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Cranbrook Herald Oct 3, 1901

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Array THE
VOLUME    1.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. ilio,. a. Cox, President.
Paid Up   Cnfiilnl
Total R.-.'iit.,'.
11. Ii. Wai.khk. Qen. Mn„
.. SS.llllll.llllil.Hll
2,01)0,01)11 no
A Qencral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
For Winter Comfort
Are Canada's best and cheapest. We sold all our heaters lasl year and have just received an entire new stock.
With ihe stove a nice Chair, Lounge or Table is in order. We are continually receiving and selling the latest
design!) in furniture.
Bedding is one of our best lines and we have a fine stock
Fall stock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Carpets, Etc., arriving every day.
*^MsV-W<^V 3
.'V $
Complete Review of the Events
Mllimiu.li tl," tvealliei waa not favorable, suits nii<) i-nlsl ssIihIs contributing to
tin- uenernl discomfort ol the tbti. da) ,
nil nice v.iii' lull',',
.) opinion  waa .ns
■    "I   in -ui.
'I lie
..I ni. Ii.nl In
We are showing an immense range »f Street Hals,
ready to wear. Next week we will hold our Millinery opening, and when visiting the Last Kooienay Exhibition you arc invited lo call at our store
and inspect our exhibition of Millinery, Dress
Ootids, (ieneral Dry (ioods. Hoots and Shoes. Carpets and House Furnishings.
Winter Goods
We have iusl opened a (ull line of
rubbers, the largcsl stock we have
ever bought. We also have a lull
range ol Carss' Mackinaw clothing
German socks, heavy wool socks.
Scud us your orders. Ihey will
have prompt attention.
I Fori Steele Mercantile Co. 1
to j. i>. mnk       .*       ,*       .<       MANAGER ft
&>**<» r" i   f , <  w   r  •   ,   t .  r r r r »0*(WM
BHii';'.;- -.-■■ ■ i mmmEEEism.
Plumbing u\u\ Heating.
Now is lite lime In have your furnace put in,
and gel rend) (or ihe winter. ESTIMATES
(illIN FREE.
Rifles and Shotguns
Shooting season isai hand, Uu\ your supplies uml amuitilion from
New Goods
We are receiving new goods almost
daily. Our selection thisyear includes
the finest fabrics of the markets at
the lowest prices.   Call and see us.
latest in HU I    &  CO
Dress Goods IIIUL, «\ lUr
.ecled, owing to
a nu in lui ul events not belli*" filled.
Good purses lintl buetiotTerett, but owing
in the fuel thai na yel no circuit has been
formed in Ihe KoolenayB, it is (HlTicult
to get a satisfactory line ol speeders In
attendance. This, of course, #111 change
■n lime, and the Cranhtook track will
yi-i In- the scene of boiiic fasi rnces, belli
ul li mn tails mid wheels.
Tlie exhibits were far better than hud
been anticipated, and drew forth eitllitis-
lustlc wind- of praise from the hundreds
of visilois in allendunce. The vegetables were n veritable surprise, even to
the old residents of the district, and
gave a substantial idea of ilu- productive
nature of the soil iu this section. There
were potatoes, cabbages, beets, turnips,
cauliflower and carrots thut would compare favorably with any raised anywhere In the Dominion of Cn.nf.da, The
mineral display was a magnificent ex*
position of the wealth of South East
Kootenay, Although .some difficulty
was experienced hi gathering such a
varied collection, yet the display carried
joy to the hearts of the old miners and
prospectors who gnz d with delight at
tht- material evhlencesoftbe truth of the
doctrine they hid been advocotlug over
the hills ol the district for years—that
South East Kootenay contained enough
riches for thousands and that the ore
was rich ahd llie bodies large. There
could he seen samples from the Moyle
distiict, showing the riches of the St.
Eugeue, Society Girl, Aurora group and
oilier*-: mines that will some day make
Moyle one of the richest camps in British Columbia.    The North S'.ar and Sill*
m mines were well represented, with
specimens    from    other    properties   on
slier bill, giving the seeker for knowledge an idea i>f what that part of the
■ouiitry will prove to be after further development- The St. Marys district was
represented by specimens from the
Hazen-Dewar group, the Great Pane
,uid many others Wild Horse was
greatly In evidence and the gold nuggets and ilust exhibited by Have Griffith,   the  pioneer of that   section,   was
ed   upon   iu  awe by many who had
nevei   seen   gold   In   that   form before.
river, Trncy creek and the properties trlbutsr) to  Fort Steele were represented      The iron  mints  of  Kitchener
and Bull rivei were represented bj large
specimens, wbi'e the  Fernie coal mines
mens ol coal and coke on
j       'i 11     P dmei  Bat was showu up
■■■-.   specimens ol  placer gold, and  the
ivkiu mine b id some striking specimens
\ together there was a line
display  and one  thai  shows  what  the
future of tins district  is to be when cap
itli -ienll) employed lo develops
ih,- rich properties nl ready known.
rhe fine arts ten I was a scene ol beauty
and lor the nisi nt tempt of the kind, was
ii credii lo the taste aud energy nl the
people who .■.'iiuihii..il to make that
department .. success
I be fall was the lust move ol the kind
in iho distiict, a in I wns n stupendous
undertaking, and when all the condi-
ti nis are laken Into consideration, it
cannot be considered in any light bul a
■ ■I thedistrictnnd foi Cranbrook,
ilu- Days.
i 'ok tlank nml gloomy was the opening day- There was a dearth of sun-
shine and a dearth of smiles. Tlie out*
look was foreboding, and the snow capped peaks ol the Rockies did nol lend
ellliei wailllth or cheer.  Anxious glances
were cast skyward, nnd silent prayers
were offered foi n break In the heavy
li ink of clouds that promised failure and
(Input tut the fair management and all
mil i .leil iii the success ol nu exhibition
tor .South East Kootenay, lint, notwithstanding the adverse circumstances
the program was carried out just as far
as possible. Owlug to the delay of the
Fertile buys in reaching here the lacrosse
game was not played until after 5
o'clock It was a warm contest and resulted in a victory for the Cranbrook
team by a score of 6 to I Henry Rrou-
lette gave an exhibition of riding unruly
and bucking mustangs, and the crowd
cheered bis horsemanship over and over
again. In the evening the visitors were
entertained with a dance and lunch at
the opera house, given by the lacrosse
boys. It wns near uuto morning before
the light footsteps ceased to patter to
tbe time of the music, and everyone had
a glorious time.
On Thursday one of the leading attractions was tbe foot ball game between
Cranbrook and the North Star team,
which resulted in a goal for the Cranbrook n(Iera bard fought battle.    In the
afli moon the Fernie team met the O u>
brook li')'-. nml won b   n 1 lug 1
also, thui *■        .        tin in the It-rat tie
cup  foi   tins   lea 1  horsi  1
came  of] luti rmii      I
with Bbowei rhe rock .It. ling
11'":.: sl iltiocted a . . ham! und ei
ted a great de il i ■ tcilemeut I ■ re
wen foui teams, I illows: John McDonald and George Crowe, of the St.
Eugene, won first money; B H Taylor
and Fred Mitchell, ol the Pekln, sec,ml,
Ch;ules ami Tim Farrel), of the Society
Girl came next, and Charles Hastings
and Duncan Russell, of the North star,
last. The rock was .a hard quarlzile and
the steel used was sharpened for granite.
Therefore, the drilling match was nol a
'tig success, as the steel was battered and
■ orokeil In almost every ease. The Norlll
[Star team gave up In disgust aflei the
first four minute-, 11. II Dlmmock,
foreman of the St Eugene, was one of
the judges, ami James Pludtey, foreman
of the Sullivan, was the ether. "Dr. M,"
tbe guldeless pacer, was put through his
points hy K J. Peltier, his owner. In
the evening occur led the boxing contest
in which Cliatles Gi tl' bad a walk away
with J. Fitzgerald. The Methodist basket social was held at the ball that
evening and was largely attended and
was quite a financial success.
Friday, the last day, dawned blight
ami warm, ami old Sol seemed repentant
for his work the oilier two days. There
was joy in the hearts ot tbe people us
they gazed at the clenr sky, but theii
happiness was short lived. By one
o'clock tbe clouds gathered and soon
after the rain fell in torrents, and what
had been a warm, summer zephyr
changed ton damp, chilly, wintry wind,
In consequence the crowd was limited
that afternoon, and the program was
necessarily short After the horse races
bad been pulled off, several Indian races
were arranged that furnished an immense amount ol f'lii for alt. That
evening another dunce was given at the
opera bouse for the visitors, ami thus
ended Ihe three days' eiileuainiueiit
Drivers—15 hands and up, I, Geary
&  Doyle.
Drivers—single, 15 bauds and up, 1
Geary & Doyle.
Team—under 15 hands, 1, G II .Mine*;
2, V Hyde Maker.
Saddle horses—gentlemen, 1, G JI
Miner; 2 j Henry.
Drivers—single, under 15 hands, 1, G
H Miner; 2, V II Hiker.
Tomatoes 1, Kooleunj Industrial
Ladles' Work.
Ratti nbnrg lace-   1, .Mis- 1. Rynn,
N.'Him'   i   Mrs J Hutchison; 2   .Mrs
I- I IV,m i.
ON   1,1  -I'.*--
FI - ■  ■. -1  '. ...iiitit    i.MissERyau.
Centei piece 1, Miss M igee; a, Mrs
pi    d, Miss Mi.Ifat.
Phoi igi i| -.. frame 1 Mr C I, Coleman,
Ileal collection, 1 pieces 1, MtssSopet;
■  llr C i. Coleman.
EJ Peltier, j,
1. Mrs Q M
• It   Van
, 2. Miss
drawn worl
Mi-- [essle Leitch
Wool wtitl:, fain
Hm aey,
I nitling -1. Mis Fori
I .I.. . 1 I.., heltiig— i,   .Mrs   1
■ Ie nr; :   Miss Magee.
Quill     I, Mis I, II  V.inDeet.i
T.iuni,    special, Mis-. Pn,lmore.
Paintings nnd Drawings.
Oil painting on canvas :
Figures- 1, Miss Magee.
Flowers—1 and 2, MrsCEColem
General- 1 Mrs Fresl; *, iionnuil
Water coloi painting —1 ami 2, Mrs
E Coleman.
Crayon drawing -1, Mb
Fainting   mi   china— 1
..nl 1
hiit laid i'ii/ fiat     i  I
en ii ii  moment,  gut to b ii
then stop;'. -1    ll: ■ set onds  ailed it oil
and  tbe ilei isiou   was   given   to   G tl
Then there was  u rush  to congratulate
the victor.   But Filz was ilu id  ■' ■      I   V iu can  bat
Lifiii.  and  -linking  hand*- with  Gufl
-ml:     "Tb -r>-   is in. :: -c ol   m
in frotil ol    nu.
mything that will
don't care wl.. ■
thing   of  li,;
these mattei.- i
trlct go ahead    1 I
next year, ami 1 h
t Magee
and   2,
belt, knife nnd shield—r, Indian Luke.
School Prizes.
Best coloi ed drawing of Hugs, Hug-
an.I, Camilla and the United Slates— I,
vdith McNeil; 2, Minnie Grant.
Handwriting, boys—1, Stanley Slater;
i, Frank Costlgan,
Handwriting, girls—1. Lou I.eitch; 2,
511B I.eitch Special mention (or Kim*
icrley school.
t'  Rail's.
Roy Ca
ill Iiii!
I,' limits:
) 1.
,niy mi'i
", Kill'
„ lioraea,
i.inin 1
I ii
tn l.uki')
in |Iti,li.
in 1'
1 11:
llllllll 1
lull, 1.
l'n/ was "lot kuocked oui    lie
wi nt up  1    dust 1   betlei   man,  aud be
BO   11 te.ti:/   il ll.
Gofl leii l;ii.lay fur Sm Froncisco,
where he will train with Rulilin, wins is
inatcbeil with Jeffries for tbe world's
Fitzgerald returned' to Blafrmore on
Saturday morning
In .;■   the ili-iin t,  I
■■-ni.    This
ow miuded   ibout
..  ! Ihe ilis.
ill prosper,
lietter exhibition
■. in will
F, J- Smyth, Movie—First ehiss. A
credit to the energy and courage of the
people of Cranbro ik Never expected
10 see it ns good as Y.mr exhibits
ne line, and youi equipments 011 the
grounds are surpri-iug for a new organ!*
. ition up in the mountains Moyie is
well represented and judging from tho
riifiuy kindly references to the fact, your
people evidently  ippreclal look
Tlie lliih)  Shuw.
The babj show was held  Wednesday
morning in  ibe mineral tent, nml   it-
tl.i. Ifil   ,1     1 irt-ij   crowd.      'I'lien-    Were    :i
uiiuibei   i.i entries,  and   ihe pi- is
awarded by   the voles of  those present
The contest resulted in 1 vii toi yl  rM
;  l,:,l.i
band at the fair
(act that the 1,.
Ollly a few week
like veterans. 1
tbedlstricthnd i
lor   the   woik   .1
baud will be iu .
The   Band.
I  the Cranbrook Ci
•-1 see a far better
tor tbe conditions
Harry   Bentiey
come until th.  ' u
■ ire that if wi
;: istler-. iii   1
Cranbrook, ■■•->
ill   the  couutu
guage the sue
vou came out ii
do it.    It's a  mi
:.   Iiext year,
vilt lie far more favor*
Could   not
' ■■   owing to a bu—
lani  to say right
•    ime kind of
have   in
.  '.:.
• iii .. -v
: cents, Don't
•us j do it. it's a t::;-..,-.-* Vou uiaj have
rough t for tli many en- lost money, bin you have made it- Your
Notwithstanding ihe fair was a good thing for ihe district, Il
1 bus been organized | showed that South East Koolena) 1-a
ed  cracker-jack, «ml thai Crauhrook ■,- a
Of     I'lWO  fill! of lUI-'.lt
words to offer
hereafter the
liitli.iiJniil  Exhibits.
Several tuerchants made most cred
able displays, and their  exhibits wert
striking contrast to the stocks carried
the district two years ago.
J. F. Fink, mauiiger of the Fort Stei
Mercantile  company, and   also  man
ing director of Ihe Km
company,   jollied    fort
Miner,   Crnnhrook'H   p
dealer.    They had a handsome li 1 I
a magnlficenl display ni goods from the
thtce linns.
Tom Radt
best grounds si
•n a small to
gteat credit i
what is more,
10 the whole di
ably surprised.
E. C.
er.   Mo
greeably surprise
nneral and   igi
' Cranbrook h .\
hey will keej I
01 the district
-N'.'u   have   the
meats 1 ever saw
:-    loth
ind I hu] e
A. m   y. ■
.. id that :
cellent time, u
tent   In wl-,:
Roy Carrulbers (Wellman) 1.
Christmas Gift (Wellmoti) 2.
Beaullfnl Girl, t,
Lord Glenn, 2
Mi-mile dash:
Mamie .Mack, 1,
Cbiistmas Gift, 2.
Heifer-grade,  yearling,   1   and   2,   1'
Cow—grade, in calf,   1.  Dounsbun St
Jollitle;:, 1' McConnell,
Bull calf—l and j, I' McConnell.
Heifer call-   1. Froucla McConnell; 2,
F McConnell.
Poultry ami Rabbits,
Cock nv\ iwo bens   1. A I,ensk.
Brahmas—1, S McLean.
Turkeys -1 ami 2, Geo Arnold.
Geese—I, A Leask.
Ducks—I, A Leask.
Silvei   spangled    llainblirgs-l,   G   il
Rabbits -1.   Gordon   Small;  a,  Fred
.Seller -i, Frank Costlgan.
Spaniel—l, G II Miner; 2, V II Baker.
Collie-  1, T Christian; 2, Mrs J Pelfer,
St. Bernard   1, J Flnley,
Bull Terrier   1 and --. V [I Bnker,
Pox Terrier   1, K II Small; 2. \\ War*
lie 1
Black and Tan- 1 and 2. EJ Peltier.
Fug -1. R !■; Beattie
fgliest Mongrel   l, I T Gear.
Best of any breed- AinistroUg medal, \
j Hutch lion.
Bniri Produce,
Freill   butter,   ml.  -o   piilil --I, .*s Mc- j
Firkin cored butter   1, Mrs Cory.
II raid.
Homemade, while    1    R Lounslnirv;
2, Alice Cole.
Home made, graham—I, Alice Cole;
2, Nora Hodges.
Professional—Chart rand Bros.
Roots and Vegetables.
Fotatoes—1,   W   Haiiiiltou;   2, S McLean.
Turnips, for slock feeding—t, W Hamilton; 3, Kootenay Industrial school.
Turnips, domestic use— i, S McLean;
2, W Hamilton.
Carrots—1, W Hamilton; 2,  Kootenay
Industrial school; special, A J Miller
Parsnips—i, W Hamilton; 2, A J Miller.
Beets—I, A J Miller; 2, A Leask; spec
ial, Kootenay Industrial school,
Onions—l, G Arnold; 2, Kootenay Industrial school,
Cabbage—r, V H Maker; 2, S McLean;
special,  Kooienay Industrial school.
Cauliflower-1, A Le.-.sk.
The Boxing Contest.
The boxing contest between J. Fitzgerald, champion of South Bast Kootenay, and Charles Goff, the middle
weight, of Spokane, that took place
Thursday night, was a walk over for
Goff. The rink was crowded by 9
o'clock, and abuut 9:30 William Tuttle,
of Fernie, who officiated as referee,
spuing upon the brilliantly lighted plal-
fortu ami announced the particulars of
the contest, laying special stress on the
fact thut no demonstrations would be al
lowed, and that the whole affair must he
carried out in a decent and orderly uian-
tiei Well, it was. At no time during
the affair was there any noise or disturbance of any kind. Goff and Fitzgerald
then took their positions and were introduced. When llie men stood up,
-.tripped to hunks, the wonderful difference in their physical make-up was up-
parant. Fitzgerald, broad shouldered.
heavy chested, big hipped, a great giant
in stature ami strength, Golf, on the
olbei band, weighing only 15.) pounds,
looked like an easy mark for Ihe heavy
weight. But the first round showed the
difference between beef and science.
Fitzgerald took the aggressive, while
Goff, calm and collected, stood bis
ground 111 the center of llie ring, and
cooly met every attack made by Fitzgerald. Round and round walked Fitzgerald sparring for au opening, both
were cautious. Gull looked serious,
while Fitzgerald had a smile of confidence. There were several clinches, and
Gotl lapped l-'itz seveial tunes on Ihe
neck ami bead, Iiut no damage WIS done,
In the second round Filz showed lack of
Confidence ami a desire lo rush the tight
The reach ol Goff had opened   his eyes,
while Doffs command of himself ami
Superior science gave lilm an advantage
that wis telling on Filz, Tbey got lo
getber several times, and near the close
of the round GofI got in iwo or three
straight s!lois on Fil/'s nose, that
brought the claret, The third round
looked like Filz's Waterloo, He seemed
lo have lost courage mid was easy for
Goil to reach. Once he made a rush and
got in a left on Goff's side, a glancing
blow thai was of little effect, but the only
one he landed during the light, Goff
landed a strong left on Pilz'sjaw, bringing him to his knees, und in the rush
jumped clear over l-'itz. The goug
Bounded just in time to save Filz. hi
the fourth round il was easy sailing. It
was evident at the start that Goff would
close the fight that round. He reached
Fil/'s face, jaw and neck repeatedly with
ease, and finally brought him to Ibe
lloor. Fitzgerald got to his knees, for a
few seconds nnd then reached his feet,
but defeat was written on his bloody
face,     lie made a week passat Goff who
G  ll. Gilpin had;
isplnyed furniture, carpets shades
loves.     His   exhibit  attracted   a  g
enl of attention
Hill St Co  had a large display of
lid silks ill the tine art- tent th i'. •■•<
have done credit to a town of 10,0 •
Ried & Co. were located in this
villi a handsome exhibit of rugs,
pels and dry goods.
1   .
Crei k—I am
11 ■ ■.-
fine peopb ■■ 1
have learned \ greal deal about your district through v bibiHon. it has
been a great -• - dthi ngb I
:: ive alway- , . * it the people of
Cranbrook were ;.
.-.■"■:     k
puI 1  j     d
11 -■■: inces     I*, is
Tim Lebel "'.
ill right V
, iw  under  t
1 credit to the
H,   II.   Dii
given a gcod enti     1
, ;ose to come
yie— You   have
■ ".-_:.'.. and we pr.->-
nl an exhi  .*,   ■.
1'rest 'the photographer had
display of his work.
Turner, the decorator,   hi
that was unique and attrec
C I'- Campbell, the undertaker, had a
tent in which he displayed the goods of
his line.
The directors . reign  lesire The
k-rahi to  thai ■. -.-.ho   so kindly
::iriated as ' - . .      tbt! « ■>'
ontribnted largelj . 1 the success of the
Seme ul the Workers.
Harry .McVittie, as assistant secretary,
looked after the entries and a thousand
and one other things.
Ross Palmer was chief spieler at the
mineral exhibit. He demonstrated that
he was just the man for the pi ice, and
many people received a fund of informs-
ation from him about tlie different mln-   dreds   of   thousands
era Is.
Canada, from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, has been displaying unprecedented hospitality the past week in the receptions tendered tbe royal party as
tiiey journeyed a r^s the country, At
uttawa,   Montrei;    '.""■:.:.:■    Winnipeg,
Calgary, Vancouver ind '■. tons nun.
shown   their
Tom Ttirley was the change artist at
the ticket office.
Secretary McVittie was kept busj Ihe
entire week, and as a hustler it would
be haul to lind his equal.
John Hutchison officiate
the course and the dulcet
clarion voice caused man
whether be was a musician
tie business,
:.-yalty and love for England's future
king. And the Duke >r. i 11 .:hes* have
at all times giver. evi lence of their
ippreciatlon *.   me,
Will be Elutrocutea.
Czolgosz,   ':.■ ::.   of President
clerk ol   M.-Kiniey,   was lilty   ::.     i.  rt
is ol his   irder, bis trial h than two lays,
wonder 1 ,,;,d w'a- tenteri e electro ute i : ;,e
the cat- . [ast week In ll..- :..     '..
P. J.  McMahon and N, A. McKen/ie I Married,
officiated  as starters,   ami all the ladles j     "n   Monday   morning   at   >>   o'clock,
were asking who those tine looking
gentlemen were and where they came
from. Mr. Stediuan was the Starlet and
there was not a Complaint.
OulMdi"   llpiniim.
Pit McMahon,   Moyle —You  people
have done well, mighty well, considering ibe conditions   Had it not been I u
youi   enterpriee  there  would  have been
no source of amusement this fall      I
have attended fairs ami exhibitions from
the Pacific tn the Atlantic, In Urge ernes
niul small towns, and I think the pi
of Cranbrook have reason 10 fei
con raged over tin' result      The)   It ul
bad weather, and olhei ll. I    - tl  ll
enough to kill anything 01 the •
tbey didn't slop your people.   You I
are all right, and we will be with you
. N. Hanson, Wasn—I am glad that
Cranbrook .ltd so welt. The people
here have reason lo feel proud of whit
they have accomplished. The exhibits
were better than I expected to sec, iml
the mineral display was exceptionally
good.    The • xliibition was all right.
Dave Griffith, Wild Horse— Your ex
hibition is all right. Say, that mineral
display was a dandy and it opened up
Ibe eves of outsiders. Think ot it1 The
finest kind ol specimens of gold, silver,
lead, copper ami iron, and of a nature
that would convince any man of the
iichuess of this distiict. Then, tlie vegetable display was wonderful. It can't
be beat this side ..I llie Fraser river. I
came over the lirst day nnd stayed
through   to ilu-  finish.    This exhibition
September 30, .... .": Marry Dimocx
and Miss Julia Haggerty, ot Moyie, at
tlie  Catholic   <;;■.;:  ;,.    Father   " I'-'.e'.te
officiating.   Mr. Dimock it foreman   ^f
the St Ivugene mine- ami one who Is
held in high esteem by the people <■(
Moyie. His bride his recently come
from the east, Thej ■■•ere attended hy
Mr. Haggerty ol M iyie sudMissGrace,
of this city.
Un Tuesday morning al ;o(lo-k   at
ihe St  Eugene  Mission church, Mr   A
McDonald nnd Ml    t.iura Manning, of
Moyie,  Father Coci fli  l itinfl     Mr.
'•!, Donald   i- ■■  -   '.iii'i.*.'.   '   1:1
: McEachei 1 I, and has a
host of friend     ■
Un   Tuesd i) . .       A     li.
Fenwick, Mr :.   ■   I   -   -A} iffray, and
i Mrs.   Besselin. I ii:,(i   Wagner otlieiht-
No Rujb) imme.
The local Rugby players met with a
disappointment lastSaturday, when they
received word that Ihe Nelson boys
could not come uver for the game
scheduled for tl      morning,    Dr. King
i felt sorry about it     A   Rugby game is a
bonanza for a do tor,
Nc« Dab
R. Louushi-j) si, 1
tered into parti.t i-:;-
tiess. These gent!
several cows lo thefl
luture devole their
this line.
> Firm.
.\. JoIIiffe have en-
in the dairy bual-
: 1 n: 11    have   added
slock and will in
whole attention  lo
left  followed with a j is a big thing lor the district, and I favoi i
Fort Steele had 1
Ilu- luir tbe last tw
number ol visitors nf ■ 5*5s-**5ii3*i*Mr tn   ( '"('
CRANBROOK   HERALDX™™™™"*   ^l John w- Wolf
!«««««««««»««!       Boot, bhoc and
■   ,  Proprie
[liUMri id   Sl llsrjRlITlONi
j  i;j;'3*!?,:-Ji-)-3tJ!;"M'i'';rt5t
j  News Notes From lhu Mineral Cii>   |
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kind
of repairing.   Qive me a call.
Tlie tl.'iai.l iteilr< • to Ive tbe newsol two
district, ii von know any aboui youi town
ynur mine ..i your iieoi-h". semi u to this otllee,
Mil.   1 SilllBlTlON.
s ut.ii But Kootenay has hail Us lirst
annual exhibition, and Cranbrook energy and courage was responsible for It,
Wi,! one stops to consider the fact
inn. South t'Ust Kootenay is compara-
Lively a new district, that the towns In
ihe district hive virtually just started,
and thai the resuurccs have harillj
rfi ihe stage ol  Brst development,
and then think oi tin- lair with Us vailed, entertainments, wonderful exhibits
and satisfactory tqiilpmenls, ibere must
follow iiii! natural conclusion ilial ihe
liir was a gieat success From a llnan
i lal point ol view- for ibis year, perhaps
i was not a success. But, as a means
o( advertising -be district, as a nieaiiu
of bringing the people of the illfTereni
localities closer together, as a means ol
lurnt hlng an annual festival of amusement ami laying the foundation foi
(more exhibitions ot vaster magnitude
and more beneficial results, the exhib.
tlon given io Cranbrook this year was
a,i unqualified success iu every particular.
It is a source of great satisfaction to
the management and to the people of
the city that there have been sucn universal expressions of approval anil
praise Mum the visitors. Tne majority
give credit where credit is due, and are
not averse io frankly staling that lids
i (Tort on ihe pan of ihe Cranbrook
people .vlll prove the neiicletis of a
greal exhibition In ihe future that will
attract thousands,  ami  be a  potential
l.trior   In  dlnse lallng   knowledge ol
Smith Km Kootenay ami Its marvelous
i.cues among a people lhai will be lm
pressed wilb the grand possibilities ol
ihe district.
The Herald looks upon the exhibition
a-, a greal success, ll has done a powei
of gooti lor Hie district. And naturally
It lias been ot great beneili to (Jran-
Uroolt, where il was conceived and horn.
The Herald knows that it will have to
chronicle many more exhibitions in
Cranbrook, bin perhaps none in the
i tiurc will have more thought or care
than the one held last week.
Tne people of Ihe district were ready
wnti ihelr support, and ihis (act Is
greatly appreciated, By such unlty^ol
reeling is any movement of this kind
m ide successful, Cranbrook tai'es off
her hat to lier neighbors, and says,
'*M ire glory lo you." Tbey have joined
with Cranbrook in saying, "One hope
and one desire, the upbuilding of this
district, '
Marriages are getting numerous these
days, Ii is no longer safe to be a sin
gle man.
The mineral exhibit at the fair talked
for ihe wealth of the district in no uncertain manner.
Joe Martin Is not saying much, but It
takes several men to shovel away the
s.i rvtlust Irom bis saw these days.
I-Unit Mn- Mojle I.'
Kl SU   l-'UK   I'I.a. I K
This week there wai  i >.
gold excitement in Moyie
ston brothers, who 1 ave been prospect- J ^ f|om fl        pecli     lrip *„ ,-,„ moun„
more ... less this fall,  utaked aomeI|Bl||i|   BQuth of M    .    ()n   Wednesday
For  a starter ihe
k hi bit Ion was all
We are In receipt of a copy of the
l.iilysmiiti Leader, T, l. Orahame, ed-
Ui.r. The editor Is a man of nerve and
courage, a lact that Is demonstrated hy
hh publication of a story written by
IV A (iilllher has secured a card of
recommendation from Premier Laurler,
ai.d now (eels safe. He enjOYB the
iii illncllon of being ihe only member
who found such a course necessary alter
returning from Ottawa,
Marvsvllle, tile smelter cltv of South
K isl Kootenay, will soon be a bustling
There arc bright and prosperous limes
ahead far ibe people of this district,
K nlli Km Kooienay Is bound lo be one
oi    the   richest    mineral   districts    In
Hi lush Columbia.
The people o( rranbiook have stood
i' .'.-lu-r. and they must keen It up, In
union Uiere Is strength, and lots of It.
The Moyle Leader and Ferule Free
P ess ilnl unt spaie space In saying good
words for the Cranbrook fair, Such
work Is appreciated by the people ot
Cranbrook, and heartily approved by
the perple generally throughout ihe
district. The average man has little
us-j (or ihe Individual who Is narrow
.lohn Illusion has his knife out for
Minister Wells, ami now trie Wells'news*
p ipers are up In arms.
The C, P. H Is spending a pile of
money oa the ducal trip, Sir Thomas
proposes to show his appreciation of the
honors conferred.
II look* as If there might b: an election In this province before long.
Un  and idler this date  we will  not he
responsible for any debts contracted by
any persona.   All accounts can he paid
tn Mr. Cud, barrister,
September  15,   1901.
Western Supply Coiupumy. I     A. B, Fenwick and E. Juhnsou retu
mane plaa
The  John
weeks ago. They panned lot gold wiih |
very eucoiiriigiug results. Sam limit
was also experimenting on the same
creek with the pan und was so favorably
impressed that he bad six claim-, slaked
This created an 1 xcitciiient lu town, and
Monday morning about dn) light a party
muled out in stuke iidj.-tniiig claims,
uml latin in ilu* dti> aimlhei paity wet l
out,    By Tuesday noon bonii 10 chutus
Hiked along the cieii;
Harry Williams,
Will lukeconlsisctsfoi ,li|!|!llii;oclli
in,,ih- s, iir., nnyivheie in llic sll-11
nl rcnsouahle rates,
Dressmaking        t
Mrs. R. S - Vn oni
Is prepare.) lo ilo nil ! hula nl  I,- -..liak-
hi|> nt llei l.c ii, .'I    ■ il.'-i Itill.
ISTl ll. i
U»l s.iti.i.l.ii' tli,'
Ihe Movie  Umber
working,  I"
„l in
„ti,I 1
McKay, lilm Im.i Inin liuijemculull "till
,i s.ni  i,t llle mill .iliiml .i ills .SB"'
I'll.'gift v.n« n nubslnulbsl one niul Ml
McKay   wishes  lliioli|;ll  llle l.euilcl   lo
tl k the boya most lieattil) for llieit
kindness, ii is muitlii-r instance wliele
the Moyle boya bnve ijeiieroiisly assisteii
n brother workman m iliatress
A iiiictuic, ol tin- lire brigade wns belli
nl l-'uote's tailoring ejlablisliiiiellll'rldu)'
evcliing It wm. ileclslcsl In citculnle n
stllisciiplion lift to raise flinils lur the
piuclinsc ,.l hose ami lo send in un onlei
lm llie hose iillilicliutcl)' Chicl Kickers will cull n specinl weeling ivheii llie
list ia circulates!.
Tlie rails were Inlil on the spur to tbe
Moyie Lsitltbel   Co'a snwtnill ibis week
A large I khouse is lieini! crecleil, uml
n new mess hail's will he liilill tills lull
The Iim.' "I nun s.l tl"' longing Clllltp
and mill hiss been steadily Increnae.l anil
titcv me pnltillg mi all Hi" men svho apply for work
Tuuiioirr iviii.i. or it.
Tin- hoisting nf ;i In" ill a comparative'
ly new sliattlct like .Souili linst Kooten
t,y wns ,i big nnilertnking for CrnuhtOok.
Hut lln Cranbrook people ure wide
iiwnki- uml enterprising nndnie not looking for ittlttledtntc iL-.sttlls. They know
Unit by advertising tlie tcsourc.es ol
Solllll linst Kootenay from year t„ year
tli.it it will nulorullv piove beneficial to
their town nnd ill this ihey lire perfectly
ticlit It is In be hoped that they will
see their nny clear to contiunc these nn-
iii,nl luiis na they nre not only n credit
un.I i. benefit 10 Cranbrook but to the
whole district represented.
i-.l'M'.tl.ll. NOTES.
Mr  niul .Mis. I'. J. McMahon and Miss
tluggltis attended the fun nt Crnnlirook
Ihis week .    Mr.   Mc.Miilu ti officiated lis
nue of tin- j'ulges ul the burse riu-es.
Mr. uml Mra. l'oisy hnve moved to
lilkn, where -Mr. 1'oiay baa opened n
barber shop
J. J. Mutplly is looking after his
branch store nt lilkn these ilujs
M ;,n,l .Mis ],. J. Kenny nnd Mrs
McMnlioti, niolliei ol .Mis. Kenny nnil
the MrMuhon lima., lefl Momlny even
ing for their home in Oram) Forks North
link,itn, i,lit-, spending nn enjoyable
stiiiiint'i in Moyle.
A, Stcphenscn bus been awarded llie
conlsui-t t„s linil.ltiig Use new addition
ti, llie Moyie school and Ins nlienily
loint,,i-iui'il work.
Dr. O'llagnn, of Crnnhionk, is In-Linking I»r Green's place fur n lew days.
i i
\   News    i:r„tn   the   Coal    Mctronalla  *
i f
limn tha I ii'i- I'srs'l
Mr. Thomas stceltett, aftlreat Kails.
.Montana, connnenceil liis dullea as gen
eral manager of the (.'tows  Nest Pass
Coal company this week.
Rev.  father Milieux, ivho ha, been
pastoi of ll,,' Unman I'ilhollc cllllrcll
he.,' lor the past two nr three years,
coming down Irom SI Kagene Mission
every weclr. has tnlien u[i 1,1, residence
In Fernie, uml service win henceforth
he held evoy Sunday commencing with
the flrtt Sunday in October There win
he no service on September .",
The lacrosse hoys have greatly altercil
llielr opinion as lo the hospital!!) of the
Cranbrook people. They ircalcl the
visitors royally an,. ,11,1 everything In
their power to make their slay Q pleas
atil one. A grant! ball was given In the
evening In honor ol llie visitors
The nonsensical acl of blowing out
llie gas anil going to bed came near
causing the Ueath nt one of the I'einlp
acroose players al llie Wenlhworth
hotel on Wednesday evening last. The
young man came in tired after the
lacrosse malch and unthinkingly per
formed the foolish acl He fell asleep
almost Immediately alter laying down
anil had nol l> Mel.ran had occasion lo
visit rhe room an hour or so later ll
would have linen all off with lilm. l-'jr-
tinialely Duncan arrived In time to pre
vcttl sellucailiin, althougi the young
man was In a very bad condition when
FORT   STEELE   11 hits.
Pi I <„l - ir I'm*, inr.
,1 spii-iiliii Iron nnd the location ol Unci-
claims. It I- -in.I lliiil tlie ledge is ti
1,,'t in width, underlying n cupping ol
piar'z, and i'ni In- ti...-... lot  i ilisliini'i-
of 3.000 feet.   S .- fine large samples
nt iin- ore wns brought sss.
I v. Ki-siis linn l.-i n contract t.u .,
thousand foot tunnel m, the Sl.,, group
nl claims, sit,nn-,, 1, Hull river Messis
Violet nnd Olson have llic contract
Work is n. commence   mi   October 1
Wintcs provisi , consisting ofoverlwo
tons ol supplies nle now being sen', to the
I T. I,,iilln„ bus completed the '111-
lei ul Ihe Hml live, null unites.
M, nml .Mis T. T McVittie i'lsile.l
Cranbrook 1,11 Thursday
A gang i.ltnci, mc engaged ill repairing tin- Wild itorss Hull in tin- vicinity
.,1 Victoria Gulch,
Tile blidge across Wild 11.use creek
wns completed loduy.
Work on llie bridge nt Hull river win
commence Monday under the supervision
nl'll   llnle
Mrs J. A Hurley und children return-
t,t ,111 Thiirsdny from n visit 10 Toronto
nml other points.
II 1. Amine, nn old lime prospector,
returned tn Steele nu Tluirsdny from
Cupe Nome.
fuclol .1
nil   1.1.1  1
v     Viisl.,
,  : sira  ,.
... 1. ;i,i
Injured It. Has liipluslun.
Mss.    I dune,   wliile   iitvcslignting
uetyli'iic gus pltint nt -N. Iliinson'a
place with n lump 10 find the lenk,
illicit ,111 explosion Iiiul resulted in
ii veie Injuries to herself, .She wns
brought to St Ktigene hospital l-'ridiiy,
.nul is doing very well now.
.low III. Ulilpliuill-lllll llltlei,
line ,,i nur f'niinniilii'st I,inl-, is th.
wllippooi'ivlll, yel, iliiii,cl, eiuisi.iiilli
h.-uril,  lm  is  rurcl.l   .-''.li      Tins  ,s  be-
1,1 dnrkii
lie ,l,,.~. not see
hilling,  Inn   squill
«.      H's    „«.'  i
boldly  11
mottled gri'.i     uml  brown,  hi,,'    old
ll.ll'l..     let     till-    WOlllll     ll'll     SI,Mil',.        IO
conceal him ,1 In- sul  crosswise,    us
bll'dS gellerillh ,1,,. s„ lm sits length-
Wise, and iii nine inlli- 1  Un- appearance 01 u stub nl ;, broken
brunch. He disguises himself ns ,,
"bump un a Inc.'1 Hm sn,,,.- „I Ins
relatives 111 oilier parts .,1 llic world,
il„ ei,ut butter, linnil ll. lite Antilles
there is 11 goat sinker, us nil nl tins
I'm,lily ure called, though none really
rub the gouts oi their null, -which is
abroad during Hie day, mting from
stump in stump, inr 1,  el s,-s only
lu uliglil up.i„ ileiiil sunup- 'llie i„.
slum ,1 Hunks Itself observed 11
tjtruightens up, still.-,,•- uvciw muscle
uml bofamt'S In Hie eye 1,1..rely a
spike nr splinter uf iis perch. A
lurgo Australian relative, Hm "iimr.--
luit'k."   .lues   Hits   Ulck   sn   Well      mill
quickly Uml n.u m.iv allnosl touch
Hu-  bird  with  inin' e.ine  iu  pointing
,1   nllt    tO   ll   I'll,'llll,    let    llm    ctlallccs
ure Unit In- will he tillable 1,, see it,
tu (nil, lmue Until mm per-,.11 has
placed Ins liinitl upon lhu "more-
pork,"        peril,,-,!      11,1,11,    s    fe,,e„,
wilb,,„t suspecting thai li was anything  HU,re  tllll 11 „   kllOt.      Until   these
1.tr.ls  maintain  llielr rigid  discloses
mains, uml lew lust; their lues from
Tlx. si,,„„,rile.s  Venr.
Tlm Turmer's Sun the olhcr day
Interviewed II.-,,1111111,, I), vYiildhrosi'k
„i the Township of Trafalgar, ,u
llnllun luii.ty, ivhu is described us
"11 111.111 whose memory forms one ni
1 'ui
UK ut   I SI
e nl Tlie
lm I,,1,1 11  repress'
, "wns probably
is is 11 tlimk ..(
lie    1,lllh.HI'     promise
ler      in   Hull   sensnn   V
- lily billowed by ihe blackness nt
despair,    Thul   was the m -less
.vein'.'     Snow   I'limineliee.l   I.,llm,:      HI
tli" ini.lill" ol .1   by 11," middle ,,f
August i,   wns u  In,it   it, depth,     uml
It'   llie 1:1-   lull m .1. mnl    11,..
following spring, ihe enrlh leniuined
ntiilei-     il,,-   covering ,,| the wintry
lilnllkel.     Absnliilely   nun,mc   in    llie
11.11    ill   hlinesl   WHS  itllUll'ITll      I'l'erv-
"I    " -
„1   111      Wns
-..11   nml     Midi
nnd  Ihe lien
g  ill
Hm «i         HI lui   pi,,  Urn
nn''       Meal- meal   uml   lists     There
were na  vegetable,
nu  Hour.     I>   .1,,-
lo-iluy, relieved l.i
luk.'i,   Irom  Blaughtered   .,,,,1,-,     im
Which   there   Wns   no   Mist eti,,i.. e       ,|l|
" t   llirullgh      My  fnili r  did    nul
come 111 lltilll Hie lull,,wing spnog.
I.ut when I,,- en,ne the .010,tn w,is
still loll „i siorlcs ni Hie horror ,,(
llm year-long wlntei which bud Just
passed away,
1.1 is.,
ni -I pi 1
n   '     	
-. . 'i it	
It   |t      '"till      is
in   »il
has Hi.   Hull ui he   new     burn
> led "
 im   111   is    " are    „l
I  nni, .I.- 1  In   Hi.""    nl,"
t"   tl."   mil'..11.Ill"       llllll   -
       II e lllnl,e    II     el
■.,  > I... ■   iim wriler,   ill In      lift
.I..lm  Uilliul
mini     In
1 Ill-Ill    sn
attention In il<
is one of I lull y, liuvbig
lllllulll'i'il   Hie  c
week, Urn ilihn
meeting un Sin
proving   Ilu-   in
sell,   the   (.ul
In,-   llie   Wall   1,
1.1   1 Il'leted
111;     Inn   when
.tl   impim sen
undent, we
111       Willi
luce rcllectii
,s Hi" desire In .
neglected ilcpiirtn
N..1  III.  1 I.
.Mr.  Henry    .1.
sins th,,1 llm 1
Sicord is mil llle
kind In 11 »..1111,11
March  "Mi,   Is:
ul   ll lubel'H  1
llm  lluiise of  As,
nliii'li bull  1 11
girl tiiiiii.il r
I'ugwush, 111 Hi
bind, which Iim
lie  moled      lln
t . 1   limii
Morgan nf iitinwi
lonumeiil ni l.lllll-l
lirsl tribute ol lhu
lie   Ml-   II.,,1    ,.,
1,    Mr.    Willi.-,      nil
I'lt'l ,
lier   ill   llm  lu.'ul
cross     llle     llie
I'll 11 1
Hie  11,1
face uf
mil   lui
lucks  up
lllled   In 1
111    Kilt
.111 1  Ill
1, llll '
tit"   Kslnl
 1,   Ills   -.
ill,,11 1,1-
1 1.
1  1
111   Muskukn
bud   1
•ell   si,
"Hole   Urn.,
SHI          ll
s      111 llll
r   li
I'.vpl    Ill"
ing  n
idling him   1
mn lu.'
ddlliig 11I..1.L
1 Im.i'
• "I  n bur
■ ]".■!  squure
ling 1
ul   llm   11.iti
er  1
skeil          "!■',,11
Hull   1
t   liiiiiiii,  ii.
1  lirst
mil   in Hm ii
The Onti.no Pishprj Department. Intend to keep right on caulijiiu; buss
In I ...lie Hue nml transferring ilium
to iiii.md iv.tt,. 1-,. There will likely
be a time, when the Wenlhor Is very
W.irin,   that   the   Ijiis-,   CuuilOt     bt;   r>e-
eured,  thun tb.- men will een«e o|ht-
itlloiis.     Altogi'iht-r  the  De| mi' tli lent
luis     transferred 10,000 buss     fi-oin
lathe Erin to the vurloiis Inland ffuL-
ers    of   tli.-  province, nnd us nuuiy iheubio-n iv-
more     will In- placed In the stretinia       \    > ... ,
«,,d liikcs ul the province before the   ,,,„„.„" Rl|w„,',|'s t'ountv     t ,„
WlMtl"  CU""g' Cllllllicil   tn   I,ul','   Ill es s,„M,s:
tel'  in   llle   llulniliiiiii.   li   tint      lit     1 In-
"""-•"•"• Ksnliif". in Hi,, person ,,( Me.    Omni
A look of exultnnt devotion glorl-   Itoblln   This iiiielit  In- sn us to ue."
hell        Hie        llllll,lellUlieil   of   lll.l   f.il.'li      bill      HuiiiIi'i'.       11 llll ll llgll ,,:ll,l
tlllSRlonury. Qllobec, cluims to  hnve  tlie posluuis.
'If  I   llll]   killetl."  he  cried,  us  one    tec     who    bus     I,nicest      held   olllcii
COtlllllimlllg       Hill,   hilltself,   "lilt!      in-     I ieitl    I'nl.   llnijil    linker,   piisliuiisi, r
(lemnity of my life will enable    Hm   ul I, lea, Utiuliec, who was uppnint"
HOCielJ   Whieli  KCIll   lln   lielc  lo  |Ul.V   oil     Oil     postllHSStOl'     nil   DeCellllil'l'       Und,
tho morlgagu on its thirty-live sloroy   lsll, receiving liis rn issimi from
bUlltling," 111"       I, ll.il       lliileriiliielil     nl Hie
Ami     Hm   Imiiihen,  iinderslnnilllig hiinds ol William,  Rni-I ul l.,,,,.!.,i,-
nul. bis s|, li, murveled greully     til |l„ Ins e,iiiseipi,.nt ly   held olllcc  I.
Ins lull u ml,, „s they druKged him to mm    mull tl.   longer     lllllll   Mr.  Owen
Ibe Slake mid burned liliu. Iluljli™.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Sept. 3 and 17
^Sijl Oct. 1 and 15
There arc a few points to
im considered in building.
Good  wcik,   Cuud    Material
and tlii; price.
Will issue
Pan     American
Excursion Tickets
Saddle Horses and     ffp,i|# ;To   BtSfUlSO
Salo Stables -« -     , lfe^ifii
stahlc:;ul ;",d:.r I S*^«P  60 Day Limit
Cranbrook, II. Cr"»ve>,|""|||kci|w"11 ««y»w«i»«i ijii,«''   ^noice 01 Koines
.1. II. KIN(i
Physician .nul Surgeon.
Illfku ul l'csidi-,kc. trinslroiiH Ave.
porennons,   - ■   WO lu 11
Allirnniiiis    - ■    li.l .1.111
liiiuiiiRS ■    •    -     7..III In liiJII
CRANHKOOK,    :   :   i        i   -    II. 0
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. Sec him
before buying.
CotllC nnil sit III.' nr let IHU
du us limit ipuiii.
All rail, Lakes, .^011 Line,
Mn SI l'nnI in ilu..ii.i
Contractor.     Through Sleeping car Kootenay
. Landing lo Torunlo, une change
In Buffalo.
(i. !^. I.liASK
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers In
i 3
3    r>     O
s-l        C2 u—.
s<. eJ
-*•   O «
^    ft ^
~< ?
O w
B- cr
r ft
o    Z-
l n
In the
in ti
L'liiiiii*. Court ut Kimt
Port   Steele.
' inntlPi "i Hu- ' state Ml
Drown, liile 11 iho ntj
UMll Ull-llllUl III, In the
Siitlcr- In he > Klvi'iilliiil h> an order by lib
lunar .IiiiIk-' .1. A. I ■ in iiiml'i mi the itUlh ituj
<f .tune. A   \K   IttU,   I nil >M  I.   8lll)|'SHn was
llil ulleels ul ihe sitl itrrensi-il,    NiitWeIs nlso
eiclij   i;lven Unit ni iier.-nniH linvtni* i-lniiiis
I Pur lime Utiles nnil full Inlormntlnn, call on
1 or n.liiiess nenrest local nRenl,
1*. .1. COVI.G C.li.COI.RMAN,
A. ti, P. \. Agent.
Vancouver, II,C. Cranliniiil.
.1. S, l\k1!.i<. u. IV \„ Nelson, It. C.
I General
Grain and        Spokane Palis &
Produce Northern R'yCo.
Given   special   attention.
~*""T e Ison & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Car lots a  Specially.;Red   mountain   Railway  Co.
Cranbrook, li. C.
-.s,        I.II.II.r.   kci City l.iulte
' 7*^g   Sn  li    Meets every I'M-
The only nil rail souse I e .ie. I
pntills liiisl, West   nul South to. ,.
Lrilulirniik i ndili'. Nn. ,lf
I. p. & t. M.
inpsnii   IROSSLAND,
Intermediate Points
Connei ting nt
I'OKANM unit
r, V. SI'OKANli .nllt ihe
t'f/A,i    1,,'culn,   lines un Ihe1
.   \      iiiini iiiiii-.i.ii ..I nm ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
Visiting liMliei
VV. F. nt'itit, Sec'y
Solicitor, lite.
r.iink nf r..u,in,tc- Di.li
and 0. R. A IN. Compnny.
CnntieLts nt
Nelson   with  Steamer  for  Kaslo
and   All  Kootenay   Lake   Points,
Myers Palls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connects d tilv
At     HosshurK    Stage   Daily   for
(irand Porks and Greenwood.
II. 4. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Agt.
,ii-t t
ii .»
thirty ihiysol ihe d.iii- herenl to rurwiinl Iliem,
wllti fall lailii'.il ii-.!ui\ veillleil lij -tuiiilniy
ik'flu nu ion t» ilu- wild i.iliiiiti.siiiit.ii. 1.1 I'laii-
i.iimU, D r.   Ami ii-. I-* nlso hert'by ({.veil
tlm iiilii -.n.'li 1.-.1 i.i'niu. ,.-il <liits--i.i.i mllnlii-
IsiriUor will jirocced iinlistrliniiu tin* K-setaut
Mi.'s.hi a^i'I it. Initio law wllhuiit ve-
tiaul to any i-i no- nl whirl! In- nhnll then nut
I la toil tills -'>iii .lay oi -I'lit.'iiii. 1. 1 ui.
VV. I", lilt;:'.
ii.inii'., im u.e Aiiiiuiii-. mtor
Take iiKliieihat I shall il|i|i|y tu tht!  II01101-
ilolhc ('.-.. inUilniiei ni Liiini- ami Works, in
itrll.,-   ih.- ri.llnwillKiliMii lliOilllllllll, lltilll e.l
Sin th I a-i  Koolm ny <l strict.  I'i<>v.iir<- of
Perry = Creek
Oliver Binge   ■   ■   Proprietor Surveyg
Good accommodations lor the pub-' L.tntl Purchases,
lie.      Best   of  liquors  and  cigars., I're-Llliplions,
Lome  and see  the  lamous  rcrry j .-.   .        ...
creek district.   Quart: and placer Milling UalniS,.
mining.   S miles from Cranbrook. Etc.,   made   l)\   tillllnit'l.
P. tl. Inn Steele, II. I.
W. F. GURI),
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook, British Columbia ^\,   \)   QRAN1
til-It   1 .In:
-   InlliUisi     tin-I llllilill.i
pusi ii  mi. it- uoiuirlj ..r I ii.'-i.iti .a
iii.  Vest I nss tininallisf lie- \ snlltli  lilel
ill,, apply In the Hon
tl, II, In.	
Si's! I'.i-  luiinel, nr
nu I In lies
»"1 Builder   <
itntCranbreel., II C
llie line,
r.inii'll.iu l':,e II.,1 11.1  I nl l live anil
nni' hull mile- ue-te li ..I II." I..ue ..I U.nilni'i.
elmltis. Ilti-ii-1- -..it h -' . linln-1,1 I' ie'
ulna.   Snl.l Intel Inin :- lie,
Iml,<l tin- '.lit llll) .1   lll.'llsl. URU
It. \    Il'l
.urn- m£*
Ccrtlllcalc „l Ihe Registration nl nn Extra.
Provincial  Company.
In Photographs.   Our agenl
will will kll miii all illiiilill ii.
Look mil lui' him.    I'k'liST.
del your Job Workl-'AMKS orerr
C1111I rail ut
at the Herald office
nnd Builder
j All work KlluniilU'i/il.    Sit lis lie dm
I you hill III,    It will |in> win.
ylliiii llm 'I'lnvor Lent Mlnlnn
Cranbrook, ll c
tn curry mil nr t>flWt a 1.1 iinj ol 11 hjnits uf
ti.e('in'ii|.iiiiytu wiiii'hthe lo-'lshitivo ntilliurlly
ot tli.- UKlHliitiir-' nr liihiHli 1 .linnil,1,1 oxtomls.
The head ..hire ol lln- I'. |il|iaiiy Is -ilnaluil lu
Ihe eil*, nl Kpoluiliu, still.- ul VVusliliiKloii, I'. S.
'1 lu> iiiiiniuit ol llie eiipllal ul ihe ].;tny is
?;n,(-Oo, diviiloil hiiu i.-iiia.iiuii.Hiiart-, of (1 ttlvo)
The Iti'iiil. Ill Mh' ('nml y in this pro-
vlliuu is iltnnti' iiM'iiiiil.i'oul.-. ami .I11I111 livnn
I'OStlKllII,   lull liter   lit   law,   -Almsr ;.i|.li'i-Ns I,
Criiiihi'00'.i iirormnltl, is ihe iiilnrnoj  for ihe
The Hum nf tho dxImcucpoI th pnnyls
ntiy j.-ais   The ('miii *, is ,, idiij 1 nilicd
llinti'l Si-fliiili Wiol lln' -aid -Vet.
(ilveniiuiler my liuml niul s..,.i ,.t (Kllco al
Met-1 Iii, urnvllicu <d llilihh l i.liiiulil.i, tlitioih
iliiyol Aiimist, l'.«l.
S. \. Ui iillilN,
Itoftitrnrot Joint -ii'i;.- [Kintal
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he make*
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. Wc not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but wc put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
Hie 10th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, It. C, I I I       Tlie Best of Job Printing
fi Mf
>■■   to  ,:e
|  I  I I 1
fi  fi  fi  fi fi
Will always be secured when you set
your work at The Herald office. Try
it and be convinced.
Tl,:, I, thy brother, ,'ii- poor silver ttih,     T"-
. I'.   '. Ill) l.....'..ni: I,',,i'. ",  trfyllni
i . I -.... in I  .iii.iii.., ,i„ ,,,.1,.
n    • Itmy'sl nol tun i , t i   ■ ,i,  ,il.„
I ill), n.i -li.lt il lure I ilutt li w
I I      '-.I    ■!        ,   1.   .1    I.    ..1     „|    1,1      ,,,,..
1    '    I, III] ll. ,1'  llll. I  ,.   .
III llll ll,)- pel,,,
lllltll'itlS    I     II , ,!t
' '
J, When the School* J.
j ma'ams Sailed.
... By IIARliY
.Ill,I.::'   Nelilis  s„|  ,,,,   |hc  ,,|- '  ||ie
di.i,1.1.1. .'Iniiliii- nml hiiIiiiiIiiu .Hill.-
US lie litis iillln.ls ,1,,'nic ,\,,| llm, |„.
litis   .1   jll,lie  nf  ever   llllll   llCI'll,   I'll!   it
Sll "i - boil  :l  iniiile ill!! sit,.| , s,,|.
ii.  iliiuimlt lit,-, i'nr Hie jiulce's
linpl    :: .,1   nilliie   il'ISS   Wllllllln.     Some
!i !i .1 lulu Judge iu il," dii.vs when
111     ..:.,l 1.. fore the ii.iisi. nn,l it ntiii-1:
il •    illiil.is,    like   I,U   Willie   lull.
II, .-. ti." .liiilce sin Willi tlm enlklllif
bninlncrs elnllt-rllli! nuuv ni-ullll.l llllll
li!:. si.l.im I'n.ci mid Ilio keel of llie
Mnri .iu" ..I I'ltiii'lev.'ix ns dry as It
i. . '„; re tl.e Inniirh ilny. Men were
nl i . :i. mi n |il:iiil; stuns over the side
s,iillu J    L'l'eetl    I'UlllI    illln    tin'   senilis
null iim recklessness rightfully belonging I., ilriiiikc.ii snllors.
A tvoninn inmost along Use opposite
Bide of the sirei l. Sim mis :;.toning
to tlie clutter of the mnllets und did
nol see tlie judge ns lie slooil ereet. hut
In linnil uml bowing like n limn Brum-
met.  Tl Hut men giggled n bit, not
Goose Island, but wholly nt the judge.
"Tin,i is iho brnvosi woman who
ever stepped over the si.le of nny ernft
nllniii rn' nu tlie bottom of llic hike,"
snld tin- judge ns be sh | i„lck in
bis pit  Ill Ice uf llie ilr.vil.iek
nml began to stroke ids beard, which
hml more gray hnlr thnn black in ii.
"Site -iliiii is in say.lhat In.ly-doesn't
Inn!; nfrald nf nuything, not oven llie
vim, r mil nl' lite river."    Hut the judge
paid im attention in the remark of the
first mate.
"Tl.e Mary Aim nf C'linrlevoli was
not su pretty then us she wns ut lirst."
unid lite Judge half lo himself, "hut she
mis just ns senunl'llii ns ally uf the
UlggCl' vessels going ll|i niul dull II llic
lui,.. under their nun steam.    When
the .llllie I'll.'til sen mi.. Ihe .Mull .Mill
In) hero in the river without a thing
tn .In.    Along entile a  Bchooltcachor
uml askoil   wlml we would charge
to take a half dozen or so young Indies
stilling ui the bike lo the Thousand
Isliinds nml bring them Bnfely bnek
to I'I,;, im i.
"Now. ll.nt wis n n. iv 1 Inst Ul' I,
cm ■■ nnd I had In w-rntel i ,.i lira.1
ill       n ! :l before i.ml.ii.   :. i   ice.   'All
rail. I.Ike specters, tbey made TTic.li
wny along the decks until ihe 111 were
there,    bnrefooted,    Isnrsdscnilcil   und
clothed In luuse rnliis of white. We
llllilill llle ship's "lend ilcuillsl til.- Willll
niul uniietl.
".lust ns dayllghi  nits showing the
 sailed >»ii I'ruin behind n i i, nr
. Iiltldi    ii"l "Ii  HI  Ill" liuli'ls    line
rn' Hie girls serci I   iiiiiI  I  Blnrleit
dun llie deck, l..t I wits  ., 	
itlui-i      'Mini   iivel'biiurd!    ■ Ie    crls-sl,
 I   I   litel   Iter ill   Ihe lop ul   lite luilili'C
tin.I u.tu Innl. wllh In I
"'There In  is.' site exclnl  pointing   in   i,   dark   oh. t   Ihe   nnves.
Then llnle lltilll,id Ul ll lill ill ure, I.
nee. mnl   I   nni Ie   bring   iho
I    nl'Ultl   Hit.I   In  Inner  lite  iim.        11 y
lli"       Hi"   limn   em,ie   in..nu.I   lhu
ilorj mis rend) i.  go down, aud fiiiir
u,i i
lm   llur.i   U I
in.I   she   wis  ci
me ns liml linle
...     .     .
.     ."    •    -
1 Canadian Pacific Railvn    La   's  I
the Canm     , r..... .   Railwnj   Company control a large area of the choi, ; nml runeliinc i.
in the Kootenai Llistricl     I'he prices range from $i.on to $5.00 an acre, the latl  . hi 11      ir first-class airri
tural lands.    I hese lands are readily accessible In tli   Crows Nest Pass Railwai.
Terms of Payment
Ilu insures.', u ml of principal and inl rest, except  in   Ihe
l>nrt ..I ,s,e Bur.au ill 11   ie. forlisnu. . 1      1 ■      -, -,. -
ease uf lands under $2„i0 an acre, Is divided into ten instalments ns
Orcut 1 in:..,.,..,, in Iran Mining-Yield     -    •       "^   -. V\7
 ,. ,1.,,,, , ,,,,,1 cm-    . ' .       V -,,       ! ' Illc "";   M"": lhc [lr ;  t*U   '"   ""   "mc   '"   l'"r        s.     V
,., i. ., .., 11.. in.... .,,„n. : .v-        chase,   me  second  nne year from dale of the purchase, tile third in        .. ."'
,,...,,1 with nml or th. wiiou arisen .' „ <-^V c'""*'  "'l'  "''"'"'' ""c year from dalcof lhc purclinse, the IhlrJ In .,
   '" « '""""• i . ' . ,sV^          '"" I'I™ •'""<  "• lv^ ,
No brunch of iiiilustry hna    made LJ. *ky The follawlnR table shows the amount ol lhc annual Instalments >.'":**>
,',. '   ,|,*1.l,|',!"   u".'     ' ',',     'i'.Iv ".* .i"i- nn 160 acres nt dilfercnl prices under llic above conditions! -, 1 *»
1111,1       "'      mu.- ]-,- Vto Hill acrs nl S2.50 per tier, Isl liisinlinciil $50.95   0 equal inlal'ls at 550.00 ^ *
",:,::.   • •    ::;;.:;::.;;::;•; || » -      ••      - >f
.   .. ....                                            . • . • si tin ..                 ;|||||| -,
.,",,1 . ,
up over 11 swell uml wns lust boy I ! t
lite  liltle.   te  Illln ilcltl  :,i.i,ll  tit.'
in ss. si„. hclil ti„. si„ii across llie
iiiiies lill she cm ubeiiiil lli" wrecked
limn 11 mis a buhl mid during thing
in .in. but she ilnl ii yes, sit. turned
Hun dory in [he Iruugli ol the sen aud
"nine up lu Hie 11 .Ml III III" wilier.
"lie crawled im.i ihe boat over lho
liuw. mnl ihe)' till pulled nwny fur lho
Mill Aim.
"Mnl  lho even dozen seliuuliliil'ainS
IiiiiI forgotten llielr troubles unit were
cheering   el ring like n lm uf buys at
a I'uollinll game. Fiiuilly they cnino
ulongsidc nml were hoisted lo tho deck.
Seme one gol whisky, mid llic rescued
n.iii, swallowed H like a hospital patient,   Inn   the   young   wtiintui   would
"In ilu- course of time the young nitin
got mi 11 shift uf dry clothes and told
his story.    He hml 1 11 on u pass	
ler stfiiiiitT when a big wuve .swept
llie deck, taking him uml llic chicken
coop nnd strniglltenlng nut every foot
of colled rope. His name wns Samuel
Welling-11 hunk clerk mi his vaca-
tlon. Tlie Mury Ami bad 11 passengers from then mi.   I ci ul tell you
what wns snld by him when the inuit-
dollns were trembling mid the moon
mis innking tin. whole deck yellow, but
I sometimes run on tn him und sec the
white witters splitting into luce and
diamonds nct'oss the liglll'chend,
"Perhaps it litis no nll'nir uf mini-,
lull   illler   We   gut   bnek   M   ClllCngO   t
looked up the fellow and found Hint
I.,, im.i miii the truth nnd that they
were I., lm married at ibe beginning of
Hm iieM vncntlon.
Tl so bnpponeil that our link had
changed wllh Hint voyage, nnd the
Mull Ann lind nil she could do llm
re-t of iiie season. Neither did I have
time in busy myself about such affairs
lur two winters. Then 1 set .un. une
bllzzurdy tiny lit .Tniutnry, tn find my
former passengers. 1 found thorn -
Unit is. I  found Samuel, hard nhed,
where lie liml  been  Inr fully u  year,
 1 nm a cent in the bank.   Mnri wns
ni her school then, bul after nwldlo
how  Samuel
1 "' Un   ' ' ' i" nil  u"     'i
.i     Ilnl ,.„..   lil.i, i   iiwull   develop- j ■* . •
Tin' t t'l "I Hi" put '  '■■   i       - . •
, in  il.i-,  ,::,!:.,::,,i.i     depurt-
. iiiri.nli'.l i.i  it,e tenth     uii-
' I... I l      nf   tlie   llitienii ol   Miles
inr num. which I,ns jusi been   published    In     the   Provincial     Crown
I..mils llcpurlisielit    In   i'1'iili..ii in n
.iiinprelii'iisn.. generul  report .selling JWT
innl,  ih,   .lm nl-  .,,,,1 prospects     ,,s   ,?..''
'   ipuresl   by I i' > f
.. .in
-.; nu
Killlbcrlov   ' t'ie business and shipphij; point for ihe
*   North Slar and Sullivan mines.
Lands under $2.50 per acre arc -..hi
nn -shorter time,
It the Ian.' i> paid (or in full   ,n   ||,
time  i.i  purchase, a reduction Irom lhc
price  will  he  allowed  equal tn leu per
cent nn ilu amount paid in execs* ol
iiMial cosh instalment.
In teres I  ai   sir*,   per   cent    *i .
charged in 01 :r due instalments,
The Companj has also lots   for
in the following lown sites in Bast K'oi I
enay:    i .> >. Iranbrnok, Moyelle, Kitch
ener, Crcston and  Kimberley.
riie  i.rn-   I. payment are urn; lli i I
cash, ami ilu balance in si\ and   tw i..
mo ii lit--'.
UliAL & ELLWHLL, Townsite Agents.
Crtlllbrook 's "1C (''v's'1,nfl' point ni the Crows Ncsl Pass
Railway and ihe commercial centre of South
Easl Kooienay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Arciu.
i1U!ii°"inM°f "niruN^osV-M0 \Jrf    *ur ma(,s ,l,u' tl"'"lcr information apply to A^enls as above or lo
iwini*  ,in  iitcn-asf of  Hi per cent. [-(•) ,_-      ;^_< __, __  _ _—_-_ _   .
w.     which (j)*' *«-^« »
1. The iiiini- (]/.''
.1 wit-i   io.- T-C'
Mi   1\  U   liibson,  Uii-ectur of Mines, K*'Z
MiMiiu full imrtlculnra as to thu oui-   g<S>T
.li^nslVlCs'.'ui'.'i impera by n.lnum- JiJ
Itiiiluul experls ui' niiii'ii iiiiui't-sL to Xs;y
cipltullau ami prospuetor.s. | '*'; ,i,
Hi.-  Vuiii-'it  K.-.-..I.I
'I'll.- .iiiiiini   of  miii,-rills  foi
Kitchtiei' t- in lhc center rn' ih. ureal
Iron rniiRe niul lhc gatewa) to tli While
Grouse copper ileitis.   .1. I. lli Klil SS,
Townsite \'.:mt. . . .1
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
over tl," yield during  181)0,     which <S*i,
Wns vul I  nl   SH.'llli.ll.H.'l.  The iiut,,- (i/,,y
bcr ui workmen employed was    lu.- [~®
'.'ill. nn iiu'i.'.i-e ..( !t per cent    and (*e.V.',_A; ,.  ,.  ,., ,.  ,., ,., ,.  ,.  ,.   .. (>1  ., .., ,.,  ., ,., ,., ,., ,., ,., ,., ,., ,.,.,., ...  ., ..,  .,	
Ibe   illnuutil   luild   ill   wnges,   s:l.!l,ili,- ,|,. I». ti ■ , , . i . | . | . | i I .. | . i     . |     .     .     .     .:.:.;.. | ■	
1101, nn in, reuse ui   I.", pec cent, over l'-("j-®-(S>-W !•> '■)   "i '"  '•' (•) '•" ("  I" fj>  '•' '•'   " '■' '•'  '•' '•'  '"l "i w '•'-.'•'  '•'  (!) '•• ■•>   ..'..:..■	
tit- corresponding    figures fur mini. |
A   sntisl'iiel.ir.i    |e.,,„,e     uf   the   sitlle-
t  tin- list uf mineral pro- **.****•
ducts i- growing in uddltlon lu   the *
iiu'ieiise  In   lit,-   VollllllU  of pi'iulliei inn .■
II:  Ihe Staple  ileitis.  Tlil'ee new ill.Ills- l«
tries iippcur fur ihu first time in tlm 'J
reiitriis.   niiinclv,   corundum, folspur ,«
mnl steel, .ill ns yel  uf emirs., in lite *
llllilill    since    Tl,"   vultie   uf   llle   Steel J
 put n.is siu.-i.-i,i ,,,„! umi ,lf ||„, {
llti" ,t,l,i I  s.",,..'lsu.  In uildlliuu
In   tlle   llglll-eH   I'm'   t!l"   pllSt    lent'   |',f-
tilll   sliitlstles    rellllillg    til   111"   ll.tt.tl
tu'iiilut'i  fur Hie lirst three nu mils
,'1    11.01    iiie   nlso   gil'ell   I". ,u      iililch «-
il  uppenrs  Hint   the current    scum,it *
is like c tn liiiniv u considerable lur- }
th i    incrense in ilu- volume ,,f pro- *
ihietn.it iniiru especially in nun, mek- I*
el uml copper mining. The total un- !♦
i.illic niitj.iii   ot the tin..,,     months Is
iv, s ssj7s,;n     ,,,s compnred     with j ♦■
c'2,511,1.11,   in.-  yield  ol  the     sulue *
in, t.,ls fur l'.'iiu.
Tin,  Inin  Output.
The Cr
1 Lumber Co,
Saw and Planing Mills
\\fflfflsmmm ■ ■   ■ mm
pr..ilu. umi ui null *
u from li! mines, vol- I*
Silo     I'he  inenuso oves    J
-AM     IvINIiS    OK-
'We   *.\.ll
pnn. -"H- mid :■- ttlne n stoi , ,
III.'ill-;     llllll     llllll--.     Mil' II    tlll'l '*        1. '.  ,  ',     u,     ,     - ,   ■   ' |   tV
loose :i regulnr batiel nl the umisplnnk, ! ,,.;lil ,..',. ,„; t\w n ,..,, , ; n ,,.1( .„ ;
nml tiiere tli.'.v 'inn.' trippliii- nbonrd j      s,„. nml Is whul  l mil lirnverj
\\\th   uili-.- an.]   biiliilhoxeH  niul   nm   | „mj js Mil.
In. •;.■<  nml  pni-litn-i>8  nml   ii-   i.il n ■
v     r.   .Iti'i mi.' inmi', nml ive Uml
li. .
l||J       sill   .III,I        II llll       1 Ml' It'll      |'S "' 11
cnl ii, i       ■ nil the ii' id 3 rooiii
I'.in in.       re i ami'then, just us
li \s;i- bcUiIiik il.nl.. t^" mine i-nitto,
" I'lutl mode tlilrtoenl
'■ \-. :,  li '-nil   I   l-il.l  I"
ill■ •' now nvw in Hi.- hope ■
nn.i.'i n-iij before tlm lilinl ol mu:.' I
c'lii'iitl wiih known, bin 1 fonrol Mils
il;i>  wjih l-'riilny,   Sunn tlihij; pil I in
glwl wllh n- li'i'--. "i llie ntiel
wt\9 in-i.ii, or ih.' «heel iml t" he
llsoil.     The   Murj    Ann   lm
»\    ..    ■      .1. i  i   ilu
1: llllll    II    1 ll|
-,-,!  ii-. ..nl   mi.'  ii..   \     ■       i   ■"
\.        '. omen » ere nil up nn ti
111,,I,:;     |lflSl     111.'     1"::     . I.   I   I'-  I      nml     III
BllildoMH tif  lln    I
li.        nl   -.ill   ImiTrlH
I biiHlu ln-j I I      .  ■
"\\L.   lliliW    ..ll    111.'   HlU'H   nt   tli,-   tUB,
,i 1'IV   W IIH    -in li    li    -If" I
1,„. .on* .,| i!,, II, n -i 1)1 "ii .M'liM
h;i.r hi. ii i-M i.- il    'i.-nulil a
t      .    iiiii.iii.- asylum hml lnid I
on  tin    Mill)    Mm
in     i ... \   ...nl,i rnl  nn; I i
I,. I.,,- it,. • ni'tii.l huve i i .. in.i nn
h, i ., ol rope eiuls "li. i wim a
j,,,!* li iitii ilrew up i" tin- lirst
In.ni.1.1 i ..n'l Ihe -.ii- n I'"-- innl i.-
ii, si., m'Vi i.ii lrl|w I., tin- -i uller) he
r<<i>< ilf men I wns .hm.'    Itefore noolt
ti , ■    I ni   iiuiiiii. l.i   .'miii -il   ever)
Mini.: n>>in ih.' roeh biilliiHt in ilu* hull)
to ti-' little nay; whippins 'n "i" iiuisi
hrnils.   They
Bometlmea   il
i sn hi she a ■!•' tl -'
■   .- . rei wtia"
■ tin  Mm ■   \ -.   ;
■.\ nlkwl   in■.. ->   tin
i-i ,: .I     ..... "   Ueeoi'd*
Queillnu Xniiilipr Ttvo.
The   sex toll   * > t   n   i ertnlii
. huh h u-jtmlb        ■ 3t "i nu
..'.-. to
i»r iii'i.'in i in- hml ■
■ in.I ih,- churi li, nml .If
spite ilu- , ;i-u:il ilroppll
il pi ti. .I ,i- It ihu
Hex ton ivns
in in,   |
ifusely mnl ivlshetl hlui "Good
i   oppose." he milled, "you'vi bei u
I't |slh'il   lln'   .-1.1   nn.ii,   ' ,in
I (jo I
i >i i im ;i -in'" fly out <>' tin'
I      h limy itlln- iisltH nn thut ip
.    .    .   ■     Hie otUi
Imleed nl     "And
whul itui) il"' oilier ipieRtloit he
Wl   i 1 ■ ■■'■■ Ti'  i i nnbi r t»"."
: ... ttu K-.-xtt.il eulml) 'Ifl Iral 11 Ih:
'Huiuhvell, i- tips tillowtHl And Snnil-
well nlliiH im-Mi i- 'iir- Is Allowed!1 "
■ Siiiinw, ii' wnli i.-'l iin part) leavo
h .ih ;i liBhti i i".ni nnd .. liouvlor
I-. I,, i    i oudon   \n-i\i I-.
Tin*  Kiil-.-r Wnlteil.
A  wntitiin ni   high -1'ii.il (liMiiirtlun
in . s in..'i i i.ui with tin- .run   inin-    *
mid smuliin*- Industry which iimy 4
-,ml  I,- have entered "upon a new I *
El, cons, [uence of th.' ipenlng of I 2
:l.' pre.it  li- !. 1. mine In tin- Michlpl-   *■     tA I « •
r::::z'^:m:::ri^^nTZ'i Rough and \
Dressed Lumber, \
j Dimension Lumber, \
5hingles and |
J noulding\s, I
...  ■ v■■       11.   ttitul pi...in. Hon    ui , *
-•it-    iron    w ■■ ■  0- I'SO,  sliowiug     &
- iclit flitting oft in ipinntllj, but ow-
II'- to Ilu   ■ nii.-.ideruble lm'i*eu.se      in
value  ..n."1.:.! ing    to
- ;i ii   n   -  r-t J7 POil  In excess of
..t-  I'lvvioiiK     Mosl   "i
nip.ii:, ,i   from
l     ■  .    Si   to:     -'J [-.ST  tons,     or
:-:    p, 1  ,, ni      iving    from   Ontario
With 1       ipfti iif.   ol  mini s in
M ■ ■ 1.1   win-re     mi
■    ■ :   ■ L'lllitute  on-     Ih
1 . !'■.: . ll]    "'     II.'* '■■•'■
row ing steadily Inrg-
,t    mil    ' ..■;'!"     monll   ■
■ i-i... 1 ■ cut
..  I .   ■
si   nut,.1.1-   1.1-1   year  «..s 4111
.   - ■.    UT)
■    :       V 'tl   lUld   $7P S.',',l       iii
Provii - inl   Govi-rinnent
paid  i.n   il..' niiiiiur«cture   of
■ us    fO,-
'   ' It! !■ ■''■ l ..nl
■ ..   i.i- 1   ;i> ,■ \ s'.u ■■ v ut.    .-:; I
ll       fill!   tlU-U-11 VI rj     "I    ll !..".I    of
I ■       .■   ll     iVllK-'l   i-i    Ill-\V
I imwii l hide  11   I,".:.' . !-'-i    eitfct
■ 1   ■   ■    Si ."■■""   preseii -   ..     i".i.
fi.Hti.i.it,.'     miii ,i  1.' Mi.ti 1 luiructor-
f tl r.   ri'g ■■ I" ' nih
, 1 1 ake Siipm-mi  Ihih gn-iitlj stlmu-
lnt.'d    I'xploi nn which nr.- being
■     ■ -I   ,    . .1    ,...    .,|,    CXtcllHlVO   Ht'lllll      lli
ol   l,,1 iitiliM   th'poHitH    whii'h
i>,,11 I.- worked 1.. ndviintngo.      The
ut.ii,  i,   1 ..I,- ii, raid)   ,'\|i>'.lit.'.l     by
.1  .ills  Uuvernmeiil    diamond
.11 1 -
si. I.. 1 nnil Copper Mlnr-i,
\ i.n    sub. ';.iii Inl nnd nurournB-
m ■ ,1 ■ I,,i-,' in nickel ..inl cupper pro-
(lui tion 1     Imwii,  lusi  ,\. m ' ■ nil kol
uiiuii ii'iitu :i..Mi' 1.in-, value $"flO,-
1 J .,   iih I'ompi I  with  Li.HTli    Ions,
n 1 iii i-.'iL!'. to 1 11. laon. Copper
yielded H.IHI'l ton», Viilucd nl $11111,-
t   3,8,1-1   tun-,     ol     tin:
IN   STOCK  <>!•'   M ADi; Ti) OIJDKK.
in all the
owns in
;:Po Burns -': Co
Sa««5.er, In
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
IVbelenle anJ k'.n
'    ii Merc ants j
1    li.'  nul Cured Meal - Frtsh
Fish, Qame and P i Itry.
We   upply null tin
Efflsmnaam:    '   'iSai
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Pianing Mills
All Kind. Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
une nl tlie Most Conifortnlili
lb,1.-K in i-'n.si Kootenay.
Kelilleil Tlmiirch,
Newly I'iniiislieil
,j---jU.lt..-..iU.JL;.:L"..-.Lijt„..:;_ _. _      ;.„-j ....;  . .  _	
I     The Prospectors' IZxclKifi^e
I No. 1 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C.
I        ,.,„„. s,.ier ,.,,,.„„„.,,.'r Hi: ,,,       .1    U. KXCI.AS. ..U-B
,. IMI tUll.Il|irmn-rtleiwaiiU'.l si-, ■                       n '-■• i ■
%£ |.i..|..-ityf..i-iii.*;ir.-i'Mii"-l-M ■- i    i                   iPlrnn t 1       ■■■<•■       ';
m MliUltm.   VVe--c*lrM-,|,enr..  i                  « who l»vc prom -. in Bj
AJjjt llrtl-liColiuiililn     l'r..-|.  ti   -                            ■ T"     i-ttt ' ;t HASiil    .■■
N llielr iictuhpinitm wlici. In '.   -         .. »j Preps     '
Eld Coir.'-| tci.eeHullciteil    Ad  il ■ mm iitcatlons tn ;.* |
[j^J Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, li. C  '
[**J Teinpiiono S'a km,   r. n, poi w. | ;:
ImmumoMSBgatmE ■ mm® ■ ■ :• w& ■
L. ll. VanDecar, Prop
Cranbrook, ll. C.
I The Western  Supply   Co.
?  **r*™***rr*f Late mn & joii       *
fee.:-km IN CASH,!
\\H LN ° s H:JI — FREE— *
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in	
Il'l     111. HI 'I'll!'    -I.IP     llt.lllll     llllf.    llllll
the otittll  ivoiihl InttBli niul grab at
11,,, .Is iiiiiI enils of i,,|ie its lite bin,I
rolloil Innl, In tlie emirs.'.
"When llic ilrsi nii-'lii entile, the iiiaii-
(lniiiis nml irultni'a cnino on dock, nnil
for iim.s ihe voices of iv.iiiieii were
mil,Llle,!  Hill, the Ireltililina lllt-liiil.v of
Ihe siiinns.   That, Ion, Cl  to an en,I
nlmti: about midnight, niul tho ivliolo
13 piilleil e„ts out ii|tmi tin.' deck anil
Klein there.
"Iim I n.It-lil go on nml mi nlionl Hint
voyage I mil get lo lho point nbout
this selio'iltiia'lllll. so iv,- Will puss up
limii ive are north of I.IHle Manltoit
lliilti iiiiiI linn' nights out.  There ei	
n k I fresh wind Hint rocked llie Mary
Ann like a cradle, Cots on lhc ileeli
wore shoved in, niul the girls wore beginning lo ri'gri'l leaving tlu-lr luolli-
era.   inn' h.v   they shinties! mil nf
the nil,in and clutched  Wildly 111 the
In \merlon was pri-scnlcd to lhc kaiser   ' '""' "' sl Tli -:,li '"' u"'    l'"'vi'""
I I, li, r ihnl  mis not alleli.leil    .\""   Theso snetnls arc exported     111
wllh roynl stti
lilm when sin
tilling lo
offered n fatuous
th      torus    ol  llllltte  to  In
i.lniixl. i.ml llle v.lines ,,f the Ilnlsh-
 'iiiini salmi.   It ivns banded on lier
el  lilelnl     nit
ilderulily   grentc
I Tito   workmen    employed   numbered
right, ami tho kaiser was on her loft,    , m ,„ „|„„„ 800 iver gaged un-
lihleli put her In ii preilleainelil.   Shu    dergronml      I'li.-y     received     wnges
diil not dare turn her face front tho    lunniinilng to S728,11411. In 1800 the   Iflncksmithintr
'inpcror to help herself lo lho mind,   n let  uf men employed wns   800,
f   \\ e mil .me ii.. ibove reward In any imntoii u-li,, n illcorroclly arranpi'iber
illln,ve lotion lo .poll Hie I 'i ill llire. I'llllilill llie-    I' Itl'li letter Imti
\nnce.  Try ll. We will posiillvnlj-givo tin. mnm., iwity, and you nut) belli \
f tortunntu porsnii    si hi tliore be iisciethan i -. i of corrc, I nnsovrs, flmf
i loywillliedivlilcdcqunlly. F,,r iurlsiuctisbnsil.l i |..,-.,,--.n.l,i,i-..rrr,tJ
\ansuors, eneli tvlll ive.-ive fin; -l.mihl III per-, iis -end to s-orrecl nnaworsA
fi'iteli will receive $20 ; twenty pen-nns, $10each.   Wed., ibis io inlrodiicaf
(our firm and a Is wo inutile it.- ckly aspossiblo.   SEXIJ N'O MONKYi
WITH Villi! ANSWKit.   This Is a FREE contest.   A |mst eanl will do. \
'lit whobnvcnotrecetvcUnrthloBfrom ntlicrmnle.1 , trj tl ne. f
.^^.■^-•♦•EMPIRE SUPPLY CO., ORILLIA. CANADA.'*'*.'*-^-.
A. T. Vroom,
The sit tint Ion wns loo mueli fur lier, ' wnges paid, $4411,879,
The emperor, seeing tin- condition in ft J Tim PreclnUi ««uli.
glnnce, looked at her for nn instant mid |    -VUu production of ffold Ims  snmc-
Iniigliod ns lie snld, "A italsur eiiu wait,    iVlint di-elf I,     owing to the cessa-
bm ii salmi (--111111..i," j tion ol work ul s.-v.-r.il mines,    Thu
I.I for lusi your Wns 18,707 ounces
Wagon finking,
and   Pointing.
Tin- Onlli. I worth $2117,801. thut fur 18(H) being
The tmili mis originally nn appeal t«> 27,fi01 ounep.s,    viilued nt 54,24,608,
dlvlno authority lo ratify mi iissertioii. '■•>«    ■v",ll''-s °»U'"I enmo from     ih ,
-j-, idtlrcek gods swore hy llie Styx, Pniperti.-s employlnfl 7r.O men    nml  AH kinds  of  work   given   prompt j
nnd Jchoval) Is represented In ihe .-n'rly ]^ ^a*^-,!!!,Ihjii^^oh!-hp!!rIim?35rcl'    attention» •lllt' wc wil1 guarantee  Those wantln
hooks of tho Hlhlu na swearing hy liiin* . ■ „ ,      .  iU|.nvi.n.d nnnr Sn.r.      satisfaction Ja nur nAtrnnn  In  .ill   nl-i'oa. hntl-*rcl
We Iim e n stock ol
Comnion Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Cattle, Dressed Meats
And Provisions.
Head Office, Cranbrook, I   i.    is llanagci
Win- Matheson, Proprietor
The hotel has been reopened nnd Is now read} . enter to the
public. First class dining room service, The 'besl ni wines nnd
liquorsat the bar, ROBERT Sll VW   Manager.
Belt, there lit
gltm has h is
I'flin. Uko,  wlioro free gold Ihih Ii.
in-iii ii>k ii-
I near Sim-      satisfaction to our p.itrons  in ail
of nn oath ainotig th.. llchrews was     Utuut\. 'Jim vi.-id ..f sflvor Is Inerens-
"tty the God of Abrnlii " "Ood do no   inn, ilh 100,01 U    ounri-s ol the vulinj
uiitn mo" und "Cud kuovvetll." i ol St)l(,U07, w-jr« taken out, an cum-j
wc do. Yours lor trade.
ig chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
Do You Sell Liquor? ? ? ?
If so. don't bu)    n I • i   HTIPD   Tl10 Only Wttolesalc Liquor llc.ler in
until .mi mi. .   1   I.I.III.K   South Cast Koelenay,    Write tnr Prices
Cranbrook, B. C.   -"-    8    S
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point lor South hast Kootenay, v
-,,    , *    ■    ■ .   s       . , I     Mr. Hull .sii.l   wife otrivesl last   weel       '   '1'   	
'    !    -   Ji'U     -    ■ '■       A    s   - '• und reniniued through tlie fair.   lues-   '"Hi"
C   day tiny went t" Kinilierlev, where Mr
4 jr~\ ^ J   Dull   will   remain   until  lie  in vcb  tn
II \JTUCi S v «»■«"««>•"«' '»■" '' ■
)   home, then make it at the table.   That -
)j km  life Ct'tT.c.    On Fiiday nfteruoon
i   V   we will show .-. on how it is made and let
Sent to us will have prompt  at- :]\y'Z2ul,,,„,„.,,.,,,,,,..,! *.,',,.-
tention.   If vou desire will be H'ZtT^^::^'!
pleased to submit cuts of such;
goods as would interest you.
Anything in the waj
nl repairing neatly done
MuNt Complete line ol Furniture in East Kootenay
The Kootenay Furniture Co.,
Bremtier's Old Stand
) : i )G )OQO@@SQQOQOOQOQG( 0©
>.*.*f; *********************
\      LOCAL   NOTES      t
« &
Picked  Up Ahoisl ihe City  by .".skinu
Questions, ol Many People.
See llentlit
'» III
» eanterns.
i.n ir.mteei
wet Imlle. nl Deattie's.
Harry liar
,  of
Wasa,   was   in   town
it    went   to    .Mai'leml
House for rent, easy terms. Apply V.
I'm ns & Co.
Tw<» unfurnished rooms to let. Apply
P. Burns \ Co.
James Kyiin nnd Thomas Wellman
visited Klko Tuesday.
1'. T. Smyth nml bride were among
the visitors Wednesday.
C H .Mansfield has disposed of his
cijjnr store nt Fori Steele,
Named bulbs of all kinds at Benttle's.
Come early and get the best.
iM, Mclnnes has returned from a trip
to the mountains near Elko.
|ohti Leask returned Tuesday Irom a
visit to tin- Urdeau couutry,
i ir. Iliggins, ofl'eniie, and Dr, Green,
ol Moyie, were here on Friday,
foe Uutlsey, ol Moyie,   wns among
V  . ■-■ win. saw the whole show.
Horn to .Mr. nnd Mrs. Andrew Patterson, October i, lyoi, n daughter,
Messrs. Clark nml MeaBdale, of Fort
Steele, visited Crauhrook Tuesday,
"Tiny" Thompson, of Nelson, spent
several days in Cranbrook last week.
Oysters served iu any style at <lar-
rant's restaurant.   Also sold In bulk.
Mrs. George Leask and son returned
1.. i Saturday from then visit to Spokane
Mrs. Moitis anil children have return-
e t Irom an exleuded'vislt to Livingston.
George Leltch and James Hunter are
expected home from Buffalo next Mom
William '.futile was among the prominent Ferine people who attended the
1 is, Schaich, one of the Moyie drug-
gi-ils, was oue ol the visitors during lair
v. :ek.
Wis. Koss and Mis Edwards were the
gnestsof .Mrs, v Hyde Baker during the
Miss Dyker has returned and resinned
inr   duties, as   teacher of ihe primary
Mr. and Mrs. N. Mel,. Curran, of th
N'ulh Star mine, were among the fair
Mrs. Forsythe and Mrs. Henry, ol
!■'■ ii Steele were Cranbrook visitors
i'tt linnerly, who owns oneol thebesl
ranches iu this district, wasa visitor to
it ■■ fair.
•Irs. Jennings, proprietor of the Crows
Nest hotel at Fernie, wbbIn town Friday
an I Saturday,
Drive Rimer, of Moyie, wns on the
{-rum-da early, and bad a good word all
along the hue.
Hughie Mclnnes has so fur recovered
from the injury tu his eye as to be able
to get out again.
The fruit and other exhibits of the
K'otenay industrial school showed up
well fur the Mission,
Mrs. H)well, Miss jack, Mr. and Mrs.
Fmley and Mrs. Ustmere were among
the Kimberley visitors.
T. Lebel and wile, and A. Kettles and
wife, of I'incher, came down Thursday
for the last two days of the fair.
Mrs, Wells and Miss Wells, of Golden,
ar.' the guests of Mrs, hrickson, They
will remain two Ol three weeks,
Robert Mathers and Dan McNeish, the
.wo well known hotel men of Fori Steele,
wen- among the visitors Friday,
Mrs, baker entertained numerous
fri nds at lea iu her tent on the grounds
Th irsday and Friday afternoons,
I,isl week Mrs A I.eitch received
the mhI news of the death "I her aged
father, -Alio lived at Manitoit, Man.
listrict again, and less work in the lav
William Tuttle passed Ihiongh Craii
brook yesterday for his home In Fernie
He says that Con Whaleti has returned
irom Buffalo, and nlso that the report ol
Mime oue shooting ut htm wasa rank
Rev 1' W. Auvrche, late ot Nccpawn
will come to Crnuhrook nexl week to
take charge of the Baptist church of this
ctty, Rev Auvaehe Is a returned mi-*
sionary from India, nnd la reported to he
a man ol ability.
A Cranbrook lady, who Is visiting in
Toronto, wiiles buck, that aside from
bread and meat, everything is as cheap
in Cranbrook as in Toionto, and thai
there is very little difference in ihe price
ol the two articles nauiid,
Kin Hee Mocha and Java Coffee made
in the Kin llee (Juick Coffee I'ot lakes
only a minute lo make the nicest cup of
ciffeeyou ever drank. Call in on Friday afternoon and try a cup ol it.
tl. T   Rogers.
In one of ihe largest houses on Baker
hill there is a pleasant,comfortable room
for rent. Also stable to rent, just the
place for a mini who desires to have his
horse  kept  conveniently    for   his   use.
Apply to Herald office.
Dr. Green and Constable Drumtuond,
of Moyie, joined J. C. Drewiy at Crauhrook Monday lor a hunting trip to the
upper St. Marys country. They are well
equipped for a good trip and will doubtless leave a dearth of game behind them.
Assistant General Superintendent Kennedy, of llle Great Northern, wen I
through Crauhrook Monday morning in
his private* car. He WHsennuite to Rlkt
and Fernie to look over the preliminary
work on construction tor the new north
and south line.
listrii i. hard  worki i^ foi  the d     hci
good,   and  ii 'i   win.     u   nppi ■ Lli.
!-.;,', i .     ■ nu siii-1    ■    ex
lli . •    " ■ Cl     .        .'■!
.■.,■■-.       : i.e hoped ihhl -next j eai
■    ui then    ' a"d    *n- lilt
that will visit Craubiook's annul ex
hi billon The commercial center ol the
distiict will dwaya extend them a most
cordial  welcome.
For rent- furnished or unfurnished
room in comfortable residence on Bnkei
hill,    Apply at Herald office.
Mis- i .mil, slstei of VV'. F. Gurd, came
over from Nelson to see the exhibition,
anil was the guest oi Mrs. Fortlllie,
C. P. IIMI stopped offln the city Wednesday, and went to Dibble creek with
J. P. Fink to look at some Iron claims.
Hugh Brock got hack Tuesday from
nn extended trip to the easl, Apparent
ly he has not lost any Hesli while absent.
N. A. VValllngei and I-:. Fdwell cam.*
in Saturday and felt disappointed thai
Ihe Rugby  game had been declared oil
Mr and Mrs, A. Leiteh celebrated the
27U1 anniversary ol then marriage last
Tuesday evening with ft quiet family
Mr. and Mrs, 1\ J- McMahon, .Miss
Huggllis, N. A. McKen/.ie and wile and
Frank McMahon made up ,1 jolly parly
(10111 Moyie.
R, !■; llenlt'e has been appointed hole
agent for Kastmnn'fl kodaks ami photo
supplies lor the territory from Hlko to
Kooienay lake.
Rev. Sit Ituati. of Fernie, came down
to take up his old light against the
granting of a license lo the Crows Nest
hotel at Fernie.
Mr. and  .Mrs. Armstrong, .Miss Arm
strong,   Mrs   Nelson   and  Miss Watson
were  the  guests of Mi. and .Mrs. G. II
Gilpin on Friday,
P.'McConnell left last Stturday for
Minneapolis and points in eastern Ontario. He will bring back some extra
fine slock with him.
Among the visitors from Nelson were
Druggist Teetzel, Dr. Armstrong, Mr.
l-'ishhuru, Purser Moore ol ihe Moyie,
and Charles Matthews.
W. 1) Hill has 11 new clerk for his
s'ore. He anived Sunday hut will not
goon duly for 15 or if) years. He is a
bouncer and is doing well.
The oyster lime is now with us and
Garraut's restaurant is ihe only place to
get what yon want 111 this line. Tij
them once and see for yourself.
P, McConnell captured quite a number of prizes in the cattle exhibit at the
fair. He has a nice line of slock, and
has: reason to feel proud of llie fact.
Don McKay, who is superintendent
of roads, trails and bridges for Ihis district, will do some needed work on the
streets and sidewalks iu Cranbrook.
|. R. Pollock and wife, of Fernie, were
among the visitors during fair week,
Mr. Pollock Is U. S. consular agenl lu
Fertile, and is a good man for the place
Robert Shaw has been selected hy the
business men to act as night constable
to succeed C. Dow, "Bob" will make a
good officer and is Ihe right man lor the
The vegetables that captured the most
prizes were raised either oil the townsite
or not half a mile away. They showed
up well for the fertility of the soil in this
J R Costlgan and wife returned from
the Territories lasl week. Mr. Cosligan
located    ll   huge area   oi   valuable  coal
mines on the Panther river while
P Robbim, manager ol the North
Star mine, came down Friday, returning
Saturday. IK* met a number ol old
friends, made some new ones, and returned home happy.
Ii. W. Moore, ore buyer for the Trail
smelter, was in town yesterday.    lie lefl
for   Hlairmore   to   look   over some coal
fields with the idea of purchasing the Hurry Be lit ley has disponed of hia business iu Fernie, and will confine himself
to his Lethbrldge business.   Fernie loses
a valuable citizen in Mr. Beutley. Always ready with his money and his
time to promote the best interests of the
town, Fernie ciii/.ens will miss him after
he is gone, Tlie Herald wishes him
good luck wherever he is,    He deserves
j ..SPECIAL..;
I  ..OFFER.,  i
j The Herald for 25 Cents j
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all the district all the time.     It is ♦
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I  plainly. I
Mr. Henderson returned from tin
coast Monday, and Wednesday morning
he left with Mrs. Henderson and Mis--
Henderson for their winter home at San
Francisco, Cal. The ladies had a very
enjoyable visit during the summer with
their relations in Cranbrook.
Mrs. Forgle and two children started
Monday morning for their return trip to
their home in 1'einhroke, Out., after
pleasant visit with Mr. Moffat and
daughters. Mrs. Forgle made many
friends in Crauhrook who will be pleased
to see her come hack again.
Rev. I). Holford. It. I)„ administered
the ordinance of baptism to one candidate iu lilk river, Fernie, last Sunday.
It is estimated thai there were a iooo
spectators  present.    Asa  result of this
baptism there arc oilier applicants. A
good impression was made on the
R II. Ross returned from the east
Monday afternoon, He visited all the
principal points iu eastern Canada, and
was near the entrance to the building nl
Buffalo in which the tragedy occurred,
just at the time the deed was done. He
says be came near being killed by the
crush of the mob.
same lor a syndicate
Vic Rollins has gone to Ivlko to take
a position with George Hoggnrth al the
Elk hotel, "Vie" was ageiiernl favorite
in Crauhrook, and is just the man that
Mr. Iloggarth needed.
P, Burns and bride arrived from Calgary   Tuesday   evening,    stopping    over
one day.    Mr. Burns   was recently  mar-       «,...„ ,    ,    „ .
-  ,      ,.    .    ,,.,-,,.,.. Superintendent   Bury,   who  returned
ried in   l-.uglaiid,   his   bin e being  Miss".    ,        ,      .,   ,       . .,    ,    ,
,,,_*".,_..      ..   ., hist week said that the west looked good
to him after his brief sojourn in the easl,
Speaking   of the fair  grounds, he said
F.llis, of Penticlon, H. C.
Frank McCabe came up from Wanlner
Wednesday and remained until the close
of the fair. Ik- said he had a good time
and that il always did him good to meet
the people of Cranbrook.
Mr, Early, wlio has just installed the
brick plant at Maiysville, commenced lo
grind clay Tuesday. Hesays everything
is in shape now lo push Ihe woik along,
and he will soon have a large kiln hiiru-
1 snw fair grounds in two or three
towns in the easl much larger than Cranbrook, and not one of thein had the
equipments thai your company has here.
Cranbrook is a great town in this respect, and lhc people are hustlers."
A It, G.ace, Dr. Watt nnd R I,. T.
Galhniith wen- conspicuous by their absence during ihe three days or llie fair.
The   Herald   regrets   the circumstances
Interviewed   hy i
I'he    lleinid.    Mr
.i.-i showing I h.ivi
.* illln
MINKS   **«**«
lln.' (ireal UstlC  MltlCS, 1 iaiik.1
way i' tin
Marys rivi-r,
uled ami ...
managing d
Ibewrj suid
•'We hive Ihegrca
evei --ceii, eithei in lltlllsh Colm
alt) oiliei country. Th.* St. liugi
sell new-i had -inli a showing I
same anionni ol development work. Oui
group consists of fum claims, the Greal
Dane, the Fisher, the White Siai and
ihe Lodge Pule. The main vein, la feet
wide, passes through each claim except
Hie Fisher, on which there Is iniothei
vein, j.i feet wide, running at almost
right angles to the main vein. We ate
driving a tunnel on ihe main lead and
have 15 leet of solid galena, earning
63-IO per cent copper, i ,1111 putting
my own money into this companj and
am getting my friends to do ihe same.
We are just 3.1 mile; from Marysvllle anil
will have a railway next year, foi 1 have
ihe absolute assurance of the C P. R.
that if the Crawford Bay railway is uot
built that they will build a branch from
Marysvllle lo ihe mine. Our company
is incorporated with a capital of £200,-
000, divided into shares ol the value of
10 cents. The property has been paid
in- in shares, anil there is no promoters'
stock and im salaried officials. We are
pulling a small buck of shares 011 the
market, at 10 cents, payable at ihe rale
of one cent per month per share, As 1
sail before, I nni putting myoivn money
into the company, and I can most heartily
recommend it to ain one who wants a
eooil investment, I have appointed Mr.
Hutchison, of your town, official broker
for the Gr at Dane Mines, limited, for
Mast Kootenay."
Mr, Drewry left for the mines nu Saturday afternoon.
MiriiaR Notes.
A trail has been built by the government   from   Kitchener   to  the  White
Grouse properties, a distance ol 2' miles.
Gus Theis is om- of the Perry creek
pioneers who will probably profit by the
turn conditions have taken. He was in
town Monday and says everything is
looking good out on the creek.
James Dibble aud Dave Mathers emu
over from Fort Steele Tuesday. They
have recently secured some valuable Iron
property on Dibble creek, thai looks as
il it would tank null some of tin- best
located in thai part of the Cullllliy.
P. B Bade) is pushing work ... his
Pretorln claim ueai Swansea, He buys
that the lead 1-- widening an.l tl.. ore
shoot seems to he changing from galena
to copper,
The work mi the shaft 011 the placer
ground at Perry creek it going ,-.]
and last week the clean up averaged
over $18 to the man. The lorce in tin
shaft has h ell reduced the past week in
a number ol men are engaged in tin
construction of the lunik house and gel
ling everything in shape lor whitei
When lilts is done three shifts will be
put 011. and the work pushed dm ing tin
winter.    The   pay   dirt   is showing   up
better than ever.
"Pat" Qidrk, the well known old
tinier, who was here in the early sixties
has lately been acting in a new role, a;
an instructor to lady prospectors at Palmer Bar. Last week he brought i
hotlle of gold panned hy Mrs. Watts and
.Mis. McPenke Ii is an interesting fact
thai Ihis gold was taken out ot land
prospected for over a week hy a well
known local mining expert ami six as
si it ants, who fulled to raise a color.
A. I* Watts, of Palmer Bar, was in
town Friday and hiotight with him some
tine looking gold that had been taken
out  ot  the  gtouud neat  Ills place      Mr,
Watts says the showing fiom panning
is so good that he iiiieuds to install an
hydraulic plant and woik the ground oil
an extensive scale.
John Leask hits a sample ol lhc gold
taken from the surface on Lamb creek.
He is Interested in one ol the claims
there ami In all probability will have
the property worked.
Wounded Hut Still Alive.
Last Monday a Mason & Mich piano,
OWIted by George Leafk, ami loaned to
A.RookesN: Sou for the lair display,
fell Irom the wagon while being moved.
The accident resulting in Hie case being
a total wreck, the lone and mechanism
remaining perfect, which is a most convincing proof thut the linn has given lo
ihe public a perfect Instrument, As
n as a convenient place lor its exhibit
he Ol)llliued we will be pleased Io
have the public cull and lest its lone
Look for the
Tomorrow Night at
The Wentworth Hotel
Home Hade
That is what ours
i.i; (ike.    Try il.
City Bakery.
Our buns, bread, cake and tickets far sale at
(1. T.  Roger's j-rocer) store.
An elegant line ol'
Cranbrook   Souvenirs
> aM■*•—if
..This Camera for $1.00 at Beattie's
First Prize,
Wc- carry a class ol goods thai have sain oil
that envied distinction in open competition
at home and abroad. Imported products
From Ci-iis.si.- & Blackwell, ricConnachic,
Marshall, Keiller, Van Honten, Epps, Cad-
bury and others, all old established firms
with a world wide reputation for excellency
G. T. Rogers,
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
Hi«;h Grade Watches
Choice Selection in
Reliable quadruple plated
silverware, clocks, specta-
clcw.irc, etc.
W. F. Tate, .":;..,.,.,.,„
Cranbrook, l>. C.
lllii,Inl Wsilclt litatscclsir for C. t, II.. Cruwl
Nest I'nss Division.
The Weather is Dry
The pasturage is gone, but do not think the
Feed is gone, or let your dairy or cattle shrink,
or hens or chickens go hungry, for KING has
just unloaded a car of Flour, Wheat, Wheat
Chop, Bran, Shorts, Graham Flour and Oats.
The above can be had in any quantity.   Don't fail to consult his prices before buying.       Best creamery liutler in slock
Call and
See u.*
The season is here, and we miikc it a point to meet Ihe
demands of the man behind the nim with everything*) .*
We have a large line of Coal and Wood Heaters on (he
way its Cranbrook,   Come in, we'll tell yon about them
....McBRIDE BROS....
Get ready for your fall walh
papering. We will sell wall*
cheaper than it has ever been
sold in the district.
Hote! Kootenay
Tbe bt'si nf accomodations
ior ihe traveling public.
In Fabled Story
A wild boar was whetting his tusks against the trunk of a
tree. A lox passing bv asked why he did this, seeing lli.il
neither hunter or hound was near. "True," said the boar, "but
when that danger does come, 1 shall have something else to do
than to sharpen my weapons."
Putting on fire insurance is sharpening your weapons. When fire comes you can't do it.
Hotel s> s
Quests Cum fori a Specialty
(loud Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad nnd depot.   Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Proprietors „* jt ■<
point III '.lie   listrict.
Manager   .-*  .-.   e*
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,  Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda w.iter in siphons.   The  most
economical way to handle it.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
ueai Canadian Hank of Commerce, Crnuhrook, H C
Upholstering nnd Qeneral Purnlturc Repairing
Will attend to auv work in the district
The Mutual Life
Of Canada
Formerly the Ontario
Mutual Life
A Company
til- I'lll.lCl HOLDERS
Insiii'iiiri' in I.mi. - ...
ACC0|l|dl  lll'll   I'llsllil's, I,  I   ,..„   ,.„.,.
Iiiiii i'i iii. nn. i.i
Lnrisoil viiliimo sr-cnrotl lis the DOMINION l,y
nny < iitmitliin Lur ,,..,,,.,,,,\.
THU Ml  ll'AI, III"  ni' CANAIIA i-iiii	
ttll'lllsl     till'    l"l,      III    llllll    I'l-.I'lUl       ,,,        |,|.        |l,|.
IIII II llll
Favorable Rales
.    High Dividends,
Honorable Dealing
II pays.   Rctitcmticr, death iloptt imir Bolary
"ll.'l ul lill IlltS I  I.I 111' SllHI'
I- mm   -un i.'iin' iiiiii in-,, i ns,.
in tlm only piticly MUTUAL NATIV I
Llfl'. COMPANY IN   CAN M'.l     li  ,-.
nii'iicl I eonlrollcil In Ha policy hold'
crs, lilm ilium-   piiilirip.ili-   in   Its   illvl
tlcltila nnsl ■nrplsm rnriiliiij.
I'.,r I nil'- mnl lliriil'lllllliiill ll|i|ily III
wlllliiin .1 I.n- Kaslo,
lil'SI. Agt. SollllK-IISllTll II. C . 0,
C. R. I'alllH'r. Hist. Ail.,
C. R. Palmer
..Crauhrook, ll. C..
The Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada,
The Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corp oration,
Limited,  of   London, Hug.
The Singer/Manufacturing
Co., of Portland, Oregon.
The Crown Tailoring Co.,
of Toronto, Ontario. „*„«,,*


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