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Cranbrook Herald Apr 14, 1910

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 tsglsla'ttw Libtarr
Ai'r 21-on
In the Herald PayB—Try
Our   Local   Columns
. 10c. a line
>'e ate well equipped to
turn out tlie bust ciaafl
NO. 7
■    .   RlAttfl ACCIDENT.
Cilpta-in It. (I. Tatlow, late minis-
ler of lliiiinee and agriculture (or
liritisli Columbia, tiled at 13.80 on
Monday in Victoria Irom
Irom ■ his trap on Friday
Injuries received when thrown
last. He had not recovered coil-
.selonsuess since the accident.
Thrown [nun liis trap    when     Ins
horse .shied al il passing anto at the
coiner     ol     Vancouver and Macliiru
,'slieet.s, Cant. It. (1. Tatlow,      lata
, minister, ot     liuance aud agriculture
■ in Hie Melliide tfoveniitieiit, sustain-
' ed injuries on Friday which proved
; fatal.
J The accident was witnessed hv IO.
, .1. Murray, who happened to lw
, passing. lie ran at once to tho
.rescue of Captain Tatlow, called the
■ ambulance, and had him conveyed
' to tho Jubilee hospital, whither I>r.
JO. M. Jones bad already been suiu-
4 tunned. Dr. Jones at oiice made an
■examination and did all in his power
• for the injured gentleman,
The chief Injuries appear to have
, been to the head, the fall    being cx-
• tromelv severe and the concussion to
•the brain Great.
1 Captain Tatlow since bis retire-
,inent from ollice has been living
.quietly in Victoria, devot'ne bis at-
, tention   to    his ranch at Kinnerty's
• Beach; and to riding and driving,
'    lion.     Robert Oamelt Tatlow was
! born in Scawa,     County Down, ire-
, land, on September lith. 1855,      the
family having an honorable and distinguished ancestry.     He was educa-
• ted nt Cheltenham in Kngland. He
- was a captain in the First Prince of
'Wales regiment, Montreal, and      in
1S7» came to British Columbia with
Major Strange, being a member of
Battery B. lie was on a tour of
inspection of the defences, but became enamored of the eonntrv, and
decided to remain* He went to
Victoria as private secretary to
lion. A. N. Richards, who was'then
lieutenant governor ' of British Columbia, and remained in thnt position until the termination of his
nfhcial duties. lie was then appointed secretary to Lieut. C. F.
Cornwall, continuing with him till
1880. His next move was to Vancouver, where he went to represent a
syndicate that owned a large portion
of the ttnvnsite of that city.
Cant. Tatlow was an unsuccessful
candidate for the legislature in 1894
lot the citv of Vancouver. He entered the bouse in 1900, and became
minister of finance and agriculture in
tbe McBride cabinet in June. IflflS.
He was re-elected at the elections of
that vear, and again in 1*107. On
nil sides the snlendid services of the
late Cnpt. Tatlow, to his province,
were admitted and particularly in
the reconstruction of the provincial
finances. Before the late election,
he    differed   from    the leader. Hon.
Richard McBride, on tlie railway policy and retired from public life.
The late Capti Tatlow in L1103
married Miss Klizabeth Crumble, a
daughter of J. II. Crombie, of Montreal, and their family consisted of
three children.
Vancouver, April 13.—The largest
funeral cortege In the history of the
city today followed the hotly ol R.
(I. Tatlow lo the grave iu Mountain-
view cemetery. All parts of the
province and leaders of every profession were represented among the
Services were held at the home of
the deceused's falber-iu-lnw, 11. .1.
Cambie, by Rev, Cl, II. Kleuncs, Clinton, who also ofTicinlcd at a full
choral burial service al Chrict
church and at the grave. Four
carriages were necessary lo cany
tbe Moral tributes. The pall hearers were: Premier Melliide, Hon. F.
I. Fulton, R- Marpole, Campbell
Sweeney, K. c. (Iambic and F. M.
From an English Point of View
William Blaynay, Special Correspondent of "Canada" Gives His
Impressions of Cranbrook
Eleven years ago the city of ('ran- brook's prosperity. Cranbroolt has
|brook, B.C., did not exist, now it never been boomedJ Real estate
has a population "f ■■■■',|. Us origin values are imt nilluTcd. The citv is
and name ure due to Colonel Baker, advancing and expanding siutply on
formerly of Cranbrook, Kent, who its own merits as a center of supply
some years ago purchased most of for the ever-increasing population of
the land mi which tbe cily now the lumbering, mining and farming
stands, aud whose name is perpet-1 districts nf Kast Kootenav. That
ualed iu its main thoroughfare—' its trade may become more widely
Baker street. developed and     even Inter-provlnclal
Imagine a fairly large bulging out j is now highly possible, through    tbe
if   one of    tbe narrow valleys lying Instrumentality    of    the   Kootenay
Special sale of dinner sets. 25 per
cent oft all complete sets. Sale
good for It) davs.—Campbell and
A very pleasing exhibition was
given by the first company of the
Cranbrook Boy's Brigade in the cvm-
tiasmm on Monday evening. A
goodly number of parents and
friend's were in the gallery. The
boys made a splendid appearance iu
their simple uniform of cap, belt and
haversack. Quito a lengthy program was carried out, giving a good
Idea of the many sided work of the
On Tuesday last the semi-annual
election of officers for the Epworth
League took place, resulting in tbe
President—Mrs. .1. Shaw,
First Vice—Mr. J. Lower.
Second Vice—Mrs. Baldwin.
Third Vice—Miss M. Chapman.
Fourth Vice—Miss E. Johnston.
Secretary—Mr. (ieddes.
Treasurer—Miss Childs.
Organist—Miss E. Crooks.
Corresponding secretarv—foe Bour-
I   ■
Did vou ever stand in the golden
sunlight of a warm day with your
eves turned upon a sheet nf p- nap-
It so vou may have noticed
how when one llv adheres to tbe
sticky surface, its companions, instead of 'in" i-■ ■■ the horrible
warning, immediately bu?.?. down and
go to destruction in tbe same manner, and in a little time there are
hundreds in the throes of death.
They are fools, to he sure, and sn
are men. Man see their associates
caught in the nets of vice* There
are examples and warnings all about
human beings, but tbey treat them
as ligbtlv as do flics and step down
to death just as insanely.
between the Rockies and the Selkirk
Range, and surrounded on all sides
by pine-clad mountains rising out of
the vallev lo a height of 5,000 feet
or 8,000 feet, tbe peaks of which'are
snow-capped throughout the greater
part of the year, and vou have a
good impression of Cranbrook's delightful situation. It has an elevation of 3,1100 feet. Land ot a more
or less Hat nature is comparatively
scarce in British Columbia, consequently the term "prairie" bas been
applied in many cases to tbe few
hundreds or thousands id acres of
level 1 und found in some of the valleys of tlie province, That on which
Cranbrook stands is known as "J
seph's Prairie." From the botto
level of these valleys the land rises
in terraces, known as "bench" lands,
to tlie base of tbe mountains. The
bench lands of the Kootenav Valley
ure found eminently suitable for
mixed farming,
Cranbrook is now tbe distributing
and supply town for the different industrial and mining centres of the
East Kootenav district. 1 was
much surprised at tbe enormous
stocks earried bv some of the retail
merchant1* here. The mayor (Mr.
Fink, head ot the Fink Mercantile
eomnanv) invited me to inspect the
cellar beneath his slore. It was
stocked from floor to ceiling with
boxes of fruit and canned goods lo
lhe invoice value of $ii'»,(ili(i froughlv
tR'HHi). Add to this the stock of
two large, well filled shops on the
ground floor, the furniture department ot the first floor, and the eon-
tents o. a large furniture warehouse,
and     vou   may irathcr some idea of j
Telephone Lines, Limited. Thli
companv has recentlv linked up Its
service with that of tlie Alberta government lines, thus instil in iiu1: a
perfect telephone system with Calgarv and other Alberta points. The
towns of Hie Koolcnnv Valley are
now in direct telephonic communication witb those or Alberta, and
speech is possible between Cranhrook
and Lloydmiuster, 7(ill miles away.
Almost any pun of occupied Alberta
is able tn spelt'* with nearlv every
occupied part of British Columbia.
In a few mouths communication will
also have been established witb Spokane, and all points in Northern
Idaho. Washington, and the Boundary
I bad tbe pleasure of spending
Christmas dav at Cranbrook Christmas in Canada is a thing to be remembered for ever after! In Cranhrook no oue is allowed to ro without a Christmas dinner of tbe verv
best kind. The dining rooms of ail
tlie hotels iu the city ure thrown
open free of all chnrge for the great
evening meal, and Die guests all dine
together at one long table loaded
with dainties lit for a royal (cast.
The menu ol the dinner provided at
the Hotel Cranbrook would, I think,
he a revelation to most people, when
it is remembered that Cranlirook is
only a small town nestling iu a
narrow vallev high up iu the Rocky
The eatables I selected from this
comprehensive menu to satisfy a
practical rather than sentimental appetite were all that tbe heart and
palate could desire.
We    were all ot    us at   that  table
what shop-keeping means in some more or less "strangers in a slranie
rvpu of ibe smaller cities of Canada. ', land," thrown together bv fate tor
A chat* with Mr. Vi. II. Wilson, one this particular dinner. Our thoughts,
of Cranhronk's leadine -ewelers, re-I I suppose, in most cases were with
veuled the fart that after a hrisk j loved ones and friends far awav. and
Christmas trade he was still earrvine I our   memories   Ir s- with the recol-
upwards of    HO.Otin worth nf   Mock
in bis shop.
These instances are onlv two of
tbe manv which ro to show the
extent     and   permanencv   of   f ran-
leetlons ot hvgone Chrislmases.
Half wav down the long table sits
a vouth of less than twentv summers. He is English, and comes of
a good family.     "Family," however,
'does not stand for much hi Canada.
Ity was educated ut Eton. Canadians know nothing and care nothing about Eton aud its traditions.
Our young friend bas been barely
seven months in Canada, vet in that
short space of time be has turned
his baud to almost every conceivable
kind of manueI work—cow-punching,
motor cleaning and driving, gardening, ploughing, waiting at table on
a lake steamer, aud so forth—alt tbe
while biding his lime und looking
for that "tide in the afiairs of men"
which is to be his opportunity.
Near him sits a rugged, time-
worn, weather-beaten "prospector."
Hu has been at the work for u
quarter ot a century or mure—always
searching, searching, seareliing for
tbe earth's store of treasure: living
from band to mouth; eternally Imping, never despairing; for ever looking forward to the day when ., his
efforts will be crowneti with success.
Today be is in Cranbrook because it
is Christmas; tomorrow he will be
back among the wild mountains
Another of our "table d'hoU-rs" is
u strong, healthy, muscular voung
Welshman. He has been iu Canada
for six years, and owns three nr
four hundred acres of land in Alberta. During the winter, when
there is no work to tie done on his
farm, he goes into the Kootenay
Vallev and takes up work at one of
the lumber mills or in one of tbe
lumber camps, and with the money
thus earned und'saved buvs more
land in Alberta. Tbe land c.,Ms
Irm about M or tl an .-ere onlv. iu
a vcr»' few years he will be able to
sell alt that he holds as an Improved
farm at anything between $:<0 and
$40 pi's acre; perhaps even more, if
It lie sufficiently close to the rail
wav. Here 1 may say that the
Welshman appears " to rr.ukc a conspicuously successful settler. All
through the iHiminion, from Montreal to Victoria, I have met them.
and all are doing or have done exceedingly well.
I should tike to go on telline about
the men round this Christmas dinner
table, but there are too manv id
them, and the three I have mentioned
are typical, in a broad sense, of the
others; besides all which there still
remains much to be said about Crnn-
hrook before I resume my journey
towards the coast.
The streets    and houses of the re-
(Continued   on page eight.)
There was a long session ol the
citv council last evening, much business of Importance being transacted,
Mayor Fink presided and tbe following aldermen were iu attendance:
Aid. tJreon. Hunt, Johnson, Patmore and Campbell.
The chief matter up fur consideration was the location of tin- new
V.M.C A. building, lielegatiuiis representing the bnard of trade and
llie null nud brotherhoods were present to discuss the matter with the
council. This matter was very
thoroughly discussed in all its pros.
and cons. On behalf of the board
of trade Mr. IV. II. Wilson spoke In
favor of the selection nf a site   op
posite the station, at present occupied by several unsightl. C'-fnew
shacks. Mr. .lohnson, on behalf nf
the locomotive engineers, sp.ii.e in
the same strain. Aid Hunt, speaking on behalf of tb.- railroad conductors, endorsed the remarks of the
previous speakers. In fact the
whole trend of opinion was in favoi
of the selection of ihis site. Aitei
verv careful discussion, a conrmlttee.
consisting of \1,| Campbell ana
elohitson, was appointed to Interview
lhe owners nf lots iu block 9t and
ascertain terms upon which their
property could be secured, with power to secure a .'in day option.
It was also resnhej on motion of
Aid. 'Hunt and Campbell that Sunt.
Brownlee he notified that tbe offei
of the counc I with regard to a free
site and exemption from taxation
and water rates for a period nf twenty vears holds good, notwithstanding
the fad lhat the gvmimilum mav
not be limit until next veai
Rev. C, o Main aaked leave <■■
say a few words on this sublet Ite
wished to express the sincere (tanks
of the ministers of Cranbrook and
of the Social and Moral Reform
League for the work done bv the
council in securing tbe V.M.C A, and
iu the prnsuective removal „f tb,.
restricted dlstr'Ct.
A communication from the board
of trade reiitirstmg the installation
of lights between 'be citv limits and
the St. Eugene bosoltal was rrfcr-
red tn the lire and police committee
A communication from .1. V Armstrong le city's share nf cost of
lighting the public bu tdittf, was referred tn tbe finance committee with
power to act,
A communication from 11. S. Keel*
ev, of Vancouver, re location ■ ■' nro-
vincial un vertity and inviting Cran-
brnok cnimcil tn he kpresented at a
meeting to be held in this c*i>m**.-
tinn on April 22nd. was referred in
Mr. O. T Rogers, with Un reouest
that he reoresent Cranbrook at tiV
meeting. if he found it tn be in or-
Public accounts *ere ordered part
as follows:
Police     pay    roll.     (.115 (im.school
board orders, tSli7.1T; citv salaries
19285.00; street gang, yMi.:,»- water
; works gang, $376.25; lire department
pay roll, $258.2."i, James Brown,
$42.25; Can. Law Hook Co vj 15
C. A.  Dow, tn Ml,  A.   A. MacKinnon'
$1.50, city clerk, -f.J2.7u, .1. Kenny
■W.fiO; McCallum und Co , <2 |S
J. 1). McBride, J28.30; W |3 Worden, $160.90; McCallum and Co .
(415.94; Cranbrook Sash and Door,
$894 40; B. II. Short. $1388.2* Kink
Mercantile Co , Ltd., ID ID; W. E
Worden, $12 75; Miss Armstrong,
$13 -it. .huufs Logan, $18.20; ti. R.
Leask, $22 5U; Cranbrook Electric
Light Co. $404.40; Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd , S27 80 \v |{
Beaity, $20.00; Kink Mercantile Co .
$123.60; Cranlirook Trading Oo
$9.20. Mrs a Parr, H 00 T S
Parratt, $7 10; 1; \\ Connolly,
$10 uu, Couelund an,' Chatlerson-
Crain Co., $30.50; Bealtie-Murbny
Co . Ltd i;i U5; SeUon Uailj News,
11 mi Vrnold and Roberi ,, ) to", uu
Herald Publishing Co . $26.50; K J.
Perry, $6.50; William Uurd aud Co.,
$4 50; King Lumbei Mills. Ltd .
Jl'*2 55; K. .!. Perry, $13 10 Kunk
Dezall, $59 80; Kink Mercantile Co
Ltd., $29 80, 11. McKenna, ii on, c
A Low, v2u no. A \ MacKinnon.
$7.50, a lotal ..f $«1 IG i'i
Dr. (irecu brought ut. tin- question
ol ii daj be Ing ael apart for cleaning
up purposes He said there was urgent iieceastt) tor this and ins remarks were heartily endorsed bv
other aldermen On motion of Ald-
ermen Ureen and .Johnson it was resolved that Mondav, M.u 3ml, Ik'
set apart as a cleaning up dav and
that tiie mayor \*e requested to proclaim a civic halt holldav on thnt
Among other matters discussal
was the question ol sewerage and
Citv Solicitor Thompson will be Instructed 10 prepare a sewcraae inlaw for presentation at tin- next tc-
gulai  u retina ol round I
th) Hunt asked it Chiel Don bad
presvn'ed bis tnonthti re*»orl The
replv being in the negative thief
!><*w will be instructed hereaitei to
present a reporl rxtry month.
AM Hunt also suggested that
chief Detail b-.- supplied with eight
new waterpr.ff costs foi ihe use nf
I:- men     This was s,, orderdd
H   v   Parker wrote offering    his
services as citi eogineri .it  $150 per
month, with an assistant,  whom the
citv should pa) $50 .t month     This
was discussed   and whilst no definite
arrangement aras arrived at the matter  will  r»- further discussed  hv  the
wai r works eomtnUtee, with a view,
if [x->«.iti!e. of maklni some arrangement  by which Mr   Parkei   will  take
! full charge ..f the citv work and    be
resu.*sible     f..r same       On  motion
I of  Aldermen Oreett and  Patmore the
i sum nf $70    was    voted   to Mavor
! Kink and Aid   Hunt to pav Ihfir e*-
1 pens** to Calgary in connection with
'.the v M c  v
'   The  citv clerk was instructed    to
secure ooe dozen new chain for   the
■ use of the cp.v ball
I   Council then adjouned
My Complete Stock of Wall Papers
consisting of The Latest Designs and Colorings are still going at
Actual Cost in Cranbrook.
Prices from tats, a single roll up. Everything in Wall Papers goes.
Thousands of rolls to choose from.   Better hurry up and make your choice
before the sale closes.   I have a STAFF OF FIRST CLASS PAPHRHANQERS
from Chicago and other large cities, so that I am able to do your work
Promptly and Guarantee the Best Results.
Sale Positively Closes April 25th
OF COMMERCE        1
nr.Aii nn n i.. K
EST.11II.1SIII.1I  18(1/
b. e. walker, presisect I Paid-up Capital, SI 0,000.000
Alexander uiRD,GeneralMsnsjer j Reserve Fund, -   6 000,000
RR-'FTS AND   MONEY ORDER") EOld, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS made in all jiarts of Canada ar.d in foreign countries.
FC'RF'PH BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
buai *_i..a.n and other foreign countries bought and sold.     Hi
u  T. Krymner, rian.iscr CranbriinK Kraiuh
U'|. Iinvi' n lull si,ick nf Hill full, wini;
i luitli Milk nml pnukntje.
♦ \V<* nn iv nl.,, I In i, I mii 11*. I Iii 11.fri*. Cniiii *.ti* in il tn | 'in 11.'
| J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C. j
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ i
X MISS   CRANDAL,   B. A.,  Tssohir
School  opi'iinl  January   lulls.     Pupils  will  un
r lived   al   nny   time   on   application    to   tin.*
Board of School  Trusters.
********************** ************************
X Two-roomed Cottage To Let f
| $10 a month
We hnve several nice liitle cottages fur
sale uu easy monthly payments.
Why don'l vim buy a house?
Think it over!
Cull nn us -
A. L. McDERMOT.Cranbrook
* „„„^        ^,»,...-»
li you stop here once
you will look lor
the 'bus when you
visit  Calgary  again.
.lust arrived from the
Famous Italian   Swiss Colony
the lollowing wines-
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned Irom Newspapers
(Special corresi-ondciKW.)
Kimx Presbyterian clnircli will lie
opened nn Sunday, April a-Uli, Ucv.
I Mr, Clarke, of Calgary, is to preach
mi thai occasion. Services will lie
at II a.m. anil i-.'-H) p.m. as usual.
[There will also lie a baptismal ser-
| vice at 2-.ii. Special music is be-
I Ing prepared by the choir fur tbe
' occasion,
1'at Cunningham, late secretary tu
the general manager ot the Crows
Nest Pass Coal company, lias ac-
. iepir,l a position as socrelury to the
general superintendent ol the Northern Pacific railway in Spokane. We
congratulate Pat on liis new up*
point ment, as it is al an Increased
A. IV. Baxter, ol* Hamilton, Scotland, is arranging to start a technical school in this district and
classes will be held at Fertile, Hosmer and Michel. lie will give instructions in the various branches of
mining, electrical engineering and all
subjects pertaining to these. This
seems a good chance for some of the
miners to gain a knowledge o! the
more advanced stages ol mining.
Tho Knox church girls were unable
(o get  the K. of P. hall on Monday
p evening,   so    the    "Hoston Supper
I was postponed until Thursday, April
! lith.
.Jessie McLachlan, the Scottish
prima donna, supported hv lier own
company, will appear in Pernio ou
Mav Mb. This concerl will no
doiilit he the notable event in the
musical  line  this season.
It is tho intention ol the city
council to construct granolithic sidewalks on Victoria avenue this summer.
Mr. Ellloi Kirkpatrick, of tin-
Coal company's olllces, has been laid
up for si,me time with a very severe
attack of rheumatism. Ihs many
friends regret to learu of his illness
aud trust he will lie able to resume
his duties at the ollice verv soon.
• .1. Iltddell, or Kaslo, has been appointed Inspector on tlto new court
Mrs. Huntington has been confined
to her bed for some time, We nre
iilad to know tbal she js improving
Diarrhoea should bo cured without I   Bo you need a range?    ll sn    you
loss nl lim ul hv a medicine whloh «•■■■.""■ n"ill,.""y ';■;■■■»■••••.■'•■' "' •■»'
"2    2 r 1   ''"!"'   ?0lIB S&  mko«e!n*ind,tu?r'ir ttt1
and    Diarrhoea    Remedy   nut only |,.lcl,cn    tmgfs      A|, •,„,„.„,.,.„„.„,.;
euros promptly Imt produces no   un- tlml are real Improvements Bro   Im-,
pleasant alter effects,    II never lulls bodied in   ihis   rentes Do i.um*.    a ■
uuil is    plcusanl     nml sill,* Iii take, partlculal       range      fur    imrliriil.ii
Snld   hv  nil   druggists  uml   deal- people,      nnd    snlii lij   particular
ers.                                              8-tl people—'Patmore Urns.
f ****************
X       GATEWAY        X
(Special correspondence.)
.Mrs. Kred Roo, ol tlooivllle, B.
C., was a visitor iu Gateway on
Mr. and Mrs. s. p. Johnstone, of
Gateway, Mont., left on Monday to
visit thelt people In Colfax. Wash.
Mr. Uowolfe, of Bonners Kerry,
Idaho, made a business trip to Gateway on Mondaj.
Mr. Gordon, of lhe Ainerieaii customs, look a run up the line hs far
as Pernio, B. U., on Wednesday and
returned on Thursday.
Mr. Charlie Johnstone was visiting
bis brother, s. p. Johnstone, at
Gateway last week.
Ml Lew. of Waldo, ii. r., registered at ihe Itoyal hotel on Wednesday.
Mr, Heron and Mr. Brown, ol Pernio, It. ('., left (Ialeway on Wednesday aftoi painting ami whitewashing
the corral ai Gateway, 11. ('.
Mr, Adolidi of the' .ilolph Lumber
company. Baynes Lake, B. C, passed through Gateway when returning
to Baynes Lake.
Mr. Whitney, wbo at one time was
roadmaster for Iho Great Northern
railroad and is now in the real estate business in Seattle, Wash., passed through Gateway on Monday.
Mrs. II. Huhy. of Pernie, 11. C., is
a visitor iu Gateway. While in
town Mrs. llubv stays uf the Royal
The Gateway baseball season has
opened and the Gateway hovs havo a
pretty good team and are nol afraid
to plav an- team that happens to
come this wav.
Tin- four Hroc'; boys, of Gateway,
Mont., left on Sundav for Kmeka to
work at tin' Kureka Lumber companv.
Miss- May Barclay, ot Fl nir stone.
It. ('.. was a visitor In Gateway on
i ♦>
(•Special Correspondence.)
j   Mr. A. C. Bowness, of Cranbrook,
| was iu town last Wednesday ou busi-
i ncss. ■
Mr. Hayes, of Toronto, was doing
business in  town ou Wednesday last.
Mr. Paul Peterson spent Thursday
last in Galloway on business,
Mr. S. C, Smith was in Fernie
iast Wednesday on business
Messrs. Define aud Larson spent
Thursday last with friends in Galloway.
.\lr. li. F. Marklc spent Sunday
last with friends iu Cranbrook.
Messrs. Lund, Pi'iiuock and Wilson
went to Cranbrook last Sumlay ' in
Mr. Lund's automobile.
Mr. C. W. Smith, of the Western
Canada Wholesale company. Fernie.
was doing business in town last
Mr. G. Vi. Donahoe was iu Crau-
brook last Wednesday on business.
Mr. McNcish, superintendent of
roads in the Fernie district, arrived
tn town last Wednesday. A large
number nf liis nirn have camped on
llie opposite side of the Kootenay
and will he busy for some time
building and repairing the wagon
road between Wardncr and Fernie
Mr. C. M. Peiiimck arrived back
from Spokane last Thursday.
Rev. Crowilier conducted service
as usual on Sunday morning last iu
the school house
Mr. Herb Kelt attended the dance
given iu Elko last Friday evening.
Mr. Lund and Mr. Pen nock were in
Galloway last Friday on business.
Mr. Harry Wells has been transferred to Galloway.
Mr. ,lames Downey spent a couple
of davs last week in Cranbrook and
Mr. II. C. Adney arrived home on
Monday last from a business trip to
the coast.
Mr. Gatke's new bouse is receiving
a coat of paint this week, which
adds greatly to its appearance.
Mr. and Mrs. It. Sharpe left on
Sunda\ afternoon for their ranch
near Lethbridge.
Mr. Henderson, of Hull River, in
companv with a parly of friends,
spenl  Monday iu town.
The government engineer was in
town on Monday looking into the
work which is being done on the
new bridge here.
Mr. .1. Cowan, of Manitoba College, Winnipeg, arrived in town last
Thursday afternoon. Mr. Cowan,
who was formerly our pastor, was
welcomed very warmly by hosts of
friends here. " Scarcely ever has the
little cliurch seen such a splendid
congregation as that which assembled on Sunday evening ut 7.80
p.m. to welcome for a few Sundays
the returned missionary, who won
such a deep place in the hearts of the
people of Wardner. Promptly at
the hour appointed Mr. Cowan
took his place and announced his
text. The musical part ot the
service, with M'sfl Sncppanl at the
organ and Mr. Cowan to lead, was
a grand success. The choir which
bus become disorganized during the
few weeks in which the church has
been closed, will be found in their
unual places next Sunday evening.
We deeply regret thut Mr. Cowan
will onlv he with US for a few weeks
as he has been appointed to take
charge of the district of Wilmot.
Mr. Gatke's son arrived in town
this week.
Mr Dormer is building a very
comfortable little cottage on one of
the side streets.
The repairs nt the saw mill are
almost comiletfd and it is expected
that the mill will be ready for work
in a few davs.
ltoni-,\l Mrs, Item's nrlvnfe hospital, Saturday, April Dili. PHii, lo
Mrs. D. It. Carson, widow of the
lata D. B. Carson, a daughter.
(Special correspondence.)
The Maker Lumber company's mill
is running both night and day and a
fine cut is reported.
Mr. aud Mrs. Dunn left for Wisconsin nn Tuesday.
Messrs, Freel and Lewis left for
Saskatchewan last Monday. Tliey
bo absent some two or three
months, having taken up homesteads on the prairie.
An at home in honor of Mrs.
Putin was held at Mrs. McNali's on
A (urge num
ber were present and the a.ternoon
was much enjoyed.
Mrs. Vi. Robertson entertained a
few friends at afternoon tea last
Tuesday iu honor of Mrs. Dunn. Atl
had a most pleasant time.
Mr. Beverly King lias succeeded
.Mr. Dunn as ' storekeeper for the
Baker Lumber company.
Messrs. Jas. Ryan and Joseph
Daly, of Cranbrook", visited the Baker Lumber company's mill last week.
Mr. Burton, filer lor the Baker
Lumber company, moved with bis
familv into bis new bouse last week.
The ladies of Waldo are having a
ladies cloak room, store room und
a smoking room added to the Waldo
hall. This will make it much more
convenient and roomy. Mr, L. M.
Smith has the contract for building
I   #»*#♦#$*#»♦♦»**♦♦♦«
(From the Moyie Leader.)
As tlie 10th fell on Sunday, Monday, the Ilth, was payday at the
St. Kugene mine. The amount paid
out was $32,000.
Graham Cruickshank, superintendent at the St. K.ugcne concentrator,
is homeward bound from New Zealand, where lie has been lor the past
three months,
R. II. Stewart, general superintendent of tlie mines ot the Consolidated company, was operated on
for appendicitis at the Sacred Heart
hospital in Spokane last Friday. Dr.
Liihu performed the operation.
The planers at the mill of the
Porto Rico Lumber company were
started lust Saturday, and everything is running smoothly, The
company expects to have the sawmill running by tbe Kith of the
A font' of men has been at work
for some time lowering llie mains of
the Movie water works iu lhe nlaces
where the work was not completed
last year. Kv, ry winter the frost
bas been giving much trouble, ami
the only solution to the dilliculty is
to put the mains below* the frost
belt. Some of the mains were put
down last vear, hut not all of them.
A. P. Macdonald, of the firm of
MacKacheru and Macdonald, and
one of the pioneer business men of
Moyie, is making arrangements to
leave the town, although he probably will uot Ik1 able to get a wav for a
month or two vet. Mr. Macdonald
is investing in Irondale, a thriving
town uot far from Seattle, and intends making bis home there.
Halifax, N. S., April 13.—Alexander Graham Bell's men have made a
new departure ul Baddeck, the first
flight of a monoplane in Canada.
Thev made nine successful flights today over tlie remaining ice in Bad-
deck Bar. carrying as aviators the
dcsiimcr of the machine, Gardiner
Green Hubbard, of Boston.
The aerodrome is of the monoplane
type, aud resembles iu its general
features Ibe machine with which
Hleriot crossed the British Channel.
It was constructed at Bell's laboratory. Mr. Hubbard is a son of
Charles Fastis Hubbard, a Boston
lawyer, nephew and namesake ol
the late Hon. Gardiner Green Hubbard, of Washington, and cousin of
Mrs. Alexander Graham Bell.
Saturday afternoon.
In the next naval war the crew
of a battleship pounded hv tbe
terrible modern sbclt-flro will become   neurasthenic    and even insane
when tbey are not actually killed.
That is the opinion of French naval
experts after certain cruel experiments on dogs made during gunnery
practice with the hulk of the battleship Nena for a target.
The unfortunate dogs were shut up
aboard the bulk in a place which
could not Ik1 reached by shells, and
the object of the experiment was to
ascertain whether thev would he suffocated or otherwise Indirectly injured hy the shell-lire.
It was found that tbe docs did not
die tit* snlToeation or poisoning from
the fumes of the exploding shells, hut
that the repeated concussion and
ear-splitting noise of the bombardment bad a remarkable psychological
e licet.
The dogs became melancholy ami
timid, hiding them solves when called.
When lei out of their confinement
thev are said to have commit led suicide bv jumping into the sen and allowing themselves to sink without
making nny attempt  to swim.
Tha native purity and garden freshness of
is preserved by the use of sealed lead packets.
—- Dluck, Misuil uuil Naiurnl Urwii, ill,, 01)0, UUe aud 7Uc per lb. ——>
Impsriiil Rank ol Canada
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED   -      sio.tw.w ,rn
CAPITAI   PAID UP      -       - i.OOO.Wf.OO
• RESERVE      .... 5.000.00(100
I). II. tVILKIK, Prosld	
HON. UOUKIIT JArTltAY. Vlce.Pro«lilent
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants, ♦
Farmers nnd Private Individuals invited. x
Drafts mid Letters of Credit issued available iu any part of T
the world.
SAVINGS nEl'AllTMENT-Special attention
given to Snviujjs Bank Accounts. Deposits of 11.00 and
upwards received aud interest allowed from dnte of deposit,
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
BELL, DANIEL   Residence
NEILSON, 0. C  licsidence
SIMPSON, P. E  Residence
SALMON, 11. ('. ('  licsidence
KKItlt, WM Residence
Don't Forget we are having arrivals twice
each week of
A Good Selection of Fresh and
Smoked Fish on hand
P. BURNS ® CO., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
General Insurance Agents
The Dominion of Canada, Guarantee and Accident Insurance
Compau,Y, nre writing  a  special Accident  nnd   Sickness
Policy.   Let us show ynu their rates.
B. C. !
I J. MANNING'S, Cash Grocer |
* ************************
I have propagated lor sule, under
favorable conditions, lor tlie first
lime, ll. M. Kcllmrg Co.'s 1900
strain ol thoroughbred iicdlgrcc
strawberry plants. Senator Dun-
lops, Slll.no per thousand, t.o.b.,
Wynrrdel, B. C.
Can also supply from 25 to 100
plants to each customer at 2c. per
plant, post or express prepaid, ol
the following varieties:
Clyde, Warefield, Parson, Beauty,
Heidlcr, Bedcrwood, Clark Seedling,
I'rlde ot Michigan, Thompson No. 2,
.aily Thompson, Steven's Late
Champion, Cardinal, Virginia and
I advise experimenting with a lew
ot these plants in your garden.
0. ,1. Wigen,
Mt* Creston, B. C.
II you   want   satisfaction    with
your washing; tend
it to
H|u-i-iiil pnVi-H for Irimily wmk.
Provenzano & Sacco
Gsnsrsl Merchants
Employmsnt Agents
CRANBROOK     .     B. C.
P.O. SOS IS* PM0SI 144
Nos. 1 and 2. C.P.R. main line are
now running through Irom coast to
coast. THE   UK AN BROOK    HJC«ALI>
The great Baking Powder
of the country—
used in millions of
Fifty Years
I • >
Lime   j
Baking Powder
Received the 1
at Chicago World
est award
At last, the Big Musical Sensation
The Original Whitney Production
By Robert B. Smith sml Hnymoml Hul.Ml
Comedy that is scintilating and music thut is iuclo.lic.UB.
See the Electrical See-Saw, The Falling Star Ballet,
The Candle-Light Qirls, The Corsican
Girls, The College Qirls, and Ihe
Famous American Beauty Chorus
TliH Slio.v of a TliniiHttml Startling Rnrprlief.      The Hour that won't
■iibHido.   M*rvelloini Kleci rii*«1 Invent lone— fc'ougc, Him
and I'liuni!-.'!* tiulure
! Monday, April 25th, 1910 j
PRICES  $1.50   $1.00  75c. *
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Kooiiis wilh Itiiths.   Tliotia in
every room
Bnrtwr Shu|i mi llie prfiiMn**.
Thoruiit/hly iip-to'late.
Rates, $2 00 a day and up.
UEO. P. WKI.LB, l'ro|iriftor
11. TOMKIN, Miiiiiuft
1 .Baptist Church j
Mid-Week Meeting*.
Cbrlltliti welcome $
Pastor, Charles w. Kins.
Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
'Phone, 284.      V. O. Box 267. #
Regular Services;—Sunday, ll
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Hllile
School with Voung Ladies'
rtiiletlirii mid Yi.unfc Mrn's
Hil.te Class, 5 p.m.
Monday, Voting Peoples', 8
A cordial
tO All.
| Presbyterian €burcb |
SmiiUy mornliiK eervlcv it llf
Siiint.iv    evening     service   at
7.SO o'clock
SumUv      School   and    Hi tile
t'liiBH at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian   tltilld, Ttiemlay,
at 8 o'clock
wards Indicting a whole municipality  lor bribery. ludicliiient-s    bave
Ikvu found against 87 authorities and
titer leading men tor graft.
A jnrv recently Indicted tin Toi
tu and York County authorities for
housing together hum tics, thieves
agrants, Immoral women and other
ii   Hn- common   coal, coatrarj     ti
Tbe executive of    the Brotherhood
1 Locomotive Engineers will ask tbe
Canadian   government to pass a law
limiting a day's work to 11 hours
Attorney-General V.
United states (ode
has taken action \<
bucket shops opcratln
elcerson, oi tht
al government]
i    wipe out  all
states.    A nuuiliei ol warrants ha
been Issued and will be served within
a lew   days.     	
A quartet ol Vancouver pool arid
billiard room operators were arrest
ed accused ot allowing buys under 31
years ol age lo frequent their establishments, tbe penalt) loi whloh
undei the new drafted city ordinance,
being a line of (100, thlrtj days ir
jaii. <>r both line and Imprisonment.
The work oi ibe Associated I'lmri-
tle:*}, of Winnipeg, lias been highly
eoniinemUil by tbe held secretary ol
tho Russell Sage l-'uuiuiatitui, an
eminent authority*
The American Bible soctoty Is now
entitled to the half million dollars
offered hv Mrs. Russell Sage, having
raised tint other conditional SM0.0UU.
Half the population of Spokane
has been enlisted bv the Dm- Hum)
red and Fifty Thousand Club to participate in the fourth annual cleaning
Mayor Nelson S Pratl will de
elare a oivlc holiday early In April,
ici ail Mianufai'i urlng, wholesale and
retail concerns will donate the use
id theli learns ami vehicles to haul
ilu- garbage to ihe Incinerating
plant, white tbe combustible material will be destroyed in ibe less in*
quonted streets and vacant lots
Tlie yearly house cleaning work is
to be completed In    iii hours, after
which pupils from ihe two hfRti
.:i. grade sohooli     will pi
and  grass seedl   and     set
trees, vines and shrubs undct
reetion o( tin-     cil.     ^^^^^^^^
mtltoo of the ortanitatlon.
"We bad more than ..11.1.011 Deraons
nt work last spring," s-ul Mildred
Simmons, secietarv of tbe chili, "anil
ai the close of the dav Spokane was
as neat nnd clean as a new pin
Every part ol the city was covered
hv volunteer workers and the entire
plan was carried out without the
expenditure of a nenny either hv llic
city or our club,"
nt (lowers
mil  shade
the di-
lutiful    coin-
After some six years in this district 1 am each day becoming more
strongly of the opinion that in the
regulations for the Inspection and
fumigation of nursery stock Ibis,
and similar sections of the province,
ate getting decidedly the short end
if the deal to tin* very decided advantage of those districts adopted to
more tender sorts and species and
also those (-nU-r|irisiiig Individuals
therein engaged in the propagation
le of nursery stuck. I consider Hie possibility of every man,
thai makes his living oil tbe land,
being able tu have his own "vine and
lig tree" lor family fruit supply, to
be of more fundamental Importance
Western     Canada than that     an)
• or more local sections Bhould
have ibe ability to supply (Item with
these necessities or luxuries, cull
them what you will.
Granted this, ymi and I and all
unbiased people who have though!
ui the matter, know thai in tins
province there are districts—our own
to a certain cxtcnt—others in a
greater or less in which, in spite of
ihe assurance of Interested panics,
it is folly tu plant the varieties
most recommended by the nurserj
firms and fruit experts of more fav-
ml districts. Personally, 1 am
Iso of the opinion, that even a
hardy variety is less resistant to
severe conditions if propagated aud
grown for one or two seasons iu a
mild climate with a long season of
growth. 1 do not blame tlto nursery firms for advocating the sorts
they do for tbey do not know, but 1
must say certain people in these districts are not blameless wbo advise
newcomers that all sorts of delicate
varieties can Ih- grown, when I am
quite certain thev will never be seen
to produce a'crop of fruit, and who
sain at the mention of anyone planting or advising Russian apples,
American plums or bush cherries,
(latberiiig up such advice and opinions as I could 1
sel out several varieties of apples some years ago, anil
while I was not so wild in my folly
as to plant (iruvensteius, Spit/.cn-
bergs or Newtons and similar sorts,
1 did venture on Mcintosh, St. Laurence, Tolmans and others of like
hardiness at Ottawa, yet these have
not thrived here sufficiently for mc
lo feel that I would plant more than
a sample or two of them again.
Kussians and Wisconsin and Minnesota seedlings are objected to by
planters further south and west as
being summer and fall apples mostly
hi those sections, hut that objection
falls to the ground in this and similar sections, even the Duchess being
here not a summer hut a fall apple
and the Wealthy raised here becomes
an early winter sort and similarly
all varieties arc here considerably
later than in the special fruit ' districts.
What man having ten to flftv fruit
trees fur home use is uot better satisfied with a fair yield each year of
so-called inferior varieties in apples,
plums aud cherries, which would.
however; be of a quality never found
iu the same sorts grown in a more
favored locality than to have a possibility of a meagre crop one vear in
live from a like number of the line
quality sorts?
Now I come to the point 1 wish to
make. Where are we to get these
trees Of sorts such as I mention''
We must go to the Ha'-otas. Mrnne-
sota and Manitoba. What succeeds
there we may be certain of here
Bul here we butt up against our
provincial regulations, tbis stock
must go down to ibe coast for Inspection anil fumigation, and 1 have
yet to see an eastern shipment get
hack to this district, after going
down there ami being subjected to
their treatment and their methods
of repacking, in a condition ti» encourage i>ne to plant it. I would be
ihe last one to say this is done to
discourage ultra-provincial buying,
but cert.iinlv the proposal that fur
the benefit Of this side of the province a station should be established
at Medicine Hat or other such point
to at lend to shipments from tbe
east was        very summarily
turned down, nominally because
there was not enough business for
it, but bow anyone could expect the
business to come before the practical!1] prohibitive regulations now
governing it are changed is beyond
my comprehension.
1 do nol wish to be misunderstood
.»> advocating outside buying for districts that have nurseries within
Ihelr own limits growing what is
adapted to them, hut 1 do say we
have yet to get nurseries tinder conditions and of varieties suited to
manv of these more vigorous sections, wilh short seasons of growth
and the necessity for very early ripening of wood, and lill we get' such
I think these districts might be
treated a little more fairly, nnd I
would ask those Interested in such
matters lo give this point some unprejudiced consideration without giving wav to the (ear that we will
Inlure the district bv admitting lhat
only hardy kinds will prosper here.
In to date there is nothing to base
anv other advice on nnd those who
indiilire in it nre onlv creating a
boomerang for the district.
A. B. Smith,
Instant Relief
1 Permanent Cure
For That Cough
—that is what Mathieu's Syrup of Tar
and Cod Liver Oil has done for
thousands of sufferers every year. It
rtlieves tbe cough more quickly and cures
it more thoroughly and permanently than
any other remedy because it is made
from the most potent remedial agents
known to the medical profession.
Mathieu's Syrup is the only cough
cure that acts as a tonic to the system
—that builds up your vital energy as well
as healing and strengthening the throat
and lungs. Keep a bottle in the house
ready lor an emergency. Give it to your
children.   They like it and it is harmless.
Ol Tar and Cod Liver Oil
Jf feverish   take Mathieu's  Nervine  Powders,the
great headache remedy,in conjunction with the Syrup, to
dispel the fever and also the accompanying headache and
Distributor! (or Woeitrn Canada, Foley Broi. Laraon tt Co., Vancouver, Edmonton,WinnIcag
tuiawjs sraur
ol Tar i CH Liver Oil
Law •,u«»> *-■*.
Rot oil* PoHOri 2ic.
Irom all tttStn
provided with
(locks as soo.
his associates,1
ley, "are very
ihey are quit,
through the
docks wilh all
Sir Robert 1
,vo  lirst-clas.s
s   they can lit1
Kobcrl  Perks
said lion. Dr.
tiiueh in earnest    and
capable of carrying
ionstruction   of these
possible expedition."
erka   said: "A    com-
panv is being registered at the state
depart ment for lhe purpose of building two dry docks.     Hue will he located al  Levis, and Hie other at St
John.      Ou   th
and U'nlu will be rep
I'errv. the Canadian Pacific railway
by Sir Thomas Shaugbnessv. the Allan Steamship company bv one of
lhat linn. McArtbdr, IVrks and Co.,
by myself, and there will also be us
Incorporators Mr. Dohi-ll, uf (Jucliec;
Mr. Davies, of Levis, mid W. E.
Poster, of St. .John, We regard the
Canadian government's hill for dry
duck aid as satisfactory, am) we
will be prepared tu begin construction work hooii after Ibe measure hc-
cuir.es law.
ll would seem that Zam-Huk, tbe
famous healing halm we hear su
highly spoken of everywhere, is particularly useful in the family circle
A report sent by Mrs. E. Davey,
"Kli Kllice Ave., Winnipeg, will illustrate this. She says- "My little
boy, of three, while playing, fell
from a high verandah to the ground,
cutting bis forehead badly. Instead
^^^^^^ of calling a doctor     who would iin-
itnpauv llarlaml  doiihtcdly have put in a number   of
Hunted bv Lord  stitches,  I  bulbed     the wound, and
TAKE NOTICE thai Wllhclmina
Moss, of Cranbrook, li. ('., occupation, Spinster, intends to apply lor
permission lo purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ut
the southeast corner of Lot 9801,
Group One, thence south 2U chains,
more or less, to the north boundary
of Lot mi, thence westerly along
said boundary seventeen (17) chains,
inure or less, to tbe west boundary
of Lot Kill, thence northerly along
said west boundary a distance oi
twenty (2h) chains, ihence east
seventeen (17) chains, more or less,
to the point of commencement, containing thirty-five (.35) acres, more
or less.
WUhelmina Moss, Locator,
per ,1. 0. Cummlngs, Agent*
Dated February 5th,  1910.      6-1-91
uf Un
applied Zam-lluk. The little fellow
although sultering keenly, soon had
relief from his pain. in the course
of three weeks by applying /.am Ituk
daily, tbe wound In bis forehead was
nicely  healed.
"Since then I have also used Zain-
IInk for u boil, which came ou my
chirk ami which proved very painful
and looked unsightly. '/am-ltuk
soon drew the boil to a bead ami it
i hen ijiiicklv banished it.
Another lime my baby was scald-
Within sixty days 1 wish to apply
to the Assistant Commissioner ot
Lands and Works for a license
prospeel for coal and petroleum over
(he following land, situated in lllock
1503, South Kast Kootenay, B. C:
Beginning at a post planted 149.70
chains west and 6.61 chains soulb of
the N. Vi. corner of Lot 8727, Group
One, and being the S. E. corner of
Lot 8507, and marked .1. A. Kid-
dell's S. K. corner, theme 80 chains
north, Ihence Hi) chains west, thence
ill chains south, ihence Mi chains
east, to point of commencement, ami
containing I.HI acres.
.1   A    Kiddell. Locator.
Dated  March 24tb,   1910. ti-tif
TAKE NOTICE that suet) days
after date 1 intend to apply to tbe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria for a license to
prospeet for coal and petroleum on
tho following described lauds, situated m South Kast Kootenay, H
(,'., Block 1503:
Commencing at a post planted al
the S. K. corner uf Lot 10074, thence
in chains south, 12 chains and 10
inks east. 80 chains north, 12 chains
aud III links west, to place of
Located this 1st daj ol April.
John Leask, Locator,
*l, Livingston, Agent.    I-5t
Dr. Rigaud's French
Female Pills.
regulator never
le these ptHa lire
A roliablt
fulls, Wh
exceedingly poweifti
gulaling the gftir
portion oftliefemule
ihey are strictly safe
Kefuseall cheap Imlt
Curatone   Chemical
Sole 'Agents for Canada
What    will    be
"Well, Ibe hill provides bonuses of
■U per cent only for lirsl-elass drv
docks, having a length of at leant
nine hundred fret and I do not think
that it will be worth while to go in
for anvtbiiig less than first-class
diic'-s at these points."
"You will  naturally nrovide equipment necessary for   undertaking
pairs for ships of    a character
Keeping with the size of the doe's""
"Yes, nnt said  Sir Robert.
"as that is an essential complement
to a drv dock."
"Will the nlant he sufficient fur
steel ship building?"
"The shipbuilding nlant will lie
established in connection with t'-e
St. John drv doe!.,*' snld Sir Robert. "The extent of this will depend upon several things aud these
details will have to he decided ufter
the company referred to has turn
"Have -on fixed unon the site of
the St. .John dock yet?"
"Well, there are several sites
available there, hut the dock will
nrolmhlv he located at (he bead of
Courtenav Mav. where tliero is an excellent --ite for hotb the dock und for
establ'shment of a shin yanl."
The project has been under consideration since last summer am) is
largely the outgrowth nf the government's policy of having the vessels of the new Canadian navy built
in Canada. Ii presages the establishment of an Immense new steel
ship building Industry In Ibe Dominion.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has riven notice of a resolution upon which u hill
will he based creating a department
of     naval    service It is provided
that the department w'll he oresided
over bv the minister of marine and
fisheries with a demity minister
drawing a salarv of 15,000 per annum, and such other officers ami
clerks us are required.
ed on her left thigh und calf of leg
with boiling water. This was u severe scald and the child Buffered
cruelly, screaming from pain. Directly it was done I thought to use
/.utn-Buk, as we bud u box in tbe
house, ami spreading some on Hut I
wrapped up the baby's limb. Next
morning she rested much easier and I
applied a fresh bandage with Zam-
Buk. I kept this treatment up
in daily und was rewurded by seeing a
'" greal improvement each lime 1 dressed the wound. In a very short
space of time the sealds were all
nicely healed.
"1 cannot recommend this wonderful healing preparation too highly
for family use, und I have such great
faith iu its healing powers that my
bouse is never without a box."
Kor all skin injuries and diseases,
piles, eczema, salt rbi-uin and face
sores Xam-Duk is absolutely unequalled. '»tic. box all druggists and
stores, or post free from Z.un-Buk
Co., Toronto, for price. Refuse all
Russian political martyrs are to
receive abl from a new society ol
Ituss'nns just organized in the West.
A sentence from a resolution Is Indicative of tlie One spirit of the
movement: "Citizens, while we ure
, breathing the clear and fresb air of
this free country here, our brothers,
the martyrs ol the Russian revolution, are spending their best vears
among tbe    half civilized people, be
tbe growing demands j NeVfcnglantj
these two im-
When Colonel Roosevelt reaches
London, lie will be able to see several of his bunting trophies from
Africa stuffed and mountid iu realistic manner. These comprise some
of the smaller animals nnd bints,
which ure being stuffed by Rowland Ward, the famous taxidermist
of Piccadilly; who is acknowledged to
be ut the bend of bis profession tu
It Is believed that Mr. Roosevelt
will present these fjondon-mountcd
specimens to tbe British museum of
r;" j",i111ui „. „_„ ,„-„.,„ ■ i ■,.„„,,   natural   history,   South Kensington.
!&fi!ET y PI       They arc duplicates of specimens be
wmsu-vBr.   ! Is presenting   to   tbe National    imi-
PRO BONO PUBLICO. scum,    Washington.      The    mighty
A great     British jurist has    said hunter,    however, cannot snare   any ' After n Conference   the   linn,
that vou cannot indict a nation, but  specimens ol big game—such us lions Pugslev said that there was   everv
Pittsburg has nude a king move t*> and rlandt-lor Loudon. indication   that   Canada   would   be
CHEAT    DRY    DOCKS    TO     BE
Before the year ends the construction of two immense dry docks in
Canada will be commenced. Thev
will be not less than UM feet lung,
Hill feet wide und will have a depth
of :ij feet on the sill. line of these
doCka will be located nt Levis Quo.,
nnd Ibe other nt St. John, NIL
Both docks will be supplemented
by adequate facilities for the repairing the vessels «f the largest size und
it is probable that iu connection
wilh the St. John dock, there will
be a llrst-class steel shipbuilding
The covernnient bill nrovld-ng a
subsidy ol -U per cent for 35 vears
on drv docks of not less than lion
feet loinr nnd
of Canada's
nre responsible for
portnnt undertakings
TAKE NOTICE thut sixty
after date I intend lo apply to
Chief Commissioner ol Lands
Works at Victoria for a license
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situated in South East Kootenav. It.
C., Block 1693:
Commencing at    u post    planted ut
r near John Livingston's V Vi.
corner and being Frank De/all's V
E. corner, thence running SO chains
west, K<( chains south, SU chains
east, xti chains north to place of
Located February 13rd, DUO
Frank Detail, Locator,
John Livingston, Agent  7-fil
'i AKE NOTICE that sixty days
after date 1 intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Land-, and
Works at Victoria [or a license to
prospect fur coal and petroleum OQ
the follow mt, described lands, situated in South East Kootenay, B
C. Block 1503:
Commencing at a post planted at
ur near the S. K corner ol D F
Hughes' claim, and being John Livingston's N Vi. corner. Ihence running su chains south, BO chains east.
Nil ehains north, bu chains west to
place of commencement.
Located Februarv 23rd, 1910.
7-">t        John Livingston, Locator
Any available Dominion Lauds
[Within lhe Railway Hell in British
Columbia, may be bomestcaded by
I any person wbo is the Bole head ol a
family, or any male out 16 years of
age, to the extent of one-qitaiu-r section of uu acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
I the local laud office lut the district
iu which the laud is situate, hutiy
by proxy may, however, be made on
certain conditions by the lather,
mother, sou, daughter, brother or
Mitei of uu Intending homesteader.
| lhe bomcsteadei is required to perform the conditions connected therewith uudet one of the lollowing plans:
ti) ai least sn months' residence
upon and cultivation uf the laud iu
each year lor three years.
(2). U the father i,ur mother,
if the father is deceased), ol the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
the vicinity ol the land entered for,
the requiremeati as to residence may
be Muffled by such person residing
with the father or mother.
(3). If tbe settler bas his permanent residence upon farming laud
owned ty him in the vicinity ol Ins
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may be satisio-J by icsid-
ence upon the said land.
Six months' nolKc in writing
should be given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa ol intention to snpl) for patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may he
leased for a period of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of M per
acre. Not more than 2.570 acres
shall be leased to one individual or
companv. A royaltf at the rate of
five ceDts per ton shall be collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy   of   the Minister   of tbe    In-
*t* ER AND CHEMIST.-Charges ***
•> Oold, silver, copper or lead, tl •>
•;• each; gold-silver, $1.50. silver- •>
•> lead, $1.50; gold-siher. with •>
•;• copper or lead, $2.50. zinc. $2. •>
•> silver-lead-zinc, $3. Prices for •>
sfls other metals on application. •>
•>Long distance 'phone fiT. P.O. •>
* Box. C1108, Nelson, B.C.    4-My*
************ **********i**•*«:••:•.*/<• *■>
$10   REWARD
I will pay to anyone the sum of
t n dollars ("c the infotiiiation
lhat Hill lead to ibe *rtl-H, oi a
i uiiVh tion.    of     lit-    pen-f n    ur
perrons who u-p mntibiting lhe
monument*- in theConeieilei.
W. If. I.KAT'l Y
An altogether unusual celebration
id ibe new agreement between    the
United States and Canada has U-cn
conceived and will be PUI into execution bv Minor John Fil/teiald, of
Boston. flis plan is to have tin
city of Boston, Boston chamber of
commerce, and Governoi Draper, ol
Massachusetts,   unite    In sending an
invitation to the   Com- r General
id Canada, tlie mayors of Canadian
cities and leading business men
across Ibe border to come to Boston as gtiestl id honoi In a letter
to Governor Draper, outlining the
plan, Mnyol* Flligcrald savs in part:
"The recent visit ol It L. Borden
and other Canadians of note bas emphasized new and closer relations
that exist between Boston and New
England generally and our neighbors
on tbe nortb. Now Ibat all danger
of economic controversy has been averted through the wise exercise of
bis discretionary power by President
Tafl, there is "likely to lie an increased exchange di products and
more exchunge of good fellowship
between the two sections.
"I need nol  remind vou of tbe desire long entertained by, our business
ornaiii/atinus ol making Boston tilt
matcly the chief seaport not only ol
bul of the great    and
_^_-m—^m^m^^^ the nortb-
I west
TAKE NOTICE that Jesse Kroide-
VCaUX, of Seattle, Wash., 1 S. A.,
Xcupatlon, stenographer, intends to
apply for permission to purchase tin'
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about IN chains south and !i| chains
east of the S. E. comer id Lot
7848, Croup One. South East Kootenay, Block 15.1.1, thence south in
chains, thence east 2<> chains, thence
nortb Hi chains, tlwuce west 2»
chains to point of comnwnocrm nt
ami containing su acres, more <>r
Jesse Froldeveaux, Locator,
I. N. Dally, Agent.      7-flt'
TAKE NOTICE that George Kennedy, ol Cranbrook, occupation,
blacksmith, intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted five
chains north of southwest corner ol
P. R. 1011, thence south to Lot
8921, thence east to the Kootenay
river, thence upstream to the point
ol commencement, containing 1 ti"
acres, more or less.
George Kennedy
March 19th, 1910. 5-'Jt#
water borne commerce 1^,- Vrrjtory lying t
One    ot   tbe    leading   men behind r„0? V1Lr","'^'V n^Ii'^m^LVn.E and
ii...     ii'iiiimii n.i.fL.i.i.,   ti. i..t t... nave coninmiien   io inc uovoiOTrnrni
administration   ni  drv iim*'i stsluo. I'™*""'*'
Mr.  ♦	
R, ,1.    Ails, I   n,i*. i*iiv,     Is
...ilA't Uil 11  IlitUlV   (in)iln'
<> Mrs. I..   V. Roberts, Propria* ■>
* tress. •>
<>  Cor. SUnlev md Sillea Sts.   •:•
* NELSON, B.O, 0
»> Free carriage or bus Irom nil •*»
•> boats and trains. •:•
* Rates, tt and 11.10 pel day.    •:•
* Remember our 25c. Chicken •>
+ dinner on Sundays 4>-sm-S>
A splendid library, consisting of 1(>» Volamos of the
World's Best Literature in a handsome ens*-, will be idvcn
KUKK to any C'nirrli. Lod-^e, ...r Institution in Ornnbrook <>r
District that enn secure tin* largest noniber "f rotes in
it's favor.
The merchants listed below will give witb each 10 cent
purchase a vote. A ballot boi :*» placed in Brattle-Murphy
Company1! Drug Store when* votes can tn- deposited.
The Herald will publish the respective stand Inn of the
contestants each week.
The Library la now on exhibition in tii.* window of tin*
Fink Mercantile Company's Store.
The Herald will i»iv*- li o rotes to overy now subscriber
unmini i daring tin* '-ontost.
The contest begins March lili and closes August •"'. IUI0.
Remember   Votes can only be obtained Ky trading with
tlio merchants listed below, nml every dollar i-i i nl nt iiii\ of
these stores entitles you to 10 votes.
Fink Mercantile Co.
*    A. C. Pye
."ten's Furnishings
Patmore Bros, -     Tinners & Plumbers
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.   •   Drops & Stationery
Hill & Co. • Dry Goods
eliy, bn|f*svll i
n„l Mash-si
/"Iclntyre & Krickson,
Cranbrook Open House, l-rascr & l-arqiih<irson, Prop's.
■ In Hu.in,... K,,r Y.nir AfftOSVDlOUl"
For New Annual Subscriptions lo lhe Herald, ICO voles
******************************** *************
Tcllim MouSfSle,    P.O, Itns '_M!i
Oranbraoki  *  i.iiti.li Colnnilu-
kiih sai.I*: —on ground, no cordi
nl in Inrli lire wood.—A, C Murri
sub. Ml"
it vou until ii
UIH' til.lt  HI 	
it ipertiotii wtiii*
VANC0UVCR, *        i. C.      Ml
ill\l-tlllfll1. Kill
III tllfl-loM'-l
Km timi \
>l nSSOfl .ilu
-fi-UI.I's jjttnl (mils nut
iu      t|\   CtiiniiliHI  nli-l THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
.00 A YE A it
APRIL 14. 1910
Dv tlie Herald   Publishing Company,
Managing Editor.
The   torr
morning la
hie accident on Monday
il, near Fornlc, by whlon
Mil. Huberts liisl his llic,
inll" lor very curotul Investigation.
From all wo can learn, it is quite
clear thai tlie sj»,t at which the nc-
rrcd is un extremely dan-
iinil im adequate precautious were taken I" saleguard rail-
road men
N,,«   iliui   we    have an assurance
Ihal    tlio   V.MI'.A.   hilililillK   Will   he
erected inside the city limits, the
,1 a suitable sin* naturally
consideration and discussion A horrible, brutal en-sure
ami serious detrl nt to the interests uuil progress "I Cranhrook
exists in the (Hthy, tumble-down
hiuiiiii* nt Chinese shacks across the
road Irom the C.I'.H. station. That
locality is about being cleaned up in
ii Mi*, thorough lashiim and those
ramshackle rookeries, a noodle Joinl
I -.villi its legend scrawled in lop-sldod
letters on a piece "1 dirty, turn cot*
iiui ram nnd a Chinese laundry nr
two, should be  boughl  up  hv       the
city i nl       Under the Municipal
Clauses Act thi.se places can lie   ex-
Haled lur n men* trifle as I»*hir
 Reruns   In   till*   public  health     nnd
salety Iriin*. lire Fire traps they
an*, ol the worst kind. Positively,
those nlil Chinese concerns and ■>
lew others near them tire the curse
i,l Cranhrook. Kveryone is talking
alioiii il"'in, nml has been talking lor
veins about Ihem. wishing thai    tire
would sweep II  sinne line iiiRlit  to
tlie place where they naturally belong II that area were cleared out
lliere would lie an ideal site provided lur lhe Y.M.I! \ building, und
Instead ol people passing through
Cranbrook limine a L'lim|is:* ol a lew
cringing, evil, lurtlvc looking joints.
the) would see something wortl
looking at and thinking about.
Another advantage oi the site would
be  its extrenu iivenleliee for     the
railroad men. This should commend
il tn lhe approval of the officials of
the CM* 11.
At their   recent    convention
Liberals of Manitoba   drew  up
lilntlor poll which to stand in the
approaching campaign. The platform   contains    many cotnmcmlahlc
leal Hie*,  and   is  m.tlliU   composed    ol
that   will, il put into effect,
many ol   the evils   ui      the
Itohlln-tlogcrs   ntrmlnlstra-
The new  platform lines    lint
contain a great many new ideas Imt
friini past experiences it is nol n
sate thing lor ihe Manitoba Liberals
lo say what they will do before they
get a chance In do ii.    The acts   ul
the   present   goven nt    that have
found lavoi with the people have
lirst been promoted hv the Liberal
opposition Su    the    Liberals are
promising tu remedy tin* evils uf tlie
administration at present in power
nml to ask lhe people lo trust them
tu inaugurate something new as the
occasion demands.
In brief, the platform adopted
provides lnr:
Increased grants tu rural schools.
Compulsory education.
\ provincial university.
I'lrccl legislation III means lil the
initiative mid referendum.
Co-opcralion with municipalities iu
building good muds.
Voters' lists prepared only fur
elections (rum i urinal lists supplemented by personal registration.
\ non-partisan telephone commission responsible in the legislature.
Settlement uf the boundary qucs-
ti,n bv Manitoba receiving the lands
ami all natural resources uf tlie added territory.
A reduction nf 1200,000 a vear in
tin* rust nf administration.
"Ivesiileiit" majority vote iu lucal
Municipal electors tu have power
of limiting nr reducing number nf licenses,
All licenses t,, he granted ur refused by county courl judges Instead
of license commissioners
Public lands    tn in* snld bv public
Competition,    exeept      where  suld  tu
actual settlers wiih settlement    dut*
April 17th.
lu tho morning ut ll, tho pastor
will continue tho Rorrootis mi Did
Testament Characters, tho ninth he-
inn upon Moses, His (,'hililhuoil uml
His Cull.
Sunday School ami ini.u- classes at
Epworth League prayer service in
Uu- inner vestry ul 7.
At ihe ovening service tho subject
will in-: "Tin- Railroad uf Life and
ils Dangers."
Ilelng u special reference in tin* lamented death of Kngineer Edward
Roberts, ah who aro nol regular
attendants at other churches aro Invited.      Mrs.    Kred   Chapman will
Monday evening ut 8 p.m. Mr. v.
unU- will lecture on heads and laces,
Admission 26c. Mr. Oglo will also
give phrenological readings and
supply a properly filled out churl.
Tills is an opportunity which does
imt often occur for voung men and
women to get advice regarding what
particular vocation in life thev are
st liltisl for. Voung people will
do well to attend and have Iheir
heads examined by u reputable authority on this science.
Tuesday.—Missionary gathering uii-
ler the auspices of the league.
Thursday—The young people of the
church will present the two popular
farces entitled "Box and Cox." anil
"!>r. Cure All," in the gymnasium at
H p.m. Admission Hfic. There will
also he several tableaux presented,
ami a verv enjoyable evening is looked for.
Public worship, II a.m. u''d 7.30
p.m.; bible school, 3 p.m. . hisses
■or everybody. I'ustur, Charles Vi.
King, residence, Norbury avenue.
Monday, » p.m., Voung Peoples'
Wednesday, « p.m., mid-week meeting for prayer uud praise.
A cordial Christian welcome to all.
April 17th.
Regulgr morning service at 11
Sundav school aud Bible classes at
:i p.m.
All arc cordially invited.
On request of the i^mng People's
Guild ilu1 pastor will give bis lecture on " A Trip From Vancouver to
Dawson," illustrated hv ninety lantern slides, in Ihe church ut ■*•
o'cIock. The special program is
elsewhere announced. The proceeds
of this lecture is lo go towards
painting the manse.
r. o. Main, pastor.
Has anyone around
here seen
Hut you'll lind him ut home
eleuning up his back yard and
making preparations lo raise a
record orop ol potatoes and
onions this year, not to speak of
the    banana    crop   in    the    hot
lined beforo
i share Districts when
nf the   ills
Sundays—Low mass at 8.31) a.m.
high muss, in iu a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 tu li p.m.; Rosary and benediction ul 7.30 p.m.
Monduv-s und holy duys of obllga
tion—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at ti a.m. at the
Everyone welcome.
Father L. Choinel, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
(New York World.)
I trails t reel's bus compiled two
tables showing thai the cost of liv
ing on January 1 ol this vear was
higher than ever in tbe history of
the country—even higher than
-lauugry 1, 1907, when Hit* previous
high mark was reached preceding
the panic winch came a few months
lu its lists the commercial agency
has taken ninety-six articles which
enter into direct, duily consumption
hv the people, und have made
ilex numbers" hy taking u pound of
each one hased on wholesale prices
per pound, averaged over a wide
area of markets. The index number
of the lirst dav ol this vear was
SO.3310. This means that a man
huyiiig ut wholesale one pound each
of the ninety-six commodities would
have to pay (0.8310.
Following is a  table showing     the
1. 1898
these articles since January
Swamp lauds lo lie (In
sale uml government li
penses of drainage rtl
crown lands form pari
A non-partisan elevator commission subteel only to tho legislature.
A definite policy on agriculture.
Railway taxes i.. be distributed on
an equitable plan among the municipalities
In the sudden death of Mr. It. O.
Tallow, the whole province sustains
u wry heavy loss Mr. Tatlow was
essentially a good citizen nud m the
veins thai be devoted to llie public
service, he certain!] hum- of his i.esi,
without self-seeking of any kind.
Mr. Tallow was not a particularly
Strong man. he had bad no special
ability, hut tor all lhat it can honest Iv be said of him thut he was
faithful in all things, It was due
to Mr. Tallow's careful nursing that
the finances ol , the province were
placed on u firm basis again His
was nol u congenial laatt, He had
lo keep a tight burnt on the public
purse, to save ever) dollar, and to
make such appropriations as Ite allowed to go through to do doubli
service Mr. Tath
a man of his character and tinr. determination Whilst it would not
he true lo refer to Mr. Tallow M a
greal financier, m mav f.inlv be said
ol him that le devoted his talents
to the liesl I trie rests of the province,
with u large  nsiire ol success  His
mill melt death will In- slneerelv regretted  hv  political  friend  and to*
Cranbrook's Greatest Store
Unless some of our back yards
arc cleaned up nt once, there's
likely to he il fever epidemic iu
our fair cily and
It's the Duty of every
Householder in
to follow Kelly's example and
clean up the yurds nml have every
place In a thorough sanitary condition. How can you expect the
city to clean the hack streets If
you don't clean the back yards'?
Clean the buck yards !
In the appearance of our citv nnd
come along to our store uud buy
You must  decide   right away.
laimarv  I, ISSS  SS.IWi
■ liilv   i.    I Mill    .   ... 5.7019
..February I, lson...       K.Mui
...lime I,   1901    .11*1
December  I,  I****:!      h.iihi
..lulv I, nun     7.9318
March   I.    11107       ... « 1391
...lun.. I,   inns ... l.l-lil
.limiuiry I, 1910 0.JS10
ninety-six articles arc tabulat-
*il iiitn thirteen groups lnr purposes
i,f ri.nipuris.i„. Thi-st- genera) <*roti|>s
arc bresdstufts, live stink, provisions, fruits, iii.it*. ami leather, to*-
tiles,  nTlals, null  uml coke,       "Us,
naval stores, building materials,
chemicals uml iliui*.*. ami miscellaneous. Tiw first seven nl these are
inure directly concerned in actual living ami tin* lollowing tnlilr is compiled to show the increase in cost
in the last lourteen years:
.lulr 1
.Inn.  1
Live sti-c'<
,., 0.1S5S
ii. nun
Provisions   ...
,., 1.8619
Hides uml leather
. 1.6799
„. li.mi is
.., n.20H'!
was handeil to them lu the recent
distribution of the 13,500 additional
shares nf stock issued hy the company and sold to them ut SKa per
The announcement not only caused
u commotion among the stockholders
of the company Imt no douht was
the cause of the recent heavy slump
in the price ol the stock, wliich fell
to ns low us $37. Coming, however, so soon ufter the completion of
the sale of the stock to the favored
(?) stockholders hy an underwriting
syndicate, which, hy lhe way, comprised the entire directorate of the
company, has given rise to much unfavorable comment, not the least ol
which is thnt the affair has many of
the ear-murks that are usually'associated with an undertaking of a
stock-jobbing nature.
The Granny has so long litvii look-
id upon us one of llie most important ami well-managed of the American copper properties, thnt any explanation regarding the alTairs of the
company looking tn nn elimination
f the belief that there is uu African
individual hidden somewhere in the
iimpnn.v's wood pile will he gladly
welcomed, not only hy the stockholders of the company, hut hv the
mining public in general us well.
According to Ihe company's annual
report lhe issued capital is (13,500,-
000, The net profits for lhe year's
operations were 1681,131, utter de
fraying the cost of smeller enlarge
men Is and other heavy expenditures
which might haw been chnrged t
new capital. The surplus then
amounted lo $3,008,087, Dividends
in thai date, Including one of $870,-
iinii then declared, aggregated $*..-
The tonnage nf oie mined and
smelte.l (luring the liscal year from
the COtnpan] 'a own mines totaled
001,780 diy tons The cost ol mining, smelting aud marketing was
given as $.1.20 per ion of ore, equivalent to a cost per pound of copper
produced of IU els. The metal contents of the ore was on lhe average
21.Nl Hi. of copper per Ion (u trim-
over 1 per cent) one-iiunrler nl an
ounce o| silver nud (our one-hundred t lis of un ounce of gold. With
the increus.il ratio id production
then in sight and since rcnli/ed it
whs nnticipnti-d that the cost of
production for Kic current year
would he reduced to S'. or it cts. u
Ih. of copper and the gross output
increased to 80,000,000 Ih. or more.
The average price obtained for copper during tbe fiscal >car in question
wns 18,88 rls. per lb,
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The iiutioiiiiccmciil    Iliad,* liv l'rcsi-
scrved ilns ,|IMi Unplotb „f   llie  (Iruuiiv Convince well when il greatly nestled siiliiliitcit company of lliiiislr Colum-
'"    Ihii,  Hut    tin, ore reserves    ol     the
rompany nre Imt a matter      ot     a
few    veins, or in   other words thai
there is Imt ii.lrini.imii tons of ore in
Right, instead    of Ilu*     "ore In sight
lor inaiiv years lo runic," as stated
in tlie niinilltl reporl ut  lite i-iilll|lanv
Issued in  November Inst, has caused
iloeknolMrs   to  wonder just   wlmi
The following article Irom Collier's
Weekly is Irom tin* pen nl a man who
at thirty yean of aire was in re*
colpt "I a salary ol s.vj.iiiki a year,
and wlm is today one of (hi* Industrial sinus ul America—Mr, Ninth
Chalmers, ol Detroit:
The first dutv of a iiiiiiiiifaclliter to
ihe public is to advertise,    ll is his
duty to advertise as well and as
hard as he can, and to keep at it.
In a broad, economic sense it is
the duty ol every man with some-
tlilne that can be advertised to advert ise it as thoroughly as bis means
ami knowledge will permit.
The great problem with ail of us is
the problem of distribution. Every
Influence that aids distribution is u
civilizing Influence, lor civilization is
a matter of having the greatest nos*
sililc amount ol necessities, and luxuries, too, distributed among tlie
greatest number ol people. Advcr-
lisine is the greatest single distributive* (uric we know. The man
who advertises and sells a good product confers a favor on the buyers
bv the very act of advertising and
selling, II Ihcre is a new razor heller than tin* one I have, 1 would like
In know it. II a man can build a
better typewriter or make a warmer
coal, I 'would like to have him tell
inc. He is somehow short ot bis
duty if he fails to tell me. Remember the Parable ol the Talents.
Manv an article containing greal
possibilities lor nsiliilncss lo the
people has been largely lost to them
because, it was not properly pushed,
It was not advertised.
Advertising Is the connecting link
between invention and use hv tbe
public. Manv a valuable Invention
has been lost to the world because
Hu* Inventor either could not or did
imt tell ih,* i t. t *„ bad—because he did nol convince them Ihal
Ihey ought  to buy it.
If a product is a good product it
deserves tn lie advertised. II is to
the interest of everyone to have it
The second duly ul an advertiser
lu lhe public Is to tell the absolute
trulli about the thing be has to sell.
I iitriithful advertising might succeed
fur a while, but it would tail in the
end, There Is no surer law than
this. The only business Ibat sue-
civils nnd keeps on siicccinI'H" nowadays is the business that Is built
on the groundwork ol honest statement,
The third dutv ol the ndvcrtUcr lo
Ibe public is lo hack up cvei'v hone! I
claim made. II is the dltlv ul lira
advertiser to lake care of (he people
who bur his gonils. It Is his dutv,
especially II he Is sellltiR a specialty
arlicle, In help them In every way he
possibly can lo gel Ihe maximum
amount ol service out ol the thing
they have bought.
The split In tlie Conservative
party ut Ottawa is much more pronounced than outsiders imagine. It
is statist by (hose who ought to
know that quite a number ul Conservative members an* insurgent because promises given in caucus ol
certain actum and course of criticism
in the house on certain members
were broken. It is even specifically
staled thai a promise was given to
move the six months' hoist on the
naval lull, and lo Un* surprise of all
the following, something else was
The attempt of Tlie Toronto News
lo make scape-goats of Foster, Hag-
Karl, Sprmilc uml George Taylor and
lhe utlici whips, all "remnants ol
the old Conservative party," is also
resented here. These men are nol
responsible for the parliamentary
policy that the Conservatives have
pursued in late years. Tbe insurgency Is against this parliamentary
policy and those who made it and
floated it out, more than against
discredited Conservatives so-called.
It is Mr. Borden's house policy that
is in question, und those who were
associated with him in making it.
Monk did not make ll. This is tlie
main issue.
The selection ot Sir. Hubert}*, ol
Montreal, to act as deputy leader,
the lirst step in the re-organization
announced by The Toronto News, is
regarded as quite in keeping with
what has happened in the past.
One outstanding mistake ol those
win, controlled the aflairs ol the
party was tbe acceptance ot a salary
for tlie leader of Ihe opposition. Mr.
Barker, nf Ham'lton, negotiated
this matter with the minister nt justice of the time, and Mr. Borden was
cognizant of what was going on. The
Globe has been taunting Mr. Borden
ever since and saying that in some
way he was hound to he subservient
toward the administration.
The News-Willlson plan nt going
ahead without anv further consulting
ol French Cnii.iill.iii Conservatives ia
also resented here.
DC all tin* things ynu wear, your allocs givo you tin* laist
returns for tlio cliri'yuii Ink,* nf lliem.
it ia profitable for ynu In secure Hie IIKST SIIIIKH
Hint iiionoy ciin liny.
Then, lire ninny kiwis ,if Mines snlil, tliiH,' iluju, riinninn
from pretty gooil tn pretty luul Shoes.
We Sell Certaia Shoes!
Our Khoen enine Irom Ihe l.i-si  Miimi(«cliiri-fr—mul liny
tell un »e are"Gratika" about ourSlioei.  ah right—tint if
we weren't, our patrons wnuhl nnt wear mich kouiI i-hooi.
I.i-t our Mines  Make (loml.
Men's Shoes $.1.50 $4.00 lo $6.50
Women's Shoes $2 SO $3.50 to $5.00
"Sanio nlil prices, you'll any"- possibly eo, but Inlet- a
look nt our Shoos bofom ynu espress your opinion—Shoea—
not tiuurcs count.
A. oTfyb
"Where the Good Shirts come from" THE   CHAIN BUOOK   HKKALO
lniror|inralt*il   H-HiO
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec
CAPITAL PAID UP - - $ 5,000,000
RESERVE .... 5,700,000
TOTAL ASSETS   -     -     -      70,000,000
II. S. IIOI.T, President
K. I.. I'KASK, lii'iiernl Manager
Accounts of Firms. Cor|iorutiniis nml Individuals
Out-of-town liiiniiH-HH  rocoivos every  attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.-Deposits of $1.00 and
upwards rooulvod nud iotoniat ullnwi'd lit current rate,
No formality nr dolay  in withdrawing.
A (innural  llmikiiip; liiisiimss transuded.
Cranbrook Branch: W. A. SCHWARTZ, Mgr.
Do your Spring I (oust- Gleaning, but do it with
Nyall's Sarsaparilla
Spring Tonic
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have always used, and you
get them at the old
reliable store where
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The Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
"Where  It  Pays To  Deal"
Your Mail Orders are appreciated here.
Merchants Bank of Canada
Head Office, Montreal
CAPITAL       - - -       $6,000,000
RESERVE        - -       $4,o02,157
Sir H. M. ALLAN, President
K. F. HEBDBN, General Manager
A lieneral Hunkiug Business trammeled.   Out-of-town Acconntl
solicited,   l'.'i.ot-it*. ur withdrawal, may le made by mail.
♦l.ik) o|HMia an account Interest pniil at higlu-pt current rain-.
Elko Branch:   C. R. Wickson, Mgr.
C I'll. Wildi InipMton
For Sale or Exchange for
City Property
289 Acres of Land
2 2 miles from town
lot) neri'8 Km'tl tillulile land
linliinei. soiiii'wlint inure hilly. gooil | nsliin* Inn,I
with plenty uf water,   Small shuck nnd slnlih'.
Price $7.00 per acre, or will trade for
good house and lot.
»■»£«">• *************************** *****
The Inaction t-f the tirent Northern Hallway with the
(MMt..iiml It In Im.iii.l to lie it Itallway Cenite
The flneil ItH-silfltitUI town in Hunt Kiwtennv nnd mljim-nt tn the
Goal and Oil Klolil*. Henntifnl pcenery nnd dikes. The Klk Kiwi Ih
conuediMl a* one of the •.iu-ln* of the Hock ien
Price nf lotn ♦?*. 00 i-urnuM nud IM00 lunlde, lorms—H Cftlll,
ImUnroil uuil 12 niotilhn al H percent Interest,
Apply to T. O, Proctor, (n-m-riil Mitniigor, The Kootenav Vn||t ynCo.,
Nelson, B.O ; or to Joe AiiNtin, Urn I Agent, Klko.
»M»»»-»»-»»»»»»M»»»»»»»»M-» ■»♦»♦♦♦»■»»♦♦♦♦♦»♦
W. II. Wilson made ,\ business trip
to Moyie on Tuesday,
See Ilr. Cure All, Gym, Thursday
T. H oo per was in troin Vancouvez
this week.
See Dr. Cure All, Gym, Thursday.
A. II. Pen wick was over from Kort
Steele on Tuesday.
\ld, .1. \ Macdonald was up from
Nelson this week on a business trip,
Cherry (mil cake al Fink's Pure
Food Grocery,
Miss W. II. Armstrong is gazetted
a dork ni the   local govornnuni
Don'l forgel  ■ Saturdaj  special
-The Palm.
McLean, of the (lid Curtail]
Shop, lias n lot of new trunks and
■■ml casca that he is selling cheap)]
Cotistuble Adams has resigned trom
llie city police force and has been
placed hv Constable Stlnson,
Mr. Mitchell, wif d family,    ol
Kriclison, h-fi un Tuesday for Son
stc. Marie
Draco Bros, famous lettuce always
crisp.—Campbell nud Manning
ll. Iv Itriggs bus purchased G, H
Powell's residence on Armstrong
F. A. Russell, <.r the (lrm of Kus-
si-ll und Binodlet, is off on a business
trip Lb rough Washington and Idaho.
Punch sauce at Kink's Pure Food
Do vou want a good roust for vour
Sunday dinner, Ur bave it."—1'.
Woods aud Co.
K. F. Roberts, superintendent of
the S. and I., was In town ou Tuesdav.
Sec  Dr. Cure All, Gym, Thursday.
K. .J. Hovnton, of tlio Perry Creek
hydraulic works, was in town on
In furnishing your house (or this
spring, try McLean, of the Old Curiosity Shop, for new carpets ami
Horn—At Cranbrook, H. C, ou
Tuesday, April 12th, 11)10, to Mr.
and Mrs. W. I). Lnidlaw, a daughter.
Strawberries this week.—Campbell
und Manning.
Indian Agent Vowoll, wbo has just
retired from tbe Dominion service,
was at one time stationed at Kort
Steele, as gold commissioner. This
was in the early seventies.
Bert Oxley, of .1. I). Mcllride's,
left for Regina Monday last on receipt of word of bis father's serious
C. R. Ward, of the Cranlirook
Agency company, is awav on a business trip to Creston and other western points.
See Box and Cox, Oym, Thursday.
In cooking utensils and enamel-
ware vou cannot do better than try
the Old Curiosity Shop, Hanson
avenue. He bas a new stock just
arrived and is selling cheaper than
the cheapest.
Kred llennison, of Pernio, is relieving Kred Hardy, bookkeeper for
the local branch ol P. Hums and
companv who is confined to tlie
house with neuralgia.
We are headquarters tor the best
meats   iu    the citv.—I'.    Woods anil
A. Callander, of Vancouver, provincial manager id the .Mutual Life
Insurance company nf New York, is
paying a \isit to' Cranhrook and is
verv well pleased with tlie outlook
The monthly tea Riven bv the
Prcshvterian Ladies' Aid, will In-
held at the home of Mrs A. Leilch,
Tuesday, April 26th, from 3.30 until
■■ p m. 7-2t
FOR SALE—A new milk cow. Apply to John Hreiuian. city. 7-2t*
II. S Lank has severed bis connection with the Cranbrook Sash
and Door company, to go into business with liis brother at Blattrmore.
Mr. Lank will be greatly missed in
local fraternal circles.
Clothes reels' clothes reels!!
clothes reels'"  at  Patmore  Bros.
The police commissioners met on
Saturdaj and issued instructions tn
the residents in ihe restricted district to move out liv .tunc 1. It is
understood that these people will
move to a district east nl town.
Sit Box and Cox, Gym, Thursday,
M, ll. Rorck, an experienced chimney sweeper, is located at the Royal
hotel You   can     catch bim there
anv due and make arraiiRtinents for
him to come around and clean your
New shipment Hairy Webb's plum
pudding nt Fink's Pure Food Grocer)
A man mimed Gustavo Newlauds Is
wanted bv the local police (or Obtaining money under false pretenses
from the Imperial Hank. He work-
oil the mink lor a 120 hill hv telling
a plausible story and made good his
escape, Newlunds bad just served a
term in Fernle jail.
See George H. Leask aud Co. about
ihal  septic tank.     Phone  111.    7-11
Mr. C. K. MclMiee arrived in
Cranbrook from Ontario on Friday
Inst to take up land on the St.
Mary's river. Mr. McChoe was here
last year for a month visiting bis
brother, E. .1. McPhee, of the Cranbrook K.leotric Llghl and Telephone
company, and was so favorably impressed Willi the country that be has
returned to remain permanently.
Hunt lev and Palmer and Carr's
biscuits are always nice.— Camply'll
and Manning.
(1. II. Miner and wife were visitors
to town this week, Mr. Miner, who
i.s now in the insurance business witb
heud<]iiartcr.s nt Winnipeg, was formerly one of Cranbrook's pioneer
hardware men. Mr. Miner was
greatlv pleased with the evidences of
Cranbrook's prosperity.
The Cranbrook Sash and Door
Factory arc about to build a new
milt alongside their old one and
erect a new dry kiln. The new mill
wilt he fitted lip wilh the latest ami
best machinery, includine n re-saw,
rip-saw, new moulder, double snrfac-
er, two planers and matchers.
An experienced ladv wanls position as housekeeper for widower or
partv of gentleman Address Mrs
MeLei.il. Dillon hotel, Kalispell,
Mont. 7-11
Who does not enjoy n goo,l meat id
nice fresh fish7 We can siipplv you
with tbe best — P. Woods and Co.
BUY VANCOUVER REAL ESTATE.—We offer full qunrter acres,
Imperial    Park,    beautiful   location,
X "ne of our umbrellas if you me [
£ In the habit of losing yours, The J
— ones we sell me too uooil to lose.
1 Wo deal only in umbrella excell-
X ence.   It's Irue ihey cost a little
X 'mom- than tlieordinary kind, Imt \
X ni   lli-   long   inn   Ihey me Hill I'I I \
X more durable ami satisfactory '.
Prices [rum |5 00 to$15.CO
Vou me welcome if von onlv look ]
W.  H. Wilson
Jeweler & Optician     |
Mr. Fred Ojjle will give one of
his noted Lectures on Mental
Science, entitled "Mends and
Fact.*," in llie Methodist Church,
Monday, April i8th. Ladies and
Gentlemen will be selected from
the Audlenceand their characters
told ns true n* life.
Come In crowds as this Lecture
Is amusing, entertaining and
instructive.    Admission 25c.
easy terms. Write for particulars.
Western Urokerage Co., 72b Pender
St. West, Vancouver, B.C. 7-tit*
Maurice Quain returned home last
Saturday from an extended visit to
Eastern Canada, Chicago. St. Paul
nud Minneapolis. Mr. Qualn enjoyed
bis trip immensely and took even
opportunity of 'inspecting tbe big
electric light works In the large cities ihal  be stayed oh in.
Dutch sels and multipliers at
Kink's Pure Kootl Grocery.
In the earlv hours of Sunday last,
a lire occurred al the Hosmer mines
resulting in the total destruction of
the wash house. The Hosmer mines
intended constructing in the near future a concrete building to take the
place of the old wash bouse. Tbe
origin of the lire is unknown.
See Box and Cox, Oym, Thursday.
The young people of the Methodist
hurcb are bus) preparing an evening's entertainment for next Thursday night in the gymnasium. Box
worse for wear, and all who boar it
be presented, in which two lodgers,
to whom the landlady bus let the
same room, one occupying it during
the dav and the other (lurim, the
night, plav a most laugh-provoking
part. The farce is an old one, lieing
produced in London, Kngland, over
tilty years ago, but ft Is none tbe
and Cox, a most amusing farce, will
will he rewarded for coming. Dr,
Cure All, i.s another very amusing
dialogue between a quack doctor and
Ins patients. These two presentations with a few tableaux vivants
will make a very enjoyable evening,
and it is honed that the building
will Im* well tilled. If uecessarv. it
will bo repeated on Kriday evening.
Have you tried those Salome
chocolates at  The Palm.
Walter Sherring, alias Sheridan,
was arrested at Lethbridge the other
day by Inspector Harris of the C.
P, R. on warrants held bv Chief Dow
f this city.       Sherring was wanted
n a charge of theft, but after he had
been arrested Chief Dow had to wire
lo release bin'., as bo was unable to
secure sullicient evidenre to detain
Iii 111.
I import my WHITE LEAD direct
from tlie manufacturers in Kngland
anil can prove it to be Ibe BEST on
llie market. If you propose painting your buildings this vear and will
Call on me 1 will furnish a list nf
residences, etc., that I have painted
with this brand ol lead. These are
icv standing recommendations. I
guarantee results.-B. II. SHORT,
the painu-r and decorator,
WANTED—A competent maid for
family of two. Must he good plain
cook. Good wages. Address M.D ,
Herald  office. 7-tt
The yi ar 1009 will he marked in
the calendar as a red letter year in
the history of the crusade against
consumption, The movement received u greal Impulse frum the congress
of distinguished physicians which
was held in Washington, I . S-, in
the autumn of 1808 to consider the
further measures    to be taken       to
lamp out this dreadful enemv to the
liie and happiness of mankind. Canada iu common with the rest of
North America, perhaps we should
sav the whole civilized world, has
participated in the renewed and in-
crt-asod uctiv:t\ which resulted from
the deliberations ot the congress.
Never since the organization of the
Canadian Association fm the Prevention of Tuberculosis lias there been
such activity displayed in Canada in
this tight for life. Older branch associations have been reiuvigorated,
new associations have been formed
which are showing iu many cases a
vigorous activity Several new institutions for tbe relief aud treatment of consumptives have been
opened and the demand for our literature bas been larger than ever.
Take It all in all tOOfl was a vi-ar
of great progress in the work of the
association. The tenth annual
meeting will DC held iu Montreal on
the lith of Juno ncxl and preparations are lieing made to make this
one of the best, it not lhe lest meeting in tbe historv of the association.
See George R* Leask and Co. about
that  seplie tank.     Phone 111.     7-tf
You need a new clothes reel or
patent line pulley to replace the one
tbal is always giving you trouble.
We can lit you ont with a splendid
working pulley Hue, or the adjustable raise and lower clothes reel. See
our samples.—Patmorc Bros.
TO RENT—Vory cheap, good
building, centrally located; suitable
for carpenters' shnp. Apply Herald
office. 7-tt
WANTED—Ladies', gentlomcn and
children's clot bine lo mend; also
table linen, bed linen and hosiery
Mrs. Isabel Butler. Krencb Ave.
north of tbe bridge, P. 0. Roi
Ml. 2 H
Quality & Style
in these Clothes
A mon may buy clothes any place,
at any old price, but clothes satisfaction is to bu lound nt lew places
and McCreery s is one ol the lew
there's a reason!
We always insist on n hinh standard
of quality, both in material and workmanship, with particular attention
given to thiise little details which tin*
tu our clothing its wear-resisting and
shape keeping qualities,
Suits to suit everyone, in all the
newest shinies of Browns, li'ms. Greens
and Blues, Irom $lu oo in $30 un
We Specialize in Blue
Serges at
$15   $20   $25
We make Suits to order ami guarantee fit
Spring Overcoats
for Rain or Shine
The "PRESTO" is a very popular
style. It can he worn as shown in cut
or with collar and lapels like ordinary
overcoat. It comes in a variety ol
pitterns and water.prioled cloths
At $15.00 and up
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
McCreery Bros
Cranbrook's Dry Goods
and Clothing Stores
Reid Block
Successors to Burns Bros
WANTED—By competent collier),
accountant, situation us bookkeeper,
cashier stores auditor, clerk, nr any |
position ol trust. Has liml charge
ol ollice. Best ol testimonials. Ail-
dress .lames (I. Ewan, 1208 Ford |
street, lethbridge, Alta. i;-2t-
IIATCHINO.-I'ure lired Rhode Is- ,
land Reds, 12.00 per 11; pure bred
Barred Plymouth Rucks, $1.50 per
I'I; pure bred White Plymouth
Rocks (Flshel Strain) $2.50 per 13;
pure bred R. ('. Brown Leghorns,
11.50 per l'l. W. .1. Atchison, 'phone
101C. Ill-
TO   RENT.-fiood   dry warehouse;
16 per month,
Apjily Ili-rald
FOR SALE—Eggs lor hatching
from pure bred single comb Hrown
Leghorns.—H. White. n tf
House and two lots i-n Dcvrftl
avenue; 2 lots am! lien houses on
Watt avenue; also im Brown Leghorn hens, 2 Brown Leghorn cooker*
els, 1 incubators, brooders and colon*/ houses, and household funiitiin*
Apply A. 0. Plgott, Itcwar
avenue. 1
•V new industry is lo he Introduced
into tlie t/nited Slates Irom Nottinghamshire. A number ot young liaml-
Irame knitters are on their way
across the Atlantic to work m
America at very high wages They
will take their own machines and
will make high-class silk and lace
ties, motor scarves, shawls and veil
Ings—goods Im which America has
hitherto been dependent on imports
Irom England and France Tlie imported workers who come Irom vat
ions villages in Nottinghamshire,
will be paid *2.*i a week, rising in .1
month tn IIH.
Read Our Posters
Get one of thrsi: from iis. or phone ti,,- order;
• it will hare prouipl attention.
I J. D. McBRIDE • Cranbrook, B.C. jl
x     »»,.™..—.—■■■■—■— Hardware •■——.———      1
******************************************** *
HATCHING*.—Pure bred Rhode Island Reds, 12.iKi per IS; pure bred
Barrel Plvmoiilh Rocks, «| 511 pel
IS; pure bred While Plymouth
Rocks (Flshel Strain) 52.60 |n*r It.
jmre bred It. 0, Brown Lefhnrns,
SI.Ml per IS. Wi .1. Atchison, 'phone
IMC. Wt*
Fergusson & Houston are this
week having a Sale ol their Nnvi
'Indi Costumes Ladi's'liarmcnts
going at nearly cost price.
The person thai has wi|M*tl wet
oyes, moistened parched tongues, -nit
,1 new star in lhe sky ol a dark hie.
,i,l.led besuU  and liloom, the song of
birds ami ihe blossom ot flowers to
Hie lot of another is—whether he. la-
mil or poor, known or unknown,
hum! in Iree—one of Clod's noblltlr,
kind thoughts and good words for
every one, and in* sun* t„ lend a
helping hand whenevei occsilon calls
for it. In trying to lighten another's burden, we l.,r*:et our own, ami
Hit* kind thoughts we srnil mil conic
hack to ua like <•' hoes,
Voting   man, roi
ember   tills:    All
Hie fiii-n.K    »rho
• •in   gttbeE aboul
vim 1 ;in naTti    mi
.<- jroui lid' a stio
em: ntfthot   ran
1,111 enomlM ihtke
11 ,1 failure,    it 1
■,ls   Willi   vim      til
It   iliM-sii'i    pay   t<> gossip   Mm'"1
OUO'i   uft^lilinis        l.i'L   UK   11.sw
ill  I Volll
ly I full)
ermine whetbci  vim shall iticceod
fall      .Inst pul   thr.  though I    on
ihHiiui-iiiii-i. -iinl study it   mil" THE   CRANHROOK   HERALD
********************** ************* **********
■ i,
Stop at the
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. Small, Proprietor
X     Now Miuiiuniimmt Improved in Every Way
I Refitted
X Cranbrook,   H.  C.
(lur MuUu : " Tli,i Ileal is Ntinu Too (iuotl."
Did you hear it pop?
Ask the
Kast  Kootenay Bottling Co.
« I'llUNK 7:i 1*. •>■ BOX WI
Canadian Hotel 1
one of Die pioneer hotels ol Cran- 52
brook.   Wiirin rooms, good meals 0
ami a bat stocked with the best ft
Joseph Braxill,  Proprietor |
3 Superb Styles
The famous lit-Reformc
has created three models in 2
Button Sack Suits that surpass
anything of this style ever seen
in this country.
The combination of originality
and elegance will appeal
to every man who prizes
exclusiveness and good taste.
The patterns—
in fine English
equally distinctive.
Sole Agents in Cianbtook.
The   New   Produce
Provision House
(XEXT mum to Canadian Hotel)
litis Knt n full sliiclt of Si.nl Oats, Fi'i-il Outs. Wheat,
Bran, Shorts, Chops, Rolled tints. Corn Moid, Hulttir and
Bugs,Timothy, Blue Joint and I'rniri,* liny, and the hist
Flour niillnl in Western Canada
(ii\,i ns ii call.   Try our goods and lie convinced Unit you
liit Quality uml Price Right.
The East Kootenay Produce and
Provision House
It papa tn bin tbo best ment. Vouj   TO  RENT.—Warm dry stable tor
are sure nt satisfaction hi tins    re- four hornet with lur^- hay lnft ami
spool if   vtm K-'t it  'r""' I'  Woods 11mt. hfii above; In  per month An«
ami di                                                iiiv Herald uilire |
A  BIO I.r.TTKIt UN poultry
To the fancier ami poultry press
are duo the great interest taken in
poultry raising. Occasionally poultry fanciers do &o to extremes, but
as a rule tlicy arc hard working
people who havo done wonders in the
development or line poultry ami unless this wen- triii- they could not
have made such headway as tbey
have done, Tho press, ot course,
was Uu- hull nr lhe success, Any
press that devotes a column or two
in poultry raising should lie taken
by all farmers ami ranchers, as a
single paragraph hy someone who
lias already feaincd experience may
he thi' means nf .saving more than
the entire cosl of the paper, ami nn
ni.itIn* how "hi vvo are or llOW great
uur experience we can siill thereby
add in inn store of knowledge-after
W0 have learned lo draw llie line
hot ween nonsensical and practical
things. Hy iionseUHlctil, 1 mean
Ihey which art' nnt bu liable, and
practical for poultry,
Cockerels: So much depends mi the
Individuality nf the cockerel that mi
one ntn exactly prescribe the exact
number oi hens for each cockerel. I
remember an Instance where sixty
hens tn oue cockerel produced unusually fertile eggs, and [of tlio best
results l wquIiI prefer one cockerel
tn a whole drove of lighting,
scrappy ones.    All cockerels   should
Im- kept bv Iheliisclves until ncedr.t
well fed ami eared fur dining the
winter, as iu the cockerel lies the
greatest part of get ling fertile eggs.
A reasonable basis, fur new bauds, I
would sav twenty Leghorn hens it
one cockerel, fifteen bens to one Plymouth lloek cockerel, ami less tn one
llrama, Of course tbis estimate is
free range, ami for sprightly young
lull grown cockerels and bens. Do
mil tolerate a scrub among the hens,
use mie  Hint   vuu  WOtllll like  more nf
Inking into account size, shape, and
The chance for eggs lo batch well
is better when Ibe hens arc running
nut. Mens need to be healthy and
vigorous. A Hock of bens tbal bave
passed through Hie roup will be unlit
for years tn select eggs from lo set
the disease is carried to tlie eggs,
and tbe chickens would very likely
lie weak, its rmip is hereditary f<
Lwo general inns to come.
Hy keeping eggs in a temperature
nf no tn 7n degrees and turning Ihem
every other day they can be kept for
three weeks, but Lite binges*, hatches
and   must regular   hatches arc from
eggs 21 hours old.        All eggs should
be cooled from nature's warmth, If
eggs get Chilled lite germ is killed
ami such eggs will show ns inter till
in (lie incubation. If eggs are kept
too warm the genu partly starts t
germinate ami then dies uud when
tested will show a dark spot. 1
have never known of a round egg
hatching. The best eggs for balcli
ing arc nf normal si/.e.
If inn much meal is red in the
fowls it makes tough shells, aud toi
much soft feed tends to watery
Peed wheat when choosing eggs for
Will it pay to have an Incubator'
Certainly  it  will, tf the right     kind
is purchased,
There are sn many dllTcrenl klmli
of Incubators nu the market for
people to choose from, some nr
good, while others are bad or in
I will here make a few suggestion:
ol what an Incubator should be (but
dn be careful mil tn buy a name or
a theory). As 1 make my own Incubators I will here give you some
pointers as to how lo choose a
good incubator. There are some
goods exactly as there are some
good.hens, which I call the model
liens and which no Incubator can
beat for notching eggs. All bens
are not alike. Where vou liml
model ben Ihal sticks to business
there are perhaps half a dozen that
does not. To return to tbe Incubator, we naturally want one lhat dues
as well as the model hen.
First pointer.—I prefer hot water
In hut air. Mv reason for this is
as follows: In the hot air incubators,
beat pressure is often ealled venlila-
limi. For Instance: As air is
healed it expands. When the air
(tbe beat) is used over ami over, as
the ease with man)  hot air iucii-
tors it gets poisoned, and as stated it is heat Instead ol nir. The
air having hem burnt over aud over
again through passing Into the in-
■ubalor hv tho lamp ehimiiev, thence
luwn through tho eggs and back
igain up hv the lamp chimney lo
,-gg chamber again, it really makes
beat with the air burnt out ol it*
Lei them call the arrangement self-
vent Million, an torn a tlo ventilation "r
whatever thev like, tlio fact remains
Iruc that     the air is burnt up—con-
imed l)V the beat.
Hut  air incubators cnuld not     be
kept even warm will I this system
uf heat clrculati  which ihey   call
Now to explain the difference between hoi air ami hoi water Incubation, iu connection witb temperature
of ilu- eng chamber is rial as hard
as tu explain ilu- difference iu Hu*
dim-rent kind ol lights, Foi example: Wc all know lhat kerosene
llghl is yellow, electric and gasoline
lights are exlrcmeh while, while gas
is neither extremes. Possibly twj*
wlm have gone deeply into the study
can explain il, hut I cannot. How-
over, I can through a moisture
guago, detect differences of heat In
the on chfctnbor ol Incubator, Hot
water is softer than hoi n'r heat;
and (or that reason alone il more
closely cntiies nature, l.ei us take
for example. Hie warming of large
buildings. Sham beat nr hut water pipes are acknowledged to he lhe
best heal, and 1 venture tn sav thai
there is not n large building, such as
a hospital or sanitarium wliich tines
nol concede these points Hoi water Is a stendv heat, while hoi air is
nighty—up iimi down. Hut water
does nol burn up anv portion of the
air. Willi hot water InWlbntlon the
ventilation is separated, while wilh
tlie hot  air  it   i.s  lied  up bv the
beat, liv this vuu will see how
very Imporlnnl it is ihal an Incubator should have a perfect healing
svstem. for il is the e'en and correal distribution of be.it Ibat is th-
cause nf i'oi'il hatches, Ventilation
must be simple nml sensible, 11 Is
Hie even temperature of I<»-* decrees
over ibe egg chamber, Inside which
results in well halchid chicks There
ale diuYreiil     syslems uf   hut water
Trench's Remedy
Epilepsy and Fits
A BRANCH UKKll-Kh-HbKeiieitftbltthid
»t 107 St. Jtvinei- chmnbei n, Toronto.
Thli important ilintifte iiennun of prlcii
bettiK reduced tu tlit.nt- prevailing in Huron*,
namely--Pull pat-knit*, 91200; half do., **j.ao;
quarter do, 93.73; pontage or tipreim chargea
Pamphlet nuiili-d free on application.
Bewiite of KpurioiiH imitations. All pack-
•geaof Trench n Remedy muni bear our trade,
mark Meal in unbroken condition ou each aud.
heating, namely: Pipe and pan heat-
inn systems
The Hal pan or tank, which euvers
the entire surface ul eggs, causes
the eccE chamber lo become several
dcgrccN holler limn the outer edges.
Tbis will be mure apparent as (tie
ha telling progresses. The bent engendered hy tin animal heat (or living embryo) causes ihe tomperalurc
to rise several degrees,
I, invself, have invented a but
water tubular tank system of healing. In mine the hot water circulates through a center tube and returns lo Hie heater bv oilier tube
The larger tubes are clear outside of
Ihe egg chamber, as tbey ought to
he io pro tee I tho eggs on the outside. Thus you will see it applies
lhe heal directly lu the parts which
aro very readily affected hy outside
First let me auk tlie question: Why
is our ventilation so very simple iii
uur dwelling houses, hospitals anil
sanitariums'.' and yet sn extravagantly Scientific in an incubator. An
Incubator that has a whole lot of
tritreer* valves ami ventilation slides
attached', l havo no use for. My
bum experience willi incubators unit
poultrv teaches me that there is no
scientific vent ilui ion among house
carpenters, but there appears lo Ik-
some who ure experienced poultry
and Incubator men, who nine
hohhv of theorizing on ventilation
with tlie assistance ami drawl ti" of
Utile arrow points to show tbe
course of the air. This enlarging
on tlie necessity uf pure air appears
plausible ami reasonable tu a oorsoii
wbo bus bad no time or Inclination
to reason tbe thing out. Ninety
nine per cent of poultry raisers have
not the time to dig up ancient history on old time, discarded ideas, ol
We want to discern hetween prue
Ileal ami theoretical ideas. From
vears of experience on these mutters
I have come to the conclusion that:
Quack doctors uud (piuek ventilators i would make a very good pair of
fakirs, as in either Instance their
scientific phases ure their onlv stock
iu trade. Today. U I were buying
an incubator, I should look entirely
at the mechanism of tlie m-v-hiue,
ami let the other fellow hi v the
ventilation talk. I should then be
buying the real tliiue. while vice
versa the other fellow would be buying a theory. Many n worthless incubator bas been boosted ami sold.
The system ol chasing rainbows
has served to bewilder hits of purchasers. Now let me nsk the
query? What is there about a liens
ncsI that would justify a lot of
ventilation slides in'an incubator'
Of course all Incubators should Ih
ventilated at the time thev ure made
at the factory. They could not then
say our poor hatch was caused hy
not opening or shutting the ventilation dampers. They would ant then
have the opportunity to shoulder lhe
blame un to the operator for failing
to hatch the engs. There is just
this about it: If an incubator does
nol need air ut one time, it does not
at another, It is easy t« sit* that
lliere is m-lhing about the incubation
of eggs that suggests different degrees of ventilation. After all is
said and done it is lhe results
thai count. Incubator should have
jusl enough air to keep it pure,
neither more or less, und should be
of even temperature at the ton of
the tray. Of course no air should
puss umier the eggs. I'nder my
egg chamber of incuhutor I have no
nursery for chicks, ft is not necessary, besides it takes lots of oil
to keep il warm for three long
weeks. I have    an     independent
drawer, which is covered underneath
and which is kept closed during Incubation, At batching I open a
place prepared nnd which is just
large enough for the chicks to drop
through. When a few have fallen in
thev are taken out and placed tn
mv nrelesK brooder, win-re they can
lie well cared for.
In my next letter I hope to say
something about hahy chicks.
Temperature, moisture and ventilation are things to which lots of
people are susceptablc. Thev use
hiii words ami terms uud the most
ibsunl tbinits can he whitewashed by
good advertisement writers and that
advertisement mav look j"st as kimhI
and (K-rhapK have Iwiee us many
claims as an already known uml
good practical thing.
Lots of people in hutehim! time ure
limbic (as other things mav claim
ihelr attention) to run to an incubator fifty times a day and as
,.iauv limes nt night fund when they
need iheir rest for the next -Hay's
tabor) to at lend to the oocniug nud
shutting of ventilation slides. An
Incubator when ouee it has gained
Ihe temperature of 1«.1 degrees
diould attend to itself and will do
I the machine Is properly regulated.
'thev say the hen is a brainless
fowl and vet she has the sense to
hatch cues nml does not need an
onevelooedln to assist her. Possibly we shall hear the next thing that
lineotVO has invented green goggles
for her lienshlp to wear in winter
lime—when the snow Is two feet
deep-so that she mav imagine It Is
Hie good old cummer time.
The moisture nnd ventilation ques-
lion are in most respects the same,
for if we add lo the moisture we
must also add to the ventilation. Or
attain, if we curtail lhe ventilation
we must also curtail rhe moisture.
Hv medium ventilation lhe best work
is secured and lust when we have
reached lhat point the problem is
I once heard ot a man who bomcht
an incubator because the companv
from whom he bought it said lhat
it could lie run on twenty-five (3"»
iciils) worth of Oil. When tbe man
nol through hntchlnq he hail used
four enllons of oil at Jill cents a gallon—$100 worth. fie wrote the
enmnnnv nbotll It, and thev had the
cool impudence to say he had paid
loo much for the oil.
Now let me   tell   vou a   story ol
"Tlio PuIucg" in the shoo for woll tin-seed men
nml women. The brains uud skill uf Cmiftllu's best
workmen have helped to make it hu.
Hy yours of careful experimenting -by crucial
tests which eliminated every weakness whether of
in liter in I ur workmanship, we hnve pretty nearly
worked perfection into the shoe.
And  back of nil this nre the lur^est und  best
equipped factories in Conadn   ^nurmileeinK Ames-
llulden    workmanship      Ames-Holden    (Quality
Aiiit-8-Hnldon service every time.
Vour denier handles these shoes   nsk him.
Kimlly Gie Attention
Till wt* uiiikt* brief nii'liiiatv mention
nf Sic' a (in-iit nml Good Invention
Golden West Washing Powder
'Twill Save Ye Mtickle Time an' Splatters
An' Ye May Tend To Other Matters
While Bonnie Bessie Does the Platters;
It ('lanes tho Things So Aisly,
Tii Only a Shillin' the Three-Puu-Paoket
An* Ye Mini See the Premiums—Lass
<|.i-fii»n   I'mlM-inl liy Copyright'
'duck Incubator." Several incubator makers were exhihitiim their
uiaehines nt a State fair. One ot
tlie exhibitors hail a great dial to
say aliuut a s|ieeial duek inaeliine
thut Ihey were making. Alter tin*
fair was over, soiur of tlie Incubator
fellows were having a real gooit time
over      Well,  we  will sav  water
melons, one of the Incubator follows1 asked tile duek tiiaehiue man
what the real illflerence was between
the hen unit      the ilnek   Incubators,
Well, I will tell you," answered
Mr. duck niaehine man. "Mv hen
lueubators are painted witli (lie liest
vermillion red, while the duek machines are |iuinteil a lieautiful moth-
crlv green.
Give me the Incubator that will
hatch the highest per eeutage ol
hens eggs ami with it I can hatch a
higher per cent of due!; eggs. Yes,
and turkey eggs also. Hy the way,
there is a great opening for a turkey plant in this country now at this
present time. So go ahead, sememe, nnd start un.
In all things, both large and
small, there Is a limit. If we wish
to lie an amateur poultry raiser,
then a fitly egg Incubator would do.
If. on the other band, we wish to
grind out thousands, llien a large
one will do. There are some nl
ight hundred egg capacity, which
will batch Just as well as flftv. it
made tight. Kor myself, I like two
to three hundred egg capacity, but
as there are so trnnv varied and different opinions each must decide tor
Some run them In the sitting
looms,    some   In a bedroom,   while
Nervous Exhaustion
Physicians agree that a vigorous
nervous system is essential to the
successful treatmentof Consumption. "Asaya-Nkurau," feeds
the nerves with Lecithin (obtained from eggs), the element required for nerve repair. Its use
maintains full nerve vigor, restores cournge when hope is fail
ing, and thus lends incalculable
aid iu throwing off the disease.
$ i. 50 per bottle.   I^cal agent.
TAKE NOTICE that I, K.ilwln
James Clayton, ul Murvsviil,., ll, C,
iiriii|iiiiiiiii, Kriml Trader, Intends tu
n|i|ily lur iiitiiiIhsIiiii to imicliuso tho
lollowing described lands:
Commencing ut n |iusl nlunicd at
the suiitliensl eiirner ot l.ut IH7II,
llience siinlli lurty (111) clialnn,
tlicncc west lurty (10) chains, thence
north furlv (ll>) chains, thence east
lurty (III) chains tn |ilacc ot commencement, nml cuiiliiinini; 1UU
seres, more ur less.
Edwin .lames Clayton.
Dated March 21th, 11110. 5-9t
Ask tor Halcvon LITHIA WATER
Fur futility use there is nothing
su wliulesnnie and so iiure as
Builders anjd Contractors
All kinds of
Boiler uml Range Work
Huff Orptti it tow1, Him- Aiuliilo»i«i.i
nml   Ivkin iMiclm.
Kim*, littiiltliy, i>ure*bte<l Block.
whit.■: nut I-RICM t<>
Is prepared to supply help, skilled or
unskilled, on slmrtcst possible notice; to find employment and guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to sell
you fruit lands or other property (or
a small commission.
Address:—W. Parker, 312 Baker St.
NKLSON, B.C. 48-m
others, sometimes, run Ihem in    the
As there is no smell of oil from
the machine, why nol run them
where they will lie the most handy
lo ulteiiti to. A good hit; collar!
well ventilated, and dry and that the i
sun shines iu (one lor example thai
would lie hrallhv tor n person to
live in) would Ire a rcully good plan-
to have an iueuhator In.
Ih' sure not to have the lueuhitlor *
put hi a cold, dump collar, or in u
place thut is cold, ns all oul ol
doors If you have onlv one machine and expect lo make only one
or two hatches, then the sitting
room will he the hesl place as lieing
Ihe more convenient,
William Bartholomew.
Cherry Creek, 11. v.
(To he continued.)
9aMM ••"flnt n ikM th and tfMertrtton pat
oklf aaetruiir our oeUihi-ri ftvsi *MIW M
«"" n n l-r.-h«i if p-sisyjs-tK. tT*-*t**n*M***,
l-wttiw lUen tbrnufta Muni AlJbTntwtn
•pttUiroiM, wlihoatrtirt* la If*
Scientific fltttrkait
A tianrtpmrflT UlnMttlM srnrtlT. Urin-M Hr-
'tilatii.n «l H--7 n-lrtiun,- louTiskl. trims f.it
I'-muta. (Kt a fear, pualaita prapald. Huld bf
all rMWftltMlera.
;; The Cranbrook Employment:;
and Real I state Agency
M>* K|H,l,ilil.v I* lnrnlHlilKK liilmr lnr
l.nliilH.r r,,ini„iiil,>H,   lliuli..ml   ,'i<„*
trnrtou, ii,,,,.|-. ninl iiini.i,*,.
.1. Armour, l-r«|»ri,*t„r
I'Iiiiiii. ill    IIM.SM    P.O, Hoi MS
BOOS FOR SAI.E.-Pure brccil
White Wvamliitti* I'M-*, S3.on per m*t-
llm' nl 15 nr SUM) per liiimlrril. Silver Cri'ek Itiun'li, UiriT miles west ol
Cranbrook.   Mrs. VI. p, Doran. 4-4t*
Until Siniiln nml Dnuli'e Drivers
lur nil |ii,rtsoltlie Distriet,
Ooml Smlille lloi-nes Oootl Tiirnonl?
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J. P. UK ICON, Mansj-iT
Phone 111 Phone III
Fernie Pantorium
FEHNIK       •       B. C.
lo your iiirimuri*
FROM  $10.00  UP.
Oleonei], Iti>pnire<l,
nml I'riBBiil.
Semi cliitlu'H hy espress, and Hals
hy mall.
. BuU   8f?«VP  -
StocKiAAOo iff
"*T\MV • tfidUo- AiltluM
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-tiintluiiiitii's nn liiiniiiiiini'il ut
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I   I
■«■■■■■■ assssssssssasisaasas.4,
W. P.. OUKU,
Barrister. Solicitor. Etc.
Money to liiuii on luvoriilile terniB,
Mrs. i*.. Unit
I'.o  II,,> TIM I'I II7II
Does Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE If II does
T„ i, Imt   I ilmur mi I
StlllllllMll lllH'rillll' ins
I'llONF, •.'.'•••l     CKAN'llltOOK, II.C,
Miss Mabel Wellman
Plsslil sad Teacher
ri.rlilli-ni-.il |,ii|,il of
iluliivlili. Mullet ul Wlnnlimi
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Onr work ii our advertisement, Imt wr
pnt thin ail in the Herahl to
emphardxe it.
Near Umer Armetrong Avenue
I'remrient: T. H. Gill
Stwretary: 8. Mackonai.h
i For information regarding lamle , ,
• ami   agriculture   apply   to the
• Secretary, Cnuibrnnk, B. C.
Every second Wednesday
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liv ilu' |isclragfl nr liy
Ilu* ikiiiiiiI.
Ornamental SHRUBS
Oro-Am to stilt th. UO.OIimate
Catalogue hee bj rosil.
Royal Nurseries and
Floral Company, Ltd.
7SH Omiivllle Btieel
P.O Hon UM)   Vi,iii*iniv,,r,ll,'.
baa mond i,i. LAUNDRY
n,,\i in i|i,< Haratoga k.-i.mii*
■tut, Vim H > Stmt, when
liiitrmiN ni'iv leave Hi.'ii intiii
dry, arid wli.T.* till I,ii.Iii,*m n III
beilaae   u,-.i Laundry i« R,i',
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runs Kim. p. n. llm irn;
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Office st Resides!*, Armstrong Afs
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A. 1. Robertson, ll. 0. L. s.
l>iiiiihii,iii nml llriti.h Columbia
P.O .Drawer 7,0 VICTORIA. B.C
(lull!   Crowns.   liml*..*   Work,   Fillincs,
Pillules, li-.tr.iul ion of Tei-lli,.-!.-.
WO |lll*IISi* |ll'»|,||. Willi U|) tii-ll,*||i* 1111*1 h< 1 Is
ami iiioilorute ohnrj^es,
Wi* u'*i ir:iiil,*i. nil   li.-iiiiil Work  for Ten
E  X   A   M   I   N   I*:   It     P  II   E   E
DR. H. E. HALL |
♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*
J,   W.   RUTfiBOGE
Utmli'ii*!'    nl    Ontario    Vet.-rtii.irv
r»ii*vc* Torn.it,, ii, mni
Orti-liiiiti* Mid M''.l«illi-I <>( UoKII Ip'l
Vflt-rmiirv 0-lll**T*   ChlistsgO.
In  111 ll
Nillr  >t-.M'i» i*\|i"tirln',- 111   Vclrrililllv
lirnettcf in Miinitniui
IMIIce    ml donr la Pom Olliir
PS-Ms*  IJ9 P.O. Rai IM
NiKut mil  * it. M. Bhort'i It'-iil a
After another all day debate in the
commons, tin- Miller bill, prohibiting
the business of book-making, pool
si'lliiiL?, nml generally restricting
Rambling as a business on race
tracks nr in connection witb any
sporting event in Canada, was practically killed on a very close vote.
The opponents of tbe bill who supported John ll. McColl's amendment
based on the Knglish law, providing
for limiting the duration of am- race
meet to eight days with not more
than two meets on anv one track in
the course of a year, and further
strengthening the present law in regard to restricting betting off race
tracks, carried a majority of the
house with them.
Mr. McColl's motion to strike out
Ibe lirst clause of tbe Millet bill,
with a view to substituting his own
amendment was carried in the committee stage hy a vote of 7H to 77.
Mr. Miller and "the supporters of his
bill declined to compromise on tbe
McColl bill and a motion to strike
out the second clause of ihe hill was
then carried bv H"> to 7*'t.
A motion that the committee rise
and report progress was then carried. Sir Wilfrid Laurier stated
that if a compromise between the
two parties could be agreed upon,
the "overiimi'tit would »ivc opportunity for further consideration '-f the
bill, but as there seems to be no
prospect ol this, the result of the
vote practically means that
condition, with regard to horse racing and bookmaking in Canada will
remain unchanged for tbis year at
lloih Mr Miller and Mr. McColl,
state that tbey will bring their respective hills before parliament again
tins session.
The house is a unit on the question
of prohibiting hand boo*i hettln*. and
the tipsters advertisements, and if
the amendment were conflncd t" these
matters there     miirbt   still be a
chance ol the legislation along these
lines being enacted, but the supporters of the bill are not disposed to
accept anv compromise which would
leave a door open to bookmakers bv
which thev could escape nrosecutton,
and in view nl the treneral desire for
earlv prorogation the oossibMitt of
any agreement mutually satisfactory
is ver*  remote
That construction on the Kettle
Valley railway will start from Merrill early in Maj is now almost definitely assured. The line will follow tiro Coldwater river to a point
thirty miles up in the vicinity of
Man McKay s ranch. It will run
through tlie Aspen Grove copper
Camp and will penetrate a rich agricultural country. The divisional
base will likely be located at Mci-
j it is reported on •*."■'■• authority
thai the V. V. and K* railway will
also secure entrance into Merritt, so
as to gt>| into contact with the vast
coal liclds in this district. The Hue
now runs through a point about
twenty miles south, ami it is said
that .1. .1. Mill will make a try for
the coal  Holds.
The Canadian Paeiiie is considering
lhe extension of its present Nicola
branch north to Kamloops and
thence along the North Thompson \o
the headwaters, through tbe Yellow-
Lead Pass and out to connect witb
the Alberta Central, which it has
recently acquired,
W. R.  Rttttty, Kutwral Director
Crwibrook II.C.
l.ilt, anil Kin* Insnranre - Renl Ksiale
Ollice—Nest ilnoi to
Post Office
Come in ami let me .jinue ynu rales
Ili!iiilf-uarti*ni (or all kiiula of
Satisfaction Qunrantei il
The Hhoe SpccinliBt
The branch ol the live stock commissioner at Ottawa bas issued a revised edition of the directory of
breeders of pure bred stock In Canada. According to the preface page
the work is a compilation of Information received through correspondence from breeders in all the provinces In regard to the size of their
1 breeding herds, and the number of
males and females of the several
breeds tbey have for sale. The directory is prepared to assist persons in locating herds, studs and
(locks in their respective neighborhoods, or In distant provinces . Irom
which pure hnd animals mav be procured. It Is stated in the din-dory
that copies will be sent to rancb-
;nien, stoe't breeders, secretaries of
farmers' institutes, agricultural Hoc
ieties, live stock associations, and
olbers who may apply for them.
Mr. IL L. Borden has decided to
house-clean his political nest. He
has decided that the time i.s ripe for
drastic treatment of some of bis
recalcitrant followers and for a
change in some of his lieutenants
who have had their day and ceased
to he. The events of tlie present
session have convinced him that
moral suasion and a desire to please
everybody in a parly of conflicting
elements and containing too manv
self-constituted tacticians are not
co m pa table with real and effective
leadership. Affairs in tho party
have lately reached a crisis, and as
the only remedy for the lac. of
party discipline and coneslou, which
has been so much in evidence during
the past few months. Mr. Horden,
ufter consultation wilh some ol bis
closest friends among bis followers,
has determined, so to speak, to take
the bit in his mouth,
Announcement of some radical
changes in tbe party organization in
the house and in the dulv recognized
deputy leaders ma«- he expected soon.
It is understood thai there will be
new Ontario and Quebec lirst lieu tenants and a new list of whips. Hon.
(ien. Foster, who has heen seriously
sick for the past few weeks, suffering
irom nervous breakdown following
the mental strain of his lihel action
against The Globe, will no longer
act as Mr. Borden's lirst lieutenant.
He will continue as a private member of the bouse for the balance* ot
the oresenl parliament, but will give
up bis post us opposition chief critic.
After the dissolution of parliament
be will probably retire tn private
Mr. Monk is also slated for retirement as Mr. Borden's chief lieutenant
in Quebec. Members of the opposition believe be lias not "plaved
(air" with bis leader tbis session,
Strom*? demand has been made for
bis disposition. Mr. Monk is also
ou tbe sick list at present, and is
.mcratim* in the south. He will
probably be replaced bv Mr. Donertv,
member for St. Anne's. Montreal.
other changes in tlie opposition
front row are also contemplated, the
desire being tn effect a complete re-
nrtraiii/ation. In which the vounger
and mure vigorous, and. perhaps, the
.trongcr elements of the party, will
replace some of the old crowd of
seniors bv s i**rl»t of survival front the
lid Tapper days.
A new chief whip, and probably
some new provincial whips, will also
he chosen bv Mr. Horden. Mr. George
Taylor, who has been chief whip for
many years, is willing to rest on his
laurels, and a successor will lie named shortly. There will also be a
new ebicf whin tor IJuebec.
Tbe result nf the action now contemplated hv Mr. Iiorden will be
either to make nr break him. He
undoubtedly has the support and confidence of a majority of bis followers, uml these are among the best
lententa of bis parly, Bul the
critics of his loo gentle leadership
in the mist are also numerous, lie
has undertaken a dlfflcull task. It
mav precipitate a stronger revolt
than ever, or it mav mull In linallv
niacins him In an assured and confident leadership nf his partv. Tbe
nevf few weeks wMI he deddedlv in-
terestintr from the Conservative
Steps are being taken to incorporate the Cranhrook Sash and Door
The   following   letter  was recently
received   liv  The     Ames-llnlden  Co.,
tbe   largest     manufacturers of high
grude shoes iu Canada.
1705    Race   St.,   Philadelphia, Pa.,
Ames-Holden, Ltd.:
Dear Sirs: Would you let me know
if vou have an agent in this city who
sells vour "Traveler" brand of shoe.
I have worn them for several vears,
ami If I can tret them I do not wish
any other. They Vftrc first recommended lo ine hv the village storekeeper Hod son, ' I think, was bis
name, in Grand Forks, It C, and
since then, with the exception of one
pair I bought when over in Scotland, hnve worn no other shoes but
yours. The last pair I had were
bought iu Hank St., Ottawa, a lew
.months ago, nud as I expect to be
Ion this side of the line till spring, I
would like io set another pair. if
VOU have an ngenev here aud will
send me lhe address, I shall be
greatly obliged.
Yours sincere!'1
(Signed) A. Sinclair.
How Gold Dredges Get the Gold
The il«p hilli and rugned mounhini of die Klondike region give
rise to numbedesi small ilicami, widen become from lime lu time
wilh the melting ol the mows the cloudbuitls and heavy taint lu
which the counliy is subject—raging lortenU.
The grinding ol the gladt-n and the erosion o[ these lutlmlenl
Itreitni biing down rocks, sand nnd (jfavel bom the mountain depths
and I,illnesses where man lias never yel peneliateJ.
In a legion wheie ledge, ol Gold-bearing Quart! are a plontinenl
leature in the formation, il i-initural lhat these bicciof Nalurc should
lear awr.y quantities ol exceedingly rich material.
Tins procetl has been going on foi ajes. "i he hidden ilutei of
Gold away in lhe hills etc IncxnaUsliblo.
The ruth ol lhe torrent) is so impet'Joill l!i-.t even boulders »l
considerable size ore borne i-i iheir course, and only when Nature
has spent herself do ihey find a resting phce,
The broad crce!;s ihe wider reaches of llie river—fllilel the
ilieam, and lhe Gold, in the form of nuggcls. grains and flakes),
rapidly seitles. Gold it very heavy—heavier than llie rock itself, and
once il finds a resling place, sifts down ihroujh the llghl surface mud
•nd sand until, by force of Gravity, il rsjclici lied rock,
Where the courses of tireams have been changed, lhe lirhcsl Pbccr
Mines are lound in iheir oM beds. But in the larger, constanl streams,
these rich deposits, ure beyond the reach ol merely human agencies.
It remains lor lhe Gold Dredge following the heavy nuggcls
and particles of Gold down llirotl h the ovedying strata in the bars
•nd benches of lhe river, tu recover these stores of Gold ftom. ihe
Ireasure-house of Nature.
The long aims ol the Dredgr, wilh iheir endless chains o( bucket
•coops, search down, down throu»h aixty feet ol waler, sand and
gravel, if need be ■ until tire Gold sediment, and finally bed rock itaclf.
often overlaid wilh an actual coverlet of pure Gold-the hoarded
accumulation of cenluriei- is reached.
I he Gold Dredge bring! J,-, ihis material fa wholesale quanlilies
—Ireili it with acicnlih'c accuracy to aave the finest particle* ol
value -tepaiale. lhe iron—and for the lirst time lays bare tu the hand
o. man this Virgin Gold,
While personally present on our properly at Slewart River,
Yukon Territory, Klondike, Septan-*. 1st, I saw with my own
eye* a clean-up from our first and smaller dredge, netling $517.50,
and Ihis wai preceded only a few d.tvi hy another clean-up from
Ihe him dredge amountim; to $1263.86 in Gold. I saw ihis Cold,
ol our Dredge, moulded into
We control by direct lease from the Canadian Government, One
Hundred and Five (103) miles of Diedgable Gravel on ihe Slewart
Ri.'cr. eighty miles Irom Dawson City, in the Klondike, Wc hive
te^'-d the gravel thoroughly wilh Drills, and it has been proven rich
thioughout. As a mailer ol lad, the site of our holdings was recognized,
even before lhe Gold Rush in 1898. to be rich in Gold -it il a
mailer of public record that llic Gold is there -but so located al lo be
difficult to obtain by any hand method. And Fifly dredges could
not exhaust this area in a Hundred yean.
Wilh a proposilion so rich, lhe payment of dividends and lhe
conlinued work ol development can easily go hand in hand.
I o hurry this work ol development now. we are marketing Treasury Slock in our Company. Three thousand slockholders, many of
them wcti-known in the Canadian counlry, are already on our books.
Ihis necessity (or Capital -a Dredge costs upwards of $100,000
-furniihej your opportunity to participate in a wonderfully rich venture.
Our Company is formed of the pick of broad-minded business men
Governor Ojjlvie, ol tlie Yukon Territory -known and respecled by
the whole Canadian country, at its head. It is economically managed,
with no salaried official*, no Bonds, and no Preferred Stock.
Bul the whole story is told in our illustrated Prospectus. The
Coupon will bring it to you. 1 he supply is limited. Fill oul and
mail (lie Coupon lo-day.
Gold tirvdyes are making millions*
Yukon Basin Gold Dredging Co.,
O. W. Clawion, Treat.
Khered from lhe gold-saving lablei *
lion -••olid bar of Gold.
With well result! In light, we are bending every effort to get Iwenty
of these mammoth Dredgei at work on our property. Thii lummer,
our aecond dredge went on—larger and itronger than the first -and ii
already at work.
649 Somerset Building
Phase stnd
paid, your tarts
illustrate*: Prospectus,
also free Booklet en Gold
Dred/inf, witr, full partkn*
Urs   ty   return  mall.      It   it
understood thatl(nenrnoobUgatfon
u'h.iufenn making this reonest.
First uf nil, Farqulianton nnd
Fraser, thr lessees of the Opera
house, deserve a very special word
nf praise lnr ufTurtlinu; the people ul
('runbrnok a chance of enjoying sucb
nn excellent show ns tbey' provided
nn Saturday evening last. Tbey
inuki- their money by catering tn
tbe public amusement ami are open
to all manner nf adverse criticism
if their bids fur popular support de-
serve, on reasonable grounds, a hammering in the press, unit just to the
same extent they deserve, and should
get, hearty approval when they
merit il, as they certainty do liv
their engaging the "Royal Choi"
company. Public appreciation [s a
wonderful incentive tn u man tn dn
bis best und then to try to better
his best, and is not likely to burl
Farquharson and Fraser.
The motif, or moving idea, of the
lioval Chef centres in the ltajalt nf
Oolong, and Oolong is one of tbe
spiii* islands—anyhow, it is in a
sultry clime, wliich gives an excuse
for having a crowd of girls in bewildering costumes ready on hand
at all times In scatter a dance over
the stage in the pauses of the fun
provided by tbe principals. Given
an island in tbe Paeiiie, you must
expect a visit from an American
man-of-war with Helnrtch 1-cmp-
baiiser, Admiral Noble aud Lieut.
Harry Parks aboard. Throw iu a
gang'of bandits ami serve witb
music quick and devilish and there's
your musical comedy.
The costumes were fresh and really
lovely, the scenery in perfect keeping
witb them and the stuge lighting
was worthy of both. Whoever was
in charge of the spot und other
lights was an artist in tr.s department, and the way in which he
worked bis colors to illuminate ihe
beauties ol the eight Whirlwind
Broilers went between many a fair,
tall youth and his sleep Ibat night.
ton Chancy, as the Prime Minister
of the Rajah, with a side line as
Leader ol the Bandits of Oolong, did
a few stunts that would make a
man laugh il all belonging to bim
were lieing funeralized to tbe bone
yanl. Lon is a gay and festive
cuss. William Con ley, as the Royal
Chef, was fun maker in general OI
the piece and those who did not
hear his drinking song in the third
act missed a gem ot humorous singing. Byron Brontl, as the Kajah
was a line, large, rattling Jolly old
Kajah and sang finely. Charles
Yaughan as Lieut. Parks was in capital voice anil sang excellently. With
all respect, his singing was the feature of the evening from the point
of view of pure vocalism. lie has a
fine voice which would be beard to
far hotter advantage in opera rather
than in the iiverau'e class of stuff
provided in musical etimedv
Princess Teto was a princess.
Looked it, too, But to see her
was to love her, love ber once and
love forever. But there is no de-.-
cribitiK Leoua Heimerinaii as Klttj
O'Reilly, tbe maid to the Prii.ce.-s.
Remember her in that Peirotte costume, loose, silky arrangement that
vou would want a search warrant to
find lier In! And the Indian mil
grt up? Kb, what'' She made tin-
lingers of   roguery tickle the cockles
nf  the heart,  and  that's  what.
W. F, (Hover, as muilcel director,
provided a whole orchestra,   awl   a
good one, with a ptatm, aubd by an
artist at the drums, cvmbals and
other percustion Instrument*. Tbe
music was good, though the piano is
like Othello, in the srrr. tho yellow
leaf of its age and usefulness.
The company is coming back on
Wednesday, tbe 27th "f thi--. month,
ami will give another musical comedy
"A Knight lot a Day." .Judging
from the wav In which the bouse
was packed on last Saturday those
who want seats bad better look to
it earlv (or there is certain to be a
crush rather than a mete crowd.
The immigrntinu authorities state
that bnth in regard to numbers and
quality the immigrants entering
Canada this year exceed all records. If the present uvcraee is
maintained it is expected thai the
total this vear will reach 800,000,
of which 160,000 are expected to
come from tbe United States and
100,000 from Oreat Britain.
.1.     V..   Proctor, district passenger
agent  of tbe C P.It* at  Calcurv. has
iieen promoted to the position of
district passenger agent ol Westeri
Manitoba, with offices in Brandon
\t. .1. McNeillie u-places bim nt Cal
(Contributed )
John McDermott, deck hand on the
steamer Van Allen, committed suicide at an earh hour yesterday
morning McDermott, wlm' is well
known throughout the district, having followed horses for some vears.
and    who   has   driven almost everj
fUSl   liorse in the    Twin Cities.     had
taken employment on tbo steamer
some time ago as a deck hand Recently he had heeu drinking, Tuesday Nlghl he went t.. his berth all
tight, Inn it is supposed some time
about .1 o'clock in the morning !»•
got up, and crawling through a window, jumped Into the water and was
drowned.—Port Arthur Times. Aug.
Another drink-caused tragvdv was
reporied a week ago from Port (irr-
ville. N. S. h was the alt-etiipi-mi
suicide at West Bay, six miles Irom
Parrsboro, ol William Hen wood, who
shot himself just at/ive ibe heart, tho
bullet passing through his lung
Doctors say he cannot recover. Hen-
wood is a stevedore and was working on the steamer Warrior vester-
day. lie was supposed to *u> drinking some this morning and asked tbe
daughter nf Benjamin Pbinney, with
whom (h- boarded, to go walking with
him. She refused and he then waked out the Ir..nt door and tired the
shot which will likely prove fata!
Under the heading .if "The Cost of
a Spree," a press despatch in last
Friday's Toronto Olote toM the romantic story .,[ Robert Womack, wb«i
has just died after a lingeririK illness. He was the man who discovered gnld in the famous Cripple
Creek   district After     his great
strike, he went on a drunk, during
wliich be acted frantically, and s».ld
out his bonanza for f500. The despatch adds:
In his last days Womack was dependent on his sister, who kt- ps a
boarding house, where be died Records snow that from the laml when
Womack first found gold 1338,000,010
worth of the yellow metal has been
The Toronto star's special correspondent at Glace Bay. N S . sends a
very unfavorable report concerning
the conduct and discipline ol tbe
soldiers who are maintaining order
in Ihe strike district. There seema
to lie some probability of tb** troops
being needed for a good while, and
the militia department bas request
ed the town council to make provision (nr winter quarters The Intoxication prevailing is nbl creditable to the character ol the men or
tbe discipline ol the service
A tragic fatality occurred at Port
Vrthur on the 16th Inst., the direct
lutcomc ol a drunken spree. The
Globe's special despatch concerning
the disaster, says; "Hugh Harmon.
second engineer on the Andrew Car-
uciiic coal boat,   hum at   tbe C N It*
coal and ore docks, shot Albert ffall-
nor. a watchman nn the boat, a
German, ol Cleveland, throurh the
tones with a 88 caliber revolver last
nigh I at midnight i a men quarrelled between the street aud the
dock, both bring tbe worse for lii|
imr. Alter being separated Harmon
said,  'Sav your   prayers, it is  my
turn now,' and tired at Wallnor. who
fell dead       A  etintiie of murder    was
preferred and Harmon was remanded
for a week in the police court."
Canadian newspapers are publishing
a report from London, Kim * concerning a Statement made bv Dr. F.
(i. Mackcreth, in the currerri number
of The Lancet, that 1" nel cent of
the London school cl lldren under
the ane of elffhl drink alcohol more
nr less resularly. Mackcreth ntvn
he pot' bis figures from several of the
Loudon county council infant schools
"There appears no doubt," be saw
"that a similar state ol things
crista In everv pari ol Christian Ru-
ropc, excepting in the countries or
tlie farthest north. It would In* Interesting to learn whether the figures
I obtained from schools chosen haphazard ore true of the rest of the
"In one school of some three hundred infants, I found Ibat 11 H per
rent drank alcohol daily Si 1 per
cent drank occasionally, and *■! imt
cent were members of the lliiinl of
| Hope."
Gb ESC B.ST  Louob Nu. HH
Cranbrook, IL C.
Uceta   every    Tuesday at > pin   at
Fraternity  Hall.
.1   M. Boyes, C. C
.!   I.  Walker, K. of H. A s.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
I nn p , KEY CITY LODGE, No. 42
.Meets every Monday
i Ight at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
W. M. Harris, C. J, Little,
■,''   G. Sec'y.
anbrook     Lodge,
No. 31
A K   it A. M.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
of everj month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
W   F. Attri i      \\ M
K. \\   Connolly, Secretary.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every    Friday evening   at     8
p m   In Carmen's Hall
F vs   Reeves, w iv
ttm.  Ar.dereon, Secretary
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
Meet at  H   ul  L.   F    Hall iml   and
Ith Saturday e*vcti nioflth
ViAitiDft Otel-hrco  aUayn   welcoDis
Abel Haistnan, Vi. M
Jos. ttallACe, Secretary.
No. 10.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning Rebekahs  cordially invited.
Mrs tt   ii  McFarlane, NO.
Mies Ifickenbothara, Sec'y.
Meets  in    Kiati'ii.ity  Hull Kirst anil
Third Fridays
llawl Bowoass, M   B   B,
Alinif Hnyes,    K   of Jt. it S.
Vtsltlag mrinl.ers conti-tlly invited.
Meets in Carmen'. Hall Baoosd ami
Fourth Thursday ,.1 inch mouth at 8
p.nv. sharp.
.Ihiih-s Sims. Chiel Ranger
Fred .1   S  (Irrvitt. Si*rret»rj*
Visitiue, brttthrm made welcome.
II on*1 bottle fslli lo coreOononhes,
nr three hottlw Gleet, no matter how
long standing, retnrn empty bottles.
and we -n   I refond your mniiey.
.1 POR 18.00
fi.r Sn!-in nil Ifi^sfttUsOrNnt diffrt
Iron  li-H-1  ot'11" In  i'-M,»  ffrapptr
(Continued from page one.)
sidcntial portion of the citv are ex-
tomllng into the finest faster than
the tree stumps anil melts ean be re-
iimve-d from the thoroughfares.
Uu lid ing operations are going forward most actively, and there are
city for those who'are financially into become a favorite residential
indications that Cranbrook is likely
terested in tbe many industries of
Kast Kooienay, but to whom it is
not expedient that they should live
in any one particular place.
The C.P.R. is an important factor
iu the welfare of Cranbrook, and is
likely In acquire still more importance iu that direction on tbe completion of the proposed railway; linking up tbe citv witb Vancouver by
way of the Smiilkiimeeii Vallev. The
Kootenay Central railway will also
iucrea.se' the C.P.U. pay roll at
Cranbrook; at present it amounts tn,
roughly, .213,000 monthly, The
lumber mills iu the district pay
monthly in wages upwards nf C20,-
Hiiti. and various other Industries lu
and around the city bring the total
put roll up tn nearly G15,000 per
month, most of which finds its way
into the National cash registers id
Hie tradesmen of Cranbrook.
\ former editor of the Cranbrook
I lei aid long ago named tbe Cranhrook Vallev the "Itauaiia Hell," sn
convinced was he nf the possibility
nf growing largo quottUtlcs nf fruit
here. After persistently referring to
the "Hanana Bell" on every possible
occasion, he was astonished one line
morning, nu leaving lhe door of his
house, tn see a large bunch nf bananas nn their native stock carefully
planted in his front garden. Successful efforts have been made on a
small seale tn grow apples. Dears,
plums and cherries, and small fruits
are being grown in abundance. The
worthy rector nr Cranbrook tnld me
nf a wonderful branch of white currants grown hi his parish which h"
and a friend carried between them
nn a pole tn the rectory, rivalling
.Joshua and Caleb ami the celebrated
grapes of Eshcoll
The prosperity and advancement of
Cranbrook are assured liV the rabid
and successful development of tin
minim; and lumbering industries . ■'
Kast Kootenay There is coal
enough there to last lnr thousands nf
vears at uu output rate of 5,000 tons
per day. Produce (or the several
small mining towns in this district
ean only be grown in limited areas
in tbis part of Hritish Columbia one
ol these, and the nearest nf all to
the market, is Cranhrook, with its
"Joseph Prairie." Last summer
farmers were getting a shilling each
for cauliflower, 12s. fid. per 1001b.
lnr onions, Ms. Id per cwt. lor cabbages and potatoes. Is. Kd. to :is
Oil. per dozen for eggs. Is. fid. (tbe
lowest) per pound for butter, fiKs.
per ton for upland ha v. and 83s. (or
timothy, 8s. Id per bos nf 2 HI. for
apples, l-s. i;d. per crate ol 2-ttb,
for strawberries, ami 0d. per found
for currants and gooseberries. Similar profitable prices were realized
[nr oats, steers, cows, bngs, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks and sheep,
but the produce ol the (arm, dairy
and orchard is at present so limited
in the Cranbrook Va'ley that tlto
hulk nl it bas lo In- imported Irom
the states Much ol the suitable
bind lot fruit growing and market
earden purposes has been divided un
into five acre lots, usually obtain
able on easv  terms of purchase.
A wrec'i resulting fatally to Engineer Ed. Roberts of engine 13-18, occurred at four o'clock nn Monday
morning, two miles east nl Fernle.
Conductor Mcrroit was coming west
light, when rounding a curve in Unload the engine ran into a rock
slide, throwing it Into the river.
Which at that point runs against the
railway banks
Roberts bad time tn set bis air
and throw over bis level Iml was
caught on his feet and held in what,
proved a death trap bv the ponderous engine
The wrecV train in charge of Sunt.
Itrowiilcc arrived from Cranbrook at
ft IS and tbe lib-less body of the
brave engineer was extricated Irom
beneath (lie   engine   one   hour later.
Mil. spoke to those who were trying
tn release bim at first, but death re
lieved bim nl bis pain an hour o
two before he was taken out. Ro
herls was 30 years old and was well
known all along lhe line, having
worked nn this division (or several
The rock slide brought down several tons of rock, which cornplctelv
blocked the mad Fireman Sclhy.
being nn the left side of tbe engine.
got through tbe uppi r cab window
bill had to swim some distance In
the river to reach the shore.
The remains of the late Kdward
Roberta were brought into town on
Mondav    afternoon   and    taken   to
Ileum's undertaking parlors, whence
thev were removed tn lhe Presbyterian church yesterday afternoon and
(mm 1 p.m. to .\ p.m. laid In state.
lurrounded bv the beau! if ni tinrai
emblems presented bv his sorrowing
fellow workers and Iriends. Itev. C.
0. Mam performed the funeral service. The pall bearers weir (ten.
Johnson, F Rvan and Chas Harris,
lnr tbe    Drotherl d ot Locomotive
Engineers, and .1 A. Arnold. J, 11
Hall and -I, P Kink, for the Knights
nf Pvthiiis The funeral was very
largely attended, the railroad brotherhoods, the Knithts ol PrUrias, as
well as the Pvlbian Sisters aud the
Ladies Auxiliary being largely represented.
Edward Roberts was highly esteemed und respected bv everybody
in Cranbrook and his sudden ealliiig
ofi occasioned the most widespread
regret throughout the community*
The deceased was a very line tvpe of
man, greatlv liked and trusted by
nil Ids fellow workers and held in
Ibe highest esteem hy evervone who
bad anything to do with him as a
eltlwn of Cranbrook.
A peculiarly sad feature of bis nn-
litnelv end is lhe fact thnt a sister
is now on her way from Australia
to Hritish Columbia to keen bouse
for bim and his brother, John, also
a locomotive engineer.
Second band sewing machines for
vale cheap and to real —Slneer
Store. IU
With the opening of the fine
weather, Fergusson & Houston
have engaged an expert cleaner,
dyer, and first class presser, and
arc now prepared to do dry cleaning. Send your fine goods and
garments you are particular
about to Fergusson & Houston,
Phone aio. Work and Promptness guaranteed.
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
Do not forget the Keliekah's
dance on the 22nd Inst.
Hazel wood buttermilk at Slew-
See George II. Leask and Co. about
that septic tank.    Phone 111.    7-tf
A neat boulevard is taking shape
on Norbury avenue.
Aid. I). .1. Johnson returned from
a trip to the coast on Tuesday.
Bananas, -iOc, per dozen at The
.lames Finlay relumed today Irom
n business trip to Pincher Creel..
Karl Wilson, of Marysville, wns iu
the city Saturday on business.
Blood oranges nt Kink's Pure
Food (Jrocery.
It. Hobson, of Mayook, spent Sundav iu tlie city witli friends,
I.. McLaughlin, of Marysville, was
in the citv Monday on business.
(ireeu onions, lettuce, cucumbers,
asparagus,  spinach at Stewart's.
Fraser and Farquahrson have purchased the bill posting plant from
John Armour.
Mr. J. Woodman, ol the Cranbrook Rash and Boor Factory, is in
Winnipeg on a business trip.
Do     not     forget    tbe     Helrekab's
dunce on the 22nd Inst.
Richmond   Pic well ing left for Spokane   yesterday,    where he will have
bis eyes attended to.
Russell and Benedict have been appointed local agents for tbe Mutual
Life of New York.
S. Higgins, of Moyie, was transacting business iu the cily the lirst
■f the week.
Vancouver to Dawson. Lecture
aud views in the Presbyterian church
Tuesday night.
A brick addition to llie Kink Mercantile premises is now in course of
■rec tion.
Fresh Florida tomatoes at Kink's
Pure Food Grocery,
Herbert Clark, ol the local government ollice staff, is confined to the
St,   Eugene hospital.
Fresh strawberries at Stewart's
A.     Mat/., of   the Fernle Brewing
iiitipany, is in tbe city today on
Clothes reels und clothes line pulleys at Patmore Bros.
Engineer Mclntyre has moved inti
the late residence of Mr. Willson, re
ently  removed to Vancouver.
See Short's ad. on front page.
Frank Angers has returned tc
town from a two months prospect
ing trip in the Finlay Creek and
Windermere districts.
For birthday und wedding present
nothing nicer    than a tew pieces    of
our white and gold Limoges china —
Campbell and Manning.
Samuel Rumbough, the C.P.R,
brakeman, wbo was injured at Swansea, a lew weeks ago, Is aide to bc
out of tbe hospital.
Vancouver to Dawson. Lecture
and views in the Presbyterian church
Tuesday night.
Rev. C. 0. Main will give an illustrated lecture — Vancouver to
Dawson—in the Presbyterian church
Tuesday night.
Ed. Colville, of Kingsgate. is in
the city. Mr. Kingsgate is engaged
iu securing u gang of men to work
no the road west of Wattsburg.
Choice fresh rhubarb and ripe tomatoes at Stewart's today.
Mrs. B. L. Moore and sister, of
Vancouver, arrived in the city Wednesday to take up their residence
here. Mr. Moore is in the emplov
of the C.P.R.
White und gold Limoges china—open
stock—the most dainty, nifty china
on the market. Sit "our window —
Campbell and Manning.
The Royal hotel bull team wishes
to challenge anv team iu the city of
Cranbrook. This team is strictly
composed of boarders at the hotel.'
The Fink Mercantile Co. hnve received an important shipment of
Holhrook's celebrated   relishes
Miss Bridges and lier brother At-
lie left for Coleman, Alta., on Weil
nesdav They will be greatly missed
in a large circle of Cranhrook voung
Don't miss tbo illustrated lecture
in the Presbyterian church Tuesday
Fresh apple cider at Stewart's,
(ietieral Superintendent Price, ol
Calgary, was in town over lust
night, visiting       Superintendent
Brownlee. Mr Price returned to
Calvary today
We can supply you with tlie best
beef, |»»rk and veal iu the citv. We
are also headquarters lor the beat
sausages in the citv — P. Woods and
Mr and Mrs. Jordan, of l.cth-
bndhe, passed through town today,
Mr. Jordan is foreman ol tbe job
department ol the Lethbridge
I nderwood's devilled bam nl
Kink's Pure Food Grocery, This is
the finest procurable.
A notice appearing elsewhere in
2nd, as a civic holiday. This is
2nd, us a civic hall holiday. This is
to afford everv person an opportunity ot cleaning up his or ber premises.
Now is the time to have your old
clothes line replaced by a new
clothes line reel or pulley line. We
bave the latest In both.—Patmore
Fred Kummer, the baker, believes
in keeping things up-to-date and his
new bread wugon is of tbe latest
model and a credit to its owner.
He senin-d it through the Cranhrook
Trading company.
Ice cream at Stewart's, the famous
"Ha/clwoiMl" strawberry and vanilla
Do not target the Rcbckah's
dance on the 22ml Inst,
"The Man Behind tlie Throttle
Valve," Is the subject ol Rev. Chas
Every Pair Guaranteed
Canvas Shoes
III Illl  slllllll'8
Pull rungo of sizes
$1.75 $2.00 $2.50
The Season's Best in
Colored Shoes
New Shades  ••   New Shapes
Every size and width
$4.50 $5.00 $5.50 $6.00 $6.50
Our prices tell you  nothing about tho
tojiuliiess   mill   lu-aiity  of   our   stores.
Every Pair Guaranteed    f
WE    SELL ,
Shoe Polish
iu every color
to match the shoes
IV. King's Sunday evening address, :
Baptist church. The son* selections
will be from the hymns of Fanny
Crosby, the trainmen's patron ■
saint. |
Rev.   ('. o.    Main will give an il-
lustratcd lecture   — Vancouver    to I
Dawson—in   the   Presbyterian church
Tuesday night, |
Our second shipment of Held seeds
has arrived. Wc now have an Immense variety.—Fink Mercantile Co,
(hi Saturday afternoon a large
number of Arabs from the oasis af
Spokane arc due to arrive iu town,
representatives ol El. Mabarrc/
Temple No. 112, of the Dramatic (titter of Knights of Kharassan, High
{jinks will be celebrated am, then-
will be a grnnd procession in the
When in doubt as to what you want
call on I1. Woods ami Co. ami they
will be able to assist vou in getting the very best money can buy in
meats nr fish.
TEX ACRES-To rent at Elko;
garden land Irrigated; good new
bouse, barn ami chicken house; pay
rent bv work on place. |t. F. Van
Home, Elko, B. ('. 7-lt*
Within n few davs an amicable arrangement will lie reached between
the C.P.R. and its commercial operators wbo are tleniamling a substantial increase. All the operators between Fort William and the coast
will share in the advance, which will
amount to between ten and tifteeti
per cent. No definite announcement
lias been made, but from information
I received it is inferred that onlv n
mutually satisfactory settlement is
anticipated* There will be no strike
and no straining of the cordial relations between the eoumanv and the
operators in any event,
Don't miss tbe illustrated lecture
in the Presbyterian church Tuesday
Mrs. II. I. llinkley is open for engagements as nurse, Anply at residence, near Sash ami Doiir fac-
I tory. MP
I    The   followine notice has been    received from Calgary:    Effective this
date.  April  13th, lettergram service.
I'Ibe ehurge (or a night lettergram of
: fifty words or less will he the regular
dav rale tor  ten words ami one-filtb
I of this rate will be charged for each
additional ten    words nr less.     Lettergrams must  lie     written in plain
English, code or cipher will lie prohibited.      Lettergrams may  be     accepted prepaid nr collect under usual
regulations,   imt will   not be transmitted before midnight,
We are now receiving regular shipments of strawberries.—Tbe Fink
Mercantile Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Deo. Thompson returned last evening from a visit to
the coast. Whilst nn ibe must Mr.
Thompson took up several civic matters with the provincial authorities,
among which  were the question    of
Ihe disposal of tii- city's interests
tn the public building, tbe quest lot
nf ibe new restricted district, which
is to be located in block Ml.
and        the question        if       the
maintenance of sick ami
destitute persons, Mr Thompson
also appeared before the court ol
anneals in two eases, judgment in
which was reserved.
.lust arrived—Another ton of the
BEST ENGLISH white lead, direct
from England, via Cape Ih-rti and
Vancouver.—M II. Short, the painter
and decorator
Do not forget the Hcbeknh's
dance on the 22ml Inst.
I At the St. Edgcnc hospital last
night there died Mrs. Adclard
Ittiiult. a sister-in-law ol Mr. Brault,
proprietor of the Canadian hotel.
Mrs, Brault has been ill for about
t wo weeks of pneumonia. She
leaves n husband ami six children to
mourn her loss, the oldest nf whom
is a voting man in the employ of
the Electric Light companv. The
deceased lady was about 10 years
old. The funeral is to take place
tomorrow afternoon, Rev Father
Choinel officiating, The bereaved
hiisbm.il and the motherless children
have the sincere sympathy of many
friends in their sad affliction.
Special sale of dinner sets. 20 per
cent off all complete sets. Sale
good for 10 days.—Campbell and
We aim to sell goods that will
please. Satisfied customers are our
best      advertisement. McClary's
ranges have made many satisfied
customers for us. We want your
satisfaction. Come this way.—Patmore Bros.
WANTED-Sewing hy the dav. Apply Miss Twamley, care of Mrs.
Thompson, next to Opera house,
Everv family and especially those
wlm reside In the country should be
provided at nil times with a bottle
oi Chamberlain's Liniment. There
Is no telling when it may he wanted
in case of an accident or emergency.
It is most excellent in all cases of
rheumatism, sprains and bruises.
Sidd hv all druggists and dealers. 6-tf
A dispatch from Vancouver savs:
The condition of Bishoti Dart, of
New Westminster, has taken a
change for the worse, and his lordship is rapidly sinking. Alt hope nf
recovery has been abandoned ami the
last sacrament has been administered.
Special sale of dinner sets. 25 per
cent oil all complete sets. Sale
good for io davs.—Campbell and
Cranbrook lawn tennis players assembled last evening at tlie government building and reorganized lor the
season. In the absence of the
president, Mr. R, T. Brymner, presided. Officers for the ensuing year
were elected as follows: Hon. Prcst-
stent, It. T. Brymner; president.
K.       B.      Benedict, secretary-
dent,    It.    T.     Brvmner;   secretarv-
A. Beale, J. H. McCreery, W. A,
Schwartz; ladies committee. Miss
Armstrong, Mrs. Hoskins. Mrs. El-
well, Mrs. Beale. Mrs. Schwartz,
secretary to ladies committee. After some discussion of cluh topics
the meeting adjourned.
Singer sewing machines do the best
work and last a lifetime. Sold on
small monthly payments.—Singer
Store. 44t
FOR SALE-Scttings of pure bred
White Leghorns, 15 eggs for 11.00.
Apply to W. G. Sawver, Cranhrook. 5--U
Sec Short's ad. on front page.
Sundav evening, April 21th. Kev
Citv lodge, 1 OOF., will attend divine service at the Presbyterian
Speeial sale of dinner sets. 2"> per
cent off all complete sets. Sale
good (nr IU davs.—Campbell and
Tbe regular meeting of the Cranbrook Farmers' Institute took place
last evening, Mr. T. dill, president,
in tlie chair. Alter some routine
business an interesting pa|>cr on the
liaising and Cultivating nf Small
Fruits, was read by Mr. Hamilton,
to|lowed hy another paper by Mr. A
B. Smith, of Fort Steele, on Poultry
liaising. These papers proved very
interesting and Instructive and elicited a good deal of valuable discussion.
Reports of both will appear next
week. It Is Important that those
interested in these meetings should
make a point of turning out more
regularly. These meetings should
prove of value to every farmer and
fruit grower in this district and If
tbe lust use possible is to be made
of them, there should be a large attendance on each occasion.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets assist nature In driving all
impurities nut of the svstem, insuring a free and regular condition and
restoring the organs of the body to
health ami strength Sold hv all
dealers. Ml
WANTED TO PI'RCI I ASK -Between 20 and 30 hens. Address F.
Godderis, Baker street. (i-2t*
FOR RENT.—Photograph gnllery
and rooms. Enquire F. Godderis,
Baker street. ii-'2t*
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
TAKE NOTICE thai vuu arc hereby required on or before the second
(3) day of     Mav,     1910, at one (1)
p.m.     (local  time)   tn have all    the!
gatbage, ashes ami rubbish of every j
description placed in tbe lane or oil j
the street adjacent  to vnur premises.
In heaps or in    boxes, and tn    have
vmi r     premises    thoroughly    cleaned
and in a sanitary condition.
Wagons and teams will be furnished by the City, free of charge, at
one (1) o'clock in the afternoon
(13k) nf 2ml day of Mav. 1910, to remove the same. The owner or tenant "f the premises shall assist the
teamsters to load tbe same in the
, wagons and in removing the same
from the lanes, or streets Mon-
Jday, the second (2) day ol May,
{MHO, is declared to be a general
j cleaning dav for the city.
The owner or tenant of tbe premis-
les not cleaned pursuant to tbis notice by the evening of the 2nd day*
ol Mav. 1910, will be summoned under tbe provisions nf tbe Health
Bylaw and is liable to a penalty uot
exceeding $|l>0.un. The provisions
of the Bvlaw will lie strictly inforc-
Tbe Citv is nnt bound to give any
notice whatsoever, ami this notice is
given merely In order to facilitate
a general cleaning up nf the premises within the Citv and shall nnt act
as a precedent.
Dated    this   lith     dav nf    April.
Bv order
,1. P. Fink. Mayor,
F   W* (ircen.
Chairman of the   Health Committee.
The Chief of Police and Chief     of
the   Fire    Department     will he     in
charge of the work.
House and twn lots on Dewar
avenue. 2 jots nnd hen houses ou
Watt avenue; also IK Brown Leghorn bens, 2 Drown Leghorn cockerels, -I incubators, brooders and colony houses, ami household furniture-
Apply A. C. Piggott, Dewar
avenue. 7
Your tongue is coated.
Your breath is foul.
Headaches come and go.
These symptoms show that your
stomach is tlie trouble. To remove
the cause is the lirst thing, and
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets will do that      Easy to take
All accounts due the undersigned
il not settled within thirty days,
will It placed in court for collection.
Please settle same and SAVE
Waldo, B. C
Waldo,  April Hth,   1110 7-81
Twenty centuries ago there appeared upon tbe earth a child of low-
Iv birth. Not in a palace, not even
in a home of ordinary appointments,
hut in a manager, this child first beheld the light of day. The child
grew, developed, and cave promise of
a wonderful career. For a season he
passed out of ststlll lint hv mid hv he
anpeared again to disclose to those
about him concern,ng the "life which
now is and that which is to come."
Such was the power of this strange
personality that we have authority,
for saving that "They came to htm
from everv emirler." This was the
carpenter's son, This was the Man
ol Galilee.
Across the darkness of the world
there flashed the light ol a personality whose beams still radiate with a
Cranbrook Trading
Company, Ltd.;
P. O.   BOX   -A"
PHONE   198
We are Headquarters for
Also    Headquarters    for
Farm Implements
Also for Bran, Shorts, Rolled Oats, Graham
or Whole Wheat Flour, Mother's Favorite
Flour, Oats, Wheat and Hay.
If you want the Best of Bread use
Rising Sun Flour.
We aim to sell the best goods
at the lowest price.
pure ami undevlat ing glow. Its
beams are still as potent to send
warmth into a human soul as iu the
davs when the multitudes were hastening to him "from every quarter.!'
So widespread is his influence that
throughout the length aud breadth
of Christendom church spires are
pointing heavenward In Ills name,
sclhtol doors are opening in which
people may enter ami study the principles of the civili/alimi which He
came to establish. Families are being organized and homes huilded upon an ordinance which He founded.
So widely has He come to he known
as the fountain of the world's purest
joy, that In the hour of sorrow aud
even death stricken hearts pause thnt
thev muv bear Him whisper:
"Let not your heart lie troubled,
As I am with you always."
"A woman holds a higher place
Than a king upon his throne;
He rules his kingdom bv his power,
She hv her love alone.
I.arth   holds    no better thing than
No greater power for good,
The highest gift Ood can bestow,
A noble womanhood.
This is the work he gives to them,
To comfort, guide and bless;
To drop    on   bruised    and  aching
The biilin nf temlelliess.
Metier to be a queen ol hnme,
Loving, nnd bravo ami Into;
To live (bat all ina\  Dud tins World
Metier because of you.
Dettet tn Kiss a llllle fare.
Dimpled, and pure and sweet,
Met lei  In guide, witb loving hands,
The HCtlc, stumbling feet:
Hotter in feel the tender clasp
Ol soli arms round vour neck,
Thau to sit Orion tbe proudest thrum*
With nations at vour feet."
The best use we can make nf our
life is to live so that wc sliall be u
benediction to everv one we meet.
(ieoige Wells, of Calgary, delivered
a verv interesting address before the
members of the horticultural society
of that city recently, iu which he.
gave the views of an expert on the
planting und care of a garden which
the nvcragc man in the citv can
handle* Mr. Wells said his plan has
always been to plant what he kneW
would grow nnd never to buy anything that is doubtful. Cabbages,
cauliflowers, seeds sown from April
1 to 15 in frame, cabbage transplanted to garden May 2!>th to June 1;
cauliflower planted out June 15th.
There Is generally a slight frost
about Juno 10, which is fatal to


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