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Cranbrook Herald Sep 20, 1917

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niU'SHAY. SEPT. 20th, 11117
-. pttV*   ■ *-*
HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
mfeieiee ieie CRANBROOK'S BIG FAIR OF 1917
ioua relations have been re-established nml Creitoif, bavlog taken possession nf nearly tlit- whole ot the
wesl end of the main exhibition
— building, opened her cornucopia and
,* '.I, A 1 Confer s,„,c,n •    '*»<»VI1> Tl. UK ONE OF TIIK   HOST Sl'.'.'Kssn'l. FAIRS    1'VKH l.l.l.l. IN CIUNBBOOV    T^Z sT^l'ZTma™!'To  *
95lh, SKI -871k. _I'ltl'iSTIIN   EXHIBITS HELPED VERY MATERIALLY '"' "■   As '"'""r 'hereof ihey won
rifty-four oul  of the fifty-six prizes
offered tor fruit.    However. wr could
The   Fourth   Atieillill   C.nil'e
llie Kootenny ami Uoimdary Districts1
of Women's Institutes of HrltlBh cm       Tin* Pair of lnsl wecli wns a mosl THANKS I !
iitnbla will take place ul tho Parish i grutlfylng success, hoiuo going si. fnr
Hall een    Tuosday, Wednesday,   nnil  ns lo mnlnlnln II wns lho besl  Pair      As llie curtain has nou dropped o
Thursday, September 26th, 20th nnd  over held In Crnnhrook,   Bo th , II Crnnbrook's Eliihtli Annual Pall Pol
*.*,Hi.    iiy (lie program arranged Heel may. li mis especially gratifying when I would consider ii a mosl unpardoii
several  islons are likely to prove  one Ihlnlis ..i the woeful, dUplrltlng able  broach of uralltude  wero  I  to  M|M Madden of n.,ym- Uke showed I and
inusl I 'estlng nnd Ihu Officers and   failure  which allouded  lho  Pair ol nlluw tl ppor Ity to pass without  „ well-conceived land ie In water   hrook
Dlrcetori  hope lo see n g ml    inn;    Why i wns a success and the expressing   lhe   very    sincere   nnd  ,„•„,., ,,,  ,,,,.   „,„ *,,,      ,„,  ,.   *„ | m. ■_ ., .   ,  .,
I   burnished   nolo.
uh llel) del ig  an
vory rightly
firsl prlso tlituigli th.
rtl     did  nol   appear
nol  Iel them ran away with every-
eganl   aud   thing    I   were  compelled  to  benl
i, both of  them In crabs, Mrs, J. c. Leslie nik-
>  received   Inn firsl  in class TT and Mr. Prank
in.* nt ihe   Worthlngton.  second.    In  the vege-
n  ei... yard,   tables   Creston  wnn    thirteen firsts   *
mf'tfll'   ***sfmf   *s*sfi*.'*,*sfmli   sss/Lti   *t*sflim*msT*sfLii   m *Jltm* ssr*tPi
un r mombors mnl al*:.. mi
the Pnrmers' Instil  throughout tie* *
convention pnrllcularly le. the address
of Mi   W   IS Scolt, Si.p.'t'lni lent nt;
both lustllules    In*  I* w, ur i will
also glvo an address mi I'nhllc Henlth i
till'   V
I'll III
in lim:. it
.•ti nnsweri
r.i,.i* in, nnd
lh bollovod thnl Ihere wn
lerlllch ml   I'., is 11   liinll:
i lhe  miters of the An
n,l the  expressing    the    very    ■ Incere   and
i ki' ">  appreciation of the Director,   , v„rv  n.s|„.,,. Mp0C|all
■iy  of  anil myself fm* t mllrlng efforti of  mu»phei lor, the v. t*> essoin
r,ir this year ono of the most successful   „.,*,,-,  M> v„„lu,   ■„,*
a- ever hold In lhc hlslory ot Cranbrook,   light effect  mggesl   ..
nl-  h socially and financially.   I wish
rn,   Wednesday   afternoon,     Musical I turn I Association Ilmn thorn wns or a i" thank  In  particular llie Superln-
li b will  enliven  lhe evening bob-  determination In accomplish lhe oh tcndcnls nf lhe various departments
slons, Bovernl local ladles having kind-  Joels of lho Association and In   nnd  tholr assistants, tho  Ladles of
ly    vo lum 'od their   services.   All   fit the locality.   What appeorod lo be the Women's Institute, tlie Members
etlngs nro froc ami
It is e\l milled to till
hourly Invlta-
■Itl/ens geuer-
Tlio delegates will arrive In the clly
nn Tuosday afternoon from tlie west
and prococd to tho Pnrlsh Hall direct selves. d"<i i
where a reception will be glvon llieui
by the local Instltiite. An nuto drive
Is heing arranged I'm"the guests also
on the Thursday afternoon to be Pillowed by a bnnn.net In tlle evening at
tlie Parish Hull. An Interesting program has been nrrnnged,
wanting was lho mon. or tho mini,
willing tn -ini; Lhc iTltlclam and the
I'liriiltit; and try tn Ret something
wortii while accomplished. This year
those men wore found, or found tliem-
metnbi rs  of
j-jsl thcmselvei
captain Julia Henshaw gave a pnrllcularly Interesting and Instructive
lecture In thc Auditorium on Wednesday evening September 12th, about
the "lied Cross" on the Fields of
Flanders and the wonderful worl;
which the Women's organizations
were accomplishing, Iiy the aid oi
lantern slides the audience were
hIiowii how onr wounded arc taken
cure t»i' mnl tlicir progress from thc
trenches to the palatial hospitals iu
France and England; Interesting pictures wen* also shown of the work
Ihe women arc performing doing lhe
work uf men thnl thc men may be
available for the front line driving
nnd rcpiiirinn locomotive engjne^
ropa-Wia cc*.!-.-■*...<, maid lui ■■■■
iiiiiinnnttlnn maker? bill poateflf-
slreel clennlng, running elevators,
managing remount depots oi the
British Army, they an* In fact the
Army behind tlu* Army and conventionality is overthrown nnd replaced
Iiy niilinnul service.
Captain  Henshaw asks whal  right
have we to play nt party politics on
tlie verge oi hell when nnr boys are
dying out  there In  I"
us  all   combine   and   ...
party strife. Iread one broad Imner-1 P-1*" winning s,
lal way ei unlversnl sen
re-inforcemenis to the rronl with m
aim and oue vision   to win tbe wn-r
of  the   Formers'   Institute, and   tl"*
Members nf the Poultry Association,
I'm*  iheir  wholehearted  co-operation
whieh considerably lightened tbe burden   for   myself   and   Directors    I
tound ilmir   wish .0 thnnlt, also, the Judges <>r the
occupation gone.   Some declare thai   various Depnrtments whose just and
the success should bc attributed  to   Imparllal awards were received with
the organizing ability and close In-   entire   satisfaction  to all  Interested
ditstry eef the Secretary,  Mr.  A.  I„   not a word nf unfavorable comment
McDermot, a very big factor beyond a i or criticism being heard.   I wish In
doubt; while others any it was because I tlmnh the business men of Cranbrook
the memhers of lho Association, as a ' for their generous donations couslder-
iinily. wem oiil nfter the exhibits nnd   Ing the hard times, and the people
got thorn In.   Some very highly praise   In   general  nf lhe  tllslrhl   fur  their
the system of Speclnl Prizes,   Whnt-  kind    patronnge and   attondnnco In
ever  he the rnri'i'i'i   version of the   spile of the threatening weather.   I
toiilldntloll of tho succors, thero can bc   wish  tn thank the members of llu*
no question about how materially the   Creston   Hoard   of  Trade   and   Iheir
co-opcratlon of the Creston people and   representatives  Mr. Glbbs, and   Mr.
the   Invermere   Experimental   Farm   and Mrs. w. V. Jackson, who by tholr
contributed to it, ihlevomont. kindly manner and courtesy made s
Let tlie cause be what II nmy. the  most  favorable and  lasting impres-
wholo thing, tlm fixity of purpose of   ston upon all line,*,, with whom thev
e  Association  a-  come  In  contact during Iheir short
the efforts of the   visit.      I    wish   to   thank   Me*.   C.   V
(Secretary   the  co-operotlon   of  lhc "ayes.    Secretary    of the   Creston
merchants of the city In  the good Board  of Trade,  whom  we did not
work, tho giving of special prizes and have    the  pleasure of    seeing, bul
the splendid aid or Ihe people of Cres- whos itlrlng efforl
ion ami Invermere. gave one the lm- res i-IIele for tho lo
prosslon thnl the people of Crnnbrook Ivo exhibit of fruits
had taken hearl again and lifted them- trom the Creston District.    I  wish to
selves nut of the deadly despondency thnnk t
whieh tor n season chilled, but never
killed, their energy  and hopefulness
after the declaration ot war In August, conrtenies.   In closing I wish to ex-
had eimos 'end tiie sincere thanks of the Dlrect-
tul myself to nll those who have
ten   seconds   as  against   Cran-   1
1'-   twenty.iw,1   first-.    Ihif 11
pedals,    In  tills   (
ai* j ci ctlon it may bo sold thai Mr. ti.   I
ml   II   Ashworth, Cranbrook,   won  nine
smil  of  a   landscape     The   way   in I prizes, mostly firsts, with eleven ex-
I  the   hlhlts for vegetables.   This is aboul   J 1
lus.    I a   record  for , xhlbltor,    While   ~
Creston   was   winning  steadily  down
stairs it was also winning upstairs In
ihe Lailiei   Work Department,   In the
result  Creston   won   11T1011I   one  htin-
dreel prizes ami the Cranbrook people
very    heartily    congratulate    them
lliereiin.      Their    triumph    deserves
inure  than   mere  congratulations:   It
deserves   our   nppreiilallitn   and   our   . I
strongest endeavors to emulate the   ' '
heart,   pluck  and   determination   nf
our good friends who manfully stick
together    and fight* together   as a ' 5
splendid disciplined unit.    II Is llieir
due If tliey have a Pair next year, nr '
any year, thai Cranbrook Bhould, atul *, I
shall,   most,   loyally   co-oporntfl   and
In tills way try to repay the debt we .
all   feel   wo owe  lllelll.    Creston  Is to
he further congratulated on the iit.il-   < 1
ity, courtesy mid  knowledge of tin
officials It seal In charge or Ihe ex
hlhlts, Messrs. E. C. Illbbs and Waller j, |
H. Jackson.   Mrs. Waller IV Jackson,. ' '
In addition to lhe placing of the flowers and  frails.  11  side charge nf I   ,
the exhibits Iii ihe Ladles' Work De- M 1
Cranbrook Herald tor 11
,1m* of Its columns In publishing ou
•Fall   Pair  Nol
19.14.     Th"   rliillds   of  t!
have   broken   eintl   have   fled * ae'.'ay
Hope ii. being reerlved-ee-llh a hrigtit,.r'-'»pre*.*.-s'e  thblr kind appreciation of
outlook   Wltll hope wlll come a -great-   onr humble efforts In bringing the
,r faith In nnr resources around us:   Fob'   this year   up to a    standard
hopo, whicli if il cannot call the mnnn-
ealns to ur*. wlll compel them to pnrt
with the tremendous Becrets of tholr
hidden wealth.
orthy of the City and  District,
Alex. 1.. McDermot.
Down   stairs   we  In
broad whieh suggested ono of lho big
bakeries nl th.* luul. of ihe lines in
I* ranee      There   were   tables   full   or
loaves big, llttle and middling, nnd
all with tin* golden bloom of ihe perfect housewife's skill upon them.
Ami prizes for them nm. (loodness
alone knows on whal principles the
prizes were w.m. hut loaves of bread
have their points like prize cattle,
we suppose,
The Judges nr the various Departments    Kast    Km.! iy    Fall    Fair:
[torsos, Cattle, Sheep, ami Swine: It.
II   Mllletr,  Victoria,  B. C;   Poultry,
I'elstoek ami lings:   II, Held. Victoria,
11. C.| Fralt. Flowers and Hairy Products: K. W, White, Victoria, 11. Ci
Vegetables nnd Roots, Grains anil
Grasses; It. II. Miller. 13. «'. While.
Victoria, II. C,l Cooking: Mrs. Forcst-
.*i*. erosion, ll. C nnd Mrs. Hayes.
des  II   C.i   School  Exhibits:  Mrs
Fred Adolph, Haynes Lake. |l. ft,  |
Mrs. Frank Adolph, Haynes bake, 11 C,
Ladles Fancy Work and Art: Mrs. F,
G, C  Fori Steele.  I Mrs   11   Hal
braith. Fort si,'id... H  i*.
Tiiere was plenty to I"* learned al
tho exhibit of the Invermero Experimental Farm under the capable and
mosl courteous direction and demonstration of Mr. X. M. Marples. Mr.
Sainsbury. who is in charge of tlle
bees ami poultry al lho Farm, was
also present and greatly helped In
oxplnfning the mysteries of honey
making. The high cosl ot living
il many other j makes as realize thai in llicsc times
"pigs is pigs" and no mistake. In
possible recognition of ihis fact what
might be called a -pig's mansion, with
1,. d room ami dining room combined
for Mr. Pig. n run where he can take
exercise, a kitchen where his fond Is
cooked and all things for which any
re 110 doubl
ami nltruct-
I   veirelabh's
It  was Thursday afternoon, while something of that branch of know-
:he second hent of 11 ■* muting races ledee he came out a sadder and met
was being ran thai  tbo Herald man V1.rv much a wiser man.
had a chance to take a look around      Klu,K ,,*■ is f.lni .„„■ ,*„„,, *, *s ,,„.
,  ,,,„,  [„ | tho Fnlr, but by that time most of the ,H,W. r0(,mg „.,,,,.., pll**a ,
■lml and holds thoro to their sen
,'«,„,■ | been removed by their nwners.   Th.it lg thl, s,„ft for wh*cn Ih,,. wlu ,„,>•
a Ihlng which rertalnb should nol ,,.,. ,,-••„ „.*,-,.*, ,..,„ mall,. •■„, mare
iv,* been permitted by the manage- _(  ,, ,.  Agricultural  Association  top
,.wh„l    . ■ present I monl    There should have been a rear („_ hlshest bnrcllen Kke a bird.   We
Ity  In  Cnnnda  and  a M0 of all the prize winners around han „u sorts ot old, "busted", broken
rdinenl   *.l Halifax or  the ra., track Immediately bofore lho iom Bkntes, the remain
„'   ,,'„. •',„   ,,',',.*,,,,.,,,     racing -•  rl i erdi r lhal the public - „ .„,**, ,,,„„■ hor,M ,„ -*.,..(,. _ay „„
o Id set for themselves tiie class nnd ,;,ul      ,,   a .t.^en year- ago, hah
milt,    ■ ■*.
German  I
Quebec" lhc mnv    the 1
It Hint line ivavcra or broak, and hon
call il hold unless wc semi men to re-
hiforce it. ili. it li-,.ven help Canndn
tor crucifixion like tl ruclflxlon ut
llclgium He's before us"
she dcserlbod tho witndorful argi
roi remedies for the relli i nf «utfi r
lng. lhe use of Vmbrinc and Flavlno
for liurni hy liould flre, gas, nud
gnngrone; fnclnl surgerj which nol
only heals Iml removes practical:* all
Hears; the Carrel  Ircalniclil In   hypo
chlorite Irrogotlon of doop wounds,
theso and other motboda bringing
ease from sufforlng  I often - nsur
Inr.    Iiph'te   cures   ill    the   -linl'le-l
reasonable pig could wish for. Yet.
this timilnl house, in- pig barn, is a
really practical affair and one that
tends to making tlie dollar that is ia
the  pig  In   plenty   he  made  the  more
readily available. A mosl Ingenious
egg-wrapping machine was also
shown, it consists of a roll of tough
rowd 1 paper with a wetting device, n trough
That | divided Into a. series of spaces for
ihe eggs aud a handle al the end
which twists tlie damped paper round
eggs which are then ready to be
placed in wire frames which fit the
cut,.ns  In   whicli   the- eggs are ship-
learn   t
good hi
nd relics | ,„.,■   without   thc  chance  of  one  of
'   tliem   being  broken.    It   looks  to  ho
■'   a most practical device.   Mr. Marples
r  earl   horses   nearly   re-   ,,,„,„!  partlcnlnr attention to Ids ex-
-'"'"' -1'"'''  '""'   lated to   big Belgian draft noraes   :;.|,j, nf „(,xions weeds, such as pig
have   mil   at   the   Mission   and | lv ■   couc|,   grnHa,   rl,,   „,.„*,    stink
weed, itasshiii thistle, ball mustard,
.,'1'.   :    kind   "f   ' rltlclam   wn.   the    t|,,
reiiiilreinenl nf an onlrj of two bensl     |n_n,
In three of tiie sections of the dairy
cattle class,  thn-..  tvvi  typical  .lair*
,.,      *,.,   full Calves, IWO heifer calve.
mi,hi  dx monlbB old   Tl Keel was
',,  entirely  pxi hide  a   man   who  had
mal"   other   sorts   of   eqtflne   off-nil.   and
" j the whole lot of thoro racing led ween
Indian   boys.     Our
llv     gt t   sports.
Without liieni we would have no menu: at all, atul when they have nothing heiler to race against than the
skates  aforesaid  thoy  make  a  kind
a   rni nl eef it.    They  will   ride
a   single   animal   of   11     portll  llnl    _g   h.|n*   r,„.   .,   tr,   |,||,   ;,s   another
class, and fully worth) "f the on-,vmill, r,,r j.-,nnn ami if they blind
roiiragemenl nf a prize, In fad the ■ ch(, hnr]i m ,|l(, ,.0,ir „.j(i, t|„, t\nfl
very mini who should bo encouraged   ,*,,,,   n„|r  „nt  of  llm hides ot their
sh;.  s.,i,|   thc  rh ml:. I   pa-    0)' Oil fair mean.-, the man on whom , m |tB it  |s „ll In lhe day's full     If
tloneo of the men under suffering wai   we oro depending. In the long run. to | ym|   ,..in.  ,„  i,.,,.,.  v„m.  ,*,,„„.   ynu
mnrvclouf ami to -pare ono p.uu nl
torture   to  those   men,   broken   ami
bloody,  ti"'    weal   "'   ll lal i)
drlrfplnH rrom ..." >  i nre   innddom <i
and l.llll,led by BUCll  palll a- i*   alum' '
beyond  I an  i ndurnnoo,  with li  of
a- would m.e work and give .'i.'' ami
work n..a anil "lev ."'ain. whal rlghl
hU,      .' e    I,,    ','"   ill'    the    BOI  'Hi"'   1 ll «*>
are ninkins ni i" laoken In ..ar "f
forls, when Ihey are striving tn
prol      11   ee-   don'l   work  Ihoj
/^J Nqw Millinery
Ladies' Wear
Wo lune nilili'il mnn) inn
styles io our -Nlork*. in llu* lu-t
li*u iluis. iiiiiI u must inti'i'i'si-
iIII. lllsplnj eel' this senson's
mosl exclusive di -.iirn*. nml rubrics nre here i'or iieiir Inspection. I'rlees lire must rensoil-
iil.li* uud will suit 01 on one.
■ i  -.,,.. ,..■
:*ili-h   Columl 'l'l
New Shoes for Fall Wear,
Indoors and Out
nrlinenl   wlu
numb r of
nrizea were Bocnrod. Mr. Ar«'lili*
[flolcbor, iv C l*'rult TnsfiecLor. by nil
iiccnunts, cnntrtluitcfl fiuiio n man's
ahtiro tn thi- BiiccenH of tlio occasion.
Tlii* GoveruniQiil BUpplled Dig judg- j    ^
ob iu all tlio agricultural departments. '   '
This wns tin* Nrst tini" Hint an attempt was niHcle tn Interest tlio public
in Un* miniT.ils ni' Hi,, district by an \i \
.■xlilliitinii nl' tlieir ores. Mr. .Insoiiii *
Ryan, who assembled nnd carded upwards nf nn.* hundred samples, n-
mongBl tliem being the on*n of tlio
rarer metals bismuth, tungsten, pot-
nsslum, iiianKiuiesc, nickel, rohalt
nnd nrsenlc, believes that placing labels nn a number or mineral speci-
menn nnd letting tlm public stare at
them, effects but liitle gnnd. He
slaved with his exhibit and appeared
to tuke ||peasuro in explaining about
tlm nros, telling from wlienr.e they
came, where they should be looked
fnr and their vat-Inn**; uses and values.
In a very short time the people be-
rp.mo really Interested and began tn
seek for information. They kept tlie
booth packed all tlie ufternoon of
Wednesday and the morning of
Thursday until the racing took them
elsewhere. The exhibit amply Justified the trouble and time devoted to it )
by Mr.  Ryan.
liepiirtmi'iit I.—Horses
Class 1, llraft Horses, 1.100 Ites and ,
over—Stallions (regi nny age nr j
breed. W. 1*1. Worden. Crunbrook, 1st; |
Briiod mare with foal r.t foot, 11. Kd- i
wards, Wycliffe. 1st, N- McClure,!
Cranbrook, 2nd; "! year uld filly or
gelding, N. McClure, Cranbrook, 1st. i
fl. Kilwards. Wycliffe, 2nd; 1 year
nlel filly in* gelding. II. Kdvvtmls, Wy- |
cllffc,   lm.  Chas.  Clapp,  Cranhrook,
Notwithstanding the
senreity of lllllteriill*.
nml high prices, ite
hnve heen fortunate in
gelling gooil delivery
of ii most complete
slock of stylish, rellnltle
footvvcur nt popular
Vou will iiml the Shuts
you mini here, either
I'or evening, street nr
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Prescrlptloni u Specialtj.
Prompt Sen ite uur Hotto
Imperial Beauty Complexion Soap
{Extract Cucumber, Bnuermilk and OlycerlneJ
Glycerine and Oatmeal Soap
Regular 35e per boi
Saturday only. 2 for   35C
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
W. J. ATI HISON, Manager.
tntiililing    mustard,    fax    lull,   etc.
These were shown under glass from
the  youngest   furni  uf  the  weeds  to
the tlmo they  reach  tluir maximum
nf   destructlveness.     'I'll   he   able   tn
recogniyi  these   i»*sts  is  th.,   flrat I 2nd; Foal 1917, H. Edwards, Wycliffe, t
step to tlieir extermination.   Various : ist.  N     McClure, Cranbrook,    2nd;
models of Improved  fanning appli-1 Team    In  harness,    w.  E. Worden. j
anbrook, I.a W. E, Wordon, crr.n-
brook, 2nd.
Special prizes in class 1. I**nr besl
stallion nny nge or breed, w. E. Worden.  Cranbrook,   Ist;   rur  best  foal 1
allies were also .sheevvn. aneuiigst
then: a particularly etfecttvo leveller
for bringing tlie surface of a field to
a level face throughout This appliance brings the. surface freun tbe
high   s|..i.s  ami   therewith  fills  lho I ion   II   Edwards, Wycliffe   1*;.  N
buildup oiintry and mnko II whal   ,„.„. ,, ri„ln ynu will get a run   hollow spots. McClure   Cranbrook   2nd-   For beet
i,  really is. a  dairying and mixed  ,,„. ,,„„. ,„ ,. „.„„„ .„,, ,„„,„„, „ro,    Thi, Han„n „,,,..„.„. lh,. Crmhmo]l  „,,,„ tea-_ ,., ,.,,r '- w. K. Wor(len
"" :   ■'"-■'    »"   Ml""r'   ""  "v*'   "i :k for they ride hell to lonlher  j-bbe„    ,,*,„.„.,,.    „,,,,„,    Murphy  Cranbrook, 1st, W   E. Wordon, Crr.n-
l"1'1'  <"']''"  v"" ,l*m? '"' '"""    a.,,1 Ihey ride fair wllhoul any loot-  Company, Ihe  Cranbr i    lirng    &  brook, Snd.
-cv.ri, on tlio very unfair exclusion   „„g „r other untalr practices    Next   -j..*,   -„„, „„„   „,„   g.„,   ..„   -,.„  ,    0mm\  Purpose    Mors.**'.
" '■"f'"'"11  year we hope thai lhc prl.es will bo  -.„ -_,„__„„ _„ „„„ „„„ „„„ , , ,„„ ,„  ,.,„„  „,.    ,,_„,„  m„e  „.,„, j    ■=   ^ .^ ^^ y,    ^—^
Incrcnsoil  snftlclontly lo Indt  tho  exhibits e,r tholr >*•** itlvi   wares.    I ronl at tool  11. Edwards, Wycliffe, lal   den, Cranbrook, l-t;  w   K. Worden,   ,or two lrp|cai dairy cows, am tge ot
,ntry nf a le.'tier elnss of horse and     ScM||l, yc,iirs Bgn ,,„, . r.-ion Board   N. McClttTe, Cranbrook, 2nd; : year  Cranbrook,    2nd.     single    deliver;
The   hulled   Ani'll'    Stock   sllOWn   hy    n|R0   nccOm|tltsll    n   llnllble.   eir   triple    [|f  *[• ,..„),.   ^,.,a   „   mns,   ,,■,.,Utah
Mr  llnrrv Edwards "f Wycliffe, were   alieiidiinee.
Open For Business
Star Cleaning Works
C. E. BOOKOUT.  Proprietor
(Formerl)  nltli Cranhrook ricHniiiL'  \\orks.i
I Respectfully ask a trial order
t,, ami suggested tliat ii he carefully
pliinln it..1 in future prlie llsis
  *  "  • ""   ' "   *•". MeiTure. e rniii.rieim. :nu; tt year  i rainiru.iK.    -no.     siugia    uenv«r, *,„„), h. H. McClure. Crnnbrook, 1st;
Id filly e.r gelding. A. Ii Smith. Cran-   horse in harness, .1   Pattlnson, ''ran- ,.,,„ Ba-dw*n cranbrook, 2nd    Bpei
blblt of fruit, veg.iiilil.". flnwers and : breeole. Ist. II  Edwnrds, Wycliffe. L'nil   bronli. 1st; C. Slssmis. Crnnbrook, 2nd |g| |(]r ,„.., rjginjre,) bull tl * ,e* ot
lllll. lueklle    n i1 ich    lolls nml ore      Upstairs In the main building was  grnsses to our Fair here    That was h y80r old filly or gelding. H   Kd*      s ilnl prlies In Class 6.—For besl breed    ,„ ,,, „,,  jonated b;
remarkaltle fine Btilmali     Fine boot   „„   k|nd,  „, Um.y  work. Includinghn the days when the land I tn wa»  wards. Wyollffe, 1st. Foal 1017. H Ed-   .,,„.,„ ,,„llv„rv  ,,„,>.■ 1 ■■  .1 |mperW Tobacco Co   won bj II   Bd
'>'   wunilerfiil cuiinieriianes and tilings nf; |„ full blast,   'IT xhlblt was backed   wards,    Wycliffe. Ull    X. McCluro,   paU*nson, Cranbrook, 1st; C. Slssons, wards, Wycliffe B. C
that Kind    Oho of them had skolchHl I by t|,o naiinl sign showing tlint Cres-1 Cranbrook, 2nd, Cranbrook,-2nd. ,,.,..   '-;:.    Dairy    cows    'I'm:'..:
Iii'lsirtmeii, 2.   rattle. ,iairJ* Oovv. (Ieo. Haldwin. Cranbrook,
class n, Holsteins registered    Ball 1st; Jas  Oartslde. Cranbrook, -iel
yenTs or over, H. H. McClure, Cron-      iias«   ua,  Aberdeen-Angus    Besl
cannot   v. In      If   we   don'l   I'ive  n
innney and uur service, they will lane  their cat" nnd natural hordlnc
given llieir lives In vain llltstlo fur llieir llvleig during the.se- n|| i, „ beautiful design III India Ink.' mn  was the place uf origin     Some-       Special prizes In Clnsi  2, feel* hest
e'atiialu llcnsliaiv paid special trlb-  verity of uur winters    Mr. Edwards' „r „0|).-    i| wns suld It. havo been ' „„,. photographod iiie exhibit nnd In j foal IMT. II. Edwi rds, Wycliffe, l-t:
     iii the    splendid work   of Hn*  entile are of a class able to bold Its (|clll„ „.|Hi a pen.   If so I' Is nothing Lome way altered ihe prinl si. that  x. McClure, Cranbrook. 2nd.
Crnnbrook  Utiles of tiie Ited Cross| own with nny of tho variety exhibited s*,or* „» „ marvel of patrnre.   The | the sign rend "Cranhrook" Instead of     Class  t.  Roadsters,   single driver
 I tlu   I   l>   li   I
unt only iu i i'
their efforts.    She
larger In
and urged them
n  hm  i» double ' exhibit -nine nl litem al I
aid, "I know the  spring Show,
ll,. Intends to
ivernge man knows nothing of such
things except Hint tbey le.tll to Ill.llle*
lb., home   beautiful,   bul   any   man
It  Knocke, Cranbrook,
"Croston."    This   faked   plltitn   was   \n bnrnt
afterwards   naed  extensively  In   the; ist
advertising of tbe notorious  Koote-!     class   ',.   Saddle   Horses.-   Filly   or
bronk. 1st.   Cow :i years or over. H.   registered hull. H. Edward.*. Wycliffe,
II. McClure. Cranhrook, 1st    11   H. list.
McClure, Cranbrook. 2nd. Department   I.   Swine.
awful ghastly sufforlng 1 nm nshlngl    Tho" Poultry wero a grent exhibit. I could   appreciate   the  exhibit   trom   nay   Orchards,   Limited.     X rally I gelding. 15 hands nnd over, J. Paltln-      Class 2, Deef cattle grades,   sieer      c)aM    ,6     n,,rk.i,ir„    Registered
yon to relieve   broken men. stunned  It Is plain Hint tho Cranhrook i plo   the    Cranhrook    Manu.il    Training   ihe  Creston   people  repudiated   this  son, Cranbrook, 1st; H.-Ogden, Cran-  or heifer, 2 years old, H. Edwards,  boar e^months and under 2 years, SI
wlib llie everlaiiiliig roar and crash  aro going Inlo the poultry business   school,    Tlie very ujuii. bring.'  up   fraud  atul  equally   naturally   there   brook, 2nd.    Hoy-' and girls' saddle   Wycliffe, Isi; II. Edwards, Wycliffe.   _Uge-,e Mslslon Farm. l-t.
f the guns up there In lhat hellish j in a very thorough manlier nud be-   tb,.  fundamental  Iden.  t'ie training,  grew ut lolness between  Cran-   pony, 14V4 hands end under II. White,   2nd.   steer or heller 1 year old. II.   *sl
nihil*  possessed  of iln*  very  best   the education of tlio Intent tnlont of   brook  and  Crest ven   thougli   It| Crnnhrook.   1st:   W,   Worden,  Cran-   Edwards, Wycliffe, 1st,   Steer dr holt-     Class 17, Duroc Jersey.   Itegi-t.-r.-l
boar n months and under ~  years.
cd j ruining  possessed  ol lb"  very besl   the education of tlio Intont tnlont of   brook  nud  creslon  even   thougli   ll  Cranhrook.   1st;   w,  Worden,  Cran-   Edwnrds, Wycliffe, 1st.  Steer dr holt-
| thoro Ib In tho various lending strains,   the huml. an Inestimable edurni'iiiinl   was    admitted  that    Hie Cranbrook   brook, 2nd    Udy Rldor, Mlsa Fenny  er, 6 months nnd under, H. Edwards,
cauldron, and conditions are reiule
worse by Ibe hitler cold of winter.
Thoso men nr idurlng overy form I Tho slrlklng fonture ot tho show wos benefit  (or any boy nr girl.   There people hnd nothing whatever lo soy (lartslde,   Cranbrook,  1st:    MIbs I.   Wycliffe.  1st.                                      J, Brault, Crnnbrook, 1st
nf suffering for us, giving ovorylhlng  the profusion of wlnnera of ihe red was  an oak  writing desk mad., by  m ibis niscliinnble pi nl black- Wylos,   Oranbrook,   2nd.     Shetland      cluss 12. Hairy cattle grades    Typ-. Department .',.   I'oilllrj nnd PolslncV
fnr ua.   (Ill our help Hie strength nf   and blue budges.    Nearly every coop Vincent Fink Which would have done gunrdtsm anil thai  our Interests suf- Pony. Patricia MiTlenni t, Cranbrook,   Lui dairy cows nny age or breed. (Ieo.      c|„,s   ji     Hrahanis.    Cochins  ami
tlie flKbllng men depends.   "I know   imd u.hunch uf ribbons tucked on, homer lo any cabinet  ninker.    Evl- fored far more therohy than did those 1st.                                                     lialdwln. Cranbrook,  Ist;   ,1   Brault.   Ungshans    2 light Bram hens, Tl T
bow  much  ynn  have  given  III  work,   soiui eif the coops having as ninny us dently  bis  talents  do  mil   end   with of our neighbors.    This  was one of ('Ins', fl, llray and Unlivery llor«es    I'rnnbrnol., 2nd.    Heifer 2 years old,   Haynes. Cranbrook, 1st; II T  HnyncS,
spli'iielltl  weirk. but  there is silii sn   -ix- prlr.es tu lis credit,   Tbe Herald Ids fine musical skill,   Arl. loo. wns tbe causes, or niaybe, Hie sole cause Heavy Hray Team Iii Harness, w   J  Oartslde, crunbrook, 1st.   2 holfor   Cranbrook, 2nd
much to be. dono, no please double mnn  knows nothing nboul  feevvt or represented   very   especially   by   n why Creston withheld Us support to „   Worden,  Cranbrook,   l-l;   w   IS   enlves under tl months,  H.  H.  Me*      Class 22, Plymouth Roalcs, barred
whnt ynn Inlended. Iel mi deny eeitr-j llieir gteod nr lenel pnliils.   Ile weal to hand painted elilnu plmpic nnil vase nnr shows lu re'eent years: but now, Wordon,    Cranbrook,    2nd.      Heavy j clure.    Cranbrook,   1st;   J.    Hrault.
luivie a look at Hi" eleegs uiul knowing . i„ a general color scheme of black fortunately for us, Hie old. Imrntnn-' Dray Horse' In Harness, W. B. Wur-1 Cranbronli. 2nd.
eciven rdore tbiill ever before.*
cock. Atchison's Poultry Form, Cran
(Continued on page four) PAQBTWV.
THURSDAY, SEPT. 20th, 11)17
II Matters N'ot Wlmt Ynur
Requirements nre in
111'  III'l'  IIIIVIIJS  III   lout'
Mi- Iiuy  Hit* I'liiiitrsl Heel'
tin HI   ||||.   1.otlll   Ulllllllll's.
You nit' using luni'
'Xjltc Sii/it of tho Shamrock'
"((uiilllj .li: Service"
P. BURNS & Go.
Buying on
Is ni st ii ni-cossltj in buying
samo iirtlcles ni jewelry Be
ui*.!*; mnke .vonr imrclmse
from ii relliiblo house like tills.
\,\i lo lite Post Office
I.r. 11. lllllell  lllB|ll'Clors
It.  1. huv. lliitincer.
Jl.   I.  Heale, Secretin*)   uml  Kditor
rruiiliieinle. II. I .. Sqiletnhei' 211, Illl;
v. m. e. h. 6Ricc
Hours ii a.m. to 8 p.ni.
.tegular Dinner & Short Orders
Reasonable Pricei*
Special  Tabic  for   Ladles.
I'm; A (.ItH I 1.1IIUI. KAIK
Wo must tuke our lints off to the
officials ni' the Agricultural Association Alio pulled off lasl week one of
tlie mosl  successful Fairs ever hold
in Crnnbrook.
n    was i.e Binnl)    undorlnklug to
; raise tlii* necessary  Inspiration and
i energy, nil  Import) ,t  factors In tho
' wt.nl Success, and thi*  wan done in
t the face of some iinlngonisin from cor-
■ tain sections of tho community who
: wore opposed to Co Pair being held.
; Success  in  thc  mosl   effective  reply
j in opposition.   An Ah mi;1 Cranbrook
j Agricultural   Fnir ns  an  established
I custom will do mm '-\ to promote and
encourage n  healthy r.plr.l  of com-
i petition  in nll  brum hea of Industry
: nml in :.i ycur the Cranbrook District
I should sti-lvc to go one belter in all
! Departments.
Too    1.1:1.1.  praise    cnimi 1  bo bo-
j stowed upon our piilor.triu'.ng nolgh-
j inn's of Creslon  nnd  luvormorfl for
; their    valuable    a islstancc    towards
j making tbo Fair the success It  wus.
ami their co-opei ntlon and splonuld
exhlblta    will    lie    nntlclimtod  with
pleasure in I91S.
I     li' we 101 y be pen .Ittcil to suggesl
I nn Improvemcni ror co.:ilr.g Fairs, il
I Is, linn   better facilities be provided
'I'm* serving refreshment ,   The pros*
I L'ii I  lo.'i'.iit.ii at tiif oniraucc to Un
;jjj l_x.1ibit.0n  Building is cramped and
objectionable    and    should    bo    ini-
] proved upon ir i"1 niblo,
In the number of exhibits, 1525 as
mpnrnd wltll 010 lasl year, a Bnltm-
il record was establlsliod and flnnn-
illy the A soclatlon are well ahead.
kl.V (ITV LODGE, No. 42
Meets   every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Mall.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited.
i:. 11. McPhee       W, C. Adlard
Secy. N. G.
Cranbroolu B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. tn
tbe Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. do Vere Hunt, K. It. & S.
P. O. Box 522
Visiting  brethren  cordially  Invited to attend.
Meets  In   Mujilc  Hall second
Tuesday of every month at 8
P. 111. .H|
Membership open   to   British
Visiting   members   cordially
1*:. Y. Brake,        J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
Tlinse Who were present ;il llie
splotidld nddress of Captain Julia
Henshaw nl Uu* Auditorium last week
were amply rewarded nnd it is a pity
there was not a turgor attendance.
It is but right iiml we should understand and fully appreciate wlmt is
being done by women; not only their
efforts towards winning tlie war bul
also tlieir splendid work in lhe relief
of suffering and it is right thai we
Bhould realize In 0 sinnll wny, (for
a thorough realization Is only possible tn those wh.. hnve been thoro),
tlie extent of thnt Buffering, situate,
flOOO tulles from tlie scene of conflict,
us we arc living apparently In peaci
nnd plenty, it is hard for us even to
realize that we nre waging n wnr of
the most stupendous mngnltudo the
world bas evor known and we hope
ovor will know. The official reports
nf tho wnr nro meagre nnd conflicting
and necessarily give a dwnrfod ini-
prosBlon of the oxteni and fierceness
of the .'.inflict We hoar of the valor
of our troops almost dally In n gen*
eral sorl of way nnd wo take il   very
much ns n matter Df courso; wo hear
of ;i fortified hill or n town or n
trench being captured hy our hoys
and we glow for a fow moments with
national pride anil then go about our
business or our pleasures with no further thought of whnl thnl battle
meant, the torture, tbe sufferings and
tho anguish endured by our boys, re-
Meets   in   the
yw'fSSs*-,.!        n't'Tiiooli    of I |*,.w iHitiilt'.'.l ili'tiil *ii>i*linps mnl n few
mim :tT;,,rl"I - •»»«■ "*•»■>
■^^SEi^8^ PW, Mrs. W
•^V   f__ I'eeflsli    Hali" '■ Itortoi!  In  the iiress ns "our loese
fegHa <as9      l,rst   TuoBilny I wore comparatively  sliulit;" only  n
it.  McFarlane,
i'n actual tvtlnctiiii :* come intei oui*
Isi nm! tell it:. Bomelhlns about II.
Secy, Mrs. J. W.Burton,P.0.Box681. ""'■ »''   ||"**';| '" : r'''l:''<' wlml "
All luelli'H cordially invited.
pinvATi: iiosrri'Ai,
Licensed by Prov. Qovernment
Special attention given to Ner-
voua and Rle.euiiiullsm esses ley
Violet Fay Trcntmenl
Dnllel up tlm system and
steady tlio nerves tlirough Electric Vibration, Internal Exercise
Violet lluy and Ozone, a perfectly natural process.
ill means, mnl it Is unl only rlghl
thnt we should Itnow, bill only fair
to our brave lads thnl wc show .sunn*
Ini.-■-.■-, in nml appreciation fm* whal
ihoy nre goltiR through, as Captain
Honshnw described It, n "holllsli
cauldron." Wn nre npl tn hpcntna in-
ilii'r.'i'i'in cntl slacken up our offorls In
doing .mil giving our "hit" nml  wc
inv in need e.f nn occnsl I dnso nl
ilie> actual realities of wm* to keep
our activities going nl full spool! u-
llnrret   On    Tuesday,    Soplembor
iii:tiiim:h   niiiihiiis*  rnw.vis.
i Nini.i I,  llntncli
The Anniuil Meeting of the lleliirn-
,,,,   ,„,-  ,    ,,        ...     ,r      ,,       , .1 Soldiers' Commission will lie held
18th, 1017, to Mr. nnd Mrs. i„m Bar-   ,n ,„„ rilv „.„ „„ -„„„„_,, _„_, t||(,
i'1''' n «on. ; 25U, inst nt 8 p.m
McPiiorson—At   the  Cottage   Mos-      As the  principal  business will bo
pltal on Sunday, September 10th, 11)17,1 Hie sleotlon ot s Committee for lho
in Mr, ami Mrs   I*'. M. McPhoraon of  """"I"!-' "''''" » r,l» »ttoni co ot the
Cltlsens Is deairod,
T. M. Ileilecrls.
lion. Seeretnry. Crnnbrook llfitneb
this clly, u sun
tt'utuii I from pngo one
H. staples, i ■'■ l0". "■ s- Ti,;l'
Croston, \ " V„ lAnon) Mrs,
Leslie,  ine brook,   Frank   Wor!
t'lnss TT. Sec. I Dox e'rnh Apples
Tims, ii Inin. Hay Staples, Creston
t'lnss 7... Sec. 7 llnx Pall Applos
W. v Jackson. Creslon, Thus. Good-
wind, Creston,
Special 5 box display Fall Apples,
W. V. Jackson, A, S. Fitzgerald, Creston.
Class Ts. Fears—Plato ot Bartlott,
VV. V. Jackson, Croston, J, VV, Hamilton, Creslon; Clapp's Favorite. Thus.
Ooodwln. Croston, Mra*. M, Voting,
Creslon; Flemish Beauty, Mrs. VV. s.
Ryekman, Creston, Mrs. VV. S. Ryekman, Croston; .v. O. V. (Kellers llyl)
I), s. Tlinmons, Creston, Mrs. w. S
Ryekman, Creslon; box nf Bnrlleti
Penrs, VV. V Jnckson, Croston.
Clnss 7!i.   Plums       Plate   Italian
I'n s.    K.   Huskies.  CreBlou,    .Ins
Compton, Croston; Bradsliaw, K
llusltlns. Croston, vv. v. Ji chson, Crcs
inn; I ibnrd, VV. V JneliBon, Creston, 2nd; Yellow Egg, vv. v. Jnckson,
Creslon, Mrs. vv. s, Ryekman, Croston; Columbia, Mrs. vv s. Rycknu n,
Creston, Isi S 2nd; A, O. v.. \v. v.
Jnckson, CroBtou, M. McCarthy, Creston; Box of Plums, Mrs. vv. s. Ryck-
Klntvers .V Plants Ilepl.
Class SO Asters, Hen. Taylor,
Cranhrook, Vincent Fink, Crnnbrook;
Stocks, Hen. Tnyinr. Crnnbrook, 2nd;
Pnnslcs, Mrs. P. Callus, Crnnbrook,
Mrs. .1. ii. Hnll, Crnnbrook; sweet
Pens. Mrs, vv. it. Forrester, Croston,
lien. Taylor, Cranhrook; Sunflowt i.
John Mitchell, Cronbrook, Mnrgl. St.
Eloi, Cranbrook; Ooronlum, Annie
Melilniii', Crnnbrook; A. i). V. Flowering Plant, C. II. Knocke, Cranbrook,
Mrs. Jas, Beech, Crnnbrook; A. O, V.
Foliage Ploat, Mrs K, Carlson, Crnnbrook, Mrs. .1. VV. Si co, Crnnhrook;
Bouquet Cut Flowers, Botty (Ireen.
CrnnHrook, Annie Melilniie, Crnnbrook; Bontiticl Willi Flowers etc.,
Mrs. s. Johnson, Crnnbrook, Mrs ,1.
s. Brake, Crnnbrook; Collection Cul
Flowers, Oeo, Taylor, Cranbrook, Vincent Fink. Crnnhrook.
Hairy Products Hi-pi.
('less 84,   Butter   Tin  1 Ib, Dairy
Prims. Mrs. vv. V. Jnckson, Creston,
X. McClure, Crnnbrook! 5 Ib.crock
Ditlry Butter, Mi-.. ,v, v. Jnckson,
Croflton, Mrs. .\|. Wnlmsley, Creston;
Special for J-lb. Dairy Prints-- BOO
'Butter Wrappers with name ot maker
printed, donated by Sullivan Quick
Prim, Cranbrook, won hy Mrs. VV, V.
Jnckson, Creston. Special for B-lh,
crock Dairy Buller, Bame prize ns S-lb
print special, Mrs. vv. V. Jnckson,
Creslon. B.C.
Honey, t'lnss Sn 10 His. extracted
honey, 11. !■:. Snlnshury, Cranbrook,
T. s. Olll, Crnnbrook.
Vagi'tithles uml Hoots, (ins-. S7
Bushel Potatoes, Oeo. Ashworth,
Oranbrook, C. s. Fleming, VVyclifflo;
Collection Potnloes, Ceo. Ashworth,
Cranbrook, C. S. Fleming, Wycliffo;
ruble Turnips, n. s. Long, creston. IS
Maclion, Creslon; Table Carrots, Geo.
Ashworth, Cranbroolt, Harry \Vbite,
Crnnbrook! Field Carrots. VV. V. Jnck-
sntt, Creston, D. O. Lynn. Creston;
Parsnips. Mrs. McKelvey, Creaton, J.
Mitchell, Crnnbrook; Cabbage, llolit.
sturk, Creston, J. Mitchell, Cranbrook;
Cauliflower, Ceo. Taylor, Crnnbrook.
John Levett, Crunbrook; Table Corn.
Oeo. Cnrtwrlghl, Creslon. Mrs. J.
Brennan, Ft. sicele; Kale. J. Mitchell,
I'runbi k;    Cnbhnge,    Red,    Robt.
Slarli. CreslOll! Table Beet. Round.
Job,i Levett, Cranbrook, vv. V. Jnckson, Creslon; Table Boot, long. J.
Mitchell, Crnnbrook! Mangolds, J.
.Mitchell, Cranhrook, F. Putnam, Creslon; celery, Stewart McClure, Crnnbrook; Chard, J. Mitchell, Cranhrook.
John Levett. Crnnbrook; Radish, wln-
tcr, John Levett, Cranbrook; Radish,
summer, Soron Johnson, Cranbrook;
Squash, P. Woods, Crnnbrook, John
Mitchell, Crnnbrook; Pumpkin, Harry
White, Crnnbrook, 1st „ 2nd*. Cucumber, lal,!.*, Oeo. ABhworth, Crnnhrook.
Bil, Maclion, Creston; Wntormelon,
Ed. Maclion, creston; Mtiskmelon,
Fil Mnclinn, Creston; Citron, s. vv.
Frnser. creston. A. Sntnuclson, Croston; Tomatoes, It. B, Staples. Creston.
W. (I, l.ittlejnhn. creslnu; Onions,
wllllo or yellow, (i™. Ituscroft, Creston, s. VV. Fraser, t'n'ston: Onions,
red, John Mitchell. Crnnbrook, Pens,
Ooo. Ashworth, Crnnhrook, John Lev-
,it. Crnnbrook; Boons, dwarf, Ed,
Maehien. Orostoh, Oeo. Richer Cran
brook; Henna, broad or winter, John
Levett Crnnbrook! Kolin Rnbl, Oeo
Ashworth, Crnnbrook, D. II. Lyon
creslon. Rhubarb, John Levett. Crnnhrook, Oeo. Richer, Crnnhrook; Col
lection Vegotnblos and RooU, John
Mitchell, Crnnbrook, Oeo. Ashwortl.
Craubrook, Hnmpor of Vogetahlcs, a
Ashworth, Crnnbrook; t'rnt.* Tomatoes, It. (1. I.liilejnhn. Croston, s. vv.
Fraser, OroBlon; Potntoos, Boys nnil
(lirls* Competition, Slownrl Mecin"
Crnnhrook. Spoclnl for tho boal i
locilon of lliiois mid Vegetables, nine ten donated by VV. TI. Mnlkln Co
Ltd. won ley John Mltcholl, Crnnbrook,
Special for most valuable collection
of the products of the land, Sterling
silver Shield, donated by A. E. Watts,
Wattsburg nnd n pnir of shoes donated by Fink Mercantile Co., won by Jno
Mitchell, Crnnbrook, B. c. Special
fnr the winner of moat prizes In Sec
1 in III S'l.tm In merchandise donated
E. A. lllll. won by Oeo. Ashworth,
Crnnbrook, with seven firsl!, ami
line   BOCOntl,
Grains nnd Grasses, Clnss 88
Winter Wheat. 1). II. Lyon, Croston,
N, McClure, Cranbrook: Spring Wheat
P. Woods, Crnnhrook, N. McClure,
Craubrook; Onts, Harry Futa, Crnnhrook, I'. Woods, Crnnhrook: Field
Pens, John Mltcholl, Crnnbrook! Field
Corn,   Mrs.   A.   McKelvey,   Creslon,   IS.
Cartwright. Creston! Alfalfa. John
Levett, Cranbrook, Mrs. ,1. C. Leslie,
Cranbrook; Collection Grain ami
Fodder, A.  B. Siniili, Crnnbrook.
cia.ss uo, special Collection of embroidery recommended hy judges;
Miss Edith McBride, Ist.
Class 111, Needle Work (hand
made)—Nightgown, Mrs, J, s. Brako,
Cranhrook, Mrs. M, A. Christie; Ladies Shirt Wnlst, Child's llress, Mrs. J. |
s. itruke, Cranbrook, Mrs. M. Wnlmsley, Creston; Patchwork Quilt, Christ
Church Guild;
Special recommended by judges:
Ton Cloth Drawn Work, Mrs. J. B.
Harris, Florence Binning. Sec. II. 4 ! Hnll, Cranbrook, 1st, Bed Sprcuil,
anil .",, Joseph .Mueller. Margarel ; Drawn Work. Mrs. Sommervllle,
Horie. i Craubrook. 2nd;
class  00,    Map    Drawing—Pupils      Special   recommended  hy-judges:
under tl yenrs, Verne Woodman, Ed- Colored   Work   Embroidery   Center
Hrparl ut II.   Sclli.nl Exhibit*
Class   89,   Sec.   1   and   '-.  Sherman
na    Snnderson.    Pupils    under   17.
Eunice  Parrett, Annie Johnson,
Class 112. Freehand Drawing with
shiiding from objects Pupils under
12, Jack Wnril. John Drew. Pupils
under II. Xo .Name glvon, 1st, Alma
Sarvis, 2nd. Pupils under 17, Edna
Sanderson, Otto Gill.
piece, Mrs. F. Carlson, Cranbrook,
1st, Cushion Cover, Mrs, 1'. Cnrl-
son, Cranbrook, 2nd.
Speciul for the best collection
Needle Work (hlllld mnde), Bibs Coffee donntcd by VV. 11. Mnlkln Co., won
by Mrs. .1. s. ilrake, Cranbrook.
Display uf Buttonholes, Mrs. O,  M.
Inss 03, Palming, Flowers, Fruil,! Barney, Crnnbrook, Mrs. .1. s. Brnke, I
v,*s. etc., from nature   Pupils un-  Cranbrook,
0.  Elite!  Alibi i,  Margaret  Mc-      cluss   112,    Any  other    variely   nf
iilil.   Pupils under 11, Honry Ood- fancy work nm clnsBlflod   A, O. V.
s. Arthur Shnnklnnd.   Pupils tin- \ Fnney    Work, Mrs.    VV   E. Hnalam,
dor 13, I'niiiein McDermot, A. II. Gill.
Pupils under 17. Alma Snrvls, Winnie
Class nl. Colored Designs, suitable
for trays, tablecloths, otc. Pupils
under 12, Fanny Hep Chong, Annie
Laurie,      Pupils under    II. Donald
llnllns.    Le 'i'   Hill.      Pupils   under
17. Otto Gill. -Vine l.utieuster.
i inss D5, Working Drawings—Pupils under 12, Eddie Bliss.
iinss Ii7. tiny or Plasticine Modelling   Pupils   under   7.   Marlon   Wll-
linllis, Blrnle Struchntl. Pupils under H, Everett Lewis Pupils under
II. Mah  Hlng, Mah Sam.
class 100, A stnnll woodwork moil -
.■I inne or more joints)—Pupils under
If., John Brnke.
Clnss   102,   Botnnlcnl   Collections.—
Crnnbrook,   Mrs.  J.  S   Brake.  Cranbrook.
Spoclnl recommended by judges:
Point Lace Netting uml Tatting Line
I'ulhir, Mrs. .1. s Brako, Cranbrook,
1st, Doilies. Mrs. E. M. McKowan,
Crnnhrook, 2nd.
Special recommended by judges:
Embroidered dress skin, Mrs. g. M.
Harney, Crnnbrook, isi While bedspreads, Alchlson's Poultry Furin. 1st
nnd 2nd.
Special  for tho bosl  collection nf
Lnelies' Fancy Work; lady's sweater,
donnted hy Fink Mercantile Co., won '
by Mrs. 11. VV. Leonard, Crnnbrook.
class 113, Girl's Work (under ir,
years)—Sample of Crotchet Work,
Violet Simpson, Cruubrook, 1st nnd
2nd.    Hest   Durned  Stocking,   Edith
Locnl Wild Flowers, Albert Johnson. I Murgntroyd, Crnnbrook, E. IS. Lower
Local Grasses. Allien Johnson. Nox-iison. Apron. IS. IS. LewcrlBon, cran
inns Woods, Albert Johnson. Gen-! Brook. Christina Carson. Cranbrook
oral Collection flowers, leaves, grass- Sample of embroidery, Francos Chains etc.. Albert Johnson, Nettie John- nilck, Crnnbrook, 1st nnd 2ml.
son. collection Kootenny wild flow-.
ers. berries, nuts, seedpods, elc. An-; looker)*
nie Johnson, Nettle Johnson, Clnss  121, Bread—White  Loaves,!
Mrs. J. P. Fink, Crnnbrook, Mrs. H. (!.
Arl   '•'•lulrlnie.il M,.KnJ,    ,.,,,,,1,,-nnk.      Whole  Wheal
Clnss nil, oil Colors nnd Water Loaves, Mrs. T. s. Gill. Crnnbrook.
Colors—Portraits or Figures. Hester | Mrs. VV. 1). McFarlane. Qrnhnni
Madden, Wycliffe, 2nd; Landscape, Bread, Mrs. vv. B. McFarlane, Crnn-
Wtiter Colors, He.stet* Muihleii. Wy- brook. Mrs. i*. Drummond, Cranbrook,
i-liffe, IS. M. McKownn, Cranbrook; { Speoinl prize's for lirend linked froni
Landscnpe, Oil Painting, Mrs. M. "B *;K" flour.—1st prize 2-OSm
Wnlmsley, Croston; Oil Painting, j sacks nf "B & K" flour, Mrs. VV. It.
Flowers. Mrs. vv. V. Jnckson, Cres- Glbbs, 2ml, i-asib sack nf "B *•; K"
'on. E. M. McKownn. Cranbrook: j flour, Mrs. It. C. ISnklll, 3rd, l-401le
Painting on Velvet, [dn, 1.. Cnmpsnll, snek of "B ,t K" flour. Mrs. J. P.
Crnnhrook, Mrs. M. Wnlmsley. Cres- Fink. 4th. 1-2411. sink of "ii & K"
Ion. j flour, Mrs. S. Johnson.
Clnss 105, Pencil, Pen und Ink., Special Prizes for hrend baked trom
Chalk, etc.- Portrall in pencil. Muriel j "purity" Flour.—1st, 1 barrel "Pur-
WUllingor, Crunbrook, drawing In pen j Ry" flour, Mrs. N. M'Clurc, 2nd, l-08lb
.il. Dora I'yc. Cronbrook; Landscape sack ot "Purity" flour, Mrs. R. D. Fin-
(chnlk), Mrs. vv. V. Jnckson. Cres-1 ley, 3rd, l-401b snek ot "Purity" flour*.
Inn; Geninniy Drawing, Mrs. W. V.I Mrs. 11. Simpson, 4tll, 1-24111 sack of
Jackson. Croston. "Purity" flour, Mrs. II. c. Briggs.
tinss nn:. Decorative Work—Burnt Special prizes fur bread baked friem
Wood, Mrs. c. vv. Tyler. Cranbrook; . **our Best" tlour.—1st, l-!islb sack of
Carved Wnml Wink. Mrs. J. S. Brake, "Our Best" flour, Mrs, .1. P. Fink.
Crnnbrook. 1st nnd 2nd: Stencilling, 2nd, 1-4011] snek nf "Our Besl" flour.
Mrs. .1. s. Brake, Crnnbrook, 1st and j Mrs. T. Drummond.
2nd; Brass or Copper Work, Mrs. J. j class 122. Cake—Fruit Cake, Mrs
s. Beaton, Crnnbrook; Painting on \\; b. McFnrlane, Crnnbrook, Mrs. 1*.
Chtnn, Mrs. IS. McKowan, Cranbrook. Dallas. Cranbrook. Layer Cake. Iced,
A. O. V. Decorative Work, Mrs. .1. H. Mrs. W. II. Wilson. Cranbrook, Mrs.
McClure Crnnhrook, W, . Haslan, Crnnbrook,
(inss Iii7. Amateur Photogrnphy- class 123, SmsllB-Doughnuts, Mrs.
Landscape or outside views. Mrs. IS. w n M-B_r)n-e, Crnnbrook, Mrs. J.
M. McKowan. cranbrnnk, Miss M. L.' w Spence, Crnnbrook.   Cookies, Mrs.
cartwright.  Crnnbrook.
Ladies'  Work   llepurlnienl
class Ills-Knitting, pnir socks-
Mr-. Gen. Hogarth, Crrnbrook, Mrs
G. II. Thompson, crnnbrook.
class His. Knitting, Pnir Socks—
Specinl Prize nf .". Ihs. lea donated by
VV. II. Mnlkln Co., won by Mrs. N, A. I
Wnlllnger, Crnnbrook.
tinss 111(1. Crochet Work Irish
Lace, Ellen Maystre, Cranbrook, Mrs.
Frank Carlson, Cruulirook; A. 0. V.
(Crochel Voko), Mrs. rl. M. Lnngln,
Crnnbrook, 2nd (Crochet Petticoat),
Mrs. A. Wallinger, Crnnbrook; lloll-
ornhle montioo (crochet yoke). Mrs.
s.  Tnylor, Crnnhrook.
Spoclnl prizes recommended by the
P. Dnllas. Cranhrook. Mrs. F. Clarke.
Wycliffe. Plain Buns. Mrs. T. S. Olll,
Crnnbrook, Mrs. p. Dnllas. Crnnbrook,
Ten Bisiiills, Mrs. VV. It. Gibbs. Crnn-
brook, Mrs. p. Dallas, Crnnbrook.
Class 124, Pastry—Apple Pie. Mrs.
P. Dallas. Cranbrook. Mrs. I. R. Mantling, Cranhrook. Lemon Pie. Mrs.
Fred Clnrko, Wycliffe. Mrs. P. Dallas,
Cranbrook. Pumpkin Pie. Mrs. G. M,
Barney. Crnnbrook. Mrs. Fred Clarke.
Wycllfte. Fruit Tarts. Mrs. J. S.
Brake. Cranbrook, Mrs. w. II. McFarlane. Crnnbrook.
Class 125, Preserves—Preserved
Fruit, Mrs. T. S. Olll, Cranbrook, All's.
Lester Clapp. Cranbrook.   Jellies. Mrs
October 1,
Is Only Ten
Days Away!
Afler Iiml iliH-i* wines uml liquors nili c»«l imiie
(Inui il.Hilile llieir presenl priee as Ihey must conic
from onisiite ihe orovhire,
Telr(*'r»|iliie orders nmj  lie sent ns  •eolleet".
Out- Hlock ni' nines mnl li'|iior*_ is lh<> cImiIcchI in
■iln* Dominion.    Cterjllilim  tte sell Is pure 1111(1 true
lo In uml.    ll' you ure imt Mtlisi'it'il you enn luite
t. uur mime) Illicit.
MUli: MV Ol It I'ltHKS
IVe lune over)tiling Iii tlie line oi nines ami liquors,
ll' nlml you mini Isn't here, semi for our Speelul
Si'|iletiilier I'riee list.
Our in'iivs covor carrlngo to any point in Wostern
Cuniuln, nlso cost nf jugs. imckftBos, war stamps, otc.
Thoy moan lho laying (lown of tlio jtmnis nl your
station without any additional clmrgo,
(teases 12 quart
t: XT It A
iln bulk)
,1ns.      B,    Seu-
Oooderhnni    &
grntu's    ll i r it in
Worts, botlled at
Cold Bond Cann
■    ,    Wulker's llnnder-
tlm ilisilllery till
dlnn    Lye.      1:
liiiin S Worts, B.
Qooderliam   &
yenrs old. Oldos
t   i   C. Distillery uud
Worts,      Speciul
Bottling       $11,110
Cnnndtnn Rye nl
Corby's   splendid
old   whiskies   rn*
Hiram Walkers
tnlnnblc. Per ens
'       gnvernraenl nged
Special        Bot
lines *l..'.u. iti.;."..
tling             18.110
111 ease lots *fS..MI
per easr.
tiM,    Ip'e.*!.'.    Ullli
$",.7.*i per Imporlnl gnllon.
Table  Cnv.
Jlldgoa-A. 0. V. Croclict work. Ellen •-"■"*'r C1"l'l). *'ranbrook, Mrs. J. P.
Mnystre, Crnnbrook. (Yokel. Mrs. It. I'"1",t* Sl'1"" F"llt8. Mrs* w* "• M>'-
Slmpson. Crnnbrook; A. O. V. Crochet p*-rl****e* Crnnbrook, Mrs. Lester
. Barret, crnnbrook: n"""' <'ranbr""li* ''""""'' Vege-
1 Ce.i Cover Mary .1 tn')'c'B' ^'rs* 0. Cartwright, Creston,
Tuner, Crnnbrook; Crochet In Silk! Mrs* l*cstcr a*«P, Crnnbrook. Jnnis
Ellon Mnystre, Criuihrook, Mrs. J. s. mi •Martnalailes. Mrs. K. T. Cooper.
Ilrake. Crnnhrook. Specie! tor (be Crnnhrook, Mrs, w. It. Oihbs, Crun-
wlnuor ,,r mosl prteos In sections l.,llr."".k' ,,'"n": ,'1"'1''1 "a"'' l0h" ''"'"
2. ::. nnd I, •". lies, c ittoo donnted by
w. II. Mnlkln i'n.. wnn by Ellen Mnystre, Crnnhrook.
tt. Crnnbrook,
class  1211.  Best  Packed  Luncheon
Basket   for  two,  Mrs.   Fred   Clarke,
llu.   Embroidery Work- Ton   Wycllfte. Mrs. T. s, (illl. Crnnhrook.
Mrs, .1   s. Be:.lun, Crnnhrook,     Specinl for best exbibli of cookery
Mrs. c. M. Btirney. Cranhrook! Lun-   In  ('hisses  122.   12:1.  121-1st   prim.,
rl  s.'i. Elfrodn Driiramoiid, dm*   1 -Jtslta snek "Iteeynl Household" flniir.
hrook, Mrs. M. A. Christie, Crnnhrook,  Mr"*  ''•  I'allas, 2nd. 1-tiilb sink nf
Battcnhnrg Tnble Cover, 1 immond-  "Hoyal Housohold" Hour. Mrs. W. II.
. I by Jiubjos, Miss ,1. F. Illebnrilro.i,  McFnrlnno.
Crnnhrook; Hnndtrtndo nee H.indkor- Clnss I2S. Children's Cookery (girls
eiiief. Mrs, .1. s. Brake, Crnnhrook. under IB)—Plain Cake Iced. Marjorie
Miss 13. McBrldo, Cranbrook; Old Burton. Edith Murgntroyd. Ten BIs-
LndlcE' Wink. Mrs. .1. ,\. Mn)Btre, cults, Etlllh Murgatroyd, Christlnn
Mr*. .1. Brownrlgg, Crnnhrook; Col- Cnrson. cookies, violet Simpson,
lection of Embroidery on siiect. lot- crnce McFarlnno, Candy, lib, Mnr-
"redn Drummond, Crunbrook. ; Jorle Burton, Christlnn Cnrson.
nirni.K siT.cm, iiotti.i: si'lil'lAl,
Very fine Scotch. Mack- Magnrer *;• Cle Pule Cog-
ir.'osli Dundee Olil Per- nne Brandy, Tliree star
feiiinn    tiilnck Label]. (Gold   Label).   Regular
Rogulnr    S2.2r..    Special price  52.110   Specinl
per bottle  $■ 6,5 per bnttle  $1.00
Only   I   dozen  bottles 10 Only 1  dozen  bottles tn
each customer. each customer.
Iliclilanel Seidell Whisky, In cases of 12 t|t. bottles,
per case  (ill. (Iii, *lli. * 1T und its
tAlru Spci'lal Sceleli   -IVbile ami Gold,' 	
per rase   «I!.5II
Ilialilanil Scotch Iln bulk). Jnlin Deivnr's, Distiller's
Co., Limited, Caledonian Reserve, Oold Bond, Kll-
mnrnock, Usher's, Oilbey's,   .las. Buchannn's   anil
House of Pnrliamont	
gnl   f", lin.*-'.'.. SIM, ttt. (Srfll, H8."a, $1), if iu
flench Cognac llrntult - Cuse of 12 ut- 'bottles,   per
case 11111.50, #11..VI anil *|ll
lleilliinil (illl iii cuse of 15 large sqlllire buttles, per
case       (17.1111
London lire din.   in   ease -uf 12 ul.  bottles,    per
ens,.   $11.11(1. 818.(10, iiiiiI *l Lllll
Overnrnnf Hum. Jamnlcn nml Detncrnrn, case of 12
t|t. lenllles. jeer case    $14.00, Klll.00, $IS.II(I
Olil 1'nrl nnd Shorn- Case of 12 nt. bottles, per
ease.   $,"..110. $11.1111, $7,110.$ 10.1111 llllll $12.00
Established for 20 yenrs,
722 PENDER Street West,
Get the right kind of
powder for stumping
"The farmer needs tn know (hat
he is RettiiiK qtttiHty in the powder
that   he   is  purchasing," says   ihe
Wfitrrn  Fiirmtr.   "If he senires ihe righi  l-ii-il "f powder, the
rost of removing stumps is grently lessened.'
The right powder to use for stump blasting is
if yon can buy a more practical, convenient ami efficient telephone IntonBl-
flor thnn onr HUT Baryphone ut any price.   Increases tin* sound wontlorful-
' ly, Mnlros hail connections good. Conversations as tllstlnct as in the same
room with you. distance no matter. All noise excluded. Allows the hard
hearing the use of llie telephone.   Permits - persons—or more—to hear a
, message simultaneously. Always ndjlisted and ready. Leaves the hand
free for annotations during the conve-rsatlon.    Indispensable   to  all   tele-
, phono users. Founded ami based upon scientific principles. Lasting longer but guaranteed fot 3 yearn. Sent hy insured mail ror $2 and this nd.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.   Particulars free
Agents Wa.nted Everywhere
i The Bivryphone Co. 174 Front St. Portland. Ore
Columbia especially for
;it are found here,    It lias
■ Free Book
because it is made in  British
blasting the kind of stumps th      ___________________
heen used by British Columbia land cleurers for 32 years.
It is the original Giant powder
— the pioneer Canadian farm
Giant Stumping Powdei has a greater
heaving and lifting effect than ordinal)'
powders, lt therefore goes further and
gets tlte stumps out cleaner than explosives that merely shatter.
("lot niir honlc   Our book, "Belter
uei our dook. |.'arn,i„B „i,],
save money \]'"n, Su:,m*'i."*-i
* Powder," will
show you leow to cut dowee your blasting
costs, lt explains tlee latest powder-uvlne
ways of loadieei; and filing. It is free. Mail
tlie coupon or ask for it on s post catd.
Sn„( mc (.'in book. Uriiri Firming
with (.i.iii Stumping l't>v/-.r." I uu
iniciriird In lhc iub]cni which I have
milked X;
O Slump Blaitini
P Boulder Bia taint
D Road Malum
P Trea Bed BUriint
G Ditch Blading 1(J
t~l Minim—Quarryinff THURSDAY, SEPT. 20th, 1917
Should be
Exactly Suitable
They should lie jusl what
your   eyes   need.     They   should
enable you to see easily- with
the least effort. With them ynu
Bhould get the best service your
eyes can possibly give.
To supply you with glasses
made exactly ta ynur needs,
occupies our every care. The
smallest detail receives ils necessary ut lent ion. if you arc
anxious about your eyes, call
and lei ns examine them. We
Will advise you frankly as to
whether you need glasses or
UlnaBoa Cor outdoors, for
motoring ntui for nny  specinl
W. H. Wilson
111'!.'. Ill'l II I \\
Kilby frames pictures.
Mrs. Bent hns returned Irom
extended visit to the Coast.
We are carrying a full line of boots
md shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. and .Mrs. A. tl. Raworth of Letli-
brldge were vtslttng Mr. Archie Huwortli in tlie city i Ills woek.
Mr. W. a. McCnlpIn ot Calgary was
n visitor In Uie city the early part "I
llle week.
Tho Ladles of St. Marys Church Intend holding ti lliiziiiii* on Wednesday,
lleeellllH'l'  Stll,
I ^^_^ujS___V_-_-_^_-_
Iril .llniiliiliL  ltd.
Tie.'   first  exhibit  ,,n   ,■ ring the
l'air Building was n display of "Pur
iiy'' flour, neatly arranged cn shelves
iiy lm M ting l.nl.
fruits,   Flowers  an.I   Vegetables
*i      visitors' attention ivus next at-
lable and tlowei
pled tl.e whole e
building, it WOS
.hm! lold the vlsl
Tin' I. 0. Ii. I-:. wish tn announce t
tiie citizens .if Cranbrook that on 111
ISth nf October they will visit ..ver
liee  in Cranbrook ami we ask for ;
liberal  contribution  to assist  ns  in   although imt
vesi nni nl lhe
tderful display
thoul words of
■ inmense agricultural possibilities
the District; we have the soil and
Imate, all iv,. need is more faith and
livity alone agricultural lines.
The  Mini rnl  Dli play in charge eef
'*  Jose| -   Ryan   was ne xl in order,
xtenslvo as ii could
The Name of
Town will be
printed in this
Space next
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -      B.C.
carrying on the Hed Cross work as I tv.   been hod more tlmo been given
the ne.sis ai ihe present time are very ie: ie woh none the Icbs an IndlBput-
groot.                                                | able    Illustration    of    the    mineral
  wealth in onr Dlstrlcl awaiting only
A special meeting ot   Formers'   ' "*s'"'!   ""•'"'■''  *""1  develop-
Institute wlll he held on Friday Sep- """'     Mr   ">""" "'•*' "' ••■■■ clement
lombor 28th nl :: p.m. nl which Mr °""       '   ko1"   b,ls>'  answering  on-
W. I*:. Scon, Superlntendenl of Insth
.      lutes mill  Ilelmlv  Minis!,.r of   lin-l,■„! !'il,il  should  be on 11 Idgg
i    Mr, IS   K. Harris   or   Toronto Is   "nos nnu Demit) .Minister ot Ag	
in tho city ihis   ■■"•" "'i' .Present   address tl.
We nm carrying a full line of I Is
and   shoos.     Crunbrook   Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mrs. .1. Flngnl smith roturnod on
TiioBtlny from an tixtondod visit lo
llle Const cilies, I'rlm'c lluport, and
Siiiiii I,ulie Biinntarlum, Wnshlngton
transacting buslno
woek nud
guosl at Uie' Cranhrook
iiiciii I..
It   Is
at n large
Export plume and organ tuning, repairing ami rogulatlng, E. A. Parkor
phono 811, I'. 0. llnx r,2S, Cranbrook
turn eeni  wlll bc present.    Rom
portuiil  questions  will  be  tain
Willi   Me*.   See.H   while  ll To
iiiiiI   Mrs
Tlie I   ii, le  E  gratefully acknow
i lodge the following donations:    Prls
A. il. Hill roturnod * oner's Bread Fund, per Mrs. MacKIn
mi M lay from Toronto, Hurry ami
oilier eastern points where' they have
been visiting for tlie past six weeks.
non Mrs. Ilarshaw. Nile: Mrs. McBride, BOc; Miss Downr, 2.1c; Mrs
While, r.iie: Mrs. Jnckson, 26c; Mrs,
A. Brldgos, 25c; Mrs. ll. T. Williams,
Mr. P.O. Illinium bf Calgary, rop-1 $1;  Mrs.  II.  II. McClure, BOc;  Mrs.
■eseutlng tin- Western Canada Tho-
ntres l.lel.. anil Mrs. Barium: were
visitors   in   the   cily   tills   week.
5c; Mrs. MacKinnon, $1; Totnl   r
ami   was   ko] t   busy
qillrles oi* vlBllorB,    The mln.-nil ,x-
nl" nexl
year nml tn,* time t<> prepare it  is
rlghl now.
Ileiillii'-Miirplie   I ii.   1,1,1.
The principal exhibits in this Department! ■.■■<-ri' Pntlt pbonen, Koeliiiis
nml Rexall coiil. in charge i.I Mr. I'.
E, Murphy  1 Mr .1. It  Haslam.
t'riinbriiiik .lubbers I,Id.
'Hi' display of the Cranhrook Jobbers I.M. tlio well known wholesale
House, consisted ot K, C, Jam manufactured al Brilliant, B. e'.. Christie's
Biscuits, Kellogg Corn Flakes, limn-
Inlon Corn FlakeB, 0'
Minis.   Liquid   Veneer,
imntiv Thompson
Mr. J. M. Doyle eef Calgary, tho Clen-
I'l'al Manager for P. Hums & Co.. wns
In the city Ihis week on official busl-      At lhe Methodist Parsonage. Se
ness. I tember  18th,  Mr.  Charles  Qutlfrle,:
  I Hnmi'In  was  united la  marriage ti
On  Saturday  September  2!!th.  tlie ! Miss Edna Florence Maleei Thompson
Ladles Aid Society nf Knox l'rcsby- j both nf Wardner, B. C,
terlnn   Church will hold   a sale ofl 	
Home Cooking nnd Candy.   Afternoon          JfACJni.I.JlX- WATKIIJIAN
tea will ho served In tlie School Room.; 	
Can you think ot any reason why
there should not be one in your
home ?
The Methodist Ladles Aid will hold
a supper In the ole] tlyin on Sal unlay
prior lo Thanksgiving, tee tho business men of Cranbrook anil their
friends. Supper will he served freetn
5 o'clock t.e 7.:;n o'c.
Junior Red Cross Society Tea eu
Central School. Saturday, September
22nd, 2.:10 to i. p.m.   Tea. sandwiches.
 1 ealte served for 1". cents.   Candy
booth.   Program.   Everybody Invited.
A quiet but pretty wedding tonle
place at the Methodist Parsonage
when Hev. Thos. Keyworth uaiteil in
marriage Mr. Hebor Ashtoii MacMillan of Lethbridge, Alberta, to Miss
Amy Rebecca Waterman of the snmet inKen i
city.   Mr. W. C. Adlard acted as besl   ,„ t  *.-.,,.,'
man while Mr Keyworth
ssisteil  111,
r nml cereals, c
in   Sherrlffs  Jell
Braids  Tea,  Coffee
liolorogen s    nssol
colly  nml   attractively   arranged   by j
nml in rbnrge of Mr, W. c. Adlard,
who generously Bltpplied all visitors
wilh     ilbornl   samples   of     lhe   geeeul
I'l'llllliriii.li   Drillt *   l("..k Cn.
Tin' Cranbroolt  Drug ,«■   Hook Co,
were exhibiting Edison  Phnnngroi
mil   Mr   B,  .1.   McKay  handled tin
fins,  entertaining  iln*  visitors  wltli
•venl nnil other ■elections.
lllll'*.!.II    ClM'llCl'
Tiie  llnnsnll Gnroge exhibit
of llieir model Ford lllnclllncs.
Tli ist  ciul of Hi- building win
e   Dominion   lUxperl
Itlblts of  Invermero
nml a f
Mr. T. II. Crump, i'. P. R. Train-
maoter al Revelstoke, is in tlie city
occupying ihe position of Aotlng-Su-
oerfntenbent during Mr. Hnrshaw's
ebsenco on Ills lui!I,l:.ys.
A meeting of the Directors of tlie
Cranbrook Dlslricl Agricultural Association will he held In tin* Secretary's
Office, city Hall, mi Monday, September 23th, at S p.m. Ishnrpt.
da Tuesday, September llth. ol the   the culll
1 home  of  the  groom's   pare'iits,   Mr.
Charles Addleon Manners, oldesl son      (hi  iii
of Mr. nnil  Mrs. clinrl-s Manners of   >i"h   wo
tliis eity.  was  untied in marriage lo
Viola May Thomson, oldesl daughter
of Mr. and Mrs, Peter McNab Thomson of Toronto.   Hev Thos. Keyworth
Jl Mull  lllli I BOSS SOCIETY
Tlie Sl. John Ambulani
lion will hold a "Tni: Day'
elny. September 22nd, lt'i
mount  received   Iron
Assocln- At a meeting of tlie sirls nf tl:,*
ui Satur- senior and Intermediate grades. Cen-
Tiie'  a* tral School, on Friday, September 7th.
llle   will   he a  Junior  Hed Cross  Society   wn,   or-
ii-ed  towards   buying   wool  to  knii gonlsed.
■oil.- for lhc in-'ii nt the trout. Tlle  following  officer-  and  rejpre-
sentatives were elected:    President:
Tin. si. John  Ambulance Assocla- Mabel Finley: Vice-President:  Helen
tlon wlll hold n "Tag Day' on Satur- LeClorc;   Secretary:    Wllma   Park;
dny, September 22nd,  C'lT    Tin* a- Treasurer    Marjorie Burton:  Repro-
mount   received  from  snme  will  be tentative   Div. 2.   Olive Smith: Rep-
Agl, Vi. .*'. Oi'ian, Cranlii'Mik Kxrhniigo   Uscd   towards  buying   w,,,.i   lo  knit resentatlve  Div.  ::    Eunice  Parrett:
socks fnr the men at the fronl Representative     Div      i    Margaret
Carr:   Representative  Div   fi    Gran
Tin- Si. .lohn  Ambula  Assocla- Barrett.
ih.n will hold a "Taa Day'' oa Saturday, September 22nd,  H'lT    Tie,* a HUTU   OK   (OI.OM'I.   llll.ll    ii.
enonnl   received   from   -mile   will   lee II l\ IIIKSON
used   townr.u  buying   wool  to  knit	
soel:* for the men nt the from xho death nt l nm. on Tuosday of
Little Davenport
'I'iiIic   in   lite   I. II.   lifter
I In* Show,
w.i. white iii*:i.r
the Cranbroolt housewife in
ary deportment.
wny   upstairs  one's  ntteti-
drowti   io  some  excellent
photographs by Binning, win. exe*e*is
In tl * i liotograpliB of children.
The top floor of the bul'dlng was
utilized by exhibits irom the Mnnui
Training  Se-imoi  ond  works of art,
by the  I'iiii"-.  .ewing. painting etc.,
mi exhibition of art. genius nml skill
winch  would  he dlfficnll  to Ileal.
i ranbrook Su-.li A* 0 * lee
Cranbrook Sash nml Door Factory
exhibited n capital -.ties of Hues in
Beaver Boart] and ti." various kinds
of roofing materials. They nisi,
shi wed t; rles of dour which attracted so mile*!' attention at tlie
World's ilrem Land Fair nl Chicago
In 1912, amungsl them lhe one in
which li," grain  Is ahown  hy torch
WO fl,'.
Tlie Refreshment Booth was in
charge of the memberfi ofthe Women's
Institute win, elie! n thriving business.
Til"  proreeds  to  :.■■  devoted  tee the
un .. •■ ot I'iiii 'inn girts fill' 111,
hoys at the front
Owing to hn k el »paco w, liave had*
to leave out full particulars of llie
Cn -*on Exhibition, Inn a detailed synopsis wlll aid'-:ir in. onr n, xt issue.
osscd chickens
Jams,   lirend
ntter    exhibit!
is hereby  given   thnl   pursuant   to  n   resolution   pasBod   at   il
nn "lim* of Iln* C it'll held on August *:isi 11117, I, lhe undersigned, will
sill   hv   Public  Auction  at   the City
Hall on Monday, October 1st at the
hour e.r ton u.m, (Clly time) the following properties:
Block Iii i.ni ::.'.
Block -li Lot Hi '-.IT
Block "« Lot ■:,■!
Block ::il Loi 11-7
Block 30 Loi is
Block 30 I.ot L'l  lo 21
Block ::i  Lot 2!l-:i(l
Hlock 32 Lot IS
Block 32 I.ol '-'7-2S
Block 33 Lot 19
Block 31  l.nl  1-2-3
Lot 111
Block ::ei I.ol 111
Hlock :ui Lot 17
Block 311 I.ol  'Alii
Block 3(i Loi 211
Lot :iu
Block lis Leu 1
Block :is i.oi I
Block :i!i Leet e.n-ir,
lileick 40 I.ot lil to 23
Block S7   I i.I   17
Block S7 Lot 21
Hlock SS  Loi 34-35
Hlock SO I.ot lllli
Block on Lm 11
'•'ce-k 111   Loi  pt 24-25
Block i'l   Lot 211
Block 02 Lot 17
Hlock !'2 I.ot IS
Block 02 Lot 10
Block le:', I.ot is--,:!
Block !H Lot f,
Btock 01 I.ot 7
'Hock or. Lot 2.S
Block lu: Lot 7-S
Hick ill*. I ol 22-2:1
Block  II" 1 ill 15
Hlock  lir. Loi 27
Block 14*. I ot 28
Hlock 3(10  I.ot 7
Hlock 300 Lot S
Conditions of Sale may lie obtained
trom tlie undersigned.   Terms Cash.
Cranbrook, B. c. September llth.
T. M. Roberts.
Cily Clerk.
"dels I.i II I llonllh ami Lung Iii."
m <
i  "     ■'
,:V Jj*j*-?itM_
Mr. Hugh le Henderson will he k ten
Mi-  McLeod  i- ..|i ie her Fall, ,, ,,.,,,.,,■•,,■ ,ly *,*„ „,.,„>. „*,, [riends.
ihowlng   "i   mllllnory  on   Thursday   The Colonel pass tway at his home IMTKH    I'liOOl I IM;    I'OMIMNV
■iml  I'iiii.   mid  showlnj  th,* In'oe-t   -n Kaslo from tho effects of n poro-        WAIN    SKN'IMXil    I'HOIM I. Sunday, September 23r
novelties of Import trimmings of gold   ■-,*,. „lri)kl. „.-,,, „,,,,.,, hl. mi Bl,|m- THIXS   HKIIfi Morning service, ll.- subject: "The
nnd   velvet,  of   velvet,   flowers   moi ut n woek ago.   Place of ChrlBt In the Drama of Life."
II,* came int.. tlii- dlatrlcl in ISO"      Thc Herald this w ek wn,  favored      Evening    service.    7.30.—Subject:
locating  ni   Fori   Steelo  during   it- by a brief vlsll from Mr, il. (I. Barn-   "The Oospel of a Happy Ood."
Mr. .1. F   Armstrong who will he   palmy day»,  ami  in  ihe succeeding nm. business manager for the United J        Prenelier: Rev. James Dunlop.
staying in  the city for tlie nexl  two   year took up a ranch on Moyle Luke; I'roilin-ini-    Company    Limited,    win, ;           	
weeks, lm- kindly ronecnted to take   ne inter tlisposed of his ranch, pur- wore becoming bo well  known lasl '
tbe services nt Chrlsl Church at  11   chasing a properly on the Kootenny year hy-tl xccllonl brand of pro-
.:ni   nnd  ; :n t tn   September 23rd.   River bolow Steele ot Corbelts Cross- ductiona they wero sending tlir.*nali
,n,i September 30th. ' ing.   lie married in 18911 Miss FroBOr horo     It   will  bo good  new.-, to nil
..f Cheltenham, Kngland. ami -e'tiled theatre goers to henr lhat thin i-eni-
Me- ,i I*:. Miller of Victoria. lns|:eci    down on his ranch until Hie Koote- pnay    purposes    bringing    seVeral
or of lieli ml Revenue, mil ii A. Allen nay Control Railway which ran right allows here again thi. year tin* rust
of Vim. onver. Collector of Inland thron-ili his house and property' one which will probably he tlie
Revenue, were In the city Tuesday nnd   forced hlm to soil out to tlle Railway {"Birth  e.r a   Nation"  sonic  time  in
Wedncsdny Inspecting llie records in   Compnny.     He*   shortly   afterwards Octobor.
tlie local Inland Revenue Offlco.         moved to Kaslo wliere lie lived until
his  dentil,
til  t'crson      or  flrnil     having nc-       'I'o Hiose' who knew iiliu. llie n.w-
ei.unt   .iraltr I llie Crnnhronk District ' will bring regret  and sympathy for
Agricultural Association nro request-   his wife.
ed io Bend tliem to tin- Secretary nt  .	
..aee in order to liave tl:em passed at I'AHII OK THANKS
Hie next meeting of Hie Directors to . ,
'.e held on Mondny. Sept. niher Mill. j,,, .„„, Mrs  w  „   ,,,„„„ .„„* ,,„„.
  lly wish to thank their friends and
Tlte Mnjde Leaf He'lie'liali Lodge No. acquaintances for tlle many klndm--
HI will observe tlie until anniversary si's and expressions of sympathy
of the founding of the order, by nt-l shown them In tlu*lr recent sad be-
tendnnce rt lhe Methodist Church on   ronvomont.
Sunday evening firsl at 7.20.   All Re- ] ■	
hoknlin rosldont and visiting arc asked I       TIIK METHODIST (llllll Tl
to mei't  at Lodge room  til  7  p.m. 	
'Prompt), S.   Hnrtnoll, N. 0. pnBlor;    ,|,.v.   T|,„Si   Keyworth
  Services on Sunday at 11 a,ill, when
In cost-
Big In
It is a Sweetmeat, a Stimulant and
a Health-help all in one. It benefits
teeth, breath, appetite and digestion. It steadies stomach and
nerves. It is ever-ready refreshment when you're fagged.
Made In Canada
Sealed Tight—Kept Right
^fThe Flavour Lasts
Sitetiulh Imparling Itlotul liurlcbiiiu
Given Iii weakened, run-down  people Hie  verv  support  mid   strength
ASK VOI It llltl'IKllST
If he connot Biipply you, send ONE
son. post mild."   '"''   "'   '   " "i    Shorthand, Tyncwrltlng and Rnnk- Rev. i;  \v. ti. Fortune of Vancouver
Write fen- a copy of "How lo Enl ! keeping al King Kilwaid's School. -All wlll prench and al 7.30 pm. when lhc
and Whal to Fat".   Sen I lo uny nil-  tiny attendance $10.00 a montll! Kven- pnator will conduct aervice.
elre'iis  In  I'nnndn   FREE, lng classes, Monday! and Thursdays Tlle Maple Unt Hebcknh Lndge Nee.
DRUCRIST SUNDRIES CO. LTD   fr'"" ' '" n |,m* '"n" ■ "mnll,; """>'   ln wMI "lt0"d ""' evening service In
nnd ovonlng Attendance $12,00 n month a body,
Classes will open on Monday. Aug. 27.]     Sunday School nl 3 p.m.
Private lessons by arrangement. I    daily   lluy. September 10t_.
llllll Homer Slrri-I      VAM'OIVKII,
[V   tmlmf   *t*sfl*   M^t **tlf0"   .ty»t*>yfrm..r\i*t*s,,lmfsss.ml\f*m   mt\fssstsmmsssl\fsss*S   ts*£smmssmsme\*ssJtt
WITH li the family wash can lie (*iiirkly ami perfectly cleaned withum nny other labor than attaching it to un ordinary city waler tap, tilling ihe* title with soiled articles
turning on the water and taking them out cleaned to suit the most exacting housekeeper anti It does ii Castor ihan one person can wring, rinse* blue and hang out.
Mi small, delicate part- to gel out order Everything aboul It
I- strong, carefully fitted and absolutely Interchangeable
lints Hint eome in eoiilnit wilh water are made of lee-t qualltty
hrnss. It wlll run on v.*ry low water ,prossure from ., reg.tlar
e-j Inch house service pipe having a flow of ::i_. gallons per mh no
ami tlte water afler tiassiac through iiie motor i- .is clean an
when it comes from tlie tap nml can be used foe rinsing or any
oih.-r purpose.
Evory motor is subjected to two rigid tests, on,' before  iml 	
afler attachment to tub ami the machine i- ready to work, re
eial.es ne, adjustment after leaving our hand- anil wlll l.t :i
lifetime in ordinary use
mHp  ***%%*  W*%    m*Ml,.m*t\i  s**H,i *tm%%
mr\fssms,s/ll*,SS.ml\fsss ********.   iftfQ PAG! le'Oim
i.i nn a sriti iii,
Hnrrlstors, Kit*.
Vi, Y. Iliirel G. J. Spreull
CKAMlllOOh,   II. C.
I. o. n. K.
THURSDAY, SEPT. 20th, 1917
His. Green A MacKinnon
I'liyslciaas uml  Surgeons
OHIce   al   residence,   Armstrong
Forenoons   0.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 .0    4.00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.80
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
Owing to lack of space this woek
on  aeei !   ol the full, report   of llle
Fall   Fair nnil  Prise List, wo lire, we
regret to sun,, farced to hold ovor
many important items of news until
 *  next   issue.      We  11 list   Olll*  l',':ill*'l*S  [  teitdSllCe.
will hear witli ns on this occasion and | *'''■ n''1"
any who have contributed items will j consisted
accepl this explanation for tlieir not soclts' ''-'
appearing III this issue. :'1'"'   '
'    ■'     |^fC
r -i ..*
lar ithly meelltig o
Kuskanook Chapter I. 0. 0. K.
held in lhe Red Cross Rooms on
dny. September  I Ith, wltll n  I'ni
Leslie, regent, presid-     Elected cut,   Many a serious caso
work   dime  and   sen,      of    blOod-polBonillg    ieas    resulted
,.n   „,i„„„. ..- ,,,,,,..     from Just such a small injury.   All
Mill-   |l>J.'Ill.S,   _.,   (1,11 ,Un     _..-,__„      ,      ,,.„„„,,„     _|,|oh
. b. covers.   The
Y I     2 for 25ft
ay bc lho result eef a ne-
I II I T..I 111. It. II. DAV IKS OtSSKO.
nl:,Iinn size will lie p
th" Buffering and  expense which
this ratails can be avoided by tbe
iel      timely use of Zam-Buk.
it:       Zam-Bult, Immediately It Is ap-
i,.    plied to a wound, destroys all germs,
(la the ISth nl October,
III!. 1. 11. MILES
Otll.o in Hanson Block
0 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
Tlie following telegram was receiv-
' ed Iiy Mrs. c. Davles Oils week contradicting   a    previous   report   that I
i Lleut.-Col,   R.   n    Davies   had been .
tlttawa, Sept.   15.   Sincerely  regret !
to inform you that Lieut.-Col. Reginald Haiilinr navies, I), s. ()., Infantry
officially  reported wounded Sept. Olll
101*7, was gassed    Will semi further
particulars when  received.    Director      sunt    Rnblnov
of Records. Smith, wns up on
n plea is
knit; th*
llshed In
Hm lions,' to house canvass fnr funds     jng    **,v*icn the sore place is thus
will he made,   Tiie next regular meel- '   thoroughly and medicinally cleansed
lag will lie held in tiie Council Cham-    hy Zam-Buk the healing essences In
Cms proventing tholr accumulation,
which is tlio cause of lelood-polson-
Tom Miller was on Wednesday I
fore the Police Magistrate charg
witli begging.   He pleoded gnilly nml     BOc. box, 3 for SI.:
was sentenced to If, dues
tbo balm grow new tissue, and a
speedy cure ia effected.
Bo prepared for every llttlo cut
or scratch\ey always keeping a box
of Zam-Buk on hand. It Is oqunlly
good for burns and scalds, as well
a*: for eczema anil all shin troubles,
cbroulo sores, bad legs and piles.
All dealers or Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
lll <
Licensed l.y Provincial Hovl.
MiilrriiTT) ml Ocucrul Nursing
Mn   in*" and Hest Cure. Highest
References,  fair  terms.  Apply
MRS. A. SALMON'.  Matron
Phono 259 I'. O. llox 840
Address.Qarden Ave, Cranbrook
dill nml Mining Engineers
11. 0. land Surveyors
I day charged  with Bteiillng  trom th
Lpers if .lohn   w.  Johnson,    'l'ii
111.1011   KIIKH  KISTKII  WINS  1118-   chief evidence  was supplied  hy  Mi
TIM'I IMIIII   SKRVK'i:   OIIIIKH     ; lm  It. M in-   who, while , illiii" 1
Ills antomohii  Armstrong Avonu
saw tiie accuse*] go through tin* poi l<
.-ts of Mr Johnson. He immediate]
gave chase witli his em* hut nccusei
managed to evade him by i-imnin
down  nn  alley.    Mr.  Mnnnlng  Hie:
retnr I    lip   town    nnd    with    Ohio
Hersoy Ihey returned tn tlie chase ni
fool   nml   were  shortly  sin* fn!   i
placing Rubinovll*. until r arrest.   At
ler hearing ll vldence nnd severn
oilier   witnesses.   Mngtotrate   Arnnl
Oaj I'lione 21)8, Nlgllt I'lteie 113
.Ne.iliiiry Aie, next to City Hull
Tho   many   friends of  Major   Fred
Lister   will   he   Bind   to   lienr   of   liis
further recognition of bravery in ac-
li t tho front, having been granted I
the Distlnnulshed Service Order, j
Tlie despatch dated September 17ih
announcing  liis   decoration   hns   the
following tee  sny ahout   llllll:
"Major Fred Lister commanding a ;
battalion ten days in tlte trenches j
during  which  he  took  part In  five |
successful attacks and resist,*,! three I •"'»•'''•
vigorous  counter  attacks.    He  tils,, I "°™*> I1"
holds tin* Military Service cm
roMiNL   to   thi:   aitiitohiim ;
A bower of melody hy Culllgati and
Teacher nf Pianoforte
Cranbroolt, 11. t'. Box llsli
llotiliinii Itcstiiiiraiil
Meals al All Hours
Cigars, I'igai'cllcs and I nnd)
,i ,. lie the liiinli of Comtnoroo
If vim want satisfaction
wilh vour washliiR
Bend It lo
Sni'i'ial prices for familv
euieil for trial. Chief
-tiled nml O. .1 Spreull
1 appearctl for Hie accused. We believe
[ thai right horo a few words of eoni-
, ini'iidation lo Mr. Manning are iii nr-
t for tlte public Bplrlled manner in
I Whicli he Bncrlflced liis own lime nnil
norgles   for   Hie  common   good   in
Blokes Native Hawaiian Troubadors,I brlnB""* ll """■" "' :»"<"
for one  night only.  Wednesday. Oet. j     A number of entile
3rd.    They   will   entertain   yon   Willi
many    Hawaiian   selections    us  no
doubl   yon   hnve  heard   iheir   wierd
melodies on  y -  Vlctroln;  now  is
yonr chance lo see and hear them
in   rent   life.
This company is booked direct from
Orpheum circuit and they also spent,
a number or moat lis playing ut San
Frnnslsco World's Fair In 1915 and
will assure you of one of the bigge's!
Hawaiian musical novelties of the
season; und also wish to state our
prices nre in   reach of every one in
Cranbrook.    0 ral admission, 50c.
reserved Tr.e. children '-'",.•.
Reserved seats now on sale at
lli'iilHe-Mui'iiliy's. Don'l forgel our
dnle and  reserve your seal.
e 39, Minorcas. Cockerel. E. II.
n. Crnnbrook, 1st: E. II. I.en-
•ranbrook, 2nd. Pullet, I*:. II.
n. Cranhrook. 1st; I*:. II Len-
rnnbrook. 2nd, Pen. Male and
ile. E. II. !.'minin. Crnnbrook.
lounded tliis week  i others  will
-   to. Siei'iil
1  llntlerel
lis.    lieu.
follow if ihey m ,t  kepi off lie
;. W.
'l.llll,.re. l'l
tnbrook, 1
It.    I'oek-
city   streets.
rel, I
. \V. 1':.tun
re. t'rniili
■ooli. isi;
;. w.
< i   i:
Patmore, C
W.   I'ltiil.
*,. Ornnb
ool.*.  1st:
:  w.
Palmare. C
ind   :'■  fctlli
le.   O.   W.
mi.   Pen
[Continued from peg ie)
hrook.   isi;   w.   Harvey,  Cronbrook,
V.  R
W.  Ii.
s   -11.   Sllvi
Olbbs, i'i*
nihil-, era
r  Cnmpln
nbt I,*.
ibrook, Is
-t.      He'll
Going Fast
El Sidelo Cigars are "going fast."
Dealers are requesting us to double
their orders and RUSH the cigars.
We're doing it. We expected this
immediate popularity of El Sidelo-
—the product of 17 years' study
They are so mild, so fragrant, so
good, that we guarantee them
Buy 50c worth of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or
Club House size).   Smoke them.   Criticise them.
Then if you are not satisfied with the cigars and
tlie valuo given,   return the bands  to us and
get your money.
CHESTERFIELD Size, 4 for 50c
LILY Sire, 4 for 50c
CLOU HOUSE Size,      6 for 50c
"c per wurd fur first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
I.i I hhrhlge and Greenhlll Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
Ili'tiyinif uml Transferring
Olven prompt atteutlon
Phone 63
..(MOD  con,   HEATEII- i'or  sale
cheap.- Apply   Hcrti'd. 88-tf.
WANTED—A   trend  oul-iloor dug,
I collie    preferred.—Apply    llox    204,
Cranbrook. 38-lt*
2nd. Hen, W. Harvey, Cranhrook, 1
Uchlson's Poultry i-'aim. Cranbrook,
2nd. Cockerel, Atchison's Poultry
Form, t'ranbrnok, 1st; w. Harvey.
Crunbrook, 2nd. Piillel, Atchison's
Poultry l*'at*in. Crnnbrook, 1st: Alchl
ten's Poultry l-'nnn. Crunbrook, 2nd.
Pen. Male nnd :: female. Atchison's
Poultry l-'nnn, Crnnbi k, 1st.
class ■!■:,. Plymouth Rocks, white. -
Cockerel, \v, ll. Block. Cranbrook, 1st:
Pullet, \V, it   Black, Crnnbrook, 1st;
tt'.  Ii.  Black, Crnnbr i. 2nd.    Pen,
Mule, and :: female, W. B. Black, Cranbrook, 1st.
Class ■!',. Wyaildoltes. white.—Cock.
\. A. Williams, Cranbrook, 1st: A. \.
tt'illlanis. Cranhrook. 2nd. Hen. A. .\.
Williams. Crnnbrook, 1st; A. A. Williams, Cranbrook, 2nd; A. B. Smith,
Cranbrook, 3rd. Cockerel, elms tiil-
lett.  Penile.   Isi:   W.   Harvey.  Cran-
i). .1. i:i.iii:i!. it. (. sales i
Made from selected Havana Leaf
For salt; iti. first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co.
London, Ontario, Canada
Male and :: fcinnlc. w. II. filbbs, Cruulirook, '-'ml.
t'lnss 12, lihl Kaelii-li or Pit Gnme,
lien, is ll. Knocke. Crnnbrook. lat;
i'. li. Knocke, Crniihi 1:. 2nd.   Cockerel,  C.  II.  Knocke. Crnnhrook.   1st;
Pullet, c. II, Knocke. Crnnbrook, 1st:
i'. II, Knocke, Crnnbi k, 2nd.    Pen,
Jin!"  mi'!  ::  female,  C.   II.  Knocko,
Class 15, Ploanlegged Bantams.--
Cock, l*i. T. Cooper, Cranhrook, 1st;
V II. Bcottlo, Waldo, 2nd. lien. A.
M. Boottlo, Waldo, 1st: B. T. Cooper,
Cranhrook, 2nd. Pen. Male anil :: female, A. M. Beattie, Waldo. 1st.
Class IT. Houdnns. -Cock. II. C
Hughes, Cronbrook, 1st.   lien. 11. C.
Ilnches. Crnnbi le. 1st; II C. Hughes,
Cronbrook, 2nd.    Cockerel,  Leonard
ictt,   Ceriiie.   Isi:   w.   H.-irvev.  Cran-    ,'    ' ,.„„,,     „
hrook. 2„,l.   Pullet, Chas. Olllett. Fer-   Bwtm' <■'">»"•»■■■ ™-, ™}>}' **»*
nie.   1st:   Chas.  tiillelt.  Pernie,  2nd:   ''"'     Burt01'*  .''""'""'   , -~.., ..|-0^
I'Olil SAI.K-If ehitlil effect*—I Oins. Olllett, Perule, 3rd.   Pell. Mole   Mal° ""'   ",','",' ,    n„rtnn'
ranbrook,    1st;    Leonard    litiiion,
Apply   to   Mrs.  Whitehoii
I ini lil,
General .Merchant
I'ntpleiyment Agent
P. O   lien 108 Phone 244
I'OH SAI.i: Seeiieeii I'eildlng enn
era. alniosl new, pictures 2% x ■Ha.-
Apply Herald Office.
It'll SAI.li One hnilr, tun sows,
and nine young pigs. Apply Cranhrook Trailing  Co. :lll-ti'.
Tin' slum Specialist
.Mil) MAllAl'tlDI
Snllsfnctloll Olinrantccl
Headquarters for ull kinds of
WANTED A driving burse, light-
iJenincrat and single hnrnoss,—C. A.
Foot, Kimberley, B.C.
WAN!Ill A waitress for lintel.
references required. Apply, The Unionist tnvostment Co., Ltd., Was,,, B.C.
nn: imimi: iiakery
Iteibl. Frame, Prop.
Iicsii lir,-ail. Cakes, I'ies
uml I'lislry
Plione 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Hall
Snap T , rent, nliiiul ten neres, stilt.
iiie for garden or chicken rolling;
ten minutes walk from Cos, Office;
Cheap.- Api ty  Marti,,  Bros.     -::i—11
WANTED Mill Wood nud Slab-,
also Cordwood for shipment in cars.
Write giving quantity, liind ami price
to box. :I2-CI
Spokane, Washington
iiii: hotel with a
persona mtv
This house has the
happy distinction of being the favorite stopping place In  Spokane
for the people eef Brilisli
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything tu our power
to iiinke yoli comfortable.
Our location Ih excellent —
closo to Oreat Northern Station
nml t) W. It. H N.—Milwaukee
terminal, and wlllnu a minute's
wniii from tlie principal bualnosH
houses anil places of amilHCUecnt.
Sim  Mli'iiiii-ehlii  on  Roof
Kill SAI.i: A gieod driver, perfect
condition, five years old. weight lono
pounds; also harness ami buggy, good
condition.—For more particulars write
to Nick Mnriiurhiik, Wycliffe. II. C, Bt'
I till SAI.i:   Orgiiu. Iioniiiilnn Orgnn
nnd  3  female.  Chas.  Olllett, Fernlo
1st; a. a. Williams, Crnnbi It. 2nd.
class 20, Columbian Wynmlottes.
Hen. Mrs. .1. s. Brako, Crnnbrook, I-i
Mrs. .1. s. Brake, Crnnbrook, 2ml.
Class 28, 11. I. Beds. Single Comb.
Cock, Atchison's Poultry Form, Cran
hrook,  1st;   Hen.  Atchison's  Poultr;
Farm.    Cranbroolt.    Ist;    Atchison's „_„,    ,,„„,„.,.   A   >,   --,,„„„
Poultry Farm. Cranbrook, 2nd.   Cock
fi anbrook. 2od.
Class -I!'. Pheasants Male. A.. M.
Health'. Wnldi. 1st aad 2nd. Female,
\. If, Beuttle, Waldo, l-l and 2nd.
(Poultry) Special Utility Class—For
hest pen heavy breeds, A. A. Williams,
Cranbrook, C. I: Shoppard, cranhrook
Special   for   llie   largest   entry  of
crei. Atchison's Poultry Farm, Cranbrook, 1st; Atchison's Poultry Farm.
Cranbrook, 2nd. Pen. Mile and :: iv
male, Atchison's Poultry Farm. Cran
hrook. 1st; Atchison's Poultry F.ii'in.
Cranbrook, 2nd.
class :in, it. i. Beds. Rose Comb.
Cult, .lohn Levett. Crnnbrook, Is,.
Hen. John Levett. Cronbrook. 1st: .1.
Levett. Cranbrook, 2nd. Cockerel,
John Levett, Cranbrook, 1st. Pullet,
Mrs. I,. Burton, Cranhrook. 1st; John
Levett. Cranhrook. 2nd, Pen, Mah*
and :; female, John Levett, Crnnbrool
l-t; John Levett, Cranhrook, 2nd.
class 81, Orpingtons, white, Ilea.
Leonard Bur,on, Crnnbrook, l-t; K. T.
Cooper, cranbrook. 2nd. t'ockorel,
John Cholditeh, Cranbroolt. It; T. c
Armsirong, crnnbi It, 2nd     I'ullol,
T. C, Armstrong, Craubrook, let; T
1;iA™»'io"f* •>« ■""■•■ -"*>* '■"  *.:'i,„:;;;;,,;ti^i,;
Mule und :; femnle, T. c  Arm iroi
Crnnbrook, is,
'''"  '" .i breeds, \n hi '- Poultry
Waldo. P.. C.
Special for the hest Pair, Male nr
Female. In ill" show. B. T. Cooper.
Clnss BI, Pekin Ducks Male, c K.
Sbeppord, Cranbrook, Isi and 2nd.
Female, C. R. Sheppord, CranbrooW
W. S.  Morilen. Cranhrook,
Clnss .".::. Ducks A. O. V.—Mule,
John Mitchell, cranbrook. Femnle,
.loini Mitchell, Crnnbrook, 2nd.
t'lnss :,.",, Oeese A, n, V. Male. John
P.i'eiimin. Fori ste-ele. Ist and 2nd.
Femnle. John Brennon, Fieri Steele,
l-t nml 2nd
etas- r,,;. Turkeys Bronze Mah'.
John Rrennon, Fori tti..,.\v.
Clni ^ B7, Turkeys v ti. V. Male.
John Brennan, Fort nt.-.-l... Female.
Ji I n Brepnnn, Fori Btoele, 1st nini
il ii   't. Ilressetl Poultry 1 Eggs
::2.  Orpington,   Buff   Cock
heavy    lin  tl .    Ati bison's    Poultry
Form, Crnnhronk.   Bi ■ t I iressed two
II  stops
It   swells,   cost
$n;ii; for quick sale (IB.. -Apply Kilby
Armstrong Avenue. 33-tf.
Beattie, Waldo
id,    Hen. A   M   I'.. >l
Ile, Waldo. Isi; ,.\. M. B, mil,., VVoldo.
2nd.   Cockerel, A, M. Beattie, Waldo,
Isi: A. M. Beattie. Waldo, 2nd     Pllllel
POSITION   WAXTl'.ll   SI grnpher, I A. M. Beattie. Waldo, Ist; A. M  Heal
two years' experience, host references,
graduate Kingston, (Int. Business College.—Apply Lensk Cottage, comer
Norbury Avenue anil Edward St., or
Herald Office. 3r,-2l»
l.AM) Hilt sil.i:   l.nl ins;, Haute
I.  Kootenay   District, containing  liliii
acres,  located   llu   miles  wont nf
Crnnhrook. B C. railroad runs thru
one corner of the property. The* land
adjeeins that on whicli Hie East Kootenny Saw Mill Is located. This Is ex
ceOent grazing tlnd agricultural land,
with plonty of tepen range adjoining.
'I'o Botllo up an estate, 1 offer a clear
lie,   Waldo.   2nd;   Mrs.   Isaiah   M e
Crnnbrook, 3rd.
Clnss 32A, Orpingtons, Block,   11
A. M. Bealtle, Waldo. 1st: A. M. Benl
i 'rnnbronk.
; :1 for lhe winner of mosl
prises In Class i;i. Sections I to IS:
One set of Caponlzliig 'I'o,.is. won hy
Mt I, "' "., iltry Farm, Crnnbrook,
' :.. Ill, , otillnuctl. Bool Dozen
whlto ogg Mrs. \V. B. McFurlnno,
rnnbronk, t;  w, Pnlmore.   Besl doz-
tie. Wiileio. 2nd.   Cockerel. \   M   Ben     -
tie, Waldo, Isi; A. M. Benltle, Wahlo.    >>-*,
2nd,   Pullel, A, M, Bonnie. Waldo. lst,!__S
A, M .Beattie, Waldo, 2nd.   Pen. Mule
nini :: female, A. M. Boallle, Waldo
class   ::::.   Orplnglnns, A. n  V.
Cock. A. M. Boottlo, Waldo. 1st.   Hen.
A. M, Booltle, Waldo, 1st.
Class 34, Cornish, Dark.   Cock,  \
II. Smith, Crnnhrook. 1st.   lien. A   ,e.
Sniitli, Cranbrook. lat,
; title to Oils land for $3,011 per ncre, j    C|nB, -p;, |j0K|,ornn, K. c. while
Cnsh,   If you wanl grnslng land, all   cock, Atchison's Poultry Fiirni. Crnn-
v" IV" to do Is to go and look ot •■-. (| |Bt. Atolil«on*a Poultry Fnrin,
; it and you will buy II    P.. Lund. Box   crUnbr„ok.    2nd.     Hen.    Atchison's i
1189,  uibbrhlge, or VV, F. Burgesa, | p01||try p,,rm, crnnhrook, Ht; Atohl i     Clean to hnnUicTSoU by nll Drug.
Cranbrook, ll. O, 33-tf.  „„„•„ ieim|,ry j,.nrnl€ crnnbrook, 2nd.       kists, Qroccra und General Bture*
f-_WpHTH Of'-ANY"
ell dark eggs, Join, Levett, Cranhrook, , :
Atchison's Poultry Farm. Crnnhrook.   , '
class i;2. Pel Slock Belgian Hates. ;
Harold (falling, Cranbrook. Rablts i
\. ,,. \'.. .loin, Brennan, Fori Steele, '
!■:   '1'. Cooper, Cranbrook.
Ili'partiiicnt II.   Unas
Class nil, Alrdnlos Dog. I'iarl Fen
nessey. Cranhrook. tieo. Coleman,
Class   e'.S.   Collies     Hog.   T.   S.   Olll.
Cranhrook. chas. Clnpp, Cranhrook.
|     Class 6D, Spaniels -Registered ieo..'
I    Vincent   Fink,  Crnnhrook.    Regis
t.red Bitch, W. B. Black.
Class 70. Fox Terriers-Hop.
Freddie Briggs. Cranbrook. Robert
lie'iiteea. Cranbrook,
Class 7:1. Any otlier breed—Not re-,*-'
Istered; Russian Wolf Hound Dog, w.'
B. Black. Cranbrook.
Fruit Deportment
Clnss 75—Early Winter Apples
Plate of Kings. Mrs. w. s. Ryekman,
Croston. 1st. W V. Jnckson, Creston.
2nd: plate of Jonathans, w. .1. Llttle-
jolm, Creslon. j. M. Crniglo, Croston;
A, ti. V. Wittier. Banana, A. Cameron.
Creston, Cox Ornngo, w. J. Ltttlcjohn,
Class 76, Sec. I- llnx Early Winter Apples, w, V. Jnckson, creston.
Thos. Oondwln, Creston,
Class 711 Fall Apples- Plate ot
Duchess, Henry Lyne, Creslon. W. A.
MccMttrtrle, Creston; Plnte of Ited
Astraehi'iis. .1. W. Hamilton, Creston.
K. Andrew. Creston; Mcintosh Reds,
A. Cameron, creston. w, J. Littlejohn,
Creston:    Wealthy,   D. s. Tlmmons,
Creston. Mrs. S.   A.  S| rs. Cresteen; j
Ornvenstein, W. ti. Littlejohn, Civs- |
ton. P. K. Hurry, Creston; A. 0. v..
tSclenn Pippin) J. M. Crnlgle, cres j
ion.   (Alexander),   J.   W.   Hamilton, 1
Class   77.   I'rail   Aid,les- Plate   of
llyslotis. Ii. s. Tlmmons, creston. .1.
Campion. Croston;  Trnliscondont, 11
(Now turn bnck to page 2. col, :i|
to feel
Fresh ant! Fit
—you must keep your r,lom-
ach well, your liver active,
the bowels regular, and your
blood pure. Your physical
condition depends on the
health of these organs.
When anything goes wrong
just take
a few doses of Beecham's Pills ;=
and avoid any serious illness. ! -
Tliey are a fine corrective and :«
tonic for the system, and a
great help in maintaining good
health. A single box will
prove the remedial value of
l-uj.it Sa!« of Anr Mnllrig. in tl.< W.ild.      fl
flsU •?«nr«*b«r-.   In buxu, "sittn.
There is no Place
On Earth
WHERE the weather in the Fall is so
beautiful as in East Kootenay, the bright
mornings with pure air brings joy to the
soul and vigor to the body.
To fully enjoy the early mornings and
lale evenings one requires light, warm
This store is fully equipped lo care lor
your requirements.
etc.,  are here in  all colorings and
*      sizes.
THE MEN'S DEPT. loo, is displaying a large assortment of Sweaters.
Flannel Shirts, Light Wool Underwear. Hosiery, etc., at especially low
prices for dependable quality.
at $25.00 and $30.00 are unexcelled
and are made to give satisfactory
for your order at $37 50 to $45 00 a
suit with lull saiisfaclion guaranteed.
Our practice has been lor many yens'
your money back if you are mil satisfied.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
i ot Canada, Limited
j j      Ollice, Smelting and KeHning Department     \


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