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Cranbrook Herald Apr 18, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President.
B. E. WAI.KK1*.. Gen. Man-
Paid Up  Capital
  2.000,000 00
Total Resource)
A General Banking;
Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Gilpin's Store News..
Car of Furniture and Baby Carriages Just
received, jt Mirrors, all qualities and
prices. A nice line of Pictures. Some
great snaps in Dry (Ioods, Clothing and
Shoes. New Wall Paper, 6c to 50c per
roll.   The best and the cheapest.
If you desire the
very best results at
the least expense.
you wilt use ._. .-
SOLDBT ....!.. ft J.
Will wear out his Shoes much quicker than a dull boy.
Its a good sign to have him do so. It shows there is
motion in him. We have just the Shoe for this kind
of a boy, Shoes that will keep him busy trying to get
the best of. It matters not how many boys you have,
or their size, we can fit them and save you money.
Sole   Agent*?   for   the   Celebrated   Slater   Shoes
W>44 004049m44mim4444Wm
tm , ■
Why take chances on losing your life with cheap fuse
{k when we can supply you with        jt        jt jt
" ■
Bennett's Always Reliable Fuse 0
Made      in      three      grades.
■ Pope's   Safety   Fuse   Igniters 4
*p m
0 Neither Water or Wind will stop them from lighting <-%
0 the fuse.    We also have a Fuse Coupler for shaft 0
0 work.     With this devise you can explode 5 shots 0
H with one igniter without danger.   Call and let us show 0
T thein to you.     We are agents for these goods, and fer H
H the    besl    powder    on    earth,     THE    GIANT %
| Fort Steele Mercantile Co. "*«■"
g .1. P. FINK       jt       jt       ji       MANAGER
When in need of	
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
House Furnishings, Sporting Goods
Cull at thc old reliable
Pioneer Hardware Store.
(Iir stuck I* cimplete.   Uotds sold il Ihe lowest market prices,
Prtapt delivery it all pari* ol Ihe cily.
Q. H. Miner.
All Kinds of Meat at
New Butcher Shop, Aiken Block
We are Here to Stay.   .   .   .
Do You Sell Liquor????
9 *
-9444-9**4*4* »4tCtt*tt»ttt»*
9 *
| News of Her Mines and Ner People J
Jfom Tlie iiernlii ("■nrrosjitmilt'iit
DUrltlg the past week the Noith Stnr
mine tins been shipping regularly 6otons
per ilteui-i nnd expectations are that it
will do ho fur a considerable time to
come. There me in tlie neighborhood
ot Hitmen employed lu und around tbe
James T, Dixon, ihe manager of the
Mount Sicker and British Columbia
Developing Company, leturned from the
coast hist S-ftturday,) nnd il is not yet
known whnt the intentions of tlie company are with regard tu future work in
this vicinity,
It is rumored thnt the survey of the
railroad to Ibe Suflivau will start as
soou as the surface uf the ground will
permit. The suow is rapidly going so it
is hoped it will be commencing very
The New Goldflelda of British Columbia are Commencing work on their
bonded properties ou the ist of May.
These properties adjoin the Sullivan property. Until the arrival of Mr. Lowles,
engineer for the compauy, Mr, Elwell of
Kimberley, will be iu charge of the work
O ily a small force will be put on at first,
but later this will moat probably be incensed. The diamond drill will be on
the ground during May by which a grei t
deal of p ospecting work will be done.
Mr. Charles Estmere bas been doing
considerable development work on his
factional claims adjoining the Sullivan,
but on account of tbe enormous amount
of surface water the work had to be suspended for a time.
A siding is about to be pnt in at Pinch
Sl Jones mill, in order to handle the enormous quantities of lumber that they
are shipping this summer.
Stipendiary Magistrate J. F. Armstrong visited Kimbeiley on Thursday
last, and held a meeting of the police
and small debts courts.
Mr. and Mrs. Prank Robbing returned
fiom their trip to the west ou Thuisday
the nth.
Aime Campbell has retired from the
retail store business and is uow the
occupant of the Kimberley Holel, iu
which place we all wish him success.
Paul Hundley is now constructing an
additional to his livery stable, which will
be badly needed tbis summer. Kimberley hns belter prospects for a bright
season this summer tban any towu in
East Kootenay. The copper properties
in the St. Mary's River district will be
extensively operated upon, which will be
sufficient, in itself, besides more developed properties in the immediate
neighborhood, to make things hum In
Kimberley. Rumors of concentrators,
etc., nre heard in tbe air, but ihe roar of
them will soou be heard.
If sn, don't buy
DPI TIPD   The Only Wholesale Uqtior Dealer in
until you see .'.    I   C \-t I I CK.   South Kasl Kootenay.    Write for Prlc
Cranbrook, B.C***
The Prospectors' Kufcanie.
Publicity is all that the Kootenays
need to attract capital for tbe proper
development of lhe many meritorious
pnipei lies in this portion of tbe province-
The mineral is here, and in paying quaii,
lilies, hut it takes money and lots of it
lo make a mine, no matter how rich the
tleposit may be. Any person who is
aiding in tbis w *.k of publicity is doing
a power ot good for tbe province as a
whole and the individual prospector.
And it is Along this line that Andrew F
Roienberger, of the Prospectors' Exchange, of Nelson, is coming to tbe front
as a positive ami absolute benefit to the
province. Ile has adopted a novel
method for getting the capitalist and
prospector together. He wants to place
himself in touch with the prospector. If
the owner of the prospect has anything
that met its serious consideration; if he
has .t property that warrants tbe investment of oapUal( and will be willing to
shara the responsibility and chances
with tbe capitalist, to develope his prop*
cily, he can ilo business by getting in
touch with Roseuhcrger, The man with
a -wildcat need nut waste any time with
Roienberger, He deals in legitimate
property only. He does not bundle
stock in any way, he simply handles
mines. He is not a promoter hut a
legitimate dealer in legitimate proper-
lies. Such men are needed in every
milling country. The prospector, rut
until)*, is not in touch with capital. To
bring success to the investor and Ihe
prospector, a middle mau is necesaary
and he must be oue who has the confidence of both mine owner and capitalist.
Those .in South East Kootenay who
bave good properties will do well to
communicate with Mr. Rosenberger at
Nelson, send him samples of your ore,
give him full information and the results
will probably prove beneficial,
Episcopal Servlcee.
Services will be conducted regularly lu
the Episcopal church from this time ou,
as follows: Moruiug, n a.m.] evenings,
7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p.m.]
celebration of holy communiou on the
second and fourth Sundays in the mouth,
Rev. Havelock Ueacham, II. A , Rector.
Ik-st dairy bulter in pound  bricks al
G, T. Rogers'.
Miss Rhoda Leitch
Miss Minnie Grant
Miss Daisy Moffat -
1st Prije
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
The Herald's essay contest closed last
Friday, and the result wns announced by
the commit lee on Tuesday, The Herald
offered only two prizes bul as the committee found llmt there was -so tittle difference between lhe winners u[ the second and thin) place, it wus deemed advisable to ntltl a third prize of one dollar
on the committee's report, which wns
done befoie the name' weie made known
by Superintendent Mclntyre. The Herald ia well satisfied with the results of
the contest, since it has served as an incentive to the pupils of the first grade to
study the district iu which they live
The essays that won the first ami second
prizes are punted this week, and the one
that wou the third prize will be published
next week,
Tbe Herald feels under deep obligations for the kind'y assistance ol .Superintendent Mclntyre, mul the good work
of Messrs. Costigan, Fortune aud Hutchison, who officiated as examining committee. 	
Tbe Competitors.
The essays, wben they were given to
the committee, were unsigned, and numbered as follows:
No. 1.—Rhoda Leitch.
No. 2.—Minnie Grant.
No. 3 —Anna Grant.
No 4 —Daisy Modal.
No. 5 —Frank Murphy,
No. 6,—Frank Burns.
No. 7 —Hugh Mclnnes,
The Committee's Report-
Dear Mr. Simpson: Your committee,
appointed to examine tbe essays by the
Cranbrook public school pupils upon
South Kast Kootenav, written in response
to your prize offer contained in Lhe issue
of The Herald ofthe 14th of March last,
and to select therefrom two which iu
their judgment, are entitled to first aud
second prizes respectively, have the
boner to report as follows:
Seven essays, unsigned by the writers,
and numbered consecutively from one to
seven, were handed-to jour committee
by Principal Mclntyre. Your committee experienced no dilficulty, whatever,
in the selection ofthe first prize winner,
the essay "No, 1" being easily entitled
to that place. This essay your committee considered a credit to bolh the writer
and the school, Some dilficulty was experienced iu the selection of the essay
entitled to second prize, Nos. 2, 3, 4 aud
5 being close competitors for that honor.
After very full and careful consideration,
however, your committee has awarded
thc second prize to the es.** iy marked
No. 2, with Nos. 3 and 4 very close com
pclitors for third place, the preference,
if any, being tu No. 4. Fully appreciating lhe importance of this contest to tbe
different competitors, we have endeavored to faithfully and conscientiously dis
charge the responsible and delicate task
imposed upon us, Everyone of tbe essays is deserving of favorable comment,
and your committee desires to cong.atu-
late you upon the success of your venture and to express llieir appreciation ol
the wisdom and desirability of wholesome, intellectual competitions of this
nature amoug our school boys and girls
We have the honor to be, sir,
Your Obedient Servants,
J. R. Costigan,
Rev, W. G. \V. Fortune,
John Hutchison.
Ity Mm Hli'itla Leitch
To discuss Soulh East Kootenay and
compare its former condition, its later
growth and progress, ami its future great
possibilities, we must understand clearly
to what portion of the province we are
confined. The western boundary is the
height of laud which forms tbe watershed between the waters of the Kootenay lake and rivet. Ou the north we
have the height of laud separating tbe
Columbia river, (lowing north, and the
Kootenay, flowing south, To the east
is the summit of the Rocky mountains,
and ou tbe south the forty-ninth paral
lelof latitude. South East Kootenay is
a rich country, now on the eve of full
development and expansion.
The wonderful wealth of this district
haa long beeu known and in the early
days of placer mining it almost rivalled
Cariboo in its yield of millions. The
lapk of a railroad, however, proved a
great drawback to the development of
the country. Poor means of communication and the heavy cost of transportation, combined with the rich discoveries
in more accessible parts ofthe province,
retarded operations aud prevented the
progress In development which would
have reached immense proportions bad
the circumstances beeu more favorable.
But such wealth could not long remain
hidden. This new mining empire, which
was hitherto a sealed region, was opened
in 1898 by the Crows Nest railway, a
branch of tbe great transcontinental
railway,   the   Canadian   Pacific.      The
completion of this branch, which leaves
the main liue at Dunmore Junction and
extends soutli through the mineral fields
to the camps in the iHJiiudary country,
bas removed all obstacles und bas opened
lo the world a vast tract of land second
to none in its boundless mineral resources.
Extensive mining operations are being
carrietl on in Soulh Fast Kootenay.
The North Star and Sullivan group yield
immense quantities of low-grade silver,
and the St. Eugene, Lake Shore and
others ou Moyie lake are famous for
their silver-lead deposits. Tl\e copper
properties on the Hull aud Elk rivets are
promising, ami placer mining is extensively carrietl on, on Perry, Weaver and
Wild Horse creeks. These are but lew
of the mauy successful ventures in mining investments. Fast Kooteuay also
possesses oneofthegreate&tcoal deposits
in tbe world. This coal will supply coke
for West, as well as East Kootenay
smelters. Already the Fernie coal mines
ou the Elk river have made large shipments of coke, and are supplying West
Kooteuay smellers,
Nor are minerals the only resource of
South East Kootenay. Unlike other
mining districts it has large tracts of
fertile land especially adapted to farm
j. roduce and stock railing, aud settlers
have tbe advautage ot being able lo get
a good cash price at home markets.
Another source of wealth to East Kootenay are the vast timber limits. There
are miles of unbroken forest land, tall
tamaracks, stout pines and gigantic firs.
Lumbering is one of tbe most important
industries in tbe Kootenays, and lumber
is shipped from there to all parts of the
South East Kootenay Is young, yet it
bas severat towns with bright and promising futures. Among othersare Feruie,
near the coal fields, headquarters for
mining supplies, Elko, Warduer and
Moyie, towns on the line. Kimberley,
the terminus of the North Star branch,
Fort Steele, the pioneer town, and Cranbrook. the divisional point of tbe C. V.
R. on the Crows Nest line, aud the
future great commercial center and
metropolis of Soulh East Kooteuay.
Truly, "South East Kootenay Is All
It is necessary that such a district
should have one commercial and government center, and that center should
he the most accessible from all parts of
tbe district. Geographically, Cranbrook
is most favorably situated and as a suitable railway ceuter, the towu bas no
Craubrook is an ideal western town.
It Is beautifully situated with mountains
rising on all sides, a rural park skirting
its limits, nnd a sparkling stream flowing
from far above the town, down one side
of Baker bill and over the green prairie
to the northeast of the town.
Until a few years ago the town waa
practically unknown. Although the
property was purchased by Colonel
Baker about 15 years ago, the present
townsite was not laid out till 1897. Tbe
colonel's residence on Baker hill was the
first step toward tbe now progressive and
up-to-date town, which is the headquarters for the transaction of all important
railway business concerning the Crows
Nest line aud Kimberley brancb, all
customs business for the district, and
banking busiuess for tbe towns of Wardner, Fort Steele, Kimberley and Moyie.
A great deal of lumber business is also
transacted iu Cranbrook. These various
conditions are fast making a uame for
the town.
During tbe past Cranhrook has not
been able to boast of superior, or even
ordinary, educational advantages, owing
to the rapid increase in tbe number of
school children, and the fact thut the
government grant for a echool, applied
for in one year, waa not supplied till the
next, aud was, consequently, insufficient
when received. At last, however, the
schoolboard has succeeded in providing
for that need, and has erected a handsome two.story building. This, with the
old building, affords ample accommodation.
Nor are the morals of Cranbrook
neglected. The town supports five
churches aud has Ihe good uame of being the best church going town in the
The people of Cranbrook are justly
proud of their town, and Cranbrook, iu
turn, ought to be proud of its people.
There are no petty jealousies existing
socially, aud uo narrow-minded criticisms about other towns. Tbe people
are generous in their opinions and liberal
in the dispensation of good things.
They have never failed to respond heartily to auy action taken to further the interests of their town. Nor do they forget what they owe to the widespread influence of The Herald and its popular
etlitor, who, since coming here, has ever
shown thc greatest interest in the welfare of the town, who bas takeu an active part in all local enterprises, aud who
never fails, when Ibe opportunity --fiords,
I to sound the praises of "Beautiful Cran-
I brook "
! By Miss Minnie Grant,
South East Kootenay is a district with
great possibilities. Its healthy climate,
beautiful scenery and boundless resourses
are euought to make any place prominent. Hut peopled as it is with hardy, intelligent men, who doeverytbiug for the
benefit ofthe community, this portion of
mir fair Dominion will certainly become
a pride to the nation.
Its rugged mountain peaks, beautiful
green valleys and grass covered plains
could alone attract scores of people,
bul atlded to tbis there are coal, silver-
lead, gold, copper and iron deposits,
therefore prospecting is being vigorously
carrietl on with  most gratifying results.
Feruie is the center of the coal fields,
the value of which can only be ascertained by actual search, The eleven
overlying seams make a total thickness
of 148 feet of coal exposed, aud there are
indications of tbe presence of iron uear
them. Large daily shipments of coal
are being made, and 106 new coke ovens
are being constructed.
Moyie possesses valuable deposits of
high grade silver-lead. The principal
property, St. Eugene Consolidated, is
the second largest lead producer in
North America.
Elko is a growing towu at tbe crossing
or Elk river, forty-five miles east of
Cranbrook. It is in the midst ofa fertile district with splendid water power,
which, wilh the trade of Tobacco Plains,
will make it prosper.
Another town making rapid progress
is Michel. This station sprang into existence within the last year and u half,
and has uow one large store and mauy
cumfortable dwellings.
Fort Steele, situated on the Kootenay
River, about twelve miles fiom Cranbrook, is the present judicial ceuter of
South EaBt Kooteuay. Close behind It
are the mining properties of the Wild
Horse, which are becoming rapidly developed.
Twenty-two miles from Cranbrook, at
the terminus ofthe Nortli Slar brancb of
the C. P. R , is tbe town of Kimberley.
Near it is lhe North Star miue, which,
with a cupital of J|,000,000 is paying
dividends of 1 percent monthly. Here
also is the Sullivan which pays for development with the profits of tbe shipments.
Apart from the mines there is another
source uf wealth in tbis remarkable district. We can safely say, that there are
in this vicinity, extensive oil fields ouly
walling development to become very
valuable, and if the talked of new railroad is opened up in this part of the province, means of transportation will be
much cheaper, which will be a great
But all tbis must have a commercial
center, aud ideal one is found in
Craubrook, situated in a delightful
valley between the Selkirk and Rocky
Mountains, It is nestled near the loot
of Mount Baker and is furnished with
excellent water from the surrounding
bills. Farms and ranches dot the prairie
at tbe foot of (he mountains, where fruits
and grains are grown abundantly, and
large herds of cattle graze on splendid
bunch grass, Not far from Cranbrook is
the town of Creston, located in tbis
farming district which is being experimented on by the government. But, to
return to Cranbrook: It is growing
rapidly and is getting all tbe modern improvements, such as electricity, waterworks aud graded roads. Many well
stocked stores have a large trade, and
the number of hotels, churches, banks
and schools are scattered about among
the comfortable residences that make
such favorable impressions on travellers.
The railway shops and the three sawmills employ a large number of men, the
latter having a daily total output of 70,-
000 feet of lumber.
Comparing the Cranbrook of today,
with that of some years ago, you are
struck with the almost miraculous progress that has been made. We can
scarcely believe tbe old time prospectors,
when they say that a few years ago this
,tretell oflaud, tbat is so thickly becoming inhabited antl adapted to the
use of man, wns the home of wild beasts
and Iudlaus, who roamed about at will.
Aud if it continues as it 1ms begun mauy
nf us will see the day when Cranbrook,
as llie center of this great district, will
be second to none in all that makes
wealth, with the huge chimneys of
smelters looming up above the giant
branches of magnificent trees, and un tbe
gentle breezes will be wafted the sound
of saws, making havoc among the beautiful pines that now form a protecting wall
around this lovely valley. We dlso expect to see, iu a time not far hence, on
the brow of one of these green bills, a
fine structure containing the government
offices ; and looking from tbem, we will
see trains coming from every direction,
laden wilh ore to be smelted and converted iuto machinery in tbe great me-
liopolis, "Beautiful Craubrook,"
Football Concert.
Next Tuesday evening a concert will
be given under the auspices of tbe
Cranbruok Football team. There should
be a large attendance. A good program has been prepared.
44*4-1444* 944 4EF(fE(fCeffft
9 %
4444444 444444FttfftFttttC-fr
* *
I News Notes From Ihe Mineral Cily f
* *
[From The Herald correspondent]
Al the end ofthe month of March the
St. Eugene Consolidated Miuing company declared a dividend for the three
months previous amounting to f 105,000.
At the present time the mine is partially
closed down ou account of the low price
of lead, but will resume operations as
soati as ibe lead market warrants it.
During the close down about 50 men
will be employed in the miue. The
force which will be required to operate
the diamond drill will also be employed,
as tbey have a contract which will take
two or three months to complete. In
this way during the close dowu there
will be more men employed in tbe St.
Eugene than are employed in some
mines in lhe country when ruuning full
The ice on Moyie lake   wil)  in   a  few
days be a thing uf the past.     As soon as
it goes  Moyie  will  have  two  Mwmdli
running on fnl  t ine.
Harry Polio 1, who was awarded the
contract of building the dam on Campbell creek fur lhe water works compauy,
bas a force ol inc., a', woik aud expects to
finish bis conttacl by tbe loih uf May.
As soou as lhe pipe an 1 ves work will be
commenced laying it.
the 1 o. o. P.
Last Mouday evening tbe Moyie Odd
Fellows had their regular weekly meeting. A large number ol members were
present and several degrees were conferred.
As soon as tbe ice leaves the lake work
will be resumed ou the Aurora mine,
which promises to rival the St. Eugene.
Charles Farrell. tbe owner of tbe Society
Girl, is going to run a 1200 foot tunnel
ou his property this summer.
Last Thursday evening a birthday
party was given al lhe home of Mrs.
Crowt. The parly was in honor of Miss
Lulu Crowl.
Mr. Cardinal and family left the first
ofthe week for Nelson.
T.Collins, thc bather, left last Monday for Blairmore-
The addition to the Kootenay hotel
will be finished in a short time when
Moyie will have oue of tbe best hotels in
East Kooieuay.
Father Coccolo was in town the former
part ofthe week holding special services
for the children.
It is not likely that Movie will celebrate the 24th of May on account of the
St. Eugene closing down.
Pat McNeil is in Moyie and is again
Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Watkins left Moyie
for tbeii home in the Windermere district last Friday.
The dance given in tbe I. O. O. F.
hall last Friday was a decided success.
It was in charge of Messrs. Murphy,
Wilson and Lindsay.
j F E R N I E {
* News   From   ibe   Coil    Metropolis  J
9 *
Plants to Arrive.
Thuisday   or Friday a amnll   assortment of house plants ul    O; T. Rogers'.
[ From ths ltut* I'reii |
We understand that Samuel Hand, a
Fernie miner, had a narrow escape from
a mountain lion while out prospecting
the other day. Tbey say Sam is running
yet, but this may not be true.
A meeting to organize the baseball
club for the coming season was held In
the Royal Hotel on Tue«d»y evening.
Mr. Kay, manager of the Bank of Commerce, was appointed to represent the
club on the executive of the I'emie Athletic association. Cou. Wbalen waa
elected captain, and W. W. Tuttle, manager. The meeting was fairly well attended.
Mrs. W. R. Wilson, Miss Florence and
three children lelt last eveniug on a trip
to England and tht Continent.
Dr. J. H King has been appointed
health officer for the district, extending
from Koolcnay Lake lo Michel. Tbe
appointment is considered a good oue aa
he is a first class phy-Bician.
The following officers were elected at
tbe lacrosse meeting in the Albert Holel
on Tuesday evening : President, A. E.
Warren; vice-president. Dr. Corsan;
secretary, D. MacLean; manager, H.
Beutley; captain, D. Wamsley; athletic
association representative, Dr. Corsan.
M.J. Pollock, the well-known manager of tbe Royal Hotel, has received the
appointment of United States consular
agent at Fertile. Mr. Pollock is a maa
of education and ability, and having
lived across tbe border for a number of
years tboioughly under si-mils bis duties,
ami we believe that a better man could
nut have been choaeu, CRANBROOK   HERALD
Editor nnd Proprietor,
llie Herald Aesites In give tlio news of tlie
district. If you know any about ymir town
your mine or ymir |ieople, semi li In this ottlee.
Ihursday. April
Minduy '*
Hominy,   April
Tuesday       •■
Wednesday "
61.0 -W.0
tfl.O 'M.')
W.O '.'GO
Nutlet' w hereby civeii tbut om* month after
.lute i intend to apply to the chief ■ ouunlal mw
ot lands and works for iwrmhMon lo punltiuie
Uu* rolltiwIuKiteicilliiMl lauds Iii Kust Kmitmmy:
Commencing at a pott planted ut the south west
oornvrof lot IMI In gronit i Kootetwj district,
and marked, "d, Gimt '■ N. B. Corner.'* theuce
south SO elialns, tlienee weal saehalns, Hionce
n 'rih sn chains, thenoo cast bu olialns to tho
plana or beginning, containing <HQ aires more or
Dated Ihis80th dny of March 1901,
JAMEa fat.I.. Observer
Corrected Thursday by "Hutch.'
North Star * $   .8?
Sullivan -Wli
Morning Glory -"5
Morrison   l>5
American Hoy  .- .it
Winnipeg   .--A1)
t  Kugene  ' i<>
War Eagle   -4.i
J.   C.   U'-UQAN   DEAD.
J C Mcl.igan, founder, editor and
chief owner of the Vancouver World,
died on Wednesday of lait week. Probably there Is not auother man ta British Columbia who will be to greatly
■tssed as will the deceased. He came
to this province when it was yet youug,
and when Vancouver was only two years
old he started the World. By his ■><
derful energy, strong wilt and great
abllitv he made tbe World, in a new
town and a new country, a power that
was felt and recognized not only in the
province, but all over Ctnada. Tbe
World was a daily eiponent of tbe mar*
velous .resources of British Columbia,
and day ln and day oui it has thrown Us
luflaence for tbe good of tbe province
aad tbe betterment of tbe conditions of
tbe people. Politically, Mr. McLagan
waa a Liberal, but he was not a hidebound partisan. This fact was beautl
fully Illustrated during the heated campaign last fall, wben Sir Charles Tupper
visited the coast. Politically, the
World was doing all In its power to
elect the Mberal candidate, yet Us editor published one of the best articles
written on theConservative War Horse's
trip across tbe continent. It was full
of kindness, respect and jmrnallstlc
courtesy, just inch an article that tbe
dead journalist would write of a political foe who commanded his personal
Vancouver will miss the mau who has
bean a potential power in the advance-
meat of the Terminal City, and his
death Is a great loss to that community. Hit friends will miss him and his
enemies will breath easier now that he
bas gone, The Herald can only tay
tbat such a man, doing what he has
doue, bat earned all the reward that
comet to humanity when they enter
Into the eternal sleep.
South East Kootenay stands today as
one of tha very best mining districts lu
British Columbia. Each succeeding
year baa demonstrated the fact tbat It
was rich In mineral resources and that
Ha fiura It bound to be a prosperous
Tbe man who goes Inta a new country
on a aboeatrlng and cleans up a bunch
of money, is the last one who should
kick if times get a little quiet,
Tha shipping mines of Soulh East
Kootenay are great producers. Tbey
hava millions of ore, and will furnish
tba bests ofs) prosperity for years to
coma In this district. South East Koot
anay Is all right.
Notloe is hereby given that :n days after data
t intend to apply to tiie ehlef commissioner ol
lands and works for per mission to out and carry
awav timber from the foi owlnn deserlb <l lands
In South East Kuoteney: Commencing at a post
marked "J. 0, Mater's s. a. corner," planted
*jj chains north of .1. T. Can n's pre-emption,
aOoui t*o miles nmtii of Cranbrook, thence
west so chains, tiieuc«;so:itii ISO chains, thence
east sw chains, more or less to Hip wmI limit ot
(leorge Laurie's pre-emption, thence nottlt w
chains more or less to tlm smith I mil of situ
ration's pre-emption, lien a west 10 chain-
more or Ipss to ■ tie loulh-west owner of *uid
i-tttton's pre-eitipti'in, ili-uu-a-s north ioo olialns to
the i>u■■• of beginning, containing nnw acrt
more or test, r^S—_
Dated this ist day or April, tool.
.1. 0. M-ATKIt.
Coal Notices.
Notloe la herciiy given lhat thirty days after
dine l|iiil.*n.l lo apply toclnef c immlssliUK
lands and works at Vlctorlu tor a il a
prospeot for coal upon tlw followlnu described
lands, iliuate ou Llzxanl orwkt In South But
Kootenay, lhat is to iayi Commencing at a post
marked "Joseph Fowler's s. W, con
planted on tha north side of Uward or
tlienee north entity chains. lliencconHt Hfildy
chains, thenee south eighty chains, thence wesi
eighty chains to lho placo of beginning, contain
injpiiH acres more or less,
haled this IJth day of Mmvh 1001.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty dnys after
date J Intend to apply to the ehlef commissioner
of lands and works for a license to prospect for
coal upon the following described kinds, situate
on Uuard creek, In South-Rut Kootenayi Com*
menotng at a poll marked "Alex. Taylor t south
west corner" planted eighty chains eust of
Joseph Fort lew's south west corner, thence
north elirlity eluilns, theuoa east eighty chains,
theuce south eighty chulns, llience west eighty
chains, to the place of begin Ing, containing 'Ho
acres more or less.
tutted lids i*.:llt day of March 1001.
.Nolice Is hereby given lhat thirty [days after
date I intend toapply to the chief ctutimlsslone
of lauda ami works at Victoria for a license to
p spect for coal ui on the following described
lauds, situate on Lluard creek, tn Houth Kasl
Kootenay, thut is to say: commence at ft post
marked "John Kenny's south wesi corner"
planted eighty chains east of Alex, layior's
south west corner, thence north eighty chains,
theuce easl eighty chains, thence soutli eighty
chains, theuce west elglily chains tothe place
of iicgiiiiuiig, containing aw acres oi land more
or less       ^m C3
Dated this 12th duy of March tlHil,
Notice U hereby given that thirty days after
date i Intend to apply to the ohlef commissioner
or lauds and works at Victoria for a license to
prospect for coal upon Uie following described
lauds, situate onIJ?.uu-d creek, in-south Kuht
Kootenay, ttuit Is to say: Commencing at a post
marked "W. P. Rowland's north wtsi corner"
planted on tlie noilhsitlo of l.lmird I reek,
thence south eighty chains, thence east eighty
chulns, thence norlli eighty chains, thence west
eighty chains tothe [iiitcetif beginning, Containing 040 acres more or less.
UDated this istli.tluy of March 1001.
Nolice is hereby given tliat thirty days nfter
date 1 Intend to apply to the chelf commissioner
i*l lands ami worksat Victoria for a license In
prospect for coal upon the following described
lands, situate ou ;i.i//arti creek, lu South Kust
Koutenay, (hat Is to say: rommenclng ut a post
marked "It. Hall's north west comer" planted
eighty elialns east of  W.  tf,  llo-.viands iioilli
west corner, theuce south eighty chalus, tlienee
east elglily chains, thence uortli eighty chulns,
llience west eighty chains to the place of begin
iilug, continuing did acres or hunt more or less.
Dated this mil day of March Wl.
It. MALI..
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date 1 inieiid lu apply to the chief coiumlsstuucr
of lands aim works at Victoria font license tu
prospect for coal upon tlie following described
luods, situate ou LU/avd creek, iu South Kast
Ki-toteuay. Commencing at a post marked "U'.F,
nurd's uurlh nest corner" planted eighty chains
eust of It. Hall's north west corner, thence south
eighty chalus, thencu eust clidtty chalus, thence
north eighty chains, theuce west eighty chalus
to tlie place of bcglunlng, containing iliu acres
more or less.
D,.ted this lith day of March ittJi.
VY. F. Gt'ltl).
Wanted, by  the  provincial gorern-
Ont railroad policy,
One mining policy.
Oat business policy.
Ont Immigration policy,
A suitable reward will bepild to those
who can supply these wants.
John Houston wants the provincial
government to build the Crows Nest
Southern railway. The Dominion gov
arnmeot now bas a road tbat begins and
cuds nowhere, and the provincial gov-
rincii should profit by the experience
of tbe parent government. A branch
only a tew miles Id length, built by tbe
government from the O, P. tt. to tbe
Ureal Northern would bave as much
show aa a grasshopper In a Kansas
prairie Are.
Tho Industrial World, of Rossland,
will start to Issue a dully on May 1. The
managers will llnd out tbat there ts a
fast amount of difference between a
dally aud a weekly wben It comes to
paying bills at the end of the month.
Building operations still continue ln
Cranbrook. This fact speaks well for
Iho town. 	
Moyie may be a little quiet just now,
but Tbe Herald predicts that lt will be
ouo of tha beat camps ln tne Kootenays
Inside of 13 months.
There la trotiblejn Fernie, The Free
Press of tbat town has a column article
oacoriatlng Harry Beutley, president of
tbt board of trade, for taking Sfioo of
tho fund raised for tbe Ottawa dele-
gatoe. The worst feature of the article
la tho fact tbat the writer does not sign
bla nemo. Mr. Bentley sent back word
Uit bt needed that amount.
Timber   Notice.
Take notice: ihat I James Muudje Intend :;u
days alter dale to apply to Llie chief euitimli
■loner of lands and works at Victoria for pei
mission tn cui aud curry atvuy timber from tbe
fulbmmg described lauds in Kust Kootenay.
commencing at a post marked *',J nines Miiuills
soulh east turner at tlie south wett corner of
John Hamilton's piectuptlun ut Smiths lake,
theme west loity chains, theuce north forty
ctia us, thenee west elglily chains, Ilieuee north
eighty chains, theuce east elglily chums, theuce
south fo.ty chains, theuce easl forty chulns
theuce south eighty cha us to place uf comm-nce.
incut, containing i.o.u acres liwrtJ»or le-,*,
Dated Mi.rch Itith, Itul.
I, iht! undersigned, bave thli day made appli*
cation tothe chief commissioner ur lands a id
works for permission tu cut iiml carry BWfl)
timber from the following de-icrlhed luu is in
Kast Kooteuay. Commencing at a post at the
south easl comer of lui numbered .i,.mi; l-'usi
Kooteuay, thenee soutli lln chulns, thenco easl
Ht)chulns, tlieuca north 100 cluili.i. thence west
iu chut dm, theuce north io chains, llieneo west iu
chains to place of commencement.
Mareli Silt. IWI.
i, the undereipedi have this nay mado ap
plication lo the chief commission oflnilds and
works for permission to cut umi cnr.y uwuy
timher from the following described hunts hi
Kust Kootenay, Coiiuuen ing utu post nt iho
south enst corner of Waller MoKoiiXie's preemption Kust Kootenay, tlienee east in olialns
thence soutli -to chains, thence east su chains,
thence nurtii IM chains, theuce west \-.t> chnhii,
llience south to pluee of commencement.
.March -jist, 11IU1. WM. MtKKNZIK.
Take notice that we, Tlie Cranhrook Lumber
Company Ltd., intend UO days after date to apply
to Hie chief commissioner or lauds and works ut
Victoria for permission to rut timber from the
following described hunts, situated In Kast
Kootenay: Commencing at a post marked
-'Cranbrook Lumber company Ltd. south east
corner' s.tnated f,.riy chaiu-t nortli or Wni.s
ninth west pre-emption pott, near smiths lake,
thenee west eighty chalus, tlienee north forty
chains, thouce west forty elialns, theuce north
eighty chains, thence east rorty chains, thence
south foitv chains, thence eust eighty chains,
tlienee south eighty chains to place uf commencement, containing iihhj acres more or less,
Hated March liitli l'Jul.
Notice Is hereby given that :n days after dale
I intend to apply tu the ehlef commissioner of
lauds and works for permission to cut and carry
away timber from iin following described limit.
tuuto In Soulh But Kootetuiy: Commencing
tain isl nuufced "l-'unlliiRtiii Slider's smith eust
comer,' planted ■.'<> chains north ot the iiunh
WOHt coineruf.I. T.  ration's pre-empllou, nud
about three miles north of C-mubrook iltenoe
uortli lui attains, thenee west ino chalus,
theuce south 130 chains, thence east io chains,
llience noitli w clialus, theuce cast so chains t-i
the plaee of commencement, containing tooo
acres more or less,
Datetl at Cranhrook this 30 day of .March,* 1901.
Thirty days after date I will apply to tlie chief
commissioner «>f lands aud works for a special
license to cut nnd carry uwuy timber from the
following described lunds In Kast Kootenay;
Commencing at a post planted about three miles
north ot Cranhrook on the Norlli Star branch,
near mile post No. a. on the west side of right of
way marked Peter Lunds south east corner,
tbence running north so chulns, thenee west ii'it
chains, llience south so chains, thence east i:ti
chains to point or com uencement.
Ln atett by 1'eter Lund this sard day of .March,
1901, l-KTKlt LUND,
Take notice: Thnt I, ii. P. King Intend to
apply to ilie commissioner of lauds nud
wo-'ks tor special license to cut and cur y
away limber from lhe foltuwlii-' described lauds
commencing ut the sooth west coiner of West's
pre-emption, near Smiths lake, four mile* west ot
Cranbruok, theuce west ISO chains, iheuce north
soihains. thenee east ISO chains, thenco south
along the west Hue of West's pre-emption aforesaid s i chihis to iho point of commencement,
DAted al Cruiilnoik, ll 0, the mill day or
March, 1001. (1. I'. KIM
Take notice:  80 days after date.   I,   It. It,
llealtle, In.end to apply tutlia commissioner ot
lands and works for special license lo enl nml
car* y away limber fr m the follow Ing described
lands, commencing It a post, on tltosoiitlt east
cornerof John Hamilton's preemption, n
smiths lake, Kast Kootenay, running east 40
chains, tlienee imrtti iuu chains, ihem-e west sn
chains, tbence south so cimius. theme east-to
chains, thence soutli 80 cimius tt) polat of cm
meucemeut. tt. K, HKATTIK.
March tn, 1001,
Tnke notice; I, J, H. Klng.no days after
date Intend to apply to llie commissioner of
lauds ami works for special license to cut and
carry uwuy timber from the following described
lands: Commencing at a post on the north cast
corner of West's pre-emption, near Smith lake,
Kast Kootenay, running west isMcltnlns, tlt&noo
north Ml chains, thence east 120 chains, thence
soulh Ml chulns to polut of commencement.
March I1', Pel. J, II, KING,
Tuke notice: That I, John Luu tie tnteii 1 to
apply to lhe Commissioner of lauds ami works
for special license to cut aud carry away timber
rrom the fo.lowing lands: Commencing at the
south east corner of West's pre-empt on near
snil.ii hike, i utiles west of Cranbrook, thence
easl ISO chains, thenee north «) chains, thence
wesi iso chains, thence south along the east
boundry of Wests pre-emption aforesaid, so
chnins to ihe point of commencement,
Dated ut Craubrook, it, c. this loth day or
Maroh, tiHii. JOHN LAUHIK.
Take notice 1 It. S. McNeil :W days after dale
Intend to apply to the commissioner of lands anil
works to purchase the following described lands,
commencing ul Bonlll-wast corner of pre-enip-
ilou No, 700, near I'ulmcr's Imr, thenee norlh so
chains, tbence wast 40 chains, thence south 80
elinlns, thence east 40 chains to place uf coin-
AirllCtll, tlKll. H. S. McNKIL,
At the	
Herald Office
Livery 3
Proprietors j* jt jt
Tennis and drivers furnished for any
point iu the district.
Manager   Jt    J,   Jt
Furnished or
Inquire nr...
Durick nve,
Tommy's City Bakery
Is maklnjc lhe (lowers bloom.
Is making Tommy's business bloom.
II you want health to bloom
Hat Tommy's bread, Cakes aid Paslry,
The best blooming product In tbe city.
Shipped to ill parts ol South East Koolenay,
Delivery lo any pari ol tbe city.
Thomas J. Hayhurst
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk it over
with a Contractor. We are
in the business as our work
tor last year will show. Call
on'us (or plans and ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co,
tr-®-®-®-®xi). ®-®-®-i
l-®^®-®-®- ttZeS-ii
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
1 he Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a lar)te area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $s.oo an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway
Terms of Payment
The (((regale amouat ol principal ond Interest, except In the
case ol lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided intu ten instalments as
shown In Ihe (able below; Ihe lirsl to be paid al tlle lime uf pur-
chase, tae second one year Irom dale ul Ihe purchase, Ihe third in
two years and so on.
The following table shows the amount of the annual instalments
un 160 acres al different prices under lhc above cumlilinns:
160 acrs at $2.50 per acr, Isl instalment J.W.'i.i
3.00     «
3.50     ••
4.00     »
-1.50     ••
5.00     "
$59.95    o i'i|u
1 Inlal'ts at $50.00
90 Oil
Kimberley Is Uie business and shipping point lor Ihe
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLW0I.L, Townsite AKents.
Cranbrook is •he divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per acre aro sold
un shorter lime.
II the land Is paid fur In full al lhc
lime ul purchase, a reduction from Ihe
price will be allowed equal lu ten per
cent un the amount paid in excess of lhe
usual cash Instalment.
Interest al six per cent will be
charged In over due Instalments.
The Company has also luls for sale
in thc fallowing lown siles in Cast Koutenay: Rlko, Cranbrook. Moyelle. Kitchener, Crcstun and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and Ihe balance in six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
X-^X^X-XiV.-vi ,
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
I  ctf-AIt, cr *if The best of accomodations
L,ed-Uing X for the traveling public.
Hotel *
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
Tlie only all rail ronte between all
points Ktlst, West and South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Ureat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Connects at
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   for
Grand Forks and Greenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, Oca. Pail. Aft.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract
P. 0. Fori Steele, B. C
•nd Builder dt
:::Cr«nbrncik. B C
Cranbrook Always
Uu=to=Date dt dt dt
Enlarging pictures done ou the
premises. No need to send your
work out of town, especially so
when it can be done ns well. If
not satisfactory no pay required.
Charger reasonable. Come ami
see samples. Large stock of picture
moulding on hand, Frames made
to order,
Prest, Photoghrapher
Direct route to all
points . ■.	
East ■ West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent, Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7:50 daily     West       daily 16:10
16:10  " East "    7:50
13:00 Kimberley 18:50
Kimberley trains  on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays.
For Hate tables aad (all lolormatlon, call oa
or address aeareil local agent.
A. 0. P. A. Aftat,
Vaacaaver, B.C. Craabrook
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A„ Nelioa, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Craabrook,       :      ;        British Columbia
There are a few points to
be considered in building.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and
******** ****************** *********** * **************\
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one ot the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
I Barrister
Solicitor, Etc.
aauk of Coiniunrce Bldg, CJUNUKOOK
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk	
e or
pie ot
Morning or evening to
the people ot Cranbrook
Han yaa talked with anyone about buildinx?
Cote aad ace aie or let tne see you. II may
do aa both food,
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite the
Methodist church.
Egyptian Oats lor seeding—small quau-
lllles ie |u*r pound; in ijunnlilk's, fas per
First class line ol Jewelry, Clocks,
and Silverware always In slock. ::
W. F. Tate, !.lJewel.
Olllclal Watth laapeclor lor C. P. K. i
Of Iho iiriiud Tlmt Gives
>■ i ourl  a  I'nlu.
iu pollco court proceedings the Inlknttvo witness is tlte
iiui>t tiresome. There nro Indlvlduata
in must It it ted that thbj insist upon go*
in*: i.it" the m inn teat details wben naked
n simplu quest ion. They seem to thin!-;
iiml llun musl n*!.il.- tlicir wltuli: por-
sun.ii history, tell riiiiilly secrets uml In;
linru (lie Btory ur their wlmlo pnst lift*,
it utter huw colorless ur iiuintcresMiig
it mny be tn Hn- judge, lawyers aud apec*
it i
Mil* fiitit
much! *y of tin* court i<> alutt them
nuii pveu then the) will begin tn tiuxx
iitftitn ni ihu Iimi uppofltiulty, A char*
itrtev of iiii- huh ■*,uiM*tl iiitiro nuttian*
,.ii nt ilinii pain Mn- olher dny wlu-u lie
cm led ill-  wltnes** etimd with tbo till
•>C n uiuityi nnd i<>M nr'eiultmvotuil lu
i. ii hov tu* iw nn,nil looking mon
m tin- Imr hml cruelly rohhotl hlm. lie
witt n loom' litinted, gaiily «lil chap, wlllt
ii vnl»o Mit-r live *r ilu- bnrveal Hold nt
buying  ti      Kind   of nil.   llm  usual
fi mini queHihum wvro naked,   Tin* wit-
nn   -nil li<- wna "17 mt u birth-
dnj ii' I nu* nn ilnii'i meel wiih an tie-
t hml uv sm t Utml.   Ve know"- ■
"Whal |a ymir huslueaaV" In tor nip ted
the lawyer tor tlu- ilofenio,
l'i.* \ lint-ua ked his chin rotloctlvo-
ly. "Wnnl," he dmwllugly replied, "I'm
purl funnel* nn i-mr politician, ltev
trilled in pnllttn efliisltloinhle, hut fouti'
It diilll'l i'iy. nu mi 1 wenl bnek tow
rnrtitin. Ituu fer Jeatls uv th' ponce nout
iu aunt- tuiiwilBlilp uu got BllOWed umler.
tin— ynu lilt) put un* dimwit its a fiii'iin*r,
nil light, uu"-
"I luid ou. there!" slmuted Judge Sei-
Ifis. "Vi n just answer tin* questions os
tbey nn* [mt i«i ymi, und we'll got along
Several lirm'H during the cross eiami-
nntinn ni* the loquacious witness the court
was obliged to cnll a halt. Tho farmer-
[nilii iciiin was cocksure uf the identity
of tin* alleged robbers, though he admitted "foelin Barter chipper" when thoy
'.•time ilaown inter ine pockets."
"How much money did tbey tako?"
"Kain't toll, but il must W been -f-4 ur
S3, 'cnuse"-
"Never miud," protested the attorney,
"yon hnve no right to draw conclusions.
How muny times linve you beeu arrested V"
"Whnt's thnt?" Indignantly exclaimed
ilie furnier*polIticinn, rising in the witness box nnd shooting u withering glance
at his questioner.
• "That's whnt 1 snid," calmly responded tbe attorney. "Uow many times hare
you been arrested?"
"Wnn!," was tbe reply, "es I onder'atand
It, tlie word 'arrest' means tew 'stop an
object nr perron.' Wnll, I've bin arrested
ninny's Ih' time,'! nnt) the toquaeious witness Btnllcd us though he had perpetrated
un exci ucintingly funny witticism.
"Come now," said tho court sternly,
"tell how many times you hare been ar-*
rested.  Answer the question properly."
"Waal, I waa 'stopped' once aout on tb'
city line 'cutise tit' policeman thought 1
wuz too drunk tew keer fer myself. I
a'pouo yew'd cnll It nn 'arrest.' 'cnuse I
wu* slopped, but 1 wuzn't taken tow thc
Finn Ily, ufter much trouble, tolerably
clear und counectcd testimony was obtained from tlte talkative witness, nnd
when be stepped from tbe stand tho court
promptly ordered n recess, so tlmt those
concerned in tin* trial eould secure a
much needed rout.—Detroit Free l'ress.
Messrs. ('. (,. Hlchards & Co.,
Yarmouth, N. S.
Gentlemen,—in Januafy Inst, Francis Loclairo, one of tho men employed by nn* working in tbo lumbar
-woods, had a treo full on him, crushing liim fearfully. He was, whon
found. placed on tt sled und
taken homo, whom grave fenn-t were
entertained for his recovery, his hips
being badly bruised, und liis body
turned black from his ribs to hte
tm liim freely to deaden the puin,
and wiih the use of three bottles ho
wns completely cured and ablo to return to his work.     S.U'YKU MU\ AL
Elgin Road, L'lslot Co., Quo.,
May l!'ith.  180.1.
"As for tin* rlergy, Ihry'p* a prcitf
poor lot," snid n grumbling Iaj mun
"Yes," returned ihe bblmp, "whip ..f
tbem are poor i lid ml llm conMilei the
stock from which lhey enme! Tun see
We Imve lo make tin-in nut of Inyiiim "—
Youih'-j Compunlon
Srh-tilllle I't-ii-ftriitltin.
"I'mfessor,  boW tiltl  ymi OolUP to propose to me in ilie face »f mv continued
"I proeeeib-d on llie Cineml pmptsili^n
tlml tvbniPVPI n w-uUinn seems to be tlw
Isn't."-Chicago Iteconl,
tlernuil nu Limit,
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mime engraved ou tlw bandit."--t-hit-ag-a
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lent In
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easily tired out, uud could see lhat
my health was not whut it hud boon,
\i   ilrst I iini nut think   there   was
any thing aerlOUS lho mul tor, a ml
thoughl lho tfoiibb* would |>ukh uwuy.
in ibis,    howover,  I wna mistaken,
fur US lime wenl on I beeuini* winker 'llu* hcudachos-attacked mo more
frequently, my up put llo failed, li I
stooped I would Kitiw no d\/.v.y Hint
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She—Bid you ever hunt the Adirondack -steer ?
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"Keep tlmt kid quiet" said Danker*
In n bonne whisper.
"I'm doing the best 1 can," snid his
wife, trying to hu-di the little one, who
wns Bobbins and manning in hrr lap. Iu
tlie bnby*B milk wagon a bitter tight waa
guitar mi between paregoric aod pain, nnd
ilie latter wns dying hard. The wind
ilr-we tin* min ngalnit the side nt tho ear
Hint niiulc it rack to nm! fro. "Plmina."
snid Mrs. Bankers to her friend, "take
tlatt bottle nud hold It between y»u and
n crack in tlio car, and when it lighten!
tliu]) ten drop! intti tin* ipooiL   I luppoio
we lUUSt not strike n llgbt."
"Votl bot ynu don't strike nny light
here unless you nre muly to L'ive up your
chignon," snid (Jankers, without inking
Ids fj-t-N from the crock through which Ue
wns peeping. Kmimi took tha bottle, mul
nt enehthi-liuf liirliii.ing dropped ii drapaf
hml dlclne into the spa  nml wben
she hml put in ten drops lhey gave it to
tlie bnliy. Tlmt mnde IM drops. It wns
dangerous, bnt it wns sure death to ull uf
tbem ii' the baby crlod aloud.
The ruin came in grent sheets and with
sueli farce ilint ll seemed that tbe car
cotlld hnrdly bold the mil. It wns not n
I'litlmuu cur j just n common red Btock
cur Rt ll Piling nn a Biding, wilh n few nnn*
futs of straw upon tho floor, Occasionally Bnnkois turned to glance nt the two
women who were crouching In one end of
the cur, nnd when the lightning lit up
their faces tbey were fearful to behold,
Now the ruin, cold ns sleet, enme through
the crncka in tbe car and stung tbo faces
of those within, Mrs, Bunkers had seen
tht'ro winters nt Wood lliver, bnt tier
friend, the young woman who lind come
out In western Nebraska to teach school.
wns tn every sense n tenderfoot, and tlie
experience of tbis wild night had utmost
driven ber mad.
"There they are," whispered Bankets.
Now tlie women pnt their eyes to a crack,
and when a (lush eaine they could see a
reef of feathered heads that formed n
half circle arouud the house, like a feather hon nbout a wouuui'h neck. Half the
band dismounted and made a rush far
tho cottage. The door was broken, nnd
the red devils swarmed in. One of I hem
took u newspaper nud lighted it at the
open fireplace to make a torch, nnd by
thc light of it tlie little party in the nlock
car could Bee tlie Sioux running, half
crouching, from room lo room in seni'di
of the occupants. Finding ibe place tie
serted nml smarting uuder their dlcnp
poiiitment, the Indians now set tire t-i
the house nnd by the light of it started
to loot the railroad atntiou, le-s thnn a
hundred yards nwny,
Tlie station ngeut had been vfnrnfd.
nn the others lind been, hy a Pawnee
scout, but had bravely refused to leave
Ute post. lie hml vmde no light, Imt sni
Iu one end of the dark little room wb'cli
served ns ticket olBcc, tolegrnph ntHce
stJil sleepim* room and as ilu* Iiidinna np
prooched opened lire. At the vory ii'**it
aiiol the lender of Ihe murderous bnnd
leaped hiuli Into the nir, enme down on
hts feet, leu pet I up ng:*u nnd mm In und
finally fell in a heap, lo rise no mare
With ii dcofenlng veil the angry bnnd
made a rush far ihe door nud begun in
Item it gainst it with tomahawks, clubs
and guns.
liming emptied liis rille, Ihe ngeut now
took up a pair of .45 cnlihcr revolver*
nnd the lead fairly rattled against tie
door, nnd no fewer  ihnn  u   linlf dmteii
savages sank to ihe platform; causing
the besiegers to fnll back u space. Pram
n distance tbey began to pour the lead
into the building, bnt tlie agent, crouch
Ing behind lhc Littlo iron safe, wns Mi'!
unhurt An Indian brought n torch from
the burn-tag cottage and attempted to lite
the station, but the rain nml wind put
can the tire. Two ur ihx-c Sioux, noticing
a string of enr* upon the tiding, began to
search for atock or eatable freight, rrom
car to car they run. thrusting tlicir ritles
Into the straw. "Uh!" Bald an old buck
BI Ins rifle found ■omething soft in one
nf (he ears, uml Bankers felt a hurt in
his stiarl ribs. Laying bold of the side ot
the car, the Indian began to pull and
strait). By the merest chance tie linilj
tnken bold of tlu** car door, ami now, as*
it opened-) hi thrust his hideous head in-
ildo, Bankers could have blown the top
of the Sioux's hend ofT, hut he knew thul
to tire would be to attract a dozen redskins, ngniust whom he caiiht not hope
to hold out long. The women scarcely
breathed, The baby, full of paregoric,
slept ns though it bad already entered
Upon its final refit.
The other two Indians had given up the
search among the empty cars and gonr
hack to the stntlou, where tlie agent, hnv
ing reloaded nit his guns, kept the gnng
hopping nnd duuclng nbout the station
platform, 'I'he old Sioux at the car tloot
Cocked his ln*nd and listened, lie must
hnve funded lie henrd something bran the
for now he put tils hands upon the stll
und leaped Into the car, tie hnd scarcely Straightened   np  when   Bankers'  rifle
barrel fell across his feathered hend. nnd
he dropped like a leaf. The schoolmn'am
uttered it fnmt Rcrcinn, and that wua the
last M'Uiui that camo from htr corner foi
some tlmt*.    The PiouT never moved a
linger, ami Bunkers, having removed the
warrior's firearms nnd ammunition, gave
the gun to Ids wife nml then cm . red the
; deal Bloux with straw.   Already ibe lit-
i th- triune cottage  Bad  burned  tu  thp
! ground, nml the ruin hml nenrly qutiehod
the  fire.     Kvery   attempt   umde   by   the
ittnd to fire thc station hud i nded In
failure, aud the Bloux were uow preparing to storm the fort   it whs hard for
Bankers to keep quiet in the car while
lhe agent sold  his life bravely  uud  so
dearly to the Sioux, but there wire his
wife nnd baby nml  ihe helpless acbool-
1 ma'am, who bad l"»-n persuaded by ihe
Bankerses to come to this wild regiou,
;md he felt i: bis duty to protect them ns
best he could.    Presently Bankers felt
, tin*  stock   cur   vibrato   perceptibly,   n«
though it was being rolled slowly along
'. Ha- rails,   His first thought wns iimt (be
I Indians were pushing thc empty ears
: down  near  the station,  nnd  tlmt   Ihey
: wonld set lire t.i tlie straw, and then
then* would bo no possible escape,   Nov,
thoro was a roar ni of mi approaching
train, and an in--t.ii/ later a grent dark
object hnve in sight drawing u dozen boi
carl and  running  without a Ijeadltgbt
Tho shout-* of Uie legors, tho rnttlo ol
rifles nml the wild crj of tho night prevented the Sianv froyt reeling the vlhrn** ;
tiou   or- henring   tlie  sound   of the   ap- i
preaching train,
Tin*  agent,   who  innl   I n  severely i
wounded, now crawled to the key und
called i>L'ii**!iln.   At the first attack he
had Wired for help, mnl now he luid the
operator there  I mid   hold   the  pluee
only u little while longer,  The agent wns
still ut Hm key when the engine, rolling
up to tin* ita tion, shook tin* building, and
he kuew ttie moment tie felt the quiver
of tt thnt help was ul bund. IustOUtly
the doors of tin- box ems came open, und
u company of government scouts, ull.
Pawnees except the officers, leaped to lhe I
ground. The Si* .in wtn- muklng their
Inst desperate charge upon tbe Blntlon.
Before they could rcnlbso that re-euforee-
ments were nl bnnd (hey were beset by
the scouts, who always fought to kill.
Thc battle wns short nml decisive, and
when the Bloux fled they left mare than
half their number upon ihe field.
Probably the most nuxlous mun in the
whole party wus the conductor of the special train thnt hnd brougbl the BCOUtS
from Ognlluln. He hud ridden nil the
way on the locomotive, mnl tho moment
the train stopped he had leaped to the
ground und gone through n shower of bullets to where tlie cottngo which lind hem
the home of the Blinkorios hud spud.
The sight of tlie house In ashes matin bim
sick at heart, but there was ulil hope,
They might have taken refuge In the stntlon, and, facing about, the fearless conductor fought his way to tht* door. By
this time the Kiotix were giving nil their
attention to the scouts, nnd tbe conductor
forced his body through lhe shot riddled
door. The agent lay upon thc flam* in a
pool of his awn blood, but In* wns still
alive. "Where are tlieyV" nsked the conductor, glancing aboul the dark room,
"Araoug the stock ems, tf thoy lite Mill
alive," was the reply which came In a
fnint whisper.   "I s-nw them leavlns lb
uem.  Warranted
«- Blues.
"s I n a big Vnn-
Sfanri     :  !■    I'll.vi
lo (ure lit
Church -I    -  thou
dci    ll wedding at Ne
Gotham*Vc«: there linve been wonderful Improvements In coupling since thi
oad nntgunl .'* time
She i
.* That is my daughter at
ii  *iairs,    Sbe Is only 1.,
ell,  perhaps thd
"Sow. I.ft.ik 1.  sir
mythiUK lit-- .. bank i
■ i I* ■ i ll ■ ■■■ i-"-i
nuirer, *loe« 1 look
Iii.■.■tur'*"' wns thn
. putting bis liniiils
Tin*   Docloi    I'bo
..Hftl.i oil, 1 Bill*,
Thi!  I'Rtll-Ill-   Oil. )*OI
irip, 1 -iim. ..■-
ii.w i.'iitui} Ims
t're judging by the
*'Sc.a|i 1- golnu up.
mrl.1T. Mill. I.i- i>]	
"Well,"  «iilil   Un-  in
|,llllu«   11,-ral)    "1   1
n-dn'l ii*. i" *i"»'l ii
sir.   up,"   s.li.l   llll"
il nt lho window.
• .■iin; ibuvod,
i.lluvii you. V..11
dowu my throat."
"Thanks foi   iht- tip "DRINK l'EVLun 's ORBEN,"
I found ii wholesome, sweet und clean
Now that In; sound in limb ami brum
I'll never drink Jup-an again."
A free sample bf delicious SALADA Tea sent on receipt
of postal mentioning which you drink—Bluck, .Mixed nr (.'iretm
Tea.    Address ••SALADA." Toronto or Montreal,
Mrs, Crlmionbonk- Cnn't you romem**
| bor what I told you naly juitordnx.Johu?
Mi.   Crlmsoubenk-tlrnclons,   nol    1
hope I wouldn't ho expected ti> remomber
nil thut!
"Ths flrst Mss," remarked tho observer
ot events innl things, "Is u good dcnl like
a cinder in iht eye. It i.s u littlo thing,
but it seeroi like a whole lot."
"What animal ih it tlmt n webfootcd,
"Tho Hpidi-r, 11111*11111,"—Yonkers Stuii-s-
house at dusk. (Jo to thom -I'm
right." And tlie conductor. Iinvli
the wounded mnn upon hi" lied, i
the Btock cars,
"Bankers, where are yon?*' h
nnd Bankers answered, only t
nway. Now tin* conductor Ilglll
white liKht nml cltnibeil Into thu co
brave Mrs. BnnkcfS greeted him with ■
smile thnt soon changed to team, for i>
tho light of tlie linn.I lump she hnd se-ci
her baby's faco. and ii looked Ilko tht
fnee of n ih'.-ul child,   "Emma," >-he cull
1 excitedly. Inn there wns nn answer
1 Uie cnuduetnr, full
K placed
indn for
! fslleil.
it   hii
INK,—Dyspepsia causes demngemout of
the nur-roiLs system, nnd norvoun ilublltty
onoti engendemd Is dlflloult to deal with.
There are iiuiny teHtiinonlals me to thi
eflioaoy of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills Id
treating thin disorder, showing that they
newr fall to produoe good results. By
giving proper tone to the digestive organs
tbey restore equilibrium to the norvs
i.i lioldln
' -nil tini
I hilti-d
tbe li-.*
x,   "She
Ith-k nml
"fs she dend?" cr
Ing upon hla knee;
close to bis swet iii
"No, yon cltttmp,
only fiiititt'd when
unit lie gnvo tlu* dent
rolled biin mi' of the
"But the bnby?" pti
"She's nil right,"
"Only a little too mm
so it proved.
"Here, Em," snid I
younp woman, who
■clonmess, "brncc uj
"Are we nil safe'''
ma'am, feeling for her buck bnir
mv denr, brnvt; friend, yoti hnve *
"Yes, I've been," suid Banken
Ing here in the straw while tlie ngi
being murdered."
"Bnt jou invcd the women," -
conductor, who wns ovcrji
nil alive,
"Yes,"   hiiid   Biinker«,
thing nfter Bll."
Ami nil this is not u dream, It is only
a sirup of history of the enrly doyi of the
Union I'lifilic. Tlie brnvo station agent
is nn old mnn now. nnd one uf Ute legs la
shorter thnn the other—the one that was
shot that night The bnby, having recovered from her severe tlllsle with colic
and paregoric, Is now one of the most
charming women in a western city. The
conductor of the Boldlcr train is nt this
writing n general superintendent of n
well known rnilwny. The snows of 40
winters have fallen upon his wife's bnir.
It la almost w title, hut tier face Is stilt
young and bftudiotnc, ami I remember
that she blushed when telling this Etory
to mc nml recalling the fact thnt she had
fainted In n stock cur on that wild night
at Wood River,—Exchange,
tied Mrs. Bankers,
lid ihe husband,
paregoric."   And
likens, shaking tlte
n-t regaining con-
You've pit com-
tsked tlie school-
.  "hid-
nt was
:nId the
>il nt Finding
"tlint's  aome*
Customer—I'm looking for one of thu
latest hooks. 1 don't recall tho title,
hut It's n long story of wur.
New Clerk—Hero's ouo railed "'tt'lien
.1 Man's Married." Maybe tlint's It.—
I'tillutlelpliiu Press.
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Nervous Women.
nerves. X would tukc shuking; spells,
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would never close my eyes, nnd my
head would nt'liu ns though it would
burst. At lusL I luid to keep to my
bod, and though my doctor nit ended
me from fall until spring, his medicine did not help me, 1 havo now
taken live boxes of Dr. Chase's Nervo
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tudo for the wonderful euro brought
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cine, most women not. only lose much
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suffer mora or less from serious bodily derahgemohts ns tho result of thin,
Walory blood and exhausted nervous
More than ulnu-tenths of lho coses
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Mrs. Chas. If. Jones, I'icrceton,
Que., writes: "Foi years I havo boon
-a great sufferer with my heart   and
Love gives Itself nnd Is not bought.-
Kliiiliit'HH tti women, not tbolr hen ute-
ous looks, shnll win my love,—Hlmk
pen re.
Women nre n new race cn-nted since
the world received (llii'lstlnulty,-
a fair test nml mensnro <»r civilian*
tlnn is ihe Influence or good women,—
The brain womiiii never Interests us
like tlu* lu-iiri vvnttintii white roses
pltnse less (htlll it'll. -Holmes
lie who entiiini feel friendship 1=
alike ilieiipnlih* Of love. Let n wound
lunvnie of n mfln who owns he lines
im one ton iitinsell   -Tiilli-yruiiil
Tin* modest virgin, the prudent wife
nr ilie enrei'iil iiiutron Is ttitieh more
sei'sireuMe   In    lll'e   thnn    pelllcofltcd
philosophers,   blustering   heroines
vii-iH'o queens.—Goldsmith
lotruitou of urio nuld Into ihe hlood vos
■els isn fruitful csusoof rheumutlo pains
This irregiilurity is owing to a deningec
sod unhealthy condition of the liver.
Anyone stibjeut to this pntnful affectior
will flud u remedy in Parmelee's Voge
table Pills. Thoir action upon the kid
neys le pninounoed aud most beneflolnl.
and by nvioring healthy notion tbey oor
rent Impurities In tho blood.
wi.nt lie Thnnghl Abont it.
"Coloucl," she UBkcit, "Were yuu IlilZetl
when you were ttt West Point?"
The handsome soldier looked down ut
the bountiful Kill uml felt hei little hunt!
tremble on his nnn, He sighed nnd,
thinking uf something else thnn hnttlngi
"And whnt did you think of ItV" BhC
Thu fnritWay l<>ok wee still iu hte eyes
ns he replied:
"1 thought"—
Then he Buddeuly remembered whnt It
wns they ivcro Inlklng nbout nnd went
on, "At y denr U|ss Wlllowby, wliat
1 though) nbout it would lie entirely uutit
fur pnbHcntlon."	
A Huvrenn ma a I'mtttiuv.
Brown—Buy, I've been trying the llnesl
cute for Insomntn tbnt I ever henrd of.
It Is for oue to count encb brenth tbnt he
exhales while lying itl bed.
Smith—Ahi then you go to sleep.?
Brown—No, hut nfter n liitle while n
fellow gets rnther Interested in the work
mid the nlghl pusses nwny so quickly
thai lie doesn't mind lying slill no long.-
Itrooklyn Life.
CO. sretho proprietors of DR. THOMAS'
ECLECTHIC OIL, whleh is now being
sold ln immense quantities throughout
the Dominion. It Is weloonied by the
suffering invalid everywhere with emotions of delight, because It banishes pain
and gives instant relief. Tht* valuable
Bpeoluo for almost "every 111 that flesh Is
heir to," is valued hv the sufferer sb
more precious than gold It Is the elixir
of life to many a wasted tame. To the
farmer it is lndlBpeusable and should twin every bouse.
Although   .loned   Shot   u    Deer. Hin
Frlcn-la Ar« Skeptical.
Jonei would like lo meet the muu thul
did ii.    lie mi.v-s thut If the party who
took lho doer will disclose hi« Identity ho
mny I n tbunnlmel for bin trouble, ihd
it i- nnl likely the -jnllty wretch will como
fnrwnrd, its ho dlsltkoi to tuinm niton
Hon,   Jonei returned day bef  yestop
duy from nortl  Mich I boh, when* h,
had been on u tninlin-j trip. He claims
iimt be -hot a deer while ht- wss tlu*.'
nn.l broughl it home win, him. At nn>
wile, In* hnd oue with him wben he gol
bnek. Thin much tbo neighbors nrs will'
ing in testify lo, us lie wns careful i»
tiring ib** 'tier on ihe bnek porch where
tin* whole neighborhood conld not help
nnClng it.
One nolghbor ims been tiukiiul enough
In i'lf-lliunto ihnt one of it.** legs wus broken nud thnt there were oiher Indlcfltlom
tn prove (tint  tin* deer luul   been emi'-'lil
iii n imp uud clubbed to death. Dnfor-
tniuitely this point must nlwnys rcuuiln
in dnitbt unless the guilty person eonie-
forwutil nml ndfla hte testimony rcgonl-
inu iin* diets iu tin'ense.
.tones, niter seeing thul the deer wa-
hung where the neighbors could see It,
weni down down, collected n party of
friends innl lured Ihem op to the house bj
premising them sotno of thu venison. On
their wny there they woro vastly enter-
inltiptl by hh vivid ncyount ef how be
killeil lhe "leer hy making n shot llmt w:i-
ne\t t<> Impoislhlc. lie look tin-in around
h, the rear of tin* house, only to iiml thnt
a,,- io hml substituted u deml calf in
iis plni-o     ll i- linrd to letl whieh tnokos
Imi,- the tnndilesl, the loss of the dect
n ile- lout,i ihnl his friends oxprcM
whether he tenlly did kill n deer un le
The Berliner
■ 16 inch h,.rn,
.1 re*.*.,r-J<
Th« T»lltini; inni lem- thnt talki—llDgl—pUy| BVery iiMirumeiit—fcprodoCCfl SotUt'l
Bant)—Nrgto Nflnitretl—string orchNUll ot church choirs.
'I'lic lirnim-Miiutn " i-li*,i.p m l.,u*.!« rl'i.irr snfctcr nn.l situpl-rt ihnn anv i»'hfr
Tiilkititc M*.*!iliip ,u unv price—It plsyi CSkC Wtllt*, u-iluri mar«.'he*.mi-.toi**r«tii) sclfct-
ious, tl siiiH-i (words a nil mutlc) of all tht.pOpulST Minus , t the dav ar« well u Coon lengl,
patriutic and aacred selections—It tells funny *turies ur t-rprais a prayer.
'lie* H<-iliiii-r t'ptani ■■)'!!. nir i* tcii'lr tu Canada, eveiy iii'trunieiu is s.ild with a five
ytat'a wrilleu guarantee.
The record-tare noi wax-lhey nre hanl.ftdt aud ladHtmctlblt, Will taut W yean,
Write to ua for CauloKiie aud ncord lists (it*.
FACTORY: 1*7-371 Aqued-act St., Mosttlll.   EIMHUIL BIOUT. Btliril Hini|tr far CllM*.
Por gale also nl Hudson's Bay stores, price $16.60 toe in r express from Montreal
Vjl Vino AIhJA/ A -tfUPV. *4s C4iA/
tf- rVUutlu.    4tM^*-t*J HA/
fat. wZut/nMim/MtyUw
Thn henlthy i^low dlenptwarlllg fruiu the
cheek nml iiiotiritm: nml rent leas ness st
niffht ore suro ivmptottu of worms In
ttliildren. Do not fall to gel a, bottle of
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator; it l«
an effeetunl medlelne.
Thn    lewrr steps u nmn   tilkes    the
longer his shoes Inst.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc,
Tin;  wise   mutt  alwnys goes slot
when he is in n hurry.
Charity covers a multitude of   sin
-and sn does Bttccess.
IVOlrtlirt,     FACTORY. Montreal
ood    tnlkers    nri!    plentiful,  b
good listeners are hard to iiml.
A    bad horso is Ilka a poor pin*
il run'!   run and tt won't   drow
He has built him what bu rails u
neon   \nne villa, but  ii strike.-: me
t"-iuur a !,i»ilr\ imitation.merely
'Extremely. tawdrj! Why tho
of doesn't  letik, event'
Kuril UilitH Curs Btrtd u Cm.
i hureh   bells ;\r>* tolled to muke o
Brass Band
Inatran-,*nta. Drum*, ful form*, Etc,
Lowe-i*. priCM tttr qaotol     F;r.« ra:a!og*j«
SO i lustra;ion* ir,»i'-i<l fr«,   Wrtu u» (or any
thing In  Mude or Matt- -1 Itittrnuttnta.
Wialey Boyce a Co., ^g.fci Si.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
I prioe li-*t of new and >*cond-hand whwls,
[A 3'oniit: istty write* to the Ooloelur coropUtn* :
ine Hut »!ic ta "cut out" u der mother, wLo "It j
quite vMimr, very Itlodioiw, wntrt lotikiwf and !
well turned out. She talki m well, too; kno», |
-Sferjtliins fis<i li fnv* to utc ber knowledf-j min.
etamiagly ti'-»n I."]
When presented nt COttrt, I am Min to c-onfeij
1 tlit-uetit 1 lliould make a MnHtlon;
I am pretty- well rend, ury imart in iny Jreu,
And my tyet btvft lltetr c*A*n taadnatlon.
Not a uul (Hat 1 know can <lu btttli with me.
And mj* rival* t eerily rout;
Mow, then, could the terrible fact I foresee
Tliat mai'iii*u would hef iljuijliitr cul out!
She wai married, t think, at tlw ife ct eliieen
And mo doubt audi * tvual Mtintlon;
Slu* ssya wl"*n lif*r vettsey ihe undt lo ll,e t}ittta
Her majesty imilrd n|i-iToi>»ti(,n.
And -.lill ahe's a youthful and tn-antlfut star
That llltnei a» u jewel et nigl.t,
Uut win* (honld alio my lllile fliikerlnn mir
And mud 'ml my ipark Hiili lur light!
In (be itvle nt lur mien ilte'l a pcertCH ptlnocw,
And Iter rowm llwaji i.t lo perfci Hon,
liim chauMte, lilen gintec, the'a sure ot rioccm,
t K-stna
i 1.1..
At  Hi mli*.
r l'i
*   I!   *
So R-rromplbbed, tncteover, »lth rlpf.T. *i d ult
tin i -   i, i:> ol i> i hriik ctimeraatl n,
An i • ■ i. - •■  •   iw-n maki - petpsble li!t|
IT 1 I'd irt a J -ballon.
'■i I i i .i    :~ i..- Hiubbed In tli
At •. ip lum lu inert Irthbleianit Uout.
' i n*  I li nn  ii .1 | ro>  lot tlie dny
, ,*t i. r mv mul her etila out!
-Umlon funrh.
people are kilted every year in thii
country by CONSUMPTION. The
fault is theirs. No one need have
C0n3umption. It is not hereditary.
It i-i brought on by i.tfylect. Vou
do nothing to get rid of it,
will cure a cough or COM tn one
Miss RofLR, a vniinu Uily nt Simc<*, a
itlnwji trjiliet ami puimineni tocUllr. went
ra-jiidly into a dtriine [turn a -eough. Was DOt
e«p«*ted to live, SlIltOH Completely :uted
her. t'eopleii*. tliat vicinity .**• well acquainted
witli tlie (acta 'fl lier cane.
-Rtiit'itt'-t Oo na ii tt) ptton Pure w M>i-ti i*v -atl
rtn.Ki;i~t- In t>!iitil.» mid I n!l>-.l -Miitli-. ut
me., .">ui*. SI mt n bottle. In nrrnt Hrltain
ML In. -Jit., 9a, .lit., und 4-. Hi). A prlnleil
Kunriuiifi- nm** ".villi ovary Until*-*,   If ynu
mi* not ":»ii-M- I go Us yuur iltunnl-t nml
i;i-t your money ii.h-j-*..
Sppcial dlwount to dealers. Wu also want
yonr rer-air work. S^td nneixt in DOW before th.: ru-h. Ue BiTp ^«c:at and prompt
attention to country ocdns> Andrp Arms
k Cycle Co.- Winnipeg, successors to Hy*-
lop Bn>.
WHEELER iwtiioi Biwiaa tstMim
Rapidity.   Sm- abont one day in ihr-*.
Qaietn-M and dura) .illtv -*i;h--,ut r,',!s-% or atoax.
ii-'tieral ntility.   Bill for all kinds of work.
2H P--,r:»ff* Arc   W::   .    K.
Hot an out-of-dale arti-rr'e. but ab-olutely
the mmt iBrrteeftble, dtmbla lutin runmntf
and perfect skimmer.   116 ptga Ofttal-ogttB
mailed froa on application.   Agtmt* wanted
in irery district.   Aj.pl> at once.
Shipment* of Fred) KutUi   ^I'ftl.
Wm. Scott, -■-"->vj'-;l.5*i,-v«r"*
Aotire, Energf-tl* Aasoti lozepnaant th-a
Old London Mutuil PIra Insurance Co. of
Can;td,t. Edabltabed HUB. I<ar(f(--t buaon
of any Onudlao cotnpan? in Osnada, (ien-
end bnshteaa dona on pren^om, note and
ciii-li pltins. fiin'i ugenU e-tn control the
tnaaranco ol tbeir dutrlct with ttiia com.
pnr.y.    Apply tu
General ARent, Winnipeg.
or marry eoatarn ladtea aocfoaa stamp for
particular-*.    Tbe I'ilot, Winnipeg,   Bo* Cl'J.
^^^^^^^^^        tl liny Sr-fd*. why nol
mt *iii,. iimt,
J. M. PERKINS, Seedsman
lfiii Plania |»mt t*ld for tl.  s«nd fur li. t
W. N.   U. JIM
1 Ite-comm-fiirt
* to nil mottiorti who wnnt tlicir bablee
ito Imve pink, clean, clear, and
henlthy akin.
M.,'1.- nf tlm lln- -I iimfi-rl:,]> X
Mo h *!>. wharerar made, in tmtttr. *%
# Manufacturer-** ot tha Celebrated       f
}♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ > ll I'a, s to Ileal Wilh Bnltlc "
It Will Pay You
To save doctor bills and wheel baby out  in one of those
New, Nobby and Noiseless Baby Carriages
The largest stock of small wheel goods in East Kootenay,
and consequently prices are right.
R. E. Beattie, El**
Talk Back!
If there is anything you buy from us
that doesn't just suit you tell us
about it. We want to know it.
We strive to secure a class of goods
that need no apology. We want
what you want-just the best       *£
*j* *jfi G. T. ROGERS
44 W/inter Lingering    **
vy      in the Lap of Spring."
But when spring comes you will feel the
heat unless you order one of those J* j*
Choice 5prlng Suits **
at once from       jt       jt       jt      jt
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
Do you wear shirts ?
It you do and want to see the latest and best ln that line,
call in. We have them at all prices. Not old styles, but up
to date.
Our neckwear is the
finest in East Kootenay
Hill & Co,
Picked Up About Ihe City  by Asking
Questions of  Many People.
Fresh strawberries at G. T.    Rogers'
The Masons meet in regular session
To Rent—four roomed house. Apply
■t Herald othce.
Mr. Manning Is building an addition
to hia residence.
Get one of those iron wheel carts for
your boy at Heattie's,
Furnished rooms to rent, Good location.   Iwjuire at The Herald ofHce.
J. W. Robinson returned from a visit
to Vancouver and Victoria Tuesday.
Dan McLeod has returned Irom a
abort viait with his family at Slocan.
^The n».rharcr patrons ofthe Klectric
Light company is increasing each week.
Hill & Joll, the butchers, are preparing to build a slaughter house and cattle
Tom Wellman, of the Manitoba, Ii
makiug some improvements about hii
John R. Costigan visited Fernie thi
week on legal busiuess.
Mr. Galliher, M. l\ is expected to re
turn to his home in Nelson about May i
(amea Mcl.rt-.1e, James Greer and
George Miner visited Calgary last week
C. B. Finch, the uiillmau. who is now
located at Blairmore, was iu town Tuesday.
Rev. and Mrs Fortune expect tn leave
for a visit lo the const iu about two
See Heattie's large stock of baby buggies. The best Hue ever brought to Kast
Duck eggs, 50 cents a do/en. Mrown
Leghorn, pure bred, settings fa,00, at
Mis. ti, W.Clingnn ntul sou George, of
Klkhorn, Man., nre guests at the home
of G. T, Rogers.
Rev, Fortune is an enthusiast in flowers and already thia spring has a uuuiber
of fine specimens.
The weather clerk got mixed in his
dates this week and gave us a little more
February weather.
Arrangements are being made for the
organization of au I, U. U. ti. Encampment in Cranbrook.
Rev. Robt. Reid iain Fernie this week
on business connected with the loan
compauy he represents.
G. T Rogers has tbe faculty of keep
ing a nice appearing storeroom. Few
cltyatorca look nicer.
The Nelson Rugby team is practicing
regularly to prepare for the game with
Craabrook ou the 27th.
Mrs. G. H. tiilpin and children arrived
from England last Monday, much to the
delight of Mr. Gilpin.
Miss Kmtna Leitch expects to leave in
a few days for a visit with relatives In
Manitoba and Ontario.
J. W. H. Smythe, of Greenwood, has
been elected vice president of the lawn
tennis club of that city.
Fred Sick, formerly of the Fort Steele
brewery, has gone to his old home in
Germany for a brief visit.
There will he work in tbe first degree
at the I. O. O. F. lodge Friday evening,
and a good attendance is desired.
Several new outbuildings and a fence
is adding very much to tne appearance
of the St. Kugene hospital grounds.
There will be a public meeting of the
Lord's Day alliance one week from tbia
evening at the Preabyterian church at
8 o'clock.
Baptist church services in Leask's hall,
on Sunday evening, April 21st, at the
hour of 7:30. Subject, "Saved by the
Skin of His Teeth."
Col. Steele sends word west that any
ofthe Strathcona boys who desire to return to Africa, may have tbe opportunity by communicating with hint.
It is quite probable tbat a good sized
crowd will go over to Nelson on thc 27th
to witness the Rugby game between the
Cranbrook team and the Nelson players.
Sanitary Inspector Barnes la desirous
of having all places tbat need attention
thoroughly cleaned up now that the
weather will permit of the woik being
John Hutchison, the real estate agent
.mil milling broker, with characteristic
energy, will have 1,000 copies of Miss
Rhoda Leitch'B prize essay printed for
diitrl button,
"Curly" Hambley is the last of the
South Kasl Kooteuay contingent ofthe
Strathcoua Horse to return to Cranbrook.
lie arrived Tuesday aud is looking fine
and feeling goud.
The local football team and a team
made up from the Cosmopolitan hotel
hoarders will play a game of Kugby next
Monday eveniug at 7 o'clock, sharp. A
hot game is anticipated,
The members of the hoard of trade
will confer a great favor by calling at
Preat's photograph gallery for a Bitting.
Mr. Prest is anxious to secure a group
picture of the members.
A social gathering of the congregation
of Christ church will be held at the
home of Mrs. Krickson on Friday evening, A cordial invitation is extended to
all members of the congregation and
South Kast Kooteuay Is becoming
famous ua a health resort, Kach summer a number of people come from tbe
east to receive the benefits of this glorious climate, aud uo one returns disap-
George Johnson, the aHsayer, relumed
from his old home at Kentfrew, Unt.,1
Tuesday   moriitng   where be bas beeu
spending the winter. He expects to tie-
vote the summer to prospecting in the
Lardeau country.
M. Mclnnes returned Tuesday from a
trip to the prairie country. He aays
never since he has been in the country-
has he seen beef cattle so scarce. He at-
ttibutes it to the early suow lasl fall and
cousequeut poor feeding.
The Ladies Aid society of Knox church
desire lo thank all who iu any way assisted them in their recent successful
bazaar. And particularly Mr. Ryan who
so kindly placed the building at' their
disposal for the occasion.
W.J. Benson, of Indian Head, ofthe
firm of R. H Benson & Co., was in town
last week to airange for the opening of
a large slock of general merchandise by
bis company shout May I, They will
occupy the Bremner store room.
T. Lebel and wife, of Phichei Creek,
are in the cily and are slopping at the
Cranbrook, Mr. Lebel is here to super
intend tbe erection of his grain and produce warehouse he will build lot lhe pur
pose ot establishing a tumuli in this
Mali Ming it Lee Wand succeed pong
Von Kam Laundry whole ami Intnl. iu
Craubrook. It. C ,   to  be paid 011 31st of
tliis month, if Fong Von Kam owed
auy debit In lown or oiher couulry we
will not be responsible after 21st of this
Prof. Payne, phrenologist and hypnotist, gave two etilerlaiiiinents at tlie hall
the past week. The professoi's work iu
some respects was fair, while iu others it
was a liille punk. But ihe majority of
the crowd were satisfied so uo oue can
com plain.
Rev. II. Beacham, of Trail, arrived
last week and has taken charge of the
Knglish church of Craubrook. The
congregation is to be congratulated on
securing the services of Rev. Beacham
as he is an able man aud a pleasant iu-
dividual as well.
There is talk of forming a camera club
iu Cranbrook. There are a host of
kodak fiends and lhey stand ou street
corners and talk about "exposures,"
--Intensity." and ".shinies" hy the hour.
Au exhibition of views by local artists
would be interesting.
Mrs, J. Teller gave her daughter Laura
Annie a birthday party on A pill lhe 161I1.
she being 7 years old on lhat dny. The
party consisted of 17 tittle folks. The
presents given were many atul costly.
After supper was served all kinds of
games were indulged iu.
Mr. and Mrs Jnmes H. Schofield, of
Pincher Creek, were Craubrook visitors
this week. Mr. Schofield had a tussel
with the wind at Macleod a short time
ago ami lost his whiskers, and in consequence his best friends have been pass
ing him by without a sign of recognition.
Quite a number of the people of Cranbrook are beautifying their homes Ibis
spring by building fences, painting their
houses aud making other improvements,
Ou every hand can be seen the best of
evidence Unit those who live here aud
are thoroughly acquainted wiih conditions have confidence iu lhe district aud
"Home, Sweet Home"
To go into debt for a home IS RIGHT
To stay in debt for a home IS WRONG
To get out of debt for a home IS EASY
7 Tons of Oatmeal
;Just theThing; for^Feed
If you see
heanl to say, "Ohl how lovely." That
hat was ibe sole topic of conversation
that afternoon, nnd when the professor
went into dinner a crowd gathered
around the hat rack and gazed at the
heaver as if tl li.nl heen a rare curiosity
The professor got ont of lown in safety,
but The Herald would uot vouch for the
next man who shows such reckless
A Uteeltllg ofthe Craubrook Liberal
association will bu hehl iu Leask's hall
011 Tuesday, April ijul. A lull attendance is desired as business of importance
will tie bioiigbl up.
Alex, Mofi'.it, secretary.
Cranhtook, April 16, 1901.
A. W. McVittie came down Irom
Blairmore on Friday morning and returned on Saturday. He reports that
the Blairmore district is booming iu
good style now and says lhat crowds of
men are waiting for the survey of the
towusite. Mr. Geho, who is operating a
coal property about a mile and a half
west ofthe depot, is supplying tbe C. P.
R. wilb 50 tons a day, and tbe engineers
say it is the best coal used on the line
for steam purposes. Mr. Geho has sur*
veyed his owu townsile, but it is for hts
employes only, not for public sale. The
property owned by Messrs Baker, Proctor and Fishburn is being developed
steadily and will probably make one of
the richest coal mines ofthe Dominion
Messrs. McVittie and Little are developing a property about five miles east of
Blairmore which bids fair to be the finest property of the district. Already a
40-root seam of pure coking coal has
been opened up and their men are now
uncovering numerous seams of a width
of from four to twelve feet. This property consists of about 8000 acres and
will certainly cause a stir when opened
George Miner has a dog that is probably one of the most intelligent canines
in the district. Last week George took
a trip to Blairmore and Calgary. The
dog followed liim to the station, and
when lhe train pulled out, the dog tiled
to follow It along the track. Ue soon
gave il up, but the next morning he was
at the station, Btld when the train arrived
he hurried through thc cars. He kept
this up until Saturday when lie took a
notion to go after his master. Having
no ticket he crowded under a seat aud
remained Ihere until he reached Ferine,
where George got off first. There the
dog left the train and went up lown on a
still hunt. The last heard from htm, he
Was still waiting in Fertile, and boarding
with Tuttle at the Royal Hotel,
When Professor Payne got off the
train last Friday thnt portion of the
people of Cranhrook who saw him were
aiua/.ed The professor i.s a dapper appearing chap, ami his black suit topped
with a silk hat. one ofthe first turned
loose  on   the   streets  of   Cranbrook.
Hutch" looked at it and snid he would
like lo have a sign on it as It would
make a good "ad." Bert Beattie sized it
up and expressed the opinion that the
professor was a prosperous preacher, aud
when Tom Rookes saw bim headiug for
the Cranhrook Hotel be had two front
rooms vacated and a sign hung up''halh
out of oider." Harry Melton wanted to
take a shot at it, aud oue woman  was
Fare woll tu Rev. Beacham.
Thc Trail News contains the following
nolice of the farewell given to Rev.
Beacham before his departure for Cranbrook :
A unanimous vote of thanks was tendered Mr. Beacham lor his efloits in the
promotion of the interests of the church,
devotion to lhe sick, and bis closeness of
touch with the people, which acts have
endeared him to ul) during his stay as
locum tcuens with us.
Mr. Beacham replied feelingly.
Thuuked all sincerely for the way in
which his efT rts were appreciated,
kind treatment and sympathy tinting
his stay. It was a pleasure to him to
kuow that he hail the sincere wishes of
lhe parish to take with him on entering
his new field of labor, nud trusted that
God would bless this church aud con
gregation aud whoever was here to carry
on ihe woik.
After the vestry meeting a few of Mr.
Ueacham's young male friends met iu
Dr. McSorley's office and presented him
with a very handsome sterling silver
pocket communion set.
Robinson hi Vancouver.
Vancouver World; J W Robinson, of
Cranbrook, a well known lumber dealer
of the interior, who has been in the city
ur a few days, left for home this, Friday,
afternoon. "We want the railway direct
from the coast in the worst way," he
snid, "and competition if possible. As
it is now in Kast Koutenay we get most
of our goods in a long haul from Winnipeg an<l the east, and in West Koote*
nay the whole trade goes to Spokane,
We are just as anxious to have the road
as thc people at the coast are, aud we
cannot have it any too soon. Things
will be busy around Cranhrook this
year," he remarked further. "The C.
P. R will do considerable work, as tbe
company is enlarging its roundhouse aud
workshop, aud it is the intention to put
the Cro* s Nest Pass line inlo the best of
shape. Then, too, the work which will
follow the granting ofthe charter to tbe
Crows Nest Southern railway will make
things very busy iu Kast Kootenay.
Mr. Robiusou is a former resident of
Vancouver and nt oue time was on the
World stall' He expressed his grief at
the death of his former chief, and paid a
tribute to his memory by saying that a
worthier man never lived.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
I.O.O.F. Key Cl y Utlic
No. te. Moats over*- I'll-
.Illy lligl'l ill llieir I111II on
linker Btroot.   Hojournlntj
(KM Pellows cortllutly In, IteU.
Mutt Itookentlorl        a. i. Alolicrmot
N. 11. Bco'v.
Crflnbrouk I.iiiJkc. Nn. .11
A. P. Ik A. At.
Iti'iftiilni IllDotlntta mi Hi
llilul lliiiiftil.i) "i Hi
\ isllini: lirctliiTll weli'inii il.
Wi I*. innu. «it*
If you want a Sunday Suit
..See Palmer
II you want a Pair of Pants
..See Palmer
If you want a Fancy Vest
..See Palmer
If you want a Nobby Overcoat
..See Palmer
All Garments Made to Order
and Guaranteed to Fit „■* «•*
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers In
Grain and
Qiven  special   attention
Car lots a Specialty
Cranbrook, 15. C.
nnmut t®
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tiie
Those wanting; chimneys, fire
places, toilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
McMullin & Taylor
Undertaking And
Embalm ing;
Graduate of Champion college of tl.  S
Ollice nnd stoic, Alkeli block,
near Canadian It.ink of Commerce, Cniiilirook, ll C.
Upholstering and lleneral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to miy work in the district
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
J. ft. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice al Cealdcnce, Armslronj Ave.
Forenoons,   -   -   •   •   WO lo 11
Afternoons   ....   1:30 to 3:311
livening!!    ....    7,30 lo 1:39
CRANBROOK,   :   :   :       :   :   D. C,
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South of Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook B. C.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
A. T, Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
And we can sell at bed-rock prices. Fresh
Fruit and Vegetables. Pure Castile Soap.
Best Creamery Butter in 14 pound and 28 pound
Our aim is to please
Try us jt
the Grocer.
Fort Steele
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
W'liuk-Mile nml Ketnll
| Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Flsh, Qame and Poultry.
Wc supply only thc bcsl.    Vour
trade Is solicited.
3 Pieper & Currie 3
Proprietors of the only
Exclusive Paper and Paint House in
the Kootenays.
Just received, an immence stock of paints, oils, varnish and the
latest designs in wall paper.       jt       jt       Jt       ji       t*
Wc Paint and Paper and We Sell Paint end Paper.
Our stock is the largest, our designs the latest, our goods the best.
You cannot afford to improve your houses without first seeing Pieper
& Currie.   They lead.        Cranbrook, B. C
One of tlie Moat Comfortable
Hotels in Kast Kootenay.
ReftUdl Throughout
Newly Furttislied
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. c.
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties ore offered for sale on liberal WORKING BONDS. For
reports and information, address
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
II Hotel 3 3
Guests Comlort a Specialty
flood Stability in Connection
Nearest tn rati toad mnl dopoti   Hits acootuttiodn*
titnis- fur the public unequalled in Crnubrook,
jami;s RYAN
 3) QD ♦ .)
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K-W.-G Block, Nelson, B. C
nnltl,Bilver->Untl nml Gii|t|Mr Mlnoi Minted ill   lho KXOHANdB,   I'll Kit .mill-
INti (iold) |iro|iorlloswnntoil in e tor Kiwtcrn liivertora,   I'flrllM liming inlnliiu
Itruporty for sale aro r i|U0*U*nt lo a mlintniilMOfthplrorntoilio itxoilANDK inr ex-
lilUlllon, Wo iloBlro to lionr from itrospectorfl wlm Iiiih* innm-tln. inlnornt clutmi in
r.ntMi rniiiiniiiii.   l*roi*|ioolora mnl inhiliigmonnroretiiioatoiltotnitho tho KXiMlANClK
llu-lr lii-ni!i-iiiuii']'.s ulii'ii In NYlsim,   Allf|ntfl|i|u-fl BllOllllI lm lOIlt liy I'xpri'sK,   l'rO|Ullil>
u_, Corrc8|wn(lonco8oll«ltoil.   Ai|ihu«(Bl1 aoinmiiii|oat|onsto
M Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, B. C.
|k  Telephone So, loi,   P. 0, iinv 700,
All kinds of wort given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
1   •
I   -.- [  !' I   •*' I <?■ I -•> I * I <*■ I <•? I « I 1> I **> I -f> I >*• I $ I t? I ***> I •!> I <t*> I » I * I **> I i- 1 * I *j* I
Beale & Elwell,
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents (or Assessment Work, Kimberley Townsite Agents.
Kimberley jt Moyie J- Fort Steele.
I v.. t,lv,lii)\<.*>l®liSl®l®t®l®l®l'tA®l®\®l®\®liSI'tJ\islUivilir)l®iO


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