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Cranbrook Herald Jul 24, 1902

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VOLUME   •">.
I.    1902.
M'.MIIKU l!»
1    ♦
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. C.ho. A. Cox, I'rs-si.ls-iit.
Paid Up Capital   .
Tntiii Reaourcea
r, Qen, Man,    {
SS.llllll.WW IHI
. 2,llllll,llllll llll
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
savin.is BANK inrsltl.ll M   Depaill. Received   lalernl Allowed,
I ..A General Rush to Gilpin's..
Scotch Linoleums....
An immense shipment, all
qualities nnd widths, just
imported direct.
Heavy Earthenware
•TR Flower Pots, Butter Crocks,
1 Bean Pots, etc.
Cook Stoves, Oil Stoves,Churns, Refrigerators
all going fast but some good values left yet.
OUR GROCERY DEPARTMENT has just received a fresh
car; wc are selling at the closest prices ever named here.
Good Eastern Soap, 100 bars, $.VM). Extra Ground Icing
Sugar, 10c per pound. An immense amount of dairy
butter in small tubs cheap.
Furniture Rushing Out, Too        ^J"   GILPIN'S
II it don't keep correct time?   Perhaps yours is not running as
it should—suppose you bring it to me. I have every faculty Ior
and can fix up the old one for you or sell you a new one at a
price so low it will surprise you.    Call any time	
W. H. WILSON. Jeweler and Graduate Optician.
When aman wants to buy HARDWARE; he is pleased
if he can deal with a store where quality and prices
are satisfactory. That is why my patrons are satisfied. 1 carry a complete stock and my prices arc-
satisfactory to all.
Come in and sec our Iin.' ot Fishing Tackle.
 It will catch you	
Hotel S S
Quests Comfort a Specialty
(iooil Stabling in Connection    * '
Nearest l<» railroad aud depot.    Has aceomnioda-
tlnus I'M  tin* public uueqtiulled lu Cranbrook.
potmlils of goods iii deuinnd erery day,
Nothing has a chance to become oui ol
.Lur Articles sold me immediately re-
i<i i. i<<l Im Hit' ne worn thing in that line
1 Ins [i oue reason why wa claim supetl
The attractiveness tif good quality is
greatly enhanced by moderate prices,
A few iiiini*
lusi eight .-ii.iiii
li. H. MINER.
nl n   smi])    Jiiil  eight carriages.    Call
mul get ii bargain,
To the Men--We have received the largest
antl finest stock of summer shirts and
neckwear ever brought to Cranbrook. Our
styles are the latest and material the best.
A word to the Ladles—.Do you want to
sec something new in summer goods? Call
and look at our stock.
lie Has Been Stricken »iih I'aralysis
and Is Very Low.
British    Columbia   Southern  Will
Be Open   Fur Traffic
September I.
Toronto, July at.—A Mall ami Umpire
tlIflpatch from While Horse, Yukon,
says: The steamer Columbian arrived
here yesterday (Sunday ) with Governor
Kiish nn hoard, who was unconscious
from the effects of a atroke of paralysis
on July 17, antl that his recovery is
Governor Rosa lost his wife and one
lulii iu the islander disaster.
An Editor In the Tolls.
Victoria, B. C.| July 18—Wm. Me-
Adams, editor of the Sandon Paystreak
came before the full court this morning
for contempt of court. He had no counsel, though McPhillips appeared to advise him. McAdams reviewed the ch-
cuinstances ot Claik vs. Collins, which
elicited his comment that the case hid
been delayed because one of lhe parlies
had a pull with the court. He pointed
out what a hardship had been worked
on one of the parties In tbe case though
he said he snoilld not have charged the
court with being corrupt.
Chief Justice Hunter ami Judges Wai*
kem and Ihake lit*.ml the case and sentenced lilm tnnine months Imprisonment
and to furnish four securities of 81000
each for good conduct. Falling this lit*
gets a year additional Imprisonment.
M**Adams has wired his fr i- ids in the
upper country to circulate a petition to
the minister oi justice against the sentence, which Is regarded as being very
Ruth Fif-hn-n- Confident.
Sun Francisco, Inly 21 —The arrival
of Fitzsimmons from Sknggin springs,
Ims had lhe effect of stimulating interest
in his coming fight with Jeff Ies. In the
pod rooms there appears to be no limit
10 the .sum the public is willing lo stiike
on Jeffries or Pllr.simmons lo win. The
belling is ai the ration of io lo .*,'..
Will Open September I.
Kalispell, Mont., July aa—The Great
Northern railway will roou have coal
ileitis. The contractors ate usi ik every
effort to exp-dite the work Over 50a
nen are employed lo complete lhc I rack-
laying. The officials expect to be run.
mug trains over the new line, haul lit g
coal by September i.
Tha new pickled ties are being used
on the main line between Kalispell and
[enniuga,   The company will continue
to replace hII old anil worn lies witli
those ol the new process  and expects tn
11 shoil lime to have the whole line
equipped with ihis gra.lt* of ties, which
are aald to last over an years.
Il is still doubtful whether the proposed line .iii.iii Columbia Palls north
will be built, bul if it is built it will not
lie for some lime, nml will then be used
only tor a coat mud.
txplrctl  On  the Train   While On  Hll
to the Tast.
Last Saturday afternoon L Ga
who has been hovering on  tlie brink of
the grave lur weeks, Bt tried for 111-; home
at Carletou Place, Ont, accompanied by
his wife ami son, ami niece Miss Grace
There was little chance of him living
through ihe trip, bul he h'd reached
that stage where he bad only one hope
and one desire, and • liat was to go to
his old home to die. ills wife, who lind
watched over him day indutght through
ull his lung illness, anticipating every
want an.l administering to hla needs
with loving kindness, felt that although
ttie attempt might prove fatal, yel this
one absorbing   wish  should be gratified.
Every arrangement was made for the
poor man's romlort, and Saturday the
sud journey was undertaken. All went
Well until the next day, when there was
a sudili'ii change for the worse, and al
Swifl Curieut a priest and a doctor were
summoned. He failed rapidly, and on
Monday, at Ignace, 140 miles west of
Port William, he breathed his last.
The remains were takeu ns far as Fort
William, where they were taken off to
prepare for burial, ami theu forwarded
to the old home.
The family have the sympathy of a
large circle of friends iu Crunlirook. who
will learn the news with sorrow. And
Mrs. Garrant, before leaving, requested
The Herald to thank the people here for
their uniform kiuduess lo her uud the
family during their long siege of trouble,
saying that she would ne1. er forget what
her friends did for her aud her husband
during his illness, and especially lhe
Sisters at St. Eugene hospital who were
always so good and so patient,
C.   H.   R.   OFFICIALS.
Tliey Are On Their Annual Trip  Over llie
Different Lines,
A number ol C. P, R, officials came in
yesterday on a special ou their annual
trip over lhe system. Among those iu
tlie party were li. McNieoll, vice president uud general manager; J, W. Leonard, general superintendent of lhe western division; Robert Kerr, general passenger agent; Mr. Mc Henry, tlie new
chief engineer; J. P, Brady, newly ap
pointed superintendent for the Port
William division; Mr. Mclunes, traffic
manager at Winnipeg, aud Mr. Mac
donald. freight agent at Nelson. Sup.r
hiiuu.LMii Juu tie-son ofthe Crows Nest
division, met them at llic- Hal, and accompanied the parly over his division.
Tuesday afternoon the parly visited
Marysville, reluming to Craubrook that
evening, and going to Moyie where they
Spent the night.    They   proceeded   west
A liood Pointer.
Hems ol Interest.
The    Phoenis    BUtelters   treated  over
150,000 tons of oie the flist si» months
of the year,
Montana produced over (60,000,000 in
metal in 1901.
Experts assert that -13,000 pounds of
coppei mr consumed pel month.
At ihr preseUt tune lhe greal Treadwell ol Douglas . land, Alaska, is esli*
mated to have   above   the ,|ou loot level
4,131,640 ions  nf ore, carrying about
f2 12 pet ton gold.
Tlie great Kimbeiley mines have produced dining ilu- past 30 years$350,000,-
coo worth of  <li imoiids  in the  rough
The value nl Iliem   after  culling   would
be about doubled.
The annual report of the Hudson Hay
compauy shows 11 profit ol $690,00088
compared with $340,000 in lyoi, due lo
higher prices obtained for tins and increased bind sales. A dividend of 15
shillings was declare-.!. t
The gold production of the Rand
mines of South Africa lor May wna
about 140,0110 ounces, worth $3,Soo, 000,
Por March of this year the production
was 140,000 ounces and April 116,000
ounces, Prom this dale forward the increase in production will he large.
The Phoenix Pioneer says that it
heard the following from a business man
of Phoenix ami ii is well worth repeat*
"I found a man who is working lor
me sending his money away to Ktton's
-the big store where tliey do uot even
pay fair wages—iu Toronto tor some of
the things lie wauled,  IhlllgS  Hint could
nearly all m ihem have been purchased
in Phoenix establishments. I told him
that I was paying him two or three
times what I could get a man back in
Toronto for, but I did not kick at that,
aud 1 thought he should spend his
money here, providing he could get
what he needed. He thought it over,
aud I am pleased to say he has gotten
over lhe Eaton fever for gootl."
A False Rumur.
A rumor lo the effect lhat No. a in
the Pernie coat mines had had uuollier
explosion due to lightning striking a
wire ami following it into the mine, was
afloat in town Tuesday II proved to be
an error and originated Iiy lightning
simply striking a wire on the tipple but
doing 110 damage.
Church Announcements.
Methodist —Rev. S. J. Thompson, pastor. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p, nt.
Bible school at 3 p. 111,
Subjects for next Sunday—Morning,
"The Man Who Walked with God."
Kveuing, "Cain and Abe), or True
Constable Barnes Has Keen Relegated
iu the Rear.
Constable   Forbes   Has   Been   Ap
pointed Cliiel ol the New
Rearing Settlement.
Tne nialrinore townsile case has now
progressed so far ihat It has been tin n-
ed over by the auiliorlt 01 at Ottawa to
llie TenlloOal Courts (or seiilemeui.
An Ottawa dispatch, dated the ltith Inst.
says:    "Hy au order of July   Hlh,   Mr.
Ulttce Wctniore, of lhe Supreme Court
of the Northwest Territories, has been
appointed a referee of the Kschcipicr
Uourt In Canada, to take evidence   and
eport In the case of the King vs. McKenzie, a case In which It Is sought lo
set aside a land patent covering a part
of tbe sight of Hlairmore'',
Though lho mills of tloil grind slowly,
Vet Ihey grind excee g small
A patienl public has at last beell vindicated, and a change bus taken place in
llie police arrangement oi this distiict
that will meet with the hearty approval
of ull who hnve tlie welfare of ibis section at heart. W. II. Bullock-Websier,
hief constable for the KonteuayH, was
ailed to Victoria relutive lo the dissatisfaction that has been growing throughout this district over the police depart
ii. As a result a change 1ms been
le and Lestoek Forbes, formerly constable at Penile, ami senior nMccr in
point of service fu this dislrict next to
Constable Barnes, lias been appointed
chief of police of llie district of South
Past Kootenay, which has been cut off
as a police district by itself. Hereafter
he will have supreme authority in police
matters in this district, ami will make
his report direct to Victoria.
Tills change places Constable Unities
in a subordinate position under Mr.
Porbes. as an ordinary constable. Heretofore, Iiy a few specials uml a newspaper, Mr. Barnes has been characterized
as Chief Barnes without reason, lor ut
110 lime did he occupy the 11 isltion us
chief, lhal being held by Mr. Bullock-
Another tiling, this change will do
away* with the load uniforms adopted by
a few constables without authority, and
also the big revolver aud loaded cunt?
display. There was a brief era of this
kind of yellow back novel display of
"bad meu among desperadoes,'* but in
the future this will be dispensed with
and the dignity of the law und the character of the officer will be considered
sufficient to secure the enforce ment of
police regulations,
lu Craubrook, as well as in all other
purls of the dlsttlct, there will be a feeling of relief and sutisluction. The people have confidence in Mi. Forbes, and
they will rise as one man and say of
Chief Bullock-Webster, "Well done, thou
good and faithful servant."
Mr. Porbes' Record.
Leslock R. Porbes wus appointed provincial constable at Silverlou in 1H97
He was transferred to Kuskonook dining
construction of lhe Crows Nest railway,
and upon completion of the railway he
returned to Silverton. He was transferred from Silverlou to New Denver,
and from New Denver to Three Porks,
and buck to New Denver, on appointment as chief litense inspector for the
Slocan district. In January, 1900, he
volunteered for service in South Africa
nud Served   there   lor  one year with the
Canadian Mounted Rilles. He returned
to Canada, in January, igor, when lhe
regiment was disbanded at Halifax. He
received a medal and four clasps in recognition fur Ilis services iu the field
Returning to British Columbia he took
up the duties ou the police force und
was stutloued at I,inlo He was transferred from I/irdo io Kimberley, where
be served for some time until sent to
Pernie during   the  strike for duty uiitler
Chief Constable Bullock-Websier, He
was nppoiuted chief constable of the new
district of SjuIIi East Kooteuay 011 the
14th inst.
The Nelson Regatta.
Everything Is III readiness for lhe Nelson regatta which will be held on Frill ny
aud Saturday of Ihis week. Crews from
Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria,
St. James Hay mid Nelson will participate, A fine program bus been prepared,
und Nelson will lie crowded with people
from Ferula to lhe Bnuudiuy couuliy,
Household (hinds Por Sale,
1 will sell nt private sale my household
goods at a bargain. ThoBe desltlng to
see the goods inuy call at the Mc Far-
lane house, two doors south of Geary &
Doyle's livery bam after 6 p m, any
evening.   Terms positively cash.
A. C, Howuess.
The Telephone Plant.
The switchboard uud phones for the
new telephone plant  arrived this week,
ami the work of Installation will be inaugurated as a .on as the poles are ready.
Remarkahle Kailwni  Huililini*.,
Pour hundred am) fifty meu, worklug
nine hours iu a driving nun. yioved boll)
rails of the Burlington and Western
mail 011 125 miles of truck in a single
day, thus convening a narrow gliage into a broad guage track, says ilu-Rail
way World, Twenty-eight crews of 16
men each, wuiking an average of four
miles each, accomplished the teat without ihe abandonment of any regular
Sunday train anil without any serious
delay. The work involved the drawing
ami driving of aco.ooo spikes. Each rail
was moved io# inches to a row of
spikes previously driven in ihe ties.
Alt save four spikes in the inside
had been previously drawn, ;all those
ou the outatde being undisturbed, nnd
over these the rails weie lifted to llielr
broader guage, The work was carried
on simultaneously on the line from Med.
iapolia, Iowa, to Washington ami from
Wlufield tutokalousn, trains loaded wiih
gangs of men left Aledlapolis, Washing*
ton nnd Osknloosa on the narrow guage
nnd dropped ihe gangs four miles apart.
Following Uu* narrow guage trains, specials on ihe new broad guage picked up
the men and conveyed tbem lo the
stalling point.     All aiding!, were broad
eued al Hie s tint? lime.
The Duuville, Out., Chronicle says
that a Cayuga wife feared her husband
would go lo ruin because he occasionally played poker. She read a story in
a magazine which told of a woman who
broke her busbaud of going out nights
and playing poker by playing wilb him
herself, sin* decided to try the experiment, ami borrowed ten dollars from a
woman In the neighborhood, nnd got
her husband In a game He won her
money in half nn hour, and went out to
hunt up a leal game.
A country minister iu a certain location took permanent leave of Ins congregation in the following pathetic manner;
"Brothers and sisters, I have come to
sny goodbye I don't think God loves
ibis church, because none of you ever
die. I don't think you love one another,
because I never marry any of you. I
don't think you love me, because you
have not paid my salary; your donations
me mouldy fruit and wormy apples, anil
'by their fruit ye shall know them '
Brothers, I am going away to a better
place. I have been called to be b chaplain nt a penitentiary. Where I go. ye
not com.*, Imi 1 go to prepare a place
lm you, iiiiii may the Lord huve mercy
i] youi souls.   Goodbye."
K.J lllgbye of" Sheep creek, was io
'iwu lasl week, "jumbo" is as big at
ver, and he says he has more faith in
ihis district than at any lime since he
irst saw it, ami   thut   wns In 188a, when
In- came up the Bonnera Ferry trail and
.lopped on what Is uow the site of Cra .-
nook lo wotk two weeks for Turn
tatbrnilb, who bad  a pick train here al
lliat tlllie. Allot thai "Juuibu" We'lt ou
101 III in '.he Golden country, struck con-
Iruclion lime on the C. P R nud made
lloney at a rapid 'ale. Alter cleaning
ip   there   be   look   a   nine month's tup
through Europe ami had a royal time
Then he drilled back lo South Hast
Kootenay and has been here ever since.
He Is now going to do some work on the
Itig Chiel and il is possible lhat this
famous properly may turn oui all right
yet. ll it is going to put coin iu "Jumbo's" pocket we hope he may succeed.
A small Cranbrook boy who had been
accustomed to visiting lhe station aud
making friends wiih the trainmen, persuaded liis aunt lo play train with him
the other day. He arranged the chairs
in line and then said: "'Now you be engineer and I'll be conductor. Lend tne
your watch, and get into the cab." He
then hurried down the platform, timepiece in baud,
"Pull out. you red headed, pie faced
jay," be shouted to the astonished young
woman. "Why, Willie!" she exclaimed
in amazement,
"Thai's right, chew the rag," he retorted. "Pull out, we are live minutes
late already.''
Have yoil ever seen Jim McDonnell's
dog and mule? They are both beauties,
ami think as much of each oilier as two
brothers.      The dog is u cross between a
Russian hour hound and a St. Bernard,
ami is a handsome creature. The mule
knows more than any of Gentry's trained
animals, and has been used by Mr. McDonnell for the pasl seven years to rule
over railway work in which he is interested. At preaeut Mr. McDonnell lias a
contract on the British Columbia Southern as a member of the firm of l-'oss &
McDonnell, and their work is about
completed, They had four miles, most
of il heavy work, and have today a*
nue 11 piece of grade as can be found
anywhere. _
James Ryan, "Salty" McKenzie and
Tom Cavin gave a practical demonstration Hie other day that honest toil is all
rigtit. Mr Ryan is huving 11 irencb ex-
cavated for a water pipe. The---* three
horny bunded sons of toi. assumed
charge of the work for a tine and
made great progress. Cavir. drove tbe
team, Ryan bandied the scraper and
McKenzie manipulated the shovel.
(June a crowd gathered losee what time
good workmen Jould dc. There was
only one fault to find Inside of 15 minutes all three jumped their job. Tbe
weather was tuo warm md the excitement too great
The Juniors Broke liven and lhe Seniors Badly Scooped.
Cr.tnbrook Boys   Put   Up  a Good
Game   But   Lost   It   Just
the Same.
'ind flu: Il iot Russia.
Many -tone!* have beey told of the
high handed manner iu which the
Crows Nest Coal company has handled
affairs in their coul reserves, hut if the
following from the Nelson News iri true,
it caps all that has beeu told:
William Chapman, president of lhe
Miners' union at Michel, has commenced
action through Taylor & O'Shen, barrla
ters of this city, against the Crows Nest
Coal company, He claims that after
the prodamlng ol lhe strike at Michel
he was ordered IO leave lown, and that
llie boarding house keeper where be
was stopping told him that they could
not keep him any longer, and at the res*
laurant ibe proprietor had been instructed oy the officers of the company not to
sell him any m ue meals That Inter he
aud lames Baker, representative of the
Western Federation of Miners, had been
ordered off thc main street of the town
of Morrissey by the coal company, who
chinned   Unit a*-  tliey   owned  the* town
[site and all the buildings they had tin*
J right   in  lay   who should or should not
come Inlo ihe lown.
I ist Saturday there were two games
of lacrosse played ou the home grounds
between tbe junior and seniors ol Fernie
anu Cranbrook- The Herald prefers to
give the Perce account ol the game and
With that idea ic view take-, the one
given by the Free Press ol lhat city,
which 13 as follows
A jiood day's sport *1 te I th ise who
boarded the train for Cranbrook yesterday, The juniors played a hard battle
against Hie "real tl ing," and did well to
hold it down 10 a .ie. while tbe easy victory of the seuurs, without the bs»U-
tauce of :ur .hree s'.ats, Black, Miller
am! Beau bier, was as surp.Ulng as 1*. was
Thc Juniors lined up al . 30BS fellows:
McKachern          Goal .      Mact-eod
Itetxlerson...            I'otui ..Todliunter
PiunlM         «   • 1 I a Hum..'*.
Greer... Klrkpatrii..
Cam] bell         tod Del    1 1 - , I srs m
*-■ mule                 ■'-' • tt  li isii 1
\*avlu     1    Ue Cody
Mn .1 met) Kait*   usou
Harris                 ■■■ I b mc UiMtap
Murphy               isi lloi -m tti
i'iiiij;iiii.-i. u '• ■  Johnson
Mcl'eak              las I .
■Tate                  i ■•■ ■■ < iptal -M-.cl.eaii
.1. Hunts*, Ki tart.
The game was very even throughout
and it would be difficult to judge which
played the better lacrosse During the
lirst quarter Gordou johuson succeeded
in landing the rubber, and from theu
till almost tbe close o! the game no
goals were scored. Many fine rushes
were made by both termi-. and had the
shooting abilities of the home boy* been
bt-uer, the score might have be--n different. They were successful m one in-
stan:e, toward the end. in putting the
ball twtween the Bags, and the game
ended one goal each.
McPeak, Henderson and Nevin played
the star game for Craobrook. Tbe Peruie boys played very t-Ten, and il would
be difficult to pick special players.
Lawrence, Cody and Todbunier probably might be mentioned.
Tbe senior game was called for 6:30
and it was a beantifoi evening for a
game of '.acrosse.
Tbe team-- were represente 1 as follows:
Smith    ','.- -      - brain
beitch     Point UacLeaa
Porter. . .        1 ■ - ■' V ■ il Herman
Hunter - !•'. '■-'-    ■* Kiutnei
i.tlli*. .-- 2nd IJ feaoe         "Ia-ii*r
Bremaer - I'"'- •■ -     ■■■     Lai
\vin-i.>    .   .  > entrs        1 h :.]•■> ■?.
Clancy      -1 Home        Arlggleswortb
rhimpsoo     md Home    UeUoweU
Jamieson   1st Ui me        .. .        Klett
Klnnlss _    .oatskle Home     Keynoldj
i.trnj.iii    -      -lii*' 'e   H'.ine .MacUulra
McSweyn     -    i.-.: ' .;'.-....  - -Watson
Bert Donah ie, tteferes
Tate and (line, 1 keei r-.
Tte first 'jaarter's play was the best of
the game, as during that time no goals
were ICOred, The play was about even.
Il was a hot, fast •■iraggle. acl both
teams played good lacrosse,
Tbe tide turned ir. the 2nd and tmngs
b-gar, to come our way. MacGuIre
sect*. \ by a clean shot, and afterwards
Reynolds threw the ball within the
fiaB3, the goal kseper stopping tt with
lis foot while behind iLe sticks. The
Craubrook boys protested sgninst the
decisio of Umpire Johnson that it was t
goal, but ihe referee upceid the decision.
The 3rd quaiier was a continuation of
the good work. Ibe splendid combine*
hod of Reynold'*, Plett and MscGnlre
wa* a puizie to the Cranbrook defense
and every lime they to", tbe ball ihe
crowd held their breath. Two more
(foals were sewed this quarter, Mac-
Quire and Plett doing the needful.
During the 4"h Reynolds again scored
and tbe game ended 5-0 In favor of the
Coul Towc.
Tbe game was a rough one throughout
ar.'i u little too much temper was shown
by both sides. The refeiee was very exacting and did much to check the slugging tendency,
A Pleasant Dance.
A most enjoyable dancing party was
given last Friday evening by the young
friends of Miss Dolly Walt, in her honor,
as she expects to leave in a few days for
a protracted visit in the ea-d. '1 he hall
was beautifully decorated lor tbe occasion, nnd there were just enough present
to make lhe evening a pleasant one in
every respect.
Knintit- uf I'tiythias ciiiiM.nii'111
At S.n Francisco, August I to 5. For
the above the C P. R. will issue tickets
from Koolemy common points at $50
for the it-turn, good all rail or via steamer, including meals nnil beith from Portland, Victoria 01 Seattle. Pot full imr.
ticnlar-. apply to loCal ax*'111 CRANBROOK  HERALD
jfc; M-L~±fi4-^*\
Editor and Proprietor.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is 'vorth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
itte Herald desires
district, if you know
>uur mine or your peop
n\\c tiie news of tlie
i> aliont your town
.eti.i ii to this office,
The Minneapolis Journal, commenting
upou the lust mine explosion in Utah,
iu which thirty-live men were blown to
eternity without warning, presents au
idea that is both leasotintile uml jusl.
It says:
Thirty-five more miners killed in a
mine explosion. II we had a wur on
band iu which us iiiany men were killed
aa are killed in the mines of this country we would hear u great deal ubout
war being hell, but   what   ubcul   milling
aa it ia now carried on'   We renew our
suggestion lhat u mine explosion or oilier
mine disaster involving loss ot life should
put the mine owner ou trial ut once foi
Ins hie ami liberty and make linn prove
Hint be was not criminally negligent iu
connection Willi the accident, ami that
if thut weie done there would uot be
nearly us many men killed in mines
Some of these "accidents" are probably
not preventable, bul it is also probably
true Hint many of them would be prevented if tbey reached the owuers of the
mines us tliey do the miners.
The coal mine disaster al Pernie wheie
130 lives were snuffed out, lhe one at
Coal Creek, Teim., wilb 175 fululities
ami llle explosion ut Johnstown, Ph.,
where 1511 lives were lott, ull occurring
within tbe past two mouths, are horrible Illustrations of this very point. It is
ban) lo believe that either accident
would have occurred if the owners h
exercised due caution and expended the
money necessary to insure safely. But
the average man reaping the neb d
■lends paid Iiy Ibe modem coal company
cures little or uolhiug for lhe personal
safely of the meu who risk their lives
day after day in the bowels of the earth
Men can be easily hired, no mutter what
the risk, and safety improvements cost
It is time for British Columbia to take
action iu these mutters. Within Hie
last fifteen months there liuve bean two
coal miue explosions, and aside fiom a
formal report us lo bow many lives were
lost liltle or nothing hus beeu done in
either case by lhe government, It is
time for more stringent regulations to
be imposed and a law placing lhe responsibility where it belongs coupled
with the power to administer puuish-
uieut tbut betils the crime. If this was
done, the board of directors of a coal
company would not be so indifferent to
tbe loss of human lives.
British Columbia legistatora have a
duly to perform at the next session
Will they have the courage, or will they
be influenced by the power antl wealth
of greut corporations? That is the ijues-
tiou for the people to decide.
himself.    It is  a horrible  cartoon   and
looks more   like   tbe   first   picture of a j
green Countryman   rather   thiiu   that of
one of Bugland's brightest men,
Kimii the Marysvllle rrltimie
.Marysvllle is enpylng lovely weather
G. W. Hull left for Spokane on Monday,
.1. P. Fink of Cranbrook was lu  town
this week.
A   special train came up on Ptiday
evening last.
lleo. Leask of Oranbrook visited Kimberley this week.
shipped   six cars  of
this   week   for   llie
Laurie &   Sons
lumber ihis week.
Dr. Siwyer left
(ireat Dane mine.
Mrs. W. Small went down to (Iran-
brook on Tuesday.
Carl Demouresl of Cranbrook visited
Kimberley this ween.
Archie Currle of Pleper St Currle
was lu town this week.
Al. .Lines returned from a trip up the
St. Marys on Wednesday.
A. B, Grace of the Prospector Fort
Steele visited Marysvllle this week on
a tithing expedition.
Kev. Mr. Thompson. Methodist minister of Cranbrook,visited Marysvllle and
Klmberley this week.
Dan Urijuhart, B. A., and Presbyterian mlsslonerof Marysvllle held service
In Klmberley on Tuesday.
The heavy wind storm on M01 day
night blew down 65 trees between Klmberley and the North Star mine.
Mining Notes.
Pat Quirk Is iloin;' the annual assessment work 011 a property situated on
Fisher creek,
(leo. Juibl returned lo Boulder creek,
Friday, where be is engaged lu doing
tha yearly assessment work on u pro-
perty owned by Alex. Poison, 11 iqualn,
Tin* Taenhauaer Bios, have gone to
the south fork of tbe St. Mary's river,
ihey will work ou the St. Johu anil
LUty May properties.
Work has commenced ou tlie Tiger-
I'uoroian group of mines, which aie
situated between Sheep and Wild Horse
Several transfers of mining propert
ies hnve been made timing the past
A 1 irga number of men are engaged
in quart** ami placer mining on Perry
Some new locations have been record
ed on Copper creek a trlbu'.ary ofSkoo-
kinn Chuck during the past week.
.Messrs. Swenson and ltoss visited the
Copper Queen mine on Lost creek Monday. —Fort Sleele Prospector.
McNicholl and Ross, the British Columbia team, won the drilling contest at
Blsbee, Arizona, on lhe 4th of July,
drilling 41 25 3a inches.
The Ferguson Eagle says the McCros-
sau Vulcan smeller will be iu operatioi
before the ist of August.
1 "Belleville" miner*.
Steele Mining lllvlsl
1 uf I
■ in nie Fort
intcnny  His*
Take imllee that sixty days alter
to apply It)  thi'  Chi (  Cminnls-.il,1
ami Winks Inr pen
towing described landsi
Coniraenobig at a posl planted on the west 1
of the right of way ol the 1 rows Nest I'ass r
way ut mileage mo, near Hook rreek.Siiiiiii 1
Kootenay, tlienoe weal su chains, more or 1*
toW. I. Darlings purchase, llienee smith
chains tu hot x'u, tl, i. tlienca cust metis
more or less, to Bald right ot way, Ibouca north
erty along the west boundary of said right u
way so eliiiiiis. mote or less, tn the place ot he-1
ginning, containing "io acres, more or less.
Dated Uh June-iiwi,
late 1
it 1
aimer Mountain,
, wiiiiam .1. Ilmnlllon, hee
v,i. iiniiiii inland sixty iluys
t lounply tn ihe Mining Helta Of iiiii'ln.i'liieiils lor the
1 unit  of   lhe
1 I'r
e Dial a, l,i-n   hi I' 1 Nee
I .MER   notice
.■■it ihnl ihiity days after
pply to Uu- rhlt-r Coin
ami Works nt Victoria
a cut ami carry away Hm-
ii described lauds situated
. Mm
si Mo
III'!.ir UUI
• Whalo
running wost sn oiinlns, thence
tliciii'c east su chain-, and ilieiii
in place »f coiiinioncenieut.
iatliJiine, imr.1.
ID-ll ,
s rlvi
Til i-lali
north i
' south
mt Invest
i, thence
1 chains,
H chains
The Sullivan.
Spokesman    Review:
When   our
smelter is in operation   we shall   hnve
one of the greatest silver-lead mines   fn
this country," said United States Senator Turner,   who    returned   yesterday
from a trip of Inspection to I'.ast Koote*
F Pleper tbe champion paper hanger j nay In British Columbia,
of Sonh   East   Kootenay  was In town j     i.jjot only is tbe ore body exceeding
this week on a Ashing expedition. | our expectations" said Mr. Turner, "but
Notice is hereby given thai sixty days after
late 1 intend in apply to the ciiit-r commission-
ar of l.au.is mul Works for permission to pur.
chase tho following described lands;
Commencing ni a post marked "W, P. nurd's
A. k. corner," planted in tne s, W. corner ar Lot
MB, in (irotip 1, Bast Kootenay,tlienoe westflo
chains, theiiOQ north su chains, ihence east sn
chains to the west limit ol said Lot 325, thenco
south along -ahl west llmll wj chains lo (be place
nf beginning, containing wo ucreB more ar less.
Dated tills aird day uf June, Wi.
I. st W. P. 00111).
Notice ts hereby given that sixty ilaysafter
time 1 Intend to apply totbodlilef toiniulssloii
or bunds ami Wows mr permission tu purchase
the following described lands:
Coiuineueliig at a post marked "C P. Lunil's
N, W.corner," plnntcil 10 chains south or ihe
s. w. corner of l.nt lUBln tlrotiti I.Kiist Kootenay, thenco east sn nhahis, tlienoe smith to
oiinlns, tliatico west -u ehalus, tlienoe north in
chains to the pli of beglnulng, containing U20
acres, more or less,
Dated Bits aanl day or June, nwa,
15*8t C. P. LUND.
Ice that -My ilaysafter date I Intend
i the Chief Commissioner of bunds
i' I'crmisslnri lo purchase tlie foiled lands:
....Dealers in.
ml i
urlbed lauds;
Cotnmeiiclng ut the
bt-ash's |ire-eiiiptlon.
inuiii of the st. .Ma
lialus, llienee suiilli
liaiiis and  Uo -ii,
Craubrook, Mil
Notice is hereby -'ben that i
•luie 1 Intend to apply to tin- chl
ei of UmUiuul Works ni Victoria r.nasi
licence l.i ent and .any away ilinliei fun
following desorlhed lauds situated on the i
bauk nr tin- si. Mary's riven
CoiiuneuoliiK ut a post ti few yards southwest
nf post Number a of mineral clitlmiliu What
tlienoe running east -n chains, thenco north :
chain*, lliencu west nn eluiius and thenco sum
su chains io |ki|iii nf commencement,
gsth June, UMii,
mn 11. MUIM'BY,
MlNKltAl. ACT   FOliM 1'.
Look Out" mineral oliilin, situate in the Pa
Sleele Minim*  Division of   Kftsl   Iv.i.iteniiy ;Hlv
Where loomed -Wilmer Mountain.
Take notice thut 1, William J, Hamilton, freu
nihier's cei tlfloate No. Ilfinwo, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to Die Minimi He-
eouler lor u cerllfleate of Improvements ror Hie
purpose of obtiilulng a Crown (Irani of tin
And further take notice thai ac.loii under Beo
lion a; must be commonoed before the Issunnoi
nf sueh certificate of Improvements,
Dated this-iih day or duly, itua
^ Wall S Paper, j
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, 1
i ~^f       riouldings, Etc. g
| f\\ Paper Hangers and Decorators. |
gj Principal
r« Towns In
PI British
P. Burns & Co
Wt.silc.al. and Ktmll
Meat Merchants
Presh a ml Cured Meats Frtsh
Pish, Claiiic niul Poultry.
We supply only the best.    Your
trade is solicited.
ami Works f.
lowing descrl
Tracey, the escaped  convict, is being
found all over the country,
Billy McAdams will know In the future tbut it is not wise lo give eipres-
slon lu the columns of u newspaper to
all one's thoughts.   A nine months'jail
seutetice Is a stilting reminder.
Joseph Martin, M, P. P., while in
Rossland recently smd lhat there was
bound to be an election before (lie next
session of the house as lhe government
could mil expect lo meet again with a
majority. As Mr. Martin had been a
government supporter he must know
wbeieot he speaks.
J.  P,   Karngey, lute  of the Toronto
News, bus assumed the liianngemelil of
the Rossland .Miner. It is not said who
will edit the overdraft department.
One of Die expensive amusements in
Washington and Oregon these days is
Increasing the rewards offered for the
cuptute of Tracy.
P, E. Haines of Marvsvllle made a
114 mile trip on a bicycle on Sunday last,
taking In Cranbrook, Fort Steele, Wasa
and Cherry Creek.
The telephone line between Klmberley and Marysvllle antl Klmberley and
he North Star mine were both blown
down oo Monday night.
lieo. C'lode of  Fernie  visited  Marys-
He this week.    He was  accompanied
oo bis return by  Mrs. Clode   who haa
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. C.   E   Held.
Mr. Caldwell, Methodist missloneryof
Albert College Philadelphia, came iu on
Tuesday last and will do inissiouei v
work In this pan of the district. He
will be stationed at Kimberley.
Dr, Archibald, one of the Klmberley
pioneers left   on   Monday   for  Fernie,
here he has purchased a drug business
and will open up shortly. All his Kim -
berley and Marysvllle friends wish blm
success In his new venture.
Ed, Smith, M. P. P., of Fort Steele
was in town this week. He was also
accompanied by Mrs. Smith and
daughter. Ue was more than surprised
with the progress of Marysvillle ami
also with the smelter construction.
A man would have unusual courage
these days to preach of the horrors of a
burning hell, wilb llie thermometer
standing al 96 in the shade.
A spell
■ Ituockei
ture afler
at qu'et times is a bonanza for
lie goes after  it   like a vul
the values are better than we aiuicapat- j
ed." Superintendent Elmendorf recently
sampled the whole mine with thoroughness. The lowest returns were UO per
cent lead and in ounces silver and the j
average was 83 i-;i per cent lead and 16
ounces silver. We have ore as high as
ns per cent lead and :):*■ oz, sliver, We
have 2(iu,inio ions In sight at present
Senator Turner could not set a deflolte
dale for the opening of tbe smelter, "It
will be running by early fall" he said,
'and will have a daily capacity of 300
tons.'1 Pending tbe smelting of ore
development work bas been suspended
in lhe mine.
The Rossland Miner, ill announcing
with u big scare head the accession 10
the police force hi that city of a uew
man, nivcs ihe tallowing reason why he
should succeed iu lliat town:
The new officer on the Kossland force
Is au experienced man, Prior tn coming west he was 11 keeper at the Ontario
Idiot Asylum in Oiillia, Out.
What Craubrook wants is a fair ex
penditure ofthe government appropria
tion fm this particular section, and lhe
wishes of the people considered.
Why should it cost the government
one-lhird 10 one-half more to repair or
build a piece of road than it would a
private contractor?
Sullivan was quoted al 6% last Saturday,   Th's is loo low for sueh a properly.
Nnw, Mr. Forties, you have an opportunity to make 11 reennius chief of police
in lhe new district.
Premier Balfour should call off the
^nuiii'g   of ihe  prevailing   picture  of
1 ruin ibe Pernie Pree Press.
1 tver twenty people  ascended  to the
summit of Mount Fernie  last Sunday,
A  number also   went  up the  I,'//ml
Creek range.
Mr, Sherwood Herchmer has gone into partnership with his brother In ihe
law business here. The firm will he
known as Herchmer & Herchmer.
A new lumber company was formed
lasl week by a number of local business
men under the name of tlie A. D, L11111
ber Co. with mills at Coal Creek and
headquarters at Fernie. The olllcers
of the companp are -Pres. A I). Mcltae,
Manager, 0 Q Jewell; Sec. Treas. J,
A, Keunle.
The Brotherhood of Hallway Trackmen of America has been refused pet -
mission to carry mi an Insurance business in Canada, for the benelll of lis
members, on tbe ground that It bas not
been satisfactorily proved lo the government thai the catling of a trackman Is
sufficiently dangerous lo prevent truckmen from obtaining Insurance from the
ordinary companies.
Fred Beaver, better known as "Prof"
while under the Influence of liquor 00
Saturday evening was walking down
the mainline of the 0 P. R, just as the
express from the west came
along. The engineer saw the man on
the track after rounding the curve anil
whistled for him to get off, bul ''Prof."
failed to relalUe bis danger and walked
straight Into the engine with the result
that he Is now minus a leg. It was
thought for some moments that he was
killed but this proved to be locorrect
upon examination as was found that
aside from one leg being badly mangled
there was uo other serious Injury,
Beaver was takeu to the hospital where
the Injured member was imputed bv
Drs. Hninell and Oorsan.
Krnin the Prospector,
Mr L Mansfield was visiting friends
at Sleele Wednesday.
Jay Usher with a number of prosper
tors went to the Windermere country
Mesdames Edwards and Erickson of
Cranbrook were visiting friends at
Fort Steele Thursday.
I. C. Smith, U Hempsey and T. J.
Moti were prospecting In the vicinity
ot St. Mary's prairie during the past
Pishing in lhe mountain streams is
iw lirst class sport, and ever Sunday
imeroitB parties may be seen hiking
it of lown early in the morning.   And
what is more, they are meeting with the
best of luck.	
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco i>:
winning on its merits.   "Have yon tried
Commencing at a post planted on Die west
side ot Uie Crow's Nest 1'ass railway right of
way opposite- mileage 273, about l wo miles west
of Itit'l; Creek in Hast Kootenay, llienee west sn
chains, theuce south so chains, thence east .so
chains thenco north bo chains to Die place of beginning, containing ',411 acres, more or less.
Dated tins uiii day of June. i«rJ.
18-St ('HAS. LUND 11 HUG.
Notion Is hereby given Hint thirty days after
dale I intend to make application to the Chief
Commissioner of I.mul ami Works fur a special
license to out nnd carry away timber from the
following described landsi
(. onunencing at a post marked "c. Mclnnes'
s, K, corner," planted about 2n chains west of
old telegraph trail ami about one mile south of
the Klk ther lu easl Kooienay, thence uortli so
chains, ttienee west 80 chains, thence south 8u
chnlns, thence east 80 chains to the place of be-
ullinlng, Containing WO acres mure or less.
Dated this 10th day of June, lOOJ.
15 11 c, aiciNXKs.
Notice ts hereby given ihai thirty days after
dale 1 Intend in make application lo Uie Chief
i 'oiiiinissloner of Lands und Works for a special
license to out ami entry away timber from the
following described lauds:
Commencing at 11 posl planted ai the south-
west corner of Lot 325,(1, 1, Kast Kooteuay and
marked "('. P, I.nml s N. K. corner post,"
tlienoe west so ohulns, thence south so chains,
thence ens! 80 chains, ihence north 80 chains to
he place of .bo-jlnnlng, contain hit; oui acre
mure or less.
Dated this 23rd day of June, too--'.
15-11 O, P. I.CND,
lake notice that sixty days after date I Intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
an I Works for permission t-> purchase lhe following described lands:
Commencing at a i»>si planted on Hie westerl)
side of the rlglll of way nf llic Crows Nest Pass
railway lu sontli Kast Kootenay, opposite mile-
iga aw, uml about oue mile west nt Bock Creek
hi South Kust Kooteuay, llienee Wi-St SOchnllls,
thenco soutn sn ehalns, thence east su chains,
Llienee north su chains to the placo of beginning,
continuing C4Q acres, more or ie-.s.
Hated tlit-.mii day of.liine, 1'Wi
13-it K. CAMl'lUXL
Take iml Ice thai sixty days after date i uilen I
to apply to the chief Commissioner of Lands
an I Works for permission to purchase the fob
lowing described lands:
Commencing at a post marked *'\v, I. Darling's N. E, corner post," planted at the southeast corner of P. Lund's purchase, ami ulinut
one mile west of mileage ufu onjihe Crows Nest
Puss railway In Sontli hast Kootenay, tlienoe
went su chains, theuce soulh 80 chains to Lot 320,
li.l, llienee  east  *<u chains, ihence  north   so
chains to the placo of beginning, containing tun
acres, more or less,
Daied ibis titli day of .bine 1902.
13-8t W. L DAltl.lM
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary  Public.
Cranbrook and Marysvllle, B. C.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
Take notice that thirty days after dan* lln
ii-ii-i in apply to the (bier Commissioner at
Ijinds and Works for a special licence 10 em
and carry away timber from ihe following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked "(l, Brlcksou's
N. B. corner," plante I 011 the west side of tlie
rlghl of way Of lhe Crow's Nest railway, ueiti
the northwest coiner of Lot 328, <■, 1, Last
Kootenay, thence west sn ohulns, thence south
so,'bains thenceenst 80 chnlns,tlienca north su
chains tu the place ut beginning, containing mi'
acres, more ur less.
Haled this-.Mnl day nf June, 1902.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty ilaysafter
dale l Intend to make application tn ihei'tiler
Commissioner of LiiudS and Works (or permission lo ent ami carry away timber from the following desorlhed lands:
Commencing at a post plumed 20 chains noiib
or N. w. corner of 1*:. L. MoVlttle's timber license application of l&tl) .Inly, mr.'. theuce'ii'.
chains west, llienee 12U chains north, thence Si8}j
chains east, thence r.'u chains south to place ur
Jllly IS, 1902,
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dale 1 Intend touppl/tolha Chief Commissioner
of l,nndfl und Works fur it special license tn
cut and carry nwny timber irom the fallowing
described lauds:
Commencing at a post marked "P, Lund's N.
K. corner post" planted on the norili hunk of
i'bl|ika oreek,.about two miles south ofthe
s,W. corner of Lot 32-1, (Iroup 1, Kast Kootenay,
thence west so ehalns, 1 bonce smith 80 chains
Ihence east su chains, theuce north hu chains to
the place of  beginning,  containing WO acres
more or less.
luit.-d ihlsirard day of .In ne, 1002,
"Amber" plug Smoking Tobacco ii
winning on its merits, "Have ym
tried it?"
II   till*  llllll
ity Court of
11 at
Port sti't-b*
Nollce is ii
oreby given, 1
.hat nu the 1
nth di
miy, tow, U
was ordored
hy .1. A. Pi
um, 1
bulge of the
salil c 1.
ihu James
trmstrniig, 1
nili'ial Ailnil
ulstrftior nf 1
>l biioleiiav,
he mlministrittor <>r ail
Ilill  llll!  U-I.l
to of
if North st:
u Mine, Mlm
■r, <h aseu,
la rypors
,>n Indebted 1
0 lie-said il
nl is
111111.1* paymoi
>i forthwith to in,
' II IS-
livery porn
on having in
s be-
i> deueiisi'd Is
ten ilreil to
intlfy the ui
idei signed.
Ild II
- person   hAVlllj
mn or Interest in ihe distribution of the
■ ilu.- said deceased Is required wltlilu
ays of this dale, losend by reglsteie.1
idresseii lo the undersigned, tils name
hess ami the rnii particulars of his
Interest, and a statement of bis aceounl
nature of the security [if any* held by
Ann lit" expiration of ttie said thirty days,
Dig Administrator will proceed with the distribution of the estate, having regard lo those
eluiius only of wlilcli lie 1l1.ilI liuve liatl notice,
JAMES I'F.lli.l'suN AltMSTltONO,
(ui.Miit Administrator,
Port Steele, B.C.
hated at Port Steele this nth day of Jllly.lDO.',
Snl lee Is hereby given thai after tlio lapse of
thirty days from Die date of this notice, application will be niiide to lhe Hoard of I
IllbsloiU'is nr other proper nnber
, etiM
1 Dial he
    ,  Hotel l.i
ns- now held by US, In sell liquors, eta , lu lln
oilman Ibnise, Klko, IL 0,, situate on KI K.
iwnslle,   bi Thomas Stevenson.
11. Mcintosh,
il p. jonks.
WllmisB!   W, J. NKL30N.
Dal.d .lul) W, 1802,
Notice is hereby given that thirty ilaysafter
ilnto 1 inieiui in apply to iim chief Commissioner uf bauds ami Works fur a special license lo
cut anil carry away timber from the following
CoiilinenrliiKtit a post marked "J. Hreckeii-
r.dgo's N, li, 1 oruer," planted one mile south of
tho d. w. eonier of l.nt 112.1, i.nuip 1, Kast Kootenay, thoneo wesl sn eluiius, theuce south su
chnlns, ihence east mi chains, thenco n.n in -.n
chains toilioplaoo of beginning, containing010
1 I,-'
1 day of .lane, 1002.
Nollce Is hereby given thai thirty daysnfti
date 1 intend 10 mnke application tn the Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works for a spei
liconse to out and eiuryuway limber frumlbe
tallowing described lands;
Commencing at n post planted ou the south
hunk of Uie St. Marys liver. Kasl K out euay. ut
lho northwest corner of P, w. Mitchell's preemption nearly opposite the mouth of Mark
creek, thenco south forty chains, thoneo west
one hundred und sixty ohulns to the boundary
of ihe 1 nundlan Puciilc hallway Company's reserve, thence north forty chains to the smith
hank of ihe si. Mary's river, thenco following
said soiilli hank of the st. .Mary's river down
sire 1111 to the p dill of commencement,contiiln-
Ing six hundred and forty acres,
Dated Jiily 11,1002.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
hue I Intend tu make application to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permission to cut and cany away tlmlier from llie foi
lowing described lands
Commencing nt Die northwest corner id Mat
caret i.esii,-'s timber application of this out"
thence north une mile, thence east one'mile
thence soulh one mile, thence west one mile to
place or beginning.
July is, ino2.         ___^
Draying and
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
Pianao Moving a Specialty
Surveys „,
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract
P. 0, fori Steele, B. C.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days afler
dale I Intend to make application (o Ibe Chief
Commission''r oflJtnds and Works for pei mission to ent mnl carry away timber fiom lhe following described imi-.it;
Commencing at the northeast corner or H,),.
MeVlttie'sa iplicuilon of duly Ifith, 1WW, (or Umber license, tlienoe west one mllo, thence north
nue tulle, thence east one  tulle,  theuce  south
oue mile to the placo of beginning,
1MA1IOA1IK1 lksi.ii:.
July istli, 10.12,
Notice Is hereby given lliat thirty days after
dale 1 Intend to apply tnlho chief Commissioner
nf Lands 11ml Works for a special licence to oui
and carry (iway timber (row tlio following ilea-
crlheil lauds:
i 'oinmeiii'lng at a post planted mi r bains north
and len ehalus west nf th- nortlioasl oorncrof
Lot.vjis, thence 100,00 oiinlns west, thence 110
chnlns south, theuee uni.iiii chains east, llienee
nil chains north in the place of he,dmiim-,
.Inly 1Mb, I'JOt!.
Nollce Is hereby given that thirty days utter
tlate I Intend toapplytn lho Chief Commissioner
nf Lauds and Walks foi' a spool il licence lu out
and carry away limber from the following ties-
crlheil hinds:
Cotmnenelng at a pnst planted m chnlns north
and nil oiinlns west of tho northeast oornpr ur
Lot 5248, thence west 80 chains, thence north so
chains, thence casi ne oiinlns, thence smith so
chains tu place of beginning.
Hmilv l. m< vittie
Jiily 1Mb, 1002,
'thirty days alter date we will apply to the
Chief Commissioner of lands uml Works ror a
special license 10 cut ami remove timber from
the following doscrlbod Inmli
Commencing at a post about thirty (eel from
Uie railroad track nnd about one qunrter of a
mile from tlie|rallrond section house at Swansea,
northwards, 1 tlienoe so chains west, tlienoe
so chains north, ihence so chains oast, tlienoe ko
ohnllis'sniith to llm point nf eommencliig, abuut
am acres, more or loss, excepting where these
lines may run across the track at llie northeast
Cranbrook, July i-uii, toos,
. 11. mi'snx,
Nonce is hereby glvon tbut sixty nays attor
date 1 intend lo apply to the Chief Commissioner
uf Lands uml Woiks fur permission in purchase
the following described lauds:
Commencing utu post marked "David llreck-
enrldge's N, w. corner post," planted nue mile
south of the S. W. corner of Lot 1125, Group I,
Kusi Kootenay, theuce east 80 chain*) to die s.
W. corner of Lot - in snld (imup I, thence
south ml ohtiltis, tlienoe west Rfl nhalus, tlienca
nniiii so,-it thH io iin, pince of boginnlng,mu*
taiiiuir mu acres, more or less.
Dated this 2;inl day of June, vmx *
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U.  S
Ollice ami store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank of Commerce, Cranbrook, IJ. C.
Upholstering and Oeneral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to nny work in the district
A Kent for the Brandon Marble and Oranlte
Works.   Tombstones, Headstones, etc,
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   •   •   •   *  9:M to II
AlUriiooiis    •   •    •    •    l:.IU ln.l:.m
Evening    -   -   -   -    7.30 to »:3€
IRANBROOK,    :   :   I I    B. C
1.0.0 O   Key CUy l.»dt«
So. 42, Meats evary Mon
day nighl at llielr ball o
linker street.   Hojournlng
iillally invited.
,, ,M. Itnck lorf,
Iranbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. P. & A. M.
itegulur meetings nn the
iiiini Thursday of ||p
\ isinpg bretftern welccmied.
fltfo, A, LpiTiii, Sec'y.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co
Tile mily all rail .nine lielweeu all
.joints Hast, West ami Suutti to,.,,
Intermediate Points.
Connecting Ht
SPOKANB with tlie
(ireat Northern,  Northern Pacific
and 0. K. & N. Company.
Nelson  with  Steamer  for  Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Palls with Sibrc  Dally for
Repuhllc, and
Connecla dally
At    UosslHirp;   Slav,.-   Dally   fur
ilianil porks and llreenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, Urn. I'aii. Aft.
I have good wood o( all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsile ollice receive prompt attention,
Richard Stewart
There arc a few points to
be considered in building,
Good work,   Good    M at (1 i
and thc price,
„,,,,,,      „    ,,   ,        ., Have you talked with anyone about building?
Take notice iimi sixty ilaysafter date I Inland ' , *
to apply io the Chief Cominla-tinnerof Lands and I Come aud see me or lei me see you.   Il may
Works fur permission tu Ipurohase three bund-, do us both good.
red and twenty ucres of bind about four miles
is. K. of Crauliiunk nu st, Josephs meek, now
held under pro-fliunllon by me, aipl otherwise
known uud described us Lot mu In Group l,
Kootenay district,
Daied itn-- -nd July, 100J.
lU'Sl f. K. Mullltl^.
Contrattur. Printing^ Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers, give your  order
To The Herald Office
A    ■!,.!,   Hu.i.u.uu.    U..,'l'lt..l.i.    at     •
.........      .1      .1.1.It.      ll.BI      ,.      ......
......... b,  V.i, M.S., r.o|.l. lu  Mil.
Mr... Uumlnluu   Nu.   Mu.-I.   ri.OSUr.
I.  1. fur  ,.,.ll.     Iii.un.   ul   ....So..
'I'll,.  Sli.l..
place     by
night, Hi.' rn
Hum's  lllu.ll!,
nil.- Bill
.llllll.T. s
Is tmllll
to lllSlls
Ill-UK III",  I
ml   l.i
ia ll.
nt    inn.
sil,  111
in   jirui
• Bho|is
sl  -.lln
on   I'm
S)l   V.'ll
I'll III..
prtinlttve uiun tlusa-
iiiini. and which will
til    ll
Thlr.r C.ua.i.. I. old Ous.tl. Uu*. I ...
IS... tl.. Pruu.r A... uf
l.u.i. Land,
.,1        Mi
lur ul
Is    timber
1,     I.Ul  ILL',     llllll     SI
lnuglHer.   Nobody tippem-a      t
oppruaaetl by tin- tact Umb boc
having ita great iiniiuttl mpumi
cabs and cai'lolsia, Itllctl Willi I
uud    cloaked Dgtn-Qa,  sls-lve it
thsi atl'eeta wiiluiut uUractlng
Vie cui-luiis glauco,     A bugle
'sola the wilil echoca Hying        aotncf-
whei-e    near    Su- .John Alacdotmld's
sititue, but nobody cuska the   reason
why,     Ottawa is u commercial city
as   well   as   the  Sell!   uf  III.Il'l lllll.'ill.
and tlm people me eminently satlsfl-
ed that everyhody should       ntUnd | llllfi u^ seimtc chamber wou:
ins ..wn  business.      \Ylmt  I hk(i  ft ulRtrl,,l0IlittI  ,mrlv  ,n
ilu- inst shivering bumun luia     been !
frozen to  death in lhu tropica,      it
muii  ia the i.niv niiimnl  that     can According to the repi
im   ins lii'ud to the skies It  annuls Thomas Southworth, Llrect
in  nits,<n Hml  sometimes li«   looka Forestry  for  ihu Province,
upwnrd      ll<- I*) imi   forever  seeing tiv« pet  cent   <>i ti country
only whul   la ni    front of his nose, be perpetually covered  Witt
H>   whul   i" beneath tt-     li  lis   has io secure favorable rtimmi
iii<- i|in,liiv  ol iiKpii uiiuii lu*      will lions ana regulate thu wate
suroly  pui  things In llielr right per Thirty    "i   the  count Ies ol
s|i,',iu,-     with   M'uuid    io   "eternal hnve less than this porcentu
progress,    the Komuos, uml ihe mn- The counties in the provli
ilorn  reports."   lie  will   know        a iuK  over  -t'  per cent,  ol  woodland
Stale  drawing-room  lor   what   it  Is are Stormout,   Qlimgai'ry,     Hussell,
a niiini.il t.i ants nuilcr   ncup, , Renfrew,  Unllburton mid Hustings.
Wiih tin*   wniiu'ii it   is different.  As |    Those  having   between  Hi)  (Ulti    ;p-
tb.-.v havo n livelier fuiih In revela- per     leni. uf woodbind mu    Essex,
limi    iInin nun. it Is not necessary Klgln,   Norfolk,   Lambton,     Rimcoe,
foi   Litem  to  look  up.      ..ve looked .Lennox ami Ad.iingi.in, Leeds,  Pres-
lip  OlU'i-   nl   the  iippln   Ili'P,   Slid   lifter ji'iitt,   l.iillurk  utitl   l'l-ti'l'luu o,
thai  lier muni ft'll  to iin        leaves. I    Kent,   lluldimu-iid.  Wellund,  Unite,
ICvur since then  the indies huve been | Clrey,  M-Wldlosex,   Pronteimc,     Uien-
iiiiich in eurnesl aboul the frivolities vtll,-, (Hindus, Oxford, Waterloo, lint-
ni if,u      To thorn   a State      draw- ferfn. Lincoln,  llalton, Norihumber-
ing-room is it Vital Question.     Hero land uud Prince Edward huvu      be-
incase path       ol | twecn ten nnd twenty pec cent,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a lurge area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The price* range from Si.oo to 5s.no an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
i-i- lies in ilu- same way lis
f duty. Where is ihe woman
who Is not plciisod in wear a beautiful gown, with pinnies iu lier hair,
u veil, and a grmid train? Where
is Hit- woman, no mutter what tier
age, wlm is unwilling to array herself Mko the bride fm* the bridegroom, for ihnl is litiw  these ctiurra-
llll.      llllllll
orth, Peel,
i, Carlelon
live     and
each  t
have ihey to do with the p
Mice in the Senate chamber? ll is
part of tlie game ul government, bntl
let those see to it whose duty uml
pleasure it is. In short, Ottawa
looks on these ceremonies indifferently. Age has staled llieir novelty nud
custom has withered the excitement,
Let them play it out who are cusl
for the parts. As for tho rest, ns
Hamlet says, what is he to Hecuba
or Hecuba to him?
Even ou Parliament Hill there am
lew sinus of unusual activity. Tho
drawing-room is held in Hie Senate chamber, which is toward the
rear of the building. li lias no
windows that open on any of the
facades,  and    the    bla/.e     of light
thut word pu inters del i**, tit lo describe is conspicuous by its absence.
'Hu* carriages drive up to the porto
coihere, discharge their occupnnts
quickly, and drive out again by way
of the western gate. The ladles und
gentlemen en grande u-inie disperse
to the various dressing-rooms, nud
as fur us ihe Commons side of tlie
House is concerned, ihe cuatoiuu-rv
Saturday night silence broods over
the scene. A few extra Dominion
police stationed throughout tho
building nie the only outward symbols of uu In Wn rd commotion, The
State drawing-room has had almost
thirty years in which to develop a
ritual. It is managed consummately. No noise, no confusion—everything runs like clockwork. At Buckingham Palace it often happens that
a long line of carriages is stalled,
Scantily dressed dowagers and
tender buds shiver while they wait
Pneumonia links in tho frosty air.
Consumption and asthma tako advantage of the generous decollete.
The Cockney mob stands by,
tliuihiig, jeering, nnd fronl'ly sizing
up the points of their masters. In
Ottawa there   is no waiting   tho nr-
1'be     following
Perth,   Wellington
York,     Ontario,    lun!
and   Victoria ure betw
ten per cent.
Mr. Southworth explains that
overclearunco bus affected tlie western tfcitii midland counties to a greater extent l bun Ihe ens I era portion
look in full hg for a I uf tbe province In Prince Edward
■lust a few orange j und Urenvllle counties and in two
groups of townships forming tlie
southern portions of Lennox, Add-
Ington uml Hastings Counties, the
progress of deforestation ims been
arrested, and there is a slight increase in lhe wooded area.
A survey of lhe forestry situation
in Ontario gives reason for both
congrututaiioii und dissatisfaction,
says lhe report. The Province law
gone far towards solving the
forestry problem us far as Crown
lands are concerned, but the wood*
land area in older Ontario is getting
scantier and scantier, until ileniuta
tion is imminent. As regards reforest rat ion, la* says that Ontario's
position is imiili better than tbat
the     adjoining    States, owing
and a wedding march,
would look
hope!. Where is ihe woman who is not ready to undergo
the fiercest heartache to get the
coveted invitation to this stately
function, and to nurse her despuir
when slie sees there costumes lhat
mnke her look  like  thirty cents?
Ami talking about brides aiid bridal costumes, tlie drawl ng-i'oom is a
great place for the Man Hunter.
Ottawa during session is a splendid
stamping ground for the Man Hunter, and tlio Slate drawl tig-room und
other public occasions may be viewed as grand battues on her behalf.
Thc Man Hunter,  of course
Terms of Payment
The a-Kreicak amount of principal and inl rest, except In the
case ol lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided inin len Instalments as
shown in the table below; Ihe firsl tu be paid al llle lime uf purchase. Ine second une year triuii dale of lhe purchase, the third in
iwu >ears and so on.
The following tabic shows Ihe amount of the annual instalments
on Ilill acres al different prices under Ihe above conditions:
IMI acrs at $2.5)1 per air. Isl Instilment JSMS   ,, equal iutal'ls al $50.00
J.OO      ■■ » 7I.H0 " oll.lH)
3,50      " " MM » 70.00
4.00      » ," 95.85 •' 80.00
..50      •• » 107.85 " WOO
5.00      " " 11.85 " 100.00
KimberleV is """" h"silR'ss alM' shipping point for the
J North Star anil Sullivan mines.
HEAL & Ell Will., Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook "s "lc divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of Scul
Easl Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent
Far lurtber lafurinalliui apply tu agents as above or lo
Lands under 12.50 per acre are sold
on shorler lime.
If Ihe land is paid lor in full at lhc
time of purchase, a reduction Irom the
price will be allowed equal to len per
cent on the amount paid io excess uf the
usual cash instalment
Interest al six per cent will be
charged in over due instalments.
The Company haa also tuts fur sale
In the followlnc lown sites in Easl Koul-
enay: tilku. Cranbrook, Huyelle. kitchener, Creston and Klmberley.
The terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and tbe balance io six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
iron range aud the gateway to the White
Grouse copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent,
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
man, generally young and fancy free,
sometimes n widow, and the more
dangerous on thut account; in any
case willing, yes eager, t,« make a
man happy for life bv marrying
him. The Man Hunter, It will be
seen, is not ferocious, though she
keen   on  the     n'lest. Her      object
is not to destroy but to build up
happy homes. She is cruel only to
be   kind       She uses Cupid's  ai
but she salves iheta Willi balm
Ollead. She chases her quarry at
pink leas, at soirees, at the theatre, she dozttcs tier helpless victim willi lightning changes of costume, sometimes us many as six
in j, day Itut the drowlnjf-room,
the state ball, the Speakers uui den
re her held days Ili-
sho  tomes with  her cartrldgi
lu thc fact lhat lands nre hold by
the Crown when Umber licenses aro
Speaking of Ihe growth of forest
reserves, Mr. Southworth snys that
tho Lake Temaganif reserve, Which
comprises 1.-100,0(10 acres, contains
from 8,000,000,000 to 5,000,000,000
feet, board measure, He recommends iiie further Increasing of these
•-serves,   in  districts  where  the  laud
,f I Is fitted for the growth of limber.
He says ihere are huge tracts of
countr.v on the north shore of the
Georgian Bay, and lying along ihe
c i*.it. between Pembroke uml Ma*t-
lawa, which are heing reclothed
with young pine, and he thinks
these could he advantageously set
aside *tt> timber reserves, ihe only
difficulty being the cancelling of the
licenses. He recommends an addition to the     Sibley Township    re-
ra pc
nu mob—for Ottawi
to walk ns far as Wellington street
to pass remarks on the raree show
As a matter ol fad, there Is little
pleasure  in  lhu  Slate  drawing room,
either  for   Their  Bxcell ies  or for
the people wbo make their devoirs
to the representatives ,.i royalty, it
is an ont,Ml which society de
llberately sets
people lhal the
ed    acrordina   t
i pl.«
the   pi
make  great   gush
uml thread then
ber  P-les.   from
of   Ittdi.
rndltinn No >
s eagoi to gel
corking clothes
f full dress,
loxlblu us tin
illar as pin
nl   „(     Ills
,i lho strnii
1.1, 1,
bell full of witching smiles mul
glances, in an outfit that would
make thp birds of paradise jealous,
It is lhe most gorgeous thine, in
iho way of hunting gear that the
dressmaker can turn out.
wii.u is her game/    Not Senators
Most   of them aie old   mul     married
Not members of Parliament. There
arc very few eligible bachelors In tht
Commons, who. then? It must be
that in the great round up of enter-
who make Otta-
       , im ters during thu
HSiotl she hopes to bring down
mething worth wliiie. ll has been
id lhat the Mau Hunter is     much
.after   on   tho  scent   now   thnt      Ot-
wn has become .be gathering place |     ThM „, „Blli
Wealthy   Momlikeis   in  Hie  winter
as,.ii      A  great, healthy Klondlkcr      A Kenwood
uh H hig heart  „nd a pocket    full I * literary dub
money   is aood shooting j l'*1'8    ubout    u
no,    while calling with her husband
(.(1     lhe home of one of the prod	
,,.. j lhe     I'tiiversitv       of    Chlcug
evenings ago, expressed a desire t
■ee the laiter's library, says Th
Chicago Record Fin-aid, l i,ttv
su, b  a  lovt for  hooks."   she      salt
MY. Southworth regwds the disposal of t^he brush, etc., left by ihe lumbermen «s one of the serious forestry problems. It is a menace he-
cause of iis combustibility, and it
prevents  new growths
Lumbermen, ho says, ..re beginning to ren lira the value of tunning
as an Industry, nnd me paying more
attention to the bark of the hemlock.
The report contains a resume of
the legislation in ihe different states
of  the union regarding forestry.
amrM." -> WtMin.
ly who belongs   to
nd  hits  Will ten  pant things,
The Cranbrook   I
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lot.s of dollars. Buy a lot in
MARYSVILLE, the Smelter City oi
South Hast Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Cranbrook and Marysville Sole Agents
ilui.. mi
ia iiiini:
10    ll\|lll
l.iil   .1:
member (lust thc
foroit by 'li** Mm
I-l....Ill    1II11V
* here Imagti
r  .nil  pleaae r.-
eflcctlona H'e ol-
a I,"
n.n... 4.
In Itliasl
rl,.«l. a,   N.M.
I    lllll ill)l    tlio    |
•a  Abroaa
ni-      lH'.m
"that whan I uu Into a house where
I  know  there are i. whole lot       nt
 - - ll,i I tli.'iii I   Just    can't     Is.'.'P s».viiv tiom
lllll caaea ol ...-...,'.in.-..t, unit yet In | Uu! ,,,.„,. ii„„K». i ,,,,,'t s,.c |,0W
nil theae acctilenta only forty per- DC0P|, ,.„„ bt. B(ltlalled lo Bll itowti
anna wore kill.-sl ootrlght. Mi..B.. | B||>, ll]llv ,,ul.da „,. J11Bt ff0.slp abou,
there wore 1,390 pctaona killed | ,.„„„„„„, ordinary tlilnus when there
Ill I.I
ii.'l   Mini	
„i.t linns..II up in ii nn
glorified lii.!...,.'. iinli'M,
of iiiHt.iiu compelled lm
WOUld   .llllllll III ii.   chooi
n valuable hour In a pn
Uiismn during
si'iu. uuim nl iiii'iu being strii
tralna or being omployea who
tli.ii Iivi-n in iln-ii way ..I
In tin. United Slut.*, during
eight puaaengcra iiiiiI i'.'~ "im
were killed
in I'lsmiii.i s.'v.-n p»«aengera
187 etnployea wero killed In
ck by
ilnl y
to    III.
'lin-ui la imi «
'tlm sun   ssli.i  11,
label    ngnliial
clothca anil    t
itlonnl m.<la    uiKlor
IS   lli'f.ll    .Lis        11"'
thla   ilepoi «ni     i>l
.ini.iii        II L'i n.i.
In  svilltnn  111" Sail.
been nblo to eaeapo
r lleaotl
limn bl
ho e, I i
imi nl il
ot-lng     the
dona in tha
miii the number of I
oud   u   all.
I Slate
<i|   I iilii,...... I, K
bail ' rimed I
known    H  is nut
tlmt peoacrltie* ibis rnuai
•ll..-...    mny      i ma
|„|.s,   itttlldlea,   nni. annus.
tlmt Ui.. body i» less tinii
Inn in Cntiiuln, In Un
century, auch creulttrea are tew an
(ni- betweon. In nny cotltin t ssit
the people H is Un- limn Hint
slt.iwu, out tin. tritpptnga. Tttei
Is a Uine tor ovorylltlbg, a time i
Inuiii  ami  a   Unit.  In  cry,   n  time I
lm     natural      mul n    .line tn   p
through sine's piu'es In clothca of
i-eiiuiii    cut.    Even  Uu- republic)
simplicity ot the United State,
not iili|« Ui usi'iipo Iron
!.. '..i'....,..„    „.„i  „„„,.  (l,
.. lu Can-
igera killed
l imi ate»dlly doll 11 in IMT.% to 11.88 In
1000, bin the percentage in the
United stales is yet I...ver limn
...ns being (' 80 'lhe various
causes ul dealha in conttoctlnii with
ilm Canadian ratlwaya iu 1 uoo are
given ns lollowi:
Fulling nil train.  - ~   M
.1 ping ml tralna     20
At work mi track    11
Head out ol window      t
Coupling ems 	
Walking on track 	
Striking on bridges     4
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
and Builder  >
All work fuirsiiteed.   See ui before
you build,   ll will piy you.
„   18
other causes
ui  clothes,  ami over  there We      see
the   Ueutt'iiunt-Oi'nernl   of   the Aifiny
thinking out new uniforms for    tin
soldiers; new badges [or th
tljere;   tbe de|i
It is worth mentioning tbat   only
seven of those killed were passengers
nnil     tbut    three of these met their
..... i deaths  by  fulling  qff  earn  and  three
vm   ,--■   ....        snl- ; by   imnplliH   olT.      This  would    seem
cut  ot ihu Seeru-   t-1 s^ow that passenger travel      Is
remarkably safe if one dues, nut get
l«iy uf State pusr/llng out (iuostlons i
of  precedence;  und the.  grent   excm- ! on or off moving trains.
plar    or deiiioerary    cudgelling   its
lir,iii(s to tlisrnvni- exactly     how tn
pri and  what in wear w|ieii    i'mp'o
Jlenry    come*,       Society        eltoctp.
-iliithes  and  ciii'eiunnies  just     us    uu
premlte   does a   hair shirt. Tills,  we
are persuaded,  Ih  lhe rinht   view  In
take nf   10      At   least   It   in the view
the   Man    on the    Otilside       1 >i1..'m,
talking under the moonlight looking
up at the eternal my 8 lor Ies of   lho
flruiament, seeing with  the lull      of
lilt  eye   the    grand  old   l.iiiirentiaii,
yfrlcfr i^oplnatid tbe ekylinu lutllioii-j
U-4 Ht»Hen..
The epistolary art. In France     \n
.Oil! old fashioned lu at Irani one
juiiiii.'iil'ir- tbe mud bog ts etlH ui-
otl for lilnttlug. "The elegunt use
of <ha mMidat'aqup'* is a thinii lo be
i aught.
Is a library to took through, My|
Professor, what ,» lot of line    books
I like to   see hooks      Ri-
J ranged that way, loo, with the different kinds of bindings all mixed
up togolhei. it makes a library
look .10 much more enay, don't vou
know, than where the books thnt
uie jusi one sire and bound alike
are all In lung rows utter each other Ah!" she exilaitned, picking up
a neat  little volume from one ul Ou*
tables,   'i>li*is Carman (the Cnnadlnn
poet). I'm so Kind vou like h.-r,
professor 1 fur 1 du tli ink she's so
aw* rt. I've been reading several
articles about her in the new simpers
In "lv, and I'm just in lovt with
Tlie professor COUghcd hehiud his
hand a-nd tried to «•'' the lady's attention centred upon a llrsl edition
of Bos well's "Johnson" that he had
found in tr* London bp.0,kshop. hut
she couldn't get over ber enthusiasm
for Bliss Cabman, and after ,-, hasty
glum'e ul  the uld hook suid:
"\ do  thinl*.  she  writes     some    of
tlio loveliest  things I    ever saw, She
seems to have such a tender "
•'Excuse me for Interrupting yon,1'
said   the  professor,   unable  to  Stn-nd
It any longer, "but BUss Carman is
a man."
'•f\ man! Why, un, professor; you
must be mistaken. I know she
writes under a mini de plume, but
vou know she is really the <J\i->eo of
Bulgaria, or Armenia, o.r something
over  there.      lVdp't  .vyu  ever     hear
that bpfftref'
The professor sighed and turned
away, possibly ashunied ot hla Ig-
norunee; __^__
Cranbrook, B C
w *
* ************************ *
2        l'l?H:H MATHfiSON, Proprietor.       £
i *******9**************** t
JJ   Wheu you  are hungry  niul   want *
*■> h gnut\ meal gn lo the   l\ast f
J        kootenay, 2
if,   Wheu you  arc tired and want a -f,
m\ good rest go to the Kast Koo- 1*.
JJ ten ay. J
J  When you are thirsiy and want a <*
H\ L'ootl  dunk   gn   to the   Kast 1-
1* Kootenay. *
jjj   In fact win 11 yon are in Cranbrook ^
ti, stop at the Kast Kooienay. »
iWhat is Insurance?
I don't know.  Ask
U-j* HUTCH &&
SI. John
New York
Port land
San Erancisco
One of tbe Most Comfortable
Hotels in Best Kootenay,
Refitted Throughout
Upper Lake Steamers
Lv. Fort William, Sua , Tue , Frl.
Sand fur Hm,
Many    dwelling  house  fires  caused
by lamp explosions might be averled
by   keeping   Some   of   the   ornuineutul
vases In the rooms filled with   Bond,
thut it wuiild be always at  hand
uf net a
Newly Kuruiibed
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Tlio mortality from Cancel   atnong   tt(,ii ready for use in
sailors ts very high. 44.9 y*)S   40t>, —     '
000,   while    tbat ol atluart la o&ta
The number of pi-rsons born blind
'1 ! averAgea elxty-flvt lu ever/ williu^
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
oii water in siphons.   The mosl
cconomitil way to handle IL
Leave llunnuire Juasllmi dally tar SI. I'aal
leave Kootcaay Lauding Taeadav aad Salssr
day lar Toroalo and all eailera psiial,
Leave Reveliiolse dally tor Seallte, Vaocoaver
aad coast cliie,
Livery  S
Tlinmjb II. Lets la Burose vis all .llanlic
Lines, frejald lltken l.om all polan al
lawelt tales. For lull parllculan apply lo
lucal aienls.
e j covlb c e cm liMAN
A. U. P. A , *■•■«.
Vaocoaver. CriabfooV
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Ntliou, B, C.
Proprietors * * *
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, tire
Teams autt il.ivera fumjihed for any    , ...      ,.     . . ,
.,-.._ .1". 4i.,,iri places, boilers lined, or any |ob
work in the brick line call on
joint in tli* dlatrlct,
Manager   *   j»    *
Geo. R. Taylor
The Cranbrook Herald
Two Dollars per year. ,_<j**-Zg)-®   .   .........   ® wMS- ® @  ® ® ®- ® ® S   ■•    •
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®T Blouses and Wrappers isf
, Blouses and Wrappers . . .
$1.50 Blouses for - - $1.00
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$1.25 Wrappe s for ■ ■ 85c
I<j) This sale will last only a few days. Come early be- t-'T
its fore the sizes arc broken. No Blouses or Wrappers <•'*
O charged at these prices (91
1  AT   REID  &  CO.'S  1
...Camping Parties... 1
We  arc   headquarters for supplies  for <-k
outings of this nature.   We have dain- A:
ty edibles in  cans  and  jars.   We will L
pack your hamper neatly and carefully ''v
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with quality and assortment  ^
m Pancy and Staple  Oroceries  and Crockery. H
Fresh Beef, Pork,
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Pork Sausage, Poultry, Fish and
Game in Season.
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Carriage Repairing and
lii'iu'ral Jobbing.... 1
Oulaltfe Orders Promptly .
Attended in. 1
li Ihe death nl yuur wife meant
VOIR Impoverishment and YOU
were naturally unable lo earn a
living, would you not think out
a scheme by which you could
Insure today, tomorrow may be
loo late
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agenls
Fire and Life Insur'ce
Two plastered rooms for
rent over Herald Office.
Inquire of
or at Herald Office
When in town don't
forget to stop at the...
Victoria House
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook,.,
Everything Firstclass
Opposite Depot
L. R, Gubbins.
J. T, Dendurant.
Call ut Tom's Barber Shop, Victoria House, opposite depot.
I he (lion is ni'.it, the low>)> nre i*l.-nn,
The sIhmii niv sh;ii|i, tin' r.w.nts ki'en,
Ami i:\i-iytnknu Mi.it skill,-tin im
ir yuu ll mil lif'll <h> for ymi.
J. T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave 15c.       Hair Cut 35c.      Shampoo 25c
Rogers Bros."
Knives, Forks,
Spoons, etc.
V.yen carefully i-xaniiticl mid
[[properly (Med'" Ihcbcit gnu*
Repairing. V_*>     V.J
Olllslal Walsh In (>.,n.r fur
Crows N.'ll ill.lelull C. I'. I.'
Proprietor of the J
Candy Kitchen j
Carries a complete stock ot t
. Candies, Fruits, Nuts, I
t Biscuits, Pipes and I
j  TubaCCOS.               fllve us a call j
©♦♦♦**» «-♦♦.*.>* •••• •■*$>
TIib partnership hitherto  oxlitlnf* Hotwi
u i, under the name of Stevenson ,•* Melnto
utiiiu town ni liko. it. <',, iis pronrletors or
tin- Hofiniitn iii usf*. holel ni snld place, has
this day been dissolved hy mutual consent,
Tinitiiis sti'VPiiimi coiitliitiliie salil business,
All indebtedness against said partnership
nrm will he paid liyhlm, and all ncfoimudiin
thu same an.' payable to him.
II. MelNTOSll.
VVltneisi   W, .1. NELSON.
Dated,Till) 1,1308.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
R. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
Best meal on earth.
|      LOCAL   NOTES     J
4 ft
v-^ •**»-«*•*•>•**>#*««-#•*«•>-*««->*-a
Picked  Up About the  City   by  Asking
(Jucslions  of  Many  People.
Owing to some misunderstandings in
the past The Herald hereafter will make
.i fl it rale of ~t% cents per line for first
Insertions nml 5 cdnts per line each subsequent insertion for church ami society
locals advertising paid entertainments.
Nd tickets received in lieu of advertising
or ns eonipliinentaries. Business of this
character will tie transacted ou a cash [
basts hereafter.
The weather has been decidedly torrid
the past week,
J. P, Pink ami James Qil) Bpeul Sunday nt JalTray.
Mrs. Barber is visiting with the doctor
in Peruie ihis week.
William Ruse is having a cottage butll
mi Armstrong avenue,
Ch.iiles Parrel) nf-Moyle, was in town
several days this week.
A neat fence has been built around the
Catholic church properly.
Miss Cardiff went to Wasa Monday for
a bilefotitiug with friends.
Lost — Nickel earn watch. Finder
please leave at Herald office.
Our values lu ties cannot he surpassed
in town.    The Fort Sleele store.
C. D. McNab ami J. Iv. Fenwick of
JaiVray, were iu town over Sunday.
Losi—Pair of gold rimmed glasses in
case.    Please leave at Herald office.
What Cranbrook should have is a lake
It would lie a great thing these days.
Just received today, the neweBt anil
latest in ties at the Fort Steele store.
Mrs. Brown hns gone to New York for
an extended visit with her son Wilkie.
W. F. Tale nnd wife spent last Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. John Fraser at Michel.
Firstclass private rooms and board.
Mrs. A. Campbell, foot of Hanson avenue,
Harry Cavers has gone to Macleod lo
accept a position with the C. I'. R. al
lhat point.
The latest black silk belt obtainable,
at the Fori Sleele store. They're neat
anil cheap,
RevJP, \V. Auvache will preachment
Sunday evening on Baptist hymns aud
their writers.
William Eschwlg of Fernie, was
ntuong the rooters ut the lacrosse game
last Saturday.
Miss Rhode Leltch returned from
Prank last Friday where she had been
visiting friends.
A. w. McVittie went to Marysville
last week to survey lhe Pedro mineral
claim which is to be crown granted,
Mr. Taylor, general land ngeut for the
C. P, R. for lhe Kootenays, with headquarters at Nelson, wns in town yesterday.
Dr. Watt of Fort Steele, was In town
Saturday. The doctor is now in charge
of the quarantine work at the boundary
F. A. Owens of Manitou, Man., b
nephew of Mrs. A. Leltch, has been visiting relatives in Craubrook the past few
Conductor Joe Jackson is going to
move his family to Medicine Hat, which
will be his headquarters in the near
fill ure.
A. I.eitch went to Fernie last Tuesday
lo attend a meeting of the Associated
Hoards of Trade that failed to mate
Miss La.nd has gone to Helena, Mont.,
to visit with friends for several weeks.
3he will also visit in Spokane during
ber alwence.
J. L. Parker, superintendent of the
North Star mine, was in town this week
fur several days. He was accompanied
by Mrs. Parker.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Leltch left Tuesday
for Winnipeg. They expect to be gonea
week or ten days and will attend lhe ex
position while there.
On next Friday evening the Ladies
Aid of llle Catholic church will give a
lawn social on the church grounds,
Everybody is invited to be present.
The Frank Sentinel says Hint Dan
McLeod now claims to be the champion
Usher mau of this district. In two days
lust week he landed 177 speckled beauties,
P Burns J. Co. hnve bought the Mead
Bros.' butcher shops at Blairmore nud
Finnk, and Oeorge Jacksi n went there
last week to take Iliem over for lhe
Miss Lillian Clarke* of Manitou, Man.,
jvIio visited relatives in Cranbrook several months last winter, has gone lo a
Chicago hospital where she will sludy to
be a nurse.
The ping pon? fltld i" cream social
given by the Ladies Aid of the Methodist chiitch Inst Friday evening at the
home ol Mrs Sinter, was a financial and
pleasing success.
A telegram was received yesterday
to ihe effect thnt George Hllllard
who left Craubrook for South Africa
about Christmas time, has arrived in
Hnlifux on his way home.
tO R C. Taylor has purchased the
Marysvllle brick plant, anjl will operate
it lh la season, Mr. Taylor is a hustler
in liis line of business, nud is now figuring 011 some big contracts.
Albert Muni* of the Fernie brewery
wns in town last Saturday. Mr, Maul/,
is feeling good over lhe fact that ihey
are now getting out the finest beer that
can be found in western Cunada.
Douglas Lav, who has been assayer at
the North Star mine, has resigned to
take ii similar position at the Rambler-
Cariboo mine in West Kootenay. He
left tor his new home last Monday.
N. HaUSOIl of Wasa, was in town
Wednesday. The governor has his
whole place lighted by electricity now,
and says he is better pleased with ttie
improvement than any he has male
mice he has had his place,
Paupore, McVeigh Si Co. of Nelson,
the railrond contractors who have secured lhe contract for building the
Prank and Grassy Mountain railroad,
have {started work and expect to linish
the road by Octobei 15 They will have
a force of 5011 men at work.
On Tuesday afternoou Master Duncan
Lowes celebrated his 6th birthday by
giving a party to a number of little
fiieutls. Refreshments were nerved on
the lawn,'iml some nice violin music
supplied   by   Mr.   McDomild  which   the
liltle ones thoroughly enjoyed,
T, Peltier and wife left last Saturday
for llieir home in Dover Soulh, Out.
I'hey went to Winnipeg, and from there
will no by the wny of St. Paul and Chicago, During tbelr visit with their sou,
10 I. Peltier, tliey made many fiietuls
and left Craubrook  wilb  miense regret,
Dr. Bounell of Fernie, wns in town
yesterday. He says that there was nothing to Indicate any change iu the strike
situation nnd no one knew wheu th
mines would resume woik. The merchants are feeling badly discouraged ns
they cannot see any   light in lhe future.
F, J. Dean, editor of the Nelson News,
spent u day iu Cranbrook last week the
guest of Mr. Johnson of the Canadian
Hank of Commerce. Mr. Pean has
made a wonderful improvement in the
News, and for lhe people of this district
it is the best paper, for it gives the uewi
while it is news.
There was quite an exodus of Cran
brook people lo the east Inst Friday,
Mrs. E. H. Small and baby left for nn
extended visit with her parents at Winnipeg. R. K Beattie and Vic Rollins
went lo see the show. Mrs. Harry McVittie and children left for her old hoim
in Ontario for a prolonged visit-
The trustees of Lhe public school havi
arranged to give Mr. Watson the position of principal made vacant hy tin
resignation of Mr. Mclutyre, Mr.
Vroom of Nova Scotin, u brother ol A.
Vroom of this city, who is a graduate of
Mt. Allison college of Sackville, N. B ,
bus been given the second place. He
has gone to Vancouver to take his provincial normal course.
Rev. B. K. Yooseph, n Neslorian missionary from Persia, visited the churches
iu Craubrook during the past week. He
preached in the I'resbylerlau church
Sunday morning and in tlie Methodist
church in the evening. He also lectured
in full Persian continue to a large audience in the MethodUt cliurch on Monday night 011 the home life and marriage
customs of Persia Mr. Yooseph made
a favorable impression and secured a
good collectiou fur his work,
Coal and Oil.
Rosslaud Miner: J. Fred Ritchie, P.L.
S., and Ross Thompson have returned
to the cily from nn exceedingly interesting trip through a section of East Kootenay. As has been staled in the Miner,
their quest was coal and oil. In tbis
this tliey were exceedingly successful,
both minerals being discovered aud located,
Ten years ago Mr. Ritchie learned of
the existence of coal in the distiict from
which he has just returned, which may
be said to be in the same zone on which
the Crows Neat Coal company's measures are situated. At that period there
was no transportation for hundreds ol
miles in auy direction and Mr. Ritchie
did not turn to account the information
iu his possession. For some time, however, he has contemplated going into
the country, and finally put this Into
effect a month or six weeks since.
Leaving the Crows Nest road at Klko,
Messrs. Ritchie aud Thompson took a
pack train into thc particular section for
which they were headed and set out iu
quest of the reported discoveries.
The trip was long and arduoils, The
country had every earmark of virginity,
not a blaze of an axe or other indication
being found to evidence that the foot of
man had ever trod the district before.
The country was rough and the party
had many trying experiences, oue of
these occurring wheu Ritchie and
Thompson became separated from the
balance of the pack train uud were 24
hours without food, purl of the time in u
pouting rain.
Ultimately their quest was crowned
with success. The coal lands were found
and .the mineral found to exist. The
coal la pronounced by   Mr. Ritchie to be
us good quality us any iu British Columbia— iu fact, to be exactly similar ^o the
Pernio product of the best grade. Tbe
lauds adjoin lhe reserves ol the Canadian Pacific railroad,
Oil was also found In such quantities
uud under such condltious.as gave promise uf large deposits when the ground
was properly opened up by deep borings.
The oil is light in culor and weight, resembling mllier a line quality of lubricating oil in consistency and odor. It
bums freelv, d'lieriiig in this particular
from the oil found a few hundred miles
further ensi iu Alberta. Samples of the
Uuni brought out Iiy Messrs. Ritchie and
Thompson have been examined with
keen interest,
Por Sale.
A lot with cottage nnd   barn on it on
Biker lull; also n parlor suit.   Apply to
Joe Jackson or at the house,
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco Is
winning otl   its.   merits,     "Have,   you
Thc Fernie strike.
Fernie Free Press: Much was expected from thc purposed meeting ol the ex*
ecutlveol tbe Associated Boards of Trade
at Fernie this week, but the members of
that august body failed to put in an appcarauce, Whether tbelr absence was
ilue lo lack of interest iu the Fernie
labor troubles or from Interested motives
it is difficult to say, but one thing is almost certain that they missed an opportunity of manifesting their usetutuess to
lhe people of British Columbia, Ferine
has always taken an Interest in the silver-
lead question and assisted in every way
lo help West Kootenay in matters 111
which they weie vitally interested, even
when lhe issue at slake made 110 material
difference to tbe prosperity ol our towtii
but now lhat Penile is passing through
deep waters ihey manifest uu ludifference
that is hard to uudcrstautl,
The town tins been very quiet and lhu
strikers are behaving like gentlemen.
Some excitement wns shown Wednesday
mid Thursday ou receipt ot a telegram
from lhe east staling that about one
bundled ami Qfty men were on theii way
Irom Pennsylvania to take the places ol
llie men uu strike. Fully live linud 1 ft 1
people were at llie station yesterday to
meet the train, but they were plesantly
disappointed us only iwo of the supposed
"scabs" put iu an appearance, Upon
being questioned one said iu regard to
their coming to Fernie thut Ellas Rogers
had wired them them that tbe Strike was
over and thut till their expenses to B. C.
would be paid. 140 meu accepted the
offer and started for Fernie, but at
Medicine Hat Ihey learned thai the
strike wus still ou and one hundred got
off at Frank, the rest coming lo Michel.
He said that the men would nol think of
starting work at Fernie till the strike
was over.
Work at Michel and Morrissey is proceeding with lhe utmest rapidity in order
to supply lhe B C. market with coke,
aud this they seem to be able to do as
nearly all the smelters iu West Kootenay
have resumed operations.
Lord Salisbury's Resignation.
Manitoba Free Press: For more than
a year rumor has had it that Lord Salisbury would retire from the Premiership
either when the war was ended or the
King was crowned; and so when the
news came that he had laid down the
great responsibility which he has borne
ao long and worthily, does not come as
a surprise. His retirement from the
Premiership may be well regarded as
the closing of a notable chapter in the
British history. His figure will loom
large In the annals uf the last half of
the nineteenth century; and generations
yet unborn will quote and discuss Queen
Victoria's last Prime Miniate?; as they
quote and discuss bis gieat ancestor, who
served tj'ieen Elizabeth forno teis than
forty years as bercblef counsellor. "We
have" wrote Lord Salisbury's great opponent, Mr. Gladstone, vears ago, "a
Prime Minister whose ancestors where
similarly employed, to the great betielli
ul England, ten geneartlons ago" fl 9
a far stretch of years from Rdward VI.,
(1847), to Edward VII , and fromOaeen
Elizabeth (1588) to Queen Victoria: yet
the Cecils were the chief advtsersof all
these monarch*., and of Queen Mary
whose reign came between that of Ill-
ward VI. and Qieen K Izabeth,
William Cecil tlrst Kill of Burleigh,
lived contemporaneously with Shakespeare and Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir
Philip Sidney and Francis Bacon. His
decendant the present Marquis, has
shared the stage of public life with
Palmerston, Derby, l.ussetl, Disraeli
a^nd Oladstone. Wellington, Peel, Cob-
den, Bright, Dickens. Thackeray Tennyson—these were living forces In his
time. His career bas been a remarkable
one. For many years he has been the
head of au overwhelming majority In
the constituencies ofthe 0 tilted Kingdom, the undlsputdd Cbelf of a great
party, the leadihg figure in British national life, keenly aware of the currents
and cross-currents, the ebbs and Hows
of the policies of all the world-powers,
and controlling the domestic'govern
ment aud the foreign policy of (.real
Britain with a master hand; yet all tue
time he has been a recluse, avoiding
publicity and ever eager to seek the
seclusion of his laboratory and his books.
Ills public utterances have always been
characteristic of the man; lofty tn tone
original, seldom lacking a touch of sardonic humor, and often rising to heights
of tar seeing statesmanship, la the
opinion of some he has exerted too con
servatlve an lntluene upon British progress during the present era of swtft-
movlng transition; but when the future
historian comes to sum up his career,
It may be that that career will be placed
by thc side of that Cecil who served
Queen Kll/abeih with such patient prudent statesmanship aud so rendeied
such distinguished service In the build
Ing of the Empire. Lord Salisbury's
latest utterance in regard to thc Empire
and Its future, bis weighty warning
against any attempt to hasten the operation of the forces which are wot king
out the destiny of the great British
confederation of self-governing nations
to which we belong, deserves to be
treasured as a counsel of tha highest
wisdom by all who bear part lu the
Empire's public life.
Mr. Bjlfoui's sucesslon to the Premier-
shlphas little more claim to be regarded
as a surprise than has his uncle's retirement. He has been a pretly successful
leader of the House of Commons; and
although not a man of commanding
peronal ascendancy, he Is the most
available conservative leader. It Is not
unlikely that he will enter the House of
Lords leaving the leadership of the
Oitnmons to Mr. Chamberlain. What
ever the aspirations Mr, Chamberlain
has cherished In regard to the Premiership Mr. 1111 four's succession gives them
their quiet in ] tor the new Prime Minister U by many years the junior of the
Colonial Secretary.
I   "Hello Central"   I
$ "Give me the Fort Steele store.   Hello! Hello! $
«$> Mr. Fink, has Gillis any more of those six-bit to
launilried shirts left?'
O        "Yes, a few." <ji
v* "Well, tell him to keep mc another half H
to dozen. They ace the best values I ever got or si
Y hope to get in Cranbrook." «j
O        "All right.    Thank vou.   So long." to
4> Our Tail Shoes advertised last week are going
4). last.    You  can  save   money   these  days  by
dealing with  the .
to o
to, -I- P. FINK, rianager. Ol
I In Season  1
Tanglefoot Fly Paper,
Insect Powder and Fly
Poison Pads, guns, etc
At Beattie's J
We have a fine selection of Spring
and Summer Suitings. The patterns
are the latest and best and our prices
are satisfactory to all.
Leask & Henderson
The -oth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. CJ
Expected Saturday
Green Apples, Peaches, Plums,
Berries, Rhubarb, Bananas,
Cherries, etc., etc.
Our stock of fruitjis always the most complete and
our groceries are admitted to be the best. We make
a specialty of coffee.   Don't fail to call and look at
our stock.
Your Parlor.   Bood Values la   .
Will Renew the Appearance of
the Lalesl Style can be had
Repairing aad Upholaterlag a Specially.
i •rff*,ff^si-lr^'-w*w*w,«'"*«*>w*«'&{
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac,  per bottle
Dunvillr's Old Irish Whiskey, per bottle
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle
John De war's Special, per bottle
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle
Claret    Chateau-Clowsnian, pints
Bass Ale, pints      	
Guinness' Stout
Scotch Tweeds
And Worsteds
Please the wearer. They make him feel
well dressed. They are stylish, designs
are right, durability unquestioned. Call at Sj


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