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Cranbrook Herald Jun 15, 1911

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We are well equipped tg
turn out the best class
uf work
' ■ IjiSi
\   wl"IC-tiP
In the Herald Put** —Try
Our   Local   Columns
10c. a line
NO. 11
*\* *\* * * * * * *\* *\. *\* *\* *
Tltc ball game lit'iwccii tin*
Craubrook uml Nelson (cams
last livening was won hy
Cranbrook hy    u score of six
In line.      .1.     A.    Duffy   was .J.
iiuipirc. •>
Crnnbrook—Lunbcrg,   Peter *\*
son,     Purr, I'nllei,   Sullivan, •!■
McWlin, .1 >s, Sims anil (lal •!«
vln. *
Nelson  -Bishop,      Phillips, -I*
Lniltx, Gould,   Malhisi.ii, His *\*
hop,     Booth,   Matthews    anil •!•
Chapman, *{•
There  will be another game •!•
litis, evening at  seven o'clock *\*
between tht> siiinc li-aius. *\*
*\* .[. .[. ,j. .\. *\* *\. * * * * * * .j.
License Commissioners
The license commissioners for the
eily ol Cranbrook, consisting) of
Mayor Hunt, P. J. Johnson and .las.
t'aslakc, met this tut ruing nut)
gran let! renewals for all of Ike licenses hi the city. ■ Tho application
nf the transfer of the license from
Mrs, Small to R. II. Small was also
granted, *
Cranbrook had a visit this week
from an old resilientcr in the person
ol Patrick Quirk. Quirk is eighty'
nine years of age, ami was in California (luring the gold excitement in
the (lays of "forty nine." In IKiiT
he came to the Wild Horse country
ami has been in Smith Kast Kootenay ever since. He recently sold his
place near Fori Steele ami is now
taking life easy. Mis memory, is
wonderfully clear for a man of his
age, ami he has a fund if good stories of pioneer days in the west.
A new bridge has been built over
an .•mnaiiicd creek twenty-five miles
west of Cronlfrook. As this creek
ban never been named, the government employees have temporarily
christened it Wedding creek, iu honor
of the nuptials of Superintendent
Held at Nelson last week.—Victoria
+ * ♦ * * * + * + "I* * *
Simon Taylor, of the Standard Lumber company, ami ll.
A. McKowan, ol ihe ii.in
brook Sash ami Moor com-
pany this week received their
new Pi ni ears Both i ears
ate the same, twentj llOTSC
power ami ol the latest make
turned out of the factory
The)  were   purchased through
D    V    Ml tl,   of  Penile,   uho  iv
the western  agent
* * * * * * * •!■ * •!• •!• *
Mis f. !•: Simpson is ovei from
Kamloops visiting with hot main
in.mis nt Cranbrook ami attending
the Itehekah assembly She is stop
ping at tho home ol Mi and Mrs
Ky Ives toi Richards
The uniform success ihat has .it
tended tho use oi Chamberlain's
Colic, Chilci.i ami Diarrhoea Reined)
has made it a favorite everywhere
ll cut always he depended upon. Pot
sale b) all dealers. 18 ti
Pieil Haines, at one time on tin
vt.,11 nl the Herald, is up from Coi
hm attending the grand lodge Fred
looks good and i- as liappj as -i
clam. IK* quite recenUj became the
fathci nf u sixteen pound boy
Judge Ryan led Wednesday evening
tm Calgary ami Winnipeg and will be
away from Cranbrook for about   ten
,inya     ,i    \   \ hi and C   M   Kd
wards, who  arc both )ustlcc« .>(  lho
peace, will sii »n ■»»* Police    t it
.as.- thai   nt.n      come     up   dnrlng
hnlge Plan's absence.
Live man or woman wauled foi
work nl home, paving $8.00 ot VI On
per day with opportunity la ad
Vance. Spare lime can Im* used
Work not diltleiiit ami requires no
experience, Winston, Limited, Rpad-
,n.i Ave., Toronto, Ont. 10-31
CaiM. Taylor, ol the Salvation
Army, has purchased twelve Imud
Instruments fur -use in (he local
corps. These will be taken up ns
last as he can gel men for them.
They will he i n view In W. 11, Mc-
Parlnno's window on Miudny next.
The lliirty-seven dollars and flttyi
cents so kindly contributed at the
musical festival given by the Winnipeg S. A. hand has been applied tti
the purchase of these instruments.
Popo Pins X has issued a dispensation permitting alt the British subjects who nre Catholic to oat meal
mi Friday, Juno 8ft, IHI, which Ih
Coronation day.
Sewing Wonted—Ladies ami children's underwear. Much ne nr hand
mode.—Mrs Puckering,     Martin
avenue, 17-fll*
The Davis Dros, Electric company
are calling for tenders for a large
brick store building, which will he
buill on their Im mi linker street
m-\l lo the office of the Craubrook
Agency com puny, ity the putting up
of this building the location of the
lit in will be Improved, and it, will
enable them to handle a much larger
slock of supplies, Tenders must be
in hy noon tomorrow, and there will
he as little delay as possible iu
awarding the contract ami getting
the work under way. This will
give Cranbrook's main sheet another substantial building), Davis Bros,
have also started it branch store at
Pernio, which will be run on about
the same lines as the Cranbrook
The plans for the new isolation
hospital for Cranbrook have been received from Victoria, and they are
now in the hands of O. II. Thompson, city solicitor. These plans will
lie submitted to the city council,
probably at a special meeting. The
government is giving a, grant ol
two thousand live hundred dollars
for this hospital, and the city, will
probably give live hundred dollars.
The whole cost of Ihe building is
not to exceed three tin usand dollars.
The building will lie erected this
siunmer, Mr. Coven is to he emu
mended for his good work in ptoein
tug a grant for this-building
Real Estate
The following is a list of the transactions in real estate made by the
linn of Peak* and Klwell during the
post three months. It shows1 tlml
during that time no less than twenty-seven thousand seven hundred
dollars worth of property was turned
over by out* Cranbrook firm:
Fifty-four   lots   south   of eitf.SSQM
Two lots in block lfi     1.00U
Half lot Armstrong avenue ... mm
330 acres St. Mary's Prairie... 3IHIU
Two lots and dwelling block 10   nun
Two lots, Klko       1"m
Thirteen lots, north of city .... 2(Nnt
Dwelling    ami   two   lots Ann-
tronf! avenue     ... U"u
Dwelling and  two lots, Burwell
venue  iMhi
Lot 31, block 33     800
Ten acres Irrigated lands 1000
130 acres, St. Mary's Prairie... 1000
Two lots .mil dwelling, Norburj
avenue  .           MOO
Ptvo acres south tf city     Tail
Lol on Von Horno street 150
County Court
The only case at the sitting of the
iiuutv  loin 1  here on June 8th     ami
Ui was ihr Cranbrook Sawmill com*
pan)   vs    olivet   Niitleau.      This was
n action brought   before Judge Wil
sou (oi breach of  warranty on    the
ale nf a horse in o  Sfldeou t.   the
Cranbrook   Saw mill   company      Tho
horse   delivered     died     within one
month from   tlie   time or    sale   The
plain tins claimed that they had imt
gained lor a good working horse  Tlie
ilefenilanl   denied  Ihat  he was aware
f any  defect    in tin-  tense        Tlio
hcrsc died as above stated of swamp
fever.        After   hearing the evidence
if both  parlies   the    judge reserved
[udgmeni      \   it    Macdonald     was
lot  the plaintiff ami fl   IT  Thompson
fm  the defendant
On Coronation day, .lune 32ud ,
. n-rv school child iu South Past
Ktoteiiay will lie presented with a
pronation ling with tlie compliments
if the Heat tie-Murphy Company.
Limited. Each (lag has an artistically colored picture nf the king and
queen. The idea of this Hag Is to
Inculcate loyalty not only to tbe
empire, but also to Canada. The
Beat He-Murphy company ore to be
congratulated ui the idea and the
moral it teaches.
.lames (iambic and Miss Flora Ilea
gon, boili or Movie, were married
last Saturday evening at the Presbyterian manse by tlie Rev. W. .1, Mae
Qnarrle, D.A. They will make their
In me ol Moyle, where Mr. Gamblo
holds n responsible posieinn at thr
St. Eugene mine.
r;-.-:■. .";■..■■!.-. <,:.<- ■;.] »,.-■■■■ -i-iv:--. ' .^j.. jf. jf^j'tiinais 5f3fanafiBfa'<3f cirs
!l e!
I 1
Tli,- "tlniiiil OM Mini" nf (lilil Fellowship in Itritialt Clumliia.
Last niglil Mr. Ilavey vnia elected fur tbe tweiity-oi(rlitil tiuu-
us seeretnry of the I, O, O. P, grand lodne of this province, He
hits ulsu Iweii secretary ol liis home luili;,' in Victoria for thirty-
five terms,
|J| .A","'.'r'JXi'I ■•:-.■':.■' ;■'!   ,   ..:.:,      !,JJ,'J|i- ■!..>!,"-i;,-.|,-'rLJI -..-.-Mi-'l ':->■■■;I[J1 'l.'li'illJIcJIi-iJi-lJiJIt-iliJIpllplBISIrl/HlrtrlliilSlrlif
Oddfellows Fill the City and Transact much Important Business
— Banquet Tonight.
Fully two hundred Odd Pellows
nul then wives have been m Cranbrook since Monthly attending Ibc
Encampment, ihc Rebekafa assembly
ami the tit111v seventh annual sis
sion of tbe (fraud Lodge of British
Columbia These people are Irom
all ever ihe province, and they are
being well   eared    [oi  hy   the     local
miniiitee The hotels are crowded
ami many have rooms in residences
However, all ol the delegates are
comfortably housed. The delegates
arc putting in a pleasant time hen-.
Of course they have plenty <f work
lo do, hut still the) bate some
time on Uieii hands to look over
the     sights    of      lho eily Those
mess men owning motor ears
have been taking   parties     toi       an
ting, and the Nelson ball team
was brought here to play two
games with    tlie home team.
This is the first meeting ol tbo
grand lodge to bo held in East Kootenay, but  (here   are more members
if * lho order in Kuwl Kootenay now
than there were in (he whole province some thirty years ago when the
ii c Qrand Lodge was Instituted.
Iii run the Oram) Lodge met at
Rossland, ami these have lieen the
inly meetings held in the eastern
pari   of      the    province      At    nine
lock tonight the newly elected
grand officers will Ih- Installed and
the thirty-seventh annual session will
Ih* brought to a close. After Unclose of the session there Will Ih* a
big bumpiet at the Auditorium. This
morning Vlcti i ia was chosen as the
place for Hie grand lodge meeting
next year.
Tuesday evening a public meeting
was held ot the Auditorium to welcome the visitors and to confer tbe
Decoration of Chivalry on seven Itehekah members. Ex-Mayor Pink
was chairman of the meeting, and
on the platform with him were May-
>r Hunt, W. II Culljn, the acting
grand master nml Pred Duvey, the
grand secretary.
After making some appropriate re
fereiiees to the order ami the speak
ers, Mr. Pink introduced Mayor
Hunt. The mayor extruded a hear
ty welcome to tin' visitors, ami
hoped that their slay in the city
would be n pleasant and prolitalilc
one. He spring a surprise when
he prcHcnicd Mr Cullfn will- it solid
gold key—tbe  kvy 1o the city ,    On
the key are the three links, the emblem of the order, and the word
Cranbrook lie then called upon Mr,
CulUn, who said among other things
thai the past yetti has been the
best year for the order the province
hud ever seen. lie was glad to uc-
cept the key of the eily from
Mayor Hunt ami promised to use due
precaution iu nol abusing the privileges extended. From the mayor's
knowledge of the order he considered
him fully entitled to beet me a member—all he needed was the secret
work. Fred Dovey, grand secretary, was the last speaker, and gave
some valuable Information as to the
growth of Odd Fellowship in the
'Ilie Decoration of Chivalry was
then conferred upon the following
members of the llebcknh order: Mrs
Grace Irving, of Nelson; Mrs. Motion, of Nelsi ii. Mrs Sadie McKai
lane, of Cranbrook; Mrs Kate P
Simpson, of Cranbrook; Mrs. Agnes
Smith, of Rossland, Mrs. Annie
Ur, of Rossland. and Mrs M
Evans, of Rossland This was conferred by the palrlorch's Militant in
uniform and was a very prettj core
mony. Col. C. H Keith was in
command The ilftTerenl marchci
ami drills were well \ecutcd. \i
the close Col Keith made a short
talk and explained ihe object of the
decoration Then there wen* songs
by Mr, t>. P Ingram, Mrs Wels-
broil, Mr. T F Stevenson, Mrs
Stevenson and Mi Stevens, and two
violin solos hy Mm  Si A. Walllnger
The local   ccinmlttee of the 1.(1.o
P. Grand Lodge wish to particularly
thuuk tbe gentlemen   who  so kindh
supplied   automobiles for the     Re-
'hekuh bulge's trip '«' Fort Steele
The following ears were in the procession: V. Hvde Baker, I*:, II
Small, Dr. King, Roland Drown. Dr.
Green, Jan. Laldlaw,   W ll  Wilson,
I Mr. Bridges, Geo Lelteh, P. Mathe
son ami A. 0, Bowness.
The Patriarch's Militant Denarl-
menl Council ol R c held their
meeting Momlat afternoon. In this
province ttiore In a membership ol
two hundred and (Ui* The officers
Past Department Commander—Col,
.1. A. McKay, of Vancouver-
Department Commander—Col. ('has
S   Keith, of -New Westminster.
Vice-Department Commander—Lieut
Col. N. (J. Jensen, of Vancouver.
Assistant Adjutant General—A. Me-
K el vie, 'Vancouver.
Treasurer—Capt.    W.   11.   Walsbl
chaplain—Ensign   v. \\   Dempster,
Victoria No, I—P. A McLean, T
C   Hubbard
Columbia No. 2—p. W. Dempster,
.1  Wilby.
Royal City, No. :t-M .1 Phillips,
W  S. .Smith.
Dominion, No. -J—R, A. Anderson.
.1   Ask luml.
Black Diamond, No .I—Win Grieve,
H McKenzie.
Harmony, No fi—W. ff, Walkem,
W. Gilchrist.
Excelsior, No, "—R. K  Johnston
Vancouver, No, ft— A M Russell,
ff, II. Brown.
Tatnal, No. ?■»—11. McLean
Western Star, No in—P Wright.
\   Clrllaml.
Union, No. n-W c Colling,
Selkirk, No 12-L, Profli, It
Cloverdale, No. 1 "•—li  It  Smith
Kootenay, No UD—I II Lemon,
W   II   Wat kins
Duncan, No, 17—W. .1. Castley
Vermin Valley. No 1M-W E
Mt Pleasant, No 10-0 Middle-
mlrs, M. Meltae.
Helta, No. 21—R. A Coalman
Ashcroft, No 2.'-^ ,
Island, No. 21-0. Hayes.
Pacific, Go, 2fi-T, R Godfrey, W.
II   Walsh.
Amity, No. 2T—.). a. Johnson, w
II   West.
Cbeam, No, 28—H, Pooks.
Rocky Mountain, No IM—J. T.
Rossland, No. 3fi-F. D, Lemieux.
L. Will.
Boundary Valley, No, 58—ff, B
Silver City, No. .1*1-11  Anderson
sioean. No. 10— p. ff, Jameson,
Trout Lake, No   H—P'Mummery  '
Key City, No. 12-W S. Hall, i
ff, Hallett.
Enterprise, No,  M—A  Driseoll, .1
II. WihmUiuiu
Wildey, No. 44—H. J, Lowes.
Gateway, No. 45—W. E. Hodden,
Snowshoe,   Nn,   if!—I,    F. Mcpoti-
gall, J, Rutherford,
Mt.    Pernio, No. 17—J. Lundie, .J.
Coronation, No.  18—0. Mcpherson,
■\. E. Morgan.
Comborn, No. 10	
Eureka, No. 511	
Penticton, No 51—R  Wilton.
Princeton, No. 52	
Maple Leaf,    Nn   .'.'-Ii   S   McTaggart.
Michel,    No.  5I-.I   Mast,    J. \
North   Vancouver,     No  55— .1   o
Mt. Ida. No  50—M   M  Carroll
Sunshine, No   57—A. R   Flutter
Okanogan, No, 58	
orehard City, No   50—A   W   Ham
Little   Mountain,    No.   B0—.1   N
Mount t.
Pairvicw, No. 01—T   II   While
G rami view,   No   03— p   .1   Rewires
Prime Rupert, No, (13—(i   V   Ben*
net t.
At last evening's meeting grand
lodge officers were elected as follows:
W. II Cullln—Grand Master.
W. A. Johnson-Depulj Grand Mas
ler, Vancouver,
R. Dudley—Grand Warden, Pernio
Pred Davey—Grand Secretary, \i.
Harry White—Grand Trcasun i.
.1 (l. Cavalsky-Grand Represcnto
live, Nauaimo
The appointive onices wilt lie filled
The Rehekah ossembly held tln-ir
sessions in the L.O.L hall Tbere
was a good attendance ol delegates,
ami when it come to the election ol
officers forty-two votes were casl
The degree team put through a class
11 candidates in their hall last
vening. The officers of toe Rebe-
kab assembly for the ensuing year
Past Pres—Sister Hatma, Vancou-
President—sister Evans, Rossland
Vloe-Pres.—Sister   l.annhan. Nana*
Warden—Sister Parker. Cranbrook
Secretary—Sister Walker, Victoria
Treasurer—Sister Grant,  Victoria
The   last session of   tbe assembly
was held this afternoon
The official badge ■elected thli yeai
was very appropriate (iu each
badge if a pendant with a photo oi
Mr. Fred Davey.' Brand secretary
These badges are very popular and
will he kept hy the representatives
as souvenirs.
Wildey Lodge. So, It, of Moyle,
gave away two hundred souvenirs to
the delegates These souvenirs were
in the way of a glass paper weight
with a bulb filled with milled ores
from the Movie camp Tin* delegates are delighted with them
Although this   association was organized only eight    months ago it Is
making splendid progress,  The    association is in connection     with tbe
Odd Fellows' order      Its object     is
quick relief    when it is needed, viz:
before the funeral, and to place       a
good sum of money   in tbo hands  of
the family before the funeral.    There
is   an    officer   In  each ("due    who
has charge   of   tbe collection        and
payment of   funds, and who receives
applications   f«.r   membership.    The
annual meeting, which has just closed
in this   city,   was most enthusiastic
ami profitable,
The officers are-
Col   C  S   Keith—-President.
Col  .1   a   McKay—Vice-Presldenl
w  c Coatham—Seeretarj
W R Brown—Treasurer
A hnlge of the Encampment, n
higher branch of the (hid Fellows'
irdor, was instituted lere Monday
evening by (.rami Patriarch a F
Cavalsky, of Nanaiim , assisted In
the members of tho encampment who
are here attending grand lodge. The
Cranbrook Krtcampment starts oil
witn a membership of thirty-two
Following are the officers:
H. Clayton—Chief Patriarch
Ii   s. McDonald—High Priest
P. Sinclair-S. W
Watson Hall—.1   W.
W. M. Harris—Scribe
E. II. Patmore—Trcas
E. D. Johnson—Guide
ff. Hallett-Firsl Watch
Rodgors—Second Watch
.1. Baxter-Third Watch
II Ttorney—Fourth Watch
Mnnsfleld-O. S,
Olenday-L S.
J. Iteiidnll-Firs-t Guard of Tent
I.     Langin—Second Guard    nl
Hon. Titos. Taylor, who has well
earned tin- soubriquet ol "Good
Roads Taylor," arrived here last Sa
Uirday, and in company with Thus
Coven and .lohn Held, government
road foreman, made a thorough Inspection of tin* mad work that is
going mi iu this district under tbe
government .supervision Harry
Wright, member for the Ymii riding,
accompanied Mr. Taylor on his trip
ill tough East Kootenay A large
amount of monej Is being spenl by
Ihe government for roads, trails and
bridges tin-, year, and Ml Taylor is
seeing to it ihai this money is being   put to   the   besl     possible use
The season's     in tk   is    well     Under
way, and in everj case where work is
being done it is well done Tho
mads are made wide .m\ tho grades
as easy as the countrj will permit
Mr Taylor realizes thai in John
Rcid be has a thoroughly competent
load superintendent ami that the
work in this district will In- in no
way neglected
K li Hawthorne, representing the
Hudson's Raj company, i> in town
Irom Nelson.
Try a drink of that healthful, Invigorating beverage, "COCA  COL \"
Bt    Little   and   Atchison's
Horn—At Cranbrook on Juno I2lh
to Mr and Mrs P II. Hi lines, a
vvisi  Horstead and -I   ll   Lommon,
Geo Horstead and J ll Lcmmou,
grand lodge.
Jersey cream sodas .it The Palm
Iiy it.
i Robertson, ol the Pernio Free
Press staff, is among tbe many visitors in town   attending grand lodge.
Mrs Stewart, motbei of Mrs it
T   Brytnneri and   Mrs   John potter-
n are spending a few days at Proctor oti Kootenay lake.
Tbere wall Ih* a big gathering at
tbe St. Eugene Mis-ion on the Sunday of June 18tb, tvhieh is Corpus
Rev. H. C Speller arrived here
last Saiurdav from Moose .law to
tatr charge ol the Cranbrook Baptist
The Palm, the  coolest place       in
■.. r. ',<>: a refreshing drink.
In latgsjfri-k'- notice respecting the
appointment of officers of the Cranbrook band the name of Mr. Ed.
Slater was inadvertently omitted.
<■*,■*■' briar cooked ham at Kink's
Pure Food Grocery.
A A Paull, of tbe Albeit studio,
is away to Rossland ..ii a business
trip,   and    will be absent   Irom tbe
".  f'.i a week < r so.
Fresh limes make a delicious drink.
Twenty-five cents pet doz.—Campbell
and Manning
11 i: Nelson, <.f Great Kails,
Mont , was lure last week with C.
M VanWormer looking at some land
Bear town.
Cblver's custard    powder  at   Kink's
pun Food Grocer]
i H Blaclicby, ol Kingston, representing    the Odd   Fellows' Reliel
association, is in Cranbrook attending the grand lodge.
(;ill«-,p»*s Limited have opened offices In too building formerly coupled by P DeVere Hunt on Norbury avenue
Kiupered Herrings, In hall sizes at
Ku.k-  Pure Food (ineery.
i a Puff*, lias moved to Cranbrook from Macleod with hi-, family
and has taken up his position as
local manager tor P Burns and
The Moyle ball team played tie
ffardnei boys last Saturdaj al Want
ner A dispute arose and the game
was not finished.
K   II   ffortbtngton,    who has     a
ten aire tract  of land  -"'I'll of lown.
expects to    havi  a *• t strawberry
■ rop tfali   * r
T ll White is here from Vnnoou-
vet attending] tee I.O.O.F grand
lodge Mi White was former!)
managei of the Trites-Wood rompao)
,ii Pernio
Little & Atchi:.ot.'s Headquarters (or Hazlewood Ice Cream and
Hazlcwood Double Jersey Buttermilk.
Tbos Caver, M I. A , arrived lu me
the.     end  ol        lasl   week  fiom        Ihe
Work on the new city ball is
lining aloag in good shape, ami the
bricklayers have the lirst story
about naif up.
Try a drink of that healthful, in-
vlgorating beverage, "COCA col.A"
at Little and Atchison's.
Mr and Mrs .1 0 llav, who were
h.-re attending grand lodge, are returning to their home in Victoria
ff If Laird, 11 .1 Lowes ami Os-
wall McDougall are m town from
Movie attending llu- 1 0.0 P grand
lodge Mr. Laird Is grand chap
Royal    Aim ebeities at   Pink's   I'ui.i
Pood Grocer) ■ «#'
Agreement Between Council and Gait
Engineering Works
Poll, wing are the most Important
clauses In the agreemenl which Ibc
city ol Cranbrook lasl week entered
into with tho John Clnll Engineering company of Calgor):
■t Tin- city will find all plant, In
bar and material necessary to enrrj
on, ci nstruct, Install anil complete
the said     works,    which said plant,
l.ibni   and    material  shall  he supplied
under Un* direction and supervision
of the engineers from time to time
as, and when the same shall be re
I. The engineers shall, as soon OS
possible, commence the construction
of the saitl works ami ahull on behalf
oi the city, procure ami obtain with
all due dispatch such material ns
ihey may require for the proper con
siiunion and Installation of the
works; ami shall on behalf nl ibe
city employ such common ami skilled
labor from time to time as maybe
required, The city, however, may,
upon the advice nl the engineers, en
ter iuli contracts wilh such person
or persons us Ihe city may be advis
nl by the engineers, foi the supplying nf such materials and for such
portions of Ihe work as the engineers
mat   consider advisable.
."> The engineers shall. In engaging
labor for the city on the works,
contract, on behalf of the city, to
pay all workmen, mechanics, artisans
am) laborers employed on Ihe winks,
such wages and remuneration as are
genera)ly accepted as current in
eaeh trade for competent workmen in
the city of Cranbrook.
I) The engineers shall nol directlj
oi Indirectly employ Chinese, Japan
ese or any other \sintics upon,
about or in connection wilh the
wmks; ami in event of their so lining
the cltj will not he responsible for
payment of U.eh wage*; or rcmuiicrn
ll The engineers shall, ol limit
own expense ,md charge, employ n
competent re blenl fiiglneei to re
present them on the works during Hie
rnustructiflii and in supervise the
const rue linn of  the works
II    The    eily shall have ihe righl
ai mi) and all times during llu	
*,t tint ton of the work*., lo Introduce
additional mntcrlal ami labor there
on over what was required oi de
mumled by the  engineers, but     such
inalciial and  I.   shall he uml. i   l be
supervision and direction of the en
giiiccrs hi case the engineers shall
fail in Un- due performance in any
pari of their undertaking; or in
the opinion of ihe municipal council
of the cilt fm uist cause shown
shall not proceed with ihe works iu
accordance with ihe terms of ihis
agreement, or mate default In ihe
dm* carrying out id tin- works or any
pail thereof, or exorcise such di.i
genee or make such due progress as
the     municipal     cnllliell   shall    deem
proper; or if tin- municipal council
should he ilissaiiilieil foi nisi couse
wiih the character or construction of
the works, or any part thereof, the
< it, shall hove the power, upon git
Ing the engineers two weeks notice,
specifying ilu- dcfaull or omission on
the part of   the engineers, ami      In
case such default or  Isslon is  not
forthwith corrected and rectified, to
discharge them from such supervision
of the works ami pay them eompeli
sation proportionate io the work
done, and shall have the power to
engage and employ such other ensjl-
neei or engineers to supervise the
works or to complete ihe works In
such maimer as the municipal council of lho Cltj' may deem advisable
lu ease any portion of the works
shall through the negligence of the
engineers require to be reconstructed
Ibe engineers shall imt be entitled  to
any remuneration for such re eon
structton And if the elt) In its
ail ion shall delay in anv manner the
due progress oi  tho works, so    that
the   same    shall   nol be  c pleled
within the time limit, then tin ongl
neers shall be entitled to an exten
sion oi time for such period a-
they may have been delayed by the
action tl the city; bui all tin1 rights
ami remedies of lho cltj contained
within this agreemenl shall continue
to exist nml shall be exercisable by
the city Vnd tho engineers shall bo
entitled to remuneration for such ex
pense ns ihey may have Incurred by
reason of     the action of the city.
IS, The engineers shall be liable
[or all damages sustained to traffic
and dr any Injury nr tor trespass or
Otherwise to any persons, animals or
things,   publie m    i Icipfll    works,
streets, alleys, properties, buildings
or premises, whicli mav be occastonetl
by their negligence or by that nl
any servanl or nlllclnl direct Iv om
ployed by them, hut nol otherwise
Ift, The drawings and specifications in connection with Ihe works
an* ibe properly i>f the city nnd on
completion of the works shall be re
turned to the city clerk. The ongi
neers shall furnish lo Ihe ell) clerk
from time lo lime detailed drawings,
showing    the lines of pipe and    tho
iiui'tiions   or   pipe and the connoc-
>ns oi places for connections.
15, Should Lite amount now voted
by the city under Bylaw No. DO, ol
the eily of Cranbrook be al any
lime expended previous lo the com
pletioii of ihc works, tbe engineers,
on receiving a notice iu writing from
ihc t-ity to the iiln vc effect, shall
stop the works, hut iu any case tho
engineers shall noi be entitled to
any further payment after the service ol Uie notiee above referred to,
iiniii the necessary funds shall have
been voted bj the ratepayers of thr
'iiy and obtained by the city; nor
Oiall the engineers have any claim
for compensation or damages f< t the
said suspension of payment.
If!, Tic winks shall be fully com
pletcd nccordliig to ihc plans ami
specifications ami upon the terms of
ibis agreement by the 30lh day of
November,  1012,
IT. The city hereby agrees to pay
ti ihe engineers for the said designing, cons true lion ami supervision
if the works, a sum if money equal
to len per centum (In p.c.) of the
total cost of the works to tho city,
some as hereinbefore provided U r.
payable iu the following manner:
Kighi per centum (# p c,) to be
paid io litem monthly on flic tenth
i'lOth) day of each month according
'.a ihe estimated amount of work
done and malt-rials supplied at the
■ml oi the preceding month, nml the
balance, om* (l) month after the eiigi-
(iiiecra have certified io tho city that
the works have been completed in a
satisfactory manner according to the
plans ami specifications. Provided,
however, that should the engineers
break Ibis agreement or be discharg
••1 rrom ihe employ ut the city, for
ust cause, Ihey shall he entitled to
i commission of live |ht centum (5
i c i only upon material supplied hut
not Installed,
export trade—would have to bo used
in Canada for food or seed, or ship
pt'd abroad to Europe, South Africa,
Newfoundland, or the other smaller
customers for Canadian wheal find
Hour. How much would bc available for shipment abroad'? Taking
our population at eight millions and
eliminating the wheat grown in tho
east, it would require about eight
bushels of wheat per capita to produce flour tor home consumption.
That would give obottt a pound of
bread per day for each person, a very
liberal allowance, the quantity In
fact usually allot led Io soldier.' in
camp, This disposes of dsUTO.OOO
bushels.    Seeding ten    million ncre.i
would take     probably   lfi.l ,':'')   •>■
17,into,IHMI bushels. There would
si ill remain available for export
120,000,000 bushels, a stupendous
quantity. The greatest exporl up
(ill tho present time In'any one year
was in 1910, when 10,7-11,000 bushels
of wheat were sent abroad and 3,001,-
U2S barrels of Hour, the cquivalenl of
about ii,r)im,(mo bushels, If Mr,
Why to and Mr. iMelghcn are reliable
prophets, the export this year and
next spring will he double that 11
the best year to date. That will be
the Iirsl shower of the "deluge"—the
beginning of results from the linmlg
ration pouring Into tho west.
shape, desired without any mechanical
aid. The hats are always double and
Ibe finishing process ol ihe "hell"—
lining—and (he brim is Intrusted to
little Japanese children, the girls
especially having obtained snob n
proficiency that worplng by the piece
they often earn more ihan their elders.
Cleopatra wore nn tal,
The representative farmers nf the
wheal growing Slates who have been
i ro test Ing al Washington against reciprocity with Camilla because it
will bring down upon them u "deluge" of Canadian wheat stem to
hove a fairly accurate idea of what
is happening on the plains of Saskatchewan ami Alberta. That Canada
very soon will l>e iu a position to deluge In tb Europe and the United
States with the best wheal grown is
no  figure of speech.
Vice-President William Whyte of
tin- c I1 II and Mr. Robert Melgheu
id ihe Lake of ihc Woods Milling
company, two of ihe highest authorities iu the Dominion, estimate that
wilh favorable weather conditions
luring the next three months the
Canadian Weal will produce two hundred million bushels of wheat. This
enormous production will come from
an area estimated at a little over
ten million acres, and there are at
least a hundred million acres of laud
iuitabic for the growing of wheat in
Ibe Canadian West. Tbe total area
devoted to wheat cultivation throughout the world is about 23.1,000,000
acres, so (bat Canada, wen* her
western wheal fields fully tilled,
< niilil supply almost half the wheal
now consumed throughout the
That is far iu the future. Tbe cs
titiiute of a yield this year of two
hundred million bushels of wheat Is a
mullet nf ihe "living present," What
does it mean'' What will it do? In
the first place it will congest every
avenue of outlet from the wheat
Holds, \ very big tralnload of
wheal is fifty cars, each containing
on. thousand bushels. Il is said
thai tho lirand Trunk Pacific hopes
to he able l<> haul Ibis sort of train-
load on its main line and branches
Supposing the three railways all did
mi, it would require four thousand
trains Of fifty ears each to carry1 the
wheal lo the bend of the lakes. It
would require the despatch of over
ten lake freighters daily, with n capacity of 2(10,1111(1 bushels each, to
carry the grain out of Port William
and Porl Arthur between the time in
September when the new crop begins
tn move and Ibe close of navigation,
That, of course, is a physical Inipns-
dbllity, nml export grain on any
inch scale ns that anticipated will
have to he shipped out all-rail in
winter ns well as by vessels Ibis
fall and next summer.
If, says the Toronto Globe, the
west produces two hundred million
bushels of wheat uml the Orangers ol
Minnesi ta ami Dakota scare the
United stales senate Into n rejection
f reciprocity, the entire crop of the
west—less the amminl exported to
the Onl led States to be milled in
bond hy the nnlleis limit* [or     their
Venus wore
Nciii never c
Noah saw no
congress gal tors,
'd ih.- 'phone,
Caesar dodged no moli r cars,
Plato saw no melodramas,
Sappho won' no harem skirl
I   Adam never wore pajamas,
t Hector never played nf golf,
I Horace nevi i henrd of 'munches,1
Saul never missed n t rolloj car,
Socrates ale no free lunches.
Complaints ui tho rate al which
the city ambulance sometimes goes
through the streets arc si inelimcs
heard, but it is probably owing to
the furious driving of Charles Anlcn-
eii, Lho ambulance driver, ihat Dr.
It. M. Mttekay, now in the general
hospital, recovering from an attack
of uraemia, owes bis life, says the
Vancouver Province. i
Dr. Macktiy- was taken seriously ill
in his otlice ou Wednesday about
noon. Miilie.il aid was summoned
ami the ambulance was railed. Thu
ambulance was at the docti r's otlicu
al !* Hastings scrcel east iu two
minutes and a few minutes laler the
doctor was in tbe general hospital,
the ambulance making ilu- distance
in record time.
At the hospital it was found that
the doctor was so ill that all hope
■ if saving his life was at first des
'tailed ui, but with tlie aid of the en
tire surgical staff of lite hospital he
was revived and is now ou tbe road
lo recovery.
Mr. Anlenen is probably the test
auto driver iu the city. Six years
ago be was driver of a racing car in
Prance and the world's record he
let al that time stood for over a
(In serious cases he drives through
the streets if Vancouver foster than
inyone else or anything else dares to
travel. To one not on the machine
i would seem that the driver was
lucky not to he killed every time be
(OCfi out, but back of the whirl is a
nan With nerves of steel who km ws
that be is safe although he is trav
iling al times fifty miles an hour a
foot from a street car, and who
goes on errands of mercy with the
speed of a fiend.
Bamboo hats have lately masquer-
led as ibe real Panama article ami
have been found to surpass tbesi
both in Utility and beauty. The
fact is that the most lauded Panama
product exists more in fiction than in
reality, thai is, (be extremely line
grade is scarcely to be bad at all.
The bamboo sails under the name of
Panama since some time past ami
not one in a hundred knows the difference.
It is expected and probable thai
the United Stales agricultural bureau
will do everything to encourage the
m-w Industry of manufacturing n superior grade of bamboo hats iu thr
I'liilippine  Islands. A  Prcm-huiuii,
the first to give tbe mailer Bcrlotls
at lent ion, lias established hlmsell
near llatuvia, in .lava, and is doing a
nourishing business. He ulready has
a demand for goods for the exporl
irade whicli far exceeds his manufac
luring capacity.
The raw material, the bamboo, receives considerable care. It is cut
at the time il has almost reached
its maturity, but siill is green, li
must be handled with extreme tare,
for the slightest blow "bruises t lu-
up" nnd produces an Ineffaceable
blotch or spot. On this account the
bamboo Is never hauled hy rail or
wagon, but cut and carried by the
natives directly from the field to Ibe
Here the rather hard surface Is
peeled off with specially shaped
knives. The bamboo is then exposed
for two days to the beat of the sun
and lor twenty-four hours lo the
heavy night dews. This seasons the
material sufficiently to permit Its
heiug slued or pulled in "thongs" of
exact length ami wonderful firmness.
After the seasoning process tho do-
ired lengths are cul, then the
"trunk" split into pieces nboul two
inches wide. Only a lustrous close-
grained portion, less than one-six*
teeiitb of an Inch, is kept ami fn m
this are pulled five or six ribbons of
gossamer texture, tight ns air and yet
as strong, glossy nml pliant ns the
best quality of silk.
The hats are braided by native
women, who nre skilled in giving the
I ■ I
I Archie Waller il
i     Builder and
*     Contractor
Nriptic Tanks nml Coucrolo
Work u'i'iiiTiilly a
; Estimates   Freely  Given. J |
.. i
P.O. linx 316 !!
Cranbrook, B.C. \\
r ''
Stomach Troubles
Cured by Vinol
"I suffered so long from stomach
trouble and Indigestion, that I lost
llesh rapidly —VINOL cured me
after everything ,-lse had failed, it
strengthened my digestive organs—
gave me a hearty appetite, and 1
can eat anything without the slightest distress. 1 do not believe anything equals VINOL lor stomach
trouble anil indigestion."
W. K. U'aikriiouse,
Portland, Me.
Mr. Thos, G .Wallace, of Detroit,
Mich.,writes, "I suffered for years
from a chronic stomach trouble.
VINOL entirely cured me after
everything el-e had failed."'
It is the curative medicinal elements of the cod's liver, combined
with the strengthening properties
of tonic iron contained in VINOL,
which makes ii so successful in restoring pertei t digestion, and at
tlie same time building up the weakened run-down system.
Trya bottle of VINOL with the
understanding that your money will
be returned if it does not help you.
I'llAMIHook   lililll ,v BOOK I'll.
New Season's
Just Arrived
Up-to-date   first - class
Paperhatigers to hanj<
B.   H.   SHORT
I he I'.iintcr .nul Decorator
Armstrong Ave
P.O. Mux .1.1 IMinrte in
TAKE MOTOR Ihal Annie Mer
Ington, of Cranbrook.. occupation
married unman, intends In apply for
pcrmliwfi n io purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at n post planted at
Ihe southeast corner of l.nt 10007,
Group One, Host Kootenay district,
thenco west 30 chains, more or less,
sii the east bank of Ibe Kootenay
river; thence south easterly atom*,
said hank nf ihe Kootenay river n
distance of ;(n chains, more or lest,
to tho wesl boundary of i.oi BIB,
Group One; thence north along said
west boundary a distance of 20
bains, more or less, to point nf
otiiiiieneeinent and containing forty
acres, more or less.
Annie Merinittoti,   I.oenlor
Stewart Morris, Agent,
Slaked  May  27 Ul.   1011. IB-SI'
Copvhiohts Ac.
Unynn* lending • ■ketch and dMo-tptlon nn
qutulrtr HMoertiiln our ueltilun frMWDMher tn
liivtuition ll prolmblf iiitiHitablt, CommuulCaV
ii..i.*siricil;c»..ilO«ntUI. WWMM t,°e««ut4
aunt tree, oiilurit iHiior forucurlni mtwti.
I'HtenU taken tbrniMh Hunii ft Co. main
tyrc'tit rottci, without charge, In tu
Scientific American.
A liaiiilfM'ii'i'ly llli.intn.teil week It. Urgttt clr-
iilHli.ni <>t un*' mifiillilt* juuriMl. 'Utiul fur
I'uiuiU, |a.iu 1. yeur, vuaUfiu i>ie]*alit, Hold by
all iiuwiiii'iiii'ia.
1 East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
Deulurs In
Fresh nml Cureit
Poultry, l.iiine and Fish
in Season.
GIVE   lie)   A   TRIAL
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
The Old P. Wood's
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern et*uipi*tl Cafe st moderate
Utile*- 91 Ul nml up per tiny
Corner of Howard St. and Front Ave.
Our Im- meet* all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
Nelson, B.O., Kill.- Range
envelope "Tender l,ir Construction ol
Kelson, III'., Itille Range" and ail-
dresscd to tin- Director ol Con-
trans Department of Militia and
Defence, Ottawa, will be received until 111,011, Die 1.1th .lone, lot tie
construction of a mile Range al
Nelson, B.C.
1'I.his nml speriticatlnns mav lie
seen ami lull information obtained at
Die oilier ol tlie Dlctrlct Officer
Commanding Military District No.
II, Victoria, III'., Ihc Director ol
Engines! Services, lleadquatters, Ottawa ami tin- Officer Commanding
Iii2ml   Regt, Nelson, B.C.
Tenders must Ik- made on tbe form
supplied by tlie Department and ac-
eompanted by an accepted cheque on
a Canadian chartered bank, for 10
per cent of Ilie amount ol tbe tenon, payable  lo Ibc order      ol   the
II rablc the Minister of Militia and
Defence, which amount will be lot'
[filed if the parly tendering decline
l>> cuter into a contract or fall 1o
complete it in iim>rdance with the
Tlif Department   does not bind it
sell lo accept Hie lowest or any len
Eugene Flset,
Deputy Minister nl
Militia and Defence
Ottawa, May 8, lllll.
Newspapers will not be paid if they
Insert this advertisement without au-
lliorilv from llm Department.
II Q   IS 115 2 M-Jt
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never falls. These
pills are exceed! uy;1y imwimIuI In nun latino Die
generative portion ul tlie female system. Kt-lusn*
all cheap InifUtiunH, Dr. ilu Vttn'i nre wild tit
16 a box, or three fur |10. Mailctl to miv n.lili."<,
TtM Sorabell Drug Co., Bt. rtttliftrlut-i. Ont
For sale at lieu llu,   Murphy  &  Co.,
<i|i|„»lti, U.I'.II. Station
THE    PLACE     TO     OE'f    A
Headquarters for nil kinds nl'
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Slim: Speoiulist
Provcnzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P.O. 10X184 PHONE 244
It yuo want satisfaction with
your washing   send
it to
Special prices (or family wotk,
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Huomi with Hatha.   'Plume in
every room
Barber Bliopon tht* premise!..
Thoroughly up-lu dale.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, Manager
11*1111 ISItKD    ANxr.UI.V)
ICnnhlve traileiH throughout tin' worli
to i*oiiiiiiu!iii-aie direct wiih  Englial
in eat-h vlaaa ol goods, Hefllilei being
a roinplt'tt* commercial guide to London aud iin lubnrbi, the directory
L'ontuiiif liMP nf
wiih  tin*  Good I   tlieyihlp, and   the
Colonial and   Foreign Market! they
arranged under the P«nt- towlltch tliey
-ml, ami Indicating thu Approximate
aatllngf j
of leading Manufactureri, Merchant!
etc.,in the principal provincial town*
and liidntuiial centra uf the United
A copy of tho cnrrenl edition will i
foiwiii.le.t, freight paid, on receipt ot
Poelal Order for 20i.
1'tfulerr- aeeking Agenclei fan mlver
line their trade cardfl for 'JOs., or largtc
advertifiint'tilf from trOt*.
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
Ii UMarck Las., Laadoa. B.C,
WeMworth (Mel
Aay available Dominion Lands
within the Railway licit In British
Columbia, may be liomestcaileil by
any person who is the sole bead of a
family, or any mate over 18 years ol
age, to the extent of one-quartet
section ol ICO acres, more or less.
Entry must bo made jiersoiially at
too local land office lor the district
io which the land is situate. Entry
by prosy may, however, bo made on
certain conditions by tbe lather,
mother, son, daughter, brother oi
sister ol an intending homesteader.
'ilie homesteader is required to pel
tor, the conditions connected there
with under one of the billowing
(I). Al least sii months' residence
upon and OulUralloa ot the laud la
each year lor three years.
I'l) II the lather (or mother, II
tbe lather Is deceased), ot the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
Ihe vicinity ot the land entered lor,
Ihe requirements as lo residence may
be satisfied by such person residing
with tha father or mother.
13). II the settler lias his permanent residence upon tanning luml own
ed hy him in the \lciutly of his
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may be satisfied by residence upon the said land.
Sii months' notice In writing
should I* given to the Commission
er uf Dominion Lands at Ottawa ol
Intention to apply for pntent.
COAL.—Coal mining rights may nc
leaaed for a period of twenty mu
years at an annual rental nf SI pn
acre. Not more than 2,f>7li acres
shall be leased lo one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate ol
five cents per ton shall lie collected
on tbe merchantable coal mined.
Deputy ot the Minister nl the Interior. M-Mt
Dated March 15th, ISH. 4 It
w. p. auRu,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on favorable terms.
CRANBROOK.BRITISH  ('(ll.llalltli
Evory cure nnd comfort
A homo from home
octal niton tion in enrea
MittDitiily, I'limimiitiniii
nnd Pneumonia
Tonus  moderate
MRS. li. BENT, Matron.
itoi                 r im 111
a 7 ii
DI'S. KINti & 0REEN,
Physicians and StirKc.iiiN.
Office st Held.are,  Armstrong A.a.
Forenoons - - - - »1111 to 10.00
Afternoons - - - 2 llll ti,   ..00
Evenings .... 7.911 to   « ;ili
Sundays - - - - 2.30 to   .90
t'HANBROOK :.     :i     li     11     H. O,
DR. P. li. MILKS
0 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 [i in,
7 to   8. p.m.
Office lo new field Block
CRANBROOK -        -        - B. C,
Oranbrook nml FortSteole
BtltlUtTION KMilNi.hK
!! •'i.i'.w'ii"''' Cranbrook, B.C.
B.   C.   and   Surveyor
CRANBROOK     ■      B. C.
Ask tor Halcvon LITIIA WATEI
h'nr family use there ia nothing
.,, wli,,t,-a,iiiie uml ao pore a.
Vim Homo Btrret   top|.ot-ite   1>f|xii)
W    It.   Bratlr.  Knnrrml  Director
Cnnbrouk B.C.
Dr. II. E. Hall, D.D.S.
Crown nml liriilno Work
11 specially;
Phono Nn. it'.in     Armstrong Ave
Oranbrook, B.O.
\ \ CRANBROtlkl liKNII:
] [        I'roelilcnl : T. h. Hm
( S.M-trlrt.v: S. M „!,,,\ ,1,,
1 Km Information irtouiliii* iitn.la
> ami agtieullu.o ni>|,ly 1., tlie
1 s ry,Granliroos, B.O.
;;                  Meeting
(       Bvorys .ml Ivectneftla*
Alwnvn lln> U.-l QtnMtf i.n.l
Q0M1 Brmrtca, It.i-in.wM.ir,
l.nmli.   Opm Pai iihI Night
I. lAKAOUClll, I'lliil'.
AND CHEMIST.-Charges: Hold,
silver, copper and lead, 11 each;
gold silver, H.fiO; silver-lead, 11,50;
gold silver, will, copper or lead,
t.: ",11. tins, 12; silver-leoil/lnc, tl.
f'rlces for other metals on application,   r. o. iios   en., nos, Nei-
News of the District
1 Written by Bright Correspondents
Sfw«SSrsS>JjNd*Sa •*SrsJ»SS|**4>«NSfSSBSf>»SSfSNSri*^^
(By Prod Roo.)
Tlio toad   mulct
Kvurllv     whet
tlio harrow knows
(until  puitlt
Itm thr Imllorlly on Ihr road
I'lrurlirs coiiUciilmetil  lo till
li. si. cinlr, of tho <\iui
depart incut, Oranbrook, was visiting
ihr Tolmcco Plains   coimlry Ihc lust
week,      Driving round   hy Hoosvlllu
lit' mistook    ii    palcll ol      |{nns\ illr's
rosy nil I'll.I lift Hi for pnllll trrrs.
H. .1 Khun, ailviitirr agoiil for tlio
I hi vii| Hiiitilii Siniilirl's Joy nun-
iiiiny, wns In lho Iirsl lown mi Ihi'
f.'n w Ihis week,
Ktiii'kii, Un* county lown ol Lincoln
I'uiiiiiy, Montana, sltnntwl on Tnbno
ni (Mains, Boulh nf Roosvlllo, will
l>nl up tin* IiIkkckI celebration ovor
hrhl in Lincoln count*) or tin* whole
State of Montana. Thru* will hi*
two days tl hui ami frolic. An excursion train will run from l21ko
ami return, Thr new race track will
he opcncil ami some classy rates will
be run. Toil Sloan \vi n:t ride, but
there will he others Just as good.
Frank Mini drove into Klko from
Passburg, Sunny Albcrtn, last week
and said tin* full wheal was heading
out ami that tin* ranchers would be
throwing gold eagles nl champagne
rurks this fall.
Mr. ('. E. Ayre, wife and Miss Muriel left Sunday to attend the wedding of Mrs. Ayrc's yotingcsi sister
at Revelstoke.
Colonel I'ytir, ol Baynes Lake, was
an Elki   visitor this week.
.lames Taylor, wife and family, arrived in Klko Ibis week from Aberdeen, Sn.Hand, visiting the Blr-
Mr. Taylor is war correspondent
f«r the Aberdeen Family Herald.
Women bale to be surprised. Tliey
don't get time to crimp Hie r hair or
wash the bnck of their necks,
The Cranbrook Entertainer got the
(•nut rati for print ing the second edition of tlie Swampers Guide or the
Mull Cook's road to Success. It
will make more Interesting reading
than bigger ails and make your blood
curdle like Dutch cheese.
There are seven more stores going
up in Elko, also a codfish jelly fnc-
lory. Klko sure looks as pretty as
a Christmas tree t<> the travelling
public, especially those in scan-li ol
Ileal th, wealth or pleasure.
Mrs. Holbrook expects to move Into her new department store lot
Dominion Day. The young people
are looking forward to a big dance
before then.
C. C, Snowdon, ol the Standard
Oil company, of Calgary, and w v
Wor den, bis Cranbrook agent, were
iu Elko lasi week looking for n site
to build a storage that will supply
the whole o! the Kootenavs
.1 r Kink, the Cranbrook whole
s'.ilei. was in Klko this week drumming up business Jake soys when
then arc read) for business thej
will make the nthci whi lesalc ■'■ ises
appeal f»*i business sound liKt ,t tin
solo at a charivari
The Benltie Murph) companj .»"
making greal     Improvements .i*  'I.
Elko   Drug    ll.ill        Pake,   ••thr   lillst
in'ss manager." i- putting In a
musical soda fountain, wltb an urn
brelln illsplaj on the tup, ami vfsl
ton i" Elko "ill h.* .tide to cei
in.iuv cocktails with real live orange
juice iii them The onl] look In
Ered Roo will gel «iii .»■ lo suppl)
the . rnngra, whlti Pake will look
live a pleasure excursion
Heorgc   Carter, the "Robli   Hood'
,.[   MOOM      .law,  w.i-  in  Klko thl**
week   doing bUSlnCSS
The greatest slghl In D C i Ihr
Ilk Rlvci canyon, while ilk- ,- Ihi
hml town «'ii the i'i..n
Report says Deane t*- making a re
cord lassoing clams at the cotwl
(From ihe  Kreo Prew i
has been ti" (uncial in l-'einn
amounted to forty-one dollars.
Pat Wlii'l.in, who bands you the
pen al Ihe Napanre hotel, wears u
tint*; that has no duplicate in Canada
ami hut few in Ihr world. The set-
liiiLr, is a largo riecp sea amethyst, of
pah* sea green 'hue and of marvellous
bounty. Tho stone was picked up
ou Ihe sea shore at Orrsrenl Bend),
California. Only liner or four ol
these stones have been found ami
they are supposed lo be derived from
fossili/rtl ambergris.
There is one medicine that every
family should be provided with anil
especially during ihe summer months,
: OhutnheiIain's Colic, Cholera ami
certain in
ll i|Uilller.
out     il?
Remedy, n is almost
bt> needed, it cost!* but
Can yt u afford to he willi-
(Special  correspondence).
Mr. and Mrs. 0. Erlckson, of Cran-
bnok, Mrs. Doiiobuo and N. Hanson
wenl to Golden in Mr. Hanson's automobile ami returned here the end
if last week. The start was made
from here at K o'clock a.m. and tliey
were in Oolden the same day al li
p.in,, which is a record run ami demonstrates the high qualities of the
lluiek car. All of the party were
well pleased with the (rip.
Sunday last Mr. and Mrs. ff. H.
Wil sen, Misses H. Harrison ami E.
Presl and Mr. 0. MeCowan drove
mt from Cranbrook in Mr. Wilson's
Misses Madge and Marion Robertson, of    Oranbrook,  spent Hie week
nl here and returned in Mr. Hanoi's auto ou Monday.
D. Wilson, Ihr Winnipeg real estate
man, spent, several days looking over
timber holdings lu the Canal
Flats country.
Mr. ami   Mrs. H. A, Stringer,     ot
ho loin  wivks
ilu- olt) nBen a reword ol flit)
dollars toi Information thai will
bad to the eonvlellon ■ i th. person
ni persons who hove been ringing In
false alarms In the tin- hall
tlie school hoard mel on Mondfl)
night ami engaged two teachers for
me fall term, subject to favorable
reports from Inspectors Miss Mat
g.net Nicholson, a graduate nf a
Novo Scoitn college, will be offered a
During bis recent visit in Hit* east
the Htm. W. R Rnss received main
valuable pointers on forest protection
from ihe Ontario Forestry depart'
menl. Many changes in the Imesi
policy nf ibis province may be expected after the nexl sess-lon Ol the
Before Magistrate Alexander on
Tuesday. Andy Omul, of Crow's Nesl
was llnwl two hundred dollars' and
rosts for selling llnuor during prohibited hours. Mr Good pleaded
gllllty,   slating Hint    he had learned
ihnl ihe breaches *t thr Uquor Act
bad been committed, although be had
given shift orders to bis bartenders
Hint no patrons should he served during    piibibitid   hours.      The touts
Calgary, were passengers    on       the
stage from Golden last week,    They
registered at the Wasa hotel.
Quite a number of land and   home
•ekcrs  come    through  here    every
ii*k and it is    satisfactory to hear
ibe words of praise tliey all have for
ihe climate,    BCenerj    ami   general
omtltlons of this district   That     is
he greatest advertisement possible,
There     was a    sudden    rise nf the
Kootenay     Hie end of   Inst week ami
rylnMly    anticipated    getting wet
feet, hut iin*    change in ibe weather
■auseii the    water to drop hack cm
liderOjble,       About  four miles     from
here the C.P.R   company has a boom
inuiLi across    the rivei to buhl   thr
logs from sk.N kumohuk
The fruit trees in Mr   Hanson's ur
hard are looking better than      any
previous year.     Tbe trees have pass
il tlm ilaiigei  of    frosts and Hie outlook is fm a very large apple crop
\\   R  Santo, who. slncdhe -old his
inch at Thunder Hill has been staj
ig here with Ins family, left Frlda;
last on an extended trip cast     They
rcpccl     io    he gone   about    three
.'i-ks \iit*r having leaked about
toi a suitable place to nettle down,
Mi s.in'. before leaving made the
statement that aftei .ill he hod seen
nothing looked as gocd .is this coon
.nul Hiai upon then return from
cast the) intend io make Crnn
brook Ibeli  future home,
Geo Watson, chief fire warden fnr
tin- district, has promised ns effl
elenl Are ranging service ami it is
natlstai lorj tt note that the flre
wardens are alrcadj at the posts
Mi Tlsdale, who has (he patrol ol
Ihe Skookumchuk side of the rlvci
and .1 \itdcison. who's range Is to
wards Mud ■ rerk, visited then re
rtpn live districts last week The
tn.* wardens are thoroughly Impress
ni with what h,)1* slread) been polnl
nl onl thai the) are employed foi
the purpose ol preventing the nul
break oi fires ralhei than fighting
bush fires If the service has ilu*.
.it hear) ami Instructions nre carried
..ut. there i* little dnngei id serious
damage from spi ending fires
Uu\eintiieiit Bund Koieman John
tteiil was a ffnan visitni |«si week
lie Inspected the repair work now
being made an the rood between here
ml  Mud creek.
li K Foster, ol fftltner, was registered at tbe Wasa hntel Hie end
if last week. Mr Foster reports
great activity in land around Wilmer
nnd the arrival ol many new settlers,
Land values are steadily increasing
nnd much outside money broughl into the country.
N. Johnson and •!, Nelson went up
to their claims nl Skookumchuk to
cummciiec work on their property
Mr nnd Mrs. .1. S Staples and
Mr nnd Mrs F IV Davis, of Wy-
ctlffe, were guests at Wasa hotel for
the week end.
A. C. Ilowness, of Cranhrook, and
parly automoblled out on Sunday
Wm. French, of "Tlie Orange" wns
here on business tin* end of last
Hon. Thos, Taylor, minister «4
publie works, Thos Caven, M |VP
ami John Reld enme out wllh P
Malliesoii in the Cranhrook Oarage
company's ear Sunday last.
Several pail Irs Irons Cianhruok and
elsewhere loov advantage of last
Sunday's exceedingly fine weathei
nnd journeyed out here to spend the
P. Mattirson, nf the Cranbrook
Oarage company, was out here with
a parly consisting of Mr and Mis
o. II. Thompson, ol Cranbrook,
Mrs. Thos. Thompson and Mrs. Wm
Lane, ol Toronto,
Mr.    o.   Erlckson, ol Cranbrook,
was n Wasa vlslti i   Monday lasl
The C p R,    log In  about     font
miles from here broke suddenly ear
ly mi Tuesday morning and i vol
three million feel of logs made tlicli
way down the river For a time
fear was fell for the bridge at Fort
Steele, hui Ihe quick actii n of Mi
Erlckson iu Bending a numhci of men
lo clear the jam averted Uw dan
(Special  correspondence).
fames Downey was in Cranhrook
Tuesday, lasl to see the doctor, .lim
is laid oil wilh a sore side.
Mr, ff, ff. Douglass, ,,f Taber,
Alt a., accompanied by his lather,
Senator Douglas, was in town
Mr. R, A. Green, accompanied by
bis wife, left for his new post, High
River, Alia., on Saturday last.
Mr. Rutherford succeeds Mr. It A.
Green as c.p.B. agent al Wardner.
Mr, Patrick, of Cranbrook, accompanied hy Messrs. Dohart and Smith,
[ Wardner, motored to Waldo last
week in Mr. Patrick's auto.
The Flyer was delayed here about
two hours Thursday night last. A
broken box on the engine and lu
Consequence it had to wait until
another one came Irom Cranbrook,
Police Constable Ailney was in
Cranbrook Friday.
The dance given by the yuung men
d Wardner in the Library hall Frl-
lay night last was a big success.
Much  credit is  due    the decorative
immittce, and the Cranbrook orchestra, fur the excellent music.
Miss Irene McKcc, nf Klku, spent
Friday last in town, a guesi ol
Mrs  It. A. Green
Miss Holbcook, ol Elko, was in
town Friday for     the dance
Mr II. Praty, nf Lethbiitige, manager of tho Farmers Lumber corn-
was a visitor in town Sunday
Arthur   Luml is home on       a
I!  ll  Bohurt was a Cranbrook
Fred Burgess has severed    his
mnection with    the C.N PL. company ntTirc staff, and left for    Cranbrook Saturday      Good luck to you
Fred wherever you go.
The ball game on the park Saturday evening between Moyle and
Wardner resulted In a win foi Ward-
net        Score eleven  to eight
Police Constable Adnry took a
\ oting man named (>uirk to Cranbrook Monday lie had been acting
The   c N P L   company have com-
raced the building of a nice cottage
i Mr  Mum)
i*.it Kcely arrived back from Lett
t ridge hospital last week,
Mr Embree ami children went to
Jaflra) on Tuesday's local
Mi .lohn Martin was ,i usitni in
town Tuesdaj.
Mi Vis IndersOO went la Cranhrook Tuesday
Mis skead ami Nelly were Cranbrook Visitors Tuesday
The Kootenay i* going some ibis
Dr. Maud's Female Pills
Prescribed and recommended fnr women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy of proven worth. The
result from their use is quick autl
permanent. For sale at all drug
stores. '1 toDeir,
The (lights made hy Strobel's airship al the Calgary exhibition 1008
undoubtedly treated a sensation. The
lirst appearance ol the airship was
mi tlie lirst ui July, when It headed
the procession to the exhibition
grounds In 1008 Ihe airship was a
greal novelty, hut the   latest means
( transportation   today  is by  means
of an nemplaiie m lieuviei than air
machine, At a very great expense
ihe directors of the Calgary Indus
trial exhibition have arranged foi
tho Mights of Strobel's airship will
daily fur the forthcoming exhibition
at Calgary, Juno 20th ta
Strobel's aeroplanes havi
red pheonomrnal success,
made some of thu- most
flights yet made with heavier
air machines. Those who wit
the (lights pf Strobel's airship
realize that lie will also make
with the aeroplane. Mr, Strobel's
machine has u sweep of thirty feet
and will be under canvas for tbe Inspection of visitors to the exhihiloii
pricr to and after each flight.
The aeroplane flights, together
with the mono-rail demonstration,
pictures of tbe coronation, grand dis
play of fireworks ami other special
features, will provide entertainment
for visitors to tbe exhibition after
they have Inspected the splendid displays of live stock ami Industrial
Tbere will be reduced passenger
rates to the exhibition. Prize lists
nnd other Information may be obtain
d from K. L Richardson, manager,
Victoria Park, Cnlgorj
filly 7th.
and  have
tie sold with a positive guarantee
and BOWEL disorders.    At all deal-
ere -!"i cents per box, or The Fig
Pill Co., St. Thomas, Onl
Sold ami recommended hy The
Cranbrook Drug and Bunk Co., Ltd.
Beatty Wants the
1 want flur thousand yunls of
drawl or Clean Soil.
W. R. BEATTY     li-Il
♦ ♦
|      WANTED      t
by widower ♦
Stall- X
♦ small fruit ram-l
4- witli   youiit!   family
, required.
t    W. (i. I.1TTIXIOBN,    X
* Brlcluoii - H. 0. X
♦ 17-1.        *
iS|aTini correspondence)
Prof. Richardson ami Jchn Kelly,
were ai eamp lasi Toeaday Tin
professot wee  looking, allei ttw Iron
ll.ll |l   I III'   IKi't
Mi Horn, ni the 01' It, depot,
ud »iii'. and anothei couple drove
(rum Wardnei hurl Thuraday, trowing
ilu- -.miii-.
in i iii,-   laborer! al the C I' 11
eamp mel »iili m, actidenl by being
nl in the li-K lo a Ml, W workman, ami  wu taken to Uw botpllal
last Wi'ilni'sila,
The C 1' II have a tain ot men ai
work building a chute al Hi,' •■ml ol
ih,' large flume, preparatory to running Ihc Ilea from un Uw rtvei
ihroiiK-li fir flume. Into tlif river two
liiinilntl and fltty-thrcc fn-t from the
ni,I ot tile Ilium'
II. II. Henderson, n. s. (tinter,
I'liaa. Eagles and Unlit. Henderson
drove to William Jones'     ranch last
Sunday, spending a pleaaont'daf, ami
(easting on Irish buttermilk,
Mrs liahii, formerly ot this eamp,
Imt now n resident nl Kurt Stole,
I have n liiimli of 60 Wild
Horses on the range between
Ki.nihil Creek unit Toby
Creek, Colombia Valley. Can
uivo original ''ill of aalo.
Will take $400 cash lor tho
AtlllllllllT 111'-
:*.i .*'!'. !- ■
. ^ Av*»- ,a/'.«
Here II is—watch for the name 2
\c*\ rtrsra
■ ne uf
This is t.'ie fiuu:- yew have been
for,    U  is  SRAL  Oi-'  ALBill  i'A-
that  experience   has   demonstraUJ
Vou can test ti::-. for yourself,
sack (if SHAL OF Al BliRTA. U ■■
it for baking your next batch of bi
You may note the e features about Si KL
OF ALBURTA—It will absorb just a little
mora water—It \.i!l make a larger I : -it
v,iil be better shaped—II will be beau ifu! •
rounded, neitln r falling over the .-•. ;e i f t: ..■
pan nor fiatteiiinsr, out on top. li >.,ii t e
lighter, sweeter, bett.-r bread.
Then test it. Make any coi , iris ns
you like. Consider color, texture, app ai in ..
You will find every word we have said to
be true. MiAL OF ALBERTA Is not only
different—It's better.
Ctirriufl ii full stock nf
ltc|.:iiin fur above ahviiyu
in Htnrk
(INK 340 !'. a. BOX 'AH
Twenty-five yoars' practical experience.
Kivo yeuiH Inspector nf iniitiaiieea.
I'l inn Ih ii*.*: uml Rewflgu Expert fur Swindon—80,000 population.
KverythiiiK in 'fin slid Micel Iron made
Hot Air Furnaces,    Hot  Wntcr ami
Steam Hoilm.
visitlnn n» for ii lew ilnys i-ninvina
the association >
I   flH'llll-.
Tlii- woman nl today who hia «ro»l
health, Roml lrai|ior, aiaal Miisc,
brluhl cvm nml a lovely crinplrilnn,
Ihr rrsnil of correct living; and kiwi!
dlKcallmi, wins the adtnlrallon of the
world. If your dl«e«tlnn I* limitv
rhamherlain'a Slomaeh nnd Liver
Tahlela will eorrecl it Kor wile hy
all aV-ale.a.
«     WOOD SPLITS     »
I   an.l ♦
nlvnli   a>
wood a* wall iia «
the sleel split pulleys,
LlMlTtO -
♦ A cotnliiimii -it i»f Wt
*%; Ir.in thtlt ifive- fl>e In-1
-   INtM'f* nl t»ll Otll
, Now Imp a U>i
■•■k in NVlinn.
^f^-^jisieirafcjr^frJ/iJi ti. ^. ^rt^t^fiJicr^ajfarycye'j**
$2.50 Per Crate
Kvivy CfltB itnaranteeil lit
lie cli tilee ln-1, Iwrrift* anil
No. I i*iinlity.
Itnnk ton? o'<lem imu and
pet Ultra ihlpprd when )mi
want lliem.
Will W llilpplpg ifaoul
l.Mllin II.ml,.
our BWinesj is
votR *vif»ie*/iB«o$
P10RT0rtGE5 TO ffiOh iflTER
riRe insuRance to nace.
WE liRP. Pl,f.(t5in0
Mm* febi
3216Mbu Street,
■■■LBBNaTjNLTaLWicsjsjBaiSjsjrjaB^ v.;.-:.' >S_ i-S-ra
CAPITAL, - $10,000,0(1!) REST, - $7,000,000
Issued by The Canadian Bank of Conin re the most convenient
form in which to carry money -        ' I     .  .-. e negotiable
everywhere) self-identifying, and tl . ex id .   ible in the prin
cipal foreign countries i-* print*. I on the face of ever)  cheque.   The
cheques are issued in denomin
$10. 520. $50, 5H>0 and $200. 235
and may he obtained on application ;it the Dank.
In connection with its Travi rs* Chi les Tl Cm tdian Bank of
Commerce has issued a booklet entitled *'lnforn • ■ Interest to those
about to travel", which will be sent free to .: for it.
k. T.Brymncr. nanager Cranbrook Branch
I ♦'^^♦♦♦♦♦♦'••♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦V*      ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
A  Good   Home
ii what is ili-Hr t" every man. A borne
in wii.-ru Peace, Comtort, Coutentmeul,
uml Plenty is fonnil. That is the reus, 'ii
men throuffhont liritisli Colatnbia, when
"Oranbrook" is mentioned tliink of the
provisions -los. Branlt lias made tor an
iileal home at the
Canadian Hotel
Vou Never
Saw Us Saw
a boh it o ire mt it than a
cuet'-mer vanti j nl to make
utles,   Vt'tj don'i have to.  We
U.At.f:   • .1 * - -'■■
■  :     i too by g    ng | eopls
ut en ..> w   at they want uf
Ml ; ■■ ■-   et an get.
And so good n in*-*"*
*.:.**  ■**■  r,<<
Order a   larger  qoantily tlie
TRY    IT !
P. BURNS &  CO., Ltd.
We Are Not Two Faced
But there are two sides to our Flour
and Feed business
Quality and Prices
Where your dollar goes the furthest
WarehooM on C. P. R. tracks.   Offi.
PHONG fit)
on V„„ II,.
Manager   *
• ••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••*,
I'lilMlllniiK  MM, Hl-illlli  !
i'1-ii'ii, li 0.   &
un      1"
IMI   |cH,.i|,..i|lJ|,.'|,.i|1J|,i|,'i,.|,J!,'ltiWli''l,''|t'l,*«i'!fplrt
For Sale
Modern Improvements
Terms the liasiest
IUS1 [til 1   "i-   KOI rilRRN   DIVISION, I.M   KOOTKN W.
TAKE    \"i Hi. thai    I.   Sarah
»; lane Macdonald, ol Cranbrook, occupation, Married woman, Intend      to
apply foi  . irehasi the
following dcs< rlbed lands
Commencing      ai       a posl
planted      about loui        leol
from    Hm*    n     ff.   n rii.t nl Lol
10093, tht n c ■■■< ■ •'•'■ i halns, thence
rouUi sixi v chains, thence rasl     ten
chains,   thence    north   sixty chains,
along    tnc     Spokane   InternaMotial
Raltwaj Lo  polnl "f commeiioemflnt.
Sarah Jane Macdonald
Samuel  Macdonald, ogefll
Dated June i Itb, 1011 I. 01
POR sai.k —Baby carriage, al
moal new, IN <'"**. 121 r\ppl) ■' .
Herald office. * ORANBROOK HERALD
By tlm Herald   Publishing Company,
K. .1. iJcaui', Managing Editor,
CUNBHOOK, 11. C, June 15,1911
It only requires :i littIn liushiesB
common sense to fortell wilh acctir
nt?) the -ultimate dealinj 11 * ran
brook. Consider tbe progrcsH al
readj made and compare 11 . with
I In- oilier cities ami ti wns in the
Kontenayi Us growth has been
steady and permanent. Each year
in,nks more and better Improve
,,1,-u,',. .mil after tlie sewerage sys
I fin is InKtnlleil there will nni be a
mora progressive 01 n more ilellgltl
ml place In the province in which
i.i live That Cranl-rook I com
mandliig widespread attention in tbe
outside is evidenced In Ihe |iutiii< Uj
which ii receives, Kven Ihe nfflrtnl
publications devote a greal deal ol
space li this particular section, ;i^
will lie seen from the following ex
irael taken Irom the official bulletin
So 3(1 rccentlj issued bj authorit]
..I the legislative asseinblj ol Brll
ish Columbia:
"Cranbrook is tin- natural centre,
geographically and otherwise, ol
South Kasl Km lenay Tributary In
Ibe lown, tbere nre Iwcntj five saw
null-,, with a cnpneltj ur one million
reel 11 lumbei per day, and -is large
factories, nl which nre made all
I, nul'- nl moulding, wi he , doors, ele
These Iblrtj one Industries emploj
sixteen    hundred people and Ihe pay
roll ai tis   in   (lltj  thousand   dol
kits n month Cranbrnak Is also n
divisional polnl nn tbe Canadian
Pacific     railway,   nml    Hi*'   payroll
m mis   i>, iiLi.ni     sixty   thousand
dollars per month Tbc Knotimaj
Central railway, which Is now l«cing
eoiistructcd, will open foi eltlemeiil
all Mn- I,niii in tin' valley north
of Cranbrook It will ulso grenllj
assist tbe mining industry There are
several mines along Ihe Kootenaj
and Columbia rivers, partial!) de
veloped, and now waiting for trans
porlnlion     Cranhrook lias n populn
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol JMjorai every nerve tn the body
, . i.l ..tii.tv. WemaVuiTdi-i ay hi"! liftex.'"
weaknefi mprled ut omc. Phoipbonol will
maki i ■ .i ntm man, Price IB a box. or two (or
Ifi Mailed I" tiny iiildipsH. TImScoIwU i>rug
tu., St. CfttliAr1n.ee, Uui,
Por sale al  Deatla, Murphy & Co.,
lion ol four thousand; 1ms five churches, three banks, a large Y.M.C.A.
building, good hotels and mercantile
i ilablishments, nlso good electric
lighl and water system, Cranbrook
[ins an excel len 1 climate."
Ml roads lead to Cranbrook,
Welcome lo lho 1.0 0 V. grand
Motto fi r n botclkecper: Every
crowd lias .i silver lining.
Ml roads    lend lo  Cranl ik,     li
Mm don'l believe this nisi investigate II fnr yourself.
Fully fifty per cenl ol Cranbrook's
business men and laboring men ■ wn
tracts of loud near lown.
The sowernge con trad Is let, Mew
there is nothing Lo 'In bui io get iu
.mil dig.
The visiting delegates li the I 0.0
V. grand lodge an- delighted with
Cranl k,
luxury. Wlntei feeding Is the ex-
larded hy Ibe cold rams In May, is
now coming in the front nicely
Saloon men in Kansas will breathe
.MM.-i now. Carrie Nation is dead
H.tl the hatchet is hurled.
The straw lial crop, which wns re
larded by Ibc cold rains in May, is
now coming lo the fronl nicely.
While Ihey are going crazy with
the heat  back east      we an- enjoying
liie to llu* fullesl ont in this salub
lions climate,
Mi el   a   man    or   a boy   on    Ibe
heels of Cranbronil'k any of    these
days whistling, ami dollars to dough-
nuist tbc tune is "Casey Jones."
The Calgary Mberlmi says that    a
Medicine Hatter's idea of heaven Is a
place   with  CI'.It, shops on    every
Depend upon this: the man who has
never made a mistake lias never
made any.lltlng ulse worth n dam,—
Tbc Philistine.
Edmonton was without drinking
water for several days, bill no
deaths were reported, Edmonton
has three breweries, you know.
j   This   is the    season of   tlie year
when the preacher makes a bit with
his cotigrogation by cutting his Sunday evening sermons short.
! We would rather be running ibe
It C. (la/ette than any publication
in the province thai wo know i f. A
recent Issue contained IB I pages, ami
all advertising.
A popular soprano it said to have
n voire of tine timbre, a willowy
flguro, cherry lips, chestnut hair and
luucl eyes. She must hove been
raised in Ihe lumber regions.
Three banks in Cranbrook have
largo working stalls and do a big
business, Another indication that
Cranbrook is the financial center for
a large district,
I Fruit growing iu this district is
no longer in the experimental
stage. Tbe country can show the
goods. .Tins is why tbe demand for
fruit lauds around Cranhrook is
growing by leaps and bounds,
The speed mania shows no signs of
abatement. Indianapolis had another auto race, in wbieh a man wns
killed anil six Injured. Human life
is held cheap when it comes to motor contests and aviation.
No, Silas, Uml weird sound tlml
you heard while iu town from the
farm the other day was nol the wail
of a lost soul ns you thought. We
arc more Inclined lo believe thai
what you beard was llu* born of J.
n  McRride's automobile.
.lohn L. Sullivan says we arc more
in need of free publie laundries than
we arc of free public libraries, lb-
says: "Ever think bow many poor
women no broke physically over the
wash I nb'' Thousands of lliem
Every week they have to go through
Biggest Musical Event
of the Season
this Blunt that would put a lighter
to bed if it was part of his training,
and they do it year after year. If
this   hardship    was   cm    out    of
every pour woman's lift*
there would ni l lie so
many children born cripples and tossed young Into the gutters us orphans. It's u killing job, this wash-
tub turn, to say nothing of the Hide
plays thai go with It."
Sensational pn-ss dispatches and
fake advertising have iltiue Incalculable harm lo now milling tamps. Tlio
lirst reports irom tlio Portland
canal district told of a mountain of
gold. Tho ledge was two miles
wide and could be traced for thirty
miles. Subsequent developments of
course priced Ibe absurdity ol these
staleiiiiiits Tbe eamp, however, is
coming ou! nil rlglll and some very
good propectles nre being opened up.
Now some wild stories are being scut
mil about tin- Steamboat Mountain
camp, one is to tlie cffeel that
"since the bushes have been cleared
away, it has been necessary to cm-
ploy guards lo keep Intruders from
picking up and appropriating small
Vjf^nPWITIl   f* f\kf\^T? In a Tuneful Fantastic Comedy Replete
PflKJ 1 XlllrlV UVVOL      In Fun, Melody and Extravaganza
/ 45 ^
\ Gorgeous  r* pi/rn
I \JKusical~Scenic  t>LLy LK.
11 TricJC^pectac/eX Ppnpi p /
40   .
A Play Offering Rich in Amusement Features
Delightful Alike to Young and Old.
75c, $1.00, and $1.50
Seat Sale at Beattie-Hurphy's Saturday.
June 17th
It was Ihe jokesmitb—not a carpenter—who saitl. "Sever lie satis-
lied witli your lot—build a house
Oilier men who write for a living
may search through the dictionary
for the risbl wi nl if they choose,
but as for tbe sporting editor, "bill"
or "bingle" makes jusl as much ol a
There may lie n lol of highbrow
musical notions nflonl iu a greal
eily, but 1 notice Ihal ragtime and
barber shop chords nearly always get
an encore.
Vou can still read a little about
■ fiin .leflrics, but where on earth is
"Doc" Cook?
.Some men wit'll nerve enough lt»
fire lit* hired girl can'! say "No,
I'm not drinking anything."
We have "Mother's Hay," "Daughter's Day," "Hoy's Day" and
"Doomsday," but tin* only day
"Dad" has is pay day.
Snukcrs who are and always have
been satisfied witli n Missouri cob
ami a package ol H. I>. are wondering how ihey will In* benefited by
Die attack on the tobacco trust.
Social note: Prcsldcnl Tali's cow
is visiting the Wisconsin dairy exhibit.
Nat Goodwin saitl lie was never
going lo many again, but that was
three weeks ago.
Pastors are rapidly learning the
value of advertising. Nowadays the
best campmcetlng ground is located
near a lake, where Ibe fishing is
st I
F. Parks mill Co.'s know-
lcdgu of tliu Hardware
business mill their facilities fur purchasing tu tliu
muBt favorable advantage
in tliu best markets, on-
utile thi'iu tu sell their
grinds ut
Vou can make purchases S
satisfactorily either in per- , >!
sun ur by mail. \',\
_ Pj
=   k
Hardware Merchants
Out-of-town   patrons   can secure  seats  by  writing
Beattie-riurphy Co. and enclosing cheque or bills.
lu the Vancouver police courl the
other day I hero were lUty-slx coses,
and urn* half ol   these prisoners were
charged with vagrancy.
Mail clerks are to be plated on the
C.P.II. sleameis on the Arrow lakes.
Chief .1. C. Mc.ltae, of Ibe Winnipeg
police force, will retire to private
life .Inly 81, oil which dale be will
have completed bis thirtieth year on
Ilie polite bine
t'algarj has five brass irands, ami
more I ban two hundred real estate
Tin* chlel of   police in Vernon gets
salary nf one hundred ami twenty
live dollars a  Ih.
The new cmirl luiii.se at' Revolstoke
will in«. 1 one hundred ami flftfrn
thousand dollars,
The new general hospital iu l,.itl\
smith was opened last week.
Human   Itoss     is   running   a   two
11 sand    fool tunnel near Hazel ton
for the 1 i 1.iiiil Trunk Pacific. lie
reports labor very plentiful up the
skeena river,
The strawberries at Creston are
Nelson Will In Id a big celebration
mi Dominion day.
Flngenc V, Dehbs, Hie grenl Socialist leader and worker, will he in
Utlthrldge some time in September,
Britain will spend this year seven
million live hundred thousand dollars
on sanitaria for consumptives,
On nn average fifty prospectors nr-
rlvc nl Hope every day.
The assessment rnuimissinncr puts
Winnipeg's population at one hundred
and   fifty-one    thousand, an increasi
of twenty thousand over last  "ear.
Chicago boasts of, or rather admits, having three hundred film
theatres where tin* public is edified,
educated, amused and touched for the
price of either a nickel or a
The new uniforms for the Creston
baseball club have arrived.
The new sawmill being construeeed
al Fort (leorge hy the Northern
I .umber company will be in operation by July lirst.
Cape Colony produces three-quarters of  the world's diamonds.
The Baldwin Locomotive works, of
Philadelphia, has secured legislation
in British Columbia as an extra-provincial company. Tbe firm supply
locomotives for standard logging
railway. C, H. StancliHe and company, Vancouver, are their British
Columbia representatives.
The Albion Iron Works building, at
the front of Westminster avenue,
Vancouver, is being torn down to
make way for the new offices of the
Grand Trunk Pacific company.
One of tlie largest booms ol logs
ever towed up the Fraser river was
delivered at the Brunette Saw
Mills 011 April 28th, The boom
contained one million two hundred
and fifty thousand feet, and came
from Cove Inlet.
A number of American newspaper
men have left San Francisco fur
Shanghai, where they will establish
Ibe China News, a daily paper, to be
published both in Knglish and Chinese. The News will be the first
Knglish paper to cater to tin* general
Chinese public
Between fifteen and twenty saw and
shingle mills arc now operating ut
Fraser Valley points.
Tbe plant of tlie Western Paper
Han autl I'.nvelope company at;New
Westminster will likely resume operations in tbe near future, new capi-
sal having been secured to place the
enterprise ou  a good financial basis
Between August of lust year and
February of this year no less than
fifteen I.O.O.P, lodges were Instltut
ed in Alberta.
An exodus of forty Newfoundland
fishermen lo Vancouver is reported
A two storey hrlck building, to
cost twenty thousand dollars, Is under erection in cbilliwatk for the
Hank of Montreal.
James   J. Hill, tbe ilatlway mai'
mite. Is planning his re I i lenient Irom
The police in Chicago have discov
ercd an organl/ation ihut has grown
rich by accept ing money for starting
Hon. Thomas Taylor will lay the
corner stone of ibe new thirty thousand dollar marble court house at
Kaslo on June 22ml.
When Jim Wardncr was living he
was the groatesl towns!lu boomer of
bis time. lie made famous tin-
phrase "Keep Your Eye on Pasco,"
and perpetuated his name by having
two towns named after himself,
Wardner, Idaho, ami Wardner, 11. C,
As a story teller ho was par excellence, Here is a fair sample culled
from an inrervicw whicli In* had willi
an eastern newspaper sonic years
"Out in    Kaslo, Itiilisb Col bin,
Wardncr supported a church, paying
the pastor's salary and oilier cxpen-
sc**. Soon (hereafter Wanlner lost
nil bis money in a mine iu Washington, He communicated lho fail in
the clergyman and advised him       to
resign his charge and accept a place
as chaplain in a western penitentiary. This the minister did nol
want lo do, but Wardner Insisted and
some months later sent, to the members of thu congregation a letter over
the pastor's signature reading as
" 'Brothers nnd Sislers. I write lo
say goodbye. 1 don't believe God
loves this church because none of
you ever die. 1 don't think you
love each other, because 1 never marry any of you. I don't think you
li.vc me, because yon do not pay mo
my salary. Your donations are
mouldy fruit autl wormy tipples, 'hy
Iheir fruit yo shall know them.'
" 'Brothers, I am going io a hei
let place—l have been called lo he a
chaplain of a pcuilculiutv. Where I
go ye cannot now., come. , I go lo
prepare a place for you, ami may the
Lord have mercy on your souls."
Joseph Ryan
\\ Indermere, ti. C. <>7- ticros, situnuil on
Columbia River, bulweon Columbia and Win-
ilerniere Lukes, in thu must tortile and beautiful part uf thu Windermere country, Fee
simple title, unencumbered. Prior water riedit
to 150 incites from Coldstream Creek. Large
portion sub-irrigated, Excellent dwelling
house and out oftieea within half a mile nf the
Fuirmount hut sulphur springs. Oldest
orchard in tliu Windermere. Unlimited free
ninne. Kootenay Central Railway, uow under
construction, surveyed across twoof the lots.
Nine head of horses and 7f> head of stoek, Willi
complete equipment of farming implements,
iVe. House well furnished. Will lie sold us a
going concern, fnlly equipped, for$28,001), one-
third cash and two annuals at li per cent.
Without stoek and equipment, $22,500. Kami;
SANCA directly on the east shore of Kootenay Lake,
one of the most beautiful situations iu Ihe
Kootenay country, .VJ acres of prime fruit
land, elose by Myrtle Creek. Very little
clearing. Fee simple fll'e ,\ bargain at
$11)0 (HIannere will sell al $115.00.
40 ACRES of Prime Fruit Lands near Creston. Uncleared. Clearing, fencing, plowtiigaudktylug
down iu clover trill cosl about $35.00 an nere.
Water righl neross it. Some beaver meadow.
The pi.-ked hind ol tlie district, Apply for
priee and terms lo above.
Accident, Guarantee and
Life Insurance
Raworth Block,
Baker St.,   Cranbrook.
Masiniie grand Inrlfte, Victoria,
.llllle 22ml.
Calgary exliiliitimi, .Tunc ffltk lu
.Inly 7lh.
Coavcntlon UVstern KenVratinn cl
Minors, Unite, .Inly 17tfi.
1.,'lliliriilKr AKrieiilliiral lair, August 2:inl In 25th.
frniiliriHik Agricultural Association
fair, September tilth and 20th.
Nelson lair, September 20th to
Spokane Interstate lair, October
2nd to stfe.
25 Per Cent. Off All Skirt Waists
Hot weather is here af last, nnd in order lo insure your
comfort for Saturday nnd following days, wo will oiler all our
immense stoek of SUrtflBK WAISTS at n slruighl saving
of >5 %    Thai moans
A $3.00 Waist for $2.25
A $2.00 Waist for $1.50
A $1.00 Waist for 75c.
Tlie Season's Newest ami Bripti'est Productions.    We offer I
every ono at (lie same sacrifice. I
A   STRA1H1IT   8AVIXH   FOR   YOt'. J
Watch Our Window for These Values I
Does Quality Count With you ?
We carry the
Wyvern Hammocks
recognized as the
Then Ilie prices are right from $2.25  lo  the
Couch Hammock at $18.50.
Come in and see them
The Beattie-Murphy Co.,
The Prescription Druggists
Cranbrook, • • British Columbia
Our fltivk ii now comploto with nil the
luti'ht dI'ilKiiN.—Kindly full and wa our iliow
I'lUH's before liiuilly ilvi-iilinir wlml your preaont
iihull hi*.  Tliopricetaro right, quality the tie^i
thill money enn huy.
Raworth Bros.
Jewelers nnd   Opticians
0, P. II. Watch liii|icctura
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦-♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Are   universally retarded a**  Weal T
Wiihlimr  present!,  in   which  both T
beauty uml utility are cinuhintil.    In X
tliiv.1' run In- found appropriate and +
dfitmlilo   gifts, to   fit   ei|iiiilly  well *y
Hie tilhil wullut or tho slender purse. +
We iiiuke a ipednlty of earryinn a wiilo assort- T
monl of Btftartlelea in silver ami glaaa.   Ifat nil in- X
■il in the above lines come in ami we'll be pleated
lOSlll.aV   lift*
Yhu won't lie iiuwle In feel that you are ohliired   *}**
.leweleraud optician X
f *■*>*)*>*>*>*>*>*>+*>*>*>*>*>*>* *>*>**>   *>*>*>*>*>*>*,*> + *>*>+ + + + + *> + + ++4>
Married—AI Christ churcli, Cranbrook, bv the rector, Rev. K, P.
Flewclling, Edward Reeled, of Ross-
l.inil, uml Alice Houghton, ol Lancashire, England, Tlie parties lefl
Monday for Rossland, where they
will reside.
Hy proclamation appearing in the
current Issue ol the provincial (ia/-
etto, Thursday, the 22nd lnstanta being tin* ilny of His Majesty's coronation, is declared a public holiday tn
bt* observed with general thanksgiving ami rejoicing throughout the
Dominion nf Canada. A communlr
a Hon to his excellency, the governor
general (nun Downing street, Is also
conspicuously displayed in which his
excellency is asked to acquainl ins
ministers throughout Canada ol lite
fuel that His Majesty the King has
decided thai ihe Royal Standard, be
Ing lho personal Hag ol the sovereign,
is nni iu fiiiuii' in be flown excepl
when and where His Majcstj is per
sonnlly presenl
Dan McDonald Returns
li.iu McDonald, one ol the old Urn
1*1 s nf ilu- Kootcnnys, and toi several
i.iiis proprietor ot the Manitoba
hotel, dropped In une*cpect?dl) mi
Ins Cranbrook Irtemls lasi Friday
Ih* will remain in Crnnbrooli fm ai
least a month Mi Mcllonnld has
been located in Detroit, Mlchl a
some lime ami is Interested in a
(Inn ih.ii manufactures engine
pai i'i i<ii automobiles Tin' tactoi j
employs Irom eighty in one hundred
tni'ii Dot roll is becoming a grcul
manufacturing polnl lot motor tats,
ami the product turned mil hv thai
i it) la*.i ti-.ii was valued ,ii one
hundred  am) Ihlrtj    millions td dnl
l.ns     With « aii\ working     men
in Detroit one would nnturallj -\
peel lalmi tnmhles Dceastonnlly, bui
Mi McDonald says there are none,
nnd that he nevei nni n hottci  talis
lull   In!      nf      inin  lit    his  life        Ml
Mi Donald has    completely  vered
ins health,  and is now    feellni  i	
Hi* weighs more now than he hm
fm it-ii years     While in* has nil   Ihe
i niiidnls iu   the   east  a man      hi
wish fnr, lie admits (but there is a
fascination in llu* wesl that is hard
to Ret away from.
VanWormer Sells Land
c. M. VanWormer, a former business man nf Cranbrook, hut now- in
the real estate business at Qrcal
Kails, Mont., was here a few days
ago and closed a ileal for llu* sale ol
his one hundred and seventy-five acre
farm six mites north of Cranbrook
mi lho Wycllffe road. Tin* purchaser
is .lames Iv Splalnc, of (Jreat Kails,
ami In* intends to move on hi* place
at once and begin making Improvements, Mr. VanWormer was glad
tn gel hack to Cranbrook ami
spend a day or two with his mam
friends, lie sins thai Cranbrook is
the best town he ever did business In
Elmer dives Cup
Dave Rimer, representing the DavW
llariim Cigar company, who was in
town mi Wednesday, has promised
the town ol Creston A solid stiver
nip mi behalf of Ihe makers td the
popular hi and of cigars The Condi
lions that he Imposes are thai a
ns ..( games be arranged between
Un* single ami married men ol Cres
inn at baseball, that seven games be
played, ami that the team gaining
lho highest aggregate ot points    ("t
lite vear holds  the cup       The      team
winning the cup two consecutive
years will become holders fnr all
time. Mr Elmer suggests that a
committee ol one bo selected from
each side tn arrange the details, ami
thai they bc assisted hy an outsider
The generous niter rrom Mr Rimer
is greatly appreciated by tho local
supporters nl the popular game, ami
Hir David I latum series nl gomes
will )>e eagerly   looked for.—Creaton
Plans Are Accepted
cm clerk Roberta has received a
h ihi from Hi Pagan, provincial
hen I Iii .'iii, ri, slating Ihnl ihe plans
fi i ihe m*w sewerage system in
Cranbrook mel with his approval in
every particular ami thai he look
pleasure In placing his sanction nn
tin-in Work mi Installing Hie new
sweefnge system will probably emu
iiuiiie about July first
fnr wear ami work,   It *|i|
"linn 1 ttliv Ml ruin Vnil enn put
on it and near* like irmi
it is cnwroiTAUt rw TM wm <,
Inn uml   tillable,*    him   In <ln
mote and mote willing wu>k
Hotter have a t-et mul foil aill
luivf im mure trouble wilh
eliifi-il hntHfC. no mom In ink
Ititfof Iniriirtfii jn-t when vmi
iiii'ii it tiKwl. We bavoil id- Imt
In idritflii nr dmilile and the
price In an right nntlio barneiiP.
The Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
Bulkley and Nechaco
Messrs, Weir and White, two experts recently sen) mil hy tho
department nf agriculture, ii make a
comprehensive study of lho agricultural ami horticultural conditions in
the valleys uf ihe northern coast,
have reported _ their safe arrival in
Hazel ton, and are now outfitting [or
the season's work. They roporl a
large number nf settlers nllcariy going Into lho Bulkley and Nechaco
valleys by way nf lla/cltnn, tin* majority of the newcomers being men
experienced in the cultivation ol
lands, ami bringing iheir wives and
families wilh them.
Junction at Yahk
Curzmi Junction is no
two   miles cast uf   the
is now      tin*    point
St o-Kpnkaiie trains' leav
Nest line for tho south,
station   agent at    Curz-
has been moved to Vahk,
way business in future w
acted al   the latter plao
inake Vahk a busy spot
amount nf    money has b
hy ihe C.P K  in making
It meant the building nf
if track and the putting
ide tracks.
dd iu
- the
J. .1.
Ill   .Ml!
and a
ill be
•    Tli
ll! loll.
II rail-
t rans
is will
la rue
First Aid Work
First aid to the Injured Is a very*
Important thing for everyone to
know, and serious efforts are being
made to make it generally known
especially among thoso whose duticj
frequently plan- them In a position
to render it when required Seattle
policemen are now supplied with outfit! fm giving lirst aid to sufferers
fn in accident and sudden illness
Kach has nn emcigi i oi oi first aid
Stressing package ol the kind provided
the soldiers in the army. The package is neai and hand'., and fits conveniently    Into the policeman's pock
t li ii*tit.mis a ti urnlqucl tor
stopping hemorrhages, bandages and
ithet simpk apptiam s, together
\ itli printed instructions Tin* policemen ate Instructed nnd drilled In
Die use id these things, and il la bv
lleved Ihal their being able to use
them quickly and Intelligently, will
be the means i.f saving many lives
thai wpuld otherwise bo lust
The gorgeous musical extravaganza
■'The Cat and the Fiddle," which toi
the post four seasons lias been such
.i whirlwind success will be Hit attraction al the opera house for om*
night, Wednesday, .Juue 21st.
A company of some fort) singers,
dancers, comedians and u largm and
carefully drilled and beautifully
gowned chorus are included The plot
is taken and founded on the favorite
old nursery rhyme "Hej Diddle
Diddle, the ('at and ilie Fiddle," elaborated upon, and worked mil by
deft touches    Into a line hijj musical
comedy extravaganza, just the sun
thai is a delight tu our theatregoers on account of its breeziness.
There are many new big song
hits, ami musical and dancing numbers by Ihe famous beauty chorus,
all of which have delighted thousands
so that they are now on tin- musical
programs of every hand ami orchestra concert iu the country, ami Include    "My    Maid   In   the   Moon,"
•"Mulher (loose's Dolls" nnd the successes of lasi season, "1822," "Ilosy
Dreams," "I've Never Been Introduced to Vou," "In the Shadow    of an
Old Date Tree."
The easl of principals here, main
uf whom are well known, Include
Harry It. Watson, the Boylnns, Dose
and Arthur, Narty Mart/, J, 0.
Campbell, Oeo, I-:. Wakefield, lho
(Inlili,ml Bros., Claude Lucas and a
host nf others.
New   Vnrk-llar silver, :. Ie    Lend
i I .'Ul.
Luiiilon.-I.eail,   £13.. 5.
Greenwood Ledge: Fred Simpson
arrived in Kngland lasl week ami is
li oklng for n place thai resembles
Cranbrook or Kamloops. In crossing the "pond" Fred threw up
everything except his optimism and
the guy ropes lo his stomach, lie
will come hack
Oi. F.   Weir, mayor of (Trail,   is
attending tbe grand lodge session.
Menagcr's   sauce   al    Fink's   Pure
F I Grocery.
C   \   Poole, tailor, ol   Movie, was
in town Wednesday.
Root,   Walker ami   wife, of Movie,
were Cranbrook visitors Sunday.
Home made rand)  20c, per lb. Saturday only at The Palm.
R.   Dudley h    up from Fernie attending the grand lodge,
Al     Doyle  was over    from  Fori
Steele yesterday
Gooseberries   for tarts   at    Fink's
Pure Fund Grocery.
Yon ar,' acquninted with the
desirability of thu MODERN (IAS
KANUB for cooking ?
Yi'8! Well conn, in anil let un
show you our new
" Florence" Wickless
Oil Stove
which givGB you nil the advantages
of the UAS RANGE and ut a much
less (iOBt. This is soinrtliiitLi out
of the uriliniiry in nil stoves and
will be sure to please you,
Mr. and Mis. T. Lawsun are leav
Ing ihis week fur London, England,
The Canadian hold is receiving a
new t-oal of paint.
al  Little ami Atchison's.
New- potatoes al Little and Atchison's,
Born—On Sunday, .lime Mill, to
Mr. ami Mrs. C. .1. Stevens, a son.
W. .1. Gopel), inspector uf govern
incut offices, was in lown Tuesdaj
Inspecting the Cranbrook olTicc,
Summer drinks.—Largest select inn
in eily to choose [nun at Fink's pine
Fund Grocery.
Frank llutlcy i- ngnln oui of Ibc
hospital and is making favorable pro
gross towards recovery.
Dr. Connolly is on bis way to Ellg
land, where he will take a pi si grail
uatc course.
FOR RENT.—Two furnished rooms
with or without board. All conveniences.—Mrs, (i. II. Powell, Garden
avenue. 15-tI
Chas. Farrell, president of the Society Girl Mining company, was In
town Monday.
Mrs. D. A. Ayrcs and Miss Annie
Attwood, of Moyle, were iu Cranbrook Mondny.
Don't you want to get a buggy ai
a bargain. If you do call around.—
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Geo. Longpre, of Hnsnier, was in
town last week, the guest uf Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Lcclerc.
Mrs. .1. McTavish. nf the Wont-
worth    hotel,     spent  Sunday with
j friends at Movie.
| WANTED.—Horses and cattle to
pasture $1.50 per head per month.—
K. (Vrhett, Cranbrook,   It c     15-41
j A dance will he given at the ,
Vahk hotel on tbe nlghl <f June .
23 rd.
Aid. .Icseph  Jackson has returned I
from Creston, where he .spent several!
da vs.
Beautiful New Sunshades
Among our large stock we have some style
and color that will appeal to you.
Plain Silk, iu Navy ami Coronation Blue, Green,
Brown and Cream.
$3,50 and $4.50
A splendid variety in Linen nnd Pongee Silk.
Oolorsi Ui-li.i, Light Green, Navy, Mid Blue,
Chauipagne—witli tin- pojjulnr long handle.
$1.75 Up
h many new design
$1.50 to $10.00
irtiiient of Smaller Shades
I Misses.
35c. to $1.75
Plain Black, with many new designs in wooden and
iin-tal bandies.
A great assortment of Smaller Shades, suitable fur
Children uml Misses,
House Furnishings
Special   attention   is   called  to our linos  of
Curtain Materials. Rugs,  Linoleums and Mattings.
This department is immensely popular Let
us show you these goods We save you
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
I, Allen Barnliardt, ol Curzoo
(Yahk P.O.), ranchei. give notice
that on tho UUi day o( July, 1311
.it clclock in the Forenoon, I Intend
lo apply lo Hie Water Commissioner
al his oiliee in Cranbrook tor a li
cense to take and use one cubic loot
ol water per second Irom Etmi a
Creek, in ihe Cranbrook Water Dis
trlct, The water is tc be taker,
(cum the stream about 10 chains upstream frum S. W corner ol Lol
9101, Group One, Kootenay District
and is to he used on said Lot HOI
fur Irrigation purpi ses
lti-5t       (Signed) Allen Barnhardt
|   fi.    II.  Thompson    •■' as  d
Lcthbrldge  on    legal    business   "
! first of the week.
Coronation    souvenirs   at    Fink's
Pure Food Grocery.
Born—In   Cranbrook   on Jam
tc Mr. and Mr-   J ami - Ml I.ar.-t..     s
The wedding of Howard Pat
of Moyle, ami  Miss Ryder, ol Chilli-
wack, is announced   to take ;
the latter cltj today
Fish balls   (Swedish] In tli
Fink's pure Fw d Grocery.
tt. G.   Addison, an   undertaker, ol
t.ethbridge, was    in tewn tfcl
am) gave nut      the informal!)
ho intended to locate here.
Dr. Green returned  Monday    Ira
Montreal,    where   he   was attending'conti  I
1 .. mdian M«I-
loi   preserving
Food Ororoi
MP.' rdltoi ot
11 • rppfd off
a* Cranbrook   yesti rda t n]
■   ■
L. A. Streei training here to
I ■ ■      . mii   the
Columbia-Kootenay Valley
Descriptive Article by F. J. Clarke, Secretary,
Bureau of Provincial Information
The mineral wealth ol the Columbia-Kootenay valley may he likened
to a hook with musl of its pages
still uncut, some Just glanced al ami
a few perused and turned down for
future reference. Dipped Into hi'"'
and there, its excellencies are recog
nised, hm much time will elapse he-
fore iheir extent is fully grasped or
iheir possibilities understood still
ii cannot be said Ihal mining lias
been wholly neglected, for ever since
1803, when plaeci gold was discover
nl on Wild Horse creek, near Fori
Steele, prospectors have been al
wink, some promising mines have
been    more oi     less   developed,   ihc
ex is tenet! of valuabl 'c-bodles     oi
large extent has been proved, but
there is opportunity for much more
io be done iu a mineralized area ni
seven thousand Bipiarc miles, Tbe
Wild Horse Creek placers gave profitable employment to live thousand
int'ii for some years, and, after pro
ilticing several   million dollars,   were
nhand >tl to ihc Chinese, who   were
satisfied wilh moro modest earnings.
Fmallv hydraulic mining was Intro
dneeil with variable success—the out
put uf placet gold in Willi being onlj
une I dred ami (Illy ounces.
Considering lie absence of means
ol transportation, a handicap under
which ihe Industry has languished,
promising icsuiis have been achieved
in several Instnnces. In Inhs, pros
pectoris invaded the Golden and Win
deriiii'te districts and located over a
hundred elnlids, hui beyond "assess
men! work" very little was ace.mi
plished In 1803 the North Stai
mine was established, near Kim her
ley, in the Fort Steele district This
was followed by the opening ol the
St. Eugene and Sullivan mines in the
same district iu 180a. These Hue,
mines    were developed   syslemalic.illt
and contributed largely to the sllvei
and lead production ol the province,
much of their success being atlrihul
able lo the fuel Ihat Ihey had rail
way  connection.
Mam     pn speets show good bodies*
nl    ore carrying gold, silver, copper,
and    lead.  Ill   some  instances sincllei
tesis and   assays  giving high value*
itirn     ur    mote of these metals-
ipiite enough to tempt capital were
transportation made ehsy. M is a
notable fuel thai the greater num
her of these   claims arc on  the cast
eru slope     of the    vallev. iu a ("im
at ion largely composed uf quartzltes,
lalcose schists, slates, shahs am!
crystalline limestone; while farthei
north in ihc Windermere disiricl the
mineral deposits are found in an al
must Identical   formation on ihe up
poslte side uf Ihe valley nn the cist
era slope nf the Selkirk range. Tin
mineral hearing zone apparently
crosses ihe valley diagonally about
midway of iis length, as ilu* ruck
formations of the eastern slope
change from Canal Flats northward,
being chiefly composed of dolomitie
limestones Interbcddeil with shales,
slaw**, ami sandstones, a eomblna
tion  which   does not  appeal  lo     tho
British Col luaii prospector, as    it
is Invariably barren
In the Windermere division there
ate several mineral hells on the east
slope of the Selkirk mountains, be
I ween Fimllay creek ami Salmon riv
ei. which have in*i'ii partly pros
peeled wiih promising results Iu this
mineral area, which Includes ovei
une thousand square miles, a huge
mimliei uf outcrops ol nrgentlferous
galena have been found carrying
values in sllvei and lead Where
these prospects have been developed,
smeller reliirns show values of torty
io seventy ounces of silver and fort*,
to sixty per cenl ol lead, wilh small
give additional values in gold nml
ores lu several Instances .issn**
give additional values n gold and
copper The gold is usually louml
in association with Iron sulphides,
and the coppci occurs in grey copper
and pvriles
In past years substantial work was
dime  on   several     properties,   a      tew
having advanced in the shipping
stage, in spile of the dilliciiHits and
high coal it transportation; hui
these experiments were so hampered
by Inconvenience and expense thai
they wen- abandoned, ami the mine
owners ate now confining their efforts tn actually necessary work, deferring further expenditure un development until the advent uf the rail
Some of ilu* principal claims which
have been partially developed are:
The Paradise mine nn Spring creek,
a tributary of Toby creek, twenty
miles from Wilmer lu I'm;! it was
estimated that there were fifty thousand tons nf ure lu sight on this
property About six thousand tuns
were mined, of which one thousand
six hundred were shipped lo Hie
smeliei ami gave returns of ll(U
ounces uf silver and sixty per cenl
lead per inn. The rest i f ihe dump
was estimated in run llilrlj live
ounces silver and Ihlrtv-live lo forty
per cent lead fiver three thousand
ill hundred feet ot underground work
had bcetl done up to 1003, and Iln*
mine was well equipped with mnchln
cry and buildings, but no further
work has been dune.
The Ptarmigan mine, McDonald
creek, a branch uf Horse-thief creek-
Over three thousand feet of underground work has been done on this
property. Small selected shipments
have given returns uf: Copper, 1.1
per iiiil, silver, 2.(7 ounces; and gold,
nil ounces per ton. The company
built an aerial tramway dropping
two thousand feel in a distance uf
seven thousand live hundred and lifly
five feet; a wagon ruad from Wilmer,
twenty-seven miles; an air compressor, sawmill, and several buildings,
am) installed a large quantity uf mining machinery.
A greal many claims have been
staked in this division, autl sufficient
work has been dono un some uf them
lu demonstrate their possibilities
Drifts, tunnels, ami crosscuts in
many eases reveal promising ore-bod-
tes, good enough to justify more exploratory work. In fact, there are
some prospects which mlghl possibly
"pay iheir way from the grass
roots" if the ore won In exploration
could he shipped to a smeller. These
claims are located principally on
Find lay creek, Paradise basin, Spring
creek, Toby crock and its forks,
reek, Boulder creek, Low
Mrllonald creek, Horsethlel
Cupper creek ami No. a" creek.
The Golden milling division Incliul
cs the portion of the valley between
llorsethlef creek and Golden. Many
claims were taken up hi this division
in Ihc early days of huh* mining, hui
few have ever advanced from the
pn speet stage. The favorite pros
pecting ground appears to have been
ihc Jubilee ami Spill[muehcen mountains, near the junction uf tlie Columbia ami Spjlliiiiaclieeii rivers.
Several claims were also recorded on
Dugahi o creek, French mountain.
Middle Fork of Ihe Spillimachceti,
Copper creek, Cariboo basin, Bobby
Hums basin, Middle Fork, International basin, ami Mctfurdo creek,
Considerable work has been done on
ihe mine, nn Spillimachceti mountain,
expos ng a large body of harytes impregnated wilh galena, together with
Mime arsenic, zinc, and antimony-
sulphides, a very refractory ore,
Ahull ii lnts been found Impossible to
real economically iu the company's
The balk of Hie ores in this divi-
tlon, however, carry principally gal
na and iron-sulphides, alt bough
nuiiy owners have been led astray bj
.mall showings ol free gold where
the sulphides have been oxidized by
exposure, In many instances the
.fins are strong ami appe.n continuous, ami are therefore well worth developing for the gt td contained in
Ihe sulphides, which assay as high as
twenty dollars gold to the ton. Mining in this division, as In the rest ol
the valley, is praclicully ut a
standstill owing to lack id shipping
North of Oolden several discoveries
.d minerals have been reported, not-
al I] Mum- remarkable finds of mica,
hut owing ti the difficulties of travel
in thing has been done to verify them
i lum ihem io account,
British Columbia, the mineral province of Canada, with all her undeveloped mineral wealth, pi SSC88C9
few, if any,   mining districts     more
■ it 11\ of examination than those of
ihe Columbia-Kootenay valley. The
depusits are, us a rule,    not difficult
access, prns|M*ciing, by comparison
with other districts, Is easy, and the
climate and scenery are very utlrae
Ten, or even live, years ago
it would have hi-eii an unfriendly act
advise men lo seek (oritur' in tins
valley—the    lime   was not ripe—but
iw, wilh ilie long-promised railway
muler construction, and tbe word of
ii great corporal inn pledp-d to complete it without    unnecessary' delay,
the tide is at Hie flood, inviting
I hose willing tn embark in an enterprise which promises rich rewards lot
ireful, const lent ions woalc.
With a railway traversing the
valley, the MUMMI uf ihe Crows
Nest coal mines should Im* a strong
incentive ti milling development.
Them mines, situated in the heart uf
the most extensive coal measures    in
he wiiild, are producing close t< u
million tons of coal annually, but
iheir capacity is practically unlitnit-
d If smelters were established in
the valley Ihey would* only have to
haul their coal and coke supply ono
hundred and fifty miles, taking tbe
distance from Fernie to Windermere
as an average, an ud vantage of
about one hundred miles over tbo
smelters in West Koolenay. On tbe
other hand, until development has
lablisbed ibc existence ot ore-
bodies of sufficient extent and value
lo warrant the installation <f smelling works, the railway would enable
mine owners to ship to outside smelters t re which would yield a profit
over and above cost of mining, transportation and smelling
The Conditions lor horse, eat I Ie,
sheep am) swim* breeding are unsurpassed, ihe rich   bottom lands,     He
benches, foothills, and mountain-
slopes affording endless pasturage;
while in Ihe hiLih altitudes there are
numerous small mountain, or glacial,
meadows, carpeted with )ush, rich
grasses—splendid feed tot dairy
cattle. In Norway, Sweden and
Switzerland, the dairy .herds are
driven up the heights to similar
meadows in the early spring and re-
ma n there all summer, the cream
and milk being made Into hueter and
cheese on the spot. There art* many
small herds of cattle in the valley,
in which scrubs predominate, hut a
few set Hers have imported pure
breeds and are taking pains It secure good grades. The hulk of
cattle are allowed to roam at large,
without care; tbe cows are not milked, and their owners use the condensed article, which, on accoiinl of
high freight rates, is an expensive
cop tion, many owners not even providing winter [odder, hut allowing
the cattle tu pick up whal they can
during the culd season; the herds
that are given shelter and food, how
ever, show the good effects of such
treatment in Iheir sleek spring coats
and greater si/e and weight. Range
cattle sell for thrVe and a hall tu
live cents per pound, live weight,
dairy cows, lifly dollars lo seventy-
live dollars each.
There is not room for Ihe slightest
doubt that both rattle and horses can
lim! food (nr themselves at all seasons. The existence uf hundreds of
wild burses is ample proof of this
fact. These animals, running in
hands numbering from len or twenty
up into the hundreds, make iheir
home in ihe foothills and are always
in prime condition. They are very
troublesome to the ranchers, as the
stallions entice away the young
mares, and often the wild hands
raid cultivated fields, doing consider
able damage. At ihe written re
quest of live or more owners of
horses, ilu* government agent uf a
district is authorized hy statute tn
grant a license fur the shooting ol
wiltl horses. In Montana and other
States, the capture and breaking uf
wild burses is a regular and profit**
able business, and Ihe example mlghl
he followed wilh advantage in Bril
ish C< lumbia.
Several thoroughbred stallions are
owned in the valley, there being a
manifest desire ou ihe part of some
uf the ranchers tu improve the strain
of their studs. Captain Tin rold, a
retired officer of the British army,
who wandered into the valley on a
bunting trip six years ago, was so
impressed by the beauty of the country that he returned with a baud oi
ponies wliich he wintered on Dutch
creek, and finally tonight some land
and settled down. After live years'
residence Captain Thorold writes:
"I consider the country an ideal
place for any Englishman with a
small income who is fond of sporl
There is capital bear hunting in tbe
spring, and the season opens again on
September 1st (or deer; sheep, goats.
etc. Tbe only slack time is in tbc
summer months, and if we only had
a few more men we could play polo,
as here it would Im* quite an inexpensive game and well within the reach
of those with only moderate means.
"Personally, I am engaged iu mis
lug horses, and having a good thoroughbred stallion, wbieh I got from
Australia last year, hope to breed
polo-ponies from the native mares ol
this country.
'In this way I expect to make my
ranch self-supporting, and having un
occupation at home it gives me great
Interest, and is at tbe same time a
very healthy pursuit and a good
change from England, which country
one enjoys a great deal more fn in
having been away. 1 may add that
1 have put in two winters here very
pleasantly, and there is plenty id oc
upatiuti for any active-minded per
son—be will not lim! the winters long
nor be afraid of suffering any hard
hips from tbe cold."
Thus horse raising may Ih* made ,,
cry pleasant and profitable occupation, The demand [or horses
throughout Wei tern Canada is very
great, and prices are high, roadsters
selling for one hundred and seven! \
live dollart to two hundred and lifly
ilollurs, farm horses out hundred ami
fifty to two hundred and fifty, and
heavy draught two bundled ami fifty
dollars to (our hundred dollars a
Every rancher should have bis
mall herd ol sheep, a drove of
swine, and Hocks.ni (owl. They uneasily raised, and are sure money
makers. .Sheep sell for six and a
half CCIltS per pound, live weight,
lambs, four dollars to six dollars
each; wool, thirteen cents per pound,
and lugs, six nnd n half cents tu
seven and a half cents. Poultry of
kinds is scarce and very much in
demand at all seasons. Chickens
bring twenty cents per pound, live
weight; geese and ducks about the
same; and turkeys twenty-live cents
up to thirty cents per pound. Eggs
sell readily at thirty-five to lifly
cents |ter do/en.
(By A   Bryan   Williams, Chief Game
The Ci lumliiu-Kooleiiny valley offers exceptional opportunities d Ihe
sportsman; not only is excellent fishing i blaimihle, but In addition to
ducks,    geese,    grouse,    and prairie
Beautiful Hair.
Having a Head ul nuv hair is a
blestlug within Ibe reach ol anyone
who will use Newbro's llerpicide he-
fore Die dandruff germ has denuded
the scalp and left a condition of
chronic baldness,
llerpicide imparts Hint snap and
luster to the hair which is so attractive.
Having a subtle fragrance llerpicide
appeals directly lo persons of refinement, It has been sold [or years,
and boasts ol more satisfied users
than all other hair dressings combined.
Newbro's llerpicide is recommended and used by the best harhets and
hair dressers.
Sell iin*. in i'i stage or silver for
sample and hooklel lu The llerpicide
Co., Depl. It,, Detroit, Mich.
One dollar si/e hoi tics arc guaranteed by all druggists.
Heat lie -Murphy Co , Ltd , Special
chickens, there is a greater variety
of big game than iu any other part
of the province; and, furthermore,
Hit1 weather conditions during1 tho
i.huuiing season arc generally ideal
Another great advantage tho district hns to offer is thai il is easy of
access. The man line ol the C.P.R.
passes pretty well through the center
of it, so that iu a few days' travel
some of tho best parts of the country
can be reached; tn a man whose lime
k; limited this is a matter of importance.
Tbo Columbia river itself contains
many true trout, though (he Polly
Yardeti, or char, can be laken up io
three or four pounds with a minnow;
while the Windermere lake, by trolling, lish running up to fifteen or
six! ecu poiimis are sometimes
caught. The same remark applies
to most of the streams running Into
the Columbia. Then* are many
lakes hei ween Gulden and Windermere where good 11mil fishing can he
hail, and tho Kootenay river and
some of its tributaries contain the
cut-thrt at trout iu numbers, running
from three-quarter pound up to four
pounds in weight. The cutrthroni
will lake the lly.
From September first, when the
hunting season opens, until ibc water is frozen, ducks and geese are
numerous all up the Columbia. October is probably ihe lust mouth.
Willow- grouse are fairly plentiful
iu the bottom lands and blue lim.,*
higher up in the mountains. The
Franklin grouse, or fool hen, is very
numerous, and, while not much as a
sporting bird, furnishes a welffl me
addition to the larder. Prairie chick
ens are nol very numerous, hut a
few can always be picked up in the
lira in fields.
Moose are increasing, but only ono
hull is allowed per man. The principal habitat is on the Koolenay ami
iis tributaries.
Sheep are fiv.liul iu Ibe Rockies
These slurp are tbe finest on the
continent; they an* still numerous,
but owing to their living ou the
highest] peaks nobody bui an expert
mountaineer can expect much sue*
cess. Without doubt the Reeky
Mountain log horn is ihe games! animal on the continent, if not in tht
world, and the feat of bringing down
a big ram is une a man may well be
proud of It can be dime iu the
Kootenay, bui to get ihem the main
thing is a good guide anil plenty id
pluck and endurance.
Both black and grizzly bear arc
very plentiful. spring is ihe best
lo get Ibein, generally about Hie
first of May, when the snow lirst
leaves the old snowslides. Thoy can
be got in (In- fall, bui Hie skins are
nol generally in such prime condition,
Both white tail and mule fleet are
numerous, ihe (miner being most
plentiful from Golden to Spillimu
Goat can Ih* obtained almost any
where, though there are more of
these iu Ihe Sclkirks than anywhere
Guides, horses, provisions, camplnpi
outfits, etc , can be obtained at an\
uf the following points; Golden, Wil
mel, Windermere, Alhutmcr or Craubrook. Guides should be engaged as
far as possil Ie in advance, men who
have more or less complete tamping
outfits and can supply pack ponies
and other requisites.
No Special clothing is needed,      Hie
main    thing   is    In   have g I easy
I Is. nul iuu heavy, bui capable of
holding g I nails.     Vety cold wea
thei will imt be met with, but the
nights are generally frosty when high
in Ihe mountains, so plenty of hi,iii
kels are advisable.
t'fu Ih* continued)
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»
CAPITA!. AUTHORIZED                ■                             $10,000,0011.00 1
CAPITAL PAID UP     •               •               .               85,745,000.00 *
RESERVE FUMD         ■               ■               •               $5,745,000.00 •
D. II. tt'lf.KIE, President,       HON. IIOIIT. J AFFRAY, VI President. .
Accounts of Corporations,   Municipalities, Merchants, Fanners
anil Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in  any  part of
tlie world.
, SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.-K|""i"l attention given to
ftuviiius Hank Accounts. Depusits of *.1.0ll and upwards ici-eivcil ami
interest allowed from date ot deposit.
"In ii,,-n whom men ciiinlcnin us ill
I iiml mi much of goodness still;
In men whom men pronounce rttvlne,
I Iiml so much of sin ami blot;
I hesttiite In draw a line,
llelwecn Ihe   two—whore n,si   im*
"flow iln vim like Hi,' new naltm-.tl
soap''" Inquired the harder, wielding
Hi,- lathci hnish witli ordinary tree
"Tastes nourishing," Die customer
replied.      Willi  ii  splllltct,  "lllll   I've
li.nl un   Ine.tkfusl."
Wilmer Branch
W. R. QRUBI1E, Mgr.   |
************* **************
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit, Agricultural, Grazing anil Timber
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers In Lumber.
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
Be a Well Man!
If you nre n strk limn. siltTorinpf from
uny disorder, wecun Oliroyou Permanently
Vtni iln not Imvi- to linger along sulToriug
from disease, because wo nn- medicul
s|s'i'i;ilists    witli    tunny   years'  experience
treating  ami curing sin ssfitlty nil men's
A sure nml perainnont euro in all diseases of
men, Nervous Weakness, Varicose Veins,
Hydrocele, Nervous  Ailments, lllond and
Skin  Disorders, Sores, Ulcer.',  Kidney,  Hlnddtr   and
Rectal Disorders, unit nil special ailments common In men.
lirst Anatomical Museum in tlie North-west.
Consultation Free
If you cannot come to Spokane for treu consultation
now. wrile for our free liooklet.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash.
11. L. STEPHENS, Prop,
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
********************* **********************
Imperial Bank ol Canada
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED ■ $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP     - - 5,793,000.00
RESERVE FUND         - - 5,79300000
li. It. IVII.K1E, Prui.lem.
HUN. HUBERT JAFr'RAY. Vice-President
Accounts ot Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers anil Private Individuals invited.
Drafts uml Letters of Credit issued available iu any part nf
the wort!.
SAVING**} DKl'AltTM ENT-Special attention
given to Savings Hank Accounts. Deposits of if I.nil mid
upwards received and intereat allowed from dale of deposit,
Cranboork Branch: it W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
8-rooni 2-story Plastered Residence
on corner lot. Electric light, water,
bath, closet, cellar; fenced on Baker
Obesoent Lodge No, tit)
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Meets overy Tuesday tt 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
J. M. lloysc, C.C.
V. M, Christian, K. 11. & 8.
Visiting iiri'tliren cordially Invltsd
to attend.
I.O.O.P., KEY U1TY LODOE, No. 11
Meets every Monday
uiglit at New Kra-
5873SZ*»* ternity flail. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invltsd.
B, ii  Potmoiii ff, M. Harris
N. ll. Seo'y.
t,', Crnnhioolt      l.oilite,
No. 81
„ M<j        *•*"• * *■  "••
>y.Mpx      -
i \ ' - /   ,'   Hegulur incoHiigs on
( .V^/.'ft.,       tin,   tiiinl   Thursday
* '?<' of every lilolitll.
Visiting brethren wolcomoil.
A. ('. Slinnkl I, W.M.
M. W. Connolly, Secretary.
No.   111.
Meets every second nnd   lourlh Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Iteiiekah.  cordially Invited.
Mrs. VV. F. Cameron, N. 0,
Miss M. Ilickciiliotliam, Sec.
Meet, fn    Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E. C.
M. MacKinnon, M. ft. and ('.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets In Carmen's If nil Second and
Fourth Thursday of each month at a
n.ui. sharp.
Win. Anderson, Chief Ranger.
L. Bent. Sccrctnrv.
Yliltiin: brethren made welcome.
Meels iu Carmen's I lull first ami
third Thursday of each mouth at
s p.in. sharp.
.Mrs.  I.iilu  Harvard,  lire. See.
\V. II. McFarluno, Chlel Ranger.
Visiting lirelliren made welcome.
Presbyterian eburcl,:
Sunday  morning service at   tl '
* u'clock
• Sunday    evening    service   at'
♦ 7.30 o'clock
♦ Sunday      School   and    llilile
f I'lass at 11 o'clock
I   Pi
rcsfiytcrfan    (iiiild, Tuesday, ,
at K o'clock
(1881) 61171
Will stand ui my ranoti at
Wanlner, I!. O.,
livery  Saturday,  Sunday
nnd Monday
And at  Mr. Sclmd's, Bull
Kivor District,
livery Wednesday and
This horse is welt tired
nml Imilt. will, lots of [lower
ami elenn bono. Wejglil
between IllOOtband 17001b,
Mares 11r,*, I by season or
insiiii- foal al owner's risk;
bui overy cam will be exorcised.
Proprietor        11 if
t       HOUSE BOAT
Read the Herald, $2.00 a Year
Tlio " Imilii'l" hari boon
put in commission and in tin)
up nl Allialumr.
Ooiivouient for ixihsi'ii^ith
coniiiigeitliorbyboatorautO"; •
Motor boats, canoes or ri^H ] I
turaiigctl for on board.
The coronation soasoil Is now in
full swing, ami the King nnd Queen
are living in a perpetual whirl of
social engagements and utato functions. The most interesting items
on their crowded   programme    have
lieen    nntli mhl cd ly      UlOSO    COniicotCll
with the entertainment nf out pro-
mlneut visitors from Oversea—I lie
prime ministers am! ministers or the
lloii)Inlons, On a number nf oeen-
hIoiis haw Hit* nation's guests hail
the honor of meeting their King—at
llm royal courts, nt Uw luncheon
given tn them at Buckingham pal-
ace, am! at functions Ihe King has
Mr. A. .1. Balfour was the chlel
speaker at a great meeting at lho
A limit hall,    Loudon,     in connection
wnii the Imperii.I preference campaign. He opened his speech hy
declaring that preference must in*
part of the Imperial system. Me was
unable 1*1) see how, if they continued the present fiscal system, Ihey
Could extricate themselves from tho
dilemma uf cillier straining to breaking-point the commercial loyalty of
the colonies or throwing their own
System of commerce Into hopeless
Addressing the girls < f Queen's
College, Hurley street, W., Die bishop uf London spoke of the Queen's
deep interest iu social problems, On
one occasion, lie said, he accompanied
Ilie Queen in a tout through the
G-hetto, and the street tradors tried
to sell articles to her as they would
to any ordinary person.
A verdict ol death from natural
causes was returned at an ln.|UC8l al
Kriiulsliury, near Rochester, mi
Kli/alietn Ann Man-haul, aged elgh-
ty-three, an old age pensioner. The
deceased had tu t washed for years,
and her llesh was described ut a
medical   witness  as    having hen une
If so, remember these facts—Zam-
Btik is hy far the most widely used
balm iu Canada! Why has It .become
sn popular? Because it heals sores,
cures skin diseases, ami dues what
is claimed for il. Why not let it
heal your sore?
Remember that, Zam Bnk is altogether (interest to the ordinary ointments. Most nf these consist ol
animal fats. Xuni-Hiik contains no
trace of any animal fat, or any mineral matter. It is absolutely herbal,
Uomombor that /vam-Buk is at Un*
saint' time healing, soothing, anil
antiseptic, Kills poison instantly,
nml all harmful germs, it is> suitable
alike for recent injuries and discus
es, ami fur chronic sores, ulcers,
eic. Tesi how tlllTorcnl ami super
im /.am link really is. All drug
ilrttgglslH and stores at 50c, box.
t'se also /am link Soap. Believes
mi it burn and prevents freckles. Deal
for tally's hath,     atfc,  tablet.
A famous old belfry from which
the bells rang out for the wedding
between Henry V. ol England ami
Catherine, daughtet ol Charles VI
of France, has just fallen down In
Troves. The belfry, wbieh wa*
built in tlie thirteenth century, form
etl part of the church nf St. .lean. It
hail been unsafe for some lime, am!
its fall was expected, Over a Ihoti
sand persons witnessed it at four
o'clock in the morjilng. It toppled
over and tell with a crash on a
house opposite, where there is a bakery, and part of the ruins now cover
the roof as with a hood.
Tlie death has occurred in Gloucestershire of Dr. Edward Grace, tbe
oldest ol the Grace brothers, famoui
the world over as cricket players
Dr. Grace, who was seventy years
old, had plaved cricket for nearh
sixty years, and bail scored seventy
six thousand seven handled run**
since be learned the game at ten
years of ago. He was at his heal
in 1S(;:1, when he took part in flit;
games and obtained a total of three
thousand and serenty-foui runs
The California aviator whose aero
plane collided with a cow probablj
never will come any neaiet reaching
the mllkj way —Stratford Herald
Edison's   promise if a storage bat
Iciy that    will   operate 0   bui' Iii t
wagon all   da\ foi  twenty live cenl
uill he good   news to   the buti hen '
horses — London Free Press
The census enilinetatots will        ,■■ i
five rents lot each name Th!* does
not include the names ihev will be
called when tliey gel undci any with
then stven hundred and fort) ihrct
questions —Sydney Record.
\ Berlin m.in applied foi a divorce
tm the ground that his wife added
three ciphers to the balance in hei
hank book     thai she showed him he
Ion iheir marriage, The courl ruled
thai as the figures Tu question repn
NAttd nothing, nothing could In*
•done —Vancouver Province.
And the question tbat i*- punting
most people is whether the P P it
shops are reallv Under the flat, ot II
it is just   natural gas.—Calgary Al
■beI trill.
"No more had eggs in Kansas," is
the new slogan ol thai stale. The
fruit of the hen Is lu ho examined
hy the .maul of health autl certified. Missi uri is curious to leant
how this can bo done.—Calgary
The minister who preaches a sermon on the necessity of cheerfulness
and espects results makes a tactical
error In bringing it on the day after the home team has lost both
ends «( a double header.—Calgary Albert an.
The refusal of many of Ihe more
Important labor unions of Vancouver
to Join    in the general strike shows
a much higher regard fnr iheir engagements than thai, displayed by
Mr. IVttiplecv, iheir organizer, who
iu justifying the general strike
which was called upon his initiative,
declared Ihal a contract Is only valid
as long as it can he enforced. Neither capital nor labor can afford to
lake any siieh position as thai. In
the scrupulous observation of coin
tracts, which represent the results ol
collective bargaining, rests the only
hope of industrial peace.—Winnipeg
Free Press.
A score os more of New York millionaires, Jucliiiliiig Mr. Pierpont
Morgan, were roundly lectured by lho
rector of St. George's Rplscopal
church, New York, the other Sunday,
for arriving late for divine service.
The congregal ion of this church
ranks as the richest in the metropolis.
Mounting    the     pulpit,  the rector
scanned the array of wealthy    worshippers    with   a   disapproving eye.
Then, leaning   forward, he observed,
severely: "When I entered this church-
one minute before eleven o'clock nol '
half the seats   were filled. It Is irre- j
vcrenl of you not lo Is* iu time. You
lltOUld   remember thai  eleven o'clock
m   Sunday   morning is an   appoint
nent   with   God.      1 hope in future
vim will hear this in in mil."
The vector   followed  tho rebuke by
scathing    sermon    on   "exclusive
"I have been examining the put
rolls," he said, "of some of our
great mills, and I find that the
wages are too low.     There should be
no poor, fnr there is enough in this
world for everyone. My friends,
when the eye ot God is upon yon,
yon will he glad to throw money
away. li la not right thai some
should have more than they want
while others sutler. It must result
harmfully for those who possess it.
"This exclusive Christianity is a
parody, and yet," the clergyman added, with fervor, "you are saying to
yourselves, 'I will not change it; 1
(luii'i want to change it ' How
would this pcwt'tl church appear in
Ihe sight ol God? The day will
enme when all must puss before the
All Booing Rye. You will sum up
the opportunities which were yours
before, and you will say, 'Now I
know.'    llu! il will be too late "
The hobble skil
a modern Invention o
mlghl be expected.
salem witnessed ihe
the Talmud is duly
masculine comment,
lorn of Sion nn days
dressed      very    magniltt
not so en
f fashion
Vm - it'n i
bubble a
"The   .1
f greal i
id iu
the chronicle, and on particular cc-
casions "they wore gowns so narrow
and tight thai they e< iilil only
take the shortest steps." The reason lor this was, adds the worthy
In ok, "in order thai Ihey might
give a longer time to the spectators
lo admire them."
A vase in Florence shows the design of a female figure wearing drapery that excels even the hobble
skirl in tightness. .So the hobble
skirt wns nol confined ta Jerusalem
iu ancient times.
The modern revival must he taken, however, as only one ol the
signs that wc an* about tn witness a
change in women's dross.
For years reform has been advocated by women, advanced ami nth
erwise. Unfortunately, only the
must hideous forms of dress have
been inl I 'oil need, as impi i Yemeni s
Bloomers and trousers are not, and
never will he attractive lo women no
matter bow Ihey are disguised or altered.
The harem skirt, the dircctolre
gown and ihe bobble skirl nse the
latest Inventions of fashion to stand
ou trial. Many nf Hie models are
ludicrous ami even dangerous to
those who wear them,
CA1 SE   ANIi i'l HE.
Mr Montlzamberc gives us six
"D's" as the causes ot tuberculosis—
Damp, But, Dust, Dunk, Dissipation
ami Destitution. Three "l-"s" will
work the cure—Fresh air. Fat Fettling and Freedom from Infection.—
Montreal Star.
hMorporated 1869
Capitnl Paid Up $0.21 <».,>,„, Reserve S6,Q.oo,ooo
Total Assets, O.er $95,000,000
II, s. I10I.T. President l:   I.. I'D ASK, tieneral Manager
Accounts ol Firms, Corporationi snd Individuals solicited.
iiui ,,f town Im,in,'.,. nv,'i,e* every attention,
SAVINGS DKPARTMBNT   Pf|x»Uio! 11.00 nnd unwsrds received
1111,1 Interest allowed »t earrent into   No formality or delay in
A tleneral litnkmc Bostnesatransacted.
Cranbrook Branch: I). I). Mil AWS. Manager
It a iln- Same Place
Tho Place that is Popular
Good as tli,, H.'st
Belter ilnm tbe Real
The Cosmopolitan
If yon come once,
Vuii will come again.
K. ll sMAl.L, Propbibtob
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦• •♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦■
JUNE 30th  TO  JULY  7th, 1911
$29,000.00 In Prlzea and Puraen
Freight paid mi nit eililblti originating in Albeita.
Tlie beat Special leatnn- ever iten Id Canada neat of Toronto!
Maila hy His itMrd Riile Regimental Hand and other lliuli
Clue. Kenlniea
Part Mntnel Marhillea In be ureal for Ilie liiat lime in Western t'linuilfl
ut the Rxblhltlon Races
Ite.ln,-.',! Passenger Rates.
I-nt,ie- close.fnne i.',ili
SIIKIIIIK I. S   II. VAN WART, I'reaiilenl.
K. ,1. DRWKY,
Prize l.iata nn<l other Infotmatlon fn tn
K. I.. RICHARDSON, Mansger,
Hlllt. Victoria Pais, Calgary.
i ii,
i ii ,
i,i i
ii< i
i ,i i
. ,i i
i ii i
< ,i i
i ,• i
i ,i ,
i ,i i
, ,i i
i,. i
as she gives to other things in the
daily routine that are of half as
much importance, will never find
any real interest in the business of
She knows her " market" as well
as any broker or merchant knows
his. And she will never stop to
tell you how " hard it is to find
anything in the stores nowadays
that one wants and can still afford
to buy." For, to an ad-reader,
that is not such a hard task!
********************** **********************
Is the buying
For your home
Intelligently ?
Some housewives, harrassed to
the verge of nervous breakdown
by trivial annoyances, devote no
Attention!    II
to the " buying" problem. They
buy when they HAVE TO —
perhaps at "the nearest place" —
when, very likely, better values
and lower prices are advertised by
three or four different stores. The
housewife who does not give as
much attention to a
Study of the
}|   Herald Ads.
| MakeProfitable jj
\ll kinds ni fresh fruit ami vegetables at Little ami iVtchlson's.
The Women's lnatllute will hold
their regular meeting on the last
Thursday in Juno, instead of tho
Iirsl Thursday in July, al the home
ut Mrs. Murgatroyd.
l-'ridav nnd Saturday evenings some
particularly high class moving pic
lures will he shown. The lassoing
or wild animals in Africa hy Buffalo
Jones are 'amongst the most interest
ing (Urns heing shown anywhere,
I'ie cherries at Kink's Pure h'ooil
Last Sunday there was n mix up
ill two suit eases tit Uie riauhrnol;
station A delegate lu the Odd Fellows grand lodge got a mill ease be
longing t" Barney von Kossom, who
was nl oiie lime a resident ol Wy-
<lilit-      This   suit ease is     now     at
Ihe   Cranl ik     ticket  olTice, where
the owner can iflet i(
II you gel hoi about anything come
i.. The Balm ami gel cooled off.
Vim should noi miss the BufTalo
Jones series of pictures "Bassolug
Wild Animals m Africa" lu lie
shown at ihe Auditorium theatre on
Ktiituy and Saturday ol ihis week
This pic Lure is in two seels, com
prising two thousand reel of (llm
and is Hie ncnsntioti of llu* motion
piel ure world.
Special values in odd pieces ol
china. Some hand painted pieces,
at half   price*.—Campbell and     Man
\   l.   HeDermi I provided all rool
els al     the hall name     lasl  evening
with Talis.     On each la it was a photo
^ ihe all star American hall Learn,
and blank ranis for Hie home and the
.isilinir; learns. It was a novel [den
ol Mi Mcllermot and one that was
duly appreciated,
Ills ll< ■ Judge Wilson is a   busj
man ihese days. Besides .presiding
ai ih.- county courts of Rasl Koote
nay, he is als' looking aftei
Judge Koiin's work in Wesl Koote
nay, while tin* laller is away ai
l end Ing the coronation.
S nr display of while and   gold
1.1 mnges china Stoek pattern; not
necessary lo buy a whole set at
oiice—Campbell and Manning.
\ real estate deal of more than
usual Interest was made recent 1) n,iy medicine Internally for muscular
when the Davis Bros. Klectric com „r chronic rheumatism. All thai is
nan) purchased from H R. Benltle needed is a free application t f Cbam-
ili- lot next to the office of the herlaln's Mnlmcnt. For sale hy all
Cranhrook   Agency   company.   Davis  dealers. la-tf
Bros,   Intend   building a large brick     \\ Hyde Baker, Oeo, Hogflarth and
block on Ibis   property   immediately    (*  \\   Kdivards rame back the first of
In a slu.ri lime preserving straw ,]„. lu,,.k ,-,-,„.. ^aslo, where they
berries w II be on the market ,,,.,,. having a little outing and doing
Leave your order early. We gtiarau Bomc fishing. They were siiceesslul
lee price and i|tiality -Camphcll and j„ landing nine extra lar^e fish, some
Manning, ol them    ns long as two and a half
The Women's Institute will hold feel There was great sport catcb-
llieii flrsl annual picnic on Tburs |ng u,,.^ A trolling line was used,
dav,     June 22nd,   on    Si.    .1. sepli's  am| ,||js W0U|,| be )(.t mi, rrmn thrce
creek, about two miles down Uie
Foil Steele rood, This is an ideal
spot. Everybody come. Sports lor
old   and   young. Band in attend-
Housekeepers, don't spoil your
complexion and loose your temper
over a Imt stove mis warm weather,
buj St. Ivel's meats put up In nlass
jars, already cooked and guaranteed
to be the best — Campbell and Man
III tig,
The Farmers' Institute held a
meeting last night In the V.M.C.A.
parlors. Mr. T, s, tlill gave a very
interesting talk on Ihe care of bees.
Some important business was
brought up and disposed of. Mr.
Terry, tbe poultry ex.pert, and a
speaker on horticulture will be here
from the coast to address a meet
ing on July tenth, The meeting will
be open tn everybody, ami all will
he welcome.
Work on the store building ol V
1   Tito, the  Italian, is going     along
at a very n I rate      This building
is situated not far from the power
house, and Mr. Tito will sunn have a
good stock of goods nn  sale.
lit II K Hall, dentist, has returned from a nip down through the
I'aluiise valley anil Will reopen his
office in Cranhrook next Tuesday,
.lime twentieth The doctor while
away invested in some farming laud
neat Oakesdole, Wash.
One New Canadian SwensonV
Stumping Machine, with complete*
outfit ready for work. For sale at
a bargain.— Cranbrook Trading
Hugh Mt Donald came in from Wil
mer Monilay ami   went mi to Moyle !          *
Tuesday In company with Goldwin , We, Fitch and Hn/olwotd, of Moy-
Slewarl of Moyie be will return tn ie. tie contractors, give notico thai
Wilmer shortly ami open a cigar and on tbe sixth day .of July, Bill, ai
confectionery slore, eleven o'clock in the forenoon, we iu
Whooping cough is not dangerous tend to apply to tbe Water Coinmis
whin ihe cough Is kept loose uml ex- sio,»'r »l llis (»fI1<'*' In Cranbrook for
peitoratinn easy bv giving Chamber- i ° ■'C1',IS'' '" take and use ten cubic
Iain's Cough Bemedy. It has been i t,,,'t "I water per second from
used in many epidemics nf this dis I Bridge Creek, a tributary of the
ease with perfect success. Fnr Bale | M°)'to River, In the Cranbrook Wat
by all dealers. liV-lf
Wesley Cllne took bis wife over i"
Medical Lake, Washington, the first
of Ibe week, Mrs. Cllne has been
suffering for some time with rheumatism.
li is   worse than     useless tn take
to six hundred feet, Tho flsli In being landed wi-uld jump several feci
out of the water at times, and ll
took considerable skill to gel ihem
landed into ibe row boats safely,
Twenty-four thousand logs broke
loose from a hi om up the Koolenay
river above Fori Steele Tuesday
morning and came down in a bunch,
The logs were caught safely iu Ilie
boom at the Wardner mill.
The Ladles Aid of the MoUiodlsl
church purpose holding a garden par
ly on Mrs. W. J, I ren's lawn nil the
evening of July isth. lee cream ami
tbe season's delicacies  served.    17 11
Four past grand masters are attending the session of the I.O.O.K.
grand Indue being held here. They are
Hugh Fulton, of Nauaimo, 1). K.
Mackenzie, of New Westminster,
Thos. Kiuhleton, nf Rossland, ami \
II, Hlackeln, of Ontario,
F, J. Stpiier, now of Vancouver,
but formerly of Trail, is here attend
the   session      of the grand Indue
Mr. Squicr is one of the men who
came over from Nelson twelve years
ago and helped to Institute Key city
lodge, No.  12,
WANTF.D.-Any position; child
ren's governess preferred. Able to
teach children iu all English sub
jeets and in music. Apply to Miss
Williamson, address' residence of it
W. Fdiiiiutlsou, Watt  Ave, IMC
Judge Carney, government timber
inspector, has been around through
Ibis part of the district for several
lays past mt his regular lour
'becking up the timber business.
EST-D. 5:;f|p
District.      Tin' waler Is lo
I taken from tlif sin-am nltnut
|anil a   half  mill's above   its mouth,
ami is tu fir  user! mi Timber l'ciniit
of Lot 4591 fnr flaming tics ami lugs
"H.M.B." . .$1.00 lb.
"5 O'clock," . .60c."
"Old Country,"  .   .50c."
'Xapit.-.l Household," .40c. "
At Best Shops
Hint wn Intend in apply lu 11m Chief
CoiiiiiiIbsIoiigi of Lands ami Winks
fur pormlssluii In purchase lbs lot
lowing ilcscribctl mill silt-, situate in
South East Koolenay District:
Beginning al a post planted at the
Intersection uf ihe western boundary
of l.nt Number 3000, with the right-
of-way of the Koolenay Central Kail-
way; llienee south nl chains ll links
east, Iwenly seven (27.Ill)) chains,
more nr less, following the northern
lininlnry of Ihc Kootenay Conttal
right-of-way; thence north twenty-
i-ight (2H.IIII) chains, more nr less;
thence west [ourtcoii (I I.mi) chains,
more ot less, tu the boundary uf
Lot Number 51; tbence in a northwesterly    illrccll     following   the
boundary uf Lol Number Til, lu the
east boundary ul Lot Niimbclir 3000;
tIn in i' cast three I'l mi) chains lo
Ihc north cast ci tnei nf Lol Number
3000; llicuce south four (lull) chains
tu Ihc smith cast comer uf Lot
Number 8000; Hume wesl two (3.IHI)
chains,  mule nr less,  tn llle place uf
beginning, containing forty (Hi)
acres, mure nr less.
The Bridges Lumber Company.
.1. !•'. Ilriilges, Locator.
Haled   Ihis   20th    day nf    April,
Kill. 1IMH
*********************** I
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Limited
SUBSCklHMS A 111)1:0
105 llnskin, T   	
155 Stevens, I!	
378 Tiffin, If   T	
3711 Nlbloeh and Barker
317 Slinsuii and Carsmi
ii K   Livery llnrn
.'fill    Staples, .1   If
2ii3    Sniiishury, E. .
Figures are Eloquent
When Used to Indicate the Values We are Giving
There is comfort these days under a straw
hat. Style, loo, in Ihe new shapes—Ihe popular straight brim hat in various depths and
widths of brim and the new dip front, new roll
light weigh! hals.
You may nol know how complete our Straw
Hal stock really is, and we've here lor your
Straw Hats from
$1.00 to $3.00
$7.00 and $10.00
Sue our assurtiui'iit ot
smart new summer styles
in fancy White anil Colored
Negligee Shirts, miiuV with
ur without I,nun.,- collars to
match, or collars uttuclieit.
Prices Irom $1.00 to $2.50
The Jaeger Pure Wool Shirts
tor $4.50
Outing Shirts iu ul! colors,
collars attached, made try
the l.'st mulcrs, with reversible collars.
$1.00, $1.25, $1.50
lien's Balbriggitn Shirts nml
Drawers     60c.
Men's Silk I.isle Shirts iiml
Drawers     $1.25
Men's Pure Wool Shirts nml
Drawers     $1.60
Men's Soiesette Hosiery,
11 uuir fur    .$1.00
The famous Interwoven Heel
ami Toe. in nil culors.
:i pair for     $1.10
Men's Pure Silk, in all culms
     110c, 75c. $1.00
Fancy Cotton Muse
•I pair for.    $1.00
Men's Silk Lisle Hose
_     :15c, 50c! liOc
.Men's Cashmere Hose,
26c, .'I5c. Inc.. 50e.
Our customers are taking
ailvantagu ut Ihis sate, fir
they know we advertise to
give special prices ami we ilo
just what we advertise,
There isno possible chance
of anything beiug left over.
for we make the price low
enough, so ihal nil can ulfuid
In buy,
You need Shoes at nil
Think of ihe saving.
$0.00,$6.60)   co  ^^
anil    S5.00J   $3.00
******* ************************************************** ***********************
The Heat is
Affecting Everyone
In the East people are dying, and It is felt to a very large extent in the West.
We can do this by placing some of our FANS, IRONS, ETC., 'or you. They have
got beyond a luxury: they are a necessity, and when you buy from us you get the best on
the market, as any article we handle is fully guaranteed.


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