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Cranbrook Herald Aug 11, 1898

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Array er )
CBANBBOOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   Till IISD.W.   All.1ST   II,    isiis.
Nl'MIH.li 21.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President. H. K. Wai.kkk, Gen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
Accounts ot   Corporations,   Merchants   nnd    Individuals
received   an   favorable   torins.
SAVINOS   DEPARTMENT—Deposits ot   tl.OO and upwnrd
received tincl current rates ol interest allowed.
Drafts and credits issued, payable at all points.    Exohanrjo
OR AN BROOK BRANOR will be open for business in the course of a
SBBBBBM.SBBMS__—S__^^B>   tfW llll)'S.
<•,»♦•• ...
m-«> te si <•>
(fflfWt(.)((.)(«  t,l|W|i.i:i.,;i.    ,.    ..   ,.i|,.l.;.'     •    •■    .,'i.ll(.l|i.lU.l  «t»K«tL.l!
r<B Keep your Eye on .st _
1"      "ELKO" -
f>I The New Townsite of East Kootenay.
- nu tin' Main I lui> nf llie frown Nest 1'ann Hallway, only 19 <
tnll-u rnmi llie l.ir-'.-tl ( i-ul Mints in tlie i-iintitry, llnest Water ('.over In KHSt
■, Kootenay, tlie natural mlvaiit iges «r Uie i>:»im eve. mien in il all wli-i tukc ilio trutiiiti. lo l
' ii-v-illtc-u** h»ve no ,l»mi*t <-t lln- un-iu in istn-rity an I ..-owtti tlmt must oventually ,
■a Mine to tills plane.   "Klko" is -,1-,-liily .uul lirauilf-il. situate on a li gli anil level plateau. ^
' There are-ipot-i lit-ri-an I there in tin* world where tlm eyei of the stranger ihbri snr-
. I*l« ami rtvel Id I'e-iuty- win-re Hie Hinil Ih eliiirmeil and (In* linpressiniii receWc-l luiift *■'
' recur to tlie iiiMinmy witli ileti-jiit One of llie*; spots is "Kl.Ku." ttimmli n very small ,
-. portion of Uie )h*.ii»1« H-inu tu Km-li-uay kusiw of lis real Iwnii y. Some want ifolil. •-
■ Mine want silver. Hut almost t-vt-niio.lv will want lots In llie New Town of''Klko,' ,t
, be inu ihey are nml always will be » staple cdTilllloulty, an ( aro profit yleltlliiK.
Choice Business and Residence Lois, 30x100 feet, with 20 foot Alley,
$50.00 to $200.00 Each.
) Easy Payments Title Guaranteed
Km- Mniis ami further iwrt Inula ra apply to
HEAD OFFICE   •   •   •   NELSON, B. C. X. Q. PROCTER ' '
Hraiii-li unices; Manager
T K..KO. *^_*_tfSSSii >   The Kootenay Valleys Co., Ltd.
East Kootenay Hotel
McQuiston & Burge,
Enlsried, Refitted and Furnished.
Besl of accommodations for Travelers.
TiiBiiiM'ui- Wines, Liquors and Cigars aiT?\VkYat.1m'k
Feed anil Livery Stables in connection with the Hotel.
Contractors and Builders   **   «<   -je
Plans and Specifications Furnished.
Estimates riade on all classes uf Work.
.* a* GENERAL JOB WORK .*» .«
SIS  .•  ® "SI®!®!®!®!®!®!®!®!®!®!®!®
Pioneer Hardware Store.
*}   lo liaiKr variety nt prices tlmt nre sore to please.
(,)   Cnll nml sec ihL-iu odoro they are none.
Up-to date Ganges and Cook Stoves. I
Building Hardware and Miners' Supplies.
<** G.U.MrNEB.        I
w 1 (•) 1 <s> 1 *> 1 (>) 1 -*> 1 ® 1 ® 1 $ 1 !•) i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®i®r®i ® 1 ® 1»
to" H. REINEMAN, Prop'r
New House, New Furniture, Everything First-class
Open Day aud Night.
All the Delicacies of the Season.
I Special Sample Rooms for Traveling Men
CHAN BROOK,    -   -   -    -    1IUITISH   COLUMBIA
J. H. McMUMJN,   1   1   :   :   PROPRIETOR.
The beat possible attention given to care ol animals while in my charge.
WArtTii VARH—l haVG ori ha,nd a suPP-ty o( sensoneci wood.
f! \t\JV llllil/ cut to stovo lengths, which will be delivered
on order at reasonable price.
Alihri-'viatL'^ Record
ui tbe Week's News.
I h will Ik* n cotnuiO'
edit io ihe iowii,
Amillier Cumminslon uf Inquiry
I.iisl l'ritliiy Hit* lust coniiiiissmn ap-
pointel by ihe Dominion p>veruinent William Bschwlg nf the Kootenny
to Investigate the death of the lwo men : bouse, is building bu botel^t Kimberly.
who died of diphtheria while employed U. 1,. T. Galbraith, the sage ol I'ort
on ilu* Crow's Nest line, iu connection I Sleele, surprised his friends in Wnrdner
wlih which there nre clmrgi-s of neglect j last week by np|>earing on llie boat
mnl   Inhuman   treatment,   arrived   in. irom the south  with n   fine  looking
Wafdncr,    The purpose of the commis-! young biiile.
lion ih to place the responsibility, and I ,t . su,phl.ns !U1,i %\uwn Ctolion
the exagerated reports ol the condtllon ct lo ,ol|) Tom Crahan in n trip to
of matters along the line 6f this road has Uie Kioudike this month. Mr. Sleph*
made the demand for action very strong. (..1S slmU>)1 Tuerf„ IIU,\ win meet Mr.
Cluie, 8.C., or Toronto, is the Cmha)| at victmiHi ani, if ,(11 is welli
! Martin Crnbaii will start niter thcni.
They expect 10 lake in s i»pecinl line of
1 goods tor tale at Dfcwsofl CHy.
R. C. Clule, Q. C, of Toronto, m the
commission uppointeil, ami with liim
are l*. J. Bltrppe, of Ottawa, J. W. Wet-
more, of St. John 1 N. It., solicit.ji for
IheC, l». R., and Mr. McCarty, of Macleod, hlenographer. Tlie commission
held a sitting of several days in Wardner, and left for Nelson and llanif,
THE HERALD costs but $2.00 per year.   Subscribe
for It.   Send it to your friends.
Wagon Bridge al Wardner.
Jas. Ray, Dominion engineer, was in
Wardner last Wednesday evening to
make u brief examination of the river at
this point, with a view of reporting on
the best location for tbe wagon bridge
to be built by the government. The location decided upon was nl llie fool ot
Daly avenue.    	
River Appropriation.
The news that the appropriation made
by the Dominion government for improving the Kootenay river, would
probably lie expended between Wardner
and Fort Sleele, so as to give the mines
and Fort Steele tbe advantage of belter
water, to maintain connection with
Warduer, the railroad point, was received here with considerable pleasure.
This fact demonstrates tbe advantage of
a town that ia located on the raihoad
and river. 	
News Notes.
II. L. Stephens visited Cranbrook
William Doble, of Fort Steele, was a
Wardner visitor Sunday.
Milo Monroe has sold bis roadhonse
aud will go to West Kootenay.
Messrs. I,eitcb and Beattle, of Cranbrook, were visitors here Monday.
rainier & Oliver, lhe Wardner stationers, will open a branch at Craubrook.
News was received here Satnrdiy that
George I.yon, who was taken to Fort
Sleele last week in a very bad condition,
h.,l _(«_  (tin's «f•*•>«•«.       Ma-.   I.j.o.a awaM
emploved on tbe road in different capacities, but his failing finally conquered
Messrs. Smith aud Sage have commenced work on the new school bouse
I> seems strange at   first not to have a
newspaper in Watdner, but for the present your correspondent at this point will
endeavor to look after the Interests of
this place. The material of Tlie International office has been packed and
stored, waiting for tlie time to come
wben it can be put to good use,
S. K. Oliver, lhe Wardner poslmaster,
left last Monday for Calgary, where he
will meet Miss N. V,. Perkins, daughter
of Captain J. 1). Perkins, of Frederick-
town, N. II., and be married at the Episcopal church there ou Wednesday, August 17. Mr, and Mis. Oliver will return
al ouce lo Wardner and commence
housekeeping in   the   home prepared for
Railroad Notes.
Mr. Kennedy, who has been assisting
in the work at tbe Wnrdner storehouse,
has returned lo Macleod.
Conductor Templeman is taking a few
days' lay off, and ill company with his
wife, is visiting various points of interest in East Kootenny. *
Paymaster llarnhnrdt bus returned to
Wnrdner, and brings the information
tb.it hereafter Wnrdner wiy be his headquarters until construction is completed,
Dr. King came in from llie cast Saturday and was kepi busy during his brief
stay in Wnrdner, The principal prescription these dnys is blackberry and
D. Macleod, one of the leading contractors on the road, left this week fur
Nelson. Mr. Macleod made a host of
friends in Wnrdner and he will be missed
by all of them.
The engineers iu charge of the work
™. iii_ iiriJfiA over .the JvQQtfiu__.ri.vcr
al tltit point say that the structure will
be ready for trains to puss i* .i*r b\ next
Friday. The track laving gang will
commence work immediately afler that
aud within 10 to 12 days the cars will be
running inlo Cranbrook.
testimony, which tbey did, the Italian
having no one to corroborate his lesti-
| mi uy iu anyllegree.
The defense set up lhe claim tbat the
plaintiff was intoxicated aud not in a
con liliou to remember any one. or anything th.it mi-Jit have occurred at the
time the alleged robbery occurred, 1 me
of pie quartet—all are engaged on the
grade—was certainly never intended by
nature or education for a common laborer, as the skill an\ tact with wllfch he
conducted in behalf of the dcfcliee a
cross-examiuntlon of the witnesses would
have been creditable lo any barrister,
and showed that In-was 110 stranger to.
courts and court proceedings,
The proofs lr*ii'K insullieieut to convict tl 1 luspoctoi dismissed the case,
Nu Wild, Mad Hu-li, SUU I lie Number Is In.
creasing 111 a Gratifying Rate.
Counting buildings of nil sorts, there
is not a day pusses ivllllont one or more
being started in Cranbroi k, hi particularizing Tim llKKAi.it mentions thoso of
the most substantial order, so outside
readers must bear iu mind that those
costing welt up in font figure, only are
mentioned and that many smaller oiii
ai'ccon'taully in process of coiistructioi
A frame building, two stories, is being
erected on linker street, opposite the Canadian batik of Commerce, ami is one
of the better das--; it was started hy order of W. A. Hamilton, C. 1\ R. land
commissioner, who pays the lulls on demand witli his own personal checks. It
has been reported lhat Ihe structure is
for occupation by ihe Hank of Montreal
Upon being interrogated by the reporter
V. Hyde Maker, local agent for the town-
site company, would neither affirm orde-
ny the correctness of the report. C. P,
!■'.. carpenters are doing lhe labor.
Alio'her two-story building, if nol
started by the lime this is In print, will
be very soon after, it will join the Cranbrook hotel ou the west, be40x60 feet in
dimension, and two stories in height; ii
will be frame, of the nio,t substantial
nature, atul butlt by day labor. It will
be for mercantile purposes and for rent.
Mr, Bnkcr'S belief in Cranbrook is
greater than tlie length of his purse;
this is his his third large building here,
and he will continue oil that line as fast
as ho can dig up.
Gov, Hanson's new building ia progressing as rapidly as money can muke
it and good workmanship will allow.
The second story will be devoted mainly
to furnished rooms—14 or 16. As lhe
governor will furnish them in the way be
so well knows how to do, ami Mrs. Mary
Donahue have charge of them, they will
have no need of recommendation fiom
Excavation for tbe McIuhcbs building
is Hearing completion.
Contractor Reid, ao Ald.Time Horn.Blower.
It Is Alleged Is Willing to Instruct One.
Contractor Reid was in town Saturday,
aud expressed ihe opiuion that Cranbrook ought to have a brass band,saying that if they would organize one he
would give il instructions, as: he was an
old bandmaster. Some of the boys
smiled incredulously at the ideaofRetd
being a bandmaster, but Long Oliver
said the statement was all right as he
had often heard Reid blow bis bom;
McGIl chipped in anil said he too knew
it wns right for be had seen Reid playing the foghorn Oil a Newfoundland fishing smack whenever there was a fog;
McCarty wanted to know what IMcC.il
was doing oil a fishing smack when Reid
retorted thai he used to cul bait for him
while he fished, All Ibis was taking
place in the reading-room of lhe Koolcnay house when Reid chanced lo look
around and saw a talking machine— not
Pieper's, but a phonograph    belonging
to a traveling exhibitor; it had n brass
funnel attachment, resembling :i French
hoi 11, and Reid picking the hitter up,
told them be would show them whether
he cotlUI play or not, and said lhat he
would proceed to give them on Imitation
of Prof, l.evy playing the "Last Rose of
Summer," and he stinted in. At the
fust nolo McQuiston's dog Slim went
through the plate glass front; Slim went
up agalust a cougar once, and thoughl
there was another one linking round in
the vicinitj; then Reid produced n tie-
niola passage which sounded something
'he wail of lost Scotch spirits crcss-
cut by o heartrending strain resembling
mourn: lgs of a young man wilh an
attack of James Preserves; then a win-
low opened in lhe story above and a
voice shouted, "Glory, hallelujah! O,
Loid, I'm comiu'!" followed by a dull,
sickening thud on the outside. An investigation followed and Jack Laiuont
was found lying in a heap ou the pavement below; he recovered breath enough
to ask if Gabriel hadn't "btowed his
horn." He said be woke up and iho't
it was lhe call of Gabe, that he had a pair
of wings aud was going to Ily tight away
to heaven. McQuUtun explained matters to him, and helped him to his room,
Jack remarking tbat if Hint was an imitation (I Levy's music, he could easily
understand how it was that Levy's wife
was granted large alimony and a divorce.
Reid then essayed that good ohl French
hymn, "Paddy's Lament;" nt the first
blast Long Oliver fell off his cbaii and
bis legs and arms were afterward found
to be tied in such n hard knot that it
look fifteen mi miles lo untangle litem;
the paper commenced to peel of the wall
and tried to get out of the windows; the
perspiration rolled off McQnUtuu and
Frank said the next day that the scales
showed thai he had lost 20 pound * there-
bv; McGIl wns observed to be shedding
tears, and when asked what affected him
ao he replied that Reid'a music carried
him back to his boyhood da; a when he
worked in a boiler factory holding the
hammer inside while the rivets were being beaded, whereupon Reid retorted
that he bud always wondered bow McGIl had come by his boiler plate gall,
and then slated that he would conclude
by rendering ''Nearer My God to Thee,"
whereupon McCrimiuon, who had just
came out of a faint, told Reid that il he
put that hoi 11 to his rosebud lips again,
that moment would find him a whole lot
nearer his God than he ever had been before or would be again.    To top it off
Constable Cole came in and said beh id a
'phone l"iotu Pott Steele tint Hi.- quiet of
tiie town w;ts being disturbed; also that
there was a man sick iu Wardner who
was then in convulsions, and rcjUestcd
that the concert close.
An Italian Who Claimed tu Have Been Rolled
al Palmer Itnr, Was Out of Luck.
Monday Constable llawes, of lhe
mounted Police, stationed at Palmer's
bar, brought in four prisouers—Frenchmen—ou suspicion of having rolled an
Italian named llernadlno Doitiiuico,
An examination was hi Id Monday
forenoon in Ihe ollice of justice Hutchison before Inspector of .Mounted Police
Snunderr, and wnsentltledTheQiieeiivs.
Noirisetal. Tbeplainlilf was possessed of
a lamentable ignorance of the Knglisli
language and a strong smell. His evidence was given through an Interpreter,
ami was positive only as lo one of the
inspects—a camp barber. He staled
tbat he hnd been nl the hotel the preceding morning and bottghl refreshments Tor himself lo the amount of 50
cents but strenuously denied having
"called up the house," as the prisoners
averred, which unfortunate Jilsunder*
standing left the f,_ bill he coughed up
in much the same condition as the Cris-
tobel Colon after meeting the Oregon.
Failing to convince anyone that be wasn't
troubled wiih enlargement of the heart
he pocketed bis small change and large
indignation and struck out for Ibe bush
to perform some laundry woik; there, he
alleged, be was followed by four men
whom he could not identify except as to
the barber, whom he swore positively—
getting down on bis knees, crossing himself nnd earnestly beseeching all the
saints ns well as his God In bear witness
to the truth of bis statements—attacked
and throttled him, forcing bim lo his
knees while another extracted from his
trousers pocket $a3 Ol J24 and some small
change, In proof of which he showed
where his trousers hnd been torn down
at tbe side of the pocket. Asked by Inspector Saunders if he could identify any
of the rest ns among his assailants lu- replied ill the negative, affirming that his
attention was rtvclo 1 upon the man who
had a lead-pipe cinch on Ids throat and
whom he was afraid, with the assistance
of the others, was going lo kill bim. Ity
not being identified and Implicated by
the unfortunate Italian, the barber's companions were free to clear him by their
He Was Dead Easy lar Cranbrook.
Wardner International: Hilly Stewart and IMly Daniels alrived in town
Wednesday night from Sand Creek, and
brought with him n measly, hungry,
sleepy-looking canine lhat did not have
enough life to turn a bone over to get nt
the meat OH the under side. The Wardner dogs spotted the Btranger as soon as
lie lauded from the ferry, and they had
visions of a hot lime In the old town lhat
night. Il looked like a snap and they
proceeded tn business. Talk about your
naval fights at Santiago! Great smoke,
bow lhat dog did wake up! From the
ferry landing to the C. P, R. stables he
whipped nine aggressive canines, and wai,
dancing all around the wagons looking
for more. No one has heard Hilly Davis
extolling the fighting qualities of his
bull pup since lhe Sand Creek dog struck
town, and there men few owneis of dogs
in town now who drink alone when they
meet either Stewart or Daniel1*.
Well, billy aud his dog struck Cranbrook soon nfierwnrd, nud the laltei
put Oil more airs than a Spanish don after the blowing up of lhe Maine. He
walked up to a yellow* pup—McMulHli's
good-natured Jerry—and seemed lo say;
"Cranbrook aud what's left of the earth
is mine! Seel Vou get off of it!" 'Jerry answered: "Oil, l dou't know strange i*." and the matinee opened. There
was one round, and that but  for a 1110-
nieni; in the meantime the air was full
of dog and kl-yls, both of them from
Sand Creek; Jerry sat down a moment
lalcr ami combed the hide aud hair out of
bis teeth before going to breakfMt{
the.scrap, like tbe toper's morning drink,
was just an appetizer,
That Have Occurred During llie Week Past,
or Will Take Place Later.
Ninety-six and yS In the shade. Whew!
Mountain (Ires, apparently, are raging
to the south and east, as Ihe smoke
coming from that direction Is getting to
be quite dense.
Drunks ami disorderlies, more especially the latter, nre not nearly so numerous as might be expected, whether it is
owing to the quality of Cranbrook inspiration extracts, or the length ol lhe
festive laborer's pocketbook.
Through misinformation Contractor
Campbell's family was accredited lust
week to Mr, McCrimiuon, and the latter
has received cousidetahle joshing about
it, as well as giving it back. Mr. Campbell slill retains his family.
The Little shack was big enough for a
jail, nnd Couimlisioucr Armstrong
I hough t he lud it corraled for jail purposes, but Mr. Little changed bis mind
ns lo the amount of rent the province
should pay for it, and lhe {deal is off.—
Later: The advance has been  accepted.
Quite an aggregation of buildings—
half a dozen 01 more—ore being erected
in the southwest comer or the town, and
have nbout ibe same architectural ap-
pearanic. although tin- inm,ties nre constructed afler nil sorb of modes, var>ing
in color from while aud yellow to black.
The structures,   like   the inmates,
They are telling 11 good one ou bridge
Contractor McGilvary. At Swansea, so
the stoiy runs, there is quite an attractive yonng "hello girl." Now, young
.ladies of all kinds are somewhat few and
far between 111 South F'ast Koolcnay,
and Mc, being of an investigating tutu
ol fliind, resolved tg find out for himself;
accordingly be went to the ceutral office
ai Swansea, and said he wanted to send
a message to Contractor WelMurfn, at
Fort Steele. The young lady 'tried to
n-11 him that Contractor Welltuati was
in his camp, hut a shflrt distance away,
however he would nut listen to her, sat
down and wrote what purported lo be a
message—but Ihey say an expert chiro-
giapber could not decipher it—threw
down a dollar, and with a last fond look
aud uo change departed.
Living In or Visiting Cranbrook. Whom
We Alt Know of Should.
C. J. Campbell, of Warduer, was a vis
ilor this week.
Contractor Wellmau was down [from
Swansea Saturday.
Kngineer Garden wns a visitor to the
''beautiful'' yesterday.
V. Liddecoatt recently arrived from
Ontario, ami will abide here.
Joe Laidlaw made a trip over to the
North Star mines this week.
Contractor Campbell and wife are sojourning at the Commercial,
Thomas Kennedy, the merchant wasa
visitor to Fort Steele Tuesday.
Col. Henderson, the .genial, was Ungues! of V. Hyde Maker Wednesday.
W, R. Stewart, of Mcl.eod, a well-
known cattleman, was in town a few
days ago.
Contractor Campbell, wife ami children are sojourning at the Commercial
these days.
V, A. McIIugli, a well-known contractor, was in circulation around town during the week.
George K. Leeson, of the bridge contracting firm Leesou & McGilvary. was
in town Saturday.
I. Isbester, from Ottawa, of the firm
of Isbester & Grant, railroad contractors, was a Cranbrook visitor recently.
William Cariin, the heavy-weight merchant of Fort Steele, waa in town again
recently. He will soon join the business
men's procession Cranbrook ward.
R. H Dixon, of Kgaa St Co., cont,actors, arrived iu lown Tuesday, en route to
the camp west of town. Mr. Dixon says
tbeir work will be Guished up in a few
William Eschwig, of the Kootenay
House, Wardner, was in town Monday;
he came with the intention of building
a hotel if be could find a suitable location.
Fred Smytbe, the enterprising editor
of the Moyie Leader, was in towo Saturday and Sunday. Fred thinks both
Cranbrook aud Moyie are strictly in the
Gold Commissioner Armstrong was a
visitor to Cranbrook Saturday. The rapid growth of southeast Kootenay keeps
the commissioner, on the road much ol
the time,
R. E. Henttie, dispenser of castor oil,
Epsom sails and other sweetmeats too
numerous to mention, drove down lo
Wardner Sunday evening, returning
S. McCriminon, one of the pleasanteis
and highest esteemed of many gentlemen who had contracts on the C. N. P.
R., departed for bis home in Calgary
G. R. Leask, wife and child, arrived
Sunday from Ontario, and had not been
iu town 34 hours before he had purchased
a lot and commenced the erection of a
substantial cottage home.
George Lielch departed Sunday night
for Coal Creek; he will be engaged there
for about 30 days in assisting in setting
up tbe machinery in the mammoth sawmill at that point and getting it running.
Judge Fraser, of Moyie, was a Craubrook visitor Tuesday. The judge is
about to make a visit to his old home in
Illinois as a result of a sale of an interest in the Fraser group of mines four
miles south of Cranbrook,
T. W. Leask, of Gore Hay, Ontario, arrived here on Sunday, last; Mr, Leask is
a sash, door and blind manufacturer,
and he was a visitor here in May lasl; if
be finds the timbtr supply satisfactory
he will move his plant here; Cranbrook
attractions are irresistible.
Messrs. W.C. J.Wakefield and J. C. For-
ster of tbe Fort Steele Mercantile Company, residing at Spokane, accompanied
by Manager Tbiess of the same company, were in town Tuesday, afterward
proceeding to Moyie City, where they
are largely interested in fishing.
Hugh Stephens, of Stephens & Cm-
ban, proprietors of the Wardner hotel,
was in town Sunday; Mr. Stephens has
a boundless amount of faith in the future
of Wardner, but being an American
western man, the railroad having reached him he will try to find some place
where there ia none.
Miss Jennie Burge, of Kalispell, is vis-
lllng her father, Oliver Hurge, of the
blast Kootenay hole!. Since her arrival
Oliver has stretched about three inches
longer, wears a necktie and a haughty
air. ami hardly looks al his old acquaintances, Algernon Scott snys Oliver tried
lo borrow bis celluloid porcelain plated collar, but he did not believe in encouraging vauily, besides, he wanted to
wear it now himself.
Fifteen Americans and 260 Spaniards
are Killed.
The War "Will'B: Pushed Until
Terms  arc Agreed To—-
Other Notes.
Washington, Au%. 9 The Bral land
fight haa taUen* place1 at Manila; 15
Americana and wo Spaniards killed,
Spain's answer to peace artich - :- un-
lathjfactoty toMcKinley, and the i niud
States will proceed upon the a - -■ lion
lhat all its demands are lo : accede I to
by lhe vniiquutheft.
$ie riiillipit.e and Puerto Rico campaigns will in- pushed until articles of capitulation have been drawn ami signctf.
Spain Isanxloufffor hostilities t-.ci-t.-e,
and the Queen Regent favors the terms '
Itis believed that bloodthed will - ou
end in the West Indies.
The main hotly or American invaders
are moving toward San '■>■.,- 1        l>.".i!
Guayma was compelled lo - icndei
with a loss of 17.
■American gunboats do not all ,v even
mall sloops to cuter tlavai a li .■:.--
The Capture ol Puerto Rico t>> the American
Troaps Celebrated b) Citizens.
Ponce, Uland of r
—The following is the le
or\ proclamation i--*-:'-.-.  t*.
Dotted States city:
"Citm-ns: Today Ihe rlt
erto Rico assist iu one ol he
tifut fetes. The sun of Am
upon your mountains and
lay of July, 1S9S. It te a daj .
ous remembrance Tot each son ol this
beloved bland, became foi the first lime
there waves over her tin flag * th sl . ,
planted in the name of Uie . run • .
ot" the United Slates ot Abk ric I * tbe
major general ol the American army,
Senor Miles. Puerto Rica us, vtc ■■. I •
lhe miraculous intervention of the God
of lhe just, given back to the ht .-< m of
our mother, America, In win se waters
nature has placed us as people of America. To her we are given back in the
name of her government by General
UUes and we most send mir mosl expressive salutaiion of genen ns afieetl ■*.
through our conduct toward the raltsnt
troops represented by distinguished officers and commanded by the illustrious
General Miles.
"CititttMJ Long live the government
of the United States of America. Hail
to their valiant troop?. Iia:i Puerto Rico, always American.
'•Vauco. Puerto Rico, United Slates of
America.     Alcade Pnnctsn  Mia a u"
peace pp.opos;
Tbey Are Invited B> Spain ftrosgfa the Median ol tbe French tabasufior.
Washington,July 29.—The cabinet discussed ihe president's answer to Si ain'fl
peace proposal and reached the following
decisions: The absolute sut render of
Puerto Rico to the'United St •.-.--: ■
nition of independence of 1  ssion
of one of the Ladrone is! mda v- the
United States of at least coaling statii rs
in the Philipiiies. The question undecided Is what disposition shall be made
of tbe Philippine islands as a wh 1*.
can be state. 1 that Ihere is pi ictl ally no
difference of opinion in the cal • n
tbe question of the retention  of the
11 intiii-
ilion of
Philippine island*
hers being opposed to t
these islands.    There bai been       d
ion, however, as )et on the ■ ■ *    t to
which the government will j     o ii   le*
cision regarding the future el ll       islands, but it Is probable thai till ■   r
of the president will ex\ ressthe willing*-
uess of this government to leave tl
ter of the future government < i the Phil*
lippfnes entirely in the bands of a joint
commission to be appointed by ll
erumtnt and the governmeul nl Spain.
The probability is that ihe 1
will insist upon a guarantee ol
reform! in the government of the Philippines,   (Kir answer will make no mention of money indemnity, ueilhi        11
there be aoy armistice at all.   'Ji<- answer will he In the nalute oi an      ■■..
turn and if Spain does not accept it she
will fare worse in the future,    The note
from Spain, it is said, was n very adroit
and e-jiihocal document     Prom Hiding it one would think the ■■:..-.   | .< ■'.!■ n
involved was Cuba.
Rismark, North Dakota, Burned.
Bismark] North  Dakota,   U. 8., Ii
been totally destroyed by fire.
late local;;
Constable Cole was a tisitor   to  Port
Steele yesterday morning, securii
P. II. Kclley, of Warduer. te a rilllor
in Cranbrook. lie says the railroad -a-,;]
be across the river Saturday without
The Royal Cafe building bai been
leased to parlies from P'ori Steele, a d
will be enlarged to about double iis pit 1*
J. MeKenzie, the lie contractor, is
" under the weather " with lhe prevailing complaint, and has been quite ill for
several days.
frank Saulsby, .1 teamster employed
in J. McKenzie's lie camp, just west "f
town, was painfully injnretl by yetting
tangled up iu a picket-rope and dragged
and kicked by a mule, yesterday. He
was taken to tho hospital in tbe ambulance'. Passing through here lie v. ■ 1 v-
amiiied by Dr. Itrodic, »ho was of the
opinion that im serious injuries had been
Murder Near Moyie.
There was a niutder committed Tuesday afternoon on the grade helw. en
Swansea and Moyie. An Italian was
killed. Up to Ibis lime it hei been impossible to learn auy particulars, THp CRAUBROOK HERALD,
herald  riiBUBHiNQ   co Pnprinan
iliivuri.LMy In advance.)
On» Tur |i»
Bla   Mwitb»  ""
Aiivmiilnf rult'i funiUht-al mi  ai-jilli -.tn
An eicbange nays: "Machine Kiina
are deadly ou boarders."   So la hash.
Tbe reigning styles of moral raiment
In Madrid do not appear to luelude the
mantle of truth.
Those who are working for a new
national anthem might enroll themselves as a branch fresh air society.
France Is In a dilemma. The pesetas
tbat have gone Incline It to Spain and
the dollars that are not coming IncllUfl
lt to America.
The Lonoke (Tenn.) Democrat «ays
the girls of that town now wear star
spangled whirl waists. Humid to make
the boys aee stars, evidently.
No matter whether the United States
Ih represented at tin- Paris exposition
of ltmo or Dot If Pat*Js gets up a good
allow L'ucle Sam. will see It.
A new York paper has discovered
thai the bastile waa on thu whole a
comfortable place. Now let the "Black
Hole" of Calcutta be given a clean bill
of health.
There Is one column of Ihe dally papers that, eveu In war-time, la never
printed In largo type—yet the "married" announcements look large to tbo
June brides.
A Chicago mule run against by a
scorcher kicked bim Into hospital. This
animal Is not going to Bee himself
knocked out of the way by tbe bicycle
without a protest.
A Hctentlflc exchange says: "Artificial
legs are lo he made with pneumatic
fi-et, to lessen the Jar on the body when
Walking." After Ihls, lovers will uot
have a monopoly of "walking ou air."
Paris press hostile! Americans boycott men milliners and dressmakers or
Paris. Men milliners aud dressmakers
fee the point ami likewise see business
managers of Paris papers. Paris papers gradually assuming a more friendly tone.
The Boston Herald asserts: "Tho
Dewey cocktail Is composed of red
raspberry Juice, white maraschino uud
blue creme yvette. A rather queer
concoction, but tho colors appear to
be ull right." But what If color blindness Bhould follow drinking?
There are seventy active volcanoes
on the Philippine Islands, and earthquakes have yearly piny spells lu hopping from one to the other ami guyly
Blinking Up tbe Inhabitants, There la
probubly uo livelier land ou tbo footstool.
Esteemed eon temporaries that persist lu talking of "the old veteran" cun
keep right on. After the close of the
present wnr we Bbull have another
army of veterans that will have to lie
distinguished lu some way from the
survivors of ibe civil war. We cau call
them veterans and refer to the heroes
of the 'tWs as "old veterans.*'
It la beginning to be plain that this
War with Spain marks tlie beginning of
a new military epoch for the United
States. It Is reasonable to believe that
for garrison purposes alone we shall
need not less than 50,000 men. Viewing
the situation In this aspect, lt Is freely
predicted that the pence establishment
of the army will hereafter be not lesa
than what It has been made for this
war—about 70.000 men. This Increase
will tie consistent with the history of
the army, which shows that every war
since the revolution hits left tbe nation
with a larger army.
A few months ago a Spanish warship
lu New York harbor required some repairing on Its machlneryt and the bill
presented when It wns done was two
hundred and fifty dollars. The officer
In charge told the mechanic thnt his
bill would not do, and ordered It enlarged to eleven hundred dollars, so ''It
would go around." In spite of the
spollB system lo our own hind, there
can be but one comment on such corrupt practices, and tbe nation tbat tolerates them coutulua the sure seeds uf
The present Is a time of great opportunities, it is testing tbe preparedness
of a large number of men. They see
Just the opeulngs for which they have
waited for years, but they llnd too
often uud too lute that they are not
prepared to take advantage of thom.
Men, aud especially young men, are too
apt to argue that alt they need Ih the
opportunity. Tbe prepnredness, tbey
Imagine, will come of itself. They flud
out their mistake when some i|iil**t matt
who haa spent years In thoroughly
drilling and training himself steps in
and takes advantage of the opening for
which many have waited but huve not
prepared themselves.
A town Improvement club offers a solution for tbe problem of pauperism by
providing work for the deserving, and
If adult able-bodied men and women
will not work they should not be fed
by charity. Outsldo work baa been regulated aa follows: A yearly tai of one
dollar Is assessed all tnxpaylng people
and Is cheerfully responded to. With
thla fund are purchased for one Item
flower seeds for distribution among the
school children. Prizes are offered for
the best display at the annual flower
show, and tbe town blossoms like tha
rose. Tbe settlug out of shade trees,
drinking fountains, seats for the weary
lu parks and In shady spots, and a
street-cleaning department of children.
are some of the features of thla most
commendable enterprise. Altruism ol,
this sort pays.
operative act of parents, who net to
aether in cities and villages. Nowhere
can curfew be established excepi al the
request of parents expressed lu ballots,
The law no more Interferes   with   pa-
"i-ental-fights and personal liberty than
laws ou compulsory education and
child labor. The school and the curfew
bell arafqtially Justified aa safeguards
of public mogiUs. Laws forbidding the
sale of liquors aud tobacco und corrupt
literature to minors have long since 11-
lUStrated the duty of the state to Immature youth. Gladstone say-* thai It
Is the purpose of law to make It as hard
as possltje to do wrong, and as easy -ft-
possible to do right. No Intelligent
view of personal liberty Justifies turn
Ing Infants loose to play with poisons
and razors. The most Inspiring wnich
word of reform Is, "(Jive the Iwiys n
chance:" Tbe testimony of cities which
have tried lhe ciliTew Is Uniformly fa
vorable. The law has not destroyed
clvl Utterly, nor promoted communism;
it has not proved difficult of enforcement, and has been well observed,* Il
bus chedfted hoodlumtsm, A chief ol
police win' opposed the ordinance ai
first repented as he heard the steady
putter of Utile feet, homeward hound,
passing his ofllce door at each ringing
of the bell.
In a ttme like the present, when the
ties that bind nations lu friendship are
often sirc-tched to a dangerous tension,
even the slightest manifestations of
good will are not without Influence In
preserving unbroken relations. How
much more potent nnd impressive then
must have been that seem* In the Pic-
pas Cemetery on Memorial Day when
tlie American colony In Paris gathered
about the tomb dr Lafayette, garlanded
It with flowers and listened \% ihe eulogy of tbat unselfish patriot delivered
by tlie American ambassador, rp-.ui
whichever side mny be the sympathies
of the French people In the Spanish-
American war, they cannot be Insensible to such au exhibition of loving regard for the great Frenchman wbo
gave his services to the cause of American freedom. The honor done the memory of Lafayette waa also expressive
of the gratitude and regard In which
America bus ever held tlie French nation, and out of which have been form
til "those unbreakable ties between the
two peoples" so feelingly alluded to by
A mbaseador Porter. Tbe custom of
celebrating Memorial Uny should Income ns firmly established among
American colonies In foreign cities
whero there are honored dead ns It Is
In the United Stales. Americans should
never miss an opportunity to show that
the nation remembers Its brave defenders of other lauds as well as those
among Its own citizens, Especially
should It do such honor to the memory
of Lafayette, whose patriotism wns of
the loftiest order. He bad no selfish
purpose to serve. He had no possessions
here to defend. This was neither his
native html nor his home. His sole Inspiration was the love of liberty. Each
succeeding Memorial Day should find
his tomb strewn with flowers—fragrant
tributes of American dwellers In his native land.
Three hundred towns and cities of
the United States, moved by 14ore thau
three hundred tragedies of Juvenile
crime, have recently ordained that children shall come home at n ght at the
slgual of a Bo-called curfww bell, at 8
o'clock In winter; at 0 In summer. The
ancient curfew applied t* old and
young alike: the modern curfew hu
only the poetic remembrance of being
au I'veu bull,    lioveminent* ts tht oo-
One of tbe conspicuous elements of
the torpedo's value is the fear which It-s
use excites. Tbe fact that Its location
Is secret and lis attack well-nigh Irresistible, says a contributor in Prank
Leslie's Monthly, gives It a power of In
tliuldntlon out of all proportion to its
actual potency, and makes fleets un
willing to face It. It caused terror and
demoralization at the battle of Llssa.
and later, iu the franco-German war of
1871, the French fleet was actually
frightened out of Prussian purls by the
rumor and belief that numerous torpedoes had been planted for tbeir reception. A striking Instance of the effectiveness of the torpedo is found In the
sinking of the Blanco En en la da In Chill
from Injuries thus Inflicted during the
revolution of 1801. The whole of President Balmaceda's fleet present had
Joined the Insurgents, when suddenly
his two swift torpedo vessels, the
Lynch and Condell, nrlved at Valparaiso. They were armed with two four-
teen-pounder guns and four torpedo
tubes. They Immediately attacked the
Blanco Encalada, and tlie Ironclad was
taken completely by surprise. She had
no protective net out, and no guard
boats were patrolling, while a portion
of the crew wns on shore. After two
or three futile attempts the Lynch np
proaehed tbe Encalada within fifty
yards and discharged a torpedo, which
struck the Ironclad abreast the engine-
room, The explosion was tremendous,
Many were killed, and the ship keeled
over and sank lu five minutes. The tor
pedo used carried a charge of about
fifty pounds of guncotton. Neither of
the attacking bouts was injured, and
this fact and the demonstration tbat
such a charge of guncotton striking n
vessel lu a vital part Is Irresistible, combined to give to the torpedo n prominence In naval equipment nnd warfare
It had uot beforo possessed.
How the It >y Felt Under Firo
One of the Junior officers of the but
tie ship lown was describing one day
"how you feel when under lire the first
time." He suld "you" felt Like lying
down; "your" knees weaken; "you" are
Ured—oh, so tired and If no one was
looking "you" would Just drop und lie
there till It wns all over.
"How the deuce does he know?" ask
ed one of tbe men Included In the
sweeping word "you," after the eiislgu
was gone. "He's never boon there, has
"Yes," said another. "Off the coast
of South America, during oue of those
little wars down there, be was sent
ashore In a boat, while a fight was on
between two ships and n shore battery,
The fight was Just around n point, and
the ensign's crew, pulling hard, sent the
boat right Iuto It before be was aware.
They were under fire for about three
"Well, what did be do?"
"He told the men to obey his Instinct
to lie down, while he stood up and
steered the limit on Us momentum
through tbe firing."— New York Com
mercful Advertiser.
Wind on the Ur nipt in Hills.
The violence of the wind on tht
Grampian bills Is so great that on aev
ernl occasions It has brought to a stand
still trains traveling from Perth lo the
When to Buy Bhors.
To get comfortably tilting shoes buy
them lu the afternoon, when the Mer
else of the day has spread the muscle:
of the feet lu tbeir largest eileut.
•>C**4>0Osy ■*> •V'kV'^lMJ-lMJa^a^a^m^i^t^a^i^a^i^iz.** J
Bev. Wetberb; Smiles wns rector nt
St. James' and occupied a rose-embowered cottage not fur from the church.
The cottage, with Us allenditlit garden,
wns n dainty, pretty spot, which looked
as though a woman's hand l*d planted
and cured for It.
lti-t im woman bud anything to do
with the rectory, ltev. Smiles' ouly
servant was a doddering tdd man; the
I'CCtor prepared Ids own meals, except
when be was Invited to tea by some ohl
lady who pilled bis hiliely, ludlgestlon-
brecding existence, »
Nut that ltev. Wetberb? Smiles was
n woman hater, but Mr. Smiles was
very high church Indeed. Unfortunately, St. James' nnd the pnrlsh people
were extremely low.
The rector felt that the clergy, to be
able to give their whole time and
thought to their work,Should live lives
of celibacy. He had felt at times a
strong drawing towards some ecclesiastical order lu which such vows would
be necessary. Then be would wear I
some outward sign of bis vows, nnd the
young women of his parish would not
full In love with bim.
Tbe rector was young and good-looking; he had been lu Ids present pastorale less than a year, nnd he bad already
had an experience.
Rev. Wetherby Smiles, from study
window, could look across his garden
plot nml see the brown earth warming
In the Bpr'ng sunshine nnd the trees
and bushes slowly bursting Into life,
lie looked ncross his garden, I sny,
nnd across the garden, beyond the low
hedge, was another garden which In
summer was full of color. He hnd noticed the brllilnut-hiieil beds tho year
before, but now tbo only bit of color
was n pale blue morning robe that flitted nbout the IncloBiire.
To tell the truth, the rector bad seldom noticed that morning gown or tbe
little woman Inside tt before. But It
pleased his fancy now to look ncross
the hedge nnd watch his neighbor.
lie recalled thnt his old major domo
had told llim tho cottage next tbe pur-
sonage wns occupied by a widowed
lady—a lonely creature who bad taken
up her abode there but shortly before
ltev. smiles wits settled over St, James'.
He remembered tho little figure In
black In one of the side pews, pointed
out to him by the clerk ns "Mrs. Scor-
rltch," and probably had not given her
a thought or glance afterward.
However, he saw so much of tbe pale
blue gown thnt first warm week lu
spring that he looked for the little
widow In her pew the next Sabbath.
She had laid aside her weeds nnd was
dressed In Borne clinging, fawn-colored material that made her i.m-i*. like
« very demure little moth. And sbe hud
the sweetest face In the world—nt least
the sweetest face lu ltev. Wetherby
Smiles* world.
On Munday morning the clerical
black appeared In'the rectory garden
nbout as soon as the pretty morulug
robe appeared over the hedge. The demure little face dimpled nnd smiled under Its garden hat at the rector's np-
proach, and tbe widow nodded brightly.
"You are early nt your gardening this
morning, Mrs. Scorrltch," he said.
"Yes, but It's so warm," she replied
In defense. "I am expecting my crocuses to appear any day now."
"I'm nfrald we'll see some frost yet,
Mrs. Scorrltch," said the rector.
"Now. don't talk that way, 1 beg!"
erled the little woman, clasping her
hands, Inclosed In long-wristed and particularly well-fitting gauntlets. "Just
suppose my crocuses should come up
nnd be frost bitten? Oh, the thought
Is too awful."
"I sincerely hope you will not be disappointed, but the climate Is uncertain."
Many were the conferences held
across the hedge regarding the proper
pruning of ruse trees, tbe planting of
hardy seeds, and tbe preparation of the
beds of earth. The rector bad never
suspected there wus so much detail iu
tbe business of gardening.
Oue morning, Just nfter a warm night
ruin, Bev. Smiles was culled to the
hedge by a little cry from his neighbor,
"They nre coming!" she cried In delight. "See! Here Is the denrest little
blade of green pushing up through the
mold—nnd there is another—and another!   Just look at them!"
Tbe rector found It uecessary to leap
tbe hedge (he hnd been something of nn
athlete nt the university, and certainly
this spring weather wus sending the
blood coursing through his veins quite
like old times) and look at tbe crocus
bed near to.
"They are such lovely ones," she snid
earnestly. "I don't believe you noticed
them nt nil lasl spring" (be pronounced
maledictions upou himself for having
been so blind as to miss so much beauty
the previous season), "but tbey will be
even better this year—If we don't have
thnt horrid frost yuu have been
But when he bad returned to his own
lonely domain and entered his study he
slopped aud thought seriously for a
minute. Then he cast bis fiat-crowned
ministerial hut upon the Horn- with
grent emphasis nnd exclaimed:
"It's my creed, I tell you, that a mnn
In orders should not marry!"
Now, there wns uo one visible to
argue  the  question,   aud   jut   there
seemed to be argument In Ills own
mind, for ltev. Wetherby Smiles smote
Ids palm with his clenched list angrily
and kicked the fiut-orowucd hat to tin
other end of ihe room.
For two days ibe rector of Rt. Jnnies'
rigidly stilled his Interest In crocuses;
his Interest lu creeds, however, was not
entirely Satisfying, f'n Sunday, after
vespers, he overtook ou his way home
a lliilc figure lu a fawn -colored gown.
"You must see my crocuses, Mr.
Smiles," she snid. "Tlie buds will be
Opeu before next Sunday."
The rector glanced gloomily at the
darkening sky, and thought thnt proba
bly thore would bo a frost that night.
But he could lint long think of frosl
uud other unpleasant possibilities uu
der the skillful manipulation of his
charming little neighbor,
He hesitated nl her gate, and again
croCUSdS triumphed over creed. The
crocuses were nourishing finely; the
creeds took a back sent -Indeed a very
unobtrusive seal lu the rector's memory.
His interest In lhe crocuses continued
that evening to so lute uu hour that
bis old servitor really thought he wns
not coining to supper aud cleared uwuy
the rPpnst
"Never mind," snid the rector, kindly.
"I nm nut hungry," nnd when tbe old
man bad doddered off lo bed he sat
down before tfie open window of his
Chamber and stared out into tbe still
Ile sut (here for nn hour. A light
burned behind the curtain ut one of his
neighbor's windows. That was her
light, he knew. Finally It disappeared,
but be sat ou, his arms folded upon tbe
sill, his eyes glaring fixed Into the darkness. Creed was making a strong light
for life.
It grew rapidly colder, nnd suddenly
Rev. Wetherby Smiles awoke to the
discomforts uf   Ihe   outer   mnn.    lie
tthlviit'sjil mnl Ji-mv luuny (**>—* *W  « ln-
dow. There was no breeze nnd no
clouds, but nn Increasing chill mude
him close the casement.
Theu he slipped ou a smoking Jacket
nnd went to tbe door. Tbere wus a light
haze upon the river and a shimmer of
frost iu tbe air.
"A bad night for the farmers and
fruit growers." he thought. Then bis
mind reverted to those crocuses. "They
will be black by morning," he said.
"Too hnd, and the little woman thinks
so much of ihem,"
He hesitated n m mien: an 1 then went
in ngnin. reappearing shortly with nn
old mackintosh.
"Just the thing-to spread before the
bed to defend them from the frost," he
muttered, and with long strides be
crossed the rectory garden and lenped
the hedge.
Feeling n good denl like a night
prowler wbo bad no business In tho
place he crept through his little neighbor's garden and approached the crocus bed. He started nt the slightest
sound and glanced about fearfully.
Supposing somebody should see him—
one of tils parishioners- even bis major
Suddenly Just as he spread the covering over the crocus bed and wns turn-
lug hastily to fiee, tie heard a sound
upon the porch. He started, and his
eyes became fixed upon the vision before hlin. A figure, nil In white, uud
motionless, stood upon Ihe lower step.
ltev. Wetherby Smiles wns startled,
but be wns not superstitious. For
some seconds, however, be stared at the
apparition beforo he recognized It. Then
he stepped quickly forward and began
(0 make excuses In a low voice.
"Mrs. Scorrltch- Lydla 1 beg your
pardon, but 1 thought—-"
He got no further In his faltering remarks. With a shuddering little cry
the figure tottered and would have fallen to the ground hail he not caught her
In bin iiruis.
"Good Lord!" mutlered Bev. Bm Hostile perspiration sinning from his brow.
"Whnt a Situation!" He wus tempted
to lay her down upon the porch and
run. Instead lie stooped down nud-
11 fled ber and carried bis burden Inlo
the house.
There wns a conch In the reception*
room. He laid her down nnd lighted
lhe gns. She opened her eyes Ian
guldly nnd saw him.
"I have frightened you, Lydla," he
snid. "Really, 1 had no Intention, you
know. 1 only remembered the crocuses—"
"I thought you were n burglar," she
admitted. "And when 1 heard your
"Didn't you recognize It?" he asked.
"You—you had never spoken lu Just
thnt wny before, nud—"
He look her bauds. "1 wns only thinking of the crocuses, Lydla," he snid.
which was very trtie. He hnd quite
forgotten the "creed."—Utica Globe.
Marriage by Ti lephone.
Out In Missouri a marriage ceremony
has Jnst been performed by telephone.
Tbe bride stood at one end of the wire
In one "town, and tbe groom nt tbe other end In another town. A clergyman
and witnesses surrounded each of the
contracting parties and "central" attended to It that no time was wasted,
Every mother of u pretty girl u s
board of strategy,
Joke* and Jokcleta that Are Supposed
to Have Been Re*entljr Born-Buying*
aad Doings that A re Odd. Curious and
Laugtiubie-The Week'* Humor.
"I thought you were going to tbe
"So I was; but the heartless recruiting officer wouldu't allow me to take
my bicycle along,"—Philadelphia North
Minnie- Whnt frauds these beggars
are! 1 met a "blind" man, wbo said:
"Please give me a penny, beautiful
Mniule Yes; he said that to make
you think he really wns blind. India unpnlls Journal.
What Jonah Needed.
S. S. Teacher isecklug to Impress the
necessity of faith)—And what was the
one thing Jonah ueeded lo make hbn
ltrlght Scholar- Tbe earth.- Harlem
The Trice of Ineiperlence.
Lady-ltut It seems lo tne you nsk
very high wages when you acknowledge that you haven't hud much experience.
Bridget—Sure, mnrm, nlu't It harder
for uie when 1 don't know how?—Tld*
A V he no me non.
"It's    remarkable,"   said    Senator
Sorgh inn, "how differently people are
affected by the same thing."
"Huve you been reading medicine?"
"No.   1 wus thinking of my speech.
It kept me itwuke four nights, and put
everybody   wbo beard   It  to   sleep."—
Washington Star.
■Twa* Ifetter Thne.
Moneybags-So you lost your references.   How cureless!
Hoy—Not nt nil, sir. I wanted to lose
'em.—Chicago Inter Ocean.
Mamma — Never say you can't
There's no such word us cau't.
Tommy—There always seems to be
such u word when 1 ask If 1 cuu have
more Jelly.
A Pure Tent.
"It's oil right," said Senator Sorghum. L'leefnllv.jM'jii geitlne on."
"What do you menu1/" inquired his
"1 am being formally recognized as
one of the great men of the era. They
nre beginning to circulate Inst century's anecdotes with my name attached to 'em."—Washington Stur.
Droppi'iK   film Hard.
He—All, yes, I know I'm my own
worst enemy,
She-Ob, you egotist!
Probably He Waa Shy.
Philips—He's the most bashful man
I ever met.
QufypB-Quite true. I've known him
to decline to meet u note wheu It was
due.—Towu Topics.
The Actors' Paradise.
Booth Kenn—They Bay eggs are
worth ubout liO cents apiece lu Havana
lrvlngton Barrett—Ah, what a glorious place thut would be fur the tlrst
production of our new pluy.
IT cart-Break I nv. ~~
Trembling Suitor—Ah, If I only dared
to tell yon what Is In my heart! Can't
you see? Cau't you guess what It Is I
would say lo you?
Beautiful Widow-Yes, I think I enn
rend your thoughts. But pray do not
spenk the words that are trembling upon your lips. Let us respect tbe dead.
I have decided not to marry again—
for ut least six mouths.
An liiif-fiHitlbllttj.
"Did you ever sleep In the next berth
to a suorlng person lu u sleeping car'/"
"No, but I've often tried to."
Wur ui.
Film-Brown has a typical mother-in-
Plain—I should sny she was a tropical
one.   She makes lt pretty hot for him
sometimes.—Cleveland Lender,
What's the Unf
"Paw," aBked the little boy, "didn't
you Bay In your speech that you expected the map of the world to he changed
soon ?"
"1 think I did," said the orator.
"Then what's the use of my study In'
JogiaphyV"- Indianapolis Journal.
The Only Safe Way.
"The waiter brought me a cup of coffee with a My In It, and I made him
take lt away aud bring me another."
"Yotl did wrung. You should have
made him bring you another one aud
take the old one away."—Cincinnati
"That young Itldgeford hasn't a bit
of business sense."
"How do you know?"
"Why, he tried to borrow money of
papa before he proposed te me."—-Cincinnati Emjuorsr.
A RIb Price.
Little Sister-Does a body get Into
heaven free?
Little Brother—No. You have to be
Distinction iflth a Difference.
Bennet—Did you sny Kockenrlgh hnd
a stroke of paralysis last night V
Near pass-No| 1 said be was paralyzed.
Angry Bard—What did yon mean,
sir, by printing my wur poem lu your
Joke column?
Editor—1 put It there because 1
thought it wns about time we printed
something really funny In tbe Joke cul
Why He Wm Hluned.
Manager-Can you pilch good ball?
Pitcher Pitch good bull? Why, I
pitched iu Havana one season, and
every time 1 curved the bull In 1 killed
a Spaniard.- Denver News.
Not Used to Froulle Ware.
Mrs. Housewife-Bridget, that is the
seventh piece of china that you have
broken within the past two days.
Bridget—I know It, mum. At the last
place where I wor-rked the folks never
ate off aunythlug but goohl nnd silver.
—Souierville Journal,
Ita True Meunlnt?.
Little Bennle—Papa, whnt does repentance menu?
Papa—Repentance Is the sorrowful
feeling that comes to n person nfter he
gets caught at It.—Chicago News.
In Love.
"They seem to be tt very devoted couple."
"I should say so. They've been married three years nnd still ride a tandem
—Boston Traveler.
An Artful Man
"Your husband Is so amiable."
"Yes, he acts that way In public, so
people will think the baby takes after
me."—Chicago Record.
His itemed*
"I thought your doctor told you lhat
you'd have to get out of Ihls climate."
"He did, but I couldn't arrange my
business affairs so as to be able to get
away, so 1 had to change my doctor."
the  Knew Ton Mncb,
Albert—I haven't seen anything In
the papers lately about the dangers of
Winifred—Oh. I nlways knew there
was nothing In those stories.
And now she wonders why he Is so
cold aud distant.
An Unexpected Surpri-ie.
Manager—You rnn over a mnn this
Motorman- But he was a Spaniard.
Mnnngor-Ob, that's different. We'll
Increase your salary.—HetroR Free
He Can't Re Spared.
Mrs. nightly—lias your husband gone
to the war?
Mrs. St ron gin I nde—No, I can't afford
to hire a nurse for the children.
Natural Knnuich
Fllmore—Wonder what tins come
over Nell Handel? A week ngo Bhe
wouldu't look at Nut Tyres, und now
she Ih always with him.
Hilton—Yes; he swapped off his
wheel for one the same make as hers.
- Boston Transcript.
No Alliums for llim.
Tired Tread well—Wot, au alliance
wid England? Noi uny fer mo! I'm
agin it, tlrst, last und ull do time,
Weary Watson—Ain't yet got no
pride lu yer country? T'lnk how we
could swipe de rest of de powers. We'd
be de whole ting If we hnd dut kind
of a combination,
Tired Trendwell--Hut's all right, but
I seen an Item In a paper tint dey use
400,000,000 pounds of soap every year
lu Kngliind.
Princes* Ku all i*a Pnptil rlty.
Princess Kuhillu, who represented
Spain at tlie World's Columbian Expo
sl tion lu Chicago lu 1NIM nml who wus
welcomed by Ihe American people with
euthuslusm nt the time, la much more
popular In Spain than Is her sister-
in-law, Marin Christina, the Queen Be
gent. She Impressed herself on the
people of this country ns n charming
personage. When one takes Into con
Hide ration all that Is written nbout royal personages It Is rather strange Ihnl
this popular young mint uf the Spanish
King Is so little known. The Princess
travels considerably and In this pas
time finds her greatest delight.
Great Mosses nf Pa agonla.
Heir Iiusen, a German traveler, who
has recently explored the west const of
Patagonia, says that mosses of all species are developed there to an extraordinary degree. They grow In Immense
heaps, In which the explorer sank up
to bis arm-pits.
Belgians Dine, irerml Goal.
The Belgians claim to he the Ural
people to huve discovered coal, in the
*•» lot
a Physician Relates iiii Experience
ur nu Miui-'iii |)h>m.
The doctor Binokcd Blon'ly on his cigar.
It was plain that he had something lu
"1 wns thinking of my early college
days," he said, "and of a peculiar Incident
that happened very booh after I began
my studies. The professor wns Instructing ilie class one day in tin* corpuscles of
lln- blood, lu order to get some fresli
iilnnil for microscopical examination each
student was ordered to lie n ing around
his foreungor and strike tin- lop of the
linger suddenly with a needle with sulli-
I'icul force to draw blood. Seems easy,
doesn't It? Do you ku»w then- wnsn'l u
miln in lhe class tlmt did il al lhe 11 I'll
attempt' II was funny to wnich some of
theso embryo surgeons poise ihe needle
wiih a determined nir uml launch il in
wilhin n hair apnec uf tlie Ih-sh uud 'Micro
stop ileud. Others tried lo force llio
needle iu slowly, but paused very shortly,
wiih nn expression of pain eoi nsimita
to iiml ol Ait nmpni.iiiiin. I myself gnvo
it up an a litlil job ntul hacked u cuvily
itl my thumb wilh a peiikuif id round
il easier, Tito fuel Hint we were very
young nnd inexperienced is no oxplaiui'
lion for this peciiiiiiiiiy, as I have sliu-o
found by personal le-ti. Almost every
body c\'hihUnl ilu- same repugnance lo
Inlllcliug pain iu Hint iimnm-i*. Try it
The other mnn hied uud succeeded on
Uu- fourth trial.
An English device fm- milling the finishing luiu-hes io ii ruasot shoo polish is described in the New Yotk Sun. II consists
of n bono taken from the lower leg of a
deer, which is i-uhhi-d nnd polished until
it is ns smooth ns glass. When rubb.il
over polished shoes iUglves n brllllaul
ami enduring luster; imi us "good form"
in ibis country prohibits loo much shinl*
iums, llie new device is tiol likely to como
inlo general use.
The custom of anointing tho body with
oil is almost universal among the unlives
of Africa. The idea U nol a pleasant! one,
hut the darkies know' whnt they are
nbout, und use the lubvlctttll to prevent
chapping of tlie --.kin. The "hot winds in
tbo region of llie Nile have ft most Irritating effect on flic body, und the musl
sensitive skins i-r.trk until tlio hlood
Then- is I o be it balloon scene in .' coming .Hpcci.ii-h- in .i London playhouse, A
real balloon is poised in midair; tho ropes
nre aboul to bo released, when the villain
of tbo play, hotly pursued by tho detectives, rushes breathless inlo the crowd.
Escape is buried in every direction but
one. The Uillooit is released, and llie fti-
gltive sees his chance.
The island of Puerto liii-o pays Spain
this year in tuxes $4,374,874, of which
only $1150,000 is spent for the benefit of
the native population. Of the 480,207
whites on the island, on1y.00j8U( nlI> 'T,u* ■
and writo. The Illiterate aggregate tnr>.-
.ViH. The Spaniard's supported by lhe
Puerto lli.-nii-t number nor less than 35,-
In view of the assertion recently made
by iho Sjiunisii newspnpeiJB lo-ihe effect
that "there are no colleges in America" U
is Interesting to know liiut we huve 4.10
universities and colleges' 8472 professors
uud teachers therein, nnd 124,084 slti-
ilcn U,
Upon the recent arrival of Prince nnd
Princess Christian or Denmark ut Copenhagen tin.- bride wan given a warm welcome. A procession of 4000 cyclists was
one or tiie things arranged In honor of
tin* event, its Princo Chrlsijnn is very fund
of the suort.
i nim pick m,
The Cheapest, most comfoitshle mid di*
rtet route from Kaslo to all points la
Canada and Hit United States.
Tba only Una running through Tourist
I'ete to Toronto, Montreal and llnstoa.
Through Tourist Cars to St. Paul daily.
Travel by this line and have your baggage checked through to destinstioa.
Daily connection from KubIo i-Kccptlng
Sunday at 7:30 a. in.
For full luforiiistiuii call on or aildras*
Traveling Pasxengcr Agt.,
Or Nd* n, II. a
K. J.  COYI.K.
District Paiwiiger Agent,
Vancouver, 11. C.
The surveyor's chain
made it the shortest
transcontinental route.
It ts the most modern In e'lutiiineiit.
It ta ths heaviest railed line.
It has a rock-ballast roadbed.
It crosses no sand deserts.
It wai built without land grant or government aid.
It Is noted for the oourtesy of Its am- >
It la the only lln* serving meals on tha
la carts plan.
For maps, tickets and complete Information call on or address International
Navigation 4 Trading Company agents,
K. g> I. railway agents, or ''
Kootenay connection at Ilouner's Ferry Ida ,,
Sunday and Wednen-lay.
weitward   a.so a. a
Bastward I.S0 i>.»
C. O. DIXON, Qwitral AgMt,   :
Ipokan*. VToMk. .
V. 1 WHITNIT, tt. P. * T. A., "
* ***• **-    ■ I
America's Craatest Medicine Conquer* Disease and SufTo ing.
Impure hlood is the Cue of mankind, tlm
causa and  promoter   id'   serofula. will
rhet  bolls,  sores,  pi in plea   uml erup
tions, catarrh, rheumatism, ilyspepsta,
malaria, and thai tired reeling. llomV-i
Bawaparilia nvercomea theso diseases by
making ilu- hlood rieh und pure.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
li- Amerles'gtii
Hood's    llm
(ii'i-innn war telegrams from Spain nre
untouched hy the censor because no Spun-
lidi ollicial eould he found who imdeinlooil
the German language.   So ul least nnj
Mr. Dillon iu tlio Contompurury Id-view.
THT    Al.l.KN'S    lUOi Kim,
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this irasuii your feat feel iwollen, nsr*
vhum, uml Imi, und get tired ritt-ily. If yoil
huve hinailiii-' feel or tight iilioen, try
Allen'r- Pool I.a-.-. It OUUlS the feet and
makes walking easy,     Cures awntlpii aud
tWfatlmi feet, blisters and nilloiii Hpots
Islievei corni and bunions of all pain and
fiv*H rent sud OOUlfort Tin thousand Ipm
lumiiiah of i-iires. TryltlOUrtV, Hold b)
all diii-a'-iieii and shoe suoei lor iV. Unit
bv mail lor \'.v in alauiua. Trial iiackan
FltRK. Addn-aa Allen S. Oluisled, Lf
Hoy, New York.
The sweetness of love Is dreaming
,     Sweet dreams thut will never eome true,
With the slur of hope blissfully beaming
|    Iu a bright uud Impossible blue]
i Dreaming thut vows fondly siuiken
(     Will ever he true us Ihey seem;
; Dreaming that hearts ne'er ure broken;
Dreaming Unit life isa dream.
OH! fate, awake me not!
, Sweet dreams, forsake mo not!
: Shine un.  fair Btur,  in   love's  beautiful
Dreamlug you love me yet,
Dreaming you'll ne'er forget—
Let me nut waken to find love untrue.
The sorrow of loving is waking
Tu n world thut is withered and old,
Willi ihe sim- of hope swiftly forsaking
i    A Bky tlmt is failed uud eobli
' Waking when time huth bereft ns
;     Of ull thnt the fiilure i-tidi-urs;
j Waking when nothing te left us,
!     Nullilng hul iiieiu'rii-s uml U'urs.
Tor l|n> bide of a full-glWII glmlTo,
(iiea'tly Bollgli'l after in Allien for whip
nnd -.in.l.iI making, lhe mVtlvo lilllltei-s
gel from $10 lo 1)123,
We  iiffer One   llatuln-il   iMllurs  iti-wnnl   fur
sny ease of Catarrh Unit can -mi in* cured t>y
iihIIb Catarrli Cure.
l-\ J. i-iiioNKY ft ro., Toledo, n.
We,   tin- undersigned,    have   known i«\ J.
Cheney fur tin- lasl IB years, and believe mm
|ii<iTi-i'lly liiniiirulili' In all liuHlm-HH U'lUinaelliiiiH
mnl   llnaiK'tiilly   ul>le lo curry   mn   any uIiIIku-
ii..iih mode hy n»ir firm.
WEST * tui'ax, wtiblesala Druggliti, To*
Indo, O,
WAl.OINO. K1NNAN & MARVIN, Wliolesule
Druggtau, Toledo, o.
H-ill's Catarrh Cure Is taken Interniilly, act-
In-- directly upon the blood and ntucoua mir-
faces uf the Bystetn. Teatlmonlali win free.
I'rli-e TDc eer b-itlle.  FnU hy all  hnisslslti.
Hall's Kumlly 1-llls ure the but.
Kdehyeiss Is to be protected by law
tlie  Austrian   Alps.   The emperor hi
signed laws puswd hy the diets of Slyr
ami Carniola forbidding tin- removal uf
the plaint wiih Its roots, the Bale of it to
tourists und exportation in lnrge quantities.
afi-T n.'-H day's ii*v of Hr. Kline*a Ureal
Ni-rvi ,lKin,n-r. Heud for FKIK ax.00 trial
imttie and troatlsp.   UR, R. UL. KJUT.E, Ltd., s*
An ti airt-t'i, rhiliulel-ildft, t_
Snlby parish, iu Northamptonshire
made llie following return In the count;
eouneil's reipiesl for parish doenments
"Xo church, no parson, no tlihe, uo -ml)
lie, no properly, uo doeunicnts."
1 shall recommend Plso's Cure for Con-
Bitmi-tlon far and wide.—Mrs. Mulligan
Plnmsteiul,   Knit.  England,   Nov, S, 180a.
Many oi the cast-off uniforms of English soldiers nre exported to Afrieu for
trading purposes wiih the Kalllrs.
Try Schilling's Host tea and baking powder.
The commanding officer of one nf llie
Kansas regiments encamped at Sun Kr.ni-
eiseo reeciUlly told his subordinate ofllccrn
to send to liis d-iit nny of llie men who
knew how to drive mules.    Kin-li enptnin
accordingly marched his command to tlio
colonel's Ittiuilqiiartbrs af the appointed
hour, for lhe colonol is -.aid to he the only
native of Kansas who does not know, nor
dues not think he knows, how to drive n
Two Letters to Mrs. Pinkham.
Mrs. John Williams, English town,
N.I..writes:   ,
" DBAtt -Mrs. Pinkham:—I cannot Iw
gin to tell you how 1 suffered before
taking your remedies. I was so weak
that I eould hardly walk across the Iloor
without falling, I luul womb trouble
aud such u bearing-down feollng ; also
suffered with my back and liuihs, pain
iu Womb, intlanimatton of the bladder,
plica and indigestion, Before 1 hud
taken one bottle of Lydla E, Plnkham's
Vegetable Compound 1 felt a groat deal
better, und after taking two AUd ono*
half bottleS and half a VOX of your
l.iver Pills I wiLs i-uri'd. If more would
tube your medicine thoy would not
have to Suffer so much."
Mrs. .hlHKI'II I'ktkiwon, B18 l-.iisl .St.,
Warren. I'u., writes:
"Dkah Mum. PlNKUAUl I have suffered Willi WOlllb trouble over liftecu
yours,   t hud inituimuution, enlarge*
ltieilt and dtsplueeiiieiit  of the womli.
I had the baolttvolio constantly, also
headacho. and was mi di//*,*. I had
heart trouble, it seemed aa though my
heart was in my throat at times clink-
In g me. 1 DOUld not ivulk around and
1 could not lie down, for then my heart
would bent mu fast 1 would feel us
though 1 was smothering. 1 hud to
Kit up in bed nifrhts in order to Itch Hie.
I witrt so wetili 1 could not do anything.
,t;'l have now tuhen several bottles, of l.ydiu k. Plnkham's Vegetable
Compound,  and   used  threo   pack*
uges of aSniiiilivu  Wash,  and can sny
1 um perfectly cured. I do not think
1 could have lived long if Mrs. Pink-
ham's medioine  hod not   helped mt,"
OH years 1
had k n o w n
In-r. Years V
Yes, BlUCO my
child hood.
Playmates wu
luul been then
-s choolmules
theu friends.
As 1 watched
her developing from narrow - minded
youth to beautiful, broad
womanhood l
trembled lest In the picture 1 knew she
portrayed of future perfect happiness
1 should be missing.
She was not a beauty ns the world
terms them, but tlie kindly smile and
true character her face reflected wero
more beautiful to me than perfect features. But her voice; whnt a voice lt
was! A clear, rich iuez/.o, aided by
perfect execution born of deep feeling
nnd power of Interpretation. She held
a position iu one of the leading churches In M—-, nnd there, I confess, I was
wonl to dud the sermon more Interesting than at my home church.
Une bright moonlight Sitbbnth, as we
strolled home from evening service, she
"How well .Mr. Stndly anng to-night!
What a beautiful voice he bus, Italph!"
Strange to say, I bad been thinking
how well her voice and his blended;
before 1 hnd answered she coutinned:
"lie Is so pleasant, too. We should
miss him more than nny of the others
tu ihe quartette if he should leave us."
"Yes, Elsie, he la a royal fellow. But
will you go with me on Tuesday to
hear Gnmpnnarl?   Ills voice Is better."
"I am sorry, Ralph, but Mr. Studly
asked me to accompany hint that evening nnd I consented.'*
"Well, he sings again on Thursday;
we can go then." uud so It wns decided.
The house was reached, and as we
entered I thought 1 hud never seen her
looking so well. Her eyes were hrlght
and sparkling, nnd the cold, crisp air
brought n rich damask to her round
cheeks. Removing her outer garments
in the hull, she started forward toward
the center of the pnrlor, aud ns she
did so 1 slopped her, and slipping my
arm about her, bent, nud, ere she could
Interpret my Intention, I kissed her.
Tearing herself away, her face ablaze,
she cried In a voice of deep anger:
"Ralph Moreland. how dare you—how
dure you Insult mc?" while I, all the
bolder because of her nnger, started
forward, nnd, possessing myself of
both her hands, snid:
"Elsie, angry with me, no"—as she
tried to free herself- "yon shall listen
-angry with one who loves you better
than his life, yes, better than all the
whole world   besides,  and  whose  one
ambition is to mako you his wife?"
With a low cry of anguish she started bnck.   1 released her then.
"0, Ralph," she suld, "1 never
thoughl you would do this. I thought
WO were too great friends." Two great
tears started and coursed dowu her
checks, now pale as death.
Itnvi   ii   wiih Captured in the i>*>»
til Unpen Rllsftheth.
i ■uh/ has been considered the key to
Spain. It is one ol three cities which
Ohnrtcs V recommended Philip to keep
pyo on.   Once upon n lime the latter
|ne|Mied .i Heel th  lliide-itiiiutii.ll was
Kn»l 1.    It- object wus do puiii-di  Kb/,
8-bolh for her wicked refusal to marry.
ltut the lady was highly Btrategle. Sho
known trick ivorth two qf that, Raleigh.
K--e\. other littlo dears, gentlemen ml
advance lo argue. They took witb thom
over 7000 pikemnu, moro (bun ininn can-
nouieii. uud IfiO Ball, 0(1 KsseN. wus en
joined ihe duty of nol imposing himself
lo danger.    I'm lhe real there were com
iiioii prayers twice dally und u general Inhibition agnlmft swearing, brawling anil
direing. llkowiso uguiii-t picking uud
atenting. When lhe tl.-i-i rcacjt-cd Cadi*
the harbor was found fully furnished
with nieii-of-wnr. galleys, gnllcnns, merchantmen und enracks, Then the historic
light hus -nillcd oil'. Thoro wus punching
"Elsie, ray darling girl, don't yon
love me'f'
"Love you?" she reiterated; "love
you; when huve I not loved you: but
not like thnt, Ralph; not like tlmt; I
eould never be your wife."
In vuIn I pleaded, and then n disagreeable thought forced Itself upon
me. Framing It In words, I said softly:
"Elsie, Is tlmre some one else?"
Trembling, she stood Ihere In the
Boinl-dnrkuess. 1 could see how agitated she was as 1 caught ilu* faint
whisper: "Yes."
Then, Indeed, hope died wllhfn me.
and she continued; '-Ralph, dear friend,
forget this. Let us be as we always
have been, true friends. Don't." she
pleaded, "let this spoil our friendship."
"It shall lie as you desire; but, Elsie,
Is there uo hope for me? What uf this
"Poor Ralph, none. This other does
not even suspect Mint I cure for hlni;
Imt, loving him us I do. It would be
wrong for uie to consent  lo ht! your
wife. Please leave me uow; you have
surprised me so."
And 1 went along with m,v grief-
knowing and praying thnt God would
not let her wait long or in vuln for her
true love lo tie re winded and returned,
Two days passed and the pluy WM
nearly over In the L— opera bouse,
when suddenly the cry of "lire" rung
through iIts auditorium, caught up aud
re-echoed hy the terror-stricken people.
There ill the ilrst balcony were Paul
Studly and Elsie Mordant. 1 wutched
them both as tlie people thronged the
narrow passngewnys. They had not.
I felt sure, seen me, nud I resolved to
remain close at hand, nnd if necessary
aid Ihem. ne made her wait until the
crowd were nearly out; then Ihey atari-
ed. They were withiu a few steps of
the door when, ns though to add to the
panic, the lights were turned off. I
started forward.
"Elsie," I heard him sny, "are you
afraid? Will you trust yourself to
"I nm not afraid while with you.
Paul," was the soft reply, mude with
strange calmness.
"You are (Suite sure," he questioned,
bending low and giving her a quick,
searching look.
"Is there any danger thnt we cnnnoi
get out?" she queried.
"I think not. You will trust me entirely; let me be your protector now"
—she nodded as there came a whispered "yes"—"uow nnd always Elsie?"
"Yes, Paul," she answered; and, lifting her gently, he bore her down the
I hnd henrd all, and I knew then
why Bhe had not loved me.
They are married now. nnd I—I nm
still "her friend."—Boston Post,
Not a rirttr-aiit Siit-ji'. t.
"Why Is It thnt people never talk
niioui the thermometer except wheu it
Is very cold or very hot?"
"Because they Hud it possible to think
of other things except at such times,
I guess."
A Heul Prize.
"If I had such u wife as Mrs. Negley
I think I eould be supremely happy."
"Why. 1 don't consider her especially
i good looking, and it Is easy lo see thut
she Isn't very clever."
i    "I kuow, hut when her husband starts
to tell a funny story she doesn't assume
the look of a murtyr or try io change
the subject."
Living noil l.ciirnlnu.
"Yes; I'll admit that 1 thought my
wife wus uu angel, before 1 married
1 her."
"And whnt do you Ihlnk now?"
"Well, Bbe'8 still au angel,  but   her
feathers conic high."
A» site Understood it,
lie- Wheu a man begins to get ab-
-•eut-inludc-il you may kuow that he Is
Succeeding lu business, or, at least, that
he Is devilling all his energies to It,
which, in the end, must bring success."
She—Oh, James, I'm so glud to hear
you say that, Now 1 begin to believe
that the future holds BOUietlllUg iu store
for US. You kissed me tills morning
when you went away.
Not Mi* Iden.
Bhe—All Is fair in love nud war, you
He—I'm not quite willing to subscribe
to thnt sentiment. Your father acted
like a regular old privateer wheu 1
went to see bim Ihls afternoon.
Fifteen yearn ago. It must hnvi- beon,
there was ut school In New Orleans a
1 beautiful young Cuban girl. Btgnorlta
i Maria Fernando*,  There was no more
! popular gill lu Die  whole school  Ihilli
| she.     Brilliant   uud   beautiful   as   sin-
was   gentle  aud   sweet,   she   Won   Hie
hearts of teachers aud schoolmates.   It
la little wonder that she won other
hearts, too, when her Bchool days wen-
over, uud she made a tour of tbe Slates.
accompanied by the faithful dueunn
whom she had brought from her Island
home, and also an experienced uud cultivated American chaperon,
Slgnorlta Maria hud many suitors,
but or them ull only one ihat she favored. He was Alfred L—, of New
I York, a man of means and of parts,
; The senorita returned to her home lu
! the full, leaving her henrt uud her
! promise lu ids keeping) and early In
j the winter, with her permission, he fol-
I lowed her.
I   Om- morntngi beneath the shadow of
j the trees in the grounds surrounding
: the magnificent home of Blgoor l-'er
nandes, Marias father, Alfred i.■■- was
found deodi murdered over night by
the treachery of u Spanish rival,   A
month later lhe beautiful Mitrlu entered u convent.
That Is the story 1 thought of when 1
saw Alfred L *B mother stick a I'nlted
Suiies Hag on lhe dot Unit stood for
Havana.—Philadelphia Times.
Bllenced Ity lhe First    hot.
What made those noisy and loud-
shoiltitig men scatter uud run so suddenly?"
"They were talking about wiping
Spain out and somebody's bicycle tiro
happened to explode lu their midst."
The Grave of Kve.
At Jlddnh, In Arabia, the Mohammedans locate the grave of Eve. A
small temple, out of proportion to the
Moslem conception of the first woman
(they claim she was -KM) feet tail) la
erected above the ashes. The structure is in bad repair, and, If It rained
often In Arabia, Mother Eve would
hnve a rather damp resting place. As
It Is, a big palm tree has forced lis way
through the room.    The spot Is    the
Mo.i'ii nf u HoVflU-PMiit*-i>11«*,'»1»i*"-
On June 3, which is alleged to be tlie
anniversary of the death of Abel, Ihe
doors of the temple remain open all
night. On that night the spirit of Eve
mourns for the loss of her murdered
son. In fear and trembling the pilgrims listen tn the awful sounds of lamentation emanating from the tomb.
There are usually In the throng one
or two scoffers, who claim to recognize
the voices of the priests In the doleful
wails, but their opinions do not carry
weight with the majority.—Chicago
Old Glass,
Tlie oldest specimen of pure glass
bearing a date Is the heud of a Hon ai
present lu the British Museum, ll
bears the name of an Egyptian King
of the eleventh dynasty.
One day you hear that a woman Is seriously HI, aud may never recover, and
the next day you BOO ber down town
fussing with the dry goods clerks.
of the galleys, lhe hulling ol the men-of-
war, tho scurrying, tho scuttling, the art-
luck bv land and boo, the storming of the
citadels, u full which followed, a sack
which ensued, and the reduction of Cadi*
to u heap of cinders on u wreek-slrewn
shore- Many choice persons were knighted ou the spot.    Others were allowed  to
ransom iheir prisoners for all they wero
Worth. ThoSO were lhe good old dnys.
Ilul nol for Philip. His part of the enter
luimuint cost bim 20,000,000 ducats nnd
u yreal deal of Ids desire lo punish tho
contumacious queen. If OadiS is Ut he
besieged ngnin, thoro ure tactics which
the wur bonrd may prolltably consider.
There is much lo be learned about
Ameiiiuii customs nml characteristics
from Uie Spanish newspapers, One of
th.-ni, published iu Barcelona', Bays;  "Tiie
average height among the Americans ia B
feol '2, and Ihey huve never produced un
athlete, This Is due lo their living almost
entirely upon Vcgetnbles, us Ihey ship nil
Iheir beef mil of the enuntry, so eager are
tbey to make money. There is no doubt
Mini one full-grown Spaniard enn defeat
nny three wen in America."
A Foolish Plan.
"I hear that the members of tho
Scorchers' Club nre going to organize
u company to go tight tne Spnnhtrds."
"Pshaw! What cun they expect to
accomplish? They'll run right Into
the enemy without seeing him."
Ita Own Description.
"Whnt lias become of the word
Tad*?" Inquired (he mini who observes.
"Ob," was the reply, "It's going out
of fashion, like every other fad."—
Washington Star.
How    he Felt.
Alice—How did you feel while Fred
was proposing to you?
Mildred—Two or liiree times I felt
like supplying the words 1 knew he was
groping for; hut, of course, that
wouldn't have been the thing to do at
She Concur*.
He—I have Just been reading a curious book, lt shows that very few mon
uf genius live happy with their wives.
I wonder If that's the reasou we don't
seeui to get along any better?
She—It must la1. You have it positive
genius for mnking a fool of yourself.
From Door to Door.
"What does he do for a living?"
"I believe be belongs to u knockabout
"What?   An acrobat?"
"Nothing of the sort. He nnd his wlfo
are book ngent.s." Philadelphia Bulletin.
Qtikk Dlstrlhutlon.
"I'm proud of you." said tbe head of
the firm. "1 have letters from all over
Kansas saying that they have seen our
samples. How In the world did you
manage It?" and he putted the traveling man on the hack.
"Cyclone."—Detroit Free Press.
Un moved.
Supplicant ltcmeiuher, sir, thnt it Is
us easy for a camel to pass through the
eye of a needle us for a rich man lo
enter the kingdom of lienveu.
Miserly MIIHonalro-1 know tt, but I
don't expect to have a cent with me
when 1 present myself ut the gale.
He Waa Purlti-* for It,
Mrs. llopeley-Jnines, yuu never tell
me that you love me, aa you used to before we were married.
Mr. Hopeley-Well, gee Whlttnker,
nm 1 to hnve no privilege lu return for
letting you curry my pocket book?
Like Their Forefathers.
"I notice the exclusive people of New
York umuse Mu-iuselves by getting up
family trees."
"Yes, and their simian forefathers did
the same tiling."—Cleveland Plain
Dim Ier.
Doctor—A careful diagnosis of your
case, colonel, convinces uie thut you
huve wuter on the bruin.
Col. iluinly—I shall no longeh requt'
you' sehvtces, sub,—Detroit Free Press,
Wealth and Kenown.
She—Which would you rather be*—
rich or famous?
He—Rich. Then I could give a yacht
;o the iJovernuieiit and get famotu. ton
Stop drinking
colored tea. Try
Schilling's Best:
As the word will occur in conversation frequently now, it is useful to recall that Byron makes "Cadiz" rhyme
with "ladies."
Of the forty-two largest elites In
Japan, ranging In population rrom
1,880,000 dowu to 20,000, twenty-four
have electric lighting systems.
The yield of wheat during the past
yeur In Victoria, Australia, amounted
to 10,400,000 bushels, being nu increase
of 8,000,000 bushels over the previous
The cultivation of llax In the state
of Morelos, Mexico, is said lo .have
passed tho experimental singe nnd to
promise substantial results lu a commercial sense.
Tbe securities of bicycle tire companies, which are dealt iu ou the London Exchnuge, having u par value of
$80,000,000 and a market value or
$41,176,000 a year ago, ure now quoted
nt $15,276,000.
In speaking of (lie death of a prom
blent citizen a paper lu Western Ivan
sus says that "He was it lawyer hy
profession, but never hnve we henrd u
person say Unit he had wronged ihem
In the least particular."
The Chinese make grent pets Of thi'll
gold lish and put lent ly leach them
tricks, such us cntlng from their owner's hands or rushing to in- fed nt the
tlukle of a hell. 'Die gold-lish liehmgs
to the carp family and Is sometimes
culled the golden carp.
The militia laws of the United Stntes
were passed between 1702 and 1ST.*.;,
and mnny uf the provisions now lu
force ure u bit antiquated. .For In
stance, it Is still the law of the land
that euch mllltlamuu "shall be con
stautly provided with a good ruuskei
or firelock of a bore sufflclcut for bulls
of the eighteenth part of a pound, u
sufficient bayonet, two spare Hints, n
box und not less thuu twenty-four eart
ridges," "or else with a good rifle, shoi
pouch and powder horn."
The lute Daniel B. Fuycrweuther's
bequest of $800,000 to Columbia University has been paid over to the trus
tees of the institution. In accepting
the gift they signified their intention
of miming the present physics build-
lug Fayerweather hull and of placing
a memorial tablet lu the building.
The Svantlane, who live in an Inaccessible mountain range between the
Black and Caspian Seas, nre probably
the laziest und dirtiest people lu the
world. They have mude no ndvnucc
toward civilization lu 2,500 years, lt
is their invariable rule to observe holidays four times a week, wilh saints'
days as extras.
Experts who huve examined the
handsome Persiau rug presented to
Lord Salisbury by Prince Amir Knbu
of Persia, during the Kngllsh Jubilee
festivities, sny that it Is worth nt least
$4,000. The rug hns been placed Iu a
black frame of massive design and will
henceforth adorn the premier's private
room nt the foreign ofllce.
The following unique announcement
has been Issued by nu old-timer who
has opened a dry goods store at Law*
rence, Kan.: "Settled In the territory
at Lawrence In 1857. Stood the
drought of 1800. Stood the wnr of
'01-tlTi. Stood the Qunntrell raid. Stood
the Price raid. Stood the three grasshopper raids. Stood up for Kansas always and nm ready to stand up for
the United Stales against Spain or nuy
country on earth"
foi Hi,- uie ol her majesty "I ship Nelson,
The H«ti|il«   * '  Wl  Insurance      m l  |,,u  beeu  lying  In tie- bnrboi  ol
\u.in-. \r. i iinii.iiM-ii. Mi-lhotiiiic Fui many years past   Bho hin
■ ■■■■■ii ultmi kin c  m'i. ami ivas nl thai
A recent publteallun showing how mod Hi    the   largesl   Knglisli  Hne-oMinttlo
• Ml   .llellitertlllr   lm-   all.- led   lhe  rati*  ol     dlip
lire Insurance lm- eatwil the inquiry on l'i certain parts of Afrieu ii Is consld*
tin* tubjei'l of Iih- Insurance, uud lnvim-n 'red a mark ol dUrespect to bury out nl
wl e Interested iu lhe subject'huvi    l a nl all.   Only slaves aro tin I In
asked whal changes have I a made b\   >ueh  unceremonious fashion.   Tlie  i
the life insurance iw[HmUions n* to risk*    "'"1 d«»d are burled  Ier the il	
one nf the popular companies iu ii- in ' I"' bouse, where Uiey nui-i make things
slim-lions    lo   agent a    gives    warning ileasant for the living.
agitins! -.-.liting upplieiiiii.n- upon thefol      I'.ni- university liu* established >i il	
lowing classes of persons: Those wlto en • or's degree thai cun be obtained by for-
gage iu blasting, mining, submarine In ' -igncrs,   li Is given on examination uud
bor, aeronautic ascension*., the ni.uiut.i- '■«■ presentation of a thesis after a ie-i-
tuie. bundling oi  transportation of  in     en t four semesters.   Evidence of pre-
Ilu in I n nlil c or explosive -tih-i.ui. i-. sei luiw study in foreign countries will be
vice iu connection witli sny dynnnto. n - i-cepted frum foreigners.
ns .in electric lineman, oi a- ;i paid men. [i;,, \,,mi, mostly used in Africa i* >i
her of uny lire department, or in switch imple contrivance!    In u coeoanu-l shell
Ing or coupling railroad cars, oi as u pru ■■,.,■ vv|th pulm oil, a bit of rag i- placed
fesslonnl gy u-t. und those engaged ii , .,•--..- .,- ., wick, uud this gives ull the
glass blowing, oi iu Hi- manufacture .. ,J;1 -ti.u \)lr native requires,
Kile of liquor,   The c puny also warn '  .
it-, agents aguhwl pet-win who are in n   ''   \ favorite  de uf Bulehle among the
celpl of pensions on nci-ounl uf ili-e.i-e ,*,;,,,„ ..'i,,.. who dwell near Uke Synod persons alio am mure than 25 p« ..., j. l(1 w&_ j,,,,, the hike and calmly
cent overweight; who have losl relative ' .,i; for a crocodile to open Hs mouth and
b apoplexy or heart disease,   All pei .vnllovi him.
sons who arc more tlmn 3D per cent ovei ______^^_—_^_^_—.—
weight are barred from hisuranee. ■
'Ibe same precautions thnuld !«■ laket. ^•>-^01^C3^^->^^C=>>^^-J*^-v=S^g
In regard to persons who are more tl \ >               Esubibhed I7S0.               g
I-I per cent  lersvelgtit, und have losl -^                                                      g
recent addftioiisto id- list utMon'U" I . S Dd.KCr   S «
the one wldi-li refers In persons who in . t> —__—_==____=_ g
tend visiting the Klondike region. g "
Locomotive engineers, firemen, brake* ^
men, baggagemen, expressmen and mill C*
clerks of passenger trains »ilt be Insured £
for uu amount not exceeding $3000 on £
any individual life, but at $3 advance on e>
every 11000.   Cmidueloi-s, ticket agents, C-
freight agents, clerks und mechanics om &
ployed in the offices and manufacturing cv
or repair shops will bo Insured at regular $
rates.   The average weights given in the C*
revised list ure as follows: 3 feel ti Inches, §
143 poliliiUi .". frel 7 IncliiB, 149 |mim!<!   g
.'i   f,ft   H  ill.-hc*.   I.V, imini.l-    ."I   l.vl   III   (>
iin-liw, nm i-i.iiii.i- s fi'ii ii in.in... n.'i &
pounds; ll feet I ini-ii. IT.'i pouiitU; il feel   X
■1 inuhcs, ISO p.niiiiU. ' £
——      I
celebrated for more "3
than a century as a cj
delicious, nutritious, -3
and flesh forming ^,
beverage, has our c5
well-known S
Yellow Uba-I    -3
on the front of even- *?
package, and our 2
trade-matk.-'l.allelle 3
l'hocolatiere."on tlie V
•TH*         g
Maoa oncv bv ej
IMmnkl nml I'iii--m hnve I  broken g
nil'.   Tlio knisor liiiil tu force In- brollioi »
in-liity, lhe |ui f SelimliiilmrR Mppe, g
us ruler over llio lllile prlnci>mllt.v, bul S WALTER BAKER & CO. Ltd, %
lhe litw eoiirls doc ,1 Unit lhe -,H,i,isn ft            Dorchester, M«».            «
iv Mnniml in nnitticr branch of tic Up ft,                                                 .S
,,',. f, iy. )&-M<$£ll-±3-3$$6*tl<i<iti<i\i
1A Beautiful Present
In order to further introduce ELASTIC STARCH (Flat Iron Brand),
the manufacturers, I. C. Hubinger Hr..?. Co.. of Keokuk, Iowa,have
decided tu GIVE AWAY a beautiful |iresent «ith each package oi
Btarrh sold.   These presetit-j are in the form of
{Beautiful Pastel Pictures
They are I3xlg inches in sire,and arc entitled as follow.:
Lilacs and
Lilacs and
These rare pictures, four in number, bv the renowned pastel artist,
R. LeKoy, iii New York, have been chosen from tht- very choicest subjects
in his studio and are now offered for the tim time to the- public.
Tlie pictures are accurately reproduced in all the colors used in tbe originals, and are pronounced by competent critics, works of art.
Pastel pictures are the correct thin? for the home, nothing surpassing
th *m in beauty, richness of color and artistic merit.
One ol these pictures
will be  given away
Elastic Starch I
with each package of_   _ _
purchased of your grocer. It is the best laundry starch on the market, and
is sold (or 10 cents a package. Ask your grocer for thin starch and get a
beautiful picture.
l-rnri or Bt mpi*.
Tim 1 many of the common nml medium sijinipi are catalogued t6o high i>
proven hy ihe fflct tlmt nioflt uf these
ean In* bought nt from 10 per cent, to
'"< per cent iliseount frum catalogue
prices, Por Instance, the largest stamp
dealers nn* offering «.*ih of twentj*fivc'
Peruvian KtniniM, catalogued nt ci .'>*• .
per set. In lots   of    twelve   ftot«   foi
£1 'Js. fid.  They also offer alx sets of
forty-one Peruvian stamps for £'J Be,
which nre catalogued nt i'2 ia, 4d. pet
set.   Single nets nre not quoted. These J
Htutuptt ore from the lust lot of remain- ;
ders.   Would It not be In the Interest
of philately to reduce the  catalogue
price of these mid similar stamps?— :
Round Table.
..Great Removal Sale..
A Half-Million  Dollar  Stock to  Be
Cloased Out.
Work will toon be completed on our new five-story building we
etc to occupy, and u wc intend to place only new goods upon its
shelves our present Immense stock must be promptly disposed ol.
We have
To such an extent that it is to the interests of everyone to buy now.
All mail orders lilted at Removal Sale Prices.
They had eloped nnd returned for
the parental hlem.lug.
"Father," the beautiful young woman said, "we are sorry for what we
hnve dune.  Will you—"
"Then," Ihe stern old man interrupted, "why don't you go to the lawyer
around the corner? I'm no divorce
court," _
The terra cotta locks of the girl with
a wealthy father becomes auburn or
golden as she. grows older, but the redheaded boy remains red-heuded until
the end of the chapter.
M.ot.'. B...»l**R.medy wllld-lt. Tbm
4mw .111 01.-8 jou Id belter.   Oct lt Iron
Kur flr-aflat or .nr wbol.a.1. drug hou*., oi
in Has-l a Holme. DiutCo., SuttUa
ll it Wroog)
Get lt Right
Keep it KiKht
_          _  _  _ Slotiiii'il i_l"i" ■
. norm**., iMIifcbt-lUM'lf.i'lilrin*    L
■ r -j    xm'
A It-mi-ill-iK mill Imy M. lir».l tur b'i>**t-
Mlllltiry iiiM-1-.ltiif In t urn** ut V. h.
Army ofH«r, [•fiiimry. pttnatatott
Kill »bU.-iiic ili-iii.rtn.• l« MfcflUBI
TralniiiK nt *-J'>y<1 Nii-> tt- .-inly t-e«-ii in-
r-tullp-l. Hoy*, nf «U tutf. reotii-M.
•IhI In
lege iirt-_p«
A dog enn say more with his lull lu
a minute Hum the average man can ex
ureud with his month tu a week.
it, W. i'. iio. so, *tiH ,   (.   ,i, /.. |1M.K,!   ».#», (f. ..
CRANBROOK : : : British Colu
An old saw says : #
"The proof of the pudding is in €
|       the eating." |
jf-   A proof of the value of Cranbrook
!1 property is that heavy commercial and
•.?f financial companies are buying it!
The end of the C N. P. Ry. will be in Cranbrook before August 25.
| The Construction Headquarters
Will be in Cranbrook until the road is completed to Kootenay Lake, the terminus ||
for a year or more.
t&F «58F *-£§•
J-t  (^-3--&__-J!_^-_--_--_-4Mv_*-II--lM(--^^
I; T   $ i-
Prices on company lots have not
? j Work on the Cranbrook and North Star
H I Railroad will be started soon, making
M t Cranbrook its initial point, as well as be=
ii, J ing the only divisional point of the C. N.
•rap 4
(i)~(l)  *-®=*=a=8=S=S=«=0=8s«s«MI-J*^^
jj • For further information, maps and prices of lots apply to
Victoria and Vancouver.
yet been advanced, although sales
from second and third hands have
been made at an increase of ioo per
c^-s-s-s-_■_ . iys--- -a -s ■& -s-ti-a-s-s * is- _ -s--s-45--[MMfc-4MM^
| Work on C. N. P. round house, repair and ! H
| machine shops will be started in a few f m
| days.
-.-*;;-*_ ri--f-i.-r---f-.---K &-&^&-s^-&-&^-&-&-s~s-g-%-s-&-tL-iL~&-}i.&-&-t
C. P. R. Land Commissioner, Winnipeg, Man.
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent, Cranbrook, B. C.
Spain today has the greatest i-iubma-
rine navy iii Mil- world.
Cranbrook is the attractive point in
Sonilieitst Kootenny these days?
The hustler generally finds his reward,
while the kicker receives bis met Us soon-
er or later.
E.vSpeaker lliggins is ■ native of the
United Stales, but has been aresideotof
Canada fur nearly 30 years.
The more people know of the resources of Southeast Kootenay, tbe better satisfied they are ihat money Invested here
will bring good returns.
There will be a large crop of majors
nml centrals iu tlie United States after
pence hu been declared with Spain, and
they will not all hall from Kentucky.
The building of the Robson-Pentlcton
road ft going ti) create more prosperous
communities in British Columbia. This
is a ureat province, and it is Justin its
infancy so far ns iis commercial prosperity is concerned.
anyone of the incorrectness of such impressions. The lands thus available
arc the utisurveyed lands ouly along the
Hue of the Crow's Nest Pass road, and
no oilier lands and in no other district.
The real development of Southeast
Kootenay will begin after tbe completion
of the rnilrond to Kootenay lake. It
will then be possible to get in material,
ami machinery from the east or west at
figures thnt will encourage people lo go
The Silveitonian says it is the only
real mining paper published ou the lake.
The modesty of the Silvertoulan arouses
wilhin us n fueling of professional pride,
that is sustained by Ibe frank manner in
which that paper gives expression to its
innate modesty.	
Anyone Who will take the trouble to
Investigate Will learn lhat there is mote
work being done in the way of mineral
development III Southeast Kootenay this
year than is generally believed. New
prospects are being opened, assessment
work is being performed, and all lhat is
being done   goes  Io demount rate   that
this is a great mineral country. With the
railroad completed, nest season will see
hundreds of thousands of dollars invest
ed in milling hi Southeast Kootenay.
nnd it is foilutiatc fur those who have invested iu Cranbrook that this city is the
central point of tills whole mining section. Craubrook needs no booming or
praise. A map of Southeast Koolenay
tells tbo whole story
Regarding Lands Whose Ownership sre Vet
Lands along lhe line of the Crow's
Nest Pass railroad which are as jet uu*
surveyed, and consequently the ownership of which is yet uiidetcinilued, ns
between lhe government and the C. P.
U. company 1 are open to settlement upon
exactly tlie same terms as though they
were known to be government lands. If
Ihe land decided upon should prove to
bo railroad land, tbe company receive
other lands in lieu thereof. Col. Maker,
during his laic campaign, lully explained
this matter. However, an Impression
seems lo have been gained by some that
nil C. I'. R. binds, surveyed or otllir*
wise, regardless of location, ive t qnnlly
available lo settlers, and efforts hive
even beeu made to settle upon lam's nl*
rcadv patented to lhe railroad company
A moment's thought ought lo convince
A fire hall is being built at Grand
The I.e 1-Ud is putting out 250 tons of
ore daily.
Grand Forks taucheis have cut a large
hay crop.
Organized labor in Kossland is rapidly
gaining in strength.
Rossland is enjoying an era of unprecedented prosperity.
It is proposed to bond the town of
Grand Forks for $15,000.
The B, A. C. are erecting new buildings at their Kossland mines.
The C P. R. i.s surveying a route from
Arrowhead to Kootenay lake.
It is reported t';at the C. P. R. has
bought the Kaslo and Slocan Hue.
Por the first time In several months
there is a shortage of laborers nt Rossland.
The C. P. R. has withdrawn its petition for a right of way through Grand
A postoffice has been established at
Greenwood camp, wilh Thomas Roderick as postmaster.
Ah Sing, a Kamloops Chinaman, has
bren given six months in jail for selling
liquor lo Indians.
Several Jap fishing boats were recently
overturned by rough weather in Vancouver bay, and a number of lives presuma-
ably lost.
It is reported from Ottawa lhat I). C.
Corbin is to make a new attempt to build
a railroad into the Houndary and Kettle
river country.
D. J. MacUchlan, of Sandon, has the
contract for lhe new city hall aud federal court-house to he built at Kas'.o. The
price is (.7,977*
A Rosslaud Cocker spaniel has adopted a motherless kitten; the dog in addition has six offspring of her own, aud
the cat eats ot the same table with them.
Mrs. Houston, wife of a C. P. R. engineer, had both legs broken In a runaway
accident while on a recent vi-it east; it
was fenred amputation wonld be necessary.
Hst-nimalt village is stirred by a rumor
that the whole silt is about to be acquired
by the Imperial Government for the purposes of fottification works and dock ex-
The salmon catch up'.to dale is exceedingly small, the fish not appearing, and
some of the canneries are hoarding fishermen free in order lo induce them lo
await tbe arrival of the prey,
The sale of the C P. R. steamers Tartar and Athenian to the United Stales
government, or in fact to anyone else, is
still a thing of lhe future, according to
Mclv. Brown, executive agent.
The Virginia mine at Rossland is own
ed in the states. Owing to excessive tax
alion in that country the company has
disincorporated in Washington and incorporated iu British Columbia.
The largest boiler ever brought into
the Grand Forks district has been installed 011 the Mother Lode property.
The plant lo he run is a 10 drill com
pressor, large hoist antl a dynamo
The C. P. R. is building a new steamer
at Nelson. It will be of steel. 20 feet
j longer than any previously built, or 160
1 fret loug and 3a feet wide. She will he
fast and run betwseu Nelson »ndKu*-U*
nook.   On her completion nuother will
be built.
Tbe supreme court of British Columbia have decided tbat tbat part of the
Coal Lands Regulation Act relating to
tbe employment of Chinese underground
is constitutional.    Chinese are barred.
Two families in Vancouver aver thai
tbey have seen a ghost in a house which
they occupied for tbat reason but a short
time only in lhat town. They add Hint
tbe ghost had a wooden leg but did not
say whether it had a rubber neck,
Contractor McCrlmuioii completed his
work 011 Tuesday last, aud will pull out,
having nothing ahead 011 this line, or
nothing certain in sight for the future.
Resident Engineer Pratt departed
Monday morning for nn inspection of
his division, which extends tu Goal river
and which will keep him away the entire week.
Assistant Chief of Construction Turn-
hull was in town Sunday, reluming to
Waidner Monday. Mr. Turnbull reports everything progressing entirely
Contractor Well man was In town
Tuesday afternoon, troubled with the
prevailing "Canadian cholera." aud nol
feeling any too well, nnd things were
not going as well in camp us he would
like, but nevertheless a few days more
will complete his contract. He, loo,
has nothing in the way of n contract hi
sight for lhe future.
Contractor O'Neill has nearly finished
his work east oi" town—in fact probably
will have when this appears in print. To
the end of his contract, west of towu, the
work is very light with no cuts or fills of
auy consequence, and the time consumed in completing it will be nominal.
Ties aie strung almost tbe entire length
of it.
The latest reports from Warduer slale
thnt lhe trains will cross the bridge Friday of this week. This will easily bring
the slcel inlo Cranbiook not later than
the end of next week, and very probably
sooner. Woik all along tbe line is pio
gressing wilh rapidity, aid the day of
slow, unreliable and expensive tnuispnr
talioft in Ivasl Kootenay will soon he b
matter of history.
Sad Accldeul nl Wnrdner.
Annie l-.gan, llie g-year-cld daughter of
Contractor Ivgali, was killed 111 Waniiiei
last week by being knocked off a cayuse
while passing between lwo trees upon
which a pole bad been nailed. The boise
became frightened, ran nway, nnd ding
ged lhe little girl, whose foot clung to
the stirrup, dashing her bend against
logs aud stumps, killing her instantly.
The remains were taken to Wi'l ni peg
for interment.
Exclusively, 22 years banking experience
hi this range, Colorado, California, &c.
Personal responsibility. Correspondent!
1st National bank, Chicago. Code used.
Cranbrook, B, C.
Tinner Wanted.
Prnctlcd tinsmith.   Apply ut once lo
G. II. Miner, Cranbrook.
At the Principal Cranbrook Inns for tin- Week
Ending Wednesday, August 10.
At llie Ciniibrook-t. Miostcr, otmwn: ('. 1.
MH'n.ii, ('mil Cri-nki ll. II. MoN'o.l. ('nltmry*
W. II Ktewnrt, Mol.on-1* WlU'mn tnrlln, Von
Sen!--; V. A. MttltllKlli <"■ <). Caiiiiilu-H, YYar.1-
iiert Uotirko It, Lofsotn a, Doyle, I'ntl Sh-nie*
K. uniiui, Moylei C SVeUinnn, 8w.uw.iai Miss
Commercial Hotel,
CRANBROOK, B. C.   _    .*   j*
New, Neat and Roomy.
This house has just been completed and is one of the largest in Southeast
Kootenay. Ofiice and bar room the most commodious to be found in this region.
Dining room large and appointments complete. Transients will find this house
will meet every requirement,
IVopruiof.      -«* ,.,-A r4L .a.       ta
Htu-k.-tt, Swansea: T, W. l-i-usk, (lore llsy, On-
tt-ri-)- (I. ll. Leask. wife ami child, Ontario; In-
speetor Snituilcrs, N. W. M, l'.; It. II. DM",
Winnipeg; William Illnok, .lohti Cameron, ll.
Cameron, Alia- ti.
At the Kurt Kootenny—Miss Jennie nurse,
Knlls'icll, Montana; Coittrnclor Hold, C. X. P.
i;.: l-'rcil MiiyUii.-, editor Moylu l«niler; Governor Hanson, Wasa*.I, I.nniutit, fort HtfiOlQ:
Contractor McCrlinmln, Alherlni Dau Mctillvti
ry, Wlnnl|iPKi Frank Vanlove, Conl Creek; T,
Ituoks, I'ort Mtcee.
lVotary Public,
,,n Mines _) ^
Correspondence Solicited.
Promptly Attended tc.
I, Uu-niuleisliiiii'il, X. lliinson, horoliy nlvo
n»iiii- tlmi I latt-iul tn H|>ii|y in Hit* lliii'l t niii-
llllsslotiornl l.amK aii<l Work* fur n-rniH-lim
to iiiiri-linii- niii' liniiilri'il ami ilxl y acies nr luinl
mi liiiinily Creuk, South l-nsi   Knoli'iniy, ilea-
urllieil ns fiiiinws: PmnmencInK at the north-
nasi corner, milJiiil 1 \"< lorl> clmins Himtli in ia
sniitliiM-il  enrni'i'  nt tiimruu  f'i'iitt'-t 'iiiri'liasr,
l.oi-.wsi; 1,1111 Tt-iii-y creak} llu-iim*(*I0| forly
clialni wont, thi'iii-i' <n>) f«iity clititlii snnih,
llii'iii-i'iIin forty rhaltH  t'lisl. tlienn' 1-I-1 forty
chains norih 10 iu.hn nf i-m 1 nn-ni.
hale I Wasa, ll.!',, Ill .ll , IMiH,
1   CiU.l'MlllA.
In tlio ma I ter nf (lie "Water CtillliM Coinollila*
Hon Ai-I.is 7," anil In tliciiintli'i of tlm trail-
I.rook Wal.'i r,,ia|iiiny. Lin.ltiM.
NiiTHK is heroliy alviin that noil 1 m ims
liii-n llh'il Iii tli.' DUtilet  Hi-Klstry of the
Kujiruiiie 1 'iiiirtol m-iish I'oiiuniiia nt Xcisiiii,
|:i'UU il'nli in ilu, jim Ina fni-ai'i'rtilli-im- ninli-i*
si't'tl.in ,ri>ui itnialiovi' iiinntloiii'il Ad, niiHioi*-
l/lnjt tin1 1 riinit:onk Wat it coinimny in ooh*
str.iil anil ui.ei-iiti' a watiT works systi'lil for tlie
su*i|.lynf wain-In Hu* tiwn of Cnuiliro.ik anil
Ilii' Inlia Hams thereof ami to Hif* hiiu'Iiit near
lln-sail limn: nml 1111t.ee Is also liereliy (dveti
Hint tin- an lii'.it'-m 011 tlie said  h litlnn w.ll lie
mado iiy iin- mild i-i>itiiiuuy tou .iini-fn oi iln-
Mlnicim' Court or itrilIo.li ((i.luiiilil;i nt Vletorla,
mi llimsla.. tliit-.'.-illi.laVof Aiimnt. INlw.
Tli-ilaleof Hie ll st iiuliiici Hon of this notleo
ivns llie I'.illt day Of .Inly, 13JK.
Dat'-il 1 >lh .Inly, lsjs,
UAVIh, I'linU'Y A l.l'XTnv.
L'i IiiirtIiiii Mi-i-ol, Vletorla.
Pol ellm-s fer llie fniiilii-iiok Wnter Co., Ltd.
I.Hii'iinder-.li'iie.i, J. McKen/k liereliy plvo
imtloa Hint 1 in end lo nnwly te tlio Ulilofcoin*
nihsl r of LauOsanil  Works fur iiBrinlsslon
in iiiin-lnisi' Jl'.'u m-res of land in Soiilh Kast
Knn'cnay, ileseiilieil as follows: Ci'inineiieiin*
al Hie sniilliwi-sl euiiu'i of William .Meneiute's
I'l-i'-i'inpllnii elnlin. Hielice eiiHt In elmliis to
s iiiHiHas'1'iiriier nt >:*iil claim; llieiice. smith Hi
i-liaius; Hit'ii'.-e wenl helialns; ttieliee norllisn
I'lialn-. Io iiuiiil nt i'iiiiiiiieiieeiii>'iil.
,1. .McKIAV.IK.
ILtliiil I'rnnlironla, 11. C„ Jinn; 0, ISW.
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
Fort 5.881.8,     :     British Cohitnliin
This space will be
.   occupied by ... .
A cqmptele and well selected ntnck of family Grocerlei,
Miners' Supplies, etc., now arriving.
Provincial Land Sutvoyor,
• iiik-
llplieUni: In tlip nr.'.il fiitun'nt CninlimnK lias
.i|ii'Iil'iI 11 la im' ami well ussorleil .m.-l. uf
patent mi:di(-.ixi:s.
toilet articles,
stationery and pipes
Special attention given to mail
and out ol town orders.
TIIE   1'OIM* I.Alt
UOITK   TO ....
The Inrjjc Ami cc iniiiniliiins Sicnnteri
> • • • • er * ♦ * • • • •••••*»•*•••<
X Fort Stele Ircanl Co.
I l.l.Ml IKIl   I.IAIIII.ITV.l
Fort Steele and Wardner.
! lie Cranbrook Lumber Co.
I     Saw and..
1     Planing Mills..
i AT-
J!  ALL   KINliS   OF	
One hundred i'itsitcitifterii mid ouo
hitndrcjd and fifty tons rreigliicncli
\\\i\ iiju'ii iin. iinvinAtlnn si'iisim mi tho
Kunhw nix'i' li .a
Fur 111 liolnts In Kast Knnli'iiay
About : April 20th.
I'or iiFinii-iiiiiT nml frfljilll rnle-i IlililresH Mn
OMIllKtlllU- nj-ciit lit Jcnillll|{S| MmitilHIl, nr tin
Fort Steele or Wardner, It. C.
L'llfGJ9   LIST:
I?     DhnciiBioii Timlin*, 2\.\ lo I3xta tip to 3d feet lotlfl fin 00 jirr M
" "      over 10 feet lonu np lo 30 ft. add 51K. |«r
■ M  fur I'iii-h niltnlionitl 2 feet.
! "         "     over 30 H- long—prices on nppltcAttbti,
I    Rottuli I. n in her; 13, i.t, I'- ft. IcniHlm  16 <w ptr M
\    S11 rnice 1    "       M, i|, Hi ft.      "        »o 00 per Ml
G Inch T. nmlO, Mooring—No, 1  a6 1x1 per M
I     6 Inch       " " "    2  21 00 per M
t,-    4 Inch       " " "    1    aK mi per M
!,    ,\ Ineli      " " "   j  24 00 per M
I    ft inch Rustic   "   1  lo 00 pet M
-J    fi Incli     "  "   2  22 iw per M
\    4 inch V joint or bcmlctl celling—No. 1  «H 00 per M
5    4 ineh V      •' "    2  24 00 per M
j    Ship I/ip—nil wiiltlis  22 00 per M
[J    Mouldings nml finishing lumber, cnaingi«i &c, prices on uppllcttion,
i ARCH'a LEITCH, Manager,
® ©•
ie Cranbrook Hotel
Ryan & Morrison,
*r*-'A>  (_••*" «>'« » -'> *


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