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Cranbrook Herald Mar 21, 1907

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Array MM. Ti tfM
I.eglriat.ve Library
April ai-oo
I,   1901
NUMBER   .-,'.'
B. I. WALKER, Prealdent
ALU. LA1KH, Ocn.nl Manager
A. H. 1KKI.AN1), SiiprllliU'llJ.'i.li.f
IslAllllsliril  IHU7
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5.000.000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches thruuglimii Canada, and in llie Uuiu-J States and England
i :
♦      No Danger in Cranbrook     i
i i
J       Owing to tlic reckless and extravagant statements madi   n 4
]♦ the outside regarding ihe condition in Cranbrook, due to the J
4 small-pox cases* I consider it necessary for the good ot the town 4
ber ul extremijly 1.     . . ■ .   : 4
has 'i to.-- *
w to say tli.it there have been a number ol extrem.l
a <;i;m:kai. banking business iuansactiu
Dcp.isli» „1 *l nml upwnnls received, imU Interest allowed at
cun 1 ut rules. The ilepusilur Is stib|cct In 110 Jcluy wliutever in
the wltlulruwul ol the whale or any partial! «.f the .Up,..sit.
Cranbrook Branch,     -      F. C. MALPAS, Manager
Kir 11 porioil nf UU iliiyu only «.- htivo lioau kIvbii tlio oxclu-
sivu Hllli' nf il few
Tt iu well-known thai tho U, P. Ily. have prndo iirmiigomonta
to spend thousnmls oE dollars in Victoria. The value of Real
Kstntit* in thai City hits gone up in leaps and hounds,
An opportunity is now given local investors lo take advantage of u real live, paying proposition. Fnr further particulars, Bee
Real Estate CKANtiKOOK. 11. C. Insurance
Then- In   no niii  like   u Diamond. $
Xi.iliiiiir elm. - |.l.-i.-ly mium up 9
Ihn elements   of beauty anil wurtli. ♦
liiaiii In nf all soil, la   mm ol our %
»l i:iltii-;:li,,.lli..-iisi„„,li-iulL-|,ri,'.,. 9
*   W •    H*     ?Y 1 Ll St \J IN ■>    Ci-ulimt*. Optician   %
*. J*,
Wholesale Wines. Liquors and Clears
!  cA. L. McDERMOT   |
 ■"■>■« "i i
KOUKNIX   I.H.H nils.  Si'lll.l'1'7.  UK Ell, i
BASS A 1.1-:. lil'INNKSS' STOUT i
I'llONK 17 *
To   111 piv-i'lll    tin-
The Ontario Insurance Co.,
The Dominion Fire Insurance Co.,
Ihe Accident ami Guarantee Co., of Canada,
The New York Plate Glass Insurance Co,,
The Indemnity Advertising Co,
Tlm iibuvi. i. ■       .        "i» i i.ni- iiiut.tr I nn liar
tors iiuil urn mil iilllliui  I niij    iliiiuilinii,   Tlm-. limy
nn-iilili-In i|iii.ii'III.'I., ■,      I ... i. .1   ..ii',   in  Inslirnl-B,
\l.iki-y.mi-ii|ipli,:iii.ui fur i.-mi.n\ ui .ui..' liiittiuu; your ux.
pi't-ii-iii'ii uii.l gi\ iii^ ii-i.-r.-I..-,■:.    \\ i it. in
The Insurance Agencies Ltd.
licncral Agents,  Vancouver, ll. C.
; ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *********************
Caster Greetings
Our   Hluu-e   Sets,  Belt Pins, uml
Broaches, in   Knninol, with   bluster
Lilly ili'sinn, would iiiiiku un accept-
ulile gift for your wife or lady friemls,
Oitkiul Wstcli tiiBpoctor' for C. P. ll.    W.   F.   XATE
Crow'. Nest Pass Dlvlilnn "THE JEWELER"
********************** **********************
T  that those were .ill quarantined;  that at no  tun,
♦ dangerous for outsiders to visit the town:
X carried nn without interrupt! 3n. Thci
I quarantine who will be out Ihii week and no new coses have 4
* developed, so the disease is completely eradicated. 1 he papers *
X would confer a great favor by giving this information. .
i                                                        F. E. SIMPSON, *
Ed. Herald.      X
no nine   11.is  11  L-.t.i   .
and busloe - ....   been j
are lour citi:tus in 4
Cranbrook, B. C„ March 20lh, 1907.
There have been no cases of smail-pox developed in Ihe
past seventeen days.
At present only four citizens are in quarantine with
small-pox, and they have nearly completely recovered.
Medical Health Oilicer.
MAVOM   l-'INI.AY   IXM.'I.UKK     IN'
law rc-lnling to llie s.,1.- nl
inliiu-i-n to minors wis .-n-
liirn-il. nml several pi 1 In-
iilili-rnii'ii I'vpii'ssi-il Hie iiniiii..!. Hint
it was up lo tin- police emi-.inissioii-
i'1's ami the chief ul police.
Alderman    Ryiiu-"Yuii  ivnul     tlio
pnllL'C   Commissioners   iiuil    till"      l-llii.f
nl police In iiu nil tliis, Inn llie rest
uf vim urn shirking, your duly. Any
..f you I'iiu liiivi- a vinl.ili.i  uf     this
laW       illTl'Slfll      jUSl     llll-   -S.illll'   IIS    III!
Tlie i-niiiii-il meet Irani nip rapidly ln-
i'.,11.inn tlm chid nmuscment altrne-
linn nl lire city, anil lately llu-v nro
i"1,™'1 ','' " '■""'■ «'""'•« nl 'i'iit.-r"Ai,|,.,-,„i„,    llii-lj.nhuil,
payors nml curbus s itatnrs,    who  n  is u„. business ul Hi
irn .lusl  lo see lire fun.      Liis!     night   Ht
'I   Ihilik
If   nf   pih
•xTi'piimi, mill Uu- council
rhamlier iviis crowded vilu-n tlm Imsi-
ni'ss uf lire evening w.is taken up.
Mayor Finlny had como nil ihe way
from the Sullivan mine to preside,
ami l.e seemed In most excellent
form. Tltero wns a keen, sarcastic
vein in his demeanor, ,1 humorous
leil Uul covered nml tinieil his   m-
AI1lrr111.il, (llll—"I think Unit it
the duty uf lire chief ol police."
Alderman Ryan—"Whnl Is tlio
i.f bringing Into lire council the yarns
ton! vnu hem' uu llu- si reel. K ynu
have no proof ynu had hot in keep il
: tu yourself."
I   Alderman Hill—"It is ensy enougli
lor the police in gel Un- pruul uml it
dignify  that bespoke    con-l,s (.|,eir business, fnil ii I was n po-
itiiiiissiiuier    I  win-Ill see Uml
f    power, ii limitless    uf
carriage nnd suave nml smooth ton- ji" nmrf'mTiimini
cue Uml demonstrated nbsolute self-1 ".,  .   ' „       [1-V- ■
,.n,,t,-„i   l«     ,1...     ....-;„„ ,„,«iiiiln ..!       im'ini.in .unn
iiu puslllnn in   nlink  ,h.|t   ||„, p0||c(.
1,1,111,1   in     tire
I'll Inn
ill  llll-
that  w.i
lllll.   uv
.1 donned In
..re he left home .1
1 in. I
Alderman     McCnwa
inn Ryan ex-| j,(' t |,-ill|,,v__,,| ,|„,,-
'iii .. lew nines, and jt |s rigrrl lor'anv 1.1.111
ifllcl wilh Alderman eouatcll to say that Hi
ilulles ol the police  ,„,, „0|ng ,|lc.ir ,,„,,,     1 K„.
..I1',,,,   n'"'''"    '"   WaS   Cl'i*-* Bafon fur a w-cek and I    , ,
A,  i,,      '        ,i     '    ,"XfIK'' "»l I Id his duly.       I know that
sons , line tlie o„ nn-,. mul    gave b, „,IS „,, untn ,,„,, „-,,,„.|,.    „„,„„
all to understand     Uuu he was pre- „|gW, .,„, „„    dnl    ||V „,,    . ,   J
sin!  tn .In his limy as  Iderman Ui.p ne..,
ii-gaiifj.i'ss of consequences,  political '
ly, personally or ntn.-iiiiso. Aid. M<-,„„„,,.     ||C(, b,,si(1„s M,   „„.„„.,
5*1"' '""I   Mayor Plnlay-"Yes, anil tire oilier
"",'!'"'"   pnlii-eiiinn has done his duly nlso."
;' ".)',.'" i   Alderman McCowan-"!  say    ib.it
,,   .""•1   the police have nol done Uicir duty.
.,',        ':' 11 know thai th
I,,,.- Is no compi-oniise    with   cv, 1,1     ,,„.„„,,,      „
hut  It!     sleiitMiiaii      I ,s thai  llliilt,' '.,„,,„ ,„-„1I„i,|,
tl...   ,,i.,.,,-i..      .,   11       ,      .1 -1    sinus in cumin
tile    iiKliillr      Walls  ul      tne eniiuci!
ili.iinliir ring, he demanded the eradication ».f flagrant nnd open vie
ut   be
I In
f.-w- il.iy
s.m  in     the    simps
. iieek one night and I
..anil  sen,-,    notice on      I lie   „„„„ ,„, ,,.„,' ,    ,     „
. -.1.1 .Uuu under the orders ol   ihe  ,, „ ,.„„ wna ,„„„	
major  h   regard to gnmb ing     *'* was hustled    to    th.
I-;.,'' 'i,;.","ri;.,,r    7T 'i""-"-|>|" *• p"»»i
„,   ,'r„n' l'i         ,       '"' T  ski"""'S Hie people «
lure ( ronbrook would nu longer   b,-  „„     „;„,„ ,,„! „„■,,	
I!','   'Seal   i-l  Satan."   lilll   that   Ihere   7i,,',,.e
would In- a tide nf    tinhorns flowing
from   i'i ,„:,,.nib   to   Toronto     lot closed and nap'ers w,.,t
safety.    Alderman Fink officiated as undesirable chnraclcrs
-a..,,.,!., r    and sovernl times     he A|,|o,„M„   Q.ni-"Yos
,,;;""1;,'' ""' ;"""liH «"'R|» ,,,.,1, „„t „m„w„.„„i,
mii.i   and conciliatory     suggestions,   nnmimr hnek"
"I  Alderman Hlckerdi am s,-,-,,,.,'        -,,, „    Mpf	
-■I iHsiwsed in    take matters calmly     AW"III"IM     "''
." ,1   ludictotisly,  expressing an opln-
  hero .,»d then- n. strengthen tho
hi ml "i either   Alderman liill or Alderman McCowan.       II  w„s a must.
Wore the police do
Mayor Flnlay—"1 ord
md mighty
who worn
allowed to
their unit-
I bey
rq all
t  ai
boil .
ol town I    ivniilil Hk,-
working on Ihe streets
plenty ,.! wnrk lor Hien
Ahlcrmnn    Fink—-1
. do."
a inn    lie neccs
pmrters  la
I'.iuiie  public.
',os.' I"'.':  thnl  11 iiinTII     h„	
11 """  with tills niiiiior.     II should rest in
"M"  tho lui mis ol the   police enmmlsslon-
ine  l.i-v    ,.ls iU1,j | rnovo to lef.-i   tills i.etili.ui
I 1"  llielll."
Mann Finlny llien lurmil am! will
, 'n     smile sanl     -lluw    would il do
l"11""1       1   Plumptlv      at   I,,,    \l,lelll  flill   lu   lllllll   f,,i-      u„.
1 ■  ii     oi iiui,     uuu Mayor Finlny
inrnlillni  I   M.l.-iin.'ii Ryan,   tiili.
Fink,     IllcVrn Im I  McCowan
ft™-!'!   ..ml   I'll!      S.ili.'itni   Tl tp-
- -I I'm rieil. Roberts in    lliolr
11 R1,"™      T ilnntos  of  „-, ,„„ ,„, „!,,,,.	
read by    tlio     This omleil the illscusslun nml
I motion made by Aldormnn l-'inl
rem fl i.iay    n).(| nnanjinnusly.
ful   Kcir      .1: '	
hr ln«l
leil I ndopleil.
\     liiiei  Irom   !■:■
Fernie, sollcllors
lu.siiiun nf policeman?"
Tliis iiiiiushI   Alderman dill's   Ire,
mul    he ■  replied   with considerable
force;    "I have one posilion in this
ml I will iiu my lllll)  as    long
.iiiil'hell.      iiiiili.ul
nimmii   luni,iiu
"II   III.'   ill!    W
leu'l'"'   t"''1 ""':  E,'ECTR1C   I-I'111'1'   HV LAW
■I lhc en -i'l" that. In' ..f,cor*F0 Hoegnrtli prescnled a  pot-
I'll  111   Ilea ill
I! uf  the
in Ken A-'Camnhell, „,„| ™te|iayers of Hie town .-king Unit
Ural unless ii seiiii-,,,,.,,1 was arruiii'- V'f ''ll'1;""' '"-'ll1 ll'-la" Uml was
.'.I a wilt     would he Issued        Th,.  <lofo«l«l by a vole ol the people   be
com iilcntlnn was referred lo    the  subinlileil again, and asked lor    iis
oily solicitor i consideration by lire council.   Alder-
A commtnilcnflon    from Provincial I"1"1 plnl(o*plalned Ihnl   new by-
Sci'i-clary Voung notifying lire cour- '''"' w.uil.l ask lor only :'. year.. Inch nf tlie appointment of ,!. p. Fink sll'iUi "' "">'■ ■'"ll1 t^1' :|'' eniiipuiiy
ami .1. II. Coslnko, as members of "nl,w g»«»ntco a further reduction
tire lieeiiso commission, nnd .lames "' u'" Vn "'"' '" "''' ™lra "s s""n
Ryan and V. A. Rollins us police ils """ lu'w lllilnl was inslallcd, in,
emmiiissiniiers was rend and lilod.    .motion nf    Alderman Fink, seconded
A eomir.iuilcnllnn from Chief Fink, I"" , Alderman     McCowan,  the city
ul Uie lire department, regarding nn  c-lork was inslrui-  lo rail n public
ovniniiiuliiili ol llie seliunl rooms meeting fnr nexi I'uesila) evening nl
as In Barely exits In case nl fire iWenlworth hull, when the ratepayers
wns read und referred In the sohooi would have an opportunity to hear
trustees. The commimlcalion Stat- ™,,uEloJt,|,1l0 '•,,c!" ' ''.nys pined Ihnl     Principal     Ahdorsnn    had  Position ful y oxnlnl I. and nlso   lo
inaugurated n lire drill and that  tho I *»P1J»> thmr opinion on tho    whole
sehonl     rooms     were in  very good . matter.
condition ns  tu safely in ease     of I      _,   jf^,^^^ nm rox.
A   conimiinfeatton from   Hip local TRACT.
W. C. T. U. asking (lii> council to Tcnrtcrs fnr Mm completion of Hio
ohforce Hie truancy law ami-have nn,basement of \to Rovernmeiifl building
nlilccr appointetl for that, purpose; wore received as follows:
also lo sco thiil the sale of tobacco I>- J. .Johnson, to complete the
to minors within tho city limits he' work for the round sum of $4,500t
stopped, and lhat the curfew belt .to super intern! the work for 18 per
order be more closely followed up,'cent nf the cost of labor and mater-
was read. Ilal.
A discussion followed as to whose!   Loflsk & Llddlcoalt, to rniporlntend
busiuetm U wu to tee that tbe bye-j tho woik for 20 pit cent ot tlie cost
of labor and material. Kadi bid
was accompanied by a deposit of
$100, aud Mi. Johnson's but hud the
[tames ol J. D. McBride and S. J
Uighion as bondsmen, In i lit* sum ol
51,000. The contract was awarded
io Mi. Johnson on the basis ol 20
pel cent ol Un* cost.
A by-law authorizing the boi rowing ol (5,000 m anticipate Ihe revenues was placed on its second reading.
Alderman McCowan then urged the
building "i .i fence around llu* uuis-
niiefl ground, ami Hns was ordered.
Aitiei ti Mn uwuii Aucu surml up j
11 Rill
un   property, un
tea.     An i.normal
-il     .nul Hint      llu
itl-;\.      KILI'ATHIUK     ASSEUTS
THAT      111-,    WAS      WKllNLil.r
Kuux College,
Toronto, 1Kb Alateli.  'u,
Editor Ueruld:
mi,   A copy   ul   your paper    bat>
•aciicd me, iu which yuu pa&s    vet)
ivcrc -jiriciiiies upon mi tut phrases
i   which    i uiu    icpoiU'ii Lu    nave
-.'iiarucLerwcd    uraubiouk    .i^>    " the
i ui feaiiin," *iiu "Tbo Solium oi
West,'       Had    1   used    tlicsu
piniisth, your sLnciut'cs would    navi
,,l'ui jus tilled,     .•-•ucli language woulu
nave oeeii in thu nighust tlvgieu    ui
tensive; would hum* ul-l-ii abuutdly in*
COIlSlSlL'Ut   Willi   111)   UWIl  L-hLilll.iU*      ol
i liiiinrook, and    ui   such ui iU clti*
/..-ns, as  1 li.nl      UlU uppui luiillj       ol
iiueiiiig, • during u very hupp) w^i
in Hritish Columbia in Jul)   t'JUli.
i nul mil use Uiu luiiguiigo cuui
plained of.    On thu cotuiuiy, 1 have
iii'ijuriilly,   tiuLli      in   public ami       m
(irivulu, expressed un admiration foi
.mil beautiful city, and have suugltl
io advancu its iuturusts with Uiu
i ravelling public.
i fuel lion ml io say, however, thai
1 disagree profouiidl) wilh Lhu politj
ui wtiai Is known as Hie "Segregu-
uou" ol a certain form of vice, winch
is adopted tn so many western communities. I believe ii lo be a mistaken policy, from tin: material, the
coiiimcictul, as well as from a moral
point ui view, Thi;-. is not u mattei
im public discussion, but il is all lot
ibe very serious consideration of
ihoughttul uud , patriotic citizens.
Vice, unhappily, cannot be eliminated
ia any outward control; bin the
recognition uf it, in the policy iu
whicii 1 havu alluded, is fraught with
serious dangura.
Allow nn- it) express my deep teg-
re. ih.it a misreportcd utterance ol
-nine .should have given offense to
the citizens of Cranhrook and in mj
personal friends among them.
Yours truly,
T. B. Kilpatrick.
Mayor Finlny, as chairman of the
newly appointed board of police commissioners, Alderman Ry.m and V.
A. Rollins, fur the purpose of transacting sucn business as might come
before tlie board. The members discussed the police situation generally,
.md the mayor said that he thought
that the various applications should
tie taken up. The name of Cory
Dow \\iis suggested ami the mayor
protested, saying that it was nol
necessary lo ko outside to get a chief
■ if police, it was pointed uut that
Mr. Dow was the only ratepayer
who had made an application.. A
motion was made lhat Mr, Dow be
appointed chief at a salary of MID n
month, -md D. McLean as policeman
.it a Milan of $tlli a month. The
mayor refused to entertain the mo
tion, claiming that lhc other two
members were trying to run the
whole thing. II was suggested to
bim thai thej wera tbo majority,
..ml Ural they would have been per-
feeth b illinj, t'i consult with him
liud In- nol been living out ol town
Tin- mayor would not  stand f<>r    H
I ml   picked   ll|l   his  hat   anil   leil        thi'
meeting. Tin* majority ol the board
proeeedeil to trammel businwiB nml
-ne nomination nl Mr. Dow, us chlel
and .Mr. McLean as policeman, won
confirmed, Later the mayor return
-.1 ami i,mk tbe chaii again. Ih
lold the othei two members ul the
bonrtl ihat he would appoint a police
man of his own,   who would lie    sub
ice! tu his own orders ll«- was in
formed that lie had a right to ilo Hns
if ihe council ordered thai a third
policeman should bo placed on Uie
Snce. but lhat that man would littVi
In work under the chief and Uie
llrection ol the police commlBsion-
rs. Tin* mayor en id that he would
see th.ii his policeman watch.tl
every hotel carefully and that he*
ai rested anv man found playing
cards for stakes, no matter who tho
man was ur viral tin; gnmc was.
Messrs. Uv.in and Rollins told tlm
mayor thai liny would he glad to
'en-operaIn with him in the suppression of gambling and ridding tho
town of undesirable characters. The
mayor maintained his independent
position and evidently means to light
it mil to a finish, both with tho
others members of the hoard and
the people A motion was passed in-|
slrucllng tho police to look after
truant school children.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦<)
Imperial Bank of Canada
The Imperial Bank of Canada
will hereafter, until further
Notice, pay Interest on Savings
Bank Accounts Quarterly,
instead of Semi-Annually, as
| Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
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and  Protect  your   Family.
Don'l accept  Inferior Imitations of Eno's Fruit Salts.
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Beattie & Atchison
1 Where It Will  Pav Vou to Deal
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruit, Confectionery and   < >
We are giving special attention lo our Smokers' supplies.   • >
Try that Morena Cisjar.   It is » Dandy.
Campbell & Manning
*******************************************4 '
The Wilga
Under    the     Management   of
Mrs. E. Byrnes
The room i have been refltu-d
and Ibe houte i<t now in the
beet of condition. Bipedal at
lention to the dining room.
Hoard **itliitiit roomi can be
cenl on the    paid    up stock of     tho   MOTHKR
company declared,     Mensrs, Ceo. A.
Leilcli and ft'. Uolpmnn were elected
to Un* board of directors to re
retiring directors.
At a subsequent     meeting M
l.eitch    v
OF     DR.   OSI.KH
The annual general meeting of the
East Kootenay Lumber Co., Ltd.,
was held iit the head ollice of the
company on Monthly of hi si week.
A Sfltlsfnctory ho lance sheet was*
presented and a dividend ot tea   per
♦ I.H) lit
fl .25 111
$1,5U Iii
: 'vied     picsideiit and     Toronto,    Out.,    March    lS.-Mrs.
1      A.   aiODHt,   I* eat hers tone   G.  Osier    died  to-day.
She   was   born in    Cornwall, Eng.,
"~ wt'en George III.  was on the throne.
She came to Canada in 1838 with
her Iftto husband, who was a missionary of the Anglican church. Mr,
t once.'Osier died in 1895, Mrs. Osier celt*
bra ted her 100th birthday on Ducem-
ber 11 with her sons, one of wbom is
I>r. William Osier, rcRius professor of
medicine at Oxford uniwrsitv, and a
daughter, Mrs. Gwine. Up to that
time sin- bad been perfectly well.
Dr. William Osier sained considerable fame hy his alleged statement
that men over 60 years old should bo
50   Tiemakcis     wanted    al
Apply iu person to the Crows    Nest
Pass  Lumber companj, Marysville.
llll- WKKK
c. c. s.
! FOR KAI.E-A comfortable cot-
j t.iffc, well built aud is good comli-
I tion. Five minutes walk from
! in-liter uf city. Apply Arnold A
Huberts, Sit- TllJC   OIIANKUOOK    I1KKAI.O
Spring' Styles
Associated Boards of Trade
Rely  on   Fit-Reform   to
you everything that is new
proper and ele;;ant in Suits
Overcoats for sprint;.
mutters nn- in line fnr   dis-
including all niiimier nf suli-
The range, both of styles and
patterns, is greater thu 11 cvt-r
before. And hat means, the
most comprehi nsive display in
When may we
of showing y.
titling garment
lave the pleasure
u   tlicie   perfect
(1 reenwood, Mn ieh 1 ■'*-—-The ninth
annual convention ol the Associated
Hoards ot Trade ol Southeastern
British Columbia commenced here
this afternoon at 4.15. There was a
good attendance of delegates from
all over the district and many
porta nt
eels,     i—m^*^,^,^—
(1. O. Hiichaiian, president of "the
larlfuinenl of Kootenay," as the
lathering hns been termed, opened
be proceedings by delivering his animal address, lie was followed by
Krwl A. starkey, vice-president, ol
Nelson, and then came the election of
oUlcers, the latter resulting as follows:
President—0. 0. Buchanan, Kaslo.
Yiee-Riesidenl-K. A. Starkey, Nelson.
Secretary—A. B. Mackenzie, Boss-
All wen- re-elected.
This evening the visiting delegates
were extended Ihe freedom of Ihe city
b) Mayor Bunting, and later were
entertained at the citizens smoking
concert in Miller's hall. Business
will commence to-morrow nl -'
o'clock and il is expected that the
proceedings will be brought to a
close on Friday at noon.
Among those present were: G. O.
Buchanan. .1. VV. Cockle, Kaslo; Fred
Starkey, U. It. Medley, A. W. Dyer,
Nelson; .lames Hussell, W. fl. flaunce.
A. M. Whiteside, Greenwood; P. E.
Simpson, Cranhrook; L. A. Campbell,
II. IV Dickinson and A. B. Mackenzie,
Rossland; J. I>. Anderson, V. \V
(tiicrnsey, (i. Weir, Trail; E. O.
Kaiiiui, It. Campbell, Moyie; C. llun-
gerford Pollen, Fort Steele.
At, the opening of the meeting Ibis
afternoon, after calling the meeting
lo order, Mr, Buchanan delivered the
president's   annual   address ns     foi-
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables i
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers
* M:Lu;!itiri CirrU-siail Dutiaz Implements (or Sale
j CRANBROOK,   B.    C.
• Shop Phone 50 P.O. Box 144 Barn Phone90   {
1 Canadian Hotel!
_________«-_,,■___ S
J-J and a bar stocked with the best $3
§ 5
| Joseph Brault, Proprietor |
1 e
One of the pioneer hotels of Cranbrook. Warm rooms, good meals
and a bar stocked with the best
lib. DAIRY ROLLS, 30c.
psr lb.
TUB    BUTTER,   27 Wo.
per lb. H	
lull lln<> ol (Jlin|i|ieil Outs, Itiiiii, si,,,un, Whom,
  ell|.|»ly uf lirHl-lllllflN I'litul
on liun.l.   Atari In
Sib. and 61b. DAIRY
ROLLS, 30c. per lb.;
10 lbs.       ■ $2.75
TURKEYS, 22c. par lb.
Ml! mul liny
Dominion  Meat  Co.,
Trail. This work has Interfered to
i considerable extern with the output of the year, but the capacity
and efficiency of lhc plants have been
greatly augmented.
The electric power plants of tin?
city of Nelson and of Ihe West Kootenay Power and Light company, at-
Boiiuington Falls have been completed, making an aggregate of electrical power now available, or
available alter the Installttlon of
some further machinery, n matter of
seven or eight months, in our territory, of 41,01)11 It. p.
In Mini President Kohertson con-
gtrutulated tin- residents of tho
Boundary upon the prospects of rail
way connection .villi the coast, ex
pressing tin- hope thai such a rail
wav would be completed in twi
years.     We regret  lo see that   alter
six yean
de sac, i
cut low.
links an
rapidly i
the C. I
Villi   will
teiiav  ,n
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing bc-
Iwcen the undersigned, carrying on
business of blacksmith and foundry-
men at Cranhrook, B. C., under the
(irm name mid style ot McKltmon &
Johnston is this day dissolved.
The business of the partnership
has been acquired by A. A. McKin-
noii,, who will cany on the same
;is heretofore and collect all debts
owing the partnership and assume
and pay all liabilities.
A. A. McKinnon,
E. I). Johnston.
Bated this Sth day of March, A. 0.
1907. 51 31
Gentlemen,—-After an interval
six years we have pleasure in   again
meeting with out most westerly mem-
i*r the Greenwood hoard of trade.
The report of the credential    committee   just   read,   upon comparison
witb the list of mimes of those   pre*
nl   ou the   former   occasion, illus-
ates    well   tin*   changes six     years
u bring.
Alt. Roderick Robertson, whose
esideutiul address was at tlm
meeting read to us, Mr. J. F. Mc-
Arlhur, a man of commanding presence nml great ability, Mr. T. C.
Thompson whose unfailing good nature, and keen wit won the hearts
of even those most strenuously opposed lo him in dehate, have all
passed away from life. Many of the
others have removed from our territory toother fields of labor. We
welcome those with us who are new
to the work of our association, and
invite them to take their full share
of the privileges and duties of our
We have to record that If-Oft has
been another good year. The staple
industries ot Southern Yale and
Southern Kootenay, mining, smelting
and lumbering have come through
ma ny vicissi tudes; there has been
much of disappointment, waste and
loss. But we can now feel that the
country has lived through its most
Irving'times, that our mines, smellers and mills, are now generally
speaking, paying their way, that we
nre no longer entirely dependant
upon the constant arrival of fresh
capital from abroad for our survival, that we are able to maintain
unaided not only our present scale
of production, hut tbat we are creating wealth, with which to extend our
A good criterion of llie prosperity
of a country is the condition of the
laboring man. From this standpoint our territory compares favor-
ilily with any other country. Wages
ne probably higher here than in auy
ithcr part, of Canada, the Yukon ex-
-cptcd. In the Hossland camp the
scale of wages for muckers was increased voluntarily by tbe managers
ml at some nf the other mines and
smelters, concessions as regards
wages or hours were made as the result of negotiations. In lumber
camps aud sawmills, there lias been
continual scarcity of labor, and the
fruit growing Industry is almost at a
standstill, and is likely so to remain
until the advent nf a class of labor.
not at present to be found iu the
The cessation of work at the coal
mines in the Crows Nest Pass for
two months, just ou the eve of what
has been a very severe winter, was
deplorable, inflicting great loss upon
the miners, upon the commercial men
in adjacent towns, and upon tin* Indus-tries and communities dependent
upon this source fnr fuel.
I presume that the figures of mineral production, which I have the
honor io present to you iu the supplement to this report, are less by
from one to two million dollars than
ihcy would have been except [or (his
apparently wholly unnecessary nnd
fruitless strike.
\n incident of the year bas been the
arrival in Uie province of some UOliu
Sihks from India. It does not u
seem io be determined whet hot these
men nill adapt Ihem.selves to the
conditions of life in this country.
The price of lhc met.iis in which we
are particularly  interested have been
extraordinarily blah. silver has
been nliove vn cents aud is now ipiol-
eil at un f>-H cents, Copper has been
at a luui I 2-> ceuls and is now 11) 6-5,
Lead during limn reached £20 ami is
now slightly above that figure. Since
April last the price of lead bas been
which bounty payments cease,
continuously   above    tbe  figure    at
The ruling ol the secretary of the
treasury of tlm United States in regard to imported /iuc ores, making
these subject to a duty of 21! per cent
upon gross contents has continued
throughout the year, but has been
now set aside by a decision of the
board of appraisers, This ruling
while in force practically shut oft the
production of zinc in Canada.
The zinc smelter of the Canadian
Metal company at Frank, Alberta,
has been In operation and turned out
some 50 tons of spelter but the plant
is at present idle and it is thought
that some aid by way of a bounty
from the Dominion government, in
line to that offered to iron and lead,
might justifiably be asked. Vice-
President Starkey will report to you
upon this subject.
In all of our lead and copper smel-
' rs the year has been one of exten-
the Boundary
nd thai vou have in
Ids  the  WCRt.      The
now,    however, hei
B possible supplied bv bothi
It. and the 0. N, IL, and
S i    liaVO the advantage,
of communication, lmi     of
e nnd competing routes,
to out h lends in Kast Kon-
aiid in Ihe Linlcau and Trout
dislii,cis. thai we ntil in securing for them as rapidly as possible
the railway ex I elisions from Golden
o the Crows Nest Pass railway,
ml from (Icriard io Arrowhead, or
,i leant to Trout Lata city.
In SeplciniM-r last I attended as the
eprcseiilaliw of Ibis body the meeting of the Dominion Forestry association, 1 was awarded the honor ol a
place upon Ihe committee on resolutions, and upon the committee to
draft resolutions in regard to Ihe
prevention of foresl (ires in R. C,
After ample consideration the recommendations of this association,
as printed iu our minutes of last,
year, were adopted iis the basis of
the recommendations lo the forestry
The territory about lhc heads of
our rivers, Including generally the
land lying at more than 1000 feet altitude Is, except as regards mining
operalious of no value for Ihe purposes: of settlement'or industry. But
for scenic allradions, ns the source
from which our streams are led, ami
as the    home and     shelter of    gair.ti
upon roads, probably in excess of the
means   immediately   available.   1 do
i know bow wu can assist those
locally Interested except by putting
before the provincial government a
list, of the works required, arranging
them somewhat in what we find io he
the order of their urgency.
I have to express my thanks to
Vice-president Starkey aud to Scere-
'■ Mackenzie, for the cheerful assistance throughout the year they
have given me.
The secretary's   report shows      a
sh balance for the year of S40.il
favor of ihe boards. The boards
ol trade iu atliliation are those of
Greenwood, Fernie, Kaslo, Rossland,
Nelson, Fort Steele, Trail, Moyie and
Cranbrook, but it is hoped thai
Phoenix and Grand Forks will again
come into active membership at this
convention, Efforts have been made
lo gel the proposed board of trade at
Marysville to affiliate, but the plans
have not yet matured. Secretary
Mackenzie goes ou to state that ihe
associaied boards ol Southeastern
British Columbia is everywhere
Acknowledged as a powei in tlie land
aud interests with which it frcipicnt-
ly comes in contact ale healed wilh
lhc greatest respect.
In his annual  report  Mr.  Buchanan
adds an appendix    in winch be esti-
Imates the value id Hie mineral    and
I lumbei   produced  in  Southern   Kootenay and Vale d g the yen   190(1,
The figures aie as follows:
Gold, 210,(183
animals, ii is of enormous consc-
ipience. The very   inaccessibility
and desolation of Ihese vast elevated
t racl s a re a 11 rarl li ins t o t ourlsl
travel. From this aspect I hey are
commercial assets of the province.
It is estimated that in the highlands
>f Vancouver island, the elk number
hundreds of tin
aggregate of big In
cariboo, deer and ber
similar hi.ures. All
eil Irncts should be
-tllenntinn, except so
'Is. On the
n sheep, goat,
will run into
f these elevat-
'served from
the    re-
., value, $1,813..
3,2*13,800 ou,, value, |1(-
371079,000     lbs,,     value,
.end,   311,389,131
Zinc, 3000 ions, value-
721,000 tons,    \
fl ree
tons,  value,  $L
ilue, $1,442.
That Cranbrook is the best town iu
the province ol British Columbia.
That gossips never secure "permanent, jobs."
That happiness is found when you
Took within, not without.
Thai kindness of any true sort
must lie expressed in terms of the
recipient, not ol the donor.
That capability marks some men,
iml importance others, but that in*
dispensability attaches to none.
That friendship which is genuine
may invariably be reeogui/.ed in that
it is neither jealous nor selfish.
That mediocrits. provided it he persevering, accomplishes more than fitful talent, lines and tortoises still
run races.
IIV    l-lll.TiKillll-lll
Artistic Picture
Prest Photo Studio
ISfi.ino Ions, value, 47.1,S00,
< >♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Marysville \
\ \ T. Cole, Manager
it Wo give tlm host toourpn-
'» irons in the St. Marys volley,
+++++++++++++++++0+++4 s>on nm> improvement of plant. This
t Is also true ol the lead refiner*- at
t'liirements of mining extend, ami:
every diligence used to protect the
forests with which Ihcy are clothed
from-foe and from the axe. and the
wild animals from wasteful slaughter, The Forestry association, and
the flame Protective association are
rkiug with this object in view and
ww think should as representing the
commercial interests of the interior
lislriets of Ihe province continue to
urge this until effectual action is
secured. The Banff national park
should he extended to cover the
whole watershed of the Columbia and
Kootenays rivers, above an altitude
of 1000 feel and at some convenient
point in the upper Kootenay valley,
the reserve should be continued
through the beautiful pine park lands,
to the line of the Crows Nesl Pass
The interest in fruit and berry
growing continues to grow. A not-
iblo illustration is the purchase hy
the governor general of Canada, Earl
Grev, of a tract of orcharding land
on Kootenay lake, which is to be
immediately planted with trees. Similarly throughout our territory, a
great deal of land has been sold during the year to other persons who
came as tourists and the district has
gained from the east and from the old
country many valuable settlers. The
acreage in fruit aud berries was probably increased by -10 per cent during
the year, hut tlie season was not
particularly favorable fnr production,
especially as regards berries, and it is
doubtful'if the figures for the value
of ihe product can he much increased
over Inst year.
We all note with satisfaction the
establishment of n tree nursery in
the Keltic River valley. We will he
fortunate when the limp comes that
the whole of our demand for trees
and shrubbery can be supplied ut
home, and Mie introduction of the
I  older fruit countries avotd-
cut Im
in per
ill! Inns
indications are that Ihe lumber
s exceeded that of last year by
■en! and the marketing con-
have been favorable. The
enst of mill work Increases yearly,
consequent upon the steady rise in
wages, and ihe cost of logs Increases
for this reason and foi the further
reason that annually Ihe togs are
getting further from the mills. For
this reason there is no prospect Unit
the present eompataiivelv high prices
of lumber Will ever he reduced.
I nolo thai in 1900, Ihe year before
our former meeting in Greenwood.
the Boundary produced 97,000 tons of
ore.     For the seven years, to     the
end    nf   1000, it    produced l.'.no. I
Ions of ore For IROll alone the
production was 1,300,000 tons, the
contents of wlllcn was approximately:!
Gold, Hl.oiili o/s.. silver, 087,000 owt,
and copper, 32,100,000 pounds. In
tbe meantime your three smelters
have grown'to an aggregate capacity
of (Willi tons ii day and it is expected that your ore tonnage during the
present year will he 1,500,000 Ions.
From 'published reports it appears
thnl ihe Granny Consolidated has
paid during the year in dividends
$1,703,000, being 12 per cent upon
iis stock. The Crows Nest Pass
Coal company has also paid in dividends 10 per cent within the year;
the Canadian Consolidated Mining
and Smelting company 10 per cent;
lhc Le Roi $175,1100, and the Le Roi
Xo. 2, $240,000. With the present
high scale of prices for copper, priees
which the best authorities agree, are
not liti-ly in the near future to fall,
there is' the prospect of phenomenal
development in the Boundary and in
the great mineral belt lying to the
There is again throughout our territory, as a conscience ot the era of
activity upon which we have entered,
a demand lor government expenditure
March 15.—The Boards
of Trade finished their session at
Greenwood iliis morning at noon,
adjourning to meet next year nt
Movie. There were several important resolutions passed at the sitting
of last night and this morning, including a drastic resolution against
the enforcement id the Lord's Day
Act in this province and Riving wid;
scope to the executive of the Associated Boards to seek relief;
another asking foi an cn^irv into the
cause of the coal shortage of Hn-
late winter, aud yet another taking
up the whole subject of trails and
roads, recommending a definite programme to the provincial executive
for adoption. The resolution on the
Lord's Day Acl consumed not    only
Ihe whole of lasl night's silling but
also a considerable portion of ibis
morning's work, and was the occasion of a hard fight and at oue time
seemed to threaten the loss of Presl-
lent Riichniinn; only the good sense
itf ihe assembled convention found a
middle way for an apparently impossible impasse, threatening a serious toss to the Assoeili'ted Boards on
ne band aud on the other the stultification of Itself.
The lirst matter taken up at the
Thursday afternoon session was a
resolut inn emu na I ing from Trail,
moved by J, B, Anderson nml seconded by G." Weir, asking for an increase
of the duly on pig lend io one cent
per pound uud that all manufactured
leads he Increased proportionately.
This was practically the sa me resolution as was passed last year and
was therefore passed without discussion,
A resolution was then passed asking the various Boards of Trade to
bring up nl the next convention of
the boards proposals for an extensive
exhibit at the Alaska Yukon exhibition at Seattle and asking for an
appropria t ion from the provincial
government for such purpose. This
was moved hy A. W. Dyer and seconded by F. "W. Guernsey and after
Mr. Buchanan had spoken iu its favor
it was unanimously passed.
A similar resolution was passed in
favor of an exhibit at the Franc
British exposition to hi' held next
year in London, England. This was
moved by J. W. Cncl-ilc and seconded
by ii. Campbell
A resolution asking for a better
Imperial news service and aid from
the Dominion government to establish tbe same in London was moved
bv Mr, Dyer and seconded by II. R
liiitley and carried after a short
statement as to tbe reasons why such
n step was necessary.
The next mallei coming up was
that of public telephones and the foi
lowing resolution was placed before
the meeting:
"That in the opinion of the Nelson
board of trade it is in the interests
of the people of the province of British Columbia that Ihe government
should enact legislation providing foi
the construction, acquisition, ex
propriation, maintenance and opera
tion of ,i public telephone system oi
systems throughout the province si
as to insure reasonable charges for
the use of telephones and ibe more
rapiil extension of such telephone service throughout the province or in
such districts as may he deemed advisable."
This was moved by F. A. Starkey
ami seconded by Mr. Oyer. Mr.
Starkey in speaking to ihe resolution
said he favored the proposal on the
ground of cheapness as well as upon
oilier grounds, Telephones were
costing in Nelson J IS a year, whereas,
jti Ihe provinces of the middle west
where the matter was alre.utv one of
public agitation, the price was figured down to $12,
G, t). Buchanan thought the word
"expropriation" should follow
quisjfioii." Me was of Ibe opinion
lhat the lime was coming for these
things and it was cheaper to buy
out telephones now than to buy thein
out taler. Mr. Buchanan declared
himself no Social is I but there were
certain things such as the post, ofiic.,
fileiihoues and telegraphs Rial could
well be taken over by the government.
Tbe conflicting Kaslo and Nelson
resolutions regarding tin* proposed
reclamation of Kootenay lands were
then taken up and a compromise resolution presented, which rend as follows:
"Whereas, the prevention nf floods
along tbe Kootenay valley during its
nniiuul rise of water and the conservation of a plentiful supply of water
navigation and   industrial pur-
Take notice that thirty days afler
date we intend lo apply to tlie Chief
Commissioner ol Lauds and Works at
Victoria, B. C, for a special license
lo cut aud carry away timber from
the following described lauds situate
iu S. E. Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner of lot 331,
thence east forty chains, thence
north forty chains, thence west forty
chains, thence south forty chains io
plate of commencement, containing
iiiii acres, more or less.
Mayook Lumber Co., Ltd.
Dated the 12th day ol Jauuaiy,
19U7. 4.3-5t
poses during Ihe low water period
would be of great commercial benefit; and whereas, the legislature of
the State of Idaho has approved of
the expenditure of public monies
within the province of B. C. in order
to protect settlers within the State
(Continued oa page Uuee.)
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
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nl -epai-int*.   Give me a call.
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   I'ER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
is now located in iis coinlort-
able and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modcmly equipped
to do just the best work in all {
branches ol the tonsorial art
W.   It. Itfitly,
CimiuMKik It. t!.
ul Dlroctnr
Phone N<>. t
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I intend making application to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lauds aud Works
for permission to purchase the following described lauds:
Commencing with a post planted
at the north-west coiner ol lot TtmrJ,
South East Kootenay, thence running north ^twenty chains, thence
running east twenty-live chains,
south tweuty chains, 'west tweu-
ty-nve chains to place of commencement.
A. F. Kraptet, Elko, B.C
Bated January ltjlh, 1007.    44-llt
Notice is hereby given that ou
Monday, March lM.li, l!iu7, that thu
Court of Revision for the Municipality of the City of Cranbrook, B. C,
will be held iu the Council Chambers
ou llie above date at 10.;tu a. m-
(local lime) for the purpose of revising the assessment roll of the City
of Cranbrook. Those making complaints against their assessments are
r«|uircd lo have their protests iu thu
bauds of the City Clerk ten days
previous to the lirst sitting of the
Court of Revision.
DaUil al Cranbiook tliis 1Mb day
of February, 1DU7.
Thus. M. Roberts,
47 C. M. C.
Any available Dominion Lauds
within the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may be homesteaded by
any person who is the sole head of a
laiiiil-^ or auy male over 18 years ol
age, lo the extent of oue-ipiarti'i
a.niapjs.u  ,Slf)UOUl X|H  tsi'.'i  i\-   ([)
aJtn,*Ao||0]    ,ii[i   jo atio   .i.ipun     i||]a\
a.i>»U   p.--.a,-uuo.>  siio|K|H|o.i  Ul|)   WJOJ
-I.Ml  0\ p.p.Mlktl-'l  S| j-ipua|s>iiiu>i| -n-,1,
'j(i!ll'is si |iuc| 01R l|3jl|A\ in
).UJ|Slp   dl||    Jiij    .'.HMO    pUU|    I'MO j   .ll|l
V? A||UU08«d   oputll -ii|   (SUUI  A.l|U'.j
ss.i|  JO 04OUI  '804311 mil  )o  lloj-aas
upon and cultivation of the land    in
each year for Ultco years.
IU) if i tn- father (or mother, if
tin* father is deceased), ul the homesteader resides upon a (arm in the
vicinity of lhc laud entered for, the
n-i|U|iements as to lesideiice may In-
riatlsfled by siieh pcisou residing wilh
the lather ol mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon [arming laud
owned by him in llie viciuily ol his
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may be satisfied by residence upon the said laud.
Six months' notice iu writing
should be given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands may he purchased al
MP per acre for soil coal and $30
lor anthracite Not more than .(all
acres can be noi|uirtil bv one individual or company. Royalty at the
rate of ten cents per ton nf 2,lN)U
pounds shall be collected on the
grown output.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior
I hereby give notice that sixty
days after date 1 Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works (or permission to purchase an
island in the Kootenay river, the
southern part being opposite the N.
W. corner of the Indian Reserve on
Bummer's Flat, thence up tee river
(or about ball a mile, containing (10)
ten acres, more or less.
Geo. (lttxf.
Dfttt* 1Mb ft** Uff. ei-* t'
I*. o. itnx rona
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dry and
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;; McKinnon & Johnston ;;
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liirht, uiuke distiiiiis,
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|i,irl. of lilllu.   This y.'.ii   I   |irn-
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liiuiil, ami will hi-ii
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All kiiuls of finish wnrk in
way of doors, windows, transoms, etc, Kiln|ilriiil luinlwr
for inside work. Our wnrk is
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The Cosmopolitan
The   place   where  a ||
man will return after
stopping once.
♦ i-l 11 fill 1111111 ii I li-111 j I j i |.|i 1111! lj 11
ii-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiU&
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The way never to have cloudy
weather is to have the sun inside of
When a man has no mind of his
own, he can easily tind a woman who
will give him a piece of hers.
Tin? roots of nine-tenths ot lhc failures in integrity, the departures troirr
honesly, the deceits, the trickery,
lies In the false standards of the
There are few things more tantalizing to a man than to go home with
something on his mind be wants to
scold about, and tind company time,
.uid tie obliged to act agreeably.
If yon would save your children
from the efleets of the trashy, sensational and ruinous literature that
Moods our land and poisons the mmil
ol those who read it, you must not
only banish it Irom your homes but
you must fill its place with good
wholesome reading matter.
Oold is.valuable because it is not
easily found; jewels are precious because they .ire rare; violets are loved
because they modestly conceal themselves. Girls lose half their charm
because they are seen so much on the
streets, and are found promiscuously
mingled in all sorts of public as-
seinblages. They should study tht
principles that makes the ruby precious and the violet dear.
Every school boy knows that a kite
will not fly unless there is a string
tying it down. It is just so in life.
The man who is tied down by a hall
a dozen blooming responsibilities and
their mother will make a higher,
si longer flight than the bachelor,
who, having nothing to keep him
steady, is always floundering in the
mud. If you want to ascend in the
world, tie yourself to somebody.
One of the best resolutions we have
heard of anybody making is this:
Not to -speak of mistakes that make
no difference; how often the harmony
of a home is destroyed by the   per-1
istent member of the household who
will argue half an hour over the'
point whether Aunt Jane came on
Tuesday or on Wednesday. We have
listened to heated disputes that cast
un ugly shadow over tlie whole meal,
or spoiled an evening's enjoyment,
upon subjects that, are of no mote
importance than the state ot last
week's weather.
All other earthly pleasures are a
mockery in comparison to the contentment of a loving family circle.
Other joys may last for a day, excite our interest for a time, hut they
fade away and leave us unsatisfied.
While they arc present we feel not the
emptiness of this excitement—but
with their vanishing our hearts hunger for the blessings which home
alone can give. Even they who have
never known what it is to have loving hearts hunger for the blessings
which home alone can give. Even
thev who have never known what it
is to have loving hearts welcome
them on the threshold, and loving
hands minister to their comfort
know that these are lip's most
precious gifts, and thirst for
draught from this eup of peace.
If men would rememher that a woman can't always be smiling who has
to cook dinner, answer the door bell
half a dozen limes, and get rid of a
neighbor who has dropped in, attend
to a sick baby, tie up the cut finger
of a two-year-old, tie up the feet of a
six year-old on skates and get an
eight-year-old ready for school—to
say nothing of sweeping, cleaning,
etc. A woman with all this to contend with may claim it as a privilege
to took and feel a little tired sometimes, and a won! of sympathy
would not he too much to expect
from a man who, during the honeymoon, wouldn't let ber carry so
much as a sunshade.
Home is the one place in all the
world where hearts are sure ot each
other. It is the place where we
tear off the mask of guarded and sus-
nieious coldness which tlie world
forces us to wear in self-defense,
where we pour out the unreserved
communications of full and confiding
hearts. It is the place where expressions ol .tenderness gush out
without anv expression of awkwardness and without any dread of
Icule. Let a man travel where he
will, home is the place to which
'bis hearl uiilrammeled fondly
turns." He is to double all pleasure
there. He is to divide all pain.
A h:ipny home is the single spot of
rest Which a man lias on earth for
the cultivation of his noblest sensible
The truest, best and sweetest type
of the girl of to-day does not come
from Hie home of wealth, she steps
ut from the house where is comfort
atrhar than luxury. She belongs to
the great middle class—that class
which has given us the liest wifehood
which has given helpmates to the
foremost men of our time; which
teaches its daughters the true mean*
ing of love; which teaches the man-
nets of ihe drawing room and the
practical life of the kitchen as well
as teaches its girls the responsibilities of wifehood and the greatness of
motherhood. These girls may not.
ride in their carriages, they do not
wear the most expensive gowns, they
may even help to enlarge the family
income, but these sell same girls arc
the great bulwark of society, not
only of the. present but of the future.
He who can choke the sweet flowers of social love, and taint then?
with disease; or in the paradise of
earthly bliss, where the plants of
virtue flourish, spread the blight and
mildew ot desolation, hatred and
distrust—who can crush his neighbor's fame to dust, nnd build on its
ruins—who can write infamy on the
brow of others, to prove his own
purity, is neither man nor beast, but
a heartless fiend. Those who have
seen their dearest interest tampered
with; who know what It is to have
the priceless gem of a good name
sullied by the poisoness breath of
cold, unpitying slander, these best
can sav, he has no heart. If the
lightning's flash ever daits from
heaven to strike the eulltv down, It
will blast the hope of murderers such
a ii
ii pose
01 Idaho fiuir. Inconvenience and loss
by absence ol control ol such waters,
"Therefore be it resolved, that tho
Dominion government be meraoraliaod
to have a preliminary investigation
and report covering all the features
of such undertaking."
This was moved by Mr. Cockle and
seconded by Mr. Medley, and spoken
to briefly by both gentlemen, On
being put to the meeting the resolution cacr'ed unanimously.
The deferred resolution as to the
reservation ol hinds in Kast Kootenay then came up and as re-drafted
accepted the boundaries .is laid
ilown by Mr. Herohmer, of Fernie,
and further petitioned the Dominion
government to reserve a snip of land
on the eastern slope Of tin- Rockies,
lacing the reservation within this
province so as to make the whole
the summits ot the Rocky mo
tains a reservation.
The    (fuestiou     was put and    C
The next    resolution was the   I,
on the Nelson list:
'Whereas the    special re
inserted by tbe C   I*. H   in
issued   by    its    respective
giants in  Kootenay and  V.i
unfair and onerous   restric
purchasers and   whereas ,m
ible     title can    be obtaluei
kinds under such deeds, resolved, that
steps he  taken    lo have all   reservations eliminated in provincial     land
deeds issued by the Canadian Pacific
Railway    company,   except    wherein
they conform with reservations made
by the crown when disposing of similar lands."
This was moved by Mr. Starkey
who explained that ihe Canadian Pacillc inserted certain provisions on
selling lauds with regard to timber, minerals and expropriation ot
portions at the same price as originally sold. The lands given in the
B (\ Southern had to be sold ou
similar lines as those of the government sales. Hut the oilier grants
now held by the Canadian Pacific
were held without conditions, .such as
the Columbia iV Western grant.
Ou a vole being taken the resolution carried.
E. 0. Kamm moved a resolution of
which no previous notice had been
given asking the prohibition of the
shipping ol coal and coke to the
United States when Cniindinli industries were suffering and closing down
lor lack of fuel. He stated that the
Si. Eugene mine had suffered severely from the coal shortage. The mine
find to close down tor two weeks.
In the meantime tralnload alter
lUiiiload ol coal had been sent out
Ur the United States for the benefit
;tf foreign industries.
R. Campbell seconded.
Mr. Starkey moved that the resolution be referred back lo commit tee
uu resolutions with a view ol ie-
ihnfting the motion lot presentation
of Abe case to the railway com-mls-
The lirst question coining up in the
evening session yesterday was the
Rossland resolution affecting Sunday
labor which was moved by Lome
Campbell and seconded by 11- Dlckin-
ii,  reading as  follows:
'Whereas an Act respecting Sunday has Ireeu passed hy the Dominion government, which if enforced
will, it is believed, greatly Interfere
with the successful operation of many
Industries in British Columbia:
Therefore be it resolved, that this
hoard whilst wishing lo restrict
labor as much as possible to six days
a week, urges the Associated Boards
of Trade of Eastern B. C. to request
the provincial government to give an
assurance that no action will be taken in enforcing the said Act so that
in the meantime all the parties concerned may look fully into the question and confer witb the government
with a view to providing a solution
of the difficult points involved."
A number of the clergy of the city
came in at this point, every church
except the Anglican being present.
Lome A. Campbell said the enforcing of the Act would cut down the
supply of coke and coal one seventh,
il would cut down transportation,
it would involve companies boarding
their men free on Sunday and it
would cut down the wages of tbe
men. Men would not lie around a
bunkhouse idle all day Sunday and
would simply get another jolt. The
Act was not workable in this country
und would work a great hardship.
Mr. Buchanan did nol think the
provincial authorities had any option
in enforcing the act. As for Mr.
Campbell's contentions, (hey had all
been considered by tbe passers of the
Act. Tbe objectors had better make
up their minds that the Act was a
tjood one and would work lor the
general good. As to the men in outlying camps they euuld read or walk
iir insist on having hotter facilities
provided. if an exemption were
made for camps oul side of a three
mile radius of a town this would not
suit the views of the chief employers
of labor, who would not come under
such an exemption These employers
were nol moved by a consideration
for their men. Mr. Buchanan
thought the conslitution.il wav lot
the movers ol the Act, was to appeal to the Dominion parliament for
Hit amendment.
Mr. Dyer spoke shortly, showing
the absurdity ol the nol as applied
to newspapers and declared that if
the province had not authority in the.
matter it should take steps to see
that it did have. He was in favor
of clause 4 of the Act, with tin-
proper exemptions, but pointed out
that sub-section 2 of the clause entirely nullified the good aimed at
the previous section.
Rev. H. S. Hastings, Greenwood's
Methodist minister and local sccre
tary ot the Lord's Day Alliance
pointed nut that the Mother Lode-
mine was not worked on Sunday and
maintained that there would be a
better class of workers by enforcement of the Act.    As for sub-section
2 of clause 4, that was put into the
Act by Duncan Ross, M. P., for
Vale. The best men had not left
the Mother Lode and It was found
that just as much work was done by
the men in six days as in seven.
Bath and reading rooms have been
provided tor the men at that mine.
Father Hart maim, amid much
laughter, advised the secretary to
leave the devil alone He conceived
the act to be in the interests of the
workers and should be given a fair
Mr, Starkey quoted legal opinion
to show that the pi ivy council had
made no decision that interfered with
provincial authority tn legislate. He
point*, oul Uuu au •uluictuu-ut    of
Ihe Act would lead lo a demand tor
higher wages which might result in
regrettable labor troubles.
Mr. Buchanan, on the question be-
ing called for, urged further delay.
ft Campbell spoke in favor ol the
amendment that the matter he referred hack to the local boards but on
Hi** question being put the amendment was lost and the original resolution passed wilh a single dissenting voice, lhat of the president.
The convention then adjourned, it
being after IU o'clock and two aud ,t
hall hours had been consumed by
tins one question.
The first matter coming up at this
morning's session was lhc lollowlng:
"Resolved that this hoard petition
the railway commission and the provincial government to make a full
inquiry into the causes of the coal
and coke shui*?figc existing Irom time
io tunc in Eastern 13. C, also the
inefficient supply of cars for the
transportation of coal and coke and
also to take cognizance of the shipment of coal and coke to the United
States duiing a deficiency of supply
lor lhc needs of the province, and
that the railway commission and llie
provincial government be requested to
take such steps as may be (ouiid
advisable to hung about the alleviation ol these conditions, and that
Uus resolution he referred to the
local hoards .lo collect data and sub-
mil the same with necessary evidence
to llu* executive committee of this
Tins was formally moved hy E. O
Kamm and seconded by It. Campbell
and carried without further discus
sioti, Lome Campbell then moved, R
R, lledlcy, seconding, the following
resolution, which carried:
"Resolved that in view of the great'
suffering during the past winter
which resulted from lack of sufficient
fuel, and loss to the mining und
smelting interests in consequence of
the shortage of coke and coal, that
the Dominion government be asked to
l once open up their coal fields in
East Kootenay iu the 50,000 acres of
land reserved for the purpose ot offering assurance that a supply would
be available under such exceptional
uiuslaiices as experienced recently."
The nexl resolution carried, was
moved by Lome Campbell and seconded by Geo. Weir:
"Whereas, an Act to aid In the pre-
ill-ion and settlement of strikes and
lockouts iu coal mines has been introduced in the Dominion house, be it
esulved that the Associated Boards
of Trade of Eastern B. C. urge upon
the Dominion government the necessity ot passing; a bill at the earliest
possible moment."
The next resolution was lhat dealing with the list uf mads und
bridges needed iu East Kootenay,
brought up by K. E. Simpson, for the
Craubrook board. Mr. Simpson had
a difficult task before him hut carried his point, after no little discussion, the programme committee
presenting a report thai these resolutions were uoi proper matters for
ihe Associated Boards ol Trade lo
dual with. Eventually the following
resolution was submitted for those
proposed by Cranbrook:
"Resolved that many trails, roads
and bridges ate wanted iu tbe country and among those of most pressing importance the Associated
Boards begged tu recommend lo ihe
provincial government lor Immediate
construction ihe following: 1. Road
from Crows Nest Pass to Kootenay
Landing; 2, bridge at Wardner; it,
road up the St. Mary's river; 4, St.
Mary's river bridge; 5, bridge over
mouth of Elk river, li, road from
Balfour to Robsou; 7, road from
Ymir to International boundary; s.
road from International boundary to
Rohsoti, along the Columbia; 9, road
from Rossland to Norway mountain,
'" road into the Flathead valley,
11, road up Wild Horse creek, East,
Kootenay." I
These were the suggestions of dele-!
gates from various districts, after
holding a conference together, the expressed wish of the convention being
to help the government in taking this
matter away from the present patronage system. This resolution carried on being put.
The president of the Associated
Boards theu tendered his resignation
on the ground that he could not carry
oul the wishes of the boards wilh reference lo the Lord's Day Act. He
Ibeu retired uud the delegates after
considerable discussion added a rider
to the cesoluliou as passed last
night, which the delegates refused lo
change in one iota. The rider gave
power to lite executive to apply to
Ihe provincial attorney general for
relief in Uiu premises aud to apply to
the Dominion parliament for amendments which should cover any hardships inflicted by the act, which
might be shown to exist. This met
wilh the approval of President Buchanan, who withdrew his resignation;
Intimating, however, that lie might
nol concur with the views ol others
of the executive as to wliai amendments were wanted.
Votes of thanks were passed lo the
president, vice-president, secretary,
Greenwood buard ot trade and the
Nelson Daily News, and the conveu-'
tion amounted at a little after the
noon hour.
a c. l.
Distillers Company, Limited
1X WI«>u
D. V. L. Scotch 12 Years Old
|| R. P. Rithet & Co., Limited
Victoria, British Columbia
Humors and impurities in the blood
force their way lo the lAirtace in the
Springtime and cause eruptions and
unsightly sores. Nature has provided a remedy in Bilea-us, which are
pleasant to take, not unpleasant
operation, and are purely vegetable
in composition. Women with skin
blotches and eruptions should prove
how speedily BI leans remove them.
One or two' Bileans taken just before
retiring for the night—that is all!
Morning, sickness, debility, indigestion, biliousness, heartburn, headache,
constipation, piles, and female ailments all disappear before a short
course of Bileans. All druggists
and stores at 50 cents a box, oi
from Uilean Co., Toronto, (or price,
fi boxes sent for $2.50. Send lc.
stamp for free sample.
Tfghbnt nngn ::bng — guhm n. thd
gnliii !!bmgoi •• I!!!! bngn CC bug h
hbngn yybngn rnb.
De.u readers do not he alarmed at
this, it is merely tbe type setting
machine wUk a Jag uk\
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
Tbe Manitoba it centrally locate! an I Im one of the heat dtntngrooina
in ihe city.   The bar ii supplied wiib the beat of Liquor? and Cigars
Library Voting Contest
Thiseleguut Library and Haudtome case will be given by vote to
the Lodge, Society. Church or School in L'ranbrrok <>r Distrit securing
the largest number of votes ta the following manner:
Tin* merchants listed below will jpve with every ten cent pnrchase
one vote. The contest begins February Sth. 1907, and <-Ios**s June
21st. 1007. A ballot box is placed in Beattie & Atchison's drug store
whore votes are to be deposited. At the close of the contest the
Church, School, Society or Lodge having the largest number of votes
"I be awarded the Library. Current accounts when promptly paid
will be entitled to votes.
Remember votes can only \*t received by trading with the
merchants listed below.
Each week the Herald will announce the respective standing of
"he consuiits.
Flour and Feed
Implements and
Harness .  .  .
Campbell & Manning
Groceries, Fruit, and
Confectionery md
Beattie & Atchison
P. Burns & Co McCALLUM & co
A. L. McDERMOT Dezall Bros.
Wine and Spirit Merchant BLACKSMITHS
Th* B. C. Livery Stable
B. H. Short ■•& Co.
Painters and Decoraters
.Wall Papers
Cartage and Transfer Co.
(Warehousing. Coal
and Oil Afcnts . .
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
THOS. T. HcVITTir-. I», V. ■,.
j, t. ..a-plat*. m. a.     	
Drink Home Beer
It Is Pure
It Is Healthy
It is the Best
[Ft. Steele Brewing Co. THE  CRANBROOK  HERALD
$2.00 A YKA1I
MARCH 91. 1907
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
Editor and Manager.
The Herald is worth $10 a year. It
costs only 12. No man iu South
Last Kootenay can afford to be without it, and everyone living outside of
ihe district, who is interested in the
Hogress of this section, should read
it. It publishes the news while it is
news. It la controlled absolutely hy
the publishers. No clique, party 01
Individual dictates iis policy. ll
don't try to please the people. It's
ili-Mii* is lo publish a newspaper thai
will he a credit to the community.
Send in your subscription aud you
will he thankful ever afterward,
Advertising rates si per huh per
month, no more and no less.
I lead ing matter IS cents per line
to non-advertisers; io cents per line
tn regular advertisers.
II you desire lo reach the people ol
South Kast Kootenay you must ad-
vi'i tise in The Herald.
The Herald has a flrsl-clnss i job
plant, anil its work is of the best.
The Herald don't want charity. It
wants a square deal on your job
work. If we can't suit you in quality and price, kick, and scud your
work lo some Cheap John house iu
the east that never spends a cent in
Cranbrook. ..   .
4,500 8l Month
Tills 'w ihe gun nu i teed  circulation of the liei-ihl
1'it'SH room ami au bee rip-
tion lists open to inventiga-
tion by advertisers at any
The Herald given a dollar
In value for u dollar in money. Tin* advertiser hiiH the
right to know what he io
receiving for Inn money.
The Herald in one paper
that court-* iuventitigation.
The Herald has never ceased to
work lot the advancement of Craubrook since it first started as a
publication in this .town. Not only
has the paper devoted many columns
ol space for the benefit of tbe town,
but its (editor has spent his money
and his time for the good of tbe
town. Wc arc ready to-let our record go against any of those who
arc endeavoring to belittle the efforts of either the editor or the
paper along this line, ll does not
take much ability for a man to become a .snarling cur that bites at the
heels of any individual who believes
in the go-ahead doctrine. Cranhrook
will in* a greater success iu the fu-
t ii it- than it is at the present, tht'
district will glow iu importance,and
wealth, and the Herald will continue
to prosper, not withstanding the petty attacks of a few individuals who
would like lo dictate its policy but
have never been able to do so. Long
Jive Cranbrook.
Sullivan slock is looking up Ihese
days- The Sullivan mine will prove
to he one of the best paying propositions in the province before many
years. .lust put this in the band of
your h.it and remember it
There are a good many people contemptible enough to endeavor to Injure a community by circulating false
stories about the town. This has
been demonstrated the past two
wei'ks by the 'ales that have been
(old about smallpox in Cranhrook.
Then* have been a few mild cases,
so mild in fact that the patients have
not been very sick, The few cases
that developed were promptly taken
care of and to-day there are only
foul eases and they will to out of
quarantine in a few days The town
has never been hot herefI by the
slightest degree, business is being
curried on the same as ever, and
there is no danger of visitors being
placid in quarantine or having any
trouble whatever.
There are many people in this part
ol the country who are unable to
understand why the McBride government did not niune Government Agent;
Armstrong for the position of Deputy Commissioner of Lands and
Works, or for some other position of
a similar character at Victoria. Mr.
Armstrong enjoys the enviable record of being one of the best government agents in the province, and his
nftiee ranks as one of the very best.
Furthermore Mr. Armstrong    stands
Furnish Your House
on our
= c. c. s. —■■
as a senior in the service, and it was
thought by many people that when
there were anv plums to be handed
out they would go to the man who
had won the admiration and the
highest of praise from the officials of
the government for his efficient service. If the civil service is to be
placed upon a straight basis of reward for good work done, one of the
first steps lhat should he taken is a
material recognition of the results
accomplished by Mr. Armstrong. It
is coming to the man, ami it would
be the right kind of a move for any
government if it is honest in its assertions that the civil service shall
he so changed that men of merit
shall receive their reward.
The McBride government has announced that ii would not present
any railway policy this session That
is the programme that they have followed ever since the party has been
iu ollice.
The Associated Boards ol Trade
did some good work nl the recent
session, and among the measures
thai the body endorsed were the
resolutions adopted by the Cranbrook
Hoard of Trade asking for certain
roads and bridges in this district
that have been needed for many
years. The government should weigh
carefully the recommendations of the
Associated Boards on tills point and
whenever possible perform the work
The Dominion government has Introduced a hill lo provide for a department of mining. This will
prove a, great tiling for this province
The'Honorable .Mr. Teinpleman will
be in charge of this branch of the
work and a hetter man could not be
found for Ihe position.
Millions were made aud millions
were lost on the New York stock exchange lasl week. And with all
this exchange of wealth the world us
a whole is not a cent wealthier. It
was gambling, pure aud simple, but
as it was for big slakes, it is considered respectable. That is the way
of the world.
Alexander Dowie, of Zion City
fame, died last week. By dying
Dowie accomplished the only good
act> of his life.
An exchange asks who have the
most fun, men or women.' And
some bright correspondent, presumably a woman, answers, "Men, until
I hey sjiv found out."
W. W. Baer, formerly of the Nelson
Canadian, is now doing editorial
work on the Victoria Colonist. It.
■I. Clark is the hew editor of the
Canadian, aud he will make good in
his new position.
There are no Hindoo printers in
British Columbia, uml there never
would be any if it was left entirely
to the Herald.
The Elko correspondent of the
Herald is doing some excellent work,
and his letters are read with interest
hy a large number of people.
It is at this time of the year that
the Baton bibles arrive from the
east and are eagerly perused by the
women of the west. What is home
without a catalogue?
Alexander Dowie was the most successful religious fakir of the century.
It begins to look as if Uie MeBride
government is doing all in its
power to turn the province over to
ihe Conservative leaders at Ottawa.
livery move made so far would indicate that   lhat is  Die scheme.
The Herald is in receipt of a poem
from a writer in Wardner, but as
there was no name signed to it, according to the rule that prevails ou
ibis paper, it could not be published.
Ottawa, March 18.
The alleged "lumber combine"
parliamentary committee is like
nine prosecuting attorneys. Gnl-
Ithcr is sick and unable lo represent B. C.'s interests. I applied for pel mission to cross-
examine ihe hostile witnesses,
and ibis was grunted the lirst
silting, hut refused the second
and third sittings, Ellgagcd
counsel weie also refused permission,     t am    making application
statement regarding the existence of
The One Hundred Club will soon
issue a publication advertising Cranlirook and this district.
Fashion has decreed that hereafter
dresses, waists and shirt waists shall
to buttoned in front. And sever;J
hundred thousand husbands will fervently offer up a pravcr of thank*?
The appointment of Alderman It van
and V. A. Rollins as polite commissioners, and .1. I*. Kink and J,
11. Caslake ,is license commissioners,
will meet with the general approval
>>f the public.
An Important action in the comity
court held at Cranbiook was heard
last week by his honor .fudge Wilson,
the hearing extending over Friday
and Saturday, the l-lth uud 15th instant. The action was brought on
behalf of Ross Bros. & Co., the owners of a milling outfit and extensive
timber limits at Klkmouth, against
Die defendants, D. ,1. Wilson and
Thomas Wilkinson, lumbermen, of
Burlington, Iowa. The action arose
out of certain negotiations for Uie
sale to the defendants of the mill,
timber limits and holdings of Ross
to in April of last year. One of
Bros. A Co., which were entered in-
t-he defendants after the negotiations
for sale, remained at Klkmouth, taking charge of the mill and working
there along with Hoss Bros., who
also remained in possession for
Stout a month after the negotiations
for sale took place. The defendants
withdrew in the latter part of June
and Ross Bros, resumed operation*
The suit was brought to recover
from Uie defendants the amount paid
the employees in wages amounting to
over $2,500, -between the period when
the negotiations for sale took place
and when they finally withdrew.
Judgment was reserved. W._A.
Macdonald, K. C, Nelson, and W. F.
Curd, appeared for the plaintiffs and
M. A. Macdonald, Cranbrook, (or the
defendants, Wilson and Wilkinson.
otiawu, March IK.-Mr. Ureen, a
farmer from Moose .law who farms
about Ifu acres, was examined at lhc
lumber combine committee to-day.
He started out by saying lhat farmers paid more than thev should do
lor their lumber, because of the
existence ot a lumbei combine. He
said he had nut so much evidence as
he would like to show llie existence
of the association to keep up prices,
but he had prices nnd lists to establish thai juices were arranged by a
society, lie produced lists of prices
oi different companies to show that-
on exactly the same day Ihe cosl of
lumber in the yards at Moose .law
and Uegilia were precisely the same.
He produced bills which'he had paid
for lumber to show that prices had
gone up during-recent years. The
i el ail men said Ihe manufacturers'
association were lo blame and not
retailers, lie ascertained from enquiry among dealers that they wanted to make 3d pel cent clear profits,
but il was more frequently 20 per
cent. This meant that farmers paid
about 30 per cent to the middleman
beside the freight. Hut this was not
all the Iniquity of the transaction.
When a car arrived, the retail men
took oul the best part of this lumber and sold it for SMI aud $00 a
thousand, and sold the balance to
farmers at the regular price for
which the whole ear was graded,
Kverybody knew this was done. He
did not exactly see them do it. but
he knew that it was done. Whut
farmers wanted was for the committee to take off the yoke and permit them to deal direct with the
lumber manufacturers.
Mr. Staples—"Hut you can't buy
direct other articles you want to
Mr. Green-"-'*01i, yes, we buy barbed wire and coal oil and sometimes
coal, by a few of us getting together
without going to the retail men. We
ought to lie able to buy direct if we
had good credit and wanted a specified amount. We do not want to
lo away with retail men altogether,
but when we approach manufacturers
we are told thai if the manufacturers
-ell lo us then the retail association
would boycott the manufacturers and
not buy from them."
When' lumber in his district was
selling at $27 a thousand, he said he
was able to buy it at $21 a thousand
through contracts Dial he had during
the past year.
Mr. Green suggested that the government should set apart lumber
limits that might he operated for the
relief of those affected.
"If the government," said Mr.
Green, "does not know how to run a
utwmill, then the farmers ran take
'told and do .it."
an understanding
that they would
regular dealers.
Quoting from c
I ween the Iwi
Fowler referred
tftll from the All
"Vou  must   have l'CCi
many?" Fowler queried
"Oli,  no,"  replied the witness,
commenced    numbering at one   hn
This  reply caused general  l.nighlt
wilji the retailers
not sell except to
rrcspondence be-
nssociatlons, Mr,
to complaint No.
rtn association.
■d a     good
(Vaticouvei Wm id i
Mi. .1. D Sullivan, lot the past
foiu years chlel cruiser and manager
of i-amps (oi Heaps ,v Co., has resigned his posilion with lhat company to lake one with an eastern
syndicate that has acquired a large
t.mhci acreage along the coast and
Which will erect a large milt not far
from Vancouver, on ito mainland, at
a point that has not yet been given
out. The mill is to be modeled
somewhat after the one at Port
Blnkcley, with such improvements as
experience has suggested. The Port
Itlakilev mill, running easily, turns
out its' 750,1)110 feel a day and has
made a run of a clear million. Brltr
Isli Columbia logs have been cut at
Don Blnketey and shipped in British
vessels lo the United Kingdom and
Ihe new mill will he after a share of
Mint trails. The big mill at Che-
ma inns has contracted for log culling that; will take sixteen years to
complete, when the new mill is completed there should he no trouble in
supplying all that the United Kingdom wants. The new mill will not
seek local or rail business to nny
extent. It  will    cater     to trans
oceanic trade.
Ottawa, March 18.-0. P. Wells,
secretary of the Mountain Lumbermen's association, was examined before the lumber committee to-day.
He produced his minute book and
look up the minutes of January 10,
in which a man named Jones said he
was going lo Calgary to meet the
etaii men there and form an association for the purpose of maintaining prices. There were advances
n the wholes-ale prices of lumber in
November, 1005, January, ItlOti,
February, Idflfi, and May, August and
September, 190fi; most of these advances amounted to u dollar a thou-
ojid all round. He said that the
manufacturers were not making
noney at that. They had to make
idvances or go out of business and
ihe advances would have been much
greater, but for the fear of the prices
bringing in outside competition. His
.irganiz.ition had no connection with
'he British Columbia Lumber association, nor the American association
ui the Pacific coast. The association hud the consumer in mind when
fixing its wholesale prices. A motion was made at the meeting in
January that no sales be made by
millmen to municipal corporations.
Then* Wiis no record iu the minute
book id what became of that million. The witness said that the
general opinion of the millmen wns
that such sales should not be made
.nit they were made all the same The
association had no connection or
igretmcnl with the retail association
of Alberta. There were simply fees
.mil  no  penalties  for  membersgip,
The grades of lumber had been
changed by the association. The
object wiis to secure uniformity und
in the end tended to the advantage
of alt concerned. Replying to Mr.
Fowler, lie emphatically stated that
ihere wns no understanding whatever
hetween the Mountain manufacturers
association ami the Alberta retailers
association. He had received' com-i
pltments from Mr. Orogun, secretary
of the latter association, that sales
had been made direct to contractors. I
The    witness qualified    his previous 1
There is considerable demand for
lumber in China, according to William Edwards, representing Sneili-
lage iV company, of Shanghai, largest importers of lumber in the
Orient, who is visil ing Pacific coast
ports lo look over the situation.
In discussing lumber conditions in
China and more particularly at
Shanghai, Mr.  Edwards said:
''The 'building of large wharves
and warehouses al Shanghai naturally creates n greater demand for lumber, and a great deal uf this work
is now under wav. Elicit warehouse
it least 600,000 feel and the
wharves adjoining a million feet or
"In addition to the Japanese lumber coming coastwise, wc imported
11,000,000 feel last yfinr. The year
ireviuus about 36,000,000 feet was
imported aud during ihe coming year
ac expect lo Import more than 40,-
000,000 feet. The next steamer
•arryihg lumber from (ho Sound will
he the Norwegian steamer Oscar IL,
which really handles the greater part
d our trade."
The list of companies incorporated
luring ihe year llllM* in British Columbia to engage iu logging or the
manufacture of lumber are as follows:
The South Wellington Lumber com-
•luny, Nunuiu'.o, with a capital oi
Sail,IIOil; Marine Lumber & Trading
i'oiupauy, Vancouver, capital, $25,-
iiflO; Heaps Timber company, Vancouver, capital, $100,0011; Kootenay
Shingle Company, Limited, Sidney,
•a pi ta I, $200,000; A nglo-A merieuu
Lumber company, Vancouver, capital, $100,000; Baker Lumber eom-
i.iny, Craubrook, capital, $.300,000;
lludttoii Shingle company, Ctovcrdale,
capital $30,000; Slunlny Barker Lum-
ier company, Victoria.' capita! $100,-
100; Capita no Flume eompaiiv. Van**
■ouvcr, capital $100,000; NorHi Amer-
fciui Laud A Lumber company, Fcr-
ne, capital $500,000; Hartly Bav
Trading A Fishing company, capital,
v200,0t,0, Jewell Lumber company,
.■npital. $50,000; False Creek Lumber company, Vancouver, capital,
140,000; Edmonton Logging com-
tinny, capital $50,000; Winnipeg Lumber company, Vancouver, capital,
00,00(1; W. ff, Stuart Lumber com-
nanv, capital, $50,000; ('lowborn
Falls Lumber company, capital,
SlflO.OiiO, B. F. Graham Lumber
company, capital, $100,000; Moorc-
Whfttlnglon Lumber company, capital, $50,000; Bed Fir Lumber cotn-
iiiiiy. Nanairiio. capital $.,00,000;
Inrvls Inlet Lumber company, capl-
al $250000; McNalr Timber com-
iniiy, Vancouver, capital $100,000;
North American Timber & Development company, Fernie capital, $1,-
000,000; Patterson a Wilmot Umber
-ompaiiv, en pi tut, $50,000; Hosmer
Lumber company, Hosmer, capital
i I on, (Uiu, Monarch I,umber company,
-apital, $50,000; McLaughlin Lumber
•ompaiiv, New Westminster, capita)
$200,000; Mtiirliend-Munn Lumbei
company, cnpltnl, $00,000; Port
Hunev Lumber company, Port'
Honey, cnpltnl, $35,000.
Pulp com panics: Pacific Pulp a
Power   company,     capital, $250,00*1;
[in.idian Pacific    Sulphide eompanv,
Pital.  11107.000.
Kxira-provincial Companies registered: Henry Swart Lumber eompanv, capital, ' $IJlim.lMIH, of Mnrin-
tte, Wis.,     with offices at Victoria;
Tlio Olio lliindlill IMnb is 151-llillK
ilnwii tu luminous uml working liartl
In ai-riiiiiplis'li lllll li'siilts niimnl al
ivhi'ii t'lir nii^iiiiviil-iiiii was fiitlniil.
Tlir now I'liiiiiiiitti-i' tins tiiki-ii Imlil
ul tin- work wilh .i vim uml will soon
issill'     ii    riilll|ill*lll'lisivi<     IHlllliCilliiill
giving! vuliiu'liir iiiiiiiiiraiiiiii regarding t'iuntil„iik iinrl tliis tetritniy.
Following iui' tlm nunics nl those
wlio hnvc pniil u|>:
ONE III Slilllai CI.I II
Dr. «'. S. Iti'll.
.1   II   Cnsliikr,
F. C. Maliins,
ll. .1. Mi'.Swi',-ii,
A. II. I'Vnwii'k.
C. A. Cm-k,
»r. F. E. KiiiR,
Alii. Jos. .Inckflon,
.liis.   Ilriilllt,
n. E. Muri'lijr,
Dr. F. II. Miles, ,
lleale A dwell,
firs,. Leask,
lleWrr Hunt,
M. A. Miu'itniinlii,
»'. F. nurd,
A. I,.  Mi'Deimol,
N. P. Molnmlr-r,
Horry White,
.1. P. Fink,   •
E,i. I'ntlerson,
li.  E. Ilrattir.
Pranfcrnok Cn-Onerntive Store,
P. Ilnrns A Co.
Hill ft Co.
.1. I). Mi-nride
S. .1. .Miehton
Ri'iil ft To.
0. II. Thompson
HoRirarth ft Rollins
W. E. Wonlen
.1. I". M. Pinkham
O. T. Honors
E. II. Small
V. II. Baker
A. O. Rowness
IV. II. Wilson
H. II. Short
F. W. Kolsall
McCltlhim ft Co.
Patmore Bros.
Pis. King ft Green.
Dr. Connolly
W. F. Tiito'A Ron
W. B. I.aing
A. Leitcil
A. MeKinlion
Cranhrook S.ish ft Door Co. (2
It. .1. Johnson
Cranhrook Herald
A. Moffatt.
Edmonton. March IS.—The plant ol
the Edmonton Bulletin, Ihe paper
owned anil started hy Hon. Frank
Oliver, was totally ilostroyt-d hy fire.
lasl nlg-hl, entailing a loss ol -.riii.WK),
upon wliii-h there is Insiirntiee ot $.11..
(Kin. All Ihe statutes nl the recent
session of the legislature wore also
destroyed. The paper will Issue tii-
diiy as' usual.
Can the sardine hoxi
No, hul  tho tomato can.
Did you ever sec. a ship spar'.'
Yes, and I have seen the mil lonoe.
tlio ginger snap, and the cracker box,
the sausage roll, the hod spring, and
lhc night fall.
It was queer to soe tlie sugar
Hut. llie runniest thing was lo see
ilie milk shake and the apple turnover.
Why did the fly fly?    Because
spider spider.—Ex.
***************************** ***************
20.000 ACRES
of the very pick ot the selected IiihiIh iu tlm beautiful Koolcmty
Valley, Kant Kootumty, B. C. h* lend in-* from Canal Kbit to
Klko, are offered for mile ut from |:t to flu per acre.
Th* Kootenay Vall«y It of Uniurpatsed Fertility
Metchleae Climate and the Most Pfctureaque Situation West of th* Rocky Mountains.
The landf present every feature ol usefulness, Itiuluiliiii* tlm-
bert'il Iwnulies, brushy Hals, marsh, prairie and meadow.   The
brushy (hit**, marsli 'ami meadow IiiiuIh iroiislsl oi iluup, Idaek
hum,; tlie bench html hem-* a Mainly loiliu, splendidly itiltiploil
tor fruit culture.    Where urltiutinii may be nocessnry on the
t tenches, water cniihuliud from the t in in in creelm lluwluu from
llie Rookies into the Kooteuny river,    lhc html* aie fully hid*.
veyed ami i-oiiit* of iiu* lot-- bave l< > aub-iHvhleil into funeuil
farms of about so acre* each.
The piiiehnr-e price will inehnle Ihe Milliter, which can be Hold
by the pimliuKio nil bout, any liability to tjovuiuiiieiil or oilier
royally. Thetiiiitier will ill many cane-' more Iban ivuli/e llie pur-
cIuihh price, ami will In alluiisusjuiiturlally r* up the amount Invested. I.o--n ran lie ilrlvilll Olltlie Kootenay river, which touch*
en every lot sim* one. The main wagon road through the valley
pannes over or atom lo each lot, ami the propoHutl Kootenay Central railway will parallel tto mtgotl roiul. The 0. I'. IL i» quite
convenient hi the litiuls.
Kor (milier purtiuiilars apply tu
Or to Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B. C.
**♦♦+•>+♦♦*<>*•»•»♦<>♦♦♦♦♦•» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
11.00 linn  76c,
•LS5 line.  ,1.011
f1.50 Hum  ,1,21)
— c. c. s.	
Hood Lumber eompanv, Revel stoke
■apital, $.30(1,000; Bin I tie Shingle
I'ompany, capital $30,onn, offices at
Tynohend; Snvonns Land & Lumber
company, capital 1344,1100, head of-
liees at Phoenix, Arizona, with of-
l.ces at Kamloops; International i
Lumber & Mercantile company, of
•Spokane, Wash., capital $125,ODD
with offices at Nelson.
Extra-provincial    companies llcens-
™:    B.    C. Timbers, capital, $100.;
"Oh; Oracroft Lumber company, head
office Everett, Wash., offices at Vancouver, capital,   $110,000;  Lnmh-Wnt-
Kon    Lumber   company,   Arrowhead
capital,   $850,000;    Canadian Pacific .
Lumber company, London, En**.,   offices    at    Nelson,    capital, £00,000- ■
Lillooel  Lumlier eompanv, offices at
Vancouver, capital,    $300,000; Land, I
Lor A     Lumber company, of Wintii-'
pes, offices at Vancouver', with can!
tal of $3110,000.
(Nelson News.)
At Kootenay Landing yesterday a
remarkable scene was witnessed when
an amateur diver, in the service of
the ('. P, IL, attempted to go under
water in hill diving regalia. He was
not on duly at Ihe time, nor do his
customary ' duties call for frequent
use of the diving suit. However, as
the full outfit was at hand, and us
he wished to take advantage of the
;elden opportunity for learning what
trange tilings might be beneath the
surface of the waters, he donned the
harness and prepared for the descent.
Ere letting him down, those in charge
of the operations carefully adjusted
Ihe pneumatic devices connected wilh
the hoftdgenr so that a proper quantity oinlr could to continually pumped into him, while the accumulating
surplus made its escape slowly. The
matciir diver, however, promptly
rotdjusted the attachments, and fixed them   so that,     while   frcsli air
mid enter, none could get out. Thu
result was that his suit became over
inflated, and when he got in tbe
water it was Impossible to make him
go under. Ilud he been left' to shift
for himself, he would probably have
been taken out. of Ihe lake some lime
later, feet first. As H Was, his
friemls Interfered,, and Insisted that
he return to safety and the lauding ■
singe. The amateur iu question is a
prominent member ot Capt. Gore's
Try a   Caae of
Two  Dozen  Pints   $2.50
.'mml to GnimieBB'.   Tho iinoBt leverage 011 the market
fur family ami table use.    Imparts vigor ami
health, ami toiios up the hotly goticrally
Brewer, Cranbrook   R. C
Calgary, AI ta., Ma rch 20 -This
afternoon at *l o'clock the delegates
from the miners presented their final
ul t Inint urn to I he coal opera I ors.
which, if not acceded to to-morrow
afternoon, will cause a suspension of
all operations in the mines on April
1. when the present agreement expires.
UUniatiim is that all agreements
now prevailing at the various mines
are to continue in their entirety an
to conditions and hours of labor, but
with an advance ot ten per cent on
the present rates of wages.
Minimum ocr day for outside labor j
is to be $2.fi0,     with wages payahlr*
Chicago, March lft.—Trainmen and
conductors on all railroad lines west
of Chicago have rejected Mie recent
offer of the general managers of the
systems for an increase in wages,
according to information reaching
the Record-Herald. The official canvass of the referendum vote, which
has been In progress for a roitnight,
will begin to-morrow. It is stated
further that the trainmen have voted
to stribp if their demands are not
granted. Unless    the   railroad)
managers offer further concessions a
strike of 5,000 men Ik likelv to result.
When the conference between representatives of the employees and officials of the companies adjourned,
February 25, it was with the understanding that another conference
would be held after the men voted on
thi' general managers' proposition.
Acting Mayor Ryan and Aldermen
Fink, Gill and llickenhotham met in
the council chamber Monday last" at
to a. m. for the purpose of revising
the assessment roll. The applications (or change were very few and
in some of the cases the assessed
amount was slightly reduced,
Mr, White, of Calgary, appeared
for the townsite company and protested against the assessment of their
unsold lots, but the appeal was disallowed.
The East Kootenay Lumber company, Ro1*\iiisoii-McKeui'.ie Lumber
company anil King Lumber Mills
appealed against the assessment for
school purposes of certain lots outside of the corporate limits. These
appeals were also dismissed with exception of one lot.
Victoria, March 15.—It, is very
probable that during the present session of the legislature one of the
oldest civil servants of the province
will be superannuated. Col. Wolfen-
den, Kings printer, has been over
fifty years iu harness, and would
probably welcome retirement from
duties which are yearly becoming
more strenuous. No department ol
ihe government is developing more
rapidly than that of Ibe printing
bureau, where fees and business from
timber notices and similar notices is
more immediately felt. Mr. Wolfen-
ilen is the last of the old guard with
the exception of (he deputy minister
of finance, Mr, Smith, and auditor
general Anderson, Mr. Gore having
retired a year or two ago from the
Lauds nnd Works department. Mr.
ii',,!-..-,-,,,,; W||| probably retire on
full pav.
Moyie, March 20.—AM the outside
men employed by the St. Eugene
mining company have been grunted a
nine hour day. Hitherto they bave
worked ten hours every day, but,
hereafter they will get the same
wages for working nine hours that
they have been receiving tor working
ten. All the miners anil millmen of
the St. F.ug-ene company work only
eight hours a day, and none of their
employees now work more than nine
hours a day.
Victoria, March 18.—IL A. Rcnwicld
is ■definitely slated for the deputv
chief commfsslonorsntp. He is now
being Instructed in his new duties by
Goepel, who will leave to resume his
former duties in the course of a few
days. This appointment is a splendid testimony to Ren wick's capabilities as a civil servant. It came
ipiite unsolicited, and was the result
of a leipiesl made hy the government
In Goepel io recommend for the position Ihe most capable official in
the public service. Ilenwick will
return to Nelson shortly lo arrange
foi   ihe removal of his family lo the
Neil      Mack..
Kaslo tins evening on a<
very critical   condition
law partner, Mo Ann.
if his
Furnish Your House
on our
W. Burton, who has charge of the
great windows in the store of W. T.
Reid & Co., has given a pretjy demonstration of the fact that in
dressing windows he possesses the
facnltv of combining uniqueness and
originality with artistic taste. His
St, Patrick's window was a striking
illustration of this fact. But be
reached Mie acme of artistic merit
iu his millinery window, and it
stands as one of Uie very best ever
shown in Cranbrook, Oiled as it is
with the latest ideas of the milliner*
art and so arranged that it appeared
like a dream ot transcendent beauty.
tu the matter of Ihe "Companies
Wiuding-Mp Act, 1808," hem*--
Olmpler 11 of thi- Statutes of
British Columbia, 1808, and
amending Acls; and
In the mutter or The Pay Roll Gold
Mining and Milling Company,
Limited,   Non-Persona I Liability.
His Honour. P. K. Wilson, Local
Judge of the Supreme Court of Mulish Columbia, bus, bv an order dated
the 2fU-il day ot November, A. D.,
City of Cranhrook, Tailor, to to official liimi'dator of (he above named
100(1, appoinled .lohn Leask, of tbo
J. F. Armstrong,
District Registrat.
Dated this llllh day of March, A.
I)., 1907.
Furnish Your House
on our
= c. C S. ===i TUB   CltAJS BROOK    "USUAL U
We are opening this week the newest and nuttiest
Clothing over shown in Cranbrook, Clothing that looks
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the Shoe lino, mul idler our tttlv.ee and assistance fret-.
Coiisnltatioii Hoursi k a.m. to fl p.m.; Saturdays, s a.m. to ll p.m
b. c.
(io after ihe microbes urn I iIuhI getnoi. Fo'r windiing
ami KITCHEN TABLF.S, thuie is nolhiug ei-uuhi
— V I M ——
It in nn i'lt-iil polisher mul oloutisor. 11 removrs nml nml
EVERYTHING,   MuniHm-tuml hy the Sunlight Bmi|i Co.
Price 15c. per tin; 1 lor 25c.
G. T. Rogers
Kiim-.v und KtapU- Grtn*eri*-ri
uud 1 rockery, .MittH.iiiovcH,
IIhu'h St HIioh. Crniihruuk.
********************* **********
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- AND —
We Have Them-Just What You Want
The   Druggists
C-ft GOOD *^rj
m advice m
Yo US Houl Dt Aket Hec
Ranb Roo Khe Ral Ditc Os
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iu 5111b, 281b and I 111. boxes,
nml III, bricks
We have BOtne good DAIRY BUTTER
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P. Burns Cfi> Co., Ltd. !!
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lor a. ...it'iilun cp.illlliin. which .. ilo nol supply .1 a r.a.onahlc price
FRED  ROO,  Proprietor.
Hardware, Harness and Saddles
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Souvenirs of the Great West.
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MIMMMMMMMMMM **********************
CIGAR store
Imported Cigars
Box Trade a Specialty
Dolly Vante-n will   arrive in April.
B. P. Conk, nf Kurt Steele, is in
town to-day.
B. D. V. Smoking Mixture at
Migliton's fignr store.
C. Mrllit-rney has purrnaseii the
residence of fi. Bi'nnctt.
M, A. McDonald transacted legal
business ill Ft-rnie the first ol the
.lark" Shaver returned from liis
Irip tn Ihe coast the first ol the
A nunshvr ol Hindoos were in Cranlirook several days this week seeling
Cranhrook 1ms the best dressed
windows of anv town of its size in
the country.
S. Keeling, assistant inspector
miller Hie lead bonus act, wns in
town this week.
TO KENT—Booms furnished and
unfurnished, Apply to Mrs. Cart-
wrlgnt, Armstrong avenue. 5lMt
Mrs. R. II. Bohart. of Wardner.
was llie guest of Mrs, .1. E, Larri-
4.in one day this week.
E. Dedolph, manager ,,f the lUarys-
ville smelter, was in town n short
time yesterday »n business.
Jabc! Harris left yesterday lor
IVelnsklwin, Ins future home. Mrs.
Harris will remain iu Cranlirook lor
.t lew weeks.
111. Matt, of Fort Sleele. who has
heen visiting in the east lor some
nne. returned home tlie first of the
FOR SALE—One     pony: good lor
Injale     driving    ami    delivery     or
addle.     One pony broken to saddle
.mil  single harness—G.   T.   llogers.
The many Cranbrook friends ol
Mayor MrAlin, nl Kaslo, will learn
with regret lhat tbat gentleman is
lyji^; very ill al his home with but
'iglit hope of bis recovery.
Mis ll. T. Foster, sister of Mrs.
II Stewart, left lasl week lor ber
home in Burlington, Vermont, and
II visit relatives at Winnipeg on
bet way.
TOR   SALE— Household   furniture
olisisling ol bedstead and spring,
bureau, toilet set, lour kitchen
linlls and kitchen  table.     Apply   to
Mis. Murray. •
WANTED—Position as engineer st
aw mill oi initio; holding B. C. certificate. Apply E. Hawkins, Cranhrook, B. 0. S|tf
^liss Ada HlckcnWothnm has rcsign-
il her position as stenographer and
issisiaiit bookkeeper with Arnold &
Roberts and accepted a similar posilion at the ,1, D. MeBride hardware
An acceptable Easter gilt fnr your
wile or lady Irieiuls would be a
brooch, blouse set or belt pin in
enamel with Easter lily design.
Would be pleased to show you our
stock.—Tutc, the jeweler.
Patmore Bros, have on exhibition a
Fairtanks-Morse Gasoline engine.
Call and see it.
Barred Plymouth Rock eggs lor
hatching 11.00 per setting; 1500 per
hundred; also, Mammoth Imperial
Pekln Duck Eggs $2.00 per 10 Irom
high scored birds. Mrs. W. F.
Dornn, Silver Creek Ranch,'.'! miles
west of Cranbrook. 52-41*
aaaaaoco vj • m r rj^oooofaaouDooooQuoooaooma
11.00 lines  76c.
ILznllne*.  $1.00
,1.50 line.   |1.30
= c. c. s. =
You can get all kiiiils ot pipes nnd
tobaccos at   Mijihton's cigar store.
Porcy Large came up Irom    Moyie
yes tenia y.
Dr. CotTm drove in trom the smelter city Sunday.
Improved faim ami timber land loi
sale. Apply to Ben Huckle, I'r.ui-
broola, B. C. 40—It"
A. D. Palmer, of Wycllfle, left Wed*
nesday morning lor Spokane.
Mr." ami Mrs. W. .1. Cross, ol
Marysville, are at \to Cosmopolitan
Our old friend 0. S. Frtzzcll, ol
Fernie, was .il the Cosmopolitan
this week.
J. B. Moran, who has been visiting relatives in Pittsburg, Peno., the
past mouth, returnud lo CranbrooiV
A regular assembly ol the C l\ K.
Quadrille club will be held in Went-
worth hall on Wednesday evening,
April Kith.
IteguUr services will be held at
the Baptist chui eh Sundn v next,
morning and evening, Rev. 0. Padley
occupying the pulpit.
A, K. Uookwalter roturned Friday
(roin    Spokane,   where he baa speiil
('tue tin.e with his family, mul went
lo Marysville Saturday.
Bead Patmore Bros. ail. on this
■las. Campbell, ot the firm ol
Campbell A Manning, has been suffering from a very severe attack of
grippe this week anil was taken to
Si. Eugene hospital Tuesday.
I). M. (.rant and M. Jackson, oi
Fernie, have been in town Uie past
lew days completing the Installation
ol the heating plant at the ('. |». R,
WANTED-GIrl to learn post office
Work. Only those who desire a
permanent position need apply. Slate
age and salary expected.—It, B.
W. S. Forsyth, who has heen eon-
fined lo St.' Eugene hospital for
some time with pneumonia, was
sufficien l ly recovered to re I u m to
Fort Steele the lirst of the week.
Geo. Cartwrighl, of the Creston
Lumber A Manufacturing company,
has been in town several days this
week visiting his family nml looking
after*business matters.
F. C. Slalpas and family leave for
the coast on Saturday morning, Mrs.
Malpas will remain at Victor in for
some weeks, but Mr. Malpas will be
home iu about ten days.
Marysville. Ouod prices made in
toe string. Crows Nest Pass Lumber company. 48
•lohn Hanbury, ol Brandon, chief
stockholder of the North Star Lumber company, and A. K. Krapfol, oi
Klko, general manager of the company, are hi town to-day looking
litter their interests here.
There will be a public meeting next
Tuesday evening for the purpose ol
discussing the proposed electric light
by-law. There should be a big turn-
nut for this is a matter of great
importance to every property owner
in tbe town.
"At" Jones, of Kimberley, left
Sunday evening for a two mouths
I'isit at bis old home in Ontario.
This will be Mr. Jones' lirst visit to
the* scenes ol his childhood since
I8S-1, and that he will thoroughly enjoy the trip goes without saying.
A lire alarm bas been placed in the
public school building and the pupils
.ire being drilled daily. The recent
school horror in Montreal has emphasized the danger accompanying
lire lu school buildings and scholars
cannot be too thoroughly drilled in
discipline in cases of this kind.
The standard of the British Lion
cigar is never lowered. That is
why it remains the general favor*
it-*. 40-12
.1. Hutchison returned Tuesday
from While river country, where he
accompanied a pally composed ul
Chas. Edwards, Mr. Shim, Frank
VIcNabb and Chas. Chapman. The
latter gentlemen are engaged iu timber cruising in that vicinity for a
largo lumber firm.
K. Hill, of .Moyie, A. Doyle and
1). Speers, members ot Uie license
commission, met yesterday and
grunted a license lor the new hotel
ihat James Neil is building at Watts-
burg. Air. Neil expects Lo huve his
place ready for business about the
lirst ul the mouth.
Dolly Vurtleu will   arrive in April.
Mr. anil Mrs. John Detail, who
have been visiting relatives in Ou-
ario tbe past lew mouths, relumed
home ou Saturday last. Phil. Oou-
geon, a brother of Mrs. He/all, uc-
ompauied them aud will remain In
Cranbrook for some time.
B. E- Taylor, of Kimberley, was iu
town a tew hours Friday last. Mr.
Taylor was returning irom Grand
Forks, where he hail been attending
ibe district session of the Western
Federation of Miners and reports
that Uiey had a very £uod session
and considerable business of importance to the miners was transacted,
LOST—A gold locket on which arc
ihe initials "O. G. II." Finder
please leave at Herald olhce. 50
Neill McNab, who was employed on
loo Crow in tie days ol construction
las been in town several days visiting his brother, Trainmaster J, R.
McSabb, aud renewing his acquaintances with the old timers ul
I'uiibrook. Mi. McNahh is now a
loitduetor, und his lioadi|unrters arc
at Fort William.
FOK SALE - Thoroughbred Plymouth Hock Cockerels, $1.60 io 13,
H+lengee & Smith, Marysville, B. c.
J, M. Dorr and family left Monday
afternoon for Plains, Montana, where
(hey will make their future borne.
Mr. Derr has been a resident of
Cranbrook the past three years aud
during that time by his honesty aud
industry bas made a host of trlends
who, while they regret the departure
of so good a citizen, wish him the
lull measure of success that he is
entitled to in his new home.
.1. D. McBride, the hurdware merchant, '-during the past week has
doubled the capacity of his business
ollice and otherwise improved the
same. Mr. McBride's business has
increased so rapidly that this change
'became necessary, and now he not
only has one ot the largest and best
stocked hardware stores in the interior ot British Columbia, but has
a well -furnished business office that
is in keeping with the test of the
establishment, and lhat would do
credit to a store in the larger cities.
In the onward march of progress
I Mr. McBride is always found in the
vanguard and never overlook! an op-
fgttnMi Iff tapievanart,
"Bert" Van Decat left to-day for
a visit tu Spokane.
Ai thur Burge, C. IV R, liieni.ui,
who has been ill the past two weeks,
is out again and is taking a tew days
recreation at his home at Perry
Creek before resuming his duties.
Mi. and Mrs. W. S. fiyckman and
the Misses Mary and Annie Rvck-
nian, who have heen visiting Toronto
and other eastern points the past
month, returned homo this morning.
school, salary $50 per month. Apply, slating references and certificate
held, to Joseph W, Boss, Elk-mouth,
II. C, secretary and treasurer. 52-31'
LOST-Frlday, the 15th, a white
linen belt, embroidered with holly design. Kinder kindly return to
KoM'i drug store. Suitable reward
will  be paid. 53*
Miss Oould, fashionable dress
maker, who bas been visiting in llie
east the past ibree mouths, bus relumed   to  Crunbrook, and    will ai
lake    up cutting ami  minis'   al
Ihe home of Mrs. II. H. Harris.
Mi. and Mis. Cecil Pl'est leil today foi their future home in Vinton,
Man . and a Inrgo number ul friends
win* at the station to s.iv goodbye.
Mrs. Kclsey, who underwent a
serious operation nt St. Eugene hospital last week is improving nicely
and will soon he convalescent. Drs.
Green and Mercer performed the
W A NT ED—Competeti I stenogra pher
and typewriter. Salary $50,110 pL*i
mouth aud ex'ienses wheu away (rum
neadqunrters. H. V. Parker, Resl-
luut Engineer, Cranbrook. -.9-31
The Fraternal Order of Kagles is
rapidly forging to Mie from iu Cranlirook and at presont has the largest
inuiiiliership of any sooloty in Uie district. New members are being iu-
ilial-i'd each meeting and last night
lour candidates were lilted out wilh
wings, etc., thus enabled to come to
roost in the aerie.
The C. P. K. Quadrille club will
give their second masquerade ball ui
Went worlh hall on Wednesday evening April -Jlih. Tickets; $1.50;
lady spectators, 50 cents, The pub-
"c is cordially invited io ulleiid.
Sunday next is Palm Sunday and
the uvoiiliig service iu the Mctiiodlst
church will be iu keeping with the
iiccuslon. The pastor will i*.i*.e an
iddress on the subject "The Greatest
Triumph," uud the music by the
choir will he in keeping witb the
Pure Bred Mammoth Bull Plymouth Bucks, a beautiful Golden
Bull,  heavy  winter layers, eggs   for
ile,   $2.00    per     selling of     13.—
stocks it Jackson, Crestou, B. C.
dipt, and Mrs. Johnstone, of Nelson, arc coming to conduct special
meetings iu the Salvation Army bull
m Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
On Salui'day night a" special musical
meeting Will be held, at which cuflee
and cake will be served. All are
cordially invited lo attend these
Superintendent Erickson left the
irsl of the week in his private ear
or a trip to Spokane, over the Cor-
mii road lo arrange for the trailic
iver this line which is soon to be iu-
lugiirated. From    Spokane    Mr.
Krickson   will go   to     tin* buuiidal'y
ountry to Investigate the coal    and
oke   conditions. He   was     ac-
■ompauieil by Mrs. Krickson, Miss
llicc Moffat ami Mr. Mclnnis, his
private secretary.
See the Fairbanks-Morse Gasoline
•ligiues for sawing wood, pumping
water, running cream separators, in
fact anything    where power is need-
1.—Patmore Bros., sole agents.
Joseph Ja.ek.suii, chairman uf the
U. K. U. fur the Crow division, lull
Monday last for Chicago to resume
nis luburs with the joint commute*
Lhat is in session wilh 1 tit.* general
managers uf the western railruad
lines in an endeavor tu adjust the
a/age schedule. Mr. Jueksou took
with him the ballots of members ul
ihe division, properly sealed, and
ihcy will be opened in Chicago by
the committee, along witb the ballots from other divisions.
The large churus uf over forty
'ulcus is busy every night in preparation for tbe Oratorio Emmanuel,
which is to be rendered in the Presbyterian church on the evening ol
Good Friday. Mrs. W. T. Held, tbe
conductor,   is sparing no time     and
nergy in the cuduavur to perfect all
parts. Tbe Oratorio coulaius some
■xcelleut choruses and the solo and
pianette work is of a very high
iider. This entertainment will provo
i strung attraction and all should
urauge to enjoy it. The proceed!
ue iu aid uf tlie Children's Aid society ol the province, a cause thai
is dear tu the people ol this city.
Price of tickets is ,'*n cents.
Hill & Co. had a magnlflconl win-
low display last week), showing thou
millinery and latest in the line of
dress trimmings to the very best
advantage. Mr. Hill is an aitisttc
window dresser, aud with the goods
Uiat he had to choose fiom be was
able to secure the most desirable reditu. There was a leasing blend-
rig of colors that produced a perfect
harmony between tlie fabrics ami the
millinery creations, that satisfied the
eye and met in a most ample manner
ihe desire iu the heart of all for the
Patmore Bros, have been appointed
agents for this district for the celebrated DeLaval Cream Separators.
They are having a sample placed in
stuck, and will be pleased to show
same and give information to all interested.
"Tin* Boe that geta tin* Honey does'nt stnvaround tbe Hive."
anil siivu TIME utul Ml INKY.   Adapted for any use.
fl.OU linen    75,-.
11.25 line.  11.00
11.5(1 linn  11.30
= c. c. s. —
Articles of Incorporation have been
signed to-day for the "Cranhrook
Fire-Brick A: Terra Cotta Company,
Limited." The Incorporators are
J, D. McBride, J. P. Finb, Frank L.
Byron, Paul Handloy and W. F.
Gurd, with capitalization oi $50,000,
tlie objects of the company being to
take over the valuable deposits ot
refractory materials fur ihe manufacture of tire brick and lerra cotta,
which have been discovered and acquired by Frank L. Byron, reference
to which has been made iu these
columns during the past lew months.
Tlie promoters seem to be eu-
tlmsiastic concerning the success ol
the organization as tbey are not
proposing to sell stock, but are offering $10,000 of lirst mortgage debt mures at 8 per cent interes-t, re-
liremflhle ill live years, from tin* pro-
i-ie'ds of which to provide sufficient
operating expenses for a time, These
k-heutures which will be $*.u each,
will be offered at a discount of 25
I»t r cent, as an Inducement to investors, and any quantity can he acquired from one upwards. Machinery
is now en route.
The Herald wishes this project all
possible success and believes that
ihere is a splendid market for the
Materials which the company pro-
iose to manufacture. We understand
that Mr. Frank I. Byron bas demonstrated the good qualities of the
brick to the satisfaction of some ot
ilia business people of this town.
'Hie lire brick will be made from a
ivel artificial compound which has
been fully covered by patents by Mr,
Byron and which are being a<si;tie*i
iri the company.
Harry Deacon, a 16 year old boy
whose parents reside at thu nor;-.,
cud of Craubrook street, Had au ex-
iiciienee Uus uuuruuuu tuat win *h*jj
.'im cuuhned tu Uie uousc iui svm*
uiiie,     in cuiupau*-  wuu ttarr)   twli
UC liad gut Lulu u. a Viiuutv ul •j-Jiuoji.
,-uW'uei aii-out luui iiiciK-, square, ami
■iiiCII ni'.u Lue senuol liuiiac lUVj Cun-
tlUUCU iu UaVO a llUie Uiaj-.a) ul
ale   WuihS.       A  ilia leil  WUS a-i-JlieU  lO
uie puwucr, followed by a um--jiL.s
uasii, ami wucn tne smoKe clearea
away il was luuuu mat yuun^ iiaii
aau escaped    wuu a si-g_i singeing.
i»ut Ueacuu Wtts nut au iuiluu^.c-
ilis lace auu nanus were uuuiy
unructi, tbt* akiu coming uu ia
iu LuilCS  and   he   WOS   minus  ■.■;. i* ■; y,. 5
a.d eyelashes, but tot eyes are un-
injured, He was taaen iu bis iiume
urn Ur. Ureen sumtnuncu iu ureas
ibe injuries. . oung Deacon cau
L'ungraiulate himsell mat be escaped
as  luckily as he did, as it  is ailiiusl
miracle Uiat he was loi blown iu
lue boys claim that they found
ihe powuer in the alley near Geary
.v Doyle's livery stable.
Burn-—To .Mr. and Mrs. .loa. Bou-
langei, Friday, March 6tii, IHOT, *
tiorn—To Mr. and Mrs, Frank
Byron, Thursday, March U, iyi>7, a
uorii—To Mr. and Mrs. Whittlcker,
darch 16, 1907, a girl,
Tlie contest for the library on t-x-
libitiou iu Hill ii Co.'s -.-t<*re is
irousing more interest al tire time
passes and at present the Fraternal
Order of Eagles is in the lead by
over a.oou voles, with K. uf P. aud
1. O. O. F. ball iu second place.
Some people are wondering why the
Knights uf Pythias and Odd Fellows
re allowed to class as one orgum/a-
tion iu tbe contest and we have beeu
eUjUested to explain that these two
odges own all their property jointly,
ml thus are placed iu the same po-
ition in matters of this kind as
ny business lam composed of two
t more members, Tht- contest does
i.ot dose ai.ul June 21st, and there
may be a big change in the contes-
lants before that time. Those wishing ballots for the contest should
consult the advertisement en page
ihree of this paper. The following
is the result of the vote up to Wednesday, March 20th:
F. O. E     18,050
K. of P. and 1. O. 0. F. ball. 13,449
Si.  Eugene hospital   2,-128
Public Schools        59
Free Reading Room        16
Presbyterian Sunday   School .     15
Total  34,61?
Chas. Smith, represeilflng ttie
Eagles and M. D. Hillings, representing the Knights ol Pythias and Odd
Fellows canvassed the vote alter Mr.
Beattle's count and certify to the
correctness ot the above.
HAY FOB SALE-I have about
200 tons ui" hay for sale that I can
ship on shoit notice. Write ur wire
me foi prices. John Wilson. High
River, Alta. oo it
15 C, S Brown Leghorn Cockerels,
from Grove Hill Poultry \atdt,,
waliham. Mass.. and A. B. Williams1
strain Plum Park Poultry Yards,
Rochester, Minn., and 5 Blooded
Plymouth Rock Cockerels.
47-51*'     W.  Telford,  Kitchener, B. C.
MtH A, I.  Hillam, teachei ol the
Pianoforte,   Term* moderate
Armstrong Ave   Cranbrook
"THE Palm-
Lady Caramels
Peanut Brittle
Maple Cream
Turkish Nouget
Assorted Nuts
Salted Peanuts
Furnish Your House
on our
=r=--C. C. S.=-
i.n wbxtworth iiu.i.
Wednesday Evening*
March 24th. 1907
t'u.l.-r il.. aaapinaot tli.
i' P ll. Club
III K UTS || ,-„i
I.n.h RpKUlora, SOc.
m: siiir: ami attesd
All kinds ol ladies and gentlemen's
leaning, pressing and repairing, at
the CiarArook Dye Works, Armstrong
Avenue, opposite impel ul hotel.
The partnership heretofore carried
ji* by the undersigned under the linn
name ol "W F. Tate A Son,'' as
jewelers at-d opticians, of the town
of Cranbrook, B C, is dissolved
irom this date.
W. F. Tate will carry on the busi
ness of the firm at Cranbrook as
heretofore, coNf<-t all debts ami pay
tl liabilities.
Wm   F. Tate,
C.  Ross Tate.
Dated this first day of March A
D., 19«7. M-3t '
, Ii„ l.*.»fl„iK Knnl si,.,. ♦
lrn>ir,» l....|i,j  -
l.i: I'll il.
Btswirt'i PIdsCI ii'--
Pliciie 7.1 Armitrong Avt,
40 Voices
jo Cents
************** THE CRAMIItOOK HRR AM.
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned (rom Newspapers I
Live every day so lhat you can
look every d —d man in the eye and
tell him to go to h—1.
The Salada man from Toronto was
in town fur tbe lirst time this week
with Ills [unlets full of samples aud
looking as wise as a pack mule.
.1. McLeau was iu town from Feline looking after his piling contracts
here and south.
J. 1). Moffat and Hu-;.i Jones were
Fernie visitors ibis week, George
Mellett going up to Craubrook for a
day's rest and quietness.
The Klko post office is just now
flooded witb departmental store dope
from the cent bell.
Dr. Bonnell, Fcrnie's popular
mayor, was iu Klko this week visiting his old college chums.
A. K Ingham bought a big bunch
of (arm implements from the Hoosville Cash Store this week.
The McKee hoys, Alex. McCauig,
"Seolty" Young and Barney Wilson
tame in Friday (or the St. Patrick's
Day celebration.
Miss Robcy arrived in Klko March
nth. "The walking delegates" ot
every female society in Klko waited
on the young lady.
Mrs. F. Boo and son James came
up trom the big red apple country,
visiting some of her family in Klko.
Miss Bessie, daughter of Mr, and
Mrs. J. Mott, of the Hoffman bouse,
Klko, left on Thursday bv the south
bound liver for a visit to relatives in
the United States. She will visit
Kallspell, l.ihby and Spokane before
The Saint Patrick's Day church
parade in Kllw was so strong it
broke the backbone of the winter.
Several well known and competent
men declared they saw water in the
Klk river early Saturday morning,
March llith.
Herman Frey, the popular young
bachelor of Hoosville, thought he
would like to be an eagle so he went
up to Feruie and not the feathers and
ihe last heard of him he was (lying
over Hie Spokane International to
It's a wise father that knows his
own daughter when she bus on her
new, padded, cream colored, shoestring laced front, double folding
drop skirt aud tailor made spring
It is a little lute in the season for
us to appreciate this beautiful snow.
Numerous functions have held the
attention of the social circle iu Klko
during the week, several of them
having been huge affairs aud all contributing to make the week a busy
Mr. and Mrs. Dunne, of Skibo cottage, Argyll avenue, gave an informal dance Saturday, March Kith,
and entertained tbe Scottish Patrio-
ffc Association, from Lethbridge,
Alberta., iu charge ot Alex. Mo
Cuaig of pious momory. It was
hotter than boilwl geese cooling off
while it lusted. The Burnie's are
royal entertainers, and society turned out en masse tu enjoy tbe pleasant time. Tbe Burnie's always
provide for their guests.
George Hoggarth, ut Craubrook,
was an Klko visitor this week. Mr.
Hoggarth was the fust man to build
in Klko and he made Elko popular
while here with the outside world
It was a had thing for Elko when
he left and good for Cranbrook. We
wish him every success and assure
him a good welcome whenever he
visits his old home.
Vou can lock your door against a
thief hut not against a liar.
Mr. Sbelton and family, of Feir.ie
have rented the Letcher ranch near
the town. Mr. Sbellon came from
Dakola to Fernie last fall.
A good laugh is worth a huud-d
groans in any market.
Fred Bowman, of Big Sand creeV
Was in town this week.
John Johnston, manager for Pugh
A    Livingston,     Rock     Creek S,
mills, is    expecting a new saw   mill
plant Irom the east.
•Is he a well informed man?" asked a man. "Well, I should *uy to
His wife  tells him everything."
Mr. F, Wortliington sold lii.s bungalow io Mr. R. Johnston. Mr. Worthlngton and his family expect to
leave for Nelson, where they raise
fruit on rock piles.
There will he a basket social in the
Columbia ball Friday evening in aid
of the school library.
The Roosvilie Cash Store manager
received applications for 10,000 acres
of fruit land around Roosvilie, B
B., the big red apple country.
When you can't fish mend your
nets, and when you can see your
lishing tackle is bought ut the Roosvilie Cash Store. Elko, the largest:
assortment of fishing tackle suitable
for the district in South East Kootenay.
Mrs. Unlit. Johnston met with
very painful accident Friday, just
after dinner. -She was seeing her
two little girls start for school and
was walking through the dining room
to tbe kitchen when she slipped and
fell, breaking her arm below the
elbow.    Mi. and Mrs. Johnston went
tu Fernie on Hie C. P. R, east hound
train and hud the broken arm attended io by the medical experts of
that smoke tanned burg. Mr. and
Mrs. Johnston are very popular and
have the sympathy of everyone in
Mrs.* C. A. How, government
house. Court street, Klko, gave a
charming Snlul Patricks Day a
o'clocker Monday complimentnry to
Mrs. Fred Boo,' of Roosvilie, B. C.
Both ladies being members of well
known Emerald stock and old college chums, the affair was Irish nnd
nothing but Irish need apply. Mrs.
Dow, who had a word of welcome
fur each of the guests as they entered, looked very pretty in a gown
of green silk ami lace, with narrow
piping of nolil braid and tiny buttons. Mrs. Boo wore a very becoming costume of ureen cloth, trimmed
with velvet of llu* same shade. lu
the banquet hall of the house Mis.
McKee, Mrs. Millette, Mrs, KHngell-
sinith and »Y_rs. Thorp iiui Ihe honors
.il the pretty tables Which were festive with the season's favorite flowers. Around the hull, which wns
prettily decorated, hung red, white
uni blue bunting wilh bouquets of
shamrock in Hie center. The guests
were presented with a solid silver
spoon of Irish manufacture, with a
how of green ribbon tied round it,
Iso from Ireland. The whole company say they enjoyed the ten more
than any other that they have attended fur a long time.
A meeting was held on Monday
witli Ihe view of .starting a busehtiil
team, when a large number of enthusiastic supporters were present',
fhe following ollice bearers were
•lecled    for      ihe    ensuing      season:
Presidcui-1. II. Willsou.
Vice-President-—(leol'go Uuntt.
Secretary and Treasurer—F, W.
In celebration of St. Patrick's Day
in enjoyable dance was held at the
Central hole! on Monday evening*
The Wardnei orchestra discoursed
sweet strains and nothing was
drunk, I mean spoke, bui the ''rale
Mr. R. II, Andrews has been fortunate in securing the lath contrucl
with (he Baker Lumber company al
Klko this season. Mr. Andrews de-
nurture will be a loss to Wardner
and in many respects it will he difficult lo find a successor to his invaluable services as pianist to the
''tub dances.
A treat is in store for Wardner on
Saturday night when the Moore Con-
perl company will give a concert in
tbe library hall. After Die concerl
i danco will be held to music supplied by an orchestra of six pieces
supplied by the concerl eompanv.
Anyone not turning out to this event
will not be entitled to a vole at the
next parliamentary election.
Wardner is rapidly forging -ahead
■is a commercial center, having lately-
added shipbuilding to its many industries. On Saturday the launch
took place ot tiie "Lopsided," which,
after careful planning and const ruction had at last reached the stage
of perfection to entitle it to leave
Un* slips. The following arc the
particulars of the "Lopsided": Displacement, two hogsheads; armament,
two Winchesters; carrying capacity,
one couijle and a "babe." The
Speed, however, cannot be ascertained until the river turns round and
flown uphill.
It is with deep regret that we have
tu report the sudden death of one of
Mrs. Macleod's hens. This sad event
tuok place some time ago, hut was
kept quiet by the bereaved relatives.
A coroner's inquest was held and the
jury returned a verdict of "death
through foul play,"
(From the Muyie Leader.)
Pete McKiunoii was over to Nelson
this week.
James Park was down for a few
hours Tuesday,
A daughter was horn to Mr. and
Mrs. D. J. I'.imei Thursday aftor-
lioon. March lltl>.
Patrick Welch and Peter CoitTOy,
two old timers in the camp, came
over from Rossland this week.
Mrs, A. |\ Macdonald and mother,
Mrs. Manning, spent most of the
week at Nelson. They returned
home yesterday.
R. Campbell and K. (I. Kamm
were over at Greenwood this week
attending the meeting of the Associated Boards of Trade. Thev are
expected home to-morrow.
Hurry Dimoek, collector of customs
at Kings-gate, wns lu Moyie for a
day this week. Mr. Dimoek and
family are now established at Kings-
gate and are much taken up wilh the
place. Quite a good sized settlement is springing up around them
aud they expect to soon have a
school fur their children. There is
already a heavy tonnage over the
new road and considerable of business for the customs house. Mr.
Dimoek predicts both a heavy freight
and passenger traffic as soon as
through trains arc running over tlie
line in the spring.
Ed. Walslie took his departure today for Macleod, Alberta, where he
will join his. family, aad settle down
on his farm, which is situated about
three miles from that place. Mr.
VVulshe has been u resident ot Moyie
for the past seven years, during
which time he held a responsible position at the Si. Kugeue mine. He
has been an excellent Citizen and the
people of the town regret his departure,
Alex.    Chisholtn,     who is iu     the
Crniihronk     hospital suffering    with
hi I  poisoning,  is  improving   quite
ijihtly,  hut    his    right  baud     will
nimbly he crippled permanently,
F, K. Reagh, who bus been spend-
g the winter in California, was
-it- ihis week visiting witb bis
brother, Cory Reagh, who is em-
iilnyed al thi* C. P. R. station. Mr.
Reagh left on Thursday for Tabor,
where he will take charge of the C.
P.  It   station.
Jowclt The wedding look place at
the bride's homo in the presence ot
the family, Mrs, Kynastcn being the.
only other adult present. Miss
Jo well was given away by ber lather, Mr. Joshua Jowett. After the
ceremony refreshments were served
aud the bride ami groom drove to the
C. P. R, depot and look the train
for a three months trip to England,
Ed. is one of ihe most popular boys
of Fernie and his many friemls extend to him hearty felicitations. The
knot was tied by Rev. W. L. Hall.
Mr. S. B. Sliiiu, father of Steve
Sliun, left on Wednesday for Ottawa
where he will remain.
(From The Fernie Ledger.)
Jailer Jas. Johnson is in tbe hospital suffering from the effects of an
injured hand from which the fore-
linger has recently lieen amputated.
His many friends hope to see him
out again soon.
The third hockey match between
Lite Trites-Wood team and the P.
Burns team, which was played Tuesday night, was a close game, well
played and was won by the butcher
hoys, thus giving them'the final victory. The score was 3-1. C, C.
Aright refcreed the game.
President Sherman, Intel national
Board Member Patterson and delc-
;ales Biggs and Lancaster have gone
io Calgary to attend the convention
d miners and operators. All the
Iclegates go hack wilh power to
nake contracts and il is expected
Hint a satisfactory agreement will
ie arrived at.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Norish and
luughler Frances, of Calgary, are
.-.siting Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Mott.
They have been spending a part ot
he winter at the coast ami have fallen so deeply iu love with Victoria
Ihnl tbey have purchased a small
lortion of the city in the shape of a
■looil residence, and contemplate making (heir home there iu future.
(From Tbe Fernie Free Press.)
Thomas 11. Whelan, of the Na-
i.inee hotel, leaves iu a few days for
Idaho, where he takes charge of a
mine which he and his brother, Judge
I. F. Whelan, staked last July near
Burke. This mine has been steadily
leveloped since then and a few days
igo a big strike of high grade galena
iml carbonate ore was made. Ton;,
v-ho has spent Hi years of his life, iu
metalliferous mining) and who
horoiighly understands the work,
-vill In- general manager. The ore is
very rich and promises to lie a money
linker. The company is capitalized
.t $l,ii(ui,iillfl. Tom's many friemls
ii this city while regretting his de-
nurture, will be glad to hear of his
,rood fortune. Mrs, Whelan will not
leave Fernie until Mr. Whelan gets a
mine ready for her. The Napanee
will be managed by Mr. Pat Whelan,
who has had a partial management
d the house for some time. "Con"
Whelan will take over the management of the Rijyal hotel.
The Odd Fellows' at home on Wednesday evening was one of the most
-successful of its kind ever held in the
•ity. Tlie hull was well filled with
quests. During the early part of the
evening games of various kinds were
played. This was followed by a programme of music, speeches, etc. R.
Dudley, veteran of the order, ably
lilled tbe position of chairman. Songs
were sung by Miss Lizzie Lundie
ind Mr. Thomas Biggs. Mr. Keith
Whims ter gave two violin solos, nnd
Revs. Giant,.Hall, Kempton and Wil
kinson gave brief nddresses. "Owen
Ross, who is one ol the leading Odd
Fellows, closed the programme with
ni address on the formation of a
Itobcknh lodge in the city. He had
heen over to Nelson lately and all
the necessary arrangements had been
■nude. The date for the installation
had been set for April Sth and ladies
from Nelson were coming over to
assist. This part of the entertainment was followed by refreshments
served in good style by the ladies.
About 11 o'clock the floor was clean-
id and dancing was commenced, excellent music being supplied by Miss
Frizell and Mr.' Whimster. The
dancing was continued until _
o'clock, The at home was in the
hands of Messrs. T. Beck, Geo. Clapp
.md J. W. Nunn, while the wives of
these gentlemen acted as the reception committee. The local (hid Fellows lodge is lu .. very prosperous
condition and judging by the remarks heard on Wednesday evening
it is likely to continue in its
Mrs. W. J. Phillips, wife nf the
(Ire chief, arrived m Fernie on Monday from Splikl  to make her home
here.       They   ate    slaving    at the
The old 0. P. R. station house is
being moved from iis site beside the
track to llie east end of the yard
tracks. Foreman Young has charge
of the work.
At the last regular convocation of
Crows Nest Chapter No, 137, Royal
Arch Masons, Ex.-Comp. T. H.
White was made the recipient of a
past first principal jewel by his
companions as a slight token of the
work which has been accomplished
since the chapter was instituted. The
presentation was made by Ex.Comp-
K. Bonnell. Mr. White made a few
complimentary remarks and reviewed
the work of (lie chapter, which is now
in a very prosperous condition.
A quiet wedding took place on
Wednesday afternoon at 2.30 p. ra.,
about u mile up the track at York-
sliiretown, hetween Edwin Williams,
locomotive   fireman, and Alias Annie
Ohas,   Harris,   Ihe smallpox patient
it the pest  house,  is rapidly recovering and no new cases are reported.
Tony Miconi, a driver of a eom-
■lauy team, was fined $30 and cosls
'or cruelly healing a horse, and lost
iis job wilh the company.
-I. I.. Cook and Ira Rhodes brought
iii a large number of coyote scalps
last Saturday, The government pays
(2.011 bounty per head. They stated
that the animal is very numerous
(his year, much lo the discomfiture
if the hen family.
The Coal company will commence
the construction ol a huge, new
boarding house in the very near future. The building will he strictly
modern ami up-to-date in every detail. The site for the new structure
has not vet bran decided on, tint in
ill probivbility it will be built in the
lark. Whoever will run the place
will be compelled to run a first-class
(From The Frank Pauer.)
Walter Gardner, foreman tor the
Lynch, Keii.ision, Robertson syndicate which has huge coal areas on
ihe North Fork which are to be developed this summer, was in Wed-
lesdny from his camp. He states
hat a building for office purposes
i*as been buili lliis winter near The
Gap, which is about completed, and
that a camp has been established on
Race Horse creek, .where the first
work will be done. He expects tgc
ivork to start iis soon as spring
i pens.
J. L. Stamford, formerly president
if the Northwest Coal company, having extensive holdings on the'North
Fork nnd whose interests have been
transferred lo F. H. Olergue, of the
Soo, spent several davs in Frank
this week. Mr. Stamford states
that a syndicate in which he is interested has acquired another large
tract of coal land on the North
Fork, or the Livingston river, and
that he was here to arrange for the
'•eginuiiiir; of work to be curried on
ih-is season. He outfitted a small
'lew of men ami sent them out to
begin preparations and will follow as
■ioon as ihe weather permits. Mr.
Stamford is also president of the
rireat West Railway eompanv, which
has just got a charter through parliament for a railroad from Cowley
ip the Livingston to Calgarv. He
.luted that he expected the eon-
itructloii of the road io begin this
The inquest held Thursday after-
'ioon last- into Ihe accident which resulted in the death of R. II. Schoeti-
■eber. resulted in a verdict of ac-
■idental death. Tbe jury recommended that certain cliangcs'he made
in the mine which might obviate sim-
lar accidents in the future.
That Ihe provincial government
imposes to enforce the liquor li-
•ense law had manifestation this
week. Two government detectives
■intiml Rudd and Warren made their
ippearnnce in the Pass and let themselves become known as seeking a
business location. Thev had dmio
ill the camps of the district before their renl business he-
*ame known and it was onlv learn*
*d then when charges were laid
iKainst James Paden and A. F.
Rudd, of Rellevue, for violating the
irdinance. Paden, who conducted a
wholesale liquor store at Bellevue,
was charged wilh permitting liquor
to he drunk on the premises and Rudd
with permitting the throwing o!
dice. Both were tried before Inspector Belcher with the result that
Paden lost his license and Rudd was
fined $-10 and costs.
Frank society was nol a little
surprised this morning at the announcement that, a quiet wedding
took place hist evening at which Miss
Florence E. Ball, principal of the
prank school, and II. P. Clearihue,
manager for the Frank Wine &
Spirit company, were the principals.
The ceremony was performed at the
residence of J. F. .Silverman In the
presence of onlv a few intimate
friends of Rev. .1. B. Francis officiating. The luippv couple left lasl
evening bv the east bound express for
ii brief trip.
Itossl.md, March Ui.—A. J. Bible
was superintending the removal of
"re from the dump on the Le Roi
this morning with four men under his
"•harge when he met with a fatal accident. A small rock on the surface
was frozen so lhat it overhung for a
considerable distance Ihe place where
the men were shovelling. Bible,
after Idling the men to stand out of
danger, took) a pick and tried tn pry
the frozen mass loose. More was
loosened than he thought, and struck
him, carrying him down Ihe declivity. His necri was broken and a leg
fractured. Without recovering consciousness, Bible died in I wo
minutes, He was .10 years old, a
native ot Wisconsin, prominent in
the Knighls of Pythias, and leaves
a widow and two children to mourn
his loss
Wallace, Idaho, March lii-On-
eral indignation is expressed by the
physicians of Wallace at the attitude
taken by Ihe city council in connection wilh the smallpox scare. The
doctors fwl that the council has
showed a lack    ol public spirit    in
complaining about the restrictions
that, had been placed upon the city,
when thev were for the public welfare.
The doctors ridicule the idea that
the present disease afflicting the
citizens ot Wallace is "Manila itch,"
ami say that this disease comes out
in the form ot a rash and not in an
eruption such as is one of the symptoms of smallpox.
Two new cases of smallpox were reported yesterday. These were Joseph Oormiui, a member of the local
police force, nnd W. J. Champion,
also of Wallace. Both patients have
been taken lo the pesthouse.
A noticeable, fact iu conned ion
with the spread of smallpox is that
almost all ol the cases reported have
heen found in the neighborhood ot
Sixth and Cedar streets, and almost
illl Investigation poiuls to the tncl
thiii these cases have originated in
one of the saloons at this corner,
though il is unknown where the
disease was contracted originally.
The public scgools opened again
yestcrdav witb '.l-O children iu attendance', all of whom had been vaccinated dining the last few days,
(Medicine list Xi'tts.)
William Wallace, u yuuiiR 0. P. U.
Iiruki'iiiiiii, wns I'liiiivln between a
couple ul cars tlowu ut Bow lsl.mil
un Saturday anil almost .instantly
killed, Tbu remains were brought
uu into llie Hal and au inquest was
held on Monday owning by Coroner
C. I-:. Smyth. The jury was composed <d .Messrs. 11. II. Uurrailuilc, .1.
II. II. limy, J. Rutherford, Robert
Nelson, Tliuiiiiis Meager, and Rohert
McCutchcoii. The evidence was submitted by Philip Millett, conductor!
Joseph llroiiks, engineer; Napoleon
Millt-tt, rear end brakeman and Dr.
Woodland. Krotii the testimony it
was shown that the deceased was the
head end brakeman on train evtra
.No. 1150 running Irom Macleod to
Medicine Hat ou Saturday last The
train was stalled in a snow drift at
Bow Island at about 22 o'clock.
Three or four runs were made at the
drift Inn without avail. It was then
decided lo cut off and let the engine
tackle llie ill ill light. Brakeman
Wallace was in Ihe engine when it
was decided lo lake this action. The
rear brakeman went tu protect the
end ot the train, and Wallace was to
cut the engine oil. The train was
to be backed up several car lengths
lielorc the engine was cut oh" and
Hallnce gave the signal lo hack. No
other signal was given and the conductor on coming up from the rear
end found the unfortunate young fellow pinned between the couplings.
The engineer was Mien told to move
up anil Wallace was released, hut lie
never regained consciousness and died
an hour ami a halt later.
Dr. Woodland performed the postmortem examination.
Tlie jury brought in the lollowing
lii'i-diel: "We Und thai the deceased
William Wallace came to his death
.is the result ol an accident while in
Uie discharge of liis duly anil we find
no blame attached to anyone."
The deceased had only been in the
ompliiv of the C. P. li. for about a
vpar. ' Tlie remains were taken to
Laurel, Ontario, for interment.
No true woman values the attentions of tlie ir.iin she cures lor, for
their material worth. That his
gifts costs 50 cents or Jfill makes
much less difli'ience to her than
mankind generally supposes.
The thing is that lie thinks ol hcr-
or that lie does not think of her—
that his love prompts liiin to spend
generously—or that it is ol a
sparse  cultivating nature.
The books, magazines, the occasional (lowers that s-hr loves, the
concert or play planned to "ive ber
pleasure—nil these are priceless to
licr il given hv the right man; he-
cucse they are evidences not so much
ol money spend, hut of a thoughtful
consideration tor her.
And this is meat and drink to s
woman's soul. It is not that she Is
vain and thirsts lor admiration. It
is a deep, secret longing to be
precis-ted by the one being ot
others Irom whom she desires,
The average lot ol woman is to see
these attentions gradually lade away,
when affection becomes an accepted
thing on both sides, says the St.
Louis Republican. And there Is no
woman on earth who is not deeply
wounded hy this change in the man's
attitude. She would do as much (or
him as ever—thinks ol her welfare
mure constantly and tenderly. He,
on the other hand, is infinitely less
concerned about giving her happiness. He does not mean to he unkind, hut hy his thnuirhtlessness be
stabs her a 'thousand times.
In a Class
by Itself
It is quite true FERROL is an emulsion
of God Livtr Oil and a particularly
-■ood une at that. But it combines
lion and I'liospliorus with the Oil, and
these are just what arc needed lu make
(he emulsion perfect and they are jutt
what all other emulsions lack.
ii unique because
It combines Iras and Paiipb.rui witb
tat Ll.cr Oil.
It is pleasant to lake anil easy to digest.
ll holds the record for increasing lbs
weight (q;| lbs Irom tbe use of 9j
The lurmula is freely exposed snd Iti
bed '    *
States and Great Britain.
buna-tides are vouched for by sou
nent analysts in Canada, tht United
It is endorsed by prominent pbyii
cians ofal! schools.
It is used in all Ihe leading Hospitals,
Sanitarium, snd otber Paslli Istll-
The London (Eng.) Luutt, after csre-
ful analysis in iu own laboratory,
fullv endorses il.
We are prepared to iubiUntiit. all
the above statements.
FEKKOLis the embodiment of btsllk,
itresltk snd vitality, and
"You know what you
Druggists - Cranbrook, 8. C
Commencing; April 1, the Spokane
liiteinational Railway company will
put on a local daily passenger service between Spokane aud Eastport,
leaving Spokane at 0 a. in. and arriving at Spokane about 8 p. Ul.;
connecting at Kiiigsgate with Canadian Pacillc Railway company trains
lor Moyie Crnubrook, Feruie/ Michel,
Frank, (Macleod, Oataary. Banff,
Edmonton and all points in the
Canadian northwest; and ut Calgary
and Medicine Hat with main line
irains of the Canadian Pacillc for
all points west to Vancouver uud
east io Montreal, and via the .Soo
line from Portal, for Minneapolis
and St. Paul,
About June 17 a daily through
passenger service will Ih* Inaugurated
between Spokane, Minneapolis and
St, Paul, with an equipment consisting of entirely new, solid vestibule
l rains now being completed expressly
for this service, due mil ice ol which
will be given 1o|lhe public.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned have submitted to the
Lieutenant-Governor In Council a
proposal under the provisions of tiie
Rivers and Streams Act for clearing
and removing i obstructions from the
Moyie River and lur the erection ol
a dan; therein and for the construction and improvements uf channels
connecting the same with a lake and
with Meadow Creek aud for making
the said River and Channels lit for
liulding aud driving lugs, timber,
lumber, raits and crafts, and for
erecting and maintaining booms for
holding, sorting, and delivering logs
and timber brought down said River
and fur attaching bourns to the
shores of the said River for said
The lands to be effected by the
said work are Crown lands and Lots
1592, ti.'M, 111171, 18JI7, Group Due,
Kootenay district.
The rate of tolls propos-cd lo he
charged are such as may he lived by
the judge of the County Court of
(Cast Kootenay.
The King Lumber Mills, Limited.
Bali-'! .July 27th,  lOOfi. .-,0-1)1
If vou want WoliK, cee me.
If you want MKN, semi to m_.
If you want to sell your BF.AI.
KSTATK, lUi ii with uie.
Easter Plants::
A Nice Lot
On Hand
Orders   tukem   at   "Tlie
I'ultii" Canily Kitchen.
Phone M
Murphy & Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental    snd
Patent Office Agents.
Practice Before lUilwav Commission
Churlcs Murphy. Harold Kisner.
Crksoent Iiouob Nn. Sit
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at > p. m. at
New Kraternity Hall.
A. V.. Ilowiii'ss, C. I'.
I-'. A. Small, K. „| ii. as
Visiting   brethren  cordially la.itef
I.O.O.f K«y Cliyi.o*,,
No. 41. Meets sviryi
Monday night al
New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddlellows cordially Invited.
finis. Smith, |.'. ||. McKay,
N. O. Sec'y.
Uanhrimk l.udft, Ntt. 14
A. P. a A. At.
Regular meetings oa
tbu third Thursday
ol every month.
Visiting »rett .en welcomed.
W. F, Aliidgc, Sec'y.
11. A. Beale, W. M.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every Wednesday eveaing   at
« p.m. in B. ol L. F. Hall.
Dr. Collin Aerie l'liysiciuu
P. O. Box 28.
Chas. Smith, W.P.
Al. D. Billings, Secretary.
Vislliug brethren cordially invited.
Meet at B. ol L. F. Hall 2nd and
1th Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcoma
T. Boyter, Jas. E. Larrlgan,
W. M. use"-..
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
! ************»***********.
,      C. H, DUNBAR      1
»   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   8
> Public, Etc |
»   Cranbrook,    -    •    B. C.   |
Physicians and Surgeons.
ODIca at KeiMeaos, Armitrong A.s,
Forenoons .... 1.30 to   11
Afternoons .... 1.10 to 1.10
Evenings MO to l.lt
CRANBROOK :i    ::    t:    tl    B O,
Front till I'tiints
Send lor your Iriends wliile Uie
rates aru]|low. Full particulars on
application to local agents or write.
E. J. COVLE      J. 5. CARTER
a.o.p. t., p.p. a.,;
DR. P. 6. KING
• to 11 a.m.
1 to 1 p.m.
J to   I a.m.
Offlcs aad residence on Armitroof n*
• to II a.m.
1 to 1 p.m.
I to  I in.
Offlot la new Reid block
*  J. 0. CUMMINQS, C. E.
Dominion nnd Provincial
Land Surveyor
Resitlotico, Cecil IVsfs
former Homo
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work Ih our atlv«riim*iin'iil, luil wi
■•nl liiin hi I in tin' HtmiUIJto
mii'ilttiHi/.n ll.
Near l-ower Ariimtroti*' Avenue.
Livery *j$>
Teams and drivers lurnlaheil lor snjr
point la tbe district.
This Hotel Ims always been the lewler
in its line, ami will bo kept up to the
stiuiiluril. If you want to meet the
people, eotno to the Queen's Hotel.
Queen's Hotel, Calgary
The Cranbrook Herald
Winnipeg Daily Free Press
Just think of it! The Herald is well
known, and so is the Free Press, as the
leading Papers in their respective fields.
By reading the two anyone can keep
thoroughly posted on the local news of
the district and the news of Canada and
the rest of the world.
There is One Condition
To take advantage of this extraordinary offer, you must be a new subscriber, with subscription paid; or an
old subscriber with your subscription
paid one year in advance.
Time is Extended
Owing to tho general ilomand for further time to take
advantage of the combination of the "Free Press" and
"Herald," the time Ims been extended to APRIL 25th,
by spocinl arrangement with the " Free Press." After
that date no fiirllior subscriptions will be received on
this liituiu.
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Herald, subscribe and get the best
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Free Press for only $1.25 more.
FOR      <fc3  'IE       A
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager Herald
Ureal amusement bas been caused
;it North Camp, Aldcrshot, by a
strange Instance ol tbe tardy execution of a War Office order. A lew
days ago Ibe attention of an officer
was directed to Ibe operations of a
party of the army building and const ruction department's men. They
li.id arrived on a portion of the battalion's parade ground with a traction engine-, having several huge
wagons filled with (-ravel, sand, and
rough hewn blocks ol stone. This
mat(>ria 1 vva. deposited on tlie
ground, ami tbe engine ami trucks
started off for moie. The man
harge of the work could say no
more than that be was acting under
specific instinct ions from the headquarters' staff. Confident that
something was radically wrong, tbe
officer bad the impiiries carried
through to tho war office. The explanation given was that tbe orde.
under which tbe work was bring done
was .hied 1850. It bad lain pigeon
holed in the war office for exactly
hftlj a century, and was only discovered when ibe recent removal to the
new offices was taking place. The
order called for the early delivery of
1(H1 tons of road making material at
North Camp. The official, not untieing the aiititniilty of the order, nnd
thinking thai it was still valid, bud
it put in hand for immediate execution. The road which the material
was intended to build had been in
existence for many years.
An   extraordinary   srries    of outrages,  including burglary, church incendiarism,    ami     attempted     train
recking has occurred recently in the
strict   between    Nottingham    and
ansheld, ami   has aroused a feeling
panic throughout the countryside
is the belief of the police that all
tee   offences    have been committed
n> the samp gang and that a man of
singular    cunning   and ferocity      is
irccting them.     Extraordinary pre-
intions are being    taken hv therc-
iiiwits in the outlying ami sparsely
populated parts.      Watch dogs have
been let    loose in gardens,   mansions
»u«| with burglar alarms, and    all
tlie railway    stations along the various companies' system are patrolled
nightly bv    plate   layers ami pnlioe-
men.      The churches in the district
ire being gunrded    night and     day
the elergv sharing in the vigil. This
is particularly the case with regard
o   the historic   parish church     at
rlttcknaU,    where   Lord Byron     the
poet,   bis   mother   and his daughter
Ada,   Countess  of    Lovelace,    were
interred.    This church, which     was
built in the early thirteenth century
is a miter of pilgrimage for Ameri-
Ko_,nd„°n   _)"ers 0I" the aulhor   of
'f lnlde Harold's Pilgrimage."
-/J1 .^nonl-nary case of recovery
from.blindness has heen investigated
nt thr Bristol Eye Hospital? \
nan named Bnrnrtt, had been treated
ind operated on at the hospital be-
UWli .January.  1003, and April    12
t J£trnr;. ,*0n «»* data le went
o the hospital, and said that, while
..booting on the previous night he
found tbat he was totally blind
i ne surgeons were sceptical and
many attempts were made to trail
him. Tbey all failed, however an
he was discharged blind in May He
found h.s way eventually to the blind
12**? V D*vonP<wt, where be
E,   .Ho   wns lying   under    the
too.F&tJ$£  His cyps had 5!
W«m, where he was learning
basket making, and he had fe t S
\to whatever in bis ryes the right
before. lie could not believe that he
■jvv at first, but then made out tbe
chimney tops out of the opposite
window, and soon let his case b.
known all over the asylum.
The transformation of a woman's
blind impetuous   love Into vindictive
te has brought to light the true
facts of an amazing human drama,
and has hi) to the revelation of a
terrible miscarriage of justice. A
young man named fieorge Henry William' Lewis, was sentenced on No-
ember 34, at the Middlesex session,
to three years' penal servitude on a
harge of uttering a forged cheque,
the evidence that incriminated him
bring given by a young woman named
Millie Marsh, who swore to his identity, and snid that he informed her
that be had cashed the cheque
Lewis denied that he knew her, but
bis defence' failed Millie Marsh has
now confessed that she committed
perjury in Lewis's case in order to
shield her lover. Duncnn Brady, who
is in custody. Brady, she says,
has deserted ber, and, in revenge, she
is turned evidence agains? him.
A "Temple of Truth" will shortly
be opened in London bv Sir Agamya
Gum Pammalmmsa, the Mahatma,
,iio has been iu London teaching the
'edanta philosophy for the past two
months. A band of disciples has
n..t1iered round him, and these Ire
quent his rooms regularly. It has
been determined to make the work
continuous ami permanent, and a
filllte of rooms has been obtained,
iiieb have been handsomely decorated and furnished. The disciples will
talher here to tell of any new
thing pertaining to the old Vedanta
philosophy, ami periodical meetings
will be held al least once a month
for lectures and discussions There
vill be a library and reading room
ipen daily to all. Rich und poor
vill lie alike welcome.
The Manchester magistrates heard
recently a remarkable charge against
An old man named Thomas Newton
a medical man for obstructing the
police tn the execution of their duty.
attempted to commit suicide by
cutting his throat, and, on entering
the house, Inspector Tongue ordered
the man to be removed to tho
Ancoats hospital. Dr. Samuel Bag-
Icy, who was in attendance, exclaimed, "You will not take him from here
without my orders. If you do it
will he at your peril." The doctor
asserted that a policeman could look
after the man in the house just as
well as In the hospital. Superintendent Oilmour and other officers
subsequently arrived, hut when the
latter advanced to execute the order,
a general melee followed.
Prom NewMggin, Northumberland,
comes a remarkable story ol a man
who   walked three mllea   Witt   bis
throat cut, and who would probably
have died on ihe Journey but lor the
fact thai the severe frost congested
the wound. James Alfred Waddell
came lb a friend's bouse .it New-
biggin, ii few days ago, and said:
"Send for a doctor; 1 have cut my
throat." It was seen that he was
bleeding from a wound in tbe neck,
and a doctor was immediately summoned. An extraordinary feature of
llie affair is that Waddell Inflicted tin*.
wound in the Ashington Park. He
then walked from there to Newhig-
gin, a distance of three miles. Tiie
frost partlv congealed ihe wound, and
prevented the man Irom bleeding lo
death on his way.
The first example of an entirely
new type of warship is to be laid
down at Pembroke dock during
raiiy pari of the forthcoming financial year. Tbe vessel will be known
as a mother ship, and will form a
species of chaperon to destroyers.
Her role will be somewhat similar to
existing parent ships, but her characteristics will he altogether different.    Tbe new ship will be a cruiser
about 500 feet long, built Ol vei y
light scanlling, aud aimed with small
quick-filing guns. A speed of twenty-seven knots will be attempted,
The vessel is not designed either to
deliver or resist attack, but lo shep-
heid groups of destroyers on their
raids and direct their operations,
She will have a wide radius of action
owing to exceptionally large coal
A hoy named Stone had a marvellous escape fiom death nt Haniey recently. He was walking leisurely
along tbe North Staffordshire railway line, when a passenger train
overtook him. He was caught by
thr engine and carried along the line
for tweutv yards, lie. then fell into
thr four foot way, ami tho train passed over him. A workman ran up,
expecting to find him terribly mutilated, and discovered thai the hoy
who was unconscious owing to tbe
shock, was not noticeably injured,
A curious case of mistaken identity is reported from Sunderland.
A man was found drowned, and was
identified hy our or two people iu
most positive fashion as Sir, Gil-
inore. The identification, with full
particulars, was notified in the newspapers. Several friends then called
it (Hlmoro's bouse lo condole with
his relatives, and found the "dead"
man reading the newspaper in which
his own obituary appeared. Tlie
annoyance at hist became sn great
that he went to the police station
and iu person denied tbat he was
A fire, which broke oul nt, the
Birmingham University recently, was
extinguished in a novel way. The
fireman on duty at. the corporation
gas office was summoned to the university, and found the ceiling of the
day training room ou the first floor
-haired, hut the fire was practically
Hit. An rlrctrlc wire had fused and
:et the ceiling on fnr; the heat melted a water pipe, and the supply of
water was so copious that the fire
was extinguished.
The recent storms have washed up
in Llandudno Bay numerous coins,
and dozens of men ami hoys with
lanterns are to be seen in pursuit of
treasure after nightfall. One man
picked up five half sovereigns, and
numerous silver and copper coins
have been found. The recovery of
a George HI. shilling and a number
nf four penny hits, blackened by the
action of the salt water, has' suggested tbe Idea thai the storms have
broken up an old wreck.
s|Seyen Years Ago j
5 in Cranbrook ul «* *
y   1TK
A few days ago thr Perth police
surprised and captured a notorious
prison breaker named Thomas Gib-
lions, as he was attempting to blow
lip a safe in a coal merchant's office
adjoining the Perth railway bridge.
As two police officers rushed in upon
him,   Gibbons     shouted     excitedly,
Kor heaven's sake, don't come in
here, or you'll be blown up." The
officers, however, closed wilh him,
ami while they were struggling desperately one iii them heard a hissing
sound, and, looking round, 'Observed
a lighted [use attached to the top
of the safe and connected with a
large charge of gelatine. While the
other officer wrestled with Gihtrons,
he managed to stamp it out just in
lhc nick of time, Sufficient dynamite was being employed in blowing
up the safe to have wrecked the adjoining bridge and railway lines trading to Aberdeen and the Highlands,
Gibbons was ignorant of the tremendous power of the explosive. After
he had been overpowered a large
quantity of explosives was found in
his possession. Gibbons' career of
rrime is an extraordinary one. Not
only has he on more than one occa'
ion succeeded in breaking out of
Perth prison, but he recently underwent a term of incarceration tor attempting to break into the quarters
f one of tbe officers of the penitentiary. About two years ago he effected a daring escape from Inverness
prison hy opening doors with keys
which he* had made out of the prison
pewter mugs.
A battleship canal across Scotland
is bring mooted in Edinburgh awl
Glasgow. The scheme was first suggested some sixteen years ago, but
recent naval developments, including
'he Rosvth project on the Firth of
Forth, calculated to give it especial
Importance ot this Juncture. Tlm
idea is to unite the Atlantic and
German oceans, the two most frequented seas in Ihe world, by means
of a ship canal through Central
Scotland, capable of carrying the
largest battleship afloat. The canal
would extend from Voker, on tbe
Clyde, to Grangemouth, on the Forth-
and would he just over 29 miles
long. 3fi feet deep, and 120 feet wide
at the bottom, When engineers prepared plans and a report for the provisional committrr of the Forth ami
Clyde ship canal in 1880, the approximate cost ot thr undertaking
was put down at seven millions, including the acquisition or hind. The
canal was to he worked with twelve
double locks. The project would not,.
present any great engineering difficulties. From the strategical point
of view, the proposed canal would occupy the best position that could be
selected In the length of Britain.
A well-to-do man thought he could
not afford to give anything toward a
worthy cause. "Well, said the
collector, "It you can:t put anything
in, take something out. This collection U for the poor "-Ex,
Tbe Cranhrook liie brigade bas
been duly organized, and the members
are as follows: J. P, Kink, chief,
Matt Rockendorfi, assistant chief
A. L. McUennot, C. II. Prest, J, A.
Gillis. W, A. Simpson, .1. G. Patterson, H. Parrott, Geo. A. Meyers,
J. B. Spellman, K. C. Rankin, J. I),
liurly, K. A. Hill, Geo. Hllliard,
Vincent S Liddlcoatt. As soon as
the hose wagon is secured the boys
will commence practicing for the reg-
tilar work, so as to he prepared for
any emergency.
William Fernie, of the town of Fer-
nie, lias announced himself in the
columns of the Pernio Free Press as
a candidate foi the provincial house,
Benlly and Dr. Wilson, ol Fernie,
wero nlso mentioned as candidates,
nl llu- foi thcomiug elections. Marry
bill Mr, Fernie seems to have Ihe
start of them.
A B Feitwlck, .1. A. Harvey and
.1. I». McBride came over from Steele
Thursday to attend the regular meeting of the Black Bear Mining    com-
li. II. Small received a telegram
from Walt Edwards and Jack Kennedy last Saturday, just as Ihe bovs
set sail from Halifax for South Africa.
Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Medhurst,
Mrs. H. 0. McMillan and E. II.
Small attended the Miners Union
hall at Moyie last Friday.
Messrs. MeFarlaue A Rlcktson have
moved into their new quarters and
have the neatest tonsorlal parlors in
East   Kootenay.
Major General Dickson, well known
in this district, as the purchasing
agent for K, Kgaii & Co. is in town
this week.
Geo. Milliard is as busy as a bee
in his shop nowadays, and says be is
glad to get back where things are
Thr owners ol bicycles are getting
their wheels in shape for the summer
Geo. Colcleoiigb has taken Joe
Mitchell's place in Superintendent
Cameron's ollice.
Nelson Tribune: Nurse Italic, who
is at the detention hospital, is re-
rovoring nicely from her attack of
chicken pox. She will be quarantined iu tlie building for a couple of
weeks. Clayton, tbe smallpox patient, is pretty near well, though a
couple of spots not wholly healed
necessitate bis being quarantined for
some time yet.
T. P. Forrest, of the Forrest
hotel, is a most liberal spirited man
as far as the interests of the town
are concerned. He has the only
public hall in town and gives it
without money and without price to
any public meeting thai is held for
the benefit of the community.
Not many moons ago houllon was
served at a banquet at the Cranhrook
iu cups. Around the board there
were a number who took it for coffee and put in the usual amount of
ream ami sugar. But now no one
will own up to it.
.-. P. Pcnwick and i_-ife, ot Sussex
,\\ B., arrived here Monday and will
remain. Mrs. Fenwick is'a sister of
.lames Ryan, of the Cranhrook hotel,
and will assist him in the management of that house.
1. J, Judd, well known here as an
eccentric brakeman, and who has
been living in Kimbeiiev the past
winter, was taken to Nelson Saturday ou tho charge of larceny.
An instructor in a certain boys'
school is noted among his pupils for
bis difficult examination questions.
One of the youthful students, after
struggling over a particularly streuu-
nis list of questions in geography,
came upon the following query,
which completely slumped him:
"Name twelve animals of the
polar regions."
The youngster slratched his head.
thought bard for many minutes, ami
finally, under thu spell ol a sudden inspiration, wrote:
"Six seals and six polar bears."
The professor was so pleased wiui
the pupil's cleverness that be marked
liis paper 100 per cent.—Ex.
A distracted fellow entered a
grocer's shop and said:
"1 believe 1 am uu injured husband, sir, and I desire tu verily my
.suspicion by watching a house iu Urn
next street, But I can do tint,
safely only from the rear of your
shop. Will you be good enough lo
let mo sit by the open window there
lor hall an hour'.'"
"To Le sure," said the grocer.
Some lime passed, Then the
jealous husband rushed through the
shop, rolling his eyes and muttering:
"I'll kill her. I'll go home and
get the gun!"
"Your wife?" asked the grocer.
"Yes," sobbed the man. "My
false wife, my adored May. I cannot
doubt her guilt."
The grocer tried lo detain him, but
he got away. Nothing happened in
tlie Way of murder for an hour or
more, ami then the grocer made an
investigation iu the back of the shop,
to find that there had passed out
through the open window three tubs
of butter, a crate of eggs, two bags
of flour, and a dozen hams.—Ex.
Don't be afraid of a strict employer.     You'll nevei learn fiwn  an
easy  one.
Don't overestimate your talents.
Ilemembei that competition is an accurate scale and mav find them want
Don't dream while you work. Work
md dreams don't go 'together.
Don't act as it you know everything   and    your     customer    knows
Don't be afraid of hard experiences;
Ihcy make tbe best of teachers.
Don't send oul unsightly packages.
Don't refuse to listen to common
Don't be afraid to do little things
Don't always have a grudge against)
your employer. He has his faults.
So have you. No one is without
Don't feel yourself better than your
position, en specially if you have an
Don't believe that promotions are
due lo favoritism rather than merit
Don't stand In the door when you
have nothing to do. It U particularly offensive to women passing.
Don't remain unfamiliar with new
Forget all injuries done you.
Forgive unkind acts oi  words.
Listen lo no unkind word spoken of
Speak only     good     und   you will
never have cause to he unhappy
account of your words.
Always look forward to something
belter; believe that the darkest hour
is the One just before the light.
Say bright, pleasant tilings and
you will finally come to teel them
Starve out your headache by not
thinking of it and it will soon' slink
Kind .something to do for someone
else whenever you have the blues, it
is a sure cure.
Believe with the nun who saw oiif
hope after another pass him bv. that
they were withheld because they were
not good enough and in ordei lhat
something belter might be given in
place of them,
Laboriously and with great difficulty the owner ot the automobile
was iiitlating a punctured tire that
he bad just repaired,
"I am opposed," said he, "to this
tiring of inflating the circulating medium."-Ex.
Notice is hereby giu-u thai sixty
Ja)s alter dale 1 luieuU tu apply i0
un* ItoiiOtabU the Ctuel Cuniuii-,-
siouer uf Lands uu. Works tor permission lu puuiui-t tLt (olLo*ib&
described lanu iu the Elk River V alley, in East K-joieiuy:
commencing ui * ■,_._*, planted adjoining the north-east comer of J.
dull s application tu purchase
aud       marked        J.       K. E's
south-east corner, thence eighty
chains uorth, Uieuce eighty cnaius
wesi, ihence eighty vhaius soutb,
liieiice eighty chains east to "point
ot   commencement,   uud    containing
tiJU acres.
J.  11.  Edmondson,  Locator.
February ..3rd, lag;. t»l-t%
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days alter dale 1 intend to apply tithe Honorable tht- Chief Commissioner oi Lauds aud Works for permission to puiduae tne loliowiu
described lands iu the Elk River Valley, in East Kouteaay;
Commencing at a post planted adjoining W. K. Hull's S. t. corner,
one mile north oi S. E. Olivers application to purchase and marled N.
E. O's north-east corner, mence
eighty chains soulh to the northeast corner ol S. E. Oliver's application to purchase, thence eighty cnaius
west, thence eighty chains north,
thence eighty chains easi to point of
commencement, the whole containing
ti4U acres.
S, E. Oliver, Locator,
Per J. it. Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, lsu;. M-st
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands und Works for permission to purchase tbe foi lowing
described lands in East Kootenay:
Commencing ut a puii planted adjoining N. East corner of N.
Oliver's application iu purchase,
and marked E. E. O's northwest corner, thence eighty chains
south to the north line ot J. K. Ed-
moodsoit's application to purchase,
thence eighty chains, east to the west
bank ot the Elk river, thence eighty
(bains uorth along said river, thence
eighty chains west to point of commencement, the whole containing 640
E. E. Goodwyn, Locator,
Per .J. R. Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, 1007. 51-91
the Honorable tbe Chid Commissioner of Lauds uml Works
at Victoria lor permission
to purchase ihe following
described lands in thfi Klk River Valley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the south-west comer of
Lot 2-'tltl and marked H. L's
south     - east corner, thence
eighty chains west, thence eighty
chains north, thence eighty chains
east, thence eighty chains south to
point of commencement, the whole
containing 640 acres.
Horace Littleproud, Locator.
Per  ,1. R.  Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, 1907. ' 51 -01
A Michigan woman is suing for divorce on the ground of cruelty, because her husband won't let her
warm her feet on bim. She should
have married a hot water bottle.—
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
at Victoria for permission
lo purchase tbe following
described lauds in the Elk River Valley,  East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the south-west corner of Lot
2316 and marked S. C's
north-east corner, thence eighty
chains wesi, thence eighty chains
south, thence eighty chains east,
thence eighty chains north to point
of commencement, the whole containing 040 acres.
Syduev Clarke, Locator,
Per J. R. Edmondson, Agent.
February 2-1rd, 1907. 51-H
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days* after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
at Victoria for permission
lo purchase the follow ing
described lands iu the Elk River Valley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post adjoining
the south-west corner of J. R. Ed-
mortdson's application to purchase
and marked H- Q. O's
south-east corner, thence eighty
chains west, thence eighty chains
north, thence eighty chains east,
thence eighty chains'south to point
of commencement, the whole containing 6)0 acres.
Henrv Gerald Green, Locator.
Per s   E. Oliver, Agent.
February 2.rJ. 1907. 61-9t
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works
at Victoria foi permission
io purchase the following
described land in the Elk River Vol
ley, East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked E.
P's north - east cornet adjoining the north-west corner of N.
E. Oliver's application to purchase,
tbenve eighty chains south, thence
eighty chains west, thence eighty
chains north, thence eighty chains
east to point of commencement, the
whole containing hlB acres.
Ernest Pollard, Locator,
Pet  S.  E. Oliver.  Agent.
February C3rd, 1907, 51-9t
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date 1 inteud to apply to
ihe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following
described lands In \to Klk River Valley. East  Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked II.
s. E's south-east comer ad-
loining ihe north-west corner of N.
E. Oliver's application to purchase,
ihence eighty chains north, thence
•ighty chains west, thence eighty
chain's south, thence eighty chains
east to point of commencement, the
whole containing 640 acres.
II. S. Edwards. Locator,
Per S. E. Oliver, Agent.
February 2-ird, 1907. 51-9t
Notice is hereby given that sixty
davs after date 1 intend to apply to
•.be Honorable Chief Commissioner of Larrds and Works lor permission to purchase the following
-.escribed land in the Elk River Vallev, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked E.
H. B's south - west corner and
adjoining the north-west corner of
E. E. Goodwyn's application to purchase; thence 80 chains north, thence
SO chains east to the west bank of
the Elk river, thence 80 chains south
along said river, thence 80 chains
west to point of commencement, the
whole containing WO acres.
E. H. Boyle, Locator,
Per S. E. Oliver, Agent.
February 23rd, 1907. ftl-9t
Notice is hereby given tbat sixty
lays after date I intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands .and Works for permission to purchase the following
described land in East Kootenay;
Commencing at a post planted adjoining J. H. Oldfield's nortb-wesi
corner and marked S. E. O's
south-west corner, thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains east, thence
80 chains south along the Elk river
to the north line of J. II. Oldfield's
application to purchase, thence 80
chains west to point of coinmeuca-
ir.ent. the whole containing 640
S. E. Oliver, Locator.
February 2-ird, 1907. M-9t
Notice is hereby given tbat sixty
Jays ufier date I intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following
drscril-ed land in the Elk River Valley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing ten miles north of
Spar wood at a post planted one mile
uorth of the north line of Foss A
McDonell's purchase, Lot 3810, and
one mile west ot the Elk river, and
marked J. II. O's N. W. corner, thence eighty chains east to
the west bank of the Elk river
thence eighty chains south along sanl
river to the nortb-east corner of
Foss A McDonell's laird, thence
eighty chains nest, thence eighty
chains north to point ol commencement, tire whole containing tlU
J. H. Oldficld, Locator,
Per .1. R. Edmondson, Agent.
Dated  February 23rd,   1907.    51-8*
Notice is   htrri
days alter data 1
it given tent sixty
MM to ftffli te
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following
described lands in the Elk River VaU
ley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining tbe N. W. corner of J. II.
Oldfield's application to purchase,
and marked J. D. P's N. E.
corner, thence eighty chains south
to tbe north line of Foss &, McDonell's land, Lot 2316, thence
eighty chains west, thence eighty
chains north, thence eighty chains
east to point of commencement, the
whole containing 640 acres.
J. D. Pratt, Locator,
Per .1. R. Edmowtoon, Agent.
Dated Fthruair 33r4, 1107.    SI 9% TIIE  CRANBROOK   HKit.M.o
The Brand of Style
and Quality
WE sell what is good, nnd we ask you to buy our Shoes
b.-cause they are good. It isn't price that sells our
Shoes, for Shoes can he made to sell at any price. It's goodness, merit, worth and value that sells them. -
*g************y*******gr********************_»i____ ii h ■.-*■»■» **********__g_H______B__g_i
Incomparably the most artistic and highest grade on the Canadian market to=day. They arj the result of the best shoe=
making thought obtainable, applied to the   best mechanical
process, and worked
out  in leathers as
excellent   as   the
world's  tanneries
afford.   Too many
shoes spoil the feet.
That's because they
have wrong shape;
they   cause corns,
bunions, ingrowing
nails and flat arch.
Some people prefer an American
shoe. To meet
their wishes we
have secured the
famous "Barry"
Shoe. This shipment is due to ar=
rive this week.
We invite you to
call and see them.
These shoes are
leaders in the
United States
markets. Weas=
sure you no bet=
ter, more artistic,
or more up-to-
date shoe will
ever be shown
in Cranbrook.
Prices are right.
Our Goods are
Next Sunday is Palm Sunday.
Dolly Vardcn will   arrive in April.
The British Lion will give you an
honest smoke. 49-12
Gal hi hers two Hakes at Mighton's
cigar store.
Frank Dickinson visited Elko Friday evening last,
Sil Philips' Smoking Mixture at
Mighlon's cigar .store.
Ed. Feagan, of Marysville, was a
Cranbrook visitor Monday hist.
James Grant was up from Moyie
a  Tew days  the first  of the  week.
I.. Leaiiev, tie contractor, of
fiTslon, spent  Monday iu tlie city.
Dr, Bonnell, mayor of Fernie, was
transact iui; business iu Cranhrook
Friday last.
Mrs. Winner and Mis. Wright, nf
Wardner, were shopping iu Cr.iubTook
Saturday last.
Mob Lowry came up from Creslon
Sunday evening for a few days vacation iu Cranhrook.
".lack" Wright, of Wardner, visit-
ed the metropolis of South East
Kootenay Saturday last.
■ I. F. Huchcroft. came up from
Creston Sunday evening for a few
lays recreation at home.
P. 11. Moran, J, It. Allen and T.
0, Guy, of Marysville, were Cranhrook visitors Friday last.
Do you need some more "power?"
Get a Fairbanks-Morse gasoline engine from Patmore Bros.
Harry Dimoek, customs officer at
Kjngsgtite, was transacting business
'n Cranhrook Friday last.
Miss Gertie Dock, of the Weut-
woiih hotel, is enjoying n   short vu-
iit ion with friends in Frank.
Mrs. X. A. Wallinger and children
went to Fort Steele Friday whore
they will visit for a few weeks.
Mrs. Geo. Mead and son George, of
Creston, were visiting in Cranhrook
Monday and Tuesday of this week.
James Hates, who lias heen visiting at the coast the past month, returned to Cranbrook the first of the
W. A. McDonald., of Nelson, was
transacting legal business iu Cranbrook Friday and Satin dav of last
1). J. Elmer, of the Klngsgnte
hotel, visited Cranbrook Friday last.
Dave reports business good at tlio
C. Ross Tate, who is now running
a jewelry store at Lethbridge, spent
Sunday last with his parents in
George Hoggarth attended thu
dance at the Elk hotel, Elko, on Friday evening Inst and reports a very
enjoyable time.
A. Carney, government limber inspector, has heen in Cranbrook and
vicinity several days the past week
on official business.
WANTED—Old for general housework.    Apply to S. H. Hoskius.
1). B. Dulmage, manager of the
Kobinson-McKeii/ie Lumber company, bas returned from liis trip to
the prairie country.
Ross Bros., of Elkmoutb, were in
town several days the past week on
legal business. They were accompanied hy Mrs. J. W. Boss.
Mrs. T, D. Cavin, who has been
spending the past two months witb
her mother in Vancouver, returned to
Cranbrook Sunday evening last.
Smoke the British Lion and he
happy, 49-121
Frank Clnpp, of Spokane, who has
been looking after his interests at
Yahk the past week, was in Cranbrook a couple of days this week.
Conductors Richard McBurney aud
P, P. [Mug-man, who have been enjoying a vacation of some weeks,
have resumed their duties on the
Fred Genest, who has been laid up
with rheumatism for some time,
is able to be around again and has
resumed his duties of conductor on
the Crow. M
M. II. King lias been at Yahk several days this week looking after his
company's interests and preparing for
the opening of their big mill at
that point.
"Mickey" Sheehan, the poet
laureate of the Went worth hotel, departed for Jafiruv Monday, where he
will wrestle the festive jack pine and
tamarae for some time,
Emery McFarlane, who has been
visiting Ills old home in New Brunswick for some time, has returned to
Cranhrook and resumed his position
in the Co-Opera the Stores.
There are more British Lion cigars
smoked in British Columbia than any
one brand made.   -Why? 49-12
Strayed on to tlie premises of S.
J. Harrison, Wardner, B. C, an aged
sorrel mare and colt. Owner may
have same hy proving property and
pawing expenses. S. J. Harrison,
Box 5, Wardner, B. C. M-3fc
.Miss KouU. who has been spending
ibe winter in Cranhrook wilh ber
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Win.
Cameron, returned lo her home in
Winnipeg Monday lust. Little Beta
Cameron accompanied her and will
visit in Winnipeg for some time.
Harry, White, customs ollicer, is
carrying his thumb in a sting these
days. While stropping liis razor preparatory to shaving Saturday evening one of bis thumbs got iu ihe way
of the blade, ami as a result il required several stitches to put Uie
thumb in working order again.
The new mill of the North Star
Lumber company, which is located
buck of the St. Eugene hospital, is
fast Hearing completion and it is ex-
peeled that it will he in operation
by the first ot April. Delays in
shipment uf machinery has somewhat
retarded progress or the mill would
have heen started before this.
Victoria, March 13.—The bouse was
in committee of the whole this afternoon <ui bills to amend the interpretation act and the assessment act
of 1903.
What would have proved a wholly
uninteresting .session was enlivened
by a spirited debate over the proposed amendments to the assessment
bill, moved hy Oliver, Brewster (Alberni) and Hawthornthwaite, with
the view to decreasing the burden of
taxation upon the small farmers of
the province.
These amendments were bitterly opposed by Finance Minister Tatlow,
who claimed that the small farmers
had been treated very generously by
the government. All amendments lit
ihis direction were voted down on a
division hy a straight parly vole, the
Socialists voting with the opposition,
Tatlow introduced some new sections lo the assessment act providing
for additional taxation for canneries,
III icply lo questions llsktlll hv Gal
den, the information wns elicited
lhat litiJ-J special licenses have heen
issm-d since ihe passage of the lee,is
111 tion of Itjftn from which a revenue
of $8fl«,l!M.M had been obtained, and
that only 71 limits have heen surveyed in accordance with the Laud
Mr. Mbcdoimld, the opposition
leader, took his sent Mils nfloriinon
for the first time this session. He
has been very ill nnd is not now
completely recovered. Ills return to
the legislature was heartily wctcom-
■d hy the members on holti sides of
the house, wilh whom be is exceedingly popular.
The premier states tbat Hie election
in Dewdney will take place within
the next two weeks.
J- R. McNabb, trainmaster, is
busily engaged preparing for the iu-
•reased     business   when     the extra
rams are put on this spring.
Mrs. McNabb and children left
Wednesday afternoon for an extended
visit to Calvary. They were accompanied by Mis. J. A. Gillis, who
;   returning home     to High River,
Furnish Your House
on our
= ccs, =
Victoria,     Match 15.—There     was
another     uneventful session of     the
legislature    to-'dny.     Good progress
was made    with several bills,     hut
bsolutely nothing of special  interest
rose in the two hours' session.
The attorney general Introduced a
hill to amend the County Court Act,
A hill to consolidate and amend the
Succession Duty Act. was considered
in committee of the whole, as also a
bill to incorporate the B. c. Veterinary Medical association.
This morning a deputation from the
Dominion Trades and Labor Congress
waited upon tbe covernmeiM to present certain reipiests, among which
were, demands for an eiglil hour day
on all govemmenl contracts and the
Insertion of the fair wane clause
nil government contracts; fortnightly
paydays nnd free text hooks for pub-
lie schools. The government promised consideration of the various requests.
Victoria, March IR.— To-dav's session of the legislature lasted | less
than an hour. Four new bills were
Introduced by the attorney general,
viz: To amend the Administration
\Ct; to amend the Supreme Court
Act; an act to revive and continue
the existence of certain companies,
and io amend the Probate Duty Act
Bill No. 3, relating to trade and
other licenses outside municipal
hounda!ies, was reail a third time
and passed,
Bill No. fi, to incorporate the B. C.
Veterinary Medical Association, passed the committee stage.
Bill No. 15, to amend the County
Courts' Act. was read a second time
and committed.
Speaker Eherts gave his decision on
the point of order raised by Stuart
Henderson, re the proposed new
clauses to ihe act to amend the
Assessment Act, relative to the taxation' nf canneries, the speaker upheld Henderson's contention that
these clauses should he introduced by
special message.
Finance Minister Tatlow Rave notice of a motion that the house go
into committee of supply next Monday.
Iri reply to Hayward fCowichan)
the finance minister stated that the
total cost to the province of the
Bella Coola colony since 1894 to
June 30, 190B, was ' $117,011.17 and
that the total revenue derived from
the colony in the wav of taxes dtir-
that period was $8,773.75.
Premier MeBride placed the "hetter terms" resolutions on the order
papers to-day, to he taken up
Wednesday next.
Vict or la, Ma rch 18 .-The het ter
terms resolutions nre preceded by a
very lengthy preamble, reviewing' the
entire case;' the resolutions themselves read as follows:
(1).   That   this bouse endorse    the
course taken by Premier McBride at
the said conference in respect to   ii
the foregoing described actions.
(2). That this house is of the
opinion that a matter of such a
voluminous nalure as the claims of
B. C. for special finuncfnl recognition
by the Dominion government was,
and is, not ot such a character
can he justly considered by a conference of the kind nbove mentioned
hy reason of the fact that a proper
invest ii*a1 ion would occupy much
more time than would be available
j I such a caucus were tbe claims nf
B. C, only to he considered and that
a proper Investlgntlon of such clnlms
would entail those charged with
visiting B. 0, and examining the
conditions on the spot, nnd thnl an
Independent tribunal, such as suggested in the memoranda mentioned
above, would be Ibe only lust method
of n tti ting a I a proper decision as
to such claims; and that particularly
iu view of the fact that other provinces of the Dominion are making
similar claims of a financial char
acter, there Is such a conflict of in
terest as would militate very strongly ngainst an etiiiitahtc decision
to the claims of B. C h-lmr, arrived
at hv a tribunal eomnnsed in iis en-
tlr tv of representatives of other
(3) That an humble address hi
presented to Ihe lieutenant noveruor
reqiiesllng that a copy of this resol
ution he forwardiil to his excellency
the governor general for consideration; and that a further copy thereof, accompanied by what documentary evidence his honor the lieutenant* governor may deem expedient, be
transmitted through proper channels
to the right honorable secretary of
state for the colonies.
Wanted—A city teamster. Apply
to .1. P. Fink, chairman ol the Fire
nnd Police Committee ami James
Ryan Chairman Board ol Walks.
. .icy    Acton received     -i message
oin    Medicine     Hal  this morning
' itiiig  Louis  Lyman,  a  tiro til er    of
s. Acton,    died    at  three o'clock
is morning,     Mr, and Mrs. Autoif
t  for Medicine Hat   Ibis afternoon
attend  the  funeral,  which  will be
Id Saliirdav.
C, B. Moore, machinist in tho
hops, will leave within the next
ew days for Vancouver, where be
vill heie.iitei |„. located, His re-
nov.il is regretted by a large circle
if friends who appreciate bis many
line qualities.      He will he missed iu
locul  tlm 11 circles, for he was    a
,ood  sport,      and     om he best
.oatkeepeis   in   Ihe business.
F. K. Beach, traiisituian in Ibe re-
ident  engl ir's depnrlmcnL,     who
ias been ill for about two weeks, has
csumed duty.
J. G. Sutherland, of Cnlgnry, has
joined'the despatching slafi at the
station, and will he permanently
localed hen*.
Conductors Ira Aldrldge and W. A.
Gordon will leave on Saliirdav for a
holiday trip to Spokane, Urn! will
visil Mr. Aldridge's brother.
George Wilier, jr., bas accepted a
liosltion with the N. 1'. railway as
di'spalchcr and left for Spokane today. Mr. Hllllor, during his long
residence in Craubrook, has made
numerous friends who wish bim success in his new field.
Striking improvements will be
made on the station premises this
wln-ft. The coal and oil shed' at
the end of the garden will he removed amt a reading and lecture
room for employees erected on the
site, ihe garden being extended so as
lo surround the new building, ami
ihe station platform widened to
'tnn-dard size. These chances are
iromised to be effected hv May 1st.
Lavatories will be installed in the
public waiting rooms and offices upstairs.
To accommodate growing traffic
the round house capacity is to bo increased by the addition of six engine stalls at a total cost of
S21,inm, work to he commenced in
April. There will also he $fi,0ll()
spent on a drainage system for the
Cranhrook yard.
W. M. MacDonald, baggageman on
I rains 5 and 8, was severely shaken
up on Monday by falling from his
baggage car to tin1 ground helow, a
drop of 30 feet, at Kootenay Landing
trestle. He was taken lo Nelson
hospital, where he is progress ing
favorably toward recovery, and will
urobnhly be around again in four or
five day's. Mr. MacDonald resided iu
Craubrook for a number of years, being employed on tbe clerical staff at
ihe station until two years ago,
when he was transferred tii Medicine
Toronto, March 111.—The Timothy
Eaton estate has already paid" the
Ontario government $100,(100 on account of succession duties.
Nothing is more unpleasant to the
eye and more painful to llie sufferer
limn boils nml ulcers. At this
period of the year many adults suffer acutely from these painful outbreaks. When boils, ulcers, etc., occur ou children it is pitiful lo see the
little ones suffer.
Mrs. E. Holmes, of 30 Guise
St., Hamilton, is grateful for what
Zam-Buk did for her little hoy when
iu this pitiful plight. She says:
"1 wish to express my gratitude fur
Hie benefit my child received from
your famous Zam-Buk Balm. Ho
suffered from Spring eruptions and
l ben boils broke out on his neck, I
iried blood purifying remedies, salves
and ointmi-uts of all kinds but nothing seemed to do him the desired
frood, The boils not worse and became so loathsome and unsightly
that I could not send bim In school,
.is some of the boils and ulcers could
not conveniently be covered, about
Ibis time a sn tuple box of Zam Buk
was given to bim -md we died It,
The small sample did bun .. little
mod, so I hom-iil a BO cent box
The result wns really ain,i/iiii',. Inside a week's lime the bolls bad lie
gun to dry    up, nml in a very short
lime  indeed even   one ol   llii-m     Was
healed "
Zam Buk is a sine cine also fnr
eczema, sculp sores, ringworm, poisoned wounds, chronic ulcers, chapped
hands, cuts, cold sores, cracks, fes-
leling sores, eruptions and pustules
dm* lo blood poison, etc. || stops
bleeding and cures piles, fistula, etc. .
Is aiitisepiic; an excellent "first,
aid." Everv home and farmstead
should bave its box of Zam-Buk. All
druglgists and stores nl 5fl cents a
box, or from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price, li boxes for $2.51).
Send le. stamp for trial box.


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