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Cranbrook Herald Jul 16, 1903

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rii.YNl'.liOOK,   BBITISn  COLUMBIA,  THURSDAY,  .ll'l.V    in,   1003.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. <-.H4i. a.Cox. Pra.l-l.ut B. H. Wauckk, den, Man.
Paid Up  Capital
.4,1.1   Kr.-iuuc.
llepusils Keccived.   Ilctieral llankinx Business Transact eil
SIVI-IIIS IHNk III I'll! Ml:NI    Dcpoalla Hic.l.td   l.lcrt.l All-iwcd.
. CRANBROOK 11 < INCH. F. C. M ALP AS, Manager.
#|.|.|.|.|.| i.»i*i*i**.i*i*i*i + i-i*i--*!***|*.-1*
-* *   ■   . | . | .   ..|7-|--*I*--I-H . | 14, l.lil.i.i.iil.i.l-i I*I*>1{
Clearing Out Sale
Remember 70 cents will now buy as f j
much as one dollar anywhere else.
We have sold an immense amount of goods
lately and have still a fairly complete stock
left in all lines. Consult your own interests
by enquiring here first for all wants.
1*1 i'l l« l*l«|*|-»|4»l«|«l*l*l«|«'f'<i<>
1*1 .-I u I.!.!.!*!*!*!*!*!*!.!.!.
1 Capital, Paid Up $2,983^96 S
| Rat   $2,636312 i
$ T. R. Mtrritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkic, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
J        A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- *
* Ue in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
• attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     *
To the Men O
In surrounding cmups mul mills.    Should yunr watch need W
repairing send it to ine nn.l   1   will  guarantee yon u lirsti'lnss s[
jolt,    lt will receivo just ns   .-nr.-fnl  nlteiilion  ns tlu.ii.-li yon \£
brought il yourself.  You'll K- ,-l.,-.ru,il for ilu- work 1 ilo.mlv. £<
W. H. Wilson, Jeweler and Optician. O
,-is ;in .-iiii-ii-iit   iv,
ileelnml   In •
uf .lefei
is   futile
I      Th,- Herald 1b giving prises
for those niu. guess iln- clos
4-.I lo iln- rate .-..sl in South
liust Kuotemi) Ihis I ill
Tin* lirsl   |.ri/.' is ;i s.*t ..f
.lish.-s  .xliiliition ill  ih.
Fori  Steele  Memililile .-	
TIlOS...' I   is   II   .-44141'  1,4    In
hi- S.-.-M al  Betlttin's.
'I'h.* thir.1 is two yenrs' suit
Bcrlptli Th.- II.-i.il.I
Reml lh.* .nl. mi  lh.. inslile
(iiige.     ll  will  I,II  ...ii   .-.11
iiIhuiI it.
(......... ........ ........
liring 1.. the musses their rightful
fhe   Liberal   Cini.cnlliin   I'.islpwicil
Thii Heels.
- Tin:    Labor   Organization    Does
Not Take Kindly lo
j heritage,
n.l ll.
ll 1.
ii saiil ll
I soeinl-
ie un.l their
iiui" for iIh-
.I     < i.   I 1.11 IL I     Of
bb M-as**? a-*5s*3!Mi»>B*xi6sie e %
We carry everything in Crockery
mul Glassware from the cheapest
to the- best, but everything well
worth thc price wc ask. Call and
examine our line.
East Kootenay's Big Mail Order House
»■       —1   • •
XLimc {Time
1 •          s*t-y.:~ r 1
Are you a watch crank?   Would you
like to have a watch you can depend
upon?     Call and see the high grade
movement we sell to C P.  R. employes
who must have accurate watches.
Ube 3eweler $N"' m"°"
Bonder is tin' niiiiii' <if tin- editor
of thu Nnutou Ni-Wft.    Rati iur aug.
geativo  for   tlio uewspnpor busU
to to to
A littlo brother of nn attractive
Cranbrook girl asked his uiotlior
tlio other ilny if Mr. So-nml-so wns
going to marry his Bister, mul
bocomo ono of thu family. "Tut.
tut, child, why do yon imk sueh a
question?" replied tlio mother,
"Because ho and pa woro playing
cards last night mul T heard pit
sny, "T gucsB I'll have to raise you.
E. H. Wood has suld tho
Macleod Gazette lo Scheer & Co,
after publishing the paper twenty
years, Tt was time for him to soil
out. When n man publishes a
paper for that length of timo, he
lias more money than lie knows
what lo do with, • hn* friend
Wood will probnbly play tho
Carniogie roll' in Canada.
to to to
A Cranbrook lady recently seal
to an eastorn department store for
Is for a dress. The goods
arrived with tho usual result. Slm
went to a local store mul found
jusi what she wanted, mul now sho
will Bell tin* other patlern ;ii ;t
to to to
It is said that Jolm Hutchison,
of ilir firm of Beflle, Hutchison Ar
Klwell. expects to remove to Fer-
nil', whore lie will engage in the
insurance business with Mr. Cree
of tlmt city. It would seem strange
not to see "Huti'h" nrouud Crmi-
brook, Ho was tin* bccoiu! man
wc nu't when we came lure. -Iini
Hyan w;ih tho lirst, ami there were
oiilj A. Leitch, It. E, Beattie, G, 11.
Miner, U B, VanDecnr and a few
more at that time, "Hutch" had
on tlioso ehookod kniokorbockora
aud was building a shn.-k on the
site of his present rosidoiiee. Since
lhat time we h.ivoknown "Hutch."
Anyone visiting Crnnbrook always
uit'i him, and wlieroYor we have
traveled in iln' provitico and met
pie whn havo been in Cran.
ok oin- of tin ir first questions
would bu, "Is 'lluioir still LhoreV"
"Hutch" is a rustler, a gonial chap
with n hoarl as big as Baker
mountain and a frieud maker front
I'Yl.'iulh villi-.     We hate to see Mill
leave Orniibrook mul can't help Inil
ik thai it is ii mistake, no matter how llnttoriug his prospects
' may be. We will miss him. We
I will missthnse knickerbockers that
we have known su lone;, We will
'miss that Texas hilt wont Sunilny mornings. We will miss
that Hutehisoniiiii vest with the
two lower buttons unbuttoned,
We will miss that characteristic
necktie and that utter disdain of
modem day shoe polish. There is
only one "Hutch". Horn in Italy,
raised hi England, ho lnul his eye
teeth cut ranching in Manitoba
and gathered experience in Massa-
saehusotts, Virginia antl Florida.
He was a pioneer of Cranbrook
nntl Cranbrook will miss him. He
Wllfl always a booster for the town
and the district.
Tlu* Liberal convention announced for lust evening brought
ii numbor of thai political faith
from various parts of the district
to Cranbrook ns delegates mid alternates. The duly accredited delegates were ,*is follows: Moyie. .1*
C, Orewery nnd A. T. Clark, with
J. P. Karrel ns alternate; Fort
Steele. I >r. Watt. J. T. Laidlaw and
H. Kershaw, witli l)ave Newell as
alternate; Marysville. ,T, A. Mc
Eftohern anil J. A, Laurie; Wardner. Mr. Dunn: Cranbrook. W. F.
Html. R, E3. Beattie, (J. Tl. Uivm-
ner, Dr. rl. H, King and ,1, Leask.
Kimberley wns not represutod,
During the lirst part of the evening there wns considerable buttonholing nnd two and three men conferences iu the hotel offices nntl on
the street. The Moyie delegation
had come to the convention for J,
C, Drewery first, last and all the
time. There was no other avowed
candidate in the lield, but many of
the other delegates were insisting
ou Dr. King, who had not consented to accept the iiinuinntion if it
were tendered him. It was after
•i* o'clock before the delegates were
gathered in the Odd Fellows hull.
The meeting was called t*» older
with W. T. Reid iu the chair, aud
then the question of the number
of delegates enme^tip, with oue or
two technicalities. As a result the
arguments lasted until a late hour,
mul it was Hi tally decided to call a
second convention in two weeks.
July '2\l when each town would be
entitled to delegates as follows:
Cranbrook, 5; Fori Steele. :';
Moyie, 3; WiirdniT, '2; Kimberley.
'2: Marysville. '2: total 17.
Mr. McBride Visits Cranbrook.
Kast Saturday the Honorable
i Richard McBride, premier of the
province, arrived in Crnnbrook, ac.
conipiinied by Ids secretary. Mr.
W. McNeil. 'Mr. Mcllride is niak-
ing a trip over the province looking
alter Ins political fences. Soon after arriving here he joined a number of conservatives in a conference at the office of G*. Tl. Thompson and in the evening met a number of the rank and file of the party from various parts of the district
nt Wentworth hall, nt which time
he spoke briefly to them as to the
policy of his government,
Mr. McBride is a line looking
man and enjoys the distinction of
being a shrewd politician. He is
n good mixer and makes friends
easily. Ou Sunday he went to
Fernie passing through Cranbrook
Monday on his way wesl.
Mrs. Lund Better.
Mr. W.  L.   Darling received  a
' telegram yesterday afternoon to the
'otrectthnt Mrs. P. Lu:.dis improv-
'ing. Sbe Underwent an operation
1 after reaching Spokane and for a
' few days her condition wns serious.
The Italy's many friends in Craubrook will be rejoiced to hear the
earners tu unite
the mill owner, tho proprietor o
th.' plants thai produce wealth ii
every country tu stand mid deliver
Such methods wns not couftscatioi
hut restitution. He wantiil in set
every seal in the local houso filled
imt liy Independent laborroproBen
tali ves, but bystrnighl s<> -i;i I isis
Nol only in this government but iu
every government, Thou thowagt
earner's millennium would come
Then all mankind would be equal,
and no one would have lo work
more than two hours a day. He
drew beautiful pictures nf the colli
ditious in thnl hnppy time mid snid
he knew he would live to see it
come. At the duse, several members of labor orgmiizations present
asked the speaker some pointed
questions, that he found it difficult
to answer in a satisfactory manner,
Personally, Mr, Hnwtltoriiwaito
is a very pleasant gentleman, but
he can see uo hope for labor
except liy way of socialism.
Wells Will Kan.
(Iolden Star: It is the general
belief that Hon, W, 0, Wells will
be the lilieral Candida to of North
Kast Kootenay for re-election to
the legislature, Although a few
other liberals have been mentioned
iu connection with the office
would not take the liberty of
publishing their names, as yet
their support does not warrant it.
So far the liberals are the most
ictive iu the field, and it is safe to
assert tbat their candidate will lie
announced iu a short time. The
■onservatives are making preparations for the campaign and promise
to have a strong candidate, No
doubt iu about two   weeks   all   the
ndidates will be announced.
Material   Evidence  of   lis   Progress
This Vear.
Regi.ttrlng in Fertile.
Free Ti-i'ss: The voters' list ia
growing lni'ger uml larger. Lust
evening thu list on the court house
iloor showed 864 names. The list
litis now lit-en opt-u ovor three
weeks uml there uro only Hvo more
ivi-i'ks lii'tV.ri. tin* time for registration expires, sn Hint il will bo seen
llml tin' uiniH's must come is luster
thnii they lmvi- in ortli-r to secure
tin- iiiiiimuiii estimate of 1,000
iiiiiiH-s fm- flu- district. A gentleman well acquainted with thi-
Pernio distriot has placed Hie
number of eligible votes at 1500.
Fort Steele Conservatives.
The conservatives of Fort Steele
formed an association last Thursday nml elected officers as follows:
T. T. McVittie, presiilont; -T. A,
Hnrvoy, 1st vice president! J. 1'is*
lop, 2ml vice president; li. 1-*.
Carter, Becrotaryi F, Blninoro,
Conservative Representation.
When tin- conservative coven-
tiun meets there will lie seventeen
delegates apportioned ns follows:
Fort Stirl.'. I; Moyie, H; Crnnbrook, 5; Wimlner, I: Wns:,. h
Tracy Creek, 1: Kimboh-y, 2,
.1. h. T. Alexander has been appointed returning olficui- fur the
Pernio district.
John Hutchison has been named
as returning officer fur Hi.* Crnu-
brook district,
Polling booths will Ire established in lli.- Cranbrook district as
follows: Cranbrook, North Star
Mine, Kimberley, Marysville,
Wardner, Perry Creek, Port Steelo,
Moyie, Palmer Bar nml Ryan,
Craubrook will have two booths to
tu facilitate tin- voting.
Low Rale to Winnipeg.
The C. P. E. bus decided lo give
a l-iite for Hu- Winnipeg fair from
The St. Eugene   is   to  Open   as
Soon as Mr. Cronin
Tilt' rnsunl observer cnn ensily
si-.- Hint Craubrook is growing, but
il is I'm- more satisfactory Ui see
material evidence of that fact, It
is conceded by nil thut Hu- freight,
express nml ticket business is a
good criterion by whloh t*, judge
of a town's growth. Inquiry by
Tin- Herald lins developed the fact
tlmt Hi., freight business shows nn
increase of 111! _H-r cent over June
nf Inst year, the express 74 jht
cent iiiiiI tlu1 ticket business '.14 |a*r
i-i'iit. This ninki-s n must excelleni
showing nnil is out- Hint every r.-si-
li-nt nf Cranbrook mny n-juiiv
This increase is bucked up by n
\,\u Increase in Hie poBtoffice busi-
uesss. Postmaster Beattie snys
the increase hns been Bteady, showing ii satisfactory nml sun- growth
in tin- town.
Socialists Talk.
Last Tuesday evening ,1. Ibiw-
Hiomwnito, member uf tin- house
from Nanaimo, nn.l 13, Nye, uf
Fernie, addressed n largo nudletice
ni Wentworth hull. Mr. Lovitt,
wns Hi., chairman nml introduced
tin- speakers in n brief but extremely appropriate manner, Mr.
Nye siK.ke Hist nml stnti-il Hint he
wns nut nu orator, but n lumber
jack from Fernie unaccustomed tu
meet n hall full uf strangers. Yet.
he spoke I'leiirly llml with intense
eni-nestness, and promises In
become a strung platform speaker.
He dwelt, on  the  slavery of the I Cranbrook this year.   Heretofor
wage earner  and urged them to  it was necessary to go tu Pincher
arise and demand Hu- rights,    it | Creek to secure the rate.   This is
,. . ,,   ,,  , , i tt good thing for Cranbrook, and is
was soon  iioticinlile tint he wus ..   ,,   .. ,J ,, ,,     ,,. ,   ,,, ,
.  further i-viili-iii-i- ut tin-  tact  Hint
governed by Hn- teachings of Cranbrook has becomo nn iiupor-
socialism, nml the trend nf his r,-- tttut point in lh'- matter uf irnus-
niarks were along that line, i portation.
Mr. Hawthnrnwiiite enmo nut at,     'I'1"'  eompiiny will sell tickets
. ,. , i*i    ! going from  Hn-   litli  tn -Illi   ni-
oncc as a socialist puronnd simple, . ^^ u,n,„- „, ,.,.,„,.„ „„.*. .|u|v
He decried lhe union as a menus mm, f,„. s*;o.H5, ami by uny .il'
of aid tolnlvor, deprlcnted the strike Calgnry fur $2!l.7o.
■T. S. Drewery. one of the directors of the St. Eugene mine company, returned from < Ktawa Tues-
lay. He savs tlmt the St. Eugene
will open as soon as Mauuger Cronin returns aud makes tlie necessary arrangements.
New Manager of Sullivan.
Spokane Spokesman-Review. July 12; The directors of the Sullivan (Iroup Mining company held
a meeting yesterduy afternoon and
accepted the resignation of Mnj.J.
M. Armstrong as vice president ot
the company. The fact that ex-
Senator (teor^e Turner, president
ofthe company, departs for En-
rope today, will eause the duties of
the president and manager to fall
upon the vice president. Maj.
Armstrong did not care to take up
the netive management of the company and tendered his resignation.
Harney Lay-ton of Washington,
D. C, assisttint serjeant-at-arms oi
the United States senate, was
chosen iu Maj. Armstrong's stead.
Mr. Layton will arrive in Spokane
iu a few days and will probably remain hero until Judge Turner's return in NovemlM-r.
Shortage of Lead in England.
The attention of sjieeulators is
being turned towards lead by eer-
tain  financial newspapers,  which
iy there is not tin* least doubt
tlmt (treat Britain is on the verge
of a lead famine. The annual consumption of lead iu (>reat Britain
is 290,000 tons, of which only 2.*).-
t>00 is produced from British
mines, the balance lieing imported
chiefly Eroni Australia and in a
smaller degree from Spain. Now
that the Australian mines have had
to lie shut down there is a prospect
of a shortage of about 100,000
tuns for the year. The public feel-
iny; has been rather in favor of
gold, silver and copper mining
proliusitioiis. but may now turn
more kindly to lead, but where is
the lead to come from?
Chinese Coming In.
Ottawa. July 7. Tt is learned at
the department of trade and commerce that Chinese coolies are
surging into Canada by every
steamship in anticipation of the
law imposing a i>ull tax of $500
upon every Chinese immigrant
entering the Dominion,
About six steamships have entered Victoria within the last six
weeks or a month, and each has
been crowded with Chinese to the
utmost, extent that the law permits.
The new law, it is expected will
be prohibitive, aud the Chinese
are coming tu as fast as thoy can
under the $100 rate.
The Herald Is Giving   Prizes   for   Ihc
Closest Oik'ss on the Vole in
This District.
The Herald is desirous of secur-
big arrears on subscriptions and
new subscribers. To do this it is
willing to offer an inducement in
the way of prizes, and these prizes
are in !»■ given i<> those who will
liitess (he closest l«. ilu* vote in
South Kast Kootennj ihis fall. To
enter the contest it wil! 1«* necessary for you to bo a paid ll]) sub-
Bcribor to the Herald. If you are
iu arrears, and pay up to date, yon
can roaster a guess. If you are
nut a subscriber uiul wish in Intuit' of those who will have a chance
to secure one uf the prizes, all yuu
have tu ilu is to become a suli-
scrilier, pay the cash aud make
your guess.
The first prize is .^lM set of
dishes consisting of uiutyseven
pieces, This is a tine set and call
lie seen at ilu- 1*'.»rl Steele Mercantile company's sinv Thoso ladies
living in Cranbrook should call at
lhe Btore and see thedtshos. Thnt
will nut cost you anything,
The second prize is a j1!") camera
and can bo Been al R. E lieattie's
dnte: store, A camera is always
handy, esjioeially when you get
one fur nothing,
The thin! prize i> twu years
subscription to The Herald.
The campaign is nn. The lead
bonus is granted. Tin* lumber
liusinese is increasing. Everything will In* booming and The
Herald will print the news. Irou
should read The Herald, and if
you read it. you should pay f..r it.
Now is your opportunity.
Q. H. Miner Has No Praise for the
Calgary Exhibition,
tr. H. Mim-r returiu-d last Monday from Calgnry where he went
with Ids trotttinu' stallion, Alcyone
Jr.. to enter tin- free-for-all. Mr.
Miner does not speak very highly
uf the CalL'ary fair management
this year. "I never saw anything
like it," said Mr. Miner. "There
were several of us there to enter
our horses, and at lu o'clock on the
dny the race was t«. come off we
were told that the gnt-e n ceipts the
day before did imt justify the
management in having the race,
and that it had been declared off.
Nearly everything about the fair was
done in the same way, I was ask-
ed to"serve as one of tie- judges,
and I was uot even thanked for
my services by the association. It
looked as if the management was
trying to get every dollar possible
and give no more in return than
tbey were compelled to. Calgary
hurt herself more hy this year's
fair than she can make up in years
to come. It looked like a straight
•_'raft. and that is tin- way the
people louki-d at it, They have
iot some Hue -uenple in Calvary,
but tin* wroiiu' bunch had charge
uf the fair this year, and the town
will find it out before they get
over the effects of this year's management of the mco features. It
was quite evident that tin- men in
charge had had little or no experience iu raciiiL' matters. The
live stock exhibit was a credit to
the fair, and that part of it was
evidently properly handled."
Lead Delegation Thankful.
Ottawa. Hut,. July 8th, IflOB.
The Herald editor is in receipt
oftho following letter for publication :
Editor Herald: Before leaving
Ottawa, the Uritish Columbia
silver lead miners' delegation
desire tu publicly express their appreciation not only of the action
of the goveriiinent in acceding to
their request for a Inanity on lend,
but also of the unvarying sympathy
and consideration which they have
received from the members of the
cabinet during the necessary investigation of this important question.
Too great credit cannot Im- given
to Senator Templenian and, our
Uritish Columbia uiciuIxts,
especially lhe member for Yale-
Cariboo, for their unwavering support of n cause which we tire con-
; lideut will work ns much to the interest of the province as a whole,
ns to the mining districts iu particular. Yours Faithfully
John L. Ketallack.
Chairman silver-leadjdele-u'ation, THE   CltANBROOK   IIEHALD
r.lUor and Proprietor.
1111(4 v.nr *■:'•'
M\ Inolitlll	
Tin ii.n.i.i .i4-4it4-s to uiu* Hi. ne« "' "'"
,li.tii,i. ll jo.i m.4.1. ii... about >...u lown
.onr mm*-..i )*..»' I'«.|.'". ""'< " '"ll,,s '""'''■
The soeinlisl idea does not  ink.'
ilir intelligent workman "I toduy.
Tliis i I.I I..- seen nl Hie m.-eting
in   lliis .-ill    Insl    Tu.-silnv   lligllt,
tluring the nddivBS of Mr. Haw-
Ihoriiwnit. 'I'll.* workman is u
practical individual. II.• is tiol
indulging iu fantastie pipe dreauis
,,l ih.- liiiniv. Inil is anxious to
bring nlioiil conditions thai will Im-
[,1-uie theprcsciit, Mr. Hawthorn-
iviiil had ii inosl r.'s|ii*.*tfnll hear-
in..;, luminal' I"' I'.-.iI nn intelligent
aildieuee llml wns senK-hiug Inr
kiiowliHlge. But Hu- socialistic
ll.i-ui-y did imt meet with u cordial
reception, ns ivns evideneeil by
l.y some very pointed questions
nski-il nl lli.* close of Hu- uddress.
II will U- a long time before the
Cn'ml-rook district will elecl n
wii-inlisl candidate. The people
here I'iivui- practical tnetliods,
practical people, nml practical
,4iil t-uiitri.       ■■ ,;1
■ ,t  i iti*  .ii'    '
\.i„i.i .int n.-.ii ...ii.-. Solium >4>i in-. '■■'•"
i. Tim tin- < .-.ni.... n-.m.i..* it. i"i ,'
ot the party in tl.. ....it i- -i n
mid noli; ill. ...>i."i
44i.)M,l. Illl."l.'..'l"l
i4-s.ii,r.*t'-..itii.' ,,,*..i.....
platform .uloi-te-llu.iclt-!
to lows
"TiiacUv.l]l ml-1 in Hi"
lliroiutlioul ii..*iiii.l4*..*i"i'
vino, and tlie building "'
ul 44iii>ili' BWWtHy.
'Toi'il-ii'llli** I'liu.-i.'t-
4T*4lll|. 4.1 I111-.1V.44-1.4 - • ll
ottlienrovlnee " u tjlini
any railway comi-anj wn
f-ovainiuen. ...Hi.-1 ''
ul.l ti, il,,-,1 *.'l'l'
■:.   riintlatlie
uy |,i,4l,| nl.....'
Dtuo,.ollrn. itilteo .i
,,',-4-,-lt, ,<. Illll.'ll   ..."'I
u    ilml  in  ii"' ]"'
When   Pope Leo passes away.
I In- world will   li.se  a   wonderful
Tin' Morrissey Despntcli is iin.
proving with age.
There  will  be  u bin building
In,    in   Cranbrook  this season.
Tin- demand for Iioiibcb is increasing nn.l there is nut an empty
shack iu town.
Murysville und Kiml-erley will
I..- prosperous towns under the
revival of lhe lend industry.
Tlie lead bounty has infused
new life into South Kust Koote-
Tin- Flerald extends congrntlda-
lions lo the people of Moyie who
have i-i'iimined in the town, eon-
li.l.-ul uf lhe future, They nre
now nlioiil to roup their reward,
and il should be n rich one.
I'lniihriiok is already receiving
hi-iiclits In.ni lh.' revival of Ihe
lead industry,
.1. S. Mi-1'hi-i'son. president of
the millers' union nl .Michel, wns
nominated ns a straight socialist
,-.-....li,l.-il,- lor llic Kernie district,
The vole ut the convention was a
lie between Mel'hersoit and K.
Nye of .Fernie, nml J. Hnwtliorn-
wuite. Hu- ini-nilier from Nunaimo,
wlin was in town and servi*d as
eli.-iii-iii-in, give lhe deciding vote
lu Mcl-hci-Bon.
Mortuary Matters.
i'icili'1'ii'k Phillips, the inuu who
died from injuries received ou Hie
track near Kynu recently, wus buried from Campbell's undertaking
pui'lors Insl Thursday. The ser-
viris wen* conducted by Rev. II.
I'eni-lintn under tin- auspices of
Ilir ibid fellows.
11, riin1.1 Ryan died Weduesdny,
.Inly 8, ol' consumption, aged l.K.
The   funeral   was   held   Tuesday
li*   Ilir I'nlli..lie   church,   liev.
(htelettc officiating, uml the re-
miiiiiu iiil.'i-r.'il in the Craubrook
Mis. Martini Kli/nbeth Bartholomew, uged 58 yenrs. died July II.
mid wns buried from the Baptist
church yesterday afternoon, where
a funeral wns preached by Rev, S.
.1. Thompson of the Methodist
church. Deceased leaves her sorrowing husband nnd one daughter
to [mourn her loss. Tlieir ninny
friends in Crnnbrook ussure thi'in
of tlieir sincere sympathy,
iin Saturday, July 11th. passed
to rest, Helena Nora Manners.
Miss Miinners with her parents
entne lo Crnnbrook from the priories nbinil three months ngo. It
wns though! thnt though delicate
the mountain nir would restore her
I,, |»-i-l'e,*t health. After a few
weeks il. was seen the hopes were
groundless und ii rapid decline follow, -il. All was done that medioal
skill or loving nursing could do,
but consumption hnd claimed her.
uud Ilu- end came on Saturday.
Funeral services were held iu the
Baptist church Rev, W, (.!. W.
j-Wliiii'- biking charge,
s.  Tlmt ii.''
i.i I r .il I..'
of mibslily mt 1
Slllllllit III-V.un
msly |.ii-.v
iiinil..'.i  inl
t-it r..r such a i'
iii.  Tlmt iisl
ulily i.'siii. itiK
IMl     III     UIU
in -Aiiitciitile *
ti.   riiiiui 1
turoot tha raw
I'll] llli'l*. <
tin* unu nntl-ii
tax, it mil..» (lit
IjUttl    l.ltt
Prom these i
and pay n utHvssary muuieipal lux
and | lue tin* muuioipttlity en 11
more stdf controlling Imsis.
Willi till "er lieauliful natural
emliellisiinieiits are we living in a
pimp town? Win. wettl it- lhe
emls t-l" ihe earth tu hring a
minili.f iif low grade -lapauese
prostitutes lien- for immoral pur*
[.us •-'.- Is il uot in the power of
the .villeins of Crnnbrook tu Btop
such ,i couditiou of things* ll is
must decidedly, if thoj had ihe
will. Wh.'ii i-. ihe matter with iu
coriHirnting and  lolling those whu
In in.l   Mm-    iiii   In   lh.-   le,   hlWS I"
ttcp ullttiido uf  lh,-  i-i.r|iui','tiiuii nr
•oto jail
llul dropping  thai  subject, ihe
residents of ihi- i-utl uf ihe luwu
ire uu! connected "illi lhe ceutor
\r, ;m\ laid .an Blreet or sidewalk.
There is uu bridgt' cmssiug tho
-.mall creek tlmt Bi-ptiliUi'H as ox*
i-i'iiting um- huiil l.y Mr LoUoli
for his mill aceoii ilallnn La-
lies v.iih |M'i*;!ii,|.ul;ilei*s have lu
thread their uny through lhe mud
ns besl ihey can. Why can nut
French avenue he opened up wiih
i bridge and sidewalk?    11   would
uut ees! much. The fuel is the
[jeuple  uf  Ihis    luwu   would   feel
than IncorporateI [iroutler if tin y  v.. re paylm hi^h-
r t.iMs.   There eau  be nothing
gamed by ueglect  iu the matter of
neeessary street  nnd  sidewalk ae-
Sueh things are generally hrst
provided to Induce people to locate
tuul if we expect tu flourish 08 a
residential town sueh couveulences
must be considered generously and
the shameful condition of things
existing in the very center of uur
lair  eor|Riraliuii   must   not  1m> nl-
in-.tiii' in
■i tin'
-111 Mini.-
Nic in re il lu llr.in
At a iiiPQlltiK of tliccxe min'.'I Uml r.
Cimsi'iviilivt' A-sii.-tiitln '.li -I-I :tt > ' "' '»■
pruvliicu .vttnl.vlileilinlii""
uimiuitiun piiri'"'i'ii.   il
iitvlsitui 11 limit'.ii>nr tu-
election ilMiii'ts   Hovels
(   l.lflltl.Mk.   \ II
i,i cnwooil,Hi
Ni i.   At Un
■...Iiiimi  ttotii
1.   Th.inmi
every llltvaml fui.'l >u <>r li
Mn- iiiuilii idli-li'i'li-m li.'lil i
.-itvis.liil Iliil.mar.Klli
• I in
I'.t at 1
'  I.i)
,   .    hHifi.Ti'l.'.t.ilM'  fls*i
ftir f v«»ry lllly nr frai-ll I li
Illl-| I'llVllll'illl-I cli.-ii lit-nl in
to llUIIIIIHirtl -llt'il in imllluii    ni:-.-..
llieretoiww.l. bufnlrtj tho voters
nil m-li-lilnirlioiilii
■>,   Tin-.-li'i'tl r.l.'li-niitessliall
meetiiiU-i, lii-lil ul ;i ile.iluirilcl i'i nt
im.'li i-i.liiii-j
, tii'
i- r i
wards. At.
(ileiluo thoituoivi't
.■aiiilnlnti's e.et'tc
Mini] lii-i-lillUi-il l<
111' meetIiiiii at ivhlull il«-l -uat s a. ll In W' i'l
unit iininiiialin^ riiii.euli.iiis -li.nl I"' n
. Uy eleek'nil iliHtrl.-t.s t i. ays litter Um i
wlili'liili'l.Tatosiirt-.'lf.-t.-i.aii.l in nlliei
Inral ..i-.iri.-s s.-vimi .lu salli'i'. All i:» "In
turoilRliOllt Uie |ir«vllieo t' lie main-11 a
nali-il .-t'litral iilu.'i' III i'.i"!i .'I.' I UMI ili-ti it
*l,   All imi i's..ftlii'ilitf..f |illlii:c  mc
roitlmuii'ctiMHif .li'l.-uali-i l in* nt.
voiill ilu, tliu iiti|inrt iiiiiii 111 "f ilcli'-iiite
tlm i.lai-,-ami ililto nf noii).init!l)J eoiivo
In si'v.'nih'ltotiivl'ihlistrii'ts -In.l l»* pit
hy tin1 iiii-niiiiT nr -li ■ i-M-t'iiiiu' nf t'n' .1
in wlili-11 tli.-i'lfct.iiulillsl.l.'ls an- sltlliiti
Is I i.vi-riui'iiaiiie.i.r |ireslilt>ut nn.l
tiiry uf the rrnUn ittl Coiisurviitlvo \ssuc
Nelson, .Initc sili, UN
ml tin-
A Protest.
Craiilirook, July bi. MKBV
Editor Herald; Whonovorl feel
the necessity of stimulating my depressed spirits (which ii* aboul
once a week) 1 buy a copy of the
Craubrook Herald ami I eau assure
you that from ils contents I obtain
a complete reaction frum all doubl
and despondency wiih regard tu
the future uf the town id' Craubrook and the district uf Kasi
Kootenay. factsaud optical demon.
stratloiis to the euntrary notwithstanding. Cranbrook is certainly
an interesting situation and vein
beautiful description iu Insl week's
edition is nut overdrawn, It is a
lovely spot, sheltered liy surrounding mountains, "where every pros
peet pleases and only" what on
earth is tlie rest. I'll give il up.
It is mu Dial nut ure hn pjin il-lu'ei'tlingcctlp
Her ptltTHl nl"r,v«lnl, her hrl-jliL-n nf green
It is not liT suit iiiaj-ii'ii'i.i>1i. iniil.l ,1 inl luil
oil 110, tliorelsB. llihymnro rrqnbllei.1111,
li is thin nt\ liiM.-l'imilii.i .1- i-nil,
Ami in H.llt'Hlioiirii.ii Hit.--l.iHt illl the I. II.
Ami liorgom] H'j.iiinii n u.-ul.l gM'iillyhn
ll hi'iila.lsttii'm.milili lnul gri'nlet'lnve.
To speak plainly, when I lirsl
bough! a lot here I discovered thai
although it was lieauliful fur situation land the skies above il wore
always Bereue) its immediate nur
rt Hindi tigs were bou tided un one
side by a disreputable collection oi
housesknown as tlie"!omoii patch."
I was assured by Mr. (iill Ihai they
would be removed iu a very short
time. More than two years have
passed since then and Ihey have
not been removed. Imi have increased during the presold season,
There are about twenty-live families now living in tliis part of town,
toward Mr, Leiteh's mill. Il is n
good location, elevated and close lo
the railroad. And is it possible
that; the children of the.-... families,
the little hoys anil -iris un their
way to and front the town, must
become early familiar wiih this
outward display of apparently gay
"liawdy" houses. They only n v
Hii|ierlicially. Ami would the 1111 11
of Cnuibrook rather lakua revenue
Aekuuwledging. Mr. Editor, the
press i" Ih* tho great Archhuwlinn
lever thai   moves the  universe. I
I,iiniM. siil.mil Ihis   short letter to
yiill fur publication.
Vours, "'le.
T. Hancock.
War on Ihc Cigarettes.
The Dominion house has passed
a law making it Illl otVeiiee for any
denier lo sell cigarettes ton person
under IS years of tige. This is a
good move and here in Craubrook
there is room for enforcement. It
is outrngeons to see little chaps on
ih.* street puffing at a cigarette,
Cut thom out. It is it death dealing habit and for kids means
moral degeneracy.
1       ' 	
One $20 Set of Dinner Dishes Free
C:ui lie Seen at the Fort Steele Mercantile Company's Store
One $15 Up=to=Date Camera Free
iMay be Seen at R. Ii. Beatlic's Drug Store
The Herald for Two Years Free
May be Seen Anywhere fn Ihc District
HOW?   =   WHEN?   -   WHERE?
Let us tell you about il. The process is an easy
one. The Herald has a number of readers who are in
arrears on their .subscription, And, there are a large
number of people in South East Kootenay who
should be a subscriber to The Herald, but are not.
In stir up the delinquents, and to offer an inducement to others to subscribe, we are going to give the
above named prizes, antl there arc only two conditions
First—You must be a paid up subscriber to The
Herald to enter the contest.
Second -The one who guesses the closest to the
number of votes cast in South East Kootenay at the
coming provincial election, takes the first prize, the
set of dishes; the next, takes the second the camera;
and the third takes the last one, two years suscrip-
tion to The Herald.
You see it is easy. Any one interested in South
East Kootenay, should be a subscriber to The Herald-
It costs $2.00 a year or $1.00 for six months and is
worth more. And if you are a subscriber, you should
have your subscription paid. Therefore, by simply
making a guess on the number of votes that will be
cast in South East Kootenay, which will cost you
nothing, you may be the one to secure one of the
prizes offered. It is a chance to use judgment in
figuring, and profit thereby.
At the election in 1900 the total vote was 974 in
what is now Cranbrook and Fernie districts, composing all of South East Kootenay. What will it be this
year is the question,
No country, no creed, no color barred. This is
going to b^ a big ye.tr in South East Kootenay. You
will want the n-ws. The Herald prints the news
when it is news.
Take Advantage of This Opportunity
Land Notice
N„i:,H> l. hl-n-hv  -.iv,',, Unit .11. ,1.11*. lilt.'.
4lal4-1 iuh-nil .1, t.|i|il.v lull I,i,-l t-utiiiiii*.
M4IIHT 4.1 1.HII.I- llllll 44i,4kK 1,, 1* |„*rilli4-'l..l   I"
|.,I1.-|4HM. tilt*   lull,,win-; ,l,-.,-rilH',l   land in
Smith Knit Ki.i.l.naj:
r.iiiiiiii-iiiiii':  ut a   poat    |iliiut,'l al .1'.*
.4411. It 44 4>M I 4*4lllllT 4,1 1.441 N|». Sftt ' ■ 'l'""l' '■
lll.-llll- 11,411 ll 4lll'llllill.,llll-lirt- 4. 4.1 40 I Iini ll.
lll.ll.-4.     .41ll.ll      HI    4lllli|i.,      Ill4ll4' .1     .1'
iIiiiiii- tu t.I*.,-..- i.i Iwfflnulof, ,'oiiiaiiiiii*. mo
franl.i.. .1. Jutii'llli. 100.1,
IJ Tini- M,14 ik.
Timber Notice
Tnk,.......«-.. ti.tit tliiii,v,i.-,.vrt uit,<r date)
iiiti'ti.) in ii|,|,ii- tu iln- rim-! I'liiiiiiii-.i.iiii'i- t.i
I .I.ini.l   W'ur.B nl Vle'uit. tup auii-lill
ltr.lia.lo ..it i....I .iiii.v I...I.V iiml.), li,,...
Ili,.|.,ll„44init .I,-.,,,1.4,1 Itlllll.  Ill  Illi* iiiiiIIi
Piial ,,l Mm,-ml.-iii S.44HI. h'nal K„„l,'iui'
l'..ll,liii*li,'iliK   ill   ll'-'  .until...I  .,tllii-l'   of
l.„l -ll'IH, llr„n|  11,,-in-,-,„'-! Ml , Imin.
Ili.'in-.. nuilli fJOt-lmllia lln-i iihI Nil ,1,1,in.
till Ut-0aOUlll  IHI I 14441,44-4 1,1  |||| ll ,,,1111111 III,
Huiul ill Mm.!avlllr   Inn,- Mil, llllll
1*1      Mnr.i.iill,' I.I , I.i . I.I I . I..„ i.i.ii
Timber Notice
N.itii-,- i. li. i.-li, >ii4,'ii Ihnl   I tin I.i- ilnya nf
-t- .Ini.. I lnt--i.il i.i n|.|ii.v to Hi,, i l„,ir„iii.
ii,.i4 14,1 l.iiml-1 nml  IVolka ill Vhlnnn
lor ii .|',,iiil ii,,*iiH.' t„ ini nml liinv unu.
nnil.i-i Inuu Hm tolliKvl..*- il -il,„,l litLtla,
nilil-il,-in Suiiili l-lit.l K,,iilt'lni,i:
t'l.l.li i-in-tnt tl|ii,.t i-liililiil nl lli,-.,mtli
t'll.t i-iiiiii-i- ul 1.01 till ill ui nil], iiiii*. I liPJ.ni
.uiilil SU rlinilih ulini-;   Iln, |4,..I  Iin,. „| l„l
l-Jn,   group um-;  II   net   HU Hinliia,
lli,414-4- nuilli su  iliiiin.  h, aulil  lol   l-'l.
ili .* nui si., li .in. t.loiiu 11..- aulil l, II I
I..i I'll to iln- liliu,.otl-a-ilnnl'i***,
llli'l il llltli. .li , 1003,
14        ■I'liiiinn. V ia_
Tukenotice Unit .hi.v ilnya n'ter itnle I In-
tninl I., npply ti. 111. II. -. iin. Limit i
Governor In Cottneil, umler aretltin 7 nl I liu
•■ItiV'Ti. nml Strriuii. A.*t. 11,00," I'.-lmnl
17. loi-li'iui uli.tiiiiiii.nH. l.,ni'il,i's. In-; |nma,
.Iiii*;., fli*.. Irom llii' In-1 iiiiiI Iniiiki, ol
Mi'iiiluii' Dreak, mn. Konlenny, front Ita
HOUrce to Ulnillli, uml lo iiinkt' im-ii tilln-r
Improvement, a. mtij- In- tii-iin-iii**- inr ilm
■liiviiigof litgai lo nou.trli.-t aurtlng I in.
at It. motitlt; nlao tocolliet tollatiBt]iojtiilu*ti
of the county court muy llx.
Crunlirook, s I-:. Kootenay, Mm* ,10,10011,
ii a. a. kixii.
Cranbrook Ledf-c, No. 31
A. F. S A. M.
Iti'niiliu mMtuujn. no Hn'
lllllll  'll.lii-Uny of II..-
Iin lllll.
\ Isltiui,* I'l. tllifli HeU'iilin 4l.
M. A. II.A1K, Set-'y.
ui* 101- HOURS;
... tu i*.' n in.
I In ii p, ni.
1 to H p tu
Cranbrook, l>. C.
a. n. nioni>soN.
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public.
Solkllur In. Ihe Imperial lla.lt ul C...*la
Hit- Cnliiniiil Inn-,liiii-nl and l.oa. Compan*.
CranbrtMik, 11. C.
anil Builder  .*
All work luara.leed.   See us beliire
you build.   II wilt p.) you.
Cranbrook, II C
Why you .boul.l buy
Because It is tlie ln-st quality
Because it ii tin* __ \_x\m chew
BeCaUSe it is the Wi-st htgll Kta--e
Because tin* t_m __ ^j__j_f f,,r
pretuniuia until Jan. I, IW6
Because **■ nmrantep every jOuk
Because yoBHenlei !■ nuthnr'n-il to
Timber Notice
'Ihi t,v iliiya after day I int. n.l tn apply to
the Ctiter Coiumlavtuner of 1. nil-nu-l Wurks
Inr ii njifi'ial lii'i'ii*. ■ tn i at and furry nutiy
liiiili.T fiiiin tin' tullowlug .Ittn'tiiii-il iaala in
South Kns-t K'liitt-uny:
Cummonclugat a poi-t plaiiteil mi thr wonl
rtliluul thot'roffflNwit I'iinh railway righl nl
nny opposite mllooge 37U, alwul uvo nillnn
Hi-tit •>( Hoik creok in Kiixi Kooti nay, lli iici
went so iliiniiK. tlaticQ totitli mi cliuhm.
iliiuift'i-iiM HOiliaiim. thiiit-t'iini'th su nlinliiB
tn the |iltiu- ol beginning, containing (MO
ucretJ moro or loss.
Hut. .1 at Cranbrook, 25th, ol Jtnio 1008.
16 CIltlH f I.tinl): ry.
Timber Notice
Take notleo that thirty days alter date I
inn-Utn apply to tho Chlel 1'otntiilHnloiier
ol I.uii.Ih nml U inks nt VlutoiIn for a llroiiw
tix'iil am) niiiy niiiiy limber frum Llio lol*
lowing described Inmls:
Commptii'itig ut a jiont planted on tin"
riimtlii'iiht corner nl lot Ul, grunp otiu,
thonco north 00 ohuhiB along tin- east Ihie
■ if Naiii lot 424, thence east JUehiiliiH to tin-
•out beaut corner of \V. t'liilin'ri I lints i
lliidtisp. thence north 40 ebulns, tlieuce east
It) I'liniiiri, tlit'l.i'c smith UMI i-lniins lo tlull n rill lino ot said lot 425, tlieneo west along
nail! north line ol lot 425, eighty chains tn
Hn- }tlat-c of beginning, continuing 040 nciee
more of less.
Uiitod this 18th, at J it no lOOfl
14 Muitlii-w Breekeiirl.lge.
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract
Headquarters for Clothing for
Prices Were Never So Low
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
For lip-to-ilato people i« ivln.l tlio S
will give yan.   We moko tlio vory  *
I...KI,' I. » 8 lut.-.-t in'l'iiil.ii.ni nml I'liiiiiiiiniH 8
I UDiisiicr  m**********************m
P. 0. Fort Steele, B. C.
Till! liMI'IKi: TOBACCO CO,, 1.1*1.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Uive me a call.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,   ic'iif,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
| Fruit = Vegetables |
I linve ii line nssortnicnt *
*}     nlivnysim hnnil. New [ai- S
i     tntiM's. -iri'eii |H-ns, bemis, *
|      eli*.    Fin,-   fresh   fruit. $
« A Fine Line ol Glassware t
Armstrong ilvomio V.
j. Armstrong
John Ellenberg,
Pioneer in the business and
his work always ranks with
the best. Call and see him.
Repairing boots of all descrip-
tiops, {rom a cork sole to a
lady's finest slipper.
Timber Notice.
Tiikn rmicu tlutt thirtjr ilnjrM nltor •Into I
llt-inl toil|i|.li*   to   llii' I'hii-I ('iiiiiIIIittttioiir-i
.rhiiiiu titnl tvorkri forRpecl-il IIivimo to cut
imi in-i,v inva.v timber lioni the lolluwing
le-crlbeil IiumIh:
Commencing nt n |iont on Iho nortl cat-t
■ornerof Ktios fojlu'n |ini*ompUon No SIT.
ilietice etiBl mi clialiiH tn Iho wrotem boiiud
ii*.v uf lot -I.".1.''. group I, K I)., tbi-iiit' Month
su i-ii inKiol.it i>77. uiuiip one thenca hub!
ITehnlna to KrlMalt Citlntuliln Sn ithorn right
nf ivuj*, Ihenci) northwiflti rly a'oiig Haiti
in'it.nf wii,v in [iliii-i' nf bo-jiLiilng,contain
n__; 'I'JII a r.-s mom nf li'im.
Dali il J mm altinl, lOOIt.
11 William n. Grlfillh.
Notice lu hin-bj gWinthal 1, M. K Anna*
hie, iitliii.l wit Iliil the lime | n-iril.t'ii l.y law
in apply tn |liu Chlel Coiomiotioiior nl LonOa
nml -v,,i-k,.il iln-I'i'.iviiin. oMIrltlBhColiim
liiilni- tl licOllflO lO |il'n«|ii>i't   for .'Dill llllll |ic
irolettni nn tin- following il.--.i-nl.ni lands:
Hegln Ing nl u pant markeil II, B, Anna,
-l.-'h Initial Boulhenal I'ohI, 1,'oal nml IV-
tin1.'tun Claim; then w nu chaim ennt, thence
80 i-hniiiH north, thence ho clinlim west,
tlieneo 80 i-huiiiB south to pout of commotio,
inn; Hininl,. Ifi mil..- from i-'ntri-i'n'.-k nn.i ml
juri'iii in 1>. I*. Kiuin'd nnriheiiBt corner.
M Iv annaiii.i:. Locator
iiVrii .linn-Hih. nni'i in
Timber Notice.
Ni.'iiviii Inn l.y given lint I Mi I.v iIuvh
ntii-rilule I im nil In apply tn Hi.. < h|e|
in a in ii-n loner ol In mln mul .i.nU Inr per
minion iiiiiii nml carry nun.v llmtwr ttotn
tin- l.illnvviiiirih'Miitii'.l Imiili.:
Com niiT.ci tig ni n poal plan Led nwir Um
Nmlh Kasl corner of lot lll'J tlieneo wist 4'J
chains, tliinecnorth lim clinliiH, tlm nsl
It) ilmitm, ihi'iiii' f-outll 100 chuiiiH In iln.
placo <>f loinmencetuent,
Dated this 3ml ilay of. I nly, 10011,
J.  W. Ilnl.in	
Notico inlii'ri'li.v (iiveil tlmt Hire mntilhniif
et*   Ilieil li.H'i.l nn iiiipliniMi.n uill li.'iii„ili.
in iln- i.i.iii. nmii Qovemor nt Vlotorlato
vlintlgo the name of the I.mini- Lumber Compuny, Limited, io "St. Mary's Itlver Lumber
Company. Limited."
Dated al Cranbtook, it. C, thia -tth day of
July, 11)011.
W. K.'aURO,
10 S.dii'ilor lor the Applicants.
Noliee is bireliy given Hint I, .TnnieH Alei-
ritiiicr Ci-yilcinmii, intend nitliintlm Hum pro*
ti-ribi'd b.v law toapply to I he t'liiel 1'nminin-
slotier ot LumlB nml Wmks nf tbe Province
of Dritlsh Columbia fnr u license tn prnt-pect
for col and petroUum npmi the IuliIs here*
innfter ilrflcribed:
Commeniiiignl a poBt mutkeii ,1. A. Cry,
dermnn's Norlhwcbt Covin i Co-jt; thence 80
clioilis Bouth, tin-lie.- Nil ihu'iiu east, tlienre
HtiehiiiiiH norlh, thenco ho i-bnins west to
post nli'omineiii-eiiiiiitiKi'nate l.ri mill's from I
in..iini olSngetri'ekadj mil to P.P. Khi.i'n
imi llii'imt itiriiet'. I
■I- A.I ItYDKI.MAN, l.ofator.
Doled.liinel) li, Hurt. It:
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   *   *   *   *   9:30 to II
Afternoons   ■   ■   ■   ■   1:30 to3:-30
Evening   ■   •   •   •    7.30 to 8:30
CRA." BROOK,    :   :   :    :      :   E. C
Undertaking And
Graduate orcitainpiou college of   U. S
OtTice nnd ■-.tore, Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank of Commerce, Cnuibrook, B. C.
Upholstering and Oeneril Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work iu tbe district
■Vgenl lor the Brandon Marble aud liranlle
Work*.   Tombstones, Headstones etc
C. Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
Tluim-tli l-alnce anil Tourist Hlee-mra
lllllliil! uiul Itullt-t Siiiol-in-* l.itiiiu-y Cur,
l-'i.t- Hale.,, Polders iiiiii l-'itll niiferina Ion
Cllll Ull nl lllllllt-S.,
H. t. LANDECK, Agent,
O. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash. THE  rilANl'.wnoK   HERALD
i      GREAT MIDSUMMER      |
l Sweeping reduction in Summer
I Clothing for Men and Boys	
!    ONLY 15 DAYS
I Commencing July 16, ending July 31.
| Large stock to select  from.     See
« hand bills.
Soap Coinage
111 parts at Mexico burs ul' soap in*,,  usi-il its liigal i*i rroncy
l-'i.r llml purpose il will iii-vi-r la- i'i,|iiiliii- lu'i'i' Imi us ii it,-,- *'s
.   surv mliiiin-t In cleanliness il will always lmvi. ils place,    Wi
•|ft si-ll UliVAl, CROWN, ECLTPSK liuilGOtOnl
M Five Bars for 25 Cents
H Nir.- ,'iss.ii'tini'iit uf lii-st toilets.
I        Q. T. ROGERS,
«$- Fancy and Staple Grocery Store,
B Cranbrook, B. C.
1 *
I Cosmopolitan Hotel §
Cranbrook, B. C.
J. R. Dowries, Proprietor
m Firstclass House, Centrally Situated %
w |
jg Commodious, Well Lighted Sample m
$ Rooms A
» *»♦•••'» 1 *»'•■• ».*>♦
I Get that Spring Suit
ij ,n
tl Leask & Henderson's
'j   lh.* goods will suit you
The ml will suit )'OU
lhe making will suit you
lhe price will suit you
M.mul.iiluriT o(
Tents, Awnings and Mattresses
Upholstering and (iencral Repairing of Furnilurc
Leave OrJers al Sage's Second-Hand Store
• ••••••*••••••*>*•**•-••>
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        H
None Better In the District ,.'■
Rate.. Si anil up.   Short Orders and Oysters pj
served in any style Irom 8 p. nt. to 6 a. m. Q
The tabic is the lest, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean- 9
liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands 0
of liquors and cigars. (■ -j
L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.        fi
Parlor Furnishings
We arc unpacking a car
of fine furniture this week
and it will be a pleasure
to show you through our
Handsome New Siorc,
whether you wish to purchase or not.
lt will do you good to sec
the goods anyway.
The Macconnell
Furniture Co.,
Armstrong  Ave.
Mr. A. Bliick  is now ul Mill iV
Co.'s stun-.
l[.iii>.- nml lol  for mil.. s.mth ,,r
Presbyterian church.   Apply
R. Rohson.
Register More ii is t.. lute.
Is your iiiiiii.* "ii tin* list ¥ It not
why nut'.-
il.. to Laurie & Si.lilo.i8 tor your
chicken teed.
II. T.  Wiiisby,   of   tin-   Fernie
Ur. lil.'.-i-'l-ll. uf Fernie, wns n branch of the C.inndiaii ll ; of
Craiilirook visitor lust week. Commerce, Bpent   -Sunday  witli
Goal   general   s.-rvt.iti  wanted. Cnuibrook friends.
Apply to Mis. T. AV   Lensk, BishopDnrt  of  Sew Westuiin-
Mr- M   Mi linn*-* iiii.I  baby are ster arrived   yi-si.-r.ln-.   und   held
visiting relntives in Calgary- services ut ChrlBtchurch hut night.
This ftfternooii he is being given ti
Is your ii.-iiiit'un tin- list'' If uot.
ii should be, nnd without tlelny.
Joseph 1'.iiuiii...f lli.- Cnnndiin.
Mike Durick. of the North  Star ,,....-1. l,-..v.-,- ,1,1,, w. .k  liis  fiunilj'    jgV
Star mint' wa-. in town Sunday
 r» *"* tiiiiiinimuji
• •••••.•■.••..♦♦♦.«♦•■,»..»....... ••*•»••♦■»•••♦♦♦».**.'
• • LONDON,  ENG. Limited
;;  This company offers for sale several parcels uf the choices.
;;   FART1IN0, QRAZINd and TIMBER LANDS in the Valley u
. ul
;; tlu-Kootenay.   ,_*,  Adjacent to RAIL and WATER TRANS- I
J ;   PORTATION.   „*   Hood Local Markets.   .*    Easy Terms.
!.   Tor All Particulars and Information Apply tu
T. Q. PROCTOR, manager,
; •  V. HYDE BAKER, Cranhrook Agent
■option ;M tin* tenuis grounds
• ••*♦•>•>»*■»•♦ «-f*rl*S]
fui' ill
Picked Up About the Cily  by Asking
Question, of Many  People.
Don't forget to register,
Dr. King visited Nelson lust
Mrs. I'ri'st is visiting friends in
.1. MeSwoyn reinmed fro.11 C'.il-
gnry Suiidiiy.
J11I111 Sherwood ntnl I lust. Tlu-is
i-uiiit- in fruui Perry Creek Ttiesdny.
Mrs. Cook, uf Moyie, wns visiting
nt the Leitch household tliis wi-i-k.
A. W, McVittie wont to his survey ciiinp neur \Vardner Inst Tues.
Dosirnblo  summer  clothing nt
coping  reductions  nt   Reid &
Hi-id & Cu.'s fifteen dny midsuui.
mer clothing Bale commences July
F. ('. Mnlpns, mnnnger of tho
Hunk of Commerce visited Pernle
Mr, Thompson, uf Nelson, lins
been visiting Crnnbrook friends
the pnsi week.
The Mncconnell Furniture com-
puny nre opening up n enr lund uf
fimi furniture lliis w-eek.
Mrs. Leitch sends wonl frum
link Lnke thut her daughter Miss
I.i.11. is rnpidly recovering.
Unu McDonald, uinnnger of the
Mnnitobn hotel 1ms recovered from
n severe nttack of illness.
John 11, Clnrk, thc well known
lecturer, will siH-.ik in Crnnlirook
un lh.* evening ..f .Vngusl 25,
11..11 M.-K.iy uns in town severnl
■ Inis lliis ni'i'k finishing up the
sir,,'! grude lending 1.. Bnker hill.
Mrs s. Richards nn.l dnngliter
l.nurn li-l't   yesterday   fur  Hell	
Muni., uii,-it- they uill visil fur n
I'i'iv weeks.
Mr. Wilson theproviiininl Bchoo
ins|M'i'tur lins l.i'i'ii in Suiiili East
Kootenny tin* pnst week looking
lifter school mutters.
Mr. Slerritl, of I'. Burns & Co.
visited Moyie Insl Mondny, II.*
snys iln- people there are feeling
11.il over ih.- prospects.
('. M. I'.il.vni-ils 1.-ft Tuosdny fur
('runs N.-si lu look over tin- coul
property in which In- is interested
uill. M. Mcli s nnd others,
Tin* choir uf tliu I'ri-sliyli-rinn
church, under tliu IcnderBliip uf
Mrs. MacLeod, will render n Bong
service noxl Sabbath cvculngj
.1. King lins gono tu tin- Sl.
Marys country l" look nller tlm
,-issi-ssnii'iit wurk un properties
owned their l.y himself nnd Dr. .1.
11. King,
The work »f removing tlu- J-.ust
Kootenny Lumber coinpnny's mill
ut .Inil'ruy tu its new locution bus
been completed uml this week the
mill resumed regular work.
Frnnk MoCnbe of Wurdner, tlie
celebrated pioneer, pnssed through
town Thursday on hia wuy to the
const. He expects to locate at
l'ort Simpson this summer,
Fred Adulph. of Chesley, Out.,
fntlii'i' uf Mrs. Griffith, of tliis city
uiul his son Fred Adolph, of Brandon, Mnn,, in-rived Tuesday for 11
visit with Mr. and Afr». Griffith.
Mrs. A.W. McVittie nnd Mrs.
John Hutchison expect to lenve
will, their children, for tlieir old
home iu tin- ensl fur 11 prolonged
visit in hopes of linnufittiug thoir
Mi-liili-il   visit   III
Constable II..skins ..I   Kimber   ■    •" Montreal,     M
ley, wn,, 11  Crnnbrook  visitor  lust has nol lieon I for ninny years,
w,.,.|. and i*\|n-i-ts 1.. enjoy tliis trip
\l   A   Beale -mm the locnl tennis     V. Hydu  Buker ship I nlnul
louruuini'iil ihm ims Hniiluil  Insl $1,000 worth nf furs lo ill.* eiislern
week, ninrkel Ihis week.     Mr.  Hill,  the
buyer,  litis su
Crnnbrook  nn  nttrautivo   ninrkel
fur Iln* liunt.-i-s in Ihis purl uf the
I'liili-rtuki-rCuinplii'll wns called    ^l
tun fnrni uenr   Porl  Hill,  Idaho.
Fridny toembnlm ilu* body of Miss  -
li    $ n li..ttl,*i,f
|     BeaUie's Cream of Witch Ha/el
'-■■  Reiiinrubl-,- gootl for relieving nml healing sunburn.   Sph-iuliil *___,
f"l' t>' .uill tn" ninl freckles.  Soothes nn.l relieves mosquito "5,
liii.-s.    l'Ai',.11,'1,1 for utter shaving.     It softens and smoothes -Jf
rough patches,  moisten dry,  hursh -)».1-: nd.ls in restoring jf
Iln* color lu Ended cheeks nml when ns.il properly is very Iteli- ,tf
eficiul in cleiiring iln- skin uf pimples nml lifiiekhcuils. ' Price %
■J.', .'.-ills p,*r bottle nl E
Beattic's   Where il Pays to Ileal _#■
Mrs Sutherlund nn.l buby ..I
Nelson nr.* tin- guests uf Mrs. .1.
I'. Fink.
A. L 'itch nml sisit-r. Miss Jessie
Leitch i-i-liirm-il frum Cnlgnry
Miss   liiittnu.   uf    PortngO    In   ,, ,. ,   ,,,
,...,,       ...          ... ,.      I'.miiiu turgiisuii,  nged  lit yenrs,
Prairie, Mnn., is the guesl >>t Mrs.1   ,,.,,.               ,. ,,.,
,.,  .,                                           | who died   of consuiliptloll, ""'i*__,
' *"  ''"-"''"'                                ] reiuniiis wns shipp.-d tu Glnsgow, H A. I.. HcDermot                                             A. C. Bowness A
Mrs.W. T, Reid nnd children Scotlnnd, her former home, by wuy IS MeDERMOT  CO.  BOWNESS.              <*
Iwvegi  to Bliiii-more to enmp 0{ tho Grent Northern ruilwny,      ^Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants *^l
„„     ,,,,..           . .    .   <Y Schllti Beer        |          The Highest Brands           Tlu- l.arCc>i and A
Ihe llt-rnlil  is  in   receipl  ofn U Pernle B«r        I             of SCOTCH and               ■"■'*"   i*«orimeoi <^
Pamphlet famed by the Cnnndinn|| _»\,__   j        IRISH   WHISKIES          °.,Du0»!,i<        B
Bunk of Commcrco thut gives nil JO A complete stock ol Cigars, consisting ol the             A,
kinds of  Information   nlxml   thellj* '-Pharaoh," --LaHortuna," ..Irving." "liar-              -^
bunk, nnd n mnpshowingthe towns IH rister," ".Monument," "Hilda" and others.              a,
in wliich tho bank  hns branches, |a Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.                    Telephone 17 A
A glance will coiiviiice'uiiyi.ne thnl I -^ Writ--'for ''f'"8*                                      CRANHROOK. 11. C. 2
for 11 week or two.
J. L. I'nrki-r. uf tho North Slm*
mine visited his ranch at Cowley
on Monday Inst.
Ilni'ulil Jumieson .'nine down
from Prank to spend Sunilny with
Crnnbrook friends.
Mr. Campbell, uf Kimberley, is
managing iln* Catindinn hotel during Mr. lb-null's nbseuce,
W. 11. Ross nnd  Dr. Bunnell,
uf Fernie, were in tuwn Snturdny
1 their wuy tu Perry Creek,
G. T. Rogers hns purchnsetl tho
house iu which In- has been living
tin* past yenr uf Jiuues Geor,
C. P. Hill wus in tuwn the first
)f the wt'i'k. lie expects tu upon
1 brokers office in Winnipeg.
Lnurie A: Siddons hnvo just received another car uf Imperiul
flour fruui Stum-ivnll. Mnn. "Try a
Si-.l Simiii. sun uf Will Sllliill,
ns ihriiivn frum 11 horse lust
Snttii'lny nnd hnd his face bndly
Thore will lu- several cottnges
built in Crnnbrook this summer.
Tin- ili'inuml fur houses continues
tu iucrense,
Mrs. W, K. Phelps luft Mondny
fur Denver, Col., nfter un extended
visit with her dunghter, Mrs. F*.
I**. Simpson.
Mrs. uml Miss Montgomery, of
Elkhoni, Mnn.. left Mondny for
their home nfter n plensunt visit
wilb Mr. nml Mrs. (I. T. Rogers,
Fernii' enptured tin- linsi-liull
tournumeiil nt the Calgnry fair.
(Iiii.I fur Fernie, They have
sume Imll players there this season,
Mr. nml Mrs. Georgo Huggnrth
returned frum their wedding trip
Snturdny nnd Mr. uud Mrs. K. H
Sllliill niTuinpunied them tu Elko
fur 11 few duys visit
N.A. Wnllinger, of Fort Steele,
who hus been ill the Sl. Eugene
hospital for soveral ilnys. wns nbii
tu gut uut the lutler part uf Inst
week und has returned honm
JiinicB Ryan returned from his
eastern visit lust Sunday, nccom-
punicd by his brother, F. P. Ryilll
uml wife, uf Boston, The latter
mny conclude to locnto in Crnnbrook,
Peter Mutlieson returnetl yesterday frum 11 trii> tn tin- Edmonton
country, lb- snys business is
booming up there, uud that the
country is crowded with now
Robert Robertson, provincial
inincrnlologist wns iu town Snturdny. Hu is milking his offiolul visitation to the minesof this district,
nn.l snys thut tin- lend bonus will
bring nil the lend mines into nroin-
inenee nguiii.
G. H. Miner has received a letter
from J. H. Mi-Mulliu. formerly of
this plnce, but now in the brick
business in California. He snys
thnt he is doing 11 prosperous business, nnd is selling nil uf his product hot from the kilns.
Mr. nnd Mrs. L. B. VniiDet-nr
returned lust week from 11 visit to
Calgary and other points. Mr.
Vun Docur snys tlmt it mined nearly
every dny while they were there,
so much lu fact Ihut they woro
ghul tu gut l-ni-k In (Irunbrook,
ie Ciina.liaii  Bunk of Commerce U
is Bprending rapidly nil over Wusi-
eru CliniHla,
Mrs. J. II. Cashiko nml little
ilnughtcr Edith 1-oturned frum the
east Insl Tliursiluy. Mrs. CiiBlnke
litis been in poor lu-nltli since leuv-
ing Craubrook nnd bus hnd tu 1111-
durgn one ur two severe operations.
Slm is greatly Improved now uiul
hujH's fur rapid recovery. Miss
Middledltoh of Stratford, Out., nc
compuutetl Mrs, Cnslnko home nn.l
will spend thu Bummer here.
Agents (or T. Lebel & Co., Hay and Grain.
Dospntulior F. J, Atkinson sprnl
a few ilnys nt Cttlgnry Insl wct'k,
R. T. Tippin litis mri'i>ti'tl 11
IKisitinii in tho height slietl Crnnbrook.
Comliu'tcir A. W, Riclitmlson
tuul wi£ii viHititl Mnclcotl a few
duys lust woek.
Mr, Hardy, recently front Vnn-
eover, in now employed in Mr.
McNeill's office.
F. Kenny, commercial oyerntor
here, visiled with Ins pnreilts nt
Lethbridge Sundny.
Engineer .1. Pinnesy hns gone
to Michel to run tin- yard en^im1
there for n short time.
(I. McGttll, of Toronto, is now
employed in the accounting department of tho C. 1'. K.here.
F. IX Patton, formerly baggageman at Crnnbrook Ims been trans*
Eerred to Michel ns weigh muster.
Engineer J. Sums who litis been
on the switch engine nt Maelooil
for ti short time, bus returned to
Engineer M, McCarthy nml
steam shovel are straightenin
curves tuul improving Cranbrook
yard in general,
S. A. Clancy has gone on a tw
Weeks h'iive of illisenn- to lh
const by wny of Cnlgnry and; ]
Revelstoke, returning via Kelson [
mul the Crows Nest, I
* *
This week strawberries will be the besl and cheap ~; fur
preserving. We have a 1 *i**_r lot coming ever)' day, fresh from
the vine, Bunk your onlers for a i*r,*a-* ami -. t the !)est. All
kinds of berries .'ind fruitjfor eating and preserving as tht* sea-
son advances.
King flercantile Co.
e ■♦
(a). . . . . »
Not how big the suit is,
but how well it is made! '.
This is thc question that people are mostly interested in, and is *
the magnet that is drawing them to our store, to a live and mod- I
ern tailor shop, it's the store that saves you money. It's where J
you get value for your dollars. »
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C  *
1       OPERA
g]     HOUSE IN
Proprietors. Pi
*_ •*>•**•-*•••*••• »•••>•••»♦*>*-*><5;
Hotel 3 3
fluents Comfort 8 Specially
flood Sialilini in Cunncclion
Some Fine Tailoring.
Tin* firm of la-ask A- Henderson
is crowded iviih orders theso days
and they ure turning mil some very
line tailoring wurk. The people
nil agree thut they ii.'i their
money's worth there, mil onl;* in
.liiulity nml cloth nml workmanship
hut in the stylish fits secured, If
you ure needing nnything in thut
Hue, just drop in nnd see what
they hn vi- un hand. It will do you
good to luuk over tlu-ir stork.
They inilkc suits thai lil. nnd liis
that suit. -•
For Sale.
:tiiO urn's: 111 ncres  under i-ultivn-
tion; house uml  rniicho huildings
iinpli'iiii'iils.   etc; nhout 7-'i nereslia
well timbered; $2,000 cash --
Pive-room cottugo, two lots; Iwu'^
blocks from 0. P. H. station. |g
Apply nl Townsili- lilli.
NearcBt to railtoail anil ilepot.    Has occommoda.
lions for the public uuei|uallc.l in Cranbrook,
llul and Cold Balhs
♦ -44-41®®. . .  . ■
or      |[
*■*■». >a
Proprietor       J',
in all the
Towns in
4^8 t^t
| P. Burns & Co
A Wholesale and Retail
% Meat Merchants
<^   Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
A      Fish, Game and Poultry.
Wc supply only the best.   Your
trade Is solicited. illi:  CKAMiItooK   HERALD
One- Can of
Evoporute-i Cream
will tell the stor)' bc'.tcr than
Accountants and Auditors.
Books kept at moderate charges.
General Insurance Agents
Phone *W
Cranbrook, B. C
■ I The foot  bridge is now completed over  Fik %
% river at rtorrissey and we are strictly in it W
igaln.   Sou can't keep a rustler down. G
is still the "BIQ" hotel
Morrissey, B. C,
STEPHENS, Proprietor.
. ■»
4 »
♦ I
. >
. >»
. f
* >
<  >
![ It's Coming!       It's Coming!
A BEER that will please all. It
is pure, healthful and delicious lo
the tasete.   Manufactured by the
I Crows Nest Brewing Co.,
orrissey, British   olumbia
i >
. >
. >
(!,I,   center of lhe town.
jl it
i'i lU
[.':'i., ®-®-»-s^-®-®-®-®-i!i-c*M»—(|»-<?--®-®-04Vffi-ffl-ffl-s>-ffl-g-g-,'
New Hote', Newly Furnished, Best of Dining   -!,!•
Room Service.     A comfortable place to stop In the
j Big Bargains in
!   Hardware.
Must close out at once
The p..-.! olllee business ill the
mini's   is   iliereasiug   daily.     I III
Thursdaj   postmaster   M i
i ri I -.1 1,1011 letters,
The thirtl Btory hns Ih-cii raised
on the Windsor hotel, nn.l coll-
11ii.-l,.1- (Irei-r now Ims n large force
of men iiiii-.lii.iii the interior,
CoiiBtnble Triinter ivpurls thai
In* hns already registered over one
iuii.lr.itl applications for votes.
\ny one .l.'sirin-; to i-egister can do
in ul lhe postolHce,
Clins. Speiico, late of Morrissey,
in -i with n very painful accident
,1 Fernie.... July Ith, A largo
lire cracker exploded ill his hand
'lowing i.uu nnil oft* nntl   Imrnillg
>im liadly.
Two hotel Irnnsl'i-i-:; were made
n Fermi, on July 1st. .1. 1. (lutes,
,f lhe Victoria hotel, took over the
Uberln hotel, and .T. I-', .larvis. the
uereliant, liecaine the pruprii'lur
..I Hi.* Vietoi-iii In.I.-!. Both hut.'Is
were leased al a lower rental thun
Tin- ..iiipui for th.. month ..I'
July promises to he a record
lu-eaker. On Tu.-s.lny il reached
iiinu hundred un.l litly tuns, tin*
largest ill the history of the i-uiup.
ll is Btife to sny thai inside of six
inonlhs Morrissey will he turning
..nt more coal than either Michel
or Fernie,
J. Meready laid information
ngaiusl T. Hewitt, ..I' Klk... Ihis
week ..ii n ehiirge ul' horse stealing.
It seems Hint a team belonging lo
Mi'i-etidy strayed down In Elko uml
were locked up by Hewitt, wh
n liveryman, When iln* former
usk I'm- Iln- team Hewitt refused t
give them up until Merendy paid
$■") which In- nlli'gi'd wns owing
him. Ili'wini was arrested uml
tnken t.. Fernie.
A len-ible accident took place mi
tin- incline lending tu No. I mini
mi Tuesday afternoon uf this week.
in which (-Irani Efownrd Wilson
was instantly killed und George
(Irani received Bci'lous injuries,
The men were engaged in conveying timbers up Ilu- hill In iln- mini
l.y nieiiiis uf ii sleaiii hoist, They
loiideil ilir truck uml hound Ilu
timbers on with n sloul wire nml
then rode lu the top on the pile
While one of these trips the win
holding thr logo together broki
un.l mu' log rolled ull' in I'runl ul
ih.- Iruek throwing ii ull' thu track
Thu two men hnd nn opportunity
lu save Iheillselves, liolh lii-in*.
thrown under ilu- |.imlii>rs, Wilsoi
wns strin-k in tin- side liy une utu
instnnlly killed nml ilu* other uu
fortunate mnn received several
si-vi-ii' si-nip wiuuuls liesidi-B linving
his I. II nrm terribly laceraled, (I
II. Wilson, the young mnn killed,
«-,■„. n lirollier of Dr. U'ilsui
Morrissey   Mini-B  nn.l   n   so)
Fernie the go-by. This tuwn hus
uut gained nn enviable rucunl for
its iivuiin.nl of shows of tho better
Kngini-11-1-1 nnd t-ri-w linvt- heell
lidded lu lli.'C, I'. K. yards her...
Engine .'1*12, with tin- initio work.
ns in-11 ns the yard W4.rk. hus boon
overworked uf Inl.' nnd the ere-A'
I..- glad lu hnvu il llghtoiieil,
. If you want anything in the hardware line J
j at your own price call and take advantage of thit, <
J closing out sale. J
I    The G.H.MINER Store    \
Livery  3
Proprietors ,** .* „*
Teini.*i nnil iliivi'i.i fiirnishi'il lut any
•mini ill Hit.' ilisltict.
Al.'lliu'',cr    _sl    jl    __l
I.O.O.F. Key Cily l.tid*.'
No, 43. Mi'i'isi'ti'iy M.iii
.'uy lllRlit nt llit'li- tuiil i.i
linker slreat, KDjri.irl.li
mil I't-llowa t-onlllllly Ini'ltul.
1--. tl. Morrla, M.!». Illlliuii..
X.  n. Hiiii-v.
We have a stock of
Common Biick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
.voik in the brick line call or,
(ieo. R. Taylor
. Wi
lll' Winnipeg.    II
in town iiboul
iiuiiilh having come h.-r.' lo spend
hi*, holidays, Inil during thai  li
In- Ims iniiile many friends uml Ihe
news of his tragic death has eusl u
gioom over ilu- community.
Prom il... Pico l'li-aa,
ll is said thnl Iln- new   Hunk uf
Commerce al   Morrissey uill  eusl
W. II. Whimster hns 1 i appointed collector of votes fur tin
Fernie districl vice I,.  I!. Porbes.
Mr. nn.l Mrs. J. I!. Pollock left
un Tuesday fur a month's holidays
nl Sun Francisco nml other const
Dr, Hal-vie has returned from a
slioi'l trip tu Cnuibrook where lu
hns heen   renewing   old  m-ipinin.
Th-    II.nn   Mnthos  company
played in Criinbmok  ou  M luy
mul Tuesday evenings uml in
I'n.4-1,4-, Creek un Thursday nml
I'n.hi evenings.     This excellenl
wuuld now rolgll in Frank  fur  Iln'
lirst tint., iu twu mouths.
The ruilwny ,-,,n,|m«.,\* is Im-luii-
iiiuu 11 make large use uf Ihegtt-nt
slitl.. thi-ri- us ii stuite quarry.   No-
wliere. -aissilily. call Blloll OXcellcllI
roek l.- ulituitu.i su t'usilv.
I'-r.iiii Hi.- l-ro-iu'.-lor.
Mrs. J. ll. Cmniiilugs went tn
Cranbrook Thursday,
ChiiB. Luvotl hns  Insl  consider-
ble fencing by high wuter.
J. (I. Cummings, I'. I.. S„ returned Tuesday from a business
trip lu Jaffray,
Miss Wiunifred uiul Miss
Murjuriu Armstrong returned from
Golden Monday.
Mrs. Fred Hininore returned
from a visit tu Toronto tuul other
sii-rii points Thursday,
V. Hyde Baker and Archie McVittie, Cranbrook, were in town
Satunlay lust on business.
Georgie Goldie hns been up-
poiutod mining recorder, pro-tern,
fur Uu- Port Steele mining distriet.
Dave Griffith, who has been tit
the Si. Eugene hospitnl forsoverai
iveeks, ruluriu.il tu Fort Steelo
Ot. King, dentisl uf Crnnbrook,
after n week's successful business
ni Steele returned to Craubrook
A locnl slrnwl.i'i'ry crop is now
being harvest.'tl. The U-rries lire
uf a very guod quality and the
yield is large.
Ur F. Iv King. T. M. Rula-rts.
J.M. Duck, A, G, Wiluiott and J.
Arnold wore registered at the Ini-
perilil Wi-ilm-silny.
Kcsiiluliiiii. ul Kcspccl.
Marysvilli.. B.C.June 15th \W
Wlit-n-uH* Wi- an* infurnuil 0
the sudden death of brother KoIhtI
Mill4-rliya.-cidi.nl un tin-1'. I', li.
truck., ut Pernio, II. I'. therefore
Im- il.
K.-suIyi-iI, thut this union Murysville No, illili I'xpruss its sorrow
mul regret at the sudden uud untimely dentil nf nur luit* brother
un.l its sincere sympathy with his
bereaved relations, ami In- il
Resolved, that a copy of theso
resolutions lie copied iu tho
minutes uf tliis union anil nn- forwarded tu the relatives nf tho
deceased,      Signed
,,      ...    l E. J. Clayton.
Co"""ll,('"(E. Menchi-in.
t iinn the Miiv.i' l.cmler
Tht' dnrk days for Moyie nre at
nn mul.
Mrs. Mansfield wont to hor home
in .Marysvilli- Wi'ilm-mlay.
(ioYi-riimt'iit  ngont   Armstron
has si.Lcnitii'il liis intention of doing
some work on Moyie's streets this
At the last mooting of the Odd
L'Vllows lodge in Moyie the follow
hlg officers for tho ensuing term
were mstlllledi ('. A. Pooto, N. Ct.;
R, Cimipboll, V. ti.; P. J. Smytl
linaneiul and  roeording secretary.
A handsome solid gold locket
was presented to Miss Bossio
Cocklmrn this week by tiie Moyie
Hro brigade us a token of appreciation of her services in connection with tin- liivnian's ball on May
A Costly Grade.
Since the Crow's Nest railway
was built the long stiff climb over
tin* hump mi whirl) Prank is built
has been a great detriment to a
road nf otherwise easy grades.
After it yenr or two of consideration work Mas just beginning on a
three mile change of line which
would swing the road in near U
Turtle mountain and avoid tin
hniiip when tin- groat slide blocked
up twu iniles of tltc old line. All
energies were bent toward replacing the uld road and this was done
in less than a mouth. lint the
grade is steeper and longer now
even than before and it is estimated that two hundred dollars a day
will not more than cover the loss
to the company through it. The
result is that again the question of
chnngo of line is under discussion.
Indeed within the past few days
engineers were at work endeavoring to locate such a line close
under Turtle mountain. This, like
the present line, will pass across
the slide, but at a somewhat narrower pirt. Just what will be
dune probably depends ou tho good
behavior of the mountain in the
■ar future,
During the past two weeks there
has been scire Oy any fall of rock
from the South Peak.   But for the
ni iin\    u\ idoitlly     has    givon | blasting   mi   railway   work   quiet
For Sate.
Hill, i
nnd   wnt
Apply to G. W
nure. 7
Yes,and the CITY BAK-
h KKY is the plnce to get a nice
wedding cake ami ornaments
in the latest style.   Why send
your onler out  of town  uml
f perhaps linve the iceing brok-
n by shipping.  Prices right.
i> fbo.e Sl        Opposite M. E. Church
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Canadian Pacific Railway company control a large area of the
choicest farming and ranching lauds in the Elk, Kootenay, Columbia
ill ii I Slocan valleys in the Kootenay district and in the Kettle river ami
(Iknuagan valleys iu the Boundary district. A large majority of these
lands are readily accessible by railway.
Tin- aggregate amount uf principal nml interest, except iu ihe ease
uf Inmls under t-eMH) p. r acre, is divided inln teu iiistnluu-nts us shown
by Ilu- lable bclowj the Ilrsl In Ih. paid ul tin* timo of purchase, tin- second out. year from .Lit,- ..I' purchase, the ihinl two years, and bo ou,
The following table slums tlm uiu..uut nl Iht' annual instalments on
Illl) acres af ilitf.-r.-nt prices under tin- nliovu conditions:
1110 ac.at $150 per lie, 1st liiBtabiienl $ fill.Ul, 11 equal inslnl'ts oft M.00
IIWiif.nl 11,00 per lie. 1st liistiiliiienl 71.'.Hi. ileipiul iiistill'ts uf (10,01)
Hill in*, nl ll,50|H'rae, Isl iiislublieul HII.IK),IIequal iuslid'lsof 70.00
IHOnc.al   I.OOponio. 1st iiiBlitlmoul    U6.HS,IIoqiini Instid'tBuf    H0.00
K10nc.nl   l..',iiprru.'. Isl Instill ul   IU7.S5,IfiH_uuiiiiatiil'lHuf    '.mini
lililni*. nl  R.00pr.rae, Isl iiislnliiieiil   11II.UB, 11 n|iinl Instnl'lBof   100.00
l.umls under $U.fiO |..-r ucre are si.1.1 uii shorter linie,
If land is paid for in fall nt the time uf purchase, a red notion from
the price will lie allowed equal to ten por cent on tho amount paid tn
excess of the usual cash  instiilnn-iit.    Interest  at  sis percent wilt U>
liargod on ovenluo instalments.
Tin- compauy is nls4. interested in Ilu* following lownslteBi Elko,
Crnnbrook, Kimberly, Aldridge, Kitchener, Creston, Proctor, Nelson,
Gcrrnrd, Leuionton, Castlegar, Gtiscudo City, Grand Forks. Eholt,
Greenwood, Midway. N'nkusp. Arrnwlu-tul. Hcvelstoke, Dounltl nnd
Kamloops. Terms nf payment ure one-third cash uud the balauco in
ix uud twelve months, with interest.
Fur further particulars apply in lhe following local ngentsi
W. M. Frnst. Gateway, Muulnun      J. A. McCullnm, Grand Fi.rks.ll.C.
R, R, Braco, Wilmer. B. ('. 11. A. Huiid.ll. Eholt, B. I'.
V. Hyde Baker, Cranbrook, B. ('.    A. Ferguson, Greenwood, B. 0.
.1. T. Burgess, Kit.h.it.-r. B. ('.       .1. I). Sihbal.l, Revelstoke, B. I'.
E. Mallandnin... Jr.. Crust.ni. B. I'. Thomas Abriel, Nakusp, It. I',
(i. K. Stoeker, Cascade, B. C. F. J. Fulton, Kamloops, B. O.
F\ ('. Elliot. Trout Lake Cily. B.C.
Or to ALEX. TAYLOR, District Land Agent at Nelson, B. C.
Or J. S. DENNIS. Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
*•)*•*. •»• •>-♦-•■ *»-*» *>-»^ •■•-•*>-♦♦•-•>-*> ♦•♦^j)
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jobbing....
Outside Order. Premplly
Allended lo.
l'rt)|irletor of the
Candy Kitchen
Carrlei a complete siiM'k of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Olve u> . call
.♦.4-44-4V-. 444 ***+*$
1- - -        - |
| Eagle Cafe
George Paquin, Prop.
Morrissey Mines, B. C.
The best restaurant in
South East Kootenay.
When  you   visit  the >
town be sure and try it *
ii************************ »
Mill .Machinery
B. Tompkins, Manager.
Tlu- Lending Hotel if the Kootenays, Giual Sample Rooms
Special Rates to Comuiercid Men
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock loiv
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
. I ♦ I ♦ 1.1 ♦ I # I ♦ I ♦!♦ I ♦ I ♦ I ♦ i»I «■ i ■*• i«' I # i 'i' I r t ■«» i r i * I # I * I * i *> i
-<8> -(•>
®- «-•
a* Hot Weather is here.    -    Everything is Dry. j®
-» -a
®z Look out for fz
Better Insure Today
Phone 20, Cranbrook, B. C.
'| * I ♦ I A | A I A | * | A I A I * I * I » I f I * ' .*.   | -i   |   i   I -4* | .i   |   4*   | 4*4   |   4   |   ,   |   4   |   4   I ..   I ..1
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing; Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.


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