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Cranbrook Herald Jul 12, 1900

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• ••©♦• *■•-*>* l*H
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President.
B. ti. Wai.kkr, Gen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
**■»****••»♦•*••*•♦ •♦•♦*♦•-♦{■»*■*• a 99 *••♦•••••••••»••-*•••>
I, & G. Bell's Celebrated
...For Ladies and Children,..
A complete stock just to hand. Ladies' and
children's Button and Lace Shoes, Ladies'
and children's Slippers.        Jt      **      **
& & f*» Reid & Co.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort i Specialty
Qood Stabling In Connection
Nenrest to rati toad nml depot.    Mas nccommoda-
lions for the public unequalled in Crnnbrook.
....G. BREMNER & SON....
20 per ct.
Off dt dt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.t Limited
Wliiilesnlc Deslrm In
Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Agents Por
.   .   .    .    Schlitz Beer    ....
WholtMlt anil Refill
. Groceries, Men's Furnishing Goods, .
.   .   .   . Boots and Shoes ....
Agents Tor
.   . The Giant Powder Company .   .
Agent. In.
. . Bennett's White Gutta Purcha Waterproof Fuse ..
Fort Steele Mercantile Company, Limited
Jacob P. Fink, Manager Cranbrook, B. C
fi H Miner  The pioneer
....Special Prices on a Few Gents Wheels
Windows, Doors and Sash in all varieties.   Also Builders' Hard
ware, Paints, Oils and Glass.
ROOFING.   Tin and painted metal.
Eavestrough and Furnace work.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and Hoyle
One ef the Must Man-dims Recntly
Discovered in Ike Sellirks.
A Pool Whose Fumes Bring Death
to Mankind, Beasts of the Field
and Birds of the Air.
The Herald job Printing
Willinm T. Vaafordon, a Colorado pros-
pecter, briefs word (hit he has discovered,
flvt days travel northwesterly tram Craabrook, li Ihe raffed Selkirk range, I death-
deallif pool, the fanes from which eiteral.
nate alike nan. hcast aad bird.
A mnn Riving bis name as WilliamT.
Vangordon appeared in Crailbrook last
night and told a strange stot y, partaking
of weird ness stich as is seldom beard
out fide of novels or seen except on the
spectacular stage, aud which, if true,
makes the place he has discovered as
fully entitled to the name " Death's
Vale" as Is that desert region In California, of which such glowing stories
have been told of fabulous gold mines
therein existing as to have lured hundreds of fearless fortune-seekers and
prospectors to a horrible death.
Death's Vale it surely is, if Vangor-
dou's story is true, and he looks aud appears in manner a truthful and straight*
forward matt, and in his narration of the
gruesome scent he witnessed he impressed the few who have heard it as a
man who is telling the truth; so much
so that a small party of experienced
mountain men was immediately formed
to return with him to the scene—about
six days' journey from Cranbrook, be
says—and left early this morning to view
with their own eyes one of the greatest
mysteries nature ever revealed to man.
Vangordon* conld not geographically
exactly describe the location ef his discovery; he said he was a stranger in thi*
section, having recently csme from Colorado, and Httle more than three weeks
ago he left the Knslo country, striking
off easterly and a little southerly into
the rugged Selkirk range, thinking he
would traverse a country never before
Old-timers say he undoubtedly gol into
such a region, as that part of tlie Sel-
kirks is but little known to anyone unless it be to a very few. of the hunters of
the early days of thc Hudson Bay company.
Seven day* ago, Vangordeu says, he
had come over the lower end of a mount*
ain Into the mouth of a wide gulch
which, looking-upward, seemed to narrow as it penetrated the mountain, as is
generally the case with gulches. He observed that the vegetation diminished
as the heat, of the gulch was approached
and at a distance of a half mite or more
away there seemed to be a missive gray*
ish white wall raising to great height,
almost perpendicular, the wall being
semicircular or concave, apparently, in
form, aud from the bottom to the top
i thin, almost imperceptible vapor was
His curiosity wae aroused and he
turned his steps that way. The day was
cloudy and bright by spells, and he had'
not gone tat before the sun shone out
brightly ami the cliff that he was heading for was transformed into a brilliant.
sparkling masses the iun shone' npon it.
Almost at the same moment he descried
nn eagle flying at a great height, and a
•lecond glance showed that the noble
bird hart* been suddenly at tacked hy
something that made bim fly erratically
and at the same lime feebly, apparently
struggling against an uuseen toe until it
finally (dunned downward helpless, turning over and over and over in Ua frightful full until it fell into the basin, aa il
might he tenned.
He pushed along now, much excited,
and the further he wi--.it vegetation disappeared more rapidly until it finally
ceased entirely, and the earth began to
show many bright salt-like crjslals, and
at the same time the entire gulch looked
more and more as though it was leading
tb a vast alkali de\ obU,
He observed, too, that bis feet, while
walking, would raise a whitish dust that
was, although in very minute quantities, quite stifling; and' later it -assumed a strong odor, as bf ammonia—
ao much so as to be almost overpowering. Here, Vangordon says, he was as-
saikd by an almost indescribable fear,
and he says the sights he aaw later, he
veritably believes, made hia hair stand
on end. He says there was a light breeze
blowing up the gulch, and believes tills
fact saved his life, as if tbe breeze had
been blowing strongly he would have
walked right? Into1 what he believes to
be a vast deposit of ammonia, both in
liquid form and salts.
- Near by waa a small butte, about fifty
feet in height, "and from Its top he saw a
pool which seemed to himto cover about
•ti acre of ground; floating-on it* sur-'
face lle'Sa-* the unformn-it* eagle, which
evidently bad been overcome by the
fumes from this weird spot, and fell a
victim to It; the vapor, scarcely dense
enough to be olHwrvable; w**» raising
from this pool, and owing to ita volatility
and large mass was certainly capable of
attaining a great height.
Surrounding the pool, especially  on
tbe cliff side, were a lar^e number of
skeletons and piles of tbe bones of various animals. Like many prospectors
Vangordon carries a field-glass, and by
its aid be claims to hnve distinguished
the skeletons of a number of big-horns,
bear and deer in addition to smaller animals, and the worst of it is he positively
declares that the skeletons of human he
ing* are not lacking.
His theory is that the men and animals
came upon the basin from its higher al
titudes, and that Its perpendicular walls
prevented them from tubs Hog the fright*
ful fumeB until at its very brink, where
they got the full strength or the ascending vapors, were overcome instantaneously and toppled over Into tlie basin-
He stood spell-bound, gtizing at the
awoinspiitng apectacle until he awoke
to a realization of the fact that even
where he stood, with a breeze blowing
tbe strongest of the fames away from
him, he was liable to be overcome; and
be also realized that If the gentle wind
then blowing should cease or shift that
his bones too would be added to those
already in this strange place. Hurrying
away he returned to where he bad left
his pack-horse and resumed hin journey,
" blazing" his way on tbe trees so as to
be able to find tbe place again. At the
end of four days he reached St. Mary's
lake, and then followed the trail down
the river, first encountering Fred Hazen
at hts camp, who directed him to Cranbrook, and who also with bis partner,
Bill Dewar, will form part of tbe party
returning to investigate.
Nature always has something wonderful in store to reveal to mankind at oue
time or another, and while a matter of
this kind seems improbable it is certainly not an impossibility; aud what lends
color to the truthfulness of the man's
story is that he volunteered to lead
"Long" OliverDurge, "Bill" Hamilton,
Charlie Estmere, aud J. H. Pollen to tbe
place without reward, even going so far
as to offer to furnish tbe supplies (which
hia prospecting outfit included in plenty). The party started this morning,
and will be joined at St. Mary's lake by
Fred Hazen and Bill Dewar; they took
with them 500 feet of small, stout liue.
One of tbem will be fastened to the line
and go ahead to the pool; two others
will be fastened too leet to the rear of
him, so if the first falls or shows signs of
being overcome they can drag him back;
and if all three succumb, tbe pack-
horses, which will be attached to the far
end of the line, will drag all three back.
lt la hardly necessary to add that, if
hla story proves true, he will be paid
both (or bis supplies and time, for if a
country containing such vast mineral resources as this is beginning to show,
■nd where so many prospectors are coming in to exploit it aa there now are—if
this country contains such a death trap
as Vangorden describes, -ill possible.
pains should be taken to definitely locate Ita geographical situation and publish warnings far and near, thus, it may
be, saving the lives of prospectors who
have hardships and peril, enough of the
ordinary everyday kind in treasure hunting to contend with, without falling victims to such a terrible fate.
The Mech-Talked of Mclnols-Scott Corres-
ao ideate Has Bcca Printed.
There was no opposition at tbe bye
elections'for the provincialhonse. Premier
Dunsmuir, tn Nanaimo; Athon J. D. Prentice, in East Lillooet; and Hon. R. McBride, In Dewdney, were all re-elected by
Ex-Governor Melnnis publishes the
confidential correspondence between
himself, D* minion Secretary of Stale
Scott and Sir Wilfred Laurier. While
Ibis correspondence does not offer an excuse for most of Melnnis' conduct, it
plainly shows the interference of the
dominion government in provincial
affaire. It was by Scott's advice, and to
prevent Martin gaining a point, that Mc-
lunis did not force Semlin to call an
immediate session of the house last summer alter Martin was put but of the cabinet.
Scott's letters say the advice Is given
as * friend, but, as Melnnis points out,
Scott was not intimate euough with htm
to offer confidential advice, and it conld
only have been given as the result of an
understanding with the dominion cabinet
In fact, while pretending to keep dominion and provincial affairs separate, so as
to hood-Jriuk the conservatives and prevent their acting as a unit end sweeping
the province, tbe liberal government at
Ottawa has really bulled the strings to
forward Ita own eud.
That Is what the correspondence showB,
and the expose will result in helping to
bring about dominion party lines in tbe
provincial bouse.
The Dedley Buck Concert.
The entertainment given hy this company was'superior to anything ever presented in Cranbrook, aud those who
missed It lost a rare treat. The singers
were encored from start to finish, and
their efforts highly appreciated by all present—so much bo that very mnny expressed the with that another entetaln-
mentbegiveu. Thesiugers are possessed bf remarkable voices, arid it would
take a musician to correctly portray
The piano solos by Mr*; Costigan were
also au attractive feature, and the violin
solbby Miss Pansy Miner waa well received.
Mrs. Ried was accompanist,
A Craabrook Weddlnf.
Lester Clapp, one of the Fort Steele
Mercantile Co 'a force, and Miss Klla
Oswald, were married Sunday morning,
July 1, in the1 Methodist church. Mr.
Clapp would bave received many
more congratulations had his many
friends known before of hia becoming a
benedict: they are still iu order, however, and ell will join The Herald in
wishing Mr. and Mrs. Clapp a long aud
I prosperous life.
X *
X 34 Carloads i
9 .f.
t        of Clean Ore I
j        Represent the shipment of ore *
J from thc North Star and Sullivan £
J  mines for the first 10 days of July. J
*       The   Sullivan   compressor   Is ♦
J now being Installed, which Insures J
J on Its completion a large Increase {
in shipment.
Tbere Are Others Thai These Heretofore
Mentioned Tbat Look Well.
Sam I.ovait, a well known prospector
and miuing man wab iu town this week,
making arrangements for the survey,
preliminary to applying for a crown
grant, of the Brucebjidge group, on the
weBt fork of the St. Marys, opposite the
Welcome group.
Tbe property consists of four contiguous claims, on which a too foot cross-cut
tuunel has been driven, cutting tbe ledge
at a depth of 50 feet, at tbis point the
vein is 12 feet wide, showing au average
of 5 per cent iu copper. Further development will be doue thin season.
O. 11. Burden, H. B. Thompson (of
Turner, lleetou St Co.) and Mr. Lovalt
ure the uwnca.
Beulih led Klondike.
On Black Currant creek, west of the
Bract-bridge group, the lk'iilah and Klondike have four men at work on a high-
grade ore of gray copper and silver, of
which tbere is four feel; development so
far consists of a 50 foot tunnel on the
Benlali and a shaft on the Klondike.
George Matthews, Abel Swanson, and
Sam Lovalt are the owneta'.
The Ores! Bans Oroup.
Tbe Sawyer Brothers ate working the
Great Dane group, about three miles below the Bracebridge, with a large force
of meu. There is said to be a great showing of galena here, which carries about
50 oz. silver.      *
On Wild Horse.
Tbe Prospector! There Is considerable activity in placer mining on the Wild
Hotse (his summer, ground sluicing and
bydrauliclng. So far there has been no
clean-up and therefore it is impossible to
even estimate the amount of gold which
is being taken out. The owners and
leasees ot different claims are looking
A large amount of supplies are being
taken lo the quartz mines further up the
On Sunday a wagon load of provisions
went up to the Bill Nye, being taken to
Jennings' cabin and from there packed
to the mine.
Work is being continued on the Golden
Five and other properties in that vicinity.
Fui titer down the creek Messrs. Lang
and Olson have just finished assessment
work ou the Bald Mountain, owned by
David Giiffiih;Colonel Dougherty is still
at work on his claim.
There must be some good mines in that
region, and unless all signs fail the Wild
Horse will be as well known in a couple
of years as it was 35 years ago when the
great stampede took place.
The Pedro.
Work at present is suspended on the
Pedro, but wil) soou be resumed, as tbe
showing at the bottom ofthe 18-foot
shaft is of such a very promising character that it amounts almost to a certainty
that with proper development tbe Pedio
will make a mine. Its closeness to the
railroad insures placing the ore in the
cars at a nominal figure, which 's a great
There are 4 Ieet of very good concentrating ore, which is said to give high values
in its original form.
Mining Notes.
N. C. McKfnstry was down from Kimberley Tuesday.
R. Irvine, a mining nun well known
hereabouts, returned last week from
Cape Nome, and reports very unfavorably on that region,
W S. Rogers, of Rogers & Rogers,
prominent miuing operators in Spokane,
was in town yesterday, eu route lo Tracy
creek, where he is interested in some
promising properties.
J. H. Conklln, an old-time and successful prospector in the CaMir d'Alettes,
was iu town yesterday. A year or two
ago Mr. Conklln turned his attention to
South Kast Kootenay and more particularly to the Tracy creek rtgiou, and locating some promising claims, interested
Spokane capital therein. He was recently over in the Kettle river oountry,
West Kootenay, where tbere is something of a boom and claims are being
bonded at sums ranging from $25,000 to
$100,000 with substantial cash payments,
aud tbat with showings that are ml compared with the massive ore bodies lhat
show even at the very grass-roots in
this district.
The Beatoa Bloomers.
The above lady baseball club will be
in Cranbrook Monday, enroute to Winnipeg where they are scheduled for sever-
al names during theeiposition,and while
here will cross bats with the Cranbrook
team. In regard to tbeir ball playing
abilities, It ts only necessary to refer to
one of the many complimentary press
notices given then, from papers throughout Canada and the States:
Manitoba Free Press, Winnipeg: The
Boston Bloomers, tbe female champions
of 'ilu* continent, met and defeated the
Union Base Ball Club of Winnipeg yesterday afternoon at Fort Garry Park, by
a score of 8 to 7. Tbe game was one of
tbe b jst exhibitions of base ball played in
the city this season, and it was very interesting from start to finish. The
Bloomers made no burlesque of the game,
but played a fast, consistent gameof ball,
and will give any amateur team in the
country a hard game. They put up an
excellent article of ball aud wou the game
all tbe way on their merits. Their pitcher is a wonder. Sbe has the action ami
delivery of a first-class professional, and
yesterday she struck out 12 men ofthe
Union team nnd only allowed 9 bits.
Thc attendance was very large and fashionable, and all were well sutibfied with
the game. To-day's game no doubt will
draw a larger crowd, as Ihe girls have
shown themselves to be good all-round
players and their conduct. Is certainly
lady like.
Game will be called at 5:30 p. ax.
Admittance 50c.
The Kootenay Valley Railroad Will Prove a
Blessing In Connection with the C. P. R.
Auolher outlet for tbe products of
South Fast Kootenay is now open, and
will beyond all doubt give new impetus
to tbe development of tbis section. A
recent issue of the Spokane Chronicle
*' F. S. Forrest, superintendent of the
Spokane Falls ami Northern, has been
appointed superintendent of the compa-
ny's Hue between Bonner's Ferry and
Kuskanook, B. C, with headquarters iu
this cily. Tbis is llie road which is to
bring coal from British Columbia to Spokane— the new line which connects the
Great Northern with Kootenay lake at
Kootenay Lauding, and at tlte same place
gives direct connections with the Canadian Pacific. One load of Crow's Nest
coal has already reached this city over
lite road, but although several other
trains have passed over it, it has nol been
used as regularly as Mr. Forest intends
to have it used in two weeks.
Rossland is having " lots" of baseball
these days.
The local Orangemen of Slocan City,
will celebrate the 12th of July.
Louis Benoit, a 'bus diiver at Revelstoke, received a broken leg by a runaway team a few days ago.
A tie-cutter named Moorehoute recently cut off the toes of oue of bis feet
while working near Nelson.
Sam Armstrong, a C. P. R. brakeman,
was recently killed near Revelstoke by
falling under the wheels of a moving
Lou French, a minet doing contract
work in the Green Mountain mine.
near Rossland, fell in a 3oo-foot shaft last
week.   He was instantly kilted.
A Beautiful Home.
Someday the bill overlooking town
and adjoining the race track, will be
known as "Nob" hill from the number
of fine residences which will there be
Arch. Leitch has secured a large tract
of land in that vicinity, and is putting
tbe finishing touches on the handsomest
home in Cranbrook. It has about three
actCsdevoted to grounds, which will be
fenced in, the site commanding a beauti.
ful view of tbe town —or will with a little
more clearing. Two roads, situated ou
natural approaches to tbe homestead,
are being constructed, one to the town
and one to tbe mill—tbe latter may be
said to be completed. Water piped from
the hills back wilt furnish a supply for
irrigation, and other purposes, anil tn a
couple of years Mr. Leitch will bave one
of the largest aud handsomest lawns in
British Columbia.
Adjoining the home Is forty acres that
will soon be under fence and furnish a
fine pasture for tbe mill and other horses
when idle; bunch grass is abundant tbere.
By his works, Mr. Leitch is proving
his faith, and in 1907 or later, wben he
and bis good wife cit on their verandah
watching a rising generation of Leitches,
whose homes surround the parental roof-
tree, be will feel tbat his life has not
been iu vain.
I. 0.0. F. Installation.
The regular semi-animal installation
of ollicers of Key City Lodge took place
last Friday night, in the Odd Fellows'
ball, and tlte following officers were Installed for tbe coming term.
NobleGrand-J.P. Fink.
Vice Grand—Matt Rockendorf.
Financial Secretary—F. C. Rankin.
Treasurer—S am Morrow.
W. F. Gurd, the newly elected recording secretary, was absent, and will lie
installed in office at the next meeting
night, at which time also the appointed
officers will be named.
Many of Tbem Will Compete on Saturday Next
Races of all Kinds for Boys and
Girls, and a "Hot" Game of
Saturday, July 14, commencing at 2 p.
m , there will Iw a aeiies of "Grand Athletic Contests," open to the embryotie
athletes of Cranbrook, both boys and
girls. It will be something of a novelty
and|enlertaluing io the young and old
It is expected that the football mateh
between the " Whirlwinds" and " Cyclones" will be n 'holy terror," and
Frank Rankin, who hns recklessly consented to act a> umpire, is having a suit
Of boilerplate mule at Miner's to don
while refcreeiug the game.
Below is the list of the " events" with
the "purses" hung up for lhe kt-tllela.
Messrs. J Hutchison, A. P. Parker, and
W, S. Keay are the directors; no pools*.
Standing jump, boys 12 and under;
50c to first and ,5c to second,
Girls' im yard race, 15 and under;
50 and 25c,
Boys' 50 yard race, S and undei; 25
and 15c.
Bicycle race, .'*, mite, 12 and under; $1,
and 25c.
Running long jump, 15 and under; 50
and 25c.
Girls' 50-yard race. S and under; _5
and 15c
Boys' 100 yard race, 12 and under; $1,
and 50;.
100 yard sack race, 15 and under; ft,
and 50c.
Girls' ^-mile bicycle race, 15 and under: $1. and 50c.
Boys' V-mtle bicycle race, 10 and on-
'Ier; 75c and 25c,
Buy»' mo-yard three-legged race, 15
and under: $1. and 75c.
Tbe whole to conclude with a grand
foot-ball match between the "Whirlwinds" and "Cyclones." Iplay to commence ar 4:30 sharp. Prizes, 11 pocket-
knives, value 50c each. Following are
ibe teams:
Whirlwinds—Bert VanDecar, Stanley *
Slater, Hugh Melnnis, Willie Greer,
F.Murphy, Frank Costigan, Francis McConnell, Joe McConnell, Willie Welscb,
Willie Forrest, John McNeil.
Cyclones—Ambrose McPeak, Maurice -
Serin, John Kennedy, Charles McEach-
ern, Charlie Henderson, Stewart Morris.
Davis McEachera, Charles Bremner, Colin Leitch, Arthur Johnson, Harold Johnson.
Adalulon te Oroya.!: ,
Adults. 25c; children, 10c; grandstand, "■"
free.    Entry  for all  races free! *' Otter   *.
openatr:i5p tn.    Refr-nhniention the*
grounds.   Special pme in all events, i -' •
dish of icecream at refreshment booth","
kindly offered by Mrs. Henderson:
'  All People Have tigtits.'
Mayor Houston, of Nelson, is a man
of decided opinions, broad guagp principles, a Oil evidently believes that there is   .
such a thing as personal rights in this
world—that because one man may be- .
lieve porridge the better diet, it is none
of his business whatever if another prefers be-ifMeak.
The Kelson Tribune of Tuesday says:
"Dufiug the remainder ol  tbe year
1890!?f aad up to midnight on tbe loth
of January, iyji, every man, woman and *
child resident in Nelson will be allowed
to observe Sunday in faisor her own way,
just as they are allowed to lire on week   *
days.   No church organization, or esctn-
ber thereof, will he permitted to dictate'
to people who are not members of church
organizations as lo how tbey shall spend
Sunday or any other day in the week.
Nelson, is not a wide opes town, and It
w.ll not be a church-ridden town.
Bears aad Cows.
"Goatfell" Pollard is in town tt-jis
week; he brought along about a dozen
milk cows, disposing of most of them
here and enroute; he says the bears have
been too familiar with the.stock dowu
there, having kidnapped a few young and
giddy calves, and unsuccessfully attempted to induce a number of old and
mature cows to elope with them.
Tbe Horse Laid Down ns Hint.
Norman McConnell now knows what
it Is to have a horse fall on him. Monday, while attempting to ride a wild
horse the beast objected; a rope was attached to him, with J. W. McMullin at
the other end of It attempting to induce
the aninih) to move along, when he threw
himself aidewiae on the ground with
Norman between. Luckily he escaped
with a severe slinking up and painful
bruises which laid him up for a couple of
How Baseball Started.'
The devil was the first roacher. lie
coachetl EWe when she stole first. Adam
stole second. When Isaac met Rebecca
at the well she whs walking with a pitcher. Sfcnison stfhek Out a good" many
times 'when be heaf the Philistines.
Moses uibiT6 his first' rnn when he slew
(lie Egyptians. Cain made a base hit
when ne killed Abel. Abraham made a
sacrifice. The prodjgal son madea home
run. David was a long distance thrower,
and Mbses shut out the Egyptians at the
Red Sea.; .     ..   „
! - Bachelor's Ball.
' The; young bachelors-Mber*' are no
old onfcs in Cranbrook—propose giving
a ball' (n lhe future; foremost among
those planning It are Contractor Cameron, "Sally" 'MeKenzie, Pete. Lund,
Tom kookes (beg pardon, that don't go
now) <Jucle Jtm.B'yan, Enie Entail, Hugh
McMillan, Tom Cavln,' Patterson, and
others too numerous to mention, it is
needless lo say that it will be a howling
■    j By nnme Talent.
MtsJ Celia Jardine apd her class in
elocution will give an entertainment at
Forrest ball Monday night next lhat
will undoubtedly prove very Interealing.
Tile-flans consists of quite a number of
Cranbrook'.-, brightest children. Mrs. J.
K. Costigan will preside ft l|u\plaiwi, CRANBROOK  HERALD
TKIIMStll* sni-ntirilllN;
Tlie IU-r;il<t itoslros Iii iilw tlio nowsot tlm
district, ll yuu know uny about-jour town
yuur mini- or your iiooi.le. aenil u to Hits olUco.
A. w. M-vn Tlli. II.L.S, P.
JUIIN HUTCHISON, Notary 1'iiWle ffl———
McVittie & Hutchison
.. Dealers In. .
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate1
"I declare you're tiie most punctual
girl alive, Ma-Kgi**- aud how tweet you
Ludy Carew surveyed her cousin's
figure appruvingly. us Mm. Fu wee it's
Uiuid put the laat touches to her toilet.
"l>u yuu rctilly like uie'.'" und Mittf-fie
X'awCQtt turned slowly round thai 00
item of her dainty bull gOWlt uiitflil l**
"My dear, you'll be the flllcceJW of the
evetiinif; and. O, what    nn    exquisite
bangle that is!" and. with an exclamation of delight, Lndy Carew caught her
cousin's wrist, on which glittered a
magnificent bnu'elet set with diiunomta
uml enteralds, "Surely that's new,
Isn't it? It wasn't _. wedding present,
wus It?"
Mra. Fawcett flushed nervously,
"No; you haven't seeu it before--1 only
had it yesterday."
"You lueky creature, to get promiscuous preseuta like that! Who gave it
to you?"
The ilnsh on Maggie's cheek deepened.
"Eric, of course," she replied, with a
laugh. "Ilu spoils cue dr.udfully, you
Lady Curew's lips quivered into an indefinable expression.
"My dear," she answered, smiling,
"beware of   a   husband's   unprovoked
"What do you mean?" asked Maggie,
"Only that the ir source is more often
a guilty conscience thuu an overflowing
"Laura, why will you say such things?
Come, the carriage is ready."
"So am I; but isn't. Brie coming?"
"Not with us; he was lunching with
tho Delaware and sent over for Ilia
things.   He will go with them, and he
goes buck there to sleep."
The two women then took tbeir places
in the snug brougham. It wus u fairly
long drive to Treloar hall, where tbe
Darshin* hunt Imll wus to take place,
but there. Wus absolute silence lu the
carrlogc, partly because, us cousins and
intimate friends, there was no necessity
for conversation between its occupants,
and also because Maggie Fawcett knew
of old that I.udy Carew hated to tire
herself out with tulliiiiR* before the serious business uf the flirting and waltzing begun.
Maggie Faweett'n appearance ut the
hunt ball whs something of an event,
She was the bride of the occasion.
Early in the spring she had urtrrietl
Eric Fawcett, and this waa the. flrst
•winter she had spent on his estate in
Pars hi re.
Now* and then Lady Carew glanced at
hop cousin. Maggie leaned buck in her
corner, tbe white fur of her wrap nestling around ber throat aiui her liiiul
rcwtlng ag-airiBt the cushions of the carriage, It struck her companion t hat the
young wife's fuce was a little pale, and
tbut it wore a look of suppressed excitement, mingled with something
which 'seemed almost like anxiety.
"What can be tbe nuttier with the girl?
murmured Lady Carew* to herself.
"She is evidently disturbed ubout something. How she plays with that bracelet. I wonder—but, no! Maggie is the
best little soul alive; ami, besides, there
isn't an eligible uian within a dozen
miles. Still, I never should have expected Eric Fawcett to have turned out
a model husband;" and she luughed
-softly to herself.
Laura Carew was a good six years
older than her cousin, and sbe remembered very distinctly that at tbe same
ball last year, before Maggie bad
flashed up0n hia Armament, Eric Fawcett hud been her very devoted slave,
ond naturally sin* unl led at the recollee-
tion—a little pltyiu-g'ly, jierhaps, for
Lady Carew <-ould not quite understand
an admirer deserting her for Maggie,
and, though she was fond of her cousin,
she was rather sorry for Eric. Women
generally are sorry for the men who
marry nortf* one el_o.
llut, In -spile of Lady Curew's mult r-
ate estimate of Maggie's powers of ut-
tiruutioli, her card wu_i full l*-f<n<* she
had been in the room ten minutes-us
full, that in. tut ahe would allow it to be;
for she valiantly re-sist-ed nil efforts to
till up two spaces which she Insisted on
Sin- was standing by ber hust>und in
the midst of u group of jH-opli-*. Slit* put
her bund -gently on his arm.
"Erie," she whispered, "J've kept you
two wuIhwm."
"Two!1' and be. laughed as he louki-d
dowu art ber. "Why, little woman, we
eun't dance, together twice—It would be
ridiculous! llen<, I'll tuke this one. 1
don't suppose you'll bave any dilllcuilty
in tilling the other; you'n: looking very
pretty ito-ntght, 1 must go, deur; tbia
Is my dance with Luura."
Moggie Pawoett bit ber lips. She
wouldn't have minded people seeing
that she was in love with ber husband
and that she thought him the h-nnd-
somest man iu the room, but men were
different — very different — nnd Iut
heart swelled as a rush of memories
came nj>on her. She answered her partner's not very abaiinu* remarks mechanically. It was doubtless bad form,
but ber eyes sought her.husband's fig-
■ure; he was waltzing wilh return—it
seemed to.her that lie wosqlways wait*-
Ing with Laurn. Uut, then, por heps
Eric might Im* thinking the Kit me thing
of ber, for-she had certainly danced a,
great many times witb this Mr. Dobson
—Dodson—she wiw notat allaureof hia
name, und she really did not cure at ull
who was her partner. The Dnrshire
hunt bail was not amusing, she thought,
ond It was a little embarrassing that so
many peop|« noticed and admired her
banifle; she touched it dbllblCully,
twisting it on her arm so that the diamond flafelied in her eyes. It was very
pretty, but—
"Maggie seems to Iw putting in a
Tory good time to-night/1 observed
l.ady Cflrcw, m shu ntrolled Into tli"
Mines antl Lands Surveyed
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Atone) in Loan
I. O. 0. F. Block
atibrook, B, C.
"Not half so much ai I am." replied
Eric, with a laugh. "It U quite like old
times, lsn t it?"headded, drawing alow
seat (orwardforhiscompaalon.
"0, my dear Erie, don't try to be sentimental! But, really. I begin to think
my warning to Maggie was not uncalled-"
"l-_h!  What warning?"
"Well, it rut her seems to nu* th-.it the
Old Adam te returning, my frlenili that
domestic joys are palling, and forbidden fruil ia becoming terribly attractive."
"Is thut u challenge?"
"Not ut ull; besides, Maggie is my
ci usln and my friend, and I lliiuk il te
right to warn Imr."
"Are you in fun or lu earnest? What
ilo yoit mean by warning ber?"
Lady Carew broke Into ft laugh.
"(It\ly that 1 told her to beware of a
husband's presents -that a magnificent
diamond and emerald bracelet often
meant more than un-i the eye, when ii
was bestowed appi'posduhottos."
"Ileally, 1 haven't the slightest Idea of
what yuu mean."
"Mean? Why, the lovely bangle you
gave, her yesterday."
"1 gave Maggie a bangle yesterday?"
"Certainly. She is wearing it tonight."
"You must be dreaming."
Lady Carew looked at her companion's face with frank nstonishment.
"1 am very sorry," she said, quietly.
"1 um afraid I have been indiscreet; bail
how was I to guess? 0, what are yuu
going to do?"
Far at that moment Mrs. Fawcett
entered the conservatory on the arm of
her partner, uml Ertu ImnietUn.oIy arose
to his feet.  Luura caught bis arm.
"Eric, don't be ridiculous, it. is some
absurd mistake! I'll take that man
away. Speak to Maggie, but for heaven's cuke don't look like that."
Hut. in spin* of Lndy Cnrew'i efforts,
it was not an easy thing* to "lake that
man nway:" aud while the futile, frivolous conversation rippled on, Eric stood
by, bewildered and stunned. Maggie,
lhe son! of truth and simplicity, hnd
told a lie. There was not the faintest
doubt that Uuirahiul spoken the truth,
aud spoken it without arriere-pensee.
The stones of thc mysterious bracelet
glittered maliciously before hlseyes.and
yet, bud not his attention been drawn
to it, most probably be would not have
noticed it. The details of any olli-ir
woman's dress wen* always mure obvious to Erie than those of his wife's,
and Maggie might have presumed on
But Magglcl lie was very much In
love with Imt when he married her, but
be was uncomfortably conscious that ho
bad paid very little attention to her1 of
late. Hut then Magpie-—who would
have dreamed —
At last lhe music stini-.lt up, and Lady
Carew led oil the Intruder, having succeeded in persuading him tliat his calculations wore out, and that it was precisely Ihis dance she hud given him.
Maggie rose too, but her husband
laid his hand on her arm.
"No, stay hero, 1 want to speak to
"I can't help engagements or anything else.    I must speak to you now."
"Whut is it?" asked Maggie, looking
up at him. "Why, Eric, what is the
"1 wish to know who gave you this
The color flew over Maggie's throat
and face, and her lips trembled.
"I—I win't tell you."
"So 1 suppose, or you wouldn't have
lied to Laura Carew about it."
There wuh something so   pathetic
itUnit the girl's expression lis his name
burst from her lips—she looked so
rhildi-iii, so helpless, and so miserable
—that tho anger in Eric's heart died
suddenly, A whole world of thoughts
surged up ia his mind. Why had he
left this child so lonely.' The fault
was his. ".Magpie, dear," ho said, gently, "I know I've not been ns 1 ought lo
the best little wife in thc world. I've
set you a bad exauiple, and yuu an*
•*o youug you dun't understand things
- you don't know whal men are; you've
li-eeii n little foolish, perhaps, Inl. that's
all, I 'm sure—do you. heur, dear?—I'm
quite sure of tlmt, Hut yuu must tell
me the story Of tlml bangle."
"'1' —• O, Krie, I'm ashamed!" und
she turned Iut face away,
"Tell  me, dear."
There WO-B a moment's puttse. :
"Well, 1 bought it myself."
"VeS, O, dun't think I want to blame
you, Eric, but the other women I know
were always having presents from iheir
husbands*—(lowers and sweets and
trinkets—uml so us you iim you did not
think of them, I bought them myself,
and said you'd given them tome—"
Erie held her at arm's length, She
raised her face suddenly and looked at
"I wanted people to Miink you Bpolled
mft—that you were in lovo with me
Eric Fawcett did not return to the
Delaware*-, und a oouplo of days later
the diamond-iind-emcruld bougie lii'il
a companion, which was clasped on
Maggie's arm by her InisbundVimsclf.
—London World.
"Watch for tho birdI" the artist cries,
With lifted, walilnffflngeri
llut, heeillus.-i of tin- mirthful cull,
Upon tin. camera's mystic pall
tier serious glances linger.
"Too grave!" Hor mothor takes tho word;
"Think,   darling, for one mlnuto,
What can It lie |ni-«i will say.
Opening his latter Tur away,
To find yonr plcturo In It?"
A look of lovo ami rapture blent
The baby-features put on,
From parted lips in rounuod cheek
Swift almplos played hi hldO-aml-soolc-
'Plie urtUi touched Die button.
All! sunbeam', knowesi thou how shu *
Would loavo th" world so lonely.
Thus holding fast. In doathloss graco,
The smite that un hur rosebud face
Oloomed for her father only?
-Mury A. i' Stansbury, In Yumii'ii Com-
  — I
a_^-s     |. O.O.P,   Key Cit> Lodge
i, ■!.•.    Metis every Vxi*.
■ff_S?_«___J .1 iy nlftht at thelt Hall on
Dakar street,   sojourning
Odd Fellows cottltelly Invited, ]
Jflli'ps m*e.-r,     J  f. I'ink,    A. I. MoDcitnot. i
N.rt. V.(i. rti-c'y.     '
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Kjhberley Hotel
Wellman & Ilurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every- j
thing first-class. Our object is to please our 1
patrons. . J
..All Kinds of..
Post Office Building.
Contractor and Builder
Al present am hnilillne. the new SI. Eugene
hospital iiiiil ii number of two Btory nod olher
Cranbrook, IS. C.
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durlck ave
Oa letting your contract
until j mi have seen
I.ale ut rprputo
Contractor ^Builder
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me ntnirp on tliu contracts,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
NiitlL'olaltcruliyulven tlmt I intend to apply
forthwith lu iin* i int-r c mlasloticr of Units
ami Work»|fnr |ici*lnlsfil-rn tn imriluiso tlm tol*
lowi* f, ii st'iii'i-ii laiiili UnniiaoaeiiiH at tlio lull*
inl -juist, abuiit twn iiillo-j wen of Crnnhrook,
plsnled nt iin- northwe**t corner of \V, .1, llnitiil*
ton's i>K*-i*ni| llun, llieni-e oint to cltslhs, tlionco
north si i'lmins, tlienco west in chains, u o
Hiintii t-j di his, iliencp wi'st i.i olialns, tltenei
smilh ta i-lntlii-t, ihuM-fi Bjist to etialiH, tlicuoa
nortli tu elmln*31 > llm i<i u- - nr iieftliimiiif.
Dtitetl ni < I'iuitiiuiik ihfssfiiliiiHy uf Juno, loco
NuMee H hereby «lvon lluil I, (laarso MUlJnnl
ihirty ilnys nfipr (Inlo, Ititfiul in upiily in the
clii-jf DoiiuulBglQiier nf Inn Is nnd Works ror Tit
misHii-n tn t u ohnBO *i0 'fionu of iiiniirvoycd
iiimi (ifiintod nbonl ono ntul one-linll miles west
„t Cranfnwk, ndiulnlnu Wulos nnd parson's
piirciitiRtf-bii llio wont n!i|p,ooiiitncnolng ,u n posl
jilufiteil at tin: northwest corner of Wales nnd
I'nrmiim   |iiiii'1iiik*.   tlieilCO  nuililni;  lOlltll  41)
olialas, tiiniw wist su ohalm, llieneo nortli m
i'lmins tii.nmv'.i-i -o olinlm to startln*. t it,
liKl). llll.l.lAIti'.
Dali'il nl OntltUMOk, May II, I •m.
Take notion tlml month nfter <ia <> i mi. nil
losi'i'ly i" iin-1 iiit'tr K-imn'i'iii Uml-and
Works for | urmlKilOii lo imirhnso lhc Mtawli.j*
ileset Ibod imiiiH: [ttnmniene ny ht ii r»-i mnrNcd
•A. K. 1.1'itih s s..(■:. ni i"is<," |tnntod nt
ilia loiitlnvosl cnFrtcFof lot W7_ in Krotipono-flj
Kootenny ilistrlel.'fflllneo wosl n ehnlns, Ihonca
north in iiiai'M, iiii'nm* easl m eliHlnt, llieiica
Routh loeliaini tu I'liK-i'iirhi'-uiiiniii!, eontn nlnit
it20 ncros, sHuiilo mm ami i -h iltiullo-isouth'
westnfCranbioiik. "
hull*.I llilsMlMlayiiflliim, !'•"'.
i , A. K, I.KITi'H.
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
C_3 ■	
l-'ort Steele, 11, C.
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Convey a nc-ers.
CiiANiuii'ini f'l'aiitiiiitik Oflloi*
ami Tout StI'-ki,*-*,.      id and ID llAliSon jllnck
Solicitor, Etc.
:T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It Includes the best ol everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, otc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife anil Ihe hnchclor should deal will! him,   It will pay Ihem.
The Norlh Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
Undertaking And
Cruubrook, 11. C.
Grnilunte of Champion college ot V. S.
SticccFsnr In "ilngufl & Hughes iii lliis
line.    Will attend to nny  work in  llie
Livery 3
Open Day and Night
.Best ol Table Board
A first-class cook lias charge ol tlie eul'iinry department and the
lodgin}-; accommodaUons are nol cxjeilcd in Cranhrook.
i i
, Proprietors jt jt jt
Regular, Slage   to   Kimberley
Tennis nnd drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   jt    Jt
Promptly Attended tc.
Saddle and.*
Pack Horses
...For Sale or Rent
Armstrong ave., Opp. McComiell's Store
W. F. QURD, B.C. L
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
lirillsh Columbia
Alex. H. Watson...
Fire, Lite and Accident Insurance
Accountant, Notary Public and Cnn
veynncer      ::      ::      ::      ::
Accounts Made Up
Ollice over Beattie's Drugstore
G. Johnson....
>&{ Assayer ana
^ Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Bakery S
Cliarlrand Bros., Props.
We hnve jnst iimved into our new link-'
ery on llniismi avenue, nn,] wiih tlie
largest anil must uioilern brink nveu in
Hast Kootenny are now prepared tititer
tlum ever lielore to turn out first class..
woik.   A full liue of
Qraliam and Rye Bread, Pics,
Cookies and Fried Cakes
linked fresli every niglit.
Orders lor Wedding and olher Fancy Cakes
will receive prompt attention.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANUROOK,   :       i       i   i    li. C.
Service (or the year 1900
will be commenced
June 10th. The "Imperial Limited" takes
you across the continent in four days without change. It is a
solid vestibuled train,
luxuriously equipped
with every possible essential for the comfort
and convenience o f
passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
A. (I.I1. A. T.I'. A.
Vancouver. I1.C. Nelson, B.C.
Arc .Mm going lo huild?
Greer & Co.
Are prepnreil  lo _ furnish   plans
and specifications for all  kinds
of.bu-ldi-ifc. ,
See us for Prices.
Jt   j»   B.' C.
..MISS M, flcCALLUn...
(Iraduale ol Ml. Sinai Hospital, New York
Apply nt McViltie & Hutchison's
Or al J. Hutchison's Residence
I "The Early Bird Catches the Worm " $
ft The " Early Closing " Storekeeper
". Should Catch Your Patronages jt
% We can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit" *S
-J, you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early
nw vt™t
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
a. i ive * •
Rcfitteil Tlironghoilt
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Crnnbrook, n. C.
One of tlie Most Coinfortnlile
Hotels in linsl Kootenny.
Newly l'nniislleil
M. -Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
 Al.l.    KlNliS   OK	
I Rough and
I Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber,
j Shingles and
I flouldings.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   **    dt THE   HERALD.
Mrs. .Inini's Cnrter nr 1'iinii. lllw.. re
contly bought it Iut ,it n tax Mile, mul iri
di'.-giug un the premises for n gulden ilia-
euvel'eil u bux coutalulug about SHOO in
Mllu. Lucie Faun., daughter "t the late
president uf tliu I'relieb lejiublle, hns
ntflde lier debut nn nn author with a se
nus of articles mi "Cardiuul .N.-winiiii;
Hi.. Life nml W'uil.-."
Mrs. A. \V. Sawyer "f Nashua, N. II.,
hns nrescuted tu Ilu- Williams college lu-
tinmiry tliu sum "I .-''im us ii fund in
i.ii'iiiury uf her son, William M. Siiwyer
'03, wlm died s !• years ngo.
Mrs. (.' ei' I'uulil's pusl  whiter in
New Vork lm- lu un one long suu- I
u.clnl Irlumph. shu Is el| led i Uow
it wiiii ii similar campaign nl Neivporl
ii m sunn  after n short trip lo tin
Mrs, Hubert Louis Stevelianli slates
Umi- shu Ims im llltl'lltloil ul nlluwlllg ln-i
lu. '.mini's grave In rlainon lu I I.liuli
i.i. oi he Ilea mining Iliu.c wlm loved I	
nu less limn iliu pi lu rn' the Hentllali
There is u great demand fm- Iho wcntli
er maps of l'-eh, ti. heeiiuse iheilnili -i	
..-•.link' Mi" storm nn.i l.iul  ". II di.lluet
I Hoof Mi-s Susan H ,-iiillioiiy. llildlj'
.ii''min when il np » i. made, the
Wm,leu's   Sulfrage   nmiidill    wus   In
sii ilon in Wiisliiiui..ii.
Mi . M ::,.! im luiiis, ivluisu plu.
lugriipll Hns Lish neeepli j Qneen Vie
i i. Iiml u iiiililni.v  hrluglug "I'    Bhe
wss ii ul Ulbrnllnr, ellllslened nl Mul
In nml wus presenl, ns n child in Hm lull.-.
K-iige trails, ni the lull Ilu ul Waterloo,
where her falher, n color sergenul of iliu
llllli' brigade, wns wounded.
I\ I.I rn   l.iliniiliiiluiil   Ims just com-
pleled u new volume nml bus npplle'd In
Hm copyright clerk iu iliu library uf con-
muss lm ii copyright certlllcnle, giving
Hm name of Hm hook us "The Hawaiian
Traililion uf Iliu Creation." The ex-qilt-f-n
has luul mil.v ii few conies printed llllli
stntes that it is Intended fur private circulation only.
MM... I'liniiiiii, wlm bus jnst won her
hnlilu fm- admission in Hm t-'rsiicli bur,
rebllcs lluil when bur Hist application
wus denied tlm Judge suid: "Vou aro a
doctor nf laws, yuu sny, ami uf phlloso'
I'liy mnl ii bachelor nf literature. Will,
ynu must be un cncyclopedln in miniature, mul wu ure ull sn iiliniil uf yuu Hint
wu would be afraid In ndllllt .villi tu our
Mis. Siisuii Simmons Whines, Iliu old-
est living person born mi llm silt- nf Chi-
cngo nnd one nf the survivors of the Full
Dearborn massacre nf 1S12, is ill nl Sun-
tu Ann. Cal. l'ur n long lluie il wns sup-
pnscd Hint ibu Inst survivor of Hm mnsKii'
ere luul died years ngo. but Mm Wiiiiins
proved in llm Biillsfnetinn uf Hie Clilcngo
llisiuiiunl soeicly Hint shu wns nu h	
Gi Im uld nl thi'time or lhe Indian glial I: uml with hur mothor wns Inkeu cap-
will care every case of Diphtheria.
will produce growth of hair.
Stanley, P E.I.
thu best household remedy on earth.
Rivcrdnle, Oil City, Out,
Iinsinii bus n horseless tin' engine. How
much better to put up Qrcless buildlugsl
-Minneapolis Journal,
I iiuiiiiissiniii'r   Medium  bus  promised
lu ell  the slivels nf Chicago.    Is Mi
MeUnnn's other nnine UorculoaJ-Mla
IH'lipnlis Tillies.
Chicago is planning fnr n now cily bull
Tun feet loug nml four stories high un the
lake front. Uhicugo is boring witli n
bie linger, sn tn speak'—-Minneapolis
Tlm lown uf 1-i'lnll. which wns platted
In is:.?, wns i rvoyed r, ally, nml ii
wns ilisi-nvui-i-il tlmt many uf llie lot lines
were wrong. As ii result, n number nf
hcnsia nre standing where tin- Btreots
slionl.l lH..-ltnrllnglon Hnwkeye.
Chlenso's total debl i- -*1",000,000,
while New Vork owes ?2S8,000,not). Ami
yel Hm wi.u men ul Uothnm persist  in
referring In New  Y.nl, n.  ill nml
i vnllve city, while Chicago is point
ml .mi ns n mii-l „f wild yonng speud
llnin lln,mini: monc] tu Hm I.iuI      in
vi'ii.iiiih At
mi n
lit-id um
1 ti
mi In
u l.iimli
im   (fOlttl
tm in
In   HI HI
tlm, .1
bold, .\
|i   M.M,
ll>* Hit
nml ■*•■»
ill ItH
\\ l«Ul.
oil,  too
tin-  Itl.
it.-.1 ii
1  llio  \V
il   Mil....
1 It) 1(11
ll J ■.
ui  itt
nlio-i, (!•
i*r, I inn
Iiiiiii, tt
,  UlC.
in vnn
< (-iiiu
1 lohlH,
■II llul
ipply ,
.1   OIlU)
■i i
'lln- grain ol Wt'-iirn I'un ulu Ik mid hi
(Hiii-iiin.-> iimi grown in miy kiIiit part ul ttio
world,wlilE in lisoandqualitytnooutUaof
tlio Canadian Surth-Aoal linvo no luiwrior,
fho Uovurnmi nt ul tin* Uomlnluu ol Oan.
min irlvoi Kui* Ifamiaol 1-00-seres to enn
luul,  DUtUll Ol  In  Hiilnnl  ago llllil OT01*, 11 lid
lu i wi) fciu i.i- wlm is Un* head ol n family,
on condition ol llrlngon ii Fot sl least mi
months In -eneli ol l-bira yean nnd porfortn-
ii,,; onu cultivation dutiw, thui ufTorlng
Indeiwndonoj for lifo to anj with littlo
munna, Imi having i nofljj to sstlle.
Bottlors' ultccu, h/..; wtarbg np|Mrel.
household im ulturoi books, linplomsnu und
tools-ul trade, occupation or employment-,
muslanl lustrumoms. domoiUo hiuhi* ihii-
oliluos, lire stock, oarts and othor foulclos.
mul iijjiu ii*Mi.i. Implements in uso by tits
settler fur Hi least a year boforo his romovnl
to (Jill ad a. not tu tnclu.lt- iiiiK-hiinry, ur urtl-
e'en li.. MiU'il lur USD in nny iiiunnliu'lnring
uainbilahnicnt, ur for buU', uImo booltSi pfo*
turcs, family plate or furniture, parsons]
affects nnd heirlooms left by roquoat] nro-*
vided iimi any dutiable ftrliola outorea ub
wuii r.v affocts mny nol bo so ontored union
brought Willi UtO Bottler on Iih lirnt arrival,
uml hhtili not bo sold or otherwise disposod
of without iiii-, limit uf (Inly, until uflur
twelve mouths actual use in Canada; pro-
viih-il alio, thnt under ri'ijuluiiunu miidu by
ihu Controller ui Ousto-us. live Mock, when
Imported into Manitoba or the-- Northwest
Ti'iiitiiiiu- by Intending settlors shall bo freo
until otherwise link-red by the Qovornor In
• Newly arrived Immtgrantawlll recolve at
nny Dominion binds ofllce in Manitoba or
lln* Northwest Territories Information ua t<>
the Hindu thnt nro upon for entry, find frum
tho officers in ehnrge, freo of oiponso, udvlce
und neniHliinei; in scouring lund-* to suit
them; and full iiifonnutiun rcsit-rctlng the
lund, Umber, coal and mineral lawn, und
copies of these regulations, as woll as ihoea
n-t*|ii'ctin^ Dumliiiuii Inndn in the ruilwiiy
belt in Urlth-.li Columbia, mny bo obtained
on iipplicalion tu tho Sufiorln tendon t uf Immigration, Department of Iho Interior■ Ottawa; tbu I 'iniiini-Hioiii r u[ liiiiniKni'iun,
Wii ni|ci:, Miinltoliu* Iho Deputy UoiiiiiiIh-
lluni r uf Agriculture, Hegina, N. W. T„ or
to uny of tho Dumiiiiun Imidi iigonla In
Mmi-loliu or tho Nuilhwoat Torrllorlca,
ton    Jnnie»   .IhIiiinimi   Spent   m   Nlghl
ou u cun*.
Suspended by one foot over n precipice loO feet Ulgll, With nearly ult the
blood lu hte body congested lu his
bead, James JoliUBon, u negro, .4 years
old, hung throughout a cold aud
gloomy night from a cliff near St.
l.ouis, below which rushes tbe tawny
.Mississippi. The special Providence
which is said to watch over drunken
men snw to it that wheu Johnson
stumbled upod the verge of the bauk
his foot should catch in a chance loop
j of a barbed wire fence. Tbo obstruction had beeu placed there years ago
lo prevent suoh us lm from pluuging
lo destruction. The fouco posts were
ohl nud some of thein rotten. Though
-Johnson twltchdd and Jerked to loose
himself, freedom would havu beeu the
freedom of death, mid llie wire uml
tho post Doit (o bis foul held securely.
It was agonising to hang there, but it
was hot dentil.    Still llesb nml  blond
could uut hnvo behl oul much longer,
innl discovery uud the dlllli'iilt resi-uo
cume not it minute loo BOOQ,
Below the elllT are i-imrrh-H, skirled
on tho outer edge by (be Iron Mountain
railroad, Bays Iho New York Proas.
Itc.vond tbo tl'OCltS rushes the swollen
Mississippi. Jolmson, wlm enn romom-
bor Utile of bow he got Into bis plight,
had heen out ill llio eoiiuiry a day or
tWO beforo looking for work. Not finding It, he used up bis small storo of
money In rum nml then started to walk
back to the city, llo bud been sick,
nml early In the ovcillllg he Iny down
in the rain upon n pile of boards near
a hOUSO tbut Btnnds ou the top of ttie
bluff. Finally be got up and lurched
along, uncousclous of tbe yawning
chasm only a fow rods nwny. Suddenly his foot caught lu a barbed wire
tbst ran close to the ground, nud he
wns flung headlong. It happened to
be n loop thnt tripped bim, nnd be fell
over tbe edge. Tlie wire twisted bis
body nrouud so tbnt bis bnck was
against tbe cliff. The wire tightened
about bis aukle and then sagged. The
shock of the fnll sobered him partly,
and he twisted and turned to get loose.
His finger tips could just touch a ledge
of rock, but be could grasp nothing,
f bough he could relieve the weight of
his body somewhat." He could uot we
in the murky night, but below he could
bear the swishing of tbe river.
Tbo granite cutters In the quarry
come to work nt 8 o'clock in the morning, nnd a little before that hour Herman Sp Seeker mnn, thc first of tbe
force, entered the quarry and went to
a shed to put on bis working clothes.
He happened to look up and could
hnrdly believe his eyes when he snw a
inah hanging bend down from tbe face
of tlie cliff nwny above. He ran to the
ofOec of the boss nnd breathlessly told
the men there what be bad Been. Tbey
joHNttuVs pRKDIOU-B-rr.
telephoned tu the flrfl department for
a hook and ladder truck aud to a hospital for uu uiubiiliiiK-e. lu the meantime a gang of Workmen hurried to tho
spot nml stretched a tarpaulin under
the sultiglng Form, so thut If the innu
Bh&Uld drop be might uul bo ibisbed to
death on tbe jugged rocks. Oilier men
hounded up a rum) Hint led lu the tup
of the cliff. Lying fuce dowu on (be
edge uud peeling uver, tbey could hco
lie* swaying body held In thu loop of
wire. None of (hem dared li-w to pull
up Hie mau by Hie wire for fear that it
would flip off the foot. In the meantime tbe lin-mcn aud the ambulance
bad corns Into the (|iutrry and wilh
them i crowd of men from the city.
Advice wns plenty, but deeds were
few. The llreiueii took out their longest laibler and curried It from ledge to
IcdgO up the cliff until the top round
was within reach of Johnson. He gripped it with desperation, though his
blood swollen bands had Httlo life In
Uiem. A tlreinnu mounted thc ladder,
fastened to tho negro's legs a rope tbnt
hud been lowered from thc top of the
cliff, nnd slowly nud carefully Johnson
wns pulled up nnd by brisk rubbing
brought back to life.
Welcome t h»ns«*.
"My denr," began tbo extrnvngnnt
youug wife, "I'vo got several things 1
want to talk to you about."
"Ah, that's a relief!" exclaimed the
"What IsV"
"To be assured tbnt you've got tlio
things you want to talk about. You
generally discourse upon things you
need."—Philadelphia Press.
T*he nut *'■>'''■ • I r llie Mnl,
Tlm Bower wilu fm Ibe lx>»,
Love fur tht 1  i:n« Wonl—
Ami I tur thi   .
An<] v
I It j ester-mom.
Tbt dust was on ilu* thorn!
The rune it here.
I will not count the hours
Si v.- in th. gift) Lu.y brine—
Tbe iiunnwr'i boon ol duwtii,
Tbi- r-,Migi wt ipring.
Content, unmove.1 ot lite,
1 bide the time apart;
Bo, be it loon or late,
Here ii my bnrtl
And all the leigun ot -.[>■<*
Tlmt cry, "Alur. alir,"
Shu 11 render buik iliy lace
Ai night the utir.
The bird flics to tbl urtl,
And in the Bower tbi bM,
Lou- to tbe lovlOg br.Hht--
And thou (o me.
A young mnn seems to be willing to
make almost any BflcrlflCO for thc girl
tie loves except lo go home early and
savo Iter from n scolding next morning.—Atchison Globe.
Tlie Lona Re&t of
Dunham Creer.
For Hi-vend duys be bud been bothered
wiih a dull headache.   His bones ncbed,
tun,   niii]   there   were   mipl.-usiint   Spots
floating across bis eyes. A feeling er Impending danger seined upon liim. He
laughed ut bimself in vitin. Hu conld
not shake it off. He wasn't homesick,
There mun no place that ho eould really
call home. True, there wero pleoty of
friends in New York who would ho glad
to welcome liim and cheer turn up, hut he
lingered on iu Cleveland. There worn
friends iu Cleveland, too, whu would
throw wide their doors tu liim. Yet ho
Ktuiil on at the hotel.
As the duys wore nlong the tired feeling increased. He lost his appetite. Every exertion was distasteful,
"I need n good rest," he muttered to
his reflection in the glass. "That's whnt
ails me."
His father, be frequently reminded
himself, wns somewhere on the Pacific
const on nn Important business errand.
It would not dn to nnnoy bim with such
trifles as nn nttnek of blues. It was out
of tho question. And yet be thought
about his father a good deal.
Ou tho sixth day he awoke to find the
mom revolving around him.
"I'm going to bo ill," be suld.
When the room quieted down a little,
he arose and dressed himself witb great
cure. It was a slow and somewhat
painful process,, but it was finally accomplished. Then he put his belongings
in hte valise.
"Let me sec," he murmured to himself.
"I must face this dilemma squarely. I'm
going to be III. That's certain. 1 dou't
want to be ill here, and I dun't wnnt to
go to n hospital." He shuddered slightly. "Never did like hospitals," he added. He shuddered again and went on:
"Must go out and find some place to be
III. No time to lose. Don't want to be
ill in tlio city. Country is tlie place.
Quiet, plensnut view, wholesome fare.
Country by all means. Ho arose a little
uustendily nnd, picking up his bag, cur-
rind it down to thc office, where he paid
his bill. Then ho wandered out of tho
hotel nnd up tbe street, and, lo, when he
reached the comer n suburban enr was
approaching! fto climbed aboard and
rode until the city, with Hs rattle nnd
■imokp. wns left fnr behind. Then lie
foit tbnt be had gone far enough. He
alighted beneath a great elm tree and
snt on the littlo bench at its roots for
s moment to look about nud get his
bearings. There wns a double row of
elm trees stretching nwny before bim.
There were cony looking houses on either
side of the smooth highway. There were
limiting fields spreading tn right nnd left:
there wns plenty of blue sky to cn**.e
upon, nud low down on the horison there
were blue hills. He looked about und
nodded his bond with satisfaction. Then
he picked up his bag and moved nlong.
He did not go far. The tields in tlio Into
spring sunshine suddenly took on a veil
of glnmoar. and tin* rows of trees march-
oil toward hlm uustendily.   Ho turned
abruptly nnd walked Up the slope toward
a neat cottage in whose doorway stood n
womnn. She was perhaps (10, with n
gentle, motherly fnee nnd soft gray eyes
that looked down upon him curiously ns
be enme toward her.
Dunham Greer stopped and took off bis
"Madam," bo snid in his courtliest
tones, "may 1 rest in your cottage for a
few moments?"
"Ccrtaluly," she answered, with a quick
smile, though lier face crew anxious as
ho dropped henvily in the ensy chair she
pushed townrd bim. "You are not well,"
she added.
"I nm not strong," he snid. ne
paused a moment nnd looked about him.
Then he smiled nt the scrupulous nent-
ness »f the iin-ilef-t household effects,
The smile grew softer ns bis gaze rested
on the woman's sympathetic fnee. "Mnd-
nin," he snid, "will you take me Into your
house ns n guest? Wnit, please; let mo
explain. You nre a paragon of housekeepers.    Are you n nurse as woll?"
She fell In wiih bis mood at once.
"Yes," she nnswered.    Her eyes grow
moist.   She a roso hurriedly nnd brought
him n little glass of hutneinude eordiul.
As she handed it to him she gently pushed back the bnir from his hot forehead,
nnd In* looked up nnd smiled at the soothing touch.
"Oan you spare roe." iho nsked, "while
I enll In the doctor?"
"Doctor?"  he   echoed.    "I   hnd   quito
forgotten nbout tlm doctor."
"I will he bnck very soon," sho snid as
■he caught up her lint.
"I'm In grent luck/' Dunham grnvely
snid ns she hurried dowu the slope to the
He gave n sigh of sntlsfnellun and
loaned buck In the chair, Hin eyelids
BlOWly drooped, nud lie fell Into a light
doze. The touch uf a gentle bund aroused bim.
"lluek so Boon?" ho murmured.
ltut It was not thc motherly eyes that
looked down Into his. lt wns the gnarled
and bearded face of an elderly mini. It
wns a kindly face and yet a serious fnee,
and tlie eyes wore eyes that had been
misted over by much suffering and yet
bud preserved their sparkle.
"I am Dr. Graham," same a voice
from between the boarded lips. It was a
gruff voice, and yet Dunham liked it.
am Dunham Greer," be suid and put
out his hand. The doctor's fingers closed
oral It aud held it fast, bis keen eras
searching the face of the youug man.
Then he frowned.
"You should have been iu bed a week
ago," he growled.
"I guess Hint's right," snid Dunham
drowsily. "Boon walking around lu my
sleep, I think. Couldn't find thc light
■sort of lied. Novor do to be ill In a hotel,
you know, and hospitals are quite— quite
out of Hie question."
The doctor looked around. The motherly faced woman stood ot tho foot of the
"The room Is rendy, doctor," she snid.
Ton minutes later Dunham looked up
from his cool pillow with u deep sigh uf
"You'll tnke tho case, doctor?" ho nsked.
"I'll tnke the case."
"And you'll do your best, I know. You
fcp, it wouldu't be fair to father t" neglect any points thul mlghl aid in my recovery. I'm his only child nnd owe him
everything, even my life."
"I'll do my best, my boy," snid the doctor gently,   "Who is yuur father?"
"That's whnt I wnnt to get at," said
Dunham, with n little effort. He wus getting drowsy ugciu.   "Iu the breast i k-
11 of my coat yuu will find a sealed envelope with all tbe particulars you need.
Do uut open it unless yon Hnd I'm in a
pretty bud way. Then break into it und
telegraph to my father's New Vork address. Yuu will take charge of the papers, doctor, nud please understand that
my father is not to be Informed of my
Illness unless it is quite necessary, He is
tou busy to be annoyed unless there is
the   most   serious   reason   tot*  it.     1   cun
trust you, doctor?"
"Yon can trust me." snid the old man
ns he stooped and laid his cool fingers on
the buy's hot wrist.
"There i*; some money in the pocket-
book," continued Dunham, "nml I want
the lndy lo tuke that uml mo it ns she
thinks best," He ponied u moment and
with an effort collected his thoughts
"Whon I fell by the wayside/1 he mul
tered, "tho — good—Samaritans—were ■
• lo io- nl   hand."
The doctor hem bll gray head siill lower. "What—I—need," --aid Dunham
faintly, with tho ghost of u smile, "is—
rest. A- month—off—will—do—me—good
-do—me-good." The heavy lids drop
ped down.    The feeble voice ceased.
"You'll get it, my boy," said llie doctor grimly.
There was a robin piping in ihe poach
tree,  au  Insistent  robin  Hint  piped  in  u
way thut brooked no contradiction. Wns
ho culling somebody? A waft of summer uir came in through the open window, a gentle breath that lightly moved
ilie straggling locks above a white forehead, that kissed lhe heavy Mils that
trembled above the tired eyes. Was the
robin culiiqg?
The heavy lids struggled upward.   The
tired eyes looked forth. They saw a
long bluo veined hand that rested on tho
coverlid nnd clasped closely another
hnud, white uud thin. The eyes traveled
slowly from tho band upward along the
coat sleeve, higher, higher.
"Why, father!"
"My boy!"
The clasp on the white hand tightened.
The boy could not return it. Uo could
only look up in his father's faco with a
happy smile.
"Huw long has It been, father?"
The father hesituted. Another face
nppenred nt the bedside. Another gentle
hnud pressed his. Tho face ' was. the
rugged face of the country doelor.
"A littlo talk won't hurt bim, Mr.
Greer, not if you do the talking."
The father bent lower.
"Six weeks, my hoy."
"A long rest, father. Havo yon jusi
It was the gruff voice of the old doctor
that answered.
"I carried out your Instructions to the
letter," he snid. "I telegrnphed to your
father the very dny you enme. He hustled here with his private car und Ids
big Now York doctor. The big doctor
paid me the compliment of staying Imt a
day or two, but for live weeks your father has scarcely left your bedside."
"Denr father!" murmured Dunham, "I
know whnt this sacrifice meant to yon."
"My boy," said his father slowly, and
his voice wns broken. "I've found out
there is something dearer to mo than
money getting. I didn't know bow much
you were to mo until 1 saw you lying
helpless here. We have drifted too fur
apart, my son. Wo will keep close together hereafter, As soon as you ean
be moved I have planned n little trip to
thc south of France, and this gruff old
country doctor is going with us. Tells
me be hasn't hud n real vacation in -10
yeurs. We'll give liim a year's outing
that'll knock a dozen years from his tired
olil shoulders." And he chipped Ins hand
affectionately on the old man's arm.
The doctor growled Inarticulately.
Then he grullly snid:
"Sec here, my friends, this palaver has
reached the safety limit.   Cut it short."
"And the good Samnritnn woman who
took me in, fatherV" murmured Dunham,
"She hasn't belied hor character for a
moment, iny hoy. She is well and happy nnd thankful becuuse you uro getting
well. Nobody will be forgotten, Dunham.    There, you must lie quiet uow."
Dunham closed his eyes. Ho was free
from pain. He felt the warm clasp of
his father's hnud. He wns quite happy.
A faint smile curved Ids pallid lips.
The summer Urerze softly fanned his
brow. The robin's pipe grew more and
moro Indistinct—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Fluffier Informed Plant.
Tho modern Florida ns n winter resort
wns largely developed by tho late Henry
it. Plant uud Henry M. Flagler. The
two wero grent friends, uud their rivalry
ns n consequence wns always of the
friendly sort. To Flagler fell the enst
const, with Miami ns his southernmost
point, from Which a line of steamers, run
to Cuba. Plant's southern terminus Wus
Tampa, from which u silnilnr line ran to
Havana. To Hunt ouo duy, so story
hath it, Flagler scut the following invitation hy wire:
Hrnry It. Plant, New York City!
Can't you p*y tn« a vit.lt at Miami?
II.   JI.   Fl.AQI.EH.
And strnightivny came tbe reply:
H. tt, Ktflifier, St. Auguitlne, FU.:
Accept,   wiih   nuich   plciiiure,   Imt   where   on
cartli is Mi.-nii? 11. H. PUXT.
Iii nuswer to this FIngler sent the following directions to bis frieud:
To Henry 11. I'lunt, New Vork City:'
Follow tlio crowa. li. M. Flaqiu.
—New York Tribune.
Modern Poetry.
Ardent Young Woman —From what
bidden sources, Mr. lbirdde, do yuu seek
your Inspiration?
Poet—My dear girl, I'm too mueh rushed with my willing oven to waste time
chasing around after Inspiration.—Chicago Itei'unl.
1 li.- Ulrretorn i ■-   l'n j. ■-,. Inn lor ttio-July
liidn-ttrinl   IMntlii in Atiructlom,
Winnipeg—A meeting ot the exhibition board wni held at the association's
otiices. in this lity, on Bioud.y afternoon, when th • f 1 lowing directors
were present: M-* ira A. .1. Andrews,
pneideut, iu thecbuir; David Monroe,
J. T. Gordon, I. M Ross, J. A. Mitchell, li. J. M. Power, (Oarberry), (J
H. Qreij, Mayor Wilson, I) Smith, G.
P. Gait, Geo J. Mul-on, Aid. iiar-
olay, Wm. Brydon, A. B. Stovel, John
Arhntbnot, W. S. Lister, Fred W,
Drewry, T. \v. Taylor, Htepben, Nairn,
L). ti. Sprague nnn the manuger iu at-
Tho attractions committee reported
the following platform attractions se-
Curcedo, king of the high wire.
The ffernta family, norialista; three
Indies aud three gentlemen.
Tho Take-/mm Royal Japauesetronp]
ten people
lloll way trio, two guilt 'emeu.
Moulier S:st *ih, two liidirH nud ono
Dlllworth family, lour ladies nud
tour i*i-iith m>*ii.
Farrell and Stark, lwo men.
Parlsiau Bisters, lour Indie-', ballet
Monte Myro tronp, two  lndios and j
two gentlemeu.
Andre and Golden, two men.
Prof. Flowers, doable balloon ascension,
Hand imd Teal's groat apooaonlor
drama, "The Battle (if Punrdeberg and
Surrender of Gen. Oronje."
A number of minor matters wore arranged, after which tho board adjourned
Foi Lln noxl t' n il \- wc -.-.uul i.i make n
i loci llleg nud with Ihlnend in
h ..i*.i tho fiiruoua CLEVELAND bi-
cyi le nl low pr cea, lo lota -1 two, three »>r
more we will give a i>_ discount for ea.-h,
onri, further ■' your order is accompanied
wiih the m>j* ey we will giv** in* - a v. ry use-
lui and nece-j-^uiy present, worth from -fl.to
to$3.00 Wi tt- oory if you wish tu net a
Cleveland at wholesale pric b nud u handsome
pu--? nt kr no'htng.
iiii-- ndvi itiMiin-iit will onl) appear i nee,
.•I, Winnipeg
310   M..ii.
in i dUtiut I*ml. raW lamUcspei gnnd,
In the realm .1 Woor-n-Wlioo,
Dark ilu* inrtiUl lUtfr  I uiu*t n*lalf
01 llio man ind ntalili llier-t loo.
,\ |fi      : ■ '■■■- i>-"i> in lill liJiiit nn
On l     I  a ■■■ ol Wo. ri Whoa,
Ami I .■ met ii mild la j pretty glidt.
.-*, i, died, then, were tliwe two!
He would lain eiprcu bli bipplnen,
Bul tlie tonirue ul Wn r u *-.*. I  o
II.- (. -iiii nut ipevk, ... he itrokw] litr cheek,
. An II ili.it vnu- cnoimli >u An,
Now ii luta-liTi- h I i- lice uwd for food)
[la I tanled In H
And Hu* maid Ind-ml had U n Hugh) iu read
She doted .*;■ !"■< It) i ■■
New and Btrlltlng In earrings la a pali
of flattened, button shaped peorta Intended to lit cIumj tu tha car and Invisibly mounted.
A magnlllcent line of pendants te dr-
voted entirely to pearls ut Irregular conformation. These ure mouuted iu platinum uud in some instances are combined witb diamonds.
Long silver chains divided Into segments by groups of three turquoises, oval
cut and arranged in single file, nre exceedingly pretty and should strike u popular note nmong the summer girls, fm
they will he just the thlug with wash
Apropos of rings, nn unusual nnd nt-
tractive design i-- the use of five enter
'aids in a straight row for the center >*f u
marquise ring, these being surrounded
with diamonds, In another striking
marquise tha middle gem nbnie is u tiue
emerald "ith dtamouds as the accompanying stones.—Jewelers' Circular.
One nt the greatest blessings t*> parents
is Mother Gravos' Worm Exterminator,
It effeottt-lly expels woruu nnd glu*_
ht-alih in it marvellous manner to ibo
little om.*.
Uu.h liaio 1 iiiii
Toeal uRa t* ■
M) In truili
to tt.ee
. will. lk-r liti'e ei
imiiusiim;  iyukyh:w with
Mil. It. 1.. M.VSTIN.
The  ItiiiiiilnK   Poster  ItiQTf-,
Tl  n u   i ■ it< n in mu -■ ■ r.
And they put tbctn I    i   It Uy,
Anil Iht) loom li..* trig ■ ..   i
ihat hai «*-» .■:...        .   .
It'i i right (rem out out -ah . w
When the lilflj-'i .h..i and Iree
Jutt i   iee the set of papei
And Uie l-in pwaag-rle.
It Kill make yen tin-tch your pptici
Ju;t the - -.-■ i    -i . ., n ii...,
Ami lb y're ten tit.us more (anuitta
Tl.-ii u.c tji.iotl ijiurtiT sli.w,
And it didn't u.e ten i        .■
Fur lu lirin*; about ti.t* tun;
Tl. :. can e » sudden ihower,
Aiid the colon went in.l tun.
Only t: i s ■ whu h.ive had experience
can toll the tirtnreoorna lanae. Pain
with your bOota un, (»lu with t*,em oil--
pHin nlghl and day . bnt relief is nnn- to
those wuo use [lotlow-Af'a Cort) cun*.
lie—"Why did your father sny thnt 1
Wouldn't make a goud business mnn?
She—Me suld ymi Iiml linen coming to
the home fur n year uud hadn't talked
busiuess yet.—Types.
After I.i.iik Yi>iiiH<it l'i-i-|. <-l lit nil li Hi* Wan
Aitick.-.l   witli   Klilnoy  T Iilo   mul
Other  Cum p.l initio un     Mr.  Wllll-tius'
Phili PI I In III Inn Mini Nhv lluiltli.
i'Tuiii ilu.11'lcton, Onl., Tluios.
Mr. II. Li. Mas tin, olHoUowell township, Prlnoe hid ward connty,wna a caller nt thu Times olhca tl.o other dny
aud durniK hiH visit told of bis grout
suffering frum kidney troubht uud
rlieumntiBin, nooompanied by dyspep
siu, eold feet and a generally brokon
down ronshuuiuii. Mr, Muslin te one
of tho flrit settlers of Princo Edward
county. He in iu his seventy-first year
aud is tliu father of a urowu up family
of well-to-do farmers. In tho course < f
the conversation Mr. Was tin said:—"I
hnd never known what it was to be
sick. I hnve always had good hetilth
oud worked on my farm every duy until some mouths uro, when I wus taken
with severe paius iu my buck aud
shoulders. I consulted a doctor bnt
received littlo benefit. I wus told by
one doctor that I Imd rheumatism and
kidney disease, but his ireutmeut did
not Jielp nm ami I i-outiuned getting
worse. My nppeiitn fniled me aud I
fell uwuy m flesh. I became irritable
aud conld uot sltep well ut night. Nobody unn conceive tho intense pain I
endured. Not deriving auy benefit
from the food I nte nud buviug u cou-
smut piin in myslomucb I soou became
aware (hut I had dyspepsia, nud tho
pniu in my buck aud Khmiider.-', intensified by the stoueliko weight in my
stomach, mado life to me almost unbearable. I was also a great sufferer
fiom cold feet, nearly every dny my
feot would got like chunks of ice, aud
unless I was constantly by tbe firo tbe
sole.-i of my feet would feel ta though
they were wnr. One dny I told my
wife I wub going to try l)r. Williams'
Pink Pills. Hiving road S3 mueh of
these famous pills, I thought that what
they hud done for others lhey might do
for me. I procured a box Irom Mr. E.
Case,* druggist, and to my great delight
before I had u-ert quite one box I hud
improved. When I hud finished a couple
more boxes I felt like a new man and
I gladly tell this for tb- bendit of all
who suffer us I did." Continuing Mr.
MuBtinsnfd: "My rheumatism is all
gouo and I can come und go and enjoy
as good health as well as I ever did."
With these remarks Mr. Muslin got up
to go, bnt added that his wife was ro-
oeiviug niuoti benefit from Dr. Williams' Pink Pills "I took home a
couple of boxes the other day and ?he
thinks they are spl'nlid."
Dr, Williams' Pink Pills euro by going (o tbe root of thu disease. Thoy
renew and build up the blood, un I
strengthen tbe nerves thus driving disease from the sy-item. Avoid imitations by insisting tbat i-veiy box you
purchase is enclosed iu a wrapper bearing the full trade mark, Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for lain Peoplo. If your
dealer does not keep them tbey will be |
sent postpaid at 50 cents a box, or mj
botes for $9,fi0, by addressing the Dr,
Williams' Meditiuo Co., llruckville,
Montreal, Free Bas. Am
,  I*, tl.50 U|».   K. 1'. I1.0> .M.
King Leopold of  Relglnm  has  I n
obliged to give up rending nud writing
for u lime owing to trouble with bis
eyes, caused by overwork.
The youngest llohetrtollern, Prluci
Ili'iiuirli's bou, the (ieiuiun emperor's
nephew, was christened the other day
us Il.iuiteh Viktor 1'ii.dii.h.
The queen of lliinnver. who celebrated
her eighty-second birthday on April 14.
pulsed    Ilu*    severe    winler    In    pi-rf< ■ I
health ut the villa nf h.-r sou. the Duke
nf Cumberland, near Umunden, iu upper
Perhnps the besl private collection of
stuffed and living birds in the world belongs lo the kini; nf Portugal, wlm Is nu
enthusiastic orulthulngii-i. Scientists
frum nil parts nf tlie world add tu his
eases und cages, and ii is believed that
he hns nne specimen of every important
bird family ul prrneiit known.
Ml* I'rrui-.i.f nf Mind.
"A woman cnu'i sharpen a lead pencil
,ir throw n suuu," read  Mr. Meek ton
: aloud,
!    "What's that?" asked bla wife, rather
"Dou't mistake me, Henrietta," was
tbe quick rcjwind< r, "1 am nm gloating.
[ was |usi reflecting on the wisdom »f
nature.   Then- In u * tvason why a wo-
■ man   should   sharp, i   pencils  or  Ibrmv
'.lel.eod, Severn Bridge, wrltos: "I owoa
ebtof iratltrdetoDR THOMAS' EC-
bKCTRIC OIL fur earing mo ( n severe
Mid thnt irouhM me nearly ull last winter." lu order tn give n quietus tn »
barking oough. ink* a inwi* of DH
day, ■ r oftener if the cough spills render
It "netrssary.
Wl .
Why will you allow a eoufth to lacerate
your throat or lungs and run the risk of
filling a consumptive's grave, when, by
tlie timely use of Blokle S Alitl-Consurup-
tlvo .Syrup the pain oan be allayed and
'.he ilan_-.T avoided. 'Ihls syrup is plea-i-
nnt to the taste, and unsurpassed for relieving, healing aud curing all affect)ons
>f the throat nnd lungs, toughs, colds,
brouebUls, eto. etc.
Ull   l-r.nil.
lean iu -a.*-  yoa d'in't car*
"No. sir.' .*■:.-*.. :.-l Seualoi Sorghum.
"I never paid an j - ich thing. I'm seared
half to death f r fear my great-grand-
children -nill look up pityingly nt my -Mr-
trait and ■-■■.■■*. 'Yes, "i*I Simeon Snrchum
W;.. of   •; ■ -.    i{'t.-!li<e(il'li,   (■■■i-i ; *'i-
tious fellers. ;        -  didn't bave auy head
for I :    "■   tt    ■    ■ .-: ti Star.
Iiln Oue Sutrsestioa.
"Furthermore, John Henry Meeker."
said Mrs. Meeker, who was standing in
front of the mirror ami putting the
finishing touches lo lur toilet. "I wnnt
yuu to tnko not loo that I nm perfectly
capable of getting ready for church
without any prompting from you, and
you can cough ami look at your watch
ns much ns you please—it won't harry
mc it single second. Uo you clearly un
doratnnd that?"
"Yes, my dear," mildly replied Mr
Meeker, "though I think I could understand It a little better if you didn't
have your mouth uulte so full nt hair-
lee's Vegetable ppli are very mild lu
their acucn They do uot cause griping
lu tbu f-u.'hich or cante dUtarbaucea
tbere &• ;■> many pills do. Thprefore the
must delicate can tafet- th* m without fear
ot unpleasant results Thf-y can, too, be
administered to children wltabat Imposing tho penal tba which foil -w the use of
oills Lot §u tan fully prepared.
I niipprrrliK-d    *. •] i n in»u--i.
"Mike," *..i''. E'toddtag Pete, "here's a
piece In de 1 r 'boot a man dat - y* he
got Into Jail far doln nothin at all!"
"An yit he's kiekin." rejoined Meandering Mike, "Au some o* de trouble
we've been put lo to sit into jail ont o'
de cold ha-*! often come dm to Itcin
downright workf"— Washington Star.
A 1>ml>ntil« llesnlt,
"If people were ouly compelled to
practice what they preach!" sighed the
"What good would that do?" demanded tbe practical man.
"It would make tbe world better,
wouldn't It?"
"Ob, I don't know. I'm Inclined to
think that whatever changes we noticed would be In tlie preaching rather
thnn In the practice."—Chicago Post,
Some Other Kind I'rtri-rr.'d.
"Your system is generally run down."
snid Dr. [Canard, ihe eminent specialist,
"but I think 1 can promise a cun* in n
shott time If yaa follow directions.
Would yon prefer a home treatment?"
"I ihlnk not." responded Mr. Meeker,
Invnluninrlly lowering Ids voice, "It's—
It's my Inline treiiiini'iit, I nm nfrnld, ttint
really ails int'."-CMeogn Tribune.
How's  This?
We offer Ooa Hundred Dollars Reward fur
any C&MOf ('oturrit ilait L-uauol lm cureil by
liidr- Calnrtli 'ure.
K. J. (.-HUSKY & C(i.,ProM.,Tolsdo,Q
We, ilu.* undurBgncd, liav-a koowii   F. J
Chi-m-v for the lust  Ifl vt-iu-*, uud bellflVB him
purfuetly hiiii*>rul*li! In all bualnm trmi<iii-linns
and tlnaiuially able to i-urry .nil nny ohllga-
IliUiH iiiii-li- hv ilu .i  Una.
WaHT* Tiii'ax.m »i"h"'.ili- Hnigghlts,ToIedo,0.
WAI.IiIMI, KlS.NAX -a.* M.\ltVlN, \*> liuli*8..1i: Urug-
••In'.tt, Toledo, ('.
IIiiU'h lliitarrh Curd l-iliilo-n liilniiiiiily.net-
hiK dlrcotlv UPOU Um* 1 ■ ■ * — -■ 1 uml iiunou-i sur-
fueesof llie H) Mom Prieo. ;r,v |*r bottle, bold
by all ilnijofi-ls.   Ti-niliiH-nlids tree.
IUII'h 1- unii.y Pills nru the beat.
CLEAR HEAD-The high pressure of ■
nervous life which business men of the
present. diiV aru OOtUtrained to llvo makes
draughts upon th.*ir vitality highly detrimental tu their health. It is only by the
mofit careful treatment that they are able
to keep themselves ulert nnd active In
their var.ous (ulllngi Mmv of them
; know the value nf rarmelee's Vegetable
- rills In i*e*fubi-Iii|/ the stomaoh and con-
tequutitly keep the head clear.
Ilroitulit lo Honk,
"What's the mnltcr with that young
man?" asked the king.
"Your majesty,1, n plied lhe priuu* minister, "this In lhe page Who behaves ao
"Aha! We'll make liim learn to keep
Ins plaie In the fntme."
"Yes. your majesty, I was going t'i
luggesl i lint you I urn hlm down."—t'hlln
Do Not
Pay Cash
A vary larg* aa*'ma enn be made.   We can
lurnlflh ths exact amount for any piiymsnt.
Write for particulars and pries.
ALL0WAT & 0HAMPI0N, winni->ii
U"Tfl-\f iXt "RBUaxce aniit
 I O-VrtilA,    FACTOHr.Monlmi
Brass Band
j, •iriim-siii-i. Drama, Dnlfornu, Ktc,
Lowed prtew m -iii' led I at tat-nio-fue
10 i l-jitr-Hon* n.a.-^l fr-*-. Write u- lor uij-
thing in >io-i< or Mu.i al toatrutnante,
Wh»ley Eoyce _ Co..J"T^,'.iii,.
Farm Lands
For Sale Id All Farts of the
Province.   Write for Lists.
II .niif... lur. il li, TltOS. LRU, IVIniilp.t,
The lliinittiliii
Farmers .V ulna I Hail
Insurance i'oiii|»any.
Porteoi Aeeiird,
"My wife ii ml I ogl-eo perfectly abont
tome things," romarked  Mr. Moakton,
with n grntlo smile
"Ves.   When anything goe-a trrongi l
tnke ii for grunted lhat It is my fault.
uml  Meiirietln always thinks bu too."—
Washington Star.	
Keep MAM'S umifl U 111 flow.
II..mi- Offlet, 60 : Hi Ii.ivr.- liLiib,
Winnipeg, Man.
Ciitirtered to do Busir.es, in Mtttiitoba,
also oil over ine North-test
Over $3,000,000  liisuriu.cu in  furue  and
inenni-imj every Atiy.
Fanuer-t  Wanting   protection   from'  hail
fchuuld writo us ur aaa our louil ugunt.
Ilox 07., Witini|-vg.
iv, C. OBAHAM, Manager.
-Hi«aiii-«1  1
n   I'll-   HiiiIi.t Shup
IBI'll   Sll),'!'   1
1 lio?"
imiI lo wcur n full I.i
. 1 L.-li.v.-
In- Jill."
"1 »
oii.I.-i- Will
In- iiiiisii'i now?"
lio iirolio
lily found n  niz-n
1    tu    sim
vo   lilrawlf." — Clilc
;i *>i
llllil 111.
! LlHim is ml tr mneiui.
"1 il
lOllglll   lliii
l till mu in lore n
nu1, .<)
1 fill klud
„' fofcod lu |lfo|loio.
ih- Ihinl i
ii,'. inyiim ilu' luul ii
i> rn  i
in •Biinll*-
ri'.IHll.V     1,1-1 llll: ,'    |     1
.. lull
i.'i.i'ulij ui
ll)-."—illllll llllli. .ll
Ku midtommer h*.itir* *. -   Now Ut the Ume t*»
prei'kr« for h Nltuailon in tlm liuny winton.
Kiilt |>-_rttoulara on a).|illcatl<in-
U. W   IKI.VAI.il, Hm.
N. H.--U -■ awilHl-u-l -.vir 100ol ottt umlenu to
poiltloiu durltiff tli* I'KJit i..*.* munths.
Catholic Prayer gffji
ulnrs, Itcllifluiii I'lrtun-i Muluarv, mi
Orn»meiiti, KiliicmtDnal Wi.rhii. M»ln
oeivipromiiiattnuoo. D.4 J. Sailltf4Ca. I:;,!.aj
Kn* irirt,
IPS, Ht «|i-
mnl i Lurch
MINARD'S LINIMENT Lmntemil'l mill.
W. N. U. 276. te*************************
1      LOCAL   NOTES     1
* '*
Picked  Up About the Cily   by  Asking
Questions of Many People.
Sidney Sykes, of Guelph, wasa recent
visitor to Cranbrouk.
Arch. Leiith went tait Moo 'ay morn
ing ou a business trip.
Manager Robbins ami Financial agent
Curran are in town today.
A. ti. Martin, government timber inspector, was in town recently.
Fresh fruits in nil varieties by pound,
basket (ir crate nt McConneU's
Five hundred new novels at Heattie's:
come early and get your choice.
Oold Commissioner Armstrong was
over Irom Port Steele this week.
liert Smith, the Loop's popular bold-
keeper, was in Crnnbrook Tuesday.
J. T, llnr-jjess, formerly station agent at
Wardner. was a Cranhrook visitor today
George k Jo vie, lhe well-known cou
tractor, wbb over recently from Cowley
R, A, Elton, the wetl-kho-Atl mining
broker ot" Fort Steele, was in town this
J. R. Costigan departed for Nelson Sunday morning, to meet a business engagement.
James Joyce, one of Kiniberley's en-
terpiising merchants, was in town yesterday.
Mrs Thomas Rookes is vis ting with
old friends in Fort Sleele, of whom she
has many.
It Barnwell, one of the C. P. R.'u efficient agents, went east on yesterday
morning's flyer.
George A. Gaw, C. P. R. agent at
Crow's Neat, was taking iu ibe sights al
Cranbrook Tuesday.
F. While, of Cttiimore, the genial fuel
inspector (or the C. P. R , was in town
a few days this week.
Manager Wolf and Superintendent
Burdsall, of the Sullivan, are guests of
lhe Craubrook todoy.
Ice cream, various flavors, daily;
strawberries nnd cream, bananas am)
cream, at McCounells.
A few remnants of Japanese ond Chinese goods at Heattie's; you can have
tbem nt your own prices,
Miss lying, who has been residing at
tbe Mission, with thc sisters, bus departed
for.her home at Kamloops.
J. I.ebel, the old Lime general merchant
of Pincher Creek, attached bis autograph to the Cranbrook register.
" Ililh " Corlin, the big, popular grocer
of Foit Steele was in town yesterday,
ie! urn ing from a trip to Kimberly.
We have several thousand dollars of
private funds to loan on good security at
reasonable terms. McVittie & Hutchison.
The benevolent countenance of Contractor Sheady (of Grunt St Sheady),
Moyie, illuminated tbe Herald sanctum
Creighton, the grocer, has a lot of nice
roasting ears, green peas, vie, tbat took
quite tempting, to say nothing of fresh
fruits of all kinds.
Miss Shea, who for some time has had
charge of the dry-goods department uf
Bremner St Sons' store, has resigned her
position to accept another at  Rossland.
Mrs. Harry McVittie has accompanied
her mother and sister, Mrs. and Miss
Henderson, lo their home at Barrie.
Out., where she will remain for a few
Breckenridge St Lund have taken another large contract for ties, which will
probably Inst months. Their field of
operations is about live miles south of
Mrs, Henderson, in the Baker block,
has secured the agency for llnzt-lwoori
ice cream, a product fa-nousaud without
a peer. For sale at retail or in any de-
aired quantity,
Tbe Royal hotel looks quite metropolitan these days, with Its toof-garden.
Don't be surprised if " Van" inaugurates
a season of grand opera up tbere some of
these fine nights.
Jim Kerrigan hns been trying all the
week (o get auolher race no for Bobs,
but all seem to be either afraid of the
name or the royal stable blood that flows
in Bobs' cay use veins.
Pieper St Currie have the contract for
painting the Kast Kootenay holel inside
and outside, ns well as repapering and
putting it in fust class condition. Mis,
Donahue has concluded to sell the prop
Constable Don's troubles ire just beginning since be got to speculating in
mining stocks and doing the regularly
licensed mining brokers nut of their legitimate fees. Belter square yourself,
W. 1*;. Grant is one of the newest pn-
pas in town, now; so, if when you meet
him he appenrs to wear a supercilious
aud scornful nir, you will know what to
attribute llie cause to. Father nnd baby
both doing nicely.
"Wondering why all lhe boys have
been separating themselves Irom their
mustaches recently?" That'seasy; they
are all smoking "McViUie's special,"
and want to get lhe Inst draw there is iu
it—-wearing a mustache they were always
burning it.
Dr. Hell, wbo recently relumed from
a ti tp east of tbe Kootenay river, says
that many settlers with fine horses Are
going to tlie vicinity of Red Deer, nn the
Calgary and Edmonton branch of lhe C.
P. R , via Klko, and coining from as fir
noutb as Kalispell, Montana; among
those recently going through from the
latter place were W, II. Bennett nnd John
Norgnrd Odegutd, lhe hitler, during con-
-ttrilCtlon dny". being a resident o( Ward-
ier, 1)'. Bell, who is Dominion veterin-
iry inspector, reports that the settlers
arc briuglug with them a desirable grade
if live slock.
Knots of "the boys" have been oli-
iorvitble stating In tbe various show windows of the stores duiiug the week, and
curious to ridiite, wherever there was such
i crowd   there   was nlso a  lltho of the
'bloomer girls" in tbat particular window.   Ain't thai right Pal .
G. II. Miner has begun tbi* construction
of his new warehouse enst nf the Kast _
Kooteua> hotel,    li will be 24130 wiih
4 foot wall***, and asub.tanllal structure.
At Moyie be baa added a-j feet to h:s
brancb st j.e, making » building 60 feet
n length, well filled wilh hardware.
Tbe Cranbrook Lumber company is
letting quite " toney" these duys, its
itlice at the mill having been transferred
to a handsome building, finished in line
-ttyleantl painted inside and out; " Alec"
recognizes his old frit-nds. however, just
the same, and dou't show any truces uf
piide or haughtiness,
The Herald force was pleased to greet
those genial andeiiterprising gentlemen,
Messrs. Sick & Maulz, proprietors of the
I'ort Sleele Brewery, in Ibis ollice a few
days ago, The gentlemen came to Ibis
-lection when Dure was Iittle iu the
country in the way of population, went
inlo business, and by fair nnd honorable
dealing, strict attention (0 business ami
the manufacture of h good article m well,
have built up a nice litt'e trade, ami the
Herald hopes that prospeitty will continue a side-partner wilh them.
Wbo Have Been Doing Business In Craabrook Tliis Week.
VV. J. Arnotl, Winnipeg.
H ti. R. Slocks, Toronto,
W. P. Walker, Spokane.
ti. C. Dinkier, Toronto.
J. Ciuv ford, groceries, Ntlson.
D SJoliuson, Vancouver.
U Machiu, tuse and caps, Victoria.
George Tunstall, Hamilton giant powder, Nel-on.
1). F  (Flout) Dickson, Winnipeg.
A. li. Master, dry goods, London, Ont
C, W. Armstrong, druggists' supplies,
Monti eat,
A. R. Carmichael, hardware, Winnipeg.
A. F. Tero, jewelry, Toronto.
Charles Thompson, no'ions, Vancouver,
Fred Smith, representing W, h Gage,
paper, Toronto.
II. A. Small, groceries, Vancouver.
J. Darner, shoes.
11V  II. W. 1'AHUOTT.
Now, what's tiie use nl nny goose
Or jackdaw^ Jay or ilunltey,
Baying that Cranbruok is not spruce
Aiui up tn (intcjinil "huiikey'."'
She's n " Inhi,'' she'll not fuul ) ou,
I'liiiu your money ilown nud win;
Why lot grounoitii fears o'orrulo y hi—
CT-3Here's the spot to pill your "tin."
lint If yiui'ii) yet l.y doubts liPSOt
Ami thi iktliurc's 11 idling lu It,
Just see her hooks und how they net
you'll uot irKiet thu minute*
F«r she's n daisy, am* is lutzy
That which Is In store Tin lier,
.in t look around- it win itinnna time,
All the ure. ntul "got," unit stir.
Ji st see h--r mines, nail, loo, her pines
Whleh tall lu oouii'les-i number,
White sawmills three, that Work wl'glee,
'Jransform them into hun-ier,
t ho's a " cuckoo!" why, Jnst look you!
lUllldlim*! new ones everywhere!
And her summer winds won't cuok you—
Mountain Ureases caul the nir.
It Is not far, to the North stnr,
A mine that 'a worth six tljiureS)
Where wage a* high us any nigh
Is palittoall Ui diggers.
She's a dun ly. all Is handy-
Water, timber, mines ami soil-
Ami in Cmutmiok if a ninn be
luellned, lliero'-t honest toll,
'Ihu Sullivan mine li straight io Hue,
Tho fay ltoll, too, H workingi
The Pedro claim will llirow out fame
That III lis depths Is lur Ing.
The Clilokaiuun tjtoue is not stone,
l"nr near aie many l-Silgi-S.
And tlm Itlarlt Hear lend 's un vllo need,
iim a flower or mineral hedges,
say!   Who li ho ■ who cun he lie'.'—
I ask It through this illtty-
1 imt noi-i tu Crnnbrook now .0 seo
The budding of a city.
(Hi, site's gay. Bite's here to stay -
i-'rcd Simpson nlway talked it;
Wa kimw thai 1'ied is now nwny,
Iliu hti.I be ha ul walked It.
Now nil beware, wiiiiu ,et 'tis fair,
i.est nml storms mirroiiiul you,;
And witb he atoms or lhe ulr
And other dust u iiifoiiu' yoiij
Par '* I ulily." l»», will jump un yon
Whu jeer nt Cmnb k'sfi.t re;
And in 11 Unlit tor wind is right,
lie needs Night ur Mueller."
Motel Property for Sale.
The ptopeity known as the F.nst Koo
leiiny   hotel;    price   nnd   terms   made
known on application to the owner ou
the premises.
Hy a  young  ludy, situation as a lady
help.    References exchanged.    Addreis
M. h, enre of The Her dd.
It Saved Ills leg.
P. A. Daiifottli of LaG range, Ga., suffered for six mouths wiih n frightful
running sore 011 his h-g; hut wtites lhat
Itucklen's Arnica Solve wholly cun d it
in five days. For Ulcers, Wounds, Piles,
it's the hest salve iu the world. Cure
guaranteed. Only 25 cts Sold liy \*\. ti
lleuttie, druggist.
The Appetite ol a float
Is envied hy nil whose Stomnch and
Liver are out of order. Hut such should
know that Dr. King's New Life Fills,
give a splendid appetite, sound digestion
and a regular Imdily hai.it that insures
perfect health and grenl energy. Only
25c h( Beattie's Drug Store.
Mining liulkmenl.
It is reported that au exciting gold dis-
Covery ha*-, heen made near Kickniiook,
(-renting a small stampede.   No particulars learned.
Tho Chinese problem is at the present
lime oue of the most aerlotw questions
that the statesmen of tiie world have to
contend with To bring tlu- matter
nearer home, although it is of hut small
moment, comparotlv-jly, the Chinese
question is liable t" yet tie a serious one
iu Cranbrook. There Is at the present
time in Craubrook 0 number of Chinese
stores, a restaurant ond n jeweler, to sny
nothing ol luuume-'aUlulauudiiea—thoco
is noi a laundry in town conducted 1 y
white people. Aside Irom the UundtUs
— wii ch me patronised by all uiike from
sheet necessity—most uf ihe while pe*-
ple who patronise the Chinamen are the
very ot*es who are most affected by Chinese and Japanese labor, lhe laborers
themselves; the very ones whom it
would be natural to suppose would boycott the Cbini se.
Thc ouly way yon ean net the China-
nun OHt of business is to boycott bim—
you ean not, in this laud of civilization,
club him lo dealh or shoot him down,
"John" is now doing buiness on Maker
stieet, and it is high time some organized
movement be inaugurated to make it impossible for a number of Cninamen, or
any of them, lo live iu Cranbrook—devoid of all violence, however.
I     THE LISTENER,     j
At the club a few evenings ngo Chief
Engineer Kobbins, of the MacKenzie &
.Mann syndicate, related nn incident regarding the "intelligent newspaper correspondent."
Ii seems a number of gentlemen, Interested iu mining in one way orauother,
were discussing, while in Rosslaud, the
thenromiug issue ofthe Spokesman Review's * $1,000,000 cheque," and the fact
that it had offered a prize for a suitable
title and (iesign for ihe cover. Mr
Kobbins suggested, in a vein of sarcasm,
that a filling design for tlie cover of the
b.olc would be a prospector holding a
"shamrock and lyre," meaning that the
Individual iu question often dt-alt in
sham (ore )rock and was frequently a
cheerful liar. The intelligent corres-
pendent stauding hy took in the hint
and forwarded it lo the piper, suggesting a prospector holding a shamrock and
lyre as a fitting design, for ihe reasou
that tbe two articles were emblematic of
tbe average prospector, who was generally an Irishman!
*  *   t ;_
I overheard a gentleman say the other
night lhat be didu't think "Long Oliver"
bad the strictest regard for lhe tiuih, as
be told ihe newspaper man a f< w weeks
ago Hint the mosquitr e-1 at Ilowser
lake were as big as blackbirds and
the prospectors up tbeie often used
them for blackbird pies.
His auditor (I might say it was Hanson, but I won't) replied that he did
not doubt the story in the least, as he
had hnd a practical demonstration of
tbe probability of its truth. He paid
that while going up the Kootenay river
U-o years ago to Wasa he stopped at a
Frenchman's camp at dinner time and
bis host placed before him a disb lhat
emitted most delicious odors and be
partook of it freely, recognizing in it a
well known epicurean viand. After disposing of a second dish, be asked his
entertainer if frogs were very plentiful
in the vicinity, adding that he had
never seen many. His host told him he
hnd seen none whatever. Tbe guest
then nsked him where he procured the
frogs' legs be had just partaken of,
when he was astonished by the answer
that he had dined off mosquito legs.
Notice is hereby Riven that the undersigned
will, j i dnys after date, lipiily to the Chief 1 on-
mlssloner of Lands and Works Ita special
license tu cut and Barry away timber frum the
r»> limine iii'sivti it la d* t'ommcncliii; at 11
l>u-t planted about lutu feet eest uf Little .Sand
creek near Jitllray Hiding theuec west -KH'liulin,
llieneo nortli -w chains, ihsuoa west uo ciuUus,
llieiioa north (Hieliaius, tlmaeo east luu chains,
ttli-lloeSbUill 1 UeliaiUS lo place uf lyiimienco
l-ElElt LUND
Dated June -1st, I'-KW
1 ako UOllce that ouu Uluutti after date 1 litem! to ai<piy 11 tbu chief < uiuuilssloiier uf Iniui-i
ami *.vmks fur |iertlllsdou lu 'UiivliH c llii! ful-
lowing (lesurlhed liiiulsi Common lug id die
southwest ciner uf |iii!eui|'ibin No, U.I (Ed-
wa,d Watt-*) llieneo liurlli 10 ellft.us, tbm.ee
west 80 elinhH, llieneo south 40 eliultis, llieneo
east 80 cliulus t» thu i»un of ooniiiioncemoiit,
situate near I'almers liar li toiili i-.a-.tK.dte-
uu .
Dated at Cranbrook this Dili day of Ji ly. mai.
Notice h hereby nlVi-1) Unit uue 1110. th alter
date I inti'tiil tu lipid)' tu the chief cumin BSloui r
of lands aud warn-, Ur uo tnl.-oitmi lu luuehasu
th - fullmvhu: desi-tltii'd l.m.l 1 1 umiii -neitiK ul a
post iiinut, ii at ilie.iiD.iliwestcomerufB 1.1.-
tie's iiiei-lii|ttlun, lleennl  So, IhO, Bt   I'ttlinSfS
liar in Um district el liasi Kootenay, itioiioe
south III ulialllS, Ibeiire |VCSt  81 eluiim,   ttieiue
north m .-liiins. iiii-me east so chains lo the
i laee nl he*iluulng, ooiituliilUK •-ii Bora*.
Daleil IlllsOtll llB|Ot.lllly, lOlhl,
.1, ,i. catnerou.
iii'inth aft'*
Cuiniiiaucltig a*,
t uo ncr ut i*:.
lOJ, nt 1'ahuer
Notice Ishornh) gtrJii thai
duu* I Intend to apiily tu thuu.
nt latid-i aim wurki tur I ier iiih
tllO l<d oHinu (luscrtlioit 1.nd-..
a |WSt I'lunti'd al tliu S.HItliWi
i.ltiio'-t pru-ciiiptln , Itounrl Ni
Hur iu the tll-tiilut ot Kant Kooleiiay, thuuoj
nortli -10 chains, Iheme west m) ehullis, tli-ueu
•■.illlll  -IU  Cllllbll  tltCtlva  CllSt   Ml  ill lllll   lu  ihu
place ut biiiduiiiii.*., cotitaluliiK 8.1) ucres.|
Dated at Crunbruuli thh mh day of .Inly, vm,
0. P, McNab.
Notice I-t Hereby when tint one uiuutli aft r
data I intend to apply to chief coin mlssloner of
lands and works fur permission to iiurdia-ic llm
fiiii-nvinn descrlued lun.si Coinmonclng at u
iHist ii.anti'ii at ilu southwest corner of t.
Voiiiik m |iie-oiii|'tlon nt I'alm.-rs liar. In tlit- ill-,
trl.t of Kast Kootenay, tlienco north toe a us,
thence west so chains, llieuue south 10 chains,
Ihi'iici* cast sn Hii-lnt tu llm [ilacc uf bflgllinlng,
coiitaintng ■■-> B0.es more ur less
Dated nt Cranbruok thli nth duy ut July, iujo.
lico Joyce.
Thirty days after dale 1 Intend tu uii, ly to tho
elder commissi, nir 01 lumls and works fur a
special permit tu cut timber un thu fulluwiiiK
described lanili Conimonulng ai a yimi o anted
Ht ihe uiaiii oust corner ut W. Hushes pre-euip1
llun. ami running east  l.,i oIlUlllS, ttlOIICB lOlltll
bo chains, tlionoe west lati alialus, thonce n rth
mi rliiilns tu [mini ur connnciicoiiiont, oout.dnltig
wat acres.
Dated tl.li lOtll day Of July, 100ft
Jlimei A. rili-eli).
G. R Gilpin s
Genera! Store 3 3
..Opposite Bank of Commerce
$11)0.00  goes further in this store than a much sweater amount in
many others.
Friday Morning commences our
clearance sale of
....At a Great Reduction
JameS   Gill,   Manager
From Litigation
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrcll, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
^.b^'fbuWr' Lots from $1254400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is ilrst class.
Every convenience tor travelers.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best ot liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
House I Sign Painters
Paper Hangers Decorators
You can tell our work by the modem manner
in which it is done.
The Lion Brewery
»>"Rosslaiiil, li C
lhi- Inn-CHI nnd find cqiflppi'tl
brOWfjr) In llrlllHh C.i'iinililn
Tlieit HUIJWBISKR llKI'lt (bottled)
is eqtinl lo miy Imported article
AIIUATHl) WATKRS of nil litiimln i
lie Iiml nt n'l hotels in Wesi nml Re.'
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wliol mile Giix-it
mul Selling Agents
Cranbruok, B. C.
-f\ifi-*(iiTi lilt 11 i}i^<mi*|i-iii|i^irAfi-|ii|i*ti
Planing Mill
ss •*""• Saslrand ::
Door Factory
...Manufacturers or...
Sash  jt  Hours  „•* Mouldings
jt   Frames   **
Band Sawing  .-*  Turning
For Developed
- Silver*Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
*yrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olllclal Watcb Inspector lor C. P. R.
Ladies' and
Wheels _« **
01 Utc best makes (or hire
Stable on Armstrong ave.
Near Presbyterian Church.
Open Dally Except Sunday.
Parrott & Demers
Prest & Co.,
"Three doom east of ToBtoflire.
tg~\gj—i*tf~\si—cj—151—iv^zj^s   vt^sasi   ijzi—izi—i£syzr   ig/—\zt—isf—_r-~ijr/   i^i   izr^o^B)—'Jzr^zi—\*v—-a/iS^is—15/   .*/Ji/   <sr^jz>   -c^^>   j-^^ir inr^sr ^st^sj—isr^\s/^vj *i!r*»
CRANBROOK, : Br^Jolumbia,
■C*PANRI?f_OI**v ,s the divisional p°int of the Crows
Nest Pass Railroad.
■f^-lflhrnnW  Has a ,0=sta" round house, large machine
shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
<i) o
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East Sn
1/ _*\_*_9*__\9*\ nir ®  ' •
Cranbrook ,s the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
[<8>J> {■-■ I* i ■'•; ['••-1» I <!> I <">!« I *
tf)   O


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