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Cranbrook Herald Apr 27, 1911

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Array aWi
We ute well  equipfwd to
turn out the best olarn*
of work
MAY 1   1911
'"'f-rnMA, b c
the Horsld Pays—Try
lur   Local   Columns
NO.  10
Propose to Hake Big Civic Ceremony of Laying
Foundation Stone of New City Hall
ual, railroad ami labor orgtuili-.fiMow
could tako pun.
It will lir freely conceded thnl tin
building "f Hu1 new city hall is a
distinct mark in tlir progress, of) Lhu
illy uiul thai it troulil tu- iiulllllig
Imt rlglll in make a special feature
nl tin- Iih inj; nl' tin- foiilldalh It
'Ilu- Herald puis forward tin- Idea
ami hopes In see the cltj couiu il
take hold of it aotlvely. Details
rati lit' worked out later, 1ml in any
event, Mn* occasion Is ono thai
should be celebrated by lhe cily as a
whole, ami iln- public school children
tn i nli i well in* given a prominent
part in tbe ceremonies.
1,1 is generally recognized that tlu
erection of thu m-w city hall markt
a decided advatico in ihr progress ol
Iln- city ami it is fell that Bonn
special ceremony should commemorate tin- occasion of the laying of tin
fi uiul a lion slum-.
Mayor UeVero Hunt is a woll
known member of tbe Masonic craft
ami il is thought that it would he
entirely in order for arrangements to
In- made tn have the foundation stone
nt tin' city hall laid with full Masonic linuois.
Tbo occasion could be made a civic
holiday and there could he n civic
procession, in which Uie other [rater-
Cranbrook Amateurs in the Geisha
Excellent Production oft his Tuneful Opera Promiseed
for Thursday and Friday of Next Week
Charms of the Columbia Valley
R. R. Bruce Tells of "The Sleeping Beaty" and of
Her Farly Awakening.
Reorganize Agricultural Association
Special Meeting for thut Purpose Next Tuesday
A special meeting of all Interested
in the Agricultural association ami
the annual Fall Inhibition is called
for Tuesday   evening next at       tbe
Commencing .Muy 1st ftobt. Slev
This meeting will ileal with several
questions of Importance tn tin- per
pctuatlon of a successful Agricultural
Association in this district ami to
tin- holding of the annual exhibition.
In the first place tho meeting "ill
Ih- called upon to cleei new ollieers ol
the association, ii being held that
those appointed at tin- beginning of
tlir year are not legally entitled tn
bold office.
election of new of
tho discussion o
ni  securing grounds
Following the
fleers will   come
ways and means
ami buildings.
As a result ol Mayor Hunt's mis
sion to Victoria tin- association can
hank on a sum of at least J1500
coming from     thc government      for
Lheso purposes. Tlte Park Association have granted the Agricultural
association au extension of time of
twn weeks in whieli to make their
arrangements to purchase the
grounds on tin- liill ot to lease them
foi lliis year at a rental of $525, being ten per eenl upon the amount of
the association's investment.
li is anticipated that the mectingi
will lake hold ni this latter question vigorously, decide to purchase
and at nme sel about devising ways
and means of financing the transaction. It is particularly desired thai
there la' as full an attendance as possible nf all interested in order that
definite steps may tie taken, not onh
in regard tn the purchase of the laml.
but iu reference to organization wnrk
[or the coming exhibition,
Remember llie time and place ii
meeting. Tuesday evening, 8.3d
o'clock, Motel Cranhronk committee
Ottawa, April 28 —Thr Conserve
lives, after a caucus, have decided
to prolong tin- obstruction to the
tn i|iii« m\ measure lo thc utmost
Accordingly Sli Wilfrid t a.mei will,
in all likelihood, he prevent. rl
attending tin- Imperial conference in
London nexl month
Ilmi  u    j   Bowsei nnd    lion  W
It  Ross,   ol   British Columbia,   an
here and attended    the caucus, being
the principal speak* rs thereat
Tin- meeting of the com i Intu
board al l«clhbrtdge, j omposcd j ■
Rei r w llunl.>n (Ralph Connoi i
U McLcod ami J \ Carter, on
ruesdaj morning brought oui noth
Ing new, onl) a general discussion of
tin- situation was Indulged In bj all
parties present rhe hill executive
of distriet IK and the International
delegates were prevent In the Interest
of (he mine workers, ami all the
members of the Operators' associa
tion wen- in   attendance    Chairman
Oniilnti     Stfttcd     later    that   a mosl
amicable spirit pervaded thi' assent
blage, and nothing nl a .controversial
nature was brought onl fot discus
The meeting adjourned * n meet
again at two o'clock In the oftcei
noon when the real work ol the
hoard began,
• •
• IN TORY ST   THOMAS.       0
•   •
• "We, the electors ol Kast and 0
0 West Elgin, desire to expiess 0
0 our unbounded confidence in the 0
0 proposed reciprocal trade agree- 0
0 nit'iit between Canada ami (he 0
0 United States.        We believe, if 0
0 ihis agreemenl is adopted hy 0
0 ihe two 'countries, the benefits 9
0 to nil classes of the greal Dom- 0
0 iiiimi will he beyond mir must 0
0 sanguine anticipation, ami more 0
0 especially will it he or Immense. 0
0 value to the workers of lhe 0
0 soil, the sea, the forests ami 0
0 the mines " 0
• •
The   animal    general  meeting    nt
00k 1 iiu ul association     held
last   Kridaj     evening at    the Hotel
m!\ committee rooms, brcughi
ther a large aad   representative
l hi   Liberals ol      the
1 lie ni-ini business ol the evening
was ih, , i,. Ron ol officers toi the
ensuing year, which resulted as foi
tlm.   President—E.    c   Smith, ex
\i p p
President—A  L  McDcrmot.
Vice-President—.1   F   Campbell
,. ri lary—W   llalsall
ui 1 \ Kennedy
1 \u nt I vi committee—Dr .1 H
King, M \ Macdonald, F J
1 1, 1 1: Ward, !> -t MeSweyn,
'mm Iloggarth, .1 I Huchcroft, J
i; McCallum, Morton Campbell ami
los   ItiauK
Wi 1    s   Peck,    -I   11   Doyle
ami .1 I P.n Is, together wilh ihe
sreretarj and treasurer, wen- ap
pointed a membership committee
Cranbrook music lovers have a
treat in store fot next Thursday ami
Friday evenings m the production of
that tuneful operetta "The fieisha,"
by local amateur talent,
A representative of the Herald was
accorded the privilege of attending a
rehearsal one night this- week, and
whilst ii was conducted undei a
variety of disadvantageous circumstances, it certainly guaranteed: an
excellent production on Thursday
ovening next.
This rehearsal was held iu tho
Masonic hall, withoui scenery, stage
effects of any,kind, ami the perform-
ers appeared in their workaday costumes, so that all lhe appurtenances
that lend assistance \o operatic productions . were lacking. Notwithstanding these drawbacks the Herald
is hound In admit that tin- production was decidedly creditable and
gave promise of an unusually capable
ri-picscutatEon when produced under
favorable conditions. This rehearsal was Ihe first occasion upon which
the company had all. practised together with the orchestra, In Itself a
trying situation.
What most forcibly Impressed the
Herald man was the admirable
wnrk of thc chorus. The ladies
ami gentlemen composing the chorus
certainly have taken hold nf their
work in the rlghl spirit aud as the
chorus Is verv much In evidence in
the Qelsha, this is a feature that
cannot be too highly commended.
Of the wnrk of the principles, il
would be, perhaps, unfaii lo say very
much under the circumstunces, as
none of them had the opportunity of
displaying iheir talents to best, advantage. Ilowevi:. .t may bo
said without fear of- adverse criticism, after the production next
week, that Mrs. K Paterson. .gives
promise ol being a verj pleasing chief
Oelsha. Her singing ami acting are
entirely graceful and charming. Mrs
Bouchard, ns Juliette, tho French
girl, who aits as lea house interpreter, gives an exceedingly clever
.'.nd winsome interpretation ol this
part Among the Geisha girls Miss
Mali-ill Service and Miss Green will
make a decided hit, particularly thc
formei Miss Henley's "Molly .Sea-
more" will prove one ol the most
delightful features of thc production,
if. as is to he   anticipated, she   can
put a little more iim Into her
singing and.acting. He. singing is
very good and true, hul lacks adequate vigor, and the Name thing applies to her acting. Miss Margarel
Kenned) is bound tn secure another
hit in her clever performance as the
Midshipman, Tom mj Stanley Among
the men Mr. It. T. Hrymner is probably the most thorough I j nt home lu
his part, that of Reginald Fairfax,
an officer of II.MS Turtle lie
gives a spirited rendition of his part
and sings with customary ease, F,
Bray, who takes tin- part ol Katana,
captain of tbe governor's guard, has,
as every one knows, a very sweet
tenor voice, and all he needs li secure a sure success is a little more
confidence. Harold Darling promises
to share, largely in the applause,
with his capital performance of the
part of Takemine, sergeant ol the
governor's guard. \rchic Raworth
will provide much nf the fun in his
presentation of Wun lli, the Chinese
proprietor of the lea garden. M. A
Manlonuld makes a most imposing
Marquis Imari.
Altogether the Herald bas the utmost confidence in assuring ils read
ers of u very enjoyable musical treat
on Thursday evening next. That
ihere will he a crowded bouse may
be taken for granted. This is the
most ambitious musical effort made
by local talent ami merits loyal Blip-
The full cast of eharacters will   he
as follows:
i> Mimosa San, Chief Glcsha 	
 Mrs. E. Paterson
Juliette, (a French girl—Ten house
interpreter)   Mrs. Bouchard
Nami, an Attendant	
  Miss Delia Uruniiuond
chrysanthemum (Geisha Oirl) 	
  Miss lua Williams
Blossom (Geisha Girl) 	
 Miss Ella Lelteh
Golden Harp (fieisha Girl) 	
  Miss Marion Service
Little Violet (Geisha Girl) 	
  Miss Green
Lady Constance  Wynne (an English
visitor in Japan, travelling in her
yacht)  Mrs. Ingram
Miss  Marie    Worthington, English
lady, guest of Lady Constance	
      Mrs. M. A. Macdonald
Miss   Ethel   Hurst,     English lady,
guest of Lady Constance 	
 Miss Finnls
Miss Mabel   Grant,     English lady,
guest of Lady Constance 	
  Mis.  A. C. Raworth
Miss Louie PlumpUid, English lady,
guest of Lady Constance 	
 Mrs. A. L. McDermol
.Miss Molly Seamore Miss llonlej
Reginald Fairfax, Officer of IIMS.
"Turtle"   R. T. Hrymuei
hick Cunningham, Officer nf IIMS
"Turtle"  I>. J. McSweyn
Arthur    Cuddy,   Officer of II Ms.
"Turtle"   E. I. Paterson
George Giimston, Officer nf 11.Ms
"Turtle"  \. L. McDcrmot
Tommy Stanley, Midshipman ,
 Miss Margaret Kennedy
Captain    Katana,   Captain nf Ooi
crnor's Guard     F. Rrnj
Takemine,    Sergt,   of   Governor's
Guard   Hamlil Darling
Hun Hi,   Chinaman,     Prop, nf  lea
House  \nliie Raworth
Marijiiis lmari,    Onveimn   nf Province and Chief of Police 	
  M    \. Macdonald
Chorus—Mrs. Fraser, Miss Prest,
Miss Armstrong, Miss Baker, Miss
Ciurie, Miss Sheppard; Messrs. A
Raworth, Oeo, McCreery, Richmond
Flewelllng, J. J, Simms, .1. Lower,
M   A   Beale.
Attendants—Miss Eaton, Miss pn-
imi, Miss Alward, Miss Hamilton,
.Some special mention must be
made of the orchestra that has been
gol together fnr this production, under the leadership of Mr. (ien D
Ingram. With the added practice
Ihey will have enjoyed before the
lirst puhlie performance, one can
nntlcipate really first-class Interpretation of the entire score. The orchestra is made up as follows:
In a recent article In the Canadian
Gazette ynu well named the Columbia Valley -The Sleeping Beaut) "
The name has caught on, but how
ever ■'catchy" vour   appellation Is—
will see how to plant, prune ami gen-
*IjllV Iruit  irees, and   the
a valuable object
Thi   Kootenay
* now under course of
ami has  proved to be-at present, It    01 hicli will connect
is a poetical description which in    .1   with   1 iiu line of the C.P.R
\\ ■
mark* t tbi
very short time will be inappro
prfate, for, as you also well said, the
Prince, in the shape nf the Cana llao
Pacific Railwav company, has appeared on the scene
I was talking reccntl) witb a prominent traveler from the United
States, and he remarked: "As ..
playground, this has got the rest ol
the continent ol North America skin
ned " Nol an elegant phras-i. pet
baps, hut expressive To realin
glories of   Columbia Vallev one h,^
Conductor ...
First Violin ... .
First Violin ...
Second Violin ...
First Flute 	
.Second Flute ....
Tenor Trombone
Hass Trombone
Piccolo ...	
 Gen. it. Ingram
 Mrs. Wallinger
  Wm. Ouerard
... W. G. Thompson
  Geo. Pratt
 R. B. Benedict
 .1. c. Thomson
W. H. Wilson
.... .1. it Thompson
  C. MrCowan
... J.  A   Thomson
 A, Grenier
.. Mrs. Ira Manning
nu Friday evening of this week the
Presbyterians are golding a congregational social which is to take the
form ni a musical evening. A piano
is in he provided, and refreshments
served. The lollowing is tho programme:
Musical contest    Who's Who"'
Instrumental solo. Miss Bella Taylor
Vocal snlo ... Miss Madge Roller 1 son
Instrumental solo 	
 Miss Stella Korwin
Vocal solo Geo. D. Ingram
Instrumental duel 	
 Wanda and Vincent Fink
Vocal solo Mis. E 1 Paterson
Musical conical 	
 The Musical Courtship
Vocal solo Miss Elsie Bent
Vocal solo        If* Stevens
An enjoyable evening is assured,
nnh as this will prohulfly he the
last Indoor sin Ial of the season a
good attendance is expected* An offering will he asked for 011 hehalf of
lhe piano fund of the Young People's
A cordial Invitation is extended to
all frieiidw.
\t Fernie on Tuesday evening the
ministers ol this dislriel will meet
t<> transact tin- business nf tbo
churcli previous in the annual con-
lerence. On Wednesday morning at
7 a.m. E, L Besl, candidate fi r
(he ministry, will preach. At U.30
the ministerial session will open,
when the character of the ministers
will lie examined, and the examination nf the candidates and probationers will take place. At two-
tliitlv, the laymen will meet with
the ministers, ami memorials will he
presented, and elections to various
committees Al 8, a public meeting
Will be held, when the Rev. .1. W
Miller, of Moyie, will give an address, to bo followed by Rev. F. J.
Rutherford, B A . m" Creston. A memorial service will also be held for
the late Rev.   George T. Chenowcth,
HA, nf Michel The Rev. R.
Hughes will leave fnr Fernie to preside at these gatherings on Tuesday
afternoon and will leave fnr Vancouver tn atteml the stationing committee of ihe annual conference on
Friday next. The pulptl will be
supplied iu his absence by Dr. E. W.
Connolly om the 7th. Mr. F. Woods
and Mr. G. Hougham mi the Uth.
Mr   Hughes will    preach his farewell
sermon on the *jist May.
At the residence nf Mr. and Mrs.
Weisbrnil mi Saturday last, Mr.
Charles Cnicume, of Brandon, and
Miss Gladys Pcail Kennedy, of this
city, were united in marriage by
Hie Rev. R. Hughes, in Ihe presence
nf a few immediate friends, After
the wedding breakfast the happy
couple left fm a tour nf the coast
cities Miss Kennedy had a Wide
circle nf Iriends iu the Methodist
chinch, in which work she was
deeply Interested,
(Special to the Herald).
Wardner, April 25.—Pete Herg, A
o. Swanson and Gus, Holm bad a
narrow escape gmng down the river
from Hums and Jordan's camp last
Sumlay morning Tbey were swept
nfi their raft in a swift currrnt hy a
hunch of brush which they struck,
but luckily managed t" struggle
ashore, little the worse for their
cold hath.
• •
•   •
0 "Canada recognizes in its 0
0 fullest sense the great import- 0
0 ance of the Imperial conference 0
0 This Dominion is neither indifl- 0
0 erent nor lacking in apprccla- 0
0tmn of its value. The confer- 0
0 ence is on advisory hody with 0
0 possibilities. It  lias already 0
0 done excellent work, and I he- 0
0 lieve it is destined tn do even 0
0 bettei work in the future, 0
0 Much of its strength is found 0
0 iu the element nf personal con- 0
0 tact in the meeting of the re- 0
0 presentatives of the component 0
0 parts of the empire. It may be 0
0 that iu the matter of co-opera- 0
0 tion we may have gone ns fai 0
0 as is advisable at the present 0
0 time. Reading British history 0
0 demonstrates that all British 0
0 communities are slow to move. 0
0 This is the trend of the British 0
0 mind; it is the record nf British 0
0 institutions There Is steady 0
0 progress, but il is step* by step 0
0 as new needs make changes im 0
0 perativc, Ami progress will go 0
0 on, step hy step, in the line nf 0
0 making for the betterment d( 0
0 mankind and the universal 0
0 peace of the world, for the con 0
0 Boltdallon <d the British empire 0
0 is and will be a powerful factor 0
0 for the good <d the whole hu 0
0 man race "—Sn Wilfrid l.auii.i 0
0 in the Commons 0
• •
Beaming and wreathed in smiles
like the lirst buttercups of spring,
that hurst 111 bloom In the sunny
vales of Roosvlllc, was the face of
Win. Coulter, who has just returned
from the Emerald clad'hills uf "Old
Oirland," where he spent many merry
montlis the past winter, going over
the route nl his nlil friend, (len.
Stannard, when he made his bridal
lour of tiie Emerald Isle. Wherever Boulter went hv sang the glur-
ies of Montana and the matchless
scenic heauty and fertility nf Tobacco Valley, reachinic up Into thc famous Roosville land ol twn handled
pumpkins and double yolked egns
Coulter sold two handled pumpkin
seeds and took orders for several
hundred settings nf double yolked
eggs for Fred Rim. nf Roosville, and
Bang lOVC sniigs to the honnv lasses
nf   tlu-       old   snd    nf       tlie     matchless
trysting places in tin- misly vales of
Roosville falls, where the fiist but
tercups nf springtime grow.
Yes, Bill came back with a smiline
face hut a shattered heart nml will
sunn be in the binedin class with his
old companions Geo Stannard ami
Fred Ron—The Eureka Journal
"What is He most excellent
in woman?" a Parisian papci
the soaring name ol Excels!
asking its readers Several
sand replies have already heen
ceived, and the vutlng is still
mi The results uf the poll al
furnish subjects for do/ens nf
minis and essays in moral pi
phv Sixty virtues have up til
heen namiil. The seven first
always been at tbe tup nf the
since the beginning of the bnlh
the following unlet: Goodness, 1
linens, devotion, thrift, gent!
intelligence ami amiability
l now
ol, in
to see it, and, as a   iev. oi ms     old
timers have done, live in It   Iltthi
i.i it   has hen a little difficult
access tn the ordinary tourist, hut a
motoi road 1- lo be buili     by     the
V P R   in conjunction   with the provincial government     Tins road   will
be "The   High wav     of   the     Great
Divide," and   will be, perhap
iiu'st     wonderful   in tin-   world      It
uill nm between towering peaks and
glaciers ol the Rocky Mountains, and
will gradually drop from thc summit
nf Lhe Rockies    into    the    vail
tlu' dreat Columbia river     Hen-   it
will    continue   In tbe narrow valh \
separating the two gn al  ra •  ■
Ruckles   and     the   Selkirks    *
ttil1    W' ■■ ■■'.   transport
,tml    other
. * lhe morning at
ill he   in   the   prairie
■  da;      This proxlm-
■     *'ill mean     much
ol   the fruit Industry
' l   ■ as R is      there
British Colum-
But  ihere arc ot*
•   well ..^ agricultural
he timber      is
*  Industry will
1    even     mute active
Silver lead, copper
are   now  being
principally       in
ri "i Charm
at ire, sportsmen
*' vitcd   li is a
ah .  Hater      aud
Bunsbim ;:.:,,],■ but satis-
■'■  rod, gun and
•  ever pleas-
lit lhe newcomer
: 'l game In plenty,
and caribou;     the
test of      his
as yel unsealed
"''n   "f   'MriTalW   » J      ""I .   ,   * that have yet
u.ra"'1,"!r:  * lerful canyons
lored     And fur the
blase globe trotter
On the shore of Lake Wind, rn  n  1
new town   is tn be estabtlsl ■
ed   Invermere, and nen  tl
Intend to erect a chalet to a
date tourists      But it is not    1
a tourist   resort and a world's playground that the Columbia Valley    is
destined   to    < ome Into prot
It is an [deal   location lot
settlers,   and    the   Canadian Pa
Railway   companj  are eqt all;   I I
ested in its developm,nt In tl it
rcctlon.    It is well adapted Ior       I
II i>'  in addition polo
unds—an   association
was fon:.-' year    to encourage
rses—a golf    dub
tn al ing and canoe-
very iporl dear lo
Britisher will       be
[and where       a
at  tred from fruit
scheme is now
ii ;*    will be an
'    " "■   ■       ■.-:.■ Ji'-vi-lnpment
growing, and the    Dominion . '   \,    t
, .      ,   ■, ,    .      . ,.  , I  the                    When   the fertile
ment has dnidcd     to estabtlsl .                       ,       .  .     .
encfci .   • Rh hundreds of
mediately   an    experimental tarra and happy hom-
the center of the valley, when - .,   ,_;., *iif. |ife-gir-
scries ol experiments   will be carrii I log water, and when the noble fir has
on to determine what apple trees an -   •    "                        le 'rn-      with
the   most    suitable f   th.         trict "'■ ■>»". whf'n
,.   , Beauty      Is f iliv
Experiments wm also bemad  I. I _.               .;,. (,,-,m:iMa Vaj.
growing of alfalfa and other
At this   fan    '"     ettlei
■ ipot In    our
The "store programme" must In
elude more and more value giving nil
the time-ami bettei and bettei ad
vertislng of Mich "news" all the
time I
Editor The Herald.
Sir: As une wbo hai kno *■■ I  1
tlw western country a great deal,    1
um forced to admit thai. ai.
considered,   your   city ol Cranbrool
is favored above most In Its nal iral
charms and    its   convenfem es   None
thc lesSj I have nnt<-d   nnh extremi
regret the absence ot anv publii   lib
rary     With your lar*ir floating pop
ulatlon,   the   numerous   lumber ai r
and railroad men tbat make    Cranbrook their headquarters, thi       ■■-■
ie of a   publu    library   is   lell
probably,   far more ihan    you   have
any    idea of       WhiM    1 imbt I
nd railroad men. as a   1 lai
nol   b'1    regarded    as    booh     lot. 1
stjll many anmng them appreciate ■>
good bunk, and look to the boui
recreation in town f"i the oppi 11 11
ity of Improving theli minds, 01   ol
perfecting their knowledge nl certain
aits and crafts in  which Hie)
be interested
1 would therefore ask you U lend
youi valuable assistance lo an eflorl
to arouse the necessar) Inter
this mattei. tbat will result in the
establishment In this 11*1 ol at
least a small, well conducted public
library Now that we have .1
cessfutly instituted V M C \ In our
midst then- should be no Insuperable
difficulty in accomplishing tins verj
desirable object.
Iiuring the ensuing si\ monthi 01
to thc need f.ii such a resort will
tint he greatly felt. thus affording
ample time in which to arouse thc
public tu a sense nf the situation If
n vigorous campaign he waged witb
Hns object in view, I have no manner of doubt bui thai Cranbrook wil!
come    through  in  good  shape Mv
idea would not  be to secure a    large
collection of modern novels foi tins
library, bul rather a collection, limited, to sav, a few hundred choice
masterpieces and Hie neam ol thc
world's best literature Nowadnj .
good literature can he secured al
ithsunllv small outlav. and with M.e
works that would undoubtedly be
given lu such an Institution, nn <\
• client library could he got togethei
at a comparatively small cost     and
ttt  offer   to    thr public  Iht     choice
beat In the clas-
I literature, with
.1 fair  propot :   ■• hoical works
at mining,
a    suggestion
thai       it
Mii. TOm   .'<**V1 OP VIEW
: Iberal, resum-
Mii providing
on 'in-      con-
bull lings, In   the
He endorsed    thp
■ al eight hours
etlei and mote
•: than   nine
The pnn-
11 pic of ei) bad alreadj been
.    . enl to       the
print ini md in othei depart-
employei wbo accumu-
uld nol    make
men b) building
publii   Inslitu-
ii-   1 uilfl  give
lion foi  then toll
lopes on Saturdaj nighl
British Co-
1 i-i.hm Con erva ■. do hired lhe
next iln; lor a six-hour
day   and  It wo granted,      be
cause parll 11 afraid ol    the
voting powei hi Id by labor
•   •
0 a petltlot ■ ,ii forwarded to #
9 sn Wilfrid Laurier frnm 9
0 Orangevillc lasl week signed by 0
0 35Q Conservatives In DuhVtin #
0 County, Ontario, which declares 0
0 the agreement will result in 0
0 lastli. I     farmers, and 0
0 adds: "We ,.' ■- repudiate the 0
0 views bo freely expressed by 0
0 gentlemen representing prlvllcg- 0
0 1 d ■ ;.i - 1 and monled institu- 0
0 lions of tin- country ami consid- 0
0 ci it little bettei than an in- 0
0 suit fnr tln-m to dictate tu yuu 0
0 what the) con Idci good lur the 0
0 fanner " 0 THK    I-RANHHOOK    HICHAM)
Of Interest to Farmers
(Ily Tutu Wilson, Dumb        In pei   m
ni Noxiou * In
Nature's   laws   are i iiiibtatil
unvarying in tin Ii    npi rations      Om
knowledge of natural laws is derived
fr  accural* observalb
ami effects, and science om I lhe
systematized explanation ol these
observations, The si ience ni prun
ing, therillure, gives llie explanation
derived frnm lhe accumulated know
ledge uf ages uf observations nnd
experiences   oi effeel i   produced     In
manipulation u]  lhe bra *' ■     in
ntliei   portions ui plants.     Win n   we
take Into  considerallon lhe lengthen
ed period during which pruning   h
bean  carried on,   llm ri neral intelll'
genci' ol lhe op' i*'1' :    ai (I lhe > ounl
less repetitions   "i simllai  :■
ending in similar resull j , it I
sonnble enough to   presume llini     a
sufficient  numbei' ol  fai I * hn j-   been
observed    lo   e.stubll h   n    complele
science and determine pi Im Iph ■■*   ■ lie
practical application ol whuh cm he
rcndilj   understood and easily       i
ed.     tint  iln- frequent  anil npi
ly conflh ling opinion}  M nt
slantlj  being   expn
nrs and writers on  Uil     nl ji 11  prove
that iln- operation ■ *
various applications, | * not
performed   from an iulclligci
Pruning is   an npi
Importance in thi   " ana cmen'l       ol
trees, and comph U
atieiidcil in fruit cullun  "i li il
principles    are    ek-arl] id
Plants left  lo S*al  n- i     i
cfprocal ai Hon lift' eei
and  Ilu- I mt  . am! every I
leal removed   musl pxen. ■  ui In
i-iii-e   elthei     iujnrii
therefore, no    ■■ .■,-,,,
branch until   utisi
dning su, and (on eeii
and effect . ol     n '■*  u
It    is    tin-     opluii f many fruil
growers that  lhe most  uniform   and
salisfaetoi \  i rnpn <ji     i'i nil are pro
duced i hard    u   ■ ri   li I  llllle, i
any, pruning Inc. been done. While It
is     true thai    the
trees ami losses    lo growi i *      from
vicious and   iiitnei essai i   pi	
imt be estimated, yet il wm Id li ■
wrung to ussi 11 ihal in
shnuld be done i'i ulwaj iidh
ii.us in llitn ■ 'it Ilu. |i,ps j'i the
trees when the hranchi • lieeonn
overcrowded, lo I oul id nml
weak I j brnriches, oi to ai tin
growth   of    unrulj     m       misplaced
si is, but tin    ■■ iti in   i i," I        ..:
together too pn vnh nt ol
annual visit   through  111   nn li ird, re
moving ot shoi l< ninj   h  tnehi  . ..
in.it it r uf routine, .unl clip) In •      the
tops nf   shouts    w il ||(i
object in    view.   a ill lu .
assuredly diminish Ihi
city of the tree
The season of prun hip  is, in   some
cases, an Important tai toi in       the
management of t rei      (ienerull
lime during the   dormant    eason
chosen foi   prun in w lu*re
tin- objei i is mereh  11
Ol thickly brain bed  Irei
is nol of much Impoi Uni e, and    lh
work can be performed   it nnt   Mm
when found convenient.      lint    when
the ubiect is lo gain additional vigor
iu certain brnnche!, much will       he
gained  hi   cul tin.'  oul   Hit
hranilies   as   pariy .i-   possible nftei
the     hees have    matured their Wood
and become deciduous. If pruned    at
Hns time the succeeding growths will
hi- sirnngi-i   than Ihey  would he        II
pruned laler. The reason tor this
Iti thai the lice continues to absorb
nutriment by its roots, This nutriment is disseminated to all portions
of the structure of the tree, and Lints
lhe si/e and strength of the hilds are
increased, consequently, if the pruning is delayed (ill late, pari of the
nutriment which has been stored in
the branches is cut away and lhe
energies of tho tree expended uiitieivs
sni ih . On the other hand, when
Ihr pruning is performed early, the
buds will he benefited by the accumulated nutriment which otherwise
would have been removed and des-
ln M-il, which proves the absolute ne-
ce.ssitj of priming in proper season.
Perhaps no advice that has been
given in fruil culture is so vague and
disappointing in iis practical applica
Hon as thai contained in the short
ami apparently pithy words quoted
above. It is evidently intended as a
short, prnctlcnl rule, capable of general use, producing a certain well-defined result, while iu reality il is a
mere expedient that may he valuable
under some conditions ami is always
in operation of experiment ratbei
than one of certainty. The principle
upon which the advice, "prune In
summer for fruit," Is based, recognises harieiiiiess iu fi'Ull trees as being   the result uf a predominancy of
w I growth, also   that any process
tending lo reduce this redundancy, so
loi     a   n     dues nnt serlniish affect
tlu   health ol the plant, will      favor
{ t!i   production    uf flowers aud fruit.
I R\ persisting In the   removal of loll-
I age Irom the tree while it is in   ac
t live growtli its vitality will he weak-
I j ned ami iis general health Impaired
So thai u[ all tin- methods employed
fm    improving   the    fruil fulness   of
lives tbis is (he   least definite ur di
rl'ct, because its   usefulness depends
f upon conditions which cannol always
be foreseen i r foretold.
in Hn- practical application of
summer pruning difficulties nud per
plexilles arc encountered whieli ren
ih I iln- operation um- nf uncertain
result. For example, if the growing
ools nf au apple or pear tree be
cheeked in their extension by rcmov-
i      i portion nf their points, say to-
■ ml the hitler pail of .lune, the
lower buds on lhe shoots will be
[oreed into growth, thus forming nu-
roiis side branches which have no
ii i media to   connection   with fruiting
ami which will simply tend    tu
the formation uf a thicket which will
have to be removed in winter. Hut if
the shoots are not checked in their
j -1eimlon (ill August, and the
leather afterwards continues tn be
i arm ami dry, the probabilities are
it tin- lower buds on these shunts
will start into rather feeble side
growth and short spurlike shoots,
which will ultimately furnish fruiting
buds. If. nn the oilier hand, the
siiison happens tu be wel aud mild
weather prevails until close on in
winter, these same shuots will len
Men inlu slender twigs, vvhicb will
nol thoroughly mature and will be
"i nu use whatever. The difficulty
reaching successful results lies in
the uncertainty as to thc proper
lime to    prune, because nu two sea
in In
IN THREE   \0CIDENTS! I would be Im;,   „ ,  )(P|   ■,v|,ltul  ,,,
  I Ing rn  lhe removal ol branches, lc
li would seem thai /.am Hull,    Liu i m amall, al any lime.
Famous healing balm we Ileal so high i    Hoes it mil seem
ly   spoken of everywhere, is purlieu    incoiisisteul    pracl
larly useful iu Hn- I'amih   circle,      \ , li    expend    Its     .
reporl    sent by Mrs,   E. Davey, 7811   wood all   summer
E31Ilee Ave., Winnipeg,   will Illustrate   work with a prunii
Ihis.     She says: "My little boy,   of   und cul part of lh
three,  while   playing, fell from       a   rlllctug what II hm
high verandah to the ground, culling  produce, leaving oi
his forehead badly.      Instead of cull ' injury to the vital
ing a doctor   who would undoubted!        Then   again,     i'i
have pul in a number of stitches,    I   slatidpolnf  with   i
bathed the   wound   well, and applied | is surely easier lo
Zam-Buk.       The   little   fellow,   al
though suffering keenly, sunn had re
lief from his pain.     In tlie course *>i
three  weeks, by    applying Zam Huk
daily, the wound was nicely healed.
".Since then I have also used /.am
link ror a boil whieh came un mv
cheek, and wlilcli proved verj painful
and looked unsightly, /.am Huk
sunn drew the boll in a head ami ll
then quickly banished il.
"Another lime mj hahy was
scalded mi her lefl thigh and enl! ol
b-g wiih boiling waler.     Hireellj  ll
was d - I  thoughl  lu use /.am Hul,,
and sprending some mi lint I wrap
fled up lhe baby's limb. Next morning she rested much easier ami I ap
plied a fresh bandage with /am link
I kept this treatment up daily, and
was rewarded by seeing a gnat Improvement each lime 1 dressed lhe
wound, lu a very short space ni
time the scalds wen- alt nicely heal
"I cannot recommend this wonderful healing preparation tun highly fur
family use, and 1 have such great
faith iu Hs healing powers thai mv
house is never without a box.
For all skin Injuries ami diseases,
piles, eczemn, salt rheum ami face
sores, /.am Huk is absolute!) uneq
nailed 50c. box all druggists and
stores, or post free from /.am Hu';
Co., Toronto, fur price. Try Zam
Huk Snap tool    Only 35c, tablet.
^^^^^^        iMi  i hud     i;i
Mny than to mi nil n branch In
Nnveinber. Indeed bj proper alien
lion iu disbudding lhe amputalloii ol
branches will be rendered unneccssarj
and the health i f lhe plnul will he
Dominion Nomination
IN TIIK Fll-Xl) in
(.mil) TIME.
t       Strayed       t
ny   im*
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rellabla French rogulatoruiaver (alia, These
l lla aro aa IIurI, powerful m rcgulntlnn lhe
 ral   * p ■'   n   I On lonialo lyatem,   Reluao
nil I   latl ll      Hi*, ilo Vi,n'a are sold nl
Ulnl ,nrl ilrn II I. Mallal lo nny nilclreaa.
Tlio Si oboll Hi QB* ,'.,., Bt, .'i.tlnti'liii',. ,»nt
l*'iir wili* nl   llcolle, Murphy ,ii  Co.,
.> BuckBkin Pony, I u-liil.u [out |
♦ up   in    knues,   white   Pitou, f
| brnudiil TT on 1,-i'i shoulder, £
|    ii«,,,*„,-|,y  -o saute out    CEN'IIIRY   RESTAURANT
^ ;n\ !tu*iif nl |.\|)cuses ini-iirriil T Oiijitmlto c.l'.lt. Stallon
*i> In ilntc, i niiv is rl,*lillll*il. /*.
a> l    :        ... X     THE    PLACE    TO     (H'.T    A
.;. August Olson,      11 ,* MEALAN-,
♦ Wardner, B.C. JI anoD MEAL
V □       I   ,        *V*    I
<> 8-11 X I
The Liberals of ilu- federal constituency of New Westminster mei in
ciiiiveutii n I.ist unit ,;:.'*] iiomliialed
ns ilicii' standard bearer at lhe next
general cleetion, Reeve J W, Wcart*
ni Hurnahy,
His nearest competitor (ur the
honor was Mr. George Kennedy, president ui tlie Westminster Liberal nn
sedation. The voting oiutliesc two
si I, Wear I   ll voles, Kennedy 3fl.
Following the nomlnatloii of Mr
Weart, Mr. Kenned) lhanked the
meeting for the vole given him, sa)
im'. In- would work hnnl fi r llie nom
Ince and tlo everything in liis powei
iu assist lhat gentleman,
I, Reginald S. Phillips, of Flo
stone, in tlie Province nl British v,.
lumbia, give notice thai mi llie 30th
da) ol Mav. mil, .i' eleven o'cloek
in Hie torcnoon, 1 Intend to apply to'
lhe Water Commissioner at his Ofllce
in Cranbrook, f ir -a license lo take
nnd use three i ubic feet of waler per
second Irom three springs rising on
siili division one, ol Lol 311(1 in* the
Cranbrook Water District. The walei
is in be taken from the said three
springs and is to be used mi subdivision one ol Lot 357, containing IHO
acres, for Irrigation purposes,
Harvey, MeCarlei and Maedtnald
It) "»l     Solicitors for  llie  Applh anl
sons arc exactly alike, and nisi be
cause trees vary in llieir vigor from
year to year. Sn much then for lhe
advice, "prune in summer for fruit."
Now for that advocating winter
pruning tor wood. A plant iu a
healthy growing condition will mam
lain a proper balance between Ihe
rooi and branches, and auy deslrue
ium nf cither will, lo a certain ex
tent, destiny this nntiiral balance, bo
if a portion of the branches ol tin
tree be cut a\v;n that increased vigor
will he lent to those lhat remain.
"Pinching" Is a term used among
horticulturists, and which, nl though
v.ill understood by ihe cralt, 1ms
a very Indefinite meaning to the
general reader. It is ii method ol
summer pruning whereby robust
shoots are checked at an early stage
of their growth by a plnel: at their
extremities, between the finger nnd
thumb, without further removal ol
foliage. This operation retards for
a time the extension of .such shoots,
Induces additional growth in other
buds aud develops shunts where a
more active extension'is required.
"Disbudding" is the removal oi
hmls ur young shunts which have not
made mure than an inch of growtli,
aud it is certainly (he hesl method
of preventing growths where they
are uol wanted, without Interfering
with the lieallh of tin- plant. I'iucli-
ing and disbudding are the mosl ral Today's store advertisements pro
iiiih.il modes uf directing the growth bably contain information " ""
ol plants.    If rigidly practised there  MEDIATE VALUE TO YOU.
I, Francis Downes, ol Flagstone,
j in iln- I1 roi im c oi British Columbia,
give notice that nn Uie j! Uth day ol
May, 1U1I, ai eleven o'clock iu lhe
forenoon, I intend to apply lo the
Water Commissioner at his Ofllce in
Cranbrook, for n license lo lake aud
use one cubic fool ol water per
si eond from Edwards Lake in (he
Cranhrook Water District. Thr water
i- to he taken from Kdwards Lake
in ihr bead oi tin- ditch authorized
hy Waler Record 325, and is lo be
nsi'd on west hall of the north wesl
quarter ol the southeast quarter ol
Lol 355, eontninii * 10 acres for irrigation ptirposi i
Hnrvey, McCarter and Macdouald,
in ."it      Solicitors for the Applicant.
The Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
(II\ EN Hint Hn* Council linvo ileciil
iii mil in nppotul n "Special CU-n.ii
ii.* I |i Dny" ihis yrur na in picvlliiiH
..mi*., nml uill mil iinilcrtnko Un*
expenso nt providing men nml vehicles
fur Hull, purpose, Iml Hint nil v.11 I
mnl premises musl. In* thorough!)
clenncil ami placed In a snnltnrj condition In iln* owners m* occupiers ol
such yards or premises lictoro Maj
Hilli next, after wliich (Into Un* San
ilniy Inspector will proceed In
strictly enforce tho provisions ol the
City Clerk.
Dated the llli day nl April, Hill.
Crnnhrook, B.C. 8-11
IlllllMS '1(1 RENT.
ili*:iili..l.il*l.*l*.i   for  (ill   kinds <il'
Satisfaction Gmmmteed
Tin* SI  SpuoialJBt
S ""*       i
I   1
VV. 1". OURD,
Bafflster, Solicitor, Etc.
Money in loan mi invornble torms.
mWB&ZfiZl.i- "■» •"■■"  • fr/^a
— 111'i :Bisr^igr*g.f',-:T:*;';!S£g5agir?ia> I
of w&
,*i %-±
-  t*   \
Kvery lady is in teres let) in hair dressing styles hecnusc a heeomlnR and effective
cujfiiire adds niiu-li tu her personal appearance. Individual al tract iveness is very large
ly ilepeiidenl iipnu Hie hair. Therefore, ue say "Take care ol the hair." A few
moments each day doVoled UTbritshlng the hair, massaging the scalp and an application or NEWHRO'S HKRlML'lDE frum Uo lo four limes each iveeli will accomplish
truly wonderful results.
from Sattler's
New Viirk Cil)'
Instructions: (MooXoti,) tlm Imir is nwircll,,I.
ilri's*"l with .1 sliglil [j.irt,soft townnl Ilu* fa,*,*.
Tlm rent of thi* Imir is talton up in centre of
III,. Iii'.'nl nml *, .■! nn 11 foiinilnlioii in wlilcli is
addctl (jrcciiin I'liffs, An Apliroditu Coil is
placed like a riblion iiroinnl tin* pull's. Thn ends
of tin* ruil nre used to tiiii-.li tho dressing lieinu
Hindi, into two Im*.'.* loops nnd fastened with
hair ornaments as shown l,y tin* lun-k view.
THERE is  Mirilivi; HETTER
TO KNOW Till*:   III*:'.I. t'OMFOR'l
Slim 1.11 1 _
i'iitiik comb, '.i>  ian
Ask your Drill kI ' ahnul hoth
NOTE —Tin' ll* ■  lelde        havi nrranged with tho leading Imir dressers of the Country to tarnish
models Willi deserlpl 1 llic 1 -■ 1.—. 1 ami  .1 npprovnl modes nl halrdrc ssliig.      I.ndles   who
adopt   these style   mil el <*   lhe   all Taction uf  heing in (lorfccl vogup,
fi. ,.<-»'
Huir that is neglected shows it and quickly.   It is uneven,   dull, brittle and     tin
scalp usually Infested with daadrulT,    Hair iu that   condition Is   unsiKlilly ami cannol
lie made to l(Mik neat, no mal ter how carefully arranged.      Tho above simple  sugges
tions  relative lo lhe care nf the hair will, if followed, rorrecl all ol Ihis,
The huir takes ou an astonishing luxuriance and beau
ty which are always associated    wilh   the use nf    MiIh
wonderful sculp prophylactic.    Willi the removal nf dan
ilrufl and the restoration <d a healthy condition of    the
halt uud scalp, the   hair    ceases lu   fall mil and nature
asserts herself in u mannei     which   is almosl    a) onee
noticeable, Try it and see,
NKWimO's HERPICIDE destroys the Invisible micro
hie growth which causes duiidrufl, anil keeps the head
NEWBRO'S HER PIC1DK   was the   tirst*   preparation r-^
made tu kill the dandruff germ,     It bus fur years   heen ***        \
known us "The Original Dnndrufl Oerm Destroyer." HU'K vl,',u
Any preparation for which the same claims are made is trading u|  tho reputation of NKWBRO'S I1KRPICIDE and is au Imitation. Don't Like something "jusl
as goud."   I nsisl nn   having genuine HRItPIClDE.
TAKE NOTICE that Wilhcmlnn
Muss, ui Cranbrook, D.C., occupation
Spinster, intend to apply fur permission tu purclinsu llic lollowing des
crlhed lands:
i ummencliig at a post planted at
the soulheasi corner ol Lot 0801,
Group One, thence south no chains,
more ur less, tn the north boundary
oi Lot 18.31; tlicncc westerly along
said boundary seventeen (17) chains,
more or less, lo the west boundn
ol Lol 8114, thence northerly along
-;iiil wesl boundary a distance n
twenty (20) chains, thence easl set
i ntcen (V,) chains, mure or less, li
"* point ui' commencement, eontnlu
i-i- thirty-flvc (35) acres, morn      o
Willieminu Moss, IjOcntor.
Per -1. Walsh, Agent.
Dated April Sill, DHL 8-01
v^wt'-        'm'■ zy.ptmaict
M ^fii.*,.-.-'^-^-
■^I   E)  " '   fi ■■'* > '• ;' -.*'
"*".     '.*>".  -'' l   K I   :* "
v*3   i-   -.-'-»■    . -
-.";::   ■     •• * Tr« ,. Maiwo
"^i-i." .    ....'*       i. -
'•   *   i   v     *■■*,-.. T'fte.
Sdittfiflc Jltitcricdti.
A lui'i-lKu-fv UliMntml fmUy.    UtbmI  ...-■
nlftUOD   it   iillj    *■■-,■„  Bfl    ii.i:...i'.      I Willi    Ini
i i; nli. •*"■ .. vmi, i-.'. .-■ (.i.|*ii.i.   told iijr
UiaiH-li onietf, r.*j K w, tVaabtpglim, I* 0,
One dollar size bottles and guaranteed by all druggists.
Application obtained at the better barber .'hops
and hair dressing parlors.
\  Tin-  HorplcMo Cotniwny,   lVi>t. I.. Windsor,
[Ont.     Pirn .- --1..1 1,..- .■■ -, ;.   ,.f nil th<  Hi   ,*   Id
-liuii ili-.-s-iNir l.-«*-..ii   .. 1 ii|,i...|ir.'-l up b
1,Int.*. aln your Umkldi un iho care of ili<< hair nnd
hlMmploafNowliro'a Hvr|dcl<le,
Special  Audits.
TAKE NOTICE Uiul I, Uarr) S.
Clarablc, ol Kimberley, a. v., umi-
patiou, Mine Korcnmu, iulcnd to apply iui permission iu purchase ibe
following described lands:
Beginning .a a post planted uu
north boundary ui Lul -uiii, and on
\icst boundary ol Timber License .W
a 1132, thence north thirty-live chains
and lorty-slx links t;jj.lu) iu southern butuitlaiy oi Lul lUhU; Uieuce
westerly Qvo chains aud twenty links
(5.20) along southern boundary ol
Lot Ium>; thence south-westerly (11
teen chains and fltty links (15.50) following the eastern boundary of the
Kmpire Mineral claim, thence norlh-
westorly nineteen chains ami Mty-llve
links, lollowing southern boundary ol
L'mpirc .Mineral claim to the V K.
corner uf Lot 3013; thenco lollowing
easi boundary ol Lot 3043 twentj
twn chains and bo vent) three links
(32.73) tn tho s. I-:, cornel ol Lol
3013; thenco westerly, following boh
I hern boundary ol Lot 30*12 foui
chains ami ten links < 1.10); Ihence
easterly, following northern boundary
ol I.ut 1032 clgbl chains (8.00) t«.
west boundary oi Cornel Mineral
; claim; theme northerly following
west boundary of Cornel Mineral
claim nine chains (ii.Oftj lu V W
eurner tti same; thence easterly t"l
lowing the north boundary nl Comet
Mineral claim twenty \wo ehains and
Rovonty-threo links (22.73) lo llie
\. K. eurner of same; thenee southerly following east boundary ol Win-
el Mineral claim twenty-two chains
and seventy-three links to lhe X. Iv
curlier uf sanir; llirlice easterly following northern boundary of lhe
Mtspali Mineral claim five chains
(5.00) In west boundary of Lot 2048;
1 lienre nor I hei 1 v fi illowlng wesl
boundary ol  Lot 2013  twelve chains
(12.00) tn (he V. \V. cnllier of sump;
Ihence easterly following northern
boundary of Lol 2018 twelve chains
nnd five links (12.08) In place of
beginning, containing eightv three
ncrcfl (S*l 00) mure or lrss.
llnrry S. (lamhle,
Provcnzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Acjents
CMANRTOOK      -      O. C
P.O. BOX 194 PHONE 244
ll  yuo  want  s.itislaction witb
your washing   send
it   to
Hpeclnl pricoi (or family wmk.
Nelson's I eading Mold
ItoouiB will. Uiillia,   'I'll.mc in
hul **i -i*..;iiii tl.,. iiri'iiii
Thoronglily iii,-to-ilnle
Rates, il (ill h day nnii up.
jj     iil.d. 1'   Wl'.l.l s, l-roprletoi
!'.. TO.MK IN, Manager
'.*«v--a*ji*Ki...--■ -vjatrnjir-crpia-:^
[ITUI ISIM I)    WM Ai.l.V)
, i.ieri . n\ i .'i,i the world
lo eonuiiunicaiu direct with English
M \M ! \i I'UItl H.- and DBALKKt
in cttib ulnn ol goods llenhlea belno
a eomplctf eommereiul guiile to Lon
■ion uml it- mili irba, llie directory
eontuint lieta of
wiili   lite  ti Ib   ibcyship, and   ihe
Colonial  nud   Foreign  Markets they
nnnuged under lhe l*orte to which thej
-.iii, nnd indicating the approximate
!■:; IVIN'CI \l.   ri! \i'K   NOTICES
ol leading Mniiuftiutuierg,  Merclmnl
'•;'■.. in the prluelpal provincial town*
.m.i ii (Insula] centres o( tlio Unite*!
A j"i'V ol tin- current editlou will be
forwaided, freight paid, ou receipt ol
PostalOrdei lorSIOs.
Dealers seeking \gencies can ndver-
tise their trado cards for •_'iij., «>r largrc
ndverilsementa fromoOs
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
2.i Ahchurt-h lane. London, K.C.
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Itailway licit iu llritisb
Columbia*, may bu homes leaded hy
auy person wlm is thc sole head ol a
family, or any male over 18 years of
aye, to Uie extent ol one-quarter
icetlon el 160 acres, more or less.
Entry must hu made personalty at
the local laud utlice lnr the district
in which the laud is situate. Entry
hy proxy may, however, be made on
certain conditions by the lather,
mother, .snn, daughter, brother or
sister oi an intending homesteader.
'ihe homesteader is required to per
(nr, the conditions connected therewith under one ot the following
(I). At least mv months' residence
upon and cultivation nf the land in
each year for three years,
ti). K the ratbei (nr mother, li
tin: latl.er is deceased), ol tbfl
liomestcader resides upon a (arm in
Lhe vicinity of Lbs land entered for,
tho requirements as to residence may
In- satisfied hy such person residing
with llic lather ur mother.
(8). U itm settler has his permanent residence upon farming land owned hy him in the \icluity of his
homestead, the requirements na tn
residence may Tk- satisfied by residence upon the said land.
six months' notice in writing
Bhould he given tn the Commissioner nf Dominion Lauds at. Ottawa of
Intention to apply for patent.
citAL.—('nai mining rights may bfl
leased fur A    period     ol twenty-one
years nt an nununl rental uf Si    per
aire.     Not mure    than 2,570   ucrcs
shall he leased tn nne iiulniilual     or
Company.     A royally   at the rate ol
live cents per   ton shall he collected
on Ulfl merchantable Oofll mined.
W. w. CORY,
Deputy of the Minister   ol   the   Interior. '.!!! ilit
Dated March 15th, 1011. 1-Ot
Kvery cure anil comfort
A homo from homo
Special attention iu cuppa of
Maternity) Itlioumatism
nml ni ou moil hi
To rin a  moderate
MRS. B. BI-NT, Matron.
i.O. It", l-l,..,,,. 8711
Physicians and Surgeons.
DAI*-,  nt   ltralilr*,'-.,   Armstrong   4,.,
Forotioona - - - - nnii in in mi
Alliiiiimiia   * - - 2.00 In    4.00
EvMilnga .... 7.HII to   0.30
riuinl.iy.1 .... 1..1II tn   1.311
iMlAMIKOOK  II     II     il it     U. O,
W.    HUTU
inn     in     iniiiiriii
■..ll.*-.*.*   Till tu. in
nlo nml Jli'ilnlllal ul
i.iiiiiirv r.ill.-ni*   I'll
* I'lt'liii in
l*r„'*i I.-.-,,. M.i,nl,
Marino r.
llfftcc—ne\l tliinr in I'ii
Phone IW      ■      I'll.
ll Ollicc
i*:lll-ll    II. Sil,.**!',
V>k. P. li. ft!ILI£S
S to 12 a.m.
1 to   il p.m.
7 to   It p in.
Oirico In now Reid Work
IRANBROOK        -      -       - H. P.
Cranbrook nml Fort Stoelu
J   J. li. CUMMINOS    X
|t.i0no"»8 Cranbrook. B.C. j
I* f* ******************
B.   C.   and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
A|| for Hal.voii LITHIA WATER
For lamlly me there ia nothing
,i. nrholeaoma toil an pure na
V /
Hai moved hU Ofllce from Uakordtroet
tit   Niirlniiy  nvt'iine, ne\t dmir
t'» Blnnlnfts I'liuto Mudiu.
W.   1.    ll.Hltr. Fun.ml llii.
Crubnoli it C,
I. Prnnrls Downcn, nl Klagalonp, m
ilu-   Province <>f   Hrlllsh  Columbia,
i-.r.i n.-ii.* that on Iho i''th dnj .-i
Hajr, IOU, at eleven oVIod In llie
[.Men.mn, I Intend   in npplj In    Ihci
Ual. r t'otnmlwi i al i.i* i Mi".'   mi
Crnnbrook toi a license in lake     t
iim- two ami   one hall cubic lul      n(
waler   per    second  Irom    INlu.mU
Uko in Hie Crnnbrook   Walei    in
11Ul       Tlie   water   Is   tn lie taken
fmm   Kiluai.ls Lake al     lie li.-ad    ol
lhe dttcli    aiitlmiiAil    l.y Water liv
cord 225 and  is t<>  In- used in   subdivision 3, nf l.nt ;i-Vi, containing 1(1(1
ncroj foi Irrigation purposes,
Harvey, McCarter nnd Macdunald
ln'.t      Solicitors lnr the Applicant,
AND CHEMIST.—Charges: Gold,
silver, eopper nml lead, ll each;
gold-silver, $1.50; stiver-lead, 11.60;
gold*sllvcr, wiib eopper nr lead,
(3.50; Mnc, 12; sllvi-r-leail-7lnr, $:l.
I'riees fnr other metals on application. P. 0. U.'v VI) , 1108, Nei
An atiliciiiiu'si* demonstration,   in
I ai ii   mil NT nil   ticilic i h*1'11  SBVoral   J»l«>P»'' woto wrcckci
♦OLD    COUNTRY   NEWS!   anil  a    iimnta- ol persons arroslod
T At*       I....I/        Ill     la. Illi-lr, .„!...,>, I     .1,,,   ..IL...
NeWs lias leaclieil Lnililnii that
Miss Macleod, who went mil to Wesl
Africa tn raise a memorial stone
nver the grave of the explorer, Lieutenant Hnyd Alexander, her fiancee, is
HOW on lier way back tn the coasl
afler a successful jcAirney tn Lake
Chad. Lieutenant Boyd Alexander
was murdered by natives, it will be
Some lime in .Ium- there will he
published Un- statistics nf the population in (Ireal Hi .lain nn lhe night
nf April 2, MM I Tlie census papers
which will record lhe biography in
brief nf 511,(1011,11(1(1   people have   heen
colleeleil     hv      in.iinn   ei lorators,
ami wiul. has" lieen already commenced ai Ihr census headquarters ol
Mlllbnnh,       The p roll miliary report,
Whieli is In lie issued in alinul      Iwn
months' time, uill give thc      grand
lntal population ui the klngd , the
number nl Inhabited bouses, ami
comparisons with previous years. It
will also give ihe totals nf population for the various towns, counties,
and other areas, ami slmw how each
has Increased or decreased (luring
(In- ten years which have elapsed
since the last census was token.
A sum ni' C200,0IH) in provide n
cluh fm poor naval aud military officers was left hy the Hon. Henry
l.nrtnn Boiirhc, ol Hayes Heanpaie,
County Meatb, whn.se will was proved at £521,707. Mr, Bourke, who
was on uncle nf the Marl ol Mayo,
stilted that the cluh was In he called
•'The Bourke Naval and Mililan
Club." "It is in have separate
apartments ol nne or two rooms,"
lie added, "and the usual common
rooms nf a club, and js to be lor the
benefit ol poor commissioned officers,
past or present, active or retired,
nf any of the naval or military forces
nf the Crown whose income is be
tween tail per annum and £150 per
annum. Members ot tbis club ore
i.i be elected by the
are tn    pay    snme     rental, however
took place in Birkenhead the othei
nlghl in thu pari nr the town called
North end. Snme Chinamen wlm
lived in an upper room- were seen by
passers-by going to bed withoui
drawing their blinds. This aroused
llie feeling which has long been hat
bored against them by white people.
An angry mob, afler shouting to the
Chinamen, al larked the house, broke
every pane of gloss, and threw
bricks and sloiies into flic house. In
reply, the Chinamen threw bottles at
lhe people outside, ami fnr a while
the battle was kepi up. A large
force of noliee were ealled, hut thej
eoltld hardly hold Ike crow.il, which
called for the lives nf tlie Cliiiuim
Mr. M. Bayard Hrown, ol tlie
yachl Valfreyiii, Bright! I ngsi-a, has
been ordered in ihe law courts to
pay Income lav, his income being es
I-I ma ted hy a surveyor, ol taxes nt
no,nun a year. Mr Brown, wlm
is as eccentric as he i.s wealthy, lives
the life nf an anchorite. Twenty
years ago he bought the Valfreyia, a
large steam yaehl, and anchored 20(1
yards from lhe shore al Brlghtllng-
sea. Since Mien lie ImsTlVed on
hoard, and the vessel has never stir
red from her moorings. A full crew
nf eighteen, keeping regular watches,
is always on board, and a fall head
nf .steam is kept up nlghl and day.
The vessel is always ready lo put to
sea ai a moment's notice, but tbe
order is never given, The crown
claimed in court that tho Valfreyia
was within the King's domains. Mr
Brown replied thai he hod never paid
harbor dues, rates, or taxes, that he
was a United states citizen, ami
windows, a collcctlvi
exhibit ol   tne
kind proposed, in the
verv heart     ol
London, might well
j-  the means ol
attracting an even ll
rger measure of
attention than the
ndlvldual cxblb*
its can hope to do ii
their separate
When   tho house ol
j ommons went
into committee tbe o
hn day to deal
further with the govt
inmeni measure
to destroy the veto -
1 the lords, the
peers themselves pngt
ged in a spirit-
sea Dominions as a permanent home ing, as it did, of seasoned soldiers,
im an exhibition uf their products which we bad today. It was con*
Although lhe Loudon offices of the'trary tu uil opinions ol military el
Oversea governments aro generally flciency to put such an army in the
well and suitably housed, and tils- Held against continental forces As
play some excellent exhibits In Llieli to Lord Roberts' demand toi a military force ol a million men, Lord
Haldane argued that' before thai
could be obtained the intellectual and
material resources of thr country
would have become sn diminished
thai something like bankruptcy
would be staring us in the face.
One of the principal points made
bj Lord Milner, who followed, was
that the striking force provided by
Lord Haldane was not adequate to
the needs ol oar policy—pacific
though it was—because it could render no effective aid to nur allies or
onr friends in a great Continental
Lord   Huberts'     motion was c\
tually carried by a majority  of 5
cd debate regarding Mu- problem of
defence Additional Interest was
given tn the proceedings in tin-
upper chamber hv the lact that, Un
the lirst time in parliament. Vis
count Haldane, minister nl war, was
hroughl face to lace with Earl Roberts, his greatest military critic   in
moving bis im linn  tu lhe efleet   thul
"in view of the altered strategic
conditions In Kurope this bouse
views with grove and growing con
ccin (he Inadequate mllllarj arrangements nf his majesty's government
for the defence of this country ami
bis majesty's overseas Dominions,"
Lord Roberts delivered a scathing
criticism uf lhe condition of the
army. There were, he said, two
grave delects—want of numbers and
insufficient training. We had neither a
home defence army, such as was
needed for tbe defence of the country, nor nn effective regular army tn
defend our territories abroad. Since
Ibe lime ol the Boer war tbe regular
army    bad I n     reduced    by 411,1.1111
meu, the militia had been done   away
wilh ami replaced by thc special    re
serve, aud w.e had been given a terri
lhat all his income came ti
from abroad, but    lhe court       belli
Unit he was a resident ol thc United  tnrmI f),m. ^]m.u was absolutely in-
Kingdom and must pay income tax.   Lunicient iu numbers,, inefficient       iu
m training, and un re costly than    were
Since   the   closing of    lhe Gaiety  the auxiliary   forces on wbicb       we
restaurant    in      thc   Si rand   somc| were obliged lo rely in South Africa.
weeks ago   Ihere has been a      good i,,,,i   Roberts   contended that     the
dealof speculation   as to the purpose: voluntary system had failed, and Ihal
for which the building   will in future   „ver and above   the regular army al
be utilized,     It seems probable   thai   |{,ast one million men   were required
and   ,!"' 'ca8e wi" '"' ""^rendered to   the   for the purpose of mllltnry defence.
London county council, ami iu     this)    |j0rd Haldane .replied.      He admit-
small, for their accommodation, ami
llu-se rentals are lo be applied ia reducing the cost of the upkeep of the
club " The cluh is to be maintain
ed with a suitable staff of servants.
connection an   interesting suggestion, ted that there were many defects   in
has been made      II is that the eouti-j \\u.    territorial    lorce,    and     asked
cil shnuld oiler tbe building, which is   whether an army nf  year trained
certainty one ol the    must handsome ,„,.„ ,.,,ui,|   |„.    compared in quality
in the district,   lo the vaxloua over- with the expeditionary force, eonsisl-
irr3*i.^'air«.-'*':*ofi*?j'"-<-,«i!.° v/!.'5*v«*',,v,,',,'.i«*-/';w«*'i',w'*5 <-,.• '.*•> *-•• !••* '-.«. Jirgss
I Cranbrook Operatic
| Society
Thursday and Friday
MAY 4th and 5th
At the Auditorium
Full Cast of 50 Voices.
Original Costumes by Tarns of New York.
A  ii piece Orchestra specially organized for thc production.
TICKETS: $1.00 and 75c.
Eton college, where the Karl n
Rcsebery and Lord Curzon, ol Ked
lesion were birched as youngsters,
has suddenly decided upon a revolution in its methods of cm rectlon
The present headmaster, the Kev.
the Hun. E, Lyttelti n, lias issued
bis command that the birch shall
henceforth he abolished altogcthei in
the upper school. When punishment
is necessary a cane will be employed
A small birch for refractory conduct
will slill be employed uu junior buys
Tbe Bwtshing>block is q venerable institution ut Eton, thut ia use until
recently having dated back to 1770.
Knur years ago the relic of so many
painful memories was stolen from the
headmaster's room. What became nf
il remained a mystery. Then ii
transpired that twn buys had broken
into the rnnm and lowered tin- block
into a waiting motor car. ll i.s understood that they offered tn return
lhe relic, bul already it hud been re
When a medicine must be given to
young children it .shnuld he plcasanl
tn take. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is made from bml sugar, and the
runts used iu its preparation give it
a flavor similar to maple syrup, mak
ing it pleasant to lake, ll has 110
superior fnr colds, croup and whooping cough. For sab' by all deal
ers. 7 11
MQUOH ACT, ihio.
(.Section 40)
thut ou the 21th day of April next,
application will be made to the Sup-
rlntcndcnt of Provincial Police for
the transfer of the license for the
.sale of liquor by retail in and upon
the premises known as the Kails
View Hotel, situate al Marysville,
llritisb Columbia, from Charles E.
Pinch in Evan Thomas Crowley, nl
Marysville, British Columbia.
Dated    Ihis    22nd   day ol   March,
C E. Finch
Holder of License.
E. T. Crowley
Applicant lnr Transfer.
OSC,tR    STUCKBY, «     FEET   fl
On a farm nnt far fmm Jackson
ville, Flnridu, there is iu training
the "hope of tbe while man's
hopes." The youth Who snme day
in the near future counts on getting a
trial for the highest honors in pugilism is Oscar W. Stuckcy, 20 years of
age, und a veritable giant, probably
as big a man as ever stepped into
the ring to don the padded milts.
Stiiekey's debut into the ranks or
top notch pugilism is still remote.
Ile is training earnestly at Hie pre
sent time on the Florida ust rich
fat 111. and if si/e and weight count
fur anything his climb into tbe chain
pionship class is practically hall du
ished belore the start.
Carl Morris, who is even bigger
than the black man Whom be hopes
In trim snme day, appeals small be
sub- this young giant, His titular
hopes do not end with his si/e, however, for his ability ti take punish
ment and also administer it in copious ipiantities is the talk of the
fighting fraternity ol these parts.
Constant training has improved bim
wonderfully in the finer points nt thc
game, and still more time under
able tutors is counted upon tn turn
oui a finished boxer.
****** a******* *
« ♦
* IT IS •
* TO »
lletore aeniliiii; ymir money *
*to olltiiili* |N,ii,ts. and run- *
* niiiK the risk of ymir Olden »
* Wing ntli, r tliuu what ymi *
4) really wanted, nr Wins de- .>
* laved on the mail When 1 *
•V can supply you -»
#with ANYTHING in the*
-, line ol
4 Music or #
« Musical Instruments *
* TRY IT JU8T ONOE,    ♦
*' POST orpicB *
* M. MI H4 MMIS NS, MS *
« CMMROOK,   I.C.        »
-• 6MI a>
Kvery housewife knows
that newly maJe flour
dees nut give sa s;..!ls-
factory results as hour
lhat has bevn aged fur
some !inu'. Why il docs
not is rather difficult to
explain —but Hour that
has been aged j.i**t right
will make a larger, better-
flavoured loaf of bread
than flour that has not
been aged.
We are careful about REAL (IF
ALBERTA. We watch this point. V u
can bo absolutely certain that the Hour
you are getting is ju*-t right, if you
insist on SEAL OP ALBERTA.
The  essentials
making are I—
of   successful   bread
(5) To r
(C ■■ *
* i earl flour-
tlTA - the
i iess Flour,
: ■ lod Yeast.
"*':  uf  the   rij;ht
■■'■ ney.
trol of the tern-
i* .* lure at all stages.
t sofl flours are In-
not   for  bread
1 ■■*. pastry llr.ur
bul if a bread
Ai :;i:;;TA."
it 'if the surfare
makes a dark
•*■ ked loaf.
Remember the name-
C* .1
. *   .Qn
. <j**i ta
*********************** **********************)
Asaya Nimrall
THE    NEW    HEt.lElDY    FOR
Nervous Exhaustion
Physicians agree that a vigorous
nervous system is essential to the
successful treatmeutof Consumption, "ASAVA-NaURAU," feeds
the nerves with Lecithin (obtained from eKS,'s), the element required for nerve repair. Its use
maintains full nerve vi^or, restores courage when lio[>e is failing, nnd thus lends incalculable
uiil in throwing off the disease.
$1.50 per bottle.   Local agent.
"at it here sina iim:
*.,•*. w
^    Seats now on Sale at Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.    &>
AIwwj tht B-ni Moulin ,*'-l
quirk 8-trvfc-B. Ilusiuf" \*m'*
Lunrh.   (i*«mi Hi. «:-I Sv-.i.
J. SAKAIlll III   I'liul*.
Weraiu* everyone totaiw
fyat we are paying *
c-42 Interdr^
pfratimim crtJileJ nifiil}"
■*k up«^)sttbject teW.th-
dranal brchrqrue 6 -
on lime deposits or -
Vc inv-al nonrr" fordienls
.Sraeial fihawial business..
Wfw.inl'fiur saving act'nl
Sifywi are aol savin j -
SffjjttniaVitily, * * <*• *
Commence Now Wilh US.
*•** easilylianlleS—
^lotTcan send hy Draff,
Post -Office * Cwress
Letter & wilhdrawals
can be maoT* ****
Ware Rcipiwible
RcfertiT^- + * *
Wrile U5 alwuT it to^ay
321 (tambu Street:.
^Vancouver B.C. o
lliuh llrmli*
' »1 WiTO  i«\
tligfantiil Lou
t—•"*■ ^'iniiin-'ittiiij
\ .i« mnn S>atFini
*      Ol Sft-tfUl
itibtl s>-t.-m«
II    ■   \\  ,-<r S...trmi«
P. 0.   BOX 8.11
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<•♦<-** *♦*< ♦♦♦♦<>$♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
SIR EDMUND WALKER   C .        LL.D . D.C.L. President
ALEXANDER  LAIRD,  i    *.■ • .,. l//...at;E*i
CAPITAL,- $lO.OOd.miii
EST, - 57.000,000
Every branch of The Canadu
tin- I'l-incipitl citiea in the foQi
Mrica Crete
Arabia Cuba
AiRnlmp Republic I' ■
Au-itrilu KjOfl
^.■■.'.r-.i-llum;**;.       i   .- -■ tmMtk
IWIfium Kinlj-J
"   til
: B •
* . ■  pped to issue drmAi <
-  .    BI   .-
China Great Britain
The amount of these draft* i- stati
ahle; that in thev are drawn in Hi
tavUi roubles, etc., as tht* case may be.    i
recene the actual amount loteoded.
vs :h Alrka
Straltl Settlemmla
.    . Iiirket
Uafeed Suu*
'* -nt.,!
West Indie*, etf.
- •.--. ihere they are pay.
.■r.-.  1 7c,  krt»nr-n, florina, yen.
tbe payee abroad will
R. T.Brymner. Hanager Cran!>r<*ok Branch
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ fr^ »^v>»»<y»-»»»»»»i0»0»0»t>»
Now is the Time to buy
We still have a stock on hand which
we will sell AT COST to clear.
P. BURNS CO., Ltd.
**********O a>. .     .^>v«.**************
************************4 I . I ******* **********
A  Good   Home
is what is dear to ei       man.  A home
is where Peace   Coml ntment,
and Pleuty is foan I    T reason
mon thro igh *ut Bril irhen
"OranbrooV1 i • < t the
provisions Job  Bi i   for aa
Ideal h ■■■■*■
Canadian Hotel
Capital Paid Up S6,aoO|Ooo Reserve $6,000,000
Total Assets, Over (95,000,000
H. 8. BOLT, Pnttdanr    1   L  FkahE, Gtntral Uansfsr
Accoantiof Firroi, CorforatioiiKtml - lolielted.
Uat-ol town baifnesa recelvei i
SAVINGS UBPARTMKM    1- P0 and upwards received
ami Interest ll lowed at corrent rate,   No lorroalltjr or .lelay in
A 'r<*i.fMi itui,,.; .- Bail 1'rai -*
Cranbrook Branch: D.I). McLAWS, Vanager
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦ » i+w+ww*>+w
Will KM promptly
nil onlcrs for:
Smalt Fralta
I llnHsa uml TknrariiiR 8hrnb>
Alio Fruit Tn-i-».
ii '* ■''
oWiiAitZmMiKi'". .,- ... .   . I
Mrs. Arnold Wallingcr
MEDALIST    OF     Till*:   LONDON
i 1 \( 111:1: nl*' THE VIOLIN.
Ttmu nn tppllottlM.
Adilnss 1-   0   City CHANBROOK HKKALD
By tbe Herald   Publishing Company,
V. J. Deane, Managing Editor,
CKAMIKOOk. IU.. April ll
<Smlo r rf ft;t- Tl> .bel>
Two cases disposed 11 hy \Iagis
Iran- Uynii In lhu police court this
week brought oul with painful force
tho hopelessness of presenl methods
of dealing willi a certain class of
Inebriates Two men, bolli ol them
obviously of snme education, but, nt
presenl, \ ictims of unconl lolloblu
thirsts, appeared before lhe police
magistrate charged with minor of
fenses. i pon bi lag sentenced to
terms of several months hi Nelson
jail, both men expressed BHtlstai
Hon, intimating thai Mny would be
hotter "i'i in jail than el cwhere, it
is pitiful lo think ol men falling so
low and, ul thr same lime, lo real
i/c that    under    existing   c -millions
tbere is   practical!)   lltlli lolhing
tlmt can in' done foi them in tin
tat io an organization has been es
tabllshed, known as "The Ontario
Soclel) for lhe Ilcformnlion ol Inebriates," Which, according lo a recenl
communication to ihr Toronto Globe,
appears to lie dealing with such ens
es »illi sunn- degree nr success. it
would certalnl} he vet) mm li in ord
i-i I'm some note ol lhe p ork being
(lone in Ontarii lo lie laken in this
province and an ellorl mode lo save
these human derellclB.
in \ \i Kosehrugh, on hchall id
Hie Ontario Kneieli fi i the Ketorniu
tion nf Inebriates, writes ns follows
to The Globe:
"Please allow   me   pai ■■ for railing
the attention ol your   readers to    i
unique i haiiu    lor   re '(aiming |>< He
n-iirt  Inebriates which   has heen    1
operation in Toronto, in a ipiii i wa)
lor five years oi i ■. namely,     th
Ontario Soclel) fi i lhe Reformatio!
of Inebriates. li would serve a
useful purpose if tin- character ol
this charily were widely known, and
iis unique methods adopted else
"The medical officer and tbe probn
Hon olliei-i of tin- Roclett visit tb
police eoiirl and nlTei a helping hand
lo those who seem lo In really i
eainesi in Iheir desire lo reform, li
most cases llie ii ehi 11. Is found l
lie a disease requiring medh a] i real
ment, the same as anj other physical
or mental      disease \ppropi Inli
medical treatment Is rIvi n hy tin
medical officer < f the koi icl ■. -1
some cases after the pnlii nl i, plai
ed hi an hospital, and In other cases,
wllite    tlie      im bii.it.    i     liv |ng
home ami golnp on with lus work,
if be hns work la go to, During
treatment nnd Im a li n ithcneil pei
ioi] i hereof ti i lhe probation i Ulcer ol
the society ha * llie cose nndi i aipci
vision unit acts i! i- pari ol .1 friend I j
visitor, helping anil encouraging   hi in
in every way and liclplli to .1 bcttfl
life, iu ibese united .Holts Hie III
ebriale becomes a fliln n bread w inner,  BOClcl ,      is      111 I ' filed    ::||i|     111''
home is made comfortable and hap
p] \ large numbei ol Inebriates,
as well as the families ol Inebriates,
are constant)) under the care and
supervision ol lhe society. Sol .1
few happy homes m Toronto at the
present moment nre due lo the work
of this soclel) foi Ilu Reformation
of Inebriate
"Much attention ol late years ha
been given 'j- ri cue work among
children—nnd vet) pi ipi rly so—
Imi tho question i-- wortli con Iderlng
whether, if equal al lentlnn were uh
en to ami an equal amount spenl loi
the reformation ol the inehi late and
tie drunkard, a mon- lasting benefit
to Ibe community would nol result
therein.iii "Tins ought ye to do,
bul ye ought not to leave the othet
undone " Reform thc inelui.it.- and
keep tin- confirmed drunl aid pi nnnn
ently on an Industrial larm, and you
cul off, io a large i stent, Ihe supply
of homeless, destitute and delinquent
children, lU'lorm lhe Inebriate and
remove permanently the . niiflrme 1
drunkard, and you reform thc home;
reform the home, and yon strike .1
fell blow ;it ihe propagation ol
drunkenness, pauperism, rice and
"Thank goodness, the j Ity 1 f To
ronto is now commi tti d in thc pro
Jet t of an Industrial 111 ni oi fat in
colon] loi ihe reformation ol Inebriates anil lhe pei wp.of lhe
confirmed drunkard, if may be two
or three years, however, before this
can lie brought into opcratii n In
ibe meantime the Society fj>r thc
Reformation ol Inebriates is mosl
anxious to pi. .uuil the work with
greater efficiency To this end the
executive committee is desirous ol
establishing a small cottage hospital
where Inebriate patients mav receive
special care ami attention such as
cannot lie given In public hospitals."
Tile      weakness    of  the    Tory    CaSC
against Lhe reciprocity agreemenl Is!
strikingly emphasized in the following extract Irom the Toronto News,
whieli lias heretofore been the < rgan
in chief of the eastein moneyed in- '
tercels, financing tho campaign
against tin- free interchange ol tm-'
tural products between Canada    and
the   I lilted  Stale
"The chiel fomentei nl the free
tiade agitation in   lhe wesl is     the
Hiiii-.h radical. Driven out nf his
own country by hard circumstances,
lie lias brought liis faith lo Canada
as though by some malignant design
to [owei tlte average of prosperity
and tin- conditions of living in tlio
Dominion to those to which In- was
accustomed in Kngland and Scotland,
und from wliich hu (led across tho
sen. Having done what he could in
his oHonsIvc economic arrogance to
ruin the empire al home lie now
endeavors to complete the ruin in
Canada. Calling hfmself an Imperialist, bin with the outlook of a
villager, he would not scruple to
des 1 my Canadian nationality if
thereby liis dear faith cotild he advanced, Ho denounce!) what he calls
'the eastern Interests,1 which nt
least have done their share iu making Canada, ami threatens to separate  tlir west    frum  llie east   if       lhe
older provinces and Industrial   com
n 11 ies   dare to challenge Ids    im
polled opinions or to deny his right
lo dictate   to the    parliament       ol
l-'or some time past Dr. Counoll),
tin- public school medical health of-
llecr, has   been engaged in   a careful
1 lieal examination of all the pupil
attending ihe public school in ibis
cltj The results of his examination
air somewhat alarming and call for
earnest consideration on the part of
tbe school trustees and parents general!) Dr. Connolly has found that
a eery huge percentage of the older
pllplls     ale troubled    with   defective
eyesight ami that an equally large, if
not larger, percentage ol the children in She lower grades are troubled
with defective teeth. This is n
stale of nITairs tlmt should give rise
to thoughl and action. Defective
eyesight is a serious hindrance to
most young people, entirely barring
them from certain occupations ami
placing a handicap on theli progress
in almost any avocation, Defective
teeth are the forerunners ol many
ill. thai flesh is heir to. In the
ease ot the tooth it is believed tlmt
to,, liberal indulgence in candies and
the pernicious gum chewing habit aro
tin- direct causes of the conditions
found to exist. Why so many of our
youngsters sboidd he troubled with
defective eyesight is a greater problem, hut thc cause shnuld nol he
hard to locate and parents should
unite with the sehool authorities in
\ igorously    combat ing    botli    Hies
1 r-j j 1^ 1 j^?uijrtQri3n jrr^ 1 (-if^rtg n^ u^n^re^f c^rsjef S3ftiJrQ*ri3n3ri3 itjj
It Is Time To Think
About your PHOTO Sl'ITLlES [or your Suininoi
CamimiKiiB. Wo have tho luteal models iu the best
makes o£ Film nud Plate Cameras.
You Would Enjoy
Making  Photos
with onr little EiieigneUo Film Ciimerii whieli may bo
carried in your vest [iorki*l nml lakes n |iii*liiir It.) x 5-j
inches or the regular size. Tliis is lhe mosl popular
cn mem uvor sold in the Kootolimy, IT is sOlIE-
TlllNli NKW. We also hnve'Ihr Agency for nil
ensign supplies. These ure new [resli goods, jusl
arrived from the factory. In cbeinieals. sensitized
papers, plater, films, eto., freshness is essinlinl. Only
fresh goods can bo hnd from our si * l<.   Coire in and
Bee what wo have or examine the  eii&igi.ellu in  *
The Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., Ltd.
nu Monday morning, just belore
noon, au accident occurred on con-
kIruction work mi tiie Kootenay Central railroad, tn-.. 1 Wardner, which
cost nn Italian workman, Antonio
Mallusi, aged 20, his life. He, with
imi companions, was engaged iu
drilling a big rock, when hy some
mischance the rock split and a large
portion of it fell over on top oi
Mntlusl belore he could get dear
Miliusi was sitting nn the ground,
immediately below the toctt oh which
In- was drilling, whilst his companions were working on either side of
ll, tliey were able to jump clear,
bul he was caught were he sat. As
quickly as possible the rock was removed and the Injured man taken
from undei Medical assistance was
speedily at hand, hut his injuries
were beyond medical aid and death
•nsuetl at   I o'clock lhat afternoon.
Maltusl had only been working on
■onslruction for six weeks, lie had
iceit in Canada about four years,
working previously in the mines nt
Michel and prior to that  iu Ontario.
\ brother arrived from Italy tin
dav hefoie the fatality.
The funeral took place in this cltj
rcstcrday morning, Rev, Father I'la
inondon officiating, and a large num
III '  ol his fellow  workers attending.
P.8. Wi* always havo Exporltmcofl uiul Gnuliintu CliPinistB W
L-j nt your service. Vour Prescription a tiro in Btifo IhuhIb wl"*" *
|!   lefl in onr olmrgo.
m ia
Electric Restorer for Men
I'hosnhoiiol "Stores every nerve In the body
 ! -■• Its proper tension; reitorM
 itidlly.  I'rctiiiitjftjdt-LJiv mnl all scxuhI
Wtt'iklien. averted ut once. Phoipbonol uill
iiidlo- vi "111 new mnn. Price t'-io Iwtx.ortwo fnr
tt,. Mntk't loimvii-tilresa, The !4t!olM<ll Drug
Co,, St. t ifetlim Iiioh, Onl,
For sale nt Beatlo, Murphy & Co.,
to he laid down in front of the
building. Several loads of fine soil
have been hauled on lo (be grounds
and laid out    preparatory  lo seeding
Knights of Pythias hold their annual grand lodge tliis year on tlie
second Tuesday in May at Kamloops, where special arrangements
fot the entertainment of visiting
knights are heing made hy the Kamloops brethren.
Tbe Knights of Pythias grand
lodge will assemble in I.O.O.F. ball
under (irand Chancellor -lohn Thompson, of Cumberland. R. MacKay, ol
the local lodge, is grand master at
Thc Rathboiie \Sistcrs, an offshoot
of the Knights of Pythias, will meet
al  lhe same time iu Orange hall.
Tin- local brethren have prepared a
programme for the entertainment if
lhe visitors wliich includes an exeitr
rion lo the Sanitarium at Tran
qui lie and a banquet in the opera
house nt thi' close of tbe business
session, ladies and gentlemen both
attending this function, The grand
bulges will probably be In session
for three days.
.las. Boyes and V. Kummer are the
delegates from Crescent ledge. No.
■i-i, of tbis city.
Selkirk Pnccptory No. !."», meets iu
regular assembly on Monday evening
next, when the installation of newly
elected and appointed ollieers will
he the principal business of the even
ing    A full attendance is requested.
At the Methodist parsonage on
Thursday morning, Arthur Morton
Pemlngs, ol Movie, and Jessie Elizabeth    MacKen/ie,    of    PlctOU,    Nova
Scotia, were united in matrimony
In the Rev. It.. Hughes. Miss Mac
Keii/ic arrived from the east last
evening.      Mr. and     Mrs.   Pemlngs'are given a very hearty welcome   t
April 30th.
The pastor will preach al ll ami
Sunday .school and Hible classes al
three in  the nfternoon.
At the evening service a i|uarlolli
will he rendered.
Tbe Sacrament ol tho Lord's Supper will he administered at lhe close,
and thc annual roll call will he
made. All members and friends of
the church are requested to make a
special cITort lo get to lhe evening
Tuesday.—Epworth League meetin
at S.
Wednesday.—Ladles Aid will nice
at the home of Mrs. Robert Brown.
Thursday.—prayct service ni 8,
Friday.—Choir practice at 8.
Al 11 largely alti'lnliil gathering ol
Un* young people nl Uio MethmllBl
churcli tin* lollowing ollieers wen
elected Im* ilu* Epwortli League ile
Hon. I'ri'siilcnl—Tin* Pastor.
President—Mr. F. Woods.
Christian Endeavor Department-
Mrs. (I. Powell.
Missionary Department—Mrs. \V
(!. lluywaril.
Literary and Social Deparlincnt-
Mr. .1. S. Peck.
Citizenship Department—Mr. II
Secretary—Miss Edith Uren,
Treasurer—Mr. tt. c, Adlard.
Organists—Miss Enn ('units, Uisi
Hickenhotham, Miss Macdonald.
We have lhe
you are looking for
Ask to see the
We want to show you
our line of Shaving
Brushes, sel in rubber.
We are sole agents for
and the genuine
the stain you  read about.
F. Parks
(McCallum's Old Stand)
Hardware Merchants
Cranbrook, B.C.
If out of lown write us,
In Moore, the newly nppolnted
secretary ol the Temperance
Mural Reform depart meat ol tho
Methodist clmrch ul Canada, will
vi-.it tliis cily mi Friday next, and
give ;m address in the Method Isl
church un the general outlook nl this
creat question, All Interested In
tlie forward movement are requested
to at tend. The members id the va
ions lodges   and   labor organizations
will reside in Movie.
\ meeting if tho Cranbrooh \V
men's Institute is lo bo held at I
o'clock nexl Thursday afternoon nt
lhe home <>f Mrs. Murgatroyd. The
principal business to be transacted
will lie the election nl ollieers. Kid
Iou nm this Ihere   will he mi humor
ts tvaditiK contest, a prize bring
awarded the liest selection given
Friday, May 5th, a lecture will
he given by Mrs. A. T. Watts, MA,
ol Williams I lend, II.C, on "Home
V ui ilng and Indoor Domestli
Science." This meeting will he held
in Uie    Presbyterian   church Sunday
hnnl at 8 p.m. Following the lecture refreshments will he served
There will   he nn   charge for adinis-
Professor 'I'. W. Shannon is to give
a series of lectures here next month,
A meeting of tlm.se interested in
tennis Is called for this evening to
organise a tennis club, Suitable
grounds, eln.se at hand, ean lie secured.
Commencing Hay 1st Kobt. Stevens, formerly of the C.P.R. dining
ear department, will have chnrgo of
the Y.M.C.A. restaurnnt.
The membership of the local V.M.
r \. now numbers upwards nf 230,
\ handsome feme is licing erected
around tin- V M C \ building and
grounds and a six font sidewalk      is
Sundays—Low muss at s \b a.m.;
high mass, 10..'ifl a.m.; Sunday school
frnm 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and llene-
dtctlon at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of olillga
tion—Mass at 8 a.m.
Woek days-Mast at 6 a.m. at tbe
Father I'lamondon,
Parish Priest
this meeting.
J   Dr. Moore is an attractive     plat
form man, and holds a huh position
j in the church, heing secretary ol tin
J general conference for a number ol
j years, and   fnr some time a success
fui general   secretary   nf   the Lord's
Dny .Alliance.
There will be no prayer meeting 01
Thursday this week nn account        ol
this special temperance meeting    nn
Public   worship     11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m,   Sunday school   with Phllothcn
and Burma classes  fnr young people,
;i p ....
This will he Pastor King's farewell
Sunday with the congregation       ami
setinnl.      He  leaves fnr   Nelson,     his
new held, on Monday.
A cordial welcome to any or all ol
tlie services.
April 30th.
Morning service at 11 o'clock,
Sunday school nnd Itihle class nl
3 p.m,
Kvening service at 3.30 o'cloek.
The pastor will preach at both services.
Monthly meeting of the managers
nn Monday, May 1st, al 8 p.m.
Young People's fluild on Tuesday
evening al H o'clock.    Tlie subject is:
The History and Significance of
the Union .lack."
Ladies' Aid at the. home nf Mrs.
W. I-!. Wnrilen nu Wednesdav, 3rd, al
Vi  11  Hill Iill todaj im iln* crawl,
rilngliams Dc—C. 0. s.
\ stun, bargain has an advertising
value when il'-* well advertised!
swift's Premium bacon uml « kni
I,.11,i*. ut Wanl mnl Harris.
Mii M. A. iVuli' is vlallljn Irlrnda
ii. Nelson.
(iiiiKliains Oc.—V. ('. s.
A K. Walls mint! in Irom Walla
Intrg last ni*;li1.
I.itlle anil Atchison's.
Local Odd Fellows uill attend
divine service al Clirlsl churcli on
Sunday evening.
Carbido fm' aritomobllc lamps ju*t
in nt Patmoro Bros.
ningliatns iu-.-i'. e s.
Mis. .1. K. Armstrong lias returned
Irom n visit nf several weeks in
Apples, $2.*iii per case—E, K. IV
anil P. House.
flinghamn Oc—C. C. S,
Maurice Qualn roturned yesterday
finin an extended visit from tin*
\u i Aslieiiitt potatoes, Hie potato nf quality.—Campbell nnd Man
Oeorge Stark, ni Wilmer, tins se*
cured a lieelisc fur tin* new lintel In
3.30 p.in.
I". 0, Main, Piislnr. li,. Imili at Invcrracrc by the C.P.R,
Wlmli* pigs feel ai fink's Pure
Kood Grocery.
Qinghams Oc—C. 0. s.
U. s. Santo is down frnm Thunder
Hill ami may become a permanent
resident nf this city.
Fresh rhubarb, lettuce, green
onions ami Ionian es at Ward and
s. Taylor has secured a mill sit,
at Valik ami will put up a mill during the coming summer.
Choice celery, lettuce, cucumbers,
ripe tomatoes, green onions and asparagus at Little and Atchison's.
I.ailies cashmere hose, Saturday
only 25c. pair.—('. C. S.
Mr. ami Mrs. I'.. II. Small have
gone up tn Windermere in their automobile.
Carbido fnr automobile lamps just
in at Patmore Urns.
The Arena Kink company content*
plate installing roller rink ennveniri*
its al au early date.
Mixed olives (something new) at
Kink's Pure Kood Grocery.
Ginghams Oc—C. 0. S.
Judge Wilson lell lor Wilmer this
afternoon, wliere he will hold county
cnurt on Saturday.
Apples, $*!50 per case—E. K. P.
ami I'. House.
il. II. Gordon, nf Vancouver, provincial mill inspector, lias been vis
Hint; tin* mills in Ihis vicinity during
Hie past few days.
Ripe strawberries at Ward aad
I.aiiies cashmere hose, Saturday
onlj 35c pair.—C. ('. s.
Mr. ami Mrs. A. II. Macdonald re
returned from Victoria this week.
Mis. Macdonald's health has greatly
improved as a result nl her slay on
II nnsl.
A live roomed cottage In rent. Apply li  Campbell and Manning.
II. Hamilton has npeiiial the Royal
Lunch Counter, for short orders, iu
premises adjoining Mayor Hunt's of-
tin*, nn Norbury avenue.
English water walers at Kink's
Pure Food Grocery.
(liligluilus lie.—C. ('. S.
(len. W.   Muir, ol the C.P II   local
clerical staff, returned lasi week, accompanied liy his bride, who he mat
lied iu St. .Inllll, N 11
Little uml Atchison's.
The infant son nf Mr. and Mrs. II,
McFarlane died nn Tuesday night
unit wns buried yesterday afternoon,
nev. ('. (I. Main officiating.
Apples, (2.50 per case.—E. K. P.
and P. House.
Olnghams Oc—O, C. S.
If you nre offering a buying opportunity nl your store just now that
is really iintnble—make ynnr advertising nf it really notable, toot
Flower pots, all sizes.—Campbell
and Manning.
V. Hyde linker reports that some
miscreant broke Into his chicken
yard and stole a setting ol wild
■.nnsc c^its recently. There Is trouble in store lor any    one attempting
Joseph Ryan
SANCA ilimctly on tin* cast slum* ol' Kootenay Lake,
ono of tho most beautiful iiiiuatiniis in tho
Kootenny country, ,12 ncrcs of prime fruit,
land, close liy Myrtle Oreek, Very little
olonring. Pee simple title. A bargain nt
$10(1110 an itere will sell lit Hflo.OO.
40 ACRES "f Prime Fruit Lauds near Oroston,   tJii-
eleared.  Clearing, fouelng, plowing nml laying
down iu elover will ensl. lilionl $35.00 nil Here.
Water right noross it. Some beaver nieudow.
The pieked lund nf llie dislriel. Apply for
price nnd terms to above.
320 ACRES. Fee simple Utlu, lun luolies of water
recorded, Ono mile frontage on I'pper
Columbia Luke near Thunder Mill. [Cootcnuy
Ootitrnl Railway will emss ii. Exceptional
bargain.   Casli uml terms.
357 ACRES. Near Murysville. I Iver llfty acres
under cultivation, wheat, rye. broom grin-ft.
timothy, Complete outfit of buildings, $:;ii
nu nere.   ('unit nml terms fur balance,
Ocean Accident and   Guarantee
London and   Lancashire Life
Assurance Co.
Accident, Health, Plate Glass, Automobile Assurance
Why not insure against sickness?
Raworth Block,
Baker St., Cranbrook.
• ••
0 0 000*00 0000***+*+******o***
1 The J
Lund Land and Development
Company, limited.
Fruit. Agricultural, Qrazlng and Timber Lands.
Insurance, Stock*, and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber.
Office: Corner Fcnwick Avenue and   *
Baker .Street. >
»*»*»a»*a»a>a>a>a>a>(a»a>a>   I*************
Seeds and .Seed ing!
Implements     |
Oul a
Tiniotiiy t'lnn-r
( rurkcitan
Kiipo        Millet
live (Iran. I'eas
Onion Kets     Turnips    Carrots'
Bean* Onloaa
Flower Hetils        Brome Grass
Sam! Vcliii,.*.       Spilng live
; Cranbrook   Trading Co.
ii irpi'titiiui ot tliis trick,
Hive straw brooms 26c. eacli nt
[•'ink's Pure K(M>il (inn-cry.
Ladies cashmere liosc, Saturita
Ollly 251'. pair—('. V. .s.
Advertising sn good as in appeal to
usually iiiilitliMiii folks will make
any store lake a sudden "jump" Into
Little aud   Aclilson,    lieadqtiarlcri
for lla/elwind iee   eream and Hotel
wood iintidir Jersey Uut term Ilk.
(iiiiKliams He.—('. ('. S.
(J. T. KoKcr.H. ot Vancouver, lefl
fnr the old country l"s( week. He
liopes to meet the Cranbrook travel
lets in Glasgow, Scotland, and      to
iake some <>( the trips in their
companv. I Mi ring his absence, Miss
lelTries, of Victoria, will he tho
guest nf Mrs. lingers.
Canned fruits, 5 fnr $1.00.—E, K.
I*. and P. Mouse.
Kor nine out of every ten busy days
in your store, you'll find "the reason" in your advertising, And for
nine out of every ten "slack days"
in your store, you'll find the reason
in your advertising — although these
reasons will he quite unlike.
In cases of rheumatism relief from
pain makes sleep uml rest possible.
This may be obtained hy applying
Chamberlain's Ltnlmtnl. For sale liv
all dealers. 7-tf
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A iiiii.ti.iii equtppnl Cnfoal moderate
Rales II.n.iaii.l lippoi .lay
C i i.i Howard 81,anil From Ave,
Oui Inin meals nil I ruins
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
Dr. 11. E. Hall, D.D.S.
Crown and Hrnlm* Wnrk
a specialty.
I'linin* No, -'.in     Armstrong A\,
Cranbrook, B.O.
' Baldwin & Lancaster
Contractors fnr nil kinds ol Cellar
Wnrk,   CosspOOlSi   Foiiiuliitiniifl,
Weils,   f'lpo    Lnyititr  nml any
wnrk ni thul ili'-'eriptiun,
Wooden Pipe Lailtig
< i SDDRfS3: P.O. I0X149 CMMU00K, I.C.
By the Cranbrook Operatic Society.
APRIL 4 & 5
If you do, you  miss something really good.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
The Prescription Druggists
Cranbrook, - British Columbia
whieli makes tliein nut
very oasy and uro practically noiseless. Tlmy will
stand up tn hard nnd
continuous work.
Mowers From $5,00 ' I'
Patmore Bros.
"The Range Store."
Eye Glasses
The heat la nono too mod.   Tlmt la tha
wny you mould foe wlion ll ,■„,„„ to the qunallon of
tflinmo.i.   In Iho lirat i.luo,. 1 K;voi„u afikilloil aclontific
.•xnnilniill.ni „t tho ••>-,*. lo «,.,.. ir wl,lsM,., Mr„ neialcd and
|[ Ihey lire. I iloloriiiin.* [hu „ir,.,„-il, „r lum.,i roiiulrod.
tlioalmmioriliol,..,,,.,!,,,, ,„■„,,„,. ,„ ,,„lr ,„,„!,,,.•„,
an of ton, that will loot, woll nn vou nnd give tai re-
aulta.   IlionUriiiil Uu Blu,»o, in my own wi.rk.ilion
unit neraonully ndjual them nn your no*.,..   You'll find my
iinooa vi*,*> i*,.:...„n;,l,|,., illl(i j n,,|| „n|y „
tai elaaaot oMlMlrooHa obtainable;
Jeweler and Optician.
.Mil. Hnwncss' new uiotor met Willi
a mishap a day or Iwo ago at Kurt
Steele.  The ntotur was standing   in
  9 front of Carlia's store, whin Mr. A.
result    of (lie   recent • It. Kenwick   came along la his   now
9    As
9 visit in this district uf the 9'car and attempted to hack up along
9 Dominion government tlshorjr 9j side It. Unfortunately he cither
9 Inspector there is good reason 9 pulled Ihe wrong lever or did not
9 tu anticipate the early entail- • pull the right one strong enough, fur
9 lisluneiii in the vicinity uf liuck # his machine hacked violently into
9 i'reek uf a lish hatchery. The 0 Mr. Bowness1 with resultant damage
9 local branch uf the (lame Pro- • >*i rather serious nature
9 tective association, which lath-9 Ad,m» Wagons of all sizes.
9ecd this movement will ae-9 Cocfc.ha.tt Implements. Harrows
9  iv, y con innc   1, aglta on in 9   Iow, scraf-ersF( etc.   0o, car ha
• that hehalf   and  a meeting of jl a„ive(1,    th;om£  and h
9 tlie assoetaltun will he held al 9. Cranbrook Trading Co.
# un oarly date i" press forward •    „i-   ,    .,,   .   ..
Z .1... :■ .....l.     •'..   Z     'vlnelaml     fruits  put up In gold
[lined iins a it su different from    the
rdiuarr pack.       Tlu-y have no add
taint to impair their flavor ami   the
olor is   as    perfect as when picked
j from (be    tree or   vine.   Tlir    Fink
Mercantile ('<>. arc apcnls fnr
famous Vini'laml brand.
Ginghams De.—C. C. .S.
William Palmer, for stealing
;\ R. Ward's till on Saturday
Don't take    something thai   might   was sentenced   to four montlis
In- jusi as good.    Uuj* only Snap foi   SVlscn jail by  Magistrate Ryan
a hand-cleaner.    Removes grease and  Taylor, tbo same day, was given
paint   nml   makes   ymir   hands feci  -i\ months term for vagrancy.
smooth and uoH.-Campbell and Man-     tIAZBLWOOD   ICE    CREAM
# tho good ivork, The secretary, 0'
0 V. .1. Deane, will welcome word #
# from those interested as to the
0 must convenient lime ror calling #
# tins meeting, #
9 9i
We Are Now
\ Large Consignment Of
Cut Glass
Tills shipment comprises many
new lines nnd designs, nil |.et-
fectly out and brilliantly polbhid.
TIimo pieces will nttiact mmh
notice from lliose in tenicli of
Wedding I'rcsnitsof Quality and
worth. A visit to our store will
bo sure to delight you.
C.P R.. VViMi-h Inspectors.
Gradunte Opticians.
flood   value  in    dinner   sets, I\i
piece seta, J7 25 —C, t*. S.
The C.P.R, conductors who reecnl
Iv writ' suspended from llie Mberta
and Crows Nest lines of thc company
ft n alleged I r regular It lea have lieen
ii- instated The Investigation Into
tho charges preferred against them
resulted In their honorable acquittal
ol any wrong doing
< iui goods are thc best! on the
market .mil evorj thing is kepi in
sunitaiy dustprou," bins absolutely
clean Youi health demands that
you favoi us with youi bu lines
Campbell and Manning,
Oood    vain,-   in     iluiiu-f    si l•-.   ',! I
piece sets, S7 85 -C  C. S
Little ami Atchison's.
Punts thai wash, 10c — V VS.
Work on ihr public school grounds
has been continued throughout tbe
pasl week. The ground In front of
thc building will be seeded down in
grass .mil tlie remainder cleared ol
rnek .unl pot in shape ior the youngsters to plaj on
S'cllsen's and Popham's chocolates
in fancy boies or in hulk at Little
nnd Vtchtson's
Prints that wash, 100.—C.C.S.
Live mini oi woman wanted fi>r
work ai home, paying $2.00 or $3.00
per daj with opportunity to ml
Vim.i Spare time ean lie used
Untk . m>t iliflVuli nnd requires nn
experience     Winston, Limited, Spad-
Wc    Iwvc    jusl    received    from   Ihe
manufacturers a Car ol Wire including:
Poultry Netting
Wire Fencing
Barbed Wire
Plain Galvanized Wire
Our   Prices  are  right.
j    J. D. McBRIDE    !
I        WHOLESALE RETAIL        I
imi Ave., Toronto, Ont. lu ->t
Good value in dinner sets, 112
piece sets, $7.25.-0, V. S.
•'une ■'!, tfie birthday o| liis Ma
jesty King fieorge, ami .lime 22,
Coronation dav, will in- proclaimed
ns statutory or legal ti didays ii
Canada. Some time ugo liis majcst]
Instructed through tin- colonial oOlci
that In- would prefer lo have tii:
birthday celebrated on the actual an
nlvcrsary of his birth, instead ol ad
herlng io the prccedenl .-1 bj tbi
late sovereign, King Edward, wliosi
birthday was ofllclally celebrated oi
Victoria dav, instead ol on N'ovcmbci
Canned fruits, :. tor l|.O0 -E. K.
P  and P. House,
The Kootenay Telephone Line-,
Ltd., have issued a new directoiy
which has been distributed anion;
.uVcribirs. In case any subscriber
has been overlooked, he or she, will
p'e>;e cill up Phone No. 58 and a
copy will at once le delivered.-
Prints tbat wash, iOc — v v s.
Kire Chief Warn! has put in his resignation, which will be acted upon
at lhe next meeting ol thc citj coun
cil, Monday. May Isl Chief Wand
assigns as his reason f->i this action
his desire to return lo Vancouver
and rejoin his famili it is under*
stood, however, that friction over
the question . i his authoi Ity has
Borne thing to do wtth his resignation
Orders laker U t bedding plants to
arrive in a few days, Panstes,
stmks, rerbenas, Japanese hops,
pinks, asters, etc —Campbell ami
Prints thai wash, |0c—C (* s
IM. r W King, pastor of the
Baptist church, closes his pastorate
in this city on Rundaj next, ami will
leave for his new ru-ld of labor, Nei-
son, on Monday. The, recently appointed pulpit committee expeel ti
announce the appointment of his
successor in the course of a few
Succotash at Pink's Pure Food
A v. Pigott's shack, back of his
residence in Slablown, was completely destroyed by fire on Monday
aftei noon Including the contents,
Mr Plgotl estimates his loss al
between $500 and 1600, with no im
surnnce, Thr fire was occasioned
by a small hoy. who set tire to
some rubbish close to ihr building,
The youngster was scared at the
time by the blaze nud ran oil without giving warning, ity the time
tho firemen arrived on Lhe scene tho
flames had Becured loo strong a hold
for tbe building to bo saved. They
made a good fight to save adjoining
premises ami succeeded.
Good value iu dinner sets, 112
piei'e sets, 17.25.—C. C, S.
Cheap prices means elieap goods.
Spend your money at home and gel
guaranteed results. Every dollar of
profit we make is re-invested iu
Cranhrook, whieh gives work ami
business to you. Therefore, hy helping us you help yourself.—Campbell
aud Manning.
Good value in dinner sets, 112
piece sets, $7.2fi.—V. C, S.
It, It Bruce, capitalist and mine
owner, of Wilmer, B.C., who has
b-cen travelling In Greal Britain uud
Kurope, passed through Calgary on
Monday for Hritish Columbia, along
with .1. II. Anderson, un cipctt   em
ployed by llic government in connection with expert ine ii Lu] fauns throughout the Dominion An experimental farm is to be located in the
Columbia Vallej and the land has
recently been acquired by tin- government. Tests will in- made as to the
fruit growing qualification of the district, by means of the experimental
farm and the establishing of this
means a lot to the district. Kxperi-
ments in the growing of alfalfa,
lucerne and clover will also he made
Mr. Bruce states thai all eyes are
turned towards Canada, in (Ileal
Britain, and that western Canada is
particularly fortunate in this respect. He spent six months in the
old country. C. II. Davidson, banker, of Minneapolis, accompanied Mr.
TO RENT.—Large basement, cool
ami dry. Apply Box 2, Herald of
Prints lhat wash, IOc—C.C.S.
Kor Dull list of spring and summer
sailings to the old country apply to
the C.P.R. tickei agent, who will be
pleased to give any Information as to
rales, reservation, etc. 10-tf
Prints that wash, [Oc—C.C.S,
The Koctcn iy Telephone Lines.
Ltd , have issued a new directory
which has been distributed among
subscribers. In case any subscriber
has been overlooked, he or she. will
please call up Phone No. 53 and a
copy will at once be delivered.
.lohn Cbolditch has recently imported .some tine birds from England,
of tbe Silver Compitio variety. Tbey
are reported to lay good siml cggB
and lots of them. Within four days
of their arrival here, after a journey
of six thousand miles, Mr. Cbolditch
sampled some of their eggs and found
them excellent. He keeps his hennery
secured by a Vale lock.
Strawberries at Little and Atchison's.
New season's pure maple sugar al
Kink's Pure Kood Grocery.
Good value iu dinner sets, 112
piece sets, 17.25.—C. C. S.
Timber Inspector Carney, wbo
eame into town from Kaslo last
week, is at present an inmate of the
St. Eugene hospital, having been taken ill during his stay here. His wife
ami sou, A. Carm-y, jr., eame up
from Kaslo on Tuesday to he with
bim Mr. Carney is doing well and
slioulil soon be ont ami about again,
.1 Iv Miller, inspector of Inland
revenue, and E. ll. Parkinson, collector of inland revenue for the district of Vancouver, whieh includes
the whole of the mainland of B. C,
were visitors iu town this week, inspecting the local office,
Canned fruits. .'. for 11.00.—E K.
P. and P. House
Lame Shouldei is nearly always
due to rheumatism of tbe muscles,
and quickly yields to (lie free application of Chamberlain's Liniment.
Kor sale by all dealers, 7-tf
Prints that wash1, HV.-C.es
Some of the m-w road machinery,
including ploughs and scrapers, bas
arrived and the load grader will he
along shortly. A lot of excellent
work has already, this season, been
done on the streets and witb the
new machinery greater headway will
he made in future.
FOR SALE.—Henry Worthington
duplex steam pump, si/e l|x3)Xlj in
good condition, price 150,00, also
saw mill machinery.—T. w. Leask,
Cranbrook 10-31*
Prints that wash, 10c.—C C S
W   Bartholomew    has disposed     of
his ranch, known as the Twin Lake
ranch, a mile north of cheriy Creek,
to Messrs. Beale and Elwell. Mi
Bartholomew will likely take up land
close to town ami engage in poultry
raising on a large scale and thu
manufacture of bis incubator, which
has proved a marked success,
Prints that wash, lOe.-C.C S.
"Our baby cries for Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy," writes Mrs. T. B
Kcndrlck, Rasaca, Oa, "it is the
b»st cough renieih on the market for
coughs, eolds and croup," For sale
by all dealers. : if
Prints that wash, Hie— Cc s
\V. K, .lohnson returned on ffedncs
day from Waldo, where he has been
installing a blower system for the
Ross-Saskatoon Lumber company,
He left today foi Spokane, where
be will spend tbe next feu days
New season's pure maple sugar at
Kink's Pure Komi Grocery
Hoot polish, meul hand dauber ami
shoe brush, outfll 45r.~l'.C S
Mr. E. II. Patmore ami Hughson
Patmore, of Patmore Bros., blowei
engineers, have returned (nun Per
nic, wliere tliey have been making
some extensions to the blower system of the Fernie Lumber company.
Boot polish, metal hand dauber and
shoe brush, outfit ite,—C.C.S.
Constipation brings many ailments
in its train aud is the primary cause
of much sickness. Keep ymir bowels
regular, madam, and you will escape
many of the ailments |o which women are subject. Constipation is a
very simple thing, bul. like many
simple things, it may lead lo serious
consequences, Nature often needs a
little assistance ami when Chamber'
Iain's Tablets are nlven at tbe tirst
Indication, much distress and Buffer*
iiiK may he avoided, Sold hy all
dealers. 7 tf
Wm. Mnneely, pro\ im ul government bridge foreman in this dis
trict, has been transferred to Clinton, where he will superintend the
construction of a long trestle,bridge
He expects to be back In time to
build the proposed bridge across the
St. Mary's river at Fort Steele.
Hoot polish, metal hand dauber and
shoe brush, oiittil   lac— C.C.S,
-I. (I. and Alex. McCallum left for
Vancouver today. .lack McCallum
will remain in town for anotbel
week or .two before joining his lather
and brother in Vancouver. In the de
pa ilu re of the McCallums Cranbrook
is losing good eiti/ens, whom it can
ill afford to part witb. Mr. McCallum expects to be back here from
time to time in connection with his
contracting business, whilst thc
hoys will engage in the hardware
business in Vancouver. Their many
friends here will wish them unbound*
ed prosperity in their new venture.
Boot polish, metal hand dauber ami
shoe brush, outfit   |5c—C.C.S
Among the many new automobiles
recently imported into Cranbrook
that of V. Hyde Baker, a White
gasoline, is one of the handsomest. Cranhronk tan make a
showing in lhe way of autos that
would be bard to beat in any city
of twice the si/e.
Hoot polish, metal hand dauher and
shoe brush, outfit  15c—C.C.S.
Mayor Hunt lias returned from
Victoria, where be accomplished good
work in securing increased financial
assistance for the Agricultural exhibition. The appropriation oi
JJiriHi, mentioned last week, as having been secured for the purpose ol
securing grounds, was not specifically granted for that purpose, but represents an increase of some S1500
over previous years' appropriations
fot exhibition purposes and is to be
devoted to sucb uses as in ibe opin
ion of the Agricultural association
will best inure to the success of subsequent exhibitions. Mayor Hunt
enjoyed liis trip to the coast greatly
He was strongly impressed by the
rapid strides being made bt Victoria,
whieh is rapidly assuming the appearance of a live, wide awake city,
The Kootenay Telephone Lines
Ltd.. have issued a new directory
which has been distributed among
subscribers. In case any subscriber
has been overlooked, he or she, will
please call up Phone No. 53 and a
copy will at once be delivered.
Tin- lumbering Industry nf Canada
will be made the subject of a special
Issue of the London Times to be pub
Iisiu-d on Empire Daj Mi II Perry Robinson, a well known mombci
of the Times start, Is at present in
Canada gathering material foi the
issue. He will \isit all parts of the
count ry and make an exhaustive
Study of conditions, at mill points.
in the woods ami in the large consuming ami shipping centres.
Spring Footwear
Style in Footwear means
much if il is accompanied
by rea! comforl In our
shoes >-. * .
Besides   authentic    style
you   secure   in   our  Shoes
unsurpassed quality of material*;   finish and   expert workmanship—everything akes for
appearance, comfort and durability
Let us show you
this season's styles
Come in now before
our lines are depleted $'
by the big demand
All      styles      and
leathers at prices from
$2.50 to $5.50
Cranbrook's   Dry   Goods   and   Clo Stores.
0  -
I. qj. f.
The growth of the order in its
ninety-two years of existence has
been almost phenomenal. Its history
from its foundation has been a record
of growth and process in every line,
until at the present time it ranks
strongest of any secret and benevolent society on tlie continent of America. Its record, too, las been as
honorable as it has been rapid, and
no society has dom- more for tin
cause of humanity than the I.O.O.F
A brief glance at the founding • t
Oddfellow ship in America may In- ol
The birthplace of tlie I (Mt I- was
in the State of Maryland, when-    ou
April iu. 1819, the first   lod|
organized in the    city "f Baltimore,
with Thomas  IVfldej ,;
It    took    as    its 15m.im- ;
"Friendship, Love ami Trutl *
bolired by three link-.
iim!■ been tl 1   .:-'.:.m..-' ■ d
an Oddfellow
Th-- I.o.O V    was Introd 1 ed   ini
Canada In 18t3, on Augusl  |0tl .    *
which vear the first lodge v...
i/ed in     Montreal,   and    wai
Prince o( Wales S'o   I    The members
began to work energetically, snd   *
influence of th<-   ordi:
t" other cities.
The erami lodge ol I anada was or
ganfzed in im I, at
lives    of   tbrei Iod(
were present
In 1«I5 the Odd Fellows - '
numbered 6W;  tr. a!!     ': ntrii
tbey numb red 11 I ■'      Sino
the  Odd   Fellows oi Canada      bavi
multiplied fifty-three times, and     ir
thc     United   States   and   al.
countries a little 0V1 r
The last annual report  -.
total      membership     of   the   ordei
throughout   the ■■
and  of the   Rebekah lodges s   •
615,    Tlie total   metnbi rsbip
older is 1,952,-121, the difference
totals beirnj that ot dual membei
in both orders.
I, Albert .1.   (ire/, of Fort  31
Farmer, give notice that on  J •-
the lith day of Jane, 1911, at eleven
o'clock in the forenoon, I intend   t-<
apply to the Water Cot
bis Office in   Cranbrook for 1 llcei
to take and   use one    cubic foot   1 I
water per second    from ,t  tpj ■
log on I.ot 1831,   Droop I, Ki  ti na]
Ilistrict,   in   the    Cranbrook Watet
District     The  watt 1 is to be taken
from the stream aboul at tl..
and is to    be used on s;iid Lol    ■
for irriKatir.n purposes
|0*5t (Signed)        Albert  J. Ore
LAND NoTlci-;
NOTICE   IH    iii;i:i;m   OIVKN
tbat  we intend to appl.   I
Commissioner ol    I,and-, and   Works
foi permission la  pun bs e
lowing de* nl.i <l mill   lb .    luati
South Kasl Kootenaj DI
Beginning at .1 post planted it l
Intersection ol lhu western boundar)
rn Lol Numbei 3    -vith thi
ul wai of the Kootcnaj Central Kail-
way; thenee south ii chains 11 links
east, twenty-seven [21 00) 1 hains
niuii' 01 less, following the northern
boudary of the Kootenay Central
rtghtrof-wa). iheiu c north twentj
eight (38.00) chain*, mon- or less,
thence west fourteen ill »"i - bains,
more or less, to the boundary ol
Lot Number 51; thence in a northwesterly    direction,    follow inp   the
I miaiv of   l.oi   Numbei 51, to tin
easl boundary ol Lol Numhehr 'IftfJ",
thence east three (3 00) chains to
the north cast " rnei 'if Lol Numbei
8060; theme south four (I.Q0) dlftlni
to the SOUth easl cornel of Lol
Number 3080; theme west two (2.00)
chains, mon- oi less, to the place ol
beginning, containing forty (-10)
acres, more or less
The Hodges Lumber Company
.1   F  Undue., Locatoi
Dated    tin     201h    day of    April.
1911 19-st
"M: Ftl-0.' *    * Ing por-
■r   * ,.!
TO *   ; cture you
'lit LITTLE  ITALY. thrilling
-     ■■ of tlie
Se*   VnrV* Italian
' "MCUKT   TAMUPAIS."    An  In-
. .*.    : <-,k in
New .Season's
Jus: Arrived
Up-lo-dai.-   first-class
Paperhangers to hang
B.    H.   SHORT
The Palm ; Decorator
Ar.n irong   \\c
P. 0. H«\ ; | I'lionc in
v ty     '*   -"-"-"•I"
.V a\'V.      \ \\       ,  - I *na aerylta
r-vTWi    IH    .-..iiiiT.'.tT.io-*.,
i\' (*^.\       *A   ,   1     Bi-e, make,iltia
'VYY-™ '-SlkkerofOoalhy
>' 1/ S-Jd E»»,7w!i..e
Toronto. Cnada. IU
Columbian Wood
Split Pulley
M i BC   for   B.O,
C'l ll'l|..|ia        Mni-k     imw
(■■irrici! it. Nt     *.  by
The Nclsiin Iron Works
Limited.       mi THK   U.RANBROUK    11 KHALI)
News of the District
i Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned irom Newspapers
(Ily   Fred   Ron >
Klku was i.lli'il witli visitors irom
Kernie, Hosmer, Michel, Crnnbrook,
Wardner and also (nun Kootenny
river points Good Friday and ICusler
The mini's around Klko are ail
working lull blast, and everybody is
liappj Kveii tlie kn ickers ore be
Hiiuiiiifl to smile.
Mi Doyle, I'al Hums' right bowel
iiHin Calgary,    wns in Elko       thin
week,   Mi      Doyle is   n g I ad ver
tlsemenl ror n meal in irket—both
i.i- nnd rosy—nnd a Binlle on ins ince
tin- width ol ,i cow hide
We are pleased to see the Kernie
I'm-I- Dress railing attentb n to the
unreasonable slaughter nl ihr (ami j
1   in Klk uml
Walsh Coetingbam, «l Waldo, spent
the week end with Mi and Mrs
(ili'ii Campbell,
Settlers are still arriving al llaj
nes Lake, ami everything is running
as smooth as a Wednesda) evening
prayer meeting Ilepori -ays Ihal
everj new arrival hroughl a sel ol
golf sticks wilh him and lhe companj is building n line club house,
and the lulure sporl at Dnyues will
Im< vow pasture pool i r billiards,
ihat'i whal Ihey call golf down nt
Hoosville, Ibe hig red npple enfin
Mis .1. Ti.iiliiinli i, j i Cumberland
Mouse, lliversidc avenue, Klko, lell
on Monday's Klyei fai Spokane, to
visit her two youn^rsl daughters.
AM   Wilson, ol     ' rnnti k,        i.
shaking hands willi old Klko Irienda
Hii.s week,
Miss Irene McKee, -i College
avenue, spenl several days in Ward
ner lliis week, Iln- guesl "i Mi ■
Mi Harrj Oldlandi wa lo Wl on
lasl  week iiii business,
Mis   II..j., ui    It i-vill?, i.-, visitilM
Klko,   Kernie   and Cranhrook      Ihis
Every bod) Is busi planting gai
dens just tiou .imi ilu seed bushies:
is rushing, We have sold more seed
this spring than • n before. Lawi
mass, i invi-i ...I ..nt limothy als
hrimiiie ma- Wi- hope nexl yeai
imw Hiai wr -.,■(• there' ■ going to hi
a markel, to Inn.' goll Kick red •<
sale. Dm fishing tackle is moviii)
lasi now. Had a mail order Iron
Moyie ibis week, ivliieh proves tha
ii pays ii. advertisi
W (' [.ea..y ami wile and f.imil.
are visiting Gateway this week.
Mi Kred Davenport, <>( Spokane
iiilliil in here this week mi lus rcturi
from Europe He was ia Lonilui
when the first partj ol scttlei - lei
fm Baynes Lake <>i iln- Europea
countries visiti d he said ,i j.;' s.aw
seventeen miles from Knglund, hai
them all backed ofl Hi.- map Tin
onl) thing Unit impressed him whili
travelling through Germnny was
ihal during tht- wind.' three weeki
slay he never saw a cat, and when
we remarked Unit German; wa-*
celebrated lor sausages, lie looked
quite Innocent
Mi Shenfleld and family, <-i Fi i
uie, an- visiting the Thompson's ,i>
tin- Columbia hotel.
Kred Sheridan refers to Ins liven
stable as a veterlnarj snnltarlum.
No inalti i   iiow nlli-ii you gn to the
'pi ■   lis     lh hn    fellow  that's
The citizens of Klko an- anxious
to  bold a   celebration on Ma-.  31th,
uader ihr auspices nl the Klko in I
of trade 'llie president am! • [i ■
president nf the hoard have ncvei
heen seen since Un ii election last
January and there's a reward uf
two plnys nf McDonald's chewing to
hacco fm iln-ii return to Elko, dead
or alive, the citizens an- anxious tr.
get busy. Any information will be
grateful)) received and the reword
paid in addressing iiu- pound *■<epei
Kuil particulars will be repoiled
in tins column nexl week ol Rl! n's
second  annual   big << lebrntlon   held
Vict i day, Maj  3 lib, In 11
lown "a ih.. Crow tii--in h
Kureka, situated on the extreme
souih of Tobacco Plains, i n Uu
mam   line    <ji thc    Great  Northern
rallwaj. * ins thi mn s,-*,<   n.,..
I.ibhi. I.iiirt.ln count)    This Hill    |>,
a big thing f"i Tobi  I'I.ir       ,i id
places Run ka as ibe count)
Lincoln   county, Montanu, lhe   host
town   iii tin'   country on    the south
nnd     Elko, the best town j n       tl"'
Crow,   on    tlu-    north   ol Tobai
Don't forget Victoria day celebro
tion al Klko May 31th, and remember ymi can'i eat soap and wash
with il.
(Speeial correspondence)
Miss Deacon, .>f Nelson, spent      a
few days lust  week as a guest  a1  tin-
King Edward hotel,
Mi. Roj   Amleis. n, ..( t|)(.    Crows
Nesl office stall, was in ll.Uiliiiiv lasl
Wednesday on business
Mr  V. M  Pennock made a bu dnc
trip to Galloway lasl Wednesday,
partment, was doing Imsiuess in
town last Kriday,
I'. lieeman Adncj made a business
i up 1.1 JafTray last Kriday. i
Mi Chapman, uf Galloway, called
.rn Wardner frielids last Saturday.
Mi. ft. K Eaton, U.A., nf the
Wardner public school spent Saturdaj lasi wiiii UrmitarooK frieods.
Clarke's show, of Ferule, arrived in
lown mi Thursday ami gave their cx-
blbltlon nf moving pictures in the
Library hall on Thursday and Kriday
evenings. The attendance both
nights was goud.
Mi Weston, nf Daly's tamp, Galloway, ealled nn friends here lasi Saturday.
In Green made a business trip
here last Monday.
Mi Itoberl Kassle, of ihe C.P it.
tic camp, was in Cranbrook with
friends last week.
Mi Harold hailing, ol the l.nnil
I.und and Development company, uf
Cranbrook, was in town last Satur-
daj ou business.
Mr. Kred Iturgess, of Ibe Crows
\, st ofllce stall, spent last Sunday in
Cranbrook with friends.
\ meeting ol (lie young men. was
ealled nli svintlay afterhcon ami judging from Hu- number present at tho
meeting, there are a large number of
the boys very much Interested in
baseball. Mr. Lunhorn was elected
manager, and a committee ol three
was appointed lu chofisc a captain.
Vfter ibe meeting was brought to a
rinse the Inns went in Hie baseball
grounds uml   practised fur a   couple
ui I rs.    The boys hope tn have   a
good team organized in the near fu
Mi S C Smith was in Cranhronk
lasl Monday.
Mis W ll. Kmhree ami Miss Clark
spent Monday lasi iu Cranbrook,
Police Constable Adney was in Gal-
lowny last Monday on business.
in Lees visited ihe ('.pit. construction ramps here last Monday.
Miss Verna Kmhree lefl lasl Mon-
d.r. l.n a usit with her aunt, Mrs
i:    \   Penson.
George Iloggarth and Dr. King, of
Cranbrook, motored lo (own last
Tuesday afternoon.
While engaged in drilling a rock on
tl.»- made i.f the m-w Kootenay Central railway lasl Monday morning, a
man named Antonio Matiusi was
struck by a falling rock and died a
!• v. liuii is afterwards, The body
was removed In lhe police head-
.i'i.triers In await the arrival of Un-
dertaker Neatly, nf Cranbrook, The
remains wen- prepared for burial on
Tuesdaj morning ami taken on board
iln- wesi bound tram in Cranbrook,
where thej were laid lo rest. .\
large concourse ut his si rrowlng
friends al tended tin- funeral. Great
sympathy is felt for lhe brother of
the deceased, who only arrived here
from Italy last Sunday.
During a (plane! on Monday afternoon lasi between two Hindus at
Hn- C P It tie camp, one Hindu tried
i" strike the oilier with Ids axe. He
escaped with only a slight cut on
ilu- back of bis neck. Policeman
Adney was sent for aud tlie would-be
executioner arrested ami lodged in
jail He was taken to Cranhrook
on Wednesda) morning to await his
Miss Irene McKee, nf Klku, spent
Thursdftj ami Kridaj with ber friend,
Mrs. It   A. Green
tie* V, ii. Main, uf St. Andrew's
Presbyterian church, Cranbrook, look
charge nf the communion service in
the Presbyterian churcli here last
Sunday, while bis serviees were taken hv out pastor, Rev, Mr. Sinclair.
Even week tilings new residents
in Wardner. During the past few
days several new families have come
in and most nl Hie new houses have
been taken. Some of the other
houses are undergoing repairs, and
ibe water system is also being extended. If the present state nf affairs exists for any time the governnienl will have to build a school
verj much largei than the one already here, as it is crowded to o\er-
flow Ing ai present,
Watch Wardnei glow
Mr. Louis Chaney, of llnyui's Lake,
lias Hn- contract fur clearing tlu
righl.of-way for the C.P.R.
Mrs. C. D, McNabb, nf Waldo
called on Baylies Lake friends during
lhe week,
Mr. K. II. Ann it has jusl closed a
deal which makes Mi. .1 W. Ot'dc, of
England, Hie possessor uf 250 acres
nf rich bottom land. Mr, Orde will
arrive shortly.
The Kootenay Diver [,and company
has jusl completed a mad wliich
gives access lo this land.
Ur. I.lnyd Jackson, uf Nelson, has
purchased a block uf land and will
begin In improve it, build a home
and remain in Baynes,
Mr. E. 11. Al'liotl and Mr .1 A
Tormey are in Spokane al tending tu
Important business connected with
Hie Kootenay River Land Co.
Mr, .1. 1) Aye made a hurried trip
to Kernie lo look al snme burses fm
the Kootenay Itiver Laml Co,
We are glad to know that Mr
Webb has struck water ia his well
The well is 33 feet deep.
While in Spokane Mr. Tormey and
Mr Arnott bought a carload uf tooh
and Implements to he used to clear
plough ami plant tracts for new
sel Hers. They also bought seeds of
all kinds.
The Kootenay River Lund company
an- now using ten teams and as
many more will he employed as soon
as the new ploughs, etc., arrive.
This has been a week of siinsliim
rush ami bustle.
(Special correspondence),
\    numbei ol  g I, steady, tpilel
a ink teams, weighing from leu lu
twelve hundred pounds are needed at
It.cn.'-- Lake Anyone having learns
nf this description communicate with
Mr K II Arnott, Baynes Lake,
It c
The Kootenay River Land company
is employing thirty-five, or forty men
clearing laml for settlers, also clearing right-of-way for extension of
iheir irrigation ditch.
\ number of stump pullers have
been ordered by the Kootenny River
Land company.
Mi   Geo.   Tanner has the contract
i building the pay office of the
C.P.R at Baynes Luke, also the
paymaster's bouse.
\ well drilling i unit lias been ordered liy Mr. Tormey so all nur new
(Speeial correspondence).
A I). Ilorsman, who is logging at
Skookumchuck, spent a couple uf
days at Wasa lasl week. This win
ler's logging operations have been
very satisfactory according to Mill, tsmall, who estimates liis cut at
about two million feet logs ami
twenty-five thousand lies.
P. Parson, who some time ago dis
posed of bis ranch, has taken \\\i
another plate near Wolf Creek.
Mr. and Mrs. Erickson, of Cranbrook, were Wasa visitors last week
Mr. II. K. Blrtch has &  t..   ibe
States on business.
Several land seekers were out this
vvaj during lhe week. Tliey were
all much impressed wiib Hit- oppor
tunnies of good investments aloof,
th.- valley.
Everything indicates lhat this is
gmug tn he a busy summer In real
estate. Thai people are anxious tl
invest here is shown by the fat
that Inquiries about Wasa tmvtisit-
lots are received frequently and a
soon as placed un the market will
liml purchasers. Several tracts of
the Kootenay Fruit Land ami De
velopmcnt company's land were sold
last  week.
The weather (luring the pnsl wed
has been delightful ami all who
are taking advantage of the fine
skiing days by louring lhe country
in automobiles or otherwise enjoying
outdoor life.
The fishing season which opens in a
few days will be welcomed by many
lovers of lhe spoil, who ale getting
rod aud line iu trim.
Mr. and Mrs A. B. Eeriwick, Mr
and Mrs. Beninore, of port Steele,
ami Mr. W. Denton, ot Toronto,
drove "lit in Mr, Kciiwick's new
Hunk nu  the end of Inst week,
Several Crnnbrook people visited
Wasa dining lhe week. On Friday
Messrs E. II. Small, T. M. Roberts, Geo. Iloggarth, Geo, Leask
and Frank Rut ley came out witb Mr.
Small iu bis m-w Itulck ear and Mr
and Mrs. A. C. Bowness mid Mr.
Geo Stevenson in Mr. Bowness' automobile.
Co and Wis. King, Mr. and Mrs
M A Macdonald, Miss Williams und
Miss Macdonald, of Cranbrook, W. S.
Lune, of Kernie, and A. I). Bnird, nf
Audi ver, N.B., were Wasa visitots
over the week end. The parly enme
out in Dr King's auto and the
Cranhrook Garage company's car.
Mi L. (i Broadwood, of "White
Haven," near Sheep Creek, wns in
Wasa on business a few days ago.
Mr. fl. Erickson, of Cranhrook,
wns a Wasa visitor the beginning of
the week,
Messrs. V. Hyde Baker and II, W
Supple, of Cranbrook, were fn Wasa
Tuesdav last.
The Yale and Towne Mfg. Co., of
New York, are notifying their num
erotis Canadian customers that they
purpose establishing a branch in Canada, to he located at St. Catharines,
Out. In the course ot their circular
tliey say:
"The   steadily     increasing demand
for our products in the Dominion nf
Canada   has   caused   us, lor several
years past, to give careful considera-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Hon to Hie   expediency of cstnblish
settlers   will ban- pleat) of       good] ing a branch plant in Canada for the
' manufacture of the goods needed   to
Mi   Lelteh, of   tbe   East Kootcnaj j water. M
Lumber company, "f .JaiTray, was in j   Several nr ihe members of the Kor-[supply our Canadian customers, with
lown last Kriday on bu Im j nle board ol Hade visited our valley   the result tbnl we hnve now definite
Mi   Sinclair, of the C P R  land dc    la->1  week. ( ly decided to create sucb a plant
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Prescribed and recommended for wanton's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy of proven worth. The
result from their use is quick and
permanent, Koi snlc at all drug
stores. iMoDolS
"Accordingly, we nnw have Uie
pleasure hereby uf informing our customers ami friends in Canada, Including the hardware nude, architects,
builders nnd the general public, lliat
we have selei ted the cltj ol si.
Catharines, Ontario, as the location
of the proponed plan), Ihal we have
secured lliere a suitable sile, lhat
we propose ImtiieiUntely Lo commence
the erection of the necessary build
ings, ami that we hope In have the
new plant in effective operation oni
ly iu 1012. Meantime, the require
ments nf our Canadian customer.
will he attended to, as heretofore,
rrom nur main plant at Stamford,
Conn., (he business relating thereto
being conducted tlirougli nut general
ollices, II Mttrrnj street, New York
A subordinate organization under the
name of "Canadian Yale and Towne
Limited," is in process ol formation,
whieh will conduct tin- business of
the Canadian plain afler the latter
begins operations.
"lu building and equipping Hie new
plant the vast fund uf experience ac
qitired during the post forty years at
Stamford will be fully ii Mitred, the
intention being thai the high standard of quality in design, materials,
workmanship and finish wliich has
so lung been characteristic of "Yale
Products" sliall be maintained in
the Canadian plant, sn that the pro
ducts of the two plants shall he   nni
 rely    substantially,    but  actually.
identical iu all1 tbat onr trade-name
'Male" stands for, with the added
ndvuntago to our Canadian customers of Obtaining a product made i,
Canada, by Canadian lain r, nnd
exempt from any burden of taxation
greater than lhat which is common
In all manufacturers In the Dominion.
"The large demand already existing iu Canada for "Vale Products,"
ami Hie favorable repute tbey have
so long enjoyed there, justify the
hope and expectation lhat, with llic
domestication of tliis industry iu the
Dominion, and villi the improved
service whieli Hns will permit, thai
demand will nnt merely continue bul
wili increase substantially and
Tlir British .mil United Stales
Pharmncopocias, two uf Hn* greatest
medical books nf authority, Btate
thai tlm active principal uf Kins i.
a valuable LAXATIVE REMEDY in
tin* Ircaltncnt ol all KlllNHV, l.l\
l*:il, STOMACH ami BOWEL dlsor
Contain the active principal if FK1S
combined with other valuable tnedl
contents which constitute them the
best remedy for the above ailments
At all dealers 25 cents per box, or
Tin- Pig Pill d., st. Thomas, (un.
Sold ami recommended by Tho
Cranbroot. Drug and Booh Co , Ltd.,
try thing clean and ImIjt,
leoookinff donetoonttr.
-cook your Sunday chicken.
GRAY   and
Brown are
the dominant
shades for Spring
We are showing
both these colors at
their best in superb
English Worsteds
and Scotch Tweeds.
Fit-Reform was first
in Canada to give
high Class, hand
tailored garments for
men at reasonable
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 6 p.m. at
Fraternity Mull.
.1. M, lliiysc, C.C.
K. M, Christian, K. II. & s.
Visiting brethren   cordially luvtiotl
to attend.
1.0.0.P., KEY CITY LOliQK, No. 4a
-a-:-*.**, ,       MihiIh every Miuiiluy
fli-ar**,.   „l(,|lt nl   Ncw |..ru.
. _ lorillty Hall. Sn-
Jonriilng Otlillellowi cordially hivlleil.
I:   II. I'.ilni  W. M. Hani.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook.
Be a Well Man!
If yon ure n sick muti. Buffering from
nny disorder, we can euro you Permanently.
Vou dn not have lo linger along Buffering
from disease, Iwcause we are medical
s|H-cit.listb with many yenrs' experience
treating mnl curing successfully till men's
A sure nnd permanent enro iu nil diseases uf
men, Nervous Weakness Voritme Veins,
Hydrocele,  Nervous   Ailments,  hlc-cd mid
;-]     Skin  Disorders, Sores, Ulcer*,  Kidney* l-laidtr   mid
H     Rectal Disorders, and all social ailments common lo men.
llest Anatomical Museum in tlie North-west.
;«                                      Consultation Free
H            [f you cannot come to Spokuue for free consultation
?i      now. write for our free booklet.
$  .  *^t
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum  I
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash. -
 . <8-25t        i
H. 1. BTEPHEN8, Prop. *
CALGARY, Alberta !
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
Imperial Bank ol Canada
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED  -      $10,000,000.00
l>. II. Wll.KlE, l-r«i.l,.|,i.
HUN. NOUGHT JAFKKAY. Vice.rr.iiil.nt
Accounts   ul   (lorix-riitioiis.   Municipalities,    .Merchants,
Farmers ami Private Individuals invit,.,1.
I (rails nml l.*lt,*rs of Credit issued available in any part of
the worl I.
SA VI MIS  DEPARTMENT - Bpeolol   attention
given to Savings  Hank Accounts.     Deposits of Slim   .,-„|
r  upwunls received and interest allow,.,I from date of ,l,*iiosil.
[    : mrk Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
TO V01)
if you npprocinlo a pure
sparkling beverage.   There
in nol in,other limnd so well
known us
You may order any flavor
you like, nne is equally ns
uootl iih anotlior,    If  you
Imve never Instill Our
Drinks, you nre surely
losing n treat. Order to-day
East Kootenay Bottling
: ■**.*************** ********** i
11 is the Same Plnee
'I'lu* Plnee that is Popular
Uootl un thu Best
Better than the llest
The Cosmopolitan
If yon come once,
Vou will come again.
Iv II. SMALL. Rbofbibtor
v w w^~ww vwwwww wwww W WW WW WW
Unless ymi ran mnkr it profitable
fer people ti»   wali-li ymir store nils.
iiMI not make ynnr store ads. pro-
(1 tabic in ynu, Nothing ia surer
than Hint.
The j.id department of this paper li
equipped with the most up-to-date
facts of type. You net what you
want when you want It at the Her*
N. (1.
\V .   I
ruiiliriiiil,     |,nil*;i»,
A.P,  &   A    M.
I    ', *, '
1! lir
. ('.
Hi*..nl ii mnotliigi mi
iim iiiiui Tliiirsilny
nl over) month.
* thi,1, w-lconicil
Sliankland, W.M.
r lolly, Srerolnry,
No.   19.
Meets every second and  fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs  cordially Invited.
Miss K. .lohnston, Y (i
Miss lliekenbotham. Seo'y.
Meets in    Fraternity Hall Flret ami
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, !■:  U,
M. MacKinnon, M. i;   and C.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at &
p.oi. sharp.
Wm. Anderson, Chiel Ranger.
! . ''■   '   Secretary.
Vlslli i.   . ■ uth ren made weloome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall lirst nnd
third Thursday of each month at
s p.m, sharp.
Mrs.  i,uiu Hay ward,  Rec, See.
W. B. McFarlane, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome
: Presbyterian Cburcb i
—        .*
* *
* Suniliy ni.'uiiiiK Kivlcc ai 11 *a>
* o'clock ♦
* .Siniiliir   evening    **,t
* 7.it'll o'clock
ervlce   »l ♦
♦   Sunday      School   ainl    llitiit* T
J i l„ n at ;i ii u*l,a-k 3
?   Presbyterian   Guild, Tueaday, *
,        at k o'clock »
!Baptist Cburcb!
* Pastor, Cbarlea W. Kin-;. *
1 Parsonage, Korbury Avenue,      *
1 'I'll. hi*. JSl.^^^^^^^^
T Regular Servlcesi—Sunday, 11 *
X a.m.     and     7.illl   p.m.;   lu'ile a>
{ School    with     Yin,!,;   Ladles' *
* PbllethM     and     YounK    Mcii'n *
* llllili* I'lass, 3 p.m. J
T Monday, VoiiiiR Peoples', K 9
1 p.m. ♦
J Wednesda/, Uld-Weeb Meeting. ♦
I'lillstlan wcliointn $
I'. 0,  not 281. ♦
*     A cordial
4 to all.
I,   llnlli'll   I*'    \, illl imili, i.i    Shn|i
Creek, Wni i P.O., Inrmer, give nolli,.
ili.ii   mi i'i.  Slh   day nl June, inn.
nl iln.ii ,.', lock in tl,* Inren ,    I
Intend to nppl) in Mn Walei I'om
nu lonei al In* Olllci1 in i'i.iiilmi.,1,
Ini .i 111 i*i,**i* in lake .nni '■ ■ i *
nml .i tin.i! i.i cubic Ini ol i'..i<i i ini
sccoml   Innii Sheep I'rrek    In     Iln'
11.11,1 k    W'.lll I     Hi*Hi' I Iln     ll.l!
ii i   lo   i„*   i.il.. ii Irom u„*   * *
mi 1 IM7, in.*   ptopcrlt   ..i  \'*%
Emery, nnd Is lo he m, *i on Pn
emptlon llecord Nn. mi, loi Ir,I ,
ium purposes,
April -mii, mn
in.M i.'niiiii i*' n i.i ,ii,i,,
President: T. h.'liin,
Hecretary: S. M iciinsAl n
For iolorination regarding lamia
and   agriculture   apply   to tlie
Sncretary, Cranlirook, ll. C.
Kvery second Wedneadny
Millmcn Take Note.
Ihis I, -nn rccoived nt
Frank   Dezall's
whom rfllMiira of nil kimls ore
tiuiokly nml i*Hi"ii'nily
r. it
Kllll SAI.r. —Transposing scale
lli'ihl'iii'in nml I'o. plnno, nrorlh now
.liiiuiiii. Sale price IM0.IK). Sin Wm
(luciard, iipnu House. i ll THU   ORANBROOK     HICHAM)
e INSURANCE  MaN-he, too, is full or guile
There Are Tricks in His Trade, for
Without Them How Could He Ever
Get Past the Guardian of the Office
Gate and Spread His Net for the Busy
Business Man?
mined, In- ii  photograph >>( ;i   woman on his watch or photo*
i'i'-:fY Hi-- graphs of ehildren on his desk yon get him on tho
rhaps. Ij.v sontl ntnl Bide.    A   man's gol  n  weakness some*
.■Mi where, nnd you Jusl liml It mil nnd play him on it.
. Imt Vmi test  Mm uti I Ij.v little friendly questions, three
to use It successfully, fur, the Interview
must live up in th*- pac - lie set.    He n
."iirli-Hy In- hns ereati I     Hi    o
Btnlliifi iln' approximate ni    unl the . i
nnd suggests o plan carefully suited
general enough to Indin ■ rpn ,t    months apnrt. It's like n game of checkers. He doesn*.
question his object Is iiehlevi'd,    A nev H   nrlinl you're making n move for till lie Buds
qualnlnnee has been uindc, tn rlpei : it    himself In ;i corner."
Blind bring forth Hj-- fruil of (he pn Jum us      [Jo paused, but uot r.-r breath.   Insurance agents
mellow ns any pear und mr more guide nre never hrenlhless.
Acquaintances nre, in fnct. wlmi Hie ■ ■   of       "Tricks?" In? wenl on.   "Sure.   Alwnys ngreo with
agents nppenr chiefly In crave    Tin     i cud Is    i mnn    Keep him nodding his head,   if he's a lover
i"'i   mon rossnr)   Mn elr  rl ..,,*,.     0f  his ftiiiilly talk  pr >tluii.    If he's  greedy  talk
Tliey Join elulm, nnd bi ! n     lo i" - : com   mnney.   Another thing, gel lu touch with future hits.
miIi Hats, ami with ncij                  i              *   * up (ho    Tho old  fellows  liuvu till  lhe Insurance they  want
I»liI, iiiiiii. I.j 'Hi.. Now Vork lloralil Co. All ItUhl* H rwil.i
,    -   N   the   hrlghl   lexl 1   of  youth."   wrote   Dr.
* v I Johnson, "(hero Is uo bucIi word as fall." It
Is :i rythmic, truthful sta lemon t, nml h only
iinfortniinto In thai li was uttered before the
days nf Insurance agency, which It well might
Imve Included. "Youth ami Insurance agency know
uo failure" would he less Impressive, though equally
true .'iml much more modern. "Insurance ngoncy
nud yffuth" might ho even better, because Um runner
is more skilful -aud It has tricks to buck It as well.
In-tail, hi the Held or insun o they tnke a wide
ra'.ge—from lhe Norlh Polo of life Insurance to the
' > mii Polo of (Ire Insun ej am) they cover all the
Intervening territory—aecldonts nml partnerships
aud everything under the sun or, possibly, above It.
Take life Insurance lirst. Du yoil ever wonder how
It ('nines thai thc alerl stranger with the steady eye*
<>r search resents himself nml speaks so understand*
burly about the things which Interest you?
The truth Is that ynu nre one of uti endless humnn
cluilii which every life Insurance ngeut builds for
himself. He gets your mime from some friend nr
ncqmilntaneu of your own upon whom he hns Just
-■ essfully  exercised   bis skill.    If he gains your
confidence he will get a not her mime from yon.   The
irrled man likes to get olhors married, tlie freshly
inrrled man likes to gut olhors married, the freshly  -~^^*
wired bus n delight lu seeing his fellow human*  V^*^
"written up," ciul he suggests .vmi ns u possible sub-
.(..■: uf pursuit. If lie be vain lie Is sclent I (len Ily In*
dueed to boast of his acquaintanceship with yon.
famous rn* prosperous its yon nre, nnd the Insurance
nirent goes to uu own olHee nml looks ymi up. Indeed, ihe hisiirnicc companies nre adepts at produc-
Ing lists—classlfled ifsis, seteiitllle.illy constructed
lists—with the financial standing of those Included
marked very enrefully, Inderd, nnd sin-h secrecies
un- easily provided liy coiieerns whieh make a Inisl-
tiess nf slieh Milugs.
It Is the flrsl a weel fnundatlmi nf n structure d«s
lined, perhaps, to rise so lilgli, nod Uu* Ingenious agent
straightway proceeds to mid t<> It  a second, in the
shit) f sued personal Information n« he mny obtain,
V"ii will notice In* Is .-i very plcasanl fellow, not Intro-
sfH'ctlve, mnl be will chat with ymi • licctTolIv about
men nnd ihlnir*—though Id- personal preference N
fnr men Sit be finds from you tbe extent of your
friend's family, Ids temperament. Ills tastes, nnd goes,
Mius nrmed, i" meet him. Itui Iij1 does not always approach your friend dlrceily iu n harnctor of n pursuer.
That would l«' Romewbal dlrecl the work would Is*
even ,-i tittle eonrse. lie rather gnos lo Inquire nlionl
yon. the game lie has recently landed M- Intrmluees
himself uml says that mn art. desirous >.f taking mil
n poll \ wiiii Ids coiu|Kiny, whieh, however, la very
pnrllrular nlmal lis ii-k- lie looks extremely Im
press!ve ,i- he any* Ibis It rather Indicates thai he
would, on Ibe whole, rather perish sooner Ihan accept
you if you had no) represcnlcd yourself rnrrectly in
every parllcutnr.
The Jollying.
(if course your friend i res you the besl character
In the world, »hli h . h,* ngenl
M<- rem i!-- i li ti vou ■ ,,* i.,.*,- Mlnw*
("■ hns eve in nl pi Imve been In
«ti n iiental ■ i ui ■■■ nd lfi Invest
mem rin '.- up liis .-■!. Investment
« W ■ .- ,i ron take?
He   liet'onic*  ■ jj    nil I  li   ;*    h i   ynnr
polb I ri rt of n iii -I  ,* . extran illiinn
■■ ii   whieli is
del lent i  y - ,
And linn ■ i   .1     lie calls
■    v rem    -mi I Hub.
} ■■■■■■ i   Ills .-lltli
li ties now .in- I , md It ■
A)0Dfc5T     iTClt*)
Mr   W, tl. REI D V.    '
III I.-,   t.'in    i     ■,
ti   H	
1   ii   *..  Hi il
Who Is \v. ll. Heed!  Clearly a per* r importance
l»)   linplli-al - KIVHl  t    III   III lj     Uni   *■'■ Ill  pi mi
(toed, hill ii--iiai.'s liefore lhe ln«t«teiire nf ibe W, II.
However, lie not'  i talurnie ■•!  ihere nre "iti'*■
i...... and secretaries  with i" - u< .tt  pred Hoc) hois foi
"iln- nature of your hu*liif*«" even when yon are nu
li.»uniine ngeilt, lei alum- a Journalist, ll Is ai stieli
limes Ihal your trite ngenl rises lo his uiiimate
•li Is a mailer Intimately |*«rsuiml    li Is n matter
whl i. \)r  Si.aiii-" would nol  wanl ills u—.-.i with
nuylsHly," Is n - I etirlosll)  awnkeuer, nud nsinill)
an Iniervieu gnlhcrer, ihiuli 'i takes u skilful mull
wonderful gifts of the pi lew     l-'min each    now,    Nurse lhe youiio ones along for n few years,
 iheymnketu ■■• ■   ■      und       ■   il     ■■■'        tl   ■    ihey   itel the |HMllb*im   be)  carry   the Insur
hcndi ll 'leks revi    i |               work « man -• few years ntimil    It
11    ,-■■■ -:ii«| ..!>  :       .i ■«   but If I keep
'I  woiule    nhnl   hli - ■      ■   .         hi imii'li nltti bim I 1 ml   dm I   lhe end.*1
''•■-r  '■-   ■ (rick*?   IVi .....,-.                 ■                      |t|      ... ,i    ,u, iifwtiy     tr nuiphanr
you call ndroltnes ..*,.-     ■:.,,■-•   Keep n man m   --■-
liuiii.in nature 11 ll u*s .... old thins   Wlyr?
were a  writer  you   Wiillli ■■                                   den h"'                  Ip If il      tier broker
. ■   - .1.. :.i.> bn<*lness with
!*. || i     ll llWttVS   I/O   111   III]    :.    ULMil
i and    ■   dm come hi on you    if
■all ii . levenioss."    IL
"Von aim io gel
Weill on     Ir lie's
C«'l    lli-   ll|.ll|->    I. I. la,    't :.
e.ive you    If you're i»
he   maj   i nl nl itn im      lie  u
onMiiu illy ihtiik us up io-m - irl uis of m "■ j for
ymi   e '■ ti iilmi d   it 1 : t  which lie
tins ', ,ii   . .i dm
Indeed, ll  I- In ihl« * lei     i '  n enl  i'mii Mi-
Kilhllesl "i Ids   rlc| i ■ ..ni|..'t.'iii
ngeiu  ».'i   ippri i  :.   i    i    rj   if Imp iriam e u Iflt< in
•■ ]"-< lul pn ■' ■■*■ in.  \ i,
lliu's i.-iii|.,*i.ini.'i;i snd ■ ■ ■     mi «      h lie Im   |i ihis
Inklngly   I en rued Itefoiehnnd     llm re iml
ott.ee « ti-. in i)   be
ill    i    Pill ,i | iiiliptilV
\l.    |||t •-    n .   il,.-(   llvil
helou   -'i i        •',* I ■■ •
I kiiuu   ii:   ^."ii *v ii •  «Iih iIn  n  «| i ■!■.■ *****
lrean. u in h
►ends bin  « ... u -ar a.-
i ■     . ■..  with Hi -.	
r»rili il     > ,.   .    ,. ,i  hai I'l'.-n
needed   Is :.. ,   ,     .     . ,      . ,,,.,„  tt|,„
has ii I mosl i, id  , i mil ||   ion ihe Week lie*
fore linn i-i        nm mi  hi nitulni h miglii
'" Ills 'I it'll      ■■ in *. Hie i\   nlu    Itlxen nho
lias ,-\,.||  sllpjMll   III   I'm      ,.   u   ,M .,   .,., ii   i,,.  nil   loo
human Deah somi>ihbig ol ii  thm*k   liu« iH-eu la id uy
I "-I"' i-  "i   lhe  eien * ■      i .„ *   tut   , nn i u  snii
JM i-  lnr thr n.iLiaiii  . .i i.i    nlm       ,.,i..i   rc.i|is III
»le .jI i-i I Iiei itorsoii wtlb .i - \ i lie,
"I lui.l, where your fniullj  Would havo l n ir ih.ii
|...ll. .'iii.in Imdii'l pulled ynu Ihi k, comes ttfih a
mini a.-iiia... ai su. ii n ilme. Mn li Is lhe value 'if
incubated Information,
Loo;s Him Over Fajt.
"Then If I ran. ■ said ■ to me. -i i.Nik a mnn over
before I Inici-.T. -   Idlli     I >tl iical- hiiu when lie eats
Ids lunch—a I the nexl table, |H'il.,ips    noli wlmi
you already kmnv  yon nm gel a gmsl Hi n Ium
thai way.   Then I'm readj lo send my mime In,"
.\nd lhe innlilier of I lie seiullngV
'lhe methods, of colirsc/nre ns various ns the men,
out lacking ibe mime ot a friend in serve tor mi reduction ihe Creation of Curiosity Is lh ihi hi  si
lUccemfulIy oinploywl
"Tell him tbnl .Mr. tt'. II. Keed wishes t e lilm."
with impressive emphasis upon ibe tt'. ii.. is nn
vismple uf udroliiiiss lu Ihis respecl,    tt   11   Heed)
,.i i)>e bio-k room." "lid tin- hnld-hesdiil mnn.
I are two children mudyhiu nrlthmeile, Tin') are
duiiiR sums in mulilptienllon, I hoard Ilium di»
pulhig a minute ago admit seven Mini's nine. Their
chalter took uie buck io the ilr»l problem lu umlllplb
eat iou t rememlier irylng to ssdve,
I  was mi>  iiiih- then,    tin- tinu- wns cvenlng<
prell) soon after supper,   In lhe scene ut ilrsi w.»re
fal In i.   nml her   nnd   I.     Later,   Jusl   about   lit-diluie.
cn me ii fourth |iermn, a man l u.-nl never seen,   Itm
father ami  ther knew him,   They tailed bim /an.
I lune no i -c Ideti imw Hulll I had Hun Who /.an
was II- was iou. and ml whiskered, Ile had a deep
ruler mid he shook hands with a grip Uuil luirt. I
did mii iikV /.an. but my rather and mother must
haii- ihoitghl something <>r him.   .\h fill lier *tild:—
"'lime ymi Jusl conic lo loWU, /.nn';'
"/nn said he had.
"tt'liy imi stay m mir house nil night? lUggcsted
my  ium her *+
"/.in said he would.
•■.My   n.ni ner  made eolftie ami everybody  talked,
Ily mill by It call ut thai /an hail bToilghl liogs
tn inwii, There wn> one Imi: iu imrtlcUliir thai /mi
liked in ian. iibnui    ii welglusl I forgei imw many
humlml |H>unUa nml /.. S|Kfleil |o vr\ I <|«u'( know
Imu tiiau.v ei'lils a iHiiiud im- Ii. Presently my fntlicr
ehlieketl my chill, nod snld;—
"'Here's something fur you in won; mil, young mnn
It Mils le u weighs wlntieier number nf |siuuds It
was .md in tons - whatever iium1s>r »f rents it was—
a (HiUlld. Iiott much niulie) will /on kd hu- nv
".My iiioihcr bad leas fnlih lu ui)  ml ilea Nona I ao
qoiii'iilciM.* V -n <o.\  fa I Iter.
'"lie nili'l fit.HIc |Imi .nil,' sip' sold.
" Ves, he (im,' suid my ral her     'Where's   fuiir
"Sn ! gut my si.ile and pell It. I set •) wn the p diuds
ilia i leu Weighed ami in- pine o |iouiiil, nml I hell I
lip il red nml I llftiired    ". lj  Ior tin- squeaking nod
• li kinn uf  ihr  |N'l ,i.   in.,   in Ml   i'.'.ti u
llieir was dend sjleliee, Kill ber tat m liiei ami /,un
snipped inlkliip  m wiiii      ll  Insl  I h     I
Mil."  iml, iii,   lead  III lllllinpll
V,    I'-' >»id my lailnr
'"T«ciity f.uir iimii-    .
To ihi- dn) I -an nee ihe I
mem Hun ininsflgured the i- -    '
»**»%%»%*4*%\*»**+\\\tl-V\'a\\\.\.-.VV\*.\V\*.S.*.lV.*. **.
\ USEK  i '-ii r
TIIK liiile kindling     -
kel fmm Hie tall ul   Ids
ihe walk lo the horn mi
»hu ditiii iihy against tii
ball.   Afler lis bad ial i
in- iiniietl oul ngaln, >
Sim held a Utile bundle,
"Oh.   Zck'\" ihe said,     i Itlle « lirl*
reinembntm *• for you."
"Thank ynu, inii'aiM."
"It's a rani nice ikin    It foi an
bit: fur my daughter, imt U's still j Thi
ihe plaid bave run togvihoi
snme.   The bottom Is frayi a ■■ d d
The scams nro loose, bnl the) ed.   It'll be
useful Tnr yunr wife."
"Thank ynu. ma'am.   I hnven'l anj  tt'lfe."
"So wife!   Well, i. r y tu       ■      lieu."
■*l lutvou'l nil) sister
"Your mini or cousin or sutni'l  Uy."
"i haven't any."
•■Nn ffuaieu relatives?" 4
"Nti uiu'.ilii." /
"tt'eii. then, give i. io --■ '*•■ ean *>**• it'
*i liiivcn'i nny.*'
"Dear  me!    Vou  lulghl   in if
iruusers," snld Mrs, Hro on  dnl ' i;
it iu tlu ii fur yuu."
"Nn iiin'nio."
"Well. U's a ual alec skirl    II .     .'
"Thank ynu, uin'mii.
The Utile kllltlllllg  |mlJcr slliltlbil  >
hi- r ::*i"r» hum led ,il iliisi |
i,in in Hie sirw l h ...
in I ien I, sitanl wilh lun  ..    .
. • i.il. ai die aiiltual u moiui I -wl    ■■
Hie -<kii-i uuil • a i el Illl) lon< ,i i,  ., .
ii, lusactl li over Ihe burse's ha k, u   Mig It fn**i iv.ih
ii l>l irbiB
"I in. -, i. i.i.i yuu, Ji ml is li
stlllii  lo ho* -a-.ti     ' ,.,. nj I    n ,
li ,. m ni) fuiii i.M.ii-
.Id /.m
ni.  time
-Twenty.four limn "j   I onl!
.  | ither
- >Wii iii ■   ■  ■' mj i ■    ■
"I ,-ii...                         . - .'..i imaged toy eyes,
I Hie w  ill.   --.II
- -i'i ( I mv fall er     'Tin r.- must la* a
*   ni 'i Iwre      ll    -oiIdi t lie t|U
i ■        ■   ..ir. nl.hi.<i snme more,
■ ui mei   leu   l
'.- ■.  :  wiim nltvays
Ity.fo i|  dn    ,. -
Mild Zj
■ . Li  tin ii I  Ibntlghl  he was
■■ 'S* \*. in ■ il, wjii.' -.i.l i     ,..i..'      Vnu'h
i on *,       ■ .     everything rin
"Ileal   fiithi       lion   li nil ■ omen  back.    I  don t
t kind of slum     -•<■ yoiingsiers In ipc ucsl
lfi oil, hill  III  l.-l n  hat  ilii-.i ii hi-i* r
em  :n  n  it. dej i   urllhim  It-  with -*
Itlrtl   ppible j  /.mi m
p     UU ling."
l'o^'•;i't^  NOT.
AT n recent                      ■ alumni ..r tin. Virgin)•
!• In \.-n i'ork, Harry .-■  *>•■ rn
*  ■ ' gaila
- •. ior   i '.f' Iw • *'■■'■■
within  dl ill   nln Ml)   iM-i-.i.    ..    .*
a.,.,.* .... ii hxi* siiii ii. I.-
i Aiiml     ..si,. .   ■ i  ii .. in him.
...     ..       .... ■     .'.i llie
; .... marked  -.. pal i
. ,. i1(   ,  ,i   .. ^ * louiiiaiidliig
.  ,   i eftili) lu Ihe laie uiier
I,, j
.   ,                    ... ihe Admlmt. en
ii hid a    "i these won
  <i .1 in
i       . . ,i .   *.:-   ntdsi a   ■-
io   I   '.i    ...    ...    i  m-   n. .a   l'n'«iijt'..t
And then he continued aud told « little "f :ii*- nadef
life of ngeiilry. of the policies whieli could h» wilrt-n
If the agent would shave Just a n-iti* from hi* ••om*
mission,   and   thus   lower   ibe   legal   rsie  "l^iw»hu
frl Is," nnd of the Intimates of the ureal who would
aid tlie process of acceleration if Hip aaem "h-t'Med
over" in a BUfHcIently satisfying degree— widen of
course, being human and nn SKenr l« nnt Irn s-ive,
'•f the "desk imui" in the Insurance olllces who credits himself wiiii com miss I nni f..r Induced basin*"
which simply walked In through from A**t*t* sod
elumored io be Insured, nnd of Insurance cnmtiiiiles
who canvass brokers f'.r their huslness, with rerluil
and more material persuasions fmwneii upon hy ihai
controlling Insurance Exchange, he told sNo glmuld
any little transactions of this kind come to iiu'ir wksl
can be more ludlgnanl ihan nn outraged eonipaay entirely Ignorant of such practices? Uur my friend the
ngenl Indicated it as n trick imt uncommon in company circles
Then there !■* the tire Insurance—a whole lexicon
of tricks in Itself, which the ngenl Is always ahle le
spell. Take the Kire Insurance Kxchanse'x charge*
fnr "deficiencies" In n building, for Inmaii.-e The
rate, perhaps, is fairly lilth. bul li h n very slight
hurdle fur the ngenl of aptness. "I'll net ii redil ■ed
for you." lit- airily says, with that solid s-*»iirsii.'e
which Is a whole primer ot tricks ill Itself •»«—
hut What'* li going to cost me?" asks Ho- rbtlm. -HU
wary. Itui thi' ngenl answer*. "Not n eenl " He pine
■hi ,i nice ..in of while imlui here nud sn equally
ittreeable pie f planter lliere nnd makes up ibe
ileflcleiirle I nf  Ids own  pocket,    His ctmim|s«bHi
■ io far mure it Is a practice frowned iiimiR
In those mislere Rtithurlfles ..f tbe losurame Rx*
chnuge. bul who I- going to give the pbllsnthnmle
:'L*t-iti nway?    Vol ihe assured, rertaloly.
In.Iced, the lire Insurance a genii arc jusl n* nleri ;t«
Ihelr hmthi - id Ihe Ire policies They ine ihelr
lists, (no. snd Hie problems ..f their live* s-< nre—
ncfpinintaiiees They iu venturing eyes si the lot-
imrtnnt, whlh they beconie acquainted «'t!i their
friends r#.d offer them commits Ion* for theli "ui-ri!"
nld. liiu while th* ngenl Is exerting hluis,-if tu In-
■nre yon '■• '■• • • ids ;: lerest tn nuke !i s« easy f->r
ymi    - ■   -- He ae-purdlngly I* *ikl»:e,l in rnrk
Insurance ■     !-■■-  di iwn by himself, whleb sre »ui»-
I il to mi ■ — b  ■   we In ihe  >atn|>sny*a irrremrnb
Ir !•« iriit- that the companies hnve men engsged W
rlreumvent jn*t this rery purpose, hul your lite 'n
stirnnce ngenl can  weave nmre jhh nt* 'bf  Kngdsn
inguage than any Journalist «h.> ev»»r «n-ie    li is
..-,•■ to ti   k lhe "ompanles lit thli way in nrdtr
in pel bush - -•
Some Good Lines.
The business of intomn-blle ItMuraaee, too. offers
possibilities to the active gentlemen nf the insurance
Held. Here ll Is n matter of getting In rtr.t if n \**r-
son bays nn automobile ami hi« nprfifl. m** t,*r u oa.
romes publtsbed is'f.-re he Is lii«nrwl the wise Is nl-
most hopeless lo your skilful Itmurance person Na
be i ■ ■ Mea for th!*. !?*» bas the faithful alesmen
in rhe auto bouses bound m his u.ifrt>-*u* n t\ hn mediately a "-ale Is made thnt acthe cenflciuan riu'n-s
to the nearest telephone ind Informs rtie losnrani*e
hreker -t It. together with the name ami address **t
■■■■■', — • Then tbe agent bears down n|s'b thai
proprietor and, without th*- worry of competlifou. in-
-ur*** film. Tii" broker, though, lo this '-a«' mu«t
not have ,1 loo Implicit coofldeore in the salesuian—
wbo may have a numlt**r "f brokers upon bis **ti*tt.
Voo've C"i to ^.-' i m in u bo i in t— b/iugbt —a>nt s'sy
Arrangements bare be**n made by brokers that a
copy nf each certificate shall u sent to them tftoro
u \* published: but this I- slower than rhe salesman
method, nltbongli - be*per and wider of s.-,.(s-
Hut In ibe n of tbe subtletlea nf Ihe io*n-
  person'a in ihe adjuster must imi is- nmhted
from t!i!- ' f fame It-- li :* whom rmi entnw ra
represent you as against ihe company adjuster
Sometimes he :- i rery willing peraonage no*"*** H*
,^ . .■ ■■. ip about fire *iarl«»n- seeklns Hi- ernuilis
of his profesalon from tin* flrem^n lie wi' tei *ii*
address af lhe lire and r- particulars Then h^ will
dash imund and guarantee many things suiting
nthors to .-■* ■ ■■ fn amount of your ln-*umn * And
lhe adjuster may do much-Hit a percentage
A .-a ur-. ■! recent I/, however, when one of *d«
ir!.1;-' o ■• nol completed In all It- detail* * sltxbf
lire ueenrr d n lenemenl wh i u **o qnewibsl ntft
ii few buckets >*t water After arranging "adjuai
ment" with rhe family In whose room li nrcmrd h*
dashnl lm|>einoiisly to the teoanl beloa "Tell me
nii.iiir your damage." be ihrtekad "You're '-.id ler
, tin iage i.'. water, harea'i pmY It »s- <n.u.i-
,.-.« unfortunate, bul tie- tenant bad not I i» t»„
litiekeis  bad  failed   t><  penetrate  Into  these   ■•*•*'
Itui a small elrcntnstance -.f tbal *-.ri was * tea ther
i r Inventive adjuster     "Wel everything  ifl   be
plnee wn - ami everything." he said "ami r *re
thni \.-o gel ln«itranre on everything rnu*vefni." \u
soun^r -aid than done. The lenani tailored hernki *•
and li ol apimreinl) made n splendid J. i» mf n nh«n
lhe i -ur in <■ aullmrltlea arrived -11111 n wi* .'..|
all ihis water eonif mm*'" said nd- odkls uy-M
-,,' niH't 1 i-.in the Km oi-'**...' ..ilii ine ■*■• . 1
- when Ibe Insurance representathea
I  was   white unit dr-   a« nu*
lorn   j -I   plasiei    .1   nmke   n      Tbe   lenani   ini
niiilllnl .rn Imiairl til dels Hm ll wasn't Hie A*
Jii* er's fault.
Indeed, tricks ■•( the irade are freqneoi ai 'tie »e|.
nei      if  ,..--.*.     The  gentleman   wllb  ti- icu-t
1 iflied urea Ily when his nhte ndjusin <■ .oitwt
l.>   many   rolls  of   paper   whb*h   «'-re   ml-ile- ed   J'irt
i.-ti years "M "Whnrs thai doing there?*" 1. i». it
Indtgitantl) Ile was Infnrnied ihal ir wa* 'hi pa
i-r "Did. :- •" -aiii ne. unwinding 11 1. . n ue
hrtlef ol the llieir "Xul ll all: It's new " And so It
npiwrentl) ».i-. r..t the person insured k<ii .... \. ■**
foi ,1 less, ..f iiuirse, Ihal len |«r eenl «vhl .1 is
rt>*eoiupllshcd adjuster had -** well earned
Itui H Is nol iiloiie lu the iWr.r.y Insure ore lielghrs
thai He- little ndndlnessw ure pracllseit, in 1 ie
humbler spheres iiiey nre fnlluWed ton l-'or pi-iaioe
n ...ai have |pii n.H..| friends wbo will "staml fin If"
you pay a premium or iwn yourself if >nu rr an
ngenl until ymir coinmlsnlun hn- runie In, a-nl .i>n
iln- 1 ml Icy uutonsrlnnakly lapses    The laa  Hun nu
child .-uu lie lii-Uii-d uiilll ll In* a year nld Will bring
man) nf iln* humbler agents in the dour upon the
lir-i da) -if lhe second blrihda) Knr lo-nran, t* k,mi
in ini-ii. high nr low. ueglerl 110 beta of p. II leu
Tricks >.r the trade, all \«ry terrible mi doubt; it
seems un 1 iiufali i" plllurj thus ihe venimvsutiMi
Inaurance man. hut In- I- nol (be only oiu> win. n*,*
aesaei his auiall adrellneasea llivi- yuu no irtrks .f
yoiir ownl I wonder I should like to arti.- ,^,41
them *m
WosliingUin,    \|ntl    21   -l'lfsidenl
Tail's   I'iMiaili.iii    iwl| I)    ugrm
incut supported In .ill bill a Imndlul
ul Democrats, nnd opposed bj a
majority of Lhe Uepublli ai , passed
tbe houso-ol   representatives       this
evening Iii a vol   *  * lo «'■<  With
ncarlj 2011 Deraoi rata  introl   and
their action endorseil In a large body
,,i iln* Republicans, tin bill lo pul
tin* agreemenl in   lorn* vvas adopted
willi no  amendments   and In all I
1 h,- Identical form in wbicb ii passed
iln* house in tin* Insl session preceding tills session.
Tbe bill Becks lo pul Into elteel tbe
'orinal agrecmnl reached between
I'l-esldojil Tall and menibei • ol lhe
Canadian cubinei loi a rediiclion ol
ibe lui in rales mi mam articles ami
nee tun!'* in man) others, .i ros llie
Canadian bordei added in it by
iln* Democratic lendi rs Is a r tion
ulin.Ji natliortas nnd rcquesl   1':*  id
,1,1   'ran   hi   lual.,   : ill.' C I
secure slill fieri trade relation villi
raii.nliil iii iln* lorm ol additional re
clprocnl relation!
Tin* passage *'i ii.* ' 111 I  ■' d   lhe
close "i a Dglil Ihal had rn ' 'I ia
Hn* bouse loi -i\ dayi Di tin Ihal
in,,,* il„* salet) .*i Ihi men il wa
ai in, time threatened i il lhe llemu
cran.* and Itepubll n * di rs work
Ing I.,,  it- im--.. e era    led all   the
opportunlt)   .li**,ml bi  II   npi 'nl *
for   delinte and   pn     '   n   iiu I  il
r'nllowllig 11"*      an r   ;* Iii   . ai	
mcnls     were     udmitled    in      iln*
I se lllllll!   lor al ,1   ,   IT)   **' lion
„l    Hi,*   bill, and i:  1 ii i
were rejci '"I Iq an * * * thi-ln m
vi.te, iiiv. n Iq     Ihe '   * .       the
ineasur 'bolh side the I
mi lhe tl '■      Ibnl   i ulm al
would iiiilln*.  il
Ten   I  *;        iled il  aili I   lhe
lull i,n |,.i-.i.,    ,* bile !''.  Iiemocrnts
v.,lell kii   il
As in iln* la '    ** lu I)
ni the Itepublicaiis were ng.iinsl n.
tbe party vole being 115 Im ami ts
Representative     llergrr, id w   con
sin, Iln*   S.ieialiM  member,
il, and Represenlatlve \lkin, ol New
Vmi!.-   who ranks a ■ an independent,
tilled AgllillSl   II
Tin* at tempi     i" aim ml llie agree
ment began wilh tin- 'ma! reading   ol
Ibe lull al   ; o'eloi '       Tin'.
Republicans   oppn "I lo tin       ,   u
lo make Hn* I' mi eral    ■ *•'>   ii   na *
the amendment
lumber, ami Iree i
cry,   wen- cai rled oul
part)     li ei-1        i'1'lari il   an
amendment would defral i!„ ■ ! ■•"
trade agreement, Ilu )• chi il
ed these aim** dim nl   i!"*,i n
Alien,I*: i tn pul Fresh and * anm ■•
meats mi U"* Iree list sin
ccciproclty bill ivi i*- timdi Iq Repre
M'litati'cs Martin, I- :> 1 enrool
and -N..,, i. Repn *ntal l.eni ol
linalh propoi ed il" ■* li di Hi mera
lie Iree list bill a . an ..* icndmeiil
and iiltbi,ii"h Repuldii nu in rley, nl
Kentucky, who wai pri idlng, ruled
thai il was in nrdi r,
simi.illv- voted agaii  *
The  seel [   Hie  bill   n luting     t,
Ine aillni  -inn nf pulp and papi I   in,.
wiki-il Hn* sharpest disi u don, draw
ing lintii Representative Mann, ol II
linois, ib.*   Republican I* ndei,      tin*
sllllelnelit thai   it   'i.i    eXOl 'I'   i"    il*
terms agreed upon Iq    iln  Iwn
1 rics
funnel    Speakei   Cai n«t    '.in il*
nllacked Ihi    ei I i lhe bill
t s botwecn tin* Uultcd siules ami side.     Laurlei be commence I" qilk.  OHADFORK IVISS ICNUL1SH Cl P
nil otltor countries, as It would  give  Ho stop,      He shade    bis ben* wil'j 	
Canadian goods   a special preference  bis bun' uud look limit w'ere       Uio     LonUoii,    M"il *:'*    Hei leveut)
in Hn* American markets. | poor mother stand       lb* slop      bis  thousand people nl Mancheslci  lodn)
■'1 clmllcngu Un- statement lhat we spik and suv u> Un- hecg millioiial
mc going to puss tin- ini' list hill feller: 'Messieurs, make way for tin-
laler on tlie expectation tlmt It will lady.1 Ami lie lead lier liv Uie
imt become law," said Democratic ban', thai poor woman wit' child in
Leader Underwood, in reply to slate- lu-r harm, ami he place lier near
ments from Republican opponents uf w'ere lie was spik. An' how was
tin- reciprocity hill. "The free list she dress, my Irien'.' Calico, Would
uill become low, or ihe Republican nut cos' live dollaire from foot to
senate that kills il or llie .Republican hat—nnt so much as pair silk stock
president who vetoes it never will he \ng foi' recch woman in Minneapolis,
heard from again." Tlie millionaire feller  he think   that
—    ■  ♦ strange t'llig for hecg titan like I,am
r lo dn.     Hul Sit Wilfrid love   Un
ior     man   an'     ivomaii   wil'   bceg
  heart.     Wlm gccV licctn his job? Not
RETURN OF 01,1) FRENCH ('ANA    reccli man   Irom Mo'real, bul      tlu
in \\ kroM iii'l.i TH TO cuin'man people of Canada, aud," ex
CANADA, ' claimed the nld man with conviction
  [ "nn man can put hcem down."
li was learned that 1'crraiilt wai
taking his stock hy rail in Moost
.law, whence he will trail across   llic
li was ai tlie live stock a.Hamuli nc at North Portal nn (he afternoon <ii April n. and while ihe many
settlers presented their stock for Inspection. A thick sel man came
forward, grizzled at the temples, and
with sparling black eyes. lie woro
,i matliiiitu coat', and his trousers
were lucked Into a pair nf high boots.
His name he gave as Samuel IVr-
ranlt, and the quarantine Inspector,
who has a way nf making ..returning
Canadians   feel     welcome,  and   wlm:
himself knows eastern   Canada   well,! , .        . i
,,.,.    '  hieeng    my   two hecg boy ami girl
sized Ins   man up  at mice,     "Where
arc you from, Samuel?" he asked.
"From Dulut', Minnesota," lhu old
m.iu answcrc-il.
cried I M""lil,«l"
plains in    Wood   Mountain district,
where he intends     In locale     There
he   will break llic    "grand prairie"
wilh burses   and     oxen,     "(inilhci I,
mnn frcrc wlm lighl against itic)   iu
height)' live w'en lie lie on the police-
! mount, he gol nice ranch nne bombed
! mile west in Cypress Hill. Ile   give
! me more good   horse ami hull       tn
| break the hecg prairie.      ] build my
shack and sialic, and live ami hye   1
the inspector.
"Kehec?" Iterated i'errault. "Oui,
m'Ksieu. From Mo'real." And he
Un. w out his chest proudly.
"Kvei drive the Ottawa?" asked
tin  inspector with Intuition.
•The Hotlawa?" laughed ihe old
man. "I drive the Ing on tho lint
lawn, w'en thc wave gn niontaignc
high. 1 drive Lhe Ing for McLachlan,
[lillies, llinsc. ami for Jim McCreery, ! score the hecg white pine.
I drive Uu- log mi lhe Hotlawa
frnm has ((}uilizc) tn the Chaudiere
ami my fern me, Sbe own hecg
house in Ihilut'. She sell thai and
make line mai son nn farm at Wood
Anil now good-bye, m\
Vou see .Iim McCreery.
Vmi lol' hcem 1 com' back." Ami tile
old man relumed tn liis ear.
Tbal there is something doing    in
the way ol building iu   the city      of
Cranbrook this  spring must be evht-
Ah. mv frieti, those were days," audi enl to everybody.      Contractors   all
he shook his head  teiniiiisiciillv
'Mow long have you been away
from Canada'-"' he was asked.
"Since 'N't," lie replied. "1 have
quarrel wit1 my fadairc, ami I ron
nwat lo Minnesota, when- I lake
logging job The ol' man he still
leeve in Mo'real. He is heighty-six
year old now. I am verait hcem
this   wiiilairc,     before he die.     Ma
 re s he  die in    my harm   twenty
viiit ago. I go hack to sec her
then. I no see Canada sitae thai
"And you're coming hack to live
m Canada after all those years,"
"iiui ma fiien. I com' hack to
leeve. t am please lo sec the nl'
ii., ( Victoria, she he gone, bul I
enme hack tn leeve wilh her gran'-
hii)     W'v do  I    come back''   Is il
i..i your grand prairie?     No. Is    it
fui your lieeg recvalre? No. is it for
ium  so long ehemin ile-fei
frfeti',      It is    for your
have their hands full ami every cai
pen ter and building mechanic is. fully
Today a start was made nn the
foundations of the new Hanson block,
corner of Baker and Norbury avenue,
fnr which Leask and Lldilocoal have
the contract.
Wmk mi llie new cily ball pro
cresses apace. Tin- prison cell lix
lines have arrived from tlie easl ami
will shortly he installed. In lies
crihing the plan nf this new building
lasl week, details were taken from
the original plans, which did not
>hnw lhat provision had been made
for a board of trade committee
room.     This room    wilt he Ihe     om'
originally set aside fm- the city engineer, wbo will he given accommodation elsewhere in the building.
Archie Waller has made a start on
the new concrete block for the Cran-
No, my|brook Jobbers, Ltd.    Tbe excavation
rent,   work fm the basement has been com-
reccli coiuitrie, ami fnr lhe h mn| ph-icd iu good style hy It. S. Meat Uu- head of it-for Sit Wilfrid \Yi| Mr. Waller is Importing a
I..innii Come sii down here, I tell I concrete block making machine from
you j Fernle,    which   will he in operation
■ l know lieein lieforc Victoria, she within the nexl day or two and
geev hcem the veil, In fore she call rapid progress wilt then he made. In
hcem   'sir,' ami   maki-    hcem bigger'(be   meantime everything   is      being
than President Tafl. Ah' the bun
sii Wilfrid. I sec hcem we'll youg
nlit., spik in becg crowd at Mo'real The millionaire feller, llic
gran' man wil", whal yon call gros
"Let's ium" Canada down here | Milwaukee stomach, and high seelk
ami   sdrrendei   ilu re     bat, lie crowd round the front,   And
to ber," cxr In lino! Mi   < . 'wnj iiofl at the edge of crowd a tir-
Rcprcsental ive Longwnrfh, of Ohio,   id leelle woman stand, wit' habee in
pointed   out that   ant linn   nl   hei harm     She com' long way      to
iiiiiii"*, as propn "i hcor Sir Wilfrid spik lhe French, and
amendments,   would rein    she   stand   alone far hack   on hout-
gol  in readiness.
Work ou tin- station Improvements
is being pushed rapidly ahead
New private resiliences are going
up in all quarters and Improvements
ami additions to existing business
and private houses ate too numerous
lo mention.
I icemiit* dailv shipments of si raw
berries and all kinds of fresh vegc
tables.—Campbell nnd Manning,
Bradford cilj won Uu- re played final I
fur lhe Knglish cup irom Newcastle %
United hy on.' goal lo nil. Brad ♦
ford attacked strongly and Bcored !
their goal in Un- lirst half as Uu- re [♦
salt of a lightning drive hy Robinson j Z
from near llic halfway line, Thump-:♦
son securing Uu- hall, centering Ui1?
lvvinc and Ibbiigb Lawrence ougbl ♦
lo have cleared, Spiers dtiBtied it in t
lo the net. li' the second halt f
Hriulfonl played a stonewall defence   **,
Word to Men w no are on a
New Clothes Hunt
For   snuitni \    sweeping usi ly
(irciistuf, Uu' mil) reliable dust germ
killer.—Campbell and  Manning.
♦♦♦♦♦< fr <i **#<>■»♦$♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I \
j Archie Waller I i
* * *
i    Builder and    XX
Heptie Tuiika and I 'oucrele
Work Ri-iionillj' ;i
* * *
T Estimates   Freely  Qiven. 2: <s>
X "*
i i!
X P.O. Box 346 It
t ill
i X\v
X Cranbrook.  B.C. ♦ |
a> * : *>
* *-.*
* *;*
* *\i
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦+**»♦•;■: *
Here's a Snap
$28oo.oo Cash
Buys a Fine Ranch
fill ai-n-B river liotlom, lirst-i-lnss
for markel itimleniiiK or Imv
Iuud; In iii'ivs flrsl Ih'iiiIi. I"
fuel Iu'rIi, iiiiiii trail limd: :w
noreSB I lieneli.iillfeel Iii'kIi,
also pood fruil Imul. liotlom
Innii nil teneiil ll.iiMinu*, in*
(■lulling iii'iisr. Iwo lijini*.. L'lliek-
i*!i liouse. i*li*. IIS well ii*. - li ! i*
worth of st.*iinlii!Lr liinln-i*.   This
|llli|H*!!V  lliljllill-i illl' tllWIlsill" Of
Wnnliier.   Owner forceil to Bell
im ;n.,,mil nf ill li. .i 11 li
Will  ,-,...-.-| >t  $2800.00  Cash
uli-ar iill.*. if Bfilil in
ll. A. Woodford,
Wardner, B.C.
.In ihis spnciotiB Men'B
I 'Inlliiiij,' StOl'O enn lie seen
the whole rnngcof Fiisliion
nl  II -L'llllV.
Clothing Mini in corrocl
bill not I'xli'i'ine.
Clothing in whioh n iiiiiii
i*;iii nppear in iln* liigliosl
ilogreo well ili'i'SHfil Imi
nol nii'l'ilri'Hsi'il.
Tin. mora ymi look ovor
iliist* iiingiitftoont displnyu
of Hun tailoring thn morn
you'll appreclato prieos
sueli its mirs.
Tlir satisfaction you
hnvu always liml iu Camp-
lull's and Copploy, Noyos
iV Baiidall's Clolhing will
In* doubled liy the  New
Splint; Sl_\|es.
ll    is    tin*    style      lhe
graceful appearance- lhe
ease mnl comfort the
pleasure in wearing them
Ihal you remember.
Ready For Your
'.) i? ® ® 9- ® ® I ****************<>****** **********************
East Kootenay      •
Butcher Co. I
Auction Sale
Dealers In
I'n sh mnl Cared
Poultry, liitine  uml Fish   ®
iu Season. ®
Butcher Co. •
lilVl*:   Is   .*,   TRIAL
East Kootenay
Refinement, Style, Character
and Good Building all evident
in our Women's Spring Shoes.
Lace and Button Shoes of
choice leathers on a variety of
handsome lasts.
Oxfords. Ties, Strap Sandals, and Pumps in some
very dainty creations—they're certainly beautiful.
Well take the greatest pleasure in showing our
Spring Footwear lo any Woman that is interested in
choice shoes.
I'lii.ii. 2.1
A.   C.   PYE
flood Shoes
Phone 2.1
Tin* nndcrsigncd Auctioneer hns
U.i'ii instructed i" offer for Bale atl
IheHoynl Until in Crnnbrook, in
tin* Province nf British Columbia
al lhe hour of two o'clock
in the afternoon, those cer- ■
tain premises known as I
Lol 6542, in Group 1, in
tht- Kootenay District, in
the Province of British
The Old P. Wood's
® Business.
 •   a) A* ® ® ® ® ® ®
Tho Vendors lion, obtained a
roporl mi the property limn Mr.
II V. Parker, O.K., Cranbrook,
uuil Iln* smue uiny bo inspected
wilh his plan nr copies obtained ul
Iln* olHces nf the uudersigucd
solicitors, nr lhe auctioneer.
Terms nf Bllle till   per cent, (le-
pnsii ut lime nf sale, the balauce
in it, (I, and I'i months, with inter*
est.   l-"iirlli,*r particulars and con-
lilimis nf sule w ill In* made known
ul lite lime sf finle. nml may be
lui'l from tht'iiiiilersitriii'ilsnlii'iiiirs.
The Central   Meat
Wi- nro iijuiiti}.' orders fur
Rose Comb Rhode
Island Ked Bggs
for hatching.
Price $2 00 per sellinn
liiin    I**!   pri/e    winners   al
Crnnbrook  Agricultural Hhow,
A. Jollffe, Proprietor,
320 Acres
18 miles from Cranbrook—all capable of
cultivation—40 acres van be cut for hay
—Spring Creek running through the
property—partly fenced—House and
chicken pens. Ideal Counlry residence
on trunk road.    Price
Cash or Terms.
10  Lots.  Block nj  $47; Ol.      Will sell  iu  pairs.
\ Cash, balance il, II mnl '*' uitmths.
S  Luts.   Block   11:   •I'I"! each.     Will sell  in  pairs.
!, Cosh, balauce Bund 6 months.
These ure excellent investments
box  i:-.&7
310   I'AIIIIKTT, T. N     Ili*slll,.|li*|.
37.1    I'AItKS, I*'.   Ili'siilriin*
SEALED TENDERS addressed   tn
tin* uadcrslgacd and marked oa    tlte
Dated at Oranbrook this (III, day | ™,vf "^ "^"l,°™ ,,.',r, l1io""'n">' ."'-
>■ .     ..   .,(. I J   diistriiil Scliool,    will be rrcelvcd up
' in noon <<t Mav 2\i, fur Iho construe-
HARVEY, MXARTER & MACDONALD, I™'■■   »   largo ladustrl.i sci„,„i
CRANBROOK, B.r. | building   ul    St.   Eagclio   Mission,
nlac.it  live     miles     from   t'runlirnnk,
11 r.
■Mt   ARENA RINK cn   .
.. Resldonco
Vendors' Solicitors.
Aiict ioneor,
Plana ami specifications may Im
] si-pii at tlir olllces of   Mr. W, E. l>il-
riiinitii, Inspector of Indian Agencies^
1 Victoria, and Mr. a. M. Tyson,   In-
npector 11 Indian Agi'iicies, Vancou-
1 \i-i, ai iiu' ollices of Dominion l.units
< at Macleod, Calgary and l.cthhrlilge, urtly acctptetl.
ut tlm post olllco, Cranbrook, B.C.,i Tho unauthorised Insertion oi this
ami the office of tho Italian Agent, advertisement in any newspaper will
Porl Steele, II.C. I ,,,,1 i„. paid for.
l-liu-li tender    must, lie accompanied ,j   j)  Mel.KAN,
hy au accepted cheque on a chartered]
hank lnr ten per rent of Un- aim i Assistant Deputy ami Secretary,
ot the lender, made payable to     Llm   Department of Indian Affairs,
order ol the undersigned, whieh   will
be forfeited  il tho  person or personal Ottawa, April 7, 1(111
tendering decline to enter Into i	
contract when ealled upon to do   sn,, "     "
or fail to complete the. work tot.
trneted (or. If tho tender he nm
acceptrd, tlm cheque will lie returned
Each tender  must he for Hie building complete.
Thc lowest or any tender not iht
NOTICE -('eilaiN pninped oat.
Uenspoolfl uiul Tmiehos I Mil'.
Hark Yards uiul Lanes (Muureil,
W.Cfl. nml (V.-fimoIri emptied.
uImi gnrdenliig done by w. .1.
Holbv, citv Pcavennor, PHONE
NO. 358. opposite Basil uml Door
I'ai.ioiy. 7-tt


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