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Cranbrook Herald Nov 20, 1919

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VIHHIl'IW.t ll--.ll.IHM
Thanks Votes
Numerous at
Lyons and Staples were entitled to [
flags tor the showing made, i Moro |
It was brought out in reading the
list showing the totals ot the teams
and individuals making the canvass
that    Mayor   Cameron   and    Judge Well-known aad Popular Baak Mana*
Thompson beaded the list  with sub-
IB. E. Howard
Leaving City
script Inns totalling $55,100;   Rev. H.
M. Lyon and Mr. Stevenson both rinse
.-.(■com... with M-M'-liO.
Secretary Simpson took the. oppor-
1 (.unity   to thank  Lhe  chairmen   anil
managers of the-banks for the assist-
lanco given him and read (he follow
fer Will (in to Walker* ill*,
tint win Hranrh
Figures Showing Grand Totatl !■ Thin
City Greeted Witt Land Ap.
plame by Thou Present
Tho Victory 1-oan 1919 campaign In
Cranhrook is now almoit a thing ot
(he past, the canvassing committee
rounding out the campaign with u
banquet given in Masonic hall Tujh-
dny evening.
Mayor Cameron, general chairman
ri *'>e committee, noted as toastmaster
nnd nt his right sat Major Hicks,
whose good work in the campaign
rnme in for the loudest praise, not-
withsanding the major was IU for a
time near (lie close ot the canvass;
on the left of Mayor Cameron bein-g
seated Vice-Chairman Fink.
Mayor Cameron, after Rev. H. M.
Lyon officiated nnd thc King was paid
the usual honors, and after the delightful repast prepared by Caterer
Hurry wns dispensed with and cigars
were passed, announced the object of
the meeting and that it was a business
meeting; few speeches would be made,
hut is was desired that the committee
should know what had been accomplished.
After congratulating alt the workers and Secretary Simpson, and lauding in the highest terms Messrs. Staples, Barker nnd Clark, ot the Otis
Staples Lumber company at Wycllffe
for tlte great showing made there, declaring that he believed he was safe
in saying that not another lumbering
Industry anywhere had done greater
things to make the loan a success, Major Hicks took -the floor and complimented all for the stupendous showing made during the closing days of
the campaign.
Major Hicks said he saw more in
the success of thc canvass made at
Wycllffe than the sum subscribed—
"the results show the Otis Staples
Lumber company nnd the workers at
thc plant nre co-operating; it means
t'.^t'jAve an organization worth while
nt the iinrtfi-fter.. wprlfc.-," he declared.
There was not n single instance in
the whole campaign of a lack of harmony In the work; everything was
Mayor Cameron announced, and tho
announcement was greeted with applause, (hat (he banks ot the city had
turned in $Gfl,0(K) to Uie committee in
subscriptions-, end it was for the purpose of decidfnr wi.nt would be done
with the commissions earned on this
amount that Uie meeting had been
Vice-chairman Kink said that tne
work was conducted throughout with
enthusiasm; CrnnbTOok always holds
up her end in nny undertaking; ns (he
men wenl over the lop in the war so
hnd (he loan campaign gone over lhe
(op. He was Imid in his praise ot the
co-operation received from the Staples
Lumber Company antl Its workmen,
closing with (he suggestion that Uie
commissions from the hank subscriptions he xiveti to the Orent War Vet-
Orana' Association of this city,
Mr. Barker, of the staff of the Otis
Staples Lumber Compnny nt Wycllffe,
spoke of the williugnoss with which
(he workers Ihere responded tn the
Mr. Chester staples outlined what
had heen done during the war by the
workers al Wycllffe; forty per cent, of
(he luminal subscribed io the Patriotic
Fund in tho district lind been given by
tlie men; the Hed Cross hnd been liberally supported and over (40,000 hnd
been subscribed by the workers there
to the present loan. He felt every single one of the workers were deserving
or credit and also Messrs. Darker and
Clarke of the stnrf, who had worked so
Indnstiiotisly to make the loan a success nt Wyclfff. "If Cranbrook would
only get togcthor nnd let the outside
world know what wcjinve hfere--publicity Is what Is wanted—we would
have n bigger district than any of the
other districts wore thoy combined',,
other distrltti  were  they combined,,,
Mr. Staple's remarks, as were those
of all the speakers who preceded htm,
wero greeted with loud applause.
Mr. George Stovonson brought forth
applause when he reminded those
present that Cranbrook was the first
city In the Dominion known to ratsc
n fund for war purposes. He praised
the work of Mayor Cameron during the
canvass and declared that not ex-
Mptlng Nelson no other district had
^tceliet. Cranbrook In patriotic efforts,  .
Mayor   Cameron    announced   the
grand total of the subscriptions to the
loan fn Cranbrook wae $803,460, and
. that canvassers  Stevenson, Mahang,
EXACTLY *i;7.t.l!HU(M>
TORONTO, Not. IT—The grand
total of the Victor; Loau for the
I."111 ini,ii .tf Canada Ik *.;7:i.l!W..
790, mode up as follows:
Ontario. ttlTr-JISUOii
Quebec, $1(11,102.200
ItrltMi Columbia, $&'>.WHt,0lHi
Alberta. *l<MflMKH>
Saskatchewan. #:M.ihmi.imki
Wunltiiha. #l.-K.LMMHt
New   Brunswick.  #1I.T."»0,0(M)
Naia Srollit. t&'-i.OiMMM.
I'rliice Kilward I - land. #11,000.000
I Forward Movement
Holds forth Here
~-ur.- ti:
....■nn .■Jl**!***"-   *L**1 K "      4 '
Tlie funeral ot the late H. Grant.
i who was fount! dead last Tuesday in a
fillaan   Pusli.r lllllflul.-* ul  <l|M-iiinc   building on the ralir-h of J. P. Brldjes
I i-remoDi-   Kai|ilin*i/i>>  »<mI   ni
lii-nu-miii-i-iiitr Thorc'8 u God,
PInoher Creek, took place Monday
morning from the undertaking parlors
Rev. Sinclair of-
future Citizens
Celebrate Event
Mr. Ii. E. Howard who, for the past
four years has been manager of the
Imperial Dank of Canada, here, will
Ing list showing how the (earns stood!depart in the near future for Waiker-
at the close: ville,   Ontario,   where   he   will   take
Cameron and Thompson |6*6,iOO <*'«!• ot the branch of the Imperial
Lyon and Stevenson  42,:i5otl,,i,llt tllcr<-'-
Clarke,   Wyclifl'e      40,IHH> j    Mr.   Howard,  during   bis   residence
S.  S. atmpson  10,850 bore has made hosts of friends who
Nlsbet and Maharg   10,060 |wHl rtfgret to see him depart, and who
Wardner       17,flr>n I "'•" wish him and his family success
Hull   River     17.200 n"<- good health in their new home.    I
Oulmont and McPhco  17.250, ■ While iu Crunbrook, Mr. Howard lias School Children Tuke Pride III Hhow
Port Stceln   11,850 ' '"-en active in all movements along the
Morton  and Dozall     10,850! ■■»•- of developing this section.   He is
Fink nnd Cock   10,760! looked upon among his fellow banking
Barney and  Phillips    8,760 mon <**s °m of tiie D6E;t hankers in
ya\i>t     7.R50! Canada and his bank patrons, one aud
Martin Harris      MOO all, have round in him a good adviser
Attlrdge and Willis     5,250; and one with   whom   it  has been  a
Laurie und Cameron        *t,&00 pleasure lo transact business.
Moyle        ***,050     The management of the bank here
Palmer        2,5501 witl he in charge, after Mr. Howard's
! The Forward Movement of the Presbyterian Church was usnered in last
Snnday by ttev. a. r. Wishart of St.
Paul's church. Calgary. In two clear.
forceful ami convincing sermons he
omphasleed the need and inuwriance
uf remembering there In a Ood.
On Monday evening it ban Quel was
of p. M.  McFerson.
1 It wn;. thought telntives of the deceased who was a familiar character
around ''ranbrook in late years, resided in Hamilton, Out., but it remained for those who knew the aged tin-
fortunate to provide him with a respectable burial. Deceased was about
7D years of age.
Ing Made in Home City In
Loan Campaign
Cranbrook should im
held und the school room was taxed
to its utmost. Hev, H, M. Lyon, who
presided spoke of the needs of Canada.
After uu excellent  supper provided
by the ladies of the congregation, was  Department
enjoyed by nil, much credit being due
j ;he ladles for the sucec.;s of the even-
no worries , Ing,
B. C. Legislature
May Open Jan. 12
about the future, whet one thinks of
the enthusiasm displayed by the
younger populace, j hose who will make
up the future business and political
The evening's proceedings were entertaining through the efforts and
musical ability of Mrs. James Milroy,
who sang "Scene?  that  are  Brlght-
Provlnee    t.ettiin-
Data In Shape lor the (lathering of Lew Makers
Showing Was
Good forLoan
I Itizeii*. Hate High! to Keel Proud of
Campaign as Carried On bj
Active Supporters
Flowers          5001 R- Cruhb, weel-known iu Cranbrook,
unfurling of tlte Prince of Wale's flag
Lee John         4001
Marapodi         360
Kimberley        3,000 j
The announcement of the work met
with applause as Secretary Simpson
rend off each team and place and tlie
enthusiasm'was marked nt this stage i
in the proceedings.
Mr. Chester Staples received a
hearty second from Uev. Lyon to his t
motion  to give the commissions ro-
who before going to Revelstoke, wns
accountant of the Imperial Hank here.
Mr.  Howard may temain here for
uliniit three weeks.
life of the city, on the occasion of the, eel," and "Plow Gently Sweet Avon"
with her usual charm and talent.
Mr. James Coutts gave a line rendition of "Thorn." Perhaps Mr. Coutts
lias never been heard to better advantage.
The Itev. It. \V. Lee was the lirst
■The Kast Kootenay Chapter imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, of
ceived from the bank subscriptions, I Waldo and Baynes has accomplished
approximately $300, to the Great War!excellent work according to reporLs
Veterans' Association branch of Cran-. from Miss Margaret W. Griffiths, of
brook and a motion was made by Mr.: Waldo, educational and echoes sere-
Barker that the expense of the ban- tary.
quet be borne by those present, both     The   chapter   donated   $50   to  the
motion:: carrying unanimously, French Red Cross fund and made a
Secretary Simpson of the loan com-:monthly subscription to the Canadian
mittee, who Is also secretary of the; institute to the Blind. Whlet drive
O.W.V.A., thanked thc committee on held In September secured $60, A
behalf of the G.W.V.A. for the dona- crotcheted quilt, donated by Mrs. Ing-
tion to their fund. He briefly out- ham of Ingham's ranch, Waldo was
lined their efforts to mnlntaln head-, raffled with proceeds of $158, the win-
quarters and told of the expenses they nlng ticket falling to Mr. J. W. Ross,
were to in fitting out their home.       .The  members  tagged  for the Navy
It was announced the C.P.K. em- League collecting $90.10.   The chap-
ployeer. in Cranbrook bad subscribed (ter also subscribed to the Mary Good-
the substantial sum of $51,000 an-- erham emergency fund,
other cause for an outburst  of ap-     Al   the   Soptember   meeting,   Mrs.
plause. . Hales Rosa was made a lite member
Vice-chairman'Kink, Heeond#M-b>- and presented with a life membership
Mr. Mahor-?, moved that a vote of' pin and certificate. The chapter ex-
thanks be extended to Mayor Cam- perienced a sad loss in August by the
eron. committec-chainnnn Hicks and ' death of (heir first vice-regent, Mrs.
Secretary Simpson for the manner in,.I. W. Ross, Mrs. Ross was trea*"*-*
which they had "carried on." He said Itrer of the chapter for two* years,
he felt certain the whole district educational and echoes secretary for
would join In this expression of ap- a short time, and regent for the year
101$. She was the first .vice-regent
at (he time of her death.
of honor, presented to Cranbrook because of tlie success attained in the
recent Victory Loan campaign.
Friday, led by the city band, the several hundred young citizens of the public and high schools marched through
the streets of the city to the city hall,
Mayor Cameron Wns at the head of
the procession.
When the city hall was reached Miss
Beyrle Cameron, daughter of the mayor, unfurled the flag together with the
colors captured In last year's campaign, nnd when the flags were placed
{In position the Union Jack was given
a place above both, this bringing forth
an outburst of applause from the
young patriots,
The mayor addressed the throng of
youngsters and many older persoos
who had congregated and the Revs. H.
M. Lyon and H. W, Lee also spoke, the
remarks of the speakers being of a
character that would impress upon the
minds or the youttg folk the importance of standing ;by their country In
such trying times as we have passed
through In the last, five years.
"O, Canada." "The Maple Leaf Forever," and the National Anthem were
sung with a vim by the pupils and the
essembly disporso^
speaker nf the evening, who described [eMcutlv» council early In  December
Another   order,   o    perennial    one
Cranbrook hus every reason to be
proud of tlte work of those who conducted the Victory Loan 191!» campaign m tins city and district When
the curtain was rung down on tho
campaign last Saturday night exactly
1803,460 had boen subscribed to the
In the Legislative bulldlnigB *"«"- -•' handsome sum and far in ex-
nnual eeas of the quota set for Cranbrook
of $800,000.
The Canvassers held un enthusiastic
meet ing in t he Masaolt lial 1 last
Thursday   evening:,   Maxor   Cameron
Victoria. II. <'.. Nov. IS,- -With the
next session of the Provincial Legislature but two months away all department
are   busy   preparing
meetiug by getting the estimates o
expenditures    whipped    into    shape
The order hns gone forth that  thes.
figures must  he In  the hands of th'
n few nf (he religious eras in history
dating from tho reformation up to j
the preseni time, and forced home in n
strong speech thnt today was a dial-1
longe to the church.
He was followed by (J. J. Spruell.j
who. In (he Judgment of those pros-
ent, was never heard to better advantage, It was exceedingly gratifying
to listen to n layman vmb has such
;i keen Dense of the churches position
In lhe life of the nation, lie paid the
power of the church was not in Iter
which  is tieut  forth
presiding    a delightful luncheon
served   by   Alex   Hurry    mid   at   the
ear about   BieeUltl   plans   were  laid   for   »   final
lri*..' in t.;.> campaign A spirit ot
optimism prevailed tn ihe addresses
made by the Mayor. Judge Thompson,
T K Robertson, H K Ward. Kev. H.
M Lyon, w. a. Nib'pe*.. Frank Gulmont
and Provincial organizer C K Sampson, who was in the city.
Following the meeting tlie canvas-
•'ers conducted a vivoroua cnmpaivn
for the remainder of the week with the
result as above stated, rounding out
membership but In a power Intangi-1[)0si"011 lor '■*8 penchant for bringing successfully another patriotic move-
ble. He still believed thai the church I rtoUn eleventh-hour legislation, but ment in the interests of the whole Downs the -greatest dynamic lu the life * during the past three sessions of the minion, and capturing the Prince of
this (line, aud apparently has little results, however well meant, is that announcing that nil legislation must be
drafted and ready prior to the opening of the session.
Vear after year as the session draws
to nn end there ha.- never appeared
any diminution in the flow of bills)
whieh descend upon a tired Legislature. The late administration was
wont to be the butt of the then op-
nf mankind.   Further, he asked who j present Governmeni  no improvement
flag and three crest--.
Old-Time Chinook
Clears Away Snow
preciotion of the magnificent showing made under their direction.
Mayor Cameron responded, but was
insisten( that the entire committee,
due to their hearty co-operation, were
entitled to rII credit for the general
Major 11 icks. seconded by Mayor
Cameron*, moved that a hearty vote
of thanks bo extended to the workmen at Wycllffe for the support thoy
had given lhe lo;in. Mr. Staple's
motion along similar lines in appreciation of the liberality of the C.P.R.,
receiving a second from Mttjor Hicks.
both  motions carried with  a  hurrah.
Mr. Muhr.rg. ou behalf of lhe Canadian Pacific employees, in a very neat
speechi thanked the committee for
l.hoir expressions of appreciation.
Mr.  Harris moved that a  vote
nre the church. "We are the church,
therefore, the challenge Is to us. It
Is worthy of note, he quoted from the
life of Lord St. Hiliers on retiring
from the bench wns netted what is the
most striking factor to you. He answered "tho goodness of human nature."
j   The Rev. F. V. Harrison of the An-1lHat the>' have lieard
[grican church called for a  forward I to*'***. ■
[movement    through    old    fashioned j    'rhe  dillt  t°t the opening  of tlie
imetllbds. first through  prayer.      He coming session has not yet been fixed.
t wondered how many of the audience     II is •■s"al for tl*e House to open on
had  actually  prayed that day;   sec- a Thursday nbout ihe middle of Janu-
jondly, more diligence in reading the *ry.    ,f "'is is adhered to the next
[Word of God, and finally, keeping the  session will open there on January 12.
has been noted, bills coming down in
batches In the dying hours of the ■■**■-
slon nnd being rushed through at top
speed at morning, afternoon and evening sittings. A change is promised
for tlie coming session but the old-
time members who have seen sessions
iQtne and eo merely smile and remark
-am.- thins
announced   elsewhere  in   the
of the Herald today that the
It  is
annual sale of the Indies Aid of the j^d-time Chi^nK swept over this sec-
Methodist church will be held on Sat-) tion.   praotk.al)v   dearing
urday. November 22d. In thc old gym
Cold Weather^f UsfrWeek Slde-Bwlp. commandments of «od by observing
the Sabbath day. and the worship of
ed hy a Sudden Rise In (-^-j
Rev. J. P. Sinclair suid there was
! a danger thnt this movement might
■ end In talk and we had to beware of I
The cold weather of lust week got-danger.   He quoted from a recent re-!
a set-back when towards the week-end; mnrk of Gen. Smutz, who. had said
the Merrnrj
of 10.
Industrial troubles and I.W.W.-ism
the mercury in the thermometer began j thnt eiyjlization had struck her tents Ure being successfully coped with in
to rise gradually hut steadily until an I and   was
Miss Drummond
Married Yesterday
Prett]   . trnivli   Wedding   Solemnized
In  Smlit  MarrS Churh
Wedae-Mlay Morning
One of the prettiest and most largely attended church' weddings which
has ta!;en place in Oranbrook for
som^ years, was solemnized yesterday
in St* Mary's Church, when the Rev.
Father Murphy united in the holy
bond^ of wedlock Miss Josephine Mc-
Kormick Drummond. of this city and
Mr. Louis J   Ruddy, of Jaffray.
T:ie ceremony was performed in the
presence of scores of friends of the
young people at 11:00 oclock, the
wedding party leaving the church
and going to tne home of the bride
where a dainty wedding breakfast
was served to a few of the more in-
naslum at the rear of the church.
The Indies' reputation for supplying good things, espee-yily in the
home cooking line, is well known and
this event promises to excel! all previous, efforts,
Many   serviceable   articles   will   be
on sale r.nd many Hems suitable for
of Christmas gifts will be available.
thanks be given the principals ot' the
schools, the teachers and  pupil
turning onl in the parade on Friday.
lie   though)   the   appearance  of   thc
children hnd much to do with Ihe success of loan ta tho closing days;  it
was a Rreat incentive to go ahead.   It
is needless to say his suggest ion met
with  lienrty  approval of those  present.   Mayor   Cameron   declaring:   "It
was tli
witnessed in thc city
Vice-chairman Fink suid lie wauled
to take thc opportunity to state (hat
The Profiteers," is a page taken
Pathe's Extra Selected Star Photoplays, featuring that wonderful mistress of emotion, Fannie Ward, will
be offered ns the feature attraction nt
i Rex theatre on Monday and Tuesday.
. ,..?The Profiteers"  is a   page taken
greatest turnout he bad ever the rooms to another through a par-    ,m03t   cxac(l    fron.   the  fc|      y of
tltlon.   The fn*e department was sum-|our   '^^  ...^   vmm  (    ((
monetl and prevented the possible des-       _,    ,  ,      ,   , ,       .„.,       ..   .
',    , ■ seems but a helpless little mite be-
tructlon of the home. »-.__   t        .   .       •    ■-     *
, L j tween two giant contending forces—
the forces of ruthless ambition as op-
The home of J. Crowe, tu Slater-1.
ville. east of this city, suffered about'
$lftfl   loss   last   Saturday   afternoon
about 1:40 o'clock because of the in-]
terlor   becoming   Ignited   through
stove pipe which passed from one of I
Cranbrook through Lhe campaign for
the  patriotic   fund  had   stood   third mun in appreciation of the manner In I p0M>d t0 nie forces of right—affording
generally in tho list of otties contri- which the people generally had res-
butlng In the Province, his statement ponded to the repeal, the compulsing greeted with cheers. ' merits he paid to the subscribers to
Judge Thompson's arrival at this the loan, meeting with the hearty ap-
stage in (he proceedings brought forth proval of all.
another outburst of cheers. James Cameron, of the C.P.R, "one
tion;   practically   clearing   (he  snow
which had remained on the ground, as
if for the winter. J himself as being dissatisfied with the
The weather for the past few days (church; she must become more pro-
has been all Unit could be desired at gresslve, like the French general who
tliis season of the year—except by the > was hard pressed In battle with dead
fuel dealers and old-timers are of the | aad wounded all around,- he cried.
opinion the pleasant weather may hanR' "Stand up Ye Dead.* The church
'round for a time. | must go forward.
 •"*••  Rev. J. Kennedy, of Macleod, was
"PROFITEERS" l'ROTRAYS WO- the next speaker, who in a heart to
MA.VS DEVOTION—FANNIE j heart talk as he described it empha-
WARD IN APPEALING ROLE|SiZed the importance or thc school,
church and home, and appealed for
the personal touch among them,
which, If we might be admitted to say
so is one of the greatest factors in
The Rev. R, E. Pow. of the Y.M.CA,
spoke of the crisis of the years, stating that faith had been tested to the
utmost as a result It was stronger
than ever: faith ls all the better for
its back ground of doubt, he also emphasized the Importance of home
training In the life of the individual
hoy nnd girl, finally saying that %
any home or parent loses hold of
tholr boy there Is no good blaming
nny Institution.
now   on the   march,   but 1 Australia, according to Mark Sheldon.
whither.    Tho  eternal   purposes   of Commissioner  for  Australia,  in  the,|ima,e fn*nrfs "f the contractinP i»r
Ood will only be fulfilled as we Indl-   United  States,  who arrived  in
viduuls fulfill the plan.   He declared i vorR recently
an intimate view of the inner work-
Ingsof a heartless food trust, and wc
are shown how a woman's devotion,
courage and desperation carried a frail
little creature, when  driven to bay,!sent that  the banquet  wo
safely OMglgh the devilish machlnn-' muld be desired.
Chester  Staples  broke   In   with  a  of  the   most   active   canvassers'  as tjn„ of £,
real-live  story  of  the   side-splitting j Mayor Cameron dubbed him, spoke of'
lister system.
"Australia will answer gladly any
inquiries as to her resources ana conditions." Mr. Sheldon said. "She is at
present enjoying the greatest prosperity in her history—a pros per Hey
that she !•- willing to share with the
world. Her success is built on the attitude of labor—which puts the country'.*, welfare before its own—natural
resources, a uniformly English speaking population, and democratic institutions.
"In view of the general industrial1
unrest it will be Interesting to exam-
Ine the status of the labor movement
In Australia.   The arbitration system
has been tested probably more thoroughly   in Australia than any where
else.   The system itself is largely the'
work of labor Governments in Australia.    It has been particularly effective
in    settling   small   disputes,   which j
otherwise would probably have culminated in strikes.   The one big union
movement,   which   has   been   before
Australian labor for eighteen months,,
has collapsed completely    The aus- j
I ral Ian  Workers'  Cnion. the greatest
It was generally agreed by all pre--individual union In the country, turn-'
thnt I p,| n down, and virtually every craft
looks askance at it.   This is due to
The bride if the daughter of Mr.
and Mra Thomas L. Drummond and
one of Cranbrooki* fatres-t daughters,
and Mr Ruddy is the accountant -
secretary at the East Kootenay Lumber Co„ Jaffray
The bride entered the church on the
arm of her brother Milo. to the strain:--
rif Mendleshon's wedding march, ably
render*1*! by Miss Mamie Mackie, and
was attended by her sister Francis
Mr. Robert E. Sing, acted at- 'be*-t
iiiar. During tiie Mais Miss Delia
Greaves sting "Mother Mine," and Mr.
-i'limont hang "Ave Ave Marie.'
The bride was attir^ in a suit of
.ieai brown velour with hat to match,
and sabl*- furs, and carried a boqnet
of roser.. The briber-maid wore a
iuit of blue sllrartone and a French
blue hat.
The groom's gift to the bride was »
heaver cape t,nd rnuff, to the bridesmaid a brooch of pearls and peridots
and to the best man a let of cuff
Mr and Mra Untidy departed yesterday for Spokane, a large crowd
gathering ai the depot to wish them
.i pleasant honeymoon and a safe rc-
■ urn. Thc happy young peoplp will
reside nt  Jaffray.
sort nnd Mr. Edwards drowned down, his experiences and also of how he TEA IN HONOR OF MISS ENID
tho cheering with a musical selection'had conducted tho canvass In the pre- Gfl-L SATURDAY LAST;
on the piano of the usual high stand- vious  lorn  when the Influenza cpl-j  —.,.
ard for which he Is noted. | domic was raging.   He had found It     0 nSaturday afternoon. Mrs. B. E.I
The work of the managers of the I easier then, he said, because most of | Howard entertained ln honor of Miss;
local banks, Messrs. Robertson of the;the people ho found at home. |Enld  Gill  on  account   of  her  com-!
The meetings are being conducted the fact that the Australian working rMPERIAL RANK RE*ARRANGES
ill this wees. ** lnm„ innk» upon his union merely as INTFRIORi AN IMPHOVFWF
Royal; Mt. Hallamore of the Cana-i The press came In for a boquet and
Howard of the Imperial Bank was not 'its appreciation of tho compliments
overlooked and they, too, received at wns voiced through Will A. Elletson,
hearty vote of thanks. Mr. Robert-' of the Herald.
son responding by stating thnt banks j Mayor Camoron, artor a selection by
throughout Canada had seen the nee- j Mr. Edwards on the piano, aigaln
essity of putting over the loan in i thanked all for the hearty support he
ordor that we might have prosperous1 bad received, and said while he did
times; It wan a business proposition.'not think another lonn likely, should
Judgo Thompson was called upon i such ncasslon arise, ho would deem
and tried to wrest from Mr. Staples jit a pleasure to work shoulder to
the honors he had won as a story shoulder with the public-spirited can-
teller, but no decision could be arrived at, it being declared the applause
wm about equal.
Mr. McPhee, spoke as a eommittet-
vasser.i with whom he had conducted
the present campaign
The National Anthem was sung and
the meeting adjourned.
Ing wedding. Those present besides
tho guest of honor, were: tho Misses
Bertha Gill. Glndys Spence. Muriel
Walllnger, Dorothy Mackey, Frances
Drummond and MrB. M. A. Beale.
The dance given by the Ladles Auxiliary of thc Great War Veterans in
the Veterans' hall last. Friday evening was highly enjoyed hy nil present
and a treat success from every point
of view. Another «ance will be held
'on November 21 at tba same place.
an instrument to better his relations
| with his employers and not as a'
'means for political power
"The I.W.W. movement has not been :
allowed to gain any ground.   A year1
! and   half ago a lnw   was passed mak-
it illegal for any such organization to!
exist." Avowed member:; of thc I.W.I
■patrons of the Imperial bank note a
:hange which has taken place In the
irraiuement nf bank fixtures, which
r an fmprovamenl over the former nr-
A lire, which is believed to have re-! and half ago a law was passed mak- j rangement.
suited from the heating system of the il Illegal for any such organisation to i Nol on|j. w|]] ,1)e new nrrangement
car becoming too hot, was destroyed exist." Avowed member:; of the I-W.I facUIUite the transacting of business.
here early Sunday morning when one W- are subject tn imprisonment and I |,m ti,e staff will have better light and
of the C.P.R. fruit cars loaded with I tine. and. if not Australian born, may | more conVenlent quarters in which to
apples from Grand f^irks was dlscov-I he deported I consider the I.W.W. an | ilPrf0rm their duties,
ered to be on fire. ■ utterly defeated organization."  •**«■-.	
An alarm was turned in and the. Mr Sheldon said that Australia was!
fire department responded promptly, ready for lh.OOO.OiKt moie people I
but too late to do other than exting-jtwice the present population, The!
nlsh what remained fo the burning car.; hi-Sh cost of living is not felt much i
It Is believed that the heating sys-' there he said. The prices of staples
(em became so hoi that It Ignited the! were lower than In nny other country'
popor wrappers on the fruit, netting; In the world. Mr. Sheldon declared,'
fire also to the very dry boxes. The and the people had gresier means j
loss wilt be about $3,M0. I than ever before. I
It l« miiHMinred Ihat Cran-
brook stand* third In the Konlen-
ay.Hound*rv sgiomr the cltJe*-
Hnbsrrlblng tn Ike Lean, Nelson
Mag flrsl tad Fernle st-rond. « l(
Tin:   r u a \ it it (i (tk   111: it A mi
riiiiisilaj, November 20, lltli).
Your Next
Will be »
Find out WHY
Call To-DAY
Raworth Bros.
Jeirolera .v Optician,
Next lo tlie PoBtoffien
The complete banking facilities provided at
all our branches enable this Bank to give
Business Accounts the care and attention they
need and deserve.
The Merchant and the Manufacturer will find
the services rendered by this Bank of the greatest assistance  in conducting their business	
T W ESIt   V E A H S  A (1 0
l-.stracts l'roiu the Cnmbrook
Horald o( HiIb datp. 1899
(1. H. Minor visited Movie lust Sat-
• unlay to look after r, new building In
that town. t
The pioneers of Southeast Kootenay
ure preparing for a celebration which
is to he heltl in Fort Steele somo time
next month. Those who will participate are the men who have been in
tlte country fifteen yearr, or more.
Cranbrook Branch,        - •        B. K. Howard, Manager.
S.iii- A-rn-v at Kiiiiherl-y.
Instance, tli,- Brltlel
Itlhltlon Art permit,
nt' liquor hy prlvnti
consuinpll i   tlu
CIk Cranbrook Herald
Published Every Thursday by
WILL A. EI.l.ETSON 13.11101
"Willi a Missions n'ltlioul u Miiz/lr"
Printed by  Cnluii  l.utmi-
Advertising Rules ou A|i|illcaiiou.
Changes (or Advertising MIST be lu
lliik officii Wednesday iiouu tbe
current   neck   to   secure   intention.
the Importation
tndlvlrtiinls  for
Ir   liomoa.    This
[practice ceaBed thruugli the operation
it tin. Moral Order-lu-Council and
Hie tiuostion now is whether in- not
■that Order-in-Cauucil, de-^ille the new
; loglalntinn, romatne operative until tile
j iiivlain.ili.ni nt ponce
A ruling "t. this matter may be ex-
Ipecicil  from  tin-  Pn
Kilitor Stnythe. of lite Moyie Leader,
was in town Inst Monday;. The persistent regularity of Mr. Smythe's
visile impresses even tlte eatisual observer thai il tuny lie soinethltlK else
     besides hills thai liriui-s hltn to Crjin-
l brook so often.
.#" EAts inwjF V-v-'*S*
e ran RBT^-ANOpANS
hi: iii:ki: on titk&I-UY
It Is announced thut the Hon. Dr.
King, representing thin constituency
In tho Provlnolnl lioiute and minister
of public works, und Attorney-Genor-
ul Karris will be in the city next
The ministers are muklivs a tour of
many cities and towns in the Province
meeting tholr constituents and tlie
Liberal executive.-;. A public meeting
will be held in the Auditorium theatre. Monday evening
• ! di
nner consult-ntloi
the Prohibition A
nti e in thia rei \
pending the thin
Id -
linl  Govern-
ll bo to say.
Ottawa, how
ro will be opor-
u Lite Cuturo, or
en u  plebiscite
ci of the im-
A KiiliRcriptlnn list fnr lho huiltliiig
ot a shluwalk from lho English church
mi linker iiiif to tint Presbyterian
church, is bolng clrciilnlotl ami liberally signed. The townsilte niuipnuy
lias tlnunieil $76 ami Uio people Interested will raise the balance. It will
tuke about $8r.O to build tho walk.
drink without Inquiring into the na-
Cranbroolt has much to be proud ol
in tlie BUCCOEa attnined hi the recent
Victory Lona campaign. Not only litis
the city and district won honors in the
capture of the Prince of Wale's flag
and several crests, hut the Bhowlng
made entitles this section to a high
place in the list of cities in the Province as to ihe amount subscribed,
Considering tiiat the appeal this
year took on a different form, since
the war was at an end, the result of
the campaign Is mosl (ratifying, nnd
everyone connected with the canvass
is entitled to the fullest praise, for certainty no hotter advertisement could
go forth than that created through
tiie results accomplished in the work
of a few weeks.
It is to tie hoped, aud we feel quite
certain it will come ahout, thai these
loyal citizens who supported the undertaking which moons ■■(> much to the
future prosperity ol the Dominion, will
get their share of the promised prosperity which should follow the successful termination,of the campaign
When one considers wo have loaned
onr funds to tlie Dominion nnd will got
a good rale of interest, and the business nf the nation wilt placed upon a
more substantial footing and development will "carry on." all should he
thankful thai the future promises good
things nnd prospects of a gloomy nut-
look havo been cast aside.
That Cranbrook will benefit and
there will he work for all Is certain.
With things prospering generally
throughout Canada where else would
one desire to go with the opportunities
offered? Stay at home and dig In and
yon will get your reward.
portation of liquor for private consumption. The latest legislation at
| the Perioral capital leaves this qnes-
j tion distinctly vague. Once before
when the subject was under discussion
rival views obtained regarding when
the Order-In -Council under the War
Measures Ad censed to operate, By
some it was hold Mint it. would he ineffective when pence with Germany
was proclaimed. Others maintained
that the War .Men-tires Act would remain in force until peace had come
into effect wltll all the countries with
whom Canadn hud heen involved. The
new legislation lends Itself to mystification, especially in n Province like
British Columbia, whore, under tho
Provincla I' (Yd. t he importation of
liquor Inr prlvato consumption is per-
.milted. TIMs n point iu which both
' Lhe Prohibition nnd Anti-Prohibition
■ forces aro Inienlly Interested, and wn
SUgg-OSl   to   tlie   (.nvenimeul   nn   time
should be allowed to elapse before
securing such Information as will leftd
to a decision being rendered.
M;i,vri:iiiM: mixtiki:
Bring Vein* Problems lo Is
It is not going to far to think thut
we could save Africa from chaos and
solve thai problem whicli American
cannot solve, which tho West Indies
made Btich a great llnsco of, and
which South Africa is jusi rcfhllstlng
she ought to have thought of a generation ago, the Impact of Black onhureof the donation. So It happens
White and how the two can work to- that in (tho most innocent way both
gether in unity.—Uganda Herald.       Uhildren become "happy".
Miss Pickford's portrayal of the sur-
OtfbratiiiK Fence al Ihe Equator ; prised Judy, who punishes her one-
The dance will long bo memorablo mios, gives jam to all tiie children,
as a fine response ou a great historic! ami defies tho ogre of a matron is
occasion calling for a real effort to! wonderfully done,
outshine past achievements, and in It ii only ono of the masterful
this It must have been specially grat-1 "bits" she does In this picture which
Ifying to the host and hostess who carries Judy, the orphan from her
were thereby shown that the present i hlnli to her marriage to n rich man
can   vie  With  tho  pnsl. and  that old j who sends her to college.
Zanzibar, the Mother City of tho East -^^ -..'*■'■—;-L-**—L,.!.'., !,'■"!-.,■■ *TT
Const is equal to the youngest of
them when anything special Is called,
for and has to lie done, There was!
a large attendance of the leading
Arabs and members of the different
Tho quick
iciion of simple glyCor-
iue. bucklhor
e hark, otc, as mixed in
Ailler-i-ka. is
surprising.   One spoon-
ful    relieves
ANV     CASK     gas     nu
stomooh or s
iur atomach.   Arilor-I-kn
acts ou BOTH upper anil lower bowel
nut) removes all foul accumulated matter which poisoned stomach. Often
CUBES courtip.ilinn. Prevents appendicitis, Ono lady reports she has
no moro pnin in back of head or gas
on stomach since using Arilor-1-ka.
Beottle-Noble,  Druggists.
The class war whicli has resulted ill
the death of Tour patriotic citizens
in Central la, Washington State, should
give pause to those mistaken, hut none
the less blameworthy, Individuals,
both In Canada and the UnPed States,
who lightly talk or creating strlfo
between different sections of the state.
Hero were veterans of the world war
parading lu celebration of victory of
right over might, a victory that will
give the largest opportunities to the
world to dcnl fairly with all classess,
and yet those men who risked their
life for thaicause of civilization, even
of humanity, are shot down in cold
blood. Iti is an net stamping tlte misguided Industrialists as the blackest
criminals. There can be but one end
to such outrages. But the unfortunate
part fs that tlie comparatively innocent suffer and the guilty leaders will
likely get off scot free. These nre
Ihe one who are primarily responsible
—such talk, as the Radical Heds did
in Can..da lasl winter, of rotting one
section against tlie oilier even to the
verge of civil war. What wonder Is
lt It that that their dupes take the
exhortations of these brain storm
characters too seriously and break thc
bounds. The time calls for drastic
dealings with the leaders of any section of the community who insinuate
thut war will come If their demands
are not -granted.
Trafflcc on tho C.P.R. in all directions is quilt; heavy ul tlie present
time, hardly a train passing through
Cranbrook that is not. more than comfortably filled, especially trains from
the Kast carrying prairie Inhabitants,
many of whom nre seeking lhe wanner
ctlnintes since the recent outbursts of
Jack Frost.
Famous Wash
Heals Skin
The Grand Forks Gazette says
"Tho Croat Northern railway is
nbondonlng its branch of 24 miles to
Phoenix and the work of tnklng up tin
sieel commenced this week, The water
tanks will also he removed, as also
will bo nialerial of value lu the bridge
running into Granby smoltor, Tw
carloads of Doukhobors were brought
In from Brandon, Man., In do the labor.
"The removal of this Hue does not
materially nffoct the future uf Phoenix
ns the C.P.R, line still remains, and
thoro Is a growing tendency ou *he
part of railways to do away with competing lines in small centres. The
Great Northern was also cutoff frnm
the Granby Mine by a cave-in there
snme months ago."
The sudden rise In the temperature W. II. Shire, who has beet} ul C-anal
has brought spring llko Woathor along Pints, wns in  the city Monday and
the Kootenay lake,'mid everybody WOl- Tuesday and will go from Cranhrook
, comes the change which hns come in to Wasa Friday.   Mr. Shire has been
1 (he Inst few days.    Practically till the  dovoloplllg    a    silver-lead     prospect
BHOW lu lhe lowlands along the lake which he has al Canal Flats ami feels
and  nl  points  some distant  east  of the time wfll come when lie will have
Kootouny Landing ims disappeared, n good properly there.
The funeral of thc late John Hamll-
ton, whose death wns noted in these
columns last Thursday, took pface
from the undertaking establishment of
F. M. McPhorsoti) Monday morning at
11:00 o'clock. Rev. Sinclair officiating. -
Use Sweet Milk-Sour Milk
Buttermilk or water
Baking Powder
Egg-G  Baking Powder Co., Limited
Hamilton, Canada
Indian Communities whose own gala!
garb lidded much lo the general effect.- Zanzibar Gazette.
■*■»-»■♦*.-»■.      -
MARY I'll Kl 01(11 AS "JIWV IN
•l..\|ih%J.0\t. I.KI.S" LEABNH
liESHO.N llttni I1AB0 CIDEB .ll'fl
One of the funniest ut' ull the hu
morons things with which Mary
Plckford's    new     mid     best     feature, j
"Daddy Long Legs" which will be
soen ni the Bex theatre is loaded in a]
series nf scene.-; In which Mary, asi
Judy Abbott, takes too much hard
The funny Utile "drunk" is not Indulged In by Judy Abbott, the orphan
child Miss Plckford plays, with malice
aforethought, it unpens that she
and a funny little orphan with a.very
freckled face have just lead a "prune
Btrlke" in which they have sought'' to
otftln better fond fnr tlie children of
Lhe asylum, who are fed on t|lI#S0HP
ami prunes.
. Tlte tyrannical head matron has |
won the buttle, heing a large woman j
able to dominate the cowering little
waifs who arc charges of the lu&tltu-
tion, and punish Judy, nnd the little
hoy who aided her in encouraging
the children to strike, liie matron puts
them out in to the yard wth nothing to:
oat, A thief who has lieen stealing;
from a passing wagon throws over
the fence a jug nf hard cider, and;
some sandwiches.
Judy and the hoy have lieen praying
for food. They think this dropped,
from Heaven, and proceed to oal und
11 will lake just a few moments to
step In nnd ask us what our experience lias lieen in the way of grateful customers with the soothing wash
of oils. D. 1>. 1). Your money bark
unless the lirst bottle relieves ynu.
Crnnbrook Book nnd Drug Co,
IMtt Up Qai.Uy M» ttt JMtM«,
P.n-tritiof ttttstsMtt ,t
(Eitabthiiti mm
*    WRITE To-Day
"How to Trap mid
Animals" jhfiK
pens Supplies, Shipping
Taea, Prices on Hides
and Purs, and other
vtitualile in for million.
 — MINN.
In cases of rheumatism and lame
back it penetrates quickly, drives out
soreness, and Umbers tip stiff, aching
joints and muscles.
Wizard Oil is an absolutely reliable, antiseptic application for ents,
bums, bites, and stings. Sprains and
bruises heal readily under its toothing, penetrating qualities.
Get it from druggists for 30 cents.
If not satisfied return the bottle and
get your money back.
Evei constipated or have lick
headache? Just try Wizard Liver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, 30
Cents.   Guar
Rev. Hugh McKay Lyon. Minister
a. in.    Divine Service
12 noon    Sabbath School
7.30 p. m. Evening Service '
_ B
llrs. I.iwii Si MacKinnon
I'liJ'stdlllls 1111,1 SiiriiHilis
Ofllci   ;,i  residence. Armstrong
OFi-'iri: nouns
Poronooiia   n.00 lo 10.00
Aflornooiia   i.OO lo   4.00
l.v<-iiitics 7.30 to   8.110
Snmlnj'H      2.30 to   4.30
CIlANllllOOK, B.C'.
If vou waul Bill intact Inn
-wllh vour washttiK
send tt to
Special urices for famllv
,*^*.':..V.;"./\r;iTr -[ia..j:~n" .:  ...VVj.*
gUjUtVi U---J CJ-E-I -J
V^i.LTiifti-nx-r.j* sZ\'.:iim'clS-"S~-'t\ iv; -TT il'v.i ni." u .'■"ii'^-l'*-^--- ■ i-Jaa 5-iii i"*----*i a."^iilT'.5iK*jbil".iiKI,Irjynii-jnEiSO^t!
Tin- Slioc KpecialiHl
.101   MAI.AI'Olll
Sullsfmlliiii Guaranteed
i,-M,1i|ii.u-,r>rs tor all klri'ln of
tlT.T    THAT    OLD    1I0IISK
now'-ioit oivk cs k con*
TRACT   TO Rl'll.ll   VOr   A.
Clarke & Sainsbury
I'henc 73 or tttfl      P.O. Box 603
The Act to amend the Canada Temperance Act which hns been passed at
Ottawa leaves the situation aomewhal
obscure regarding this Province, says
tho Victoria Colonist. The Dominion
legislation provides that in the matter or Importation of liquor into a
Province, presumably whether lor private consumption or for other purposes, the legislature of lho Province
can pass a resolution embodying a
potltlon to the Qovernor-ln-Counotl
asking that a plebiscite he hold on tho
subject. This only applies to Provinces where the sale of Intoxicating
Hiti.nr un a beverage is already unlawful. It Is not stutellf this legislation
immediately supercede.* thu order-In-
council passed under thc Wur Mens-.
UTOS  Act,  whereby  Importation   won I
How itrtnge the old-time picture! of sport would look today—
baseball teams boasting ut Iraat half-a-dozen sets of whiskers—full-
bearded cricketers- champion* of the scull with their chins concealed.
Today the athlete knows the importance of the well-ahuven chin.
He is conscious that he is most keen when he is well-groomed—juit aa
li the business man and the soldier.
For men who love outdoor life and sports, men of virile minds and
active bodies, we have designed a Gillette Safely Razor with an ettra
stocky handle—the "Bulldog" Gillette, shown to the left.
Not that tht Gillette mit-da a sturdy graip. A light touch, with the
angle stroke, removes the most stubborn beard with surprising comfort.
But there is a certain appeal In
the thicker handle of the "Bulldog".
Ask to see this special set and
appreciate the point for  yourself,
Tha c«w, you will notice, ie
almoit aeeompact ul tha fatnoui
Packet Etiitian Citlatlee, mnJ
the prica le tha tame,   $5.00.
Sold ty all Jaatara catering tm
man'a tteede.
Includaa oval Morocco.
Cas* with two blada
boxes to match, and 12
double-edged  bladaa.
Safety Razor
I'BllIB  OF  THK  ttliST j
Ilrit Isli .<'ul unibla-Mu,l« i
Ilny nt Hum.' I
-liu'tu).   Smith,   lllnlr Ji  On. {
Vnnrnnrer. H.C. \
Kiiiili'iiii)' Granite & Jlon-
iiniciitiil Co., l.til.
Gpnornl Stone Colitractorg nnd
Monnmenlal Workn
Fl'onl SI.. Nclvin   I'. 0. lint Sit.".
FurwtrillnK and  DUIrlballng
Agent for
l.ethbrldfii tut Greenklll roil
luiierliil Oil l.'o.
niitrbntlou Ctn 1 Specialty.
Ilrnjlii)- nml Ti'iinsterrlin*
GItm prompt iUtutlon
Phone 13   -
■jWethoUtfit Clittrtij
Rev. R. W. Lee, paslor
11:00 n.in.--Subject: "Is the Serme of Sin Declining.''
Preacher: RRV. n. \V. I.KIO
7: :!0 ii.ni.—Speaker
You are Inviteil
'LANS. Sn:t'IFM'.lTIO>S.
lli-nmili-lllnn nml llr|iulrs n
J.    F.   Ill (II I'll II FT
nn: ii(i.'ii: iiakciiv
Knlil. Frume. Prop.
I'l'i'sli llrciiil, I'lilcs I'lei
nml I'hsIij
Phone 87
Norbury Ave       0|>|> City Hall
Cranhrook, B. ('.
M.-i-.r.-! every Tueeday at 8 |i m In
the Fraternity Hall
('. fl. Bni-Bstrom, C. C.
C. H. Collins. K. R. H 3.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited tn attend.
I'll,iiii- NHi-slut* Home
Llcoustd by Provincial llovl.
Ilnlornllj mnl (lentrnl Nursing
Massage und Heat Cure. Highest
RoforonccB, terms moderate.
A|i(lly Mrs. A, Crnwtord, Matron
I'liniio -ii.-i P. O. Box 845
AildinBs, Garden Ave. Cranhrook
51 ii n Iii iiii llisliiiirnnl
Menls al All Hours
Cigars, Clgnretlea and Candy
0|i|inslle the Bank ot I'nmmari-o
Now   Open   For Business
XTbe dlub Cafe
in Baiter Street
Opposite Cosmopolitan fiot.i
When in Cranbrook
The Place To Eat
is at
Alex Hurry's
Tables  in Connection
Hurry's White Lunch
Meets In the
I'ill-lull Hull
lirst Tuesday
afUrnoon of
every   montii ;
iP" ■"*••
y&^j-P^jl-^BaC   ,lres- Ml'J- '*■
^^^SS->^^       ,';»mpliell, hoi j
Sei*y, Mrs. J. W. Burton. P. 0. Bm 621.
All ladles cn-dlally Invited.
Nnn Open for Engngements.    Ono In
Four Pieces
Tlie Music wllh the PEP,    For Terms
Apply |
nr pknne MS Cranhnok, B, G.I
TheLondof Nodi-r.ilr < limatc
Invijoralin* Hostful-Enjoyable.
\-;.''\        TO  YOUR   HKAHT'Si
MAKE    -
tOr l*«RTir-.U-.»n-. •■ Rf»AVATION3
APPLY ANV AOaXT TIiiumIii), Novemlier 80, HUH.
THE    CltAMlItOOK     II G II X 1,11
I'll li     THREE
Wrapped to insure its perfect
condition in all climates and
seasons. Sealed tight—kept
right. The perfect gum in the
perfect package.
After every
flavour lasts
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Cumuli! l.imili'il
Offices, Smelling and Refining Department
s.Mi:i.Ti:its    ami    1t1.1iM.1tN
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper ami l.cml Ores
I'rniliicers of flolil. Silver, Copper, llliicstiinc, l'iir l-cnil nail
Zlne ■•'!'..ll.W.U'" Brand.
it la encouraging to note tii.it there
is a probability the total tonnage lo
ihe smelter of the Consolidated Mining
and Smelting 'Confimny (if Canada,
Limited, »i Trail will exceed tbo tonnage of Ihm year Thla would indicate
timt the predicted revival In mining
Which would follow the .'inline of tbe
Win*, is til-tain.
if tlte major prbportlea ol Ute Company ranlntnln their tonnage shipping
for tin1 roat ni tills year, tbelr total
Bhlpmenta to tlie Company1**- amoUor,
nt Trail win considerably exceed last
yoar'a record ot 3-10,780 tons. i> to
SopL 21, ih*' properties ol tho Conaoli-
dated Bcattiered over tho Kootenay
nml Bounder j wore credited ol Iho
amelter with 3111,(114 tons of ore
\imi   \i-1d llPHlsUlig Metal
DlnweretLb) Illinois Man
A dlnpoteti rrom Urhaiio aaya, a new
metal alloy thai -eon bo aubstltntvd
for platinum or todd whoro add resit ting metals aro required lies been
dlecovered hy Prof 8 \V. Parr, of tho
dopnrlment of i homlstry of tbo Uni-
varsity of Illinois The new alloy,
which Prof. I'mi has nutned "llllmii'.
in honor ol lho (hilvorelly, coals ap
proxlmaiol) 18 conls an ounce, whoro
iik the coal of platluiun recently was
SHU an ounce and R-dd -M11 an ottneo
Tin' Mi-1 mixture of illlum wrta made
in April. 1917. This was not entirely
unllafactory hut early in tho next year
a fit) per conl standard of BiiCt ess was
obtnliiod. Now a plMo of the metal ims
ini'n kepi In mid for nix months whiif
tho mill ims lifi'ii tnailo Inn umi cold,
diluted mid concentrated, but the metal jjtifl shown no sign of change.
Laal year it was nuedVlth marked
miccesa end calorimeter bombs used
in measuring tho heat units in coal
whioh the gbvermpent has ordered in
large quantifies now contain Illlum instead ol platinum. Other alloys ii la
said, have boen found -too brittle and
can  bo cm t  but  not  macblnod  like
Ili'ilcM' Ni'ia Scotia Minors
Hill Uk lor Vnii'tlciiit Scale
|\\ lie -■■'' Ihis ol Nova Scotia Steol
and Coal are awny looking for markets abroad, it looks as iiumg.t labor
trouble may he brewing nl homo. Tiio
presidenl of the Mine Workers has
announced that tlte Nova Scotia coal
miners will be guided by tho acttaft
of Uie minors in the central competitive fields in the United Statos In
Eheir demands upon Uio coal mint'
operators in Nova Scotia. This humus.
says this official, n Bis hour day. live-
day week nnd a 00 per cent* wage Increase, Tiii'- would affocl tbo Domln-|
Heel * oi*|ioriiiiu'i and the Scotia
tries Scotia common continues
aw strength, Ijelng, nl lasl Bales,
; s Vii'iVi rod, « hile there havo
tow salo:* to judge by, is firm at
nni ;
io ,1
111    Mi
hi i'n
l OR,
Toi-iiiitti IIen Mat liniiiioe
lipii'itiniui'iii \nrUicru 'iim
i'he Omlnoac Herald suys.
".lohn D (iiiliowiiy. provlncli I min
ing engineer, reports quite a boom in
, quartt mining in the Barkerville dlstrlcl.   Robert Bryco. of Toronto, ono
' uf the best -known eastern Canada
mining engineers, is head of a syndi-
' eato of Toronto men who made big
money In the Cobalt district, and who
havo bonded a group of quartz claims
near the old time placer country. At
tlie present time they have sixty men
' working and their plans call for vigorous operations throughout the wln-
. (er. A couple of diamond drills are on
their way in and they will be operated at the earliest possible date. Tn
the meantime, open cuts, shafts and*
tunnels are being dug into the hill,
' with the object of proving before next
Bprlng whether the property In a low-
grade gold property or nothin at all.
All Indications are most favorable thut
it will bo n good one.
"As a result of the lionri taken on
this group of claims, there has beon a
Hiuall-si/.L'il stampede and claims have
been staked nil over that section of the
.country and conwlderable prospecting
hits been done. There is good reason
to suppose that other properties will
be discovered as a result or this work
and Darkeiwille will again come to the
11nm In the gold mining world.
■ A mini hy the name of Moore wiio
ims placer ground on Antler Creek,
proved up on his ground during the
- past season, and next spring will bring
in a large-sized dredge tt work the
Twenty-One .Mines Ship t«*
.Smeller for Week Nov. »   ■
Twenty-one mines supplied 4238
tons of ore fo the smelter of the Con-
1 Bolldnted .Mining & Smelter Company,
Limited, at Trail for tlie week ending
November 7th. the report of the com-
* pany follows:
, Mine ami place Gross tons
Almo Mill, Almo       90
Bluebell, lliondel       04
Donohtte, Nicola       8
Gentry. Cottonwood, Id. ....     .14
Highland. Cedar Creek       70
Josie, Rossland   '24!)
■Loon Lake, Loon Lake, Wn.,     2ft
Mandy. The Pas, Man      05
:    Maestro. Cedar Creek       38
j    North Star, Kimberley    370  .
Queen Itcss. Sandon       48
Itossluud Prop., Rossland ... -231(1
Hutli. Cetlar Creek      Uf.
Rambler, Rambler  235
sitting Hull. Athalmer      18   »
Spokane Trinket, Aim-worth,    45
St, Eugene, Moyie •        44
,    Standard, Silverton     230
Strobeck, Chewelah, Wn      33
Trojan. Athalmer       22
Whitewater, Retallark      32
GovepHiuenj l \|mti Predicts
1 Kright till ure for Indiitlry
The Victoria Colonist eoya:
"Mr. George Clothier, Provincial
Government District Mining Kngin-
, eer. after returning from a trip to
the Salmon River and Bear River
districts, speaks glowingly of mining
' possibilities. He says thai recently
there have boon no les.' than six properties bonded on the Bear River, tbo
interests having beta secured iu most
cases by American capital. He refers
to some rich prospects on tho Naaa
River slope which, however, could not
be inspected because of the snow.
Some ore brought from these properties went as high as nine hundred
ounces of silver to tiie ton.
"That probations have been made
ror the continuance of work through
the winter on the Mineral Hills.
Bush, Forty-Nine and Big Missouri
properties, ta confirmed hy Mr. Clothier, supplies wore packed to these
claims before the road became impassable, He also refers to the fact
thai with the coning of snow the
Premier mine people will commence
bringing out ore.
"The Spider group wnich hns produced some rich silver ore from tt
narrow vein, is reported to have boon
sold to interests ro pre son led by Wi A.
Mollocho. of Now York. The COnsid-!
eration has not been made public I
but It is understood tiiat development
work will he undertaken with no im-l
necessary loss of lime.
"Miners ut Stewart hnve been interested lately in ore samples from the
Molherlodo group, whieh was located .
during the summer hy A. W. Balzl-
uior and Patrick Mcllrtde, This properly is situated about two miles above
Hig Missouri und comprises six
claims. A shipment of fifty pounds of I
i lie ore is being sent out to Vancouver.
The principal is silver but itmemfw v
contains nlso some gold and considerable lend."
Eminent Painters Design
.' Our Boxes
VY/HY.      Because   we   believe   their   appearance
should reflect the quality o) their contents.   And
their contents are n triumph of the confectioner's art.
After a- design is perfected, no detail is neglected to
make the hox an artistic triumph.
The shaping of the  corners, the colour and tie of
the ribbon, everything is made to harmonize.
As a result, the Gift of a Box of Meilson's is always
a joy to the e*Pe and to the palate.
Buy to-night—a Box  o\ Meilson's Chocolate
des Aristocrates.
3KTrita im's
" The Chocolates that are Different*'
overlooked by tho old timer,**. Manager I.. A. Bonner slates that the gold
is heavy lead gold and typical of the
channel gold of this section. Although
'ho Benson Is well on bo expects, to
make a substantial recovery before
operations cease.
I'ar.nlisr Mine, Windermere
Shipped l-i.C. Tons to Smeller
The Paradise Mine at Windermere
has shipped 1,035 tons of ore this
year to Trnll Smelter.
C. V..Brennan. acting for New York
capitalists, has ended the Dolphlne
Mine, on Toby Creek. This mine was
an important shipper of high-grade
slver-ieatl  oro 2ft year.-,  ago.
LIQUIDS and PASTES: For Black .White Jan
ond Ox-Blood (dark brown) Shoes*.»-
rurlii.m Quurlfl (lalmhm
Tbe Attention of Miner-.
Placet* gold production ln tho Catl-
: boo Dlstrlcl thia season ha., been ooiv-
; aldorably in ekeesstif that of last year
j and wit li development premised on
j Prosporlno Quart is claim, which recently wan acquired by eastern Can-
Indian Interests; con rider able mining
activity is nssnred next year. With j
: reference to tho qtmrtz properties,
B. A. Bryco, who is iu clmifge of the,
: worlt of opening them up, atnlea that
ahout forty mon will lto employed
during the winter.
Word nlM comes from Stanley that
what Ih describod as nn important
gold strike was made by the Light-
iiiiis Creek Hydraulic Limited where
they are operating above the mounth
of Amador Creek. The discovery waa
made by sinking a shaft about flvej
| hundred feet ahead of the .face. Hera
they   struck   a   channel   ■pftrMtty1
When You
you have a
heart, it is
time to
watch your
Stomach. Palpitation
and other signs Of "heart
trouble" usually mean
—indigestion, produced
by foodpoispns thalirri-.
tate every part of tho
body — heart included.
Sullivan  Mine,  Klmberley.  il. I.
Contracts will ho let for a connect-,
Ing raise, ii feet by 1-1 feet, "Hi feet
long to ho driven at an angle of 47
degrees, following a diamond drill
liole 2 ll-::" Inches in diameter. i
Also for driving 1000 feet of tunnel. 10 feet hy 12 foot; and fiOO feet
of cross-cutting, S feet by li feet. My-
■.Ts-Wltalcy mucking machine available.
Also contracts for breaking oro iu
-(topes, Adequate* power and equipment supplied; Turbro one-man ma-
chlntj in use.
Oood buiikhouse accomodations and
*i limited number*of homes for married men.
further   particulars   if   necessary
■an he obtained from K. ti. Montgoro-
Supt., Klmberley- li. C„ to whom
communication!! and bids should
ddressed, '
lurreiiM' In Kale of Interest,
PUBLIC NOTICR is hereby glvei
Mint iu accordance with the prnvl
sions of au Act to amend the Dominion Lands Act, passed al the lasl
Session of Parliament, nnd commencing from tho 7th July, lfili-, wheyo
Interest is chargeable, the rate of
auch Interest on all now isansaclons
in connection with Dominion Lands
shall bo six per centum por annum;
also that from 1st of September. 1W9
the rate on all overdue instalments
in connection wiih hotli poat and f
t uro t ran<ucl ions will h*|fi|CIr ' ^
to fieven per centum p
iJoparlment   of   the   Interior
Ottawa,  August 2fi,  181*.
Kopair Untk Soltcltcd,     Trice* Koa*eoalil«
i;ah.oii.. \nt, tikis ami hum* tct'ES&ORiRS in stock
Agents for
The Studebaker
WW six light six im.iit foir
li enualderlng hnylng a ear cull on ii».   fi yen hate i light car ire
will lake it on part pat ment at a reasonable priee.
nil. f. n. iiii,i:s
nnirt'ln llnnsOn Blnrk
ll to 12. n.m.
1   to    r,  p.m.
ciiMimiooK, i.e.
.Train Service
No. •:;
ctlvo June ^(. lolff.   Tliore »H! bo a gehoral chong^ in irain
Tinics fnr I ruin*, nl .'ranbrook i.lll be;
No. OS
l.v    Meillullte Hut   Ar
l.v   Calgary  Ar
I.-.    1.1-lhbriilK"   Ar .                2.00
l.v   Fertile   Ar 18.4.
•    .\r   Crantrook   l.v 16.15
l.v   cranbrook   Ar lo.o.v
Ai    I.TnKi-Riiii.   l.v "isuo
Ai-    Knoll-nay Landing   l.v 11.20
■ fiirthi-r particulars apply '<> any ticket hk«iii.
.1   K  piiorTOii. iihirlrt I'mncng-r Agent, Calgary.
UAB THE HCU41.II ASIII GET THE   -il'KH   0**V W*l FEB IEAK i* A li r.    v ii i: it
I II i:    C It A Ml R 0 0 K     II K lt A JL It
Thursday, Jiovciuber 20, 1011).
»»,ii^»„*^«i^«   ,1/ee, , ,*}f,n    r\f,m   sr\fim   eUmtQ 0^*11)•• fits*   >•*%'   —Ap   ■4ft"«,'Jll"*»*A»   -»»lfl<" »»"*>R
mmm cicanm»pym || Grand Annual Sale of Work
>ii"  1 ndor the Manaireinent nt
Just returned   irom   four years service overseas,   having      I    w. !*
hail nineteen years' experience In  tlie  Cleaning and   Dyeing      I    A I, UIIKS' AID OF THK MKTHODIST CHURCH
business, ean guarantee ull work perfect, prompt and reliable.
If your welcome to returned men means anything ' --end nie
your work. A trial is all we ask—olir work will do tin- rest.
S|i,-,-ial Attention to Onl nl' Tunit Orders.
r. ii. mix 79.
I'HOMJ 1.1
\y*Jl>> i,Ml"''Vly"M-Wl  msefiji msA/.i.wsiJ\/s.mse%'>mS))iQ
Our Overtures uuil Orchestra A.-niitipiiiiiiiii-ul.-. Features
PRICES*--i.i mul .111 Cents.   Saturday Matinee, 2«c, 85c
"Terror ol' lite It a nice"
anil ".Next Aisle Over," Comely
THURSDAY,  NOV.  26-27
To lie held lu the old (>) muusiuiii al thc rear of the
church.   A vnriety of serviceable arlicles, such us pil-
-J   loiv   slips,   towels,   a|ir»ns,   dreum-rolies,   camisoles,
children's near und n large assortment, of dainty ur*
f   tides suitulilc for Christmas gifts will be found on the    ]
dlcreul tables.
*♦—•- -♦ »■■*>■ - ♦—♦- -♦
Afternoon Ten WIN Uv Served.        Snle Opens ol .1 P.M.
[W>—Hf** ■-UNw ii-^w i wf\frm ii-UWn n-Ufy m mHnm iW^wfl
Make your Christmas
purchases early this year
or yon may f» disappointed. We have n
beautiful selection to
chose from now, but in
two weeks' time many of
our lines will be broken.
We are especially strong
this year in French Ivory
and with no advance In
price, should he moro
popular than ever and
|Q    meet witli ready sale.
The Fink
Co., Ltd,
Cranbrook, B. C.
NOTICE—Starting: Monday, November -'1th, our
standard admission will he -Hi cents uditlts nnd 15 cents
to children. These prices include ull features previously shown al .!."> cents. Only a few superb production*, shall lie booked at a Stir admission as In the past.
Over tbe Cea Cups
Insure with Boats and Elweli.
J. II. Hayes nnd Sons. Fort Steele
tire the latest to embark in the lumber-
Ing business, having opened ihere.
Take a deposit box In Hie Benle rnd
Elweli vault,
The bazaar in aid ot SL Mary's
church, held yesterday afternoon and
evening afforded much pleasure for
who attended and resulted in a neat
Hum being- realized tor the church. 'I'he
turkey dinner was an attraction along
Peps Will
end   It.   Dlt-
your mouth
when   the
cong'i    It
troublesome, and
the medicinal
vapor that   ls
liberated Is breathed
to     the     remotest <
parts of the air  pas-
sages  and  lungs.    It i
soothes aud heals the
Inflamed    membranes,
thus ending the Irritation
and stopping the cough.
Peps are equally good for
bronchitis- sure throat and-^
laryngitis.   All dealers, 50c. "
box, or Peps Co., Toronto.
j witli the amusement afforded through
tbo candy and cigar stand and fish
I pond. The drawing for prizes, eon-
ducted by Mayor Cameron also de-
lighted those present.
Heale and Elweli have Instructions
■ to sell a small number of acres In the
Irrigated block, south of the city, for
j 85.00 por a<;re. This is an opportunity
\ to secure valuable agricultural land
'at a rcdit'iilously low figure, whicli
, should not be missed. For full in-
' formation apply to Beale and Elweli.
; Tbe council chamber walls now contain the photographs purchased recently by the council of tbe battalions
enlisted here from R, J. Binning.
' Insure with the Cranhrook Agency
If it's job printing you nre lu need
Of, telephone the Herald and let our
solicitor call. We nre at your service
with an equipment second to none in
the Province. Buy at home nnd help
moke Cranbrook a blgfccr city.
The Mnrion Oliver Mission band
will hold a tea In thc Presbyterian
Schoolroom, on Saturday, November
20t1lt from Three to Six. Everybody
welcomed. ll-20-2t
Already the enterprising merchants
of Cranhrook are beginning to arrange
their supply of holiday goods and Cranbrook's citizens will have no excuse
for nol shopping nl home,
Ensign und Mrs. Dunlop will conduct the services on Sunday In the
Salvation Army boll. Sunday school
3 p.m. Salvation service ".-to p.m.
; [everybody is welcome.
' Ranchers! Patmore Brothers are
i demon strating   tho   new    Vibratory
I churn. Churning butter in n minute
| Is tbe latest dairy improvements,
'call and see it.
City Cleric Roberts was in Spokane
tiie early part of the week.
C. S. Bodkin, Bull River, wns here
on Monday on business.
W. Forsyth, Sandon, was a business
visitor In the city this week.
David fioddea, Portland, Oregan was
among the arrivals here this week.
. A. E. "Whits, of VVattsburg, was a
business visitor in the clly Tuesday.
J. Campbell Lewis nnd family, of
Elko, have taken up their residence
in tills city. Mr. Lewis was at one
time game warden at Elko.
Miss Marion Robertson of the General hospital nursing staff, Calgary, is
home on a few weeks' vocation. Mis-;
Madge accompanied hor form Calgary.
Miss Vera Bailey after a month's
visit with her aunt, Mrs. ,1. Fingal
Smith, left on Monday for Vernon to
attend the wedding of Iter brother,
Angus Musser departed Saturday for
Pnrkhill, Ont,, being summoned there
because of tlie serious illnoss of bis
mother. Mr. Musser will be absent for
some time.
3. Cameron, who is a patient at thc
St. Eugene hospital suffering from n
hroken leg, the fracture occurlng while
he was engaged at bis work with tlie
East Kootenay Lumber Company, at
Jaffray, is improving.
A prettily appointed tea was given
by Mitw Beyrle Cameron, Monday evening at tlie home of her parents.
Mayor nnd Mrs. Cameron, In honor of
.Mis:; Jo Drummond, whose marriage
to Mr. L. J. Ruddy, accountant of the
East Kootenay Lumber Co., nt Jaffray,
took place yesterday.
Miss A. Sherlock wus a business
visitor in the city last Friday. She
has recently returned from overseas.
where she served nearly three yean-
as a nursing sister In various Canadian and Imperial hospitals. Originally going over with a Canadian medical unit, she wus transferred lo the
Imperials and was stationed most of
tbe time at La Havre.
A very quiet wedding took place
Saturday morning, at 11:00 o'clock,
when Miss Rose Eaasle, daughter of
City Engineer Hassle became tlie bride
of Cecil Barnard Garrett, well-known
Cranbrook rancher. The wedding ceremony was performed In the parlor
at St. Eugene Mission, Rev. Father
Murphy officiating. The bride, during
the past few weeks, has been honored
by many friends with functions given
in her behalf. The bride and groom
have taken up their residence on tlie
Garrett ranch.
\V. A. Brown and wife, Toronto,
were arrivals here Tuesday.
Harry Gamble, the mining man, has
been in Trail and Nelson on mining
business.   He arrived home yesterday.
Rev. H. M. Lyon of the Presbyterian
church, prached in Calgary Sunday in
St. Paul's church, arriving home on
Mrs. T, L Drummond entertained
in honor of Miss Enid dill and her
daughter Josephine on Wednesday
e veti I irg of In st week, and a very
pleasant evening was enjoyed.
J. E. Meyers, private secretary to
Hon. Dr. J. H. King, minister of works
In the B.C. Government, arrived In
the city Monday evening and Is arranging for the visit of Hon. Dr. King
and Attorney-General Farrls who will
he here Monday.
The Misses Enid and Bertha Gill
entertained the O.B.C.-X.V.Z. Club at
their home on Friday evening. A
very pleasant time was spent at progressive whist. Miss Delia Greaves
won the first prize and Miss Beryle
Camoron received tbe consolation.
A very dainty supi-cr wns served, the
table boinfc artistically decorated In
keeping with the wiles of cupid, and
the club girl.-- wished Miss Enid and
Miss Josephine Drummond farewell
to tlieir club and a happy future.
Miss .Mamie Matthews was hostess
to a number of the young lady ond
gentlemen friends of Miss Enid Gill,
with a kitchen shower, Monday evening, tlte event being in honor of Miss
Gill's approaching marriage to Mr.
Myrl.e llallon,of the staff of the Superintendent of the C.P.R's office here,
which will take place November 26.
The young ladles arrived at the Matthews' home at 8:30, the gentlemen arrived later In Ihe evening. A dainty
luncheon was served after which dancing was indulged In until a late hour.
The decorations were of white and red
and the Matthews' home looked lovely
because of the taste displayed by the
young hostess, and one of the most
enjoyable evenings spent for some
time wns had by tbe guests.
Corporation of the City of Cranhrook
Notice is hereby given that the portion of Fenwlck avenue, between
Louis nnd Edwards streets is now
closed to vehicular traffic for the winter months and will be reserved for
lhe convenience of" those who wish
to "coats." Coasting upon any other
street or alley Is strictly prohibited.
By Order of the City Council.
Crnnbrook. B. C, Nov. 13th, 1919
Nov. 20-27-2L
The ladies' Auxiliary of the Great
War Veterans' association will give
a dance in the Veterans' hall on Friday, November 28. Dancing, 9 till 1
Admission fifty cents, Including refreshments.
The dance is being held in support
of the children's Christmas tree fund.
The Great W/ar Veterans are giving
a dance in the Veterans* hall on Friday evening. November 21, from il until 1 o'clock. Edmonson's orchestra
will furnish tlie music and tlie admission will be Fifty eent., Including refreshments.
Dear Sirs:
I have just shipped
you a large quantity of
things for the Boys and
Girls of Cranbrook.
I will be in Cranbrook again on December 18th, as usual.
Yours truly,
List your bouse with the Cranbrook
Agency Company.
For Men of Taste
and Refinement-
We have just received a fine assortment of
Forsyth Shirts
Every One a Beauty
Also Heavy Flannel Shirts
at $3.75, $4.00 and $4.50
Men's and Boys' Rubbers, Hose, Etc.
See our fine line of Men's Caps
Right Goods at the Right Prices
One. good tone, line for learner,
One, magnificent. Instrument, up-lo-
ilale In every particular; sacrhl.-e
DROS8MAK.NO.*-Por drcnseB of any
kind, or eewlng, rail on Mrs. Fes-
rnets, 208 Cranbrook street.    30->lt
1*011 SALE—1 Ilolsteln cow lo freshen February 11. Tills cow Is a good
mllclier. Apply .1. \Y. CARLSON,
Bull River, B.C. 10-23-4t
WANTED—Men with teams to contract to skid and haul poles any
quantity up to ten thousand. Apply
International Post and Pole Co., Ltd.
CIS Latimer St., Nelson. P.O. Box
98.' 11-C-2I.
Endorsed by the  best authority  in
Panada—Piano Manufacturers.
Having finished four months' business In and abnut Nelson, Is now
working east, and will be In ('ran-
brook iood.
Sam Polo, brother of the famous
Eddie Polo, star of the "Lure of the
Circus serial, and Harry Deroore and
Pete Morrison—all Universal character actors, ure bewailing the fact that
rlnema directors are habitually making serene fights "too realistic."
Polo Is nursing a near-mushroom
oar, while DeMorc hut. nn nclilng cranium nnd Morrison n too-protuberant
Polo was working with Wellington
Playter In a scene In Prlsclllla Dean's
'The Wicked Darling," whicli wilt be
seen nt the Rex theatre on Wednesday nnd Thursday, November 20-27.
Director Tod Trownlng was a stickler for "action and lest of light." As
Polo leaped for Playter':' throat (he
latter gave him a back-handed pivot
blow (now barred In the ring) which
bndly cut Polo'*-* onr and deafened him
'■'.'* several days.
So, when, at Universal, the director
bellows: "Action and lots of fight."
the players look anticipating!? at the
medicine chest and wonder If their
tuclt chnrms are in Igond working ardor.
many a girl'!* complexion will bo
found to disappear If Zani-iltik Is
applied with regularity.
Miss Mary Krall, of Gilbert
Plaiu6, Matt., writes: "After having had disfiguring plui|*:ea on my
face for twn years, and having
tried all kinds of treatment In vain,
] had about given lip hupo of ever
getting rid of tiicin, when I «»»
an aitvertibement recommending
Xum-Buk for this troubl-*. 1 lent
for a (.ample box, and even this
small quantity brought a little Iiu-
provement, Now, after peii-ever-
in:; for some months with Kain
Pul;. my fare is entirely rid of tli*;
emfiilon."   BOc box, all dealers.
I.O. O.K.
Meets   erecy
Monday ulibt
. at Fraternity
Hall.   'soJournlnB   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
Noble Grnnd, Rec. Sec,
J. H.Whitehouse   W. M. Harris
I'hone 850
Norbury An>, Hit lo Clly Hill
lli'SnIni- Mi-i'tllltt
month nl 5 p.m. In Ibe Clly Hall
November Max. Mln.
13  19 —1
U  20 11
IS  C2 16
l-i  70 40
17  61 33
18  43 IS
l»  •• M
Where Eyesight
Is Concerned
Mcleod's Store
Dr. R. V. Hoyt
Eyesight Specialist
medicine for nit l'.-u-.iIt- Coinplnttit, «.i n hot.,
or three Tor -.SO,... 011.,' slorw, Mi.ilt.-il to nny
nitdrrHHon receipt of priw. Tin: s, oUct.t, Dnt-o
Co., St.Cdtliiiiiiii.-)!, Oninrin.
for Nerve mid Brain;IncrenM-i"Ktcy mailer'':
• Tonic--will hulM yatl up- ft a lH-*.,«ir I wo foi
fLfttdrugftflre-i or tiytntltan receipt ttt price.
fwm icaMLL »mw Co.. IL Cethert lie, «■&■■»
In every Coeur d'Alene bedroom Ib a framed cord on
which Is printed the ratea of
the room.   In other words
Mie    Coeur d'Alene    Hotel
' marks   Ihelr  Belling  prices
In plain  figure*.   Tiie patron knows what hia hill will
be; he knows that lie Is not'
being overcharged   through
a misunderstand—his or the
clerk's—he knows that he
Is  paying just what every
other occupant of that room
pays—  no  more,   no   less.
That's  standard   American
practice In first class retail
stores; some day It will no
doubt he standard practice
In the best hotels.
That framed cord Is a smalt
detail,   but   It   Illustrates   the
Coeur d'Alene way   of   doing
things.   It's one of the many
concrete  applications   of    the
Coeur d'Alene policy of fairness
and a full and honest money's
wortb, to every patron whatever
kind or price of room lie oc-
Spokane, Washington
Our showing of
is truly wonderful
Nciv Silvi-i'l.in.-' wllh HikInoii SpiiI (Hilars.
New Nlh.-rton.-N with I'liickeil Ill-aver Collars
\i-w Nulls Ksqiii-niielli- I'IiinIi In Plain and Dolman
.'loaVIs—the very lalesNl noril from the arkiion*
leiliceil fashion centres.
And kindly note models shown exclusively
by ourselves for Cranbrook all silk or satin lined
nnd priced very modestly.
Our range covers prices from V18.S0 lo $163.
Each and every model worthy of your careful
Our new importation of .Georgette Crepe
lilouses, New York's latest word for Blousedom,
Individual models just to hand and are being passed into stock. This line you cannot afford to overlook, and will at once appeal to the woman of discriminating and artistic taste.
A full range  of well-selected TUMPS and SLIPPERS In the popular London Lady make.


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