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Cranbrook Herald Jul 25, 1912

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M'e are well equipped to
turn out the best cIiihh
of work,
NO. Ull
Additional Battleships to be Built to Off Set Germany's Latest Moves—Canada's Help Promised
London, 'luly 22.—Winston B|Hncor
tlliineblll, first lord of llie admiralty,
in Introducing ibe Biipploinetiliary
mini iippr.'liriiiMon ol live iiilllion
dollars In tlw bouse of
ei.intiioiis tbis afternoon, mild the di
reel cause ot the hicrcaso In r-xiir-ndi
true in Hie llritish nnvy was lo be
found in the new tlcritian navy law,
the main leiiliirc of which was tbe
Increase In Uh. striking force ot
ships ot all classes. The effect ot
tlw new German navy law, he said,
would ho that nearly four-fllUis ol
the entire Germany navy would lie
maintain*:! In lull permanent commission, and instantly ready lor war.
The first lord continued; "Such preparation is remarkable, and as tar as
I am aware, finds no example in the
previous practice ot modern naval
Mr. Churchill then announced the
llritish shipbuilding programme lor
the next five years, saying that (Ive
battleships were to bc constructed
next year, and tour in each ot the
following years.
I'nder tlie new German law, Mr.
Churchill said, the ultimate scale ol
the German fleet would lw 41 battleships, 20 large armored cruisers, 40
small cruisers, and smaller cralb in
"That will be an extremely formidable fleet," Mr. t'liiirebill said, "and
the only way to meet It ts by cool,
steady and methodical preparation,
prolonged over successive years.
"There is no use flinging money
abriilt on the impulse ot tlte rno-
iiienl." the first lord continued.
"The strain which Gn-at llrltain
will have •;, :.;.,r will be long and
slow, and no relief ean be gained by
impulsive or erratic actions.
"We should learn from our German
neighbors the way of the policy
which marches unswervingly tn its
erected,    wharves and bunkers      nrejty |n    excavating, and laying
being constriicl.at,    electric,     motors|pipes, with a heavy stream ol wai
"The supplementary estimate tu
meet the extra German expenditure," Mr. Churchill said, "is only a
small instalment-, und tbe now shipbuilding programme of the next live
yearo wil be raised to live vessels
next yenr, and four Imu'ts each    year
IhcreulUT,    insleail of three in mill,  	
lour in lflll, three in IMB, lour    in I "■"-"
MM, and three n Ml 7, the    number     \ special meeting ol the city conn-
at which I hope wc might stand."      oil    tuok   place last Friday evening,
Mr. Churchill went on lo point out at. wbieh Mr. .lohn 1Iiul.Hn, chief en-
thul. tbo Increased fighting power ct glnccr lor tho Oalt Engineering corn-
thc German fleet involved flic rcor- pany, read a report upon the pro-
Kiiiii/alion of tlui llrilish torces, iu gross made on the sewerage works,
order thut a necessary margin ol Tbere. were present, Mayor Bow-
safety might be maintained; He an- ness, A Mormon Campbell, Erlckson,
iiounml that lie intended to raise the Clapp, Cameron and Johnson,
number ol battleships in full com- An agreement, between II. White ami
mission from 23 to 33 by 1914. From others re supply ol water was author.
Mil onwards Great llritain will have,!'"! and   the    mayor and eily clerk
opposite tbte Treadwcll mine, a'of tbc BUbsoll water lo escape by way' more sewers will be laid fnr tbe pre-'
stamp mill and concentrating plant j Besides the actual cost ol llie sent, It lias been suggested that
ol tremendous   proportions, is    being j additional pumping, Ihe extra dlfflcul-1 work on    the disposal works   might
have been closed down, and tho money used towards completing tlie
sell or.
Wo would point, out in regard lo
lliis, that work on the disposnl work
is inherently slow, ami il lurther ile-
layor] while Waiting llie passing ol ail
now used Nn* battling rock, from the
tunnel later w.ill drag ores caw
Uironigh the northern subway.
live battleship siiuadrons, totalling
41 ships, ami of tlm five squadrons
four will bc in full commission.   Thus
were instructed to give an undertaking on,'behalf of    the city that      no
connec! ion shall  he made with     nny
Great   Britain    will have 33 battle- j wash house or laundry so long      ns
ships    against Germany's 20.    This such dislrict is    not part ot the city
might not be considered n very satis- "f t'ranbrook
factory    proportion,    Mr.   Churchill   .Mr.   lohn Haddin's report rend   as
sard, but Having regard      to       the follows:
character cf Ihe different vessels,  tlw CranpiriK k, ll.C, July Mill, IIII2
admiralty was   ol the opinion    that To Mayor Holiness and Members    ol
33 battleships would bo adequate   Ior!      Council, Cranbrook; ll.C.
tlw needs of 1914-1916. I Gentlemen:—
Mr. Churchill promised a large   ad- REPORT    DN*   COST   OP SI'AVIlR
dition   In tbc    personnel every year, CONSTRUCTION*,
as well as extra submarines, and ac-| A, ,,„„, r(j((„,st m ^ ,„ s„blllil
coloration in the construction ol light Ul0 MMng  ,,.,„„., „„ „,„ cos,    „,
cruisers. construction nt the sewer system nml
Regarding tlio Mediterranean,    Mr.: s,.w,.r (lis|)(lSa|  wotlg_      Tge liRul,.s
Churchill said any attempt to      con-  m ^^ ns a, Mm, .„„,, ,„„, ,„,„,
fine British   naval supremacy iu   nny  „ .^j,,,.^, a„owanr(. n„ ihl. „.wm
particular waters would lw not only ,„ „„,,., „,is WBg „„, ,Mt „.„,, .„
lalsc strategy, but bud rnlities. | rtjl.„ a(l.0„nls ^ im naic
Mr. Churchill stated that    lw   bait I
been    authorized   by the    Canadian I 1—SEWERS,
premier, Robert I.. Borden, to say II j   ^ |ota, „,„„„„, ^^ „n ,.„„.
that any step Canada s.u„cll„„ ot    „,,„„, manholes, etc.,
be directly t„ a, Juno 30|j| w.ls, including engineering, $7I,I8S.:IS;   since   then an addi-
   tionnl     $1,347.45    luls     Iwin    s|WUt,
- — leaving an  estimated amount ol $980
Milling ihi- world's problems ot soe- stilt to spend on manholes already in
.■I reform and making millions of hand and making the total cost ot
slum dwellers   happy  and   contented,  sewers   authorized   to    dale    $711
was     desired
migbl     take   should
strengthen   the naval forces of
Tlte lirst cost ot the vast'fleets     ot
"—~~* Dreadnoughts, great us it. is. is uotli-
Tbe navy league has jusl issued     a I ing to the eosl ot manning and iniliii-
nrv complete statement us io      iho mining them,    lly 1916 the navies ot
WorWn Drrodnollgtlta, presenl      ami jibe world will eist about tbree-i|iiar-
ters ut ii billion dollars a year. Mati-
plaiiiwd, ils'ir eost, s|H-eil, and armament, Tin' figures irr.lii.it,. that the
w-oA.1 has gone Dreadnought rra/y.
niul Jorm    the strongest   argument
tliat Could lw presented for tin- lim
itation of .iriiiaments by internntionul
agl.s|nent. The   original   Hreild-
lioiigtil was l.iiil down in I'oitsinoutb
diH-kiaiil under conditions ot great
aTerecy on October 2, iflnr., und launched wi February 10, Mini. She was
eniiiiiiissii.icl for service on Recctntwr
It. 19*9, There ate al this mo
merit no less thnn I. rty-live-ot tliese
giiilll tllgines ot wai in i-otllmissioii,
••I whieh llritain has 19, Gorman*!
19, the Unit.*! Slates 9, Kianee (1,
Japan 3.,aml Htii/ii 2. As cacti
tliiiish liri-.ulnoia^ht costs nlose upon
len million dollars, nnd Ihose ot piu-
tistiiiiiisi eounlri.'S a goml drill
more, there me already hati a billion
Hollars sunk iu Ureadniuiglits, though
il Is less than six years since the
Ulsl Vessel ot tile class Was sent to
lly iiildstimtiH'r ol lilt Ihe Dreadnought cr.i/c will have cost the worlil
over a billion ol dollars, tor there
will lw In commission then no less
than a hundred and eleven ships ol
llw I'iiiilii. light class, ol which llritain will have 39, Germany 23, thc
United Slates 12, France 10, Japan
.'., Italy II, Austria I, Russia 4, Brazil 3, and Turkey, Spain, Argentine
ami Chili two eacb-
lly that time tlw pre lire.idnonghl
hat 11, ships ol Ihe great powers will
all lw useless, and there will lie an
other rush to replace lls'in by more
modern rnglnes id destruction. Thc
money poured Into lliis endless task
»t preparing lor war, and lhe energy
devoted to it by men ol Uie highest
iavtatlve skill,   wouM go lar toward
kind has never betoro seen war wast
in limes it peace on'so colossal
$100100,000 IN 60L0
Tacoma, Wash., July 21.—To tap a
body, containing eight hundred mil
liim dollars in |Old, ihc Alaskan
Juneau Mining company, a subsidiary
of ihc \i.iskii Treadwcll company,   is
Inning ;■ seventy-two hundred [not
titniu'l    hintviiy  limbered frum       tin:
715. SO.
There still remains nf tlte original
scheme 7418 tcei ol icwera to be
completed, as detailed in our estimate of .Inly tith.
Tha cost al constructing those sew-
era (after deducting sewer now con-
Btruetod on   B. Hanson) Ik estimated
in this report, on rates based upon
1 he aet ii.11 construct mnal cost, at
$4,609.60, making a \*>M estimated
j eost of completing the original
schema of 186,825.40.
Prom this amount  Ihere should    lie
deducted     certain items not  included
INTERESTS j to 'be oiiginal estimate, as follows:
Election expenses   % 12fl.fiQ
lh*vinl ion of   route in South
Maker street Maker lain* ... RiM.Ofl
VddHtonal    expense    dm* to
laying the server in winter. HT82.00
Losses Incidental to strike ...   3l«.so
Deducting     this   front    $*G,!I25.40
loaves   $89,888.00 at the net     total
Cost to construct the schemo as    lii-
Ooatlueau channel of Juneau Iwmatlil'rtH'rt'- r*n-' -t^Wnal estimate for
Mount Roberta Into the famous K.i-j,-,'s work was $7!i,o,.6.nn, leaving a
ver Bow bttlln.     Pitteci hundred (cet l'l,,nci1 of 88207.00.
is Completed. Ahoul a it-1 ml ml and
tifiv stamps, America's second largest, are tM'ing inKtalUil. Present plans
provide for takinpi out four millions
in gold yearly for iwo hundred years.
The Treadwcll mines production now
exceeds that.
Tho tunnel will become a common
carrier, furnishing an outlet for cold
ores in thn -basin owned Jby other
companies. For many years various
properties in Silver How Basin,
which are of immense proportions but
low grade, have operated in a desultory manner, hut owing to tlie heavy
eost of transporting ore across
Mount HolH-rls, the mountalmmlc ot
which reaches an elevation of three
thousand feet, little profit baa been
mad*1. On (lasttncau channel, near
the mouth of    the timnel uni yearly
This   represents the net extra eost
t tlie sewer system over tho original
estimate, and is to he accounted for
by the following items, ns already Indicated in our report of ->"ly Blh.
(I). By far tbe greater part ol the
extra cost Is due to iiiu excessive
amount of water encountered along
the lint1 of the main outtall sewer
throughout the city, and also oi
some of the branches and has occur
ml on the more recently construct**
cd sections'.
It was found unite impossible to
handle thht water with the usual
trench pumps. A centrifugal pump
installid in addition to the trench
pump wus only adequate to keep the
water down sufficiently, when at the
same time allowing a Urge portion
I of tbe outfall sower already laid.
running along Um hoi torn of the
ditch has also to Im* taken Into account, Our records show that, the
extra cost under UKsltcnd amounts in
round figures lo $1,000.00 or ntoro
than liulf of    Uho total excess,
Tho original estimate Included a
higher allowance for pumping than
usual, as a considerable amount of
water was forcswii, but iln* rcsu'ils
have been altogotbor Itcvond wiiat the
appearance of tin* ground would indicate.
At one of the wcttcsl pails ii
was finn:ni necessary to lav about
1400 ft. of the main outfall sewer on
timber <ind cradles in order to oh
lain joints. This was dune beforo
Ihe flow of water was partially re-
lievid hv turning it Inio the sewer,
and cost about  St.iMi.uo additional
(2). The next larpjral Hem in the
overcost, amounting to ahoul
$2,500.00 is due to the unusually
•oarse nalure of lho excavation, lung
sections of thr trenches having been
in large loose Itouldcrs, requiring
lose sheeting, at thc same time
making the sheel inl; harder lo drive.
ll was necessary on this account lo
pack lhe pipes carefully with tim- snil
(o protect them from breakage bv
stones, bul in   many cases tliere was
it snllicieiit fine material tn be
fiiut.d among tbe stones, without
can-fill separation, or even hauliog
it in, (thereby Increasing tlte cost
Backfilling on these seoflcna was also
made slower and more expensive
than usual, it being impossible to
draw.the timber freely without largo
caves occurring, which would have
endangered, tbe scweil aud Increased
(In* cosl still more.
Some dilllculty on account of
oarso material in the trenelu-a was
also allowed for in ibe estimate, hut
proved worse thai,  was (Wficipaleil,
Vi). Tlte balance of overcoat on
Ibc sewers is made up ot various
smaller items, such as rock cutting
Burwell lane, etc., a stretch of
running saml in Kdwards street,
trouble due to a leaky water main in
?'""»le> avenue and other smaller mat
lers which were not .specially antlel
Special care has been token throu
ghout to secure watertight joints iu
the sewers It will be readily un-
dcratood that, with a largo part of
the system lying in waler, leak*,
joints would    endanger tbc efficiency
t tlw* system, and it the amount sA
leakage Into the pipes was huge, the
Carrying capacity of the system
might be so   reduced as to be.inado*
ipiate to take lhe si-weragc of        the
If less care had been taken in this
direction, some little money might
have been sa.iit, but only al the risk
of an inferior Job, which wt uld cor
tainh have Inio false economy.
Tlie amount spent upon thc dis
posal works at .tune tut ii wns $13,*
R07.77, exclusive of engineering, leav.
ing $4892.93 in band at that date   tn
complete the Work at the estimated
Thc concrete worto is now al completed with the exception of the
columns iu Hn- coQrte filter, part
of Dm* stone has been placed iu Ihe
line nlier, nnd ,( considerable amount
of stone has been scrcemd ready for
placing in both liltcrs. This along
with the roofs over the fillers, plac
ing brays, and a few other small matters is all thut now remains to 1.
done, and we consider that tin
money appropriated is sufficient t(
complete the disposnl works.
Thp extra cost of thc whole works
over the estimate amounts only to
ahoul Si per cent of the total cost
of thn works, aud while it is unfor
tunoie that thc estimates have been
exceeded we consider thai th
amount is hy no means unreasonallc
and Is less than oflcn occurs In work
of tills class. . The whole < f lhc
money has been carefully expended
and when completed you will have »
thoroughly up-to-date and efllelenl
sewerage system. ,
Aotiag under your    iiistructlofiit ro
Representative  Gathering of  Business Hen at Dr.
King's Residence to Big R. E. Beattie Farewell
additional bylaw, they could noi
finished this yenr,
Respectful!)  submitted,
The .lohn   (ialt Eugiiiwrltig t'o
John Haddin.
Bylaw No.  (till was pul  through all
il.s readings,  finally passed and     c
dered published in the local papers.   .
Tbe vote of the ratepayers will bc
taken on this bylaw on Wednesday,'
August 7lli, between' the hours ot fl
(10, a.m. heal lime) and 7 (H p.m.
loCat time). Thc vot ng will take
place at tbe Municipal ollices, Norbury avenue, T. M. Itohcrta acting as
returning officer.
Bylaw No.   110, lo authorize    the
purchase    of   a gravel
purposes was also put  through       its
several readings and finally passed.
Bylaw No. H»K was reconsidered
and finally passed.
Alderman .lohnson gave notice that
at tlie next council unci ing he would
Introduce a bylaw to establish street
ami sidewalk grades.
.Miii uni; i hi a adjourned.
There was a thoroughly representative gathering of the business men
and others, at tlie residence of Dr.j
.1. II. King, lasl evening for the!
purpose if bidding farewell to Mr. It.
E. Rent tie, wbo, to the sincere rog-
"•' of even one present, is about to
temporarily, a't any rate, sever his
j connection    wllh the city of     Cran-
■1 which be has for many
years been one nf the most prominent
and active residents.
Tb,- occasion was quite Informal,
Mr, P. K Wilson filling tbe duties
of chairman in hi-, own inimitable
manner, Several of those present
made brief speeches, expressive ol
their regret lhal Ml Beattio bad felt
culled upon to moie to Cttgary
pit for ciiv|whjisf ono an,, a„   ,IIlitl(i i(1 yighiog
him and his   family the best of good
fortune in their new home.
("luiiiiiiiiii Wilson, i» very appropriate language, presented Mr. Beat
with a handsome gold watch, a
case of jewelry for Mrs, lb-attic, and
a silver lea pot, for general family
purposes, as some illgbl token of the
esteem in which he ami bis family
ate held  by the  citi/ens of       t'r.in-
Mr. llealtie,
[-fleeted l-y the
•xprcssiona ol v
obviously   somewhat
sincerity     of      Uw
i many nf his fellow
present to devote his best efforts   to
tin* promotion ol ever)  move in   tlw
direction of upbuild ng the cm   and
distiict   and   with this    aotlve   eo-
operation  he s-**--.    do   reason    why
Cranbrook and   the surrounding   dis
trict should not    flourish aUi become
as rii Ii .and prosperous a section    of
British   Columbia as the most     cn-
,i       could desire.
Short   addresses   were made by Pr
.1. II. Km-,, Mayor     Bowness, J. P.
townsmen,   made   brief but eloquent|Pink, Ur. tUeco,     i-..mk Murphy, T.
reply.    Ul one tiling be wisbwl to as-jT.   McYutie.     C. R.   Ward.   Oeorge
sure his Cranbrook friends.   He   had, ll.^arth W. K.        (Jurd,
nn Intention if  permanently severing
his connection wilb Cranbrook.      hf
still held large business and property
n pei al
uu .- * R
others,        all
m excelteat a olU-
1.   Beattle an<l all breath**
Interests iu  tlie city and district and ine the sincere hppe that      in      the
would be    a constant    vfsltoi here   ..-■. * algarj Um same good
Some day he hoped to be in a port- fortune wu-uM attend his efforts as
Hon t.i return here with ins EamitffMnd be n th oui In UraobrooU. Tbe
lie had absolute oonfldence in the gathering dispersed sborUy after 11
future of CranbriH»(- and the district. o'olocJr, aftei Singing "Auld Lang
-Vs a parting word ho urged everyone Syne."
Cianbrook, B.C., .luly 19th, ml-.
To the Kdiior of lhe Herald:
Cranhrook, M.C.
Re Cranbrook   Soweragc DeUmttircs,
In a letter to the Herald, re the
sale of the sewerage debentures, Mr.
hint expresses his regrel that a re*
cut statement id Mayor Bowness
lias hem made
It might therefore he well to explain why that statement was male,
and briefly it i:: Ibis: Several members of the council lea rind, thut Mr.
Hunt bud made the statement, thai
the council or the finance cmuintitao
d last year, refused to allow him to
iell thc dclK-nl ures at the offer le-
eived, namely, 97i- Mr. Hunt evi-
ilcnUy making this statement in an
flort to shift the responsibility on
lo other .shoulders thnn nis. it was
leli i*nly fair that the responsibility should he placed where it rightly
As a matter of fact no such letter,
as referred to by- bim in the Herald,
was ever read before the council, and
ih,- mat ter was not brought beforo
tin- attention •>( the council, officially, until referred to iu the a,vliter's
report, at which time Mr. Hunt start*
ul lhal he was holding tie* sale inul
unlil ihe New Year, when he aituci-
pated lhe h<mds would reall/c 8tt
hast 101. Notwithstanding Mi.
Hunt's remarks, tin- council express*
"! an opinion thai the offer should !*'
accepted, and even thin Mr. Hunt
would not sell.
It is true that no resolution won
passed, lor the simple reesc-n tnat the
council bad no authority as a tody,
.md Ihat a resolution of ili.it kind
Would have in--ii out if order.
The matter was, ai an earlier date,
brought before the attention of    thn;
finance   committee by tne city clerk
uho it-iiucsted litem lo approach   tin*,
The finance committee acting upon
th.* advice of the Imperial Hank urged the mayor to accept tl Her, Uw
hank deeming that Iht- offer was tba
Itcst obtainable at that time, ol
likely to In* obtained in the near fu
tun*, but Mi. Hunt stated he would
not sell for less than par
The finance committee most  empha-l
licallv   advised   the   a<TC|l1anCC   of      tilO 9sm\m\...........W*\...........\..m9Meeeeeeeeeeeee^
offer ol   it:..     Mr.  Hunt evidently.       ^ <,"mrc"m* Ki,lisH| 1»ftd   tb« ■■ public boll.      The Columbia   Or-
' ' iKIatboad with the tnmli highways in (,,arrt    company is creating consider-
lir,,,',rf,|,,,,akl',,,',lu,.,       ^ r lllrMlly a,.,,'i„ , This c,.„„iativ    WU
other parties n, prcferenn  to tbe   ad-| ' formerly     operating in tht* Okaoagfln
surveyed   government    rood through ^^ ^ ^ m>w ^.^     ^
Roosvllle. Tin-construction ol ibis property known ns the old McKay
mad will facilitate Ibe personal in- ranch. Camps are lieing bu It and
Kpcotfon of local resources by    thou- the company will be employing    one
hundred and lidv turn within a ihoil
Lethbridge, Aha., in October of this
year, and ibwjn exhibit at the
Montana state fair at Helena.
Judging from     the interest already
displayed in Uk worii and purpose ot
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      the orgarii/ation,  th.- Tobacco Valley
' ' ■ Development   association a ill    build
(Special to the Herald,. .„ nnari,Dtlj. & «U.
Klko, D. r., July 11.—At an imt-| offlcen f. r the ensuing .iii montlu
iai meeting cf a group ot prominent were ofaoaen as foil
farmers, mining and bu-,iirss men ot president, J J Tetrauifc; »lce-prc-
Tobacco valley, both In Montana and sMent, C. I! Conner; secretary, L.
British Columbia, the [ir.-.t steps " Broftntn, all ol Eurebt, Mont.;
haw been tak-n toward tU* form^- $*****> '■*•:■ ' Otabam, Restord,
,    ... .. ,,     ..    , •■'"*■'    eho littee <>i   mar-
Uon of aovMcco volley Development . .    ,,    ,     ,, ,.      _    .     .,
p - ' IreU, r.   L.    McCoy, Eureka; Crops,
association,    The organization    was Wih, <,.,..   *. ..-^   n.n.int-, L    K.
ireatid to   advance, the interests     ui Tiipp.     Kuieka,    soolot,   Ira foliar,
iistontly exil'»it- Rcxlordi ; iWicil   . Pred Roo, Klko.
Thi' executive   cummiUce.will     be
iis memters lo   >
ing the resources
tl ihe valley,     ami
methods   of getting
■ii .
11 ■   next  n set Ing, t«»
aqoounoi .   oon
also    to   study
bigger returns   in     the way of crops
ami better market  oooditfons.      Kor
SOnV3  time    the Deed  ol  united action
with these things in view bus     lieen
apparent, and residents all over     tho
\ alley are taking lt keen lutcnst
tbc movement.
Committees  were appobttod    under ■
tin- headtof   markets, crops, mining,'   W. H   Dawtoo, manage) and    part
social .md publicity, to act In    con- °*ner in the Rocky Mountain Livery
II.    DAWSON    SPEAK8    KN-
Junction with an
of three.%
The nx>vemenl
one, embodying
heueiits lo  every
txeoullve committee
dii.\ Motor    s'.-*i  i-'T.'* company, at
Athaltri'-r, wa.s in Croribrook the lirst
I nf tho week having brabght down his
is ,. comprehensive ^if,.   ,,,„!    chiWren'and   Mrs. A. S.
direct   and certain  Moore Ui ttt fpi Dig Tim-
line of mining or ber,,Montana,   where thej uin spend
UBrii'iiltiii.l a.li.,1)   in T..l,...c„ ral- ,""'«    '    „ *WU*«wl«l     r.-
,    latlvcf,     Mi   Dawson is .puti*     <n-
ley, a!«l Do    .pportun.tt  to properly  ,1||1Mas,1(   ^   y       ;i|„lt(. ptMpwt-
and advonUqpouslj exploit tl«- ments (lir ,)„. town (lf Athalmer. Four
of investment here will In1 through stores are running then- ibis sum-
this bodj overlooked. one import- m*'r* ■■■"■■■ ul1 '"",' ''"'"s a good ..usi-
ncss.      A building   84x70 and     two
anl matter  will be agitated at once,
and that is   the formation of au auto
stories in height, Is now io (course of
erection.     The lower portion will bo
highway lo  run   through       Tobacco  IIM1| as „ garage and thc upstairs as
valley, connecting  Kalispell  imd    the  0 public boll,
vise of the finance commit l
the Imperial bank, with the
lhal the city lost 1\ points a
snle tf the debentures, nnd
trlea lo throw lho blame on
year's council,
nands of people who otherwise would
, time
'Ommfttec of  the  ci iiniii  In
J. v Campbell
A. C. HowncKs
S. Taylor.
m^IM^IMa^IB^IB^IM^IM^IM^IB^IB^IB^IB^IB^IB^t^t^IBm^.^.., set tbis are coming   in,
l hecomo ac.iua.nt.Ni villi   Un ad- (mi|  „„,,.    ,„M. Ii0   ,i„„. n, ,,,.,„„,.
.uiii,ii;,'»-«>iiiiii.'riittl,   ilirnatlc   uml i„,i,| „i , piece „l land.    Trnnipott*.
sciiu-—iiml Tobacco valley often.      lion facilities are btKotnlo* oeltci all
oiniiiitto'   on publicity ar.' al- UM ,n"1,      '''""  u"-,u '""v IIMk'' "'"
ai «inR to   place an nhibtt &" '["":^'T" ''""," "!"' Alh'
aimer, besides tho several motor cars
1 tliat are    continually cu lhc road lu
I Th
• i, .nl
lot nor.-ItrigaM inodiii't* at Um'   dry
Jlaiiniiivi   .•..nun*.,    U>.   bc    Md at oni| out ol tlmt dlrtrlot. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
"Will Ulster light'?" is a question
which is being asked by many sincere friends ol Ireland and thc answer
to it. depends ou the politics ol its
giver. *
There    arc a lot oi eminent polltl
ciaus in the' North ol Ireland      whu
are    declaring  loudly mat "Ulster
lny   which tbey    mean Belfast, Deny
ami the country lying beUuen   them
will light in the event ul the passage
of Uie Homo Rule bill by parliament,
and litey .tuck up Lliis assertion by
terrible talcs of drilling and arming
by "loyalists" in thu Orange lodges.
Only a few weeks ago Lonl Mayor
Mc.Mordie, of Bolfalt, declared in the
houso of commons that be know that
sixty, thousand young men iu lielfast
owned revolvers and that he know
thcro-were one hundred thousand ol
these deadly weapons in the hands ui
Unionists in the .North of Ireland,
while, there were between two hundred
thousand and three hundred thousand in the hands uf Nationalists in
the same area.
'•'Wliat do they want these revtlvera
fur if not to use tlunne" asked the
Belfast lord mayor, aud he pursued
his policy tl mak ng British flesh
creep by vague hints of thousands of
rifles which he declared had been
smuggled iiuto Ireland in cargoes oi
If McAlordic's liguivs ate correct
tho "loyalists" arc I kely to ho out-
iiiuidM-red hopclcssl) when It comes to.
lighting, hut perhaps they arc relying
on superior organizations. Terrible
tales arc lold about nightly drill
meetings at Orange balls where the
faithful arc taught military tactics
by oilicers of thc British army. Indeed [tar 1 lament was regaled thc other day by an account oi tbe proceedings iu au Orange lodge in I'orU-
down, where one hundred sturdy patriots were exercised with wooden
guns by a nameless* colonel. The oili-
Cer turned out it. be vulceless as well
us nameless, lor when Augu.stinc Bii-
rell, tlie chief secretary for Ireland
produced the police report oi this In*
cideni it contained the Information
thai Ihe officer's orders were inaudible. Incidentally it slates that the
purpose of Ibe drill was to enable the
men to march iu decent order at a
coming parade.
Few people however believe that
"Lister" bas any Intention ol lighting except on tlu; platform aud by
the imllot. The situation was summed up accurately u few days ago by
a leading Belfast business man, who
is one of the loudest advocates ol
Ihc lighting policy. lie stipulated
lhal his Identity should not be dis*
closed and with this proviso was
perfectly willing to tell the troth
about the -situation.
"Are the Belfast people icily
afraid of Home Rule that they    will
resist Iti by force**"' he was asked
"Nonsense," he replied, "we leaders have to talk as we do to satisfy
Ihu extremists among our followers,
and, i>[ course, we don't want Home
Bute, bcoauio wo think things are
well enough as they are. We ure going to fight, it to the last minute,
hut we are not ..bit afraid ol it, and
as soon as the bill becomes a law,
us it Is hound to do, we are ftiing to
jump in aud get as many men as wc
can into that new parliament in Duh-
"I shouldn't be surprised If
would control it before long. We have
Ihe brains, the i no ivy ami the men,
and wc will have thc suppt rt ol the
Conservative element nil over Ireland,
who arc now forced into alliance
with tbe Irish radicals and revolutionaries iH'canse tbey consider Home
Rule Ihc all important Question, Ulster is going In cut a big figure in
the Irish parliament nnd we arc not'
gning to Ik such fools ns tc spoil It'
nil hy fighting."
This is the considered opinion of a'
man who should know what he is'
lalkim: about, and tbat it is shared
by others is shown by thc way in'
whieh they arc making preparations'
lor extending their business. Not for
years has there been such a boom in
factory building in Belfast aa Ir going on now. Workman and Clark,
the great shiphuldiiig firm, the head
ot which, George S. (Mark, is an
Orange lender, has just acquired ad-
ditiilhal land (rom lhe corporation,
and  will nearly    double the capacity
A   Woman   of
Few Words
Mrs. Harry E. Rye, Main Street
North, Mount Forest, Out., writes:
"Yonr remedy Ior kidney, bladder
and stomach trouble has given me
great relief. Have taken three
boxes and now feel like living and
better than I have felt for years ami
I give your
all the praise, for they are the best
1 have aver tried!" At all dealers,
25 and 50 cents, or Thc Fig PHI
Co., St- Thomas, Ont.
Sold by the t-ranbrook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
of their yards.
Another factor    is lho attitude    ot
iht! Presbyterian    farmers. The
Heme   Orangemen have always   been
drawn from   the Anglicans, hut     the
back hot f Unionism   has been     the
sturdy stock erroneously called
"Scotch Irish," but really as purely
Irish in most cases as their Roman
Catholic neighbors. These men can
o longer he worked into a Irency ol
xcitement over the Home Rule question. It Would be wrong to say
that, they have become Home Rulers
though many of tbe younger genera-
lion have done so, but ihey have
tUtgrown . their suspicion of their
Roman Catholic fellow-countrymen.
The extension of local government is
responsible for Ihis, n« It brought
about for the flrsl time the uniting
in public bodies oi men td different
faiths. No movement In tho "Ul-
counties could succeed without
these men, Who arc now prepared to
ccept Homo Rule ami take their part
i working It,
The   answer     to  thc   question is1
''Ulster won't fight1 and Ulster will
he right."
Trade   unionism    in Ireland  never1
is attained the important position
that it holds in Knglaml or Scotland. This, it is declared ity many
Irish labor leaders, is due to thc
fact that the Irish labor movement
has been an appendage ol the British
Now all this is to he changed. Political Home Rule is to be followed
or perhaps even preceded hy trade
union homo rule, and at the meeting
of tbe Irish Trade Congress in Clon
mel this week a committee was ap
pointed to work out a scheme (or an
Irish National Labor Federali< n
which shall in turn undertake the or
gan(ration of distinctly Irish ir.ui.
unions, organized on a national basis
autl self-supporting and self-governing.
At present Irish working men's or
gani/.at ions nre woefully ineffective
In most of the great industrial
trades they arc mere branches of the
big English organizations. The Bel
lasl ship workers, for instance, tyv
long ng to thc Knglish Amalgamated
Society of Engineers, and the English
shipwrights' societies. The linen
Workers, so far as tbey are organized
at all, are members of tlu: British
textile workers' unions. The Irish
carpenters, masons, ron-workers and
other tradesmen arc hardly organized
at all; aud when they arc they belong Ul a few weak branches of the,
British societies, while the Irish rail
waymen are members of lhe British
Muulgamatcd Society of Railway
llie result of all this has been bad
for tho Irish workers. The permanent
liibor ullii ials in Kngland know notb
iug id Ireland and few ol litem have
ever visited it. When there is
strike in Kngland Irish members are
called on to pay for the support of
English strikers or even to strike lu
sympathy with them, although they
have no grievance of their own, and
When they have trouble at homo tliey
get little help from Kngland.
An important result whieh is ex-,
pitted from the new national labor
policy is thc disappearance ot religious and sectional bailed, ln Belfast, for instance, thc growth ol tht
lulmr movement has done more than
anything else lo bring the people together. Protestant nud Roman Catholic ship-builders meet in the union
halls and each discovers that the!
other is not such a had fellow after
ill and that their interests arc identical.' When northern and southern
men meet at the national trade congresses thc same result Is sure to
follow ami there Is no reason why
the working men ot Belfast and Cork
and Derry and Limerick should not|
unite to gain bettor conditions fnr
lhe whole of Ireland.
AGENTS WANTED. - If you can
hustle apply In writing to Sales
Agency nml Adjustment Co., Box
316, Cranbrook. 21-tf
As the Association is anxious to make a display at the Dry Farming Congress to be held at Lethbridge, the Association
reserves the right to appropriate any roots, grain or fruit winning First prize and grown in East Kootenay, the market
price to be paid to exhibitor.
To induce neighboring Districts or Agricultural Societies to exhibit, the Directors, desiring to assist the different
localities in advertising their agricultural capabilities, have endeavored to be as liberal as possible wilh their prizes, and
trust the Districts or Societies will take advantage of these offers to use every endeavor to make creditable exhibits, as
they have done in the past.
The management of the Cranbrook Agricultural Association are of the opinion that there is no better or more economical manner in which to make a collective exhibit illustrative of what the particular localities ot the Province can
produce, and trust the different Districts or Agricultural Societies will assist them in their efforts.
For the best District or Agricultural Society exhibit of fruit, grains, grasses, dairy produce, roots and vegetables, the
products to be grown within the Districts entering the same for competition:
First Prize - - - Silver Cup value $50,00 and $75.00 Cash
Second Prize - - - $50.00 Cash
Comparison as to the highest possible points that can be obtained:
Fruits, fresh
Fruits, preserved, syrups, jellies, etc
Grains and agricultural seeds
Roots and vegetables for table
Forage plants
Dairy products
Roots and vegetables for stock
F.or the information of the exhibitors, at the annual meeting of the Directors it was decided that dairy products
(250 points), be described as follows: Butter, 100 points; cheese, 60 points; bacon, 40 points; honey, 30 points; and
eggs, 20 points.
In grains and agricultural seeds, it was decided that the amount exhibited should not be less than 25 pounds of
wheat, oats, peas, rye, barley and corn, and that tor grass seed and clover (bottles or otherwise) the amount shall not be
less than one pint.
All articles shown in a District exhibit must be the product of the year in which they are exhibited.
One plate of any variety, either of fruits or vegetables, is all that will be allowed.
It is specially requested that each District exhibiting in the above competition shall hand to the Secretary a complete
detailed list of all articles exhibited, immediately after each particular District has completed its display.
Entries for District exhibits must be mailed to the Secretary on or before September lst, 1912.
No entrance fees will be charged for District Exhibits.
Organized Districts for Exhibition
CRANBROOK DISTRICT, NO. 1.   That part of the district lying east of the townsite and following the valley as far as
CRANBROOK DISTRICT, NO. 2.    That part of the'-Uistrict lying west of the townsite and following the valley to
CRANBROOK DISTRICT, NO. 3.    Hamilton's Hill and all ranchers west to King's old mill, and east as far as Standard mill.
CRANBROOK DISTRICT, NO. 4.   That part of the district south of townsite as far as Baker Mountain.
DISTRICT NO. 5.   That part of the district known as The Mission.
DISTRICT NO. 6-WYCUFFE.   That part of the district bounded on the north by Cherry Creek, on the east by the
Indian Reserve, on the south by St Mary's River, and on the west by Lots 1203 and 1204.
DISTRICT NO. 7.   That part of the district lying west ot Lots 1203 and 1204, including Marysville and Kimberley
DISTRICT NO. 8.-KOOTENAY DISTRICT.   That part of the district lying south of Wild Horse Creek, south to Bull
River, on both sides of the Kootenay.
DISTRICT NO. 9 •• WARDNER.     From Bull River to south boundary of Wardner and thence west to Mayook
ELKO DISTRICT, NO. 10.   That part of the district included from 5 miles east beyond Elko, following the C. P. R.
and two miles on either side of railroad.
BAYNES LAKE DISTRICT, NO. 11.   That part of the district two miles south of Elko, following both sides of Ihe
Kootenay to Boundary Line.
GRE8T0N DISTRICT, NO 12.   That part of the valley known as the Creston District, west oi Goatfell.
MOYIE AND CLENLILY DISTRICT, NO. 13.   That part or the valley west of Wattsburg, following the'iMoyic River and
both sides of the C. P. R. to International Boundary,
FORT STEELE DISTRICT, NO. 14.   That part of the valley lying north of Wild Horse, on both sides of the Kootenay
to south boundary oi Wasa townsite.
WA8A DISTRICT, NO. 15.   That part of the valley lying north of the south boundary of townsite on both sides of the
Kootenay as far nprth as Sheep Creek.    •
All communications addressed to the Secretary
H. H. McCLURE, President P. DE VERE HUNT, Secretary
(Toronto Globe).
Mr. Rogers hus has answer. Months
ago tihe Conservative loaders at Ottawa delegated to Miolr most unscrupulous' colleague the task of proving that reciprocity was dead hy
carrying Saskatchewan for Horden
and Ilaultain. 'llie plans id lingers
were laid with his customary cunning, livery agency Ihnl could Ih
enlisted was Impressed Into his BM-
vlei». Tlie country was overrun with
election workers wlm had graduated
in tlw Muniliiha school of electoral
crook witless. Thc Conservative pup
ers of the east, were used to sound
the alarm. On Thursday, May .»,
lhc Toronto News correspondent i
the wesl dcifureil that "more dc
peiids upon this elcotton than ill1
average nuui iu the east imagiiics. A
«iiow pn*s SaskatclU'WUn so will it go
i   at the next federal election."
SHnilar statements were made from
time to time in other government organs. *lt was recognized that a victory for Ilaultain would really lie   a
violory for Horden, and   that i
bottween the Dominion government)
lory for Scott would he an ondorsn- and the Western Liberal party. Tho
lion of the Laurier policy ol larger Borden government is in danger from
markets.    On election day before the two points of attack:   i nc in Quebec,
results were known the London Free
Press said: "A Liberal victory 'In
Saskatchewan toduy will place the
Liberal party of Canada under ollig-
atioii to light for reciprocity." The
Hamilton Herald, an Independent
Conservative paper, said: "Wc suppose thai, the question whether reciprocity Is dead or alive cannot be
an-swered until tlio returns from Sns-
kalchewan aro received."
On tho other side of polities, the
Maiii-uniha. Free Press, Uie leading
Liberal paper in ihe west, pointed
out that
"Tin* Saskatchewan election it* vital In lhe Liberals because it is
fought om lhe liiilff Issne, A Liberal
victory will mean that the radic.|,i
low-UililT element of Ihe party, which
since the defeat of last, September
luus been growing in power, will
take full command of llu* party and
challenge lhe Conservative party to
tattle on the issue ot low taxation
and wider markets, with special emphasis on thn desirability of access to
the   markets  to the south	
Tho battle In Saskatchewan in reality
41 Market Company
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Hams, Bacon, Fresh Meats, Poultry and Fish
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Try our Brookfield Creamery Butter
the other in lhe Canadian wesl.      In
Quebec the battle has nlready      gone
Oiguinsl the government. It, now, Saskatchewan should show the   west  to
be Irreconcilable   in iis hostility    to
tho new government, lhe whole poll-
Ittoal    situation in   Canada would he
Unsettled.     The outcome of the next
Dominion ifcectlon would nl once    he
rendered doubtful."
The Saskatchewan election, ns   the
Fiec Press   'indicated it would, renders the outcome of the next Dominion
eleotiton doubtful.    It proves that tin-
west regards larger markets as vital.
ll increases   thc probability ol     the
overturn   of    ihe Rollin governmenl
when nevt    il appears to tne people,
and its replacement hy a government
more in harmony     with the progressive thought of the west.      The To*
ronl 11    World    Beems   to   ant icipatc
something, of the sort, for in its com
ment on llie result   in Saskatchewan
it says: "That Mr. Ilaultain and Mr.
Rogers   did   not win the light    may
have l»oeo in no small measure due to
the hitter's long association with the
Hold in    government.      That government is now-   he ng widely advertised
,. .it'      Bit.i   icifliiB'Cos nnys. un mnco-suns-rir*
lover the    continent   as exemilitylng .    .   . ,   ,
,.       lin,     ,    , ,ii   *      „,.   -ne riant jamais quell UCtmtiB : il
the evil effects of    public ownership. . .        , ,      '
.   ..   ...  ..  , .. Inormit en dehorB quo orsquil lui
As the World   has more than      once ,     ,   ., ..      ' ...
-tombmt   nn coil,  or com uie   il lus
itvait  tons les  doux,   voqb  aviez
I Us I'-taiont aiieoiujili
dans la boutique 'lu Im
di'poii. ils.atloinlaioiit
coutume oliaemi Imir t
I'chaulL's en HsQiil li
les a litres en blngW'
c'<5tait ill) jour de pin
quelquefois on Gascoui
[me en B. 0.) porsoimo
Be. lo lmrliier nioins qti
Vint en fin lo touril
i tils ont tie droit's di
cootie) tin pissnplai
i dans cos  pay:
m r-m,
oinuiH do
i*. I*--. JllllS
: ooutuie
nl  pli-tit
lOllt 0DI1I-
'tait iprOB-
los aiiln-s.
Kakngo :
nouis mi (ins-
cotnuie on ilit.
jn-2|ui*pnnciiii   qui en   imrait vmiln ;,
1*3 j su vie.   Les  iiutroH,  clients A eux
fgf jtous. sen   furotit vivomenl   rendu
H|miiHro-  t"i'i ''ii  pi'iisaut  on oux.
-H in times : en   voilit encore   un, qui
: ;* lest im'tr pour le eahamui.    Le pillion s'approehe avecd'infinics pr****
'■autioiis, etlni ditavec miogran-
louceur  de In voix :—Voyons,
mon bon   Kfikaga,   qu'est-ce qui
vous n fait petir 't no tremble;*, pas
couime ■;;..   Regardez-nous,  nous
somines   tousdo   vos amis,   vons
nous    rcconnaissez-bicn    n'est-ce
pas ? dites-inoi, qu'est-ce qui vous
a fait petir couime i-a ?
—Ce qui in'tl fait pour ! mais no
voyez-voua pas ceqne voire gprcon
tii'tit entre les niains ?
-Mais il Mont lo cosmi'ti-
que, rcgnnlox bien, on vous en mel
tout K*s saim-dis
—*-Tustement, o'eel ca qui me
fait peer, c'esl plus fort que moii
je ne peux plus me retenir on le
voyant ; eotto saen'o machine, tonics les    fois qlic etl    1)10 tOUCll**,  *;a
me fait dresser /cs eftcveux* sur la
tfite !
TU en ont oucoro do bfon bonnes
duns co Imui pays do GflBoogno,
A. Gaudy,
*    Fruit Ornamental *
Mestern IRcstfcential Schools
Olatlncllvely Chrlitl-m
A liiKli'1-hn.H n'Midi'itlhil nml dny *■■■ tioril
fm- nil ti ut nil arm,
Sliniiylnii'-tiy HfiglilN, ViuininviT.
l.iirgit -{roiiiiilH, iii.'iiiiiili.-i-iit hiiilditiiFK,
with every modem ntiplimiiii fur lii'iillh
niul i'omfoi i.
Sinf( mih-i-iiiiI'kI : ever*/ teacher 11 Npi*-
■■i-ilit-l in Iht own ilt-|inrl merit.
- Non-D<mo in (national
A n-Kiil.'ntinl mnl iIii.v n-linnl for boy*.
I'itiftfii dent, adjoining Hbauglinwsy
Hl'i|llltH. Vlllll-nllVlT.
Hui Mini*-*, embodying )h<* latent Ideiw
in whoof architecture, to ai mraodnte
aim hoys.
Kilm-iilioiiiil Htnmlnnl of llu; highest.
Kn it provision for nt hletlcs.
Both tchooli open this autumn.   For particular* address
Dr. E. D. HcLAKEN, 4 Stanley Court. Vancouver, B. C.
Ii at its best a hard proposition.   Let us
help you by sending our large
With an experienced operator
Call us up'and have a talk about it
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything in Electrical Equipment
IMioiM*: Seymour 7080
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS I1IIOS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -      B. C.
Two liunilri'il I'li'jjiiiitl}' fiirnisliiil mums. Kwry modern
oonvmiiuii'.'o. Elovntor wirvioi*. l!nf« in connection, lirionis
$1.00 |mt i'»y and ii|ivrnnls.
llpi'oniitry visitors to thn Tnrininitl City will lind every
convmii.'ii.'.i niul coiiifort nt tlio (Ininvillo I'liliirc. s|iet'iol
attention being uuid to their wnuti.
luiintcl out, the failure ol novern
menl owner! elevators and government, owned telephones ln Manitoba
reflect* not upon the principle ot pub,
1 c ownership, but upon tlie Ilohllii
government. This was probably the
view ol the micsfion taken hy the
people ol Saskatchewan, ami Mr.
Rogers, long associated   Willi Sir It.
benulos regnrder, suns jnninis iwu-
voir dire, s'ils voulnioni rirooit
pleuror ; tin vmi sphinx.
D'nn gesle hlnmblo, I'nir oou'
riant, le coitTi'tir lui moutre I.' fmi-
tenil libre : Enkngn, serieux, vn
s'y iusljiller, et unit il'nn nil nt.
ti'ulif les Evolutions des inoiiehoi
[uu pliifoud, |H.iidiiiil qui' legnrvon)
lui |»isse In sorviotlo nil con, le su-1
vomieet lui fnit In liurlii'. Qtnillil.
notwiUhslanding   his great ability as ,„ monto|1  lln pn,i(,n(. f,„   ,„]„„'(
et rust' com ino li* groin il'iin junti'e
I*. Hoblin, may Have hanllcapprd tin*: I
progressive   campaign o! thc Conner
vatives in lhe Saakatehcwan olcotlon,
n |inlitk'al nrnaiii/cr.'
The Saskatchewan election and
nomination of Woodrow Wilson
tho United Stales presidency, by
I Notice to Contractors I
Healed Teiidera will he received •
i>y Ihe underelgncd nt his ofllce
, nn Armstrong Ave. for ihe orcc*
, tion and supplying nil mateilnlfl '
1 fur Niiiue, nf
1.250 Feet of 6ft. Board Fence
Ainu 210 Peel ol J'; fl. Hoard fence
on thu Fnir Grounds,   Plan* nml |
> Speciflontiolls   enn   he    Iiml   liv
.•iilliiig 111 my ofllco,   Thn lowest .
nr nn;' oilu'i lender not nece
sftflly accepted.
Tenders iiiuat  lip   linnilcd i
■ I'efoie noon on July 21)||t, 1012.
1 ArinstroiigAve.,Cieiibiook, B.C. <
* VERNON, B. C.                                       »
« •
4 tN OUR OWN N01.SERIES                      »
* P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent    I
*) Phone 139             Cranbrook, B. C.          *
4 444*4 444*4444*44**********4
i Imperial Bank ol Canada i!
♦ llll.lk   nei'i/.,-       Mna.*. "
D. II. WII.KIK, President.
llo.N. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vlc«.Pr««Menl
I pur.1, Ir Kure1.11, nllu |)remlrc lo In'i-
I ton tin rosni.'tiiiiio. pour ilouuor un
.pendo tonuoot tlo brillmit, 11 mi
Dalioorats on a plollorm that lliclud- chBVelnro , IImi8 A ,„.,„,. SM|1|ir„.
es lhe retention ol tlio reciprocityl0|miW| ,'B |„i. |(. ,,w„l,'.|i,|„„
offer to Canada clarity tile political|011 |n|li||) ,,,„. ,„,,,.,, i,,,,,,,,,.. s|.
situation in Imtl. countiies. TIki nght lt.w ,,,„ Jf(.ux ,out ,.|,.,vi,,^ ,., „,,,.
forlarcer markets am) against ll» pljgd'elfroi ; Um mot n l«'"ssir
tniaticnol  lootStulTs   is only liegini.l,],.   v^rit»l>lt-»   liurli'iiii'iits il.'t.T-
11 will he the supreme issue iu aiiotli
er ireueral eleetion.
Nanaimo, .inly ill.—The Extension
mines on Vancouver Island arc situ-
■\Xe*i about live mile* Irom Nanaimo,
and are worked by mai miners who
travel from I.a-dysmith to the mines
and back eaeh dny.
1 ntil about a week ago Hie Iwilers
which supply steam for the pll-beail
niiioliincry were sioknl by Chinamen
who were imid $1.75 per day. These
rhim-se slruek work lasl wevk-*njd (or
a rise in wages it 12 rents per day
whieh would misc. lliem to $1.92.
The company refused to pay the
raise and got white (?) men lo take
lire place ol llie Chinese at $3.00 per
dav, hoping thereby that tht* Chinese
wniild abandon their efluits to gain a
iise suid gn l.aik at the old rate ol
The company, to make sure that
i.lie ■» white men would help them to
defeat the Chine**, have promiftal
Ihem lhal Hie work will in future lie
done entirely by white men, and thi-
piiy ol it Is that the white men have,
imt enough sense tn know that when
UlO company have used them lo de*'
feat the Chinese the Chinese will Un
taken back and the whiles disclmrg
The United Mine Workers of America have taken the matter up and Intend to stand.by Wat Chines** In
their efforts to raise wages, lly way
of showing they an* in earnest the
Mine Workers' have already expelled
those of their memliers who have
taken the places ot the Chinese, and
are prepared to come out In a lnnly il
Hie Chinese are not reinstated at the
increased wages they arc asking fnr.
The Mine Workers' havo Imd a similar experience tn tills, at Cumberland. While men were put In the
place of Chinese when the latter went
mi    strike at Cumberland   and wben
thr company had used the whiles   to
help ihem defeat the Chinese, the
white men were discharged and the
Chines-1 reinstated.
 '♦   ■      ■
ROOMERS WANTED. - Apply   to
Mrs. .1. S. Mi'iinlc, l.mnsdeii avenue,
•Hf. »-W
ronr : A moi! mi eecoure ! Ti I'ii
sassin ! prott'triv.-inoi : cournnl
travqrs If salmi tltibarbicr, sir;
chant tlurri.Vo les nnsot les nutro
eomiuo s'il uvait dtfi i><mrsui,i |xir
Hotel International
0ko. laisnruB, Prnprlctc-r
Onoof tliolwatliotolBln Brlllrb
ColunilUBi I.or»te<t on lhe llniin-
ilarv Line, between the United
Slates and OnUadn, in a spot of
rare scenlu lieunty, where game
aboundfl and Fish aro plentiful.
Correspondence nf tourists
promptly answered
Kite- 1'e.ifionalile
KINUSUATE        .        B. C.
• I
• >
This Range Makes Cooking Easy
The Range to Buy. Come in and see them
Cranbrook. B. C.
Phone 5
AooounU   of   Corporations,   Munioipalities,    Merohaut*
Darinursninl rrivut.' lmliviiliiuU invited.
Drafts uin! Lotters of Credit issued available in nny pari ol ',',
tlio world. T
. SAVIN-GS DEPARTMENI' Special attention j
given to Savings Hnnk Aocounts. Deposits ..f $1,00 nnd !'
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: U. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
************4********* **********************
The Lund Land and Development Co., Ltd.
Head Office      •       Cranbrook. H. C.
See us about lands in the Beautiful
==   Kootenay Valley  -■	
Orchard and Garden Tracts
Grazing Lands
Visit ..ur Experimental Farms at Wardner, H. C.
« nud Marysville, 11. C,
II. L. BTEPHBH8, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
ijP- BURNS & CO., LTD.
Cranbrook, B. C,
Id■ uri'i.rn*. i   1 ***,,i
Capital Paid Up S6.a50.ooo He&er\e $7,450,000
Total Assets. $110,528,512.19
II. 8. MOLT, r-eaiilent       K. I.. PKASK, (iencral MmnsRer
AcconnUol Ptrms, Corporations and Indlvldoals soltdtad.
Onl-inf tuwii bosfnatt receives every auention.
BAV1NG8 DBPARTUBNT-rBapootaol |1.00 and npwardi recalved
Htnl Intarast allowad at oarrant rat***.   Ro (ormalhy nr delay In
nitli'lfitwir ■■,
A Qeneral itankin^ Businesstrausa<*tad.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
All Our Meals arc Government
Head Olliee. CALGARY.  ALTA.
Apples, Plums, Pears and
Send ns your iiiuu.' nnd nildroM mid we will ninil yon ..nr
New Oatnlogtlo
K-inl.li.linl in IMO,  lUAcrri
A Good   Home
ih what ia dtNtf to cvi-ry m.iii. A home
is where IVaoi-. Oombrt, OontentmsQti
ami Plenty i> found, That is tin* reaaun
mi'ii throughout British Ootnnblfti when
"('raiil»r<K)iiM is mentioned think of the
provisions -los. Brault has Dftdo for an
ideal home at the
ll Canadian Hotel
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
p.o. mix km
w. P. JOHNSON, Propritlot
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
V. J. Ileani', Managing Editor,
_»   —-
CRANBKOOK, II. C, July 25,1912
Notice to Advertisers
Notice is hereby given that all
changes of display advertising
must reach this office not later
than noon on the Wednesday
preceding day of publication.
Copy received later connot be
guaranteed attention.'
 ♦ .
Tbo Victoria C'alonlst, in tho
course ot a recent article on party
politics, quotes approvingly the lollowlng obsorvo Lions ol tbc Montreal
Witness on thc same suhjcot:
"Thcro nro lorty-Iour members iu
lhe Now Brunswick legislature. At
the lust elections just, ono-tlilrd ui
lho people ol the province voleil    tor
I.elhhridgty Alberto,- .July 34.—Tho
farmer who exhibits the largest antl
best eolleetion cf garden and fieltl
sends grown by biinsell in 1912 un-
tler dry-farming conditions (where
the average annual precipitation is
i than 20 indies, evaponit-icn deducted) will be awarded a handsome
silver trophy cup at the International
Dry-Farmed Products Exposition
hero next October. |
This trophy, valued at $50, is donated by tlw Ml. funnel I-anil Co.,
which operates in live and ton acre
orchard tracts in the Kootenay Volley aad which has olTices at lKmncrs
Kerry, Idaho. It should stimulate a'
large number of farmers who are
raising gnrxl seed ami wbo know the
value of good seed, to enter in eoiu-
pobttion, ami it is open to the
Work], so lhal. the fanner who wins
will enjoy llie laurels ol his victory
in such a competition.
III.,        *u
while twiMhirds voteil _ ■„,■'* j.,^,^.
On Kritlay last Denis Campbell, a
irher, formerly well known In this
where his brother Ami Camp-
t lie opposition
for the government. Had the present
numbers been elected by any kind, ol
proportional voting there would
have boon elected some thirty sup*
pollers of the government ami four
toon members of the opposition. In
lliis way all the voters would li.iv
hati equal representations, none being
Dy thc two-part,*/
ou which the elec-
out forty-two sup-
government   were
l\w, members t&
lelt uurupreseiiU-il.
system of voting
lions were carried
porlt-rs     of,   tin*
elected, and only ^^^^^^^^^
represent ibe whole third ol the pop-
Illation* who Med for lhe followers
of Mr. Copp. In this way New
Brunswick tins pul ItecU inio the
same position that so many ol our
provinces now occupy ol entrusting a
•group of men with the government,
and of Betting no c(11 dent guard over
Iheir actions in the shape ol an opposition. This practically amounts
to gowrntnent by an elective commission ami is not safe
The Lilwral party has been practically disfranchised iu New l trims wick
hy this system ol elections just as
has the t'onsi*r\alive party in Quebec or the Hrilish Columbia legislatures us the hesl thing lur the
country. Out parliamentary system
needs ii strong opposition for it
very existence. If we cannot lind
somo way of keeping an able opposition in our parliaments i< will be
nm-ssary tn change the system altogether. There is, however, no do.ibt
thai an opposition can In- maintained.
The people do nol Inrn en masse
• from one government to another.
The solitary Socialist, Mr. Tnrker
Williums, who upholds the opposition
in the Hrilish Columbia legislature,
repri-sents as many voters as a third
of all the government supporlers t«-
gelher. It is lime we adopted some
form ol proportional representation
such as bus been adopted in South
Africa, whereby every voter Ims true
nnd equtt representation Tin* weak
oppositions in Canada whether Conservative or Liberal should look inio
this matter which is now being urged
in Great llritain BO vigorously, Tbey
would lind their own position such a
telling, visible, and easily explained
argument as to Iw» irresistible."
Tliere certainly is occasion for serious consideration of the situations
in ibe several provinces referred to
by Itn* Witness. Whether or not proportional representation be the cure
for tb.* evil of existing conditions is
a subject that would doubtless give
rise to a fotig and somewhat bitter
controversy, but it must bc abundantly plain to all men, nnt absolutely
hide-Iron ml in their party relations,
that ihe continuance ol the presenl
system cannot make tor the best in-
leresl or lhe counlry at large.
Mrs.    A.  G.   Henderson  takes    this
means ol extending to many friends
ami acquaintances, hei sincere thanks
for jheir numerous kindnesses in her
recent boronvement.
:s, was run down by
killed. .lust what the circumstances
k lltil. Just what the circumstances
were Immediately attending the accident cannot lie gleaned.
The funeral tool; place at Fernie,
on Sunday afternoon from the Ro-
maii Catholic chinch.
Denis Campbell conducted a barber
slup in this city some years ago,
.md was generally liked.
Sundays—Low mass at 8.311 a.m.;
ugh mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
rom 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Hene-
lictlon at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ot obligation—Mass at H a.m.
Week days—Mass at 0 a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Sunday morning 11 o'clock — Holiness meeting.
Sunday alternoon, 3 o'clock — Free
and easy meeting."
Sunday night, 8 o'clock — Salvation meeting.
Tuesday night, 8 o'clock — Salvation meeting.
Thursday night, 8 o'clock—Holiness
Saturday night, 8 o'clock — Praise
All are invited to these services,
also the open-airs preceding the
above meetings.
Captain Stride will lie tor a tew
days in Vancouver. The services
will in- conducted hy Treasurer and
Secretary Hyslop.
Fred'k A. Stride, Capt.
We carry in stock--.
Extra Bltules for tlicm ull
Ask to see tin* Goui Junior ut
$1.(10.    It's n marvel.
Cranbrook, - B. C,
Iu every package of Machela, Nature's Scalp Tonic, which has a record for growing Imir—iir> casus out
of 1 llO—there is a packet of Machela
Dry Shampoo Powder. Price for coin
pleto home treatment, $1.00. Sold
and guaranteed by Tlie Cranbrook
Drug and Hook Co.
burned.      Thc damage    is  estimate
at a half  million dollars. Many      ol
these asleep    in the hotels and room
Ing houses     were   rescued with difli-
Married—At thc home ol lho
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. linn-
steo Warner, at l>e Sabla, California, on Wednesday evening, -luly ill,
1012, Miss Theodora M. Warner and
Mr. Josdph.R, Thompson, of Cranbrook, B.C., Rev. Win. A. Hinter,
pastor ol tbc Kirst Ifi-slltytorlan
church, chico, officiating, Will be "at
home" at Cranhrook, ll.C., alter
September 1st.
Rev. O. K.  Kendall, pastor.
Sunday,   Inly 28th.
Morning worship, 11.Ofl) o'clock.
Topic: Inspiration gathered Irom obscure minis-tifs— Andrew the Apostle.
Sunday school, 3.00 p.m.
Evening    worship,     7.30    o'clock.
Topic: An Honest Doubter's D< uLf-s
A cordial invitation is extended to
Pastor: W. Kelmap Thomson.
Morning, 11 am.; evening, 7.30.
Sunday   School antl Bible class
p m.
Guild, Wednesday, 8 p.m.   *
vxNcouvER'sny blaze
Vancouver, 11. C, July 21.—Kire
destroyed an entire business block
and tlu- Hritish ColuiiiMa Electric
Pallwa) car burns early ott Saturday
morning last. The Royal George
hotel nml the Angeles Apartment
house    were   among     the   building
fudge Korhi', of Njelson, neld
special session of the county court
here on Tuesday ol this w.eck, to
dispose of cases in which Judge
Thompson itatl been mgaged as counsel prior to his elevation to the
Fuller vs. Hums and Jordan, action for $1000, balance alleged to be
due on contract wilh the K.C.R. con-
I motors. Dismissed with costs. P.
I*:. Wilson for Fuller, A. It. Macdonald for Hums und ■Ionian.
Baron vs. Stevens, action for mon
ies sahl lo    have been wrongly
propriutcd.     Case dismissed,     A.
Macdonald   lot    plaint iff   and P.
Wilson for defendant.
There are no dead
flies lying about when
are used as directed. All Drug-
gists.Grocersand General Dealers
sell them. .
The Bonncrs Kerry ball team hfl:
been up ill East Kootenay for thc
past, week, and the boys have heen
given an Interesting time by thi
Crunbrook and Wardner teams. The
..'game here last Monday evening end-
"id with a score oi six lo three in
favor of Cratfirook. Tuesday, how
ever, the tables were turned, anil
Bonncrs Kerry came out ahead w'th
a score of seven to throe. The Cran
broclt players were: Kerr, Catcher*
While, pllcher; McNah, hist base;
McCreery, second base; Armstrong,
short stop; Sullivan, third Imsc;
UrOWC, right field, Simms, center
fieltl; Robinson, left Held.
yesterday the Bonncrs Kerry team
played two games at Wardner, but
lost both. The (Int WAS, Wardner,
15; Bonncrs Kerry, ft. The second
was, Wardner,  10; Bonncrs Kerry, 5.
The Wardner team will be up here
next Tuesday or Wednesday ami will
play Cranhrook two games, in the
afternoon and evening.
* ***9s*t*» iatAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A *\\*a*%**A****%
Halsall & Co.
Armstrong *}
It Will Be Children's Day Saturday
at Halsall's
Every article in the Children's line will be
on Sale Saturday at greatly reduced prices.
Children's Dresses, Hats, Bonnets, Shoes, elc.
No matter what you want in the Children's
line it will be to your advantage to visit our
store Saturday.
Infants' Wash
White Luwn, Muslin, Silk
mnl Straw, Embroidered,
Lin'c. Kililinn trimmed, Our
regular values at 60c, 11.00,
$U>0, $2.00.
Saturday Special at 35c, 65c,
95c, $1.35
Girls' Straw
The very newest Btylcs in
Straw Hats. Very upn-iiilly
priced for Saturday-
$2.25 Hats for   $l.B(l
$2.00   "     "   1.85
$1.00   "    "   OBo
75c      "     '•   5Uc
Mexican HatsAlLSBAm Saturday 15c each
Hose, 20c pr.
In Tnns, Pinks. Ox-bloods,
1'iile Blue. In sizes 5 to ri\.
Every size in some colors.
Saturday Special, 20c pair
Children's Shoes
$1.00 pair
AU sizes up to 10 in this
lot. Tnns, Blacks, Browns,
etc.   All grouped in one lot.
Saturday al $1.00 pair
300 Children's Dresses to Close Out
Saturday i Off
In Lawns, Mulls, Mercerized Vestings, Ginghams, Percales
and Chanibrnys
From li motiilis to li years, at (iOc, 75c, $1.00. $1 25, $1.50 each
From 2 years to S years, at $1.00, $1.50, $2.00.   Very special.
From 4    "     "10   "     "   $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00.
Froinli    "     "14   "     "   81.50, $1.75, $2.00, $2.50.
900 yds Potter's Prints, Ginghams, Muslins, Saturday
at IOc yd.   See Window
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerce, are a safe, convenient and
inexpensive method of remitting small sums of money. These Orders,
payable without charge at any bank in Canada (except in the Yukon
Territory) and in the principal cities of the United States, are issued at
the following rates:
$5 and under..    3 cents
Over    S and not exceeding (10    6    "
"    10     " " 30 10    "
"30      " " SO 15    "
should b. nud. by mnn, ol onr SPECIAL FOREIGN DRAFTS Uld MONEY
ORDERS.   I*tu«d without* <M»y >t rnsonabl. ram.
R. T. Brymner, manager Cranbrook, B. C.
in Kngland. ' The legal rate in On-
litrlo is six. anil in Manitoba eight.
Ten is an ordinary rate lurther west.
Knglisli money is coming west. The
people who own it won't stay behind.
When Canada lias filty millions ol
people tin' imprrial center ol gravity
nil. have to sliilt.
Tho Toronto World lias predicted
for a long time past lho migration
nl the 'Knglish peerage lo Canada.
Members ol thc Dudley and thc
Hertford family are tlie latest ac-
lnuisiiions, it is announced' to thc
blue-blooded section ol Toronto society. There is very little outlook
tor scions in Kngland. Another generation will BCD lhe land in thc
hands of the stunt owners on tho
plan so successfully working out In.
Ireland llesiiles this three per cent|
Is recorded as a high rate ol interest
linn lieils I ft. and 4 It. 6 In. wide
So far wo haven't taken a person
nut to see Ilucna Vista Gardens wbo
hasn't purchased a tract. There il,
ol course, a reason Ior tills ami that
reason is the basic principal imderly
iug all our business transactions. We
havo not misrepresented the properly. Actual statements ol FACTS
arc all that is necessary to sell
Ilucna Vista Hardens. A personal
Inspection ol the property will convince ymi tliat it Is BETTER THAN
lll'.illlKSKSTKIi. Ask any client,
anv merchant, or bank about us. IT
brook Agency Co., Exclusive Agents.
Iron beds -I It. and I It. 0 in. wide
POR SALE.—Young pigs. Apply .1.
Until!!, Canadian hotel. 3u-2t
Iron betls 4 It. and 4 It. 0 in. wido
Wellington ltollins, ol I.ucan, Ont.,
Is visiting ■imtl wn. He is a brother
ol William and Victor ltollins, the
oldest ol tlie family. It would, not be
surprising II Mr. Wellington Rollins.
decided to join his three brothers In
Hritish Columbia. This ls his lirst
visit so [ar west and,he is delighted|
with all Ite has seen and the prospects. He has come to no definite
decision, so lar, hut his leanings arc
very strongly in lavor ot taking up
permanent residence In ll.C.
Iron beds 4 It. and 4 It. 6 in. wido
Ihtvld   Henderson,    M.I*.,   tlalton,
Ont., arrived In town last week   tad
in time to attend the funeral ol his
'nephew, A. (I. Henderson. Mr. II
Henderson has occupied a scat in thc
Dominion parliament Ior a score ol
years, and one has but to meet him
| uiiil enjoy a lew minutes conversation witb him to realize why bis constituents stand by him so laithlally.
A more deliglitIM, kindly old gentleman, It would lie hard to run across
anywhere on the American continent
3x3  yds.
Taplstry   rugs   15.50.—
Buy a five acre tract and raise
poultry. You can sell enough broilers ti< pay for your place In a year,
il you go at it in a businesslike way.
Devote as much time ami attention
to poultry as you would to any otlier business, and ynu will lie surprised at tlio results. II you are
tint now making $300*1.0(1 a year, buy
a five acre tract and raise poultry.
Ynu will make more money to begin
with; you will lie happier antl mote
contented; you will havo more leisure
lime than you ever found imssible
when Working for stmicinu else. Ask
llie Cranhrook Agency Co. about
lliiemi Vista Hardens.
8l8   yds.
Taplstry  rugs  M.M.—
Manager (lucrrard, of the Auditorium, always seeking to provide
amusement Ior the publie at large,
has certainly made a lucky strike
with the, roller rink. Every allernooit'
and evening the rink is crowded with
enthusiastic skaters. Thc only difficulty so far encountered has been tn
meet the demand lor skates. In thc
near future a very special set ol
moving pictures will be an attraction at the Auditorium. Mr. (lucrrard
has arranged lor Ihe exhibition hire
ol a set ol pictures, depleting Dick-
en's lamntis story if Oliver Twist.
Another pleasing feature to tic Introduced will be regular vaudeville
turns between thc pictures. Mr.
(lucrrard is making contracts with a
number nl high-class specialists tn
appear here nightly.
l'luii    oilcloth  Site.   so,,   yard.-
Every Dollar
Of an Ad-Reader's Money
Is Above Par
Your dollars vary in value as
they vary in purchasing power.
The man or woman who studies
advertisements is able, frequently,
to make one dollar do the usual
work of two.
Frequently Its Buying
Power is Actually
And the experienced reader of
advertisements will always make
a dollar command a premium —
make it buy MORE than a dol-
^ lar's worth, as figured on " ruling
prices n of things.
How much "abovepar'* are
the dollars in your pocket worth ?
It will depend on how closely you
study the buying opportunities
outlined in the store ads.
Nearly everybody understands
that a store's advertising, IF BIG
enables it to sell the same things
more cheaply, at a smaller per
sale profit than is possible to the
store compelled to base necessary
profits on smaller volume of sales.
Read the Herald
Next Week - Burns & Constance specially High class Films
h-i, n    vD1rmomraH'i c,  •      . have been selected for
High Class Vaudeville, Comic Singing and
Dancing All Next Week
A Safety Razor for
a Dollar
It will pay yon to invest in It OEM JUNIOR, with
Bovoti Diimitskeonu Hindi's, nr an I0VEK READY, with
twolvu liladi's.   •
Bxtra liladus, 75c. a doz.
Wo havo all tlm other uinki's too, Inoludliiff Till'!
ZEPP, 11I $8,60.
Conio in uud lot us show you
Also The Qem, Anco, and Griffon
Automatic Stroppers
Thoy urn niontiy stivers
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The Ifexagfc Store
Cranbrook • - -        - B. C.
It's the
Condition of
the Eyes
Not thc ago of tho person
which determines whether
glasses are needed or not.
Weak eyes should bt; assisted
—made strong. Glasses will
do it if they nro the right
Wearing glasses constantly
in after life may lie avoided
if the eyes hnvo early attention. Our opticians' work
nnd prices will suit ynu.
Eyes tested frco.
Linoleum 55c. sii. yd—O.O.S.
T. Tedfonl, uf Flagstone, was in
town on iinsini'ss during tlie wtgeY*.
When in need call Hlondy. Phone 63.
George llawi.int is in (rom Stoook-
Mrs. Mathers was ever from     Fori
Steele today.
O.O.S. dosing out sale rontlmies.
Mrs. A. ('. Pye is spending a month
with li lends in Winnipeg.
('.('.S. elosiug out sale contitmos.
Harold Dotting returned Tuesday
from a (rip through AlbCfta,
K. Downs wns tu from FtagBtooo
diiiihg ith- week.
C.C.S. closing out sate continues.
T. A. HoliarI was down from Ward
ncr the first of thc week.
H. Bernard, formerly a contractor
on the K.O.R., was in town Monday.
C.C.S. closing out sale continues.
Mrs. A. C. Pye will not receive
again until llie first Thursday in November.
It. Ilirtz, one ot tbe leading business men of Elko, was in Cranbrook
When in need call Blondy. Phone 63.
Mrs. T.'T, McVittie, Al. Doyle and
B. Werdcn were over from Fort
Steele on Monday.
.1. Kenny left Monday evening tor
Alberta to visit his son, who is
ranching in that province.
Linoleum 55c. sq. yd.—C.C.S.
W. A. Nlsbct, ot this .city, harris-
ter-at-law, has been gazetted a notary public.
On Thursday last, .luly \%\\ a
son was horn to Mr. and Mrs. .los.
Waikley, of tbis city.
Linoleum 55c. sq. yd.—C.C.S.
II. H. Dimock, who bas charge ol
the work being done at the Aurora
mine at Movie, was in lown yesterday.
M.    A.  Deals anil wile expect to
leave   Knglaml on tbeir return to
Cranbrook   during thc last week in
Kali seed  wheat   and tall *eod rye.
Best grade     and    prices.—Cranhrook
Trading Co.
A. 1>. ■Cameron, proprietor of On*
CnsinopoliUin hotel, is down al
Heaver Mines, Alberta, for a tew
Mr. Cutter,   bookkeeper for   Burns
Edgar Mason uiwl     wile, of Nelson,
nre   visiting the city,    tbe guests ot
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. E. South.
mnl   -Ionian     at     tlieir    eamp near
Wasa, is taking ,i VACAtlOn and     left
yesterday lor Spokeno.
Linoleum 55c. sq. yd.—c.c.s.
Mr. Jeffrey, father of Mrs. J. B.
Crowe, left Tuesday lor bis home in
New Brunswick, alter several months
visit here.
0, N. Corwta, ol tbi* Corwli>-Bruoo
Investment company, was up to Cal-
^ww^wwwwwww^wwwwwwwwww*ww%w^mwww^\ww%wwm^\ \
the lirenil win so good.     Aiid  the cook—his mod wife—
promptly onlcn*l nnnt'ier sack uf the smite good Hour from    '<
which ii wns innde - *
There IH something in tbnt old saw that "the way to-   *
roach a man's heart is through his stomach," uud there's    " \
that high ipiulily in onr Hour which unfailingly finds the
A single sack will satisfy you that you can't liny hotter
flour.   TRY IT. •
Cranbrook, B.C.
An Engagement
in usually sealed with a Btiliable
rini*. ami tlie butter grade it ih
llm In-tin the young lady likes it.
We have mi Infinite variety ol
Hue Bug-Moment Itingn, ut nil
nriCCfl, ami  ymi  eoiild  not   get
better values elsewhere, VVehavs
a full line of tine Jewelry of all
kiii-lH, from Watches, Chains,
BraeelotB, Ivtrriin-H, etc., tu Silver Table Cutlery.
Jewelers and Opticians
gary the first of tbe week on business
in connection with his firm.
If you want a reliable and reasonable job of plumbing done or sewerage connections made, call up Kd. F.
•lohnson, 'phone 267. 28-tf
Miss Sybil White, daughter ol Mr.
and Mrs. Harry White, left Tuesday
for Soap Lake, Wash., to join her
Tbe Young People's Social club ol
Knox Presbyterian church will bol.l a
lawn (social at thc manse on Monday
evening, July 20f|i.
3x3 yds. Taplstry rugs K.M.—
Mrs. W. K. Thomson will receive
at the-mansojon Friday, July 2i.th.
Tbe dance in aid of tne Cranbrook hand at the Auditorium last
evening was well attended and proved a success both socially and financially.
Dummy" Wallace, printer, ot the
Kernic Free press stall, paid the
lerald composing room employees a
friendly call this afternoon. He handed out bis usual budget of news from
the coal city.
Cups and saucers 35c halt dozen.—
I. S. T. Alexander, of Fernie, is
ga.'ot.ti'd (>Kmmissir*ner nf lands for
tli-> Fernie land reeording division ol
Kootenay hind district in place ot
A. C. Nelson, of Cranlirook.
Tho   Fink     Mercantile     company's
handsome premises are Deing lurtber
improved by the addition ol two new
how windows in place of the blind
wall at cither end o( the rn trances.
Cups and saucers 55c. hall dozen.—
C.C.S. -    -
V. II. Hough I on, who conducts a
barber shop in lhe Manitoba hotel,
returned yesterday from l>-rtiand,
Oregon, His wife and little daughter will remain nn the coast lor some
time yet.
Tlie many (riends ot Geo. Uoldle
will regret to learn tbat he is lying
low nt the St. Eugene hospital and that his recovery is doubtful.
Have you bought a I yonr trull
jars yet? II not, bow about some
Economy. Remember you never lose
any frutt pul in Kconomy jars.
Premium;1 with every down.—Cranhrook Trading Co.
li is understood that tlie C.r.lt.
hit* rangers, who np to the present
have hern worWng urder the lands
departmeni ul the company, have been
11misfn nil to tbe forestry department.
Cups and saucers 35c. hall dozen.—
Tin--Hm   Scout* will assemble    at
the   usual place on    Saturday afternoon   (or    a  march   out.       Every
youngster Is   rxperted to put In
appearance, propeily npiipptd for the
Winn in need call Blondy. Phone l»2
Tbe new Presbyterian church at
Klko will lw formally opened nest
Sunday. Rev, Mr. Grant, ot Kcrnle,
will preach, and Hevs. Mr. Stephens
and Mr. Dunham, of this city, have
been invited to take part In tbc ceremony.
Cups and saucers 35c. halt dozen.—
Next Thursday, August lst, tlie
ordination ami induction ot Itev. Mr.
Stephens, will take place at Wardner.
Her. Mr. Grant, of Kcrnle, will eon-
duct thc ceremony, In whieh he will
he assisted by Rev. Mr. McLean, ol
Waldo, Itev. Mr. Thomson and elder
-Wlm Laurie, ot Cranhrook.
«'ill up Kd. K. '.lohnson, licensed
■ffltmiber, and get in estimate ol ibe
i tost of your sewer contact ions.
367. as*ti
Tin* oilicers and te.iciicis ol Kno\
church Presbyterian Sunday school,
wish to thank those who gave lhc
use of tlieir automobiles for the pic
nic. Also those who donated tlte
prizes or in any way conlrHbatcd tn
tin* happiness of the children.
Collections.—Let us collect your
old accounts. No charge if we don't
collect,—Sales Agency and Adjust
ment Co., Box 31ti, Cranbrook
B.C. 2141
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan returned from
Spokane the early pari of tlie week.
Mr. Jordan is rapidly recovering tho
use of his leg, dul it will Im* some
little while yet liefore bo can use it
Cups and saucers 86o, halt dozen.—
The funeral of the infant daughter
ot Mr. and Mis. John Livingstone,
who died on Monday last, tonk place
on Wednesday, Hev. Mr. Kendall officiating. F. M. Mcpherson had
charge of the arrangements.
Call up Kd. F. Johnson, licensed
plumber, and get an estimate of the
cost of your sewer connections.
'l'hone 267. 38-tl
Hoht. Dixon has purchased two
lots on Burwell avenue, adjoining J.
F. Armstrong's property. He will
very shortly commence const nni ion
of a house thereon. The deal was
put through by the Cranbrook
not in the real estate business, hut
we are iu the grocery business and
the best way to save ynu money is
to buy from .us.—Cranhrook Trading
1*7 piece dinner sets, white and gold,
The city is engaged in laying out a
new portion of the cemetery and the
city clerk bus Ik-mi Instructed to
communicate with tbe several fraternal orders to useertaiu their tcipilro-
ini'iils for special reservations.
Cups and saucers 35c. half dozen.—
J.    S. Teet,   secretary ol the V.M.
C.A., who has been undergoing treatment at the St.. Eugene hospital, has rlson, arrived
sufliciuitly    recovered to he removed land, ami will
Tl 61 WITH
Worth Whilel
Uses Newbro's Herpicide.
There is one sure and certain waj
fm every woman to have beautiful
hair, and that is tn give it Intelligent care, which Includes the use ol
Newbro's llerpieide.
Th-is ti'iiiaiiiaihit- preparation kills
absolutely Uie dandrufl germ, it.uIi-
cales dandrufl and prevents tin- hair
from falling.
The prophylactic action of Uerpl-
cidu keeps Uto hair free Irom disease,
and With llw scalp sweet ui.-d clean
natural hair growth is inevitable.
I lerpicide hair scint illates with
health and vigor, light and luster
produced only hy the well-known
sealp and hair dressing, Nowhro's
All rust-class barbers and hair
dressers use and recommend it.
A sample and booklet will bo sent
to any address upon receipt of 10c. hy
The Herpicide Co., Dept. It., Detroit,
Newbro's Herpicide in 50c. and
$1.00 sizes is sold by all dealers who
guarantee it lo he all that is claimed,        If you nre not satisfied     your
money will be refunded.
t To visit this store and secure some of the
♦ unusual bargains. Just now, when the season
I is at its height, all kinds *of summer wearables
t are being disposed of at little prices.
oilcloth  :i7J.c   sij.  yard-
Acreage which is half way out to
Buena Vista Gardens is selling in
town lots at $100.00 tn $125.00 pot
lot or jfhoiii $10110.00 por acre. WE
ARE SKLLlNfi live acreitracts at
$100.00 |h-r acre which will In-, before
very long, JUST AS VALUABLE.
brook Agency Co., exclusive sales
agenls for linen a Vista Gardens.
Our closing out sale is genuine.—
Charles    nnd    Marguerite Enuflo,
llolhcr mnl slslcrlot Mrs. A. C. Mor-
recently   Irom Scot-
probably remain len-
You'll Lo ORreo*
ably surprised
when you see
tin* pretty muslins for
i Children's 1
IOc Per Yd. |
&    -~ Price
nt   -
Jjj Any Imt in tlio
kj s'ore ut half
| price,
Ladies'  9
lu liis home,  where h» is now    eon- pcrmnncntly.    Tliey ore at    firci
valescing and will soon bo out     uml residing willi Mr. nml Mrs. Morrison,
•bout again. j on their (arm near town.
97 piece dinner scls, whito uml gold, I (lur closing out sale Is genuine.—
$8.70.—C.C.S. | C.C.S.
The panoramic flow ol thc city of] An Important matter affecting
Moose .law in the window ot tho shhurlo mantilaoturcrs lu liritisli ('.,-
Corwin-llruce Investment company liui'liia Is the order lir customs in
on Hanson avenue has been seen uu;! spectors to seize all Imported shins-
admired by many pcoplu since il u.is les marked us llritish Colombia red
placed on exhibition. The painting, eidar shingles. Tliese shingles are
wnlch is exceptionally well executed, manufactured in Washington ,v.d tin-
Is ten leet in length and lour fret '■ g,,n nnd shipped into Canada under
in width. A view ol Lethbridge ol llie brand of B.C. shingles, and since
about the same si/.c has been ordered)Ihe order was issued several carloads
At    ir   straij;
reduction ,,f
|)IT I'I'llt.
-j- Off
B 'i"
B •<;-
Wo havo n spleu-
diil raugodf pretty
dresses for Children ami Misses
np to 10 yours.
Tho styles are nil
smart ami x lit*
making ami finish
is first class. They
nro mado from
Prints. Gingham.},
ami Zephyrs. §t I-
Hiil: at prices like
A Hue range of
Wnab Skirls in
n big variety ol
styles selling al
greatly redneed
A 61
■illi lot of
ir   ? I.dtl,
1.50 and $5.00
a    Men's   I
| Underwear
— -. B Light Woigbt in
S2.00 Q Block,    Brown,
1.35 B ''""' *v,lilt'-
B W.OOSniltl,86
*" $1,00 ••     75.'
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
********* *******<
by thc company.
If you want a reliable aud reasonable job ol plumbing done or sewer
ago connections made, call up Kd. F.
.Milium, 'phone 2(17. 28-ti
07 piece dinner sets, white and- gob!,
K. .1. and .Mrs. Deane lelt for Nelson this altx-rniKin. Mr. Ilcane is attending tho annual convention ol the
Alberta and Kastern llritish Columbia I'ress association, ot which he is
president. There will be a large
gathering ol newspapermen trom Alberta and.two or three days will lie
pleasantly spent in visiting points ot
interest in and around Nelson and al
out snle is genuine.-
oilcloth   37&C.   sn.   yard-
Several miles ol telephone wire, in
ISO leet lengths, suitable lor (cnein^,
ean be purchased al bargain pricei
Irom the Kootenay Telephone Lines,
Ltd. Apply to .1. It. McNabb, manager. 30-11
07 piece dinner sets, white and golil,
The llapiist Sunday school will
li, Id their annual picnic at l.c.tty
Hell nn Thursday, August lst. Cuu-
mitUrs are bard at work perleeting
arrangements for ., good time, Tbe
school will intact at the ehurcli ut
1 p.m. and Irom there proceed in
body to tbe picnic ground. Kriimls ol
llw school an* reipiested to provide
refreshments in the form of a basket
Floor    oilcloth   .17 ■,<■•    si),   yard
Kenl your hens nnd chickens on our
wheat nnd other poultry supplies, Wc
havo all kinds.—Cranlsro,* Trading
The average buyer, knows value In
footwear, and knows when a bargain
is offered, which air,,ants (or tbe
rapid clean-up in shoes at the C.C.S.
Thc, Kent Kootenay Mercantile Co
must keep up-to-date, .lust at l»i-
siiit Manager Murray lias a gang of
men at work putting down a cement
sidewalk in front ol the company's
extensive premises tn Norltiny
avenue.    Campbell and Manning   nre
have been seized.
Our closing
A lacrosse game that promises to
be full of Interest is scheduled to be
playid here Ibis evening at 0.15
o'clock on the Agricultural grounds, j
The ild time rivals ol Kemie and
Cralibrrok will meet again foi the
(irsl time In 'five years. Tlie local
boys are doingi considerable training,
nml no doubt will make a g«o,l
FOR SALE.-Onc cow, sevm or
eight years old. Apply at E. Cor-
bett's ranchc. 20-lt
What will it profit a man lo pay
t.j.mi fur a shoe that ran !*• bought
ut lhc C.C.S. for »3.75T
Tho death ol Hev. Father Chlnplnl,
O.M.I., ol Williams Lake, Cariboo, Is
Bnmunced, He was fatally Inhired
by a fall Irom u horse several days
ago .ml breathed his last on Sunday.
luly 21st. lie was among the pi-m-
ccr Catholic pripsts in this province,
having been engaged in missicn.iry
work in the northern iu,rtii«is of lh<-
province during the past tbirtv \.'..rs
Ile wus a native of Corsica.
Ilalbrigan underwear 2",c. a gar-
There now are 1711 orfani/cd bodies Ol the V M.C.A., wllh a total
membership nl 503,170, in Nortb
America, according lo Ihe vear book
of tlie ossocinliou to Ihi issiu-d Aug
ust lst. There bas been a gain ot
27,500 numbers in a year. Tbe valve
ol the new buildings o|>encd ll
approximately 18,500,000, making a
total value of about J,73,000,(i00.
further lunds are now ore band and
buildings which arc to eost J6.500.000
are being erected. The assi.cinlion
expended JlO.OOO.ouo last year.
Ilalbrigan underwmr 25c, a garment.-C.C.S.
Any person rcrniiring tb, ir bath
room, toilets, etc., connected to lhc
sewer should sec Kd. K. .lolin
'Estimates furnished. Coll 'phone
267. "Ml
Ilalbrigan underwear 25c. a gar-
Any person requiring their belli
room, toilets, etc., connected to   tin
Beale 8c Elwell
have some vacant
City Lots for Sale
Bargain Prices
*************** ♦♦♦»♦♦♦».
also    putting down n cement     so't-,
walk in Iront    of Iheir new building sewer should    see   Ed, K.   .lohnson
on Hanson avenue. I Estimates   furnished.      Call   'phone
Co. |M'- M-'-
Don't  wall till this happens belore
insuring  your   House or Furniture
Do It Now
Wc represent seven ol Ihc strongest
lire Insurance Companies. Phone 1.19
for a rate
,**444****************** **********_
Read the Herald, $2.00 Year ••—•—*—^
:    News of the District    i
(By Frod Roo).
ill in    Uiil/.'s   bull Friday     Mr,    Hraillcy,   ol    tlio   Cranbrook
Wo sincerely hope llie (lancoj Jobbers,   wbile    making bis   weekly
Adtlrtlonal proiif lint  Elko is    the
land ol   milk uml honey is lhe   fact
that    some ono   stole a hive ol bees
from Kennedy's    apiary and
milked soo    oi     Alex. Biwlo's
last week.
Tbe    Ladies Cuilil are giving
grand   hall
will !*• n    social and fiiLincial      sue- j
The bridge wbist parlies, seven-tip
drives, pink Iras nnd jawalol. on-
iiiibs me siill cancelled on aecounl ol
ibe heavy dews.
Don't sll down in tbo long Brass
niul wait lor bhe cow lo buck up lo
bo milked,    Hack np to lhe cow,
The scenery around Elko is intoxicating.
Some of the visitors lo Elko this
pasl low days: E, ('. Lang ami bride.
Warner, Alia.; .John Palmer and
wife, New York; E. K. Day, Kalis
pell, Mont..; II. 0. Corloy, Vancouver; Messrs. Brattle, Wlnton, Kitson,
Nelson) IV. n. Lee, llaynes,' Lou
Smith, Waldn, u. J, -Smith, Ureal
Falls, Mont.; Mr. .lames McLean,
Miss A. Allen. Alex. I. Fisher, II. .1.
Johnston, T. Heck and 27 oilier miners Irom Fernie; Mr. It. Anderson,
Hellast, Ireland; Mrs. .1. Dobbs and
lainily, Taber, Alia.; .1. Brown,
Moyie - by - the - lake Fred Simpson
tried to sieal lor Cranbrook; .!. W.
Kerr anil wile, Seaside, Oregon
Simpson, merchant - prince, Bnyncsj
It. l,orala!l, t'olne, Eng.; C. Carlisle.
London, Kngland; Dubbin brothers,
Roosvillo valley; V. Hyde Baker, 11.
IV. Supple, lieV'ere Hunt, CranbroUj;
a large parly came down irotn Fernie
Sunday ami pionlceil at tlie canyon;
travellers; train lumpers arid bums;
llorin' Bennett, selling mill machinery'; .hulas Iscariot, Winnipeg, Man.,
Holy City, selling Bibles and mining
stt.-k; Datoson, of Calgary, with store
worn ginger snaps and other lisb
baits; F. Constance, bams, bacon,
pork nnd other kinds of poultry; the
president and vice-president o! the
Amii4",iiiint<*l Society ot Froth Blowers and Beer Shifters, given five minutes to leave the electoral d,s-
Tbe Daisy Bell slock company
llaycd Elko last, week to crowded
houses. "Thorns nnd Orange Bios
soms" tbe bull cook's climb to sue
cess. In fact Ibis company plays
anything Irom "Losl in Coal Creek"
lo "As You Like It.", Every play
produced with n wealth ol scenic investiture tlmt dazzles the eyes, bewilders llie mind and satiates tile
iietistic senses ami causes the bull
ejmps to growl.
Andrew Kennedy, tin* bee expert,
rit'ommends the sting of n ls-c as a
sure cure for rheumatism. Andrew's
liees ure at pedigreed stock, all
seleeted stock nnd lhe lines! specimens of the Duckwing Italian Beds
to In* found in South East Kootenay.
Advertise in tbe t'ranbrook Herald
ami spend your holidays at  Klko.
lieen raised in Wardner, wbn lias ever
attained such an honor.
.Miss Verle Martin purposes attending llie Vancouver Normal school iu
tin' fall. We wish her every success,
Tbe seats in St.  Andrcwjs I'rcsbv-
tcrian   church are   undcig-oiiil repairs]
ami   promise now io be    much iinu'li
i' comfortable than lormcrly
lie man's pay, oi     know llie reason
why, ivery Saturday night."
FOR SALE.—Good saddle pony,
broken to harness. Will also work;
good horse for small rnnctiot'. Cheap
for cash. Apply Herald olliee, Hox
V. 21-tt'
li l/i|i'.Tc!IPri'!li'iEI9iaiii,il»ii:ll['.Ti*liJrflr,lE'Hlc!
I Best Dentistry I
11 it» last Friday lo Kurt. Htccle,
Bull; Hlvcr, Wardncr niwl Klko, luul
tho misfortune to hmik his ear, not
far from Fort Steele,
Mi*. F*i M. steams returned homo a
low (Jays iifio tt oin ilu* cat*t, after attending liis mother's luneral.
Mrs. P. I.mul entertatocd a lew ot
her friends last Tuesday afternoon ■'*
limior of Mrs. K. M. Stearns, who is
soon to leave town.
Mr. Staplefonl's two little rhililreii
of Saml Point, Idaho, are visiting at
Mrs. Otto Wisnrr's this week.
Mr. A. Jolmson was in t'ra-nWroo!-;
lliis work on business.
Mrs. Walter Magoon arrlvwl in
li wn this week. Mr. and Mrs. Ma-
Rootl have begun housekeeping in one
ol tlie company's cottages on Uivcr
Mrs. 3*. Lucier arrived in town
List Thursday.
"Lena Rivets," the play glvco In
il pore house last Thursday evening, was very much enjoyed hy
llu.* large jTowd ol onlookers. Special
mention might lie made of*Joel, who
Iii might lort-h screams ol laughter
fi om thf audience. Wc hope the
same company will favor us ag£iin at
an early date. 4
The Wardner hoys journeyed to the
C.N.P.L. company's camp, No. 8,
las|| Sunday alternoon to play hall.
Both sides played good ball, and
although the camp boys succeedod in
keeping ahcml ol their visitors lor
some time, this state ol allairs suddenly came to an. end ami in the last
iew innings the home team did some
line playing and when ended the
score stood 8 to 5 in Favor ol Wardner.
(Special correspondence).
Mrs Len RcnwlcV ntui 1 tile son, of
Manistee, B, t'., were visit iin
here lasl week* with Mrs mtn Wisner.
Mr. A. B. Fenwick and family, ot
Fort Steele, s|«iit a lew hours in
town last week waiting to have their
auto repaired. TliK broke down a
short distance from town while on
their way to visit with friends iu
Mr. .John Martin was in Cranbrook
last Thursday on business.
Mrs. Anderson, of Chase, ll.C,
who has been visiting here Inr the
past few weeks with her daughter,
Mrs. Clarence Martin, returned lo
Iht home a few days ago.
Mrs. Eily, of Fernie, was In lOffU
lasl  Friday on business.
Wanlner is very proud of tne brass
liaw.. Saturday evening's music
was very m-'.ieh aVpreclatnl by n
large number ot listeners.
Again we notice the name ol tur
young townslndy, Miss Verle Martin,
among the list ol the candidates
who were successful in passing their
third year high school examinations
in this province. The hoartIpmI con
gratutations nre due her, as Miss
Martin wus il at the time nt Ihe
exaiiiiiialii.n and wan compelled in de
part ol her wriling while in bed, nisi
Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Day, ol Kalispell, Montana, are visiting Mrs.
Burge, Mrs. Day's mother. They
lame acrons from Kalispell in tlieir
motor, car and lound the travelling
very easy. They will remain en the
creek several days, enjoying the
fishing. Mr. Day has (teen in these
pails iH-lore ami notes the great progress made by Cranhrook in recent
K. ({. Iloynton and Tl. A. Bright,
of Wisconsin, heavily i uteres lul In
Perry Creek placers, arrived in
town on Tuesday and drove out to
the creek later in the ilay. Both Mr.
Boyntoii ami Mr. Bright arc very optimistic as to their Perry Creek
In,Wings and anticipate rich returns
from the work to he undertaken this
season. Mr. Bright has great laitti
in the rielvness ol Perry Creek. In
course ol a chat with a Herald representative lie expressed regret that
bis company had not, in the past,
eulernd a little more vigorously into
llie exploitation of their property,
and he intimated that there was going to lie a ehaner In this respect,
(or the future their policy will be to
vigorously push the work ot developing the property.
other parlies interested in Perry
Creek mining developments promises
to be one ol the liveliest mining
camps n South Fast Kootenay he-
fore mnny weeks elapse.
Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Hallerty W«tC
exchanging ideas ucr jss Ih. shaWiy
feuce which separated their respec-
Hvo domains. Thc conversation
turned on the subject ol woman snl-
Irage. ' The Philadelphia Itecord
qotofl tlte first lady as saying:
"Are ye taking, much stock in this
attimpt that ft lot iv th' wimmln
are making to get th' vrte Pr us,
Mrs. Uaficrty?"
"1 ain't bothering me head about
it," declared Mrs. Uafterty. "I'm
satisfied to let Dinny and th- bys do
all th- voting for me lamlly. But I
do think that a indy should get n
man's pay."
"Well," replied Mrs   Kelly, "all     1
because she Is the only one who  has kin nay is, Mrs. Uaficrty, tlmt I. get
I Reasonable Prices |
1       For tlio nost :',n iluys t I
1    will glvo n io PER CENT. |
I DISCOUNT "ii nil work if |
[a you bring this lumouncG* ^
I ment. !;;'
J Dr. L. S. Eastman f
1 II & I Zciojor lllock S
lfj N. K.inriHi' Ulvorsldomnl Howard [5
fj at
I.  . I/'. VM. I.-,.■■■:. ;!..,.:::|i''|..-l,«IBHEifilra
Women's Nervea
nre so fine ami delicate it Is no
wondet ihat tlie strain ot life to-
lay causes them to so frequently
breakdown. More sleep, selected
diet and extra feeding of the exhausted nerve fibres wkhLecithin,
the form of phosphorus required
for nerve repair, is the only successful cure for this condition.
- Asaya-Neurall—
HE     NEW     REMEDY     FOR
Nervous Exhaustion
intains Lecithin (concentrated
f:om thousands of eggs), and
makes possible this cure.
Asaya-Neurall" feeds the nerves, induces sleep, quickens the
appetite, aids digestion, and soon
restores full nerve vitality.
The beneficial effects are evident almost with the first dose.
Druggists, Cranlirook, 11. C.
Ihi.laIt Mwrcnc. Co.. Pole Mfr... Montreal
Wtilc tliem lor Itcc book oo Nervou,
IN (tllF. MATTEI*, OF AS APPLICATION for the issiir ol a dupll
calt- Certificate nt Title to an undivided 1-3 of Lots 20, 21, 22, 23, llloik
1; Lots 1(1, 11, 12, 13, 11, li,
111,     18,     10,      20,      21,    22,     23,
21, 25, 2(1, 27, 28, 20, 30.
35,     36, 37,   Hloek   3; Lots 8, (I, 10,
11, 12, 11, 15, 111, 17, 19,
20, 21, 23, 21, 25, 27, Block
I; Lots 11, 15, 111, 17, 18,
10, Block fir. Lots  15, 10, 17, 18, 10,
22, 23, Block IS, Lois 1, 5, 13, 15.
10, 17, 18, 10, 20, niock 7; lxits 1.
2, 3, J, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 10, 17, 18, 10, 20, Block
8; Lots 0, 7, 9, 18, lllock 10; Lois 2,
7, 8, 10, 23, Block 11; Lots 8, fl, 10,
III, Block 12; Lois II, 7, 8, ll, 10, 11,
12, 13, 11, 15, 10, 17, 18, Block 1»,
Lots 0, 7, 8, 0, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 10, 17, 18, lfl, 20, Block 11;
Lois 6, 7, 8, fl, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 17, Block 15; Lots II, 7, 8, 0, 10,
11, 12, 13, 11, 15, 10, 17,
18, 10, 20, Black 18; Lots II, 7, 8, 0,
10, 11, 12, 13, 11, 15, 10,
17, 18, 10, 20,     Block   lfl; Lots 0, 7,
8, 0, 10,. II, 12, 13, 14,
15, 111, 17, 18, lfl, 20, Block 20;
Lois    0,     7,     8,     0,     10,    11, 12,
13, 11, 15, 10, 17, IS. 10, 20, Block
22;    Lois   3,  I, 5, 0, 7,   8,   II, Block
23, Town ol Kiiiiliii'li'V, Mali lilil,
ami all tliat part of Lot 1358, Oroup
Oiiim nol incliiitid in Hie said Town-
thai it is inv Intention to issue at
tlir expiration il one month after the
first publication hereol a duplicate oi
tne CcrtiHcr.tc of    Title lo Hie ivliove
ill, Illi,>llr,1    lot   ill    till'  St.,Ill,'  ol      Till'
Kort Sterlet IVveloiinient Syndicate,
Limitisl, which Ccrtlflcnlo Is dated
I hi- 23nl dny ol April, 1010, ami
numbered 8I65K.
Snm'l it. Roc,
District Registrar.
Nelson,  B.C.,
22ml .luly, 1012. 30-lt
NOTICE.    .
tnat 30 days alter date I Intend to
npply to the Hon. chlel Commissioner ot Lands ami Works for a license
to prospect lor coal and petroleum
on the lollowlng lamls, situate In the
District ol South Kast Kootenay,
llritish Columbia, in Block 4503:
Commencing nt a post plnntsd at
or near 3 miles east of 28 mite post
C.P.R. survey tn BlocKi 45113 and
lieing thc N. E, corner post of Kootenay Coal Co., Ltd., claim, tlicnce
south 80 chains; tlicnce west 80
chains; thenco north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to a Point ol
commencement, making 010 acres,
more or less.
Locnteil this llth dav i.f Mav,
Roy Allen, Agent tor
Kootenny Coal   Co.,   Liinlte,), Locator. 28-5t
Semi-ready Suits
al US tod 130
T OOK foi llie prlce-aad a.m.-Mw.
lo llie poclt.l-slwarl Ih, Mm..
Aik youi ClotM.1 and lead toi it,!*
tKMk and i.mi,le ol "Kins', Owa"
•■IS, at 110. Send dliccttoSemt-icdr,
Limited, Monm.l, lot book aoiltl.d
"IIII" II Too c.aaot set It lo to*o.
•fBt-irailH Marts",
o. Fred Johnston, Kerillc, II. C,
*#***### *•>«>###
« »
«      Columbian     »
« »
4) in ii gtmninloed imlloy.  Tlmt ih, »
^ 8utiflf:ii*iiiui lagimranlced Inovery -
.«respect.  '"*" *
2 Nelson Iron Works*
, UM.TCD      w
i Huh -in  ovor I no rent, lug slock. —
. Write lltt'in fnr |.iii*tlcu)iUB. *
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Itnotnn willi Baths,   'I'lione In
(••very room
Itailior Shop on thp prein.HM,
Thoroughly np-to-ilnto.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLB, Propriotor
B. TOM KIN, Manager
U.vmi come t-i
mo (or treat went,
.■\|>i'i-*,   lo   be
rl'l-,.,1      If   Ol III'IH
lui .-(-full-Hi expect
mt* tn cure .vmi.
I'lill'MM I know
llial 1 coll fiire
ynu I will imt tic*
ii'|it your riiM*.
ant] in evorjr hi*
Btancc I treat hy
iiiv own oriyiinil
uitvanced  uml
.-n till it
fpcrmatorrhoci. Organic Wcakocsi,
Lett VI|or, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Contracted Disorders, Specific Blood PoIkon,
Piles an4 Strictures — restoring all
affected organ;- ttmoniial ami healthy
action in tlio shortcBt poitaihte fpace
of time,
•if llix.
CotiHultation mnl iiitinii'tivi* booklet fn*r
at offlce or by mall.
- kklMi^ OVER 69 VEAR»*
*nT«nt fending askoteti and aeeerlPtloii but
fltitclur nsroriniii our i>i<ini<.n frtawDMIier en
Invcillon la pr-ilmhl-* pa [•iambi q,_Ci>*tir.iuti tfti-
-  cilriMiiUJiwitfal. HNIIOI00I <nl'*\let,u
icnt free. oMert nitotier forMcnnneMUtiti.
l'tttent* taken ibniuib Huita ACfhl-MMln
ipteutlritict, wtthnut cbnrte, la too
Scientific Jlmericatu
A b*rtiit-*iiiri'ly lltiirttmti'il wccklf. lanM dr
nluiuii ■•' nny m-ii'iiinii* Juunuil. 'Icrin* for
I'MSKla. Si.-', l y«ai, tKMUtO pntNiU. *Sild ty
Bit ncwultuli-n.
Uwich om™. SO If BL. Wa.hla.ion, U t "*
Make* Short Work of
Di?f>p-rK*«ted and apparently hopeleee eaiea of
r-lnllca, I.umtmifo, Gout. Ncur«l(*ia and all other
1orma of Rheummtitm **W| at one* to Abbott Bra.
Rheumatic Hemcdy. Like an angel of mercy it
*— (riven Instant relief to r,leep>fonaken igfferert,
wi them from beds of neony ud foe IS yeara
been curing men, women and children for
whom there seemed no help. -Inst ■ few bottles
have cured eases ot from 30 ta 60 years* duration
and today It stands unrivalled as a quick, safe and
abtolutoly reliabli* treatment for all uric add die*
fiiict., weak kidneys, etc.   Let a dollar bottle of
Abbott Iroi. Ihtmitle JUmriy
■.••id your pains at once—atart your cure today.
Sent orepahl by Abbott Bim., 711S. Dearborn SL,
Chicago, HI., If your druggist does rot have tt
Sold hy the Cranbrook Drug and
Hook Co.
| East Kootenay      |
| Butcher Co. 1
® SI
Deulcra In
Fivsli nml Ouriil
Poultry, (liimo nml Fisli   ®
in Si'iisnii,
East Kootenay
®     The Old P. Wood's     *
Butcher Co. ®
9 aa isaBaosiaisi
BriUsh t'olumia lias the greatest
ri'vi'iuie uf any luoviiicc iu Canaila.
The Rlovlnco has $«,IMIII,(III0 to Its
t'i'idit in lhc Imiili.
FOR KENT.—Two furnished rooms;
al. inouKi'ii conilciilenoes. A[>ply Herald olliee. 23-tf
Cranlirook     Lodfte,
No. 31
A.P. * A. M.
Reglilftt iiu'i'liiij;* on
the   tliinl   Tliursilay
ol every month.
Visitinic lirethren welcomed,
1). .1. McSweyn, W.M.
.1. Si l'cck, Secretary.
UiiisstuNT Ijtiiiitii Nu. :':>
Cranbrook, II. C.
Meet*   every   Tuesday at K p.m. at
Fratcrnitr Hall.
N. S, Houston, 0.0.
I,'. A. Stride, K, ol 11. .V S.
Visiting lirethren   cordially invited
to attend.
Meeta every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
II. J. Kendall, W. M. Harris,
N. Q. See'y.
Meets first- and    third Wednesdays
in each montb.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Oflicers July lst to December 31st.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Soribe—W. M. Harris.
No. 19.
Meets every second and  lourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebckahs  cordially invited.
Miss Nellie Raker, N. O.
Mrs. Anna Ucattie,   Rec, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second nnd
Fourth Thursday ol each montb at 8
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Henderson, CR.
L. Pcarron, Sec, Boi 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first and
third Thursday ol each montb it
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu llayward, Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlanc, Chlel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
Ith Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citi
N. A. Wallinger, W. C. Crebbln
Pres. See'y.
P. O. Boi 125
Visiting members cordially welcomed.
Presbyterian Churcb::
i ,   Sunday morning serrlca at 11 ,,
, i   Sunday   evening    service   at i !
1        1.i* o'clock x
i >   Sunday     School   and    Bible ''
Class all S o'clock
Prostiytcrinn   Guild,  Wednesday, nt 8 o'clock.
»♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦, i
JSaptigt dbttrcb
Pastor, II. S. Speller.
Parsonage, Norhury Avenue.
'Phone, 284.      P. O. Boi M7. \
Regular Services:—Sunday, II
a.m.    and    7..10   p.m.;   Bible
School    with     Young   Ladies' i i
Phllethta    and    Young   Men's ('
Ilible Class, A p.m.
Monday,   Young Peoples',   •
Wednesday, Mid-Week Meeting.
A cordial   Christian welcoma' '
to all.
Thif r.oadiiig UubIdobs Collage1
nf iln* Norlliwotit
Wlioro young pcoplo can rocolve
u 11 it i roii}.; 11 buHiitese truiuing.
Ir in eossloii trtfllvo monlliB in
tin* your.
Noontrnnoe oxftm tun tions,
Board ami room ut very ronuon-
llliln I'tttOS,
Wa Huniro  pofiltloiiB  lur our'
Our now lictiutilulty illiu-initi'il
OAlalogiiu Hent froo ii|u)ii renuost.
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
tHt.-i Mntltcciii     -      SIMIKANK
Preitilont: T. 6. OlLL
Hecretnry: H. Maciminai.ii
. For information regarding lands
' and  agriculture   apply   lo tlie
Secretary, C ran I > rook. H. C.
Kvery second Weilncnlny
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
Prescribed and recommended Ior women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy ol proven worth. The
result Irom their use Is quick and
Permanent. For (ale at all drugstores
t     Builder and
Si'jitii' Tanks nml Coiioroln
Work p'ui'i'ally u
spcoinlty. X
; Estimates   Freely  (liven.
P.O. Box Md
Cranbrook, B.C.
A. SI. Can. Soe. 0. K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Cranbrook Drug nriil Hook
Cii'h. Store
Telephone 881) P. O. llox :17
r s
I  I
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on fn voluble lei'tim.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence,  Armstrong  i.e,
Forenoons 8.0(1 tn 111 110
Alternottiia - - • 2.011 to 4.00
Kremlins - ■ • - 7.81) to 8.illi
Sunday* .... imi to   4.30
CRANBKOOE :i    :i    li    »    B. O,
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Krrticb rtgvlatot; never laili. These
■pills nre exceediniiU* pnwcrhil in nciilatini- t tie
Ketieriitlvu |>mti-ni -if tlii? letn-iU* sytlfin, Ketuse
hII clieup initiations. Vr. tie V«b*« .ire sold nt
-T. a ln.x. nr tlirec »..f lill. M.iik .1 tn anv nd ire«s.
Itw Hvolwll Hi uk Co., St. '-rtiluirlHt •. Oq(
For salo ^t Deatle, Murphy & Co.,
Opposite c.r.lt. Btntlon
TIIF.     PLACE     TO      OUT    A
Hcmli|imrtcrs for nil kinds of
Satisfaction (luaiantciil
Tlio Shoo Kpi'cinlist
Frank Provenzano
Ganeral Merehanta
Employment Agenta
CRANBROOK     •     B. C.
P.O. MX 191 N0IKt44
It yuo want satisfaction witb
your washing  unit
Special prircH lor family work.
Riii-n-awir In F. T. F. PBIIIlf
White Leghorns
Wull known tor
To keep tip  the Hitiitiiui i* llie
gientvel prolilem of llie Inciter.
l)K. P. H. MILKS
OFFICE    KOtlllH'.
• tn IU a.m.
I to   0 p.tn.
7 tu   K p.m.
ofiicn iu Hanson ninek.
I'HANIlllllOK -II   0,
Cranliroiik anil Furl Stiiolo
tAo?!,'18 Cranbrook, B.C. |
Norbury Ave., nest to City Hiili
|l;iy I'lione'-.'.'.'.
NifiM I'lione :',r,n
B.  C.  lane)  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
Ask hr Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family ti*o there is nothing
*o wholesome anil so pure n*
** *y
W. R. Hcttr. I'un.Tal IHrartor
Cranbrook It. C.
Phone *Mi">
Cranbrook Collate Hospital
Tonus nn A|>iilii'ation,
riuiut' 2511 Matron.
1*. (>. llox NI.1    Arinstroni! Avo
H. E. HALL, D. D. S.
Crown ami Hrhluo Work
a specially,
Offiooovor P. Parks llanlwaro
Sloro, Haki-r Street
Phone Ko. 2!K1
J. G. Mitchell
(lame Heads. Birds, Ruxs, Fish
|2.MI|,er Hi; 17,00perl»j  f) 12.(10 i'i
|.it 10(1, f inn |.,t 1,11(111. I
4 a
B-tr gj
(!jiini'H A full niock nl
Iti*|inirt< for nlmvi> nlwttyn
In ft in* I.
Electric Restorer for Men
Mh^snlionol "'s'o"'*1 ■"•«¥ b"*"*1 •» ""* '""'v
' j ,»■■ lit limpet* ti'iisi'iii, i-'*t "di
i in na |iin|irr iciiBiun , icmi'ir*
iii mnl -iii.ilnv. rremalurutlrciv niul hIIugkuhI
aknea AVfrteil at once. PtuMphmol will
.ike K'H *i new mnn.   1'ilco ill m Imi, <t Iwd It
nt.   Matlnl I.i nay nil-Ire*-,.  Th»M«»WU Dnag
I'd,, It. CftlhftrliiM, OM,
J-'oriale at Ueatti-yMtirphy Co., I.tl.
Imporlrtl In III. orlisimil aenlr.1 |,nrti.|*
fnitn Hilllon A Hon*. tl,« Kinir'a M,.,Imi„,,.
Henilinr, KiikIiiihI.   H«'ti<l lor nlnilou;!),'.
A. J. WOODWARD, Sole Axcnt
Mlllrw.llh.8l., Vunroiiwr. Alao Viilorla THE   CRANBROOK   HBBALD
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
BY-LAW NO. 109.
A by-law to raise Hie sum ol
Twenty Thousatod Dollars by debentures to complete Uie sewage system
ol the City.of Cranhrook.
Whereas by By-law No. 90 of the
City, of Cranbrook , certain monies
were authorized to lw raised by the
sale of debentures for the purpose ol
installing and constructing a sewage
system in aud In the vicinity of the
city of Cranbrook, and
Whereas It hits lieen ascertained
that the sum ol monies so raised is
not stifflcleiit to complete the said
work, and
Whereas It is deemed expedient (n
Mi.ill id lhe said Municipal Council
to complete the said sewuge system,
Whereas lor the purpose aforesaid,
it will be tii-eessniy lo borrow Ihe
SUIU ol I-wel iiy thousand dollars.
Anil whereas Hit; amount of the
whole rateable Iiniii or Improvements
or real property ol the said ' City,
according lo the last Revised Assess*
mint Roll, is ono million wivon hundred nml, eleven thousand, nine hundred and ninety dollars ($1,711,-
Ami, whereas it will lie requisite co
raise annually hy rate Hie sum ol
one thousand two hundred and sixty-
five dollars and twenty-six cents
($1,265.2(3) for paying thc said debt
ami interest.
And whereas* the present debenture!
IndoMtcdness nl Uie City of Cranhrook is two hundred and forty thou-;
saml seven hundred and seventy-seven
dollars and thirty-six cents ($240,-
And whereas the Municipal Council
has power lo pa^ss by-laws for contracting debts, by "borrowing money
or otherwise and for levying rates!
of such debts on the rateable lands |
and improvements, either or both, on
rateable real property of thc Munici-j
pality for any purpose within the
jurisdiction of the Council; but the'
aggregate of such debts, except for,
works of local improvement and for
school purposes, shall not exceed
twenty per cent (20 p.c.) of ihc as-1
sessed value or the lands and Improvements or the real property of:
the municipality according to the last
Revised Assessment Roll. i
And whereas the present debenture
indebtedness of the City of Cranbrook, other than the indebtedness
for works of local improvement nnd
for school purposes, is two hundred
ami seven thousand, nine hundred
ami forty-seven dollars and twenty-
nine cents ($207,947.29). ,
Now, therefore, the Municipal Coun-j
eil of the Corporation of the City of
Cranhrook, in Council assembled, en-!
acts as follows:
1. It shall and may be lawful for
the mayor nf tlie Corporation of the
Oiity,o( Cranbrook to borrow money
upon the credit of Ihe said Corporation by way nf debentures hereinafter
mentioned from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who
may Ite willing to advance the same
as a loan, a sum of money not exceeding iin the whole the sum of
twenty thousand dollars, anil to
oause all such sums so raised nr received to lie paid into the hands of
the treasurer of the said Corporation
for the purpose and with Ute object
horainbetore recited.
2. It shall bo lawful for tbo Mayor
of t-lie said Corporal ion to cause any
number of debentures to be made, executed ami issued fnr such sum or
sums as may lie required lor the purpose and objects aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the, sum of twenty
thousand dollars, cacti nl Hie debentures being id the denomination ol
five hundred ikllnra, and all such debentures shall lie BOnlcH wllh ihe seal
of the Corporation niul signed by the
Mayor thereof.
S, The said debentures shall beat
date (he 21st day nf August, 1912,
ami shall lie made payable within
forty years from the saitl date, in
lawful money of Canada, al the ofllce
nl Mm; City Clerk of tbo City ol
Crnnbrook, in ('ranbrook aforesaid j
which said place ol payment shall be
designated by the said debentures,
and sliall have attached to'them
coupons for the payment cd interest,
ami lhc signatures to the said cotillons may Ih1 either written, stamped,
printed or lithographed.
4. Tbe said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per cent
(fi p.c.) per annum from the dale
thereof, which intercsl shall^ho payable semi annually at tbe said office
of the City Clerk of tbe City p|
Cranhrook in Cranbrook,aforesaid, iu
lawful money of Canada, on the 21st
day of August, and tbc, 21st day of
February, in each year during thc
currency thereof, and it shall lw expressed in said debentures and coupons to he so payable.
5. It shall lie lawful fnr the
Mayor of the said Corporation tn
negotiate and sell the said deben-,
lures or any ol them at not less than
ninety per cent of their face value
alter deducting all brokerage and
commission charges incurred iu tbe
sale thereof.
6. There shall be rn sed and levied
in each year during the currency ol
said debentures, the sum of one thousand dollars Inr payment of injtercat,
and the sum of two bundled and sixty-live dollars and twenty-six cents
for payment of the debt due upon
said debentures by a rate sufficient
therefor on nil the rateable lands or
improvements or real property in the
said Municipality.
7. It shall he lawful for lhe    said
Municipal Council to repurchase any
of the said debentures upon such
terms as may lw agreed upon with
ihe legal holder or holders thereof,
or any part thereof either at the lime
of sale cr any subsequent time or
times, and all debentures so re-purchased shall forthwith be cancelled
and destroyed and no re-issue nl debentures so re-purchased shall lie
made In consequence of such re-purchase,
8. This bylaw shaJ. take etTeet on
and after the 20th day ot August,
9. This bylaw may he cited for all
purposes as the "Cranbrook Scwagp
System Completion Bylaw."
Head Hie Iirsl, second and third
time ou the 19th day of July, 1912.
TAKE NOTICK ihat the above is
a true copy nf the proposed bylaw
Upon which the vote nl the Municipality will he taken at the Municipal
Offices on Norbury Avenue, itn the
City id Crunbrook, on the 7th dny nl
AUgUBt,   I'Hli, between Ibe hour  nl    9
o'clock (lu o'clock local time) in the
morning, and 7 o'clock (H o'elock,
loeal time) iu lhe evening.
Tims. M. Roberto,
C, M. C.
WANTED.-Stenographer fnr com
mercial house. Apply with references at Herald office. 2-tI
Bonncrs Perry, Idaho, July 17, '12.
Mr. W. II, Wilson,  SM.-Treas. Cranlirook   District Auto Association*
Dear Sir: Your letter was received
by us and is being given Hue publicity. Tlte people of (his .section are
becoming alive to the value ol good
roads in an encouraging way. Tbe
mad across this county, one of the
links in the Spokane lo (Haclcr National Park highway, is belie.*. lm;
proved at Uie present time.
The road laws in this stale make
it Imperative fur each county to
build its own highways. A strong
sentiment in favor of bonding tlw
county lo the sum ol live bundled
thousand dollars is manifest. Tlie
matter will probably be voted upou
tbis coming fall. Yon may con lid -
4 Til Iv ex|H*et a first class highway
will lie bu.ft next year lie I ween this
town and Creston, At the present
lime the progress nl British Columbia and the state of Mi in tana are au
inspiration in the matter id good
roods to tbe whole northwest. You
may rely upon us to do our share in
endeavoring lo mould public opinion
in our section,
Yours truly,
K  K. Fry,
As an
Ocean Port
" As an ocean port ALBERNI will compare most favorably with Portland and San Francisco."—From Official Bulletin No. 24.
Read That Twice
Think nl what lliis foot alone means In AMIKKNI. silmit.il us she is on Did WEST
const of Vfinconver Islnml 8 to -I mllo*. nearer Australia, the Orient and the PANAMA
CANAL iiiuu is Vancouver,
Tho largest raids not oxooptlna monsters ol the''Titanic "rlass enn easily 'look
Anil in n very few yours vessels of tbis size WILL !«' Btetimlhg np Alhorni csiml to
I'.ituiila's mosl Western |H>rt.
Bridge to the Mainland
Vancouver Isiinn! will soon l>e connected Iiy bridge wilh lhe mainland. Thnn mails.
express, freight ami passengers from foreign ports "ill he transferred at ALBERNI to the
transcontinental trains of ilie 0, P. R. and tho Canadian Northern, and stnrt their KuUm
journey over ton hours sooner than tliey now do,
Predicts West Coast Metropolis
Not long ago a prominent niiwiiy ollicinl in close touch with Vancouver Island and her
future predicted thai n W B8T CK >AST I'l 1KTV and not Victoria, will lie tho future metro-
iHili* of Vnncourer Island.
And when you slop to think of il. why not 1
Such a port and ALIIKRNI Is Hie only ono ikissiliic. It is an easier nnd nearer
liarlsir for ocean goim: vessels than is Victoria. Vossols entorini; Allierni ennd and linrlmr
do not Imve lo pass dangerous I'niio I'lntlerv or go through Ihe trenolierons straits uf .hum
de Plica.
You Should Act To-day
AI.HKKNl offers yon nn opportunity you should not ovurlooli.
Soon prices will lie higher and your cliunco will he gone. A handsome booklet on
ALBERNI will Ik, freely given to yon on request.   Ask for one today.
Beale & Elwell
Real. Estate and General Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
For a License lo Take and I'*
Ihat (Jrctta Vicars Burden, ol Toronto, Ontario, spinster, will apply
for a license to take and use 2 cubic
feet per second of water out ol Lewis
Creel*:, which Hows in a westerly ili-
rcctlon -through Lot 7210 and other
lot* anil empties into Kootenay river
near Wasa, B.C. The waler will be
diverted al a poinl about two miles
from mouth of Lewis Creek and will
■be used for Irrigation purposes nu the
land described as Lul 548/7, Group
One, Kast Kootenay district, Province of Hrilish Columbia.
Tins notice wiis posted on the
ground on tin* Iflth day of July,
10J3, Tin- application will be tiled
iu the olliee ol tin* Water Rcem-der al
Crnnbrook, lie.
ObjooUoirs may lie MtU with      tin*
said Water   Recorder or wiib       tho
Comptroller of Waii-i  Rights, I'niliu-
im-iii Iluildings, Vicloria, B.C.
ilreliu Vicars Burden, Applicant
by Gordon R. Johnson, Agent.
tor a License to Take and l'sc Water
that Grotto Vicars Burden, ol Toronto, Ontario,   Spinster, will apply Ior
license In take and use two cubic
feet per second of waiter out uf Wolf
Creek, which (lows in a westerly direction tbrnugh Lots Hi and other
Ints ami empties Into Kootenay River near Wasa, B.C. The water will
be diverted at n point ahoul IA miles
from lhe mouth of Woll Creek uml
wil] he used for Irrigation purposes
the laml described as Lot 6*157,
On up One, Kootenny district, Province nf British Columbia.
This notice was posted nu Ibe
ground ihi Ihe Willi dnj nl July,
1HI2. The application will lie liled
in (he nflicc nl the Water Recorder at
Cranbrook, B.C.
Objection*, may be liled with the
said Waler Recorder ot Willi the
Complrnller nt'Water Rigbls, Parliament Iluildings, Victoria, B.C.
Mreiki Vicars Burden,   \ppllcant.
■by Gordon It. Johnson, Agont.
For a License lo Ta1** and One Water
thut Richard J. Plaskett and Edgar
Livingstone Burden, both of Toronto,
Ontario, Travellers, will apply for a
license in take and use two rf'.' leel
per second Ol water out ol Woll
Creek, which (lows in n westerly direct on through Lot 16 and other
lots, and empties into Kootenay
River near Wasa, B.C.
Thc water wil he diverted at a
point about IA miles frum 1he mouth
of Woll Creek ami will lie used tor ir
ri gat ion purposes on the land deS-
cribed as Let «r»27. Group One, Koo*
tenay District, Province of British
This notice • was posted on 'he
ground on the lllth day of July.
t»12. The application will bo filed
in tho olliee of the Water Recorder at
Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may he filed with      the
said Waler    Recorder nr with       the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, Hf.
Richard   .1. Ilaskett     and   Edgar 1.
Burden, Applicants,
hy Gordon R. Johnson, .UvM-     "hi-1
will be diverted at the spring on Lot
0118 about sixty [eel south or the
nortii line uf said Li b and will be
used for Irrigation purposes ou the
laud described as sub-Lot 35 of Lot
This notice was posted on the
ground on the. 38lh day of June,
1 !*1 a. The application will bc filed
in lhe office of the Waler Recorder
at Cianbrook, B.C.
Objections    may be (Wed witb     the
said Waler   Recorder or with      tbc
Comptroller nf Water Rights. Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Tho Lund Land and Development Co.,
Ltd., Applicant,
hy Arthur B. Fenwick, Agent.    28-U
Pot a License to Take and I'se Wat-
that the Luml Land and Development
Co., Ltd , id Cranhrook, ll.C, will
apply for a licenso to take and use
■.,i<> minors' Inches of water ont ot
Horse Shoe l reek, whieh Hows in a
westerly direction tlirogh I.ol 311 and
empties Into a swamp on Lot Bit.
The water will he divorced about
where the nortii line of Lot 'Ol
CtOSScfl tho creek and1 wil he used Ior
Irrigation purposes on the laud des*
crlbod as sub-lot •'15 uf Lot 4590.
This notion was posted on tne
ground on lhe 28th day of June
1IM2. The application will be Tiled
in thc office ol lhe Water Rccordci
at Cranbrook, P.O.
Objections may be filed    with    th
said Water   Recorder nr with      the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C.
The Lund Land and Development Co.,
Ltd., Applicant.
by Arthur 11. Pcnwlck, Agent.   28-lt
thai 3l» days after date I intend to
ipply to tlie Hon. Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works fnr a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
un tin* following lands, situate in the
District of South East Kootenay(
British Columbia, in Block 4583:
Commencing at n posl planted at
in near 1 mile east ol 30 mile post
C.P.R, survey In Block 1593 and
being the N. K. corner posl of Koolenay ('oal Co., Ltd., claim, thence
sr ulli 8u chains; thence west 80
■bains, Ihence north 80 ehains,
thence east nh chains to a polnl      id
iin mencement, innMng ft to acres
more nr less.
Located this lllth dav nf Mav,
Roy Allen, Agent f,.r
Kootenay Coal   Co.,   Limited, Locator. i8*6t
that Riehard C, Plaskett nml Edgar
Livingstone Burden, both ot Toront.
Ontario, Travellers, will apply for a
license to take and use two cubic teet
per second Ol water out il Lewis
Creek, which Hows in a westerly di
recllon through Lois 73W and other
lots and empties Into Koolenay River near Wasa, B.C,
The Waler wilt be diverted at (
point sIn ut two miles Irom th
mouth of Lewis Creek, ,n.,i will hi
used lor irrig.i1n.-n purport, nn tlu
land described as l.nt MtT, Gtnnp 1,
Knit-may District. ProvtMB ot British Columbia.
Thin notice was posted ..u lb
ground on On* <*>•.* day of July,
10)2. The application will |N* liled
in the office of Ihe Waler Recorder at
Cranhrook, ll.C.
Objections may he filed with      thr
suid Water    Ihiotder or with  '   the
Comptroller ot Water Rights, Pallia-
menl  Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Richard .1.    Plaskett    and Edgar I,.
Burden. Applicants
hy Gordon It. Johnson, Agenl.    IMM
Kor a License In Take and Is.* Wat
that the Luml Land and Development
Co., LU,, ol Cranhrook, n.C, will
apply for a license lo lakr and use
7.1 miners' Inches of water out of
unnamed creek, which flows ,„
north-westerly direction through Let
•IIII and sub l-nt 3.1 of toft ivm And
empties lam a swamp nn S. I,. 35 of
l*ot 4M0 and   lot  tt-4.    TV water
Kur   a    License to    Take and     Use
Ihat ivier Mind, nf Cranhrook, B.C.,
will apply fur a license to take und
use R0 miners' inches nf waler out ol
Mud Creek, which Hows in a westerly direction through l.nts lOO.'t and
III, G. I., Kast Koneeiiay dislrict
and empties Ihto the Koolenay River
on Lot No. HI, O. 1. Thc water
will be diverted at the easl line ol
Lol, 1003 ami uJJ be used for irrigation purposes nn the land described
as Lot 1003.
This notice was posted on the
ground on lhe 21st day ut -lune,
1312. Thc apiilicatlon will fee filed
iu lhc nflicc of Ibc Water Rtcorder at
Cranhrook, B.C.
Objections   may be filed with     the
said. Water   Recorder nr with       the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Peter Lund. Applicant,
per P. Lund. 27-lt
Kor a License   to Take   and      I'se
that Edward Anderson, of Wardner,
B.C., will apply (or a license to take
and use 1} cubic leet ol water out
of Ila Ha Creek, which flows in an
easterly direction through applicants
and empties into an unnamed lake,
mar Wardner. The water will Ik- 'diverted at west boundary ol applicants lands and will li- used for irrigation purposes on the land des-
crlbed as Lot 5982, GtOUp 1, Kootenay Distriet.
Tbis notice was postid on tlie
ground on the 21th day cl June
1012. Tbe application wil be filed
iu the ofllce of the Water Recorder at
Objections may lie filed with thc
said Water Recorder or with thc
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parlia
mint Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Edward Anderson, Applicant,
by Harvey, McCartcr and Mac
donald, Agents. 27-Iit
tnat 3ll days alter date I Intend to
apply tn tlio Hon. Chiel Commissi, n
ei of L.itnl*. anl Wnri.it for a Boom
in prosjiet't (nr cnal and petrnlium
on the [nlltiwiii**, land-., situate iu the
IMslrict ol South East Kootnuv.
British Columbia, in Block 1593
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near 1 mile e.,st of M mile post
nn  C I1 It. surrey in Bloc* ivn  ami
Ipeilig  the   S,   \\    culler   poll   11  Kno
I emu Cnal Co., Ltd . claim, thciuv
north su chains, thenee easl 80
chains, thence sooth 80 chains.
thence west 80 chains, to a point nl
• f tnmei cement, mnV-ing 6tw «■
ninTe or less.
Lncateil     this     Iflth d.t\ nl    May,
liny Allen, Agent for
k-totctiay Cnal   Co.,    Limited,  1.06*
tor. 23-5t
tnat 9 days aft, i date I intend 1.
(apply to the Hun. Chief ConimifJstHi
er of Lands ai.d Works Ior a Home
i>i prospect fnr coal and petroleum
on the following lands, situalc In Ihi
District ot Routt East Kooten.iy,
Hritish Colombia, in lllock «<M:
Commencing at a P»it planted n
or mm I    mile mat ol 30 mile »i*t
on C.P.R. survey in Block -1503 an
Iht iug tho S, E. corner post of Kootenay Cnal Co., Led., claim, thenee
north 80 chains., ihence west 80
eliains; thenee south 80 chains; thene
cast 80 chains, to a point nl commencement, making 040 acres, more
or less.
Located     this   10th    day   of   May
Uny Allen, Agent for
Kootenay Coal   Co.,    Limited, locator. i'8-5t
I imt 30 days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Hon. Chief Commission
ei uf Lands and Works for a IIcoom
tu prospect for coal and petroleum
in lhc billowing lands, situate in tho
Dislrict ol Smith East Kootenay
Hrilish Columbia, in Block 4093:
Commencing at a pool planted at
or near I mile east ol 30 mile post
hi C.P.R. Burvej m Block 1893 and
Icing lhe N.W. corner post of Kootenay   Coal    Co.,     Ltd., claim, thence
inili 8o   chains,   tbenco   cast     M>
talnst tbence north so oboist;
thenco west 80 chains to a polnl ol
i.iiuiiuneeiiiciit, making 640 acres.
Unite nr less.
I nested   this   18th   day   "I   Mar,
Roj Allen, Agenl fot
Kinlenay   Cnal    Co.,    Limited,   LOtt-
tt,r. 28-flt
that 30 days after date 1 Intend to
apply to tb..* Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works for a ltceos*:
to prospect for c.-al and petroleum
mi the following lands, situate in the
Diatrlot of South East Kootenty
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a pnst planted at
Bt near 3 miles east of 28 rnile post
mi C.P.R. survey in Block 1913 and
being tne N. ff. corner post ol Koolenay Coal Co., Ltd., claim, thence
OUU) 80 chain*!, thence east S1'
chains. thence north 6o chains.
Ihencc west 80 chains to a point    of
immencement, making M0 acres,
more or less.
Located this lltb dav of May,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Kootenay Coal   Co.,    Limited, I .cator. 2J-St
tu prospect for cnal and petroleum
ou thu following lands, situate in tho
Dislrict of South East Kootenay,
Hritish Columbia, iu Block 1593:
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near 3 miles east ot 30 mile post
on C.P.R. survey in Block 4593 und
being the S. K. corner post of Koc-
tenay Coal Co., Ltd., claim, thence
north 80 chains; thence west 80
chains; ihence south 80 chains*! thence
last 80 chains to a point of commencement, making 640 acres, more
or less.
Located this 15th day if May,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Koolenay Coal   Co.,    Limited, Locator. 88*51
that 30 days after    dale 1 intend to
apply to the Hon.'Chlof Commission
i iff Lands  and Works  for a license
h   prospecl    for coal and petroleum
ill the following lauds, situate iu tbe
District   ol   South     Kast Kootenay,
British Columbia, in Block 4.593:
Commencing at a    pool   planted at
r near 3 miles east of 3U mile poat
■n C.P.R. survej In Blook 1593   and
being the N.   K. come, post ol Koolenay   Coal    Co , Ltd., claim, thence
south   8ii   chains;    thence   WOWI    8t>
cnains;    tbence     nortb   so   chains;
tbenre east 80 chains   to a point    ol
e.'iumemvment,     making    640   acres,
more or less,
Looated   this     18th dav    of   May,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Kootenay Coal   Co.,   Limited, locator. 38 r»t
tnat   30 days after    dale 1 intend t.i
apply to th,* lion   Cbtet fomnrioston-
cr of Lands  ami Worka  tot a Urease
to   prospect    for cal and peUolcUm
ofl tlie following lands, situate in thc
District   of   .^outh     East Kootenay,
British Columbia, iu Block 4593:
Commencing   at a pest planted at
* near 3   miles east ol 26 mile post
i C.P.R. survey on Block 4593   and
being the  N. K. corner pest ol Koo-
na>  Cool    Co, Ltd., claim, tbence
mth SO    chains, ihencc  west       8ti
chains; thence north 80 chains- thence
cast 80 chains   t.. a point ot      commencement,    making CIO acres, more
or less".
Lrcated    this    llth day   of  May,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Kootenay Coal   Co.,    Limited, Locator. 28-5t
tnat in days after datv I intend tn
apply to the Hon Chief Cou.missico-
cr of Lands and Works for a license
in prospect for coal and petroleum
nn the following lands, situate in th?
District ol South East Kootenay.
Hritish Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a p*»st plant-f-d at
*>r near 4 miles cast nl 28 mile post
on C.P.R. survey in Block 4593 anl
lieing the N. W'. corner post of Kon-
lenay Coal Cn., Ltd., claim, ihence
BOUtb 80 chains; tliencc cast 80
chains; thence north 80 chains,
tlicnce west 80 chair.h to a point ol
commencement, making filO ours,
more or less.
Located this 15th day of May,
Roy Allen, Agent fnr
Koolenay Coal   Co.,    Limited, -Locator. 28-5t
j trial 30 days after date I intend to
'apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works for a licenae
ts. prospect for coal and petroleum
on tbe following lands, situate in tbe
District of South East Koolenay,
British Columbia, in Block 4599:
Ci-nimer.cin[; at a post plantf^l at
or near 3 miles f*a**t ol 2C mile post
>n C.P.R. survey in Block 4593 and
t-ir.c **he ii, W. corner poat ol Koo-
*•*...■. Coal Co., Ltd., claim, thenee
w>utb 80 chain-*; thence east 80
(haics. thence north 80 chains, iber.c«
Wtat 80 chains to a point of commencement, making 940 a< re*., more
or less.
Located this llth dav ot May,
Roy Allen, Agen-1 f<>r
Kootenay Coal   Co.,    Limited, Lota-
tor. 28-5t
tnat 30 days nllcr date I intend t
apply to th,* Hon Chief Commissi.'n-
er of Lands ami Wnrks tor a IICOO*
tn prospect for coal and potfoleflm
nn the fnltnwing lands, situate in 0><
Dislrict of Smith Kast Kootrniy
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
CommencinR at a poat planted at
..r near B miles east of 30 mllo pout
on C I'll, survey in Blcck 4593 and
belOg the .S. W. corner post ol Koo
ti-nay Coal Co., Ltd., claim, thence
nortb 80 chains; Ihencc east 80
chains; ihence south SO chains, Mtencc
w*e\t 80 chains tr. a point nt or m*
mencement, making 040 acres, mere
or less.
Looated this  15th day  o!   May.
Roy Allen, Agent for
Kootenay Coal  Co.,   Limited, Locator. 28-51
tnat 30 days after date 1 inu-nd to
apply to the Hon. Chief Cornmlssian-
er of Lands ard Works Ior a license
tn prospect for coal and petroleum
■•-n the following lands, situate in the
District of South East Kootenay,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
CommflUOtflg at a post planted at
or war 1 mile east < f 28 mile poat
im C.P.R nrrey in Block 4593 and
lieing tbe N. W. corner post of Kootenay Coal Co., Ltd., claim, thence
south 80 chains th-iK-- east 80
chains, tbence north W chains.
Owner west 8') chains tc a point ot
commencement, making Mfl acres,
more or less.
Lc-Oflted this 13th day of May,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Kootenay Coal   Co.,    Limited, Locator. 28-5*1
tnnt 30 days after date I Intend to
apply to lhe Hon Chlet Conimlmden*
rr of Land* and Works for a lleonse
tnat 30 days alter date I intend to
apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works for % license
tn prospect for ct-al and petroleum
I on the following lands, situate in tbe
District ol South East Kootftuy,
British Columbia, In Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles east of 28 mile post
on C.P.R. survey ln Block 4593 and
IrinR the S. W. corner p-rst of Koo-
tenav Coal Co., Ltd., claim, Ihence
norttl 80 chains; tbence east 80
ehains; thence south 80 chains:
thence west 80 chains; to a point of
commencement, making 610 acfr*i,
more nr less.
Located this 1Mb rfav of May,
Roy Alien, Agent for
Knnti-nay Coal  Co.,   Limited, Locator. IMt THE URANBH00K. HJCBALD
Which kind of a culvert
does your waggon cross ?
OES the road you use pass over rickety,
dangerous wooden culverts, that arc constantly in need of repairs and often washed'
away entirely ?  Or is it carried safely across the low
places by modern, everlasting culverts?  Build your
which not  only cannot be  washed  away, but
actually grow stronger with age and use.
Every farmer owes it to himself to insist that the
money he pays for road-taxes be spent to the best advantage. As a ratepayer, he is entitled tu the best mails (hat
can be inaile with thai money. When culverts are waihcd
out, and thc road rendered Impassable, lie not only suffers
Inconvenience but may also he canted financial loss by
inability to |*et necessary supplies in lime for i|>l*ttlg planting. And at beit, with wooden culvcrti. pari of the money
that should be used to make better roadl must be spent
every year for repair'.
Insist upon Concrete Culverts
It will pay you and everybody elie In your county.
Canada Cement Company Limited
80S Herald Building, Muntre.l
Kl* i
n.l tim
*"     .W ul MJf
buk, " What
Furmer Can
Willi L'untrflu.
t I' you wint In know
pi) NCR Kll*.
culverts arc
neat, safe, need no
repairs, a n il a r e
"I lell you that no sophistry on
the part ol your self interested eastern capitalist can delude ihe solid
common sense uf the western farmer," said Mr. Kohcrl Arnold, ol
Itegina, at. the Windsor hotel, Mon-j
trenl, ihc other morning, Mr. Arnold.
is a prominent member uf the Itegina I
fttock exchange, nnd b> yean oi ex-j
perfencu   throughout the west is well
(Special to the Herald).
iKlko, 13, ('., July 3'I.-A daily
and w Id storage commissioner while
individual copies may he received
from the Publications Branch <>f the
Department of Agriculture, at Ottawa. This bulletin is issued by
authority   tl ihc    lion. Martin l.ur-
scrvicc. for Klko has now been put lu',,,]^ minister ol agriculture.
■mm—^9M9M9MW*9m***WM9wm,        \\\\\\\\\
i|u,iiiin il    iu gauge the p1 ii.u- i>[iiiiiuu    ^w—
. ., - I'.liio   has recently
oi ihc pralrlc provinces, J        ^■■^■^^■a
spread attention on the part ol cap.-
"The outcome of the recent piovln-
operation by the (Ireat Northern
competition with a siinjjar service oi
the L'.I'.H. in effect for some time
I pnst. Tius move ol the Groat Nor-
I tin-in is regarded as a timely recognition nf thu increasing tmport-.iucc
<•[ [he district as a produoliun uud
distributing center for a wide extent
ni territory. Situated as it is
within eighteen miles ul Fernie, and
only 155 miles west ol Lethbridge,
besides being in the heart ut a rich
growing and mining region,
attracted    wide-
rial election in Saskatchewan is pregnant with significance," continued
Mi. Arnold. "It is nut only a clear '
cut ratification ol Sir Willrid Laur-
ier's reciprocity proposals, but it is
a iinal warning lu eastern Canada .
and llritish Columbia, When our
people .sent that big delegation ol
farmers to interview the Laurier ad
ministration in regard to turifl
changes which we considered imperative to the proper growth ami pros*
pfftny of nut provinces the administration was WiSO ..ml lar-seeiug
enough to commence negotiations at
once with lhc I nited States, aad to
formulate a reciprocity proposal
which would havo proved ol enormous hem-tit lu ihe middle west.
Itut the vested interests of eastern
Canada resolved tliat no stone should
hr lefl unturned to diic.it Sic Wi-.
irhl. Every device ot chicanery Aad'
Dog-waving was employed, with the
result that reciprocity was beaten
and Wo were squclchod.
If a dealer sells you poultry, that
aro diseased, wben you specify healthy fowl, and iu consequence your
other poultry become ill and cause
you loss, you have a guod claim for
damages against the dealer. This is
the effect   of an interesting Judgment
Uil is is und investors, who have been
cbielly impressed   with present rapid 'givwi ,,y His Honor .Judge tlrant
increase in    values throughout
special satisfaction with tbe move ul' judgment lor   $l38.ti0  on   a counter
llie railway    utlicials.   Fruil farming'
*■*■*-' j Vancouver iu which his honor awaid-
Elko Iruit growers express',^ Mr.   It.   W.  Origor, ol Rossland,
'claim against   Mr.    Herbert William-j and brimstone lor th
The. Herald has received from thc
International Ilible Students association, a copy ol a resolution, passed
at tbeir annual convention held in
Toronto, .lime 30th to July tith, as
Finally a resolution iu tbe tnllow-
in form was presented through Mr.
Raymond, thc chairman, and unanimously adopted:
Uesnlve-d: That it is,tbo sense ot
the International Ilible Students delegates here assembled that we do net
find tbc Ilible to leach the doctrine nl
la literal "Hell Fire" or place of
punishment   of
teit'mid-Je ages reveals the fact tbat tor
with various reasons,   either wisely or un-
market gardening    have    bcenjson, of Cordova street, Vancouver, allho wicked;,but thai secular   history
dealer.      Mr.   Williamson's of the [urination nf the creeds uf tbe
{UU,  tbe    price of
was dismissed
^B | wisely, tbe doctrine ul   torment    iu
dislrict is,served by three lilies otl {,- defending himself frnm the ac- ".Hell Fire" was added to the gospel,
railwaj is provlng»a strong .drawing tj(l||l) ,\|r. Qrlgor had set up. that the us taught by Jesus and tlie twelve
raid,   while it is also pointed      out|pultots, when tbey reached him, were Apostles,    necessitating many ridieu-
diphlbetatie roup.  lie lous interpretations   of   tbe   Lord's]
bad uu   examination instructed    tbe paraWcs.      We,   therefore, now unre-
gieatly stimuluiwl iu recent weeks by poultry
ibe arrival ol a large number ul Iruit[claim fi
growers frum West Kootenay and tne dozen puHots,
I nited Stales.     Thc fact that       the (.i|Sts.
Ihat th.*    Elko mut growing dtatrlct'suRoring tt
is tu closer proximity to tbe l«st Al-'
Souvenir China
There is nothing nicer to send your friend in thc East
than a nice piece of China.
We are showing a  large quantity of fancy ware on
which are pictures of local scenes.
Let us make you up a new dinner set of Limoges or
fine English China.
There are still some nice pieces of Cut Glass lefl from
which to make your selection, all for the asking and actual
Poor foods are
expensive at
any price
Ours are all Guaranteed—no chances
to lake
Itev.    W.   Stephens,    Presbyterian
minister, nl   Wardncr ilorscil    the
Irt-i ta markets than any ul lhe other
producing districl ul liritisli Columbia.
i    It is a recognized (acl tlml
"llm Hiai    was not tho end ol tl.Trice   received    lor    butter.is very
I tell you thai we in llie west will lured; inlliieneed by it's uualily and
never lei Hi,' issue nf reciprocity ithis is in great measure determined
droll. It w.is tlie paramount issue by (lie care given Uie cream Irom
in tlie recent provincial campaign winch it is made, This matter is
und it is gaining ground every day. recognised, by the department oi nej-
'llir result nl mir provincial clecclioii "culture at Ottawa as lieing ol vital
is u warning to eastern Canada, If Importruico to the creamery padroni
ynu pciMst iu tollowing a policy ot "ml buttcrmakera ut Canada; cun-
lalind and sellish seeiiniialisiu, thertliy scqucntl)- Ihere has heen prepared by
liiinniiii; nur tremendous resuurces to ""-' (llil'' "' ""' llair> division under
a stunted growth and ultimate stag- the direction nl the "dairy coniinis-
nation, ynu will endanger Canadian sinner, a Iplletin ou "Tliefare ol
[cnViu fur lliittermuking." It com-
tucliecs with the health and {ceding
uf the cows ami follows the subject
Uirough the various stages ol milk-
ing, separating, slnring mid dclivcr-
llie IJle ereiiln, each scetim heilig
the electorate ol tl,'il'1 '*'1"1 tltm l'ltJ standlMjint ot
.1 Canada very l,1>' """' "" ""' '"'' rather than nl
(he official iu an office, The ix-sulls ol
i'\|H'iiuitjits cuiidnctcd nn lariiis mill
in creameries uie given.lu show Ilk'
advantages    ul   separating    a   rich
Inalienable, bul we   shall "mm' V'0*''^   **""li"« "»<1 *u"iK*
subservient ,,. vested in-','*' "* wU as "' mM<* ",''*"*""t do*
liveries. The bulletin says-. "Keeping tbe cream fur tunger than two
days at the (arms has, no doubt,
much to do With the uld cream Havor
so common in gathered cream butter, aud we can scarcely expect to
have tills delrct remedied su long as
"Tin* Iinal note \\;is sniitd.<d in the
recent campaign. It will gain
ground until Utcre is good Indication
"f a ofaongo in Moral torlO policy.
Out people (nl very sirongly in thi:
mutter, and uni
IU- Moiiniiiiiu
s*»*t    Opetll    Us eyes  tu the  serious-
BCU ol ilu* iHuatlon UlW« may well
in* a dlnoluUon ol wh»l wai nccoiii"
■ilislwil m 1867,       Our alleiriat.ee   to
llni.Mii is
nut ri'iuaii        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lerests,'* concluded Mr. Arnold.
The mortal romains nt And
lleitdersnti wen- laid lo rest nn Sun-J cream    is gathered   less Hum
day allernonli lasl. in the presence ol   limes each week."
a Inrge gulheiing ut mourners. Hevs. j   The bulletin, which Is Nu. 32,
TAI1I.ISI1KI)   IN ll.C. HV Mc-
Having established    tlie supremacy,
nl Canad.au cheese in the markets ol]years.
express company lo lake them away served!} repudiate as thoroughly un-
again, bul the company bod no place scriptural the teaching ot a place,
in which lu keep lliem, they refused stole or condition ul a "Literal Lake
in take thorn, and Mr. Qrlgor, who ol Kire anil Brimstone,tor the tor-
runs an egg ranch, had lo put lliem ment ol thc wicked," and further, wc
in his    own hen coops.    In    conse- believe Irom many personal test ilium-.
■fuenco, the    hens  in   the    adjoining i«ls that the   vast majority ol mlrd^™?'**'.  oli«ll,"tot °'   "* *mtM
coops took   llie disease.     Some died, tcrs ol all   protest.int denominations
and    others     were made su ill they have privately    repudiated the "Melt
ciitihl nut   lay  that season,' und   Mr. Kire" theory, but have lor supposed-
Clrlgor had also lo buy medicines and ly n»*d reasons hesitated fully tu in-,
spend many hours    in nursing      the form tbeir congregations, ami lurther
diseased birds back lu health.   In his we believe on this account, thousands
process   whieli    preserves    milk awl
cream in tbeir Iresh   state lor       an
almost indefinite period.
' tlw world, Mr.   A. F. MacUin-n,    ot
' brand, purposes doing tbe same with
j Canadian milk and cream. With
I nmniA-r ol otlier capitalists, including
'Senator Ilufus Tope, ut Cooksbire,
Quebec, lie lias acquired tbc exclusive
,. i Canadian rights for a   Krt-uch patent
ol raising milch cows. 1 have always
believed that  the COW is one ol      the
mainsprings of Canada's prosperity.
The farmers out west don't realize
bow profitable the dairying industry
is. They seem to give sole attention
lo the- production ul grain, but this
can not go on forever. 1 think that
conditions in Hritish Columbia, es-
ggj peeially ou the lower mainland and
Vancouver island will be much more
"Hy* our process the globules of
the milk and cream arc broken down
withuut rubbing them ol their nutritive properties. It sterilizes Imth articles and preserves them fresh lor
We are already working up a
The Home Bakery
Roiiiubt Fkamc, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
l'HONE 8.
Norbury Ave.       Opp. (.'ity lliill
1    FOR SALE    ffl
jmlji.iii< iii his honor said: | and |ierhaps lens ol thousands arc l,e-
"From tlie letters   plaintiff   should ing driven into   scepticism or infidcl-
eertoiily have understood    that    the ity.
defendant was iu liie Imsincss if ben Tlierefore, it is lurther resolved,
nr egg-raising, and rttjuired A good that we appeal to every minister in
class ol birds. There was clearly no Canada, tu publish in his local news-
selection ol the birds mode by the paper, over his own signature, a
defendant belore shipment. That the statement declaring whether or not
birds sent were not ol the required bo believes the Ilible to teach thc
standard there can lie no doubt doctrine tl a literal lake ot fire and
Many ol them were undersized and brimstone as a place or state ur
iilhers were nl mongrel breed. Thcro eundition lor Ihe eternal punishment
can lie no doubt cither as to the had uf tbe wicked, mid that every editor
slate uf Health nf the birds, as most uf a'newspaper in Canada be request-
*f thein were rmipy, thc disease he- ed to Invite (be ministers ol his coning iu such an advanced stage as to stipat-ncy lo avail themselves of his
bale made it easily not iceuhlc when columns lur (heir statements. Wc
they   were   shipped     had   reasonable Ulievc
Mr. Macl.aren, who is now in Vancouver, eipccts to have at least sixty plants in ipcratinn throughout thc
prairie provinces and liritisli Columbia within the next twelve mouths.
He statid lo a press representative
that tbe    discovery has long      since
'passed tlie experimental stage.
| "Tho output Is now on sale in six
hundred Toronto stores. We accomplished in three months what it took
mc six years to achieve lu the city in
regard to cheese," said Mr. MacLaren.
thai in this one aet they can! ,,"ri"l! h" 8",y "" ""'imsl "'' *"'
care been taken tu ascertain their Just now servo their leaders Mtct '"ok over thc Held with n view tn is-
slale ol health, I than in any nthcr om way, awl lie It "ll,1'*il*i"K  l'1''"'*'      "*' is "avorablyj
"(Hi lhe laels in Ihis case the plain- lurther resolved; tbat tbo secretary taW*"*\ »'"' ,,K! possibilities til1
tin's action herein should he dis-' ol. Ihis cowvcnlli.n be Instructed snd *** fn,n l»ver valley uml tlu: i
inlssal with costs ami the defendant' authorized to mail „ printed copy ol.™"""' """",'1 vkl"ti« ,,,r S,'',1,1V-
should have judgment In •his counter, (his resolution to every minister and '"* ,-n' ,nmi,n] material. Ownership
claim    lor   J 138.(10 nnd   costs,   and'editor in Canada. |ls vralcd in llie Laurcntla M»k com-
pany.    II sells the patent rights    In
big demand in (urcign markets hut ot
course the    main output will In' dis-j [")
posed of at .home."
Mr. Macl.aren exhibited samples of
milk and cream treated by the
new process which do not contain
chemicals ut any description. The
treatment is a purely mechanical one.
Mr. MacLaren explained that thesr
products dn nut curdle and will have
a great, bearing on the reduction * ol
infantile mortality. In a measure
the same will apply to adults. The
lluids are put up in ordinary glass
bottles wilh an air tight seal.
Lot 9, Block 94
Terms: Oni'-tliiril I'usli
Balance 1-2 lint 11 %.
•i;j|2 Market St.,
H St. Louis, Mo., I'.S A.
jg rut* ...
AOKNTS WANTED. — 11 you can
hustle apply ia   writing   to     Sales g
Agency and    Adjustment  Co.,    llox j I
31(1, Cranbrook.
WANTED.—Stenographer lor com
mcrclal house. Apply with references at Herald oltiec. J-ll
WANTBD.-A nurse maid ta help in
light huiisework; cook kept. Apply In
Mrs. V. Hyde Maker. tt il
WANTED.—Good goneral ser.anl|
small lamlly; duties tn commence
August lst, Kirs. Apply Mrs. I'd
ward I'atersoii. 38 If
Lake View
I HUl'HII.l'ill
St. Mary's Lake, B. C.
(iiii'Hls I'linvi'yi'il from
Murvsvilli' to tlio lndi'1
Iiy inolnr ear nr team.
ji . Excellent Fishing Resorl
(illSlllilie   llllll    KllW
llonls for Hire
there will be judgment   accordingly.'
In    accordance   wllh    the mpicst >■»**> Pr»vln"'- n*t9i",n« ■ *•"
TO hent.—Warehouse, or storeroom space at reasonable vales Fur
nitiire, planus, trunks, buggies,
sleighs, etc., stured lu goi*l dry
warehouse Apply al Herald olliee
I'lione 18. 27-tl
Kllll SALI'.—Wulerlioiise engine,
mounted on wheels, -u h.p., in inch
stroke, center oranbj, fin It. ten inch
belt. Also carriage, saw.and other
pails lor sawmill. Apply to 0. A.
Maimers, Cranbrook. 30-lt
Foil   SAI.E.-dIO acres on K.C.K.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ with improvements anil waler rights,
tion. I   ,-wo aim    to estahlien these pla.ita | B,,lng cheap as a whole, or iu smuller
_*._______-,___,_, retry tales  angling sketches htalory I   «<>»•**•  K. Thomson,.Presbyteltn •» *** **«**» »' raw milk suppl*, nil,lota.     Address, .I. (I., Herald oftic"
ducted Ua' fi.iier.il set"lccs,   The pall, concludes wilh a summary ol Import-', amM ,.ssays alld translations.    He ehurcli,    also   etHlorse.1    the   views °»*r Pl*«'1»'    Tl" '"« Pl»nt»      in
Alberta are    doing a profitable biisi-
contained in the latter part ol the »<" *«**' « ls l"s,',',"lr>' '" nr-
lorogolng, the Herald siibmltte,! the ««'«• '» "»ch l,r"vl""* » ',ar'*"* r"r-
resolution to several „t the local pas-jl""''^" *** '""1' tl lH '" m**rtri
llanchnry, Seolla., ,„,y -^^ — - *« -   •*■,* ^U^Zc^
lew   Lang,   eritie, poet and antbrup   lows: I    ...        .   . ,      ,   , . ,
ologist, died lure today,    lie     was'   Hev.   W.   E.    Dunham,   Methodist '>"1Mi"R «*' *° v"rin"s "-ct-'rlra   wi
born at S,'lkirk March 31, 1811. Jlls'church,   heartily endorswl the resoliH.^P-r1'81'8 ""* lni,i"1 »P<•ra,1«»!,
•Jll 111!   p]
„[' writings extend-over the period Irom
Thomson and    Dunham Jointly    con- lhe   dairy anil   cold   storage sericB,
1*172, und include    ballads and lyrics,,
, r
I pin puse   slaiiibl   I*' seal to, the dairy religion.
(nr a lung   time
Daily News.
' I   ln 1888 he was (IIITnrd li
H"1* SI. Andrew's University n
Rev.     (I.
bearers were Messrs.    W. II. MeFar-'afll null's lur patruns, creamery own-| was a frcoucnl cnnlrihulor to perioil-' therein exprcsstd.
lane, A. A.    MacKinnon, W. F. Alt- ers .md biiUcrmnkcrs. Sulllcicnt cop-'ical literature,    nnd   was assielated
ridge, P. Willis, I. 11. Manning and a ies have lieen issued in supply   each ,nr » '"'«   ''"'''     with Uto   l.ondoo
Mr.   Marks, ol Ryan,       K. M. Mac- creamery w-ilh a copy lor each    pat-
Idierson   had    charge of Ibe arrange- j ion.     Rbr|UC8ts Inr supplies lor
,   Hev.    >..     c.    KetMlall,    Baptist nl'ss niul    m rflal1  have eleven addl-
.ehureli,   was not prepared tn endorse ilan* oms '" u"'   *tnw "'rritory be-
',i,„ . .„i..,i.»   k,., i„.i„.«. j .*. . l    tore l"*1 'all.     In this we have   an
ur,..   «,  'he resolution, but intimated that he   .     ,, .  ,        ,        .. .     .
llr,r   at ' educative   work to pcrtorm—that   ol
natural would have  something In say on thc perwiadlng Ihe farmers to lake      up
| riibject later oa. , lulled larming al least to the. extent
Cranhrook, B.C.
FOR SALE.-Ilaby carriage »7.00,
Apply Dos o, Herald office.       21-tf
wheeled English cart and single harness; In first clans condition. Apply
Herald, ollcc, Hoi A. _ IMP
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A muiturn etiuippeil Cnlent moilcrtilo
Itntes |1,00 nml up per iluy
Corner olllovntil Si. nml Fronl Ave.
Our lum menls nil trninc
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JAB0B 00ETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary


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