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Cranbrook Herald Sep 19, 1901

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Nl '.Ml*. Eli
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. GRO. A. Cox, President.
••aid Hi,   Capital    .
Total Resources
li. !•:. Wai.kkk. Gen, Man-
yi.iliiii.llllil tin
2,000,000 issi
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
He  Failed in Stini.c  ik  Wounds
East Kootenav's Fall Fair.    &
For Winter Comfort
Are Canada's best and cheapest. Wc sold all our heaters last year and have itist received an entire new stock.
With the stove a nice Chair, Lounge or Table is in order. We are continually receiving and selling the latest
designj in furniture.
Bedding is one of our best lines and we have a fine stock
Fall stock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Carpets, Etc., arriving every day.
But Last Friday He Began to Fail
.md Died Thai
Complete Program.
. K
P. M.-
We are showing an immense range of Street Hats,
ready to wear. Next week we will hold our Millinery opening, and when visiting the East Kootenay Exhibition you arc invited tn call at our slnrc
and inspect our exhibition of Millinery, Dress
Goods, (ieneral Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Carpets and House Furnishings.
! Winter I
rn Holme, Hun 1
. N V
;     ,
lai.leisl   UcKlsilej
al 2:15
. ,i,
IU- 1
,,l been ttneonaci
,„s   SSI
ee 7:05
We arc in position to quote M
prices on car lots oi vege* <■>
lablcs delivered al your sta= <*>
lion.   We can give you fig* m
arcs just as close  as   the m
best.   Why nol give  us a v
p III.
His last conscious hour nn earth was
spent with ins wife, to whom he devoted
a life time of care
He died unattended by a minister of
the gospel, but his last words were an
lm n* bit* submission to the will of ihe God
iu whom he believed He was reconciled to tbe cruel fate lo which nn assassin's
bullet bid condemned him and faced
death in the same spirit ol dimness and
pence which marked his long nnd honorable career, Ills lust conscious woids
reduced to writing by Dr. Mann, who
stood at hia bedside when they wire
uttered   were as follows;
"Good bye, all. It is God';: way; His
will be done, not ours."
His relatives and members of his official family were at the Milburn bouse, except .Secretary Willson who did not
avail himself of the opportunity, and
some of his close personal and political
friends took leave of him, Tbe painful
ceremony was simple. His friends
simply came to the door of tbe sick
room, look n longing glance at him and
turned tearfully away. He was partially
conscious during this time. Hut the
power of heart stimulants, Including
oxygen, were employed to restore him to
consciousness for his final patting with
bis wife.
He asked for her, she sat at his side
and held bis band. He consoled lier
and bade her goodbye. She went
through the heart-trying scene with the
same bravery and fortitude with which
she has bonie tlie grief of the tragedy
which ended bis life.
The rage of the people of Buffalo
against tbe President's assassin when
they learned today that he was dying,
was boundless. Thousands surrounded
the goal and the police force of the city
und two regiments' of soldiers were
necessary to secur* his protection.
lit lore ti o'clock it was clear to those
at the President's bedside that be was
dying and preparations were made for
the last skiI offices ot farewell ol those
who were nearest nml dearest to him.
Oxygen was administered steadily but
with little effect in keeping back the approach of death.    The   Piesblent came
to relapse into another, but in this period
when his mind « is partially clear occur-
ed 1 seiies of events ot profoundly tough*
nig character. Down stairs the tear
stained faces ol the members of the
cabinet were grouped iu anxious waiting, j
They knew the ecd was neai and that
the) had come to bid farewell to theii I
Grand opening of East Kootenay's Agricultural, Mill-jnj
and industrial Exhibition. <V
•^,- Live stock parade. •%>
>,    1*30 to -1 P. M.--Lacrosse:    Fernie vs. Cranbrook. *^>
■**,. Foot Ball: Cranbrook. Fernie and North Star teams for then
■■'*** Beattie cup and eleven ^old medals. <X
•*• 4:30 P. M.--Exhibition of riding unbroken and bucking horses. *^>
•**.   5:30—Rock drilling contest. ^
\~ Evening-Grand dance and   upper in the opera house  under  then
*■ auspices ot Cranbrook Lacrosse club. <■(■>
$ THURSDAY, SEPT.  2b. <>
M 10:30 A. M.-Foot Ball finals. <">
"^' 1:30 P. M. Sharp—Horse races as per advertised program. ^
"Doctor M" the guideless pacer, will give an exhibition. !V
W 9 P. M.--Grand smoking concert in skating rink, club swinging, ^''
comic songs and Sparring Contest' *y
-   1:30 P. M. Sharp—Conclusion of horse racing program.
On Saturday afternoon there will be a Rug-by foot ball game
between Cranbrook and Nelson. During the whole of the exhibition the Cranbrook Brass band and the famous native Indian
band from the St. Eugene Mission will cater to lovers of  music.
Notice to Exhibitors—By Order of Cosiimitlee
ltnl(,s 16 an.l HI nf tl,,'
Aililitlona liiivo lioon i
Horses-Single driver
1>„izs—ItoHi of tiny Itr,*
regulations, nr
1,1,1,. I,, Its,- |.ri,
under I.", Iinmlt
id, i(2,-) mc.l.il I,
Fowls—Silver Spangled tin
llnhblfs- Best pair any !,<<■■
I'nititlsig—I'ttlsiting on chin
Dreiul—See special advortlt
d, »2r
• cniifclled.
I, list SIS follows!
. tjSnniUl,
- lie. Armstrong,
ami ft,
1 Fort Steele Mercantile Co. imm to
V J. l>. IMNK       .<       .«•        .«        MANAGER jfi
awftt! moment foi them. One by one
ihey ascei ded the stairway. Secretary
Root, Secretary Hitchcock and Attorney.
general Knox Secretory Wilson was
also there bul be went back, not wishing
to see the President in Ins last agony.
It was onl) .i inomenlaty stnj ol cabinet
officials at the threshold ot the death
chamber, Then the) withdrew, the
tears streaming down their laces, and
Ihe  winds ui intense griel choking iii
ma'i'iB:'.,:v ■:•.-;• •,-■-. ■:•;■ .^mraiffl
Plumbing and Heating.
Now Is the time to have your furnace put lit,
nml gel read) for Ihe winter. ESTIMATES
Rifles and Shotgu s
Shooting season Isal hand. Buy your supplies and iiiiiiniitioii from
a. h; hiner.
Best in the Land
I.atest in
Dress Goods
We want every visitor to the fair to make our
store their headquarters. You will find easy
chairs and a pleasant place. Furthermore, if you
are interested in Knit-to-fit underwear, for ladies
and gentlemen, and the finest line of colored shirts
n the country, be sure and call.
• I'll
uy left the sick room, the phy-
IIn-d him in consciousness and
lent asked almost Immediately
Ibal bis wib- be brought to him. The
doctors Ull buck into the shadows of the
room as Mis, McKlnley came through
the doorway. The strong face of the
dying man lighted up with a faint smile
as their hands weie clasped* She sat
beside him and held bis bund. Despite
bet phyilclal week li ess, she bore up
bravely under the ordeal. The President in bis lust period of consciousness,
which ended about 7 :.]o, chanted the
words of the beautiful !l)tUU, ' Nearer
My Ood to Thee," nnd his last audible
conscious words as taken down by Iir.
Maun at the bedside, were: "Goodbye
all, goodbye. It is God's will. His will
be done." Then bis mind began to
wander and soon afterwards he loot cons*
His life was prolonged lor hours by
the administration of oxygen, and tbe
President finally expressed a desire to be
ullowed to die.
About 8:30 the administration of oxygen ceased and his pulse grew faint, very
Iiiint He was sinking gradually like 11
child in slumber. By i o'clock the pulse
could 110 longer be fell III his extremities
nnd ihey were cold.
grams of sympathy were sent by Lord
Miuto, governor general of Canada, upon
bis arrival:
"To Colonel Roosevelt, President of
the United Stales: My deepest sympathy with the people ol the United States
in this terrible sorrow that has fallen
upon tbeiu. Minto."
"To the Secretary of State of llie United States: The announcement of the
death of the president has created deepest sorrow. Please accept our heartfelt
sympathy in your heavy loss.  Minto "
"To Mrs. McKlnley, Buffalo: Please
accept ni) deepest and heartfelt sympathy al tbe cruel blow that has fallen on
you. Minto."
No Change la Cabinet.
Washington, Sept. 16— The cabinet ol
President McKiuley will be the cabinet
oi President Roosevelt. With perhaps a
single exception, the eight men who aid-
ed President McKlnley in carrying on
Ihe government with such signal success
will be found permanently by the side ol
his successor.
There were today some most important developments concerning the Inture
of President Roosevelt's administration
Somewhat to the surprise of the six
members of the cabinet who were on the
t ineral train today, President Roosevelt
called them into his private compartment at 3 o'clock this afternoon and said
in them that be wanted every one of
them to consider himself invited to become a member of tbe new cabinet.
"I not only   want you to stay   with
ine," said the president to them, "bill I
want you to consider that I am selecting
.1 as my choice.    Vou are asked not
rely to till oiu your terms, but to be
■ chosen councilors.    I   wish   lo  have
the matter regarded in this light—Uiere
ate vacancies iu the cabinet posts, ami I
choose  all   of   you,    gentlemen,   to   lill
Hum.   I will appoint you anew."
The State funeral.
Washington, Sept. [8—The Presidential train arrived last evening. The
remains were taken at once to the While
House niul placed under it guard selected
from the army and navy.
Today (he body laid in slate in th*
rotunda of ihe capitol, the religious
service being held al 9 o'clock this
morning. This evening under an escort
ol inlHtla the body was taken to tbe
fuueral train, and the journey to Cauton
started. _____
Burled at Canton.
Canton, Ohio, Sept. iy.—-The remains
ol President McKiuley arrived here today and after impressive ceremonies
they were Interred in the family lot nt
the cemetery.
Mall   Holiday.
The   Governor-general   has   declared
ibis afternoon a bull holiday In memory
of   President   McKiuley.    All stores in
Cinnbruok are closed-
Tin:  1. 0. 0. P. excursion.
Nearly IHO People Visited Moyle on Tluil
Occasion Last Friday.
I.ast Friday about ICO people of Crnn-
brook joined the Odd Pillows-excursion
to Moyie. A special train was run for
the occasion, leaving Cranbrook at iu
o'clock and returning at 8:30, The day
wns not as pleasant us had been hoped
for, which interfered with the program
arranged, Tbe lake was too rough for
boating aud in consequence the park
and pavilion on tbe opposite side of the
lake was nut visited. Toward evening
the wind dropped some and boating became more ol a pleasure,
The Odd Fellows of Moyie did all in
their power to make tbe visit of tbe
Cranbrook people a pleasant one. Music
and a hull were furnished and many indulged in Ihe festive dance for several
hours In the afternoon. Arrangements
were made for visiting the concentrator,
new shaft house and other points of interest about the St. Kugeue property.
Altogether the day was pleasantly spent
and everyone felt as if they were pleased
that they were there.
Telegrams ut Sympathy.
Quebec, Sept. 16.--The following tele*
Rooms Wanted.
Secretary McVittie, ol the Kxhihition,
would like tohnve those who have looms
in rent during fair Week to notify him at
Sell Out to P. Barns & Co.
The Western Supply company hav
disposed of their meat business an
plant in South I.i-l Kootenay to I
Bums & Co., and are closing up the dt
tails of their affairs uudei the direct io
of Mr. Bell, the local manager, Al
though the company had ample backiu
ttiey found the field fully occupied by 1
Burns & Co., who had spent thousand
of dollars iu establishing magnificei
plants throughout the district so Hm
they enjoyed the advantage of bavin
every facility to serve their patrons wit
the best in their line. To meet thef
conditions it meant the expenditure 1
vast sums of money, and llie Westei
Supply company decided to wlthdra
rather than do this.
The arrangements for tbe baby
show at the Cranbrook fair are as <
Two classes— ■
i   All babies under 1 year old.    \
3    All above tbit age.
Competitors with attendants to
be 011 exhibition for one hour iu
the afternoon on September 26, iu
a special lent which will be comfortably arranged for the purpose.
The prizes will be allotted by
vote. Each visitor to the tent will
cast a vote iu each class and the
result announced at tbe end of Ihe
hour, which will   be   from 4 to 5
Prest, the photographer, will
donate ns a prize one-half do/.eu
photographs of tbe baby receiving
tbe largest number of votes in each
It   Will be Formerly Opened  Next
Hcdnesday   .Afternoon.
It   Will    Include   Horse    Racing,
Foot   Ball,   Lacrosse,
Sparring, Etc.
THE   FALL   EXHIBITION   brick for smelter
I S. A. Early, who ins the brick con.
trol lor the Marysvitte smelter, arrived
J from Trail this morning, and will go to
Marysvllle this aim noon. The machinery for the plant will reach Cranbrook
tomorrow and  shipped direct  to Marys"
Utile. Mr. Karl) said be would have
,35 or 40 men at work   it once, and ex-
j pected to   have bis plant in   operation
j by the 35th. He will commence turn-
'ng out 40,000 brick a day, and can increase tbe amount it necessary, Mr.
Hull, and possibly Messrs,  Hogan and
THE MINERAL EXHIBIT  A  Bid  ONE   lun'er wlU reach CMDbrook in " few
days, aud   arrange for the   preliminary
Next Wednesday at I p. m, tlie East
Kooienay Agricultural, Mineral and Industrial Exhibition will be opened. It
will be the lirst event of the kind lor
this district, mid promises to be an un
qualified success. Secretary A. \V, Mc
Vitlle has been untiring in his effoits,
and says that wilb one or two exceptions,
he bus received most cordial BitppO't
from the people in every portion of the
work on the im
Quebec,   Sept.
duchess of Cornv
their formal entr)
j Canada today,   ai
r The duke an.l
all and York made
::::.' the Dominion of
'. were given a roval
he 1.
distiict.   Tbe exhibits will   be
OU3  and  of a   nature that will 1
even in any who have  lived right
bul  failed to fully appreciate the  won
derfill resources of ibis section.
Tin- town of Cranbrook will beloi
to tin* people n( the district uext wee!
They will be entertainment lor ever
body, uml all ihe visitors will hnve •
opportunity to have a j dly good  tiui
If you want a prize lisl go to Beattie's
drug store.
Tbe mineral exhibit alone will be
worth the trip to the exhibition.
Great interest is being manifested iu
llie school prizes, and there will be
many entries In these classes.
Counting in the big Rugby emu ou
Saturday, Uiere will be four couseci live
days of unalloyed pleasure next week
The native Indian baud from the Sf
Eugene Missiou will be in attendance
and is always well worth listening to.
All exhibits must be on the ground for
the three days, ami ihey will be *. laced
in charge of a constable so that nothing
will be disturbed.
The sparring match nt the smoking
concert in connection with tbe other
spoit, promises nu attractive entertainment.
The members of the Cranbrook Band
are practising bard so as to be in position 10 do credit to tbe town during the
The lacrosse match between Fernie
and Cranbrook will be one of the be**
games of the season, tbe two teams being well matched.
I.. Turner, tbe painter and paper
banger, will have an exhibit of his work
in graining and decorating, as well as a
new preparation for tin roofs that is just
being introduced.
There is a point thnt should be
thoroughly understood, and that is the
fact that the judges will not know the
name of any exhibitor until after the
prizes are awarded,
Dr. Armstrong, the well known veterinary of Nelson, has offered a {25
medal for the best dog of any breed in
tbe exhibition. This bus stirred up the
people of the district, and there will be
a hot contest lor that medal.
Tbe exhibition of bucking and riding
unbroken horses will be well worth seeing, Henry Kroulette. the well known
rough rider, and several Kootenay Indians have been engaged for the occasion, so that there will most certainly be
some magnificent horsemanship,
There will be a strong fight made by
tbe tootlmll boys for tbe Beattie Cup
The winners of the final gel medals and
retain possession of the cup till tbe end
of next season, when it passes to that
season's winners. Any team winning
two season-, keeps the ttopby permanently.
The unilialed easterner can scarcely
believe that two men can by good muscle and skill, drill a bole through solid
granile   faster   than   a    man   can   bore
through wood with a common auger,
but such is the case, und the unbelieving can see for themselves at the Cranbrook fair.
Don't fail to see Mr. Peltier's horse,
"Iioctor M," the famousguideless pacer,
The racing of Ibis horse around the
track without any guide but his own intelligence, nnd bis keen Interest and determination tu win make an interesting
Horses are coining from the Calgary,
Macleoil, High River and Pincher Creek
countries and the horse races will be undoubtedly the best ever seen 111 tbe country. "Roy Carrnthers," who is now
owm-d by the Kootenay Indians, Is like
ly to surprise some of the visiting
boron.    If, In addition, the Indian- also
welcome. Iu all the festivities of the
day thera was .1 sti ng undercurrent ol
icgret at the assassination of Mr. McKiuley and the deep bereavement ol the
American people Plans of temporarily
abandoning the tournament were serious,
ly discussed, but 1 conclusion whs
reached. It Is pi >1 ible that al! functions of a social natur< will be suspended
until after the burial ol President Mc
Kinley. Feeliug reference to tin- President was rn tde *.n the cute .1 Idress
presented to the duke of Cornwall and
in bis reply.
The lirst cerem my of the day was llie
naval greeting on tbe St. Lawrence, and
it made h splendid spectacle from tbe
heights of Quebec As the guns boomed
cut their welcome tlie British   flags on
warships,   batt em
which bad floated ,
lug in memory  ol
were   run   to  to|
lings were quickly
signs of in   ::■     fj
tile fleet broke
and quickly ra*i   th
- and city staffs,
••isl mast all morn-
esident McKlnley,
isl,   ■'.it   American
In ibelr places in
be Ophlr and all
e  American colors
to the half mast.
lock Wednesday morn-
■   : ■-!, at tlie home
H  S )tt and Miss
; itber ujelette otik-
Married—at S u'
ing. Septem
of the bride
Matie Navtu,
Tbe wedding was -. quiet one, only a
few friends an I the members of tbe family being present At S o'clock, tbe
groom, Mr. John H   -    tt, took his post-
lion beneath a " -■.-- • nned (.:' '.ace curtains and flowers lu the parlor of tbe
Savin home, sccomj wied by Mr. Harry
Navin, brothe- of the bride. Miss Magee
presided at the piano, and when the
familiar tone* of the wedding march
sjuuded tbe bride entered on the arm of
her father and attended by Miss Josie
Savin, her sister. The wedding service
-yf the Catboiic church was pronounced
iy Father Ouelette, and then followed
otigratnlatlonj from those present.
I,ed by the brtde and groom the guests
repaired   to the  dining   room   where  a
elding breakfast was served, and the
health of the happy couple was drunk
mid many meny words of hope and
Miss Navin will be sadly missed
among her many friends in Cranbrook,
ut all join in wishing her and ber bus-
band all tbe joys that tbe human race is
heir to Mr. Scott his been train dispatcher in Cranbrook (-jt some time,
dti'l by bis genial manner and slerling
pialities has made a host of friends who
regret that he has been transferred to
Hat Portage
The bride and groom left at v, o'clock
on the east bound train for their future
home. Among the many presents re-
reived were two substantial gilts, (i-.. in
gold from the father, and (35 in g<»ld
irom the brothers.
inn) 1
•dark horse," as in iiie
>k lor some startling ■
11 llr
Prctt-nit-d -1 Locket.
Last Salurdiy afternoon a number ui
employes of the C P. K. gathered at tlie
odd Fellows ball and presented J. H
Scott, train dispatcher, wilb a bandloa
locket, appropriate!) engraved, as evi-
lence of the bub esteem in which be in
held  by  all   the   boys  00 this division.
Conductor Hunt nude tbe presentation
tpeecb, and sold roauy kind words for
Mr. Scotl, assuring him that tbev re-
pretted bis departure for Rat Portage,
(.ut that he catrted with him tbe good
will and friendship of all.
* The following prizes will beglv*
* en for llie best   bread   at the Cran-
* brook fair :
* 1   Best loafof homemade white
* bread, not less than 1 pound.    1st
J prlie, \i "o; 2nd prize, 50 cents,
J 2   best loaf of home made Gra*
* bam bread, not less than   1   pound.
1st pn/e, f 200, md prize, 50 cents.
3 Best 2 pound loaf white
bread, professional. 1st prize,
fa.oo; 2nd prize, 5" cents.
Sec. l/lUUlDlvUUlV II TjIvAIjI' terprlaeln the community and lending
a helping band to individual! anil foi
months bad been published .it .1 loss,
Tbe limit was reached and the publishers -lid the sensible thing—quit. It
lakes money lo run a newspaper, ami
lots of It,
Editor and Proprietor
The HeraUl desires to give the news of tin
district, if you know any about your towi
your mine or your *.eoi*le, nen-i u to this office.
[-When the sad news of the death of
President McKiuley reached Cranurook
there were universal expreislous of
lorrow on every hand, ami all the itags
lu town were put at halt mast. The
unfortunate end ol the tradegy was tbe
■■subject of conversation among ibe
man) groups of men gathered on ihe
streets, and from ihe lips of all came
woiih of praise for the martyred preal
dent, anil bitter denunciation for the
wretch that bail cut such a noble life
snort by an ass ai sin's bullet.
Not only In Cranbrook, but throughout the provinces of ('iiiada, in Kng-
laml ami all her colonies, the people
with one accord were fervent In their
expressions ol sympathy tor America
and Americans. The band uf sorrow
bul caused the hearts of ihe Anglo Sax-
in race to beat in unison, and only once
have the Hags of K 'gland ami America
been closer together, and that was
when England's noble queen passed 10
her eternal reward. Bereavement oil
times buries the prejudices of nations,
and both K iglaml ami America have experienced the bitter paug of death and
the sweet balm of sympathy within a
tew months,
McKlnley, silent in the embrace of
death, is now io receive his due reward.
Tbe prejudice of party, the rancor of
faction, the bitterness of political contest are swept away leaving In bold relief Die magnificent character of the
man. His love (or his wife, his sublime
falih In his t.'reator, his modesty In all
positions, his unsullied career as a
politician anil his ability as a statesman
firms a halo of glory that inspires intense respect for tils rnenniy anil Increased admiration for ihe deeds he accomplished, I ni p.111 .1: and 11 n pre 1 id Iced
history will.place tbe name of McKlnley
high on the scroll of a nation's roll of
tnosc who attained the respect and love
of their fellow men In every position lo
which he was called, from tbe humblest
to the highest.
And yet, lor his name anil fame, his
11 itltncly end was unfortunate. When
McKiuley assumed the responsibilities
(f America's chief executive, he was
more of a politician than a statesman,
a id his chlel supporters were more ol
that class. Pour years as president
broadened his mind anil seasoned his Intellect. Ue was not a candidate for
another term, and his speech at Buffalo
which proved to be his last, showed the
tendency of bin mind and the desire of
his heart, k displayed a clear and 11 rm
grasp of international complications
and gave for the lirst tlmean Indication
of the policy he wculd pursue to bring
permanent peace, prosperity and hap
piuess to his people. Ills utterances on
that Dcca.dou aroused tbe world, and
from every country came back the
e:hocs of approval. The policies presented showed the statesman, unbiased
by party and unhampered by political
auildtlou. Had be lived, his strength
of will ami unfaltering energy would
have brought about changes that would
hive had a bcrieilcent efTect on all nations, aud placet) McKtnley's name
where It would have been spoken In ages
to enme hy all tongues In love aud gratitude.
The Odd Fellows excursion was held
last Friday, the i:iih. It was a strong
combination to gn up against with an
excursion, but ihe day was tine and the
excursion a success. Go hence, thou
victim of superstition!
The exhibition opens next week, and
It will be a great success.
Twenty years ago today President
Gat field died from an assassin's bullet.
Today ihe remains of President McKiuley were laid In their last resting place,
Tbe newspapers of West Kootenai
and eastern Alberta have been exceed
Ingly llbeiat with their notices of the
South Kast Kootenay exhibition. It li
ibis kind of liberality that shows the
proper spirit among newspaper men.
I1, is a small man indeed that sees no
further than his own town while pub
Hshlng a newspaper We all should
win It together for the upbuilding ol
British rdiiuibia. the richest mineral
country on the globe.
F, Carter Cotton baa announced that
be is out of politics. Vou are a Utile
litp  Carter.     The people   forestalled I looking quorU to this office this week
Dldn'l Feel It-
Canterbury Outcrop Mr Wells bid
the misfortune to have two fingerson his
left hand cut off by the saw in the Peter-
boro sawmill la<t Saturday. Dr Elliott
was immediately called to d
wound Mr Wells was tight
some nuts near the saw, and In- says be
scarce knows how the accident happened,
Tbe first be noticed was that one I'mgei
was b inging down by a sui ill portion ol
flesh mid the olhei had fallen in ihe
While  Men  Engaged,
Canterbury Uulcrop: K. 1» [ennings
returned from n trip to V nirmivei nn
Tuesday's Duchess bringing with him
50 men, who went up llorsi Thief creek
yesterday lo work on the wagon toad.
When seen, Mi Jennings remarked la
the Outcrop, "Well what do yon think
of the Japs? Vou hurl ns a lo* b) Buying
we would bring iu japs. I bad 110 intention of In inging in Japs, although I
may have  said  il   us a  josh We in
formed Mr. Jennings that we were very
pleased he did not bring 111 laps. Tinmen he brought in are n fine robust lot
ol fellows, and away above the average
road men in intelligence. 111 fact they
would make splendid clliz-llf, il we
were misinformed we regret Ihe fact,
but we had the statement on good
authority and it was general conversation.
He said that the road would be finished this full ouil if more men were required he  would get another fifty.
■S f
•9 £
* News Prom the Owl Metropolis f
■J s-
-9 i
From lho I rce Press]
Oiiiten heavy fall of snow look place
at Pincher Creek last wee't, i is re
polled thul uncut crops nloilg the Mac-
leod and Calgary trail are flattened dnwn
so by the weight ol miow lb it the liinj >r-
ily of them will li iv.: to be cut by a
.Mrs. S. Jennings, who is keeping 11
boarding house In Hie Crows Seal hotel,
is applying for an hotel license. John J
Undbridge, ol Nelson, Is also applying
for h license foi ail  hotel al   Elko     The
commissioners will meet in H ko on s tt-
lirday, September aS, to consider llie
Mr. F. II. Smith, who has foi four
years been identified with mining operations in Ihe Crows Nest Pass and who,
during most of this time has resided al
Fernie, leti on Tuesd .y to enter upon
lite duties of bis new position as inspector of mines for Ibe North-West Territories, Mr. Smith will in Inline reside in
Calgary, whither be goes with the best
wishes of Fernie friends.
Rev H. Hnlford moved to Ferine from
Cranbrook Thursday.
Dr. Ilrodie, of Michel, is very ill. Dr,
Corsau, of Penile baa been taking charge
of bis practice.
One hundred and seventy live tickets
weie sold on Tuesday for Frank.
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Henderson and
family left   for llie  east   011   Wednesday
"" ' N""s lo'ui W  Wolf
1) J.Jobnsou. the contractor, is now  "Willi    Tl .    m wn
in Elko, where In has considerable work
abend ol bun       1'- I.   Moore Is   working
wiih him.
1. J. Kenny, uf Grand Forks, N. I' ,
arrived hen 1 hi-, week lo join bis wile,
who is ll sister ol tbe McMabon Brothers.
Ihey iiit'-nd reluming iu a few days to
their home.
Mrs   ''.   T    Mi Giegor   has received
word that hei husband is iu tbe hospital
at Winnipeg under llie care of a special-
he   1st.    He has been pretty  low but was on
p   the mend when be wrote.
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Harry Williams,
Will lake contract!, foi ,lie,Ktis[» cellar.,
Snellen, etc., ssnywhete in Use ilislri.l
There arc a few poinls tn
he considered in building.
Old shtics made new,   All Minis ,u,.,„,ilN,, ,,„
of repairing,   Uivc me a call, cranbrook, b.c
5 r
;   News  Nules  From   the   Mineral  Cih   5
' ir
-J S-
All mine owners and prospectors
should make a special effort to make the
Moyie mineral exhibit at tbe Cranbrook
fair on September 26, a success It all
helps out and n good showing from
Moyie means a good deal lo Moyie. M.
A. Heal is collecting the samples and
already has a good showing from the
leading mines, bill tn.it is not eilonglll.
We should be able to show what the
Moyie district contains besides ihe St.
Jiugene, Society Girl and the Aurora
properties. Let every one who has a
good specimen help to swell tile exhibit.
ROCK   l>RII.UN'..
Moyie will have  at least two teams at
the rock dulling contest which is Intake
place in Cranbrook September 27.   Tom
and George Crowe will make up one
t<-am and Cameron Clark nml John Mc*
Tavist) the other. They nre practicing
every evening and will be ill gooil condition by the time the contest takes
C.   R.  Mitchell brought some good
tlio men.   ll,- Bcattpfed ttietn nboul an.l
gave tlt.-in Instructions, itsid rtroniptly
»'""""■' '    '   '   ' "■"   to the  llto tilt-cnnientcr ni ami.
i .... 1 iii.ii, .......   in    ..mi.. ,,.,, .... ,
1    . .    .    . „., ,.,, 1 , 'lists tlinu lu> showed "I   rnrwnrd and
..   1, , ,1 .i.-,,i,  1 u'iill,-,.,l nft, nnd al ll wont from tlie
.,,,.„ "I""1 /"" '  »l»»> "I"';     ""'J'
Sad, „,.,,.,. .,,        I"1  subsume,..   As tils') I lUcil
A lore? unrulier of men nre dally ar-   ,  .„,    logether ami son hem fell to tlm
riving nt lilko, lookiiSK for tile work that, "ll°"      ■    •' ■"»'    deck llie Ihltlli disappeared lift, Its If
will stait In , ,,■■. .1 ij's. j P'iise down Into the eahlll.
art,     I    Now,  here  wa- a  situation.    'I'I,at
there wns a uliosl tilnmnl even llie cap
"""""■    lain nil  1 tvn.-.l rliilil
 ,.   .,..1    lip to Ihe nil t wns a itliost, hut
,11 Use -.  II,ue k,'|,l Ihe creeps llwtl)
Good  work,   Good    Material
and the price.
Smith & Co., who hive ihe contract
foi the new I '-i-t "I the i.nn have
been busy iinlomliux llseis outfit consist.
in,; cltiell) ol illilll|i carls an.l two steam
1, hovels.
I'souUi! .,' horses arrived Moil-
e .\   i'.
', warehou
■e  is neatly
,1 nnd
-  1, inuflll,
,1 wiih large
,1 Rrnil
and bay.
work elcntinii tight ol way.
A Ghost
And a Hanging |
BY  A-y  QUAD. |;|
.Mi   t'enrce, ihe Dominion land survey
inspector, lefl here  Wednesday III emu  I i'i
pany wllh Mr. Melfvoy, late nf the geo- | "''
logical   mi,,,,   10   l„„k finer   the   coal
measures ,,l the Son.}, Ferk.
The   ti
I  we
il.  I..
1 ,v  Arkell. Liver-
traders an,I ship-
..Hirer, and Mr.    sill
llr Walt, ,|ii
Gnlbraitls pai I i
co Plain-,.11 Mo
The it aindary townsite amiss Ihe line
llnsjin-l been placed nil Ibe market, and
we  ilea,   Bbu es ..I  n  typical   wide open
nflicliil visit iii Tobac-
amviiig   daily from   the
I.11111. I
month.    Each one stsi
flrsl  voyng   l-'rldti
came to the iim, ship -
„n a l'-rldtiy, Hie tail
TllOtlgll   the
lucky, there
pers Hull III.
,'csleru town tli.it  will sunn   lie in full    ship,    'n,is did  not   |
1' J   McMal
a new ,
Mr. Greet has a ■:
ptoycil ,.„ ihe va
11, town.
a, ,,i  Movie, is building
J   Jntlusoll   is  Ihe cotl-
,,l   inell   em.
e.v   building
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables <* <.*
Stable South nf Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, B. C.
.1. H. KING
Physician and Surgeon.
Office ,11 Residence. ArmstniOK Ave.
Forenoons, -   -   'UO ta II
Alternaans   -   -   -   .   |:.m i„,i:.in
Bveninea       •   •   ■    7.30 to 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :   :    :        :   :    II. C
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Time to Subscribe
'lake li,.11 IiiiII shall ai,|,lv tn tlii> llm
si- illRll
Mil till  Hi
ii Smith  l-'u-
.    IV
Ul  i>1
triiisli l-iIim
-.inn ic-imiii
tin, innl  i
II   |ss»l  all,
f rni\**   Ni
ut ill r>
t  I'llM
I as
Hturlj <if
ll uf Hit-
lay nf Altllllsl. II",I.
Certificate ol Ihe kciiisiraiion „l ,n Extra.
Provincial   Company,
•eliy t
(ng Ihi
so, Imv
llll,,' to
l,y slnllug linn Ihe -i l, showed nu
ileslri' ,,,   :n i, mi, ..ii
Tiiere  WHS   an- allien::  111 II.
Then' was never a ninlii or llie real .,f
llie voyngc Usui llie gbosl did inn  dloM
up, an.I Ii) llie lime ... I i	
had colli,' tn he looked ll|  as aim.isl
oue uf Hi.- crew.    II.ie wns a ehl ,'
Inr Hie slipi'i-slllhius In mil, a   Ill
day an,I V l:: mid ill llllll, Inn Iberu
was no Stiell llllll : ng US.    I bellevu
11,111 a crowtl .,1 luwyet's, ,1 rs or
Miel'.liniil- would lllive L-Xllll.lt.ll nun,'
Ilervullsuess 1 llllll did our ct'cv, of sail-
ors. li got s« Hull limy liinilly threw
tfil'il' cups at llie speell't' llllll naked for
' Ihelr   n ||g|,i i,,|. ti,,-,,- pipes,
Ol   HlO   1       Tile  snllllinll  Ol'  llle  lll.slel'l   WHS  ,nit
ai her    lojs curious.   We had   yet dlscbnrg-
'"" 't   ,,l all niir cargo when a fearful odor
niched    became plnlii, ami when the nisi barrel
I'l'lday ' anil bos went mil we irneed :!„■ source
voyngu mi a  iiiilay.   I,,,,) rip|m| „ii' some of Hi,- flooring.
inr sliips lind all been    it,.,w , twn nl' the ribs ».- found the
'l'n I I'I,' and newspu-    decnylug  corpse of a  ship eitl'penter,
in Hie inin were carry- | wliuse skull had I., en sina-l.eil iii by a
with Ibe hist j blow  I'r i  hammer,    llm glmstl.v
thing was taken ashore ami an Impiest
lieltl.    Tliel'e were IllllllllS nil llie elotj-
lug, and a true description was taken,
nnd ,< doubled Hint a murder Innl
been committed.    On  the ran  liaeli  In
Liverpool  there was no ghost.    The
Bulling  nl' the  boil)'   Innl   laid   il.    The
case wa- placed in Hie bunds nf the
police, niul yini may remember what
happened. Tlie mime nf the murdered
limn was John Wnljiole, ami a fellow
workman named Churles Saunders was
arrested for the crime,   lie fessetl
at once. As llie two Innl knocked oft
for luncheon they roll inin a dispute
alanit a woman, and, driven l" lies-
peralinii by taunts nf llm other, Saunders seized Ills lininmer ami gave him n
fatal blow. As tbe two were alone in
tin: bows nf Hie ship, then about ready
for launching, he shoved the body over
aeninsi a rib and milled nn Hoofing
enough t„ cover It. Wnlpole was mi>s-
eil by ill,' foremnn. hut was Mipiniseil
tn have gone "IT mi a spree. Thai was
the confession, ami it brought about
Saunders' dentil nn tlie gallows, and mi
ghost was ever seen aboard nf the Friday afterward. Vou woiv't believe Unit
we saw ii ghost, but as ihe discovery
nf the remains nf il urdered  man
and the bunging of Saunders were mailers of public record you can't very
well get around ll.em.
I  I had Ihe
ie berth rn'
g I for-
nun-. Wirt ship ami
a .link  Tar
hem ill inch
aboard hml a word in so) n
or ghosts iimil we were half way across
the Atlantic.   Then bappeneil sucli a
curious thing ilia: I am going In give
ynii llm full di mils.
Of   11    l|lliet    hlOOUllgllt    Ulgllt    ill    IllO
middle watch, when 1 had charge of
a Qrir.T UO
the ship, iwo of tb
dime  tun
Id   llll'oi'
Hint n simiij-o m
forward. The mc" were not overexcited, und on my pnt't 1 took it that wo
bud :i stowiuvny on board, l told
them to seettro him uml bring him nft,
nnd my wntch bud nlmost o.\[iired
when ii was re|iorted Hint tlie strungec
could not bo found. When I came on
duty ngnln, I reported tho matter to
tbe cnptnln, uml bu bud tho fore lutteb
cover roinoved und sent u mini down to
Investigate. We were nlmost lull tip
with cargo, und it did not lake long to
nscei'lnlu llint no ono wns biding In
ibe Iwo or three open spnees. Und a
Blownwny been secreted below decks
It would have been Impossible for lilm
lo come up, but the hatch was removed
to convince the sailors Hint they bud
boon deceived hy a shadow.
Tbe nest night nt ibe same hour ibe
stranger reappeared. Tho second mate
had ibe wtitcb, uml us soon as the affair was reported to him he bad me
culled. The Incident bud been talked
over during the day, of course, but
these new mcu bad not seen Ibe spook.
Indeed they bad poked nnd guyed tho
other wntch for n lot    t old women.
One man at the wl 1 ami ntiotber on
lookout and the other live wore standing nbout tvnltlug for a mil when iho
Btrnugor suddenly appeared nmong
them. Ih' wns tn bis shirt sleeves and
hud an apron nnd n paper cap, lu
iho apron were n lot of nails, which
jingled ns be walked. This man came
from all und walked forward .>ii Hie
port Bide, und, (hough two or threo
mcu shouted after Inin, he did not
pause. Tin- sailors did not tnko it tor
fi gllOSt, bill .Vet were lUlWllHllg io fallow, However, when the enrpenicr reappeared after nbout live uilmttca and
wits pnsslng aft one of the men stepped out to seize lilm und said;
"Look hen', mnley, stop a minute
und let us know bow you came alma id
of Ibis boola-i* nml whose wuleh you
life In."
The Bailor's band clutched the nlr Instead of flesh ami blood, and tin- thing
continued aft uml disappeared. When
1 was called, I went down on Die main
deck nmong lho excited men and heard
their yarn, and then we took liiutenm
you In that declaration.
A meeting ot the editors of KasLern
llrithh Columbia lias been cilled for
Sei'tember 30, at Halcyon Hot Spilngs,
(ir the purpose of forming an editorial
association. Such an organisation
should result In much good to tbe pub-
llshers of this part of the provime.
Home of them need a few businesi
principles inluscil Into their makeup, so
lliat tbey would handle their arTaii:, In
a different manner.
The Sllvertonlau, of Sllverton, has
closed lis front door and ijiitt for tbe
lime being,    Tlie  piper was giving the
which be got nt tbe Three Friend-; and lias I
Pretoria mineral rhiims, which are silua- [! '.'
ed on the west side of .Movie bike nbout n,,-'(
opposite l'ark, Michel! and Go's snw-
miil. There is now n tunnel in about 25
feel nml there are about 2oincbes nl ore.
Tbe claims belong to C. I' ami P>ed
Mitchell and Angus McDonald,
STRKRTS wn,!,  in;  RRPA1RRD
Wednesday when Government Agent
Armstrong was here 11 committee waited rlimii
upon bun with regard to the fixing of '""'
the streets. Mr, Armstrong consented ' IJf'L
to expend faoo ul once in repairing t;h
Victoria street ami opening Tavistock y"'1"
Street. Tenders are now being culled
for lo.lo the work. I
I    Thu lieinl »tl
ii.iiiiiitii Cbarncier by Ihe Ktisc,
"Vou can n1111031 i.ll n person's char-
nctci- from the nosenlotie," remnrked n
scientist "All grenl men Iinvc ureal
noses.   The Greek nose, which in- no
greal sense iifu'sihi'iics. of btaiity. but
im character mid no power of contention,
"Large nostrils show courage, People
of fearless disposition lucailic Hilly
and freely. All ihe iiii- i-j anhnnlfl
have dilated nostrils. The drooping
nostril shows histrionic talent, if the
nose also droops, ii denotes a tragic
power, uml ll only the nostril enpnetly
is marked for tbe Interpretation of
"Where the nose Is thin tit the bridge
It shows generosity, while ,-i nose that
Is thick n( Hie bridge argues arrpilsl-
tlvoness. When ii is Hptllted, like the
petal of n flower, the person is inquisitive.   A projecting nose argues a dlspo-
 Bltlon to investigate.   It is ahead of Hie
• I'tritIsl 1 "r(.11 m 1!hVi •-V11-J-.u    ,1M''''SS t0 sn>' to a dozen men that ihelr 1 person, us It were, nml v.anis to scent
ilic t!iiiii|iany Is situated In   eyes had deceived them.   They woro j out things."
suite ni vYiisiiiiiL'iuii, U.S.   sailors above  tlm average in  inlelll- ■ —	
gence, nnd  tbe captain  was sciislblo The Thentir.
!it-.Mil'!s 7'-.,'!;l!'iu'm'l'"7'-Tiiv,M   O'10'1^ to U\U- a seiisilile view of tbe ■     Sir Sq-illO Uoncroft. in n lecture on
matter.   We talked It over at break-   the stage In London, snld that when he
1 .in-I-1.1 iii- c |iany in tills pin-   fast, ami shortly nfterwnrd ull bunds    was a  boy   be  scraped  up many  a
Inl" ■'' l';inl"' ;- i""1 -1"11111{v-"i   wure called aft."  Tbey were told Hint   shilling to go Into Ihe pit to see Phelps
iiirihtri m law, whose iiiltlress1 Is   [t must bo sotno trickery and were nsk*   «ft  nt  Sadler's  Wells   theater   and
' ' "     J   "' ,.,i to glvo their assisiance in Boivlng   (.'buries  Kenn ut  tbe Prltieess,  with
nnil.' .xiMi'iii'.'i.f ti t.'ii-iimyis   Ha; mystery.   Tbe ship was searched    both of whom he subsequently played
iin- 1 puny is sisfciitiiy iiitiiN-.i   (Vom „l,.nj l() ai0m, but no siowawiiy    ns a young country actor, These stolen
;"''v;"' I1"' V'UI, VI'  1   1 nm     1   wna Il,ul"1-   Then Hie cr.ptaln did that    visits he regarded ns not the least part
sl'ii,'-!-sVmiust. n.iuii.i.i-i ii.l.iii'11   wldeb no oiher cnptnln would have   of his education, and therefore Ids ad-
m, ii-ji. ' done.    When  night  uml  tbe  middle   vleo to all was, "Go mid see Shnkes-
r\ \. wimiTiiN, ' watch came around again, he took tho    poaro  acted   wlieiunti* you   get   the
it.Thtn.rnf ...i.,t stork n» niei.   atru[l(1 milU. nini W0|U forward uuiui.g   clmiice."
 clover hoiti Minim
'noii-persnanl liability,1
i.'.lasiin l-Miii-Pimla- and liiade a thorough search of tl
"ComiiaiilPB Act, isw," decks. 1 also sent men aloft to Hi
'i'ih. : u .'.*'i * I f. * '* V. V|!") JV."!S1"' ■ tl'l"i-   ^'° ni;i1''' "" discovery.   It was
Tnine Crotv'i Prniiks,
a-; a fat. helpless baby crow.
We named him Tom, nnd be grew like
the proverbial weeil. Hi- prankish pro-
donee as ihe summer wore by. Some
bright objects, such as ten spoon 9,
thimbles and the scolloped tin- culled
patty pans,bad to be jealously guarded.
Hut despite the noisy pLelc.-i> of the
cook the patty pans continued to disappear.
At last I found the new use lo
which Master Tom bad put these coveted articles. I bad been awakened several nioniiiiL's at an untimely hour by
a Blight tinkling, jingling uolse, proceeding nppnrontiy from the tin covered veranda roof ju-i outsklu my window.
(in one occasion I fancied I beard
Tom's peculiar low chuckle of amusement Stealing uolsetessly to the window, I peeped out. Sure enough, there
were Tom and Hie patty pans, Seizing
one lu bis beak, he would tly up about
live or six feel, then drop it. The jilit-
ter of tlie Hu as it fell through tbe
bright sunshine ami iis clatter as it
struck ihe root' seemed to afford him
the most exquislle amusement, for he
repeated the performance a dozen
times or more, eliding, ns he heard the
houscmnld open the from door, by
neatly packing his shiniiif* toys into an
(ingle of the roof, where ihey bad heretofore escaped notice.—Lnldes' Home
Ibiu- you inikni with anyone iiinuit iiiiildln--?
Conic innl sec nu- nr let tne ice you. It mn>
tin us bull) good.
(i. R. LEASK
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale ib-sIm in
Grain and
(liven   special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Craiihrimk, It. C.
Sept. ,1 and 17
Oct. 1 and 15
Will issue
Pan     American
Excursion Tickets
To Buffalo
i5  60 Day Limit
Choice of Routes
s,        I.O.O.P.   Kcj Cll) l.ndgc
All rail, Lakes, Soo I.inr,
VI. St hml nr llii.uiiii
Tliriiuuli Sleeping Liir Koolcnaj
I iiiuliiin to Toronto, one clintiRC
lo Buffalo.
for time tables innl lull iiiiiiriliatinn.  ifdl an
„r Bilthiss ncilrtsl linal iiiitiit.
E, J. CIIVI.I: ce.cni.EHAN,
A. II. I'. A. H.-iil.
Vancouver, 11.C. Cranbrook
J. S. CAkTt-R, 11. P. A„ Nelson. II. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Hank nf rmiiin.-rr-e llt.lj*,. UltANIIItOOU
Perry = Creek
Oliver Burge       ■   I'roprielor
Spokane Palls &
Northern R'yCo.
elson & I't. Slicphnrtl R')  Co.,
Red    Mtiiiiiiaiii    Railway   Co.
Tin-.inly .ill i.nl route lietueeli nil
points l-asl, West a sill Suntll In ...
Intermediate Points.
Cnnnci tins; at
Sl'llKAM-: null lln-
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and t). I». .St N. Company.
Clllli'its at
Nelson  with  Steamer  for  k.-iislo
and  All KootesKiy   Lake  Points,
Connects nt
Myers Palls with Stage Dally (,,r
Kepuhlic, and
At    Bsisshurir   Stai;c-   Daily   fir
lir.'issd Forks .'.nil Qrcenwootl.
It. A. JACKSON, licit. I'n-s. Ajl.
Surveys „,
Good accommodations for the pub-' Lark! Purchases,
tic. Best ot liquors and cigars,
Come and see the famous Perry
creek district. Quartz and placer
mining.   S miles from Cranbrook.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook, :        Rrlllsh Columbia
Inl lm' Hml I ml to np|ily lo ll,,' Man
inilili, iher Issloner "I Ijiialiislnl Winks,
a |iii,,'l,asi. Ma. 1,.II.iv.i iB .!..« ii in,,,i,,, S|t„.
ii.. in s,.nii, iiisi Ki'oioimr ill.irlet, l'i..,iiii't'iir
llrin.li I on ii. ami i.wn I  a Inns,
'alnliioiii-lntlitu|io.,ton ll uin ii r llie
Ildil .1 a.i) ..iih.','i. w. Ni., I'.i-s lintncbof
.lit   ll, ll.-S
i i\.i
Mining Claims,
Etc., made hy contract.
P. II. Fort Steele. II. C.
■"i Builder   <
tniiCranbronk, n C
';:;;.;;:\':;,;!;;;:n;,i::'i!;M::; Sometliinjrinicrcstiiiv;
In Pholograplis,   Our agenl
will will till miii all ,'iliinill il.
look mil Inr him.    I'k'l SI .
(let your Job  Work James qreer
mitt Builder  j
All wiirk Kinirnnli-i-it.    Set- us lulnri*
miii Iniilil     It »ill pn) j nu.
i. r.iiiiuonl,, |1 v.
at (he Herald of lice
Improvinjj* On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up tor deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think  of selling at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
llie 2,,tli Century 'tailors, Cranbrook, 11. C t
Iff    The Best of Job Printing
m 1 i
Will always be secured when you get
your work al The Herald office. Try
it and be convinced.
  ... . . .
■ • • • • • ■ • • . ■ • • . • • • ■ • • • . ...'..'.'.'.'
•■—■ s-« ■•■ • '.•- a-ffis f
■   •   • • '   • J,
£ M $ M .
$ # # # fi
fi  fi
.miii. tlu I „t„,i
ft liltle year or w .,,'"
1    ii.i lie, i „ a,, ivlien
Sh, iwuye.1 ,. . i llilah ul lies l„ii,
A |.,.i. I.* r Milil -.in,. ,...,.I*. .„.,. I...
\ i ,'
1 ...   |.   ,1.   mi,| |,, In,.,,.
"I.. ..I..,., , li.  „|.i.   i- tin
Tlirr,     nil, ,vl„, , ■ „ ..villa 	
ll'.l       ii . i   In,,    iii.ll   mil I, ill   iml .„,,■(
I ...sol., ii ill inn ii ...-
a        ill tin  ., il.I ,..i- ,,| I. I Iriav
. lilm      11 .   ..I II,i.I.I
5ilf   tbe Pon and tho Holy Ghost, 1 ndjuro
*■ '    ' yniii   Save tuy life, claim me In mar-
'lln' gtrl stood there trembllag with
ctiiotiun timotiR tier compnnlous. H.-ns-
Ing herself thus iiddri'ss, ,l hy in tsy
tli,'   |ll-i8 r.   sh.'   I ai mined
mill atiiiniiiiii; nlmost mi ist'lously,
halt inovi'd by |illy, half Incited hy
In I llolghliors, s|». ||li|ir..a.h,'il   gill
r.i   wllh..ill th,. police limine,  to prevent lier.
■nil.  i.i.vs,'." repented Hi,' prisoner
nrdelilly, "I an, I sin.   I sweur 11
hi my I'ti'i'iail Hnlvi.tlu.il   liemnii.l uin
lll iniirrlnge, and you will bnvo suved
i,lie  Wind  I,,
SIlU  'lid   H"l   I,
site had s„ Inst her si-ns.-s, hm sl \-
U-ll.1,-,1 tier liilliil, nlii.li Hi.' poor ilovll
,. |  wiih itvldllj    Seeing Ibis, Hi"
people In all direct  begun I,,   "in
"\  tiiillTlnge, a  mnrt'liigel   She tins
rial I Inin'  I'm il  I  liiineiiiiin;
nn il. em II!"
ih' in, mi,ni. r ,11,1 ui tin- rope,
I a- 1,1 ll drop, li'i-hli'd as l.i what
yvus in.i-i   nin.li.nl for lm dn, ami
a- iin- crowd continued t II"" ami
even become threatening lite ..ill.. r uf
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦»♦ ♦ • » ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ | il,.- provoslslilp, Judging n an op|iur-
 ■ linn' inr a delay. I'd the condemned man bnek I  hi II In order io
siil.mil   Ills  I Hilar enso  lu  the low.
pored     with 10."..4C,7 ounces,    valua
Utltri   l*i.nliii-ls.
'  life
lu tin' Bimport of Calais, which Un-
our nm years wns under ihe [lower of
ih.- English, there once lived a bachelor, .Tosso Liullart, who hml come there
toenrryon luisin.'s-. Ilewasn nativeof
Ballleul rn-Flnnilre, well luinlltled lose-
cure t'ni- the London tnerelmnts the wind
of which tin- Flemish weavers iniiko
their various materials und tn derive
nn honest profit from ench. Naturally,
because of his commercial subtlety nnd
becnuse uf tho pleasnul nml comfortable lifi* which came to him in eonso*
Quence, ottr man became exposed in ihe
jealousies aud ill will of the other
tradesmen, English for the most part.
He tliil lift know it. since ihe hypocrites allowed nothing to become evident, but, on the contrary, made every
endeavor to present un agreeable exterior to him, su us nut in compromise
iu theloasl the slight advantages which
accrued to them through his kindliness.
Nevertheless they deckled to ruiii him
nml tu tlsitt end contrived a device so
black nnd so wicked that Sir snlun
himself iu his demoiilacnl mind could
not hnve Imngluetl a better, lu pursuance nf the scheme one of them secretly coneenled in tho house of Jossc Dul-
biri a leather bun containing a sum nf
100 livres Fterllng In gold crowns. Having dnne this, he went tu the criminal
magistrate with two tirades as witnesses in accuse bis colleague of having robbed him.
At that remote period there bad not
yet appeared iiiulcr the canopy uf heaven any uf the Impudent sharpers, slug*
gnrds ami swindlers who in the course
of time huvu shninelessly said and written thai ownership means theft, nnd
the money earned by some is sn much
lust by others, with ibe sole Intent that
tbey may put everything inin confusion nml I ble cusilj iu slip Into their
purses that which is another's.
The world bus Indeed beard uf much
fully ami seen many luli|ultles, but not
that, ami human justice, which bud never known nt' any Jesting upon the matter, would have hunt: ihelr like high
nml in short order, dealing with them
precisely ns she would wllh veritable
Who was amaued at seeing tbe po-
llcemnit nf Hie provostshlp Invade bis
bum.', rnnsaek his coffers nnd chests,
produce from tin-in a snek nt gold of
Willi li lie knew nothing nn,I a legal
clerk tal,e down disquieting notes nf
the affair In his Illegible scrawl! II
was ih.- ill fated Indian.
The pent- fellow strove with them lu
TBlll, vmw;iil: Io Und hi- It iit.v, luit
word ■ uld n.-I prevail agiilust deed*
Now,   i.   .mil.I  n.ti explain  hou   the
KHk, tin- evidence ol  his  >, lind
come inm his possession, whence li ltd-
low ed liml the inn..cent man was condemned lu iin hnlter na il he hud been
Tin affair, however, let loosi in mi
iipittai all ihe devils nf Calais. Think
of it a greal mcrchnut, \\ lilt a housu
ol bin own, coin Icted nf e.siniu..it |ar>
e. iij   l.i.. a \ ittgar rascal]
In    (he   cud   Ihe   populace,   while   ll
M:i- iml prlVJ   In Ihe pint hii.l by il hull*
il,,;vn nrrniH i.'/ie •• n a- iii \ ei theless
imi iiii-tiii-tiul ll rather inclined in
fnvtu -■: the pldnble citizen ol l'.ailhu
lei--    This without taking Into consld
erallnn   the   pi limilllfl   Oil   llic   outskirts
of iin town, who were French, nol bavin is, ui expelled rroin ihelt Brestdfl
b,   ih.' e [iiorors, ns  had  lieeii  ihe
!■ .    llllll.slls-l-. nl   the cllj.   and   who
Imi eil nl] the iSugllsh within H" ii hot
tt i
Sn   ||   ||M)   be   -.aid   that   lllC   throng
\( lil di • n ted iiimiii iiii  s I reels and
crosswnys un  ihe dnj   when  Dulliirl
wa     I,, he III,, ti tn Ihe Ulbbel clllerilllll-
eil  compassion fur him than derl-
t-    nbovc nil. it you take Into no-
emiin ihe fuel that he W09 yotlllg, good
in ever) respect and uf a propftsesslng
itpl', aiaiiee.
I'i i.in   Ibe  Jail   to the   gnlloWfl  .tusse
walked wltl wed head b>  the sisie
ut a priest, who enjoined him to rejoice iiiul he was about to puss into a
belter world, lie did not glance ut a
Blugle person, so great was the shame
be felt nu account of (be lllthy mischief
nf which he was licensed. It was only
win ii he bail ascended tbe lirst rounds
of ih<- fatal ladder, having the cord
about his neck, that below tbe soldiers
grouped an 1 Hie base of the gibbet,
he perceived Ihe crowd and recognized
nmong them a fair young woman fur
■whom in happier days be had conceived u tender lllld violent passion.
At the sight of her he experienced a
yet mure poignant sorrow nt leaving so
soon and so painfully un existence
from which he had expected to derive
Rticb delicate felicities. Ami then, Impelled by a sudden reminiscence and
by u natural instinct for preservation,
lie begau to cry out with nil bis might!
"l.oyse, Loyse, by God the Kut'ter,
And the i pie dispersed content, believing the man from that moment to
b.' saved.
Hut the stealthy cats did not so easily let un QUO whnlii llie.V held III tlll'lr
claws. Tbey bud a man tu be Ranged,
a pretty little man, a man over whoso
hanging tbey licked their lips, ami
licit, how people pretended that bo
was taken out uf their grnspl Ami
why, i ask you! Dnder the must foolish of pretexts, in the name of some ft-
(lieiiinus custom, some lllegnl pretense
which granted grace, full, free and Immediate, to tiny condemned man whom
a woman declared in public to desire
in lawful wedlock. Who ever bud
hea rii nf an equal subterfuge!
Rut, ah. traditional or written, the
law is tbe law, uml the ense iu question had to be elucidated! Unwillingly
rather than willingly they opened an
inquest upon the matter In band to
learu whether nr not sn unreasonable
a usnge bad ever at any period bud
power by law, which Inquest finally established that no similar case had been
presented since the time of the conquest lu Calais, but that previous to
thai dale there had been tunny sueh
cases, more particularly In Flanders
uml iu Aftols than in I'icanly.
In consideration of these indecisive
conclusions ihe enemies of Dullnrl urged the magistrates to override tho law,
and ihe magistrates did nm demur! It
wns the governor who placed an ob-
blade before them in view of public
opinion, which had become greatly agitated over a controversy which had
at stake the life ol' a man made iu the
InmgeofGod. suddenly that dignitary
called io mind the example of prudence
offered of yore tu tin- world by that
worthy magistrate Font Ins Pilate in
order that he might avoid thrustlug
his own finger between the tree ami
lis hark. In place nf announcing his
feii-s In public he appeal..I lo bis mns-
ler. Kim: F.lwunl. the fourth of that
name, to decide the man. r according to
Ills 0W11  gOOd  plea-Ui,-.
The monarch judiciously estimated
that one man more or less upon the gallows wns of -mall Milne in enhancing
Ins giorj and bespoke elemenej fur the
sn-,- nn,ler consideration, He ordained
then Hint the old usages should be conformed with ami that full pardon bu
awarded the condemned man. under
ihe condition, be ii well understood,
Icltor of bis love bold him
i> pass that ihe u I .loss.
ami marvelous fortune t.
ulcmid w«n favored maid
nnd  grimacing death am
I, tiled in Ins
iliuanh mi n
nh    Ibal Is to
owe  t.i   their
^^^^^^^^^^       S!l\.    I    ■
V   Hhnllar occurrence took  place  *
e afti rwiird nucxpecli ill) at
i; 'it     \- -i certn n thii f,
, ..... ;i. mn niters, was i uuditi t-
ed lu his im.. n I I oh] womnn stopped mi! "f iin' crowd below and declared Unit -he ,1,- i him in marriage.
The prisoner, nslonttdied considered a
 neiii,   then,   remarking   thai   Iho
aforesaid person "a- ;i bonu Ij ling,
bbook l.i- head ami pursued In- way to
tin- gnllow s, obsi i \ lug in iin- executioner;
The wench, I don't want her'."
Vud ui ii moment lie *viih widdod m
the gallows,  ('hi. ago 11 Ibunc
rini to in.- Wolves,
For -h.-ei in. In,Irani.i ihe Fii|*lish
|owi i robber lloitgliion's nrrest would
be haul m heal. ATlet lu- Inst big din*
inoml llicfl ho was traced lo West
UrouiH leli and (hence led the detectives n dance over the country.  Al lust
when   Ihe  pursuers   were   luird   Oil   his
heels he dashed Into a traveling men-
ngevle which was exhibiting Just outside Hlrmlnghnnt. Tiiere he found one
.if tlie attendants fastening up a van
cage containing n pair of large gray
wolves. Mu Hung tbe man on one side
mitt opened the cnge, shutting himself
In wllh tbe beasts nml daring uny one
lo fetch lilm nut. The strange thing
was Unit the wolves, which the proprietor hud nlwnys considered the most |     KUiur'
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range Irom $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible hy the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate nmnunl nf principal and int rest, except  in  (he
As£\ siiuwii    l iniui' ni'iiiw; iiie ursi in lie   paiU   .'ll    lilt'   lime   01   pur r\   k
/■^ chose,   trie  second nm- year from dab' nt the purchase, ilu- llilrd in a   .
.;.       "-^ lw» years anils  k,, .
•   ii    -''S-^ -            The foiiuwiii;' inblc shows ilu- aniiuini oi tlie annual Instalments -^    '--
-    .          -v*»1 on Kill aire- al ilili.mit |irin- iimler I In* flboVfi toilditiuns: >   ' >
• •■   toi
There is n marked  increase In   the       ■.'
pr..duct mn of eenn ■    ue      o|     ■    ■
tht tp,.: twlng -'■■ -"i">   -I SlJltl
71'.' over the ligun     tin   i-" I     Mb i
has ulso risen from -'■- >"»• to S1H ,-    *   *•
7fii>, owing to the disi   v,,, nml up-    . '.,     -*J; ^>      case of lands under S2.50 an acre, is divided into ten instalment- as
erution ..I large .1. i.. n   Eastern       v      gs,,       vhown in the (able below; llic iirsi |u be paid  al   Ihe time  uf nur
Oultirlu   l'olrtileiiiii  nml    I    prodtu • . '
hIhiw   .hi lm i.■.!-.- friuii S1.7-1T H.1U tn
S1 8(»l 04.1    while   Ibe  [ lm I    n      I
ii.itui.il en-; |v on the deerense,
though  eh-x'olt   iew   wells   iveru      pul
down   Tlm vul i the hitildiiiH mu-
lui luls     prod .1    wm    J-i.tiMU.Hai,
ubuxviiig u sllglu  tin ,..
-.im ng the   uther inliiublo miitti r
uppeni I HM   i"  the  vohil i   a  ripoi t
b)   in.i    \    I'   i i..si, on the i	
i.,ii ■• ■■. ..| i lie l.,sw.-i Hut,,tn,in, in
which hu eoiiipures Hie gfologicul
Blructiiie ol mn ii.iii-ise.uiisc region
with liml ol MichlgHii uml Wisconsin
'1 in- suine writer .il-"' im hi- in-- a
couiprebenslve pnjier on Ihe Sou
Heches in K,i-iet t, Uutiirio proving
ii.on  the ebur.ulei   ol  fossil   rt'iimliiH
I hilt       file   nee.u,   hllS   lell niilnelull-
provlnco   Anothei   short  i
performed  at   the  Pmvlne
(illiec,   Hullevllle,   in  aid   ol   Hie |
pectur's    operutlons   Tlie report     is ; (.
well  in-ranged and ctirefull)    indexed j I
mid contulns    numerous jlln-t r.itu "
<>i' mining, It will be found of pr
lieul value by nil concerned In m
tuy or uiettil-worklug operutlons.
i "
loll ocrs at S2..iil per acr, Ut instalment SM.W 9 equal inlal'U at $50.00 -JT
■ .•     V*V                  3.00 ..          ..               ;i..in ..             nii.uil V*>
•, -i    <><>:    ,.           3,so ..              vl.nii 7ti tin' N7 V
-.-     <">^     ..
"               (..ill "              »                    III7.N5 s.                   'Ml (HI
Mi.no *- *<-
i - :!•
Killlberlev is I'tc business and shipping point for the
J  North Star and Sullivan mines.
HliAI. & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook 's "lc ^'v's'ona' poinl of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway ami Ihe coniinercial centre of Smith
liasl Kooienay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
"(.'lii-td-r^O-G^sy-m-Si-Si (.Wi,
,U'|<-Y'i i i-i-i-i -i --I .-I -I • , •
I- (si-®-®-® ® ® i.) -.I) w -.1) ••>■
...  ,,, '., (., ;., '.I ,.> i.i ■'.! •
,.. .,.|...|..f.,.r,.,...|..
1.1 (.) (.) I.) ..) I.) ..I I.) ..I-I
l-i,   For maps and furl her information apply to Agenls as above or In
Traveler   From   Slttnae   J.w    A.tonlahe'a    (T''*.k
l'.ili..i Stutluss Hiibttttei. ' -' --*
Thorn nro sonic  n nl t tlio Union St.,,i.in. Toronto, win, think
tlii-llls,-l\.'S  trig,  l,nL till ll  l','i','lit  Sill-  I (i'VI
tirdny    tli.-y    ii'i'i.' torccil lo admit ' ''
that tli.'.v wore nol in tliu snnio clnss
Willi ii y,nnil; Assiiiiliiiiiin who    hn|l-
I'.'ii.'.l    In  I'r.'in  Moose Jaw, Ills   	
iiuiiiQ is IMwiH'd ll..iini„',.. ^ uml ^ ul- , »,..«MM...M.******,»»tVt•".♦#♦.*».♦ ♦♦#»!.*«♦•♦ **iMMMt*Ml
doing nicely for n youth, uii'd wulglis ! *
1IH7 pounds, nml slniiils s,-v,-ii    i'i"'i I
t.'ii Inches. Tli,. young giant was „,- i
cominodcd  by   his fnthur,     Guspard I
Dcailprc,  who is a si.is.-li.-r.      living I*
ni'iir Moosq ,Jnw, and who Is n mini
not    over   live feet    ten Inches     in
Mr   llemipi'i!, the ,-lil,-r. states Hint
his wife .iml Hi.' other children    nre
ot ordinary si/,-,  and  Unit     Edwl.ru , 6
wns     nut   unusually   hue,- until      he I J
wns  ten yours old,  from which time !♦
Irs    rapid growth dates Edward . J
"rodo" tin, range until he     bcauiso IS
too li.'iivv fur n horse, *nnd    ,Inline
the l.isi  few v.'.irs Isus luoked    niter
Lands under $2.50 per acre arc sold
nn shorter lime.
li iiir land is paid inr iu full al llie
lime nf purchase, a reduction from the
priLe »ili be allnwed equal In ten per
cent nn ilu- amount paid in ex.ess ni tne
ustiiil cash Instalment.
Interest ai -iv per ll-.h ..ill be
charged in nur ilia- Instalments,
llle Conlpan) has also lots Inr sale
iii Ihe following limn sites in Easl Kind
enayt Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelte, k'ltch.
L'lit-r, Crcston and  kimberle..
The lernis of payment arc one-third
cash, ami ihe balance in six and iwclve
KilClllier is in the center ol Ihe great
Iron range and llic gateway lo ihe White
Grouse copper fields.   .1. I. IHKiilSS,
low iisi te  Vvlt'llt.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
nih one ,.i tile largest
,3 yet produced.
I Itliy
i Canada
lli.l   ll.i.il   V.illi   >.;.!.,ml Sv.l.'i...
The steamer Lake Chnmplnln, the
fn-l boat Irom Liverpool to be lilt.-d
unli wireless telegraph, arrived at
Quebec, July tl,  I'.'i'l.    Although   it
1 The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AI.I.    KINIi.S    01''-
....ii.l vovage »'
board,  the  gn
in. i}   the I'i
■ i.      Mossng. s ..
passengers      \
■d from  Mr    Mu
"sl       11,1
iilniinii.i . ^
i.l whilst 1«
ssage u..s !*
\ Rough and
Dressed Lumber,!
| Dimension Lumber, I
I Shingles and |
\ Houldings.
mBaaaEas^BEssmasEE^ • ..'.ikes
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Vi huli-alc and Retail
3 Meat  Merchants |
fi7! |
m Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh "~!
ra      Fish, Game and Poultry.      gj
L-J iiKir [3
.. ^_, E3        We supply only the best.    ^„ur 3
Eg gj       trade is solicited. f?l
" MMMSMEmm. .• ^mmsm.1 • i±mm
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
„„ o. s      in stock on made to ordeb.     ! Rough and Dressed Lumber
f0        tu.   n« ,4. »   r?...,i        |3
ilu ft.ri'sliiulow* anotlicr
nuirvellniiN ili'voliipnu-nt nl this wnn-
,l rful   invftiliiiii      When nil   'lie   Fall
I lock,   CajKiiin  si,-« ,n i   son I   .i  mi's-
sukc In t In' nun.-is iiiiin nni. inn nil
im'.i Mi Mnt-ronl then hpiiI si'Veral
■ ■ -   otic to tin' cnptfiin wishing
II in  ..  i-l.'.!'-.mi   vuyngr*.
A iti'itutiriii (iiiiiuliiiii City.
The rn»oplr ul Kuiijsi.iti, (int., Il.ink
their , n> imu nl the iimsl tit'iuit if*JI
,,i, Mir , mil I n en I. ns fur iih niiMir.il
;i,U i,tii,i|j.'s iii ,■ i nn, .-rti.-il, niul t Ins
.ipitinsti is i-ertn nih deserved, saya
l Hurl, s Vlliti in Host mi lili-un Tin'
. ,", In Kittintetl .it Uii! f-'.'l "I I.nln*
OntiirUi, nisi wlieru the Ulvcr St
I invn nee I- Kins,  nml quite iieur tlm
i.iiiflit- TIiuiih 1 IhIuiuIh     '111.- view
ol the |»Iiut ,i- nue i-omeH m tin- linr-
hor is u ui\. iiiiii'ininviii on n lull
oVel hinkillK   ih,'  fit)    is  n   I'm l,     niul
the few  in,ni. nwerii  in  the lnke,
not fui from Uu- nhorc*. frlve llie
|s|.i.v th.- iippeartiiico ol n torttfled
i.,uu in Ruro|ie 'the lurtfe provln-
i iul penltenihiry niul Uu- iiHylutn fur
tlie iiisjine, ulong tlie shi.iv in tin- extreme west of Hie 1'lty, tin- Miliiiuy
College nl Ihe oilier extreme, nnd !"■-
IWeell   thefll  llm  huge  hitiiilsiim,'  city
hall    I   ilnir-r.li.-s.   nil     present    n
grutitt iip|'eiiriini-e from Hu- hike. Thu
visitor to iin- I'liii-Amerk'uii, un mutter wheri! lie rumen from, should
not return hefore |m> him n visit to
this Iliteri'Mtng pluee, Ho not full
kc ii trip mi Kingston hnrlior.
u  proiuliient   lilerury
Refitteil Throughout
One nf the Most Comfortable
Hotels iu Bast Kooienay.
Newly Furnished
L. B, VanDecar, Prop.
Crnubrook, B. C.
IS     The Prospectors' Exchange
1                        No. -1 K-W -C Block, Nelson, B. C &
li^       fioW,Siiver-l-an-lamin#|ii»rMliwi - ■ it-i nt   the BXCHAMil t i:t.K MIl.l-^
E^l IM) (HiUntroppriletwaiitwi a .■■. •■ ■,,   t. uern Investors     irart ■■ itton mlnliiK^
^N |ir(i|iertjr for sale are r.-iiua-.te.l loa n.l i miiWnl IhHr tin* tn ihe i Ki IANUR lor ex-^u
VlL\ lilhll •   Wi-iSfslit-tn li.-iir ir.-ni |.iii-|..'.t,,t-. wlin have i-r- m   In il clwmi   n e£3
jgl tti LMi i ohualila.    I'lis-i-'-'i'T- nml hi      Linioti .ii•■ re»| .-■■-■■: I ■,< 11 \ m.i .. :
rM  Ir linuhiiinrU're when In Xelson.   .m. - .m, I- sli'iuiil t-   -■   i    , -   I'repa    L  ■!
EilJ Correal lenco solicited     Aildrc-w all eommi alratlons i i Cl
t!^ Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, Ii. Ci'.']
mSSmtiSm ■ ■ ■ mmmmwmam
 |    ...Hotel
' ,;OOQGQQOOCX. )% nOQOrX3QQCX3QO ^^^^    >^__
pp~ •@m—— ...r..^r  p-^g Western  Supply   Co.
|| Cranbrook
II Hotel s s
Laic hill & Jolt
liuests Comlorl a Specially     j J  Wholesale and Retail Dealer, m	
Good Stfihliiti' in Connection
Nearest to rnllioail nud depot,    Has accommodations for the public iine(|unlled in Crnnliroolc.
j! Cattle* Dressed Meats
j: And Provision's.
j] Head Office, Cranbrook. E. JAMES, Manager.
dlllllli'l'iHIS llllilllllls ill llll' slmw, tniili 11 till,'      It  is  Hi,' s,-iil   ,,i Un' 'lili'i'll'H
notice   wlmli'Vcr of lln'  fuiiilivi',  llllt    Ulilvi'rslly I   Ills' linniu  ,.f  Prilu-I-
I'.liinvi'd  great 111 tetiiper lowilnl  lln,    pill tlriint,    ., «'idelj -i.n.nvii mini nf
li,.,|,,'i' nnd ii coiulnlilp, wlio lind grant   li'i.l
dllllcullj' In dragging lloni-'liiiiii out.      i
A Q....1I.II. "I I HI".,. ',
"I tltouglit, L'oiiiit, Hint you were a j
itiinl sIhiIV" |
I tun.1
lui,- liriini
All.-ii wns burn, niul HHbert Parker,
Ibe noted n,,,,-lisl. wns nn.',: u resident of lln' illy.
NlniL 111. I,mn.  IVi...
Drown — "Wbut's unl  Into    W.i-
,,    more Inlely') lie's drunk inuro    H	
"And yet, tlniut'li you snl,I you woulil hl|,  ,|„,    ,,,,„..,••  Htepbens — "Yes;
sl t   your  uili'i'i'siiry   tlirougli   tlm    it's    Ids    lllllo   e,    you know."
heart, you lilt lilm In I lie foot." Ilrown •    "His   little giune?"    Sle-
"It wiih iiii error „r Jitilg nt,    I plienn   - "V.-s   lie Ims Urns far been
II ejil Ids hcni't wns III Ids hunts; it neglected  In   Hi., fair sex    Ilu hopes
turned out tu tin In Ills nuillth."-l.uli-    that   sullle nice  w nu will     ninny
duu Telegraph. liliu to rulorm hliu,"-
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
nnd  Painting.
We have .t slock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
All kinds of  work   .riven  prompt j
attention, and we will guarantee ] Those wanting chimneys, lire
Wm- Matheson, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and Is now ready to enter lo the
public. First class dining room service. The'best ol wines and
liquors at the hnr. ROBERT SHAW . Manager.
Do You Sell Liquor????
atisfaction to our patrons  in .il
vc do. Yours lor trade,
places, boilers lined, or any job
work In tlie brick line call on
II mi, don't hu*.    Dpi   'I'I I MJ    Tt"-' 0|||> Wholesale I Iquor healer In
until ynuiec.    I   I A* I I I -.ly.   south liasl Kooienay.    vsrik lor Prices
Cranbrook, B. C.   fi    8   -8:
i PELTIER is also agenl tor
(ICO.  I\.   I ay lOr.       j This is the supply point lor South E.1»I Kootenay. o
Cheap Bed
Room Sets
11 you desire to furnish rooms in an hotel
or residence lor  little   money,   sec   us.
We have them at prices  that  will  stir
prise you.    This  line  looks  neat   and
tasty and is substantial and well  made.
j J    Parlor Sets
a   Dining Room Sets
Chairs and Rockers
Most Complete line ol Furniture in East Kooienay.
The Kootenay Furniture Co.,
t ii"1*
& ' have been  bhingluig their house by tLe   , ,„i
Bremner's old Stand
Sportsmen ! Tht' S« n,™
We make it .. point to meet the demand of the man  behind  the  gun.
Just look at this list.   Can't we suit you?
22 short, 22 long, 32 short, 38 long, .12 Smith & Wesson
tenter fire, 38 same. 38-40, 44-40,41, 44, 45 Colls, 30-30
30-40, 38-55, 40-60, 40-65, 45-60, 45-70, 45-70, 45=75. 45
<W Winchester, 44 Henry, Snider shot  cartridges, Man
ser mid Borchardt cartridges, 14 4(1 shot cartridges
All kinds of Shelf
and Heavy Hardware
Call or drop us a letter.
McBride Bros.
i^A'.-.'.'.'.AA*.'.*.*-'.*-!.****-*.***** center tables and substituting standing
|      LOCAL   NOTES     |!rnck8.
it ngenl i
town lot
less fur hi
Picked  Up Annul the Cily   by  Asking
Questions  nf  Many  People.
Fresh fruit nt Gnrrant'a,
All kinds of fruit at Garrant's,
R. ll. Small is in Fernie Loday.
I*'resh peaches and pears at Garrant'a.
Mrs. Malcolm I.eileh left Saturday for
Fresh fruit always on hand ot Me-
See Garrant'a hu fresh fruit. It is arriving dally.
For rent—Two rooms, Inquire ol the
Herald office.
Miss McCallum has returned from her
tup to llie const.
Dr. llarber litis gone to Jilko   on professional business.
James Ryan went lo Calgary yesterday
in the interests of the exhibition.
John Hutchison left   Sunday mi a tti]
Mr. Maycoclt has moved Into his new I to Nelson, Rossland uml   intermediate
resilience in the east part of town, points for the purpose of spreading tlie
H. Carter has gone lo his former home   aew8 "' llle comiuH exhibition.
In New Urunswlck for a brief visit, ;   j. G, McLean, of Seattle, one of tne
.Mrs.  Pike, of Greenwood, is visiting prominent  contractors  on  the British
her daughter, Mrs, R. F. Chapman. Columbia Southern, was in town Sunday
i witli  T. W.   Slmiiwiu.   his  tight  hand
Mr. nnd Mrs. GeorgeOougeoti returned j wa))
Tuesday from their trip to Spokane.
A.   1>.   ! Irani  came down from Hluir
Mr. and Mrs llreckenrldge c
from Miebel Monday. .Mis.
ridge remained .1  few days to
N, Mii.'-od Currnn. fitiatl
the North Stui mine, wns '
Thursday looking  after hm
At the basket social one ol Ilu* principal features will be uu auction sale oi
llle baskets, baskets provided lor all ol
the Indies.
The ladles Aid of Ihe Methodist church
will give ii  basket social on Thursday
evening of the fair, September 20, 111 the
ipera house.
Vic Rollins and Will Small were visiting points of construction along the Hue
orcoiistrueiiou on the British Columbia
Southern this week.
A. Moffat and two daughters, Misse-.
Alice unit Daisy, and his sister, Mrs
Forie and two children, spent Saturday
and Sunday iu Nelson.
Tate, the jeweler, has just received a
large line of clucks.     Everybody should
have   a   good    lime    lor   liltle   money.
See Tale aud  his goods.
more to spend Sunday witli hi« family,
I Derosier has just finished an hotel
al /affray and opened il lo the public.
George Uremiier is assisting at M. 11.
King & Co.'a during the absence of .Mr.
Cat ler.
A postolllce bus been established at
Jiitfray with Charles McNab us postmaster.
Mrs. I., M. Mansfield, of Jaffray, visited with Mrs. Cardiff last Friday nnd Saturday.
.Miss Henderson arrived from Creston
Tuesday to visit her sister Mrs. R. lv
Contractor Leask has commenced
Work on W, T. Keid's large residence on
linker hill.
The North Star continues lo ship each
week and is doing a good deal ot (level-
o| men I work.
The Cranbiook members of the Strath-
rruia Horse have been selling their land
BCtipt this week.
Mrs. J. R. Coslijjau niul son Gerald
lefl for Calgary Tuesday. She will meet
Mr. Cosligau Uiere,
]■ 11. Collet, of South F.asl Kootenay,
all round hustler and promoter, was in
town Monday forenoon.
Utile Dooksie McMillan and Dolores
Murphy returned lo tlie convent school
at Calgary last Saturday.
For rent— furnished or unfurnished
room in comfortable residence on linker
hill.    Apply at Herald office.
Hill & Co. have some colored shirts
that are so warm that it not necessary
to wear underclothes with them.
The lacrosse boys will give a dance
In Weiilwortb hall on the evening of
tin- .*5th,    Tickets -fi oo.    Ladles Tree.
W S, I,aw, of Ralispell, anived yesterday, and has taken his position as
train dlspnlcller lo succeed J. H. Scott,
a. v., Meoltle has Improved the appearance of his slim- hy taking out Ids
light ul Iwo . inti mi--.    It is Hut kind of
grit iii a a ihe great west.
Paiiii k Fin iii if. the gentleman who
furnished walei lur the people of Fort
Steele in the days when walei was only
taken on the uide in that camp, was in
town this week "Pat" has one of the
best mucins in the distiict und this year
li i- raised i great crop "I vegetables and
San Fralicisco excursion rates, *f-5-'s y5
Septembei ij lo -■;, account Episcopal
chinch uieelii y at Sun Francisco, The
Canadian Pacific railway will sell louud »
trip tickets via Portland and Shasta
route at j.v-wi, good till November 15
foi return Full paiticulars from local
ngetlls,     J. S. Catter, D. P. A.,   Nelson
These are tin- days when Ibe crop ol
catalogues hum the sweat shops of the
east 1- harvested, and people proceed to
iluud 1,it the home merchant while they
semi their ci-.li io the Cheap Johns, ol
L'oroiilo. thus injuring limit home town,
.ml   lending   a-.Mst.utce   to   the mailite-
Utility   an.) lal
.tl   I
to Ti
colni Mclnues en
..I ihe Piesbyle
beautiful bona* -
Dave Griffith brought over -fit00 in
gold dust from Wild Horse last Thursday, and banked it with the Cranbrook
hank. He gels around pretty regularly
with that sack of gold.
The cleanups 011 Perry cr'ek continue
rich. .Messrs. Thompson and Hanks
have u good tiling in their claim, and
are getting good returns lor the haul
work Ihey Have done.
Mr. Naismith, manager ol the Alberta
Railway & Coal c o in puny, passed through
town Tuesday enroule lo his home al
Lethbridgc from the coast, lie was accompanied by tiis wife,
James Gill was called to I'iticher
Creek Llle first uf the week by the illness
of his mother. He returned Monday
and later had a telegram Ibal nothing
Serious was anticipated.
Don McKillnp, while making a coup
ling in the yard last Saturday evening,
got the liltle linger 011 his right linutl
pinched so badly that it waB necessary
to have the  member amputated.
Leask & Henderson are I timing out
some line tailor made clothes these
days. This firm deserves the patronage
of the people. They handle only the by, when the C. I'. R. gets ready lo
build north through tlu* Kootenay val-
U-y, tbe mad will be an extension of
what is now known as the North Star
branch, thus placing Crauhrook at the
junction of two important lines.
Nulla* t.i Herald Readers.
When you visit Crakbrook next week
call at The Herald office. We will show
you a complete establishment—one of
Mr. Hell, who has been closing up the {}w ))est m omce8 in ][ritish C()1.
business of the Western Supply com*'^^ V(m afQ ahQ iuvUed to ca,i at
puny, leaves tomorrow for Manitoba. ^ Uerfll(, u.]|( 0I1 tl)e Kroum,S| Am))
by the way, If you owe The Herald any-
atcs in Toronto and Mont
i.i ndc students i^ years ul
uler, ihe Canadian Pacific
sell tickets inuti Crnuhrook
;.i   s.'o.'u,   in   Monlrenl  at
in     Tick-.-l-,<ii] sale  cvciy   day  till
Lemuel 2u     Full particulars from C.
Coleman,   agent,   Cranbrook; J.  S
u, D   P   A , Nelson.
\n Enjoyable Occasion,
very pleasant event,  lit connection
1 the recent meeting of llie Kootenay
ibylery   wus   nut   reported   lor   last
k's issue.    1 in   Wednesday evening,
, Mr. an.l Mrs   Mill-
laincil the members
at   dinner.      Their
' thrown   open   aial
arrangement of the bibles in the
spacious diuiug room, the decorations
.md the dm rent courses ptovided,
showed careful preparation and refined
tasie.   Every member of the Presbytery
in attendance ai '1 e convention was
present, also Mis. Foruie, of Pembroke,
Out , the elders of Kuox church of Crau
Ijrook, with their wives, and the wives
of Messrs. Gordon and Fortune, After
dinner there was an adjournment to the
church lor the public meeting, after
which the members of the Presbytery,
with two exceptions, relumed to the
Mi Innes residence.
All incident,   unique in llle experience
uf all pressnt, then pecured, namely,
the baptism of the child ol Mr and Mis
Mclunes in tin- presence of the members
. I ihe Presbytery. Dr. Wright, of Nelson, expl lined the nature of the Sacrament of bapism, and the authority for
ihe application thereof, Rev. M. Mc
Call, of New Denver, engaged in prayer,
euvoking the blessing of God 011 parents
and child. Rev Mr Fortune asked the
patents to take upon them certain obligations, and baptised the child, and Rev.
Mr, Meizers, ot Kaslo. closed with
After re fresh tr.enls were served an
hour or more passed in social intercourse.
before  dispersing,  .Messrs.  Meizles atltl
McKee expressed the sentiments of the
members of the PiesOytery for the lios
pitdble way in which Ihey had been entertained, hut felt that a special vote of
thanks should be tendered Mr. ami Mrs.
Mclnues lor tlie sumptuous repast, and
llie pleasant evening just coming to a
close. Mr Mclunes responded,expressing bis pleasure 111 being privileged to
entertain the visiting ministers, and
hoped that the Presbytery would meet
in the near future when be would In-
pleased to ei.l rtain all present again
In the meantime any who were passing
through Cranbrook and remaining for a
tutu-, would please make his house their
C. P. ti.  tiler a New Line.
Engineer Lumsden is surveying a line
up the St Marys valley, and it is evident
that the C. P R. does not Intend to lei
Jim Hill get into that rich section first,
This valley is the route of the proposed
Crawford Bay load, for which a charter
was seemed last year. Il is stated 011
pretty good authority that this charter
is simply an extension of Hill's road
from H 'liners Ferry to Ruskoimok, and
is Intended to ultimately connect with
the British Columbia Soul hern now
building from tlie Great Northern to
Fernie. In event of such construction
this would give the Greal Northern a
complete circuit through the richest
mining districts of eastern British Columbia.
Naturally the C, P R. is not blind to
the situation and will lose no opportuu-
i'y to protect Itself. Having a road already built to Klmberley from Cranbrook, fo.lowing up the Sl. Marys valley
from a point above ihe Mission to Marys*
villi*, it would lie a very easy matter to
continue a branch from Marysvllle
thioitgh the n<b mineral district of the
Upper St. Man-.     And, in all probnbll*
best of goods and   they do not pay BWCat
shop wages.
It is said that a coulract for .|oo feet
of work on the Sullivan has been let,
and that work will begin al 01.ce. .This
will mean renewed activity on the Sullivan hill, a fact that will bring a smile ot
satisfaction lo all.
Mr. Hell, during his brief resilience in
Cranbrook, made many friend-, who regret Ins departure.
In one of the largest houses on Baker
hill there is a pleasant, comfortable room
for rent. Also stable to rent. Just the
place lor a man who desires to have his
horse kept conveniently lor his use.
Apply lo Herald office.
There are two men   in Crauhrook who
in* deserving ol success.   Alter working
thing, next week will present a fair opportunity for paying it.    We can use the
Superintendent Hurj In Return.
Superintendent bury, of this division,
will leave Montreal today for his return
trip to Cranbrook. Il is slated on good
aiiihoiity that .Mi. Rury will not leave
tlie C P K although lie has had a very
flittering offer.
.lust a Few Words,
lerald has been informed kiudlj
ni-.lv that ibe few lines printed last week re-ai ling the billeting
system in vogue among all church
denominations, bus hurt ilu feelings of
some of the hospitable ladies ol Cranbrook who eutcrtaiued the ministerial
delegates to the Presbytery. The Herald regrets that the ladies took an er-
roneous view of the intent of the editor.
He was not reflecting on then well
known hospitality, but simply threw out
a suggeiltoti as to the system. There
was 110 discrimination between denominations, hut just a running comment, applicable lo any and all. We may be
wrong in our opinion, We often are.
But there was no intent lo hurl the feel-
lugs ol Hit* ladies, or create nil tint iv.>ia
ble Impression among the visitors,is to
then   hospitality.   We will go 0 long
way to assist the ladies in any work ami
would   be   Hie   Inst  lo intentionally and
wantonly offend. We know, however,
that all lo not agree wllh ns, and jo
years' experience in newspapei offices
have shown us the futility of expecting
it. We ore willing to argue with any
number of men ou any question, bul
when   It   emus   to   ladle., we,p.'t light
there. Married life has tau-.lt us some
things, nswell as newspapei life.    I'Here
line, ladle-,, oui hat |.s ,11 It, yon
Mow   Miillliews Killed n  Hear.
Charley Matthews, representing Dunn
\ Co., with headquarters iu Nelson,
has been making a Itlp through
South    East    Kootenay   llie   past   week
Mi   .Matthews, more familiarly known
uong   bis   In
veral days 1
Cranbrook where thcic
are a host of boys who think a bit oi
him, While here be went limiting, and
came back wiih his gun, some amtnnui
tion, a list of nairow escapes ot hear,
deer and gioilse from   his eagle eye liml
would have filled nu old hunter with
envy. His most interesting experience
was his chase afler a bear. He finally
got the animal where he could dtaw a
bead 011 111 in, and made a successful shot.
When he joined his companions lie told
them of bis chase, and with tears in his
eyes, said that he actually hesitated
about pulling the trigger as he hated to
shoot a poor little cub bear. The other
boys laughed, but none of them had the
heart lo leli Charley that his "cub" was
an old coyote.
Time tu Slop It.
The Herald is loath to admit it, yet iu
lm li aud justice it must say that Cranbrook has a number of pretty tough
boys, and some more rapidly following
along the same line. Take the number
of windows thiit have been broken during the past two months by the aid ol
rocks and rubber guns or eutapauhs. It
i> a shame aud a disgrace for theie
broken windows are the result of
a lot of pure cusseduess 011 the pat t of a
bad gang of boys. There are other
things done that does not rellect credit
upon llielr instinct or manliness. Parents should look into ihis matter, and
find cut what boys are doing the devil*
menl around lown, and what is more,
they should keep theii urchins oil the
street ul night. Constable Morris proposes to take radical measurers iu Ibis
matter, and before long some of these
offending youths will be landed in the
Words of Praise.
The Herald is in receipt of tli: following lettet   Irom Mr. P. T. Smyth, secretary of tlie Miners' Union of Movie, that
shows turn Ibe  wink ol  The Herald job
office is appreciated by the people ot the
Mr,   F.   K.   Simpson,   Publisher Herald
Cranbrook, II. C.
Dear Sir—The letterheads which I
ordered from you have arrived. In
ordering them I specified that I wanted
an extra neat job; and indeed 1 got it.
Tlie work from every point of view is excellent. Tlie type used shows ibe very-
latest laces, and the deslgu is strictly
llp-lo dnte 1 consider it one of the
most artistic pieces of job printing I
have seen in the country. It reflects
credit both on your establishment and
on your workmen,
Sec'y Mliiets' Union.
•It Pays to Deal With Ucattle
We Sel! Soap
Not fresh, rancid impure snap, such as
will injure the skin and complexion, but
pure, clean, old, well seasoned soap, that
will Improve and beautify. Hade by reliable makers, and at prices to suit the
fcl.    lieclltie,    Dpujrjrjst
Fair Visitors
When in Crauhrook call in and see
our slock of Fancy Groceries. Wc
will he glad lo see you. You don't
need lo buy. Come in and rest and
use our office for your correspondence.
Q. T. Rogers,
Fancy ami .Staple (iroccrics and Crockery.
.Mure Iran Property.
S. W. Gebo. of Frank, and Mr. A Stf
ton, of Calgary, were hi Moyie last Friday for the purpose of looking at BOtili
iton property 011 the upper Moyle
They .started with horses hot were una
ble to gel through to the claims on tin
trail followed, and the visit was glvei
up for tlie present.
May Lose An Eye.
Norman McConttell has been in Elko
winking lor Contractor Greer. Ms I
Friday hi- was working on a celling when
a nail struck him in the right eye. The
ball was slightly cut ami it may result
in ihe loss ol Ihe eye. lie came home
Tuesday lor medical treatment.
School Children's Hay.
The Exhibition management hnve decided to make Weduesday, the first day,
school children's day, aud that morning
all school children will be admitted free
If accompanied by their parents.
On and after Ihis date we will not he
responsible for any debts contracted by
any persons, All accounts can lie paid
to Mr. Gnrd, barrister,
September 15,  toot,
Western Supply Coinpauiy.
New Dairy Firm.
R Lounsbiiry and A. Jolliffe have en-
tered into partnership in the dairy business, These gentlemen have added
several cows to llielr stock and will in
future devote their whole attention lo
this line.
The Weather is Dry
The pasturage is gone, but do not think the
Feed is gone, or let your dairy or cattle shrink,
or hens or chickens go hungry, for KING has
just unloaded a car of Flour, Wheat, Wheat
Chop, Bran, Shorts, Graham Flour and Oats.
The above can be had in any quantity.   Don't fail to consult his prices before buying.       Best creamery butler in stock
Call anil
See us
king as
Get ready for your fall \vall=
papering. We will sell walP
cheaper than il has ever been
sold in the district.
rioyie's Hotel Kootenay
I  Aarlit-in- V The best of accomodations
Lcclllinii; A (or the traveling public,
Hflfpl McflAHON  ISROS.,
I I U It I Proprietors.
In Fabled Story
A wild boar was whetting his tusks against the trunk of a
tree. A fox passing bv asked why he did this, seeing that
neither hunter or hound was near. "True," said the boar, "but
when that danger does come, I shall have something else to do
than to sharpen my weapons."
Putting on fire insurance is sharpening your weapons. When fire conies you can't do it.
j^East Kootenay's First Annual!
I        Mineral, Agricultural
%    and  Industrial   Exhibition
^Cranbrook, B.C., Sept. 25 to 27, 1901;
% Three Days of Instruction, %
Jfc Interest and Enjoyment u
1 —1
fi.       The best program ever seen in the country.   See^
% posters and circulars for further particulars.   Specially*
# low return railway rates from all points.
# Secretary (
Home Hade
That is what ours
i.s like,   Try it.
City Bakery.
Our Dims, hreatl. inkt' nnd tickets l„r snlent
0. T.   Roger's grocery store.
An elegant line of
Cranbrook   Souvenirs
High Grade Watches
Choice Selection in
Reliable quadruple plated
silverware, clocks, specta-
cleware, etc.
W. F. Tate, '.l.i::..,eW,.,er
Cranbrook, H. C.
Official Wntch Impectttr lor C. P, R„ Crow,
Nest Pass Division.
Livery  A
Proprietors .< „< „•«
Tennis nnil drivers fllrltlsbeil for any
point in the iltstrict,
Manager   ,.-*   .-t   .,*
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,  Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
econoniii-.il way to handle it.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of V. S
Office und store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank of Commerce-, Cranbrook. II C
UpholRlerlnx and (ii'neral Furniture Rep-brine
Will attend to any work in the district
The Mutual Life
Of Canada
Formerly the Ontario
Mutual Life
A Company
Insurance in rorce... . I in,1
Assets oviT-   .
Aoccjitoit iicm im
Ijirncst volume secured In tlio linMINluN hy
any Canadian l.tfe('iinipaiiy.
Tin-: mutual i.ir.'.oi' Canada hunted
tlirmml the ii'iiL-iti unit iiriMiiiti nr tin- Dominion for
Favorable Rates
High   Dividends,
Honorable Dealing
It pays.   RememhiT, ilenth ■topj your salmi
"liefer not nu lomoirow to lm utxi
Tu rimr'ssii tho may nr-vri rl«n '
Till*, MUTUAL l-lt'l' OP CANADA,
in the only puicly MUTUAL NAT1VK
owned and controlled by lis pollcj Itnld-
ers, wlio ahme participate lit lis illvl
dends and Biirpliis earnings.
Pur rtitoi iiii.i Information annl) tu
William .1. TwIhh, kasln,
Oi-n. A**t. Southeastern H. C., or
c. w. Palmer, 1)1 sl, Act,
C. R. Palmer
General Agent for Easl
Kootenay for the Singer
Manufacturing Company's Sewing Machines,
Oils, Needles and Accessories
Agent for Crown Tailoring Company, ol Toronto.
High-class Made-to-meae-
ure Clothing, Suits, Ovei -
coats, Ladies' and Mens'
English Rain Coats and
Fur Lined Coats.


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