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Cranbrook Herald Feb 19, 1914

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 Aorfl 9, ,,
W • are well Mnipped to
of Work.
In tlie Herald f*yi — Irj
Our   Local   Column!
NO. 8
Modern Linotype Machine Installed in the Herald Office
Latest "Model K" Linotype, Fastest of
Improved Typesetting Machines, Purchased from Canadian
Linotype, Ltd.
Two-Magazine Model K Linotype
We trust our readers will overlook
the lateness of tills edition of the
"Herald," which was necessitated by
the Installation of a new and modern
Linotype machine. For several weeks
past the "Herald" has been issued
under the difficulty or not being able
to furnish sufficient type for the edition which was caused by the collapse of our former typesetting machine. The old Monoline, which was
Installed eight years ago by Fred.
Simpson, and has been a faithful performer, running eight hours a day
practically constantly ever since, was
overcome by old age, and the management was compelled to purchase
a new machine.
All of the many new makers of
machines were consulted by corre-
spondenre and a new machine which
haa only been on the market for the
past eight months was dually selected as the one best nutted to the
needs of this growing young city.
The new machine is the two-uuigiuine
Model K Linotype manufactured by
Canadian Linotype, Ltd., of New
York City. It has now boon installed
In the "Herald" oftlce, the Installation
being attended to by Mr. J. Longe ot
Vancouver, the company's Hrltlsh
Columbia representative and inspector. The machine Is working beautifully and bus fulfilled alt our expectations, getting out the paper, although somewhat late, in record time.
The purchase of a Linotype is n
large tliuuiclal Undertaking, and the
"Herald" can now .successfully lub*
ntantlnte Its claim of being ono of
the best equipped plants In the Interior of Mrltlflh Columbia. The Linotype has completed an otherwise
large and complete equipment of
printing machinery. The "Herald" Is
not given to blowing Its own liorn,
rather allowing our product to speak
for Itself, but while we are on this
theme It would not be amiss to particularly th staff and plant which Is
no mean asset to the city of Cranbrook. The "Herald" employs a paid
staff of seven employees besides
numerous writers and correspondents. The plant Is fitted with Universal and (lordon Job presses, a Hub-
cock newspaper press, a Rossback
power perforator, a folding machine,
a power punching machine fitted with
dies for punching any size or style
of hole, two paper cutters, a wire
binding and stitching machine, besides numerous other smaller machines which go to make a complete
newspaper and Job office. The addition of the Linotype will double our
capacity tor giving the news, and the
aim la to make the "Herald" Increasingly larger and better.
The new Linotype Is the latest product of the Canadian Linotype, Ltd.,
factory, which manufactures the bulk
of the typesetting machines for the
newspaper and Job offices of the
world.  The new machine carries two
magazines, each supplied with two
faces of type, which gives the operator Isntnnt command of four distinct
faces and sizes. With an added
equipment of extra magazines the
machine may be lilted to set innumerable faces of type In range of from
5 to 11 point The molds are quickly
adjustable to any site from 4 ems to
3 ems.- The machine casts each line
into slugs and the speed of the machine Is only limited by the ability
of the operator.
Concerning the multiple magazine
Linotypes, the Linotype News say8!
More than 15,000 Linotypes are In
daily use In the United States. Back
of every one of the machines, from
the earliest square base one-letter
Model One up to the present quick
change multiple magazine Linotypes.
Is the Mergenthuler Linotype Company, with its organization, Its L'fi
years of experience, its factory with
ISOO employees, its stock of 60,000,000
matrices in 1000 different faces, Its
free Inspection service, and Its ability to furnish parts and supplies to
all these 15,000 Linotypes, whereever
located, at practically a moment's
Tills great industrial institution
was not built hastily, nor its prestige acquired by chance. Every advance in the evolution of the Linotype had to be achieved by hard work
and careful experiment, In the face
or discouragement and immense
lltiancinl outlay. Before the first
Linotype was a commercial success
more than $H.OOft,000 lias been spent.
Yet In spite of almost Insurmountable obstacles and the great Initial
cost of each improvement, the Linotype has not stood still. The present
standard machines are so far in advance of the earlier models, and have
met with such Instant and gratifying
success, that they are rapidly supplanting the single magazine Linotype and bid fair to ,nake the multiple Linotype way the only way (n
the not far distant future.
Although it fs only a little more
than a year since the latest multiple
magazine Linotypes Wore even shown
to an expectant public, more than
500 ol these new models are already
Installeed and hi daily operation. Wherever they have gone tliey
have received enthusiastic endorsement from their users, who appreciate the broadened scope and greater versatility of these machines and
realize that the multiple machine
Idea Itns come to stay.
cur mirket fob farm
Rev. and Mrs. W. K. Thomson, Mrs
A. A. Macklnnon, Mrs. J. F. Smith
and Miss Sutherland composed
party which left Cranbrook last
Monday to attend the annual session
of the Kootenay Presbytery and Wo-
mens' Prcsbyterlal which Is meeting
In Rosslaud this week.
The Bankers' basket ball team
visited Wycllffe lasv Monday evening
romping off with the game In fine
style, Following the contest a dance
was given at the club building and all
present enjoyed this diversion until
a Into hour. There were a large number of visitors accompanying the vis
iting team. The Hankers team has
■ot been defeated thin season.
Effort Will Be   Made   to   Establish
Public Market la Cranbrook,
We hear, these days, a great deal
and read a large number of articles
on the high cost ot living. We have
to agree with the facts set forth that
the cost of living of each and every
one of us Is going up by leaps and
bounds. We also agree more or less
with the claims that snch and snch
conditions-manifold, are responsible
for this Increase and we go a little
further and cut down on some of the
luxuries we have hitherto enjoyed In
order to reach the rising tide in the
cost of necesltles. Rut this Is mere
individual effort and of course benefits only the Individual.
What we require, In order to lighten the burden of living expenses for
those who having enjoyed no luxur-
herctofore cannot economize, Is
concerted action along the lines of
general reform, tending towards the
reduction In price of the actual necessities of life.
This will appear at first glance
almost impossible as It would appear futile to go up agatst the
Flour Trust" or the "Meat Trust"
or the "Sugnr TruBt" If there are
such trusts in existence. It is a
fact that situated as we are, we have
very little influence over any of
these three, or rather, over two of
these factors. With the other, that of
the "Meat Trust" we will see later
that there Is a way out.
In the Immediate vicinity of Cranbrook, our ranchers are at the present time, In season, growing all
kinds of vegetables for which they
have to find a market on the prairie.
In our homes our good wives know,
we get a "choice" vegetable from one
Chinaman who has *> certain clientele and an arbitrary price. His vegetables for the most part are grown by
the Irrigation method and are chiefly
water. They have been pawed over
by probobly, thirty or forty other
housewives before you get a chance
to take them or do without, as one
Chinaman lets another's beat alone.
The white rancher, who by the way
grows better vegetables, does not
peddle his produce In this way. He
Is too proud to compete with his
yellow "brother" and we can't
blame him. He sells his vegetables
by the carload and they go out of the
If we have and there Is no reason
we shouldn't have a clearing house
or market where the different products of the ranch, such as vegetables
butter, eggs, poultry, meat, etc.,
ould be plsced side by side, In competition as to quality and price where
tlie buyer would have an opportunity
of a choice between good and better
Instead of between poor and nothing;
where the price of each article
would he set by competition instead
of by agreement to hold up the buyer,
if we had these conditions, and when
have them the price of living In
tills city Is going to get a Jolt.
This past winter, potatoes, high
sandy soil potutoes that were not all
water, sold in car load lots for 118.00
per ton. They will be worth $35.00 a
ton before spring and we will get Irrigation potatoes for that price. Some
of us bought beef nt lie and pork at
lie this winter. What did it cost you?
It has been claimed there are not
Enough producers among the ranchers In this neighborhood to support a
Market. This claim Is not based on
knowledge of conditions us a few Inquiries  wilt   readily   show.
Another objection Is'that the ladles
of our city will not avail themselves
of the opportunity to secure bargains
in quality and price. This later objection must have emanated from a
bachelor. In any town In Canada where
there Is a market you will find the
best ladles of that town carrying
their own market baskets and In attendance as often as there Is a market.   It becomes fashionable.
We want a market!
R. S. Garrett of this city, was elected committeeman at the provincial
session of the Grand Black Chapter
of Orangemen held at Nelson last
Tuesday. The convention passed a
resolution protesting against the extension of French as an official lan<
guage evidenced by the recent Issue
of a bilingual postcard and the printing of envelopes for some of the federal departments In the French language only.
Found on Fort Steele road, n
woolen traveling rug. Owner may
liave same by describing It and pay-
lag far this advertisement.
Young Ladies Give Successful Mime-
ing Party al Auditorium.
Sure,  I've seen  the  local   papers,
And they tell us there, "be'jabora,"
Of "a company of thirteen"'
And u "Hoodoo Hull."
What will follow If "the thirteen"
And the buys shall take to Ilirtin'
As they dance tlie new "Vnleta"
At the "Hoodoo Ball."
I've been with 'em and I've seen 'em
Sure there's lots of fun between 'cm
As they dance the lively two-Step
At the    "Hoodoo Ball."
And when comes the time for leaving
(And the hour was most deceiving)
They were wishing lor a little more
Of "Hoodoo Ball."
When the "lucky thirteen" young
ladies of Cranbrook decided to give
the Hoodoo Ball they endeavored to
excel! any previous efforts in this line
and the way they succeeded Is a lively story of success, proof positive that
the ladies are capable of succeeding
In many lines of endeavor. The
young men who attended the hall had
a good time; this is vouched for by
one and all. It has even been hinted
that young ladies who are so capable
in organizing and carrying through
an effort of this kind would bo good
catches In the matrimonial game,
they would have the right kind of executive ability for conducting a
household. However, that's only a
hint to the eligible young men of tlie
city, and we have inside in formation
that some of them already have an
eye on some or tlie "thirteen."
It all happened last Friday evening nt the Auditorium and the scone
was one which beggars the descriptive powers of the language. On
first entering the hall tlie superstitious persons had cold shivers running up their spine from the sight of
an opened umbrella suspended in the
center of the hallway. To some it
was like entering the den of un ogre
feeling sure that misfortune was to
follow, but, on entering the main hall
there wns a complete transformation
to a scene of fairyland alight with a
blaze of decorations in a riot of color.
Cupid and lienrts were the principal
theme in the deeoni:lons, with a
large number of pennants till arranged In a pleaslnp way possible only
by young ladies of the artistic temperament.
There was u very large attendance,
and tlie young ladles successfully
looked after any possible strangers
or wall-flowers keeping all busy with
the long program of dances. Misses
IS. P. VanSlyke and M. 11. Whitehead
carried off the dignflled positions of
floor managers with grace. The Rex
orchestra of four pieces furnished
the music and they were repeatedly
Dancing continued until a very late
hour. The young ladles who compose
the Bachelor tllrls' Club and to whom
the guests were Indebted for a most
enjoyable time were; Misses Elsie
Von Slyke, Mae Whitehead, Elfredu
Orummond, Sadie Hamilton, Bessie
I'ye, Irene l>andon, Florence Erlck-
son, Margaret Kennedy, Elsie Park,
Hettlf Col lings, Jessie Murgntmyd,
Allee Pye.
The Cranbrook Poultry and Pet
Stock Association held their usual
monthly meeting on last Friday
evening In the old gym when the
first of n series of members exhibitions took place. The birds
staged were White Wyandottes. Mr.
W. Harvey taking llrst 'prize both
In male and female birds. The prizes
were two useful enameled drinking
fountains kindly donated by Mr. W.
H. McGregor. An Inteestlng paper
on the care of laying hens was read
by Mr. A. H. Pigott. Tim 'next
meeting and exhibition will be held
the first Friday evelng in March
when Plymouth Hoiks, male and female, any variety, will be staged. A
paper will also he read by Mr. E.
Slater on the care and management
of exhibition birds. The society are
using every means tto make their
meetings and exhibitions popular
and to encourage the breeding of
high-class poultry in the district
and will welcome ull who are interested In this profitable and Interesting hobby to their meetings. Mrs.
W. H. McGregor, tlio secretary, will
at all times he pleased to give all information about poultry and poultry
keepers in the district.
We believe that you and the mem
hers of your Institute, realize with
us, the immense benillt that would
result to this province If Alfalfa and
Corn were to be generally and suc-
cesfully grown. Without live-stock
there tan bo no permanently sucess-
lul agriculture, and no other two
crops equal corn and alfalfa for
cheap beef, mutton or pork production.
In order to stimulate greater interest in these two crops and also to
gain information as to the adaptability or the various districts for their
growth, the Department is arrunglng
to distributed tlie fanners, through
the Institutes, small quantities of
seed corn and alfalfa. ,
One pound each of three varieties
of corn, or live pounds of Grimms
Extra No. 1 Alfalfa Seed, will be supplied in each case.
The seed corn will be supplied
free, hut a charge of fifty cents will
be made In the case of alfalfa. The
alfalfa seed Is expensive, and a small
imrges thought advisable, so that
application for seed will not be made
by parties who are not interested.
More than one application from the
same farm will not be considered.
Each Institute may make application for five tests with com and five
with alfalfa, but seed for a larger
number of tests will not he supplied to nny one institute.
No applications for seed shall be ac-
:nptod by the Secretary of the Institute later than March 1st, 1914, and
all application forms must reach the
office of tlie Provincial Soil and
Crop Instructor not later thar March
15th, 1914.
All farmers to whom seed Is supplied are required to fill In a simple
report form, and mail it to the office
of the Provincial Soil and Crop Instructor by the end of the year.
These forms will be supplied a
siiort time before It Is anticipated
that the season for the crop is over-
It Is expected that those who receive seed will see that the crop
is given reasonable care. The distribution of this seed involves tlie expenditure of a large sum of money by
the department and no good will be
attained If fanners obtain seed and
allow the work In connection with
the crop to be neglected or carelessly
A short circular on corn and alfalfa
wilt be prepared and supplied with
the seed to those making applications.
Applications for seed must be made
on the form  supplied to the Secre-
Secretary of the Institute.
W. G. Scott
Deputy Minister of Agriculture
Miss Margaret Kennedy has been
seriously III during the past week
wttb an attack of pleurisy.
Messrs. F, W. Burgess and Gun
Winner attended the meeting or the
Cranbrook Conservative asatciation.
which was held in Cranbrook on
Tuesday evening . Kedruary 17th
Mr. Frank Graves arrived home
lust Sunday from te St Elugene hospital, where lie lias been for the past
couple of weeks, having underwent
an opperatlon lor appendicitis.
Mrs, P, Lund arrived home from
a lenghty visit with friends and relatives in the east. She was accompanied by Mr. Lund, who had been to
Chicago and other eastern  points on
Mr. Garrett, of the Cranbrook Job
Printing Office, was in Wardner a
few days ago, selling stock for a
joint stock company.
We are glad to see Miss Hazel
Lund at home again after her Illness at the St. ftugene hospital.
Dr. Davis, of Cranbrook. was called to Wardner a few day- ago owing
to the sudden illness of Mrs. Irwin.
Who had suffered a very severe hemorrhage. The Doctor ordered his pat-
lent to be taken to tile hospital at
Cranbrook mid reports say that she Is
recovering nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Men Laird have returned to the residence a few days
ago after spending several weeks at
camp a couple of miles out nf
The Inrant daughter ot Mr. and
Mrs. T. P. Leard was taken to Cranbrook on Tuesday of last week where
she died the same day. Cndcrtaker
Macpherson took charge of the funeral and the little Body was shipped
to Wardner on Wednesday afternoon.
Immediately after the arrival of the
train Interment was made in the
Wardner cemetery. Mr. Lewis conducting the funeral at the grave.
The deepest sympathy of a large number of friends is extended to the bereaved family In this their hour of affliction.
Colds are prvalent among the children In town. Some are suffering
from measles also.
>in Ki\u back your money.
Rexal 1 ptrva Oil Emulsion is composed*- principally of purr olive Oil
and the HypophOSphltes. Each has
long been endorsed hy successful phy-
Blutanft He/e they art; for the first
time combined. The result is a remarkable iu*rvt>. blood and Btrongth-
•buildtng remedy that is both food and
medicine For all who are nervous.
run-down and dehllltated*no matter
what the cans.; for old .people: for
convalescents; for ]>viiv.TitiUiren. we
know of nothing that jrill give health
and strength as fp.ii.rUv as Rexall
Olive oil Emulsion li is a real
builder of good blood, Btrong muscles,
good digestion. Pleasant to take, it
contains no alcohol or habit-forming
drugs li you don't tee) well, economize both money and strength by he-
ginning today lo lake Rexall Olive Oil
Emulsion. Sold only at the Rexall
Stores, and in this town only by us.
SI.00    Beanie- Murphy Co.. Limited
\ quiet but pretty wedding took
place on Wednesday last at the
home of W J and Mrs Atchison.
Armstrong Ave., when the Rev, O. K.
Kendall Joined In the holy bonds of
matrimony.    Miss   Sadie   Moran   of
this  City   and   Mr    Walden   McKay   of
Greenwood,   brother   of   Mrs    Atehi-
The   ceremony took place at 11:00
a m . in the presence of the immediate relatives of the contracting
After a sumptuous wedding breakfast tlie happy couple left on the
west bound train for their new home
in tht   Boundary Country,
1" ■ I ride wore a charming gofng-
awa) il n ol smoke gray chiffon velvet with Grebe hat to match.
A host of friends assembled at the
station to see them off and rice and
confetti were not wanting. The
Herald join-- In wishing the young
couple every happiness in their new
Mrs. A. C Bowuess gave a delightful linen shower tor Miss Moran on
Monday last Tin reception rooms
were beautifully decorated with
Jonquils and toilers of green smil-
lax. The bride elect was the recipient of a large number of beautiful pieces of linen from her many
Last Saturday aternoon a brisk
fire started in th west wing of the
Royal hotel and for a time ft looked
as though it might prove a serious
blaz" but Cranbrook"s up-to-date fire
department with their usual smartness and were soon on the Job and rapidly saved the situation. The fire
was started from a faulty chimney.
Mrs. Maurice Qualn will receive at
her home, cor. Norbury Ave., and Edwards St., on Thursday, February 26.
from 3:30 to 6 p.m.
You know what that means—misery
—worry—big bills—debt!
You know that yon can't afford to
get sick. Keeping in good health
means food and clothing for you and
clothing for you and your family. It
is up to you to take care of yourself.
It is up to you, whenever you don't
feel right, to take something to make
you right, to strengthen you, build
you up, ward off worse sickness—protect you and your family.   That thing 	
we have in Rexall Olive Oil Kinulsion. i ^^
In offering it to you. w«   protect you   l"fc— ^%~+ rfmnmiWkH€\m%
against    money-risk, perionallj    £   jTCSCrillllllH
promising you that if it does not res- Mr
tore your health, we will give back
your money without word or question.
We believe it Is the  best  builder of
health, energy and strength you ran
get.     It   Is   helping   many   of   your
neighbors.    If it don't help you.  we
—tor IS years—
Ike Siariard Skli ttmttj
IIC \TIIK    Ml KI'IIV  tO,  l.lmilrd.
McCreery Bros. Deli=
ver Goods Prepaid
Hereafter we will pay Postage, Express, or Freight on All Goods to Any
Station, Express Office, or Post Office in British Columbia
or Alberta
For tlie Iwnelit of our many customers ordering uoods by moil, we with lo (tats thai every
order received will have the personnl attention of an experienced shopper, and every ordi r will
Im! filled with the greatest |jossil>lo cure.
(iive description of article desired and the price you wish to pay, together with money or
money order covering same, and your order will l«; carefully tilled same day as received and any
change returned.
OUR LIBERAL GUARANTEE coverB every article, anil you arc at liberty to return
any unsuitable or unsatisfactory article, and we will cheerfully refund the price paid or make
If you are not acquainted with the advantages of our Mail Order system, a trial order will
convince you of the satisfaction derived in having your orders tilled carefully, and receiving
your goods without delay.
We carry complete stocks in the following lines :—
Dry doods, Millinery, Ladies' and Children's Ready-to-Wear, Ladies'
and Children's Shoes, Rugs, Linoleums, Notions, Clothing, Men's
and Boys' Furnishings, Boots and Shoes, Hats,
Trunks and Bags
Cranbrook, B. C. THE   ORANBUOOK   flJSKALD
J. R. THOMPSON, Editor and Manger
Subscription Rates
One Year
Six Months
Three Alonths
C8ANBB00K, B.C., February jMj, J9U
11 is not oulv men and womln who
can benefit by the a-uvloe otbraVc men-
Boys and girls may also learn much
that will help them in lite atterwards
Most fathers give their oMMteft wl-
vico Iroin dav to day, and unforlun-
ately raonv chldrcn do mil pay any
hesd to it- Children tool the need o
help most when thoy can't net it, and
a father knows how much his guidance is wanted when he is unable to
afford it.
When Captain Scott was returning
from his discovery of the South Pole
and was caught in the terrible blu-
/aid, he knew he would never again
speak to his little son. Hut he did
not despair of giving him sonic advice. Before he died, he wrote several letters in hope that somehow the
would he sent to his friends. In his
last letter lo his wife, he wrote these
words:- , , ,
"Make our hov Interested in natural history, if you ran. It is better
than games. Keep him Intho open
air. Above all, von must guard him
against indolence. Make him a strenuous man The great God has called
me. Take comfort in that I die in
peace with the world and mvsdf, an
am not afraid*"
These arc words thai every hov and
drl should remember.—The School
. 4 I
Come boys, come girls, you'll have
to hurry. What's the use of a sleigh
ride without snow.
Mrs. and Mr. P. Nead left for their
home in Lethbrldgc, Altu., after
spending a few days with the former's sister,  Mrs.  M.  Bonner.
Mr. William Pitman has been renewing old acquaintances the past
Mrs. Richard Brown arrived home
Sunday from her visit to Ilossland.
Tho following Moylettea attended
tlie Iloo Uoo Ball, given by the
Bachelor Girls of rranhrook, Friday.
February 13th. Tim evening proved
a greats uecess, the decorations were
novel and picturesque, the program
unique and well conducted; Miss
Verle Martin, Mr. and Mrs. J. T,
Browning, Mrs. 0, Herritt, and Mr.
W. P. Scott.
Mr. Albert Johnston came down
from Klmberly last week and expects to stay here for some time.
Mr. Harry Dlmmock made a Hying
trip to Cranbrook Inst Friday.
Bev. J. H. White. D.D., Supt. of
Missions for the Methodist Church in
British Columbia, accompanied Mr.
W. B, Willan to Klngsgate, Saturday.
The doctor gave a sermon on "The
Folly of Worry," taking as his text,
"Let not your heart be troubled." He
left on the noon train for Creston.
Mike Kuslck Is recovering slowly
from his recent illness,
Mr. Albln Peterson of Klmberley
Is visiting his brother Herman.
Even those who do not love bird-
music are missing the cheerful toot-
toot of the last "Flyer" to migrate
Mr. R, D, Henry of the Harold Bar-
lint; Co., Cranbrook, ts in town on
Mrs, c. A. Foote and little son
wore Cranbrook visitors for the
week end.
The 'Never Worry, fuss It Along"
Club of Moylo, spent a pleasant evening at the home of ,1. W. Fitch last
Miss Kate Ewlng took her baby
brother to the Cranbrook   Hospital,
Saturday of last week.
Mr. Percy Adams, of Lethbrldge,
was in town Wednesday.
Mrs. Fred. Lung left Sunday afternoon to join her husband in Frank,
Altn.. where lie has taken a position
as night operator for the C. P, It.
Mrs. L. A. Home has been confined to her home the past week
through  sickness.
Miss Edith Quance left on the 15th
to accept a position in Cranbrook
with Mr. u. A. Patmore,
The social hop in the Kootenay
Dance Hall was well attended on
Saturday evening.
Mr. John Blackburn disposed of
his entire dairy stock in Cranbrook
last Friday. Having previously sold
his ranch, the family expect to move
Into town  about the end of March.
Mr. Frank Feroglia eaine down
from Klmborlcy Tuesday to visit with
his parents. Mr, and Mrs. John Feroglia, il lew days before leaving for
i Ainswnrth, to which place ho has
been transferred.
St. Valentines Day was duly celebrated in Klngsgate by a masquerade
ball, lu-ld in Redpath's Hall. A
dainty supper was served at tho S. I.
Restaurant at midnight Many pretty and elaborate costumes were to be
seen, among which the following
were especially noticed. Martha
Washington, Sir Walter Raleigh, Suf-
fragntto, Miss Spokane. Spanish Cavalier, and a galaxy of clowns.
The citizens of Moyie wish to congratulate Miss Lottie Fyles. formerly of this city, on winning the piano
in the C. C. S. competition.
(Special to the Herald)
Inveremere, B. C. Feby. 17, 1914,
A most regrettable but fortunately a
not more serious misfortune happened tills week to a young Mr. Young-
husband of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, who is attached to the right of
way survey camp in connection with
the Kootenay Central railway. It
appears that while walking to his
camp along the newly constructed
dump of tlie railway ho picked up a
deutonatlng cop and later secured a
piece of fuse which ho lighted after
attaching to tho cap. A premature
explosion followed which resulted In
blowing off the top or his thumb and
in breaking his forefinger.
This Is the second accident of this
character which has happened within this district within a year tho lirst
being that of a small boy who found
one of these dangerous caps and in
trying to pry it open- an explosion
occured which robbed hhn of nearly
all tho lingers of lis hand, The
caps are made of fulminate of mercury contained in a little copper case
and look extremely like a blank revolver cartridge of a large type.
They look so innocent that unless a
person lias been warned they would
nnever imagine the deadly explosive
power which lurks within the small
case- of metal. They are used chiefly
In connection with exploding charges
of dynamite.
What is believed to be the largest
donation ever made throughout Great
Iiritaln for the higher education of
women has just been made by Sir
Hildred Carlllc, M. P., to the Bedford
College for Women. As a memorial
to his mother Sir Hildred recently
gave tiiis deserving institution his
cheque for one hundred thousand
guineas which is equivalent in Canadian money to live hundred and
twenty-live thousand dollars. The
donor has been Unionist member for
St. Alban's Division of Hertfordshire
since 1906 at which time knighthood
was conferred upon him. Mr. B. H.
II. Carl Ho, son and heir of Sir Mildred's, is a resident of the Windermere mining division. He Is looked
upon as one of the most aggressive
and uptodato agriculturists In our
community. At present he is home
on a visit to his father,
Tlie season of the lee    harvest   is
Edison Diamond Disc
The Phonograph with the new voice
This wonderful Edison achievement is more
than an amusement phonograph. It is a beautiful musical instrument—beautiful in tone and
beautiful in design. It represents years of study
and experiment in sound reproducing and musical acoustics.
The Special Reproducer, with ill diamond point, ha, given the inittument a new
voice—tone, ol marveloui depth and mellow iweemeu.
The record, are ol a material heretofore
unlmowntorecord making. Yean ot playing
will not affect their perfect playing qualities.
AIlEdiion Disc, aieohhe cabinet (horn-
leu) type, made ol rare wood, along gracelul
lines. Hear thi, new Edison. Compare it
with any others you have heaid. It is a decided advancement in musical reproduction.
IMtk   ■ .,   r	
S\   £1   • .wi.i molM with wena tew.
_ f f /"j-lijLifc, tfcaowi-iwiBlKprediKcftMi
> \A> UIWOIU .aueuu m>.
A couplet, line of Ediaoa Phonograph, tad Record, will be found it
The Bcattie-Murphy Company, Limited
The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co., Limited
We Take the Risk
We know you will be delighte J
with the O-Cedar Polish Mop.
We know you will welcome
the relief it bring,.
We know you will appreciate
the hard work it saves.
We know you will be pleased
with the way it dusts, cleans ami
polishes- ali at the same time.
That is why we say:—
Try the 0-Cedar Poliih Mop for I
days at our risk. K it is not satisfactory, we do not want you to keep it.
The price—$1.90—will t* returned
without question II il i» not all, Bud more.
tUtu we claim.   You to be the f ud|:e.
about over. The Ice which is being
cut this year averages about fifteen
Indies in thickness and is very clear
iu Its character.
Tile first published reports regarding tho operations on the Dominion
Experimental Station have just
reached here In tlie form of the Census and Statistics monthly. It covers
the month of November last. On account of this farm being tlie only
one in the province established by
the Dominion government within
the provincial dry belt and on account of its being an irrigated project the report should prove to bo
of especial interest. Superintendent
Parham's statement amongst other
things goes on to set out that tlie
ground was frozen on the twentieth
of the month hut that on the 24th the
snow disappeared and the frost went
out of the ground for two days. The
two newly built poultry houses have
been constructed with open fronts
and their occupants -!i> Leghorn and
24 Harred ItocU pullets produced 208
eggs during tlie month of November.
The six colonies of honey bees received from Salmon Arm were placed
In winter quarters, two being wintered in tiie open In a crate packed with
chart' and the other four hives being
placed in an unhealed basement of one
of the farm cottages.
Work has been started on tlie new-
bridge which the Government are
erecting to cross the Kootenay River
ut (.'anal Flats at tue junction of the
Kootenay Central railway. The
bridge will be of timber. It will be
nearly eighteen hundred feet in
length and about 1,00,000 feet of material will be used. The government
are also constructing a new bridge
across Toby creek iu tills neighborhood. It will be on the main road
leading to WUiuer.
Captain Henry Tooke iUunn, who is
rising to such fame as an Arctic explorer was one of the poneer ogrlcnl-
turists in here during the last decade
He was the owner of an estate covering some twenty-five hundred acres
on which amongst other undertakings
he built for himself a large comfortable modern bungalow. The result
of his proposed fifth trip to the
Arctic regions will be watched with
interest. Prior to living here tho
Captain had resided In England and
from here he was drawn to the Cobalt country of New Ontario by the
wonderM tales of the richness.of the
precious metals in that part. It is
the lure of the wild and of wealth
that Is again tempting him into tlie
northern latitudes.
t'se Parisian Sage
If your hair ts getting thin, losing
Us natural color, or has that matted,
lifeless and scraggy appearance, the
reason Is evident-dandruff and failure
to keep the hair roots properly nourished.
Parisian Sage applied dally for a
week and then occasionally is all
that is needed. It removes dandruff
with one application; almost immediately stops falling hair and Itching
head; invigorates the scalp and makes
dull, stringy hair soft, abundant and
radiant with life. Equally good for
men, women or children—every one
needs it.
A large bottle or this delightful
hair tonic can be had from Heattle—
Murphy Co., Limited, or any drug
counter for 50 cents. You will surely
like Parisian Sage. There Is no
other "Just-us-good"—Try It now.
On Monday evening the Kootenay
CrlU was opened In the basement of
the Hanson block with Messrs. U-
vannt and Robinson, the proprietors,
smilingly greeting all arrivals. The
Grill was brilliantly llumlnated and
profusely decorated with potted
plants and flowers. The Cranbrook
Orchestra was In attendance from
5:30 till 11:00 p.m. During the
evening the seating capacity of the
dining room was taxed and every
preparation which had been made
for entertaining a large crowd proved
Inadequate for the rush which occurred. The Grill starts off with
every Indication ot success, which
Is merited by the comfort and cosiness of the restaurant appointments
as well as the gentlemanly and courteous treatment accorded tho public
by the progreslve proprietors.
Concrete Tanks and Troughs
00 Never Rot or Leak
pSl T*HE most practical tanks, whether for water or
fi|g sewage, are built of concrete. They never rust,
Ip    rot, dry out or leak.   Thty never need new hoops
ffi||j "f twint. They hit a lifetime and leldom require repairing,
ftps     which iiKikci tlicin the cheape* tanlti that can be built,
jHI      Clean, Sanitary Watering Troughs
$M arr just as neccsiary as the aniktnli thit drink from them. The
K|Sj farmers licst interests are being served when his stock is in—
$*Pj Hured a plentiful .iip'ily of clear, clean water from a trough
$11?     that is permanent and sanitary.
"What the r'arnier ran do w«h Concrete" is the name of
■i handsome free hook that tells all about concrete tanks,
watering troughs and other ums of concrete that will save
everj farmer many dollars.    Write for it to-day.
Farmer's Information Bureau
Canada Cement Company Limited
532 Herald Building, Montreal
TO KENT—Stable Room for one
horse, Warm stable, electric light,
$l.fi0 per month, Apply Box A,
Herald. tt.
A   Simple    Treatment    Hint    Hill
.Make Hair (iron Now Sold
In ('lunula
Every up-to-date woman should
have radiant hair,
There are thousands of women
with harsh, faded, characterless hair,
who do not try in improve It.
In England and Parle women take
pride in having beautiful hair. Every
Canadian women can have lustrous
and luxuriant hair by using SALVIA,
the Great American Sage Tonic.
Every read- ;■ of the Herald can
have an attractive head of hair in a
lew wee'ks by using SALVIA.
All first class druggists sell a large
bottle for BO cents, and guarantees
tt to banish dundruli'. stop falling
hair and Itching scalp in ten days, or
money buck.
SALVIA i- a beautiful, pleasant,
non-sticky  Hair Tonic.
At the Cranbrook Drug & Uook
Proof of Value
of tiie tim i-teated. world-tried, home
remedy-pD.ct'cnts power to relievo
quickly, safely, surely, the headaches, tho soar taste, the poor
spirits and the fatigue of biliousness
—will I j i'cund hi every dose of
Sold every where   In buitu, 25 canto.
The i'arlncrship cxistinic between
David II. McKay and Joseph Jackson
both ■>, Cranbrook, and tnown as
McKay -V Jackson Fruit and Confectionery Merchants is this day dissolved bv tiiuUial consent.
Dated at Cranbrook this Ulh dav
of February, A.P., 1914.
Joseph Jackson
D. II. McKay
W. A. Nibbcl 7-H
Buy Your Plumbing
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for with. Thus Wfl nva you th« middle*
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money on all
plumblnc and
heating  supplies
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COMPLETE $16 v.™-™, iu.
Notice is hereby sivon that Harry
Washington Harr, of Wasa, B.C.,
Kast Kootenay District, will apply
for a license to take and use six f(.)
cubic loet per second of water from
hewis Creek; the stream has Us
Kource in the Rocky Mountains, Hows
in a westerly direclion and empties
into Hie Kootenay River about two
miles from Wa&a.
The water is to be diverted from
the stream about four hundred (400)
feet up stream from tlie west line of
Lot 12(ifi; and is to be used for industrial purposes on said Lot 1261!.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the1 16th day of January
1014. The application will be filed in
the office, of the Water Recorder at
Objections may be Tiled with the
said Water Recorder, or the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Your Opportunity
To get Seasonable Goods at Prices
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and will continue until the end of
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Winter Underwear
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Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men
lly Modern Methods
Mymot'o: Qiiiok ijiHrinKi-urpH femr wteed nt; moderntfl
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Hundaya, 10am to 1 p.m.
Simula I'cml THE OLD
GAME by SamueUi. Blvthu,
in Feb. 7th iaaun of thr "Sat-
unlay Evening Poat, :nni ro-
member tliat the
kills nil thi' alcohol in tho system in 3 DAYS insi.'iirl of the
old way of tip).tin,: it out for
18 months with yourself-aa
science proves that it takes-
to get It out nf the system.
Phone378     P.O. Bos21
Mrs. E. BENT, Matron
P.  BURNS & CO., LTD.;:
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard St. and Trent Ave,
A modern equipped Cafoat moderate
Rates $1.00 and up per d»y
Our bus meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB OOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
No Man's Collar
is comfortable if it doesn't fit
iwrfcctly. Neither is t lio collar worn by your horse. We
havi! been called the "horse's
merchant tailor" beennsn we
arc so particular about the fit,
of the hnrnefi8 we sell. The
belter yon treat your horse
the better he will treat, you.
(iot his harness hero.
W. M. Park & Co.
♦ II
Wholesalers and Retailers
All our Meats are Government       .,
A Good   Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is whore Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found, That is tho reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Hrault has made for an
ideal homo at tho
Canadian Hotel
News of the Bienln! bv 1'rcsiilenl.
Wilson ol an MteouUvo onlcr cstuli-
lisliinK a permanent government lor
tho canal 'one with Colonel Goothals
as uovernor. Kendied Panama hint,
week nail hrniwlit with It « Kcncral
feelinir ot relief. Colonel Goothals ex-
prcssod pleasure, when advised of his
nimointment, but declined to make
comment in the absence of official notification.
Bookkeeping, Shorthand. P.n-
■nanehlp. Typewriting, anil all biml-
nuin branche*.   Day and NightSoaslon.
time fri'i' liy Itntin. Plan. A.k for fret.
l.H.I,l,.|. R-evmond P. Kelley, Prin-
riiml, .limi'n lililK.. north of I'oat Ofilc.\
NOTICE IS lioroby Rlvon that
thirty days alter date 1 Intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner ot
Lands and to tho Assistant Commissioner ol Lands for tho District ot
Kast Kootenay for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tho
! following described lands, situate on
1 the north lork ol Michel Creek, about
twelve miles northwest of the Canadian l'acllic Railway.
Commencing at tho intersection of
tlie South line of Lot Ui'i with tho
west Branch ol tho North Fork ol
Michel Crock, thenco east 80 chains,
thence 80 chains south, thenco 80
chains west, thence 80 chains
north to place of beginning contain-
in" 640 acres, more or less.
Located Dec. 23rd, 1911,1.
It. 0. Ilelden.
7*» fegfijJC Jam
The store with a Reputation
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
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A. E Jonkh T. J. Ibntm
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Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
I.11I uh Oii-ih* Ynii l'rlni*H lli-dir.'
You Hull.)
8esusabout your Co'nrete and
ttiiHumnnt Work
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to have your eyes tested thero
would be some excuse for people continuing to surfer from
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glasses are the remedy, we
will fit them for you, accurately and becomingly, and just
as cheap as the highest grade
of optical work can be supplied.
R.H.Bohart and wife ot Wardner.
were visitors tn the city last Monday.
W. F. Cameron left Wednesday for
Vancouver on a short business trip.
J. 11. Darling of Nelson, was visit-
Inn friends in the city this week.
A. II. Webster was a business
visitor at Nelson the past week.
Mrs. Leslie Is sutTorlllK from a severe sore throat.
Mr. Edward Elwoll, or the llrm of
lleale unit Elwoll, Is OXpOCted home,
from England, shortly niter Easter
Mrs. It. J. Crooks left on Sunday
for an extended trip to SoattlO, Sun
Francisco and other Southern points,
Mrs. J. Murtln McCreery will receive for the first time on Thursday
afternoon,  February  !!(!.
PHONE 8 Fresh killed, grain
fed pork at the Cranbrook Meat
Monday's Feature at the Rex—A
two reel drama entitled "A Brother's
Loyalty" Essanay. Tuesday at the
Rex—"Pathe's Weekly."
Miss Darkls was given a kitchen
shower at tho rosldencc of Mrs. C. T.
Davis, Uarden avenue, on Wednesday
MiaB Oracle McFarlane cntrtainod
a number of her young friends at a
Valentine party at her homo on Garden avenue last Saturday afternoon.
The Misses Armstrong, of Nelson,
who have been visiting with Mrs. M.
The great competition iu
thi 1 class of timepiecehas brought
•bout inch a high standard that
alarm clocks are now sold by ua at
a mere fraction of their former
price. No on* need be without an
alarm clock when they can be
bought at the price* we ask,
Ws have a large ntock »f othor clocka
- from th* Mainly old hall cluck tu the
pretty manUl timepiece. Come In and
admire--we know you will tiuy.
Next to th* Poet Office
A. Beale Tor the past week, have re-
turned home.
PHONE 8 — Fresh Sausage,
daily. We make them on the pre
mises and can recommend them.—
Cranbrook Meat Market.
International Sanitary Hovers and
Hatchalot Incubators are kept in
stock by n. T. Williams, Reliable
Egg Farm, Cranbrook. Catalogue on
G. S. Hougham has been chosen
permanent secretary of the Retail
Merchants' Protective Association
and will have offices In the rooms
formerly occupied by the real estate
office of Fred A. Russell.
The regular monthly meeting of the
W.C.T.U. will meet at the home of Mrs
R. P. Moffatt, Fenwlck Ave., Thursday afternoon, February 26th, at 3:00
o'clock. A full attendance Is requested.
A meeting of the'Women's mission
circle of the Baptist Church was
held at the home of Mrs, Jos. Woodman on the afternoon of Thursday,
February 12th. There was a good
attendance and a pleasant and profitable time was spent by all.
Seventeen rinks of curlers entered
the Inciil bonspiel Wednesday morning
and there was a large crowd at the
rink all day and evening. The finals
are being played tomorrow. Full reports of the spiel wilt be given next
PHONE 8 - We handle only
fresh-killed, choice stock, and our
meats are the beat to be had Give
us a trial — Cranbrook Meat Market.
A. H. Webb, secretary of the Farmers' Institute, announces that he
1ms ten applications for the pruning
school uiul that preparations art1 being made for the holding of the sessions in this district. A number of
local fruit growers nave offered their
trees for the uses or the school.
llert Boffey, of Crouton, died at the
St .Eugene hospital last Saturday,
February 14, 1914, of cancer at the
age of 42 years. The body was taken (0 the undertaking parlors of
F, M. Macpherson and shipped on
Monday to Creiton for funeral services.   ■
Wednesday (comedy night) at the
Rex—"A Good Sport," two reel Kdl-
Two women mnt In our alori' tile
other day, when one of them nul<l:
"My, how entity yonr hair looks!
What have you been doing; to It?"
"Why. I have been using. Harmony
Hair Heailtlller for the pas! two weeks
wan the reply.
"Why, Indeed!" replied the first woman, "that Is just what 1 am using.
Isn't It great, and don't you think
my hair shows a lot ot Improvement?"
Harmony Hair Doautltlcr la becoming all the rage among both men and
women who are particular In the
eare of their hair. It iu just what It
Is named—a hair bcautlfler. It seems
to polish the hair, making It glossy,
silky-sort, and more easy to put up in
graceful, wavy fold* that "stay put."
Contains no oil, and will not change
color of hair or darken It. Simply
sprinkle a little on your hair each
time before brushing It.
To keep your hair and scalp dandruff-free and clean, use Harmony
Shampoo. This liquid shampoo gives
a Instantaneous rich, foaming lather
that Immediately penetrates to every
part of tho hair and scalp, insuring
a quick and thorough cleansing. It
Is washed off just as quickly, the entire operation taking only a few moments. Harmony Hair Beautlfler,
11.00. Harmony Shampoo, 50c.
Doth guaranteed to satisfy you in
every way, or your money back. Sold
only at the more than 7,000 Hoiall
Stores, and In this town only by us.
lirattlr—Murphy Co., Limited.
TIE 11) 001 OF IT
If you knew It, you would not willingly accept counterfeit money. Inn-
stead, you would probably raise a disturbance and seek some means ofre-
Why then accept a preparation
said to be "Just as good as Newbro's
Herplcide." You know It Is a counterfeit, an Imitation of the real thing.
You want "the original dandruff germ
destroyer," Herplcide, and you can get
it, too, if you Insist.
Redress Is always possible in such
an instance. The most effective
method Is to trade where you get
what you ask for and no suggestions
With the elimination of the dandruff
the hair stops falling and Is permit
ted to resume its natural growth and
beauty. Such results follow the use
of Newbro's Herplcide. H stops Itching of the sculp almost instantly.
A counterfeit article Is never "just
as good."
Applications may be obtained at all
good barber shops and hair dreaserB.
Send 10c in postage for Bample
and booklet on the care of the hair
t The Herplcide Co., Do, it. R„ Detroit, Mich.
Newbro's Herplcide in 60c and
St.oo size is sold by all dealers who
guarantee it to do all that is claimed.
If you ure not satisfied your money
will he refunded. Beattie—Murphy
Co., Limited.
son Feature Comedy.
On last Monday evening an en
thuslastlc meeting was held at the
R.Y.M.C.A. by the suffragists of the
city. The meting was called for the
purpose of endorelng a bill which has
been introduced recently In the pro
vlncial legislature. A large number
took part In the discussion after
which a resolution was unanimously
passed asking the local legislature
to give favorable consideration to
House Bill No. 19, which gives
equal suffrage to women.
Lloyd Crowe & Co., is the name of
a new Cranbrook firm which opened
for business in the former CCS.
stand last Saturday. The Arm will
make a specialty of crockery and
glassware and have Installed a soda
water fountain which will be run tn
connection with thir confectionery
department In the summer time. Lloyd
Crowe was recently a clerk with Ira
Manuing where he has been for the
past two years and was formerly a
member of the firm of Crowe Bros.,
grocers at Moyle.
Mr. A. B. Smith, president of the
Farmers' Institute, presided over a
largo and enthusiastic gathering of
members on Saturday, February 14,
In the old gymnasium. The members
viewed with delight the fact that
the executive had decided to cover
all routine work, correspondence,
etc., previous to each general meeting so as to allow more time for papers, discussion and the like.
Crop Competitions were discussed
and several entries taken for the
same. A pruning school is assured,
there being only room for two other
members In the class. Messrs.
Bcnlc & Klwell and Mr. Erlckson
have already allowed the lecturer
the use of their orchards for the
purpose. Several gentlemen seem
greatly Interested In the raising of
gophers on their ranches and a motion Is to be brought forward at the
next meeting by Mr. H. H. McClure
with the Intent of forming a club
for the preservation of these lively
and Interesting little animals. Prizes
for the best collections, pens, etc.,
to be offered for their exhibition at
the next fall fair. Local farmers
had better beware, as the directors
are on the warpath for new members
this year and If Saturday Is any criterion, farmers in the Cranbrook
district who are non-membera of the
Institute will soon be as extinct as
The drawing card for the afternoon
were the papers which were so ably
handled by three of the members. Mr.
John I-evett read a paper on the cultivation of the potato. The subject Is
older than England, in fact as old as
the Indians; despite that, the speaker held the attention of his hearers,
and as one member from Baker remarked, drove home three esentlals
for a good crop;- plough well, manure heavily and keep down the weeds.
Mr. B, Palmer's paper on Oats and
how to grow them, specially advocated thin seeding on heavy land and
the three essentials above mentioned.
Mr. Pain's paper directed his hearers to several inaccuracies or rather
generalizations in the B.C. Horticultural Report, that puts this district
in front of the reader In rather a
had light. He certainly raised a discussion Which resulted In a committee being appointed to go Into the
matter of Fruit Trees known to do
well In this district. A report will be
made aud information of a reliable
character Is likely to result.
A meeting of the Institute Is to be
hold at Wycllffe on Saturday, February 86th, at 2:M p.m. All farmers
and others Interested In either livestock or crops, are cordially Invited,
especially those on the Wycllffe side
of the river who are no far away
from the central meeting place. Dr.
Rutledge has promlced a paper on
"What to do 'till the Vet. cornea."
This should be of special value to
those who live far from the city. Mr.
H. H. McClure will give a paper on
'Alfalfa' aud the secretary will speak
on a few things that should Not be
done with young chickens on the
If you want     P.O. Box 187
Phone 485
and your order will
receive prompt
Cranbrook, B. O,
IN   thi;  supreme   court   of
In I'nihH.e
In tlie matter of tlifl estate of
George Pickering, late of the town of
Fort George, in the Province of Brl-
ish Columbia,  (deceased).
NOTIO is hereby giveen that nil
persons having any claims or demands against the late George Pickering who died on or about the fourteenth (14th) day of April, 1013, at
Fort George in the Province of British Columbia, are required to send
by post prepaid or to deliver to the
undersigned E. J. Avlson, of Quesnal,
B.C., Solicitor lor Clara Pickering,
administratrix of the estate of the
said George Plckeerlng, their names
and addrescs and full particulars tn
writing of their claims and statements of their accounts and the nature of their security (If any) hold
by them, verified by Statutory Declaration.
And take notice that, after the first
(1st) day or April, 1014, the said
Clara Pickering will proceed to distribute the assets, of the said deceased among thi; persons entitled
thereto having regard only to the
claims of which she shall then have
had notice and that the said assets
or any part thereof to any person
whose claims she shall not then
have received notice. '!
Dated   at   Quesnel,   B.C.,   this   7th
day of February, A.D. 1014,
Quesnel, B.C.
Solicitor for Clara Pickering, Admi-
istratrlx. 7-r,t.
3'' per word fur f.rnt ivm-k, nnd lfi pur
word lor each woelt niter
I'OK SALE—Eight Rnomd House with
bath, Fenwlck Ave., Baker Hill. Apply Box 543. B-tf.
WANTED—At once. A competent
maid for general housework. Apply
Mrs. W. J. Atchison, Armstrong Ave.
WANTED—Nurse or nursery governess for four children. Apply Mrs.
W. J. Atchison, Armstrong Ave.
WANTED—Four Bear traps, nothing
smaller than Xo. 5. State price hi
first letter. Address Box 1112, Cole-
men. Aita. S- tt.
RANCH TO RENT — Comfortable
house, stable for six horses, about
10 acres broken, good grazing land,
plenty wood and water. Apply Herald Office.
WASTED—To Kent Chicken Ranch
with 1,000 chickens on shares or
cash around Cranbrook or Nelson.
Apply Fred Hlllman, Bull River, B.C.
TO .BENT—Four Roomed Cottage
with bath, electric light, phone and
all modern convenlencees. Also use
of kitchen range and heater. Hns
large wood and coal shed. Apply
Mrs. F. J. Deane. tr.
WANTED-Pine Shop Sawyer, rotary mil, steam Iced nigger, loades.
BlUIJt be experienced sawyer western
soft nine lumber. KdgeriA&n, thoroughly familiar with western soil
pice grades. Send references prev-
(OUl experience—Nicola Valley Pine
Lumber Co.. Canfonl, B.C.
WANTED— Udy stenographer for financial office. Must have undoubted references and be able to furnish
Fidelity Bond signed by a responsible party. One living at home preferred. Apply giving references and
particulars of previous employment
and salary required.    Box 280, City.
Men and Women, you now  have a
rhanre of Hetrainliig your health
since the importation of
Ilia  Cranbrnnli   lij   The  Cranlirnok
llruft   t   Honk   Store.   Ilm   li'itilinir
Weak and run-down, tired nnd full
ol pains. Do you know you cab feel
better In a few dayfl if you tire only
wise enough to take VIOOKAL, tlie
Great French Tonic. Your pains and
achos will go. If you are run down,
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will make you strong. VIOORAL
builds up the nerves, purtlies the
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la. Why suffer? Surely your llfo Is
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Order a bottle TO-DAY from your dealer.
Prtpartd only hy
J. C. ENO, Ltd., "Fruit Salt" Works, London, England
Sold in til the principal towns and ciliea of Canada)
Agent, for Canada: Harold F. Ritchie & Co, Limited, 10 McCaul St, Toronto
!->-•   ■'!':■
Families Are Buying
"Sunkist" Oranges
by the Box or Half-Box
Enjoy the rich, delicious meat and sweet, tangy juice of
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Tree-ripened, fiber! ess. Note seed
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Ask for "Sunkist" lemons — so full of juice
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Rogers Silver with "Sunkitt" Wrappers
Cut the trademarks from "Sunkist" orange and
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For this orange spoon send 12 "Sunkist" Orange or
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i      In remitting, send amounts of 20 cents orovsr by Postal
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Buy "Sunkitt" Oranges and Lemons
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California Froit Growers Exchange
105liMSt,Ee*,C«.C.«r<.       TenMe.Oat
ran buy VIGOKAI. for one dollar a
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Practical Nurie
Phono 187    Cranbrook, li.C.
$3.50 Recipe Free,
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Send Name and Address To-day.
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Strong andVigorous
We Imvp in tuir piitMP»B.on a prescription
tor Derma* iWiility. lark <>. vigor, wi>iilieiit>i|
mnnlionil. {tiling meajory uml lunm back,
hnnifilit on l.y t-.xiwt.nt-a. umiuhiral ilraina. or
tiVfoiltPMiit youth, that line i-urn, »u nintiy
worn Hint nervous men right in their own
hitmen—without any additional help or niedi-
rtlip— that wi> 1 ink every man who ni-hi-. to
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uml quietly, xliould have a ropy. So ire have
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We think we one it to our lellow man ti
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R.O.Bhode Island Reds 26.00 " ••
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Can supply in :',i .".9,76, <" i»" l»i»
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Hatching h'ggs
1'pnNo. I-Heaclod h« Chilli-
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on the
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rnsiter",» (. ■ . i i   il lbos,or
two Uit f'i. nt tiros
Hfpri." Tn* scon
Phone 2!>2
Crnnbrook, B, C.
Organist ol the Methodist ''l.tmli
K.,.,t.... Pofrllstor
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
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flight away—the first day you start to
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without result, 1 was cured ol a very bad
case cf Rheumatism, by using t -V'» bottles
HKATTIt:    MI'III'IIY    10..    Mnllfil.
for garden nnd farm art-boat
for B.C. eoil ■ Sec? Catalogue, fox
solid dunrnntfo of purity
ana dPrmirmtion
Send now for Copy froe
Sutton &Sons.Th«Kin£'.i Soedmen
Rending England
A. J.Wo o e) ward
Vict.na     *      Vancouver THE   CRANBROOK   IIERALD
• e»ra«araH»aSB.,Ja,»SI
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. & A. M.
Reeular meetings on
the   third   Thursiiaj
_ ol every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
II. Hickenbothom, W. M.
J. L. Craiaton, See.
Cbesoent Lodge No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ia the
Fraternity Hall.
0. Donahue, C. C.
F. M. Christian, K. ol K.4S.
1'. 0. Boi 522
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend
Urate every Mondai
night at   New Frs
 ternity   Hall.    Sojourning Oddlellowa cordially Invited
,1. H. Turnley, W. M. Harris
N. O. Sec'»'
Meets first and    third Wednesday
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December 31st
W. M. Harris, Chief Patriarch
II. Wkite, Scribe.
No. II.
Meets every second and   IoutMi Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs  cordially Invited.
Sis. Ida Bailor. N I!
Sis. Ada Hickenbotham, Ree. See
Meets   in   Maple Hall   Second and
Fourth Thursday ul each month at
p.m. sharp.
.1. Bird, C.R.
L. Peairon, Sec., Boi 818.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in   Maple Hall 2nd   anil -Hh
Tuesday everv month at 8p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citl
E, Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Pres. Sec
Bei 618
Visiting members cordially welcoro
Cranbrook  Lodge
No. lulu
I   AtpiPi
IV M. Uni.BB, Diet.
Meet, every VYednwdaj
at H p.m. In Royallllat-i
Knlghta' Hull, Basel
It. 8. OABBBTT, *«•
Pride ol Cranbrook   Circle, No. 1SS,
Companions ol the Forest.
Meets is Carmen's Hall 1st aid 3rd
Wednesday ol each month at
eight p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, C. C.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Seeretarj.
P. 0. Box 442.
Visiting Companions cordially Welcome.
LODQE, No. 1871
Meets lnt and :ti ,i 1'linrr.
• lays at K p.m. in Royal
RlackKnigbtsot lielaml
Hall, Baker Street,
It. S.iiABRKTT, W.M.
W,0, DutratsH,Reo.See.
Meets in the Carmen's Hall, 1st
Tuesday afternoon of every month at
3 p.m. and the (ancy work class
meets on 3rd Friday evening In tho
same place at 8 p.m.
Mrs. E. II. l.i-aiiiaii, Pros
Mrs. .1. Shaw, Sec. Treas
P. 0, Box 442
All Ladies cordially)' invited.
IWdant: A It. Smith
MeetK regularly the llrrt Friday evening: "a'''
liifuriimtiNii on Poultry mutter, aupriljed
IV. W. McQREOOIt, P. 0. Drawer 4IIII
Y        President: A. B. Smith
J       Hecretary: Ami, H. Whhb
s> For inforniateon regarding lands <
• and   agriculture   apply   to the <
♦ Secretary, Cranbrook, B. 0.
?     Meeting—Thu 2nd Saturday of '
J each montli, at old Gym., 2 p.m.
Oppo.lt. O.P.K. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     GET    a
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
352 Richards St.,
(Si .'BR.irto VV\ V. (il'ltn)
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
I', il. Bos SCO
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Physicians and Surgeons.
Oatce at Resists™,  Armstroai Ivs
Forenoons - - - • 1.00 to 10.Of
Afternoons - ■ - 1.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - ■ - 7.10 to   B.M
Sendaya .... a.JO to   4.M
ORANBROOK :i     :t     II     H     B, C
News of the District
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   a p.m.
7 to   II p.m.
OHIee in Hanson Block.
'RANBHOOK -        -        - B. C
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application
Phone 259 Matron
P.O. Box 845 Garden Ave.
!:?,!'" Cranbrook, B.C.
Civil and Mlnlnff Engineers
British Columbia Land Sarvsyars
W. R. Boettr. Funeral Dlreetee
Cranbrook B. 0.
Phone 840 P. 0. Box 585
Norbury Ave., next to City Hal.
Day Phone 233 Night Phone 35
Frank Provenzano
General Merchants
Employment Agents
P.O. BOX 101
B. C.
Forwarding ami Die*
tributiiig Agent fur
i men prompt .mention
11 (roods called forand delivered, 1 >
Good work only.   Prompt    ' J
Service J!
i; Telephone No. 405!:
P. 0. Box 798 ! I
Works : Armstrong Ave.     | [
The Home Bakery
Robert Fbame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbu-y Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Repairs ,
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tho tihoe Specialist
Without wishing to start anything I
ipk'aannt it may be   asked,    "What
lias become   of tin-   good   times we
used to have?"
The hockey match between Fred
Roos' Kootenay Braves and Femte's
Best had to be postponed on account
of bad weather.
"More   Railroad   Kcouomy."    it   is
ported that the CP.lt. will issue
orders soon forbidding Kngineers to
whistle when approaching a town because It wates tlie steam.
The Ice companies started putting
up lee this week in town.
This is a very promising world
just now for tho retail merchant.
Mr. and Mrs. Grey, of Moose Jaw,
Sask., arrived in town having bought
land one mile west of the town.
Mr. MacDonald. a Winnipeg old-
timer, is visiting friends In Klko this
Geo. L. Pedlar, or tlie Pernio Free
Press, was in Klko Sunday.
C. D. McNab, of the Baker Lumber
Co., pased through Elko on his way
to Cranbrook this woek.
Tlie hockey game Saturday between
the Waldo Wallopers and the Elko
Lightnings played Saturday at Elko,
was the best and fastest game played
this season, and brought nut the
whole town to witness the contest,
which was fast and exciting all the
way through. Good shot Sawyer scoring four goals for Elko, and Stone
wall Jackson scoring three goals for
Waldo, the score being 4-3 in favor
of Elko. The ice wafl in a very sloppy eondltion on account of the mild
weather. There was considerable
slugging and cross-checking going on
throughout the game, but the Lightnings proved themselves past masters
In the art. The game receipts were
tlie largest this season. ■Buttln'
Thompson, who played forward, was
there with the goods and delivered
them throughout the game. Wild
Horse Jim Blrnie proved a good fence
holder. The Waldo boys proved themselves fast skaters and if the ice
had been good they would have taken
home the bacon. The 'rooters' were
about e<junl for both sides. The two
Foisy boys, Holbrook and Hueston
played a star combination game for
Elko. After the game the Elko boys
entertained the Waldo boys to a
banquet at the Columbia Hotel.
Supt. Harshaw, C.P.R. Superintendent of Cranbrook, passd through'
Elko tills week In his private wagon.
P, Emerson Moore, Diector of Termin
als, Cathness, came in afoot. It's just
simply li--l the discrimination a-
mong these Railroad Officials.
Railroad news from across the
border state that pikers will not be
allowed to bid when tlie Wabash
railroad is sold at auction. The minimum price Is to be thirty four million dollars—keep out! This means
Mrs. J. Mitchell, of Ferule, Is visiting Mrs. Ray Hirtz this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Joyce, from the
rising town of Flagstone, are visiting witii Mrs. R. Joyce this week,
Geogolical advices from Buenos
Ayres til of the discovery of stone
Implements which go to prove that
man existed noO.OOO years ago, which
seems to have been a few years before Adam's advent.
Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson, of
tlie Hotel Columbia, are visiting their
daughter. Mrs. T. Duncan, at Pass-
more, Alta.
Jim Tliistlebeak says the man that
gets what he wants in this world Is
lucky, and the man that gets what he
doesn't want—Well Just like the rest
and the money belongs to the mere
Henry Ford, of Automobile fame, Is
found to be about as liberal with his
money as If he was a cabinet minister.
Mr. L. Foisy returned from Kansas
City, Mo., this week.
The Qeen Iter's held several sessions on the main street this week,
which speaks well lor the weather
around here.
Mr. and Mrs. Ayre, Nesblt Cottage,
gave another delightful curd party
this week.
The great Yorkshire strike ut L-'kIk
Is ended but the report says the Sky-
l'llots and grave-diggers are coming
out on tlie first of April.
Mr. Taylor, of the International
Harvester Co., Lethbrldge, passed
through Elko for Flagstone this week.
W. 0. Scott, of National Fame, Hew
Into Elko this week with biscuits as
light as kisses and much more lining;
several train jumpers pulled out leaving a whole In the air behind them.
Mr. t'oolridge, wife and family, of
Oak River, Manitoba, arrived in town
and are looking over the district
with the intention of setting on land.
We had a collar-button drummer
from Winnipeg In town tills week
with as much application as a used up
porous plaster. He was one In a
thousand—"the last one."
Don't you want to buy a surburban
cottage—a peach of a bargain, dirt
cheap, big lot, elegant back yard to
raise your own radishes, waterproof lettuce and hen-fruit, renew
your subscription to this paper and
the editor will put you next.
We had no Idea times were so hard
In Elko until we saw one of the new
Fruit Ranchers sawing a twelve Inch
pine log with a meat saw. "Suffering  Kadunk"  what la this land o(
milk   und   honey  and  big  red   raspberries coming to?
What are the wild waves saying
out Victoria way. Jim Schofleld,
please answer.
Jack McTavisli, ol' tin- JafTray Hotel, says that the thousand islanda
mentioned in these notes some time
ago, does not Incluuo the iloating island seen on the desert list.
stop Whining) ot Busy! Work!
A politician changes his mind sometimes, a Mule never does.
There QUtfllt to he a ehnnco for
every moil lo accomplish something
those dull limes when a fairly lndus-
trius lion can earn live cents
The retail iuerclinnt is doing more
for th>' public at largo than the government ever did. God bless the retail merchant.
Miss Belle Thompson and Miss Todd
journeyed tn Blalrmore this week
anil took in the big dunce at the
Sun I tar I urn.
Ladies Novelty Neckwear
Benjamin Blakely, who ia alleged
to have murdered Archie Tliivega
near Lillooet, British Columbia, May
30th, 1909, has been brought back to
Canada to stand trial. Tlie Canadian
Police have been looking for this man
Blakely ever since the time he committed the crime and lie was reported
to have been seen around Libby, the
County seat of Lincoln country across tlit; border. Two detectives
Messrs. Goman and Collins, from
the Elko district, B.C., were given
particulars and dispatched to look
for tills man and located him and
knowing their business applied to tlie
proper authorities and Sheriff Ban-
ey uud Deputy Sheriff Paine arrested the man;tho Canadian officers
explained their mission and Blakely
was satisfied to return to Canada
without any trouble.
But tho County Attorney, who
would walk knee-deep through a
3now drift nine miles to bite his grand
mother—if there were five centB In
night, and whose knowledge of international law and Canada Is pathetic-
got as busy as n one eyed boy at a
circus and wired Senators Walsh and
Myers at Washington, got petitions
out signed by tho leading business
men of tho town, and a whole lot
that weren't, bought a big chunk of
tho Libby Times und tlie Libby News
to blukmuil the Canadian officials,
and made a regular damphooi of
himself, and besides disgusting Ben
Blakely, who will get a better show
■in Canada than he ever would in the
U.S.A. However, the U.S. Judge granted the extradition papers. No doubt
looking with pity iu/jro than anger
on the poor County Attorney whose
foolishness would make a horBO
laugh and break up school for a week.
Don't Lincoln's County Attorney
know that when a person commits a
crime in the British Dominions that
:he Attorney's General Department
will follow him or her to the ends of
the earth and when they locate him,
Its a case of Johnny comes marching
We sincerely feel sorry for Lincolns
County Attorney. Ben Blakely will
get tlie best show lie ever had In his
life when he comes up for trial at
Lillooet, B.C., und we would recommend the tax payers of Lincoln County to send their Attorney up to the
trial, tlie change would do him good,
and ills soul would have a chance to
get a little fresh air.
Yours truly,
Jim Thlstlebeak
Wc are showing an exquisite assortment of neckwear and niching,
manufactured by the largest firm in the trade, and represents the
very latest ideas.
Ladies Silk and Serge Dresses
is filled to overflowing with the very best and very newest possible
to procure.
Ladies' Skirts and Blouses
We have never before shown such a huge assortment  of Ladies'
Separate Skirts and Blouses.   Not a bad pattern in the whole lot.
Children's Coats and Dresses
This is getting to be a very important part of our business, and our
buying for this spring was done with a view of keeping every
dollar at home,
Please examine the line and see how well we are getting on.
Ladies' Spring Coats and Suits
A part of our stock has arrived and the balance will be here within
the next week or ten days,
The small lot we now have  contains some beautiful,
well tailored garments, and the best have not arrived.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Adolph arrived
back in Baynoa lust Thursday after
having spent ten days at the const
On their trip they visited Seattle,
Victoria ami Vancouver.
At tlie 'Hard Times' dance given by
the Ladles' Guild of the Anglican
church, u large number of varied and
ploturosquo dresses and suits were
seen. A larger crowd of 'hoboes'
was never seen in Waldo. For having been dressed In a manner most
bellllng the occasion, Mrs. Bridges, of
Bnynes. and Mr. Jack Gould, of Waldo,
were awarded prizes. Dame rumour
says that these two by no mental
twist could bo taken for other than
real 'down-nnd-outs.'
A skating party for boys and girls
of the vicinity was given lust Wednesday evening bv Mrs. C. L. Cowan,
from 7:00 to 0:00 p.m. The children
skated uml then bad tea at the manse.
Games were later idulged in. "We
liud u good time,' wus the verdict of.
tlie youngsters, Mrs, C. ('line and |
Miss B. Turner helped Mrs. Cowan to
entertain the party.
Tlie Juvenile hockey team drove to
Elko on Saturday and put up a Bturdy
fight against the Elko lads. However
the local boys went down to defeat
with a scoro of 4-.1. Don't worry boys,
you may win sometimes but not nil
the time. Get your revenge at the return game.
On Sunday evening in Adolph Hall,
the Rev. C. L. Cowan will give his
fifth nnd last lecture on the series ofi
martyrs. Tlie subject will be "Wo-|
men Martyrs—Courageous Women In j
Sacred History." A special lnvlta-1
tlon Is extended to women. I
Mr. Fred Adolph went to Medicine
Hat Inst Sunday.
The annual meeting of tlie East
Kootenay Lumber Co.. was held at
Juffray this week. Mr. C. D. McNab,
of Waldo, was in attendance. Mrs C.
D. McNab is expected back from California on Monduy the first.
Dame Humour has been telling it
around that a new Industry may be
located here very soon. A plant for
extracting turpentine from pine
stumps is the new feature. What better locality could be found than this
for such a venture? We have three
saw-mills within four miles. Where
could you get bettor pine than in Waldo? Ay, Where? Colonel Pyne and
Charlie Edwards we believe are interested In this.
Mr. Hales H. Ross went to Cranbrook on Tuesday to attend a lumbermen's meeting.
The Rev. E. S. Bruce held a confirmation class In the home of Mr. Little last Sunday morning and In the afternoon preached at Waldo In Baker
Friends of the recently Injured men
Messrs. James Mulr and James Anderson, will be glad to learn of their
rapid progress toward recovery.
"Scotty Anderson expects to get out of
Fernlc hospital shortly and Jim Mulr
Is now walking around.
Little Annie Mulr has returned from
Cranbrook hospital and Is doing very
Sympathy is cxetnded to Mrs.
Gould whose mother Is In a very serious condition. Grave fears are expressed as to her recovery.
Pete Backs has left the employ of
tlie Baker Lumber Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Wooducre ae now living with Mr. White and will stay there
untill Mr. White makes other arrangements.
There was a good attendance ut the
St. Valantlnos' Dance in Adolph Hull
last Friday night, An enjoyable evening was spent.
Imperial Bank 0! Canada
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED        - -        $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP 6.925,000.00
D. K. WILK1E, President.
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world.
# SAVINGS DEPARTMENT- Special attention
i, given to Savings Bank Aocounts. Deposits of ll.iK) and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Famous the World Over
Quality Unexcelled.   Always at the lead
For sale at all First-class Hotels
P. O. Bos 500 VICTORIA. B. C.
The Woniens* (Jnilil or the Anglican church bad their lirst annual
meeting on Saturday, 14th February.
OHlce bearerH for the present year
were elected as follows: Pros. Mrs.
Chester Staples; vice president, Mrs.
Bennett; Hecretry-treamircr, Mr«,
Heath; auditor, Miss Maybce.
In the evening the following programme was rendered In the Wycliffo
Club Hall:
Mrs. Fischer—Piano Solo, "Poet nnd
Mrs. Blthell—Song, "A Dream," by
T. C. Bartlett.
Miss May bee— -Recitation, "A Similar
Mr. Dickson—Song, "At tho Bottom
of the Deep Blue Sea."
Mrs. Heath and Mrs. Blthell—Duct
on the mandolin and guitar.
A quartette entitled "Anchored."
If Your're a Sportsman-lf You're a Hunter
Hnml ynir nam* nml nddrMii for a
MAN." a iniiutlii.v niHKimiit* ilevntfil
inN|inrt nf all kinds in Wentcrn Can-
iniii. Tln'i'f fx■omethhig ol valmv anil
Importune,) to r'vri'.v (i.tboii in the
W, nt inter. H.i'il niripiirt. Lflrirrp'tgi'M,
IDIIIl.V iHllHlltltitlllH, UHftlllMIKK'-rltillllH,
nml InrtH. Henri III- ,• iiiinm'ilr,.nni]>H
nr rnin to cover eusti
The Western Sportsman .ScWinnipeg, Man.
A flViti-port dialogue, entitled "Bridget's Investment," caused much
amusement. ' Mrs. Dickson officiated
at the ptlano.
A gaetslnB competition and wall-
quottB ware amongst the games provided, the prises lor which wore received by Mrs. lilthiui and Walter
Anderson  respectively.   Refreshments
wero served and the evening's entertainment pronounced a great success.
Thanks are due to the directors ot
the club for use of hall and to all
who contributed towards tho evening's enjoyment.
Bnnserlbe to the Herald-tun per


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