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Cranbrook Herald Oct 23, 1902

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The C
an Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
A. COX. I'm  ll I   Ml
Pill l!;.  Capital
l.'c tl       ..
r-inl Resource.
11. E. Wai.kisr. Qen. Mnn.
. s.viiiti.iiniuiii
.... ;.niiii.iiiiii on
. .65,090,000.00
Deposits Received,   Qeneral Hanking Business Transacted.
SWINIIS IHU ll'Tll: MUNI    D.POllll Received—Interest Allowctl.
oo-\o. ■.:Os..w*
STOVES...   |
Heating and Cooking «jf
\n Immense Stock Other M
stavca may he goad stoves bul *&
McCIary's stoves are better.       fg
•a &m
:'   IL.
2Cnee  Cifrtrat'iao   |u«l received and more ceml«i.   We can
VOlS  UiOCCilCa    lill lhc largest orders al Bilht.
dqogcc : ::c c oocxxaocxjoBBOBnoB
d    Some Jewelry Facts    |
J^     It is a fact that every article in our new stock is thoroughly j^|
r*-j reliable*, just what it pretends to be. r«jj
Qlt is a fact our guarantee stands behind every article we sell. &*i
It is a fact that, "Quality" considered, our prices are at rock Jgj
M bottom. Don't these facts interest you? Come in, let's have B
CD a talk about jewelry. ©
Air Tights
Hot Blast
Down Draught
Up Draught
Sight Draught
or any kind of
draught that
you may want
in the way of
Cooking or
Heating Stoves
wmm * i ; ' * *ytototototototototo'€to
I      QUALITY-PRICE      t
to A
^ First, the highest obtainable qu.ility; then the lowest possible *\
3T  price consistent with the quality. That's our principle. .* See
BB our line s.i
Rings, Chains, Lockets and
to SOUVenir QOOdS b«lore ordcrlnieliewken
'to '    ' ' 0
^ Ofllclal IValch Inspector inr trims Nest illslslsin C. P. If. jc
tow ms® * >* , ;■ +<*&$oo/*wototo*-\>*i
and oilier cooking utensil, ttaeil its the
household ahnul.1 he
This has many advantages over iron or
common tinware, Costs a little more,
nf course, hut the increased strength
i,in |*ty repays this. This ware cannot
rust, Is not nir.-clt.-i1 hy acid, and ia easily
kept clean. We now hove a complete
Hue and our pilces are very plessiug.
PI una! a j ai] Tinin.lhlni la Ciauellaa.
Foot    Kacing,   Horse   Racing   and
It   Will   be   Cranbrook's   Annual
Holiday and a Good   Time
for All.
Next Monday will he held the lull
meeting ol tho Cranhrook Turf am)
Athletic association. The program for
the day it au extensive one, and promisee all klud-t nf spurt for lhe people.
Tbe Fool Race.
The first event will he the much
talked of foot rat*-.* (or a purse of $1,000,
hetween T, II. Ncveii, of Cranhrook and
F. J. Mitchell of Fernie. Both men
have been in hard training for the pnst
month, and there is 110 question but that
ihey will give the people a goad race for
their money. Naturally the friends of
hoih kides are confident that their mail
will win, aud aside from the unusually
Urge purse, it ia quite evident thul there
will besouie large WJgers on the side,
Horse Racing.
Under tliO h«ud there un* five events,
and they will he cuded as follows:
1st. Free'/or-all, trot or pace, mile
heats, two in three, lirst, $51; second,
$30, third, Jin.
2nd. Three eighths mile pony rac 2,
14,2 and under, entrance S2, heats, 2 in
3, 10 to enter, lirst, J20; second, fm;
third $5.
3rd. Four and a half furlong dtish,
running, open, lirst, S45; Second, $'i$.
4th, Seven-eighths tulle dash, tunning
open, merchants and hotel keepers'
stakes, i.t. f-u; aad, fy.
5th. Indian race, oue-half mile, f2o
to be divided.
The Boxing Contest
In the evening a boxing contest will
take place at Wetitworih hall between
F. L Lewis, middle wai*-,bt ah-.uf-.loti. oi
tbe New liUgUud Slates, ami Jack Flirt.
•jerald, of Pernie. The men ate in prime
coudltiou Hnd have been doing some
hard work preparatory for this coolest.
Fitzgerald says that he proposes lo show
Lewis that he is not a Goff, while Lewis
returns tbe compliment hy sating that
Fitzgerald will be kept busy as long as
he is in the ring. It will he a good
exhibition and a big crowd will be pre
-.ent lo see it,
Saw Man) Old Friends.
George R Leask returned Sunday
from Spokane, when* he went to attend
lhe fair. While there he snw quite a
tin 111 her of foi mer tesldeuts ol South
liasl Kootenay, Joseph ScUalch, formerly of Moyie nml Marysville, has a line
lirug store ihere and is doing a good
business, Stewart Bruce, brother of
Mrs. Hunt, is secretary ot A. A. Craft
company aud has an Interest In tbe bus!*
ness. Charley Simmons is working in
■ bather shop. Tommy Hnyhurat, former);*' a baker here, went on the singe
for eight days an.l then came oil, ami is
now serving hot lunches in the Cascade
saloon. I.eo McDetmott, brother of A.
1,, McDeruiOlt. has lelt Spokane for
Wardner, Idaho, to take a position with
a jeweler. George Wentworth was
busy with bis borses at the truck. Fred
1'iptT was in Spokane, but lefl some
time ago for San Francisco.
Reclaim Kootcnsy Valley.
Reports from Port Hill, Idaho, say
lhat the work of reclaiming the Kootenay valley binds on the British Columbia
side, owned by thc llritish Columbia
Reclamation company, are about half
Completed, Patrick Welch, the COUtMC*
tor, has a force of 60teams at work. It
la expected thai the plant will bu complete by tbe middle of November, Iu
all about three or four miles of new
ditches will be constructed, nml ul) iu
all there will be about 14 miles of ditches
on the plant. In addition to the land
on tbe British Columbia side which will
be reclaimed, several hundred acres of
the Klockmann ranch, opposite Port
Hill, will be made subject to cultivation,
liny".   M
Oltl -II
it t
is- r
.-,  n
/ 1
>. ll
s-   1
111,. Inst
C. J. llr.-
A ,
, 11
a the
The Photographer*1 busy season
is from now till Christmas. This
nnd the fact that we are out of
town ut times make it necessary
foi* ns IQ title our patrons to kindly nuke appointments for sittings.
A Ureal Firm.
The American Type Foundry bas
sent out to the newspapers of the American continent a review of the progress
made by that company. The work is
a magnificent piece cf typography, and
is an interesting account of 11 ••onderfu
We have not advanced the price ol our
Tobaccos. Amber Smoking Tobacco, Bobs,
Currency and Fair Play Chewing Tobacco
are tbe same slie aad price to the consumer
as formerly. We have also extended lhc
time lor Ihe redemption ol Snowshoe tags to
January Ist 1894.
The Empire Tobacco Co., Limited.
9S**w»*wa*»*Mss*at5*etM i ■...
-Credo Carols Resurrcdloncm"
11 believe in the resurrection 0! tbe dead.)
s e day, the path which yon liava lateb <i "i
Across the Holds ot night, In nlha luttlot Death
l loslmllpaas.  Till then alone with nod,
Inpatient calm, quite still, 1 wall tl"* cull of
au. violets and tannine; u»\\ Uie icei 1
1 » back to ttie, ol those dry in*..  i>Iu|hiii
jMur breast, .
sn mny thoy heap on me, who 1 life Is ijicmi,
Ihnl, ri-iiii-'ii in then elliijcD'i*: fiwcetiius.1 meel
yon ni Inai ami rust,
- Contributed.
it if to
Talk about your banana be lit. ami
lemon countries, why Craubrook it the
center of a section lhat enjoys the linest
weather found on the American continent. Already there are snow storms iu
Manitoba, Iowa, Souih Dakota,1, Colorado, ami Other reputed winter resorts,
bttt here   iu    Craubrook    merchants   are
siiil selling gau/.-* underwear [nud ice
cream fretzers, while lhe youth of lhe
town wander listlessly along under the
October moou, thinking of love ami
home, with 110 fear of chilling blasts or
coul bills. "What Is ulcer than 1 day in
June," is often asked, and lhe answer is,
a Crauhrook day iu-October.
ui' to ti
10 J Peltier tells a good sioiy mi liim-
.clf. Oue day last week he was going
tu Marysville ou ibetiaiu, W. T. Reld,
lhe dry goods merchant, uud ft, 11.
Miner, tbe hardware man, were wiih
him, and also tbe son and heir of tbe
Peltier household, W nii id Laurie
Peltier. During lhe trip the conversation turned Katou wise, uud opinions
were being expressed about those who
persisted In seuding out of town for
goods when tbey could be purchased of
lhe home merchant for about the same
money. Finally Peltier said: '1 don't
believe in that kind of business. I believe iu buying everything of the home
merchant when it is possible. 1 never
buy outside unless it is iu the line of
certain specialties that uiy family wants
tbat cituuot be secured InCruubrook."
lioth of the merchants, naturally
agreed wilb lhe sentiments so aptly expressed by Mr, Peltier. In the meantime Wilfrid, the sou, was playing with
Mr. Reid, Wllftid had on a new boy's
sweater ami be felt very proud ol it.
Mr. Reld picked up the hoy ami noticing thc new garment, asked him where
u. Bot it.
''Ob, my papa bought that for me in
A ing laugh followed and some uue
set up ihe cigars for the crowd.
It is a good thing uow and then to
stir up the subsciiliers to a newspaper.
We did lhal last week and in less than
live days we collected 51.50 oil subscrij.-
I! B, GiiuiOUr, M. P. P., iu the winter
and the Watrons engine man the resl of
lhe season, has been iu town the past
week. Mr. GtluiOUt is uot a member of
the select crowd on lhe Island who collider themselves the Lord's anuoliited,
but he is a Btrong member of the house
and ci.'rles weight iu his political fights,
He makes no guesses as lo the future
mnl says Hint he has no Idea as to when
there will be au election.
lit *]>  it
M. Phillips, the pioneer rancher of
ihis district came up Tuesday from the
Boundary country. Mr. Phillips was
not feeling very good ualured nnd for
ihe best ol reasons. Last May the high
water iu tbe EJlk river carried out tbe
bridge ou the road from Klko to lhe
Boundary, and since that lime the community soulh of the Rlk has been cut
off from communication with their
markets. Notwithstanding the fact tha
thnt valley is oue of lhe richest iu British Columbia, it has been virtually
ignored by the government. It is impossible to get roads or tiails built, except now and then a paltry appropriation
o! $50 to $200. There is coal, oil, copper and gold in that territory and rich
agricultural lands, and the section is
being rapidly settled up, and yet after
live months the only thing lhal has
been done is to send Don McKay down
there to stop over nighl. No move has
been made to put la a bridge or to give
the people there relief. "We have to
pay our taxes," said Mr. Phillips, "hut
we get nothing for il, and we are getting
pretty near tired of the whole proposition."	
He Guts Over M From Joseph Brault
Monday Evening.
Hank   Eller    Nearly   Cuts   Off
"Deaiy" Campbell's Arm
With  an Axe.
Last   Monday   evening, while Joseph
Brnult, proprietor of the Canadian hotel
was at dinner with bis family, some one
entered his bed room and secured over
|6oo iu cash ami checks. The money
was in a long tiu box wilb other papers,
ami had been placed upon the bed during the dinner hour. There was a win-
low in the room left open at the lime,
aud when Mr. lit null returned be discovered bis loss. Information was
given at ouee to the authorities, and au
investigation instituted. The box was
of such a si/.e that it hardly seemed possible tint any one would have attempt*
ed to carry It olf thai time in the evening, for fear of being seen. The premises
and stables were thoroughly searched
hut no trace ot any kind was found.
Thc loss Is a heavy one, ami Mt.
Ilrnult Das the sympathy cf the people in
his misfortune, In all probability the
theft was committed by some one
familiar with Mr, Brault's habits, and
had kept bis eyes open for the oportuu-
iiy, and when ii arrived look advantage
of it.
Yesterday lhe tin box was found in
the swamp back of the tenderloin dislrict. It wai cut open and all tbe contents taken, W. I. McMaster, who was
employed on lhe C. P. R., but lately doing nothing, wns taki it into custody as
a suspect. He stonily disclaimed any
knowledge of the theft, hut was locked
up iu jail by Constable Morris,
Nearly Cut Hie Arm Olf.
Tuesday afternoon Hank Filler nearly
cut an arm olf a mau known aa "Peaty"
Campbell, iu Kimberley. Campbell's
dog was fighting wiih Kller's, wben tbe
latter thought his canine was getting
the worst of it. He took a pick handle
and tried to separate them. Campbell
would nut stand for it, and grasping the
the pick handle, jerked it away from
Slier. It is said tbat some bystander
at this juncture ciied, "Hit him with
the axe, Hank," and suiting the action
of the word Idler grabbed an axe near by
and made 11 lunge at Campbell. It was
impossible for Campbell to get away
and he threw up one arm receiving tlie
force of the blow. Tho two bones in
the fure arm weie cut elear through, but
this without a doubt saved Campbell's
bend. Dr, Harvey was in town and
dressed tbe wound and the man was
brought down ou the train and placed In
lhe hospital.    Noarrests were made,
Old Town, October, 32 : The last
week was one of unusual activity at
Old Town. The moving of the steam
shovel from the spur on tbe North Star
branch ts a piece of engineering lhat Is
attracting a great deal of attention.
The machine is one of the largest built
and intended to be operated upon railroad tracks only, and to move It eighteen miles over a mountain wagon road
Is a task thai retinites considerable
skill. Progress is made at the rate of
one half mile per day. aud it ls expected to be at lis destination In about
three weeks.
The task of gelling the steam shovel
un the mountain irom Old Town tu
Sawmill Creek is attracting many
vWllors, who wish lo witness lhe operation, which is somewhat Interesting.
Ties and rails are laid on the ground,
and thc machine propells Itself. For
some distance there Is a twelve per
cent grade and people expect to see
some (un when li tackles It.
The new road Is completed to Sawmill
Creek, about live miles above Old Town
which   puts   it   over   all   lhe   difficult
Durli g the week a i]uanilty of supplies for the Roaring King group, sufficient to continue woik all winter, was
freighted to here, and thence packed to
the head of the creek.
Frank Williams with two miners and
camp OUlIU went up to tlie Koarlng
King, where they Intend to work all
It I'V Cooke who has the job of packing llie supplies inlo the Roaring King
became seriously sick upon one of his
trips and had a very uninteresting es-
perlence. To add to his discomfiture
bis saddle horse got away Irom him and
left blm afoot in the mountains. He
reports some snow and lhc nights very
cold 011 the summits, bul the days clear
din) blight above the clouds and fog.
"(lusi Thels and John Sherwood made
their periodical pilgrimage to Craubrook last week.
Mrs. It. 1*'. Qoohe was here during the
week taking care of her husband, who
was unwell.
Por Rent
A good seven room house; ; limp.
G. II. Gilpin.
No Licenses Qranted In lhe Coal Company's
New Town,
The license commission met in Fernie
last Friday night to consider the applications for licenses in the new town the
coal company say it is to put on the
market at the Morrissey mines. There
were fourteen applications to be considered beside Uo more lhat are to come
up at a later meeting. The board consulted lhe petitions, and then adjourned indefinitely. The reason for this action
wus tbe best. Tbe board took the
ground tbat there was no town as yet,
no property on sale, und consequently
no reason why licenses should be granted for hotels. The hoard is to he congratulated upon Its courage and manliness. So lung ns pubic officials nre
controlled by a sense of public duty, ho
long will they have the support of lhe
Robbery at Morrissey.
Word wits received yesterday lhat
Tuesday nighl some one lapped tbe till
lu tbe Pioneer holel at Morrissey and
a'so got several watches from the guests.
The theif was caught later and taken to
Baptist Church Meeting.
Tbe ist, annual business meeting of
the Baptist church was held on Wednesday evening Oct., 15th. There was a
good attendance of members. The reports from all the branches of the
church work, were of a most encourag*
ing nature. The officers for the ensuing
year were elected as follows:
Deacons, W. B. McFarlaue, Mark
Fiimiss and Joseoh Woodman.
Clerk, Harry Tiinbridge.
Treasurer, M. It. King.
Financial Secretary, Joseph Wood*
Usher, James II. Boyea,
S. S. Superintendent, W. B, McPnr*
After the election of officers a pleasant
time wns spent in social lutercoiise at
which refreshments were reived by the
A Free Watch.
In prosecuting Its plan to build up the
largest circulation In the Kooienay. and
Incidentally, in observance of Us seventh
anniversary, the Trad Creek News is
glvlr.g to each new subscriber a watch.
Il ls not a full jeweled 1*) karat gold
watch, but It Is a ncal, perfect running
Ume piece. It Is guaranteed for one
year, and if It falls to keep accurate
time during that period, li will be exchanged for a new one. The guarantee
Is lhat of the largest watch company of
the United States. The subscription to
the News Is 82 per year, upon receipt of
which a watch will be forwarded, to
gether with the Trail Creek News for
one year. It's a good watch lor man or
boy. Remittances should be forwarded
by express or postal older to Trail Cieek
' News, Trail, B.C.
Mr, IJ V. Mott is erecting one of the
Laigest houses In town, and when completed will he a handsome structure.
Kev. U. Holford is very III this week.
On Tbui-nd**- hm  twaa  In a    vffry     ,l3Il*f«r—
ous condition, but has improved a little
since then.
Mrs. W. A. Prest was fn town tbis
week looking after the photograph gallery in the absence of her husband, who
is dangerously Ul with hemorrhage of
the brain,
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Herchmer arrived In lown on Wednesday morning after
an extended wedding tour. Since tbelr
arrival the happy couple have been
receiving the congratulations of tbelr
many lriends here.
Mr. F. C. Malpis, manager of the
local branch of the bank of Commerce,
has been transferred to the Cranbrook
branch. Mr. B Bird, of Bellvllle, bas
been appointed manager here. Mr.
Malpas has become quite popular wltb
the citizens of Fernie since his arrival
here and his departure Is deeply regret-
OThe government at last has decided to
take steps toward the erection of something in way of a suitable court bouse
and although tbey do not lotend to
spend much money on tbe building It
will no doubt be a greal Improvement
upon the old one. Government agent
Armstrong arrived In town with tbe
plans on Thursday evening and several
contractors have been figuring on the
work. It ls expected tbat building
operations will commence next week.
Only Sl,•-'00 has been appropriated by
t'ae government for tbe work.
Chief constable Forbes bas bad written notice served on each of the Fernie
hotels notifying them that If gambling
Is being carried on upon the premises It
will have 10 cease. All loose women In
town have also been notified tbat they
will only be allowed on the street at
certain licins of the day. The action of
lhe chief In these matters la certainly
lo be commended. Gamblers have been
growing very numerous In Fernie for
some lime and ii is lime lhal some action should be taken to get rid ol them
or compel them to seek some other
employment. The Chief evidently has
lhe best Interests of the town at heart
and his action in the mailer will appeal
to every right thinking citizen,
Ac have nol advanced Ibe price ot our
Tobacco. Amber Smoking Tobacco, Bobs,
Currency snd Fair Play chewing tobaccos
are the same slie and price to Ihe too turner
as formerly. Wc have also eiteaded the
lime (or the redemption ol Siowshoe lags
lo January Ist 1004.
The Empire Tobacco Co. Limited,
Farm For Sale.
I will sell no acres of heaver bottom
land bear Port Illlli Idaho, on the Canadian side. It is as fine a piece of Und
as can be (omul, Well give a buyer a
Mrs   K   Lncey,
Gateway, B. C.
A Complete Shut Down The Resilt it
It Is a Questtion of Wage Difference in thc Two
Morrissey Mines. Oct. ji.—At a meeting held by the miners yesterday It was
unanimously voted to strike, and now
the miue is closed. It appears thai it
has not been tbe custom to mine heie by
contract only in the sinking of shafts,
the miners having been paid by the dav,
the wages runuiiig from **j v lo $4 •"-'■
cording to the difficulty and location of
work, The management are now offering
60 cents per luu in o ie liinuel and 40
cents per ton in auother which is more
easily mined. The miners want 60 cents
iu both tunnels, which lhe msnageuieut
refuse to give, sutiug as their reasons
that should there bean equal price In
iu boib, ihe miners would naturally nil
wish to work lu Ibe tunnel when- the
coal is mined much easier, whict. wo-uld
mean inort* trouble from the less foilu
iiale ones It 11 laid that the trouble
really Itei with a certain element who,
It If claimed, are hIk-ivs anxious fora
strike under nny circumstances, In
support of th?s assertion il is claimed
ihat a great manv weie satisfied with Ibe
Conditions and were uuwiUtng to come
I'p to the present lime there bas beeu
no change in conditions at Fernie nul
Michel, but it is thought tbe miners
will follow suit.
Mr. Halaes  aad Mr.  Colemaa   Transferred
lo New Fields.
Hurbert Haines wbo has been manager of the Cranbrook branch of ibe
Cranadiin Bank of Commerce for
the past year and a half haa been transferred to Treberne, Man., and will leave
for hi* *>**w p'1*! next wrek. The departure of Mr. Haines will cause a feeling of serious regret in tbe buaiottt,
athletic aod social circles of Cranbrook,
He was ■ careful guardian of the Interests with which he waa entrusted, a
genial, wholesouled individoal and a
gentleman one derives pleasure from
meeting and knowing. He will be
missed in South Bast Kootenay and
Cranbrook, and bis friends here join
with Tbe HersM iu wishing him everv
prosperity and happiness in his new
field of work.
Mr. Haines has been succeeded by P.
K. Malpas, formerly in charge of the
bank at Fernie, and since tbe people of
ihat town speak iu the highest terms of
that gentleman, it is evident that Cran-
hroou is fortunate in the successor to
Mr. Hsines.      __^_^_
Mr. Celesta* to Leave
C. F. Coleman, for some time C V. R.
agent In Cranbrook, will leave tbis week
for North Hay, Out , but his new post of
duty bas not yet been assigned to hiiu.
The business men of Cranbrook will
miss Mr. Coleman. Agent for a railroad
company is not the easiest position la
the world, and yet Mr. Ooleman has
succeeded in performing hla duties in a
manner satisfactory to his company and
to the public. If there were more men
like Charlie Coleman in tbe railroad
business, there would be far less friction
between the companies and tbe public.
He possesses tact, good nature and ihe
right kind of business qualifications.
He deserves promotion and The Herald
hopes he will get it.
Mr. Hilyer, of Moyie, will succee 1
Mr. Coleman, and as he is already well
known here the people of Cranbrook
will be pleased to welcome him.
From iim Moyle header
J. M, l.fniiiay and family have left
Marysvllle and gone to Calgary,
Prof. S. W. Murphy left Moyle Sunday to join his old partner, I'rof.
"Barney" Wilson, at Michel.
Manager II. Cameron of the Moyle
LnmberCo, received a telegram tbla
week from tbe shareholders at Falr-
bault, Mine, Instructing blm to make
preparations for starting a logging
camp. Sam Grant will be here within
a tew days, wben definite arrangements
will be made.
The shipment of black bass from the
government hatchery atOttawa arrived
here Wednesday. The shipment waa
made In three barrels. Two of the bar*
rets contained two fish each, Theae
were about six Inches long, but one was
dead, bowever. The remaining barrel
contained about 'ih live minnows aad
about IN deed ones. Tbe fish were
taken to tbe upper Moyle lake aid
turned loose near the mouth of Lamb
Editor and Proprietor.
Tke Herald desire* to give the news of the'
district. If you know any about your town |
your mine or ymir people, send II tn tills office.     J
Perry Creek at the present time Is
tbe scene of the greatest mining activity In the district. The cause for this
is not far to find, lhe depression iu
the price of silver, copper and lead has
driven mining operators developing
gold properties, and the gold prospects
of I'erry Creek are attracting the at
tentlon of practical mining men.
Mining operators will nol keep Mill
and If ihey cannot operate In a certain
class of mines they engage In others,
Many people deplore the lead mining
situation of the Kootenays, but It Is nol
altogether au unmixed blessing. For
some lime silver-lead mining has been
very profitable, aud prospecting for
class of properties has been popular
until It seems as though the market is
deluged wlita lead. Al, this time gold
properties In the northern districts have
languished; but It uow seams to have
Its Inning.
History not unf requently repeats ltsel f
and li is interesting at this lime to recall some of the Incidents In mining In
the past, of other districts.
Previous to the slump in sliver Id
In 1803, Colorado was the banner silver
producing state of lhe union, while its
production of gold was only nominal
and a by-product In mining. At this
time there was a general shutting down
of silver-lead mines, and public soup-
houses were built In Denver to feed tbe
Idle miners. Hut wltb the energy and
genius characteristic of the American
people, they did not propose to remain
Idle because a certain Industry did not
pay, and to meet the exigencies of tbe
case they turned ihelr silver mines Inlo
gold mines; and In less than rive years
Colorado became the greatest gold producing state, outdoing California and
Alaska combined by several millions. .
The history of mining everywhere
shows that the class of metal most-,
ly sought for is tbe metal mostly produced. This is as true of copper and
lead as of gold and silver. A few years
ago a few large copper mines were supposed to be the only copper mines In the
world, and tbat tbelr owners had a
cinch on lhe market, but by tbat
fatality that seems to knock out all
human calculations, ground that was as
. "old-as the -hills," and upon which cattle
had graz ;d and farmers had farmed' for
decades suddenly became such marvelous producer of copper tbat outputs
have to be restricted to maintain prices.
The same I* fnt*» of ley.I
To one who tellects upon these  facis
and  observes  tbe   comlitlor.s   of  Kast
Kooienay, it Is only too obvious that all
- tbat is needed to put the mining possl-
bllltes of the distiict upon a gold basis,
Is Intelligent ttl'jrt  In   that direction;
and It is encouraging to observe that a'
practical move Is being made In that
direction.    Perry Creek is essentially a
gold producing district and  the desire
•  -oft securing geld properties because of
■  'the undeslrabllity of lend  and copper
properties Is doing more fur the dls
■'■ trier ' than many people appreciate.
t Statements by practical people from the
camps on tbe creek confirms the belief
ihat Interesting developments will be
made up there.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is worth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
tbeiefore, employ fewer carpenters
fewer p umbers, fewer painters; and
any additional labor employed at tbe
mines would be more than offset by the
labor deprived of employment at the
other end of the line. Whenever the
cost of anything Is artificially Increased
—and if protection did not have this
effect tbe manafacturers would not wanl
It—someone pays the shot every time;
and that someone is tbe last mm in the
chain, tbe consumer, ihe artisan, and
the  farmer.
The lead miners who think the better
way to Improve their candition tstoagl
tale for lower duties on the articles they
require In carrying on their business are
on the right track. They cannot hepe
to maae the demand for their product
Increase by making tbelr product dearer
but If tbey can make It cheaper they
will widen tbe area of their market
Let them ascertain wherein tbe present
tariff pinches them, and agitate for an
amelioration ofthe conditions that op
press. It la tariff reform, not protection, that tbey need.
Baer, life president of the coal com'
any and the individual who claimed
that God had given him and his asso
clatea the divine right io control the
miners of that region, is so religious
tbat be will not ride In his carriage on
Sunday. Well, for that matter, neither
do the coal miners who work for him
- It is said on good authority lhat there
will be an election this fall. It Is said
on good authority tbat there will be no
election tbis fall.   Take your choice.
Talking of senseless custom duties,
the newspaper publisher is reminded of
the 30 per cent duty on printing material, and not a dollar's worth of It Is
manufactured in Canada.
Labor has won a great victory In the
Pennsylvania coat strike. Tbe operators have had to submit to arbitration.
This fact is chieily due to the justice
of tbe cause and the intelligence of
John Mitchell, tbe labor leader.
The Lead Slluatloo.
The question of how best to encourage tbe lead mining industry Is one of
great moment to this section of the
province, and it is the desire of all concerned to do only what Is best for tbe
Industry, any suggestions tbat may be
made wltb reference to the subject are
worthy of careful consideration, Tbe
Winnipeg  Free   Press,  discussing the
'matter, says;
The Increase of the duty on lead could
' not tie brought about without tbe read-
justmentof many of the tariff schedules.
- Lead is an  important  raw  material In
' ttie manafacturc of paints, gas and
drainage pipes, bullets and shot. A
sharp increase in tbe cost of their raw
material would necessitate an Increase
lo tbe duties on the finished products
•made from this raw material. An increase In the duty on pig lead would add
to tbe  cost  of  every house built lo
' Canada. Because of this lhe building
of houses would be restricted. Me i
would be deterred from building, or tbey
would build smaller houses.   They would
Tbe Strike.
Washington, Oct. HI.— The great
antbraci e coal strike Is settled at last.
A commission of six persons, with a
seventh, Carroll D. Wright, as recorder,
will adjust tbe differences between
operators and miner. President Mitchell, of the Miners' union, will urge the
Immediate resumption of mining, and
operations are expected to begin next
Tbe announcement tbat the great
strike was off ".as made by Secretary
Hoot, with exuberant good humor, a'
the White House, shortly afler 1 o'clock.
Organ!/ -d labor has a representative on
the commission In tbe person of E E.
Clark, grand chief of tbe Order of
Railway Conductors, named as a sociologist. The president added Bishop
Spalding, of Illinois, to tbe list of five
members suggested by tbe operators,
Tbe assent of the miners was given
through President Mitchell and Mr.
Sargent, commissioner of Immigration,
and of the operators through Kobert
Bacon and George W. Pet kins. The
final outcome followed a series of conferences beginning with two In the day
with Mr. Mitchell, and two at night
with Messrs. Bacon and Perkins. Events
moved quickly at tbe last, the president
being determined on a speedy settle
meat. The commission will assemble In
a few days and chon«*> a chairman,
probably General Wilson. It will then
arrange for sessions and testimony.
President Mitchell has called a meeting of bla executive, and the strike will
be called off and mining re .umed In two
or three days. Some members ot the
commission were named by Messrs.
Sargent and Mitchell, at their conference with ibe president today, and In
later meeting tonight Mr. Sargent offlc
tally represented tbe mine union leader.
In hla first Interview Mr. Mitchell assured the president of bis anxiety to
end tbe strike, but said tbat the miners
were firm In their position, and that be
could not afford to sanction any Imposition that would sacrifice ihelr interests
at this time. He was willing, however,
to overlook minor objections, and Indicated bis intention to demand only an
arbitration board which should be selected fairly wltb respect equally to the
Interests of both parties to the controversy While the feeling among those
who are familiar with tbo position taken by Mr. Ml'.chell ls not rich In optl
inlam, tt Is believed generally that the
differences existing between tbe miners
and operators will be resolved finally.
It Is said while it may take a few days
to bring tbem together tbe belief Is universal tbat the negotiations now pending will terminate the strike, It Is
pointed out by one wbo Is a recognized
authority on strike controversies tbat
in tbe event of an agreement on a commission of arbitration, It will not be absolutely necessary for President Mitchell at this time to formally declare off
the strike, He and his district presidents may order tbe men back to wotk,
holding In abeyance tbe formal declaration of the end of tbe strike until the
commission shall have made Its findings
wblch It is expected will be binding
upon both operators and miners.
A. A. Abbott, a New York capitalist,
has secured an option for sum,two on
tbe well  known Bendor mines, In the
Bridge rlvar dlatrlet.
Several Idle properties at Atnswortb
are expected to commence work short'
ly and will probably keep forces going
through the winter.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days nfter
date i intend tu apply m iin- Assistant Commls*
Blfljior ot Lands am! Works nf the district of
Fast Kooienay, ami the chief *, nunissluner of
Lands rfnil Works for a license to prospect for
poalonthe following lands, situated on the
souih side of tin- Flathead Klver, thu inn ai pnst
being about one half mile south of the I'lncher
(nek trail anil ahuiil two miles east oj (lie
in nonary Una uf the Cumuli in Pacltlo railway's
lilft ofliiiul.ln tbfi Southeast portion   nf Fust
Koitenuy district, province of British Columbia,
Dated tills Tib day of October, Wl
Commencing at a post about sixteen milei
easl of (lie town of Morr ssey, being the north
east corner adjacent to the northwest enrner uf
ll. I„ Stephens claim, thence oo chaini ih,
thenreai chains wi'si, tuence no chains north,
u-ii.ii- so chains east tu the place or beginning,
tiiiniiihiK six hundred and forty acres,
Paled i in. imii dny of September, 1002,
Thomas Crnhuii,
BO by a. Bucket!, Agent,
Timber Notice
Take notice that I have appllel to the Chief
Commissioner or Lands aad Works fur a special license to cot ami cany away timber from
lhe following described binds:
Commencing at a pnst marked "W.stnokiS.
K. Corner," planted ut the Intersection of ihe
western boundary of ti cailleux's preemption
wiiii the north boundary ot l.nt aits, tiroup 1,
Kast Kootenny, thence uortli io chains, thenee
west nm clinlns, thence smith 411 chains, ihenee
enst uu ehiifiis ta liu* place of beginning, con-
lahiliiK tHO acres, more ur less,
Bated Oils zath day ot August, iftia
*.'j W, STOCKS,
Notice To Creditors.
In  llm   mailer   of tlie estate   of  William
Walter Dubie, late uf ihe town of Crauhrook lu
if British couiubhi, a:coiuitaut,
Notice li hereby given pursuant 10 ••Tho He-
vised statutes nt llritish 1 ohtmbla," 1807,
chapter isf, thut all 0red!tors mnl others laving
claims against tlm is ate nr ihe said William
Waller DjIiIb, who died mi ur about ilia i.itn
day or August, looa, ure required un or before
Uie Stfth day of November too*!, tosmd by post
pre-paid or deliver to William K, (innl nt the
town of Cranbrook, llritish Columbia, solicitor
for .lames hyuuofsahl Craubrook, the admin-
is'.rittur with tiie win annexed uf the lust will ami
testament of tlie aulil deceased, their chrlstaln
and surnames, addressed and description*., the
full particulars of their claims, the alutement
of ihelr ;n'count ami tlie nature uf the securities,
if any, heiit tiy (hem,
Ami further take iiiil ei* that alter such lust
mentioned dale the salil ndmln*s.ratur with tlie
will annexed wlil uroceed to, distribute tlie assets of the deceased among the parlies entitled
thereto, having regard only ta the claims of
which he shall (hen have notice mid lha! tlm
salt! iiilmliiisiratui' with tlie will annexed will
mil bt-I able fur the tali! assets nr any pari
thereof to any person or persons of ftliuse claims
notice shall not liuve been received by lilm al
ttie time ur such distribution,
Dated tlie l.,th duy uf ( clnher, A. I). 11*62,
31 W. P. OUltl),
Solicitor fur.Iunies ltyati.aitmiiilstri.tni* with the
will annexed ur William Walter Doble, deceased.
Timber Notice
Notice Is herebyglven that llilrty ilaysafter
.lute 1 win apply 10 ihe cruet Commission Br of
Lunds ami Works for a special license to cut
ami carry away timber from the following described lunds-
Nltnuiediii ibe distill of Kast Kooienay,
commencing ai a iiu*t planted about 280 chains
south or the southwest, enrner nr lnt Nu, 3i3,
the.ice 8ti oltnini west, thence nu ohulns iiorih,
tln-uce bo chains east, thence su chains souih
to place of commencement,
Milled this llth day or September, 1902,
1)1(11 Haley,
■si hy Dun Hayes, Agent.
Timber Notice     '
Notice Is hereby given that llilrty dnys after
dute 1 lutend toapplyto the Chief Commissioner
or Lauds und Works ror a Bpeclal llcenso in cut
ami carry awuy timber from ihe following described Units:
Sltiiitlet! In tlie district of Kurt Kootenay,
commencing ut a lost planted about inn chains
aoilthof the south west enrner nf lu! ;i'.':i, tlience. *-<'
OllUUIS SOttlh, tjltUOe 80 OhllllH west, tli.me so
i-nains iiurlti, IliencesO chuliis east lu plnce ol
Hated tins nth day uf September, 1802,
(ieo. Carter,
31 by Dun Hayes, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai thirty duys nfler
date 1 intend to apply to tin* As-.i-.tant commissioner of Lauds uml Works ur llie distil.I uf
Kast Kootenay, and Hie Chief Commissioner of
Lands and works fur a license tn priispec. for
coal on the [niin**, im* described land moated
on tbe norlh side of the Flathead Itlver, ttie Initial post being about one half nil e souih of ihe
I'inoiier 1 'reek trail ami ubout two miles t-iisi nf
the boundary line if the Can idlan Kuellio mil-
way's tract of taint, in the southeast poiHon of
Kiist Kooteuay district, province of lirhlsb Columbia, ,-,
Dated this Till duy of, October, 1DQ},
Commencing at a post about sixteen miles east
nf the town of MnrrKsey, being llie southwest
corner adjacent to the northwest enruer uf 11,
L. Mephens claim, tlience n 1 ehutns east, theuce
so chains north, ihence so chains west, ihenee
bo chains Boutli to ihe place or Beginning, containing bIx hundred ami fmiy acre*:.
huieit this Kilh duy of September, 1901!.
John Crutin 11,
by A. Hacked, Agenl.
Timber Notice
Notice H» herebyglven that thirty days after
dale l intent! 10 apply tn the chief Commissioner of Lands und Works for a spei lai license In
cat und carry away timber from the following
described lands:
slum!eil in the district of Fast Kootenay, commencing al a post planted about 40 clialns south
of Hie southwest enrner of !ot BS3, thenee mi
chains soutn, thence so chain* west, thence su
clialns north, thence si) eluiius easl 10 place or
co inm en cement.
Dated tills llth day of September, 190.',
.lames Crump,
ill by Dan Hayes. Agenl.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given lhal thirty days alter
dale I Inteml in apply In lhe Chief t'otninlsslniifi'
of I.iinds ami Works fnr 11 special license in cut
uud carry away timber from Hie rnliuwliig
described lands:
miuaied In Ihe district of Kast.Kontenay.cnm.
melielng at u post plumed abuut -Hi chains we-t
of (he s .iithweat corner uf lol ;m, theuce soulh
40 chiiliis, thence west MM chains, ihenee uortli
in chain*, thence east 100 chains lo place or
Dated ihis nth day nr September, 1002,
James linnil,
■Al by Dan Hayes, Agent,
Timber. Notice
Notice Is hereby given thut thirty dnys arter
dale 1 intend tn apply to the Chief Commissioner
of lands an.l Works for a license in rut ami
carry uway tinnier from lhe following described
Commencing at  the  northeast corner post
place I on the west boundary of 11, t. Arnolds
pre-emption ami one half mile smith or his
northwest corner post, miming so chains west,
tlience Wi chains smith, ihence sn chains east,
them e so clialns north to lhe point nf coimneiu*-
Imr, mo acres more or less.
Cranbrook llth October, IM'.',
31 O. K, MARCH,
Timber Notice
Take Nollce that thirty days after date I
lend lo apply 111 the Chief CotniAlssluner nr
LhihIs am! Works fnr a special license tn cut
ami carry away Umber frum the fulluwliig ilea,
rlbeit lands:
Cniniiieiichiu at Hie northwest enrner pint,
placed nt iiie southwest corner of ll. T. Arnold's
pre-empt Ion miming i<> chains soulh, thenee
100 clmlni enst,"thenco 40 chains north, tlience
lOOclllllUS   west In Die  'mini  ur cnillllieiiclni
40 acres mure ur It-SB.
Craubrook nth October, 1009,
31 IL K. .MA UUI.
In llie matter of Ibe INiula nl .lumes U ilson
I'urstinnl to the order or the Honorable Mr.
.1 n*u e i-.u-ii-it.isi.il dated Ihu nn day nr sap
teiuber. I'M,
'lake Notion Unit each creditor uf tho ubovi
estate is teipiti ed to semi in to liu- niiderslglieil
mi m bet the lirst day ot November Wi liis
claim against the said estate verified i>y nitittit
my dcel..iultoii, together Willi slate ii nf tlie
security II any, livid by lilm,
hilled III Iteglmi, this loth day ur Sept., 1001,
I'lihlic Ailuthilsiriilur.
27*Nov 1. Itoglna, N. W.T,
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby given lhal thirty dayB aftei
date 1  Iiii nl tu    apply tn   the < lili-r   Cum
mlssloner uf Lands ami Works ut Vietoiln
for 11 spec al license to out ami i-any uw.iy tim-
bar from the following ileserlhed kinds:
Commencing at tho northwest"corner post,
piu.ed at tiie southwest comer 01 Lot as1
running cast 80 chutus more or less to the wesi
boundary of Lot nail, tinu;e su chums south,
tlience 80 oiinlns west more nr less lo the hound-
ari of Lot 831, theuce  north  sn ehalus   to ibe
point of ooinmenoeuient, ui 1 acres more or lei
Cranbrook, October, Utli, 100*.
31! K. M, MAItOH
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given thai tbhty daysafiei
date 1 iniemi 10 npply io tiie chlel Commissioner of Lamis uml Works ,tt Victoria far a special
license to ent and carry away limber from th
following iiescini'ii lands;
Cuiiiim-n Ini; ut tlie northwest corner post
placed nil the east bnnutlury of 331 am! one mlli
from my No. t claim northwest post, running
WO chains east more or less to the west hound.
nryofssiO tlience in chnlns south, Ihence iftii
chains west more ur less io tho east boundary ol
II. T. Arnold's pre-emption ami bounded on
west by said pre-emption uud block 331, oto
acres moru or less.
Orimbrook, October, llth, c.-oj.
US V. M. M AKCll
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that llilrty dnys I
date i intend tonpply to thu Chlof Conunlssiunei
of Lands ami Works ut Victoria fnr a special
license to cut und carry away limber from tin
following ii>-scnbe.i lauds;
Commencing at n post marked ".l   Lee Fen
wick's s. K. enrner," planted.about one llliit
omtii of Dohson's cabin on ihe west bank m
Hold ( reek; tlience norlh ico chains, thence
west 41 ehalns, theuce south loo chains, theuci
east40 ehalns, to tlie pkue or the beginning,
• •nu (lining U10 acres,
haled Ibis tftll day of August, 'HO.1.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty Hoys aftei
date I intend toapplyto the Chief Commissioner
of Laud uml Works at Victoria for u special
license to cut and carry uway timber rrom un
fulluwliig described landsi
Commencing at a post marked "l. a, Moffatt'*
N. W. Corner,** planted forty chains west o.
the smitii eas corner of Lnt No. itao, group i
Kusi Kootenay; ihenee east n chains, thence
south Pin chains, theuce west 4?) clialiH, thence
nor.ii too ehalus, totho place uf the begi-.niiig,
coulu 111111* mo acres.
hate I iliis 29th day or August 1002,
Timber Notice
Take Notice thai thirty days afte
date I Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Ltnds and Works foi
a special license to cut and carry awa\
timber from the following describe!
Commencing at a post marked "T
Hook's S. W. corner," planted at tht
south east corner of Lot 338, group 1
Kist Kootenay ; thence north 80 chains,
'hence east Sii chains, 'hence south hi
chains, thence west Si) chains, to tbt
place of the beginning, containing i.n
lUted this IRth day of August 1002.
NntieelsliereliyglvenUi.it thirty days aftei
dute I Intend lo apply lo the Assistant Commls
shmer nf Lauds ami Works nf tlie dislrict ot
Kast Kooienay, and tlie Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works fur license tn prospect fot
coul ou the following described lam), situated
on ihe south side of tho Flathead Itlver, lhe
Inillul post being uliout one half milesouili ol the
I'lncher ( reek trull and about Iwo miles cast ol
lhe boundary line nl llie (un,nl I ii I'ju'IIIc railways'-, tract nf land, hi Hie smith east portion
nf Kust Koitenuy, province of llritish Colutn
Dated ihis Tib day of October, 1002,
Commencing at a post about sixteen miles
enst uf lhe (own nf.Morrissey, being llm nortli
west corner adjacent to the northeast corner of
Tliomas Crahan's claim, ihe.iee mi chains cast
tlience su ehalns soulh, ihenee hi clinlns west,
llienee Kii chains north to the place or beginning
contaliihii! six hundred ami forty ucres.
Haled tills Kilh day of September, 1002,
H. L. Stephens,
by a. Ilnekett, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given thai thirty days alter
date i lut-iiii io apply to the Assistant Comuils-
sinner of Lauds and Works of the district of
Kast Kootenay, ami the Chief Commissioner ot
Lnmls mul Works for a license in prospect fm
coal on the following ileserlhed land, situated
on the norlh side or iho Flathead Itlver, ihe
lultlitl post being about one hair mile smith ul
the I'lncher Creek trail uml a out two miles
east of tlie iionmiary line uf the Canadian Pad
lie railway's tract nf html, hi the south easl
portion of Kast Kooteey rtls'rlol, provluce ol
British Columbia,
Daied tills Till day nf < lelohcr, 1032,
Commencing at a post aboi.t ttxteen miles easl
nftlie town Of  Morrissey tui tg the southeast
c.irnei ujui'eiu to the iioriiieasi corner of
Thomas < i uiiau's claim, theuce so chains west
thenee sii chains mulli. ihence Ml chuim east.
Ihenee mi chains soulh In (be place of beginning.
containing six hundred und forly acres,
haled this lull) day of September, 1009,
Martin t'riihau
by A. Ilnekett, Agent,
• it
The first 200,000 of these shares have already ti
been subscribed and shares are now selling at ||
15 cents on calls of 2 1-2 cents per month, ac- |i
cording to the terms of the prospectus, and the If
fourth 100,000 are to be sold at 20 cents, the jt
fifth at 25 cents, on the same terms. If
— 5
2,000,000 Shares Par Value $1 Each n
Hor Further Information Apply to thc Official Brokers of thc Ashnola Smeller, Limictl
Ponton & Murray, Toronto, Ont.
A. W. Moore & Co., Victoria, B. C.
C. S. Douglas & Co., Vancouver, B. C.
W. N. McGannon, Morrisburg, Ont.
H. R. Cameron, Winnipeg, Man.
R. J. Steel, Nelson, B. C.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell, Cranbrook, B. C.
Code Address "Ashnola", Nelson, II. C.   Code: Morcing & Ncal
P. 0. BOX 714 TELEPHONE NO. 20
S-®-«Hs)-®^-®-®r®-® -'
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days aftei
late I Intend to apply to the Calef Com*
nissioner of Lands and Woiks for a
pedal license to cut and carry awuy
Imbet from the following lands:
Commencing at a post marked •**,*,'.
.Valcott's S. \V. corner," planted on tin
lortb east corner of ,1, Swinnarton's
imber limit: tbence north 40 chains,
hence east Id > chains, thence south -in
;halns, thence west 100 chains, to ihe
daceo' the beginning containing 010
Dated thla UiUh day of August 190:.'
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given thai tiilt,1 dtvsurt-r
dale i intend t.i a ipty m t.ie Chlof Com ulssinti-
eror Unds und Works for a license in ent uml
curry invaj limber from ihcf lluivliig described
iiniiioticlngtiln postmarked ",\l. K   l-Vu-
i's  N. W.   cornel,"   plinlel  ul  the north
corner of Loi S*o. 20a, ilioupi, Hum Koo o*
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days aftei
late 1 Intend to apply to the Chief Com-
nissioner of Linds and Works foi a
ipeclal license to cut and carry away
-.imber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "J.
Swinnarton's S W. corner," planted 4n
halns south of tbe norlh east corner of
•-. Dunn's timber limit on (".old creek.
I'.ast Kootenny; thence north Hi) chains,
hence east so chains, thence south Su
:halns, tbence west HO chains, to lhe
place of the beginning, containing M(i
Dated this *,>Mh day cf Auritst 1(103,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given Hint llilrty days nftor
late 1 Inteud to apply lu tho Chief commissi r
if Lands un I Works nt  Vlcioihl lorn special
license to out and oairy away limber from tho
r.dluwIiiK   ileseillicd  la lull:
Comiueiielug III   the  mirlheasl   comer  posl
placed one half mile souih of (I, k. March's
uortliw.si curlier pnst No. '.' claim, rillllllllg i*l
chnlns south, thenco 83 chnlns i-nii, tlicno
.huliisiinr.li, Ihence wi chains nesl In llic pulnt
of coinmeiiccineiit, um ucies more ur less.
Cranbiook i tli October, 1002,
III W. D ma ita 11
mj, ihence east bo chnlns.
oeluiius,north ffliohains, in Um place of th
icglnnlng, eontaiiilug Dio acres.
im fu tnis nth day of Aii-sust, mi.
■if, M, K. I'KNWICK.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty
■lavs after date I will apply to the
Chief Commissioner cf Lands and
Works for a special llcmse to cut and
remove timber from the following
Commencing at the north west corner post, placed at the south west corner of block 331, 100 chains easl, thence
V) chains souih, thence 100chains neat,
ihence 4D chains north to the point ol
commencement, containing 040 acres
more or Ies?.
Cranbrook, Sept. 4th, 1003.
87 C. If. BLACK,
Timber Notice
]   Notice Is hereby given Unit I lib ty days afler
dale I Itiielid lo apply lo Hie Chief Coi II llll SB III II*
I er or Umls and  Works fur u llcenso in em ami
I enrry nway Umber [nun lhe following described
Commencing nt a post marked "A. M. Ken-
 ly'sS. w. comer.' pi idled une-hiilf wuv he*
iwecn linid Creek ami iiiiid Creek trail, three
miles north west uf ihc nortli west corner of
Lot 321, group une. Kunicnay dislricti tlience
easl n») chains, ihence inuiii In chains, tlience
wesl lllll cliaillS, tlieneo SOIltll HI ell litis,  lo  Hit*
place of commencement, containing ato ucres,
Dated this --'iiii day nr August, UW2,
27 A,  M,  KKNM'DV.
Timber Notice
Take Nollce tbat thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from tbe following lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"Joseph D)bbs' N W. corner." plauted
at north easl corner of Lot 880, group
1. Kast Kootenay; tbence south 100
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
nonh imi chains, thence west 40 chains,
to the place of ihe commencement,
containing 040 acres,
loi.-ii this 14th day of August, ll>03
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby i;iv.*u that llilrty days nfti
dale l Intend in upp'v lo the Chief Comnilsslni
or or Lands uu I Works Tor u license lo cul am!
niiiij uway Umber f nun the follow in;: described
Ciuinienrliig at Die norlh west coiner post,
placed one half mile south of (1, K. March'
northwest corner No.'.' claim, running sn. lutin
souih, tlience so chnlns wesi, then o si chains
north, theuce sn chains oust to ihe point of coin-
iiieiiciiig. Ml) acres mure or le.s. u.
Craubrook nth October, lOtfl,
-il W. D. MAIt II,
Timber Notice
Notice Ih hereby given that thirty day*) after
dale I Intend toapplyto IheClilof I'oliliii.sshiu-
erof Unds iiiiii Wurks ror a IIqoiis-j to cut
ami carry away timber rrniil tlio following lies.
Tlbed lunds:
Commencing at a iwai marked "M. I- Trltes'
N. IV. comer,' planted at smith west corner II.
A, Trltes* timber llllllll ihence east ni clmlns,
tlienoe soutn so chains, tlience west so chains,
thence north sp chains, tu I he placo or tin- ho*
ginning, containing wo acres,
Dated this :M\ day of August. Hi"'.',
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given, lhat, thirly
days alter date I will apply to the
chief Commissioner -.if Lands ar.tl
Works for a special license io cut and
remove ll tuber Irom the following
Commencing at the nonh west corner post planed one half mile south ut
C. II, Black's north wed corner posl
so chains east, theuce hi chains  south.
ibence act chains west, thence 8 > chain*
nortii to the p iiut of commencement,
I'outalnliig U4u acres more or less,
Cranbrook, Sept. I'.h, 1003,
INTIIK COUNTY   COtlllT OK   Kiii)Ti:N,\\
Notlco Is hereby given thai nn the lath day ol
September llir.'lt wasoidero.l by III*: It.mm ,1.
A. I'orlu, Ksi|, .Ind e of the Bgkl nunt. Mi.it
.lames Kergusnii Armstrong, (UHolal Admiiila-
tratorofthoomintyof Kootcniy, bo Ailmlnls-
Ualoi'of ah and slllglllnr tlm ostalo of Alon?.n
Con.idly iluoeoseil, Inteslnie,
Kvery person lmleliteil In the said tteceused
Is ronulivil 10 make payment forthwith to (ho
i very poison having lu |ioisoss,oii offeels ho*
longing to the decoiisiul is n-nnlred forthwlih
louot.fy tho iindorsigiieil.
Kaeiy creditor, or oilier person, having any
ilnlm upon i rlntoresl In tlm dlhtilhiiilcn ol the
] ersomil OBltltO "I the sjild iteei'iisc.l is  iei|ii||'eil
wlihhitlihty Jays of tils date to send hj registered leltur addressed io Uie imiliirsigned, bs
muni' nn.l address, nml tlie rail purlieii.ars nl
bis e aim or interest, ami a st dement of his no
ml, uud the nature ol tlie security iir any)
held by blm.
Altor the oxplrntlon of the said thirty days
the administrator ttlll pine i witn tin- distil*
builon or ihe oslnlo, hitvlng regard in those
ctuims only ui which he shall have bad iiotlio,
IM.'il III l'-oilSt<elctllK2llh,(hiyofKepl. I0O2,
.IAMIS I'I'.ltUI'K'  N  All . ST I INC.
SW-Gt tilllelal Ailmlul tialur.
For (ietting; a Beautiful Watch
and chain Free,--No Money Required.--Every Mnn, Woman,
Boy, or Girl has the same Opportunity under our System.
In order to have Dr, Arnold's Rug Hah
Coxln Pills placed In the hands of all
persons suffering from bad health we
make the following most liberal offer:
If you will send us your name and
address at il agree to sell Ior us twelve
boxes of Dr. Arnold's English To ilu
Pills al 8flc. per bnx. we will give vou
absolutely Kree a heaulilul Wnkh and Chain
in either I.lilies or QotitS sire, oi ymir
choice of twenty other premiums Mich
as line set** of Jewelry, l.iog**,  violins.
Mandolins,    Tea   Sets,   Sateen    Skins,
Cameras,  etc,     Remember  »c don'i
want any money until after ymi -ell ihe
Pills am! VOU don't have lo sell any
mote Ihat) 12 boxes in get the premiums,
Tuis is a bona tide offer from a reliable
concern that has given thousands of
dollars woith of prttn nma to agents all
over the country,    Item cm bet al-.i iIi.h
Dr, Arnold** IS igllsh Toxin nils are a
■veil known remedy lor ail diseases i i
ihe kidney and bladder, llilghts
illsense, iiiaiietes, iiii'iiiii.itH'iii, net vous
troubles, and female complaint*., and
are for sale by all liml class druggists
and dealers In medicines iu ill parts of
the world. Yuu have only to show
them lo sell them. Vou are not offering something thai the people don't
know,    Our   walches  are   the   tegular
m a miaul tt'n tor i.idles or Gentlemen
lu Nickel or Gun Metal Cases with
handsome Illuminated dials and reliable
time-keepers, watches such as no lady
or gentleman need be ashamed tu carry
:nd they will be sent absolutely Free
to all who stll only twelve buses of
those wonderful Toxin Pills, Write at
once and he the lirst iu Your locality lo
earn oue jf those beautiful watches and
chain. As soon as wc receive your
letter or post card we will send you
post pa'd twelve boxes, together with
our Illustrated Oitalrgue and beautifully colored with y in name and address on as our authorized agent, ll -ar
in mind that you will nni be asked to
sell any mote than lhe 12 boxes and we
don't want any money until after you have
sold tbem. We bear all the expense
and are only making this liberal iffer
as a method of advertising Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Phis. I) n't delay,
write at once and cam a beautiful present for yourself for Christmas,
Address AUNOI.I) MliUH'INI' CO., Depl 116,
50 Adelaide St. Easl Toron lo, Onl. .,
Printing is Our Business....
When yoo want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
HUtorlc System Thut Hit* Hern Adopted
■t Yarluu. Ctutrefl in Cfllioda— 9lat|«)       '
»."•■■' iii......".-. I
Manual training   ninth cc-nslsls in i
tha ■yr.tematlc tr ss ol tlio awn.
uf lli.. lunula .nul o> nl olivlnua
nl  II thul   Ilu.mull   Hi.-in   li..-.  Hi
>il I
II.ill   Hi
Iml il Is only in mini )
practical applied) i
hill.   II.vi.   in.i.i J  "I''
Duly in tn,. pnBl il..-.. ..
uilu known uny ol lhu .
this .s.vMti'iu in iiflnnl i
Inrinii.i- I.. IU. a.lopll.i
by llic royal Rah
lu 1HH7. t.i tloU'i-in  I
us .hat form iii.iiiiiiiI ami prnctlci.l j
inatriiollon should bu lt.elii.lccl In in,' I
primary schools In  Irclun.l       Thnt
cominlaalon   heltl   OS    tines,   ol
which ."»" wero i-i.thi-jh for the    receiving ol ovltlonco    Tlio monilioru ac- |
ii'i'.l information in nil    Ironi    IHO .
,,... I
HTO-a.TH.Bi*. y«M».
Be sure yon get
"Royal Bi
■uiililii-,1   persons,   nnd
11 lieu  Hi' schools,  in in
they hud nu opportunity
subsequently submit n-d contained
such nn unqualified endoi'satlon ih.it
1'rof. James W. Hobertson, of Ottawa, Immediately directed his energies
towards Introducing the system into
Through 'tho munlflcenco of Sir
William 0. Miu'duimld, the Ural steps
were taken. He provided a fund
huge enough to enable a beginning
to be niuile iu une centre In every
Province of the Dominion, including
tlie equipment of benches nnd tools,
the necessary Improvement of tin*
rooms, the salaries of the instructors, nnd the expense of maintenance
for three years. The fund is also
sufficient tu permit tho teachers In
training ut one Normal School in
every Province to receive iiistructio*-**.
b.v thoroughly qualified instructors.
Altogether provision hns been niuile
for 6,000 boys and tlm Normal
School teacliurs for three years. To
obtain the best possible results it
bus la-en found necessary to engage
a competent staff of touchers from
Great Britain, though several assistants hnve heen engaged in Cnnuda.
special courses are provided for Canadian teachers, who show great interest in the work, und ninny of
them will soon become proficient as
Instructors, i
The beginning in the Province of
Quebec wns mado by the establish-
ment of a manual training depart- ,
meni in the model school nl West-
mount, while cci res of instruction
have also been established In Waterloo, Know! ton anil Bedford Agreements have been mado With tho
school authorities in ihe oihoi prov- ,
hires as follows: In Ontnrio—Ottawa, Brockville and four In Toronto; J
in Quebec—West mo tint, the Mi tl ■!
School, Montreal; Waterloo, Knowlton und Bedfore; in V\v Brunswick—
Frederlcton; in Novo Scotia Truro;
in Prime Edward Island—Charlotte-
town and Siunmersidc; in N. \\. Territories—Hog inn and Calguiy: in
British Columbia— Victoria nn.l Vancouver. In this way an object Ins-
son in manual training will be given
In each Province foi three years, by
tvhlch lime, it Is hoped, the necessity
for culture of this character will bo
recognized as Imperative. Already
good results nro observable al West-
mount, whore 180 pupils nre constantly in attendance. Classes for
teachers ara conducted on Saturday
Manual training is a moans of developing mental, more than muscular power .nul is not n shorl cul nr
u Ioiir stop towards learning n trndo
A child    is    one on I I" Hvlsible   nl-
With this protection label sewn in the
lelt hand pocket ofthe
Coat or Overcoat.
v )) -   -
.V^Royai Brand
*S}$  ^CLOTHl,^
r J
The "Royal Brand" label is a guarantee that
this Clothiug is tailor-made, manufactured under
our own roof.
It is your protection against Clothing made
iu " Sweat Shops " by inferior workmen, which
neither wears, nor holds its shape.
In order to obtain perfect fitting Clothing,
made by experienced tailors, and Clothing that
will give entire satisfaction look for the
" Royal Brand " Label
E. A. Small & Co, Hontreal
. . . MAKERS. . .
Pounder, tn Canada of Tailor-made Clothing ready-to-wear.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenny District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5-00 an acre, thc latter being for first-class agricultural lands,   these lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggrefate amounl ol principal and int rest, except in Ihc
case uf lands under $2,511 an aire, is divided Inlo len Instalment! ,'is
shown in llic fable belOWl Hie first lo be paid al Ihe linic nf purchase, Inc second une year from dale uf flic purchase, llie third in
twu years and so 00.
The following tabic shows Ihc amuuni uf the annual Instalments
un lull acres al differenl prices under Ihe abuve cnndiii.ns:
IMI acrs al $2,511 per atr, Isl Instalment ISMS   0 equal inlal'ls nl $511.
k imh.-i-lr-v is lhe business and sliippini! point fur  llic
ixiuiuci icy North S(ar a|)(| Su||ivan |nincs
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsile Agents.
r rfltihrnnk is ,,1c divisional point of lhe Crows Nest Pass
vi aiiui uur. Raj|way a|M| ,hc commcrcia| centre uf Si i.ib
East Kooienay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
Pur lurllisT liiliiriiiiillnii apply It. agents as abuve nr lu
A. TAYLOR, District Land A«cnl. Nelson, 15. C. or
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
nn shorter time.
If Ihe land is paid fur in full al Ihc
lime ol purchase, a reduclion frum the
price will be allowed equal lu ten per
cent un the amount paid in excess ol the
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cenl will be
charged in uver due instalments,
The Compaay has also luts fur sale
in the following tuwn sites in liasl Kootenay: F.lko, Cranbrnok, Muyelle, Kitchener, Creston snd  Kimberley.
The terms of payment arc one-third
cash, and Ihe balaace in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of Ihe great
Iron range aud lhc gateway to Ihc White
lirtiiise copper fields.   .1. T. BURGESS,
Tow nsite Agenl.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Reid & Co. Agents For Cranbrook
jk      THE
ig^f^ Berliner
|g? i Grafflr°=
iT^      phone.
It talks! Sings, Comic, Sacred and Sentimental Songs,    Plays lik*-* a
full Band or Orchestra.   Vou can understand every words ii speaks,    Ii is
the greatest entertainer ever made.     It uses tlie  Hard  flat  Disc  Records
which last for years.
The Gram-O'phone is made in Canada.    A live years written  guarantee with each machine.   Write for Catalogues- free.
PRICES   $16.50   AND UP.
Sold on Easy Monthly Payments, if desired.
15-2319 St. Catherine St, Montreal.
LOUT, General Manager for Canada.
Call at Tom's Barber Shop, Victoria House, opposite depot.
TIlO slm*.. Is neat. Hip tnv nil lirQfili-nil,
lln. sli..;irs:iivsli:ii'|., t'.iT.'i/'.is l.i'i'il.
.U.| I ....ytliiiti* Mnn skill, in <i"
it v* nil call In' 11 '!•• ruryuii,
J, T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave 1.1c.      Hair Cm 35c.    Shampoo 25c
I have srood wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Ked   Mountain    Railway   Co
R. E. Beattie, Agent.
,'.  m |il
mul ini
III,-   K,
III,'    II
ill    S
led, .m.l Hi.' ti
iiiiiiiii. ..Is.. Mu
lv umls Hu lilm
lion    li  is n in
Books nro onl) iigondis; nnd
re ..il..'is no less nullntil.'   tn
deed some ol ns Ihlnk III sl  nratorlnls,
tools,     ,i Mr.-I.mi      with   lli.'.ii.
[.Innl..    nisltii is   .n.i     oxeri-laca
s.iili    il.,' v  mush in,".' useful
Hum hooks ul..nu inn i,,.l|.„in>'iii„i'is
(llirlns il... public school ngu ol chll-
.li-iui     To  ,'i,llls„l,.   sl„-  ,- 1.1118   111
u,  iiii   llllulllgl' Illgolns   l.'SSiiiils
r,,1,1 ids,   lo  slovulo|i   III,'  Inlollt'i't
Iii   Us  s[,inin.il   uuii....I I   ifrnRP
,.(  vol s.   Iii  li....-  Hi.-.'  npcrathin
ill   .1   s.,lln,I   1.,'iU    I, il   '<<   "In S    111''
.li-, 1*1.ills ill III ' IS III. ItBoll ,|l]l< !,. IH',1
tu    BUStl <l    ''Uui''.    ItJ     InS,'    ui    lllll
truth ,.i,,i is.    i.i.i.i in Hi.   i ns i
Power ssimli nmketli ni rlglitootts-
,1,-s. I.. Iirlnu ul"mt ii""'' nothing
lower, nothlnu low.   i-- tl.fi Inu'i ol
Mining Nule,.
Whitewater camp .hipped 840 tons In
ItOSslsOd's ore  shipment,   last   woek
were 7080 tons.
The I..- II 'I In shipping some oic liml
run. ?;.il to llie ton.
There is consitlerahle talk ofostnel-
ter al I I.n. In Kjsl Koo .-nay.
K islet's .Inelter scheme I, tn a mole
inoillmiiil condition than over.
Last werk'H .hlpm.nts nf Slocan ore
through Ka.ln were 1h:i tons.
The Home,lake mine in the sooth
hell, [toaslSDd, Is llkelv to resume.
The Wliltcsvatet inlne makes a tut
profit of Sl uu a ton oui of Us sue.
Tlie Qenter Star ami Wai K.ie,le al
l.ii.slaiiii atv to Inri.-as,- oic shipments
at once.
Dure apalu   llie Silver Islne. Iramway
Is running, carrying o..- to ilic Nelson
Twenty men arr employes! at the
Highland mine, near Alnaworlh. in
Kootenay lake.
nl    Instruction
lioul ■ ui in.iu.-
.1 i.  1     ilgo,
There are a lew points Io
be considered in building.
.. i-iii n ihelr ..smi llvJnjl
lli.-..    sil li    were
silly promoted   in    li.-i-
moro    gn
iiiiiiiv Hum olsowlioro nn.l wero nol
oxcoptloiie.ll>' n success Maniiul mnl
practical Instruction is in... recommended  sis  un  nilliriitiinlnl   lili-ulis  for
ilovoloping iiiii'lli'i-iiini    nml    moral
,|U.ililii'S nf high vnluo in iill .l.il-
ilii'ii. iviiliout  pai'ticul.ir regard    to
til.'   OCClipitllollS   lln-S    nre    to    follow
afterwards. It is i„,t tcclinle.il education, although It Kins, during lho
norloil    sif     general oducatl     Hu
Ilnrrisier, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook and Marysvllle, B. C.
mny dorivo Ihi' full   lalU'ti   nf
honcflt Iiiim ti'i'linii'iil odiiciitlon nl „
hit'i- ago.
'lho .Mntiiiiil Training llaoin Is not
u workshop   wheru   opuratinns   nro
Cilll'ii'll nil Willi n vli'W In tho commercial vnlne of tlm arllclos turned
oui. A workshop is n inoiioy-niuk-
iusi Institution, wh..ivns n room for
Manual Training^ us purl of a school
Is fur tlm training and developing of
tin. children, wllhuiil rognnl to tho
Intl'lnstO   vol I   lh.'   wnli,      Iiiiii ll
out, or length of thno reiiulreil to
lu.ku nny pitl'Uuillnl' ulijocl, Thu
courso Is really n series of uxerrlsefl
so arranged uu to ti.no edticulloual
Tht Empire Restaurant
iMcsdamcs Shaw & Campbell, Props.
Meals and Lunches at all Hours
Home Made Bread, white
and Brown. Buns and
Pastry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post Office
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure-
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (iive me a call.
Physician and Surgeon.
Illllce st residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   •   •   ■   •  VM lo II
Afternoons   •   ■   '   ■   1:1010.1:30
Evenlnis   ■   •  •   ■   7.30 lo 8:30
CRA   BROOK,    :   :   :        :   :    B. C
Good work,   Good   M alcii
and the price.
Ila.c you talked with anyone annul building?
sliimc and see me or let me see yuu. II may
dn us huth good.
Q. R. Leask.
and Builder  .*
ill woik guaranteed.   See ua belore
you lisilld.   II will pay you.
[•;] Markets
in all the
Towns in
The only all tail pom.. bo.*r««ri ,.11
points Isust, West nnil Smith to....
Intermediate Poinls.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Orenl Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. K. & N. Company.
Nelson  with  Steamer lor  Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Uaily lor
Republic, and
Connects dailv
At   Bossburg   Stage  Daily  icr
Urand Forks and (Ireenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, (len. Pass. Agl.
I|i Columbia.
IlllS.I ,Vlll.T.ll..r.ll: TSIf   ~}l    -I
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale aad Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.    Vour
trade is solicited.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Cranbrnok, B C
1          CRANBROOK. B. C. *
i   <«.-,M,*t,*4i4ttt**ttf*<t> *
j{       PETER MATMESON, Proprietor. *
J num...........".!" J
J  When ynu are hungry  1 wnnt J
*£         a good men! go to Ilio  Isnst i.
'  »
Sl. Johu
New York
San Francisco
One of the Ivfost Comfort.bl.
llutels iu Kast Koott-ney.
Refitted Throughout
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Crunlirook, B. C.
Newly ParuUbed
T When ymi «te tired mnl want a
ftood rest go to lhe I*.«si Koote tin y
iiiiii Fellows CO
A. fetch, .Ir.
N. <>.
I.O.O.F. Key City Lodge
Nn. 49. Meets every Mon-
tiny illi'lll lit llielr hull n
linker street.   Bojournlna
illnlly invltfil.
M. I), l.illim.N
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see liiin
I before buying.
tranhronk Lodge, Nn. 3.
;; A. F. a A. M.
y./i. ..   Ilritulul'  Units mi in..
$C'\ tllllll     lIllllMlll)     1.1   III
T'-i intuitu.
thorn sviiii'iiiiu'ii,
tlKO, A. I.KIT, II, Heu'y.
I When you nre thirsty anil wnnt a J
** aoosl <lrii.lt   no   to llie Uust m
tS Kootenay. J
J In fact whs n you are in Cranhrook J
". stop al the linst Kootenay. «.
When in town don't
forget to stop at the...
Victoria House
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook...
Everything Firstclass
Opposite Depot
L. R. Gubbins,
J. T, Dendurant,
Upper Lake Steamers
Lv, Fori William. Sun . Tue.. Frl.
Leave Dunmore Junction dally Inr SI. Paul
Leave Kuutenay Landing Tuesday and salur
day lor Toronto and all eailern points
Leave Rcvclsloke dally lor Seallle, Vancouver
snd cuaal cities
Through llckels lo Eurnnc via all Allanllc
Lines. Prepaid llckels Irom all points al
lowest ralea. For lull particulars apply lu
lucal agents.
A. (I. P. A , *I"'i
Vancouver. Cranbrook
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Tennis nml drivers fumlahed for any
point in tin- tliatrlct,
Manager   J   Jt   Jt
We have a stock ot
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Til.
Those wanting chimneys, (ire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Surveys „,
Land Purchases,
Mininy; Claims,
Etc., made hy contract,
P. 0. Fori Steele, 11. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of 0. S
Oflice nml store. Aiken block,
nenr Cniiailian Hunk of Cotlt*
inert'*-, Crnntirook. II. C
Updo I iter Ini aad Oeacral Furaltun Ucpalr-*!
Wilt iittt'ii.l to any work In (lie dlatrlct
Aieal fur the  Rraadoa Marble aad Uraalle
Works.   Tunbitoacs, Hcadaloait, ate. .   .   .,   .   .   .   .   9ISISI  l®l®l®LC?l®ls?l.®Ls'   *   *   '   '
:.'  .'  .   .   ,   ..   .   .,..•   ..:».-;.*)llffi!8;i-.i>;i«ISI(«ls*)ls-..-   •   •
'*.''- We are showing this week some pretty and striking novelties
ff in Ladies' wear.    CHATELAINES in black and silver bead- :
§ ing, newest designs. J BELTS in jet and velvet.   *   While, •
! I steel anj black  HAIR ORNAMENTS: a beautiful line of !
';. Z those chlffonne  rosettes in evening shade, brilliant  settings. .
«■> VASSAR COMBS in  amber shades with oxody-ed silver •
-- mountings.    -■*    Another lot of
I'} Ladies' French Flannel
?i"> Waist lengths in newest Persian Patterns.   A nice assortment   '
to choose Irom. J> Frieze, Zibeline and Camel's Hair Cloths In
. -■
.; •   Oxford greys, browns, blues and greens.     For fall and winter   .
. '   suits and skirts these cloths will be the correct thing.
Yours Truly,
..REID & CO..
..1 : ',- ' 'il '    .'.I'   V      V	
I @ I ffl I (BI ffl I g «! i ® IM i w i 9 i ffi
to "A contented mind is a blessing kind, s£
▼ And a merry heart is a purse well lined." O
to Friar's Chorus. O
H     That's great sentiment and grand advice but to foi- O
5? low it out one must be physically fit.   You can't do it 7
H on a run down constitution or bad digestion.     These vk
to cold mornings and evenings one feels like taking only <^
hot drinks. 0
Our business is to cater to your needs in these and O
K so we  keep a good variety of thoroughly reliable Co- gfl
^* coas, Chocolates, Coffees and Teas.    Nourishments jv
.. O
not stimulants. 0
Our stock of breakfast foods and table delicacies is O
H always fresh, O
1       G. T. ROGERS,        |
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
That is our constant aim and we now have a small line of new g|
China that is more up to date than anything ever shown in ra
town,  the quantity is limited as we must clear all before Xmas W
goods arrive.   But the price is well call and see what you pa
think of the prices. Remember we havn't a car load of this K3
china, but it will pay you to call and see it [j§
AT BEATTIE'S        g
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a line selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The intli Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
All kinds and superior quality. Our
Apples and Plums cannot be equal'ei
in town and the prices are right. Don't
think of preserving until you inspect
our stock.
MMIII *® |  *"•)•*•
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
outside Orderi Promptly
Attended to.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Of all kinds.
Proprietor nf tiie
Candy Kitchen
Carries Rooo.fil.t«stoek ot
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Ulve ua a call
Picked  I'p About the Cily  by  Asking
Questions of Many  Pcuplc.
Mind Your Own Business
is and old saying gone wrong.
It is every man's to insure and
it is, therefore, our business to
look alter yours.
Aerated Watersperfec| protection,
Low Rates and
Prompt .'ctllemeiiis
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,, Palmer & Amold
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in  siphons.   The most
tconomic.il way to handle it.
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life lnsurrce
W. Barclay, of Jaflray, was in town
Mo ml ay,
W. S Keay, of Fertile, was in town oa
Sunday last.
Cecil Prest visited Marysville nu
Thursday Inst.
Louis Theaubttld, of Marysvllle. left
foi Wardner Hits week.
James McDonell, of Morrissey. wns iu
towu Suuday and Monday,
Miss Dudley, nf Kimberley( visited
frleuda in Cranbrook tbis week.
Sleeve Young, of Mnrysville,   left   foi
Prank, Alta , on Weduesday last.
Mr. l-'rnser. of J. II. Miner's hardware
store, visited Marysville this week.
Do your eyes bother you? No charge
tor ex nil) Illation,   Tate the jeweler,
J. i, Parker, of the North Star Mine
visited Nelson this week ou business,
Mike Ilurick, of Pinch & Jones, of
Marysvllle, was in town on Thurtday.
Dr. Honnell, of Pernie, was the guest
ol Dr. King last Sunday and Monday.
W. T. Reid, wife ami family visited
Mnrysville Thursday for a short outing.
James Ryan, who returned from Spo-
Katie lust Thursday, left Sunday for Cal
Por Rent—Dining room and lied rooms
ap stniis, at the Victoria house, Cranhrook.
Pred Hazen and Miss Small, of Marys
vllle, attended the dance on Thursday
Mr. and Mrs M. A. McKenzie, of
Marysville, left for Spokane on bunday
Charles Clsley, who has heen employ-
-il hy the smelter company, was in town
this week.
Mr. Thompson, of J. D McBride's
hardwore store, visited Kimberley on
Thursday last.
K.J. Peltier visited Fernie and other
points along the line this week. He reports business good.
Wm Clark, of Clark & Co., painters
ami decorators of Morrissey, Bpent a few
lays In town this ween?.
A Urge crowd of Cranhrook people
visited Wasa on Thanksgiving day and
report having a nice outing.
J. II (Jillis, of Morrissey, attended
ihe dance on Thursday evening. His
many friends here were pleased to see
Herb Sawyer, of Mnrysville, was in
town this week ami he said "Hotnly
Hank" will he at the races here on the
Hnve you seen the Aladdin electric
clock at Tate's. By pressing a button an
electlc light shii es through a while opal
glass dial.
The Port Steele Mercantile company
will close iis store next Monday nt 10
o'clock n. m., and keep it closed the rest
ol the day,
Any printing wanted for the fair will
have lo be ordered at ouee, as The
Herald oflice will be closed after 10:30
on Monday.
G. H. Thompson, the solicitor, relumed last week from Toronto, where he
accompanied the remains of bis brothir
who died at Peruie.
P, D. McTavlsh, of Calgary, Alberta,
representing the Iuternationul Corresponding school, was iu town this week.
He al;o visited Mnrysville aud Kimberley while here.
Manager Pink, of the Port Steele
Mercantile company, will close his store
next Monday, tbe day ot the fair at 10
o'clock, a. 111., and keep it closed the
rest ot llie day.
Any Herald subscriber irom out of the
city, who is in Cranbrook Monday will
find the Old Man around ou the grounds
some where, and he will have his receipt
hook with him.
The ladiec of Cbrists Churches Gild
are announcing to have a concert ami
dance on the 201b of November. Everything will he doue to give a most entertaining programme.
Jack Toney, wife and family lef for
Rossland on Wednesday last. Mr.
Toney hns had charge of the tramway
for the North Star Mining company st
Klmberley ever siuce it atarled.
The third annual hall in aid of tbe
hospital will he held In the Wentworth
hall on Tuesduy Nov. 5H1. Dsncing to
begin ut y p m. Good music and good
programme will he provided.    Tickets
fa 00,
Kd. Taylor, of Kimberley, has taken
over the Royal hotel of that town, which
has been run by Mr. Gates of Pernie.
Mr, Taylor took possession on Monday
last, nud his many friends wish him
Mr. Smith, of Reid Si Co.'s store,
visited Marysvllle on Thursday. It was
his first visit to Marysville. Mr, Smith
wns more than surprised with lhe
amount of work that had heen done on
the smeller.
Prank McCabe of Wardner was' in
town Monday, He says Wardner is
looking well, and that business Is improving. Mr. McCabe hns opened a
clothing store, nnd Is enjoying a most
satisfactory trade.
Waller Walcott. chef nt the Cranbrook
holel, left Inst Monday for St. Louis,
Mo. Ue intends to go from St. Louis
to New York, and then by boat to New
Orleans nud hack to St. Louis and may
remain in that city until nfter lhe Lib.
The slough players nrnnnd the Cran-
hruok will mtBB tbe genial Walter.
MORRhSSEY,   B.   C.
If the coal tuiut-s nnil cuke ovens of this .listrict sliontsl cinsi- tomor
row every smelter in Hiisish Columbia wonlsl close within llilrty slsiys
limn MEN will In- employed in lhe near fnture iu Ihe mines nml at the
cokeovenaof MORRISSEY.
Charlie Parrel I, of Moyie, was it town j
C. D. McNab visiu-d Pernie last
James Joyce returned from Spokane
last week.
Rooms 10 rent ou Baker Hill. Mrs.
M. II. and P. R, King visited  Pernie
I ist Thursday.
It. D. McMlllen, of Marysville, was in
town yesteiday.
Presli oysters nt the Royal holel from
8 p. m. to f> a. tn.
Dr. Sawyer took n car load of horses
to Cowley last week.
R, O Jennings, came down from Kimberley Tuesday night.
The dance given last Thursday night
was a great social success.
Frank Derosier proprietor of the Jaf-
fray hotel, was in town Monday.
.lames, Boyce has been nn the sick list
the past two weeks, is out aid Improving.
J. C Drewery, the well known mining
man, was in town lasl week on bis way
to tbe Great Dane property.
The Herald oflice will be closed on
Monday nfter 10:30 n. m., to give the
staff a chance to enjoy themselves.
For rent, two plastered rooms over
The Herald ollice. Comfortnble living
rooms for winter. P. K Simpson,
A Le itch has gone east aud will visit
Winnipeg before his return. He is taking a goose shoot this week near Moose
The hotel bars in Cranbrook are now-
closed from Saturday night at it to
Monday morning at 7.    This is a case of
II conies 7.
James Gill says that the sale nf town
lots in Craubrcok has been steady the
past six months, two or more being sold
each week.
Mrs Soper came down frcm Kimberley Tuesday. She left on Wednesday
morning for Moyle, where she will visit
her daughter for a few days.
A. Grahame, of Victoria, grand master of tbe 1 O 0. P, of this province,
made an official visit to Key City lodge,
last Friday, A pleasaut meeting was
.Mr. Haines, of the hunk, has so far
recovered from bis recent illness as to
lie able to get around again, a fact lhal
gives pleasure to his host of friends in
The press association of British Columbia will tie held at Halcyon Hot
Springs on Sunday November 9. There
are now twenty r.ewspapeis represented
in the association.
George Mitchell, well known along
the Crow since construction time, has
been in lown the pnst few weeks as time
keeper for Die extra gang thai has heen
making improvements about tbe yards.
Constable Hoskins, of Kimbeiley, was
in town Monday nud Tuesday. He has
been stirring up some people on the
horse stealing question nnd in all probability: the re will be a warm time for
some of the guilty parlies before long.
I.ast Monday C. B. Newton, assisted
hy Mrs. Jean Durell, gave a pleasing
entertainment under lhe auspices of the
public school. Both are artists in their
character delineations, aud their
audience was enthusiastic from tbe
H. T. Ceperley, thc suave and genial
insurance representative, was in town
Monday Interviewing his agents, Messrs
Beale, Hutchison & Klwell. Mr. Ceper
ley is a familiar Bglire in British Columbia, nnd no mini slnuds better with the
Next Thursday evening the Ladies Aid
of the Presbyterian church will give a
Scotch conceit at Weutwortn hall. Mrs.
liussel, the Scutch vocalist, assisted hy
local talent will constitute one of tie
leading features. An excellent pro
grain is being arranged,
Miss Jennie Richards !e't Inst Saturday for J affray where she has accepted
tbe position of teacher in the school of
that place. The people of that town nre
fortunate in securing the service of Miss
Richards, as she will prove a painstaking ami hind worker in the field she has
Those desiring protographic work fur
Chrislmas should see Mrs Piest at dice,
as this is tlie busy senson, And speaking
cf photographs, you cannot send a friend
a present thnt will he more appreciated
than some of lhc magnificent views of
Sontli Bast Kootenay at Presl's gallery.
Uider I hem now before It is too late.
Mnycock & Harris is the nome of the
new meal firm that will open business
this week. The members are young
men who propose to secure patronage
by close attention to business and fair
treatment of lhe public They have
just completed a fine shop on Armstrong
avenue, uml WU1 BOoii be ready for bull*
The Herald will cost you **.' 0(1 per year.
The Royal Hotel serves Jersey milk to
1 guesis.   I,, it   VanDecar the pn -
prietor is always looking for the heat.
Tbe services in the Methodist church
have been well attended mid much interest lias been evinced.    The services will
■lost* tonight.
Wheu yon come to town next Monday
jn direct to tin- Royal nn.l register. Vou
will Hml comfortable quarters nud an
excellent table.
Next Sunday Rev. s. J. Thompson will
preach at both services. Morning subject; The doctrine of assurance, Even-
' ig; The danger of unbelief,
Rev. J. Kenner and wiTe who have
heen visiting with their daughter Mrs.
'"'nompson at the Metb dlsl *, :u*oiing.-
;ft for their home In Mitchell, Ont. this
An Interesting Contest.
To-day, (Thursday) al 2 p m. a wager
nf S300 a side between Mr. Ryan, of
Kimberley, aim Tom Wel'uian, of this
city, will he decided ou the prairie nor li
of town. Mr. Ryan says be run lake
2240 feet of rope, tie a 200 pound sack ol
sand nt tbe end of it, nnd with ore horse
pull it. Mr. Wellman says it can't he
lone,   iience lhe contest.
St. Eugene Hospital Rules.
Tlie hospital is open to receive
patients at all hours of the day or night.
Visits of relatives or friends are allowed daily from y to 11 A. M , 2 to 4 and
7 lo 8 P. M.
No night visits will be permitted except in cases of extreme urgency. Visitors from a distance must take accommodations outside the hospital,
Meals are not seived to relatives 01
friends of patients, neither nre su:h relatives or friends allowed to remain with
patients over night*unlcm requested   by
the Sister in charge. In order to avoid
noise and disturbance children will nol
be admitted to visit unless accompanied
by parents or guardians, No visits
allowed Sunday forenoon.
Strangers wishing to visit the hospital
'ill lie admitted every dny from 2  to 4
P. M ,
1. Patients on entering the Hospital
shall deposit with the Sisters for safe
keeping any valuables or money they
may have in tbelr possession; otherwise
the Hospital will not be responsible for
any loss incurred through the infraction
of this rule.
2. Tbis institution is uot responsible
for any article whatever left by patients
at their departure from the hospital.
3. No patient is allowed to leave the
premises without permission of lhe
Sister in charge.
4. Loud conversation, unseemly noise
nil conduct violating the ordinary rules
of propriety, also smoking or promenading in halls, is forbidden.
5 Electric lights will be turned eff iu
tbe rooms at 9 P. M,; otherwise they
form uu extra charge,
6 Silence should be strictly observed
after night prayers.
7. It is strictly forbidden to throw
anything through the windows,over the
verandas or on the grounds.
Morning Prayers,: u. in.   Hronkfnst, 7::ioa. m.
Dinner, la ni.
Mii|i|ipr, 0 p, 111. Mght I'lnyers, BUB p, ni.
Dull) Muss, OR, 111,
Blind-iyi, lleiii'illi'liim, :i j.. iu.
From the Morrlsloy Minor.
It   Is   quite probable lhat a regulai
dally train will be put on between Jennings   anil   Morrissey,   within   a   few
f A C. P. It. work train bas been busily
engaged in spreading steel between
this town and Eiko, to take the place of
the light steel now In use.
The telegraph line is completed to
Morrissey along the (ireat Northern,
and now communication Is open between
this place and Jennings, Moot.
In the services held last Sunday Rev.
Connor selected as bis text, "Why Halt
Ye Between Two Opinions!" The rev*
erend gentleman evidently had In mind
some of the business men who are wav
erlng between Morrissey ami tbe coal
company's new town.
.1. H, Scott and wife of Cranbrook,
were pa»sengers on the enst bound
train Wednesday evening enroute for
Hat Portage, ".lack" has been a popular dispatcher In thc unices at Cranbrook for several years past, and has
been transferred to Hat Portage to
serve In tbe same capacity.
j| Wc have just received our....
O A full line of first quality Stub Proofs 0
ffl NOTICE-With each pair of rubbers stamped H
to "Stub Proof" we will give a fully bonafidc <$
**'  life insurance policy for $100.
Ft. Steele
Mercantile Co.
.1. P. PINK, Manager.
In presenting our varied lines of fall specialties, we
submit for your inspection the most exclusive and best
quality of fabrics possible to obtain from foreign and
domestic manufacturers, A visit to our tailoring parlors will prove of great interest to you.
McSWEYN & GRIFFITH,   cranbrook block
A Word to the Ladies
Have you seen our new fall goods? We
have some exquisite patterns and latest
novelties in ladies' wear. Call in and see
our display. The prices, well, they will
satisfy you in every instance.
...HILL & CO.
For a given price we insure you against loss. You take
no chances. We do as we agree, without fail at any
time.   That makes you feel safe.
All over the District.   See us or our agents anywhere
Head Office Cranbrook, B. C. local and lono distance -phone 20
Hotel S s
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations  for the public unequalled in Cranhrook.
Dealer in I
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season
Cosmopolitan Hotel i
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle     $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle   I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  1 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50 '■
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50
Jamaica Rom, proof strength) per bottle  I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00 '
Claret—Chateau-Clossman, pints  1 00 ,
Bass Ale, pints .!  25
Guinness'Stout  25


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