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Cranbrook Herald Jan 8, 1920

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Array ir...
I lit
■**'''■■«/ ; ,.
A  PAPER  FOR   Till:   IK! MIC
1'Ht   INTtlttSlN   III    CRAN.
VOL CM I.   21
ic In enjoining the nation to demo*
cratlze their country as an example
to overthrow Bolshevism. Questions
of health must be regarded aa tbe
most precious asset to the nation.; a
sound education was another source
of eliminating wars forever.
N T M It ER    i\
to k inn km: it completed
l'rof(raiii of Muslr AIno IMItflits
(Jood-si/cd Audience—Local Tulcnl Shows Skill
The work of building the new rood
from Erlckson to Kitchener has been i
competed. The work wp-h u mile and | REPORTS
a quarter in length and diverts tht
main trans-pro vine lal highway, reducing UlO grade of tliis portion of It
from 24 per cent, to novotl and 0 quarter per cent.
Tho work was done under the direction '.r District Engineer, William
Romany mid the contract waa hole by
Qeorgo Hunt.
before a great wlille und tiiat tlie ••-•
.Id-taking will be Provincial wide.
The local association lias not decided as yet to affiliate wltll any other
similar body, although overtures have
been made by the Nelson Association
through President Mulliolland, who
wus here this week.
No doubt great good will C"ine from
the association and that In time
activity hereabouts in mining will l>e
groatly stimulated.
It Is ihe desire ol the association
' to in time have a Provincial orgnnlz*
ation tt. staiiii back <*;' tbo [ir*iw:i^
I In the tliKipi Uiey nay sul-.ocj.te.
Big Mine* Deal
Is Consummated
ADjnrKNi;i> session heed
The entertainment and lecture glv- <
en In the Auditorium theatre Friday;
evening delighted an unusually large!
audience, which was well-repaid by
the threefold nature of the program
—the music, children and thc lecturer.
All were of an excellent quality nnd
delighted the audience, thc musicians.
and tho children particularly, com-:
ing in for a large measure of the ap-'
After thc laborious efforts of the
lyceum committee it was gratifying- to
see such a good response upon the
'part of the citizens to support the j
undertaking of supplying n suitable',.
recreation grounds for our children,
rather than have them running the
Mr. J. P. Fink and his committee ■
arc to be congratulated for their so-:
licitatlon upon behalf of thc young [
folk and also for the high class performance as was given on this occasion.
An orchestra, consisting of Mrs. R. >
W. Edmonson, Vincent Fink, who fc
studying at the H. 0. University, 1st
violin; J. Thompson, 2nd violin; Miss
Wanda Plnlt, violincello; \V. A. Burton, cornet and D. Kay, trombone, rendered some exquisite selections while
the audience were taking their seats
and made a combination that it Is
confidently hoped will be heard here
again. Their services were entirely
voluntary aud were more than acceptable. •
About sixty children of the upper
divisions of the Central schools then
rendered the following:
Chorus—"The Huntsman's chorus"
and "Way Down Upon tlie Suwanoe
Club swinging exercises by twelve
Flas drill, 12 boy., nnd 12 girls.
Song—"Three Merry Travellers"
and "See Our Oars."
Both the- vocal and physical Dumbers showed great care had been exercised In training those who participated aud the drill.* were particularly
smart, some very clever work  being
performed in the ling drill,
Tho result must have given Rreat
satisfaction to their teachers, It s.
Shield.; and   Miss  A.  Woodland,  who
All Mining Districts
Showing lip Good;
Financial  Hi-port Sul>mlt.4-.l—i Tell-. Them They Owe II lo Hid Will  (VOiicrat*  With Public
New ct of OfficeH Elected fnr Yeur MSII
The eleventh annual meeting of thet
j Womon's Institute was held Tuesday
Hotli Ore uud (.'«o»ntr*tM Keep i.'|i! afternoon In tho Parish Hall, about
(loml MioiUne awl MJUataln      ! 40 being pronent.   Mrs. D. Campbell,
Tlieir Hl«li Avemit*' 'tlie retiring .president, in hor opening
  | remarks,  reviewed the  year's  work
generally anil lioprd that the members would give her successor their
wholehearted   support    There   had
Total value ot production fn
jeurs 1900— If) 10:
*1. .I'l'"
5.428. Jill
1919 (If. months...
Dec. estimated)
Value of production..
an. 1st, 1919
to December 31st. 1919
(Dec. Citllu-
been a certain amount of apathy on
tho part of some members due to the
reaction after so much strain effected
by the war. Now mat the boys were
home many things must be taken up
lo forwr.rd educa-lon, better health
conditions and tlto returned solider.
Thanking all the offlccrs and members
for tholr courtesy for the past year,
Airs, ampbell concluded, wishing them
all a Happy Now Vear.
The presidents report was accept*
til on motion, coupled with a vote of
thanks for her year of ofllce.
Mrs. J. W. Burton submitted the
secretary's report which was in part
Jan.'";,, Nov.: Ores treated, S9:V-ja8 follmvs: •)ur*'-8 the tenth year of
551; gold *«P0.245i Silver, M.465,* jlllc institute there hnd been 12 month*
282; Co.-.per. 1872,080; lead. $1,73'.'.-; '>' "•-•Mings und 14 directors' meet-
047;  nine,  12.349.606. ! in-t8.    .Membership ..•„„ 133 compared
Dee. estimated: Ores treated, I w"h 130 to 1918. Programs had been
26.696; gold, *78.204; silver. $13'.!.- j arranged early i„ tho year and .print*'
207; c:pper. $79,280; lead. JI57.650 1 ed, but this schem was considered In-
2inc. K13.600. advisable to contiuuo for more than
Totals for   year:    Ores    treated.: three meltings ahead,   uch important
gold,    $938,449;    silver,  questions as  mothers' poMCons  had
coppei, WU60; lend.! been discussed and resolutions passed
City lo Stand for Election
■nd Avoid a Contest
Tho 1919 council Is no more as far
as any more business sessions are
concerned, unless someth'ng uufor-
seen crops itp 10 make a meeting necessary, tlie last sefcslo'i being held
last evening in the ceunell chamber
ta the City Hall.
Mayor Cameron and Aldermen Mackinnon, Kakln, Flowers. Shankland
and Macpherson wore present, tlie
only absentee being Alderman Hat*
mont, who was unable to be present.
All tho heads of the various departments were also present, ready to give
aa account of their stewardship In
the usual annual reports.
Tbe first business transacted was
the passing of accounts uud cleaning
the slate for the Incoming administration.
Tho city engineer made his report,
as did the chief of th« llro department,
the data submitted by lhe officials be*
Ing quite lenglhly and covering many
phases of thc work coming under their sources of th
llodles to Bring Ahout
Hitter (nndIIInns
Onl) Minor Details >e«--»»rj to Vat' Discussion*   Prow   of   Interest
Into  force  Agreement for ,   _,.        ,,_       '
lo Those Engaged in
Pun-has* nf Will Halm.
__ Important Work
The deal for the mining claims of:
1-rospeotors of the district, at a well. the Evans Brothers, of this city, men*;    stoi-J-brwdvrs and ranchers of tlie
attended meeting held In the City Hall  Hon of which was mr.de In the Herald. | district met In an important adjourn-
yesterday afternoon organized a pros-  aid some time ago as being on  the | eii session in the city hall hcri   la«i
tapis, lias at last been consummate*! j Saturday afternoon, tho meeting prov-
Thc c'ciil, which Involves high-grade hng   interesting  :.nd   profltablo   from
copper  properties  in  the  Ht.  Marys J many poluts of view,
district,  was  made  with capitalists.    The   gathering   w.i,.   nt«do   up   "f
from Calgary and eastern points, we the  Eas,   Kootenay  Stock  Breeders'
are informed  and the consideration, j Association anil tiie Crnnbrook Fartn-
of  whicli Is not made public. Is said, how- J era" Institute.
ever to  be  In   the   neighborhood  or    About   forty   were   prose:.;,  among
»200,O00. j thos,,  !rom outsit  points  being  tin
Evans Brothers, who pfn:i«: their following: Messrs. p. Woods, Cher-
faith Ul the claims Just deposed of' r) Creek: Frederick Archer, Canal
and d'-l excellent work in developing | Klais; A. U Smth. 11. Keer. Marys-
thc properties havo at last reaped a
rich reward Tor their efforts.
When seen by a Herald representative yesterday. Mr. Charles Brans.
pectors association.
Tho following officers were elected:
Honorary President—-Lieut-Col. c.
II, Pollen.
President—Charles Brans, Marysvllle.
Vice-President—H.   s.   Gamble,
Secrcary-Trousuror J. V. Much*
croft, Cranbrook.
Executive Committee—W. II. Hassle,
city engineer; ll. .McOiunls, John
l.eask, Wm. Evans and President J. (!.
Spreull. of the Crnnlirook Board of
Charles  Evans occupied  the chair
and  opened  the melting   by  stating I wll0 „,,, here attending the arganl-at
Ion meeting of prospectors, of which
wns elected the president, .-aid the
the objeets of tho organization.   -Mr.
Evans  niantod co-operation  with all i jI(,
public bodies and was anxious to see
publicity   given   the    wonderful    re-
vllle: N. McLure, WyclllTe. D. Wallace. Baynes I-ak:>; j. s, Parker,
t-kookuu-.-huk: II. B,rr. Wl -a; Father
I-embot. Indian Mission. It. I. llul-
bralth. Fort Steele: O Holme. Wardner.
zinc. »2.563,206.
Tlie report of th* city engineer
dealt nt some length with the recent
water shortage antl he suggested Improvements und submitted drawings
to make plain his recommendations.
Aldermen Eakln showed he had given the question considerable study
and outlined the proposed work and
told also of Its Importance If an adequate supply of water was to be as-
a district.
and erer long It. was hoped that legls-1 »»red for future use.
The oro receipt, from the various - |atlou   maM   provWc   ,m   d^utu(0|    I, was the concents .of aU those
bme"r2N,r7919°°w^ JTiXSTn38"*     ,,Ub"C i:"Crcsl "ad '«*-'i"^<•wn, thM'st™ sllou,d >» h"te» ,0
1 awakenod in district hih-ms and itI ?^ko theauggeated repairs to the res*
MlBOj      IjOCfllity Ored Couc-j^aa couldontly hoped that two sucltf orvolr which the en»lneor estimated
Tons Toils. Durses would bp engaged in this dls-| would cost approximately $500.
lt was decided to orpranizt. an association with the purpose In view of
educating the prospetors in their work
and to protect tlieir lntere.4t.-s
,ind promote a thorough understand'
ing between themselves and the investing public through tho co-operation of boards of trade and other public bodies.
Theor was a t;ood representation of
Die fraternity ut thc meeting and
a few messages of regret from pro-.*
deal had gone through and ouly miner
details remained to be completed, at
which time $20,000 In cash would tx-.
paid and a further payment of JTi.OOO
in the early Spring, the remainder to
: be puid later on.
Mr. Brans is enthusiastic over the
I outlook   for  mining  in   this  district.
'and predicts great activity hpnceforx'.'.
P. Woods
ation- of t
presided over th-1 dellbor-
le Stockbreeders and the
folio win j officers were elected for the
year  1920
President— P. Woods
Vice-President—F. Archer.
St-cretary-Tre.i--.icr—A. Jl. Smith.
Directors—N McLure, B Kerr. D.
Wallace, J S. Parker. H Barr. W.
B, Bardgett and Pother Lambot
K E. lieattle. the retl,hg president
of the Farmers' Institute, assumed
ile c'.'.atr. A. IV  Smith  reading  the
iVlanio  Alamo     202
Arlington, Slocan   609
B.C., Kholt     120
Belt. Ileaverdell       291
Men Hun ltopublic      15-t
Black near. Rossland . *, .1890
Black Princei Sloran ....    '.,2
BlUOhell, Itiondell 1249
liHic (irovise, Cowichan ..  263
Bbnflttia, Evans, Wn     42
Honnnzu Oopper Co.. Cllnw     «
BUster,  Ileaverdell           S
Cnlifornia. Nrelson 	
Canada Copper. Greenwood
Castor Fraction, Beaverdell
("apilla. New Denver ....
Cavannttgh, Trout Lake .
C'Hire Star, Rossland.. 7:
on so ll dated Mines, Cllnos
trict. Hed Cross work had gradually The city engineer's report also
diminished as the need became lea?, i coverr d in detail the improvements to
but ninay important things In recon- i Rtreets, sidewalks and .sewers made lu
strnction were clamoring for atten-1 the i.ast year, showing that there had
tion. More particularly the question Df,en considerable activity alonK the=e
of welcoming new  .(ettlers  ni-.d  war  "neK-
: bride*. The fire cliief's roiwrt also was a
j    Briefly Bttotohlng the year's work in   voluminous   ono   and   covered every
February,  mothers'  penelon  and the | Phase of that department's operations
have si>areil no natn« in liriiRlnc them   Oork Province, Zwlcky
ISIS  conference were dtsctlflsed.
.Marcli   a   tlemonstr.-.tion   on  narma-
(Continueii on I'a-*o 6)
qbolterboy, Danville. Wu. its
Dun PcIto. Creenwooil ... 18
Duncan, lleiivenlell  31
Doiinhu,..  Nicola    S
Kaltle,   Newport     Ill
l-n-stinoni. GntorprUe ... 102
Echo,  Silverton     482
Kiiionilcl, Ralmo   17?
l-inimi, Coltorn  2027T)
Qnlorprlae, Silverton  10
ICnrelui. TiiRhiilii    *,i
i perfection
As the chairman, Mr. J. P, pink remarket! the intjifls or tho High school
who arc undertaking n similar teat
for Ihe March concert, will have to
go all the wny lo eclipse the exhibition
of thc  IVuir.il  schools.
Vincent Pink, a nntlve son. accompanied by Miss Wbnda Kink, his sister, in the piano, rendered two violin
solos (a) l.leliesfreiiil by Krolslor nml
ii selection from the opera, "Poor Hut-
lerfly." in magnificent style. His Interpretation of the butterfly woe *u-
All who henril tiio Cranbrook young
mun predict for him n blight Future*
as a mnster of the violin.
Mr. II. White, ctinlnnnu of the
Bchool board ncm presented the winners of the High school with their
medals to (l) Roy nahlschund: (2)
John Noble; 211) Irina Ward. All the
recipients were warmly applauded ns
they proceeded to the platform nnd
accented their well-deserved mnrk. of
After a short introduction by t'hnlr*
man Pink. Thomas Skcyhlll then appeared,  who after  playfully tensing I I I Queen. Ilrlsco
hies audience regarding "slanguage,"' I.a Ho), ltoHslund .
No. 1, Sandon 	
No. 1. l.'edar Creek . . .
Napanee. neaverdel) ..
', otiday.   Sandon,   . ..
'.'■r.ii.   Sandon   	
i Ottawa.  Slocan  City
Ormio Voung. Uoliien
Paradise,  Athalmer   .
• Petty, Three Porks . ..
Princeton, Princeton  .
Providence, (Ireenwoorl
; Porta lllco. Vmir	
; Queen Hess. Kamloops
Queen lless. Alamo     286
Quilp. Ilepubllc    2988
j Rambler Cariboo, llambler 542  60C
. 18911-
4S1   I
Kiinorc. silverton 	
Florence. Princess Creek.
Freddy I.ee. Sandon .....
tiiiieiui Farm, Silverton.
lliillnchi'i. AinsWorlh  ....       "
Qalcondn. Koremcos      20
llriinl'e. Togltum           4
dilution M s) M Co, Moyli
Dram, Alnswni'ii       i
Ceniry. CottonVjod. Id, . '4
Highland, Cednr Creek,. «2
Horn Silver. Siuiillkamecn 601,
Idaho, Alamo, Ainmo ....    28
Inland, Paulson        9
Iron Mask, Knmloaps ....     r,l
Jersey, Sllllilo        42
Josle, Itoislund  lf,219
Jo Jo, Three Forks      10
Knslo Concentrator. Kaslo —
Ilannik.   lllecnltewnet. .. .    27
Ijinrler, Laurier, Wn    10.1
.. 234
.. .14
.. 31
. . [10C
. . 106
.. 13
settled down to a hundred minute ad-1 **e Rose, Alice Arm     in
dre»», giving u  graphic description ! M'-rtlilng Peak. Edgewood    10
of the landing of the Australians at: L|Ule phl1' Alnsworth ...    20
Oalllpoll In April, 191B, many times | \-™'_ Ptl*?..SuIpri!",,IltP'(! '?"
launching Into poetic fervor, but more-
often thrilling one's blood with thc
realism of the description of this historical adventure.
Coming to reconstruction, this Australian lecturero declared that while
strikes are legitimate, violence can
never be excused. He urged lnHiorors
to use tho IooIb of optimism, Idealism,
rourago and brotherhood In rebuilding
the selfsame toll that enabled the Af.  ,\h""'",1" ™"' R™"> '' 4n
lies to overcome the Hun. I Mo-,"r"' Al"mn      "
tt was the duty of Britishers to
stand by thc League of Nations solidly, the speaker declared.
He stlil he could not be too empbat-
Loon Lake, Loon Lake.. 137
Lucky Jim. Knslo  296
Maestro.  Ahisworth        60
Mnndy, Le Pas, Mon 8401
Mary neynoids. Nicola ...  142
.Me'eor.  Slocan      92
Mljilo Mac, llurlon      32
Molly Olbson. Kitto's l/d'g 747 20i:
Molly Hughes. New Denver     41
Miiiinrok,   Field       190
Montana, Meyer's Pnllo ..    2d
Hei'o. Sandon   	
1 , Ilepubllc, Slocan City .
r, I llelnlluck   Hetnliuck   .
313  221    Rovonga Ileaverdell  ..
* , llllth. Sainton   	
20        ' Kuth, Ainsworth 	
t It.isslnnd Properties . .
j Sally.   Ilenverdnll    . ..
I Si.  Kugene,  Mo>1e  . . .
' I        i St. Patrick, Amenta .
62  380 ] San Poll, Itnpuhlic  ...
, siting Bull. Athalmer
Sllverlte, Alnnm 	
' Sliver Boll, Zwlcky     97
660 ! Silversmith, Sandon       45 107s
; Silver standard. New H'ton — 12i
; Skyline, Ainsworth      131
|3o\orolgn, Snndnn       34
77 I Spokane Trinket, Ainsworth 438
stnr, Atliaimnr      34
: Standard, Silverton  609 215f.
Standard Fraction. Il'dell..  27
Stoniwluili-r.  Oreenwooil..    29
' Strobeck. Chewelah     70
Sullivan (zlnel.Klmb'leyl 17845
1 Sullivan (lead).KInih'ley 10669
: RUfprlse, Itosehcry    1108
25", | Silver Hear. Zwlcky      m;
1 Tariff, Ainsworth     48
Ten Day Man, Adamant ..    16
I Trojan, Athalmer  43
J Union, Lynch Creek      81
j Fulled, Ainsworth       29
I Velvet. Velvet. Wn     »r,
Venus. Onrcrons       30      S
during 1919,
Both reports were received and filed, the suggested improvements by
tho engineer being laid over with a
recommendation that the Incoming administration take up the matter.
Manager Gilroy, ot the Telephone
company was pre/cut and was given
tho privilege of addressing the council, Mr. Gilroy outlining the proposal
ot thc company made to the Public
Utilities Commission lately to be given the privilege 10 increase Its rates
la tho city.
Manager Gilroy  said he was not
j present to provoke an argument but
; rather to answer any questions rela-
■ tlve to the proposed Increases.     He
j outlined briefly the increases and said
I they wero Justified by the Increased
costs of labor and supplles;some sup*
piles at present used by the company
had advanced five hundred per cent.
The mayor and several of the aldermen asked Mr. Gilroy regarding
tho salaries paid at present to the
employes and this rt-uu was cheerfully
given, showing a very substantial Increase during the past tew months.
The rates proposed. Mr. Ollroy said,
were the same as t"se ln force at
After considerable discussion u motion was made by Ahlermu Macpher-
son, seconded by Alderman Eakln,
Ihat a protest be filed with the Public
Utilities Commission against the pro*
posed change In rates and that the
commission thoroughly Investigate
the question before taking any action.
Mayor Cameron stated to the council that lit would be a candidate for
tho ofllce of mayor again; there had
tContlnued on Page Six)
McPhee, A. I... 8llverton.
Neewopn, Entenprino ..
Nlcklehy, Ainsworth ...
Nn/ih Star, Klmberley...
North Star, flrmwooi
i Victory Sml'hors    IB
Van Hol. Silverton   127
1 Waterloo, Edgewood  .... 10
j Waterloo. No, 2, Edgewood 3
I White Benr, Kosslnnd   ... 148
Whitewater, Itetallack ... 328
Walcerteld. Silverton   8
j ZliiFtnn. Snlmo    26
303519 10072
ANNUAL BALL—Oreat War Veterans'. February 13.
CELEBRATION—Watch for the announcement of the 24th ot May Second Annual Celebration.
Aballa 123456 7890)..  78901..  7890..
I.O.D.E.—Meeting In the Council
Chamber on Friday. January Sth.
The I.O.D.E. will meet In the Council Chamber In the City Hall on Friday, January 9th, at 3 o'clock.
Methodist church. Meeting at the
home ot Mrs. A. Ashworth. Armstrong
Avenue, Tuemlay, tan. litis, tt 3 p.m.
Public- notice is hereb) Kites tbat tbe followlig Is
t copy of a Resolution passed at a meeting oi tbe Cornell
held on December the 211th, mill:
That. Whereas, the consent of the owners of
more than one-half in value of the land known
and described as illocks 304 10 319 inclusive, Plan
1231, has been obtained thai thc said lands bo
included within (he boundaries of lhe Corporation of the City of Cranbrook; And, Whereas, il is
necessary that the proposed inclusion of the said
lands within lhe .Municipal Limits shall receive
the assent of the Klectors of the Corporation of
the City of Cranbrook; He il Therefore Kesolved,
that the vote of the suid Klectors be taken on tbe
15th day of January, 11)20, al lhe City Hall, Norbury Avenue, Cranbrook, H.C.. between the hours
of 10 A. M„ (local time) and 8 P. M„ Uocal time)
by ballot on Ihe question, aye or no, and in conformity with thc provisions of the "Municipal
Act" in respect of By-laws for contracting debts,
and that T. M. Roberts be appointed Returning
Officer for taking the votes of Ihe said Klectors.
lu pursuance to tile above notice I hereby give notice
lo the Klectors aforesaid thai a Poll will lie opened at the
Municipal OAlees, Norbury Avenue, Cranhrook, 11. ('„ on
the 15th day nf January, 1920, between the hours above
Of which all persons are required lo govern themselves accordingly.
Returning Officer.
Crnnbrook, H. C
December 30, 1910.
The Police Commissioners held,
their final meeting for tht year last; secretary'.- report, the financial rejion
pcclors unable to be present, bo*, who : evening at-er the council adjourned, 1 bt'.ng held over, as nn adores was
were heartily In accord with the, the principal business being the pre*I to follow, which was considered of
movement were received. sentatlon by Chlet of Police Adams j va-t importance to ihe meeting.
It ls anticipated that the mcmber-J of his report covering the operations-    Tiie directorate was elected, from
ship Wfll roach at least on hundred  of his docartment for the year 1919.    : whom the officers for the term will be
voted for at the directors' meeting to
be held In about two weeks' tim«.
Chief For**-t Rar-pl r. Norman Moore,
! then i*ddr*=.**d the gatnering. fleallnc
j at some leagt-i with tht Rangers' Act
; and how li will l>e administered by
] the government. When Mr Moore
j coneludcd hi? addre.s. a number of
[questions were a.-ked by those in at-
| tandflace tLd Uu nieetiug • acie to an
Tbe   -".-sion   ir   considered   one  of
a benen, ial nature to the associations
', So the eiplanation of the itangers/ Act
by ihe chief forester make., finite plain
! Just what will be re'iufred from those
operating und'-r the act
Pernie Annexes
Fleishman Cup
KnUi.i-u.ik ( urlfr» from Sitter CM)
Mump GO04 In 'I Mr H-m-t
Tht-j'd B*»t Our I nrlfr-
a l/uncn of real I Ire* wire curlon
i from Fertile arrived here Saturday and
', [wceeded at ODCfi to make good in
! iheir tr-oast of laU1 that they would
•"talf** bock tti^1- them the t>*.ron."
They did -o before tbe curling nwi.o
\ tor the Flelsbfflan cup «a-, over, the
Istftter City visitor- winning by n nar-
■ row margin and now Mn* Ifl po-
j •-s.-.ion ot the coveted cup.
The visiting r.nl:- wore made op ot
| ih« following enthu.la.-tlc lovori of
Ideation of all iports: W Bal drey,
j a. <; Henderson, K. .'avenwich. A.
M'orrk*. II. Brown. M A Knvtnfr and
) Sherwood Hechner.
J Cranbrook will Issue *. return chal-
I leng*. and Will go right bark at the
j visitors.
Tin: pen>CE," fini: soivkmh
"Across Canada With the Prince,"
si souvenir prepared by tho publicity
department of the Canadian Pacific
Hallway Company, is. on«* of the mont
elaborately printed and nicely arranged publications In connection witli
the visit of the Prince of Wales to
Canada, that has bo*r>n published.
fV-pie;i of the publication, which has
many interest tag half-tone photographs of the young iicfr to tho British thrnno at almost o\<*ry place Ik*
visited, will no doubt be preserved
for years to como.
The Herald Is Indebted to Mr. H. W,
Foi, of Uie publclty department for a
copy ot the inmh*r. [' A 0 E   I IV ll
'I'll i.   C It A N ll i: iiii u    ll i; it AM)
Thursday, Jmniary N, 10211
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Will be a
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CIk Cranbrook Herald
"Willi    ll    UiMlOHl    WltllOlll    il    llll/./l,-"
I'rinleil  Id   I lllon   l.nliiir
Suli»i'rl|illon l'llee *-..IHI a Year
Subicrliitlon rrlee. U.S., *-V.n a Vear
Advoltlnlni)    Itntoa   un   Application.
Chantres for  ActvcrtluinB  -Ml'Sl   bo  in
iIiIk offleo Weiliiea-iny I n tlie currant
weak id Hocuro attention.
No li-lli-i-H ti, tin- editor will bo Inserted except iivi-i tin- proper Hionuturc
nnd addroaa of Un- writer. Tli, rulo
adtnltn <-. xcoptlon
la genera] revision at the next]
Sir Tltonias White resigned:
j soon after the close of tbe session. Sir Henry Drayton, who
succeeded him, found Ihe need
of inotiey so urgent that he had
to devote himself largely to ihe
work of placing the new Victory Loan. Another session of
Parliament is but a few weeks
away. The promised inquiry
by committee of the Cabinet
: has not taken place. Now the
announcement is made thai1
: there will be no such inquiry at
present, that tariff revision is
not to be expected at the com-]
, Ing session, and that the only
thing contemplated is the collection of information from
people interested, who are invited to send their views iu
writing lo Ihe Minister of Finance.
Under all circumstances delay of general tariff revision
seems now lo be unavoidable,
lltil Ihere will be large sections
of tlie people and many representatives iu Parliament who
will lind iu the situation additional cause for the discontent which is being manifested
In relation to public affairs In
so many quarters.
How much would you lose—if your bonds, deeds,
jewelry and other valuables were destroyed by
accident, fire or stolen ?
To keep such assets in unprotected pluccs is lo risk
total loss. Rent a Safety Deposit Box und obtain
assured safety. m
r tr i: \ ty v i: a it s a G o
I.Mrncts from ttie Crnnbrooi.
Herald ol tills date, 1899
Cranbrook Branch,
11. It. -Howard, Manager.
Suti.Af.nt-y .1 Kiiiiiiril.-,.
Gcorgt Hogarth, tiie corpulent mayor of Ellto, wus, in town Friday.
v. li. Hill expectn to build a rcsl-
, denco near tlie Mthodist church In a
I short time.
[    Tuesday niirlit there wan an 8-inch
lull nt  snow,  nml  onoce again   the
sleighing Is excqllont.
The Cranbrnolt Lumlirc company is
receiving u largo consignment of Ioks
over ihe North stnr branch,
Tin: hum ii nr nniniin
ii IMtlth
al Victoria and everywhere one .ssiinv.'i.i> iiiuhus nt.uu:
goes the cry lor a change  is      '■''» ,|l;"  <<  ' ;l|i   '■" lilN'-
most pronounced,
"Honest" .lohn Oliver and his
government will have to do a ti
lot to stem the tide of criticism '■
leveled at them if they continue ~
in power.     They have hnd ev- /
cry opportunity to make good, in
but it appears the dissension In jo! I
the ranks of the party at the
capital cannot be checked and ,'"" „ ".
- the CXOCl ll;
on to oblivion Ihey are headed. .„,
id lu the
Even party men admit it will
be impossible for Ihe government to weather the storm of
criticism leveled at it on every
Tho i imlsslnni
membors Hint Tral
for entortalnlug mi
li would appear U
an unusually liilon
litllll.  in  u  I ll-i'll-
umbln v. in bo
froni his- "Uio
iiii- noxl moot*
lloni'di „r Trndi
olumblp, will l»-
Tin I during tho
j! liiul noil, i- of
.- !, inouneod In*
:■!-.: Mills   III!   ihe
.ii.-i :i reputation
lavish scale mid
melting will be
ling one.
Qeorgo I.ea.sk has two lions,
build for nbluson & Mnckonzlo und I
tl-,,, other for .1. V. Armstrong. They
will be luiill for rem.
Vou want to ask John Hutchinson
to sin-; his new version of ihe national untliein which clnrts out with "Mast
Knoleiiay is All Right"
William Doblo expects lo leave for
; his old home in Toronto Saturday or
j Sunday.   Ur. King will lenvo at lho
t sume time for New York to nttenit n
spoctnl course of lectures.
1-'. .1. Sniythe, of Hie Moyie Leader,
i arrived  in  town  yesterday.   He  had
i a hoavy-appearlng satchel, and as he
sinned fur the hank at once It Is presumed he Intended to make bis monthly deposit.
"It is a serious matter to lie
married," saitl a wise old latlyl
to her pretty granddaughter.
"Yes,Granny," replied Uie miss,
"but is it mil more serious not
lo be'.'" lt would be a serious
matter for the Govornment to
undertake a general revision of
the customs tariff in tin' very
few weeks thut remain before
Ihe meeting of the session of
Parliament, says the Journal of
Commerce. The task is much
loo large and important io be
dealt wiili in a hurried wuy.
Hut it may be tt more serious
matter for the Government not
to undertake it. The Government, unfortunately lor them,
came tinder bond in have such
a revision and ihere will be a
disposition in influential quarters to demand ihe fulfilment of
the bond.
At the lasl regular session of
parliament a large section of
Governmeni supporters, particularly those representing tlie
Western constituencies, pressed
for tariff reductions. The Government compromised by making a few reductions anil promising a general revision at the
next session, lo be preceded by
an inquiry lo lie conducted—-as
iu the time of ihe Liberal Gov-
Mlnlsters visiting all sections of
the Dominion. This policy was
announced in pretty definite
terms by the then Minister of
Finance, Sir Thomas While.
Evidently it was declared very
emphatically by tho Minister in
his intercourse with his supporters. Some of Ilie Western
men who accepted the compromise were called sharply lo account when they returned to
their constituents. In defence
they said that they had only
assented lo the Government's
policy upon a definite promise
of Inquiry during Ilie recess and
In an editorial in last week's
issue, the .editor of the Kaslo
Kooieuain, published in the
home town of the speaker of
tiie Provincial Legislature, the
Hon. John Keen, after realirm-
ing independence as regards
political matters, says of the
Government at Victoria:
"The people are taxed to the
limit. The civil service list of
the Province and Dominion
could be reduced four-fifths
Without overworking those remaining. We have a Compensation board drawing salaries
five limes too large. We have
:i public utilities commissioner
drawing$7,000 a year.when $1,-
r>0il would be a good wage for
cither the man or the position.
In every department in Victoria or outside points it is the
same. The provincial list is so
large and (lie occupants have so
little lo do that they take up
oilier lines of industry to fill in
tlieir spare time. One, two or
three provincial constables are
often located in incorporated
cities and towns wliere they
have no jurisdiction. Then
there are the members of the
Legislature, receiving $1,500
annually for six weeks' work,
a fairly good weekly wage for
even Ihe more Intellectual of
them. The people pay taxes
to keep ihis reckless expenditure up."
Editor McGeer lias overlook-
ied many other shoricoinings of
ithe Liberal Government. Thc
government has taxed, as he
! rightly says, the people to death
ami still has accomplished not
ia single thing of consequence.
Even the poor fellow and h's
family who find in the picture
show innocentamusenient must
pony up lo the tune of an assessment every time Ihey attend in what is termed a "war
tax," when not a single dollar of
the money ever went Inwards
the conduct of the war.
Extravagance is rampant at
Gins! Try tt! Hair g«ta toft, fluffy and
beautiful—Get a small bottle
of Dander.ne.
If you euro (or heavy liair that glls-
tew. wiih beauty ..ml   it radiant with
life j linn un incomparable softness uud
id fluffy and luurou3, try DauderiiH'.
Juat    cue   application    doublet,   tlie
: beauty ol your luiir, ln-sides it Ixmno-
i diutrly    diwolvi-B    every    particle    of
: (Unitruff•   You can not (iave nice lieuvv,
healthy hair if you have dandruff.   Thla
destructive scurf rob* the hair of iU
i lustre,  its strength  and   its   very   life,
j and if not overcome it produces « fever*
I Isluieua and  itelilng of llu* scalp; the
' hair root* famUli, loosen and die: thon
; tlte hair falls out fait.    Hurcly get a
j wim':   bottle of  Knowlton'a  Daude.itie
i frmn any drug store and just try i;.
Freezone-" Then
Right Off
iCftone coMa ao
store; apply a few
n or cullii*. Instant-
i.icii shortly yon lift
n or callus rijjlit otl
'inly!    Nu humbug!
A New Start
!    it is not necessary to go into the
whole  history of anti-Bolshevist efforts  to* reach  the conclusion   that
something is wrong uud .thnt a new
I start Is necessary.   And it should now
j be possible lo suggest different moth-1
i ods   without   arousing   suspicion   of
j sympathy  for   Uoliihovlsm.   Bolshev-1
Um  In  Itur-sfa  is thc tyranny  uf a'.
■ minority over the masses of tiie Itus- J
I slan people. It succeeds benense there ;
Is  no  formidable  oppocHlou   within j
Russia itself.   Tlicc is no real opposition because of tho distressing con- j
dition of the Russian people nnd tlir j
fa-ct tiiat all tbe means of effective
opposition are In  tho hands of thel
BolshOViki.   The   latter   are   euablen |
to keep control of these thing-;  be
causo of the active stntc of v.ar.-
Brooklyn Eagle.
thai I requir
Klectors ut lb?
Corporation of
Norinir) Avcnu'
1.0(1 p.m., (local
of January, lit;
electing person
tho municipal '
Aldermen, and ;
ting persons to
lice Cotmni -si u
loners, nnd So*1
The  mode of
dates shall be
Tlu CandWnl
1 Olllce of the
of Cranbrook,
ook, B. ('.. at
i (ho 12th day
ie i urposo of
esout i hi
■m lu
r and
Have You Tried
Mrs. Dodson's
The New Year
Sale Ends
So don't delay. There are
plenty of Excellent Bargains yet to see.
of old
ni L'nmll-
fill I
id In
Tlir Slut.' as Inltrriul Bookmaker
s»liall be nominated
In writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality as proposal and seconder, and:
shall be delivered to the returning officer at any llmo between tin date of
im Votio nml 3.00 ]>. m. (local tlmo),
if  the  'i      uf. the nomination;   tho,
laid writing may be In the form mini-
bi red -'■ In i ■■ schedule of tlu Municipal Gleeiii ih  vet, nnd Bhall ^tuto the
ipmp.   r-'-iiii'iicc,   and   occupation   or
le.serlptiini of each person proposed.;
'i such inunnor as sufficiently to iileu-
:lfy such candidate; and in the event
■*■' :i  poll being ii-v-PHi-mry, such  poll
led on the 15th day of Jan-
at !'n Municipal Building,
Avenue, Cranbrook, B.C.,
- hours of l'.i.OO u.m. i locnl j
S.O p.m.  (local lime), ofj
.* person is hereby roqulr-
notico and govern himself j
I accordingly.
The tjunllflcntlon by law required to
ht i-u-ttiMMed by the candidates for the
office or ofilcoj} mentioned abovo are
an follows:
FOK MAYOR, tho person qualified
The Spectator is, of course, right to bo nominated for aud elf clad as the
when l( says that there has been an Mayor of any (Ht> shall be any person
eurormous growth lu gambling since who is a British subject of the full
a. war, and tho coro.l.ry to tho no* "ii^'^^/^. td 'lit.
tion It tnk.s uji is that this fever nle a|x months next proCBdlng tlie
sliduld bo controlled and directed day of nomination being lhe registered
Irotli liy the State aud tor the national owner, In Hie Land IlcKlstry nnic-e.
gain. The ,„„•,-„„„„„. must a„r«r - ^^^TtUu ffij gg
not only on ihe racecourse but on the nictpnl Asscssiifonl Roll, or One tlious-
football, tor betting on football Is now and ($1,000.00) dollars or more over
more widespread than that on horse-' "ll[| »boV1' "">' roglsteretl Jutlgment
racing. Nor can the Stoch Exchange j "SfSl^^^tf^K!" "'"'
he neglected. Every city article to* | f'Olt AI.I1KI1JIEX, tho porBon quall-
Jay bears tesiiniony lo the fact that fled to bo nominated lor and olected
millions of shares are bciug bought "" ■■"' Al'lemoil of any City shall be
not as investmen,., but for their s„ec ! ^^i J !,t \\rl\VL"^S.
ulatlve'poflalbilUles. That In a source\mi\ „„, cllaqualined under any law,
of Income that th.. state must tap once nnd has for r-ix months next pro*
|lt*euters the field.   The State, when ceding the day of nomination bolng
It takes a hand in a business of Ihlll n«i-?jSnm™1 TV'"'. '" .,"'", n"'"'
I iteglstry Ofnce, ol l.tind or Ileal Prop*
kind, cannot attorn to allow private erty in tiio Cltv of the assessed value
competitors in the market, if it Is1 a (on tbe lasl Municipal Assessmonl
good thing for the nation to harness Ro"' '"' fi'ivo hundred ($i.(io.(ui) dollars or moro over ami above any registered Judgmonl nr f'hargo, ami who
|W otherwise duly qimllllod as a Municipal Voter
101,11 i: I llMHISStOM I!, nnd 1,1-
■a:.\st: ro>nnssioNj:its. tho por-
■ sons  qunllflod  to  he  nominated   for
Tho papt rs sny butter will ho i
h'ghcr In prlco and hard to Rot.
It's cosily enough now. (
Mrs. Iiodsou cuts tiie price almost:
in halt by mixing store butter
with 1'neiflc Milk. 1
Ue printed her recipe but if yon.
did not see it please let us know:
1*. O. llox 882, Vancouver, and we!
will see that you get thc recipe,    i
li.; really worth trying.
tnclor> at I.Hdtier. It, ('.
_   -■ - _* ■■ i
fruits are from nritlah Columbia's best orchards and gardens
canned here the day ihey are1
Even the cans are made iu our
own Province. Ask your urocor
Raspberries. You'll like the sun-'
ripened, fresh, sweet pungency of
this good fruit, with none of the
bit terries and sourness usually
I'mind in canned raspberries.
I'ut I'p In
HrllMi Columbia by
£j;-ji\::::.:^..:."" .. ..v, ii: ...^;:i:.. . ...
. ;.":::" :; "^(V,:? V. t'-jUU UJW1 t*V
<tlrrl)otiiGt CI)nrd)
; ||       ...III I-. M.—lllvllll' IVursliip.
i I
I'rcnclicr! Ili:v. II. «'.
You nre Invited
liiiiiiliiion (uliners II. ('., Ltd.,
Vancouver) li. I'.
rit(»Ki:ssi(l\AI, CARDS
Rev Hugh McKay Lyon, Minister
11 a, m.    Divine Service
12 noon    Sabbath School
7.30 p. m'. Evening Service
'■ tiie speculative fover for revenue pur-
i poses, the State must go tht whole
way, and see to It thni a largo percentage of the profits art* not pa-sin;
to private pockets.--Wostwlnetor On
! zette.
and olected
i mtsslonem
lan   British
of twenty-oi
d   fi
i for the
I  Dlstrlcl
Kilday and Nuturday at the Hex
Police or Mconso Com
ill be such persons as
bjocts, nt the full age
yenr. and who nro not
der any law, and who
are othorwiBQ duly (ptnlillod ns Municipal Voters.
HCIIOOt, Till STC1S. i
qunttflod to be nomlnnti
elected as school Trusti
Cranhroolt Municipal Sctn
shall bo any person being a Brttlsli
subjecl of tho lull age or twenty-one
years actually residing within the District, and ha Vint; boon for the six
months next preceding the date of
nomination the rogistered ownor, In I
the Land RoglStry Ofllce, nf Land or
Heal Property in the City School
DUtrlct of tlu assessed value, on the
last Municipal Aaunrmont Boll, of|
Five hundred f$500.00) dollars or
more over and above any reglslerotj
Judgment or Chargo, and being other*
wise qualified to vote at nn Election
I of School Trustees In the said School
; District, shall bo Ollglblo to be elected
or to Borvo ns a  School TrilBtoo in
jtuch Clly School District.
Olven under my hand al Cranbrook,!
iHC.. this 22nd dnv of December l!U().!
U-'i&-3t ' Heturnlug Officer. >
link flreen \ MutKIunou
PlljHlclttni and Surgeons
Odin  at  residence, Armstrong
Foronootis ....
Afternoons ....
..   It.OO to 111.00
.. 2.00 tn 4.00
.. 7,a0 to K.3II
.30 to 4 :io
KAMtlMllIK,  11  V
Qftmtny^m mtfym *ym i^ftw i At"* ^\h^--Ytmi,Y,m
New Clothes for Old
in Mnnwn iiii'i-k
-  i
nwil'l: IKIL'llS
ll lo  12. a.m.
1    lo      li    |).UI.
CHAMIIt.X.1.. B.C.
Send us your t-iiriiient* In lie I leuiicil, Dyed nr
I'resst'd und nave lhe priee ni new.
Cranbrook gleaners $ Dyers,
I'. W.  WII.1.IH, MMHer.
Koroniosl (leiiiieis nnd Dyers of Kverylliiuic
I'hone I.i"
CltAMlItOOK,  II. C.
m*t\s mtllin *»*/**<•
llox 72
rlimir ll.Mi
Niii'linry An-, next lo til; llnll
SI'l'Klll.V'l'K.MiAM t:
lli'iimilelllng nml ltp|mlr» u
J.    V.    IIII (HICK OFT
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Cannda Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
1'urehaserN of ..old, Silver, Copper aud Lead Orel
I'rodneers of Hold, Silver, Copper, Bluestone, Fig Lead and
Zinc "TAI.AJ.AC" Brand. Thursday, January 8, 1930
I' A G E    I' II It E E
 a I
Snow Is what is most desired by
mining men In many sections of the
province at thc present time. Where
minetj are rawhldlng their ore out to
transportation lines they have been
greatly handicapped of late in not
having sufficient snow to carry on
tho work In this way. M
At tho Molly Gibson mine, for In-' Avers Work of Development of
plated shipment to the smelter waa
to mark the beginning of real actlvty
at this mine.
Hosslund mining men and business
men promoted and developed i he mine
to the point that it will become a shipper  soon.
stance, near Paulson, about fifteen
tons of ore was got out to the railroad, but ttie snow ftolug suddenly,
unknown in that section for this time
of the year, put a atop to the work
MhilnB Retarded by Government
In view of the dissatisfaction expressed by mining men generally over
tho apparent Indifference of the Provincial government to the Importance
Only Tablets with
ore Genu.in
"Bayer Cross"
The Molly Gibson ts one of tlto I of fosolrlng mining in lie province.
most promising proportion In B. C. | "l° following from ont of the best
at tho presmnt time, and tho cont«m-; k>">w» ml'l*"K »wn In the province Is
 _ , , timely:
J.   W.   Mluliolluud.   in   the   Nelson
■ News, says;
"In nit  my travels over the district, I have not linen out; place where
tho government oau fairly be credited
' wllh renl work accomplished,   it is
true  a   tew   very  email   krants  liavo
. been made, pittances, when the needs
are considered, but lluisu Insignificant
. contributions do not alTect my general
contention  tlt'-t  tha government  hurt
i not boon a factor in opening up till
1 mining country in this soctluu of the
' upper country.
j    "The legislature sot aside a fund far
this purpose, and In the ease of road*
If y.„ Ami <« tho »*■.« CrW , <*»*<>"}, b> ** '"B"'IM ™,""n|! m\
nn Ilie tnliloti. you me not getting Rlncor. tho mnil In Bitppauid to rxpeuil
Aspirin—only nn liciil Imitation. , dollar Tor ilollur wltll tllo owner of
The "Mayer Cro!»" la your only »;iy  ,|,0 property to bo bonoDttcd.     NO
A. IS'^fiT^-K't !<">»» *«• -"-«■ H <•■»•'-   ™"™"-
*   - * •   *     and   probably  the Coast derives  the
over nineteen years and proved safe by
millions for Headache, Neuralgia, Colds,
Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuritis, nnd for
Pain generally.   Made in Canada. Mr ..„-  , „
Handy (in boxes of 12 tablets-olso   ?y&'u0° to1
larger sixed "Bayer"  packages can  be
had at drug stores.
Aspirin is the trade mark (registered
in Canada), of Bayer Manufacture of
Moiioiiceticiieidester of Salicylleaeid.
bent lit of .It Tho Premier mine. -In
liie Portland Canal district, recelvtd
road thai is generally
uuders'ood to be not a trunk road, but
a rood for the benefit of that property
"Notwithstanding the district engineers, under tho act, are supposed to
While it is "well.known That" Aspirin | txiimine properties for the purpose of
menns Bayer mann fact ure. to assist the
public ngatofttlimitations, thc Tablets of
Bayer Company, Ltd., will be stamped
with tlu ir general trade mark, tho
"Buyer Cro**-.."
Notice Is hereby given that un application will be made to thc Legislative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia at the next session
on behalf of the Amtjchtioh of Professional Engineers of British. Columbia for a Private Bill to Incorporate
the enld Annotation, the >::li! bill to
ACT for thc purposes ot governing
and regulating the practice of civil.
Mining, Metnlurgtcal, Mechanical and
Chemical Engineering in the Province of British Columbia, and tho qualification, examination and registration
of Intending .practloners, the discipline of Its members and for thc acquiring of real and personal property
and the disposal of tbe same and for
tht general management of the Association.
DATED at the City of Vancouver.
B. C.i this Sth duy of December, A. I)..
Of the firm of Pattullo ft Tobln
Solicitors for the Applicants.
„ . (Section 24).
IN THE MATTER of Ut 14, Block .
Lot I, Block 11, Town of Klmberlej
Map M4, Kootenay District.
Proof having eon filed In my offlc
Of tbe lots of Certificate of Title No
84I7K, to the aove mentioned land'
Ib tke name of Robert 8. Untile, and
bearing date the 26th May, iSOU. I
hereby give notice of my Intention a
Lhe ext (ration of one calender mont)
from tha drat publication hereof tc
Issue to the said Robert S. Unnle i
freak Certificate of Title ln lieu o.
i auch lost Certificate. Any person hav
log any Information with reference to
auch lost Certificate of Title is re
quested to commuulcate with the un-
Dated at the Und Registry Office,
Nelaon, B.C., this third dny or December, 1»1»
District Registrar of Title
Date of first publication, Thursday
llth day of December, 1919.
helping out the prospectors, this intention of the act Is defeated by the
practice of keeping the engineer's reports on properties in the archives
1 as secret documents."
j In a particular case, A. li. Langley,
Mhe resident mining engineer for tin
eastern district of the province, pah:
a vtelt to a property at tlie request ut
Mr. Mulhollaud. The latter made ii
special trip to Victoria for tho special
purpose o< seeing Mr. Langley's re
port and though he laid tlte matte:
before Hon. Wmv Sloan, minister of
mines, he was denied access to the
Owing to the practice of rcfuslni
reports. Mr. Mtilluilland states, tht
district engineers are so handfcuppc.l
that their usefulness to tiie prospector
under tht. present system. Is Inrgelj
Outside Capital Reported lo be
Looking nn Lnrdou With Favor
Writing of conditions In thc Lai
deau Mining Division for 1018, Arthur
Johnsoll, gold commissioner fnr Rev
elstoke, reported much development
work going on. His report, found In
the annual report of the minister of
miner, says:
"Mining'operations In this division
show a further decrease over .that of
last year.   Like all the mining districts of North Kootenay. It felt the
I effects  of  war conditions,   which  of
i necessity curtailed expenditure In the
j exploitation   of   the   less   developed
; mines; there befog practical no capl-
| tal for the development of prospects.
j    "Thc   Multiplex   Mining   Company,
which has been the largest operator
In the Cambronc cump during the past
few years, ceased active work early
In tho year, owing to conditions which
miule  it  Impossible to get sufficient
help for the economic working of the
i properly.    I'p  to  date  tills  company
| has expended upwards of I2&.000 in
Cranbrook Drug and  Book Co.
Applications for penults to jrnic
Uvutock on tha Crown range within
•id. ,*r»ilnj dlitrlct ot the Province
ol British Columbia mutt bt filed wilb
Uw Dlitrlct Forester at Cranbrook,
Pt Qeorie, Kamloops, Nelson, Prince
Rupert, Vancouver aud Vernon or
with the Commissioner o( Oraslnt,
Parliament Buildings, Vlctoris. S. Ci,
on or before February Mth, 1930.
Blank forms upon which to submit
supplications may be obtained trom the
District Foro»ter» at the above named
places or from the Depnrtment of
Lands at Victoria, B.C.
, 0. R. NADBN,
Deputy Sinister of Lands.
Department of L«4s,
VlnUHfc ». C„
Dee. lib, I9U. u-U-tt
You know It I It begins with
a tickling, irritating aeniatloo
In your throat- You cough to
clear the thnl.it. ln a moment
—there it Is again!
A minute's peace, then again
you cough, and so on until yon
cough your throat sore, Hnd by
thc time the cough ls suffid*
ently allayed to permit you to
elecp, you are thoroughly worn
out. This kind of experience
Is particularly trying to old
Peps make this sort of thing
quite unnecessary.
Tut a Teps pastille on your
tongue aud utlow It to slowly
dissolve, floating fumes are
then liberated, which mingle
with tbe breath and aro carried
to tho remotest parts ot the air
passu&os un il lungs, allaying
tho Irrltatlou uud soothing the
luQamcd membranee, thus end-
Ing the cough aud making sleep
possible. *
Peps are alto best for bronchitis.
latytifcltK aslliiiiu, sore throat and
eolilH. Try Peps st *mr expense.
Wenrt this g-Jvi.vilKcmi-.nl and le.
stump itm' returii i»u»iugei, to
I'eiw Co., Toronto, unit receive
dealers, 80c. boi.
actual mfue development, and the
property ls now In n good jtosltlon for
future operations. It Ih understood
that the finances of the companly are
in good shape for this year and a vigorous development policy Ih planned,
It Is understood it (s the company's
intention lo construct a concentrator
this year to handle the output. It Is
likely to he n customs concentrator,
and will be of great benefit to the-
*mall mine-owner who desires to concentrate his ore and thus save transportation and procure tlie maximum
of smelter returns.
"The Uernlere, Nelsnn and Oold-
flncli, all Erec-millinfg properties,
were inspected lasl fall by Mr. Wilde,
a mining engineer representing Los
Angeles capitalists, accompanied by
J. A. Darragh. one of the oldcBt operators in the Camborne camp. Mr.
Wilde will return In the spring to the
camp for a further examination of
these properties, as well as others In
the neighborhood. •
"A deal Is now pending for the
purchase of the Scout and Big Show-
groups, which nro owned by George
Goldsmith nnd associates, nf Cranbrook,
"The Eva and Oyster-Criterion goljj
properties, which are the most highly
developed iu the district, havo remained idle for somo time. The3e properties were inspected last summer by
mining mn from Vancouver, but there
is no evidence of their intentions In
respect of these mines.
"There ar,. u number of excellent
prosnets and all that Is lacking Is the
necessary capital to mnke them good
pai ing properties"'
Building of Concentrator nt
Victor Mine About Completed
Report conies from Fort Stoele that
the building ot the concentrator for
the Victor mine on Maus Crook, or
Mouse Creek, as It is sometimes called, Is about completed, and is now
ready for the reception of the machinery, which Is expected to arrive on
tho ground very soon.
This old property has been under
development for nbout 12 years hy ll.
Abernethy of Spokane, and associates
and its workings consist of two drifts
on the vein, each nbout 400 feet long
nthe vertical distance between them
being l-T> tot t, A compressor and o.
gas engine were added to tho equipment a couple of seasons ago.
Tlie oro is rather complex, tho metallic contents consisting of agenttf-
erous galena and zinc-blonde assocl-'
ateil with Iron pyrlte In a- quartz
gangue. Tho quartz vein, which varies from a narrow width up to five
foot, has considerable bodies of this
characteristic ore at several points.
Former Hosslnnd Miner filves
Bond on Mine In New HniletOn Hist*
Word comes from New Hazloton
to tho effect that. Paddy Hlggins, the
well-known Itossland mining man haa
given S. A. I). Davis a bond on one
of his many properties In that sec-
Ion on Driftwood Creek. There Is'
said to be specially good showings
on tho property. Il is anticipated by'
Mr. Davis that Seattle capital will hn
available to develop the mine.
How Gold of Roaring Creek
Was Discovered by Minor
By an Idle swing ot his hammer Ave
years ago, Robert. Qua, the well-
konwn Nelson rospector, chipped ni
fragment from a big boulder known i
to have traces of silver-lead, and ■
with which he had personally been
acquainted for 15 years, and proved'
that it also contained free gold.
This experience compares with thnt
of Benjamin Lawson, who, a few daya
ul astonishing
from ;t sample of ore from the Tenderfoot mine that had reposed on his
linck verandah for two years. While
Mr. Lawson's returns, however, merely told him his property had some
galena ore running $1,700 per ton, It
did not reveal to hfm a now oro. Mr.
Qna's absent-minded chipping on Uio
other hand, proved that the parent
ledge from which the boulder came
wus mixed ln character. It also Identified the location—the head of Roar-
Jng  Creek and   Five-Mile   Creek—aa
Dyed Her Faded
Skill, Also a Coat
"Diamond Dyes" Make Shabby Apparel
Just Like New—So Eaeyl
Don't worry about perfect result*.
I'se "Diamond Dyes," guaranteed to give
n new, rich, fudele-s color to any fabric,
whether wool, silk, linen, cotton or mixed
goods,—dresses, M-iimph, stockings, skirts,
children's coats, .ImpcricH,—everything!
A Direction Hunk in in package.
To maMt sny material, have dealer
show you "Diamond ity?'' Color Card.
belonging In  tho belt of mixed ore
that extends from Athabasca to Ymlr.
Tho Gold Plato group of five claims
Is one of tlie oldest known to local
prospectors, nnd tho earlier claims of
the group wore staked by Godfrey
Birch,   Mr. lurch po!d out to Mr. Qua,
who bonded the property to G. Taylor.   The bond was not fulfilled and
the  group  cam*   back  to  Mr.   Qua-
Early development consisted of some
ground   sluicing,   which   revealed   a
small ledgo carrying lead and silver.
There was also revealed tills boulder.
I which  w--k found to assay lead aud
silver to the value of $20.     Por 15
years tho boulder  lay on  the dump
I till chance brought to light its golden
I secret.   The  pay-streak  of  gold   re-
| vealed assayed $450 and $434, tho sll-
; ver values being but a  small item.
The ledge from which the bouldor
came has never been found, though
ground sluicing has been done in tlte
last five years In the hope of locating
it.   Another  two/ton  boulder, (Blow-
ever, was brought to light this lust
spring, along with smaller pieces of
the same quartz which the original
bouldor contaned.   (Tonslderable  sil-
i ver-lead float bas been found.
Robert Qua, Charles Robertson and
Mrs. R. G, Joy are the owners of the
Gold  Plate.*—Revelstoke Review,
t-rnali)   Show* Decrease In Ontul;
Looks for Normal Thii Month
Itie Granby Consolidated Mining,
Smelting and Power Company produced 1,770,S63 pounds of copper in November, according io report from the
head office of ttie company fn New
York. This is comparable with 2,16^-
344 pounds in October and 1,684,515
pounds In ept.-mber. all of which were
produced a; Anyox. B. C
Trouble was experienced with tin
coking plant until tiie last week in
November, but the conditions have
heen adjusted and the plant has been
accepted from the contractor, according to a rtport in Spokane. An Increase <tf the oro production to »0.-
000 tons, which approaches the normal, is hoped for in January.
The Granby company haa considered plans for the fnstnllation of a
concentrator at the Phoenix mines,
where the volume of water is sufficient tor oerat ions. This might prompt
a resumption of smelting at Grand
Forks, but there is no assurance that
the concentrates produced would no-
be treated at Anyox A large quantity of low grade ore is sold to rs-
maln fn ihr mines of Phoenix
output of Mineral*. In 11,4.
Hbow- lt-H-rt-a-c Daring Year Past
Estimate--, of thv mineral production
-kf  British Columbia   for  the  present
(Continued .-n Pace Five)
' For  Sick   Headaehe,  Sour   gtomaeh*
Sluggish Liver and Bowels—
Take Cascarets tonight.
FurrM Tongue* Baj Taste, Tadi^--*-
tion. Sallow .Skin and B>UaenUda Jlra.l-
ac!-** com*1 from a torpid liver and
dogged l* -.-. .-■.!.■;, oaiiK .-our stum-
suit ti> Ueoma filled with undigested
(ood, \...,<jji tours and ferments like pir-
bam in a swill barn 1. That's the first
-tt f* t<> un:*.;,: mis*-r,v—Indigestion, fni!
-.M*-*. lad breath, yellow bkin, meLlal
fears, everything that i-. horrible und
.i.uw.i:.i.-.. A Ca---car.'t tw-oi^t will
/!■■•• your constipated bowels a thorough
i'.-'4ns.n>! and ■tniif.'l.teTi vou out bjf
nwiminp. Th-?\ work while you sleep -
a in-cf-fit !.-ox from you: druggist wtH
»t'j- you  feeling goixl for months.
Raising Hogs On a Western Farm.
Can a man farm and maa« money i
on ICO acres or noa-Irrigated land In1
Western Canada? D. G. Baldwin, of
KiiiKaluud. answers "Yea," and he Is
speaking from experience. Before
cofping to Saskatchewan in 190S, aad
Inking up his homestead in the:
Klngsland district, tributary to the
thriving city nf Saskatoon, he bad
pioneered iu four states of tka Union,
his parents moving from Ohio, where
he wus born, to Iowa, when he waa a
email child. Later be komeateaded
In Nebraska, near David City, aid
was a pioneer stiller fn tka State of
Kansas, where be lived sixteen years,
und Oklahoma, where be homestead-
ed In 181)5. Alter about ten years In
Oklahoma, he came to tbe Canadian
West uud ticLan again on a hoiue-
rttentl In l..'.-»-.
Here lie has prospered, tkougb be
has never fanned more than 160 acrea
ut laud, and hu has constantly refused the udvfci, of his neighbors to
increase ihe ci/e ot his farm. He believes he can get more real living
out ot life on a smaller farm. His
pulley Is "always to run bis business,
und not let It mn him." He is find*
In'fj the operation of what la West
ern Canada Ih called a smalt farm
both a pleasure and a profit to htm.
Probably his previous pioneering experience helped him to form tkia op
In Ion.
How he farms a quarter section
and gets more money out of tt than
many a farmer with Xbree or four
times m large an .acreage, ha told a
WMIfcttHU tf  Hf  tiittteia*
Farmer, of Wiaaipeg, recently.
"I never went into grain farming,
but nude aiy money out of cattle,
bogs, horses and potatoes, f follow
tba rotation of barley, wheat and
oats without any summer fallow
whatever. I fall plow for all my
grain crops and plow it again in tbe
spring which, in addition to plenty
of manure hu made tbe summer
fallow absolutely unnecessary for me
to practice. Instead of sowing rye
on a separate piece of land, f Intend
to henceforth sow it with tke oat
crop when tbe oats are two inches
blgb. Tkls, I understand, has been
tried in Manitoba and lis* been successful lu certain parts. All the
grain Is used for stick purpose-, aud
lt Is from that wur<*» that my revenue muni ba made to come."   .   .
"Tke summer feed for my sixteen
bead of cattle Is sixty acres of pasture, aud In tbe fall tbey run ou tbe
stubble and winter rye. which is usually sown ftbout tbe flrsl of August
During tke winter they run out in
tbe day time and are stabled at night.
feeding on straw, hay. sheaf oats.
and usually a few turnips, In 'h<-
sprlng, winter rye offers early pasture, which tkey use until May 1st.
at which time tkey are tak*n off and
the rye allowed to ripen io lie cut for
"My kog proposition I* operated on
n teataare kog tot, surrounded by
woven wire twenty-six inches high,
above which art three barb wires.  I
year, oue litter coving in April, audjbe<si nuecoMful   in obtaining   large
one ia Septetafcer. and find tkat tea
acres of pasture lor five Duroc sows
and their litters in sufficient to maa«
u great reduction in Ue earn of rew-
ingilogB, ln fact, furnishing all tke
[failure tkey want to eat Tbe pasture consists of brome grass, s IltUe
alfalfa, oats and wkeat mixed aad
rape. I nave tried barley, but find
It kills out much easier than oats
and wheat Tbe brome grass la good
in the spring and the early fall. Tke
rape is usually town In April, and
along with the grain pasture furnishes good summer feed. The bog
proposition Is a simple one. Tkey
aft oats and barley chop witii more
'k4ds. He plsMa sii acreb to potatoes every seaaon aad be b»e always
rfld a crop of from 300 to 516 bo*
.ibels to tke acre. For ail of his surplus ks bas found a ready market al
never loss than sixty c-snsa a bushel.
wblts he kas reeefv«d w hlgn as $2.50
u luafcel.
Hi* 110 acres are divided into
-dxty acrea of posture, ton acres of a
li*;.: lot, flva acrsa for bouse, barn
..nd hedges, and etfkly-f-ve acres tn
crops, conaiatlng of thirty-five acres
Of eate. twenty-five acres of barley,
nine acrsa of rye, and six of pota-
.o<». Surrounding bis buildings is
quit* an extenatvo hedge consisting
1*1 ley tban oats towarda fattening'uf twenty rows of troaa. The varle*
time, and tbey run In tkls hag pas-' '
ture, having access to whichever
pasture they prefer, there being no
cross fences. Tb-« bousing is single
and cheap, but has proven better
*.han any elaliorale hog nouns I oould
put up. It consists of sight posts
put In the ground to form a roctangle
eight by eight feol wtth a frame ar->|
ranged over tbe top and straw
threshed over tbe entire frame work.
A pt« run three feet wide extends out
a c-onstdersble distance horn tkls
pen, over which straw la also placed.
This shelter will winter from tklldy
to sixty hogs. A short distance away
1 have a hog feeding house, twelve
ttt* by twelve feat. In which (he hogs
are fad In win*er."
Ha has n good income fross gnhv
tJes arc fox elders, ash. cottonwood,
willow, onrngana and evergreens,
Dluated four feet eacb way. Wtth
ih-i exception of tke evergreens, tbey
firs now from eight to twenty-four
feet ln height, forming a fine protection which the owner would not part
with for s great deal of money.
ft i not difficult to figure thst Mr.
Baldwin ta deriving a very satisfactory Income from his 180 acre fans.
Shice tke day that he arrived In Sso-
katchewan, pracUoaJty penalises, la
HOD. he bas brok-aa tke whole of kin
land, fanoed hU fans, (Mitt s tf DM
bouse and s substantial barn snd ban
acquired a fine kord of cottte, besfden
horses, hags, and p-Mltry, aad In ooo-
iidsrsd among kda sadf^hsgs a* n FACIE     FOUR
T II i:    C li A fi 11 It 0 0 K     II K B A 1.11
TliiirMlt.), January S, I8S0
News From The Camera --The Dominion Atlantic Railway
Not only !■ th. CaaadtB Pacific
Hallway making ri«w la ae-,
cordance with th. nec4aetl.es Of th.
liincH, ind providing sett) BOd.ru
mprovement for th. coavMieaoe
and comfort of th. public, but til
its subsidiary llnM ar. alBilarly
progressive. Th. Domlatga Atlantic
Hallway, which serves a lar|e portion of Nova Scotia tad run.
tiirausli th. beautiful laud ot
.vangellne, now owu aaa oporaU.
The -"lues Hot.) at Dlgby, providing lirst class accommodation for
iho lurge numbers of -ourista who
visit Ui. district. A m alghl service between Halifax aad Taraouth
lias recently been inaugurated. Thla;
nlgbt service leaves Yarmouth oa
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
evenlnaa, and Hallfai on Sunday.,
Tn.-days and Friday., aad marka
nni- of tbe moat important developments since- the through liar of railway rrom Yarmouth to Halifax waa
opined up lor trade In iwi. Thou
truliis carrying on* a combined
freight aud passenger service, but
only carloads of through
chundlse are carried.
When ou a trip of Inspection over
the Dominion Atlantic Hallway at
the end of November last Mr. Grant
Hall, vice-president of th. C.P.R.
expressed the desire to have the
'■• A.It. eutJpped In th. soar future
Mth steel rails much heavier than
those at pre-sent laid. Ho aald that
this work would probably be undertaken when the effects of war conditions uud disappeared. Important
iinimneiiieuls are being carried out
along lho line and arrangements are
prog reusing for the erection of a
new aintion at Digby which will
provide Uie most up-to-date facilities
ror tourists   and   oilier   tiafllc nnd'
I considerably to the beauty cf
i town,   :*, its esUa-vint itut'-tut.
Ing 1MI, 60,000 tourists visited
Nova Scotia, and spent there about
11,000,000. Recently a new station
was opened at Bridgetown, much to
the satisfaction of the public of that
town. It la a handsome building
24 ft. I 61 ft. with 20 ft. overhanging on eaah end and has in front a
tavla walk 810 feet long and 12 feel
Thc building la very conveniently
designed. ]t bas a cement basement. Tbe outside finish Is stucco
ou trua.lt lath, centred with plain
pebbled dash, with smooth lliilslt
above and below. The roof Is
asbestos. 'Flic Inside .,insists of
gents' room, 20 ft. \ 2-1 rt.. ofiiei
14 tt. x H ft, lntllrH* waiting room
12 ft. x 21 ft., uud baggag*. roou.
it ft i ii) it.
The Inside finish Is of Douglas firl Tbe Dominion Atlantic It; haa
and birch, finished in tbo natural also added to Ita system Ibe hotel
wood. The ceilings anil side walls'nl Kontvllle now known aa the
are sand finish tinted In cream. | "Aberdeen." Kenlvllle Is an IB-
There are also up-to-date con-j porlunt and growiut centre, ami th.
venlencos and lbr lieutlna plain fad Ibal It is uow to have modern
consists of a Cumberland hot air hotel accommodation will aad
furnace manufactured and Inalulled tremendously to Us hrnellt.
by Mr. tl. K. Banks, of Bridgetown, The "Aberdeen" is spiindtdly
who also executed the plumbing.,situated, and will lie mad. very at.
The Inside ami outelde decorating tractive, ll will lie renovated and
was In charge nf Mr. Hurry Sancton, refurnished front cellar In roof.
The whole work, including the i Many of the rooms will be equipped
building of a freight shed 30 ft. s wllh private baths. The work hf
48 ft., on the opposite side, of ihe-renovation will begin al on.o, but
track, wus built hy contract by .1 II ; ■•'HI ''« so condinted that guests will
Hicks '* Sons, under tbe personal'' n"1 he disturbed. Tbe Aberdeeti.will
supervision of Mr. 13. A. Hicks n|i c"""""c' *° b« operated the .«"-
Iltni tirm, who lias already built i nround. and cater to Ihe genera"
Bcvrn DonVnlon AtlauUc Railway •""' commercial Intereata at wall
sullona. to the touriat traflc.   '
Read Herald Advertisements and Save Money I'liursiliiy, Januurv 8, 11120
T il E    C It A Ml K 0 0 K    HKHAI. 1)
i' l (i i.
i' i v i:
there la nothing go soothing and
healing as Zam-Buk. This great
herbal balm allays Inflammation,
draws out soreness, and reduces
swelling. Those who have once
ms-J Zapi.Buk for the treatment
o* wl«*er ailments say they won Id
no other remedy, aa experience
proves tbat o*'hing can equal
'/am-Buk for cLapprd hands, cold
•ores, cold crack, and chilblains.
l-i. also Invaluable for all skin
Injuries and diseases. All drug-
glita and .tores, or Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto. Sic. Box, 3 for 11. .J.
Send le. .tamp for postage on
free trial box.
"TltH-lt'S THAU," A SKItlAI.
"Tho Tiger's Trail," Iho new serial
which opciiB m the Rex theatre Monday and Tuesday next, Is heralded us
the greatesi serial -im- ■ "The Million
Dollar Mystery," ha idea having tlie
ttdvnnltiBO of being for moro novel
In it's treatment. Ono Item which
will bo of vusi Interest to patrons
is tin. fuel thai tho author has not
rosortotl to the very much abused
method Indulged In in so many former
seriiiis, of making n tr.artlng and an
■tulinu i
-■.flic  .mm
on your hit
.-ly  lllll
I-i  of  ll
I will
IK   III   wltll   lil.
bonutftil  her
III   tile   villlni
tin-   nick   ol
uilsfaetlnn  oi
r of tl esc mi
puiilshod .nni  T:
inturiilly I."nr
<,\   VIHTI'lll'S YUM"
AITK.llltM'ts   IttMIVVJ'Kli
picture's   n   t.-re
es and old,
: it- .it in all mule
I... I.I
nu   to   young
;, he thoy shy
vamped tin- bom
her ;*. job,
i   alio,  wasn't   content
urnped thu whole mob
Tlie Railway V.M.C.A. Ih unusually
attractive in tho Interior, which has
received a thorough cleansing aud a
ffavo  t.oai of ititlsomlnlng and paint.
iho'd      Those who make the "V" tholr home
lit pluCfQ
and tixom who hnd it a pl-ji
lli'l nfto
die appi aretl I
•liy   noti
1 ii in which plays uti
ihis itmnga and
then thero li the :
tigor with tin' Inmli
ImaiiB mid ii 'is wit
of ih. rnntesl actl
hiisoly* Interesting ;
to spend their pvenln^s, ur*; delighted
with tin- change and Secretary Tow is
hey'ro all *-t  the recipient  ot  many cQm'pllnienti.
because of the new on;or nt tbJntfs,
bona takes
■ Bhimmy,
■howa i)ln
sho rouge
her nose
And what
A Woman's Right
s them
]■ oni ici loam how
erself, sho doeH by
hooks and powders
'lows nf hor diiln-
U work, r.nd o'n In
Change in Train Service »tt&Ld
*" mil activity of the stomach, bowels,
EMJvc  .liiimtiry   1Mb,   11)20,  (here    liv«. skin and kidneys.
will lio .1 irtnoiDl rbiinuo lit tho train
(torvlce.   Time tor trains nt Cranhnnik
will lie
tlieir fool
don't tumble, she falls at
o sinpplcimtH of things that
No. «; Nu. «>
Dally Daily
12.15 p.m. Ar. Cranbrook Lv, 4.1fi p.m.
12.25 p.m. Lv. C'rannrook Ar. 4.05 p.m.
Train S23 will leave   for Kimberley
daily except Sunday :tt 7 k, and train   ]
821 will arrive from Klmberley daily
except Sunday at 2.10 p.m. j
Kooten'oy Central Branch no ebange   (
Ftor  further  pnrtlcuUira  apply to
nny ticket agent.
District Passenger Agt, Calgary, Alta.
Urmt Sal* of Any Motli-
cine in the World.
Sold everywhere
in C«md«.
In boioe, 25c, BOc.
If vou
waul  satisfaction
vour wanhliie
Bend It to
prices for fatnllv
| When in Cranbrook
!    The Place To Eat
is al
Alex Hurry's
Tables   in Connection
| Hurry's White Lunch
HEPATOl.A removes Gnll Stt -
r,,n-,',-ls Appendicitis [11 :'! It till -
without ruin.   Rcgtsti>ri ,1 under
Sole  Miilliil'iHliin-t-
MHS.    0KO.    S.    AI.HAS
llox lli;:l 'Jilti Ith Ave. S,
 Siisknlmiu. sii.k.
GET   'I'll A I"-   mn    HOUSE   j
mi:» it iiKiiiiii: ir i'ai.i.s |
nonxiiii civi  is \ cox- i
TltACT   TO 111 II.li   Mil    A   !
j  !
! Clarke & Sainsbury j
Phone ;:i or 8T6     IM). Boi 808  !
"Pape'i Diapepiui"  neutralize* esctt
live acid in itomach, relieving '
dyspepsia, heartburn and
distress at once.
Titno li! Iii five initiiiir*; nil utom-
iicli dintri'ss, due to (wldiiv, *ill go.
Nn Indlgofitlon, tieartlmruj ^iiirtir-ns nr
Iwlchlng of »a« nr ernr tat tons nf ami.-
ppdtcil food, itn dlzjiln^, bloating, foul
Ijr-'atli or liemluehe,
l'ii|ip'a Dlajiepalu i* iiotoil for itn
Biirt'd in roguli-tlnif ui-ft stoioaclit,
It is llu' eurost. qulcko*! stomach sweet-
.'inr in the whole \v--rl-l, and beiidSs it
i^ hamili'ss. I'm an iini to gtomaeh
(ItJtlrpssnl onee hy getting s Urge ttft> ■
ppnt I'tmc of I'ape'a Oiafepsln from any
drug htorn, Vmi realize1 in five minutes
how nrrtUcsfl it .•< to miller from Indigestion, dyflpet-Hfa i»r nt-v Rtomach din-
order eaiiwd Iiv fermentation due to
expensive n.'i.l- In Btouiacb,
lint wives a
nro risque,
Thoy mm el I men drop In at Uio verge
of a kiss.
Then   n   sofl   headed   youth   is   fro-
iliiunlly prone.
With ii bhml papor Untie to curve his
wish bono.
And does she use art?   She does, you
run bet;
This virtuous vamp lands them all in
hev net.
The moral is this:   When tho vamp
pulls a faint,
Bo nlmlgtby sure that your office- boy
alnL ■■■ •"
I    Tho t'raubrook public schools resumed their regular sessions Monday
^f*   after lhe teachers ami the pupUi had
j un enjoyable holiday.
Many nf the teachers who went to
their home:; at outside points arrh*«d
huek  in  this city Sunday.
f;tv(i:iti\r: MixrntK
Simple glycerine,  bucathorn bark,
tic,  Bfi   mixed  lit   Adler-lka   relieves
Itaber Up Quickly Heist tat ttttrntt.
rtmirattM tHtteMtt tt
Hstemft Wlart WI
In cases ol rheumatism and laa«
back it penetrates quickly, drives oat
soreness, and limbers up stiff, aching
joints and muscles.
Wizard Oil is an absolutely rell- ANV "ABE t',ts on stnmatlt or sour
able, antiseptic application lor cuts, , stomach.   It acle on both upper mid
&t'5 ?.nadd?1t;°ug„'d.fTr.,K. "* "-1""" "«"»-°9««toui »"••
itiB, penetrating qualities. I«    iv-lilcH  polnonotl iilnniacli.    Often
tiet it from druggists for 30 cents.   CU11EU constipation,  prcveuts HpiKn-
If not satisfied return the bottle and   ,„,.,„,    T1„ l01lll„.  ,lkasJn, MUm
get vour money back.   ...
Ever constipated or hare sick I °* Aater-1-kn sttrprlsea both doctors
headache? lust try Wizard Liver I and patients. Ono man who suffer.*d
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, M ! „vo vear9 -.„„, |ml„.osu0„ anii m„at|,
cents.   Guaranteed. —'       ., ,   ,     .  ,     «,.   ,
: pation was linlpi'd by tt.M-. dos«.
   """ llMltlo-Xolili".   Druggists.
Not So Easy to
Import Liquors
If.'»imi.u i.i Hie I'nninchil Aet ul Hit'
SphIhI Sr>sl I' llou-i-' Meld
Sume Tim* Ago Interferes
'*Therc will be no chanBO in the
policy of the Provincial Uoverumoul
In regard to Uio yrolilljIUon question
as ;i result of tlu. federal niuettiient."'
states Attorney-General Farris. "What'
hns b»en dnnu nt Ottawa i.-^ outside
our jurisdiction."
It will not be ([uito so easy to procure liquor from nut>*lde as formerly,
or io easy us was contemplated under
the net proparcd by the prohibition
party, pointed nut lion. Mr. Farris.
In the original aet of 1016 It was declared In Section ST that nothlug in
tlie act was intonded to affect bono
tide transaction? in liquor between
persons In British Coiumlba and .persons outside tho province,, he said.
"La«t session the Provlnelal Government, ant|clpating the removal of
the federal order-In-euuncll and the
renewal of In tor-provincial trading In
liquor, amended tiio uct of 11116 with
the idea of limiting aIhiros of.iutcr-
provlnclal trading an far as possible.
Under Section *'• of the liil'J aineud-
nient, it Is now made nu affense for
persons to act ns canvassers for outside liquor linns, or for publl.-heis to
print and circulate advertisements
and circulars soliciting liquor orders,"
to roNHTii'vmi nn n
Deli, ■bill'- "I mil l.uxalhc" tun'' I'un.i
Tender Little Stomaeb, l.lv-'r
and lbnii'1^.
Look at the tongue, mother! it
coated, your little one's stomach, liver
aud bowels need cleausltig at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't
s.Uv-p, (jttt or act naturally, or Is feverish, Eitomacli Bour.brcath bad; haa y.oto
throat, diarrhoea, fall of cold, give a
teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Pigs," and In a few hours all the foul,
constipated wasie,undigested food and
sour bile gently moves out of Its littl"
bowels without griping, nnd you have
a well, playful child again. Ask your
druggist fo a bottle of "California .
Syrup of Klgs," which contains full
directions for babies, children of all
a<;e.s and for grown-ups.
The Greatest Name
tn Goody-Land
! : I : irMJil!
i   -
Ship, your _rats_
... .:Liz:~W5; j*'
M.iiiiiiini Kostnuriuil
Mi-nl* hi tu lloun
ClfAm, t'lgnrettes nnd Candy
Oppoalte Ilia Hunk nt Commerce
Now   Open   For Business
•Ibe Club dafc
in Baker street Opposite Cosmopolitan hotel
I'X.M.I,►:>"!' SKKVH'i:. VII, WIIITI    III.1.1'
tahi,i:s nni uini:s
When   In  Spokane   Make
II the
Tin- lintel Willi n Person-
Ciiiniiiitiil In  IMijthlni:
ICoutlnued -rem Piss.* Tlirefl
\ en
Modern le Kutes
lli'imlr 11 ink Sollcllcil,    Prices Kcosotinlilo
Aiti'tils for
The Studebaker
I.IIIIIT  101 It
If i'iiii*lilrrlii» IiiijIiib a car cull mi us.   If win linn- n llulil cur nc
nlll lake II un purl iiajnicnl ul n rcasntiulilr price.
I year, prepared by the provincial de-,
1 partment of mints do oot show as M^ '
! an output as in 1918. The figures tor
, tlie year are as follows:
I Gold. 150,050 ounces; silver, 3,201,-
j 2ti7 ounces; copper, i8.54tl.815 pounds;
lead. 17.804,470 pounds, and zinc,'
\ 13,643.700 pound**.. The figures for
11918 were: Gold. 1 SO.6.74 ounces; sll*
I Kaslo oncentrator. Kaslo*.. -- ll j
I ver, J.498,172 ounces; copper, 01,- J
j 483,754 pounds; lead, 43,899,061,
; pound:- and zinc 41.772,916 pounds.
Labor troubles had considerable to
ao   witli   tho   decreased  output   this
j year.
; Spring Kut-b Kxpected to tlie
! Far Northern XIdIiik HmUois
!(   Thc fame of tho Premier mine, own-
fed by R. K. Nelll ot Spokane, W. R.
| Wilson. Trltes & Wood, of FVrnle, B,
C, und a Guggenheim corporation,
I spreading, accordlne to a report from;
| Kctclilcan, Alaska.      It has aroused;
Interest In tho entire field, which la |
near Stewart at the head of tht- Portland (.'anal.
This Interest appears to have grown i
since publicity was given the nult of
M. W. Bacon against Nolll for a half!
Interest In the mine, the value of!
which he estimates at 110,000.000 or'
more. The Kethlcan report, made
by the Associated Frees, follow.-:
"Thousands of people In the United
States, Canada   and   even   Kngland,
liavo sent here for reports regarding
a supposed fabulous gold strike just
! across   the  Canadian   line   south  of
1 here, near Hydor, a town on the Am-
I crlcan side of the International boundary.
| "Indications point to a "rush" to |
Hydor next spring. According to
I word brought here from Hyder, the J
> "rush" will not make many million- j
! aires, for the town Is not a "poor ■
' man's camp" and the field Is not a sec-
| ond Klondike.
"A body of what is reported to be
extremely rich ore has tteen dlscorv- j
! ered In the Premier mine, near Hyder,;
I and other discoveries have been made j
i In the same neighborhood. The dls-:
! coverlcs, however, were not made In '
I the creeks and on the surface, as In
i the Klondike, but were the result of
"": steady but slow development work on
DR.DeVAH'S FEMALE PILLS ■';r,,,,„',^ \ eMrL »i«ked yMr8 mo.
;.".:,"IV,',;-.'.",':,'-'','.',','.'., I;'.'',!'. V.'.'-',",!.'""-;,',.!!!-;'!lou':*-; ■    "Accordion to latest M-portH the Vu-
' "n'lrm*i ''•!,",',!!,''"',I„l"u,. ''" '"""'■'■ '""■'" ' -ton Ciold company, owoed.br the Oug-
DUneDUniini ttta UBUR«tw«VH» Uoi-io"" fmlly which haa Ostircd in
rtlUarminUL rUK men i vimiiij ■ I Alaska   uikI   Yukon   mlnln* Malory
for Nerve nml llmlm liicrfn-M "jtrcy maller'j     , . J . ,-.   .
uTiiiik- will l„iii,l)„iiiii>   j.tii l>„*,nrtwof*ir   aUM the Htampcdc ilaya of   98, bai'
ill. iitilniKM',!,* "I l-y ii>uiliiiirr,-l|,t W BfliT. ' __._-j .--. _, ,,,. *--      --    «-_-„
I Fulm^ini»&,»tCalkailafeQr£iE  tstsltml esmttssl tl tsam MN mttt.
rrliate Miinlif llaur
I.iccuHd by Provincial Uo,t.
Matcrallj ai-l l.earral >ur.l«K
Muiiii and Kelt Cure, Hlilieit
liefer,lire,. ierm« moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
I'liotie it* I'. O Boi 846
Addreu, Oardeu Ave. Crauhrook
4 Ml *
1'lioui* So. 40»
CraBbronk,   .    .    .11. ('.
"Shubert" Wants HoVvVi^ Furs
AU You Can Ship
And Will Pay These Extremely High Price!)
KllOmUtOi    WILARGf      WIHEOIUH 1   HtlSMAU  .      !,'- 2
4.00 lo 3.50
3.00 to 2.75
3.2510 2.75
2.50 lo 2.25
2.50 lo 2.0011.75 lo 130
2.00 lo 1.6011.50 to 1.25
1.75 to 1.25
1.50 lo 1.00
Fine, Dark
Usual Color
lO.OOlo 8.50
ll.OOto 9.00
8.00(0 7.00
8.50lo 7.50
6.50lo 6.00
9.00 lo 7.50
7.00 lo 6.00
5.00 lo 4 50
9.00 lo 5.00
7.00 lo 4.00
5.00 lo 3.00
liiiiili'iiuy l.riinili- .V Miiii-
iinifiiliil I'o., Ltd.
liiMii'iiii Stono Contractora and
Monumoutal Works
I inul St., Nt'l-iui   I'. O. boi Mill
I.O. O.K.
kev nn i.oiiiJi:. so,a
Ifeeta    every
Uouday ulglit
       at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojoiiriiinj    Oddfellows
cordially lu,lted.
Noble  f;randf Hoc.  Sec,
J. lt.Whlieltnn.se   w. M. If-trrls
Tho Slim1 Specialist
.hii: ma it umi di
ttallkfiirtiiiu tlnarauteed
ifcHiliiuurtere for all klude of
Forwarding and Dletrlbutlni
Agent for
l.clhl,rld|e and (IreeaklU Coll
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlatrnutlon Cara a Speolalty.
Iirnyllitr nml  TiiiiniVtrlui?
OItoii prompt attention
Plione 83
t raakre.k, «. (.
Meeti every Tuesday at 8 p m la
the rraterully Hall
C Q. llnri-trt.m, C. C.
C. H. Collins. K. It. i g
Vliltlng brethreu cordially lu-
flted to atleod.
Begolar Mrrtiag
naafk at i pj>. la tbe (It) n,n
These extremely hi-jh prices are based on tbe well-known "SHUBERT" liberal
grading and arc quoted for immediate shipment No. 3, No. 4. and otherwise
interior skins at highest market value. For quotations on other liritiiti Columbia
Furs, write for "tlkr fcbubrrt ftklpptr." ,he only reliable and accurate market
report and price list ot its kind published.  It's FREK—Write lor It.
A shipment to "SHUBERT" will
result In "more money"-"qulcker."
SHIP    ALL     YOUR     FURS     OIRCCT    TO
524 Donald Si. Dept. mr   Winnipeg f.in.idr
Meets  In   tbe
I'arlsli  . Hall
Hint   Tuesday
aftemoou    nf
every   month
st 11 ji n,
I'reri   Mrs, IJ.
■ .amplxll, boi
Sacr. Mr,. J. w. Hanoi, P. O. Box lil.
AU iMVlea emrtttit, IhtMsA
l.adlc-' Silk  Mni*l*. IHiwii*. Kiiiinims, liitici   llandkor*
chiefs, llnii,I I'nltticil (liin.imn-,-. Tables, I'lialm, Baskets,
KVKIlV'riMM.    Sill,II    AT    VIIIV    l.lltVIST    FIIH'KS
til    hlnil.   nf   I'hl    anil   .liipniii.e   Otiotls    Inipurliil    lllrccl.
Inn i,k Airline, ut rrur in' MrlhiulM I liiirrb
THE SAME-ONLY $2 PER YEAR r a <* i:   six
THE    (' It A Mi It 00 K     II K It A I, II
Thursday, January R, 1930
We Have Just Received a New
And Very Complete Stock of
And Batteries of All Sizes
li' you ure in tin* iiul-iii'-liinn ilislrlrt. ilrup u« u lottor nr card aad
anything you mint In mir Hue. nlll lie sent by return.mall or express.   We trlic <|H'cl.il ulli'iilliin tu iinl-iii-iiiiMi orders.
££\ .0 IV. .1. ATCHISON, Manager
a^mTOargrffltg^    ""-  •'  •' vl«t'" •'•"'•--• -'•'
A J.I.  MAIL   .lltlll.HK  I'lt.MII'TI.Y   ATTENDED  TO
Mrs. A. It, Smith. Moyie. was here
last week-end.
Alex Cameron, Moyie, was here last
week oa business,
T. Todhunter. Elko, was here last
; week-end on business.
I    J. R. Long, Erlckson, was :i visitor
I to Cranbrook Inst week.
Mr.   and   .Mrs,  Q   II,   .Ionkin.sun  of
Sioux  City.  lown, nre tbo guests at J
the homo ot Mr. and Mrs \V   Q. Mor
[ Mrs. K. H. Totiil and Mrs. H. L. Wiu-
j noil of Ferule, were bore last week*
i end.
, Mr. and Mrs. Listor and Miss Us tor,
i Creston, wore here lust week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Stones, Crouton, were
here Insit week-end
D, ll, Foster. Wycllffe, wus among
j the business VlBttoro hero lust weok-
I end.
I R. M. and H. IV. Miller. Victoria,
! were hero hist week un business,
! J. B, Stoddnrt and M. McMillan ot
: Windormore, were arrivals! here lost
! week-end.
When you buy a watch
here you mil only net
the bent dollar value
the market iitt'oriU, but
you ulna net Ihe benefit
of experlenee. Kood
tiiHte und Nounil IhikI-
ih'nh Judirment hi Un nt—
nro (tunllty iiins—thnt
imilelliied element that
cnntrlbutrM to your ul-
il nt nl t- MHtUfnetloit ami
iiihIi nothing extrn, A
*,|i lentil tl Ntnt'k to ebonite
Pioneer Citizen
Died New Year
M. 0. Hdiii'II. Ill fur Si.iu,,  Years,
lli-licicil ul' Siilferluiis- Funeral
llclil Sunday Afternoon.
l It M. Laughlln, Kitchener, was< nm-
j on*? the business visitors hero last
I week-end.
Over m Cm Cups
Insure with Heale H Elweli.
+    +    +
Heale  &   Elweli   wish  everyone   n
very happy New Yenr.
+    +    +
it is dangerous to be without tire
insurance,   See   Beale  &   Elweli   at
+    +    +
HiM'.-si* your valunbles with Beale
&  Elweli    Deposit loses lo rent al
low rates.
+    +    +
A dance In being held in tin "V" at
Wycllffe tonight  and  will be attended by a number from ('ranbrook.
+    +    +
Tho dance in I'arlsli hall last night
proved as  pleasant aud enjoyable as
formerly.   Quite n number were in attendance*
+    +    +
A few Hurries ol "tho beautiful" thii
week  was as far as the snow king
could get.   To bring on a heavy fall
seemed impossible.
+    +    +
Hev.  Mr.  Sinclair  anil  Capt.  Gray,
of tho Salvation Army held services
in tho Kootenay Orchard school house
on New Years' eve.
+ + +
Have you considered what it would
cost you to replace your home and
furniture if destroyed by tire. Protect
yourself by fully Insuring with Heale
& Elweli.
+   +   +
Mat your house with the Cranbrook
Agency Company.
+    +    +
The police department   netted  the
City over  $300*1   in   lines  during  tlie
+ + +
The young folk t.re enjoying the
Kltatiing at present afforded by tho
frosty nights and the ice nt the rink
sees them there In good numbers Just
Tho Cranbrook Mlnlstrctal Association met. last. Monday in the Y.M.C.A.
and decided t" organize for a go-to-
church Sunday on Sunday. January
I8lh. Au attempt will be made
through newtsipn-por advt rtlslng and
house to house canvass to get every
resident hi cranbrook to attend the
church of their choice on thai .Sunday.
Think what H woud mean to have
evtuy church In (.ranbrook crowded
ou that day.
Pull particulars will bo published
in the local newspapers nexl week.
Meantime let all get into practice
hy attondfng church this coming Sunday.
(Continued from Page One)
Commencing Monday .January 12th.
there will be a week of Forward Move*
ment meetings in the local Baptist
church each evening at S o'clock.
Tho meltings will be led by the
pastor, Hev. Sinclair, there will be
Iiearty singing nf old fashioned hymns
and short addresse on tho Forward
Movement and the Christian life. A
cordial invitation Is extended to all
lo join iu these gatherings.
 «♦«, .—
The Cranbrook Hoard of School
Trustees met Tuesday evening, ihe
meeting being the lasl one of the old
hoard and being for the .purpose of
clearing the slate of all business before tho new hoard takes hold.
All the members were present with
lho exception of Trustee Wilson who
it ill the Coast at present.
+    +    +
Insure with the Crnnbrook Agency
+ -f +
Tlie Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist church will hold a meeting at
the home of Mrs. A Ashworth, Armstrong Avenue. Tuesday afternoon,
January IS. at It o'clock.
-I- + +
It has been trying hard for the past
few days to brin-^ °" K""K real winter-like weather, but the weather man
appears to bo out of kilter Just at
present and Cranbrook continues to
enjoy  ideal   weather
+    +    +
How "Big Business" relaxes and
spends Its swollen profits on the midnight pleof-iires of Broadway is vividly shown in "Mary Regan," the First
National feature which is to be seen
at the Hex Friday and Saturday,
+    4-4-
Merchants are busy right now taking an inventory of thtir stocks and
striking a balance for the close of tlie
old year. They all report an unusually good holiday trade, somo claiming
the business this Yuletlde season wns
heaver by 70 per cent, than that of
Lethbridgc curlers wfll be he in
tho enjoyment of some real sport beginning January 12th when tlie annual
bonsplel opens there.
Oranbrook has heretofore so
ward substantial  prizes, but It
as yet definitely decided What
done tlis year.
Aldermen McPhorson and
land will be among Hit euthusi.is
from Cranbrook who will attend il
'spiel and others will al-o likely a
The   spiel In Calgary open
11 forts not
vlll be
lhank- fl
FOB RENT— Large front room, well
furnished and heated  with  use of
kitchen and dininfi
room in
house  to
All eonv
by letter
Box  "A"
If It's Job printing you are In need
of, telephone the Herald nnd let our
solicitor cull. Wn arc at your service
with an equipment second to none In
tbe Province. Buy at home and help-
mt-ka Cranbrook a. blggti* city. I
WANTED—Th'lrd-class engineer for
power-house. Apply with references to Cranbrook Electric Light
Co., Ltd. l-l-tf
WANTED—Gentleman wants comfortable room, (close In), in private
family, with use of hath Address
It, Herald office, 11-27-St
Dal Ion Avenue, or Box Dflt, Fernle,
B, (' 12-18-41
lades was given by Miss E. Maystro,
and a buttonhole competition was ■
held. Tho associates gave a delight-;
ful en t or ta lament In May and Edith'
Murgatroyd won the prize for obtaining most members. Special classes
were arranged for them at the flower
ohow an dthc girl-: mode a very ered-1
itable exhibit. In June Mrs. Chester'
Staples road an excellent trtlcle "The
i'are and Feeding of Infants,"
July was "Amerlcun Day,", aad ln
addition to first cltuls music by Mcs-I
dnmc-a Mcpherson, Maharg and J I
Thomson, a novel competition was
held. A home cocking ::ale was also!
conducted at this netting. In August!
a splendid paper ou "Music an Essen-;
tlnl," was given by Mrs. J. Milroy,1
who illustrated her talk with vocal
numbers'. September meeting was oc-
cuplod tn flower show reports, prize
distribution and preparing for 1919;
convention. Firt aid and home nurs-
ing articles were read in October and
rati naive reports given by the delegate.-). November saw the members
engaged In preparing for celebrating
the Billing of the armistice, when on
tin llth, al returned s< Idler,: In the
district were entertained at the veterans' rooms. December a social af-'
teri-.o-.rn was spent In commemorating
the tenth anniversary.
Besides this routine work child-:
ronls home-gardening competitions
had boen held with special prizes at1
the (lower show, posters and circulars
had been distributed In assisting the
National War Savings campaign, at
motnster chidren's -picnic had been.
held, a social evening to welcorael
home a former member with her sol-!
dier husband and the Annual Flower
Show took place in August. Onej
member hnd boon lost by death and)
several other,-*-, through removal from
the district. Thc loss of Mrs. Black-
wood Wllemnn was u great blow to!
the institute.
Mrs, Burton's report whs accepted)
with thanks to the directors and thej
secretary- treasurer,
The financial report showed a total
Income of $78(1. Of these receipts
■MO!*' had heen raised by several ac-
tivitles, $r>7 por capita grant and $32
wi r show grant. The total expen-
ditttro amounted to $781.65 with n
bank halance of $4.35. Among the
disbursements $7G had been donated !
to the O.W.V.A. A piano fund $16;
to Mrs, W. K. .Scott's testimonial;;
$1.1.50 to the G.W.V.A. Ximw (chll-:
dronV) tree; $19.00 to St. Dunstan'si
for blinded soldiers and $11 to the
city hand. The children's picnic cost!
$08,80 besides sports prizes $35.00.
Mrs. O. Taylor certified that tho!
accounts wore in order, having exam-j
Ineti thc hooks with Mrs. McB — v.!
Mrs. Brake reported for the library,:
Miss Mayvitor the knitting nnd the!
sccretay .for the sale of cook books, f
The election of offlcors for the en- j
suing year resulted in tho following!
being chosen:
President—Mrs. E. II. Leaman.
Vice-President—Mrs. F. Constantino.
Secretary-Treasurer—Mrs. J. W,
Direct ors—Mesdames D. Campbell,
J. M. Coutts nnd O, Taylor,
!    Miss Annie Smith, Gamson, Alberta,
I was a vls-ltor to Cranbrook last week-
I end.
A. E. Watts, Wattsburg, together
1 with IiIh son. have been In Nelson on
i on business.
Miss Audrey Ke:*r, graduate of thc
.. I Detroit School of Elocution and Ex-
; predion, who has been vlBlttng with
iher cousin, Mr. Wilbur Hill and Mrs.
i Hill,  spending  Christmas week,  has
t returned homo.   Miss Kerr has been
-a teacher of elocution In Ontario for
five ears and is seriously considering
locating in Cranbrook shortly with a
view to taking up her profession anil
forming a class,
Mr. W. D. Hill and son. Stanley,
departed Sunday for a visit to their
home in Vancouver.
W, H. and Mrs. Wilson, who are
In Victoria, the guests at the home
of Mr. Wilson's sister, are expected
to arrive back In Cranbrook about the
llth  Inst.
J. A. McDonald, Kimberley and It.
Coultry, Waldo, were here Friday on
Wm. Kndciiffo of the staff of the
L.H. cafe, departed for Nelson Sat-
urdr.y to spend a few doys with his
Robert and Mra Crowe, who have
been nt ti.e Coast, havo returned to
Cranbrook and will remain.
K. L Staples of tht Otl.s Staples
Lumber company,Wycllffe, was n business visitor in Cranbrook last weekend.
A. J. Pea win and family, who were
hero visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. H, E, Jock?, have returned to
Fred Archer and Mis. Archer, of Canal Flats, wore here during tlte first
of the week. Mr. Archer Is optimistic, regarding the future outlook
for his section.
John Armour and F. C. Nell have
been at Brockett, going out to bring
in an auto from that place, tho car
haviug suffered a breakdown and It
being necessary for them to go out
to make ttie buzz wagon behave.
Amor Myers and James S. Ness, of
onncrs Ferry. IdnllO, wore business
arrivals here on Monday,
G. W. Nelson, from Bull Rlvor. wns |
among Monday's arrival:;.
George I' Tisdale nnd Mrs. Tisdalc,
of Granhom, Alberta, arrived here ou
Sunday and are guests at the home of
Mr, aud Mrs. E.  II   Leaman.
• F. G. Morris and bride have arrived
here from Swift Current, Sank.. Mr.
Morris/1 marriage taking place there
on Christmas day. They will make
their home in Cranbrook.
The death occurwl New Year's day
of Mr. M. 0. Flnnett, for a number of
years a resident of Cranbrook. and a
sufferer for some time from poor
health, being conllenri to his bed for
the past six months.
j Deceased was (i.i years of age. and
besides tlie widow l§ survived by two
daughters. Mrs. Evans. Vancouver;
Miss Nina, this city; and three eons,
Clarence, Pen tic ton i Bryson, Edmonton, and Douglass, cf Wycllce, all of
whom were present at the funeral ex-
j coptiug Mrs. Evans of Vancouver, who
was unable lo attend.
Funeral services of n private character for the family were held at the
home Sunday afternoon, servicer be-
j trtg performed later over the remains
at the Baptist church by Hev. Sinclair.
Interment being in Cranbrook cemetery.
Deceased wns held in high esteem
by nil who knew him and thc grief-
stricken family will have the sympathy or scores of friend".
Tlie pallbearers wore; Messrs. Bert
Haynos-, Frank Dezall, A. 1). Bridges,
Will ford Haynos, Mr. Palmer, and J,
The death occurred at his late heme
on Armstrong Avenue.
Christmas holidays  in  Nelson,  have
arrived back in Cranbrook.
Mtrobrl Chester, who is a student
at tho B.C. University at Vancouver,
and who was here spending the Xmas
holidays, has returned to the Coast.
Miss Muriel Baxter, a normal student, who spent the holidasy with her
\ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Baxter,
I has returned to resume her studies at
; the Coast Institution of learning.
(Continued from Page One)
never been any troubles of any kind
In thc council since he had been iu
the mayor's chair; he had never sat
around a table with a moro competent and moro business-like body of
men and this would be also said of
the aldermen by the business men of
Cranbrook generally. Msyor Cameron said he wanted to take the opportunity of thanking all for the co-operation given him while occupying the
mayor's chair and plead with the aldermen to once again stand for election, aud Ifl they would so decide,
there would be no contest and the
expense of an election, possibly $500.
would bo saved, and the work proposed aud as yet unfinished could be car-
reid out: they owed it to thc city he
Thc mayor also advocated bringing
Slntervllle into tho city; the poor waler system there hnd made Cranbrook's good system a poor one also.
He did not think there would be any
opposition from the C.P.R. to the incorporation of the territory necessary lo accomplish this.
It was also left for tlie Incoming
administration with a recommendation from tlie council that special couplings for the tire department hose he
purchased that, In the event of outside assistance being necessary should
a disastrous lire occur, the hose of
the city assisting could be used.
The council then ndjoitmcd and a
meeting of tiie Police Commission was
held, Mayor Cameron nnd Alderman
Eakin being present.
council and also as police commissioner, and although no name Is available
for his neat In the council, lt is reported both Alderman Shankland und
John Martin will a-ipirt to thc position
of police commissioner.
Messrs, W. J. Atchison and W. It
Wilson, two members of tlie School
Board, whoso terms1 expire this year,
will be candidates to succeed themselves. It is not at all likely they
will be opposetd because of the eminently satisfactory manner in which
they have supported progressive prin-
ciptos In furthering tho .progress of
school work in Cranbrook.
The usual wire-pulling and slato-
making is heard of, however, and a
real lively contest may yet develop.
George Shape, Elko, was here last
week-end on business.
Mrs. E. A. Hill, daughter and son,
who have been at Lethbrldge and Calgary on « visit to relatives and
friends, are expected to arrive home
this week.
F. Coultry, Waldo, was hero last
George Shuj-c, Elko, was among the
list week-end arrivals In the city.       j
MrB, G. Footc, who haa been a patient nt St. Eugene hospital for some
time. (|tiito critically III, Is Improving.
Bfiru—Sunday)! Jantidnr 4, at St.
Eugene Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs, C.
Jensen, nf Wnssn. a son.
J. Boosley, Revelstoke, has arrived
here and taken a position as fireman
witli the C.P.R.
Mrs, Llddieoatt is assisting in thc
Hill store during the absence of Mr.
! W. B. Hill to the Const.
W. L, Fontaine and wife. Fernle.)
were here yesterday.
— j,
i    It, Sinclair Smith, ot Creston. was
in the city yestorday.
With the municipal election but a
very short time away, there appears
to be very little interest manifested,
and it would appear the election will
pass off without r contest in some of
thc offices, especially mayor and aldermen.
Alderman Eakin is retiring from the
The death occured at St. Euge'ne
hospital December 31, of c. Daurele,
aged 20, who came to tlie hospital
about ten days prior to his death
rrom Bull River to receive treatment
for nn injured knee.
Everything possible wns done to
give him relief, but blood poisoning
set in and death came n& above stated.
Deceased, before going to Bull River, wns engaged in ranch work on
tiie prairies.
No known relatives reside hereabouts, but relative-; .a New York
Stale have been communicated with
and the body is at the undertaking
parlors awaiting word regarding its.
Job Printing
Herald Office
MM-,      ,   .  *'*■/?    I
¥ J ***:■'.•■■   ft '*t
Actual Scene from the "Tiger":; Trail," Showing nl   th
Ing .Monday  nnd Tuc.;dny
Bex theatre start*
Lol us supply you with your next
counter sales books. We have a com.
plete line nnd prices are as low as
tho out-of-town fellow will give you.
Tho Cranbrook Herald.
R. C. Bablcli, Wardner. wns a visitor here last week oa buslnes.
Mrs. Bell, of Kimberley. is a guest
of Mrs. H. McBurney.
Tho Misses O'Henrn. Howard and
Mutrle, teachers in the public schools,
arrived borne Sunday from thc Const
where they have been spending tholr
holidays?, and have resumed their duties on the teneliing staff.
John Noble and Vincent Fink de-
parted Saturday for Vancouver where
they will resume their studies at the
B. 0, University.
High School principal Forsytho and
Miss McLennan, of the teaching stuff
of th* achools here, who opart tfc*r|
Harry Fulljutne.i of Cranhrook. Is
' Visiting a brother n  Vancouver, nnd
ll. is the Irst vacation he has taken hi
| twenty years. Year in nnd yenr nut
i ho has followed plastering, brlcklay-
; ing. stonework, carpentering and any-
j think" else that he could put his hand
to in nny seas-in of thc year.~-Kam-
loops tandnrd-Sentinel.
^:-;:-T::/.^:i:^^rfu..i;:i!:^::..::i.:::i:i...:.: !::I.| [•-'■■' W--' '■■'■
All children will be welcomed to
the nlvation Army Sunday school every Sunday nt 3 p.m. Parents, come
and see if this Is the place for your
hoy or girl.
Sunday evening nt 7.30, Capt. Gray
will speak on tho flns't of a series of
sermons on "Heaven, It's Hope."
Boys and girls come nnd spend n
happy hour at the Salvation Army en
Monday evening at 7 o'clock.
Captain Gray will address the public school fihtldrtn. Friday
-i  j "i i     m   ii iin.ijn.Bm uraii cura tuum §
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