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Cranbrook Herald Aug 17, 1905

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"   -u
■- ■
" i   •
Paid-up Capital, $8700.000 Reserve Fund. $3,500,000
ti I   VfALKl li. ''.-a. ...I il.......'.-,       ALI?X. LAIRD, Ami B.n'1 Manager
mat no at uu fouO-vino FIATB8:
"i>5 uml under.. i centi
Ovei $3 and not exceeding (10 ft cools
"   $10      " " $30     .     in cenui
"    sM\        " " S50 IS cent!.
Thesn Order* an* Puyilblc ill I'm    ' anj office In ('.nil 11 llll .>i.. Char I Rank
tVukun OKCupUnlh .m.i nl Uie [mn. i|Kil banking point**, ill lhc UtlltuU Slnlc*.
11k j form un excellent method ot ruinltttn^ttmull sums of money
Willi Kill  I.V and at small e0Ht.
_ ik
* *
I 5
*, ________________________—^_______ Hf
* *
» Deposits o($l and upwards received and interest al- *
5 lowed from date o( deposit at highest current rales and J
J compounded half yearly. #
I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      _
- S-.."v fc8n«KSa<Wti«=S!4WIa®
!     4
tf l**,„ir arid „ qtiartnr aoroa of lun,t.
n         feinted, cultivated nnd growing splen- n
tf          did crops   Sit .i.it.-.l lutll n mil,- (rem ft
A         lho postoffice, Cranbrook      Water j)
3          rights .,'.',ir,',l   oni   of  St   Joseph jj
.,          er,','k  which will guarantee crops. ;.
Call nl onr office al  tlm corner of
linker and  Crnnlirooli  Btreets   tor !j
'' price ninl t.mis
S> p
irni;S!!i.i.iii'njn J v:;J
|      YOU CAN'T CHANGE THEA1     1
»*#  ,„• hnve Ihem mtnle over,,:■;,,„. and yet of ,,11 prurioti. |Kisaea. $?
Cbc eyes
ffl nre proliiililti lhe mosl nbnswl. The. areuaiil in nil kinds of ^
Sg |im|,t.,„,',-i,„i,,.'.l..,,.T«..,'l,.'.l. tiegleutwl lml nai.uiniii.cn
i^   yourej-es I ■■■ uhal they  ,1 l'''l"i'.' Berions linrtti in .1..,,.'.     ffl
1     Wilson, Cbc Jeweler    |
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms
S. G. Hoadley, Cranbrook
All! Wm
Ok Size of tbe Glasses
enn only bo determined proper.)
by experts in sueit matters, t.et
us oxamine your eyes and we
will rjjii.'iriint,',' to give you si,lis
faction. Our line of OPTICAL
GOODS is very complete and
we •'an provide you with jnsi the
glat.es to lit ynur pnrriouliir dc
[eel iu eye sl rain.
Wm. F. Tate & Son, wwwm™*
Official Watch liiapcclora Orowa Noat 1'imu Division, C. P. K.
1 bf small force of men UMtet thr
charge ol E. E. Jones has struck a
good hunt in lii^.h glide galena in
tho l.iwi'i tuiiiu-l of the Slt'iii-vinder.
rins property Is in practically the
name ownership ns thi* NotU) Star,
and liu I lut mot f is    one of the group
ol claims whicli goes to make up
i bai property. MeKen/ie A Mann
are responsible for the work which
has Intn going forward on the Stetn-
wliKler far several months past, undei iht* direction of N. McLcod Curran
and must feci pleased nt the early
success of their enterprise.
The vein on the Stcinwlndet crosses
the narrow valley about a mile and
.i halt above Kimberley, having a
strike of about magnetic north and
south. The capping of the vein i.s an
Immense mass of excessively hard
pyrrhotlto, which presented considerable difficulty In cither getting
through, or getting under. It was
always felt that if this capping could
be got under, there was the best
passible chance of a considerable body
of ore being encountered, In the doing of the work il was not all very
encouraging lor Mr. Jones, Imt a day
ur so ago the ore was i-auj^it iu a
short cross cut iu the lower tunnel.
The character of the ore is totally
different from that ou either the
North Star or the Sullivan product.
It is probably very much richer, but
that is a matter impossible to determine by merely looking at the ore.
The strike was made at a depth ol
probably 1,200 or 1,500 feet under
ihe lower levels of the North Star,
and nearly as much below ttie Sullivan. What this will mean for the
two great properties mentioned is
aliuost bevoiid telling. It wilt have
the direct effect of inducing extensive
sinking on both mines, with every
prospect of successful results, not
indeed that sinking need for many a
long day be resorted to on the Sulli-
Air.'ady there is evidence of pros-
pert mg activity around Klmberley,
and arrangements are being made for
working some of tlie local claims,
HUOh as the Plying (..loud, and there is
talk of something being done un the
Black Bear, li the strike proves to
be of an extensive character there is
>   duuht but  that     Kimberley  will
>on be an active mining camp.
The case ol James Gill, formerly
confidential clerk ot V. Hyde Baker
of this city, was called in Nelson on
iu.s,lav, and he was released on sUs-
,it ii.ii ,1 sentence.
\iili pleaded guilty to the charge o
lu. ing takeu $500 and w as released
un suspended sentence. Shrimp tun
also pleaded guilty to forging a comrade's name on a pa) check and Liie
case was enlarge- a week to allow ol
restitution being made.
oui \"tt& a clerk In the land office ol
V, Hyde Baker ul Cranbrook. Some
property owned by Lord t'obham was
sold and tbe purchase money was paid
in (iill. Ile did not account lot it
and subsequently ran oft to tbe states
where he was captured, He voluntarily returned to B, C, elected lor
speedy trial and before Judge Forin
yesterday pleaded guilty. ff. R.
Boss, ol Fcrnie, appeared for (till
and made a Strong plea for lieuieiicy.
Tlie money had been paid back, Mr.
Ross said, the previous character ul
ihe »iti)es*. bml been excellent, ins
wool n ss Im gambling being the
cause of the present trouble. Judge
Forin severely lectured <*ill and said
thai under the circumstances lie would
suspend sentence, so that ii Oil! b-^
havod himself for the future It would
all right, otherwise ii would go
hard Willi blm.
in the Albert Shrimplon ease It
ppcars that three men were drilling at Wardner, and Uie prisoner,
ne of the three, took a time check
fur £12 out of a companion's pocket,
eii.Inr.-nl it, cashed it over tlie bar
and spent the money for drink. The
prisoner broke down and wept when
tlie judge asked him what he had to
say. Subsequently the judge adjourned the matter for a week to allow the
prisoner to make restitution.
Shrimplon is detained in jail bere.
His Majesty the King wore a very
decided reddish brown suit at Don-
castei latelv. The West End London-
crs were not slow to follow iu (he
lead. The English buyer for the
20th Century Clothing Co. with cus-
tomery enterprise secured a piece of
iii-.' identical cloth worn by the
King and had tt reproduced hy one
of tlie best Scotch manufacturers,
You will see it in our stock (or
fall. Hill A Co., Agents (or the
20th Century Clothing, a special line
for dressy men.
Rossland, Aug 5.—Reginald Stein*
tosh, th<* 13 year old son of Hairy
Mcintosh, the proprietor of the HoU-
man hotel hut-, and of tin bote) nt
Haiyerm Hot Springs, wai drowned
thli afternoon while on a picnic gi
en by the Methodist cbttreh un China
It new thai at the mouth uf the
creek there ts a sou of basin formed
and Id this se\cial childU-n were
bathing. Outside ol the basin, iu
tbe Columbia river, itself, there is a
Itroog eddy. Into ihis the unfortunate ventured and only by :t hard
Struggle    got    out.        His    st length,
however, was exhausted b> his efforts
and he sank on his way to the bank.
Some mill hands were close by aud
three ol ibem dived for the body but
sume fifteen minutes elapsed before
recovery. The boy was brought
a-~Vr\ th** -.park of life was not quite
extinct. Efforts for resuscitation
w.tv Immediately made and lhe boj
responded twice faintly but eventual-
1) gave a gasp and expired.
The Labor Day celebration committee mot as usual last Tuesday evening and at the close of lbe session
each member was delighted over tin
prospects of a big day on tbe fourth
of next moot. The enthusiasm i-
kcener now than at first and reports
go to show that everybody w-ho can
get away will be In Cranbrook on
thai day to see the fun and enjoy lite
day. The ground commit k*e has.
plans for the Improving ol tin
grounds and tmn will be- at work
n.*xt week. The committee appoint
ed to secure the sfone for drilling
bave attended to that and ii is now
in place on tho ground. Every'thing
is moving along in a most safcislac
tory manner and wiih fair weather
Cranbrook will sec tbe big-g?s. day in
ha history.
Hoggartfe A Rollins, of the ('ran
brook hotel, have add d n specw
prize of Slti.Ou for tbe besl dressc.1
Ii ti said thftt the boys from Stup
les mill and the Standard Lumbei
company will have teams iu on tlu
•best dressed team contest, and tliat
tbey will lie dandies.
John Cameron, of the steam shovel
says that every nody he has met alone
the road say that tliey will he In
Cranhrook ou Labor Day.
Those who bad the privilege
bearing Rev. T. A. Moore in
Baplist church ou Tuesday evening
last enjoyed a rare treat. The Rev.
gentleman is a pleasing and an eloquent speaker and impresses his audience as a man who has some-thing to
say, and he knows how io say it.
After dwelling upon the greatn-jss
of our country, Canada, speaking oi
tbe marvellous development and splendid prospects, the speaker spoke upon
the building of a nation. For this
connection he pointed out that there
never has been a nation which has
attained to wealth and intliiencc thai
did not have a weekly rest day, an!
furthermore history proves that a.*;
soon as a people turned a day ot
rest Into one of pleasure and business
there was correspond ng deterioration. Our young nation so great in
resources and so brilliant in prospects has no greater foe within her
borders than the one who cannot
learn from history and irom law both
natural and moral that a man must
have his day of rest. *
AN       INDIAN       VILLAGE        \T:
Vancouver, Aug. 11 — An awful avalanche, in which twenty Indians wen*
killed and many more frightfully Injured, occurred on Sunday afternoon,
100 miles from Vancouver. The top
of a mountain came down in a pile
more than 2,0bb feet, and wiped out
a native village.
The dlsordei occurred within
a mile of .Kpencc's bridge on thi
of tbe C P. R The slide was on
tbe opposite side of Thomson river
[rum ihe railway Hack, and the point
where il occurred is plainly visible
from the car windows.
The Indian village nestled 0)1 thu
little flat at lbe fool of the mountains, There ate thirty houses in
.he encampment, which vvas one of
ihe ol lest in Ihitl part of the country.
.lust after the shock there was a
rumbling from the mountain side, and
throe minutes later it wan all over.
Great rooks and trees were carried
down, overwhelming the liny houses
of the Indians. A few natives ran
down along the river when tbey saw
ihe slide approaching, but not more
iban seven or eight go saway. The
others were caught at the exttome
mis and got oft with comparatively
light bruises.
Half an hour after the catastrophe
occurred n relief party arrived nu
the seem* from Spenoe's bridge. Small
slides were continually occurring, ami
debris, loosened by the big slide, was
moving, making the work of rescuo
doubly dangerous.
Tho main slide coveted the center of
the. village, with forty feet of rock
and trees. No attempt was made to
remove this, as rhe work will take
dajs, nntl all buried tliere are undoubtedly dead,
A dozen men and women, with
broken legs were found in lhe bri{i
search made at the outer edge of
the slide, and these have been taken
.o the hospital at Spence's bridge.
The disaster is the worst since the
great slide at Frank, Alberta, nearly three years ago, when the tops of
a mountain covered the town, and
more than lifty people were killed.
The chit until of the river v. as block-
it and water flooded the houses and
-:tables nf the people, of Spence's
bridge, residing on the river's bank.
Thousands of tons of earth swept
down, tilling up the river 'bed to a
depth ol 40 feet and a mile wide.
The slide occurred just as the (*.
P. R. transcontinental express approached ou the opposite river bank,
and the passengers saw tho awful
,pcctaclc. A huge portion of a high
bluff on the north side of the river
slowly began to move, and a colossal cloud of dust marked its rapid
progress down three hundred feet of
the slope.
When it swept over the extensive
level stretch and struck the water,
columns of spray aud vast masses of
rock and debris were thrown 200 feet
high on the opposite bank, and on a
level with the track. The village
was embedded without a moment's
warning, the greater portion of the
Indian population being buried forty
feet deep.
Some were swept away with the
demolished buildings, and two who
were recovered were in a terrible
condition, being a bleeding mass of
ugly wounds and bruises.
Not a house remains of tlie village
the roof of llie church being carried
half a mile away.
Thousands of salmon in the river
were thrown up on tho bank. The
channel being blocked, the water
hocked up rapidly, and Spence's bridge
people hud great difficulty In rescuing
horses and stock from the ilo...!,-.!
buildings, and saving household effects.
A slide occurred almost in the same
[dace   five years   ago, altering    the
Fernie, Aug, 15.—Tlm woods opposite Fernie, on the other side of the
Elk river, were abiaze yesterday afternoon and during the night. The
conflagration reached serious proportions about 12.30 a. in., but fortunately rain set in at 4.30 and subdued
tt lo a considerable extent. The wind
was blowing southeast and almost
parallel with the city.
Much damage bas been done to the
timber on tbe west side of the Klk
river and a house belonging to a man
named Cameron, who is at present
away on business connected with his
land, was destroyed but the contents
were fortunately saved.
At tbe present time the Ore appears
to be smouldering on the hillsides and
should a breeze spring up it will undoubtedly find Its way into some
valuable timber limits. Rain is
wanted  very badly,   the   underbrush
being exceedingly dry and forms ex- ] ductions. Wc have not one dissaUsed lent material tor the spread ol.flcd customer with 20th Century
fire. I Clothing,
 ♦   1	
In titf Methodist church next Sun-! Charles Finch came up from Elk-
day evtnlng the pastor will deal with mouth yesterday .or a few days suy.
tbe tour* of the series of character P. J, McMahon and wife, of Moyie,
skatches. This week the subject will came up yesterday to see the big
te "The man wbo sees tittup," Ucxotse gams,
course of tlie river.    The fnd
lage had a narrow escape from    demolition <>u that occasion.
The difference ol opinion as to
what constitute the correct styles for
tall and winter 1905-6 will be reflected in tbe lines shown to you by
many merchants and tailors during
V st|iuoui o.>ju;i io oa.i i,\..m ai|i
usual 20th Century garments will he
the standard by which correctness of
style will be measured. Style is
such an important feature of 2<Hh
Century garments that we cannot afford to be even the least bit astray
on it. The fact that we show style
is proof positive that it is correct.
Hill & Co. are agents for the 20th
Century Clothing, and to-day carry in
stock $12,000.00 of their latest   pro-
1 'jt.*
♦♦♦♦< *♦*•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»*♦♦♦»♦*♦♦.>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
s»a8****«»p6»B»<»*«*«t      X
fi;• ffffffi'.*.'. i •■■ ■ -.     ♦
Our Big Sale
,-I.ihob Saturday night. Coma in us
there will l». something doing in our
▼▼▼▼VTT ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼• 999 WWWWWW VV f f WWW
Say. Boys and Girls!
yuu can't start to school right unless you have a
Scribbler and Exercise Book
Drop in and see them and the tine line
ERASERS, ETC. that we have bought
for you
•j-M-l-^-l-H-l-H-H-l-l-l"l'l''l"l"l-l.-t-I-I-l-I-I-t-I-l-i'I-I-I-l 'l"l"I"l-l-' ' '
Some Interesting Comparisons
The following figures nre taken out of
the Dominion Government report for
the year 1**01 :~
Itale of assets per cent of
Insurance in force.
Anglo-American     '•.!
British   America  H
ICquity   Fhe  H8
London Mutual  On
Montreal-Canada I.U
Ottawa Fire  1.47
Western    SO
This means in other words that the
ability to pay their losses, of the
Hoard Companies Is below lhat of
Non-Combine Companies, which we
represent. We can not only offer you
lower rates, but also stronger financial protection. Insure now, and insure through us.
■ ■.■■■■■.<    I ..___._..t_-*....-I..,-!..I. f    *
Trrrrrn nT*n r. n 1 1
i. * .4. i-i t 1._«..» »..■. i-
CT-f-i n 1 ri"in™n_ Tilt:  CtUJS BROOK   HEii.vi.n
MHMhm i ewewwerwt«aw*Mgggg*%
•. i - a -a*a&*9*»9«99ifi«9il«9©««S«®* WWttrf
'From the Ledger)
.1. ii. Cummlngs and party returned irom Sand creek last night. Mr
Cummlngs reports having surveyed
some fine timber ior Fertile parties-  ,
Miss L. McAleer Is visiting W    t   j   (    (	
Hamilton's mothei in Cranbrook lll;8|lcdgu on tlis riajm (.am-d th.
week.   Upon hei return she will wm* 0ljuU  m,,ir 1]is ralll.h 1N milt.s bl.luW
a   position    as  salosladj wn       ' ; i;|k(f    Tlu. Wp contains a Hob vein
Crows Neat Trading company, ui      i    ^ ^ wWth ^^ th(? coppet orfl
B, Ingram, ol   sheep M,,UI\1;111'| is particularly rich,    it also contains
course. He regretted that the assignee found it necessary to close the
store and he expressed his opinion
that the slock would more than pay
llill cents on the dollai if properly
handled, Mr. Richards Is pure grit,
be will star! Up a^ain just as SOoli
he can get things in shape.
M,    Phillips has   uncovered   a fine
rflnch, was in town yesterday on bus
He reports the whole conntrj I
„p the south fork ol the I Ik lu be on
ftre probabl) caused b>  lightning.
Aid. Tuttlc is verj ill ■>• lbe home
,,t some of his Iriends in Washington
State. In response io a telegram his
wile and son left foi his bedside this
morning via Great  Northern
Mi. John Mott, ol tlu- school trus-
tees ol Elko school Informs us that
the tiustees have seemed Irom the
Kootenay Valley companv and the C
1-. ti. a whole block 330 by 300 feet,
beautifully located i"' school purposes. The above named companies
have donated ibis site and as soon as
the titles have been recorded Superintendent of Education Robinson promises to begin the erection of a good
school building
When It T. Lowery presented his
bill amounting to J48.H to the city
clerk and asked toi lhc paymelil ol
the same, he was told that the clerk
had instructions to withhold payment
until Mr. Lowery hail paid one certain promissory note given by Mrs,
.1. K. Harris last Octobci to ihe
city clerk and which was indorsed m
Mi l.oweiy. Lowery at once entered suit for the lull amount of the bill
and after $2 uf costs had heen added
the council crawled down and sotfleil
out of court.
If all reports be tine we will soon
have a large increase of lawyers in
Fernie, a prominent K, C. ti said lo
'lie forming a. partnership with a
local legal (Inn, while two more disciples of ilf b,n :.,.'. ni,,' from ihe
west and on.' f on Mln-rlii nre calculating iu nj, i, ndiei . in this city
The legal lights musl have lieeii read-
lne al t mi!   notorious city council
the Canadian Bar to Miss Mitlict'iu
D. Rr.tdtoid, daughter of the late
Captain Robert F. M. Rrad old, of
the Confederate Army and late member of-thc Bar at Washington, D.O.,
and of the New Orleans llur.-
The bride is a sister of Mr.  Wei-
man    Bradford    and   Airs.  Hampden
Story, of     Crowley, Louisiana.    Tlie
groom,   Mr.    Thomas   Edo,   is well
known heir, where lie has a host   ol
friends all of    whom join wiih     t
Times iu wishing ilu*   newly man:
couple a happy and prosperous vi
age on the matrimonial sea.
The  happy  pair   will   take  up  th
(From Free Press.)
Miss McHale, while riding last Friday, war, thrown from her horse and
received painful injuries which will
detain her in her room for some
The Coal company this week sold
'i_ acres of land to the Fort Steele
Brewery company at $.100 per acre.
This land is adjoining lhe site of the
brewery plant on the north and west.
On Wednesday Mrs. W. W. Tuttlc
received a wire statlnj; thai her husband was seriously ill at the home
ol sume friends In Washington State
and asking her to go at once. Mrs.
Tuttle and Ernest Tuttle left yesterday morning. Mr. Tuttle has been
ill for 10 days.
Last week James Conner, of the
Elk river ranch went to Brandon to
see the fair. As he was walking
through a crowd on the fair grounds
a pick-pocket relieved him of his purse
containing $300, The police were
immediately informed ami detectives
noon arrested a suspicious character
who when searched was found to
have $(i00 on him. Some of the
money resembled lhat which Mr.
Connor hail lost bnt as no direct
proof could be established the suspect was allowed to go,
The output of the C. N P. Coal
lompany lor the month of July was
as follows :—
Coal creek      10,21.0.0(1
Michel 33,7-15.15
Carhonado   8,020.01
A slackness In the mines has been
reported lor the past couple of weeks
owing partly to overstocking by some
ol the customers ami partly owing to
Uie opeialors' slrike on the (i.N.R.
P. M. Young, of the Coal company
staff, left this week for Toronto to
fill the position of ussislant to the
secretary in the Toronto office during
the severe illness of the assistant. He
will probably he absent for n couple
of months.
Chief Constable MeMullin is at
Yahk looking into ihe police requirements of that section. Rime the
railway construction wmk was commenced there considerable lawles^ni'ss
is reported from there and the need
of a constable for that section has
In-come more apparent.
Thomas Whelan received a wire res-
terday from Napanee informing him
the serious illness of his wife. Tho
doctors have decided lhat, an opera-
lion is imperative and this will he
performed immediately upon Mr.
Whelan's arrival, he leaving for Napanee the same day. Their many
friends hope for Mrs. Whelan's rapid
Chas. Richards, general meridian!,
assigned on Monday to C. W. Vey-
sey, of Vancouver. The store was
immediately closed hy the assignee
and a meeting of llm creditors is advertised fur Aug. I.ith for the purpose of giving directions for the disposal of the estate. Mt. Richards
his reTiirn from Winnipeg to find thai
one of his creditors insisted upon this
silver ami gold The claim is -I miles
from the road and in miles from the
railway Mr. Phillips has a capitalist Interested in bis lind and a deal is
pending, Mr, Phillips came to this
country from one of the best connected families of England when he
was 10 years oi age and he richly deserves the fortune which apparently
ib his
(From the Leader.)
Frank W. Smith, a mucker, fell into
an ore chute at the upper workings of
th.* St. Eugene mine yesterday about
noon and was crushed su badly that
he died ihis morning at one o'clock,
Smith tailed to come to dinner and
Dennis Lynch, the foreman, missed
blm. A search was at once made
anl he was located in the chute under 8 feet ol muck. It took nearly
three hours haul work to extricate
him anil by that lime be was unconscious. Dr. llarvlo was summoned,
and later Dr. King, of Cranbrook,
was called to assist him. Th.* two
did everything possible, bui the man
was too severely  injured  to survive.
The body was brought down to
town this morning and is now in the
courthouse. The burial will take
place to-morrow afternoon at the
Movie cemetery.
Smith came to Moyju .lun,* 2?.. He
was 'Jl years old, and came from
Andover, Kng., about two years
ago. lie worked iu Grand Forks
and \mir before coming here.
D. A. Ayres had the fore-finger of
his left hand Broken last Monday
evening while running with the hose
team. In stopping the reel at the
end of the run the handle broke and
caught his hand. Mr. Ayres is gritty and expresses his determination to
run with the Moyie team on Labor
Day. Ayres is a good, strong athlete an.l will be sorely missed if he is
not in condition for that day.
A. C. Cook came up from Ryan
Sunday to spend the day with his
wife, who was here camping with the
Leiteh family.
M A. Beale, of the firm of Bealc .'-:
Elwell, was in town yesterday and
reports ihe demand for farm lands in
East Kootenay on the Increase, many
first class settlers looking over the
district with a view to purchasing.
"Smoke," the fox terrier dog that
has lieen around lhc Hotel Kootenay
for years, was killed this week as a
human act. He had been sick and hi
a pitiable condition for some time.
Tuesday the las* of tlie logs in the
boom at the mill of the Moyie Lumber company were cut into lumber
and the null was closed down. There
are only a lew men employed around
the yards loading what lumber re
mains. Andrew Norgcn, the sawyer,
and Mr Cheney, the filer, left Wednesday for Spokane. Some of the
otherjnen   who have found   employ-
csiduice here and eJcpecl  lu he home
text week.
On Tuesday   ot last week, .Mrs. l>
\   M.F.nl.in.l     nccompanled h\     hel
two children nrrlved fium Nelson, to
mn her husband hnv who is nccoillU-
■iit ioi  the West  Canadian Collieries
■oiupaii*   u:  ibis     place    They  have
taktu up iheii residence in ibe hand
some new   cottage late!)   creeled bv
ibe coal coiiipaii)  -multi ol ibe track
ill  did    Uill'ie
Lasl   S.tiuidaj    ih.'    International
Conl .v Coke   company, of Coleman.
broke   tin-it   own  record hv   mining,
handling  and  shipping   WOI)   tons     ol
coal in an eight hum shin
- —♦	
ment in the mine* and will remaiu in
The mill ran about seven weeks and
made a good daily average cut. The
lumber was taken from the saw and
loaded on cars and shipped direct to
KIko, where it was dressed and re-
shipped to the prairie country. A. P.
Stephenson, who leased the mill and
bought the logs, it is said, has made
a nice cleanup on his venture.
How long the mill will remain closed is difficult to predict. It is owned by a wealthy Minnesota company,
who is said are anxious to dispose cf
tt. However, in case a deal is not
made there is a probability of the
owners taking out logs the coming
winter and prepare lo run next sea-
sun. The mill is second to none on
the Crows Nest line, and the company has timber limils that will kc?p
it running steadily for years to come.
The members of the Movie Oun
club heltl two contests this week. At
the one Monday, Campbell broke IS.
Armstrong 13 and Desaulnler 8 birds
out of 25. On Wednesday Campbell
broke 18, Casey 10 and Armstrong
14 out ol 35. A team will soon be
organized to shoot wiih Ute. Craubrook team on Labor Day.
James Buchanan was sentenced al
Fernie this week to serve a month fjr
being drunk and not supporting his
family. Buchanan is well known in
Movie, where he lived for several
months and was repeatedly guilty of
the same offense. He is a worthless
whelp, and only got what was coming
to bim.
(Fiom the Star.)
There are three prisoners in the
provincial jail here, and it is stwitid
they don't get as much to eat in one
week as Constable Aston's dog does
hi one meal. The Star is of the opinion lhat prisoners are allowed so
much per meal, and if so, they should
get it. They are human beings, but
unfortunate. We don't believe prisoners should get all the. dainties on
the market, but Ihey certainly should
get something to cat.
'Ilu* Laborers' Cu-Operative Company's smeller has occupied the til-
tenliun of the management during the
past week and considerable rcpniriug
is being carried on, both in the interior and all along the Hume, the
Uttering being in very bad condition
through negligence and exposure lu
the elements. The .smelter will
put in running order under the
ervis.on of Frank Y Anderson.
W. A. lialliher, M. P., for Kootenay, was iu Calgary Monday. "Big
llill" must be coming by haml, as he
hasn't reached Holden yet.
ti. P. Kimpion came in from tne
Good Luck mines Saturday and returned on Tuesday, Uu says the
Clood Luck has ilie earmarks of an
early producer.
"Uet together." This should Lv
the motto of the people of Golden
who contemplate tin- holding uf the
biggest horse meet here next month
that has ever beet) held in the west.
O. D. Hoar left on Thursday's train
for Revclstoke, where he will put a
deal through iis final singes wherein
the immense properties on Wanm
creek will be developed at an earl)
Brother Evans ,of ibe Outctop has
decidtd since the preliminary work oi
construction commenced on tbe
Kootc-hay Central Railway, tu remain
in the Upper Columbia Valley, and
will continue to propound the gospel
of truth with regard to the many advantages of the Happy Valley.
F. C. Lang of the government office
is up"iti the Windermere district help
ing Ales. Lucas do assessment work.
M. Carlin and .1. F, Manna. . left
Golden on Thursday for Ktlalt, where
the C. R. L. Co's timber limits are
s-aid lo be in danger of being wiped
out hy lire.
Bush files have secured a good Start
in the vicinity of Blaeberry. Wednesday night the heavy wind carried the
flames across the river, l.'p to the
present no Rood timber has been destroyed. The lire vvas started lij
{From the Times.)
Married,   on Thursday,  July 37th
at tho home of   the bride's   sister,
Mr. Thoams Ede, of Blairmtfrfe,    of here to-morrow
When Coznd's Callf6rnla Dog, Pony
and Monkey circus appears here it
will be discovered that a complete
entertainment lasiing over two hours
ean he given wholly by animals instead of human actors. These carefully trained pets perform ihe principal I'd, s iii dramas and comedies
au I in ad.Iii iuti give a complete
vaudeville programme. Firsl <'ou.es
ihe grand military drill in which one
hundred prclly prnncliig ponies take
pan, lend bv the wise pun-. Icadci
"Roseheri.." They march and eouh-
termanb anl go Ihrmigh difficult
evolutions with the precision of highly train, d soldiers. Tin n comes lhe
joyous May-poll- dance when clustered
around ihe saw-dust arena, some
dozen children mounted un (be dimuii**
itivc Shetland.*, go through the mazes
of the dance. The demure ponies
enter heartily into the fesllve spirit
as well as lhc youngsters and no
prettier sight has ever hern sun.
Then comes tho sagacious dogs who
perform the part of fne-Uddies. A
miniature bouse is in flames; the intrepid firemen rush to tin- rescue
with their tiny hose carts, soon have
the-stream playing upon the burning
building; a baby is rescued from the
flames; a patrol filled with dog policemen dashes up and assists the dog
firemen, etc. The clown dogs, ponies,
atrt monkeys all the while furnishing
,ots of hilarity (or the little ones.
This is hut an outline of the many
startling wonders to be seen wiih
Co/ad's California Rtiulne, Canine
and Simian paradox when it appears
XcaMin} Business
1I30U8C8 ot _15ai\>8«-
«{[[_   iik Smelter cuy...
Marysville has come
Into her owu.    lbe
town now has a per
iiiaiu'in payroll uud is
the gateway of the St.
Marys valley. ,•* The
Hernld can neartll)
indorse lhe following
business houses;
Central Hotel
\{. Johnson, Proprietor
The leading ho> _
tel in ihe si, n
Marts  valley.
I The Royal Hotel
fif Dining Room service lhc besl, Vk
r.-t M
ffi The place lo stop when visiting the Smelter Lily £«
'-.-:. ,,    . "*    *>   n n
I . Angers, Proprietor r,<
,. Ilns been recently rcliirnishi'd and is now one ol ti.
lhc besl hotels in lhc dislriel.   Headquarters Ior ti
lhc people, jR
3 Ei
| A.    MELLOR   Mr. Mcllorcarries a gen |
i   GENERAL  MERCHAN1    erol slock of merchandise IS
m His prices arc rlglll,
Prospectors can find whal Ihey y,*
13 want, save Irelghl and transfer by buying in Marysville E_
Larries an up- £?
-di'le stuck nf 53
» dress goods, men's wear and modern novelties.    His ti.
gj siunds arc rij;hl and prices attractive.
I Marysville Drug Co.
a journal, of Truth,  Humor and S^
Justice, will resume publication at
in September. There will be no
strings upon its editorials and it
will be sent to any part of the
world for  •■■
$1.00 A YEAR.
The circulation is limited to a million so it is advisable to get on list  ||
early. ' Room for only a few ads.  |S
R. T. LOWERY, Nelson, B. C.     i
>««»Wi<»Sm5:0Oi>;Ci;O O0Ci<i«»O0"^C*«>OOOO'>»OC>
Wc carry a complete stock of everything in the >^
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away »|
ti for your goods. ti
CHENETTE & NEAL, Proprietors j|
MARYSVILLE, B. C.   Th< '«*"' *nd b«' |
£^ equipped   hotel In  lhe  £}
jtft   St. Marys valley. «■* Commodious Sample Rooms yk
i i
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Watts bulldinK. ..*
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modcrnly equipped  -
to do fust the best work in all !
branches ol the tonsorial art. i
,..«..«.....,. ,..,.^ [
ll,'ii,l,{i)iirii-rs for I'litti,',
4 i'„iil'i,i'ti„ricry nml fruit.    Wo
4 nre tl,,- agents horn for tli,' I'n-
J iiions li.  II.   Chocolates so
, well kiiuun by nil lovora of ,
, good   sweets.    Shipments ,
J ■ uia.1., so as to have nothing ,
t but l'ri'slt Sim-It. ,
, IMfS (.-OU SAL(5.
Tl,. Ultdol'slglted lias suvr-rul'iiars ,»(
good feed oals Ior sale at $_il.;',ll pel
ton.   !•'. O.   B.- IMils- i,,' bulk.   -Wm,
Dean. ' 20-11 ■
Came onlo the- premises ol the „,i-
(lersigmtl on or about July 1st, 1005,
one lirotvn mare. O'vner is requested to cull, prove property and tuk.
take animal nway. 2,,-il
Standatd Lumber Co., Baker, B.C.
I ma)' •.,',„ well.   Tlio ,|„,".ti„n is.
.„v ,,ill ilia horse sTaird Ilu, Btr.iln
a luiid day's work 1 \l,\-. !„• tin
,1 tlml will uial,,' lilra IH lo 0g!il
a- liatili' lo „ llnlsli '.' Uui horses
a lha lis'lii io a finish l(iiil-.l.. ilni,
ork  thoroughly   I t|iilelly.    When
„.,,,, ..I ani'li an tuilmn), foi pleas.
m ,,,■ work, try ours. We hnve nlso
, elegant out Mt ol Landaus, Conch-
., Coupes, Itiinalrotits, etc., for ',ir,
; unheard of little prices.
Tin: llun.lley Livery St.-il.l.-s "
Boot and Shoe Maker
Hanson Avenue
llnpo.,11. M. .rlliur'_ Second-Hun. Store
if you hnve leel Hint store shoes
won't lit nice and easy, give mo a
trial. I have had a large and varied
experience in England and I'anada.
Or"il you have a pair ol old shoes
Ihal arc nice and easy, but are gelling Hie worst Ior wear, don't throw
them away—bring litem to me and I
will fix thrm for you, so that you
can I,e comfortable this warm wcath
KepalrlnK Neatly and l'r„,„i„|, ll.uc
Labor Day Banners j
in time and get them .j.
Done Right j
— *!*
We make a specialty of rush   $
work of this kind.   Leave     :|:
your orders at once. :':
F.J. Bradley & Co.
I Need the Money
[f. So I a,,, sfiiiiiL'. a..,,,,' ,,,,■,' •■„, 'i wcighi worsted suits foi  ,:,",.   y
.'. lingular price Irom I3ii.no to (3.1.00,  Call   and   examine   Ihesr loi   X
•• yourselves. •!•
4. __
H        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        ' •*
*y None Better In the District <4|
9 Rates Si anil up.   Short Orders and Oysters «
ijIS served In any style from 8 p. in. to 6 a. m, t*l
mW :i__
■! Tltc table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean ***.
m liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand 4$j
H) of liquors and cigars. (_
jr*| L. B._VANDELAR, Prop.        4
m \l
H. 1. Stephens.
,M. Riitkcndorf
J. Lfyesun,
JVlorrissey Mines is still
turning out Its usual quota
ol coal, lite bin Alexandra
hotel is still lire best con-
ducted hotel in East Koote-
n.-ty. Your money's worth
at all times,
M.'iiiiMi. Ural, a Co . Owner, and Proorletori,
Morrissey Mines, It. c.
II. L. Stephens
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver v* *  <.* ,*
II. I. Stephen,, llwn.r n.i.I Proprietor.
Morrisscy .liinction, II. C.
r *
Mr.   Mean's   Ambition
He Makes  a Violent Attack on  Borden's  Politv
.is Leader
| Cranbrook
i Hotel S S
iiuesiH Citmlort t Specially
Hood Siahlinv ,,, Ciinneclion
I,....d Hit.) depot.    Una accniitttinila.
public  „„e.,,,ailed  in  Crnutirook.
llut and Cold Baths
Hoggarth & Rollins \\
 Proprietors       ;j
|  The Wentworth  §
I Clapp & Rollins, §
M The New Managers. ||
Take notico that nl\ty [lay* aftn
il.ui' i intend \a apply '" "»' VUto
Commission ol Lauda ami Works fm
permission to puiehusi' ilf followm-i
ilt'M-iiiii'tt lands tn South Kast Koolenay :—
i I'liiiiiiii'iifiii.* at tht! BOiitn M*-**'
•corner of lot .HU, thenee Paul forij
iliaiiis, thence bou Ui twentj ehain ,
I thenee west forty dial us; llicnco
north twenty chains io place «>f beginning.
.1. Harvey Staples.
Dated June 27, 100!.. if 01
Prests Studio
is full of ,,.-„
Wall Pictures.
A Silent Salesman al- 2
Inched to each. Vou 5
are inuited  lo inspect.        <
M Drop in anil see us any lime.    We are nn deck 25 hours p
H out of the ll S
.i-i-H..H-i-i'i"i-i-i-i-i -i-i-i-i-i -i i-i- i-i-i-i-i'i- i-i-i-i- i-i~i-i-m-:-t-i-r+
.|-W-H--I-1-I-I'I'I'I'H l-l--t-l-l"I-I i"|-|.-|"|-|"I-I-I-I-l-l-l-H-l-l-l	
li      lust See 1 low it Feels
Jl to be Satisfied
Stop at the
E. H. SMALL, Manager
WrI'H4'l-Hfl'-H4'l4'l-14-l - •r.|^^|«^M-H-W-l-H^I-l-M-H'_ |
V...V-, I, On      Ur. 3 -Mi   w   *■'.
......        ■      ■        t h Vorl
aflei    the
<,..■■• i     ,-■■■"■    ■■   .'■ .   -■ ■■'
log 1     ith     i the little hall near tht
.   n ■ b  ■ ■ ■■■'
.i mile   ■ - I idetiet
ai i ■,. 1 •■.'.■■■ . of la ''.ini.'
i       ■... ■ at Li an I i on-
Bervative-a  alike       HI     pm-h    *****
.• . ■ ■:'',.,
iii  I i a
i   .. • . ..
autonomy bil
,...•. .   ■   '        ■;.- ",       .    ,|    -1 *,.
:.■,..'.      ;   lh     Op|HJ  itlOM
.ii   w.i     ...-., thu
I .;.... fiom 0 . ■■•'■' tol -
,, ii" ,-.. ,:.",: ihey I I not hr.-
opinio! ■....'.. u I lie Mai i
im.,' Pro* in< •■ an 1 In     tj ■ ■ ■   «1.*l
nl to rlii li t) ilitfs how
tlu-y sh   ,,  il   .   ..,..-
■[■Mt stiiL'u tn.' ,i.h.. I the Con-
tervalivc | ai j In ! sini tli Mae
liatt jirwic le I, "naj rath i evei
since Uu I nppei i ileci li I llie oltlei
otie in l.ii.;.,i..I. ihe yotiiiftvi in Can
ai.i, thai it'iiivdial legislation should
l;c forced ihr* u.,li Parliament restor
uu separate schools in Manitoba,
the Coi » i vativc pa) tj has lui n ruled iiy tin* Tuppi rs and The Mi nireal
Star, a paper whose own*.1!', Hugh
tir.ih.iiii, is tn he I'l.lii;.! more than
am other nan Willi lhe defeats ol
fl, lflOti and luni, ami wliiise re
i escapade In cuiiiiection with
il Kussell, Aulivw lil.tii and !...
I'ressc uewspapei' In the month ol
lober l.isi furnishes one ol llie gro-
itpie an.l .it the same time nwwl
igracefiil i-pisndes in Canadian his-
| When You     1
Clean House 2
■ Bring your curtains and
' carpets to us for washing.
\ o in ,1U
, il S|„','il,ltY of HI,
'. I'. K.ovorulls.
■ No Chinamen  employed i
! Crows Nest I
Steam Laundry \
SLATER & JUfHtL. Proprietors 5
kl«*.NM. »—_«_.x4
. tf *************************************
...Manitoba Hotel...
(Under Sen Management) %
I). A. McDONALD, manager I
Th1- Hotel is In the center of town. The rooms are 5
comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- {
class, and the bar is supplied with the best. When you ;
want .t good place to stop come to the Manitoba. .
Take a ride to
ami Porry Creok and Btoi
the Perry
Creek Hotel
l). BUROE, Prop.
,v hel
imleriook It, Juggle uml deal with
he r. ns. rvativia ,,, lliis I'riiviliei' a>
I they were Pawns in a name. The)
.'iiii'.i inl a, scheinu lo i„,i tho llrlt-
nil aial tlie Toi i.s in llml reads lilt,
, utan man's invention. I'.u, il wa-
ins d >>;. money, „n buj,,,,; nud sai-
liu, on briber), on iri a, la ry and on
tservalives ot Onlarlo
ilia part) ia Ontario
plol The thing end
.1 in ii miserable lais... and resulted
, ., lunula r ol ni.ii wh.. prolcssed to
.■ Conservatives passing in:,. thi
,.\\, i .a Sir Wiilrid Laurii r, lit
as them al !„> mercy now, ami hav-
e ping lhe t'o
t the mosl ol
nioraitl of ilia
a to dance as I,
'Ipe as he plays
vas cuiIiuI.1l-ih.-cI i
lid on il,.' auton
,, tlie cards hi
atlves ii,    tli
ilie, are love
ihem .ml   I.
mi Willi i.i Laurioi
lo plaj  the same  In
lomj   hi.la I,,   reason
held a_.,,„s,  t'ouscr-
matlel  oi    llllssell,
i conlldiiiits,
il regret   that
,,    a    II     Ol,
a, ll   Willi  Cil'U-
,,l.i   s.li.l       III,
ti,,- pot ly w.i- in il, in n,".'.i
leorgauization, while Uu
l.l.- ..1 ilia parts in lite Pro-
is .,"0.1. 1,.' never saw such
_.ocd material „>. lia liy hamlled u,
luii happened since tl,.- dealh ul Su
din   .V
Blair, Ui
Mi. Maclean express,
some ui ilia r.ii.eiwi
t.u iu wen- suli in i.
ham-Tuppci mcthoiis, ,
Conservative party wn
I'l.-,,',.,' „„.! Hydrnulio MininR
righl at band A Beauti
ful Drivo „„,1 tl,,' place lo
h|»-i,.1 ,ii, enjoyable .iny
% When Vnu Buy liquor
% Buy the Best— =
ry,   11 ii. i1
ml ilo' iiiii.,
ii riMi-ipl .'I
', I,US III.' II
Wl-Bl'll "
trout iii,'  U..'
It a    lli<"l|.'io,,l
tl,.-  Honor
|h.il,1   is
,i„l eiaar
Wholesale Dealer in Liquors und Ci«ars
>  in I
"Thej   ,1,, not,'
ii principles, Uie)
ipeu or
,'IUIOI,     '
„„l i.e.,'
jt ino.^r.'
,y clique
Teacher wanted ,'.., Marysville
school Apply i" Marysville School
Hoard,   Mans, ill,-.   IV  I'. -"H
99 C«-a__»WI • W9&99999V99999
B C. Livery and  Peed  Stables
l-'irsl i'I.'ish li
ami ijitok  li'
Mifu .mil sUlisli tt'UU16, Drivers
* for nny point in t!i»: district,
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Sniut't'M hliiiul oppoaito atution
1 ilia undersigned, A. I1. Channel,,',
i,,,,„d io apply lor ,i Iransler ot my
license lor the lloyal Hotel. Fori
si.-ala .l„,„,i..„. i" Alex. Mel'ool, ,,t
,l„, a iitt meeling ol the License Coin
miss,oners lot  Cranhrook district.
A.   I'    I'll.'lli'lla.
l'i.,,,1,1 „ol,.  .I'd,   HU,.  IMS. IW
Cranhronk Presbyterian Church.
Salihath Services  ;••.".'„-
 II a m. and 7.80 p.m.
Sunday School & Wide Clans..3 p.m.
Christian Endeavor, Tuesday ...8 p.m.
The public arc cordially invited t„
attend all tin' meetings,
I'aslor, W. U. W, Kuttune, U.A.
Robinson^lHcKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ot
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Cranbrook Mcttwdist Church.
Corner ol HatiAon Avenue tnii LouU Street
Sunday Services :—
Divine Worship 	
Sunday School ... .
Divine Worship  -    r-
Tuesday :-Kpworlh League ot Chris
tiau Endeavor  8 P-m-
A cordial invitation is extended to
the public.
.!. P. Westman, Pastor.
latlonal eon-
i Conservatives hi n.'.ulju.si
iti, ir principles in the light
..-,,   but aro ior clique rule
: methods and Instdtoua    ai-
t.u-i.s un those wliu  .ui' for   bigger,
mil. i  an.l cleaner |»).t\   '
Tins was lho condition of ihe t'un-
servatlvc part) 1.1st spring when tin
autonomy bills were Introtluced. Iti
ihe face 01 u declaration oi a pollcj
id coercion ai lho lirsi reading of th'.
tills, the leader .-i' the Opposition had
ipinton tu .»ii.i. Weeks elapsi.-.l
before anyone knew whal tho polic)
ni Mr. Uoi*den was or whal In- Intended lo tlo.
Mi Maclean cont-cmled' llial (lie at
back In- (Mr, Maclean] made mi .1
certain Monday on Un- govcriinieut
measure .uui 011 .Mr. Sifton in parti-
cular, was effective enough in put
Mr. Sifton out 01 the t'a'niiiet on ilu
day following,
"Merc was a chance if ever then
was on;'," said lhc speaker, li was
li si. lind tin* attack lhat some of
us had made sn RnecesHfully on Sifton
hern followed i.\ anolhei on Kidding
in Un- same way—and i Irlwl to
make it—we would have had him ami
ilu- Nova Scotia Mhernla out and
Lum i.r hopelessly Involved ami forced
u. abandon coercion "
Mr. Maclean complained that' lu
was Ircntid io a good deal of insult
at this time from certain Conservative politicians and by certain professed Conservative papers.
"Sir Wilfrid Luuri.-i. n.-vrr Ro helpless," Mr. Maclean proceeded, "took
heart aRiiin, negotiated a new school
ilause with his western members an.l
solidified his intirr- following b) th'1
most widespread promise of rewards
,11 a.m. foi: support t\cr Known in uur bis-
y'30 P;5JJ' Itm-tr.    The coarcion of Saskatchewan
ol ..ll 'i.n woiik Mi. Borden seemed
*i, in- surrounded bv aUis.-vs who
Utougbl If should dfliv.i hlniscll iu
a tluiiiil" way, In a way thai could 'u
1' nsti u •*! favorably In f-fiuAec .m.i
favotarbly also, but, "i cnursu, with
lert-ttl Inti 1 pretat-iou in tlu- w-r-ii.
win ti i«> vt, Rtualt) declari .1 again. 1
1 >> i< ion be 1 amed n>i' liimscll tin'
opinion m Quebec that he'd never do,
an 1 1:. Ontario the opinion thai the
man who hesitates Is I"**-'. ■'Tli.
people iuaj be moved when a lion
roal , I,"* alv.,i;,s win n .1 l.iwyi 1
Mr. Maclean emphasized his charge
ib.ii tlu' il leuinilics, lhc '.i!.m.'*>, .1;. I
ilu- |HiKlous were the price ol eoer-
clon, '*We gol i" hii'jw," bv said,
1i1.1t S:i Wilfrid by himsell 01 Bonitf
one [01 linn musl have promised a
reward toi putting Uu- lulls Uirough.
bm we also were able la see that
ibo Government was anxious tu have
ilu- grab endorsed by ilu- Opposition
;i**i..if 11 would consent, and wherever
you went about tbe buildings ot
Aherever ihu question came up fm
tisrus.sinii between Individuals the
nm was always thrown oui that ihe
3overiuuent supporters wero ileuiand-
mg an ii.cr.'asi' of the indemnity ny
sLimn and by Immuendo Hut ihis increase waa the price uf their putting
ihe Governmenl measure Uirough.
Supporters nf the Oovcrumetit gol iu
.immii; members of tbo Opposition and
point 1 d out tu thrni what a drain the
n^ si-ssiiTii was upon Ihom and *>ir;-
t^*sti*d that they, too, move on Hie
iin-' uf an increased Indemnity for
whatever reasons tliey saw lit to glvo
heretor, but thai tliey themselves
'veil' m'ing to insist mi it at all
.vents. Hound robins wore accordingly slgmd on tniii side uf the
House nnd other steps laken toward a
■iiiand fur increased indemnity. The
'asi-n given by .he Liberals to their
chiefs was io iht- fiitet thai tliey had
totid the autonomy bills through and
must have ihf money, and lhat the>
aad been promised it; and by Conservatives who signed ilk- round tohin
ihal the auiotiomy bills had taken "l
a lot uf time and ulade a li>ug session, and therefore they w.uued the
anhlitional money."
The Liberal inombcrs voted Ilif-
school clausts through and got $l,00'J
additional tor themselves. Tliey took
the position at $1,*iIHJ a year and
jumped it the lirst session of a new
Parliament to $2,">ii(i, because of inv
autonomy bills, and thoy had at least
a f.ni prospect of $iu,unu mure each
before a dissolution. This cost thf
country $;iiMi,uuu a year forever,
*'Tbe remarkable fad is presented
Ui tlio people of Canada,," Mr. Maclean Wiiit on tu say, "ibat everyone,
with tht- exception uf Mr. Ulan, lo
Whom the money votes apply—Laur
ter, lior.un, Ministers and ux-JMinis-
.i-is—were friends either 01 remedial
legislation ol mini or uf forcing aepar-
au* schools upi.u thu Provinces 01 the
Northwest in 1005. So also that
Uie solid mass of the Liberal party
in Hie house and oi some ui ttie Conservatives wbo \oted lot imreascd Indemnities wi'ie friends in the past or
iu the presenl ol the educational
■oereion of the Northwest. Nol one
man who has a record of straight opposition to coercion is recognized in
ibe pensions or salary scheme. I
am, therefore, speaking well within
ihe mark when 1 say that all this
money lhat Parliament voted was
voted as a reward for the betrayal ,)i
ibe educational rights of .Manitoba m
is'Jij, or hasiiateiicwau and Albeit.1
in 1UU5.
"'lliis salary and Indemnity grab
was engineered alter a eousultatluii
or conference between representative*
01 both parlies, and practically every
man who took pan in ibe conferences
either Liberal or Conservative, ib a
direct benehclary, securing other advantages, such as pensions, than
iheir indemnity out of the $ll.U.imii a
year that has been appropriated forever for this purpose."
Mr. .Maclean explained his own per-
s.inal views in regur.l lo the payment,
of Indemnities, and said lie would not
lake tbe additional Sl.tiuu because Ik-
was convinced it was vuteM as a reward to ihe supporters of coercion,
and uut because lhe sessions were
longer. With regard to the payment to the leader of the Opposition
lie protested against making lhat
gentleman practically au appointee—
certainly a payee—ol the Oovernmen
of the (lay. It was not good Ior the
Opposition lo have a leader paid by
the Government. Let lhc party pay
the leoder if he must  Im; recouped.
Ad f,,r„ Pltarotih, Cltnmlior-
liitn, Irving. Lipto.t "r
General Hroeb nml
enjoy n smoke
Supplied I" „ll hot, 'a I.v
v.hol.'.ale Mines. Liquors .1110 Ci.ar.
ClUMtRllllk. II. C.
I DRlNlirzz_z=_-_:
-J Made from the best malt and tlie purest w.il-
■ er, it is unexcelled for quality.    *•<    Ask for
I Cranbrook Beer and insist on having it- .•*,.-<
§   The Cranbrook Brewiii«; and
I   Malting   Company.   Limited   1
'jjj Atia nsauticiureri ol nil klndi "f derated ftsien [g
*.-     -..-...     ■■■■..■■■.....■..■..■.».»...»..»..,, c.
Haoulactareri „t
Rotiffhand dressed
LUrlBER and
Also  all   kinds ul
Mills vi
.liilVruv. Ryan ami
Craubrook, B.C.
Head Olllce, • i-'ranhrotA
-       - IA :',AA:l
REGULAR   J&.ASd«rh ♦
ROAST       3 <udiyw ♦
r.,':i'-   J
iitb' the excellent quality <■[  X
<ur meats. Our Beet, Veal and   #
i in       Excellent tor  ♦
* .... X 4
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For terms, maps ami further particular, apply t„ tbe following
I wai land aijeiita;
\'. llyiln Baker, Cranlirook, B. O,    E, Mallandaine, .Ir,. Creston,
I. U. Wilson. Wardner, B. C. H. At M. Bird, Nelson, B C
K. K. Bruce, Wilmur, B. C.
. Ii 0,
Or to
toiy.    Tito c,
and Allieiia was to lit lioaglit. with
Scnatorsltip's anil Governorships, wi'li
grants, with extravagances in puhlk
mon.'}', Willi ollieas (or thos. members
who weic nl,o„t to .stultify themsel-
Crinbmok Bapllsl^Church. Ives antl   therciorc ilare not   seek its-
The lollowlng is   a list ol the ser- election, and above all. ana I   Inteiii-
vices held in the Baptist church :-     j to go into lhat very full.   In a mo-
Sunday   11 a.m. and 7.311 p.m.  mcnt, hy lhc   direct promise ol    an
Sunday School  "3 P•">•   increased sessional IntlemnUy to mem-
^"Ifcrg-^l-adS  b« and a pension Ior 'Ministers    i.
The pulilic a?c 'cordially invited lo  they'd sec coercion  hrou.h '
attend all the meetings. When Mr. Borden finally made a de-
aucnu an       pMWribJ] L Slslt_    uvtimce t, was too late and worst
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary. Alberta
Seattle, Wash., August 1...-H. II.
Taylor, of San Francisco, president
ul the Bclllnjton Bay-British Columbia railroad, came to the city to-day
lor the purpose of deciding an oiler
niii.le by lhe V. P, R. made for their
toad. lie held a long conference
this morning with -I. ,1. Ilonoviiii,
general superintendent, and C. .Vi.
Howard, attorney lur Ihe 'toad. This
proposed deal has nec'„ hanging lire
lor some time, it is understood lhat
the lasl olfort made hy thwC. P. R.
will be accepted at to-day's,'conference. The C. P. R. desires this
road, as it would give them a tnreo't
outlet at Puget Sound,,; and.''' tit*
Mount Baker mining region Vila' Sum
Notice is   hereby given that sixty
days after date 1  intelul  to apply  lo
lho Chief Commissioner „! I.amls a„,l
Works Ior permission lo purchase the
lollowlng described land Soutn
East Kootenay ;-
Commencing nt a point where lhe
east, boundary ol lot 1102, group one,
dosses the Crows Nest Hallway,
thenee south forty-one chains, more
less, to lhc wesl hank of the Movie
liver; thence lollowlng lhc Moylo
river in an easterly direction upstream about twenty-live chains,
more or less, to tlio right-ol way ol
lhc Crows Nasi Railway; thenee
along lhc sain right-of-way a distance nl tweniv chains, more or
less, to the place ol beginning.
Thos   Cavin.
' Per II. 11. McVittie, Agent.
-I... J«lf qt||, 19115. '"-**•
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date 1 intend to apply to
tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission lo purchase the
lollowlng described land in South
Kast Kootenay ;—
Commencing at a post planted at
the aorlh-wcst corner ol lot 123,
thence norlh 13 chains to lot 4142;
thence west 7 chains to the bank ol
the Koolenay liver; thenco following
saiil bank down stream to the point
ol commencement,
I James Ward.
Dated July 3rd, 1111)5, l&-"« THE  CRANBROOK   &KRALD
by  Th. Herald  Publish^ C«f|HUiJ
Kdltui and Manager.
The Herald is worth llll a year. It
costs only ii \o man in South
Kast Kootenay can admit to be with
out it, and everyone living outside ol
the district, whu is in teres ted In ii»'
urogreas of this Bee Uon, should read
it. It publishes the news whit
new*, it is controlled absolutely by
the publisher. Nu clique, part
Individual dictates Its policy
don't ny to please the people. It"
desire Is to publish a newspaper thai
will he a credit lo lhe community.
.Send in yum subscription .unl you
win be thankful ever afterward,
Advertising tales M pal inch, single
column) per month, no mute and nu
Reading matter 1T> em's *it*r line
io iwii-.idveiti.sris ; ID eculs per line
io regular adveillMts. Uuslnese
locals live cents per line each inner*
Ii vuu desire to reach ihe people oi
South East Kootenay you must ml
verttse in The Herald.
The Herald has a first-class job
plant, und lis work ts ol ihe best,
The Herald don't want charity, n
wants a Iflllare deal un ymir Job
work. II wo can'l suit you In quality and price, kick, ami send youi
work to Sim.,'   Cheap John house   in
lhe east that n.'U'i spends a cent lu
powerless. Hon McKay
superintendent, says that there is nn
money. What Influence Is being
exerted against Cianbtorik and the
district'.' Everybody ia a sutTcrei
thereby. The merchant, the laborer,
tbe ptospector, the owner ol a prospect, ihe proiwrty owner in a town,
,,11 have to Suttet on account of the
tatture of someone m power lo do
tlieir duty toward the Cranbrook diurnal.
the roadlattun.il to the seductive music of the
mayoralty, riren, and under certain
mnditlous a smiling assent may    bo
lecured. •)■ ''• K'"k "-ls a|s" A'
mentioned, but it Is doubtlul 11 ho
would accept tho nomination lot
mavor, although ho might ronsent to
tun (or alderman. R. K. Beattie has I
been urged to come out aa a canill
date, and likewise Ur,    J. H. King
and   lawyers enough   to establish
good   si.cd   colony   In   hades.     Bnt
editots not one.
" 1
d ****** ***Mt*M*M*I»l_u
The Golden Stat talks
"elite" ol that town. Who
and what do they look like 1
,,   the
,I.a II,
1,000 * Week
Ch. ul,.,,..
1,,-oh 11.
,f it.r C'rtt..-
>  „,„>  Mil
at any
l'rt,H.i r,
tie.,, lists open lo
tion I.y advertise,
il.e Herald gives a dollai
in value for n dollar in mon-
ey. The advertlsot i„,h lho
right to know what he is
receiving for his money.
The Herald is .»,.'• paper
that conn, invi'slltlgntloii.
The Herald will be lound on ^
sale al Ibe fullnwinit places:
Marysville, Marysville llruu Slore *
Wardner, II Donahue'. Store
jF Moyie, S. K. Harvle's Dru* Slore ♦
Kynn, K. P. Plnlay *
Fernie, Purdy's Book Store
E ko, llolbrouk's Huuk Store
Cranbrouk. Beattie & Atchison's
snd C. ii. Keid & Co.'s
This ti lhe second week in August
Already the nights are growing eoid
On the mountains there have been
slight falls of snow, The taxes ol
the district have Tieen collected to lhc
extent ot many thousand dollars. The
Cranlirnok district is conceded to he
one oi the 'best districts in the pro
vmcc. it, is new, hul by the energy
ol the people, the capital invested
and the natural resources, it will
continue to Increase its- revenues I
the government. Yel all of this i
passed over when u comes to Im
provements. Only a pallry $5,011
was appropriated for the necessary
expenditures in the way of public im
provements fur this great district
ami although it is very lale in the
year, nothing has been dune, Il
a hard blow to the people of the
trlot who have a rij_Jit to expect
that ihey would receive fair treat
ment at the hands of the govern
ment. Look at Craiibrook rlgh
now. The sidewalks are rapidly be
coming wrecks. Not a nail is being
driven in the way of reap Irs. Nc
new board is being placet! in tn il\
broken ones. On the side streets'the
condition Is positively dangerous
Even the walk leading tu the .no-.
eminent building h loose and re
semblea .Moyie lake nn a windy Jay
more than it does a sidewalk to
used every day by the governmenl
officials and all the school children
Is it a political game, or is it grORS
negligence ? Cranhrook citizens art
proud of their town They have
paid the increased taxes this yeai
without a murmur of discontent. Hut
they are asking, "What are we
receive in receive in return '" Money
is being expended in oilier parts of
the province, why Is Cranbrook district being overlooked, Surely tin
government is not doing il for politi
L*al purposes. Taxpayers are composed of Conservatives, Liberals mil
others. There is no discrimination
when the levy is made, and ihev
should he none when the expenditures
are made. Cranbrook people want l
see their district go ahead. They
have their personal views on political
questions, hut tho upbuilding of their
town and district is not considered a
political matter and no one in this
district, wants it so understood
What ii; the matter '. Who is at
fault '   Mr. Armstrong Bcemu to    be
The   Greenwood   Times has an a.
tlcle   th.it  applies iii many    ways to
Cranbrook at the present time.   Tlu-
conditions, in many ways iu the two
towns, must bt* similar.   The  Her Aid
bas maintained for years that the ie-
Mil. nis oi a lown must be alive to lln
opportunities presented aud lake advantage of the in, or the lown   WOUld I progv*
u.it be what it should.   That is whal|itng the biiMln
Ui.1 people ol Cianbrook should    d<
In all ot   llritish    Columbia there is      it,,i,.
not .1 better   town than   Cr&ftbroo^. don i
There   is    not a   town   with   inure oleetu
natural  advantages.    There is imt u   the lu>i
town wiih a belter Matt for tlu* tu*   u.obn
lure  iban   is enjoyed right now     ii.  (Ce|
Cranbrook,   But   much depends u
the   people,    ll is   not   possible   io
build up a prosperous town bv bavin,;
the people living within and for themes.      There   must   be a   public
it, a live feeling, au unanimity ol
aeiion, a striving together for something better for ihe community as a
whole.   The Greenwood Times, com
ment Ing upon  this problem, has   tin
lollowlng in its last issue :
Greenwood's outlook was uever
brighter than it is today. Krom
a mining, smelling and railway
point of view, it still occupies a
commanding position in the
Boundary illstrlet. Towns do not
grow like Topsy lu "Uncle Tom's
Cabin" They are made by the
energy and enterprise and industry of I'iii/.i-iis who have faith. ,
At one time Greenwood stood out
among all otlfbr surrounding
towns because her citizens believed iu her and worked fur her.
Qreonwood has the majority of
the same citizens still, but they
have become careless and indifferent at tin- very lime tbey
should have exercised the greatest
energy, in that development
which is crowding fast upon tbe
Boundary the future of the city Is
what the people make it. Greenwood occupies a commanding position hut not an invulnerable one.
If her people are Indifferent or
over-confident tlie result may be
.Such in the situation in Cranbrook,
[Sternal vigilance is the price of progress in town building 'Ihere is no
time to sleep over matters that tl*
feet the welfare of the lown, Get
together and stay together. Make
CranJbrook what it should 'ue now an i
forever more, the great commercial
center in a district that is bound to
be one of the very best in all of tub
great province. This dou't mean
lhat there should be any boom, bui
it does mean that the people of Cran
brook should not overlook the greal
chance that is now being presented.
There is going tn be a bi^ lown with
in this valley in lhe next live years
There is no reason on earth why ii
should not be Cranbrook. Kvery -
thing now depends upon the people.
It is uii to them, and lhat means all
of them. Every property owner,
every man in business and every mai.
whu holds a situation that depends
upon the prosperity of the town art'
Interested. When the time comes to
do anything, not one of these should
be a laggard. Cut out the indifference, and say io yoursell and every
one you meet, "Cranbrook is the
best town in tho country and we are
all going to make it a better one.
That spirit will win anywhere on
wi nh.
bill   It   is  dOUbttUi   if  elllifi    ol
ft. iillfiie.ii  ftill ion u i.i   u, enu-l      till
Qeld, Some have mentioned tin
name of James Greer, while -I A
iiai\e- has li"t been overlooked. \.i
itoiiius is tin- mil. one wbo open!)
declares that be is a caudidate foi
maym anl lie Is pruwtbl) ..in- who
would not cutiMMii in uu. uii.i.i any
circumstances, in ..uns.- Uieto \wu
be piutj tn candidates for aldermen,
and ine general disposition seems lu
be   10   select   good   i.uii       who   will Ik
it.i \> i cautlouh in hand*
Russell Sage took a holiday on his
Stub birthday, the lirst iu bis life
IL* is worth millions, but when he
dies he musl do like '!»' Herald
editor, leave bis millions behind.
lhe pi
u   ilu*
ululate v
nai dirt
Some liine ap
pel iai   Bank    wa
tbe clerk in the
■ named Duck
Hew away and now the
his position is named
Imperial seems partial
tlcutat line of poultry
thai  ;u
si I he? pi ople .vntil men wmi
bus.ii ss eajMCily, nun wh>< can *ci
inrth.i iluu lo-mori'ow, anl yel men
who have Uie propti ba.ance and will
nol be lain.11 away bj lulse cnthus
las in. 'IV prosperity of Ctanbrooo
is ol more Importance just now thai.
the politieal fortunes ol any Con&ei'
vative or Liberal iu tho town. Ann
to give the town lho best a.lniiius.i.t
tion possible the question of politic
must be absolutely eliminated Iron
the campaign. Tbe man with pto
petty at stake in the town does no.
care a continental about the polilh
of the mayor or ihe aldermen, bu
be does care about tbe admliilsirallvi
capa-vitiH' ol the individuals who a.,
to, occupy the seal of lhc mayor an.
ihe chairs of the aldermen.
Again the men musl be those wh
will have lhe best interests of th.
town at heart, and not men who v,i.
stoop lo petty grafting that to*
often leads ui disastrous results ii
a small municipality. A hroad-mindc
council, a linn, progressive up-u.
date mayor will mean much foi
the future of Cranhrook, And ii 1:
up to the people lo make the sidec
Premier Haultain, of Alberta, honorary president of the Conservative
association and a hard worker iu '.i.
Dominion campaign as a Conscrvv
live, and a speaker in the recent Lon
don campaign, is now endeavoring tu
impress the pcop.e of the Territories
that he is an Independent, and says
that be wants a non-partisan gov-
eminent tn the now provinces.
J, 1). Rockefeller now proposes tu
give $5t),000,fl00 to the Chicago Ulil'
verslty and make it the largest institution ol learning in the world.
But even n gill of $50,000,000 will
nol bide from the world tbe fact thai
John li. is the greatest hypocrite
living, and ihe boldest violator or
the laws of the country, With all
of his millions and bis lavish gifts lie
cannot fool the Lord, and nn ju.l..
ment day will have to take bis
chances with lbe rest of tbe violators nf the law,
With the certainty nf Incorporation
there is considerable talk on the
quiet as to candidates for mayor,
There seems to be plenty of available timber and men with ambition
to sacrifice their personal Interests
on the altar of municipal prosperity
or something else. When incorporation seemed a certainty a few months
ago the candidacy of O, T. Rogers
vvas the most talked about and it
seemed at that time that the people
generally were pretty well satisfied
with his name. Now that tlie movement for incorporation Is approaching nearer the climax it Is evident
that tliere are oilier Richmonds in the
field. One whn is being considered is
lames Ryan. Whether he would
consent to be a candidate is not positively   known,     yet his   ear may be
ers has l'i
The appointment ot c
to lake tbe names tu vo
■■Ived ib.- talk aboui Un
of a provincial eLcliun till
With the people at large lln
Know nntliing of ibr store is of '.u
Inner circle, n hardly seems llkei,
since the government has won the by
election of Alb.mi that Premier \u
Bride would go io Hit- country ,
this tinie as he has u safe nujorlly li
the house and Ills \\o reason it- fen
any desertion on lhe pan of the soi
tails is .since tbey int.ii.1 into th
"uneini campaign in his Uball.
Uut wltb the
natural suriuis. s as li
candidates foi lhe \o>
the  Liberal  side  I here
has ■
, the
al house, ii
has been n
talk of any onz except the presen
member, Dr. King, who is probabl
lhe strongest man in the district an
stands well with people ou both sid'j
of lbe politieal line. On the Consul
vative side there are several people
who like Barkis, would be willing,
ligbining would chance to strike thnl
way. Thomas i'aven, who was Iht1
candidate at the lasl election, ti
silill strong with a large element, and
it is said that he would like io ge
the nomination to play back at sonn
wbo have not shown him the courtesy that he thought was coming to
bim as the defeated candidate. J. \.
Harvey is known lo be a receptive
candidate at least, If not an active
worker for the nomination. He wa*,
in lhe field two years ago but conditions were not as favorable to him
then, and he withdrew. Uut a
strong Conservative, and one who
should know something aboui ihe situation, said the other day : "There
is a man in this towu who may be a
candidate and is entitled to consideration at the bands of his party. Thai
i.s George Thompson, the solicitor,
During the Klnff-Cavpn campaign
Thompson worked like a dog for the
success of the party, lie rode nlgln
and day, stumped Uie entire dislriel
once nr twice, nave his money and
his time, and did iml stop in bis efforts until llie election was over. If
he wauls lhe nomination he should
receive a Rood support Again in
the Dominion pnmjmlgii Thompson
was always ready to lalk or writi
for the success nf Hie party Sure
defeat did nol  discourage him "
Some of the ladies of Cranhrook
are asking if there In any reason why
one nf ihidr number cannot run Uu
the new council, Certainly mil (in
iu after ihe plum \<> man can he
so tingnllanl as not tn support you.
There is a little paper published in
the penitentiary of Minnesota, "The
Penitentiary Prison Mirror," which
propounds the following question;
Why is it that from the inception of
i-his paper to the present time we
have not had au editor to sojourn in
our midst ? Other professions have
bt*n represented. Of preachers we
have had enough-to furnish substance
to an African chief for a year; n!
doctors enough to depopulate a state;
H    T    Lowery,   the
western Journalist, spent several il.i
in town Bus week, renewing old   ■
qualntances and making many    m
ones      "Colonel"  Lowery,  as he
generally called, is a mild mannei
man in appearance, but when aroused
he is a veritable Captain Kettle  H
ancestors   were  fighting   Irish   wi
cared    nothing  inr   fllthj  lucre bi
would stand by ling   oi  friend uuill
ibe last breath was gour    Ills fathei
ii ihe   United     States regulai
army, and was stationed on the Iron
Her   where   he fought    Indians     . ■
years.     Tlu*   Colonel,   howevei. was
born in Canada,    and he   lias always
lived a Canadian,    In early years   In
was in the newspaper business in thr
oast   with a   brother       Later,   liis
brother   engaged   in tlio manufaclun
of nitro glycerine, and as ibis particular line of business would not   a-
slmllnte with th.    Colonel's volatlh
tiaitut'ii   he   sought s.if iy and contentment in the western fields,    Km
twenty years  he has   written ol   'hi
people,   the   scinry.   lhc    prospects
ihe faults and fancies of humanity n
the province that is ilearcr to    htn
than   any country   on earth   to-day
His life has not hem a bed of roses
His   journalistic   eareei  has been    .
strc.ni.ous one, and he carries on hu
body to-day   the    marks of   severn
personal encounters.   Small in st-al
nre and light of weight, yet he    wn
never known tn take a bluff or squ-.i
ior mercy.    The Colonel is a lover n
humanity.     There nro people in   ».h
Kootuiays who say he Is a hnd man
Some children   who   have heard par
ems talk of bim imagine that lie tin
horns, clovtn hoofs and a forked tail
He has his own idea nf (Ind, man .li-
devil, and as he is neither sypophan
or hypo-ei he, his   expressed opinion
have often got 111) him on the   blm
i.onks of society.    But perhaps Iluu
s not a man in th    Kooli nays mm
A'illlng io h. lp the n cdy, more pi:
ilsttnt   in aiding a   friend, more hi
oral   in contributing quietly for su:
ferlng  individuals,  moiv  steadfast   t
:iis friendship nr more charitable wl!
be weakness of Immunity    .\ typlei
westerner,   who    ii\i,1    wh.n   whii
shirts wire curios In camps au.l
virtuous woman something to be n
vered, he did as others did In     tli
davs   when   the ba
only resort and cards tlie only div -t
sion.     Vet today he neither toiie.it1
iiVjimr or turns a card,    li  will    li
a long time before the wesl will pn
duee such another character
onel    Lowery.      In fact  the
ci-ndit.li.ws niafce    It   almo-l
liable.    He lias jusl  sold tin
Ledge, where in ten mouths he   sue
('ceded  iu having  trouble  With     tin
Coal  company,   the city   council, tin
mayor and four-fifths of the people oi
ihe   town, and   eame    out of it all
smiling and happy.   The Colonel sav«
that during the ten months ihat   lie
lived in  Penile he never entered    n
church, touched a card, took a drink
or beat a man out of a cent, and It fi
the town with every debt paid and a
good feeling toward every individual
Next   month Mr.   Lowery will re-establish his monthly paper, ''Lowery'-,
Claim," al  Nelson and iu die future
devote his time and talents lo   thai
One   ol  ib-' greatest    ru liei     anl
„ ..   , .'ini  men  who have audi
Cranl rook theii home is William l»
Uill, ol Hill A Cu . one of lhe hug
,.sl i ruts n lhe ilistrh I ami carrying
a slock     "i gdiids   that would   lie .i
credit to    a lown  ol    B  people
\li IMII started life on .. tnn i iloi il
in Ontario neai lhe town ol Drill
s.'ls, where he was born in IW It
was a i..nu thai had to be cleared ol
,t heavy growth ol ttmbi i and Mi
ILU wllh his brothel did lhe wor!
And ii was no child ■ plaj hy n .*-
tueai ■•      li   meant    gi tllng up carl.
in ib.-  t. ng nnd working until ll
was loo  lark lo do .mv thing    more
■I have sold thousand!  ol pnii
-ho s s;n .■ ihose days,1    sal i     M'
llill, "iml then I «".i    n lh ahi-i
month wni ■ .i 'ii i' ■ :" *-iVi '  '"'
I.-el.     antl     M.liieliiiirs   ll    was   pi'.-l   J
I.n.- In lhc fall before we could ral ■
the stufl necessary lo gel lhc slmcs
And sleep. Why wh n I wenl lo be.l
1 knew in Ihhqi until pull.d mil Un
next iimming, ' Working win n llwri
was wmk to do, getting whal It tt ti
schooling he could pick up nl o It
times, made up    lhe simple life    n
H. C.
aday at « p m.
Obbbtext Lon
Meets 2nd and Ith Tue
iu   l.ii.li.F,  lull. ,
.1. A. Arnold, K.R.S
.1    \\    llii'iuiier. C.C.        '
Visiting   brethren   cordially livlted
• attend. 	
Crinbrooh Local Union Mti ol ihe United
liriiituriiiiiiii ni Carpenters -ai Jtlnn
ni tmef.cn.
This local mnl-: i'miv  Krlday even
lag at 8 p m. in C.L l - ball.
\ igltlng brelhr.n cordlall) invltwl
.1   \  i.ainltv        -ill   McDonald,
_   Kee-See- I'lesldeut
i.n.n.r.    Key cu*. i.miii
\o    13,   Meets  f\fiy
1  Moiid.iv    night    al
n Baker streel    Sojourn
ing Oddfotlows cordially Invited
Charles Smith,
\l< I li
as Col
The province is involved in heavy
costs in the Nelson and Kort Shop*
paid railway matter owing lo an
oversight of the attorney-general In
not disclosing all the clreninslancos
to the privy council. As is well
known, ihe question Involved is our
of taxation of the company's land.-,
which bad been carried by the government to tbe privy council. When
this slage was reached the railway
company presented n petition asking
that the U-ave In appcifl lo lbe privy
council granted to the province le
rescinded, nu the ground that the
province had agreed lo abide by the
decision of the full court; thai th.
province had not paid the money paid
it by the railway company, as it had
agreed to, and lhat the al-loiney
general had disclosed all of tho circumstances when he applied for leave
to appeal. The decision of lhe privy
council is that the application of the
railway company be denied, but lhat
the province shall pay the railway
company's costs for the application
and shall refund to lhe railway company $10,000 paid iu Within six
weeks, together with interest at the
rate of fi per cent, per annum, and
until this Is done all proceeding in
the ease are stayed.
Ueglna ni
lo Lethbridge,
Aftei living
ivbilc Mi llii
in business oi
he w.nl in C]
tailoring and i
Calgary of tin
Calgary of to
ting started
Mr, ll
it.nl ib
Ige.   wb
11  wenl   i1
■ brothel
re lie now
included ti
.  engage
iimi   and
be   hi
Soon arte
nl  times
oyer llm country ami dollai hilt:
were sn scarce ihal the man win
could show one was considered extremely well off. The depress'.ii
broke many men in business and cairn
down very hard on Mr, llill who ha
jusl stalled. He took )iis hard Ulc'n
in a mosl philosophical manner, am>
turned his attention to whatever pro
mised best temporarily, as ho    wa-
llieli anxious to get on lhc ci
Hon of the Crows Nesl line,
ai ihat time piniiiisod to bu
uraled voly soon. In July,
ihe firsl tlin was thrown
Crow mil Ml Hill fust no
getting to work.    Provl led
small    Mil      and ' a small
rough furnishing g Is he s
Hail al   tlti' easl  end ni cm
Foi a year In- followed up
made     freqnenl    nips lo
and Calgary wllh trt" frn
pltnlsh bis slock.     11 wn.*.
combined wnh all kinds nl
bm  Mr. llill never Iel up
reached Crnnbrook   he wai
with ilie   prospects nl  Ihi
determined   in setdlc lion
Kate   had   built     what
Manitoba   hotel   ami llle
tbe froni portion of whal is now
dining- mom.    It   was n  small   '
and   the  Only    available  one  in
lown.     Mr.   Hill rented il and
about  two years carried nn bind
there.   He was successful from
ii  lb,'
lime in
wnh    n
BlOCk      nl
struck lln
lhc work
Iks in ii-
b.ini work
When   be
U.WIi   .l.el
s now   the
lllll.' .V.l-
slail and in Mine il was necessary
to secure Increased quarters and
whin the bill tiling was pui np iu
which he is now located lie leased one
small,   stoic      room.     This  has  been
  j added to until now he bas handsome
There is something gone wrong with quarters that are wonderful when
the weather. There was a heavy fall compared wiih the little slock and
of snow on the bills behind KWbcr-' room he had in his early career in
ley Monday night. The beautiful is Crnnbrook Mr. IfTTl has been very
in plalnvlew to the passengers com- ■ sucacssftil In Cranbrook, and lus sue
cess was .secured by bis energy   and
ing up from
danger  ahead
Cranhrook.    there
for  the  banana crop
The orange grove near the Klmhor
ley Lumber mill has yielded a splendid crop.
business ability, He lias a line home,
a host of friends, a growing business
'and the faculty ol enjoying life,
ia .      '
t rssbrsol
1 nil*.   Nl.  .1
* V •*.
II.a..,I.u   1.ns'l ,1, ;s a,
llll'   lliinl      I'll,,,t,l.,,
,,, a,.-,,  month.
ig lin-ilireii
«il. „„..'
. I'alti r_
on, Sf.'y.
Wlllll ill K
0.   E.
nu. in,;
1'.    S    .1.
Illnii,    .'
llllll   lal   .,
ml Sril 1-'
Vi. -R.i  .,
Is al 1 ,,,
eniNiiiiotiK i.nnni:, sni.i,
l ItAXIlllDOK,  ll.t'.
ll.-i'is a,,,,  -ml nml   HI, Tiicsilny ii
A. Mel
"llooil 'IV,
IB  l.lallil,
mvan, t'.ll
mill,   il
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
THOS. T.  M,'\ IITlla.  I'.  I.. 8.
J. t. I.auu.aw. iy k.
*********** *********** *T
Cranbrook Sash    •
: and Door Factory •
I 1
All kitul.1 of iiiin.li work in  I
wny uf doors, whitlows, tnui   \
Minns, rlr     Kiln ilrn-il liiiiil'i-r   *
for iiiunli- work    ' hir wmk in \
\ gun mul ciil uml <uir pricoa mv V
j  witisfnotorj     S.i.-.-n    A-hh \
( *
\ »
j %
\ Rough mid Dressed Lumber ;
1              Tor Sale j
( *
si *- ***>
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
i.f repiiirint;.   (live me a call.
('I! Wl'.KOOK
I. O. G.
ilia llapiij  H.,,,,1.
I'll \NftllOOK
Mtais pv.ry Sail W,
^ninril.ii at R i,'.l..
.I..V an.l Illi
,   ll.l.ll.'ll'.Ua
,',„ I,
lisilii,^ lirollirrs always wi'lroni
.IKS   III l.ll,'. leather 1,1,1a- I'lamilnrl
S|m, iai     a,,  ,i,i,,ii   I,,   I,,Hall,    la,
„i,|,n>, |,!,i.,m,m an.l griulliiK
|.'„r miitirulain a|,|,lj' I'. E   IM,I A
I'n.'s liniK s	
V. I•'. (iUk'l),
Barrister, Siilicitor. Flc
Barristers, Solicitors, lite.
Haiell Black Crsnhrmik. II C.
j      C, H. DUNBAR       |
i   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   *
} Public, Etc. J
J'   CranhriHik,     -     -     11. C.   it
Physician.^ and Surgeons
Olliee at Hcsiilcnra, Armstrong Avo.
Forenoons ■
Evenings - ■
(1.3(1 l„ II
l.llli lo 8.3(1
7.,'Ill to 8.30
:: II. I'
Dr. Connolly,
Physician and Surgeon
Oiticc on Armstrong Avenue
ll in II
in » |i in
a n, ,
» I ® I «> I '!> I * I * I >»> I «> I * I * I # I ♦ I '.' I
OFFICE minus :
0 lo 18 a.m.
1 In   ii |i.ni.
V   lo    S 11.111.
-a and ri'sidehi'i' nn \i inslrnllg ,
DR. F. 15. MILES
II I.. 1. a ia.
'I |i.in.
\. Cranbrook   Foun
dry and
Machine  Shop:]
McKinnon o\t Johnston -'
Scientific    HorseshoelnR
■ Fi
PHONE NO    75       .HMSTRONQ AV.    \
The Loading Sl,,,,
I'rompt Delivery.
Botd *
A Short Drive
From Victoria
People ot South East Knot •
enay who visit Victoria should
not fail to visit Goldstream. .•*
It is Ihe tourist's paradise.
• »:»:»:••:»:»:•.:.•:":":»:":":..:»:»:••:»:»:»:":•
::J. Edgar Davis |
Ofliee in new Rclil hlnch
Up lllll mm  mil,
Down hill ii„i me not.
On lln: plain spare nie not,
Ami in ease ol siekness call up
•j> wi
l''iirnai'i', lliiilcr, ItiniM,'.
nnil FiraplitCG work n spi'finl-
All ,li'«i'i'ipli,,i,H ul' hI,,i„'-
work iiiiili'i'lnki'ii. I Inl,'i'n lefl
.1. D. Mul* IU Dlil'S
ivo prompt ntii'iiiinii
I', O. Ilns 3.VI
CRANHROOK, B, C. 'Mbo. 71   fr_ri*v^**->->-X^>->-:--»
I THI   t'UAv)li:oiii.    HERALD
What Are
The Co-operative Stores, Limited
Selling this week
We wish to say lhat we are selling everyihins; that you may need in eat, drink or wear il the same Bid SALE PRICES ihal has won ior us fame and Inrtune during the last year.   READ BELOW
We wll iill kinila
I.,  AU.
■I',,  |)|t»|K.i'lnrs  «vi.
rIvrii lllx.rul iliai-nnnl
a a      |||»y    I.r,,oul,I
,la |i. thill rmllli,l\
Wo In,,,' decided to
liuiiill,. nil kinila of
Mil IT while in son-
M.u. i lur l.e' custom.
.rs will ,,"l ftirRfl
Li-nv.- nnlot ill lhu
sini.' wlii'ii pri'si'ii-
ioil tinii' .■..iin,„ f.,r
ll,, ,|i|l',,,'„l kiiuls.
Wo Im.
Every woman
1 will
1 .iit.vrii.__: till
,|,'l   Ml
Extra dealer
with I'lodi tin/.  boURhl
(>N l*
carload will !,'• horn
next w.-t'k. Kirst 0fl|
to arrive in i'i,,,,
brook, Wc "ill wll
t Iiimii ch.'iip
(lur scheme i'.r ll RNISHINQ HOMES,
work* mi tuccessttill) iiiiii "nr customers
must Indeed leel llial it K practicail)
FREEto them,SO I \M IS MADE llll
PAYMENTS.      .«       •*       **       ■■*
■HHH_HUEL.T.': '...--.  "l **9WM»
Rwvly mail.! or iiimii-
to ..i.l.: Wa gutirao.
I.-,- il,,- FIT. Hi"
Hhll   id MM..   ,,.„
i„i ii
IM   mil,
ill   I'OBl
Wo curry n complete
li,,.-. just whal n
needs otteh Hay. I„
Mlht-r words our stock
io tins lim- ia what
Ib known as STAPLE,
M.-M. Women, Boys'
llirls' nud Babies'
cm tryi iusi wl,,,,
they wiinl nl onr
tn suit nil classes
it nd conditions of
Morrow A McFiirlnne
luui u SAFE, Jl.-.
(.'.,,,ii.'ll .v Gillis lunl
., SAFE, M„i.ninn &
Siddons had nSAPE,
one will contain ",ir
cash, sn we hnve two
for nnl, ' HEAP,
"»"..V^'W.-. ■■»••/-$*"»-999
$ new Stationery \
,„**<*,   ;   Im.,,,1, v\.nl>ecn
* i
,,,,,„ ,,,,   a
* .Ins.   re,
* I.,.',,,,.,,
* ins   II,   ,
S "l par*.
,i new III,,' "i papd
,'V, shapes ami shades
aajl rnvrliipos.     Iaa*
, ,,<s,  llflC.
,   .„,   I'.ll".
him: \ i' SN tl'
,i   I'uminiiu'.s, ..f Fernie, was In
,   M. n.l.iv
* Willi  Small  returned II  a   lli|<
J  ,,, llie renal lilil nn*
J I     San,   llayi'B   l.aa   l.aai,  rnn.lnel.il     in.
* ,1a-       pass.,,,■■,       Half,    llle     |>.,S,    f,'W
* ,la)s
*■   n.,,, f..i^ai    ,,.   lake tlie children
*' ii> ill,,  |a n, nml   .1.,- show ,..,,.,„
5 Beattie« fllcbison sl
,l_ V
J,   W   .1   Aiubison has Imvii coulln.*,! ti
■ *'ilii* lo-pital fm » lew days by sick
** '
m     s,., ug ail. on 1st page
ih r home in Welaskiwin
Coli 'on,..,'h.  ,i  pioneer
IL   it.  ni'iii-h.i,   of    the   Mayool
l.iiinb.i 'companv, was in town Tnes
*     ...   ('. Smith, who has jusl arrive
from  Uie roast,  ,s „o»  rlcrklriK Ini
.1   Ui.'hi.m
Mrs.   llasii.,1,   re,nn, ,1 Irom     ll,
coasl   last   week  where she lias   he.',
visiting friends.
******                      j   Mias Lena Kchlllern, ,.( llie   Hoy.,
I'tkeo Up Aboui me Cily   by   A«l»*> It jint-rl, l,as ntnrnul   a visit   t,
(lueslinn* ol Many  People.
was in lown las
\,e „ i.i a Ii ii iliiys visit.
Ilarolil Mm Mi,.-., ol Walilner, \,„s ,
lown lasl Tui'Mlay evening.
Will am cul,ii. nl K„,'i Steele, wa
in town a Couple of .lays this weak,
np I   (*...ails |inny an.l dos show     wll
\ pro a Int.-r, -.ii,,.:   ,,. tlu- y.a ng    an
..    old an.! a. „   run al'..,.1 ,n miss ,,
I   Mm   II   II     Vet lille ami rhililrei
, ] have ,, n ■ lo l'':l,. iii.ioii to vlsil will
" , llle Ill,, ll I ,a   Ills.   lie. Illie.
'.  Mis rs   ll   I.   Ilialli.',  ll   11   Kin,
hi      ll      lillllll a    Hal   T    I.    I.a, II.,'
| Rl.l   a   ,mil   li,   llillTslille   lasl   Sua
«      I   ,
'    Patnn.ro   Urns,    are   pultlnc,     ill
'       he i    Hon   Iron he new    li.:
block.       li   "ill    l.e   an   altracliv.
1, ,s ,„'.. .1" '''' "' work wl,',, f'.i„|,l, i,l.
;„,,.:  ,      Mrs   I,   H  VanDecar, Miss William
ami   tlill  WIIHali s are ramping     ,,'
■ he firsl
li  ,1   Elmer, oi Moyie
tills  Week.
li. Home visil-.il .1 alii
lhc well.
Uev. W. II.  1'iiiti narlc a
to Korulc Tu.sila)
.1   Bnlilgrll  was a I'.'i'l Steel
lor Tito-day.
ll    .1   Km lie!,. ..,   Kernie, w
vis'.to, in ilia ell)  Kriilay.
del Ihal l-a1"' Dai bann.r pi
a, liraJliy's rlchi now.
I'orn-To   Mi   aial    Mrs  ''I'
l.rask,    V nasi   '.111    II"'.''.   a   Rill
llill, e buy wai,iml     Appi)   at
Koiilsii.il Lumber t'o . I'ranli
Tlir n.".v I lui.nan .1
Ull.l.l   ,.,.'(   ..I.i   lha   Work
> I,, rupiill)
l„   F   K. I'.wt has lui
llie   pasl   Week   Will,   a   -■
ol lonsolilis
ll. I-' Tate i.smel Marysville lasl
Tuosdal ail is rllllliuiastir "le, lh'
new w,>. 11 i
Wanted—l'Mltlnn ■"■ stenegraphci
Apply lo Miss llill. bos 187, Cran
Mis   .1   S   Andcrso
i.n, ol   Jartray,   registered ai     'n
i'i,siiii,,,ol,tan Ku,lay
Station Am in M. U.u. "i Mary -
nlle, has lic.i, transferred ," i.clh
Inline     Tins is quite n  promoii „,
Mi. null Mis lliinl,,,,,. ", H,.,,,t""i
Man ,    were    ,11    lown   lllls   week   0
tlu-li   ,. 'a,,,    ,,..„, ., trip   i"     i'1
\   K   I ..ii. ti has returned Irom hi
lll|i 1.. Spokane       He   wa-  mosl  ia'.
urnbly ,„ip,ess,,l uilli llie nlti'nclli
iilipani „,„',■ ..f Ihal rll)
,,iu <i 75 walrli ,'. the lict ilm.
,,„i ,.„i i,„e f„i   ihe I,..)      (Iitarai
l,','.l     I      M.,1 W       II      "ll   "a
111     l.UM.s     jss.sm.i    ,,,|    Ilia   Konll
na,-.   span, ., portion ,., the wmk ,
,1,1s   lllslllli,       Wllll'h    I'     assess,.!       I,
\    ('    \,l        lla   I,.lllll   eiellllllli
  most anllslaiior) roinllHon
I,,   ,i   K   Hanen. "I Winnipeg, u
,,l    ol   lilalUUes   111   ll"'   ll,,„,,„
Is,,.  ,
i li. V   ,'V
i,  perl  ,.• !„. ai  hoinc i.. morrow.
il   H     King, li     A. Cu,,.,     a',.
(lenrge    llun.cifi.i.l    wcnl    lo  Yah'
Uns week i.> look alter some iiuiii,"
limits Uu,  ilia compnni has here
Itcckless iiluu ,'„ Ilu  main street
is going I., he il.e cause of a scrioti.-
arci.ient some ilay      li is nine it,.,,
'o chill-  the antiionties siopptsl ii before son,,
s l„„l.
lion, lltcl
ll. ll'la.,1
■as   been i
1.. 1
(or tli.' pas
., In
ai vlsil an
in il.
Toronto o
• practice ,
Those who will wanl  banners     o
.mi disrupt,   1 aboi  Day sho'lli
s,e Braille) ,, I'n , wiiliimi ,l,-l.ii
Phis compan) ,s pi.pared lo give .,,
Ilslic wnrk .a ' ' '. ',,,. .m.i .'
prices thai  »,li ,,,,i ,.,, grounds :..,
Mi   ai,,l Mis   11   T   lingers nluiii
,,|   leslal.l.i,   ||,an   lllall    IH|1   t„   I'Otl
lllllll an.l ..Ihal roast p..nils liie;
lepml     a   mm     pi,as.,,,,   nine       Ml
,ml  Mis     I'uiiin    .ii    r.nil.'V   win
.iii,,„,|,a,ii,,l  then,   nlsn ret, .1    a
llie   .alne   Ham
"Ti.ninn" Soulh has purchase
U.ille, Lang's I,.,,he, sl,,,p. a, Ua
1 Ian I,, ,1, la,I, I aa I '.„>!, pmssrssi..'
last   Tlles.l.ll 111     South   M   a   Ri,,.
iKll   , I   aial   I, ill  III,  ,,.'11   in  Ins       nev
location. Mi l.nng expect* i„ g.
ensl t., 1,1.'W a feu thoiisaml an.I il
.,11 |iii,'..ii.iliiv lie   mil return    will
SIKH',. .
ol   I'.iiial.i   ll.is    un   Mon I.u
K|!CCltllg    ll"'   hleueil. s   in   ,l„s
\   I,    DriiiiiiniMiil.   provincnl i
simile, si.ipp.il nd '" '""" 1"''1  vl
day ..,, li- i'""" ""m N''-"" "''' '','"   """'
,.„,,„ ,„ i„i .1  .lames lllll lot     The 1. I undo, writer, are an*
] tons tn   have   more   wutei  hydrnnii
.,.,. .ni imm Iinm- Placol m ilu- business portion of ib
I       *s .1 I llll.l 11011    l ,1111.     IHI    ll.'l'1    ...,"    M
„;„„',,si .), lay I  lew days  ,1c 'own   "•   "'''"'-"    ""   P»HelliH
\ ™ J ,„,,,, i,,,.!,, ss i I ..„    il"'  N-n.lnsI i„e, and il Un.. was done th
new line and Hint Un- work will pro-1 rait .„ Insiii
haiily lasl loi the next Ihrce niotilhs   ly   dccrenscl
II'    i.   Howness   has rcelved    lhe sulfation to
,,.», tn..! lus mine. A   r. HownosH, 11 ho iv,,,,',' ooiupniiy a, ,  i
-    '   »"""'"'    '"    ""Sl'"^ra„.|ai,l    liaaih.	
-.kill i„sl   ami   will  leave Lu     ' ■■' •
lll.(lllle   11     V.,
■ would he inat,'iti,l
Hul   there is no ,»
Unit this is     (lone
,n rue iii town those who
llle Inwii huso should cul
Ihal lhc lire
I,,. Ipeet.,1 to put tn the hydrants grath
glowing   wear,
.   . ,        , ,   ,,...     , ... with this everlasting call for rontri
inook   luuiiwl.atclj    allei   Mn    ..i.n   ^.^   (q   „„,, lWng, ^g.   T,„
iic'cil of iiieorpnrnt'loii is morn ap
pun nt each day in Cranbrool
io lhc minds of many it cannot
,1 din water nl otiee so ui.it nie ntvi^ ,n() Su|(n A|.iss).s „(,nl(, &
deimrtmrnt will have lhe full force ol VM] Uyc w^ _ |( |t||. f|oni th|
lhc water. Tins was uol done a ,)Qll|,(l s,latiht_ „,„, if ,,,(1Kl, hydrants
v.vk hro and sometlmi's It makes .1 WpW [(|n(,l(, jn jt wol|1(l m|iah ,. vorj
Lift difference, Imnlerlal reduelinn in lhe presenl in
li \\ Krous, ol Conrad, Mi.ultui.i, s1Millin. ratrs, which are hifih enoilgl
is roftlslrrKl al tbe t'osmopoillan. ;iS il is. It ti loo bad thai ibis
Mr. Krous is in lown with'a view In ihanca for red ue. I ion cannot he taken
opening up business in Cranbrook and advantage nf an it would mean a big
residing hero |iernianrully. lie has savin,.; in lhe next few years. But
rented the ohtce formerly occupied by tn mutters nf 1 his kind Cranbrook is
A. W. McVittie and will open a labor nhnnly up against ll under existing
bureau and lunch counter. conditions.
Foi iem. hoiwi
Thiixl«clasa cngincci deelrw situs
tion, any class machinery, Appi)
Herald office A3' li
Hev. Korlune w, nl lo Kernle la&i
riK'Mlaj to attend a nw^tlns of tlii
Lsiiici I'rtabylvrj
Siniih wits m lawn last Sunday
Dial ti Archie Smith, ol Uyun
Mr. ai.J Mis. L. Clapp and Mi
uid Mrs. Wm. n .uy visiUd Vat)
i'reek Monday.
Mrs. K. ll- Small and ilaughlei it
iiriii-d last l-iid.u from their trip it
Miss Krancls CHnc bus retunii'd ti
be Wenlwortli afi.i several weeks
t-isit ai I'tmlKi Creek,
Miss Lth.-l Link will leave nexl
•iunday for Spokane when she ftil
inter school tor a number of years
The members of the Methodisl Sun
lay school h.-ld u plciiic tu ihe valle,
.vest of Sl. Kugene hospilul la.*
rillirsilay.    Th' day was warm    bu
no and every on.- had a good time.
PeVfect sighl is a i|ucstii.ii ol p. i
cct it.lju-tin.iii, a nieeliaiilcal proeei
vhich we accorupllsh v^ub glassus
A'e would he pleas ,l lo examine you
yes if tliey annoy ynu at all. Wn
■'. Taie i**.  Sun, (ira.luate Opticians
Mr. and Mrs T. Pcrrault, of Itei
rew, Out., who have been vlsiiin
li.ir daughter, Mrs. Klrton Calhcai
nr some lime, loft lasl week t
isit in Sl. Paul, Chicago, an;
'oronio, before ivtum n; tn tin i
ion,,* iii Hi.* east.
Kev Knrlune an.l wife rilurn
rom UkIr eastern Irip lasl Krida
iceoiii|n:ni(;l l.j V'rs llusii n, i.l VI.
I. ii. n n t.. i ..' Mrs Foi U n i Sin
t.i arrival in Cn n rnnk Mi - llusm
lis ],,.[, qnlip ill . n.l ii 11.a. 1.
civss.iiy foi 1„ r in return to h.
tome wilhoiil any delaj
McKlnnon a A ninn n nl the Cran
io,.k foundry, o|ie» d their uimihlfnj
lepartmeiit last week and with ever
legree of success. II. reafter Un
inn will easl   on   Ki idaj   ol    cael
.vivk, which will prove a great !	
o mill men and others who Itavi
'iwMi unable to get repairs In this Imt
■xeopi bv sending at a distance,
Frank l,U\ai,ls, brothel of Wallel
Edwards, and J, It Wraith, both o
Savanno, Oni., ..ir in town on a
-liuii vls't. The gentlemen Imv.' been
to Portland and oihei coast polnu
.ind are on thell war hoinc, Uolii
nen are lur traders tn the northern
.•ait 61 Ontario during'lhe season and
ipeiid mnsi ol ih.'ii tune away iioit,
Calgary Hvrlod : Jos, Stnivtt,
me of Oalgary's old timers, spent
/estenia)' in tlu* citv on his .\.i\
north, lie has not visited Calgary
fot the last sixteen years, and is
{really pleased at the substantial ap-
•earanee m the place. Mr. Stirrott
has spent Ins absence in ll C, bin
na) again lake up Ins residence on
his side of tit.* mountains,
T Wellman, proprietor ol Uie Le
and I louse, of Vancmiv er, arrl\ ml
last Thursday foi a vbrti with rela-
lives and friends in Crnnbrook and
io gel a lew days liotit fishing, Tom
miks as h iiii- al the coasl agreed
with him. He reports business good
ti ihe ho'el line and Vaneouvei the
omlng big town of lbe Paclllc
Mining will lie given more careful
attention ihis year than ever before
by iin- Spokane Interstate Pair,
s held here October 0 tn October '.'>.
rhe newly Issued premium llsl has
i wilt prepared nnd arranged list ol
■iromlums, covering all lho lino ol
nliving in this pun of the counlrv
It is tlw intt'iitioii of the manage*
uenl lo make the mining departinwil
H'tter Iban over. This district, n
iVOll as every other, should make a
(ood display, for there will he thou-
muds of visitors from the oast at the
•Jpokane Kale this yeai.
There have be<n some great catches
d fish brought Into town the past
week. V. Hyde Baker and C. Al
t'/ilwards   were up   on ihe Klk   only
ne day and brought home over sixty
inunds of magnificent trout, among
ihe bunch being a bull trout weighing
iboul nine pounds. Tlie next nay
tieorgo lloggarlh, \V. Cameron and
Tom Wellman arrived with enough
||no trout to feed a regiment. They
hau been nn the upper Klk. The following day Frank Dlckison and  .Lis
■ -*- A****** A, w  ..,.__   .A***.*****-****-***-*-*-***
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jouil   h,,v   a   Milil.'
m 0HD1 ,'.
I'iT-lll'.l'llllM   SI IT
Man)   ,.   •■-'.■
has linn both ml  lite
aine Wat
,,l l.e eame here and 1
1  Ins     ;   li :
i.h veil.
,„, s.ii.s heai all '!'
cat maiks nl
DNl.-llAI V
l.KSS     ■
it IIS rn,.   SIS ,,,i an
,a    ,           .
iai, choose a nnil   Ihal
will 1,.,'k   . .
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j    or.   It isn't the quality ol the g-oeds alone; it isn't the mere   ♦
4    tollowtno <>l the outlines ol a figure on a fashion plate.   Tail-   *
4 T
oring is something more lhan that and the true tailor, like the   »
true musician, realizes that it is his
that produces the harmony that inspires admiration.
Ull-; iiii   (10INU  kast .'       !   .1. !•'. Pringlc, hotel proprietor   al
 . Spokane Junction, was in lown   ihis
Tin.;   r   p   it, lUKi'.K   SPECIAL neck on business,
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iiiomnHiiil. ch7    Wilson, lhc jeweler
On August 31 ami 86 ami September    j      mi, ol Marysville, was    In
in aial 1,. lhc Canadian Pacific railway   will   sell al   Nelson,   UoBslanil
aii.l Trail no .lay roiintl   trip tlckols
to Wlnniiieg, si. Paul, Duluih, Fort
William for   »i'.2..r,„ anil    lo Clncagu Ua^- (lll rml
Sill.un     t'orrrsi .lino;-rail's will he Elwell.
niailc Irom nil Koolrnuj points.
Through loiiii.l Irip ticln-ls will he
sohl on the Baine ilatcs lo Torimlo,
Monlrcal, anil all Hots In Ontario,
IJiieliee. Maritime- Province*, New
.oik nnil New England states, gooil
,,n all mil ni lake route, III special
...cui'slnn rates.
Pol full parlioulars, llrsl clnss, or
inniisi sleeper rescriatioiis, apply lo
.!. S. Carter, I'l.P.A., Melsoli.
town Monday arranging for lhc pi,t-
eh.ise of Al,    fhrnotlo's iulerosl    ,n
the Palis View holel „l lhat place.
Two front ofllces, second lloor Watts
Apply  to Ileal.' .V
A 'Y\\W   irt   lilt-'   RPH8011    ut    tli.*   V-
Jd Dysenti-'ry nre moat provnlmit,      Tl
eonsi i [in :,■ - - nre »
tack-; the children.     I'
liii'.inlly Sfrinus when the ilise.isi
ynu .-ilVnnl lo Like ti dimice mi ti r|m*slinn uf this kind or
jl nol Imttei' iu Le pii-ptirtjt]
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* ie
linve sin-frill f(ootl ri-m'-li"- such ,i-
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nf them an* put up in half pound
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The Herald Practices the art.    You can get only one kind of  £5
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Notice is li.i.i.y  given that    alter Sygapili ol Kttulallgnslor a.,,„. Mlu-
one inonth [• uui thi  date ul the first .r„,s „„ i,„„„n„„, |s„js ,„ «ln,lota
en.,lie.ition ii.ie.,1 application will be „,. Nor.hwe.1 Territories mi lhe Yskon
iiia.lr to His 11. .1  llle Lieutenant rerrltory,
Hovel 101 in i'mm .!  Iol   In, "i poialii'ii
1   A. W. McVittie   J
Lese Majeste in Germany
Ncarlv Pour Thousand Persons Convicted  Within
a Year.
4 *
♦ Dominion and Provm- J
J ci.-il   Land  Survejor. j
\    ti. ti. McVittie    {
4 Qeneral Agenl {
4 4
{ CRANllROtIK,   I*.    0. {
Berlin July afi.-Speclal corrcs- Lesc
pondenoc : Made incautious by toolelostic
frequent potations from tho flowing sorts i
howl, Kriedrloh Oreulieh recently re- dlrrol
marked to an acquaintance, apropos refer* ti
of a certain speech of Uie kaiser's : | What
"All Is not Solomonic wisdom that.(that l
mis from the emperor's lips." Tbe
next day Qreullch, who is a small
millei in Berlin, was arrested ami
hns jusl been sentenced to three
months'   Imprisonment (or   lest* ma.
Tins case Is typical of the work
Ings ol the taw against lest majeste
-which is one ot the terrors of llf<
Iin Germany. It creates distrust, and
suspicion between friends, hinders tin
friendly discussion uf current events
between casual acquaintances ami of
fers a wide licld of mischievous activity to ihose who take a delight in
malicious denunciations of then
neighbors. Lose majeste, briefly expressed, is the crime of uttering an
insult to the ruling monarch ol the
country.   The character of the offense
is   cm tided  in  im   less   than    ISA
paragraphs of    lhe   German statute
I-.,   r*.      1    11       - :        F-.    book,   and 800 books   of legal rotor
t. Steele Brewing to. Ln™ i„no_«■■ punm for the n.
formation of lawyers on ibis compli
eatod question.
The laws relating to lesc majestt
are sn woffled as to make every n-
I mark wbieb is even suggestive of disrespect to the ruling monarch .1
criminal offense The clauses of tlu
acts relating to lose majeste seem to
Footwear to Measure a Specialty have bmi wwrty worded so loose
; ly Unit   thoy justify the widest pos-
 . -     slblc conception of the offense.    Lest
■ majeste   can be  committed by words
or by actions,   in    private conversa-
1 lion ami in public speeches, in prlvatt
letters as well as In newspaper artic-
' les and books.   If one of two persons
' who are carrying on a private    conversation   in   a   secluded  room  iu a
private house   utters   a disrespectful
/tauv 0   t.nvr o  roniark   about   the German emperor,
UnAKY Ot UUlLnihjs companion can denounce him    to
Proprietors | the police for the offense of lese   ma*
  Ijeste and bis conviction will be   al*
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most certain.
It is curious that the evidence required by law to convict a person
of the crime of lose majeste is less
than that required to convict him
ol any other offense. The evidence
of one witness alone is under all circumstances sufficient tn convict a
person ot lose majeste in Germany.
If a lather, In the course of a private
letter sent in a sealed envelope vo
his son were to insert a sentence
which might to construed as an insult lo the emperor, it would, ac-
cording to the German la*, be ilu
liounden duty of the son to denounce
liir, father to the authorities for this
serious crime.
In public speeches almost every
word of criticism uttered on lhe emperor, un bis method of government
on bin foreign policy, bis domestic
policy, his naval and military policy.
..r any other ni his public acts, can
be construed as lese majeste. This
is a serious restraint on flee speech
because, as all the world knows, tht-
German emperor rules personally, being bis own chancellor, cabinet, government, headquarters start, admiral
iy and ecclesiastical synod rolled Into
one. It is, therefore, extremely difficult, il not impossible, to discuss
current political events in German)
without alluding to llie emperor, so
ihat lbe danger of lese majeste arises
in all conversations, debates, newspaper articles and books.
It is, however, unnecessary tor the
"insult ' to the emperor to be tct-
ually uttered ll can be indicated or
applied hy bodily acliuits. If, for Instance, when   the emperor is driving
itihrough   the   streets of Berlin    anj
casual speciatoi who falls to take oil[tf^e period ol 1,1
his hat as a mark of respect to   thi'|pvl4,c,,: "'■
: Imperial person may tie arrested   on
' (the spot and will certainly be con
Vlctod of lese majeste. Tbe excuse
that he did not 'recognize the emperor, is not accepted as adequate. Pn
ihe contrary the precedent has been
laid down iu more than one case lhat
if a man did not recognize the emperor he ought to have done so.
II a person were to point to
a    photograph     ol   the      emperor
.■ imp, 11.1I person.
tin- mallei  worse    i.
Ii mi ol the offense ii
. 11, ulis tu the    en)
not limited io in 1
peroi. because lbe empetoi 1. not
ihe only reigning monarch in Germany The i.-d iai German empire
contains twinty stales, ovei wind.
independent sovereigns reign. These
monarehs, insignificant as many ol
ihem are, are constitutionally on an
(.'quality with their fellow sovereign
the king of Prussia, who is the German emperor; and lest* majeste can bi
committed by being disrespectful tu
iny one ul these twtnlj royal personages.
They are the kin-; ul Havana (a\u
the king of Saxony, the king 0.
at prest nt the regent ol Bavaria)
.Vuxtcmherg, the grand duke t,
Mccklcnhjurff-Schwerln, the grariti
duke of Oldenburg, the gran.'
lukc ui Hesse, the grand duke 01
Saxe-Weimar, ilu- grand duke u
Hud, 11, the duke of Auhalt, llie duki
of Saxc-Meinlngen, -the duke of Kaxe
Altenburg, flic duke ol Saxe-Cohurg
Clolha, tho prince ol Llppe, tin
prince of Schauinlwirg-Lippe, tin
prince of Schwai7.bur(!*-Soudcrs)iau.
.-.en, the prince of Ueuss, elder line
ihe prince oT Heuss, younger line
and the prince of VYaldeek,
The absurd!t) of the cuiieepltou 0;
esc majeste Is llluslral d in severa.
of these cases. The king ol (Invar),
is a raving madman, who crawli
about on his hands and knees, bark?
ilke a dog, eats his food oil thi
ground like an animal, an,I is alio
[jollier much more of .1 henst man ..
man. Nevertheless, ii i> a criminal
ofiense to utter anv remark whicl,
could be construed ,is disrespectful tt
his royal person. The prince 01
Llppe and the pi inc.. ul Heuss, eldei
line, are also hopeless lunatics, whosi
dominions are govcrnrd bv prince reg
.*nts. The prince ol Schaumhurg
Llppe is an Insignificant individual,
who reigns over a stale 1311 squart
miles in area, wnh a total popul.i
tion pf '13,000, and the village in
itiiekelikrii, cm,unii- 5,(100 inhabit
uits, as its capital. ii 1*-, bow
ever, a criminal offense for any oin
n any part of Germany to be ills
respectful to his royal highness thi
prince oi Sol__uii_bur&-Llppe. Then
.ire thus many pitfalls for the un
wary person who commits the imprudence of discussing any one of thi
core of royal monarehs in Germany,
The law relating to lese majesti
provides that ihe minimum punish
incut for the offense shall be Imprisonment without live option of .1
line, and the minimum term of Im
.irisoninciitis three months, it js
seldom, however, thai the minimum
U'l'in of Imprisonment is imposed.
I'he maximum punishment tor the
offense of lese majeste is ten years
'd penal servitude, and although Ihi
0lTei1.se is not often punished with tin
degree of .severity it is nothing un
usual lor a sentence of two, three 01
.our years' imprisonment tu be pa*
■ed. A sentence of less than ont*
yoar's Imprisonment for lese majesti
is quite exceptional.
Officials statistics reveal the num
ver of convictions for lese majeste
and the severeity wllh which tin
crime Is usually punished. During
ihe yeai 100*1 Unu- were 3,05(1 con
fictions for lese mnjeste in Germany.
t)f this number approximately 3,500
persons were convicted foi Insulting
ihe king nl Saxon) .ml 200 persons
for Insulting one ,.1 the othei of tin
remaining Gi rii.an monarehs. The sentences  passu!  amounted   In  an  nggfii
VANPflllVFR   Tf)   SFATTl FIhanging   In   a   simp   window     and
VMIH'-UUVCn    IU   __rtl ILL ftt the Sflme time h,u| a flatesoccltul
S. S. Princess Victoria
VIA   VICTORIA ;,,r cynical, or mocking, or angry ex-
*****                 1     S-*           * prcssion   on his    lace,   and   any by-
I fl rOUgll   bleeDlllg islander construed the aspect of    his
s-4 features as an  indication of his fcel-
^/3.r ,ings toward the imperial person, that
AOnnvA/urAn   ta  w a m Unfortunate individual might also be
AnnUVVntAU    IU   VAIN- arrested  and   subsequently convicted
COUVER iftir l|,se mftics*e' If anyon6 'nnltinR
I at a photograph of the German cni-
Sundny Wednesday Friday peror were -to express the opinion
r,      e.11 -i ,-   _.    1 ihat llie bnisbed np ends of his nius-
For Ml pnrtioulnrs, first olwsor ,a,.|].    (.son|Ml  .'riIlicl„(1„s a|,„ear.
tourist 8li.i'i«*r reservations, apply
U> loi'inl agents ur write
(1. Illlller, •*.([<:nt, Cranbrook.
J. S. CARTER,      E. J- COYLE,
In- would lh> liable to conviction
for lesc majeste, Any guesl at a
public or private dinner who fails to
. 1 nml up whin the toast of "The
Emperor" is given Is liable to    con-
U.P.A., Nelson. A.O.P.A, Vmcobtw,, vtotlon Ior lese majeste
1 e ilia 1
ten [H-isiiiis are convlcletl m German)
..ii ever) da) m the yeai for lesr
majeste, and ibat ibe average pun
Ishmenl Imposed sllghtl) exceeds one
year's punish mi nl.
The nlhcial figures demonstrate Ihr
lact lhat all classes of lhe population
bad their share of piiulshmi t for
!esc majeste. The tolal of 3,050 was
made up roughly as lollows: 2,100
workmen in town1;, 1100 agricultural
workmen, iiOO commercial men of .ill
classes, 21111 women of all classes, HI'i
professional   men   and   100     children
under  Hi years of age.
It should not lie supposed ibat
(here were more convictions in IU01
than in other years of recent date
Oo the contrary, lasl year the number nf convictions for this olTcnse
remained beneath the average lor the
last quarter of a century. Since tlu
establishment of the present German
empire in !«7I more than 50,000 per-
venge which ii gives    Law and tra-1 LAND NOTICK.
dition together make ii   Ihe boumlen
duty ot every German subject Immed-      'l'1'','' l'"""' VlV'v rta>*s *-l!'i date 1
■     ,        ' fl      ,.    . .,     iittiiid to*apply in iin- liin   in   1 in i
lob-vty tn .leu ice (be ..ii.n.li't  1,1 the   ( ,„,.»,„„,,  D|  |..lh, a, 1 tt(irkl   A{
police.     It frequently happens, how    \ „■ ,, 1 ■ .     iieinithMon   to pnrcbasi
ever, that malicious persons denounce thu foilowini describetl land   b   li   ii
innooenl    persons   without    the least at .. posl nn the easl bunk »l  Uoym
legitimate reason,    li iwo men-say  l've,r. ll1 ll1, ' "-1  ' ei'Bft/l,litl,rltJ-
A.     ,,        , u 1 , . . 't\ ih,' sumh east eo ne   n    0    fl(  ,
Schmidt    and Sehii elpfeliuig-qua - Iliarkcd ,t   ,.. St Vlak*m ,,,„,,,, Wc j
1,-1, Schmidt   eatmni  revciig li  ,,„,„,   ,,,.,    ,,„,„.,, l|U|1)l ah i\lAlli.
Ihem easl 20 chains; llience south iti
chains; ihence wist 20 1 lia ns, lu
loinl   ni   beginning,    containing   -10
on SehlmmelpfenniR moro cnmpleti I)
iban by denouncing bun to lhe police
ior the crime of lese majeste Al
though St-hiiiimelpfennig Is n loyal
rtkI patriot Gorman who has nevei in
all his life die.im il <" uttering n
syllable suggestive ol dlsrespecl lo
the Imperial person, he h n ver the
less immediately arrestwl and detain
■ d until the authorities have the lull
tacts of the ease in theii posi.   ii n
If Schmidt In his burning dt Ire
revenge is willing to commit perjury
ind to swear that Schlmmelpfennig
was gull'ty nl lese majeste, then nothing can save Schlmrfielpfennig irom a
s nUnce of ImprlsonmenV 11 nl the
last moment Schmidt declares thai
he cannol swear to the e»«cl words
used, or otherwise hacks oui of lhe
affair, Schlmmelpfennig will havi
teen detained fot .1 period varying
irom two weeks to six months pending ihe conclusion ol the ollicial investigation. During iin.. pi-p l I'ii,is suffered from the disadvantages
ol b.ing regarded as a probable crim
mai, has lost all bis earnings and
nforccd conflneniciit. Kvcn ii he ia
Inally released without a stain 1 1
lis character he receives no coinpeu
tfi-Uon for the Injustice done to bin
If domestic servants harbor feelings
of reseutmeiit agaiust their masters
ihey can easily wreak an effective n
cnge by denouncing tbe'r employers
ii the police for the perpetration ol
lesc majeste. Many othei opportunl
i.'s of di nunciafioii ami rev. nge
\hull are supplied by the laws nl
ese majeste could be eilwl. Thi
ler man newspapers am full of ri ■
lorls of cases of Uus kind. No
orelgticr can be long In German)
without noticing the reluctance ol
ill Germans to disci.ss the emperor
ind his doings iu Ihe presence oi
itrangors, When tlie name of lhe
nnperor is mentioned it is even pos
ilble to see those present glance furtively round as If lo convince them*
Helves thai no malicious informer is
Al dii.n.'i parlies where domestics
,re serving at table all discussion nf
lolitics which would involve mention
mg the emperor's name is cautiously tahooed. Lesc majeste thus it.<
trainees the poison of mist rust and
uispiclon into German social life.
The authorities do not necessarily
wait for the receipt ol definite Information supported by the name nl
the informer, being taking action
against a person suspected of lese
majeste. An anonymous denunciation suflices lo bring about the arrest on suspicion of the person denounced. The number of anonymotm
(enunciations of this kind which the
German police receive is enormous.
Naturally, in lhe majority oi east-,
if this kind where no evidence is
forthcoming ihe persons al'rcsted are
released after a short period ol detention; nevertheless, owing to Ihe
anonymous denunciation they have
been submitted to the indignity of
arrest and the inconvenience of compulsory detention at the police station.
It is strange that the Geirnnn am*
neror himself, who i.s sn Intensely
modern in many respects, should not
perceive the mischievous character nl
ihe enactments relating to lese males te. lie has, however, given no
indication lhat he disapproves nf con?
victions for lese majeste, Criminals
wlm are in prison for ihis offense
very rarely receive an imperial par- {
don. There is reason to believe ilia
ihe kaiser regard.'* the maintenance 1
ibe laws relating lo lesc majeste a
necessary to the protection of hi
own dignity nnd Im the prevention >
disrespectful remarks ghoul bis in
iuTi.il person.
(*l,AH IN  NATI UK's (I \i;u
acres, more 01 li 1
lO-UI li   V  SI   Clair,
Yahk Station, June : i, 1005
Take notice ih.tt  thirty da*.
date wc inti nd to ..; plj   m        I .   .
1 ,■ . . .-  iotu 1    ol    l n ds   -tii;   IVurks
lor a spci iai liy. use lo cul and   nn
away  Umbel  from the folio i ti 1 d
ei ibi l .- n I   1 lluate in Kasl Kooti mi)
Dii 11 ict,   l;   C    commi ni .11.   ,■:
north-west cornel ol King Mercantile
i 0 a   South   African    1 nnd     Grani
(Trooper Hammoi ,11 1 nm i      .-.
1 hains.    south    BO   1 hain ■. en 1     su
chains, mn th so chad   . to |   inl
The Kin.: Lumber Mills.*Llrt.
18-5t M. li   Km-i   M n .
Thirty days afti.t date 1 will apply
'.1 the Chief Commissionei oi Lands
and Works foi a special license tn
mi and carry away timber from lhe
following described lands COmmenc-
mt; at a post situated on the wesl
bank of the north fork of Michel
creek, opposite I). McArthnr's north
wesl corner*posl on lhe n.ul runninx
lo M. Melnnes* mine and running fin
chains north along bank ol said
creek; th, nee SO chains west; thence
R0 chains south; thence 80 eli tins east;
thence 20 chains north to the place
oi     commencenii nt.    containing    tlin
I. -"'I
W.  II. Gibs
as a city mmiit Ipality undei the corporate name ul Cranbiook, of the nu-
Hicorpoiattd lucalllj local ed In the
l*ru 1 cc <>i British t'4ilumbia, Ucs-
1 ribed as toi low -
Commencing al -i polnl hi I"'
Iwt mv '-iiiii.*   (29) Group    Oni', K001
I uu)     Hisiilei,   in  Ute    Province ul
llilltsli  r,.|i, nl 1.1,  where the  U1.1
I* in. ii ,,1 n.i ■ 11 el, as shown
.a. 11 i-l.ni ni,.1 ui iin- Iai 1 legistrj
unite .11  Ni isim   ItritWi e ulumbia, a
II unbt 1 k 1 ■ 11 ii 1 111.I sixtj nine
ii.'.'ii protl ilki :, outherl)
limit uf 1I1 ii fta) "i I hi
L'ruw      Nesl    I'd  ■  Hallway, as the
,11 rl lit ol-Wrt) ■ liuwii ,ni lln
said plan numl 1 < 1 Mi, them e soulh
..isii 11\   itluii -  lb     aid 1 iin lum <"
He    In ||)    llll ll   -ii   li.iml.I   Sllerl
and al- " ' ib.- iti 1 noi \U. rlj limil ul
lh I  Siiei 1   '., lbe iiUeiH'Clion   ol
aid north ih Hunt ol I Iai old Hired
wnh  ilu- eanlerl)    I inn 1  ul  Lumsth n
Vvenue li -ii -.nl  plan OH'i
itherl]         the 1 .lid im
l-rt'ly Uml ■■ nd Lumsdi'ii nvetiue lu
ll     inteiMi : li   lhe   1 ill llieli]
limit of Kdwiuil    1     Im  shown  on
.,1.1 plan, lb ti 1   i'ii I il\  ai      Ih
aid no   h uf K-'lwaid SU
:, ■  ,    i       .     h   ihe ri   U'lh
limil  nl   '■   ■ Vvei in   .1        linw 1
i.n pin 11 llfiHd   ; t il   in the   said Land
      "1    I ith  daj     nl
laniiai i M'ni ibn ■ -,,■ iherh alonii
Hi e m rl) lumi pi -ai 1 Nn
i- s i-     v  nut      .1     sin wn    on    sai !
i I..:    - 1.    1   :,, :, til.,n   Willi   llll
south rl) (In 11 nl Kniu stre-i 1 as
b! own ' n the '■ lid 1 Ian Ottod   thenci
Thirty days aflei date ■
apply to the Chiel Conn
Lands and Woi! 5, \ ii;
spifial license In . il ai I
timber imm lhe if! uv :
lands Kituatcd    in South
■ li a!.m.' lbe smithi'
Kir'n 11 eel a ■' v\ 1 nn •■ al( pi 11
llfi! i ," ' on lbe plan OliHc .ml B(19b
!■ I d in " -."! I . nd i:.*. cuv OITlr
10 lhe inti 1 pi '■■'■.. • f said Kali
Kin ' v lib lhe imritn rh llmll
\ an Home Street, ihence north ..-'
erlv 1 lhe 1 01 ihwesl rh   limil n
V'a   ll •".   Stre.'l     in lhe point     n
(I     T     I'm   i'l-,
u K. Gurd,
.1 \   H.iivi'v.
K 1: Simpson,
1' HeY. Iliini,
.1 IV  Km'.,
W T   1* id,
.1. U   Al. Bride      IP U
Bated ihis 2Rth dav  ul .lulv, A.I).
IN TIIK 1 ul '. M COI \W "!■
Between ;
\V.  .1. 11 \ssiv, Plaint IB.
M \Y  BLACK   (ilf,[.It'll and .1
M.   RICHARDSON,       Defendanl
To Mav  Black Gilher, .if Cranbrook,
" ,1 I Ultlr, Hi.1) . t- Itlirt'tllill il ill -in Ml
■■'II....I  tll.l  - ■'   I...   it .tni.t,  I.-       N..I
.1 -■ acrni I... 11 Hi-q iimi i>> "in* -u
■I uutniHuiy,    i] ui um rate >if
l"'< I 1   . "t.|.ui,u  - •..,!..I In ,-..It.'. I-
Bn-tw ,.iit,.iil.
I'tfiuiis .Itluliieoii .,''.us .mi ,.s,'i*
-l- i-i. I'., ui'iiii •■■ 11 1,1 11.   1 ■ ■   111111 u 1 1
,1 ui 1  . ..'   111. ntu    .    I'tnt.il  1,11   .me
.■..rs„„l..M-i*e.|iii   ', ■   ii|« JU....I
•■ ..I -■ ■■ 1 n 1 1 ui ii, I..ilmu
*■" 1 inn Kim in. I,.  iiiimny
■ 'iii in •  ,.1,
Il'l-I  HI.Iti .u.l)    lillllll
,   IIH1    ..I-  ll, I, ,-  III. ,1
\    U      ,.    0.\,. ;, .11.   tl
IUJ   M   l-'l
■I,        ,l„,   ,   .
Ill  in.I      ll ,
„l   M.ii'il..
nay -
su    el
ol lhc
11 r
I ben
Mil-1 a
1    K01
post planled
lot 5-lfil; Un
' smith lu .li
C,    Southei
ne Lui
•Mb, I!
i.,,!     Take notice ihal a plaint has   been
,*\...,-:,i r,d and .1 summons issued against
I vnu In lho above County Courl    by
-,!  W. .1.  Mass.'v. of Vancouver, B. C,
M's for the sum ol JIBS, being for   goods
i'   ihence imn u-'i.itili  sold and delivered, and nn order   h«
iJuee easi      lull chains lhc n matle Ihal  the publication of   j
to  1 polnl due norlh notice of ihe en liy ol such plaint  in
est corner ol lui 51iM i'ii'' "Cr.mbrnok     Herald" shall    he
lo said south-wcsl cor- eleemeel 10 hs service ol lhe summons
ins more or less i \ud take notice that the time with-
n Railwav, thence in which vnu shall he at liberty to
,,lV   0f said   11   c    cntei   .1  dispute lo ibis action   shall
Inn sonlb-westei    I"' within eight   days aftei  the 17th
Ins, mon  01  less,   day ol   \iigust nexl
encement,  contain-1    ' ■'■ !'• Armstrong,
.. 01  less Registrar
,„.,■„.,■ \'ii||s   1 , [    I    Bated  nt   Cranbrook,    B   C ,   this
15. '   in 5t   25th dav ol July, A B., 1005     is li
..1.1, n .1,1
..a i.,-,-
lemiLu ny
, y-i.il  in
■ unlit tn*
stl.lll  1...
- .   1SOB
3 - DAYS - 3
Hi ft.
* +
,..! .
j i„r,,y.,ll', ill jii.li r.iia u. in,i> l.„
! oriloMll-ootmoll
WW. i'i ,11V
,,.■(„,,, 11: tile Milll.l.l ollll. hit'
nail ii,
*I   Larger nnd
::j: '|i"'-  aii i
(M  thills intorbsting
lietlur than ever,     Everything new ' "I1 '"■   + +
inils of open air ntlra'etfona..   Eaeli day sume-   |p||
.tine     Von will tni-el ,,1,1 friends tliere   'tt
Wlni,i|iCK, .Wuii.,
AllR.     I J
■ !i
ai lthetiml:
BY    USIXli
-Tl i
SEATTLB, rocoriA
St. .'aul, Chicago, New York
AM, ALL I'llIM-  I   IHI
H..H..,.+ .,..|..|..|..|..!
l..l..l..l..j. I..l..l-
I'nla.c and fourlll Slccpi-r,, Unfit,   I Ihiflf)
CarB,  it..,i,,.i  lia) Cnaciicfl,  n k  i-.r..
,M.,il- a la Carte.
.-•CiOOOOOOOOOOOOCiOC'OCiOOCiOOOC'C'OOv^C'OO.-.'OOCiOOOOC'O "      '    "'   "      '
Z%       1   PAST TRAINS   7
c,.:. m Easl and West Hull)   L
pilgrimage in srnrcli ni Uu- Rctlcenn
has    lut',,   iiistituli'tl  liy    l)ii„i.]„.i,ii,
ilia Viiii^ujinl nl Ilia lunin ln,;l\ ul
1 Dominion Exhibition
1905 September 27 to October 7-1905
I'mler the HUR|il if Illi' ll'iyill A,;ri,-„ll,,i,,l
mill IndiiBtrhil Soinel)'	
New Westminsier, B. C.
Spt'iini excursion rules in Wurhl'i llnlr. ~**\
Uuii.     \inir choice »t roule.
Stupendous and comprehensive array ol Exhibits representing the resources ol all Canada
$100,000.00 M'/<!-?,Stt§ $100,000.00 I
Enlarged Grounds, New, Handsome, Spacious Biddings
ami tne van-Rim™ of the mam bod) of  g
modern seekers ol Lho holy grail ar   6
ri\..*<l   in    Vorlilon,     N.   W.  T.,  ..nl     '
stripped  themselves ot every vestige
i)f  clothing,    which   they piled in -t
Vi'ter a brief son of funeral ceremony they set lire lo the pile and
burned every stitch before lhc local
police could interfere. In the parly
were 10 men, IS women nnd six
youths and they stood In lbe twilight unclad and unashamed. Sergeant Jungle, of the northwest* mounted police, wiih a posse of redcoats,
urrounded the fanatics and a fatigue
party from the police barracks shortly afterward brought up a pile of
rough clothing and blankets, with
hicb the Imitators of Adam and Eve
were forced to dress.
sons have been convicted of lese ma- j   Whin this    was accomplished     the
jeste and sentenced to terms of    im- hois.men herded their oxoite-d and rn-
prlsonmenl    OtfgrogaUng   more   than  fractory charges together and    drove
300,000 years. Ihem io the courthouse, where   they
on,- of   Hi,- vrorsi    features of   tho  &walt ihe decision   of the bewildered
statute relating to lesc majeste is the federal authorities, whose wards tbey ^^^^gS^^^^i^^^^^.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
wide    oppurtuiiiL.es   (oi   ignoble re- (are.
Kin rutin, 1,
iinm mul lull laforiunlliii
ugunlinii tri|i
,..,11 lha...
••i,             II,   1! \\l'\
,1   Vi. 1',
t,                       ,'   1'   A   1     I
Wl IV, Klv.ti-Ht.lt, Wii
S|„,liii|n'. Waal,,
i    Nnl|_- i.s 1,1',,'liy glVBi,  llii,!   sixty
days nllcr ildlc I ini,i„l i,, amtlj  in
I till'   Cllll'i  I' lisalimi'l   ni  I.mala   all I
Works fur purmlsslon io puroltauti
j liir,',' lnin.lii',1 ami Iw,',,,, acii'a 'il
IiiiiiI ia Soulh East l.i,„i,'ii.iv, iliM-
.rilicil as lollows :-
j Commencing al a posl planlnl „t
ill,,' norlli-west corner of lot Nn. ,',,-,,
Ihence north (oily chains along lhu
I east liounilary nf l„l 30115, Ihence
] east sixtv chains, inure or less, to lhe
, Willi Horse Creek, theme following
down the suiil stream t„ a polnl eas,
..I the Initial post, thence west forty
chains, more or less, tn the place <>i
Sarah I.n line Qalbralth,
j    Haled   at Fort   Steele,   B.C.,   GlU
sSS5wiS2ij5«i5<ia^^ Ju'».i9f'6- m\9\
Lacrosse, Horse Racine;, Broncho"BusliUK." riililarv
I'arailcs and l-xcrciscs.
ROYAL IRISH UUARPS and other Famous Lands.
ORAM) WATER CA 'NIVAL   Parade ol Frazer river
fi.shlii|[ fleet, inl ol  hoots, IL   M.  warships, Indian
war canoes, ele    Indian Sports,
For all information write W, II. KE\RV. Secretary and
and Manager, New Westminster, It. C.
mm*-^ ^mm
\i^SiiAJi\^< n L-<;- .i<_? _i_l J
f "*Vy ■ *
' "^_S¥
t -;#_
-    ■_,
. .-.Tr.w.sv.ca — . ,.-^*.-«
ST 0
—w——itriAtwwiMim'i.'ii.M■■»aa_TM_—_■_—■■■___«___■_—iii, .■■iiiumih-ht—i._—awn
in« ——■— ___M_M_B__W___—MB—___—_——M_i _■■■■■____■_■__——1
Will be Run from Every
Point in the District at
■B—— '-i—**** 11—— * —-——— k 1 M-iutM^i ■__MHM—MMIMNM ■■_■___■■______■■■__.
Come and Enjoy Yourself
Wi ?
Best Union Float    .    .    .
Best Merchant's Float .    .
Best Lumbermen's Float
Union with best general appearance    .   .   .    .   .
ik#_a«aaa satattr"?'"***^ «. a1*...-*.:- vxw_.*i*'T"*;kk*-__!b-',*«**
E   AT   10   A.   M.
Best Driving Team
Best Draft Team    .    .
Best Dressed Team
Union with largest repre-
$ 5
sentation   .....   25
■«UBOB*j!iitjra»*_!__: _ -e^j*nT«__Ktrvt.'_gr'ita.*T«aa« an
P *:P TT I
li -a. iilrf ._> iw
Winners for Wet Test    ♦    ,    .    ♦    ♦
Winners ior Hub and Hub Race    ♦    ♦
1 he Harvic cup goes to winners
place after parade on Hanson avenue-*
*    .    2 Cups and $50
.    ,   ♦   Cup and $25
wet test.    Races to take
Hall mile dash, open* horse race
Hall mile pony race (I4j  hands
Indian pony race
Squaw race . .   .   .
Chopping contest
Tie making; contest
Sawing contest
Loading logs
:K*t_—is._:_-i. . _: r „ j ._■ ^^.•^..xcttg—^ar**.^ rrnexa
First    Sec'd First   Sec'd
$'10      J20        100 yards, open            $20 silver cup $10 medal
w*\T*\\m w
i i
Drilling content l open only lo miners
ul  East Kootenay,
Running high jump	
Running bread jump .....
High pole vault    	
Winning team, trap shooting;
Silver  Cup
100 yards, open
H.i If mile open           $20 510
Boys'race, under 16 years  6 3
Boys'race, under 10 years  3 2
Girls' race, under 16 years      6 3
Giils' race, under 10 years     .......... 3 2
Union men's race, 100 yards, 20 to 35
years          10 5
Union men's race, 35 to 45 years JO 5
Old men's race, over 45 years e> 3
Fat man's race, 200 pounds or over ft 3
Putting to pound shot            .. 10 5
Tug of  war, on  cleats,   10 men on
team, open to East Kootenay 35 15
No second prices without three entries
■' '.v'.
mil *._.:.,■••r.z. _*ra-.,.•?..,■»._.• a__r_r.__*_,
10 IN PRIZES $1200
X.*H_J    *»
■in ii fi i—mn mi i ii ii ii    '"n"    iw in in *» MMV*n__R_t
TMj^ipaMK—■■■—■i—_—*■■»»**————■WWWMMMMMMMMll**.^1^^ •*"'• "•■ i>*'JM^*«^*™B------i-i------i---------M__^
ii _.—m——
J. p.
President H. WHIT
S. M'DONALD, vice-chr'm
VICE-PRESIDENTS: J. F. Huchcroft, William Oliver, G. A. King, Robert Findlay. H. W. Drew, I. H. Wilson, J. Austin, A. K. Leiteh, F. Becker, I. J. Baxter, Glen Campbell, Samuel Speers, R. A. Fraser, Oliver
Burge, N. Hanson, E. C. McPhee, Thos. Young, George Leiteh, Thomas Moran, W. W. Tuttle, C. C. Farrell
_Ii- TUE CRAXBROOK   111:1; \i !■
During ihe past few seasons it has
Uvq ilif privilege uf Crapbrook citi*
ttciim io witness some Intensely interesting   contests    on the lacrosse
haa between various teams along ilu .
UQftS Nest an,*       Uui  Uio   Utti_al** reUablt
Winkler's spirits were thoroughly
enjoyed.     He can go some.
Charlie Graham's reputation dirt
hoi suiter in ihe Ica^t yesterday,
Waltei Miller did not gel home In
nine to take away any more eas)
Geo. Mannahan is always on tho
alert, and misses very lew that come
his way.
Captain Black can tutu a scrimmage
liir, way  any   oU time, always   cool
Uui Uie ui.-,
,iuj lhc* t^eanvsi yel was puiu-a on
bore U*>i evening v.iun me cmuupiuu
uaui irom Kegiaa, uiuvu *■ uiaumg a
\uui Ui'vu^u ui.s pail ol Uiu wu.,
met Uie local twelve, Ibu tame
Was jtWiil auu CAciilug an lhe way
uiiou&h, liui ai limes Uie pta) mg
vuo dcuiUoUiy nnlliaui, auu mg maiij
ipeetaiori wlio tuiueu oui were Kepi
in a *-ua...a..i statu ui iuii.iu.ij exult
menu lucre «.ia uot a iimi mo
utcui during ihu whole hour, Horn
u>auu uui iuii   justice io uiu im-iiu
oi ue game irom   .<   ai ■     ■■•■•*■
point,    aud   auuUiei  ■,■.*.■*      t-,;*
mUri very lauuauie icaiute iim uu
•cuiue anseitce ul wnat is lumiliaii)
mUov>ix as "chopping   em up     nougti
Wioltk A A* eiiUuUatcU uuu lne _ju>u oi
uach side exerted .v.i Uieil nulli lo
pui up an exhiotUon uui wo uui ^m-
ue -.lowa Uu.- "aoiui oi iu. mouj)
i.ii-i itwy ma—aial uuu
hegina boys wero suipi
such a strong aggieb-*i.ion m .1 town
the sue ol Liauuiou", au.i ii.ri.uul u
was by Iai Uiu lasieai buuvii uiuy
buve oeuu up agaiUat ,u iu,i on tht-.i
ihe lace oil took plaeu ai Ij.2H, and
aiiei some hard p.aj un 1.0.11 mul.-.
wnli honors .1110111. men, iuc uiai
game wus scored by itogma in 11
minutes. Just beiore lhu auocing
_i)de Manualian savetl a lun drivu
una tossed uiu rubber Lu the uenier.
Owing iu .1 iluKe p.*...:., however, im.
fellows Irom Uie prairie had II in
Uieu spoons again und quickly rushed ou goal, 'lney vveru cuecked when
nhooting and lhu ball look to Lhe
uusi, where, alter u lively scrim-
mage, liajis uiauagod iu rniie it m*
io Uiu ue'ls. Crunurook got the ban
iu ilie lace oil, did some clever parsing, and uii'ii hard
ihu .-ihouiiii'j. was .u 1
1—ll at  lnne.
The second quarter was pn
umch a repetition 01 the lirst, U
(nooks home    again   ni.-d   haul
nil ami it was
Regina Ictt to-day lot Nelson, and
ml.n.l playing in Kossland aUu iie-
lure returning,
Uunc. McLean was there wllh h.s
old form and pui up an exceedingly
eiiecuvc tl.iriiee.
McArthui plays the game all .Uon,;.
ana 11 is a. good man lhat v. ill rake
<>U anv ihmg hu lb alter.
tleglnu lv.it both Midicino Hat
and LothUrldge—5—1 was lhu score
ai the Hal and a-U at Lethbridge.
Cowan   has   a   coolness and judgment, v.hn-it, combined with hu
Itj,   is   w inning   wine thing
iu Parle! i.a.l a happy [acuity 01
Intercepting some daiigcious passes
Uuu made him very conspicuous ■*..
Hoy iloihu-i excelled himself last
night, tioiiui 01 bis plaja were real
> siuriLng, una ne look home a gui>
lull of bouquets and > v u perlumeu
The following gentleincu aie accompanying tbe tveglila Leam ou Uieu
loui. a. Alclbor, manager; K. jsmitn,
aud Ed t oil)', spares, L. ttaiikm,
ii, Stevenson, 11, liiaek, J, Kam, 1.
Williams, J, Wagner,
Patton Was a surprise u> man).
lius is his inst season, mn in* hand
les himself like au old war horse, lie
is au Indetatiguiule worker, strong,
iliiii.it and active, and ts cul oui 101
mu Easiest company.
Mannahan und Shanks, the two
i^oal Keepers, had haru work cul oiu
tor them, but t-lu-j proved equal Lu
Uie occasion, liuih made some a.
most impossible stops uial ciieiuu
much admiration.
ll is nol much ol a lacrosse Ueiui
llial wul not lake large uo.ms u.
satis faction oui of swung fete Car-
ulhers handle a lacrosse stun. He's
kiltful aii.l game all ihu iva)
through; or, as Jack Hayes sa>a.
'He's ih. re like a duck,"
Weil like 10 sa) some uieu thing*
iboul all lhu Uegitiii pjtiyurs ,u.-
.puidn't say any thing elsu) nut ow
ng lo such shut 1 ucqtiaiplaiteu it was
laud    Lo get oirto    ttien   pu-rt-u-utar
A uni iu:tu
•■■1 RMNG ol T A FINE
Cranbiook has an institution thai
is turning oui a tiiu product these
days, aud that is the Craubrook
brewing & Malting company. A re-
pres.nutivu ol Uie Herald visited the
brewiry --ne day ihis week and was
surprised 10 nml such a modem and
well equippctl plant. lhu compan)
lus he«.n maK.ng some large expenditures during the last le* months uud
today have an up-to-date plant iu
every respect aud are giving the
peojdu ..I this distiicl a qualilj ul
1,,., 1 Uial 1- not surpnssvd nj aiij
„i,tt.ii in ihis coun iv 1 mu .1 (.1.
11.1t in pn      •  ■ ■ ■   "■ »   ■   'I    *w*
lirecaulioii  lui    • '■""    "  l" '"'
lbe t„,t 1....1.. pi • ihh, mn ' ■ si
un    ...     pt_.tu-.ing    a    qualU)      ol
ttti   ihat  ail    1 '-lltt    ljl
ihuse  who  wuul  u  I.,., in    ■• H*iagi
as well iih iiii  .  who .'"■ 11 ■' quai
... 1 ..1 uut by
uutg   tuat     w Hi
im.... mul  sluiid
On Sunday last Messrs, U. E. B«it-
tie, M. It. King, M ti. Billings ami
J, T. Laidlaw, I '■ - ol Cranbroi
drove unu town ou ibeii way up the
St. Marys [01 a days' outing antl
Incidentally to sec the mineral claims
In which Mr. Beattie Is interested,
with Mr. F. llazcn, who is now doiug
their assessment work, On Ui.-ti return they reported having bad a good
days   spun, and   also having   seen
The financial distrlcl meeting ol the
i ., - Kootenay district ol Methodist
church was held in Fernie ou
I'ii ! .1 .-i this week, Rev. .1. Rob.
son, it. a . ' 1 Fi nm*, chairman ol
the ti .11 ii I pn shiwt, and Rev, J, P,
Westman acl .1 as secretary, Delegates wen  presi nt In ill parts ol
Uu* it ist riot, each held being repre-
Ist'iiUU. I.i ports were ptusuii-'d
luu i.i the best pro-pecis in the Si |l(m) eat.j, „ |,| ,,n 0( wh(ch were
Marys 1 alley. Mr. Wa..n says Uial 1 ver) encouraging, showing Uial the
mu graphite ami uthei        . in   , work   was in ,1   thriung    eomlltioit.
'..-r> favorable, vrrau cmeiiis were made Ioi .1 vlsil
u. iu Hev. .). M. Dougal, U   U , pn
ffl fm
ny „a
nil   III.
bill  , ■ .. ,"•-
ol .11 ..... 1
.    .1    Ci
a  Ull'
ll   lll-.l
.1 with
• it-   LUI
_V uap-
1. .1,1.1.,
oiii|i.,,.)   iu inn,.,I llml'
.0 1I1111 iu mis »•'>
itsulls uu- lluuiul.     All
mil la .i.luiuu 10 stall.
i„l.. UiUllillS, Ui.L Hi ....
..I ll is lIl'lllilUI-U lu 1...
, 1   Ulltll'l    liu- 1,1   _iX      11.
11}   III
all   Ui
.,1    ilm ihi   tile     Iiul
discover the sent u... -■
u'.ri'i. ami maui
good sholh  WUK -1
and deteiiui >• ■•!
'Iheu Held,  l« n   >'
,.i   lonng    &o\
busy    with   ii    l." -
wbu-b   tesullud m  ui.
in 5   minutes.      lo
however,   Clothier,
,      naiiu.natioi
i.iiici  suoi'inj
counteraci thU
i totbers     auc
Patton turned thu sa
me kind oi     u
Hick, and Patton made a clean siioi
tuai gave ihu home team Us Urst
Ailer a session oi exciting passing
and checking, Sandy Cowan goi nu
of a star play thai won much applause. He ran behind the Regina
goal, got the bail, and rivalled the
"artful dodger" by ihu way he worked tluough a bunch oi red sweaters
io a poiut of vantage In Iront nl
the nets, He passed to Mannahan,
who gave it right back and Cowan
tumid Uie opening between the poles
by a well judged shot. Time, i
minutes, 'ibis put Uu* visitors on
their mettle antl they set up a system oi hue combination which enabled
iuuug to roll up one more on their
score in another 4 minutes.
The fourth quartet was the limit.
It was admitted on all hands hy
those who know to have been the
fastest, cleanest and neatest piece 01
lacrosse playing thai bas ever taken
place in this section ol lhu country
One commercial traveler who was
present passed this remark tu another knight uf the grip "Uy jove,
ihey don't skin that any In Winnipeg." Cranbiook got the hall at
ihe face oh, and with a dash and au
accuracy that held Ihu spectators all
attention and breathless, Grabs
passed to Patton Lo Clothlei
Carruthers to Mannahan wlm scored
in UO seconds. This evened up the
score again and now thf- lun slnl
in earnest, The home team win. tht
more aggressive Ior a time and thej
pui up an article ol combination an'i
attacks on thu Regina goal thai wm
simply bewildering and had the di
lenoe and t"-'! "f 'be visitors heen
less cautious or less capable thi
late uf the ^uine would have been decided in a lew Bcconds. At is was
however, Regina displayed admlrabh
prowess whiuli was so accurate that
it suecesslully checkmated ilie skill o[
tboir game and persistent opponents
Tho same style oi work prevailed
when Regina succeeded in getting action on the Cranbrook goal. The
hundreds oi spectators, men, women
and children, all yelled themselves
hoarse in displaying their appreciation of thu good plays made by bull:
teams in this quarter—and well thsy
might, for its like was never before
witnessed on the Crow at least.
The line-up was as follows :—-
Cranbrook—Mannahan, goal; Mc
Lean, point; Bathle, cover point
McArthui, first defence; Black second
defence; Porter, third defence; Graham, center, Pat!on, third home
Mannahan, 2nd home; Cowan, third
home; Carruthers, oul side home
Clothier, inside home.
Regina—Shanks, goal; Stevenson
point; Steward, cover point, Pearl
first defence; A. Smith, second defence; Hardy, thud defence; Stoop
center, Winkler, third home, Hayes,
second home; Reid, flrst home; Voung,
outside home; McCarble, Inside homi
Bathle   was    right at     himself th
same aa ever,
U*l,   the
ill good lacrosse players, go.ui
ports, every inch gciiuuiuuii, ami an
not ai raid 10 "tollo* Uie hand. '
-Manager McSweyn and Seen tin ■
uuotti deserve much praise i.u un
trouble and puins they pui fur in iu
provide in eici'j way tor the cum
uui oi' the itegtiia visitors, lhe
two teams and in. 11 friends had dm-
iiur alter Uiu game ai ihe Crauinooii
hotel. Ailer the least, a program
uf music and speeches was indulged
whieh proved lo be an extremely
happy aiuitr and has made wu he
lieve   a siioug bund oi good feeling
nd    good  fellowship  between   ItugllUi
nd 1 ranbrook.
nd 10 da
is Ik.
1)  oi cam ltd wai
ny    ,u..iu..iii u
ittuhdiury    Has 1.1
iiftiin.fi io  lhu pi
11    .Mj.ia    W.ui'i,
eer, nml every i
ins compnii), w,
nv-rgeiie citiuns
u   1 auudu.
One day last wci k someone \\u
Icssiy under look lo hum out u wasp's
11... 1 in  lhe thick  undi rj tow lh along
lhc Malk Creek vailej, nbovt
town, nud soi;.   1 I    li . ■ 1.. ,
ing   iuii. ii   o   tin     . iigt -   ■■	
.'ilie.      Uui     i.n    .ui       1'   ikwalli ■
.lui ;mce it is iliflit ull tu   .. -     ivnai
ilamagt ml hi  hai e bitn dun
it is  we   tl •',   ui  pi ...     . ■•     ■     1
to say   ilu OUC  !..
Ui •..             Such Is   life ...    .. hie
.hreali 1, .1 ci mi    ■
Un Tuesday Ur. an I Mi l Ii iin
i. Uojd lull Mai j ■■ ■ llle lor I
Springs, Col , ih.n d nm 1 liomt,
where Ml Boyd ... about ;.> 'resume
ins duties oi lhe posllion hu iacai ;l
wh 11 hu came here Lu Lake 1 lui
the smeller, as fuicmau, - h
another a.s Mr, Boyd will bu hard lu
ilu-7' say all tn< buys and the)
pretty n -aii). sai ■ . ■- ,1 ill pal
nue is gteaih 1. gn Hi ,1 b] nil ivhu
knew tin in.
The  residence being liuilt  Ioi     Mi
M. Batly  by  Mr. D   in. 1   n
On Friday tost Mr. .lames Oreer,
Cranbrook,  wandered  into  town
U   lAi'L   >li,iml'   ,1   Mil
1 ihat nu.my is spi
lUSS  un t) Ol  I l.iUa..,'
10.S  UUI   IJlClU.li   aeM
,11 s spent each yiai
ok bu-.1.
ur Uie tvaion
11 shape  10 pn
1 his Iu
plant 1
ill unu
Chief MeMullin, of Fernie, was In
town Wednesday.
Miss Blakemore, ol Nelson, is tlu
fcucst ui iiiis. A   W. McVittie.
A. Theis and .Ur, Uuriaiit, of Peri)
truck, were in town yestefuay.
I'Tnk Brothers will give a special
priie of tiu.iin to the best dresseu
lumbering team.
D. K Vales, of liayai'd, was 111 the
city Uus week ou business couueeteu
with the Staples Lumber company.
Misses Lou and Ella Leilch will
leave in a few days ior Calgarj
where tbey will entei tbe seminary
lor Lhe next school year.
Miss Ithoda Leiteh is expected home
ihu latter part ol the week Aflei
laavlng Toronto she visited relatives
ui Chicago and Manitoba.
Tom Wnrdman, who was ->o badly
injured in the "yards at Luibbvidgc
last week, is improving nicely auu
will soon he himself again.
Oliver Burge came in from Perry
i'reek yesterday and left this afternoon for Lethbridge to attend to
some business. It is Uie lirst liim
111 live years that Mr, Burge lias been
farlher Lhau Cranhrook and ,1ns son
Arthur wns afraid thai in- would iiul
rcmembei how io get on ami oh a
Mis. C, M. Kdwaids and daughtel
returned from Calgary lo-day where
Ihey have been fur the past monlh,
-N. E. Broley, who has tho con
traol ini ilu* new hank building to
he occupied by the Canadian Bank 01
Commerce, was In town to-day.
There has been some difficulty about
ihu quality ol hiick, bui this Is being adjusted and lhe work will lie
t csiiined iu a lew days.
James Nell lias bought oul the
pari ner, P. dlttneble, and hereafter
will have full control ot the Kails
View hotel al Marysville. Mr, Nnl
is a hustler and will leave nothing
undone 10 make the business a success. Mr. Chenette has not announced what he will do but ho would nol
he happy unless be was buying or
selling an hotel.
There have been a number nf hush
lires raging about Hits pari ol lhe
district the past week. Last Sunday
night one got started on Bull river
and ran up lhc mountain side Illuminating the whole of that pan of
the country. The largest lire and the
one that has probably done the most
damage i.s one that was .started 011
ihe Kootenay about Plumboh creek.
It has been going for the past three
days and has* swept through several
timber limits that are owned by the
Standard and Kast Koolenay Lumber
companies. C D. McNab and V.
Hyde Baker left for that part of the
country yesterday
tnrougliout tuts pai I 01 lhe tnaii 11,
want io sue lhu homu iusUtutioi.
111 ihu lead and 101 unu reason <u
.sist on ihe Crnnbrook pruduel.
When George Turner and his pan,.
returned from theii visit to thi
Marysville smeller and Sullivan mini
i.ist week, a representative ui Un
Herald saw Mr. Turner ai thu Cian
urook hotel. When asked ol h.s impressions of. the smeltei which he luui
seen tor lhe first time and the count-
uon of the mine, Mr, Turner expre-i
5.1I himself in a ino-a enthusiastic
manner as more than pleased, it,
said that ihu smeller louked liki
business and that everything was in
a most baiisfnciory condition, "it
has cost a lot oi money," said Mt
1'urncr, "but we have now what wi
want in the way of a smelter. There
i.i now no doubt about Uie success 01
the Heberllein process of treatment ci
ihat class ol ore, hut to Increase oui
capacity it will be necessary to In
urease in plaining ol various kinds
This will prointhly he done Uus tall
The mine is in line shape and we an
able to gel all of tin- ore that .■<
The party took the afternoon tram
I'hursday ior Fernie, where tbey weni
by the way oi ihe Great Northern to
Last Monday evening the local
brought in a distinguished parly oi
C.P.R. railway ofliclals who arrived ii
town in the private car Vlbcrta. The
party was made up of Robert Kerr,
passenger traffic manager, W. K. Mc
limes, freight  tralllc  iger,  F. \\
Peters, assistant freight traffic m'gr.
and Mr. Mcdmuicll, of Nelson, dislriel
freight agent, The party visited
Marysville mi Tuesday 1, turning tn
Craubrook in lime io attach llieli
.ai tu N.. .', an.l proceed on wen
They will vlsil the Houndary country
they rM"
pleased   v
lo Uie co
ur ui 1I1,*
ised   themse
ih     the um
\\ Wll'li
as hush ham
and had .'ha
cadv au.l so
It   is    Ih
I wish to heartily thank the penpi
..f Cl'anbrook who were so kind to m>
in my reccnl sorrow and lo thosi
who did all in their power to make
the last hours o( my wife ai
pleasant as possible. Their llioiighl
fulness ami kindness will never be forgotten.
Charles Fitzgerald
For Sale-The Imported Knglisli
itioi'ouphlvred stallion "Morton" for
sale or exchange for horses. His
stock is very promising and he is
grntlc to ride. He was a winner of
good races at Newmarket, Good-
wood. eie. Particulars- from Waller
Jackson, Macleod, Alta , N W T
sidi nl ol Mbi 1 ia conn reuce, somc-
liti I* ilu 1 ing Septomhci -     During Uiu
in 11 an ' 1 iirnminl was made i.i
the Pi bytei um chun h where a [oinl
neutiu '■ ui in ! 1 w iiii in,- Presi)
I.n,   W lit li   was     Ilini   met Ung,       In
: ul d ,.i run ■■ in. nts foi lho more sue
;>, ,1.,, ration ol   the wmk    . 1
u    . li :n he   ui   Uii,   district
;,       1   ll   White, 11   ti , local supei
■ .   ■.   ol   mi   lon ,   was pres nl
. ;- ■   -   [sled b)  his couita I and    ad-
 ♦ —
I have eight Ji rsej  inllch cows foi
sale .it    Fort   Steele; also    yearling
ti ; teiid hull. The cows will give
milk all winter.
,1   \\   Carroll,
Fort   Steel.'.   II    C
The public schools will op.-n nexl
Manila) an i tho full corps ol teachers have been secured. A A. McNeil H A , .-I l algaty, will have
chai i'      Mrs   Brock will have    hel
■ 1   1 n,  Miss   Curtwrlghl     Uie
same, ami Miss Lewis, sister o( the
Miss Lewis who taughl In ie l,\>\
year, wllh Miss Williams, will bo the
t other two teachers.
bis way  to   Kimb. lie;
admin, tl h;i\ ing !■ ,-i 1
darysville citizms an
one ol iheir number (
auu on thi1 right road.
It Is
that the guide took a
occasion io point out
to Mr.
practical   tlcmonstralli
m ui  1
dai- s vnllcj roads
.lolm Hutchison & Co., Cranhrook, li. C.
I mm Do Vou Klant?
« \V„ liitvn it it ii ia in lln- gnntuTil
I htinlwnru liu.'.   Tlml is one ln'imty
1 alii.lit ..III' illllllrns.' slurk.   \\*r 111,',-t
a tl,.'  11 In „!' tl,,' i„a,|,!,.. hoth iii
I l:.»m1s, t|iialily mill prici-s  «
assistant supt
ler.     ihs lutig expe
lerman will enable I
.uorgy  much   lo  ti
lus present employe)
Tuesday Mr. W
brook, was in town
trip to Marysville. lie was
impressed with lhe imperial
Ihe Industry being carried 1
and hopes 10 come again in Ui
Superintendent Erlckson, of Cran
brook, was in lown ua the 15th Insi.
accompanied by a party uf ('. P. It.
officials. We understand that the
question ot a daily train'servico Ik
iweeii here and Cranhrook was given
consideration.    Wo sincerely hope so
Mi. Wm. Small, of Cranl
in town ou Monday and Tuesday, 1
uowing oui acwiaintanccs.     He   Wi
greatly  Impressed  with  the conire
ootweon   Marysville
town of 1902
Late last week Mes
Leigh lon and
by .Mrs. Lelghto
These gentlemen
and directors in
Mines & Smelti
interest lias b..
outcome of thell
.d about lown that the 0
highly pleased with Lhe 1
that from now na 11 will
us full capacity, A strong effort will
he made iu maintain as good a
showing as the Initial mouth's run.
Now thai the smeltei is .1 reality,
old-timers often contrast the engineers In charge ol this lhc second al
tempi to build n Binellei here, with
ih.is,. w)u> made the lirsi eflort, n
[allure Needless to say the comparison is entirely in the favor ol
Messrs. Weeks and Smith, both «i
whom have earned a reputation foi
doing things. To sa) Ihal Is nol all,
mi Hn ii task In-u- was nol nimpl)
what the general innii-uf-iheor) ma)
fancy he bccs, hm rath 1 to wipe
..ui ibe records of the posl .ml
build anew, overcome all ihr man)
liandlraps the pai 1 (alii
upon tltoni and also ibe n
iocs of tho man paying th
•how ihat their work has been a success one need bill quote Ihe words
of .1 visiting smrltei manager, whu.
after having soon lho plant hen- in
operation, remal'kwl, "These fellows
are surely good smeltermen."
INTK.RKSTKl)      IN   "( u.\|.      PRO
Robert L. Mean! and Charles Mc-
ftuire, of Spokane, who are lnlere*»l-
ed iti some valuable coal area:; in (he
Flat Head dislriel, wen* in town last
Monday. They have eight men working for the past month at an expense of over JaO a day. The resuli
of the work done up to the presenl
lime is most satisfactory. They have
one vein ihat tbey are crosscuttlng
from one wall an.l have gone fiver
forty feet and have not yet found any
trace of the other wall, The grade
Of tho eoal that has been uncovered
is ot the best and will bo easy to
market on its merits whenever that
section of the country secures trans-
portion facilities
■ heaped
iy prejud
piper. Tn
Will Exhibit in
August 18
Under Mammoth
Waterproof Tents
. .• ■-,'
'-.-IXT-'   ',
, ism
* Grand Street Piiradc at
% n o'clock
* Don't mils ti
t Performances, 2 $ s p.m.
I Children SOc   Adults 75c
fo Every Lady's Dressing Chamber^fjH|
Jail    should be equipped with u dainty, snow-white, one-piece       '^^*fQy
":l     ".StaiulapJ*'  Porcelain Enameled Lavatory, ■*■—mT\
Mave you ever stopped to consider &yk
how delightfully convenient it would ■ V J
le to have hjt and cold running water |^
in your dressing chamber, sleeping |Ji*
apartment or first-floor toilet room?
Its presence would afford you the highest
degree of comfort.
\_^Ks\ We will gladly quote you prices.
\J^'„ Our plumbers are strictly competent
mechanics, honest nnd reliable.
PhinibliiB, ItuolhiK, HoathiK und Vonllliitlntj l-hu
P. burns ca CO.
•A boltsnlc ind Iteiall
Presh and Cured Meat**
l:ic*li    lish,   Game   and
Wl supply unl) lhc   besl      Vmir
trade Is oalklkJ
Harhets Id ill llie prlncipnl (uwns
la Hrl.|-<.i iiliiinihin
Olbat T$ ft mason
It involves the selection of everything that is good by those   who     W
know precisely whal Is good, und       ,*
the rejection of everything that Im       .
Investigate the merits of the
lilason it Risch Pianos
C. li. keid & Co., Agents, Cranbrmik
and Risch Piano?
; V '
? ■'
Q '
*> I     'Tv I
 _        ( ..     v; .-' ,; j
,1. (I. Whlleacre, Weslern MmiaXer, t ^t^^^.„      yf        '
Box 615 Nelson   ™ S-S? -?-:; --|^-' * I
Thlrlv tlnys nfte) (Inl.' we Inleml lo
appi) in ibe Commissioner oi l.tm-K
and Works nl Vlclnrln, it ('., fur n
le use 10 cul nnd e,ur\ iiwuv timber
trom the following described lands iu
•lie dislriel  of South K.ist  Kooteniiv:
Commenciiig at tt post planted
ahoiit twenty chains north of the
Miulh-vvist corner ni lot 187ft, thnice
west SO chnlns; llience north 80
ihains; thrnce east -Hi chains; Mience
norlh ?.ti chtins, thrnce east 20
chains; thence .mnii 1(1 chains; thence
•ast 2H chains; ihence south fifi
.■hains, to ih- pince of commence-
inent, incluainE the whole of lot
KOflft, anil part of lot 2371, group 1,
Kootenay district,
Klmhi-rley   Milling   A Manufacturing
Pat d 17th August, 1005. 2t-St
Charhs Branchlcy, a carpenter, had
the misfortune to run a nail through
his foot last Tuesday,
Tube notice that thirty days niter
.i.ii" 1 Intend to apply io ibe Chief
(ommlsslouer of Lands and Works
for a special license to cul and carry
away Umber from lho following described lands In Soulh Kasl Koolcnay :-
Commencing ai a post marked
"Ales. MoHnt's South Rast Corner"
planted on the west Mm* of Iol (til
Group one, and about one milt* south
of ihe north-west corner id the jalil
lot; thence west SO chains, thence
north -Hi chains; thence northeasterly
following the 'bank of the Elk river
1211 chains, more or Jess, lo the sail
west line of ihe said lot 3(11; lUeiice
south 120 chains to the place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more or
Located the    14th dav of   AugUH,
A.D., 1905.
2l-5t A. Moffat,


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