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Cranbrook Herald Feb 14, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President. B. K. Wai.khk. Oen, Man,
Paid Up   Capital   SMOMOM
Heat  2,0011,001100
Total   Ke-.ni,r.t»     .5,000,000.1111
A (it-neral Banking Business Transacted.
Depo.sits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Dave -Griffith. Who Came Here in Ihe
Early Sixties,
Is)-®-®-®-ft-*-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®—®-®-®-® ®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®
Great Clearing and Discount Sale
Now is the time to purchase whilst we are giving Special
Discounts off for cash. Bargains in all lines of Dry
Goods, Furs and Gents Furnishings. A full line of Boots
and Shoes going at cost.
Estate, Geo. Bremner & Son.
Spring Arrival
Buy quick as these
A choice line of Curtain Muslin,
goods are going fast.
New Cretons, New Lace Curtains. New Window
Blinds, New Tapestry Curtains, New Dress Muslin,
Choice New Dress Goods.
The latest in belts 25, 35 and 50 cents.
The Prospector Should Meet  the
Purchaser Half Way at All
Tanuary Clean up of Gents'
Clothing and Dress Goods.
What are you buying in these lines? We have
a most complete stock, too much in fact in our
three stores. We will exchange goods (or
money and offer big inducements. Cafi and try
Hill & Co.
P. S.~-We have bought the Leask & Rankin
stock to sell and low prices are going to do it.
It is easy to get if you buy some of 9
Do You Want
*     I
IA Dollar?
An interesting figure on Crnnbrook
streets fur a couple ol duy? lasl week was
Dave Griffith, one of the sturdy pioneers
of the district; one of the very few who
cume into the country in 1864 aud has
stayed wtth it to good purpose.
In   the  winter  of '64-65 there were
some thousands of meu 011 Wild Horse
creek engaged in placer mining.   Some
spots were wonderfully rich, equal to
auy in  British Columbia, and fortunes
were made aud speut as freely as in the
Yukon.   When the richest of the diggings  were   worked out and thousand
dollar dirt could no more be found) most
of the  adventurers scattered over the
country hunting uew banks of golden
earth,   but Mr.   Griffith,   with  s long
headedness and obstinacy, which uiay
fairly be called his most marked characteristic, stuck to the creek which had
yielded him much gold, and mauy of the
good things of life.   Year after year, as
the original owuersof claims left for uew
diggings, their old holdings fell into his
possession, until  he had acquired fully
half of the workable gravel of the creek,
aud became the sole owner of the Victoria !
ditch, which carried the most valuable
water right of the camp.     Theu  Mr.
Griffith might have settled down to enjoy the fruits of his patient and watchful efforts, but the inborn energy of the
man kept him busy at all sorts of work,
and today his rugged frnme aud business
ability give 110 hint of retirement from
the most active participation in public
affairs.'   If anyone wishes to understand
the difficulties and hardships of taking
gold out of gravel in the olden days, let
him drive to Fort Steele, and five miles
beyond up Wild  Horse creek, and get
Mr. Griffith to show* the points of inter-
'iiiu1eij?s*:"'aVea'"o'f"giouu'd"wliich is now-
level with the present creek, but was
once over a hundred feet high 111 auriferous gravel, the miles and miles of ditches
around   the mountain sides,  the huge
boulders moved in the search for gold,
and remember that the nearest point for
lUpplies   was   Walla   Walla,   nearly   a
thousand miles away, that the Indians
on the trail were generally hostile, nnd
then digest lhe fact that these old timers
walking under greal difficulties produced
over fifteen millions  of dollars!   Such
as the starling point  in  history ol our
South Hast Kootenay district.
; From tlie Irse Pms ]
Miss liackett entertained & number of
frlenda Ui the Victoria parlor* on Wednesday evening. Whist and dancing
were Indulged in foi a few hours, after
wnich all repaired to ihe Bpacioui dining room, where a long tabic was sei
and a most sumptuous luncheon pio-
vided. An exceptionally pleasant even-
tag was Spent by all p'ssent.
A Slav bov about ;, years of age had
bli leg broken iu the mines a few days
ago. Some empty Cftn ran away, one of
which struck him .-.nd broke his leg
above the knee.
The Pincher Creen Echo says large
deposits oi good tire clay has been discovered ntar Livingston. One of the
great >l lliculties in tbe coking Industry
is lhe procuring of g'. >d fire brick, At
present ihe brick used in Pernie is imported from Pennsylvania, If the Livingstone clay will make brick suitable
for coke oveus. the finder has a fortune.
Mr. (J.J. Bury, divisional superintendent, has had a new time tuble pie-
pared for the mines brauch. Trains
uow leave Pernie regularly at 6:15, 14,17
and 22 o'clock for WllsontOU, and returning   leave   Wilsoulon   at   7,    15:30,
40 and 23:31 This, it is expected,
wil) give ample service 011 the branch.
Mr, Bury is a thorough railroad man,
and has lhe reputation of insisting that
every man is worthy of his hire, and
that everyone should get pay for his
work aud work for his pay.
Ureal Activity al the Sl. Eugene, Sullivan and North Slar.
Mr. Robbins Expresses His Views
On Smelters and Mining in
This District.
From Thi H-?ra!d Correspondent
rtiary nth. 1901, Mrs. Lee McKin-
Stry of lhe North Star mine gave birth to
A son, find both mother and sou are doing well. This is the first event of this
nature that has happened on the North
Star hill, so another item of prosperity-
is added to the record ol" this famous
en Hip.
Mr, Prank Robbins, manager of the
North Star mine, returned from his trip
lo the Kast on Monday, and we are all
glad to see him back. He brings with
hi in good news for the
coming season's
Ilie)' Extend Parliaments!*)* Conrtesies
to Each Other.
The   Nortli   Star mine resumed ship
ping last Friday tlie Mh {nit, since then
they  huve shipped on an average of 60
' shipmeuts will be steady
those winter goods we are closing
out. A few lines left. Call and see
Choice Qroceries, Pickles and Fruit.
fe Our stock is pure and fresh,   jt   jt
% Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
rj) 1 -.i 1;.' 1 ,.1 ..* I ® ,.'  si   .- ..-.•■   •'   •   ■'   ••   »I (S'l ® I ® I ® I ® I ® I *S I ®; ® I ®
At Gilpin's
Immense Line of Carpets and Rugs, imported direct.
McClarys Stoves and Ranges,the best and cheapest.
Furniture in all grades, every line a good value.
Blankets, underwear, caps, clothing, etc. at greatly
reduced prices.
For anything you may require in the Hardware line call at the
Pioneer Hardware Store.
We carry a complete stock. Plumbing and
tinsmithing in connection. Satisfaction
G. H. Miner.
A Wholesome Tcndcacy.
The recent transfers of mining proper-
lies on Sullivan hill will tend to give
outsiders confidence in liast Kootenay
mines. This is ns it should be, a disposition on lhe part of claim owners to
meet the purchaser on common ground
« have the effect of giving stabi'ity
to the mining industry of the district.
['he placing of ficticious values on a
prospect will draw capital from the
country-) and once it has been diverted
t is difficult to get il back. The pur-
baser of a claim takes the greater risk,
in ihat he musl expend large sums to determine iis value; il it proves worthless
he is the only one injured, in which case
llu* prospector Is the beneficiary. If for
some cause Ihe sale is not consumated,
lhc original owner has n property considerably better developed than when
he bonded tt.
While in mining there are no more
risks Ihnn iu any other business, the
element of chance which enters inlo all
mining ventures iuak<**s it an aitraclive
business not only loathe speculator^ but
to every one who invests a dollar iu
Dividend paying mines are few and
fai between, although so mui'h is heard
of lb fin. lu looking over llu-list ol
dividend payljlg mines one will be astonished at the comparatively small
number which aro producing wealth in
Canada and the United States, It is not
without Ihe expenditure of vast sums of
money which will make a dividend
payer ofa properly,
It is said that il costs ten dollars to
produce one dollar in mining. Of course
this includes all work in prospecting nud
development and it would seem that
this evidence is practically correct; for
instance, in this mining district hundreds of thousands of dollars have beeu
expended in explotiug properties,
thousands of claims have beeu located,
hm in the entire district only two mines
are  paying  dividends.
The Fernie Boys Succumb to a  Score ol
Four to line.
The Cianbrook Hockey team went lo
Fernie last 1'hiiis lay, accompanied by a
crowd of rooters. The game was a very
good one in many respects and several
of the Cranbrook boys distinguished
themselves by their individual plays,
The score Btood—but, no, we will let
the story be told entliely by the Ferule
Free l'ress, as follows:
The Cranbrook hockey team came to
Fernie 011 last evening'-; train and played
a match in the rink with the Pernie
boys lhat night. Play started shortly
after S o'clock, and it was not loug before the Cranbrook boys scored, They
soon did the trick again, and il was not
until lime was almost up for the first
half that the home team scored their
first and ouly goal. In lhe second half
Craubrook scored two more goals, the
game finishing with a score of 4 to r iu
fiutfmoaiy ftas tf-.e Lust -jam. They art
all splendid skaters ami sure on their
feet. Where tbe Fertile boys were at
tbe worst disadvantage was their inability to "lift" scarcely any of them being
able to get the puck off lhe ice, whereas
everyone of the visitors could lift clear
from one end of the rink to the other.
Those who saw the match here and the
one al I'mcher say the Fernie boys did
not put up nearly as good a game as at
Pincher, For the home team Dan La-
fortune put up the best game. Milt
Kastner, who usually excells in any
game he plays, did not seem to be himself last night, and lliough usually as
firm as a rock, did not put up anything
like ihe game he did at Pincher. The
Cranbrook learn Ins a jewel of a goal
keeper. The game throughout was conducted in a most friendly manner, uot
the slighest sign of ill-nature appearing
at any time on either side, Mr. Sanson)
acted as referee, and a fairer or more
impartial judge it would have been impossible to get. On oue or two occasions he found it necess iry to rule oft a
Craubrook man for a few minutes, but
did it in such a gentlemanly mauner tbat
not even tbe Craubrook boys said a
I11 addition to tbe team, about twenty
friends came wilh the Craubrook boys,
and although lols of jollying was indulged in, there was nothing in any way
offensive, as is often the rase at snch
games, A return match will he played
at Cranbrook iu the near future.
After the hockey match an impromptu entertainment was given at
George Levasseur's holel, in which the
talent of hoth tov.ns participated. It
was a very enjoyable affair and nn't with
the hearty approval of the large crowd
The different positions ou lhe Cranhrook team were played as follows.
McDermott, goal; O'Hagan, point;
Prest, cover point; Sharp, left wing; Mc-
li m.-ild, right wing; Coullon, center.
To Mine British Columbia Coil.
It was some time ago announced that
the Gooderhaui-Blackstoek syndicate
were going into coal mining lu Southern British Columbia. They have secured an option ou the coal fields of the
Nikola Valley, through which the C, P.
K. has planned to ruu its extension of
the Columbia & Western Railway, aud
near which the proposed Mackenzie &
Mann Hue to the coast is lo pass, Tbere
are said lo he 100,000,000 tons of coal of
high-class ijnality in sight in the deposit
secured by the Toronto syndicate,
The difficulties between the shipping mines of South East Kootenay
and the C P. R, and smelters have
all been adjusted. This means an
immediate revival of activity in
mining in this district, and the resumption of the heavy shipments
that have attracted the attention of
the mining; world to the rich mineral deposits of this territory,
The St. Eugene, of Moyie- has
consumated a deal by which its
output for several months will be
sent to Belgium, and this insures a
working of that mine to its full capacity. Work has been resumed,
and the force already has been
largely increased, and more men
are being employed each day.
General Manager Robbins, of the
North Star mine, has just returned
from the east, where the difficulty
has been adjusted, and that company will now ship its product to
Nelson, Trail and Everett. This
will mean an increase in the number of men employed on that property, and full time for all of them.
The Sullivan mine has already
made arrangements for the shipment of ore to the Trail umpltcr
pany to greatly increase its output,
as soon as a spur or tram is built
from the railroad to the mine.
These are most favorable conditions, since the continuous shipping
bp these three great properties, will
mean prosperity to the district, and
continue as material evidence of the
fact that South East Kootenay is
one of the richest mining territories
on the American continent.
At the opening of the season of
1901, the first of the new century,
The Herald takes great pleasure in
extending congratulations to the
people who have proven their faith
in this district by staying with it.
South East Kootenay is all right!
tons daily
for the futti;
The Regular Media-* Proved a Orand  Success Monday Nlgbt.
The Board of Trade held its regular
monthly meeting Monday evening al
Leask's ball. There was a good attendance, a fact that shows tbat tbe people
of Cranbrook are greatly interested in
the work this year,
As President Leitch wns out of town,
Mr. W, T. Reid, vice president presided,
and ti, ti. Simpson officiated as secretary.
Quite a number of motions were takeu
up and submitted to a general discussion
and the reports of the several committees were received. Everything tended
to show a wonderful revival of interest
in the future of the town and a determination on the part ofthe business men
to do all in their power lo piomote the
welfare ofthe town.
Representative Smith was present and
was made any honorary member of the
organization. He also addressed Ibose
present and assured them that all he
could do would be done for the benefit
of Crnnbrook ulid every other towu In
the district. "    '	
Views ot Mr. Robbins.
Mr. F. Robbins, general manager of
the Norlh Star mine, returned last Monday from a prolonged trip east. While
there, he, in connection wilh other otlic-
ials of the company, arranged the question of rates with the C. P. R , nnd also
as to handling of the ore with the smelling companies, Air. Robbins, hi speaking of the recent agitation in regard to
smelter and railway rates, said that he
believed it would result in a great benefit to British Columbia, as lhe action of
the American Smelter trust demonstrated
tbe fuel there should be smeiteis on this
side of the liue to take care of the ore.
The smellers of Trail ami Nelson could
not handle the ore lhat was ready for
them. The increase iu the output in
liast and West Kootenay the last two
years has shown that increased smelting
facilities me needed, and this fact may
prove attractive to capitalists looking
for n field for investment.
While in Montreal, the Herald of that
cily pr luted an interview wilh Mr. Robbins, iu which that gentleman set forth
lhe situation iu this district as follows:
"Britisli Columbia," said Mr, Robbins, "is producing much more silver-
lead ore than the people of the section
know about. On the first of Inst year
there was not a single shipping mine in
the East Kootenny district, and uow
there are three mines producing as large
a tonnage as the entire Slocan or West
Kootenay district. The production is
practically 72.000 tons, or double that of
the two Kootenays a year ago.
"Withiu tbe last yenr a branch ofthe
Canadian Pacific has enabled the mine
to ship its product much more expeditiously than before. It wasfoimerly customary to ship by wagon lo the Kootenay, then down the dangerous rapids to
Jennings. Mont., all the ore being
smelted In the States. By using the
branch line and a tram we have built,
nil our ore is now handled by Canadian
Death of Thamas McViltie, Sr.
A. W, aud II. MfVittie received word
Tuesday evening lhat their father,
Thomas McViltie, had died on lhe 6th
ofthe month. He was well advanced iu
The Sullivan mine has beeu shipping
on an average of 40 tons daily, varying
from 55 to 25 per day, the variance beiug
caused by difficulties due lo the excessive frosts which have been prevalent
here of late, and are the most severe
that have been known for many years.
Tbe New (ioldfields of British Columbia will start work 011 their bonded
properties 111 a few weeks, aud Mr.
I.owles is shortly expected to arrive
from London, England, to tnke chnrge
of the work. Besides prospecting by
means of the diamond drill a considerable force of men will be employed in
mining. Mr. Lowles will lake up his
residence iu Kimberley and it is hoped,
will bring his family wilh him.
Paul Hundley contemplates making
exteusiveaddilioiistohis stable premises
In order to be ready for the large livery
business next season.
Mclnnes & Co., the well known meat
merchants, have just completed their
new cold storage, which had to be enlarged Lo accomodate lhe tremendous
supplies for this camp.
A. Campbell, general merchant, is
making additions to his store as the
present premises are Insufficient to carry
the necessary stock required.
The Paller Mining company are making arrangements to ship several hundred tons of ore from their properties up
the St. Mary's river, which will be the
first shipment from tbis teclion and will
be followed by mauy more.
Mr. William Ilaupt, tbe successful
mining man from Peterborough, is now
in   town i>u  a short visit witb his old
and would not be surprised to see big
things done here iu the near future. He
has just returned from a trip to the Sullivan mine and expresses his opinion of
this properly as being the biggest thing
be bas yet seen, and that as a mine it is
yet an infant and appears to be a well
defined ledge with a great future before
it. He says be is surprised at the growth
ofthe town during recent years and
thinks there are great opportunities
offered here for business locations. He
is now on his way to Rossland and Spokane, and will ultimately return to
Windermere to look after his extensive
miuing properties.
News  From London Relative to
Incidents of the Present
Thousands of Dollars Is to Expended 00
Ibe Crow.
There will be immense sums of money
expended tbis season in improving the
roud bed of the Crows Nest Pass railway.
One of the principal pieces ol work will
be the tunnel at the east end loop. This
tunnel will be about Soo feet long, and
will cost in the neighborhood of $80,000.
Mr. Olson, nu eastern contractor, has
been awarded the contract, and will
commence work within a short time.
This improvement will da away with
some dangerous bridges aud greatly
facilitate the work of trains at lhat point
Another big improvement is the grading of the slopes, and ou this work
something like $30,600 will be expended
There will be a number of modern
cabooses brought up Irom the east and
lhe rolling stock will he improved all
along the line.
The new superintendent, Mr- Bury, is
a man of long experience and holds tbe
confidence of the head officials of tbe
company. Tiie increased importance of
the Crow, due tu greatly increased ton
nage, has rendered it necessary to have
the road placed in first-class condition
and Mr. Bury is looked upon as just tlie
man for the work.
The Sunday Alliance.
0;i Friday evening of last week the
Rev. J. G Shearer, field secretary ofthe
Lord's Day alliance, delivered a stirring
address to a large audience, from the
subject! "Our Imperiled Canadian Sabbath."
In his opening remarks Mr. Shearer
plainly informed his audience that
neither he, nor the alliance he repre
scuts, had a word to say iu regard to the
religious observance ol the day; that,
necessarily, must he left to the conscience of each man, but they did wish
to secure it, or retain it, as the case
might be, as a day ol rest to all classes
and conditions of people in tbe Dominion
The Sabbath is imperiled byirrelittion,
the greed of gold nnd the desire for
pleasure, said the speaker, and the
masses must toil for the gratification of
the above-mentioned. Mr. Shearer
demonstrated that the alliance was tbe
friend of the working men. Those who
heard will not soou forget the pointed
facta addressed by tlle speaker at the
close of the address. A branch of the
alliance wai formed with a large number
of members, **■
Ottawa, Feb. 7.—Owing to the national mourning the ceremonies connected with the fornialopening of parliament by Lord Minto today were of a
quiet and Unpretentious character.
There was the usual escort aud guard of
honor, but crape limpings aud emblems
of mourning everywhere apparent ihiew
a damper on the whole proceedings.
The galleries of the seuate were filled,
but there wen* very few on the floor of
the chamber when bis excellency the
governor general delivered the speech
from the throne,
Coflirs'u'.iiini Mr. Bord-ra.
The most noticeable feature ofthe day
was the congratulatory speech of Sir.
Wilfrid Laurier to lhe uew opposition
leader and the reply of Mr. Borden acknowledging the courtesy. It wai au
exchange of compliments belweeu
Edward and Mckinley.
Washington, Feb. 9 —The text of the
telegram of acknowledgement from
King Edward VII lo President McKinley is as follows:
"'I desire to express my high appreciation of the respect ibowu to the memory of Her late Majesty by your attendance and that of your cabinet at the
memorial service at Washington. 1 am
deeply touched by this and other special
marks of spmpathv received from the
I'uited Statea.      "Edward R. and I."
President McKiuley sent the following
"His Majesty, King Edward VII,
people to the memory of your illustrious
mother was general and heartfelt.
"William McKiuley."
Every person in tbe United Kingdom
ts in a state of keen expection, for the
inmates hope tbe King will signalize his
accession by issuing tome pardons. The
friends of Mrs. Florence Maybrick are
feeling good over her release.
Kief's Generality.
By giving up tbe Duchy of Cornwall
to his son, King Edward sacrificed an
income of over /1,000 a week, thougb
he now receives what is estimated to be
about /1,000 a day.
Insurance oa tbe Kiel's Life.
Queen Victoria has not been dead a
fortnight, yet advertisements are appearing iu tbe papers advising the public to guard themselves against possible
loss by insuring again)t the death of (the
King. It is said the insurance companies are rapidly approaching tbe limit of
the risk they will accept on King Edward's life.
Date oi Coraaatloa.
Speculation is rife as to tbe date of
King Edward's coronation, some people
maintaining that it will occur as early
as September. But, probably, the year
of court mourning will be strictly observed, the coronation not occurring
until February, or later, in 1901.
Curious Coincidence.
The curious fact of the King's birthday coinciding witb Lord Mayor's day,
November 9, may cause au alteration In
tbe date of one or the other of these
celebrations in tbe immediate future.
Pieper k Carrie's Enterprise.
Pteper Sl Currie, the painters aud pa-
perers, have made a big move lo keep
ahead of lhe procession. Tbey have received a car and a half of paints and paper fiom the eastern markets, and are
now gelling the goods in shape in their
handsome storeroom on Armstrong avenue. Tbey have lhe only exclusive
paint and paper house in the Kooteiiavs,
and witb their immense and carefully
selected stock, including everything iu
their liue, are ready to meetany demand
tbat be made upon tbem. The boya
bave shown their faith in tbe country,
and during the big rush the coming sia-
son will be in shape to do business in
their line as it was never done before iu
South East Kootenay.
Help tbe Fire Department.
The paper that is being circulated for
funds to pay off the debt of the fire department, is being freely subscribed to.
It is necessary to raise something over
$100 for this purpose to pay the bebt and
place tbe apparatus in a condition to do
work. Every householder in the town
should give at least $1 for the purpose.
Tbe department is a benefit to every
property owner in the towu.
Cook Stove (or Sale,
I bave a cook stove for sale cheap.
Call add see It. Leroy Sage,
I buy or sell anything. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
Tiie Herald desires
district, if you know
your mine or your peop
;o nive the news ot tin
anv about your tov
. st>ii>i ii to this ofHee.
Again the happy time la here
When souls with work .listreused,
Enjoy, wKh naught to interfere,
Thoir niad vacation real, f   j
From all his cares, the city drudge.
Will hie himself away.
And elghty-aeven mllea will trudge
Fur pleaBure every day.
The dry goods clerk will dally broil,
as 'neatit the sco-ruhing aun(
Dismissing every thought or toil
lit. dues a century run.
The pale bookkeeper, too much worn
To foot up his accounta,
Will fool Ii now from early morn
Up all the steepaat mounts.
Tbe year of tool promises toeclipse all
others, so far as the advancement of
Cranbrook is concerned. Since tbe
time the town was surveyed and the hrst
buildings constructed, the progress has
been steady and sure. Last year, with
nothing to boom it but its natural resources as a business aud mining center,
the towu made greater advancement tban
at any olher time in her history. The
past bas demonstrated tbe fact tbat wilh
the growth of other towns in the district
and lhe development of the mineral and
agricultural resources, Cranbruok, as lhe
logical center of the rich territory, has
forged ahead with the rest. Nol only is
this true, but the fact is fully appreciated and frankly conceded by the peo-
pie of the whole district.
Cranbrook stands without a rival in the
district, simply because Craubrook is interested in the growth and prosperity nf
every other town in the district. Cranbrook wants to see Moyie, Fernie, Fort
Sleele, Kimberley, Wardner, and all
other points go ahead. Their prosperity
meaustbe prosperity of Cranbrook.
There is a great future ahead for this
whole district. Let every town get in
line and push for prosperity. This is uo
time for petty prejudice and personal
villificalion. Soutli Kast Kooleiiay is all
right and the towns of South East Kooleiiay are all right.
The office alav
A week  tO H
And day by dt
That weighs
Alll  1
* hii ml i
o boat
ed rounds.
tired city folks who say
ih ennui they're distressed,
•urai bedtieks sniffed with hay
wm find their nightly rest,
Livery  3
Proprietors Jt .* jt
Teams ami drivers furnished for any
point ill Hit' ilisttirt.
Manaicer   J
jt   jt
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming; and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
For "restful rural pleasures" which
At home would drive us mat),
we make some good old farmer rich
And try to think we're KiaU.
But aweeti
• luys
Kind  im
uKh v
1 those Who roita
th "restint*." and come
fan llial 1
d woman
who w
ni fame ■
litta re
•entlv  bel
tlit* res
all of un
There i
in MMsnohiisetts
come »
1  Hint  In
Tbe agitation for the designation of
some point on the railroad (or the transaction of government business is a legitimate and logical one. It is time that
the convenience of the people of the district should be considered by the government. Out ol about 1700 voters ou the
polling list, over 1300 of them live at
points on the railroad. To force this
large majority of people to extra expense
and Inconvenience is an imposition of
the rankest kind,
Government business, like any oilier
business, should be done in a businesslike way. The government should represent the people, and the people of
South Kast Kootenay are anxious to see
government oflices of this district on the
natural highway, and that isthe railway.
Nothing can stop prosperity iu South
The Sunday alliance insists on one day
of rest each week. We will go the alii*
■ nee oue better and ask for two.
Humanity is a great religion and it is
worth tbe while of all men to study it.
The trusts of tbe United States bave
arrived at tbat stage where they laugh at
the people.
Watch tbe reports of ore shipped from
South East Kootenay the coming year.
There will be an immense amount of
money invested iu mining in South Kast
Kootenay the coming year.
Cranbrook never bas thought It wise
or right to build up itself hy maligning
other towns in the district.
If there is anything in tbe shadows of
coming events, Fernie will be a great industrial renter oue of these days. Al
the present time the town is the center
of lhe greatest coalmining fields known,
the development of which has only just
The Herald would like to see matters
arranged so that the sittings of the
county court would be held in the leading centers of the district. This would
facilitate matters and prove a great con
venienee to the people.
And  gel  1"
-Nixon Wat«_
Hrrnrdi  8h<m  llrbornh (iamirlt Wni
m   MMMohUMttl  ""Idler.
here was another New
besides Myll I'ltcliet*
,i Hu* eonoon's mouth
• n brought to light us
Inquiry at Uie pension
s iv rertaiu lady living
1 whu |»anxious in be
of tbe Revolution. Sim
bt genealogy could be
traced bnek to revolutionary times
through the reoorrta ot thc Interior
department. To prove this (mt she
wrote lo the secretary of thc Interior,
asking Information aa Io the alleged
military service of Deborah Clannelt,
her ancestor, who wus said to have
served as an enlisted soldier in the
revolutionary wnr as 11 member of the
MaRMtcbusetts Infantry.' Iter belief
waa confirmed by the receipt of the
following letter;
"Madam:    In response tn vour recent
Inquiry, referred to the bureau by Hon.
Webster Davis, acting Becretnry ofthe
interior. I have the honor to advise you
lhat Deborah Cliinnett, u woman who
served In the revolutionary war under
the name of Robe-rt ShurtlelT, made nn
application for pension on September
14, IS1H, at which time she was sy
years of uge and residing at Sharon,
Mass., and her pension- was allowed
for two yenra' actual service us a private in the MftasochusettBtroops, revolutionary war. It appears thai she enlisted in lhe month irf April, 1781, and
served in Capt. George Webb's company, In the Massachusetts regiment
commanded by Col. Shepherd, afterward by Co|. Jackson, until about the
month of November, 178.1, when she
wa-8 honorably discharged. During the
time of her service sfyewas Mounded
at Tarrytown (probably in the .second
battle of lhat place), and was also present at the surrender of Lord Cornwall is.    Very respectfully.
H. CLAY EVANS, Commissioner.
—St. Louie Globe-Democrat
CopyniOHTa Ac.
nketrii and deicrli'tlnn mar
 wiieihtr •»
antoklf Hcsrtalri pur opinion tree
,  iv,..lt|.„,   |,,.l..l.»lilV |..IU.||H11)|B.    I  £....,-—
1 „,„,» 1,1.■uvi*.*ntl.li'iiiuii. H-.iiiltiiinkimt'itemi
,,Hi*'i!**.*. "M.--.I niifiii'v !..in.TuiiiiK]iateiil».
r,i*..*n t-Ui-ii tin.-uuii Miitin A n>. receive
.,.„*i.ii ii-rflrt*. withmit clmim liillia
Scientific Jlmcrican.
k handiomelf illustrated imkifi  UrMittjjf-*
,,.[,.[ t mn f tiai- '.luniul.   Tcrui*. |J •
•,,-,*■ fourtuoiiifaa,|L suiai*y»iin«w»ii«»i-»M.
MUNN 4 Co.36,e-*-~ New York
1 Srwci. Offlesr&a v Ht., Wutiloiton, 0. c.
He Kepi His Uk.
Twelve years ago J. \V. Sullivan, of
Hartford, Conn , scratched his leg with
a maty wire, Iiiflamutiou and blond
poisoning ael iu. I-'or two years he suffered intensely. Then the best doctors
urged amputation, "but," be writes, "I
u-seil one bottle of Klectric Bitters and
1 \i boiei of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and
my leif was sound and well as ever."
For eruptions, eczema, letter, salt
rbeura, sores and all blood disorders,
Klectric Bitters has no rival on earth
Try tbem at Beattie's drug store. He
will guarantee satisfaction or refund
money.   Only 50 cents.
Timed  •■<■   rhi-foftrnpheil at  time*
Ail English Inventor has contrived an
of horses, athletes or bicycles. When,
at ihe slart. the contestants break a
cord an eleclrlc bell rings and a chronograph begins to record the time. Tin
breaking of the string at ihe finish
■tops the chronograph and ut Hie same
instant exposes a photographic plate
nn which the position of the contestants
nt the end of the race ts recorded.—N,
Y. Sun.
An Autocratic II nler Who la Go ver aril
h»-  the  Will  (tf  Hla  Pe-ipl*.
The nmeer of Afghanistan, who was
nt first suspected of complicity with
the Indian border troubles, bul whose
Innocence ia now well established, is
nne of tbe mon! autocratic monnrchs
in lhe world. Not the czar of Russia
nor the sultan Of Turkey is more absolute in authority, says the New York
Tribune.     Yet he is, or mnkes himself,
curiously subject to ihe will of the people in Borne respects. A few yenrs ngo
he grently desired Io visit Kngland and
other European countries, and the Hrit-
Esh government wns anxious Hint he
should dp bo, but he did not venture to
do so without the consent of his people.
So he look a pleblscltlim on the subject, lie sent a proclamation to every
village in his empire-, telling what, be
wanted to do, nnd explaining the advantages that would nccrue lo bim nnd
to the empire from Blielltt toiir.flnd asking the people io take a vote on tho subject and  let htm know the result.   So
the subject wns submitted to universal
suffrage. After a few weeks the returns were all in and were counted,
and it wus found that n considerable majorily of the people were opposed in his
leaving the country, lie wns disappointed, but acquiesced In the will of
the ;iiw>plet und slaved nt home, sending-hii second ion to England In his
Subscribe for the
Furnished or
Inquire of..,
Durick ave.
The News of the
World and the
News of South
East Kootenay
To get all  thc news   read
New York World
Thrke-a-week   Edition   and
Cranbroook Herald
The two papers for
$2.25 per Year
The present readers of The
Herald may take advantage of
this offer by paying up arrears on
subscription and suubscribing for
The World and The Herald.
To learn the news, just as it is~
promptly and impartially-all that
you have to do is to look up in the
columns of The Thrice-a-Week
Edition of The New York World
which comes to the subscriber 156
times a year.
The Thrice-a-Week World's dil
igence as a publisher of first news
has given it circulation wherever
the English language is spoken-
and you want it.
The Thrice-a-Week World's reg
ular subscription price Is only $1.00
per year. We offer that newspaper
and The Herald together one year
for $2.25.
The regular subscription price of
the two papers is $3.00.
Try it for six months. It will
cost you only $1,25.
Suitable Gifts
A choice selection in gold goods
watches, chains, bracelets, gem
rings, brooches etc. Elegant
silverware, mantel clocks,
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. The famous Crown fountain pens.
CRANBROOK,    .     B. C.
Offlclil Walcb Isipetlor lur C. P. It.
Vmekoy iinii«r-ti.
"Turkey buzzard* an* the garbage
collectors of Charleston, s. c.," nova a
traveling mnn quoted In the Phil-Idei-
phla Record, "Now, if yon know anything of the nature of s turkey buzzard
you must know iimt ordinarily It's a
very shy sort of ereattir* ami generally
avoids civilization, particularly a« represented in the large cities. These
birds, however, are tame, ami they strut
about the heels of the people 'in the
markets picking up bits of refuse meat
and vegetables, The buzzard has a voracious appetite nnd there ahvnysseerna
io be room inside of hlm for a choice bit
of tainted beef or decayed cabbage,
There is a five-dollar fine for any nun
>«tlng any nf these birds. I under-
is the only olty
thia unique system of garbage collecting,"
stand that fhn
n the country that has
Land Notice.
Notice i** hereby Riven lhat tliiriy day* after
its dnte I Intend to apply ta tlie chief eofumls
aner ur imiila ami wnrka for periiilR-iIon tn
it antl carry away timber from the fntlowins
iscrlUcil lands t
Commencing at iho northwe.il corner of i»t
m in Rrotip one uotitli Knst Kootenay, tlienee
nortli 130chains, tlienee icoc! sins wen, iheuce
iimtii 40 chains, tlienee east 120 elialns, iheuce
soutli 80 chains, thence east 411 chains la place of
rmiinencenient, t. w. i.kank.
Dated this isl ilny of December, tool,
'■ »• HOSS, It. W. llltHOIIMBK
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
.'ninhronk Offle.
'■'iiml la llmiHim itlock
Terms of Payment
The i-*rc|al* amount ol principal and Interest,' except in Hu-
case uf lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided Inlo len Instalments its
shown in tbe table below; tbe Ilrsi lo be paid al lhe lime nf pnr
chase, Ine second one year from dale uf the purchase, the third in
two years and so on.
The lollowlof table shows Ihe amount of lhc annual Instalments
on IM acres at dlllerent prices under the abuve conditions*
IM acra al $2.51 per acr, Isl instalment S.W.u.i   o equal Inlnl'ta nl J5II.IMI
J.IW     «           ••               71,90               •• W.00
3.50     »           ••               83.10               •* 70.00
4.00     ■>           ••               95.H5               •* 80.00
1.50     ••           ••               107.85               •• 00 00
5.00     ••           >*              119.85               >* 100.011
I hi
is the business and shipping point for
Norlh Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agenls
Cranhrook 's the divisional point of thc Crows Nest Pass
vi oiiui uur Raj|way and ,he commcrcia| centre of South
Easl Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
Por maps and further information apply to Agents as above or lo
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
un shorter lime.
II Ihe land Is paid for in full al Ihe
lime of purchase, a reduction from lhc
price will be allowed equal lu ten per
cent un the amount paid in excess of thc
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cenl will be
etiaritcd in over due instalments,
Thc Company has also tots lor sate
in Ihe following town sites in East Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kllch.
encr, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms oi payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
rioyie's   .
Leading 1
Hotel    *
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
M. Mclnness & Co.
Meat Merchants
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
The only all rail rout, between all
points Kast, West anil South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.-
Connects at
Nelson with Steamer tor Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Connects at
Myers Falls with Stage Daily tor
Republic, and
Connects daily
At   Bossburg   Stage  Dally  lor
Grand Forks and dreenwood.
It. A. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Aft.
••*-* Builder dt
J ...Markets at... J
Z Cranbrook S
m      Fernie .* «.**        *.
| Moyie Jt j*   *
$ Kimberley J
All kinds of meats at all times,
in each week.       J*      J*
Fresh fish shipped
*r      *f      jt
We Sell the Best.
::::Cranbronk. B C
Cranbrook Always
Uu-to-Date dt dt dt
Enlarging pictures done on the
premises. No need lo send your
work out of lown, especially so
wben It can be done ns well. If
not satisfactory no pay required.
Charger reason able. Come ntul
see sample*. Large stock of picture
moulding ou hand. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
Contractor and Builder
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Eveolags   •
V:.l(l lo II
7.1(1 lo 8,'JII
CRANBROOK,   :   :   :       :   :   B. C
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk It over
with a Contractor. We are
in the business as our work
lor last yenr will show. Call
on'us (or plans and ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co.
On all trains from Revelstoke
and Kootenay Landing.
Pass Dunmore Junction for
St.PauI on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Toronto on Mondays
and Wednesdays. Montreal,
and Boston on Saturdays-..
Same cars pass Revelstok-*
one day earlier.
For lime tables aad lull Information, tall •■
or address nearest local steal.
A. 0. P. A. .    Aieat,
Vancouver, B.C. Cranbrook
J.S. CARTER, 0. P.A,Nelsoa,B.C.
Al present an bulldlni the new St. Eugene
bosallal aad a number nl lwo story and other
Cranbrook, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Colllm tils
There are a lew poinl-? to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price]
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AU   KINl'S   OF-
| Rough and f
Dressed Lumber, I
Dimension Lumber, 1
Shingles and |
riouldings. I
Central Hotel
North Star Hotel
Solicitor, Etc.
bunk of Cviuimere. Bljg,
Htve yoa talked with anyone about building?
Come aad see aie or let me see you. II nay
da as both iood.
0. R.
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one ol the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The OarnRtormi'tN Gat Out of a Lad
Utile, i'imii1.1* tu mm.
"The flrst compnny that 1 was ever
with waa a bnrnstorming one," Birid ih'.1
well known actor who was in a reurinls-
•.'out mood, "and it was my lirst experl-
euto wiili a hustling, never any ilk* manager, • Business was poor, we were 200
i.iili's fi-niii liuiiii', iukI i ln> outlook was
anything but eucuuniglng. Hut our
iiiiiiiiiut't- kept us gnluK hy mm way and
another until we Imd couipluia faith in
his ability Lu got us h o.   Hut at lust it
linn) hearlcd laudlord sclxod mir baggage
ami refused io listen to Uu* promlsuB <>t
uur mauager.
"Wo had jusi enough money to carry
us in (In* ti.'M town, an.l Dually Mn* landlord relented a trifle mid agreed to Bend
our baggng  llm next towu to lm
held there until liis lull »,,-, ,,aiil. We
gave our umiiujjer credit foi another victory uml touk lln*-1 ruin for the uexl luwn,
feeling as « I ni Mn- situation would
allow ami nnl dmibtliifl for a n leul thai
uld i
id :
linMCIIKC*.     Wl*
destination uii.
mnl wo tounil
ill  ll'
II llll
I'll II
'il  <
ililrll.    VVIllUI 1
Hie llmt n in-- 1
•"Alulin.lv ll
I'.HV. I.-.I
■.- > -.- ■ ho
.111  1
r iiii'
*".\ r „
II'   |.illt)
nil  <
"•Well, of nil llm cniifmimled luck,'
snid in*. 'I wna in hopes that Borne nut'
Und lifokennn ni*ui nr n legal least,'
"Now, thai was.ii funny remark for
hlm to make, and I Inld it to Dm met llmt
In* wns mull-it l.v Hn- nceldent nml was
lin»   nwari*   wIn:I   lie   wns   Bliytllg.     Hll'
while wo were waiting for the relief train
In* fend a gootl deal t<> mv aboul hard
luck. Suddenly his face brightened, nud
lm <nihil our sim* contortioulsl nside am1
whispered Bometldmr in him.
"When iliu relief train reached thn
spot, the first mnn tn jump oft' was a
claim agent, who rushed up ami nsked if
any nne wns hurt.
" '(Hi, my smi, my son!' waited our
manager, wringing his band1'. I rushed
over where lit* wns tn see whnt liis game
wns, find there lay our contortionist in
the ditch doubled up into his famous
double how knot.
'"Great Scottl* gasped tho claim aceut.
However, nn ngent Imsu'l anything to do
witli sympathy, his business being to settle with the Injured beforo u lawyer could
pet hold nf them. Our manager lietween
sobs agreed to take $50 iu full for atl
damages., ami ouce more we snw the sll-
Ter liuinc to our cloud."-
Though women's minds, like winter winds.
May shift imd turn an' a' iimt.
To love of Scandal, Tea uu' friends—
They're constant still, for a.' thut !
An' so awft1 wl' Foreign Tens,
Doou wi' Japan an' a' Unit. !
Ceylon Green Tea they loo* thp best,
And wlm' a Crime dam* ca' that. ?
For it's the tea, nnnou ilu* lave,
Tbey dearly loe' an' n' that-
Blue Ribbon, and Saladn, too,
And braw Monsoon, an' a' that—
Because, yon see, 'twlxt you an' tne,
Japan, the Line they dm' ul,
For sync tin* lirst are British Tens,
They loo' (hem wool, an' n' lhat I
Though souk* may prato o' Itlier tens
An' flaunt Japan, nn' n' that—
Tlie lassies sny they'll hue' iheir way,
An' drink Coylon tor a   luul :
For a' tlml. an' a' thai —
Awa' Japan, an' a' tbut —
The bonnie teas they loo' tbe best
An* Empire Urown, an' a' that !
Tin* above suggestion, from a fair
Canadian correspondent, "with apologies  lo  Hums,"  lias  been  grtltofully
received and Immediately adopted by
,    I'r.'f.'t- In  Ba Soft ted.
Exhorlci— Brother, dun' yo' w-nt tci
rise an sliilie'/
Mourner—No, guh. I'ze er boutbluok.-
Baltliuore Amnrlcau.
'Vnn know," saiil Senaloi* BorrcllHUl re
provlngly, "I lold ymi thai whal I wnnt
ed w ns u kowI, Inei-'.y si eh."
"Well." nnswerod lho profeiudonal nrn
tor, "I thoughl thai  wns wbnl  I  ■■■-■
i.i my u
Tho   rn into   ami   the   Troiitmont
Tho Hi- IllanuroouhlL' Snroit.
An ulcer is n sore on llm shin or nine
membrane, in which du* healing proc
is very slow ur wholly ut a Btaudstlll. It
may be dim to a number ot causes, soui-d
constitutional, others local, but even
wben a loCftl cause Seems most evident
tbere is almost nlways suine constitutional taint present ns well. This may
bo consumption, diabetes, gout aud bo
forth or merely a little impurity of the
blood resulting from constipation or iu-
digcstlon. Ulcers in tbe mouth, on the
tongue or at tbe union of tbe checks ami
gums' nre very voiuimm aud exceedingly
nuuoylug, Tbey Bhould be treated by
frequent rlUBtug Of tho numtli with n solution of boric acid or borax anil eau
usually be prevented in great measure by
reducing the sweets aud starchy roud,
Blich us blend, tbut en Ier into tbe diet.
A euuiumn sent of ulcers is llu* sbiu.
Sores -ji-eur here especially in Ibe aged nr
[hose pa-<t itiithlle life mill are commonly
tine tu tlm presence of varicose veins.
These are caused by pressure from light
Kitrlers,   by CQllgCStlVQ disorders of llie
livi-r ami other abdominal orgnua nud hy
auy occupation which requires Btandlug
fm* many hours a dny.
UleoPs nf ibis klud nro found mora
frequently uu the left tog (ban nn tlm
right. They suiiuliuirs glvo lillle timi-
lile, lull they may be exquisitely pillnfill
nml aro often most rebellions to treatment, Which must be both local ami Keu-
eral, corresponding to tho local and constitutional causes.
All disoideiH or digestion must lie oor-
reeled na far as possible and the diet regulated. Tin- (nod Bhould be nourishing
but not Btlmulntlllg, uml nil forma nt' nl
cohollo beverages fie to in; foregone, The
patient slionid keep perfectly quiet, cither
iu bed or with tin* leg supported on n
The local treatment must be varied ae-
Cordlug tn tht* necessities of each case.
Tbe sore must be kept clean by pouting
over it twico a day 11 stream of boiled
(not boiling) water and In the Intervals of
washing it siuuitil ho protected front ibe
air. Tbo leg must lie kept snugly "bandaged or incased in an elastic stocking,
an as to prevent stngi.Minn of Ibe blood
ami distension of the veins.
A piece of silver foil smoothly applied
over tlm surface of the ulcer nnd for n
littlo distance beyond its edges nml kepi
in place by a bnndnge often does good.
Sometimes when the extent of ulcerated
surface is very large skin graftiug is necessary in order to start the healing process.—Youth's Companion.
I wna cured of n   bud   ease   of Grip
Sydney, O.B, 0. 1. [agoo.
I wuh cured or loss of voice by MIN'
Yurinonlh. fdmrles riuiiuutw.
I WUB cured uf Sciatica liheunuitisiu
If Yoa Do, Oct   Posted on tbe Lnvr
H(*Kiir-1liiK It.
"What nre you looking after?"
"Ob, I've lost my umbrella, and 1
thought possibly 1 might see some oue
carrying it off," replied tlie young nmn
who slood in front of one of tlio large
otiice buildings, looking closely at each
"Wiiut would ynu do if you saw Borne
fellow carrying it away?"
"Slop bim and demaml its return."
"Hut what if he simply pushed you
aside and walked awayV"
"Follow liim uud tind out liis uame nud
bave him arrested."
"Do you think you would get the umbrella back?"
"Why not'/ Anybody wbo has it pos
sessea stolen property,"
"Then you never beard of the decision
of Lord Coleridge, lhe famous ISngllsIl
jurist, in an umbrella suit that wns
brought before him?"
"I can't say that I have. An umbrella
Is the same as any othor property, Isn'l
it? Couldn't 1 have a man arrested for
stealing ray watch?"
"\et*. but wait un i reau yuu me uu*
cllion nf Lord Coleridge."
The speaker took from hia pocketbouk
n newspaper clipping and rend:
"Umbrellas, properly considered, nr* u
part of the atmospheric or meteorological
condition, and as such there can be no Individual property right In them, In Sump
son versus Thompson defendant was
Charged With standing on plaintiff's front
steps during n storm and thereby soaking
up a large quantity of rain to which
plaintiff was entitled. But the court held
that ihe ruin was any man's rain, no matter where it Cell. It follows, therefore,
that lhe umbrella is nny man's umbrella,
In all ages rain nnd umbrellas have gene
together, nud Ihere is no reasmi why they
should be separated in law. Au umbrella
tuny, under certain conditions—the chief
of 'which is possession-take on the attributes of personal property, Just as if a
man Bot a tub nnd catch n quantity of
lain water, thai rnlu water will be considered as his personal belonging while il
is in his tub. Hut if the sun evaporate
the water, and il is niiued down agniu,
er if the tub be upset nnd tlie water Is
Spilled,   then   lhe   atliibute   of   personal
ownership Instantly disappears. Sn if n
nmn holds bis umbrella lu bis band it
mny be considered a personal belonging.
but' the moment it leaves hi.* band it re
turns to ibe great, general, Indivisible
common stock of umbrella**--, whither the
law will not attempt in pursue U."
of Ki
A yonng ii
ense was r
the labels
n street car nml sn
"1 go six blocks    !
"Ob, only a ulrl
answered,   Bui tbi
ed over l"t cents, s:.
i gluss of beet an l
Tbe conduetoi  gi
iip uml uibb'd.  ".I1
rope, hey':"    Ami
iho youug mnn nn l>
Out on tbe bnek
the conductor dtwci
■f ikm-viij!
I and phi'-: and yellow wl
; honrdci
io Ute conductor
■iv much?"
I!" the condtielo
voting man band
iir, "Buy yours,.:
e thanks ror il
t back from Eu
ii couple
whal ilu
sal.l. "ni
wns a case of fnki
Me   hns   jusi   relll
where you pn
'.inform n
Imi llu- e
n He:
nl* Hi*  Id
*iI  rn
y liy the dlsifiiiee mi i
street ears uml where ynu tip ibe ci
iluclors. iiml be protruded to forgel
wasn't In Europe still.
"lie thoughl I'd (piestion hint aim
bis strange conduct, nnd I would lui'
ino, li' iin* trick wnstt'i nn old onu
uu*.   lime nml lu New Vork. i-RpeHn
Do Not Trifle
with danger—and remember
every cough or cold means
| will cure vour cough or cold
at once. It will heal and
strengthen your lungs. It is
a safeguard for you always.
Take it at the first indication
of a cough or cold.
New Vork, ymi mv
itH up iijinlual peoplo
ni I.   ljliii|H'HII 1-lMiilii
i ii no yo't'M know
* for
l,()\ 13 <>!■' col N 11:Y.
bud    uln
to lines 1
,'    llril-
of tin*
on tlie
i here
There wns nothing slu* enjoyed so much ns the ploasanl aftor-
nium ten. And why f Docauso she.
sipped ihu pure product (QUEEN OH
DLACK i i.f Coylon nud India. She
enn buy Imib in Canada now. The
delicious Saluda, nine Ribbon or
Monsoon packotB await lier pleasure.
How He Kiictv It.
We hnd outspnnticd the wnRnns on
the veldt between Prleskn and Ken
hard. Tbe donkeys hnd been driven to
the veldt, and wc, my friend nnd my
self, were talking In tlio "tnal" to n
Dutchman named (Jert Mnnns about
the wonders of the universe.
We mentioned that the world wns
round.   Manns said thnt he knew It.
This answer wns unusual for a Boar,
so we asked hlm how he knew. He replied:
"t started to ride to Poortjo one dark
Uight through the veldt, cud I rode
ha nl all tbe liight. ami next morning I
found myself nt lln* place I started
from, so I know the world Is round be*
cause t rode round it."
Ask for Miiiard's anil take un other.
Tholi s.i-i.iik Point...
"Women walti'i**.." sal.l tlie other
■inu, "nn* so iiim-li ucflter ami cleaoci'
'niikliiift ilmo men."
"Yes," raapouded Mi*. Tyto-Plilat,
melting ti Is napkin under liis chin, "and
■•on don't have to tip them."—Chicago
Not 8e-i.lllve.
Sophv (who accepted Mr. Clinrlcs
Fleetwood tlie night boforel-Does Mr.
Fleetwood strike you as being n sensl
tlvc man. Pauline)
Paulino (who doesn't know or the on
gngomcnO-Urnclous, nol K man who
haa been rejected by H Birla within sis
months and seta fat on It cannot In*
sensitive. Why. Sophy, what's the
Sho im.l fnliit.*.!    i ninlon Fun.
Burin, Niid. I*'wi
til. \.-i, nnn.
••li I. n lini, ii-   i- ii nol)" -I'i'l 'he
vi..!..,   ii i lu.piTlli f tin*
null.mm 1" III.' boall-H.
*",;, tiiiKliniur. iiiui"'." replinl Mn
(In i,'i.|| with ratlhiK dlmlnolneM, "ll
Willinm    li'- Id" nil rlalil,  igh    ll«
Hint ST.IIIIII (or II."
)■ I'rii* Ac-id In tlio blood.
Unhealthy kldnoyi are the
came of the ncid being
there. If the kidneys ai-led
ns they should thev would
-shniii the Uric Acid out
cf the tyitem nnd rheuma-
tism wouldn't occur. Rheumatism is a Kidney Pis-
eaat. Dodd'i Kidney Fills
have made a great part of
their reputation curing
Rheumatism. So get nt
the canst of those fearful
•hooting jmiiiH aud a tiff,
aching joints. There la
but ono sure way—
(or cuilKti. l*ir
mm o( Toroau writM i
i ill BHILOH nnd uki pltUDl
m It. Thcra » nothing like
1 and luns trouble.
ihllnl! *, i'iiii-iini|itliin Cur* In «nlil l.v sll
flriiiticlaiit In Ciu I ii Un and 1'nlli-il *-<l*l-s-> itl
nnt-, .toi' ftl.no « I...til... In Oreui llrllitlu
Kt li. Iii.. 'Jn. Stl, iiml 4li '!<!. A inliiit-1
i:'i*»i:inl-»->* ■^..•■i whu «very linitl.-.     If yon
,.i ■ n.ii .iituii.-.i K<i in your Qrogglst and
K**l j.iiii iiiuney Um k.
ib.it iii'iiily
■tki'il n unit)
"This would
• theory tlmt -
ii Ik
I lum- known
'in t lit-1t- bent:
"Hava vnu ovor m
nil policemen pel rn
who keeps Ids even u
seem to Ulnpr
lug lu tlio open nir te n uu-niis of redu
iii^' bu peril tiotis
new polleemeii
welghliiR no ninrc thnn lliri poiindfi. In
six in.-nth* limy w mid lip llu* rciiIi'h nt
iriii nud In n year roncli the 'JAM) mark.
It niiiRt hu llu- slow sauntering In the
open nil1 tlmt flop? It. for 1 hnve noticed
(hut while policemen grow rut lhe
house sergeants, wbo nre conduct! to
tlm stations, nre Invariably thin. Those
who pntrol the streets gnin tho maximum weight In nbout three yenrs. The
muscles limn liiinleu, nnd despite llielr
nppnrent burden of fiesh lhe men usually develop grent ncth ity. One of tbe
best runners und Jumpers 1 know Is a
policeman »"'*" w-'c-'s r"y\rly BOO
There is more Oatarrh In tins Beet Inn of th*
country than nil ntht-r illnense-i put together,
antl until tho Inst few yt nis wns su|ii"ist*d to lie
lnt-ui-'iblu. For n mnit nuiny yijitrsiloeturflpro*
ntmnciMl lt a local dlseaBOt and proscribe l local
ri'iiii'dk'n, and liy iionslimtly falling to cure
with lot>altre!itinen',pninouiiced it ineurnble.
Scii-m (.* hus jirovea cutarrh to be a constitutional disease, and thureforo lequires constltu-
tioiutl treatment. Hull's Ovtarrh euro, mtinu-
faoturea by F. J. Cluney&Co., Toledo. Ohio,
is ibo only eonstitutlonal cure on the market,
lt la taken internally lu doses from 10 drops to
a tcaspoonful lt acts tllrectly on the blood and
mucous sm facea of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any cue It falta to cure.
Send for circulars and testimonials,
Address,     P. J. CHENEY A Co., Toledo, 0.
Sold liy Draggitts, 76o.
Hulls Family I'ills ure the belt,
A nInIinil's Retort.
At n dinner pnrly n young mun wns
once talking rather foolishly ubout
Darwin nud hia bookB, nnd lie sold lo
the bishop of Wliiehester (Wlllierfo-ce).
"My lord, have ynu rend Darwin's last
book on the 'Descent of Man'/'" "Ves.
I have," snid tiie bishop, whereupon
the young man continued: "Wlmt nonsense it Is talking of our being descended from apes!   Besides, i cnu't
see tlie use of Bttcll stlllf,    1 can't see
what difference it would make to ine if
m.v_gnimlfntl er was an npe."
thai ll would.   Bui it must have mnde
nn amnzlng difference to ymir grandmother!"
The young mnn bad no more to say.
Tbo greal lung healer is found in that excellent inedieine wild OS Blokles' Anti-Con.
sumpUve Syrup, It Eoothes nnd iliminisiies
tho Bonsiblllty of the membrane of the
throat ami air passages; nnd is n sovereign
remedy for all eouRhs, colds, hoar^eneiM,
pain oi soreness in the chest, bronchitis, etc.
Il bai eured muny wben BUppOsed to be tax
advanced iu consumption.
e   fidlnw
r foreiiui
uf. ami i
i begnn tn full, nud
Hit-   foil.
in llu* d
Kitchener's Conitnoo sense,
I,.*t this story be told to Lord Kitchener's credit, though it may surprise
ninny: A certain yeomanry commander
while nu parade rated his men in un*
uiciisnreil terms, Nothiug wna rlghl In
his Judgment that the troopers did, Tbey
sut their horses wrong, tbey moved un
like machinery, etc., nnd were "uu better
than n rabble," "" loi of gutter sulpos."
■'''■■That," sold l-ni.l Kitchener, who f
cams up, "Ih imt the way to address men.
Tbey ure md a rabble, bill soldiers ami io
lv spoken in nn such. No troops can be
trained In thnt fashion, nnd lho com
mniider who doos not respect bis meu Is
unable lo load thein."
'lln- whole force board the obsi'rvatlon,
ami ibe men wore as decorously elated as
iinnry ollleer was obviously crest-
London Telegraph.
LINIMENT Lumberman's Frieiii
ih,* yeo
i.imaiim l'ur Praise.
How strangely men noil Tbey will not
praise llmse ffbo nre living nt the same
Hint* uii'l living wiili iliemselves, But to
be Iliemselves praised by posterity by
those whom they bnve never seen nor
ever will see, this they set much value
mi. Tbis i« very much tho same as if
tbmi shouldsl be grieved because those
who have lived before thee did not praise
If s thing te dtfflcull to be accomplished by thyself, do not think tbnt it is Impossible for man. But If anything la
possible for man and conformable to his
nnture, think that this cun be attained
by thyself tuo.—Marcus Autcliua Auto-
f  nl llo il nl Inilimlry.
st business In lhe I'nlted
-,* mi means an unimportant
It Is estimated that the roof Mowers sold annually Is
and of potted plants $10,-
re nre no less Hum 10,001)
ts In Ihu United Stales de-
growing of plants under
Hit* Devil's Bible.
The devil's   Bibb-   is one of the
iin.'s m ih>< royal library of lhe
mlaeo of Stockholm, Sweden,    li
ibrary lime are 'J00JJO0 million
lU.U(K) inaniisrripis.    Tbe Bible is w
en on llim prepared asses' skins.   Til
s a t radii tuu tlml it required tiOO y
o cnmpb ie iho wnrk, frmn the eia
;o lln* ibiitioiiib oontury.    But. neci
an to ntit'tber tradition (|title as reliulde
[uoloilily. llu- I k wns copied hi a sin
:lo nlghl, tbu devil bimself assisting
unl giving io ibi-- ininik a porl rail "f
iiniiM-lf fm* Ibe rrontlspieou. Tbe Sweden
parried the liuimisrripl from a eolivelil
1 during ilie Thirty Yenrs' war.
i l'i
Ft-oi-ii11 [•• Testators,
Joseph Dalky tnkes the opportunity
afforded by his will ot iusull tip h
son-in-law In  terma which doubtlc
bad a pungency onee. bm wblob an
hardly comprehensible to llm mod
reader: "1 give to my daughter, Ann
Spencer, a guinea t'1 r n ring or any
• itber bauble she may like better; I give
ro the lout, ber hushnnd, om* penny i
buy iilm ii lark whistle, and this legai;
1 give bim as a murk of my apprcela
tion of ids prowess and nice lu nor in
drawing bis sword ■ i ine (al my own
table), naked mul unarmed ns 1 was
and be well fortified with custard."
A growsoine legacy is ihnt of Philip
Thicknesses "1 leave my right band, tu
be cut off ufter my death, to my Bon.
nnd I desire it may be sent to hlm in
hope'* that snob a sight may remim
bim of bis duly to tlod a'"**,.,* having s
long abandoned tbe duty be owed to n
father who once affectionately loved
Another father seems apparently to
Imve begun liis will with tbe determl
nntlon ol' punishing uu unruly son, lu:;
ns the fairy stories say, nil ends hap
i.iiy We refer to the will of Rlchan
cnnvsimy, ihe founder of the famoui*
Welsh Ironworks. It runs thus: "'1<
my only sou, wbo never would follov
my advice am) has treated mu rutlelj
vory   nm
mnking til nt my executor and reslduar
legatee (ns till this day bo \v»si i ci*
him £100,000."
A  Mill 0|H;ral..i   Wlm Snllelt-tl I'mill Kill-
iioy  Trouble  .Spent   HI uny   Dollars ht
iJhi-ii-«H Kxiierliiisiits lu ltosturo nu
Heal tli. —l)r. Williams' I'ink I'ills Acted Fn»iii}illy llllil  UltllctlVOly,
(iood health is the chiot requisite to
happiness, low spirits, morosenoss
und irritability enn in most cases lm
toiu-i-d Lo ill hoalth, uud iu mil u few
Instances ure tllrocl symptoins of kidney trouble. These, added Ln tlio so-
voro pains in tho back which accompany tho disease, mako the llfu of
Um .sufferer one of abject misery. One
such sufforor wus Mr. Barfus Dean, of
Jordan, Out. Mr, Dean In uu Intor*
view with a reporter recently gmo
bis experieuco as follows :—"J um u
huw nnd grist mill operator, and mit.-
urally a su-oug man; buL tho life uf
n miller is u hard ono, with long
hours of labor und frequent oxposuro.
Sonm yeurs ugo ns tbu resull of this
exposure I was aflllcted with kidney
trouble, and although I spout much
money in various remedies I did not
(ind it cure until I wus persuaded to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Tills, fn Urn
autumn of 18'.ih the I rouble boguii to
assume an aggravated form. 1 suffered from most severe pains in tho
back, and a fouling of drowsiness
und yet so severe wus the pain that
muny a night I scarcely closed my
oyes. My appetite was poor, 1 suffered from headaches, lost flesh, wus
miserable and wholly unlit for work,
It was while In this condition Unit,
I wns advised to try Dr. Williams'
I'ink Fills, and procured three boxes.
Before I Imd finished the (bird box
CufcU  u  min' uoM-ii   uuxu-5  muic       »
used all these, but before they woro
all gone 1 felt Unit my health wns
fully restored, ln the interval since
then L havo had just one slighl return of the trouble, nnd Dr. Williams
I'ink Tills soon drove this out, und
my health since has been the very
best. I have gained much In weight,
eat und sleep well and consider myself as healthy a person us there Is
in the county, and tho credit for this
l feci is cnlirelv due to Dr. Williams'
I'ink fills,"
Dr. Williams' Pink Fills increase
ihe supply and the richness nf tho
blood, and iu tliis wny cure physical
und functional weaknesses. Most
othor medicines simply net upou llie
symptoms of tho disease, hence when
tba medicine is discontinued the patient is soon as wretched as ever.
Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills no directly
to the root of thu trouble ami eure
to slay cured. Hence it is unwise to
wustc money in experiments with
other inedieine, These pills aro sold
by all dealers or will be sent post
puid at 60 cents a box or :;ix boxes
for Sii.50 by addressing the Dr. Williams' Modielno Co,, Brockvlllo, Ont.
wum UNWLN'i is used by rnysum
Am tn riilliiMtiiiliy,
"Uight always bus reason,
tho platitudinous gunllemau.
"True enough, but Hero arc always
several reasons offered fm* wrong," commented tho wlso man,
Thus we soo tlml philosophy cuu think
tit n mark for a considerable time and
Imvo uo uutlccnblo effect .on lhe mark.*
Her War.
"Is Georgians n sympathising friend?"
"Will,  when she  praises anything  I
tveil* "lie dues it in a way which ItiflltOS
me feol tbat everything 1 usually wear Is
simply hideous."—Indiannpolls Journal.
Altay & Clip
Stock, and bonds bought, sold and
carried on margin.   Listed
mining stocks carried
B ff<it'i*|/i« m*lMt_ tZi*rt£aSSi tiAtttattiti Aim
9t 99*9*9) —tm—s—- -WW ww wvw *tr™
There never was, and never will be. a
universal panacea, in ono remi dy, for all Ills
to whioh fl* fib is heir—the very nature of
many curatives being such tliat were the
germs of othor and differently seated dis-
eiit-cs rootod in the (lyslem of the patient—
wlmt would relieve ono HI in turn would n«-
gruviito the oth r, Wo hnve, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
im.'ulullerati d state, u remedy fur many and
grievous Ills. By its gradual nnd judicious
uso tlie frailest systems are led into convalescence and strength by the influence whieh
Quinine evert-* <.n nature's own restoratives,
ll relieves tho drooping spirits of tho«t with
whom a chronic state of morbid despond-
eney and lack of interc-t in lifo is a disease,
and, by tranqulllslng the nerves, disposes to
tmund unci refreshing sleet>—imiwris vigor
to tho action of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout  the  veins,
itrengthenlng lho healthy animal ronotioni
of the By Stem, thereby making  activity u
nocoBsnry result, strengthening the frame,
am) giving Ufa to tho digestive organs, wbloh
naturally demaad Increased substance—ro-
Mill, improved appetite, Northrop A Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the public their
Superior Quinine Wine at tha usual rate, and,
gauged by the opinion of scientists, Ihls
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
thu market.   All drug«lsts Ml it.
MnUltiK in uii Mlml.
First Restmirnnt Coi-ltroiicb-Why
gloomy? What ure you thinking nlioi
Second U. -0.-1 imve made up i
mind io die. but 1 can't deride wheil
to depart thin lire us m'uee uie or ste
ed blackberries
It's something new In
tha field of medicine to
meet with n mnn who
■■positively knows whnt
bis remedy will do, uud
is willing to wait for
his fee until the work
is done. I um that
wny. I know thut my
Electric Belt will euro
where every other
treatment fails. To
ninke you feel secure I
don't ask for my pay
Until you are cured.
The Dr. McLaughlin Way
Ti took tor twenty yoars to perfect
my appliance nml tho way I now use
it, but there is no guesswork about
it now. Ah sun- us an engineer knows
ihat he cau pump steam into his boilers mnl mako Uis engine go, I know
that I cun pump electricity Into your
body and muke it go, and go rlghl
work about tho en-
sk, us ho bits learned   bis
i rail.*.
I   bi
um   in     Uo
uud  knov
II you are. broken down from hard
work or any other reason ; if your
nones aro shaky : il you have those
"como and H"" pains in the back,
shoulders and hips; if your stomach
is weak, yuur kidneys and bladder*)
ailing;, or if you aro a man or woman with any trouble which you
hnve tried in vain to cure with drugs
■st ami you can pay
y applii
e cures while
bo', hor.
If yo*
-band •
you half price of mine foi
CAtL TO-DAY B&fflfiJL. „
Addreis, inclosing this advertisement,
DU.  M.  B,  McLAUGllLLN, 130
ofthe burning kind or n "no electricity "
ppolutcd you. bring it in and I will allow
Belt,   If you can'l cell *
took, which 1 will Bead,
rite for mv beau*
sealed, FREE,
Yoilge Sl., Toronto.
Ami ii dear littlo Iwi
l-r lhe Moon Uaby
■ ties
ik> tiny mnl Lcautl
Tlu-ru arc lender you
; tlars aromiU It
'llmt wait lor their
twith ol dew
In Hit- purple tints i
nl tho Dili's ivarm
Havo kit on the n
mntnln blur;
Tiii-i-l* art: (food llllli
ttcutle li!mul*
Tlnl want lo lu> ii
I-,*,! ami klncil
An.l lalil lo sleep in
hi* oi (.in tlec|i
Under ill very lolils
i.i mill.
lllll  tilt*   Munn   llut'V  flrst   musl  y]\A
¥ut lit* It their [ironij yoi
in] hii bed tliey iU nl.
BLEEPLIESSNE39 Is due to nerrou
oltaraent,  Tho delicately oonsUtuted,
financier, tho businessman, and those whose
occupation necessitates (jro.it mental strain
or worry, all suffer Ic^-a or moro from it.
Sleep iw the ,, eat restorer ofa worried brain,
and to got Bleep cleanse the stomach from
nil Impurities with a few doses ol Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, gelatine coaled, containing
no mercury, und are Ruaranteed to give eat-
iBfuctiun or the money will bo refunded.
and &*> would mnny a young
lady, rather 'bun taki- a bain
without the "Albert"
It le.-v-rs the -
ami frt-h.and it-s
tremely ptMstng.
tJnl frsgrincc ts ei-
Honrd Dim Stuh.
»T    hm-a    hni»«    tiltHlio   mi    thn    tyrtreyh
she suld seutimentally by way of explanation of her long absence from the
"Ves; I heard hlm sigh," promptly
put in lho small buy.
"Hlm? Who'*" demanded the head
of Iho household.
"Why. Huil young fellow you always
said wns isothlng but wind." answered
the hoy. And t)*-i iv"*- the secret betrayed.
Dour L
SIX OILS. —Tho most conclusive tcsti.
mony, repeatedly luid before tho public in
tho columns of tlio daily prosfl, proves that
Dh. Thomas' Bclbotbio Uii-—an absolutely
Sure combination of ste ol tho finest rerae-
inl oils in existence-remedies rheumatic
pain, eradicates affections of the throut and
lungs, and cures pita, wounds, sores,.lameness, tumors, burns, and
and entile.
in you hns been for mnny
s the saddest, yet sweetest
'[ the day? Surely that whon
in silence, alone, or in swoel communion with relatives or friends, you
havo let your thoughts dwell on thi
denr absent ones  in Africa. Vour
hopes mid fears, your prayers and
tears havo gone forth to them. And
was not that tlie hour of afternoon
tea ?
Your soldiers' comrades—tbo British planters—muke tho delicious
GHEES teas of Ceylon and India.
This alone should Incline you to try
these teas. Japans huve un such claim
on you, and aro, besides, of Inferior
qualities. Monsoon, Salado and Bluo
Itlbbnn brands aro all good.—-Colonist.
DiiKiiiidU Tnctlc-s,
"I'm sorry;," suld lhe ritr.il chairman
i the sneaker, "that
lirwa-rr ,.f Imitations.
Dm*? DUIlU
It itra-ments, Drams, Uniform*, Etc.
ti-.w-.si prices -.Ter -q**i;ie<l Fin* c*t*!oga«
JO. b lust ration* ::»*.'»i ir-.*-.. Wrwn' tot any-
thing In KnsJeorMtuleal In*irum*nu.
Whaley Boyce & Co., Tof^-g^.SiL.
Complete Stock of
Oonstantlj on Band, ^^
: HTUail Otden Prump'iy Attencud to.^l
(Trtd* Mark Registered Korambsr «, IM i
Dr. BsnctiB -.*e-*i*** to -ake iruiramenti  b-sck
>t halt price If parties BStng th*m aia not Ijeo-
Sflite-d alter tuii.-j for ttt we- its.
P. Tree. Winnipeg tars-  I hiv* use<l * Oxyd-
■.nor" loriv, weekB for Hr nohliii -ini •-*-
tarrh of the Bead, ind I feel Ike » oan man.
Mrs. f.I*.Oook,Winnipeg, unt lboAimt-
! fftred ui.toid sg'-.n^s :r.:n hr.ftht ■ Dts«»se.*M,d
It relieved me uf Pain, and la * x weeks I wu
, :ured.
i    Mr. Vf.O. Ell worthy, Winnipeg, «sr»: f?*TS
-inlfe ed for ■"♦yean with srtwawr rb-mma*iBmi
: 9&*\ In bos;.ittf for 5 weeks, eiv) tv-d alm'*t
- overy rerotdy. Ir.cluduif rc-Mmerism galTSu-
; Itm.electrlo t-elt, etc    I h*r-* uitd 'fxydonor
lOdaya tad rece.-zed mort btntflt than from
■ .nftbii.gelso.
Mrs. Osgner, Winnipeg. sajK I have ca»i lt
, bsnsficlnUy with rr.y isndly wheiieTer rick.
; and it iian onrea me oi ttjtrt Indigestion *n« :»
: grili pe.
Su-MleHler-i -.vant*d tn "v-**ry dis;rn*t. Addr-ase
: Wm T. UihUnti, lirain Kxchan*;**, Winn:p-g.
Band for H wkTstsof gr.*.;eiui reports.
lit.   but   v.Unx    —
...A,*.*..,.**.*.*.*-*-**-* *999- ♦♦+♦
^       4
i uf hurees
Tlio chair person struck the desk
violently with her gavel.
"The club," bIio exclaimed, "la not la
order! Tlie fit ot coughing should
come regularly nfter the Invocation,
and It Is nothing short of unparliamentary to try to interject It at thla
As for the members, they were clearly much mortified to have given occasion   for   this   just   rebuke.
Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg j
Money lent at lowest rntcB.
Stocks and bonds bought .ndsold.
Railway and other farm lands in '
I Manitoba and N. W. T. for sale.
I     Maim and folders sent oo applies.
* tion.
Quit ooal from Lethbridge.
l'rlecs quoted to all railway points.
Tlie I''
Miss Willing
wrong to tnnrrv
I'ai'son Pi'nwi
dm In is la my
Ill    Of   VIPIT.
to  yuii   believe It Is
tr innlicyV
(If eniirsn not.   Five
(rular fro. - Chicago
THEY NEVER FAI1>-Mr. 8. M. Boiitfh-
n-sr, Lungton, writes: "For about two years
I wus troubled with Inwiird Piles, hut by using Parmelee's i'ills, I was completely cured,
and although four yours Imvo otapsed since
thon they liuvn not returned." Parmelee's
Pills nro anti-bilious and a specific for tho
-oure of tho Liver and Kidney UomplalnU,
Dyspepsia, OoBtlvencM,   Headache, Pllea,
etc., and will regulaUi tb-a seuretlonif and re-
move all bilious mutter.
r.riK'rnl Caa (luMlt-il n Mntlny.
Genernl Cox wus u good dlsclptliia-
rlnii, but be never blustored and wns
never severe, tm one occasion soveral
ollicers called nt Ute headqunrtors arid
Fluted to llim that llu-y would nut
promise to march their meu up the narrow river vulley. He n-nt iium iii tbeir
qunrterH and snid nothing of their lm*
pertinence until nfter tbe wnr.
While in camp nt Oauloy bridge his
quartermaster genernl shot n prlvnto
In tbe Second Kentucky. The men of
tho regiment escaped the control of the
ollicers and mnde a rush to kill the
quartermaster, who had been taken to
Cox's headquarters. Cox snw the men
coming, but instead of ordering Hie
guards to tire on I bein ho ran toward
them nlone, bareheaded and unarmed.
He reached a gap In a stone wall abend
of tho goo or uno fut'ldus armed men
and stopped tbem. He explained that
they might kill hlm, but they could not
Straightening to bis full height, he
sold, "Your general, unarmed, ns you
see, orders you to remember lhat you
are soldiers and obey." Much to the
surprise of tbe score of anxious ollicers
watching tbo parley, tho men returned
to their camp. Cox nent for n company
from another regiment, which guarded
the prisoner to tlio lower camp,
chargo of mutiny over appeared against
tbnt regiment, which afterword, under
Nelson and Palmer, made a splendid
reputation for drill. dlHpllUO and hard
etesdalile  mila <t lhe   +•
T     To I»un on impron.d farms at cur-   ♦
  mm—. I f      rent r.tea,   Write to T
; L wiJonrEf), Mas. J
Za*^***********-*-*-*-**"**-* 9*0*0.0
When on a dlamoi
tho cutters al Anul
forget l.t supply cu
four "special" siz*.
d buying trip to
irdam, we nover
selves well wilh
■;, viz. :
r    $jj Diamond Rin*r.
S10 Diamond Riny.
:    $•}*, DiimDiid P-inif.
; $t uj uiiinuiiJ Ring.
Pu- o
For on
pur on
Every one of these diamonds musl
be ef such a quality that the most
criiicnl cannot find a fault, for a
"Special" Diamond Ring* from
Ryrie's must bu of "first quality"
Send for our Ring Catalogue.
UiUbUltied i8m-
Mmnut.a inrr.i br THOS. I.I'K. Wlnntp-ff,
Catholic Prayer ,";,:,1;,i.,,,"":.rL';;:
ular*, Religion] I'n tun-i fitatunrv,sod CJmrolt
Oniitini'iit-. Bduoailonal work-*, al,. r'l'r-*n-
oaive prompi sttention. p. i J, SaillHiMaW-al
nrn ihfiiM ill
>1,' *> MrtJiii.
u-'irrhea *i,-l
A tnln-nl
,n..-»-tr kll tii-
rune  JKJDtbl
winnit-H n*.o.
I. the undersigned, representing Jo».
Illinium, wish to Inform those bnnd-
Ilng Furs that l am In the market. I
pay lull market prices at the time I
receive shipment, und make prompt
returns. Price lists nro misleading
.,11 u changing market, ship mo
your furs ofton, uud koop posted by
1 hi* returns yuu get from
Office, Over J. X. Griffin tt Oo., 147
Baanatyno St. Bast.
I I*. O, Unl Wi. MINSITKO, Man.
W. M. U. 803, #£-#*$& WWaWAJWW^^WI
We Recommend
Citrate of Iron and Quinine Tonic for
that tired feeling after "Grippe" and
a;*, the be.st blood and muscle builder,
lt pays to deal with
R. E. BEATTIE, Druggist.
***************** ********************** ************* fj
lAn Idea of Our Ownj
It was an idea of our own to introduce the weekly i
shipments of Naniloha j
In pound bricks to this market.   It has heen a huge!
♦ .success.   That speaks for the quality.    It  lias that sweet and!
• delicate flavor which recommends it to the choicest table.
| Q.    T.   KOUbK-b, and Crockery.   :■
4.9440044444444! 444444004400
|Rossland Winter Carnival T"csday ,0 |
|and Curling Bonspiel....      Sa,ur(la5     |
9 February 12-16, 1001. 0
9 ...The Program Includes... <^
9 4
_[ Eight Curling Contests under thc auspices ot the Kootenay Curl- >v
9       ing- Association, ^.
_ Snowshoe races, Ski races, skating races for Provincial champion- J
9       ships and for men and boys. **t^
9 Hockey Tournament for senior, iunior and ladies' championships 8S
jB        of British Columbia. 4
£ Cutter and Dor Races,Coasting Contests,Carnival Masquerade 0
0 0
m        $3,ooo in Trophic.*; and Prizes $.*i,ooo ^,
▼ Rates for single fare for the  round  trip on  all  railways.   For 8J
L   further particulars see posters and program or address v
H. W. C. Jackson, Secy Carnival Commlttee.Rossland, 15. C. X
04000004444 4400000044440
Charles A. Cottrell, well and favorably kuowu along the Crow as train dispatcher, has been transferred to l-'ort
Engineer Hartsy, of Scriber, visited
witb Bnglueer Magee several days tbia
Engineer Fleming," of Rat Portage,
lias been given  an  engine on the Crow,
Mr. Patterson, if Winnipeg, hns bi en
transferred to Cranbrook, and will take
Mr. Johusou's place as locomotive foreman, Mr. JiihtiMiii will take the position of bead Kller in the shops.
Conductors Hunt and Corey lefl Monday afternoon for Winnipeg to attend
the meeting of llie general committee of
Krakemnn Hur It e met with a most nu-
fortnuaie accident in the Pernio yards
one day la»t week. Hid foot slipped
from the engine ami was badly Crushed.
Ih- wis brought to the hospital here and
several of his toes amputated.
Alphonso Farrell in now time keeper
ot the road gang near Kitchener.
Conductor O'Hagati has returned to
his run on the Crow.
Engineer Urock, »fier being laid up a
mouth, has taken his place again on engine 437 Ernie Hrown rides lhe left
Bide with him.
Fireman GUHs is back on old 436 with
ingineer Magee.
j.«. j Beale & Elwell,
{ J Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
j 5 Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
j I Agents for Assessment Work, Kim
5   i   j berley Townsite Agents.
I    •    » Kimberley Jt Moyie J- Fort Steele.
I     LOCAL   NOTES     I
Picked Up Aboul the Cily  by Asking
Question* of  Many  People.
See Reid & Co.
a new hard hat for
Fred   Smyth   came   up   from  Moyli
Tuesday, t   ., _ „„,
visitor Monday.
W. A. Prest made a business visit to
Moyie this week.
W. T. Reid has arranged some tasty
displays in his windows.
The Cranbrook club is gelling in quite
a number of new members.
The license commissioners will ui
in Cranbrook on the 14th.
W. D. Hill Sl Co. are receiving s-jme
attractive goods in the summer line.
The genuine aroma of the Orient. I-'or
a delicious cup of coffee try G, T. Uogers
Rooms to rent. Apply at The Herald
ollice. Centrally located ami partly
The board of directors of the Klectric
Light company held a short session Tuesday night.
Alex McDermott has received word
that his mother, who lives in Winnipeg,
is tpiite ill.
Vou have been wishing for a cup of
soothing lea, that is tea, Try a sample
ol G. T, Roger's Special.
First class rooms, well furnished and
heated, Tu be had with or without
board.    Apply to Mis. Nelson.
Surely lhe people of this pari of the
district have every reason in feel satis-
fled with the weather this winter,
W, S. Keay, the custom officer, is very
comfortably situated now in his new
oflice in the rear ol the post oflice.
Messrs, Moffat, Gilpin. Small, King
and IfcBrfde attended a Masonic meeting at Fort Steele Tuesday evening,
Miss Jackson, one of Nelson's best
dressmakers, will open dressmaking
looms here about lhe lirst uf March.
A, II. Vanlifcar has done :i -^rcal wood
business this year. He has charge of
the work of cutting on llie Hiker estate.
The new bridge at Wasa, that is being
built by N. Hanson, is nearly completed
This will be a good thing for Cranbrook.
Jake Plllk received a letter from Fred
Ron this week, dated ''Roosville." Fred
is now proprietor nf a new hotel in the
co, per belt 011 the boundary line.
The gentlemen of the Quadrille club
Will give a dance at Wentworth hall next
Monday evening, which will close tbe
very successful series of the season.
John Hutchison, the Insurance agent
and mining broker, says that be is receiving many Inquiries from outside
points about Cranbrook and the value of
property here.
The Herald office wns f.ivnred   with   q
j. Peltier the hustling wholesale liquor
dealer. The Lord Lakes are in demand
now in this district.
W. Mcl.eod, a former member of the
northwest mounted police, and one of
the first contingent that went to Soulh
Africa from Winnipeg, was in lown
several days this week.
Considerable delay isixperieiicctl with
expiess matter that comes from Spokane antl other southern points, as it is
taken from Creston over to Nelson hefore
forwarding ou to Cranbrook.
Mr. Martin, provincial limber inspector, is in town confering with the lumbermen of this district. He came down by
the way of Golden and Windermere, and
says that be had a chilly rule.
John Fink is now traveling for the
great firm ol Schilling & Co., of San
Francisco. He was wiih the company
for a number of years and lhey have
heen afler liim for some time to resume
George Wentworth, ofthe Wenlworth
hotel, has gone to Calgary, and from
there he will go to Helena, Mont., where
he is interested in an important law suit
that has heen pending for a number of
Mr. Cassatt, who suffered a compound
fracture of one leg by having a tree fall
on it at Paiiou'd ranch, submitted lo au
operation Monday by Ur. King, and had
the limit amputated. He is getting
along uieely.
Mr Modal received a tetter from Mr.
Leitch the Brat of the week,   his quite
probable that he will nol return home
for a few days as his aged father, who
left for O.ik Lake lasl week, does not
ee at all well,
The Ice harvest is now nu and several
hundred tons have been shipped from
Moyie bike to this point. Among those
who are storing It away are Messrs Mc
Inness, Ryan, Clapp, King, Ilraull,
Leltcb and Wellman.
There was a narrow CSCflpe from (ireal
the new C. P. R. residence lasl Monday.
Tbe range was placed too near tbe wall,
Miss Sheay, after a  visit of several fand st,t f^e to the walnscoating.   For-
days witb Cranbrook friends, returned
to ber home in Kossland Ihe first of Hit
The Cranbrook Herald ami the Thrice
a-We;k New Vork World for fa 25
There never was such an offer made foi
Quite a number of the people of Cranbrook are iu Moyie today wilh tin
hockey club, cheering the boys on to
victory or defeat.
Horace K, Fuller, barber, singing,
shampooing, and rutting ladies and
children's hair, at llieir residence or at
sbop iu Aiken block.
Mrs. Breckenridge left last Saturday
for New West Minister, to visit with a
sister. From there she will yo lo various
p lints in Washington.
Neil McLeod Currau, financial agenl
ofthe North Star .Mining company, was
ju town the first of the week looking
after busiuev:. for his company.
tu lately ii w-tsdiscovered in time to prevent any sericus damage,
A youug man named Canon, an employe of-tbe Cranbrook Lumber company, had a leg broken a few days ago
while assisting in loading logs. The
chain broke loose and struek bim, re
suiting in a fracture of the bones in two
Thai man Heiilly of Fernie. is .1 prince.
When people from neighhoridg towns
visit Pernie, you will always hear them
talk about Harry Beutley. He gels acquainted and trys to make visitors feel
at home. A man like thai is worth
something to a town,
F,. C Smith, representative for this
district, was iu town Monday uud Tuesday. Mr. Smith is making llie rounds
of the district preparatory lo leaving for
the next session at Victoria. He is anxious to ascertain the needs of hte territory, aud he prepared to advance such
claims with ibe government.
g     The Prospectors' Exchange
fj No. 4 K-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C
3      notil.Rilvfli bead and Cupper Mtuej wanted at  me BX011ANOII.   PflBK mii.i.-
^ im; (10M)| irtles wanted at onee for Kastern Investors.   Parties having mining
jsj |ini|ii*rty fm .le are ruquasted to a *nil sumples of tliolr ore to the KXCIIAXOI! for ev
-J iitblttoa. We desire to hoar Irom pro-tpeetors who have promising mineral uialias to
iV| British Columbia. Prospectors nml mining men are requested to mako tlio ICXOIIANOU
-ji their lietuhpmrters wlieu In Nelson. All samples should bo sent ny express, I'ropalil.
.J corresjionUeuce lollolted   Address nil communications to
You Use Groceries,
Then See King.dtdt
He keeps the best.   Everything pure and fresh,
and the prices are right.
The celebrated Salada Tea.
Our butter, have you tried it ?
Its the best.
,   [Prom Tho Herald Correspondent I
A l>. Parker, of Craubrook, wasa visitor iu town on Sunday.
Dan McNoish came over frJiu Cran
brook ou Saturday to visit his family.
William Dawson, who went out wiih
Strathcona Horse one year ago, returned
lo Port Steele one day last week.
Twenty-five men are to be recruited in
Fort Steele for service in Soulh Africa
witb Iladen Powell's police,
M. A. I'.-.ile paid a Hying visit to Port
Sleele on Saturday Inst, returning on
Monday. lie says business in Moyie is
much Improved since the starting ttpof
the St. Eugene.
Iv. J. Cann riiiitp over from Moyie Sat
urdav ami wiil remain in town a few
K.J. Higbye, better known as "Jum
bo," came down from hia Sheep creek
rauch on Monday.
'V. R.  Ross  went   to   Craubrook
Bob McKeeman has gone to work for
the Kooteuay | Perry creek) company.
N, C. Burchett was in town on Thursday last.    He  was one of the nrltf
Thomas Erie has gone to Fernie for a
brief visit.
Jwk Olsen, one of the besl known
miners of this section, returned from a
visit to his old home in Sweden last
Hank Kller was 111 town a few days
ago. He has been working ou his Big
Swede claim near Kimberley.
William Haupt came down from Win*
dermere last week. Ue confirms the report of great activity in the mines on
Spring creek. Captain Armstrong hopes
to have 2000 tons of ore from the Para*
dise al the landing before tlie winter is
over One warehouse, ioo feet long, i.s
now filled with ore, and another, about
the Sftime size, is under construction.
It is rumored that active work will be
resumed ou the Dupont claim oil Boul
der creek early in the spring. A miniug
engineer will be sent out iu the spring
from the east to direct the work,
It is learned that n spur will be built
from the North Star branch from Kim
berley to the Sullivan mine early lu ibe
spring as soon as the woik can be coin
menced. It was this 01 a tramway, and
it is saitl the railway will be more convenient ami lhe cost of construction will
be less.
Hubert Halnes, manager Cranbrook
branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, was in town last Saturday.
C. ti. Mansfield went lo Cranbrook on
Ice harvesting was commenced last
week. The crop is exceptionally good,
the ice being aboul a foot thick and free
from slush,
Colonel Henderson and Tom Fenwick
were in town on Saturday last,
[ Pna
ilu- Lender.
J, A. Harvey was in luwn Monday
looking afier bis interests. A meeting
of the walerwoiks company was held
while he was here, and he reports everything progressing favorably, Tbe annual meeting of the company will be
heltl next Friday, February aa, at whieh
time there will be an election of officers.
While Iv J. Cann was playing billiards
at lhe Moyie hotel Wednesday evening,
the trap door of the cellar, which is
near the table, was opened. Mr. Cann
accidentally stepped in and received an
ugly fall, hurting his back aud spraining
his ankle.
The starling of the St. Kugene concentrator has been delayed 011 account of
the cold weather, which has a disastrous
effect on the Hume. In the meantime
the mill is being repaired and everything gotten in readiness for .starting on
shod nolice, and as soou aa llie present
cob) weather abates this will be done.
"We were used like princes by the
Cruubrook   boys,"   was lhe UtiailJIUOUS
repression of the Moyie Hockey club
when lhey returned home la-it Saturday,
by Andrew F. Koscnherger, Nelson, It. C.
y*| Telephone Nn. IM, r. 0. Box Tim.
Good Old Schlitz,
Drink Her Down!
I have just received a car load of the well-known
Schlitz beer. Orders for hotels and families will
receive prompt attention.
Reflttc'l Throughout
E. J. Peltier
Cranbrook, B. C.
Moyie should see that the Craubrook
boys are justified in making the same
statement when they return home after
the game on the 14th.
A. (i. Monkhouse has returned from
Seattle, aud says there are teu men for
every position in that country.
Vic Desauluier has returned from the
Halcyon Hot Springs on Arrow lake.
He is much improved iu health and
speaks very highly of the curative pro-
peaties of these springs.
William Lawson is doing assessment
work 011 his claims 011 the west side of
tbe lake.
The frame for Frith & Hamilton's new
building is up ami the woik of boarding
iu the sides and pulling ou the roof is in
McMabon's log building opposite the
Holel Kootenay is undergoing another
change. The ground Iloor is beiug fit
ted up for offices, which will be occupied
by Beale Sl Elwell.
Persons   found  culling wood of any
description   on   Ihe  Craubrook   estate
without written authority, will  be pro*
secuted. V. Hyde linker,
For Cranbrook Estate,
Tbe Hospital Opening.
Next Friday evening lhe uew St. Ell-
Aid society. There will be music, ad
dresses, etc., and refreshments served.
No admission will be charged. The peo
pie of Cranbrook should arrange matters
so as to attend the opening. The hospital is a great institution, uot only for
humanity and for the district, but for
A Benefit Ball.
The second ofthe benefits in aid of th'
fire sufferers was given by the ladies of
Moyie iu Morley hall Thursday evening,
and was a grand success both from a
social and financial point of view. The
ladies especially are deserving of credit
for their work. They prepared a splendid supper, and did excellent work in
selling tickets. The gross receipts ol
the ball amounted to f 166. The expenditures amounted to J14, distributed as
follows: music. $10; printing, $2; help
at ball. $2. This leaves a balance of
$152 to be turned over to the board of
trade for distribution. With lhe $4;
raised nt the first benefit this makes a
total of $r<J9 to be turned over to the
fire sufferers.-—Moyie Leader.
A Raging, Roaring Flood
Washed down a telegraph line which
Chas. C. Bills, of Ivisbon, la,, had to repair. "Standing waist deep in icy water." he writes, "gave me a terrible cold
and cough. It grew worse daily. Finally the best doctors in Oakland, Neb.,
Sioux City aud Omaha said I had consumption nnd could not live. Then I
began using Dr. Kiug's New Discovery
and was wholly cured by six botlleE."
Positively guaranteed for coughs, colds,
aud all throat and lung troubles by K. K,
Beattie, druggist.   Price 50c.
Land Purchases
Pre-emptions jt
Mining Claims
Fete.       jt       jt
Made hy Contract
I.O.O.F. Key Cl y Lodge
So. ('.'. Meets era')' I'rl-
illiy llilillt at UlQlr llall on
linker street, sojournlm*
nit.l Fellows ronilally Invited.
Mlltl Kiiekenilmf A. I. Met'erillut
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 31
It. F. & A. ,11.
Regular meetings on tlie
tlllrtl   I Iiiii -liny lit tlle
\ islttng tiriilierii welcotn d,
W, K. 1:1 nn, ser'y.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers In
Grain and
Given  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate cf Champion college of V. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, II C.
Ilpholslerinj and General Furniture Repairing
Will atleml to any work in the district
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes', Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
One nf the Most Comfnrtalile
Hotel! iu Rant Kootenay,
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, ll. C.
Fort Steele Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are offered for sale on liberal WORKING BONDS. For
reports and information, address
The Cosmopolitan
c. ri. -SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Stores, 1
Oflices, .  it; c. P
Motels, Elc.  |
Private Houses	
Private Houses	
Nil 01-' I.ICHTS    I'l*SK Til 12    AU, NIGHT
|   l—5 .Jt io fi 40
• ', '—IS         95    i es
(16 and upward.. So     t to
 75c for 16 candle power
 50c for   8 candle power
m per rent, is allowed on al! accounts paid before the 10th of
tlte mouth.
Applirnt ons may he made lo lhe electrician Mr. En-art who will
ipinte the cost of wiring, or to the undersigned.
C'll.mileiliers, shades, elc. at Miner's hardware atore.
JAMES RYAN, Tlanaging Director.
-«■•»-» ®-®
Wholesale and
Retail Butchers
I Cranbrook
Moyie |
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Mlnlni and Oeneral Agenl,
Cranbrook, B. C.
City Bakery.
Ilrcad, Cukea and Pastry, orders
of any kitul large or small will receive prompt attention. If ynu
want tlle hest
Try Tommy's.
Delivery to ally purl ofthe city.
Cranbrook, B. C,
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
-® 'ty-® .'.> '..)-'.1 (.) ft-.vi.) I.) /.>-■•.)-_w.(s>.(f, ,j) iii.(j>-(.).(j (-,-, (,ft ,-„ j cll
Hotel 3 3
(iiicsis Comfort a Specialty
(Iood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rathoad ami ile;m(.   Hns nccomtnoda-
lions Iiir the public unequalled in Craubrook.
 Proprietor      j j
Adrian Q. Hanauer
S0I-SU2 Rookery llldg, Spokane, Wash
Heaiti|imrlei', ror Mitltviiii Orami ami
Nurtii stnr. U'tltQ 01 wltu .llliei Ln,
iiii: ur H.lliuu,
Insurance, Real Estate and
Mining Stock.
Correspondence Solicited.
Established April 1898.
I. 0. 0. F. Block    Cranbrook, B. C.


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