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Cranbrook Herald Apr 4, 1918

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VOM7M& 20
Oa Tuesday next, we commemorate
tlit find anniversary of tbe battle of
Vlmy Ridge, and in view of ttie fact
that recent events in tlit Ureal War
have eriued from our tuliidt. the details uf thu brilliant achievement ot
the Canadian lores at Vlmy a year
nj-o, it way he well tu recall the Important feature* of the eucounter.
Viiuy Kldge, which emends from
Hum-In i. to Vlcury, which is just north
of Arras, was the objective of Hit*
French ul an curlier stage of the
war and iu this district their losset
ure said to have amounted to the enormous total of 170,000 before securing a footing on the ridge. Thin seo
tor wus later tukeu over hy the British forces and Vlmy Ridge allotted to
the Canadians. Tlie dale set for tho
advance was the Sth of April and
everything was planned down to the
smallest detail.
itehlud the Nenville St. Vaust sector, a miniature Vlmy was laid out
even to the details of thc machine gun
emplacements ho thnt when the big
day arrived, every man knew just
what his duty would be when tbe British barrage was lifted and the order,
came to go "over the top."
It was a dark night and u light drizzle of rata was falling when, on April
Sth, tbe battalions that were to make
the advance, moved Into the front line
trenches. Comrades had little to say,
one to tbe other, for they realized
'.hat before another sun had set many
of them would be borne back to add
mound after mound to the long line
already to be found In the last silent
entrenchments of other Britishers,
dead on the field ot honor. There was
tin: fear ln their hearts, however, there
was no doubt in their minds as to the
.income of tomorrow's battle. They
were confident.
"Heine" seemed to know that a big
offensive was pending, for all night
long his big batteries roared ceaselessly, while the British artillery replied intermittently. The latter saved
its great weight of metal to greet the
first struggling rays of tbe dawn of
April 9th, a date that will go down ln
Canadian history as one of the great
military achievements of the sons ot
the, maple leaf.
V'*t-t.-.fiii In frond, tlifal eXUctly with
those of the artillery commanders,
the officers of the various units waited impatiently for the moment when
the parapet was to be crossed and the
enemy dislodged from his stronghold.
Weather conditions had not improved with the dawn, but at the time set
the British Artillery loosed all its
pent-up fury on the German lines
und trenches that had heen substantial and strongly constructed hy thc
enemy, were beaten Into shapeless
ditches strewn with debrlfl,
Two minutes after Hie creeping barrage started the order was given and
ihe Canadians eagerly started forward, advancing under shelter of the
barrage, Signals of distress from the
enemy trenches were soon heard and
so effective was the work of the artillery, acting under direction of nir-
planb observers that our infantry
galned ground far more rapidly thai.
Inul been anticipated and after nd*
vHncliiR lu places considerably beyond
tin- objective, withdraw to the line that
liar} been planned and proceeded to
consolidate the gain.
The night of the 9th fell with the
infantry al rtsl with the heavy artillery growling sullenly. Weather conditions improved during the night und
on the morning of the Mill n further
charge resulted In tlie Canadians Ink
ing about 8500 yards,
In ten days, the Canadians, co-oper-
Miinu with the imperial forces ailvanc-
od on a ton IWHfl front to a depth at
some points of six miles and to the
Cuiindians alone fell r-OOft prisoners
nnd a large quantity of hnoty, Including one naval Rim, BG howitzers.
21 field gnus. VH machine guni and
21 trench mortars.
In the words of Ct.pt. Rev. Alan
Hbatford, C. R. F„ the magnificent victory of the Canadian troops was worth
all our anguish and our struggles.
Needless to say this advance was
not made Without considerable losses
and In this connection It is Interesting to note the opinion of James H. i
Thompson regarding the work of the
Ambulance   Corps.    Thompson,   who!
onlHted here with the 54th Bnttn. in j
March   1916.  went  overseas  with  a
draft nnd being attached to the 7th
Battalion was In ont of the first waves
advancing from the Vlcury end of the |
ridge.   He was attached to the C, A. |
M. C nnd speaks In the highest terms
of the work of the St. John Ambul-
tinco Association nnd he Is In a position to speak with authority as he
snwj considerable service In France !
ii no tn addition to ministering to thej
wounded wns himself put out of action
for nine weeks through a shrapnel
bullet when working near Vpres and,
later being Invalided home after suf- ■
r< ring from shock caused by n shell
bursting within n few feet of him in ,
Fresnoy Woods. For his work Thompson was awarded the military medal. '
Tho local branch of the St. John
Ambulance Association plans to cob- ;
decisions at the Coast. Mr. Justice
Macdonald decided that liquor coulo
not be held, but in that case it was
proven whose liquor it was. In the
case of the chinaman It was proven
that It was his.
Mr. Macdonald— Is there any proof
memorate Vimy with a Flag Day on that It Is    not    Pattlnson's   except
Tuesday next and it is hoped that tbe  hearsay.
funds of tbe local branch may be con-      chief  Hersey—1  am  in  a  position
siderably augmented so that the mem-, tu prove it.
bora may carry on with renewed en-     Mr.  Macdonald—Your Worship In
ergy the good  work they have been ' ih|K cn«e is taking something that is
doing us a branch of the parent or- j nol before tiie Court, as proof.    I do
ganlsatlon which at the present time j not  want  to argue  the  matter any
Is unable to do all that Is desired and j more.
could accomplish very little were It j    chief Hersey—I   would  point
not for the activities of Its members;
In every part of the Kmplre.
■ not
spoken a word  iKtrat,,
Ilex >". .1 >>li,i I'ulllnsiiii
He   has     pleaded   llol(,| ,pn.„,|st.h  „   tev
(Ions   not.
Mint Pattinson liui
In tills mutter..
Mr.   Macdonald
Magistrate Arnold—Il
sid' that It Is his liquor.
Mr. Macdonald—He Is charged Willi
having It. He pleads guilty and pays
his fine. We are charged with beina.
owners of it and having it In au tin.
proper pluce and--
Magistrate Arnold—It has not been
liVouglil out where ttie Improper
placo Is. I do not know whore he hod
the liquor.
Mr. Macdonald—So far as that Is; ' '
concerned, lie had possession of the i brief, Is this. I'attinson Is eliavged
lldiioi' and possession Is owner-till ' under section 11 of the Prohibition
until It is set aside. Act with having liquor in his nosier,.
Magistrate Arnold  -It has not heen; s|on In a place other than a dwelling
being  conveyed  by  the | snow„ ff|10rei t|„, n,!unr „„m r,.0„,   i ,10U|M,    He |)llJnds Kl|lu>. „„,, ,„ (|ne,,
some destination when I Chief Heraey-H yon will allow me $60.00. On request of I'attinson,
to make a suggestion, 1 would sug- through his Counsel, that lhe goods
gesl thnt you place I'attinson under i seized be returned and placed in the
oath and ask him If he Is tho owner ■ same position as before the seizure,
of tills liquor. j the Court refuses the request, stating
Mr.   Macdonald—it your   Worship ! that I'attinson should prove that lie
The regular sitting ot the -County Ther. was aa attendance of well
Court was held to-day. His Honor o.'er one hundred members at the
Judge Thompson heajd two cases, monthly meeting ot the "Women's lathe first being a claim for balance ot siltute nt the Parish Hall on Tuesday
wanes alleged to hi due to H. W. Mc- afternoon. The chair was occupied
Ulllivray by the Otis Staples Lumber by Mrs. w. B. McFarlane.
Co. Mr. 0. J. Spreull appeared for The proceedings opened with the
tlie Plaintiff and Mr. A. B. Macdonald siugiog of "O Canada," followlug
for lhe defendanl. Judgment was re-: which the Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs
served. : .1. w. Burton, read th< minutes ot the
Considerable time was occupied previous meeting and numerous lei-
witli tlie hearing ul un appeal of iters concerning various activities of
r. Ciuusiiii trow the decision of Mag-   the Institute.
I**~***if"*  if-** y-- vi-•  if- if,-  ya'i lyusBi
Display of New Spring
■ Suits, Coats, Dresses & Millinery
' New Suits
Arnold in connection wiih, ftMoluUonn recently seat to Vlo-
...ni-.- liquor found on the Queens' lorlu ou muttern ofUgitflatlon brought
eks ago. rtfpl.es from the Hon. Dr J, H. King.
chief of Police Hersey und Constable und the Attorney-General, also en-
John appeared as witnesses for lhe coiiraglug letters from Mrs. Ralph
City while .Mr, Olauson pave evidence: Smith and tho Chairman of the Art-
on Ills own behalf. Mr. Sherwood, vlBory Hoard.
Herchmer or Fernie appeared for thej
City, and Mr, A, 11. Macdonald for
Mr.    Ctausnn.     After    listening   to j
This case was heard before Poll00
Magistrate Arnold on Wedne-idfiy
March 27th. The accused John Pattin-
son was charged with having liquor
in a place other than a private dwelling house.
Liquor to the value of approximately
.seized by tlie Police.
B. C. Hersey, Chief of Police, for
tlie prosecution.
.Mr. A. B. Macdonald for the accused,
The accused, through his Counsel,
plended guilty, the Court imposing a
fine of $.10.00 or thirty days Imprisonment.
The fine was paid and Mr, Macdonald applied to the Court for return of
the liquor.
Chief Hersey:—Provided that Pat-
tlnson can prove to the satisfaction of
the Court that lie is the owner of the
liquor, I raise no objection.
Mr. Macdonald:—You have inflicted
a fine of $50.00 for this man having
liquor in an unlawful place. There
is nothing more left. The gist of the
case is having liquor: heing in possession of liquor, und having it in an unlawful place. Pattinson hnd the liquor, if he had it In his house, you
could have no objection; there could
be no fine. He hnd the liquor on the
.street i>r liL.a^.improper,.olace He
is fined for that, but there fs no way
In which the liquor can be confiscated.
This Is not a civil trial. If this is not
Pattinson's liquor, then the person
who owns it may start his action.   He j
Thompson  reserved his decision,
The hearing of a third case on the
list  was adjourned  until next week.
would attempt that, I ha e n sorlouf
objection that I would raise.
Chief Hersey-1 have no more to
Mr. Macdonald—This is eactly what
I object to. We have a case which
should be tried on its merit**. It Is
being tried on hearsay, Thero is absolutely no evidence that I'attinson
does not own it.
Maglsllute Arnold—There is no evidence before the Court that it is Pat-
ttnson's, yours or mine. He is charg-:
cd with having it. 1 do not know
where he was fetching it from, to'
take it to. Neither you nor Chief,
Hersey have proved that it is his.
Mr. Macdonald-1 ask thai Pattinson be placed in thc position he
owns the liquor.   That Is the position
Magistrate Arnold.- That is It, Mn
On Friday last the police made a
raid on certain premises In the very
heart nf Chinatown, ln spite of the
fact that look-out men or spotters
surrounded the premises where the
game was going on, the police by
inking trench leave and running thru
other houses in the front and out at
ttie back were able lo get in aud see
the game In progress before the play*
did -yo« (nice '.t? Mirite nn -order tha'
the liquor be returned to ihe place
from which It was taken.
Magistrate Arnold—1 do not  know
where it was taken from.
Mr, Macdonald—The Chief knows, j
might start something but would not | ti0 not give a rap about the iii'cstlon
get very far, I 0f ownership so far as this ense Is
Your Worship, fortunately you have concerned, but you make a fine   of
a precedent on it. in the cases at the $60.00, and now you say 1 nm goln:
Coast  at  the present  time,  where a|*0  make  a  ffue  of  $"*0  and  eonfls-
persou    bad liquor   in an    unlawful
place the order has been for return.:    Magistrate Arnold—1 am not con
before paving the fine.   From where  °rs  ha<l  ,Ime  ,n  lork and  bolt tne
j rati possibly $200.00.
been for return.      Magistrate Arnold—1 am not
That has been decided by the, magis- [ [{seating  it.    The  liquor  can   be  re
Chief Hersey: -Counsel for the de-
fenco has cited cases nt the Coast. I
have kept myself posted. The cases
at the Coast are entirely different, for
instance that of Urn Jim. In those
cases the Claimants have been able to
prove that the liquor that had been
seised has heen their property. 1
maintain thai I'attinson in this ease,
cannot prove that this is his property,
If this case is to be heard with regard I if you will
to whose property this is. 1 suggest
that ii be heard in the ordinary way
on some future occasion anil 1 will he
In a position to prove that this liquor
could not possibly hnvi belonged to
Mr. Macdonald: Your Worship Is
here to try thnt case. Now, my friend
the Chief, wants to try a suit possibly
bolwoon Pattinson and some other
parties. Where you are sitting exer-
olslng jurisdiction over criminal cases,
you surely have no right, and thc Chief
knows perfectly well that yon have
no rlghl io decide n civil matter, ox.
copt to follow the ordinary course,
Merc, tin re is a fine for Pattinson having liquor Pattinson pays his fine
ami he Is placed In the same position
as when the Chief arrested him. lie
has paid the penalty and reverts to
Hint position. If the Chief enn establish that that liquor is not Pat-
tin SOU'S, then be hnd no right to
have Pattinson hero, but lie has chosen his form. The Chief undoubtedly
Is asking you to sit on a civil case,
Which Is absurd.
Chief Hersey refers to Sec. 51 of
tho Prohibition Act.
Mr. Macdonald—Section M does not
deal with this at all. There Is no
difference iu this case and any other
Magistrate Arnold—As the Information Is laid, Pattinson is charged
with having liquor In a place other
than a dwelling. You, as his Counsel, pleaded guilty, but did not say
that the liquor belonged to him.
turned to the person h belongs to on
proving ownership.
Mr. Macdonald-There is the very
position you arc putting the case   in.
I am simply asking that the parties
h. placed in the same position as
they were before this Information.
Magistrate Arnold- If I'attiusou
will come forward and say whose it
is. we will give ii to him it he will
nof, it will he g-ici to you
y that you aro the owner
if you say the liquor is yours. If
you come forward as a citizen of
crnnbrook and say "thai liquor is
mine," I will make an order for It to
tie given to you.
Mr. Macdonald--Suppose [ have a
niotor-eftr. it i> iu my possession
but I have not a license. I can be
fined for running that car without a
license. My car, if 1 do not pay the
fine, can he confiscated. There is no
dtfforence botwoen liquor and the cur.
Chief Heraoy objects.
Mr. Macdonald, (continuing): Take
With the car. 1 «ni fined. The calls held by the police. I pload guilty
lo not having a license and want my
car.   Am I told "Prove that it Is yours
II I you can l*pve lt"V
Chief Hot'99/ objects as th< ,•• i< no
putvlston In Iiu Mo.or Car Ac m to
ovnershlp, bu t! ■ Prohlbllln i V i
rrquires proof m to ownership,
Magistrate Arnold.—If Pattinson
had pleaded guilty and denied ownership, then the liquor Is kept for thirty
days and confiicjte'i if not claimed
within that period.
The Magistrate referred to thp
Drew case, where Mr. Spreull asked
Suggestions   n-gurdinii   changes   lu
the  Divorce Law are being seut  to
Or, Saul  Bonnell  us this subject  Is
lengthy argument by Counsel, Judge \ one that jg B0TerBPd hy th„ fpdml
TtiAmnnnn    rnunt'viitl   I,lu   .Int.I.lnn -.iiHinrl*!
Tlie question ol quarantine regula-1
tlons In connection with whooping:
cough Iihh been referred to thc Provincial Hoard nf Health.
I'reroier John Oliver wrote Ihat hei
was forwarding to (.'apt. O. W. Brew- j
stt-r the letter ol sympathy from the
Institute to the relatives of the late
Premier Brewster. j
The Patriotic Committee reported
« doze,, personal proeprly ours com-'
lileted and the Knitting fommlltee
have r,o pairs of hand knitted socks'
us the result of their efforts dtirlnc
A collection was laken up for tlM
Prisoners of War Knnd and realized
In un endeavor lo raise funds for,
lhe 1'ulrlotlr work of the Institute It
lias been decided to secure direct
i':ish donations wherever possible
rather than by the circuitous tnetlio-l
of contributing a cake or pie to pro-
vldi refreshments for sundry per.ons
vho may be induced to part with I
!■• "Ui.i,, currency In conslder.Him nf
ii.rd party in social evcEl"_r M-". i
r. .' Oni'k of Wycllffe iloiated *l».Uu
.' ir patriotic work an i small sums '
••niouoiinp. to $5.36 wen received I
r .'i..:r,e the cash receipts a' the meet.
I' •; r.i-2.10.
Tlie result of the 1*16 attendance;
oompetltlon  sbowed   the  Cranbrook ;
Institute to occupy sixth place of 59
Institutes with 97 members, 12 meeting's,   overage   attendance   63.    The
Institutes that showed a better aver-:
age than Cranbrook were In all coses
small organizations  and  where  the
meetings   were discontinued during
three or four months of the year.
A subject of considerable Interest'
to residents of the city ns well as the j
surrounding districts wns dealt with
In an Interestng paper on the pound-,
age question, by Miss P. Mcfl. Smith, j
A matter of vital Importance was
discussed after the reading of a well
prepared paper on "Tlie Advisability 1
nl having Domestic Science taught hi
the Public Schools," by Mrs p. B !
Mrs. 0. H. Thompson gave a dem- j
oustratlon on War Time Cookery, and j
by meam. of samples ftroved that j
flour substitutes can be used lo pro-
vide cookies and other dainties In!
Islng as those mude Willi wheal flour.
The musical Items Included an in- j
strumental duet by Mesdames White- -
house and Edmonson and a vocal solo
by Mrs. W. C. Adlard , Mrs. J. Roy'
?ave u recitation "Somewhere in
Twenty one pairs of socks were re-;
cently sent to Cranbrook boys a! thc
front as Easier gifts.
case came before Mr. Harry
White. .1. P.. and Mr T. M. Roberts,
.1. P.. on Tuesday.
Chief Hersey prosecuted. A. B. Macdonald defended the accused. There
was considerable argument both for
and against, inul after two hours
sitting the case wus adjourned until
the next morning ut 10.30. The re-
sult being, tlie case was dismissed, no
reason was given on what grounds
the finding was made.
VnlcriuU ure Sct(ros ntnl
(Jlllionlllll'8 in nil tlir New
SliatlO". Sum,' 111»I ii i.cioiv.l.
others more fane). In siies
in jciir- for Misses tn li for
New Coats
All slues in coats ami a
good vnrlet) uf materiuls
ami styles tu choose frnm.
HrdTnTclal Library ot
.. .'...j i ilen hut, Aug 8-18
New Dresses
Vcrj jiretlj Serge Dresses,
smartly made, snitnhle for
Street "ear, also >ilk and
ere] le-ehene dresses of
fancier mak,'.
■w*# New Ha,s
1     1-rnapin    ' I"'"'    »"•   all   si
t.»jimu   ' ",'r,<   llr''   :111   styles   of
Hats    limp   in   and   try
them on.    Yon   will   find     ' I
uae t» Miil yon.
McCreery bk
Cranbrook s Dry Goods and Clothine: StCie
. i      ,      .   .--*.— ... •
Qo^fi/i   »a*JV   nHtimd-'naJljiiinl^iai
On Tuesday at t i>.ni., before H.
White. J. P., mn] T. M. Roberts, J. P.,
Jiui.os Buchanan appeared on a
charge of selling liquor contrary to
ihe U. ('. Prohibition Act.
Mr. 0. .). Spreull appeared for the
City and was evidently prepared to
proceed with the cane; Mr. A.
II. Nlfibet appeared for the accused.
The Justices remanded the case
until Tuesday, April 9th at 2 p.m..
an evidence being heard.
On Wednesday at 2 p.m., Edward
Nomendrau, of the Canadian Hotel,
appeared before N, \Y Burden, J. P.,
and H, While, J. P.. lo answer the
charge of selling liquor.
(i. J, Spreull prosecuted; A. B.
Macdonald  defended the accused.
After considerable evidence had
been heard nnd the witnesses croas-
cxnml4'.'d, the rase was nd)ourn«d
until Tuesday April Oth ut 9 a.m.
A charge has also been laid against
Joseph Brnult of the Onnadlnn Hotel
for thnt he did have or keep liquor
for sale. This case will he heard
on Tuesday. April Oth.
HOTPOi.NT Devices are of high >ct quality in material and *orkm*n-
ship.   Thej* are   guaranteed against mechanical and electrical defects and the manufacturers ag refl to replace defective parts free of
charge, within one year from d ate of purchase by the user.
We have on display the following art Idea:—
IIOTPOIM Radiant (.rill, 3 H at  Electric Hound Grill aud Stove,
KadU.ni Store, 7 Inch Glowing.Unen-Coll-Kenector Op*.
Toaster and T..»».t Rack*—Eleebrie Iron, '* Hf.: Kl To-toia an Electric Ton«iler Stoic guaranteed I'-tr .*, year*.
Cranbrojk Drug & Book Co.
7'.  Nisli Phoni
IV. J. tTI llisuv liur-t,
We are  making a  upeclal  appeal
(lurlns tlie next two  weeks to the
friends of Cranbrook  on  behalf ot
our Annual Self Denial Effort.   Are
there   l'tii  kind   friends  who  could
for the Honor to bo leiiimcil us li  glve ,100 cach aB wc nre „nX|0ll8 t0
was proven who It belonged to, ralse H60o0 (or mlr M|9s|0nalT and
Magistrate Arnolil.-l think In this | Military  work.    Those  who receive
Collection* for the Canadian Patriotic Fund for the month of March.;
1II1S, umoontcd to $949.«S. which
brings the iota! for the four months
beginning 1st Iieeember. Iftli. io *l,-i
Contributions  from  nmslfte  points
were as follows:
Oils Maples l.br,. Co.. I.ld„ anil em- ;
ployces   *'l'..'.(ij
Yahk Lumbar Co., Ltd.. and employ- ,
ees       flfl.nn
H, 0. Se.imun.
Treas.  Cranbrook  Branch  Can.
Patriotic Fund.
Sir Douglas Haig's Message
To his troops, was "Well Done Men".
Why cant We receive the same from the
Food Controller?. Let us all produce in
our Gardens this Summer and we will
We Have a Large Assortment of
Garden SEEDS & Harden TOOLS
Un packets anil hnlV'
J. [). McBRIDB
case It should be proven that II Is his
Mr. Macdonald.—I .submit you arc
Chief Hersey.—I am In n position
to prove	
Mr.   Macdonald.—I   do   not  know
letters, will you kindly respond in
thc usual way. Donations to be sent
to Dox 173. Thanking yon for your
past help.
Hrr All
Only a widow, and so poor;
But all to Ood she gave.
Yes, all the living thnt was hers,
She felt the Lord must have.
Mr. Macdonald—We plend guilty tolubout ;hat case nor do you.   If your
having llnuor In our possession. Now  Worship takes the stand that	
we  want the possession of thai II-1    Magistrate Arnold,—It was stated
quor. j (referring to Drew case) that It had
Magistrate Arnold—I do not think not been proven that he was not the
ymi should have possession of It.       ! owner and I believe It Is In abeyance.
Mr. Mncdonnlil -I submit your Wor- but In this cuhc it Is not proven whoso
ship, thnt you arc overstepping your j thc liquor Is und for you to say thnt heart,
Jurisdiction.    You  nre endeavouring. It Is Pnttlnson's liquor, someone else        "Ye did It unto Me,"
now to decide n civil matter. 'might come along  —L. Hodge and O. Turner.
Magistral.  Arnold   Chief Hersey,      Mr.  Uudonnld.—Tow  flavflic tm Cantatas
A very pretty wedding was solemnized by Rev. Hillls Wight, at the
Presbytellan Manse on Wednesday,
April 3rd, when Minnie Alexandra
Arroll was united In marriage to Mr.
Carl Larson. The bride, who looked
charming In a mulberry suit with hat
to match was attended by Miss Phyllis
1 Shaw; while the bridegroom was sup-.
I ported by Mr. A. E. Uurle.  After the
| ceremony, a delightful luncheon was
served at the home of Mrs. A. C. Ncl-
\ son.
mil I'ltitKSTin: lowest
None of His plenlllnde may give.    '
And none thc poorer be;
But, snlth thc Lord who reads the:
Pastor: Bev. Thos. Keyworth
There will be two services on Sunday at 11 a.m. and L30 p.m. at both J
of which the pastor will preach.
Suaday 6Vt*ol it I ML I
The Chared ef the Cordial W.leaae.
Any person. Market Hardener, Firmer or Institution   wishing   seed
In large w small quantities, is In, lied In null n. a list of their re-
qiilrcments and ne will prompll)  return II nilh the lowest market
Subscribe to the Cranbrook
Herald The Paper Worth While PAGE TWO
M. A. lleule. Editor and Secrclury
11. A. Kay, Malinger
I'ruiibrwik B.C, April 4th, IMS
complete without some suitable
Uleco of Jewelry In conformity
witli the tjeusoD. eU ub Bhow '
you nil tlie latest fttshlonubk'
novelties In this style of jewelry
thut are worn by the smart set.
Wc. have 11 selection that will
delight you.
Rawortk Bros.
\c\l In Pnsl Ofllce
C. P. II. H'lllell Inspeelnrs,     llpllelaus
llll    lllltll.  IIAhlllV
II11I1I. Inline, Priqi.
"ri'in llrontl. Cakes, I'les
mul I'lislry
Plioue 37
Norbury Ave.       Opp   City Hall
Meets In  Maple Hall aecond
Tuesday of every mouth it II
p. m.
Membership open   to   British
Visiting   m'miters   cordially
K. Y. Drake.       1. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
Meets   111   the
Parish Hull
tirst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at :! p.m.
I'i'i's., Mrs. W.
B. McFarlane,
Secy. Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. 0. Boi 621.
All ladles co-dlnlly Invited.
I.AIIII.AW   ii   lILWtll.K
II,II and Milling Ktiglgi
11. ('. Land I
villi vour washltu'
jwidlUo -
Snecial brices for family
Forwarding aud  Distributing
Agent for
Li thbrlilge anil flreenhlll Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dletrbutlon Care a Specialty.
Driiylui; und Transferring
Olven prompt attention
Phone 63
Drs. Green *
Physicians and Surgeons
Ofllce at  residence, Armstrong
The shoo Specialisl
,101: .HAIUl'ODJ
8alltifttrtlnn Onaranteed
Headquarters fur ell kinds of
Ro pairs
Day I'bono -Ml, Mghl I'b»» :ii
Norbury Ave, next (o ('My lull
I.OOk  OUT  1'Olt   IIIK   WOOll-TH'K
Wood-ticks are again attacking iu
force this Spring, tlie woods are full
uf ihi'iii, uud the greatest care should
be exercised by ull p->reuts to closely
uud frequently examine tlie heads of
their children owing to the danger*
ons aiiii sometimes fatal effect resulting from tlieir bite. Tioka usually
bang tenaciously tu the skiu but if
they are covered with oil or vaseline,
thus closing their breathing pores isit-
uate back of tlie fourth pair of legs)
tliey release their hold more easily.
if pulled loo roughly, the cupiuilum
1 "head") is likoly lo brtuk off and
remain in tlie skin.
Till QUKHEC mors
The aetloil uf tin. young men of
Quebec In rioting al this critical time
when iiu* safety or ui« Empire is io
Lhe balance uud when France Is bleed
ing ut every pore, cuni.oi but arouse,
the bitterest feelings of reneutmen
throughout Canada uud the vigorous
Measures of suppression adopted by
the Dominion Government win receive
general approval.
We believe a large proportion of the
Quebec people are ready to stand
by the Military Service Act us long
us It Is fairly und equitably enforced
and thut the present disturbances do
not reflect the general trend of feeling iu that province, but are the aits
ol a gang uf hoodlums who deslie to
■f/ndfi the clutches of the military powers Olid the prompt measure to deprive these men of all tlieir claimB to
exemption should prove the most effective way of enforcing compliance
with the law.
artillery to pause In their mighty effort.
It Is safe to assume that they have
stopped far short of thtlr great objectives und tills knowledge must have
a tendency to seriously impair their
morale and will reflect on their fighting efficiency when the second attack
is launched.
That the objectives were not reached according to the much heralded
German programme Is due to the heroic resistance of the British and
French troops who threw themselves
time and again into the beach with'
dauntless courage.
The present lull is all In favor of
the Allies; the Hermans must advance
their htavy guns over shell torn I
ground exposed to the merciless attacks of our airmen; in the meanwhile the Allies are rapidly re-lnforc-:
ing their divisions and strengthening j
I Die weak spots in the line.
j    The selection  of General  Foch,  as
Generalissimo of the Allied forces Is
111 move which should have been made
curlier in the war. The Germans loug i
since recognizing the advantage of one
supreme commund, The change reflects In no way on Sir Douglas Haig
who still commands the British forces,!
Prance Is entitled io the supreme I
command and Foch is probably the i
greatest living strategist.
What the next move will be, when!
und where, time alone will tell. The I
advantage in man power ls still with
the Germans, but every attack In massed formation Is wiping out the allied
deficit, so it seems unlikely that any
counter blows on a large scale will
be attempted at present.
The gravity of the situation has by
ao means passed, but there is reason
to feel confident thnt the limit of the
German advance lias almost been
reached nnd when their energies and
courage have been spent In futile attacks we may look for the psychological moment to have arrived for a
counter stroke on an immense scute.
mivEitsAR! ovvinri immjk
Vlmy Ridge is a name that will always be thought of in connection with
thc gallantry of the Canadian troops,
who on April 9th. 1917, added lustre
■~o a never-to-be-forgotten name for
daring, courage and bravery.
Recent events in connection with
the Greut War may have a tendency
io erase from our minds the details
-if the accomplishment of our forces
at Vlmy a year ago, but the mention
if two names—Ban field and Harrison
-reminds us that oar own cltlxens
were taking part In that famous nat*>
tie aud It Ib but fitting •'nit we should
take advantage of the FlagUhy organised by the local brunch of St.
John Ambulance Association on Tues*
day next to commemmorate the anniversary of this glorious Canadian
victory by contributing liberally to the
funds of the association named, In order that Its members may enrry on,
with renewed energy, the work they
ure doing in the interests of our overseas forces.
2.MI MctnmoMnn lililiu
Day   iMiotii*.   Seymour  -I nij
Night Phone, Falrmount .101<i
Head   Office,  :II2   llllibeu.lloiie
Building, Victoria, II, I.
Plitne 3412
Montana Kcstaurnnl
Meals at All Hoars
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candy
Opposite the Bnnk of Commerce
A Dominion wide campaign for the
purpose of raising $2,250,000 for Y. M.
('. A. work overseas is being arranged.
on May 7tli, 8th, and 9th. The machinery In the campaign Is being set up
in every district throughout the Dominion. British Columbia has 8 divisions, Cranurook being the centre
und headquarters of the Crows Nest
district extending from Crows Nest to
Kootenay Landing and north to Ath-
almere and south to the International
Boundary. The apportionment for B.
C. is $100,000. A. L. Carr of Fernle,
director ln this district, Is this week
In Cranbrook organizing a central
committee to shape up the big drive In
ibis district.
No one will doubt the mapnlflceut
work the V. M. C. A. is doing fur our
boys in England and France in helping thi 111 to win the war and preparo
for nfter-thc-war conditions. Besides
providing a home atmosphere for our
lads, huts , religious services, concerts, popular lectures and social
meeting places, the Y. M. C. A. has set
up educatlonul work known ns the
"Khaki University". The enrolment
of students at the present time num-
hers ;il"4 the mujorlty of those being
students who enlisted In Canada before completing their university work.
This gives them an opportunity to
continue their work and come back
ready to fll u large place in the na-
Honnl life.
The growth of the Canadian Y.M.C.A.
in England during the past twelve
months Is most Interesting, One yeai
ago (here were only ten centres In
the Shornclfffe Area staffed hy four-
icen officers and forty-seven light-
duty men; today there are seventy-
three centres scattered over England
und Scotland from the English Channel tn Narln in the Highlands, staffed
by fifty-four Y ,M. C. A. officers and
one hundred and fifty light duty men,
all serving the Canadian troops. The
number of entertainments In one
week's programme is 177 and estimated attendance 53,000. The work ln
France has grown equally ns great
and Is one of the brightest features
for our boys in a strange land.
Among tl|c distinguished visitors
to Elko last week was J. H. Tabor,
tlie man that put thc candy in the
Hat, and chuculate around the kisses,
a gentleman and a scholar; a lively
young man from Nelson flirting with
tlie l'aniry Queen, and buying her
Gremo for breakfast; delegates from
the Alberta and SaJcatchewau Meat
Trusts, smiling like a crack In an ice
chest; young Mr. McEwan from Chicago with a nice red complexion like
a restaurant lobster, selling milk lu
tull tins at bargain price.*; R. U. Her-
ron, Prince Rupert, looking like a
cun cf imported sardiies, selling
whale meat; A drug traveller from
Winnipeg selling patent medicines aud
handing out whooping cough literature
and other astounding facts 'vhlch
tells how so and so was yanked from
in. grave ut BO cento por fcottle; Ed.
Clay, Vunccuvor, il.c Super-Dread-
uoiighi with delicious Italian dainties
i... [.-.jhtutlon syrups, and his face
shilling like a Dutch woman's warming
pan, said morcbants were always welcome to look at Iiis samples, If they
meant business. A hook agent from
Toronto wiih some of Pastor Russell's
works going south like a nigger that
mistook the bull dog kennel for a chicken coop- A traveller from Fernle
Lolling u hard luck story about a Coal
Crack .Miner who pawned tils false
toctll so lie could buy a beefsteuk, and
thou found himself uiiablo to eat It,
with ;i full Hue of concentrated emergency rations and Olive Oil. No travellers arriving Sunday ur Monday, but
well filled auto mo I) lies from the West
and South.
.Mm Thlstlebeak says some people
eal soft boiled eggs, thinking they
wire In a shower bath.
Miss E. It. Peterson of Kootenay
Orchards. Crnnbrook. und Miss E. M.
Hon, Elko, ure visiting with Mrs. A.M.
El 1 wood, Flagstone, nnd the Roosviiie
Valley during the Easter holidays,
Jim Thlstlebeak wns invited out for
Easter Dinner and remarked thnt Its
always belter In these hard times to
get a dinner for nothing, than nothing
for dinner tso sny nil of us).
Mr. Oliver Johnson, Contractor, of
Lethbrldge, bought the logging camps
on Long Prairie, and has a gang of
men tearing them down and loading
the lumber.
A man went Into Fred Roo's store at
Elko the* other day and said to Ra>
Htrtz, tbe manager, "I want to buy,
some of Jim Thlstlebeak's 'Physical
Culture Apparatus' " and Ray sold him
a hoe, rake, spode and a dozen pack-1
ages of garden seeds.
Mrs. Booth and family of Fernle
came down to Elko Good Friday and
motored to Flagstone.
Scientists  now  tell   us  that eggs
contain   microbes.    Jim  Thlstlebeak
says, being a microbe in some eggs
he has known must be a very unpleas-'
ant job.
O. C. Thompson, manager of the I
Burton Mine, was a Nelson visitor
last week and on his return left for
Calgary , where Sunday observance
cranks ore thicker than fleas on a
Victoria, B. C, dog, which Is going
Miss Annie Murray of the Central
Office, was the guest of Miss Lottie
Terris, Fernie, last weekend.
Contractor Wm. Woods, College Ave.
Elko, was a business visitor to Leth-
bridge and Tabor, last week.
The Apaches of Potsdam. Just to
show they have not forgotten how,
publicly bung two Sisters of Charity
from the Hospital.of St. Elizabeth,
Antwerp, last week.
A Card of Thanks— Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Swanson and family. Elko, B.C..
desire to return sincere thanks for the
many kind expressions of sympathy
received In their sure bereavement,
also to Fernle friends, the teacher and
school children of Elko, for thc beautiful wrenth nnd flowers sent
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
ODGE, No. 42
Meets   every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Ing    Oddfellows
■   cordially luvltec
1    B. H
W  C. Adlnrd
Equal io
10 Horses
{iilntliift I'll) lor Wuiiiuii. t'< » l»>* or ihrcotor
to, .-"I.I at nil Dint- Htoni, nr mullflil tu »ujr
ttldrruon receipt •>( price. Tin Scort.li- I'li'o
COjflt, r.iii.uriiii-n Ontario.	
Vitality; for Kerfs unit llrftln; lucre***- '*nrtr
MMtr'lftTonle -will build you up. titt-oi.or
two fur JA, at limit Mi'i-m., or i.v mall on rnotlpl
lf|irl>'« ' Tiu ion tr ell i-»\-uVu, nt. utUflMit,
For the moment only, tho great
Herman offensive has slowed down;
reports or fierce fighting In certain
sections of tbe British front are still
coming In but It Is clear that the German forces have been compelled thru
sheer exhaustion and the lack af heavy
NOTES    ON    THE    l-MilKI-ATI-IU.
Hy One of the soils.
(Special to the Herald)
Mrs. Ralph Smith has fathered a
bill entitled "An Act to provide for al
Minimum Wage for Women," and it
has been mothered hy the late speaker,
Mr. V/eart; now we know why the
member for South Vancouver resigned
the speakership. We would suggest
that the bill contain the following
clauses: First, that no woman be
allowed to work any longer Ktaa eight
hours <i.--;>r>,'v^hethcr In the factory
'U'theHt^ld, or at home. Some women
rtw begin their work at 5 o'clock In
the morning and are on duty until
10 o'clock at night, except on wash
day, and then they begin nt 4 a.m.,
and on baking day when they begin
the night before. Second .that a minimum standard of living run alongside
of the minimum wage and be fixed at
what the cost of food statistician of
the province figures out Is necessary
to maintain health, enjoyment and efficiency, and that the said minimum
wage do not lag behind this standard
of living. Third, that every woman
be given an opportunity to bring forth
her young under the best conditions
for herself and her offspring and
that all the expenses ln connection
•vith the development of her reproductive function from the time she has had
to leave her employment until she Is
restored to economic life be paid out
of tht public treasury.
» * *
Mrs. Smith is to he congratulated
upon the brevity of her speech on
moving the second reading of the bill
io provide for a minimum wage for
women. If the session drags its weary
way along the lengthening days of
spring it will not be the fault ot the
only lady member in the house. When
she speaks she speaks to the point—
a good example for mere man to
• » •
Oh, joy! the Hon. Minister of Mines
lias taken u tumble to himself—has
come oft his pinnacle, as it were, and
leaves his hat behind him when he
enters the legislature chamber—following the suggestion persistently
made hy friends of chivalry.
tt , , __	
(Taken  from the Cranbrook   Herald,
Mb April, 1898.)
Heverend Father Walsh of the Mission, passed through hen Wednesday,
hnmewnra bound from Moyle City,
where he held services the preceding
Sunday In rooms In the new hotel
• • *
J. H, Slbbald Is contempltlng establishing a dairy near Cranbrook.
The North Star Mine near Cranbrook has developed a large deposit
of galena ore, which will undoubtedly
prove very profitable.
* • ->
Landlord Ryun was u visitor to
Fort Steele recently.
• * *
Gold Commissioner J. F. Armstrong
wns In town Wednesday In connection
with the McCrea-Donahue caRe.
• #,'        *
The C. P. R. traffic receipts for tht.
week ending March 7th were $464,000,
for the same week lost year they were
« • *
It looks now Is If the C. P. R. Intended to proceed with the construction of the Kuskanook to Nelson without delay. The preliminary work Is
being pushed forward rapidly.
Now She ii Strong and
Philadelphia, Pa.—"I was overworked, run down, nervous, could not
eat or sleep. I felt like crying all the
time. I tried different remedies without benefit. The doctor said it was a
wonder I was alive, and when Vinol
was given me I began to improve.
I have taken eight bottles and am
now strong and perfectly healthy in
every respect, and have gained in
weight. I can not praise Vinol
enough."—Mrs. Sarah A. Jones, 1035
Nevada St., Philadelphia, Pa.
We guarantee Vinol to make overworked, weak women strong or return your money. Formula on every
bottle    This is your protection,
Cranhrook Drug A Hook Co., Cranhrook, H. C., also at the best drug
i-lsts la all B. 0. towns.
Private Nursing Home
Licensed  by  Provincial   Govt.
Maternity mid t.cneral Nursing
Massage and Rest Cure. Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A, Crawford, Matron
Phone 25!) P. O. Rox S4.'i
Address, Garden Ave. Cranhrook
Cranbrook, & C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
c. H. Collins. K, it. & a.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Itarristcrs, Etc.
\\. V, Gurd Q, J. Spreull
< itANiutnok, ». r.
Three sticks of Giant Stumping
Powder will do as much work
as ten horses and do it quicker,
cheaper and better.
British Columbia Experimental Farms,
Farmers' Institutes and farmers in practically
every town from Prince Rupert to Fernie
are constant users of
—the first stumping powder made in Canada.
If you have not already tried Giant Stumping
Powder, test it the next time you blast. You
will find that it goes further and therefore
exists less to use. When farmers use Giant
once, they always insist upon having «■■
it in the future.
Get our
free book
Tlie Vancouver Metal Co., haa purchased tlie Mill of the Pallaser Lumber Co., situated ttt Palllaer, B: 0„
and are starting to dismantle It at
onco. We will sell any part or all of
the Mill at very reasonable prices.
The following are the articles:
1 Atlas Engine 20 i 24. SO horse
1 Hamilton Engine 17 x 20, 60 horse
1 Comslock Engine. :I0 horse, high
1 Com Plainer, 2110.
1 Com Plainer, 284.
1 Prescott Edgar (land Saw r,4 Inch.
2 Changes ot saws and filing room
1 Wlclis Gang Saw, 40 Inch.
1 Hamilton Carriage and Set Works
23 Lumber Trucks,
SO Live Rollers, complete with
Several hundred feet ot different
chains, several hundred feet of Belting of every description leather and
rubber, quantity ot cast iron and
wooden pulleys, different sites; also
a quantity of corrugated Iron roofing nnd 1 yard car scale.
1 Holler 60 x 18, reversible tube,
74 horse. 120 working pressure. 1
boiler 62 x 18 reversible tube, 105
horse power, 120 working pressure.
Complete with fronts, smoke stacks
and all parts belonging lo boilers.
Our Mr. Ruben will be at Palllser
and will he only too glad to communicate wiih anyone who may be interested In lhe above materials. For further In formal Ion communicate with
Vancouver Metal Co., 41S Railway
St.. Vancouver, II. C.
Office In Hanson Block
> to II a.m.
1 to   i p.m.
It contains many Illustrations showing
you how to save explosives ire loading
stumps. It explains how you can get
thc stumps out cleaner and easier with
Giant Stumping Powder. Mail the
coupor or write a postcard and the
book will be sent free.
j Free Book
i    Coupon
| Vaaewi..., B. C
I Send m. loot book, "b.ii.i Fstmln, whb
r Glint StumplnieowSei." I SB laiatSMM I.
%.jl"tutijitu vhlafa I Iim, sgiktd X>     la
■        D ROAD MAKING
Dliersluii and Use.
Take Notice that Peter Lund, whose
uddi-ess is l.ethtiridge. Alberta, will
apply for a licence to take and use
1 .~,r>,, acre feet of water out of Murk
Creik. which flows southerly and
drains Into SI. Marys River near
Marysvllle. The water will be diverted from the stream at a point about
the Dam at Government Road crossing. Marysvllle, and will be used tor
Irrigation purpose upon the land described at lots 2377 • 4045 - 6036 ■ 6668,
Group 1. Kootenay District.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the eighth day of Marco,
1018. A copy of this notice and an
application pursuant thereto and to
the "Water Act, 1014" will be filed In
the ofllce of the Wnter Recorder at
Cranbrook. B. C. Objections to the
application may he filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comp-
irollcr of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, II. C, within thirty
days after the first appearance of this
notice In a local newspaper.
PETER LUND, Applicant
A. H. DeWolf, Agent.
Tha date of the tint publication et
this milk. It 141b of March, Ull.
The Ford is Now Considered a Necessity
for Large-Scale Farming
WHETHER you are doing work on a large scale, or a small
scale, you endeavor to reduce the delays of your farm
machinery to a minimum|antl"save time. A Ford will assist
you in doing these two things.
If your tractor runs short of gasoline, the Ford will bring a few cans
light to the spot and greatly shorten the delay. Or if you need
• repair, or some new plow points, you can "run" the errand to
town and back in one-third the time it would take with a horse
and rig.
With a Ford you can supervise the work on your ranch much more
thoroughly. You can get your mail and supplies of tenor, and take
more enjoyment out of prairie life. A Ford will do all these things
nnd many more, and at the same time save you money.
The strength and endurance of the Ford has been proved the
vorld over.   It is equal to the western roads and the distances.
The Ford is the car for the Western Farmer.
Touring   -
Coupe - -
Sedan   •  -
One-ton Truck
F. O. B. FORD. OllT.
Hanson Garage — Dealers - Cranbrook THURSDAY, APRIL 4th, 1918
Eyestrain Causes
The world offers Its richest prices
to the man who sees, think., and set*
ipilekly. Hiiny men are held back,
not knowing It, by poor eyesight. It
makes Ihcm Inefficient.
1'iir Hie sake of your future success,
eonie In. hare your eyes examined
nnd lei ns show yon the benefits of
Cl.tSSKS filled hy
s om.v 11 i:\iiii.k
lli'Kiilnr &&t
Willie they lust, ini'lutHim;
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     B.C.
Kllby framcK picture-..
Mrs. L. T. I^evequo of Klngsgate
whh it visitor in the city last Saturday,
The April meeting of the Farmers'
Institute will be held on April 13th.
Mr. W. T. Gries of New York City
was a visitor In the city last week-end
Mrs. L. L, Layland of Bull River
was shopping in the city on Monday.
We ar« carrying a full line of boots
mil shoes.— Cranbruok Exchange,
VrtiiKtroug Ave.
Mr. Arthur Bowncss returned to
('ranbrook this week frnm Maple
('reek, Sank.
Make It "Tiie Bind Of a Perfect Day"
by going lo the Rex un Vlmy Ridge
Day, Tui-'lay. April 9th.
Mr. chan. South worth of Oshawa
wiih :i vi-iiim  In the city on Mondnv
a gltORl  al   tin* ('run brook  Hotel,
Mr. II. J, McCarthy of BoBtoti wa*
visiting friends in the city last weir
Mr. H. o. Marshall, a knight of the j
grip, from Toronto, wiih transacting
business in the city on Saturday.
Mr. J. Cadliam of Winnipeg was a
guest at the Cranhrook Hotel on Sun-
Cm you think of any reason why
there should not be one In your
home ?
W,     Iroruii,    CranhriHik     \trent
He sure to see the display of war
trophies In McCreery Bros, window on
Vlmy Ridge Day-Tuesday. April 9th,
Miss Marjorie WIntemnte of Calgary Is spending Hit Easter holidays
with Mrs. 0. J. Brown,
Miss Woodland left on Monday to
spend her Easter holidays the guest
of Miss M. Cartwrlght, at Creston.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Clark of Calgary
spent the Easter holidays lu the
We are carrying a full line of boot*
and shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
. Vrnistrong Ave.
The Rev. Doctor Fergusson of Calgary will address an open missionary
meeting In Knox Presbyterian School
room. Thursday evening, April 11th.
Mr. H. K. Oatway, manager of the
Creston Drug and Book Company,
Creston, was in the city on Monday on
Mr. E .«. Clap of Vancouver, representing Ramsay's chocolate, confectioneries, etc., was transacting business in the city last Friday.
,     Mr.   L.    H.   All worth,   commercial
■ traveller of Toronto, was calling on
ills regular customers in the city last
Mr. Wilson of Hanna, Alberta, died
at Macleod on Tuesday last of heart
failure. Mr. Wilson was father of Mrs
R. \V. Russell formerly of this city.
In a recent list 'if casualties the
name of Lieut Psrcy Adams appears
us wounded but no details arc yet to
Those farmers who require seed
grain can obtain application forms at
the Qovornmenl Odin* this refers only to wheat, barley and oats Prices
and terms can be nhtiiined at the
same time,
Miss a v Qulnn, formerly <>. Nt w
York, bul now of Vancouver, repro*
senting tho Regal Film Features, was
in the illy Inst Friday interviewing
Mr, Wentherall, manager of ihp Rex
The annual meeting of the Methodist Lndles Aid will be held on the
afternoon of Tuosday, April (Mi ai
lhe home of Mrs. Powell, Garden
Avenue. A full attendance Is requested
Spokane, Washington
A   whist drive and  deuce  will   beI
laid in the Parish Hull on Wednesday,
April tot I..   Cards "mm S to lu p.m.!
Oim;|\ U     Daliclng from 10 to 1.
Miss Ormn McNabb and Miss Mar-1
; jorle  Wlntemude  nre  spending   tlieir
Easter holidays visiting friends in the
■The Rev. A. L, Carr of Fernle will:
occupy   the   pulpit   of   the   Baptist
Church both morning and evening on ,
iii Sunday next,
Commemorate Vimy Ridge anni-1
rersary by contributing to the st John
Ambulance on their Tag Day. April i>. \
All donations spent in a good* cause.  ]
The films shown at the Rex Theatre
on Vfmy Ridge Day under the auspl*;
CM of the St,  John  Ambulance will
deal   with   this  present   war  antl  art-.;
most interesting.
MtlS Fisher and Miss Pyfl of Fernle,
who are spending the Easter holidays
In tho city, have been the guests of
honor at several Informal afternoon
.■'id evening affairs
Mr. w Peterson lefi on Tuesday for
tbe Coast to report for military ser- j
, vice. Mrs Peterson and Mr. and Mrs. i
I W. F. Cnmeron accompanied him it* \
; far as Sirdar.
nn: MOTEL with .
This house hss tht
hHppy distinction of being the favorite stopping place In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage snd do
everything in our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Is eicellent —
■dose to (Jreat Northern Station
ind 0 W R. * N.-Mllwauke
terminal, and within a mio'.te's
walk from the principal business
houses and places of amusement.
3*i>  Nteameliln nn  Roof
Mrs. 1). A. Sutherland entertained iu
formally on Tuesday evening for Miss |
Fisher and Miss Pye of Pernio. Among ;
iho<e j.resent were Miss Bessie Pye.!
Miss A. Pye. Miss Fisher. Miss F.
Elrickson, Miss Madge Robertson, Miss
Marlon Robertson. Miss Synel White
und Miss Edith McBrlde.
On Tuesday, AprlHUtli. the W. A. to j
the 0. W. V. A. purpose holding a
shower in the Royal Rooms, following)
is a list of articles required: sheets,'
blankets, etc., pillow slips, bedroom
towels, bath towels, kltchrn towels,
teacloths, cups and saucers, creams
and sugars. Rooms open from A to
5.80 p.ui. 2t.
The Misses Beryl and Mabel Cam-!
eron entertained a few friends to a
birthday party on Tuesday evening at j
their home on Burwell Avenue. The
evening was very pleasantly spent in;
music, singing and dancing. A very
dainty supper was served at midnight
to which the following guests were
seated: Misses Qladys Spence, Bertha !
Leclerc, Nettie Terrnce. Mary Ter-'
race, Vlolel Simpson. Lottie Leask.
Margaret Shenfleld, Frances Drum-
raond, Messrs. Arthur Rowness, Eric
Spence, Alf. Parker. Percy Parker,'
Dave Kay.
An   exceptionally   large  crowd  attended the first alter Lenten card party and dance nt lhe Parish  Hall    on
Monday  night.    The  prizes  for  the i
Whist Drive were truly war time ones
as   was   also   the   delicious supper
which was served buffet style.   Miss
Erlckaon won the ladles first prize, a ;
dozen eggs; Mr. C. O. Staples of Wy-
cliffe  the   gentlemen's   first   prize,  a
pound Of butter.    Parker's Orchestra
provided ihe music for dancing   In
their usual capable manner. Mr. W. F.
Cameron made a splendid floor man-
oger.   Among those present were no-.
Meed: .Judge and Mrs, 0. H. Thompson; Mrs. Q, Ertokflon, Mis* Florence
ErloKson,  Miss  Hallamore.  Mr, and
Mrs. M. A. Heale. Mr. John Miller, Mr.;
and Mrs. C, 0, Staples, Mrs. J. B. Has-,
lam, Mrs. T, Harrison. Miss Simpson, j
Miss McGee, Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomson, I
Mrs. K, A. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Leigh, Miss Humble, Mr. and Mrs. E.
V, Brake. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Seaman,
Miss H. Harrison. Miss L. Armstrong.!
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Cameron. Mr. and
Mrs. a. c.  Blaine, Mrs. W   McKay,
Mrs. ll. Howard. Mrs. L. Van Rtaveren
Mr. and Mrs, B. McKay. Miss Beryl
Cameron, Miss Gladys Spence, Miss D.
Greaves,   Miss  Frances  Drummond,
Miss .1   Drummond; Mr. and Mrs, L..
i'lark. Mrs  (}. It. Adamson, Mr. and
Mrs, Stojack, Miss Dewar. Miss Irene
Beech, Mrs. ,l. Beech, Mina Easslc. Dr.
G. E. MacKinnon, Mr. C. R. McCreery,
Mr  D, Foster of Wycllffe. Mr. Morris.
Mr. II   Mold, Mr   A   Morstn,   Mr. J.
Armour, Mr. Arthur Rowness. Mr. E.
Spence. Mr. J. Greaves, Mr. C, B. Garrett, Mr. 11. Crowe, Mr. W. Leaman,
Mr P, Brlggs. and many others.
Highest priors paid for Hides, Furs,
Metals, Scrap Iron, Bottles, Old Machinery, and Pipe.—Western Hide and
Junk Co., Ltd.. Calgary, Alta. Reference, Merchants Rank.
Cranbrook lost two heroes at Vlmy
Ridge ln April 1017. Help those who
are fighting there now by donating to
the St. John Ambulance Tag T)ny on
Tuesday, April 9th.
Mr. M. M, O'Brien of Rossland arrived in the city on Saturday and
after visiting with his sister, Miss O'Brien of the Public School teaching
staff, returned to his home on Monday.
Miss Gladys Htckeubotham leaves
to-morrow for the Coast where she
will reside In the future. She will remain in tbe employ of the C, P. R.
however, having been transferred to a
position at that place.
Scalp Sores
If you want speedy help try the D.
I). D, Prescription. oS easy to apply,
not greasy or messy. It washes into
the scalp and the relief is Instant. Try |
it today on our guarnntee.
standing Taken by Pupils of lUgli and
Public School at Rccem
High   School-  .Mnlriciilntinn
Herbert Chester, 79 por cent; F.
Koble, 77; John Pye. 70; Dora Pye,
OS; Wanda Fink, 58;
Advanced Grade—Helen Bridges,
82; John Noble. 75: Vigil Santo, Oil;
, Agnes Reekie, 62; Muriel Baxter. 61:
Olive Dow. 60; Flora Simpson. 47;
absent from examinations-—Bernard
Preliminary Grade—El etna Lower-
•=on, Til; Marion MacKinnon, 75; lima
Ward. 74; Mary Mann. 72; Edith Cum
mings, 71; Harold Hnslam and Helen
Worden, 71, (.equal); Hugh Simpson.
; 70; Jennie Hopkins, 70; Russel Leask.
'' 60; Elsie Beattie. 06; Irene Beech, 61,
Violet Simpson, 66; Jami i Cnssldy,
58; Ella Lowerlson, 50; Crossley Taylor. 40: Absent from examinations-
Howard Armstrong, Mllo Drummond.
Entrance < Itisa
\ First Clasi   Norman Beech, 88; May
Brake, BO; Otto Gill, 79; Evelyn Moors
78; Ruth Blmpaon, 76. Donald Dallas,
1 7.'-.   Hoy  Hoblcbuud, 76;
Second Class Jack Bfcvens, "4; J.
Woods, 78; Brie MacKinnon, T2; Leu-
ore Hill 72; Warren Spence. 71; Alma
Sarvls, 7i, Margaret Morrison. 711
Edith Lewis, 71; Bessie Woodman,
K8; Keith War-sun. 68; Paul McNeill.
68; Delphlne Bennett, OS; norma Argue, 67: Malcolm Belanger, 66; Barrle
McDonald, Qfi; .lack Mol'fatt, 66; Annie
Parnaby, 08; Edith Murgatroyd, 62;
Arthur Clll, 61; Jack Dow, 61; Nina
Belanger,  60;   Norman   Wesson,  60;
Third Class- Roblna Sommervllle,
59; Harold Kummer, 50; Garfield Taylor, 58; Marion Drummond, f>8; Philip
Urlggs. 58; Annie McBlrnle, r.7; Winnie Philips. 57; John Brake. 54; Bruce
Laurie. 53;
Highest murks in Arithmetic -Otto
GUI, 82.
Ilighesl marks in History Norman
Beech, 06.
Highest   murks   lu    English May
Brake and Norman Beech, 93.
Highest   marks   In   Drawing—Otto
cm. 80.
Division i.
Honor Roll- Leonard Burton, 84.27;
May Lancaster. 74.72; Bessie Hallet,
74.4:5 Alice Brake. 73.00; .lack Ward,
72.54; Isobel Parker, 72.36.
Perfect attendance- Vera Baxter, L.
Burton, Fred Brlggs, Christine Carson, Bessie Hallet. Vivian Kummer,
Jack Klrkland, Helve Parker. Frank
Roberts, Annie Shaw, Edward Taylor.
Bverett Williams. Verne Woodman, J.
Ward, Jim Jarvls, Charlie Musser.
94.10; Prisoners of War Fund. $7.45.
A. Woodland, teachei.
Promotions - Kathleen Atchison,
from Division 3 to Division 2; totnl
marks. 860; average 78; Francis Pow-,
total marks, 820; average 75| Eunice
Par re It, i. m„ 807; av, 73; Donald
Morrison, i. in.. 781; av. 60; Annte
Johnson, t. ni., 754; av. 68.
Division .1.
Honor Roll—Kathleen Atchison,
Francis Pow, Eunice Parrett. Donald
Morrison, Annie. Johnson, Gordon
Perfect attendance- -Lena Brogan.
Annie Johnson. Wilfred Joliffe, tan-
ore Little. James Logan. Erma McNeil. Clyde MacKinnon, Stanley Moffat. Donald Morrison, Mina Moore, E.
Parrett, Thomas Reekie, Raymond St.
Eloi. Agnes Somerville, Sam Speers,
Francis Pow.  Kathleen Atchison.
Total attendance, 462; average, 28.1;
Money for Prisoners of War, $1.90.
Division 4.
Promotion to Division 3.—Margaret
Carr, Reginald Parrett. Helen Mueller,
Angus Macdonald. Olive Simpson, Ida
Johnson, James Taylor, Jean Wilson,
Ethel Williams, Phyllis Hersey. Marjorie Burton. Ethel Clapp.
Honor Roll—Margaret Carr. Reginald Parrett. Helen Mueller. Angus
Macdonald, Olive Simpson, Ida John-
Percentage of attendance, 93.46.
Perfect attendance—Constance Bas-
sett, Joe Belanger, Florence Bradley,
Marjorie Burton. Margaret Curr, Alex
I'assldy, Marie Darr, Stanley Fyles,
Roy Hill. Wong Hum, Ida Johnson, L
Kelsey, John Lancaster, Loretta ta-
Clerc, Murray McFarlane, Dorothy McKowan, Helen Mueller. Reginald Parrett. Helen Somervlllo, Mary Somerville, Ernest South. Hope Taylor, Jas.
Taylor, Ethel Williams, Jean Wilson
Prisoners of War Bread Fund 86c,
S, D. White.
Division ■>
Honor Roll- Marlon Atchison. Mildred Wetherell, Doris Parker, Margaret Johnson, Ralph Lndd. Hector tan-
Perfect Attendance- Marion Atchison. Grace Barrett. Alwny Bliss. Eddie. Bliss. Joe Brogan, Jack Dixon, F.
HawkcBworth, Margaret Johnson. Lil
lian Jackson. Margarel Horie. Ralph
Lndd, Melville Uask, Hector Lennell.
Doris Parker, Willie Stewart, DolBy
Whilnker, Lenuh Dornbuicli. Prison
orB of War Fund $:: (5,
M. Ii. Cartwrlght
Division 6
Honor Roll Henry Godderls, V,
Hoy, Arthur Shankland. Cyrus Pow,
Kathleen Dallas. Kenneth Jolllffe,
Perfect Attendance—Ethel Atchison.
Raymond Beech. Doris Brooks. Jack
Barrett, Kathleen Dallas, Henry CJod-
derlB, Marguerite Godderls. Theodora
Huchcroft, Kenneth Joliffe, Loron Jordan, Robena Kelly, Stanley Kemball.
Harry Kemball. Robert Pelton, Kenneth Parrett, Vaughn Roy. Arthur
Shankland. Kathleen Strachan, Elsie
Willis, Cyrus Pow. Bertie George,
Division 7
" 'l 'V-- \ Evandn Voung.
Peter Uremia.. Florence Binning.
Class D. Utn Malgawa, Ethel Sp^»rs,
Suma Malgawa
Perfect Attendance—Andrew Carr,
Ivy He/..ill, David Frame, Sherman
Harris, Harold Ladds, Harry Lewis,
stunri Manning, James McFarlane,
Jessie Molnnls, Irene Mueller. Lillian
St. Eloi, Milliard Simpson. Willie
Spence, Etliol Speers, Willie stone, M.
Stewart, Evelyn Ward, Kvaiida Young,
Peter Bran nan, Prisoners of War
Fund 11,75, M. SlmpBOU.
tHvM.ni s
Honor Roll - Class A. Malcolm Harris, Kathleen Henderson, ('hiss B,
Marlon Milts. Belshal Benson.
Perfect Attendance Jessie Brown,
Qlrthal Benson, Marion Carr, Gabel
Frame, R. George. Kathleen Henderson, Malcolm Harris. Ernest Kennedy,
Or-nrge Kemball, Winnie Johnson, M.
Miles. Lizzie Miller, Kathleen McFarlane, Etta McQill, Frank Martin, D.
Owen, Bernle Shatton, Marlon Williams. Percentage of aiendance 00.64.
Prisoners of War Bread Fund $1.70
E. McDonald.
Hh'Hlmi »
Honor Roll Class A- Marion Kummer, Donald Manning, Dan Brake. J.
McPliee. Margarel Willis. Class B,
Harry Helse, Harry Roy. 13, Mitchell.
Class C    Naomi Pow, Elsie Park""
Perfect Attendance Dan Brake, L,
Dale, Harry Helse, Marian Kummer.
Pearl Ladds, Nellie Miller. Grace Ho-
Iniies, Ronald Moffat. Jessie Owen,
Wilfred Poioek, Naomi Pow. Harry
Roy, Robert WUHs Margaret Willie.
Ben Walktey, Joe Wulkley,
Percentage of attendance 87.9. Contribution to Prisoners of War Fund
Division 1
Perfect Attendance-Phil Belanger.
James Drew. John Drew, Bessie Eakiu,
Mack Horie. Albert Johnson. Edith
Johnson, Ernest Laurie, Rita McBurney, Kenneth McNeil, Lucy Pascuzzo,
Sandy Pascuzzo, Samuel Shaw, Willie
Taylor. Frank Tito, Jessie Oassels
Honor Roll-Third Reader: Rita McBurney, Amy Williams. Lucy Pascuzzo, Second Reader. Senior: Sandy
Pascuzzo, Phil Belanger, Owen Worth-
Ingion. Second Reader, Junior: iEdgar Sanderson, Bessie Eakln, Mack
Horie. M. E. taea..
Division 2
Perfect Attendance—Walter Barrett.
Florence Finley, Kathleen Haley. Elmer Holm, John Horie, Margaret Ma-
lone. Frank Malone. Annie Moore, C.
McBurney, Evelyn Owen, Stanley
Owen. Bud Parker. Jack Parker. Jose
Pascuzzo, Leslie Sainsbury. Grace Tito
Jessie Tito, Hazel Williams.
Honor Roll— Rec. Class: Evelyn
Owen, Josephine MarapodI; Primer;
Stanley Owen. Jose Pascuzzo, Snd
Primer: Clara Hailing, Florence Fin*
Icy; First Reader: Leslie Sainsbury,
Bert Laurie. A. J. Howard
Rev. HUlts Wright, Minister.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 3 p.m.
Young   People's   Guild   on   Monday
nights at 8 p.m,
Strangers and visitors to our City
are   invited   to   make   Knot   their
Church  home while In our midst.
Seats are Free
Everybody made Welcome
The next time you suffer with
headache, indigestion, biliousness or loss of appetite, try—
UaM S.I. rf An ftMMu talk. Wa-U.
hMhmibw. IsUiii, 25c.
Tito LtiauidWasli
TIM11KK SALE X 127(1
Sealed tenders will bo received by
tlie District Forestor, Cranbrook, B.C.,
not later than noon on the Kith day of
April, 1918, for the purchase nt 1.1-,
ccncc X 1279. tn cm 111,000 Tamarnc <
Ties on an nrea situated near Gont-
fell, Kootenay District. One (1) year
will be allowed for removal of tlmbi-.r.
Further particulars of the Chief For.
eater, Victoria, B. C, nr Dlatrlct Fnr-
e.ter. Cranbrook, B. O, I'll
THEY'RE new,
they're different,
and even though
they're low-priced
they're unusually
durable and good-
We have sold a great many to the housewives about
town and have yet to hear a complaint about them.
Congoleum Rugs are fast supplanting all other types
of medium-priced rugs now on the market.
They're washable and waterproof. Lie flat without
Come in today and let us tell you about them and
show you some of the very handsome patterns which
we have.
Gompare These Prices With Your
No. i Quality, ti and 12 feetwtde
X Quality, ii and IS ft. aide
Inlaid, ii fee!   	
Srntcli r'lnorette, ti feet wide
n't null on. tvii mil's
1.11,1 III MM.Ill
S1 .SM, per .4. yd.
S1.1SH per iq, yd.
tlM ID. yd.
NMe «i|. >«.
: v"-i>'_f.„
i '•• —m.	
' .-'«.".:„
■'■«—. "I—, ,
■ "'.. ^
.  . , ' ■
*m «■« ,
For your Soldier!
"Bless the fiirl! She
never forgets to keep
me well stocked with
Teeth, breath, appe
tlte and digestion all
benefit from it. Thirst
•nd fatl*ue fade
away. Pluck returns
by it* macic aid.
After every
The Flavour
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
nmce, gmeltlng and Refining Department
8 M E IT V. B 8   AND   REFINE H 8
I Dot. Ft-hi I unison mul [,;uir.i Thompson,
; assisted by Jack Braltluvnlte, tins Kay
and Tubby   Howe.    Miss  Dot.  Feld-
1 hauscn  and  Tubby   Howe   won  first
. prize tor bolng beoi  waits, partners,
while   Alius   Lottie   l.eusk  ami   Jock
Broltliwalte won first prize for being
best   three-steppers.    Among   those,
Mc-j from out of town  who attended the
tent   dance   were:   Miss   Lottie   Leask   of
Hospital and forwarded to Miss Mer-  Cranbrook, Mr. and Mrs. 0. Nelson, of
rltt, Supt. of Hospitals, at Vancouver,  Hull River, Tubby Howe of Jaffray,
are ns follows: | Douglas   Flnnis,   Sidney   Murgatroyd
The amounts collected by Mrs
Nab  for it he   Military  Convale
Baker Lumber C< $2r..00
Ross-Saskatoon Lbr. Co  2'i.uO
East Kootenay Lbr. Co  25.00
Staples  Lumber Co   2ii.00
Adolph  Lumber Co.,    26.00
Crows Nest    Lbr, Co  26.00
Imperial Bank, Cranbrook     5.00
Home Bank. Fernle     5.00
Imperial Bank, Fernle    5.00
E, Home, Hull River    5.00
Proceeds of raffle of autonrnpb quill
given  by  children's club of  Maker's
Mill, Waldo  48.00
Toial    $218.00
Tin  mi!
ny friends of Mr, Thomas T
I', L. S. regretted to hear
of his denth ai Kiluionton on Monday
of lusi week. For some months Mr
MiVlnie's health caused his friends
a good deal of anxiety and It was
though) a change would do him good,
and he went with bis sister to Edmonton to spend the winter months. Mr.
MoVlttle was an old time resident of
the Kootenay District where he was
well and favorably known in our district and where he practiced his profession for years. He came from llar-
rle, Ontario, where he received his I
education. He was president of the'
Conservative Association of East
Kootenay and was a personal friend
of the late Sir Richard McBrtde i
James'Orchestra wlli supply the muck nl the Hard Times Dance at Wy- •
ci ffc, on Friday. ApvU 5th.
J. J. Dickson and family, who bus.
resided in town for the Winter months
left for their ranch on Monday.
Tbe Rev. Thomas Keyworth conduc-1
ted services at the Methodist Church
on Sunday last.
Leonard Mawson, section foreman,
lift on Monday last for Victoria, to I
report tor military duty.
J. H. Thompson, military medalist,
was renewing acquaintances bore this!
Harold Bidder returned home on
Tuesday from Willows Camp, Victoria,
pending his discharge from Military
Jimmlo Miller and Fred Bidder were
Cranbrook visitors on Tuesday
and Art. Burr!*, all of Cranbrook,
Wardnor attendants were:' Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Feldhausen, Mr. and Mrs.
E Thompson, Mr. and Mr:-. V. N. Feldhausen, Mr. nnd Mrs. Clone Stone,
Laura Thompson. Herb. Headdon,
Zona Chose, Frank Thompson, Esther
Anderson, Jack Bralthwatte, Millie
Barnes, Gus Kay, Dot. Feldhausen,
Herb, Wat is, Anna Anderson. John
Hnfstad, Margaret Feldhausen, Frank
Hastings. John Wolf, Ci rr.ee Feldhausen, Jack Hnfstad, and many others.
Miss Lotllo Leask spent Saturday
and Sunday In Wardner visiting :.t ibe
homo of Miss Dot.  Feldhausen, 702
Military  Drive.
Mr, and Mrs. Sie Herlc nre the
proud parents of a ten-pound hoy,
horn Sunday night.
Dong,  Flnnis. Art. Burch, and Sid
Murgairoyd. all of Ciaiihrnor, attend
ed  lhe  big   Faster   Ball   here   Monday
nigh I      Thoy   report   Imvlng   hnd
good ilme
-Mr.  Jack   Dnhl   ot   llnll   River   li
purchased a new liMS Bulcl; touring
car.    It sure fs a poach and all tin
girls are falling for Jack now.
Mr. and Mrs, c. McKanzle left Monday for Llbby, Mont, wtioro thoy win
make tlieir future home.
Mr. and Mrs. c. Brown and Mr. and
Mrs. F, 13. Biggins toured to Cranhrook Sunday.
Miss Irene Donnhoe rolurnod Wednesday from n three \ sk'i   vlsli in
Miss Millie Bnruei made a Eljios
'nn to Penile Sunday.
The C. X. J'. Lbr, Co., storied work'
ing    two
Things   e
Tuesdi y
1   boom In
Wilmer Brummie Club Scores Sim-h-hm
A bumper house, at first receptive,
ilien appreciative, und speedily enthusiastic, greeted the production ot a
rattling good force "Too Many Hi;
bands", by the Wilmer Dramatic Club
.ii McKay Hall, Athalmer, ontlio evening of Easier Monday. Tiie farce furnished two hours of almost continuous laughter and was followed by
a dance. The proceeds of the enter-
talnment   supplemented   by   tlie  pro-
•aniirook visitors on Tuesday. i 7   7,  T, V, * * ,   ■ -
Mrs. Mellor spent the Easter vaoa-?6!?8 nf lonii,lI!ble i\?|*rgc1 ?f- loc£
tion with her children Percy and Ed
lib at Blair's College. Spokane.
Miss Ranka Lundeen left on Monday for Fort Steelt, while there she
will be the guest of Mr, and Mrs. J.
Paul Handley and John Dickson, Jr..
wore doing business in Cranhrook on
The big Easter Ball given by
Stone's Orchestra nt the Club Hall,
Monday night proved o be a howling
success. It was attended by a large
crowd, both from in and out of town
At a late hour u dainty luncheon was
ni'rvod   by   tho  Mtpaea   Lottie   Leaoli
ladies amounted to $194.00 which will
he handed over to the Windermere
District Ded Cross. For thi*- production which was more ambitions and
contained a larger cast than those
of former years, the stage had been
enlarged aud exlended wings added
ind belter foot lights installed the
drop curtain a really artistic piece of
work from the clever brush of Mr,
J. S. Chlvers, who also designed the
other decorations, was beautifully colored view of Windermere Lake looking southward. Most farces depend
for their "punch" on either mistaken
identity or misunderstandings; "Too
Many Husbands" hinges on the latter.
Harry Brown, a bookkeeper, and his
wife, Millie, take in boarders. Among
them are Arthur Maltland, an impecunious young author, nephew of a peppery old colonel. To obtain a large
allowance from the colonel. Arthur
has written him that he Is married
and in response to request for his
wife's portrait has sent him a photo
of Millie Brown. The Colonel, accompanied 'by his daughter, a fofrmer
sweetheart of Arthur's, and his private secretary, arrives unexpectedly
from England, Arthur, to keep up
Lhe deception, asks his friend Brown
io lend him his wife, Brown e omplles
With this basis all'sorts of laughable
situations ensue. Tbe other boarders
arc drawn in. Brown's man-eating
mother-in-law arrives with the clergyman to christen Brown's baby. There
is a comic detective on the trail of the
colonel's secretary , also a comic
boarding house slabc and comic expressman and policeman. Now lo put
over comedy of this kind to gel it to
the Dtidienue, amateurs must not only
work bard and rehearse often but they
musi have in addition natural aptitude
in this connection. It Is worth remarking that with one or two exceptions none of the participants had
any previous experience In umatc.ir
theatrical, that being so greatly lo
their credit that they got their work
across with a swing and "pep" thai
lefi little to be desired. They were
letter perfect In their parts aud as
-       J ""    ""   I ihey warmed lo the work they carried
FOB   SALE- Horse   mid   hamesv their audience with them,
democrat, sleigh, platform scale, sate,!    As Millie Brown. Mrs. Arthur Tay-
Apply J  A, Leask & Bon. 14-lt*  '"r Bavc ,l B»JIendW interpretation of
■j pretty much worried and at times
painfully embarrasBcd young matron
5 passenger: $500.00.—See Binning.
for sale.—See Blnulng. 14-tf.
FOR SALE-Cheap; buggy, 2 seats
and top.—-Apply C. Godderls.       14-tf,
FOR   SALE—Horse,   hunters   and
democrat, cheap.-—Apply Nora Black,
Durlck Ave., 14-lt1*
LOST-Oold chain and a pale blue
pendant.    Reward on return to Mr.
Whitehouse, Dora. Express Office. 14-1
FOR SALE-Six roomed collage,
furnace heated; with acre of ground;
garage, stable, and outbuildings.—Apply Herald Office. 14-IU.
WANTED—Good  piano, cheap  for
cash.—Apply H, Sainsbury, Cranbrook
ton. Order early— Cluing Choy, P. O.
Box 058, Cranbrook, B. C. 13-tf.
HOUSE FOB SALE 8 rooms and
bath; furnace, ftlll-slxt)] cement eel
Inr; connected with sewerage.- -Apply
Mrs. Qeo, Leiteh. 13.41.
CAR FOR SALE   McLaughlin small
r, passenger car In good running order, 6 good tires, enr is cheap to operate and comfortable to ride In,   Tire
when new are only $1.00 each more| coffi^Deteetive', wartuniTy from tiie
than Ford size—See Binning.
Miss Agnes Patterson, as Dorothy,
the Colonel's daughter, was a shy
sweet young Ingenue. The comedf
honors of ihe ladles went to Mrs. E.
M. Sand Hands and Mrs. A. S. Moore.
1 lie former the man-eating mother-in-
law, and tlie latter us the slavey made
the most of two excellent pans. They
wen better than good nnd deserved
tlie hearty laughter and spontaneous
1 applause iliey received.
j    In   the   leading  man   part.  Mr. ('.
I Komprud, as Arthur Maltland, was
excellent, Mr, D, Mrl-eod, as Harrf
Brown, sustained a difficult part wiih
conspicuous success. As the peppery
old Colonel. Mr. .). L. McKay left
llltle to he desired, while Mr. A. 0.
0 rani to, lu the difficult nnd thankless
roll of vllllan, made a favorable Impression.  Mr. E. M. Snndllands, as tho
FOR SALE— Binning'- Store ami
Residence—Store next Rex Theatre,
residence on Armstrong Ave., has tsix
rooms & bath, full cement cellar, furnace, fuel & laundry room, connected
with sewer, also good garage on property.—See Binning.
CAN your Fruit   and   Vegetables,
System. Send for catalogue and
prices of Home and Commercial Canning Plants. Equipment Dept., Vancouver Island Fruit Lands, Limited,
Belmont Bldg., Victoria, B. C.
the potato that took first prize all
over America. Price to-day $40.00 per
ton; $2.25 per cwt. For the members
of the Farmers' Institute $08.00 perfpresejit
ton, or $2.00 per cwt. Apply St. Kit
gene Mission. 13-31,
in putting on such a really excellent
evening's entertainment ns this It
seems n pity It should stop nt one performance but in any event the Windermere District Red Cross Association Is Indebted to the ladles and gentlemen who took pari for the very
substantial contribution and the public for the opportunity of witnessing
amateur performance of exeeptlonnl
Arrangements are under wny to
"Too Many Husbands" at
Cranbrook on Ihe evening of the 13th
I Inst. Wo wish the snmo success It
hnd here.
Tin annual meeting of the Windermere District Board of Trade was
well attended this yeaf when allowance is made for the large number of
late members who hi ve answered thecal I of King und Empire und gone to
the front to fight our battles. Much
of the time of the meeting was taken
up in reviews and listening to the
reports. The report of the auditor
showed the Board's funds as a whole
to be in a fair state. The other important reports were those of thie
Council and of the Mining Committee
which are given in full below.
One very pleasing feature was the
presentation of a roll of honor of men
of the District who up to about the
first of December last had left this
part to fight tho battles of the Empire There was a total number
shown on ihe list of some twenty
officers and two hundred privates.
The roll was presented by Mr. A. G.
Cuthbert and was fittingly received
by the President of the Board, Mr ,1
C, Pitts, and by Mr. T. A. Pope.
Other resolutions of Importance included a request for locnl mall sacks
to be dispatched from the local centres 10 Cranbrook nnd carried through ;
on the Kootenay Central train. .
The election of officers for the yenr 1
resulted in the re-election of Mr. j,
C Pitis, as President; Mr. O. E. Pariiam was elected Vice-President, and'
Basil Q, Hamilton re-elected as Sec-|
rotary-Treasurer, The following com-
prise the Executive—A. M. Chlsholm.!
C. G. T. Harconrt, F. c. Stookdate,
A. G. Cuthbert, Ed Tunntu-llffe, W.
II. Cleland, E. M. Sanmiands. T. A.
Pope nnd George A Bennett.
Iteporl of the Council for lhe Year,
Ending :I1«| December, llll".
To Hie Members of '.tr, Windermere
District  Board of Trade.
Gentlemen: - -To-day   marks   tnej
Seventh annual meeting of our Win-;
dermere District Board of Trade, we
having become Incorporated under the '.
Benevolent Societies Act of ihe Province  In  the  year   1912,    We  readied,
our zenith  iu the early  pari  of the
year 1014 but since Hut date owing
lo the altered conditions and the demands  made upon our members  bj
Hie exegencies of the Great War. our
numbers    have    steadily    decreased.
During tho past year we have again
suffered losses, notably in tlie death
of Mr. George Alexander Starke, and
in the removal to another sphere of 1
usefulness of our late Vice-President.!
Mr. J. E. Cornwall,   Others who have
gone »re Messrs. L, J. Peaks, B. G.'
Frnzer-Crlerle,  David  Howell.  .1.   p,
Guthrie,   V.   11.   Houghton.   Cecil   A,!
Davidson, ft. St. A. Shaw. W. Whelp-j
ley and L. O'Brien.    It is a pleasure
(0 be able to state, however, that we:
slill   have  forty-eight   names  left on
nnr membership roll.
Commercial conditions In lhe District have improved as a whole since:
our last annual meeting, notahly in j
ihe prosecution of active work in the!
mining sphere, especially on the Paradise, tlie Lend Queen and tlie Isaac
properties and lately there has taken
place the establishment of a saw milling industry at Edaewater.
Your various committees have tueti
working industriously; but without
much headway; on the matters of tlie j
Banff-Windermere automobile road .
and on the matter of game fish fry for.
our local lakes. Mr. John A. Hopo,
our enthusiast on game conservation,;
lias been working single handed on the:
i|iiestion of improvements to the Provincial Game Act.
We herewith give our annual review
of agricultural Industry in tht District
showing Hie comparison of crops this
year with that of 1010. Timothy and
clover, 955.50 acres for 1016; S44 asros
for 1(117; Oats for threshing 191.50
acres 1916, 131 for 1917; Oats for hay I
754.60 acres for 11)16, for 1917 887.75
acres; Fall Wheat 13.50 for 1916, 12.50.
for 1917; Spring Wheat 123.37 for IMP
116.12 for 1917; Barley 50.75 for 19Di
not any ln 1917; Rye 19.25 npreo for
1916. not any in 1917; Alfalfa 199 25
acres for 1910 und 205.50 for 1917; potatoes 50.55 acres, this year 33.31; gardens. 1916, 28.70 acres, 1917 31.69;
roots 1917 26.08 acres; summer fallow
76 to 52 ncres; horses, 1916 902 In
t9l7 834; beef rattle 706 to 718 in
1917; steers 23fi In 1916; 228 in 1917;
milk cows 185 in 1916 nnd 192 in 1917;
hives of bees 23 as to 18 in 1917.
In this connection It Is Interesting to
note that private enterprise has been
instrumental in bringing In a registered dual purpoge Short Horn bull.
the properly ofMr. Arthur J. Walker;
While mhi r registered sires in the district, are owned by H, H. Peters, a
Holstetn Bull named "Kitchener" und
two registered Short Horn bulls, under the care of Mr. Archer of EIndlay
Creek. The Stock Association of Wilmer, are In possession of a polled Angus. The Dominion Government Experimental Station now have u registered Short Horn bull and aro about
Every spring, for years, Mr. Amoi
Smith, of Port Hood, C.B., goffered
from boils, until he used Zam-Bulr.
lie writes:
( " Each spring they w*uld return
and break out on my bands and
arms. At times they were so bad
that 1 could scarcely work. 1 tried
various remedies without receiving
any benefit. I consulted a doctor,
bin lie wus unable to cure me.
"Then a friend recommended
Zam-Buk, The Improvement after
using the first box wu-= surprising.
I continued until the boils bad entirely disappeared, uud 1 bavn
never bad any return since."
Zam-Buk is also uiiefpiallad for
eczema, ulcers, abscesses, ecalp
•ores, ringworm, blood-poisoning.
piles, cuts, burns, tumids, etc. AH
druggists, or Zoin-BukCo,, Toronto;
COc, box. ;i for $1,25.
io add u registered boar, of which one
is already on the ranch of Mr. T. W.
The District Imports for the year
l!U7 are siill very regrettably strong
bolng 13,000 pounds of creamery butler; 5261) pounds nf lard; 12,800 lbs.
of hums and bacon; 2100 dozen eggs;
100 ions of baled hay nnd 150 tons of
While Hie imports into the District
have been heavy yet we have not been
without our exports having sent out
LSD iiead of beef cattle; 50 head of
dressed hogs; 200 head of horses; 200
crates (equalling 4000 pounds) of
small fruits; a small supply of new
laid eggs; 975 pounds of honey; dairy
butter; some 2500 ponds of dressed
mutton; minerals, lumber and fur
have been exports of natural products
logethor with some big game carcases.
The prices of locnl products dellv-
1 red on our markets have run from
thirty to sixty-five cents per dozen for
new laid eggs; from $25 to $35 per
ton for baled hay; from 45 to 55 cents
per pound for butter; from 25 to 30
cents per pound for meat In choice
cuts; nnd from "5 to 45 cents per tb.
for bacon.
All of which is respectfully submitted on behalf of the council.
B. G. Hamilton, Secretary.
[NOTE—We regret    that   through
lack of space we are compelled to j
hold lhe Beport of the Mining Com-'
mittee over until nexl week's Issue.]   I
If You Don't Advertise in
The Cranbrook Herald
Try It For a Month and
Watch Results
It Pays to Advertise in
The Herald
Support Your Home
Improved lired-to-laj Single Comb
Men headed bv male bird ironi Ferris.
$2.(111 per Netting.
JOHN JOHNS,   Box 2fi:.:.
t2-10t* Cranbrook B 0
U\l>   ItEMSTItY   ACT
To Wong Gam, Wong Kim, Wong
.M011, Wong On and Wong Leung,
carrying on business as Gum Lee Wo
Company and Gum Lee Wo, Regis-
tared and Assessed owners of IjoI 19,
Block D2, Cranbrook Clly, Map titiO.
TAKE NOTICE that an application
lias been made to register the Corporation of thc (.'ity of Cranbrook as the
owner lu fee simple of the above lot
under Tax Sale Deed from the Collector ot the Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook and yon ave required to
contest the claim of the Tax Purchaser within forty-five (45) days from the
first publication hereof.
Dated al the Laud Registry Office at
Nelson. It. C this llth day of March,
13. S. STOKES,
District Registrar
Date or first publication March 22 1918
XX-  «
Good Health
good appetite, good spirits-
mean no discord in the body.
To keep the organs in har-
mony-when there is need-use
UtitrtStUof A**Modfch*.iatWW«rM.
Sold avarywbaro.  Inboiat, 1S«.
Special Attention Given to
Job Work of all kinds
start nnd Mr. J. J. Glfford, as tbe mild
ulil parson, got a laugh when he cnine
on and kept getting them. Mr. H
Mimson, ns expressman, and Mr. E..
Fisher, as policeman, entered well into their parts Much of the credit tot
the success of the performance Is due
to the untiring efforts of the director
nnd stage manager. Mr. J. S. Chlvers,
who placed his wide experience In
amateur theatricals at the service of
ihe Wilmer Dramatic Club, coached:
i hem throughout and designed the
....    ,,    ,, j costumes and scenery.  When one con-1
meat or fish, by the Steam Pressure  si(lePS tne -,me ani1 trouble involved.
CHEVROLET =.$900.00
F. O. ft. Cranbrook
Auto Lite 2 in'! -ystem starting nnd lighting system.
1-jj .   efficient.
Demountable Rims
Antl Sltld Tire-, on Hear
One Man Top
Honeycomb Radiator with  Pump Circulation
Kobe Rail, Foot Rest
Pockets In doors
Rain Vision Sloping Windshield
Extra Rim and Carrier on Rear
Standard ;i speed transmission, elc, etc.. etc,
The Kootenay Garage
Aso Agents for DODGE Bros .Cars
Military Service Act
Important Announcement to All
and to the Public Generally
IN dealing with the very large number of claims for exemption
brought forward for consideration in connection with Clan 1
under the Military Service Act, it has occurred, as was inevitable, that as a result of false statements and difficulties put in the
Way of investigation, some individuals have secured exemption
whose proper place is in the Army.
It ii not the intention of the Government to allow these men to evade permanently their obligation to bear their part in the military defence of the
Country and of the ideal* for which we are fl|htin|. To do to would defeat
the purpose of the Act, and cause grave injuitice to men In the second chut
neceiearily called out to fill their placet.
Extmptlom Granted on False Graund*
It le, therefore, propoeed to icrutinite carefully all exemptions granted to date
In order to separate those which have been granted on false or insufficient
grounds from those that are well founded.
With this object in view the various Registrars under the Military Service
Act have been instructed to issue a series of questionnaires to exempted men.
These questionnaires must be filled up correctly and returned promptly undei
penalty of forfeiture of exemption for failure to do so.
Exampted Man Who Hava Changed Addrau
It Is therefore Important in their own Interest that all exempted men who
have changed their address since their exemption was granted and who hava
not already notified the Regiitrar of such change should notify him at once.
Under the Regulations it is the duty of exempted men to keep the Regiitrar
advised of any change of address, and failure to receive tht questionnaire
bf ration of neglect of thii duty muit be treated as equivalent to failure to
return the questionnaire after receipt
Citizens Urged to Assist
In many Instances Information has been furnished by members of the public
which has led to the cancellation of exemptions obtained by false or misleading statements. Further co-operation of this character is invited. The
Qovirnment regard it as the Duty of all loyal citiiens, not only to the Country,
but to tht men at the front, to assist in thii way in securing reinforcements
on a Just and legal basis. Correspondence of thii character will be treated
at ttrlctly confidential and trill receive the fullest investigation.
Miniitir tf Juslict.
Corrttpondtnct should be directed to Robt. S. Lennle, K.C., Registrar under
tht Military Service Act, Vancouver, B.C.


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