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Cranbrook Herald Apr 20, 1911

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 " it.
We are well equipped to
turn out tbe beat elan
of work
Victoria, e-Ji.
In tbe Herald Pay I—Try
Our   Local   Columni
10c. a line
XO.   9
Fine Building to be Erected     [WHERE BRITISH COLUMBIA
Plans of Proposed Indian Industrial School at St,
Eugene /Mission Contemplate Large, Handsomely Appointed Structure.
It will lir situ by an ailveilisciuenl
appearing clscwheir in (his issue
Ihal Hit' department uf Imllaii Af
fairs is Inviting lenders tor   thn im
mediate   erection, at  tin- SI.  KllgciiC
Mission,   nl    an   linhiin.     Industrial!
Tlir plans anil specifications fm
proposed    sllUellllc  llftVO   Itl'l'll   i
cd iii town ami rail for a spit
building of stone ami brick, ono
will lir among (be mosl RUbsto
and handsome in iln- province,
The building uill be of lltrco
ies ami basement, and will mc
over all 50 feet by 170.
The   fuiindalinns   will    be of
concrete, and tho building will
constructed ol brick throughout,
stone trimmings,    Hoth Interior
exterior    walls   are   to be   of
Ilia I
n Unl
brick, Specifications call fot a
shlnglo rool ami the entire face of
lhe walls lo be covered with pebble
dash. A Imt water system for thrill ite iiuiiiimi', is provided for, with
an elaborate system ol plumbing, in
eluding shower baths, etc,
As an annex to the main building
provision is made for a chapel tn Inbuilt Of the same materials, brick
and stone,
'Die building is to be located on
bill site and will present an Imposing
appearance, ll is obvious that tlie
plans have been very carefully pic-
pared with a view to providing ample
accommodation ami the most modern
Tenders have to be in by May
Representative La Follette of Washington State, Gives this Reason for Opposing Reciprocity Agreement
New City Hall Weil Underway
Contractors Leask and Liddicoat Making Rapid
Progress on the Building
A start on tbe new city ball was
made last Frida) afternoon ami al'
ready substantial progress lias been
made. When completed this building
will prove au attractive addition In
the public buildings ot tlio cily.
The building will consist of base
mnn and nne story. Tbe basemen I
will Im- entirely constructed of ce
ment and will contain si\ cells, an
office for thc thief of pnlice and
rooms for tbe janitor, in addition to
which a vault is fc-iri-.-; put in for the
care of police  court   records. Provi
sinu is also made for store rooms.
The superstructure will be of brick,
entrance to which will be frnm Norbury avenue. On either side of the
entrance are the      offices of the
mayor and city solicitor respectively.
The city clerk's office is on the
mayor's office, whilst the office ol
the city engineer is un tbat uf tin
city solicitor. The council chamber,
a (im- spacious room, 30' 8" x to* :t"
is in tbe rear. A seennd large
vault fm city records is nlsn provided fnr, off the city clerk's office.
WARMLY     WORDED      ymmi.ssi
A pleasant surprise was arranged
fnr Mrs. (Rev.) (*. W King, the pre
sideiit and popular Icaritl ol the Mis
Mini Circle nf the Baptist church
The occasion was at the regulai
monthly meeting nf ibe saefctj which
was held ai Ihr residence .>r Mis .)
I" Bridges last Thursday allernoon
when,   iiftt i   .in address bj       Mn
0 "The reclprocitj arrangement 0
0 is believed lo be In Ihe Intel •
0 ests ui .Ji Panada; Ute govern 0
0 men! believes iii.ii the prospei 0
0 It) ot Panada Ae\n nds lo I 0
0 largo extent nn ihr west .m.i 0
0 ibat that which ndwusn tlw 0
0 west musl uf necessity advanci 0
0 ail Canada 0
0    "The government believes tb.it 0
0 il   is Ibe right     poll. v   th.it   Mn   0
0 Umiu-i oi tin- prairies should 0
0 hitvi- (be benefit ol .ill tin uia' 0
0 Int li ran cil. 1 ■ -e all Hi.' pro 0
0 dun- hi- lui  i.ilvr 0
0 --ti is iiiitiniii t. coocetv
0 ilmi ,ii. arrnngentenl to laclll 0
0 taic trade aeross an Imagtaan #
0 bniimiiin, tbe lith parallel, is 0
0 less desirable (ban an arrange 0
0 mint tn ywe   tin  western i n  0
0 im l ,i uiaiket Hi China ni I.i 0
0 pan •
0 "The niih Wt) tn tu.mt 0
0 against iln- possible dangei nf a 0
0 sectional spill In ihi Dominion 0
0 lies in a lisi.il polle) giving 0
0 nf ml lights and (.in pla) lo 0
0 ever\ section 0
0     "ll    their   is      me   point   00 0
0 which tbe government is strong 0
0 it is nn tlie valcr nf tbis rcetp- 0
0 rnctly arrangement tn the em- 0
0 pitc What in line of impel ial 0
0 interests in relation tu tbe (nil 0
0 ed Slates bt nlsn true of tbe 0
0 Dominion of Cauda. 0
0 "Tlie issue In-fore tbe people 0
0 Ih now clearly defined, the main 0
0 tcnance of the government's 0
0 policy *arill and extended 0|
0 trade, or iln reversal. 0
0 "Tbr pii'si'til campaign of tbr 0
0 opposition, to reciprocity It 0
0 financed hy what are known as 0
0 Mite interests'—mm nt high Iln- 0
0 aiHT. No objection has heen 0
0 voiced by any 1i-.iiim.iti' busi- 0
0 ness .nletest In the Dominion " 0
0 Hon Frank Oliver at Calgary.   0
King,    the meeting took tin- form >\i
a farewell tea and social time.
About fifty ladles repaired to thc
dining room where a sumptuous tea
was served, at the conclusion ol
which an address nf farewell and
appreciation was read on behalf ol
the Circle by Mrs. Benjamin Palmci
Accompanying the address was the
presentation ol a handsome Limoges
chins tea set In gold and white,
I n : esponse Mis K ing eipi eased
hersell in deep appreciation, nol
nni) •>( the gift, but also of the love
thai prompted it she hoped that,
should they visit N'elson, thev would
,iu ini the pleasure of a call in tin-
new home ami have tea with this
beautiful sel Ul Hint, who wai
also present^ thanked the ladies (oi
tinu loyal and devoted support ol
then paatoi during his sta] in t'l.iu
brook lb- also paid a glowing tn
hute to the value ol this circle both
m the mlssiooarj and iu iln- social
We nf tb,- church which tn- regarded
.is two •<( tin- must Important de
partmchta nf aetlvlt)
mm of umsiERS.
I'Kt'TS 175,000 TO COME l^
nils > EAR
w i» s, ,,n sup, rihtendent id Immigration.      Wbn   lias   |l|s(       lrtlllll.it
to Ottawa (mm his annual visit to
tin- nld country, slatrs lliat  tn-     has
iiiMi teen anything Ilka tbr real en
thuataam which the man mention
ni tin- naiiii- ni Uganda creates m
(Ireal   Britain nu anv previous vlnti
Mr r\pnts thr greatest Immigiaimti
li.-in i.n.ii hiilain Ihis nni in llic
hlstniv nl the Dominion Mr savs it
|l    Impossible  to hunk nihil   a steel
age ni a scn.nd class passenger nu
am diieii iteamel bnuml for Canada
(tn il) monlhl In come In addl
tton tn this many . then are coming
via S'-w York and Boston.
Mt Scot! predicts lhat Ihere will
be at leasl CVuimi immigrants from
(treat Britain this year, as against
113.000 last year Must important
of all is that the quality of thr Immigration is improving. Ue regard'
ed those who came out wilh him on
the wiiue steamer as the pick of the
Biockvillel (Hit., April It.-IV M
(Irahnm, the youngest son ol Hon
O IV Oraham, minister ot railways,
ai*« «l a!*.'*, died at an early hour lasl
Monday morning in thr general In i-
iiiiat, following a short Illness whieli
did not assume a serious asp-eel until Saturday when brain fever devel
Washington State,
unintentionally, in
lhe fruil    men nf
Folotto,     ni
ng his   best
liny  tl-e (curs    of
Hritish Columbia
that reciprocity will ruin Ihem, says
tin- Lethbridge Herald. He has
iiiiiii- nut as a firm opponent uf reciprocity, principally for the sake ol
Ibe fruit men of the Slate of Washington, which he represents. In an
interview, lie made public thu contents of a letter he wrote a fruit
grower of Yakima, tin- center of the
fruit growing region of Washington.
In tbe letter he says, in part:
"I am of the opinion that if the
fruit growers of Yakima county fully
understand conditions they would be
just as anxious lhat tbis treaty be
defeated in its present form as are
the producers of other farm products
in tbe United States.
"There is a general Impression
among the fruit men that Canada
does uot and can tint raise apples,
but this is a very erroneous impression. Canada shipped into the (nil
ed States last year 13,013 bushels of
green apples, ami of dried apples
1,209,008 pounds, They did this in
the face of a tarifl rale of 29 cents
the bushel on green fiuit, ami 2
cents a pi und on dried apples.
"Tin- province ol British Columbia
is putting out thousands of acres of
apple orchards, and when this recip
roclly treaty is passed, Iho fruil
growers nf that province will be
stimulated to put mii thousands of
acres more la compete with oiu own
limited    fruit   sections m    supplying
r 02,000,000 people market, against
then 3,000,000 people market.
"Ontario already, lu spite of a tai
ill of 23 cents a bushel, has put more
than lu,nun bushels uf apples into out
markets. Put Canada on a free
trade basis with the United States
in apples, and Ontario will iu a
few years Incrcasr that amount manv
i..iii What will it benefit Yakima
unity, or the entire Yakima vallej
fm timt mattei. oi anv other simtlai
fruit  BCCtir-n, to have its trade    in-,
creased hy this measure n tin pai
sely settled regions of fti icrn ren
trnl Canada and eastern nriibdi Columbia?
"If Ontario can send n \vw bundled
carloads into your much greater
home market in our large eastern
cities of the Atlantic coasl and lake
regions, thereby bearing ilown the
United .States prices, ami , n nceouul
uf its proximity to ihii markets ami
your long distance nvr*aj couopel nm
to take even 50 lo 7-"- cents a box
less fnr your product, ymi certalnl)
would lose Infinitely more ihan you
would gain by reclprocitj "
The Washington representative then
goes on tn show where (he Canadian
farmers would have additional nil
vantages, Speaking oi bay, in
Sound markets large!', hj vvatci
"I venture to say that in less than
twn years after Ihis reciprocity
treaty is ratified, Yakima nud
Kittitas counties' hay will average
many dollars) less in price tin- tun
Ihan il brings at present "
Speaking in general of Ihr tratio
between the countries, Mi La Foi
lette goes ou to show where Canada
has what he thinks is an unfair nd
vantage. Continuing tin- lei lei
quoted, he says:
"Our importations rrom Canada
ami its Importations from nq last
vear were practical!) Ibe same
Canada Imported products (mm the
'nited Slates to the ".Ine of M7,
S2K.ti.Vl, mi wbicb it collected cub
toms duties nf $7,770,330.10
"If the proposed reciprocity treat)
had been In    force, Canada     would
ban- remitted   lo us    M,500,5i	
leaving a tariff balance in   favor    ol
Canada collected from larlfl  n
business nf S6,215,0RO 15.
"The I'nited  Stairs Imported from
Canada products     In the value nf
147,333,168,   on    which   it collected
"Another   feature   ol tl is rcclpn
eit)  measure   lhat     will be directly
felt   hy your    counlr] is flu- mattei
of bay. Canada last year shipped
[nln the United States 00,508 tons of
hay, on which it paid us a duty • i
M the ton.
"I'nder this measure hay comes In
free, and Yakima will have lu mm
pele iu its Sound markets with a
great output of hay from tho Frasct
rivei ami other llritisb Columbia
sections brought Into tin- i'ugct
customs duties of $3,010,820. Cndcr
tin- proposed reciprocity agreement
the l nitfil States would' have lo limit nf this amount $1,810,033, ur all
bul $790,893 collected, with only
Hill,MM imports from us mnn- tlian
wr had with Canada, while Canada
slill has $5,316,000.15 revenue lift
miller this measure as applied to
lasl  year's business.
"Canada has not even hrm reclpro
iill enough in Die past In levy equal
u.iill rales wilh us, bat collected ap
proximately I2,iiiui,ii(HI more from us
nu practically tht- same amount ol
business. dn a basis of 1910 liusi
ness it would collect under this new
Irealy practically as much from the
I nited .States as we diil fmm it mi
like business before ii was adopted
"This measure is as unfair to i in
government from n revenue stand
point as it is to a large number nf
mn people from the viewpoint of jus
tin- ami right. I feel confident that
vvrir it fully understood bv tin
people at large, there would be such
a protest go up against il that tht
congress of thc United Slates would
hesitate long before passing it nr anv
other like measure.
"\ll figures herewith quoted are
fmm the government's document on
reciprocity, and ore absolutely cor-
recl "
According lo Mr. La Follette's ai
gumrnts, which are well supported,
tin- fruil growers and the bay pro-
ducers of British Ci lumbla have
nothing to rear, on thc other hand,
Ihey would appear to have a distinct
advantage over their competitors In
Washington and Oregon,
Swimming Pool and Gymnasium
Practically Assured by Successful Canva5 for New
flembers of Y.M.C.A.
(luesis ai the reci nt v.M C \
banquet, al wlm h Superintendent
Price, ol i algarj, wan one ol the
principal speakei -, will recall that he
intimated with it wiled care that If
the citi/ciis i-f Cranbrook showed
practical interesl in lite welfare ol
llic newl)  established   Railwa)   \ M
C \   there n I Iw no difficult]     In
securing < ei lain desired additional
[■on ten I elites, Including a swimming
innii anil .i gjmnasiuin
That iln- citizens of Cranbrook
ke ;i keen, practii al in teres I tn the
new V M C \ has beca abundantly
proven ilii-. week bj lhe success .it
lending the exi cutivi- committee's
canvass foi additional members Tho
canvass opened mi Monday of this
week and was continued ovei Tues
dot     Tl anvnssing
i(milliliter wen- onh able lo devote
o j mn pa ral Ivplj uborl lime <nt eai h
daj to tliis '.'."ik and yel thej succeeded In enrolling ovei i ne hundred
new     members       rheii   goal, when i
Wellnnd, tmt . April i; -Instead ol
ns ipt.H itv lowering ihe price of
(nut it I* taking exactl) the othei
tun- The lollowing are some ol the
prices lhat this season's output Is
being contracted fui, as compared
nd lasl year's Raspberries that
wild he bought at ILU .i orate last
season and lhe crates returned, are
luddenly brought up tn fj and $j io
Strawberries were nim-tv six cents in
in leason ol 1910, noa being contracted Im at tl 10, and the nates
etui tied Uawtons, contracted lnr
^ il 70 a yeai ago, .up now Vi nn
Tomnlnm, twentj live eenls a bushel
1810, lumped this yeai in mm
petition foi the crop lo 271 ccnte,
and then to Unity cents
li is loo i.iih foi tin- growers to
realwe what the scatter rarlctlen,
,inh as gooncbcrrlci ami black inr-
anis. will bring That thev ian an
in pa 11- an advance, and a big nne,
(here is lin dmihl
North Atlantic lies between Ireland
ami Newfoundland, being onlj about
1700 miles; while from Liverpool tu
New York is ovei 3fl0fl miles. To
make complete this shorl route via
Newfoundland requires a few links,
am) one of these will in- completed—
the railway from Sewfoundland's
main line to TrepasatM       All steam
The members nl Maple ■ .*.-..r Rebe
kah lodge dealre to thank nil who si
wi1lim.lv gave iheir assistance In tin
getting    up nf tin- plav   "Alice        li
Wonderland." Wt
ONLY      1700  Mll.KS     RKTWRKN
fudge Prowse, ot Vcwfnutidland,
writes to the press:
The mute ht-lwi-en l-airope and
North America across tin- Atlantic is
today tbe must impnrtant sea route
in the world. The commerce carried over the bosom ot this great
nrt-au Is so enormous that a I nited
Stales statistician has declared thai
the saving of nne day on tin- Atlantic passage means a saving of live
million dollars on the vast exchange
transactions can ied mi between Kurope and America
A glance at lhe map will slow us
thai the sboitesi    mute amiss     tin-
# •
9 TIIK   SWINC    Th   l.lltKUM.   •
# IS3I #
#   •
0   Tbe  fundamental  principle ol 0
# political Uberalisi    is Involved •
# in every campaign for the rights #
0 of the average  mai i      iln I #
# the privileges ol m    < la i     in #
# Canada toda) tbe > ' rt iu cleat 0
0 mit of    tbe   wav   .ill    artificial  0
•;• obstructions between natural 0
0 products and theli natural mar 0
0 beta is of the vn\ easence of 0
0 Liberalism What lhe Sea 0
0 /inland mlnlstei ist Ice call 0
0 id the average man's right ol 0
0 access to opportunity means nol 0
0 only the nghl to tin land, hut 0'
0 also tin- tight In Ihe bent mai 0
0 kels lor tin- products of the 0
0 land. Blocking ihe waj to 0
0 those markets, especially in tin' 0
0 interest of a favored class, is m 0
0 Oat contradiction to Liberal 0
0 principles. He is a true I,iln-: 0
0 ni win- works toi freedom nf 0
0 ai-coss for all Ihe peoplr in 0
0 equal opportunlt lea before tin- 0
0 law. Preerimn ol speech and 0
0 freedom of trawl are no more 0
0 the rights o( fm- men than an- 0
0 freedom of service .md freedom 0
0 of trade. Kvitv removal <-f 0
0 obstructions between the (aim- 0
0 and factories of Canada-and tin- 0
0 markets nf thc world Is a step 0
0 in the direction nf thc true en- 0
0 franchiseinenl - f the average 0
0 man. At this moment iln- 0
0 people of Canada an- taking 0
0 such a step. It la a swing to 0
0 Liberalism Whoctef helps it 0
0 on is to the degree uf hli •-(•nit 0
0 and in accordance with the sjn 0
0 cerlty of bis motive a Liberal 0
0 —Toronto lilnli. 0
0 0
ns crossing the  Atlantic pass   Cape
Race, and Trepassey is the lirst :. I
harbor jusl inside this famous headland.
Thr mean steamer with tbe miill^
could come into the harbor or be
mei liy a local steamer just outside
This wuuld not Involve mure than ai.
Imiir or two's delay. Across Newfoundland by rail to port aux Ma-
qiie is a mail-train journey of twen
tv hours. The Atlantic passage to
Trepassey could in- dom- \,\ modern
fast strainers under three davs
Prom I^t-rt aux Basque to Aipe
Bay, tn Cape Breton, is onl] sixtj
odd mill--., and Could be done in
three and a half in four boon The
nearest railway station to Aspe Mav
is Inverness, Cape     Mreinn To
Complete Hits link a short railway ol
inrtv hvr iiiili-s would ba\e to be
b-mll With this link tin- Ml Red
Route, Ireland-Newfoundland - Cape
Breton, would be the shortest across
tin' North \tlantic, and mails coold
In- delivered     under    live davs all
Ibrough Newfoundland, Canada, nnd
the Northern i nited Btatea
James Plnlay Mt for \ih»-rta this
morning tn superintend tin- unloading
id some machinery just aiiivi-t) (oi
the Maple Leaf colliery
w ii   Morton,  c r it machinist,
returned home yesterday from a   Va
cation spent m (own.
The Rev. George Chenoweth, M \ .
Methodlil minister at Michel, died at
ii 10 lasl Saturday mnrnlng Tin- de
ceased gentleman had been to the
coasl recently for a change, and had
returned (ecling somewhat better,
Imt owing tn a throat trouble had
tmt been able to preach for some
wii-ks Three days before his death
he Has around and appeared tn be
much improvi'd in health Ou Fu
dav, however, he tnM hti Wile ami
friends that the end was near, ami
railed   tin- officials of   tbr church to
gather mid calmly made all arrange
ments for his departure, even plan
ni in; tin- details nf his funeral, dir
ecling that the bodv in- carried In
the cimnh in   whirb he bad moiMci
i sta
i total nf nni*
ml il
new im
Whci     Ihr,
*. un Tui  ■   .*.*■*
i*     li
ml   *.
nil   nm* hundred and
five, of whom only some dozen or so
wore railroad men, the balance being
made up uf leading business men and
propert) owners
Secretary Teel Informs ns that the
moms in the Y M C \ building are
nil rented ami that tin- restaurant is
doing ,i sleadilj growing lupines-,
These are fai ta that sped, foi
I hem sel ves
s.i satisfied arc lhe dlrecti is that
lhej can put up a strong claim upon
the C !' It for thc Immediate addition j'i lhe promised swimming pool
ami gymnasium, that they .ne tu
incel at au early date, prepare a
memorandum covering the facts ami
submit sain.- to Superintendent Price
Cranbrook bas shown Ibe right
spirit in regard to the establishment
j'i .i branch ol thc Railway Y.M.C
A in this citj it's usefulness has
been fully rccogni nl Business men
and propert] owners have displayed
tic outmost liberality in supporting
the movement in everj particular
and now i onftdentlj awnll tbe eon
fummation of the promises put fur
ward by Superln tcndehl Price
Mayor Hunt Secures Financial Aid
His Mission  to Victoria on  Ik-half of lhe Agricultural Association Proves Successful
Mayor Ilui I ■■  Vh toria   lasl
Saturdaj  to the
government, on I ■ hall ol the '■ -
Hi ral .<■ loci iib n view       t«»
securing (loan [or   the
pun has*' ■.* exhibition airnurids      and
dn-  ' .•■■ Hi [bitiou buildings
\ telcgrai * the mayor
vis*, rdaj   am I   tbat     bt- had
bei-n   bucci sstu] lo   thi     stent
Immediateli ■
live  committee of th   *-
ass tton and ol thi i'...* *.
lion were called r:    Un    i?]
uation, the time fur tbe takm.; up'of
tbt option on the Part association's
laml terminal inc on Wednesdaj evening
Tbe   Aem ultural assodatlt n   pro-
posed offering    the association 11000
d Utilising tbe balance on the
buildinc    requirements        This pt«-
•   ■    <lid nol meex with the   ap-
ol tbe     Park   association and
*;•■     tetUement was reached.
tbe option nn the land being extended another week   to permit the mat-
ag Uioroughly   discussed    be-
■    repraseuUtlves of tbe two or-
ganisa tions
rd fur twn years      il
bo] v.i.'i. [ood night
tbat on the mot *   c he wo iM h*    fa
the I'Olory Land "
pass, and befoi i ,;. Mi< b-
el had comt
less spirit bad airman ol
the la • Kooti ]',*■■■   R
ll. as called
Muhrl on Sui irdaj .ami
again on Monday roi the funeral -■.
vi'.-   in which he was u-.is'.-d      \,\
Rev   -i   V   Dlmmcck, of Femie   Tbe
(innii Templars    al tended in
and a lai en whom
tbe late inlin-iit had encouraged   In
temperan< e wort     The I
am •■ and general tort on espn is. i bj
the  people of both    Old    and S"ew
Mn In l wai .n. ■ ti : icnl ' rlbatc      to
tin ■• iti em ii ' ai   '.
The Rei   Oe<
was   boi '■■■!:.  I ml . in
18?«      Ue to •        ■ ■
Toronto i niversity, and the theolog
leal  ■ i College,   To
ronta He ri a Ivrd p« Ial ordlns
tion in IMS, and yeni i
at Wai I * tlti il ■ pplled the
pulpit   foi a n tl
burn ■ In uil neai i'i1       Cn
was two ^!  i'i   He    was
married to m SI.Il,      tn
i ■>'•■,   ,u ■! lean foui
■.-.,- age i
much sympaUi md aba «a
greaU] In loi pie, being
a lulu qualtflad doctoi. will ukiiv
return to B.t' and engagi In medical
mission worh
Tin- home ol John fiibton was on
Wednesdaj evening thi cene nl a
happ] ' vent whi n Imvid McKi nna, ol
Ucl«cod, \it.i , and Hiss Jemima
MeKwni, nf this city, were united tu
marriage, Rw V <> Main olfti iat-
iiiK Those uppoi ling Iho bride
ami groom wnr Misi KIsle Benl nnd
James K Lunn The ((ride was
charmlngl] dressed In a simple white
evening gown tftri ibe renanony
tbe gut*ts s,,t rtnwii tu a bountiful
repast, aftei '.>iiii h dam ing was \n.
dirifed In to the wre ima' hours
The younj couple will en shortly t
live in Macleod, when Hi MeKenaa
has in-* Itcadqtmrtei on his run a
ronduiloi on ti"' (* P It between
Macleod ami Calgary.
• \   MILLER     WHO IS     IIN   #
• AFRAID. %)
• Mr. 1 \ Low, wl,.. sits mi #
0 South Renfrew m tie commons, %
0 one 0
0 large milling plants tn 0
0 ' Ontario, adds his testl 0
0        .  '•• that ol   Mi   Campbell 0
'0 nf iii<- Qneen City Mills in favoi 0
i0 nf th«- reciprocity agreement, 0
0 .('* Um i oronto Olobs Mi 0
0 Lou is a practical miller, ami, 0
0 speaking la tbi ommons, he 0
0 nld thai )u- wns preparing tn 0
0 double < .ip.i1 It]     uf   his 0
0 il   Ave baadred 0
0 '*.< .*, 'i..    Instead of  tiro 0
0 bdred aad Ut) Ploni mill 0
0 in, nne ol fan 0
0 natural Industrie . because 0
0 lot milling piirp'Mis Canada im«i 0
0 rin- beai 0
0 wstei powem 0
0 aril to  bare 0
0 •     Ontario millers 0
0 agnlnst   Mi   Melgbeo'i 0
0 Um milling m 0
0 dust ■ riomriy tarred 0
0 Ipra .tv     Hiaca tin' mil) 0
0 look i lonely lata 0
0 it,>- attention -<f tbe dispusal ••( 0
|l>;ii'   and  -hoi's   utidi-i  thi  new 0
0 airaagemeat tbey base evident 0
0 I] been Impreuaed b] Um fact 0
0 ibat 'in free admission ol lice 0
0 stock from Canada Intn tin-0
0 t sited States will greatly In 0
0 ereaae tin- number nf farmers 0
0* i.'it in eatUe raising. .< 0
0 business thai will provide a far 0
0 Wldei home market fir thi- ot« 0
0 tai ■•( Ontario's limit milts than 0
0 has heretofore bn-n available      0
0   Mt   Low's testimony in favor 0
0 nf reciprocity is but another il 0
0 lustraUon nf what is going < n 0
0 ail nvi-t tbr country As tbe 0
0 lenUmental side nf ibe question 0
0 takes its pinpri plnpntlmiis and 0
0 tin-  business    aspect   of   tbe 0
0 uitteement ll j-nnsldcicd, men 0
0 wbo were strongly opposed tn it 0
0 a j ouple <d months ago ate now 0
0 as Strongly in favor nt making 0
|0 a fail trial nf fur tradi- in na 0
10 liunl prndinls 0
• •
April  27
Samuel   E.   Rork's    Sensational    Musical    Production
of the Gay Night Life of Paris £**£
i. .~«y
Music by JOHN T. HAI.I. Lyrics hy VINCENT BYRANT
'j K P. A T I: S I      1) A N C I N (i
S II 0 W      0 N       E A R  I   II
Direct from the Moulin Rouge, Paris-"L' AMOUR de I'
APACHE," a Complete Drama of the Underworld of Paris,
depicted   in   26 minutes of Patomime, with Offenbach's
music, "The Tales from Hoffman," introducing the
24      IW u s i c ;i I      N ti 111 hers
Parisian Noveltie*
Elaborate Costumes
Stupendous Production
10 riasslve Scenes
Traveling; In the "Moulin Rouge"
Special Train ol 5 Cars
S 0 N Q     HITS:
•Painting Paree"
'Telegraph Me"
'When I'm Alone With You"
'The Pleasure Brigade"
'Pajama ^ong"
LOOK AT THIS      DNE ,|lR    s,)| months    two months    onb month  i      jgy  to
Circle Theatre    Olympic Theatre   Porresl Tbeslrc    Deilon Theatre
RECORD:       nc« in    cu>-j     Chicago        Philadelphia        ii.ii.ii,*, QET  IN
1111; Mi*. .Inlin  I
IMCSl'lltlltiiili  ill
whom In* wus 1I1
,*l(-cl ions. The
rnliti'st wus Ilii
Canadian Pacilh
Tisduit* Btrono
wisdom oi liis 1
tion all parties
returned as tho
Norfolk in 1887,
1801, 1800 anil
till. Kl'llistiilinli
lorco depriving
members, Col.
Im* tho whole 0
lie was appoii
Iiu in Sir Churl,
trillion in Mai,
oltleo witli liii- li
Tho deceased was president of tho
Crown Mle Assurance eompnny, and
prealdcnl ol Hie si C'lulr and Krie
Ship I'aiial company Ho was a
member nl Hi,* Toronto club, lhe Albany dull, ami Hie lliileaii eliib. III-
liiwa, ami organized tlio Long Polnl
Shooting club.
In religion thc Into Mr. Tlwlnlo was
an Anglican.
Oh all sides are heard expressions
ni sympathy nnd condolonco with Iho
burlloii, lur tin* re-
Niiiili Norfolk, by
■fi-nifil at. the general
greal issue in this
construction ol tin*
■ railway, whieli Col,
ly supportoll. The
laud upon Hint qtics-
iinw admit. He was
iiii'iiilier lor South
and was le-eleeteii in
lllllll. In IIIIH, when
mi Hill eame into
Norfolk of one of its
Tisdali* was returned
I Norfolk,
iitell minister oi mili
a Topper's ailniiuis-
1 KM*,-, retiring from
ulrr iii Ilu* following
Onto  my   premises,   otio
Buckskin Pony, I white I'eot
\ up to   knees,   white  face. *
! branded TT on left shoulder.
Owner may have same on .
, payment of expenses incurred '
> to date, pony is claimed.
August Olson,
Wardner, B.C.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never (alls. These
pills niu uMi'.-.hn,:lv tumi-ilul in ti'ijiilatiiijt llie
Ki-iiernlivi: imiiiuii ,.| th:* liniiitr sviili-iii. Kcfimc
nil cJieap iiiiilMlltiiiH. Dr. tie Van't are ttold nl
tha bux, in thii-u Im |]||. Mallcil in any mldrfSK.
Th* Suolioll Ih-ui; Co,, Mt, Cut liar I imt. Ont
For shIo'iU  Uflfttio,  Murphy  &  Co.,
PRICES: $2.00, $1.50, $1.00   Sale opens April 25th.
SttNGMHS; FOB' Z^!mmii\
i \f\.\: nr    Ml;  ii   v  Tisiiw.i-:.
UK \VYCUI''.-T.-M.T,S nl-
AN \VT\\ K f\i(i-:i-;ir
In Itic lU-otli ut ..ii-nt fui th
Him      David    Tisdale, p v ,    K.C ,
Whirl)  un in Mil  un  Mm li   [] il       lasl.
Mi   <*    I'   Ttntale, n( Wyrllni .     lu I
an undo.
Tin- Ittin-li Canadian, nf Siiiicm>,
Out , givi-a sunn- inii'i, si hi..- ,|ii,ui
nf iln- lifu ui iln- l.itr vi.Mr iiimn
from which ve quote as follow
The late Hon   David Tfsilnti      was
Innii    ;n "Oak   li.ill   Kami, ' Cl in
loltevllle, in Uiis countjr, nn Sep tern
lu-r 8th,  18.1-5       Hon.     Mi
was educated    in thc Simcoc flran
mar whoa, ami   iln- I nlversit)
Toronto, and   van railed lo the   bai
in 1858,     Returning to Slmcm .
formed a pai tnershlp w ith the    Ial ■
P, (I. Stanton, owl Buhseipientl]    be
came the head "f several Inn Ann* in
lown     lie van < reeled a (}   V.   In
the Karl <•( Dulfertn In 1872   He   be
riiiin- reovc and < oiincflloi ul
, .mil .. member ol the county council,
lie j rif aged extensively in tin- (Inane-
, *■'   and i oust rin h i railways,   In
li : ing, milling, sheep farming nml
'■ tattle ranching II.' wan largelj In
menial   In    building the   Orand
| Trunk, ti.-i.iLu.it, Hay and Uke. Krie
i.iihvav, non tin- Georgian Hay dlvi
sioii nf iln- Oraud Trunk, and wa i
al ii presideni nf Ibe company for a
numhei ol years He nlso had much
i<> iln in iln- tonalruction ol other
lines ol railwa)
Deceased entered thc volunteer militia as a private al lhe time <*f ihr
l uni \liiin in 18111. Mr was made
a captain in 181113 nnd held thai rank
al Niagara iti im.". and during Uie
I--1 ian Raid in I8tm He was ga.
< Mnl a-, lieutenant colonel      ol    the
"Ml, S'urfolk Kiili- on the formation
of the reglmonl on September ^8,
I lit!, and ri tired, retaining rank, in
: l Uj was n delegate with "ii
tn all pni I ol Canada who
nl Ottawa ami formed ihr Dominion Rille Association In IfMfl In
I-K73 Lt, Col   Tisdale was thanked in
enernl   nrdei in i    fullj dti
[icrsing wilh his battalion nn American crowd assembled near Kurt Dov-
ii, in witness a prl/e fight. In 1807
In- declined tin- invitation nf ihr mili
iia department to accompany the
military contingent to Kngland in
[ connection with the celebration bi
(Jueen Victoria's diamond Jubilee, iir
was for many years vice-president ol
tin- United Kinpiro Loyalists' association,
Thr deceased was honorary prrajjl-
cnl nf tbe Veterans' Association of
Norfolk County. As chairman ol a
committee appointed hy the association, and with its assistance, he succeeded in procuring the Fenian Haul
medal fm each of llic surviving Nm
folk veterans. lie also procured
ft < mi Dn- crown lands department
certificates authorizing each veteran
l<> locate imi acres nf land granted
tn them hy the Ontario legislature.
The lair linn. Mr. Tisdale was a
staunch and consistent Conservative
throughout his lung and active life.
lie was a strong supporter of Confederation, In 1ST I be was liisl
nominated   for ihe  commons, oppos-
Jlldgmenl has jusl heen given hy
the court of nppeal at Vancouver iu
the action nf the Kernie Relief committee vs. Bruce, argued, before them
iu November last, allowing the appeal with costs. This was a test
ael inn hrniighl hv llie Kernie Relief
committee against \V. G. Bruce, of
Kernie, tn recover hack the moneys
given him as relief from the fund
contributed by tlie public after the
Kernie lire. The relief committee
distributed a limit $2n,flfni.oo to various fire sufieiers, taking from them
an agreement to pay hack the money
i bus given hy Instalments. Those
receiving aid in ihis way refused ti>
pay back the amounts received,
claiming that the committee had no
lighl tii loan moneys given for charitable purposes or to take agreements
Fm iis re-payment, the recipients
having nn alternative hut tn sign
ihem in order lo procure the relief.
They also claimed that they had no
right to call for the return nf their
moneys aud apply Ihem tn any other
purpose, even though that purpose was
tn giant aid to some who the committee thought did not receive theii
I fair proportion at the time. Tlie ac-
' tion vvas brought in the county court
| against Bruce, and upon tlie decision
' in Ihis cast- all other claims for re-
j turn nf moneys depended. Application
: was made tn dismiss on the grounds
| slated ami   nn   the   further    ground
that as the action involved the administration of charitable trust
funds, the attorney general was
necessary party to it. His Honor,
•fudge Wilson, refused to dismiss the
action, holding that the relief com
niittie hail the right In sue for recovery and that the attorney-general
need not he made a party. From
Hits decision Bruce appealed to thi
court of appeal and his appeal is al
lowed with costs against tlie relief
committee, the appeal court holding
thai they had no status to maintain
the act inn.
IM. A. Macdonald, nf Cranbrook,
appeared for the appellant Bruce, and
li \. Mi Donald, of Vancouver, to
the    respondents,   the relief commit
The Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
OIVEN that the Council have decld
ed not to appoint, a "Special Clean
lng-Up Day" Ihis year as in previous
years, ami will not undertake thu
expense of providing men and vehicles
for that purpose, hut. that all yards
nnd premises must he thorough!)
cleaned and placed In a saiillary condition by the owners or occupiers of
such yards nr premises before May
Ifith next, after which dale the San
I lory Inspector will proceed to
strictly enforce the provisions of the
City Clerk.
Dated thc Uli day nt Aprll^lflU.
Cranhronk, B.C. 8-11
Nelson now has a stock i f wood
split pulleys. A large variety of
sizes, in fact (piite a complete stoek
is now carried by the Nelson Iron
Works. And they nre the Columbian
the pulley made in Vancouver and
especially designed for the weather
ami hard wnrk of B.C.
They aro used almost exclusively
imw iii that part of the province and
the pulley users of the Kootenays are
tn be congratulated mi their goixl
luck iu now heing able to get such a
good pulley with so little trouble.
TAKK NOTICE that Wilhcmina
Moss, of Cranhrook, B.C., occupation
Spinster, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner of Lot 8804,
Oroup One, thence smith 211 chains,
more or less, to the north boundary
of Lot 1834; tlience westerly along
said boundary seventeen (17) chains,
more or less, to the west boundary
nf Lot 8114, thence northerly along
said west boundary a distance ol
twenty (20) chains, thence east Bev
euteen (17) chains, more or less, to
the point of commencement, containing thirty-live (35) acres, more or
Wilhcmina Moss, Locator.
Per J. Walsh, Agent.
Dated April 8th, 1811, 8-01
Trade Ma ok a
Copyrights Ac.
JtiWHl-BMnitlnf «-Ph«t*rh uml dr-Hi-lnt'nn nm*
qjiM.IT MifHiitn f.ur i*| cn freo wlu-MiiT mii
liirt-uM'>il H |.r....!il I? l-nli'iil..!!.-.   jVniiiiiin'".--
ti.itnniricilrc.iiiii't'iiM;.!. HANDBOOK ontv-i.ii
••ntfrtt. OMwrt HtflQ iWHCUlinfl i-ati-nia.
tpteiatt.etltt, wiihout cbuwo. lu ttio
Scientific American.
A fcMMbanuIr UlMhiaW wwMt.    l-nr.-M i-ir-
Illation  Of   Mill   aWli-NNII.-   J..,lTI,.il.      Llm"    >r
!0mi*m«..,. (jew York
i. fts v st, Wn.himt-.ii. ii o.
TAKE NOTICE thai I, llarrj S.
Gamble, ol kiuibcrlcy, ii. U., occupation, Mine Koreiuau, lutend to apply tor permission to purchase the
lollowing described lauds:
Ucgiuuing ut a post planted on
nortb boundaiy of Lot 2013, aud on
west boundary of Timber License Nu.
81482, thence north thirty-live chains
and forty-six links (85.40} to southern boundary of Lot ium.; thence
westerly live chains aud twenty links
(5.20) along southern boundary ul
Lot 40H0; tlience soulli-wuslcrly fifteen chains aud llfty links (15.80) following thu eastern boundary of tbe
Empire Mineral claim, thence northwesterly nineteen chains and lift)'-live
links, following southern bouudury of
Empire .Mineral claim to the N. K-
coruer ol Lot 3U12; thenee following
east boundary of Lot 3012 twenty
two chains and seventy-thtee links
(22.73) to the S. K corner ol Lot
8048; thence westerly, lollowing son
t liein bouudury ol Lot 80*48 loui
chains and ten links (1.10); thence
easterly, following northern boundary
of Lot 8032 eight chains (8.00) to
west boundary of Comet Mineral
claim; thence northerly following
west boundary of Comet Mineral
claim nine chains (9.00) to N. W.
corner of same; thence easterly following the north boundary of Comet
Mineral claim twenty-two chains nml
seventy-three links (22,7-S) to the
N. E. corner of same; thence southerly following east boundary of Com-
•t, Mineral claim twenty-two chains
and seventy-three links to the S. 13.
corner of same; thence easterly lollowing northern boundary of the
Mispati Mineral claim five ehains
(B.00) to west boundary of Lot 8048;
thence northerly following west
boundary of Lot 2013 twelve chains
(12.00) to the N. W. comer of same;
thence easterly following northern
hnunriary of Lot 2013 twelve chnlns
and five links (12.05) to place of
beginning, containing eighty-three
acres (83.00) more or less. |
llnrry S. Gamble,
Opposite* (MM*. Station
THR    PLACE    TO     GOT    A
Hendquarters fur all kinds nf
Siitisfn.'limi (iiiiiriitilci'il
Tho Shoe Specialist
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchant!
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 104 PHONE 144
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on favorable h-iinn.
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it to
special prlcea for family work.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
ItoomB wild Hiitlm.   'Phone io
every room
Barber Shop on tlie premise*.
Thorough); up-to-date.
Rates, S2.00 a day and up.
(JKO. P. WKl.l.s, Proprietor
II. TOM KIN, Manager
ll Till 1811 BO    ANSI Al.I.V)
Enables truden, throughout tlie world
tu communicate direct with  Kn^iii-l
in oaeb elaaa of goods Heaidee being
a complete commercial guide to London und it-* mihiirhB, the directory
contains lifts of
iviih  the Goods theyablp, 111111* the
Colonial and   Foreign Markets they
arranged under tbe Portp tuwhich tbey
-ail, uml Indicating the approximate
uf leading manufacturers, Merchant.?,
etc., in the principal provincial towns
mnl Industrial centres of the fin ifl
A copy of the curcont edition will be
forwarded< freight paid, on receipt of
Postal order for 20s.
Dealers seeking Agencies ean adver
Use their trade cards fi»r*.!0s.,or largrc
advertisements from BOb.
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
25 Abchurch Lane, London. B.C.
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Ilelt in British
('olumhia, may lie homestcaded hy
any person who is tlie sole head of a
family, ur any male over 18 years of
age, to the extent of one-quarter
section of 11..J acres, more or less.
Entry must ho made personally at
the local land ollicc for the district
in which the bunt is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, ho made on
certain conditions by the fattier,
mother, sun, daughter, brother - Ol
sister of an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to per
(or, tin; conditions connected therewith under one of the following
(1). At least six muntlis1 residence
upon am] cultivation of^thc land in
each year for three years.
(8). If the father (or mother, il
tha father is deceased), of the
lioinostoador resides upon a farm in
llic vicinity of the land entered for,
llic requirements as lo residence may
he satislled by such person residing
With the father or mother.
i'i). If the settler has his permanent residence upon tanning land owned hy him in the vicinity of his
homestead, tho requirements as to
residence may he satisfied hy residence upon the said lund.
Six months' notice .in writing
should he Riven to tho Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of
intention to apply for patent.
COAL.—Coal mining rights may he
leased for a period of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of $1 per
acre. Not more than 2,570 acres
shall ho leased to one individual or
company. A royalty nt the rate of
live cents per ton sliall he collected
on the merchantable conl mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the In-
terior. 29-Wl
Dated March 1Mb. 1011. 4-St I
IS very cave mnl comfort
A  burnt' from  home
Special attention in cases nf
Mulertiily, Itlieunmtimu
and riieiimonia
'forms moderate,
MRS. li. BI.NT, Matron.
Physician.* and Surgeons.
Offlue at Residence,  Armstrong  iti,
Forenoons f Oil to liMHi
Afternoons - - • 3.01) to   4.0U
Kveiling* - - - - 7.80 to   11.80
Sunday* .... 2.80 to   4.80
CRANHROOK   I     tl     H    ll     fl. Ot
Oratluiiie   nf   Ontario   Veterinary
College, T.in.iitn. in  iHOtf
Graduate mnl Medalltat ot UcKflllp'a
VeterinaryOollpjce, Chloago.
in 1000
Niiif yeara experience in Veterinary
practice in Manitoba
Ollicc- nexl door to Post Office
Phone 139      •      P.O. Box 184
Nigbt call— B. H. Short's Rsaldonca
t to 13 a.m.
1 to   » p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Offloi In new Reid Block
UIUNBROOK        -      -      - B. O,
Oraubrook and Fort Steele
ii    J. O. CUMMINGS
I ; lltKlliUHIN EMIINEhlt
iiwN":'!Sa Cranbrook,B.C.
B.  C.  and Surveyor
CRANBROOK    ■     B. C.
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATEI
Kor family me there ia nothing
an arllolesome ami so niut* ua
SOLO at all bars
lli- movod hi.Oitiee frni,1 Bakeritreet
it, Norbury avenue, next door
to r.iiiniii*;- l'hutit Studio.
W.  II. Ilaatly. runinl DlTHlM
Cranbro.*1, It, i:.
. 'rWW'li.'.tW.ll.'ia "i*1!.*'!^
IB 1
1     GIVE  IS A TIIIAI,.     |
I -a
1    T.K. FUTA    I
ANI) CHEMLST.-ifJlaJIges: CloH,
silver, copper utt- lead, (1 caih;
Bold-silver, IJ.rillj/BllveHead, 11.50;
gold-silver, "with coppta) or lead,
12.50; zinc, SJ; sllver-lead/inc, S3.
I'riceB lnr other metals on application. I'. O. Boi CD., 1101, Nelson, B. C. ;   II ti TIIK   OttANBlllKIK    HEI.AUJ
Nws of the District
\ ['niutci  tu I Io list-keeper a
Look al iln-   (Jiiaiicial Ride ol X.i
(Special correspondence),
Mr. X, .1, Morrow is tho proud
possessor of a sorol mare, purchased
from Mr. .1, P, Kink, of Cranlirook,
She is a mil beauty, nml lnr nniuc
is Maud.
Mr. K. W, Adolph hns returned
from an extended eastern trip.
1). Saunders nnd wife were welcome
callers nt die cluh house on Sntur
Mr, Radford and family, recently
from England, are com fail nil ly settled in tlie living apartments of lhe
llaynes Lake nursery.
Mr. .1, A. Tormey has purchased
tlie properly formerly1 owned in
tlie Kootenny Nursery company, Mi
Hnii'.nii, an experienced numrrymnn,
is in charge, Wo nro all walling
anxiously for Uml lellnce, ole , etc
It is very ititereustlng lu sn- lhe
new set I lets swinging llieli axes,
piling hi nsh ami elcarlug Iheil hind
Everyone Is Imisy, keenlj Inlorested
and happy.
The Kootenay River Land com
pany is busy extending Ihelr irrlgn
imn system so ns 4.0 he utile to
supply waler for the tracts overlook
ing Waldo and Kragg.
Lumlier for the collage of Mr
Hatlifniil is heing delivered,
It is astonishing to see the amount
of land a bunch of five oi our new
men can clear in a day.
Mr. Don Sterling has heen busy
with the plough and harrow. Hi
has some five acres ready for plan!
Mr. Little is getting estimates on
lumber for the addition nf thin
largo rooms to he added to the
"Lamb" property, recently purchased
by Mr. Little, Mr. and Mrs. Little
are delighted with their location.
The Dunn brothers, contractors of
Fernie, have the contract fur erecting
the Valley View Club house, lu be
built at once.
Mr. I). W. Hart was an Klko visi
tor on .Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. .Inlin LcCuyer are
the happy parents of a hahy hoy.
Mr. Peter Hacks has added a hue
verandah to his already splendid
Mr. Wm. Feldman and Win Fn-si.
of Spokane, visited with .Mr. and
Mrs. .1. A. Tormey on Sunday
Mr. Joule, of Gateway, was a wel
come visitor over Sunday.
Mr. S. P. Quail, of Fernie, was a
business caller on Wednesday.
ported Ihe   road     in good condition,] si.
wilh the exception of points between   na
Canal Flats and Mud Creek, Vi
Messrs  L. Cl, Broadwood  and    ll | ■ '
Muk's usiv
home, tin- s
sun-   which
■ui siisia
'fl in
Burrow, of   Sheep   Creek, were Wasa
visitors lasl week.
Tom Mayuo, who has heen mining
in Wesl Kootenay tho past winter,
relumed lo Wasa lhe end nf last
week and is now staying mi I'is ranch
near here.
Mr. (')i. Cl. Broadwood witli mm
ily arrived here Ihe middle of lasl
week from While Rlvor, where they
have been hunting ami trapping
Ihroiighout iht' wlnlei Thc party
enme down the Koolennj from Canal
Flats tu here    by boat,  which In ll
self wns ijiiite  a ler taking this
lime of iln- year. Aflei a couple of
d;ns ilny ni Who bote! Ihey      lefl
witli loam for    Fori Steele .1 .Mon
and Ibencfl to Nelson, llieli    summer
hmne    Mr. Iliuaihv I is   very   on
thusiasiir over Hns pnrl ol the vol
ley nml will he hnck liexl ul! mi
anolher hunting tiip
Mr. and Mrs, Chas. Stevens, ol
Tracy, were Wasa visitors lasl  wi-rll
Win. French, of lhe "Orange" enmo
down on business (he other dny,
II. !■: Hi rich went tn Calgary on
business the middle of last week and
returned Sunday last. Mr. Blrtch
reports all lines of business very
brisk and real estate booming.
Mrs. M. Donohuc bas gone to Cal
gary lo look after some real estate
holdings there.
Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Patrick and
P. Mnlheson, of Crnnhrook, were
visitors iu Uisa last Sundav.
pay day
c, ui ihe workshop,   a
ring ni blood poisoning.
lay  oil    for a day or
Iocs thai mean      when
* round?    Zam-Buk in-
itself lu any tall' Mill
it is unnecessary lo
further discussion of
the report of the emu
copy may he easily ol
reader The foci tha
likely tn form lhe hm
policy shortly lo be
ileparlmetil of agricul
should give Its conten
(From the Leader).
(ioldwin Stewart is away on 0
tiip up into the Windermere country.
.laek MeTavish, proprietor of the
Wen two rth hotel in Cranbrook, was
in Moyie yesterday.
Wm. Johnson, who had his leg
broken while skating on Movie lake
last winter. Is out of the hospital
and will Boon be abb- lo return       to
work. I lurr
Bear in mind that Tuesday, April | torn
25th, has been set aside as "cleaning
up day." On that day atl rocks and
rubbish if gathered iu piles will be
picked up and hauled away hy the
government teams
Mrs. Oeo. Turner,  who lias     been
In thc Cranbrook hospital for several
mmimmtmmmmmimmmmymmmmmmm—mmmt-mmmmmmm__m  lonntbs,     is     making   splendid   pn-
A new general store has been star!  ] ^,..ss ai|(i    wjM 800n   l(l,   sufficiently
rd in Baynes.     Mr. Williams is   the  strong to leave thai institution
genial manager.    The enterprise    ta      \ Cranbrook woman says that   Unknown as "Valley View v,* store."    . reagon s|„. pre[cra ifo. company ni   a
Mr. and Mrs.    Lloyd   Jackson,     of   Iwl| ,,„,, js |„.rai,s,. the dog eats what
Nelson,   aro the    guests of Mr. .iml   is M,, j,,,,-,,,,, ,lim ail)1 lllohs Bratetul.
Mrs. S. .1. Morrow.     Mr   Jackson [si    Thfs VM|r ,h(. (hW pen0W8 ,lT1Iin..,
Mrs. Morrow's brother.     Ile is    de- ( S..IV 8prv|co W|U ,„. hcW ()[1   Slln,|nv
lighted with our    country and    may
buy land and locale,
(Special corrwpondenco).
April mth. The service this year
will lie in the Presbyterian church,
and in all prohahiliu will tie conducted by Rev. C, 0. Main, of Cranbrook.
Last Friday evening the trustees ol
Ihe Catholic church and Father .lol n
Dr ,i p Hanlngton with partj waited on Mrs .lames Whitehead and
came down from Wilmer in automo- presented her with a cabinet of silvci
bile last week This was the first knives and forks In recognition ot
carol the season making the her services as organist in the
through trip     Di   Hanlngton       rr ' church
Of Interest to Farmers
Tbe issue of tin- repot I nl tbe In
teniatiuiial Commission mi tho Con
tro| nl lb vine Tuberculosis is ol
significant Intpres! nt (he presenl
time, particular!) In t lew at tho
active public demand lot some rteftti
ite and milium..nn.-   pr lunerment
in consideration ol the whole slltla
Mon as regards bovine luberculosis In
Us relation to the welfare ol tin-
live stock Induslrj ami i<> its inflti
euee ou public health      The economic
Importance o| the subject has oc
cottoned a ven great deal ol discus
Mon in scientific and agricultural circles und has hd lo    thc adoption   In
various    legislative   and   muah ipal
bodh s i-i   measures for   Ihe suppres
slon nnd eradication ol   tins      great
Rcourgn nf domesticated animals  and] ministered,   i
ot thc   protection    dI    the   people] Tti
lillle Zam-Buk applied to bud: an injury prevents all dangoi of blood-
poisoning, takes oul the smarting
and heals
costly doctoring Ir He wise and
net mi Uu- preventive line. A box -.f
/.nm Huk in thr linmc is mi all-round
useful, Tin- baby's rasht/K, tbe oldoi
children's cuts nnd brulsi s, the Inevitable burn, cut, ui scald-for all
these, as tvcll as foi more wrtous ailments, such as piles, ulcers, eczema,
ringworm, eli , Zam Buk is without
,i rival
n\\(n:i: of sn \\\\r, — You
gel ii iui al Iho barber's simp. A
little Zam link smeared on the
would prevents all dangei If any
ailment has been conl ractcd, Zam-
Buk euros. t Mi. Oeorge Hohden, IDA
Manitoba streei, St. Thomas, Ont.,
soys: "l contracted barber's rash,
ami tin- whole of mv left cheek broke
"Ul In one mass of red, watery
pimph-s ami sores. These spread lo
the other parts nf my face, until face
.mil neck were covered with running
sores, Mow far thc disease would
have spread had it not boon for
/am-Iluk, I don'l 'know. 1 applied
this balm, and in a short time Zam-
l!uk effected a complete euro."
ZAM-BUK SOAP is as good as tbe
4lalm, but in a different way. Washed
in Zam-Buk Snap the skin is disinfected ami disease germs lying upon
it are killed, Mothers will lind it
unequalled for baby's bath.
Zam-Buk Halm ami /.am-Huk Snap
air snld by all druggists and stores
at 50c. for the halm aud 25c. tablet
for the snap.
tin- deliberate conclusions uf :-ist
such an oflicial-and representative
delegation and both fanners and the
public generally an- (ji be congratulated in having imw placed before
them in most concise and readable
statement containing an epi-
f the researches of the commission and of the recommendations
which it has at length determined to
make, The ih- i.i ns which have
been reached are eminently conservative in iheir nature and for ibis rea-
Ron, if for nn other, they will exercise n much stronger appeal than
would otherwise bo possible, particularly in the case ol those who may
foi any reason be prejudiced against
legislative Interference. The prevalence of the disease and the consequent loss to tho breeders, as well
as thc now acknowledged danger to
public health are nol minimized hut
gravely acknowledged and seriously
In the recommendations which have
been made, however, due regard has
been given to the great practical
difficulties which musl of necessity be
encountered in thc conscientious carrying ,,1|r of any policy llkelj to be
ol  ise in combating the malady.
Compulsoi \ slaughtei "f infected
animals is nol advocated though thc
destruction oi thus,' showing clinical
symptoms of the disease is advised.
Compulsory testing even is not Insisted on, except In herds when- thc
disease is known to e\ist, though the
usefulness oi luberculln, as a reliable
diagnostic agent, when properly ad-
oniidentiy affirmed
immlsslon bases iis meat hope
and swine.      The     tl: >
ripe for such a depai I
minister's bauds will
strengthened   by   thc
ing sentiment  01)     Un   I
public in favor of sui li
the meantime and un*.:' .,
Icy is announced, a cn ■
this publication  should I
every farmer and breed i
country.  Whether or
adih  gr<
eliiiilr pol
studj ti
made In
in tin
I   III,IV       In
tn his    advantage to his plans
forthwith, in accordai with lhe
proposed Bchcmc en I rein outlined,
v. iii remain fot him I dn Idc, Imi
the Information wbh tlie report
contains   is    ol   linn practical
value and should um ■ neglei led. It
may In- obtained by Ing    the
Veterinary Director (1 - I Deparl
ment ol Agriculture, Ottawa, Ont
Aro solil with a i" iii1 guarantee
(IKSTION anil all KID.NI*:> , I.IVKI!
ami BOWEI, dlaonlers AI all deal-
ore. 2", criils pol* I.*.*.. Mt Tin* Kit*
I'iil Co., SI. Tllonia*.. unl
Soli!  Ullll      Hi .rl.iln!        liy     'Illl'
Cranbrook Drug ami Honk Cn , Mil.,
We   use   nothing bul the
Genuine English
Guarantee Results
B.   H.   SHORT
The Painter and Decorator
Armstrong Ave.
P. 0. Box 33 Phone III
Mi.lmen Take Note.
A lii[> Stock of
Hub bo<ii received nt
Frank  Dezall's
where repairs of nil kinds un*
1'iiickiy uml efficiently
IM'HKS  Wll \vi*:i(ills
on a   inlin mil     lai  li  .
nil.    Florida, there   is    in
Illl*     "llll|ll* nl      Hu*    wlm.*
hopes." Tin* youth who sou
in tin* near future*eouiils on netting i
u ial I'm* tin* lilgllcsl liuliurs in |ini*i
n.in is Oscar W. Stuck'ey, 2(1 rears o
age, and a veritable giant, probably
as big a man as ever stepped inln
tlie ring lu ilmi iln* padded mills
stuckey's debut into iln* ranks nl
top notch pugilism is slill reinoli
II,* is training earnestly al the pre
sent   ilmi*    on iln-    Florida usi in li
farm, ami ii   size ami weight    e i
nn anything his climb Into tin* chum
jiiinishjp class is practically half (in*
ishcil before Un* start.
Carl   Mmiis.   wlm    is even bigg, r,
Ihan iln-   black man   whom In* hopes
i., trim sunn* day, appeals small In*
side Ihis   young giant.      His titulni '
hopes iln mil end wilh Ids si.,*, how |
ever, im*   his ability ti  tnke \
meal and also   administer ti  i
inns quantities   is    the   talk ol the
fighting   fraternity   of   these   pails
Constant training lias Improved   linn
wonderllilly in llie liner points ni iln*
game, and   slill     mine I itm*   under
able tutors is   counted upon tu inn.
• ml a linisbed boxer.
(Section III)
Ihal on   the 21 Li)   day ol April next,
ipplication will he made in llie Sup*
linletideut   of Provincial Police   lol
the transfer oi tlie license (or      tlu
lc    of iiquot by retail in ami upon
c premises    known    as    lhe   Falls
Vluw    Hotel,   siluale al Marysville,
Hritish Col bin,   from Charles
Finch to Evan Thomas Crowley,
Marysville, British Columbia.
Dated   ihis    22nd   dav nf   Mar
C, E, Finch
Holder of License
E. T. Crowley
Applicant fm Transfer
Nervous Exhaustion
When convalescing from I.aC.rip-
1*', Pneumonia or Wasting Dis-
eases, nothing hastens the return
lo health like a .short period of
treatment with "Asava-Nbu-
KAU.." It feeds the nerves, induces restful sleep, quickens tlie
appetite, aids digestion, aud soon
buoyancy of spirits and tlie sense
J of restored vitality are attained.
' Afewdosesconvince. $1.50 a Lot-
; Ll.?, Obtain from the local agent.
agaltut infection    through the    con-j ol ultimate   wtecesa In accomplishing
sumption ol rtlseaaed  meal »'i pojlul | the Intention ol  whatcvei legislation
I milk it lias long been lelt, how
ever, that for tin- N'orth Vnierlcan
Continenl .1 really cRIclcnl anti salts
factor) programme could onlj bi'
arranged aad undertaken with any
prospeel ol uniform ami permanent
nut cow through j oncei ted action nn
the pai 1 ol the govi rnments j"'
imili the I iiiictl Staten and Canada
ami onlj also when iln- legislation
enacted 01 pollcj adopted was in
'.nlisiaiiti.il agreement wilh the c\
pressed v|pt.*s ol representative an
thorltles "i both countries
Tin- ri'poi 1   refei red    lo   embodies
maj be enacted on the co-operation
rn the breeders ol live stock in the
policy ol rearing healthy herds by
protecting thc young Irom contagion
ni any sorl A suhlcienl explanation
is given rn" the methods advocated
ami in imili to safeguard iln* Interests ol those now possessing "Iran
herds ami j.i those making an honest
■ Unit to establish such herds, stringent [iiriaiiiiuiian measures arc re-
commepded regarding the shipment,
salr am) Interchange ol stock. The
pollcj .is presented Is In every way
reasonable   ami cannot bul commend
President i T. s. Gill *
Hacrstary: B, Maoooxald      \
X For Information regarding lands ,
f iiii't   Agriculture   apply   to the <
Secretary. Cranbrook, li. C.
Kvery second Wednesday      '
« »
* IT IS »
«              TO ♦
* SEE MY STOCK      >
* AND »
llofore Bending! yonr monoy *
*to oiitsiik* |«'inls. nnd run- *
*nin« the risk ol ymir order! *
*•: la-in*^ nllit-r 1I11111 what you *>
a*, ra'iillv wanted, or being de. a
« liiyi-il nu tin. Mini.    When I »
* run supply ymi *
Jm-UIi   ANY TlllNtJ    i„   the?
* Music or m
« Musical Instruments •*.
* TKV IT -II ST ONCE-    »
post iirnos
* M. M> M4 PNOHES 30b, 335 *
« 52*11 if>
Always !)»• Bt»l Qnnlily ni»]
quick .Si-ru..' BUMMHMan'l
l.unrh.   Open Daf »tiil Nmlii.
J. HAKAHI ' III. I'lllH'*
'Savclonr Momy,
\^e Mvant evoyonelo Iftiw
t\A wc arc paying *
c~4% luteal^
pcraimum creJiteJ vMy
i & upMrii) autyct toWith-
on time Jleposita of -
\l/c invest none)' for clients
in Itist moityajes SJoa
jeneul (fnaiKial business.
Wc want Ita savin Jsacc'nl
S ifj-ou art not aainj -
Gommcnfc NOW Willi U5.
Dcposnta Vy nia'il ^r^^"*
* ■» ♦ easily tianJlf!) —
loa can send by Dratl,
Post Office * Garros
OriW or RcJ'isterriT-^
better & willii)ravL'.ila
can be made *****
Ware Rciiponsible
ReferXo?* ***
or To anyone In *
321 Gamble Street.
Vancouver B.C.
CAPITAL, - 510.000.0rt) REST, . 57.000.000
of The Canadian Hank of Commerce will receive deposits of Si and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. There i.s no
delay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of the deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. 234
Accoui ts m ty K- opened in the names of tti a or more persons, to be
operated by any one ol tin* number or by the survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establ si ing the ownership o( tlie money
aficr death, and i> especially useful wl en a man desires to provide for
his wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
tf. f.Brymner, .Manager Cranbrook Branch
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+*?♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ •
Now is the Time to buy
We still have a stock on hand which
we will sell AT COST to clear.
P. BURNS CO., Ltd.
A  Good   Home
. dear to every man.   A homo
■  Peaoe, Comfort, Contentmoiit,
"i   it U tbe reason
. ■  i   .      tt Bril    * Columbia, when
"Cranlirook*'ia mentioned think of the
. Jot   Brault has made f<-r mi
5 ideal borne at tbe
j Canadian Hotel
*********** *^ ********************************
ti,. ..r,.. -.--     IM
Cl ;   ; ii  i slat  l'p 96,200,000 lltunc JIi.|.,io,,jIjO
lolnl As*,ct&. (lacr Sy.a.ouo.iKMi
II K. I    I'KASE, '.mm! M»,ia|«r
■ ■ ill -..I,.   .   .
,, ..,*..  . i ■
- *.. . IITMKM    l"|.'- li ol I! i" "i *! ' i •*■•"> "•■• "*'
i*    irren   i.-*   So forsnmllty or d*]*y lo
All nuinu,i,*in-n. i,..l.
Cranbrook llranch: D.I). McLAWS, M«nager
»a>a>a>a>a>000»*» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ .
Will iii; promptly
all onlera for:
Sllinll I'niiln
II uuil Howi*rinn ShrulH
A!-*   I
r. st
■tejliis-i*.      ■
Mrs. Arnold Wallingcr
Trims on ftppllCtalOO.
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
F. J, Deane, Managing lidltor,
CHANBROOK J. C, April 20. Wll
III I'll     Sn
The Herald lias been somewhat
amused by tlie over zealous anxU'ty
ui' lhe N'elson board o[ trade and one
or two others to safeguard the Kng
lish settlers at Haynes Luke Irom
possible misrepresentation bj real es
tate agents The N'elson board oi
trade, appnrenllj ehcerfullj accepted
as gospel truth certain stories set
<m loot by "knockers" ol thc Haj
nes Lako soltlement project and lui
mediately gol busy, with, ol course,
Die Bole object nl protecting iln- In
torosts nf said ICngllnshmen, li is
really too tunnj how lhe Nelso
board! ol trade scented n traud ni
Uaynei Lake Uappllj the board
has been relieved «»i iis anxiety in
this particular, aud wilh tin- exper
lenee thus obtained ma) be expected,
in future, lo ,kccp n elose watch mil
nearer home,
All oilier arguments Imi Ing appni
enlly failed lo convince the uveragi
Canadian lhat reclprocitj in nrfturnl
products will eltbei nun the countn
or result in his deiioOnciug Ins al
legance tn Great Britain, tin- Ton
opposltlanlsls an- imw devoting their
efforts to personal abuse ol the wesl
nn farmers, who, lo the great ill:
gust of Missis Iiorden and Foster,
express unqualified approval ol Mn
opportunity being provided for lliem
to dispose ui their products on more
profitable terms than heretofore. I1
would imi nppeai 'jj be reasonable In
aulieipate any greater measure ol
success [rom this policy than from
lhe original one inaugurated with s.
great vigor w-ben tbe agreemenl wn.
lirst presented In parliament l»
this connection, Lbose ol nur liritisli
Columbia fruit growers, wlm liavi
not as yet realized the ndvant igi
tbis reciprocity agreemenl will con
fer upon them, should rend with ean
tbe leiter written by Rcprcsciitativi
UKolletle, ol llic State oi Washing
ton, on ibis very question, whie\
appears elsewhere In this Issue.
As a result of Mayor Hunt's trie
lu Victoria tin- provincial govern
iiiiiii have come through wiih Mnnn
for the Agricultural assoi iatimi
assisi in securing permanent ground
and buildings foi exhibit loi p .1 p
es.    This is nol as in in h a* wi    i
peeled, but it will make .1 g I starl
securing grounds ami imee Hie pnbll
realize   that a practical effort       1
being  mailt- in  His direct ion      there
will lie nu great difficult} in seeurin
tbe balance    requisite to place    the
exhibition in fust class shape   In the
course ut a   few dais a   settlement
will In- reached with iln- rail, nssoc
ul ion      for tin-    pureha *<■      ol    id
grounds on ihe  hill and then n start
will   be made on   lhe building *  and
in getting oul   the   pri"' list, about
which no lime should be lost
The    Herald   wishes to re I it
appreciation ol the prompl service*
rendered this morning hy Chief Wand
and bis men In subduing an im i;
lent blaze In tins office, which,    imt
for their speed) nctl  might   have
proved disastrous \s it was n
latlvcly Utile damage was ncea 1 1
iMminns.-;    n w   in "l.n   km;
London, April III.—Tho SOlli anulv
ersaiy of the death of Lord Ilea
consfield was commemorated in London ami throughout iln- country in
the customary manner. Primroses
were worn genernllj and hundreds ol
l lies were   thrown over the rail-
igs ol parliatiH'titi square al the
mt of ilu' Ucaconslleld monument,
hich, as in pnsl years, was elabor-
[1 lj decorated mulct' the auspices oi
ir Prii se league,
Electric Restorer for Men
I'hosphonol ™*\m* overy nervo In tlie body
' '-■ Hi ]iM|)L'i tciiHinii; nish.ies
.im atml vitality. Premature docny and nil sexual
iVi-ikniMs uvi-iteti ut oiue. Fhoiphonol will
make vim.-1 m-w man. 1'iltt! IIUIu-X, OI two im
i'i Minimi iJiiiiiviKldifHU. TlieHtoljfll Drug
Cm,, St. CutlMi-lueit, Out,
i'or Bale nt Beatlo, Murphy &  Co.,
\m.i; sitk
Alex  lEoiiiiiM.ti, ol    Harrison llm
Springs lish bat'Ini v.    has    In-i-n   in
the distm l     dn tbe    pasl tew days
looking around    t.u a fnvorable siti
at which to estnbllnh a lisli linlchi ri
(>l all the points    he has    ■•• fni vi
siii-d Mi   ftobei tson    hn   been mn
lav.irabl.      Impressed      with     ItocJi
Creek, neat Klko!    Itefnre completing
Ins Investigations Mi   Robt rtwn
visit ibe   Washington fish t
witli a view io gleanii
ns to securing ol ipawt, et.
It will be recalled Mi.ii
brook flame Krotn live     \
reeentlj made repre* ntal*■■■■
marine department     in Ihii < itni 1
siiiu:khi:i;(; DtSCUAHUKD.
Stettler, Mia,, April ID.—Dis
charged fur lack ol evidence sufficient
io warrant commlllment for trial
Ales Soderberg, arrested in cornice
lion with ilw murder ol William
Lennox on Man li JI, loilay stepped
Hum tin' eoui t a free man. Through
oui the preliminary trial great In
1 ere ' has been displayed In the pro
1 ceding! of Hie totiit and as the tin.il
scene was enacted Intense excitement
Mrs, V Watson lias returned home
nflel a few weeks' treatment at the
Home hospital.
Horn—To Mrs, .1 T. Downey, nt
ibe Home hospital, Saturday, April
13th, .1 son.
Horn—To Mrs It McKnrtnuc, ai
Die Home hospital, Thursday, April
1 iih, a s.m.
Powerful slumping machine nearly
Hew, lor sale at a bargain This
1 a Monarch and is n success, See
Patmore Hros
Powerful slumping machine nearly
new.    for  sale al n bargain.     This
r' a Monarch ami is a   success.     See
Patmorc Hros
Some verj excellent road work is
being iioin- this season b) Uie publli
works department, particularly on
Hanson und Armstrong avenues,
\li ami Mis. W. A, Itollins are
ilow n in \ aneouver on a visit Thej
will   lie   back    In   about    a week's
lhe isolation hospital project
would seem likely to lake definite
din] j at an early date. Through
the efforts nl IM Oreen, t'ily Solid
lor Thompson and Thos- I'aven,
Ml. \ . Hie government has agreed
lo liml $250(1 towards the cost ol
Ha- necessarj building. The cily will
1 mtribute (BOO, making a total oi
SHiKin, which is deemed ample to
erect a   suitable building.
Tin- t'.C'.S. arc lilting up the store
recently vacated hy John Manning on
\i uistrong avenue Thc basement
. being lowered and will be used fm
displaj purposes. A special feature
1- to lie iln gn und floor display ot
furniture, wliich in Mr, McKarlanc's
opinion. Is something that will be
iij.ii 1 inted hj t'ranbrook bouse kit
tn iieis
The annual general meeting ol the
t'ranbrook Liberal association is
called for 8.30 tomorrow (Kriday)
evening ai Hie [loti I Cranbrook committee looms       Then- BhOUld be        a
lame turnout   as   the election       ol
officers for   the ensuing year will be
feature ol the opening's programme
So definite   plans have as yel been
decided upon for ilu- Improvement of
tl ■ public    sel I grounds, although
Iru tees   have    the matter undei
■ iinsfderation     In the meantime  the
council  have  workmen engaged
ie j tearing ofl (lie rocks
\rcltdeacon Beer, id Kaslo, spenl a
i.-. in civ ii, ((mii todnj nil bis way
to Spokane, alter a trip out to Wai
do and Haynes Lake nn Baste.
Sundnj the .irilide.iiv.il held services
ai l-'oit Steele, theme journeying tn
Haynes Luke, where he liefd services
on Tiiesii.i- iin Wednesday he held
ki a in - at Klko, coming into lown
on tin- local.       He left today      ior
Spokane       It is   the Intention nf llli
Church ol Kngland to place a student
al Haynes Lake immediate!) ami ai
Ihe Maj .lectin] ol llic diocese it is
1 opi i] to arrange for a permanent
im '■<] at lhat pnlnl
Prints lhat wash, l"- — V rs.
till k lamb t did not make much "I
a hit   bete lasl   night.    Time  was bU|
a -in.ill audience ami  \h< k obi ily
" j   nol in v. I form   Miss    Klora
in     om i'i   lili    assistants,
i verj j harming songstreat
Prints that  wash.  Wc — <   r s
A business transaction involving
lialf. a million dollars lias been dosed
in Calgary through thu sale by Scu-
ator Peter McLaren, ot Ottawa, of
Ills lumber interests iu Alberta and
Eastern Hritish Columbia lo A. 0.
Peiicnn, of Toronto, president «»f tlio
Standard Chemical company. The
new concern will lake over tlie
business nn May 1 and will control
the plant and yards at Hlalfmoro
aud tbe yards al Macleod ami elsewhere.
Prints lhat wash, lOc.-C C.S.
At Hie morning service on Kaster
Sumlay Douglas Monroe, Infant sou
of Mr. nud Mrs. Edgar S. Disney
was baptized by the Kev. It. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. .1. Sarvis signed
the register as witnesses.
Prints that wash, llic-<*(*.S.
The girls choir nl tho Methodist
church rendered a line programme* on
liasti'i Sunday morning, and a large
and appreciative congrogallon wore
in attendance, At the evening service the musical portion id Hie service was exceedingly well rendered,
and the choir, under the leadership
of Mrs. V, Welsh rod deserve great
credit for their excellent work. Mrs.
I. Manning presided at the organ,
aud the solo work was ably taken by
Mrs. P. Welsbrod, Miss K. 1'icxt and
Mt   Cl   Hottgbam.
Nearly every store advertisement
holds "probable profit" for you. Nobody else can decide for ynu what ad.
it, is—nr in what way it holds profit
tor you.
Miss Stark, Itev. C. W. King's
sisler in-law, goes with him to Nei
snii, wliere she will open a kindergarten seluii I. Miss Stark has bad six
years experience as kindergarten
teacher under tbe Toronto board
education, where every public school
in the city has uu up-to-date kinder
gartcii. Miss Stark ir also a graduate with I ois of the Toronto   Cot
lege ol Music in the depart incut oj
kindergarten music. Work along
these two lines is planned for tin
little ones.
Pet nie Kree Press: Hen. F. Stcven-
si n leaves tonight for Cranbrook to
assume his new duties as manager of
the Cranbrook Jobbers, Limited
Iliiring the time Mr. Stevenson has
been in the city he has made a host
oi friends who will regret that be [s
moving ti a new field. Apart from
bis personal relations, Mr. Stevenson
will be a distinct loss to this eitv.
As the energetic secretary of the
board ol trade. Air. Stevenson bas
done more than auy other man in the
cily, during bis term of ollice, to
make ibat body an influence in Hie
commercial life of tlie community. As
secretary of the Conservative association ami campaign manager during
elections, he has shown that in- is a
host in himself when it comes to accomplishing things. Mr. and Mrs.
Stevenson arc both vocal artists of
unusual ability and their efforts lo
elevate tffe musical life if the die)
mil long be remembered. There arc
few people in tlie city whose depar
tun- would create tlie vacancy that
will be left by the removal of Mr.
and Mrs. Stevenson.
Tbe Cranbrook Hrick company Is
meeting with constant demands for
lis product from outside points. Orders from Creston, Klko, and Crows
Nesi points nre now being illicit
There is obviously a good market for
Cranbrook made bricks iii the sur
rounding districts as well as locally.
The big contract for the Hanson
building is about completed.
A son was born recently to Mr. and
Mrs   Hoy    .Slater, formerly of • this
city, but now   residing in New West
••iitisii r
TO RENT.—Large basement, cool
ami dry. Apply Box.2, Herald of
The   Klnest and   Best   Known   Hair
Remedy in the World-No Introduction Necessary.
Loss of hair, itching scalp, dandruff
and other forms of hair trouble always cause one lo think instinctively
of Newbro's Herpicide.
Grateful relief from various forms
of hair and scalp disorders may invariably be found in Newbro's Herpicide.   Buy il and see.
If satisfactory results arc uot obtained from the use id this preparation Its manufacturers authorize your
druggist to return your money.
Newbro's Herpicide has long been
recognized as llic most reliable half
remedy oil the market, backed up by
a guarantee Hint means something,
It is the original remedy and the
Recommended and applications
made by the best barbers and hair
Send 10c. postage to The Herpicide
Company, Dept. It , Detroit, Mich.,
for sample and booklet on the Care
of the Hair.
ReaUle-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
April 33rd.
"A Mother's Love Tested" is the
Suliday morning subject. This will
he a special farewell sermon by
Pastor King to the parents and
friends of the Cradle Roll and Home
Departments. Evening theme: "The
Resurrection of a Soul," a song service. The new 1200 sacred songs
and solos will tie used.
A   cordial Christian welcome      to
Did ymi uver try to drive u horse
that went liunr easily? Or i
ulwuytt afraid lie wouldn't hear you
say "wlioay" Some horses can't
travel becnuso they ure luiue mid
others won't travel without a lot
ol' urgini,'. They are not the
horses to buy. It's jusl tlie mum*
with ereain Borparfltors. Home
ure alwayB out of lix, and some
turn like corn shellem. Sueli
separators don't have tlie up-to-
date feature!, found only iu
Buy a Tubular. Have a separator witli waist low supply can,
hiinple bowl Iiiiiii; from single,
frlotlonless bearing and driven liy
wholly enclosed BeK-otllng gears
—a separator a child can care (or
— one that will last a life time
Joseph Ryan
SANCA directly on the east Bliore of Kootenay Lake,
one of tlie most beautiful situations iu Die
Kootenay country, 52 acres of prime fruit
laud, close by Myrtle Creek. Very little
clearing. Fee simple title. A bargain nt
$100,110 an acre will sell at $1,5.00.
40 ACRES of Crime Fruit Lands near Creston. Uncleared. Clearing, fencing, plowingaudlnyiug
down in clover will cost about $115.00 an acre.
Water right across it. Some beaver meadow.
Tlio picked land of the ilistrict. Apply for
price and terms to above.
April 23rd.
Morning service at II o'clock,
Suiulay sehool anil ltil.li* class    al
■'I |i.iii.
Evening service at 7..'ill o'clock.
Rev, A. Sinclair, ol Wardner, will
preach at I liis service In tin* uti*
senec of tho pastor,-who will dispense riiniMKniii.il iii Wardner un
Sunday evening.
Sundays—Low mass at H Mi a.m.;
bi^li man, 10..1O air..; Sunday .school
from 2 to '\ p.m.; Rosary and Bene-
itiction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays nnd holy days of obligation—Mrm at 8 a.m.
Week days— HAM at fi a 111 at the
Kather l'lamondon,
Parish Pricttt.
April 2.3rd.
Tlie pastor will preach in tho
morning at 11.
Sunday school and Bib.c classes at
lu tho evening at 7.3fl there will be
a song service, and well known and
favorite hymns will be sung by the
congregation. A hearty invitation
is given to all wlm attend no other
Tuesday.—Annual meeting ot tie
Koworth League, and election ol nfli
cers. All members are especially re
quested to be present.
Thursday.—Devotional hour at ti
Kriday— Choir practice at 8.
Nexl Sumlay, April .'tilth, annual
mil call and sacramental service at-1
ter the evening service, to which all
members ol the church arc earncstlj
requested tn attend.
Yes, wo have JAP-A-LAC, the
original varnish stain • Two
hands, a brush and a can of
JAP*A"LAC wilt work wonders in
every house.
F. Parks
(McCallum's Old Stand)
Hardware Merchants
Cranbrook, B.C.
If out of town write us.
A former well known and highly rt
speeted resident of Cranbrook has
passed to bis long rest, in the person of .Inlin Spraggs, whose death at
St Boniface hospital, Winnipeg, took
place on Thursday nf last week.
The late .lohn Spraggs came to
Cranhronk from Farnhaui, Quebec,
some live nr six years ago. He was a
watchmaker by trade, hut during bis
residence iu this city worked chielly
as a janitor. In faet he.had not
carded on bis trade since leaving the
nld country, of which be was a native. He was thc father-in-law of
Mr A McCowan, wbo recently left
ihis city to reside in Winnipeg, filling
au important position on tbe C.N.It.
Deceased was in his 7sth yean The
funeral took place, in Winnipeg yesterday to   the Eltnwood cemetery.
Pupils' recitals arc as a very gen
eial rule a weariness and a terror ti
tin- performers and  ihe deeply    un
happy ginwii-upK who have In listen
ami Ruffoi with tbe sufferings of tbr
young people for    whom those occa
sions are a severe and trying ordeal. However, when such a
markablc exception as that provided
by Miss Mabel Wellmau's pupils oc
last evening occurs it deserves both
remembering and recording. Another
thing worthy nl mention Is that the
audienee, both fashionable aud criti
eal, which filled the Masonic Tcmpli
hall to its capacity, was not treated
to fantasias nn "Way Down 011 tin
Suaneo Itiver" or variations ol
.Scotch airs, nr the abominations ol
rag-time. Miss Wellman is a musician of too hUh an order tn tnleratt
sueb a gaudier ie, and, since the capabilities of the lady have been touched
on, it can he said lhat she demon
strated through her pupils last evening her ability to impart tn them
her remarkable tecbulc 011 the instrument and her infallible taste.
Gordon Wallingcr and Teddy Laurie
opened the programme with Parker
"Cavalry Parade" aud gave a capital
performance. They are line liltli
lads and acquitted themselves admir
ably. Miss Eva Conley was a trilb
nervous in the opening ol Forsyth'1
"Kiretly," hut greatly improved a
she went on, Young Rniiisfmd Parks
was distinctly all righl jn bis piece
"The Squirrel's Frolic" and well it
served bis encore. Master Ralnsford
does not suiter from nerves sufficient
to notice. Miss Katherine Wooil, in
that very dillienlt composition ol
Shilling's, "The Hustle of Spring,
gave a most miisieianly reading of an
intricate theme, iu wbicb she nevei
for a moment Inst the control nr the
sense—and that is the true test 0
ability. Sbe was verv loudly applauded and deservedly so. Hardly
one of lhe pupils showed the result
of her tr.1 in 1 in.-, more perfectly than
Miss Louise Elmer, iu Kevin'
"Gondolier!/* a composition much
mote dillicult than it sounds [nr all
its Mowing melody, alack Haslam
put power and   tinish into a Russian
London and Lancashire Life Assurance Co.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation
Accident, Health, PlaU Glass, Automobile Assurance
Why not insure against sickness?
Raworth Block.
Baker St.. Cranbrook.
• •
High Oraife
I'I bl lift
P. 0.  BOX 831
High ami Low
Vacuum SjitPtnn
Vapor svHti-mn
;   liliiHi nnd KxluiKH
Ventilating Syntemi
11..1 Water 8>'st«ms
dnneo liy Bonhetir. -lark soon had
iiis hearers at their ease and had to
respond to an imperative encore liy
repenting the latter movement nl his
piece. Mendelssohn had a queer iu-
splration when he composed his
".Spinning Song" Ior tho piano. l\
is an extremely ililVu-ult production
in make iis meaning conscious to au
average audienee. but Miss Julia
Brault made plain sailing of it. Her
performance was really most pleasant
and acceptable and it is not Baying
tm, much io predict... brilliant musl
eal career lor ibis little lady who
was encored mosl heart ily. She
compiled with si me light, joyous
thing and played it most brilliantly
Mr. It T. Brymner was in eapital
voice and accomplished another ol his
fnmlltar vocal trlumpns. Mrs. Wai
linger was never heard to better advantage than in Oolterman's "Le
Rcve" a fine dignified composition
and mist beautifully played and
phrased hy this must accomplished
lady violinist, whom we bear tno
rarely. The programme concluded
with a violin duet hy Mrs. Wallingcr
and Mr. (■ueraid. accompanied a.
the piano by Mrs. Ouerard. This
very excellent number was encored,
Miss Wellman is tn be congrntulal
ed very heartily mi the general sue
Cess of her recital.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
a nevTand
A modern equipped Client moderate
Kates $1.00 uml up per day
Comer of Howard ■*(. mnl Front Ave.
Our bus mei-if all truing
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
The attraction at the opera house
on April -7ill will he the mueb-
talkeii ni musical comedy drama
"The (Jueen 0, the Moulin Rouge"
and promises to he the sensation nf
the present theatrical season, Thc
production comes here under the management nf Sam K Itork, direct frnm
a year's run at the Circle theatre in
New York and a six months' run nt
the Olympic theatre iu Chicago.
The piece  is    tile result  nf the collfl
boration if Paul M. Potter, John T
Hall and Vincent Bryan ami is s, i I
to correctly portray night-life 1 n
Paris as it exists at the present
time. The story has to do with tlie
adventures of tbe King of Oreanla
aud bisbrideeleet, the Primes
Marot/ 011 the night ol the LunoiH
Cunt /-arts ball, which is Ibe annual
dance nrgnm/cd hy Ibe studios
Paris, and is the biggcsl event
tho year at Ibe Moulin RougO, The
"Kloates" each containing ih<> prei
Ileal model of the studio, are shnxu
as tliey circle atnutul lhe Moilm
RqUgo and us they arr uttorwutds
thrown-Into tho Rivet S.'ine Tin?
peculiar songs ami  dances of the <«
ni si ni 1 nre literally lepmil b     1 Inn
Ule disclosed      the odd I'vuls
whieh the party betakes itself   nfi
Ibe ball is done        Km st.   still
masqUcrado costumes, Ihey an>    run
nt Madame  St.     Angeln's gambling
nlai-e "The     House     with thc (im-i
Shutters."       They adjourn foi       In
welsb rarehil to ibe   celebrated Cafe
au Rat Mort, iu front id whieh   llie
trams,      rag-pickers,    apaches   ami
prowlers of the nlghl dellle.
The audience Is shewn len inaadve
scenes, which correctly represent
some of tbe most interesting places
iu Paris. Tbi> musical score Includes twenty-three song hits, typical ol
Ibe French music .halls. The presenting company Is unusually large
and Includes u stunning chorus and
ballet. Harry Short'and Orace
Turner hend the cast, which has been
kept practically intact since the
trlgiiiul performance. One of 11n-
special features ol the performance
is the dance "L'Amoiir de I.'Apache"
which created .1 sensation in New
Seeds and Seeding I
Onln .   Wheat
Timothy Clover
ui.ii   f Lucerne
AUttUa1 Turkestan
ltnpe Millet
live (.ini!** Peal
Onion Pels     Turnips    Carrots
Beans Onions
Flower Seeds       Brume Grass
Sand Vetches      spring Bye
T Cranbrook   Trading Co. S
Dr. II. E. Hall, D.D.S.
I'rt,wn ailil llriilm* Work
11 specialty.
Phono No, -'.i"    AruiBlrong Am*
Omnbrook, B.O.
| Baldwin & Lancaster \
Contractors for KllklndtofCellsi
Wnrk,   CeSSpOOUi   t'OUmliltiniiH,
Well*,   Tipe    Laying   ami any
work nf ilmi description,
Wooden Pipe Laying
TIRUS KH.t-inN .iil.K.
X ADOMSS. P.O. MX 142 CRMM00K, I.C. ♦
^^\ KM
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*-
Wu offer tlm abovi- from 1
lnnvy luyiiiK Htriiiim. us •>
woll iihSIiow Winni'iti in *
Wliitu WviiiiiIoUis  ami I
.     S. C.   While Leghorns, i
* Suiul in your ortlcrs early. *
****.****■*.********* **.**, THE   ORANBROOK   HERALD
Easter Novelties
Our Stock is new and up-to-date.
Have you seen the new Easter Seals?
Full line of Post Cards.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
The Prescription Druggists
Cranbrook, - British Columbia
Ladies cashmere hose, Sat urday
only 25c. pair.—C. C. S.
Cottage piano for sale cheap. Apply to J, W. Edmonds. !Ml
Dr. Green left for Calgary on Monday.
Choice celery, lettuce, green onions,
asparagus, cucumbers and ripe tomatoes at Little and Atchison's,
Prints that wash, Wc—C.C.S.
Otts Staples came in from Wycliffe
Home made candy 20c. per Id. Saturday only at The Palm.
Hoot polish, metal hand dauber ami
shoe brush, outfit  16c.—C.C.S.
Frank McKenno is expected bacti
from Winnipeg tomorrow.
Dyson's Red Cross pickles at Ward
and Harris.
Prints that wash, i'oe.—C.C.S.
.1. K. Armstrong lefl Tor Michel
this afternoon, lie will return tomorrow.
Dig red strawberries at Fink's
Pure Food Grocery.
Ladies cashmere hose, Saturday
only 'ibe. pair —C   C. S.
.1. P. Fink left fnr Toronto ibis
morning on a business hip He will
be away for at least three weeks.
Carr's, Until lev ami Palmers ami
Jacob's biscuits, fm lunches and afternoon teas—Campbell and Man
Ladies cashmere hose, Saturdaj
only 25c, pan —C  C   S.
Mrs. S W Ryckman left im Ham
iltmi, Out , mi Tuesday, where hei
mothei is scriouslj ill
The yellow New Town apple is the
finest eating apple tn in' had Wc
have them—Little and   Vtcliison,
Punts thai  wash,  HU- —C C S
It s Fletcher, superintendent ol
Monarch Lite agencies, is in town mi
a business trip
Good values in bulk teas ami ml
fees —Waul ami Hai i Is
Ladles    • aslmnie      hose,   "<aiiuil.ii
only 25c. pair.—C. C. S.
.Judge and Mrs. Wilson leave this
week end to take up summer residence on Kootenay lake.
Delft peanut oil for dainty salads
at Fink's Pure Food Orocery.
Ladies cashmere hose, Saturday]
only 25c, pair.—C. C s.
John Dunlop, Dominion government immigration inspector al
Kingsgate, was in town yesterday on
Choice lemon curd for cake filling.
A trial lot will convince ynu tbat
this is first class.—Campbell and
Ginghams lie.—V. V. S.
The sessions of tbe county court
this week were devoid of interest.
There will he a peremptory session
again on April 25th.
WANTED A WIFE.—Nol one, bit
hundreds nf housewives and others to
take advantage of our free gift.—
East Kootenay P. and p. House.
Ginghams 9c.—C. C. fi.
Miss Vera Erickson left mi a trip
to England last Sunday. Sbe is in
sail from .St. -lohn. NIL. on tbe Empress of Hritain inninrri w
In- cream at Thc Palm
Hunt polish, metal hand dauber ami
shoe brush, outfll   15c.—C.C.S
Special costumes fnr tbe production of the Geisha have been ordered
from   Tains, nf   New York,  the    well
known theatrical costumiers,
Ciii tain stretchers for rent bj
Women's Institute at 26c. for three
days     Vpplj Mis r QUI *■
Ginghams Oc —C   c, s
Peter Lund has shipped a carload
of burses from Wardner to bis farm
neat Barons, vita . and will cultivate
ins section, wbicb adjoins tin- Barons
townsitc His son will manage tbe
farm this year.
Nice juicy sweet manges at Little
and Atchison's,
Ginghams Be,—C  c  fi
Mr and Mrs Gen F Stevenson
have arrived frnm Pernio to take  up
Large Assortment
Just Arrived
Hat Pius from 75c. to $5.00.
Folis from $1.00 lo $10.00.
Belt T'iiis uml Buckles 7"k;.
to $5.00,
Hold   Brooches from $2.00,
Jewelers and Opticians.
Wc    have    just    received    from    Ihe
manufacturers a C.ir of Wire including i
Poultry Netting
Wire Fencing
Barbed Wire
Plain Galvanized Wire
Our   Prices  are  right.
!    J. D. McBRIDE    !
permanent residence In this city. Fnr
lha present they will occupy S F
Morli-v's bouse mi l.uinsden avenue
Now shipment of McViilie ami
Price's dainty English biscuits at
Pink's Pure Food (irocerv.
Giiigbuiiis Oc.—C. C. S.
The public school ro-opened on
Tuesday afler the Faster vacation,
the regular attendance heing swollen
by the addition ol twenty youngsters.
Delicious, cooked bam and tongue
sliced just right.—Campbell and
Hoot polish, metal hand dauber am)
shoe brush, outfit 45c—C.C.S.
Harold Bransdon arrived from
Kngland last week end and has already secured a position Iu the C.P.
It. freight sheds. He is a cousin of
•J. S. Peek, C.P.R. ticket agent.
WANTED A WIFE.—Not one, hut
hundreds of housewives and others to
take advantage ol our tree gift.—
Fast Kootenay P, and P, Mouse.
Ginghams 9c—C. C. .s.
T. A. Smith, who lor the past
seven months has filled the position
of general manager ol the King l.in.i
ber Mills, Ltd., has resigned and is
leaving [or the coast, when- lie wit!
reside in future.
Dutch sets and flower anil garden
seeds.—Campbell and Manning,
fiinghams Oc—C. C. S.
Douglas McNeill, whose death at
Calgary, is recorded elsewhere iu this
issue, was well known lo many of
the old lime railroad men iu this
city lie was trainmaster here in
1003. Death was due to cancer ot
the stomach.
Creston buttermilk at The Palm.
Hoot polish, metal band dauber and
shoe brush, mil lit 45c—C.C.S.
F V. Brake, local I'.I'.U. car fore
man, returned today from a trip to
Calgary, where be attended a banquet tendered Superintendent Price
hv the niliii.il> of the Alberta and
Crows Nest divisions. District Superintendent 1 ren and other local
CPU    officials  were also present.
Wilson's and Pophnm's chocolates
THE BEST to be had at Little ami
Ginghams 9c;—C   C. s.
The Wyclific saw mill engine thai
nut with an .uviileui some days ago
and was shipped to Fan Claire, Wis .
fm repairs, arrived back today and
will be Immediately forwarded . fco
Lame Shoulder Is nearly always
due lo rheumatism of Ibe muscles,
nnd qulcklj yields to Uio Iree appll
<aiii'ii of Chamberlain's Liniment.
For sale by all dealers 7-1 f
Root polish, metal band dauber ami
shoe brush, outfll   15c—C.C s
Harold Darling returned today
irom Marysville. The Lund Land
and Development company have taken over P Lund's mill al Matthew
creek and Mr. Mailing was up to attend to tho business details. Operations, will be started up this week.
The repairs to our store have de-
hucd the opening ol our Ice cream
parlors. However, ve expect tn bo
in a position tn supply your wants
In anything in the ice cream aud soH
drink line earlv in Ihe week—Little
nnd Atchison,
Bool polish, metal hand dauber ami
shoe brush, outfll   15c—C.C.S
Archie Waller was awarded the
cunt met fm the erection of the.
Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd., molding on
Villi llollie slicel   Ibis afleriinon. The
building will be constructed nf ce
ment  blocks
A complete line nf spring house-
cleaning requisites al Fink's pure
Fmd Grocery.
fiood value in dinner sets, 112
piece sets, VI J."i-C   C   S.
The lirst general meeting nf the
Cranbrook Jobbers, Limited, took
place yesterday afternoon, when of
fleers were elected as follows: President, .1. D. McBride; vice-president,
.1. V. Campbell; managing-director
and secret ary-treasu rer, Geo, F.
Stevenson; directors, M. A. Macdonald and .1. P. Kink.
Fresh fruits and vegetables * every
day; also daily shipments of strawberries.—Campbell and Manning.
Good value iu dinner sets, 112
piece .sets, J7.85.-C. C. S.
V. Hyde Duker arrived home yesterday Irom his visit to England.
Mr. Baker reports having cnjoytll a
thoroughly good time in the old
land, hut my a be is delighted to he
hack iu Cranhronk agnln.
Carr and Co.'s fancy Carlisle biscuits —Ward und Harris.
Good   value  in    dinner   sets, 112
We extend to you a hearty invitation to
visit our store nnd inspect our stock of rugs.
We have without doubt the finest stock of
rugs in the inlenor of B.C. Every size including
Brussels. Wiltons, Axminister, Tapestry, etc.
At prices -.-2.50  up,
Stylish New Wearing Apparel
Fawn Semi-Fitting Coat plain with plaid collar*
Large   buttons.     Excellent  quality   nnd   very   servicable,
Rain PrOOf CoatS A good range in Nayy, Grey,
Green, Fawn and Brown. These coats may be used to
advantage as a light spring coat or duster 511.00 i,*, 519.00
Ladies oUitS in Grey, Tan, Rose, Green Blue and
Black.    All styles   in  Tweeds   and   Serges,   Panamas   etc
S20.00   i0  S-io.00
Separate Skirts
The separate skirt with blouse will be very popular We
have a splendid assortment in all cloths and colors. The
prices will suit you.   $4.50 to $14.50
The popularity of
Our Millinery Department still continues.
Style. Elegance and
Beauty   at small prices.
New shapes, etc.. are
arriving almost daily.
You are cordially invited to inspect the new
w e a r e
from day
to day
•X-i.<r>±Ji JJBWUHgMU
Cranbrook's   Dry   Goods   and   Clothing   Stoics.
■aaaaHaBaaHaaaaaManaaaaBHaaKEar^-. V
Easily cleaned, snowy
white, simple food chamber—made in one piece of
seamless steel—lined with
fine white porcelain—no
cracks, no crevice—has no
place for dirt to lodge.
"The Range Store."
pieec sets, $7.26.—V, V. S.
■I. T. Laidlaw returned today from
Kngland. Mr. Laidlaw thinks there
is uo place like Crnnbrook and notwithstanding (lie delights <>i old
Kngland is glad to lie bach home
"Our linby cries tor Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy," vwi.,s Mrs. T. B,
Kendrick, Itas.ua, <;.i -'li is the
best cough remedy on the market for
coughs, colds and croup." For sale
by all dealers. 7-tt
Kire that mlglil Live proved ser-
lotifl broke out m tin- stork room of.
the Herald ofllce at an early hour
this morning, due i-j au over-heated
stove. The alarm wars (|ii|ekly turn
ed in and the Are hnvs rampnded as
qulck.y with tin- resull that the
Dame!) were Boon subdued ami relatively little damage was occasion*
Song Service, Methodist Church,
Sunday night.
(Ieorge Watson, "i I'"it Steele, has
been appointed fire warden for the
Cranbrook distriet.    Mr. B. Mal Ian
it ai lie, nf the (' 1' I! land depart
ment expects to hav, their wardens
appointed and in ihe Held by May
Holbrook's pure olive nil. fresh this
week, at Fink's Pure F I flfoccry.
Local Odd Fellows will commemorate the anniversary of the establish'
ment of their order by attending
divine service al Chrisl church on
Sunday, April 80th, when the rector,
Rev. E. P. Flewelllng, will preach a
sermon suitable lit ilu- occasion
Adams Wagons of all llftl
Cock shutt Implements. Harrows,
plows, scrapers, etc. Our car has
arrived. Come and ; ee them.
G an brook Trading Co.
Unsolicited—"! nevei like to pass
ymir grocery store without going in.
Ymi always have mi many nice
tilings." This is one ol the many
complimentary     remarks   the ladies
Tin- statement thai a ■■■
\,-Ni.i..-   .■ lether thei
l" .1 ■       absolute!)
foundation! ■■ tlatloi
Hr  wngi j, ■  .,! a standstill
mini April  -■
are continually showering mi us
I-ink Mercantile ('< ., Lid
FOR SALK.—Transposing gcalt
I Ti'int/inuii and Co. piano, worth new
tflDO.00, Sale price $300.00, See Wm
(lllcrurd, Opera House. ,Vti
(ieorge     Frederick    Lynch, switch' j ri
manlntfaoaP.fi.   yards, and   Miss     lu eases ol     fa relief from
■Jessie Pantllng were united m   mar-1 pa|„ maKl      ;,.■,
■riage at Chrisl church on      Monday T|lls may (l, ,. applying
morning   lasl   hy Kev.   E. P. FIew-;r|,ambcrlaii  i Linl   el      i
citing,      The newly    married couple  Jjj ,jca|( .
are spending their honeymoon in Nil
This i.s the season when everybody
is clamoring for change of diet. Vour
craving can he appeased with one ol
our delicious tomato chutney relishes, .See our variety—The Fink
Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Ginghams Dc,—C. C, s.
Cranbrook's automobile force is rapidly increasing. Three new machines have arrived in town the pasl
week. One for E. IL Small, one for
\. B. Fenwick, of Fort Steele, and
the other lor P, F. Patrick's gara^i-.
for hire.
FOIt SALK.—Transposing scale
Hcintzman and Co. piano, worth new
M.IKl.nfl. Sale price $300.00. See Wm.
Ouerard, Opera House. j-tf
There will he a ball in the Audi-
ti rittm tomorrow (Friday) night, un-
The Canadian Va> uie Kailws
pany ha
the build ii Swil
about one        e wesl of Golden.     tn
tin- firm "I Ii..'- ;■ ^-- ai.   Cal
gory   Tl ■  ■ oi ;■.* ti A
bj Septembei  Ist        TV- tf.P R     is
going   !■    ,.*.;. ■ " ■ tt U
open all wlnti ■  in thc future, ard   a
greal deal ol attei lira a;'.. b
to   win'. :
"1.■!»■ >-z-j:- ii     lid .   ...* t,--a'-
ing, v."-' ting (till   be
■ ii' ouragi .
mountain resort     tbi
Im--. wliere the   C i( R
Print- - -CCS.
Alderman  Ji md Alder
man    -l   i:   M N'abb
foi     Cal ....       Thei
mission    has     to di ipai j
der the   auspices of the Brotherhood  ».i ;i, . Ivtc aflalrs.
of   Railway Trainmen.    This ball Is     When a med!
in the nature of a farewell benefit t.. young   i.i'..* pleasant
Bro. -I. B. Cully, president   ol    the lo take     | |
local   hruncji   of   the   organization, » iy i- mad< and
who is leaving Cranbrook for his old   \,>.,<.-, used
home iu   the east. B flavoi
Good   value   in    dinner   sets. 1'J   um [I pl< .
piece sets, $7.25— C. C. S. superloi Ids,
Allan   Graham, formerly of Kclow   ling cough    Foi -  a'.I      deal
na, has left that    famous fruit grow-1 ers.
Depiciting Incldema in the life ol
tiii- en-at man.
A ..e.tr.y liDgh.
A stirring drama.
The hen laugh yet.
lug section of the okanagan to c
gage in farming on St Mary'.
Prairie, having purchased iiu acres
of Dr. II E. Hull Tor tbat purpose
The deal was put through by Fred
Itussell. -Mr. Graham is now build
ing a house on the property and Willi
plough   78 acres right away Mi
(iraham originally came from auld
.Scotia and is just the type of
settler required hereabouts,
TO RENT    CHEAP.—Urge wan
house.     Apply Box 1, Herald office.  |
It is understood lhat when tin
case of Hex, vs. l.oyst   is    called     at
the Nelson assizes on .Mav Bth a
nolle prosequi will be entered it will
he recalled that this case came be
inrc Mi i v Armstrong last Be
cembet and was of a decidedly unsai
ory character. The complainants In
the suit, A If amis Corwln and Vencil
Scrvenaf, have heen detained as Wll
ncsses since ihe preliuiiiiaiy hearing
at very considerable expense u, it*
WANTED A WIFE.—Nol one, bul
hundreds of housewives and others lo
take advantage of out free gift.-
Kasl Kootenay V. and P. House.
Ginghams Dc.—C. C, S.
It B Benedict, secretary of thc
local hoard of trade, bas returned
Irom a business trip to Lethbridge
and Calgary. Whilst away Mr.
Benedict learned of a business men's j
proposed trip from Alberta towns |
through the CroWS Nest. When Mr j
Benedict arrived on the scene no ar
rangeiiieiit had been made to extend)
the trip as far as Cranbrook Mr.
Benedict pointed out the lolly of this
and the probabilities are that the
Alberta business men will show up]
here iu course of their outing
Tie reports appearing in   the   ('al j
gary   press   relative    to the C.P.R.j
mechanics' wage dispute may he tak
en as hugely of Ihr hot ait varletj
Mrs   .1    H
lelt f"i Fori
fai' ■ ■
notified    Mr
M   i"abb,
William t" visit :  :
lously ill, has
McNabb of hi ■'*■■■■"-■
and Ij' i retui n 1 lias been delay
ed  ill 'mu
Prlnl ■■  —C C S
Mtdt f-,t t,»rd ttrrit* and
-•   ---.I wU'ipiocf.
Bm| D-^'-f* r.rrrywKer*.
NG   CO..   Uo
iln, i  ..,,.«!.,. Ol
N3riJ: imi«d tmt.
Cu i       bes   Dug.
Iii.-k v., . Cleared,
W'.i'*: hi, I r.-,- . kjIi  i inptled,
nl-"  itsi lei done by w. J.
Kelbv. Cltj Hcavongnr,   RHONE
H0.35B.oj. . •   gailiam! Door
Kartorv. : it
Columbian Wood
Split Pulley
Mntlo in IJ.O for B.O.
Comlil ions Stock now
carried in .Vtdson l>y
The Nelson Iron Works
Limited.        < 11
SEALED TENDERS addressed   to
. and marked ou    the
foi  Kootenay   toil  School,." will be received up
'.! . 29, (■■: the ' onstrue-
dusl rial   school
at     -'    Eugene    Mission,
miles    from   Cranbrook,
li C.
Plans aad   specifications mav      be
seen at tl;-- offices "I   Ml    W    V.   Ditto      toi ol Indian Agencies,
..   and Mr   \   M   Tyson,    toll dlai      ■ iv les, Vancou-
■ ■   -ii Dominion Lands
it Macb       Cal   ■     and Lethbridge;
at i i ranbrook, n C .
and thc office    "( the   Indian Agent,
Fort S "■!'■. B C
tendei muat be „< > ompanled
bi ai .1 ceptcd cheque "u a chartered
emnk f<: ol the amount
•; ■  •■ <:■     madi payable t<>    the
order ••' ' V*eA, winch   will
I*. lorfeited  if the  person <<r persons
-)■ - llm   •»■ entei Into        a
poo to do   >■".
■ r f.ni tm eoroplete the   work      con-
ted I tht   endei be     nol
rquc will be returned
■ v   loi the build
I plete
! be los i ny tei >!♦-r nut neces
■ lion "i   this
advertlsei * papei    will
not he paid lnr.
.1   li  McLKAK,
\- Istant Deputj and Se< retarj
Department ol Indian Afblrs,
Ottawa, April 7, 1911 D Jt
TAKK NOTICE tbat I. .lohn J.
Johnaton, Of Kort Steele, B, C, oc-
npation Farmer, intend to apply Ior
permlaalon tn purchase the following
descrihed lands:
Commenolng at a post planted ut
the   northeast    corner     ol Lot No.
lOfl, thence 'in chains east, tlienre
10 chains south, theme Hi chains
west, theme 40 chains north to place
nf commencement.
.lohn .1. Johnaton.
Haled  Kebniaiv 71h,   IUI.    f»2 Ut* TIIK   (JUANBROOK   HJJBALD
."■Vi^i' K4H
News of the District
Mr   I'm
Bpelll 'I'll'
Mis*. II*
III.*  IIUllll
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned from Newspapers £
Manistee, im* iiiidorslaiul, Uml ■"■
i laki* a very Important pari in
(...I Interesting evcnl
Miss Verle Mall In. uf SI    Josef!
Adolpli, oi   li.i
.lav  in l..mi.
anil Miss M.I"
school Mall, spenl lh**
.linn in Ulairniore.
Principal Brute ti- in Vletnrin Ink
ing in Uu* teachers' convention, licl.l
there this week.
Mrs ii I! Iln-- who I* turneil
Irom tin* ensl lasl iveek, is in till1
hospital, sullering Irom pleurisy.
Mi-*- (Irani Irit .ii. I*'iiii;iv morning
fm iln* coasl. where *ln* has ncceple i
:i position .1 - leachei
Miss Lnurn llclMiemon, ..I Spi iir^
lull, s s , arrived mi Snturda*
morning t,. lake ,i pm tt ion ..u 'In
Kernie public school st.ilT.
II   11   HrpeM  i-   nelling mil        In
business here .unl intends I.-■, lu
Eilinonl ihoul Mn\ 1st.
Mi*   i;     I*   Stevensi ml i.i".;!
have lell     l-",-i i,,,* ami Inleml making
their honie in Cranbrook.
Men an*    ai    work, mi   Hu* hrlilge
iii*ai the brewery.      Tin* nlil «' lei
hriilge i*. being torn down nml n new
si.*i*l briilge i*- being pul in
Mi lluilnickl, ni ll** ll.iii" lank.
wenl nn In ll.iiin lasl uml* anil
hroughl lus ilaughlcr, Mi** (' I'
Wright, Imili.*     Mi      Wrlglil       has
heei lergoiug   Irentiuei I In   llauii
Ini almost a vein
Mi- Alice Diithie is spi;nillng Iln*
Knslei holidays ivilb Inn pan-Ms
IV *li*ini.*s spenl n ten ila) ■ "I
last week in Spokane
Miss Mabel Km ian lias leveled hei
connection with iln* Trltes Wood Co
ollicc stall and li*ll nn Tliursda)
morning lor     iiei   Innin* in    Kiuli-ili*.
where she   Kill lain*    a well nu* I
Mr. .1     I.      Mclntyre   l.n       Ihii
week  In    M-ll    lu-     brotlll i   in   Mini
tana       These brothers have iml mei
tor twenly-one years
Mi W II Whlmster was rccenlli
called in his nld home In l-ortagi
la Prairie m attend Hn* Mineral ol
lus aged mother.
in*]i IVIiitnstci spenl tin* llastm
holidays wilh his sister, Mi* .1 I
IIiiiiisiiIc, in Warren, Alia.
It W Wood ai nn.I home Iron
Spokane lasl week Mi Wood i*
rapidly gaining in health, considi-riii'i
thc serious operation lie has under
gone in tin* Spokane li** pita! reecnl
Contractor Washburn lu- returned
in l-Yiiiii* ami will inimcdialcly re
sunn* wnrk nn lla* Tl ite new resid
Tin* ladies nl tin* Benevolent Sn
ciety gaw* their annual hall mi Tues
day, April 18th. Tills proved ■*. bi
one of iln* greatest successes ni iln*
season li was will attended ami
everyone presenl enjoyed Hn* dancing
The costumes were very haudsomi
ami costly and ndded much lo the
appearance nf iln* hall, which was
specially decoratrd Im the occasion
Mr ami Mrs. Alired Cummlngs illumed home nit Wednesday lasl. Ml.
and Mis Cammings have -.*i«*nt the
winter months touring iln* routh
country and lluirouglil* enjoyed
Mi   David Kennedy has resigned his
position as n   ii tnnl i ity clerk    nnd
Will  Iran*      nil      Mav   Isl   (nl ill,'
i nasi
Mi Wm liicken relumed limn
1'iimi* Mberln mi Tueilint
es Lake,
school, N'elson,
.i  Hn
Kaster va
cation wilh In*
n town, i'e-
aid,    oi
turning   1"   N'
i nne ni ihis week.
Mi-* Clark, rn' Boston, Mass., is a
gin si ai iln* home ni Mi*, ami   Mrs
tt       11    KlllllllT.
Mi Victor Lunilborn, nl Uie Crows
S'est ollice slniT, wus in Penile Inst
Thursday mi business.
Miss ll.i i*l Boharl is spending thc
Blister vacation with her brother
11, i.i v ai Waldo
Policeman \diic) was ealled to
.1,iinni nn Thursday mi business
Charles Webster is in Cranhruuk
hospital ihis week sulTcrliig In.in nn
inj .ml hand
il.    i     Uurgess, llail.li*. Mel) hi.
lol *."ii nml l.undhorii spenl flood
idnj   wilh (lallnway Iriends.
'.li    Sinclair,   c.P.II. land agent,
i*. in    town last   Frida)   nn busi
Dr. Martel's Female Pills1
Eaton, II. \ ,   spenl
with    Cranhrook
(Special eorrespnndeni e),
\li   R    Hallaiidnine, <*f Pranbrook,
was in this   kneel, ul the w Is List
Week looking niter ihe tnteresl ->i
the (' I* i; nl their severnl camps up
the river.
K. (' Hcnedicl ami H •' VNuit
an- acllvelj engaged at plaeei nm.
itig these days, ami al 'he rate Ihey
nre washing dirt Ihey should have a
good showing nl Iheli fli-i elean >»i>
.lames   Lewis, ol    Klko, ll
warden ol Rernie dislriel. wa        !ti
ramp last Saturdaj look Ins nttci thi
interest uf    tin- game ami I.mini them
running al large ■> i   u ial
Mi   Robcrl ion, •■'    Hat * Ison Lake,
connected with the government    tisi:
hatchei j. wa ■ with us tic nthi i daj
\\Y dn imi know whelhi i lit  was ' t\
ini in learn how   well    Hull (Uvei
was stocked with u-u < i nol   ai I
could tin' bavi  given hli. ll i
fd information, should he I ■'' i ■■ ked
fnr it, because ilu- game warden was
with him. you know'
(Special correspondence).
Mr. Stevens ni Hie Knntcnay Central 'amp, was in Cranbrook last
Mi Hawthorne, uf the Selson
Hrewiiin company, was in lown lost
Wednesday on business.
Miss Kdytbc Kuml lell f..i Spok
nne. Wash, last Wednesday, where
she will consult an in- special!
Miss   McKeii/ie   was in Cran! '<•
last Wednesdaj nn business.
Mr. Oeorge Wilson lelt a few  days
ago fm    Ins   old    home In Manit
Mr anil Mis K. Sharpe, who bave
lu't n upending lhe past few weeks
wnli their children on the prairie,
ij'i iritwl i.i spimt a lew dnys witli
Wi .■ i:-1 Mis it \ (ih'.-n belore un
ii. ■, iu iheir hnmestend nl Lelh
in idmv
Mis.   it.   i-:
Kast.i     Miiinlin Jm___^^_^^
Mi li«.\ \ndersoti ami Mi. D C
McDniiahl spent Sumluj last in Rerun-,
M:    K,   II      l.cll'iy  left   last  Sutnr-
ilnt mnrnlng Ior Snn Rrnncisco, Cal,
Mi li Rurlong, nf the company's
honrding house, spenl (IjjjiiI Kriilav
willi Cranbrook friends.
(■unstable Adncy was in Crnnbrook
!,i il Saturday nn business
Miss Lucy Sheppard, nf Crnti-
bh'itk, spenl Kaster with her parents
in lown.
Mi Patmore, ol Cranbrook, has
iu ii completed lhe plumbing at Mr,
lc i i  Wilson's m-w residence.
Mi Louie Larson treated his little
milage to ;i eoal nf palnl lasi week,
uiil I "I'I- greatly lo Us appear
Messrs Lawrence ami Rrcdi-rick
were Rernie visitors last Saturday.
Miss Muriel Sheppard returned
home j'ii Saturday afternoon, after
upending (Inml Kriday with her sister,
Lucy*, in Cranbrook,
Mi R. Speaker, of .ladiay, spent
Kast ei Sumlay with Mis Speaker
iml i hildrcn in town,
Mi Sinclair, lelt nn Monday f"i
Klko in assist the ladies of the Presbyterian church there wlm held a
ha/nnr on Monday evening. Tin
pn "i'<l- amounted in $150.
Miss I lei lick spent a few days nj
this week iii Craiibrunk
Mi A Sheppard, nt .ladrny, spent
Sunday with Ins famllj in lown.
\ young man, whose name seems
in In- unknown, was badly hurt nne
evening last week while playing
[nnt hai I lh- had lhe misfortune to
dislocate his knee and ankle Joints <>n
llic  -ame  loot.       Uf  was  taken        In
Cranbrook   hospital on   the      west
inmc Warden Lewis spent a couple
... ila\s in town this week. It is
rumored that ihe government Intend
putting in lish hatcheries In this dis
There seems to he plenty nf material foi a g 1   baseball team      this
season Why imt get busy, hoys,
atnl orgnnl/c? This Is one of the
best nf sports.
(luim-i Jones, ' f lhe Kootenay
Telephone lillies, Ltd , Crnnbrook,
spenl .i few hours on Tuesday last
with friends hen-.
Mi Jellop, ni Portland, Oregon,
wa- in lown Tuesday last on insur
an-.' business.
i»n Tuesday forenoon, while helping
lo repair lhe boom in   the Kootenay
I vet ,ii ihe storage boom, six miles
from Wardner,    Mt     -lack   Williams
hat) lhe un im tin,.- in slip oil the
]j.; iniu the rivet and was drown
ul \s lu nevet rose after falling
in. lus comrades had no chance tn
give ium mo. assistance \ numbei
i 'li.    imv- I..ul   searched diligently
i Ihi  lj ui ihe unfortunate   man
imi .ii iin- nine ..I writing no trace
nl |t bad been lound Williams was
.i native ni Sew Brunswick, ami was
a favorite with all who knew him
Hi- mam Iriends here deeply regret
in- untimely death ami extend the
deepesl sympathy ti his bereaved
eaau rn friends
Mt Uobertson, Dominion govern
innii fisheries agent, was in town
!,i-t Saturday in connection with the
proposed hatchery.
Miss .lessie McDougall spent Kaster Monday in Klko. tin- guest nf
Mr  and Mrs, Young.
Mi s C, smith returned a tew
daj • ago from a visit with friend.-,
in Minneapolis and Si, Paul.
Mrs It A Oreen spent, tlw week
ml with friends in Flkn and took
ii ihe ladies hn/aar
approaching, Knowing that
hadn't time to remove their car
from lhe hack ihe foreman Jumped
ami ordered his men lo dn likewise
Two of them, however, while trying
In lift the car from Hie road were
struck hy the train, one man had
the top of his head almost cm ml
and sustained other very severe in
juries, while the other suffered a
broketl lug and it is thought, Internal Injuries as well The former
was taken to Cranbrook hospital hut
died in a short lime, without ever
regaining consciousness, while the
other man was taken to Remit! on a
pnssltig freight ■ train and is doing as
w.U as .an he expected. Uolb nf
the unfortunate men were foreigners
The Kaster service in SI Andrew's
Presbyterian church last Suiulaj
evening was exceeding!) hrlghl and
appropriate, The church was heft nil
lull) decorated and the choir ren
di'iid some excellent  selections
(Speeial correspondence),
Mi ami Mis 13, s Home vlsllcil
Cranhrook mi Tlmrsilay.
Miss .1. Iiaikis, who is in charge
ni the school here, spenl the Kaster
hull.lavs wilh [lii-nils at Crnnbrook,
returning; mi Mniiilay.
Miss Minimi Leitch, ..I Cranbrook,
was ih.* giicsl .,( Mis. Iv S Home
during iln* Easter vacation.
Among ilii.se leaving town mi Sa
ttiiilay to partake in Easier [estivi
ties ni Clnnbrook wete A. K. Ilan-
nerman, A. -I. Sutherland, S. nicli-
ar.ls and It. Smith
Tin* Kasl Kootenav J.umhrr iniu*
pany saw mill plant here lias resumed operntions, nn.l is now running
lull blast.
Wilh llu* a.In-lit .il spring early
in..mini, constitutionals an* becoming
lasl imiahli- in Ihis vicinity
The C P.It an* busy clearing up
the tuwitsite here lnr whal is no
doubt Intended to In*, ai tm distant
date, .mt* m' the agricultural njlver
Using mediums lor His section ol
ll. c.
Prescribed uml rcconinicndcd lor women's ailments, a sclctUlflcnlly pre
pared remedy ..I proven worth.   Tlie
resull,   tr      Ihelr "se is quick and
permanent. I'm sale al nil drug
stores. 3 tollclfi
This column may iml he interesting
lu everybody, hut everybody thai
lakes tiie llm nlil leads it jusl llic
No matter Imw    the est "I living
soars,   we honestly heliovc it's   well j
worth the mmn i
II pays tu advertise when you've
got the goods, nml we have sure the.
hesl flsllilli! tnckle in lhe I'USS, Nolll- |
inn is   good    mi 'Ji     I"   fid nloilg.
without ail.iiu-.im; Now, Heaven is |
a Hn.* place-su is Elko—but who,
would know it if it wasn't lnr
advertising? I
Ct-ii. !■'. Stevenson and wile, tlio
MaUhall Field "I Pernio, were Klko
visitors last week.
1.. M. Kolicrlsiin, wlm is in charge
n[ Klko's ne* drag Btorp, is an e.v
perk-need druggist, and a good mixer,
lie has als.. been known lo take n
thistle out ul a dog's loot withoui
killing lhe dog, ami a man Elko has
heen in need nf fm some tinu'
T. (I. Proctor, manager fm' the
Kootenay Valley Lands company, ami
K. Mallandaino, head of the C.P.R.
II. C. land department, Cranbrook,
were in Klk" Hns week, o-rtcndlng
Uu* city limits three miles eaeii way.
Klk.i is spreading out like measles in
a hourding school,
Mr. It. Ilirt/ is building a one big
stole and opera house. Tho ..limn
hi me will In* opened up
liy       Hm Ituthven McDon
ald Com.it parly, of Brandon,
Manitoba, There nn* .several people
in lown wlm have beard these artists and say they are the best in
their line. Klko is a good show
town if tliey know the show is good.
FOR SALE—Transposing scale
Ileinl/nian and I'.', piano, worth new
S000.00. Sale priee $300.00. See Win.
Ouerard, Opera House. 6-tl
Being Firft and Staying Firft
TIT-REFORM is first
today, because it has
always been first.
Fit-Reform was the founder in
Canada of the highest class, hand tailored
garments for men.
Fit-Reform originated the Wardrobe System.
Fit-Reform Suits and Overcoats for spring are proofs of
Fit-Reform's leadership in creating attractive styles, and
in producing the very fmeft hand tailored garments at
reasonable prices.   $18. up.
ClIlisliliNT Lodge No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday tt 8 p.m. tt
Fraternity Hall.
.1. M. Boyse, C.C.
V. M. Christian, K, R. & S.
Visiting hrethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
night at   Now Frt-
      tcrnlty   Hall.    So-
Jotirtilng Oddfellows cordially lnvittd.
K. II. I'lilinore W. M, Harris
NO. Sto'j.
Cranhrook     Lodge,
No. St
A.F, & A. M.
,      the   third   TliiiredtJ
a *VJ nf every month,
Visiting hrethren welcomed,
A, i'. Sliankland, W.M,
I*:. W. Connolly, Secretary,
Sole Agcnls iu Cranbrook.
(Hy Kli'il ROO.)
Vnll can lock your door against a
tliii-f Imt ynu can't against a liar.
Ynu saw in last   wt-i'k's Cranbrook
Herald all about   Haynes Lake.       If
ilu- saint*    biincli    were dropped Into
either Klkn or Heaven tltorc'd    have
been sonic kickers,
l.iits of knockers all remind ns,
Tiie;. can kick ami howl ami blow,
Ami departing leave behind them
Those darned glad to sec them ro.
The best of lhe party, those with
tin- long green, arc still at Baynes
Why worry almiit the tramps? Whal
was Creston ten years ago? What
was Nelson before Tom Proctor went
to live there'.' Shaw! In live years
a len acre tract at Haynes will be
worth more than a cabinet position
in the Old Country. Here's success
In Haynes new settlers.
The Beattie-Murphy drug store wns
opened iu Klko Saturday night with
a musical entertainment ami a vaude
villi- ml hy wee Jlmmlo Thompson
and lis dog Curly. The sloie did a
big business, in fact wc haven't
heard of a stomach ache or a sore
head since.
The AgncW'NcBaJn Co. unloaded
four ears of merchandise aud have
several cars rolling. They will he
the first wholesalers In Klko ami will
handle everything in hardware from
stem winding mouse traps to cyclone
stackers. As We go lo catch the
stage for ItOOSCVille Ihey are busy
unloading a car of blacksmith Targes,
grind stones anil other musical
Charley Klingeiismith opens up bis
real estate olliee with an Oliver type
writer and the lirst thing he wrote
was: "Why do they call him Krit/'s "
li V Mine-. Inspector Strachan, ol
Hosmer, near Triwood, wife and
family, spenl Kaster witb the
Thompson's at the Columbia hotel
It's the dope that's read that pays
in advertising, that's why om bus!
ness is Increasing all ihe time.
They an- soil     eating gold Storage
eggs ami but tei up m Hemic ot
course the eggs are scrambled, la
basea sauced ami face creamed,
Archie Prentice, ni the Crows
Nest Trading company's staff, Per
nie. is visiting Itoosvllle this week
The North Star planing mill here
is running night and day, ami II
Manager Ayre can'i make il linn onl
the yellow metal why lhe other fellow might as well stay home.
■ I (Iraham, the Swift Canadian
traveller, of Kdiuouton, was in Klko
Oood Kriday eating hot cross buns
ami spiced boneless shoulder.
.1. P. Kink and son, of Cranhrook,
were Klko visitors this week.
Jack Kennedy and a quartette    of
i artists arrive     iu     Klko   Sal'inlav
[Jack says the Hop of the paint brush
* Wo c.'iti offer lhu conserva-
liv,. investor for h short whilu
only un opportunity of placing his surplus fun.Is in n
high-class security bearing a
rule of interest of ten percent.
* (Inly n 150 of these C'on-
vertiblo Debentures at n par
value uf ,-jilUtl. each, available.
These ilebentures also share
additionally on adelinite basis
iu the accruing profits oi the
' Ho not gullible in Slocks,
shares or other forms of
speculation but INVEST
wliere your principal und in-
t *r.*st secured.
* Writ.* for further particulars of this I .ini.1 Issue which
is particularly attractive to
investors. I'rompt application is necessary us uumlier
is limited.
-vahcouvis hcmci VANCOUVER, B.C
The Wonderful Cure I
Dr. rJiilicli'sSiieeilieor "ilOH'Ma tlio onlv specific
ever tlidcoverect to cure blood poison qufeklv mid
BucuoBsfutly. We have scented tin* remarkable
flpeetlcOOU" which lias been fully tested ami proved
to be a POSITIVE cure lor the terrifying specific
blood disease. "60(1" if now in use in our
laboratory. Kementber "(10(1" lias cured i hon panda
u( men in Kuropa; mostof thetn were enieil after
tirci treatment We ara experienced medical
doctors and know how to iliuguoso your case, using
Von Dnngorn's Blood Test.
Write for  Information.
Special   treatment   for   nil   other   diseases   of   men.    Nervous
Weakiei*.   Varicose  Vela;,  Hydrocele,  Bloud   mi J    Skin   Diiuirdcrf,
Sores.     Ulcers,    Kldncv.    Bladder   ani    ttecltl   Disorders,   Etc..   ami
Cunt rack-J Allmenis.
Best Anatomical Museum in the North-west,
Dr.   Kelley's  Museum
- — - *»    ■ -—   %%t t.
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash
No. 19.
Meets every umitiil and   li.nrth Wed-
rit'Gilny at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Iteliekalu  cordially Invited.
Miss E.  .lohllStoIl, N. O.
Mlsa HickiMitiiitliam, See'y.
Meeti In   Fraternity Hall Flret and
Third Fridayi.
T. Fraser, E. C.
M. MacKinnon, M. It. and C.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets in t'nnncn'g Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ot each month nt I
p.m. sharp.
Win. Anderson, Chiel Ranger.
L. Rent. Secretary.
Visitiuc l>n*tl>ren made welcome.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
<A\t*ma*a***A\a**m*%*%   AAAAAAAAAAAaftAAaAaiAAOAa
:! Imperial Bank of Canada |
'' nm, nccirp.  rnuoN'rri n
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED - $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP     - - 5.575,000.00
RESERVE FUND         - - 5,575000.00
Shortly    belore   elghl    n'clocli <>u 1 will l»- iirur,! in ' Elko early Mondaj
Mondaj morning lust the I'l'.ll. sec-' morning.
Hon men started wesl      Irom    the     ••■i,,.*,. ;s „„ ihuli in tin* statement
depol on llieir hand ear nml      Just  u,,,, |.avH|    llarum Invented      Ilu
i "■   ""'■      readied  n   crossing,  harem skirt.    However, D. .1.    El
which thev were   frying  t„  make,  mer savs  ho  wns a Kient liorsemni
it' you npproctato a pun*
-.pnrkliim lioverngD. Tlioitj
is not another limn.I so well
known as
ll. It. WILKIE, Preai.leiit.
HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice.Piesi.lent
At'couuts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants, S
Fanners and Private Individuals invited. ■
Drafts awl Letters of Credit issued available in nny part of
J the worl I. z
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT? — Spectal   attention f
• given  to S;ivitii*s  Hank Accounts.     Deposits of 11,110   anil !
♦ upwanls reeeiveil and interest allowed front dale of deposit. *
x    '.-ni rk Branch: H.W. SUPPLE,Mgr.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first and
third Tlmrsilay ol each month at
S p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu llayward, Reo. See.
W. II. McFarlane, Chiel Ranger.
Visiting lirethreii made welcome
j Presbyterian Cburcb!
Sunday morning service at 11
Sundav   evening    service   at T
7.30 o'clock
Sunday     School   and    Bfhle
Class at 3 o'clock
Preshyterlan    Guild, Tuesday, *
*        at 8 o'clock T
It is the Same I'ln.'i.
The Place that is Popnln
Hood us lite ll. -t
Hitter (hull lhe Kesl
The Cosmopolitan
If you ooniu onee,
You will come again.
13, 11. SMALL. PuopniBTOH
You mny order any flavor   .
like, as I {     ^^^l^l^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^gi^ii^ii^i^iBi^i^ai^^^BKi
good ns iinother.    If  you] **********************************************
havo never luslisl Our
Drinks, you aro surely
losing!!treat. Order to-day
HIS     Uill IHIII1I*   Ill    .,,.llll>..' .  - .Mill II     '       nil. ..,...*,      ' -      „« I     *.....'       "■'            "
Slmrllj allci   arriving       In  the) -.an the   cast bound local   lasl  and vvas  thoroughly    posted
East Kootenay Bottlingr'-x™11";^^
"I'm sorry you*vo k(,i to Irovo
l.ili'ii ami nn lo work simply hecauso
I «nve   you  thr rt>st fit Uml apple,"
^^^^^^^^, answi'iiil Admit.
'Tho ultimate ootiHumoE always goU
Uu- wont ot It."—Bx. '
"Whistling is a rihkI thing lor tho
ImiRs," says Science Sittings, "it is
said tlmt whistling boys an- Bcldotn
troubled witb bronchitis and pneumonia. Hut we feci sun- Ibat tbero
must be some punishment for them."
: Baptist Cburcb i
, I'astor, Charles W. King.
, I-arsonaKe, Norbury Avenue.
'Phone, 284.      I'. O. Boi 117.
ItcRular Services:—Sunday, II
, a.m.     aad    7.30   p.m.;   Blblt
Sehool    with     Young   l.adlw' ♦
* I'hllethea    aad    Young   Men's*
* Hible Class, 3 p.m.
'    Monday,   Young Peoples',   t
I P m. _
Wednesday, Mid-Week Meeting, ♦
A cordlaf   Christian welcome* f
to all.
SEALED TENDERS, ndilrcssrd l„
tin* l-oslmnstor Qcneral, will lio re-
i-ncil at Ottawa until noon, mi Kit
day, iln* SSlb April, mu, lor Uio
convnynnco ol I lis Majesty's Malls,
ui a proposed contract lur loui
'cai*,, nine in twice pot Week each
week, bet ween Cranbrooh and (lol
lien \ia Wasa, Tlnuiilcr Mill, Knit
muni BprlllgS, Winilrliiii-i,*, .Alliil
mer, Wilmer, Simlalr, llriseo, Jlal
i-iia, llciiitl I'lc-k and McMurdo, Irom
tin* I'nstiiiiisicr (it-iii'ial's pleasure,  i
Printed notices containing further
information as Io conditions ol pro*
posed contract may he seen ami
lilunk fniiiis ul lender mav tie obtained at tin* Post iiiii.'.'.s ul Cranlirook, Wasu, Thunder IHII, Fairmont Springs, Athalmer, Wilmer,
Windermere, Sinclair, Brlsco, Ouhma,
Board Creek, McMurdo and OoWcn
uud ul the nlil,.* ol the Post lltli,-,.
Post oflicc Inspector's Olllco,
17th March mil.
D, A. Hruce,
7 lit Post Ollice Inspector.
The job department ol this paper Is
equipped with the most up-to-date
taees ol type. You get what you
want when you want It at to* Her- THE   CRANBROOK     I Mill AM)
Will It Last?
Thul is thu lirst question
lo hi* iiskiil  iiliiuii nny
roolinii.   Tin.' only \v;ly llnil
quuslinn CD II   he   iiiisncreil
is hy llic roofing's record of pnsl
performances,    The proof of die dura'
tidily of ii  rooflrUj  is wlmi  it has done.
NEPONSETParoid Roofing
has a record for durability unequaled by any ready roofing on the market. I'.
Roofings, originated the ready roofing idea mer tiventy-five years an", ami into i
the resull ol mer a century's experience of this firm In making similar products,
by the Ontario Government, the leading railways, manufacturers ami farmers
nf NEPONSET Roofings is the result of proved durability.
Let us tell you where there is a NEPonseT Roof in your neighborhoi.il.
yourself how NEponsET Roofings last.   NEPONSET Roofings arc made in Canada.
W. Hir.l & Son, the makers of   NEPonbeT
■cry piece of NEponbeT Roofing has been put
NEPONSET Roofings have been used fur years
in every part of the country.   The popularity
(in uiul examine it and learn for
Write for Book of Plans of Farm and A>
F. W. BIRD & SON, Makers, 572   Lotteridge Street, HAMILTON, ONT.
EMtablhheJ t?9S.    Originator! nf CompUte R,i-i!y Rodin':* anil Wotorproof Built/inn Papers
Wiwip«*        Montreal St. Job, N. B.        VutttTtr,  B. C. Eait Walpolt, Ms". New Vork Washington        Chicago        Portland, Ore.
added to the population nf the metropolis during coronation week. This
influx, according to official and other
approximate figures, will hu composed.aa follows:
Visltore  from   provinces  anil
continent ftOii.noo
Visitors from I'nited States...liui.ulill
London will   he the    most densely
parked city iu    the world next .lune Visitors from Canada   10,000
for Uie coronation.    It has heen eon- Visitors from Australia      Hi,mid
servativcly         estimated          lhat Visitors  from   other   oversea
nearly       one         million      visitors states 	
— a    number      equal      in      the —
population of   a greal city—will    bo1 Total  025,0001 The targes! increase in the revenue is
The total revenue receipts up to
March 2j, according to (inures published in the "London Oa/eltc,"
amounted to 0200,71811,031, or B-908,-
n.il in excess of the total estimated
revenue for thc whole financial year,
Compared willi the same period ii
the previous financial year, the total
collection now shows an increase of
£00,807,042. The revenue < f the
days intervening between March -">
and the end of thc financial year
have yel   to be taken Into account.
aW3MB3**,.7*.i,«> '/*>.<-,«•-V'.is-., .',-» SRS3l3?aa>*^ia,S-«"J.'A.*^^^
A General Meeting; of
the Cranbrook Liberal
Association is called
for Friday Evening,
April 21st, at 8.30 p.m.
in the Committee
Rooms of the Cranbrook Hotel.
Election of Officers
and other important
AH Liberals are requested to be in
shown in the income Inx, which tins
■ risen from. £18.004,000 lo £011,100,
| 000, the greater pari ..f lhe Increase,
of course, being due in the arrears
from thc .previous year Estate du
lies show au increase of   nearly  Cl,
500,000, while the excise rotitrfbti i
to the exchequer is  up bj  Jusl under
It is a regreltablo facl that, while
London's past is mote glorious than
that of any other great city, and she
is provided with more museums than
any other capital, yet up to tho pro-
sent there bas been no nuseitm where
her history can be comprehensive!}
and exclusively studied. Now, however, things are t.i be remedied, and
arrangements arc being rapidly made
whereby a London museum ou the
lines of the Miisee Carnavalcl al
Paris will shortly arise. Although
many Important relics of ancient life
iu tbo empire metropolis have .il
ready been gathered, and more   have
heen promised, yel thete will lie Some
difficulty, it is to be reared, iu making a thoroughly comprehensive collection. The stumbling-block liis iu
the fact that many relies, vitally
important to a survey of anclcnl
London, are scattered among a dozen
or so museums, the guardians of
which may not feel inclined to give
their treasures up. It is to be
hoped, however, thai the older museums will not foilnw a dog-in-the-
manger policy, but will co-operate
with the latest addition to theli
number, so that as complete and
perfect an Illustration as possible ol
London life in bygone days may lie
A delightful Btory ol the King's
generosity has heen n-latcd al Yarmouth by Alderman c. s. Ordc
There was, he said, an old couple,
Mr. and Mrs. Koike-, living on the
royal estate at Dcrsingham, who had
for a long time been tenants of Kin*;
Edward, and bail since been tenants
of thd King. Hi- Ma. ■!'. called upon them some time ago in a friendly,
unceremonious way, and chatted with
them. On leaving thc King lit a
cigar, and offered one to Mr. Folkes,
who thanked him, adding that he did
not often get a chance to smoke
cigars, as his income did not permit
him to do so. Thc King laughed
and bade the old couple farewell,
but a day or two later a letter In
the King's handwriting came to Mt
Koikes saying that, as he had ocru
pied his house ou (ho ' J .il estate !<t
so many years, it would he a greal
pleasure to his majcst] la give hint
the house rent free for lhe real al his
life. The King ended his letter bj
expressing the hope ihal this little
relief to his income would enable him
to afford and enjoy a j [gar as long
as he lived.
The largest graving dock in thc
world, constructed al Belfasi f<-i thc
reception of the Ifi.ono ton While
Star liner, was completed on April
1. Work'on thc dock was lir^l
commenced seven years .uo, the anti
upation being that it would be rcadj
for use by the middle ol 1908 De
lays, however, occurred, and twice al
least work wns ootnpulsortly suspended owing to the cmbanfanenl ol
the adjoining Alexandra dock giving
way. The under taking has cast
£880,000, and the duel, has been cn
tirely excavated   on land    reclaimed
from lhe sen bv the workmen ol
Belfast Harbor board     The
dock Is K'ifl fl. long, and when
caisson gate has  been placed on
outer face the  length is KX7 ft
is 100 ft, wide.
Is the buying   jj
For your home "
Intelligently ?
,,. i
, i,.
. I, i
♦* >
. I. *
. I.,
. ..I
, in
, ,i i
• ,. I
, H I
. .. I
11, i
i M i
. i, i
Some housewives, harrassed to
the verge of nervous breakdown XX
by trivial annoyances, devote no \\
to the " buying" problem. They
buy when they HAVE TO —
perhaps at " the nearest place" —
when, very likely, better values
and lower prices are advertised by
three or four different stores. The
housewife who does not give as
much attention to a
Study of the
as she gives to other things in the
daily routine that are of half as
much importance, will never find
any real interest in the business of
She knows her " market " as well
as any broker or merchant knows
his. And she will never stop to
tell you how " hard it is to find
anything in the stores nowadays
that one wants and can still afford
to buy." For, to an ad-reader,
that is not such a hard task 1
♦ 4
♦ «l
Herald Ads.
Make Profitable
*********** **** ********* ***4 *****
*********************** ***n***** TH£   UBNBROOK   HERALD
How to Avoid growing Old
rioderation in Eating and Drinking and Regular
Exercise of Physical and flental Powers
From a recently published account
of the lives and habits o! a number
ol very old persons il appears that
none of them inaile a study of hygiene, visited health resorts, Indulged
in ice rea l ion tours, or tormented bis
hody with the multitudinous drugs
and Instruments of lhe nrl of healing.
The secret ol their long and healthy
lives is found in moderation iu eating
and ..rinklng, a calm disposition, and
regular exercise ol Iheir physical and
mental powers.
A greal many persons are doomed
to premature death, preceded by long
sufToring and progressive debility, bj
the rapid wearing out of some vital
organ—thc heart, lungs-, kidneys, liver, brain or arteries. The recogtil
tion of the causes ol such diseases
suggests methods of preventing ihem
More Buffering, premature old age,
and death have heen caused hj lhe
undue importance formerlj ascribed
to an abundant supply oi al
humininous food than have resulted from many famines. As n
furnace is choked by incessant stoking, so overfeeding from Infancy
paralyzes the activity ol the cxere
lory organs (kidneys, liver, glands,
etc.), the organs ol circulation (the
heart and arteries), .the nervous sys
nni    mnl   tl guns   rn' ilUcslimi.
When too i ifli a diel is supplemented
by regular iIobcs ol alcohol, everj
condition favorable lo early collapse
is provided.
The recenl Investigations of I1 roi
Chittenden have proved thai the
most healthful ration or albumen is
very much smaller than hail been as
sumeil, and thai flvo or six ounces oi
albumen per day are quite sullieient
for a hard-working man With this
comparatively small albuminous ra
lion lie lamp of life hums hrlgbtei
and llie mental powers an- increased
Life is shortened, also, bv changes
in the connective lissiie whieh hinds
the organs together and which ap
pears most conspicuously iu the ten
dons, ligaments, meiibranes, ami skin
Manv of the obvious phenotnenn ol
old age an- caused hy tin- hardening
of this originally tough and clasth
tissue which, like India rubber, loses
its elasticity through age anil disuse,
producing bowed shoulders, sun
joints, wrinkles and brittle arteries
The hardening ami shrinking of eon
nectivc lissue extend to ihe brain,
and explain iln- facl that recent
events are forgotten while youthful
experiences ale vivullv leliiembeleil
The deep and permanent Impression
Which thoughts and occurrences make
in the soft wax tabid of ihe young
brain becomes impossible in age.
All ol Ibese things point out th.
means by which premature senility
ean he averted and old age prevented
from becoming a burden ami a tm
ment—moderation in eating ami
drinking, ample rest ami regulai
moderate exercise of ..ll ihe bodll]
organs-, to retard ibe stiffening -"
connective tissue.
Prof Chittenden's albuminous ia
lion for a hard-working man stand
in striking contrast lo Iln- great
quantities of    meat  eaten h\      main
men ol sedentary habits. The exei
cise required bv the muscles .mil
joints can be obtained by a regular
system of exercises which need nni
occupy much time.
Dr Meyer, whose article in lllus
tclrle   /eitiing is   here  summarized,
recommends    the system devised    li'.
.1. 1'. Mueller. Such exercises, ol
course, should be used in time, as
tbey are preventives, not cures, for
senility- Daily long walks, preferably ni the mountains, leiul to invigorate the heart and the circulation.
When vigorous exercise is impossible, or when il is desired lu prepare for it nr supplement it, massage will he lound useful. Swedish
facial massage produces an excellent
cosmetic effect bv obliterating wrinkles.
As mental activity exerts a beneficial Inlluencc on the bodily [unctions,
occasional change of scene, reading,
thinking, Inlercsl in sports, contact
with mentally stimulating persons
.mil social intercourse with young
people are recommended. (lecasionnl
journeys, despite, ur rather because
ui. then many disagreeable concomitants oi' noise, hurrying throngs, rap-
idlv changing sights and sounds, and
variations of atmospheric pressure,
appear to stimulate the entire organism, while absolute rest nml Indolence promote the hardening of connective tissue and the accumulation
of ml. Exercises in memory prevent
and diminish hardening of connective
tissue in the brain as bodily movements prcveiii the general stiffness of
nlil age. In short, the most formidable enemy, connective tissue, should
1 e kepi mobile everywhere in order
In preserve   elasticity   of body   and
As many persons exhibit a steadily
Increasing Intolerance of nlcoltol, to
hm en ami coffee, ihe enjoyment of
these luxuries should he restricted,
ami Bhould he cuiitch renounced in
all cases when- there Is a pmlisposi-
Lioti in apoplexy or chronic kidney
lhe average term of life appears to
have Increased iu tin- nineteenth ecu
tniv, and there is every reason ti
believe thai it is still increasing.
The world will be greatly benefited
when iis old men shall be able to
increase and utilize for the common
good the fruits nf their long experience, ami when men like Cornaro,
who wrote scientific (realises nl the
ngi rn D5, anil lhe emiiieiil [.atinist,
Prof. Mayor, who is still working
diligently al the age of 85, shall not
be rale exceptions.
On Monday night the Baker St.
Norlh team defeated the Y.M.C.A,
by a   score of II games to n
Bouchard was high single with
20-1 and also made the record score
of 581 for   the three games.
Main  12a Mti 13-1- 405
Stlnson   .Ml 122 110- 370
Teet  1811 15-7 170- l«7
Cranston  UO 98 H8- 322
Hall  100 121 130- 306
iiu Thurrdny    nlghl lasl llic Sliopi
• la-fa :■!.-<■ llii*     I Wiles liv a score ,if 2
tatlirs  tu   1
Sllllllklllllil   Mils  llieli  lllllll        ill    till'
| siin;lrs witli 178 nml Phillips rati   up
a i: I si*, mnl witli 178.    Mall   took
highest aggregate mili  181,
Sliankland .
Hill Illl*
,131 Iiu Iim— 112
.1 in 170 I m- 171
.113 183 130—38S
Iln 171 ISO— 111
,138 11" III- 110
it lfi
1 Hi
ll 3-
7 in
The Slinim defeated the Kink Irani
last night alter a very enjoyable
gitine hy *'l to II.
Sinclair carried oil hoth the highest
singles nnd highest aggregate Willi
scores ol 182 nnd 101.
Sliankland  127 170 13!i- 432
Sinclair  121 l»2 ir,8- mi
Bathle  125 133 121- 370
(liillith  117 IOU 100- 350
Tyler   13a H2 137- 381
052   7011   1151-2111111
At u well attended   meeting      on , >
Monday nlghl    last the Cutis elected • < <
their officers lur this year.    There is *
i|iilte a   lot of new material in town
and the boys are   looking forward to
a very successful season in intermediate baseball.
The list of officers Is a strong one,
and provided tliey get the hearty
support of the players there is no
doubt whatever ns lo the boys attaining their ambition of giving
Cranbrook fans the best exhibition ol
Intermediate baseball ever seen In
the town.
The ollieers elected were:
Financial manager—W. A. Rollins.
Financial secretary—Sid. Elmer.
Kield manager—P. Peterson.
Captain—(len. McCreery.
Executive— Rollins,   Peterson
Pulton ...
 132   131
127- 803
McLcotl .
 130   112
1211- 3IIB
Corbel ...
  70     07
IM- 307
 115   150
1211- 433
Blown ....
 165   115
101— 381
018   017
The first cricket match of the sea-
sun took place last Saturday after
noon, Locomotive Department vs
Car Department C.l'.lt , lhe former
winning by ten runs.
The scores were ns follows*.
Siiiims ...
Plant   ...
Pitinis ...
Herrick „
A. Clark
Bennett ..
Byes,  III;
  b Woodward li
 h Braki
Heigh li    Woodward! I
..  e    llridley b Brake. 2
  b Brake 2
 I, Woodward I
  b Brake II
 b Brake ll
 Sot out 1
  Run oul 0
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ides, 2, No. balls,   1....I3
Manic) .
071    7l.li   727-21111
118 Ilia 155— IIKI
12*1 llii 12s- :ii:i;
III 127 133— 371
lli'l 171 138- 181
.178 130 118- 150
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We have just received a supply    ol
that   Iresh Wetaskiwin creamery but
711   IE If:  703—2082   ler—Little and Atchison.
Shoes For Toddling Tots
We show thc besl in Shoes for Little Toddlers. Some
cute and dainty little creations lhat delight every mother
that sees our lines.
A Splendid Line Of Infant Shoes
Soft Leathers, Soft Soles and Soft Shoe Making. Black
and colored leathers. Ankle Strap Slippers in several
pretty styles. A showing tlu.t must be seen to be
751-. To $1.25
Phone 2,1
A.   C.   PYE
liooil Shoes
Phone 23
AI about s o'clock last Saturday
morning the east bound locul ran
down a hand ear near Wardner, Irom
whieh the occupants had lumped,
but had not cleared the car ol the
(rack, with the result that the car
was tossed over on to Iwo of Iho
lormer occupants, two Aiistrians, one
o( whom had his skull crushed in
and lhe other sustained a broken
leg. The most seriously injured
nian was Immediately brought in to
the St, Kugene hospital, but he died
just as he was being removed from
the ambulance into the hospital.
Coroner Connolly held an inlormal
inquiry into the cause ol the duality, Uniting that there was no occasion lor a regular inquest. The accident was entirely due to lhe injured
men, who had plenty ot time to clear
the track, hut tailed lo do so. The
train wns travelling at its customary rate of speed and sighted the
ear in ample lime (or it lo be removed.
An immense variety of modern patterns
in the prettiest of designs nre here for
your ohoosing and contemplating buyers
are extomlcd u cordial invitation lo inspect onr Btoek which is the largest nnd most
complete in Ihe interior of B.O.
Douglas McNeill, the second oldest
conductor running out ol Calgary,
died in Tuesday morning in lhat city
at the age of 15 years.
Ile eame   west     with the CI'.R.'s
construction    parlies in thc eighties,I
and entered lhe company's service iui
Calgary as a brakeman in 1SS7, bcingi
promoted   lo    conductor three years
laler.      At times since then he acted
as trainmaster at Calgary    and    at
Cranbrook, bul  mainly he was   conductor on the Calgary and Edmonton
lliii- though lor a while he was      on
lhe Medicine Hat run.
lie leaves to mourn his loss a widow, who was Miss Sentoli, of Medicine Hat, two daughters, aged seven
and fourteen years, one son aged
three years, lour brothers, D. D.,
William and Ernest W. of Toronto,
E. P. nl Macleod, a barrister, and
one sisyr, Mrs. .lohn McKeo, of
l.ailner, 11 C. Mr. McNeill was
member of Knox Presbyterian church
and of the Masonic order.
We itti|Hirt Linoleums direct
from the milkers nml our
showing of neiit designs, in a
special feature of this depart,
See our Tlto and Art Patterns, no diiferont from thu
old blocks ami Mower dcnigiiH
whieh have become so common mnl monotonous.
Our House Furnishing Department is brim full of
new creations for bei.uli*
fying or completely furnishing your home.
Designers ami manufacturers have exerted their best
efforts to exeell any previous attempt.
Everything that is smart
uud fnsliioiiublo, that good
taste und judgment suggest
in Madras und Lnye Curtains is in our present bIiow-
iti},' nud you have only to
visit our slorc to realize lhe
remarkable values this
department offers.
The miners having applied lor a
lioard of arbitration under the Le
inieux Conciliation Act, It Is gener
ally anticipated lhat the strike will
enme lo a speedy termination, i
consummation devoutly t<> Is* desired
.1. A. Carter will be the men's re
presentative, and Colin McLctd, i
Macleod lawyer, the company's re
presentative. II these two cannot
agree upon a third, it will be up to
the government to make the appoint
Meanwhile all is quirt in the com
Editor Tlie Herald:
Sir: I beg to draw to your attention the existence ol the Horse
Breeders' Lien Act, Chapter 21, 1.UI7,
uml Chapter 21, lull, which requires
"8.   (1).   Every  person, firm
iimpany standing or travelling any
stallion lnr proiit or gain in Um
province ot British Columbia shall
cause Iho name, description and pedi
gree ol such stallion lo be enrolled in
the department, aad shall procure u
n*i I ilii ate ol such enrollment as here
inafler provided.
(1), The tee for such enrollment
and cert ideate shall Iw Ave dollars.
Cl). Upon the transfer ol Ihe ownership ol any stallion enrolled under
Ihis section, tho certificate ol ea*
nilliiieiil may be transferred to thc
transferee by the minister, upon
prim! to his satisfaction ol such
Iransler nnd upon payment ol the
Ire nl two dollars.
I. Thc owner nl any stallion
standing or travelling lor proiit or
gain shall post up and keep oltlxcd
during lhe whole nt thc season copies nl thc certificate ol such stallion,
issued miller thc next preceding tee-
lion, in a conspicuous place both
within and upon the outside of lhe
main door leading Into rvrry slable
or building whrre Ihe said stallion
stnnds regularly lor public service.
I am enclosing tho original Act ol
1.W7 and the amended Art nl lull
ami trust lhat this mailer may he
miide public in order Ihnl all slnl-j
lion*,    standing  lor  service,   iu Ihr
| East Kootenay
| Butcher Co.
® .... .    	
® Dealers In
® Fresh nnd Uiircd
® Ments.
Poultry, (iamo nnd Fish
® iu Season.
la) GIVE   UN   A  TRIAL
t East Kootenay
1 Butcher Co.
1 The Old P. Wood's
® Business.
The Central  Meat
We are Ixwkiug orders for
Rose Comb Rhode
Island Red Eggs
for hatching.
Price $2.00 per selling
From   1st  pri/e    winners   al
Cranbrook  Agricultural Show.
A. Jollffe. Proprietor.
JU Lots.  Blodk •*>:  $475 each,      Will soli in pairs.
'. Cash,   .'.ihniri' It, li ami .1 months.
B  Lots.   Block 41;  SI.'IJ each,     Will sell in pairs.
.'. Cash, balance II und I'i mouths.
These tire excellent investments.
BOX   1207
1040 ACRES
2 1-2 miles from Cranbrook. 200 acres
can be made into excellent hay meadow.
40 acres now cleared. Creek runs
through the land.   10.000 cords of wood.
Terms can be given.
900   PAWaETT, T. N. .   Hrsldrnee
87*1     PARKS,  f.  ..     Ilesidelii *,*
_!l,s   iUIRN \ ItlNK I'll
It;     VON  (UltSLtt \l.ll
111*siilt-lli e
province nl llrilisli Columbia, may
beeuine register,*,! in this department.
Applieation lor registration should
be made l«, Uu* Live Stock Commit*
sioncr, Department ul Agriculture,
Victoria, anil should Is* accompanied
bv a postal order lur JS.00 in cover
registration lees.
Yours verv truly,
M. A. .lull,
Live Slis-k Commlsslonct
Victoria, April Uth, mil
The returnx tnnde annually lo the
world's eniiunlllee ul Ihe Y.M.O.A.
Irom all nut um** show Ihis year, iie-
rnrding   In  Ihi*    eummlllee   report,
Hint ihere nr iw »ilu associations,
wilh ii membership ul 107,000,
Then* wns nn Increase uf SOW! Maori
ut inns during lhe year.
til Hie property owned to Ilu* ns
sm iiitiim the American branches have
100,000,000 uul uf u Iiiiui ul 177,000,
nun, uf Uie salaried officers iim mil
ul Will.
Germany hns the largcil number nl
associations, U-tiui, America ranks
second   with   2000.     Tho   German
tliemhersl-ili,    however, Is    only  l-S,
unit, while the American mils slum*
100,500 names, Ureal lltiiuin Is In
second iilnee with n membership, ui
|<|7,000,     America Icada la Ils es
tension work in furcign hinds,      lot
uIti, I, ii   shows nu i iprudilurc     uf
$800,000 mnl   mnlntdlns nne buhdnsl
Sil  II  l.tl If
Conallpaltoh I,,■ i,e.*■ mniiy ailments
iu Ils I mill .on! is Hie Jiiiiii.uy nitise
nf much   slikncss.   Keep yunr hnwels
regular, nuidiun, ami >.ni will escape
many uf tie aliments  to whieh wo
men aie subject. Cutisllpntiiiii is il
very simple thing, but like mam
Simple Ilium*-, il mny li'.ul In serious
consequences. Nature ntteo needs n
little nssistaiu-e and when Chamberlain's Tablets an* given ut the Ilrsi
Indication, much distress nml suiter*
ing tuny In* avoided, Suid l,y uil
dralcu. 7-11


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