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Cranbrook Herald Nov 29, 1900

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j     The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
I    Hon. Giro. A. Cox, President, B. E. WM.KRH, Oen. Mu-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
i  A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
I   Deposits Received.
j   London Agents—Tile Hani-; of Scotland.
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
I LADIES S S S                I
H 9
gj Do you want the best fitting   ^
H! Corset  in the market?    We are the sole   <*,
-«- agent in .Cranbrook'for the celebrated             <^
5> W. B. CORSET.              |
Hi we are importing this make direct from the   <,*•»
V manufacturer at New York.                              9
I REID & CO. |
jl Cranbrook
li Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specialty
flood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rnUioail and depot.    Uas accommodn-
lions for the public unequalled iii Cranbrook.
Warm  Comfortable  Slippers for
House Wear.
We have «v nice assortment for ladies. Famous Dolg-ic make, felt-fur
trimmed and leather solo; other lines less expensive but good and just
the* thing for comfort and warmth.   Call in and sec them.
Miss Sadie Bennett, of  Fort Steele,
Is the Bride.
The Business Men of Moyie Hold
a\ Magnificent Banquet In
His Honor.
Mr. P. 1>. Hope, of Moyie. and
Miss Sadie Get trude Bennett, daughter of M. John Bennett, of Fort
Steele, were united in marriage at
12 o'clock, noon, Wednesday, December aS, 1900, at tbe home ofthe
bride's parents, Rev. Reid officiating. The bride and groom returned
to Moyie. where Mr. Hope is engaged in lhe drug business, and
have taken possession ofa handsome
home tbat was in readiness for the
happy pair. Mr. Hope is one of the
leading aud popular citizens of
Moyie, and bis bride is a favorite
with all in her borne at Fort Steele.
The Herald takes this occasion lo
extend congratulations, aud wishes
for a prosperous and happy future.
The rroviuce—Messrs. Campbell and
South Kasl Kootenay—Messrs. Hutchison and MacKenzle.
Miniug-—John J. Murphy.
Educational Affaire—Mr. Sutherland.
Moyie—Messrs. Elmer, Johnson aud
Hanking Interests—Cann, Carriet and
Tbe Honored Quest— P. I>  Hope.
Learned Professions— Messrs. Kiug,
(ireen, Thompson ami lilgg ns.
The Britisb Btuplre -Mr. Harvey.
Tlie I'uited Stales—Messrs. Smyth
ami Simpson,
Old Timers— Mr. Galbraith.
Mercantile interests Mews. Drummond, McDonald and HiH.
Tbe Press —Messrs. Simpson ami
The Ladles—Messrs Hill, Hayes,Reid
and Green.
Host ami Hostess—P. J. McMahon.
Hoys of Moyie—Messrs. JobUBQU, Mc-
Sachem and Campbell.
Girls of Moyie—Messrs TBoote, Currier, Taylor. Higgins, Drummoud and ti.
J. Johnson.
The Chairman.—Messrs. Harvey and
William Mills favored the guests wilh
a popular song, and lhe musician secured for the occasion diversified the program with instrumental ami vocal selections.
Those in attendance irom the neighboring towns were R. ti. T. Galbraith
and J. A. Harvey, of Fort Steele, and
Dr. J. H. King, John Hutchison, W. S
Keay, Dr. llarber and ti. ti. Simpson, of
Cranbruok. Tbe banquet, from ull
standpoints, was an unqualified success,
and the people of Moyie have reason to
feel satisfied that, although iu attempting ibe banquet, they took upon themselves a big job,butlhey discharged their
duty in a most creditable manner.
THOUGHTS   .tt-.
The C. V. R. Consents lo Build Un
Certain Conditions.
Geo. Bremner & Son.
In the Past Six Months
Our Stock has been quadrupled; our business has increased in even greater proportion. Is not this sufficient evidence of
the superiority of our goods and values.
We sell everything. Get In the band
wagon and trade at
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.,'"1
Cranbrook, B. C.
Wholesale & Retail Grocers,
Flour, Peed, Hay and Oats,
Crocker} nnd Glassware,
Mats, Caps, Gloves and Gents Furnishings,
Boots, Sltucs and Rubber Goods.
Agents for
St. Charles Cream,
Giant l-Niwder Company,
Bennett' ruse.
American Tobacco Co. Cigarettes.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.,Ltd
Pioneer Hardware Store
It's a Cold Day
Thai you need a stove.     They are coming—thc
cold days-   Wc have the stoves-a carload.
The Best Only the Best
In  the  way  of Paints and Oils,   Wc sell thc
pure White Lead and pure Linseed Oil.
Everything in Hardware Skates and Sleigh Bells
Needles to Furnaces A complete line.
The Banquet.
One of the most successful, aa well hs
most representative banquets ever held
iu South Kast Kootenay was that held
last Monday night at the Kootenay hotel
in Moyie, as a farewell testimonial to
P. P. Mope, the popular druggist of that
town, who departed from bachelonlom
yesterday. The arrangements, although
hastily made, were characteristic of
Moyie people. They started on the
theory that nothing was too good for such
an occasion, and fixing the basis at $5
a plate, they kept up the pace to the
glorious end.
It was 10:30 when the guests were
seated, and l-veryone present were loud
in their praise of the artistic artunge-
nt of the tables and the beautiful and
appropriate decorations of the room.
The ceiling was completely hidden by
graceful festoons of bunting and evergreens, while on one side, just behind
the chairman, hung a picture of the
Queen. J. A, Harvey, of Fort Steele, officiated as chairman, ami J. P, Farrell,
of Moyie, as vice chairman. To the
right of Mr. Harvey was Mr. Hope, the
guest, nnd to the left, Mr. Nicholas
Pi-sod Davln, of Kegina, who was visiting fi lends in the cily.
It was a hnppy crowd and as the
courses were being served, there was one
comment that wns almost universal, and
ihat was to the effect that snch a magnificent feast nml perfect appointments
told the story of Movie's rapid growth
ami increased prosperity iu a language
more eloquent than words
Polio wing is the menu served :
Bine Points, Raw, a la Harvey.
Olives, Celery and Lettuce.
Consomme, a la Tupper.
Hated   Columbia   River   Sulinon,   tigg
Sauce, a in the l'ress.
Leg of Southdown Mutton, a la  Mc*
Kachern & McDonald,
Prime Loin of Beef, nu jus, a In Parrel!
Spring Chicken wilh Dressing, a In
Voung Turkey, Oyster Dressing, wiih
Cranberry Sauce, a la Davln,
Haunch of Venison,  with Current Jelly,
a la St. Kugene.
[{scalloped Oysters, a la Reid -.S: Campbell.
Chicken Giblets on Toasts a la Mope it
Ilea l tie.
Strawberry Shortcake and   Wine Sauce,
11 In Laurier.
Mushed Potatoes and   Whipped Cream,
a la IHggins.
French Peas, a In Green and King.
Lemon Cake nnd Napoleon,  a la 1*)liner
and Cann.
Pineapple Ice, 11 la Miners' Union,
Oranges,   Apples,   Assorted    Nuts   and
American aud l-Mmn Cheese.
Cafe Noir.      Cognac.      Water Biscuits.
Alter the tempting viands had beeu
freely discussed, the fragrant weed was
passed and as the smoky clouds drifted
upwards and were lost in the wreathes
and fesloons, Chairman Harvey called
for a cessation ofthe conversation, and
then iu a feeling aud eloquent manner
spoke of tbe occasion and Mr. Hope, the
guest of the evening. He was followed
by Mr. Davln, who responded to the
toast of "Tbe Dominion." The gentle-
m 111 enjoys the reputation of being one
of the best nfter dinner speakers In Canada, aud bis eloquent eulogy on Canada
and Canadians wns 11 treat to all. Following Mr. Davin oue toast after nuother
was proposed until the subjoined list
had been duly attended to, nud in n wny
that reflected great credit upon the ability of Moyie citizens:
The Dominion—Nicholas Flood Davln,
A Meeting Held and Officers Heeled fur the
(insulin: Year.
A meeting of citizens was held nt
Wentworth hall Inst Mouday evening
nud ollicers elected for the ensuing yeai
as follows:
President—A, Leitch.
Vice President—W, T. Reid.
Secretary-Trensnrer—P.   ti,.  Simpson.
Executive Committee—J. II. King,
James Oreer. G, T. Rogers, V. Hyde
Baker and J. Hutchison.
It was the sentiment of lhe meeting
that ibe new ollicers arrange fur complete reorganization of the board, nnd
prepare plans to secure the co-operation
of the citizens during the coining year
in tbe work for the best interests of
Cranhrook and South Fast Kootenay.
Quite a number of exchanges nre
-tpeaking of ilie "High Joint Commission" Ihese days. One would think
ihey were discussing the matter ftom a
meal cutter's standpoint. Joint High
Commission is better Hnglish and
nearer   the truth.
There area few writers in British Co
lumbia who show lamentable Ignorance
:oiumeiiting 011 lhe elections in the
State-.. One recently referred to llie
6 to-l plank ami " Kansas" platform.
The editor ofa weekly   newspaper   is
often condemned by those who Bhould
Itave only words of prnise.   Gratitude
toward the home paper too often gives
away to the desire to criticise, for all
sins of commission and ommlsslon. And
yet, the newspaper proprietor who Iihs
the proper understanding ol his responsibilities and liberties, never uses the
columns of his paper to play even or
give vent to personal enmities.
It is reported that the cznr of Russia
is being slowly poisoned to death. We
would nol trade our joh for llie czar's
it Is true lhat uow and then we nre the
recipient ot n cigar that would kill a
mule, but the act is not performed with
criminal intent, and the guilty ore always forgiven, if uot forgotten.
A child has liecii horn In Mr. and Mrs.
W. K. Vanderbilt, who will be the heir
to untold millions, Ami on the same
day hundreds of children were born oil
the American continent whose names
are unknown and praises are unsung,
and yet the advent of those in humble
households will bring just as much joy
nml happiness as the Vanderbilt product, surrounded by a baby waul robe
lhat cost thousands.
The Nelson opern bouse has a new
drop curtain 011 which is painted oue of
the beautiful scenes near Ball IT and P.
Burns iV Co.'s meat market advertisement, it is said lluil the combination
is extremely artistic nud soul Inspiring,
The Benefit In Aid  ef the Hospital  Was
Largely Attended.
The ball given by the ladies last Tuesday evening at Wentworth hall, for the
bent-fit of tlie St. Kugene hospital, was a
marked success In every way. Perhaps
there has never been a dance in this
district where those in attendance bad
such an enjoyable lime, The number
present was very large, but when the
tloor became loo crowded for comfort
the dancers took it iu good part and enjoyed it the mote. About 13 o'clock a
last)- lunch was served, after which
dancing was resumed   until a late hour.
Arrangements were made wilh Mr.
Wentworth for two reception rooms in
the hotel, which added very much to
the convenience of the program for the
evening. The committees in charge of
the entertainment were made up as follows :
Ball committee-— Mesdames Mclnnes,
Morris, Cosligan, Magee, Murphy, McConnell, Brown and Krickson.
Decoration committee— Messrs. II
Nevins, A. K. Watt, P. Rookes, K. Gunn,
A, L- McDermot aud M. Rockendorf.
This   Will   Mean   a  Greatly Increased Output at This Famous Property
The Herald refused a $12 advertise
ment from a Toronto (inn lho other day
because the goods offered are handled
by certain Cranbrook business men.
And a Cranbiook business man refused
lo give us n job of printing uot long ngo
because n Toronto firm gave him a price
a little less lltall ours. l*'uuiiy, isn't il ?
Bill business men of thnt kind arc scarce
ii. Cranbrook,   	
The banks of Canada nre opposed to a
government mint. Maybe tbey take tlte
view of many people, that every bank is
a mint. 	
Mayor Houston, of Nelson, is also a
member of lhe provincial house, and a
probable candidate for re-election for
mayor. Mayor Garden, of Vancouver,
is another member of the provincial and
a c.iudiuate fur lhe Dominion parliament. These gentlemen should divide
honors with their friends.
They are Carrying s Great Line ol Christmas Uoods.
The Herald will venture the assertion
that there is not another town In British
Columbia the sue of Crnnbrook where
merchants are carrying such fine stocks
as nre the merchants of this town, ll
would do the heart of a cynic good to
see the preparations made for the festival
holiday along the business streets. Il
Is the same in every line, fiom pins to
W'igous, and what Is more no mnn or
woman can say that the prices asked aie
not reasonable, Just remember Ihis and
leave your dollars home this yenr,
Don't be ft catalogue buyer, when the
town where you live is furnishing your
income, The merchants are always
ready to pul up their money for the good
of the town, flud do it. They have laid
iu magnificent stocks this year nud can
satisfy any reasonable person. Spend
your dollar at home and you get a
chance at it again. If you send it back
east it is gone from this community for
alt lime.    	
The Odd Pellows' Ball.
Now that the social field is clear, the
committee In charge of lhe annual Odd
Pellows' ball will commence work at
once. 11 is the intention of the members of the lodge lo make this hall the
event of the year, nnd everything that
can be done to give those who participate a good time will be attended to
with enthusiasm, It is the visit of the
members that the weather will permit
those living in the neighboring towns
to attend, and it is quite probable that
the outside attendance will be large this
year. The committee, composed of W
S. Keay, Pred Pieper, A. I*. McDermot,
Malt Rockendorf and ti. ti. Simpson,
will hold a meeting at lhc lodge room
tomorrow night to discuss the plans.
A funeral was recently held In an Ontario lown on Sunday. Daring lhat
week tbo ministers of the lown held a
meeting nud eutered a protest against
holding public funerals on Sunday, on
the grounds thai they interfered with
church sei vices. That crowd of gospel
teachers should have lived in the early
days when they burned alleged witches
to Ihe stake. They would have been in
llieir element,
The Craubrook Herald says that John
Hutchison wenl lo Pernie on Monday to
inspect n few "barrels" of apples, as
quarantine officer. Does Cranbrook
usually get more than 300 barrels at a
time, or what does Brother Simpson
mean by "a few?"—Fernie Free Press
The Free Press is unnecessarily agitated over the use of a word in a slang
srtise in The Herald columns. Brother
Henderson is evidently ignorant of the
great American game of draw, or he
would be familiar with the world-wide
expression, 11 "few aces," meaning
mauy. Asa uinirod, our Pernie brother
is classed in the front rank.    Has lie not
heard a man with n fine string of ducks,
answer the question as to how many he
had killed, by replying "jusi a few."
A few, literally, menus, of course, a limited number, but in the lexicon of hlang,
has the diiect opposite meaning. "A
few barrels" of apples, therefore, may
mean oue or a do/en carloads. We trust
we have mnde our position dear nnd
that both the citizens of Pernie and Mr
Hutchison will not lake the view ofthe
matter as did lhe Free Press. If they
did they would have some reasons for
kicking.   Well, "jusi a few."
A New Store.
G. T. Rogers, who is connected wiih
Geo. Bremner & Sou at present, will
open a complete line of groceries and
crockery in the ro-r.ni now occupied by-
Mrs. Henderson as a fruit store, The
Herald Is pleased to set* Mr. Rogers settle permanently in Craubrook.    ile is a
hustler and will be a valuable acquisition
10 the pushers of th's town,
lhey Leave for California.
Mrs I II McMullin will leave lie
week for Nelson, where she will
juined by Mr. McMullin, ami lhey w
go lo BOUthetll California for the wi ul*
They will return in the spiing. Mr. a
I Mis. McMullin were among the first ri
1 IdetltS of Cranbiook, and llieir ma
frlenda here hope they will have a pie
1 ant time this winler.
The Kimberley correspondent of the
Spokesra nil-Review - has the following
to say regarding lhe extension of the
Kimberley branch to lhe Sullivan mine:
The vexed question as to whal method
of ore transportation from the Sullivan
mine to the Kimberley station should
be adopted seems about lo he settled by
the extension ofthe Canadian Pacific's
line, the Sullivan Group company paying ior the grading. The distance from
the mine to the track is only a few miles
bul at present this distance has to be
covered by wagon and in consequence
Ihere nre several weeks in the year
when the mine cannot ship. Such a
condilioii has existed recently bul shipments have been resumed at the former
rate of about fifty tons daily.
I.ast BUUlllier tlie company surveyed n
line for n tramway and it was believed
lhat this would he constructed though it
was understood that an effort would be
made to secure arrangements with the
railroad company, ll is known that
Manager C. II. Wolf visited Montreal
lasl mouth to consult the Canadian Pacific officials in regard to building the
railroad right up to the mine and it is
believed thai the railroad compauy
agreed lo do this if the mine would do
the grading.
The Spokesman-Review correspond
enl asked Mr. Wolf fur a confirmation of
Ihls report, and he said: "Yes, it is true
that the railway company agreed to ex-
lend its track up to the mine if we
would do the grading, We have not accepted the offer as yet, but probably
shall do so if we find that the grading
will nol cost more tlm 11 a tram. The
building of the tracks right to our ore
bins would he much more advantageous
that the erection ofa tram, both for outgoing freight and incoming supplies."
There were twenty days during last
month and llie first fifteen days of this
mouth that tiie compauy could nol haul
a pound of ore down Lhe mountain to
the railroad on account of the soft roads,
but the recent heavy snow storm bas
made good sleighing and from now on
lhe shipments will again be regular,
At present the Sullivan ore is hauled
by wagon from the mine to the railroad
nt the foot of the mountain, which costs
lhe company one dollar per ton. By
this process also there is a loss of about
two mouth's shipments in the year, during the rainy season, wheu the roads are
loo soft to haul heavy wagons over.
A Fine Running Shot.
Harry Wright, of the C. P. R. shops,
brought into Cranhrook on Sunday evening a very fine specimen head of a black
tail deer, shot by him near his ranch at
Swansea, "It was my first deer," said
Mr. Wright. "I followed the tracks
through the snow for a couple of miles
before springing the quarry. Having
lhe advantage of me In scent and sight
he did not cultivate more intimate acquaintance than could be had at 133
yards, at which distance, although running at great speed, I cut him through
the spine. To say that he was astonished may be accepted without dispute. So
was I. He turned the scrde when
dressed at 2233-4 pounds. There is no
evidence of deer being about that district, save in solitary instances."
Mr. Wright nlso examined the Pretoria
claim, belonging to J. P. Bailley, and
expresses himself astonished nt Ihe immensely Iim-showing.
McVittle & Hutchison Dissolve.
The well known firm of McVittle &
Hutchison, real estate dealers and mining brokers, was dissolved last week.
Both of lhe gentlemen will continue in
business in the city, but along different
lines. 'Mr. McVittie's surveying engagements and interests in coal land development has rendered it impossible
for him to give his attention to the details nf the local business, and for that
reason he deemed it hest to withdraw*
from the firm. He has opened an office
iu the Cranbiook hotel block fur personal convenience when iu town. Mr.
Hutchison remains in the old ollice,
where he has already effected some material changes in the general appearance. The Herald desires to say that
the laie firm of McViltie & Hutchison
have doue a power of good iu South
ICast Kootenay. The boys arc hustlers
aud they never get tired of singing the
praises of this district's wonderful wealth
and possibilities. They have spread the
name of Cranhrook throughout Canada,
the States and linglaud, as lhey were
persistent advertisers, and believed that
tlie way lo get a thing was to go after it,
The gentlemen will keep ou hustling in
their respective lines, and Cranbrook
will always get the besl of it at their
Another Acquisition to Cranbrook.
Dan   McNeish.   of Fort   Steele,   has
leased   the   Kast   Kootenay  hotel  bai
ami will open for business ns toon as the
license feature te adjusted.
MINES   «»«»«
The llnmiiii.il Boys' Strike.
Il seems quite evident that the Hamilton brothers have at last been rewarded
for their persistent bird work on Palmer
untnin. Last Monday John Hamilton was iu town with some samples of
lead-copper ore taken at 30 feet of
depth in the shaft ou lhe Betlvllle mineral claim, and six feel from the foot-
wall. The specimens shown by Mr
Hamilton are magnificent ones, and
give every evidence of a rich vein. Oo
ihis properly ta a 250*foot tunnel, aud a
30-foot -shall. The strike was made in a
12 foot drift In the abaft, and four leet of
olid ure is exposed, Ou the footwall
there is three feet of gouge richly mineralized. Ou the face of ihe drift copper
carbonates characterize the showing,
and ou the surface there is a most promising evidence of /.inc. The lead has
beeu cul 13 feet aheady, but cannot yet
tell how wide it is, as there it uo hanging wall yel iu sight. They will keep on
drifting to determine definitely the
width of the lead.
The people of Craubrook are iu hopes
that this will prove a substantial find.
It is within only a few milts of Cranbrook and would prove a great benefit lo
the town. And then, again, the Hamilton boys have been workers since tbey
came iuto the country, and not tatkets.
If every man in ihe hills of Soulh Kast
Kootenay had put forth the same energy
as these gentlemen 1 this district today
would be known as one of the very best
in British Columbia,
Sl. Eugene tuatiuil  Meet inf.
The Toroulo dispatches of lost week
say that lhe annual meeting of the St.
Kugene Mining Company was held in
the Gooderham building A dividend of
3 per cent for the three months ending
December 31, and payable January I,
was declared. The report of the mine
were satisfactory. The following directors were elected: President, George
Gooderham; vice-president, T. G. Black-
stock; W. H. Beatty, W G, Gooderham,
B. Gooderham, John A. Finch of
Spokane, James Cronin of Moyie, J. C.
Drewry of Rossland. E. P, Heatou and
George Sumner of Montreal. It is expected that the same quarterly dividend
of 3 per cent will be continued.
Mr. Cronin will coutinue to act in the
capacity of managing direclor. The
block of 300,000 shares which was pooled
one year ago ha? been taken up by
Messrs Gooderham and Blackttock, who
held an option on lhe block at 50 cents
a shaie.
Ooldeo Fleece.
Prospector: Work commenced on tbe
Golden Fleece mineral claim, situate on
Tracy creek, or. Wednesday. Mr, Wm.
Forsyth will have charge of the work
which will consist of running a hundred
foot tunnel.      	
A Big Besl Closed.
Rossland, November 23.—It is reported that a big deal has just been closed
by Mr. James Breen, representing himself and a New York syndicate, who hss
secured the control of the five million
shares of the Dominion Copper Com-
oany. The consideration te withheld.
The owners of the Dominion Copper
Company were Messrs Mackenxie &
Mann, the railroad contractors, Hon.
George A. Cox, of Toronto; Mr. J. Ross,
a mining man of Spokane: Robert Jaffry
of Toronto: Hugh Sutherland, of Winnipeg; A. J. Roberts, of Spokane and W.
T. Smith, of Greenwood, It is understood that the new parties in control
willator.ee begin active development
and that a smeller will be built lo smelt
the ores. Il is said that some point on
the Kettle river will be selected as a
site for the smelter. The idea seems lo
be to use the ores of tbe Republic camp
with those of lhe Boundary, as tbey
produce a perfect flux. The properties
owned by the Dominion Copper Company consist of the Brooklyn, Stem-
winder, Idaho, Standard and Montezuma, all adjoining the Phoenix.
Mining Ne*.
The camp Of Phoenix expects to ship
[300 tons daily in February.
Paul Ilandley, who lias thc contract
for hauling ore for the Sullivan company, is busy building sleighs for lhat
The Pollard boys who have claims on
Palmer mountain, adjoining the Hamilton boys, are running a 200-foot tunnel
this winter ou their property.
The Society Girl of Moyie has been
closed down for the winter season, as
ihere are no facilities for shipping ore
from the mine to the road on a large
Nelson Tribune: Buglneef Fowler of
the London & British Columbia Gold-
fields has got things down pretty fine at
the Ymir mine. The company's total
operating expenses in British Columbia
are now less than I3.25 per ion, and as
the recovered values average about $8
per ton it is nol difficult to see there is a
big thing in the Ymir for its shareholders.
Nelson Tribune: The secretary of the
Athabasca gold mine has issued a statement to the shareholders in which he
says that ten stamps operated by the
company yield a profit of £4476 for the
ijuarter ending August 31, which is equal
to 2(3 per cent upon the issued capital of
the compauy, The further statement is
made lhat thc cyanide plant when in
operation will yield an additional profit
of from $400 to I500 per month. This Is
welcome newB lo the people of Nelson, CRANBROOK  BERALD
UP SUU-'CltllTlON'i
Tin* Herald	
district   ii von k
your inni'* or ymir i
■ tin* m'Ws ut tllO
ibuui Jyour town
il Iii tills iillk-i*.
* $
J Keep the Dollars in Cranbrook:?
* ■
J Christmas is coming. The
i people of Cranhrook should
«    arrange lu buy their Christ   *
9 9
* mas presents ol the home   *
* -. . *
* merchants.    I umey   spent _
* ■*
♦■ in Cranbruok  will  always •*
J help   Cranbrook.      "loney J
j sent back Is of  no beneft 9
{ to   this   town.    Build   up *
J vour ow n town.    It   pays. ;-{
t. ta
Insurance, Real Estate and
Mining Stock.
Correspondence  Solicited.
Established April 1898.
I, 0. 0. F. Block     Crnnbrook, I!. C.
Nelson Economist: In a recent interview at Montreal, Mr. Jay P. Graves,
general manager of the Miner-llraves
Syndicate, te reported as saying that
they aie treating at a prolit ut their
smelter nt Grand Forks, ore ihat has a
value of *ff).i» per t'»n. The present
capacity nl the smeller is (hhi tons a day,
aud this is tn he doubled as soou as new
furnaces can tie built, Up to a couple of
years ago the erroneous idea prevailed
that nothing under $12 or fuore was
worth handling. In those days freight
rules were high and smelter charges excessive. A change has happily come
over the scene, ami to-day quality figures
in lhe calculation as well as quality.
Improved transport and smelling facilities permit of the profitable handling
of ore which heretofore fouud place on
on the waste dump, if touched at all.
It is an important factor in considering
resources nt the country, to know that
fu ore is valuable in commodity, as there
are mountains of such material available. The smellers at present are having mine ore offered than they can
handle, and iu order to keep up wilh
the demand, lhey are increasing their
capacity and adopting the most advanced
method of treatment. Iu ihis particular onr local smeller is well in the fore
ranks and is being put iu order to ac—
commodate all coiners.
Mow Canada Is Advertised.
Mr. J. C. Holden, president of the
Ames*Holden Company, who recently
relumed to Montreal afler a two and-a
half years tour around the world, concluded an interview iu the Montreal Gazette hy stating.
" Two things iu particular are making
Canada more widely known and more
highly considered the world over, hirst
her purl in the war, which has excited
interest not nnly in England hut in
every part of thu globe; secondly, the
wide-spread advertisements of the C. P,
R. Wherever Mr. Holden went he
tiiuiiil the pamphlets of the great rail
road. Ile fuund them in Russia, in
Norway, iu Turkey. When the P. and
O. steamship reached    Hong   Kong   all
the pusietigers wished if possible to go
nn hy the Empress bonis; for, after experience ot llie ships of many lines and
many nations, Mr. Holden declares
them unsurpassed for comfort, table and
attendance. Even in out-of-the-way
up-country inns in Japan, where guests
are forced to eat and sleep on the floor
and their diet consists of fish in every
possible form, the C. P. R. advertisements were found, Canada's reputation has never stood higher than now."
HO WB8 thut young mun with
Start lhc
Year Right.
Subscribe lor
The Herald
It costs only
$2 per year.
.   It Will
v   Pay You.
Lead Trust Melting There.
Salt Luke City, Nov. 17.—Barton Se-
Wi.-ll of New Vork, and Samuel New-
house of Highland Hoy fame, have
joined local parties here in the purchase
ofthe Cactus group of mines in southern
Utah, owned by capitalists in Paris.
The price is not stated, but it is believed
lo be over $100,00, Jacob Bamberger, a
local capitalist having confidential relations with the Guggenhelms, returned
from the east today, and says that while
there has not yet been an amalgamation
between the Guggenbelms and the
American Smelting and Refining company, such a combination will he per-
tecled about the first of the year.
This combination, it is claimed, will
be a direct advantage to producers. On
account ofthe increased demand for sll-
vvr and the restricted production ol lhe
united smelter interests, the belief is
that the white metal will admance to 75
cenls within ninety days and to *f 1 within the next year.
Appointment fur Costignn.
Ottawa, Nov. 24.—Edward Miall,
Commissioner of Inland Revenue, is
sesking superannuation. The name of
Hon John Cosligan, fnnuerally Minister of Marine and Eisheries in the Conservative Administration, nnw Liberal
member fnr Victoria, N. II , is mentioned as Mlall's likely successor.
A report gained circulation rome time
ago thai John Day, formerly a resident
of Moyie and one of the original owners
of Ihe Lake Shore mine, had died iu
Cape Nome, Alaska. It uow turns out
that the report was false. Chas. Farrell
is jnst in receipt of a letter from Mr.
Day dated Nome, October 20, at which
lime he was in good health nnd prospering.
The trial of a local cigar store keeper,
charged with allowing gambling to be
carried on In his place, was held yesterday afternoon before Government Agent
Armstrong. J. A. Harvey appeared for
the defendant. Constable II. W. Itames
or Fort Steele WHS present as a witness
having made thc arrest. The defendant
was hound over for six months on Ids
own recognizance
F. J. ami P. J, Smvih have entirely re-
covered from their recent illness and are
again tilling their positions on the
The St.  Eugene concentrator   was
slinl down a few days Ihis  week  on  account o( ihe flume being frozen in places,
MUs Nancy Armstrong asked tbe
question of her niece, Margery. Iler
tone was sharp and her eyes had au
angry snap iu them.
"lt wus John Markham," answered
Margery, quietly enough, us she look
off her bonnet, but the tone iu whloA
the quesion hud been asked brought
nn extra color to her cheek aud 11
sparkle of resentment to her eyes.
■•I thought so," responded Miss
Nuney, iu her most irritating way.
"Margery Armstrong, I should think
you'd be ashamed of yourself."
"What for?" tusked .Margery. "I'm
not aware that  I've done anything 10
be. ashamed erf."
"Oh, you needn't try to plead innocence," retorted Miss Nnney. "Vou
ought iu be ashamed of golug with tlmt
Murklimu fellow, and you know it."
"1 don't know any such thing," answered Margery, facing her mint
bravely/'JoliiiMarkliainisn respectable
young man. Vou don'l like bim because there used tu be trouble between
llie Maikhauis and the Armstrongs.
That happened before either of us wus
born, and there's no reason why we
should keep up the quarrel. If we see
tit to like each other 1 don't know who's
going lo prevent our doing so."
"I um," answered Miss Nancy, grimly. "Vou needn't think —and .John
Markham needn't think—that a cent of
my property '11 go into the hands of
any one uf that family."
"Oh, you enn do juat us yuu -see lit to
ubout your properly, of course," said
Margery. "1 haven't anything to say
about t-Kat. but If you think anything
you ean do about it will prevent John
and I from liking each olher, you're
quite mistaken. Hi* don't want your
property, but''—with the prettiest lii-
tlc blush Imaginable und a, softening of
ihe voire, ut the Import of the words,
"he does want me."
"Margery Armstrong, I'd like to
know how far this mutter lias gone,"
cried Miss Nancy, in wrathful surprise.
"To judge, by the way you talk one
would suppose it is ull settled between
"It is," answered Margery, with eyes
that never flinched beforo the angry
ones of her aunt. "I promised John tonight, coming home from church, that
I'd marry him as soon us he has a home
for me."
Miss Nancy fairly gasped for breath.
"Vou're 11 fool," she said, as soon as
she could command her voice, "to take
up with that  fellow when you might
marry the squire's nephew!"
"I wouldn't marry the squire's
nephew if he was tin* lust man on
earth," said Margery. "Look at htm
alongside John Markham and I know
that down in your he-ait you can't help
owning that lie's an Insignificant apology for a man. All you can see to admire
in him is his money, I'm sure, und if he
had a thousand times more than he has
I'd have just as iiim-li contempt fur him
us I have now."
"Vou may see the day wlieu you'll
wish you liud some of his money," said
Miss Nancy. "Wait till you're John
Murkhnm's wife and poor as poverty
and things 'II look different to you. Of
course he thinks und you think that I'll
change my mind when I llnd oul that
I can't prevent your marrying him.
But you were never more mistaken In
your life. Marry that fellow and I'll
see thut not a penny of mine goes to
"Pleoae yourself about lhat,"
answered Margery. "We don't want
yonr money. We're both strong and
wilting to work and we'll get along.
Don't worry about thut."
"That sounds well, but you'll sing a
different tune by and by," said Miss
Nancy, "Just remember what I tell
"All right, I will." replied Margery,
and then nhv went up to her room, not
to think about wlmt her annl had said,
hut about the things she had talked of
with 'her lover, qts they walked home
from church together.
Miss Nancy sat in the kitchen and
nursed her wralih,
"Just to think tlmt she defies me!"
Rhe said lo herself. "Jf she'd imurv
Squire Brand's nqphew she'd be the
wealthiest woman In town, for she'd
get all I 'have and her husband 'II get
all the squire has. It's a ahame- a
downright tfhninel- that she can't be
mnde to behave-sensibly. But then,
she's an Armstrong and Ihey were always terribly set in their wny. She
lakes it   from our side of thc family.
But that doesn't make it nny easier to
bear with her foolishness. I'd got my
heart set on 'lier marrying thc squire's
nephew and I hate to give it, up. But
1 suppose I'll have to. for 1 know slie
James T. Laidlaw, of Fort Sled, has
been appointed attorney for the Kootenny, Perry Creek, Gold Mines, Unified;
succeeding Mr J. W. R   Voung.
What foi?   Constable llarnes allowed
the hai ber to cut nllhis moustache.
A   meeting  of Ute   License CommiB*
sinners will tit- held ill Fertile November
N. A. Wallinger will probably return to Fml Sleel by December 1st.
While no definite inform ilion li is been
received, il is thoughl llial he sailed 011
lhe 13th inst.
won't listen to reason. But maybe,
when she tells that young Markiiain
what I said ubout the properly he'll
think twice before he decides to marry
a girl without anything." But Miss
Nancy didn't got much comfort from
that, for down deep In her heart she
didn't believe that John Markham was
that kind of a mun. She had often said
to herself that "If he wasn't 11 Markham
he'd be a pretty nice soil nlu fellow."
lt seemed to have been tacitly agreed
on between Margery and her aunt tlmt
nothing fiirtlhor was to he snid between
Ihem oflwilt the matter on which they
hml such a wide difference of opinion.
So neither John Markham nor the
squire's nephew wns m-cnittoned hy
either of them after ihnt evening.
One day Miss Nnney decided in go to
the city lo do some shopping. She was
always afraid of being too late for the
train and generally arrived at the station at leant half un hour before It wus
due.   She did so ou thi--. oii*a-*iion, and as
Working) vert Inc.
Eight hour laws are ignored by those
tireless. Utile workers—Dr. King's New
Life I'ills. Millions are always at woik,
night and day, curing indigestion, biliousness, constipation, sick headache
and all stomach, liver and bowel
troubles, Easy, pleasant, safe, sure.
Only 25 cents at Heattie's drug store.
Meeting uf License Commissioners.
There will be a meeting of lhe license
commissioners held in Moyie on Decern-
1 bsr 15, igoo, and at Baid meeting the
following applications for liquor licenses
will be considered: T. | Wellman,
Manitoba hotel, Cranhrook: Iv II. Small,
Cosmopolitan hotel, Craubrook; Geo.
Wentworth, Hotel Wentworth, Cranbrook; Levi VanDecar, Royal hotel,
Cranbiook; Joseph Bratilt, Canadian
holel, Cranhrook; James Ryan, Crnnbrook hotel, Cranbrook.
Vour obedient servant,
II. W, Barnes,
Chief License Inspector
Tlw partnership heretofore existing between
a. w. McViltie an-i -John 1 utelil-uiu under
tho llim name of McVittie St Hutchison ol
craaiiioiii; 1- Mils iluy dissolved hy inula il consent, John iiati-: 1 mi assumes tin- Hrmsliabilities ami «' II collect all 1
emit those ii no for siuvo1
Vltile will eo leet. TJif
itiai Kslatc ntul llrokern
John liitii-iii-Mii.
Cranhrook, Kov.s-I two,
v. Hyde haker, Wltuc
onlcs line liic llrm ex-
ng which A. W. Me-
UKI110S1 of insurance,
i* wi.l he conthuioil hy
A. W. .Mi VII in:.
Nulla* Is
I Intent to apply to tin
Lands ami Works fur
clinse ilie lottinvimi do*
situated mi Moyie lake
city and containing out
Crnnbrook, 11,0., Ucc.
iiiiiinlssisiiei' ol
ihslon lo imr
ids: An Islam!
.|.|H,slie Mny,,.
ro or leu,
tl. II. MIXKI1
tue day was u very warm one she sat
down on lhe platform in lhe shade of
some large boxes of freight thut had
been unloaded there, thinking it more
comfortable there than io the stuffy little woUing-TOom.
Pretty soon -she heard steps on the
platform and presently voices from Hie
other side of the pile of boxes reached
her ears.
"How is your matrimonial project
getting nlong?" was asked b\ one of
the unseen parties. And a voice which
Miss .Nancy recognized as belonging to
the squire's nephew answered:
"It semns to hung lire, jm-st at present.. The ta.i Is, Hhe girt'* got another
string to her bow and the chances would
be against me If ii wusn'l for the fact
that her a not favors my suit, because
Hhe think* I'm goingrto get Uncle Amos'
money, and she'd like to unite the two
properties. So Pm rather sweeter mi
the auni jusi al present than I umon
the girl. If 1 get ihe girl at nil it must
be through tiheold lady *<s Influence,you
see. The girl's a little daisy, but lhe
aunt's —welli slie isn't a daisy, yuu cfln
he sure of that! It's a question if having her in the family wouldn't he paying a dear price for all her property,
but you see there's a chance of being
able ito shake her off after a little. 1
happen to know that a new railroad's1
going through this place and the company will have to buy 11 piece of land
she owns, find Ihis land nhe intends lo
give to the girl as u wedding present.
Now, jusi as soon na the road Is put
through-arid it's sure to come—this
land will be worth more limn nil the
rest of the old lady's property. If the
girl gets a deed of it and I gel the girl
1 can sell it to Uie railroad company and
muke a good big sum of money out of
It and we'll be Independent of.theanntj
and when that happens, If It ever does,
I'll tell her to look out for hei* affairs
and I'll look oui for mine. I'm looking
out now lhat she don't find out uhout
the new roll road scheme. 1 want to
inakt* sure of thc girl and the land before I lireak the news lu her."
Miss Nancy listened with ears and
eyes  very  wide  op-en.
"Ves, when it happens, if it ever does."
she chuckled. "I don't believe you'll
ever get the chance you're looking for,
my smart young man! ] don't suppose
I um a daisy—I never thought 1 was!
—hut 1 rather guess I'm n mutch fur
you, since I know whut I do. 1 don'l
believe you'll have to shake me off. I
think I'll do a lit tie—or most—of the
■Jliat then the train fame along* nnd
Miss Nancy gol ulward ii without being seen by the young men.
Thul evening, when she came home,
ns luck would have It, she met lhe
squire's nephew at the station,
"If you're going homo yon might walk
along with me and help carry some of
ray bundles," she said, in her very fi
out manner. "I'm just about tired out.
I've been seeing to a good ileal of busi
uess to-day. I've had a deed made oil I
giving Margery the south 40 acres of
the farm, aud Pvc been pricingenrpeta
and furniture aiui finding oul how uiui-li
it's going to cost to set. up a   young
couple In housekeeping, Ot course they
won't need the things right away, but
1 thoughl I'd get some idea of what the
expense would be."
"They—who do you mean?" asked
the young mun, in bewilderment,
"Why, Margery and Mr. Markham.of
course," answered Miss Nancy. "Who
else should I mean?"
"You don't mean to say you're going
to let your niece marry that fellow!"
cried the squire's nephew, in surprise
ami consternation.
"Why. certainly," replied Miss Nancy,
us if she had never had uny other idea.
"He's a nice young man. He's got brains,
nud when he gels Margery he'll get
money, for the new niilroiid's going
to make the hind I've deeded her worth
a snug liltle  fortune."
"I'd like to know how you kncwnhoul
(lie new railroad'.'" cried the astonished
young man,
"Oh, I keep posted on suoh mntters,"
said Miss Nancy, looking very wise,
"But here weareat my gate. Thank you
for bringing ray bundles. Won't you
enme in?"
"No, not to-night." was the gruff reply, and Miss Nain'.v chuckled as the
young man went his way.
"I guess I've got about even with
yon." she said, nodding her head after
Ills retreating figure.  "I guess he was
about as much surprised as Margery'll
Her niece had seen her and camo out
In meet her and help her wilh her bundles.
"Margery. I've got something to tell
you," said Miss Nuney. anxious to have
din* matter ttlaposctl of, "Pvetl gin it
nil over, and I don't know but you're
right about John Markham, It is foolish to lei an old grudge stand in lhc
wny of youug folks' happiness.     I've
concluded to lei vou do ns ymi ihlnk
best, and I've hud the south 40deeded
to you, and when John gets you he'll
get thai too. if you nee fit to turn it
over to him, Anyway, it's yours to do
just whnt you please witb."
"Why, Aunt Natn-.v!" cried Margery,
looking nt her 11s if she felt sure she
had gone crazy. "I thoughl you'd never
consent  to our marriage?"
"Folks change thoir minds sometimes." said Miss Nnney. "There!
there! Don't hug me so or I'lldroptliis
band-box. I hear 11 whistle down the
road thnt sounds like John's.   You'd
better go nnd toil him the news, and by  Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and by, after I've had a cup of ten, bring
him in to soo me."—N. Y. Ledger.
Renowned and Unequalled
I-AST-Pasl Daily Train--WI-ST
With direct connecting service
to and Irom East Kootenay
country. l-'irst-class sleepers on
all trains. Tourist cars pass
Medicine Hat daily for .St.
Paul, Saturdays (or Montreal
and Boston, Mondays and
Thursdays lor Toronto.
Westward-Daily Train I'asiwaril
17:25   Iv. Cranbrook Iv.   9|35
Connects at Macleod lor Calgary and Edmonton and at
Medicine Hat for all points
east. Connects at Kootenay
landing' for all points in west
Kootenay. Slocan and Boundary districts, and for Pacific
coast, Main line points via,Rev-
elstoke. For rates, tickets and
full information apply to agent
Cranbrook or
A. C. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C.
T. I', A.
Nelson, B.C.
Are yon goin!". lo build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared lo furnish plans
nnd specifications fot nil kinds
of building,
See us for Prices.
„■*    tc    IJ. C.
t the folio
eby given Unit thirty day
0 apply to  lhe   Chief Commit
b fur permission 10 |un
; dei
eil la;
infill :l post
i-nllll'l*   pos
■ or 11. w.
aliout six niili-s sntiili wi
 lo-il "A. B.  W
'• planted al thos
Melton's pre-empt
of Cranbrook; tin*
west foro* elialnii thenco north eighty clinlns;
tlienee fast forty olmlnsj tlieneo south eighty
chains tu the pluee ni commencement.
Dated this 1 iti any of November 1900,
AM*'UK!) KinVAUD \\ AT'IV*,
Land Notice.
Notice Is hereby Riven thai thirty days after
tliis .Liu* 1 intend to apply tn the elilul mils-
simier of tun is mui works fnr permission tn
purchase the following described latidsi Commencing nt a nost 11 arketl ".John ilrevkenrldgu's
s. W. Corner I'ost" planted nt tin* southeast
cornerof A. w. itleasdell's pre-emption, about
six miles southwest nf Cranbrook, llience ensl ni
chains, thence north to chains, thence west sn
chains t" said dleasilelt's hind, thence south
along llie easterly boundary of said Mcnsiiell's
land 80 ohains to tin* placo of beginning, con
tnluinu Ml) acre* mure or ion.
Dated ihis 12U1 day of November, 10 0.
j.iim llreckenrldge.
Land Notice.
Notice is hereby given that nne month after
the date of the lirst publication of this notice l
Intend lo apply 10 tin- chief conunlsdoner nf
1 11 is nml works fm- permission tn purchase the
following described lands: Commencing hi u
pnst planted ui iho northwest cornerof Hairy
Melton-j pre-emption and which posi t« maikcd
"W. West's S. I!. Comer I'ost." thence north
hi chains, tltenac west iu chains, thenco south w
clmliis, (hence cost iu olialns lo the place of beginning, containing SM acres 1 nn 1 which land is
situated in tin* Calmer liar section of tin* district
nf South Kast Kootenuy,and aboul B miles south
west of Cranbrook,
luu oil nt Crnnbroiik, 11.0., thli 2tsl day of
November, a. I)„ mm,
Win. Wast,
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain   Railway  Co.
The only nil mil route between nil
points tiasl, West olid South lo....
Intermediate Point-*.
Co-iiieeliiif- tit
SI'OKANK wilh llie
Barrister, Solicitor, Elc.
Cranhrook,       :      ■        British Columbia
Solicitor, lite.
I " The Early Bird Catches the Worm " 1
€ if
€           The "Early Closing" Storekeeper ■#
Should Catch Your Patronage* s< #
€                                ' M
%   Wc can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit" %
you ni a strictly up-to-date style. Come early %
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Pianino; Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
8 QD< ES3 i S :.(;.):;;(. :OOOOOOOOOQOQ
Refitted TIlroiiRliout
Oue of llle Moal Cnturnrtnlile
llotcln ill Must Ktinteniiy.
Now!)* PimiLlieil
VanDecar & Snn, Props.
Crnnbrook, M. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Sleele,
V * ** * A, * -A ** A * t * A 4 * ** ** * * ***** tf *•
****************************** f
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
A. T. Vroom,
Wnfcon riakinif,
nnd  Painting,
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, .ind wc will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
-AU,   KIN l'S   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,!
Dimension Lumber, j
Shingles and j
riouldings. j
,rrravarrvra-ra*a.****************************** ***'-'
«*SNiFort  Steele  Beer
There are a few poinis lo
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price.
Mod-fit  YiuiiiK nnn.
She—Dearest-, you know I loved you
before you naked me, didn't you?
He—Why, I wiisu'i absolutely sure of
it, though I would have thought it
strange if you diil not.—Cincinnati Kn-
q iiirer.
All  n   llUUk-f.
Wife—Darting, I wish yon would let
me have $10 to-day.
Husband—Why, yon seem to think
I married nn heirrss, mv dear,—Harlem
and O. R. & N. Company
Connects nt
Nelson  with  Steamer  for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lnke  Points,
Connects at
Myers Palls with Stage Dally for
Republic, and
Connects dally
At    Bossburff   Stage   Daily   for
Grand Porks and (Ireenwood.
H. A. JACKSON. Oen, Pssa. Agl.
Have you talked with anyone about building?
Come and see me or let me see you. II may
do us both good.
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    .*
The Herald  $2.00 Per
OHAMBHOOK,   11. 0.
you un* nut Uii* only monkey In ttio show
Aa ynu slt-iit along tha nlri-t-1. looking raw
Iii iho motherly protection nt ymir rum*.
Aa your dreamy larboard oye pm-pa
ml »iiv
Through  tlie  cryitil
II a brute ikould mini «
Don'l yuu slugger *i>
baby HI
:l-oarnct& »i Hu wlnilo
leer to your pinky littl
»iii iho heartless, crui
He Telia Thai)
etlvo Junt iim
ciMUit unit  Ho
Dusirans of Knowl-
li> Start u Ilu uk Au-
ta Mak-u it itiuilili)
lembor ■» n ir
uiu llut tho only i
ik you nro
Dnkoy In tlm
•Til  n   Nrlll
-ur ]<
1 UuU
i ilni.li of i-ultliiir imln;
ClOUUI in oury t,k> ; Bill DOM links In
v in.- must full nm-a chilling rain I
liiali lik.* h mini, itrugglo on ilia l-.-Hi
i mado f»r soma wIh purpose, don't
1 cait down mi.l wuii thero aro otlieri
on, Imi;
lot Hit* only monkey In tlio iliow.
attltotlo li tbat ot sneering churls,
-.li a chnwnco to flee, llioy nro jealous,
; 3 on iee,
wc j mi uro (bo Idol ol iho g!rla,
nover moy achieve fame and fortune,
you grieve,
i llouil your tender breast with rosy
iur brain (II you Ihlnk
Kur-iD the thougbtlet
'twill bear tho i
That you're not iho only monkey In tin* show.
—n»nvcr Evening I'ost.
Ttio Hml !
Inh fi.
Ill  the
II I lllll.
of tho
In ml n( tlie \\y
nl Mill-
is still
nigli he
III lllll
III til
noil li
clsni.    II
Sunt Ki
Ol lllllkili
IB   Sllill    In
lilsluii, well
rrnli, tho Url
10  1
vi Iiiih.
It'll ivst  In
1-5  Tlio   1
ll followc
linn, mnl lio
inliivr     Mull,
ra with hlin.
Towno—Ro   vi
SUliRliiinii   for
Wlllll (llll .von RI
11    IVl'Ilt    Inn
IlllH-hoon   toi
•II    All    ii
•llllli'   for
-Montreal.  Free
P. 11.60 up.    E.
1X1 wi.
A Blow In tlio Dark.
•Ber—That wns n sly dip Crttooh
gave Crihher about liis new tiook.
ThliiKumhob— Why, Crlbber haa been
boasting iiln.nt Crltcelt's vory flattering
continent upon it.
Mftllysi'i*— Ybs. In* was too deep for
Crlteelt  told   liim  ibcra  were
- things
nl nml s
it  tlmt
i Um
Sabin Bdyst "My oleven-year-old boy hud
hid foot badly Injured by being run over by
a oar on tbo street railway, Wo at onco
com menced bathing tho toot with Ur.
Thomas' Eoloctrio Oil, when tho discoloration nnd swelling was removed, and In nine
duys he could use his toot. Wc always keep
u bottle in tho house ready for emergency.
fin-HM* tn lnt ell vet nnl Pn fun Its,
"Katharine, whnt mado you lnugh whon
X wns reading my club paper on 'Arch! too-
tiirof "
"Pardon mo, Jfanoy—I couldn't help It.,
ymi lookod su funny wiih your hat ou
«ookod."—■ Detroit live tireea.
lloW (li
ii'ii's   |i:iity,
in! liv his hi
Punch nml
.tens' tinpn in
lip. nl.
III-   lllll
'is*   l'i
i ivhoi
|M   Afrahl.
•nml 'I'oiiiinj
1 .Ii .nt,, u'l
'om? Cliv.'i
-Thoy wnn'i
Hit  llii'ln to
till    1     ll-Il'l
i» r.
siit> At l.'tisi ymi will credit rae, Mr.
Blxenp, «nii hnvlng nn eye for beauty,
lie (ileslroua nf gaylng something
highly complimentary) Indeed I do,
Miss cinbi'. 1 don't wouder you spend
bo much nt your time In front of the
loulilUK Hlnai
(iiml i lull.' Itelllnu ii
Ami In lhe l-i I/!
the dm li mnulei
A friend down east writes nnd wants
to km.w why I don't become n banker, u
capitalist, n landlord or somcthlug else
wheu* money is easily mnde. lie says I
iim cut out fm* jusi Hueh n job.
"Tbut noble nose of yours, that chlu
aud thnt forehead ns portrayed in your
pictures belong to a mun who Bhould
hava monoy,"
1 agree with the gentleman. I should
huve money—but because 1 should, it is
no simi Hint I Imve. Anyhow, ibis money
question Is awfully depressing. The more
1 think of It lho worse ii seems. Why, It's
no trouble ni all for mo to coujuro tip
moneyed ghosts- I'm* lustauce In Ho*
shape or bills from lhe docior, tlio blcyclu
mnn. iln> clothier, (he milkmaid, the ■
the, oh, hundreds of others, to say nothing of the benevolent fellowB who havo
loaned me VV and .Vs from timo to timo,
"Tin* Shy Uttlllt."    Of
"Tlu* Itunk uf Shy." Or
"Mr. Shy, Banker."
Wouldn't   nny  ouo of lhe thi-i*e signs
look   well   ovei-  II   |)|g  double  door  to   a
banking Institution',/ On a granlle front,
17 slory, fireproof strneturo? That's
what I mn coming to. The fact of the
mallei' is thai litemturo does not pay uh
well as il did In llie dnys of sonic fellows
you read nbout in history uml newspapers.
lu my mind there's nothing like being
n hanker or n landlord or something as
easy, from what I enn learn ull one has
to do i.s to buy property. If the returns
im> Invested in just the right wny you
cuu buy moro property, and so on nud so
OU  llllil  so ou.
Then the fust thing you know you have
n big bauk nccount, uml with u big Imnk
account you can Btnrt anything you desire. You enn build railroads or do most
anything to make more money.
1 have been advised that the most difficult thing ubout the whole matter Is to
get the start. Unless one makes a start
tbeie can be no finish.
There nre several ways of making n
stmt. One is to save from your child-
hood days right along through rapidly up-
pronehlug nnd disappearing years. Thai
seems to be n very successful way. Tlu
trouble is that one yets iu the habit ol
saving, nml when it comes to spending
one will hesltnto ns much as if a toolb
were to be extracted.
1 will not condescend to countenance
this method, lu tho lirst place, my childhood days have passed. Then again I da
not net onough to make saving worth the
while. By ibo time corn plasters are purchased for Mrs. Shy, the grocers' bills are
paid nud tlie shoe man stood off anothei
month I haven't onough loft to—to—to
use even ns a pocket piece.
There's another way. That Is to rob the
children's bank. Huh I I'm ufraid it
wouldn't do much good to go through the
bunk owned by tbe Shy lets, As 1 remember, it was on tho 7th of the month that
the last haul was mnde out of the little
receptacle. So that's another plan punctured.
But 1 have It! Many a girl With wads
and wads uf money.   Tie up to a lifelong
< ipnnion who bas money iu the bank,
iu her reticule, hi her own name and in
lier slocking.
I might be able to accomplish thla feat
If it were not for a certain record In a
certain book in n certain town. That record was mude mnny years ngo,  'Twas n
plain marriage license. (Thai
represents u long nnd continued sich.)
When I tirst spoko to the other person interested about getting a license, I did nol
think thnt money ever would count. ■—
  (Another sigh.) So that scheme is
out of the question.
Ferhnps the best, easiest and most comfortable wny to become n banker, capitalist Or landlord is to be reared in the lap
of wealth. Simply paddle in luxury. Hovel in raisins nml silver spoons. Have a
pa with so mnch richness tbnt If you
wnnt a 10 coul shine you can pay a quarter for it. Grow up with nothing but
monoy around you, Tbon, when you're
old enough to become n rcspectnblo looking capitalist* embark in ibo business on
your own accoual and your dad's credit.
Without doubt tlint's the best wny. But
all of us can'l do It. Somehow n usually
kind Providence did nol direct us Into the
proper chntmels,
The stork tbnt hnd iny destiny in his
bill Hew right over the GIldersnooks' farm
of thousands of acres und puukod me Into
a dinky little lwo by twice lot nnd a
house thai hud most of the shingles blown
off the north sido.
t 'nder such ei ten m sin noes how conld
you expect me to Btnrt In life with the
sole purpose In view of being a capitalist?
And bIiicc I've been thinking the matter
ovor I do nol believe tlmt I want to be a
I'm going right out now nnd tear down
Ibe signs tbnt 1 just put Up,   1 don't wnnt
my name muck up on a 17 Btory, granite
front building. I don't want to bo n bank*
or nt* a landlord or a capitalist. Why. if
1 was n capitalist* other people would
owe me. Then I'd hnvo to worry nbout
getting Mils out on the Brat of every
mouth, nml IM lose sleep over wondering
how much 1 would full lo collect! and I'd
get old and haggard because some other
capitalist Hindu u bigger bunch ut one
clip thnn I did.
No, I'll continue not to bi n bunker nor
n capitalist nor n landlord. Then in Iter fellow can worry aboul Bending bills
lomo. und In* i'   . wonder how mnch he'll
Is the  World's   Greatest Cure  For
Itching Skin, Eczema, Salt
Rheum and Piles.
It  is extremely    doubtful  it there
almost  entirely  cured.     Tbe  itching
ever was    il remedy    that wns en
is ull gono.      1  havo ad\ ised  "'In rs
dorsed      by    such  on  overwhelming
t.i    use  i',  believing  il   would cure
muss   ol evidence ns   is     In*.  Chime's
tin-in us i'  bas no-  '
Ointment.   Tho remarkable soothing
Ynu    musl     in.i    think   Hint     hr.
healing qualities of   Dr. Chase's  Oint
Chase's  < llntinent   is  fur   piles  only,
ment    ore ti myt-nery ti» physicians,
bul   '.v.- in-nn..ii  ihis uJln • in   ns the
rn"*-!   diilicult   tu  cur   oil   itching
nizo inerti   In  nnv    discovery,     tbey
skin iIisjm-..'.   ami   iii,- iim,Ms,,  which
join heartily    with    \ pie of other
Ims    never  !.j*.*ji  absolutely conquer
Hillings    in endorsing    and    reeom-
ed bj  any othor iro.iun.rii.
inondlng in*, t'boso's Ointment os tbu
Among  Un- ailments  fur  which hr.
must     successful  trenl ment   ovor do-
rim-.'*,  (iii,tm.nt   is   being   used     hy
nf  i liousauds  n(
.il    suci ■■- ■  may
till     N
Eczema, salt rheum, tetter,
pcfceiua, rash, barber's itch
blalns, Itching eyelids, ulcers,
oiiod ii.*sii, burns, Bcalds, Horm-i
Itching. bleeding mnl pro!
piles,   uml   Itching   skin   dteeai
s       uf
•I pllu
1*8 ()
Intent in fur -sub
■■•■ni post kultl nn
(id   cts .    l.y    EdUl
Co., Toronto.
Love'I a sifiU nm! love's a Bong,
Love's :i Bloom ami nlory;
Shall wl- linger wilh liim long—
Hear the old iwcct story?
Hoiglitt lo climb ami deeds to do;
Shu 11 wo dream tlio springtime through?
Wcltailayl   Love leads to May;
Though llio winter'* round ui,
Somehow, in liis nrllul way.
With a wreath lie's i-rownod ua.
Height! to climb ami deeds to do,
Shall wo dream u lifetime through?
Yce, it love jn gloom ami (-team
Conic in sweetest seeming;
If he Imt direct the dream,
Sweet will bo the dreaming!
Shall we onl*.* dream mid gul
Yes, if love will have lt bo.
—Atlanta Constitution.
It Kept Jolm IIobbs From Marrying tht) Wrong (-Iri and Led llim
tu Marry the ltiglit Oue.
It was Jnst 3:30 by tlio dusty clock
that did duty in the editor's ollice of
Tlie Dally Telegram, when John
Hohhs, mnnager and general factotum
for tbat enterprising paper, from which
lio derived n snug little Income, suddenly remembered the day of tbo week.
lt was Thursday and on the following
evening tbe must select concert of tins
season would take place, where tho
social eot of Wroiisville would be lu
Now for nearly a year John bad been
a frequent nml mure or loss regular
caller on .Miss Mabclle Whitney, tlm
vory pretty daughter of a very rich
lie bad Intended to Invito her nil
along, but this delay In bis invitation
might moan n disappointment, tie
would soon know und why not embody
hi his note a declaration of his affections, and so put to the test whether
sbe returned his lovo or not This
seemed a happy thought, so he began:
My Dear Friend—May I hope lor the pleasure ol
your company at thu concert tomorrow cvcnlng
l<y the Sinner*' elutiT I have a ij nest Inn to n*-k
you, the answer to whirl, will make mc either tht
must miserable er tmnpleat ol men,   1( rati scceni
1  -' ill
gel '
i Ih
imt i
i'l. hofni
-(J. K. Bchlmnnsky
'  ho
Ono of the moil ikingiir-
OUI nnd repulsive forms of
Kidney DUeUO is
for which Dodd's Kidney
Pills aro the only certain
cure. In Dropsy tho Kidneys nro nctunlly dammed
Ud, nnd tlio water, which
should bo expelled in tlm
form of mine, Hows back
and lodges In the cells of
thu flesh nnd puffu out the
skin. Kumovo tho filth
which plugs up the drain.
Keutoro the Kidneys to
health. Thero is only one
Kidney Medicine
lover-sly AntletoA,
••Whnt ii wonderful enn* of the golflng
H7,e Miss Bnrstlotidl Ims!"
"Yes.   I understand tlml she has mnd«
i lier min.I never lo bo llio wife of nny
to but nu 0.1.1 Fellow, who is enliihil
wear the 'hren '-uks uh n badge,"
in* Qai It.
Billy-Got a new watch, eh? Whnt did
it oust yel
■liiniuy—'Taln't settled fnr yet.
Billy—What1! dc charge, den?
Jimmy—tf dey ever is- mi.v charge, t
guess It'll ho "highway robbery,"—Phtla*
dolphin Press.
Like llit* Concert of Hiiro-pe.
"This compnny," snid the Impresario
in despnlr, "reminds mo of tlie concert
or Europe."
"In what wny?"
"Evory Individual member of it wnnta
to bo llle principal soloist,"—Chicago
Is  llllil   w
ioI.v hare
nw did ii
oto  ii   llim* (oui*.
tur.v nt- mine ngo ia the town
N.   II.,  11   willow  eaae  wan
licit In iho ground liy Itur-
-• Tinbiy it Is u intignilieent
Tlm wonderful ihlnu ulmiil
en planted ihe cane was cm
-r railage, and lhe i-nery Is,
print! being thus denuded?
I'lto Icuilifin'H WlHlt.
Mine tm a cot beside tho rill; all day
I'd loaf am) Ilsh at will, and when
'twill! dual! I'rnni mossy log I'd dive and
paddle like a frog,—lud lima polls Jour
mcntoui question, an.l a refusal ol my Invitation
I sh.ill consider u-i a refusal i-f yours, with ilw poll
regard, Join Ei uiott IIobbs.
Tor a man of so brilliant a tulud this
was really a very lame propositi, bul
John signed bis name with n conscious
ness of having sold just enough nnd
not too much, feeling quite sure in llie
depths of bis honest devotion to hei
that bor answer would lu* wbni hr
hoped. Willi ihis load off bis mind In
turned to tlio perusal of Ute nftiTUOOH
malt, with which bis desk wns Uttered
Anoiher story from the pen of Mis?
Davenport Woll, this one he had bet
ter reject, for she was really getting
beyond her depth, or so it seemed to
him. To bo sure, she sketched hei
characters wilh an artist's skill it ml
wus decidedly original lu plot and ao
tion, hut the public, his public, must
bo amused, nnd her heroines never
Boomed happy, and. what wus more
nover married tbo heroes, noi* any one
else, for ihai matter, llo did noi
wnnt io personally say "no" to this
girl, in whom unconsciously be had be
come so Interested and whom he iveog
ni/oil us a clever writer, sun* i<> win
for herself a name in tbo world, rtui
he had already made up bis mlml not
to accept more of her work, nml so
taking up the Stub pen which had certainly soon hotter days, lu* dashed off
ns follows:
My hem Mldim—Notwltliltfltiding nur njipre
elation of an.l admiration I.*r ymir style wc Hml
wa muil dlicontlnui a-t-cvptancc (or ihe prcwnl.
Truitlnn iu he ul icrviro m aomc luiwro .hue. I
sin, yoiim very truly, Ji>iin KUIOTI  11 OIU*
"1 flatter myself thn! is neatly done,1
thmigbi John, so nastily placing tin
nol os hi their respective envelopes and
addressing the same ho rang for tin
ollice hoy.
Friday morning dawned dull and
rainy, with littlo prospect of clearing
weather, nml ns John sat In Ids ottlee
his courage and spirits were nt ebb
tide. It wus all owing to tbe weather
ho thought, ami not a prctnoultlou of
failure. Anyway ho had slopped at thc
llorist's uud ordered a box of gorgeous
violets sent bis love, and they must be
received liy this time.
.lust then lhe postman opened tbe
door. Not a line from lier In this mall,
only some advertisements, it hill or two.
three curds of invitation, n check,
thanks for Unit, nud last of all, a small
envelope in the well known hnud*
writing.nf Miss Davenport. A reply
to his dismissal of tlie day before, he
presumed, ami. fearing to open thu
note lu> rend:
Jly beat Mr. Holilia—Tlio contenls nf your let*
ter, nidi.ni*-*;li fl very great surprise to me, have
mado me very liatipy, It Is hunlly necessary lot
mu lu ml.) tlmt I "accept" your Invitation um)
shull oiipcol yoti thli evening. With regardi Irum
my mother ami ui ll, 1 am, most hlnierrly,
Mn.iHiK.i) i<:. Uavenpoht.
What did It mean.   What iiivlitu.ou
did she acci'pt ami why should Ids letter make her very happy?   Quito tho
reverse, he had supposed.   It sounded
like some mystery of romance from her
versa tlte pen, hut it was no Jesting
matter he reflected, remembering the
concert and his anxiety of mind cou
corning bis answer from Miss Whitney
Just then. In bis reflection, the door
was Hung open and a messenger hov
sang out: "Mr. IIobbs! Very Important
No answer." And depositing u puck
age banded John his book for signature, John recognized (lie handwriting
of tbe address and hastily tore It open.
A large bunch of violets met bis nsiou
islieil gaze and a letter, which read as
Mr. llohhs:
Sir—Allow me to return your property, which
hy Enme mistake was sent to mc. Aa to iny ntyle.
I consider It iirt*siiiii])tnoiis on your purl lo pou
nny comment on what cannot possibly he of In
toroat or concern of yours. 1 moat heuitll.e in
dorse your desire to discontinue ull future er.rre
Ipondence, na your Insults nre only less elevi;
titan your eoni|*litneni3.    Vours, ole.,
Minn.t.1* WlllTNEtr.
Poor John read It with sinking heart,
too utterly miserable to express tlw
surprise It merited. Another riddle to
read, ho thought. Was the whole world
turning topsy lurvy and with It Ids
powers of comprehension? First, a
letter of acceptance for an invitation
which lie had not given, nnd now ibis
withering refusal and tbe return of
bis poor, despised violets. Well, good-
by lo bis dreams of love and future
bliss and tho castles he*haii built in
Ids vain ambit Ion. Tlio disappointment lie would hear so bravely no one
would suspect its existence. But bow
explain to Miss Pavenport her mistake, and, picking up hor letter, he
carefully reread it. Iler quotation of
tbe word "accept" wns a bit strange
lis blindness suggested bis own use of
the word. What If he bad made a mistake In the letters and Inclosed them In
the wrong envelopes? In that case he
could understand all but his own asinine stupidity. Was ever man lu such
a box before, engaged by letter to a
girl bo did not love and refused liy the
womnn bo did love aud in a way lhat
lefl uo chance for explanation that be
could sec. Perhaps later he might Had
u way to enlighten Mabello as to mat-
tors, but bow to explain to Miss Davenport without cruelly wounding her
pride and making matters worse? Of
course be must call tonight aud take
her to tbo concert, trusting for some
chance to straighten out tliis tnuglc.
John IIobbs never forgot thnt evening, ami bow be avoided actually committing himself by asking that question he presumed be was expected to
t*.t, bat in spite of bis uncomfortable
pOUltloU ami unenviable frame of mind
he found himself enjoying the music,
aud could not but notice Ids companion's attractlvo face and charm of
manner, and thai ber well bred composure was enhanced by a quiet mod-
csty and seriousness of manner k
which he bad been blind before.
Somehow John found himself saying
ho would call on Sunday evening,
which bo did, and really enjoyed Uie
companionship of these two relined
women. This call wus repealed several times during lhe following iuon»i,
and slill John had not asked tlte question, but ou the contrary had begun
to wonder why be had not before noticed  the many   attractive   qualities
Miss Davenport possessed. As no
word of explanation had passed between hlm aud .Mabclle Whitney, it
was useless to anticipate any hope in
this direction.
As   for   Mildred   Davenport   he   bad
grown to admire the many beautiful
qualities of her womanly sweetness.
As a daughter she wus devoted ami
thoughtful, ami then the thought grew
iu his mlml, would slie not make an Ideal
wife to I he man who should bcforiunute
enough tu wlu her? Had be really any
chance, be asked himself, a dozen
times n dav, and one uight soon after
ho quietly lold Mildred tbe whole
Btory, saying, "And now that my mistake litis been tbe menus of my iiml-
ing out what real love is ami should
be, will yon, knowing all the slory of
my stupid blunder nnd hnppy awaken*
Ing to a belter, truer affection, aeeepi
a devotion which I will prove by mj
wholo llfi' Is yours and yours only';"
and Mildred's acceptance was bIv«o
nud not Implied.
:■■". .■!,.■.■!.>
• im j-.,.'-.
1'i'iiii eyas, mi elastic
-  ..I'l'.-ut...    ur« the
1 llllil  "1 ' nr}   girl.     Theso    ure
Hi"    Hi »   llial   bespeak  perfect
Uul   unfartuiuucl}'  this    is
'. ' i-uutliUoti ..i thousands   ol
urowiDg  gir.s.     (lu every slile may
'"     "'■  ei.-ls    with    |jule or Bullow
* oi ■ languid, stoou shoulder-
•■".     Doctors will    tell
''"    ere ti mlc, or    in
oihiT words thai llielr blood Is poor
Hii" mnl « ry. li rurtlier questioned llicy will lull ihem Hun this condilioii leads in decline, consumption
■ "i'l 'li" arave, iVIuil is needed Is u
1" die ii"   Ihal   mil in.ik!' new,    rub,
 '    strenghten lhe nerves, and
itins rtstore ih.- vigor, brightness
umi hopefulness ul youth. For tlilts
l"",l"'-i" • ther discovery in the annuls of uiellli in,, nm ,.,,ual i>,-. Willi.in.- i'ink Tills lor I'.tle People,
mul Ihousands ol once Iiii|«-Ii-ss girls
b'1'    ii made bright, active   and
strong UiriuieJji their use. Aniorg
lliose who have boen brought buii.
nlmnBi from lho grave by tho use of
Hii;-. medlcl s Miss Jl. c. Marceaux
"    l.iiinli.-i'i do Levis, Quo.    Miss
■iiU'st pleusure l
I  havo oxpcrii
Or.    Williams'
'It    give
ii speak of i
10   llie
i" ben-
I'ink Pills li'oi
snn.* yoars 1 resided in Wlucolinln
wlih a relative, whoro I devoted uiy
luno studying iHngljsh and nu'slc. In-
lending lo mu' i lho touching of tlio
h.lti'i' my prul ssion. J was never
very strong, und my studios fatigued
mu much. Whon about fourteen I
became very pule, sultored from sever.' hiniltiches, anil woakljoss. : 1011-
Milieil a doctor, and   uul.liu on hi..
rutiirnod to
tlguo of Ih
Unit 1
and Iinally 1 got so
exl I
were swollen, I hi
uilies, und wus s.
least noise would
Ing violently. I n
and my wolght w
ly-lho pounds,
medicine mu nn
liilil lalien
iho slighl
lu   bed    for
thought   thn
could end my
brought me
Pink I'ills.
t hem.   1  did
ull; without holp.
ml.',    my    oyolids
I I'oiitin ahead-
nervous thut tin
"Havo you Irled s\l..\n\" Ceylon und Indian (ins n Tea*) ' auked
lhe dealer ol n i on tint r ol Jupait
"No, I in ■ i experiment.' said llio
,"et inner
i ood   ml. .   proved    b}    lis   excep
Uow so?" said lhe customer.
\ in w Tea, grown on l )„■ richesl
teu producing sml in the wurid—
Ceylon uud iudlu—prepared by uu.d-
ern cleanly machinery methods,
lusl      . SALADA       Black    Ten
IS —WltllOUt the aid   Uf lierve
.list ui tiuu'   adulterants,
"llll I'll!    111   111"   tils!"
Itlve   benefit,   rathe
to the Bystem      Sow
the situation'.'"
" Ye;.' Said 111" eii^
"Then, lake ll trial
Ih'sult —
.lui'tin Ten forever il
' SM \|i\ Ceylon a
(Ud  Plow  Horse-
these  IllltiltlUillilt'SV
Thrashing    Muchl
!u.Ike Its >T.ut li fuss .
'.'ot n bushel Of Wilt
lOW   llo  ynu   like
i* - Pooh! They
i I do und b.tln't
I tu show fur It
Mr. T. I, Hiiin.'s. Columbus, Ohio, wr'.tefli
"I Imve lii.il milieuil f..t tome liia,«lth
Kidney umi Liver Complaints, un I tlml Par-
melee's Pills lhe best medicine tur ihere ill-
sense*, Thaa pills do not oauso palnor
Brlp'no, i.ntl should he u-e i whon a c itlmrt c
Is required. They are Gelatine Ooated, and
n,' on in lho Hour nf L enriee to proservo
their putlty, ..ml give them u pleasant, agree-
uble lasto,
U"TflSl'ANA "iti-i.iASri.' i'iiiaii
lUa-wftllft,   jrACTORT,Montreal
Bxpenalva Pttmltur*.
"nne of the i| ini ngeulB of lho
Indian bureau Is it woman, and she
receives ii siilttry of ?S u day," read
Mr. Wlntcrgreen.
"She must sell n food mnny," commented Mrs. Wiiitcicrceti. "Hut I
shouldn't have thought tbere wns such
a demand fur tbnt sort of a bureau.*'—
Detroit Free Press.
Working Down.
"It Is claimed. I see, Hint fount Bonl
Ctistellnne has worked the Goulds for
mure cash t" keep np appenronces."
"Sny. ir things keep hucli longer
thnt fellow will he reduced to Inventing car fine stuties."
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
Ij.v local npplii sttoni, a- Hi. y cannot ronrb tha
lilseaaed portion ol tli.tii--. there te onlv une
•.mv m ,ui*i- diafn-ass.niid tint :- Uy f'-:un-
lionnl rtniedlPi Dvati •*. i- . anawl by on in-
:'.tiin*il ooadtlion dI lhe nrai-oua llalugol ilia
EjHtncblnn tube, When th:.- tubcgela nflaiu-
nl you have a rutnhtlrg wuud or liu'wra '■
henrtttB,andwh<niltiiBQtireh 'I im ilinfnew
te (lie r. -ul* n rt « ■-- iin Inflauimattuii can
be taken out aud thii tube realorod lu its a r-
maleonditioii, 1. inni.* will be destroy**! for.
t-*-* .*: ( nine ■ a- - oul   ■ :  :>-:i  nu* o IUWO hj VO*
t'-rrh. wlil.-ii is uothiiik* i.ut an inflamed conditiou ofthem .- u-.-.:: ■.-,
We »ill civ,* tin.- Htimlr,-.l DolUn f..r any
i-ase u( Dcafneu caused by < atarrh that iMn
not be curedhy ItaU's Oaurrh Cure. Bendfor
ciriuLir-, irw.
F.J CHENEY ii 00.,Tolado, O.
Qulti n Nat-uruI Inference.
"I'm think-in of goin to Unby." enid
the Irishmiin tlioughtfally
"An have they begnn orgnnizin the
Havana police force already?" asked
tlio othor.—-Chicago PoBt
II   is  unl
V nee
issnry t,
road the
inoninlfl tn
lie ci
Hint   Hull,
Corn Cnrol
tailed t
ir the teim
ml nl
corns, wuii-
, eto.
11  is 1
I'l-iil-r   Siii'ih-IxIii
ol my in
p ti) Um
i, ln<
1 w
allied rood,
■il in nu,■-■-
i* doulor'H
elsi* Unit l
■ BCCI'icd of
as i-imliiii'il
veiir and I
tmi death
Happily un
•te one day
.   Williams'
noarly   a
.   nothing
of my futliiM
l box «.f  Ih-
aid    urged     mo to Uy
SO, nml thought Lhey
nu* some, nnd my futin-r got
m -re. After I had used a fow 1xix<*h
nil my friends could boo thoy    wore
hoping me i by Un* time 1    had
inlen nine boxes I was enjoying bet-
In- health than t had over had in my
hfe boforo, and luul gained fifteen
pounds iu weight. I lell you this
out of gratitude so lhat othor young
K'r'B   Who   mny   lie   weak   and   siekly
iney know Un* way to regain their
fllrls who un* jnst entering woman-
hood are at ihe most critical period
oi' their lives. Upon the euro they
rcrelvc dopetids Hi.-it* fui up* happi-
u rs. Neglect may moan olthor nn
early grave or u. life of misery. If
mothers would insist tlmt their
growing daughters us.* In*. Williama'
I'ink Pills occasionally, rich blood,
s'rong nerves, mnl good health
Would     follow.    If   your   dialer  docs
ni keep these pills in slock they
Will bo sent post paid at 50 conts a
l.i-x or six boxes for 33,50 by ad-
■hTSsfng the Dr. Williams' Majlcln*
(n., Brockville, Ont,
liij* hut Imi
"Wlmi ted,
.■11   tl  lUlll*-*."-
Mother Qriivoe' Worm Exterminator has
Ihu luruoBl Bidu of any similar pronamtton
noid in Oniindn. U itlwnya gives Batfofuctioo
l.y restoring houltli to the lhtlo ("Iks.
No I'lfiisuic l'ur Hlm.
Urowne—He's i;iiiiiK to Paris.
Towno— Business und pleusure com-
blued, I Blip pose.
Browne— No, On business solely. lie's
taking his wife with him.—Philadelphia
Iiln Iiimif Ilend.
"You haven't applied for ymir vnca-
tinn time yet, have you, Hill-ins?"
"No, not yet. 1 haven't ii«ured out
Just when I would he the busiest if I
staid at work,"—Indianapolis Press,
Dr. .7. D, Kellogg'fi DyBontory ('ordial is a
t-pL-udy enie tur dysentery, diarrheal, cholera, ftUmuier complaint, ava hiukne.-ri and
complaints Incidental to children teething,
It nivt.*H immediate relit-f to ihuse sulluring
from thu i ileeia of ladlflcrot'on in ontlng unripe fruit, cucnmbeM, i.*te. lt nets with wonderful rujiidity nnd never fnllB tn t-oncjuer
the disease, No nne need feir cholera if
they huve u bottle of tbis mouiuine convenient.
A Draw.
Pepprey—Tbat was a fierce fight you
hnd with Gtissie. tie claims ho llckeij
Cliolly—Ob, the boastab! It's twue be
wumpled my cwavnt dw cad fully, but
whon It was nil ovuli his collah was
niniinfuctured fm* thc making of
inrt traveling and wulklnu costumes,
BCUlblca the -,)*eii\c uf l-'ii'inh vicuna.
Tlie autumn will bring a grei
ndsoiuu full length wraps au-J
r ut halt length,   three-quai
reaching n few in
low tlie waist und variously >la
Shepherd's cheeked taflVtns, i
Borne color blendlugs suitable to tlie xcu-
boii, will lie revived for tlie making uf
shirt wnists t.i wear beneath short, open
Jackets of plain or fancy wnnl autunia
suitings ami fur linings, vests, yokes aud
separate waists.
lints to he wom with youthful costumes of tweed and cheviot tliis fall nre
Ladysmith modela nf ruiijb felt—Sangller
felts tlu*y nre culled. Upon thein quills
nud stiff feathers nre secured, with knots
of brilliant gladiolus red or equally brilliant nasturtium yellow velvet.
A uew F,nKli*-h walking jacket is cut
with short rounded skirt fronts und fas-
lens diagonally ncross the chest. Beneath this is a close fitting vest of pule
tuu cloth covered with braid work ou silver and brown soutache, running sid,-* by
Bide and fastened with rococo buttons of
medium sine.
The faney for combinine blue with certain shades of green still prevails, though
it bllS been Weill so much that many have
tired of it, Tlie newer rhododendron
hlvndhlg of pink nnd blue is apt to form
mauve nnd is therefore not generally becoming, though much admired on those
who nre fair enough l*i wear it.
Handsome qualities of light weight ve-
netlan cloth in blues, pansy und rich fruit
colors, Including red, will be much used
for the lirst wool costumes of next season. They nre extremely plain in effect
except tlie i-cil Miils, which nte trimmed
with flounces edged with narrow folds of
velvet   of   a   deeper   shade.
A Friend In Hoots,
It happened In tho early days of Australian history when busbmoglng was
A gentleman was riding nlons a lonely track through the bush when he
heard loud cri- s lor help proceeding
from a neighboring grove.   Arriving at
tbo spot whence proceeded the cries,
he was surprised and shocked to find a
man securely tied to a tree,
"What is the matter here?" he asked.
"Oil, sir." replied the poor fellow,
"I'm ho glial you have como I A few-
hours ago l was stuck up by bushrangers, who rifled my pockets, and. after
stealing everything I had except a bum
die of notes In my inside breast pocket,
which they fortunately overlooked,
bound tne to this tree ami decamped."
"The scoundrels!" ejaculated the
newcomer. "Took everything yon had
except a bundle of notes iu your inside
pocket, eh'.'"
"Ves. sir."
"The villains: And tl:t*u tbey tied you
bo lightly that veil cui.net escape';"
"Yes. sir."
"Then en take tl.e notes thc other
fellows left!" And be did.-I-oudon
Auswi rs
There is absolutely no
risk in purchasi ng your
watches, fine jewelry an-J
silverware from us.. We
guarantee safe delivery; we
prepay charts and cheer-
fuIIy refund money in full
if desired.
Ojr new and handsomely
illustrated catalogue will
a :*:t you vwry ma:erid]y
and may be had upon application.
*■•.*.*.. .■•.. + -.-♦■
MINARD'S LINIMENT Ier Salt fttrnrtert.
T   NA
na at cur-   v
In lm -r. i,:, ::;,[ *-.,-..'i f^rit; at eu
ci rites.   Wntfl t-j
rssipto, ma:*.
,    a*.9+a9a9. + +.*>+~+.+.+ +.*r+.+ +, + +.*.a9.AJ.
i* ulil
I'm givfntor it
p di*
world n
. t
ett-j'l)* A»
An I'm swttil
r roi
de hal
ot (
Vto done save t
3 my
money |
W, Snnw .t Oo., Sjnieus.-, N. Y,. write:
I'leiiK*H*nd us t,*u gross i>f pills, We uro
selling moro of Parmeloe's Pills than any
oiher pill we keep. They hnve u groat reputation for tho cure ni Dyepoialll and Liver
Oomplalnt." Mr.Oharloa A. Smith, Lind-
s.y, writes: "I'linnelcc's I'ills arc un ence -
lent medioine.   My sUter hns bsen troubled
with severe headache,  hut thene nilb have
cured her."
Why tie CoIlniiftCd,
"Wlint," ho exchiin.cil ns he hurried to
where llm crowd had cat bored, "was the
ambulance called toi'?"
"They've just taken n man away in u
precarious condition."
"Do yon know what happened to hlm?"
"It was n case of heart disease. Ilo
hml made an nppolnttnent tn meet Ids
wife here on Ihis coiner at 3 o'clock pro-
fine ly."
"Hi* got here exactly ou time,"
"And he hnd to run su hard to do this
that bis heart went buck on hlm?"
"No. He didn't run at nil. He found
tho lady waiting when he got here."
Iti-Ji-rti-il -t-'ohNolntlon.
"I shouldn't fret about it at all, Clarice. Ho's not the only pobhh* on the
"Nn; hut he's the only man."—Brooklyn Life.
BROKERS. . . .
£ Stock, nnd bonds bouulit, eold nnd  *.
HI curried   on   margin.    Lietc-d <****
(i> milling- gtucks curried tb
|       BROKERS, ETC.,       |
ah Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg >
4})                    ->
i}     Money lent ut lowest rules. (>
W     StooVfl Hnd bonds bought and wild. (>
9.)     Railway aafl other birin hinda in *►
ah Mnnitob.i und N. W. T. fur wdo. V
■fl    Mapsnnd folders sent on Hpplicu- v
ti tion,                                      ¥V if/
4?    (Jiiitcoal from Lethbridge, _
4i    Prices quoted to nil rtfllway points, •
I kin suM In new an palm a trim son sir.*;
I'le done my hones' du:y toll -Jesc i.l.kl.-i ir
An now I'm BwlntiT sealter 'cm like (ki IT
So deep yoh eyes wide «pcn, in yoh'll ikb
li it'll olo tlnifa-
Y'iIi uncle's got a dollir in a lulfl
He li (rclin jci' m Itautfl.ty ■■ a Vmderbtl
An he docsn' hsve to worry 'bout nn rents)
He ncbbir Hops lo notice, os In- 6t-?pi alon
Hem common snohts wif on r.r flfipen cctiti
Ho's de prills ot foggy Dol torn in a winn r
race i
Utse youngiters, wli/, dey simply trash j
E.i all dan' Inch an rl'ah dc traik nn w.til
Kt ili> pare—
Yel. U&cls wil a dollar an a )>all!
-Waahln-aton Si
Brass Band
At   ih
•'!   .*   '
nstnalled fr-:**.   \\
i, Mu
iloorMtUlrnl In
Whaley Royce & Co.,
M^Dif-nl.inil   l.y TH-fiS. I ll:, « lr.i.lp»*s.
Catholic Prayer ££&'£&';;:
Blura, Ueliffioml'ieiur'-D hi&tuarv, and Church
Orn&mentt, EEd-QottlOdM works   nMorOextttr
oei-re prompt attenilon. [), (J, Saliltf 4 CO.,lDE'J*al
'Mn* Trunk I'nlil.
8ome yea in njro n man ran up a bill
of $'J<X) in the Tn'itiODt House, Cliica-
go, and thon ran nwny without settling
it. The trunk which remained in ids
room was unusually heavy nml when
opened after Ute departure was found
to cou tain specimens of ore, brought
from the gold and silver mines of Colorado, where protmmiilily In* had lost
till his money. Afler wait lug out the
legal time Mr. tinge seat the contents
of the trunk to nn assayer, who returned two hits of uieiiil valued nl more
than ?100 in oto.*** of Ihe bill after
deduct lug his own fees.
(Trade Murk B«gist«r«d HoTWnl
Dr. Kannho aftre-a.*! t'j tako Initr
al half jirleit If pnrtles
them are n*,t i
I have u
etttted after tuli.g f.jr BTfl
F. FrftO, Winning..
nor"  for tw,  we-ski	
tarrh of tht- ll-md, und I feel   Ike a i.ew man.
Mrs. Y. It. OooV. Winnipeg, tars l I had tut-
ferifl Ohtold ag-nhs ir*,:n Bright i DltMIO, and
lt relieved me of Pain, anil I i s.x weeks I wus
Mr W, (*. F.llworlhr..Winnipeg, nn: I h.ive
sufffi ed for Bj Tsars with articular tbetunaiismi
wu- In bOBpluI for 5 -VMkS, and a**-il alne/.t
every remr-ily, Incliidinff moemerlstn gslvan*
laiii.olcclricl*lt, etc I havu used Oxjd'Uinr
lOdaya uml received more benefit thnn fr**m
nytii:. k- elso.
an({iier. U'lnnlpc-f;. isJB!   I have used it
Sab^ealers w
Wm T, liihl.ln
for B .uk
Minari's Liniment Cares Bras, Etc. I -^=-—
e Indigestion and la
inted in every district. Addrcu
, liraln Exchange, Wlnnip-K.
ats o( grateful reports.
Thn first Demnrrath
tion wni held hi IVY2
ovor h.v Oenernl I j
whom laiiiiii couniy i
niivon- :
rexi.lMl I
Women ninnti
dun appeared i
KIHABl'S UNIMtST Belltra NeiriHH
W. N. U. 296. iH^SiiSSai3llil!3iimEilIiiSE!EaS[SlSEaiSiil
Dolls, Drums, 3
Toys, Fancy 3
Dishes, Etc,    3
The largest Christmas stock ever brought luEasl Kootenaj
IT PAYS T0 trade with BEATTIE
change taking place, the Conservative a
think that in view of hte severe defeat In
Brandon, Mr. Maedonald should be ruled by aclamation. Ii appcarB Lhat
Air. Boyd is not anxious to ht* one of the
Opposition ut Ottawa,
Picked  I'p Aboul the Cllj  by Asking
Questions ol .Man)  People.
Suu Rajotte Is now clerking nt Kind's
M. li King, the grocer, hasn new delivery outfit.
The Odd Fell
morrow night.
Pieper & Cur
deuce of ti Ne
hold :in election to-
nte pninttng the real-
The new sidewalk to the school bouse
Is being constructed.
George Johnson, lhe nssnyer, goes to
Nelson Friday on business.
Firewood—pine, Iir until latuarnc in nil
lengths.   VauDecai & Sun.
Do you smoke ? Then buy yonr cigars
ol McVittie nud get good oiicb,
F, M, Medhurst is uow general malinger ut ilu* Cosmopolitnn hotel.
Mr. Bruce, of eastern Canada, is visit
Ing his sister, Mis. DeVere Hunt,
■Miss Anna Grail! visited with lier
father 111 Moyie  several  days last week.
Wauted—a good gnu nil servant. Apply to Mrs. John R. Costignn, linker hill.
O. Campbell, nm* of Kimberley'a leading business men, was in town un Monday.
Mrs Kuss uml Mrs. Nelson, uf Fort
Sleele, were Cruubruok visitors last Friday.
Kimberley can nnw bonst nf a railway
Btntlon. R, Summers, of llm cily, is in
The 3 lit of Ibis month is St. Andrews
night, The Crnnbrook Scots will not
luu McNeish, thc pioneer of Fori
Steele hotel keepers,   was in Crailbrook
W. h. Reid, of the firm ol Reid,
Campbell & Co., ol Moyie,  wns in towu
Mr. and Mrs, J, F, Armstrong nf Fort
Sleele. weie In town several hours last
Messrs. MeDsrmot and Rockcndorl
nml the Misses Magee visited Fort Steele
last Sunday,
Dr. Barber came tip from Moyie to attend the benefit hall lie r.mined to
Moyie yesterday.
There is some talk of organizing n
Rebecca lodge lu this city. Such a
lodge wuuld be a success here.
Moyie citizens ore agitating the ques-
tlon of incorporation.   There ure it lot of
wideawake people iu llllil town.
Work has been commenced on tbe
new building that is to he occupied by
McBride Bros, as n hardware store.
The license bonrd will meel in Moyie
on December 15. Time ate a large
number of applications fur renewals.
P, Hums, the meal King of West Kootenay, passed through Crnnbrook yesterday enroute from Calgary to Nelson.
Wedgwood, Scotch and Canadian notional ware, also an eleganl line id silverware just received at Tate's jewelry store.
J. W. II Smythe and wife nre expected
to come over Irom Greenwood Chi ist mas
for u visit with Crailbrook friends and
George Nelson, of the go ver nm enl
ollice, was In town Monday ntul Tuesday
on official business Rlld made The Herald
a pleasant visit.
Ilnrnee K. Buller,   barber,   singeing,
sbampooniug ami cut ling ladies' and
children's hair, at their residence iu
Aiken block.
The large residence Uml is being built
fur Superintendent Cameron hy the C.
P. K.oii Baker hill, is hung enclosed
lt will be the largest and finest residence
iu Cranbiook when completed,
Charles McNabb left fur Jaffray lust
week where he will organize a camp and
r-ommence the work ol getting out lugs
for the new saw mill llial is to lie put up
there hy James Ryan and himself.
There will lie a meeting of'-.he hospital benefit committees next Monday
evening for tiie purpose of closing up the
financial matters ofthe ball, All money
should be paid over by that time.
Sain Mitchell hns gone to Helena,
Mont., where he will have charge of a
grocery department tn a large retail
house. Mr. Mitchell has a host of frlenda
iu Ibis section who will wish him every
Alex  Moffat  and daughters,   Misses
Alice and Daisy, expect to leave Urn mil'-
<lle of next mouth forteastern Canada to
spend the holidays with relatives and
friends. They have u very pleasant trip
Miss Clara Forttllie gave a concert at
Kimberley last Friday night, which was
well attended. Her reception was a
most enthusiastic one, and the citizens
of lhat  town   expressed  themselves  as
Mad Confidence in the Old Man.
When Sir Joini Maedonald met his
Waterloo in 'y-* and be met his party «t
the opeulng <•! the bouse a badly beaten
man, be called a party caucus "lo elect
a leader." When he entered tiie com-
mittee rooui il was empty and he tho't
there was -*■ nu* mistake but. meeting a
follower in llie corridor, he wus lold:
"Oh, that's all right Sir John, we ull
agreed there was nothing to meet about"
ami the question of leadership was uevet
again mentioned,
foiling extremely fortunate 111 hearing a
siltgei ul her ability.
Ms Johu riutchlsou expects to leave
next Tuesday ful lid former home in
Outarlo, where she will visit lur lhe win
ter. Her absence will he felt nmoug the
social encles of Cranbrook, when sbe
has always taken an active pni siucc
coming tu ihis ciiy.
Tin- 1 lei.-Id oiiiee turned oul foi R it
lU-utie ihis week ibe linesi job of printing that was ever gotten up in liast
Kootenay. li wns a Christmas announcement ami was m keeping wilh
tbe magnificent stuck Mr. Ikaltit has
purchased for the trade this year.
Robert Cox has gone to Phoenix to
lake a position with Jacob lletknian,
proprietor of tiie Victoria holel. L,flbt
Friday uight his fellow members nt the
Odd Fellows bulge bad a greal many
kind words lo say for 'Bub" nml all
joined in extending tbeir best wishes for
ins future success,
Revtlsloke Herald: The institution
of Rev. C A. Procuuier, M. A., inlo St,
Peter's l'ariab, Revelstoke, will be conducted by the Veil. Kdwyn S. W. l'en-
treath, D D Aichdeaeoii of Columbia,
Wednesday evening Nov. 2isl, 1900,
7:30 p. ui A cordial Invitation is
liereliy extended to all parishioners, ud
betents, fiends and strangers.
An   NrjiJiiii/ntiiut   Has    been     furiaeiJ    in
Rossis nil,
l'ur a mouth past a number ot representative tinning men and bankers bave
heen interesting themselves in develop
ing a movement which should bring to
tbe knowledge of llie mining Investois
in tbe large financial centers of Great
Britain. Kurope, the United States aud
Canada, something ol llle resources i.f
Southern British Columbia, and the development which has been going on during lhe past two or three years In the
mines, and the erection ut large smelt
ers, concentrating and mining plants,
coveting the same period. Tbe result of
the movement was yesterday's meeting.
Uu motion, Mr. J. B, McArthur was
voted to the Chair, W.J. Whiteside secretary of the meeting,
Mr. McArthur explained lhe object of
the meeting, which was lo establish a
chamber of mines for Southern British
Columbia. He stated thut the great
need of all mluiug districts la the iiilio-
dliction of capital iu a huge way, and
tbis was especially su in Southern 11:it—
■ sh Columbia to properly develope tbe
mines, establish smellers, mills ami concentrating plants for tiie treaimetit uud
reduction ui ores, lie said the lime bad
arrived when some central organization
ought to be estab Mailed which would obtain all data in regard (0 the development of the inlues—the installation ol
all mining machinery for the use of the
mines iu all lhe various camps ofthe
district of Southern British Columbia,
and also to ascertain week by week the
shipments of nre from each of the mines
in these camps—their estimated value,
the smellers or mill lo which tbe ore
waa shipped for treatment, and this information should be tabulated hy the
chamber oi mines and cabled to Ihe
financial centers of London, Berlin and
Paris, and also handed tt the associated
and Canadian Press associations for the
newspapers published iu tbe United
States und Canada. Iu this way the
product of lhe mines would Ijp placed
weekly before the investing public as
the result of lhe mining operations in
these camps,
It would further be lhe purpose ot thc
proposed organization lhat by a series ol
letters issued under the authority of the
chamber of mines, to record mouth by
month lhe actual miuing development
going un in these various camp:; the
erection of new sine!ten*■ mills mid
cyanide plants for tlie treaimetit ami reduction ol ores; also Hint the proposed
organisation could be of service 10 newly discovered camps, or samps which
had been neglected in the pusl, by producing such fads lo the transportation
campanles as would induce them to improve transportation facilities lo ihem.
And also that it would be of service in
the mailer of tariff und other legislation
111 tlu> interest of the mining ami smelting
Industries of the piovince, and iu laying
before the local legislature tlie necessi*
lies of these camps with regard to grant:
fur lhc construction uf roads and ttails.
Afler Home general   discussion, J.   B,
McArthur was elected president, uml it
was decided to commence at once active
work to make the organization n sticcei
For Salt.
The Alliance   restaurant  building  on
Unison avenue, one block Irom   baker
Street, ■.wil he sold at a bargain fur cash.
Apply to I.eroySage.
Bucklen's Arnku Salve,
Has world-wide fame for marvellous
cures. It surpasses any other salve, lo-
liun, ointment 01 balm for cuts, corns,
burns, boils, sores, felons, ulcers, teller,
sail ihnem, fever sores, chapped hands,
skin eruptions; infallible for piles. Cure
guaranteed. Only 25 cents at Beattie's
drug store.
Land Notice.
Nolii-e h lure-by given Hint nne month nfior
uate 1 intonr! io apply to lhc chief cominl-Honer
of lands nnd works (ur permission lo purchase
llie following described la mis: roniiiienoliifl nt
11 post milked •'.lames II. Henderson's S, E,
post'1 pliuiieil at iin* southwest corner nr William Writ's pie-eintitloii, abnui live milt's south
west or cranbruok, n. <'., tlienee norlli so
chHhis, thence west J-io chains, llience .smith so
olialns. ihcnue east ID olmlns io iho place of
commencement, eon nltiluj* 3-ai acres more or
1 lal.*illlil*
. day of November, won.
.laiui'sii. Hemlcrson,
For Sulc.
One large soft coal slove; 1 Queen
beatei; 1 small, open fireplace stove;
dozen feather pillows; 1 sofa; 1 large
rocker; 1 iarge cnbv choir, upholstered;
1 polished walnut center table; 1 Martha
Washington cbnlr; 1 rosewood double
bedstead, mattress and springs; I velvet plush stair carpel; 1 briifsels stair
carpel; a number of yards of brussels
carpet and a few blinds. The above
goods are in good condition.    Apply to
.Mrs  JobtlR, Costigan, Baker lllll,
Mc Dunn Id ior Leader.
Winnipeg, Nov. 22 —It is announced
in Portage I,a I'rairie that Mr. N. Hoyd,
M P. elei-l nf Maedonald, is to resign iu
favoi ot Mr. Hugh Julio Macdiiliald. and
that Mr, Maedonald will then assume
Ibe leadership of lhe opposition in the
Dominion Hotue.   In the event of this
While   Closing   Out   These   Lines, a Brest
Cul in Prices Will Be Made.
in) liicla (lasollns Lumps, worth $12.50 now 8.0O
10Doublenasoiiunlamps "a ibpo " vi.rn
SlOMedlt-lnal KI clrloBelts - - -
$10 Medicinal Klcolrlc Battciles - - 6,no
$U1 Medicinal Bleclrlu butteries - -
10 Children's Novelty Safety Livings -
ioo Hand oil Paint tuns oi Kootenay size 11
ami »ix30, worth 82.1 und $hi encb, selling ni Sin
<ml $13, Including beautiful burnished gin
rames. most suitable presold of the day,
-Ml kinds uf pictures soiling at cost I'lelure
rrninhifj a specialty, Prices guaranteed Die
owest in Kooteny, Novelty Soissors, novelty
llcetrle Neektle Lamps, etc. (loads unt (I.O.I),
when di'pnsli ni'i'i.iiigiaiii.'s order and till mad
rs will receive prompt attention at.
n. 1. NnVKLTV *••.. Nelson, B.C.
Notice is Hereby Riven thai one month nfter
Into 11 men 1 io aiiplj to Die chief noumilssloiic
if lands ami works for permission to nun-lias
ho fidluwltig described lands; CoiniiicnclriB at
1 past marked "Duncan McDonald's h. K.
nci pust.-si [luted at Un* iiorllicasl corner ol
1. W. Melton's pre-omptln ir Palmers Bai
nsl Kontonny, Oienee norlli olRlity ehiilin
icnce west forty chains, llionaa south eighty
mins, (Iioiico east fortj chains lo the place of
GRlnnlng, containing ;wn noro*.
Dated at Cranhrook this ifltli daynl October,
KD. Diiiii'tui McDonald.
Mealed by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Hotel S S
R. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best ol lii'iinrs nt the bar.
All lhc rooms neatly furnished.
kales, fi.tm per ilay.
When in Kimberley
,     Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Julius Hurel, Proprietor.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
Kimberley 3
The coming town of East Kootenay.
near the famous North Star and
Sullivan mines „-* «•*
A limited number of lots for sale at prices varying from $125 to $400. Now is the time to
buy as prices will be advanced the first of thc
year .* „■* .-* jt
The Chamber
Of Mines
Southern British Columbia
Kootenay and Yak*
Tin* Cli'iniher ol Mines wants  thoroughly reliable correspondents in every
camp In ihe districts of East ntul  West
Kootenay and Vale to whom reasonable
compensation will be paid for their ser.
vices.   Correspondents will he expected
in furnish the  Chamber cf Mines with
II development going on at the mines,
the installation of machinery, shipment
of ore and  value,  nnd geiH-rnlly   such
news as will attract the attention of cap
itn'.ists and cntisc thein to Investigate
and invest.
Applications to he addressed to the
Chamber of Mines,
Southern British Columbia,
Box 578 Rossland, B. C.
G. Johnson*...
\*V Assayer
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C,
Furnished or
Inquire of..,
Durult ave.
Contractor and Builder
At present am building the new SI. Rugene
iiiispllal anil a.number of two story and other
Cranbrook, II. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
(IITIC K  Wlltltl.lXIK   BLOCK,
CKANIil-OOK,   1   :   :      :   :   B. C,
Apply to
Land Commissioner C. P. R. BEALE & EL WELL
Winnipeg Fort Stuck and Kimberley
...Sole Representatives...
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
I.O.O.P.   Koy Ci y Lodge
***-i"*.rT-V ''"I' "'--''i ;ltl,lt'11 l,1,n""
linker street,   -jojouriiliiu
O1I1I follows iliiilly tuvitcil.
J. I*. I'iii'i \v. 1: 1:111.1
N.o. Siv'y.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. .11
a. r. s a. M,
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college ol 0. S.
Office and store, Aiken block,
noai Canadian n== >«It nf Com-
I luerce, Craubrook, li C
iti'-iuiai meetings nn tlio  Upholstering and (lateral Furniture Repairing
third Tliumiiiy ul lho  will ntlend lo nny work iu the district
ni' mil.
SHM-.-kiV'S-llfc. A<J.: ■'■- ■.Tnn:.M: iyi^3PfSrii'lt
U'el-nlu ,1.    ;	
\V,F,(iimn,8i'cV.   I
  I East Kootenay
lhe Lion Brewery      BoUlinR Co.
wRosslaiul, li C
Ilu* largest mill lineal equipped
brewer) in Hriiinh Columbia
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Their III'llWKISl'l*. MiRR (Inlllnl)
i equal lo any Imported article, Ginger Ales, Etc.
AHRATlSn WATltRS or all brands lo
lie Imd ui nil holds In West nml Hast   Spda water in siphons.   The  mosl
economical way to handle it.
A nice selection ol "Meriden Britannia" silver" ire constantly in
stock,    Choice deslgns-in   A 1
SVOC'd.i .-t Jt ,-> ..-.
High grade movements in tiie
best quality ol oold, gold filled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       o*        .-.*•*        ..•*
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wholesale Giocer
ami Selling Agents
Cranbruok, II. C,
Livery ^  w F TATE
Proprietors j* j* .-« JCWCLDKi
  CRANBROOK,    .     I?. C.
Regular   Slajjc   to   Kimberley |     oiiicini Wntcii inspector ior c. p. r,
Tennis mul drivers furnished for
point iii the district.
Manager   ,*    .<   Jt
For Developed
- Silver=Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
Lain! Purchases
Mining Claims
Etc.       *t       *t
Made 111 Contract
1'ruvlnclul l.und Surveyor
Ollice nl Hi little & Hutchison
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
::i::Cronbrook, ll C
r<i>-®(^!>-®-^-r!> -HjV-^-Tv-^-
CRANBROOK, - British o
i* if
CRANBROOK Jl^rSlSoint of the Crows I
e  h
•T*f,51flht*-nnl^'  ^as a ,0°sta" round house, large machine B
^' dllLFI UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex-  j.
|i| tensive railroad yards.
H  Cra br 00k ,s the natural and commercial center of South East
H Kootenay.
fef  Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora
tyr tions of South East Kootenay.
Kf Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in  ,k|
South East Kootenay.
£* souin casi Kooienay. i.i
H Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after t'i;
V? week.
Get Your  Phota   Takt .
And put on one oi our New
Christmas mount-:. There i?
no siill thai 'will jjive more
pleasure to lhe Iriends in the
Prest, Photoghrapher
•""' Builder -.«
C| Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, H
1 ■"' manufacturers and investors. Kf
.l'-V.'   i
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
f-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-® ■®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
vHS-®-^--®-®-®-®-®-<*x^-®-^>--®-:®'®- '-y-®-- brW-siss


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