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Cranbrook Herald Aug 11, 1910

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In the Herald  Pays—Try
Our   Local   Columnu
10c. ti lino
UBl.„.„. ubt.tr   M4|;. <      ,.
♦Wa are tJBu equlppa-l lu
,   turn .Imiiw- beat class
NO. 2*1
Arrangements now well under way -- Lieutenant
(lovernor Invited to open the Exhibition
All is activity now among tlio officers of 1 lu* Crnnhrook [-'nil Fair.
\ii. a. 11. Smith, thr managing di
rector, is working assiduously every
hour of ilu- day iml is rnpidl) gel
ling things Into good shape. I'rcshl
out BnrdgOtt uml Sccrolnrj DoVcre
Hunt hnve forwarded un invltnlfon
lo liis honor, LleiitunnnMloveru-ii
Piiiii'isoii lo olllclntu al il pcnltnr
Of till'   l-'llll   I'll 11.
Reports from oiilsldo illsUlcIh iu
dlcnie Hint lliere will ho no Inch ul
choice exhibits in nit ilepnrtmeni•*
Mr. Vi. N. Suiito, of Tliiiiiiiri Hill
wlm was in town during the week,
hikes a lively Interest in 'lie Pull
Pair, lie recognizes tlm! ii is ip
to tin- nelllers iu the Columbia Valley this year, more than ever i..-
fore, to make the flnesl illsplny possible of tbr p roll lie L.i of iheir       	
tion. Tin- constr'i-'tl 1-1 of the K.C.
l(. Is attracting Inn.! investors mid
Intemllng settlers from all a\
il is freely conceded t!.nl. im
advertiBcmenl of the resource*
tbis lamed district could be *
than a really adequate d lupin i
tlie Crnnlirook Kail Kan', Sep
21 and 22.
Kort   Steele    ra-U'hnrs  111.0
growers an* equally keen on t
■r ami
|-i good display nl ibe O'.mitng fai''.
Tho snmo romnrk npplloa to the
ranoliora of Creston district, wbo
tbis ypnt hope lo \o up a^aiim l.epii-
or competition llinn eon'tunl-ed Ihem
lasl yeur.
Locally a growing lnture*jl is being
dlsptnyod iu ibe co.ning rail l*Vr.
Bus I ness men ure begi mug to re
cognize, as never before, ihe mi
porl mice of iliis annul event, which
nltords so uncc|unlled nn ii-ipoi'limity
to make known io tin- iniisi.i" world
tbe cnpahllltlcs and I'lilentliilille** of
Ibe t'ranbrook district.
if the work started and m >v .-.ell
under way do heartily maJiilnined,
tbe coming Kail Knir will mark a
new era in the ,ir:>-;if-s oi Cttil-
It is up to every citizen lo do his
1 her part to ensure an iinqualfflCI
succors and ii is'uspc.'i.illy ;:i *>orl-
nnt that the energetic efforts of flic
managing director, Mr. \ I!. Stiillh,
ho heartily backed up Hy I he i.ieiiv
liers of the various -.imnit1*i*s.
Offers of special prizes will be
welcomed hy Mr. A. it. S»il*li
,ill quarters. Already a large
lier bave been received ami the
that come in the more, varied
attractive can the prhe 11-tt
Welcome to Conquering Heroes
Cranbrook Baseball Team Given Well Earned Welcome Home
by Fellow Citizens
Extensive low grade mineral bodies —A Sport-man's
Paradise -- Big game and fine fishing
At last coming to its own --Construction of K. C. R
Means Rapid Settlement — Ideal Spot for Tourists
Ibis year the hcauiilut ana of Ibe
Windermere lake district ami the
reaches ■■( the Columbia and Kootenay valleys nre receiving more attention from tourists, land seekers aod
local men of note btn have for many
years come within 'in portals, This
is in puit due to the work ol construction having leer commenced
on the southern end ol ihe Kootenay
Central railway, parti) to the opening of the land selling campaign bj
tin- Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit
Lands, Limited, of Wtlmer, hut more
especially so to the (act of its natural beauties being norc wldclj known
by reason of the visit in past Days of
newspaper and magazine writers ol
note, some persons of high authority have gone m far as to make
publio statements that when onee the
connecting line of railway of the
Canadian Pacific railwav Is coitr
•.muted tbat this fine valley will Lithe Kenio route of Southern British
Columbia \*- it Is now tin* beauties of iis •*■ .-111 \ either bj boal oi
automobile baflle description Its
trull and vegetable powers ol prodth
tion are again being tried o * u
those wbo have any lu *-« II . ■
Ing .1 read] market al theli dooi foi
what ihey have to oiler
\* a    until, t  .nd   in Its develop
iiieni and the connecting     "i    this
magnificent   valley    with the prairie
u is well   to mention tin' a
bile lo.nis    that   ire now In pri i -
oi    construction       Mon   < pei
mav  reference be made lo Hie   um
which is t rt Uanfl with Windermere,     ihe    accomplishment    ol
which mil bring Calgary  and      Its
citltons to   WMinn iaj  neveu   hours
nm ot ihe lands ..1 tiiis valley     \l
ready manv   Ol  the mrirr wealth"   and
■drenturous capitalists ol tlmt pari
.in- commencing to search the bidden
places and speaking positive!) and
wilh definite assurance of the homes
Ihey .n>- to build ien- in ilir immed
late future mi hangs on thr ad
vent of ihe railway, oi iln positive
assurance ibat It wilt in- further
constructed in Ibr immediate future
iii.- large dcpoall - of Ins grade
on- tune been tried "ii for yean and
thousands ol tons ne him; nt tlie
mouths ol Ibe various mine tunnels
read) lo be lacked .mil carried    to
tin   JOWCI   lofell  (list   as soon as  Hie
bands oi iteel tn cart) them are
placed on 1 be dump       The ngrlctil
tural possibilities are well known
and largely advertised, hut since the
cessation in the mining fields the
market for food stalls has been so
I itui ted as not to warrant the
growth  of   largo  quantities. This
year it has all changed. With the
large amount of work lieing done In
ihe provincial government Ir. tbe
opening up of new toads and tlie repairing of others ibat have of late
fallen into diSUse, with the increased
activity in the lumber woods, Imt
above all locally liy tbe consumption
of those who are being employed by
tl.e land companv, to wbieb previous
mention bas been      made,
.1 wad) market is
now open foi all ami more than all
ihe produce raised locally. Trices
are ranging high accordingly, fresh
eggs    bringing tort)   cents a dozen,
butter loi tv cents a pound, bay
twenty-four dollars pei ton and other tilings pro rata, nor Is there rca-
nn to bone from a consumer's
standpoint tbal prices w ill again
..im,- down to .1 lowei t<asis, foi
a ith the drawing on ol tbe i lose <-i
BUmmei there are Visions Ol a tiiueli
brlghUll   ve.it   ahead to dawn in 1811,
Tbe laud project ol the Columbia
Valley Irrigated Pmil Lands, Limit
ed, lo which previous attention lias
been drawn, covers m tbe neighbor-
hn i1 nl f.'itv five thousand acres, oi
,i little over ninetj square miles In
all 01 ibis area it is thought that
pos dblj s grcatei strength ot
-jtowih ean annual!) tie assured in
the Introduction nf Irrigation To
arcnmpllsh tins purpose the company
an- now perfecting p tyitem of main
Donate ami ditches ul main miles in
length, assuring a perfect system of
distribution Ulan) of these canals
have now been constructed and the
water for Irrigation purposes can be
. onvo)*od ovei the greater parts ot
theh Wtlmer, ami Canterbur) land
district. The work ol completing
the data necesaar) loi the opening
of ihr 15,000 acres In tbdi VYIlmei
distiui fnr sale fs now being push*
<d. Wte.id, tin- surveyors are in
tin* held laying the land ofi in attractive areas of from fire to forty
■ien- Iota, so that all thai remains is
the determining tho irrigable areas
iii each ease and tin- final listing
Tbis is   now      being  inslied forward
wiih ail reasonable speed.
PINCIIER'8 \i VYOH si I*miii:k
A tragedy occurred at Plnchct
Creek between seven ami eight o'clock
Sunday night b) which Plnchcr Creek
lost its i hiif magistrate, Mayor
.1 .1. Scot) killed hlmaell in a lit Of
drsnomlency, discharging the con
tents ot ii shotgun into bis breast.
..>.*.! before   committing    tbe awful
deed be ti'tephiuied f.>r Constable Hue,
and while thi! latter was entering
the tale of tbe mayor's residence be
beard    tbe   shot,     w Inch terminated
Scott's earthly    career.     Deceased
was alone in the bouse   al  tbe lime
nt the tragedy, Mra. Seolt being nh-
sent vlsiling lilends at Macleod |)e*
ceased was lift)' vears nt age uqd
papular witb all ta the community
WERE SI cckssi ri. |\
The results of tbe recent high
school examinations have been announced by the department ot education Cranbrook center makes a
good showing with six successful
candidates, out ol nine, vi/:
Kathleen L. iindues    iiini
Sybil l». White    557
Qarnel  V. llinkley  M.I
Annie Maud  Short       tRii
Daisy .1   ,M(/.allum  -173
.Ifsaie  Kennedy   453
Tin- victorious Cranbrook baseball
nine  returned    home this afternoon
from Nelson. They v. en* given a
riglil royal welcome, practically the
whole town being 'to at the station
lo welcome them back. I'pon n-
ligbting from the train they were
sealed on a gaily decorated wagon
aud hauled through town hy a team
composed ol Lading citizens, the
leaders being Mayor Fink and Judge
Wilson, whilst the wheel horses were
fleorge Iloggarth and Raid)' Morris.
Willi the city hand in tbe lead, the
route of the triumphal procession
was Irom llie station to the Herald
Office, thence along Norbnry avenue
to the Unlbolic church, tlicncc to
llie Telephone ollicc aud thenee along
Armstrong avenue to Raker street to
ihe Cosmopolitan hotel, where the
procession terminated.
Flags were Hying and streamers
were strung across the street, most
if the business houses dosed for a
few minutes to allow all hands to
join in the welcome home. Cranbrook was proud of her boys and
showed it in the most enthusiastic
The record of games won, continued from last issue of Ihe Herald, Is
as follows:
..ii Cranbrook
..8 Cranbrook
.2 Cranbrook
.<i Cranhrook
,.5 Cranbrook
record, with siv previous
win*., is probably unprecedented in
the Pacific Northwest. In tho eleven games played t'ranbrook scored
79 runs, whilst the lotol of their ip*
poncnts was hut 26,
It is proposed to arrange a smoking concert in honor of the baseball
nine ar an earlv dale, fnr which ,>
lirst class program will be prepared.
The r-v-ipi-. from tin- concert will
go towards tin club funds. A bumper
house mav he confidently anticipated.
Further particulars will Im1 given
later, when date is definitely fixed.
Oscar Neilsoii. secretory of the
iiaseball club,    speaks lu the highest
praise id tin Ii treatment everj
where, except thut through some
misunderstanding, Trail let them in
for the expenses of Ihe game llicj
played with the hoys from smelter
l own.
Campbell LImlsoy, who acted as
team manager, is loud iu his praise
of tbe boys, of the treatment Lhoy
WOro accorded eu'tywherc, and ol
the splendid judgment exercised
by Umpire •). P. Cook, ol Chew-club, who acted at both of tlin Col
villi- games. Cook, according to
i.iudsey, is just about tlu- 8(|linrcst
baseball umpire to bo found in the
Pacific Northwest.
Tbe Colville hoyn had Issued posters advertising 'lie games with
Crnnhrook, in wlilcli limy appealed to
the Colville public to turn mil en
masse and watch tbelli sustain their
Im to Ibe championship of lhe Inland Empire. Colville people did
turn out in force, only to witness
two defeats administered io the
erstwhile champions.
Tbe boys have alt returned iu good
shape, having thoroughly enjoyed
tbdr trip. There i-s talk of another
tour at an early dale into Montana.
Arrangements for ibis lour are now
in the bauds of Campbell I.iudsey,
who is communicating wilh the principal Monlana teams with regard to
dales, etc.
The Spokane .Spokcsmnn-Kcvfov*
covers tin two matches al Colville
as follows:
"Colville. Wash.. Aug. r.-Crau-
brook was too much for Colville today and the home learn lost its first
game since April lb and the lirst in
10 to Cranbrook. 7 In 2. Ted Mai
loy, the ex-(foii.*aga Uvirler, wbo Is
now with the Cranhrook aggregation, was too much for ihe home
mon. He held bis hits v.ill scattered and struck out five men. while
Co! vi He's pitcher went bim one belter and struck mil siv
Mulligan, another ex-Oonzngn man,
also Is playing   with Cranbrook    at
short slop ami has been making
good. His billing, coupled wilh that
of Mnlloy's, nsslsled materially In
llie game.
The batteries     were:     Cranhrook,
Malloy   and      Pelorson;      Colville,
Wright and Wright."
"Colville, Wash , Aug. 8.—What   Is
believed lo   li e     of the best ball
games over played in the Inland Kmpire wns played here Ibis afternoon
between the Cranbrook and Colville
nines, resulting 1 to o in tnvni of
Cranbrook, StelU pitched fot the
home men, while Onlv in was nn tin-
slab for lhe Canadians. Tbis v as
tbe second vletorj for Cranbrook
over Colville, the visitors winning
The lone score <d ibe game came in
the Ilrsi inning, when Oscar S'ellson,
the first batter m\ in the game, hit
Iho first halt pitched by Stella for a
clean two-bagger He scored on an
error by Snapp. This was the extent of the scoring, and Jitter the
lirst inning neither team had tin-
lightest chance In appear in lhe
run column. St Hi/ struck anl eight
men, while Galvin retired M.
The batfcrles were Steltz and
Wright for Colville and fiat* in and
Peterson fnr* Cranhrook.
Cranbrook has one of Un* fustesl
teams it has had iu veins, anil on
Hie present trip, which terminates
with a game at Nelson, It. C , Wed
ndsdny, the nine has not Insl a
i.aioe, and has met all of the crock
nines of the section. At' t a short
rest in Cranbrook     the team intends
to take   another     irii t   through
Montana, playing nl RuUe, Anaconda, Helena, Great Falls and other of the larger teams in Montana
Kamloops Irrigation Convention
Valuable Discussion of Matters of Import to Residents in the
Dry Belt
At tin Irrigation convention which
assembled In Kamloops last week
manv matters of supreme interest to
those settled In the dry belt were
discussed, and resolutions were
adopt.-ii calculated to advance the In-
toiests of t-hore concerned In the
proper conservation "f the water rc-
s-oimes oi tho province
Cranbrook was represented   nt   the
oavention hv K. !■:. .Simpson nnd S.
I). Gordon
Tn response to a petition Introduced h) tbo fruit growers of Kelowua
disiriet, the following resolution wns
Whereas irrigation projects have
been and an- being hampered hy
tho failure in the It. C. water act to
make provision for allowing water
whieli lias heen recorded for and is
appurtenant to Certain lands, in be
separated from said lands and
tblOWn Into the amalgamated as a
part of a general project, be it re-
rolved that this convention strongly
urges the government of R. c to
amend the water tot sn as to provide bo and allow sttch separation
and amalgamation."
Premier McBride delivered an ad-
ilfess ou tbe attitude of tbe provincial government lo the objects of the
association lie said the government was heartily In smypathy therewith. He regretted tbe absence of
Mr Kllisou. minister of lands, and
declared that property worth millions of dollars bad been given to
British Columbia mainly through irrigation work. As the trails were*
pushed info the remoter districts tho
Work ol the irrigation engineer
would continue to become Increasingly important. He reminded his
bearers that the title to the Ifi-mlle
belt iu dispute between the Dominion ami provincial governments
would shortlv he rettled by the
privy council, lieforo whom the appeal bus lieen beard. Whatever the
decision in ghl he, he said Ihey
mlgbl rest assured that the vested
rights and Interests ot all parties
•once rnedl would be held sacred    and
adcquatclj  protected
British Columbia, lie said, bad lor
years been telling lhe world of ber
hig trees, her Illimitable limber resources, her fisheries, her climate,
lier scenery, and her wonderful cat
erwnys. .U last she had spoken ol
her fruit, und she had spoken eloquently,   nol  only for   ibe province
but tor     the    Domini I Canada.
Western Canada had heen able to pui
fruit exhibits in tin motherland
which carried ofi all her leading
premiums. The bigness of the fruit
industry, regarded as among products
of R. C. would largely depend upon
the development of the Interior ly
irrigation. It would he with the
government to show this association
■i.iii encouragement, ns well as sym-
It.itl \, as would nnkc live tank to
-Ahull tbe mem >*.
Bptvnii easy Indeed
Mr. Fulton read
it'i .sn Columbia •■'■<
l.oti 11, ibis subjec1,
lirst become ncces
minimi. Then, wilh ^^^^^^^^
the dry lauds Irrigation became
necessary, and the water rights enjoyed by the miner*! were extended la
tlie farmer. Hut for mnnj years legislation on the .subject consisted of a
lew sections only, lu I8fl7 Iho
Waler Clauses, whiflit
heen part of tl,* i iml
sollnat.-d in nu >. * *.
Water Cluu-s.'s Ci oso! ^^^^^^^
tlie advice ul Prol. Carpenter. of
Colorado, and Ihi* »esnM t a .i*it
which the sp'U*er mnde lo the
state, the pre-wtit art was i *i m I in
At the evening sesaioii* <litn.es
White, secretary of iho Canada Conservation conrnlttsinn, read <t pnper
ou the subject of comion-'itlnn,
Marlin RurMI, M V . delivered an
address, and a pap-'i wa o.W lend
by A. K. Melghnn.
A spirited discussion which took
place at tbe convention mi Thursday
morning, following the Introduction
oi a resolution hy tho resolutions
committee recommending (but        tn
|..i 1 sel
i(i*i   i
,*r ,.,!    |
in* said,
irj     liy
in   II.
t       ni
•ill then hat
act were eon-
-.-. .-i a, tl.-
Ida*ton   \< *   <>;
view of tin* legislution now pending
before the privy council regarding
the question vvhetbei water within
the railway hell of H. C. i> vested
in the crown, iu ihe right of the
Dominion, or in the right ut the
province of Hritish Columbia. the
Dominion government be recommended to pass an act at next session
"dealing with all claims for water
j within tho said railway belt.*'
The outcome of the discussion was
the adoption id a resolution to the
following ((Teet:
"That the Dominion ant) provincial
governments he urged to co-opera tc
in a speedy settlement of tbe watci
tights in the rallwaj belt of Brit
ish Columbia,"
\ K. Asheroft. C.K., read a paper
• •a irrigation in the Okanagan .md
Thompson valleys, tn ibe course <<f
which he said thai the distance embraced in these valle) i contained
500,000 acres of lands which with
irrigation would produce fruit ami
other crops as much more valuable
j iiiiui wheat, as wheat Is more valu
abb- than native grasses It was
no exaggeration to «) thai ten acres
of good irrigated fruit land is equal
in producing value to I mi acres of
the besi wheat land in tho northwest. These valb-vs wen* capable
of supporting in comfort and even
luxury "at,mm families, or a quartet
of a million  souls.      a  respectable
beginning had heen made iu reclaim
! ing and settling this vast area, some
j 100,000 acres lieing covered b) the
[various svntcms alrcadj conttructed
or in course of construction. Tlie
speaker thought that In the districts
under notice the creation of Irrigation districts after the model of
some in California, vas onlv a matter of time, tie had made a Special
study ol the region during the pasl
live years and be was of opinion Ibat
there are ample supplies of waler
for the available land, provided all
the storage basins' are utilized- open
ditches and     Humes   dispensed   with
Stuart ,J, Seholield, of the Dominion geological survey, who for several weeks past has been working iu
tin- St .Mar)'1: \allev section, was
in town over .Sunday, returning to
bis field of labor oil Monday morning. Mr. Seholield talks verv i ti-
tcrlainingly ol the St. Mary's river
distriei. Unfortunately, just at
present, ho is not nt liberty lo tell
in detail al) be has noted in lhat
rich section of Kast Kootenav. but
Irom a general conversation had
wiib him on Sunday the Herald was
greatly impressed with the undoubted mineral Hfealth *>i that section and
with tho excellent Inducements it
holds out for sportsmen.
.Mr. Schofield has been greatly impressed with the similarity between ;
the st   Mary's river district and llie!
Cobalt section of Ontario.     Such ore
bodies- as he has •.,, i.n noted .ne
large and of low grade Mr. Scho-I
field Intimated thai Mi \\ II
Boyd, chief topographer ol the geological survey, will ne out lure frou,
Ottawa about lhe middle ol the
month,   and thai    Mr   0     R   I.en-t.,
economic geologist, ol Ottawa, will
nls<> hi! out here next month from
Ottawa to assist bim in preparing
his report on tins district
in discussing the game resources ol
tht* district, Mr. Schofield expressed
the opinion that stricter regulations
should be imposed in the matter ol
the destruction of big game. The
bags now allowed, he claims, arc
loo great j[ big game an- nol to be
entirely killid oh*, tie says that
goats, den, caribou, grizzly and
black hear are fairl) plentiful The
fishing In this section rnnnoi he
excelled, llecentl) in tlto headwaters of Hell's Roaring Creek, he
secured a large mess of rainbow
trout iu Iras    than on hour. \
branch -<f the south lork n| SI
St. Mary's rivet also affords t>ome
excellent fishing Tliere is nol as
yel much settlement in Cos section,
practical)) the onlv rate!: ,d any
note is Meiielnti s, where tl- l...\ crop
this season is wt} beavj What
promised to he .* splendid strawberrj
crop was demolished bv deer.
What Can be Done Without Irrigation
Splendid results obtained close to Town by industry
and Enterprise
i)u Sutiinlav last John Mitchell, a
carpenter engaged in encting lite
addition to the ivarefaouse of the
Cranbrook Trading Co. ml has since
thon gone up in a most spectacular
blaze) fill some fourteen fevt off a
scaffolding and somewhat severely
Injured his back- He will have to
stav at home for a leu days *.., recuperate, but lu* lines arc laid     in
■ civ pleasant places He has mad.*
himself an abiding place wblcfa well
deserves a word «-r two of description. His is one ol thi H*e acre
blocks on the hillside to the wes'. oi
Baker's meadows and is rc.ich**d a]
the road across the t-Ticks nt%ir tht
old .slaughter house.
Fifteen months ago Mitcl.eli's place
was no better and no worse than any
unreclaimed part if the hillside Is
ai present. It was a blind tangle
of stumps, old slashing*, branches,
tops and brush. Today it is live
acres ot garden with n fine well and
a capital, well-built, comfortably
furnished cottage   -n it.
What Is remarkable about the
place is that it is ill under cultivation of tbe best sort—thrifty, clean
-ultlvation.     There are uo      fta-ne
patches, The fruit trees are doing
well, and tin- potatoes, beets, cabbages and other ordinal*, vegetables
are limply thriving without n drop
i>: water tor Irrigation. In front
oi the cottage U on enclosed paten
of about an acre where all kinds of
rto*erv com, string beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and even citrons arc
nourishing Some di the citrons In
I the h**d—there must be Wty or fciaty
!<<f them—would weigh about four
I pounds. Star the house in 'ihal was
once a water course be lound the
j l#st of water **. n depth ot twenty-
seven teet. Mitchell did ail this,
evolved this lowl) little home out
of Un wiMerr.-»s Inside fifteen
months and earned bis living and
the hum* of his wife and family
•vhilr doing it. More power to
bin* What he pro..-** he can do will
! !**■ tbe rigbt kind ot Inducement to
'others lo stay with it He is of
tl* does of -mi) that the country
needs, hut while all credit is duo
to him it may be vbrewdly inspected
that Mrs. MHchell was always busy
with what ber band found to do
when bet hu.s*-awt was in town. Iu-
■1..-.-I. I* ad-xits u much.
(Continued on page ill.)
A most distressing fatal accident
occurred at Coleman, \lta . on the
th Instant, whereby Michael Mo-
Car tby, who operates the steam
shovel b,r the C.F It. on the fran-
brook division, lost his only surviving son, Cecil, a particular!) bright
clever young lad just over thirteen
r* old.    li betnf* vacation times
the father took the lad to Col* timn
with him for a little holiday and for
the pleasure ol his company, (in the
lav in question the wind got up In
all its prairie strength and seems t,,
iavc bad it-, ilmrc in Ute accident
'Wing to Us roar drowning all othei
lonnds. Mi McCarthy was work-
in:  the  shovel   and  had  swim*    OVCI
the buakcl to load wh<n he noticed
tbe cars ol i. . work 'rain passing
him at a ta,i rate <f speed, Loot
ng round iu lhe direction in which
he ears w.-n- going, to hi", h.-iror
he am his boj Itterallj under the
wheel* and being whirled over twice
long between the tracks. Instantly he pulled the Whistle nf the
steam ihoevel "-vide open, tMs being
a   signal   for    breaks on the work
train. II was too late when ihe
rain was pulled up. The life <<t
the poor little f.ll«w whs quite *"J-
tlnct. lie had been killed Install
taneously though not mutilated lo
my extent. It Is the father's opinion that the roar .f thn wind and
the rattle of the -team shovel prevented the child hearing the work
tram approaching htm No clement
ol blame attaches to anyone tor an
accident which stirs universal syt..
pat by for a man highly respected by
all who h'now him and who Is u
credit to the community,
The bod) was taken lo Iteatty'a
undertaking establishment whence i-
was taken on Mondav morning to
ih,- Roman Catholic church. After
iln- requiem mass had been celebrated hv   the lie;   LouiH Choinel. p.C ,
the iuiicr.il cortege proceeded   to the
cemetery. The casket was covered
with beautiful .-. reathi sent In
friends m Spokane, Creston, N'elson,
Cranhrook,, Kernie, Coleman and
other place*. Th*** fur-eral airanirr-
meata were attended to by tbe
Knfghta of Columbus, ol which order
Mr McCarth] is a prominent member. Tie pall-bearers were Joseph
Ryan, grand knight, Ilt-mard Ve-
fioldnc. deputy erand knight, W E,
('line, secretary and William Kan-
kins, treasurer, all ol the Cranbrook
This melanchot) occurrence recalls
that some year' *u*o the eldest son
of Mr UcCartb) while bunting In
the w'mmIs near Kit* benei was
caught fn h -now storm and died
Irom exposure The searching party
found lo*! body parti) covered undci
a fallen tree where Im bod loin down
to rest <<;.!\ to -I- rp Into ib-atb.
|.a*ti November another ion, who
was being treated Im some defect of
rlsinn In Vew Vorfc, died ijui.*- suddenly atttr hut n ten hours illneas,
I So notable a sent. ,<f iflnVtlons t,,
lone famll) Induces a wish thai we
[could nee whal deep, Insci table
provfdenee of <*•--! lies behind u Imt
appears t<< us In our bllndne as
unnecessarily cruel bereavements and
stirs 'is to assure those wbo suffer
that people of every class |n Cranbrook rcspectfM.lv n-i.dei to the parents and tin* sitters of the hoy their
very earnest lympath)
r\i it  would he practical I j Impossible to reply IndKlduall)  to       the
large number "f letters and messages
lot    condolence on    lhe death of our
deai son    Clcll Terence .it  Coleman,
Alttt.,    on     fith    August, our Iriends
will please accept oui thankful    assurance of our gratitude lor     their
sympathy In our deep affliction,
Mrs. M   McCarthy,
Michael McCarthy.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hnve recentl
of this Bank ore abb
In t
v been completed under which the branches
< to issue Drafts un tho principal points
u* following i "ui iiiies :
Austria-Hungary    Finland
Belgium                Purniosi
Braxil                     Franco
Bulgaria                 fVel.G
Ceylon                  Oerniiui
China                       Great H
Crflc                    Greece
Ireland                    Rutula
Italy                         Servia
Japan                    Slam
i liint liiu.1   Java                            South Afrit**
Mum-tun u             Straits SeltlemenU
itatn           Mexico                  Sweden
Norway                 Switzerland
Denmark               lli.ll.inJ
Egypl                   j"*	
Paroe Island.        India
I'ursla                   Turkey
Pbilliplilfl Islatldx    West liuiii-t          17s
Uouinaniu                  und elsewhera
R. T. Brymner
Manager Cranbrook branch
Engineers,   Founders
and   Machinists —SB
ri. 11.
i'. 11. ii,,*, m
We are Specialists in Saw Mill Machinery
and Repairs
We make llie Ik*.*-! Saw Guide and Arbor in
13. C.   Any size required.
ia now pivpaivJ lo supply your "Brick
Wants*' ai llm following prices r.ti.it.
tin- ynrtl.
♦ KILN RUN    -
$11.00 PER 1000        jj
$12.00 PER 1000        ♦
Vuu will rcwlily sen that ut tlm above
prims you cmi huiltl u Brick (hvolling
uhuapurthan wood.
News from Moyie
(From the Leader.)
Oo vera men t Agent Artnatrong has
set Tuesday, August lflth, ns dato
For hold! 11(5 lbt< election ol lire wardens lor Moyie. I'lu- hour set is 11
o'clock, railway time.
•l. W. Pitch is hnvliig assessment
work done ou the (Jem group, near
lowu. A tunnel is being driven ou
u ledge Unit has a very promising
I Hliowlttg. Thr tii'in wan formerly
Uu* Mountain (inal claim.
Work is 'jirogreswlng favorably on
bulb tin- ii|i|ier and lower ends ol Die
n.w wagon road to the Society Girl
mini'. Some twenty men arr cm-
liloyed ami thry ore making a splendid showing. This is a very necessary plcco <>f work, uuil will prove of
great benefit tn tin- camp.
on Monday evening Insl the regular annual meeting' nl the Moyie firo
brigade was held. Tin- books were
audi ted and found iu order with a
bnlanco nl $1-1.83 m tbe hank. \
wile ut thanks was passed to ('has.
Stagg Im bis donation of a tire bell
and tn tin- Consolidated company for
tin- many courtesies ex I ended tn t lit-
brigade during the past year. Tho
chief reported sun feet » host- nu
band, and tbat siv alarms bad been
turned in since tbr Inst meeting
Some of tlu- hose was in had order
ami should In' replaced with new
hose. The secretary was Instructed
to write Oovertiiuent A gen I Armstrong regarding Ihe elect Ion of new
lire wardens, and tn ilii- assessor regarding tin- pay men I id laves on the
liri' hull properly, Whrn it came
t<> tbr election <>r ollieers Harold
Chapman, the chief lor Ibe past year,
tendered bis resignation und it was
reluctantly accepted. The meeting
felt that the lown had bad an excellent chiel iu Mr. Chapman during the
past year, and he was tendered a
vote ol thanks, ll. ,|. Lowes was*
elected to till Ibe place. K. .1.
Smyth, the secretary, and .1. t*.
Karrell, Ibe treasurer, were re-elected.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ '♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
A  Good   Home
is what is dour tn '-very innn. A home
i:, when* Peaco, t'-mifort, Cotitcntnioiit,
nml Plenty is foitiul. Th.it is tin- reason
mon thrniu'liii.it British Poluinbia, wlicu
''CmiibrooV' is mentioned tliink of the
provisions Jos Itrault bus utndu for nn
ideal Iioiiiu at tin*
Canadian Hotel
The bridge gang is employed ben
just now putting in a bridge across
the Kootenay river. I»r. Wills, of
0olden, has put up a mill here tn
cut tbe reipim-ii lumber lnr the
Mr. I-!. O. Hroudwond is having a
hunting lodge erected at the mouth
ul White river, four miles above the
Plats, liis wife iml children are
expected up here Lhe beginning ui
next week. Mr. Itroodwnnd intends
making tbis lodge hi tt ■di|uariets
lor hunting during the winlei
mon thn
jvi LASlVYfAi* 120 Od(i PtO
b* ;fe?iiF^ .J
•more witit cor-
A $ 20.000.00 RACE PROGRAM
JN TIIE   UATTER OF AN APPLICATION for the Usu« of a dupli-
tat.- tn' Itatc of Tltto to    L*t
16, Block 1, Town ol Fori Stoelo
(Map 684).
tlmt it is   my Intention   to isam- at
the expiration nf one month t,lt«r th
first publication hereof a dupUcatu of
the Certificate ot Tiilt to the ab
mentioned     lot   In    tbr     imn.t    o(
Robert    Qtorgc Shier, which Certitl
cnte is dated    the nth of January
1000, and numbered 2«88K.
Samuel K. Roe,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Oflisc,
Nelson, B. O.,
Il-tt July Uth,  UU).
CATION for the issue uf ft dupl1
cata   Certificate  of Title to lot
17. Block  L, und Lot 37, Block ti,
Town of  Fort Steele  (Map WI',
Unit it is   my Intention   to Issue ut
the expiration ol one month alter l>ie
Tust publication hereof a iluplli'at-> of
th« Certificate of Title to the eho-'O
mentioned    lots    in     the   numc     ol
Thomas C*    Armstrong, whieli Ccili-
ficate IB    dated tbe     2Mh UeCetuber
1808, and numbered 1586K-
Sunitiel It. Roe,
Distriet Registrar.
Laml Registry ofi'ce,
Nelson, li. C,
81-61 July Utb, 1810
When Hon. Frank Oliver reached
Ottawa he will Lave covered B,577
miles since hr lelt That is a very
■elended Journey, and it is doubtful
if a more interesting (rip was ever
ladti by a Canadian cabinet minister.
Mi Oliver passed Ibroii^b Calvary nu
his return to Edmonton last \\t*ek.
The lirst 3,400 miles of the journey, " suid Mr. Oliver, "was by rail
lo Edmonton, thenee Hill miles with
learn, Ihence 100 miles with canoe;
thence Mt miles in a scow; thenee lino
miles iu canoe; steamer, inn miles;
leaiu. Hi miles; steamer, 1,'iuit miles,
(muling us at Fort Mel'herson. Tbe
portage from Mel'herson to the headwaters of tbe I'nrcilpflie is railed lit!
miles. It is a liberil ah, with mosquitoes also more than liberal. More
limn* inn miles down (he Porcupine
waters by canoe, and we Iambi)
safely at Fort Yukon. The rest of
the way is by palaliat steamer and
the railways, and is counted easy
"We found everything serene and
all traders and settlers prospering
nhniK the route. In lhe Maekeu/ir
valley tbe vegetation was high. We
wen- there the last of .lime, and     I
was surprised to tin<i the growth   so
ink at that time.
"The Maekeii/ie is n vast river,
wilh a wide valley, largely boggy,
hut doubtless of a nature Ibat ean In
drained. Hundreds after hundreds
o| miles of line land aie there. If llic
Mackenzie river only penetrated   the
heart of Ihe prairie Instead o| the
•inuli* region it docs that valley
Would now in- une ..( lhe most productive in the world. But I do iml
say tbat il will not lie occupied
The pressure of the population Will
see the Mackenzie country brought
into tbe range of desirability. It
will be a Country fur homes. The
trip ft nm Kdmonlon tn Mel'herson is
northwesterly. Many full to appreciate how much so it is. Mc-
Phersonls as far -vest as Skagway.
By this one can better realize bow
far, toward the west one travels    in
going Irom Bdmonton lo McPhcrson.
The turn to the ,ve**t, however, is
not until one is well uIhiik on the
journey out from Edmeiitnn, m near
Foil  Clnppewvaii.
The mineral hvjl ol the northern
country is so vast -hat it is dltiicuti
say how far it extends. However,
from what I withered nn the trip and
itata available I believe that the
precious minerals may not h*- fuiiiul
in the Mackenzie -.alley unless in its
must easterly reaches. The formation
tloe.s not soetu favorable for gold
and sucb precious mineral except in
thai extreme portion. Along tbe
course which I followed the resources to he gathered iu mining
most likely will he in the form ol
petroleum ami natural gas iu the
Athabasca region; salt, iu or near
tbe Oreat Slave uiul the Mackenzie
districts; coal, iu tne Mackenzie and
possibly other portions1; uml sulphur
on the shore of the Oreat Slave
lake. It is said there also is galena
in some porl ions. Timber is plentiful along the whole course, ami the
lakes and streams ale of considerable
".Studying the country as a field
for human hahilnlioii, Hie chief question is Ibat n| growing crops, ami
raising herds, l innnot say how
far north H»cees.v nughl eventually be
experienced, bul I feel safe in saying
it will lie much farther north than
many have imagined. The possibilities for agriculture will be revealed
in lime, and I slm Mil imt be surprised ihal some time Ibat part of
Canada will sun lain a large population. Yukon likewise has its resources, all of which ale well known
"I am persuaded ibat this region is
ol Incalculable value lo Canada, and
I feel that future generations will
look on the Northland with far
greater appreciation of the true
wm tii and Hie vaslm-ss nf tbe resources than lla the people oi the
Dominion ami the rest ol the world
iu Ibis day."
When the digestion is all right, the
tbe action of the bowels regular,
there is a natural craving ami relish
for food. When tbis is lacking you
may kuuw that ynu need a dose of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. They strengthen tbe digestive organs, improve the appetito
and regulate the bowels. Sold by
all druggists and dealers.
Sawdust is usually regarded as an
objectionable product because it increases the danger ol lire if deposited
near mills or lumber piles and necessitates either cartage with accompanying expense or the construction
of a "burner" and the use of conveyors or earls to transfer il from
the saws.
A double economy, however, is now
iu progress. As a result ol the use
of baud saws instead of the old circular and gang saws, a log that, under
the old system produced eight boards,
will now produce nine, a very substantial increase iu product with a
corresponding decrease in tbe amount
of ^sawdust produced.
Owing to its chemical uud mechanical properties, it has an ever i
creasing held of usefulness. I sed as
an absorbent for 'litro-glyeeriiic, it
produces dynamite. I sed with clay
and burned, it produces a terra-cotla
brick full of small cavities tbat, owing to its lightness and its properties as a non-conductor, makes excellent Ore-proof material lor partition walls. Treating it with fused
caustic alkali produces oxalic acid.
Treating it with sulphuric acid and
fermenting the sugar sn formed, produces alcohol. Mixed with a suitable hinder and compressed, it can
be used for making mouldings and
imitation carvings; while, if mixed
with Portland cement, it produces a
flooring material. It is an ewcl-
lent packing material lor fragile articles anil for dangerous exploslv,
to make them sound-proof and cold-
s\\e\\ in ^uii-H'd se p.isn Qt| utt.i pue
The July revenue ol the crown
timber department ol the province is
placed al (181,782.70, details ot lilts
month's transactions licing as follows: Timber licenses issued west ol
Ihe Cascades, 78-1, producing lees nl
-(1111,1211; east of the Cascades, ill,
with lees of $57,284.70; timber transfer lees, $1,1-18; coal transfer fees,
$160; eoal licenses, 20*, producing
S20.-800; penalties, $22.10; miseallaue
, $30.
CATION for the Issue ot a duplicate Certificate ol Title to    Lot
15, Block t, Town ot Fort Sterna
(Map 621).
that It  is   my intention   to issue al
tbt expiration of one mouth alter the
first publication hereof a duplicate ol
tin Certificate of Title to the above
ineiitioiitd     lot   In    the     name    nt
Robert Ucorge   Shier, which Certlft-
cate ii    dated   the 15th ot Janua.y,
1800, and numbered 270SK.
Samuel R. Roe,
District Registrar.
Land RegUtry OOce,
Nelson, B. C,
11-81 July Uth, 1910.
TAKE NOTICE that Kenneth It.
Carrutbers, of Moyie, B.C., occupation, Mining Engineer, intends to apply fur permission to purchase tbe
lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
twenty (20) chains south of the
northwest corner ol Lot 2!>!H), thence
north sixty (fill) chains, thence west
fifty ("di) chains, thence south sixty
(fib) chains, tlience east fifty (DU)
chains to the point of commencement,
excepting the railway right-of-way.
Kenneth B. Carrutbers.
Dated May 7th, 1910. Iti-lll
j     »>KOIi;SSIONAI. CARDS     |
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Moimy to Iiiiui ihi Ii.viimiIiIi* terms,
Mrs. li. Kent's
Every care uml comfort
A  home from home
Special attention iu cimee of
.Miili'iiiily, lUieiiinatihiii
uml I'tieitmoniu
Tonus   moderate
'.(). Ibix ~>»l. I'I - 2711
T»ii«-I|.>r ,il siriiijr ini'l
Httimlniil liii.lriiii.HilH
I'llnlll  TUAINKII
PHONE J.-,:'.     OltANUKOOK, 11.0.
Miss Mabel Wellman
Pl.pisl snd Teacher
l.'l'tltll'l I  |,ll|.il ul
llnhhlll. M..II.I .<! U'ii.iii*...**
Physicians and Surgeons
OBIvs at Kealdeaca, Armstrong At.
Koreuuvns - - - - I 00 to 10.00
Alltrmmiu - - - 2.00 to   4.00
EveMngs - - - - 7.30 to   11.30
.Sundays ... - 1.30 to   4.30
CRANBROOK :i    ::    i:    u    B. C
a to in a.m.
I to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.tii.
(Illlue lu new Rrld Him k
CHAMIROIJK -        -        - B. C
Notary Public
I'.. Cosm tpolltan Hotel
Cranbrook nml Fort Steele
.•>♦♦•*•»■> ■»4>*»*»*>*»*»*»*»***>**.4>*»*>
t.i°No?ns* Cranbrook, B.C.
B.  C.   and  Surveyor
!    CRANBROOK    ■      B. C.
[.id* ami Fin* liisuran  Itcitl l-'nti.t.*
Qfllca—Next iiiiui to
Cost Office
Coins in uml l.*t me ,|i.uJe you rates
' Imperial Bank oi Canada |
CAPITAL SUBSCRIBED      -       $5,575,000.00
RESERVE     -      -
li. It. WII.KII*:, Presitlont.
HON. KOBERT JAFFKAV, \'lco.I'resltlent
Ai-otiiiiila   of   Corporations,   Mniilolpiilltics,    Morolinuls
Funnel's uml Private Individuals invited.
I India nnd Letters of Credit ismn*il available in tiny uarl nf !!
llie world. *
SAVlMiS IM'.I'AIITMIONT     8|ioclitl   attention
givou to Savin^n  Batik Accounts.    Deposits of $1,00   uiul "
upwards received anil interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: if. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
Now is tin- time.   Don't wait for disaster
to con ir to put on
I We represent only the Best Companies
I'liotio I'M) Phone 280
where   you   get   the   best j|
i *
Flour Prices are Soaring Sky High !j
Imt for 11 few dnys only we ure Riving "ur customers ' [
llic advantage of the old price.   We handle ',',
Tin* Three  Famous Brands * *
*  Anchor, Royal Household, Robin Hood j |
till tried uud approved tu !*.• top notch.>rs.
j Campbell   &   Harming ji
\ Fire   Insurance jj
j Beale & Elwell;;
Absolute Surely       Strongest Coninatueg
Prompt Payments
A -itu'di  payment uf premium muy save you hundr. >!n of
*      -rt      dollars   ' if      >*
We don't want any money now, Imt will give ynu
perfect protection,
The Prettiest Spot in H. C.
MAItVSVII.I.I*:.      BRITISH      Inl.l'.MIIlA
lust received a consignment of new boats
to be placed on the Lake at once
■-•■^^^^■■.■^.^■■■■■■■■••■••■■■■■■'- ****.*^*».**      1
l:or lurthtr information c»ll up       PAUL HANOI.LY,
Central Hotel, Marysville, B. C.
************ *********************************
* Kit AND ('IIEMIST.-Charges: <•
* Clol.1, sllrsr, copper or lesd, tl *
* nch;   (nld-sllvsr, JI SO, silver- •:•
* lruil,   11.50;    Hold-silver,   with *
* ropj.rr nr lead, t'2 50; rlne, tl; *
* illfer-lesd-Jlnc, t'l.    I'rice* lor •>
* other    iiictals   on   appllestlon. *
•J.I.OI.H   dlsUnn 'phone 67.    P.O. 4>
* Boi, (MUM, Nelson, B.C.    'Hy*
l.nrRp, i*ni,l, dry stureltoiisc,
very stilt', duiililfl dtit.rs, no en-
trnnce, except through private
Apply al Herald omcc. 17-tl*
********************** ********** ************
It is tin* Sum.. I'l.-u't*
Th.' I'lu.'.' thnt is Popular
(Iiiiui us tho HrBt
Ftnttcr llian tin* Ilrsi
The Cosmopolitan
If you COIIIO oiu*...
You will 1*111)11* i.jjiiiu.
E, H. 8MALI1, l'mii'iiiKinii
Read the Herald $2.00 a year THE   CUANIlliODK    IIIOIIAJ^JJ
The Society Girl Mining Company, Ltd.
REGISTERED   OFFICE        -      -      -        MOYIE,   B. C.
Second  Annual   Directors'   Report
June  7th,  1910
Blneo th.. Inst report wus reudered DUO feut
nf development work hits boon done, ut n .-obL nl'
SI 1,88 por foot, This work eonsists of Uli feet
of wising, litis feet of oross-eutting ami 2110 feet
nf drifting tut the vein, whieli has result.id in
tlio opening nf a largo hntly nl concentrating
nre. During lhe past year H'.lDl.llo was expenil-
nl nn the new wagon ronil nml when the
uncompleted portion nf snitl road is oompleted
l.y the government, ore muy Ite hauled from lhe
mine at about ono-lmlf nf tlte cost of huuiiug
nver the nlil road.
About 40 tons nf prude nre, sortetl from th..*
ooucentrnting ore, is nu tlie upper .lump
awaiting shipment, and there is also u large
quantity of nre on the upper dnnip whieli muy
lie shipped profitably when hauling facilities
are improved upon.
Tht; development wnrk ou the lower tunnel
has nnt shown up the same character of ore as
that found in the upper workings, which lends
us to believe that we have not yet encountered
the main ore body.
The work nf development has not shown up
enough crude ore for the property to be self-
supporting, nnd the company stumls nt this
date witit a deficite nf $1,025.00. antl in order to
continue tlie development of the property a
large block of stuck must be disposed of, or a
loan negotiated.
Organized under the laws nf British Columbia, .lune Ist, 11)08, and
specially limited under Section 60 <>f iln* Company's Act, ls'*'7.
Authorized  capital $1,000,000, divided im*. 1,000,	
shares of the par value nf Situ eoch,    Fully
paid nnd  non-assessable.     515,021
shares remain in lie* treasurj
C. C. Farrell          - -          President
J. P. Farrell     - -          -    Secretary
D. A. Ayres           - -   Vice-President
Philip Conrad F. J. Smyth
Seven Crown Granted
Claims (400,000 shares) $100,000
Buildings, Tools, Rolling
Slock, Kails, etc.- 2,918.40
Balance        - •   ls,45li,01 JI2I,
Capital  Stock  1481,8'
Hills Payable
1.025.72 $121',
Sale  ot  stock,   (64,880   .
shares -       ■   $18,7011.75
Profit and Loss   -      -      1,025.72  $14,',
Development of Mine
I llliee Expense    .
Kepnirs to Buildings  *
Travelling   ■   _   .
Surveying   -
Construction nnd
Secretary's Salary
Sundry Kxpeuse -
Work on Roads -
'.Kil ,08
Commission Account   -
Accounts Receivable  -
^^^^^^^^^^^^^       $11.7.15 17
N. W. BURDETT, Auditor
Moyie, B.C., June 7th. 1910.
50,000  Shares  are  now  offered  the  Public
at   122 c.   per share.
Applications   for   Stock   or   for   further   information   should   be   made   to
Arnold & Roberts, Agents, Cranbrook, B.C.
..: ■■rmt *:¥z?K&3*vm8txKA<Bmfat
Laurier Reaches Edmonton
Was in Train Wreck En Route but Escape
Without Injury - Some Notable Speeches
During i.i* siav a< Regina, the
mam growcri wait -.1 upon sir Wilfrid Laurier at tin* cltj hall ami Ibe)
math1 their views known to him hu
tin* questloni nil. h ai tin present
11nif arc ngltnttng lhe minds of thr
people -nt thr wcsl Theli •. Ic**h
were net mil before Sit Wild i.l in
tin- fm in ol resolutions.
Tiii- resolution.) on tl.   lurid rah*
"Wi* mc nol all tree traders in    iht
west,     Iml  in tin-     t   ..■ - ol ,i  l.iK
with.a great numboi nl imi memhci
wt- tunc found    we ure fn .. pi nili«n
t.< a*.suic  ion  thai   Iheir    >   t  t*.lrong
and growing feeling in fav <■ ut    sn
alt round reduction in Ihe pi
Mini     We want mot i of * lari   foi
revenue nml less ol a tnrlH < i pro
icii  II all the   imi 'i. - ;. pre
M-niati-.es ai Ottawa had done theli
duty, \nii w niilil i.a.c hi h-.ii thi*. !<e-
ot these
object «i the I Iiui*
rallwaj. the man. . towei
•We wonder a-hether yvo. ha
garded the Intense i teres' of
people ol tin* vest in the llui-.-i.fi
Mav rallwaj Sti f«ii you have nol
given ui an assurance tlmt tin*. r..*l-
waj shall tic npernted oj the ■.< >
eminent We ate     ol   (he opl   on
thai   lhe operation   il the railwav b)
the government la ahaolutelj1 necoa-
sail in ihe Interests nl the people."
Dlhei resolutions were tendered on
iln- subjects of the chltleil meat In
dustrj ami the terminal elevators.
In his reply, Sn Wilfrid ileal) with
all the points tatsi-i. ami m regard
tu tin' tariff, he anld: "I am glad you
recognize that || would Im- Impossible at one lull sweep to dispose ol
the  tariff.     The changes must       be
rtaititai if ymi tried to abolish I'
ut onee, however oppressive it mlghl
be, the result witrd ho t . create
such n ilislnrhaiicc hi flmtitclal matters a**, iu brimi, probaliiy a financial
crisis. It must be recognlXO'l bj
iln- .strongest inc traders thai In
ibis country ot the present runner I
of our development It If -I |;os-
sihle for us In have free trade ns in
Great Hritain. it "••■.I I i,»t he
possible for us tn raise nm TOVCftiiO
with direct taxation If we did, lhe
lirst party to suffer would he Ibe
settlers, and the liist goal to he set
before as i*. the settlement
enormous prairies."
Sli Wilfrid prontl *"■! lhe ^..uIim
reduction .it the tarifl und iav.it-.
reelprocltj with the I iiHH States
(an   trcattncnl      was nftei '-I   I'i  I'ali
a.l.i On the subject ol lhe government ownership of the Hudson lta\
lire, Sir Wilfrid said Out pollcj in
Uie past ha*, been private ownership
fi all railways and governnienl control l sec nn reason at tin*, mo-
mem to change my riews upon this
point ami 1 think the method we
adopted has demonstrated that the
pollcj we applied Lo .ill mails lias
been a measure nf great relief tn the
people and has given ample satlsfao-
inn     I could nol change the pollcj
f ihe government without ample
consultation with nij colleagues."
The grain growers were greallj
pleased with SU Wilfrid's reply nml
th. statement made bj the Hun u
I'. Oraham nn the -.object nl the Uiul
sun llaj line
Thr entertaining sid-j consisted ol
an auto i iih- in the morning, a luncheon ai headquarters nt S'orlh Weal
Mounted Police and h vlce-rcccptlon
in tin- cltj hall iii tho afternoon. The
visiting pressmen were also invited
tn luncheon nt the King's hotel hy
(he Uepina hoard of trade The
vice reception was a very pleasing
function The building was finely
decorated ami a large crowd waited
(or Sir Wilfrid. As sunn as he appeared, accompanied by the mayor
and other prominent citizens, there
was much enthusiasm nml lhe orchestra Struck up the Maple Leaf A
civic address of welcome was read
hy the city clerk. In il was staled '
"your Innu nml Illustrious career nl
public service has given yuu many
opportunities for the exercise ol
those talents with which providence
bus endowed you, and we recognize
the (act that ynu have rendered to
the dominion nml empire conspicuous
service by using your ability in assisting tn weld together a population nf different races ami religions
liiin a united, hiirmuiiiniis nml contented nation."
Sir Wilfrid mad if his characteristic replies "Yuu arc kind
enough tu tin;, aildp'ss Ui make iii-iue
reference to the efforts I have made
to weld together the different elements of which our population is
composed. For ihis I deserve no
praise ami fur tins | ask for none,
although I am very proud indeed thai
the fact is recognised. I do nol
want any praise because I have
simply dune the duty I owed Ui m\
country It lias neon the work nf
providence to assomhlc on the soil of
Canada, under the British constitution, men of all ra(Vs nml of all
creeds ami it is our pride that under
the Hritish constitution there ts
room and space for all, and oppor-
f.n all men lo live In pence
ami happiness
he Laurier special carry inn the
prime minister ami his associates,
was wrecked between Hello Plains
ami IVnse last Kriday night by colliding with   through frelghl Nn, 71.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier ami his partj escaped Injur; altogether, except for a
few minor bruises not worth mentioning The engine men all had sufficient time to jump before the colli-
iinii, ami the only man requiring
nodical attention was Conductor Kd.
Cook, wlm had several broken ribs
besides other bruises, The special
train carrying Sir Wilfrid Laurier
led Moose -Liw at ? p.m Bnglncct
Frank Durgoss was at the throttle
ami t'umiiu toi Cook m charge. Between Hello Plains nud Pensc uu a
stretch of straight track, Ihey met
freight So. ti. in charge nf Conductor Kemp and Engineer Humble.
Durgoss was ahlo in stop his lighter
tram before the collision nrcurred,
hut the heavier freight could nut he
stopped ami crashed in. The engines looked together, one baggage
cai was smashed, a cook ami porter
slight!) Injured, as well as Conductor Cook The car containing the
newspaper represcn tat Ires was at
the rear ol the second baggage ear.
Nn injury whatever was reported
from the party more than trilling
bruises from having Itceri thrown
about anionic the typewriters ami
furniture. The state mum cars
containing tho Laurier parly report
nothing inure serious than n seven
Nearly two thousand people at
Moose -law on Saturday saw Sir
Wilfrid Laurier pitch the first ball
for tbe Knbin Hoods and start them
on Ibe road to victory. Thi' premier anil party witnessed the game,
which wns good, 'ml partly one-sided:
Score- n. ni-:
Lethbridge    . (10 0 0 0 I 1 110-2 III li
Moose Jaw     u 2 00 i iiu ou-ii 3 2
iuoiit hon. sin vii.Finn laiihi
Following the da] nl travel In
which he addressed tail tigs al
Davidson, Hanley. Duml ■*>. Lang-
ham and North Itattleford, sir WH
frld Laurier spent Sunday  resting nl
the  residence  nf  ScM-tnl   Puis        . f
Prince Albert, at South Hattleford     !
The   premier    has    hi i  showi red
with   congratulations    it;  telegrams
Irofll all purls uf ('.in..'.,i "ti Ills   es- }
cape in the wreck -if his- train      on j
Friday night,    Several addresses  al
various points visited all made    reference to the accident  with oxpres- j
slon of thanks that the premier   bad
been uninjured.
Sir Wilfrid assured them Im fell no
ill effects from the shaking up experienced.
Speaking nt Langlmm he congratulated the population mi lhe number
of children in lhe gnthering. "Cuming from Quebec," lie said smiling,
"I am better able tn nppreclale the
presence in the homes nf main   Iii He
The reception took place Si Hnlile-
ford ai night wiib n torchlight procession and blinds.    Brief addresses
were given bj the premier, Hon. fl
P. Urahsir, Mr Pardee and Mi Mc
Donald. Sir Wilfrid was joined on
Monday at Lloydmlnster hy Hon.
Frank Oliver, who ha* jusl  n lurni rt
lllllll    .1    trip   !••   the    *l ill.nl,.    ah I    |'t'<-
vlncial Pi. .ii. t Siftnn. South
Hattleford Is lhe -hi capital of the
North West Terrll irj and the party
visited the former government house,
picturesquely situated overlooking
the Hat tie river in the afternoon
lhe premier addressed a union mass
meeting <<f school children convened
i>y vai ions local clergy men on the ■ \-
liiliitu.n grounds. Ov<i a thousand
young people ami ai. equal number nl
adults crowded ihe stands and cheer-
i<d Sir Wilfrid's appearance Rev, \
Little, Presbyterian minister, presld
ed, and ihe local elcrgj nl all denominations look part. The unique
audience was briefly addressed bj
linn iim p (Iraham and i: M
McDonald Sli Wilfrid counselled
the children In honoi snd ohej Iheli
parents, to lie Iwnosl snd irue i«
light lair in life, ami In itudj ihe
hlstorj of tlieii    ihii   eountrj     "I
lam nut at all satisfied with the visit
[west in one    way,'' observed      the
premier, "my stay is to*, short       tt.
satisfy me, I am already hoping and
planning another vtsil
Sir Wilfrid Laurier dealt with a
multiplicity nf requests ea route
from Lashburn to Edmonton nn j
Monday In all '•'■■ meetings werej
held nn the mule There were foot j
petitions for tbe eslabliafimenl oi ■
customs porta of entry.
Lloydmlnster wants an addition to
the militia armories., while tin- fait- ,
cl Farmers .<! Alberta, wh.- ai<;<ar
cully have succeed) d Ibe 0rain-
Growers' associations <>( Saskatchewan, urged tii- reduction >*t tbr
tariff, reciprocal arrangements with
the I'nitcd Stall i. abolition ..f    the
daly mi farm i in pit r.et.is ami lla- ■■»-■
tabllshtnent nt government-owned
and operated terminal elevators on
the Pacific coast.
The premier gave assuranc* tbat
all th.--..' matters ihnukl be cared.Uy
looked ini". hi ihe ministers at the
beads ol the various departments af*
fected He alluded to tbe tart
thai t.e eastern Conservative papers
wen- charging him with being pr»»-
fuse ami prodigal in promises Hi
was not promising. He Is conducting an Inquiry Into the needs id the
west and its people While be
made n<> promises, be hoped to do
some performing when he returned
to Ottawa. He thoughl thai would
prove more sails!actor) than promises.
"Whal ahnut the duty on farm ma-
hii.t-n ■" he wa- asked
"\ treat} with tlw I'nited States
tlealing a lib farm Implements,
-inkes nte faviirnbly." replied Sli
Wilfrid, if the i nited Statea ghes
absolute equality  In legislation
Ile believed the manufacturers
would la- satisfied ui.dei such conditions.
The Laurie! special lay in Lashburn nver night Shortly after mid*
night the east bound special, with
Vice-President I). I> Mann, nl the
Canadian Northern, came lo s stop
mi the opposite track Ml Mann
rlsited the ear nl the minister id
railways, ami subsequentlj Hon.
Mi (ttaham accompanied him tu bis
prl ate car, where n conference last
im: over two hours took place.
It was rumored 'hat the object <<f
the meeting had tn do with matters
In connection with the construction
ami operation of the Hudson Hay
rallwaj ami an announcement was
looked foi al lite close The minis--
ter, however, stated that nothing
bad been done, and Intimated tbat
the conference, was large!) nf pei
'.una! cbnractei
At Lloydmlnster '-ir Wilfrid was
joined by Hon Frank Oliver ami
Provincial Premier Siftoo, Speaking
of the taller, sir Wilfrid spoke ol
him a.i tbe mac "Who has united
scattered •-.■■.,.■.• and restored nar-
roony where discord prevailed a few
mootbs ago."
Replying '<■ Vermillion congratulations from his ".MiracnJoM escape
from death in Friday's railway ilis.-
aster," Sir Wilfrid alluded to tbe
wreck as a ''misfortune which
taught us boa much *e have to be
tfastaktul lnr."
At VegrevJlle ll ■ -1 li ol tbe
fanners ''Protested tbat Ibe) suffered under tbe I I pi taction,"
and charged ibat latlfl operated
"for private gali foi public
;'*"-l.' 'li.'. aski .' an Immediate
reduction "f tbi tarifl all round
as •■ :• ■- ral toward our
iilimnu- goal "i   free trade       Tbey
also asked •-  I   •■• * to ii;'* ui!-
sra) art.   .• di i v.hfch tht  on ol
urifti A*.'iiit alwaj f ; on tbe railways in caw of ll'.t • ■■ being
killed or. the tlw ill tl mai
lers be assured
Following anotbi I at
Porl    Saskatchewan,     II
reached   Kdmonton i n Monda]
after a itreouuui    da-, of travelling,
and is the gueSt ol Hoi    Ml   Oliver,
Mondaj evenli j Brot'ti tile and
Lamht"fi "i I Bo] i din ! Messi
(Irahaoi ami Paul, i a ■ ite e n W
ents ol tlie Maritime Provinces hon
nnd i: M Macdonald II i' I il
Pietuu, in a sin Hal   D ai   '
\t Vfudare, ^ir Wilfrid laid      the
cornet   stone    ol ibe r •    .'
Oreek t'aihniu    church, a ild q mint
ami pi'tiiresi-iit- ceremonies   He   was
driven to lhe site En    .< earl drawn
by iis oxen, headed tn an old   man
[«m foot, said t<< ite me huodn I fears
old.    Parrying boughs ol popla      s
I children's choli led In singing.    The
I premier, Is a brief address, dlscour-
! red »n Canada a- extending to    alt
jcreedi freedom t.< srorshlp Ood.  The
ritual was in tin*   Qallclan language,
hut. the   Impressive    ceremony   was
concluded by singing of llic national
anthem in Kimlish.
' (nd
jVrtmltnn simI »ll kinds ol ii.*.,,!.
*.„i.|   i,v  Auellon nn  iln*  nn*.i
.«*.t-..iisi.'i. terms, Prompt ..*iilc-
P.O. Bos Kit
Ollicc and Snkr.mm*.
Hanson Avc.iur, Critlbrook, B C. Till':   (J BAS .BROOK   HKRALD
liy Un* Herald   Publishing t'omjiauy,
K. .1. liean.*, Managing I'ditur.
CKiNBROOK, It. C., August tl, 1411)
Tin- Herald is nol entirely satlslleil
with the progress being made in the
mnlter ol lhe coming Pull Pull Tho
appoint men i ul Ur. \. II '.Smiih as
itiunut'iiu': director s i-ii ti rely praiseworthy. Ur, Smith lakes n Keen,
practical Interest in the work ami
will undoubted!} render very ellicient
service Hut the hesl of intentions,
backed bj untiring energy will nol
accomplish all Uml is required, 11
the managing direct ni  in- iml heurl-
Hj     silppot led     ami  assislcil      in   lhe
work hy liis co-dtrectors, it appears to un that innuj ul Ibe ollieers
ni ilu- Agricultural association have
m.i ns jet fullj grasped Ibe re
sponsibllltj they huve taken upon
themselves in accepting ollice Time
is a verj gronl deal of work (o lie
done, work thai niiisl be gol under
wnj imiuedinlelj if Crnuhrook's com
Ing Pall Tan, is In he an uni|iiallfled
success, There arc all ilu* making*
of an eminent!) liitetesljiig and In
instructive ngrleultuwl exhibition in
thi-, district \ll thai i*. requisite,
is fm those coneerneil to gel hits)
at once on ihe \\<>il. ul iiw-mhlii].'
tin* etidbits nml < f urrntiglng the
program id iitlrnetlons Whilst exhibits will uol have to la* in place
■mill September Slillt. il anything
lie an ndeijuale showing of lhe pro
duels id ihe dislrlel is In he sreur
ed, im lime '■■ to ne losI in perfeel
ing jirellmlnarj arrangements loi
ihe bringing together of lhe desired
dlsplnj The prize M.i is not a
yel  in llie printers' bunds—II shot-hl
haw- be. ii  il night)   el renin ted     In
the spring. In ntlier directions, un
necessnry in pnrtloulnrl/i here nud
now, there exists a state of unpre
parcilm ss altogether Incxctoabli
Happily, however, Mr. Smith b
speedily getting Ibliigs into slmpi
ami from the vigor with which he i
attacking Ins big job wc have i!»
hesi of reasons for lieltcviiig thai
iu a comparatively shorl while
everything will be in nisi class shape
nml lhe future of Hi.- coming Pall
Fair assured. tguln we would hiij
In all concerned: "Clet busy.*'
\ ease nf special interest to newspaper publishers came before Police
Magistrate    Ityan this   w.i-ek, whom
decision in the lliatlei   will he uwtlil
ed with no little unxtety, poi the
lirst nine in lhe history uf Canadian
journalism, so far ns wc know, oi
can find nny record uf. a nowspnpei
canvasser has been summoned (ni
eunvnsslng for subscript tons without
lirst Inking oul a irade llcem-v. In
ihe event nf police Magistrate Ryan'*
decision being that ncwspnpei can
wis, rs musl lake mil a license il
will create an entire!) new prcced
ont, one Involving not only verj
henvj additional expense upon news
paper publishers, hut, In a verj
lam.- extent, disrupting present business arrangements. \> the case Ij
still suh jiiilice further comment   at
the present IllOIIICn! WUUld lie nut ol
place, lint this is a case uf which,
cerlnlnly, more will be beard
Cranbrook's baseball nine well
merit the heart j '-ougralulations ol
their fellow townsmen upon their
ineipialltil series of victories during
il. ii recent loui of West Koolenaj
nnd the Stole <<i Washington To
win eleven straight gomes out <<
eleven, all played ou foreign ground,
Is a record ol which any team ma)
well be proud. the Cranlirook nine
lell their home town wilh lhe besl
wishes nf their fellow townspeople,
hui there was precious little anlici
pa tion oi any such a brilliant record
as they hn\c made ou their trip
(lur boys did not tn conclusions
with a loi nl scrubs, but llm wen I
up against some ol the besl baseball
aggregations In ihe Pacific North
West, notably ihe Colville, Wash.,
nine, that print t.. then meet I Up
with the boys (torn Cranbrook had
nut lost a game this season. Tin**
nften n the champions <•( the Man-
in N'orth West win hi given n rous
.in; welcome home, in which everj
citizen will heartily participate.
Their tout hns proved a splendid advertisement ol Ciniihn.nl., the best
it has bail in a long while, und nne
of which it ha1, even reason to I.
bo newcomers rrom Eastern Kurope
have with them considerable cash, so
the bankers in tbe west have staked.
Prom Prance, Holgiilin ami Prussia, a
class ol settlers hate come lhat arc
certainly not penniless,
In estimating lhe volume of capital
which Immigrants bring with them
to the Dominion the Monetary Times
ni Toronto nveruges $Hi per head,
Including those from tlm Insl named
eijiiiiirics and Newfoundland. This
figure appears' to be very low, but
even su, the total money brought in
hy those worthy classes, not blessed
wilh worldly possessions to thu same
extenl as the citizens of Britain ami
the I'nitcd stales, represents a total
uf $2,1111,220.
lluw these figures compute w iih
those respecting other classes nf hit*
migrants is shown in the estimate uf
lhe journal mciilioneil, as follows:
"An approximate uteurnlo psllmale
fan in- made \ii Hnice Walker, the
commissioner uf immigration at Um
nipog, slated Insl  yeni  that settlers
Hum lhe I idled Slates would probably bring lulu Camilla during innii
new capital lu ill- extent nf tTli.UUD,
lltli), Iii une iustunee, a prospective
Pmindimi settler, brought with him
(25,01)11, an exceptional! j iienvj
amouiil In mosl cases Hu- hiiiii is
considerably smallei * I'nitiit stales
cuttle has also heen changing our
prairie census llgurcs. A fair estimate "f Hn- value nf these particular
.uossessiuns is perhaps $.'taO pel head
iiml a cash allowance lo each new
cili/en  from   lhe   I tilted SI.ties        t.l
"Pi  PUT.  lo 11109,     |.l per c.-nt
i.t ihe arrivals frnin Ihe l mini
staii". luiide homesieud enlrj in lhe
western provinces, Thej broiigbl
wilh them during the lineal year
IIIU7-S alone, more  Hum $.12,2110,000
m cash ami settlers':, effects.
'•As in Hritish immigration, neilh-
l   lhe cash as.sils     Die effcels are
as large ar those of I'nlled    states
Immigrants,     The farmers, with life
long savings, leaving the Slates foi
m-w Canadian I.,mis, colli 11 butt
largely lo Camillas revenue. Qui
unney Irom Hritain comes chlell)
hroiigh oilier channels, iu hundreds
f millions. \ fair estimate, perhaps, is ihal every British liniiil-
grunt brings into Canada wiib bin.
MOO and settlers' effects in the value
nf (fill per head Prom Kurope lhe
amount is smaller, but it would    be
at  least   fin per lie.i I, wilh few,     i,
nny, settlers' effects ol value There
fore, lhe estimate of cash and set-
Hers' effects entering Canada during
Iln- past live tears ,t,ay la* siiinmari/
cd as follows:
r..'.,li,ii liritisli, cash ' 37.510,0011
17-1,100 settlers1 effects * 1***.77.1,mm
111,520 United states Immigrants, cash . 107,3(10,000
111,530 settlers' effects . 110,0113,0011
211,032 continental, cash     3,110,320
The race     war Jiat licgun in con-
iieclion   with the "noble art"        ut
Kcno is still on.      Here and    there
uil over the Republic whiles        ami
blacks came into fatal dash the lirst
night of that   mercenary ami brutal
contest.     Now cuiiics' the news irom
Texas uf another inhuman ami foolish
attempt   at   settlement of   the old
iliicsLion "who'se best man," always
uppermost among lhe beastly and the
null minded.    Sixteen men, besides
Minimi  women and children are  the
ictlms iu this clash and tin* end   is
..I yel.     A hig price ibis, for    Hie
usury   of   so-called     "spoil."     A
mil price, however, let us hope. One
f lhe hopeful signs ol the limes   in
iliiii'clioii wilh this ami oilier recent
,nth-law   resorts,    is    the jury     ox-
edict)l slowly, hul surely coming In-
i vogue.
Prom .Jul> i.t, cm:., to March
Hist, 1010, a poriod slightly under
flvo years, iln* humbei of immigrants
entering Canada was 031,003. ot
this total 875,"WO came from Britain
and 311,MO from the t nil'-il states
to net ally speaking tlio Immigrant-**.
from these sources bring with ihem
to their new homes a certain amount
of cash and effects. The balance,
8-11,032, coming from Kurope, usually
exhaust then resources in reaching
Canada, hul there are some very re-
mfttkflble exceptions ''- ca«dnnnll)
It would appear from a stmh uf
the above figures lll.it Die l.est In
vestment ever made bv the Dominion
government was the money expended
ji us immigration work. The re
->uli is mure evident in the growth nf
the west than even in the amount ot
actual cast, tn wealth deposited u
the country by tin* new arrivals.
IIM.1.1  HAM IK) I KNK, ttllo HI C
l.lnlej Hamlsiurue, chief cartoonlsl
ol   punch,  died  Oi  l.omtoii  lasl   Weel.,
after a Iuiir illness.
Itui it in London 05 years ago, Kd
wal<l Llllle) Samliniiliic was a tuti
Instance ot a man helm*, an ait ist
Irom bis childhood. Ile was, unlike
many another kliighl <.( ihr brush,
trained foi art, with whal resull the
world known. It was shcci chance,
however, that .Mi Kambourno became
associated with Punch. Verj eaily
m hi life a drawing nl his came un
ilei ti.e notice of Clennan Bird, who
Immediately delecled in it mure than
avenue ability, ami Introduced the
\miiii' aiiisi tn Mark Lemon Thus
Mt Samhourne became a member of
the staff ul ihe relebrated comb
lournal IHty-thrce years ago lie
will, oi iili probability, be mtr-rceded
bj  \h   Bernard I'arlridgi
lint SALK.-llnnwhold furniture
hahy carriage, stoves, bedding, etc
\pp|j     In    Mrs     \\. S   Wat.I, in.ii
King's planer. 31-11
ttoKi.i's I'ltiioitr.ss
i SIVRBHAL n:\ci:
A note that will strike hatinoiiinii
chords among the lovers ul world
federation lo Ibe sooth ol ns was
Struck in a recent address l.\ Sir
u iiu nt Laurier. speaking to a
party of American settlers ut Craik,
Sask., the Other day, lie snld Ihal
"whether on the one side uf the line
nr the other we are all brothers by
blood, hy kinship, bj ties of relationship • * * while poll should
imt, uml we dn nut devire thai poll
should forge! that vuu were born
Vmerlcans, still we desire that there
■Itotild be a still greater bund nl
union between ihe land ul jour birib
ami lhe land ol uuil adopt ion Let
these Iwo gnat \v..ild powers ho
united, and the tieuc, of the wmld
wilt tie forever assured "
The Albctia Navigation compitny,
iiiimediiilelj upon learning thnt a
proposed Sumlay excursion was illegal, cancelled iis engagement with the
chartering parly. In the end then-
will be no loss through this respect  lur the laws ol our land.
Parliament's conception ol We
menace .Sunday excursions and other
labor-creating and one rost-day-ln*
seven businesses, is ibe basis uf this
law. The army of .ner 100,000 Canadians whom ibis law has released
from enforced Sumlay labor is gradually approaching ihe 200,0110 mark.
Pore mosl among Hu- friends uf ibis
greal ami beneliclenl iiiuvemeut arc
ihe labor lenders, ami even the capitalist is regarding his brother, stopping t" thins ami is moving Into
Modern missions up to is'Mi
took one hundred years lo win
1,1m;.,ui.ii converts; then twelve years
to win the second million. Now wc
are winning these habitants of Ignorance, superstition, suffering    and
trow to the glftll new life at the
rale of a million iu six years.
Since the dealt) .if king Kdward
expressions, unmistakable, Indicate
ibat India's iou native princes ami
lhe peuph* as a whole nre lojal al
heart to ihe throne •>( (ireat Britain,
Canada's secretary nf the Laymen's
movement tells us that our five
great denominations—Anglican, Presbyterian, .Mctbudisl, Itaptisi and
Congregational—con tributiHl last
year lo missions (1,1100,000, or an
Increase of ncarlj one-third iu iwo
yenrs. oi late ibe Moslems, -lews
ami Christians of Palestine have been
fraternizing tu a remarkable degree.
branch was reorganized and the following     were appointed   officers for
the ensuing year:
Mr. j, K. Armstrong—President.
Dr. Connolly—Treasurer.
Mr. J, p. Smith—Secretary.
The    committees limn the several
churches are the following:
'burch   of   England—Mr.     C.   A.
Mr. It. T.     Iirymuer, Mrs. .1.
. Smith.
Baptist church-Mr. II, 11. Short,
Ir. w. Ii. McParlane, Mrs. ,1. II
lelhodisl church—Mr. Garnet W.
.lore, Mrs. .lollli Shaw, Mrs W.
.. ron.
'realty ler Inn church-Mr. M.     Mc
'hem, Mr,    11.   S. Gnrrelt, Mrs.
'he ministers ..f lhe city arc vice-
'he socletj  meets quarterly.     The
first meeting lo lake place lhe first
>k in October
Sundays—Lou    muss at H 10 a.m.
:ugh mass, 10,30 a.in., Sundaj schuo
from 3 to 3 p.m*, Bosary and tlem-
dlcllon at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays ami holy day*, ul obllga
lion—Mass at 8 a m.
.lev*. days—Mass at I. am at the
Fatbei 1.   Choinel, O.M.I .
Parish Priest
Sunday, lug. Mth.
Service in morning at ll o'clocV.
Service m ibe evening at 7 "to
Bev, S Cook, nf Movie. will
preach ai both services
Ktilidaj school and lljble classes in
the alteriiouti at ■'( o'clock.
Tuesday, Aug I0lh."l-eague meeting al s p.m will he under the
charge of ibe missi'inarj committee,
when a b-iier from the league mis
slunnrj  will be read.
Prlday, Vug, I Dili — t'holr practice
at 8.30 p.m
\i Hie Methmllal tliurch last Sundaj  ibe buiiiliiiK -..is very tnstefullj
deeorateil     wilh     Towers   uud   pot
plants, uud ilu* children rendered   an
Interesting programme at ibe morn
inu sertlci, as follows.
Becilalion—"Why   lii.l   Our Kather
Male  the  Mowers'''
Vera Mi-tlw Iii
Beriialinn-"Tbe Blue-Bell
Plorence I ren.
Becital Ion—"Tlie   tlessngr ol    the
Watei Lily' 	
(Hayds Hlckenbotham
BecHallon—M0od   Cures    tut   llic
orma MeN'aMi
IttciiniKiii—"How   Shall  I  Choose
a  lllossoiu"
lalilb   Maeloiiuld.
Hong bj Olrls choir .  .   ..
  "lb- Pure in Heart"
After the Sunday School session a
committee uf tbe children look flowers to tbe hospital, where, under tbe
direction nf the Sisters and Mr.
Connolly, thej visited mosl of the
wards and left flowers with lice pat-
ienis. all ni whieb were highly " appreciated.
At tlie evening senlec appropriate
music was rendered, including a solo
by Mr. T  RoweruultS.
The Bev, T. Knot Wright. B. D.,
district secretary il the Canadian
Bible Society, auxiliary to tbe Brit
ish ond Foreign Bible society, ad-
resssed a tneetliiK in Knox ebiircb
ball Tuesdav evening In the Interest
of thin   societv The   Cranhfook
Once there was a right valiant man
nf bis mouth who deeply offended
against another. Now this other,
liuViug no iideiptaic resources fnr the
offence took lhe law into his own
loot ami musl Instil) kicked the offender so tbat be lay face downward
for a    period. Recovering In  due
Utile, be bad his nssullnill haled he
fore Ihe Kim-, ami, having proved his
charge, bellowed for justice. The
King listened iu the reason fur iln*
kicking ami said lo bim who kicked:
"Vou have done- wrong in some degree, and for punishment must pay a
pound uf gold, neither before not after the anniversary of lhe Blue Moon.
Hut Icl your hoots be taken frum
Iheo and hung up, |-."oprrlj garlanded, in the market place where ibis
pestilent fellow win tu you kicked,
thwacked, humped and contused, and
till   bis damnable  breed,   seed and
generation, (even unto lhe seventh
generation), sliall salute them bareheaded. Ami if ye fail lo make duo
obeisance lo the hunts, l give my
Kingly Word, I will have your si.ins
stretched for drum heads to the end
ihal you ami your breed may make
a noise in the world to some purpose."
Aud it was done accordingly.
Mr. A. II. Smith, oi Kurt Steele,
managing director oi the Full Pair,
makes tbe following practical suggestions*!
In connection witb the coming Fall
Pair 1 would suggest thai, in as tar
as the lateiu-ss of tin season will
permit, the manugemeiit should make
a feature of ibe native products oi
this district, I refer especially to the
many varieties uf native wild
grasfiex which, while nol being very
thick, are certainly very hith in their
nutritive qualities, ai evidenced liy
the very short lime that stock lake
to become beef-fat on even a verj
sparse ratine. Contrary lo tho general idea, many ol those grasses are
of much value under cultivation, ami
experiments in Idaho ami Wyoming
stations have grown (he wheat
grasses, ut which we have here at
least live ur six varieties, tu be
capable nf very heavy crops wiib an
amount uf moisture on which llmothy
will give only u .cry poor rhowlng.
I think it would he an education tu
many if an exhibit of these along
witb sonic notes on their good nud
bad qualities and Ibe conditions of
soil in which they thrive were to he
given u place in the coming show.
As to native (mils, those who
know can tell you thai for a jelly ot
wine tho wild Oregon grape is bard
to lieal, that the jam made from the
wild black gooseberry will puzr.lo
even a well trained tester III jams to
saj whal il is made from. 1 be
lieve nine people uil "' ten would say
il was from the choicest black currants, Ibe leiitb would aa) evct-p
I tonally line Delaware grapes, ami
this frull, in some places so pleuli
lul thai a pail can lie picked in an
hour ami often    s large as cherries,
is up i.t ibe prescnl practically
neglected     Then «'e have the unlive
wild raspberry t. perhaps, equal
in (aim* sorts t' r canning ur jam,
but really lhe only one that produces
first-class "raspberry vinegar." He-
sides these ami more out of tbe way
in Iheir place of trow Hi are the native blueberry of the mountains and
the high bush cranberry, of the creek
an.I rivet bottom. I llllnk it unite
possible ihal by looking iu the right
quarters a verj fair collection of
all these could be not, fur 1 have seen
in other years 40.no very plentiful)]
Stocked cupboards of them on tbe
more null) ing ranches and a place
for them Ibis year WO-l'.d lead lu
more interest next J ear nnd piove
uu educative fc&l-irc nf iu.» bow,
which is, or ought to be, lhe chief
end of a fair.
\. I-  Smith,
POULTRY   i:\llil.l .'■■'
As I understand litis fair i. got ip
for the purpose 'd evhilMtitig the different products of Ill's- ilistrict, lo
show    the   people  Ibdt  -l-ft) COA raise
Some length tt> this went, ell!
Well, we wunt lo luiproBB upon
tin* Cranbrook people, this foci
That Carborundum
W.'iir li.tijii-i- Hum unv ntli.-r stunes
mi ilu* tutirket. nml hi th.* suntu
tiiiii* Cm. Fttstt-r iii'il I'l.'iin.'i' tlinn
ttuy titlii-i* kiuiwii ubrnsivt*.
We liuvo tlu*so sloiu's loriilmosl
all |iiii'|i„s,s for Iln? L'urpi'iiter,
machines!, fuum-r, mid iilso fur
Keueral use nil nroniid lhu homo.
See   Our  Window
for a display of
these stones
McCallum & Co
The Hardware Men
Incorporutvil lHtiti
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec
CAPITAL PAID UP - - $ 5,000,000
RESERVE .... 5,700,000
TOTAL ASSETS   -      -      -      70,000,000
U.S. HOW, President
I*:. I.. PEA8E, (leniiral Mm,*.*!,..
Aucouuts of Finns, C.'orijorations uml Individuals
Out-of-town business rooeivaB ftvery nttention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. -Deposits ol $1.00 uml
iipwartls ruueived uiul iiitureut ullowed ut uiirreut rut..*.
No formality or iloluy in ivltlidmwing,
A Qomirul ll.uikinj,' business trausuotod.
Cranbrook Branch: D. D. McLAWS, Mgr. \
wilh slock Iiiiui new firms when ymi know
Hint thr stock grown liy
The Riverside Nurseries
GtVANI)    PORKS,    IJ. C.
is the liusl ilmt is ever pjrown,   1 oxpeel to euuviis
Ornnhrooli ilistrit-i in September next.
Kor I'tlces, ,*',*., write in
Walter   V.  Jackson,   Agent,  Creston,   I.C.   j
Haying Tools j
We have a full line of Cork.**, Hand Rakes, Scythes ♦
nnd Snaths, (irind-tiuus and Whet Stones. Deertng j
Mowers  nnd   Makes, riacliinc Oil.*, and  Oil   Cans. Z
Wrenches, Hay Fork IVope and Pulleys. *
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C. ♦
fruit, as well as other pr.nlucc, nlso
stock ami poultry. I.i fact it Is yfli
up to advertise llie al'* an luges n( our
ilistrict, wliich I I'lin: i. liiglily
ruliiliiriiilahli- uf lli<-   \;*rlciiltiiri1 as
As my line is jio'iltty, I will Irj
ami slmw tin* peo|ile we ran raise
chickens here as r;-iod, u ii->t liclter,
than anywhere else, willi .1 i.itieli
better fliancc for |>t iilt. fur I Hive
liecti in the liuslucss n w llirce years
and flit hot igh I stm * • I nitli uhlj
fifty hens I have i-kh:,- ii juy from
the Mart uml nm ilolnjj l-eitcr eaili
year. I have rais.'.l four I in ml re il
chicks this year, from which I have
sold enough spring cM/atn ;■• pay
all expenses- uf rahUg 'hem ami will
winter ahoul two liunilrcd and fifty
this year, as my .u- run* 'ii.it iim is
not largo enough lo winter more, but
expect to la- able *■ Iwtise live bund-
red neil year if eouttc it takes n
lot ot care ami work to hrl'ig them
to a profit-bearing lnsi , when ihe
feed is as liu;li as .t ,s bete. Kvery
hen must lay twelve dozen uf egt;3
a year to pay bor evffittse^, oilier*
wise she must lie killed •*. BoM, RS
it don'l pay tu keep lirums, loi ihev
eat ton milch.
Now anyone ean •:< !:it > ilie |*.ial-
try business il tliey havo a little
capital, inn they must learn it airl
take tr""l care ol iheir chickens,
otherwise it will prove a failure,
like anything else, if it is mil looked
I hupe iu see a g t representation
o| poultry al the fair. In slmw thi'
public what wc can ilu in that line.
I inigbt say lhat u.e Agrloultutal
association has tinUe arrangements
to have sixty coops, size JI in high,
21 in. wide, -'III in hum, which will
give ampin room to show your lords
to the best advantage, Ineltitling plg-
I iinpi- lu sec a peal number of
visitors from nutshlfl dlstrlcls, who
will be able lo lell their friends ami
probabl) Is* the lliiliiecl means ul
indiicing soiin* no.nl set Hers tu locate in these parts.
I'hns. II. Knocke,
Mountain View 1'i.itltn Ksnn.
Cranbrook, 11, ('.
l»lti:silH:.\T HAHIMJKTT'S \ IKWS
Sir: Replying to your letter nsklng
(or an expression >f mj opinion regarding ihe work of the Cranbrook
Agricultural association, permit me
first, to tli.ml. yon for the excellent
way in which ti Herald" is helping tbe .notni work along, also to
commend your action in nponlng the
columns uf yum paper lo iho-v. interested in the agricultural pursuits
ol our ilistrict for 'tee discussion uml
friendly criticism.
Perhaps, sir, there is no expression
more fitting to describe tbe work ol
the Agricultural association thnn
tbat well known one: "1 am from
Missouri, show me," for this is   ex-
317    VON iil*:iisi:wtl.l)l*:. A  Residence
*************** ***********
in time of iMc.l Is a Hottlu
«d ftindetioti's Mi m.:..io
l»ew. ilm.l Judg-fl h-ll
n- llm I tliir w lib-key i-
i*i|iutl io nuytliiog known
mill    Mipvriur    to    Riott.
Sanderscn's Mountain Cew
W In,le-jil,-Uli.t  .M.i.l :.|;|
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*><♦♦♦«
actly the aim and object ol our endeavor, to show the people ol uur
own and neighboring districts, the
great possibilities ul our soil and
Sir, we believe that ihe most convincing way in which this can , be
done is hy gathering together exhibits from our ranchers, of grain,
vegetables and fruit, and thus presenting in practical demons!ration,
tin* rcsulIs uf their efforts, llm,
sir, this is not all, we also disirc to
encourage stockIng the ranches with
well bred horses, cal lie, sheep,
swine, etc., for we realize Ihal Improvement in tttc breeding of these
animals will lend to advance the welfare of our district In a way wbKb
will convince others thai Kast Kootenay is not only a pleasant part oi
lhe Dominion in Which to lite, hul
also a profitable one
I will not lake up your space lt\
entering into details ol the many
oilier exjilblls which we shall bftVC,
other Ihaii to say that we are meeting wiih mosi encouraging co-opera-
lion from nfl parts or Kast Kootenay.
'Ibe coining exhibition, which ue
piirpOSO holding upon the nisi ami
23ml of Heptembw next, is helm:
held entirely under the auspices nl
lhe Agricultural association
In conclusion permll me to extend
lo the people of Kast Knolenny, ami
an), others who may he In tlie neighborhood, a vert cordial Invitation to
be present, ami hy their presence assist ns iii making our fair, what I
bave no hesitation in saying It will
he, n great succors.
Yours truly,
VV. H. Ilardgell,
that thirty days niter date, 1 Intent
to apply to tin: I'hU-t (\nui..ission -C
of Lands and to the AssiVuit Commissioner ot Lands for the l-isirict v*
Kast Kim* -nay, for a license, lo prospect for coal and petroleum on vb
following described land, situate on
tht   North    Fork of    Motel Ciwk
about six mites north of tie 1'uaa.t
un I'aeific Kallroad, and lying im.
uf the Mclnnes croup ami north tl
the Crows Nest Cass Coa' Company's
I. Commencing at a post plante!
one mile north ol a point > ne milu
east of the intersection of tno east
Side line ot the Mclnnes Oli-iip ami
the north -side line ol the ClOffl Nm
Cass Coal Company's land, snd po-i
being the nutul post ol K, K •*»•.-
land's claim, and marked "A. K
Wayland's northeast corner/1 thrno
Mi chains west, thence aO chain
south, thence so ehnlus east, Uienoe
fill chains nuilb to plat". <f begin
ning, cuiitainiiiK about i.l" acres
A.  K   Wayland. Levator.
Located June Uth, lt)lU*
3   Commencing   at a post planted
at the northeast cornel < A i*.
Wayland's claim, the same bolbg lhu
initial posl ol l,. limke's claim, nn
mail.nl "I.. Iluike's BorUlWObt em
ner," thenee 80 chains east, tlience an
chains south, thei.ee mi t! llm wc-.t,
theme  ***** chains north lo pinOO     of
beginning, containing til" a* es
I..   Burke,  Loral.<i
A   E Wayland, Agent.
Located  -lune lith,   1010
3, Commencing at a poa-i planted
nt I., iiurke's northwest corntr, name
being the initial post of li Uovliut*
ion's claim ami marked "it Coring*
ion's southwest  corner," thonoe  hi
chains south to place of l>e;'.ini.i<,,
Ihenci! 80 chains west, Ihence v
chains east,  thence    Sli chr'i*- hot til,
oontafiiing nhout uiu acres,
K   Covington, Loostoi
A. R  Wayland, Agsnt,
Loenlcd .lune Hth, 1910.
1. Commencing at a post planted
at It. Covington's southwest comer,
same being the initial p
Helden's claim, and marked '
Heldeti's sunt beast corner,"
Hit chains     west, tlience hn
north, thence Nil chains east,
80 chains south to place o| lie
containing about i.l" acres.
It. tl. Ilnldeh, Locator
A. K   Way-ami. Agent
Located Juut* iMh, 10IQ
tt.   <i.
them u
Mr. Photographer
did you ever Btop nnd coualder the great big stock uf
Eastman's Kodak Pnperaajid Supplies carried !>y Ye
Old Firm- We have them all Big nud Little. Come
in uud hold n conversation on photography.
Tell us Your Troubles, We Understand
The Eastman Way
which is Uie very bosl from sturt In finish We ran
hi'lp you.
We are East Kootenays Leading Druggists and Stationers
Our Guarantee is worth having.
Beattie=Murphy Co.,Ltd.
[       Where   it   Pays   to   Deal       |
I'.S. -Our (VasuripUun department- uutlor Mr, Murphy's
pursoual supervision is working overtime. Kvory prescription is dunl>lf ('hooked and boars the Bcnltiu
Uiiar.iuii'i'    Von lake uo uhnuues here,
iti""il  iu manure iicnj
heap*, and all placet) of
nre   tlm   iniM  jniigcro
Insects; causing dipt hei
an,I miinerotii illsenres,
way to  got   clear
-eieeit void window
full everything.   W
plate Una of door
.I .hn
J. D. McBride
Oranbroolc, l'. C.
Home made can Ij. 30 cents pei
lb , Saturday only, at Tht  Palm
li. .1.   Rlmci has gone lo
on a biiMiie-s (rip
I.    Home \v;t- in tn 111   Jaffray   dui
log the week
1'hlvcrs' nl.nn i mii^e iwwdei al
link's hire Food Oroory
Chiel    Johnson,   11     Moose Jaw,
Sask., was in town the early pari *>i
tilt*  week
\\ K Worden and lam 11* have re
turned hum ,i hotlilay trip lo tlw
coasl cities
t'h.is    Hlesel,   Ile   rontractoi
Ityan, has Rsslgmd ■., \   I   Dm ■
• <i this eit)
ll   l;   Ilea tile has gone to * .<i_.
and olbei prairie points on a business
lrip and will be away several da] •
i: II small lefl IukI Friday on a
lrl|t i" t'.miii Klats, returning on
Nome made candy, It) cents per
ll-, Saturdaj only, *n The palm.
John Choltlltch, ol the town ti ol
lav, i-. spending his vacation al Ihe
t oast
ti gV     K   Stalker,    S M , ul  Wll
mei, bus in-Mi    appointed   a coronet
t,-i the province
Itei Itoberl Ilu >■■ left nn Mon
llaj foi .i three weeks' vncat on,
which he will Rpcnd In the Okanogan
ami on lhe COBSt.
\ full line nl poultry Ktippl es —*
Ciaiihtuok Tiadim; t'o.
This week eighteen cases ui peaches, Imported from Washington, were
destroyed by the 'inii Inspect oi because the fiuit were infected with
WANTKD—Sllual  by hn ol II
Apply ul Herald ollicc. 21-11'
Mrs A. ('. N'elson entertained nt
the tOO, hour Tuesday afternoon in
honor ol Mrs. Anderson, who is leaving for Calgary today.
Miss lllack, ot Winnipeg, and Miss
Meiinie. of l-ellibrtdgc, arc visiting
at the MeClure ranch, west ol    the
low ll
A full line of poultry supplies -
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Mrs. Tims Caven left for Vancou-
ver on Tuesdav Mrs. Caven was
Hiifleiing from a icuewed attack      ol
Have you eye troubles
My lui.-iiiep-v Ih to give yon Bye Horn fort
Why tlo people CO  lo iiic all tht; way
frtiin Kootenay Lauding to AI Iter t a fot
Iflanpef".? Shindy hecauee tliey have
faith iu mv ability to uorrocttytlfngnoEe.
tln-ir particular cafe, ami givetliem lhe
proper glasses wliich will relieve KYK
STRAIN    ami   lake   iiwav   lieadaehc.
Cull anytime.
rheumatism and expects lo ohtuln
relief from a few weeks' change of
WANTKD. Mrs. I'arrett. Hanson
Ave. 21-It*
Miss C. Bridges returned nn Hull.cal on Tuesday evening last, having
enjoyed her holiday with her brother
and sisler ai Coleman, Alta.
Miss Sadie Lewis left on this afternoon's train (or Lethbridge,
where she will spend a tew davs, after which she will Journey to her
homo in Core Bay, Ont.
Helms pickling vinegar at Kink's
Pure Food Grocery.
Leslie Robertson, manager of the
Beattie-Murphy company's Kurt
Steele drttg store, wai in town sun-
day last, lie reports business good
in thai now thriving burg.
Come in and sec the great labor
saving device, wliich makes washing
day   n    pleasure.—Qua la   Electrical
\ reporl from st Mary's lake
yesterday says that Tommy South,
the popular Cranhrook hotel barber,
landed 112 troul in forty-six minutes.
Fishing is good,
Keep well in mind the dates ol the
coming Fall Fair, Sept. 21 ami 32.
Mrs Moriey gave an "al home'1
ruesdaj afternoon to a number ol
hti friends, who enjoyed n pleasant
lime mi her prett) vine-covered verandah
Vustin and Mrs. Palmer, ol Coi
narvon, Manltouliii Island, arrived in
tin cltj on Tuesday with their two
children Thej are hoping lo settle
iii ihis district
I lol brook's English malt vinegar—
the finest on the mntkot—al Kink's
pure Food Grocery
iu the adoption nl the new bylaw
ai the Insl meeting ol the city council it will Ih- neccssnrj hereafter,
before holding sii.*«-i meetings to se
cure ihe consent ol Ibe chief   of po
Telescopes, still cases, club hogs,
trunks, etc.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
II Barling, scerctarv-lreasiii. i of
the recently organised Lund IjwhI and
Development company, will arrive in
town short!)    Irom t'algarj to open
oltlce, which will in- the head office of the new land company,
lacoh's cream crackers—fresh Ihis
week—ai Kink's pure Food Grocery.
t'has Cartwrlght and .llm McKay,
id Athatmcr, are in town, guests at
(he Cosmopolitan hold, These
gentlemen speak very hopefully ol
the future of the valley iu view of
the construction of the K.C.R.
A big breeze costs Utile when the
decide fun that produces il is a
Weatlnglinuse. one lasts many seasons. Kor sale hy the (JimIn Electrical Supply company.
Dr. .1. il. King -md M. A. Macdonald spenl Hn* week end nl Si.
Mary's lake, reluming nn Monday
morning. They thoroughly enjoyed
ihelr outing and lound very comfortable quarters nt Paul Hundley's
stopping place.
WngstalTe's    grapo   pn serves    ni
Kink's Pure Food Grocery.
Mrs. ,1. Anderson, matron of    Dr.
McRae's College, Calgary, lias been
Visiting her friend, Mrs. J, Patterson, of Cranhrook. Mrs. Anderson
was nne of the early matrons ol
Fort Steele hospital and knew Cranbrook in iis infancy, and is surprised
at its growth and prosperity.
A hig breeze costs little when the
electric fan that produces it is a
Westinghouse. One lasts many seasons. For .sale hy the Qualn Electrical Supply company.
Miss Pearl Cranston, ol Medicine
Hat, came iu uu the local last
Tuesday evening lo spend a few-
weeks with Mr. and Mrs. C. Palmer.
Miss Cranston spent lier last vacation here and she was bound to
como again.
Patmore Bros, have decided to
clear out their complete Hue of baby
carriages ami no carts in order lo
iiuike loom for thfllr extensive line
D( ranges and sloven, and are giving
great bargains in order to Accomplish their aim.
Make ironing pleasant work by using nu electric iron, For sale hy
the (Jualn Electrical Supply companj .
Two Wasa miners named .lohnson
ami Nelson, both Swedes, had a
narrow escape last Sunday nlghl
Innii tin- forest lires. They were
prospeel ing in the neighborhood ol
Skookumchuck, where Ihey had a
camp, when lhe fire overtook ihem.
Thev managed to puck up and get off
before lieing burned out.
Prize money has lieen nllotcd as
follows for Mil ions events in the
coming Fall Fair, Sept. 21 and ii:!:
For   horses.    MOO; for cattle, $250;
^ fe.   HAVE YOU
*#  :.* ...:-V,  g«
kv:;ijj THE
pSf Time?
II n..i. then vim mi* not liiu
I 'I poiewor ol on,* ol our
n-atclics.   Wi* .oil only inm-p.
ii.unta ilmi we inn tl" uiily
liKNT'S 17 JI-WKI.I.EU   ■   SI2.M
UIIIHS' 17        •■ SIS Illl
'lur Mi-paiiiiij! Depnrlmeitl
■:i,*eK enliro emitilaclioti boili
in   |,rlcp   lhu!  woikiunn.hii*.
Try ii**.
for poultry, $150; tor dogs, S80; oilier live stock, t»ri; fruits, etc., Mini
races and sundries, (750.
Jacob's Genoa cuke—fresh ihis
week—at Fink's pure Food Grocery
At n meeting of lhe Farmers' In-
rtitutc last evening an appropriation
to the amount of $,r» was set aside
for special prizes in the coming Fall
Fair, Sept. 21 and 22. A general
discussion of the programme for the
fall ensued. Mr. It. 11. Benedict,
secretary ol ihe board of trade, addressed the meeting on lhe subject of
the lay Farming Congress.
Telescopes, suit cases, club bags,
trunks, etc.—Cranhrook Trading Co.
Lord Sholto Douglas, of Creston,
was iu town on Monday. He stayed
Off here In catch rhe Flyer. Ile was
en route for California, where he
goes to inspect some oil lauds in
which he is Interested. From there
he will proceed to London, Kng., on
a business and pleasure trip
Something entirely now in conkers.
The Westinghouse Klectric Toaster
stow, for toasting and cooking by
electricity In the dining room. Ton
convenient to he without. Fur sale
by the (,-iiaiii Klectricnl supply company.
Dn Saturday afternoon there will
be a return cricket match shop-;
(C.P.R.) vs. operating dept. (C.P,
R). The following Saturday there
will he n mrftch between a C.P.R.
eleven and a eit) team. Local
cricketers desirous of taking part in
this match should notify M A.
Reale. who will captain the city
Have you tried the Velvet ice
cream al The Palm?
A. A, Richardson, i»rc insurance adjuster, of Vancouver, was In   town
the first of the Week, adjusting re-
Cent lire losses iu 'his ilistrict. The
bush fires have given Mr. Richardson
a iiie.it deal ol work. The losses
sustained in different sections of the
Interior will amount to a very con-
ildernhle nntount,
A big breeze costs little when tho
elect tie fan thai pr.'duces it is a
Westinghouse One lasts many sea-
Foi sale b) llic Qualn Flee*
trfeal Supply company.
W. s Santo, the well known Thunder T1 til laiieher. dime into town on
Tuesday. Mr. Santo reports very
favuiahle crop conditions In bis sec*
th ( tin district, lie is enthusiastic over the construction of lhe
K.C II and says that il means big
things tut the valley. Already
settlers are pouring in and by the
time Iho line is constructed to Windermere there will be a big increase
in ihe population ut ibat section of
the Kast Kootenay district.
Itaby carriages nud go earls at
oost.—Patmore Bros.
The bush lire that has been raging
iieni Kitchener is now well under
sontrol und the (Ire lighters are concentrating against Hie bla/e which
is still burning In the limits nut
from Sirdar along ihe lake. So far
tbe lire has onl) penelruled tbr hush
ami has not got into the more valuable limber. A crew of twenty men,
under Fire Warden Miller, is working
there, a  big cut   is lit iiu* made wilh
n view io confining the fire.
Telescopes, Slill cases, club bags,
trunks, etc.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
Geo. K. Henderson, ninuagiug director of the Hull River Klectric
power company, was in town during
the week. Willis I in the eitv Mr.
Henderson took occasion to interview .Mr. Thos. Coven, M.P.P., re the
public school requirements of the
Bull River section. Ile pointed oul
to Mr. Caven the conditions existing
there, as already noted in these columns, and secured Mr Caven's promise of Immediate ami active In teres I
in the matter of securing an assisted school fnr Ilmi locality.
Month old chicks fnr sale Apply
L   P. Sullivan, Cranbrook Ave.
A meeting ol the cily council took
place last Thursday evening, at which
wen; present: Mayor Fink, Md, Pal-
more, Hunt, Green, Campbell       mnl
Communications from the hoard of
trade were read in re "tie-up place
for teams," "obstruction of sidewalks.'' "si reet cleaning," ami "assistance for Spokane fair evhihji."
On mot-ion the question nf it ''tie-up
post" was referred lo the hoard ol
works, with power in act.
The communication re "street
cleaning" was referred to ihe city
engineer and that in reference to assistance for Spokane fair exhibits lo
Hie finance committee.
The following accounts were ordered paid:
School hoard orders    J fiOa.OU
City officials    ...   285.00
Police pay roll    3Hi.00
Fire depart men I     188,75
W. A. Rollins       20.73
Kootenay    Telephone   Lines,
Ltd      11.2.-.
Cranbrook Klectric Light Co.     03.80
It. S. Garrett       0.00
Qualn Electrical Supply Co      81 85
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd. ...   102.17
Arnold and  Roberts ...        3.50
McCallum & Co        1 50
The Prospector       R.ttfi
The Herald Publishing Co.    .      3.00
({.   II.  Thompson    .S2
F. .!, Perry 	
McCallum and Co.    . .
,1. I). McBride 	
seating capacity of hio.ooii. occn
several blocks along tho cast bid
Michigan avenue, nud before ihis
Knights will pass in review. At
"Hut end of the Iii f march is
second arch.
I)   .1   McSwey
sentative ol Cri
at, the conclave
tended to attorn)
lairs   arising at
will I.i
.Iim finlay hn
'mi business
the  lasl   iiiki
prevented his getting away.
In buying n Cough medicine, don't
be afraid to get Chamberlain's. Cough
Remedy. There is uu danger front
it, and relief is sure to follow. Especially recommended for roughs,
colds and whooping cough, all druggists ami dealers. 2*i-1f
King Lumber .Mills 	
Pittsburg  Meier  " i.   .
Cranbrook Sash ,v Boor Ci
T. N. Porrett .. 	
J. Kenny 	
City cnginecr'-*i pay roll ...
Cranbrook Trading Co	
HI 50
21 is 21
..   50.08
I 25
8.1 il
Bylaws No mi. St, 82 and 83 wen
reconsidered and fiuull]  adopt.d.
Bylaw No. 81, the Waterworks Uy*
aw Amendment Bylaw No. t. wai
introduced, passed through Us several
stages and read a  third lime.
Bylaw No, -Vi, Streets and Traffic
Bylaw Amendment Bylaw No. 2, was
also put through iis wvernI stage;
and read a third time.
After lhe transaction ol some further routine business, iiu- council adjourned until I" a.m on Saturday,
August t.th
At this adjourned meellnfi
M ami 85 were tecomlderwl
illy adopted.
I via
ami  l
Chicago i.s in Its dress uniform, it*.
Irects gay with decorations and nl
ready well tilled with guests, in
anticipation ol a week ol entertain-
ment in honor of the list triennial
Knights Templar conclave.
The lirst official function of the
conclave was the religious service*
in orchestra hall on Sunday.
Although the re.l Templar army
wns not sclicdulcil In arrive until
Tuesday , wvernl Iruinloads came tn
<ii Monday. Including lhe grand com-
mandcry of California.
The flrsl arrivals n Tuesday were
the Kail ol Fusion and ,i party from
Kngland, representing the grand
priories of that country and Wales,
ami a party embracing the chiel ohl-
Com of the grand priories Of Canada.
Templar way, Into which State
street bus been iranstormcd, bus attracted the chiel attention nl tho
knights. The whole downtown
length of the strict ts lined nn both
ililes with tall columns inscribed
with heraldic devices ol the Knights
Templar and surmounted will) huge
globes covered with Incandescent
lights. These are connected the
length ol the street „iih strands ..I
woven leaves decked with elect rlc
lights ami hung with symbolic
Tbe castle arch on Michigan avenue
will be the lirst sight nl mttnj arrivals.    It is fashioned in the !y| f
lhe castles of the middle ages with
urrels ami battlements, Ai each
end is a tower, and stationed on
these heights will be heralds with
trumpets to announce the advance of
tbe divisions ol Ik big parade
The monster grandstand,   with    a
A lively war of Words has raged of
i.ne. in both Kurope and America,
over the question of the Influence of
forests upon stream-flow, and Incidentally the whole subject of the Inter-relations of forests and cllmale
has been under discussion. Tho recent International Navigation Congresses at Milan and SI. Petersburg
have heen lite battlegrounds uf the
controversy abroad, and the disastrous Hoods uf ibe [insl year in
France aud (iermany have awakened
great interest In this subject in the
popular mind. In America the
weather bureau and the foresl service have clashed over tin- question
of the control of rivei stages by
forests, and tho importance of the
forest as a safeguard against Hoods
A few months ago the chief of tbe
weather bureau made an elaborate
reporl lo congress, the effecl ol
which was to minimize the Importance heretofore generally ascribed to
forests in this relation. Tills report led lo a somewhat acrimonious
discussion in Iho scientiflc press
among engineers, foresters ami meteorologists.
Iu reading the literature of this Intricate problem one Is impressed |>\
the fact lhat a great deal of theorizing has been done upon a slender
basis of facts. The paucity ol the
available data ad hoi is surprising.
for although streams have been gaged
and rainfall measured fur genera*
at ions, the observations thus far accumulated were mostly taken foi
lhe purposes of eliuialulngv alone, an.I
it is found exceedingly difficult to
apply them tn a solution of lhe problem in question.
The recognition of ibis fact has led
the I'nited states weal her bureau
and llie United States forest service
to undertake Jointly a series ui investigations designed to supply precisely lhe data needed A very
complete study of the cltccls ol forest cover upon strcamflow, erosion,
disposition "I sill, etc., as well as
iheir possible meteorological relations—will he carried onl on two
watersheds of similar topograph]
near Wagon Wheel Clap, Colorado, in
the Rio Grande national forest. The
dams and instruments fur tho meu-
aurement of Btreamflow, I'w thei
with a complete equipment of meteorological apparatus, will lie Installed
at about 0,500 feet elevation above
sea-level. The streams drain an
area that extends upward to shout
In..Mm feci elevation
ll is intended to measure the How
of the two streams for a period    of
eight or ten years,   I.e., hum enough
t.> show  that    wilh   simil.ti  fores1.1-
lion ihe behavior of the two streams
Ihe same     One of ihe watersheds
II then be cleared, and the    inen-
Biirementa will then be continued for
further   period of    elghl   or   ten
its, so lhat Hie eit rets of denudation may be perfectly determined, by
imparing the results »d observations
the two tracts
The instruments and the observers
e already on the ground, ami    this
important  Investigation will proceed
without delay.
Dress Muslins
Hegular Hoc, vitlutB
Itivulur  2.V vulnru
ReKular 2u<*. \ulurs
for 25c
for I-**
i.i mc.
Colored Dress Linens and Repps
in all colors
Regular 8.k\ values
Rogalur 15c. values
Reuulur ■<"..■, values
for 55c
for ilOc
Ladies' Sunshades
Regular $-1.25 value*
Regular 3.75 values
Regular    I'X* values]
fur ■::.
for   [.Ci
No farmer can mala' the broad
statement that one crop pais better
ii another. The amount of th;'
return depend*, largely upon tlie char
ueler of the land on which the crop
is grown One lind ot land brings
the greatest return from n certain
crop, another piece of land if differ-
nl quallt) would perhaps licit! a
very small return if sowed to the
same crop, finding oul the ptfrtlCU
I.ti class of ciops lite land is brsl
ted to growing la therefore a rery
Important matter lor the wide-awake
\ splendid example nl whal can be
gained bj the Intelligent adaptation
ol crops to soil conditions is In be
found m the county ol Norfolk, Ontario. In certain ports of that
oiitity there an- considerable areas
d sandy land that cannot hope to
compete with heavier, richer soils in
lhe      growing  nf    wheat      and OthCI
staple grains. »Thus, farmers who
attempted to grow these crops louwl
thai Iheir profits rfcro nol as satin
factory as might have I ecu desired
Some years ago, however, a few men
Holed that lhe soil and dlmale <>;
the counlry were well suited to growing fruit, crpeeiallv apples, The Norfolk Kruii Orowers' association aw*
formed ond forthwith started on •>
reputation making campaign. Ml
members    agreed   to   care foi and
Ladies' Home Journal Patterns kept in sleek.
The Fall Style Book is now ready.
McCreery Bros, j
*************** ***************
Go-Carts at
We 11111*1 haii* mora room
for our Stores and Kangrn
aid have decided to clear
0<Jt OUI line ol
High-grade Perambulators and
Go-Carls at fust
"The Range Store"
Calgary, Alberta
Keiideiiial md Da* School far Girls,
utdcr iht d rciioD ui the Lliurib
of togland
Preparation *•<! I'i Ivert-lly
Matrlcalatton: alto for Mo*icaud
.\n Bxaminaiioi -
-. - ialooorflte iiiY<*cal Cult ure,
Domestic Pcicncc, Ptiytdcal CnJ.
tnie-i French and Ueimin Conversation, etc.
Preparatory and Kindergarten
Out-door Drill, Tennis*, CVo-
'■'■*t.   Batke-Ubsll, Hockey, etc.
run n."*-*! hti* awi v
iray tbclr orchards aa stipulated u
the rules ol tlie association. Inn-
drntally, too, all fruit sras io be
marketed tbrongb *.he central agency.
The results have been little short of
phenomenal The orchard acreage
has been largely Increased, Norfolk
ipples are now held as second In
lone iii tin* markets <•( the world and
the profits have been most gratifying
\- ;i consequence, land rallies, in the
last *u\ Wilis, have doubled.
An.i ihi*. has been accomplished
mainlv by selecting the crop best
dapted t-> the wll The wnrk that
ibe commission «>( conservation has
undertaken, nl classifying laml*. .(t-
■ordinp to tlie character ni the ml]
Lo determine whal crops can most
profitably lie grown, i*- therefore i
task of no snoill Importance li ih
commission points ■*■ t the crops thai
pa] lla1 l«'**t on <liHcrciit -..uK both
tic farm-1 ami the nation will be
ibe richer for it
\h. llnlri Haggard, the novelist,
has again been uplifting his voice
against the espcnsheicss of politics
lie has been n candidate for a constituency, ami lias been forced to retire from the field, not being able.
as Ir* candid IJ explains, to stand the
cost thrown upon those who seek
parliamentary honors The burden
Is verj heavy, unless, of course, a
man la lucky enough lo shift ii upon
lus party "r some political association. I*abor members get In thai
wny, their expenses being paid hv
their trade union**, and some pro-
misim* imjiccunicHH men of tlie two
great partlm ian get a subsidy from
: headquarters. Bill if a member
I pays     to**   own    wav   lie has to dip
; rathci deeply into ins bank balance.
Tho actual conical way cost bim
'anything Irom C500 to £1600, and Ih-
The Annual General Meeting of
tii* ihareltoldera <<f the Kootenay
Central Railway * 'outpany, wili
I** held at the Head Office,
Cranbrook, B.C., nt ■•• b m, ou
Monday, 5th September, For the
election of direct* r•-, and for the
transaction of other gi in ral business,
c   flncgerforil  Poll, n,
/ *-.. r/rJI-l
Dated nt Cranbrook tjjis 22nd day
of -July. llllO.
may have 1,. fight two or three   ad-
verse elections before bi in. And
he ruav  have to face at. election pot-
Hun  through no    fault ol h
and that (nay cosl bim a couple    nf
thousand pounds if he tin   and twice
thai amo ml if be lews
Englishmen have never becri deterred from any sport by the knowledge that it is dangerous Aviation i* being mon snd I ore cultivated by young arl tocratlc athletes
in spue of the demonstration ol Ms
perils afforded by the lamented death
ol Mr U s. (lolls, snd the fate of
Mmc. !,aroehc. and nlhei rlctlms nl
the air Scores ol aeroplanes are
being boll l In Kngland and Prance to
the order ,-f Kngllsh clients, not of
sax alone, fot there aie several
ladles who have been Industriously
practising, and some nf them may
soon be seen at aviation meetings.
one ad venturous sit woman, tbe wife
ot a well known literary nan, bad
intended to compete at Bournemouth,
and was only detein-d by earnest
persuasion al the lasl moment. The
sport fs und-otih'cdly dangerous,
though the talc -.1 fatalities is probably; lighter than thai which attended the beginning ol motoring and
bicycling, to sav nothing of railways.
Science and adventure must have
their martyrs, and the conquest of
the air cannot bo achieved without
tin' sacrifices nl valiant  young liven. THE    UllASUltOOK   PIEBALD
Kamloops Irrigation
(Continued irom page one.)
wliere reasonable, iml, In the case
o| the Thompson valley and certain
aieas on llic bhoro ol Okanagan
lake, pumping by electric power for
the lower lanils. I Iou. Clifford Hilton, chairman of the recently appointed commission of conservation
for the Dominion, ill his extremely
able [nnugural address, laid great
stress on the necessity fur sound legislation regarding Hie titles to
walei rights. The speaker thought
a commission in Hritish Columbia,
similar to lhe hydro-clectrlc power
commission of Ontario would result
in much good Nature had provided
ihe means ol generating the necessary power at Adams lake, shuswap
falls, Okanagan (alts, ami other
points In reasonable proximity to
the lands
The average est ol reclaiming land
hv Irrigation in the district had heen
from WO to Ml) per acre, Recording
to lhe churaciei ol the works, The
annual cost lo the user had been
steadily rising, as Ihe more expen
.sive typo of work was put iu The
average animal cost per acre mlgbl
be pui ai *.".. some of ihe earlier
contracts being much lower ami
sonic of the later ones as high a.-, $.s
per acre The average difference in
value between laud irrigable ami
similai lands Incapable ol Irrigation
wns 5100 pel aire
I'm! Klein-veil >., ol lhe Irrigation
depaitmci.t of the l diversity ol California, read n papci ou tbe prevention "I the conveyniice tosses ol Irrigation waler and     the use ol coll-
rule   hu    the       L'COIIOIllical   coiisliec
hon of Irrigation niruoturcs. The
paper wns introductory to a led ure
Illustrated willi lantern slides, which
the professor delivered .it llie evening .session, on lhe subject id modern
Irrigation systems and southern Cal
iforiiiu irrigation practice.
A resolution, moved by .Mr. Ceaiee
(Calgary) and seconded by Mr Curry
(Kamloops) was passed, declaring
that: ••Whereas, ihe universal experience in all countries In which it
rigallon is practised shows that
without storage only a small pei
centage of lhe value of lhe 'vulei
thai may be made available is ob
tallied; therefore, be it resolved. Hint
ibe governnienl ol (he Dominion nud
also of Hie province of Hritish Co
lutuhla he urged to push forward
with ail speed the investigation ne
ressaiv for selection and reservation
of such sites as may lie under the
said government's control; also io
acquire those not so owned or eon
i rolled, thereby fores tn 11 ing as iai
as may Ih- possible lhe creation of
vested Interests which may cause
the financial Impossibility, ami in
auv case would add immensely to
Ibe cost of sucb storage sites."
The following resolution vvas mov
ed hy Mr, Thrupp I Kamloops) se
eomled by Mr Spier (Kclowna) ami
passed: "Resolved, that an Irrigation
or power company working under a
scale or rale authorized bt Ibe Horn
iiiiou or provincial governments
should nol be permitted to have the
same increased without all pnrties
having their notice and opportunity
lo he heard in the matter "
A resolution moved by Mr. Latimer (Pcntlolon) seconded bv Mi
Calmer (Kamloops) and passed was
as follows: '■Whereas, under section
223ol the Water Ael. power is given
tit any licensee to enter upon, use
and OCCUpy     lhe lands of Others, ami
whereas in Actual practice it Is
found thai this section docs not apply to Indian rererves, therefore,  be
it  resolved  lhat   (be provincial     and
Dominion governments be requested
to take the necessary steps to place
all lands In ihe same position as regards section 233."
Mr. Fairfield (Calgary) moved and
Mr .lames (Vernon) seconded Ibe lollowing resolution Which was passed.
"Whereas sufficient rainfall lies at
the root ot successful agriculture In
Alberta aud Hritish Columbia, and
ibat it is of the greatest Importance
that an accurate record of the ram
fall of bis district should Ih- available to every farmer, therefore be it
resolved thai this convention ask the
director ol the meteorological service
to supply a sufficient number ot observers wilh lam gtiagea io insure an
accurate record  of the rainfall     nt
every district  being obtained "
Calgary was chosen as the place
where next year's convention will la
Office bearers    were elected as foi
Honorary    president—Lieut .--il over-
nor ti. II. v. Belyea, Alberta.
President—William I'earce, Calgary
First Vice-President—F   .1   Fulton.
Second Vice-President—Mayor Jam-
ieson, Calgary
Treasurer—C, W. Rowley, Calgary
Executive committee—C. W Pater
son, Calgary; W. II. Fairfield, Lethbridge; C. A McOralb, McOrnth,
Horace Greeley, Maple Creek; Dr.
Dickson, Kclowna; It. II. Aker, Siini-
merland; It. M. Palmer, Fruitlands,
Mr   Hall is the permanent secretary.
<r the counlry col-
your box of Xiuii-
suiihurn, scratches,
it not immediately
When   packing  fi
une, don't forget
link'      lllistcrs.
insect slings, etc.,
at tended to, ale likely to spoil youi
pleasure. /,iiin-,eil; ensures you
againsl trouble from these. Take
Zam-lluk, Instead of "taking chances"!
Zam-link is antiseptic; kills all poison in wounds, whether from barbed
wire fence, or ins".-! sting. Soothes
aching leet and blistered hands;
heals baby's chafed places; cools
those sunburn palclicr, and prevents
freckles \'o   uiotbei   should he
without ii- Purely herbal in its
composition, /.am-iliik is always su-
peruor to tlie ordinary ointments
containing animals oils and lats,
aud mineral coloring mailer. All
druggists and stores sell Zam-Uuk,
hut avoid harmful substitutes.
TO (it) *uTi:i: IT-AUK YOl
liolNfi THAT"
liy Hrown, proprietor of tlio Possum Cculot Furnishing emporium,
looked up from his bookkeeping as
the tinkle id the bell over his bead
announced ihe entrance ot a customer.
"Hody, Huh." be said, maiding cordially to tbat Individual who scaled
himself in a chair before the stove.
■'How's everything, Hy! Business
keeping up?"
"Tolerable, Hub, tolerable," wiping
Ins glasses      "Hul   to he frank  wiib
I'm sorry lu see ye buyin'     from
Shears and Suwblick lately.       Huh.
I'd like io hei sold ye that suit   of
clothes "
"An' IM like lo -lev bought il from
ye, bul (od Dam it, liy, it's every
man for hlsself Ihcse'crc days. Cm
let ravin' monev when I kin. Ve
caul blame me fer lhat kin yer? Ily?
ter prices are too dein high, that's
all   lhere's  to it       Ho  you know      I
saved $2.f>2 buying lhat 'ere suit in
"Ye saved that, did ye. Rub?"
said the proprietor, after a moment's
"Yep, ihai's right," Hub answered
right. Hub, now  lei's th
suit here, Huh, ye can gil one ihal
(lis and his right. An' here's another thing—my clothes are right up-to-
dule, Hub, an' if ye ain't much on
fashion, it don'l cos I ye notliln1 Lu
be up to lhe limes. An' there's a
lot of folks judges u man by his
rlotlies, Ain'i it worth a good
deal more'n S1—02 to gil a still
that'll wear almost agin as long an'
look bettor all the lime ycr vvcarin'
il. Au' then again there's this,"
I out I mted Hy. "Ve sen) ver money
up to Chicagy, an' il ain't goin1 to
back to Possum Center iu a
hurry. It's gone lo pave streets iu
Chixngy. An' did ye ever think of
this. Hub—if lhe mail stores of Ihis
re lown closed up fer lack of irade
up go ver taxes Do Shears and
Sowbuck pay any of the taxes of
ihis here community—no I on ycr life.
Another thing, who gives credit when
credit's a mighty Miiug to have—an'
who buys ver butter an' eggs—do
Shears and Sow buck? An' another
thing, Huh, do \e *r ver family or
yet friends git any benefit Irom the
money Shears and Sow buck pay Iheir
help' The more business ycr local
.stoics does an' the more clerks they
employ, tlie more money goes into
some's pocket here in Possum Center An' llie more there's goin' on
in Possum Center the more ycr
properly will be worth. Hub, ye'd
bev got ycr $1.02 hack time an' agin
iT ye had bought  ver suit from me.'1
Hob was visibly surprised al lhe
result of the figuring and had hardly
a word to say Finally be blurted
forth, "Tills am'! no time lo tell me
all this, Hy. (lol Darn it, I've
I gbt  lhe suit Shears and Sow-
buck lold uie about their clothes, an'
I never k no wed ibese things about
yourn afore."
After exchanging i few remarks on
lhe weather, Hub slumped oul into
the night.
Ily stirred up the. file, relit bis
pipe ami reflected iu silence for a
lime "Hv Gum, there's soine-
tliin' to what Hub says I've got
the goods an' my prices is right, but
them pesky catalog fellers has heen
gelt in' altogether too much oat ov
this neck a the woods. IPs because
folks   knows    all about their goods,
'uless there is a change in Hie
plans Die Prince of Wales and bis
brother, Prince Albert, will visit the
United States during their tour of
the empire, which is now being arranged.
King George while Prince of Wales
travelled more •extensively than any
of his predecessors and liuds the Intimate knowledge hi) thus gained of
the "dominions beyond the seas" is
of greal Willie in Mm now. Il is
his purpose to give bis sons an even
wider knowledge id Hie great empire,
wbicb one of ihem in the course of
time will be called upon lo rule.
The tour ol lhe princes wilt lasl
al least a year, perhaps longer. Tliey
will visit South Africa, India, Australia ami Canada, spending some
time in each of these great empires
within the empire.
While in Canada lhe present idea
f the king is to arrange the Itinerary of the princes *.,» thai tbey will
be able to see some of the great
American cities, lust which American points will be touched il is ot
course impossible to say yet. While
King George does uot hold the individual American in ns high esteem as
did bis father, be is fully alive to the
political importance of fostering llic
two great branches ol the Anglo-
Saxon race, lie is convinced thai a
visit to America by the young princes will dn much to advance this
friendship ami il Is for this reason
he plans the American trip.
l)n their return the Prince of
Wales will go to one of the universities ami aflerward enter the army.
His brother will prosecute his studies at the naval college, Dartmouth.
Rumor says thai the dukedom of
York will be his before tbis Utile
next vear.
T:-*i'5)1'".-*-,«:i !.-•* -VVrt'-'V^.-V*.*. '** ■.-*'. *C    /*7.-***> «£* 91«'-i-*W *' ■ *-? .*4***fr»***V?-****-*i *' \,":*^^i^-^7ie^'v^^mS.-:ey.^m.K-.
| September 21 & 22
$      Every resident in Cranbrook District is expected to do his or
••J**       her best to make an unqualified success of this Big l.vent.
an' don't know    Ihe good pints
Iheir tradin'
my goods, ai
K'gosh, I'm
The way to
after it, an'
figuring," said Hy., producing I've gut to compete with them
a pencil and paper "Come
bete. I've got Shears and Sow-
buck's catalogue igbt here. Now
wbicb sail did ye buy'' This one
an' il cost ye $15.*I8?"
"Yaas, an' it's a mighty site'-;
look in1 suit, too "
"Huh, d'ye sis* this suit here. 1 kin
sell ye that suit fer $18.00. Ycr
suit cost ye $15.18. Ye paid Ih-
express, remember, and that vvas mie.
anyway. I reckon—that's $16.38. Now
there's JI liii between that Chlcagy
suit an' mine. Now, presuiiiiu' yer
from Missoury, I'll show ye. In the
flrsl place a suit oi clothes lias got
to look well an* Its got to wear well
Neither one'll do without the other.
I ami seen tbat suit of clothes from
Chlcagy, hut I know jusl about ibe
kind of clothes Ihem fellers sell. We
Won't latk about yer suit, however,
nub, we'll talk about my clothes.
This suit here's made hy a firm dial
doesn't make clothes just to sell 'em
Tliey makes them to uphold a J'i
years' repul-iliou for makin' good
clothes An' Ihey don'l make nolle
in' else hul clothes, so they've gut
to    make     good ones. All' lieie'-.
another thing, Bub—when ye buy a
smi of clothes from me for worsted,
it is worsted—nol near worsted.
Look al them light seams. Hub, an'
look at the way that llnln'a put in,
an' Imw them button holes is worked
Them's the kind of things thai keep
a suit from get tin' shabby look In'.
Here's another pin) io be considered
in buy in' a sill! from me, Hull—>**•
liny Ibat Chicagy illl I from a Utile
sample. Perhaps a -.ml of it's ;*o
In' lu look all right on ye, an' pei
haps it ain't If ye don't like the
looks of il afler ye f;,t it, why ve've
got in wear il anyway Sow when
ye come in here, Huh, ye try a suit
on an' ye know jest bow it's go.n'
to look afore ye buy il If ye don't
like the way one mill looks ye try
on another Iill ye .'it one ye do like
Now, | iiin't seen ibis Chicagy suit
on ye,   Huh.   bul   I'I  hei   dollars      Hi
doughnuts    It's   too short in
sleeves. (.r too long in the leg
here In Possum Center.
' Ibe advantage of dolu1
;oin' to git iu llie game,
gil business is to go
I ain't been doln' that,
tellers in Chicagy, an' they're mighty
sharp afler business too. Hut I've
gut tlie advantage of blin' right here
on ihe spot. Whal this business
needs is a course ;<f sprouts ' Now,
I've bin lookiu' over the sample
copy of the Trade .Journal I got the
other day. An' by Hickory, il a
teller ml run bis business on the tips
be gils from that he'd be up-to-date
all the time. They knows more
about rniuiin' a men's wear establishment than them catalog fellers
does The men's wear business in
this ere town belongs lu me, an' I'm
goin' to learn how to gii it. I believe I'll scribe to that 'ere paper,
an' study up on all the modern
I ways of iloiu' business. I'll do
some advertlsln' here In Possum Center. I never did none ol Ihal window trlmmln' afore, but I'll read
how it's done, an' try my hand ai
It, Mehhe 1 mlgbl git out one ol
them store papers like I was readin'
about. Yes, I jest believe I'll
'scribe to ihet paper tomorrow—No.
Hy (Josh, tomorrow may never git
here—I'll do it now.
Three weeks later the proprietor of
the possum Center Emporium stood
iu ihe doorway and smiled. "I
guess yer Uncle Ily slipped one over
ou the catalog fellers that time, all
right, all right Let's see, that
four suiis ot clothes, overcoats, an'
at least a do/en pair of pants, I've
sold this week already, an' my trade
in neckwear, collars, hats an' scch
like has jesi about doubled That's
what Ihem Chicagy fellers ml call
goin' some. 'Pears to mc like I sec
some thill' somewhere about 'light in'
Ibe devil with lire,' which sounds
pretty good to 'Yer Uncle Ily ' "
Dysentery is    u dangerous disease
hut    can be   cured.    Chamberlain's
('otic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
itas been successfully     used In nine
ni j epidemics ol dysentery.    It lias nev
to «r been known to fall,    tt Is equally
lie ! valuable for children and adults, nnd
in    whin reduced wilh water and sweel
much, perhu|i
to spile lis looks
I s
•me, Jest ciioti-
V ben  ve all
enod, It is   pleasant to tnke.    Hold
by nil druggists and dealers.     33-tf
If your liver is sluggish and out of
tone, and you feel dull, bilious, constipated, take a hose ol Chamber
Iain's Slomacb ami l.tvcr Tablets tonight Indole retiring nnd yuu will
facl all right In the morning. Sold
hy all druggists and stores        2,'t-tf
When you want to clear your
house of Hies, see that you get
Imitations arc always unsatisfactory.
Afler a month's stay in Canada,
during which time he made many
splendid (lights, Count Jacques de
Lcsseps returned to Prance via New
York last week Count de Lesseps
made over fifty flights In his two
Hleriot monoplanes nt the Toronto
and Montreal meets, three of which
were daring Mights above one or
the other of Ibese two cities lasting
a bal.' hour or more and accomplished at au elevation of 1,001) to 3,000
feet. His lliglits nave given all who
witnessed them au excellent idea of
the practicability of Ibe monoplane
type of aeroplane as a vehicle lor the
transport of the individual. lie himself believes that it will soon he used
by the ranch owners uf the west for
getting about their ranches, visiting
those of their neighbors, and traveling lo lhe nearest   town.
i Why Endure Headaches?
1 —One trial will convince you that
a sure and safe remedy for any
j headache la at your sti vice in
1 Nervine Powders j
. IStnttax, 25c Sel.'sv.r***v|.fl
\ yew deal.. *'^c3 i.e. M'tHin-l we
l.bM.Cfi'.-xlnol'.-.**.. *?5"
^JL LMATHIEi; CO. l-roe..
The wholesale Dlstrlhutora loi
Western Canada ol Mathieu's Nervine
Powders, ami also id Mathieu's Sy-
tup ol Tar and Cod Uver Oil, the
ureui remedy lor Coughs, nr,*
1*1 l-t.ltHKIJ    AXXI'AI I.l I
Bnalilei trader' llirouglioul llie woild
to coniDMi.iloaie tllreol ■•'•■> Kn|ll«i
in un.li ,*hi.« ol Hoods    Kesldea liping
a eiiiii|.l.*te eommareial guide to Lou*
.hn.  ami   il.  Milnirlis,   lhe   direct
rutlluins li.ls of
wilh iht* Hoods tliey slill-, ami the
Colonial uud   foreign  Market' ihey
arranged under the I'n.l. tuwliirli Ihey
sail, ami Indicating the appioiiinnte
ol hM.liu*. Msnulii.iii'ois. Merchant',
etc., in the principal iiruvinei.il towns
ami indnstilal centres ol the united
A copy of the current edition will he
forwarded, height paid, on receipt of
Petal Order lor t*0».
Dcilere Keeking Agencies run stiver*
ti«e their trade ''aids (or 80s., or lurger
adverli--eiuentH from nOs.
The London Directory Co., Ltd,
II Abcksrct Law, In*,,, K.C.
What are You doing?
The following committees have been appointed
to take charge of the different departments-
Grounds Committee:
Messrs. Bardgett and Benedict
Finance Committee:
Messrs. Bardgett, Supple and Russell
Attractions Committee:
Messrs. Brymner. Sawyer, Rutledge, and Benedict
Advertising Com t
Messrs. V. Rollins, Elwell and R. E. Beattie
Program Committee:
Messrs. Rutledge, Bell, Brymner and Benedict
Entertainment Committee:
Messrs. C. H. Knocke, Sawyer, A. B. Smith, Campbell,
Fink, and Mott
Manager of Grounds:
A. B. Smith
Live Stock:
W. G. Sawyer
Cats and Dogs:
Dr. F. W. Green
Grains, Vegetables, and Fruits:
Messrs. Gill, Knocke, Jolliffe, Smith and Mott
Industrial and Commercial Exhibits:
J. P. Fink
Domestic Science:
Jos. Campbell
Mrs. T. S. Gill, President of the Women's Institute
has been requested to assist in securing exhibits in
Fine Arts and Domestic Science.
All persons desirous of assisting or exhibiting in  the .Big
Fall Fair should get into communication with members ol
such  of   the above  committees  in  whose work  they arc-
specially interested.
All enquiries sent into the "Herald" in connection with the
coming Fall Fair will receive prompt attention.
I September 21 & 22 I
Wi      w- ,{- BARDQHTT, President      P. DeVere HUNT, Secretary      '$£&
We  have  u  hire Collection ut
uiiiiiiiifiiliil Trees, Shrubs ami
Hedge Plants, whii'h must he
stilil tit make room lnr others,
so wnttl in your orders lor Full
planting as soon us possible.
Aiatia (Hluck L0CU8t)
Klin, Aiiii-iitiui
Maple, Norway
Maple, Purple
Maple, Sycamore
Poplar, Lombard*/
Spruce, Colorado lllue
Spruce, Norway
Thorn, Double Pink
Thorn, Double White
Thorn, Double Scarlet
Walnut, lllack American
And many others.
Write lor prices to
Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Proprietors Coldstream Estate
Co., Ltd.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Cafe at moderate
Rates IKOOnnd up pei *t.iy
Cot nor of Howard St.and Fronl Ave.
iim im*-nn".** nil trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
! '['he Herald is riiuippcd to dn llie
I most up-to-date work in the piiiitiiii',
| line. Modern (utilities lnr the pro-
| due tion ol modern work.
PLKA8URR   is ri.i:\si ui:
Vine, imt not every one knows \\ bote it
can l>n hadt  The reputation ul
SIM mi: K   lUHNKS
iii mitflelont ol Itiolf to rIvo tii mi
IllCteu-'tllg piltioiiiii*-}'.    'lhe I'li-HHiieiif
thosewli*>dilnkF0l>A AND (I1KUI It
A1.Kui tuir Itiilllinu' i- onl) inleioiliid
liy ti Hivnii'l think, uioonr binndi only
East Kootenay Bottling
The jolt department ol this paper is
equipped with the most up-to-date
faces of type. You get what you
want when you want It ut the Herald. THE   UHANBBOOK    UJSMALD
Cresuent Lodge No. 88
Cranbrook, U. C.
Meets   every   Tuesdaj* at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
.1. H. Boyes, 0. C.
T, (i. .limes, K. ol It. & S.
Visiting brotltron   cordially Invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
night nt New Krn-
temlty Hall. Sojourning Olldtollows cordially lnvil.nl.
W. M. Harris, c. ,|, Little,
N. tl. Kcc'y.
Cranbrook     l.wlgu,
No. 3*1
A.I*',  A  A.   M.
•f;   . Itculllill   IJIOoiitlgS on
tin*   third   Thursday
ol everj tniintli.
Visiting liretliron wolcomcil.
W. V. Alt. i.l- .-   WAI.
K. W. Connolly, Secretary.
LOYAL (IIIAMII*: 1.(111(11*:, Nl). 1871
Meets al II. It. C. A. Hall Ist ami
Sid Thursdays eaoh moat-It.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
.1. A. Camtell, W, M.
W. II. Brown. Sec.
Criinljiook, B.U.
There are Btitnnol money lying to the
credit ol tin. iollowini* nnrtloa in the
Small Debts Court:—William Kamp *<r
Kemp, Otto JacobBon or Olla Jacobaon,
V. IMiiiicoui, A. Pravlofskt und Henry
Pay. On communicating their present
addresses to the underBigned nnd proving their i'leniity, the money will bo
forwarded to them.
Dated at the city of Cranbrook. 27tli
July, I01U.
No.  1!».
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Hehekabs   cordially invited.
Miss E. Johnston, N- (I.
Miss Hickcnbotham, Sec'y.
Meets in   Fraternity Hall First ami
Third Fridays.
Hazel Bowness, M. E. E.
Annie Boyes,   K. of It. & S.
Visiting members cordially invited.
Meets in Carmen's Halt Second ami
Fourth Thursday of eacli month nt 8
p.m. sharp.
.lames Sims, Chiel Ranger
L. Bent. Secretary.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Tonus Moilerato,   I'.... Box :'!.".
Cranbrook,   -   British Columbia
TAKE NOTICE that (,'. Itayarcl
Staples, ol Wyolitfe, British Opium-
liln, occupation Olvll Engineer, In*
tends to apply lur Jtermission ti:
piiirhase the lollowing dosorlnefl
Commencing at a post planted 1T|
ohalllS north ol the north-west corner
ol Lot 1IH21 (T.L, *KII*I2), thence
south 17| ehains; thence east 05
rliains, inure ur less, to tlie St.
.Mary's Itiver; tlience lollowing the
south liault ul the saiil St. Mary's
Itiver in a north-westorly .liiection
to the south-east corner ol Saint
Armour's pre-empt lun; tlience west
to the place ul comniencemen and
containing mi acres, mure or less.
C. Bayard Staples.
Dated .lune Hilli, 1010. 1C-9
II you   want   satisfaction    with
your washing   s«*nd
it   tn
Speeia! o'leoa loi family w<.-tk.
.1.   W.   nUTLEOOK
OrailUfl i    mo     tVl.rlnnrj
loll.**,.. Tnmnlo. in  INW
Qrailunte on.l Ui*dntll«1 ol Mi K ,1 i,..
Wiitii, ii , r..ll„*   i In  ,*.**.
In IU i>
Sim*  rears nf.ii.... .* iii   V.*l.*riiiii.i
'   i i In M.1IIII..1.H
Ollice   n.M ilonr in Pell Ollice
Ph.nc  I.W JMI. Bei IM
Nlgktcall - I*.   II   Short'. Reridww
licncrnl lilaiksmithiiiK
Waumi Repairing
Asaiitt foi LVnada Bicycle Moion Co.'**
alio Doerlng Mo-ven ami Baku
Al I. KIMlS ()l: KI.IVMkS
TAKE NOTICE that Mildred Gal-
lirattli, ol Fort Steele, B. C, occupa-
lion, Spinster, Intends to apply lor
permission to purchase llie following
described lands:
Commencing at the N. W. corner ol
Lot 7214, thence east 13 chains, more
or less, to the S. W. corner of Lot
3057, thence north 81) chains to the
N. W. corner 3057, thence west 20
chains to the S. \V. corner 7218,
theme south 2 chains, more or less,
to tbe north boundary ot Wolff's preemption, thence east 7 chains, more
or less, to the N. E. corner of the
Wolff pre-emption, thence south 76
chains, more or less, to place of beginning, containing 105 acres, more
or less.
Mildred Galbraith.
Dated .Inly 22nd, 1910. 22-.lt
Any available Domiulon Land*,
wilbiu the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may be homes tended by
nny person who is tbe sole head of a
family, or any male over 18 years ni
age, to tbe extern of one-quarter section of lliii acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land ollice for tlie district
in which tbe land is situate. Eutiy
i hy proxy may, however, be made on
certain conditions by the father,
mother, son, daughter, brother oi
. slater of an intending homesteader.
! The homesteader is required to per-
^utiii the conditions connected thrte-
; willi under one of the following plans:
j (I) At least six months' residence
. upon and eiiitivatiou ol the laud in
each year Ior three years,
| (2). R tbe father (or mother,
III the lather is deceased), of the
homesteader resides upon a farm, in
the Vicinity nt the land entered for,
the requirements as to residence may
in- satisfied liy such person residing
' wilh the father or mother.
1 (3). If the settler bas bis permanent residence upon (arming land
owned by him in the vicinity ot his
homestead, tbo requirements as to
residence may be satlsfcd t«y residence upon lhu said land.
' Six months' notice iu wnting
should ho given to the Commissioner
Ol Dominion I.anils at Ottawa ot id*
, tentlon to apply (or patent.
I COAL—Coal milling lights may he
i leased tor a period ol twenty-one
[years at an annual tental of $1 per
lacre. Not more than 2,570 acres
shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty nt the rate of
five cents per ton sliall be collected
on ihe merchantable coal mined.
tf. W. CORY,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior. U-Mt
Nelson's Leading Mold
Rooms wiiii Hatha.   'Phone in
every room
itui Lei shop on tlie premises,
Tlmttnii;LU up-to tlatt*.
Rales, $2.00 a day and up.
URO. P. VVKI-L8, Proprietor
It. TOM KIN, Manager
TAKE NOTICK that sixty davs
aftel dale I intend to apply to tlie
Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd
Works nt Victoria (or a license tn
prospect tor     coal and petrolrum on
the following described lands, situated In South Kast Kootenav. B
t'    Block 4-T»!»3:
i Connnonolni al a post planted at
|ol near D. K. Hughes' S. K. comer
and being John Livingston's N.
I-:, corner, which coiner is about
three miles south to the south east
ol Lot 8383, thence running 80 chains
west, 8fl chains smith. 80 chains
east. 80 chains north to place of
Located-June 17th. DUO.
22-5t       John Livingston, Locator,
The anti-sufTragists are certainly
gaining ground. The women who do
not want the vote and do not desire
their sisters to have it arc not inclined to allow Judgment to go
against them by default. Tliey have
come Into thu open, and are collecting funds and holding meetings with
much activity. On (he whole, they
have "society" with them. All nnli-
Buftxago meeting or deputation can
always supply Itsell with a BUfllcIcnl
number of countesses and baronesses;
whereas llie "Sugrogcttes" are rather badly oil fm titles, their strength
lying mainly among professional women nnd middle class workers, teaeb-
or«, doctors, university graduates,
writers, and lady clerks. What the
working woman, and that slill indre
Important Individual ihe working
man thinks about it all is slill uncertain The "Sunrat*ettes" hoasl
of having some of the women's trade
unions ol Lancashire and Yorkshire
with Uie ll). Hut these form only a
small proportion of the women ol
lhe operative rlasses. The great
silent iiiulliiudi', who cook the artisan's dinner and mind his children,
has nnt yel expressed any dclinite
opinion upon tin* subject.
t\ most important extension oi tlto
work of lhe labor exchanges i.s iu the
direction ot supplying labor to the
hoard nf trade. Already a branch
department at the central ollicc, under the charge o[ Colonial A. M.
Murray, has heen created at headquarters tor this purpose. While as
yet uo definite scheme lias been formulated, active negotiations are
proceeding with the various authorities concerned, and it is understood
that Sir George Ucid, the high commissioner for Australia, who has
been approached on the subject, is
strongly in .sympathy with
scheme. The central ollice is
constant communication with
emigrants' information office.
idea, which is now being worked
is lo link up the exchanges with
various offices of the high commissioners and emigration agents in this
country of tbe Dominions, and in
way wiib the labor departments
in the various oversea slates. It is
hoped by this means that not alone
will suitable outlets be found for the
unemployed and assistance he given
in populating the vacant places overseas, but what is regarded as of
great importance, lhat Hritish men
llmll he found to people the British
•mpire. Tlie question, of course, of
■electing desirable men is an Important one, and while the labor exchanges cannot la* expected to undertake this responsibility as one of
their functions, applications from apparently unsuitable persons will noi
he entertained. What is Intended is
that bona tide applicants will la* sent
on to the ollices of the various emigration agents, where the selection
be made, and all the necessary
arrangements completed, The other
day nn application was received by
tbe labor exchangt-s tor fifty masons
(or Smith Africa, and lhe men were
sent lo he dealt with at the ollices
o( the emigration autbcrilies.
Tho great want *■! Australia and
ihe other Dominions is a supply oi
farm laborers, and In this res|H-t t tbe
exchanges, whose operations are nearly, altogether confined to the industrial centres, are considerably handicapped in not being In touch willi
this class oi labor. Hut ibis drawback is engaging tbe attention of the
authorities, and as experience is
gamed dI the working of llie existing
exchanges, tt is uulcrstooii thai
branches will soon be opeim! so as
to gel more iu touch with the rural
districts H is expected thai by
the end ol Ihe year the number Ol
ibe exchanges now opened will he
greatlv Increased, and ihe scope ol
their work largely extended. In addition |o artisans, farm laborers, etc..
special attention will he devoted In
hoys engaged In whal are called
"blind-alley" occupations, surh
messenger hoys, etc.     Much is hoped
from this feature ol the scheme,
these hoys can be trained nnd fitted
(or suitable occupations in ibe oversea lands.
U'SKS       IT
*************** *fy ********* ^ *** *** ***
<s Mm   L.    V.  Roberts, I'roprle*
*t* tress.
•*>  Cor. Stanley and Silica Sts.
*>    Free carriage or bus from all
<** boats and trains.
•>    Rates, tl and $1 50 per day.
•>    Remember   our 20c.   Chicken
+ itawt ot auMtays.
TAKE NOTICK that sixty days
after date I Intend to apply to tlie
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works at Victoria for a license to
prospect, for coal and petroleum on
Uie following described lands, situated In South East Kootenav, IV
C, Block 4693:
Commencing nt a post planted at
S. fcj. corner of Lot 10071, which
corner is about ICO chains south ami
17 chains east of the S, E. corner of
Lot B383, thence HO chains south, 12
chains and Id links cast, Kit chains
north, 12 chains und 10 links west,
to lhe nl are -il commencement.
Located   this   17th    day of   June,
John Leask, Locator,
J. Livingston, Agsat. 22-ftt
It you have indl-jes'-l'iu, you don I
get all the nutrimiMt o.t id yiur
lood that you should.
Vour worn out stomach passes tno
food on without extracting enoin'i
nutritious substance to supply 'lie
blood and nerves.
Ami if the nerves ;ne not supplied
wiiii nourishment, they begin to rebel. They kick up a greal disturbance. They make you Irritable ami
cranny, ymi worry about trifles, and
you cannol sleep soundly a1 night,
yon bave bad dreams, ami you get up
lirod in tlie morning.
Try Mi-o-na Lablels, the money
hack rule. Mi-o-nn will cure w<ur
nervousness by driving out the cause.
■Ml-iHia Will give ; .iu relief the first
li'illl.       ll   Will  Cliru  SCUtO  cases  iii  ,i
few dajs, chronic c.ocs in a tew
Belching of   gas, heartburn, sour
tusic   of   food,    watorbrasli, foul
id oiber dyspeptic
iforo ihe mighty i
breath a
vanish I
Tr>  Ml-o-na.     ihe Beattie
Co. sell it nnd will refund yoi
ey   if   il   doesn'l   cure, nnd
cents a large box
(mNKtD MH-Q-Mf.)
Bronchitis, Croup, Coughs and Coldi, cr
money back. Sold ard guaranteed b*
the Beattie-Murphy Co.
exercise to which he was nol much
addicted as Prince of Wales, when lie
was seldom seen mi horse back, except at some military function. But
his majesty, though h.< prefers shooting to hunting, is a good rider, and
he is always admirably mounted.
The vicar of Stainuiorc, Klrkby
Stephens, tbe Rev. John Lax. after
being tarred by farmers' sons who
found him in (be cnmpnny of the
village schoolmistress, Is now being
assailed bv tbe cccKinslienl authorities.
Charges are being brought against
him by the Bishop of Carlisle under
the Clergy Discipline Act for
creating a scandal," and au ecclesiastical court was recently held iu
Vork cathedral for tin* hearing of un
application on behalf of the bishop
for the admission of the accusations.
This, of course, is n preliminary step
to a trial of the fails concerning the
Stainmoru episodes.
Mr. Lax appeared in person to object to the relevancy of many of Ibe
charges, but chiclly took exception to
the proceedings oelng taken under the
old Church Discipline Act of 1810, Instead of under the act of 1802, which
repealed many of ibe sections of the
previous act.
A long argument ensued, much of
it turning on the meaning of the
word "scandal" in the ecclesiastical
Mr. Lax objected to paragraph II,
which, be said, "eferred lo the fact
that be was a married man. He
contended that would prejudice the
He further took objection to a
paragraph which alleged ibat during
the summer of 1000 he was m*i-ii ill
company willi Mary Renlson near
Caha Wood under circumstances giving rise lo scandal. "The only way
I could possibly iiecl that," lie continued, "would he bv saying that 1
did imt pm my bead outside my own
door during tbe whole ol Iho summer
of i«ii*t upon any evening about dusk.
The allegation is not sufficiently
exact in point ot time."
Sir Lewis Dlbdln, dean of the
arches and auditor nl the chancery
court of Vork, r-nid he would reject
that paragraph, M M was of too
general a character; also another
paragraph, which stated Mr. Lnx's
wife led his house in mcount of the
scandal. He also n rcted n paragraph which stated lhat Miss Rent-
son subsequently brnki  Ihe windows
Ol Mr. Lax'l house, a- 'here were
matters outside lhe alleged scandal
In respect of the objection to the
case Iwing brought uadei the net nf
1810, lie pointed mil Ihal it was alleged-thnt, although .i married man,
Mr. Lax had been   consorting   with
Koi ien How bus recovered some of
iis old glories. Kor some years pasl
it has almost ceased to be the resort of-the small horsemen and lair
equestrienne* of the great world
Voung men were especially shy ol it.
(or while the motoring craze was al
its zenith il vvas a'luost unfashionable to be seen astride a horse except in the biinting-fli-td and on the
polo ground. The "Row" was a
good    deal abandoned    to suhurhnn - „p n,so ^ m .    .
folks, on hirelings,    Ihal    bore   too ■ __ .,._ j_#„j„, ,.., , i
plainly the stamp ol tbe livery-stabl
that young woman ;,s brr Innr The
question was, could that Charge lie
brought under Ihr ael nl lsl#v» In
modern times ecclesiastical courts
hud never held thai a man fnuld he
held responsible fm icondal unless
proved guilty ol fcpei li    nets
He, therefore, refused to admil ll.e
articles, on the ground thai proceedings did not lie un.) i 11.' scl ol IS in,
as the defendant hid Innirred.
Such nn iiM-iran* ii r liunii.en
has token place .lining receiu necks
thnt our reprouemative lias I I ii
hnjioselble to oalt nt every resiilouco
an.) explain tlie Hi percent Coupuii
Saving Sy.teui, ae tinnmtni'eil inlhe
cirCllllllBll liMliMMlml liavel Iiu-
tiiltnleii tlirnngiiunl t tie dint. let. If
resilient, woniil .-nil ni plioi e it.
fnrtlier ilelail. uf ilii*. 10 pei cent
Suviiin System will lie given.
Enquiries  Solicited
Cranlirook, H li,
::;:' $1.00
l'.;uit! applied fot
I he   Exhibition   Programme
Vancouver, British Columbia
Horse, Cattle, Dog and
Poultry Show
Agriculture and
Machinery Exhibits
1'rotting and Pacing
Aueust 15 to 20, iCIO
r.iesilav.AngiKI in It n III l.n Ciinmlti
II.,mm* li.iyiiliin -it Willi i.l Ihii,;,.,
will open tlie l'*xlilliit!on.
Wcdjicwlay   Utile' anil Chililicn'i
Thnmlii)'*— .M.-itIuiiii*.' Day
Fii.lav-  Ain.'-icHiit*' l*:iv
Siitiinlny—Ijilmr Day
Special  late*, nn all railways an,I
BtoAinbonis fn.ui ail|.oints.
Mantigor. Vancouver, B.C.
 J7-6t _
If you stop nt th.!
Hotel VanDecar
wlion you leave the O.lMl. Station
ask fur a Car going down Westminster Ave., tlie comluclor will
tell yott where to getolT.
loi   Rooms, modern pqtiipmeut,
moderate rotes.
L. B. VanDecar & Sons
nml to middle uged prof ml mini men
anxious to keep tlieir livers In nnler
by n morning canter.   Hut in     tin*
prescnl season tlirrc is n marked
Change. Onco more the Row in the .
nun iiiuu; hours is full, mid once more ]
it is smart; well-mounted men about,
ami Indies, still fnitMul in tin* hah 11
skirl, ami young pirls who rWc gallantly mid picturesquely astride. The
kinp is largely responsible     for Hi"
The excess ol bortlu over deiths
Ireland In 1000 w.i* ■' >'•. MODttHng
to the rcglstrar-ftcftcrat's report, but
as 2K,(i7ti people emigrated during
Uie year there was si actual decrease in population <ii v'u-
Drummer llogan, ol tlie York   nml
Lancaster ngtmeit, ti retiring Irom
the army nt tho age ol sixty-seven,
Lziru'' I-'**' of Good Events
lli.r-ii* Racing      Kwil Itaoint;
Ban-bull     Football
Trunin T'liirn.-iitii'iit
Sijllliw Tepee liners
Stlltnvr Hursi* linns.
Etc., Etc.
Entries inuit Itomiulfj lo tlie secretin]!
Prrsidrrt        -JWt        Secretary
TAKK NOTICK thai Jean Marie
Lemolgne, nt Cranbrook, British Columbia, intends to apply fnr p.rnii-
mkii tc purchase tbe it'iin'UiiR de*
1 i.!.*'.i lands:
Commencing at a p*>m pl.int.ti
twenty i-"i chains oouth and t--n
(10) eliailis wrr-it ..f the coaUtwest
inner of lot b(m thouaand ievm
hundred and unci) seven (i7Bl 1.
Qroup Due tt) Kootenay DUtrlci
tbetire nnrtli lnrl( (-10) ehuin-. v.. *
lorty (iii chains, south fort) (10)
chains, east fort) (ID) eliait.s to
point id commencemeaL
•lean Muric LcmnicM"
Dated Maj Slat, A.D . 1110.   11-81
Y   FO R
* Asaya Neural.
THE    N I. w    HEMEDV   Ft
Nervous Exhaustion
Headache, Insomnia ami Neuralgia are generally tlie result of ex
haunted nerve centres. The true
remedy is not a paralyzing drug,
Imt hood, Rest and nerve repair.
Asaya-Nkdrau." Is and makes
possible this rate, It feeds the
nerves, induces sleep, quickens
the it]i|)etite and digestion ; freedom front pains and buoyancy of
spirits result. $1.50 per bottle.
Obtain from the local ae,ent.
********* *************
\   WALLER   !
f  lluildcrs and Contractots f
All kinds of
Boiler ami Range \Tork
Is prepared t<> supply help, ■-.ill©.! ot
unskilled, on .shurto-.t pt<»sibip no
tlce; tn liml employment and guarantee positions when s**nt out; to
rent lu.u--.rs and rooms anil to sell
ynu fruit lands nr other property t<-r
n small commission.
Address:—W, Parker, M2 DaW St
NKl.SON, B.C. t«-13t
Track M*«*ns
Jlfl*rr>ri»«i»*lillt,« ■•lictr'* »•  1 rl«-*-'-^l«Tl tn*.*
■Ji-i'ri if  „...;•. <i . ■ r ■ ■.  ■    n fret »b**-th"** ttc
UXHltm _;->:.y
Scientific flmericatt.
A liiMn-i-r-'T  .Vi»tr»l-l **•**'?     L**.*^j  fr-
lUN» & Co.«-8"'*-,*« New York
Hr...'■:. ""   *.
S K IH, *.Y .»*-ijjjfi-jfl. D. C
The Cranbrook Employment;;
and Real Lstate Agency   ;;
M\ **(■<.i.ljiy 1- fun 1-'.11 *.- Ini..)** t.
I.oiiii-tr 1 t.iii|..n.i—.   Kallrtoml   ***u- , ,
trnrtoit. H<i'*'l*. i'.'I Piiii-Jt*
.1. An ir, l*iO!*ri-*-t.*r
!'■ "'  "■
J*". Hi
Fernie Pantorium
m:\t ii:i;\ii. iii.ti:i.
lu y.-nr n;.*;,snr.*
ri1im.1l. Repaired,
uiul Pressi-il.
S.-ii 1 ClolllfM ly ,*\j>'.'-.. in.-! Ilui*
iv tirill
i: Presbyter ian Cburcb
Sundsf Domini setvtot *t 11 *
o'aoek *
S-n.-l.iv    (rvriiin<     t-fr^iie   at'
T.H «'cN»cli ]
Sunday      School   and    IliMe \
Class at B o'clock J
I'resl.ytfrun    OolM, Tuesdaf, <
At R o'clock 4
^-.*****>«HW,VMIfi, ^^JUg-^^^
-pc^r vmP.
>WV • tMuo'CkitbiM
\p* kt*i*v-*m-*mttc, Oo
>VUtT JDOU Lj-v CeY.,.1 poa*
l.il*li,*.-:il„i I hlMri-ll'l lu l*i* 'm.i I't
ii<*iill.*iiu*ii'.-,*.in IibiiIiiiiIiipJ at
Pink Mercantile Cn.'s Slore
Docs Noi
Get Dull
A NEW ONE il il .Iocs
* I' nUlei: 1 - '.ni ♦
X Secretary: v M.. *
i Kor inluruiatjon rrjn.rdi.ijt lands *
* I.U*!   aj-Hculttire   aj*i iy   t,*  tlie •
* Seeretary, Cranbrooa. it <'. ♦
t j. ;,..M:::\;, ■,....,. j
i ' f: . i       [Qtj *. -■  * Sti ** J
] |    - nt* •■■■..•     *"■■..      iiti    T
11 ♦
ii *** •
! [       High Ot-adt! Confi ■ ti nerj       4
1 i ti:,v. j . Cream ♦
'I PlioLe ;.*>      •      Ai*..-*.* 1. Ave. J
TIIK    PLACE    TO     O'T    A
Headquarter! for all kinds of
Ri ;   in
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Sli ■    Sin Mitt
Provcnzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0  BOX UM PHOIf 31*1
W.  R   ll^mltT.  I ■'-*-"•   •
Gnaama, h C
V ('. Hvonntll, I   L - . H 0 1. B,
A. I. Rooertson, 1". C I. B,
Dominion and Brl *.* I a mil *.
l>. »»*•- VICTCRIA. I.C
1 **********************
ffinptist Cburcb
Change, lnr Ills inajfsly often lakes .villi tin* r.*ni.*ir.,*i*,l.* tnntil nl Ulan early rifle in Iln* pnrii, nml wliere , Iy-l«n years witb tl" colon Knr
llie Miir Rues liis liej-e snlijeiis will i trii years    Hiiciin ImaJ lii'i'li   at    Illl
i.di.iw Situ* ids ■oNmion the j regimental <t.*|.nt .•' I'.niielrnci His
king hat ahawn a great liking lor at.  innslun will he Is. ml. I«*r da).
TAKE  NOTICE  that  sntr   day , , . . . . . . . .***,*******
alter date I Intend to apjily tn    ll.,.   **********************
t'hlel CorontllilOMt    id Lands    and !
Works at Vtclurla t.-r a Itcen**    lo
prospect lnr    enal anit jietroleutii on ;
the   lollowltlg   descnls*.!    lanils. *it-.
uate.1 in   S.tull.    I*'...*.'. Kootnaf, ll. i
0.. lllock MM: I
t'i»mmc'irniE at a poal jilanlnl ftl
or near the S. B, corner id 11 K.
Ilujr,lies' rlnini, anil Mnic 1'eUf
tlrenon's N. *\ r-.tin-r, wliich enrnrr
Is aliont thrc niilt-s suiijli id tin* S.
K. corner ol Lot UM, thrti..- rm.*
ning Atl chains smith, *d chains ea.t.
80 chains tiorllt, SO rtmins wi*r-t t>.
place ot rnmnvencemen!
I.nrnted .lunn ITUl, |1|»
I'rter ttretton. I.i*cal..t
J. I.lvligiti.n, Agent    U-tl   ****
I'utor, Ihail.s IV. Kln«.
J-arsonage. Norlmrv  Av.oue.
•I'lli.ne, Ut.       P. 0.  Hot JI7. *
Regnlal s.*r>lres—Sundaj, It,
am.    anil     . '"   p.m.:   Itlble <
' School    with     Young   l.adltt'
I'lnlethea    ami     Young   Men's I
Illblc Clut, .1 p.m.
Holiday,    Young I'eojdrs',    I
: P m.
Kcln,.i|.,r, Mlil-«eek Mertlag, <
\ r.itillal Christian welcoim *
to all.
»>linr Hik/H Lllllll 1UTEK
t,.i lam ...  ■- ''•'*"■ i- nothing
.„ w.i,ii in** :n : * * pore u
HALCYON I.t 111:1 « VTEK.
IIo.lt> I  10 ■'* p III.
Ralnnlay 10 a.m to .', p.m.
Rm i.il hour-. .in I*,* arranged vrhan
Armstrong Avonuo
Phono .117 TU.H.   OKA Nit BOOK   HKHAI.D
■I'lu* lihrary voting contest thul has hirn in progress iii town during
Ihe past live mouths closed on Friday uiglu lasl ami the ollicial count nl
votes polled hy Ilu* respective coropetlliiis gave Hit* lollowing results:
Si. Kugene hos|iilnl  i37,.16!i
Mothotllsl church  1115,072
Presbyterinti church   H7.»1:1
ii. oi i.. I*'. ,v i*:     7,lis
Church ol England     *l,0.tll
Public school    1,»10
Iluplisl church l|00
Over six liiiiulri'il thousand votes were polled In nil. IndU-allng liml a
incin llvelj interesl was taken in Uu* coutesl.
slit ,VU,Fttll) LAI III Kit   CIIKKI'-
I4d mon Hn, Ann. 10.—Ten IIioiimukI
citizens ol Kdmonlon, lendercil Sh
Wilfrid Laurier, premier ot Canada,
ii welcome on Monday evening, its lie
entered tho borders ol llie cltj on
his Bpceinl I nun, such a.s onl) ten
thousand western people can. -Five
•/earn ago the        premier
visited Kdmonlon on the
occbhIoii <>i Hn- formation •>'
iln> province, nnd Hint a llltle scrag
g) town, with mi pn veil streets ami
wooden liiifldingti. Momlny night
hi* saw a citj i.t beautiful avenue*,
nnd crowded, melropolltnn thorough
laics     Rive yenrs ago, i leal live
tliiMisaml peopla greeted liim. Vtoie
d.n nlghl iivt- Hum.,and eiii/ens wel-
I'tiim-il him ai  ihi' * I.i I Iiui ami      ten
thousand more lined tin- i ■ ol the
earriiige which hore him through ll v
nlreets In his ht.H-l.
Sir Wilfrid'*. s|»crial train wa*- one
nnd a halt hours lad- in reaching Hie
nil. Iinvtng been scheduled |o nrriw
lii-re ai nh oVlorh ll was 7.i<<
when Ihi- train pull*tl into Ihr depol
Crowds hail been gathering since si\
o'clock. Rrom the far eastern
boundaries of the city, the Irarts *-i
Un* railways were black with people.
and .it       tin-   depol     tliey  unteil
freight cars, Iltleil eonvenlenl win
ih.us. ami packed the depol yard
RII.K    IlItiriADK     C.U.I.KH   "I i
The early pint -l tin* week wll
nesscd three nasi) lires, which, hm
hu the activity ol ihe local lire
hrlgade, might have proved very iliv
astrous,      Sundaj     nfternoon   Are
broke nut in m r tt   It. Ik-ally'*.
shacks un Rrench avenue, ami n
was burned lo '.lu ground The
shack was uninhabited ami as Mr.
Meat tv had intended (earing it down
in any event, Ua* loss occasioned
was insicnilicaitl
(Hi Monday afternoon a more ser*
ioun blaze occurred, when the Crate
brooki Trading company's warehouse
nn Rrench avenue wen I up in smoke
This fire might have proved a terj
serious one, dm happllv the     wind
dropped al t    tin- nun* Un* I hones
broke oul ami iht* tin- Imis wete abb
to head mi the (lames in tin* ware
house al tla* time nn:. stored Boliie
(1200 worth nl bay. ami with the
building, valued al WOO, iln* loss mis
talncd b) Ihe Cranbrook Trading
company exceeded (21)00, covered in
pan by hri- insurance amounting   to
■ in Tuesday momiiig some oul
buildings uu ihr lol wen pled In Mrs
Wlllard were completely destroyed in
lire. This again might have proved
a very dangerous blaze but im the
prompt wnrk nl the On- hrigude, Tlw
•■nt- comforting feature ot these three
outbreaks ul Ua* Ure Orml has been
the splendid work 'lone in Ha* local
volunteer Orr brigade Thr l-oj r
have been nn tin* spot quickly, have
worked Indefatlgably anil cleverly in
headim; "li Hi*' Haines 'Iheir go-wl
work wai particular!] noticeable   ul
the tire un MOftdO) aheinoiiii, when
several nearby buildings wen- Ihreal
«-iii'd in tlu- flames.
The cause ul lhe thru* Jin's has li<*l
heen deiinih-K ascertained On
Monday nfternoon jmi before Ilu
alarm ..( flre wm
i iimed m, a man bad
been noticed sitting on the platform
ni (mnt id the Cranhrook Trading
company's warehouse, eating his
luneh Jusl as he was leaving, he
was seen to ligM Ills pipe and In
throw the match down close In the
building, H may in- thut ihis match
started a blare in the loose bay lying
around, Out of thli*: there is no definite evidence.
TAKE NOTICK Uuil two animals,
the propert) of the undersigned,
strayed Irom his premises un ur
about the Oth insi. Description as
One chunk*, grey, almosi white,
^filling w.i-hi between twelve ami
fourteen huudn-d pouti is. Wbili
mime ami tail, steps shoN in (runt
Very tOpP)
One   white inure wICl ith* ' i|i    low
Vborc animals it ra veil from i>a*.-
tnie st   Kugene Mission.
Anyone limim-*. s,ild animals > t
harbouring same will kindly coin*
tnunieate wilh lhe i*n*!*c llgfli-I
Information tu he gir-in to r s
\tackte, Crnnhrook, fl V ji
Victoria, Aug. 10.—Among the appointments rail (led at yesterday's
sessiun n| the provincial executive
were IIiom? of Ucortje W. V. Carter
as district registrar nl the supreme
emu I ami rcglslmi uf the county
court ol Cranbrook. Clnthers Mc-
Clcllan as clerk in the governnienl ollice at Cranbrook and Noel Wnlllngei
uf CrauhrooK as mining recorder for
Rort Steele mining ilistrict.
IliarKlieiries   al   StCWaH's   Inrtll)
Cmislfiblc Aduey, <<f Wardncr, was
in town loday.
Rlour, feed ami mill stulTs.—('ran-
brook Trading Co.
'I'lu* Wardner assault ease was     up
before  Judge Wilson today ami   was
uljuiirtieil until Wednesday next.
•Incob's onl cakes—fresh this wee*.
-at Rink's Cure Rood Orneery.
C   ll   Pollen returned lo town to
lnj from two .vecks spent at NU
*st. Mali's rner claims, doing as
it'ssment work.
Hazelwood buttermilk and hazel
wood Ice cream at  Slewart's.
Mvery good citizen should be prepared lo assist in every way possible
the directors of  the Rail Rail in
making uf die coining hit: show an
intpinllfled success.
A full line of poultry supplies.—
Cranhrook Trading Co.
I udei the alispitf.s uf Creseelit
lodge Nn. .13, K. uf V., Mr. Newton
(leers, will present the fraternal plaj
'Hamuli nnd I'yibias," al tbe K. of
I1. hall un Tuesday evening, Angus I
I filb.
Come in ami see tbe greal lahoi
Raving device, which makes washing
.lu> a pleasure".—OttaIn Klectrlcal
Supply company.
('unstable Joseph Walsh, nf Ron
Steele, t-aiue into town today. II-
reports (hat the te.eii engaged ii
clearing the right-of-way fur Hu
K.C It. have uln-ady reached l-'ort
Steele ami that tbe hig steam shove'
is in sight of  llie   >ld lOWIi.
Jacob's Oxford lunch cake—Iresl
Ihis week—al Rink's Rule Rood Owe*
lhe foul ball iiiateh lasl Saturday,
Coal Creek vs Cranbrook, resulted
in a tie, iiin* lo-al each lieing Hn
score Nexl Sutursny it is ex|iect*
iil ibat the Rernie Rootball team
a j 11 plaj  here.
Three tut lie pups, dugs, for sale.
Two Oark sables, une tan, black ami
white. Appl) W It Hard get I, dairy,
Cranbrook. 21-21
Miss Beitlah Stewart, ut Cranbrook
puhlie school, who came fourth iii
the recent hir.h school entrance examinations, will he entitled tn one
of the medals oflcrcd by his honor,
ihe lieutenant-governor.
(lo in Stewart's fot choice cucum
hers, tomatoes, green corn and green
Ten cil) lota, located mi Ourden
avenue, have been purchased hy n
(im-iiI syntllcatc, composed ol Messrs.
.1 l.eusk, .1 Itobcrts, I Fry, T* II
Christian, I*. A. Orenon ami l,.t> I'
Sullivan The intention is to oriel
private residences un (he proper IJ
i'nun* m ami see the great lahoi
saving device, which makes washing
da i a pleasure.—Qua In Rlectrfcal
Supply companj
Ilefore Police Magistrate I'tan yes
tentav the case of K. Ogle, charged
with canvassing foi the Voncouvci
Saturday sunset, without a trndets'
license came up for hearing. Cltj
Snlidtoi Thompson prosecutetl and
M. \ Macdonald appeared tor the
Saturdaj Hunseti Judge itjan deferred his decision in the mnttci
Choice peaches, plums ami nprtcols
ai Slewart's.
in tin* count) court this morning
beforo Ihs Honor Judge Wilson iln
case uf the It. C. Laundry company
vs. |\ Mathcson was renewed. A. II
Macdonald fur ptain'ilt and (ien. II.
Thompson (nr defendant I'lniiitil)**-
are suing defeiiduut (or three months
unpaid laundry bill, $120, while defendant counter claims for $1211.50,
fur iinietiirned laundry.
Riuur, feed ami mil stuffs.—Cran*
brook Trading Co.
Ruiesi (ires have ij uie t rd down
somewhat during the past lew days,
although there is a nasty tire in the
vicinity nf Palmer's ranch, peavtue
cnek, and another i •*•' one near
Mayook, which threatens Leask and
Johnson's saw mill Twenty men
were sent out there this uinming tn
fight Ihe fire
IR VOU do Vol it part there will
he no doubt ol the lUCCUl of       the
coming RAM, PAIR, Sept. 21 and
A very serious charge was preferred against a man named J.
Orady, of Creston, belore Police
Magistrate Ityan this morning. The
accused is charged with having committed a rape upon a young girl,
formerly employed as a domestic
servant In this city. The prisoner
was remanded until tomorrow morn-
Rlour, feed ami mill stuffs.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
On Tuesday afternoon n very successful verandah party was held at
the Kaptist parsonage, Norhury
avenue, when the workers ami members or the New Departure Home do-
par linen t met in a social way ami
organized as a department of the
Bible school. I'lu- ollieers elected
arc president, Mrs, \\ It Hrown,
seiieiiiry-lreiisiirer. Mrs. T. 1.. Ileu-
neit. visitors Mcsdumes l, Meiiityrc,
M ii Rinnia, J. Woodman, J. R
Urldgrs, W. Ilenrj Hrown nnd ihe
olheeis, with power to add. Some
foriy members have enrolled uml
others have applied.
ROIt SAI.K —oii.ei typewriter, in
good condition Apply tu A Ramsay, dining car agent, i'H.11 , Cranhrook. j:i-tl
Thos. I'.tM'n. Mi'.i1, lelurned luat
week end from a (rip to the coast.
During his absence Mr Cnveu visited
Prince Rupert ami Ron Stewart.
Mr. Caven thoroughly enjoyed      his
visil   to  the  new  cities  nf  lhe  north,
bul lias no desire to change his place
of abode. He will return in his
railroad work Immediately. Whilst
in Vie to ria Air* Caven noted Uu- preparations heing made for the reception tu Sir Wilfrid Laurier. He
sals lhat Victoria intends doing itself proud un this oecuslon and he
would have liked lo have heen aide
to remain over ami taken part in the
Oka cheese -il     Rink's Rule      Rood
A meeting of the local I.literal
executive wns held lasl week to consider arrangements for the Laurier
reception, word having liceii received
that it wuuld he utterly impossible
Ior Sir Wilfrid to remain here ovei
night. A committee was nppoinled
to confer with the city council ami
thf hoard nf trade with regard to
details. .Messrs. M A. Macdonald.
[■'. -J. Deane and Dr. J. IL King, the
committee nppoinled, will meet (be
council nt a speclnl sessiun this even
Choice California grapes, pears,
cantaloupes at Stewart's today.
Something entirely new in lookers
Tbe Westinghouse Klectric Toaster
stove, fur toasting and cooking In
electrlolly in the dining room. Ton
convenient tn he without, Ror sale
by tbe (Jualn Klectrlcal Supply company.
The Rev. Rather Deck had a verj
trying* experience some davs ago,
which might have had a very serious
ending. Whilst crossing the pasture
al the St. Kugene Mission he was
attacked hv a hull which, without
provocation, charged him unawares.
The reverend gen i leiuan defended
himself with a hay fork in good purpose, hul the Infuriated animal came
nn fiercer than ever ami the position
was a serious nne, Rather Reek being
penned in and in greal danger when
assistance arrived, and alter a tussle
On- hull wus driven off.
Ileinv baked beans al Rink's Cure
Fowl Grocery.
The following returns, covering the
loeal importations ,.f fruits (rum the
United States during the past month
of July indicate clearly tbe (act thai
Iln* distriet (mil-growing Industry
can be expanded with advantage
Apples, 107 cases, pears, |!l eases,
plums, IN.! rases. (HUtChes, 1.(5 eases,
apricots, 83 eases, a total of 557
eases of fruits, lhe bulk of which
might as well have been grown right
around Cranbrook,
Something entirely new in cookers.
The Westinghouse Klectric 'roaster
stove, fur (nasi ing amt cooking hy
electricity in the dining room. Tno
eonvenlenl lo be without. Ror sale
hy ihe Ojialn Klectrlcal supply companj
Have vou tried lhe Velvet Ice
ream at The Palm'
Morris llurrell, committed (or trial
last Wednesday, uu the charge <>l
horse stealing, appeared lietorc Judge
Wilson on Snturdnj for speedy trial.
He pleaded guilty, bis counsel, Mr
Oeo. Thompson, putting in a plen foi
lenlencj un ibe ground that the prisoner was drunk at -in-' time ot lhe
theft and not responsible for his actions. Chief Sampson, n( Rernie.
wbo prosecuted, held thai there wa*
nothing to show thai ihe accused
wh** drunk at the lime, and his ui--
tlons in taking the shortest ciil tu
the American side wilh the horses
did nut display anv appreciable lack
of deliberation in bis procedure, Sentence n[ twelve iiiuiiths imprisonment
was Imposed, llurrell was taken
down to Nelson on Monday.
Make ironing pleasant work liy using un electric Iron. Ror sale hv
the Ojinlu Klectrlcal Supply com
Second-baud tents. T. K. Jordan.
second-hand denier.
W. 11 Wilson, Mis. Wilson and
chilli, Miss Wilson, Miss Morrison
ami W. R. Attrldgo, left by motor
car on Saturday morning for Golden.
Tbey were tu spend Sumlay at Aib-
almer and proceed thenee lo Golden,
where they were to lake train fnr
Calgary, to atnml the tan   Return-
THE more you sec of footwear about town the more reason you have
to appreciate the magnificent supremacy of the New Fall Styles
we are showing for men.
Every leather, improvements* and styles possible, are always at your
service in this store.
The makers of the lines represented here, are at lhe top
of the ladder of Shoedom. They reached the topmost rung by making
honest shoes, in up-to-date styles, and by honest treatment.
GEO. A. SLATER, Ltd,, makers of the famous "Invictu**" Brand
rank among the Best Shoe Makers of the World. No belter shoe
can be purchased in the States at the same price as the "Inviclus"
the Htrtt Bojt & Shoe Co., Ltd.,
ranks among the Best. Honest
workmanship, honest material, and
honest prices, etc all represented in
this make.
C. DAYFOOT & CO. makes the
best m;dium and heavy shoe for
working men in Canada. Their
leathers are honest, their workmen
are honest, and they are honest in
their way of doing business.
We guarantee every pair
of  Shoes  we
\ Planted  Fruit   Farm j
For  Sale 1
\ mile from Crnnhrook, block No. I. of T I
Cranbrook Irrigated Fruit Lands      ♦
t'uiiiitin*. '. ai-ri'K partly clrared anil planted
with 500 Applu Xrut'8, 100 Small Fruit ami
500 Strnwui.rries. liimil llnnso l*s \ lM.
lioot House. Well, Irrigation Dlteli, and i.0
...ml*, ul' worn) ,in skill.
Price $1,200 on Easy Terms
AI-I-I.V   Til
: Wilmer Agency Co.,
W1LMEK, 15. C. |
(^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
inn Ihey will tnke Ihelr motor nu
nftntn at (I old en and drive home.
I.. I., l-nnglti- id the local cnslums
oilier siait, left lor Lolhbrldg	
Saturday afternoon, wlioro he was to
have tnken in thn lair. .Mr. i-iingUi
will upend a vacation uf Iwo ot three
weeks vlaltlng points along Hie Iim.
Dc sure and tako •» hottlo id t'liam-
hcrlaln'a Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy with yon when starting on your trip this summer, it
cannot lie uhtnined mi honrd tin-
trains or steamers. Changes ol
water and climate often cause sudden attacks ut diarrhoea, and It Is
best to be prepared. Sold by all
druggists and dealers. 3-tf
A young lad named Rohcrl I'ntton
was up bc-fori* Police Mag Ist rato
Ryan on Friday last charged with
an ii)iprovtik«*d assault "upon another
youngster.   Young I'uitun ban earn
ed ijulLti an unsnvnrj repulnllon h)
iis misconduct and he wns given a
severe lecture bj tho magistrate, wbo
intimated tbal lhe next time be appeared in court on nny kind ot a
charge, lit- would he given tin- heaviest sentence allowed liy law. The
magistrate also intimated thai he
intended applying lo Ihe cily council
Id out iu force tho Juvenile Dcliu-
ipicnts Act, so that he might bettor
he enabled lo dial with oltenWR committed by youngsters, which were altogether too common.
Hoston brown bread (the real
thing) at Fink's Pure Fowl Grocery.
Due hundred ami two'men were laid
off nl the St. Eugene mine, Moyie,
last week end. Soma ot them found
work at the Sullivan, others have
drilled away 10 different mining
camps in Kast and Wist Kootenay
It is not quite clear JltSt what rea
H. I.  STl.l'IIDSS, Ptoj..
CALGARY, Alberta
♦ The Hotel with "The Reputation"
♦ You'll get your Money's Worth.
ovei inpplien thn lieel foi  lliii ,,
market.  Only meat from ymuif \\
chalet cattle i*> |n*imltli il in i-i.im
here,   Vuu cannot poiflld) Inn
\      »hat tho hut bed  lasli -  libs    (
^      until   jou  Im vi- pul  join  leelb  < i
Into one nt out toasli oi iMaki
Try on*- to*day foi (jood rating'
vv   P. BURNS & CO.,Ltd. j;
^Sg.^'^,a. MLAT MARKET
son can la- assigned lor tbe curtailment ol the St. Kugene operating
force. Recent diamond dtill tests
jure reported to have been entirely
j successful. In some quarters this
move Is thought 'to indicate a slock
jobbing raid.
j Make ironing pleasant work hy us-
1 ing an electric iron. For sale by
the (,>unin KleitriiMl Supply com
.j. * •*• »j» *i* *i* .j....... «*»............
<• *
<. Situ I.. V. Hubi'lls, I'rupiie- .;•
«** tress. *>
^ I'or. Stanley .mil Silica Sts.   •>
* NKI.SON, B.O, *
4* Flee rutringi* ur 1ms Irom all •••
.;. limits anil trains. •>
•;• Ital.os, tl and SI.511 per day. •:•
<<    Kai.iauil.er   our 2,',c    Ihlcken ■>
* flluui oi Hundaj. 4fl-lns>


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