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Cranbrook Herald Jul 2, 1903

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. r.Hn. A. Cox, President,
I'jIJ Up   Capital    .
Total  Kc.o.ri-ea
n. ii. Wai.khb, Oen. Mnn.
.... sn.7ao.MOoo
..   .. 1.0110.1111111111
Deposits Received,   licncral Kiiiikitti; Business Transacted
SIVINIIS lltNk III I-1U MUNI   llt-in.ll. Kecel.td   latere*. Allowed.
**ii,. "
♦ l*>|4»l*>l»l«l|«.|»,|4»|*|l»|4»|»|    I,"   |.4   |..*.|.*   I.   |..   !   .-I-.M-   I ■•   1-   I--.-I*
4i*l*l -I- l-.irl • I -i-l ►1*1*1 -*l I-i I*l*l*l*l*lil l*l*l*l*l*i|
1 Clearing Out Sale ii
Rememper 70 cents will now buy
much as one dollar anywhere else.
We have sold an immense amount ot goods
lately and have still a fairly complete stock
left in all lines. Consult your own interests
by enquiring here first for all wants.
I * I  8- I    |<|4»|4»|»|»|4»|*|4t.|*»|«.
1*1 !-l I-i 1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*
it. I tt-1 w
•V l*|*
; Capital, Paid Up $2,983,8% *
1 Rest            $2,636312 2
1 T. R. Merritt, Pres. D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
«   *
g A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold availa- *
3> Ue in every part of Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
*J attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.    I
Pearl Brooches are Not Fads      q
Thoy tiro iilwiiys fiisliioinilili.    At proBPnl prarl-s are pnrtieu- Q
lariy fiivonil. * Wu lmvi* thorn inn-tic up in Stars. Croscolita Qi
nm\ a variety of .fancy designs,   Tln*y an- not as i-xivnsivr ;is pC
ynu limy think. !k
W. H. Wilson, Jeweler and Optician, g
in this
like all
of our
others, we
nothing but
Our prices are
right and the
goods are the best
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kootenay's Big Mail Order House
Soubofr Clocks     j
A choice sdection
Graceful designs in gilt
Pretty patterns in porcelain
An appropriate gift to grace a lady's bureau, and at prices that will agreeably
surprise you.
Cbc 3cwelcv \""i0M«™
! ambitious in thut direction, Imt is
IN THE POLITICAL ARENA'. i* k, ..,„■ „„i.n,*
ili-i-lnnilii.il.    With twu*ii.-wspa|s-rs
|and tin* backing ot Mr. Blakemore,
tin* rising journalist nf tin- Crows
N.-si I'ass would make n  foruiid.
Mailers  Arc  Harming  Ip  In  Kuili
ni:** candidates mm: AS vi:i
Both Parlies Arranging ior Con
ventions to Take Place at
an Early Date.
'I'liiiv is no nmhvriiil eliauRO tliis
wi-i-k in Iln* sittinlion ns lo tin-
probable ciuididiiU'S for tlio provin-
i-iiil house in this district. Many
nf tin-niiisi-rviilivi-s of ('rniil.ri.oli
nre still working in tlio interests of
Tlionms Cnvin, Imt uro doing il
more quietly. Tlmy nre of the
opinion llml he is the liest iiuiii for
the men, tuul tlini in consequence
he is entitled lo the nomination,
There nre others who lean toward
.Tunics Ryan, although In- lins positively di-cliiii-d to allow Jlis iinuii'
to U' used iu that connection,
George Thompson, the barrister, is
the latest Riohniond in (lu- field,
nml it is snid on tho side tlllll lie
Iiiib a strong following among n
t'oteiie of young men who wtint
lli to Io lie tunned,
Among the liberals tho whole
matter is still in the (lark so Ear ns
a candidate is concerned, There
st'i'ins to Im- no one who is displaying uny keen desire to enter the
lists, but beforo tho district con-
volition, which will be held sonn-
time noxt week, is convened, the
wishes of the district will find expression.
In Ihc Fernie Dislriit
Tin- political situation is assuming nn interesting phaso in the
Fernie district, Thu labor votu
nnd labor sentiment will i-ut n big
figure in ilmi district, and thnt will
keep luiil. of the political pnrties
guessing.   And strange ns it may
in to many, Willium Blnkemoi-e
tho erstwhile manager of the conl
•iiiupiiii.... ami of more i-ecent dnte
tin- i-hauipii.il of tho rights of lnbor
s said to I..* desirous of Kaui- lis*
labor enndidnto ngniusl tlm field.
Blnkomore as a lnlior candidate in
reality nu-atis Blnkutnoru as an
nnti-coal company cntididate. The
grjutleniiui lias never forgiven a
board of directors thai was not
satisfied with liis management,and
he wants to be n enndidnto or die-
lata ilu- name of the candidate that
will Im- seoking the lnlior vole as
ngaiiiBt any individual thnt may
linve even the quiel supjH.i-t of the
i-i.al collipnny. Naturally. Mr.
Blnkeinoro will linve tho support
of tin- Iwo pa|H-rs under ilu- con-
Imi of Mr. Wallace, at Fernie nnd
Morrissey Mines.
Among consorvntives tiiere nre
two gentlemen recognized as aspiring for the Victoria logs. Harry
Bentley and VV, li. Koss. the barrister. 11. ,t I. men linvo wanted to
break into a provim-ial parliaiiu-nl
iu the past, nml are not. uverse to
llinkillg an i-ll'orl again this yenr.
In [not il is said by some thut
this amliilioii on Mr. lii-ntli-v's
part, prompted liis removal from
lii-lhliriilgi* to Kernie. while his
friends streuously maiuttiln thai
the cliiuige was due to his large
interests in the lumber business.
The lust time Mr, Koss was n
enndidnto was at the time he went
into n convention ut Fort Steele
with Mr. Bailey for the nomiuntion
nnd it wns claimed nt the time that
Eoss wns morally bound to sup-
port him, but many of Bailey's
friends clni.nod thnt he did not do
so, nnd there were political
chnsnms opened in that campaign
that linve never been closed.
Oil tlie liberal side, so fnr lis
known, the only candidates nre
Fred Stork, tlio linrdwnro denier
nt Fernie nnd Dr. Wilson, of Morrissey Mines. Both men nre
popular, und both have n wide no-
ipininliiiii'i- in thnt district,
It is snid thnt Mr. Wallace's cnn-
ili.hicy is no joke, and  Ihut he is
i- Coiservillvcs,
4>              lil
ral ,-..iis.-rialivi-s
0 lli.li-
ir-^ani/i.l with tie
*, offlci
rs :
A   P MiinliNialil.
B.A. Bill,
A. W, Sutherland
Committee   1). .1.
S.  .1.
McCartney, P.J.
ill, !•'. \\
', Frith, V. Desnuh
Gel on Thc List.
The provincial voters list will
close ou the I Ith day of August,
The courts of revision and appeal
will sit ou the 81st duy of August
nfler which date no jn-rson cnn
possibly get on tho voters list until tho first Moiuluy in Mny 11H14
and consequently no man will lie
uble to vote at any election beforo
that date unless In- places his nnuio
on the list, on or before the 11th
day of August 1111)11. Therefore
register nt once.
Political Pick Ups.
The people of Moyie favor A. P,
Mncdoiudd as representative, Ibis very popular there.
The Moyie Lender is boosting J.
('. I In-wry these duys.
Liberal associations linve been
formed in Wardner and Murysville,
There will be ipiile || number of
naturalized Canadians on tin- voters lists this year.
No "heeler" will niiike much
headway with the labor unions in
this district Ihis yenr.   They are
tnposod of men who think and
who ure competent to act for themselves, und when you hear ll mini
saying that he ran do this or that
with tho labor vote put him down
us a fraud,
Tin* A, L. 1". In this district
should lake advantage of the opportunity to go on record against
(iriental lnbor being Imported)
The boys with the pollticnl bri-
lies on are coming out now.
Both parties seem nlive to the
situation in tliis district and are
hustling to make nil impression on
the voters.
Dnve Elmer is chairman of the
executive committee of the conservative assoeiation of Movie.
Any political news of either
parly will lie printed in The Herald.
Tin- columns of tliis paper are
opened lo both sides.
John Houston snys that lliere
an- loo many lawyers in the legislature. Mi*. Houston's political
opponent is a lawyer.
If you don't register you can't
Tin- voting lists will be oloBod
on the fourteenth of August, and
II court of revision will be held iu
each district on the illst day of
MeDERMOT   MAlil-l*
Two Popular Cranbrook People  United
in Marriage.
Last Tuesday morning at H
o'clock the marriago of Mr. A. L.
McDerniot nnd Miss Flossie Mn-
gee, dnughter of Mr. und Mrs.
Charles Magee. was celebrated nt
St. Marys church. Father Ouelette,
officiating, The church wns beautifully decorated for the occasion,
the wealth of the Moral growth ut
Kootenny Landing lining drawn
upon for the 'occasion. The altar
wns n bewildering mass of bright
blossoms, while suspended from
I the ceiling over the altar rail by a
strand of evergreen wns a marriage
[ls'llof wild plum blossoms, evergreen nnd roses. Along the nltnr
' mil was n striking line of potti-d
plants, nil combining to uinke the
scene beiuitifnl in the extreme.
' When the strains of Mendelsohn's wedding murch were heard
, the doors opened nnd the bridal
'lliirty entered. Miss Edith Magee,
the bridesmaid, leading, follovcd
j l.y the bride. leaning ou the arm of
I her lather. Al lhe nltnr they were
joined by tho groom and his l«-st
imui, Mr. E. I'line.   Then followed
lie marriage ceremony i mling
to iln- rites of the Catholic chureli
The church was crowded ami thosi
pr.-s.-ni listened uttwitivelj to tin
words thnl formed tlu* nui Ith.
Iinppj couple.
Alt.-ril,.- .-I.,,,-,,! il„. ceremony
ilu* Iiml,i! party wore driven to the
1 • "I th.- bride's parents, where
they received iln- congratulations
ol' n fi-w friends in. lied i" join
them iii a wedding breakfast.
Cnuibrook will never see a fairer
I.rid.-. Sh.- iviiiv a gown of white
silk crepe .1.- <-l.in.- Hindu over taffeta, trimmed wiih chenille ami
tucked chiffon, A beautiful tulle
veil fell .ner tho gown lo lhe mine
of the train and was fastened to
the lijiir with ei'iinge blossoms.
She carried u shower bouquet of
bridal roses, carnations and maiden
hair ferns. Iter only ornament
wns u liuiiilsoine diamond Buuburst
broach nml pendant, the gift ofthe
Thu bridesmaid wore a costume
of blue silk eolienne trimmed with
black and white medallion and ull
over luce. She wore a black
picture hat and carried a bouquet
of pink roses and carnations, She
wore ii gold heart locket center set
with diamonds, the gift of the
The groom's gift to Mi*. Clino
his best mau, was an opal stick
pill, nnd to the ushers, Mr. M.
Williams and Mr. 11. Nevin. solid
gold cuff links.
The groom has been a resident
of this district for a number of
years nnd his friends lire legion.
He is n member of the firm of .McDerniot A* Bowness and isuntering
iqioii a successful business career.
Tlie bride has been u great favorite
since coining to Cnuibrook a few-
years ago. Her good humor,
pleasing manner nnd ninny accomplishments have won lor her the
respect und 111l1.1i111ti1.il of ull.
The newly married pair left on the
afternoon train for Winnipeg the
former home of Mr. McDenuoi.
They expect to be absent about
a month, and ou their return will
commence housekeeping in the (I.
II. Miner house, which M. McDerniot purchased lust week for their
future homo.
Following is the list of the pro-
F. L. Byron Buys Fine Properly On
l'erry Creek.
Manager   Parker, of The North
Star Makes His Annual Report.
Mr., llulle-mnl*, Winnipeg ono doaon.11—
vei* Itntvoa mul forks.
Mi... MoDormot, Winnipeg, Tenillto law
it, lit. uml ten i-luili.
Min. I.mini Mi-lii'iiiiut, V.llllltp-s, tilvi'i*
lliss<laBep1ilno McDermot, Winnipeg, lil-
vi-i butter knife.
Mr. .1. Milli'imut, Wii,n|ii-".'nihil* no|.liiu
-Mr. II. Mi.IliTini.t. Winnipeg, Btlvor nopkln
Mr. nml Mm N..I. Lludeny, Wltmlprg, cut
glum wilier luitlli- ami llillf ibuou lilnsm-s.
lira Li-iHI. ii, Mr. li iiiiiI Minn l.ollHeti, Monti eal, silver berry spoon.
Mr.. Clins. .lined, Mnntruil, Bilver berry
Mr.lt J. Kli.it, Fort William, JapnliCBO
llii. »i*i i'i-ii.
Mi b I'lviu* I'-ii-t William, Boiivi nir Ink well.
Mr. nn.l Ure. .1. \. Hiii*., Furl William,
Bilver berry B|..on.
Mi*, mul Mra. II. Chapman, Brandon, nilver
i.iiiitiinliiili. jnr.
Mri.. II .1. M. K.-nii.'.v. I.Ian I I'.iiil, Ver-
ninni. Bilver .DUV.-l.lr table bell.
Mr. nml Mi«. .1. F. Wnikin*., Vnncover,all-
vi-r mouiitei) cul iiiii.*. vaao.
Mr. nml Mi». W. ll.llieavcB.M-iJIillioUl..,
Hilver monnteil Bllgiir b ml.
Mra. .1.11, l-ii-nicim, Ciil-Iiiry, eilvi-r .nil
Frank,J!lit. ""I "'-n-1'* CobUbmi,Cab
(.iiry, Bilver I'i'* kllllc.
Mr. mul .Mo-. V. Sim|.ho,,. ('ra.lll.noki .11-
rorcnrvlita. hi...
Mra, W. IS. I'liclpe, Craiilirook, illvor olive
Mi iiii.I Mm. ll. II. Mln.r, Cinnlirook,all-
vcr lin.iiliti.il in. nn jnnieiil .llgi.r l'.'.il.
Mr ll,,l..*it U.llilBl, Crilllblook, e Iiiiue
linn Bilver .iu.ni bowl mul .| u lioliler.
Mr. nml M.B, A. I', ll.niii.'-.. Crnnbrook,
I I.i.lne-l-iirililin Will.*" I iiiIiii-i Iini
Mr. M.,l, llilli., Clllliluook, ailver cuke Una.
Mi-. Mull ll.i.lii-ii.biil, MorrlBBey,.liver len
Bervleunn.l liny
Mr. uiul Mib. .1. II. Si-„ll,li-n lu-.iiik. »In-r
i-nke liaakel.
Mr. M and Mlaa 11. Willium.., Cranbrook,
Hi'veriTi'inn j.ln nml Bllgar boill,
Mr. 11. Merln,Cranbrook.gold p'aled fancy
Mr. C. Itosa Palmer,   Cranbrook, ii vcr
Hlllllll  lllllll.
Mr. W. I-.. Clino, Crnubrook,allvormountcd
ml *.lii.e lurry bowl.
Mr. mil Mi--. Ii. F. Murpby.Cranbrook,
ailver enko ba.kol.
Mr. N. A. I'liniiut, Cranbrook, silver Initt. I-
Mi-h-.h. Arnold A Ttobrrt., Crnnbrook, Btl*
ver lion linn ili.k mnt long..
Mr. ,1,lllll llulilii-ion, Ciin.briiuk, illver
sauce liuil *■
Mr. I'. Hubs 1 lite. I'riiiibrinik, silver mount*
eil bie.nl lion.il.
Mr. nml lire, W. T. llei.l, Cr rt...i, allvor
inounled atigar bowl nmi spoon.
Miss Magee, pnalel pnlntlng,
Hev. N, Oni'lelte, Iin. Iiiimln.ini* prnycr
Tbe MisM-M.illiil, snliiil Ii.ik.
Mrs. (1. Ilniuniin. ponrl limiilli-lint lei- knife,
Ml*, llllll Mis. ... M ey silvir iiii.I sl'.'S
liuil linskel,
A sale of l'erry Creek property
look plan* last wei*k thai means u
goisl deal for thnt camp and is
IkhiiiiI to be of great benefit to tho
whole district,    John Sherwood,
one of lhe well known pioneers uf
lhe camp who has shown his faith
by persistent dovolope.ucnt, sold
to F. L. llj-rou. of Krank, Alia.,
tin- group consisting of Batlgor,
Perry Creek, lted Mountain und
Custer claims, fourof tho boat properties on the creek. The collsid-
crulion wns SlllXl. SnlKl of it cash
and the balnnce to In- paid on July
28, The properties thus transferred are not prospects, but a gold
mine thut hus been proven by intelligent work. There hns been
between SlllKJO und $4000 expended
on developenient work, and a depth
secured of HU feet, show-in*.- a
twelve foot vein, that runs isb per
cent free gold. The ore is free
from impurities, such ns lend,
copper und /inc. uud the average
assays taken in a practical way
display values lhat pronounce the
property one of the best gold property in llritisli Columbia, if not
absolutely the U'st. The price
paid is ridiculously low. as the
sume showing in nny camp on the
other side would be in demand nt
$30,000 to SoO.lXXJ.
Mr. Byron, the purchaser, is u
practical miner who hns been remarkably successful ill other deals.
He visited Perry creek less than u
year ago, and although the camp
had been turned down by some experts, he became interested in the
showing displayed, Since his first
visit he hns mude n careful exnnii-
lion und with the assays secured
from his sampling became convinced that ii good thing wus being
overlooked nnd consummated the
deal. He is putting his own money in the property simply because
he knows he hns u good thing nnd
will arrange for surveys to have
lhe property crown granted. A
force of men will Is* put to work
exploiting the ground before reduction works nre erected.
Every successful, practical mining mnn who hits examined the
properties of tlu- camp unite iu the
opinion thut the values ure there,
ml Mr. Byron proposes to show
tlial their judgment us well ns liis
iwii is not iu error.
Marvelous Oold Valuta
The I'oplur creek slrikc in the
Lnnleau is creating all kinds of
excitement, nnd hundreds of people
linve rushed to the plnce to secure
locations. Frank Morgins nnd
Georgo llilliert are the discoverers,
and last week they arrived in
Kaslo willi rock that run us high
as $100,000 n ton. Iu ll lilt can
ihey brought down over S1IHI
worth of gold, some of the rock lieing more thun liulf of tin- yellow
metnl. It will create a great lioom
iu thnt part of the Lnrdenu
country, nnd will undoubtedly lie
the cause of some more big finds.
Mining Notes
It is stated that the Ptarmigan
mines sawmill at Windermere is
now running und employs n force
of twelve men. cutting timlior for
lhe compressor. Also thnt there
are only four or live piers now to
be built on thc new tram.
M. .T. Hnlpiu of Kaslo arrived in
town last Thursday and left that
evening for his claims on the St.
Marys. He brought with him W.
1). McKay, n surveyor, who will
survey the claims propnrntory to
crown granting.   Mr.  Hnlpin  re-
|(tretsthefiiiliireof tin- Marysville
\ smelter project, ns ii was a hard
blow iu those owning promising
properties in the St. Marj-sdistrict,
New Denver Ledgei   Next week
President Flu rfell ..I' the Inler-
uational Coal ami Coke company
jwill c.. i,. Blau-more to mako ii
''"" reial i.-si of the coal forcok-
. inu purposes, all. r which, il sn,-.
cessful, as anticipated,   Im ,-,,ke
j..vens will I.*,.,*,,•,,,I „in, ;l|| 1KW.
Bible speed to relieve the .-..k.-
Bhortugenl iln- Boundary smelters,
Annual   Report   by   .Mainjur   Parker
lo Directors.
The work outlined in lasl war's
report lias been carried ..ni ami
the contacts of porphyry havo
been kept in touch wiih ihe result
that quite an appreciable amount
of ore hns been found, both in Nu.
1 und No. 2 oro ehnnels. Whilst
much of th.- expenditure has Uvn
on whnt hus been surfacu and shnl.
low prospecting work, yet ihis has
been the menus of finding more
ore, and also of enabling tl„- .1,,-i.
sion 14. Is- made of the I. -•. points
ni which deeper development could
be uiosl iidvmitngi-ously com-
Two exploratory places have
beeu started, each pregnant witli
possibilities, nomuly, the nasi incline shaft, which is following tho
porphyry contact, ami tin- north
incline, which is following tin- Nu.
1 ore chat |.
As outliin-d iu Insl year's ropi.rt
contacts in porphyry an.l country
rock have I*., a kepi i„ B_g]_. by
means of gravel drifts iu the mine
and surfa uts, and also adit tun-
nels and shallow rock developement
Oil tlie Illl foot, level.
Whilst not finding any large deposits, the work d luring tin-
year in conjunction with tin- pr.--
vious work has fully demonstrated
the fact that tin- porphyry contacts
possess a most important bearing
on tin* on* il.-p.sits. ami judging
from the length uf the principal
or.-sh..its. and th.- smaller ones,
whicli iu each case wero lying in
intact with the porphyry dyke,
sume very close relation between
the two must exist. Drill holes
wen' therefore placed iu such a
position as tu prove that these
dykes probably extended to the
deep,.iind a stringer of ur.* was also
folluwid ilown. at iln- north end of
the No. 1 um body, l.y a shaft.
The information thus gained hns
proved that the dyke extended to
the deep and that there is a possibility of further developement
opening up ground favorable tothe
deposition of ore.
This shaft, which is known ns
the east incline shaft, is L'lJtJ feet
deep, and drifts and crosscuts have
been driven with the result that
stringers of on- have been encountered in tin- contact, which, whilst
low grade, averaging 8 to 10 oz.
Bilver and 23 to 88 js*r cent lend,
show tiiat tiiere is a possibility of
striking something l.-tter later un.
This shaft will is- sunk deeper as
soon as lhe necessary buckets,
which have lieeii ordered, havo
The north incline has been driven
250 feet and has followed the..re
i-hnimci nil this distance, and good
stringers of ore hnvo 1 n met in.
terniitteiitly all the way down,
which have assay..] as hiu'h as  '.hj
:. silver ami 70 |s-r cent lead.
The total nmouut of development
work done during Ihc yenr Amounts
to 12.1liii feet of drifting, .-ross-eut-
ting. Binkingi raising nml diamond
drilling. The work from now on
will bo more confined und not so
scattered us lust year and will I
hope be encouraging. The theory
that the ore deposits were only to
Is- found on the surface, or rather
thnt there was small chance to find
nny  nt  depth, has  In    iu my
opinion proved to In- too curly a
snap shot judgment,
During the yeur 8,426 tons of
ore linve been Bhipped, the nssny
value of which averages 29.5 oz.
silver uud iiii.2 per cent lead.
In conclusion 1 may slate that
the conditions an- now more encouraging than at this time last
yenr nnd I have certainly not lost
hope of more ore being found as
the development work continues.
Kcflpectfully Sudmitted
.1. L. Pnrkcr. Till-*.   OllA'NBItOOX   IIEBAIiDy
Editor ami Proprietor.
One vein -*;'■'_
Ml  Ul, '*"
Tito ll.rill.l lltHlra t.t -il.e Un' IU.W.OI lite
iltstiii-i.   u y.m ku i.v any about your lowu
.on,, -yunr iaunte, send ll totlilaolMee,
i nn.mm. notks
The goveminenl intentl opening
, Incatioii iln* Kasl Kootenny >•-
1,1 uii r.sille.     Kurl Sleele   I'l
W nrki-il Ilu* C,
Th,- following Ufr
i|K*g  Kr4*e Press, n
Qeorgo Hoggarth ::
llul'. 1'.   R.
People   tdong Ha
llise   sleep at   lliglltl
"how I.. get even"' •
wuy company, < Ine
soinewhere   between
'. K.
in lh
ul  1.
i .t
■ l.ov
,.,,-tll 111
li 1
he govern
lllllll  1
thai    IVnj
ll i*. worse limn senseless to mis-
r.-presi-iit mining properties l.y
giving forth oxnggenil.il statements
,i . lu values.      The ltewspa|s'r tlllll
lllll do lli.il  is   a   ilelriinelll    Ii. the
Wi- would rallu-r Is- lhe.-dit.tr
ul' The Herald than king of Servin,
The Ozonognim is dead. Lowry
n nl MeAdniu made a hlg mistake
when Ihey inisli.uk lhe worktillPSS
ul- ihe Vancouver [s-ople for u long
fell  lllllll.
Mi lain humor, plain philosophy ami nnti-churell iittacks all in
one dose proved loo much fur tiie
people of the const.
The Wilmer Outcrop is asking
lite Hun. Mr. Wells some pointed
questions.    The Outcrop will   In*
n| H Imrge of heresy if  il
dues nui change its tune,
thinking ol
■ illi lhe rail
man ula luwu
Fernie ami
Kootenuy Landing, whose kicks
wen- liniil ami long, scored the
latesl Biiceosu in this direction.
II,. timed his marriage uccunilelj
at lime when   Wilier "as   hiidi ami
lhe line doubtful lowi-slwnnl.   II-
s,-l ..ut then un a  lioneyi  Irip.
buying tickets tor i«"- :.l  a  i-erj
small cost, of course, tu  l\. mij
Lnndilig.     Mon-nver, lie swim-.!
theslwix'rstale nH.iur.ir Hints '
trip.    As In* ha.l g .Bill Ihai trnill
"ailed to gel thnuigh,    O me
liu- newly wt-ddeil man insisted on
being taken l« KtsilfiuiJ Lnndiiig.
The upshui "f lh.- mutter wus i
tin- bridal pair wn.
Medicine Hal ami mi I"
Hue. enjoying their stale
Ilie way. When lasl In
they   were   iii   Victoria  iiml
travelled si uf the way  in  ■
comfort ou their two local lid
, I., in* ..
mil Ute tie
lllll,   ll.
. iln- i-o.i
I..,ui in I
..lull li
NOTICES OF APPLICATIONS FOR LICENSES I N-oll,.p .,, |llM.0),v ,|v„, ,.,.., _. ,|„, ,.,,_
1(1 PROSPECT FOR COAL AND PETRO-1 .l.-r-siftm-.l, Intend thirty (30) .toys alter
i„-i,i ni Hi,*
1,    lh ii hi
ll I'i! Hull li ;i,,i-„inj.li>
iO.l.ulvlUH In*
N,,ii,-,.isb,ivby given Uml 1. II*'* ouilel-
signoil, luli'liil tklrty (nil *loy« uttor ilaln to
n|,|.lv   Iii   III.  AB.lHll.nl    liilliNiissii.li.'r   i.i
I „'i„i I Work, lor iln* Kb.riot and tho
Cliiell' iis-i I' Ol liin.l. i.li.l tVork.ol
tin* 1-.... 4,44-4-.., lllit Blil,ii'iiuil.inl..ra li.-*-ose
I., iirospis-l Inreonl mul |otrolol.ui upon the
Iiinil, ...isl nlili.* Flathead river lu tlie south
eaBlerneu.ui.riil tl..' l'ntvlwe ol Uiitistil'..
binililii. ileoerllnsl tin tollolv-i
l ,,i mint., nt   apoBl   at  tin- mirtb.-iist
4 441*. it- imitl.-.l "AI14HU. Wln-nllii-. nii-lli.'iist
, ,„-i„-t- iiosl," 11."ii.*e S'l rlinins smith, t banco
siio.-hiiin. neat,  lli  so otiulll. uurlh,
,| sililiuiii.i-iisl In   iiii.I nl  ...Ililli.li.-.'-
.lute to apply to tin. Anistant Comnils
.toner ot Lands att.1 Works for tlio Uts*
trict liuil lilt- Chief I'tlltill.isstnlier nf
l.nn.is tuul Works of the l'roviin-i- ol
llritisli Columbia tor tt license to prospect tur coal nii'i i..'tiiiii'ittn upon iln*
luii.lsi.iist.il ttte l-'liitlit-nil river In the
siiiulii'usti-i.. comer ol the Province of
llritisli I'olillltl'iil, iluBCfili'.'-l as tollowa :
Ci4i.it.ieiti-ii.4_r ut ti pnst tit the northwest corner marked **w. p. Tteruey's
nqrtltjr-istcorner po**.," thenco mi ohaliu
south, theiie '' '
i-liaina uorlli
polio] comi.ieace.nent, and containing
IHO seres.
I>iili..l '-'ml Muv. Illlt'l.
ll       IV. f. TIKltNKY, I i.n.r.
Notice is hereby -.ivrtt Hint I, tbe under-
siuned. ilili-ml Unity (il'J) dityn lifter chat.to
n|...ly ... tin- Assi.(nut I'liitimi.-i,iiit-i- ,,l
l.iiiidsiiml Wolks lor lhe List tie. nml the
Chii-I .-4iiinni.si,,ner „f l.inuls uml Works nl
the I'rnviu.-.* nf Uritish I olintibiil lor H liu !.«»'
t„ |,r„s|„.*l lor .mil nml .,,-ii„l,-tini ti|.i.u .he
Inmls rust nlth,. 1'litthi.nil river inthe siiulh-
■•ii.lcrn i-i,riii r nljlhe Provluw nl llrili.h 1 „
liuul.in dwclbed lis In Inns:
I'liintu In*, tit n  pool   hi   tho .oulh-ii-sl
4-l.lll.-r Ult4lli>-,r-.4   .1.    Mlirt.' SllUtll444..t 44,r-
uer poat," tae&ca so .halna uniib, thvaoa
,1 buck iu
.Mil Mn
llllll-. II10 ni-l'i-e.
. lllllll,
-N IVUUAI.I.KR, I.....II..
.lute 1.4
. In
mil -I ui -1 ..Iiii ili.-i. ..[-.-lilt	
1",.,   IV l-iil.i I...I
| I
llrlllah I'ltlilllilil
I I ' 'oi .-..I
There is a pa.K-r iu Uritish Co-
lutiil.ia tlllll we would like to own.
Thai is the llritisli Coliunbin <in-
zelle. Its advertising patronage
strikes ns in a most favorable manner.
Some people think the Chinese
and Indian language are hard to
learn, They Bliould study chemistry in the German language if they
vriuil lu eel iigiiinsttho real thing.
Here is u sentence translated that
will give one nn idea uf the simplicity uf lite study iu that Inn-
eiiau'e: "If lien/oynaplily lllllllde-
l rented .villi nitric acid il forms
two isDUit-ti'ii'oiiiunitroniuii!ohi-ir/.o-
uiiplitylnmides, of which tun- gives
iiiuiioumidohcii'/ounphtylimldu nnd
iln- other iidhydrolH'usodlamidono-
A morning wedding is n huiil
li si i.n lhe Indies, ll is interesting
I li.*.* thedill'ereuce in general
iippcni'iiiiee, here ami there evideu-
' ees existing ui' u hasty toilel iu lite
way uf pintieil apparrel ami rebellious tufts of hnir escaping from
llilir pins und t-uiubs.
The Duy ol Retribution.
Morrissey Mint*.. Dispatch: Tile
"The P.-1'..p....liir is conservative iu
pulilies uud will support, a conservative, providing lie is not n Crnn-
luiiuk iiiiiii." Moyie Leader.
There's liu- I'uli. su long ns he is
mil a Cnuibrook mnn, Kort Steele
sees its political deuth ill the act
act which divided the district, giving thnt town over to lhe tender
mercies of ils over grown rival,
Craubrook. Por years the district
patronage has gone to that little
fossilized government post situated several miles from the railroad
uml chiefly noted for "what it hns
1 n in ll arly days", while the
rising railway lown of Crnnbrook
si.tm- S utiles distant lias been fore-
.-.I lu subinit to various indignities
nii'i in sul.sisi uu sitcliscant crumbs
ns miii-lil '"• doled ..ut by Port
Steele "promoters" who huvc the
-■pull" al Victoria.
When il was learned that Hull
river frum its junction with the
Koolenay river, was to In- tlie
1,14iii.rl.-.ry line between the two
newly created districts, leaving
Fori Steele in the Craubrook district, fear and trembling took pos-
sessiott of the former, which suw in
the next general election u hnnd-to-
hiind fight. An attempt which
met with no favorable response
was mude tu have iln* boundary
line follow the Kootenny river right
through, thus leaving Port Steel.
in ilu- Fernie district,
Truly   tin-   Prospector does not
naiil a  (
:.l   I'r-
1.1,-4. IMrlot.i .
rt.iiili!..,,!., Muir, ll
i.r ,-nii,,„,i, im- ni:
Ni-lMin. At the iini
...In liiiisii ii.mi.
I.   I lull CUIIVUIltUl
Im libera urine
,ii, Inolyoloolol
ovory ilnviinii fine
tin-in in In Inl .-le.-ti
.-111-is .liu >
-Mil's t.,r 434,-14 .llllll
iiii led In .-ii.-l. .nol
i Intel 11
l-i-i boltl ii
ed I., istlltnit
Ui - 1
tl hut
id ilUimtes nlllinu
. mul iiiim-V  a I'l
rti.,il iiuiii.. ill" mil
,11   iii,  .n-ill..- .14
Timber Notice
T k.- Ire lliiil llilrly ilay. alter ilnl ■ I
ii ,. ,| I,, „|,|itv i., the i Itli-I Commissi -
,11 l*. „,i.l Works nl Vleloiliilornl ue
nn.l mi,l i-ini-v iiinil- limber from iln- lol-
If I.I
...I   Ol)
liili'tl tlnll I. Iln' un-
I. mil.ml llilrly 1301 .litis ullci
link- Inlli,.   Assistant .'el is-
I   Ml.I- 4444,1   Walks    lilt    Illl'   Hi.
I ilm .'Iiml  Cunimininiior ..I
i,l Wnrki nf Um   I'rovlnco of
i Im- a Itcoiuui lo pros
I iiotniliiiun tit"", llio
litinls eiiBl of llio I Inilii-uil river tu llio
si.illlii-iisli'l'll   .'..llli'l*  ol   tlm I'll.lilt.'., ef
llrlllah I'l.l.nnl.ia, itcwrtlml as lollow.i
C i,■mini* nl  u  |kis|  nl ll.uaolllll
„,-t   ,„i  nuirkot!  "W.   Mc.lil.ima'
Boiilliwiwt corner|n I." tltuxcuBO clintun
iimlli. Ilii'iii'i'Stl rlinins i.u.1, tlielico80
ilinias-i.iiili. llience SOehnini nesl to
i4.|>4isiui i*niiiiiii-n.-i-inciii. containing um
" Duieil Tib tiny ef Mnv, Itiftl.
11 \V. Mt-AHAMS, Lnnllor. _
Nnli.v is lii'ieliv tjlvon lhat I, the un*
ilorslgneil, Inland Ililrty (SO) days altei
.Inn. niiinplf tn tin. Assistant I'nuiaiis
sinner nl hlUllla llllll   Wurks for llif His
trict ami tin- t'l.ii-f Commisalonor ol
l.iuiils uml Wnrks of lite Province of
llriiisli Coliunbin I'm* u license to proB-
,41.4*1 Inr fuiil mul petroleum upon .he
Inmls ensl of lhe l-'lnlhi'iiil river hi tin-
Houtltciistern cornor of llio Provinco of
liriiish L'liliimhlii, described ns tollowai
Coiuntoiicliig nt n post ut the north-
nasi cornor innrkoil ".I, Btewnrt'n north.
eitat corner post," thonco 80 chains eolith,
, I ..-in-.- su clitillis west, thenco so oltultiB
uorlli, llience 80 chiiln*. eust to poat ot
 nan eilien'i    ntnl    eiililtiiiiine  1140
' llilletl ith ilny ot Mnv, A. P. 1H03.
II J. STEWART, Locator.
.sl   Iin
lh* Una.ill nl
llllll   ll'.llllll iiui .-
ll-lili-h ilel-isile, li
loral nlitrlo ..->-
tttnniRlioul ino is
tiiitoil .till lilili
nil lh"
Hit.    All Oil Itl.u.llul
i-i.   . n :' C li-i.-l  :il
All II
an lli'-
i.l it
in., i nu-,* nmi unto i
hi s-iv.-rii) ul otnrluli
by tin- innnmi-i nf h
liiiilili-hll li.i.tiiui
luryuribel'ruvlu ti
A im'ellnii.rtll" |.i
I I ill Villi lei IV
iur liiiliiitiK i l«lrlet it
Ilieil liollxcil.
N.-l-.ul. .Imi" sill. ■ 'i
When in need ol any
IhiiiK in Ihc line of
Up-to-I)atc Job Print
ing remember that Ihc
Herald Office is Ihc
place to get il. Onr
work is lirBlclass and
prices reasonable.
Headquarters for Clothing for
Prices Were Never So Low
Land Notice
NoilrelnliProgivmi Unit nlxly ilnjn ii[|.-i'
iiiiii* I illti'inl hi ti.i|il.r tn  llii> . Iiii'f 1'i.miniH*
HiillllT Of l.lllllH llllll -.Villi,*, fm*   |if-niii**ntmi   In
ilinmk   iiiiiii  for repro-' puri'liiwo Um rnlluwliig il.-i-.-til.iil Imiitd in
A   guilty   conscience 187;:^^1|^™;*n',1 ,„„,„,,.,,.„,„.
fears i-elaliatii.n.     However, apart  rlBoti'd  itorlltenBl eomer" i>h I nl ilu.
earner of I'.  I I'« mirehnfe nl
 -1. Ill e wesl Ml,  cliuins,  M	
mailer, it iscertlltll that a fair gov- ' aonlli ;0cltnlna In Ilm lintllitvosl t'oriier ol
.•in uiul Vieluria  will intt long'I*"'ix.w '_-. K..n yillsiriei, ,	
...,,,, ensl 811 ihniiis   llmnn, rlli Kll rltiiliin l„
lul.-r.'ile   lhe   high haiul.-il   manlier  u„.,, (lie-jlnnlnii I.iiIiiIiikIIIU tteira
in u-liich Kort Steele rules the riMisttu...  I.'H-
, .      ,.   . I     lh I ll..*-!". ll, illl) .11
in lhe, distl-iet,
fr any  personal feeling  iu the  ["""
1 T'
ue I'.111*1
II   11   ll
I lol I-'I   llielieei-nsl 111 ebnll.a lo ll.e
„,1    ,.„ r   ,.l   W    I'lirlill's    lllllliil'
..ll infill lil chillis,  llieui'0 .-list
,|„.. III..,,,-,, south  I .built"   I" Hie
Illiei.fsnhl Inl l'J.1, Ibi'lireivesl n'oll*.
nnli ill [lot   I'M, elahtv el nlns 1.4
, i llii.tjlinilng, eiinlnlnliiKlllO neies
dlid, 1-0, i.i J„.i,. low.
Timber Notice.
I,.,, ihnl llilrly ilny. ni
-., 14   Iii  lhe lllli-l I'..I
,1    1,4    ||..sl„|.»|,l,*i-,ll|-,|.
iiiiiiy tilllber ft..'it Iiii
I   1    Il4-Ji.
I- less,
Land Notice
In Ilm e'.ii'l llllll
sl.ir iieilu'oslt:
dm -lllllll    I
14,111 "'I ".loll
•I"    ll I'
.'iteroll.nl 111.-
snld   hot   ills,   llii-in-e s
I   Iiinil i.i .ml  I.44I  MS
1.4    III"
..I   .1. I.   Il.trlllil!" I'll.- h.oe
ill ilnllis In 111" |ili t bi'siit
nu inn nens moron, hss.
41!...,1.1  lOi'll.
.lulu, Aliihisnn.
Land Notice
ereby slri-li Uml sisly tluv,
,,-,-i„| In n|i|ily In lh- .liiu
, | I,,,,,Is iiii.I iiml.- lot' I"."
vhn-elhe tiillntlnit ilwenla-d
I I-i ml Kiin'i'lin- :
. ni ii ,,,,hI linirkeil -A.
lli I ut Hi"
SII  ihniiis  00.1,   theme  HI,   ehtiin.  south
su .-liuius 4-itst. thence801 thenc.80"latins m-.. .„ na.tati-omn..un
llience sn chains west to ment, ami ciitit-ululng 010 mn..
lint,,I Till Mnv. ll,,,-'..
II A .1. 1IAIIKS. I.oe lor.
riSnlii-,. i.  huvliv  itivrl,   Hint   1,0 iilet
■III I inli-ml llmly  tlllll .bus  till, r ,lute tt4
n|.|.ly   In  the  AbbIhIuiiI   I ,,niiui..i,.m<r   nl
Noli,c is hereby alvon Hull I. Die un- unhand ll'orla tor .he It.stri.i and lha
loraiuueil, lnUi.nl lliirty 180) tluysullt.r I'hlotC t-e|.,..or ,d lutnila IWcrkaul
Inn* in npply lu tliu Assistant CouuniH. tin. Pi-aviueeul llrlllalil'uluinhln tor. Ileo-u.
f Lamia uiul w,nks Iter the IH. Ho nni,|ieel toru.nl nnil ,»., ..,,,,,, ,,
i |io
trlOtllllll    H.<-   Clllol   .'..luniissi I    ut i.nmli
hiitiils iiiiiI   Wolks of tit..   I'miin,,. ol  ,.„_,,
Iiiiiish .-i.liuuliiit (ur n 1 no to pros-1| |,
peel lor 4-4.nl nml itotrnloum in  tlu.
I1u11l.en.l0l Hu* I'liiilu-ii.l 1.14-t in Hi,-
loiillieaaloru corner nl ibe I'rovl .1
llrlllah Columbia, .loacrllml us tullnwa
.'iiniliii-lu-ilie ut  it   |toal  ill tin-sniiili
west corner marked "S,  ■-. leu lei's
sniitliivi'si cornerlKnit,"ll .oHOel.nlna
nortir, thonco 80 iilinlna nasi, thonce 8U
.-liitius suiiili, il co su t-hiiliia wusl Ui
|,usl 1,1   i-otinin-lli'iiliii-ut, uml i-untuiliilit*
|.iii.*.i uh Mm*. 100:1,
II S. S. I-IIWI.KK, l.ni-ntnr.
i< inI    I'm..I.,
- I II. liillltWS
illini'li'iii-i ill 11   |„isl    nl
er nun I" I'l   M   ..mil.
I, 11 >> sn
11,1 "nlllllllllliu IHO lines.
Haled Dud Mm, llllll
II T. M.lVAIlli. I
ol llr.llsl. I..
.11111I1. thin...
Why you should buy
Because ll is .be Lest quality
Because it i- tin m<«i tMiinii chew
Because li li th. b.ieest inRb K,.,i.
1.. 01 1,,.* , Inn
Because th. tag, in v.in'ii.'o f..r
pteiiiiniiis until Jaa. I, IfM
Because •• yuaranl.; .very plug
Because min jwiw hautitmUi-ijio
Noiii-e is horolty Klven tlmt I, tin- un-
ilerBignetl, Intentl ililrty (80) ilnys tiller
date to apply lo the Assistant Cuminis*
siottt-r 4if l.uuils nnil Works for the District nml iht- Chief Commissioner ,i(
Lusts mul Works of tin- Province of
llritisli Columhin fur tt iiconso to pros-
pee. {411- coal uml petroleum iipea  .he
lllllllS'OUBt of the   I'litlliea.l   liver ia tin-   „
soillli.'iisti-ril comer ol Ibe   I'rovlliceof   lh.-neeSII.lii.liis eusl t.
liriiish Columbia, tieBcribe.1 us follows:
Conunoneing at a post at the north-
on-, t corner murke-l "1-, Criiitlle's north-
eiiBt corner pnst,'1 .hi'iice HU ,*liuins
smith, thenee 80 ohnlns west, thonce 80
I'ltnins iini'th, thenee su chains east to
post of i-iiiiuiii-iii'i-iiii'iit, nml containing
imi acres,
Dated 4th Mnv, 11)03,
11 V. citilHii.K, Locator.
Nuliee is lietel.v givoil  llllll I, the un-
.U-r-sjsr I, iiilt.u.l   tli'itlv llllll lliiya nfler
iliitn iniipiilv tn ilui Assistant Coinints-
sloaorol Luiltls mill Wnrks for the Pis-
liiel  iiiul  the   Chief   ('iilllinissiiiat-r of
Liimls 1 IWorks of tho  I'rovlnco of
llriiisli Columliiii (or 11 Iiconso to pros*
peek for colli nml petroleum 111*011 the
luiiils eust of llio Flnthoiul rivor in lhe
southeastern comer uf the Provinco of
llrlilsh Cohmihin, described us follows:
I'otiitiii'tii'iii*.' nt n post 111 ihc north-
west corner niiirkcil ".I. I.. Hotnllitck's
iiortlnvesl cornor post," thonce 80chains
Bo.ilh, thenco SO chains oast, thonce 80
el|ililis linilh, thi-tire so ihniiis west to
tinstof .'oiuiiiiiui'iiiiioiil, ipill liulHilillilin
Hnii.,17th tiny of Muv, A. 11. IMS,
11        .1. I.. IlKTAI.'l.ll'K, Locator.
Nolleu is horolty given lhat I, the tut-
ilureigncd, hitenif thirty CIO) days niter
ilnlo 1.. apply u. ih.- Assistant Cominls-
sii.n.-i-.ii I'llllds, uml Works fnr th-- IMs-
Irict uml Uu- Chief Commissioner of
Lands ami Works of lhe Province ol
llritisli Coliunbin hn- a license to pros-
peel (nr i-eal uml petroleum u|."i. the
kinds .-ast of Ua' Flathead river in Hie
smiilm-istc-tii collier of Hu. Provinpeol
llrlilsh t'nliuiiliill, iliisill-llmil   US follows]
Commencing al a post at tlie northwest corner marked "W. 0, ltiinihutti's
noriliwesl cornpr post," the|ico8QeliaiuB
soulh, tlniai-c 80chains cast, tln'iu'i. «u
tthnllis uurlli,  lln.lli'i' 80 ehililis west Iii
ptlBtof eiiltuui'lii'i'lllt'llt, unit   OOllttlitlillg
UIU iieri'S,
lititod-Uh day ot May. A. I>. 1003,
11        W. II, BUHNllAM, Locntor.
I \v.
..1 so, in.
1  „l l.„l   ills K,-..u|i one
; 11,4.,1,-,1 sunlit so "llii ns
11, ie. then Hi so li
nln*!,eoiilii'iilnglllll aerei
■ inori
A. 11,.
Land Notice
iee is  hereby -ilvon  llul   sisly .lays
1  I ivlll opiiiy 1..Um "!.i"l eominlB.
<ol Inn 'H aid .1* irks for perniissi. 11 In
inn ihi* [4,II,mini, deneribe*] ItllldB in
, llnsi Koot.mt):
nneniltigul n 1 nsi ninrkeil .lolin Hill's
..,.1 rumor itlnnlod nl K, rniii|ibell'a
ii.-sl - r, I ntie lull,- 'Hi nl Hie
ensl .iiui"! .,1  l.ni  His. biiiiii	
iiivilisliiil. ill * Hi SU ell Ins.
st Slli'lm
Timber Notice
'Ihi Ir iltvs tillnr day 1 Iiiloml tn npply In
1 li. I-.;.-...- ii..i -nl l.iml. nml Works
linns nil li.'i'tis, lu eltl  met curry  ntiny
limber huiil lltelnlloiving ilt-si-rlbcil Inn » in
Siiulh Mnsl k'.nli'iiii.i:
Inn Iii-in-cill II pusl lilnnlod oil lhe lle.-l
Bhle ol the e'run-s .Vesl I'uss rulltvny ri-jbl ->f
mil- opposllo ttlllengn 2711 llbolll tun inil.-s
H".-l ni lluek 4 reek iu Runt ICiloti unv. Ill nee
tvesl  sn iliiiiiis. ibinoti snutli sn  cliulns.
II ceenit soi'hnins. thi-tiiennfilisni'liiiiiis
In ihe pirn" iif beginning, eonliillilllg UIU
in ivs min  hss.
li,1 ,1 1.1 fin ibrook, Sollt, ot.Ilino IIIIKI.
I.-.                            liniil . Lnul, i.v
Timber Notice.
,\-,,-i,-„ is li. .*. I,.v   given  Hint  llilrly ilnys
nfler .hi'" 1  11,1-ml   I,, n|.|tlv  lo tin. I'ltiel
1' Iisoiier 1,1 Inn. 1   nods Inr 111
mlsiiiin liunl nml "nii'i- iiiiii.v Hinber Itn n
Ilie lol'invlllir described lumis:
ri4iinii. i.eiii-r nl  ii  |i4i,l  ii'iiitleil tii-nr tin
N.i Hi fins! enrner nl Inl  1 111! 1 llonoo n, Hi  1 I
elltlilis, Hi, iiiiilh ISO ilmi s, thenic insl
III "liiilns, iluni' mh lim "Imi In
|,'...,■ nt inln in.-i ueul,
.1    IV    tint,	
Notico y lioroby given that I, tlio nn*
ileroigiieil, intoml thirty (30) ilnys nftor
ilttlc tu upply to ilu- Assistant Commia-
sionerof Lumis tuul Works for tho I >ih-
irii't and tlio t'liii;f Conmitasloner uf
Lam In tuul Wmks nf tin* Province of
Uritish Cohnnbitt for :i Itcoitse to pros-
in'i'l for t'tiiil ami petroleum upon thu
liiiuls oust of iln- l*'liitlii'iiil river in the
sont|ietiBtprn forppr of t\)o I'ruvim'e uf
llritisli I'l'luuibiti, ilesor(lioil um fulluws:
OotitmonoliiB ui u ptict nt thesuntli*
wiflt corner murkofl ''.I, trod Hume's
soullteiist cornor pnst," tlieneo su clmins
north, tlieneo so ehuins west, tlioneo 80
uliiilnn snutli, thonco SU clinlnB cumt Up
postof t'uiiinu'iiiviiit'iit, iiml conttt illi tig
um..,17tii liuvuf Muv, mo:t.
U .1. I'-'UKH IIUMK,Locator.
Notice is lieroby given that 1, the uu-
ikirsigiieil, lutonii thirty (HO) ilnys after
.Iuh'iu upply to tln> Assistant Commis
aioner of l.uii.ls ami Works for the JMh-
tiit-i ami ihe Chief Commissioner ,of
l.umls uml Works of the Province of
llriiisli Columbitt for a license to pros-
.ii'i't foiroal  ami   petroleum   UPPII  tliu
liuiils PPt of the Klatlieiul rlvor in the
siiiiilieusieni niuier of the Province of
llrlilsh Columbia, iloscdlwil uw fullowHi
Comiuont'ing at   ii   pont ut the smith-
west cornor miukotl "Pretlerlok Klliott's
Boutlnvest cornor post," thoncejHOchains
north, thonco 80 chains oast, thonce su
uhaliis south, thonco 80 chains west t.
postof cotnmenceinoiit, ami containing
U40 acres,
ntited 5lh Muv, 1003. II
KKKDKUICK Kl.l.HtTT, l.ni-ator.
Notico is lioroby glvon that I, the nn-
(loffllgnoil Intend thirty (30) davaafte
liuto to apply to the Assistant Commis*
Bionorof Lands ami Works for tho I Ms*
trirtaml tin1 Chief ConitHlssiotlpr of
l/imls uud Wuilis of the Province of
llrlilsh Columblii for a license to pros-
perl fur eoal aud petroleum iipmi the
lumis east of the Flalheail river in the
Boiithenst cornor of tliu Province of
llritisli Columbitt, ile.ierlbeil as follows;
ComiuPiiolng at a post nt the south*
east corner linirkeil "Wi O, Hose's
southeast ooruor post,'1 thenee sOobuinH
north, thence 80 chains west, thence HO
ebttlns south, thenco so chimin oust to
post of commencement,H mul euutululng
(140 aries,
pitted 7th Mav liitl^.
II \\\ O. IIOSK, Loi'iitor.
Notico is hereby given tlmt 1, the un-
ilcrslgnedj intend thirty (80) ilnys after
littlo toapply to the Assistant Conmiis-
sionerof Lttnda ntitl WorkB for the Pis.
liiel mul the Chief Commissioner of
l.umls mul Works of tbu Provlnee of
liriiish Columbia fur u license to proa-
poet for conl uml petroleum upon tbt
lumis east of the Mntlieiitl river iu thr
poiitbottstorn cornor of tho Provlnroof
I'.iiiish Columbitt, described as follows
Commencing nt n post nt the north
west miner nintketl    lW. C, Moresby's
mulhwest corner posl," theiiee so chains
poiith, thonco80 ebuiiiH east, thenee Kl)
ihains nmlli, thonco SO ehuins west t<
foal of commencement i und containing
l, 0 aeres.
Hul eil '.Hi Mav, 100,1.
II      W. 0. MOKESBY, l-oi-Htor.
NntiiviH li.r.-l.y glvi'll lllltl I. Hn- under
Mi*ih-tt. lulmul thirty (HO) d*\y* utter ilute iu
n|.|.i> ii) t'm AuUtnni I'omtululnM'r ol
l.iui.'xtoul Wi.rU tnr iln- DUtrlvl nml llio
Clllrf CullUUlHtlullfr <>(  I.iiihIh  iih.MVi.ik*. nl
tin- I'l-uvi t.i llrlllali I..liunl.in I..r n li.viiM-
in *ii'iiH|iii't Im riiiil iiml I'l-ituii-iiui upon tin'
i.iiiiih.'.ihi i,i the HiiiIiphiI river In Iln* snutli
i-IMlt'l'll I'lirillT ui tin'   I'l'.tvillil- ut llnlinlt tu*
lilUiliiii.iliw-lilitsliin tull.iuh:
Commenting nt » |m*.i nt  the aouthfoal
i'uriit-1' iimrki-il "Aitruu  II. Ki-IIv'h miiitht'ioil
.uriii-r post," tlii-tii-i-su (Iiiuiih north, Ihenee
mi chnlns  west, theure hu ehulua south,
ist of rumiii. inv-
iti.-til, ami collittllilllg UIU jH'ti-n.
n.i|..l.-|l>i Muv. I'.ltill,
U A.UtUN II, KKI.l.Y.l.oi-iilor.
Notiee is hereby given thnt 1. the undersigned intend thirty (30) days afttu*
date lu Upply tu the Assistant I'liuunis-
sioner of l.amls un.l Works fur tlie Pis-
triet ami the Chief Commissioner of
Lumis and Workn uf the Province of
Uritish Columbtn ior a iiconso to pros.
peel for eoal mul petroleum npoil the
lands oast of the fUthond river in the
southeastern comer of tbe Province of
llritisli Columbltti tleseiibe.l as follows:
Commencing tit a post at the smith-
east enrner marked "11. It. Thomson's
southeast rorner post," thence80 ohnlns
north, thenee SO chili na  west, thenee Sl)
chains south, thence SO ehujtn-: eust to
(Hist of commencement, mul containing
ti4l| aerps,
Dated 4th Mav, 1003,
11       II, ll, THOMSON, l/tei.toi*.
Notice Is hereby given thut I, the nil-
deraigued, intend thirty (30) days after
date to npply to the Assistant Commissioner of Liiiuls mul Wmks for the District ami the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works of the Provinco of
Uritish Columbitt for a license to pros-
petit for conl nnd petroleum npmt the
lands east of the l-'lnthpr-.d river lu the
southeastern CPHipr uf the Province of
llritisb Columbia, described us follows;
Commencing at a post ut the north
eust corner market) "|{. A, Fro! Vous'
northeast corner post," thonce K0 chains
south, tbtmce 80 ehalns west, thence so
chains north, theuce SO chains eust to
post of commencement, uml containing
Pitted 4th dny of Mny, A. D. 1003.
U H. A. FKOI VBUX, l-ocutor.
Notice is hereby given thnt I, the undersigned. Intend thirty (30) days after
date to apply to the Assistant Commissioner of l.umls mul Works for the liis-
trict ami the Chief Commissioner of
LiKids nnil Works ofthe Province of
llritisli Columbia for \\ license to prospect for coul uml petroleum upon the
lands p;*|il oi tlie Flathead river in the
southeastern corner of the Province of
British Coliunbin, dcst'i'tlieil ns follows:
"Commencing itt a post at the southeast corner mnrked 1. N. Daily's southeast comer poat," thence SO chnlns
north, thence SO ehuins west, thence SO
chains south, thenco 80 chains east to
post of commencement, ami containing
1)40 acres.
Dated 2nd Muv, m>3.
11 I.N, DALLY, Locntor.
Till* VMViW. IlltHUtO CO., 1.14,
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give mc a call.
Take notice thai sUtj day* n'ter *1nr«* I in-
tiiiil tu apply t,» Mix  lliinor, th,- Meuleiiant
Governor lu Connctl, under sratlon ? of the
"IUvers and Streams Art, 1800," l* 4:t nmi
17, linlmin uU-UiiirtiiiiiH, lijiiMirs, lug iiiiiif,
miugii, t-ti'., from thf Ih-,I um) Inuikti ol
Meadow etvek. eunt Kootenuy, from iln
source to mouth, nml 10 ninke aiioti other
Improvements as mny w iii*t*iH*n-,r,v for the
Mug ul lug*; to I'oiu-iriii't sorting tiooms
at Ita month; ubfl tocoltect tolls ua the |udgu
1 thueauuty court mnv Hi.
friiiiliiuuk.S VI. Kouteuay. Mav HO, 100H,
H (I.I. KI.VO.
Timber Notice
Take notice that thlrt-y days att*r dutol
intt'iiii tu npply tu thuriiii-t Commissioner ul
l.uiulx uml Works ut Vtcioilii for aptctal
license to out nail carry uwuy limhcr Irom
the following ili'dtrihril lauds to the north-
I'ltnt ut Marysville in Buuth KiiHt Kootenay;
t'tmiiiii.in-njj; ut tie- south wesl corner <u
l.oi •j'i-i.'*, tlroup one, thence wi*»t sn cbalue
tlieuce north 80 elmlns thence east so chains
theuce south su cliuins io place of commencement,
Dated nt MnrysvllhvlnuelHti, 1008.
li1    Marysvillu Lumber Co , I.i J , Locator,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given lhat thirty duys nt-
let-iltilc 1 illti'inl to apply to tho Chlel Com-
mlsslonerot Lnmla mul Works at Vhlortn
for it n|i,-,-iiil lii'i'iim-to cut  uiul vtirry ttWilJ
liinhiT Iiuiii thu foi owing ilisi-riU-il lands lo
Hie tiorilioual o' Murysville, in South Kimt
t'oiiiiiinii'iiigai u prist itliintt*.I ulioiit *_»u
(hulim from the uoriInvest corner of l.o
1)1)411,tiroiip one, tluni orlh 40 iliniui.
tin mi' W1--.1 Itiu i*li ni nn, Ihenee Honth 1
ehuins, thenco enM 1110 chains to plan- ol
eommencetni ut.
Dated nl Maryhvlllo,.lune 5th, 1003,
l-1 B.S, Miiiialian, Una*or.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagn es,  idcis,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice .1 ReBlde.ce, Arat.lroai Ave.
F.rc.M.1,   •   •   •   •  Mt t. II
Allera-Mia   ....   i*3.io>:M
li.taint,    ....    7.MI.I:M
CRA- BKOI1K.    :        :    :      :    E. C
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention
Richard Stewart
Notiee in hereby given tlmt I, tbo tin-
tlenugneil, intentl thirty (IMl) ilnya after
tlnte to npply to the ABslstunt Comtnia*
aioner of Lnmla nntl Works [orUieDlB-
trii'i tuul tlie Chief Commissioner of
iiHiuls nntl Works of the Province of
llritisb Ootumbitt for a liiense to prospect for eoal mul petroleum upon tlie
IuiiiIh pnst of the Ulttlieail rlvor In the
siuitlieustein I'-iiriii'i' of the Provlnee of
Hrltldh Columhin, (loaerlbed uh follows:
Commencing nt a pout at tbe northwest corner market! "II. II. r*nnle'a
northwest enrner |wbI ," thenee Kl) chains
Hotitli, thenee ho chains east, thenco 80
cliulns north, thonco 80 ehalns west to
■tost of commencement, ami containing
(MO ncres.
Dute.Mtb Mav, 1008,
11 11. 11. l.KNXIi:, Locator.
Notice ia hereby glvoti that I, Ibe un-
ilerstgliotl, Intend thirty (80) days after
ilnto toapply to the A'ssii-iuiii Coinmis-
sionerof Ijtntlanml Works for tbe District and tlu1 Chief Commissioner of
l.umls and Works of tbe Province of
British Columbia for a license to proa-
pout for null and petroleum upon tbe
liimls eust of tbe Platlii'ttd liver in Iho
Houlbeastein rorner   of   Ibe province of
Brltiah Columhin, described uh (ollowa:
Commencing at a piwt at the Hontb-
wtmt corner marked "John Klliolt's
soiitbweHtuornor jiost,"thence 80 chains
north, thence HO uhnllis cant, tlieuce HO
ellttlns foiitli, theuce HO ebuiiiH went to
post of commencement, und containing
040 acres.
Hated 2nd Muv, 1003,
11 JOllN ELLIOT, Locntor.
Notice la hereby given Hint I, the under*
uigned, liitiiul thirty (80) day* utter date to
apply to iln. Aralstanf CommlMioner ol
Lands nml Works tnr the Diatrlct and the
Chief Ct.mmlaaloner ot Luudemul Works of
the Province of licit inli t'oluinliiu for u liit'tihi-
to prtiHpi-et Ior eoal ami peliuli-mii upon the
IuiiiIh 1 iiHt ofthe Flutheud tivi r in the hoii! Ii*
I'lt-t-rn corner ot the Province ot Dtltlali Co-
luuih'a, dcBerilieii «n followH:
Couitiii'iii'ingat a |OHt at. the nnrlhetiht,
corner mat kid "Mmitugiu; 8. Davys'north*
cant-corner pret," Hence HO ehuiim south,
thence hu i-ii-mm wi-»i, thence h0 rhalns
north, thence 80 ehalns east loposl of com*
iiii'ini'iui'iit, mul -nnntninlug uin ncns,
Dated 2nd May, 10011.
11        MONTAaOK H IMVY-t, locator.
Land Notice
Noi'i-e in hen-l-.v given that 00 daya after
ilntf 1 iiiti'inl to apply tothe chief coininla
t-iutii-r nl I.uuiIh iiiiiI works tor pernil»s-oti to
purchnHn ilie lolloalng descrltssl laml in
South Ktn-l Knot.in;:
Commeticbig at. n pn*>t planted ni Hi..
BouthHCHtcornerotLnl No.9871, Rroup 1,
thence noitlt 40chains,tlieneo went -in chains
lllfliee   wnilli    til   lhilllll,    IllPUCB eiift   40
uhaliis lo place of heuinuiug, I'ontuiiiing luo
Craahronk, June-tth, unci.
1-J   ThoH. Mayeork.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that lliirty ihiyuiil-
ti-r ihitn I Inleiiil to upply to the Chief Com*
iiiii-moin-ruf Lauds nut] Woiku at Vleloiia
for a sppclul ilcemie to cut uud carry away
timber from i lie following -Jiui-rilM-J lauds,
situate in Suiiili 1')uhi Kootenay:
CommenDhigntapohtplanted nt theNoulli.
eimt corner ol Lot 434 In group one; thein-f
simiii no chains along the went line ol lot
495, group mu'; thence west ho chains,
thonce mirth ho chains to mild lot 494,
thonce etui 80 ilnitw along the south Hue ol
lot -l*JI lo tliu plniH' nt liegiiiiiiiig,
liu'cti uutl,.iinif, iona,
 14 Thoniue Young,
and Builder  >
All work guara.te.-l.   See n fcelore
you build.   II will pay yo..
Cranbrook, 111,
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. 0, Port Steele, B. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate ol Champion college of   II. S
Office aud atore, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Com*
ute.ee, Craubrook, D. C.
UpbolBlerloi aad tlener.l Faralture ReHl-i'l
Will attend lo any work In the dlatrict
Aie.l lor the Bra.do. Marble a.d Ora.lle
Wo.ki.   Torobilooei, lle.dBl.ali etc.
C. Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Hest
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
SHORT  LINE      |
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis,-
Chicago and points east
Tliroiif.il Palace ami Tourist Hlt-eper.
llliilti-l mul Hull i*l Sun.Kin*: Library Car.
Foi Ilitlt-H, l-iilili-i-s una I'-u-.l :l*ir,irtim lint
cull till nr inlil 1-,'SH,
H. T.LANDECK, Agent, ,,
Q. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash. THE  CRANBROOK   HERALD
Summer Clothing
for the Boys
l.iglit and dark grey Btriiwe, tdttm from
s vi-uis to 18 Vftir***, coats skelelun li tit,
Price $.1,011
lllue with while Imti Ilu. -i.i|..*.-.■••'
I...tu s t, 1:1 year.,
Price SI.ihi
IH.4I,.,. Mil,-, uiul.. pique Iiiiii. I.Iiflu
Price $1.35
lllull.lt "111.-. Mil.- uml nl.il.*-mi"-  I-I".'
uiul ,ln, k tiiiiiiiit-.l,
Price $1.75
In .liit,* .1.1. k, ilml. ilrilUuml cunl.ti.-M.
nit Hi* inil.1 tc,    A vitriol) „l >lrl|UM
lo wlK-l Irani
Prices frmn .SOc upward
Our Mammoth I unii-liinc Slock it. Complin*
1 Strawberries I
W "™* We have arranged to procure all our stock from &
W Kootenay Lake district, so that berries will arrive here H
W same day they are picked. It is without exceplion the <$>
w finest fruit that comes lo Cranbrook. The supply may <^
W. be limited so would recommend leaving your order now *,
I        G. T. ROGERS,        1
w **
«*> Fancy and Staple Grocery Store, A
j| Cranbrook, B. C. |£
~W*w% *t ** 99 99 ***9 999W******
The Line-Hardware
The System-Large Stock, Low Prices
The Field==South East KooteHay
The Name==
• • • ♦ • ***•*»• * * •*■»♦■* • ♦ * »-*>*-* -»••*-» *»■-•>-*» *
Cosmopolitan Hotel
Cranbrook, B. C.
Centrally situated.   Every modern convenience.
Bright and well lighted sample rooms,
30 feet long.    .
Sitting and   reading room reserved
exclusively for   commercials and
their friends.
.-, Spacious and newly furnished bedrooms.
H  Best Appointed dining room In the district.
|^j The cuisine .md bar noted for quality and variety.
(let that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
TIlO goods v> ill suit ynu
The cut will suit you
The making Will suit you
The price will suit you
Manufacturer of
Tents, Awnings and Mattresses
Upholstering and (iencral Repairing of l-'itrniliirc
Leave Orders at Sage's Second-Hand Store
i •»-»-*>-»-♦ •■»*>■♦ *»•>>>•■»♦■■> *•* •-»■■*>-■»
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
None Better In the District
Rates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served In any style Iron, 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed lor cleanliness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands
oi liquors and cigars.
Though cur fine Parlor
Furniture has net yet arrived we have some special values in
Hardwood Beds,
Iron Beds,
Chairs and
The Macconnell
Furniture Co.,
Armstrong  Ave.
::::; ......a,
;: .*•*
■ j LONDON, ENG.                          Limited
;; ihis company offers lor sale several parcels »f the cii.iia.-st
; I FARfllNQ, liRA/INIi nnd TIMBER LANDS In Ihe Valley of
were in i|,„ hiui.lt, I'lit  ,,-,,     ■        II the Kouteuay.   ji  Adjacent to RAIL and WATER TRANS-
.-«   lioud Local Markets.   „•*   Easy Terms
Picked Up About the Cily  by Aaking
Questions ol Many l-coplr.
I-'.. II. Simiii viaitml  Lothbridge
litis woek.
II. Darling, of  Wurdner. bix.h1
Sunday in town,
C, F.slmere cnine uver fruui Port
Sli-t-li- Inst Siitunlny.
■T, 1). McBride   ri-liinii-il   from
tin- cuust yesterday.
Fur Sale   First i-liiss mill.  cow.
Apply lu Mrs. 1'. Nevin.       lt
Hurry Nevin was ilt-l'.-att-tl in liis
fitot met* ut Raymond yesterday,
Ii.1. Hill, of Moyio, visil.il his
Itrollii'rs in litis city last Sunilny.
•I. A. (lillis. of Morrissey, was n
Crnnbrook visitor lasl Stnulav.
|)rs. Kinir an.l <ir.* -u nre goiii*'l     I..  I!.   VlU.dev.ir I.-It S bv t.i
;.. li.tvi-.ni.-uf tii.- lurgesl horses I joiu Mrs. Viii.<te(-i>T. who is visiting
in i.ivit iilu-ii their tulilition is nt WeU.skswiu. 'Xliej will visit
.'one. 'la- fairs in nf thai   scctiu.i  I a.fore
Tl.. r- is nothing l-.-tt.-i- than ' """»"'"«• Mrs. Vnii.lwi.rw.is in
Fori Steele Mertiwtilc compnny JVetasknwiu at the time of the big
\l    Fenuiss    1  boh Claiw...
le.ive Siitunlny to ntteml the Bnp- Mrs   *l    I!.   Dowi.es  l.-fi   Inst {{ Par All Particulars and Information Apply to
list convention nl  i 'hill.-w.-i.-k nml Thnmlay for Ronmi, France,where J
i. trip to the coast. she will   ._-.-i   h.-r   two daughters, •
I*-,,*. s„,i, M...,,„„,i ,.-„,v "'"'h;'u';:""■" Bd,1°o1"'.    iiv-«w***,^^^»**.
.....           .       .   '    ' -rwit then- for n iniiiiU-r <>i   vi'iira, ,**
;ir-   m*1Iiiiu Ilitir nwit   luniiil. I* >. ...        ...          ,.            . ...    « ••*•*•**•••••♦♦•••♦♦•♦.♦♦♦
,,_._.                                  i    . ■- Nil' Will -__'i*   tl.'lll    tlli'fi' with    In i* •••••••*•>••>*••♦•♦•*••..•,..
M    li>     lun'    - iviim.-ry   hluU-r -■< .   .   , .. ,, _—___________„
 aT^u, -..■,.,, at:£S,S:ii'i ^%^%^^%w^^^^^^K
I'mitlirtxik   lotlny   (or   Kitchener, I uliuiit three liis.
T. Q. PROCTOR, manager,     1;
NELSON, B. C. jl
,-n- lie nill look lifter --..,...- llsst'
.-ni iiuik..11 his own properties.
Th.-   Cranbrook  Int-ross..   .Inl.
was defeated ai   Fernie  yesterday
1  in n uniue plnye.1 mi u li. I.I covered
Wunlner thnl i-.-si.l.-i,is Hi.-.-.- wear „„| |    Mniiiilinit, .of their
9        A shipment ol GENDRON WHEEL GOODS, Including
.)$■ Express Wagons, Baby Wagons, Go Carts .md  Combination
_*,/. Gj Carts and Baby Carriages.
.jjf        These goods nru tin. Vsi mmmfiietiireil uml the prices are
,jrf i-i-hi.   They nw store.1 in li room biick of the Btor...   We will
Jf In- plensi-il to'show them mul quote prices,
_w our ,\iotto:   Beat Qoods at Lowest Prices.
mostjiiitoes Imr hoals lo proteel U-st pluyers, spmiiu-il mi utikle the
tlutast-lvi'S from the vieious |iesU. tn.M  i,,.,-,,,,, ,,„, „.,,, „„.,,,,,. ,,,
l-'t-.-l Aiii.i.-hi-. Iiiii Hemlil devil, piny, nn.l -Hum.-" McLniu,ituotlier
li-av.-s Siitunlny for n trip to iln* stiir, wns ruled off for 20 llliiuites,
const. Fred has been a u... *. 1 hoy Evuu under sit.-h n limiilicnp tlie
in the office ami isdeservinu; of tlm Cnuibrook l«.vs pul up a I'm.-
vaialit.ii anil u -.'uiul tittle. gntlie anil hist l.y ll Bcratt'h,
Tutu Wellinaii was enuglil inn     The  momliers  of  iln-   Baptist —  : __
Btreet t-nr collision nt Seattle last church  voted  their pastor, Rev.
week   while  roturniiu.  from  the Anvnche.a riicatimi nf tw„ w,-,-ks. *.********.**.**,**,*.******:****,
n tracks ami slightly Injured,      uml   Msn   preseiit..! hint   with  a V A. L. iTcDentiot A. C. Bowness |M
puree ot icy to iibsIbI I  In O MeDERMOT (D. BOWNESS, A
ninkltig n trip to the coast,    The y Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants W
% Beattie, the Druggist.
"That is the best tell iu the town,"
was the remark of n ludy when i-ur-
olmsiiiK n |iai*ki*i of (I. T. li. tea,
Just yuu try it. Procurable at Q.
T. Rogers. '
The Clara Mailu-s comp any in
conceded to be one of the hi-st thai
has played in this pari nf the
country, They will 1»- in Cnuibrook on July li and 7,
Miss Jennie Richards, who hus
been teaching school af Jaffray,
passed throngh Craubrook today
un her way to Nelson wliere she
will take her examinations,
John Hutchison was re-elected
trustee nt tin- school election  held
The Clara Mnthes company will
lie at Wentworth llllll July (Iiiiiii 7.  Inst Saliinhiy.   Mr. Hutchison was
member of the lirsl board and
Fred Small rotlo Bovorul winners
at the Pincher Creek races yesterday.
R, Joyce and wife, of Fernie,
were visiting Cranbrook lasl Saturday.
T. T. Moffatt, of Morrissey,
s|H-nt several days iu town hist
X. Hanson was in town last week
on his way home fruui Morrissey
Harry Pellet loft ihis week for
.in extended trip through the
Creamery butter in 11 ]kiiiiu1
Ihixi-s al 25c per pound nl . i. T.
\V. Gonlou, formerly with
Breekenriilge i*v l.uinl. was iu town
lasl week.
Mrs. .limit's lire.-r left Tuesday
for Victoria to bo absent for alioul
three iiiniitlis.
Ben lluekle. thu Snulh African
veteran, -.pent several days of this
week in town,
Mr. .ind Mrs \Y, Darling re-
turned lasl Tuesday from tlieir
wedding tour.
Ilm ih, bosl Fort Steele Mercantile eonipn:iycreamery butler nl
25 cents per pound,
(' Iiieim .1,,.- Hall fell  from a
box car nl Crows Nest Tuesday
ami broke his arm,
Charles Ruid, ..I' Blairinoro,
s|H-nl a few tlays lasl week with
Craubrook relatives,
N. ('. M.-Kitisiry, uf Marysville,
returned     fruui    the     Kilmniitoii
country un Sunday,
Lost,  nu   the Mission rond, a
ehalelailie   Wlilell.    Finder   plcaSC
return tu this office,
.1. II. I'ull'. the well known In.
Blirauce man was in town several
severnl days this week.
Mr. I'at inure i-iiine down from
Morrissey Saturday to Bpend Sunday with liis sou and daughter,
Mr. Rycknian is adding a
vernntla tu his residence which
greatly improves its iippciiriiucc,
The new telephone lists issued
has held the office ever since.
There are many coffees at vari-
pus pries but nun., contain su
much excellence for lhe money as
-li. T. II. Camp Coffee" at U5c per
[Hiuiid. Suld only by <l. T. Rogers,
A. Leitch ami W. F. Gurd attended iln* meeting of the
Mountain luiml-eriniiu's associa-
li nt. held nl lievi'lsluki- last week.
D. V. Mull ami 11. Bentley were
the Fernie delegates.
Henry Parker received a telegram ihis morning, announcing
the death of Mrs. Lees, of Pincher
Crook, the twin sister ot his wife.
Mr. ami Mrs. Parker left for
Pincher Creek today,
Mrs. Lnunsbury lust a pocket
book contains about Sl hist Monday forenoon while walking fruui
her home lo the post office, The
Under will please return same to
h.-r ur leave it at the postoffice.
Edmonton Bulletin: S. Edward
Bolton, of Toronto, n young member of the legal fraternity, arrived
iu town last night, lb- is very
pleased with the appearance uf
Edmonton and thinks uf locating
in Ihis neighborhood,
Miss Carter left yesterday fur
her home in New Brunswick, l^uitt-
a number of hor lady friends gathered nt the depot to say good bye of Cranbrook
and wish Iter a pleasant journey.
She will be missed iii ii large circle
of friends in Craiilirook.
action is evidence of tl Bteom in ifi ScbllU Deer
Which    the   tvvel-tleil   gclltletllllll is   <>   *£$'$"
held bv the members of his church
The Highest Brands rite Ur-asi -inj SF
uf SCOTCH and ■■-'•■   ltt.rlme.1 <$
llititia, a Slou.   j IK'S"    WHISKIES J.,™"'" $
and their apprecialii I' his  nn-In A complete stock of Cigars, consisting of the *$
tiring   labors   in    behalf   uf the S .'Pharaoh," ••LnHurtuiia," "Irving," -liar- <e>
,     ,     ,,   i . r, ,    ,      la rlster," "Monument," --Hilda" and oiliers. >k
I'huri'h.   Hu leaves next Saturday, IJH Fr
<i\ Mail Orders I'roinptlv Attended to. 1 deplume 17 r*,
Thonilis Roberts, who has I n;X Write fur Prices.     ' CRANHROOK, U. C.
bookkeeper fur the Electric  Light
company fur sume lime, has res
ed tn confined his lime In the
wurk uf the linn nl' Arnold &
Rohurts, Mr, Lacoy succeeds Mr.
Roberts, and thu hitter gentleman
lias resigned his position nt (i. II.
Gilpin's tu devote his time in ih •
interests of the company,
The only suspension bridge in
Ihis part uf lhe country can be
fouud at Morrissey, li is across
lhe Elk al thnt point ami bus just
bi-i'ii completed this week, nml
promises to be a success, ll is 11
foot bridge nnd gives the traveling
public close connection between
tliftO. P. I!, depnt nt the junction
und thu town nl' MorrlBsey,
Tin* ladies uf Christ church will
held a strawberry nnd ice croani
Bocial nn Weduesdny evening July
8th, at 7:ill) o'clock oil the grounds
beside Tutu Gill's. Various other
attractions will be provided, in-
eluding flowers und candy stalls
palmistry. Shooting gallery, am!
Aunt Sally.
Any one desiring tu purchase
furniture ur household effects, ull
practically new, including, um- uf
the highest grade uf Masun A:
Risi-h piano, can do su privately
during tin- next twu weeks at the
residence uf B. A. Carter. Inspection invited un Friday nnil Saturday evenings frum 7 tu 9:80.
N. E.Siddnnsnf Stonewall, Mnn.
n brother in-law-of Georgo Laurie,
litis returned lu Craubrook lu mnke
his   pernimicnt   home,    He   has
opened u Hum* and  f I  store  in
partnership with -Mr. Lnurie, nnd
will devote his linn- tn lhe business.
The Herald is pleased In see men
like Mr. Sidduiis become citizens
Agents for T. Lebel & Co., May an J drain.
• • • • ♦♦ •)
This week strawberries will be the besl md cheapest fm* J J
preserving. We have a big lot coining every ilny, fresh from
th.* vim*. Book your orders for a crate and get the Ivst. All \i
kinds uf berries nml fruit|fur eating and preserving as lhe s.-a-
King riercantile Co.
Not how big the suit is,
but how well it is made!
This is thc question that people are mostly interested in, and is
the magnet that is drawing them to our store, to a live and mod- 1
em tailor shop, it's the store that saves you  money.   It's where *,
you get value for your dollars. •
Crantrook Block                                                 Cranbrook. B. C. •
Willium Lowes for a.number of
years n conductor un this division
left Thursday fur his father's home
in Ontario, accompanied by his
family. Mr, Lowes muy nrmngo
In remain in lhat section as his
father is over SO yenrs nf ago and
lltltlirilllj' quite feeble.
Last Saturday was une of the
besl diiys the Craubrook business
Died, 111 thehnspitul. Wednesday
.Tuiie. 2*1. uf brain fever, after un
illness uf n few days Miss Annie
Suudstruin. The deceased cnino
frum Leduc ll short linn- ago and
wns living with the family ..I' I), jj
McNeil. The father got here just
hefure her death, but tin- po u- girl ,
wasiincuiisiniis. Tlieremnilis were
forwarded tu Leduc Thursday Iur
A. M. McKenzie rot in- 1 Wed-
nesday from Pittsburg where he
Proprietors. js|j
men have had for a long time,   Al- went as delegate from ihe Cro*
though business litis been guud
right alung. yet Saturday was nn
exceptional day. and during the
.•veiling the tuwn was crowded
with people.
The Furl Steelo Mercantile compnny is having its storo front
painted, and a cloth awning put iu
Uie new telephone lists issued ,,, ,.,.l)lm,, .,,„ ,._,. Vl„\m „,„„..
by Roberts A- Arnold area great hm;. u ,ms .,.ml,, „ grent _,,,.
improvement on the former ones. provomo„t ;„ tl„. appearance  uf
Archie Carrie is now living iu the storo.   T. Forrest is the artist
Morrissey. and has several paint
ing contracts in sight at the new
uf the brush who did the painting.
The services in the Methodist
church Inst Sunday were well at-
The ninny friends of Mrs, P,' tended, The sermons of Uev. Mr.
I.unil iu this district will regret tu White ,voro much appreciated,
learn that she is iu very ix-ur and the choir acquitted themselves
health nl present, and fnr the past well. Next Sunday the pastor will
twu weeks has been cnnlitied In Iter preneh ut Hie usual liuurs. Sub-
lunin. jecl fui* evening, "Onr Nation,"
Nest division tu lhe biennial con-
vi'iitiun uf the (I. R. C. The next
session uf the tinier will be held in
Portland, Ore., iu 1905. Mr. McKenzie also visit.il his uld stamping ground in Nova Scotia and snys j IS
that country is now innkiug grent|j|
progress under the influence uf iln
steel industry,
Hotel 3 3
fiuests Comfort a Specialty
flood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Hns arconiniodn*
lions for tbe public unenualled in Cmnbrool**,
Hot and Cold Baths
 Proprietor       J}
41 ....... »®g>* ....... 44 »-44-4V^-*-4V44-.^4V^^44-*.^*
Dropped Another Cent.
Dairy butler tubs, quality guaranteed, at 22c per pound id ll.T.
For Sale.
Disirable   residence   uii    linker
Hill, furnace  und   water  conveniences. Apply tn (i. W. Patmore. 7
Now is the linn- In subscribe,
S2.1HI p.tr year.
gj Markets
1 in all the
'H Principal
M Towns in
ig] British
||j Columbia.
Wholesale ind Retail
| P. Burns & Co
| Meat Merchants
<£  Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
A\      Fish, Game and Poultry.
2 ItlHI
a Wc supply only the best.   Your
trade is solicited.
<mmMMiffi!mMmiMfflMm!®ffi$tiSffl THI   015AMIROOK   HERALD
lins mi equal for richness and purity - Keeps perfectly
am climate.   'I ho bo t f. r all household purposes.
As".-, for VICTOR Brand.
ft'sni-I'duriJ b] ChVlUUNV. CMd.BMd Milk Co.. CharlolMN-wn, C 1*. I.
■      **» 9\
The risk oi lire is greater this time of thc year thin at any other. See that you
are fully protected. We represent good and substantial companies and can offer
you extremely low rates.
■iiiiNi; ■)•>
*■& The foot bridge Is now completed over Elk %
% rlvcrat Norrlssey nnd we are strictly In it *
:i{. again.   Vou can't, keep a rustler down.
is still the "BIO" hotel
Morrissey, B. C,
H. L. STEPHENS, Proprietor.
1 It's Coming!      It's Coming! 1
21 I . ?
•S. .
A BEER that will please all. It
is pure, healthful and delicious to
the tasete.   Manufactured by the
k Crows Nest Brewing Co., |
Morrissey, British Columbia
4 >
1.1- -O-ftV-Sl-M* .
IB-®-®   W--*!)-®-®*!!--®^-)-®-®--1
dl, New Hote', Newly Furnished, Best of Dining
Room Service.     A comfortable place to slop in (lie
il   centet- of the town.
1.0,1).I\     Key City LoJfte
^ JK#T?^   so. vi.  Moots every Mnn-
SFSSF^kCJ   illl) liigllt at llielr hull nil
linker street,   Hojoiirlnn
ul.l I'WhiwscordliiUyltivllcil,
I', I.*   Morris. M. I>, Hilling.
N.  (I, Beo'v,
tliinl "I htiri.il.iy i.r tin
im nth.
VlsIliUBhr.tli ren welcomed,
m a. itKAi.i*, Rec'r.
DR. F. li. KING,
*.i lo 13 ii  tn.
I In 'i |>. tn.
- 10 - p  in.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor lor Ute Imperial flank of Canada
Thc Colonial Investment and Loan Company
Cranbrook, li. C.
We have a stock ot
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
;;»*»»»*»»«4l»»»»»»4Kl 4.4*. 4.1.1.;,
... I
« I
| Eagle Cafe .
t         George I'aquin, Prop. {
i Morrissey Mines, B. C. ,i
The best restaurant in .
South East Kootenay. ,
When   you   visit   the .
town be sure and try it ,
I'lw  N.-ii   Town   i<   (iron inj   Rapidly
ami Look. Well.
Tht   l|,.|„l,l iililur visited the
i,4.u i,,*,iii of Moi-riasey  .Min.-.  tor
i'i,. Ural ii  IiiiiI iv.'i'k. uiul t. .1
:, l.iiBj iiiii.... thnl gives forth i-\.*i-.v
■•mmiac of being n prospermia
town. although "lily II fi'W weeks
,,I.I. Ii Im-, ii lim* oliisa of Bill)-
•iliiniinl l.uildings under wuy, uoint.
ol ih-.in in fiit-t, ii "I ■'•' iiinnlitl
Illiywlli-IV in lh.- district. TIiobii
who linvi. invest.*! in tht' town  lire
L-Ollltllfllt    lit     ilS    flltllll'i   Billl-0    il
1-0818 ti|....i :i Liny roll thnl imisl
nocosanrilly increase in M.liiiii.- for,
8t iinn- in I'liiiii-.   Thi' town i*
nicely siliinli-il mi ii plateau almvi-
Morrissey   ert'i'li   mul   ii1'""1   "llr
mil.- I'r  tin- iniiic, iiiiii  ia ron-
iii-1-i.-.l with iln- nuilli li"1' "I' ""'
ruin liy ii s|itti- llml runs from old
Morrissey junction anil is operated
I.v tlio Conl company. Among tlio
now buildings in iln- Western hotel
wliii'li wns huiil hy Messrs. Under,
l-'unvll mul Iini i 1 of Moyio.
ll la n w.-ll in-rniigod houao, iti-ntly
finished mul nicely furnished, ami
will ilo ii good linainoaa nt nil tinirs
iiiiili'i- its presold management, for
nil ih,-  libera of lh.'  linn  mu
popular with lhe |ii-ii|il'-.
Another h.ili-1 thnl will Iii' opon-
4,1 thia wi-i-k is tho Aloxnndrn,
onoof lli" Inrgoal   in  tho ilistriet.
h npiusii.•..iniiiit".Iini-' position
,,ii il -in']*, ilu- lol by Hi.- wuy
llml :-i I.I for tho lop price, §18,50.
li is tin*..' atorioa high plastered
tlivougliout nml I'tii-iiisli.-il in the
hi-,1 of stylo. I'l"' linn is composed
..I ll. I,. Stephens, who is known
nil ovor llio ilialrict ns 11 liolol hus.
tier, his brother J. E. Stephens,
Mul l-tuck.-ii.lorf iiml.l.ilm Lnwson.
Thnl iiinki-s n strong bunch, mul ii
is bouiul 1-. In- ii winner. Tin*
Imi.-I is is   1.00  I'i'.'l  by   10, throo
siui-i.-s high, will  nililition  ,-tl
ihr roar lfix-10. ll hns in bill
s. n Imlh i-ooin mi i-ii.-li Hoor,
commodious office iiml bur room,
niitl Ims ii dining I'lii.i" tlmt is ■"
l.y ll-2f.-.-t.
llr, Clark ii* pushing his hotel
rapidly I" tin* I'l-iml iiml il will lxi
ono uf ii.-nii-sl in iln- tnwii whon
completed. Tho lii.ti- I In-ill...
liniil by N. Hanson, is iiniloi- way
luil is 1...1 inclosed ns yot,    ll will
hi- II  liiu sll-lli-lllfi' llllll  Will   111'    Hill*
of Uu. Ih-si iii tho ilialriot.
tleoi-go Paquin Iln- well known
enli'i-or is i.v.-r h.-iiil mul hools in
business nnil is ilniiiii well.
John Murphy, onr olil fi'ienil hns
 veil his slui-li nf eluthiiiK ft i
Pi-iiuk mul oponoil up in a ton I until In* run Beuiire suitable cpiurlors.
Jollll (iillis will nil ill Ilu- rlotllini!
buai is thore I will also c-on-
rniii.* his slm*,- ill olil Morrissey.
Chns. 10. Rei.1, ilrnjtglBtof Frank
Altn.. lisiii-il limn mt Wetlnemlay,
.1. I Iillis nnil Iv ('. Wilson havo
>>>-. 1 .->-.-. 1 tin- 1iiiiiIk-i tor their hlook
..it Tllldl sll'ei'l.
Tin-   fiirnlahiilKB fer  the loenl
Iin h of lit.. I'niiii.liiiii  Hunk of
Coniinen-e, whioh will shortly bo
.■slnl.lislieil hero, linvo been ship-
|...l Iiuiii Snitiliin. llritisli Coltllll-
bin. nml mi- ex-tei-litl tn nrrivo in n
low ilnys.
Frank MoCabe, »f Wnnlner.
wns iu town mi Monday. During
his slay hero ho sultl his property
mt Tliinl St. In .luo Ailleu, of the
Auction HiKitn. who will erect a
two story building.
Ilov. 1'nthei* Milieux, of Fornio,
snys it is the intention of the
church authorities to erect a
Riininn Catholic church here next
spring, Ho has started a fund for
that purpose ami will placo the
handsome profit which ho made on
his recent transfer of Morrissey
property, to the credit nf the fund*
Land Notice
Notice ifl licn'hy tfiven tlmt alxtjr iini a
till it iiiiii- I (lit Mill l.iii|.|.|y I.i llio Tin. I I'uiii
tnlwlaucr ot Lands uml Works -«■  Vteturlu,
Iur   |ii-riiiiH|.ii,ii   to   |iiiirlinii.  Iti.'   lul(tiwltl||
ilim-ril.i-il liiml in South Knui Kootvnoy:
t'lillilllt'lliitlH III II  | nil-1   till    Hull Ih-iIhI    rul
iii-r tif K. I'tiili*. |.i,' .'niptii.n Hii'iui- it.iilli
alotlfl   ni'nt   l...iiti.l.it,v   d|   1,1.,,-k   -I.VH), Til
obnlni mora or Iras tunmili bitunilar> ul lol
t.'ti, iini Hi<it nlong mh.I I  in .i.tiiii--
mon- or It-i-H in Tin» Young's |tro emptlon
id,-ni-oh.mill TOil..mi-, io li. l-'ii.tlrH i.nrlli
limit, Iiiiii.'.' HUri IB ilniiiiH In i.l.i.'.- ..I In-Kin
lnul- roiitnliilnu 8UQ nvttt ntoraor i. m,
IJiiliHlOih iloyutUay, I WW.
Mill Si-jitt-.l, lit ANK  IH-y.AI.I,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
g  Fur iip'totlnto |>coplo im what tl»' ♦
I       PREST PHOTO CO.       f
J_  will givt. yon,   IVi< iiiuki' tin' vory
*g latest in t'lirlHint. tuul l-lutiiiiiiii*.
« »
| Fruit - Vegetables |
I havo it lino iiasorlliieiil
always on huiul. Now [io-
Initios, green pons, beans,
oio.    Fine  fresh   fruit,
* A l-'inc Line of Glassware j
| MR5. LACIiY \
| Armstrong Avonno
Livery 3
Prcprielors & .< J*
Teama ami tlrtvcrfl furnUlicil for any
I' .im in tin- ilialrict,
Al-.>l.l|'i*<*    t*   t*    ^t
rroin tin* Mnvlp l.eiuli'r
Mrs. (Dr.) Higglnsof Fernie ia
i-iaiting with hor sister Mr. P. J.
Miss Cameron nml Mrs. Ilownnl
were visiting with friends in C'riiu-
brook tliiring tho woek.
O. J. Johnson left Tuesday for
Perry Crook, where ho will spend
iln* next two months, doing nssess*
ment work mi liis t-lniniB.
Miss Wallace of Lethbridge nml
Mrs. Mill mul sou Wilbur of Crnn-
brook were visiting Mr. ami Mrs.
lid. Hill this week.
Miss Ethel Bennett ami Mi»s
Woods were down from Marysville
mi a visit Ihis week. A dance was
given al tin- Kootenay hotel in
thoir honor Tuesday evening.
Harriage     1
Yes. and the CITY  BAR". I
^ KhY is tho plaoo lo got a nice 1
wedding cake and ornaments -J
I in the latest stylo.   Why semi 0
I your onler out of town and s
* perhaps linvo the iceing lm.k- ^
i by shipping,   1':'
•5 Haiiae SI Opposite ,M. K. Churirt
\      C. W. WILSON,
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Tin- Canadian Pacific Ruihvoy company control tt large area of the
choicest funning mid runcliinu' liimls in the Elk, Kootenay, Columbia
mul Slocan valleyB in tin- Kootenay district ami in tin- Kettle river uml
()kanagon valleys in tin- Boundary district. A large majority uf these
lands are readily accessible by railway.
Tho aggregate nun.tint of principal iiml intorosl. oxivpl iu tho i-nso
t.f Inmls under 92.50 |h-i- aon-. is divided into l.-u instaluieiitH as shown
by the Inblo Ih-Ihw; Iln* Ilrsl In lie paid nl Ilu* linn- nl' piiri-hnsi-. Iln- si-o-
ouil one year from ihite of purchnaii, the thin) two yenm. nntl so uu.
The following lalilo sIu.uk the amount uf tlio annual hiatal its mi
Uiu ni-ii-s al ilill'i-iviii pricea uuiler the nliovo conditional
Hiiiiii-..it lino por ue. 1st liistiiliiienl 1$ Btl.tll, II iH|iinl hiBtal'lB of | B0.00
lll0ac.nl  :UHi|M-i-ii4-. ut iiiKiiiltnont    71.110,1)eipuil Instal'taof    110,00
lliilai-. af  :i.."iii|«-i-ii.- Isl liistiiliiienl    HII.IKI,tlii|«m1 iiislal'tBof    70.00
Hill no. al   I.IMI i»-i-.,4-. Isl institl m     U5.MA. I) wpuil inslnl'lsnf     mi.lKI
llWno.nl   l.fiOpcriic. I si instill nl   107.H5, II otpial Instal'ts ot    110.00
IIUI ll.-. nl   "i..KI|H.i*ao. Isl iuslnl nt    I ill.Hfl, '.I npiiil instnl'ls nf    100.01)
Lltliils till.lol* >?L'.."*II |H'|- nolo llio si il.i nil shnrli-r tilll.'.
It' laml is j ui ill [or in full at tlu* time of purchase, a reduction from
the price will be nllowixl injunl tn ten ix»r cent on the amount paid in
excess of thu usual rush Instalment, futoresl ai bIx jior cent will Imj
ulmrgwl mi overdue iitstolmeuts,
The coinpany is nlso Interested iu the following townsitesi   Elko,
Crauhrook, Kimlxirly, Aldridgo, ICitcheuer, i'r,sl  Proctor, N.-lsini.
llon-niil. I.i'iiuiiii.iii. Cnstlegnr, CnBcndo I'ity. tlninil l-'urks. Eholt,
Qreeuwood, Midway. Nakusp. Arrowhead, Uovelstoke, Donald and
Kuiulnups. Tortus nf pnyinonl are one-third cash anil tin- balance in
six nml twelve inontlis, wiih Interest.
Eur further parliciditrs apply l" flu* following local agentsi
W. M. Frost, llatownv, Muutnuu      .1. A. M.-l 'alliiiu. (Iraml Eurks.H.l'.
It. R, Brace, Wilmer, ll. C, ti. A. Reudell, Eholt, 11. C,
V. Hyde Hukor, Orniibrook, B. C,    A. Perguson, Greenwooil, ll. 0,
.1. T, Burgess, Kitchener, B. O,      J, D, Sihbnld, RovelBtoke, It. 0,
E. Mnllntnlniiii'. Jr., t'roslun, 11. C, Thomas Alirinl, Nakusp. 11. C,
ll. K. Siookor, Cascade, li. C, E. .1. Pulton, Kamloops, B. C.
E. C, Elliot, Trout Lake City, B.C,
Or to ALEX. TAYLOR, District Land Agent at Nelson, B. C.
Or J. S. DENNIS, Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
Inn, n big Block on hand, Dr. Bliiis-
iIkII a ilrugatoro. I!, W, Rogers a
l.nli hor simp. A, Liplmrl n jew-
dory stove. .1. ('. Pntinore nnd
Mr. Ilniis linve hardware Btoros.
Other pli s aro propiiriugtooiiou.
Th.- Despatch is published on the
ui- I nml is a g I  paper,   The
I i-oplo of MorriBsey Minos have
reason I., feel llml their luwu is n
pi't-niniioiil .mo with everyprospoel
of growth,
Wcil.li.iK Hells ill Kinibtrli-y.
A very prelly wedding took place
nt Kiinlierley, Woilnesilay, Juin
:'l. The conti'iii'liug partioB won
Mi*. Ileci-hoi- Edwnril Taylor ol
Kelson and Miss Eianoos Lorelta
Dudley of  ICimhorley,  Rov. S. .1.
Thoinps IHcinlliig.    Mr,  End
Mitchell of Marysville wns host
mail ami Miss Grace Dudley wns
bridesmliid. The bride wns bo-
cotniiigly attired in a hiindsoini
travolling suit. After tho wedding
lhe party Ba! down f» nn eloganl
lunchooii after whioh they drove to
(Viinlirniik. The happy couple will
live in Nelson. The " Herald ox-
tunds coiigrntulniioiiB.
Close of School.
1.,-isi Friday was the closing day
of lhe soliniil year and it was duly
ulis.*nui by appropriate exercises
llml were largely nlteniled by the
Indies, vety few gentleman being
present, Tho yeai- has been a stie-
ci'ssl'til iiiio. tho |ni| il i us n t'.ilo.
Iinving   iiiiido   I'liininoiiilnlili'  pri -
l-nnii tin, I'lii.i lor.
Frank McCain*, a "coal baron"
from Wardner, was iu town Thursday,
linn-isler Thompson, Crnnbrook
wns al Steele Thursday on legal
A, I!. Fotiwick has purchased
the liiitnu residence on Rooky
Mountain avenue,
Report has it that operations
lire to bo resinned on the Tiger
I'oni imui group of mines, situated
.ut flu- divide between the north
fork of Wild llui-se and Sheep
Mi Pay Roll..
The lasl pay day of the Crows
N'ost. I'ass Coal company was a
record breaker, mid gives an indication of what is coining when the
coal arena of South East Kootenny
are fully developed. The total
paid cut in each town ns follows:
Michel S 411,16(1.60
Coul Crook    -I2,«50.80
Morriasey    2H.IW7.1H)
Conservative Mccllng.
The conservatives of Orniibrook
hold a meeting last Monday night
nl Wentworth ball to discuss
questions of interest to the party.
Another meeting will bo held Fridny night forthopurpoBoof arranging fur a convention dateand iu all
probability representatives from
other associations will be present
lu lake part in the deliberations.
Bartenders Want More Money.
Feinio Free Press,—The bartenders uiiion is making a demand
lor n uniform rate $70 por month
nml Instil, This will mean an increase of from tentotwentydollars.
The now rate is supposed to take
effect mi .Tuly ICth but it is reported that the I ot I managers will
have somothin {to say alKiut the
I liliBcribn f.ir the Herald, it wil
ki op you [mated on the district,
Jp»4.4...>. ....... ..........(j
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jobbing....
Outside Orders Prontptli
Attended la.
)• . . . . . . . . . . * • • 4,4,. .......
Proprietor of tno
Candy Kitchen
Carrie, ii rniiiiii.t*. siu.-k of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Olv. us a call
I John Ellenberg, |
J Pioneer in the business and +
5 his work always ranks with ♦
* the best. Call and see him. %
J Repairing boots oi all dcscrlp- J
« Hops, from a cork sole to a »
* lady's finest slipper.
************************* i»
Mill Machinery
B. Tompkins, Manager.
The Lending Hotel of the Kootenays. (loud Sample Rooms
Special Rates lo Commercial Men,
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock lo*r
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
* F.i .1 *\9T»i4>T*TvTv T.T.T.T.T.T.T.T. I .I.T* i .I.T.! ♦!♦
Everything is Dry. 5®
Look out for *S
I® Hot Weather is here
Better Insure Today
Phone 20, Cranbrook, B. C.
TAJ-ftJ 4J Al Al Al ♦
A -
I * I .1 <?> I A I.» I * ' .1  I i I  . I -i I  •  I  •  I  • I -  I -  I  4- I -. I -.    ♦
>) I ffl I (•) I IS 191:«1331'- "•' iw 191 Ifi 19191911« 19 lw 191
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kind. Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.


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