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Cranbrook Herald May 7, 1914

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THURSDAY, MAY *th, 1914
Nl'MBER 10
oym police
Twenty-Nine Prisoners During Month
in  City Uaol-*10S Paid la
At thc meeting of the police com*
mlsuloners held at the city hall on
Monday tho chief of police submitted
bis report for the month of April as
To Ills Worship tho Mayor and Police Commissioners of the City of
Cruubrook, B.C.:
[Sirs: 1 have the honor to submit for
your approval my monthly report of
the city gaol for tho month ending
April 30th, 1914.
ln colin March 31      1
Hecelv.d during month   28
Total     29
Discharged during month   24
In cells April 30     & I
— I auto owners are  requested  to  have
Total     29  their cars on hand at the government
Prisoners disposed of as follows:     ; building promptly at '■' o'clock as the
Released, time expired     11 association desires to secure a good
Pleasant Program Outlined for Annual Meeting of Cranbrook District Automobile Association
The annual meeting of the Cranbrook District Automobile association
Is to bc held at Wasa next Monday
evening. May eleventh. Mr. W. H.
Wilson, thc secretary- has issued invitations to u large number to attend thc meeting this year and he
expects tho association will have
their record attendance this year, as
ladies arc Invited to go along with
the men. The Cranbrook orchestra
has been engaged and will tin lu nt-
tendauce, and daixli •■ Ik announced
at 10 o'clock following the regular
business meeting.
Mr, N. Hanson, with his usual open-
handed generosity, has offered to
again supply tlie banquet to the
members of the association and
their guests,   it in proposed to leave
Government Office Scene of Rush on Opening Day—Every Applicant Receiving a Piece of Land—But Very
Few Tracts Remain Open.
When the government lands were
thrown open last Friday morning at
nine o'clock sixty men were in line
and between ti.ouo and 7,000 acres were
tiled on. The line in front of the government office continued to increase
all day Thursday und by evening
there were about thirty in line. Hot
several applications for thc same
tract, but when the second pre-enip-
tor found thc tract desired was already taken he immediately selected
another lot and there was no confusion or argument over the lands.
The following Is thc complete list
of applications received at the local
* was served the men early In the  office:
morning by the Farmers' Institute
aud Ur. J. H. ML Bell sent coffee during the night before. Most of thc men
lu Hue were provided with heavy
coats and some with blankets and
with the fine weather they experienced   no   great    personal   discomfort.
the city between 3 und 4 p.m. aud all ; Numbers were issued to thc men by
the city police, which gave the waiting ones an opportunity to move
around, In a few instances the men
left and were not   present when  the
Released, fine paid, etc   20 j
Taken to provincial jail   21
Taken to Lethbridge for trial .... 11
In cells April 30   6J
for advertising police checked up the line and the
numbers were moved up to save possible argument.
When nine o'clock struck, the door
of thc government office was thrown
gram outlined.   Many will take   ad-" open, and the homeseekers entered ln
vantage of this occasion to visit the   pairs.   R. A. RenwloU. deputy mlnls-
l. George Parnaby.. Cranbrook, lOlltlfi
1!. Andrew Finlay, Cranbrook. 11686.
3. H. K. Sainsbury, Cranbrook, 10353,
4. Thos.   Noble   McNeil,   Cranbrook.
5. James Lye, Wycliffe, 11024,
G. Helwar Johnson, Wycliffe, 11622.
7. Frank Wright, Wycliffe, 11620.
8. Chris. McNeil, Cranbrook, 11544.
9. Harry Martin, Cobalt, 11556.
10. George Baldwin, Cranbrook, 10351.
11. Wilfrid Awmack, Cranbrook, 11621
12. William     Robinson,     Cranbrook,
13. Alex.   Me Derm Id,   Olds,   Alberta,
14. Thos. Mecredy, Cranbrook, 10362.
15. Joseph Wlodyga, Fernie, 11492.
16 Carl Ihos, Fernie, 2709,
j picture  to   be   used
; purposes.
There Is no doubt but that there
I will be a large attendance this year
| on account of the very pleasant pro
Classified as follows:
White,  males     I8 j picturesque  little  wayside  re;iort nt   ter of lands, and Gordon Smith,   of  n, j0hn Hcmezolck, Fcrnie, 2710,
White, females     21 Wasa, where hospitality is thc key-   the  lands  department,  with  Govern-'
Chinese, males     3 i note of their existence. The assocla-   ment  Agent  Wallinger,  handled  the
Hindoo, males       Z\imn naB met there on two previous   rush, nnd everything was done with  2q. Robert C. McNeil, Cranbrook, 11548 ' 53. Walter Hatsall, Cranbrook
— 1 years and the succets of tlieir past  precision.   A pamphlet had been pro-|21  John w   Witman, Waldo, 11489.      54. Robert Jardlne, Cranbrook
Total     29   meetings augurs well  for a record-  vlded   by   tho  department  of  lands,; 22, ora?l   K.   Foot    Bonners   Ferry,
During the month 161 meals have  breaking attendance th|s season.        giving  general  description  of lands
been issued to prisoners confined   in i    The    wgoclatI(m    hus    porformed ( opened for settlement.
the city  gaol, at an average of 14 . many Berv|U0H |n Us short h'lstoiy ot      Muny residents ot Cranbrook came
cents per meal. j tnree years for the unto owners   of  to watch the scene and local photo-
Tlie following accounts received
Thomas Kosiec, Fcrnie, 2707.
John Gustafson, Wycliffe, 11545.
this district,'   Agitation along thc Hue  graphers took  up vantage points to
$15.25 ; 0f g00d roads has had a beneficial ef-; get pictures   of the    occasion,   the  26. Joseph  C.   Foot,  Bonners  Ferry,  59. Ernest l*ambert, Cranbrook. lK.r.S
8-40 i ^t and every effort for tho final com-: first of the kind seen in Cranbrook,
Ward & Harris, groceries
The 41 Market Co., beef .
| pletlon of a grund trunk automobile
T°tal    $23.66 j highway   through   Cranbrook    from
During the month sentenced prls-! Creston and south to Spokane through
oners have been employed cleaning to Banff and the great prairies on the
streets, kalsomlnlng police quarters! north has been encouraged so far
and removing stumps on Kane street. ■ that its ultimate completion  is only
Fines   imposed  during  the month j a matter of time und expediency.
amounted to $105 and costs.' The association has done much ad-  Columbia  and  Alberta
During the month there has been   vertislng   for  the   city   nnd  district
24 arrests, out of which we have ob- '■ through its car owners, pennants, etc.
and in various ways wherever   local
j atitoists have been visiting.
Idaho, 10352.
23. James E.   Foot,   Bonners   Ferry,
Idaho, 10366.
24. Bruno Naso, Cranbrook, 11536.
25. Frank Pascule, Cranbrook, 10368.
31. Carl   August   Johnson,   Wycliffe.
32. Alfred G. James, Marysville, 10307.
88, Ernest Duke, Cranbrook, 11540.
34. Esther    Tracy    Oman,    Wycliffe,
35. R.   W.    Kdmondson,    Cranbrook,
36. Charles   Win.   Erler,   Crnnbrook,
David J. Horsnum, Marysville,
Ellen C. Bidder and Philip A. Bidder, Marysville, lltiul, 11606.
39. Geo. Richie, Vancouver, 11537.
40. Thomas J. Doris, Cranbrook, 11662
41. Albert J. Jones, Cranbrook, 10364.
42. Leonard    A.    Jones,    Cranbrook,
43. Archibald H    Playle,   Cranbrook,
44. Nathan J. Polmer, Wycliffe, 11584.
45. William Fleming, Kimberley, 11580
46. Clarence F. Conover, Sullivan mine
47. John     J.   Cavanagh,   Kimberley,
48. Fred J. Lodge, Cranbrook, 11585,
49. Andrew Matusky, Michel, 11533.
50. John Billy, Michel, 11534.
51. Paul Handley, Marysville, 11603.
82. John Dobson, Marysville, 11588.
55. Arthur   J.   Warelng,   Fort   Steele,
66. Albert O. Cock, Cranbrook, 11541.
67. Amber to     Frlnsinl,
58. Harry L. Lodge, Cranbrook, 1154
  \     ,
Niagara, Onl* Is llie Place Selected
For Meeting nf Peace Envoys aml^
Representatives of Warring
Factions  in  .Mexico
Washington. May 5.—-The three
South American envoys who have
undertaken by diplomacy to settle
Mexico's civil strife ns well as her
International difficulties announced
tonight that the first formal conference with representatives of the different parties Interested in mediation would be held at Niagara Falls,
Out., on  May  ISth,
Secretary Bryan made the an-
nouncement from the three diplomats 1 n a brief statement which
"The mediators have notified the
different parties that Niagara Falls,
Canada, has been selected as the"
place where tlte mediators will confer with representatives of the different parties Interested In the mediation and thnt the ISth of May has
heen fixed as the date when the conference win begin."
The language of the declaration
attracted attention for. although the
envoys had In a note earlier said
they would withdraw their Invitation
for n Carranza representative unless
an armistice between the rebels and
the Huerta forces was arranged, no
specific parties to the negotiations
were named in the state department
U  was  later learned authoritative-
:  ,rm com
**• *-* »**•*	
Estimate for .Seats at Band Stand Be-
qiilred- Sidewalk Will be Lowered at the Royal Hotel
Special meeting of the city council'
was held at the city hall last Friday
evening at s o'clock with Mayor Taylor in the chair and Aldermen Hlcken-
enbotham, I.eask, Horie and Campbell
Mr. K. A. Lesqrt appeared before
the council and asked permission to
connect his bouse outside the city
limits with the city water. Motion by
Horie nnd Leask carried that the
mayor and clerk eater Into an agreement with Mr Lesert for the supply
of water cn the same terms as other
residents outside the city are supplied.
The board uf works asked for $600
from the contingency fund for the
grading and clearing of alloys In the
city, and same was (.ranted.
Air. It. C. Carr appeared before tbe
council with reference to supplying
enamelled street plates bearing the
names of streets.
The city engineer and chairman of
board of works were requested to ascertain how many street signs are re*
quired and report at the next meeting.
Motion by Hickenbotham nnd Horie
carried instructing the city clerk to
notify Mr VanDecar that the city Intends to lower the sidewalk .■.butting
Iv that tlie reason tar this was due ,
to the fact that a further effort was I U"   K"-:    "":'vU "'"i il',! Mr  Vun
being  made  to  Induce  C.enernl  Car-
Idaho, 10354.
;60. Leonard Wreede, Elko, 11488
Below   we give a  full  list of   tlie
lands filed on and the names of those and   Ellen   fi.   Mennle,   Cran-
who entered,   ln the list will be seen brook, 10356, 10357, 10361.
that  most  of the applications  were 28. Robert Flndlay, Cranbrook, 11623.
from    Cranbrook    people,' although I 29. Gust Soderhorn, Wycliffe, 11546.
there were some from the states, as 30. Chester Overocker and Wilton H.
well as from other parts of British Overocker,    Cranbrook,    11490,
There  were 11491.
27. Kosallna S. Mennle, Edith M. Head  61. William Wolter Kilby, Cranbrook
62. Samuel Shaw, Cranbrook, 11617.
63. A. B, Grace, Cranbrook, 11575.
ruii'/a to send a representative,
it was understood that the media*
Cranbrook,   tors hnd  further explained their po-;
si tion to General Caranxa and were
Bttll hopeful that he might be repre-1
sen ted   at   the   negotiations   without
seeking to limit his agent to discus
-don of any particular subjects.
64. Wm. Reid, Crnnbrook, 2699.
65. Jonathan W.    Wright,   Silverton,
B.C., 2700.
66. O. E. Gelheham, Hosmer, 11555.
tained 22 convictions, and one committed for trial.
Stolen property recovered during
the month:
Last November 1st, 1913, from Dr.
Green's verandah, one bicycle, found
In Doran's second hand store.
Last March 1st, 1914, at Athalmer,
At a meeting of Selkirk Preceptory
No. 46, held In the Masonic Temple
B.C., one Impulse tire pump. Found  an Monday, May 4th, Past Preceptor
In tho city. W. H. Wilson, assisted by Past Pre-
The above property recovered   by   ceptors A. B. Grace and F. H, Miles
the police was returned to the own-   installed thc following officers:
0-pounders, nnd with one 14-inch torpedo tube carried above tlie water
|lne. These are twin-screw gunboats, and each carries about 200 tons
Of coal. The other two gunboats are
the "Tamplco" and the "Vera Cruz,"
built in 1902 at Elizabethport, New
Jersey. Each Is of 9S0 tons displacement, und the complement of officers
and men Is 98. They can steam 16
knots with -.400 horse-power, and the
What Is being done regarding the
practise of carrying concealed wm
\ pons? It was not so very long ago
that a law was passed by the provincial governmgent, a law more stringent than any In the Dominion. It was
perhaps too strict, since It did not
permit the possession ot weapon:   in
Woman   Arrested  In Cranbrook on
Charge uf Theft Released at
1 have the honor to bc, sir, your
obedient servant.
Percy Adams,
Chief of Police.
Two Prince Edward Island Companies lo Maine Faxes In This
Prov late
Vancouver, B.C., May 4.—Fur-farming, which has been carried on as a
highly profitable tdustry In Prince
Edward Island and Quebec of recent
years, Is to become an Industry tn
British Columbia. Two of thc largest fur-farming companies In Prince
P. P.—Jas. B, Henderson.
I. P. P. —W. II. Wilson.
Constable—A. C. Shnnklnml.
Marshall—John Martin.
Chaplain—W. S. Santo.
Treas— W. F. Attridge
Registrar—F. A. Dunn.
Sub-Marshal—J. H. Ban field,
Captain of Guard—Jas. Martin.
Guard—H. A. McKowan.
1st st. Bearer—A, J. Balment
2nd St. Bearer—J. H. Spence.
Sword  Bearer—W.   Ilalsall.
Bh torpedo tube In thc bow above   ^ ^ charge agamgt      Mrg  Wm ; ^
other vessels nre obsolete, thc
Important   being   the   "Zaru-
armament consists of two 4-Inch rapid  Umt em came be(ore the ^^ mag. j    „KU,ed twQ Mrd> w|tfc one ^
"r,, ^"^^^IL'^l!"1!" u *f'I?w! ; ,Htrate was heard tnte monia*' wIien ! eh? You are a pretty good lawyer my
the \
1910. She Is 1,200 tons displacement
and steams at a speed of 16.5 knots.
Her armament consists of six 4.7-lnch
rapid-fire. Schneider-Canet guns. The gtrathmore'. "He was gone three weeks
navy Is also credited with a trans*,
port, the "Oaxaco," and possibly three I
nr four others.    The harbor service
vessels   are   unite   negligible,   being
nearly    forty    years    old.—Scientific
had told Mrs. Taylor some two weeks
before the trunk was purchased, that
: her trunk was old and worn out, and
: that he would buy her a new one.
j "But I thought you told the court one's own house. The law was I a*s-
that he bought It to use In moving." ed( however, with the expectation.
that It would go far toward pu.tlng
a stop to the shooting and stat blng
affrays which occur with such m notorious regularity in Vancouver and
British Columbia as a whole.
parried the lawyer.
"He did," said tlie boy, "but he also
bought It because mother needed    a
new trunk, and because he had pro-
One of the most interesting cases 1 mlsed her one,
Taylor, of Banff, was heard by David
H. Elton, says the Lethbridge Herald.
William Taylor laid the charge   of
ward reconciliation. The family were
-living at Banff, and the husband left
on the 4th of March to do work at
Mexico Is not entirely devoid of a
navy. In fact, she possesses seven
fighting ships, possibly four or live
transports, and, for harbor service.
Edward Island are now In communi- ahe has three old schooners built by .1
cation with the game department, and that Laird firm which wns respon- i
have notified their intention of locat- slble for the armed cruisers which
ing In the province. Scores of other gave the North so much trnuble dur-
ganu'-forms and would-be fur-farm- Ing our civil war. The largest vessels
ers ore also writing for iuforniatlon. Of her little fleet are two cruiser
This has largely been due to the transports, the "General Guerrero-
discovery that the fox furs of the ' •""' -he "Progresso." These arc mod-
province grade very highly In crosses i prn ,htD»' thr !lrHt m,m ">' Vlckers,
ami sllvors, which are the more velu- MttXim' in ,B0S- ,,nd ,h" H,,°nnU '»'
Odero, In 1907. The "General Guerrero" Is n vessel of 1,880 tons, nrmed
with six 4-lnch guns and two 3-poun-
dcrs. Her engines of 1,800 horsepower  gave the ship a  speed  of 12
and upon bis return discovered that
his wife had left, taking with her nearly all of the movable belongings, and
her son Percy, aged about 12 years,
who was the star witness this morning.
Taylor traced bis wife to Lethbridge
where he learned that she had gone
south. He went to Great Falls, Helena, Missoula end other Montana
points but could not locate her. On
his return to Lethbridge he found tbat
she was engaged as a maid on a farm
near Coaldale. He sought her out, and
a step toward reconciliation was effected, she refusing to return to him,
but promising to write, and to allow
the son to write. Taylor returned to
Banff and ln the course of a few
weeks learned that Mrs. Taylor bad
able of tbe furs. Certain ot the crossed foxes have a great value because
by inbreeding It Is possible to produce
litters ot black foxes. While pelts of
thc silver foxes bring $500 to $600
apiece, the rarer pelts of the black
foxes are tired only by the demand on
the l.4111 don market at tbe time of sale.
Some of them bring fabulous prices.
Thc highest percentage ot cross foxes
from the Prince Edward Island fur
knots. The "Progrcsso." of t,CB0
tons, Is a idngle-scrcw ship of 14
knots, armed with four 4-inch rapid*
fire guns.
Next to these In size are four gun-
iMiats.    The "Bravo" nnd "Morales,"
Miss Ada Hickenbotham spent last
week tn Calgary, attending the wed*
with two 4-Inch rapid-fire guns, Rlx   stenographer with the C.P.R. here.
farms is 17 per cent  Last year a con->,U by 0rmm,n' ln vm- ftro B*8tM
slgnmc.it of pelts from the Telegraph iHhlpB of l>m tot,B ■"■Plaei'ment- car-
Creek district showed over 60 per I ry,n* fl complement of 150 knots with
cent cross furs.   Seventeen live foxes j 2*?°.° horse-power, and each is armed | ding of Miss pell <*"«£»* f°™erly
from  the  Telegraph  Creek  district
were exported last year, one Indian
receiving $1,200 for a beautiful pup of
but a few weeka old.   It ls probable
that the fur farms will chiefly locate
In the vicinity of Telegraph Creek,
states the chief game warden, who is
conducting the negotiations.
Some of the fur-farms have already
contracted to sell at high prices for
breeding purposes, all their stock
which they will purchase for three
years ahead.
William Christopher Crebbln and
Miss Jane Pnrnaby were united in
the holy bonds of matrimony on Monday. May 4th, 1914, nt S a.m., at
rlst church hy Rev. E. P. Flewelling, the rector. Mr. aud Mrs. H.
(irldley, Mrs. Barrett and Mr. Cock,
bosldeB the Immediate family of the
bride were present nt the ceremony.
Tho young couple left on the afternoon   train   for  thc  coast  and   will
pond some time visiting^Vancouver, j ^ theVarmrHe'Vame agalntoUth"
bridge, traced her to points In B.C.
and followed her to Kingsgate, Yahk
and Anally to Cranbrook. All efforts
i to Induce her to return to him failed,
.    . and he returned to Lethbridge, where
..ir,., ind has;_™wedjn the city tor|h|| C0U(1Bel ftdvlBed Mm to plMe tbe
charge of the theft of one of the trunks
she had taken with her, against her.
This was done, and the woman was arrested at Cranbrook on a warrant la-
sued here.
The case was remanded until this
when the charge was die-
When Taylor took the stand, he den-
led having given his wife the trunk,
and stated that the boy had not told
the truth.
"Bid anyone tell you what to say at
court this morning?" asked the counsel.
"I was only told to tell tbe truth,"
Bald the lad, who was on the verge of
n.ars at the cross firing of the lawyers.
Habeas Horpus proceedings are being commenced for the possesion of
the son.
It    has   accomplished   practically j
nothing.   This is not the fault cf thej
law nor of the government whirl- pes-  ^
sed the law, but seems to He li thej
fact that it is almoet ImposMb <■   to 'CONNOLLY TO MEET
Decar be Instructed to remodel bis
verandah and balcony, both on street
and alley to conform to city bylaw.
Motion t>> Hickenbotham and Campbell thnt the Question of installing a
street light on Norbury avenue be referred  to the  fire and  police com-
"Mttce with power to act t
Motion  by Campbell   and   Htckep-
_:   ■   .t. Aiie sprinkling of street*
inferred u> the board ot works aad
■:■ .;.; with power to act    Motion
Diectt&sloQ as to the city band stand
resulted In the council deciding to
leave the stand in its present location
and Alderman Leask was instructed to Ascertain the cost of seats for
about two hundred people and report at the next meeting.
Motion by Campbell and Leask that
'he city engineer be instructed to ascertain how many manhole covers
will be required and to obtain estimate of the cost of same.
Alderman Horie and the city engl-
B'-er were instructed to enquire Into
the price of a horse for the use of the
it>   engineer and report at the next
Council adjourned.
Victoria and other points before returning   here  to   make   tbeir   future j
The groom Is nn employee of   tbe |
number of yenrs.   The bride Is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Parnaby |
and has resided in Crnnbrook for the   '„
past three yenrs.
Both of the young people have
large circle of friends ln the city,
Fort William, Ont., May 5.-But
for the plucky action of John Mc-
Avay, jr., In Jumping Into the Icy-
waters of the Knm!nistlo,ua river off
the Empire elevator dock, two small
Italian boys would have undoubtedly been drowned. The boys were
fishing driftwood from the dock and
losing their balance, both fell Into
the water where It ls thirty feet
John McAvay was a former Cranbrook boy, residing here about four
or five years ago, being one of the
members of the Cranbrook hockey
missed by Magistrate Elton on the
grounds that If the trunk had really
been stolen, the fact that the theft was
never mentioned at the time of the
subsequent meeting, when an arrangement was made between husband and
wife, disproved any claim to the property by Taylor.
Percy was placed In the box   this
Hussell Herbert Patterson, at Kort
Steele, blacksmith, to Miss Sadie Bell
Hill, of Fort Steele, at the home or
Mr. Hill, In Cranbrook, on Saturday
evening at 3 o'clock. The happy
couple will reside at Fort Steele. Rev.
W. K. Thomson performed the ceremony,
carry out the Intention which lay behind the legislation in question. The
only solution appears to be a mor*?
merciless enforcement of the regulations, if the minimum penalty for the
offence of carrying concealed weapons
were a prison sentence of thrf-e or
four years, the practice would soon
be discouraged. Tiie difficulty of coping with the growing foreign population Increases daily. They all mak*
a practice of carrying cheap revolvers or vicious-looking knives, yet the
most vigilant police officer cannot
search every man he meets unless he
have some grounds to work upon.
Even the penalty for attempted
murder seems hardly sufficient. On**
rends of Innumerable cases where a
sentence of but a few years has been
Imposed, yet if the victim had expired tho sentence would have been
death. If murder merits capital punishment, then attempted murder
should mean what would amount to
life Imprisonment. If It were found
after u few years that the prisoner
had been cured of homicidal tendencies, the parole system may always
be brought into use, but it does seem
as though the enforcement of the law
In Canada were growing strangely
lax, The punishment should be made
to fit the crime. In no other way Is
It possible to educate the horde of foreigners who play so great a part
In the criminal annals of the country
each   year.--Saturday  Sunset
The Ladles Auxiliary of the Hy.
Y.M.C.A. will hold a tea at the Y.M.
CA. building from 3 to fi on Wednesday afternoon. .May 18th, Everybody
PMois Mil Artists Will Wmtle fur
 T'U, oa Mi; JJrd
The Annual Meeting ot tho locul
Conservative AuoclMlon will be held
In the Committee Ru'ini on Hanson
Avenue, on Tuesday evening, Mar
lath, tt 8.80 p.m.
I. B. Munlac. Prtrtaeat
U-lt        1. A. AtmoM. Sec-Treu
Kunawaj-   Accident at Wild  Home was attached to thc verdict In which
Bridge Result". In Death ot        , t|,e Jury recommended that the north- { Mr Taylori and proved an interesting
Hnrrjr Jordan \ orn approach to the bridge be alter-! wUne8B. He wa„ Ulere when the trunk
«»r,v H   TniZT ,, iw Rt,r.to i °A' " " '8 excee<,ln|!l!; <•»»••"»* ] was purchased, and woe closely cross-
Hurry  H.  Jordan, of Fort Steele,, M    „    ,    „    otller vlctlm 0, the BC. ** k   , h
waB killed In a runaway accident on j „,,,„„,  „.„„„„,. -,i,h »„ inlured foot   w,mmM on ,wni" . " pl* * " ™*
the wild Horse Creel, hrld.e above ' '        '        .    an,,ln.'"ret; *™ i time.  His evidence favored the moth-
the wild Horse (.reek bridge above „ brought Immediately to the { . .    „Mhltw, .   fortitude   In
Fort Steele last Tuesday afternoon.; „, _ ,*,,„, '«'• »nd ne exhibited a  fortitude   In
Mr. Jordan and-Mr. Hardy were com-1 St^Uge"VT,, ... „, ,„. „,„,, ! »n»werlng the questions that called
ing down the long grade Into Fort'    The »,""™,lc ,de,f" °','''" "^ i '"-th the admiration of the court.
Steel, with a load of logs when their  «»' or<! nnt ,0 llan<1' "'" the nV°H
horaea took freight and ran awuy.
Coroner Dr. J. H. M. Bell waa called and an Inquest waa held, tbe ver-
Itlg Kveat—Nrptfmhrr 15th
and 16th
diet being tbat doatli resulted from being thrown from a wagon at the Wild
Home bridge by a runaway team. Deceased HUHtulned a fracture
of       ahull,       and     a     fractured
current Ih tliat soma ot tbe logs on
i thc load worked loose on the long
{ grade down the hilt and struck the
; liorBoa, nearing them Into running
; away.
Funeral rotvIcob for tho deceaaed
are being held In Fort Steole today.
I    Doth men aro well known In the
Jaw   and    collar    bona.    A    rider j, Fort Steele dlntrlct.
"When the trunk was purchased,"
said he, "father told mother to pick
out the one that suited her, and he
gave her the trunk after It was
race     10.00     5.00
Single delivery or farm work horse
(local) horse to be harnessed,
hitched to delivery rig or similar wagon and driven once around
thc track nt a trot; breaking to disqualify     25.00   15,00   10.00
Ucilnc-din. September Kith
Ham 68 a    race
(open)     S100.00 $75.00 $50.00
Running   r a ca
(open)       60.00
Relay race (open)   30.00
Pony race (open)    25.00
Kdmonton. Alta., May 4.—Pat Connolly, of Vancouver, undefeated heavy
{ weight    champion catch-as-catch-can
i wrestler of Oreat Britain, and  Dr.
, Benjamin Roller, of Seattle, who has
| mt-t most of the top notchern In the
f.'nited States and f'anada. have been
matched for a finish bout, to take place
I in the Arena here the evening of May
' -'.{rd      Connolly,     who   weighs   200
| jmund-s In condition, was seen In Ed-
i tnonton recently in a match to throw
' two men. including "Kid" San do w, ln
in hour He turned the trick ln a
fraction less than 21 minutes, without
extending himself. Reports are;cur-„
rent tn sporting circles here tha^ tf
I Feltus. manager for Connolly, Is ne-
Bottatlng for a match with Frank
Qotch, the world's champion, to be
-taged soon after the bout with Roller. The Seattle man Is now making
i tour of the continent Experts say
tbat Connolly and Roller are fairly
•■finally matched. The British champion has a large local following, but
Roller ii not without support
On May first the Cranbrook Iji-
oroaae team ventured to Parnla to
Dlay for a parse of $100.00 offered by
the Miners for their May day sports
and ware SUCCOSfUl In bringing
hum'1 the money.
Th** Femle boyi started off with a
rush and made things lively Id tbe
first rpiarter and had most of the
Cranhrook players looking blue, but
after settling down and a little more
consistent team work the Cranbrook
boys had no trouble in stopping the
rush of the Femle aggregation and
succeeded In winning the game with
a score of 8—6.
For Cranbrook McOregor scored
three, Matthews three and Iieburn
The following program of racing
for the fall fair will no doubt prove
attractive to local horsemen. Thc
list Is published early so as to give
owners and trainers a chance to prepare for the several events. The list
may be Improved later If the co-operation of the Cranbrook Turf association can be secured.
Tuesday, Hep.etnhor 15th
"What  was   the   trunk   purchased , Localtraek race .$75.00 $50,00 $25.00   Squaw  pony  race  10 00
for?" asked tho counsel. : Ucal running race 50,00   25.00   15.00   Heavy team (local) to he harnessed,   be played In Cranbrook on May 2Cth.
"To move our  things   across  the! Rflay race (open) 30.00   20.00   10.001        bitched   to   wagon or lorry   and   The boy* are continuing their prac-
track at Banff." i Indian pony raco.. 15.00   10.00    5.00        driven round ttelng nnd will he In shape to glva
Uter the hoy sUtsd that tha father ! K*'hool boys' pony A    track at a walk 30 00   20.00   tO.OO | a One exhibition by that date.
The  following  was  tlie  lltie-up Of
the   visiting   team:    Goal,    McKay;
point,   Moore,   cover   point,   Duffy;
first   defense,   McPhee;   second    de-
rense,   LeUcll   third  defence.   Chambers;   center,   Uaflatiri   third   borne,
Reburni    second   home,    McOregor;
25.00   lirst home. Callahan;  outside home,
10.00   McMillan;   Inside home  Matthews.
10.00     Arrangements were made with the
Fcmio  team   for  a   return  game to THE  CIMKIIROOK HERALD
J*.R..m.03UlS0>. Kditor aud Manager
S u p script I im Rates
One   Year     $2-00
Six Months         1-00
Three Months 60
Advertising Rates
Display   Advertising,   25   cents   per
Column inch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ada. 10
cents per line.
Cranbrook.'B.I.TMay 7th, 1914
Thc third great feature of the prt-
sent session of parliament is stugcd.
First In importance among the outstanding features of tlio session Is
tariff revision iu the interest of the
government's political allies, and of
tho men who helped to put it ln
power, on whose influence and campaign subscriptions It depends primarily for another lease of power. The
interests of the masses of producers
and consumers were not considered
The second feature outstanding is the
attack on thn Liberal party, on tlm
National Transcontinental rnllway
and on the Oriuid Trunk Pacific,
through the report of Messrs. (iute-
llus und Staunton. In that ense the
credit of the Orand Trunk Pacilic
and of the road which the people own
•was damaged ns well ns the credit
of Canada, by an unfair, untruthful
and partisan report calculated to
serve the political interests of the
Conservative party and to play tho
game of the Canadian Pacific railway. Now comes u third outstanding
. feature. The credit of the Canadian
•* Northern railway company nnd tho
profits therein of Sir William Mackenzie and Sir Donald Mann are to be
saved at the expenses of the people of
Canada who ure to practically assume responsibility for nil present
and future obligations of the company, pay ull liabilities, If the road
becomes insolvent, though still leaving the promoter-* .'.*• uundi-nl, with the
opportunity to make further pro.9*H
and retire from the enterprise at the
most opportune time witb the profits
already made and still to be made.
The government's proposals for the
$45,000,000 bond guarantee to the
C.N.R. were presented to the Conservative caucus on Tuesday last. As
soon as the terms were made known
Messrs. R. B. Bennett and W. F.
Nlcklc, two of the leading supporters
of the government, left the caucus to
make public declaration that they
would vote against a proposal so
manifestly In favor or the railway
promoters as compared with the Interests of the public. Then the caucus after long and nerlmonlous discussion finally obeyed the crack of
the parly whip and swallowed the
bargain. There was no cheering.
With the exception of Messrs. Bennett und Nickle, tin; government followers have all been swung into line
as tlie result of the assiduous lobbying of months past by Sir William
Mackenzie and Sir DonaldMb^t-am}'
their agents. ... J:*? rtJBUlt of promises of assistance at the next election
when thp campaign fund has to be
mndc up and bccaime of fear ns to
what would happen If there were
any own: serious split In the party
One of tho Liberals snld there was
another caucus on Thursday morning last in striking contrast to the
caucus of Tuesday. It broke up, with
cheers which echoed through tho corridors and which served duo warning
on the government of the coming
spectacular nnd bitter light In the
commons. This caucus was comparatively short. It wns unanimous
and It was enthusiastic. There was
no objection to the principle of agree
ing to any legitimate proposal for the
•.xmpletlon of the Canadian Northern
Transcontinental systemi but there
wns strong objection to making Canada the junior partner of Mackenzie
and Mann, bearing the burden of the
credit of the whole undertaking without securing in return for that credit
a strict accounting of what had been
cone with the two hundred million
odd of public money and credit already granted, without securing adequate control and supervision of I r
ther expenditures and without making sure that the beneficiaries ot the
further public aid would bo the people
of Canada rather than the creditors
of Mackenzie and Mann and the 'liters' own pockets.
The Borden government has looked
after the financial interests of the
railway promoters, hns rehabilitated
their credit nml has given them an
opportunity to realise full profits on
their present, vested Interests In a
capital stock of $60,000,000 In tho
road—Bald capital stock having cost
nothing but the expense of printing
the certificates. It remains for the
Liberal party to look niter the interests of tho people of Canada who
have already Invested In cash and
credit over $200.000,000; who assume
all the Hubilities for the past aud future obligations entered into by Mackenzie und Mann; and who want to
know what thoy are going to get in
The first stop townrd clearing up
tho problem must be the obtaining of
full and complete Information as to
what nro tlio actual conditions in regard to the road, what has been done
with the public funds nlrondy invested, what Is the security to be given
for the Investment of further public
funds and what Is the real meaning
of the long and involved legal agreement entered Into by Premier Borden
anil Hon. Arthur Motghen on behalf
of tho government with Mr. V.. A.
Lush, the astute corporation lawyer,
and Sir William Mackenzie, the astute financier, This agreement has
boon swallowed summarily by the
now docile followers of the government, at the (Tack of the party whip.
If It moans what the Liberals think
It means, it will novel- go through the
commons excopt under closure at tlio
Instance of the government. There arc
many who believe that when the clo-
irc was Introduced, it was really in-
uded hy the government as n v.-ea-
>u to bo used for securing money
om parliament whicli the people's
prusontativos might bo unwilling to
Sjinnt. The Mackenzie nnd Mann deal
iay help to reveal its real purpose.
lty, so, as I say, he slipped out with- j i
out comment to find another seat, or
possibly to stand for the remainder of
the journey.
His cap had possibly coBt him six-
pence-halfpenny, and had seen its best ,
' days.   He was dressed In a soiled and
shoddy suit, and his unblacked boots !
wore badly patched.   But as I, standing just outside the carriage of which
he got, and  so seeing and hearing
everything, threw open the door ot
another   compartment,    so   that   he j
might jump In, 1 raised my hat as j
punctlloUBly to that gentleman as If he
had boon the grent Chesterfield him- j
i self, of whose last spoken words on !
| earth, "Give Dr. Uayrolles a chair," j
j the commt nt was made: "Superb! Tbe
i mini's brooding does not desert him
\ even in death."—The Canadian Cour-
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Leader, or Rod ?
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Hardware and Fumi-
tnrti Supplies
what is a uentlejun
A gentleman Is ono who strives to
truthful, courageous, and honor-
le tu word, thought, and act; clean
in mind and in body and unset flail,
Omislder'itc, nnd courteous iu his ro<
Iniions to others. Ry the word
''courteous" I do not mean un over-
liurnde of politeness. On the contrary,
the man who is too ostentatiously polite ls seldom sufficiently "sure" of
'limself to be quite n gentleman. Your
d nly courteous man quietly and un-
Mitruslvely stands back to let n wo*
•nan or an old man precede him in
entering an omnibus or tram-car.
Your merely polite one possibly waves
an effusive hand and protests "Ladles
first," or "After you, sir." Ono very
pretty Instance of tact and courtesy
comes to my memory us I write. A
train whicb happened to bc very full
was just starting, und a hunchbacked
man with crutches wns anxiously but
unsuccessfully looking for a scat.
"There Is room for one In hero," said
a young fellow sitting near the door.
As a matter of fact, there was no room
but as the hunchbnek entered, tbe
young fellow quietly slipped out. He
know thut thc hunchbnek, handicapped
by crutches, was In likelihood of being
left behind. Ostentatiously to have
given up bis sent would have drawn
somo attention to the other's deform-
Larger Business
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community is to grow bigger in the
years to come, it will not be a matter
of accident or due to an increase of
population only—it will be the result
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power of these five words—"I can and I
will." This man advertises—he MUST deliver his message to those with ears to
hear. Multiplied customers and larger
turnovers are absolutely essential to his
Help on the bnnlneas ol those who show themselves
rimer to have vonr custom—who Invite it end prlie
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favor those who solicit yonr favor by message ad.
dressed to you each week In our advertising
Shop Where You Are Invited to Shop
Sen oil M Former (iinornoMicnernl
of I nnnda Witb Marked
Cowes, Isle of Wight, May 3.—The
Dulto of Argyll, son-in-law of Queen
Victoria, and former governor-general
of Canada, died last night at East
('owes, aged (if).
John Douglas Sutherland Campbell,
ninth Dtllte of Argyll and possessor of
muny heretltary titles, was born at
Stafford House, London, August 6th,
1845. He was the son of George,
eighth Duke of Argyll, who died In
11)00, a statesman who held
offlce under several administrations and who was tlie
author of several scientific and
political works. In early lifo the future Unite wns known as the Marquis
of Lome.
The only Information respecting bis
childhood days which comes under
particular notice is contained ln
Queen Victoria's "Journal of Our Life
in tlio Highlands," under date of August, 1847, ut which time her majesty
und the late prince consort paid a
visit to Iuverary, thc ancestral seat of
the Argylls. Speaking of the reception at the castle the royal Journalist
Dear, Willie, Fair Little Fellow
"Outside stood the Marquis of
Lome, Just two years old, a dear,
white, fair little fellow wltli reddish
hair, but very delicate features, like ,
both his father and mother; ho Is!
such a merry, independent little
About nine months subsequent to;
this event tier majesty gave birth to
.i daughter, who was to become the '
bride of tlie Marquis of Lornc—Prln- j
cess Louise. Tlio wedding took place
in 1871, when tiie marquis wns 24 <
years of age. Tlie marriage was cele-
brnted with much splendor at St.;
George's chapel, Windsor. The prln- j
ccsa had a magnificent reception when i
she paid her first visit to the nnces- j
tral scat of her husband at Inverary.
Visited Canada In Youth
The future governor of Canada received hia early education at Eton,
whenco ho passed successfully to the j
University of St. Andrews and Trinity I
College, Cambridge, ln 1808 he was j
appointed captain of the London Scottish Kith* volunteers and subsequently i
became lieutenant-colonel of the 105th
Rifle volunteers. During tho same j
year he made a tour through the
West Indies and the eastern part of'
Lho North Aniericr.il continent. Ills
tour Included brief visits to various
Cities in the Dominion, including To- :
ronto, Niagara, Kingston nnd Ot-'
In 1868 he entered the house of com-
mons as member for Argyllshire and
continued to represent that eonstlt- '■
uency down to his appointment to
Canada. The appointment was hulled
with satisfaction In all parts of Can-
ada and a groat deal was mudo of the
coming of a royal princess to Hldeau
ball. The Loudon Times said shortly
Showed Marked Ability
"The experiment whieh was tried
when tho Marquis Of Lorne was ap- !
pointed governor-general of Canada
has been crowned with success. It has
boon found possible to appeal effectively to the loyalty of our colonial
fellow subjects without placing in Jeopardy for a moment the dignity of the
crown or the solid interests of Uie Imperial connection.
"It Is only fair to acknowledge that
Lord Lorne has played a difficult part
with remarkable ability."
This comment would have been
warmly endorsed by Sir John Macdan-
ald, who was his excellency's adviser
during his term of offlce. Princess
Loulne, however, having sustained an
! accident In tlie early part ot her so-
! journ In Canada, lived mostly ln England. The Marquis of Lorne devoted
himself to literary pursuits and was
the founder of the Royal Society of',
Canada. Among his own published [
works aro the "United States of tho
War" (1885), "Imperial Federation"!
(18S5), "Memories of Canada and Scot-
' land" (1S84), "Canadian Pictures"
Thc Marquis of Lome returned to
England in 1893 and in 1804 he con-j
tested Bradford for the Liberal-Union-
lets. In 189G lie was elected for South >.
Munelicster and he retained the seat
until 1900, when he succeeded to the
peerage. Ho has been* governor and
constable of Windsor Castle Binco
1803, He was admiral of tho western
coast aud Isles, hereditary tnantor of
the royal household, Scotland, keopor
of tho great seal of Scotland, etc.
Ills heir ls his brother, Lord Archibald Campbell, banker, ot t-ondon.
Governor Bleaso of South Carolina,
who lias made him sol f notorious for
his abuse of the pardoning power,
has just released fourteen prisoners,
of whom eight wero convicted of manslaughter, throe of larceny, two of
iirson and one of practising dentistry without a liconso. This makes
1,190 convicts to whom the governor
has extended clemency Blnce he assumed olilco In January, 1011. There
were more than 1,800 prisoners In the
state penitentiary when Mr. Dlease became governor, but there are now only 180 left, nnd thoy will leave before
long, as the governor told a committee of the legislature that ho intended
lo empty tho penitentiary by August
Twenty-Five Hoys and tilrls Are Com*
petim:   in   Chicken   liaising
For Prises at Full Fair
Tho boys' and girls' competition in
chicken raising instituted by the Cranbrook Poultry association closed on
the last day of April with twenty-five
entries. The results of the competition will bo on exhibition at tbe Fall
Fair. Tho eggs for hatching were
donated to tho competitors by the
members of the association. The following is the complete lint of entries
and brooders:
Kdith Macdonald, White Wyandottes; breeder, T. S. Gill.
Doris Sainsbury, Buff Orpingtons;
breeder, A. H. Webb.
Fred Swain. R. C. Brown Leghorns;
breeder, W. W. McGregor.
A. H. Webb, Jr., It. C. Rods; breeder, John Levett.
Otto Gill, Buff Orpingtons; breeder,
A. H. Webb.
IT. Macdonald, Barfed Rocks; breeder, W. Harvey.
A. R. Wobb, Buff Orpingtons; breeder, Pyatt.
Chas. Chapman, S. C, Reds; breeder, L. P. Sullivan.
R. A. Pye, White Wyandottes;
breeder, T. S. Gill.
Ashton Powers, White Orpingtons;
brooder, Rev. Kendall.
('has. Armstrong, R. C. Rods;
breeder, John Levett.
Joe Frost, White Wyandottes;
breeder, .1. Gartslde.
George Orr, R. C. Brown Leghorns;
breeder, W. W. McGregor.
Annie Orr, White Wyandottes;
breeder, Mr. Muggins.
Madge Kerr, White Leghorns;
breeder, E. H. Slater.
Miss Alice Reed, White WyandotteB;
brooder, A. B. Smith.
Leonard Burton, S. C. Reds; breeder, L. P. Sullivan.
Clarence Hickenbotham, S. C. Reds;
brooder, Mr. Haines.
Miiu Drummond, White Leghorns;
breeder, B. H, Slater.
Eric MacKinnon, Buff Orpingtons;
breeder, A. Jollffe.
Gordon Woodman, Barred Rocks;
breeder, W. Harvey.
J. Pye, White Wyandottes; breeder,
J. D. McBride.
Arthur Riches, White Wyandottes;
breeder, G. Patmore.
John Noble, Barred Rocks; breeder,
W. Harvey.
Ilurold Ilaslam, White Leghorns;
breeder, it. T. Williams.
Ottawa, May 5.—A return Khowing
tlio growth of population in Australia
and  Canuua  at  decennial   Interval*!
luis been prepared by the common-
wealth atatintlclan of Australia and
forwarded    to   the   department   of
trade and commerco by the Canadian
trade commissioner at Melbourne, Dr.
D. H. Ross.
During tho 50 yearj, 1851 to 1900,
; the population of Australia Increased
[from  437,605 to 3,824,913, a gain of
3,387,248, while that of Canada, which
Increased trom 2,384,409 to 6,371,315
showed a gain of 2,986,900, or 400,342
| fewer than Australia's gain for   the
! same half century.   This advantage
i on the part of Australia was, how-
1 ever, more than balanced ln the de-
cennlum 1901-11, when Canada's gain
of population    exceeded    Australia's
by no fewer than 2,886,842, the total
| being  7,758,000, as against 4,872,168
for Australia.
Teacher, Alb. 11. Webb.
Cranbrook High   and   Public School.
t-i    a*   si-
Sr. 4
Jr. 4
Sr. 3
Int. 3
Jr. 3
Sr. 2
Jr. 2
Ward School.
List nf Pufills Winning; Perfect it-
tendance for tlie Month of
Miss Woodland
Mrs. Deane
..56   48.21   86.10
..51   45.44   73.33
Cannington Manor, Sask.,
Writes:—"My brotheriuf-
fered severely from eczema.
The sores were very extensive, ami burned like coali
into his flesh. Zam-Buk took
out all tlte fire, and quickly
cave him case. Within three
weeks of commencing with
Zam-Buk treatment, every
sore hail been cured."
This is but one of the many
letters wc arc constantly receiving
from people who have proved the
healing powers of ZairvBuk, For
cctcma, piles, sores, burns, cuts
nnd all tkin (roubles there il
notliinff tike this wonderful bslm.
-•**) No skin disease ihould be con-
wider, d incurable until Zam-Buk
b.is bcQtl tried.
71 All DiurgiiU, 50c. pit Box,
S Refute Sub.tltutet.
Division 1
Pbyllls Racklyeft
Annie Sbaw
Ellen Johnson
Camilla Tito
Jim Tito
.    Edward Taylor    |
Jack Kirkland
Ada McKenna
' Stella Johnson
j    Annie Johnson
Dorothy Uassett
Nettle Johnson
Mac Kirkland
,    Archie Horie
i    Allan Livingstone
j    Tom Reekie
Malcolm Belanger
Bruce Laurie
,    Gladys Shackieton
May Brumbaugh
I    Mary Lacey
;    Everett WilllaniH
Earl Fcnnessy
Reive Parker
Theresa Lacey
Lesllo Sneddon
George Coleman
John Cub 111
Division 2
Nora Finlay
Robert Eakln
Leonard Marchant
Winnie Malone
Albert Johnson
Sam Sbaw
John Drew
Alfred Cablll
Robert Askey
John Murdock
Kathleen Tito
James Malone
Charlie McKenna
Donald Merchant
Doris Ricklyoft
Sydney Traup   .
Helen Shackelton
George Cayo
Joe Boulanger
Frank Tito
Daisy Whlttaker
Florence Bradley
Ethel Williams
Clifford Finnessy
Clara Little
Margaret Hor>
Alice Murdorc
Edward Wulili
H-rold Hailing
Margtrrlt SUrrttt
Warm Weather
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t  '
Craubrook     Lodge,
No. St
A.F. & A. H.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursdaj
_ ol every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
H. Hickenbotham, W. M.
J. L. Cranston, Sec.
Ckemjbnt Lodqk No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ia the
Fraternity Hall.
0. Donahue, C. C,
K. M. Christian, K. ul R.4S.
I>. 0. llox 522
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
Meete every Mondaj
night at New Fra
ternity Hall. Sojourning Oddlellowt cordially iuvitad
J. H. Turnley, W. M. Harris,
N   O. Seo'y.
I 8
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
352 Richards St.,
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Hardy N,.i ihi-ri, grown stock oi
leading varieties propmated trom
tlmR.M. Kellogg strain ol pedigree plants.
Price per Thousand 1'lnnt.-, [,o.b.
bete, S7..50.
IOU I'lantB, postpaid, lor $1.23.
Catalogue sent ou request
MimradWiiJcn, Wynndel, B. C.
Barristers, Solicitors and        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
NoUrle* i:..\. i,i:zi:ht
Money to Loan Builder and Contractor
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PrfecB itight
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Has just purchase!] u ear of
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Certificate of Improvement
I St. Mary's and Cobalt Fractional
! min ral claim, situate In tlie Fort
! Steele mining division or Kast Kootenay District
Where located: On Luke cieek,
.about wy. miles northeast ut McDer-
inid's ranch.
Take notice that J. T. Laldlaw, Free
Minor's Cartiflcate Nu. 40,478 R, in-
: tend, sixty days from date hereof, to
[apply to the Mining Hecorder for it
Certilieate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issue of bucIi Cartiflcate of
Dated this 14th day of April. A. l>„
1914. lti-9t
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iii veil prompt attention
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Moyle Fractional, Ben Fractional,
Trail Fractional, Eric, Cine, Annie.   Ken,   Winnie   Fractional,   X.
li. Fractional, Liny Fraction 1,
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the Fort Steele Milling Division
of  Fast   Kootenay  District.
Where Located: On Sullivan Hill,
near Kimberley. B.C.
TAKE NOTICE that The Consolidated Mining & Smelling Company of
Canada, Limited, per C. II. MeDougall,
Agent, F.M.C. No. 612B2B., Free Miner's Certificate No. 01267B.; Intend.
sixty days from date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for n Certilieate of Improvements, for the purpose
uf obtaining 11 Crown Grant of the
above claims,
And further take notice tha,t oetion,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of   Improvements.
Dated this 30th day of March, A.D.
1914. 14-9t
rrer.iili't.1: A. R. Smith
Mii'tn regularly thn Ant Friday rfunlng Midi
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Service 2
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President: A, B. Smith
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* and   agriculture   apply   to the <
' Hforatarv, Oranhrook. B. O. <
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\ each month, at old <tyni.,H p.m.   '
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Gulndon, Forrobe and Alice Traction
Mineral Claims, situate In tlte Fort
Steele Mining Division o( Enst Kontra-
uy District,
Whore located Weil aide of Lowor
Moyie Lake.
TAKE NOTICE tlmt Frank Ouindon, F.M.C, No. B8604B, acting for
niym-lf and »m agent for Joseph Ciosso-
lln, P.M.O. No. 6860BB, Iinvlil For tin,
F.M.C. No, B3B0CB, Alphonse Demers,
F.M.C No. r.:tr.i)7li. Joseph Montpelller,
F.M.C. No. 0721411, Ailolln Montpelller,
F.M.C. No. 63381b, Intend, sixty days
from date hereof, to apply to the Mln-
Iiik H< ('order for :i Certificate of Improvements for tfie purpose of obtaining a Crown Qrant of llie above
And further take notice tliat notion,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the Issuance nf snch Certificate
of Improvements.
tinted tills 20th dny of March, A.D.
13-llt Frank Ouindon.
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Private I-fRM-im
C.N.R. WITH $*K>,000,UOO
I.Hicral*. Joined by Two ConwpT«lives
In Fight lu Protect the People*'
Interest*, und Money
Ottawa, April 28.—At the cracb of
Uie party whip the Conservative caucus thia morning formally endorsed
the Rovernment proposals practically
giving .Mackenzie and Mann anil their
associates f46,000 000 i ar vain-* o
Canadian Northern railway stock, n
to the value of which mere is unter
'. tainty. The bai tim Is still tu hi
completed in parHaine-it, aiid the gov
eminent has still .u (uce not only thi
opposition of the liberals, but .ttr*o
the opposition of some of its roll-»«
<;rs. who are openly protesting
against swallowing- the pill al the behest of party discipline and ti r-
ary political cxpcUU-ncy.
kicked (l ver the Traces
Two of tlit.* leading Conaervatives,
; Messrs. It. li. Bennett and W. F.
i Nickle, kicked over tlie traces at once
as soon as the proposal was placed
; before the caucus, and they left the
' gathering to make at once public declaration of the fact that tliey were
. irrevocably opposed to a proposal
which considered only the interests
of the railway promoters, and not the
interests of the public. There were
others who left the caucus early, taking little pains to conceal their antagonism to the government's proposals.
Bitter Words in ('miens
The real character of these proposals, and the members' fear of their
effect upon the public, niny bo guaged
by the long and acrimonious discussion which followed their presentation to caucus. It Is understood that
criticism was so decidedly pointed
and bitter that cabinet ministers were
mentioned by name and raked over
the coals for getting thc party Into a
bad political mess. It ls significant
that, following tbe early departures
of recalcitrant members from the
caucus, Hon. W. T. White came ont
glum and care-worn, and made his
way to his office at least halt an
hour bcfoie the caucus gave its llnnl
decision and broke up.
All afternoon aud this evening
members of the government were
busy trying to smooth things out. In
the commons tonight the little jour-
iii-ys of Hon. Mr. White from member
to member on his side of the house
and back to Premier Borden were as
signillcant us tliey were entertaining to the Liberal onlookers.
Control Left Unchanged
Sir William Mackenzie, Sir Donald
.Mann and Mr. Z. A. Lash are left in
control of the company for at least
two years to come, the only proviso
heing that the application of the
money raised on the bond guarantee
of -{4ri.ouo.00u shall be towards the
completion and equipment ot the
company's transcontinental system.
There is no real accounting compelled of the public money and credit,
amounting to over two hundred million dollars, which bas already gone
into the road. Practically all that the
government gets of real value Is the
unwaterlng by sixty millions of the
capital stock of the Canadian Northern company and its allied companies. Including the Tunnel and the Terminal & Townslte companies. The
capital stock of the parent company
and these two subsidiary companies
is now placed at one hundred anl
forty-live millions. It represents, of
course, no real investment by Mackenzie  &   Mann.
l.oicriiiiient to Hold Forty Millions
The capital stock of the amalgamated company is to be reduced to
one hundred millions par value. Of
this the government Ib to hold for the
people in actual possession forty millions, Including the seven millions of
capital stock in the Canadian Northern, which was transferred last year
at the time of the fifteen million dollar gift. This represents the fifteen
per cent of stock which It had been
expected would be additional to the
forty per cent, and would be held by
a holding company, nominated by the
government, to be transferred to the
government In case of default of interest payment by the C.N.R.
given will secure the completion ot
the road. Practically all the security in return for the puhlic credit Is
the $33,000,000 par value of the stock,
plus the $7,000,000 transferred last
year, with a possible reversion of the
wholo amount of stock two years
hence. But that reversion will take
place only in case the road cannot
pay Interest on its bondui indebtedness, or. In other words, if the road
proves financially unprofitable. And
in that case the stock is Intrinsically
worth nothing. In that case, too, if
ihe present government remains In
power tlie possible understanding
with the t'.l'.H. for the transfer of
the system to that company at bargain rates may be carried out.
BUumsteJn's   Comments
Main Provisions Ainmnum)
Must Wait Three Years for Control
That proposal would practically
have given tlie government at once
control of a majority of tho stock.
But under the new arrangement presented at caucus this morning the
only way in which the government
can obtain control of a majority ot
the stock and therefore compel a reorganization of the company or exer-
• a real control of the financial
operations of Mackenzie & Mann is
by waiting three years, and then, if
there is a default of interest payments the balance of sixty per cent
of the stock may be transferred to
the government. Meanwhile the railway promoters have two years ln
which to make good their vested Interest and clean up. Just where the
public Interest comes ln is not apparent on the face of It, beyond the
claim that   the  aid proposed   to be
main provisions »>f the proposed legislation wen* summarized In
a statement handed out from the
premier's office shortly before midnight. In brief, they, Include the
folio wing, in addition in those already outlined:
The government undertakes to pay
Uie Interest if necessary on the forty-five millions guaranteed for three
years after the opening of the
through line between Montreal and
the Pacific coast, such interest to be
added   tu   the   principal   aud   secured
equally with it.
The stock Issue of the Canadian
Northern and its stthsldary lines,
amounting to $14f>,000,0()0, is reduced
to $100,000,000, of which the government Is to receive in actual possession for the public $40,000,000; this
to Incluude the seven millions transferred to the government last session
at the end of tlie subsidy grant. As
security the government receives a
mortgage on the Canadian Northern
lines in the three prairie provinces,
comprising about (ive thousand miles.
The value of this mortgage is problematical, in view of the prior lien of
the provincial legislatures lor bond
guarantees. The subsidiary stock
merged In the one campany and
recapitalized ut $100,000,000 Includes
the various subsidiary railway companies and the C.N.R, Steamship company. The interest to Mackenzie &
Mann, Limited, which owns the town-
sites and valuable? real estate In the
three prairie provinces, is also pledged to the government as security.
This security consists of ten millions
of bonds and twelve millions of stock
and thc government regards it us a
valuable asset. There are detailed
stipulations designated to prevent
any diversion of tlie money raised on
the federal bond guarantee to purposes other than thc completion of
the transcontinental system.
"Country Sold Often; This the Worst
"This is the most damnable thing
ever submitted to a body of public
men. This country has been sold !
out many times, but this is the worst j
This umazlng statement was made
by a Conservative member in the
parliamentary corridors this after-;
noon, following the breaking up of
the party caucus called to hear the ,
deal made by1 the government with
the Canadian Northern railway. Other'
supporters of the government were
talking equally frankly, if lens forcefully.
"Denials" Measured ut Worth
There is no longer doubt as to the
absolute accuracy of the in forma- |
tion, published from time to time,
concerning this deal. The varied j
"denials" of Premier Borden and
Finance Minister White are now measured at their worth. The stage play
is finished. Members recognize how
true were the assurances given in
these despatches that the caucus was
being hoaxed, tbat the country was
being trapped, and that the "understanding" was reached between the
government and Sir William Mackenzie, Sir Donald Mann and Mr. '/. A.
Lash several weeks ago.
Bennett and Nickle  Left ('uncus
(From Industrial Progress and t'om-
i vial  Record).
Boozelton Valley, B.C., April 15, 1914
My Bear Mr, Editor;
of you dont mlndt I vos going to
wridt to vou every little vile a few
lines gouzerning matters in sheneral
aud der slitate of plzness in Brldish
Columbia In perdlgular, 1 am only a
plain man of plzness nnd berhape
dls town is a bit avay from der center of tings, but der looker-on sees
der hole in der game and berhaps
maybe dat my uoticelngs vill bring
Into der Itmellghta few tings dat
might be vofth vile for a llddle bup-
llcity, Isn't it'.'
As a regular subscltriptloner to
your chournal you vtll uertnldt me to
say dat I like der eheneral tone of
your Implication, vlch 1 tinks "villa
a long felt vant." l vant to say also, dat all der beople in dU dislitrict
are great boosters for de idea of der
"subbort-der-home-mader-ardikle -industry - iu - British - Columbia-movement," vot your chournal stands for.
Ilersonally, I um a sthrong booster
for der il. C, goods, For ihsthance
I never shmoke imborted segars—
but as I am not a shmoker, berhaps
this is not a goot instance. But take
for example—Beer. I alvaya drink
B.C. beer, in fact I makes a bolnt
nf drlnkin all of It dat I can get my
friends to buy me. I brefrr to get
my vrlends to bay for it pecause I am
also a sthrong perliover in der
"keep your money at honu" fcrin*
Vhile on der subject of segarSi gan
yon berhaps dell me vedder de
"amendments to de noxious weeds
act" vlch I aee in der robort of der
Agricultural Commlshon Is gounect-
ed vid B.C. Begars?
1   hope  der   unit' d   efforts   of   der
manufacturers vill Inbrova der pit**
neas of der brovince lu eheneral, Up
here tings uint good sbusi now vid
me. In fact, 1 um sorry to say tings
is ba<i aud 1 bud to make an ar-
randgements mit my gredltors last
veek Der chairman at der meetln
told in*' dat after gonslderashlons dey
had decided to agcept sixty cents on
der dollar—cash, I told him dat ef I
got to pay cash i vant der usual cash
Having glo.sed up der drygoods
store, I am tlnkin of sthartin a
boultry varni. But I am ub against
a difficulty, .Mr. Editor, and I vants
you to pring the matter to der notice
of der aszoclatiou. I see vrom der
bapers dat Chinese eggs is being imborted China and vot 1 vants to know
i» vy sould my chlckuns got to gom-
pete vid Orlentaol chlckune Der last
rebort of der Labor Qommtshon re-
?Ight*hour day and vy
kuns not be brotected
ap an aveated labor of
gommeuds ai
should my el
against der ci
der chink.
I nodtce In
Narrows Prld
tenders for
hear dls is
.-pan prtdge,
be as long
bably elaps<
der tneders
gontracta,  i
i der bapers der Segond
Ige Company lias obened
der brobosed pridge. I
goin to be a very vide
Et der spaa is goin to
i- der time ti.a vill pro-
litve-tt tier  obening of
und der gloslng of der
vill     be   der     longest
bridge lu der voridt.
How vos it dat B.C got left In der
cold over der Vestern Freight Rate
decision? 1 dont see dut it is much
ponellt to BC. dnt a small reduction
eastvards Is given, ven a bigger reduction vestvard is given to der easterners
Yours resbestfull.
Isaac Btmmstein,
Z i!:tt:''t  1 ,.1 'i'- WuDICIl.   J'' a \x>\ or UlfMtOT
jlo. .**-•;..[ at a I Proi star**, or inttlMl to any
n.Mtv-j**".! *      >ttii i-ricf    rna bcorku. Daw
Vitality:for K'*jrr« «■ •> Bndo   bicreuu''|tay
Those Who Rely on
tlie great home remedy which has proved its power to
relieve safely and speedily the minor ailments arising
from defective cr irregular action of the organs of
digestion, find themselves spared hours of suffering
and able to ward olT the attacks of serious sicknesss.
never disappoint those who take them. They help the
digestion, stimulate the iiver, clear the kidneys and regulate the bowels. By purifying tlie blood they increase
cheerfulness and create confidence. As actions depend
on health and strength, those who know Beecham's Pills
Enjoy Life
Pre*Mr**J only br Tho-rxi R«;::e-, ft. Hfttou, Lj-net,«*>-:, **Tnr)irtJ.
 Said esr*Tjwh*re in Ctn*  * *rj 1 . S. Afner-'*.    i I :^trt. 2.-> c-r:i.
A   Rat.)   UVW   llmulMUn
, I ••
: '*.
.   t*M«   fm   u   b.1   t a   fi-erf*
*v ■.    if.-     :>#     J4..U '..     - M '
: .s  .'    A   U   '#   I/O*     tot   sr*4
is   .n..    . -   t   r -»   Win*.      ^ *
;.! ,t :-   I   IJOTD,  • W***H
U       CAN
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard St. and Trent Ave,
kThe Dve that color* ANY KIND|
t     of Cloth Perfectly. * iih the
fNoCtiiiWfol Mii'ikM.   f.lfiri indftipKil-.
AU v.ui Dr*nMM !>»»!«. *,,.,* fi„ it--,kl-t   ]
IMMmM >«inr<lM,i. (.<, IjmjirC, MunUt-.! A
II Mikh V, M. I'm MimiTiiN
I liun* 'Jill)
Messrs. Ft. B. Dennett, of Calgary,
and W. F. Nickle, of Kingston, left
the Conservative cations today Immediately after the Government-Mackenzie deal had been outlined. They
evidently took this rotirno to free
themselves of any suggestion of
eaves-dropping by remaining to lieur
a frank and bitter ncrimonfous discussion. Surrounded by newspaper
men they jointly mad'* tiie following
"After listening to the government's proposals of aid for MackSO**
tie & Mann, we left the caucus because, In our opinion, the proposals
are in the interest of railway contractors and not In the Interest of the
A modern equipped Oafe at moderate
l..itt!e t!.nu hn.I up per day
Our 111111 mt»t*tfl all trains
W. E. WORDEN. Prop'r
Use I'mrMuii Sane.
Ft's entirely needless to liave unsightly, matted, thin or faded huir. A
little care Is all tliat Is needed to make
It thick, soft, pretty, perfectly healthy
and free from dandruff.
Use Parisian Sage—it supplies hair
needs and Is absolutely harmless. It
quickly stops itching head and falling
hair, and Is one of tlie best tonics to
Invigorate the scalp and make the
hair grow long and beautiful,
(let a bottle of Parisian Sage today
from Beattie-Murphy Co., Ud., or al
nny drug counter. It coats but 50
cents. Huh It Into the scalp all dandruff disappears—your head feele tine
—tho hair ls pretty and perfectly healthy.
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J A BOB 0OETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
It you  wint satisfaction with
your washing;  send
it to
Special priced for family work.
66  PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
BaKKagt-' Transfer
Sand and Qravel Supplied
Giant Powder
Moving Pianos a Specialty
Furniture and Baggage
J. MILNE, Manager
(£D     Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men
J|^                                        fREC C0NSUITAT0N AND ADVICfc
Rplfyfl^^           Mj mm i«i   'j'ln k  lanting*
iiit^fjJSfflil         TiM|1 ol untie when   nwifimii
/ffe3n(sSj)|l           '!• I"3        l*i ll.M "i*' illillglTltl
//(h^fKSqltl      '*'     Kvurytliiiig  iniiiiili-iiii
// toBB \\      "lunilavH, Plan  N. 1 p.in
in*** KNiiniiiiHii ut Diodsrata
iiinntiMii fm   PfM isatola*
OoDBQll   nn—Ut-a     Dun'l
.   dill or wni*    Krif booh
1.    Ilmirit   tin itt. to fl !• in
rSn      DRsKBLLBV
w\\WaWBl                           Howard
********************** ********************** I
|| Imperial Bank o! Canada j
i *
i •
$10,000,000.00 »
6.925,000.00 I
8,100,000.00 ♦
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents
D. R. WILK1E, Prenident.
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merobante ♦
,,  Farmers and Private Individuals invited. J
''       Drafts und Letters of Credit issued available in any part of J
tbe world, ♦
! I       SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special   attention X
] |  given to Savings Bank Accounts.    Deposits of $1.00   aud J
11   upwards receivnd and interest allowed from date of deposit. X
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Edison's Latest Wonder
is so faithful and lifelike in its tone reproduction,
so fine and broad in the scope of its selections,
so high in its plane of artists, that you can
almost see the stage setting.
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A Good   Home
is what ia dear to every man. A homo
is where Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. Tbat is tbe reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
ii Canadian Hotel
We Cannat Change the Styles, Hut  We Can  Check  Foiling;
Up to Uio time wc began to civilize
him a bald headed Indlun was a thing
unknown. Wearing nothing on his
head except the covering furnished by
nature aud being a stranger tn tlie
use of a hair brush, especially the
public one, the Healp and hair had
plenty of ventilation, much sunlight;
and, hence, a condition favorable to a
luxuriant growth of hair existed at
all   times.
It was the adoption of air and light
excluding head gears and artificial
head decoration generally, together'
with the occasional use of a commtin-
Ity hair brush, which gave the dan* I
druff germ Its opportunity. Since
this purest is has multiplied to an'
alarming degree until now there is
hardly a person who Ih BOt troubled !
more or less with dandruff und railing ,
Many, to be sure, have passed tlie
worry stage. Having become chronically bald they realize tliat nothing
ls capable of producing hair for
them.   Let these be a warning to all
who arc experiencing tlie significant
annoyance ot dandruff aud falling
Dandruff, which is due to a germ,
and falling hair can belli bo over-
tome by the regular use of .Newbro's
This wonderful ccalp remedy frees
tlie scalp of all dandruff and stops the
hair from coming out Tlie destruction of the germ permits the hair
to grow naturally and luxuriantly as
nature Intends.
Herpicide makes the hair bright,
snappy, light and Huffy.
Newbro's Herpicide in BOc, and $1.00
slz.es is sold by ull dealers who guarantee It to do all that Is claimed. If
you arc not satisfied your money
will be refunded.
Applications obtained at the better
bnrber shops and huir dreeing parlors.
Send 10c. In postage or silver for
sample nnd booklet to The Herpicide
Co.. Dept. K., Detroit, Mich.
Heattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
(By Fred Roo.)
I Mr. Hicks and several engineers of
i the water branch, department of
| lands, were in Elko this week, and
] Engineer McKee Ib left in charge of
I skilled workmen putting in cement
i piers for  wire cables.
Mr. Ed. Mallendaine, Capt. Powell
I and P. 13. Fowler were visiting Elko
I aud Flagstone this week.
I    Lieutenant F. H. Morris, member of
thu  Canadlun   Bisley  team  for  five
| consecutive years and winner of the
< deliberate and rapid Are champion -
: siiip of the   British  Empire, visited
1 Klko this week and gave a free pub-
; lie demonstration of fancy serial rifle
, shooting ou the baseball diamond be-
| fore a large crowd of spectators, a
large number of ladles being present,
as the exhibition was well advertised
through the town.   22, 33, 30-30 and
32 special rifles were used.   The 22
mushroom  bullet was very popular
with the boys, and we pi edict a great
slaughter of gophers throughout the
district with the 22 bullet from now
i on.   The demonstration consisted of
about three    hundred   fancy   shots,
throwing up pieces of coal, busting
it, then  some ot the pieces before
reaching  thc  ground,  shooting  100
; shots in  rapid succession and then
! exhibiting the barrel of the gun to
| show  tlie  cleanliness.    Onions, carrots,  spuds,  oranges,  canned  corn,
; every ingredient for a mulligan was
| carted to tlie grounds and used in
' the exhibition.   It was the finest exhibition of rifle shooting ever seen In
Elko, and was thoroughly enjoyed by
; the ladies, and wlll prove a big boost
] for the   Dominion   Cartridge   coni-
■ pany, whose shells we found our-
! selves very punk   three   years   ago.
One of the lady spectators said she
i believed, he could shoot the eye out of
: a mosquito, and take thc tip of his
[ tongue off if he went to bite. He's as
■ sharp as a tack, and as smooth as
; oil, said another, and he took all the
i compliments like a little tin soldier
\ and made fast friends while some
. people would be getting acquainted.
He left on the early morning train
for Medicine Hat, but expects to re-
: turn and visit the Tobacco Plains
Tlie Hon. Thomas Taylor, minister
of public works, Victoria, B.C., was
nn Elko visitor tills week, the guest
of the writer.
J. M. Agnew and family were Flagstone visitors this week.
Mrs. E. B. Holbrook was a Gateway
visitor this week; Miss Albertson
left for a month's visit to Wycliffe;
j Mrs. It. Joyce was to Cranbrook;
Mrs. J. W. Kerr and Mrs. Hardman
going to Fernie.
Arrivals this week: Sylvester Bradley, taking orders for the Creston
peach crop, and was extra heavy on
j the tomatoes, string be&as and crab
I apples; Frank Werley, with jams and
| jellies, honey coated candy dogs and
other kinds of ginger snaps; Whit-
; worth, with fence spikes, Steele rails
; and sprinklers; Jim Black, making
his first appearance this year, with
* men's furnishings and tleece-llned
overalls, with his usual jovial per-
', sonality and pleasing manners. Lou
! tlircly, "the Sir Richard of the road"
| whose political arguments would
; make a militant suffragette stop home
[ and study cooking. He delivered a
| splendid address to the board ot
trade on the imports we were recelv-
1 ing from the colonies, and which
' should be produced In our own prov-
j Inee, and there was far more truth in
: liis statements than fiction. Coming
events cast their shadows before us,
be ye therefore ready for ye know not
I when thc next election will be called. There was about a doien mill
nchinery men around and down the
valley.      A  jobbers    traveller from
Winnipeg with a special brand of
hardtack biscuits, Red River salmon,
gum boots and overalls; a cigar traveller from Montreal, who handed us a
cigar you couldn't light with a blow
pipe; W. G. Scott, who Is virtually
klug of the biscuit travellers; Miss
Millie Moccasin String, the great
Diva and only living rival to the
famous Adelina Pattl, with beaded
gloves, belts aud moccasins; Frankel
the Jaffray meat king, new arrivals
on every train.
(Special correspondence)
James Roberts, accom panted by his
: wifo und daughter Mary, returned to
| Moyie on Wednesday from Dalton-ln-
I Furncss, England. They sailed on
j the steamship Virginian, returning
by way of St. John, after an absence
! of about five months.
i C. F. Botamley, of Three Dills, Al-
| borta, returned to Moyie on Wednes-
! day, but loft on Thursday for Vancouver.
It. C. lilt AMI TIIK
What will be the effect of the opening ot the Panama Canal upon the
lumber trade of Canada? No one will
be able to answer tho question fully
until trade has settled down Into its
new channels, but most of those who
have been thinking of the matter have
already found out, to their own satisfaction, thai the effect will be widespread nnd important, By wav of
giving an Instance whieh will Indicate
at the outset that the offoit will L«9
extensive, It Is only necessary to mention the fact that thc Panama Canal
has already been the chief factor in
the awarding of the contract for
24,000,000 feet of timbers to be used
In Toronto's harbor improvement
workH, as reported In the April first
Issue of tho Canada Lumberman, A
small quantity of the timbers for this
contract will bo delivered hy rail, hut
tho contract Is spread over four
years, and uftor the opening of tlio
canal to traffic, which li expeeted to
occur about the first of July of the
present year, tlie balance of the timbers wlll be shipped by vessel to
; some Atlantic eoast port, and from
there trans-shipped for carriage to
, Toronto. Here ls n contract involving over $250,000 taken In advance of
the opening of thc canal, which the
ciinal lias rendered possible. After tiie
canal has come Into operation nnd
trade has settled Into its new channels, it Is reasonable to believe, iu
view of this preliminary example,
that tlie possibilities for increasing
the trade In British Columbia timbers in Eastern Canada and the
Eastern States will be very great.
At present, British Columbia timber and lumber pay a freight rnto at
67c. per hundred pounds to Toronto
from coast points. Flr In tlie rough
weighs 3,200 Ths. per thousand feet,
I so that the freight rate figures out at
$21.4-1 per thousand feet, a pretty
stiff handicap when the timber has to
! face competition from cunt em pro-
| ducts and southern pine. Under the
i rnto which will he brought into of-
feot hy the Panama Canal,  British
Columbia lir from coast points will
i reach Toronto for a charge of about
10c. per hundred pounds, which flg-
; arcs out at ubout $12.80 per thou-
sand feet.   Between $12.60 and $13.00
is expected to be the actual rato per
thousand feet.   This will mean a re-
! ductlon in freight charges ot between
$S and V-i per thousand feet and wlll
, enable toast manufacturers of flr to
] lay tlieir products down in Toronto
at less than the prico of yellow pine.
When   one  considers  the  Increased
trade In yellow pine which has   developed  during  thc  last  few  years
throughout all parts of Ontario and
Eastern Canada generally, It Is reasonable to conclude that the market
for lir under the new conditions will
he a largj one.   Shingles from   the
coast now pay 75c. a hundred lbs., or
about $1.20 per thousand pieces. By
I wny of tho Panama Canal the rate
: will be about 65c. a hundred lbs., or
: about $1.04    per    thousand    pieces,
l making u reduction ot about 16c. per
I thousand pieces.
The Impreslon prevails ln London,
i tliat the Duke of Cannaught has In-
I tlmatcd his willingness to favorably
i consider a future Invitation to become
the lirst lieutenant-governor of Ire-
' land under home rule, should the bill
he plneed on the statutes books this
1 session. The government realizes the
I enormous advantage of starting the
, new regime under one whoso tnct and
Impartiality to all classes and sects
j both ln England and Ireland havo full
i confidence.
C, H. MeDougall, superintendent
of thc Consolid&tcJ Mining company' s mines at Kimberley and
Moyie, was in town on Wednesday.
Ben aWmuga retiirneu to Moylo on
tneuuesuuy  ii-oiu  Three  uhls, Mt*.
».,. a, route, Aiex. MoFariaue, j. p.
.u.ii.11, j. j-tidcuourn and many oth-
c*rB uj.ik aQvantage of tuc opening of
.uu trout iittiiiug season on .nay lt>t,
jy u trip lo me Aiouroe lake.
Mrs. i'. Lutner aud uuugntcr Agues
•uii lot* (Jruuorook on Wednesday.
Devotional exercises by tiie culld-
,uii ui the Cathoilc church are being
..e.u eacn uay during May.
Ou Thursuuy Airs. Ed. Dutt and
Miss Lily Conrad witnessed tlie performance ol tne Ahuu Players in
J. McNeil returned to town last
Uu Wednesday two men were t::ken
into sustody by police J. T. Browning charged with vagrancy. On Friday tiiey were given tr:al and sentenced to four nioaths in the Nelson
jail. It appears that these men had
been let out of the Lethbridge provincial Jail three days before.
Mrs. Otis Hen-iii and daughter
Thelma returned home cn Saturday,
after au absence of over a week spent
in Cranbrook.
Mr. Payette, relieving C.P.R, station agent, left for Cranbrook on Saturday.
On Saturday evening a party was
held at the home of Mrs. H. H. Dlm-
ock, in honor of her daughter Hazel.
On Tuesday the semi-annual meeting of the district meeting of the
Methodist church was held in Cranbrook. W. B. Willan and J. Blackburn attended from here.
Ou May 1st tlie boys of Miss Martin's class presented their teacher
with a beautiful May basket. The
evening was pleasantly spent with
A number of Kimberley people motored from that place to Moyle on
Sunday, ln the party were Mr. and
Mrs. H. Gamble, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey McKenzlc, Miss Handley, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Ege and Mr. and Mrs. T.
The following Is a report of the
Moyle public school for April:
Division 1
Miss V. Martin, principal
Nunmber of pupils attending.... 23
Total attendance  320
Average daily attendance   20
Honor mention for regularity and
Mary Bates
Alma Desaulnlers
Hazel Dlmock
John Feroglla
Julia Home
Douglas Home
Mary MacFarlane
John MacFarlane
{    Hllmcr Nordman
Division 2
Miss F. McLean, teacher
I Number of pupils attending .. 26.00
; Total attendance  378.05
[ Average attendance     23.65
Honor mention for regularity and
, punctuality:
j    Gertrude Conrad
|    Emily Dlmock
■    Helen Dimock
Emille Desaulnlers
1    Units Desaulnlers
Thomas Ewlngs
Dominic Feroglla
Louis Home
Thomas Kenny
Esther Nordman
Harold Nordine
Walter Martin
Charles Martin
Ida Pearson
Miss Attwood and Miss Nina Att-
wood left for Calgary on Monday.
J. T. Martin, jr., wlfo and child, arrived In Moyle on Tuesday from Sand
Point, Idaho, on* a visit to Mrs. J. T.
Martin and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Gaffney and children,
of Wardner, passed through Moyle on
Sunday on their way to Vancouver.
W. D. F. Crosby returned on Monday trom a business trip to Cranbrook.
On Tuesday night a large circle of
friends gave a surprise party on
Mrs. H. H. Dlmock.
A meeting of tho Conservative association was held on Tuesday night
In tlio International hall and was
well attended.
(From our own correspondent).
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Smith, on Sunday, April 20th, a nine-
pound boy. Congratulations are in
The Methodist Ladles Aid society
held tholr regular fortnightly meeting
at the home of Mrs. G. F. Heath on
Thursday afternoon, with a full attendance present. The ladies are
planning a social evening on May
llth at the club house. A short musical programme will bo given, followed by games nnd refreshments, It ls
hoped there will be a Inrgo attendance, as the object ls to raise funds
for a worthy cause.
Mr. and Mrs. Munn, of Calgary,
were visitors at tho Bennett ranch
last week, with a view of purchasing
, sume. It is hoped that tlio Bennett
! fumily will not leave this part of the
country, as they would ho greatly
Andy Anderson, millwright at the
Staples mill wbb unfortunate In getting some emery embedded in the
ball of his eye last week, necessitating his seeing a physician in Cranbrook, who was able to remove tlio
foreign substance.
Geo. Davis, our young postmaster,
was a visitor in Spokane for several
days the past week, having some den-
| tat work done and seeing the sights.
| G. F. Heath took in tliet annual
. roll call and sociat in Cranbrook
j Monday evening of the Key City
! lodge, of the I.O.O.F., and reports a
| fine time.
!    Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Staples, who
I have been In Cranbrook for a couple
| of  weeks,  combining  business  with
I pleasure, returned home Saturday.
|    Capt. and Mrs. Carruthers, ot the
j Salvation Army, were in town several
days the paBt week, and gave a very
interesting and instructive entertainment  at the  schoolhouse  Thursday
evening, consisting mainly of views
of the Life of Christ. Tliey also visited Marysville and Kimberley during
the week.   While in town Capt. and
Mrs. Carruthers wore the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. McDonald.
Several people from this section of
the country were ln Cranbrook   on
May 1st to file on the land that wu
thrown open tor settlement on tut
date. Despite the rush there were a
number fortunate in being able to
die, among them being Messrs. Qui-
t'.i'son, Johnson, C. Conover, Wright,
Soderholm and Miss Oman.
H. W. Davis, secretary of the Otis
Staples Lumber company, returned
Saturday from a trip of about a week
to Winnipeg and Minnesota points.
Two new employees have arrived
and are at work with the Otis Staples
Lumber company. Andrew Hagen in
tho capacity of saw filer and David
Guthrie as chief engineer.
Hugh Buchanan has been confined
to his home a couple of days this
week, suffering from a severe train
received while ut work in the mill as
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Crosby was tlie scene of a merry
gathering on last Wednesday evening, when a large number ot tholr
friends gave them a surprise, tho occasion being tlieir tenth wedding anniversary. Doubtful music by a tin
hand was the first Intimation that
anyone was near, and the surprise
was complete. Tho evening was
Spent in playing childhood games und
in consuming a delicious throe course
: lunch. The Rev. A. B. Lane, ln a
| very witty little speech presented
Mr. and Mrs. Crosby, on behalf of the
pnrty with a Universal bread mixer.
The pleasant evening wound up with
tlie singing of Auld Lang Syne and
three cheers for tho Crosbys.
J Mr. Thomas Elmore Lucy appeared
'. at tho club house on Saturday evening under the auspices of the Metlio-
dist church, as an actor, artist and
'• impersonator. Rarely Indeed do we
: find so versatile and clever an entertainer as Mr. Lucy, not only being
at tlie top notch as an impersonator
j and actor, but exceedingly clever
! with the crayon as a sketch artist
| and possessing a fine baritone voice,
j used   with  ease and expresion.  His
| Don't be skeptical about RHEUMA, the
i modern enemy of Rheumatism, Lumbago,
| Sciatica, Arthritis, (iout, Chronic Neural*
i gia,or Kidney Disease. After taking a few
j doses you will kr.ow that the puiisonuus
■ Uric Acid is leaving the system.
| "For six years 1 was practically a cripple
\ on crutches from Rheumatism. One hot*
j tie of Rheuma cured me."-—j. K. Green*
j burg, 383:*) Cottage drove Ave.. Chicago. Ill
1    KHEl'MA-i'uaramee-i-oOc. a bottle.
! Real tie- Murphy Co. Ltd* Agents.
humorous selections were most mirth
provoking and kept his listeners in a
gale of laughter. They included extracts from Bill Nye, James Whit-
comb Riley and others. As an exponent of Shakespeare, Mr. Lucy was
especially fine, giving Cardinal Wol-
sey's pathetic farewell of Cromwell,
from Henry the Eighth, and the
scene between the Duke of Gloucester
and Queen Anne, from Richard the
Third. Among the famous men impersonated were Abraham Lincoln,
dear to the heart of every American;
Napoleon Bonaparte and Edgar Allen
Poe, whose Immortal poem "Tho
Raven," was given with fine dramatic effect. Wycliffe people were very
fortunate In being able to hear such
nn artist ns Mr. Lucy, nnd tt ts hoped
he wlll return ut some future date.
Mr. and Mrs. Gustafson nro tho
proud parents of a baby girl, born on
Sunday, May 3rd.
There was a lurgo attendance ln
tiie Marysville school house last Sunday on the occasion of tho baptism of
little Muriel Horchmer. Tho Rev. A.
B. Lane officiated.
Bills are out announcing a dance
at the club house on tho evening of
May 12th, given by the mebers of the
club. Music wilt bo furnished by tho
Wallinger orchestra of Cranbrook,
which should Insure a good attendance.
(From our own correspondent).
The City Bakery, owned by Earl
Barraelougli, was gutted by fire on
Monday at 2 a.m. A defective flue
was the cuuse. Excitement ran high
for some time, as It was thought that
tlie whole block was doomed, but efficient work by the volunteer brlg-
ude saved the situation The loss will
be about $500.00.
R. S. Bevon and Hugh McCreath
motored to Port Hill on Saturday
evening, returning Sunday morning.
In the provincial police court on
Monday before Guy Lowenberg and
William Watson, justices of the
peace, Thos. D. Bunco was convicted
of stealing a quantity of manure from
the Morgan ranch on Goat river bottom. The prisoner was allowed his
freedom on suspended sentence.
George Ferguson, of tho Nelson
Transfer barns, Is lu tho Creston
neighborhood purehiWii; light
Creston will celebrate Vic:oria day.
Some Tasks are Hard and
Some Tasks are Easy for
While Few Indeed are Impossible
The easy advertising tasks are usually
accomplished through ONE PUBLICATION of the advertisement. The
hard advertising tasks may require REPEATED PUBLICATIONS of the
advertising — sometimes growing into
the dignity of " advertising campaigns."
And, while purely " transient" advertising may not complete the task set for
it, an "advertising campaign" does not
fail if sensible persistence is used. This
means that such difficult advertising
tasks as that of finding ONE BEST
BUYER for your property, or the man
who will be glad to invest in your enterprise, or the best possible tenant for that
store or business property, are SURE
enter upon suitable advertising campaigns.
You Are Business-Like in Most Things, and Yet Not an Ad. Reader i
If you'll take the trouble to read the
advertisements carefully, interestedly, in
this and future issues of the " Herald,"
you'll decide that you've been using poor
business judgment in overlooking them
in the past. You'll find,even in your
reading of the advertisements, buying
opportunities — clues to business opportunities that should be followed up —
tmaeysavina; and tmney-makng Facts.
The store with » Reputation
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Where It Fsja to Deal
A. K Ji.NRa T. J. Poaia
Plume IIHII I'lione 1111
llox 111J
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
l.ot u* OiiiiUi Ynu Prices Before
Yuu lluil.l
H«i ui about your Concrete anti
Basement Work
E   have   just
received a nice
assortment of
Beads in a great
variety of
Prices ranging from
$1.75 to $4.50
Beads are very much in favor
just at present, therefore, if
you want the latest in neckwear, come in and look at onr
display. We also have some
very nice Cut Amber Beads,
which are also very much in
vogue. It will give us a great
deal of pleasure to show
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
2«per word forflrat week, and leper
word For each week after
a _—
WASTED.—Wort   br cUr   or   hour.
Apply Box E„ Herald office.   19-it*
PaMor W. K. Thomson
YOU will find
every kind nt this
store. See our sci-
ted eye-trlnBses, which nniilile
yon to see as well at a distance as close at hand—bifocal glasRCB. Don't ruin ynur
eyes — buware of cheiip
glasses. Come and hnve n
confidential talk- -it will cost
you nothing.
Next tu the Port Oftluu
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Ken R. Poster, ot Gateway, was a
visitor In the city today.
Mrs.Stokes left this week for a
visit with relatives at Walla Wullo,
Mr. V. Hyde Baker returned, home j
last Friday atter spending the winter
i In the old country.
Mrs. M. E. Lees will receive on
1 Wednesday, May 13th, tor the last
' time this season.
! WANTED.—By young lady, charge ol
i children', mornings or afternoons.
!    Write Box 667, city. 19--t*
MrB. Fred Wasson, Norbury avenue,
I wlll not receive Wednesday, the 13th
'■ inst., nor again this season.
R. A. Fraser haB been appointed
to UU a vacancy on the staff at the
local government olllces.
i The W.F.M.S. ot Knox church will
meet at the home ot Mrs. W. W. McOregor on Thursday, May 14th, at 3.30
I p.m.
Special blend ol coffee, 35c, 50c, and
60c. per Ib. at Ward & Harls.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Next Friday,
J. McDonald has rented tlie store
room recently vacated by the W. M.
Park harness store and is moving his
pool room from the Leask building
May 8th,   Is   Arbor Into that location.
Marriage licenses were issued tlie
Safety  deposit  boxes  to  rent at l>a»t week to William C. Crebbln and
Beale & Elwell's. Jane Parnaby, both of Cranbrook, and
  llussell Herbert Patterson and Sadie
B.C. mining men Bay that Moyie will   II. Hall, both of Fort Steele.
have a mining revival. .	
 ■ PHONE S—Fresh killed, grain fed
Miss May Jamleson. of Calgary, ls kme(li ci,0|ce stock, nnij our meats arc
tlie best to be had. Give us a trial.—
pork at the Cranbrook Meat Market.
WANTED.—By young lady, charge of
children; mornings or afternoons.
Write Box 667, city. 19—t*
WANTED.-Two gentlemen boarders, to share room, $6.00 weekly.
Apply Mrs. Parry, Slatervllle. 19-1*
health the owner iB compelled to
sell tobacco and cigar business familiarly known as Bob's Place. Apply
at store. 19
FOR SALE.—Young mare harnett
•nd buggy.   Apply    Box    1,   Herald
Office. 2-t!
very cheap, suitable for warehouse,
dry, electric light.   Apply Herald.
WANTED—Posl'lnn as  housekeeper.
Desires   situation   wliere  lady  can
have  her  daughter, aged 13,  with
i    her.   Apply Queens hotel.     18-lt*
11.60 for 10; also fresh cream for
sale. Phone Awmack's    ranch    or
1    Box 142. 16-3t
FOB   BENT  CHEAP-Fonr roomi
cottage with bath, phone, electric
light, large cordwood shed, kitchen
range and heater, good location,
fenced. Three minutes walk from
P.O. Furnished or unfurnished. Ap-
:    ply phone 317. 14-tf*
FOR SALE—New Democrat, cost 1156,
for Bale $90.   Apply Herald.      tf*
LARGE LOTS.-Small price, 1100.001
cash or terms; off Watt Avenue.
Compare these with others. Apply
Guy Russell, opposite Billy Neale's
residence, P.O. Box, Cranbrook,
B.C. 17-lt*
TAILORING.—Ladies suits cleaned
and presed; Chicago experlenca.-—
Miss Baker, near Lcask's store,   li-tf
FOB SALE CHEAP—Young mart,
four years old, very gentle, harness, 1
buggy, cutter, will work. Just tht
thing for rancher. Apply Herald
offlce. tt*
TO BENT—Comfortable four roomed
cottage with bath and all modern
conveniences, fenced, use of kitchen
range and heater. (20 per month
Including water.   Apply Herald.
RANCH TO RENT —Comfortable
house, stable for six horses, about
10 acres broken, good grazing land,
plenty wood and water. Apply Herald Office.
FOB .SALE—S. .('. .Whit* .Leghorn
eggs, $1.50 per setting; Partridge
Wyandotte eggs, $1.50 per setting.
Fertility guaranteed. Baby chicks a
specialty. Apply E. H. Slater,
phone 292. 16-41
Mother's Day
Morning service, 11 a.m.
Subject:    "Mary,    tlie    Mother
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
Vocal selections at both services.
Choir  leader—Mrs.   K.   Paterson.
Organist—Mr.  H.  Stephens.
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Mid-week service Tuesday, S p.m.
Knox Literary and    Debating Sor-
lety on Wednesday evening, 8 p.m
visiting Miss Edith McBride.
Mrs. J. D. McBride will not receive
formully again until next fall.
Widl strawberries and gooseberries
are In bloom on the outskirts of the
MrB. K. A. Hill will not receive on
Friday, May 15th, or again this season.
Mrs. II. A. McKowan will not receive again during the summer
Fresh strawberries on Saturday at
Ward « Harris.
Mrs. C. J. Little ami little sou left
today for the coast, where they will
spend the next two months visiting
Vancouver and Victoria In the hope
ot benefitting Mrs. Little's health.
W. II. Wilson iB issuing a baby
booklet to those of his customers
who will call for same. The hook
contains valuable Information concerning "baby" as well ns complete
recordB. and Is a very pretty little
Copt, and Mrs. Carruthers. of the
Salvation Army corp, havo received
Mrs. Alex. L McDermot will not their   farewelling   orders   to   leave
receive Thursday, May llth, nor again  Cranbrook on   Thursday,   May   21st
this seiison.
1,08T.-Saddle    blanket,
Sullivan's    ranch    and    Cranbrook
St.    Please leave at Herald office.
Tlie members ot the Cradle Roll department of Knoi church will be en-
Capt  Carruthers  has  been  ln  command of the local corp for the past
between ' eighteen months.
PHONE S   We handle only   fresh-
Cranbrook Meat Market.
There will be a whlBt evening from
tertalned   In   the   achool   room   of' • ,0 •• I"" at i]K Indopendcnt Order
Tuesday. May 12th, from 3 to 6 p.m.   'o( Foresters, Court  Wild Horse,   In
  : l.eask'8 hall, next to Imperial hank
DONT PAY BENT.—We wlll hulld yon ' on Thursday cxenlng, the llth. Evcry-
a house to order, buy the lot and body welcome. No chnrgc for ad-
liulld to suit you.   If you want a mi„ion.   come and enjoy yourself.
home of your own, drop mc a card. __	
llox ABC, Herald office. 18-tt.    Al „,„ mot,llng ot tl,c cmUt„rB   „,
Fred small made a hurried trip to ' W' M p»rk * Co',10"1 al *•*• °mc0 ol
Canal Flats the first of the week J°»' n'r"n on W«d»oe«»y afternoon
making preliminary arrangements fori"10 "««">«■>' <•' *-''"- «unl,or; 0l!or^
the cstabllBhment ol his ncw general i Asliwortli. wbb presented and showed
store. He wlll leave the latter end! B8"clB »"mdcnt l0 >""' oK tlH! croa'-
of tho week for his ncw location. :lorB I00 crnts °" ,,lc dollttr mi lcavo
-____ | a surplus.
PHONE H - Fresh sausages dally.
We make them on the premises and
can recommend them.—Cranbrook
Meat Market.
Mrs. Thos. Gaffney, of Wardner, pas-
scd through the city the first of the
weok on her way to Quallcum Beach,
B.C., where she wlll be visiting for
some time.
Mrs. S. Taylor and two clldren left
last Tuesday, May 6th, for Arnprlor,
Ont., on a four months' visit, Hr.
Taylor and daughter Haiel will go
east In July.
Beale ft Elwell have furnished and
other houses to rent See their list
before renting,
Mrs. George Gilbert aad Miss Lilian
Gilbert arrived from Vancouver the
first of the week for an extended
visit with Mrs. Gilbert's daughter,
Ure. R. A. Whtbell.
The Ladles Auxiliary of thc Ry.
Y.M.C.A. wlll hold a tea at the Y.M.
CA. building from 3 to 6 on Wednesday afternoon, May 13th. Everybody
A number ot tarmers ln this district
are bitterly complaining of the large
number ot gophers that infest their
land and that are destroying young
vegetables, such as beans, cabbages,
etc. One man stated that he was
surrounded on all sides by wild land
—and there are hundreds like him—
and that he had to spend hours of his
time on this land lighting back these
animals lo order to save his crop.
This man was ot the opinion that the
government should furnish the poison and dofray the expense of a farmer placed In such a position. A
better plan would bo for the government to place a bounty on these little
destroyers and thus give tho man on
,1a* land a chance lo break even.
The following dogs now In the city
pound will, If not claimed within three
days, from date will be disposed ol:
One black collie dag, white breast.
One black Cocker Spaniel.
One White Fox Terrier, brown ears
One Collie, old dog.
One brown mongrel.
P. Adams,
Chlet of Police
Hatching eggs from pure bred
Single Comb White Leghorns; good
laying strain, $1.50 per 13; $7.00 per
Hatching eggs from good laying
strain of Pekin Ducks, $1.50 per 10;
$10.00 per 100.
Hatching eggs from English bred
Indian Runner Ducks; limited number,
$2.00 per 10.
Alherta   Helall   Merchants   Discus
Plans to Fight Outside Business  Competitors
Calgary, Alta., May 6.—Delegates to
thc convention of the Alberta branch
. of tho Retail Merchants' association
of Canada today discussed the advisability of urging the provincial government to create a portfolio of minister of Inland trade In view of the
fact that a much larger sum ot money
Is Invested In retail distribution than
In any other manner In Alberta. The
question was left over tor another
Many delegates are In favor of the
Imposition ot heavy taxes on large
mail order catalogue houses and that
the money secured ln this fashion be
paid Into various municipalities trom
which it Is taken. It was decided to
ask the Dominion board of the association to find some means for dealing
adequately with mall order houses,
which are making serious Inroads
Into the Held the retailers regard as
their own. A resolution was also
passed to oppose any co-operative society legislation that might again be
introduced at Ottawa. The convention
Is also opposed to municipalities running stores.
Meet mt at Bob's Place.
See our window of Jardlners and
fern pots.—Lloyd Crowe ft Co.
Chas. Pye came ln Wednesday and
Is spending a few days visiting his
parents and renewing asqualntances.
A shipment of Limoges china in
white and gold and rose patterns arrived thiB week for Lloyd Crowe ft
Miss H. B. McGregor, of Vancouver,
arrived on Tuesday and is visiting at
the home of her cousin, W. W, McGregor.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Warren left Wednesday for Kingsgate, where he has
! accepted the position of assistant
-agent with the C.P.R.
The Ladles Auxiliary of the Ry.
': Y.M.C.A. will hold a tea at tbe Y.M.
CA. building from 3 to 6 on Wednesday afternoon, May 13th. Everybody
Mr. Parker, the mining engineer, who
recently came to Cranbrook on a
visit, is confined to St. Eugene hos-
; pltal with pneumonia.
J. H. Walker, manager of the
United Typewriter company, with
headquarters at Calgary, was In the
city the past week on business.
What'a a Mutt and Jeff? You will
find out at Lloyd Crowe & Co's.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Darling left
on Wednesday for Vancouver, where
Mr. Darling will accept the British
Columbia management of the Prudential Lite Insurance company.
If yon want to buy a residence you
had better Bee Beale & Elwell. Thoy
can sell you Just the property to suit
you on easy payments. Why do you
still pay rent?   See Beale ft Elwell.
Try a gallon Jar ot sweet, sour or
chow pickles, $1.25, at Ward ft Harris.
Mrs. H. Y. Parker, president of the.
Rebekah Assembly, will visit Maple
Leaf Rebekah lodge Wednesday evening, May 13th. All members are urgently requested to attend. Business:
Social evening. ' '
  Sunday May 10th.
Cranbrook Tennis club will hold a     Rev. Willan will preach at   both
mixed doubles handicap tournament services.
on Saturday afternoon, May 9th. All Morning
members wishing to play please be on preiude Selected
the grounds, as a start wlll be made oifertory-Medltatlon".'.'.'.'.'... Hyatt
at 3oclock. Postlude—Processional march  ....
In last week's account of the Con- . ',: .'..."'.I'",; J, ^,rrlller
servatlve banquet the Herald report- A"them~L"t Up Your He,d9'--H
cd Mr. 0, D. McNab, of Waldo, as be-            g
Ing one ot the speakers, which was Evening
an error, the speaker referred to be- *' "Heaven   and   Earth    Display"
ing Mr. MeDougall, of Kimberley. ,rom "Athalle"   MendelsBohn
  2. Romance   Vleuxtemps
Mr. Geo. H. Chapman has disposed ^fertory—Cantllene   Merchant
of his residence property in thia city ^Sllude—Prelude and Fugue Bb..
to Bert King and has moved hlB fam- '■  fljh^k'    DaBh
fly to Uwlstown, Mont.   Mr. King Is   An*t^i^Honsldcr ami  Hear Me"
a recent arrival from Nelson and Is      ..... ..?T.    Pfleuger
the owner of an auto for hire In the     C. F. Nidd, organist and cholrmas-
clty. ter.
—. There will be an organ recital by
Raxawa tea, none better, 36c, 60c.  Mr. Nidd in the church on Monday,
and 60c. per lb. at Ward ft Harris.       May 18th, at 8.30 p.m.
llev. O. E. Kendall. Pastor.
Preaching services, 11.00 a.m. and
7.30 p.m.
Sunday school. 3.00 p.m-
Feilowship Bible class, ;'. 00 p.lll.
Thc topic for thc morning service
will be "Temptation, Its Nature and
In the evening the subject will be
ln the series "What Must 1 Do To
Be Saved? How a Multitude Found
Salvation ln One Day."
Baptist Young People's Union Monday evening at 8.00.
Church prayer meeting, Wednesday evening at 8.00.
Junior B.Y.B.U. Friday 4.15 p.m.
Week-end meeting for prayer Saturday 8.00 p.m.
Thc public arc cordially Invited to
any and ail of the services.
The Lord Bishop of the Diocese will
be at Christ church on Sunday next.
for ordinut'on to the priesthood and
for the apostolic rite of laying on of
Services on Sunday
Holy communion   8 a.m.
Matins      10 a.m.
Ordination service  11 a.m.
Evensong   7.30 p.m.
Notice of the hour of confirmation
aervice will be given at Matins.
Among the week's visitors in the
city from outside points were: H.
North wood, Maeleod; R. J. Long,
Creston; Mrs. Fred Ege, Kimberley;
C. H. MeDougall, Kimberley; W. P.
< Scott, Moyle, and L. Hulman and R.
I Oral, ot Flnrber Creek.
Welch's grape Jnlce, Montserrat
lime fruit Juice and Eiffel Tower lemonade at Ward ft Harris.
The Ladles Aid society of the Methodist church are having an afternoon
tea at the home of Mrs. W. H. Wilson, 228 Fenwick avenue on Thursday
afternoon from 3.30 to 6 p.m. A muB-
ical programme will be rendered during the afternoon and a social time Is
anticipated. The proceeds are to go
to the general fund of the Aid.
Funeral of Martin Caldwell, ot
Windsor, wbo died at the St. Eugene hospital last week was held
from the undertaking parlors of F.
M. Macpherson on Tuesday morning
at 11 o'clock, the services being conducted by Rev. W. Kelman Thom-
: son, pastor of the Presbyterian
church. Interment was made In the
Cranbrook cemetery.
Sewlng by the day at your residence. Phono 330 or apply 212 Armstrong avenue. 17-3t*
; Mr. David Pye, of Cranbrook, was
'one of the successful engineers'who
1 recently passed the examinations
> held In Victoria and Is now a fully
I accredited civil engineer. Thia was
I Mr. Pye's first attempt to pass, and
i he la to be congratulated on his sue-
{cess, as It Is very seldom that young
j engineers are able to pass their first
I examination.
I Thomas Elmore Lucy gave an entertainment at the Methodist church
last Monday evening to which, unfortunately, only a meagre handful
turned out to hear. Mr. Lucy Is an
extremely versatile entertainer, giving crayon sketches, singing songs,
representing Important characters In
history and Impersonating players ln
bits of plays. His make-up of Edgar
Allen Poe and the rendition of "The
Raven" was his best number.
Chinese eggs are still flooding the
provincial and coast markets, although
they are being sold as the product of
Canadian bens. Another big shipment
ot two million eggs arrived from the
Orient last Thursday by the Empress
of India, of which a quarter ot a million were consigned to the provincial
markets. The remainder will be transported to southern coast points. It
ls to be hoped the sign "strictly
fresh" wlll not appear on thia eon-
Women's Suits
Don't fail to taks advantage ot these special
inducements. Remember, we have only one
suit of a kind, so be on hand early to secure
first choice.
These suits are the season's smartest styles.
The materials and workmanship are absolutely guaranteed.    See our windows.
Gossard Corsets
Owing to the big demand for these Corsets
throughout Canada and the United States, we
have for a time been unable to get shipments.
This week, however, we have been successful.
See the different styles displayed in our
$3.00 to $8.50
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
No Treatment
lias nttuiiieil tin1
wonderful gure,
safe, non-iitjuri-
nus. without ufltT-
effect ri-sulis ilmi
Neal 3-Day
fur tlie Liquor
Habil 1ms attained
Sundays—Low mass at 8:30 a.m.,
high mass, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7:30. p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation— Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
The Ladles Auiillary ot the Ry.
Y.M.C.A. will hold a tea at the Y.M.
CA. building from 3 to 6 on Wednesday afternoon, May 13th. Everybody
Annual District meeting of the
Methodist church was held In Cranbrook the first of the week. The
statistics of the work for the past
year was gone over and an important gain in membership and financial standing was shown. Those attending the meeting were Rev. D. M,
Perley, DA., Fernie; Rev. Joseph
Philp, M.A., foal Creek; Rev. E. C.
Curry, Michel; Miss Paul, missionary,
Kernie; Rev. P. L. Carpenter, Creston;
Rev. W. B. Willan, Moyle; Rev. Joseph Heldraan, Kimberley and Rev. w.
K. Dunham, city.
PHO.Nt e%—Fresh choice spring
| lamb at thc Cranbrook Meat Market.
! A catalogue of the famous library
1 belonging to the late F. J. Deane Is
now complete, a portion ot which will
be ottered for sale In Cranbrook be-
bore being disposed of elsewhere.
The late Mr. Deane was essentially a
literary man, and an excellent Judge
of books. This collection contains a
' large number of editions de luxe, with
! costly bindings, as well as a large
' number of rare old volumes. It Is
the finest private collection ln British
Columbia and one of tbe best ln Canada.
Commencing last Monday a pas-
I senger coach was attached to the
way-freight between Cranbrook and
Crows Nest, leaving al 7 o'clock a.m.
on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and returning on thc same train
j on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur-
! days. While this train does not make
j fast time It will assist somewhat In
j alllevatlng the grievances over tho
J discontinuance of the local. Passen-
! gers between all small stations along
| the route will be accommodated by
I tbis trala.
Cranbrook Electric Light Company, Limited
New Rates for Users of Motors, Electric Irons, Toasters,
Stoves, Heaters, Etc. :
First 400 h.-p. at 6c. per h.-p. hour.
Second 400 h.-p. at 5c. per h.-p. hour.
Over 800 h.-p. as-ij-je. per h.-p. hour.
These rates apply to electricity consumed between the hours of 7 a.m.
and 7 p.m. from the 1st of March to the 1st of September; and from 8 a.m.
to 5 p.m. the remainder of the year.
On motors there will te a charge of per h.-p. capacity in addition t*
these rates, as—
Onmotorsfrom 1 to 15 h.-p.—Up to50h.p. consumed, Sl.OOperh.-p. permonth.
100   " " .50
200   '■ " .25
Over 200 h.-p. consumed no charge per h.-p.
On motors over 15h.-p.—Up to 100 h.-p. consumed, 50c. per h.-p. per month.
200   !• "        £5c.
Over 200 h.-p. consumed, no charge per h.-p.
You are "cordially invited to the demonstration at our office between the
3rd and 15th of next month.
Advance sale of tickets for the Riley
Benefit Ball has started off well, a
large number having already been
disposed of. There is every Indication
that the dance will be a huge success.
The contributions to the Herald fund
are also coming in und the amount li
Following Is tlu* list olf donations to
Herald Publishing Co  $5.00
E. U Staples   5.00
A Friend  5.00
O. C. G  s.oo
T. S. Olll    5.00
Peter J. Murphy  1.00
Two Lady Friends   2.00
John Levett   100
Mrs. S. W  2.00
B, Shackieton   1.00
MiBS R  2.00
Frank Godderla   2.00
W. H. Shira. Wasa,   2.00
Herman Hette, Wasa   1 00
Haiti llepiihllr   Hasten-  to l'a> Hir
000 Indemnity to Mill
Port au Prince, Haiti, May 0.—Thc
Haitian congres authorized the government to treat with the British diplomatic representative In the matter
of thc demand submitted for the payment of $62,000 to a British subject
and to open a credit for the payment
of that amount.
The British diplomatic representative delivered nn ultimatum to the
Haitian government demanding the
Immediate payment of an lndemnitv
of $62,000 to a British subjsot in compensation for the destruction by fire
of his sawmill during the !.<■ ('onto
.    The national   bank   advanced    the
•money to the government.
The payment of this sum of money
had previously been ordered by a
court of arbitration.
The incident Is regarded as closed.
fruiter In Harbor
fonsternation bad been caused In
the capital by the British ultimatum,
whose time limit expired at 6 o'clock
tbis evening and which was .supported by the presence of the British
cruiser Suffolk.
A joint session of the senate and
house conferees was called at once,
but wa* soon dissolved, owing to tbe
inability of the legislatures to reach
a decision.
The cabinet was bitterly criticised
for not being in a position to meet the
payment, which had previously been
awarded to Mr. PetCM by a court of
J. N. I/Oger, minister of foreign affairs, on threat of dismissal from the
cabinet because of connection with tbe
incident, resigned.
Vera   Cms   Fleet   Celebrates   Fourth
Annlvemary of Throne .trcessloi
Vera Cruz, May 6—The American
fleet off Vera Cruz dressed ship today
and tired a salute of 20 guns ln honor
of the fourth anniversary of the accession to the British throne of King
Tbe Spanish and French war ven-
aela also fired salutes and the various
admirals In port called upon Hear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradnrk, the
British commander.
, S. Banwell, who hns been employed
\ In the law ofllceof P. 10 Wilson for
.the past year, Is leaving today for
|Fcrnie, where he has accepted a similar position with another law Arm. THE  CRANBROOK  HERALD
Library  for Sale
By the Set on Booksellers' Terms
The following Is a Partial List ot the Catalogue of Books belonging
to the estate of Ihe late F. J. Deane, which will be sold by the
Set, or Separate Volume not In Sets.    Anyone
Interested ean secure further information
by applying at Herald Office
Kohl.  Emile—Author,  Ernest A. Vizotelly;  cloth binding;   publisher,  John
Lane, 1004.
Zlncall, The Gypsies of Spain—Author, Borrow; leather binding;  publisher,
Dutton & Co., N.Y.
Year Book ol British Columbia, The—Author 11. E. Uosnol;  cloth binding;
published at Victoria, B.C., 1897.
Webster, Ufa of—Author u. T. Curtis; 'J vols;  cloth binding;   publisher,
D, Appleton 4i Co.. N.Y., 1870.
Wealth Against Commonwealth—Author, Henry Demurest Lloyd; hall linen
binding; publisher. Harper Bros.. London and New York, 1901.
Waterloo—Author ticorgc Hooper; leather binding; publisher, (leorge Bell 4:
Sons, London, 1907.
War and Peace—Author Tolstoy; cloth binding; publisher, T. Y. Crowell &
Co., N.Y. ••-
War, Thc Franco-German—Author, N, Helmuth Von Moltke; cloth binding;
publisher, Harper Bros., N.Y., 1892.
Worlds Than Ours, others—Author It. A. Proctor; linen binding; publisher,
Longmans Green & Co., London and N.Y.
War, Three Years—Author C. R. de Wet; cloth binding!  publisher, Constable & Co., London, 1902.
Wonders  of  Lire,  Thc—Author  Ernest  Haeckel;   cloth  binding;   publisher.
Harper Bros., N.Y. aad  London.
Werther, Sorrows of—Aulior Goethe; publisher. Dana Estes Co., Boston.
Wlllielm Mclster's Apprenticeship and Travels—Author Goethe;  Illustrated.
sterling; cloth binding; publisher, Dana Estes Co., Boston.
Wilde  Oscar-(Sot No. 258 of edition limited to 8001; University linen bind
Ing;  publisher A. 11. Keller, London, 1907.
Who's Who and Why—Edited by Parker; cloth binding; publisher, International Press, Vancouver, B.C.
War to Date, The—Author, A. II. Scaifc; publisher. T. Fisher Uuwln, London, 1900.
Wheels   of   Anarchy-Author   Max   I'cmbcrton;   cloth   binding;   publisher,
Cassel Si Co., 1908.
Walpule's   Horace   Private  Correspondence—Wltli   Illustrated   notes;   new I
edition; cloth binding; publisher, Colburn, Ixmdon, (171)0-171)9).
V.R.I., Her Life and Emulro—Author Marquis ot Lorne, K.T.;  illustrated; j
cloth binding; publisher Harper Bros., London and N.Y.. 1901.
Victor Hugo, Complete Works of—11.1 vols, edition du luxe, limited to 500,
No. 475);  publisher, liawardcn  Press, London.
Voltaire, Tho Works ot—42 vols., Author Louis XIV., limited, No. 4(1; morocco j
binding; publisher, St. Hubert Guild, N.Y.
United Kingdom, The—Author Goldwln Smith; 2 vols., cloth binding;  pub-;
liher, Copp, Clarke & Co., Toronto, 1899.
Trust Problem, Tlie—Author Jereniiuh Whipple Jenks, Ph. D.; linen binding; publisher, McClure, Phillips & Co., 1900.
Trusts, The Truth About—Author John Moody; copyright; linen binding.
Tulmud, Selections From The—Author H. Poluno; (doth binding; publisher,
F. Warne & Co., London.
Testament, Some Practical Studies In the Old—Author George Hague; cloti,
binding; publisher, The Copp Clark Co., Toronto.
Tristram Shandy—Author Laurence Sterne; second edition;  cloth binding;
publisher, G. Routledge &. Sons. London, 1886.
Tartnrin of Tarascon—Author, Alphonsc Daubet; leather binding; publisher.
T. Y. Crowell & Co., Boston and New York.
Tolstoi, Complete Works of—12 vols;  half morocco binding;  publisher, T.
Y. Crowell & Co., N.Y.
Tolstoi and His Problems—Author Aylmer Maude; cloth binding; publisher,
Grant Richurds, London, 1901.
Tour of England, Ireland und Prance—Author, a German prince; card binding; publisher, Cnrey and Lea, Philadelphia, 1833.
Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases—Author, Peter Murk Rogot, M.D.;
cloth binding; publisher, Longmans, Green & Co., London, 1879.
Tittlebat Titmouse—Author, Cyrus Townsend Brady; cloth binding; publisher
Funk ti. Wagnell's, N.Y., 1903.
Tennyson, Lord, Works of Alfred—Leather blading; Mncmillaii At Co., London, 1894.
Trails and Tales 111 Cobalt—Author, W. II. P. Jarvls; cloth binding; publisher, William Briggs, Toronto, 1908.
Through the MacKeuzie Basin—Author Mair and Macfarlane; publisher, W
Briggs, 1906.
Trallies and Discoveries—Author, Rudyard Kipling; cloth binding; publisher,
Morang tb. Co., Toronto, 1904.
Together—Author Robert Herrlck; cloth binding; publisher, Macmillan Co.,
To The Credit of the Sea—Author Lawrence Mott; cloth binding; publisher.
Harpers, N.Y.
Todd's Parliamentary Government, England—Vol. II., half leather bind.
publisher, Longmans, Green & Co., London, 1899.
Todd's Parliamentary Government British Colonies; half leather; publlslie.
Longmans Green, London, 1894.
Taras Bulba—Author Nikolai Gogol  iRussian);  publisher, T. Y. Crowell ft
Trials for Murder By Poisoning, Famous—Authors G. Lathooi Browne, C. G. j
Stewart; first edition; cloth binding; Stevens & Sons, 119 Chancery Lane,
Law Publishers aud Booksellers,  1883.
Trials From Newgate Calaadar—Author, Slsley'B.
Thinking, The Art of—Author Knowsol; cloth binding.
Science  and   Immortality   Author  Oliver  Lodge;   cloth  binding;   publisher,
MulTut, Yard ft Co., N.Y., 1908.
Social Unrest, The—Author John Graham Brooks; cloth binding; publisher,
Macmillan ft Co., London
Social Problems—Author Henry George; cloth binding; publisher, Doublcdny
ft McClure Co., N.Y., 1898.
Socialism, Orthodox—Author, James Edward Le Rosslgnol, Ph.D.; cloth bind- :
Ing; publisher, Thomas Y. Crowell ft Co., N.Y.
Socialists at Work—Author Robert Hunter; cloth binding; publisher, Macmillan ft Co., N.Y., 1908.
Socialism ,An Inquiry Into—Author Kirkup; third and revlHcd edition; cloth
binding; publisher, Longmans ft Co., London and New York, 1907.
Socialism,   The   French   Revolution   Imd   Modern   French—Author   Jessica
Pelxotto, Ph.D.; cloth binding;  publisher, Thomas Crowell ft Co., N.Y.
Socialism—Author J. Rumsey Macdonald; paper binding; publisher, T. ft E.
Jack,  London  and  Edinburgh.
Socialism, The Case Against—Cloth binding;   publlstKr,  Macmillan ft Co.,
N.Y., 1908.
Socialism—Author John Spargo; cloth binding; pabllslicr, Macmillan & Co.,
Ixmdon, 1906.
Struggle   For   Existence,  The— Author  Walter   Thomas   Mills,   A.M.;   fifth
copyright edition; cloth binding; pabllslicr, International School of Suclnl
Economy, 1904.
Social Redemption, Glllettes—Author, Meloln Severy;  publisher. Herbert B.
Turner ft Co., Boston, 1907.
Socialism, A Critical Exumlnntfon of—Author, W. H. Mullock; cloth binding; |
publisher, Harper Bros., N.Y., 1907.
Socialism, Utopian and Scientific—Author Frederick Engels; cloth binding;
publisher, Charles II. Kerr ft Co., 1907.
Sociology, The Study of—Author Herbert Spencer; cloth binding; publisher,
D. Appleton ft Co., 1882.
Socialism ln Modem Times, French and German—Author Riehurri T. Ely,
Ph.D., LLI) ; publisher, Harper llros, 1900.
Short  Story  Writers, The Great  English—Authors  W.  J.  Dawson,  C.   W.
Dawson; linen binding; publisher, Harper Bros., London and N.Y.
Smollett,  The  Works of Tobias—De   Luxe  12  vols;   publisher,   Eighteenth
Century Club, N.Y.
Schopenhauer's Essays—Selected and translated; Author T. Bailey Saunders,
M.A.; cloth binding; publisher, F. L. Burt Co., N.Y.
Story of My Life, Tlio—Author Helen    Keller; cloth    binding;  publisher,
Coubleday, Page ft Co., 1903.
Search For The Western Sea, The—Author Ijiwronco J. Burpee; cloth binding; publisher, The Musson Book Co., Ltd., Toronto.
Seven Cardinal sins, The—Author Eugene Hue; Dugobort Illustrated edition;
cloth binding; publisher, II. M. Caldwell Co., N.Y and Boston.
Servant In thc House, Tho—Author Chnrlcu Rann Kennedy; cloth binding;
publisher, Harper Bros., London and N.Y.
Slavery, Up From—Author Hooker T. Washington; cloth binding; Doublcdny
Page ft Co., 1901.
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Cipher In the Piuys und on tlie Tombstone, The—Author, Ignatius Donnelly;
publisher, Verulam Co., Minneapolis, Minn., 1899.
Courses of Rending nnd Study—Various editors; linen binding; publisher,
Dodd, Mead ft Co., N.Y., 1902.
Classic   Manuscripts,   Universal—Linen   binding;   publisher, A.  W.  Dunne,
N.Y. and London.
Century Dictionary and Encyclopaedia—10 vols; half leather binding; publisher, Century Co., N.Y.
Captain of the Kansas, The—Author, Louis Tracy; cloth binding; publisher,
Mcleod ft Allen, Toronto, 1907.
Canada,    Encyclopedia Of—5   vols;    publisher,   Llnscott Publishing    Co.,
Classified DateB, Encyclopaedia Of—Author, Charles E. Little; cloth binding;
publisher, Funk ft Wagnelle, N.Y., 1900.
Comic History of England—Author. Gilbert A. Becket; 2 vols; Illustrated hy
John Leech; cloth and linen binding; publisher, Bradbury Agnew ft Co.,
Comic History of Rome—Author, Gilbert A. Becket;  1 vol;  Illustrated by
John Leech;  cloth and linen  binding;  publisher, Bradbury, Agnew &
Co., London.
Chips From a.German Workshop—Author, F. Max Mulicr, K.M.;  4 vols;
publisher, Longmans, Green ft Co., London.
Cromwell, Oliver—Author. John Morley, M.P.; linen binding; publisher, The
Century Co., N.Y'. *
Carlyle, Complete Works Of— Leather ond silk cloth binding;  publisher,
Hooper, N.Y.
Cllminal Code of Canada, 1S97—Half leather.
Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs— 6 vols; silk cloth binding.
Church of Rome, Fifty Years In the—Author, Father Chtnlquy; forty-third
edition; cloth binding; publisher, Brentanos, N.Y.
Cartoon, History ot a—Author, Albert Shaw; Illustrated by 630 contemporary
cartoonists and other pictures.
Conservatism—Author, Lord Hugh Cecil; publisher, Halt ft Co., N.Y.
Canuck, Janey, in the West—Author, Emily Ferguson: Illustrated edition;
cloth binding; publisher, Cassel ft Co., N.Y., 1910.
Confessions of St. Augustln—Author, E. B. PuBcy; leather binding; publisher, Dutton ft Co., N.Y.
Chinook Manual—Author, Right Rev. P. Durlen, M.A.; paper binding; publisher, Kamloops, 1890.
' The London Morning PoBt In nn iir-
: tide dealing with the British llnan-
| clal interests In Mexico, says tliat the
j stock exchange emphatically has always been with Htierta, because it
i was believed that it the United States
: would recognize Huerta, he would be
, able to restore order and an effective
i administration. But, continues the
i Post, as that Is now Impossible, flnan-
j clal interests here would not be sorry
| to sec active intervention by the Unit-
j ed States as the only alternative
: method ot ending the present ruinous
| state of affairs.
Reasons Why You Should Read
SUNSET, The Exposition Hagazine
The Only .Vagtuirne containing Up-to-date News relative to the Panama-Pacific International
Exposition. Sun Francisco, 1915, and the Panama-California Exposition, Sun Diego, 1915.
Illustrated in colors
SUNSET should be read by every automobillit because it presents
monthly articles of interest concerning delightful trips. At the
present time a series of splendid illustrated articles by E. Alexander,
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Mexican line to British Columbia. The trip was of such magnitude
and of such absorbing interest that twelve articles are necessary to described the events. This is declared by our readers to be the best automobile series ever published by any magatine in the United Stales.
Fiction lovers should read SUNSET because wc are sparing no ex
pense to purchase the best efforts of the best writers in America to-day.
A ripping good tale is that by William R. Leighton, author of the "Billy Fortune" stories. "The Man Who Won." a serial of absorbing interest by this famous story teller has just begun. Another serial by the
author of "The Lanagan Stories" will start shortly, an amateur detective story of San Francisco society life. It is a corker. Each month
SUNSET presents three or four stories by the best known of American
authors.   They are equal lo the best you will find in any magatine.
Business men will be interested in the scries of articles soon to start
by Arthur Street, awell known writer, who it now touring thc islands
of the Pacific and Eastern countries, digging up vital statistics and information relative to the impending contest for supremacy of the Pacific.
The opening of thc Panama Canal will cause tome lively scrambling
for the trade that is sure to flow through it. Who will get the bulk of
it? Why should Merchants be alert and on the fob? There will be
plenty of meat in these articles. Mr. Street it going right after the real
stuff that will mean dollars to American business men.
SUNSET each month contain! color pictures that are undoubtedly
the most beautiful carried in any magatine on the newt standi to-day.
These wonderful color pictures have set SUNSET apart from other
magazines as distinctive. No only are they faithful photographic reproductions of scenes on the Pacific Coast, but are really colored by one
of the best color artists in America. Every issue contains pictures worth
Have you read our department "Pulse of the Wesl?" It it the
"meat in the cocoanut" concerning thing! Western. This department
is conducted by Walter V. Woehlke, acknowledged the best posted man
on Western topics writing to-day.
SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $2,50 the year
Canadian Postage, 50c. extra
Foreign Postage, $1.00 extra
Home Office, 460 Fourth Street
San Francisco


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