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Cranbrook Herald Apr 17, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Quo. A,Cox, President,                         H. li Wm.kuh. Gen. Man-
Paid Up   Capital    18,000,00(1.110
ks-sl 2,000,00000
Total  HcJ.nms.-s     - 65,000,000.00
A General Bunking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—'The Hank of Scotland.
ffl Direct Importations of
M, Staple and Fancy Dry Goods
%      Carpets, Squares, Sheets, Bedding
a? These Goods bought for cash from British manufac'urers;
if have paid no jobbers' profits; are the freshest, cheapest and
gfi most desirable goods ever brought to the district. Duplicates
Tfl of several lines are already ordered. See our new Torchon
O Laces, Embroideries, Damasks, Towels, etc. Better styles and
SL one-third lower in price than ever before.
iff Our NEW FURNITURE STORE just being opened. New
fi arrivals there every few days.
i   |AT   GILPIN'S
Hotel s &
Quests Comfort ■ Specialty
Good Stabling In Connection
Nearest to mihont! niul depot.     Hns accommodations  for   tbe public unequalled in  Cranbrook.
Proprietor of
...The Pioneer Hardware Store...
A few Bicycles still left.   Going at Cost.
Come in and sec our Pishing Tackle.
Thc largest stock of Hardware in Kast Kootenay.
Call or write.
..J. D. McBRIDE..
...The Pioneer Hardware Man...
PISHING TACKLE—The best selected lot ever received in Hast Kootenay, just received.
GARDEN TOOLS—of every kind. If you want anything in my line, I keep it.
rinsmithing a Specialty
We nre getting new goods every week. Our
stock of white goods and spring novelties is
unequalled in Bast Ksotenay. Call In and
and see the many pretty things we have.
Respectfully solicit your patronage and hope to please
you in style, quality and finish.   A fit guaranteed.
Tailors, Cranbrook Block.
k   him;   iilil'O  STORE.
The Outlook For Cranbrook Was Never
So Bright.
And Today Her  Prosperity Rests
On a Permanent and Secure Basis.
This Is the fillh spring tbat The Herald editor 1ms bml occasion to Bpeak ol
the past ami future of Ibe district of
South East Kuoteuay, nud tlie town of
Cranbrook, Four fears ago Cranbrook's
past was a brief existence uf a few
months. At that lime there was uo
rinlioiitl and the town itself consisted of
a tew bouses du the main street, and a
limited amount of business. Bul tbe
future was bright, because tbe people
who located here felt confident that
Cranbrook's superior location must necessarily bring with it advantages that
would ultimately result in a satisfactory
growth, both iu population and business,
And this year Tbe Herald takes great
pleasure in announcing that never before
n the history ofthe town has the future
been so bright, and never before bavo
there been s) many evidences of ttie fact
tbat Cranbrook's prosperity rests upon a
solid, substantial basis that gives positive assurance of permanency-
It is true that there are not as many
people seen upon the streets as in the
early days ol construction. That was a
moving population aud not of peitnaueut
benefit to tbe town. Today we have not
less than 1700 to iSuo people with a
large number ot handsome homes, and a
people wbo look upon Cranbiook as
their permanent borne, and are devoting
their energies 10 tbe upbuild! I of the
place. The residential portion *->" tbe
lown has developed at a rapid r%» tbe
past two years, and in consequeucc there
is not a town in tbis large and populous
district that will compaic with Ciau-
brook in this respect. Aud when Tbe
Herald makes this statement it means a
good deal, for there are several prosperous towns in this district that have also
made rapid progress during the past two
And when It comes to the business
bouses one can justly assert Hi.it ihey
have proven a potential factor in spread
ing the fame aud name of Cranbrook
Tbey have kept up with the develop*
meui of like dislrict ami to do ibis have
had to carry stocks that wen* mi usually
large. Hut the policy has paid, and paid
well, since it hu* been the m >aus of extending ihelr trade from Kootenay land
tug ou ibe west, to Frank, Alta., on
tbe easl; from Windermere lo the International boundary line. With a large
trade territory aud a constantly increasing home demand, due to the growing
population, the merchants of Cranbrook
have made most satisfactory progress-
Naturally the c P. R has done much
to advance tbe Interests ofthe town, lu
a way, It is a C. P, R town. Here the
company has iis division for the Crows
Nest branch. Here, also, they have
built shops and this season v.Ill greatly
enlarge their facilities for doing all class
es of railway repairing
Another factor ibal has aided materially is the mill*. Cranbrook bus five,
with a total capacity of over 100,0 W feet
a day. These mills give cm pi ytn *ut 10
a large number of meu 12 months in the
year, and the timber supply is practical
ly unlimited.
Coupled with these adjuncts to pros,
perily, Crnuhrook is sn situated Unit she
receives lhe benefit of llie mining operations east and wesl, north <>-id sou h.
Supplies arc purchased here, niul the
men spend a large portion of their mon
ey in Cranbrook,
Taking   the    various   industries   inio
consideration, there Ii a pemianent Increasing payroll that would insure prosperity to a towu even larger than Cranbrook .
It is no wonder that the people of
Cranbrook feel good over the situation.
They have every reason lo he satisfied.
They are fortunate enough to live In n
town that has always been a good busi
ness point, and one that has a bright and
prosperous future.
Cianbrook is all right.
R. E. Qeaitle Has a Majnllfcent Piste of
Cranbrook has many enterprising
merchant*), and il is 10 the:: i nergy ami
anil intelligence that the town owes
much of tbe prestige VHa* It eu]oys to
day. Amoug the numerous stoies thai
attract lhe attention ol strangers in
town, as well as giving tise lo a feeling
of pride on the part of lhe clllxeUS, is
the drug store of R, K. Beattie. Wheu
Cranbrook was but 11 hope Sod the town
wis naught  ho:  a  prairie  plat ami   lot
stakes, Mr.  beattie opened his store ou
the turner where il now Stands. Theii
it was only hai! as large, aud tlie stock
Hml fixtures weie like any store of that
kind found iu pioneer towns, lint, with
lhe progress ol lhe district and lhe
growth of the town, Mr. Beanie continued to improve his place of business and
Inctease his stock until today he has the
largest and finest drug store in Kast
Kootenay, fitted np iu metropolitan
style, with a stock of drugs, stationery,
toilet articles, leather goods, fishing
tackle aud novelties that will compare
favorably with any drug stote in British
Columbia towns many times the size of
Craubrook. Within the past iwo weeks
he has put In new counters that are artistic iu the extreme, and add very materially to the tasty appearance of the
store. Mr. Beattie believes tu patroniz
ing home industry, and these counters
and show cases were m..de iu Cianbrook
hy G. R. Leask aud finished by Pieper
& Currie. Tbe workmanship wuutd
meet tbe approval of tbe most exacting
und is a practical deuioustrat 011 of the
fact tbat it is better to keep money for
such work at home,
Mr. Beattie has also added a handsome soda fountain which will meet with
a 'hearty reception from the ladies of
Craubrook. He proposes to give this
branch special attention this eason, mid
will endeavor to make it pleasant for
ladies who visit his store lo enjoy a cooling drink during lhe wanner days.
The Masonic Bait Aa bunt to Be
Arrangements Being Made lor s Big Day
On the 24th.
The Cranbrook Turf and Athletic Association bas decided to celebrate May
24, and are making arrangements for a
day of sports on that flute which promises
to be one of the best ol its kind ever held
in the district. The horse racing will lie
among local horses. Some very fair
purses will be offered ar-- ■.. iy bore-
man in the district should enter au animal for some one of the events. The
citizens of Craubrook and district are
particularly invited tu lend their assistance toward making tbe 24th of May a
day lo be remembered by visiting tbe
grounds and taking an interest In the
eveuis. The directors are doing sll iu
their power to make things pleasant for
-the different athletic associations and
nvite in return their co operation. It is
Blended to devote a good part ofthe
day to sports and games, football, lacrosse and baseball. The management
of affairs is under the direction of committees, who ate energetically setting to
work to make the day u success. Outsiders tell us that we have the finest racing and athletic grounds In British Columbia. Cranbrook Is envied iu this repeat, uud let us bear this fact iu mind
and one and all support our local meeting to be held on May 24th.
It Was   a Brilliant   Success   and
Evoked Many Words oi
Officers are Elected at the Halcyon Springs
Halcyon, B. C, April 12—Halcyon
Hot Springs tress association organized
today by the election uf F. J Deaue, of
the Kamloops Sentinel, pr [dent; Fred
Simpson, Cranbrook Herald, vice-president; Thomas McNaUght, secretary-
treasurer. These officers with W K.
Ksliug. Trail, C. P, Sinitheringale, Slo*
can. 10 A. Hnggnn, Revelstoke, W. B,
Wilcox. Phoenix, constitute tbe executive committee. David It. Ilogle, Victoria, David Carley, Nel.-on, and P. j.
I lea ne, were appointed a committee 00
legislation.   A special meeting will be
led iu a month or two,
Business at Victoria.
Victoria, April 8 —There was another
Ortny session of lhe Royal commission
today, President Dunsmuir being on the
stand all morning. The redistribution
bill was finally passed through the house
this afternoon.
Robert Green's resolution urging the
government seriously to consider the ea
tnblishnient of a refinery for silver and
lad passed, Messrs. Taylor and Green
being the principal speakers. Col, Prior
said it would cost $300,000, nnd the biggest difficulty lay iu stouring a market.
Hon, Joseph Martin secured tbe passage in committee on the Hospital bill
of a amendment providing for aid to all
hospitals which treated free patients and
did not make lhu denomination of the
patient a lest of entrance. The opposition voted witli him, the government
being in lhe minority. This was Prentice's bill.
Horse for Sale.
I will sell at public auction on Friday,
April 18, at a p.m., at the Craubrook
government office, oue iron grny horse,
white feet und while face, held by mc
foi bill due for his keep nud other ex-
A Tennis Rule.
Owing to some complaint*, last season,
the tennis club will strictly enforce the
following by-law this season;
"No player shall occupy a couu to
the exclusion of others longer than for
two sets, provided, lhat the last players
having left the court for an interval of
five minutes and uo demand Imvii.i*
been made for the court, they shall be
permitted to play unoiher set, No player shall occupy a court lor a single set to
the excluS'ou ol members who are waiting to play a double set, provided, thai! peuse.s, and claimed to be tbe property
if n si g'e se' has be,;ii begun it may be * of C. S Tllpp.
concluded as a short net. I D
The event of the social season has
gone into history, and the Cranhronk
Masons carry ihe palm. Their dance
given last Tuesday evening was a magnificent social and artistic success, a verdict that is accorded by all who participated ur witnessed the brilliancy of the
scene. The attendance waa just what
those tn charge desired, enough to create
a strong feeling of enlhnsiasm, but not a
Btifficieut number to cause dissatisfaction
by overcrowding. Of course, if the hall
been more commodious, a paean of
thanksgiving would have gone up from
an hundred throats, yet this slight inconvenience was overcome and lost sight of
by the extreme pleasure of tbe occasion.
Willing and artistic hands hud turned
the not overly attractive hall into a vista
of lovliness. U nstghtly walls were
trausfuimed into panels of beauty by a
pleasing combination of draperies, mirrors and pictures, interspersed with
mounted emblems uf the Masonic order.
Long loops of red, white aud blue bunting, entwined with garlands and strands
of evergreen, ihrougb which the electric
light globes hung, completed an artistic
arrangement that reflected great credit
upon these who designed the decorations und did tbe work.
It was 10 o'clock when the strains of
the giand march souuded through the
hall, and the dancers, led hy A. L McDermot and Miss Flossie Magee, M.
Rockendorf and Miss Alice Moffut, went
through the manifold evolutions ot that
inspiring trepsicborean introduction.
From lhat time till after 4 a.m. one
number followed another, until the
Hume, Sweet Home waltz gave warning
that a most successful party was near an
end. Everyone present had a most
enjoyable evening, und the appearance
of the participants was evidence ofthe
progress Cranbrook has made from a
pioneer camp to a metropolitan (own.
The costumes of the ladies were superior
those displayed at any former
entettainuient in Cranbrook, many of
them having been ordered for that
special occasion; while the men, as a
rule, conformed to the regulation mode
for au evening party. The conservatories of Winnipeg aud Nelsou had been
liberally drawn upon for flowers, which
enhanced to a remarkable degree the
beauty of tbe scene,
Messrs. Rookes and Highwarden furnished excellent music for tbe occasion,
and tbeir efforts met with many words
of praise.
The luucb served during the evening
was all that anyone could have asked
for, and the rapidity with which the edibles disappeared was ample evidence of
tbe keen appreciation of those present.
Charles Vollrsth Learn*- uf His Brother's
Death That Way
Charles Vollratb, who came to Cranbrook some weeks ago ami entered the
employ of the Cranbrook Lumber company, is a brother of W. Vollratb, one
of the brave Cauadian* killed iu the
battle at Hart's river March 31. In
conversation with a Herald represeuta
live Mr. Volltath said:
"The first Intimation I had lhat my
brother hail eulisted was on seeing his
name in the list of killed in The Herald
last week. 1 wired my parents at Ann-
strong, ll C, and they Informed me
that their first knowledge ot his enlistment was a dispatch fiom Loid Minto
announcing his death. My brother wan
22 years of age and was au expert hoist -
man and rifle shot and was ambitious to
become a soldier. He wished to go out
with tbe Strathconas but our parents
objected so Btronglythal he did not go."
Mr. Vollratb also said tbat he bad au
older brother wbo went out with the
Stralhconas aud remained in Africa aud
is new serving uuderCol. Baden-Powell.
He also staled that he intended going
with the next contingent. The Voll-
raths come of fighting stock, their
grandfather having served under BlucUel
at the battle of Waterloo and their
father serving in lhe German army tn
the campaigns uf the '70s.
Words of Thanks
The committee in charge desire to
thank Messrs. Small, Hilt, Johnston,
Rogers, Clarke and Hall for their valua'
lue assistance in tbe work of preparation
which contributed so largely to the success of th*: evening.
Cranbrook Lodge Visited By the Deputy
Uratid Master.
An emergency meeting of Cranbrook
lodge, No. 34, A. F. & A. M-, was held
last Saturday evening, The occasion
was an olticnl visit from Iv 10 Chip-
man, deputy grand master of the grand
lodge of British Columbia, who, in company with II livers, of Nelson, district
deputy of district No. 6, bas been visiting the lodges in South Kast Kootenay
Although Saturday night is not the best
time for holding meetings of tbis nature,
yet a goodly numher of the craft were
present, including visitors from Fort
Steele and Moyie. After the deputy
grand master had been introduced to
the lodge, the second degree was exemplified for his benefit, which brought
forth words of praise from both the
grand lodge officers for the manner in
which the work was put on, and congratulations 011 the advancement of the
order in Craubrook since their last visit
over a year ago.
After the closing of the lodge the
members repaired to the Cranbrook
hotel where a nent supper awaited
them. This was followed by a short
toast list, and at the hour of 12 those
present retired to their homes,
A Big Business.
The saw mills ol this vicinity have
cut about 75000 tier, this spring and
there are over 50.000 more lo deliver before (be fiisl ol June.    That represents a
lot of motto) for Cianbrook,
William   Hughes   Meets   Ills   Death    a1
Blair mo re.
Last Saturday William Hughes, oue of
the oldest conductors un the C. P. R ,
met his death while culling off some
cars in the ltlairmoie yards. He hml
gone beetween two cars to cut off iwo
freight curs aud the caboose, ami succeeded in pulling the pin, wher he
must have slipped aud fell. The three
cars passed over lhe middle portion ol
bis body, aud when found he was horribly mangled. The remains were taken
to Albany, N. Y , for interment.
The deceased lived in Medicine Hat
aud lelt a wife and seven children. He
had served for a long time as spare passenger conductor ou this division, and
was a man well liked by all who knew
A strange coincidence is coupled with
Mr. Hughes' death. Mrs. Hughes and
ber sister both lost their husbands by
violent deaths within the period of two
I. 0. 0. F.   ANNIVERSARY.
Tbe Cranbrook Brethren Will Properly Ob
serve the Day.
April 26 is the 83d anniversary of Odd
Fellowships Ameiica, and the day will
be duly observed iu Cranbrook by the
members of Key City lodge. Arrangements have been made to bold the i-er
vices at the Buptish church at 2:30 p.m.
Sunday, the 27.b. Rev. Auvache. the
pastor, will deliver tbe annual address.
All Odd Fellows in town, whether they
are members of Key City lodge or not.
are invited lo meet at ihe lodge room
promptly at 2 o'clock on that day, aud
prepare to march to tbe church in a
A special feature of tbe day will be tbe
reference to the Odd Fellows home,
which is to be built In British Columbia
in the near future. Tbis is a move in
which every Odd Fellow should toke a
deep interest, and it is to be hoped that
on that day their interest will take material form.
Star ls Pushing Development Work.
A New  Drill That   Promises to
Revolutionize  Mining: Operations.
A Valuable St. Man's property.
A short time ago The Herald reprinted from thc Marysville. Tribune an article reviewing the mine*, aud prospects of
St. Mary's valley. Inadvertently the
Tribune failed to mention tlie Emerald-
l'hoeuix group, owned   by M. J. Halpiu,
of Kaslo, and lu which Mr. Hal pin refers Iu a letter lo The Herald. This
group Is siui'ed north of ibe John Bull
group and adj lining the Malchtte group
on the southc isl, Samples of Carbonate
ore taken from ihe Emerald last Rummer assayed ,-,y, per cent copper. The
Herald takes pleasure lu rectifying the
error of omission and knows that tbe
Tribune will do ihe fame.
Bail ul the kootensy.
Up Against II.
The following from the Cheshire (l.ngi
Observer is good enough for anybody to
A member of a Continental club hm 1
his finger, and not wishing to consult
his own doctor be asked a brother member, who was a physician, to look al it
Tbe physician did bo, em], to the patient's surprise, sent in a bill for leu
shillings. Tbe victim showed lhe bill
to another member, who was a so.icitor,
and asked him what be should do. Tbe
solicitor promptly advised him to pay
the bill, and sent him in another fur ten i
shillings for advice given. Tbe mnn |
complained of his treatment to yet an
other member who reported him (o the
committee for failing to meet bis obligations, He was ultimately fined a cue
ol champagne.
tli- Ft Steele Prospector,
James Nelson came down tbe F.stclla
mine on Monday, He reports that work
is progressing favorably at the mine.
There will !*; considerable activity on
Wibl Horse creek this summer. Preparations are now being made for extensive work ground sluicing and hydraul*
Iclug, The owners ot claims and leases
are looking cheerful.
The owners of tlie Carrie Nation group
of claims, situated on Horseshoe canon
six miles from Fori Steele, commenced
active operations on Monday. A Urge
amount if supplies have been shipped
to the mine*, an.l it is ihe intention of
the others to fully develope the property
during ihe current jear.
Robert Dore, owner of tbe Grace Dore-.
a nickel proposition on Wild Horse
creek abcut three miles from .the town
of Fort Siteie. was fa town on Thursday. He reports tbat the properly Is
looking well and that rccenl assays gave
returns of from nine to fuurteen per
cent nickel. Developments consists of
S5 feet of open cuts. 40 feel of tunnel
and % shaft 22 feet deep. Tbe ledge is a
true fissure, having a w.dlb of from four
to six feet, with three feet of good ore.
Tbe ore carries blgfa values in nickel aud
cobalt, wi h small values in gold, silver
and iron.
Fred Walker Back With Bury.
Fred Walker, who bas been appointed
chief train dispatcher at North Bay, has
occupied important positions iu the C
P. R , having been train master at Rat
Portage and chief dispatcher at P'on
William, Cranbrook and other points,
and lately hns been with the Northern
Pacific at Spokane, from which place he
went lo North Bay. The increased traffic anticipated ou the line made it important that a man of pronounced ability be placed there at tbe head of affairs.
Invsllded Home.
Halifax, N. 8., April 7—II. II. 0
ner of Nelson, B. C, and J. B. Henderson of Cranbrook, B. C , two invalided
members of Smith African Constahuloty,
armed by th" Coiinliiiau tbis morning
aud lelt for lhe west this afieruoju.
Henderson had suffered with fever and
Gardner wjs kicked by n borne, Tbey
say Canadians are thought well of b, Imperial officers iu S-juth AMca,
New Han-] Drill for Miners.
W. W. Waite of Colfax, Wash., bas
patented a new hand drill which be bas
on exhibition at Spokane. Mr. Waite
patented the drill about a year ago and
let a c-ntract for their manufacture to
the Jeffery manufacturing company of
Columbus, Ohio, but owing to the
strikes throughout the east be was unable to get them on tbe market last fall
as expected The 6rst carload will arrive in Spokane about May I.
The drill Is unlqoe in many respects.
It consists 0! four four-pound hammers
on Eteel handles about 15 inches In
length attached to a balance wheel
which turns by a crank. At every revolution eft he wheel there are four strokes
of Ihe hammer, thus making it possible
to strike 21- blows a minute with little
exertion. The weight of the drill ia
about 150 pound, which is an imported
fact to be considered where transportation is difficult It ts claimed lhat fl
will do ibe work of from tour to six
men, according to the quality of the
rock. The simplicity of its workings
can perhaps be more readily understood
when it is stated that at every stroke of
the of lhe hammers the drill is turned
and held automatically for the neat
stroke. It has exactly the same movement as a miner makes when swinging
a hammer, with lhe exception of doing
away with the return motion, winch ordinarily consumes about 80 per cent of a
man's energy.
Thc North Star,
George Goldsmith returned from the
North Stir last Saturday, where he hat
been at work with a diamond drill the
past few months. Speaking of the
properly Mr. Goldsmith said: "The
North Star looks good now. A vast
amount ol development woik is being
'lone and a number of new ore bodies
have been shown up The Star will continue to be oue of the surest dividend
payers in the Kooteuays. Great activity
is seen  about   the  mine, and  fifty men
are employed,   Everything is working
satisfactorily and tlie hill will be a busy
place this season."
Mr. Golditnitb*will leave for tbe Lar-
dean in a short time to look after his extensive interests there, lie, in company with John Leask of ibis cily, own
oup ot the largest galena propositions in
British Columbia and   lli 17 expect to do
something with it this year, CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
ll.K.M-i "I   SI H • KIFTION:
one yeai  - - * - ■ "-'■';'
Six months - - -
The Iteralil ilinlrw to -be the newsol tlia
district, if ron kii»a mj aboul yum lawn
ymir nun-- in youi |>eu)>li. seuil 11 to this utlteB.
During lhe past two weeks Ihere have
been two or three newspapers in British
Columbia tbat have been compelled
to suspend publication owing to a lack
of sufficient Bupport lu consequence ol
these journalistic deaths, there bus been
a weeping and wailing, and the shedding
of many tears by the sympathetic press
of the province In too many cases of
this kind sympathy is uudeserved, and
tearful ejaculations but lhe material evidence of a pessimistic spirit.
There is too tnmli ol tins kind of
ranting by editor.-; too much of this posing as objects of charity by publishers
of weekly papers; too much of this endeavor to  arouse  Mil- sympathy of the
community to secure a slight addition to
the annual revenue of the office. Such
a procedure is a disgrace and a shame.
A newspaper is no more lhe object of
charity than is a grocery -.lore, a meat
market or a clothing house. Ii is a
straight business proposition, for which
every patron should h ive value
received, uml the publisher of the paper
should occupj ihe same position iu a
town that any other reputable business
man holds, ami maintain lhc dignity of
that position. Thu many publishers
whine around shout their bills, crave
favors when none should he granted,
jump nt an opportunity to play dead
head wheu they should be paying full
price instead of acting the role ot a mendicant ur pub.ic charge.*
Again, there are uewsp ipers published
in towns that would starve an editor to
death if he lived ou corn meal nnd molasses, Men who will insist on tempting
fate in places like that should be given
an interim of iest at New Westminster
until Ihey lind grown stronger in mind
and less venturesome m *-puit.
But the greatest fault of ull lies with
tco many publishers. They will put in
a heterogenous lot of old, out of date
type, publish a pnper the appearance of
which Is enough to make the spirit ot
Gulenburg rise in revolt, print job work
that looks us if it had been designed by
a wood chopper and executed by a coal
heaver, ami then kick because they fail
to get patronage, They will charge the
IocbI merchant one dollar au inch for an
advertisement the composition of which
would give a tu tn the nightmare, and
take some mediclue fake for 20 cenls au
inch wiih -'5 percent of! for commission,
aud the balance to be paid in a roll of
barb wire or printer's ink that is ahsoluti
ly worthless. liiiergy ami brains are um
known quantities around such offices
and the expression of an honest opinion
or the display of manly independence is
unheard of. ll is such papers lha I fail,
simply because they have no right to
live. They are a reproach upon the
craft and a nuisance in a town.
It cosls money to run a country news-
paper. It takes modern type, modem
machinery, modern nn tluu Is, modern
'deas, modern workmen, and unlimited
hustlim;. If 11 lown furnisbesa field foi
a new.sp.iper, and a mhui will he true to
his profession, true to his town, true lo
his merchants, persist in the policy thai
he should furnish just ns good a loiter
head, envelope, bill head or dodger as a
patron could gel -u Vancouver, Winui
peg or Spokane, lie will succeed.
Thnt is the secret of success iu running
a country newspaper.
The work of llie com mission has de.
veloped a regular monkey and parrot of
a time. Premier Dunsmuir Bnd Smith
Curlta hnve exchanged nil kinds of epi
thets, ami those present hive hid a
pleasant entertainment.
The British Columbia J'ress Associa-
tiation in- been duly organized and
should become a peimonent Institution
that will in the future prove of great
benefit to the whole province And the
final success in perfecting ibis urbanization was entirely tine io the perseverance of Thomas McNaught, manager of
the Halcyon Hot Springs
Up tr the latest leports from Victoria
the government lias not turned over the
parliament  buildings to the Cl Han
St Northern railway.
Represent nit ve Smith has taken a
hand ir. the license commissioners investigation of this dOinrt Hi is asking some very pointed questions of the
attorney general.
The future of Cranbrook never looked
so bright as it ilora ibis spring. The
prosperous condition of the dis'rict and
the advantageous location of Cranbrook
combine to make it one of the most
prosperous towns iu this province.
Rev. McCrossan, ihe preacher who is
booming stock iu the Lardeau country,
ll evidently breathing easier again. He
now has the Lardeau Eagle with him
once more.
Rossland will celehiale May :■) 24 this
Knslo will celehmu- ttie   2 lib of May.
South East Kootenny stands today ns
one of the best mlnernl districts in Canada.    The dcvc'np'iu'nl his just   started.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is ^-orth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
Lessons of a Fire.
The foolish gazes at another man's prop- fc
erty burning, and says "Too bad, and he had fi
no insurance." And then he forgets and fails O
to insure. The wise man sees the fire and I*
insures the next day.    Moral: I*
?141♦ 141414>14>14>I +1<*I +1*I<> (sMaH^©***©*-®*-^^
Some Dividend Payers
Rossland Miner 1 Eirly In March ihe
Ymir Mines, Limited, paid a dividend
which makes the tnial of ine profits
distributed among its aharoholdeis $28
000, The Noith Star, of Bast Kootenay
paid 1 1 a cents per *hare a few days
aj-o. This company has divided 8373,-
(100 among those who hold its slock
certificates. It bas a reserve of about
$210,000 In lis treasury. On March
20tb, the Sunsel divided JO 000 among
Its stockholders, making lis total profits
circulated 830,000- The Itimbler-Cai I-
000 declared a dividend of one per
cent, payaole April 1 This company
will now have distributed about $138,-
nni) among lis shareholders.
Smelter at Sandon.
It issland Mines 1 A site has been procured for lhe proposed smelter at
^andon which J Ryan Is promoting. I'
Is just outside the city Mmlis anil well
adapted for the purpr.se, The Sandon
people are giving the enterprise every
encouragement. The design will be
what Is known as tlie Vulcan type, the
same as that which has been erected at
Ferguson, and the Sindon people or-
with Interest watching how lhat one
will turn out. If Mr. Ryan's proposed
smelter does not eventuate there ls p
disposition now to erect one anyway, If
the Vulcan system proves a success at
To  -.u.O :iu7iT hn\e  nt".;   .M«*-eu    ..
aliillliiff for tin.si- sorvlros which l
very gladly gnvc niv country, Far
from profiting hy them, my expedition cost mo £200. t mu sorry to
Intrutlo thoso personal details, but
the point wns not ol my raising."
flun. Sir flnrdon IHutiimon-j.
Tlio first commission of General Sir
Cordon Driuwnowl, a soldier whose
career is of Interest to Canada for
ilu- active part he took in tho war
of 1812, is dated September 21st,
1780. Ilis promotion from tho
however, was very rapid. In
veil bis Lioutonant-Col-
onolcy. Between this dnto nnd his
arrival in Canada us Lioutenant-
Ceuenil of thc Canadian fores,    in
August, 1818, be bnd served in Holland under the Duko of York, in
Egypt under Abororombie, and in
tbe West. Indies under Sir Eyro
Cooto. Sir Georgo Provost wns the
lirst in command in Canada, but the
winter campnlgn of 1818-14 was especially characterized by the operations curried out under Drummond.
Fort Niagara wus taken, Black
Hock was stormed and the position
of the village of Buffalo subsequently carried. A raid upon Oswego mid
iIs stores wus the success of the
following spring. Summer snw tho
but He of Ltindy's Lane, whore tho
General wns severely wounded and
hud liis horse shot under htm, followed by the disaster of Fort Erie,
lu tho autumn the rotlroment of Sir
Georgo Provost left him commander
of the forces uud Adiiiinislrntor-in-
Chlof of the Government of the Onn-
Uilas. He WUS succeeded in 1816
by Llout.-Gen. Sir John Sherbrooke,
OppBitd by Mr. Conan Uoyle,   tlio  Novel-
Ut—Lot! of '•pf-eclirimklu'*-
Mr. Cumin Doyle's unsuccessful effort tu attain political honors at
the last general election In Orpnt
Brltnin is of particular Interest to
Caiindians by reason of the fact thai
the successful Liberal candidate was
Mr. George M. Brown, son of tbe
lulu Hon. George Brown of Toronto,
The constituency wns Central Edinburgh, mnl Mr. Do.viu was the Liberal-Unionist candidate, lie is described hs highly popular in Edinburgh,
where lie look bis course in medicine
and also obtained his first success in
literature. As n candidate Lho novelist inmli' so ninny speeches that      in
01 f Un- lusi of tb.'in ho said:   "I
bavo talked innl talked all the week
till I am sick nf hearing my own
voice! 1 1 mi ilu ten speeches yoslor-
lluv ..ml huvu lo mnke ns nuili.V more
to-day "     Un  some days  be      begun
liis s| ch-niakiiig before    breakfast
mid kepi  ii up tin midnight.        lie
spoke in ibe streets  I srjunrus,   in
several blew.lies, |M „„ „,„.,-,, house,
iii a "literary institute," in front ol
business establishments or workshops
mul wherever be could attract tho
notice of any group of listeners, lie
had to submit, too. to Hint torture
known ns 'heckling" -- or, III other
words,   was  teijiiired   to  illiswer      nil
those Boarching questions — political,
moral or metaphysical — which electors  ai'O   fond   of  putting   to       every
candidate, On n number of occasions he innl to confess Hml he could
not answer the "hecklers." "I
really do not know," In- suit) in one
ease Aud: "I favor your suggestion;
bul don't see where the money is lo
come from " "Wo ought lo go very
slowly." "f Hgreo with you; bul
then ." "I mn nol 11 Jingo; yot, after .ill." "I a  young polll Iclnrt;"
uml so mi In referring to British
performances abroad he is reported
us Baying:
"Why should we be st. very nggres-
slvel We should not rush Into ovory
foreign enterprise Wo hnvo boon lho
pollconion of tho world too long.
There is m.l a (leaving liervlsh or u
mad Mullnli, or nny kind of religious
fanatical lunntlc, imi (Iron! Britain
mid Groat Britain's army nre sent
lo pui him down. We never net. nny
Ibuiiks (or  it       We do  Hie luird    and
dirty work of the world, while the
other nations stand round mid jeer
at us."
None of the numerous m lies    of
the novelist could bo called
"eloquent." lie did not ot any lime
lot Ids Imagination loose,   lie never
was in tlio leasl oXll'tiVngOIlt, but always very much in earnest, As a
speaker, too. lie seemed to ho wholly
ilillereiit from himself as a Writer
All his speeches wei'O plain mid imnl
as possible, and he I rented nil questions iii the mosl practical manner,
or in what may be called tho "House
of Commons Manner "
It was just before Hie day In which
his ambition to enter Pnrlininent
was blighted that he said: ••After my
experience of mi Edinburgh election
I um not in favor of anything that
ond miii."
could possibly entail upon me a sec-
Bj' o illusion only Was he ollei liml. mikI ibis charge wns quite as nn-
noving io Mr. Brown ns to his np-
poneiii During the Doer war- wli-m
Mr Cumin Boyle ivns in Suuth Af-
rlcn. in- -i'i\s"l for „ time in the hospital-*- ;,,..i   trlmn bo *e —id    i! nl
« t.riuT I"rieudi.
These "corner" fiends remind me
of the yachtsman who gets on board
a rnclag craft with u pair of immaculate white ducks, n peaked cup,und
a huge sheath knife stuck In his bolt,
s.ivs Jo Hivi'tl in The Star, und performs deeds of valor between docks
when it conies on to blow, and the
crew nro hanging to a swinging
iiialn-boom like grim death, nnd
trying to throw "tucks" In her
mainsail. Your real hunter uud
fisherman keeps his rifles and guns
and rods stowed nway in the gai'l'Ot
or out in the woodshed, und puts on
Ids third host suit when he goes out
on un expedition.
■I 1
' .   : • ni which    I   could
""-'- lu   .c- v ,l'   *_:i  i'-.H"-t      me
(.11110 «r Sen nit f*h
Grace—Why do you persist in re
peittlng tbut awful scandal about
May—I'm trying to find out if there
ts any truth in it.
.   A   "Square"   Alder mnn.
"I happened to be out west," snld a
Pittsburg architect, "when a cortnln
town decided to erect a city hall.
Architects were Invited to send In
pinna nnd specifications, nnd, though
I hadn't fully decided to compete, I
dropped In on a boss alderman one day
to secure some Information. I had
been told that he wns at the head of a
ring, and It didn't take me long to discover that such Information was correct. We bad scarcely passed a dozen
words wben he said:
"'.Mr. Blank, this building ls to cost
" 'Yes.'
"'And there must be at least $200,-
000 to divide up among thc pickings.'
•■ 'Yes.'
"'Cnn you plan an $800,000 bulhllny
Which   will   yield   $200,000   worth   of
" 'I Never hnve done so.'
"'Then don't begin here. You'd not
only muddle your [dans und speelllcn-
tlons, but you'd tempt us to steal you;'
w 11 ii cl; of the stealings, nud we waul
to get out of it with a little honor left
to tinkle some other job with. Try a
railroad wilier Job or something easy,
and gootl morning to you.'"
(imii Chops,
"The limn who goes In for Angorns."
soys uu authority, "will tlnd thut it Is
true ihey will Jump anything under
I'm feet high and climb n sapling. They
will got ut the neighbor'!, wash as sure
ns it goos Oti the line, nnd there will bo
lingerie lo pay for. But If you would
be on the safe side and keep the billy
there turn him up nud out nwny the
little creeper that you will And at the
bottom of the hoof, It will not hurt
him to lose It, but it ruins his ambition ns n mountebank. It will save
lots of trouble to hnvo a chiropodist
get at the Angora with a mill trim
Gout ment cannot be distinguished
from mutton ordinarily. In every ear
of slu-ep tbnt comes from New Mexico
there lire sure to he from two to a doz-
sttiiic block at the puckers', nnd thc
sn nie block at tlie packers,' nnd the
goodwlfo who takes home gont chops
for In tub chops Is never the wiser, nor
Is the butcher, A goat ts only a gout
when bo lias bis pelt on. After that
he Is 11 sheen.
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public.
Crnnhriiuk nnd Marysvllle, It. C.
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Ucncral Jobbing....
Outside Orders Promptly .
Allended In. I
Surveys „,
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by conlracl.
P. II. Port Sleele. II. C.
and Builder  .*
All wnrk guaranteed.   Sec us before
you build.   It will pay you.
Cranbrook, B I
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Undertaking; And
Graduate of Champion college of U, S
Oflice nnd store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, It  C
Upholstering and General Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave,
Forenoons,   ■   •   ■   ■   v:30 to II
Afternoons   ■   ■   •   •   1:3(1 to 3:3(1
Evenings    -   *   -   •    7.30 to 8:30
CRANIIROOK,    :   :   : :    B. C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
1 *ui* nn uiy 1 lea I chemist anil control assayer to
ilu- North .star .\nmu company,lltnlteil,
Every Description of Mlnernl Analysis.
Prompt Attention to Samples by Mall and
Oir.00 mul l.nlini'iitiiiy:
Kootenay St., Nelson, B. C
Sixty .Inys ail-r iIiiih 1 In.'tul in apply to tha
niter Oiamlulouor ol I mill nnd Works nt
Vicln in, li. a, for permission in Mir. Iimo 1 he
following deserllieil I11111U1
Commencing nt tlio Hontli Unit corner of An*
mis MorMinn's iro-empl tl neat htnltli'*lake
running ivesi plglit) olmloi, rutin ngsoiitliei lity
emills, iiiiiniii' t'it**.i'*('ti'i>iy iiiiiiiis, riiliiilnit
a iriti i' ({lily oliniiis to lie- ["iim ni uoituni-nee
ment, anntnliil ir lix lumilreil ami foity nerai,
Rlttneil ii.11. Kixii.
Cranbrook, Halt Kootenny, March 10, \wi.
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory
V.O.O.F.   Key Cily Lodge
1.   Mceu every Pr'
miu nt H10I1 hull i.n
linker Btroot,   tjojmtrnltl"
(iilil fellows cardlully invited.
S. J   Morrow, 11. Parsons,
N. IS. Heo'v.
t-ninliriink l.od-e, No. 34
A. P. & A. M.
Ilegnlnr meeting* nn the
tlilnl Tliursitny of lln.
Visiting brclllern welcomed,
.lis... A. I.lArll. Snp'y.
The tif ih annual meeting of the share*
holders of the Crow's Neat Pass Coal
company wai held In roronto on March
The net jimiii of it.e yeaT otter paving all operailnti eipenaes ami all
chart'ei. nf every klml, amounted to
S'inT.sts ;ui. After |».iyiil(* a ulvhli-uit
at the rata of ton i"-r oi nt per annum
n balance of *o's 11.1 so * as carried forward tn the credit nt  **rolU ami In*-.-*,.
Thla company'** assets are their coal
mines and the lownftttQ of I'ernie. Pour
Yearn .ii-o thin company had un Iran*
flirtation facllitlct, and their stock sold
at low an eleven cents per share. Today their Mock l« sQllIng nt 800 nu
Till: SIMILKAMEEN VALLEY COAL COMPANY Mml-rd a-Hots a-e Coal Mines,
Timber, Water Power, Agricultural and llnr*
tlnilliiral Land. City Water Works, Electric
Light Plant and the Townsite of Aslinoh,
t*a*rounded bv the following resources;
link!, Copper, Silver, Lead, Iron, Lime, Fire
Clay, Platinum, and a Fine Stock liaising
Country, and it la ttie smelling center of
tne Similkameen Valley with a climate
nil that conll be asked. Today yin
can secure au option on thin company's
siock by paOn**, ten coma per share
down and ten cent** per month until
fully paid, with non-forfeiture clause.
Thlsprle h snl j-ct to a twenly-flve
cent advance wUhout notice, or as soon
aa transportation Ih assured. The en-sent price li SI.10 per share. Di nol
wall until it ts too late, but get tn on
the ground llnor and mske a handsome
profit. A purchaser of 100 shares now
may pain a .profit of 88.000.00, Crow's
Neat shares as an example. This would
be a fair profit en an investment of 810
per month for eleven months. We invite lhe fullest Inspection t f the company's affairs by Intending purchasers.
Por further Information apply to tbe
Similkameen Valley Coal Company Limited, Head Olllce, Nelson. 11 C . Room
"A." K, \V. C. Block, Nelson, B, C
...Dealers in..,
| Wall s Paper,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
-vfy-       Tlouldings, Etc.
/^ Paper Hangers and Decorators.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.    Your
trade is solicited.
1 human Stevenson
Harry Mcintosh
A Continuous Show
First Class Cole and
kiiniim In Connection
"Always on Shift"
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
Ft. Steele Brewing Co. | of repairing.   Give mc a call.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Pt. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co
The only iill rail ioiiu- between nil
pointa ll.-isl, W.-st nml .Smitli lo ...
Intermediate Points.
Connecting nt
Sl'OKANK .villi the
Ureal Northern,  Northern Pacific
and I). K. & N. Company.
Conti.-s.t8 nt
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Ciiuuei-ls ilnilv
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   for
(Irsniil Porks and Orccnwood,
II. A. JACKSON, lien. Pass. *,l.
I have jjond wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsilc office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There arc a few poinls to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Materia
and the price-
Have you talked with anyone about building?
Come aad aec mc or let mc see ynu.   II may
do us both good.
1 Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
a+tHO!-0-K>KD-:-OCS-H>!-0-:-0-!-CH-Oi. J
I A Woman's Dream £
£ ...BY ni. QUAD.., T
O      COpvrtohti Ml, bv 0 U> Leivtt,      6
1 .-nn ono of Hit* Bcntcnnti In clmrgo
or tlio central police stullon nt nljclit*
nml during Lho severul yenra I |invo
hold the position aotno strnngo things
bnvo occurred, Ono of lliom, niul one
thnt ntlrnctcit gcuernl nlteiitlon at tlio
tInn*, wnli iiif way dn' iimrilurer of tlio
Bolton fiimlly wnlkotl in •  ono
night.   A mmlly ol live people iinmcil
Bolton living ui Missouri was Btiiugli<
tercd ono night,  nnil,  tliougli  uvcry
effort wns miulu to flml Hie innnlerei*,
lie uut clean off.   Two years Inter, one
night in  ii o'clock, n tramp entevctl
the station mnl ipiprlpd of nn-:
I   "ir l will Biirrcnilur myself, will you
Bend ont for .*i good luncheon?   1 bavo
bnd nothing to enl for two dnj's."
I   "Whnt crime nro yuu guilty of?" 1
asked without much interest.
I   ".Murder.   I am tho one who killed
tbo Boltons ont west."
"Yes, I'll'lock ynu up nnd give yon n
luncheon," I snld, mnl I took him down
Btnlrs, placed him In a cell ami then
ordered n lunch for lilm from it ulght-
bmvk wnson. I Ininlly believed him
guilty of any crime whatever, hut hla
face betrayed liis hunger, nnd I felt
charitably Inclined. Before 1 went off
duty lu the morning 1 tuhl thu fellow
thut I shutiM hnve him sent up na a
vagrant, and it wns then that he told
nie his story in .such words thnt I could
no loiigei doubt lilm. The result yon
know. He wns the murderer sure
enough, and he returned to Missouri lo
be tried and hung for his bratnl crime.
One night a yeni* or sn Inter ns I was
eating ray Inncli at midnight nn old
woman who rnn a laundry entered in
an excited state and asked me if there
wns such a street lu the oily ns Desoto,
J told ber there wns, It was a narrow,
wretched street In ihe toughest qunrter
of the town. Then slie asked me If
there wan a cheap hotel called tho
Lincoln House cm the street. Again I
Answered In tbe affirmative. It- was a
resort of bad men nnd bad been raided
several times.
"Now, let me tell you," she continued,
growing more excited ns she talked.
"Soon nfter 1 went to bed tonight 1
bod a dream Of beiug on Desoto street
ami bnd not lhe reporters been armed
they would have bnd a hot time of It.
When room No. 7 wus reached, they
expected to find It empty, as the laundress had Been the dead body borne
down stairs; hut, to their a in a se ment,
ilm figure of a mail was lying un the
ln.l. He wns fully dressed, ami for a
niiniiii- after thoy entered he gave no
sign of lifu. Then lie Hlghed and groaned and tossed about ns If In great pain.
There wero the stand and the gluss
inn) the whisky, nud one had only to
Hiiitr nt the contents of the glnna to feel
sure Mint It wiih n caso of drugging.
A doctor was sent for, nnd for the next
i.n limit's he did mil leave the patient
for ii mil ui to, It was a clime cull i'or
lhe guest, tint lie dually began tu rally
and was taken to a hospital.   It win
tin * four days before he could tell
his Blory ami a fortnight before he got
out.     lie  was n  stranger in the city,
witli ii thousand dollars in his pocket,
mnl lind been roped iu by the gang and
eventually drugged und rubbed. Au
hour later he would have been deud,
nml Oie pi'ugnimmo of the woman's
dream would probably have been curried out; at least lhe fellows were
walling fur him to breathe Ills luat before disposing nf the body. While
nothing could be proved fu law, wo
raided the house nnd broke up the
gang, and the landlord got such a
warning of trouble to come that be
thought best io mnke a change of r*H«
mule. Tbe reporters got a big Item,
of course, and I received a compliment
or two, uml ihe dreamer, I nm happy
to say, was rewarded with $100 In cash
mil intuit* the hupplest woman In town.
..•.-•'(H-iiu-- iu im. Corretpondent it iiuti
un* i-nut of iiinii.,if,ing hiHti-iKi (,r
uiiaiputi**** ilia Ifttomnoe .,r ilia I'm.
iiir iitt-iK luiii'i-iniii-* tn,, (iiimutte,
condition! -i'Mit ui in.- progrumia-i
t'liuiii-.-t'-i'itt-ii ui llidtakea.
nl Duchi
u retunii
Seared   lite  Old   Snvak*.
When the well known African traveler. Dr. Robert Pel kin, was staying
with the bloodthirsty King Mtesa of
Uganda many years ago, tbe king, out
of gratitude for his visitor's medical
tment, wished to cut off his head.
Dr. I'ell;In representing that the
tment was not finished and that If
rrupted It would cause Mtesa's
Mi the hitter granted blm a re-
ve until  he was quite recovered.
I iri
Then,  however,  nothing availed, and
tin* execution was determined upon.
Eiuln Pasha, who was a friend of
Dr. l*Vll;ln, hml Instructed him most
nccurntcly nbout the state of nffnlrs In
Uganda ami the court of King Mtesa
and bad revealed to him an important
stale socrot— namely, where Mtesa's
powder store was bidden. Dr. Folk in
remembered this at the right moment
uud as a lust resort threatened that If
Mtesa killed him he would bring down
n (lash of lightning upon Ids powder
store. Mtesa replied Incredulously,
"Tell mo where It is." Whereupon Dr.
Fclkiu whispered lu his ear, "It Is con-
cen lot! under your hnreni."
Mtesa turned pale ami allowed Pel-
kin and his companions to live. Tho
"lightning maker's" authority Increased wIlOU next day n flash of lightning
happened to strike neur the bareni.
Hi itp^
K I .1 ! B,
nnd entering that hotel,   I pnssed In at
the front d ' and up two [lights, nml
In room No. T 1 saw a drunken mini
lying In bed wllh lilsclotbcs on. There
was a glass with some whisk; In tt on
n stand near by, I call blm a drunken
man, but he wus more bIcIi tbnn drunk.
lie moaned in pain nnd tossed ajmut,
nml while I si I looklug nl him  he
shivered ns with cold nnd was dend.
Then two men enine into lho room and
searched his pockets nml took nm u
large roll of bills, Thoy wont out for
n few minutes, and *.*.! eu they returned
they curried the body down stntrs, nul
through a back door, aud tbey were
crossing lhe yard in lhc direction of
the river when I wuko up, You mny
cull lue silly, sir, Iml t m sure murder
bus been done in (I nl liouse."
The woman's t-tiriipitiieu Impressed
.nie, but policemen me » bnrtl i ended
■ let. To nroun "ne of tbe sleeping i \
mm ami scud bun tan to Investigate a
drcum was an absurd Idea, 1 bud told
| the Inn lid less Ihnl I could do nothing
" In tho matter nud hud tiled to make
.light  Of   her  fear-*,   wben   ll   COtlpIo   Of
reporters   sntitili red   In,    i   bad   the
'w iiiiinii ruintO bet ill.mn In tin n> and
suggested that tl ere inlghl bo a good
Item III It lei tin in I'bej COUtd 1 i.s,'
lunger   cbnnccs    Hint)    I    could,    and
after talking u.e motter over tbey
ngreed lo go oui to tlie street nud hotel
iu company, Bsforo doing so tbey
questionod the dreamer ns to ibe look
of the street .md the house named. To
nur surprise, Eliu gavo occurote de-
Bcrlplloiis, i I. ii positively sure that
idie bail never inivoised tin- street 111
bcr   waking   moments,   bul   yet   sbo
(united   a   enal.Mtnl,  a   cooper  BllOp,   u
heap of building material ami other
tilings    Which   slie    bad   seen    In    ber
dreams. She described (he hotel as of
biicl. with a green front. She said
there were cigbl bedrooms on the second tloor aud thul the doors and other
woodwork were painted » shite color.
1 felt considerable luterost In tbe mat-
ti r before the reporters got nwny niul
Hilled tip the patroltnuu on thut beat
nnd ordered him to render nny ttsslnt*
mice ho could.
It was a long ride to tho place, and
the reporters did not reach It till 2
o'clock In the morning. Moid and lur
Were then closed or appealed to bo,
but afler a vigorous assault on tho
door It was opened by lhe landlord,
who cursed tbnn for their Impudence
nnd would have Rlnmmod It In tbelr
faces but fur the presence of the olll*
/ <*. When they Insisted on going up
to room No. 7, he declared Unit there
'wasn't a guest on ihat tloor, nud before
tliey bad curried tbelr point the officer
bad to make a prisoner of him. The
row brought out half a dozen toughs,
Headache and  (he Hy****.
Eye strain should be lhe tlrst thought
suggested by nny complaint of licnd-
inlie. for it is by (nr the most common
cause of that'symptom. The simple
existence of heuihiche, therefore, should
suggest eye btrain, but frequently a
careful Inquiry as to the manner nud
time of the attack and lhe location of
tlie severest pain will be almost conclusive as to tlio origin of the trouble, of*
ten ii comes on whenever the eyes are
used nnd Is absent whenever tbe eyes
bnve bad n proper season of rest.
Congestion, Irritability or inihnnuia-
tion of the eyes ami their appendages
slmiiltl always Suggest lhe mmplelon of
eye Btniln. A single attack or manifestation of Mils kind bas no Special slg
ulllcnnce, hut repeated attacks of in-
Itn ni mn tion or prolonged congestion or
Irrllnblllty nre suggestive of n continuing utilise, A strange thing wllh reference io eye strain is that It often exists
to an exceptional degree without ibow-
lm* any BymptomB In the eye- The patient Will often say tbat the eyes are
perfectly good mid huv« never cuuucd
utiy Irritation.
Now   Hull   lln-   Ilnke
Cornwall and York h
Kiiglnnd ii limy m>i hu .nn i,f placo
to Mini up, (mm mi l2nBllnli fi#and-
poiui, the possible wl vantages Una
I'liuiidu bus received from tho visit
of. the royal party in Cnilllda,
writes the Loudon eorrespnnduiil of
Tlie Toronto Ulobo, Tbis, you will
reiiiembi'i', is i\ view expressed from
tho standpoint of n strung desire for
the dissipation of much of thu prejudice which has hitherto existed iu
Grant Britain in respect to tho
climatic conditions of Canada.    Un-
fortiinntel.V,   the hope  Hint    so  mnnv
Canadians in England hud, that th-*
result of the royal tour through
Canada would be n fairer appreciation by tbo people here in respect to
Canada, is not likely t() t1L. realized.
It would buve been well for Uuiiada
in many ways if, in the flrsi place,
some of tho English newspaper correspondents bad not been with the
royal party, und in the second plan-,
if soma of those enthusiastic Canadians charged with preparing n
program for the royal party hud
been less prominent. The receptions
in Quebec and Montreal govt- pro-
mise thut there wus going to bo a
policy adoptod throughout the Dominion which would placo     Canada
ill a belter light before the rending
public of Ore.it Britain. All these
hopes, however, Were blasted when
the reports cnino from Ottawa uf the
reception there. Tbe more largely
circulating newspapers gave the
greater space lo the most exaggerated accounts of lho royul parly running the timber slides at the Chau-
dioro, to tlie reception of thu royal
Party between tho foot of the slides
ami the "lumber camp" ai Hock-
HJTc, and the timber-cutting and
shantymou's lunch nt l.acklitTo. The
first mimed was plcturcsquo in its
wildesl possible aspect, something
which cnn only bo seen far beyond
llie pale of civilization. As to Ibe
second, tho English public wen- told
that ibe river was filled with canoes
of Indians and shanty men dressed in
their native costume, who sung lustily the "Canadian Boat Song" us
the royal canoe passed down tho
river. Then, ns tha third, the luin-
bennen camping on tho outskirts of
the grounds of Kidcati llnli
given a typical Incident to bo
nny day within a mile or two
Pari lament buildings
Canadians know that thc i
slides, instead of being an ev
of backward civilization, an' -
engineering contrivances for
passage of limber from ono pi
lhe river to the other. As i,
river below the falls being en
with Indians nod shanlyinco it
native costume, 1 shall in'
OinaEed lo learn that Lho so-
Indians und shnnlymcn were n
the "upper (our thousand" at
tnwu's social circle, who chos
pass   theniBolves   oft   ns   natives
shanty men for thc nine being
order t.» make the royal visit
bably more interesting or mor
lun-sipii' than it otherwise
have been. A« to the lumbor
on the outskirts, or within th
Cjticts ol 1iid.Mii Hull, it is i,n
minus     almost      to     I,,-ed   ivte
Speak to ,in Englishman now
IU in wii. which,  without  excepl
think. 1 will he pardoned for   -
stands  pre-eminent   iu  distinct!
ihe most   highly cultured roc in
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Hautis. Kailway Company contrul a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 on acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
Tin- :is'v'ris::iii amnunt sit principal and Inl rest, except in the
case sit lands under $2.5(1 an acre, is divided into ten instalments as
shown in lhe tabic below; Ihe first 1.1 he paid at the time of purchase, lue second one year from date of Ihe purchase, the third in
Iwo years and soon.
The following l.ihle shows Ihe amount of the annual instalments
on Km acres al diilerenl prices under lhc ahovc conditions;
hill acrs nt S2.50 per acr. 1st Instalment JM.M 9 equal Inlal'ts al S50.00
.1.1111     ■• •■               71.90 »              60.00
.1.50     " -                W.00 ■•               70.00
4.011     •• »               95.115 »              80.00
4.5(1     ■■ "              107.85 "              90 00
5.00     " "                19.85 ..             100.00
Kimbei'lev 's ",c mlsmt;ss aiul shipping point for the
*  North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsile Agents.
Cranbrook is ,,,c ("v's'0,la' P°'n' °' 'he Crows Nest Pass
Railway and Ihe commercial cenlrc of South
Easl Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
Inr furtlicr iiiliirmniiiiii apply In Agents as nbovc or tu
Lands under $2.50 per acre arc sold
on shorter time.
If the land Is paid fur in mil nl lhc
time ol purchase, a reduction Irom the
price will be allow ed equal to ten per
cent on the amount paid In excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Interest at si\ per Ctml will be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale
in Ihe following tuwn sites in East Knot-
enay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, kiich.
ener, Creston and Klmberley,
Thc terms of payment are one lliird
cash, and the balance in -six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron raitKC ami lhe gatewaj Io iho White
Grouse copper fields.   .1. i. BURGESS,
lownslte Agent.
A. TAYLOR, District Land A^ent, Nelson, B. C. or
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
I The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.        I
Saw and Planing Mills
j :::AT
! '
-AM,   KINDS   01'-
. On
ift from i
onri <>f Of
tlinl   lhu
11   is    thu
I 111-        111 P| I. >|H> I ■• HI lit-,
N.'xt to iiiu elephant tbe bugest beast
tu point >>f hulk and weight Is Ibe hippopotamus,   of tbis animal sir 8a 1
Baker ims seen hundreds uf specimen*
nu ih.' White Nile. One that hi* mens
tn nl wiu il fci-t il Inches i-'Uk from
snout to Up of tall, Tbe crocodile nov
ur veuturea to attack the hippopotamus,
w likh tor iih pint disdains to attack the
procodllo,   ami gli, like the rhluoccr
on, iiiis monarch uf mld-Afrlcan riven
is um carnivorous, it i» voty formidable
tn man, belug easily provoked mul na
snl Hug the object of itn resentment with
in kli>88 fury, li cnn upset the largest
bunt, unit in one Instance perforated
wiii its tusks ilu* inui bottom <>f su
Samuel's steamer, cnuslug a dangerous
hull. The ilcab of the hippopotamus is
nlwnys pn In i able, uml when the animal
is young it is dellcloiiB. The Hkln makes
excellent turtle soup. The tiwU were
formerty woro valuable than those of
the elephant, being lu request by dentists bceauso ihey never turu yellow,
T fries   I'rninl.
"Only twice," snld n well known law*
j-im*. "hnve 1 really liii'ii proud. The
first tlmo wns years njjo In court.
I'd been admitted and had bud charge
of the preparation of an Important
suit. Thu jury brought In a verdict
Tor out' side, and I felt happy, hut
iiTler I'd collected tbe papers nnd
books and was going out my chief,
who wns one of the lights of tbe bur
In those (Inys, put his band on my
shouldor nnd snld: 'Vou prepared that
ease well, my hoy. If It hadn't been
fur you we'd hnve been beaten.' And
I knew il was so, tor he lind come back
from Washington only that morning
nud hud bud to depend entirely ou my '
work. And the second time I felt
prnnd wns when my married sister
caine into my library early ono after-
I'lon nnd anld iu a half whisper, 'It's
a hoy.'"—Exchange, ii*,l-i
Rough and
I Dressed Lumber, |
| Dimension Lumber, I
« j
| Shingles and I
| flouldings. j
*♦** + *•**» +v»**-»*--r*v-#*»»***4
i' Is lii*ri*1>j given
i' luiilerxlKiieil i
ialoner m un is
lini two months
i tn
In lln- ( lilrl
leant \ icturla
roiiowiiiR ii<--
|.nst ii'nnteil
senhod litntlsi  C iwiu-lng
on the west tinnk of Unci; o.i
ol Sim li ttiut Kootenny, it, i*. niiont t miles
woatuf Klko, mi tin> Bouili slito uf in.- Crows
Nist fuss llnllwayj ninuliiK wiM f" chnlns,
iin'iit'i' smitii su uiniiiH, tkeuea enat 80cIiiiIiib,
llii'il.-e north 80 rlilllns In tin* p-m r begin-
Dated L'.'itii March, UNhl,
Igiioil, I'UTKIl i.rsn.
iliuns     mul     slnintyni.'ii.   niul   where
Lhoro is neither culture noi   si ty
outside    of  the  vice regnl   ri lencc
The people of Ottnwn chnac rnthor
nol to elevate tbomsclvoa hy their
program In order to Interest royalty, mul tin* consequence is that
the whole of Canada must suffer In
llritish estimation on nccounl of ihe
rnnl. Rtupldlty of those who were
In charge nf that program
Then, ns to lhc journo*,  westward,
groat   prominent'.- wns glvon  to     the
w lorful snowstorm wiih which tlm
royal party tnot wllh Immedlnio-
13 after leaving Winnipeg, aud ihis,
too. nbout the middle of Soptomhor.
'I'liut there wns n flurry ol snow
thorn Is no question, bul in tin- British   liii'ii   of llOWSpnper  Woik.  nnil  tn
sun the llritish i.len mr mi exngger- |* ,^,^^^^*,*n^*fff****f*u
nlod    Hpoctaclo,    this wns mngnillod   id
into   n    I'lO/ni'il.   OUt    of   Whirl)   there     *
wus cause for devout thankfulness
Hml the royal party succeeded in
escaping with tliolr llvos
. Then, farther westward, thu Indian presentation look place, probably nil right lu lis way, hm ii can
again furnish tho English corrospnn-
deni with ii magnificent opportunity
for word-picture painting and exaggeration. No Englishman cnn
rend (he accounts in the papers of
the royal visit to the Indian reserves without being Impressed with
ihu idea tlinl the grantor pnrt
<if ihe population of Canada is of
that character. Looking nt It from
this standpoint, now Hint lhe glamor of royally ha-s passed away,
I think that you will readily son
that uu opportunity hns been lost, '
in respect to removing much of tho \\j\g\4-4-11 r*tt Cf\
prejudice existing in Civ.it Britain DUllling Ul.
about Canada, by the criminal foolishness manifested  iu certain       clr- |
cles In furnishing plcturcsquo mouse-    k/\*»n4-f\i\      W/O-foHC?
merits for thc  royal   parly       lather ' /\CI Ct LCU TTCllCIo
than on every occasion, as was done _ _    .. . .     .
tn  Montreal. Quebec, Toronto    and i Of all KlllUS.
Winnipeg,    in trying lo keep before ]
them n true conception of Canadian   _ _, „, .
life and character, i byrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales. Etc.
Colilnal liuur nf th« Dny. | °
At   iiii ROoaonH of tlio .,-,,„•    fivo  Soda water in siphons.   The most
o-clnck |„ tho morning Is the cold-       cconomie,| w% ,„ handle it.
I HOTEl  |
PBTER MATIIIiSUN, Proprietor. £
£ ************************ £
JJ When ynu   are  hungry   nnd   witiil JJJ
*fi         ii good iiienl to io ihe Host *•*,
jn        Kootenay. j
JJJ When ymi me tired nnd wonl n" JJJ
m\          (jood rest go to tbe East Koo- -ft
J            teiiwy. J
jj. When >ou are thlrstv and want n. -jj
in          pond  drink   go   to  lhe  Kast $
*■          Kootenny. V
S la facl wh* tt you are In Cranbrook jjj
a,          stop at Ihe Rast Kootenny. **-,
East Kootenay
■^       est hour of the ii*h
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
New Vork
via soo LING
SI. Paul, Chicago and all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
East, leave Dunmore Jet. daily
l.s Koolcnfly Undid- Friday
St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
West, leave Revelstoke   daily
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast
Steamship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
n j cnvi.fi C R COLPMAN
A. II. P. A , A(enl,
Vwill isivcr. trrnihriinl.
J.S.CARTER, n. P. A, NtlK.ii, ll. f.
Improving: On Nature
Is one of the functions of thc tailor. By his ,irt he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. Wc not only mnke perfect fitting
garments which set off a *?ood fisjuie and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling  at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
lhe 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook. B. C
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor :
i> ? ? ?
If so, don't buy    Dpi   TIP-l^    The rml> Wholesale Liquor Dealer Is
until you see.
South Last Koolessy.    Sprite for Prktl
Cranbrook, B. C. •$ -3- sS-1
PELTIER is also agent for
.nanci-u HAY AND OATS
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
T. LEBEL & CO. Wwle""
mmmmBBQOQQfTQQc.        mootm
Oneoflh- Holt Comfortable
Hotel, in l-.-.,st Kootenay.
Refittest Throiigliont
L. B. VanDecar, Prop. I-I r^4-rxi
Cranbrook, B, C, •••11 \J LCI
©10PQaoDgooDo*ooc: o ".: :>o oaoaao
Leading V
Hotel    *
Hotel Kootenay
The hcsl of accomodations
for the traveling public.
Livery S
Proprietors .* * *
Teams anil ilrivera fiirnialis-.l for nny
point In the district.
IIAkkV PAIkl-ini.l)
Wc have a stock of
Common ['rick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers Hnedi or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor & CO.
We are receiving new goods
daily. See our new Waists.
See the latest in Hats. Our
prices are always right. & ***5
jt***m*ltl iiiiiSriiiH
of Interior oi cxt.-r i com lioms'iro
,.   ft
" /«
[toil,    Ntilili'Si.li'l.t WUI     solicit!'!)
J:     LOCAL   NOTES     |
In Old Caincrinii Hotel lliuMin;*.
] Imvu   recently ope 1 Uiii  hotel  ami um
ready to take boarders i.y the day, week or
tiioiii. t have no Ihiuoi llconsu and ll Is my Intention to run ii strictly lirst class Uonrdhig
house. .1. I»   D1INDUII1.NT
Picked  Up Aboul the City  by  Asking
Questions of  Many People.
Tlie man who whispers down.*} well
About the joints he has lo sell,
Won't reap the gleaming, golden dollars
Like one who climbs a tree and hollers
MoKAt,—Advertise your goods iu The
I'roprleioi <ti i
Candy Kitchen
Candies, Fruits, Nuts, I
Biscuits, Pipes and 5
TobaCCOS. Olvc us a tall T
W.  J.  WELCH,
Draying and
Pinnao Moving a Specialty.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, I'rop.
Best meal on earth.
Thoroughbred Barred
Plymouth Rocks
E. B. Thompson's
"Ringlet" strain.
6 Cockerel;, tit $5 each.
Ejtfts, $i for 13.
Cash must accompany each order. L. W. PATMORE,
51 Fort Steele, ii. C.
Tint  Farrell waa up from Moyle Frl-
Fire    Fire
We would   respectfully
a-lc you to give us an
opportunity to quote
you our rates when
wanting lire insurance.
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life lusur'ce
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and varied
stock of
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
If you buy of Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make it right.
Official Watch Inspector tor
Crowd Neit ilvlelftnC.P, ti.
Ur. Wall of Fori Steele, was in town
Ur. Green of Moyie, was in town
Mrs. W. K. Tate has been quite ill the
past week,
li. A. Klton of Fort Steele, was iu
town Monday.
A junior lacrosse club has beeu organized in Cranbrook.
Did you ever have a fit? If not, try
McSweyn & Griffith,
Stop in at McSweyn St Griffith's and
louk at their suitings.
W. S. Keay, customs ofhrrer at Ferule,
was iu town Monday.
G. H Gilpin has built a bridge of size
between bis two ware bouses.
Miss Pettit has been quite ill the past
two weeks, hut is recovering.
McSweyn Si Griffith, the new tailors,
carry a fine stock of suitings.
Jack Mulligan is recovering from a
bad hand, the result of a felon
Frank Derosier. proprietor of the Jaf-
fray hotel, wbb in town Tuesday.
G. 0, Madigan, government Inspectoi
of boilers, was in lown tbis week.
Archie Currie came down from'Marys
vllle Saturday, returning Sunday.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. R. R Beattie, a
daughter, Thursday, April ;*., 1912.
Mrs. William Small of Marysville vis
itt;il Cranbrook friends over Suuday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Leask and son
Lionel visited Marysville last Sunday.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. McFar-
Suiifl, 011 Monday, April 14, 1902, a girl.
The Cranbrook Lumber company lias
iu Palmer Bar mill working full blast
John Leask and family have been suffering the past week with a severe attack
of grippe.
lleiiry Tliiery, formerly cutter for M
Mclunes & Co.
A counter attraction drew several nf
Ibe Cranbrook people over to Fort Sleele
Tuesday night.
\V, W. Doble, manager for P. Hums
& Co. in this distiict, made a trip down
the line as fur as Fernie last week,
J llrautt, proprietor of tbe Canadian
hotel, is building au addition tbut will
nearly double tbe size of bis bou
It is reported thai N Hanson ei peels
tn ship lumber down the Kooienay to
Wardner. where connections will be hud
with the C. P. R.
The C P. R, have resumed their L irdo
Service commencing April 14.10 twice a
week, Mondays and Thursdays, on the
present schedule.
Mrs. U. R Leask received the sad intelligence ou Tuesday that ber sister,
Mrs, D.J. Cameron, ot Biwabik, Minn ,
had died thai day.
There are a number v ho are still careless about driving or riding over sidewalks. Constable Morris is looking Ior
offenders in this Hue.
0 II. Thompson paid a professional
visit to Marysville lasl Saturday. Mr,
Thompson proposes to open a branch
law ollice in that town.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Bertrim have re.
turned from Let ll bridge, where they hnve
bail A successful operation performed on
their little daughter by Dr. Mewbnr n.
The I-.utre Nous club gave a very
pleasant party Wedueedsy evening of
last week at Wentworth hall.    The cluh
expects lo give oue mote dance this sea
was   over from Sleele
Ivuil Banks, of Fort Steele, who came
over to enter the St. Eugene hospital
and be operated upon by Dr. King, has
sufficiently recovered to leave the hospital.
G W. Hull, general manager of the
Sullivan Mining and Smelting company,
returned Monday from bll trip to Grand
Fork* ami Republic, and drove direct to
William Gordon, book keeper for
Guthrie & Co, haa so far recovered
front his recent illness aa to leave the
hospital, and is now at the Cranbrook
with bis wife and child.
Those patties who have not cleaned
up their yards would do well 10 give
tbem Immediate attention as the time
limit has expired and all delinquents
are liable to prosecution.
McSweyn -S: Griffith, the new tailors,
have neat quarters iu the Cranunmk
block, aud already have their hand*) full
of business. B ith gentlemen are practical taitors and should do a fine business
Where is the Cranbrook fire brigade?
Have the people so snon torgotten the
lesson of the recent fin? ll is time to
he up ami moving. Another fire may
wipe out llic business portiou of the
A meeting will he held in the obi
Herald office Bt 7:30 o'clock next Monday evening for the purpose of organiz-r :
ing a company of lhe Boy Brigade 0
Canada, All interested iu this please he
Fred Pieper, of Pieper & Currle, the
painters and pnper bangers, said ttiis
k: 'Cranbiook is nil right, and business is going to he good this summer.
We have more than we can do by big
odds. I guess Smith Bast Kootenay
looks good to me."
C M. Keep, formerly of Fort Steele,
but now cashier of the Kendriek Slate
bank at K-euilrick, Idaho, was In towu
over Sunday. Mr. Keep says that the
states of Idaho and Washington are enjoying u greal boom this year, anil tbat
the Thunder mountain d strict in Idaho
promises to be one of the greatest mining camps in tbe woild.
Mr. Pooley, teller at the Cranbrook
branch of the Canadian Hank of Com
ineice, leaves soon for tbe coast en-
route to Skagmy to, which point he has
beeu transferred. James Hunter, who
came to the Cranbrook liank as a junior
will succeed Mr Pooley as teller, a promotion tbat is merit eil and one that will
pi-, use his host of irietids in this community.
Tom Norman of North Bay will arrive
iu Cranbrook on May 1 to take the position of accountant with Supt. Jamison.
For lhe past year he haa been iu charge
of the office of the general superintendent at North Hay. D C. Coleman, who
held tbis position under Mr. Bury and
has continued under Mr. Jamison, will
leave for North Bay after Mr Norman's
arrival to ii-siimi* the duties there in the
ollice of the general superintendent.
Mr. Mclnlyre, the principal of the
schools, took au involuntary bath last
Sunday. He had just arrayed himself
a new spring suit and was on his way
down town. lie stopped on the sidewalk over the slough to speak to a friend
and as some one passed tie stepped aside.
Alas! he s.epped too Jar and as a result
schoolteacher, new suit and all went into the stream Mr. Mclnlyre is uow
an earnest advocate fir a railing along
that walk.
wedding they have been visiting iu the
east, but are expected lu Moyle on today's train. Mi. Desaulnler has large
Interests both lo Moyle and tn the
Ooout d'Ateoe anil la one of the town's
most substantial cltlsena. He is to he
congratulated on the siep he has taken
and hla bride (or ber choice of a partner
tor life.	
Kiimi (lie IViiil*- r-'ri-e I'rt'sn,
P Burnt & Co have commenced work
upon tbe erection of their slaughter
bouse, It. will de located about a mile
south of the town at the Intersection of
the Coal Creek mail and Ihe railway.
The new town of Morrlsey Is experi
encing Us growing tluu*. there being
upwards of twenty-live, cottages under
construction within lhe limits of the
the Coal compiuy'a townsite. Thc two
hotels outside the limits of the town
are both doing a good busluess. They
are catching c milder able business Irom
Ferule and their proprietors profess to
b 1 fully fiaiistled with tbe outlook for
the future.
1* Lund, ot the contracting ti 1 m of
Breckinridge Si Lund, wlio have the
contract for tbe construction of the
spur to the Morrlsey mine, as well as
oilier work lor the Coal company, was
in FernlQ yesterday. Hi aaya his ttrm
has about completed the work which tt
has In hand, but that It wlil be several I
months before the connection wltb the
Btttlsb Columbia   Southern   Is effected
E E. Chipman ol K islo, D. Ci M. ol
the Misonlc Qrand Lodge; H. Ilyera ot
D. D. 0. M„ and A Moffat of Cranbrook. D D. G, M , anlved tn Fernie
on Thursday. Tbey proposed paying au
official visit to the tocal lodge, but in
some manner the communication went
astray and the visit was not paid. The
party left for Fort Steele on Friday,
t'he visitors held a levee at the Kiyal
Hotel wher they received a number of
local craft men and some wbo were not
The Fernie fpotball cluh ls In receipt
of a challenge from the Pincher Creek
club for a game to be played at Pincher
Creek on May 84th, The challenge will
receive the attention of the local club,
The Marysvllle boys are also alter a
game with Ferule som-
W „ . *fr 11.
From the Moils Leader
A Liberal association Is soon to formed
to M iyle.
Frank Gulndon Is preparing to work
his  placer ground on tbe west side of
the lake tbis season.
Mrs P. J McMahon returned from
Spokane last Saturday, She was visiting with her sister Mrs. Marsden, at
Coeur d'Alene City.
ft II Miner, the hardware king of
Kast Kootenay, waa In town tbe Aral
of tbe week.
Mr. and Mrs D l>.It's little boy waa
aeverely bitten by a dog this week. The
brute was killed and the boy ia getting
along aa well aa can be expected.
Moyle haa too many worthless dogs and
a lot of tbem should be killed.
James Cronin expects to leave for
California iu a few days to remain for
some time. He Is Interested in some
mining property near the O.egon line.
Tne Sill anniversary of Odd Fellowship will be celebrated by Wlldey lodge
of Moyle by a service In their hall on
Sunday, April 87, This service will
take place al 1 o'clock sharp and will
be conducted by It v Fortune of Cranbrook. Tbe Old Fellows of Moyle extend a cordial Invitation to everybody
to attend.
The old school bu'ldlug has been
moved alongside McMahon Bros.' store
building and will be uaed tn future as a
lire hall. Chief Ulckers and the boys
who ao ably assisted him are entitled to
no Mtiall amount ot credit for their good
hard work.
Park, Mitchell & Co.'s tie c: nip was
started this week. The ties will be
taken out between A'drldge and Yahk
siding.   George Ueed ls foreman.
The sawmill of the Moyle Lumber
company was started today in full blast
on Its season's run, There are about
flee million feet of logs to bs worked
up Into lumber, There are a sufficient
number at the mill to keep It running
until such time as the upper lake Is free
of Ice and the hgacan be brought down.
The planer will also be run stsadlly.
Victor D.-saululer of the (Jeuttal
hotel, und Ml dm Marie Uolaauuuciu weie
nun led lu Berlin, Now H-iuipahire, on
Udoiut M 'inlay, M-ticn 31.   Since their
time   thla
Prmii tlie Marysvllle Tribune
Mr. and Mra. McBrtde and daughter
of Cranbrook, visited our town on
Satu day.
Mr, McCtrter, of Bald k Co.'s store
of Cranbrook, wasa Marysville visitor
The smelter company are putting In
their new weigh scales mar the spur
this week.
Etgar H/ms, bookkeeper for the
Fort Steele Mercantile company of
Cranbrook, came up on Tuesday.
Mr. Fraser, tbe diamond drill expert
for the N irth Star mine arrived Friday
aud McKinstry drove blm up to the
Iter. Beacham, English church minister of Cranbrook, came In on Tuesday
and held service In tbe Iloyal hotel on
Tuesday evening.
John MclOnulil, of the Central hotel
who has been ill with bis lungs at Fort
Steele relumed on Tuesday. Mr. McDonald was glad to get back to Marysville.
F. E Simpson made the tlrst sale of
Improved reality In Marysvllle tbis
week. He sold Frank M.Gibe's state
and property to Albert Mallor, of
Nelson, who takes posses-i*u next
Siturday. Mi. McCabe will move back
to Wardner, where a company is putting
in a big mill, and lu the meantime pro
poses to dispose of his stoc'i at coat.
Bridge lor Marysville.
Ma yiylUe Tribune.
One of the things tbat will help 10
build np Marysville Is the proposed
bridge across the St, Mary's river.
The Importance of thla public work
cannot possibly be over estimated
The distance, that not only the
people of Marysvllle but the Perry-
creek people also, have to travel to
reach the railroad, as things are at
present Is out of all rear-on ai.d the
people of tbis district sbou'd use every
fair meana to Induce the government to
Inaugurate work on the bridge at the
earliest possible mr incut.
The people of Marysvllle driving to
Cranbrook have, at present, to go by
way of tbe St, Kugene mission so as to
cross the river, the distance being
twenty one miles where as it the bridge
were built twelve milea would be all
that would have to be travelled. The
people of Perry Creek have at present
10   go   to   lhc inissii'ii also to get   to
arysvllle, whereas four to six miles
would be the distance If tbe bridge
were built.
We are well aware of the fact that
the government Is a great body and
lhat "great bodies move slowly," but
the urgency of thla case should make
them "get a move on" for once. Tbe
people of this district pay their taxes
and tbey have a right to air their views
and to insist on a reasonable amount
of recognition on the part of the government,
The next thing wanted, and It ahould
be constructed at the same time as tbe
bridge, Is the short road from Cranbrook to Perry Creek. Lm fall the
proposed route of ibis road was walked
over by several Cracbrock citizens and
a road not more than six miles In length
could be built at no great expense from
Cranbmok to Six Mile creek.
These matters of pull.c woiks which
are necessary sin uld be mat.era of
Interest to  all   good citizens and  we
The Biggest Stock M
in Kast Kootenay &
Enameled Shoes to.
Patent Shoes |
Tan Shoes '>
Black Shoes Bj
In all styles, shapes, si-cs and prices -J"'
of to
MtPherstm's, King's and Ames. M
lliililcn's best makes. %
—  ■ to
FIIOT I1AI.I. I'UVI-ltS:   Wc hate n splendid <J>
line nl (mil hull himlH   s.lii, 11   still   lie here ..
nexl week    Call nnd rc! '■ |mlr
I Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd |      J
to J- • FINK, Manager. O
Do You Fish ?
The trout arc rising. Arc you ready for them ?
They arc a wary fish. Vou need the right tackle
to be successful. Our stock has been selected
with a view of fooling Kootenay mountain trout.
Call and sec our stock.
i OBSERVATIONS "%[$ii<&$<r<fi$<&$W
We have often wondered why a $30
cleik in railroad ntfice persists in assuming lhe importance ot a Rockefeller
or u V'auHome wheu an outsider asks '
some civil question in a civil mitiner.
Every railroad bas them, and the C P
R, is not free from lh?* plague, No man
has escaped from this pestiferous cuts,
for he will be found every now and then
iu uearly eveiy town, bul fortunately
they do uot remain long. We would
like to bs president   of a  railroad* ju-t
thirty days, We would put uu an old |
suit of clothes und travel from station
to station asking civil questions from
these dude clerks. Rvery time one got !
gay be would be tired liistatiler; and ev
cry lime one acted like a geuilemun Slid
seemed to appreciate the fact that the
company paid him to be civil 10 lhe
public, his name would he marked for
promotion, for he would be a valuable
mnn. lint if we did lhat wlml a cleaning out there would be.
uV <P W
Speaking Of railway uhVials why is it
that they cannot all be likeClunles Coleman, the C P. R. agent iu this town
He is strictly business, but he Is awsyfl
u gentleman, There is never any airs
about him and any man al the window
is always treated in a civil uud courteous manner, 'that is the kind of a mm
vho will win in the railroad business or
any other kind of business. Ordinary
civility is a good investment for it always pays a big dividend,
to to ni
One Sunday evening not long ago A
Watt of tbe Fori Sleele Mercantile store
met Archie Leltch as the two were leaving the Presbyterian church.
"Hello, Watt, I'm glad to see you
out," said Leitcb,
"Oh, I don't know, I'm not out very
much," and "Watty" walked on.
si m m
Frank Dickinson, the Inimitable
knight id the raz ir, is, as Josh Hillings
says '"an auiooziu' cu-s." He has a razor of immense size with nicks iu it
like lhe teeth ol a circular saw. Not
long ago he hail a man iu the chair wbo
bad been working in the bush for some
time aud was getting his lirst .-have in
several months. Frank lathered up his
face and the n liking u p isltion in trout
of his patton so that his hands could ba
plainly seen, pulled out the nicked razor
and with a face like Solomon tested Ihe
teeth with a light touch of his fingers
and then began lhe honing process. Tlie
man in the chair caught one glimpse of
tbat razor aud with a jell of fright jumped from the chair, grabbed his hat and
storied for the door, saying bs he ran,
•'Vou don't get Hint tustiuuient nn nie.'
Explanations folio wed, Wellman biought
in the drinks and the man got his shove.
SS SS ffli
Why is it that ihe peuple of Craubrook
persist in being ultra-fustiionable regarding the time of going to dances. They
will dnwdle around until nearly ten
o'clock and then insist ou dancing until two or three o'clock to finish the program That ia nil right for a man who
has nothing to do Iiut sleep the next
day, but there are mighty few of that
brand in Ci&nbiook A little belter
judgment ou this matter would make a
vast improvement.
& Hi iii
For some unaccountable reason the
idea prevails that the Old Man is opposed to ping puig. This is a mistake.
We are infatuated with the game. It is
one that requires skill, bruins aud energy. A man who is opposed to ping
pong should not be tolerated in a civil-
ized community. It is b great game.
Now that ought to satisfy all of our
ping pong critics.
Mail Orders
Promptly Filled
BEATTIE The Druggist
When Summer Fruits
The housewife falls back on Canned and Dried Fruits
Football st Marysvllle.
.Mm ys. il !■ Tribune.
A meeting ot the Marysvllle foot ball
club waa held on Monday evening in
Norman ILL's store. A large crowd
assembled at ? o'clock and the principal
business was to organize. N. C- McKinstry was elected lo the chair and
Dr. O'Hagan Srcretary for ihe present
(Hireling. The tlrst business transacted
was to elect efflcera. The following
officers were elected :
Patron, tl W- Hull.
President, M, A. McKenzie,
Sec.-Treas., F. W, Mitchell.
Executive Comlttec, N C McKlnatry,
F. B, Haluer. A. Dales, S  L'ddlcotte.
Captain, Norman Hill.
It was decided that the membership
fee be *i (ll).
It was also decided to hold a meeting
every Monday evening after practice.
There la no doubt that Marysvllle can
get a good team and there Is no reaaou
why the towu ahould not aupport a
team. All of our players are strange
to each other vet, but nevertheleaa tbey
are commencing to play the game.
All the boya need is lots ot practice
Arrangements are being made nu as to
have a match with Cranbrook or some
other town on tbe 84th of May.
Electric Lights.
Murysvi'lo Tribuue,
The Sullivan Group Mining company
are abcut to Install an electric light
plant In connection with the smilter.
Their first olj.-ct in doing this was,
of course, to light the smelter buildings, but they are willing, provided
that a Urge enough number of the
citizens will take tbe light, to put In a
large enough plant to light the town
Klectrie light Is not only the most
convenient light that there Is but it Is
a'ao ire anffst
I" a wooden town, m-h as Mv?*v|11e
Is ilk*«lv_tn he for houip years to come
truat the people of Marysville  will pull' the safety of electric light cannot bo
, together and use their best efforts to . 0Ver   t»Lliiuied<      We   would   ad\iae
j induce the government at Victoila iojUver>uue  wuo has a buiming tu the
I build this vt.ry necessary biid„e aad,town tu l.«ht it with electilo light if
this very nccetsary road. |t**e)' a>e Klvi-U tht oppcrtunUy.
Clean, sound sweet Prunes, per pound
Evaporated Apples, per pound   -   -
Evaporated Peaches and Apricots   -
Black and Golden Figs   -    -
Best Cleaned Currants   -   -   -
Canned Fruits in Assorted Cases
Our Popular Assortment, 24 cans for
10c, 12 l-2c, 15c
I21-2c, ISc
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
A Carload of Timothy Hay
---Just Arrived
A Carload of Oats Expected
---Daily at....
House Cleaning Talk. 1
"Mrs. Smith, are you cleaning: house?" i,
"Yes, such love y weather.   Could not wait longer.   And I ]>
have found  several chairs that need repairing badly.   What
shall I do with them Mrs. Jones?"                                           ^^^^^^^
"Why, Mrs. Smithl   Really, I thought everyone knew that A
the Kootenay Furniture Company does just lovely  work.    Send (ii
them word and they will call for the chairs and return them when !,
finished, and not charge a cent, onlp for the work." ill        f
5>-®-®-ff. -SMsKsMi)-®-® S»-uHS^®-'()-<s)-(!)-<»^><^®-«>-®
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle     $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Gleniivet, per bottle         1 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  1 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle  1 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00
Qaret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints  1 00
Bass Ale, pints  35
Guinness' Stout  35


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