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Cranbrook Herald Oct 29, 1903

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Array 1
i:il.lNllIll)ilK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA,   TIU'HSDAY,  OCTOBER  39, I!it)3.
The Canadian Hank of Commerce
Mead Office. Toronto.
Hun. .'.nu. A l'u\. I'li-siili'iu. D. I-i. WAM-.BR. Oeu Mai',
Pall ll.   Cipllil      SH.700.0lll..01.
Kusi   '        3,110,0(0N
Total Roiratcea         72.imio.iiiiiii.ii
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Banking Business Transacted
SWINOS BANK iiii'ii'liii:*.!   Ilcpoilli Received- -laltttil Allowed,
l:l   11 til.   li,-|.,.«il« mnv In. iiniili. nml
Itllilrawn I.v u
-it iilli-iitinn.   I-..iiiiiiiiiii.-ii.i.utM iniilil*-
I,. Hi.* .IIIIMI:.-i ill Um Craiilirook l.rancli niil rn-olve |iruiu|il nllunlluii
5 Capital, Paid Up $2,983,896 S
5 Rest $2636,312 *
S. T. R. Merritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkic, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
J A general banking tusincss transacted.     Drafts sold avails- JJ
1. ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *»
i attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     *
(•-* • ***-••>•**»*•••>-••>•
1A Shoe That Wears
The Invictus Shoe for Men
This is a shoe that will suit the Kootenay country.
They are easy, well shaped, and the best of leather is
used in their manufacture.    The money is in the shoe.
Fort Steele
Mercantile Co.
East Kootenay's Bis Mail Order House.
i       .       .       ,       .       ,.,,.,,       .       | ,   | ...   | ... | if 1 A | ,* | A I A | 4$, | A
T here is real activity in real estate In Cranbrook and tho surrounding district. Wc arc
selling a large quantity of farm lands, town
lots, etc. We still have several valuable
farm properties listed with us at reasonable
pi-ices. The indications are that prices will
shortly advance.   Now is the tin-.e to invest.
The Re.il Estate Dealers
; i i J ;.;    .    .    ...    •
,.!.,.     .     .     • : •     • .
(| «, | * I A I A I A | *
• 1 •
A | A I v-,
&m »oq( - ■ ( coroQoeoeocGQOQQo
B Jn it give in a chan:e and see if our business methods B
■ wo.i't pleas; yj I, S:: our line of $23 WATCHES, B
B O size, 25-year, 14k gold filled case with 15 jewel ©
8 Waltham moveiient. They are beauties Our guar- B
13 anlcc stands behind them. Q
Cranbrooh Souvenirs
We h;t*.*t- just ri-i-i-ivt'il u nice -assortment of Coffee
anil Orcaui Spoons.'Susur Slu-lls anil Sifters, Paper
Knives, Hunk Murks. Monogram Seals, Tie Clips,
Stick Pino, oto,
m f. Gate
Official innatcl* Inspector
C. t>. V., Scows Went S>l"
CbC 3c\VClei*)    vision
.*■? sa->a3 MO S*M '■ ■ - '■'"' '-" - '- 9tt*p
S3 UY 'I'llK nl.li MAN' g
t&\a_t_t_%BS9'■ m:-•■- •:6ft M8»D9*^ ;
'I lirir iii*.' ;i large ihmiiIkt tf, |
youiitf men hi Crnnbrook whu nm
nuikiiiKiill kiwis of fuola of H.-ni-
boIvob. TIk'v hnve come west ta
heller their eumlitiou, nml hnve
ili'iir bo, Biiiee Ihey nn* receiving
bettor wii'jis, bill nl Uie end of tho
i illi they .'in* no bettor off.     In
I'.-i.-i. in ninny cuses they are in
ilrlil. Any youiifj ninn with 110
nm- in provide fur Imi himself, wlm
cnniiol linvo a mnrgiii ovor
expenses nt tho end of each weeki
is forming habits thnt will make
liim nil kinds nf troublo in iln*
tntiiiv. Vuii any you uro going
to Btnrl to stive noxi pay dny. Let
mo it'll yon ono tiling, tho young
I'hnp wlm is always waiting until
noxt pay day to stnrt to save something from his salary, will never
have a bank account big enough
io pay a week's board. Whnt is
the mutter with you fellows, anyway? Don't, ynu know you nre letting tho opportunity of your life
sii)) by? It is not necessary to bu
stingy to bo economical. It is
not necessary to bo so moan
that your mother would bu
nshnined of you, to save some-,
thiug from your salary. But it ia
necessary to use n little judgment
nud common sense in your expenditures, instead of acting iiko ;i
gibbering idiot. The trouble is.
the young fellow who is getting
ten dollars a week, wants to live
like the fellow who is getting
twenty. He spends twenty-live
cents today, fifty cents tomorrow,
,*i dollar now and then, nnd at the
end of tlie mouth wants to stand
liis landlord off for his in mth'y
eating. And right hero, wi wnnt
to say that nny young chap who is
earning n regular salary and does
not pay his board at the end of the
mouth, is ji bigger fool than tho
man who sat oil the end of the
limb when lie sawed it off.
■*!*- 'V- *v*
Tho time to get n start is now.
Quit blowing and got down to
business. Pound a littlo business
sense into your head. If you had
$150 in cash now. ii would bo
enough to buy n lot and gel a 'house
built on it that would bring you in
sl-'i a month. Then you would
work to puy for it. Or, if you got
$100 iu lhe bank, you will then
work to got another li und led.
And $100 is mado up of quurtora
and halves. Don't wait togetSlOO
before you start to save. If you
do yoil will ;ilw;iys lu*- too   pool*   I )
tnko a week off for fishing. Save
your money like a man, nnd spend
it like n mau.   When you do spend
it doll.'ir. don't hold on to il. until
you squeeze the printing off ihe
bill, Spend il like a prince, but
don't spend it unless you ran afford it. Snutli Kasi Kootenay
offers iiiipiiralled npp:ivlunities for
tho energetic young mnn. Ono
hundred to five hundred dollars
here, backed by energy and horse
sense, will do more for a young
man than live thousand in lhe east.
•But gol in nnd drill. Patronize
lhe bunk, (inl your name on their
ledgers, and keep it thoro. Build
uii n reputation by building up a
bunk accouut, ami then, when you
have a chnnco to invest some at nil
advantage, invesl it. Ten years of
Hint kind of u lifo will make a substantia! citizen of you. aad ton
years as a spendthrift will probably mako an irresponsible loafer
of you.
Brace up boys and try it.
The Growth of Cranbrook Hakes It
Waterworks   and   Electric   Light
"would Pay Rti^nuig
Easy, but Expensive.
The damage suit brought by the
man Savage against Gfcnry & Doyle
was thrown out of court at the
Nelson assizes last week, without
any testimony being given by the
defence. Tt was an easy victory
for Geary & Doyle, but still au
expensive one, as they were compelled to prepare for a defense.
whieh is an expensive proposition,
Lawyers should be sure of their
ground before consenting to involve reputable people inexpensive
' litigation. Such a procedure
makes any man tlie victim of an
individual who fancies he has a
I grievance.
The growth of Crnnbrook lias
revived the interest in tie incorporation movement, and flu* sentiment is growing stronger each
month. The town lias now readied that stage where various improvements are necessary, mul they
cannot lie secured except by incorporation. Waterworks are now an
absolute necessity, both fordoiues-
tic consumption and tire prelection.
A system of drainage is also a crying need, uud this cannot be had
until the town is incorporated. To
place the town on n business basis
after incorporation, it will be
necessary to issue ilelientures of a
sufficient amount to make the improvements required. The electric
light and telephone plant should
also bu purchased by the municipality. The Herald favors this for
tin* liest reasons, It believes that
with the right man for mayor, and a
conservative, business like council,
the electric light, telephone and
waterworks will give the town sufficient revenue to meet the running
expenses, of the town, so that a
moderate levy to provide for n sinking fund nnd interest on the debentures would be all that is necessary. There is no better advertisement for a town thun modern
improvements uud a low tax levy,
and Cranbrook has the opportunity
of giving a practical illustration of
this fact.
The only real stumbling block
in tho way of incorporation ut this
time, is the lurge amount of unoccupied i roperty in the town owned
by lhe C. P. R. Naturally that
company hesitates to place itself
in a position wh re it could lie
mulcted for heavy tuxes by u Council for the benefit of others. But
this feature, it would seem, could
be easily arranged. The O, P. R.
has large iuterests here. It is
anxious to see Craiilirook progress,
and any consideration shown the
company in the way of relief ou
the taxation of its vast property
interests would undoubtedly meet
with substantial recognition by an
increase in its industrial enterprises as i oa litions would warrant,
There is no question that Cruubrook should have incorporation.
The importance of the place, the
importance of her commercial
growth, and the rapid increase in
population makes it absolutely
necessary for tliis step to be taken,
and that too. as soon as a bill can
be introduced and pissed by the
Back Prom a Sad Mission.
Fred Dnmont returned Sunday
from Three Rivers, Quebec, where
ho went with the remains of Joseph
Oulett, the unfortunate man who
met his death by lining run over
by the cars at Sirdar a few weeks
ago, He says that the family expressed themselves as very thankful to General Superintend Jamieson and Superintendent Taylor
for tlieir kindness throughout the
entire trouble, nnd promptness in
arranging for sending tho remains
home in care of Mr. Dnmont. The
family also felt deeply gratified to
Mr. Dumont for his kindly services
and before! he left wrote him n letter stating that they fully appreciated what lu? had done for their
unfortunate son aud husband, and
that, although the burden of sorrow
was a heavy one, the loss they had
sustained did not prevent them
fiom appreciating his care aud
kindness when it waa needed, and
his thoughtful eourteuos after he
hml reached their home with the
remains of their beloved son.
Mi.rricd. at Christ Church. \VY.|-
jnesdny, October 88th, at H a. m.
• Mis*, Mary A,  Hamilton and .Mr.
Kduar s.  Home.   Hev.   Beacham
Tin* marriage was a quiet one.
only the members of tlie family
nud a few intimate friends lieing
I present. The bride was given
laway by hor brother, .Mr. Wallace
I Hamilton, of Krank. Altn., who officiated as  the   groom*B   best   man.
I Miss Jessie Leitch, au intimate
friend of tlio bride, acted a brides-
maid. A few minutes post8o'clock
the strains of the wedding march
played by Mr. K. Elwell, was the
signal for the entrance of the wedding party. The groom was in
waiting nt tho altar, with the rector, and the impressive marriage
service of the English church soon
united the happy couple as mnn
aad wife. After congratulations
had been offered tlie pnrty entered
carriages and were driven to the
home of the bride's mother, where
au elegant wedding breakfast was
in waiting.
The bride is a great favorite hi
the social circles of Craiilirook and
she lias many friends here and at
Frank, where she formerly lived.
The groom ia bookkeeper for the
East Kootenay Lumber company,
and one of the most popular young
men iu the district. An effort had
been made io keep the coming marriage quiet, but of course it leaked
out, and in consequence there was
a large crowd of friends nt the
station when the west bound train
arrived, which Mr, and Mrs. Home
took for a wedding trip to the
Coast cities. There was laughing
gootl byes, nnd many words of congratulations, und a shower of rice
before the train pulled out. The
bride and groom expect to be gone
ton days or two weeks, and will go
as far as Seattle before thev return.
A Pioneer Preacher.
Rev. James Turner, tho pioneer
Methodist minister ot British Co-
llllllbill, has been in C'riinlirook the
pnst week, nnil on Tuesday night
he lectured to a very appreciative
audience, Sir. Turner knows more
aliout llritisli Columbia and the
North West Territories than probably any man living today. He
was in Calgnry when there was
nothing there but buffalo grasB mill
north wind. He oainped on the
Cranbrook Townsite over 20 years
ago. and that was before this district was known, except as to Wild
llorsegoldnnd Perry Creek placers.
He wus in Nelson before John
Houston, in Revelstoke before Tom
Taylor thought of being a legislator, and in the Curilxto country
when men ate with tlieir knives and
slept under blankets that were
never washed by a Chinaman, He
travelled ahead of civilization with
the bible in one hand and whatever
he could use to the best advantage
in the other, and hus preached the
gosi't-1 of Christ to Indians ami
white men before churches were
built and when choir practices were
u hope of distant future. British
Columbia owes much to Rev. Turner, mid yet it is dollars to doughnuts that nil he has today is the
satisfaction of knowing that he has
done his duty to God and man.
The Fernie Recount.
The recount ofthe Fernie ballots
citnie up before his honor Judge
Foria yesterday but ;is the ballot
buses nud all the jKijx-rH in the ease
tire still at Victoria in the custody
of Provincial Secretary Goodeve,
the proceedings were adjourned n
8. S. Taylor. K. C. who is acting
for Ii. C. Smith in the mutter duly
obtained nn order for the production of the boxes and papers,
from Judge Forin and thiB wae
served on Mr. Goodeve who prointp-
ly replied that u county judge had
i no power to make an order direct
| ing him to send down the ballot
boxes here. Mr. Goodeve says
thnt the order must come from a
supreme court judge, and Mr.
Taylor stated last evening Hint he
would npply to Mr. Justice Irving
in chambers this morning Ix-fore
I the regular work of the court was
taken up for an order directing the
' provincial secretary to send the
boxes lure. Those who have
looked up the statutory provisions
regarding recounts are awaiting
witli some curiosity tin- outcome of
i the Fernie affair.
Declares Canada Should Have More
Will Demand Full Correspondence
on Alaskan Award
Ottawa, Oot, 24, Sir Wilfrid
ill his speech in the house in the
debate on the Alaskan boundary
award yesterday made two impor-
tuul statements,
He fluid: "1 have often regretted
also that while they are a great and
powerful nation wa an- only ;.
small colony, a growing colouy, but
still a colony. 1 linn often regretted els i that wi- have imi in uur
hands tin- trenty making power
which would enable uu t.. dispose
ul mn* own affairs. llul in this
mutter we win- dealing with a
position lhat was fore '1 upon us.
Wu have m.i tin- treaty limiting
••I imt  sorry  tu  say  lhat the
whole   lun-.   ; '.-■■•-.■   whicl.  we
Itavc hatl upon this ipi ition -i-: i
IS1III has notyel I -n placed 1- :--
pai'liameiit. I am - rry nol only
thut we are not in ■-.; ;. mind <
iluni position, uut a!- - ll. if i; is
nut iu my power tu place before
pai'liameiit lli ■ whole -.; th tc. m-s-
pondeuce at il passed 1 tween the
Cnuadiaugov.-ruiilimt mid the British government. Uut we shall
have thai correspondence and it
will be placed before porli imeut at
lhe next session, lie- whole of it. no
matter what protests may come
from abroad. Wu shall have the
whole of it. and lh.-n this t-.ituitry
may know exti -ily what is taking
place und what share uf ivs**uu-
sibrlity must rest upon each ut the
parties concerned in this matt.-r.
(Cries ot "Hear, hear,")
After referring tu the character
oftho tribunal Sir Wilfrid snid:
"The difficulty is not there. The
difficulty as I conceive it tu be, is
that so loug as Canada remains a
dependency of tin- British crown
the present powers we have are
nut sufficient fur tin- maintenance
of our rights. It is important thut
we should ask the British parliament to gram us more extensive
powers, thut if ever wi: liuve to deal
with mutters of a similar nature
again we shall deal with them in
our own way." ICries of "Hear,
hear." I
Parliament Prorogued.
Ottawa, October. 24.—Parliament wns prorogued ut 11 o'clock
this morning with the usual ceremonies, the guunl of honor lx.ing
furnished by thc Governor-General's foot guunls. the cavalry escort
by the Princess Louise Dragoon
guards, and salutes being fired
from Nepenn [joint by the secouil
Most of the members of pnrlin-
ment nnd a number of senators had
left the capital,
September Pay Roll.
Feniie Free I'rees.   The payroll
for September which was paid out
nt the three collieries last Saturday
wae aa follows:
Coal Creek $68,991.80
Michel  4il.1fil.25
Morrissey   84,004.06
Total *147.756.«0
This is a decreaise from the previous pay roll of about $111,000. Coal
Creek barely held its own. while
Morrissey and Michel fell short
owing to several stoppages.
By the Herald Office,- -a boy to
lean, the printing trade- Ho must,
lie intelligent and ei.erg.rtii- and
mean business. No trillers wanted, and worthless kids jived not
ll Will furfsis All Former Ellorts li
Thai Line,
About   the   17th  of December
, Tlm Herald will issue its annual
edition. This year it will be in
the nature of a souvenir, printed
in Uiuk furui. with fruui Bt to 45
piiu'es. ntnl containing a w*rite up
uf ihe district ami its resources.
It will Ik.-   a  great  mlvi-rtisemeiit
j fur Cranl r..uk ami the district, as
well us a grand opportunity forthe
business men. It will be nrtistir
from a typographical point of view
aud will eust between $400 and
$500. This book will 1»' sent all
over Canada ami the States, and to
meet the demand, Tlie Herald
will issue loin! copies of the annual. Kach person, who iB sub-
scriber tu The Herald, will receive
a copy fret*. Those who desire to
send away copies should put ih
their unit rs early. They will be
stil.l ul -m eeiils each.
Houston Turned Down.
John Houston, tlu- niember'eleet
frum Nelson, went tu Victoria expecting a portfolio from Premier
McBride. He remained there a
week or mure, and finally received
a note frum Mr. McBride to the
effect that the government could
lu nothing fur him. Naturally
Mr. Houston did not take the tnm-
down kindly. He thought he was
entitled to recognition by the government, on account of the fight
he had mad.-, an.l on account of
the importance uf the town he
represented, Before he left the
coast he is credited with expresa-
ini; himself radically on the situation as fulluws to a newspaper representative at Vancouver:
"The World was wrong in Baying
that I went to Victoria to deliver
my ultimatum to the premier," he
snid in an interview here this after-
jioau. "I didn't I merely mentioned it to him thnt I wanted the
chief commissionership and I fancied 1 ought to get it. You can
say this for me."
The member for Nelson went on
to say that: "I will not lie a member of tin* McBride government.
No. nor of any other government.
You can tell them thnt John Houston is going to go back to Nelaon
ami thnt he is going to close np
business there ami that he is going
to leave British Columbia for good
and for all."
--Why this sudden change?" ho
wus asked.
"I am done: you can put it tbat
f um done. I have worked hard
uml faithfully in this province for
fifteen years. I have been a con.
servative and u loyal, consistent
one. I ditl not go to Victoria, aa
y.'tur paper said, with an ultimatum
to McBride, However, I expected
to lie used at least decently. But
yestenluy I got the dirtiest deal
that ever a whit., man got in tho
province of British Columbia."
"What kind of n cold deck did
they spring on you?" wns the next
natural question,
"That's nil.   I will say no more,"
"Anil ure you going to vote McBride out of office?"
"I have said all that I have to
say for publication,"
"Anil you are surely going to
leave British Columbia?"
"I am."
"Then if yuu are going to leavo
British Columbia, you cannot vote
McBride out of oltice. if you are
out of the province yourself," he
was asked. >
"Hold on: I haven't mentioned
any specific date for my departure
yet. hnve I ?" replied Mr. Houston.
"Oh: yes.   I sec."
"Well, say that's all."
Houston. thc revolutionist,
caught the train for home,
Sparring Hatch. -
There will In.- a bag punching
and club swinging exhibition at
Wentworth hall Saturday night at
8:30 by the Rowan brothers, who
were with the >Tetirie8-Fitz8immons
combination, They will also spar
with two local men, in a friendly
contest. Tin- admission will be
7s cents and 50 cents. TIIE   CBANBROOK   IIKHAMi
Editor and Proprietor,
Out- sear '-■",1
bit in.iiilliK Lis
The lleralil tlc-ilres to git* tlu liomol the
district    If yuu kit'iw .i iv nt t ymir town
y-wr mini- or your ifi»i'l.\ semi ll tn tills nltli-i*.
A Connor president ot the I'nit-■
nl States, referring to the economic situntbn in tlmt country at
the time, said, 'It is n condition,
;i*iil nui u theory thai confronts
us." That is the situation in
litftlsll ColllUlb'a totllty. The
rocenl election, that all hoped
niujht give tu the province n Btable
government by either one pnrty or
the other, has proven to bo n fiasco.
It is true that tin- conservatives
nre in the majority, hut tiie iimr-
gill is s:> small, thnt the party will
lii'jUmilile tt> enforce its policies.
Ami the situation has become more
strained since Mr. Houston has
declared war tm tin- premier. Instead ut'n stable government, one
that would command tlie confidence
of the mouey renters and the
peoplo generally, we have n government trembling for its very
existence, This is a most uul'or-
tunnte condition, especially as
British Columbia stands nt the
present time, sadly in need of a
strong government, backed by a
majority tlmt would givo per limn-
eu *y to any attempted legislation.
The presold situation cannot last.
The people, irrespective of party
uMiliation, are demanding n goveri
meut that ran do something. Let
it (hi conservative, or let it lie lib
end, the -people wnnt a pronounced
policy, und not a condition thut
can give nt the best, only vacillating legislation, Mr. Me Bride has
been unfortunate, but the condition is here, nnd ns premier, he
must meet it. How will he do itV
Tlmt is tlie question that is yet to
In'answered, tt is not a time for
petty partisan politics. It is a
time fm* statesmanlike action,
The .welfare of the province de
IjkuUB il. The people are sellisl
enpugji to insist on a conditiot
tijut. will increase their persona
prosperity. If this can be brought
about without another oloctioi
nijicli the better. If it ennuot,
give us the election, nud let. tlie
agony be over. We want a stable
government, because without it
British Columbia's prosperity will
be |oug delayed.
MINING  NEWS HwttaiotLumbermen.
I'll''    Mountain    l.unilieriueu's
Completed ihe ConlraU. ! Association held h mootiug at Nol*
The North Star has completed SOU Monthly aud Tuesday of this
Hulls Mints|week. Those present from South
•Mast Kootenav were A. Leitch. W.
I'. Gurd, *! W. Robinson, M. It.
King, I'. Lund, P. Colpumu, Craubrook, II. Cameron and J. Rogers,
M..>i... |) V. Mutt and A. Me.
Dougttl, Pernio.
its contract with tin
smelter nud will etofi
tin- present.
Mude a U>xid Lucatiun.
Willium    Noble,    who   has   he. t,
foreman nt  the l'erry  Crook   Uy-i
draulie compauy"a camp on LVrrj i
Creek,   located   a    claim   at    lii '                   Slo-k (Juotalions.
>uth of Sawmill Creek last   Sal  '     Fnruisltoti by  Beale,  &
urday, within four hundred foot  ot'  I>j-»»Ui-i-**^. Cranbrook li. V.
the camp.   Tuesday   he came to'****,,*...-, Blul,
town,  uud   brought   some of   the Sullivan	
finest   samples of galena  ore tha    * Bu«	
. ,        ' , *        i -   ' loyuv  .
has    been    turned    up    in    tlllft   Wnr-R-mli* i oi-nnilhlaiit]
/File Chief uf police at Spoknui
was, fined $10 for assaulting a
pettier,iii the Mayor's ollice. Thor
do he streuous times in that city.
1 Tlio closing down of the mines
pf the Amalgamated Copper coin-
pHiiy at Butte, 'Mont., will throw
thousands of miners, lumbermen,
railway employes and other laborers out of work. The situation is
tlie most serious thut labor has had
to*,confront in the west.
'•It'is time to incorporate,
'■-Tt is your next move. Mr. Hous.
.-Even people right iu Craubrook
wt*r,e, surprised toleurn of the great
progress mado by the town the last
The Herald Ims the largest subscription list in Kust Kootonny,
ami what is more pleasing, it is
.growing each week,
It is snowing in Toronto, wbili
h-ure in the Craubrook district tlu
pjkiple are just gutting ready to
pif-k their bananas and lemons. It
njust, be terrible to live iu the frigid
zone of Eastern Ontario.        *
.,Tkf!L Alaskan award has done
npie.h .to*encourage tho independent nation sentiment throughout
Canada. Take, for instance, tin
tmy.u of Cranbrook. There an
men talking that way now. win
never gave it serious thought lie-
fore. They have beeu ill favor of
the.imperial idea, but they don't
want Ui see Canada sacrificed for
the purpose of allowing England
to . maintain diplomatic friendliness with the Unite 1 States,
tine. Hi' says he llii
four feet eighteen in-In
io Burfnco, and thnl il
is a perfect one for a tunnel sit
lie has sent quite u buncli of o
to the Trail smeller for assaying.
„,,,,  II,,
locution  i ,\„
Si l-.ii(p*in*Mi. Min.'n	
Ciiii. ii.i iiiiiI rod Mim--. I.nl .
i AM, itn in, i mi'lOoke	
I i:,.-i i'iiiwh N,.si Cul	
■i iliuii ti..I.l I*Itlila	
•f inn.uu
$*i 5(1
Perry Creek Hydraulic Works. |
Old Town, <>»*t 21: The Perry
Creek Hydraulic company lias made ] '
some import an I changes iu ilu*
management! of its ulfairs, The
camp and saw mill linve been moved from where lirst set Up and pul
ou the Hat opposite the falls. As
much of the Hume has beeu built
as was intended to bo built this
season. There is yot to be built
about 8,000 feet. To complete
tins there is a piece of difficult
engineering to be done. A gulch
hns to lie crossed that will require
1,500 feet of pipe placed in the
form of au inverted syphon. This
gulch is innccessable by wagon
road, and nil material used in the
construction of the syphon will
be carried across l'erry Creek
canyon tm a cable tramway, Two
car lomlsjif   pipe,   .10   inches  in
dinitiator    will   be   needed.       Jack
Thompson has been employed to
manage this part of the work aud
will probaby remain with the company as mine manager.
The cable is on the ground, and
will be placed iu position at once
to convoy the pipe, which will he
hauled from Craubrook after the
lirst tall of snow,
The saw mill will continue flitting lumber us long ns the weather
permits. It is the company's intention to push work to the completion of the Humes and the setting up of mining equipments as
rapidly as possible.
(.ranbruuk lodge, Nu. Jl
A. P. 6 A. M.
M^f//' v*  '"''•'•I*" '""i"**"» '""
/    \mJ-\A   \        Uiilil   Tlilllsilil*   ul tin-
IstliDi. iniiliifii ivelcoiiitiil,'
M. A. r.i-At.i*. s«,
4 t>
* »
' -: We Iiiii t- u Tne slock of
| * Ladies' Novelties,
5 Children's Cloaks,
f Dress Goods,
i Toys, Etc.
* Direct Importations from England at  "J
■}* liar^.'nti Prices.                            >
********* V****************!**
Owner uf Ihe Estella Here.
Alex. Poison, owner of the Estella mine is back iu the district
looking nfter his interests. I Ie has
made arrangements to have the
property surveyed ami crown granted, As to what he is likely to do
in the wuy of developments he
says thnt Mr. Pollen and his
friends have some rights under
their boiid,whicli he will give them
the benefit of until next spring.
If they do not want it then lie will
undertake the dovolopment and
equipment of the mine himself,
Mr. Poison is iu the lumber business on Puget SoumI which in the
Inst few years has put him 8-100,000
to the good.
"Hutch" Explains.
Fernie. B. C. Oct,, 21st. LflOll,
Editor Herald. Dear Sir: We
have, for some time past, advertised the town of Coleman as a wide
open town, in the sense tllllt any
business man might buy a lot and
conduct business. We did this in
gootl faith, having every reason to
believe it was so. We now find
that the contract for the sale of
lots discriminates against hotel
keepers and any person engaged in
the liquor traffic. Having advertised tno town iu the way we have,
we feel that it is due.not only to our
clients. Imt to the public iu general
to make this point clear. ' \\e have
tonight wired our resignation lo
the townsite company and only
regret that we have (through no
fault of our own) misled soi f
the people,   though   ffe   have sold
no lots. Vours truly,
Cree iV' Hutchison,
by *T. Hutchison,
Outside Orders Promptly
AU.nik',1 to.
Alaskan Award Comment.
Greenwood Times: Canada will
probably never miss the territory
she hoped to secure. But Canadians decidedly object lo being
gold-bricked by smart Americans,
particularly when Canadians realised that the fault lies not with
themselves, but with the moiioclcd
inediocres    who    exclaim     *Tlie
American is tloucedly clover,don't- $ Morrissey Mines, B. C. |
yei'-kuow, and we must givo  what   -J _,     , ,    $
he wnnts to retain   his  friendship |j The best ^staurant in g
don't-yer-know."   The glory of lhe * -South East Kootenay, j&
juMiipire. if it is waning, is not be- J When   you  visit  the J
iany.pieslionultarill'. but   J town be sure and try it f
, *>* " i
I ,   To I, horn ll May Concern fl
I        THI: CRANBROOK       |
I        SIliN WORKS I
*' 1
« For Sijiis, Window Blinds, *
< Show Cards, Banners, Elc. *
4: 8
}       EASTERN PRICES       I
,; S
j   Have Vnu Any Palntlnn In be Onne?
»   llii Any of Vour Mourns Need Papering?
J Ksliniiil.'s liivi-n nn lnrgo con-
tmrls. Wi* ilun'l wnnt tlio
j until. Wo iviint to lilonso
j yon witli tlio work nnil rucoivo
J t'oitsonnlilo pity.
t Royal IIjIl-I, Cranbroi.lt
'..)** ......MMIHIl.llllii
r®-® - ®~®-®-®-®-®-®-®-<a-®-®
f V,*s.,*inil Un- CITY  BAK-
$ l-:iiV is tlio plnco togotn iiicu
i) ucililiiig cnki- nnil iii-niiiiii-nts
I in Hii-lnli'st stylo.  Why st-nil
I your inili-i- out  of town mill
j |ii*i*lin|is lmvi' tin- icoingbrok-
•f oil l.y shipiiiiiji;.  1'i-ii-t-s riglit.
- I'linnc 51         ll-ipi-silc M. E. Church
•[)      C. W. WILSON,
Saw Mill riachinery
Planing Hill Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachinery
Machinery forjall Purposes
All of very hest makes.
J. L. Neilson &. Co.,
(ill.l Main St., Wlmiipe-. Jf
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Ocncral Jobbing....
| Eagle Cafe
| Ocorge Paquin, Prop. |
Pups lor Sn'c.
.For S.-.I.*   Tin, glilmil Now
fiiiin.llni.il inius,     ('.in   In* ttikoi, . ..       ...   ....  ,
,        ., .,        i    ,     ,. ,     DllllSII nl nny tllli-sl I lllllll. hill
from tliu ni..lti.-i-   na uutl,. |*e(.ttuM 0f mifluiiing of tlio i-url.
l'rii-e *ltt        Oliarici Mi is.    i bruo,
|-iii|>rleiur ur the
Candy Kitchen
Carries a complMe Hook of
I Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
; Biscuits, Pipes and
; Tobaccos. on ■■ • mi
Formerly Motel I'hair
II. TOni'KIN*. ManaKer.
Tins Intel  is oue of the liest in
Britisli Columbiii ami up-to-dnto
ill   eveiv   resperl.        Well   li^lltetl
sample rooms.
Timber Notice
Xi.lia'li li.-ivli.v utvni ihut lliirty iinih al-
i.'i'.n.ii'S Lllukvr will ni'i'ly tntliut'tiivl
I iiiiuniM-iiniT m( I.iiiiiIk nml Wurkn, Vlotoriii,
turn Kpfi'lil liiviiH' io nil   liiulirr un Itiufnl*
luwIiitfililrUiiHl IuiiiIh, uoutli ol Wanlner, hi
Smuli tlmt KmiU'iiiij:
Coraniuir'iigoue milt) vtvat ami 30 chalui
north nl Im BinttliHWt I'urupriitUreuitier'n
liit'tiHi*. IntNo. 111(18; iIimicb nmtli oneiullu,
wi'Bt out nili'. miitli inii< mile uml I'iiHt mm
mill' in ((iBiilnue ot beginning, an
DatwiPitoberBth, lOUll.
New Dairy
I.O.O.F.     Hey Qly loiic'*******■*******************.
'   i  John Ellenberg,
It) ntulit nl Uicir i. ill mi
...    .      ... ■ in .Mil,, i llllkw strtil.    Siijimrlti^
\\. li. woilgett lias come to Omu- M^JPritomflonI1^ta«tt«i.
brook with u line lim- of milch cows        T*"* w. vunrk.
uml will open a dairy.    Those ile-1 '
Birillg tirst-r!a*ss  milk  sboulil   Bro|aaB _.
bim.    He will suit you. | TO THE MILL OWNERS OF B.C. * Pion«r in *^e business and
«  his work always ranks with ♦
If you are in iroable with >our eiglae |||S the best.    Calf and see him. £
«).w.y or your bolter ., le.Mu| or eeeH. ;| Repait;in? ^ 0f a„ jescHp. |
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA       I wuhlli »nd for me.    I have . tore; pump
A liiuli clnu nriviita lioiinliim uboul li>r j Md full Ml of tools for doing ill kinds of en*
•i.s >.-|.h*ml..-r unit.. xlneind billcr rcpalrh.x *n* cletllH rllhUI
l.",l:"".)! 9 '.'" ! your mill.   UK ur send a card lo
mil Ii.i* Iiml ri'iiiiirkii-
ll-lt.i"ll|,l  II.IVH'HI,'
I nil.it.-h     I
Sliuiin .-i mi t.i i-i.
Ihhi ^niniil--    nn
111,- HUltWB. lll'll ti I.
Ill IIV |IMIllllll1'lll in
Illl' II Mil V. 11 'IVY
Ihuroiuniwi.il hu
iih.l III.-I.-l,irHll, V;
'I'lu- l.-n.J |'.i-ii..j. ,-i N. it W.httiiitiMli'r
t:   S    \\   IVntu-iilli. li  I
Vll   htTVli*  , llllll i
lung iln* jtutrun
J. I», PATTUN, Machinist. Cranbrook, B. C.
Tl..'Unit. II  M.llii.lt'. IVmirr nl H. r
It Mur *,.l.  I>M -hlvifloi-Jtllll ill I ho I' i- I:
I...-ui lui T..-  Ilurwtn.
I.i.nt inl Walnwrlglit,
S.liuhiihlii|i>. nuilli It  fit) Ik fllHliiii-   	
II it ill. I.il Iii ilrn-lllli*1 Iiuvh.     I'm |inrill'ul(ilH j
HEV. C. J. BRI-NTON, M-A , Head Masler. I W.   P.   (lURI),
Dnya (ipnrrall,v iiii iniii-li liDtn>rlnmi
hllluii Into Mn* iiliuii' nml iihii.v [inm mi,i'i |
intli I**
Timber Notice
Nuiiii'iH lierulij' ftt veil that thirty i1hj*h »t-
ii'i-,im.s. 1,. link,'i- will iijiply tn ilifihii-l
CuuitniRminer of Lanitsunil Wurkn, Victoria,
fur ii h-i'iiiii, lii'i'iiHr in mt timlier on tin- rul*
luwlng ik'HtTilu'il IuiiiIh. mhiiIi <>f \\ nnliier, in
South I'.ist Kuoteuuy:
roiuiiiMidiig ouo mil'' went atul 30 chnhiB
nuilli nt lli< BOllthtt'CBl  I'uriiiT of lltt'iiiiifr'H
li.vimi', Int Xo, (11.08, tliuttw BOtltll OIU) liiik
i-iint um- niilt-% norlh oin' tuili' nml ivi-«ttitii'
miii' tu in,*plnti- uf liogintiltig. an
Hiiitii Urn-bur mh, lOUil.
Timber Notice
SoMi'pIh lii'ii't'.v givi'll Mini lliirty iIii.vh nt-
Ifiilnlfl. I'. lliiku- will n|i|ily tn llu> l'liii-1
l'o in in iBHiiiiiur ul I.uuiIh nml WnrkB.Virturiii,
fur iih|iiiitil Ilii'liHu tn nit* limtii'i'tin tin* follow Iligtli'Hi'Hbuil Iuii.Ih, mill Ml ill WuiiimT. in
Smith Kasl KiMi'i-iniy:
(oiiiianiinlng tit, Iho HoiiUinral rai'iinr nt
•lllllll'l 1'tilkn" llffliM',  Int.   Nn.   lillii; Hiriir,
tti-Bi/HTflmliiB mom nr Ii*bb to Mini-ncl sldi
"f.(J. r. Hlggui-'n liiviiMi*.Itlii'iit-.' norlh 21
I'htlitw; Mn nn* wt'dt iiiin mill', Mifiii'i'miitli It
i'Iiiiihm, iIiiiiii'i'iihi  iit I'luiliiD Hiin-f or Ihji
I'l Ht'Nl hill,-uflnt IU07. Illt'tl l'  Blllltll  l>> Mn
|)hii'iM>thpgiiiiiliig. :ui
lijiti'.l o-ij.i.,.1 inli, uiilil.
Timber Notiee
Nutiii' in lietvb)' giVPti llml lliiil.v ilitJH nt*
ifiiliilf I.C. Biiki-r uill ii|ipl.v In  ihuL'hiH
e.u i.-.-iui.t-r ni I.Jii.tlrnntl H'orkn,Vlt'tnrht,
fur n j-| inl Ihi llau tn Mil limine nn tin* fui-
Inivil-utl.-M'tilifilntiil, BOtltll nt Wnnlii.-i, III
Smiili Kiinl KnnliitiHjri
L'oiiuni'iH'iiigiil u posl oithatvchl lininiila*
r.v nl Int HIT tun1 mile north nf Int 01U0,
tlii'inti miiiii iiiiii iiilln, weat (ilia mill', BOtltll
imt' milf nml fiist mn' mile In Hit* plnm nf he*
glllllillg, -'Ml
Uiili'ilOniohL't-fllh. 1000.
Timber Notice
Nniii'i'irthi'it'liy given that Ihirly t'aja nf-
ler .lalii V, II. linker uill B|»|ily lo tliu L'lllfl
I'nminixHiunernf l.amln nml Works, Vielorin
for uH|.ei-iul liei'iise in cut Minlier mi llio foi
lowingik-seilheil laml,noiith or tt'anluor.li
■riOHtll V.itrO, Knnlfiin.v:
luiniii'-neiiig tlirrc inlh'fl Bontli nml li.-ilf n
mile i iibI ft i lie norl hivi'ht nirm-r of lot fi»70,
I Itl'di i' lun miten Miulli, liiill il mili'fliot, m
nii-i't north nml luilfii mile witst to ilm [ihu
ni hiigintiing. HO
HiitfilO.-lnlierMli, 1003,
Timber Notice
Nntiie in lifreliy given Mint, lliirty Any* nller iiiin> V. II linker will np|ily tothoUhM
L'ointiiluhloni'rof l.miilniiml >< iirka, Vielorin.
(urn *t|*e.i..l lireiiM'In ent timlier mi tlm foi*
Inuitig ili'M-iilieil IiiiiiIm. poll til nf W nnl ner, in
Smith Bust Knnli'imi:
Cnoiiui lining tlimi nilh'B noiiMi nml um*
tnileeio-t of tlit) UoHhwoal enrner nf Int. nllTO.
thence north ntiu mile, w*t»l ono mile, boiuIi
ono milf nml i nsl inm mile tn ihe pin f beginning,                                           .'to
DtitnIOi'tnborSlh. 1003.
Timber Notice
Notice la hereby given that tlilrly ilnja nfter iluto .liiuiefl linker will apply tn Mm Ublef
CnuimlBaloui'rnl Landa anil WotkH, Victoria,
fm* ii B|iechil iii'i-iiHi- in cul limlifi'on ilif Inl-
lowing ,),'MfHbed Inml, eniltll uf Wuniacr, III
Sonth I'.uHt Koolcimy:
Inmini'm-iiig nl  Ibe nmii Invent enrner of
lot,:II7, thence east mi chalna mure or lens
in Um weal flliluof lot Illfi, tliPiienaotltli two
lllthBtulllO   BOIltlnVeBt   tnitier   of   lot 010,
Mie west IOI  i linini  nm. - has to tliu
ptuttt*hle of Int. 0107, theuee north I8U
eliniiiH more or lean to thu northoaat corner
of lot (11(111, II  ui-4t.-|.-, I'l iii mm mure or
hiBHlo a point due south of point of com*
nii'iiiMiieiil. llienee iinr.ti BitVtlll eluiiiH umif
nr h'hB in p int of romitieiici'uii-ii',      111)
llnteil O.-l,,!,-.-. 1Mb, [ini:i.
Timber Notice
Notice 1b hereby glvep that :)t) tlnyfl alter
ilnte wu Intend In npply n> iliet'liinli-'niiiaiiB*
atoll rofl/ind-J nml Worka fo- perininninn
In ml ntnl miry nwny tl iilier tfolit the I I-
lowing ib'H-riliiil lamia, v\t\
I'limmciiiiiignl u poat|ihieei1 nt. Ibeaouth-
I'tiHt toriier nf limber limit No. 11108, (Iroiip
I, Soiilli ('.'imt,  Kootenay, thenee cast mi
cIltlillH, tlieiiee mill til   HO  eliniliB, tlli'liee west
hii i-lniuiM, thenee mirth Nil chalna lo plntie nf
lti)hlnaon>Mi'Keiule Lumber Co,, Limitnl
pAtnJOulnbwlO, lOOH, .'11
In tlie mnll.'i-nf uu npplicnlinii for n On pli ■
ento of ot ti Ci itlii-iite of Title to Lot 'Ml
Block 4U, in Ilm town of Cranbronk (Map
Notice la horohy given tlmt iti-my In tuition lo lnuii!at Hn* expiiniinii of onemontb
from thotirat ptihlicatioti hereof a dnpllciiti
nf Mi,
The Contractor
Who (Jets Contracts
If you wnnt to build lot mo know.
I will In1 pli'usi'tl to furnish yuu
estimates nntl may lu'lp you out
with sonn' ulcus us to plane.
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc.
ti to iu a in.
I lo o p. m.
~ lo s p. in.
Land Notice
Nollcola l,t.,-l.v given that 00 ilaya nfter'Q, H. THOHPSON,
Jute I intent) in upply tn tbe chief commit--
dinner nf I.iiml*- nml worka ul Vlutorttl Inr
peruilaaloii to purehaae tbu following ilea-
erilicil Inml in Smilh K;it-t Knnli-iin.*>;
Commencing ul a poat pliinteil mi ibe enat
able of u creek nuitiing into tlie north fork of
Mieliel i-rcek, nlmiit   llit'if tlllll   o  bult  lllili'-i
north nf iho luloraeclioti nf \\w north
boumlitry nf int 40HJ, gionp I. wltb the
niiili north fork nf Michel creek, tlieuce north
no Hi11 nt*, thence cast mo ehtilua, thence
Hiilltli MDillililiH, iti e wiat no Hialna tn
tbe place <>i hcginiih g, cotitaiuifg um ncres
inoronr U'fs.
H\i U, Mclnnea.
Timber Notice
Notico in hereby given' that thirty itayi
after iluto 1 liiteml in upu ,vt.> the Chief Com
iniaaioiicrof Lnmla i.ml Worka m Vlctorln
tor a Kpechil llfenae to mi nnil emi'V nwuji
timber from Mu- billowing iteacriheJ Inml'
i-iiiuih* in I'.twt Kootenuy:
Coinmi'tit'ltignt a pnut 'plniiteil 40 chain
coat nf Mie-IMi mile poat on the C. I'. It. sin
vey line inimlig boiiIIi fmm Port Steele
Juuclioil. I li.licc riifl Ml eliinim, llience north
NO   clniitiH,   I lli'lii f   not   Nil   ehullia, tbeiiei
aoutli 80 I'balna lo ihe pott of commence*
llient, cnutuluilig OIU iii'iin.
Muleil t'.Hli ilny ol Sep emlier. 1004.
3~ .foaeph Knmbiii'k.
Timber Notice.
H 111*
iIii.vh from ilu
Chief I'm ihi
nt Vi.li,rin, f,,i
y given ilmt niili
1 im-'ml to npply to tin
 r nr Lnmla nml  Wnrks.
i apcelal lifeline lo cul nml
carry nwny limber from tbe following ilea*
erilml   himla,   nhnnt       mile  north   ol
.M111--.M illc in Smilli KiiM Knnlfiin.v:
Conimeiicliig nt a  poat; pliinteil nt  ibe
nmtlii'in-11 nrm-r nt,l. ]'. Clubb'apre-emption
Ibi'iii-erui ninguoHli StlcbulitP, thence u
no ehnlna, tlipmn aonlh 80 elm lim, thei
ensl Ml elinins In plncunf beginning.
31 11. MeKarlam
MaryBVille, Rcpteiuber, 10th, IU0U.
Timber Notice
Nutiie in hereby given Mini lliirty ilay
after ilnte, wc Inleiiil to npply tn the Chlel
CotumlBBloiier of I.iiihIh nml WorkB, Vielorin.
fnr pelmlBhioil to I'llt tlllll enrry nuny timber
from ilie followlngileacilbej lnmla in Honth
KilHt Knnlciiii.i:
Tlfliber limit No. lenathbleol aoutli fork
(Inlil Creek collinieiiiing nt   il   pnit tlllllkeil
liiiiliie A Klllina'northeaatcorner poat run-
ning Nil 1 linimi Nimi li, 1 belief NU chaitia iwiat,
thence so chnitia north. Ihenco 8.1 chi
west to plnce of commencement,
No. '3. Commencing nt a pnat marked
RiilbluJl Kiiliiia'aoiithwcsl cornorpnat ;
ri ing 80 clmlni euat, ibence no du
north,  thence 80  elinins went, thenco nu
ehnlna aoutli to place nf en m men cement,
2S UuthleA KillitiH
Timber Notice
Notice if liciihy given llml lliirty iIiijh niter tbile L. II, linker ntll   itpiil.V   tiilliclliicf
CommUalotiei'lof Limit nml v- nrka,Vlclot)a,
for iiepn-iiil llceiise In cut timber   fnnulbe
followingiletoi-ibol I I. S0.1U1 ol Wur.lner.
in Snutli Hiiti Kootenny:
Coninieiieing one liiile west uml (10 elinins
1101 th of the noillnvcBt  corner of 11. Ilrom*
ner's timber lii *•, lot   No. 0108,  thence
west two niilei*. north half 11 mile, eust two
niile-i i'ml t-milli mie-linlf a ttlllo l-o placn of
beginning. W
Diiiciinii iherOlh, 1000,
Timber Notice
Nui If 0 Ib In ii by given tlmt Ililrty day
lifter ditto  l Inleiiil toapply lo the I blef
ComtnUal rof I.ihiiIh nml w. rka, Vlctorlu
tor permlaaioti incut nml rnriy nwny timber
from Ihu foi owingilcacrllKHl inmls in Smuli
l.nst Knnlemi.i:
Ti r limit   l(.  Knkin weal   hliln of ilm
noiilhforkol flohl Creek, about tun miles
above forks, commencing nl a pnst marked
ll. tin kin norlhensl corner poataiidHOclmltiH
weal,, thenee si) ehnlna smith, llieticn m
elinins enst, I lui  NU elinins i iirtli to ptucn
ofi'Ollltncilceiliei.l •- •nlnining lilo ncres in
nil in...'" 11, haa,
Sfi It. Knkin.
Timber Notice
Notice la heiehy (ilven thnl within thirty
ilnys M. I.e.*lie willnppl.vto ibel'bief Com
missiotifrnf I inula mill (forks, Vielorin, for
permission lu cut uml carry away limber
from ilm lollottliigtliBerlbcd Inmls in South
KiiHt Kniiti nny,*
Commencing nI n poat planted two miles
sniiili  (tl Mc linrtliuest. corner of  Lnt No.
R070 South I'ltiat Kooteiuiyi theuce weat. one
mile, simiii one tulle, mat one mile ami north
one mite to phiee of beginning*.
I)ntfilHf|lcml>et'Ji.t.li,lli().'l. 20
Timber Notice
Notico is liiTi'bv given Unit within
thirty ilnyfl At K. l^irsch will upply to
tlio Chief ComiiilflRionor of Laiula ntnl
Worka nt Victoriii for periniBBlon to cut
""' Hrsi 1 licntinii hereof a diiplieutA I ,U1(| (.,n*rv „Wuv tlmbor frmn the follow-
.1,'i-iiiicnteot 'Iiii*, io tho nhovo men*  itl(-   dwuriboil   IiuiiIh  in  Honth    Enst
iioneii 1,0: Hit, Itloek 40, Tuwn ol Crnn*   Kooteiuiyi
brook (Map (HlO). in tho ininie nl.loliii Fo d      Commencing ill a poat planted nlmnt-
Vnmliiscn iiliieliCerlillcnleisdiiledMmllhh   seven I'huilia ifilO smilh of ilm Houth" est
dny of  IVicmber,    li»»l».    mid   nnmbered   corner of Lot No. '117 uiul  011 tin- north
IHHtHK, II. I'\ MncLcod,      j hiMiiulnry of Lot 0100, tlieuce north one
v> I Disiiiet. Ileglater,      mile, weH nun mile, BOH 111 one mile ami
j* I Lnml [legistrj* 0111 w, N laun, II, C, enst one mile In pliireofeominoncenr""1
$     lllh October, 1000, 81
Datetl Septomnei'2litli, 1003,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor for Ihe Imperial Dank of Canada
The Colonial Investment ami Loan Company.
Cranbrook, IJ. C.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc, made by contract.
P. 0. Fort Steele, B. C
<  Hops, from a cork sole to a 8
\\  lady's finest slipper. {
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live mc a call.
liasl Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders-,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
.Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office al Residence, Armatronj Ave.
Forenoons,   -    •   •   •   9:30 to II
Afternoons   •   •   ■   •   1:30 to 3:30
Eveninis   •   ■   •   •    7.30 to 8:31
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :     :       :    E; C
Timber Notice
Notico i» horohy glvon tlmt thirty ilftya utter ilnte T.. II. linker ft'lll ii|<i>l.v In tlm Chid
Commlashinerof Lnmlanml Wurka, Victnrln,
(or a BJiccipl licciiMf in cut timlier on the lul<
lowing deacrihwl In inln. aonth nf Wnriliier, In*
Soiilli Enal Knnli-nni:
Commencing ono tullo weat nn<l ItOchttliiH
Bontli of tiie imitiiHcm cornor of Uromner'a
t linber   licciiw,   lot   No.    c, 1 i;s,   1 ii,.n<,.
went    tun      miles     mnrc      or      Ioi*     in
lot.(!17ii. thenco aonth Uii ehnlna moretu
leaa to the noi'th limit <>l Int lllltl), thonce
onat 40 clmlni moii»or lean in tin* imrll 1
corner of lul 0I0»| llieneo aoutli Hvo ehuhia
nmrcniif-iHiiMiimii.i imli 11 mlluaoiith of
noiili l>iiiimbii'.v nf thia ii|>|ilIcntloii. thenco
en hi IIOcliHlna morn or lea* tn ti, 1'. Mfignr'a
aonllni'catcorner, thenee north 40chnina lo
[ilmcut beginning. UO
llnteil (Motor Dili, 100R.
Timber Notice
Notice y  lierehy given tlmt  thirty
ilaye nfter ilnto I intcml to npply to tlio
Chief Commissioner of Ijinitsnntl Worka
at Viitniin   for  11  si'ct'iiil   license to cut
unit enrry nwny timber front the following ilesi'iilieil In ml s:
Commencing at it post planted nhout
four nnd one-lialf miles south on the
enst tioiuiilnry of blink 4691 nml marked
A. ,1, English1!*: northwest cornor, theuci
aoutli 80 chains,  thenee  cast Sll chains,
thence north Sll chains, thenee west SU
chains tn place nf commencement.
Haled CletoherBth, 100CI.
'in A.J, Rnglisl
Timber Notice
I Intend thirty Hays after dnlelonp*
ply to lhe Chief Commissioner of l-anits
mid Works nt Victoria, It. 0., for 11 li-
ceiife toeol and carry away timber frmn
the following described property:
Commencing at the northwest comer
of lot*381 in the district of Kast Kootenay, thence west nhout ■'<■> ellilins to lol
40110, thence south 110 chains, thenco
east about 85 chains, thence north 100
chains to place of commencement.
Oranbrook, B. 0., October 6,1008.
'3\i L, It. VaiilVear.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given thnt within
thirty .lays K. .1. McVittie will apply to
tbet'liiei Commissioner of himls ami
Works, Victoria, for permission to cut
uml carry away timlier from the following described lands hi Bouth Kasl Kootenny :
Commencing at a poat plan led two
miles south of the northwosl comer of
lot   No.   51170    South   Kast   Kootenay,
thence east   one  mile,  Iiorili one mile,
west   one mile  ami  south  one  mile In
place nf beginning,
SvplcmherlMth, 1003, 2D
Timber Notice.
Notice is hereby given thai within
thirty days IG \., lUoYlttie will apply to
the Chief CollllltlsBioiier nf Lands ami
Works, Victoria, fm- permission to cut
and carry away limber from ibi> following described lands in Smuli Kant Koolenay :
Commencing itt the north wo 1 corner
of lot 5117(1 South Kast Kootenay. Ihenee
west half a mile, smith  two miles, east
half a mile, mull) two miles to place of
September 29th, liio:t. 20
not in*:.
"Kinernbl", ami " i hnenl.t", mineral rlnlniB,
HitiiBteil in tho Kort, Htealu mining division
nf Enst Kootenny illatrlet. Wlure
located: On the St. Mnrjs river.
Tnko notice that I. A. It. I Icy Inml nf Knalo
R. 0„ as agent for M. J. Hnlpin. ben min ere1
ivrllfloato No. B 00305 liiteml, sixty ilnyn
from the date hereof, to npply to tlm mining
recorder for certificate of improvements, for
tho purpose of obtaining crown grant a ol
Die above i-hiime. j
Anil further take notice I hat ncthin, under
section 37, mnat ho mmroi-iire.l More the!
laHiiuncu of Midi icrtllteatca of Impiove*
uicnt-s. j
Ibileil ibis aoili day nt August. A. II11W3.1
M A   II. Uoy iLlihAgill-l
Undertaking: And
Graduate of Chnmpion college of   U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian tlauk of Commerce, Cranhrook, 11. C.
llpholstcrinjt md Ucneral Furniture Rcpilrlif
Will attend to any work in the district
Agent for thc Brandon Marble and (Iraoile
Woilti,   Tombstunea, lleiditooea etc
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook (or
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Timber Notice
Notico is hereby glvon thnt thirty ilajrsnf.
tciibitf. himes linker will apply to the Chlel
Commissioner of Lumls ami Works, Vlctorln,
for n special Iiconso lo cut timber on (be fob
lowing described Inml. hoiiiIi nf Wanlner, in.
Soiilli I'.nsl Knnteimv:
Commencing two ami une-hull miliH smilli
nnd ono mllo i'ic-i <>f itn, northwest corner
nl Int  (WTO,  theme  smith   Inn  miles, cunl
Iiiiiiii inlln, north two Miles nml west otiii
imli 11 mil" in iin< plnco ni beginning,    nn
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
-J Ini4iit:]i l-tili-'-*. nnil Tourist Sloepcrs
lllllll'K 111.1 Jliill... SinitKltij; l.ll.rary Car,
I-'fir I.H.I.M. l-'oltlt-rs nml l-'ull ..ir.triiui'lnn
vnll 1111 or Hiltl-osi,
tl. T. LANDECK, Agent,
Q. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash. TIIK  CBANBROOK   1IKRAI.I)
I* -
* i
4 *
* manufactured in Canada by Canadian toil, ►
* the product of union labor.   **  There are *
* shoes manufactured in Canadian factories «
1 which are held out to th: public as i
}. Do not be deccivid.    Do not accept a shoe :{
«- "iust  as good," etc.   The only genuine |
4 article is stamped with the Slater slate. '
I     PRICES, $3,  $4, $5      I
I    REID &  COMPANY    1
SEa^issBoiaBBBiflBinamaaflB i
Jacobs' Irish Biscuits
We have just received our lourth consignment of
these famous biscuits and cakes. A few months ago
Cranbrook was the only town in the Dominion where
these biscuits could be bought. Now a Toronto
wholesale house has the agency for Ontario, a Win
nipeg house for Manitoba, and a Victoria house for
British Columbia. The representatives of each of
these houses saw the stock in our store and recognizing their superiority over all other biscuits made, domestic or imported, took steps to secure their exclusive
sale in the territory now alloted to them. We are independent of any of these agencies and procure our
stock direct from the factory, where they manufac
turei specially for us after our order is received, not
taken from surplus or possible stale stock, so you can
rely on getting the very best at a price no greater
than what you would have to pay for an inferior
article. J.
Speaking of Irish, one naturally thinks of potatoes.
We don't import IRISH SPUDS, but for our family
trade we get the next best thing, Ashcrofts. Fer a
potato that is good now and will keep and be good
six months hence you can't get it unless you buy the
ASHCROFTS. We speak from experience. We
have other potatoes grown in British Columbia that
wc sell you as cheap as anybody will, and for immediate use they are all right, but for a "keeper" pay a
few more cents and get the ASHCROFTS. We
have a car in transit from the Okanogan (NOT
ASHCROFTS I that if you will leave your order
now we will deliver from the car at $17.00 a ton,
$9.03 for half ton, or 95c for 100 pounds. These potatoes we guaraatee as good as any that are shipped
in with the one exception, Ashcrofts. Note the price
and the guarantee and leave your order so that delivery will be made from the car on its arrival.
China and Glassware
For ordinary use, for wedding presents or Christmas gilts we can surely sell you something that
will please and gratify thc recipient. Call in and sec
our show room. You don't need to buy; you will
tell your friends about the nice things wc have and
by that way advertise our wares.
,/v     Fancy and Staple Qrocerles and Crockery
* Cranbrook, IJ. C.
llml yniu' home with n
l3      Tlie bes) heater for lliis districl ns
j       it uivi's  perfect  bu lis faction  with
soil conl.   Call and uei particulars.
Whu Bee onr line of
,    McClary's
| "" Famous Stoves
. All kinds ol sheet metal work, blower piping, etc.
Patmore Brothers,
I Plumbing, Heating; and Ventilating Engineers
In our ii.-w building m-xl to iln- Mncconnoll Furniture Co.
I The Cosmopolitan i
J. R. Downes, Proprietor      •$>
Cranbrook, B. C.
Ji Two well lighted and furnace heated
jg sample rooms. A firstclass hotel with
H firstclass sarvice. Popular with the
'0 public.
2   NIGHTS  2
Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1903
Tho distinguished Canadian actor
mul liis company in nn elnliornte
scenic production of tho great religions drama,
First timo hero
Tuesday, Quo Vadis     Wednesday, Richelieu
Reserved Seats on Halo fit Beattie's
Drug Storo,   Prices, 81.00 nnd 75c
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Questions of Many People.
Harold Nelson, November third
in.l foul-Ill.
.Miss Fortune is visiting fi*i*-ml*-.
in C.-dgnry.
iTimies GUI si»*nl Sun.luy with
his l.-iiuily in Sirdnr,
Oeorgo Kennedy. oE Rynn, wns
in lown Tuosdny.
K. 11. Sninll nn.l Ton! Welluimi
s|vni Sunilny in Elko.
J. A. Hnrvey, ot Fori Steele, wns
;i Crnnbrook visitor Mondny.
Dnvid Griffith, tho Wild Horse
pioneer, wns in town Tuesday,
Mrs. Losby, ef Sirdnr, visited
Crnnbrook friends Inst w.-,-k.
Mike Durick came down fnnn
tin- Xorth Slur mini- Snturdny.
A onr of Oknnngnn apples this
week iii the Fori Steele Mercantile
Mr. siiinii. oE Winnipeg, is lh.*
now commercial opemtor nt lli.- O.
1'. li.
Rolil. Shaw hnsgono to Miohol
to look after the slaluos o£ th .nl
Gel your seats resorved onrly Por
Harold Nolsou. They niv on salo
nl BenlUe's,
A. I,rii.*h hns returned from nn
extended business trip through tho
Territories mul Manitoba,
Willinm Gordon hns moved his
family into tho house vaunted by
Mrs. Liowhindson.
Mrs. McDonald nml Mrs. Hall-
ley, nf Mnrysville, woro Crnnbrook
visitors Insl Tuesday.
X. Mt-L, Cumin, ftiinuciiil agent
for the North Stnr. was iu town
sovorul days last week.
S. F. Morley hns lot n contract
to .1. A. Molleur for n two story
residence on linker hill.
Prof. Hepburn will give yon n
private lesson if you nre unavoidably absent from the class.
.Tames Wardner, the well known
mining man. passed through Crnnbrook Tuesdny for St. Paul.
A. Vroom returned Mondny
from an extended visit with relatives and friends in the enst.
The bniiann belt weather is here,
nnd everybody in this section is
enjoying it to the fullest extent.
Miss Anna Tisdale arrived lust
week from Toronto, inn\ will make
h.-r home iu Crnnbrook with hor
.1. A. Pull', the rustling ind good
uutured insurance agent, waa in
town severnl days the |ws- week.
Prof. Hepburn*-, dani-iug class
will be held Monday November
2nd, nn.l Thursday the ".tii...!' nexl
Mr, and Mrs. Fred 1'rith and
baby, of Moyie, Bpent n couple of
days in Cranbrook Inst week visiting friends.
Vim .-.-in join  Prof. 11..'.lion's
clnss  at  any  time   wil lout
slightest interference "ilk tin
vauceiueut "f nnyono.
I.r. Sawyer, ..f Pinel
-(..-ni   n   .lay  in town  list  \
Tin- doctor is prospering in I'i
is ,-i slii|.|*.*r .,f live --tu.*k
Th.* Kurt Bteele  Men-uitile
Ir.f. Hepburn Kent |<> Furl
Steel ■ Wednesday to arrange a
concert nn.l orgauiz. n daueiug
clnss. II i|„. people ..f St.-eh-
know n good thing they will in..
doubtedly tuke advantage ..f iliis
W. Butt, whu hus been in ('ran.
brook tin- past few mouths in
charge of Merrick, Anderson £
Co.'s business, lefl yestenluy  fur
Winnipeg, where lie tinues  in
ll mploy ..I thnt linn.    Mr. Butt
liniil.• ninny friends iu Cranbrook
who regret to Bee him leave.
The Craubrook literary Bociety
Creek. | |„.|i| „ well attend,-.!  meeting  last
fek.j Friiiny evening, and completed the
'her business arrangements lor organi-
zutiou.   Th.- next etiug will be
Co. held in the I lil.l  Fellows  hull  oue
. hum! ii em
s.   Th.*.. are
'full worth
l"ln s
nud give
Prof. Hepburn'
will meet ut I p. in.
day an.l Saturday, ii
Saturday us horetofo
uf '. Ik.-iii.-iL'i-m
dry jn.I mealy
for the money,
■hililien's class
ovary Thins-
nol ni •Mill on
A. .1. Sutherland, {orderly engineer ut the Norlh Stnr. ins severed
his connection with tin- mine uud
moved his family to Crtitbrook for
the winter.
James Rynn, of the Crunlirook
hotel, has secured the adeond story
of the Mclnnes block, un.'. will lit
it up ns nu annex to the lot.*], for
sleeping rooms.
(jeorge Goldsmith left 'estenlny
for n brief visit to his ijropcrties
iu the Liijileuu. On his return he
expects to go the old country lo
spend the winter.
Manning ct Lneey an* having
the front of tlieir store building
changed so that the door will be
on the corner, which will iniike n
big improvement.
Harold Nelson next Tuesday
and Wednesday evenings. Crnnbrook is fortunate to secure such
an eminent actor ns Mr. Nelson
mid his excellent eompiuiy.
Don't wait until pay ilny to join
Prof. Hepburn's class. He will tuke
your note payable iu thirty or sixty
lays. Don't let this opportunity
pnss.   All business confidential,
■lohn Sherwood visited Spokane.
Inst week. It wns his lirst visit,
lo thut city in four years, nnd he
snys thnl he wns surprised nt the
wonderful change that had taken
Charles Campbell, the undertaker, has sold out his business to
the Mncconell Furniture company
mid will return to Duluth, Wis..
where he will engage in the same
line of work.
Traveling men nre ns thick
nrouud Cruubrook these days lis
l>ecs around a molasses barrel.
The merchants here are doing u
good business und wholesale houses
are after their trade,
Stephens Brothers & Co.. proprietors of the Alexnlldl'll hotel at
Morrissey Mines, will give n ball
on the evening of the King's birthday, November 9. Quite a number
will go from Crnnbrook.
Chnrles Reid opened his new
drug slore lust Thursday, He hns
u neat establishment, und hand
some fixtures thnt were lhe hniuti
work of ,Mr. MeCnrty. one of .1.
Greer's artists in wood work.
Prof, Hepburn. Mr. and Mrs.
Williams will give a concert at
Moyie on Fridny evening November Ilth, Willi 11 dunce to be held
nfter the concert, nnil will endeavor
to organize u dancing clnss.
Dr. King returned Inst Fridny
from Vlctorln, where he attended
the meeting of the lilicrnls elect.
He says that the selection of Mr.
Macdonald as leader meets with
the approval of liberals ull over the
The Strnthconn hotel, of Nelson,
under the able management of
Mr. Tonkin, is becoming n favorite
stopping plnce with the traveling
public. It is first-class lu every
respect, nnd the service is the best.
The ol.l McBride hardware store
lins been sold l.y McBride to Paul
Hundley, of Kimberley. the well
known livery mnn, The property is one of the most valuable
Bites in the town nud the consider-
ntion of sale was large. The deal
wns consuninted by Messrs. Beale
& Elwell. real estate ngents. Mr.
Hundley is having the building
renrrnnged for a livery ham.
F. E. Dowbou leaves today for
Leeds, Englnnd, where he will
spend Christmas, nml then will go
to New Zealand. Mr. Dowson
leaves a brother here, wl. > prefers
to locate iu Orniibrook permanent.
week from Friday, at whicli timo
an interesting prnurnin will be
Tim nniiiversnry nf tin' Metlio*
(list I'linn-li opening in tills town
wns Inst Sunday. Rov. Turner
preached Imth morning and evening, Tlm services were ti success
in every way. nud the thank offer-
lug amounted to s;!im. and the
receipts of Rov. Turner'a lecture
iimuuntt'd to $-10.
Lt'i'oy Sage mot with nn accident
one day last week that resnltetl in
laming Iiiin in one of his feet. He
was doing some pnpi'i-in^ nt his
new ImildiiiLr nud his ladder on
which lie wns standing slipped,
throwing him to the floor. He
escaped witli Blight injury, but it
might havo boBii fur more serious,
R. E. Beattie, tin' druggist, is a
plunger when it conn's buying
Christmas goods,'uml this year hn
hns gone in heavier than ever bo-
fore He has made some purchases
this year thnt will opim the eyt'H of
the people, lioth lis to the exquisite
quality of thu goods and the low
prims nt whicli they will be sold,
F. 0, Marsh, manager of the
Cnuibrook branch of the Imperial
bunk, left Tuesilay for u four
week's visit to his old home in the
east, This Is Mr, Marsh's Hrst
vacation in three ami a half yenrs.
uud he is under the impression he
will enjoy it, J, Pinkhain. of the
Nelson branch, is acting mauager
during Mr. Marsh's absence.
R, (). Jennings, who has been
superintendent for the Perry Creek
Hydraulio compuny the pnst summer, wus iii town Tuesday. "I nm
going to move my family to Craubrook," snid Mr, Jennings, "ns tliis
town is now tlie central point of
the district. 1 should hnve come
here before, If you want to see
the people iu this district, yon have
got to come to Cranbrook. This
is the plnce to live if a mail has interests over the district."
We have a choice line of Chatelaine
Hags and Purses. Largest stock in
East Kootenay.
Where It Pays to Deal _f
Agent for Berliner Gramaphone K
- We have opened .mr new store in tin* l.
- Bilker Btreet.   We will carry n general line ol
I     Fancy Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing. Boots. Shoes.
I Etc,   Our goods will be oi the best, and the
® We Invite vou to call.
Iplll slo
I ♦ I <!> I * I « I ♦ I * I * I * I A | A I A ■ ,,    ., - sis M*. > A    A\ A    .**    ..
A. L.
ncDermot A. C. Bowness A.
Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants HJ
Schlln fleer The Highest Brands The Larjes. ond
Fernie Beer I              o( SCOTCH and ' b-s*  *isorlBwnt
lllll Ale l idich     WHIik'IPS i of Uomesli,
liuinm-s Sloul J ,K,s,r1     WHIMUHS [ ll(*«ori
A complete stuck of Cigars, consisting uf the
"Pharauh," "LaFurtuna," "Irving," "lSar-
rister," "Monument," "Hilda"  and uthers.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
Write for Prices,
Agents fur T. Lebel & Co., Hay and drain
Telephone 17
Owing to
ini^ on tin
1 una
Int.- h
-countahle delay we
Tetot'ore anuouueed
detained fr.
111 open*
Friday, October 23rd will be
Our Opening Day —
Coine ami inspect our premises, our eutin
Drug Sundries, Stntionerv, Faucy Ho. ,1s.
ly new sto
„f Drugs,
Chas. E
The New Block
. Reid & Co.,
Cranbrook, IS. C.
■-i.ikc n Specialty
************************** **************************
Harold Nelson Coming.
Mr, Harold Nelson, managed by
Mr. C. P. Walker of the Winnipeg
tlieuter. and supported by the largest couipuuy ever organized for the
west, is the first actor in this
territory with the courage to produce classical plays with metropolitan completeness. Mr. Nelson
is coining to Cranbrook November
'I and 1 with elaborate scenic productions of Shakespeare's immortal plays and also promises n performance of "Quo Vu.lis." which
in respect to costuming, lighting
nnd scenery will Ik- in u sense a
revelation. On the second night
he will produce Richelieu, In addition to thorough scenic equipment Mr.;Nels(*n brings with him
uu electrician uiul a specially constructed electric lighting plutit.
This is the first Benson that talent.
ed actor has had Bcenery and
equipment worthy of him. Mr.
Walker, with unbounded confidence in western appreciation, having invested much money in the
enterprise. The people of Crnnbrook have been waiting anxiously
for Mr. Nelson's return. HiB
talents as aii actor wore appreciated on the occasion of his lust visit,
her.., and now that lie will present
Quo Vuilis," the hall will not hold
those who will wish to hear him.
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
None Better In the District
Rates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served in any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
The table is the best, the rooms arc unsurpas«d Ior clean 9
liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand Q
of liquors and cigars. (")
L. B. VANDECAR, Prop. - gj
a******************-******** **************************
* 9
You must I
good meal;
unloading a
Shall .
ml they nre
nil you ti sampli
jiiwt ns good ns they were Insl yenr.
-»-*•> «•_♦£ -£.*-• *>•>••*•>-•• *-**-->-• *-* *-•-•-•>«*»-
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort i Specialty
flood Stabling in Connection
NcareBt to railtoad and depot.    Has accommoda*
tititis for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Hot and Cold Baths
• **®Q**.*****9
C. P. R. Quadrille Club.
A muniicr of the railroad boys
have organized a dancing i lull, to
Ik. known as the C. P. 11. Quadrille
club. They held their first meeting Inst night nt Wentworth hall,
and it proved a most gratifying
success to the members. The hall;
waa beautifully decorated with
bunting anil the varied color,
lights of the trainmen. The bin h
was a 1 nuquet, and was served in
profuiion. The lady members of
the club contributed greatly to the
success of the evening.
Cold Weather
Is Coming On
I hnve a Hue line uf
The BEST made.   Also anything
kepi in a firstclass hardware store.
J. D, HcBride TIIK   (JliANliltOOK   JIKlfAI.il
i : -   -'—r
•■-■:     :
For Household Use
- p takes the plr.ee of lluid
milk or cream.   Never
_       .nl    -    paintment ct the last   »
■   -   I     ]       Ci S-L. moment.   lt is handy,   B
"     :>,'     -    lia^W-   purcdiecstibl , mi-.ri.   j
MM. b-i Tie Cilibtlttcin Caidenscd Kllk Co., ClUlbUtlowa, P.LI, }
)&*& =gSsmm0*^*mm[mm:^aa^^
Why Pay More for Your Insurance than it is Worth?
You Need a New Suit |
I   thnl i-.il
. you should be careful iu the
     W'e cnu give you one that will be sat-
isfuelory in  .[iialily, workmanship ami price.
lb-op iii un.l  si ur stock.    Onr clothes lire
inaile iu Craiibrook by Crnnbrook people,   Tiny
arc suits llml suit.
Leask & Henderson
m 0
IP. Burns & Co
THE ALEXANDRA! the Australian hotel
II. I.. Stephens, J. I:. Stephens, J. I.uwsun, Al. Kiiiki.ul.iri
Thc principal requisite of a new tovn is
ample hotel accommodations. Tin big
Alexandra hotel supplies this need in
Morrissey Mines.
The Hotel with the Big Dining Room
_^ Markets
ly in all the
$\ Principal
Ip Towns in
H British
§8 Columbia.
Wholesale and Retail
i Meat Merchants
0  Fresh'and Cured Meats Frtsh
A      Fish, Game and Poultry.
SS     0
We supply only the best.   Vour
trade is solicited.
Is known from  Winnipeg lo Vancouver
You get your money's worth
.as ii Stei
A. Bun
Scrims Situation In Montana.
The clising down ol' the Amalgamated copper company's properties in Untie is the i-imsi- of a most
tlio l*i-i..|i.',-l*ir.
Morris,    Cruubrook.
isitoi* Monday.
id Wm. Kelly, Perry
■ek, were id Bull river fridny,    I total of i.Ue men will reach 20.000
(■lovorniiiout   Agent  Armstrong | men  iu  Montana nnil Wyoming,
is nt Nelson this  week  on   legal
Liquidating a Lumber Company.
Pernio  Free  Press.   A meeting
of tho creditors of the Cellar Valley
Improvement   Co.   wns   held   in
lorioussitiintion in Montana. With-
| iu a week it is expected the grand
 • r.®»...
Manufacturers of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Hills at Cranbrook, B. C.
if Orders will receive prompt ntteution,
Not how big the suit is,
but how well it is made!
\ This is the question that people are mostly interested in, Jintl is
the magnet that is drawing them to our store, to a live and modern tailor shop, it's the store that saves you money. It's where
you get value for your dollars.
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C.
S>*>-> *..*.*...... .....j) 4,^....^...	
O. E. GRIFFITH, Proprielor.
Well hiniislii-ii coinfortiiljlo rooms, gootl ihpuIb.   Ktojj
hi'iv win ii iii tuwn
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call or,
Geo. R. Taylor
The Herald Gives llic News.
Livery  3
Proprietors ** j* .*
TV..!!*! nml driven furnished for Ml*
-.ill! in tin. 'listrict.
Manager   Jl  .*   **
('has, l,i-\ell has gone to BnillT,
11,* will spend  nboul  a  month al
ih.- springs.
A VV. McVittie and V. Hyde
Bnker, Cniul.i'ook, were in town
Mi's. 0. M. Edwards was visiting
nl the residence of Mr. N. A. Will-
linger Tuesday.
A. li. L-'cnwick has purchased
tin* McCloud cottage, on llocky
Mountain nvenuo.
X. A. Widlinger, Mrs. W'nllin-
gerund Mrs. T. T. McVittie visit-
ed Crntd.i-ook Thursday,
Mrs. T. C. AritiBtrougand family
li-!l Wednesday on a short visit tc
I', Feuuer's nuioh at Cherry creek.
Itidiun Agenl Galbraith returned In.in an official visil to tlie In-
ilinn ii'serve at Tobacco l'lains
dipt, I!. S. (I. Tlu.rolil. Loudon
England, with two guides left
Steele Thursday on a hunting trip
lo White river.
.1.(1. Cuniniings. I'. I,. S.. returned Wei I lies, luy from Slurp
.*!*. <*k. where he was engaged iu
surveying n ranch for Mr, Emory
i rum ii..- Movie Lwiilor
lid,   1,,-iwl.u- i-.-tin- I   from  the
hospitnl M lay.
Hugh Cameron nmi sister spent
Sunday iu Crnnbrook,
Mrs, K. II. I'earson. of Jall'ray.
is iu Movie visitin*. with Mr. and
Mis. W.'li.Slon.*.
Mis. I*'..I. MoMllhoil uiul baby
ai*.- spending a few days in Cran-
hrnuk and Kiinhcrlcy.'
Ed. Murphy, soil uf S. W,
Murphy, 1ms returned lo his homo
in North Powder, Oregon,
Mr. ni.l Mrs. I'. .1. McMahon
hnve eoiii. lo Seulll.- lo spend tin-
ivinter, Mr. un.l Mrs. McMnhou
luivu cm tea red themselves to the
.. i.pl.-.il 'Jloyie uiul will be greatly
J-4..II1 ill.- |-'m. I'm..
A. W. Blonsdoli and his son
Williain sp.-nl a couple of ilnys on
iln* prairii* hunting, and they
succeeded in bugging about 70
lucks anil 5 goesu.
Some valuable horses hnve been
..ilieil al Coleiniin by tho O. P. R.
trains, amongst the number being
un-of I*. Anderson's and one belonging lo Anderson Si Dunham.
Constable How arrested a man
milled .lohn Clark at Elko on Ihc
iliurgo of assaulting .lames Lotigh-
nii ul tlial place on Juno 10th Inst.
Hi,' accused was tried in Fernie
'esterdiiy morning and wns found
■uilly. lb- r.-ieived n si-nlcnce ol
two months.
.lovce's Ha
Wednesday nfler-
noon when a fuller stiitinent wns
given by tlie assignee, The meeting wns nttonded by nearly all   the
Tho Grout Northern will lav off a
large portion of their freight crews, j creditors and the business .vns con
heretofore hauling ore from  Butte:dueled harmoniously,
to the 11. & Ji. sineltev at Great     The usaiguoe reported the total
Falls.    Tlie   Butte, Anaconda & liubilitioa to bu in neighborhood of
I'neilic ^railway   will   lay   off   »H {jg70,000.    This iiuionnl  would be
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Cinuuli'iii Pnoitic Rnilwny company coutrol a large area of the
choicest farming and ranching lands in tin-Klk. Kootenay, Colnmbia
ami Slocan valleys in the Kootenay districl ami in tin- Kettle river and
Okautigaii valley in thc Boundary district. A large majority nf these
lauds an* readily acci^sBiblc by railway,
Tin- negri-eale amount of priueipul nml interest, except iii the caso
of lands ti in let- $8.fjfJ pi-r ,-icie. is . I bide. I int.. ten instil I monts ns shown
by lhe tnl.le below; the lirsl lo In- pal'l al the lime of purchase, lhe SOC.
mul one yenr from dale of pinvlinse. the lliilil two years, mill BO Oil.
The following table shows the amount of lhe itntitml instalments 00
Hill acres at dill', rent prices under the iilwvn com lit ions:
Hit) ncal SJ..MI pern.-. 1st luslidnieiil ¥ fitl.Ul, U uqual iliBlld'ts of $ .MUM
ltiiiac.nl  11.00 iht nc. Isl insinl nt    71.110,11 ii-unl inatnl'ts of    (10.09
lllllnc.ul   :l.."i() peine. 1st ilislllllllelll     Sl.'.lll.'.leip.nl instiil'tanf 7(1.(11/
lllllncal   I.UIperae. 1st iliBlallnelll     IUI.HB,Vii|iuillllitlillaol SII.IK)
IllOne.al   .1.60perne. Isl Iuslnl nl   InV.N.V.io.piul inslnl'tsof 00.00
II10iie.nl   ."..imp.-r.-n-. Isl iuslnl ul   I lll.HC, '.Icpuil iuulal'lsof liHI.UI
bauds liniler l-!:i.'*ll per neri' are sold ou shorter lime.
If land is paid for in full lib the time of purchase, a red notion from
the price will bo ullovriil oi nu' to ten per conl nu Lhoamomit paid iu
oxcessoEtho usual cash iistrt'meiit.    Interest at six per cent will be
Imrgod mi ovorduo inslalmeutsi
The company is nlso interested in iln* following townsitcs: Klko,.
Crnnbrook. Kimberly, Aldridge. Kitchener. Creston. Proctor, Nelson,
(lerriinl. Lemoiitou, Custlegiir, Cascade City. Grand Forks, Kholt,
(ireeiiwoiKl. Midway. Nakusp, Arrowheiid. llevelstoke, Donnld and
Kmuloops. Terms of payment nre one-third cash nnd the liuliitic, iu
six ami twelve months, with interest.
For further particulars npply to the following local iig.-nts:
W. Jl. FroBt, Gateway, Moiittmu     -I. A. McCullum, (Irimd Forks.B.C.
li. R. Bruce. Wilmer, ll. C. (i. A. Keudell, Eholt. B. 0,
V. Hyde linker. Crnnbrook. It. C.     A. EergllBOli, Greonwooil, B, 0,
.1. T. Burgess, Kitchener. 11. C.        .1. 1). Sibbnl.l. llevelstoke. B. (.'.
E. Mallandaine. Jr.. Creston. IS. C. Tholiina Abriel. Nnkusp. 11. C.
ll. K. Stacker, CiiBcnde, B. C. F. .1. Pulton, Rmnloops, 11. 0.
F. C. Elliot. Troul Luke Cily. ll.C.
Or J. S. DENNIS, Land Commissioner for British Columbit,
at Calgary, Alberta.
ei-ews   between   Butte   and  Ann-
.•inula.    In addition to these iiiiin-
J-eiluced by probably $10,000 oil nc
,, '", *"  '","' , I count of customers impel- for which
er.ius olh *i* enterprises,  large ami!,     ,     ,    , , . .,,.,.
,.    ,. ,     , ,,      ,     , 11 int. 1 >i -i- had been  given,   OI  this
small, which rely upon  tlie Anilll- '
gamated us their chief customer
will be obliged to curtail. InMoii
tma alone, approximately one mil
lion dollars a week or four million
amount between lliirty and thirty
live thousand dollars was under
mortgage. The total assets hml beoi
npproximntly cstiuintod at $85,000,
,,, ...    ,,.,, ,4 Of this amount $44,000 wns th.
dollars a month is <>lt tho pay  mil i    .        ,    ,       ,     .   ,     ,  ,
..., price valueil on Ilie limliei-1h*1oiiu'-
»t the stnlo. .,   ,, ,,
,, .,      ,     ,    i , ,.ii  i  tug to tlie coinpunv.   ( i.iiserviilivi
Butte   streets  have lieen   tilled  ,     , *   ,',
... .i       • ,, ,    ,' liiinbei-ini'ii   consider  this u snfi
with Ilu- niiuers   thrown   out  ot     ,   ,.       ,„,
,     „„ ,, , 'valuation,    iltumootingnppointci
work.    I lie citv resumbles u  niob'.,       . .    ''   r.
,.     ,.'       , , lliri'4-inspi-etoi-s to assist -Mr. Orel
town.      Boarding   house keepers.: '
store   keepers,   etc.,    whom    the
millers   owe.   besiege   the  justice
courts, seeking garnishment orders,
The constables cannot serve the
papers   fust   enough,   tin- justice
clerks nre working overtime filling
them out.
The   actual    number    directly , ,  .,
to get   nl   the  exuet
thrown out of employment in Butte
is (1500. These include the men
in lhe Boston uud Montana mines
the Anaconda mines, tin- Syndicate
Group, tlie Butte and Boston
mines, the Parrot group, lhe Colorado mines, the Colorndo smelter, the Wiishoe group, the Butto
and Boston mines and the switching crews uiul other employes of
the Bntle. Aiuicondii A* Pacific railway, who have to do wllh shipping
ore from the hill mines to Anaconda and Great Falls.
Al Anaconda, the Amalgamated
employees at lhe new Washoe
smelters, at the lime kilns, lit the
it'll ipiairies. ul the brickyards
and at lhe foundry are thrown out.
The closing of the Boston &
.Molilalia smelter ul Great Falls
will leave many hundreds of men
thereout of employment, Then,
loo, lliere are the employees of the
lllai'kfooi Milling compnny in the
woods anil In lhe sawmill at Bonner, the same class of men working for the Aiiaconila Copper .Mining company's lumber department,
which centers iu ils big mill nf
Hamilton, probnbly flu* coal mines
at Storr's. lhe coal niiuers at   Belt
all these go out.
The company operates extensive
cud mines at Dianioudville, Wyo.
Whilo these will not be entirely
shut down, because they supply
coal to the trade as well us to the
company, the output will be limited,
The Butte, Aiuicoudii & Pacific
railway will be nblo to dispense
with practically all its freight
crews because there will be no ore
lo transport to the Anaconda smelters. Ore shipments from Butte to
Anaconda have aggregated about
5000 tons a dny.
spi-ctors nre. Jb-4 srs. .1. II. Pollock.
.1. F. McCunig ami .1. 1). Quail,
Nothing furthur call be done by
tho creditors until a complete list
of libililiesisiniuli'out.    Tin-hooks
of tlu compuny are  nol   in  go.
condition, which renders it ditHci
idilion of
affairs. A new set of books will
be opened and acconnls as they are
proved will be entered. Two or
three mouths will laps.' before this
is completed, in the meantime the
plniit wil be idle, ami afterwards it
may be sold as the banks involved
do not favor il being run by tin
f NOW is .lie best linn- in sit for 9
J   your   \ 1)414*   I'lmins.    Tliis  is tlu'   2
# mini wuy uf lnivhig tlioni on time, #
S Ui.ll for thein when yon \v.u.ttl.-n» 8
This is nn exact cut of a line of
Clothing we nre agents for. and
tliis line can only be found iu one
store in Crnnbrook, Hill A* Co.'s
Mammoth clothing House,
Moon Gels Four Years,
William   Moon,   former   postmaster al Michel, was found guilty
at Nelson last week and sentenced
lo four years in the * ileutary,
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock Io*-
and sell on thc rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealer in
H Poultry, Fish and Oyslers in Season.
- -«>-<i>--<!>H!>-**W-<S-®*^^
New Hotel, Newly Furnished, Best of Dining <L -
Room Service.     A comfortable place to stop in the f
enter of the town.
ia-ia-iir^a--«>-«. -<a-ia-ia-ia-ia-ia-ia--®-®-ia-®-r


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