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Cranbrook Herald Aug 16, 1917

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BRITIS1I i:"l'l'l«l*_
HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
iiiiiiiih sriii'Assi:s   ti.i, i-:xi*kitvi'io\s
.ilcii by
Ai this writing tlm i'11111111111111111 or-  clinlrs, nil the accessories'
ganlzation lias given tliree duys com-! the Comus Plnyors.   Nover simm thu
ploto programs, that Is. for Mondny, days when Irving, lOllon Terry, and
ll 'nlng .lay. Tuesday und Wed-  lho drnniiillc glnnls of the   'elghtlos
nosdy, le u lo bo somowluil rogrottcd : wore in tho (lower ot tholr grentnoss,
Uml tlm suiierlntcudonl, Mi*. L. Mc- has tho writer soon moraporfect play-
riillniip.li. wan uol ablo I.i !"■ In at- lng thnn Hint otferod hy tis.- Comns
loudunco, but bis placo wns most cluv-   Plnyors.    Tbey   ronlly   denorvo   Hi,'
..-I >   ami  iiccoplably   illl.-el  ley   Miss  nn    Mot Ison, n muii blest with
I'oivnn, she wlm il.-*-,i Intrudiiced tho a wonilorful speaking volco, nav,- llm
Idea nl having Hi.- festival in Urnii-  prolude "l-lxporlonco", by tleorgo Up-
.i.1,-1, i„ mn- pciiplc nud nim gol tbo hart,   ll,- conjured up v h,   Lov'o,
guni'iintiii's in pnl tholr names lo the ISxporloneo, Amlillloii, I'leosuro, Pas-
papers which Bocurcd Hm gratifying  slnn, I slcnllnn, ami Ihoii,   In   the
simc.'ss wc have sn iiiii,-li pleanuro lu i awful Street nl" Forgotten Hnys. Crime
recording plucks iel his slcevo, till the undying
I',, il.-iil wltli ill.-si* programs, Itom mystery of Mother Love speaks to hlm
by in-ill. would in* Impossible. Ono Youth iu tin* ohibIc ul tin- bells ami
,:iii mil,    il.-al  witli  lirnml    effects,  wins liliii bueli again in ill" strnlgbt,
On Saturday last Jack Harris ap-
; lieured before th.. Police Magistrate
charged with heing drunk and dis-
orderly nn Cranbrook Street. The
accused pleaded guilty and was fined
j $10 nl* IS days.   Tlm rilie was pain
Some drivers nf car-- in tin* city
Bglanlng in In* a liiili- lax in
attention tn rear lights and In
..'lit regulations,
Oranbrook Loses Auether  Old Tinirr
Through HI** Heath at SjM.kuiie,
Tlie sad Imt riot unexpected news
came by telegram Tuesday morning
from Spokane thai George W. Fred I
Carter died tm the night liefore at j
10 o'clock. He left Cranbrook a rew
weeks ago for Spokane in order to I
consult a specialist there on throul|t
diseases and to receive treatment for
(It is particular!) requested iiml
those Interested in the minim*, Indus*
In would send in to The Herald short
nttie*. ol any new development or nen
dlscinen oecurlm: [n the District.
These notes hIII lie carei'iilly written
up and will appear in Ihis column.)
The  Vfeti|r
CjWV* *Wtrpl**-Vt' m^U'*mi*Jift\ m*fonm*foi ea^'■•»*•■.[
First Showing of
wilh Um lii'ins which siiiiiil mil pruni-
inciitly in olios nn iiuiry. wltll the
ariists whose work Imd tin* divine
lin- in it without which ;'ll stage efforts nre but  I' 1 Sea  iruit in Unit
Ihey turn tn dust uiul nslies mi tlm
lips uf recollection. Ladles first, ley
nil moans uml ut ull limes; Imt doubly
su when first is their place hy right
uf their talent, Tliis applies t.. the
Treble i'li-f ''lui'. tin- lady quartette.
Much wus expected nf them, They
gave three times what uur best hopes
anticipated. Tin* afternoon of Monday did nol 1 1 Itself well tn pretty
■■owns nuel sn forth, but tlinse who
were prosont, and llm crowd in the
lent was a great one were treated tn
snleis, duets, tries nnd quartettes In n
i*,-ully wonderful profusion and un
equally wonderful variety, nut nf
I ll cm nll stands nut In lin- wrin-r's
Judgment u great Betting nf Tei-ny-
snn's "Crossing tlm Bar." lu tlle
evening when the lights come nn thoy
appeared in toilettes, mystic nml wonderful  creation, into  whteh  a  mere
inun must nnt emutliro tnee cleesely hut
 ontenl to suy tlmy wero simply
beautiful uml Iel it go at that, There
wus ii lui*,*" audience, over seven hundred it is snld, and that helped the
ladles in Hinl crowd-stlinnlus- if nm-
may cola un expression- which makes
llm narrow path, it wus a grunt lesson, grontly told and llm people seemed tn feel tlmt any undue display nf
appreciation wnuld break tlm spell
tlm orator luul thrown mi thorn. Then
followed "Parson uf llm North Woods"
nnil here Miss .Innet Young, n most
finished um] delightful nrtlste, fairly
shared the honors nf grunt success
in tlm character nf Mario l.uhelle with
Moron Olson, us hor tnlher, Louise
It seems particularly good when
peoplo suy in tin' streetB, "the fellows
wlm guaranteed tin- Chautauqua Festival ili.l something wortii while fur
the city, lt is uli right, Hint Chan-
tuiiiinu. Hope it will lie along ileum next year." Tn lie sure there
are thus,' wlm suy il took sienm lilupy
dollars nut nf Hie City.    Tlinse lire nf
tlie breed nf the congenital knocker,
wlm would nni benefit a i*'".u ley Hie
coming minings! us nf the entire tuition'*.! wealth uf the United States, su
tbey need find Ilo fulllt. II was none
nf   tholr   coin   was   being   spoilt   -ynu
can rest assured uf Hint.
'I'ln- kiddles nro having the tlmo ot
their lives in tlmir morning sessions
with Miss l.i'iiiiu llniim. Saturday, tlm
closing elny. will lie tlmir field day.
They nn- tu blossom nut Into fairies,
pixl.'s. brownies and all suns nf dwel-
! ublic entertaining a pleasure rather i |,M.S |n ,|„. *am- Dt Pnntomlne. And
linn, ii imin nr a mutter uf duty., ,.vl.rv motlier in town will have the
Again Hm audience wns treated In tli<^ I sutisfriftloii uf knowing that her own
whole gamut uf the Infinite variety of jittli* uue is tin. brighter nnd cutesl
gems In tlm offering uf tin- Treble s|)*-|[0 of'tlic whoii 'ot.
i i.-i ev.n'. Being ■*■* *.*.eus.* level u , ,
writer is prone, perhaps, in lay special emphasis un the musical oiimbers
mnl is r
If i,nly lu hear lhc gulden mozZO-sop-
i.nm uf Miss Peggy Palmer in that
uioinory-haunted melody, "l-ovo's old
Sweet Seenc "   s. Piatt Jones, impersonator,   l,i: I   Hm  crowd   In   a   enn-I     A  meeting ,'f I'n-  School  Trustees
stout ripple of laughter.   In tills par-1 ,.,.,,, 1<n    ,,,.,.■.„    Vw„,   i„th.
Ilcular line ot work he Is In a clasi   ,.,.,,, T1,      H   „   .      cTialrman. and
''y himself. Trustees Henderson. Manning, Wilson,
tlji  Tuesday.  Rnlbven   MacDonald kn(, .,,,.|.liM,,,
Tlm following
This Is Chaiilauqua week nml every,
body is boosting It which is unite riniit
because II Is a gnuel tiling fnr tlle town.
Now afler this week we expect every
cltlzon wiio taken au interest in the
welfare ul" his home town to buust for
Kast Kootenay's 8th Annual Fall Fair
tn lie held iu Crnnhronk on Wednesday
ami Thursday, September 12th nnd
The Victor Bllver-lead mine un
Msuss Creek, near Fort Ste'clt*. is
rapidly an-proachlng tin* productive
hipping stage*. Tin* owners liave now
lompleted nearly fuur tulles of the five
an aggravated affection, in his throat I re,|U*ro<* ,„ connecl Ihe mine wlih the
whieh   hud   been   troubling  him   fur j lrunk ,.„„,* rrom ,.,,„,, s ,„ ,„ |11|h
Hiver. and  in Ihis .nutter tlm Mines ,
f T~      44      T   T
■ Provincial Library uf
.-ii To.uml)
nc Provincial Library of 0
jj    British Columbia, Aug 3-17 ,J^
Dr. Kmi.iim. Is I'liuirman of the
SpOfts Committee for tlie Fall Pair
nnd hns prepared a splendid program
consisting of horse races, Indian horse
races, Squaw races, and many oilier
features. Dr. Rutledge is the right
man iu tin* right place for this job,
some lime hack.
Mr. Tarter wart tiorn about lift years
ago  and   was  u  native of  Montreal
where he was educated and read law
with   his   father,  who   was  a   distinguished lawyer in thai city.   He graduated at McGil University taking the
degree of B. C. L.   Coming west lie remained some time in Winnipeg.   About
fourteen years ago he came to Winder-
. mere where he remained for a short
' time.     He   afterwards   spent   a   few
years iu Fort Steele before coming to
j Craubrook wliere he resided up to the
j time when he left for Spokane.
j    Mr. Carter although he never prac-
j tised liis profession In British Colum-
and i k,a" Was '■ ■**iw>"('r of great ability.   He
lie is always on the Job. He Is devoting all of his spare time towards making the Fair this year bigger and better
than ever.
A new feature of the Annual Fall
Fair will be tlu* "Quick Change Race.'*
We are told that it Is quite an exciting contest and that tlie Indians ure
practising   hard   every   day   for   tliis
ptmsis on the musical numbers.' _____...-,     nP
< ■""■ «...-. i..«- ti,..«.. UpfTIMC np
back  wilh ns nguill nest year   III LL I 1 IIU     Ul
had not only a sound knowledge of
j the underlying principles of law, but
1 he was well versed In its intricacies
and technicalities. His knowledge of
i the law was founded on the love of it.
and-he ulwaystook the keenest delight
in threshing out legal difficulties.
He was extensively reud. and there
were few subjects lie could not discuss
i most instructively and with a wide
event which will be held on the second , information. He was au adept no-
day of the Fair, Thursday, September countant, and filled the position of
13th. ' Registrar of tin* Supreme and County
  Court   and   Clerk   of  the   peace   with
The Secretnry is negotiating with ability and with satisfaction. He
tho officials of the C, P. R. for a performed the duties pertaining to his
special train service for the second j office tn the most thorough and exact
day of the Fair, from Sirdar and ' manner and with the most punctilious
intervening points and hopes to have I conscientiousness,
arrangements completed this week. Mr. Carter was a well known fig-
  ure around Cranbrook, a keen sports-
Tlie Executive Committee decided : mun, and full of enthusiasm for any-
at their last meeting to hold a Base- j tiling be took up. He was patriotic to
ball Tournament on the first day of i a degree, and his generosity to those
the Fair and will give a purse of flaO j In need of relief was extensive. He
provided three teams will enter tlie | was a particularly firm friend whose
competition, $100 for 1st prize and I friendship was greatest to the frlcnd-
$50 second prize. If however only less, and thr.e are many In the com-
twn teams enter, there will be'munlty who will experience sincere
only one prize of $"!i to the winning ! and lasting regret. In the loss of one
team. There will be no guarnntce fnr whose sterling qualities they had
expenses to any team entering from learned to appreciate. He was
outside points.
straight-forward. Inyal and true iu all
his dealings.
He leaves an aged mother of ninety-
three, a sister. Mrs. O'Grady. in Montreal, and three brothers of whom one
Is tbe manager of the Canadian Bank
Of Commerce at Mnlssonneuve, Quebec
bar! I
witli .1   c. Herbsman, hold the Held
MacDonald** repi rlnirc  ranged  thro
every style and variety of song, tron
1 to
i't parm ainr, 11
in the ii.-m* oi
nt. Were presented and ordered paid!
Teachers salaries. $"SS; Beattie-
Murphy Co.. $5.(15, Cranbroolt Electric
1 igl 1 1 ■ -. Cranbrook Cartage. $10;
!■•  l-nrlts nnd Co., M DO,
The resignations of Miss Fisher and
\h n omi son were read and nccept-
The appointments nf Miss O'Brien,
Mi- M 1 -., and Mti - Simpson, ni nn
Initial salnrj ol $T0.00 per month was
- ■ l:l     '■ ■ .1
1. ii gi'nti .    l'i • i\< ii from Mr,
,\lii helmore resigning his position ;i*
Maiinal Training Instnu tor, No nc*
linn   wnn   inki n   pi ndlng   receipt   ot
National Si in ire Hoard I rircd to Hate
(lovernmenl   Drain \.:*.mi  Acres
anil Settle Returned Heroes on
Land    lle-t of Soil lu Trail
D   v, ill   I* spoil 11
mrors His *-i>ih'
" womc. ye Subti rranenr Winds," was
;i tromenilou "stunt" In vocal gym
nasties bul was rendered easy by his
remarkable phrai iim and brenlb ■ on
.1 1' Herb man I- the origin il "Man
with (he l'nii.ii." Ile delivered a
lecture on commuuilj building which
fairly and squnrelj grlpl od la nu
dioncc nnd sel litem ihlnklug that we
liave with u> the muter! 1I1 oi evarj
form ei prosperlt> If we havc only
Hi,, heart.-; and tiie courage to look King George expresses tbe (trntltud
,,,. ami look ahead If wc would Imt of Ureal Britain to Canada in tl1
cease lo Hiieer at tho effort of fchoa "... taken to Increase .**-.■■!!
who lull"" tiie Blontn and iIh.m- wbo food stuffs to lhe Molherld.il. "I
think *.*..■ renll) can in iter things and bave no doubl thai Ibe sWl 'Bcrlficc
conjure um i>i Hie present adverse displayed on the battlefields of France
lime:, the dawning of another dav .-f by mv heroic Canadian troops win
grenl prosperity for Cranbrook find it*- counterpBrl in th.- efr.nis nf
Herbsman como in here by the 1 p.m those, wlm. al home In lhe Dominion,
i,*,,in    Hy iiie evening he had Hie g-'ii-   atv devoting d< mselves to this work.
eral situation of our cliy fairly in band , 	
Idii \v ihe general i.u is and quoting
11>. in le- sent home truths rattling af-
i, i litem, i hlng ns the valuo o| co
operation, co-operation and ngain co*
,,,,, ration Hi sel us thinking, and
taught ik tu appreciate lho Iren ure
ai our very feet, Win n it wm over,
nnd ever sin.., yon will hear people
say "1 wish we had a man like Herhs-
n,nn with tis". so say we all. but lho
fact and truth, ay. and tlie pity of it
is lhal each of ns If we only tried
and did uot mind the sneering, could
he a Herbsman. li only metis the
courage <<■ act. to speak, io try to do
something, IterbBmon. Ho* Herbsman
Tonic, has done us ull a world of good, j
lie certainly walloppctl u< a few hard
ones on tiie jaw, Iml we u-eded It,
Morc power to his bleeps. We want
to hear hlm again.
Tin* writer unfortunately missed the
arienioon progrnm nf Wednesday hul
by nil accoun Is ihe cartoons ami running coinmi'iitarles und Ne"1 F.ncland
stories of Marlon Ballon Fish were
deeply entertaining uud clever In a
high degree For Hie evening program
(he piano was lifted from the stage
which was net with u table and a few
for retu
also   ai
Frank Murray a contractor clearing
! lands adjacent to the city was fined
! by Magistrate Arnold for setting out
|u fire on August 7th without a permit.
It should be clearly understood by
• all.   that   before  setting ont  fires  a
Creston, B. C Board of Trade is tak
ing up with the National Service |
Board cf Canada, as well as the provincial authorities, a very comprchen
sivo scheme of providing employment
icd soldiers, which. If under-
11, when completed, provide
idea!    location    under   most   I'™11   8ho«1(1   be obtolne«l   from   ,l,e
conditions for those of the | forest Branch at Cranbrook.
veteran- who care to follow agrlcul- j    Owing to the very dry season, and
lure as nn after-the-wor vocation.       ] for the safety of the District, few if
Briefly stated tin* proposition is to j any permits have been granted.
reclaim 26,000 acres of Imd In Koote-j ,	
nay River Vajloy, employing returned j 0f fertility which In the course of un-
men on the work and allowing such j known geological time has become a
of them i
tracts of
to attempt agriculture
reclaimed land adjoining
each other, so as to enable tho B, c.
Qovernment to put Into pracllcal effect the returned coldier farm colony
Tbe scheme Is one uniiiuc in Its way.
being    Ho*    uncovering   from   flood
bed a hundred feet in depth of richest
alluvial soil.
The reclamation has solely to du
with the enlarging of the lake's outlet, ln 1013 a preliminary survey
was made by Engineer Muerling, who
in bis findings repotted favorably on
the project but ask"d for a more
waters of a big Inland delta of rich-j thorough examination of the whole
est alluvial deposit brought down by I territory before making u final de.
iiie Kootenny River and formed at thc | cision. With the ontbbreak of the war
southern extremity of Kooienay Lake, j the next year the scheme was. for the
Tin* Kootenay River, wtth ils tllbu- tlmo heing. abandoned. American en*
larlos. draining the whole of the glneers have ulso spent two seasons
western slopes of the Ttocky Mountains in B. C„ aud 'he Selkirk ranges.
alter a hold sweep southwr.nl running
into the fulled States as far as Bon-
on the work and tlmir report, made
public about two months ugo, wns
strongly In favor of the work being
proceeded wilh. tlie estimated cost
Ferry,  Idaho, from  that  point | being little over $2,000,000.
; turns directly north again to B, C. and
i Kootenay Lake,   At the pnmo time the
I.ardo River and others run into the
Department at Victoria will, it is ex
peeled, contribute $:t.r»l)0 of tlie $7,000 '
which  this new road will cost.    Tin-
active interest of tlie Hon. Dr:  J. H,
King, the   Minister  of  Public   Works. '
In this local and very imiHirtant enterprise,  will lead hi the very near
future to adding another to the ship- !
ping   list.    The   Hon.   Minister   has
stated tliat as far as it Is possible it
Will he hts endeavor to help the mln- i
ing  Industry  of tlie Cranbrook  area I
by providing roads, trails and bridges
to   properties   where   an   honest   en- j
deavor is being made in the line of I
Mr. E. It. Abernethy, M. 10.. who is
iu charge of tbe work on the Victor I
und  who is  largely interested  lu the |
property,   has   now   about   three   cur
loads of fine ore ready for shipment
to Trail smelter.    He intends to pack
tilts out to the point where the new
road make the use of wagons practicable.    From tliat point to tlie railway station at Fort Steele will mean j
a haul of five miles.   When the road j
to the mine is completed a compressor
plant and concentrator win be instal- j
led on the Victor which Is confidently |
expected to make a mine of extensive
shipping  capacity.    The owners are
Spokane people wlm think, and rightly.
that  they cannot make better use of j
Canadian lead than tn spray it on the |
Huns by m.^nn;* of a machine gun.        |
Thc Slirrlnir uf Tilings
One does not need to huve his car j
glued   to   the   ground   iu   ('ranbrook.
these duys. to know, and feel in his |
bones, that tbe current of all thought j
is   iu   the  direction  of mining.     We
have   found,   ut   long   lust,   that   "we
need it in our business" und conse-,
guently we ure. all ot us. going ahsnt-
ing  for  mineral,  talking  mines,  aud
thinking mines.   Every man considers
that he has a right, (and he bas) lo I
a share of the wealth in the ground
around us.
Outsiders are determined that we
shall not huve the whole of it.
Amongst the mining men who have
the power to move capital who were
with us within the pust week may
be mentioned James Cronln, who made
a mine of the St. Kugene; H. J. Williams of Spokane; Charles Thelss f»f
the sume city; J. U Parker, who has
taken over tbe Burton copper mine
ut Elko and H. 1. Kills of Kellog.
Idaho, who has gone over to the
Lardeau country to examine claims
in whicli Cranhrook people are lirgely
interested. Where, those men lead
others wlll follow. We cannot get
away from it. The Sullivan is proving our biggest draw curd. It Is becoming a tremendous advertisement
for East Kootenay generally and for
Cranbrook in a more particular sense,
The new Fall Stetsons are
now in stock, giving us a display such as only Stetson can
For general attractiveness and pleasing variety
we believe this showing
has never been matched
in Cranbrook. Many
different blocks in black
and all the new colors
and finishes.
Our price - $5.00
We also carry thc celebrated Mayhen hat in a
good variety of shapes
and colors at   -   $3.00
McCreery Bros. ,
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
yvn^m^iii n^ftw  **V*n  tt^rm  ^ftw   ^w ^^
St. Mirj-'K Prairie
The surface of St. Mary's Prairie is
an agricultural treasure house. Its
depths seem to he a treasure bouse of
mineral wealth. When one thinks of
mines we lift our mental eyes to the
hills, but there appears to be more
mineral ores along the western border
of this prairie, close hy Marysville.
than on any equal extent of surface
In this country, It appears to he entirely underlaid hy a mineral bearing
formation mostly dtorttes und quartettes. To illustrate the point, it may
be said that W, A. Chisholm of Kort
Steele has bonded Uie t'«.l* Croup of
tliree cluims to tiie Selkirk Mining
Company of Spokane. Tiiere has heen
unite a considerable amount of work
done on these excellent silver-lead
claims during 'he hist spring and
during the present summer, some
machinery having been already Installed to facilitate the sinking of tbo
shaft. The leads are strong fissures
the ore  being   as-
Chatauqua Special
I Kdison Amberol .Mucliint*
II Edison AiniiiTt.l Records
Total   *49.*>0
I'iij ii iili* 1(10.(10 cash nml $5.00 per month.
Have the Waikiki Hawaiian Orfhesira always in your
home- and all iiie* bpst entertainers In the world tn entertain you.
Prescriptions » S|ieclnltj*.
l'rom|.l Sfrilo Onr Meitl.e.
Cranbrojk Drug & Book Co.
W. j. ATI II1S0>, Manager.
The fertility of the soil has been
proven. In yenrs, when the snowfall
la   light,  and  there  Is  no  flooding. I In gobbro dlorlt
Lake ut tlie otlier end nnd Ihe com-1 theue lands readily yield 100 bushels !*ociated with quartz and ealelte
hined volume of water passes out to- [ of outs. 66 bushels of wheat and 15
ward the centre of lhe l^ike hy a pas-1 ton? of potatoes to the acre.    Ir.elu
sage culled  the  West   Arm. like the) ding   the   Idaho   area   almost   fi.1.000
downward stroke of a gigantic T. past 1 Hcres  would be reclaimed, and that
Nelson and llonnington Falls to join   state pledged to pay its pro rata per
the Columbia Hiver,
Tbe outlet of the West Arm is. however, no restricted to size that It is
unable to rope with tlie enormnus volume of water which every spring rushes down from the melting snows of
this vust watershed, with the result
thai Kootenay Luke Itself Is formed,
for the lime being, Into nn inland sen,
raising Its level during June and July
feet   above   it:
Rig Hutle anil Verdun
On the western flank of Lone Tree
Butte, directly oast of tiie Purk Group,
are Big Butte and Verdun claims
recently bonded by .Joseph  Ryan to
lloiis Hiiiiilmuig, TclIM, nl tbe Audi*
torlum, TitcHiliij, Augn«l UM.
acre cost of the work,
The land Is one of the older settled J the owners of the Victor at Fort Steel*.
parts of B. C. interior, already sup- On these claims the values in silver,
plied wilh railway communication hy 1 copper and gold, occur in a quartz
the Crows Nest line, has good high-. gangue. azurlte being quite abundant
ways, educational facilities and every and making the ore highly spectacular,
modern convenience, so tbat the pro* 'The silver values run from 70 to IliO
vlnce wniid be at no expense In pro- oz. in silver to the ton. copper fi per
vlding these. Tlie bench lands sur- \ cent, and some of thc samples have
rounding this to-be-reel aimed area \ run as high as $!t(l per ton in gold
normal | nre one of the fittest fruit areas In all I These claims, after several thousand
dollars had been spent on them about
fifteen years ago, were allowed to lie
derfllct and were acquired for lhe cost
nt   tlmi
height. When this takes plaee UlOtB, C, Tbe climate is Ideal. It Ib fig*
Kootenay Hiver meets this flooil-llde ured that these reclaimed lands would
at its entrance In tlie T.nke heavily  be capnhlc of carrying 20,00fl to llft.OOfl
| laden  witli  earlliy  matter from the { bend of dairy stock when laid down
mountain, deposit* tbem tTitr*, a ftlni to pasture.
of the staking and recording.
Aa In the cane ol tbt Park Group,
the ore occurence here sema to be '
related to tiie gabbro intrusion. The
vein pitches through the quartzlte to.
wards the dlorlte,, and it is expected
that the continuation of the Incline
shaft until it encounter,- the dlorlte
will demonstrate whether the claims
are of any real value or not This
property cannot be more than a mile
and a half in an air line from Marysville.
The Old Pedro Claim
Another property in the immediate
vicinity of Marysville, is the famous;
old Pedro. This claim was formerly
crown granted and lapsed to the (Jov-
eminent for mm payment ol tlie annual land tax of 25c per acre II was
then secured by Mr, V. E Watts on a
lease, lie wns one of the original
| owners---indeed, it was he who paid
the lion's share of the taxes In lhe old
| days, so that no one has a letter
i ethical right to the ownership than he.
; Ownership, however, did not counl for
, much, as It was a case here of "first
I find your claim." II vm In?'. In
| a general way. everyone knew where
it was and had wonderful tales lo
I tell of Its riches. However, on Sunday
; last. Mr. Watts and Joseph Ityan. ably
| assisted by the knowledge of Paul
| Handley, found tbe old workings and
were better than well rewarded Tor
| their Industry.
| The lead is a good four feet wide
on the surface and Is R fissure vein
j in diorlte. The lead has been -tripped
for over ?M feet and the showing Is
: excellent The iron capping has lieen
about penetrated in one nr two places
and the ore encountered Is rich In
copper,  zlne,  and   silver-lead      What
is shown on the dumps is remarkably
fine grade of concentrating ore
ii Is the Intention of Mr. Watti tn
exploit 'hi- property with his own
diamond drilling outfit which wlll be
a convention of Western Liberals,
after pledging themselves to conscription in the most specific manner, after
cheering what purported to be patriotic speeches hy professed win-tlie-war
j orators, undertaken to help In the good
work by engaging to send members
to Ottawa who will co-operate with
Jacques Bureau and the other "seenlor
Canadians"    in   putting    .Sir  Wilfred
Laurier into the position where he will
, be able to give effect to his views on
; conscription and voluntary enlistment
The Liberals of Western Canada who
have given ''-'ir blood and treasure to
i this great  cause,  who*-** homes  are
', desolate h>  the nacrlflce of the war.
: are to do tiii- In order that ambitious
I gentlemen In  Kdmonton and Vancou-
, ver may recover or secure certain Jobs
j tliat   are   attractive   to   ilmm     The
Western Liberals will regard the oro-
position  ss  m  unspeakable infwn>
They  will  reject it  with  scorn, with
contempt, wtth blazing and wrathful
Indignation.   The      Manitoba      Pree
Press  (Liberal).
Dishonesty and deceit >r« Vip fun-
rlnmental characteristics of tbe reso*
ution passed by the Liberal Convention last night with reference to the
continue,! prosecution of the war
The object aimed art ls palpably to
' rally every antl-conacrlptlonlit to the
Liberal cause, while at the same time
those Liberals who have been pro-
clalmtng themselves conscrlptlonltts
are offered n colorable excuse for re-
: ma In lng with the party.   As a polltl*
t i al inanoenver It may be skilful
though nobody would ever think of
describing It as honorable The Telegram. Winnipeg
Railway companies in the west ure
furnishing refrigerator ears ot    various  stations  onre  a  week  to  carry
perishable  produce  to the  Winnipeg
In charge Of his MP Mr Teddy Watts, i market. PAGE TCVi,
THURSDAY, AUGUST 1 fi. | su 7
D   Cooked Jellied Tongue
Cooked Luncheon Meal
U  Cooked Jellied Tigs'
n Feet
Cooked Veal boat
f\  Shamrock Cooked limn
—   llciiil Cheese
b   Keensl Pork
We Soil Mothing bul the
Best in Fresh-Killed
BEEF,   I'llllk
P. BURNS & c0.
iigiiliml illsoasod ni ini*,  tar anil
nii-iiy nbovr lho IlitoreHti! of the letirti-
•..nn' iiolille Inns.    Tho   eiiiiiy   ol   title
umlnlun 'i'11^ ■"'' iL Government common* „( ii„- l,i-l nml ablest mon rrom
I rl,-...    Irres -iiu- , f eli-ii- leolili-
I   In
Ii mny be thnt your
eyes   are
I    becoming   weak  and
you   are
.    afraid to acknowledgi
it.   Tbat
1     is tlm wav '"'Hi  a  good  manv
,    people, bntli old and y
mug.  Tlie
1     young, particularly, st
cm afraid
!     to admit tlieir falling
sight, but
■    it  la im novelty now
days and
||   certainlv no disgrace,
We will
i    remedy any defective
j    and gunranteo satlsfni
lion.   De-
lays arc dangerous, co
ne to-day.
Wc approve of the principle at this
critical juncture ot u public convention and it Ims been suggested further
a- n safeguard or au antidote
against the packing of inch ;i meeting, that aspirants for nomination us
candidates nfter being chosen by public meetings, should have their names
submitted to the whole electorate of
| all tin* ridings iu one;i district, and
tin* final selection of the candidate
decided by n vote by balloi of tho
electors, commonly known us u straw
| villi';  the peoplo would then have a
' candidate chosen by themselves and
not by any clique of any party.
Wo  shall   lie  gind   tn   publish  thc
opinions of onr renders on this lm-
| portant subject
or beginning tlio war. Looked at
rom our point of view any value we
ihtiiin by tho acquisition of whatever
uny be our final share of th*' German
lolonles will be small part of the
:ost which the war lias imposed upon
feral Blogu
war, Inn  wi
V. m. C Jl. 6RTCC
Hours 6 a.m. to S p.m.
Regular Dinner & Short. Orders
Reasonable Prices
Special   Table  for   Ladies.
l-otut-d    Weekly   by   The   Cninbrimli
Herald, Umlted.
0. A. Kay, Ma nil ner,
>1.   A.  Heale, Secretary  and   Kditur
Meets   every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited.
K   II. McPheo      W, C Adlard
Secy. N. 0.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday ut 8 p.m. In
tbe Fraternity Hall
R. 0, Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. & S.
P. O. BOX 522
Visiting brethren cordially  Invited to attend.
rriiril.r.HiJi.  It. < ~  August   Kith.   HM"
Meets  hi  Maple  Hull uecoud
Tuesday of every month at 8
P* m. .«
.Membership open   to   British
Visiting   members   cordially
E, Y. Brake,        J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
Meets in tlie
Parish Hall
Ilrst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
m at II p.m.
1 Pres., Mrs. W.
B.   McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. 0. Box 621.
All ladies ardially Invited.
Licensed by Prov. Government.
Special attention given to Nervous and Rheumatism cases by
Violet Ray Treatment
Hulld up tiie system and
steady the nerves through Electric Vibration, Internal Exercise
Violet Uay und Ozone, a perfectly natural process.
Only 27 days are left to get busy on
the Fair, The committee have no
doubt been working hard In arranging
the details bin it is high time the
enthusiasm of the citizens wus stirred
up mi this nil important mutter.
If wc nro to make the Fair a success
it behooves overyono to get into line
nnd help and if you cannot help, boost.
A successful Fall Fair gives the
much needed impetus which every
town or city occasionally requires. It
not only offers a splendid opportunity
to advertise our ninny resources but
it stimulates activity In all directions
Imt ii nm hi bo successful to bo really
effective and to bo successful it requires united co-operation.
So fall into lino and Boost.
IIOOST   THK    HA 1.1.    FAIR
Every rranbrook citizen should take
a personal interest in the Annual
Fall Fair and make it bis business io
boost il for all he is worth from now
until the opening day.
The members of tho Executive rom
mlttee are devoting their energies and
all tbeir spare time inwards making
llie Fair tliis year a record one in all
Departments and the cooperation of
every citizen is wanted. Fairs cannot
bo run without funds and funds are
urgently needed Now when any ot
tlto members of the Extotlve Committee call upon you to solicit your
financial assistance don't start in tc
abuse them with a flow of language
that would do credit to the vocttbu
Inry of a mule driver or threaten to
eject them from your premises. Tf
you are a public spirited man and
havo the interests of the community
at heart yon will receive tliem with
open arms and open pocket books
and band out the long green without
a kick.
At first glance IL would be difficult
to find fault with tho actual wording
of the Resolution of the Western Liberals al the Winnipeg Conference; it
was astutely frame;! with the object of
salving Uie consciences of the Conscription 1st Liberals, bul its real
moaning can hardly fall to receive a
irm* appraisement,
it was declared that "The Imperative
duty of the Canadian people Includes
tlio maintenance in unimpaired
strength ai the fronl of our figlitinn
forces nnd the taking of all step:- necessary to secure the required re-ln-
forcements for tlmt purpose" and almost in the snme breath they declare
for the leadership of Sir Wilfred Laurier who is called "the greatest of all
Canadians" tho man who says "I am
not In favor of conscription nnd 1 will
not agree to conscrlptic.it."
The resolution therefore musi be
described us hypocritically false, do-
sinned to throw dust in the eyes of the
many Liberals who set the National
Issue before llie Party Issue, its falsity was ; pain clearly t bown by the
defeat of tho Turriff amendment to
add the words "by compulsion. If necessary."
The hidden but genuine meaning
of the resolution cannot be misconstrued, It is that all steps necessary
be taken, barring conscription - a wolf
in shoepfl clothing.
Che mu fiotei
Hunting and Fishing
Unionist investment eo. Dd
A correspondent "W. J," in the
Fernie Free Press strikes the harmonious keynote and suggests that
the people of tliis district should meet
und select a "Win the War Candidate."
He suggests that this should be done
by a public convention free from
party machine politics.
In our opinion this method is one
that will procure candidates who will
receive the support or a vast majority
of liberals, conservatives nnd socialists, men who are men nnd who do
not worship pnrty politics. At this
critical lime all who are really patriotic set the wo]faro of the Empire
nnd the success of the democratic
• 'nations  of  the  world,  now   fighting
WHAT  WW.  Sli u.l.   0K3IAXD •
The definition of our croni objoctlvu
Is the immediate problem our states*
men will have io inr,* : od one pre
liminary consideration to vital: lie-
fore the Allies enter upon any discus-
son of peace nil onomj troops must In
withdrawn behind the Rhine, as well
as from Russia, Poland, Serbia, Mon
tenegro. and Roumania whlto oa n
further guarantee to good fnlth (iermany and tho Dual Monnrchy must
surrender their rloets to Mn* Allies
It is obvious that unless the bostili
navies be handed uver. tho withdrawn!
of the hostile armies mignt nt u given
moment be a positive military advantage to tho Central Powers by enabling them to escape catastrophe.
With this guarantee, however, providing our Allies approved, the British
people might bo satisfied with some
sucli terms as the following, which we
need not he deterred irom recapitulating by tlio ancient tag aboul dividing
the boara skin before \ c huv,. killed
the hear. Wo ma. t be forewarned,
and forearmed ; gainst m.r own drifting diplomacy.
t. No pence witli tlie Hohenzol-
2. Full reparation by Germany,
moral, material, financial, to overy
country she lias injured In the courao
of the war. Including rfcigium nnd
the British  Empire,
::. All territories occupied by (iermany to lie returned to tlieir rightful
owners. Including Alsaec-Loratno tu
■i. No territory liberated rrom Oi r-
maii rule during tho war in any pari
of tin* world, on any consideration
to bo given to her.
5. Rigorous justice to to meted on:
to all German criminals and arch
criminals for offences committed during ihe war.
ii." Stracetic precautions against
future Get man ascrosslon, including
the internationalization of tlto Kiel
7. Distribution of the German Cleet
among the Allies, the smaller sea
powers receiving the larger share.
8. Surrender of German Mercantile
Marine, as part compensation for
•'ruthless C-hoat fare.''
!i. Tho Germnn Kmpire to be do-
I'russianized. and no Prussian to be
a German Emperor.
10. The Allies to hold themselves
to propose any other terms calculated
to achieve (heir object, i. e., the down-
full of the Prussian .Militarism.
11. No secret clauses or unofficial
understandings whatsoever, either as
to the future commercial treatment
or dynastic marriages.
12 As no "scrap of paper" bearing
Germany's signature bears any meaning, tlio Allies must reserve to themselves full power to deal with any
contingency tbat may arise or vary
nny of the foregoing terms or nny
others thut may be devised.
Such conditions, with adequate
guarantees, would rid Europe o,- the
Prussian nightmare for the rest or
the century, which is tis far as one
can foresee Tliis is not asking much
considering thc tonus Prussia has
invariably imposed whenever victorious, while they are absurdly easy as
compared with the tr<ntmenl that
would have been meted nut to Grent
Britain and ber Allies tn the event
of a German victory and a German
peace. Anything substantially short
of wlint Is here proposed would inevitably involve the reopening of the
contest between (Culture nnd Civili/a- '
lion whnever ihe Doclte fell himself
somewhat stronger than his neighbors.
As to tbe restoration   I the lb rmnn
colonies, it is worth while to roniom-|,
ber tluit then* i*   a  nntlve  African!'
u est ion Involved ns well as n ques-;
tlon of International ethics,   On tlii"!
point we nre glad to see that General
Smuts spoke with commendable em-1
phasis  on   his  arrival   in   England:
"Nothing bas given us greater        - J
ure than Mr. Long's stutoment tba; no
Germnn colony ran go -back to Ger-.
many.   The mere suggestion thai any!
pari should be returned is prepostor*!
ours and I shudder to think of tlu
nntlvo  population   if any   part   were,
returned."    Tbat   is  exactly  the ver-
diet of nny one who bus seen the way ,
in which the Germans wreaked their
vengeance upon African natives who
expressed a preference for Britlf.li or
French rule,   lly con tittering the Ger-,
man colonies we liave undertaken a |
moral obligation inwards tho natives
of   those   colonies   witlch   makes   it
impossible fnr us to consent to Iheir,
restoration   to  German   rule.    From J
Ibis point of view it does not matlcr '
Lo iis whether these territories are «W(, loo]{ t(J (]|(i tWtnrQm 0[ {.1U|_
rich or poor. But rrom the point of ada aml to U|fl inUomitablo onorgy
view of international morality the \at Canadians for un anmr that will
richer they are the greater is tho rea- Uaatter Germany's throat or starva-
son for taking them away trom Ger-  U(m» Bai(J L(ml U]|(IIl(,a ,n ,( cmQQ
-Aliment Imposed upon message to the Canadian Food Con
troller hy way of the Canadian Government. "The certainty thai we can
rely on your whole-hearted co-operation not only iu utilizing every ounce
of national energy to Increase production, but in equitable adjustment
of prices, gives mo the greatest encouragement."
Only 27     clays lo tlio Pall  Pair.      .,„,„■ c„„e,.s ,~lym „   ,„„ ,,„,,..
Everyone gel busy anil boost. i sales m Promlor8 glri0„  j,.ml„ ,„„,
Brewster, stopped upon tln> platform
irs ie. bo, at 11 o'clock.   The chairman read n
n the eloctlon   resolution    expressing    "admiration
Eor llie* life* and work eel the grontosl
I of all Canadians, Sir Wilfred Lnurlor."
This was greeted with Imiel applause
by ;e large, majority eif tho audience.
Hon.  A.  il.   afacKay  of   Edmonton,
movod thee adoption eel tho resolution,
whicli rends: "Rosolrqd lhal this con*
vontion  placo on record  lis ndmlrn-
llieie for tlie greatoBl of all Canndlans,
111. Hon, sir Wilfred Lnurlor;" W, E.
Knowles, M. P. tor Moose Jaw, socondod the* resolution,
A Tinkling Cymbal.
Whal   is  ih,. lui*,* of  sir  Wilfred
Lnurler?   None who havo oxamlned
his  record  during  the   pasl   twenty
years can jusily consider hlni us ovon
a third-rate administrator.
iioms ii a Milium;, thi: woiiui
ItRNOWXKll '('Kl.l.lNT I'll.lllNL!
On  Tuesday, August   21st,  al   lhc
Auditorium, thee music lovers eei ('run-
Ullli   l'l
epcrnllou are the twu
essentials necessary for e-Hy progress;
in.Hi ol those ,*.visi in Crnnbrook bul
they n,s'il n wee leil polishing.
ul' hull
ilUl  III,'
ibout tho cream used In Ice*
those .lay:, of the high price
'.'    There Is room lor a suv*
Professor Harcourt of (luieliih Agricultural College says tllat in using
Biibslltiites lm* wheal flour lu bread,
ii would lu* le.'si for wimu'ii to mix
their own (lour.
The Crnnbrook Pall Pair Is ahead of
us bore is the opportunity to dis-
liluy our energy, uur resourcefulness,
our get-togetliertlveness und make
Cranbrook loom lurge on the map
Controller Hanna Is considering tlle
suggestion of limbing Uie serving of brook will be given une uf the rarest
beef and bacon In hotels nnd restau- treats tbat we have ever beard In uur
rants to Tuesdays :.:d Fridays, ir.nl city. The mere mention of the name
to Bcrvlng of bacon on oilier days at of "Hambourg" gives a status to the
breakfast time only. i concert that few other names could do.
 . i Those   who   liave   beard   Murk   Haui-
II Is well that we should see our- '■ lro,"'R' Bnrls' brothir. huve Heard .me
selves us "libers" see us sometimes"1'  ."''.  •■'"'■•■•'■*l "J'**" „'.''""  I'1*'","*
,, , , ,,, I Boris Is a wonderful cellist and ranks
Mr.   Ilerlesnian   lu d   the   fit zens   ol ,,     ...   , ,,        .    ,,.
,     among the lirsi two or three cellists
( ranbrook some plain, practical truths  nf ,„,, wor|(] w)lo st;m{] amnl,
en   I nesday evening,   if only some of'      „ h ,
>li...>.      .......I.I      ...;..I.       I' I ,.!•       i,-...it,I
For   thirty-two  yenrs   Giant
Powders  have   been   made  in
Canada. Tho,* v.ere Jie first-high   ;
explosives  n. * -1 * . • ■  ,ured in the   ,
For years tlie Giant chemists studied the j
needs of British Columbia land cleavers
They prepared an explosive especially
for stump blasting- Giant Stumping
Powde r, tin* lirst of its class Hundreds
of tons of this irnpe.i* ed . q losive are
used every year lev British . ilumbia
farmers, lumbermen, .nil contractors.
Which -ides h.it'-k
up   ine    ■inun* -.
ordinary explosive
.ir..l   ci
! rot.   G.   E.
an explosive
ot llii work;
dinar), shocks
iportatlon and
dvice nnd hava kmnd that
Stumping Powder aiw*aya
them money, time and labor.
• ,,   to mi' maste
Uii'iu  would stick, Crnnbrook  would   ,    ,    ,, ...
; frado Pattl,
be tlio better tor it
Rorf-   Hnmtoun
Wtlien Mr. .1
been received  witli
—— i tlmsiasm in ;ill the musk  ..
C. Herbsman, the Chan-  thif* a**1* the European Continent, in
i*, in-ii .mi . ,i. *.. 11>*[ i'-iii;iii. uit* ■*. huh- *  *     i-  ■	
tauquri lecturer, asked for n show of additkm to whicli hc made a tour a
hands from members of the Roard of ]fevv years ago of Australia with Murk.
Trade on Tuesday evening, less than Anally extending his tour to South
tmi ■•mimtiria-i   v,.t tlm niidtonf'P wur  American cities.    At every point he
'rtide on Tuesday evening, less than
ten responded, yet tlie audience was America
There must ilms met with the greatest sttce
ftCl*j.  inasmuch ns this is his first
.I:. i y- we need oiling apparently.       Unco 1n  British Columbia   '■
large and representative
be something wrong with our ma
brook thee will doubtless be ;. very
large nmllonce to greet him, and his
•l*. II. MolLy. Secretary ot tlie Pro- j (wo BM ^^
. vlnclal Bureau ol Labour, estimates Tlu. Bnr|tone wh(J afmtl „,„, hil]|
tliat 20,000 harvesters will be need,.,! Unrence j..,,,,,,,,,,,, ,„ a poasMSO,. „r
ror Siislii.te-lii.waii nils season. j v|v|(] ]lmvi,rs nf internrctntton. eouploil
j    bet mon wbo aro ri.jocti.el by tic l,^ ft r<,sonen| v0,r„ „r „„,,, rangn
recruiting Borgeants for the army be*, a]](| nI.ttsttc tomperameut.
orgnnlzccl Into Military batlnlioiis to      T,|e|r accompan|st ,,„,, solo pto„,ati
->*■'■ ,!*' "■■""■'-<  !- *' ■'"■"•'■'■'"•        jaerald Moore, is a rcmarltnblc boy
of 17. who pie-i*s promlco of (levcloplng
Valuable C-&
book -*^
sent free
Mark 3i.il mail thr coupon today and we wilt
send you our valuable
illustrated book which
shows how to cut down
the cost of fcettin? out
the sluinpii.
1'<    A   Coupon
\ (yi    GIANT POWnr.!* CO. Lid.
(.W# 3 V.n=.U«r, B. C.
\V-,0,*>»a    «.,!, Ciane Sira-lm raetdtr."   I in,
(JjJ I IP *    Ine, it,led In ll.c lobltcll »lel! ,.„
>J* D Slump Dla.lins
p Dla.lins
I I n„„*,e. , Bla.llni
LJ Road Makins 1
t   Trea Bed lila.lln,
D Ditch Blaating
D Minina—Quarryini
There are places In Canada wliere
b'reail   is   Belling  nt  714   cento   per
* pound, says the Canadian Kood Controller. "There aro othor places
where il Is selling at 12 anil U cents
uml Ihey have no possible excuse, except  thai   someone is In control of
I tho markets nnd thoy dictate what
they like.
Heron Rhonda, the British Pond
Controller, visited Canada a year or
more iibh and Knows Canadian conditions.
into a brilliant pianist.
Seats on sale nl   Beattlo-Murpliy's
druf* store.   Prices—BOc, 7.",c nud *•!.
Ross—On Saturday. August 4th, 19-
17, at Mrs. Rent's Hospital, to Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Ross nf Kimberley, a sun,
Barrett— On August 6th, nl craubrook Cottage Hospital, tn Mr. and
Mrs. \V, C. Barrett, a daughter.
Canada's war expenditures tn date
total $028,000,000,
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
nf Canada, Llinitdi
Ollice. Smelting and Refining Department
s ji i: i, t i: it s a n n it i: p 1 N i: it s
I'llBOIIASBIlS OF (101,1), Sll.VI'il, ('OI'I'Mt, l.lvAH AMI ZINC OBKS
Corporation of   the   City   of   Cranbrook
Notice of Tax Sale
By    Alexandria
H,    Campbell     (Mrs.
n. e., n. Sc a.)
From ocean tide to ocean tide, Gloria Canadla,
PHng nil thy banners wide Canadla, Canadla,
Lift up your hearts and sing Gloria Canndia!
Let distant mountain ecbos ring Canadla, Canadla,
Ruler oi hind and sen. Guide Thou our destiny;
May our country ever be,*—Gloria Canada the free.
Gloria, Gloria, Gloria Canadla,
All lii*i 1 tho liitiil of the maple tree!
Gloria, Gloria. Gloria Canadla,
Gloria Canadla tlie free.
Lead thou in noble thought, Gloriu Canadla,
stand where thy groat hath wrought Canadla, Canndln.
Deeds of Intrinsic worth. Gloria Canadla,
Btess'd land upon tliis earth, Canadla, Canadla,
Oreat souls bo found In thee. God guard thy destiny:
Cood deeds thy portion bo, Gloria Canadla, tlie free,
Raise, raise your standard high, Gloria Canadla!
lu lliy defence thy sons would die. Canadla, Canadla,
I'or love of thee thy sons would live, Gloria Canadla,
Tlio prize of life they freely give, Canadia, Canadla,
In pence. In strife to thee, to thee.   Pence he thy destiny!
Bless'd may our country lu* Gloria Canadla, the free.
Chorus:   -
N'OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN thai pursnnnl to tin* provisions of thn "Muu-
| Iclpal Act" and Amending Arts, nnd of u resolution of the Municipal Council oE tho Corporation of the City of Cranbroolt passed on the 12th day of
February, 1017, l will on Mondny, the 20th dny of August lfll" at 10 o'clock
1 Citv Time, (being nine o'clock Coos) Tim I, In the forenoon at
; the Municipal Building, Norbury' Avenue, Cranbrook, Hritish Columbia, offer for sale by Public Auction, the lahds, Improvements
and real property, situate within Un* Municipality of the Corporation of
i thr city i,r Cranbrook, and hereinafter set forth, for delinquent tax ■> and
subsequent taxes in arrenrs, remaining unpaid nud payable to the Corporation of the city of Craubrook, hy tho persons or assessed owners
hereinafter respectively set forth, end for Interest, costs, expenses, and commission as provided by the "Municipal Act" and Amending Acts, If the
total amount due lc not Booner palo.
Thos. M. Roberts, Collector.
Dated at Cranhrook, 11. C, tiiis 10tli day of July. 1017.
The Corporation of the City of Cranhrook arc ready to receive Information
from any source that nny person having an Interest In any ot lhe hinds advertised herein is entitled to protection undor tho "War Ilcllef Act." Any
person huving such knowledge Is requested to communicate, In wilting, with
the Clerk, or Assessor or Collector at the* City Hall. Cranbrook, li. C,
§:•'• SNUFF •■$
IIU.-L--..*'• •••••••••••••:..••*
It is niaiuitiirtiireil
tobacco in its purest
It lias a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
fi'iuiie en' Assusscil I'orsniis
lilnck  Ini
|ll I.I     TlIM'*.     flUlS     T.ltlll
llllll. lllll*
Barnlinrdt, 11. .I  -" ■*"--'
Moffat, M,  A  26 23-2J
Benle.4 Elwoll .ei 11.11 Mosloy 27 3-J
Cumin, IX. V.  27 ::i-:vi
Lezert, E  A  28 is
Smith, W. .1  30 12 13
Pollack,  \V  '■'■" 15
Blofarl, tl  "I 13
Laurie  Jas  31 *.',
DoBsett, s. tl  32 S
l-'iitliis.-i'V. .1. .1. S A  32 3B-30
Becker, P. and II. II. Llnnell 33 20
McK i, V  33 ;t
Kllclilo, ti™  its III
Malheson, I*  '■>■■ '■''
llraiiliroolt Unrauo Co., l.nl. . "•■". 21
Mnrgawn, K  3« n
Sum  Ylck     3« 11
Leo, Ji.lm    ;:ii 'I
Lie., .l.ellll     '■'■<'■ » ' :■   IH
Mar, .Mm    -10 in 17
McCnlluni Eslnto ol .1. n  12 I 3
Hi.  Willi'.  A  M « I"
McEachcrn, M  I:! IB, « Mill'
Mi'Xnlili. M. S Cnrtwrlghl W. 43 81, n'; 27
Maycock, K. .1  4S '■'■■
McDorinot, A   I  s" "• '<
lliiliirliiiii.l.   I'l'li'f     8B III
Johnson, II. I'  sr' "
Dixon, ll  Sl' "' n
'IV     II.    II  « II
CilliSi \  S7 13-1 I
Councils, A.  L  s7 2.",
Schramm, W. O    *;s »'--*
McDonald, Josoiihlno  30 111
Mnthoson, I*  ! I*::-'
Bock.P  m i-i-u
Wing   Loe     !'; J
Leo John     K '"
Leask, M   IS  *':; '-
l.rasli, Jl. E  M "
Beale,   Elwoll,   McDonald «*
Ourd   01 ;-
Bowness ,«* Mntlieson   3*1 ! -' >
Simpson, K. P  !" I1'*ir'
llllllslllll.  W.   .C  01 -'
Zunpoll, I  or, i:',-M
Qraham, A  on u-m
Leask, .line  oi; sM., 23-27-8
Clanson Ti'iieiy   os n-is
Simpson, .Lm  1,r' ,
lliinillliin, .1. IS  I"1 " '1
lliidlitim, F  HO r'
Dnonst, P  3°o 18-10
McCallum ft Co   33 B
M Ut)
n n.
■,, 05
ll, '.!.,
:' *
|!l Ml
UH life
III in
17 in
1119 I"
i. II
1 II
1 71
1 31
Hi 1.
Ir*. ill
111. .211
80 IB
1 ,!i '..,
1 III im
T,!i :!n
:i r
IBS li
II mi
I s:
1 21
18 L'II
:;:. 70
130 HI
illl. II.
n. 1 r,
in. ii
:oi7 r,r,
77 till
.-, 'in
Si! 80
208.00 10 00 314.00
0O0..I0 31.0B 041,05
245.05 14.26 200.20
20.illl il Oil 23.30
47.1(1 4.40 51.80
lis.so 0.45 ir,s.:ir,
317.0(1 17 ei", 1134.85
74.45 5.70 S0.1B
57,50 . 2 sr, 110.35
60.SII 4.50 55.20
20.30 2.00 23.30
74.00 B.7B 80.35
27.15 3.15 30.50 THURSDAY, AUGUST lfi, 1917
Did You Ever
Think of Blaming
Your Eyes?
When you are side or Indisposed;
when you lack "pep" without any apparent cause; when you are nervoua
ur irritable; or when your stomach
"goes back uu you"- have you ever
thought that your eyas might be to
A defective eyo nol only robs the
brain (aud so tin* other organs) of
lho vital nnorgy wlilcli tbey need to
keep tlium In perfect bealth, bul bo-
coinofl perniaueutly Injured il'allowed
lo nmain uncorrected.
If ynu aro in doubl, have your eyes
examined bby a competent optomot-
rlHt. Wo bave every scientific lit-
Htrutnoul lore im- tin- oxamlnatlon of
r  I the apparatus for the
iccurate Ri'tndlnR of leases.
W. H. Wilson
inn. iiitician
r-ii, THKHSfoe
Fire-tested Blue
Enameled Ware
75 cts.
Regular $1.00,
while they last
Ask for a 5-foot Tape
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     H.C.
Kilby frames plcturea.
Mrs. tieo, Hogarth left last Monday
for Invermere for a week's outing.
Children's work our specialty at
the Star Shoe Shop.
Mr, A. D. Shough and Mr. (J, E. Cunning of Maeleod. Alta., motored Into
t'ranbrook   last  Friday.
We are carrying a full Hue of booty
and shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. and Mrs.. It. \. Seott of Montreal wen* guests at the Cranbrook Hotel last Saturday.
\\UMV\ 1\ TIM: mu
run in.
What  Happened in Xorwuy,
ue congrat
allotted tii
■i Committee are
ipon selling ail tin
sreby releasing tht
i-   expected  the
entage trom
Mr. M. 0, he Cappolaln ■
was visiting friends In tin
if i'i
tlpts   to  ti><   liainb'd
Bxporl piano and organ tuning, re
pairing unit regulatltigi
lilioue ail, l'. i). Box -'•
tt   Jenulngs
it ■ Prince
lambored  old
,rrivi*d in ilo* c
i prominent
ipert, and a
ner of this
■ la.-t Thurs.
Miss Bertha
for Lethbrhlgo
the guost of Mr
ill   lefl
. spend
A,  1
day ami proc
, Kimberley where
■ somi* mining pro|
led to
'<-   lie
is Interesti
Brld ■■
It i*. our Intention to sketch tin*
work of women in other countries before setting nut any Immediate ami
practical platform for ourselves,
Our outlook will In* broadened in
this way and our confidence as to
our powers increased. And as to this
la<*.t point, there's our weakness. We
have been for so long governed by corrupt caucusees we feel oppressed and
numbed by the apparent hopelessness
of .ver being able to Improve matters
A little patience mot too mucin and a
lot of faith las much ;i- possible)
must he our medicine.
I quote at length trom a Norwegian
writer this week, Ella Anker Her
remarks deserve careful study and
give the lie to a many anticipation.
"Tbe first direct effort of the vot.
is that women have taken up their
home duties witb greater respect nml
responsibility, Tiny have worked to
make women more able ;.t tlicir moat
sacred ta.-sU as wivea ami mothers.
There is no fear that women voters
will refrain from marriage.   They will
Let Us Handle Your
Fruit Requirements
V«U "HI find "nr slack*, a-
neiir complete as possible in
evcrj Hue und tin* i-ualit.*, lie
nest (hat no can Imi v.
We ain* -till getting n tew px-
eeptloiinll) fine RASHiEIUUl S
UU'EBKIUUES an* now nn
the market.
WE  ltltoMMKMl
Little & Atchison
  Shorthand, Typewriting  and   Book-
A. Q, Urquliurt of Vancouver, keeping at King Edward's School.—All
'seating Bovril Limited, was In Uny attendance $10.00 a month; Even-
ity Tuesday transacting business, j lng classes, Mondays and Thursdays
  j from 7 to !( p.m., ?t;.(Xi n month; Dally
. It. It. Masterton of ttexlou. X. Tl.. *<m* evening attendance $12,00 a mnntli
a visitor in the eity on Tuesday Classes will open oa Monday, Aug. -'7.
•st at llie Cranbrook Hotel.. Private lessons by arrangement,
certainly now. i
highest happlne
wile aad mothe
greatest   powers
creation she is n
Further;    "Tli
always, find their
in marriage, As
a woman uses lur
In thc wonder of
irest to God."
first  thing   women
cor.. FORT
e^son  why
in* in  your
dr. yon tl^ik of any
then- iho ti lit not be ■
We are carrying a full line of boots
tnd shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Vm.Btrong Ave.
Mrs. L. Van Staveron left on Monday for Wotertown, South Dakota.
where she is visiting her parents for
a few weeks.
Mr. W. M. Archibald one of the head
officials of the Consolidated Mining
and Smelting t'ompany of Rossland.
was a visitor in tlie city last week-end.
Miss Marjory Cowan, Superintendent of the Chautauqua, arrived in the
city Monday and will remain until the
closing ili.'.e.
Mr. \V. E. Cline who was formerly
Chief Despatcher in the local C. P. R.
offices is now Acting Superintendent
at Medicine Hat.
The l.adies of St. Mary's Church
intend holding a Cookery nnd Apron
Sale at the I'alnt on Saturday. Sept.
j Miss Turner, late of London, R g .
I is paying an extended visit in t.iwn.
I U s ■it-PS Of her t | hew. Mr. YV '.'
j Mnrsholl.
Mrs.  X.  A.  Wallinger and children
, returned home yesterday after spending a few days the guest of Mr. Ran-
! dolph   Bruce,   Invermere
Mr.   A.   P.   nissickr.  of Calgary,  representing the Calgary Marble Work**.!
: was In the city last Friday and Satur-
! day on business.
Thc Ladies' Aid of the Metltodtst |
\ Church will hold a Cookery Sale and
Afternoon Tea on Saturday afternoon i
\ August 25th, In the Gym.
Mr.   Geo.   V   Stevenson   of   Nelson, '
manager of the Nelson Jobbers Ltd.,
is a visitor in the eity this week the;
' ■.■in-t  of  Mr   Robert   McCreery.
Evangelistic services will be held in
tlie tent opposite Government Building, .Sunday, August LOtli, at S.30 p.nt,
and every evening following, except
Saturday, at X o'clock. Services will
he conducted for an indefinite period,
hy Messrs, U. (J. Graham and W. L.
The Women's Institute will hold
tbeir Annual Flower Show at the Parish Hall on Tuesduy, August 21st at
2 p.m. Printed Prize lasts can be obtained from the Secretary, with all
particulars. There will be a dance
In the evening from fl.P.O to 1 a.m. Ad-
nisisinn 7fic couple; 2">r extra lady.
Admission to Flower Show only 10c.
Mr. A. J. Slmlman of Calgary, travelling Passenger Agent for the C. P.
It., was a visitor in tho eity last Thursday and while here Was interviewed by
A. L. McDermot, Secretary of the Agricultural Association In reference to
a special train service from Sirdar
for the Cranhrook Fair dales.
Tteale & Elwoll have been instructed
by Mr. I. CI. Baxter *a sell bis property
on Norbury Avenue, consisting cf a
two rtoried nine roomed residence
and two lots. The house is fitted
with all modern conveniences, stnr
foundation. Large stable suitable for
garage. The price and terms are
exceptionally attractive. For further
particulars apply tn Beale -fc Elwell.
astor ■
to   con due
rd i
Apt, \\. ■■'. Benin, Cranbrook Exchange
last  week-)
sing matter
James Dunlop. who 1
if one of the leading Hi .
es  in  North  California, is I''
Bpeclal   services   In   tbe!1'
Baptist Church on Sunday j
next    There being no services in the
Methodist and  Presbyterian Churches
on Sunday morning, many will be free
to hear Mr. Dunlop preach,   All ar,*
heartily welcome to the services.
I. 0. I>. E.
The monthly meeting of Kuskanook
Chapter. I O, D. E., was held in the
Council chamber on Friday tbe liltii.
Reports   from   convenors   of   com-
Little Davenport
ui:us at mi, Minus
'I'liU   ill   Un*   li. II.   after
i             1 Ho Show.
I;        \l.l. WHITE IIKI.I'
Mr  Rood Myers, l
iiilviuiev iipi»n!   Willi
■A llie Illl** le.'e'ie ll.'l*,. for 1
lefl I'm* Plains, Montana
tlitin young
nt ton ilnys.
The    line
nls.e $1.05
pleted was
Mr and Mm. t' R, Latimer anil son,
nl t'alKiiry. motored Into tier city last
Tnendny ami nroccodod Un* Following
day leer Klngsgato and I'mio Sum's
A snap! Comfortable 'i ronnipel ml-,
hi**.' mi Diirlclt Avenue fm* -.nii*   I'n',*,,
$350   easy  tonne, -wortii  *.7nn    Apply lee Beale ,« Klwell.
lommlttee purchased
Hi,* amount ol' SS'1.70.
tjullts. Tlio work corn-
suits pyjamas, i> le. w. le.
operty Imps, ill pairs
liillts made by the Ou-
Inss  nf  lho  Methodist
f Tli rtlll III   HI   IMI'IIIIH MINI'S
Xiillco nl ,||.||l»iillnii
■ mi   " \i i eral Cla'm
.   n hi     '.:*■ ie nil flalm.
V I I'lall l
"K i i     Mineral I'lnlin
i i   . Pniotlonal" Minora! Claim
"link' ii f actle iial" M!i oral Claim.    '
\, ni, |.'ri  llonnl" Ml lernl Claim
■'Kin., I'rncllonal" Mlnoral Claim
'•Cnili'lislianlt" Mlnernl Claim.
"March ' Mlnoral Clnltfl
"itnly" Mlnernl Claim
"Wnldh " Mlnernl Claim.
Bltunte i"  Un* l-'m'i  stoolo Mining
hlvi-imi of Kn t Kootonay District.
Wliir,.   I., o-iloil    tin   Sullivan   Mill.
Kimlierh *• ti ('.
. Mr   A    lv  Illimli
V! II Dingle rn' i'n
lho city lnsl Sun
I,.ul, I,, Uio commi
Alberto lh.. nexl
nt Edmonton, atul
in r*>'. motored Into
Mr lion. I
wlin ts Ini'Ki
River l'i*»o
Prlontlfl In Ho
■ Interested
•lly for BOV!
wool! anil romr I liienio
nl Bpokane,
in tlio Hull
ns visiting
nl days this
of Cun
Tho Udles Aid eef 111.' Kllnx l-resliy-
lorlnn Church will moot In tho Sunday
Scbool rontii noxt Tiicsiiay afternoon
at half posl throe. rToatesaes Mos-
iliiinos llnrsbntv ami Rnlmcnt.
Tho prlvllogo of hnvliiR n hoolh oil
i'liaiitaiii|iin grounds to soli Ice-cream
ami lemonade was offered hy tho
Chautauqua Ground Committee but on
aiomiiit of Hn* unusual small attendance ai nur mooting could not ho oon-
The monthly meeting in September
will ho hold in tho Rod Cross rnnnls.
Tlio following donations fnr tho
month havo boon thankfully received:
Tho Prisoners' Bread Kuml: por Mrs.
Ma.Kiiiimn Mr. Worden, $l.r.0; Mrs.
Il T. Williams, S2. (July and August);
Mrs, Ilarshaw. .inr; Mrs. White, 50c;
Mrs. McBride, BOc; Mrs. Binning. 2iic:
Mrs. Hood. ".Tec: Mrs. Jnckieoil, 250;
Miss Dewiir. 25c; Mrs. MacKinnon, BOc
Tula I, $11..in.
Tho Flannelette Fund: Mrs. Fred
Ege, Kimberley, $25; Tlio Free Masons
IxiiIko. olty, $10; Mrs. Watts, Wntts-
Inirg. $1; Mrs. Harsluiw, SOc.
have tluuiiiht about is tu stop infant
mortality hy a honor provision for tho
mothers. As ymi know Infant mortality has grown very high In all countries of Inlo, chiefly because tho women havo been driven away from tholr
homes Inlo factories, nnil often nre
obliged in leave now-born children lo
others, so the' children ilo not got their
natural food. After tho first election
wo nnt maternity I m for all women directly engaged hy employers.
Child-birth is in nnr factory Inw considered as an illness, which entitles
a woman to 00 por e*ont nl hor ileiuil
earnings I'or six weeks nfter tho birth
ot child. This wlll make it possible
fur many a poor mother in stay at
home during this time nnd nourish
her child herself. II sin* is nble I" 'In
"Women havo established n complete prnctical education of women as
future house-kOcpers. Practice In
cookery—kitchen schools, as wo cnll
them—hove been mnde obligatory in
tho elementary schools of lho towns.
Larger house-keeping bcIiooIb are* tn
boh orected in all greater elistrle'ls,
supported bby tho state and municipality, und a high school fm* all housekeeping work is oslnlibllshod bby the
stale tn educate touchers  I'm* all   tho
elementary schools,
The men like that!
Information Is planned to bo given
111 tin* highest classes fnr buys llllll
girls separately about he>nlth laws and
tbe relation between the se*xes. It
alms to give tho young people knnw-
i lodge on tills Important matter In a
1 finer nnd bettor way than they usually
| now gel it. Wo hope it will make tho
j hoys and Bills moro able to understand Immorality, which is ns Injur-
j inns tn their character as tn their
An an example nf iho thoroughness
i nnd far-sightedness of women In pollt-
: len]   work   we   submit   the   following
"The National Council of Women
has now adopted nprlnclple compulsory social sorvhe im* women. It will
work out a practical economic plan
to propose tm* mu* Parliament. This
; means that women of all classes shall
j serve the state for a certain period in
I their youth In learn tn fight against
I the enemies of public henlth. Fnr
1 somo months one summer, and snme
months the succeeding summer, they
shall loam lhe eugenics of the family,
the practical nursing nf children and
sick, und get Information nbout lhc
great notional diseases, for Instance,
tuberculosis, which kills more people
than any battle-field. The women
shnll loam to prepare their home for
this fight nnd bring up n moro healthy
generation. We think it better to
build thc safe-guard of public health
on the education or women to prevent
eiisensos instead nf building costly
buildings nnd snnntorlumo to rure tho
It is Indeed time Hint women know
the price nf llfo.
Ill I It III.    MIIIIMSilnillll.H   AIT
Notice Is hereby given that mi Auguai
loth. i!i|7. Ii mis ordered hv Hi- Honor (Jcorgo II. Thompson, Esq., Judge
o[ the County Courl nl' Kast Kootenay,
thai James A. Arnold, Official Administrator lm* that portion of tin* County
nl Kootenay Included in Um Electoral
liisiriet nl Cranbrook bo Administrator of all ami singular lho estate ul
John Thomas Scanlon, deceased Intestate.
Every person Indebted in the sold
ileoensoii is required in make payment
forthwith in Hm undersigned,
Every person having in possession
el't'oois belonging m the deconsod i*
required forthwith in notify Uie nml' r-
Every creditor ur othi r porBOll having nny claim upon or Interested iu
Un* distribute I Hie estate of the
said deceased is required tu muii! lee
[nie tiie 22nd day of Scptcmbr 1917
next, bv registered mail addressed in
U idorslgned, his mime ami address
and tin. full particulars ul' liis claim
nr interest, nnd a statement ni  hi-
ni mil nud the nature nf Hm Hceurlty
(if nny) hold by him
Alter lhc said lnsl menlloned dale .
the Administrator will  pr d wilh
iho distribution of the estate having
regard In those claims only nf which
ho shall have had nolle*.
Hated al Crunbrooli thin 10th dny
nl August, HUT.
.1  A  Arnold,
:i:i-2t Official Administrator.
Good Health
good appetite, good spirits—
mean no discord in the body.
To keep the organs in harmony—when there is need-use
it Sal* ef Aur Madictn* in tho World.
Said cfa-.rrwbt.--i.   Id bexei. 25c.
nut im nil m n
S n.m.—Holy Communion,
11  a.m.—Choral  Celebration.
Sermon—"Mud and the Lilies."
7.no p.m.—Evensong,
Address—"What 1 know ..limit
tint future life."
w, 11. Bridge, Ileetor.
Coal mining rights ot thr Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, tbe Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories and in a portion of the Province of Brilisli Colnni-
bia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years renewable for a further l(*rni of -1 year*- :it an annual rental of ?l an acre. Not more
than ViiiO acrea will ho leased in one
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of tlie district in whieh the rights applied for
arc situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Kach application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
Tlie person operating tlie mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounttng for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty tbereou. If the coal minine
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at least onre
a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only.
Kor f Ul Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Ilonartment of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Suh-Acent
nf Dominion Lands,
Deputy Minister of the Interior,
N. B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
HA-HA   I!
Lawful Holder T
Mining iv- Smelting i
ada. Limited,
Number of lhe hold,'
Certificate   BA807-B.
"'It*, notlco thai 1. .1. K Cram. Pree, .     ,     ,
r*.( Certificate H!)81t-B. acting ii'lduetion in summer goods.
olldated Minin,*; &
Smelting Company of Canada. Limited, j
PYeo Mlnor'H Certificate, WK07-H. In-)
tend, al ibe end of sixty days from
the date hereof. In apply lo lhe Mining
Uecnrder for a Certificate of Improvement", for Mic purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of lhe above Claims,
And further tain* notice thai action
Under Section 85 or lhe "Mineral Aet"
must be commenced bofore ibe lusu-
mice or such Certificate of Improvements.
Haled Mils Hllh ilcy of,Inly, 1017.
The Consolidated Mining* Smelling
Company of Canada, Limited.
Pit J. K. Cram. 81-lt.
I    Two   Insurance  agents—a   Yankee
and  an   Knglishnian—were  bragging
Miss Maeleod Is now showing an up i about tlieir rival motbods.   Tlie Brit-
Miner's J to date line of Sport lints in fella in | Isher was holding forth on the system
nil Ihe new shades: also n great re-; of prompt payment carried out by bis
; people—no  trouble, no  fuss, no    at-
: tempt to wriggle out of settlement.
The Cranhrook Anlo Association are j    "if tlie man died to-night," be con-
indebted  to  \V.  M.  Alkjn and  W. C.   tinned, "his widow would receive her,
Adlard of the Cranbrook .Tnbliers for | money  by  the  first  post  to-morrow
a log of the rond be'ween Cranbrook | morning."
and  Oolden   which  Is just llifi 4-10 i    "Vou    don't    say?"    drawled    tho,
miles, ; Yankee,   "See hero, boy, yon talk of'
— i prompt payment?   Waal, our ofllce is
The Misses Jessie Hue Taylor, Kdna j on tlie third floor or a building forty-;
B. Smith, Peggy and Annie Palmer, | nine stories high. One of our clients
of the Chautauqua Treblu Clef Club,' lived in that forty-ninth story, and be;
White Cikc
White Liquid
nrrlveii In the clly Monday for the
opening performance ot the local
fell oul of the window. We banded I
him bin cheque as bo passed." —At- *
lanta Journal.
and Children's Shoes
Looks Better
Lasts Longer
Easy to use
Best for Shoes
The 1917 Ford Touring Car
$495.00 i. o. b. Ford. Ont.
Ymi pay less fur this car bul ii gives you more
enjoyment, more mileage ami lonsei* service than
i In isi* which cosl in ire*.
Tin* touring car gives the utmost in automobile value, pride ol' ownership anil economy.
I luy ii Ford tliis year anil save money.
$560.00 Cranbrook
Get Ready for the Fall Fair
Tin* 1'iiiilj ITeiir Mills ure offering Hie following prizes
fm* lhe lies! Ilrciiil nun!.' from Iheir Flour ut the I'mii-
lirniik Kali*!—
Kl  I'lizc
•.'nil    "
:ii-il   "
uh   "
J lis Iii. -.neks Parity Flout
I lis lh.	
I in Hi.	
I il in.	
(ill   A SACK  Ml"   AMI THY IT
Staple Groceries, liny, Grain, Feed, Blc.
Open For Business
Star Cleaning Works
C  E BOOKOUT.  Proprietor
(Formerlj  tvlih Cranbrook Cletnlng Work*,)
I Respectfully ask a trial order
sur.' '-j. '-:gB
The Gum of Gumption
Cleanses  the  teeth —sweetens  the
mouth—allays thirst and fatigue.
The Forces in Europe are finding it a
great comfort.
It gives them vim
and   staying  power.
It is  refreshing
to workers
Smokers will
find it saothimj
and cooling
Chew it
WnAUDi ravjikix^*? PAGE FOUR
GURD * SriflTI.I.
Unrrlstors, Ete.
IV. t, Gurd        0. J. s-imill
(TiAMlllOOK.  II. C.
News of the Surrounding District
M— }t
Drs. Green * MacKinnon
I'li'-ie-iun- uml Surgeons
Ollice at residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to to.oo
Attirnoons "00  o   4.00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.80
Sundays  2.30 to   1.30
ITtAM-lltOOK, B. C.
IMt. r. it. jiii.ks
Ollice in Hanson Block
II to 12 um.
1                   l to   & iim.
j            CIUNBROOK, 13. ie.
Licensed by Provincial Clovt.
Mutorun) a.i.l General Nursing
Macsago and it.'-^t Cure, Hlglies
References,   luir torms, Apiel!
.MRS. a. SALMON. Matron.
I'lione 259 1'. O. lleex St!
Aiiiln'ss.Hiinli'ii Avo.. Cranurooli
nnil' sti:i:i.i:
Mrs Forest ot Hlghrlver, Alia., was
the guest of Mrs. D. Cameron of Kort
Steele "ii Saturday. MrB. Forest and
children afterwards motored from Ft.
Steele i" Fish Lakes und I*, now the
mii'si , i tier   : .ter, Mrs. Win. Jones.
Subsi rlptions in the Fort Steele imt-
riolli I'linil I'm* .luiie are as follows:
A. Doyle $5.00; H. L. T lliillirnilli *,5;
ll T Richardson $3.50: I'lius. Malr
jr.; il. Kershuw |2.50i ll. Baker, $2;
A .1 Uren (I: n s. Baker il; Mrs.
F. o, Cann 50c, Subscriptions for
■huv liave not yet been submitted lev
ill,, local treasurer. II  Kershaw.
Mi*--. M. v. Siiulster of Sidney, Vancouver Island, has been apiiolntod
i",uh, i' of th,' Junior Division al the
Fnrt Steele public school.. Sin* Is
highly recommended ami Is' a trained
Mr Evans, civil engl r. who re-
Bided for many yenrs ai Furl Steele,
lias lueei received Ills cnptalncy uml
lins I ei rewarded tho D, s. O,
The many friends of 11, s. Clark,
assessor, Crnnbrook, will regret to
lenrn Uml ho is In hospital In Franco
seriously wounded 111 tlle eye.
sir Robert Borden
tin' Canadian poopl
-entering tlie fourth
urges them to reno
lo the great cause.
n u message to
mi   tin'   eve  of
ar of tin*  war.
il consecratton
An explosion in the ammunition factory ui Henningsdort, Germany, eoni-
pletely destroyed the works uml resulted in the dealli or Injury of 300
Tlioro is a political i-iisis in New
I'liiiiiiilanil owing io tho Upper Ilmisi
having rejected the bill for lhe tax
atlon of business profits [
said a well educated man the other tiny
when he was asked tliis question*.—"Why,
when you have a cold, a cough or bronchitis (troubles, you will nine, of throat
and chest) do you persist in pouring
cough syrups, lung tonics and thc like
into your stomach, which is perfectly
sound '''
Ever think of it ? The stomach and
the lung, are nut connected, otherwise
(ood swallowed would choke you. lung
and throat troubles were never yet cured
by dosing tho stomach. To cure coughs,
colds and bronchitis, you lini-i r.tcul!ic
■ llio tax- j thecure, Peps provide the rational treat-
,i- war ro-I    ment lor these ailments.   Peps arc tablets
Laurence Liiinliert. Cam
Auditorium, Tntesilny,
.sir lloberl Ilnnl,.,. during the ills- I
Hussion iiii llio naturalization of tho
t'unadlnn Northern Railway, Intimated j
iiml a new Pnrllnmenl would in* elect, i
od in the curly autumn.
A   viol,'III   curtllliunko in Un* soiilli-
, iii portion of North Island Xew Bull-
laud, lias caused groat damage, bul no
lOSS Of  llfO  is  IIHIltl. I
(hli and Mining Engineers
11. ('. Lund Hurveyors
Hid l'l e SOR, Mght I'lione 115
Norbury Ave, next to I'll) Hull
Teucliei- nf I'iuiiiil'nrle
Crunbrook, 11. ('. I'"" Ml
Tiie engngonicul of Mis- i*. \i. mi,
cnliiiiliiim of [lie Colonial  lloti 1. a
Jim Thistlebeak says, thai Presl- I librarian ot tho Advertiser, a
deul Wilson did mil coerce the United Alfred .1. Lafferty, civil Engine r,
Stntes Into the war, but ll was   the   Hawaii   Consolidated   Rallu
real American that coerced Hlm..   All  ,,„,   ■„,,„.,„„ ,,,.,,    T1„    ( ,,.,
that Ib i.i'st in A rlcan Society has    ",,,     ",    "'   ,. ' 	
c  round for the roscuo of liberty j *vm "■••<-!''»« I" ll , Align n 20ih
i'n,in   ih,*   tyrannous   llohonzellern *    Honolulu Advertiser.
grasp tor world power and slavery,    i 	
Mrs. Klpp ami family, Mr. uud Mrs.
Wllldlllngt unison.   Mr. ami   Mrs.:     (|( AMIKOOk ll ll'TIST ( III ill l|
Cameron, Mrs   Itedmond and   'amliy,
Mrs. Bunco and family Mr. and Mrs.     „ ,    ,
McKay of l.othlirldge are summering I    s"n'"'''s r"r *""'"•*■ ■,',-,l ■ m'-
in Elko. 1    Morning service   11.  Subject: "Tin
This siiiiiini.r "murmured" llie boo/.- \ Unchanging Christ."
alicr I'l'oiii Allierta as he Iml. .1 ilci-ii!     Evening     servlci    7.30.       Subject
deep tiraughl  from   John   laiulsoa's   "ciirlat'B Mission Among Men"
glass house, makes one swallow. .     ,,,.,..„.,,„,.. |(,,v   ,.,,  |1|;    „„,.
A.J.King,   collector   of   Customs,  .    .  ......
Grout Fulls Montniia. I .1. I'I. Brooks| aiii"'iiia
deputy collector   al Gateway,   Meeu-
| tuna, was lu  Film Ibis weok visiting
with Fred Ron.
.1. A. Broley of lhc Sunkist Orclinrds
lloosvlllo Valley, was in town this
week ami iv,-ut iiii to Fertile.
t There Is one man, says Jim Thistlebeak, holding a Government Job   in
■ mis electoral district, who is so cold
blooded Hun llio inlsiniitoes wear over-
shoes ami mlltena when they approach
Tli,.   will   of   ill,,   lal..   Duchess   of
i'o nigbt  disposes  of  property  of
llie   valuo   of   £125,000:    £25,000   Is ' ■*'
bequeathed to her daughter Margaret
crown Princess of Sweden, £r,ii.tnui tt
Princess Patricia anil the remainder 1(
Prince Arthur nf Connnuglit.
made up of pine extracts and medicinal
essences, which when put into the mouth
turn  inlo   healing   Vapors,    These   are
breathed down direct lo the lungs, throat
and bronchial lubes—nol sw allowed down
to the stomach, whicli is not ailing. Try
a 50c, bos i,l IVps for your cold, your
cough, bronchitis or nslle    All 	
gisls ami stores or Peps Cu,, Toronto,
will supply
Munition Itfslmii'itnl
Meals ul All Hours
(Ignis, (igurelli's uml Ciimly
Opposite llie Bank of Cninmerec
II sei'lns III
soldier in France i
named Sammy, ;, i i
kindly sought to Ou
inns, generally Bpra
tlcnlar need of t
conies to bestowing
they listened lo an
times, us if tenia
Sammy they seemei
isiiin   already  Imd
after all
',1     In    I.,
in.    'I'i.'
.*, have 1
Many deaths have been caused lu !
New Viirl* uml oilier places in lhe.
I'nited Sliiles by tlio great heal while
prostrations lmvo been numerous. On :
one day in Now York clly 200 horses |
dled'ln lhe streets.
surge oil-General Fotherlnghnm, re-'
purling that evidence freem tlm front
contradicted stntoments In Arthur.
Moo's pamphlet, 'Tiio Fiddlers,' and I
that thoy were gross exaggerations,!
which clrciilntion io I'miaila was
harmful, Ibe book remains under Uie !
censor's ban. with heavy pcnnlties for
ils possession.
August 20=25
For Round Trip
Tickets on Sale Aligns! 17 lo -3
HKTITIX   Llllll'      touiisl   -ill.     III
For tickets iiiiiI full lnformiil(u 11
ply in local tlckel ngent.
Dial, Passenger Agenl Culgar
if vou want satisfaction
Willi vour waahiiiK
send it to
Kneciul nrices for familv
Forwardiug  and   Distributing
Agent for
l.elliliildge nnd flreenhlll Coal
Imperial (Hi Co.
Dlstrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
Driiylllir noil Transferrins
Given prompt attention
Pbone G3
11. II   Brown, wife and family   of
Medicine Hat.  toi'eil In Elko mill is
cumped al tlio South Fork Ton Gardens.
Mr. I s McKechnie eif Red Deer,
Alta..   wlm  is  Interested   in   llie   Red   bright   young  A rlc hat
Canyon   Creek   Copper   properties, : 1,1 him perfectly pal.   Tliat 11
lloosvlllo Valley, was ill    Elko    this , |UI1B   1 ,   .,   favorlle   In    Par
woell 10 meel Harry lllaliev who lias
charge of tlle work'
Th" Elko-ltooBVlUo mall route Is
changed, commencing Tuosday, Aug.
lllli. Will run between Itoosville ami
Flngatone Tuesdays ami Fridays.
It piivs in advertise if you lmvo the
goods.    Nothing, says Jim  Thistle-
l.'-iiL, is g I enough lo get   along
witiiout advertising. Elko is a fine
place to live bul who would know It.
if 11 wasn't for advertising.
The I'. P. II. is supplying their pas-
I senger conductors with shock ahsorb-
• its on the Crows Nest Brancll.
An Edmonton paper stated last week
that a e'liilil almost died as a resllll
tot drinking fly poison. Jim Thislli-
', beak says thai llio old rellnllle fly-
. paper is a little tough nn clothes
. when   y,,n   : il   on   it,  hut   yon   ean'l
liencral Mercliaiil
Kmplnynicnt Agent
P   O. Box 108 Plione 214,
1: v lionnallle, wife and family of
j Femle motored to Baynes, Waldo.
1 Flagslonn. Gateway and the Roosville
1 Vnlley Mr. Bonnallle wlm is greatly
! Interested in Agriculture and Inlen-
slvo farming ami was greatly taken
t up with the iwo handled pumpkins
double ynlkcd  eggs and  bnnlcss big
red  apples.
1     lluy Knlglll shipped 22 cars of sheep
; lo Alherta this w,.(.|( from Elko, llbnlll
1 forly sev,.,, htilidreil.
I    Mr  ami Mrs. W Is and daughter.
1 Miss Irene McKct 1 Miss M. Chllds
Ofl   by  motor  for    the    Lethbridge
i slat le.
The Shoe Specialist
Sullsfiioliuu Guaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds of
Unlet. I'raine, Prop.
I'lesh lirend, Cakes, Pies
noil Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp  City Hall
$*J.*> will liny s;,o kllehen range—
Apply Herald Offlco. 2S-II.
IV.t.VTLII   A  dl'hllig horse, llghl-
ilonmcrat and  single  harness.-  I'.  A.
Foot, Kllnlierley, lit'
IVAXTKll A niiilress (ur Hold,
references required. Apply. The Unionist Investment Co., Ltd.. Wnsn. 11.1*.
r- sir Thomas While, Minister of Fl-ltt
II nance  announced   In   the  House of
y' Commons on August 1st tlm Govern-
,1 1,1,'tit's   Intention   to   lake  over  nnd
y ndmlnistor   Hie   Canadian   Northern
r- Railway, wilh all its subsidiaries,   The
te rood was begun eleven years ago. bus
il 10.000 miles of track ami nearly *r,00.-       Notice is
ul 000,000 lias been  expended on  eon
si atrtictlon and equipment
Mini 1:
lie Overdue I'nyiiianls on Apiilicnflims
lu Purehnst' Crown llrnnl I,amis
in  Brilisli Columbia.
by g
the prnvlslons of tlie
stead Act Repeal All.
\ loan of   ,||,|   I,,,,   npp|y   mi,],.
ven that, iiiiiI,'i'
Soldiers' lloini'-
,,ry*.' If
llllll. he
.. then,
ing f.'l-
lt.   Willi
IiiiiI cropped 111
lillie-     I Iml  11
American in hi
called bim Te.
should he cull
low wilh the Jaunt
the brlglll face ami
tongue, who imil luni" to help Frani
fight hor baltlea?    li   .■.;>■  perrecll
natural; and when tiie Amorii      Out
tallon swung stalwart); upi a 1 ebon
levari!, and lhe band plnyed 'Dixie' '.
'Yankee 0001110,' a long glad shoal ,1
•Teddy! Teddy!' rout  tl ir.
The Parisian knows very li'l!.. nbnu
Amorlcnh politics,   il" lake   llttl   ai
count of daggers drawn I '"'a Hn
While House ,1 1017 and III ■ White
House of llilll '("     J. nion   .   'H.il mis
trust betw • n a i -esonl and 1 rorme
inmate of ':'.' evocttllve innn*lui i
niithiiiL* lo m;n. llm II. n *evi I! le
knows. Roosevelt appeals 1" tin
Frenchman's Imagination, lu 1 :,    h
does to ev ryh'.ily 1 !-,>'-■. Iivludlii*! ;
own.   'i'ln* Frenchman I.u      ■ ■• t*
spool for, gfi: a".ililui|.   ,■ ". ird .*
Exoelloncci   Vc.'.lrci*   Vll.i)  .   ' ul   no
much  personal  rvmpnll *   - ■ ;i  him
Son   Exccllonce nppeni'-e   U*.   Poll
rather col 1   0, , -   lola .     . 't  ..... ■•■
1 Teddy 'I  lm * - a .1 I, vi   :
il .i'ef„ri.. 11,1   l    Teddy hlni -If « 1.
;■ 1   permit    1  1.  go  io  :',*.,t, ■ ■   'u
i.'tilally up* ..1 - , . . ii. lh.- eittr.lv
!, rson of '" *i'    V:.* * * 1    sol
rri'ses lh" .-.'i    II-   a   , one
l,ip on ,". 1 •-* t  '  i,    Is 1
strong on   Fi e   soil.    No
Pootlc Justice? Ii is tli, in,
Ing case of II in history, nm
the censorships In tho world
It mn    The 'Trnnscrli 1,' Ho
.'■iiti.iiiio in tbo Grand Trunk Pacific   Homestead Act, 1010," n.
nplete his
■will not stiiTor witli sunburn or beat
rash if you use Zam-Buk.
The Suuerlutcnduut of S. A. Fresh
Air Camp at Clarksun'H, Out., says:
11 V.'e always keen a supply of
Zam-Buk at our Children's Camp.
We use It constantly for sunburn,
Insect tsUnga aud bites, as well aa
for cuts, bruises and sores, aud believe tiiere is nothing to equal lt."
Zam-Buk Is especially suitable (or
a child's tender skin, owing to IU
purity of composition. It contain!
absolutely none of the coarse animal fat or harsh mineral drugs
found In ordinary ointment*.
All dealers, &0c, box.
inpltcation tu purchase, either uj pn
ment iu full or by the selection ol n
proportionate allotment, may, by proving his Interest and paying up in
full the balance of tin* imrchnso price
and taxes before tlie :'ist December,
1017, obtain a Crown grant if proof
satisfactory to tin* Minister of Lands
is furnished that sueh person Ib Buffering injury llirough absence of notice or otherwise.
And further that tlie interest iu uncompleted amplications to purchase
held by any person on Active Service
may be protected by notification to the
Lands Department of the fuel i!;.;t
Buch person is ou Active Service jim!
by the filing of proof of tlie [uteres!
of such person,,
Further information will be furnished on request to tlie Deputy Mlnlsler
of Lands.  Victoria. II. C.
Ladies Suits
and Coats
The very newest
Materials  and
jstyles and they
are beautiful.
selections now as
Cloth will be very
hard lo oet later.
For your
K uiii ti ng I'lll lor Wuiiiiiii. I,'. 11 box or thrrofo
flu. Snld nt ull Drug Stores, ur ni'iilc-i t<- »u
mill r-.'wi mi receipt of price, tub Sion .li. linti
t'n , bt. r.iilmrm 1-*,. uni.<'i-i
Vltalftv; (or Nerve nnd Brain* increason"(*re;
matter"iuToiiIc—will I'liiM ymi up. J3 u box.o
*WO for J.i, Ht drug slums, nr In- mini uu recetp
•I price • Tmr scoiftLL Um'm.'ij. *-t. Catbarlno*
' llllll
Spokan-p, Wusliington
This house lias tho
happy distinction of being tho favorite stopping placo in Spokane
fur thu people of Hritish
Columbia We appreciate
HiIm patronage and do
uverythiug In onr power
to make you comfortable
n.wrni   position li)  an cxper-
lein ed stenogmplior, first cIush refur-
euces, Miss 1, Porn Smith, c-o Herald Office, :!:t-2t*
Our location is excellent —
close to Oreat Northern Station
and O. W. II. & N.~Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from tlm principal business
houses a fid places of amusement.
N-mt  Htriuiishlh  on   Moot
LOST A Itnliinutt, apparently tali-
rn by mistake from St. Marys Hull on
Tuosday nlghl lasl Will party having
Bame plrase leave ,it Herald Offlco.
IVAXTKll   Mill   Wood   and   Slabs,
also Cordwood for shipment in ears,
Write giving quantity, kind jind price
to box. ,12-flt
' v £M>THES T T
t> J   v.- e. 1 -. '.'ti
FOH SAT.K   Oiujiu, Dominion Ortruu
11 '0,, piano shape, iu splendid rou-
I ditlon, 11 .stops, :■ knee swells, cost
$160; for quick sale $*ln..—Apply Kilby
1 Armstrong Avenue, IlS-tf.
I.AM> I ok SAI.i: lui 1(187, ltmite
1, Kootenay Olstrict, containing f.ti".
iicres. located three miles wont of
Cranbrook, B. c railroad runs thru
one corner of the property. The land
adjoins thut on which the Blast Kootenay Saw Mill Is located. This ls ex
(■client grazing and agricultural lund,
wiiii plenty of open range adjoining.
To BCtllo up an entnte, 1 offer a clear
title lo this laud for $10(1 per acn*.
Cash, If vou wanl ffi'nzlng lund. all I Nolson, H P., this
you hnve lo do Is lo go nnil look at . I*"*-
It and you will buy it    P., Lund, llox. '''Dl'sfrtcu'fcgl M n
180, lethbridge, .,.■  w   V   liurges:..1    Dnlo of flrat pnhllcnllon, August mi
\$8T°wDBt'H or;.
Clean to handle. Sold by nil Dn
Hist*,, Oroccra und Oeneral Stor
Mini i:
IjiiiiI llcgialrj   lil
CATION I'M- I!.,  I..1.1'
Certld ■: i. i.i Tltli .... i.'
Town uf Klnibi »l«y. Pro
lull ri.liniililii. Mu, CM.
i  '.'! I
,   illl
In my I'.iUiilInn in i..'ni. ,i I1* , si;,,,
linn of mn, month aftor Hi • lir*' i.uli
lle-iiilim licieofn iln|ill...i ■ ii lhc i'i i
llflcale ol Title to tho nbove montloni'il
lot. i) lin. luinii' nl' Jntnoa Ryan, v i ]■',
Certificate is dated Hi.' 14th ,1m ul
Septamhor 11)00 and immboreil SII17K.
Dated nl Hi" Uml It• - lalrj ll Hi
I day nf Aurn il,
Gentility is
tl.e outstanding feat*
ure of the style of
o*;r cloihes—a quiet
rcli.'i em ent that is
essential to good
That is the
rat characteristic
Lhat strikes y;ou--
cind the quality is
utmost equally apparent,
nre tailored to your measure in any
i i oUr many new Spring models.
We.have hundreds of exceptionally
fi.N* fabrics to choose from.
'ihe prices are moderate.,
laiaaTMllilw    I nil
| \*aW:aa^***-*.,'«*^l^«4jV«^^
T\ies. Aug. 2!st
am do org"
ri'iilllereinli, 11  C,
aii-ir un,
::•' :,i
Famous Canadian Baritone
Celebrated English Boy Pianist
I Prices-50c, 75c, $1.00 "
^      Seats can he reserved al Lkatlie-Murphy's.    , i
f^jXl'?; '~A>t^i'i/<>'~*'*iJl*--*V'sPj*> V*^|.-^t..J*.J.*^l»^/.*-aMa»jf,>..'».a\t*]
>*.e\^.*s<i*M*Miiiti0***i**M****+M*****y*is**\*$     IlCrdlO  Wulll /\OUS Drlll^   lyCSllllS


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