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Cranbrook Herald Jun 12, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Otto. A. Cox, President. It. 1!. Walkkr, Gen. Man.
Paid Up Capital    ss.mhi.ihhi.ihi
ftesl  2,000,1)00 00
Total Resources     (..s.oou.iiuo.oo
Deposits Received.   General Hanking llusiness Transacted.
SAVWIIS BANK DBPARTMuNT-De'posIti Received-Interest Allowed.
 Gilpin's Hot Weather Blessings	
Hardwood Refrifferators==l'!,i"1 Ri»*-*<. *-'•*«
5 =   Lined,seven nun-
conducting walls, all sizes, large ice chambers, *,.. _„
fc Prices from  rj10.5(1
Wc have just received the largest car
of Furniture ever brought to the district
and arc unpacking some fine stuff in the
above Lines. We have surely got just
what you want. Our prices always the
lowest. We don't allow ourselves to be
undersold and we sell about everything.
Rattan Chairs
Children's Chairs
Morris Chairs
Porch Chairs
Brass Beds
Iron Beds
Garden hose, rakes, hoes, spades,
poultry netting, ready mixed
paint and alabastine
Hotel S S
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot,    tins Accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Tbis  Growing Young-  Town Almost
Completely Destroyed.
Many Families arc  Lelt Destitute
as a Result of  thc Ca-
The growing young town of Michel, n
coal mining center n few miles east of
Hemic, was almost completely wiped
out by fire Monday afternoon.
From the meagre information obtainable at this time, it appears ihat the
fire originated in Ihe flit across the
river from the town, where ground was
being cleared for the erection of new
cottages by tbe coal company, and
spread from that point on up the river,
crossed, aud then burned down the opposite side to the (residence portion.
In a very shot t time, and before the citizens of the town were aware tbat the
fire had reached their side of the river, a
house on the outskirts of tbe town was
in flames, aud although heroic efforts
were made without avail tu stop the
flames at this point, the fire was rapidly
com mu meat ed to the more thickly populated portion of the town, aud before
tbe flames were finally extinguished, 24
bouses were burned to tbe ground.
The buildings were all frame structures,
built closely together, ami several narrow escapes from loss of life are reported, while in numerous instances the inmates escaped without even .sufficient
Mrs. John Fraser, who came to Cranbrook the next day, nnd whose husband
has charge of the company store nt
Michel, in speaking of the lhe, said ili.it
their liouse was one of the first to go,
and that they lost everything, as Mr.
Fraser's store contained a vast amount
of explosives, which it was necessary to
bury, and be could devote no time to
the saving ot bis own property.
The immense new tipple just completed by the coal company, although in a
blaze in several places, was saved after
much hard work, and IheC. P. R station owes its existence today to one of
the locomotives which threw a continuous stream of water on the building.
The saving of the depot wus tbe direct
means of saving a number of residences,
which are clustered around It.
The women nnd children whose homes
were destroyed by tbe tire, are being
cared for by their mure fortunate neigh-
bora, while the men nre living in cars
furnished hy the railway company.
Most of the buildings destroyed were
tbe property of the coal company, and
the loss, which will be considerable, is
uot known al ihis lime.
work uie ns plentiful here as
nny buyer could wish,
The variety is as grent an
quality ts gootl. There is no
snfi metal gtiods among those
classed ss steel nor pooi finish
or wotkinansliip to be found
in any.
The prices are low bul tbey
secure the  best   value  iii the
A Carload uf Carriage.-, on Hnnd
We are getting new goods every week. Our
stock of white goods and spring novelties is
unequalled in Bast Ksoteuay. Call in and
and see the manv pretty things we have,
-.9 5-5 S 5 --3-3n>;>-ses**£}e&*.-M Sp
1UI)   A   kICk   u'MlMi.
The Lethbridge Hoys Complain til Roughness
at the Lacrosse Malch.
The last issue of the Lethbridge News
contained n very complete wtiteup of the
lacrosse match iu ihis city last week between the Lethbridge uud Cranbrook
teams, in which lhe Lethbridge boys,
while speaking in the most Ilitleting
manner of the treatment received while
here, anil highly complimenting the individual   work   ol out buys, complained
bitterly of the loneliness Indulged in by
the Cranbrook   players,  allying  thnt it
was Impossible for their lean; to retaliate, an ii was something new to them,
This may be true, but judging from the
damber of Craubrook buys who were
wearing their ribs iu slings, to say nothing of bruised anus ami (legl, and the
further lact Hint tbe only mini put 011
the fence lor rough niul unfair use uf the
stick was 11 Lethbridge player, the complaints of tbe boys of Lethbridge sounds
to  us like  lhe second scene of a cheap
We have gotten as far as Nelson ami
ill leave here tonight for tbe coast.
The weather has turned just rif*lit for a
trip of this kind, and both Fink and
mysell are having a good time. Jake is
a Intely converted  ki dak   fiend, and he
wants to take a pictu i of everything In
sight, He started fro.ii Cranbrook with
lozen rolls ol fib s and before the
t reached Nelson l« was kicking because be had not taken all Ilea ttie bad
in stock. He bad photographed Indians
ami Dagoes, minimum- and rivers, bouts
mid bridges, and just before we reached
Nelsou I found him in au argument
With a photographer as to the best way
to take a mountain view in a dying
light. I told the man afterward that
Jake waa the best amateur photographer
iu Toronto, and the chap heaved a sigh
of relief aud said, '*I waa lucky not to
say much, or I might have put my foot
in it."
ti ti ti
On our train we met C. P. Hill, the
iron magnate of Kitchener. Charley
has just returned from a vacation of
pleasure, and il would do a stoic good to
hear him talk about his experiences.
•'Say, boys," said the irreslstable, "after
chasing over the hills iu tbe Kootenays
for 10 years, eating bacon ami beans, it
was quite a chauge to hit the trail for
the effete east, and play up against civilization for awhile. And mnybe you
think I didn't go against the game good
and strong. I told my old dad when I
left home 18 years ago, I would never
come back until I bud 150,000 and was a
32 degree Mason. Well, the old lad was
glad to see me, I tell you, and he thinks
I am it, now. I visited New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and spent some
time iu Florida, and made a short trip
to |the old country. 1 put up at the
Waldorf-Astoria in N :w York, aud got
right into the bunch. Attended grand
opera, had my automobile every morning, and lived like a prince. Aud speaking of a priuce, I was fortunate enough
to make a good friend in Washington
while calling at the German embassy,
and through her courtesy I was given
every privilege when Prince Henry visited the United States. I dined on the
German yacht, aud attended the big
banquet given in the prince's honor in
New York. No, I guess I wasn't a
peach right in the center of the fruit
basket. At Washington the treasury
otlicials did the grand by uie, and I had
au opportunity to see how Uncle Sam
handles his great volume of money.
While there, I was offered a nice position at $5000 a year, and traveling expenses, but declined. I gave a dinner in
Washington to United States Senator
Clarke and a few more millionaires—
had eight meu around the table worth
from one million up. Clarke told me
that be guessed his revenues were the
largest the last year of any man living.
Money is easy for any investment except in llritish Columbia, and you can't
find a dollar for use here, The government has killed the province 111 the
money centers, and lhe Lord knows
when there will ben change." Mr. Hill
was asked about the irou situation and
the rumor of the steel trust taking hold.
"It's all hot air. There is nothing in it
at present. That talk looks like a boost
for some of the neighboring claims. I
am going to do the assessment on my
claims and hike out for a year." The
train reached Creston, and Mr. Hill took
himself, and the latest llroadwav clothes
into the woods of the junction town.
ti ti ti
James Cronin, wife and boy were on
the train enroute to Nelson for a day or
two. He spent lhe winter in California
with his family, and is back in Moyie
getting the St, Kugene in shape, although there is no prospect of operating
the property anywhere near soon. A
few years ago Mr. Cronin rode into Rast
Kooteuay ou a cayuse, and it was a poor
cayuse at that. Through a fortunate
combination of circumstances, good
Irish shrewdness, knowledge of his business nnd a big stock of energy, he lauded himself at the head of the St. Eugene
Mining company, owning the best lot of
Iver-leiul claims on the American con-
English Wallop Canadians in a Hot
Game of Cricket.
captained by -Mr. ft  T Rogers will play
the first eleven of the Cranbrook football club Friday night at 7 p. tn.: Rogers, Haines, Jamieson, Rockendorf, Peltier, Wilson, Murdoch, Post, Clark and
Smith. Judging from the caliber of the
players they should be able to keep the
pace for at kast ten minutes,
Elko Will Cross Bats With Cranbrook on Next Saturday
Last Saturday wns the occasion of a
unique event in the sporting history of
Bast Kootenay in the shape ofthe fust
cricket match ever played in lhe district. The teams that engaged ill the
match were captained by C A. Cock
aud A. W. McVittie and represented
players born In the mother country and
Canada respectively. Apart from this
distinction the game had an added interest, inasmuch as the principal elements of the two teams were distinct—
the one team being composed of cricketers and the other of baseball players.
Speculation was rife as to whether tb e
superior catching aud fielding of the
baseball players would offset tbe advantage the old country players possessed
in past experience and thorough knowledge of the game. It was hardly to be
expected that it would but it certainly
came very close to it, the score showing
but 13 runs in favor of lhe old countrymen.
The game was a most enjoyable one
and tht day perfect cricket weather.
Cloudless sky, clear light ami hot sun.
tempered by cool breezes—all conditions
under which cricket is enjoyable—were
present. To the spectators, possibly,
especially those |not understanding the
fine points, the game was slow, but
there were lively moment, notably
"Baldy" Morris' fine slide to safely iu
the first innings of the colonial team,
That player gave a fine nil around exhibition of cricket, hitting vigorously, running judiciously and bowling with great
success. He waa nwny the best player
on the ground, his bowling uud batting
being of grent assistance to his side.
Few errors were made on either side and
the only chances lost were hard ones
Takeu all in all it was n good display of
England's national game and it is to be
hoped the begiuuiug of further exhibitions of this pastime. Following is the
First Inning.
Hunter, c Biker, b Morley  4
H McVittie, c Baker, b Morley  6
Hill, b Cock	
Bertram, b Morley.  4
Burton, b Morley  „  1
A McVittie, b Cock _  I
Jamieson, c Gurd, b Morley  7
Morris, run out 11
Scott, b Morley  5
Smith, b Morley 	
Stevens, not out _	
Wurk of Relief Progressing in a Favorable
Very liltle progress has been made the
past week iu recovering lhe bodies of
the victims of the recent Ferine disaster
.(though no effort bus been spared by
lhe company to do so. The work is
handicapped by the Immense quantity
of rock which fell from tbe roof, and
winch bus completely blocked the way
into some of the rooms. Up to date
about 124 bodies have been recovered
while over .1 dozen are known to still be
iu the mine.
The work of contributing money
toward the relief fund is still progressing favorably and up to date nearly f 20-
000 have been secured Ior this purpose.
At a board of trade meeting held in
Cranbrook lust week a committee was
oppoii ted to collect money for the sufferers, and the following list, which will
be materially increased iu tbe next few
days, shows that the committee has not
been idle:
.1   llrault SlOOOlll II Miner.       5 00
: Marti
D 11 A Citi
mi Hprin
1. \ .lac
1 IV A   I :i
i<; 11 nth
Q I'   Miltln
\ McKi
■ j ifoiid
For an Additional Industry In Tbis
Properties at Blairmore  arc Being
Investigated By Eastern
r Wellman
5 (O V li.niton     .  .
1  KI
1   lllllt'llHiitl.
ii on b Carson .. ..
.    1 (XI
M Williams
1 mi v MuiMiaO --
..    1 W
•1111.1 Murray	
1 Ot
; T Honors .
G "tic li.il.ir -
.   1 u:
fi m I-: 11 Sla t:r	
..   1 t»i
v. trli'iiil -..
,-> DO A  I.eaiK	
1 0.
\ room M ii'-/
5 (Hi A Mil--«r -■--
-.     I «
Kcsweyn & 1
tilli - 	
IV T held . .
soo J stacks	
t s Murdoch
1 i-i.l Wifilm.ui --
..     1 #
W A l'rest
2 tu sundries   ----
A Mend    . .
r5   u a
a Mli! DVromati -
0 MM DHillings
W K Tnte - -
Palmer St An
• ii" A I. MeUermo
s k ilarvte
;•• I' Simpson
S00    Total	
.-■?u: 1*5
M lloekendoi
2 50|
hop drum, nml we nre of llm n|iinioii   tttKr.it.   Money lias mmle no ilifference
Scotch Tweeds
And Worsteds
Plsase the wearer. They make him feel
well dressed. They are stylish, designs
are right, durability unquestioned. Call at
that for amateurs iu the art ol" roughness
the range riders are not too dusty.
However, they won a holly contested
game strictly on their merits, and nothing but lhe best of feelings prevail at
this end uf the line, mingled with a determination to mnke the prairie boys
look like thirty cents when our team
goes down there to piny the return
Put Up a Fair Show.
An aggregation known as the New
York Clipper Novelty company held the
boards in Wentworth hail last Thursday
and Friday nights, and played to fairly
well filled houses. The show consisted
of specialties throughout, some of which
were above the average, the most worthy
of mention being the acrobatic work of
Prof. Arnaldo, ami the Juggling niul bicycle riding by two other members of
the company. The principal feature of
the entertainment, however, was a troupe
of performing dogs, which brough forth
much applause from the audience, and
showed plainly that the intelligence of a
dog can be cultivated lo a much higher
degree (ban that of many humans-
in Jim Cronin. He is lhe same sociable
chap, wiih uo airs, a great home man,
and is happy in the possession of a
charming wife. Some say, "Lucky Jim
Cronin," but ''Persistent Jim Cronin"
would be more applicable. Talking of
the mining situation, Mr. Cronin told
the Old Man that with the war in Soulh
Africa closed, he looked for a change
for the better in the lead market, which
would have a good effect on the sit
tuition iu British Columbia.
Hi ti ti
When the train reached Kooteuay
Landing, Danny Murphy, who was on
the engine, said, "Well, we had the
Crows Nest hoodoo on board, yet we got
through all right."
Morley, run out 19
Johnston, b Morris  9
Haines,  b Morris  2
Cock,  b Morris o
Baker, c Jamieson,b McVittie     4
Gill, c McVittie, b Morris  4
Gurd, c Jamieson, b McVittie  2
Wright, b McVittie  4
Mallinson,  c Hill, b McVittie  ... 2
Winsby, c McVittie, b Morris   1
Hutchison,  not out  I
Wides „ __  3
Byes 4
Nelson Is All Right,
liver since the terrible disaster in
the mines at Fernie which caused such
an appalling loss of life, and left destitute so many whose only menus of support was thus ruthlessly cut off, the city
of Nelson has taken a prominent part
in lhe raising of funds for the relief of
lhe dislressetl, and the gootl work is not
yet ended. Last Saturday a lacrosse
match wns played in that city between
the Liberals ind Conservatives, and as
it had been advertised that the proceeds
would go to the Fernie relief fund, over
500 people witnessed lhe match, which
resulted in a victory for tbe Liberals by
a score of 5 to 2. The game was the occasion for a good afternoon's sports, and
every Individual who paid to witness it
helped-in a small way a noble work.
As a result of lhe game, over $100 was
added to tbe relief fund.
Total .
Second Inning.
Hunter, aid Halues	
H McVittie. bCock _	
Hill, c aud bCock	
Bertram, b Cock	
Burton, c Haines, b Wright	
A McVittie, b Wright	
Jamieson, c Johnston, b Wright
Morris, not out	
Scott, b Cock         .. .
Smith, c Baker, b Wrighi	
Stevens, absent	
Strawberry Festival.
A strawberry festival and social will
be held at the residence of A. Leitcb on
the evening of Coronation day, Tbe
Ladies Aid of Knox church have the entertainment in charge, aud are making
extensive ur range me nta for the event,
which promises to be u huge success.
Total O..62
Both sides not having time to complete a second inning lhe game was decided on first. In the second lhe colonial team did belter than in the first inning, Morris alone compiling a score oi
40 uot out,
Of tbe bowlers McVittie proved most
successful, taking four wickets for nine
runs. The others were: Morley, seven
for 26; Cock, three for twelve; Morris,
five for twenty-two; Wright, three for
Baseball Game Saturday.
A baseball game will be played iu
Craubrook on the Turf and Athletic
grouudsou Saturday afternoon between
the Elko and Cranbrook teams. The
game will be called between 1:30 and
2:00 o'clock, and promises to bo B warm
one as Klko Is said to have some good
talent from the other side while the
Craubrook team has been doing sonic
tall practicing lately.
"Has Beens" vs. I:lrnt Eleven.
The following team of "Has Beens"
High Water al Lethbridge.
George Uremner returned from Lethbridge Friilay, accompanied by Mrs.
Uremner and little daughter Bessie, who
have been visiting relatives there for
the past few weeks. Mr. Uremner says
the recent high water iu the Belly river
created an immense am lunt of damage
around Lethbridge, and that (he loss in
property and stock will amount to
thousands of dollars, and will be a severe blow to the ranchers living in the
bottom lands near the town, as some of
them not only lost their houses and
farm buildings, but every head of stock
they possessed.
The Herald bas always maintained
ihat for diversity of minerals and natural resources, the district lying along the
line of the Crows Nest railway cannot
be equalled on the American continent,
and tbat all thai is needed to bring Ibe
riches of this country lo the front, is
capital, judiciously invested. It is gen
eralty conceded that, compared with
other mining countries, the development
of ihis section bas been remarkably
slow, notwithstanding the fact that In
possessing the iniuieusecti.il fields of tbe
Crows Nest Pass Coal company antl the
rich Btlver-lead deposits of the St. Kugene. North Star ami Sullivan mines,
this district has gained a reputation
which is world wide. But, as a rule, legitimate propositions o! sufficient sire
can generally find capital waiting to be
invested, aud in the following article,
takeu from the Nelson News, it would
seem that the sigus ol the time* are
surely pointing tbis way:
T. G Proctor bsS returned from Mon*
treal and other eastern point*. In au interview with a Daily News reporter Mr.
Proctor admitted that the bad been successful in the matter o! disposing of bis
Cial and iron holdings at 8pnfnt.be
figure, but pending the completion of
the transaction be did uot feel warranted in unking public tbe details.
With respect lo tbe Biairmore coal
fields, however, be had no objection to
announcing lb.it work Upon a considers-
ble scale will be undertaken at once.
Engineers are now ou the ground for
the purpose of making a thorough examination of tbe property in order to
ascertain the extent of the various seams
and to estimate the coal available for
coking and steam purposes. Tbe result
of their examination will doubtless be
the Immediate establishment of coke
ovens on a considerable scale, aad the
shipment of steam coal. All tbe preliminary tests of the coal) both for coking and i-team purposes, have been of a
highly satisfactory nature, and, by some
of the priucipai experts, the coke already produced has been pronounced
equal to any on tbe market.
There is, however, much work of a
development nature to be done and
diamund drilling aud tunneling will be
proceeded with to prove ihe property,
and before long Blalrmore may become
as important a point as Fernie.
Mr. Proctor says there O no difficulty
in interesting eastern capitalists in legitimate enterprises that are sufficiently
large, but for capital for prospects, and
for mining on a small scale especially
under tbe preseut conditions, a halt appears to have been called.
Mr Proctor and his associates, Messrs.
V. Hyde Baker and R. K Fishburne,
are to be congratulated if tbey have been
successful in adding anotlier industry
lo Koolenays string, and the progress of
the eastern capitalists will be watched
with Interest.
"Too Rich lo Marry."
Those who attend the performance of
"Too Rich to Marry" at Wentworth
hall on Monday, June 16. will not only
see a liist class comedy but will be entertained with a pleasing list of specialties. Careful attention has been given
to the selecting of the specialties which
are given between the acts, and which
serve to make ibe performance continuous.    There are DO waits.
Coroner's Inquest.
Last Saturday ufleriioou an inquest
wus held on the body of Alfred T. Martin, the mining expert who met his
death by falling from ihe east bound
passenger train near Fort Steele Junction, two weeks ago. Coioner Moffat
had charge of the inquest, and the jury
was composed of Messrs. W. T. Reid, J.
R. Downes, W. A l'rest, W. F. Tate, A.
IO Watt and Dr. Be1). After considering n.i the evidence available, a verdict
of accidental death was rendered.
A   tm.nl  Pick-Up.
Lord Kitchener has been created a viscount ami the King has sent u message
lo parliament iccommendlng a gram of
£50,000 fur his war services.
Esklla Looking* (jood.
William Mi.is, William Bluett and
Michael Donald were lu town Monday,
on their way to Moj ie from Tracy creek.
They have been doing development
work on the Kslelia mine, and have jost
completed a 270-fool cross cut iu the
lower tunnel of tbe mine, which is in a
distance of over 1200 feet. Mr. Mills
ssys they struck a lead of fairly good ore
about four feet in width, and that the
property is looking very promising.
He also states that from present indications considerable work will be done in
that neighborhood this summer.
Ma) Plaj In Nelson.
Thc Cranbrook Lacrosse team has received a very generous invitation from
Nelson, for a game in that city on Coronation day. The Nelson boys offer to
pay their transportation and hotel expenses, and give them }~:-i besides, 10
say nothing of the good time they will
have while under their care. The Craubrook boys will iu all probability accept
the Invitation, ami nre getting In shape
to give the boys of the lake city a lew
poluters on lacrosse as she is played.
Oucss Which One.
A local hotel man claims to know personally every traveller 011 lhe road who
stays at his house. The other morning
a clergyman arrived on Ihe train and
while registering his name the hotel
man Inquired! "And what hue do you
travel for?" "Oli, I'm in the spiritual
line," replied the clergyman. Thinking
he was a liquor traveller engaged in
selling spirits, the host immediately
naked, "Say, isn't it hell how gin's gone
up lately?" CRANBROOK   HERALD
Editor und. Proprietor.
The Heraiii desires to give the news nr thu
district. K you know any about your tuwn
your mine or ymir iteoplo, semi it to llils office.
Wheu W. H. Bullock-Webster, acting
as commissioner, was iu Feiuie, there
was a desire on the part ol some ui the
officials to have the Inquiry postponed
on account of the mine disaster. Mr.
Bullock-Webster staled that since the
witnesses hud beeu subpoenaed it would
greatly inconvenience tbe public to
adopt such a policy, bul that since it
might be better fur Constable Barnes io
rem a iu in Fernie, be would continue tbe
work, uud when nil of the sessions had
been held, he would return to I'ernie
and have the testimony read to Mr.
Barnes, so that anything be might desire
to offer, *lie would be afforded the opportunity. This arrangement was perfectly satisfactory to Constable Darned
and Government Agent Armstrong, ami
they so assured the commissioner.
Ou the following day a supplement pf
the Feruie Free Press was Issued and tbe
following article appeared'.
Considerable surprise is  expressed al
the action or Commissioner W. H. Bullock-Webster in requiring Chief of Police
Barnes to leave town at such a lime aa
this to attend the  sittings of the license
commissioners at Klko. in view ol the
slate of excitement bordering on frenzy
which prevailed up lo yesterday, oue
would have thought even in the eyes of
a special commission tbe importance uf
maintaining the peace and protecting
the citizens of Fernie from the fury engendered by certain aspects of the ler-
rible calamity which has overtaken the
town would have loomed up larger than
the petty interests Involved iu a whiskey
enquiry. Probably the commissioner
and those octing with him were nol
aware how near llie town came lo a riot
on Sunday nighl, and how it whs only
prevented by a stronger personal influence than even the strung arm of the
law. Knowing the facts. Chief Barnes
consulted some of the leading clilzeua,
and was practically told that be would
not be allowed lo leave during llle present crisis, and so wisely decided lo remain at what is obviously bis post of
duty, whatever the consequences may
be. For this decision we applaud him,
and he deserves the thanks of the community. We believe that before the
present crisis is past be will also receive
the thanks of those who would have sent
him elsewhere.
Why this should have been done is a
mystery. It is a reflection ou Mr. Bul-
lock-Webster and places him iu a most
unfortunate light before the public.
Acting in his judicial capacity, naturally it would hardly be proper for him to
make a reply to Buch a contemptible assault upou his judgment and integrity;
and with those wbo know him, a reply i -
entirely unnecessary, The Free Press
has gone a long ways to cast a slur at a
good officer and a gentleman, aud it
owes au apology to the public aud to
Mr. Bullock-Webster.
The banana belt weather lias struck
these parts.        	
From every point comes the report
that Crnuhrook stands better than most
towns during llie ilti'l tunes.
The Dunsmuir government Ins given
the province a blow Irom which it will
not recover for a long time.
The Craubrook dislrict will elect a
home man. It is not necessary lo Import outside talent.
Get ready to cheer. The legislature is
about to adjourn.
J. C. Drewery is doing some strong
campaigning In West Kootenay for a
seat in East Kootenny. He tells the
Nelson News that tunny want him to
represent the Cranbrook distiict but
that he has uot fully made up his mind.
Make It up now, Mr. Drewery, nml make
it up right. It will save you a lot of
Progress Always.
Murysvllo Tribune
Progress always progress! The wonderful development in the way of treating ore of various kinds anil the cheapening of the pre cess by which these
ores are treated means a great deal to
the mining world at large ami to British Columbia to sav nothing of what It
means to South Bast Kootenay. Properties that have been lying dormant
for years, owing to the Impractlblllty
of smelting their ores ui.der lhe old
system will now be In a position to ship
and smelt.
The fact of lhe Sullivan Croup Mir,
Ing company bulldiug a smeller at
Marysvllle Is a sign of the times. This
ls tbe lirst sme.ter that has been started In South East Kootenay but it will
by no means be the last. The vast Improvements made In the treatment of
ores by the new methods will without
A shadow of a doubt, have a tendency
to Induce capital to bulb), not one, but
many smelters In thla district. The
time will soon come when the vast
mineral wealth of this, one ot the
greatest mineral dOtrlcts on ihe con-
. tenant, will no longer be simply lying
In tbe bowels of the earth, but will be
treated and turned Into the markeiabl
article aud will go towards increasing
tbe wealth of this great district, The
fact that the cost of the reduction of
ores has been decreased so much will
without doubt tend to make low grade
properties Increase in value. CZ3
We say, as we have often said before.
South 10jit Kootenay Is all right ami   It
tea good place to tie up to.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news 01
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is -vorth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
r   Real Estate for sale by "Hutch"
House niul l.nt on IL-ikci' Ilill, Six Rooms
$650 cash, balance easy terms
Mouse and l.nt,  Six  Rooms and Stable,
$300 cash, balance easy terms
*• House  and   Lot, Six   Rooms, $900  cash
All Snaps.    Pirst Come, First Served
It Pays to "HUCH." I
1 ' (!)
An   Eastern   financier   Takes   a   Roseate
View of Future,
Mr.T. 1*. Coffee, vice-president of the
Dominion Permanent Loan Co,, of To-
onto, and one of the leading capitalists
of l-.aatem Canada, visited Oram!
Forks, B, C , recently on his annual
tour of Inspection. Ilis company'has
.-.tensive investments in this province,
especially In the Boundary district.
Making his headquarters In Grand
Forks, Mr. Coffee, since his arrival in
the west, has made visits to Republic
antl to Phoenix for the purpose of per'
sonally familiarizing himself with mining conditions, and In speaking to a
ree Press correspondent be said ,
"I am connected with financial institutions, which have been malting Investments iu British Columbia for the
past twelve years. Beginning In a small
way and at a period when the latent
possibilities of tite province were not
reaH/.ed in the east, we have watched
your amazing development with no Utile
interest and year by year have constant
ly increased our holdings. It gives me
pleasure to state that our Investments
have all been eminently satisfactory.
My associates have adopted the policy
of visiting the province annually In
order better to be able Lo watch the
tread of development. This policy lias
been steadily kept tn view and will be
maintained in tbe future. All things
consldeied, 1 have reached the conclusion that no better Investments in Can.
ada can be made than those offered at
iliis moment by llritish Columbia, whose
growth and progress during the past
live years hss been simply phenomenal
and is unsurpassed by any ol the older
provinces, There Is nnliiulied capital
available In the east but considerable
missionary work has yet to be accomplished before absolute confidence in
the character of your Investments li
secured, Tbe effects of Indiscriminate
wild-catting or mining properties Inct
denial to new mining regions were decidedly felt In eastern cities for several
years and produced a re-action which Is
only now beginning slowly to disappear.
It will take some time before confidence
Is fully re-established, bul I lock forward to
A New And Brighter Era
as soon as the merits of your legitimate
mining propositions become more wide'
ly known, An Intelligent appreciation
of the mining Industry especially of
Southern British Columbia, alroad)
exists In a limited circle and this knowledge is bound 10 become more generally diffused.
"From personal observation I have no
hesitation In declaring that mining intelligently carried out by men who know
the mining business can be prosecuted
with as little uncertainty as any other
enterprise and wllh the added advant
age of earning large profits. It Is quite
clear, however, that ample capital is
required for the treatment of the low
grade ore deposits of lhu boundary. I
was quite Impressed by the recent article ol Dr. LedOUX, of New York, dealing with tinning conditions in this district, The publicity given his views
wlil probably result In thc inversion of
considerable capital in this direction,
I reason that If he has convinced mc
that mining In the Boundary Is being
curie I 1.11 very prolitably, he will be
equally successful in convincing others.
Indeed, after going through the Granby
mines at Phoenix und witnessing tie
extensive operations In progress there
an .veil as thc
Enormous Ore Reiervcs,
I feel I can speak with no little authority. Those mines arc certainly among
tne largest In the world and ll Is spi a.--
ent ihat nowhere else is the cost of
mining reduced to so low a com. 1
walked around various blocks of solid
ore, each an acre in extent, and I saw-
one width of SCO feet and a length of
7011 feet. This is undoubtedly the largest stope In the world aud solid ore wai
extracted from It; besides the width of
the ore body has not yet beeu determined as one of the sides of tbe slope Is
sllll in ore. Tbe mining of ore on the
surface In vast open quarries was one
of the most novel sight*} 1 ever witnessed, and I was surprised when Informed
by A. C. Plumerfelt, the assistant general manager, that a contract for ihe
extraction of five million tons of ore
from the surface had just been award
ed Porter Bros., a firm of railway cor.-
tractors. Cheapness of mining, the
self-fluxing character of the ore and
other factors make the conditions almost Ideal,
"Now thai railway communication
hat been  established,    Republic   pro
mises to be a camp of great importance.
Oi.OI mv recent viilt 1 hid no conception of the richness ami extent of its
ore bodies. The Mountain Lion Is developed to a depth of "Ml feet and has,
I was informed, 83,000 tons of ore
liroken down In the stopes ready for
shipment, Another Instance of exten-
slve development is the Qullpi which
h; s ;,;i,(iihi tons of ore blocked out as
well as 3,000 tons of ore broken down
In the slopes, Without enumerating
the list of mines I might add tint thc
Black Tall can steadily ship 75 tons a
day, and that the camp without having
regard to the ore already mined, Is now
in a position 10 maintain shipments ol
from 300 to 3S0 tons of ore dally to the
Cranby smelter at Grand Forks,"—Winnipeg Free Prea.
(i. H.THOriPSON,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Crnnhr.i.ik nml llarysvllle, ll. C.
W. .1. WELCH,
Draying and
Pianao Moving a Specialty
"Amber"   Plug Smoking   Tobacco  is
winning   on   its   merits,       "Have   yon
tried  it?" 	
"Mr. Albert B. Wilteo."
To lhe researches of London paper a,
Inspired by au Inquiry from "ihe en
i lightened Inhabitants of Sioux City, la,
! IT. S, A." the British public Is Indebted
I King Edward would bear 11 all his royal
' ami aristocratic titles were shorn from
lilm. The Inq ilry was due to a discussion In a social company In this town.
The London paper admits It is a hard
question, but proceeds to answer. It
! finds tbat dymastlcally, King Kdward
' belongs to tbe Hinoverlan line of
Urtinswiclt-Luxenbourg, which came
in tin-; throne ot I'.agUntl with fleorge I
in 1714, The family name was Guelph,
and to that family have belonged thc
English rulers since.
Hut the c.ielph family cannot give Its
name to I; Ovarii, His mother was a
Cuelpb, but his father was of the house
of Saxony. The family name of his
father, Prince Albert, would presumably have been Mr. Albert Wettln. The
present king would therefore be Mr.
Allien El ward Wettln, if he should
cease to be a sovereign and compelled
to drop all his dignities and lind his
funlly name. But, as the Lindoi
paper (Modern .Society) sagely observed
his family has been In the king business
and therefore not In need of surname,
sines a period so remote that It goes
bank centuries before surnames, as we
uow know them, were used at all. In
answering the Inquiry, the London piper says that tbe king would be Mr,
Wettln If he should become an American citizen; and It naively, "wonders If
Sioux City Is anticipating this result as
a result cf the great Morgan combine."
Sioux City Tribune.
Surveys „,
Land Purchases,
Pre-Em pt ions,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Port Steele, If, C.
and Builder   jt
All wnrk guaranteed.   Sec us before
ynu Iniilil.   II will pay you.
Cranbrook, B L
As to Advertising.
.Marysvllle Tribune
Advertising has long since Ceased to
an experiment with the modern business man who desires to keep up with
the procession and obtain a fair share
nf business, but this from one who has
had experience nevertheless Is worth
"It Is needless to say that persistent
advertising is a great aid In building up
and maintaining a business and giving
prestige to a store. It keeps the store
aud Us goods constantly before the eyes
of the people and after a time the accumulative effect Is astonishing. Regularity aud persistency form the basis
of all successful advertising.
"The merchant who orders his advertising in the paper when he feels good
and orders It out when his mood changes
will never reap much benellt from his
work. 1 ni* state of a man's liver Is not
a safe barometer by which to regulate
expenditure or enterprise, Tbe merchant should advertise on principle and
not form caprice. He should not feel
that he ls doing lhe proprietor of his
paper a 'avor every time he hands him
an advcrlisement to print. In very
many cases the obligation ls all the
other way, even tho' the dealer pays a
good price for tne space.
"A good newspaper Is more deserving of respect than almost any other
Institution In a modern community.
The work it can do In the upbuilding of
a town or a business ls almost beyond
calculation. It should be regarded
more as a public Institution than a private enterprise, and should receive the
hearty support and co-opcratlon of
every business man.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canndlau Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, It C.
Upholstering and (icncral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in tbe district
Physician and Surgeon.
Office al Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   ■   ■   •   ■   ')'30 to 11
Afternoons   *   •   ■   •   1:30 tu 3:30
Evenings    *   -   ■   -    7.30 to 8:30
CRANBROOK,    I    I    I        :    :     B.   C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
the North Mm Mm ir 1
itilinl assayer to
!>'.   Illllltl'll.
Every Description nl Mineral Analysis.
Prompt Attention m Samples Iiy .Mall and
Kootenay St., Nelson, It. C,
Subscribe for
The Herald..
^,   I. ii.o.P.   Key City l-mluc
Xn. 11   Mceli every Pr'
i^-.^.--^-. ilny ninlil al llielr Imii mi
linker slroot,   Sojourning
(lllll PollomrOI'llliillyiii.llril.
S. J Morrow,       A I,. Mcliermot,
N. 11. Rec'v,
ti'J^i "\        Crnnbronk Lodftc No. 31
! A. F. & A. At.
rit\xl//V4 lli-Kiilm meetings on Ilio
5-s\ yA A lliinl Tliinsilay or llm
•i/frO      month.
DR.. A. l.lilTi'll, Sen',-.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
The tilth am ual meeting of the shareholders of the Crow's Nest 1'as** Coal
company was 'ielil in Toronto on March
The net pi. lit nf the year after paving all opt-utlitg expanses and all
charges nf every hind, amounted to
$807,818 30, After paying a dividend
al the rate of ten i<>*r cent per annum
B balance of !p.s If.' SO was carried forward to the credit uf profit and loss.
This company's assets are llielr coal
mines and the townsile of I'ernie. four
years ago this company had no transportation facilities and their stock sold
as low as eleven cents per share. Tt
lav their stock Is selling at $00.00.
THE SIMILKAMEEN VALLEY COAL COMPANY 1.'iniied assets aie Coal Mines,
Timber, Water Cower, Agricultural and Horticultural Land, City Water Works, Electric
Llghl Plant und the Townsite uf Ashnola,
surrounded by the following resources:
llold, Capper, Silver, Lead, Iron, Lime, Fire
Clay, Platinum, and a Fine Stock Raising
Country, and it Is the smelting center of
the Similkameeu Valley with a climate
all that could be asked. Today you
can secure an option ou this company's
stock by paying ten cents per share
down and ten cents per month until
fully paid, with non-forfeiture clause.
This price Is subject to a twenty-five
cent advance without notice, or as soon
as transportation is assured. The present price Is $1.10 per share, Dj not
wait until it is too late, but get In on
the ground floor and make a handsome
profit. A purchaser of 100 shares now
may gain a profit of SS.ooo.oo, Crow's
Nest shares as an example. This would
be a fair profit on an Investment of $10
per month for eleven months. We Invite tbe fullest inspection of the company's a Hairs by Intending purchasers.
Por further Information apply to the
Similkameen Valley Coal Company Limited, Head Office, Nelson, li. C. Room
'•A," K, W. C. Block, Nelson, B. C.
**\ ....Dealers in....
)^ Wall s Paper,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
v||y-       flouldings, Etc.
f*\ Paper Hangers and Decorators.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Retail
I Meat Merchants
H Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
H      Fish, Game and Poultry.
K3 a****
—        We supply only thc best.   Your
trade is solicited.
TlminuH Stevenson
Marry Mslnlsmh
A Continuous Show
I'lrst Class Cafe nnd
Rmiins In Connection
"Always on Shift"
The only all rail route between all
points Kast, West and South to,..,
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANK with til.
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R, & N. Company.
Nelson with Steamer lor  Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Palls with State Dally tor
Republic, and ,
Connect, il.ilv
At    Bossburg   Stage   Dally   (or
Urand Porks and Ureenwood-
II. A. JACKSON, Ilea. Paaa. A|l.
I have good wood oi all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention,
Richard Stewart
There arc a few points lo
be considered in building,
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Oive me a call.
Good work,   Good   Materia
and the price.
Have yon tallied with anyone about bulldloi?
Come aad see me or let me see yon. It may
do na both food.
Contractor. Printing is Our Business^
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
Creek yielded as much us S 1,000 to
the same unit of measurement.
William* Crook affords some not-
Able tnstnncoe of the extraordinary
concentration of "coarse" sold in
limited areas, Tims, from MlcoPa
claim, B0x3S ffi'i. over 5100,000
worth of gold was obtained. Prom
tlm Hill.-r Company's clnlm It is
iti'il thnt iu one day 200 pouiuli
lnht In gold, vuluoil ni 81IH.400,
ih   rnisetl,     niul    in  18(18    twenty
■lui.lis  ffo
Of   KMlil
eh   p.
:d it wus
me d I flieu
is largelj
ty by
■I* tbu
11  riv-
d by the
mid  buy  was
Pour hundred tn
on    Williams Crook, in  IHlUi, wl
which wus termed tho golden von
Though   like   Uiiiiiiins   tVook,
Cnvcruil  iu   18(11,  Uie  deep    rltm
of Lightning Creek wus not mu-c
fully reiii-heit till 1870, bill ei
developments followed, 'I'he Uu
er claim nt mn' lime yielded
ounces uf gold n cluy; ihe Am
800 lo linn ounces, ami tlie Ortlei
iu 800 ounces,
The Cariboo milling district   |H
tuatcd iu it high end donsol.v for
ed mountnlnoiiH region, which,
en use  of  Us   InuccossiblQ  charnc
hud reimiiiieii niu
to the wandering
the time in wll let
ooverles in it occ
ed     only with e?
trails nnd Imperfi
mountains nml ac
era.     The sail"
llie district yel
couch line from
vlllo.     Evory n
miner was obtained nt excessive cost
Bill all these drawbuuks did not pro-
vent ' the rapid growth of typical
milling camps in the centre of ibis
remote wilderness, with their accompanying lavish expenditure, and
costly, if rude, pleasures. So lung
us the golden stream continued in
flow in Undiminished volume, everything that gold iflonc
to be obtained in Cariboo.
The development of tlie i:
curried out entirely by th
themselves. Nu outside capita] or
bucking wns asked for or obtained,
Money made in une venture wns freely und nt once embarked in another,
und the Investors were to bo found
working wiih pick and shovel In tlio
shaft or drift. Dut the lengths of t-tfo
rich old channels on both these
famous creeks which could be worked in this wny proved to be limited
to u few miles. Dolow a certain
point in each ruse, the "bed ruck"
wus found tu he ut so great n depth
that it was not possible to reach
through the loose nnd waler-satm*-*
itted materials filling the uld valley.
Thus the great yield of placer gold
became gradually reduced to comparatively modest proportions, nnd
up to thu recent discovery mining in
the Caribou district has been mainly confined to hydraulic workings, by
which pour ground is utilized nnd a
much larger quantity of material requires to ho removed to obtain a
given amount of gold.
Despite tin* fabulous sums obtained
in the Cariboo, exceeding in round
numbers $50,000,000, ii Is not recorded that many of the miners carried much of it With them when Ihey
left the country. The Intrinsic value of the gold cnn he measured by
conditions. Jinny of the miners
died of starvation, nnd at certain
periods those hardy adventurers, in
order to obtain food, were obliged
to give almost iis weight In gold.
Some few of thorn made fortunes,
'tis true, bul secured them ut iho
sacrifice of health, if tho report*
regarding the fresh discoveries In
ihe Cariboo nro authenticated there
is bound io be a rush io tho district
in tlie spi ngj    li wofhjld h
ni--.i Mir in ie in** H**Ht of me Borir-
liy menus of an Ingenious Instrument
Invented by Dr. Lombard of New York
| If Is ascertained thut a woman's body
| Is warmer than that of u mnn by about
| ttirco*fourths of a degree and some-
i times ns high ns Miii- degree, while In
! no Instnneo has the warmth of a man's
I body been found to be greater than
- Hint of ii fi-iriuh-. It Is also definitely
! iiseeiiiiliieil thnt children are dei-ldedly
warmer ItinII adults, the difference be-
. Ing about 1 degree P., the younger (he
i child the greater the diversity. A dlf-
' feri'iiee In the bent of the sides of tho
body is discovered to bu an Invariable
I law. The left side of the head nnd ex-
, lending downward to the base of tho
neck Is much hotter than the right side.
Kuiloet* hereby
late I iiiti'ini iu
Inr from the following
Goiiimeiicln*' nl n
mill's uortli
Ail  Ailv-tiiei-il Connie,
"Oh, Mr. Johns," exclaimed Miss
Gush, "I 11 en id you talking to pa abuut
plants, mul 1 do so want to talk to you,
for, yon know, 1 am very Interested In
but nny. 1 like nil kinds of plants nud
(lowers, as, of course, you do, too, Mr.
Julius; hut what varieties of plants are
ymi particularly Interested In?"
"The plants which I am most Inter-
esleil In," replied Mr, Johns, "are machinery plants."
Miss Gush looked mystified for a mo-
moot, but soon brightened up, remarking:
"1 haven't got so far as that yet."—
London Tlt-Blts.
tiruiipOne, Kail Ki
pastof the N. It. ooi
limit, ihiintr west -
chains theiicti nasi
I'llilllH,    tlU'll.'i-
lui* iiiiuifi
tin- i-i.
TlwtBlxiy ill
application to in
after ilalo l intei
< Honorable Comm
1 Works Or
the following (Jeserlh
Soiltll  Kast  Kuiiti'iui
I'lauuii 3(i chains sont)
ofpre-emniton LVo, 7*i
ih nice so chains Nor
thsnee so elialns Houtl
inont canlitlnlnu aw a
lit nr
.1 lllll I ill tlio
, rommciiclng
iirilii- N.w corner post,
running-ii) chains West,
li, ll.eni't' in alinlna Kast
in |ulnt uf csiiitiiieiHv-
AliibnniH'a   Capitals.
When Alabama was a territory Its
capital wns nt St. Stephens, In Washington county. The convention thnt
framed the constitution under which It
wns ndtnitted Into the Union wns held
In lluntsvlllo, where tho first legislature met In October, 1810, and the
first governor was Inaugurated. Cfthn-
hn became the scut of government In
IS'JO. In \82o the capital wns removed
to Tuscaloosa, and in is-Ki ft wns again
removed, this time to Montgomery,
Odor of Metals.
Gojd nnd platinum have little or no
odor, but the smell of newly cut tin
uml of other metals Is very pronounc-
etl. It Is suggested thnt uranium furnishes n clew to the odors of metals,
ns this Is a very strong smelling substance, nnd It Is rilways giving ofT the
so colled riccqucrcl rays, consisting of
streams of minute corpuscles.
More people spend their time In wondering why tbey nre not loved than In
trying io make themselves lovable.
Tak t
iiat' i intend
Chief Commissioner of Lands
mid Works for pjirmnslon to purchase tie fob
ImvIiii described lands:
Coiillliencinfi at a   pnsl   pliuilt'.l on llie nest
tide of the ciou's N'est IJpss railway right of
w y opposite nilleago W3, about two nllt-i west
i>r i.'u k cifk in Kast Kooteuay, thence west sn
Qlialns, thence aouili so chains, thence easl BO
oiinlns thenco uortli m chains to the place uf be-
fdunhig,' ontalnlng tw a -res, mure or less.
Dated thisWli daj ol June, IMA
hut sixty days after date llnteud
a Chlel Conunlssloner of Undi
1 i' Isslon tu purchase the fob
l lai
men oxporloncci
to give tho subj
tion before ihey
be carried a«u\
The Klondike ll
for every one i
the labor,
wiih the rem
Hi ni tin
-.ill be
lien i
its b	
uie rici
but   of  On
isl   ibe iiti-11
looking     Hi
finned   KI
id-. i>i,|,i. Bn
peopU liuve
fur Kev.   l-'ull
Vork, ns ii pulpit
ever  hu  visits  Ibe
On   oi
Toronto el
ion     hud
light, to he
r-in-il     New
story g"i
there Bt'
little mm
und then.
ed bis illi
ui lho
ud forth a ii
who aniioun
eaulng forwc
oiirsti ivilh l
wus n lm
IIS    „f   0    lib-
iv   n tin]   in
nothing la
Oirii    (Hi
Ileal   nu
/•ly.  bled   his
ni. com
i posl planted nn lhe westerly
way ofthe Crows Nest Pass
nsi Kootenay, opposite uillo
uiif uuin ffesl rn Itock Greek
loiiay. tlienoe w,st soclialna,
"■I"*. I lee east -4J Hums,
ii s in the place of beginning,
s. more orle s.
u of June, I'm.'.
I'm III Il'l
< I ii i ni' or loss.
II. V. April, ElSl, 1002,
Notice fs hereby given that thirty day
dub- I liitenu to make application to the
nulSBlouer of liiindsaiidWorhsfnra
to prospect for ooal ou lhu following das
lauds -.
Commencing ai a i o it marked "Thos, 11. Mof-
fittt s. W. coiner post" plumail on the wot-t
bank of Michel crook itboul ono milo in n northerly direction from c. \\. drains s. W, onrner
posl] thence north mi chainsi tlieneo oust wi
iihiiiiis; thenoo south BOehiilns* tlivticc west*J
olialus to the placo of bo)*itiiiliig.
Dated intlt April, 11)02.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days nfter
dale 1 intend t» make application lo llie Chief
Commissioner of f-auds und Works for a lici-ns
to iirospect for eonl on llie following ilt-sorlbod
L'oinmonolng at a post marked "C. Mclnnes
B, K. corner I'usl" pliintflll on the west bllllk of
Michel creek Immediately adjoin! in A, Moffat's
N. E. corner I oat; ihenco north so clialnaj
thencewestsdohuinsi tlieneo south bo tlialns*
thence cast mi ilialns lo the place of beglnilllig.
r. Mc INN 1.8,
Dated loth April, 1002,
■ is hereby given thai thirty ti
date I Intend to make aiiplfcallon to theChluf
Conniilssloner of l/illds and Works for a llconso
to iirospect for coal on tlio following ib-serlbed
Commenting at n |t:ist marked "Malcolm Mclunes 8, K. imst " planted on tlm west side »f
Michel creek (north fork) id thu Inlernecllon ol
said crcok with ihe norlliern boundiiryof I-ut
45sy, (iroup 1; thoneo north mi chains: llicnca
we-il BOt'hitiliS; HieilcD sotltll BO chains; llielica
cast no cliiil is to tin: place of beginning,
Dateil ItUli April. 1002,
Notice Is hereby given that HUrty
dale I Intend loapplytothoChlnfCoi
of Lands and Works for a license t
for coal mi tlio follow*,]
Commencing at a p
K. corner jmsr* piante-
north fork of Michel <
a northerly direction fi
post; ihence west si
chains; thence east so
chains to the placo ol begl
Pn tea null April. 190
"a Moffat N,
thank nf the
two mile- in
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Intern) to make appllsatlon lo tin* chief
Commission-] r of l-and-j and Works for a license
prospect for
Commencing at a pot
wards3, w. eorner(po
side of tlw north fork
ntersectlon of said ci
boundary of Lot -two, i
i-Mains, Utt>neo cast -tl i
chains; Ihence west soc
Dated liith April, 1932
i the following del
I llm
ir! lu
mp it thenco n-iiii
ihis; lliciifc s„mti
ins tollieplureor
lake ll.ill.
'Hint si\h
days iifter
laid 1
Inten 11
l.lppl) Id 1
te chier
er  nf
Lan is
ii i Works
ir iwrndsii
Im-il hm.Is
ni io pun
he Inl.
Coinmi iici
Ig   III   H   I'I
s| niarkc.
.. Dar-
llg'B \. lv.
ornei post
" I'lnnte I
at tin
SOlllll- |
isi cor nor
>f 1'. I.iuiil
s uurolias
>, um
no in Is wc
i ' f mi hu-
j.u onjil
e l'n
s Nest
hi South
lust   I.n
thu ice!
red M.'hiu
s, tliea.e s
llltll Nl fill
ns In
.nt KM,
i. 1.  thence
east   **<J
Imliii, UH'
m   north  N
lutlns in Hi
plane of beginning,
ores, more or less,
Da wl tills
nth day ol
une. Hug,
w, u
Notice ls hereby given that llnrty 'lay
date l intend to make appllcallon to the
Conimlssioaet of ljuids nud'VN orks fm a i
lo proipect for coal ou tha following des
Cotnmaucliig at a post marked -*l, a.
n. VV, corner post" planted mi th.* west ti
Michel creek about iwo lnllca tn anortht
roctlun from M. Mo I
.smith s> elial.e
place ol i d-undoi:.
Dated loth April,
lottce that sixty days after date i lutend
c"hi f Commissioner
permission lo pitrcha
id laudsi
In- f.ii-
mi I Uf*
of lhe
r li in*
, Noil
Notice Is hereby given thai thirty days after
date I Intend to make application to the Chief
Com mission or of Land ami Works for a license
to prospect for coal on tho following described
Commencing at fl posl marked "W. Mounts
EL corner post" planted on tlio wosl bunk or
Michel creek about ono iniie in a northerly dl
roctlon from 0. Meiini s s, it, corner i»>st
Ilietiee uortli soebuiiis, thai  west SO pjialns
Ihence soul It ROotlBlnS; thollOQ OfUt --li ctinlllS tl
ilu< place of beciniiing.
Hated lillh April, Iflftl.
mlary of snld i
OSS, lu Hln pllli'i
NKII. Mi I'lll'.ltSnN.
it is sub) that (his souti
took the pooplo's bronlli
fug supposedly from the g
Huntington nm after ibe service
Word wns paascd around thai there
hml been nn error and (Iml tho clergyman who bud Just oHlclnled was
Kev, prof. Huntlngford, then newly
arrived from England, ami later lo
become well known in Toronto.     In
describing  Muses as a bust ler,  be n<>
doubt thought to commond the deliverer of Israel to lho hustling public of this new world uud iu put himself ou easy terms with the slnng-
loving Cuuiidiuns.
Peasant or Khi-f.
Tho life of the peasant is as sacred
...i that of the King, and will
stroylng the whole fonndatli
law and order the ptinishnvgnl
llborato murder cannot bo
greater fn one Instnneo thnu another,
It is Idle to urgo thut killing n ruler
is a direct attack upon socloty, fm
iliere is no such a thing us u corporate or a .syndicated life, and (lie ninn
who takes into bis uwn hands —* to
the utter d is regit id of law  1 trial
by Jury — tlio punishment, of nn of*
fence ll gainst himself or others, It
eiiunlly with the King-killer mnklng
un ui tuck upon socloty mid its safe-
guards.—Toronto Saturday Night,
if do-
t fm
mis und Works foi nil
on Ihe following llOK
. w
uciug nt n post iiiiii keti "c. w, drains
ner i-osi" planted on the west bank of
tt-k Immediately adjoining I. a. Mof-
eonim posl; Ihence norili Sllchallis;
t so ulinlni; thence south m chains;
si *i) i Iiiini-, io the place nf beginning,
■tb April, 1002. •
i hereby given tluu ililrty darsnfto
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of thc choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount of principal and inl rest, except in the
case uf lands under $2.SO an acre, is divided into ten instalments ns
shown In the table below; the first lo b» paid at Ihe lime of purchase, Ine second one year from dale of Ihe purchase, the third in
two years and so on.
The following table shows Ihe amount of Ihe annual instalments
on 160 acres at different prices under the above conditions:
160 acrs al S2.SU per acr, Isl instalment $5W5 9 equal Inlal'ts al $.10.00
3.00     "           >>               71.111 "              60.00
3.50     1.            ■•                8J.90 •'               70.00
4.00     "           "               95.85 "              .10.00
4.50     1.           "              107.85 .'              WOO
5.00     '<           «                19.85 "             100.00
Ki 111 ber lev 's ""•' ',us'ness am' shipping point for fhe
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsile Agents.
Cranbrook 's'",e (''v's'ona' Point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of  St mil
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
For further Information apply to agent, as above or to
Lands under S2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
If Ihe land is paid lor in full at the
lime of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal to ten per
cent on the amount paid in excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will be
charged in over due instalments.
The Company has also lots for sale
in tlie following town sites in Fast kooienay: Elko, Cranbmuk. Moyclle, Kitchener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are une.third
cash, and thc balance in six and >tnel,e
Kitchener is in lhe center of Ihe great
Iron range aud Ihe gateway to llic While
lirotise copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Tow nsite Agent.
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agenl, Nelson, B. C. or
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars. Buy a lot in
MARYSVILLE, the Smelter City of
South East Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Crauhrook and Marysville Sole Agents
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,!
Dimension Lumber. !
Shingles and I
nouldings. I
-»#*•*****♦#♦♦* ♦******#♦#.* ************************** I
Thirty days after,'dale we, the KlnjiMercan-
tlle Company, limited, win make application to
tiicLioiiunissiiHier or Lands and Works, Victoria. It. O., for special licence m cut and carry
nwny timber from ttie followlns ite-tcrlbeil lands;
I'liinineiicltif; lit llie SOIlthWOSt corner Ol bit
No. v<~n riintiliift north 80 olialmi thenco west so
ciialim; tlienoe south mi chalnai thenee east ho
chains to the juace of commencement j contain-
iim six hundred and forty acrci,
South Oist Kootenay, Craniuouk,
.Mny until, 1IM2.
Iiil<' 1 Intend tiuipply tn tlie I'lilef < nitiniissl liter
nl l.iiiHlsnii I Wm Its Tor n special llceiiee hi cut
imi cnriy unity limber from tlio fullowtng do*
hi nni i lands:
Coinnienolng ot a posl pliuii
Ht  i
llllle unitll nf tllO lioitliw
in Group (me, i ml Kom.nny, 11111
oiinlns easi of the southeast coiner >
npet-ini timber licence, ihence west
thonoe soiith bo chains, thenco easl
tln'ili'i* IIOI'lll HI) llllllll-, tn tlio post nr c
meni, ooiilahilng I'.io acres, moro or Iri
CJ). Commencing nt n post planted
northern!oninor oil, Plnali'sthniioi
iiluuit lUOallUlllS inuiii of M, Al S3, Hie
mi eliitin-., thence eiiSt sn oiinlns, tlietie
chains, t|ion.*o west so ehatiiB tu tne pi
nioucemeiit, containing oto nures, mo
Huieii the liith day or .May, am,
ll!-« A.
nf I, >t :ill
1   illmllt in
iliiiiil lhe
limit and
Notice Is hereby given that thirty ilnysafier
ditto I Intend lo apply to the Chief ComiiiliHiuii-
or tif Lands ami Wotk*. at Victoria fur a special
llconco to cut uml carry away Umber from the
rollowhig dcserlb ii lands i
in. Oi mnienolng m a post plnnieti about one
mile cast nl lhe imrlht'il t curlier nf Ira I'lllcli's
spool ii timber licence nnd about mo chains north
of N. W. com r or Lot 311 in llronp < ue, Kant
Kootenay, thenco ca-.t mi ehalm-.thpnco smith
BOcliiilns, ilie'ico west m olmlns, tlienoe mirth
PO attains In the plnoo or beginning-, containing
mu acre** inoro nr Ii'sb,
(Ul Cnmilioiioliig at a pnsl planted at the
luiithc'ist c'rner nf tbe laud lunlitiled hi Ira
I-hell's Rpeolnl timber licence ami about mo
cli tins north of Mineral Monument S3, thenee
I norili fli chains, thoneo west ho chains, iiuuice
sun* ii so c'liiiiis, tiietiri) oast sn oiinlns ;in the
I place <t lu-glnulng, said liiuds beiin* near Luke
j eic.'ii iiiStiuih i-'n-t Kootenay, and coutiiii'hig
r.iDnei'i's, more or less.
I mini ibis'JotlHlitynf May, lOOU,
1   IHI 089- -/'/YOB,
Thnt Sixty (61) days niter ditto I Intend nmk
lag application to iho Honorable the Commissioner or Ijinds mul Works fur permission io
putchase the following described land in the
Dl+trlot of smiiii Knst ICootenay, llritish col*
uinblu, eoromeuelng at a post plnceil at tho k-
W. ooriinr post of l-Ot 0000, thenco 7 (.seven)
chains east, thenco SO 1-3 chains In a Nortli
Westerly direction to   the Ill post or the
triangle, thence 20 (twenty) oiinlns south to
point of commencement. This land is houndott
nu lhu Soulli by l.nt 11000, on lhe N, (.;. |,y (j, |i
Itallwily lands on lho West by IM38UI and the
No tb ciiiner of the trlnnglo adjourns prc-oinpt-
Ion No. 083 and contains six (o) acres inoro or
Dated Craubrook, .May toth, imu.
************************ *
PETER MATHESON, Proprietor.      £
************************ t
When ymi are hungry ami want  ^
a i*otiil meal go to the lOist   V
Kootenay. JJJ
When you are tired ami wnnt a $
gootl rest go to the Kast Koo- 1*
tenay. J
When you are thirsty and want a £
i*ood drink   go   to the linst  i*.
jj Kootenay. jjj
Jjj In fact wbrn you are in Cranhrook  t{|
0, stop at the Kast Kootenay,       i-
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor????
If art, don't huy    npi   "TICD    Tht 0nl> Wholesale Liquor Dealer li
until >iiu sec.
Soulh Easl Kooten.).
Cranbrook, B. C * *■•
VI rile for Prlte.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
odi water in siphons.   Thc most
economical way to handle it,
May 26, 30. June 29,
July 2, 3, 4
From Rossland,
Trail, Nelson,
And Intermediate Points
To riiiincapolls $44.50
Chicago 64.50
Detroit  77,011
Toronto H0.30
Montreal 100.50
Corresponding reduction from all
Kootenay points, usual diverse
routes. Meals and included on
Canadian Pacific Ry lake steamers.
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
e j covi.ii
C 1! COI.flMAK
A. U. P. A ,
J. S. CARTER. 11.
P. A., Mellon, H, C,
One nl iiie Moat Comfortable
Hotels iii is.-ist Kootenay.
Relitltil Throsigliout
Newly PornUbed
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Crnnlirook, D, C,
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Tennis nml driven fiirnistieit for any
point in the district.
Mnnnteer   .4   Jt   Jt
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
fleo. R. Taylor
The Cranbrook Herald
Two Dollars per year. s
*$&■:. ■     -    ■■.::•■ I!I ■- % % '■ '■
These warm days suggest to the minds
of men the necessity ot cooler clothing.
For seeing thc action being suited to lhe
suggestion, v.'.- haue on hand a fully assorted stock nl Summer Suits. 1 liese
are made in the leading styles and ol
cloths suitable for summer wear. We
will quote three lines:
i :..,, I   English Homespun, Oxford Qrey,
Sacque Coal with raised senilis,
Sizes from 30 lo W.*   *   j>   *   .*   *
LillC 11' *H°n,esPl",>   '•'I-''11   (lre-v-   Wlt'1
slight overstripe, sacque coal.
Sizes from ,t(i to W.*   ..•*    .<   •.■*    .<   *
Lille II!   Planne'. Navy Blue, with hair
stripe, doubled breast coal,
Sizes from ,io to tO.e*   *   *   *   *
AT   REID   &  CO.'S.
We havo a fine selection of Spring
antl Summer Suitings. The patterns
are the latest and best and our prices
are satisfactory to all.
Leask & Henderson
The 30th Century Tailors, Cranbriiiik, B. C
rTZZZZSXr**. wentworth hau
*     PORTRAIT OR PHOTOGRAPH     %       .. . , ,
S .mi,..,..,.„,-.-M.-i,.., • Hon.»   Monday June io
t    PREST'S STUDIO    l\     ....  ,   , ,
| ^ateurVorkivlllieoolv „ bosliilten * «»l.»gtainS cooieily sensation
WiS«»Siw/Too   Rich  to  Marry
For Fire Insurance
at Equitable Rates
in Reliable Companies
See US.   we can
save you money.
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
A Roaring, Rollicking. Screaming comedy with an interest
ing plot.
Prices, 50c and  75c
Seats on Bale at Bealtic a Dhir store
ji      LOCAL   NOTES     I
»■ »
A (OoiJ Watch It a necessity ol clvlllialton, I picked  Up About the Cily  by  Asking
Arnonx  lliuli Qradc Kullroad  ..iiKlics THO
WAUIIA.M fields Its own.   Come in and sec
our selection.
Official Welch Inapcclor lor
Crows Nest dlilclnn C. I'. U.
Questions  of   Many  People.
Tlie man wbo whispers .lown n well
Alinnt llie uoiiils he hns to sell,
Won't reiip llle gleauling, golden dollars
When in Frank, Alberta, take     Uke one who climbs a tree and hollers.
j MORAT,—Advertise your goods in  Tlie
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
Best meal on earth.
i not i '
Dolls' carriagea at Beattle'a.
A. Moffat was in Fernie Friday.
American collars at Rekl & Co.'s.
Strong express wagons at Beattle's.
Straw-hurry festival on Coronation day,
Al Doyle of Steel, wus  in town Satur
M. A. IJenli*  was  up   from Moyie I"ri
n t       \'».    i I      St Mk-liel Tunic Wini* Lb sold hy K.J
Caiulv Kitchen • mu,,,
Carries ncont|i steal
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. "!»•• «■*" -nn
$++• ••••••-..	
Vroom & Dezall
Fred Pleper wai In Moyie on busln
Tiled iy,
J, I, Dates was down Irom Kimberley
Hon'tfuget the strawberry festival
on Jttue 20,
Newest uoveltles in summer neckwear
nt Reld & Co.'s.
For Sale—Cottage on Baker hill. Apply to Sid Arnold. id
Miss R. Dudley of Kimberley, wns in
Blacksmiths T:;—..,,.
u ,-»■'        t ♦   iii Beattle's.   Prices right.
HorseShoemg   i Mr,.Erlck, lchI„lrenviBilC(Ul,
Carriage Repairing ami
General Jobbing....
Steele several duys last week.
St.  Michel Tonic Wine  is  the best
J I spring medicine in tlie world.
Outslili! Orderi Prmnplh  i      ,, , , .,,      , .    ,
t (il(_ ' yot,rc^"dreu happy by buying
j , a wagon or carriage at Heat lie's.
Mr, Pottlt Is Improving the appearanoe
of his; residence with a coat of paint.
Mr uml Mrs. Joe Jneksou returned
from an eitended visit in the east Monday,
|    An emergent meeting ol Cranbrook
lodge A F. iv A M. will lie he'd Friday
THEO* MADSON-MGR.    night,
Nelson: Tent; and
Awning : Factory
Renl Furnished bouse ou Halter
ti ill, for a period of tluee mouths. See
Uted    To purcbue a small horse,
■    drive in buggy,    Apply at Hcr-
■   e
George Cartwrtgbt la building a residence ou Armstrong avenue) just across
ihe i reek.
11 iij Patterson, lid Patterson, W. II
Griffith and J. McSweyn drove over to
Steele Suuday.
Mis. jnlui PraseT and two children nn*
up  f'om  Michel  nud are visiting witli
i  mil Mrs  Tate,
Mrs, J II, Cnslake mid little daughter
ivlitb will go to Sirdar this week tn
* imi ilic summer.
Rev, Beach am ami A. C. Cock are in
Nelson tin?, week unending a meeting of
the lingtisb church synod,
Miss McCallum returned to Crunlirook
Saturday after u visit of several weeks
i relatives und friends in Ferule.
or Guluness1 Stout,  Bass' Ale and
Schlitz Beer, call on  K.J. Peltier.   Or-
:r« delivered In any part of tlie town.
I'.tlgiii Home visited Pernie Saturday
glit, but the word "visited" does nol
icessarlly mean n pleasure trip iu tbis
Mr und .Mrs. A, C. Nelson and Md'
Wat sou nl Steele, were in Cranbrook
Saturday afternoon, and witnessed the
:rlcket match.
Tne new residences of 11. McVittie
nul Dispatcher Forbes nre rapidly Hearing completion and will soon be ready
inr occupancy.
Mr nud Mis P, I,und, assisted by-
Miss S. Lund, gave ii very pleasant ped-
ro party to a number of their Irietids
lust Friday night.
Craubrook people should bear in mind
Lliiil Luxes nre due on Llm Inst day of
tins mouth, ami that prompt payment
will save percentage.
Flunk Mcfjuistoii, a former resident
of Crnnbrouk, but now living in Lsr-
dcau, was in town Inst week looking
after some property be has here,
11 J Elmer was up from Moyie Saturday and Sunday, Mr. Elmer says Craubrook looks good to him, und that he
might conclude  to  locate   here  in   tbe
near future.
fames Ryan, T.J. Wellman and O. II
.Miner left for Calgary last Wednesday
mul will lit- absent a week Looks rather
suspicious to see this trio invading u
slock country like that surrounding
Editor Smyth ol the Moyle Lender,
was in town Friday, Mr, Smyth say
Lli il Moyie is a little quiet al present but
the people nre hoping for a resumption
uf work al the Sl. Kugene iu the not
diBtaut luture.
Miss Mary Hamilton left for ber home
In Frank last Saturday after a pleasant
visit ui several weeks' duration will:
Miss Ivuma Leitcb. Miss Hamilton
made a host of friends during her stay
here, who will be pleased to see her return.
Tho new C. I'. R. hotel at Sirdar, under ib*-* management of Mrs, Bennett, is
rapidly becoming famous for the until-
lui in which guests are accommodated
Thi.- building is a handsome one, costing
In the neighborhood of $4 coo, ami is fitted with modern conveniences throughout.
Stanley Mcl.eod, an apprentice iu the
C, 1*. R shops, met wilb a painful accident Saturday. While operating n
circular saw, his hnnd CHUie in contact
.villi il, and as result two of his lingers
were nearly severed. Dr. King dressed
thc wound, nnd Mr. McLeod Ib getting
along nicely.
Mts. Home nnd II. W. Home, mother
and brother of Edgar Home, the hook-
keeper at the Fort Sleele Mercantile
company, arrived from Oak Lake, Man ,
Sunday, for a visit in Craubtook. II.
W. Home leaves tbis week for points
further west, but Mrs. Home will spend
the summer here.
J. P. Fink and Old Man Simpson nre
in New Westminster til's week representing Key City lodge I O. O. F. of Crnuhrook, and Wildey lodge I. O. O. P. of
.Mu) ie, at l be sjssion of the grand lodge,
which convenes 011 the nth. During
tbe Old Man's ubsence this paper is left
to lhe lender mercies of The Herald
force, who will transact all business
(except the paying ol" bills) and receive
all money that may be forthcoming
Diflerences of opinion of a seiious nature
will be referred to "Mooch," lhe ollice
Charles Cottrell, n former dispatcher
on tbe Crow, and oue of ihe best fellows
Cranbrook ever produced, was 111 towu
Friday and Saturday, on his way to Rnt
Portage, where he is dispatching 011 Ihe
main line. Charley hns been spending
his vacation at the coast and could not
resist the desire to return by way of
Crnuhrook nnd look up his old acquaintances in this part of the country. He
says that the towu looks natural as ever
afler his absence ol a year aud n half,
and Intimated that he would not regret
it if circumstances were to transfer him
here again,'
A most enjoyable party was given at
the hospitable home of Mr, and Mrs, A.
Leitcb last Thursday evening In honor
of Miss Mary Hamilton of Frank, who
has beeu visiting with Miss lvunna
Leitch for several weeks past, About 35
young people were present, and from
9:30 until the small hours of the mornlug
dancing was indulged in, aud the Leltch
family ably sustained the reputation it
bus gained as entertainers. Elegant re-
freshmeiits were served during the evening, nml it was nt a late hour when the
gueaia dispersed, with many expressions
i.f regret Hint such a plensant evening
- w.i.i at a close,
ITEMS :   ; il MOYIE
Kroni ■;    ■! tfli bttatlur
On account ol resenoe of diph
theria the   Moyle  st 100I   will   remain
closed for auol      -feci
The maohlnerj at the Moyle Lumber
Co.'s mill lias been repaired and llie
mill started runnlnff again in lull blast
Monday motnln^
The political machines of this electoral tlistiict seem to be out of repair,
at least they have uot been In operation for some. tine.
John MoDonald is adding to' his tioai
house anil is getting In shape for a gootl
season's business He has a Hisl class
loi of boais, uml pleasure seekers cnn
always be accommodated,
Three of Mr. aul Mrs, Crossmnn's
children have been down with diphtheria, bul aie now on ibe speedy road to
recovery. The funeral ol ihelr little
girl was held last Saturday afternoon.
At the meeting of Wildey Lidge
I. i>. 0, l*'. last Monday eventngthe
following officers were electel ior the
ensuing term: F.J Smyth Noble Oram!;
A. 1>. Drummouil, Vice Q rami; P.D.Hope
Financial Secretary iPranK Danny, Reo,
Secretary; It A, Smith, TreastuerjP, D.
Hope, Trustee. The new tffiiera will
be Installed the lirst meeting In July.
Marked success crowned the dance
which was given by Lhe Moyle Odd Pel
lows In their hall lasl evening, li was
in every way one of the brightest and
most enjoyable functions ever held in
Lhe town. The music was furnished by
Messrs. Iljrry S:horltiiiiner, violin, and
S. W, Murphy, piano, ami was up 10 the
top notch. It was not until 3 o'clock
this morning that the festivities were
brought 10 a close.
ll!" Maryavlllo Tribuue
Dr. King ot Cranbrook, visited Marysvllle on Monday on professional services.
Thomas Wellman of the Manitoba
hotel Cranbrook, was In Kimberley this
Mrs. T. Arrrsiroug of Port Steele,
was visiting friends In Marysvllle this
0 II. Meeker, traffic agent for thc
0 P. R„ of Nelson visited Kimbeilcy
last week.
Mrs, I* i: Simpson visited Marysvllle
on Saturday last antl took some views
wiih her camera.
Conductor Caven is running on thi
North Star branch during Mr. Corli
absence iu Monlteal,
Mis. 11. While, laie of Kimberley bul
uow ol Cranbrook, visited friends In
Kimberley ibis week.
lawyer Thompson of Cranbrook, was
present at the licence commission, held
at lhc North Star holel Klmberley, on
Wednesday morning.
Bo'; Jennings who bas been in the
hospital at Cranbrook for the past two
weeks wiih a  sprained  ankle   returned
to Kimberley this week.
Peace was announced In Marysville
on Thursday when the Union .lack was
hoisted by Messrs, Warren, Teabotie
Warrelt, Kirly, llutchsson, Haines, P.
Mitchell, C. Mitchell, McGregor, Bales
anil Silver Cat Bob. After tbe raising
of the Hag ihey all went to the Marys
villi hotel and drnnk to tbe health ol
the tlag.
■ I-,
The sawmills along the I*; k river re
sinned operation*) this week.
The "Too Rich to Marry" Co., which
will play here on the 1 r Inst., desires us
to inform the public thai tbey will give
.'."• per cent of the receipts to the Pernie
Relief Fund.
Constable Farquharscu had considerable trouble with his chain gang this
week.    There are  several   unruly pris
oucr at present ami they have Influenced
the gang to refuse to work
The Independent Ordet of Odd Pel-
lows win hold decoration services at the
Fernie cemetery on Sunday at I p. tu
All OJd Fellows are requested tu meci
in Joyce's hall at 9 10 sharp,
There was j meal famine in town lasl
week owing to ihe uncertain state 0
railroad). Every butcher shop wai
empty until Monday, when P. Burns re
Cetved a shipment of three car loads of
Urgent appeals are being made by the
ranchers near M clu-1 for a Government
road to the town. The reccitl tloodi
have washed out the oui trail ami they
are compelled tomake theii way through
the underbush when vlsltlog Michel.
We notice with extreme regret thai
since lhe explosion many ol the belter
class nt miners have gone east. Tali
will be a loss to the company and Lh
lown tu every sense,Inn. mere Is no need
for a scare. The coroners Inquest and
the government ei qtlry to follow will
ensure Mich precautious in future work-
lag an have never bcirii considered nec-
e-tsary lu lhc past, Su much Is certain,
and ihe mine will be rendered as safe as
skill can make them. lOrnie will yet
he a good town and we urge ihe memo
have a liltle p alienee and nol hurry
away under the liflience of scare, if
proper sal -guards are nul adopted then
let ihcm go.
Proin tin* Prospector,
The Steamer Nrth s.ar cleared fo
0 allien on Wednesday.
Mrs. Oias K l wards will shortly return to Fort Steele after spendlug tne
winter at Calgary.
II. I. Stevens and T. Crahan, old
timers In ihu dislrict came up with ihe
excursionists from Elko Monday.
A match game of base ball between
the Windermere and l-Ort Steele base
ball teams  will   he   played    on   July
The people of Fort Steele have shown
their sympathy for the lOiuie sufferers
by collecting and forwarding the sum ol
Sl 111 to thc relief committee at I'ernie.
Oa Wild Horse Creek there Is much
prospecting aid flevelopement g'olng
on among the placers, Mining men expect a large clean up at iheclusc of the
I it? in- ni InlcrtTl.
A ferry boat is now in operation on
the Columbia river at Trail.
The Western Federation of Miners
voted ?:;m ti for the relief of thc dest!-
tUte at Ferule,and u further ui'.lcf will
be forthcoming If necessary.
A railway accident near Calvary lusi
Wolaesdiy resulted In dtutb to three
trainman, Conductor .1 Dunn, of Winnipeg, Car Inspecior Courcy, of Calgary
and brakemanJ. Dunn,of Medicine Hat.
The train struck a washed out culvurl
and the men were buried lu the wreck,
The Lirdeau BJxg'o has been purchased by 1:, 1;. Woodward, who will In future take charg- of that Interesting
sheet. Alfred Pelltty, the retiring editor, has been giving the people of Oor-
deau and vicinity a bright, wide awake
paper,aud It Is to be hoped lhat his successor will continue the good work,
Archdeacon Pentrealh's Visit.
Lust week the venerable Archdeacon
Pentreath of New Westminster, paid the
dislrict uu official visit. Ou Sunday Lite
archdeacon, assisted by Rev. Beach am
conducted services in Christ church.
Il wns a special service of thanksgiving,
for peace so recently restored lo Ibe empire, nnd wns most impressive Thc
singing was particularly good nud all the
songs were ot praise and thanksgiving.
W, C Johnston rendered the Recessional by DeKoveti in n masterly manner
At ibe close of tbe service the first verse
of the nntionnl anthem was sung, everyone present joining In.
The archdeacon congratulated the
members ol Christ church upon their
general progress, and expressed himself
as much pleasetl with lhe manner in
which the work of the church in Crau.
brook was conducted. Ue nlso spoke a
lew words with reference lo the recent
war, pointing oui that the blood which
bud been shed by tbe brave meu who
represented Canada ami England's other
colonies bnd done much townrd cementing and building up n grent and glorious
empire, and Hint while the feeling of
strife had been bitter the time was not
far distant when every inhabit ant of
Smith Africa would ''less the day which
brought them under British rule.
Pour Bears In it Hours,
ll ars arc fond of s--ecL things,
11. Hinineuaticr and son Richard, with
.las. Marino, went up Wilson creek
week or two ago, to do assessment work
on a properly twelve miles from the
lake, lu the cabin was a ionic maple
syrup ihat was left there lasl year. It
had soured and 10 get rid of It, It was
carilcd a considerable distance from
the cabin and emptied upon thc groud.
lu a few days a bear was seen at the
syrup natch, and a night or so afterward
a shot was tired at the animal. Some
evenings later bruin was shot from the
cabin window and ihe following day a
she bear and two cubs were encountered on the hillside. Tne mother was
shot and thc cubs captured, nnd the
next day were brought Into town in a
sack.—New Oliver Ledge.
Change of I'arsuns.
Rev. Bowering, who Ims been the pastor of lhe Methodist church In this city
for the past two years, resigned bis pastorale nnd left last Wednesday f>r Vernon, where be will assume charge of lhe
church nt that place. His successor,
Kev. S. J, Thompson, arrived from Kaslo Saturday, nnd preached his opening
sermon Sunday. Monday evening n re-
ceptlon wns tendered him III the church,
by the members of ihe congregation,
when be was   formally  welcomed lo his
new field ol labor.
"Amber"    Plug Smoking   Tohnrco r.
winning on its merits,   "liuve you tried
New Jewelry SIOTO,
W. H, Wilson, u jeweler and optician,
of Montreal, 1ms opened n store on Armstrong avenue, opposite  Dr,   Barber's,
and is pulling in u   very attractive stock
ol goods Mr. Wilson is a young man,
endowed with plenty of ambition and
energy, uml realizes Ibe possibilities of
tbis western country uud the town of
Crunlirook, and The lletnld bespeaks for
him a generous share ol the business of
tbe district,
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning on its merits. "Have yon
tried It?"
Remember the jtto
Fort Steele     |
Mercantile Co. I
When tlolnic tu Purchase Jk.
Hats, Caps, |j
Shirts, Ties,     |j
Boots, Shoes ||
In (act everything in the way ot Men's Furnishings. W
Call and sec our stock ol SHOES,
Your Choice for $1.00. Also Child-
ren's Shoes at less than cost    O
Take Dr. Scott's Citrate of
Iron and Quinine Tonic         <i
To Our Stock of
Palatble, Nutritious
Cereal Foods S S
The finest preparations from Wheat, Oats, Corn,
Rice, etc.   All wholesome and always fresh.
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
The heavy and ever increasing demand forces us
us to keep increasing our stock and thc result is
our numerous customers are recciveing the benefit ol the big turn over.
The more we sell thc fresher and better our
GROCERIES arc and the cheaper wc can sell them.
Our trade has doubled In lhe lasl six month*.    Help 11a lo swell
It to four times this volume in the next six.
A RATTAN CHAIR or        •>
Will Renew the Appearance nl
Yuur Parlor, (hind Values tn
the Latest Style can be hsd
Irom -F
Repairing end Uphotstcrlng s Specially. <•>
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenllvet, per bottle  I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  1 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50
Jamaica Rum, proof strengths per bottle  1 75
Old Spanish Sherry, pet bottle  2 00
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints  1 00
Bass Ale, pints 35
Guinness' Stout  35
I nnn I.mills [or Sale.
Tlio rlmice farm lunils tif tile Crnn-
lirniik Qltnle. being Knolcnny river liot-
iiim lands, have juat been Hiiliilivjiled
into Inin ol troiii flirty to one lilltlilreil
ncren, cm-li lut fronting on tlie river. For
prlcea ami lertna apply lo
V, lly.lc linker,
J -r,^


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