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Cranbrook Herald Jan 2, 1902

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Array It1*
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. CIko. A. Cox, President. II. K. Wai.kkr. Gen. Man-
Paid Up   Capital  , SH.IHHI.tHKI.Otl
Rest  2.1KHI.UOO.0U
Total ttesuuru-s      tS,0M,N0.M
A General BnnkiiiK Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The liank of Scotland.
Friends and
We thank you most heartily for the
support you have given us in the year
just passed.
Our business was more in the past
year than we expected, we trust that it
will be as good in the future. We will
try to merit it by serving you as we
have in the past. Thanking you again
we remain,
Yours Very Truly,
Fort Steele Mercantile Co, Ltd
J. P. FINK, Manager.
New Year       New Goods
Fresh, best quality Canned Vegetables,
Fruits and Meats. Car unloaded this
week.   We guaranty the quality.
Ogllvie's Best on Earth Flour and
Rolled Oats. Apples $2.25, $2.50 and
$2.75 per bbl.    All good winter stock.
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
It Is |encral|y conceded thai llilpia haadles
1. Furniture, Carpets, House Furnishings, etc.
2. Dry Goods, Clothing. Hats, Shoes, etc.
3. Groceries, Flour, Feed, Crockery, etc.
•1.   Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Explosives, Fuse, Caps.
5,   Wall Paper, Paints, Oils. etc.
Not n smattering of each, bul good, heavy, complete Blocks in nil
lines, tn several lines the largest in the district. Gilpin's trade ei-
penses nre as low as any othei Btore selling one of above lines only,
consequently we cau Hell goods
any one Hue store nmsl have lo live.   Vooi best interests demand th«.
yon trade ut
Pioneer Hardware Store. 0
 — Q
A Complete Stock O
Of General Hardware q
Always nn hand.   Can lit you out with Q
Harness,  Robes  and  Cutters, i
Cull and inspect my stock. O
Hill & Co.The Bi* SH
Prom the Marysvllle Tribune
A. W. McVittie returned Thursday
and is completing bis work of surveying
the townsite.
diaries Early bus abou floo,OM brick
In llie kilns, and will keep on   until   be
reaches the million mam.
Mrs. H- D. McMlllen Is now a reside).t of Marysvllle, having joined her
husband here this week.
Albert Cordon, clerk In Uoadmaster
Krtckson's ifflce, was In lown Thursday
paying oD tne men at work on tbe spur.
T. Kennedy, one of the leading merchants of Cranbrook visited Marysvllle
Thursday and invested In a lot. Mr.
Kennedy thinks Marysvllle has a bright
There will be money made in this
town next year, and people who fall to
get In on the ground floor will realize
wber. It Is too late, wbat a mistake tbey
have made.
Murphy & Sawyer have nearly completed tbelr contract for two million
feet of logs for tbe Finch & Jones saw
mill company. Tbe men have made
good time having taken only slaty days
to get out these logs.
The telephone line between Marysville and Cranbrook Is Unlshed and It
works well. The terminal at this end
Is located at the Itiyal hotel. At the
other In the Cranbrook hotel. The telephone connection is a great convenience
to the people of both places, and Is
Tbe Moyie Leader has gotton out its
office blunderbuss and Is after the Fort
Steele Prospector and Fernie Free
Press for their opposition to J. C.
Drewry as a candidate for the local
bouse. Drewry Is tot a bad fellow,
but just at this time it looks as if Ed.
Smith, the present member, suited the
people pretty well.
The frame for the sulphide house <b
now going up. This building will be
ill) feet high and Is located just east and
north of the roasting sheds. Work on
tbe other buildings is progressing
rapidly, and all of the structures are
now assuming shape. The ottice building Is nearlv enclosed, and Is going to
be an handsome addition tu the company's grounds. K.ch week now makes
a vast difference In the appearance of
tbe place, and people who were familiar
with the conditions two weeks ago,
would be strangers now.
Naturally the people In Marysvllle
are greatly pleased with tbe condition
of affairs, They see in these great
structures rising up with such careful
prtdslon the basis of prosperity for
Marysvllle and this part of the district
and they know tbat with the smelter
building, a new railroad under construction np tbe St Marys Valley, the
North Star anil Sullivan properties
running, and hundreds ot men develop-
Ing properties In the territory tributary to this town. Marysvllle will be a
good place to tie to next summer and
for the future.
The lioyal hotel is now open to the
public and a very good botel It is. The
room are large and .my and nicely
furnished. The dining room Is one of
the best In the district and the cooking
is excellent. The dining room Is In
charge of Mr. and Mrs. K M howler,
late of Moyle, at which place they
made an envlaWe reputation as caterer, lltighte McMillen the genial proprietor Is to well known In the district
to need Introduction. He Is the same old
Swede as he was In Cranbrook. The
Royal will always be one of the leading
hotels of the Sl, Marys Valley.
Word was received yesterday by
telegraph from Spokane by Foreman Mclifn/ie to push tbe work ol
getting out (he timbers (or the trestle
ol the smelter site spurs. No time will
be lost In getting the track ready so
lliat supplies may be brought right up
to tlie many tmlldlngs now under con-
stinctlon Several cars of cement and
tire liiit-u have reached cranbrook and
will be brought up to Marysvllle as soon
as they can be handled. The gravel is
being placed on the ground for the concrete foundations, and the trenches for
ilu* heavy foundations have all been
excavated, ami this branch of the work
will he ender headway in a few days.
Smellers and Railroads Will Ease (be
C P. Hill Sells More oi the Kitchener   Iron   Properties*;   to
Eastern Parties.
Wc wish the people of Cranbrook and South
East Kootenay a Happy new year. Our Mr.
W. D. Hill is now in the eastern markets and
will make extensive purchases for the Big
Store. IiUjhe mean time come in and see our
bargains h* Dry Goods and Clothing.
[ i
Man it--l on Wednesday, Jan. I, at 6:30
a. tn., at the residence of Mr. lieorge
Jackson, Mr. Samuel Morrow anil Miss
Ida Jackson of Cranbrook, Rev. Fortune
The happy couple left on the early
train for Nelson, where they will spend
several days at the home of the bride's
Mr. Morrow is well known In Cranbrook. For several years ne has been
with the Fort Steele Mercantile Company, and is now head salesman for that
company. His friends are legion in this
dislrict, and he Is looked upon as an all
around good chap. Miss Jackson came
to Cranbrook about a year ago, and since
thai lime has been in charge of Ihe dress
making department of Reid & Co's store
aud she quickly made friends and proved
betself « most estimable young lady.
The Herald joins With the many friends
of the ftride nnd groom In extending
lieal wished for a prosperous and happy
Trail, B. C, Dec 38 - W. H Aldrldge
has just returned from an extended
eastern trip and states that tbe Cana-
dlaa Smelling works will proceed at
once with the construction of a refinery
at Trail of aufflclent capacity to handle
the present bullion output of the country. Tbe plant will be, to a certain extent, experimental, but as soon as It
ls shown that sufficient bullion can be
obtained to Insure a commercial success
it will be enlarged and extended, or
possibly, another plant will be built at
Nelson or on the coast. Mr. Aldrldge
says tbat all the metal markets have
been most uusatisfactory to mines,
smelters and refineries. The fall In
lead and silver has cftocted the receipts
of tbe Kootenay silver-lead mines to tbe
extent of fliOO.OOi), annually, comparing
the quotations for these metals In January with those as the present time.
The smelters have also lost heavily,
in buying and selling on a falling market
It requiring on an average of from four
to five months for tbe smelter to realize
upon metals purchased from the time
the ore has been bought '*om tho
mines. Tbe decline In metal prices
since tbe beginning of the year has
been, approximately, as follows: Copper from 17|i cents to 13# cents per
pound; London, lead from £18 to £13,
and silver from 63 cents to M cents per
Tbe railways and smelteis are thoroughly alive to the situation, and, while
London lead Is at present prices, will
join and make a reduction for tbe coming year In freight and treatment
charges, on clean lead ores, of 54 no
per ton. The smelters are willing to
reduce t'leir chargi:, prn7-*-* ng thsy
can be relieved from tbe danger of Incurring further losses due to the decline in metals, and as it Is generally
conceded that the present prices of
metals have nearly reached bottom, it
would seem entirely fair to the mines to
make the change at this time. To accomplish this it Is proposed that preliminary settlements Involving the payment of UO per cent, of tbe proceeds
will be made as soon as the results are
obtained at the smelter, ibe final settlement to be made on quotations for
metals 90 days after the preliminary
settlement. It Is proposed to reduce
ihe '.luc limit from in per cent, to a per
cent., wbicb would mean that on clean
lead ores carrying -10 per cent, lead and
over, the total reduction In freight and
treatment charges will be £4 per ton,
while on ores containing over el per
cent. One the net reduction will be S3
per ton.
The above reduction In rates will not
compensate the mines for their losses
In the decline of metals from the first
of the year to tbe present time, but aa
the quotations for London lead during
the latter part of I'JUO and tbe beginning of 1901 were abnormally high, It
Is hoped that the mines will find it In
their Interest to continue operations at
these ilgures. The average price of
London lead for a number of years has
been between £13 and £13 sterling, and
as a reduction of 34 per ton for ore Is
equlvalant to 9U per ton of lead, assuming the ore to contain 40 per cent,
lead, and that the smelter pays for DO
per cent, this reduction of 81 would
correspond to an Increased price for
lead In ore of to Ot, making the present lead quotiilon, on the basla of last
years rates £18 Us. Od.
Mr. Aldrldge says his company Is
spending large amounts of money In
enlargements and Improvements, and
will continue to do so In spite of the
present temporary depression In the
metal markets, believing that tbelr will
shortly be an Improvement In these
prices, and that the production of the
silver-lead propertied! tbe country will
get back to former figures.
gotisiiuiiB it   is  understood thut there
are a number nf others interested with
bun in tbe ileal. This lust deal tins un
importance aside frnili tbe amount of
money involved, as  it furnishes the best
of evidence thai the Montreal men already interested In the Kitchener iron
ledges ure Satisfied »Hb the results they
bave attained during the past summer,
smi as thtty nre credited with having
plenty of money, the district may rest
lHUred that Its   resources   will   lie  fully
exploited during the ensuing summer.
flood Common Sense.
Canterbury Outcrop' The Revel-
stoke Herald strikes a chute of common
sense when ll says It Is time we people
in Kooienay and Vale and t'jrlboo Insisted upon tbe Government recognizing tbe Importance of the mining In
dustry of the Province. The politicians
have their railway policies, tbelr redistribution policies, their Chinese policies and stand us off with a line ot guff
about doing everything to further the
development el the mineral resources
of the Province and we swallow It. Tbe
members for tbe mining districts should
leave these Inkpot political squabbles to
people who have nothing better to do,
and unite in insisting first, last and all
the ttmt on tbe recognition by the
Government of tbe Importance of the
mining industry and on tbe reorganization of tbe mining department on a
practical basis of wide-awake efficiency.
There are a dozen ways in which a real,
live, up to date department could help
advertise our mineral resources,
keep our miners and prospectors posted
and guide tbe energy of the tnlnln,
population at their disposal Into the
most profitable channels. If the Government has not got a man, who can
see how this can be done, then In the
name of goodness let them send elsewhere and get one that can. And the
members for the mining districts should
not let up till this Is accomplished.
C. P. Hill Sells More Iron,
Moutreal, December 27 —It is reported
here that the Canadian Pacific railway
syndicate, which last summer secured
the group of Iron properties near Kitchener, has secured auother group of prospects in the same neighborhood. C, P.
Hill, who negotiated the first deal, la
also said to have brought the second one
to a successful termination. The last deal
includes the purchase outright of four
claims, known as the Creston, Oray, X-
Ray and X-Ray Fractional, the consideration being given as $25 00b cash. The
syndicate has also taken a bond upon
the balance of Mil's mineral claims
and if the bond ia taken up the total
payments will amount to f 75,000, Although IHU haB figuied alont in the ne-
Not Eacouraglni.
M.iiii the \l..yi.' l.i-i.ii.T
Th« present outlook for an early resumption of work at the St. Hugene
mine Is not at all bright. Manager
Cronin baa returned from bis trip to
California. Wnen asked yestetday as to
the probable situation after the first of
the year he said It was anything but
promising.   He said the company had
kept quite a number of men employed
doing devetopement with tbe hope that
conditions would Improve and tbat they
would be able to operate the mine at a
profit after the first of the year. These
hopes are now shattered, as the price
of lead and silver have been steadily
falling, and in his opinion It may be
considerable time before they again
reach tbe figures at which tbey were
during tbe year 1901. As a consequence
after the first of the year the force at
the mine will be materially decreased.
At the annual meeting of the St.
Kugene Consolidated Mining Co., which
was held in Toronto last month, the
acting board of directors was unanimously re-elected. Following Is a list
of them : George Gooderbam, T. G.
Ulackstock, John A. Finch,GeorgrSumner, 10 P Heaton, James Cronin, J. C.
Drewry, W.G (iooderham, A. E Gooderbam, W. H. Beattie. Mr, Cronin was
re-elected manager.
Change of Officials.
As was predicted in The Herald some
time ago, the change has taken place
iu tbe customs office at this place. W
8. Keay, who held the position for a
number of years, and who has bad control of the entire dislrict, has been
transferred to Fernie owing to the
greatly increased business in that part of
the district. A. L. McDcrtuott has been
appointed customs officer to succeed Mr,
Keay in Cranbrook. Tbis change necessitate! Mr. Kesy's removal to Fernie, a
fact that is regretted by his many friends
in Cranbrook, During his residence
here be won golden opinions by his accomodating manner to the public and
prompt attention to his official Juliet.
Mr. McDerniott, his successor, is.well
known throughout the district, aud bis
appointment will meet with tbe hearty
approval of the people of this district.
The Herald wishes both gentlemen a
happy new year in their changed positions, 	
C. P. R. Makes Large Und Sales.
Winnipeg, Dec. VJ.~TheC, P. R land
sales during the past year have been unprecedented in their volume. The employees of tbe land department are now
busy with their annual statements. In
an interview today P. T. Griffin, the
land commissioner, when questioned as
to the sales said: "We estimate that the
sales for 1901 will be about 84,ouu acres
for the sum of $2,750,001-1. The Canada
and Northwest Land company's sales
have also been exceptionally large. The
annual statement will show that this
company has sold iu the neighborhood
of 105,000 acres of land tor the sum of
(585,000. Mr. Grlthn said the past year
was a record one in the matter of land
sales, and these sales had been nearly all
to farmers or intending farmers.
The Fori Steele Mercantile Company 0
Credit to tbe Dislrict.
The growth of this district Is well Illustrated by the growth of Us business
firms, and probably this point was never
more emphatically emphasized than by
tbe marvelous advancement of ihe Fort
Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd. Four years
ago this company, composed of Spokane
capitalists, made its entry into South
BiSt Kootenay by purchasing the
American store at Fort Steele and placing John Pink in charge. Soon afterward it opened a branch at Wardner. and
J. P, Fink came over from West Kootenay and took charge. Tbe same company owned ihe steamer North Star,
then plying on the Kootenay river, and
during tbe days of construction its business forged ahead by leaps and bounds.
When tbe railway was completed, a
third branch was opened in Cranbrook,
and as the business of the district became settled, tbe business at Fort Steele
and Wardner was merged into the business at Cranbrook under the general
management of J. P. Fiuk. Tbis was
done with the idea that Cranbrook as the
central point of the district, was the
most advantageous place to carry on a
business of great maguitude. Tbe business foresight aud shrewdness of this
firm has been amply exemplified, as tbe
volume of its business has rapidly increased since tbis move was made,
Under the active management J, 1',
Fink the business lias so increased that
new they virtually cover all the country
..0111 Kootenay Landing to Fertile, and
Windermere to the Boundary.
One day Ibis week a representative of
The Herald was shown over their greal
store nud numerous warehouses filled tu
overflowing with carload ufter carload of
all kinds of goods.
beneath the great store ou baker
street there is a fireproof cellar 70 feel
long and 2.1 feet wide, and it is packed
r»ii 01 groceries, fruits, potatoes and
vegetables, ho full in fact that tt is almost impossible to find one's way
through the maze of narrow alleys with
boxes, bales, cans and barrels packed
roof high on every side. Further up tbe
street is a large warehouse, ami there
the same condition of affairs exist. Then
there is an oil house filled, and iwo other
cellars full uf goods of a perishable
nature that were brought in before frost.
To one not accustomed tu deal iu big
figures, il is suprising to hear Mr. Kink
talk ot carload lota of butter, St. Charles
Cream, spuds, onions, sugar, beans,
meats, Hour, feed, fruits, Jims and jet-
lies, in fact everything, and these goods
were bought when prices were low. Il
is estimated that this company has now
in stock over £50,000 in goods, which
will give an idea ot the great variety it
carries, and also furnishes a reason for
tbe immense trade it commands through
out the district. There is no substituting
with the Fort Steele Mercantile Com
pany. When an order is received it is
promptly filled, simply for tbe reason
that the goods are right on hand, and
what is more, the goods are the best
brand known, while the prices are uo
higher than is often asked for inferior
Mr. Fink has reason to feel good over
the great trade the firm enjoyed last
year, and the great succeis has been due
to the fair treatment extended to everyone, and honest dealing with every,nian.
Cranbrook is fortunate In having such a
large firm located here. It is a good
thing for the town and district.
A League Formed and a Schedule of (Janes
Arranged. I
A meeting of tbe Crauhrook Hotkey
club was held at the link on the 25th of
December at 3 p. in. for the puipuse of
electing officers for Ihe ensuing season.
The result was as follows:
Patron, J. P, Fink.
Honorary President, Win   Ilill.
President, R. K. Beattie.
Vice President, K. L Chudlelgh.
Secretary-Treasurer,A, L. McDeimult.
Executive Committee, C. Piest, G. W.
Ross, ri. Hayes.
The selectiou of a captain was left lo
tbe executive committee.
R Iv Beattie was elected delegate to
represent tbe club at a meeting held at
Fernie on the iHh tot the purpose of organizing a league and arranging a schedule of games for the Lipbardt cup.
The executive committee arranged
with the manager of the rink to hold
practice on Monday and Wednesday
nights from S to 10 and Friday nights
from 7 to 8 o'clock.
A meeting was held at Fernie ou the
2H\.u inst. for the purpose uf organizing
a hockey association. Representatives
from Pincher, Fernie, Cranbrook aud
Moyie were there and nfter the election
of officers tbe following schedule of
games wns decided upon
Piucher vs. Fernie at Fernie Jan. 10.
Moyie vs, Cranbrook nt Cranbrook
JttU.  10.
Fernie vs. Moyie at Muyie Jnu. [7.
Cranbrouk vs. PI richer at Pincher
Jan. .7.
Cranbrook vs. Fernie at Penile Jan.21.
Fernie vs. Cranbruok al Cranbiook
Jan. 25.
PIncber vs. Cranbrook at Cianbrook
Jan   31.
Pincher VS, Moyie at Moyie Feb  1.
Cranbrook vs. Moyie at Movie Feb, 4-
Moyie vs. Fernie at Ferine Feb, 6,
Moyie vs. l'mrlier nt   Pincher   Feb, 8.
Fernie vs. Pincher at Pincher Peb. 10.
The association is called the Crow's
Nest Pass Hockey association.
A Heavy Business.
The postoffice and express company
broke all previous records in Cranbrook
tbis Chrislmas. Never before in the
history ofthe town has there been such
a rush of business during Chrislmas
week, and the receipts show (hat the
people of thia vicinity were generously
remembered by their absent friends.
A Hint to Merchants.
The Herald desires to drop a bint to
merchauts for tbe coming year. .South
Hast Kootenay Is rapidly increasing iu
population, aud the importance of telling the people what you have is increasing, It is impossible to compete successfully in any line of business unless
attention is paid to this feature. And
when you advertise do it right. Advertise with life and activity. Talk to the
point. Tell the people what you want
to sell, and show why they should buy.
Change your ads. Give the same careful attention to this feature ot your bust'
ness that you do other features. It is
no longer any use to argue that advertising does not pay. Practical experience bis demonstrated that it does pay,
mn.) r-y-i itin The question is to hurdle
it properly. The Herald is reatl hy not
less than 1500 to I Soo people each week,
It will pay any man if be is only
selling peanuts, to use its columns to
talk to the people. Try it, and do It
Leltch's Christmas Boots.
A. Li-itch, of the Cranbrook Lumber
Company, received a Chrislmas present
that was a surprise, While hunting In
the territories last fall he had some
trouble with his feet, and George Lea-
son, of Calgary, who was one of the
party, joked him considerably ou his
vanity that prompted him to wear boots
too small for comfort. Christmas
day Mr. I.eitch received a pair targe
enough to take in the end of a saw log,
and accompanying tbe gift was a long
letter from Mr. LeHson, commisserating
with him on his sufferings from his feet
and advising him to throw vanity to the
winds and seek comfort in his declining
years by wearing the boots sent,
Mr. I,eitch is having a shed built for
Ihe new boots as their extraordinary
size makes it impossible to get them
through any door in his bouse.
It Was sn Artistic Success in Ever) W$) sed
Thoroughly Enjoyed.
The ttiuslcale given by Miss Sara Lund,
assisted by Mrs. G. H. McLcod and Mm.
W. T. Reid] was a grand success as evidenced by tbe large audience and the
geuerou; applause lhat greeted tbeexi-
cution of each number on the program-
Miss I.und, a sister of p. Lund, ibe well
known ndlw** -■-i.i.-irm-- «J ►*-.-• f-tn,
is a recent graduate ofthe University
School of Music, Ann Arbor, Micb. She
has a rich and powerful contralto voice
whicli culture enables her to use with
telling effect. Id her iuitia. ctimb-rr,
"Sunset," 1 Dudley Buck she did not np*
pear to best advantage and tbe audience
were inclined to be stoical, but as selection after selection was given they began
to enthuse until at length, both in b r
vocal and instrumental numbers, she
carried the bouse by storm.
Although Mrs. McLeod has been here
for some time she has hitherto refraint.l
from taking part in public concerts, 0bt
tbe excellent manner in which ber solos
were rendered proved tbat she was no
novice in tbe art ol song Tbe rapturous encore which follor.ed her rendition
of Tosti's "Good Bye" showed how fully
she was appreciated. She possesses a
well trained, a*eet and sympathetic so •
prano voice, t. the charm of which her
easy and graceful  mauner  greatly add -
Mrs. W. T. Reid p'ayed the accompaniment iu her usual finished style, and
ber song, "Good Bye, Sweet Day," received a well merited encore to which
she graciously responded
The citizens of Cranhrook are to be
congratulated on the addition of Mfts
Lund to the musical circles and it is to
be hoped that the monotony of the winter evenings may be frequently relieved
by such dulcet strains as resounded in
the Wentworth Hall on Friday night.
With such vocal talent as Cranbrook
now possesses there should be no difficulty 111 organizing a choral union thnt
COUld take up some light operetta or ora
lorio tbut would prove a benefit to all
concerned. C. tt. R.
Would Mskc As Engineer.
Mr. R. C. Wood, editor ofthe Macleod
Gazette, accompanied by bis wite, sjieiu
Christinas with Cranbrook friends     Mr.
Wood practices law ami publishes 11
newspaper, but by instinct and inclination be is a thorough mechanic. He
never travels without a pair of overall*.
as anytime he Is liable to leave tbe Pui'-
man to ride on the engine. There he
feels at home, and there is not a part of
nn engine be does not know, and then-
is no woik about one be can not do. He
knows every railroad man from Medicine
Hat tu Kootenay Landing and would
rather get in with a hunch of the bojs
and talk steam, power, curves and
grades than take part iu any law case or
argue any newspaper point. And >et he
publishes a ratlllng good newspaper and
is a most successful lawyer.
Special Edition.
The Fort Steele Prospector issued a
special illustrated edition last week that
wasarredit to Mr. Grace, ft contained
interesting write-ups of the different
portions of tbe district by mining men
and old residents, and gave a comprehensive review of the progress made
throughout the district the past year. CRANBROOK   HERALD
Editor and Pi oprietoi
ihnt'.ka •■ Sl* .ttttW'-UU.N
*iu'. yeai   ■   -   -   ■
>U UtJBlL. •   ■ -   -   -    i"-1
li-e Herald desires tu (Ive th-.- uewsof tl..'
0istr1.il. It vou kit'j.\ any aboul youi town
yuur uiinti or y.mt people, semi n in this mil ie.
gonu-tliii.-*   About   n..-   i.-,- I.ntli-lil   llitle
Which u.-..t th.- luiikuea
I'litws  liuve  lately   been  le    I       '.h
tbut   thu  l.c«-Ki,tir!-i   i i'.,    ■-   *   . ■
£ovti   --;.--■.■. ii   ivji    tin.-   Cam ...
llllLUitfU,   JcL   win.   Oui'    *-.■:..-•   v.-..-
* team wi   CeitailiKU   riflemen  ilefenl
*4 a piukai night uf  > unWe-j nl ul . in
'New ,ler-tc> test, Week, »uyi the tii.lt
Kcji.i. Cor,
Mi     .lamas   I'.   l-ee.   WllQ   is   noW   re
kitting   ia  Ualt.   does  not   i luim   i lint
lk«  British  w',ui.al tu in   his In' en
jtiun — ii Lie  best  one   in exMemu
Sines    the     British  Govt ruuii'iil    ite-
'cejKeiJ  bis     mudnl  he  bus  improvutl
Ike  WAgMZiuu  n 1 t mi»»-iiit-u1 ,   Lot wliUII
s«Mf«rrsd  with,  the  War Otfire refua
«a i« •■!■» th* Improvement. I lie
LutSSt l.*a |un i- tlia miii ul tbe
Am* tt-jji navy; not, howevor, ^i tin
mmy. whisk uses tlm Ainerienn
Jti'ac i>w» t who tin not uinlei
iii>i ilia ways uf Yankee polllieinns
wni rftiktlnss •<< ptwr.leil out I
• f lh« lm gUli l.v the -On
m at Waahlng'lon The
laanUfactitrera .if Ihe Kiis nil* hnvi-
yiS|»!.v,,   „   „lt   imoini|   ,„■   |i iKL,
ia staining ikhjiiii n.n for I hair gun,
but ii must rathei stnitgei lln-iii In
ka'4 Lkat ih i. dlltl between r I.n nn
i-i•»* arms al Lka inn nniinns ('nn*
una a ihets ware able to pro re rtui
nlttMively She supurioriL-, .,[ Llia 1 re
Wiftnlri, At ih* lanifAst range, r-
p«eially,   tut  tht  British  w*i-ii|lnn in
the kaada of ear riflemen i dITi-c-
M-.4 justice bet*n done   Mr    I-mi Ihe
9iiL.m .'liitui array would ln-dtij   ho
'.-iHj   it -   - .-i    i.bs   TT«n|>i.i w      i'i
Ilia   ha nib-      uf      Lha   United   Stales
navy      An things stand, i-xpe cuts
skaw that i.h* weapon beariiiK Mr
Lee's «»»i9. and which tha inventor
«liiIms *, Just • little Infcrlur to tbu
l-llo-l pi..dun of his in.- h.ti.i.'.il
O.i11 hai autpolnled the \inericun
Kt«C m a test 'h-it mu.nl lm reitnrii
v4  as  a  fair  rva*\   though   the'rnndl-
1i»hs   favat-ed   Uo   Amerinuis,  sl i-
iut a.1 itit-y Wure on heme nuiues
n« dnn't think • 'mum da I« yet rend)
ta discard i'*e Lta-Kn/leld or look
wnlt sautempt on Lha 1,-ee-Motfnrd ■
far ilm Krag-dorgesaen nr Uin Mini
Be*' lha      gllll   now   In  ..nt'  huyilH
Eft-UUS In I..- Jim at good as IHI.V ul
a ranadlua Labor r—Urntlnn.
Fallawing is th« rsferenea iimde to
national organization in lbs I'resi-
dahtlal addraas m Mr. Ilnlph Smith,
U ,F , tha other day et the Trade:
uud     Labor   Congress   ot   Hrantforil
I    think it     Is ot vM-!t Import ■•■
thut thla    cengreaa    sl Id     nm-pi
•I*' rast hml of increasing ii s own
iisefulHesa, There ought io lie u C'uii
ad in ■ fetterutlnn, for, whilst I be*
lleva ih.it unionism oimln to ba In
iern.ii luital   in   iis   methods,   t -i
t-v  ilm iLrenglh  of  nnt nl     union:
A federation of American unioiiH, n
pressnteil hy a national union, an
a fadsratlan •( Csnatlian unions, ri
pressHleJ by x national union, one
warning with i iie other in sp.-.i.
»u-*- would da ti great ndvtiuine
•ver ha\ ing local union* In ('a inn I
eanuseted with <^o natiminl unioi
• ! AMPiit-a. I think grentrr suceo
weuld l...< accomplished In the set lb
mam •( diapittes in -"^.'li riiiiniry
th* Issdnr^ «f each were tbu repri
aeii' ai ivea of their own natiom
gfinvaiieuH, I H<» nnt reflect on un
Am*-* lean a (tic I a la «0" ■ have hit mile
wur labor troubles in Canada, bul
nm vei'laln »f this thai them are *-n<-
dlstiaellve differcneaa m lhu eond
nay at each Lhat a presentment '
Ifttnadititi Hsattai'i h> Canndinu h...
uiH.-Mud vies versa by American lem
are, w«nid land Le a greular Biict'os.
uhd weuld ynt m any iny prevfiitl
K.-d«ikii»,t wt On naLlonal buiUes."
M...[.   in   ..
Tha iiiw.san N'swi
aWla    star;
aH-.ni    n,t:
ss "ki* lias i
in- si» months in Northern
ftraek'u <»% s I hai ab
unle* ii im Dawsan h-> and
v.,mH fcucaaderi a glacier E
high There Lhey found a
waiintain ^Ha'p fm/i-n in H
' utm   \-        li    I list     li>m«   Iff 1
wlntsr hlixenrd naught On.
Btmapsdlng *v*r <ha Hont"
huddled ingether and perl'
suaw graduallj farming an
Whatever part- «f thn In
nkava Lhc lea n*'i been de
Ari-im hears ami wolves.
\*i lived threo
v Kind nasi Mr.-nd. R
11* DO
s  like.      ('ana
• -.«
nf   conrt    tril
i   -j
ds   tha   Ainei
era, It
s as
Lisfaclory to
. hci
S I nr
in     kind,
Mn Hi
r rn
flHei   Hi   this
lo  n
raj'al  *
■■:     "In  this
t   In
mi sari
w t
ia eiti/'-tiR of
1 mi
aniL*  with
Canadians,  1
i   Cl
rtuka ami   D
s  w
eat hii si
ami  will  onh
if il
i ban   r
enes   in   <'aim
- I*
them as ii   is
to  1
If. 11.
pis wh.
hay eomq  io
'   '1
ills   thus   axel
'1 III
hava   ■•
t*k a t a h l a  ra 1 u
.   1.
1 11
are ha
(h   prova   lit
hath   •
otraLed thn lull imn f,.,
tlwpih of IJ:» feet On
rich i-oiurnn Thu en .i
uLi.Mi .tn'l   tin: huh   wu
Lhu tloei draw
■ tlio trws,
I i ■ ■ t ■   .s ■-,
i .'■•"
I,, l liar in tin my
Whero i!.*.' . -nil-it ii t*.r in) man
Ib i -:..   '..i tiikLi ..i.J uiio . un
And ecja)ln Utimll a Li w>»til t.*n.
It ttul .n (be ui..
It'i blndei   . um ■   n..u.- you'll ibj,
V    ■■:. i-et I It.    -■ .'
ti  .. 4 ku    ■ ■  ■•     ■".-- "a/.
Uut «ii Loin ..ii luit'i Li-uti'u a <iij
Ip Hut in the citj.
As for Hut, ju,l u ',. .-* ii i floweri a., an'
.\ i,,;.!. i'..: .. ,i- .,■ nil   «i (tie Broun'
Wtitro j   i un i<>.   >«ui mm anil da's you
Uake it t..inr'n tlie city.
Sow, all !:■•■ talk it. n'l 'niouiil hi Mind
■I-   i ■'.;- Ln.-i-f iit.- ii lieiii ruugli,
Vl.I 1 ii.   '.'n' It's i' 'i.i. ||  "I rliuuill,
And, 'livwu v.'u it. 1 i.... 'i-.r..'. tui.ii«U
v. i.wi, ti, Uu    ll)
Jjiu ■ Mm.   mil Itilf.v,
SGAME—     ?
a a a
A By AV Quad.   •••
e II
A Copyright, 1901, by C. K. Lewis. a"a
."• .oaaaaaaaaa a.o.a.a.a^a.a^a **
when Cnptnln Jnbt-z Bobeo of Mar-
lilehi-iul laiiii.-lie.l liO mw brig, be niim-
,,i iier iii,. ,i:  i'..-ii.'t'. nfter bis wife.
wit,, ii.ni sail.-.I wiiii lilm for ninny u
roriigt! uml wns ultnust ns good u sailor
as In- was. The lint voytigo of the
brig was io u ccrtiilii South American
ctnintry ruled l.v u illcttttor, who enr-
fled Ibliiga with n blab hnnd for five
or six years anil got away wllh n lump
of money just in tliuo lo avoid the revolution Uml his corrupt practices had
evoked. The .rni't arrived nfter it tine
niu uud wuh waiting lo biitil in tu the
wharf when un utll.-itil enmo aboard
nml demanded a boons ot $1,000 for
permission lo lam) cargo, This wns in
addition to port ohttrgca und customs
lues and was directly from Hon Castro. M was blackuiall, pure nnd simple,  find   Altllt   .lam*,   as  the  eaptalli'-j
wife was generally called, looked ut it
in n t.iiiii.'i- li-iit ami said to lier husband:
"Jttbez llebeo, we wou't pay it, nud
yon tell htm so straight from tho shout-
der. No, uut it blessed penny. They
uru just trying to l>lulY us, nnd wc
won't submit Vou just run up tbe
Am.-ri.'im Hag, sel the bunds io whistling 'Ynukl'U i lie' nud let this here
.inn Aiiow iiiiii thf American eagle is
roosting on tin. (.-tip of ihe mainmast."
Tin- i-nptititi tii'ii.'ed ui) nud I.ecu me
delimit, nnd Hun Castro's messenger
was sent nwny wilb a Ilea in liis ear.
It was lln* general opinion Unit the dictator would m iM. bul the brig was held
ui anchor In the harbor for JS houra od
. o m £tf !s
; ,-' >//^=';?O.Ct>'ilitli
one protonsc or another nnd wna forbidden  ulii'i' Inin! Into thu whuff or
sail for another port. Then Jnliex Ue-
lice went asbiiru projuireil lo assert and
malulaiu tliut Ibe govi-rnmutit re pre
.-i.'iileil by tin- eagle would stand no trilling wllh one of iis representative citizens, especially ono hailing from Mar-
Ideliead ami in coininaitil of a new hv\g
which bad logged off .seven knots an
hour with bcr yards cl ked In.   He
had bis thunder duly prepared ami Ids
lightning handy hy, but lie struck u
snag almost nt once. Don Castro was
a man who would nnt have hesitated
to bluff the combined powers or tbe
world if there bad been (,11)0 In sight
for   blui.     The   wily   old   rascal   also
thoroughly understood statecraft ami
fhe number of years that would slip
by while nn offended government was
making nn ollielal Investigation into
any of his acts, oflieinl or private, lie
would lie out of it long before the slate
department at Washington got u move
on, ami he wasn't worrying ns to what
miglil happen to his successor.
"Pay no' a thousand dollars and yotl
can discharge cargo," wus l.is answer
to Captain  RobOO.
Then the cnptnln of the Juno Boboe
funic.I tlm A...-.'"'.'in cupie loose und
encouraged lho bird to mnke things
redhot, but when be had finished and
"was wiping the perspiration from liis-
brow tho dictator tlll'OW one leg over
tho. arm of bis chair and calmly replied:
"Yes, I've beard nf some country or
other called the United States, but It's
a one horse affair nnd no go here. I'd
agree for a small sum of ready money
to wipe your country off the face of the
map and not bo over two weeks doing
It cither."
Just opposite the brig's nncborngo
waa an old dirt fort mounting four
guna and garrisoned by a dozen soldiers, Tbe guns were old nud honeycombed, end had one been ehnrgvd with
i pound of powder it would have blown
Itself oui of the fort; but (bis fact wus
unknown io ns us strangers. Captain
Rebec cairn* aboard with a long face,
nnd in reply to his wife's query he ex-
pini 1 what bad taken place nshore.
'I'll.- mailer was talked over for an
hour, ami il wus finally decided that
the captain should go ashore again nnd
try fn buy lion Castro off for a smaller
sum If lie pleaded poverty nnd Indulged In no furl her bluffs, it wns hoped thai (he dIdntor's heart might bo
siificiicd Into accplitig alioiit $000, It
was about f o'clock' ill lhu afternoon
when I..* was pulled ashore ugalu, und
IWO hours IntCI' WOrd WUS selll to us
l.v Jjuii Castro that .'utiiulu lichee wua
In jail on Hie Very fceYIotis i-lirtrge of
trying lo brlbo tha very highest oUlclul
of lhc country. In other words, us we
look it. be had got mad at being offered
liiilf his price and was forcing the main
qiiestlou. When Aunt Jane had got
the n. w situation straight In her mind,
she promenaded up and down with her
lips puckered up. Tbe crew knew thut
u row was coming uud studd by tor
splinter*, At the cud uf about teu
minutes she walked up tu the mute
wiib ber face ai bard as stone aud
"Look here, Samuel Davis Smithers,
are you a man ur u scarecrow';"
"I'll stand by yuu in any plan you've
gut." replied the mate.
"And about the rest of 'em'?"
"They'll fuller me to a man."
The . lew wns culled Hit. ami Aunt
Jane detailed her plan.    As u result
they lifted the anchor and sailed uut of
the harbor ebout an hour before sundown.   Then- was a greut to du In and
ttbotlt tl Id fort, and every  minute
they expected tu lie tired Oil, hut tu
tbelr meat relief they got awuy without u shot being pitched aboard. The
brig ran down the coast 14 miles and
ctiiue to anchor lu u bay resorted to by
the dyewouds craft, and ul) that night
every man or the crow wus kept luird
ul work. Wlille the carpenter cut gun
ports lu the bulwarks for four guns on
a side uii-ii Weill nshore anil bl'OUglll off
eight logs to represent iiiumm. These
were stripped of tbelr bark, painted
Muck uml rudely mounted, and, though
the Bailors wire I glers at the buil*
ness, they gave the .lane lichee it uuin-
of-wor look to mnke yuu thrill. Viewed from u distance uf half a mile, the
Quaker gnus looked ready to spout
flame und smoke uml round shot us big
as beer kegs, uml Aunt June rubbed
her hands and smiled uud said:
"if we don't bring that Don Castro
down uu Ids quaking knees, then I'll
never buy another blue calico dress In
the tuwn of Boston, Now for the rest
of It."
one uf the crew had n drum and un-
other a tile and a third a concert lull,
and they were told off fur the hand.
l'roui tho Blop chest and fo'custle they
gut out enough gurui-MitB tu rig up a
dozen dummies and make them fast tu
tlie bulwarks here aud there, and they
set sail on tbelr return to the port.
Straight up the harbor sailed the June
lichee an hour after sunrise, but she
wus barely broadside tu the tuwn and
her anchor down before a bout pulled
off from ihe mole with a dag of truce
Hying. In that boat sat Cujituln Bebee,
who had been set at liberty with many
apologies, and if there had been GO
other Americans lu Jail with him ull
,,....,1,1 i.„vW itecn liberated.
"June,"   said   Captain   Bebee nn th*
brig cleared the harbor and tho wooden
guns were tumbled overboard, "you are
a mighty smart woman, hut I en n't
just understand it. How lu tlie name
of Goshen did you get tlie Idea? 1
talked uml threatened aud blustered
und bluffed, but"~
"But a woman never bluffs," she interrupted ns she sinned to tbe band tu
knock off "Yankee Doodle" aud for a
band to haul down the (lapping Hags uf
war. "No, Jis'iez Bebee. When a woman starts out to do anything, she docs
it. even if she hits to wulk over all the
onion beds In the garden. And now 1
guess you'd better wash your face and
comb yuur hair and get ready fur dinner."
A Child's Bath.
A tepid bath for u child should have
u temperature from S3 to 00 degrees F.
uud a hot bulb 1)8 i!-j degrees P., which,
as 1 Bald before, is the normal temperature of tho Inside of the body.
This will cause relaxation In case of
convulsion or sweating lu ease of fever. The water should be gradually
heated until the hand uf the mother
tiiiils It noticeably warm, tare being
liad always tu remember the extreme
delicacy und sensitiveness uf a child's
In case uf debility and for Bcrofulous
children uud those threatened with
rickets u salt water bath every morning, either hot or cold, according tu
sen*in, Is very valuable. To prepare
this hath use four ounces of sea salt lo
four gallons of water. Let the child
play in the water a little while, then
iiili the body briskly with a Turkish
towel Ull the skin Is In u glow.
To make a good nnistu" I bath use
two ounces of powdered ..mstard tu
four gallons uf water. This Is excel
lent as a footbath ami relieves congestion of tlie head and Is often useful In
the lirst stages of a cold on the chest.
In cases of extreme exbnustion and
threatened collapse a child can he Immersed up tu its neck, uml the bath
will act us a stimulant, but whenever
une Is using a hot bath fur any reason
the bond should always be spuuged
with cold water.—Pilgrim,
Prohibited Coffre Hoiifi.
So many coffee liuuses sprung Into
existence during the reign of cimrles
if. that he, entertaining u belief that
many political Intrigues bad their beginning lu those places, Issued an
edict ordering theiu to be closed. In
lids proclamation the following words
occurred: "The retailing of coffee or
ten ti.li.i-t !»• <»> Uinoeont trade, but It
wns snld to nourish sedition, spread
lies und acMidtilize great in en; It might
also b* a comuioh uulsuuce."
lift llarreil Naweaa'tla.
When Edward VII. ns Prlnre ot
Wales visited America in lKiWi, Cnn-
adii went wild over him, and in Detroit uml Chicago Die crowds wore
so d.-use that the party could seuri'i--
ly reach tbelr hotel. So many were
ihe ruceptlons, dinners and other social film! ions, in which the l'rinee
participated thai ho finally broke
down through sheer fatigue nnd over-
excltelllL'llL.    The   Hoke  of   Newcastle.
who was the Prince's companion, decided, therefore, t„ slop oil on their
way to si. Louis at Dwlglit Station, it ijiii.-t villuge famous for its
shooting, Tlie Prince brought down
ii ling uf M brace of quail and four
rabbits. Hut tlie pleasure of the day
wns marred hy the following Incident:
As ihe royal party approached a
farmhouse mi unuilstakubly British
Bottler appeared at Uu- door and invited every one except lho Duke ol
Newcastle to cater,
"Not you, NoweasLloi" be shouted,
"I have been a tenant of yours and
liuve  sworn   Hint   you   shall  never  Sot
it fool on my land."
Accordingly tho parly passed on,
ami ilu- lOriner, though revenged tin
ids uiii landlord, bad to forego the
honor of eulertululng royalty   uud-jt
his.  rout,
BHANTYMAN-SDROLLERY.     f . ._.   . /<■<   F OR SALE..^ j
ii.-,,   „ ,.,,... .  ".    ;;  CAsI   Ku.JIL.fNAY  * 20 White Chester Pigs, 5 to 12
i *-   UATCI '*'I months old.
. CL.... Ill sen ; ssim* pure bred i
■-ri.-c Light Bialim.is .md;
;rani ' ook, ii. c.;:: others. ' _
200-Egg lncut>-.tos'. by Stahl, j
with electrical attachment,!
lusti-r mothers, etc.
But:.- Cutter, hand and power, j
by Humphrey.
UriUtn I . "'-"'  .'  " " t..»
II, ||,,„ : .  . l...l.'..".l
'I'll.-   1".!..' I   I'I"-1
tOOl.   lllll   IU IS"  '    '    '   '
ll.-I'ltiS   ul   Itn    WOSHlS,    WtlS'l'SJ   ..       1       .- .   ',    ;*--r-  3 J-*  - * ^v^f., j.i.tbfc,,    ,j,
^'it'""u.',' I"* ''i"'..OOOr"i!; *      mtU «*THESUN, Proprietor.      J
'li.OOO'     Malt   '....■ .si'1'i....l. I" "   '« -'-... II :.:,*.([ .-.   *
It,   a  ll.svr.-. .1  1'Oss.l.Vssy,   v....   i,i..i,. j n-    ..,, . ,               ,     j, ..,,..   „,„|   „„„,   1'
s-st by line, "i soLlie-t-s   a:  the styu-J    ',        „ , i mpa| ,.,, ,,, ttie t-;;,si -,. I
itse'.i wss- . -I'.'l llislslen .,».:. ..nis.i. ■ iii          Kuntetiisy,                                      Jj   por particulars Apply to
. i         ,   ., i       .ii     i ■ :i     hm                                           ,           ,                         ip                 r                                 rr   t
t.isv. iiiiL- |.i""   tt"' "si  I*'.11 IL'n  ■"'" [ ',   wneti v..ii  ni.- tir.il nml ss.siii n   ,J,
bulNt.it,   I'.'i'' 'I'*' I'l'i'1'"""11     ■','"' . <,s        s: I r.'si I'., ii. ilu- K.i'l k.iii- m
lined iii. In si-.ii-l.-l  shirts, .suit cni-rl *         u-itny.                                         »
„l ili.-ei..,!    |t..lls" »itli wl.lcl.ll..-.. »   When ).... tire lhir.it  mnl .milt n  *
lumillo     Isis-s,    llkt!    M'i'.'i ■ In .' ""'I 'hint;   tt"  lo tli"  Is.i.t  *.
Imu.ls    I'l.-'i" Kus uuin.. I
|..'.i-..iii|i.  I-
.1    II" I.... I |iiv|,i
.m.l It.ins.
.,!.,,..    i,.,  ml mil,    ..|'l"'
 i".    Ml   Hi'-''  .1.inil"'-  ss.'iv  -
,1 In lln nuns nnil 'iii''-
To   Munsielll'   tile I'I   the   I""
, lhu sl.i.'.'i I  I ImlS "' I''1
■i!   li
   |.r..|...r.-il   uml c i"
n,    " \n.t   sshs   ui,."      tssiS
'll.'V     SHIS    '',.""
Mn.isli'll,    lit. -It.
1   leli   sun  lie}   ss.,..   le   I'm
ss.i.il      lo     I.i-l"  .' "   !'"'    h
mnl sl utile Iiiiii i"l." «.mc
Spill i.l'.llll nulls I uut uiiuii 1"
yon       I »'.   !■•     I'll.      1
Fi'i'iish. hut In- suys evei'.vthiuu
Miii' Ul,. ui. i- not ..II s'h.lin'.1
sleep iml one lumr host iiSishl "
While the Hill." llllll Imehess
I'eeiiliii.e themselves svith luilils
nil uiiuii iiiiiI K-holesiuue uml
the olliet Bitests isvuiletl Iliem
,,l thu lr.vl.ll huspitnlitj   "i   lite
ln.rilll.lt       llleh     It -   uf  line
ss'.-i" Sln-eilil forth III tl"' i""1
will, u speelul I'liii.i'.iiiiui'iii fur
nils All..rss.nil hi'.e.ni the spur
Ihe lumbermen, the Ihfowiuit o:
unit tho like Then sevuriil tree
,111   ili'llls    llllll   wiih,ml    ihimi.'i
pent  liii.il*.-
niiiiimlm pine neei
Wllh minis   .Imr.nl"
Inibltanl   svm.ili i s
ihu iriinltH Into I'm
nml proi 1 Willi >
ih.-. Ri-uiil IriuiUs up
i„e sletln. In Hi" ni"
struck    ni' .,   mi"
I lei
e.   Pi
'I'll"    liiiuliel'li
RKentiliit   woosls-
■iiiiimil  Iml
li, il linilee .ll   "li i
either "ml "1 Hu- log
ilescrlhliiu    il II"-
tlules.    etc      Du.' ut
1 1   ,'- -■     \
ss.is presented t.> I he
es..   Ills lloysil  1 li.-.,i.
III!.   '.       ■     1     i
it iliinelitie    from    ll
tl           .,,','       ,.
Vi'ii-r th" "iiii'it.nm
til"   llll!..-      II.ml"  Ilis
speech, it,, spoke Kil
en!   wn*
'"I'lioltliiel ....1   '
ill.,i,l, you tor nn" ui
i-.tiue ...t.'riiii.ii,.. tluu
sinre  «',.  lull   I'.iiLl.'ml
piit-ti, of the svsu-lil. l.i
We have
plensetl us uuire limn
'fhe  llulte-a  ill   'is.i
men, .nil isl  Wi ii u
to tl ,■ sll
ot Hi" W   r   l'-ilii.nil.
 mo il"' ni''" m
kus for it moment en
..ii       ■ 'd
limn in.ul" In.  -t
th.- Iml," .mil Intel	
and Tin ii
i'"lli'iii'ii-s    After ..   in.
Iieslliitlou In- common
ed  his len.
iu I'i h.
"En   Vi.elui-.' "  The
striiuel.'il imulnst this
il. n 1
KI    11- -.sil.l.
English   Imi   1 isill il
,  tie  I.,- i
-Msi.'ii  IssiKiiril minis   s.-.u  ngii     und
1,1   turn   I   hml   ihui"'"   ul   ,l„        mtee
und I nulls some iiiiuieu   II" i     <- i,
pretty full' Kiier-. Iiiil   I  null"    '.!   .
I'jlwiiril uml..-     much mum'"       , ,"
year, nml I bus I j s.-tf I Kill    ink
up liisinss mysolf, uml I .uu Buinu iu
iimk lue  nu.i      lu,,   Well       lis	
J'.lK.tril. he mi object, uml in tree
your I imik hie Wmiim. I inuk seven-
I,"'ii      I'liisni.il    ilollur del.I       leri'.'t
IllllKlllCf),  uml   I   Ins .ii   I   li,,,'.
I eoiniilenco     lo    look piviii'    I.......
less   I   lose  nm   Inline  i luiiiihl.'i'i.   den
I    I   Msle.l   KilKioil. nml  he ..is   1
Hie. Well. Willi.nu. u, vou lloili,?' I
sns lo Msinii KilKinil, 'S','., nud |
would Ml." In go work fur vom nun-
lee ngnln ' So I -.i.irl mnl go l , lo
Alsiell l-Mil'iinl Itui del- Wiih il.il seventeen luns.iml dullur debt, uud
Msinii I'.lii'ni'il lie sn\ tn iu,-. 'W'ull
Willi,.,II,      KllUll   sun   mn   I,,   del,.    Vol!
h.iv tu ,,.,'. ' Well ilnl   linllu'l   mu s	
llllilill,.    mil   I   ilnl  nul   I sv  ish,,I   lu
sin. su | Kent iu il" ehnl'rh l.i di
iii.iss. nud I priiyeil In .In     I."
     I    -.IS    111   him.      I   ;S 'III. .    ,
Cl 1   IMS'   ilnt   ili'l.t     |   Will   ii"     II
first     Wuil |,. shuiitee lu,    Huh'
K.lK.iril    II.. eiv.. in., good »-,,-,	
I nm lm '..Ilio euollgli lo null    hull
tee I. —In- Inr 'I" Kim; null ll
(llleen "
Al   this llllllll   Willi:,iu  uinili.  „   ,,,,,
fotinil  iHiineo In Theii   I,,.'...I High
bosses, mnl koiiiiiI up his i hurucli ,'
istic spoocl, With this mm.ill, "Ai
I mu    .ni"   il     I I'uiiiiui  work yoi
I III,-.il,lln;   llm   link..I.   Kill   in...   in,.   <
1' Ki
Tin   link.-    k„s     convulsed     will.
laughter, uml Konl  ul i   ng Ida
iici'llullltiinoos sns me,  "Wiisii'l     Hml
lho fiititiiesl  lliit,-' .sun .jvor li.'i.ril.'
and in nireivell sliools William svminly by it,, hand.
, iu t-rniibrnok
1 n.ik  I,.'
G. 11. Gilpin, Cranbrook.
for llie
Iml In- l'|i hi'lliilr.
Winter Schedule
. . Effective . .
On October 13th
At the
The Wentworth Hotel
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
hi TAD!
I Iictl in f a low poinls It.
he considered in hiiildiii);.
Good  work,   Good    Material
and the pi-ice.
A New Feature
Crows Nest
Leaves Kooienay l.nntliiii; tinj
hniiiiil Tuesday nnd I ridnJ
Leaves Medicine ll.-it Wcstboin
Snndfit and Wcdnesdai
George Laurie lias wood
of all Icnirtlis. See him
before buying.
ull  ,l|  I  lilltillll   "ll
S. ■;IWJ'''    s'SSJ
For lime tntilc. nml full Informnllon. cnll on
or .itilre.B iii-iin'si local ttj-eiil.
I;. J. CtlVI.I; L.I  elll.l.llAN.
A. li. I'. A. Asisi.t,
Vanrouvs'r, ll.C. Lriinliii.nl.
J. S. CARTHR, II. I'. A.. Ns'lssui. It. si.
Spokane Falis &
o   Northern R'vCo.
Have yoi. talked «lilt anyone about building? Ncls0" & Ft- Slieplmrd R'y   Co:
iiiiii'.'no sis..'me or iti mr sec joo. ii m.y' Red   Mountain   Railway  d
lii. US llllll! gOOll.
The only all rail route lwttreeii.il
poinls Bust, West and Smith to....
indispensable in
^ Every Home
A Reliable,
and Barometer
"Worth 51 on, specially made to
m'rpt <iio tlfmntlo oondltlons of
Western Canada, will be ^enl
free to every yearly subscriber
of the
Season iyoi-iyoa
Out out this advertlaom-snt
un.] forward tn Free Preaa with
one dollar and receive Weekly
)■'!■•■.' |Jrena for tme yenr together   » I til   ;i   liantl -,'iit'.'   lliL't'iiKitu-
i-": and barometer,
Physician and Surgeon.
Office nl llcttidcflcc, trinslnuig Aie.
OPPICI* MtllikS:
Forenoons,   -   -   -   •   ll:30 In II
Afternoons   •   ■   •   ■   1:30 lo 3:30
Evenings    ■   ■   ■   •    7.30 lo 8:30
KAN1IROOK,    :   :   :        :   :    11. C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
Intermediate Poinls.
CnmierUuf! nt
Kl'iiKANl. -villi tin
ei ni iii.- "Conn nnies WIihIIiir tip
.M, b !*,   ,ui.l In the mutter ot   il i row's
;.'-*! t.aii.i uml l)evehi|iin.-ni toiiiimny, l,hn-
Notii-eH liereh) Ktveil Hint ut nil I'Miunnll-
irj ii.-n ml Mi'-iin. n| the n-nw's N.-t Unit
ni P.-,. 1.1 uuni l oiiii-niiy, i.nniieil. .Inly ,'..ii-
.'itt-,1 .ii.,11. >i i en (iclnbei  null. A. D. toot, it
I'sointl irint- ih.- -.iin  company to lie
uHiiiiiilnvn*. itiitj i>us-eil: iviiidi rt-soliitron at
Kiiti*,D<|ticiii i.Mi.i.-itiiuiii', (leitcrul Meeilnp
'ii., n,' tieo mnl liolil on November ith, a. I>
in, nasi ulyeoiinriiieilninsp&l 1 resolittltini
Aimii-Ii In-tl iiu'iill.iiii' I ineotiiiutlii ti|i|iiiliit*
H!„ls .it Wi Ilium l-'i'if iiiini Hulsbiiry, Rsij,, nf
in' rit) ni Viuiciiiivei in itn- ['rovlneeof Itr.llsli
niu li.i- l.i.|ii .until' nml nt ll. Abbot, Ksq,,
i the sumo ftiire ns   Inspector for tbe purpose
Great Northern. Northern Pacific      "
nnd O. 1-0 & N. Company. *t\
Nelson  with  Stenmer  for  Kaslo
and  All  Kootenay   Lake   Points,
Myers Falls with Sta^e Dally (or
Kepuhtic, anil
Connects ilnlh
At    Hosshurj-    Stajce   Daily   for
Grand Porks and (Ireenwood.
II, A. JACKSON, lion. Puss. Ajjt.
.i> niv. U I
i Wm.ui: I ii Ail,
ill  t<>
ie "i union*
Inn i<n thai lln'
< leitlloisol ami oth rs hnvhiH elalnu llpun the
-iin Coinpnii) are ici|iilrcil on or before the
.■ th ui I) ei-mlii r, A, li. lihil. lo send iliolt*
iiiiii mi <l iiil.l losses, tin' iniilleiius of tlietr
.I.I.I-. iii'i'l.mi-iiii.l lln-mil me nf lln- Bi'ciir.lles,
ii an,, ht'hfii) iliem I.. William I'orrimim >..ts
bury. Vnncmivi-r, IV c. tli.- l.ii|iihlnlor of llie
Nut • fnrlliei
ii-lo Imvlmti
nit.- --liiiiiiii
i(i. (irnnvlilu Sire.
\.m tvor.lt.
I tlie.Sii.lt. lllll
Surveys „
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
THOS. T. McVITIlli. IM..S.
P. tl. Purl Steels'. It. C.
j LS
I have good wood of -ill lengths.
Leave orders .il Townsite ollice receive prompt attention,
Richard Stownrl
Something for You
tr..rti-rt~.-*.        I.n.n.I'.   Key City Lodge       . ,     ... ,  ,,     Cl	
*W?m £-«W-V«    . ...... A licniilitill -liluss Slur M I    tulli Vlillf
i'«o II iiiiii linn.
The Ontnrio Fi.sherj Dopnrtraont'ln
tend tu keep rluhl on I'lili'liiiu. bus
in l.ul,,. Erie und lr„nsi.:irii.K then
to Inlnntl is'ut'.-rs Thoro will lilsuls
bo u tliuo, when tlm wi'iilhi't-i,s Ver.v
Wttrill,  Iluit   Ihe  buss   I'iiiiliol     be  Bo
the 1
minus.     Altogether  n,,   Dopurll t
bus    ti uisf-.i'1'od in.i  h.iss     from
I.nI..' Ki e in the vurloiin Inland .vol
• •rs ..| tin: prnvlncu, mnl iih niun.v
nun.' "ill hi- |ihii.'il in ih,- HtrouniH
und l,u„s .if tlie j.... \ ii,...- bufuru lho
wilili'i ,.,iues.
^HRPi a . -*•
Cerlltlc.lc ul ilu- Registration id no livirn
I'm. iiiiliil   Compiuiy.
"C0MPANIHS AC1 I«'l7."
Mi.ii i, clover lent Mi inn:
iiis,""ll'iii-|i''is.ilii,l II..I.Mils."
||...|s,|.|.'ll  IIS 11,1 llstl.l   t'l.lllll-
■1 Mn. "C imnii's Act. Is:i,."
.1 n'l or mil ill the olljoits "f
lilrlillie ii'ul.liitisi' inilljinlly
.., I'.illisli ,'nliin \l Is.
e, suite "I Wiisllilr-tnn, P.M.
lii'.'i'iiind of ill. cninmny Is
iin) nii'iit ni Hi.si lm
II   I,     N.J	
ll'lllllllHlk  I Illln.'. No. 31
A. P. S A. M.
'■N|,.'00     in, ,„..
imv. v  i ■	
<-¥  *      '"'
W. F. OURI),
Barrister, Solicitor-, Etc.
[lliiiiu in »ill tn* given witli ever) ilnicn
calilncl pictures Inkcit licfnrc ClirUlmnn
Conic now, nml give us time in get uur     j
ChrlstnitiH -vurk uut-    No work promised     ■
(ruin this dfllc before three weeks Irom
tline of Bluing.       r 1:1:0. i'i igraplicr
ami Builder  ^
All work gfinrnntccdi   See us licfnrc
you biilltl.   It will inn j,on.
Cranbrook, D C
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory
ltriti.li Columbia        THE0. MADS0N, MliR.
;&~Jl,i,fiZ'l,;id  Hoyie's k    Hotel Kootenay
,!,1.*..,\nV!-T....,'>!',.I iT.''i',.,t O '""" :""| B A' v '''l,c hcs' '*acc011,"-'ali"ns
t'ilveii iinil'er ni'i I'iiOiiii/k,.,,, „j tiffleo nl.    L, C tlU 111 2" »t« for lllC IraVClinS, plllllic. '
I Ull.ish I i.liiinlil.i, I
n, .'. wnnrriitf
Proprietors. i* t
I -
i a
or Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
pica se you and your customers, give your  order
To The Herald Office
•      \ FALSELY
'iU'iW A /.
:)    ACCUSED \
■ tl
ifflllntu as
ml as wo
icr irrndea
within each
tho remi'in
Bcores, Lut
reotloiiB niu
Marshall w
1 t'.
till her mini
happy num.
nounced, 1':
hail bitter v
tied hj
hml Jl
In good .
of fellow
discharged a
qneiit nt'gki
grilled nt hei
stories thnt
facts. My w
con versa tinn
day. we hiul
nml I hud in-
till quite hit
tbnl publico
In less Until n w
n umii'a bod;  In
the village. It h.i
the wnler lllll n sli
lind heetieiil-n In
butnaii shape. '
broken by ti blow-
is friendly.   We did
.rn each other, hut
there still rankled
of   unsettled   old
,v bestowed our nf*
same lady.    Ultra
a   coquette,   but   it
n long limo to make
one was to be tlio
her i hoice was nn*
.fore witnesses.
oinciit tli.at Parsons
Ills business uffiiirs
ind everything wns-
v. ns ii reticent sort
ho left of his own
luiturtilly have left
iis clerk or nt Ills
.it    ie  could   be
I th
' Unit I
. to ln<
' till
,. bora foui
r just brio
,-lltlj   been
. but til.' I'll.
1!   had   he.
in least,
before I
I in.
the Bentonco of Imprisonment for lift.
The hour Is Into, nnd by is anxious to
l.e ui Inline,   lie lias no compnsston for
Hie. They lemi llic back to Uiy cell,
lind, lliaiiks to some unknown friend
whii drops a potion lii my coffee, I
booh full asleep. 13x1musted nnture can
stand tlio strain no longer,
I uin aroused In Ihe early mottling,
llllll II few frlellds COIUO ill to Hll.V 11111'-
w.ll. 'I'hey reiilI/.e (ho Klliiittlt.il moro
fully i Imii 1 do, A short railway Journey, a rule iu a boxllku carriage, and
the prison is reached. I answer a few
questions tnet'luiiiliiilly ami exclinugu
my clothing for the striped dress of ti
convict. With an otllcor 1 pass down ti
tllgltl of steps and through a long corridor liglilcd by a single (lame, l am
pushed inin n small, dark, 11) smelling
cell ami I..i Hi.- first time'realize that
the Judge's lust words to mo were,
"Ami ihe lirst day thereof shall ho lu
solilnry confinement."
1-1 very thing has been u dream up to
ihis moment, but (he awakening is terrible. As 1 hem* the last echo of the retreating footsteps I comprehend my
position—alone In prison. It seems us
If I shall go mad. A feeling of suffoca-
Ihni overcomes me us in vain 1 attempt
lo cry out niul clutch at the here stone
walls. My head throbs ns If It shall
burst. Tho wildest thoughts crowd to
my brain In u confused muss. 1 do nut
comprehend them. My blood courses
through my veins like rivulets of molten lire, burning the flesh at each
pulsation. How long the paroxysm
lasts 1 know not, as iu the darkness
1 can take no note of lime, but when I
grow calm I think out the course of the
The long hours pass away until it
seems as if the night lias come. 1 Und
a coil of water ami gratefully cool my
parched throat. Then I seek to lie
down I'm- the night, but tho cell Is too
small.    The  light apparently grows
dim. ami in a cramped position I try to
got a little sleep. Again wild thoughts
surge through my brain, but at last I
lose consciousness.
Again I nm wide awake. How long I
huvu slept I know not, but I am cold
und doze until It seems as If the night
will never end. I never experienced
one so long before. The silence is op*
presslve, Tiiere is n rush of cold air,
ami I feci that another day hns dawned. I remember that 1 have eaten nothing since entering the prison, and also
that a loaf of bread lies beside tlie can
of water. I clutch it ravenously, but
the moutlifuls choke me. Must 1 go on,
day after day, in this prison? la there
im help for me? How slow the hours
pass! Have they forgotten me In my
s.,litiiry cell, and will It become my
grave? Oh, for tbe sight of a living
face or tho Bound of a human voice,
even If it Is but to urge me on (o harder
tasks. Willingly will 1 work If I can
only he among other men.
After 1 have almost lost all hope of
escape I hear footsteps approaching,
ai hist the hour of my deliverance is
at hand. How long It takes the jailer
to reach my fell! He Is walking slowly.
lie halts before my door and dell ber*
aiely Inserts the key. The bolts move
slowly, the iloor swings open, and 1
Blep forth.    1 devoutly offer a mental
[ii.tv.-r of thankfulness, 1 follow my
tor and soou stand tu the proa-
: the warden, who grasps toy
aavlng! "i have good news for
;■:*.•■.'•■.*.•■.•.■.v.*.".'.ww.oooo.-ow.wX": '■ '■ '■ '■ '■ 1 ! ■ . ■ . v.*.'.'.•.'.'.'.'.'.•'•..,
.*.       .       ...      .       .       •       •       •       •       .       •       « ■  -••      ■       •       •       •       i)     .       .       ■       •       .-     •'     •        .       .J.       .......       . -i       1
I Canadian Pacific Railway Lands §
rhe Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming ami ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands arc readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
file aggregate amount oi principal and inl rest, except in the
case of lands under $2.50 on acre, is divided inio len instalments as
shown in the tabic below; lhc first to he paid at Ihe lime ol purchase, tne second one year from daieuf the purchase, the third in
two years and so on.
lhc- following tabic shows ihe aimuiui of ihe annual instalments
on Kill acre- at different prices under the above conditions:
vv   160 ncrs at $2.50 per air, Isl Instalment $59.95   i> equal intal'ts at $50.00'y'
▼▼,     •• 3.00     •■ » 71.90 •• 60.W-HI
1 with imiii-
tbe     dense
i.i-ivili tu remoter forests: it makes no difference to the night-hawk, which adapts
itself to the circumstances, und b.ys
iis eggs on thu flat roofs of city
stores, As a mnUer of fact th
hawk is imi u hawk at all lie is in
m> sense of tin- word preduceous, living exclusively on night (lying insects, nnd the sharp "chco, cheo,"
that res!dents of nlty nnd country
may    alike neat' during tho twilight
hours of the .siiiinm-r months    is    llitl
mite of the night-hawk ns he pursues his tiny prey through tho Upper
air. Occasionally this coursing flight,
changes and he drops like lead from
tlie upper sky, in pursuit, prosum-
ubly, of some low-fly!ug ins. l. emitting us he dues u loud buzzing sound,
which is rather startling if tlie hint
hi,I'i s to bu 11.-ai  you.  As   before
noted, the night-hawk remains tolerably common in Ontario, while iin:
whip-poor-will grows rarer every
year 1 cuit remember places in ihe
Province where, n few years ago,
whip-poor-wills wen- tolerably numerous, hut where now only a uair or
two of tlie birds may he heard emitting their peculiar cries. Doubtless
in a your or so ihey will huvu completely   deserted   these  localities.   Old
■ thnt whi'ii
ihe London nm
I  was  cut.
.rough tho
bush, every slump on cneh side of
the road would bu crowned at night
with iis yelping whip-poor-will, tho
chorus being deafening. Now the
birds are few nnd far between in
that,   locality,   'i'hey   have   not      been
killed off, for ihey are invisible nt
night and doubly hard to locate I e-
cause of the venti'iloquiul character
of their souk- They have simply vanished, and ore doubtless numerous
enough in the backwoods The nnino
whip-poor-will describes this bird's
noli with tolerable accuracy, tbe tie-
cent being placed on the lirst syllable, and the whole three being repeated with rapidity nnd vehemence As
a matter of tact the song notes of
birds me hard to describe on pnpnr,
because they sound different!*, to different pairs of ears, which 1- doubtless why I fail to agree with the sentiments of a poem which runs in part
re fr
-.1 i
li.l.'lll llllll 1
I,,™ In- linn
tlnl   ovliloni
1     Willi ll      11 I1B
nis'iii'-i nn
\    •         Ill
.,''..i \
liu' t.-l
11,11 ,llllll, 11 -
Millie, in; 1!"
Ms   nil.- i.
II Miss   111
'Sl'i.'.s II'
nl mini.! hnve fnlloii liml
is.isi.si me.   11'liniL.t re*
iiiilMisi.il,netit is at llll
.■nt is even greater wliee
is , .nni'. forward, Iiut In
ntlslinke Hint follows ive
s His story Is soon told.
...i .1 letter stntlng Hint
- . list, ill in 11 noleli-
...I trlahnl to soo lilm. At
ii I tn stmt tlio follow-
fniitiil timt by walking
motion In- ...util Hike nn
1 tn
.■I 1
iim, 11 is-.
lm ,. nml ilunu'Stlo ,.
ii -ni
I,nl I
i- In
1100  1"  1
sl   llllll    1
Ing tor tin- Journey, lm
wrote 11 I'lli'i of I'Mililiinlliin for Ills
.1. il.. Iml 11 is us lulil In 11 book n,1.1 not
iiiiiml until liis return. Ho found Ills
1111, Ir il.s mil', but nrrhi'il In time to re-
I'l'in' l.i.-. Meaning and n fortune. It now
01 . .iii.i.  i..-,,■-.my   for  tilln  In  Hulk,'  „
|, iiiui'i weal, nml lie left Immediately.
\"i until liis return homo did ho learn
of tlio sii|i|...M'.l tragedy and lie lost no
11 coining in tin- prison t.i rolonao
•i have telegraphed to tho governor,"
1 tin' warden anld, "nml If you gentlemen
will step in uml liilio dinner with mo
you inns   inl.i' III.' niton  tt'iliu for
I.   it si iii in* no unusual slgUt," iio
"i |u
1 Id nnd tried
, but In' 'iiii nut pus
llilllSS    lll.ll.lll
prosecution. 1
tlml the wise
early, but no i
till Hint I ilnl
.1,1 boon
nUdent '
ol r.'iili.
lll-l, I Bin
I'll,' ll'lill
utllie  I   I
Tlio Jur
passed ..ut, nml It
> to
cheer nnd hope.
liml,: The Jury Is returning. Surely
thoy i'i I hnvo uiiuii- up llielr niliula
in sn slinrl n llini! I ml,  rellow
iiiini to life impi-lsm ut.   In ros| m
In .i ri'i|iii".i I'ri'in lite Judge I sinml up
uml I'm.' llie Jurji    There la nol  „
friendly i uniicC ong tlio twelve.
I   inin.l.v   I '   lln-   ominous   word
"Qulltyl" wlilcli Hi., foromnii aponks.
Tlio Hhoek  Is
Uin," I naked, "how cnn wo roach
tii'ini' tonight? There is no trait, to our
phloem, Sundny."
II.' looked ni mo In astonishment
"II.us* long .In you suppose you have
In.'ii in I'l'lsmi':" naked tlio wunloti.
-.\i i twenty-four hours."
-Vou wore in tlio solitary forly-llv.
 illtes," mis tlio reply.
iiut ii wna ilio longoat ilny of my life.
"Um.ls were softly sighing,
Through Hu- scented ovonl
l.ike ..
III    Hi.-
suit    I'I..-
Kimberley 's t*1*-" l>nsincss and shipping point fur the
■    North Star anil Sullivan mines.
BEAI. & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is "'c divisional P"'n* ol lnc Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of Sunlit
liasl Kootenay.
V. HVIH- BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
Pur further Information upplj lo agents us ahtivc nr lo
lands under 52. .SO per acre arc sold
on shorter lime.
11 the land is paid for in lull at lhc
time of purchase, » reduction from the
price will be allowed equal to ten per
cent on the amount paid in excess uf lhc
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will be
charged in over due instalments.
The Companv has also lots fur sale
in the following town sites in East Knot-
enay: Elko, Cranhronk, Moyelle, Kltch.
encr, Creston and  Kimberley,
The  terms of payment are one-third
cash, and (he balance in six and   twelve
Kitchener is in the center oi the greal
Iron range aud lhc gatewa) to the White
Grouse copper fields.   .1. f. BURGESS,
Tow nslte A Rent,
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. nr
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
T-^J "(!)--<•>-<•,-f«-(ij  •'-"   '•''•!   *   '--»   ■'<   '•! •!•>-«  WW  rf)   (!>-ti)-(-)^i>-f.)-W-(ll   (i)  li,  (i, (i),.,  ,i,   ..,.,..,   ...    ..    .. -.     ,.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
 AU,   KINI.S   OF-
I Rough and i
: Dressed Lumber, |
t |
t Dimension Lumber, 1
| fhingles and
| riouldings.
tcvniiMpur in To-
ive found much
est    His  floali  is
They Were For sale.
,"-salil tlio lossy old gcntloman-
 i' tin- biggest borrlcB in liis
mnl plckltig up tin other, "what
is tin- sense of having that nlgn rent!,
'lOt'sli Ilerriea For SaleV Don't you
ami that 'Kresli Berries1 would bu
LMiougltil Don't you suppose that everybody knows they ura for solo?"
"I iiitiiiiii," ntisworetl tlm fruiterer.
"Some folks seem lo tlilnk Pin giving
tlirin uway."
Ami tho old gentleman put tlio berry
back in tlio box.
Never l>II II.
"Didn't you toll me that you never
expected to touch another drop of in-
toxlontlng ihiuorV" nuked the Judge.
"Well," answered (In- horrible exam-
letl Hml I '• plo, "I might us well not hnve IoiicIjihI
seareuly rcallKO tlie inclining of (bo It. I bwallowed it ho quick 1 never felt
Jutlgo's cruel words us he proiioiiHcea I It."—Wusliingion Htur.
not   dn 1 nU .  innl  In-- fur is     course,
,iml Hint is perhaps uhv ho sllll sur
vivos   'Ih.'  fanner often Duds him a
nuisance,     beciim i  lho holes     bo
digs nnd of  Hi.- unsightly piles     of
RniVol he llirowa up, but lhu fnnner
is gem.rnlly loo busy simtchlng out
it living for hlmaelf to boihor much
with   his ngrlcultunil fellow-luborer.
It  is not so, however, with tho far
mer's tu.v   Me gols much sport    out
of the groundhog, and lie tiuds    him
ivmv    gn  Tli.* groi hog seldom
veniuies  far  from  home,   unit  al   UlQ
t.i'M sight of thmger vunlsliea     Then
tin- f.n r'x  tiov   sits down lo    wall
and wntch, trninliig lit-- trusty   mus-
kat on iin- spot where the groundhog
vanished,  In n few minutes n    hhiol.
nost  appi-ni.s,    iiiiii nfter a cniitlous
survey u lump of brown for   otlmba
out     on top of  lie' Iltllu in..niul    of
.-nilh   to  Ink.- nil observiil ion.     '"lor.
the old musket   talks,  nml tho little
ball of fur lies still forever   When l
wna   a boy 1 l.ml plenty of     fport
trapping groundhog*- They nro pew-
erful llttlo creatures, nml I nave lost
several  good  steel  Imps owing      to
tho trapped animal carrying oiT trap
nml slake    Into the depths    of    Lis
burrow. Wore I to visit the haunts nf
tho groundhog now- I would probably
leave him in pence, for ho is a harm
less creature, but while the lost  for
blood remains    in human nature*   I
suppose     the     life of tlie groundhog
will continue to be one of peril nml
iinxi.-tv, ami the chances of his tllti-
iiiaii'   survival    are    tlm reverse of
(Hie of the Most Coillfortublt
Motels iu h.HSt Kootenay.
Refitted Throughout
Newly Furnished
L B. VanDecar, Prop.
Crnuhrook, R. C.
m IN CASH, |
A  l.o.it Tlott ll ii I.i'Kf.
Fji-Wnrden Slater of Mml.hiim has
got u muple leaf Which In- thinks huS
till oilier maple leaves beaten out by
a good margin when it comos to
size. It is 1(1 indies long, 17 Inches
wide and 4H inches around, mnas-
iin-il with a straight rule. If nil tha
Indentations of Die leaf could bo
added iu Un: measurement, ii would
likely go !l fe.*t. Tlio loaf was picked Irom it tree on Air. Slater's farm
uu the 4th concession of Mui khuwL
Wo will give the above reward to nny person who will correctly arrange thef
inbove letters to spell the nnmosol three Canadian cities. I'seeacb letter but m
\011cw. Try ii. We will positively give the money away, and you may bathe\
rfortunatoperson. Should there bo more than 1 sel of correct answers, thef
i un. nr y will b.' di vi. i. il equally. For instance should n persona semi in correct A
\answers, each will receive H" ; should 10 persona Bond in correct answers,\
fesch will receive $20 ; twenty porsons* $10 each. We do ihis lo introduce^
jour firm nnd goods w^ bundle na quickly as possible. BEND NO MONEY j
\WITH YOUR ANSWER. ThlsisaFREE contest. A postcard will do. J
f Tiitfre win* hsre not recoltcd anything (rum other oonteiti, try this one. f
A. T. Vroom,
WaKon riaklng,
niul PalntlilK.
All kinds of work sriven prompt
attention, nnd we will guarantee
satisfaction to our I'titrons in all
we do. Yours for Iradc.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed llrick,
Fire llrick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any iob
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
The .* .* .« .* .< .-« .< .<
Cosmopolitan |
Hotel & --■*
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
Good Table and Every Accommodation.
American Drinks, Leading; Brands of Liquors
and Schlitz Famous Beer dispensed by the popular
bartender, Charley Armstrong.
J. R. DOWNES, Prop
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor????
II «... iliin'l hu,    rjpi   Tirn    The llnls Whi.ltt.lc Liquor lle.ltr In
■■til yon mc.   rCLIICK   South Ra-t Hooter,,).    Write for Price.
Cranbrook, B. C. * * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South Easl Kootenay.
i; Cranbrook
Hotel s s
Qticatl Comfort n Speciall>
Qood SlahlinK In Connection
Nearest to rallioad and depot.    Has accomin
tiiiiis for the public iineipmlled in Crsnlir
 Proprietor       j',
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think  of  selling  at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The mtli Century Tailors, Cranbrook, 11. C ttt :.:.:::- -
• •■-..... .
(5MSH--1   .    •    •
..   .    .   -I
. .. a
& CO.
We are busy straightening up our stock
after the Holiday rush. Mr. W. T.
Reid has gone east to purchase an immense stock of spring goods. We need
room and propose to make it by giving
some great bargains in Dry Goods and
Clothing.   Come in and see us.
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and  varied
stock of
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
II you buy ol Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make it right.
Official Watch Inspector inr
Crews Nest iii.Id.hi C. P, P.
A Problem
If John Jones' income is
ji,ooo imii the annual living
expense of John Jones and
family is Ji.coo and John
fones  only curries ii life as-
surance policy oi f 2,000. how-
does John Jones expect his
family to live two years after
his death?     Insure with the
NOW and know that in tlie
event of your death your
wife and children are ade-
.|iiately provided for.
C. ti. PALMER, Dlsl Agent,
Mat. Life Assurance Cu. ol Caa.
Livery  A
Proprietors ** -)» •»»
Tennis, nml striven, furutiilleil for any
point in the slistiisit.
Manager   .*.*.*
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
uf repairing,   dive mc a call.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
ec -nomieal way to handle it.
Home Hade
That is what ours
is like.    Try it.
City Bakery.
Our bum,, bread, cake and tickets lur Bale at
li. T.   ko-er'n grocery stars'.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Clinnipisiii college of U. S
Office tilt] slur,'. Atkell Work,
near Canadian n,.„k of Com-
lllerfe, Crnnliriiiik. II  C.
Ilpholalerln, and (leneral Furniture Itepalrla,
Will ntlelli! 1" any wurk III tlie illntrict
Picked  Up About the City  by  Asking
Questions  of  Many   People.
Happy New Yeur.
Resolve to keep your resolutions,
Fred Frith, of Moyie, was in ^town
H. P, Jones, oi Elko, was in town
■Most of tlie stores are busy this week
taking stork.
Miss Grace is now keeping books for
1-. J. Peltier.
Walter   Wilson    of   Marysville   spent
Christmas iu town.
W. F, Gurd spent his Christmas with
his parents in Nelson.
The Kntre Noils dance last Friday evening was largely attended.
Sweating oil' is a chestnut, yet a few
swear olfs won't hurt anybody,
Mrs. Arnold and dmighler have taken
the Peltier home for the wilder.
Miss Anna (Irani of Frank, Alta., visited friends in town two days this week
Miss Una McKillop has taken a permanent position at Seattle's drug store.
James Gill spent the Christmas holidays with his mother at Pincher Creek.
Mrs 10 J, Peltier and sou have left for
the east for an extended visit with relatives.
Charles Only, II. D, McMillan and A
Bale of Marysville were iu town this
Mrs. llauuiugloti and daughter came
up from Mo/ie last Friday lo attend the
Fred Haines, of the Marysville Tribune spent Christmas with Cranbrook
Mr, and Mrs I.eitch had 11 jolly crowd
of young people at their home on Christmas evening.
Mr. I.'ddicoat, of Port Sleele, came
over to spend New Year's with Cranbrook relatives,
Cory Dow, provincial constable, came
down from lilko on Wednesday on
otlicial business.
Mr. and Mrs G. J. Bury [entertained
a numher of guests at a watch meeting
Tuesday night,
Victor ami Will Rollins came down
from Klko to spend New Year's with
Cranbrook friends.
Mrs, Clary and young son of Grand
Forks, B. C, were the guests of Mrs. I-..
II. Small the past week.
Word has been received from James
Ryan to the effect that he has been ill
since arriving in the east,
John Wolte, of the Model Cafe of
Marysville, spent two days with his parents in this city this week,
Mrs. Henderson and Miss Ilelle Henderson, of Creston, are the guests of
Mr. nnd Mrs. R   K. Beattie,
Mr, and Mrs. p; rick son's daughter Vera
came home fiom the school at Vale to
spend the Christmas holidays.
N'oiman McConnell returned last week
from Seaforth, Out., where he took a
hunch ot horses from this district.
M. Rockeudorf of The Herald oflice
left for Columbia, West Kootenay, Wednesday, to visit his mother and sister.
The Misses Clarke of Maniton, Man,,
sisters of Mrs. A. I.eitch, liHve arrived
here to spend the winter with their relatives.
G. W. Hull aud wife relumed from
Spokane Monday, where they spent
Christmas, and left Tuesday for Marysville.
Wilke Brown left on Christinas day
for New York city where he takes his
new position witli a large asphalt company.
B. Plummer, ofthe Fernie branch nf
the Canadian Batik of Commerce, has
been transferred to Crauhrook as ledge-
A large number of Crauhrook people
went to Fort Steele Tuesday evening to
attend a ball. They report a most enjoyable time.
The license commission met Tuesday
veiling st Fernie and granted licenses
to John McDonald at Marysville and C.
M. Kdwaids at Klko,
The Sunday schools of the different
churches had their Christmas celebrations this year ss usual and the children
were given a good time.
Rooms to rent in postoilice block;
suitable for lodging or office purposes.
Apply to R  H. Beattie. tf
Mr. J. H Scott and wife relumed to
Cranbrook from Fori William on Tubs-
lay. Mr. Scott will take his old position as dispatcher (or the division.
Tbe lii^li mass held at the Catholic
church ou Christmas eve was a most im*
pieesive cereuiouy and the musical programme was a pronounced success.
Kdgar Holmes, for some time with the
P. Bums company at Fernie, has succeeded Wilke Biown is bookkeeper at
tbe Fort Steele Mercantile Company.
M. P., King has had word from his
brother, Dr, King, to the effect that Senator King, their father, was greatly improved and now on the road to ultimate
The French cook at Ihe Cranbrook
Lumber company's mill seived a great
spread on Christmas day and had his
dining room decorated until it waa |a
bright dream of beauty.
Tbe Cranbrook hotel put up a magnificent spread New Year's evening. There
was a large number of families who took
advantage of the occasion and tbe tables
were crowded for several hours.
James Greer expects to leave next
week for a trip to his old home in the
east. He has not been back there for
nearly twenty years and looks forward
to the trip with pleasant anticipations.
Dan Mcf-eod, the well known bookkeeper for Breckenridge -V I.mid. was in
town several days tbis week. Dan looks
as if he had plenty to do this fall, but
still bis good nature is apparent aud his
hand shake as hearty ss ever.
I, 11. Van Decar, of the Royal hotel,
has one of the neatest and most convenient hotels in this district, Mr, Van De-
car gives the institution his personal attention, and nothing la left Undone to
insure comfort lo his feilesls.
Dr. O'Hagan has returned from I.eth
htidge where he has been for sometime
with Mrs. O'Hagan. He is now arranging to commence work on his Marysville
hospital, and will push the building to
an early completion.
Dr. Green was called to Marysville
Tuesday to attend Jack Tony, who fell
thirty five feet from a scaffold on the
smelter works. Fortunately tbe victim
n( the accitleut escaped with a few bad
bruises and no broken hones.
W. D Hill and wife left last week for
an extended trip through the eAst. They
will visit nt their old home in Ontario
ami Mr. Hill will go to M( ntreal and
New York to make extensive purchases
for his three stores in this district.
Frank Sentinel: While Jack I.eitch,
son of Alex. lA-itch, tbe general merchant, was driving tbe delivery rig last
Saturday the wheel struck a stump and
threw him out over the dashboard, Oue
wheel ran directly over his head but fortunately his injuries were confined to a
few cuts and bruises.
Tbe patronesses and executive committee of the Kntre Nous club met last
Monday evening at the residence of W.
F. Tate. They decided to hold the next
dance on Wednesday, January 8, and
pains will be taken to make it an extraordinary success. Afler tbe business bad
been settled Mrs, Tat* surprised those
present by inviting them to tbe dining
room where sn elegant lunch was in
waiting. The committee decided that
Mrs Tate's home was the proper place
to meet hereafter.
Business Was fioei.
It is generally conceded thit business
was better ia Cranbrook this year than
ever before. Tbe merchants hate had a
steady and profitable trade, and tbe
tiade has come from a larger territory
than iu former years. Tbe growth and
permanency of Cranbrook is better assured than ever and this fact is being emphasized each week by the increased
prosperity of the people. Every merchant will tell you tbat bis trade Is steadier, and that the family trade is increasing, showing and increase in population.
The Herald Is of the opinion that tbe
coming year will see a still greater
change in the trade conditions of Cranbrook, and lhat at tht close of the year
the results will prove eminently satisfactory to all.
More Boys For Stfttb Alfki.
Last Tuesday the opportunity to enlist
in the Canadain contingent Wis given to
tbe people of this district, Major Leckie
of Vancouver was in charge. Ind the
Cranbrook hotel presented a buiy scene
for several hours. Tbt following applicants were accepted:
J. A, C.euest, acting corporal; Samuel
I.nvult, uhouinK DittltUi Geo h, Milliard,
shoeing smith; A. E. Richardson. F. V.
Parsons, J. G. Groflns, A. R, McColl,
Samuel Liezerti Geo. F. Meaeban, Harry
Joyce, Dan W. Sullitin afld W. F.
The party left on the afternoon train
for Halifax,
He Is Just Tbt San*.
Dr. Watt in an excellent article In
the Fort Steele Prospector wriled of the
growth or Fort Steele. The venerable
gentleman would have Won many words
of praise for his magnificent effort if he
could have refrained from getting bitter
in some of his allusions. It is too bad
that he permitted himself to spoil an
otherwise good piece of work by giving
vent to his personal spite against cer.
tain individuals and the old gentleman
should remember    that "the   sun do
move".      -
Lost Several Plftgcn.
Wm. Mason an old employee ot the
Cranbrook Lumber Compar y liiet with a
serious accident Tuesday, by which he
lost three fingers while opetittug the
edger, Ue was taken to the hospital and
Dr. Green fixed up tbe Injured member,
It li only s few months since Mr. Mason
was the victim of a similar accident and
lost one finger.
Some Interesting Bam on ibe Wurk oi tiK.
Past War.
It is to us a most 1 tisible pleasure to
extend to our friend-. ■*■-' numerous and
generous, our warmeM thanks lor their
bounty towards ns ill ring the past year.
Tbey, Irrespective ■ creed or nationality, have Bhowtl 1 - -I"-' gieatest COU*
sideration and kindness, and apparently
were not only willing but eager to assist
us iu our work ol caring fur the sick.
We have again and again been deeply
touched by ihe delicate proofs of the interest taken In us, by those noble-minded, belpeis, the members of the Ladies)
Aid Association, who during the year
worked htiiiil in tttml for the welfare of
our hospital.
Between December .list, 1900- uud the
same date mm three bundled pulieiils
were received ami cared (or These were
residents of the different places along
ibe line between Crow's Nest and Sirdar,
as well as the neighboring iiou**rallroud
towns. Upwards ot fifty ol the numher
were operated on; there were twenty one
cases of fever, the remainder were principally sufferers Irom rhumatlsni, pneumonia, henit disease nud sceptieumiii.
Out of these three hundred patients only
seven died; twoof heart disease, two of
pneumonia, one ol paralysis, oue of
fever, and one of appendicitis,
There are at present twenty*three
patients in hospital. This institution
received a grunt of $1000 ou this year
from the government, which wns barely
sufficient to pay hired help. The Ladies
Aitl Association contributed sinus ot
money at different periods, the whole
amounting lo about $30000, For remainder of expenses it bud tu depend ou
private patients, the dollar a month per
capita con tri Ini tion from miners, and
collections taken up iu most of llie
towns from which patients were received.
The hospital still carrlea the heavy
debt of $8,000,
To our benefactors one and all, we
offer our most cordial thanks, mid pray
that the New Year may come l-> them
laden with every blessing, ami that the
charity exercised toward our institution
may be returned to them iu two-hundred fold measure.
Sisters of Charity,
St. Eugene Hospital-
Marysvllle Tril	
Cumulative evidence tends to Btreng.
then the rumors to the tlt'ect that a
road will be built up the St. Marys
Valley next summer, ami at the present writing ll looks as if both
BbaUgbnessy anil Hill had llielr eye ou
the gun, It la conceded by all whu
have studied ihe railway situation in
Western British Columbia, thit Jim II 11
Intends to go alter his share of the
business in Eist and Went Kootenay.
He will have a line to tap Elko and tin
coal He Ids at Morrissey and Fernie
when hli Elko-JcnnlngS road Is completed, tie already lias two to reach
Kooienay lake, one terminating at
Nelson, the other at Kn-diouook. Ity
connecting these lines In East and West
Kootenay, he would be placed in a
position to say something about
rates ami business for these two pros*
pei oiis seel Ions. 'I'llIs connection
could be easily made by bull.ling from
K lio 10 Marysville and then on up the
valley ou tlie charter already secured,
aud there Is reason to believe thai tie
Is seriously contemplating this very
On the other hand the (J. P, K. holds
the key lo the iratllc situation lu West
Kootenay, and by building the Crow's
line, drove In tbe wedge In East Kootenay. 11 Is pretty generally understood
that the U. 1'. It. does not propose to
take the chances in East Kootenay that
It took in West Kooienay, for competition cost it a lot of money. It's Held
al Eernle and Morrissey is being invaded by Hill, and it realises ibal ibe resources of Somb Hist Kooienay will
prove attractive to that shrewd railroad
operator, who la strengthening the
Great Northern by the construction of
feeders thai tap tbe rich countries tributary to that line. Therefor, It la not
strange that the C. P. It. proposes to
protect Itself in a section that it has
been guarding wllh jealous care,and thai
is why the Idea Is generally accepted
that this company wilt begin operations
in the St, Marys Valley just as soon as
the opening of spring will permit. This
is the news that comes from various
sources, the authenticity of which can
hardly be questioned by reasonable
How Charley Swore Off.
nn 11-i.AV, .ias. 'J.
"Have a dtlnk old man."
'■No more of that for me.   I've sworn
FltlllAY, JAN. 3.
'Take one on me, Caarley,"
"111 take a cigar, If you don'l mind.
No more booze forme."
SATCIIDAT, .us, 1.
• Hello Charley 1 Have a shot."
"Sorry, old  boy.   I've qalt.   1  know
enough to let It alone."
scnmiay Jan. 5.
"Come In Charley,    Just got a   hottle
of   80-year  olu" stuff.      It's   line,   I   tell
"I've quit drinking entirely, but as
this Is a special case, 1 wttl take just
"come up boy* tin a Utile girt up
to tbe house Every body take one,
and cigars don't go. Get In line
"I don't care to drink any thing, but
ot course can'i refuse to drink to the
health of the haby, Give me rye and
soda.   Here's to tbe baby.''
"Hello charley, where are yon going?"
"A little blow ont down town.    One
of tbe boys get  a case of champagne.
There will be i hot time tonight.''
wanxisDAY, -tax 8th,
Nine o'clock a. m. "Say, bar tender,
Give me a colllns, This swearing off
business is tough work,"
Miss (Irani Resigns.
Miss Grant for several years in charge
ofthe work at the Cranbrook post office,
has resigned her position, nml on Tuesday left for her home in Frank, Alta.
During ail theue years, Miss Grant became personally known to Die people of
Cranbrook and vicinity, as dny afler day
she stood at the wicket and handed out
mail to the hundreds that called at Ihis
office. With everyone she was a favorite, for her aim seemed to lie to pleuse
the patrons of the office at all limes, and
she will be missed by the public in general, and by a large circle of friends, as
she wns always active in church and
Sunday school work nud social matters.
Call in This Item.
Frank Sentinel: "Frank, Alberto, a
new town on tbe Crow's Nest section,
lias been made 11 Hag station fur passenger trains."
Tbe above hit of news hns appeared in
nearly all Llie papers of British Columbia and Territories which reach this
oflice. We have grown tired of seeing it.
It is not true, we may not have a depot.
and God only knows when we will get
one, but, Frank is a regular stopping
place for all passenger trains and there
are more passengers now booked to and
from this place than half of theso-c-dled
cities in British Columbia or the majority of the towns on the Crow's NeBt
Sl. litgeae Nul Wurkla|.
Ed. Fairell, of Moyie, was in town
last eveniug nud paid The Herald office
a pleasant visit, Speaking of the St.
Eugene resuming work, he said that at
the present lime it did not look very encouraging, a- more men bad been laid
off, aud Unit all told the company would
not be working over twelve or fourteen
men, at lln- ouceutrntor, St. Eugene
and Lake Shore mines. Work on the
Society Girl i, progressing and the prop*
'erty is look. , better now than  it ever
[ has.
Smelter Town Philosophy.
.Miuysviiit' irllinnu
Blessed is he who advertises, for he
shall gather nnlo himself many shekels.
Blessed la he who tatiieih for his
town, for he shall reap a rich reward.
Blessed is he who worketh his claim,
for he shall profit by ihe riches of the
Blessed is he who knoweth not li
all, (or he shall live 10 be honored hy
Blessed Is he who switcheth not his
drinss, for he shall be able to walketh
lo his nightly abode.
Blessed Is he who gambleth not, for
he shall enjoy three meals a day.
Blessed Is the peace maker for he
shall serveth as a bumping post for
both sides in the controversy.
Blessed Is ihe editor, for he shall
learneth the lesson of self dei ial anil
know how to be happy on oue meal a
Blessed Is the clubber, for he shall
have coin to chub again.
Blessed Is he who hath many blues
when he casheth In, for he will have
much coin until he pljycth again,
Blessed Is the man with one foot, for
be canuol freezeih two.
Blessed Is the man with a close neighbor who keepeth a large woodpile, tor
dark nights shall glvetb unto him maty
Blessed ls be who kuocketh not, for
he shall Inherit eternal happiness.
Blessed is he who slttetb down on a
red hot stove, for he shall rise again.
Blessed Is the liar, for he shall get
his needlngs.
Blessed ls he who buyeth once In
a while, for he shall not be scorned by
by the people.
Blessed Is he who payeth what he
oweth, for lie shall have credit again.
Trail Smelter to Close.
The Trail Smelter expects to close
down for a month. That step Is neces
sary to permit tlie rock crusher now In
use being replaced by a modern machine
of double Us capacity. Most of the
apparatus has been delivered. The
plant employs tlOO men, but the shut
down has been expected as tbe Importance o( the Improvements is realised.
With the new crusher in position the
output can be substantially Increased.
The Kossland mines will not ship to
Trail until the new machinery is set
•-P- t
Just a SiiKKes'.lon.
A. Beale, oi Moyie. sends us n two
dollar note with best wishes for the
New Year. There are several hundred
readers of this sheet who might have
made a hit with us by doing the same
thing. We might add that it is not loo
LUe to come to the front. If you have
read The Herald n year without paying
for it, just drop us n pinlolliee or express
order for $2.    We need the coin.
At the   Methodist  parsonage, December
31st, by Rev. J. W. Bowering B. A., Mr.
Peter Woods of Cherry  Creek  to Miss
ILittie Van Allen of the same place.
School Next Week.
The public schools will be opened next
week on Mnnilny. Tbe children in town
have had a delightful holiday and will
be ready to return to work with renewed
tototototototo "ms ™iiiiu-wi™KMm totototoooo
to* toti>il>t€<$<>£toto$ttoi?to$t$<><?':y -0
tot to, o*\
to&to I take this opportunity to wish   O^hr
toZto <J-h<>
to* to all  my patrons in  this district   a   $1$
to^to 0"0
to£to bright and happy New Year.                O ZO
tooto o*0
p| R. E. BEATTIE, ™^ |s|
toito 010
to- to$$.$woto'toto"to<*o<*<>ooo*wo o
tototototoMi "I>,vs To wm- wmi m:*TT,H toto&tootoo,
The New Year
Prompts us to remark that the Furniture business is peculiar. To please the
people one must have goods and prices
that will suit the people. Although we
have been in business in Cranbrook only
a few months our trade has rapidly increased until it has reached pleasing proportions. Our Furniture evidently suits
the people.
Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year we remain,
Yours Truly,
J. P. FINK, Secretary. Next Door to Postoffice.
ty    PIEPER & CURRIE, §
/fv ....Dealers in.... N
f Wall & Paper, j
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, M
>As      flouldings, Etc. M
^V Paper Hangers and Decorators. I
*- '-,..-,  'Iiii- .lti.iv- Ihi' in,
Jl-a'-J   l.'.'J'Ulli- il is Illlnl
iii'   ...III   l-iillllt-  SSl.li'l'
llll i-i.tl'.-e suliiiii.it..
mini mil Is tin I,
reversed! ,1 11 i.
r."iily ,i, m-rv...    A
patctitcil May 32,11100
Should not be without this
Kin-Hce Nickel Plated
Quick Coffee Pot. Simple
in Construction and Perfect in its Results. Can
be had at the
The Pioneer Hardware Dealers
of South East Kooienay
We have a full stock in our
line. Our goods are right
and our prices are right.
When You think of Insurance
And you should think of it with wittier cniiiig on
You think of HUTCH
Sec him or his right bower, TOMMY TURMiV
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Kelall
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade Is solicited.


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