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Cranbrook Herald Jun 20, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Oho. A. Cox, President.
Paid Up   Capital ..
Tnlal Resources   .
B. B. Walkkr. Gen. Man.
.... 2,000.00000
... .65,0N,0M.W
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
If you can't get it elsewhere TRY (HLPIN'S.   The
most complete stock in Cranbrook or Moyie.
"Can't Afford
to Paint"
Thc man who aaya that, forgets that painting properly done ia economy, and the fact iahe can't afford
NOT to paint.
How often you require to paint ia largely dependent upou (he point you use.
- Paints
out laat others. They oro tho moat economical paints yon e	
tiny cover most mnl wear longest.   Add to this their good appeanno.. aa*
jou hnvo perfect polnu-7*, Shtrwitl-Willimt Heists.
Thoy aro mado (or many different kinds of painting.  Whatever It la
9 you want to pai.it—a house, or anything ln or out of tho house—we mako
tlio right paint for that particular purpose—not one slapdash mixture lor
New Carpets, Linoleums in 2 and 4 yard widths,
Rugs, Furniture, Screen Doors and Windows   jt
Another car of Groceries and Crockery
No one undersells us    jt      „*       jt
New Qoods
We have them in Men's clothing
We have them in Men's furnishings
We have them in Dry Goods
At prices that will please all.
*% Are You Aware
That we carry complete lines of Groceries, Cured Heats, Lipton's and Ram
Lai's Teas, Chase & Sanborn's Coffees,
Crockery, Hen's Boots, Furnishings and
Hats, Horse Blankets and Sweat Pads,
Oiant Powder and Caps, Bennett's Fuse,
Hay, Oats, Shorts, Rolled Oats, Flour,
Imperial Oils and Gasolene, Wills' Tobaccos, Laycock's Butter.
When you have an order that you wish
filled with good goods and service guaranteed, call and .iee us.
| Fort Steele Mercantile Co. "-»«*
J. P. FINK        jt       ^        j*       MANAGER
Harness   Harness
Single and Double Sets, Wool and Rubber Lap Robes.
Clearance Sale of Bicycles
Twelve wheels to be sold at Cost,
early and secure a bargain.
He Tells of His Trip Through Western
British Columbia.
And Speaks In the Highest Terms
of the Hospitality Shown by
Citizen* of Nanaimo
Nanaimo, 11. C, June 14. lyu.
Dear  Herald:   After   leaving Arrow*
head lake wc hud ll pleasant trip nf two
huiirfl to Revelstoke Ihrough n country
that must have cost thousands of dollars
per mile beside (he government bonus
to build a railroad. At Revelaioke I
found a peculiar (own. It looks a good
ileal like the mineral exhibit (hey
have at the station—tusty, dusty and
neglected. The town spreads over a
large territory, and Ihere ia a luck of
paint that gives the place a foresakeu
look. Pieper Sl Currie would go wlltl
over such a town. Yet, with lhe lnrge
payroll of (he C. 1*. R , and other re
sources, the (own should be a prosperous
We took the main line (rain Sunday
afternoon and lind a magnificent ride to
Vancouver, arriving at the Pacific const
terminus the next afternoon at i o'clock.
There is enough scenery on lhat trip to
satisfy tbe most exacting, and we were
fortunate in forming the acquaintance
of a quaint character, tbe chaplain of the
school at Yale, who gave ua a vast
amount of information about tbe country. Tbe Yale school, by the way, is
(he one where Mra. Krickson'* little
daughter Vera attends, and we were
pleased to learn that she was in good
health and doing well.
On this train also were two gentlemen
from the old Country. Their talk waa
chiefly npon various articles of food aud
the proper manner in which it should be
cooked. So persistent were tbey iu (his
line of (alk lhat everyone in the car became tired and disgusted. At last, a
little girl, wbo aat with her mother
across tbe aisle and bad been paying
close attention to tbe loud talk, turned
to her parent and in a voice tbat could
be heard by all, asked: "Mamma, are
both of thoae men cooks?" There waa a
ripple of laughter over the car, and the
two men wbo bad beeu attracting so
much attention subsided into absolute
Vancouver ia a great town, and tbe
time la coming when she will be n wonderful commercial city. Her customs
tbis year will reach the million maik,
wblcb is sufficient evidence of ber iu
creasing greatness. There te shown on
every hand maika of Improvement.
Cosily blocka have been recently erected,
the C. P. K. station is a graiid architectural pile that dttnonatraies whal that
company thinks of (be future of thc
town. At ill docks arc ships from many
seas, ami traffic is ci-uatauily on thc Increase. We bad (be pleasure of visiting
the Hmptess of Japan, the finest passenger steamer on the Pucific ocean, and
Mrs. Simpson nud myself were shown
every courtesy while ou board.
After a day In Vancouver we took a
boat for Nanaimo. It was a most delightful tide aiming many pretty islands
where various scenes of transcendent
beauty were presented. Arriving at
Nanaimo Ihere was a grand rush for
quarters at the oveicrowded hotels, thc
delegates to the grand lodge, I O. O. V.
filling tbe lobbies ofthe hotels mid raising Cain with their loud demands for
rooms. Tbe Uld Man had nent a little
telegram from Vancouver, however, uml
while the rest were shouting he and his
wife were being shown to pleasant rooms
in tbe Wilson house.
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and Improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
Thefioth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
Nanaimo was discovered In 1850, and
It looks it. A man walking down the
main street will meet himself. It ia
laid out regardless of angles, corners,
precedent, beauty, system or common
sense. Tbe ehlef products bere aie coal,
babies and flowers, aud the lown is full
of each. There are tome beautiful
places here but paint la an undiscovered
element here as yet. Here you will see
a beautiful front yard, resplendent with
flowers and shrubbery, and in the center
on the neat lawn, a pile of coal damped,
Tbey are proud of their coal and their
kids, and both are dirty. But aa to hospitality, bere we found it pure aud simple. The meu were shown every courtesy, and thc visiting ladies bave been
given every care. Kuterlainuients have
been provided and everything done to
make tbe visit a pleasant one in eveiy
respect. Yesterday all of the grand
lodge were invited to visit either the
coal mines or the brewery. Some went
tu the cosl minis, and Old Man Simpson
went—well, it ia nol necessity lo go iuto
Tonight the program closes witli a
large banquet nt the opern house. Tomorrow morning wc will take the train
for [Victoria, tIiiih getting a ride filling
the island. From there we go to Seattle
and Tacoma, ami then turn homeward
Hoping nil is well 111 Cranbrook, nnd insuring you lhat we are having 11 line
time, I am, as ever,"
Old Mnn Simps..11
Ii the Wla-ier-aerc Coaalry.
E. II. Small and Art Malllsson returned Moutlay from the Windeitueie
couulry. where lhey spent a week on u
business und pleasure ttip combined
Mr. Small, who lived in that diatrict for
a number of yean, said that tbere is considerable activity iu thut couutry, aud
that besides the numerous mining properties now being developed, au immense
amouui of government work is also being done, ns the appropriations for that
district were very large. One coutmet
for a road ia miles long, ruuniug from
Peterborough to No. 2 creek, has beeu
let, the price being $15,000. Mr. Small
nlso statea tbat Captain Armstrong has
gone lo Jennings for thc purpose of
bringing tbe steamer Ninth Star up nnd
placing her in coin mis-ion 011 the Upper
Columbia, as there is a great quantity of
ore to be handled in that district and
transportation.'facilities are limited. Mr.
Small says that the country, iu genetul,
is going ahead at a rapid rale and thut
lhe people have unbounded faith in its
future, and be also claims Ihnt il is lhe
prettiest place iu the whole piovince.
PrcKitalioi to J. F. Araitroig.
Ou Suuday last Mr. Armstrong wna
made lhe recipient ofa very hnudsome
clock, presented by the pariahioners if
Cbiist cbutcb. Tbe clock with an address waa preseuted to him after morning service and Mr. Armstrong acknowledged the gift in a few welt chosen
woids. Ile rtfeired to the substantial
nature of the article, and that he waa
getting on in years and might not bave
many years enjoyment iu Ibe use of it,
but that it would be handed down to hia
children, who he was sure would treas
ure it in iheir time as much aa he would
in his. He referred to his pleasant con
nection with the parish in tbe past and
lhe interest he should always have in it
in the future. Thc clock Is 1 handsome
article in oak case, and with cathedral
'hiiiies, a correct imitation of tbose of
Westminster Abbey.
Bicycle vs. Horse.
As an outcome of in argument held at
the club one evening last week, iu which
aeveral local sports were mixed up, a
race will in ill probability be arranged
from Cranbrook to Port Steele, between
a horse and • bicycle, to demonstrate
which can mike the better time. Quite
a sum of money may change hinds ou
the result of tbe race, tbe hackers being
•bout evenly divided aa lo their favorites.
The distance is twelve miles, but there
ate several medium used hills to be encountered, and should the contest take
place.it will be • wai in oue, witb Ibe
odds about even. It ia said tbat Hyde
Haker will ride the horse, while M. A.
Iteale will he the artist on the wheel,
Tbe distance must be made In less than
one hour.
Will Leave This Kvealif
Rev. Robeit Reid md wife will leave
for Pomeroy, Wash., this evening, where
Mr. Reid has been tendered tbe pastorate of Ihe M. ft. church of lhal city.
Mr. and Mra. Reid have been residents
of Cranbrook for the past wiuter, aud
have been very active in church work
and in the social life of the town. Aa a
token of the esteem in which be is held
a number of friends met at the Methodist
church Tuesday evening and presented
him with an address an 1 a purse. Cranbrook'a loaa is Pomi-roy's gain iu the departure of thia estimable couple, and
their many friends wish Ihem un bounded
happiness and prosperity In their new
field of labor.
New Pinltire Stare.
A company haa beeu organized in
Cranbrook for tbe purpose of starting
a sirlclly up to dale furniture and house
furnishing store. The company has a
lease on the rooms formerly occupied hy
Bremner & Son, snd will be ready for
buaineas in ■ short time, with 1 new and
complete atock, ind will In connection
operate a furniture repairing and upholstering department, with a competent
man in charge. Tbis Information was
furnished The Herald by one of the
members of tbe new company, which includes several prominent buaineas and
professional men of the town.
]M O Y I E
J *
I  News Mules Fran lhe Mineral City  |
Notice ts Volaiteers.
ln tbe list of officers ind men who
hive served in South Africa, furnished
by the departmeut of millta and published In the British Columbia Gazette,
the names of all who enlisted In South
Kast Kootenay have heen omitted and
they will lose the privelege granted them
by the Canadian contingent acl, p.tssed
■t the list session of the legislature, unless • formal ap, lien tion la nude to the
minister of mines before Ihe end ol the
month. Interested parties ahould Immediately apply lo thc deputy mining
recorder for futber particulars,
The lnrge addition to the Kootenay
botel which hns been in course of election for llie past eight months was completed last week, and Friday evening n
giiuid ball was giveu by the proprietors,
tlie McMahon llros. The ball wns one
oi lhe bent ever given in Moyie, the besl
of music beiug furnished by Messrs.
Wilson and Murphy, and tlie floor manager, J. M. Lindsay, conducting things
in a manner satisfactory lo all. There
were a large number of guests preseut
among whom were some eight or teu
from Cranbrook. At ia o'clock supper
wns served after which dancing was resumed and kept up until the early morning hours, when all wenl home quite
satisfied that tbey had passed one of the
most pleasant evenings in tbeir lives.
Thc Hotel Kooteuay is situated a short
distance from the C. P. R depot nud
commands a fine view of (lie lake. Thc
Hew addilion which has just been completed Is 133 feet long by 60 feel wide
Ou the first floor there is a large bur-
room, beautifully furnished; two entd
rooms aud a billi.ml room provided
witb tuo magnificent billiard tables. Ju
addition l< these rooms ou the first floor
arc the ollice which islaige nnd richly
furnished, nud lhc dining room capable
of sealing between twenty and Unity
gueiits. There are also lwo large sample
rooms, n wine room and n dry room for
Ihe miners iu connection with the bouse.
On the second story there me thirty bed
rooms nil of which arc large, well lur
nislud. light nnd airy. The house cost
In (he neighborhood of f 15,000, but can
easily accommodate from seventy live lo
• hundred guests aud is without doubt
lhe best equipped aud moat up-to-date
hotel In Soulh Kast Kootenay.
Lasl Saturday afternoon W. N Hakin
and Miss Berths Johns were united in
marriage iu Ibe parlor ol tbe Central
hotel by Rev, O. II. Oreigg, the pastor
of the Presbyterian church, Mr. Karl
liakin, brother ol thc groom, acled aa
groom's man and Miss Flossie Link lighter as bridesmaid In the evening a
dance was given In their honor at Ibe
Central hotel. A large number of friends
were present and passed a very enjoyable eveuing until ia e'clock when a
sumptuous repast was served. On leaving ull joined in wishing the newly mar-
tied pair a long live aud a very happy
Ou Saturday afternoon Ihe ladies of
the Presbyterian church gave a bazaar,
Bzcelleut music wsa provided by the
Moyie orchestra and strawberries and ice
cream were furnished by tbe ladies. A
number of fancy articles were on sale
and the committee in charge ire well
aatisfled wlih tbe result as about $85 wns
raised aud a delightful afternoon passed.
Charles Farrell, the owner of the
Society Girl wine, la arranging for lhe
building of a dancing pavilion across the
lake from tbe town. The money is being raised by public subscription and
the floor will first be used ou Dominion
Dny, when n picnic is to be given. Tlie
Iloor will be 40x35, and situated as it is
among the irei-s will be an ideal place
for tripping the light fantastic.
Tbe frame work of lhe new courthouse
Is uow up and the work la steadily progressing. The contractors expect to
have the building completed by the isl
of August.
The pipe for lhe Moyie Waterworks is
now here and work laying it will at ouce
commence, Thus lu a abort time Moyie
will have a first class water supply.
In tbe government estimates flew)
was set npart for building a road to th 1
Society Girl mine. The Parrel boya, the
owners of the mine, are at woik Ibis
week arranging for the survey of the
road and wotk on It will In a short time
Among the twenty guests registered at
the Hotel Kootenay on Friday last the
names of seven persons from Cranbrook
were noticed. They were up to attend
the opening and report having had a
good time.
J. A. Harvey, the lawyer ol Fort
Steele, was in town on Sundry last.
J. F. Armstrong, the gold commissioner waa in town holding court on Saturday last.
Misa Schlauder, who has been visiting
ber sister Mrs. Conrad, returned to ber
borne lu Missoula, Mont, by Saturday's
Ur. Harvey, the eye specialist, was in
lown Ihls week ou professional busiuess.
J, Johnson, tbe contractor of Moyie,
bus been awarded the contract for building Manager Cronin's house.
Last week John McDonald was elected
president of the Moyie Miners' uui *n,
II, H. Dimmock the president having
been appointed shift boss at tbi Lake
Shore mine.
Arrangements sre Almost Completed for a
Hlfb Old Time.
All nr ran genie nts are being rapidly
in ide iu connection with the celebration
(o be held bere on Dominion D.iy under
tbe auspices of the Craubrook Football
club. Pernie is sending a strong team
to compete for the lleattiecup.aud Kimberley is also in the running. Latest reports from the bitter place say lhat the
hoys are practising hind nud mean to
win, nnd certainly with a little improvement in the team that visited here on
May 37, lhey huve every chance of doing
so. The local learn hns not, so far, gotten down to business, pi&ctias beiu^
pimily attended, and if tlicy want to
keep the cup lhey must certainly gel in
aud drill.
The list of prizes donated by local
gentlemen is increasing, and the club
wishes to extend their thanks for the
kindness of tlif* donnlors. Everything
points to it successful meeting nml good
sport is assured to visitors. We shall be
in a posiliou in our next issue to give n
complete program and full list of ent 1 its.
Craabrook Well Iteprescated.
(Jniie u number of thc citizens of
Craubrook went io Moyie last Friday
uiglit to attend the opening dance al the
Hotel Kootenay. The big addition to
lhe hotel hns just been completed, and
now McMahon Bios, have tbe largest
and one of llie most tnodcrnly equipped
houses in South K«8t Kootenny. Those
wbo wetc down from here were Miss
Stewatt, Miss Foi tune, F. P. Pieper, G
II. Miner, A. h, McDemot, Archie Currie, T. Rooks. Ji. J, Peltier nud Chniles
Ymidale. They icport having had n
splendid lime, and Pieper mul McDermot
stayed over to attend another dunce in
tlle Central holel Saturday nlghl, giveu
In honor of Willinm ti.ilun ami Miss
Hei thn Johns, wbo were married thai
Wc Cas'l Make It Ost.
Thc Herald man is iu receipt ofa communication from parties iu Nanaimo,
which we would like lo publish, but owing lu our Inability to decipher certain
hieroglyphicul figures contained in the
letter, our readers will have to forego
the pleasure of reading it. The words
''Independent Order of Good Fellows,"
"Hugh time," ''fSu" ami Nelson boys,
good crowd," are easily discernable, but
the test is alt a blank lo ua. In the
meantime Ilenttie and Hutch, who both
claim lu lie experts iu not only translating but writing letters under similar conditions, are busily at work ou il, and to
their success alone will Ihe publication
of the letter be assured.
Two 01k Tlsiers.
Fred Kaiiouse, of Fernie, was a visitor
in Cranhrook Saturd iy. Mr. Kaiiouse Is
an old timer lu the northwest, aud when
he and llaldy Morris get together aod
begin talking about the limes they used
lo have in Macleod twenty-five or thirty
years ago. it isn't loug before Ih. y are
the center of a very appreciative undi-
ence, while the stories they tell are almost aa good aa a circus.
Fernie a (iood Taws.
James Greer came up from Fernie Saturday, where he haa a force of men working on several buildings he is erecting,
He has j'lst completed a large addition
to thc Waldorf hotel, owned by Fred
Kunouse, the dimensions of which are
32x70, and is now working on a dwelling
house and store. Jim says Feruie Is a
good lown and that there will be a lot of
building going on there this mm mer,
Try Tke Herald.
Someone iu town has been deroraitni>
the sidewalk with passages from tb
Bible, and also passages that are nol
from that book. For the benefit of the
person or persons doing this work,
we might modestly stnte that The Hrr
aid is a very j.o id advertising medium,
and give great satisfaction.
Plcik at Marysville.
The picnic which was to have been
given under the auspices of the Sunday
school of thc Knglish church, lasl Tbura
dny, wns postponed on account of thein
clemency of Ihe weather, and will be
given Saturday. Tbe picnic will he held
at the falls on Mnrk creek near Marysville, nnd promises lo be an enjoyable
affair, as it is but a shoit distance by
rail from Cranbrook, and tbe scenen
around Marysville Is noted for its beauty.
No better picnic gtounda could be obtained, and a large crowd will undoubtedly go from Cranbrook.
Notice oi DliMlNttia.
Notice is heieby g ven that the partner
ship heretofore existing between lhc
undersigned baa this day been dissolved
hy mutual consent. All claims against
the inid pirtnersblp, including tbe personal debts of the junior member, Frank
VanDecar, are to be aid ->y the senior,
L. H VanDecar, ami ail monies owing
to the said partnership will be collected
by L. B. VanDecnr.
Dated at Cranhrook this 12th day of
June,  1901,
L. B. VanDecar.
Frank VanDecar.
Five Hnsdred Dollars Granted for the
Perry Creek load.
News of   the   Appropriation  Received Tuesday and Work Will
Commence Very Soon.
Horses branded LDon right hip are
tbe  property  of Ihe Canadian I'acific
Railway company.    Auy person detaining same will Iw prosecuted. io 4
It has long beeu an established fuet
lhat the Ferry creek milling section,
with n little rapital and plenty of bard
work, would prove one ot the richest
portions of South K.ist Kootenay. Not
only is there paying placer diggings on
the creek, but also Immense ledges of
gold bearing rock, which will net many
a fortune at uo distant dale. Ii is also
well known that Cranbrook is the natural supply point for tbis territory but up
to n short time ago Iin attempt had been
made by the rlllsena ol this town to
secure the trade- which would conic from
there, nnd which could alone he obtained
by connecting the two places by n gootl
wagon road.
Atrnut a week ago several members of
the board of trade, urged 011 by a few
property owners on Perry creek, took up
the matter, and the consequence was
that a communication wns sent to the
lepartment ot public worksat Victoria,
askiug for a donation of f •*.*..■ wi h which
to begin work ou tbti nud, at it was a
crying necessity lo the property owners
on the creek, in getting in supplies In
answer lo this request a telegrsm was
received yesterday morning from tbe
minister of public works, which contained lhe welcome information that the
appropriation had been gran'ed. tbe
money to be available on June 30 In
addition to this $500, it is quite probable
tbat lite citizens of Cranbrook will raise
it least $ 100 more, and with this sum-
together with good workmen a road
should be constructed by July 31, that
will meet with all requirements. This
will be good news both to the m uers and
prospectors on tbis Imtoric creek, and
the citizens of Cranbrook, and as Craobrook is Ibe natural supply point, the
business of tbe towu will be greatly increased, especially so, as Irom all accounts this will be a very busy year in
thatsectioo, there beiug a great many
men at work now, witb more going iu
every day.        	
laspector tot This District.
Archibald Dick, government inspector
of coal and metaliiieious mines, hat
lieen appointed to tbe district of South
Kast Kooteuay, with headquarlets al
Mlslsi Notes.
Charles II.   Wolfe,  who for the past
year has been manager  ofthe  Sullivan
miue, is uow   ore buyer  for the  Granby
smelter in the Boundary country.
(Jiule a number of prospectors bave
been taking supplies into the St, Maiy's
country the past two weeks, prep-ail ory
10 doing tbe annual as&cssuie ut w.-i k.
James King, wbo spent last summer in
Craubrook, returned fiom New Hiui.s-
wick, aud will spend the summer on Ibe
Upper St. Mary's, where be bas some
promising miueral claims.
George Johnson left yesterday for the
Lardo country where he will put in tbe
summer mouths prospecting, George is
a good fellow and bis friends bere hope
he will strike a second Le Km.
Walter VanArsdalen was over from
t<'orl Steele Friday. He has just ret m till Irom Tracy creek where be haa In en
■loing assessment work on several of hts
pioperties. He aays everything iu tbe
Tracy creek section is looking lovely nud
hat some good mines are bound (o lie
ihe consequence of (he work that is be -
mg done tbere.
Robert Cox, who came over from
I'bocnix two weeks ago, has relurned lo
-hat place. Bob's in ention, wben be
came over bere, was to do bis assess.
ment work ou the Bowery Girt, which
ta located several miles up Wild Horse,
but owing to the deep snow up tnere,
fouud that it was impossible, so be left
the coulract for the work with Adam
Wise, of Fort Steele, who will begin
operations as soon as conditions will
permit. Bob says that lhe ore tiken
from lhe property list summer leads him
lo believe tbat he bas a good thing, and
be wilt endeavor to verify tbat belief tbia
summer, ____^_^_^
Msyls Water Works
G. II. Miner left fur Moyie Tuesday
evening, where he wilt iuaugnrate the
work of laying the pipe fur lhe Moyie
Waterworks company, for which be has
tbe contract The pipe, which waa sup*
plied by Mr. Miner arrived this week,
and waa forwarded to Moyie Tuesday.
There will be twelve hydrants distributed over the town, which will be a most
va1u*hle feature in case of 6re, and Ibe
citizens of Moyie are to be congratulated
upou Ibis moat important imp o.-euieut. CRANHROOK  HERALD
Editor nml Proprietor.
lhe Heraiii d-ulrei t<> ■!*-.*■ tiie news ur the
district, lt ruu know any nbout fpar town
your iiuur or yuur t eople. send It to this ollice.
Success depends upon a liberal
patronage of printing offices.-John
Jacob Astor.
Tbe Nelson Tribune lunula the people
of Ymir, on the fact tbat tbey failed to
get any appropriation for mailed im
provemeats la llut town, and jubilantly
refers to the vote tbey casi last year,
which was agaiuit tbe editor of tbe
Tribune, who is tbe member for that dlstilct. Tbe penp'e of Ymir are In about
ihe same position a* the people of Crsr*
brook, who voted lor K C. Smith, a
member of the opposition. Mi. Smith
has asked for needed Improvements in
and about Cranbrook, and got nothing
but promise* If the present government proposes to advance tke beat li
lerusts of the province by granting
appropriations for only those communities tbat voted with them, lhey will
succeed tn making themselves the most
despised outfit thai ever controlled the
political affairs of tne province. Such
a pulley may seem gcol politics to the
narrow minded; but it Is so little, so
petty-i so contemptible, that even the
beneficiaries, althoiight pleased with
what they gain, imi*i as men condemn a
[any that will resort to mch methods
for political revenge.
Notice lo Pre-Emptor.** of Crown Lands.
The attention of l're-euiplors of crown
lands is hereby called to an amendment
to the "land act," passed at thc last
session of the legislature, which provides
as follows, viz:—
* q. I're-emptors of crowu lauds.
whether in arrears iu payment of instalments of purchase money or not, who at
the time of coming into force oftb*sact
have obtained ceitificate* ol ituprovt-
meot, or who shall bave obtained
certificates of improvement withiu
twelve months thereafter, shall on
conforming wiih the provisions of
tbe "laud act," except as hereby
altered, be entitled to obtain crown
grants of their pre-emption claims upon
completing pa> ments of purchase money
at the rate of seveuty-five cents per acre,
and ero a u grant fees, which payments
mnv be made as follows:
"Twenty-five cents per acre on nr before the 31st day of December, 1901;
"Twenty-live cents per acre on or before the joih day of June, 1912;
"snd the retiisiuiug--
"Twenty-live rents per acre on or before the 31st day of December, I902. nnd
without any further payment of interest
or arrears of interest."
Hepuiy commissioner ol lauds and works.
Lands and works department,
Victoria, B. C, 1st June, 1901
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Tl. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
British Columbia Is today one of the
richest provinces In Canada. Is resources are unequaled In ihe whole
Dominion, and what It needs just now
Is brains at the head ol Us government.
Six years ago Nelson was about the
slz-s tbat Craubrook ts today. Crat.
brook has even belter opportunities
than Nelson had, and all that Is necessary la for tbe people of Cranbrook to
stand together. In unity of action there
li strength, and such a course will bring
success to Cranbrook and ber people.
Moyie Is Improving rapidly In a com*
merclal way. There Is every reason for
ltut. Moyie Is built on a solid founds*
tion—silver sod lead.
Calebrate 1> jmlulon Day at Cranbrook
and enj iy life.
Cranbrook today has more fine bouses,
more nicely painted houses, more well
kept premises, more sidewalk* aud more
evidence of prosperity than any town of
, Its size In Drill-ill Columbia.
A lot of Hnancial kings of tbe United
States paid a formal visit to England's
King the other day.
Carnegie gave away 51,000,000 tbe
olher day. That amount would make s
big bole in our pile.
Nelsou merchants have Inaugurates! a
movement whereby the business plscea
of the town remain closed on Thursday
afternoons, aud ln consequence the
Tribune predicts that the wholesale
busiuess of the town will certainly goto
Tbe Nelson Miner says that sou pounds
of red fire have been received lu tbat
towu for the Dominion Day celebration
Tbe Miner does not stale how much red
firewater will be used.
The c tfzans of Moyie are jubilant
over the fact that tbeir waterworks
plant will soon be In working order.
We can't possibly see what particular
use the citizens of that towu bave for
The Canterbury Outcrop celebrated
Its first bltthday last week. Here's
hoping thc Outcrop will celebrate many
more of them.
The Nelson Tribune is now being set
by linotypes.
Nelsou is makiug elaborate preparations for the celebration of Dominion
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace have
decided lo erect a large hospital at
The steamer City of Windermere is
now making regular trips between
Golden and Windermere*
Railway construction in the Lardo ia
now under way, and in consequence that
section is enjoying a great influx of
The ore shipments from tbe Slocan
divisions for tbis year, up to June 14, has
been 2,213 t(,nH* Last year tbe shipments were 2,847 (otls*
Tbe Nelson city council is divided
over tbe question of allowing Sunday
baseball, with the mayor and one other
alderman a majority in favor of it.
A lodge of the Fraternnl Order of
Eagles was instituted in Phoenix last
weelt, with a membership of seventy,
This is the first lodge in the Boundary
The Nelson Tribune snys (hat the C.
P. K. intends to appoint a land commissioner, v.ith nn oflice in Nelson, for the
handling of the company's lands in Kast
Kootenay and the Bouudary countries.
Department ot Mines.
Csisdlss Coollsgeal Exemption Acts.
All returned South African volunteers,
who have not already done so, are requested to communicate with the undersigned wlthotu delay, as also the next of
kin of those deceased or those who have
not yet returned lo British Columbia, or
any oher persons interested in mining
properties held by such Volunteers. The
latest date possible for receiving nppli
cations for exemption under the above
acts will be the 1st July, proximo.
Minister of Mines.
Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. C, 3rd June, 1901,
T*ke notice Umi I tiim** applied tothe elite! emu
mit-ilmier of lands mnl works, ul Victoria-, I'- <'.
for a special license tu cut and curry away thn
tier uii ami from the following deserlbed vacant
crown lands In llie district <>f Hntitli Kust Horn*
euay, Jl. v.- I'lmiiueiiclaK ul u pn»i planted on
the west Iliu* nf i.nt am, linmp 1. Kootenay Dis*
trict, nnd nitwit nne mile miutli or the northwest corner iittlia suid lot, ami whleh post Is
marked "Alex. Moiiuit s 8, E, earner," thence
west IfJ rhttiiiK more or less, Hiciht north about
«i chains lo llie sotllli side ol the Klk river,
thence north-easterly, fnllimiiiK tin* south side
of the suld river uiiout w chulns lo a point due
north ofthe snid north-west corner ofthe .1 id
lot, tlienee south ulnmt 19, chains to the place of
lien inning, contiilnlns iiku acres mint* or less.
Dated the :mih day of May. A. I), niii.
Tuke notice Unit I have made application lo
the chief lumiiiilsiloner of lauds una works, at
Victoria, B, C, for 11 special license to cut and
curry nway limber nn uml fiom Mil* fotluWllip
desurlbed vaciiit crown lands Iti the tllstrlot of
South I'.n t Knotenay, 11. p.: Cnilllltetiolngal a
post planted uhout one mile south of the smith
hunk ofthe Klk nver, In (he said district, uu
alwiil one anil one hair ml es from the mo..tli
of the said river, mul which post li iimrknl
"i ory How's N. W, corner," thence easl s
chains, thence south so chulns, theuce we»t »
chains, theuce north so clialus lo the place ol
beKhinlne, coiiUlului,' OK) acres mure or less.
DsiedtliesOihday of May, a. l>. iiui.
CORY how
Take nntlce that I huve applied to tha chief
commissioner of lauds and works at Victoria, II.
('..fnru special license to cut and carry away
timher on und from the following it-Mcrltcd
vacant crown lands hi Ilia district uf South Fast
Kootenny, ll Ci Counuencini at a post piunteil on the south hank of the Klk river In the mild
district, shout one and one-halt miles f rum the
niniitti of the tuid river, and wnich nest is mark*
eii "Ft K. Morris's N. K. corner," Ilieuee soutl
Ho chains, thence went 80 chains, thence nortli so
chains, iheuce east so chains to lhe pin*.*** of be-
KlniiliiK, coula tig Mi iicivs more or less.
Hated the at tli day nf .May, A. I), iwil.
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership
Notice Is hereby given that ihe partnership
heretofore existing hei ween us, the undersigned,
as proprietors or the Wentworth hotel. In rrnn-
iir-mk, li. 0. has Ihls day been dissolved hy
mu mil consent. All <t-tits owing to the suld
piirtticrshl|iurctnhe paid to Oluis I). Vrouiau.
aad a 1 claims again.! tlm said partnership are
In he paid hy liim.
I nt tnl at t.'ranhrnok, May :11st. iwil.
Witness, iWlMJAM SMITH
W. F. Ul PI) I I'M Altl.S l\ V HUMAN
Laid Act Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that I huve made up
plication to the chief commissioner of lands nud
works, Victoria, It. (',, for a special license 10 cut
anil carry away limber on Hint from the following deserlluil vacant crown hinds. In the district of Ninth Kust Kooieuay, li c, Commenc*
lug ut u post planted on the north side i.f Telegraph trail, shout two miles soiilheait ofthe
dossing of the Klk Mvei hy the iald trail, In the
said dl.tilt, snd Which posl Is marked "J. It.
CoHtlgan's R, W.'corner post,1' thence north \::
chains, iheuce east su chu ns, iheuce soulh WD
chains, thence west §0 ctlMlll In place of beginning, containing 11)00acres more or ISM,
listed Ihe .tml day of May, luoi,
Lssd Notice.
Thirty duys afler dale I intend in apply lo
filler t'oiumlssliiner of Lamls ami Works fnr
permission to purchase llm following desv-HlMtd
Innl: Commencing St the north east cornerof
Thos. Iscsak's pre-emption on I'eiry creek, riming east 10 chains, iheuce south HOchuiiis, thence
went -to chains thence nor h m chains to point or
Clies'.er Mc Adam.
Chas. Estmere
Real Estate and Mines
Kimberley, B. C.
At the.....
Herald Office
The only all rail lonte between all
points Kast, West aud South to..,.
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANK with the
Orent Northern, Northern Paclllc
and O. K. & N. Company.
Nelson with Steamer lor Kaslo
and All Koutenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally tor
Republic, and
Connects ilnilv
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   tor
Urand Forks and Greenwood
II. A. JACKSON, lien. Put. Aft.
Direct route to all
East 3 West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent. Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7:50 daily     West       daily 16:10
16j(0  « East u    7:50
I3t00 Kimberley J&50
Kimberley trains  on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and  Saturdays*
For lime tables and full iofurmatloa, call 01
or address nearest local agenl.
A. (1. P. A, Agenl.
Vancouver, B.C. Craabrook
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelion, B. C.
Land Act Nolice.
Take notice tlmt 1 linvn npplled to Hip chief
ciHiiiulssl mer nf hints and worKsnt Victoria, II,
('., lor a special HeeillD to out anil carry away
iiintiiT on nml frum tlie following ilescrliied
vacant crown lamls, In tin-** district of Houth Kast
Koiitentiy, ll. <*. nimnipnclng at a |wwl planted
at the north went corner of lot aflt>, group 1,
Kiioii'iiiij district: nnd whi h uost is marked
"Kilwanl ciililir* s. w. corner pout," ttieocn
ntiuii 125 chains, llieneo rust mi chnins, thence
south n* chains, thence west so elinlns, 10 place
or iit'ciiiiiin** conialiiing iuiu acres moro or lesi,
Dated iho 2nd day of May, a. I>, IW),
Land Act Notice.
Tako uolleo that I huve aiipiied to the chief com-
iiiis-iiiiicri.f liiniN and works at Victoria, II. d .
for a special license tn cut umi carry gvfmy tint-
lier on mid from tlie (ollnwltlg d>*scrilieil vao-inl
croiui lumls in tlie district or .-.ontli i:ast Kooteuay, 11. c. Commencing at a iwst planted on
tlie north side nf Telegraph trail, «bo|itthree
miles southeast of the ernsting of tna Klk river
by the, said trail, Jn lhe suld distrki and which
post Is marked ■■(*. p. 1 'Kelly's s. W. corner
post," tlicnoe norlli it* chnins, thence cunt so
idinliiB, Uihwt* south l'.'5 elialns, llicnce west bu
chulns to place of beginning, containing iouu
acres moro or less.
Dated the und dny nt .May, mn.
Uld Act Notice.
Tuke notice thut I Imve'itpplled to the chief
commissioner or lamls mid works at VictorlH,
II. 1'., for a s|ie<*liii license to cut a A curry awny
Ilmher on and from llie following described
vacant crown lands in tin* dttfrtot or south Kust
KootPiiay, ll. 0, toiiimcm-lug atn post |>N* i*d
on (he nor il, side ol li'legraph trail, ahout three
lies southeast of the cro-tslng ofthe Klk river
l>y Die suld nail In the said district, and which
post Is 111:11 kid "C. Illcsel s N. \V. corner |xist,
lietii'L* south IHflollUlns, (hence east *n clml'ia,
theuce no Mi HWo -sins, tlienee west W chains to
place of lieiduuliig, conti.Ulng lOMiaere* more or
I mied tin* jinl day of May, wm.
Land Acl Notice.
Take imtlce that I have applied iti the chief
commissioner ot lauds mui works at Victoria,
Ii. i.\, for a special license to cut and curry away
limber on ami frum the lollowlug described
vacant crown htuds, in tin* district of South
Kust Kootenay. Commencing at a post planted
on the Mouth side ol Telegraph Trull, about one
Imlf mile south uf the crossing of the Kilt river
by the said trail, in the said district, and which
post is marked "W. \V, Doble's N. K. corner
post,' thence south I3S clnlus, thence west SO
cbuhiK, thence uortli m chnlus, lliance cast so
chulns to (be place ot beginning, containing looo
acres more or less.
Duled llle Mb day nr .May, A. I). 1001.
Timber Nolice.
Notice l-i hereby given Unit I hnve applied to
the chief commissioner of lumls and works for
permission to cut und curry awny timber from
the following de«crlbed lauds In South Knst
Koo'cniy. Commencing ui u posl marked .1.11.
MoMllllllt'n soulh enst corner planted near Palm
ers llitrorcek nnd the hiyro'l Mining Onmimn/
wagon road, tbence north 12H Chains, thence
wet so chains, thence south li. chulns,iheuce
eust 80 rhulus 10 plftce ol neginning, containing
ltl,;Uacres more nr less,
Dated ut t'riinbrook. 11. 0„ this rati day of
May, lift). J. ll. iic.MIIJ.IN.
I <?• 1 (£h-®--(9h^~&~fy~~(^{*y—Q SWB •fkt~^8h^§y-(S~*j*,b-G^^ is,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Paclllc Railway Compnny control a large area oi the choicest tannine anil ranching lands
In the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The agfregale amouni ol principal and lnt! rest, except In lhe
case ol lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided inlo len instalments as
shown in Ihe table below; the lirst to be paid nl the time ol purchase, tne second one year from dale ol thc purchase, lhc third In
two years and so on.
Tbe following table shows Ihe amuunl of Ihe annuul Instalments
oa IM acres at different prices under lhc above conditions*.
IM acrs al S2.M per acr, Isl instalment WM   9 equal inlal'ls al WM
sM     •• •• 7I.M •• MUM
" 3.M     " " UM - 70.IHI
4.M      » " 95.8S " 80.0(1
" 4.M    " » 107.85 •• mm
" SM     « « 19.85 " 100.00
KimberleV ,s ■*le t",s*ness an(l shipping point for the
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook *s *'le divisional point of thc Crows Nest Pass
Railway and thc commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under UM per acre arc sold
on shorter lime.
II the land is paid lur In full al Ihe
lime nf purchase, a reduction frum the
price will be allowed equal to len per
cenl on the amouni paid in excess ol Ihe
usual cash Instalment.
Interest ai six per cenl will be
charged in over due instalments.
The Company has also lots fur sale
In thc following lown sites In Bast Knot-
cnay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kilch.
cner, Creston and Kimberley,
Thc terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and the balance In six and twelve
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
Notice li hereby iilven that we hnve made application to Ihe chief commUsloner of landa nnd
workB.it VUtora, fur a special license to cut
BOd carry away timber from the fo:lowing described vacant crown lumls In tho district of
Soutli Knst Kootenay, 11, 0,: ConmieucioK at a
pofttphmted at Hngli I). McMillans smith-earn
comer, an-i ahout half a mile above the jhiu*iw>:i
of Utile an I Iliu Siitiii creeks. coiiinieitcliiK at a
post marked The McNab Lumber Coy's., otrt.)
north-east corner |Hist, theme south-50 chaini,
thence west, imi chains, thence north |00 chnln<<,
thence east -to chains, llteare south fin cimius.
tbenoaeail 120 chains to place or beginning,
containing 1000 acres more or less.
Dated the nth day of Mny, vm
THK McNAB l.l MHl.U oa.LT'D.
Uld Acl Notice.
Notice In liereliy kIvcii tliat 1 bave made application to tlie chler I'uii.iiil vfloiiur of lands and
worksat Vlcturia, II. O.. for a special license to
cul anil carry away limlier on and from tlie following described vacait crown lands in the district nr Smith Knst Kimleiiay. It. {'. t'ommeilc-
lDiata|Hil plumed nn the south side of Tele-
«rji]i|i trait, aboul one- hair mile fiom the crossing of the Klk river hy the said trail, in the said
district, and which |>o»t I* marked "Malcolm
Mil nu s' 8. \v. corner post," thence north m
chaini, thence east Hi chains, thence south Ks
chulns, tnence west an chains to place of be-
ttluiilint, oontalnlng 1000 acres more or less.
Dated Cranhrook, ll. (', May 2nd, Wl,
Surveys 0,	
Land Purchases.
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fort Steele, II. C.
"d Builder 3
.i-Cnnbrook, B C
Laid Act Notice.
'lake notice that I have applied to the chief
commissioner of lands and works at Victoria, ll.
Os, for a special license to cut ami carry away
limber on and from the following described
vacant crown lands In the district of South Kast
Kooleiiay, B. O, Com n em liu at a post planted
on the south side of lehgraph trull, ahouttwo
miles south eiHt nt tln*<*n*-Nliiu of Klk rlvi-r by
Ihe said trail, in the said district, and whkh
pout Is marked "(ieorne miller's ti. \V. corner
post,'' thence si mill U'5 chains, thence eust 80
chains, thence mirth W chulns, thenee west na
chnins lo place of beginning containing iouo
acres more or lets.
Hated the and day of May, 1001.
liM). HJI.I.mt.
We hive a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Beauty and Bargains
In Oil Paintins framed
...At Prest's
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Crssbrook. British Columbia
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and f
flouldings. I
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
Those wanting chimneys, lire
placet, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
McMullin & Taylor
Tommy's City Bakery
Husband , dive your wife ■ rest after
the spiing cleaning. Let ns call on you
with breed. It's not es good as she
makes but you could stand it while she
rests. We have the heat In town an 1
•hip to all parts of B. C. We can supply
all demands.    "Attention" is our motto.
Thomas J* Hay hurst
Solicitor, Etc.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Do You Sell Liquor ? ? ? ?
II so, don't buy   Dpi   TIRD   Tlie Only Wholessle Llqoor Oelltr In
until you sk..   fCU 1 I DK   Soulh Baal Kooteruy.    Writs lor Prices
Cranbrook, B. C. * r& *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk.
Bbdk of Comuinrcs BUg,
Have you talked wilb anyone abnut building?
Cone aid we ne or let me sec you. II may
do us both good.
wundkookI Contractor.
Morning or evening to
the people ot Cranbrook
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite tne
Methodist church.        I
KKyptian Oiils lor seeding.-smnll f|unn-.j
titles te per pound; in quantities, toper
First clsss Uk ol Jewelry, Clocks,
snd Silverware slwiys I. stock. :;
W. F. Tate, T.....Jewele
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg, fe .
There could be no better mirror
held up to the rest, of Canada und
the world in general to reflect the
march of progress of the Canadian
Northwest than the Winnipeg Industrial exhibition, lt is, in every ns-
pect and detail, representative of the
west, and the success of tlie exhibition is synonymous with the suuceta
of the country. Tlie extraordinary
showing made in the live stock department at Inst year's exhibition
osta-bltshod beyond doubt the fuel,
tlmt Manitoba is a breeder's paradise. Tliis feature of the fair was
unique In the respect that it. wuh the
largest exhibition of live utock Uie
world Iiiih ever Hi*en nnd alsO in the
respect thnt it contained the htrgesi
individual exhibits this or tiny other
country hns over produced There
nre nn idle Words,  hut   call bn easily
substantia tod by statistical Infornut-
lion. The management of Lho oxhi-
hlbitloti promises Hint this wonderful Showing will ho eclipsed Ihis yenr
ami thai many other new features
will  be ndded  to    lhe    full*.    A long
list of Un* most brilliant mul costly
varioty attractions hns boon booked.
The Winnipeg liidustrinl Is tho one
ureal, annual ovtpit, which the fanners, I rudcsinen, business men n ml
the people generally cannot afford to
miss. As an educational factor, an
unending source of entertainment and
amusement, and an invaluable indication of    the   country's    ind.inriul
and commercial resources it is not
exceeded by uny yearly exhibition in
Canada nr the United Stntes.
How the Offspring of Onr Flrnt Colu-
hIh-u Were Chrl nte tied.
It Is nn Interesting study to trace the
underlying reason for mauy of the curious names which are given to tbe oil
spring of the flrst colonists. Pii rents
searched for names of deep signili
ennce—for nnmes appropriate to con
ditions, for those of profound inilii
ence presumably on the child's life.
The Rev. Richard Buck, one of the
early parsons In Virginia, in days of
deep depression, named his flrst child
Mara, This text indicates the reason
for bis choice: "Call me Mara, for tlle
Almighty has dealt very bitterly wltii
mc. I went out full, and the Lord hns
brought me home empty." Ills second
child wns christened Gcrshom — for
Moses' wife "bare bim a son and called
hts name Gershom, for he snid I bave
been ln a strange land."
Many names have a pathos and sadness which cnu be felt down through
the ceuturles. Dame Dlnely, widow of
n doctor, or barber surgeon, wbo hail
died In the snow while striving to visit
a distant patient, named her poor babe
Tbe children of Roger Clapp were
named Experience, Waltstlll, Preserved, Hopestlil, Waif, Thanks, Decide,
Unite and Supply. Madam Austin, an
early settler of old Narragansctt, had
15 children. Tbeir names were Parvls,
rieus, Piersus, Prlsemus, Polyblus,
Lois, Letttee. Avis, Anstice, Eunice,
Mary, John, Elizabeth, Ruth, Freelovo.
All lived to bo threescore and ten, one
to be 102 years old. Edward Kendall's
children were named Tmegrace, Reform, Hoped For, More Mercy ond Restore. Rlehnid Grldtey's offspring
were Return, Believe and Tremble.-
"Chlld Life In Colonial Dnys."
I wus cured of a bad case ol Grip
Sydney, C.  B. C. I. LACUE.
I  wns cured   of   loss  of voice     by
I wns cured of Sciatica IJlieuin.'t it-.n
Burin, Nfld.     LEWIS S. BUTLER.
Wu Ting Fang sliorlil miiler-Blnni! thnt
Chinauicn must not criticise Americans
as Americans criticise Chinamen.—Phil
adelphla Ledger.
Kor a dlplonmt Minister Wu certainly
does talk nl.mi ns rapidly nud sny fli
much without tret tins Into serious trouble
as any iiiiiii now on the intermit inn n) pay
Having duly Rpnloglwkl to General Otli
and "veryb.dv else concerned, Minister
Wil BllOUld hit down snincwhrio and try
to realise llmt the best Chiiinuiuii uowti-
dnys Is u quiet ono.
Marl* Twain seems to he trying to tftk-t
a full out of (he theory (lint a hnnmiUt
ciin'l he ii stntCHinnn.—Altnntn Jouriui!.
Mark Twain »» a comic force Is rapidly
being replaced hy Mark Twain an s lWi«
oiih critic uf national agairs,—Philadelphia Inquirer.
Murk Twnln, according to the New
York I'ost, luu Htnud hefore ItlDgli In
tlmt CftIO he muat bave held four sent. -
UuMtou Tin'iMript.
Do Not Trifle
with danger—and remember
every cough or cold means
will oure your cough or cold
at once. It will heal and
strengthen your lungs. It is
a safeguard for you always.
Take it at the first indication
of a cough or cold.
Riv. Mr. Patton ot Toronto wrltei i "1
need two boltleiof Shiloh and takapleaiut*
In recommending It. There i* nothing liko it
(orcough, iliioit an-J luog trouble.
MillohaGonaamptlon Cnre le aolrt by all
drug-slate In Canada and United Mate* at
Me, 3oo.-9l.-M abottl*. In flrant llrlliil-n
•I le, ld„ Re. 8il( and 4a. Oil, A printed
guarantee *««• With every bottle, lr-f-sti
ar* not eatlaflad ro to your druggl-a and
■«t jmut money back.
Write (or lllmtrated book oaCaniunptloa. SeM
nithoil cuit to you.   S, C. Wt lit * Oo,, Toronto.
A Turoiitii Contr ctor Who huh Naver
Wltbont I'atu for Yean, und who imd
Many Timet tti quit Work—Do Id**Kidney I'ilI- matte liliu Well.
Toronto, April 15.—(Special)—At
No. Sli Lipplnoott Btroet, in this city,
resides Mr, Yi. .1. Keun-u, Mr. Koiwio
i« a contractor, and te ono of tlio
best known men in his line ut business in Toronto,
Like ninny other micccsful men Mr.
Keiuiti lum suffered during Ids busy
Niii o, great doal frum Kidney DIb-
oniiTH. For years lie BUlT-sred greal
pain. IK* was forced at times to
iiutl, liis work altogether nnd go tn
bed, He tiflod Dodd's ICldnoy I'ills.
tind   iH  well.   This   Ih   wlmt   In* snys
about it '
"it gives mo great ploaBtiro tn
writo in    pralsq of    Uodd's   Kidm-.v
Pills d  llie guud  lhey Imve   tloilO
me.    I   mn  never without tliein.
"I Imve boon a grdnt BUlToror with
pallia in my back, in tho region ot
my kidneys, I waa very sick, ntul at
limes could nut attend In mv work
nl  nil.
"I iiHed several medicines, i,ni nothing l ever tried seemed tu holp tne
in (he least, until a friend ul mine
ndviseii uio to try Dodd's Kidney
I'ills. 1 Immediately found relief,
nnd wuh nhle to resume my work.
1 used altogether seven boxes I e-
fure being completely cured. Since
then I have never beou sick a day.
I havo never had thu Bllghtest Indication of a return of the troublo."
It is hard to understand how anyone will continue to Buffer fromLnina
Back or any other symptom of Kidney Trouble after su many frank and
full statements by men well known
in all walks of life thut Dodd's Kidney Pills havo cured them.
Dodd's Kidney Pills ulwuys cuto.
They never fail. They cannot fail.
Years of trial have absolutely proven
that thoro is no case of Kidney Complaint, Lame Back, Rheumatism,
Lumbago, Sciatica, Gout, Neuralgia,
Bladder or Urinary Troubles, that
Dodd's Kidney Pills will not cure.
Dodd's Kidney Pills nro the only
medicine that over cured Brlght's Disease, Diabetes, or Dropsy.
Thousands of Canadians have tried,
and proved, and testified.
A Wlnnlpegger saw an advertisement in a Montreal paper of "a pocket firo escape" for 51. Tie 5-ent tlie
money and received in return a copy
of the New Testament,
Tbere never was, and never wil) be. a
universal panacea, in one ic nn dy, for all ills
to which fliBh la heir—the very naturo of
many curatives being euch that wero tlie
germs of oiher and differently eentcd diseases rooted in the syBletn of the patient—
what would relieve one ill in turn would aggravate the oth r. We hnve, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable In a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy fur many and
grievous ilia. By its gradual and judicious
use tho frailest systems are led into convalescence and ktrongth by Uie influence which
Quinine exerts in nuture'e own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state uf morbid despondency and lack of interc.-t in life is a disease,
and, by tranquihzing the nerves, disposes to
sound and refreshing slec|>—imparls vigor
to the action of the blood, which, being
Stimulated, conrees throughout the veins,
strengthening the heathy animal functions
of the system, thereby making aclivity a
necessary result, strengthening tbo frnrae,
and giving life to tho digestive organs, which
naturally demand increased substance—result, improved appetite. Northrop A Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the public tlicir
Superior Quinine Wine at tho usual rate, nrd,
gauged by the opinion uf Fcicntista, this
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
the market.   All druggista sell it.
ln Cincinnati thero is talk of automobile linos to   compete wiih   the
Ireel cars.
HiDarl's Liniment .Cures Bums, Elc,
Only 770 newspapers and pc
ills nre published in European
•tatk OF On in, Cm* OF Toi.kik>, |
I i .
. . J.l'm.M-**. ni.ihos(will llmt he Is he
sent-i* imrtunrnf tin* linn of K. J. Ciii:m;v •»
ro.ilo.iK Intuit-o-w In tlw t'itv ut Toledo,
miinty ml Slut.* uf.-ivs-.M, nml tlmt wtlil llrm
will imv tin* -um .'I UNS Itl'MUtKD Pl'l.-
AIIS for eucli nml I'verv o«H at citiirrli th it
oantiot wcured bi ths oseof Mai i.'siatakiiii
rvua. PRANK J.i HKSKY.
sworn t<> before mi nml »ni*scili-ni in mv
prasenea, iiii- 6th daj or Deeember. A. D„ )8flo
.   . ' A. W. lil.KAstiN.
I i-r.Ki | Anory raetto.
Hull- Catarrh pan Is Ink n tiiti*rni»llj umi
i.'lSillitvily -nn the 11 i-l nml muooiu mirfncea
nf tin* -c-r-iU'in.   s.*n I lm* tosiiiniiiilntn  Imi>.
I" J CHKNKV fc fU, Toli-do 0.
Holland Iiiih nine miles of cniuil fn
overy mo square miles of surface u,
TOO luiti'H fn ull.
Pbe Abyssinian win- modal in tho
smallest war decoration (s-huihI during Queen VictorhrH reign.
MINABD'S LDHMHT Of Sill Erarilm.
"Tho doctor says thcre'a ono complaint
he can't cure,"
"Whnt's Hint?"
"The one his patienta make about theis
A DICtftMt Point at View,
Wlillo (crying)- Moiuma—booboo—
Joe hit mo with a great big brick. Boo-
Mnnima-Aud what did you do to
him, dear?
Wlillo—1 hit bim gently with that
■ame little brick he threw at me.-
Ilfwa •! Approprtatto-a.
"Mr.   Blmpklns and   our  daughter
must be engaged."
"Do tbey seem fond of each other?"
"No, but he hu begun to find fault
with her."	
The Oilier fllnn'H View of tt.
Little Willi**- Pn. whnt's n lltiMiieler?
I'n-A llllnni'lpr, my son, la n mnn
who lu riipnlile of Inducing other men
to pile up tl fori une for liim.
The wood of tlie redwood tree never
decays, it Is Mild, nnd Tnllcn tninka
which hnve heeit overgrown hy old forests are ns solid ns the tiny lhey fell.
joBsoH was obeyed.- PERMANENTLY CURED
It (nkes n good horso to run dnwn n
glrnffo. nnd ir tin* lenm adrnntngu is
permuted the wild creiiltire thu rice is
flat Even Then He Uld Xut Appear to
Be Perfect Ir Sntlalled and Had
Somcthlnic Mure tu Urny ReenrdtiiK
the  Matter.
Mra. Jobson bad put in euch a busy day
nt housekeeping tlmt sbe hadn't time to
dress hefore .Mr. Jettison's arrival home
tho other evening. Mr. Jobson Burveyed
her disapprovingly ns be hung hia bnt
and overcoat on the rack.
"By tbe way," lie inquired, scrutinizing her from hend to foot, "what have
you been doing, sifting nshes or plowing
the back yard to put in a crop of winter
"Tills is my bousecleaning dny," replied Mrs. Johsou, "and the clock la
Blow, so that I didn't bnve lime to change
"Oh, Hint's It, Il it? You didn't bnve
"I wns just nbout to go up ntnirs to
dross for dinner when you came Id,
"That's ail tight wbnt yon were just
•bout to dn. Ibo point is thai I enme in
and find you looking like you'd been
CftUght in a Jackson City dust storm.
Tliere'a no reason why you shouldn't l»ok
attractive around tho bouse nit tlm time.
\\ lini's the reason tbnt that little Mm.
Questreet, wbo Isn't no much behind you
hi tlio mutter of yenrs, always looks
pinked up nnd diked out hi frilly wrappers and things every time we linppcu to
cnll there, and"—
"Not much behind me in the matter
of yenrs!" ejaculated Mra. Jobson. "Mrs.
Questreet is eight yenrs older thnn I nm,
if Bhe's n day! And wo never hnppcn to
call upon her at a time of duy when ahe'a
clenniti*. house, nnd, tiirliicrmore, Bhe
dings nt Questreet so thnt he lets her
have nil thc money she wants to shop,
and those pretty wrappers thnt you're
talking about"*—
"If Questreet gives his wife any more
money to buy these dinky things that
make women look nice then I give you,
then I'd Just like to know lt, thnt's nil,"
Interrupted Mr. Jobson. "If you haven't
got house duds liko Mrs. Quest reefs,
why don't you go aud get 'em? What's
more, there's no reason why you should
do any work whatsoever around tbis
house. Just you let the servant girl do
the jumping up and gallivanting around
when you want anything or I want anything and devote your time to keeping
yourself looking nent and pleasing."
Mrs. Jobson didn't make any reply,
but went up stairs snd made herself
ready for dinner.
When Mr. Jobson got home on the following afternoon, Mra, Jobson, looking
very splendiferous Indeed, met him at
the door. She wore a new and handsome baby blue tea gown, with a lot of
cream colored lace scattered over it. Her
huir looked ss If It had been done up by
a hairdresser. Her feet were incased In
neat red morocco slippers, with gilt cord
sewed on them.
"Well, wbnt are you all rigged out
that way for?" asked Mr. Jobson.
"Why, don't you remember what yon
said last evening?"
Mr. Jobson did remember all of a sudden, ai sbe snw by hte expression, and
be didn't say anything more,
"How do you liko my new tea gown?"
Inquired Mrs. Jobson cheerily, holding
out the fkirt In ber bands. "I got it today for almost nothing—$34—at a sale."
"It's great," replied Mr. Jobson in a
husky sort of tone.
"And 1 got half a dozen pairs of those
lovely silk stockings, different colors, for
only $2 a pnir," went on Mrs. Jobson.
"1 nm so fond of silk stockings for bouso
wear, and 1 know how you like silk
"Like 'em? I love 'cm!" gulped Mr.
"1 got these red slippers becnuse you
iremed to like Mrs. Qiiestrect's pair, thnt
■re just like these, so much," continued
Sfrs. Jobson,   "Do yon like them?"
"They're orientally magnificent!" said
Mr. Jobson In a weak sort of tone. "Now
let's bave dinner.   I'm hungry."
Instead of tripping down tbe stairs,
is sha usually did, to superintend the
placing of the dinner on tbe table, Mrs,
Jobson walked over to lhe sitting room
table nnd rang fl brand new gong which
■ho bad purchased tliat day, while Mr.
Johsou looked on wonderhigly. The servant girl wheezed up llie stairs half a
moment Inter.
"Gertrude-, you may serve dinner," snid
lira. Jobson, sinking bnck In an ensy
chair. Mr. Jobson blew his nose rather
fiercely, bnt didn't sny anything.
Ile wii-n't particularly chipper during
the menl, which Mrs. Jobson sat through
without once getting up, ns usual, to see
nbout the coffee or the dessert or aome-
thlng or other, and she went right up
Stain with Mr. Jobson when the dinner
wan finished.
' "My slippers?" said Mr. Jobson, looking nt Mrs. Jobson cspectnntly when
they reached the sitting room. Mrs. Jo'j-
■on smiled nminbly and sounded thc
gong. The servant mado her appearance
presently. "Gertrude, Mr. Jobsou's Biip-
perB—you'll tind them beneath tlio bed in
our aloeping room," said she. Mr. Jobson
wna nbout to say something when the
girl bad gone up ntnirs, but he scratched
his head instead.
"Er—Where's thnt long stemmed brier
pipe of mine?" inquired Mr. Jobson nfter
he hnd settled himself for rending. Mrs.
Jobson, looking up from tho mngnzine
sbe hnd picked up, remind over and rang
tho gong ngnin.
When tho servant appeared ngnin,
grinning—for the girl wns in the play—
"Gertrude, you'll find Mr. Jobsou's long
stemmed pipe on the window sill up
stairs," nub! she.
Mr. Jobson looked st Mrs. Jobson with
open mouth, but sppnreutly thought better of It and scrnlched his hend ngnin.
Mrs. Jobson pulled her enny chnir closer
to thc grate fire and leaned bnck luxuriously. About bnlf nn hour Inter Mr.
Jobson said, throwing down his paper:
"Let's bave ■ look nt that account
book of mine. I wnnt to run up thc fig-
Mrs. Joliot was just about to reach
over to ring the gong again, when Mr.
Jobson stopped ber with a gesture.
"Just suppose you cut out this Empress Eugenie, queen of Sheba business,"
uld be, "I don't know what this new
game it called, but I know that I don'l
want to play It nny more. You don't
want to get haughty with me, Mrs. Job-
son. This Isn't the British legation of
tho Peking palace wo are living In, you
know, and we haven't got sny more than
18,000 servants, nud therc'B no pnrtlcu-
Isr sense Im rubbing lt in."-Washing
in Trouble,
Mrs. Turtledove—Do you know, denr,
I'm nfrnld Barry does not love me the
wny he used to.
Mrs. EC test mec—You do not mean to
any ho Is cross to you?
Mrs, Turtledove—No, but he snys
tlml he Ih linnkcrlug forn square menl;
thnt he'll starve to death If uo does not
get awny from n chilling dish diet before long. And he used to be so ctitlin-
liORtlc over the tilings I cooked in tlie
clmllng tlisli when hu cumo to see mel
•Men are bo chungeablcl
. H-i-tu Dun vV.iti.iT-. -nl"RI«lg«vlllt,T«lh
ulllii. Kotlel 1 oui Neuralgia, Hlit-tim-
uti-.m Mm) btoiuacti Trunbla Through
llu- AffSlitrj nf Ur. William-*-,' Phil. I'lll-
For years Mr. Hamilton Waters,
tho well-lknowu cattle buyer ol
lUdgoville, Out., waa on acute sufferer iKiin niMiriilgiu,which was Inter
complicated with rheumatism and
stomach trouble. Uul now, thanks
in Ur. Williams' Pink I'ills, ho is en-
Joylng the best of health, Speaking
of hia Illness and subsequent cur.*,
Mr, Waters said—"For seven yeur*
i auJJ-ared great agony from neuralgia, tho pains wore of a darting, ex-
rrutlatlng naturo, und fur days .11 a
time would bo so great tbut I feared I would lose my reason, To Increase my misery, 1 wns attacked
with rhouraatlsm, uml thia was closely followed by stomach troublo. My
joints iiml iiml* beciuuo swollen
mnl i wna almost helpless' l suRer-
ed from nausea und a decided loathing for fund I boeumo wry tulii,
and was constantly troubled with
cold sweats. Al dlfTorenG limes I wns
troatod hy throo physicians without
receiving anything In ilie way of
permanent benefit. 1 grew despondent und began to think that 1 would
always hu a suiTerer, when one day
my druggist advised me to try I'r.
Williams' Pink Pills. He said that
within his knowledge there wus nut
u case whero tho pills had been used
but what benefit had followed, und
lie added : "That is saying a lot in
iheir favor, for 1 havo sold over live
thousand boxes, and huve uoi hud a
complaint from anyone." Following
liis adVt-CO, I procured a supply of tho
pills, and after u few weeks I could
nolo an Improvement in my condilioii. Uy llie time I had taken eight
boxes of llie pills the neuralgia and
rheumatism had entirely disappeared,
nnd my stomach was onco more in a
healthy condition. My appetite improved, and 1 gained iti weight and
Strength daily. It is now over two
years since I discontinued lhe use of
tlio pills, and all thai lime 1 havo
enjoyed tha best of health and
haven't, felt an ache or pain, so that
I think that I am safo in saying
Unit my eure is permanent, In fact,
eight boxes of l)r. Williams' Pink
I'ills accomplished what three doctors had failed lo do, and I feol 1 am
justified in -warmly recommend ing
them lo others."
A very high medical authority hus
said thai "neuralgia is a cry of llie
nerves for belter blood." Ulieimia-
I ism is also recognized as a disease
of tlio hlood, and it is because Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills arc above all
lliin^s a blood-making and blood-enriching medicine, that they so speedily cure these troubles, llut you must
get llie genuine, with tlie full name
Pr. Williams' Pink I'ills for Pah*
Peojde printed on the wrapper
around lite box. If in doubt, send
direct to tlio Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Prockvillc, Out., and tlie pills
will be sent postpaid nt ,r>0 cents a
box or six boxes for S12.50.
A GbaMly (telle.
A heinous crime bus come to light In
Moravia. Bnron Bcoescb, n wealthy
Moravlun land owner, decapitated his
younger brother. He preserved the
head In chemlcnls to prevent decay and
carried the ghastly relic about with
bim lu the pocket of a huge overcoat.
The bnron, who is under ancst, Is probably lusnue.
Tlie czarina has the greatest dilti-
cuily in speaking her husband's language, und the words come out
slowly ami laboriously despite tlie
many lessons given'her by lite czar.
Privately tiie czar und czarina speak
frequently in Knglisli, but their private conversation is generally carried on in French.
now nnt rortflga i«ot m .mump,
Knt Portage was named for jusi
Whal tbi* word conveys, a portage
for rats, it is on the Winnipeg river, jnst below tha outlet of the Lnki
of tho Woods. Long ago, before the
country waa settled as it is now,
thero was a portage at the polnl
where lhe lown is built for the thousands of muskrats that passed from
l lie river to lhe lake in winter aiui
back again to the river in spring.
Al the outlet of tho lake there is a
waterfall eighteen or twenty feet
high that the rats could not pass
over, so they went around, making
tho portage.
THY IT.—It would be a groan Injustice to
confound tlmt Btnndiird healing agent, Dr.
Thomas' EoLiornia On., with the ordinary
unguents, lotions and salves. Tbey nro
(if ten I imes inliitinniatory and astringent.
Tiie Oil is, on ihe contrary, eminently cooling nnd Soothing when Applied externally to
relieve pain, und powerfully remedial when
ServiMl   F.neli   Me*],
Stubb—That Frenchman says America hns more bono and sinew than any
country on earth.
Penn— Yes, on his last tour ho pul
up nt soveral of our Chicago bouses.—
Chicago News.
\   Hour Long inland  Intluktrf Whleh
l'ni»|H-r«  lij-   Wnr.
Few people know that more thnn hulf
tbe banjo und drum leads sold lu the
United Slates are made on Long Island. Near the railroad station at
Cold Spriug is a little ted buildiug surrounded hy frames, in which skins are
stretched for drying, while near by is
nu artificial poud. with wooden sides
and bottom, filled with n chemical mii-
ture. It is an unpretentious establishment, but in our two wars and iu tbe
peace between It has fathered a great
deal of DOlse. The business was established iu IStiO, and success was almost
immediate. Competition was stroug
after tlie rush nf war orders was over,
but the business lias advanced In Importance until now there are but three
factories lu this country whose opposition can he felt. Two of these ure lu
Brooklyn and the oilier at High View.
Y Y.
New York markets furnish the salted raw skins from which tlie drumheads are mnde. Tlie hair Is removed
from (he skins by n chemical bath in
the artificial pond, nud the skins ure
then stt-elcheil mi tlie racks nud dried.
\ thorough BCmpIng removes any par
tides of fai or Bosh thnt may have
adhered to the dried skin, which Is
then the thickness of parchment. The
skins are thoroughly bleached in the
drying process nnd are then ready for
cutting inio bends. During tlie Spanish-American war the factory was fairly swamped with orders for drum
heads, BOO dozen heads often being ordered at oue time. Th-a, principal demand wns for the "tenor" drum, on
which a loud accompaniment to the
life or bass instrument enn be produced.
Kangaroo skins make the costliest
drumheads, Wlicu dressed, they are
showy, but beyond their appearance
nnd name they nre of no greater value
thau heads made from calfskin. Sheepskin Is used for cheap toy drums.
SLEEPLESSNESS is due to nervouioj-
alternant. Thu dellentoly conbtitulcd, the
flnnncii-r, (lie bu-ducHs mun, nnd those wlmse
occupation necessitates great mental strain
or worry, all t-ulfor less or moro from it.
Sleep is the great rcstoier ohi worried bruin,
and to get sloop cleanse tho stomach from
all Impurities with a few doses of Parmeloo*!
Vegetnble Pills, gelatine ooated, containing
no mercury, nnd are guaranteed to j *
lifaction or the money will bo refund
Wheii Kx-Presidciit. Kniger wus iu
Paris some of liis warmest admirers
were lhc sewing girls, who used to
gather uuder his window and cheer
him on thoir wgy to work.
MQfARD'S LINIMENT Believes HeanbU.
Tho woman who always says "no"
is apt to remain in the spinster class.
With tho exception of gray    hairs,
woman like to make discoveries.
Cucumbers and melons are "forbidden
fruit" to many per on- hi constituted that
h>; least indulgence is followed hy attacks
of cholera, dysentery, griping, otc. These
persons aro not awaro that thoy can indulge
to their heait'a content if they huve uu hand
n bottle of Dr. KelJogfTs Dysentery Cordial,
a medicine that wilt give immediate relief,
and ia a euru cure for all summer com*
A great man usually works his fool
remarks off under thc head of wit.
Hopo is the best medicine n physic-
Ian can give iiis patients.
Every   man  sets  himself up   as     a
standard by which lie measures oth-
In his VKcsiiTAHi.K 1'ii.t.s Dr. Parmeiee ha-
given to the world the fruits of long .-t-it-n-
tifie research in the whole realm of medical
Bck-nce, combined with new and vahiAle
discoveries never beforo known to man. for
Dxlicats anh Deiiilitated Co.NSTmrnoNfl
Parmelcu's Pills net liko n chum. Taken in
small doses, tho effect is both a tonic and a
itlmulant, mildly exciting the secretions ol
the body, giving tono and vigor.
Lots of busy people never seem to
accomplish anything.
A man isn't    always   nn oil well
drill because lie is a bore.
LA "TOSCANA," ?!SAoS?VcJ?.i3
F.rIIiir llntliviir Iron.
Iron for tbe blond has evidently hern
prescribed for tlio quails of Florida: nt
least, theso birds are eating steel rails
ou tlie tracks of the sugar belt near
(tumiymcde. The report, which is well
authenticated, does not charge the
quails witli nctually swallowing lhe
rails, but It does sny tbnt they pick
away their particles wherever they find
a rusty spot where they are loosened.
From several points In the state
comes the report of holes found In steel
rails, and In case; they ure hu^e
enough to seriously weaken the material. Where a rusty spot marts nnd
is [licked out, It naturally holds moisture, continues to rust, to he ngnin
picked out, ami so tlio work of destruction goes on
RolIWny engineers really believe thai
the qua 11a lake the Iron tonic because
they me not well uud lint) Ihat It re
Moves llieir distress.
Ceylon and India Tea
Trade is confederating the Empire.
Britain is Canada's best customer.
Britain cannot buy if she does not sell.
Use TEA Grown ln a British Colony by British Capital.
Ceylon Teas are sold in sealed lead
packets only, never in bulk.   Black,
Mixed or Uncolored Ceylon Green.
Sample on application.   Address "SALADA," Toronto.
Popo Leo XIII does not speak English, though ho begnn to learn it
more than a century ngo, when ho
wuh nuncio in Brusaols, and made
the acquaintance of a member of the
Weld family. He is sensitive about
hla compositions,   and   when, somo
timo ago, Punch quoted a sentence of
ono of letters ns translated under
tho heading "English as Sho is
Spoke," tho attendants at the Vatican wero alarmed lest his holiness
should hear of it, for Punch Is almosl
the only English paper to which Leo
XIII subscribes.
Thousands of men, women and children in Canada, are taking
advantage of Dr. Sloeum's generous offer of a free sumplo box of
Cxeittll Ouro for Catanh.
Catarrh ii an insidious enemy, and in whatever condition, should
not bo neglects 1. A slight oold in the bond is frequently ihe beginning of a serious caso of Catarrh, and in many instances leads to
Asthma, Bronchitis, Quinsy, and Oatarrh; Catarrh is always
dangerous, but is curable if taken In time. It is a constant menace to
lifo -Hill hftj-ilih, hue science hud done much to enable bufleren> to resist
and defeat tho disease. Dr. 6locum's OxojoSI Catarrh Cure
is tlio best offering of advanced medical science for the prompt and
permanent cure of Catarrh of the Head, Throat, and Nasal orgaus.
Oxojoll is a dainty, soothing j-'-lly for the immediate relief and curs
of Catarrh, The Irritated and inflamed membranes of your nose
and throat nre relieved and soothed with the hrst application of Dr.
Sloeum's Oxojell Catarrh Cure,
Oxojell has valuable properties as an antiseptic, as well as
being a powerful healing agent.    You breathe it through the nostril,
ie.   No Insi
a little hit at a time.
nstronient!   No Powder!   No Liquid
Oxojoll Catarrh Cure Is sold at all drag stores at Fifty cents a
box, but in order that overy sufferer from this prevalent ailment may
have nn opportunity to test the remedy, a freo eamplo box will be
scut on request to any place in Canada. All you have to do i.s to drop
a postal, giving your name and address plainly, to tiie T. A* Slocum
Gnomical Co., Limited, 179 King St. Went, Toronto, and a freo
Sample will be sent you.
-kMi &WTU, fOm& *
^eweuiofi/ *tfA$fi dt'' l1
Secretary Long keeps on his desk nn
alarm clock to remind hlm of appointments, regarding which he Is very par
The oldest active official in the- German empire is a muu named Muller at
Wlttlich, At the age of 102 he is still
prison warden.
Charles Qulncy HUdebrand, the new ;
congressman from the Sixth Ohio di.--
trict, was ouce a professional baseball
player, nnd a good one.
Congressman LIuncy of North Carolina Is the only Republican ever elect-.
ed to congress who served ns a private
lu the Confederate army.
Benntor Vest and Justice Harlan are
two of the oldest acquaintances In
Washington. They have been Intimate .
friends for 40 years and more.
Francis Murphy, the temperance lec !
hirer and worker, Is now in Honolulu |
working In tbe Interest of bis favorite!
reform. His meetings have been nt-'
tended by large crowds.
Angelea Anderson, the young pianist,
Is n niece of E. Ellery Anderson and a |
iireat-gronddaugbter of Da Ponte, who
wrote the book for "Don Giovanni"
and other Mozart operas.
The crucifix reposing on thc breast
jf Queen Victoria when tbe coffin was
iinally closed was placed there by
Princess Beatrice and was one which
the latter had possessed since girlhood.
Although Verdi spent most of his
life In pleasant Idleness, he earned
more than $3,000,000 by his music. He
spent 1,000,000 francs on a home for
aged and Indigent musicians at Milan.
The report that the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough will spend the summer In America lacks confirmation,
hut It la nevertheless true that tbe
duchess It desirous of visiting ber native land.
Rev. M. B. Boardman of New Britain, Conn., has ln bis possession the
original manuscript of a sermon delivered by hla grandfather to tbe (hm
and women of a New Hampshire town
100 years ago.
Mr. Kum-ko, a graduate of Harvard
of tbe class of '83, wbo came over lo
1889 to receive a degree of doctor of
laws from his alma mater, bas been
made a bnron by tlie mikado and appointed minister of Justice in the cuhi
net of Japan.
Professor Baron, a well known Oer*
mail scientist who died In Berlin the
other day, left the bulk of bis fortune,
estimated at 420,000 marks, for tbe ca
in Wish incut of an orphan asylum,
where the children shall be brought up
on vegetarian principles.
Of Sir Hiram Maxim the people of
Maine sny that he had a rooted dislike
for school. Therefore he was appreti
tlced to Daniel I'lynt. a painter, and
worked In bla shop much of the time.
Even then be was "tinkering," as thc
country people express It.
Sir Henry Irving hns Just celebroled
hlB sixty-third birthday, and some of
bis critics And evidences of physical Infirmity In hlm. But or. the anniversary
In question he played Biiylock lo a
packed house tn Belfast and Is now en
gaged In the laborious task of produe
log CoriolumiH. a very taxing role.
The X-Mr-Mt and E-t-altr tb* B-Mt,
Clamting, BaaUag,stbn*
nliltgg -Mresiling, intl-
f-apic n-movaa ur.do«
not Injure the enamel,
ard Imp.r« » swe*t fr»-
franct to *h* l.reath.
M nutictir-red from ■
t***>p:i-al plant, known »s
ib* * (.'how-'ticV " whi h
hi th* BOQBtrt-tt ■ hen- i'
(Trow*-u re.-jrdei as Nature'* BpcfiAa tnx the
teeth fas* itiri mouth.
I* entirel.* free from
ctulk and n*. other grlt-
tv i .ihsUiice.
'Pn: up in tyilliiiiitile
bUM with irtlftteftPy en-
praved latcb sad con-
tAl:t*r*.    Frit"** ..1c-til»
for •J'.le t'j* »11 chonr«*i*v
The. who Hhe a itaillj
go A thing w tCdbewiSd
i i-SOOBtra for it and have
no ssflsfctvta*
Nfin'fr*,     TOllONTO.
BU.31.1i ESS   CHANGE.
| The Imperial Fruit |
faiid Produce (Vv,f
*.*        Han ponduwd the stock aivl        ¥
•I* trade of   tho   ANDERSON        V
*        FBODUOE CO. ¥
•:• ♦
.*•  All klndi ol l-rutt in **-*.nu. *t*
■> Beit Prtuti pal'l tax Prodtta V
S';|.| !.i - fur ail n.;iii.*-r,f - ;■.::.'• ::.* ch T.tti
as Portjgem.       _Wt_\ jMCWK CO,
A lawyer is a cat employed hy
mice lo acttlo their quarrela.
Tlio man who isn't willing to practice whnt he preuches should give up
preaching aud go Into politics.
Everything for the
Brass Band
Iuatratn-MU, Drama, Dn I forme, Xte.
Loweri prlrea ever -qaotad. Pine c*t»logu»
SO 'Uluitrktloai mailed free. Write ta to* ft*r
thin* In Muilc or Moelf-al Inttrnmeate.
Whtley Boyc* * Co., ^Sig&fli.
We. nre ia need o( a few reliable Agents
throughout the country to handle our
Qood profit and quick Bulca,   For portlcu-
lars ii'ldn*-!.
313 Main St., Wlmilpeg.
'Ilie wine man iiiiikeH dollars    from
Un* fool's wnnt of Hi'tioc.
A roan In known by what ho doesn't
do rallirr lliiiti liy what lm days.
W. N. U, 801. < II I'sis lo Ileal Wilb Uc.ltle "
Get a Camera
....and be a fiend.   It's fun.
All styles and prices, of
R. E. Beattie, B»
Hesitate in making up your mind when
to buy your groceries.
today. Take lime by the forelock and
us at our word and we'll both be satis
fied.   Try it.
....G. T. ROGERS
Fancy and Staple liroccries anil Crockery
If you ore It-ellnj. blue or meaner
Drop Inlo the  Wcnlworlh and cat a Welner-
Our Welt erwursts we do Import,
Bach Tuesdny morning Irom old I'rantlort;
Ihey travel In a palace car.
And ore cooked nnd served behind our bar
Alter 22 o'clock.
To arrive for Friday and Saturday's
trade, a complete variety of
....Fruits and Vegetables
Tomatoes, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Cherries, Bananas, Oranges,   Lemons,  Etc.
Don't forget our Celebrated Creamery Hutter.
Everyone la pleased, and our prices are right.
Our aim is to please
Try us j*
the Grocer,
a a
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly understand their business.   This is so in any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor fob of painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his iriends notice it.
How can it be avoided?    Why, that is easy.    Simply by seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper right.
Go and see some of their work.   That is their best recommendation.
m**ia**a**44*4*4*4****44*44 1
3     LOCAL   NOTES     jj
9 ********9***99****9V4*lf*rl
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Questions ot Many People.
Furnished rooms tu rent. Apply to
Joliu Leask.
I',. Walters, of the Cosmopolitan, le on
the sick Hat.
Cameras in all sizes and at all prices
at Healtu-r's.
Three days of very warm weather, and
then—il rained.
N. Hauaou, mayor of Wasa, was in
town Thursday.
IC. J. Higbye was over from Sheep
Creek last Sat ui dny.
Mrs. John Bremner it expected home
sometime next week.
Old Mnn Simpson and wife are ex*
peeled bnck Satunluy.
Charlie Kdwards, of Fort Steele, was
in Cranbiook Saturday.
Milkshake, the great summer drink,
at Mrs. McConuell's,
Jack Cole, an uld Crow conductor,
lefl for timt William yesterday.
A meeting of the Royal Templars wai
held iu Leask hall Mouday night.
Cory Dow is having a summer kitchen
added to Ids resilience ou linker hill.
Ladies' white waists. An elegant line
just in hy express.   Gilpin's, of course.
Insurance ni Hutch's. All kinds of
insurance At Hutch's.    Have you got il t
A. W, McVittie relumed from a business nip m ihe eust last Thursday evening.
Alex Henderson, book keeper for
Bieckenridge Sl Lund, was in towu this
N. .McL. Curran, of (he North Star
mine, was in town several days this
Mrs. Drown returned last week ftom a
vim of several weeks duration in Winnipeg.
Por rent—large bonne and grounds on
Baker hill. $25 per month. Apply to
Government creamery butter is the
best in Canada.    Thirty cents a pound
at Gilpin's,
Tony Bacon, of Oak Lake, arrived in
town Sunday, anil is now emplojedat
Leitch'-) mill.
Quite a number of dog fights bave
helped to enliven the scene on Baker
street this week.
R Robertson, manager of J. Y
Griffin's, of Nelson, was transacting busi
ness in town Tuesd 13*.
If >ou wish lo be comfortable tliis
warm weather, get a good hammock.
Miuer has tbe best line.
Ross Palmer returned from Moyie
Saturday where he has been introducing
Palmer's peerless pants.
Three-venr-old, black pony, branded 8
ou right bip, to he hold at public auction,
June 19.   Charles Tiip.
It's all co lice—-it's Chase & Sanborn's,
and good. The price? 40 ceuts. Get a
■ample from G. T, Rogers.
Have you given La? cock's creamery
butter a trial. It's the best butter. Port
.Steele Mercantile company.
Wheeling is not ouly a pleasant but a
healthy exercise. Try it. Miner will
sell you a good wheel, cheap.
G.ve I.aj cock's creamery butter a trial
and you will be salUfied lhat you bave
tbe best article on tbe market.
Fruits in endless v»riety, including
apricots, peaches cherries, atrawbeuies,
plums, etc. at P. McConnell'S.
A complete new line of choice confectionery nude by hmg, of Montreal,
just received at P. McConnell'•.
G. 11. Miner bas tbe best line of hammocks in the district, aud at reasonable
puces.   Get one and et-joy life.
The ladies of C In Ul church are preparing to bold a J.iwn social aud strawberry
festival on the evening of July 4.
Mrs Titus and little daughter, of Fort
Steele, were visiting iu Cranbrook this
week, the guests of Mra. McMillan,
Beattie has been selling quite a number of cameras Ihis spring, but he has
enought left to furnish you with a good
Throw away your medicine bottle and
gel a wheel. You'll feel belter. Jnst
talk to Miuer about the price of tbe
Laycock'a celebrated creamery butter,
made at Fox Warren, Man., Is the best
ou the market. Try it. 30 cents per
Mr. and Mra Hugh McMillan expect
their little daughter, Duxie, home on the
I91I1, She has been attending achool in
Laycock'a creamery butter, made at
Poxwarreu, Man., will give you better
itlsfectioti than nny other butter on the
The Fort Steele Mercantile compnny
are exclusive agents for Laycock'a celebrated creamery butter. Have you giveu
It a trial/
No'man Hill went down to the loop
yesterday, and it is very probable that
Hill & Co. will start a brancb store at
(hat place.
Oliver Burge left for Perry creek yesterday with a wagon load ot provisions
and furniture for a new hotel he will
open at Old Town.
Mr. Mutz, of the Pernie brewery, was
in town Saturday. He expects quite a
revival In his busiuess since the warm
weather ia now here.
Huve you tried Laycock'a butler? We
guarantee it to be the best in town, and
Only 30 ceuts per pou id. Port Steele
Mercantile company.
The Fo.t Steele Meicantile company
are sole agents for Laycock's creamery
-butter, and jou kunw tbis company
nsLdle only ibe best.
Ou 10ft e let snd most instructive
forms of umu-nmeit is tbe taking and
developing of pictures. Try it. Beattie
will sell you a cameta.
Rev Beucbau, of Christ church, went
to Nelsou Mouday tn attend the synod
of ilie Nelsou diocese, which met in tbat
city yesterday and today.
Wil law Rob*? 1 of Foil Steele,  was
town last Fridayi ttrcompany witb William B hi Item ore, neneial manager of ibe
iron woi kings al Kiuh.-uer.
M Mclnnes & Co. received a car loud
of rattle Irom Muliciue Hal Monday.
They weie ns line a bunch of uuimals ns
were ever Liuicuded in Cruubrook.
C. lv. Smith, a representative of the
U.i-asim; Paper company, of Montreal
iv&b iu town yesterday, on his semi
minimi visit through this country.
In tbe Brandon creamery butter, King,
the grocer, says be has n butter that he
will recommend to all. It is fresh, pure
and sweet,    thirty cenls per pound.
A. L Crone, of Oak Lake, who bas
been visiting friends in town the past
week, left for Fernie yesterday. He
may return here the first of next month.
The hoard of license commissioners
met iu Craubrook Saturday and granted
all tbe licenses applied for in this dis*
trict with tbe exception of the one at
A telegram was received from William
Keny Saturday, st-itiug that he whs married on tbnt day ]-i Snn Fruncitco. Mr.
Keay and bride aie expected home early-
next week.
John Leask left for a short visit in
Spokane Monday. Wben be returns he
will bring wilh bim his little daughter,
Irvine, who has been in Spokane for
some lime.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Reid, late of
Kaslo, arrived in town Tuesdny morning
and will remain here this summer. Mr.
Reid Is a brother cf W.T. und Rev. Reid
of this town,
A very pleasant card party was held at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Bury last
Friday eveniug. About twenty people
*ere in attendance and a most enjoyable
time whs had by nil.
Mrs. Ben Mergutroid, wife of Engineer
Mergutriod, of the Crow, arrived yesterday. They will stop at the Cosmopolitan until their house on Armstrong
avenue is completed.
Mrs. Mary Donahue has leased her
hotel,   the   East   Kootenay,   to   Peter
Matheson, who will tuu the business in
thc I ut uie. Mrs. Donahue expects to return to Culgaiy soou.
Mr. Jnnies, manager of tbe Western
Supply company's meat markets at
Moyie and Cranbrook, left Sunday for a
busiuess trip to Moosomin. He will be
Hbsent about ten days.
John Burns, n Moj ie miner, was
brought to tbe hospital last Priday
suffeiing from a severe injury to to the
neck, caused by a bud full while working
in the Lake Shore mine.
King, the grocer, is the exclusive
ngeut in South East Kootenay for Ibe
well known Brandon creamery butter.
If you try it once you will use no other.
Thirty ceuts per pound.
Before purchnsing jswelry outside of
town or from travelers, it will pay the
citizen of Cranbrook to call on Tale, tbe
jeweler. He will furnish first class goods
mid guarantee satisfaction,
Tbe many friends of Colon Leitch will
be pleased to hear that the little chap
has so far recovered from his accident of
h fortnight ago, as to be able to be up
and around the house again.
James McBride returned lasl week from
Manitoba where he waa called by tbe
illness of his wife. He reports Mrs. McBride as improving, which is good news
lo her friends in this district.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
shipped half a car of provisions to the
Nortli Star mine Tuesday, besides a very
large order to Willinm Ulakemore and
severnl smaller orders along the Crow.
Tbe local Odd Fellows lodge held a
very important meeting lust Friday
night. One candidate wna initiated Iuto
the order, and the first, second and third
degrees were conferred on other candidates.
Pictures of different scenes In this
western country would be very much ap
precinted by your ftlendn In the eaat.
By getting a camera such views could
be easily obtained. Have a talk with
Pieper, the painter, is pnintibg five
signs for Mclnnes & Co , which are very
attractive. The lettering ia Gnfshed In
gold, wilh a dark blue background, and
reflects great credit on Pieper'a ability as
a sign writer.
The ice cream social at the Methodist
church last Wednesday evening waa a
success both socially and financially. A
musical and literary program was rendered, and tbe Ladies' Aid cleared some*
tb ng over $30,
Miss Gertie Smith, who haa for the
past year been employed at the Crnnbrook hotel ns head waitress, departed
for ber home in Everett, Wauli, yesterday, leaving a host of friends wbo were
lorry to see her go.
I.O.O.F. KeyliyUdie
No. VI, Meets every t*"ri-
iLiy nielli at llielr bull uu
linker street,    rtujmirnlii*.:
(hill fellows coi-tiiully Invited.
Mntl ltnckenilorr A. I. Mclteriiwt
N. (1, See'v.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. F. k A. M.
llctiiikn* meetings nn the
third Timrnlij ur th
V lslimB' ui ■*.tliern wekoiu.ii.
W.F. Oiird, aee'r.
A. T. Vroom,
Black smith Ing,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting*
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade*
and Builder  •*
All work guaranteed.   Sec MB before
you build.   It will pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
O. W. Heckman, of the C. P. R., hai
been in town tbe past week. He is taking pictures of all the bridges and
trestles along the entire C. P. R. system,
which are to be filed in alphabetical
form tn thc bend oflices at Montreal.
Cigars that are cigars. Cigars tbnt ntt
imported cigars. Goud cigars. Satisfy
ing cigars. Cigars that make you feel
refreshed—those are the cigars thnt Mc
Vittie sells. Also pipes uud things.
P. S —Ililliard aud pool parlors also.
The A F. and A. M. Grand lodge is
being beld in Ntlson today and tomorrow. Messrs. Moffat, Tate and Heat tie an
repre-,entatiug the local lodge, having
gone over yesterday. J. F. Armstrong
is representing the Fort Steele lodge.
Mr, and Mrs. Htrtz returned yesterday
from Spokane, where they have beeu
spending their honeymoon. They have
taken up rooms over the Fort -Steelt
Mercantile company's store until ar*
rangements for a house are completed.
According to the Ferguson Eagle, one
of tbe best hotels In the I, ado country is
tbe Balmoral, owned by Andy Cummins
Anyone tlmt was ever in Wardner dur*
ing the construction of tbe Ciow, knows
Andy, and all will be glad to bear of his
Cecil Prest bas returned from Moyie
where be was in charge of G, II. Miner's
branch store for several weeks, and is
now bebiud the counters of tbe same
firm in this city, Tbe attractions In
Cranbrook were loo strong for Cecil, bo
he came back.
The aign board in front of Hutch's
bote the following, last Monday: "Mrs.
Carrie Nation will arrive in town at 4 p.
tn. Get your axe ground, and your ax*
ident insurance." Strange to say oo
one used an axe on the perpetrator of
this punk pun.
Tbe local horsemen are seriously
thinking of takiug their horses to
Calgary, to enter in tbe races there
on Uomiuiou Day, as the purses are very
liberal ones, and they think their
cbancea for lauding tome of the money
is pretty good.
W.F.Tate, the jeweler, will leave in
a short time for Toronto where he will
complete bis course in tbe Canadian
Optbalmic college, after which he will
return and open up • first class optical
department in connection with his
jewelry busiuess.
A meeting of the directors of the agricultural hocietj is being held in tbe town-
site oflice this afternoon for tbe purpose
of anaugiug for a fall fair. Such an
exhibition should be a great success in
Kast Kootenay, aud it would do a great
deal toward advertising thla section,
The Cranbrook Turf & Athletic association beld a general meeting lasl
Thursday evening, at which all the hills
incurred hy the May meeting were read
aud paused. It was also decided lu let
the Cranbrook Agricultural society have
the use of the grounds for a fail, which
will be held this fall.
Mr. and Mra, F, VanDecar aud little bod
departed Mouday aheruooii for Califoi
ula where they will make their home In
tbe future, Mr. and Mrs. VanDecar
leave a host of friends in Craubrook who
regret that circumstances necessitate
tbeir departure, aud wish them auy
amount of prosperity lu their new home.
Canterbury Outcrop; K. H. Small, of
the Cosmopolitan hotel, and A. Malliti-
son drove in ftom Craubrook yesterdny
maktbg tbe trip to Windermere in a dny
aud a half. Tbey will remain several
days to have a look over tbe country,
Iking interested iu baseball they aug
gesled that a match be arranged belweeu
tbe Craubrot k team aud a district team
at the coming Wiudermere races.
P. Burns, the meat king ofthe West
Kopteuay, and who is also interested in
the same business with M. Mclnnes &
Co. In this district, was in town Ihe first
1 f ibe week, with hy his auditor, T. Allei,
They were on a lour of luaptc ion,
aud while here audited Ihe hooka
■f W. W. Doble, the head book-keeper
for the firm in East Kootenay, aud
found everything ia a most satisfactory
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South ot Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
Olfftt II RcaldlDK, Armstrong Ave.
ForiQOOBB,   ....   9:30 t0 11
Alleraoooi   -   -   -   •   1:30 to 3:30
tveninKs    ....    7.30 lu (:30
CRANBROOK,    :        : :    B. C*
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers In
Grain and
Given  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery  3
Proprietors j* jt jt
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   Jt   Jt   Jt
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water In siphons.   The mosl
economical way to handle It.
Undertaking Artd
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Com.
tnerce, Cranhrook, B C
Upfaolaterlai aid Oeaeral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
"Give ui thc luxuries of life, and
we will dispense with its necessities"
Pants are necessaries I
Palmer's Peerless are luxuries
at neccesties' price.
See Palmer
P. S.   Also coats and things.
Have you any mining
stocks to seli ?   dt  dt
Do you wish to buy
any mining stocks ?
I can get you the highest market price
in the former case, and the lowest in
the latter. 1 am the only broker in
East Kootenay who receives regular
telegrams daily from the exchanges in
Toronto and Spokane. Market prices
are posted daily in Cranbrook hotel.
P. S.   Don'l forget that insurance you were talking abou
Hotel 3 3
Quest* Comfort a Specialty
(loud Stabling In Connection
Nearest tn milium] aud depot,    linn nrrotnmmln-
tlons for the public unequalled in Crnnbrook.
H     Macleod
P|j     Fernie
|H     Wardner
13     Moyie
ll     Fort Steele
g|     Kimberley
la     Cranbrook
IW. Mclnnes & Co., I
Wkoleulc aid Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
-   ******
We supply only the best.   Vour
trade Is solicited.
• ••
Refitted Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels In Knst Kootenny.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Cosmopolitan
E. H, SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K--W.-C Block, Nelion, B. C
(lold,Bilv«r-I«ulanilOnp*»rHlliiiiwaiitKl M tlio kxoiianiik.   I'Iikic Mill
[ ini; (lOI.I)pro'iet-tlas Wanted ntiinue (or Knstcrn Invest'ir..   I'sills* 'influx inlnlnitl
|irii|nit-i for sals lire r ijun t<-.l to h ml illrtploa ol llielr nri' lo Hi. KXtlllANOI' (or .« j
I lillililiin.  We ileslrntn ln'sr (rum iirn.iisct'iis wlie lm  • I'liinm-lii; mliniisl olalmi In!;
j lli-.IMi cnliimlilii.   l*rns|iertors smt mining mra ar. rei|ne.iiltom.k.tli. RXOMAMIKE
tlicir lioauriuartori when In Nolwm. AlisaminVs siumiil lm senl i>i ..nr.n, i'r.|t«l.i.|
I Corri-iiK-aileiiceNollt'ileil.   Atlilrsssnil communication*to
Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, 11. C.j
Tolop' ono Nn. IM,   I*. O, lln* 700,
Drnk Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Mrs. Donahue, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and Is now ready to cater to the
public. First class dining room service. The 'Jhtist ol wines and
liquor.-; at the bar. ROBERT SHAW, Manager.
The Western Supply  Co.
Late Hill & Joll
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in......
Cattle, Dressed Meats
And Provisions.
Head Office, Cranbrook. E. JAMES, Manager.


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