, and
weather features will he extreme as
tho disturbance passes eastward, alter which the storm forces will become much less Intense ami conditions will  approach  Indian summer.
October temperatures will average
cooler than usual east of the Mississippi river and warmer west. Rain-
lall will bo generally deficient, favorable to corn gathering antl cotton
picking. Must rain will fall in Allan-tic .slates and western Texas. The
month will bring two periods in which
the weather features will he moro intense than usual except rainfall. First
period will cover first half of mouth,
second period 2-1 to 31,
Light frosts may he expected as tar
south as usual 3 lo 7. Killing frosts
unusually far south 11 to 2(1,
In Ihe Wesl Oetolier will come In
warm, and following it, moving easl
ward, will coin.' a period ol very cool
weather.   Another warm period    will
strike   llle   wesl   about   I),   a   week    nl
high (emperaturea following, and
then, IS to 2'i. an unusually cool
spell From 22 lo 311 will average
watiut-i than usual, nnd then fnlllng
lempei.i'iitis   nml   showers.      Snow
I "The Best What Is" |
| In  Liquors |
9 Tlml is wliul you waul when yon liny Liquors for family nso, &
^i .nnl llinl is wlmt wi' n'litir.iiiiff you, Shipim-nt., of the i-hoii'- <jW
a£> ist Willis. I,ii|iitus. Hail's, mli'.. urn t-iiiistiiiitlv nrrivinK m our t*.
Ji wholesale house. When vou buy liquors Lmv only the heat. _]
Wholesale Dealer in Liquors and Cigars .
mason d Risch Pianos
-^*'''**,.-■-/-   ';.<' -t/—v.   No one should purchase a
The Canadian Pacific railway have
placed on sale daily till October HI
at Winnipeg, St. Paul and all points
east of those terminal points, low
rate one-way colonist excursion tickets to all Kootenay and North Pacific coast points. Send for your
friends while Uie low rates are in effect.    Full particulars from
J. S. Carter, D. P. A ,
Nelson, 11. C.
When you once get your advertising
under motion, don'l let It lose its
momentum. Many times the force
required to keep It going will be necessary Ui start it again.
The Maple Ueaf
E3:il_ES_S___KS!S3ES__SI__ffiiSirarfla.   -i
p. burns, ca CO.
SOTICI" a\f "issm.i TK1N
Notice is hfialii  .'.Imii llal  llm miliar.ism.I lair ,li..'.itiM'ii tin. pai'lncr-
-.liiri iHtrclolnrr i'sKiiiiu lii'lwt'i'ii 11i.mii
ami,a   Hi,,  lint,  ild I Cliini i   a
'I'lla niiiiiaili'iiiiitl  til  tin- Otm-nn llti-
Idl  uill  III' .-Mill nl Iii   Mi. Caoi'ir-
11. Clnilgpnll, who will .oll_.l all nina-
ii's ilup In llie |iiiilnai'.li|i nml will
pay all liabilities.
[>nti-il nt CraiitH'nui,. Brltlsll Cnluiti-
liia. ihi. 23rd rlay of September,
fl. li. Cloiiiteon,
.1. A. Ni'lli'rfiilil.
Witness, VI. V. (lunl. 27-11
Thirty days after dale we intend tn
apply to the Chiel Commissioner oi
Lands and Works, Victoria, for a
Special License lo rut and eairy
away Unilier Irom thc following .i.-s-
.'.lltiHl lands situate, in South Rant
Kootenay, II. 0.—
Commencing at a post ptantrtl one
mile, more or less, from lhe norlihern Works lo purchase the following dt-s
liouiwtary line of Inl 7:U'J, tlnnee run-.'crihed lands, situat,' in t.ie district uf
ning east Hi chains; thence north in Mouth East Kootenay:
ihains; thence east Id chains; thcnol Conimenclng at a post planted on
nortii 40 chains; thence west to tlm west houndary oi lot 7100, Ihence
liains; thence mirth 10 ihains, Ihence west nil   chains,  thenco    norlh    40
What "Sterling" means to
silver, what cutting means
to glass, what "18k" means
to gold this trademark means
It's the hallmark of quality.
Maple Leaf Rubbers, as
their name signifies are
from pure para rubber.
All kinds, all styles and all
sizes. There are no others
"Just as good" for western
J. Leckie Co.
Selling- Agents. Vancov.r, B C.
.v   piano until thev have in-
*   vestigated the merits and
studied the improvements
<J   over other makes contain
ed in the
tefei mason * Risch Pianos
\      ^5z*K3    W. P. Tate « Sm
.  _^ * ■   11   „_:....    I
Son., A_.'iits. Crnnbrook
U   -vt J. 0. WbIteacre, Wtnlern Manager,
fc__iAy . /'"•" Hnv (il.i Ni'lfl.
W link* mi lv anil I', iml
Frosll ami Cured Meats
Fresh   Fish.  On me  nnd
Wc supply unlv Hit*  bciil.     \"»i
irrnk- Is BDllcltcd
Marked in nil the principal lowo»
In Hrlllsh Uliitiihii
N'tttaee is hereby (liven ih.it sixty
tlals ailer dale we intend In appi.
to lhe Chlel Cnninilssluncr of I.amls
.nal IVtitl.'i ni Victoria foi permission
lo purcliaso lha lollowlng ilescribi-d
Commencing at a posl planieil al
llie northwest nnnei ot tail N'o, til IT.
I-'aat Kootenay district, lln-ucu norlh
eighty chains, Iheiiee easl fort)
chnlns, I hence south clqlitv elmins.
iIii-iico west, fort, chain. in place ni
iiniiiiit'lie.'lileiil, colilaitllllg 830 at'ies.
rtohlsou-iMcKen/.tu l.timher Co.,
«,ui Umiloil.
< i.ml It, Septembnt' 2.1, 100.1,
Nolleo is hereby given thai llililj
day, ailer dale we iuieiid in apply
in the rhiel Ciuiiuiissloiioi' nt Lands
and Worts al Victoria for a special
license lo cut and carry away timber
Irom iha lollowlng desorihetj lauds:
Commeiicitig al a imst place.! at
lhc southeast comer of l.ut No. tiliis,
East Kooteuay district, ihence easl
Sll cliains, thence south 811 cliaius,
thenee west Sll chains, thenee north
8u chains to place of commencement,
Robinson-McKcnzie Lumber Co,,
27-51 Limited.
Dated September 27th.  11)115.
Notice is hereby given that, fill days
from date I intend   to apply to the
Chief   Commissioner   of   Lands   and
West,    40   chains;   thenee   snuth 120
chains   to   pmnt    ol commencement,
containing 04ll acres, moro or less.
The King Lumber Mills, Lid.
Ilat.,1 Aug.  17th,  1005. _2-5t
hains, Ihenee easl 80 (.liains, th. life
south 10 chains in place of commencement.
Olto V. Ilnugl',
Dated Sept.  15th, 11105.        2li-0t
Parcel 2.
Notice is hereby given tliat 30 days
alter date wc intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner ol Lands anil
Works at Victoria ior permission to
cut ami carry away timber from ll e
following described lands:
Commencing al the northwesl cor-
Hobiusott-McKenzic Lumber Co.'s,
Limited, limber limit, soiithwesl ol
la,I 0108, Group 1, Kasl Kootenay
District, Ihence south 80 chains, nest
sn chains, north sn chains, east   80
chains in place of commenced t.
Itiiliins.ji.Mt'l.cn/.le Lumber Co.,
September 80, 1005, 28-51
Notice    i<      llfl.'liV      Rive   lllill   tWO
months ailer dale I Intend to appi)
in ilia Chlel Commissioner nf Lands
and Works lor permission lo imrchase
Iho following described lands in East
Kootenay district;
c men™'-  ai  n  posl  planted  al
Ihe northeast corner ol Loi 7810
Hienee mn ih li" chains, ilieuei' wesl
su chains, llience soulh 00 chains
llience easi sn ah,tins along north line
,,f Lot 7:(tu     in plat 1 commence
ment, enniainlng 480 acres more nt
Hated al Elko, ll . Del 2. 1008.
as in Catherine Mills,
McUary's Famoas Stoves |
Gives best SATISFACTION.    Your SATISFAC   *
I Stoves for COAL
Stoves for WOOD
Stoves for COAL or WOOD
Also lhe SliNSHINIZ Furnace.   Besl in the hunl |
o ••'•
I       patmore Brothers
j   5 I'l I,in;:.   K.. .linii.   Il.'iiiiiim    nml     ','i'iitiluliiu.    lil ■'    j
NOTICE TO rovTIlMTiilts.
Iiiiisinn Engineer's Oflice, Calgary
Tenders "ill be received nt tills ol
lite until 11 o'clock, Thursday, October Bill, lor Hie erection, fiction uml delivery of stone nnd brick
building nl Lethbridge, I'lnlis, sped
tit.atii'ns and forms ol proposals ninj
he luui nu application tn this olllce
Lowest, iii nny louder nol nccessnrilj
N. lv llronks,
Division Engineer.
1„:m I,, I ll   III,- I ll'lllHllf  iMii.t   |< ||)   llllll    la
iii LU-. I ii MINERAL WATER FACTORY tu liis •
lisl I antl Wlllllll I'linlillll) -"Iaa   ,,„,   ,,.,„],,    h
t-r I.,,-all.,rat inl l',.r,i siuii|ili. unli-r ipiirlii'iilnrl)   I .
Iriul.'i uml ^11,'ii'iiiili'i's liis it Is Biipi-rior in nn. in tin
Hu'l.   Tho iiiihlli! uri' rt'H|ii'i'tl'iilly ifi| '.I I" visll ii
Biiinpli' tin- nm tils ui Hm factory.
Take notice thai thirty days after
ilntc we intend In apply to the Thief
Commissioner of Luiuta anl Works at
Victoria fur special license tn cut anil
carry away tirnher from the following lands In South Kast Kootenay;
Commencln-g at the northwest corner of Lot 331, Group 1, Kast Koolcnay District, thonce south ldO
ehiiins, west 'M.U chains, more or
less to the eastern boundary of Lot
15111; Ihenee north lllfl chains, ens!
32.75 chains lo thc point of commencement.
Dated this 4th dav ot October, A.
D. IDflf). 28-Bt
The Standard   Lumber Company,
$1.90 PER CWT.


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