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Cranbrook Herald Jan 3, 1918

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 1 l
ft ■
9   ■
THURSDAY,   JAN.   3rd,   191?
.11 »■«
HELP    TO    WIN    THE    WAR
The  cranbiook  amateur   dram-ail
TO BK Mil.II IX TIIK I'lltlSH 1IAI.I,  05   WEDXKSDAV   \ Mi   III Ills-
BAY "I   !i I XT   Wll It.
What other pities htive yearned to
BOO IIJ1>1 llliv,. iiui   hi en nble In. t 'ran
brook Is to onjoy within Hi,, ii. m i. »
ilny!     Wlinl  Dlhur -in     have I n
willing   to   pny   n.   I'm   ;i .   two   mill
IimIi   of ilillil   lil'i.
iln'i'i' liiimlroil dollars in obtnln, sure bolte
ly Cninlirnni. will not lull in niipre lliu
rlllli' In Ilia  lull   III"." ill"  nl enp.iill)       '"in
Wo rotor i" Tlio Child  Wolfaro Hx       Doctor
lilliii which I.- i.i vinil Crnnbrook noxl In   Mile
woeli.   Tin' magnificent oxhlull which dellghl  i
Is iii In. displayed ami dpmonatrntoil commnnl
noxl Wodnosdny ami Thursdn) in llio alsl hy i
Parish  Hull  unilor  iho direction ol npplioil
Hugh Dobson. I)  A   II, IJ   mill which In  Hi" i
is doubtless  the best  ..\'iiiiiii  of it- will roni
hi. at Canadian* by
UTtJjn '  cbjlldrci
il prelecting tlioso
hi ml within the Coiindlan  lloril
vnluotl at over I. I dollars
Tin. child woiroro move nl
lining the mosl  advanced researches   e
nl onr tiny, ami the ri stilts of that   Ii
rosoarch an1 being ongerly songhl by   II
hiicIi cities ami coinmnnltles us linvc j tl
already i wakened to the Importance   1>
nf this mnttor m the happiness ami; d
oven material progress of their clll-   tl
/.ens.    Tim  riiy  nl'  Calgnry   had  to i h
imy Hi,, sum nf five hundred dollnrs : n
In order in have a  similar demon
stration   as  thai   which   is   in  take   ei
lilnrn next  week in iiiis city,    Vai
couvor,   Victoria,   N'unalmo,   Edinor
ton,    Saskatoon,  Reginn    ami man
otbor towns anil cities have so see
In. i',.
nl' this i|n
Mother."   Children <u
I prior In tin- day nl' ,•
no  will  i>,. pormltted
ro oven temporarily i
ring   from  any  complnlnt  that
ible m in- n detriment in tin- resl
!• enntes is.   Tins., wishing i
i- Information  with   rogard  in ;
itull may rocolve ii by common!
hi  with either .Mrs. \v. ii   .\ 1 ■ -1"
lie. President, Women'i Instltnto,
,. Rev. Tims, Koyworth.
Public   lectnros   will
eacll  afternoon  ami evening  by   M
Hogli Unl.snii nmi others and all si-
siiiis nl' Instltnto win i„. hold in Pn
Isll   Hull
Pull  program Is ns follows:
VVt'dncsilii.v. JuntiAi'i 1Mb.
:■ p.m. i" I p.m. I'.uliy Contest.
3.30 pin  Opening Address.
M|s,s l*itil.HI   MEM.KS'
I. ..i i      ..   n. isl        .'r.   glvi I.  nil   im-
ii-ii.,1 trei i f the A.udUprlum on Mon-
day "V'-iiii..; when Wigs Isolde Menges
gave a violin recital, with Miss Eileen pAmnnnv n*n..i«,    , . ,
company experienced .i number of the
1 ,:'  ",l1-  mpanlst. The. firsi entertainment and dance fortunes and misfortunes of a theat
Seldom   I' ever   has an   nil'    nl organised   by  the 'ranbi.jok  branch rieal   oompanv   „n   tour   when   they
equal ability appeared in thla i uy and 0. W. V. A., took place on New year's visited Creston ami Ualfour Inst week    1?
nil   wis,  attended  tin   ."men   were night at the Parish Hall and proved In      The destination of the local artists
'"•''' '-1"11  " " r """"  Jil   respects most   successful.    The was the Military Sanatorium at Bal
,.„,.,„„ "i      »'»""-» ""   l»the   a..- ,,,",. w„s s„ i„rge tha, the en„. four, stopping at Creston on route and
1. I     l0"rh1""l0"0fl1 '»» ty Of the b.l   W., taxed giving , ,,orf„r,„,„eo nf "Creeu Stock-
 "Ik '"'      " "'""   '.'  I»»)    ppreclated      In  opening Hie proceedings  a   T   lugs" there an Friday night
'•'   i'!"v"1"   <"     Hi     Hoi   .    rendering ol the Cole-   Williams,   President, briefly out-      The C P it  usually gets the bl
liruted Indanti  ind Vllegrn from Men    lined the alms and objects ol the Great   for all Irregularities of trol "'•   rt*
11,1   "!l"    ' "■"■    "'    «1   ol   il    War Veterans ABiooJatlon, which arc   but the lault lay with the woathm rhv
Pin     .". iiii'u in i: I'lai    Included Iii   at folhwa: portmont on Friday  when the I
lhl' programme wen   also Dvjnrak's       To perpetuate Hie doss ami kind-  fi f snow caused considerable'™*   &
"Humorcsnuc"     !''■    i;"'   ana. "A    ly ties of mutual 80r4lce In the great   locntl f traffic    Though the trr'ii
MacKinnon ond   i.„iini„" by Bchnbert, ..ml  'Souvenir   war. the recollectl and associations I for the west  was about throe l-enr's
"ovon'i  in  .hi!   ''"'""■"'"' ,,f """ "xiiciienee. and to maintain I late. Creston was reached In time toI *
proper standards oltlgnlty and honor   start       performance   about   nine   ?
between nil tl,,- relm-ned .i"ldiers:        o'clock,   Owing i„ the condition '.f Hie
ro preserve the memory and record   roods,   Hie audience   was   compoocd
"l  llu.se  win. Imve siiftered and died   olmosl   enlirely   nf   resldrais   of  Hie
for the nation, to see to the erection   town,  but  Hie Mercantile Hall  was
'" """" ■""■ "' ">* ™ljur. the pn,.    well   n i   W„|,   lln   .uldlPnc(.   1]la|
|   vision of suitable burlel places and! thoroughly appreciated   the  vein  nf
i   ""' establishment ol ..  mortal day,  humour that, runs through the play
nsure   thai   proper   provision   is I     The  possibility  nf  serurlnp;  trail
CBK,AMATEURS60ON TOUR  Eh-**- v« »■ v-.v»-<•*» .»>.^M3
hi in
ilinii"   a
y and hove promised to as
nklng Hie i"si.. thai will he
, children thai an. onlorcd
intoBt, nmi  in-. MacKinnon
nl' Crnnbrook's nbi
Sylvnnufl itii
falling health
nl   Hie   I'nmii
liners  pns-
iluy,  wli
,-   been   Ii:
lis. died
Hie   I'u
Lumber Company f
was within n few
ninth  liiriliilny. n»
une   son.   Pen,   nl
iv. Hugh Hiilisou,
by Public School
or the
■ Xlll's
nf Exhibit.
tlio magnitud.
the city coun
Illative in Hie
weeks  of  lini"   in   iirepnration   ai
have   spent   from   a   t'ew   days   ,,,
week in actual demonstration lit' t
facts that  are so alarming nmi y
so necessary for Hie people l" Km,
They have each also paid very llbe
ally nut of their treasuries  foi  Hie '"""  -v
privilege  of  tl xlilliii LB0   l'1"'  Tn
.\nt  a   single   iniri ihotild  miss mother Ill
sceiog   the   ex !   will.!,   sets   forth   '''J"   |,lx   I"™""""-"1
the whole round of child lite.   The ....Hugh  Dobson,
medical fralernlly, civic lenders edn-   EVEN'IXfl
cattonallsts everywhere arc enthusi-   8.00 p.m. Address.
nstlc ns t„ il„. value ami desirability "r;i"  f;""">' "'"'  ""' '""
0f Bucu  n  ,| natratlon     The  ex-     *'l''r"tii Hie age o) Homespun
hlblt is under il,,- personal direction     age or mnchinery"....Hugh I
of Mr. Hugh Dobson, B. A. B. I)., ivho
has spent  n.'ist   of In-  llmi   In  "•'   ::...
study of  such   sociological   subjects
and Is eminent!)  fitted for tl.- task   411
lie  comes   in   1 il    oil)   under   the
sunn*, auspices ;,.- Miss Brigdon, who   11
so captivated this city nboul ,' year
ago. so thore is ever) n sui ince thai
the some standard of offb lenoy will
be manifested  ns en   thai  occasion    11
ks nf Ills sixty-
■oves a' widow,
lollvored    '  "    '" "W'"6™'
Jennie, who was formerly 11 lonelier
in the eiiy. nmi .Mrs. Arthur Wallace.
The   funeral   will   take   plnco   mi
Friday  nftcrni    m   2.30   from   the
residence: nl' Hie deconsed, The arrangements are ill the hands nf Hie
Key City Lodge. No. Ii'. I 1) 11 p., of
which lodge Mr. Itielianls was a charter member, The nllicuillng clergy-
man will b" the Rev. II. Wright,
residenceTn'Tarden   ""'"'' ''"' ""' '""' '•"'•' "f "," *"■   !,"|,|al1""   •"   Balfcmr   on   Snturdavi.
wounded end needy, anions those who   seenn J   very   ren    wlieu   II   wa's   S
1 came  Us district   'mVe   servc'1'   '»«'<»•«*   reaMnable   leaded that Iho west-bound train was
'lensinns, niiiploynieiii inr sneh ns are] twelve hours lute, making probable
I Konienny   ' i"'a1'1'■ soldiers' homos, medical cure,  lime of arrival at Balfour somowhere
vears.   Il'o "'"' ',<|:"1:i1'1" Provlajojj lor dependent   In the early hours of Sunday morning
families of enlisted men. and constant-1    A liveryman was wining to try and
ly in Incalcate loyiliy to Canada and   make connections with tin. boat Dirl
""'   Empire   ii'iintci   tnrros,  In j a substantial consideration, but was'
 "' Interest. 1 not nl nil optimistic with re
A serle,  nl' lantern slides depleting
wnr scenes were shown, followd  by
nil   exhibit!. f nlolgllt of baud  and
otller     perl'inniillees    nt    mysterious   condltll
character. Win
aril tn
It j 1 tl during
Tl. son.
Tn lie Held ,111  Kxllllllllllll l.t'i'llllil,
jiinuiirj mil unit Huh.
completing   Hie   journey   before   the
boat left if h,. was able to complote It.
t nil. 1,wlni.- lb Ihe almost Impassable
nf the nuds.
ope bail almost gone, and a   S
.Supper was served at the conclu-1 return home without vlsiiing Balfour
.inn ni the programme, followed by  scorned Inevitable, word came through
u very enjoynble dance. 1 that n refractory yard engine at Slr-
utuittie desire  to pint n ] dur    ossllated   1111   auxiliary   train
coming thii nigh from Crnnbrook, and
through ih" courtesy nf Superintendent Ilnrshuw, the "Green Stockings'
compony succeeded in reaching Knnt-
enny Landing, where they embarked
on tile "Nnrookln" which, owln.-r to
11 xire   lateness  nf  the  train.
started   1,11   her   return   trip im   time,
.   Ill II m.i ry    tilth
''   .1- a ti ilinnnl
II    K   I'nw
Arrangements have now been com-
. pleled tor the Cranhrook ami Diotrlcl
"    Winter Poultry Show  which will bi
held  in  Hi.,  Poultry   Building al  the
Agricultural   Exhibltton   nmiimls  mi
Wednesday  nmi  Thursday,  January
■el     Ml    .",■
;    It was imped tn have had the show
1111. Indian Club Drill, School I down-town, but arrangements (hold
Children. not lie made '<■ get .1 building prop-
mi. The marriage of : .- unfll prly nit.,! -v sod it was therefore
mid tin' care nf Hie Dependent decided in use tin building noted
Disease, Defectives, and delln- abovo, which is well euulpped and inn
Clients Much Dobson. accomodate from ion to r,no bird
ree,ird their niiprcolallon nf the kind.
nss nl' nil those win, d'nijled the ninny
n I   thiiiits   Hun   mad"   the   supper
ml,I s bo attractive; also Mr. Parker's
Orche t.'a who furnished dance music
ami Mr. J. F. Smith, bagpipe boIoc-
liiui... Mr. nmi Mrs. C. II, Phillips, nod
ill" ladies who took charge of arrange
iiienis sn admirably; al n Mr Geo It I Balfour being reached  slum]
Leonk i.r loan of chairs. I six o'clock.
I     A   capital  stage  had   been   erected
The Cm ittee of in.- Veterans are   nt ilie Military Sanatorium, the large I f
greatly Indebted tn Mrs. Den. smith,  dining   room   making   no   excellent
.Mrs  Walter Reed, mid the ladies who I theatre    Iii addition to the patients
so kindly assisted with Hie refresh-1 and staff, the audience was consider-
meats, mid Hi,. Orchestra who helped 1 ably augmented by residents nf Bal-
10 make, their entertainment a success' four, Proctor mid other points, and
K  linmnicr. . 'he Company fob well repaid for their
W  Hewson, I work In the preparation of the play
the Secy. 'ind the long trip they hnd undertaken
Por the Amusement  Committee,    ,' by the manner in which the perform-
1;   W  V, Assn. anre was received.
   Refreshments were served after the
A   watch-night   service   was   eon-    show, and the Crnnbrook party then
 " '         i ""- -   ""   "•""«"   l"»r'.'   "'en
be    need  of    Voi il   ■ il       The Potlllrj Asai , ;..:i"ii will .nil Iiicted by the Rev. P. V. Harrison al | crossed to Prortor ftnm  which point
ay  Hi.,   reprc   nl   hof  tin
.'   HI'  I.   !■ !.;...
training and guldani -
Mi ni,,-
!!   H    .ill birds ealeri d for 1 otnpotitlon    bj
resldl in-   in  til" <il>   ami  Sl.itei vill"
Christ Church at  11.30 p.m. on  New j the return Journey was made on Sun-
Year's Evi day.
ballon If Its kind In Canada and ha-    .1,0 p.m. Education through Pie;        ..ml will return tin   exhibits 10 their,
achieved   nuite   an   enviabl,   rcpuii       ■•„ .,-,:   Demons! ratton ol  ExhlbJ)      owners after the show free of-chnrge       The Crnnbrook Amateur Drnrnnttc Tin;   IKIOS'I Ills
lion In tho Dominion In   . ...Hugh  Dobson «hotild prove    ,11   Incentive   to   Company which presents the comedy I 	
by an ever Incres enleb EVEX1XG e en    "Green Stockings" at tho Auditorium
Connected  with  Ihls •" Vddress tries        on tro bl        expense «iil    on Prldny evening, have   made   ar-
liisiituie ;, Pain conti  ' ' nk Wall ' ■ exhibitor  ' lb 1 sir,' n.   rangemenla to appear ai the Grand
under the auaplcei   ol   11 ■   Women        ul    Peraonality     Whsl    » .." or homi  .1    Theatre. Fernlc, on Saturday, Jan. 18.
Institute which pn Ii irned from the War     \
than passing Inter                                                                       Hugh Dol        1                                       i  makes               M H IKAH's IIAM'I!
,1 mere beauty ahev :;'.  district holding 	
, .H111-       The   Xew   Y"nr's   Dance   llffder   the
epjng    auspices nf the Church Church Wo-
ivi.l,     men's liiiild. tniiK* pla.'e in |i -*"
nun   "•>» "" VmiM
IV ■    ■
Iiitercsl   in   i>
Hy a. E, Wati.-v
Now that Hip Krcal fight is nvpr .ill
tun suffly leave the ilfstln^s of run
;i(l;i to a (lovornmpiit comi-Osed ff iiifii
nf the t'fst abilities front botii parties
u-i.rrinp t-lcmciits should subside and
work in unison tor the uplifting no'
only of lh^iU*;'■"*•*-
,11 inr ipp ntiii  "e,"wi' "<n., I(,.n. m,
aLlUL HLlU U t Hf I    |M „,   xn,-,U ,  Iln.nl <nv!l*SSE&!*
^**" l!9 whole dis-
1 in u pros-
-fktii 1.   in.
The Ponwlcl. v\, nil-' tobuwdtii sllUJ
whs the scone of a Bfrlou   m ■ Id ml i n
ilny, .liininti)  tih
Hi -   Honor   Judge  Tliotnpso
was the scone or a bmIour accident ori; recelvM ll.e following l.st of api^nlB I hn' "    '"     ,m"  Porl  Sl""1
Wodiioadny evening   A parly of Cran-   lUuler ihr MltHnry Sorvlo.   Kci   vhlrh | ^J1 have boen do-   i"»»»-
smong  those
bi of  vMtors ,
ijlhw outside i
braoh people and \'I tlto    ustiii -> ' ■•■■
bob*alolgh wore tonstlng down the hill
when, owing to the I
tho sli.U". ih.' a I el 1
trol    Btownri Mori Is. who
ing, aticceoflod in nvoldln   n   ■
pule by n narrow  margin, inn after
that thlnga n*jvi ii ■  11.1 11
of the party aro voi) ■
poned until thoj  i ■  n
shock of h"tiu hi
mp1vi». on Ihe I'.ml, nf tin
root of the loll
The pnrn w.\ i large 01 and the
casualtj lis! Is ai i ordlni Ij in avj
Stowari Morri-. had nevi ral boi
his irft linnd broken, Mlm Delia brum-
tniind sustiiliH'ii oltber ,i hrnlten ni
badly Bprnlnod ankh Roherl Mc-
Oroery was nnconscloui for nonte Hi
tlo lime Inn ba ■ no bone« broken, Joe
llnrri'ti is Buffering with .1 ^pruinrd
nnkle and the othors or the party,
MrS, Motvono of Ilanff. Mr- .1 John
son of Victoria, Mlsi VIdn Butherland,
the Mirisei. Marlon nod Madge Robertson, MoSBrs Alan DoWoli and D \
Sutherland woro nil mora or Ipba --'>\'
(>roly brutsQd and Bhalcon.
w. 1. i:u:(ts 01 in 1 i:s
At tho annual meeting bf the Women's Institute held this afternoon tho
following offlenra worn rlortcd for Iho
etmulng  yenr:
President. Mrs. w. 11. McFarlane;
Vlee-Prosldftil. Mrs. (i. II. Thompson;
Seeretnry-Trensuror, Mt'H. .1. W. Hur-
ton; Dirertors, Mofldamps Dun t'mnp-
bell, L. ciapp. E. II. Loam an, J. D.
McBrlde and W. W, Wolfor,
A detailed report of the meeting
will apptu- In our next liaue.
.11.1 on Friday nexl
nnted bj   1 ranbrooV Johln rt  Ltd., K
Big RpHnrfion in
 SL provincial Library rf^ ; ,	
Ladies1 Coats
and Suits
All this Season's
Models to be cleared out at redicul-
ousy low prices.
$40 Coats tor $26
McCreery Bros.
Ci'inbrojk'l D.-y Ojjjj «nJ Clotliinj  Store
Qi'A"»'VV"*'tV'"^V"'Wl"|'Vl"i»^rV ■|?V "I
  *»-> ->'" be Ilk.
l-!rl^""^Tr>o'ii can't boost, don't Vtnock'
says one erudite loeal philosopher,
t'raiibrook lias li«!i»n >iii(;iilarly unfortunate in its 'Uoostcrs" from tha
one who preached the 'Banana belt'
.. ,  _   , t«p those who ran the country as the
 ,ms" '" '"" ' •'",hr""f "n;'"-s-   land of the '111,,. Ited Apple' and the
,,, k  , ,,.,..„„„„. ' '"'">    J   M»" '""    ">   Sulll     '" l»f   nollllugto IN ,|.  lr.,1  and the   T„ „„.        „„„  „,  ,„„ ,„„„„.
"   '  ""    ,.  I'   I'.uni-  X   Co..   Ne»   V ■   was   w-l    started   Wore
' ■'"",'::   ,:""" ' .,   m 'r '.."I' nru« inul Book   '"« 1a»«"»  " >""»" W„,M   »,.,„„ B,vo „„ ,W|„|.
 '     ;'r"" ■;'•■"■■'"      ,"„'■,'   IV,        .     I'    :•      » y        A,  the Imnr nf nilitohih, the cutlre '      JIJ^,,,^."l. a 7pte
Man  mi     Mali   ull,       " eiunieiliv   formed n eireie  wbieb  tal- ooosier   mere  is J   supil
'   '  «olklo;   I'm more Bro    «   i.    ">' y rarnieu a oirote wmen im |0n that It was derived from'Boob/'n
,   nil   lr« i;   ii.,,i..im   iwynl Dank ed tho capacity of the hall whon   the . „  h                  f,.          . ,/     I
»»»"-  Mrl-ri)   iMiniiriev  n                           „f com- orchestra struck up Ihe tune of Anld r"• ™J7',"m*™,     ' * '   ,.?['
ni i.i i   ' .",,"ii,ii   i...in. ni 11mi Goldsmith quotes a ptor contemptible
nil.,    .: ninbrnni.   .,.,,         ','"'''   "''''"'' \"   ' "     ','. ''    ut* B™ "booby" that would bnt dlttroco cor-
Molfolt. f   I'./nl!   l.inle and All Insnll. ^ | rei-tlon '      llyroil Slllll 'lit IfllBth Ih')''
IT ( III III II CHBISTJUS ClUfhl two "boobies" ami a noddy and
I'lIKi: IVI. BXTKIITAimiXT I „,„„ ,„„, „.f, „„ „iint ,„ ail „,„,. j
'[dm? stumps and bananas)
White Pine and Spruce Balsam
will MMin rid jrou of that hara»ln.: COBgti arol ibe rt-IM »ill U p*r-
This efi><tlte loui:h Symp help* j«« i" ihrow wff jour conch by
rvdurlng tbr- infUniatlon 0/ thf air pa^^at^* promptly aid nithoat aaj
harmful aftw.WferK
For jour prmertlou the formula II nrimM »o f-ir-n UM. .0*1 a
botllp to.da) at thf Penilar .*tor+. fvcta*!*-1 aiff-or; tor l>B<lar rrsie*
dies aid srlradoor toIM preparation ^.
Sold In fwo stiM   -•*• fi-nf* and "•« mt*.   1'it.in -,• Mentholated.
Cranbrook  Drug & Book Co.
VT. j. ATI'HISO.1l. IlUftr.
Hurry  Slnnrl   In,tiny,.II    Wan,    ,,lh
"lul Inr    . il'i
J   .       11. in.,   11..ul.     Tanfflofn 11
. nun," lor "Ml luniliiTlllnn.
Rli   ird Kilnnrd Unrki   Klmlierln)
111111.        . '   I .
I ll\s( II N IIO! s    lllt.ll I Tint's
I III fill
nmi Mi    \   M   llcalllo ol Waldo.
.... ;'     :.i im 1 entry
11.1111     mat   1."    1 Itiiimil     li'i'in     the ij	
1 Inrj   1   .   Ryekninii    Tile      '1'be   annual   entertainment    and I   '»  ',,,.. ii^.„....„ ...,.„ i.„......,l
Secrptao "in attend :,t Ihe City Hull Christmas tree in connection with the
mi I'rlilny nmi Saturday, Jnnunry lib Chrlsl Church Sunday School    took
nntMtli "' N I'm  in in "in. entries. plnco on Thursday last in Hie Parish
Tho C nil.    i   ilotny nil in lis Hall.
,„"„,,■ i" niaii,  ti„. show a success,      A large live had been set ni.   1   Ambassador to ask the flovernmcnl
 "h efforts 11,1'ti". Inn,. .1  nrotllly decorated.   Sunta Clam re- | „, „,,, lllnm „.,„, Mlh| (.v,,r t],|nk „f
-"  """"  '""'^ "•"1| »"■' «w '"lv   il"nrl-v «",,como rrom   »»  the adrlce I gave the then toostors al
poultr) fancier whether he beeps the tho young folks when he made Ills
lordly  Ungnlii r Iho   diminutive appearance iind ihnngh   he   arrived
Iclgli load nt toys drawn
character br u flock of utility- inn-, by a team of reindeer, he made amends I jjl'^ t'j,j p,cfnc"cMiu"wiertTh«ul
will seleet the best of bis birds iind by finding a ulft for eneli and every
Are not   the  H(>>sters   who  boosted
the pine slumps ns the source of all
kinds nf wealth proud nf llle results,
I   wondor If the boobies   who put  up
the hard cash tn rend an Intelligent
n public dinner of tin, promoters, aml|
tile "boobies"? The iidvlee was has- !
■d on my experience from the Atlan-'
I   bi Hove  in   peme nmi   in  Ihe  il"
lennlnod obliteration nl nil fooling ol
lvra111   ""•'   liwH*»«Hon   tor   crin    „„„,„„,.„ (ow birds of nn ornamental   without
ignlnsl humanity and civilisation    1
boltovo in u supine endurance of nil
insults, ami in  i cringing coi.pllnnee
with the lure,- nf bestiality, destrnc-  b|(., ,|U(| n s„,.,.,,^f„| 8||0W is .lssllr-  considerably over a hundred of them
llmi nod lust.   I believe in openlnh|nil l„ attendance,
iiei busy, you poultry Mnclers. So-     ->»i  ."...-.....™i» u... uuen »•"'"I plnnt I hnd constructed (wtthsuggew
prise list, semi in yi.nr entry,, ed. „ ™mbero'' game«^ were ^r^jed Improvements l.y soientists).   So
examined experlmentnl plants    and I
Lei each ,.„,■ "do hi,-' boy and girl oven though there were, from ^ , mhmA frnm    ,„,„„,
ssfnl shnw is assur-   considerably over a hundred of them j ml!i „, |l|(> ,,„„„, S|n|r,p ,„„, frnm |
,,   ,.,        ,,-d. '" attendance. ilractlcal experiments I made with a'
niir pntea tn mnomen ami iciving om ,    (i|1| ))U_V V()(] ]tolli().y rnnc|era   So       Alter refreshments had beeo serv.
homes defcncelem.    I hollovo that II
:i   win'   Is  In  be  fougli .   II   should   be
A Few Coffee Percolators,
Cassaroles, etc. left over
from Christmas at 10 per
cent off.
fought by someone el ie.   I believe if
milk inul wuier, in hnmhyntinvbylsni
iind flnpdoodle, In gush ntnl bunkum,
in veiled even ntnl soft hands', In men!-1 vis|i,,,.s Sli the rxhlhlll
ly mouths end fnt stomachs, In the1
enentlrngemenl  of cowurdlee.  tn   the
and the Comml
i There will Ii.
I slop tn Ihe    In
j there will he
•- will do Ihe rest
o charge for uilinis-
-u thai It is hoped
|iind  ntlendiniee nf
anil a thoroughly pleasant limp enjoyed hy nil.
far. all experiments hnd  pinved that1
extracting and preparing the stumps.'
I for the reto™ cost more than tile to-i
WKATIICII IH'ltl.U ' i tal  value of turpentine, alls  hydro-!
  : cyanic acid. tar. and other bye pro-
The following Is the temperature j duets were worth.   My simple advice.
'Booeters'of Cranbrobk have made in ' appeal to who now have releaved
boosting enterprises for which there their Pastoral advisers of the painful
was not
In  tills
ghost of   a   rhanop   for   necessity of thinking for them
Cultivate tin; dormant brain cells.
"Banana  belt"  In  mid-win-   the brilliant Ideas that will then be
forgiveness of everything rotten nmi "('lUMiliiitih  HfillAU." HALIFAX
In slavery everlasting, for tho Knlser' DISASTER  IT'VO
sake.   Amen.—"Life."
Flower -On December lOtb, 1III7. to
Mr. and Mm H. Flower, Cranhrook,
a sou.
dny, Jnnunry 2nd.
Dee. 27 	
  Dec. 2S  	
Previously acknowledged   ta.'i.oo doc. 211 	
Colloeted nf tho homo of II. E. , Doc. HO 	
.leekn     .I.Ofi   Dec. SI   	
0.  A. Cock       6.(M>|jan. 1   	
! before parting Willi your money or I melons anil lemons, and made turpen-   to the town and to tho state.   Ladle
4 i asking the Government fir aid, make j llni! 'r"m I>lnt stlimpB, but as a com-   nod elergymen etlierlally should
4 j Ihe most careful  Investigations and |
$3lOB'ja»   i   M
1 niereinl success It was i.n a par wltii   their full energies in   tisslstln
11 If you can discover a method whloh ; ■ "our ml" "' ""' N'nrl11 I"1" "r   "   "oar'1 o( Tr"(l'' allQ "• ,,rM'
will prove n nmmorrlal success, I i smelter In Heaven run by political ns-   "volve some   practical   rr
wlll assist you by every means In my  I'lrants who wero expelled from the   turning the great resou,
power.   We all know ibe ridiculous «!»« l>'«™ i particular dl--     v-
Awe*  aid  Ibe   teagtilng  •tack  the1    CtttMU aad ellUrtessee, the ktMti i        (CmII FAGE TWO
 1 ,	
v. m. e. n. «rtcc
Hours 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Regular Dinner Js Short Orders
Reasonable Prices
OPEN TO Till'. I'l 1IIC
Special Tabic  for   Ladles.
Hiiht. Frame, Prop.
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inul I'liNtrv
Pboue 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Hall
Meets   every
Monday ulght
_ at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourulug   Oddfellows
cordially Invited
E. H. McPhee      W  C, Adlard
Secy. N. Q.
THURSDAY,   JAN.   3rd,   1917
Cranhrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at H p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C Carr, c. c.
(.'. II  lulliiii. K. II   * S
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Hi: THA.NK our many patrons
for their kind support during Ihe
past year; may their BEST
WISHES no realized during luK
Raworth Bros.
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U. A,  Kut,  Mmmner
Crnnbrook, H. (,', Jniiuur) ilrd, IHi;
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Tueidty of every month nt 8
p. m. -m
Membership open   to   BrltlsQ
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Parish Hull
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every month
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Pres., Mrs. W.
u   McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. O. Box 621.
All ladle* ro-dlally Invited.
\\'p> uro more thuti dctigliteu to will
i lie attention nf our readers to the
news Item appearing tlila week touch-
Ins Clll Ul- Welfare Institute and Exhibit that is to visit Cranbrook,
The timeliness and significance of
such topics as ure there advorttsed
cannot bo overstated, and In view 'jf
the fact that the most acute problems
of mankind will face us at the conclusion of world hostility, we cannot
get Into the atmosphere nf them too
The human problem arising out of
the loss of the very flower of the human race urges us to use every weapon science and research offers to
us—to n'jt only conserve and rehabilitate the human resources already
with us. hut also take every means
possible to ensure that coming generations are the best thai we can make
Cltll and Mining engineers
B. C. Land Nuriejors
Mine t:
tanilnallons and Reports
Ii. 1' A It K K It
Mining Knuinerr
Herald   Pig.,   Calgary,
and Elko,  B. C,
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with vour wasuli.p
send It to
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MUfcrMg e aid OmnhUI Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
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Phone ;isl* or zaa
Electric    Vibration   Treatment
On or before January nth the question of wl.*i are to run the City
and Schools for another year must
he decided.
The "Herald" believes that the interests of the City wOuld bo best
served hy a re-election of all Civic
office holders hy acclamation and
hopes that Mayor Clapp, the Aldermen, ami School Trustees will all
consent to continue their Civic duties
for another year.
There is tf3 advantage to bo gained
by holding an election; It would be
difficult to improve on the present
Boards of Control and by avoiding an
election, a considerable financial saying will accrue to the funds of the
Owing to the death of Alderman
Ham'm, and the regrettable fact that
Dr. P. \V. Green haa expressed a
desire to retire owing to pressure of
work, two new Aldermen must be
selected. There should be no difficulty In arranging tills Without an
We hope to be able to announce
in our next Issue tho names of two
perspective Aldermen wWjm we. believe will he acceptable to the Electorate.
IIfn. Green * MacKinnon
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at  residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2,00   o   4.00
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The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds of
Day Phone 288, Night Phone 38
Horbury Ave, next to City Hall
With the advent of a New Year the
uuestton naturally arises In our minds
as to when the War will end—whether
another year of bloodshed will find
the conflicting nations still wrapped
in a death grip for supremacy, or if
th*» cause of Righteousness and Dtuno-
eracy win have arrived within measurable distance tit a completely tri-
umphunt victory over Autocratic .Militarism.
(Jod alone can answer.
This much Is certain
pare ourselves for a long conflict, and
exert onr whole strength if we are
to achieve the desired end.
We are unable to peer into the future but we can look buck over the
past year's efforts and arrive at some
intelligent understanding of the relative position of the two warring elements today in comparison with the
beginning of 1917.
We ran only dial briefly with the
most momentous occurences during
1.   The danger of a RUBfl
| ate- Peace,
L\   The Italian  Retreat.
3. The Fall of Jerusalem,
4. The Siibmarino Menace,
6,   The Western Front.
t>.   The   Entrance   of   the   U'iited
The Russian nation Is in audi a
chaotic condition that little light can
be gleaned from the situation.
Civil War Is rampant and no one
can  foretell which of the ttgfr&oiui
contending  factions  wit]   eventually
obtain  control   with  some assurnnce
of permanency; but wo do know that
Russia can no longer be regarded as
an effective Ally or the Entente; the
high cards are held by Germany, by
whom the Insurrection hna been fostered and fanned by a cleverly planned system of pi'jpugauda disseminated   hy   their   numerous   agents   and
spies.    It has been  n cunningly devised scheme but it  .;; still doubtful
If Germany  will gain  her end and
secure a separate  peace on  advantageous   terms.    The   present   Russian   lenders   must   be   fully   aware
that   Us   consummation   would   de-
! prlVe   their nation    of   every source
! of     Allied     assistance,     of     which
; they are in urgent need; -3\i the other
I hand  the supreme craftiness of the
, Merman Envoys may lure the less ex-
' perleneed  Russians  i*»  accept  false
i hopes and promise''.
One effect of the situation was the
release of several German divisions
I froui the Kastern Front—npproxl*
i tnately 1,000,000 men—which enabled
Germany to rush to the assistance of
Austria-Hungary and deal a smashing and unexpected blow on the Italians.
| Tha Italian loss in men and suns
was fully recognized as a disaster of
I Immense magnitude bul not an irreparable one and there is reason to
think that the present re-infotced
Italian line at Plava will he able to
withstand all attempts of tlie enemy
to cross the Venetian Plains, and
when the right moment arrives to
resume the offensive.
The Italian retreat emphasises the
power of the Germans to gain a swift
advantage by a rapid concentration
of forces ;it a given point. The morale 'jf the German people was.
in need of a stimulating vie-;
tory and this was the opportnnl-1
ty, hut apari from the capture
of territory, men and guns, tile
German design was defeated—■
that was to strike terror into
the hoarts of the Italian people and with the aid of the same system of Bolo-lsm as employed in Russia, to foment an Italian Revolution
and to Becure a separate peace.
They may have understood the Russians but they failed signally to appreciate the temper of the Italians;
the reverse happened—all classes and
all contending faction!- became united
with bne resolve—to drive hack the
enemy. The weak links in the Italian Chain have been solidified,
The victories of General Allenhy in
Palestine and the fall of Jerusalem is
of more far-reaching importance than
Is superficially apparent, apart from
the depressing moral effect on the
Turks, Jerusalem is ,t City of great
Btragotio importance and its fall undoubtedly created a profound sensation thi'Mighout the world. It means
that the long continued attempts of
the Germanized] Turkish forces to
capture the Suez Canal and invade
Egypt lias been  rendered abortive,
The Submarine Menace has not yet
been overcome hut fts effectiveness
consldrably diminished. The German strategists. If not the German people, must have long since
realized tho Impossibility 'jf forcing
England to its knees hy this method
with all its attendant barbarisms.
On the Western Front the ■•'rench
and British forces have more
than held their own: they have regained valuable territory in Flanders,
captured thousands of prisoners and
guns and Inflicted severe punishment
on the enemy; the ground captured
Includes all the important ridges, supposedly imprognahle positftms, and
the advantage cannot he measured hj
Rev,   Jr.mes
"Th« Bundle
)un lop,
of   Life,*
roward  it.
there   must
after.    Tin-
not be divor
lf (hero Ih moral law,
be a law of averages
This necessitates a here-
ionceptlon mi' duly caned  from  t lie conception
The Way
Speaking to His dlciplos of ihe fu-
! ture, our Lord said;   "The Way Ye
'. Know."   In a moment of dark doubt,
Thomas suddenly retorted: "How can
| we know the  way?"    This has  been
the despairing cry of perplexed souls
in    every    generation.      Unless    he
knows the way   even an experienced
! traveller may travel  far, walk  fast.
j und yet miss the terminus,   lit selling
■ out, the way is all important for nil
j     The  kingdom  of  truth   is  like  the
new Jerusalem.    It is not round but
J suuare, "with twelve gates."   Coming
' from the North, South, East or West
the   traveller   may   find  three  Kates.
Unless    the traveller   gives up   tin-
search, or moves in a circle, he will
find, ultimately, avenues of appionclt
to tho city of truth and life.   God and
truth are bigger than oriental ptillos-
ophy or western science   bigger than
the    Denominations or   the Schools.
They  are  about   us  and  within   us. I
everywhere   we   n^ty  find   them   il '
we are carefn. cf "The Way."
Temperament, training and oxper-!
lence, nf course, will affect the sei
ers choice of the way along which
hopes to travel.
of Cod and Immortality.
It is not a figure of speech to say
that conscience Is the voice of God [
in the soul, l Onsclenco is the pion-!
eer of tho future world, It is the
herald of eternity. It is ever going.
returning and saying; "After this the
Evolution, if accepted, forms a
strong plea for the doctrine of immortality. Thi> evolutionist, tn Increasing the life of the race, adds Btrength
Id this doctrine. The older the race
is, the more likely is it Hint the race
is Immortal, The longer God has
toiled In carving QUI   His purpose, in
the history of the n , tho Iosq liltely
is it   that   ll<' will allow   His  purpose
Pi he frustrated; and humanity ti 1
Egnoinlnlously In iho cold grave In-
deod tin' whole history of the race is
a long, urgent plea for Immortality,
Iverao nothing goes in
matter Is indestructible
ower may lie transmit-
in   never   lie   Inst      Shall
t minister to man's need
himself perish and
Improve Your Complexion
Get your blood pure, keep the liver active and the
bowels regular, and disfiguring pimples and unsightly
blotches will disappear from the face. For improving
the complexion and putting the blood in good order
are safer, better and surer than cosmetics. They
eliminate poisonous matters from the system, strengthen the organs and purify the blood—bring the health-
glow to the cheeks, brighten the eyes, improve and
Beautify the Skin
Prepared only by Tnomnt Hoc elm ni
Sold fiverywhcre in Canada und 0.
Cod's    nil
Le,   Even
erual      I
tint   ii   .
Mams tin
goal  i
■nd in
"Are   all
Shrunk lo
One can   £
that human
The student, will cast Ills thoughts
toward psychology. In the future,
spiritual discoveries will probably
cbme to us along the lines of psychology. Our Lord was the great psychologist. In this, too, He was fearless.
The word, "psychology," as referring to the science of mind, may not
be attractive; ami the Terms used by
those who study the science may he
altogether unlike the terms used by I the pi
the Church and the Bible; but, one life's d
must not be misled hy ihe names. I sibllith
The  rvise,   when  crushed,  will  send | efforts
out its sweet fragrance; ami llie
nightingale will sit und sing sweel
melodies, even when the names of
OiiiSe are changed. The thing reii.tln.1
the same in spite of the changed
label. Sei Mice may speak of thp ,;.,.'>•
the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind; or of the body, ihe objective mind, anil tin1 subjective mind:
whilst Paul may speak of body, wul,
and spirit. The Important thing is
that science. like Paul, has concluded
that the body is not everything- They
recognize the fact, so often proclaimed aloud, that, with every thought,
there may he a brain-process. Hut.
they also remember that thought,
that indeed man's whole menial life.
is rjo big a thing to h(> expressed,
merely, jn terms of the prey matter of
the brain. Without the brain, mental
life may not he known; hut. the mind
is more than ihe brain. Without a
conductor, electricity would he unknown, even if present in great force;
hut electricity is distinct from, and
more than, tin* conductor. The painter can only express his ideas by the
help of brush, paint, And canvas;
but. the painter is not the brush.
He is more than canvas. The sweet
singer can only express melody
through the voice; but the singer Is
more than the song, and cannot be
defined In terms of the larynx or ligament. Psychology gropingly goes beyond the material, which is perishable, to a mind Which is imperishable
—to the immortality of the sou
i.nd ma
for ever he lost','
In 'lie material world Cod has never
laboured   in   vain      He   has   received,
abundantly, the fruit nf His toil.   Bul
lie made the universe for mini.    Mali
is  Ills  highest and  heel,    For ages,
He has guarded, tended, supported
human life with some ."real purpose
in view.   There IS n
"Far off divine event
To which ihe whole creation moves,"
Shall creation tail to reach it? Shall
God have toiled in vain for man,
•ace has lived n long life. Its
far from being reached. Its
es, which are God-given, are
Yet, these have scarcely be-
develop. Shall death defeat
pose .if God in the race, crush
sires, and end its infinite pos-
>'.' Will life's struggles, pains,
through all these long ages.
thy    conquests,    glories.
. spoils,
tills little measure?'*
enreely think It credible i
Ife should he thrown up-1
on  the  billows of eternity to he the i
sport of a few short years and then
sink again in the abyss of nothingness.
Science   suggests,   and   Revelation
predicts, perpetuity of existence.   Life!
is   a   continuous,   progressive   whole.
Mind is underlying and eternal.
Spiritual Instinct
also. Constrains us to believe in an i
after life.   There is a divinely planted
craving,  in   tit*  human   heart,  .'or  a
larger, endless life.   God never bes-
lows a craving, without the mentis of
gratification,    In God's material   universe there is always the perfect ndap-
s to an end.    In hlm-
Httle world.     He is in
villi the big world jut- ,
■; a correspondence of
parts. When God gave him an ear,
He also gave music; and when He!
gave man the eye, He gave him also j
the landscape to gratify his sight. As
With the material, so with the spirit-
Man is a little world in himself.;
tatinn of men
self, man is ;
perfect touch
side     There
the  extent of the
The   increasing   si
guns, ammunition
vice   has   enabled   these
he   token   with   comparatively
Tho entry of the United Stat
the   War   must  he   regarded
feeling of relief.
, Tb feel that we now have the in
I exhaustible resources of America at
we must pre-|(mr bark pI1(, wil| Knorti}. |lnvc on
I immense force of fully trained men
. to take over a portion of the battle
! front, Is to feel sure, no matter what
j may happen, of   final   and   complete
victory. ^^^^^
|     F)»mi the German  viewpoint, they | moral  life, he must  he t'rt
regard their successes in Russia and | coerelofti   begins  morality
This world of mind is in correspondence with the great spiritual universe
about him. There are spiritual har-
mvmies. There ls< spiritual vision.
For the craving for endless spiritual
life, there Is the objective spiritual
reality—the spiritual man is immortal.
a Moving  Picture, but  one of the
Shows that ever came over the road
Mcculloch c* lvan.s Pre$en(
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"Father Kelly"
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Combinations of Comedy A Pathos, the world
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PLAN of Theatre at Beattie Murphy Drugstore
trine. Man is a child
is made in God's image
Ood-like attributes. Like
la rational, God was capable ol
making a man who cjulil commune with Him; nmi Me has
made man capable of understanding His will when communicated—
man is Intelligent, an God is intelligent. God is holy; therefore man
inusi commune with God on 0
moral basis. But If mnn Is to enjoy
e. Whore
in scour
110*11-18    Hlbben-Berte    HIiIrm
Victoria, II. C.
Day and Night Phone 3412
|ntana Restaurant
i al All Hour*
i and Candy
Miirrislers, Klc.
W. E. Gunl (3, J. Snrfull
Office In Hanson Block
8 to IS a.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
Italy as great victor!
I to  delude the  people  that fina
! tory will crown  their efforts.
They are not yet lacking in men—
in quantities, hut there is stronp evidence of n grndunl deterioration in
It has been reasonably demonstrated that Germany cannot be starved
out by the Hlocknde; their Military
power must he crushed and crushed
•.in the Western Front.
The German-Austrian forces are
within the circle of war and they posses a mobile advantage over the
Allies on the outer circle, in that they
are able to concentrate more rapidly
for a given attack on any front; but
Tlmo is against, the Ocrmnns; they
have passed the zenith of t' ' ■ [•.iwor
—the Allies are climbing to it.
I German Golonies have ceased to
exist. German Foreign Trade is dead.
The Gorman Navy is still cooped up
In Kiel Hnrhour—but Germnny still
holds Serbia, most of Houmania, all
but a corneri of Belgium, Alsace-
Lorraine, and a largo port of France.
Ah bug as they control this vast
territory, any premature peace would
bo hailed by them as a victory and j
tho man or woman  who would pro-1
uiiicb'iit i is  free
Father, ts tic.
Further?, God Is a. spirit. GodV. children, thtenfore, are spiritual. God is
eternal and Mis spiritual child* is
capable of spiritual and eternal fellowship, The eternity of God is a plea
for the Immortality of men,
, Mr.
The   ethical   arguments   in
of tho immortality of the soul are
strong.    These are often   quite
gotten.    One day, at  Cambridge,
Frederick  Myers   was  walking   with !
George   Eliot,   and,   speaking   of   the I
words. "God," "imni'trtality." "duty,";
slio snltl:    "The first is inconceivable.
the second Is unbelievable, the third
is imperative,"   Of course, God is In- !
conceivable in thai a finite mind can- ,
not   write   the   biography   of   an   infinite God.    Neither can  we reduce ,
the nature of the Supreme Being to
its ultimate) analysis.    It takes a God 1
to fully understand a God.   The finite j
cnnn'at fully comprehend the Infinite.
But, whilst we cannot know all that
God Is. wo know that He Is; mid a
universe without a God is inconceivable.
Moreover,  W immortality  is  unbelievable, how comes duly to he im-
I perutlve?    Daly  is  Imperative;  and
I pose to end the war upon terms which   _
j would leave the wifely of the world j conaeqoently, God and Immortality
| exposed to tho prospect bf unotlier are. a necessity. It thero Is moral1 law
j World War should be Incarcerated as | to obey, tnereimuat lie a law-tivejr, If
a dangerous ettalnal.
Trappers, Farmers,
It does not cowt you anything lo
im your furs.   Express them to us    i
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j'jii our offer
AM) 1101.11 VOIR KIRS
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if not  purchased.    Try us.
Ill Business Since 1888
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Mackay & Dippie
818 Stli Avenue. Calgary, Alln.
<iilatlut: Pill tur Women, (ft a \>o\ or thrcefor
Jiu. Sold nt nil Drue StoicH. or limited to Hnr
iddrauon receiptoI prlco.   thk Hcok..li. Druu
"Does the work cheaper, better"
is what W. H. Heideman writes. "A ton of ordinary dynamite had been used witli very poor results," he said, "and
finally I got Giant Stumping Powder to test out. It
gave entire satisfaction and did the best all-around work."
Hundreds of land clearers in every
part of British Columbia always tell
their dealers or institutes to order
Giant Stumping Powder for them.
They have found that Giant, being
made especially for use in tins section,
always gives better results than powders made to meet general conditions.
Gefrour stump book free
It contains many illustrations showing
you how to save explosives in lo.ulinn
stumps. It explains how you can get
the stumps out cleaner and easier with
Giant Stumping Powder. It also tells
how to do other kinds of farm work
with explosives. Mail the coupon and
this valuable book will be sent free.
Free Book
v.i«..VI,, b.:c.
•lumpti.L IVw.liT."   I im mieiM
Vitniltv; f<.r Nerve Mid llmln; iiu.-rMMi "grey
matter';.!Toiilt'-tflilliiilli,you up. ft*tlB* *• '
.'.wo Im (.">. at 'lrun Htor*it, or by nail <
ul to ««<»«, «*.dt.ac.. U Uuti.it'«>*;-i'..««.»i.iii»»Co..»«.r
antjfStumping Powder THURSDAY,   JAN.   3rd,   1917
"^"Sffi'-^-'"yyi ■ ...:j i:' lj TTd ti !: :n>: l^r., ■ ^ ^ ■'.-'";' Jt-:''4l?: ^Ul'fM^H1!
The Clirlnttims .Uusli ,Is
over, Nevt Hoar's Festivities
are »l mi owl. and tvltli the
Inim winter evenings upon
us, wouldn't 3***11 like !•> *H
down to rend and Soy, with
the leusl possible Eye Slrain.
'Our Scientific)))!] correct
(tliis-.es enable you lo nee
wilb (he utmost ease and
comfort. .Wo offer you unexcelled sen Ice, mid have
every foctltt) for Hiipplylnu
Klasses  (hut  arc   i:\WTU
sriTAiii.i: in i:vi:iiv way.
Ilon't    proem stlnaio   iinj
longer] tun lie your appoint'
 ni NOW,
m Ih. Wilson
Jl IMI.lit
{j^milTriiiiii;'iii    :v "    ":■/.
TIlOl'CIITs   ON   l>nh>.:! .1.1
Kilhy frames picture.*.
Wo are currying a full line of boota
and shoes.— Cranbrook 'flxebauge,
Armstrong Ave.
Mis Honor Judge Thompson lefl
for Ptrnle on Wednesdoy evening.
The Annual Poultry Show will b«
held at the Fair Grounds, January !i
1 and 10.
\\'e are carrying a full line of boots
mil alioes.— Ciaubrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Frosh young turkeys 35c d tli; this
prlcn they arc cheapor than nieel
Cash Meal and Grocery Store
Would tin-  wo
who found the
I'uclcol luiiir- Hie I" Will
sm'i't) tiu/m- #1."" in f>M
Onlliiiirj iiiiz.ii- turn in f:wn
Iliuiir Hours Slic In JI.7S
Kli/iir SU'IMIS T.'.r In *S.IIII
CllnlliB Sols JII.HU lotlSJW
Nickel Tin Hollies HI.3 HH.S0
llrus» Trays *2.S3 In (Mil
C«l>livr Tiiii- *-•-•'> In ft*'
\-li in see OI.AHSRAKE
Thi' now ronkhiR Ware
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranhrook     -     B.C.
Georgette erepo waist and who wore
same ai the New Vear'B Ball klndl)
return sntno i" Mrs, Arthur Jamoa
Expert piano and organ Luulug, re
pnlring ant' regnlntlng. 13. A. Parlcor,
phono 311. l\ 0, Box 628, cranbrook
Annual Poultry Bhow will bo held
nt iii«> Pair Grounds, January D and
Be Bure ami see the Annual Poultry
Show al  tic Fair Grounds on Wed.
and Tlitirs   Jim.. 8th and  10th.    Ad- (Continued from  par.'- t*to)
mission free : dorlug  tribes   like ihe  Pyramids of
  , Egypt; "washed by the passing waves
Mr, Praser McAdam, recently of j or humanity," Is a simple, yet leautl-
Plncher Creek branch of P. Burns &jful expression of faith in (in- future
Co.,   Ltd.,   will   have charge  of  the  or the soul.
office here In place ol Mr, Toombs The history of rites and ceremonies
                             is the history, In symbol, of a people's
The Secretary-Trcasmer of Ihe faith, Habits of life express habits
Cranhrook Branch of the St John j of thought. The priestly incantation.
Vrnhulencfl Association is In receipt the weird rite, the communal custom
ul the foliov.ing leh gram rrom thu express the mitlook of the community;
Manager of the Opera Home al High ' and the record of rite and ceremony
lltver, Alberta "Scott Family is the recorded faith of the race in a
stormed High River. Excellent pi"- future life.
cram     Full house."   The Scott Fain- Experience
llj of Entertainers will be al the Aud- The Infallible test of truth is ex-
Itorium Theatre on Wednesday. Jan, j perienee. Scientific truth is truth
Oth, under the uisplces of tho abovi verified by fact. Theories that collide
\ sol i ition and pul on a splendid witll experience must bo rejected.
i rograni of He l< li songa, hum irons T|,e history nf religion is the treasur-
itbrlos, dunces, such as raelt fling ,,)( experience of the soul's contracl
with God and the future. The Bible
is   the recorded   experience of   the
Tilt:    MKTIH.'IMST    till lit II
Pastor: Rev  Thoi   Key worth
The  King's I'nj  of intercession
Services will be held on Sabbath
at u aau, at 7.30 pan. al both <it
which the pastor Will preach. The
morning service will be specially arranged In harmony with the wish of
The King as expressed in proclamation,
Sacrament will be served at the
close of the morning service.
Sabbath School and Aduii Class at
3 Mil.
and wor dam i The ln(t< r being
done bj Ihe tour ehildron in Scots' b
costume,     The   tlcketi    have   been
The documents
placed at the low price of rifty-eents for pgyehlcal Research give the re-
each in urder to give everyone a ' conjed experiences of the modem
•nance to enjn) the ontertninment. mind under scientific scrutiny In
\ special  matinee for children only J every   case,   the   soul's   experience
will '
ill's il II li<iniin- ni' Pernio Is
spending ii row ilnys hi the city Hie
guest nt Mrs. HooUgo Hognrtli.
Mr. nnd Mrs, U B. Toombs loft
Thursday tor Vancouver. Mr. Toombs
line been Mnnnser tor P. Burns *i Co.,
I.i.l. im ibis polnl for the nnsl year.
Keep Wednesdoy, Jon, nth, clenr tor
the big Scotch entertntnmenl I" be
gtven ln'i'i' under the auspices nf the
St. John Ambulance Association.
Sugar cheaper this week, 110.40 ewt.
delivered.—Cosh Mrai and Grocery
Would ilk' woman who uuiiul the
Georgette crepe wiilBl um! who wore
some ai the New Year's Ball kindly
return Bamo to Mrs. Arthur James.
The Annual Poultry sli'nv will be
held ot tin' Pair Grounds, January u !
and 10.
The funeral of Ida Mcrla, wife of
Victor Ol.son, of Kitchener, who died j
at St. Eugene Hospital last week, took j
place liMin Knox Presbyterian Church
on Sunday  last.
Be sure nnd see the Annual Poultry
Show nl the Pair Grounds on Wed.:
anil Tliurs.. Jan. Oth ami mill. Admission tree
Victory Loan Subscribers! turn In
n the bunk the first Iteiveiitt for i'1',
gtven you by the bank, ond receive
back tha Inierini Certificate Issued
by the Government.
SIMIIItOW    M AlililN
,\i Hi,. Presbyterian -Minis,, on Tuesday January 1st, Miss Hazel Jane
.Madden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Tims. Henry Madden, of Lundbreck,
Alto., and Oscar John Sparrow of
Pernio, It. C were united in marriage
by the Rev, mills Wright.
The jUung couple are spending
their honeymoon In California, after
which they purpose making their
home ai Pernio, B. C.
Seattle Wash., December 21th. 1917.
On December 24th, al Trinity Episcopal Church, by the Rev. W. H. Bliss,
Mrs. J. M. Denne, of this City, was
married to Mr. P. Bownoss ot Vancouver.
After visiting Portland, San Francisco, and other Coast cities, Mr, ami
Mrs. Bowness will make their home
in Vancouver, B. C.
Tlie "Herald" joins with the many
friends in extending its congratulations ami best wishes.
points to the reality of an "after life."
The Word ol God
however, for the follower of Christ
is sufficient, as a basis for the doctrine of Immortality. He has something higher to appeal to, for certainty, concerning the future life, than
literature, history, science or philosophy. He may he Interested in
these. By nu appeal I', these, he
may confirm his own faith; but, they
lire not tile basis of his faith, The
verdicts of science are ever Changing;
but, the word of God Hveth and abid-
etii for ever. This is the Christian's
tiniil court or appeal.
The Part in' Christ
however, is the short i»md to certainly. He is tlie way. the truth, nnd the
life. It is the old question: "Wnnl
think ye of Christ." He stood on the
other side of the grave and said' "I
am He that ilvoth and was dead; and
behold 1 am alive for ever inure."
He says: "Because I live ye shall I've
tiiat   I
of ih
■   1    it.   I).  P.   please
xt  regular meeting
he hel
:  p.m. on  Jan.  lltli.
1 Ifl'le
irs  lo
year   191S   will   1"
lilted i
. this
meeting and , looted
at til
• Anna
il mi
eting in February.
'Pi the celestial city there i; h
Celestial Guide—Christ. Heaven to
Mini was no terra Incognita. The future life, to Him, was not a ooloiirlcsfi
hope, ii was a well-defined chart, To
every emigrant, seeking ;i home in
that new world, He can explain the
map. reveal the hidden secrets and
boundless wealth of the laud whither
they journey. Heaven is r.'it a Hack
spot mi a colourless, and boundless
horizon. For the Church Christ is the
Infallible Guide. There all controversy ends.   Our destiny is wrapped
'a7supor7orTo "The un ln His Hls em,leBB 1,ffl lfl a Sl,nr*
antee for ours. We can say: "O,
dentil! where Is thy sting? 0. grave!
where is thy victory." "Thankp he
t»o God who giveth us the vlstory
tit rough our Lord Jesus Christ."
He is still saying to the spirit,
groping in the dark, lost In the mazes
of life: "Whither I go ye know and
the way ye know,"
Can yon think of any reason why
there should  not be one in your A   Rod  Cross "Tea"  will  be  given
home? by the Ladles of St. Marys Church on
January 5th, proceed:; to he handed
i$ I, If. A Moron, Craabr*ok BxebMti   nver  ,,, wcn|  st  j0im  Ambulance
t'Kirrn icati. in iHi'itovi ni v">
Notice <>f I in pro re me nts
"Empire" Mini
Varl'iij. 1       1
"Alvarodu     1
"Annie.   I'l.e I
, • .'    Mini
i.il Cli
"Word'   Mnei
"\|,rll   Kii„i
mil"   Him
nil   I'll
■ the Annual Poultry
r Grounds on Wed.
9th and lfltl      \ii
Miss J  Tanton ol the NursluR Stafl
i   Qnlfour Military Sanatorium, ae
nmpnnled bj   Mlt    I.   Boomer, were
In the rlty on Wednesday en
a   r Todd, who has been engaged
ml"     Mineral        ,;, , ;,. i tor hi re fax a shorl lime,
recently reei Ived nottci   to re] orl I
military   Ben Ice,   and   le lvi     to dnj
Which cornea to the Auditorium Theatre on Saturday, Jan- 6th, is one of
the finest productions pul on tha
stage [or the last six years.
Although by the sumo author, it is
pronouncod to be
Rosary" In every respect, and that
Is saying a great deal.
The new play features Frank 0.
Ireson, th ■ eminent actor. "Fntliei
Kelly." and he and his talented company come to us on thla Western tour,
fresh from tltolr Chicago triumphs,
and the management of the Auditorium Theatre arc to bo congratulated
upon having secured ihe engagement
of one or the besl attractions of modem times.
Speaking of lite Bhow, one of the
leading Chicago erllica says, "it has
everything to make It one of the most i
successful plays of modern times A ;
hcart> laugh a sigh a tear- and
you go away feeling thai at last you
have witnessed o performance that'
was well worth your while"
■•At)   Moll '■'■   Rosary"  is a   most I
delightful    mingling   ol    iinronrioufl
laughter and  pathos, of comedy and
1'OIC   <0\N( IIH'TIO\
(Broekville  Times)
Following is an extract from a let-
ter by Lieut, Uasil Stayner of BtOek-
vine, to his mother:
■\\'e are busy just at present electioneering. Our polls opened Monday
and the whole division will be
through voting by to-morrow, Wednesday. Niin'ty per cent, of the vote
win u«i for the Union Government.
Feeling Is  very hitter  here and  ln
maa-nineem   drnmntti    situations   of  pra|)ce   „,„„„,,;, „„. ,„,„„„ aBalnHt I',
•""■"-■  l":"""-,     s'"1' J  nvl  I1'™1! Canada.   We ore asking for help ond   '
as tiiis should
cltisen i of C
hook   their   -
Kelly"  ^ sure  lo  be prceted  by n
ro'wrteii house.
I tl
Ised t"
"Pnullne" Mini nil CI ilm
".tiea'iiiiine   Mineral Cloli
"Tlpiiornry" Mineral Clnlni for Colgarj
Situate.I  iii  in,   fori  Still h   M ■■
Division  ot  Kiel   KoUonu)   nistrlcl , ,     s    ,
When   Uei I     On   Sulltvon   Hill, Reserved  soots   01     Q cen  Blots
Kinit.eriev ii t!   Uwful Holder   Th. Ings" onTrldas nlglit or, helm rapid
Consolldoted M            I m Itlm Com i. token up, nnd anyone having tick'
pony of Caniulu    Itod    Number ol ,,,,   ,-,,,.   ,-,..  M,,,t   soots   should   en
wsii;''i!''"    ' "    " '       '   ';  ' ''" '"     '"' "'"'"" d,taJ  '' "' '" '
Tulie Notloi II " I, J  K  i ram Free Murphj -
Miner'- Cerlltl tl i    ' I "■  01 tli i   01
agent tor tin1 Consolllaled Mining 8 .|-.,. v, „ yeni „ ,   ,,   . ,,, ,,, v.,n
K,i5i,Mrtffin'iJ?M Viii;';;!' ■ ' ■«hm ■  	
tend, al the end nl           daj    from whlstli    and   Irons, and though there
the date hereof to apply to the Mln are nol mnnj of these mi inuslenl in
lug Rocordor toi p Certificate nf Im ..,r,iin, „,.. 1fi the city, those wo have
provoinenla, for tho  I'hrpose of^oh-    u ||(()m nnnouncIng ,iiearrival ol
annual   Chrh im;:
man without ,
Canadian "
1 would rather he u
nun try than be called
And further take i
under Section 85 of t
must he commi tu i il
nnco of Btich Certirii
t:iis in ;■ most thorough main
co I   il action .	
v:   ,'  ' /',,','      Hah  Work   On account of Christ-
i of Improve-   inns rush we have had to prolong our
1 stay, hut will he leaving CronbrcOk
Dated  this 7th  day  of November, Monday    Ladles wishing us to taki
l8Tii0 Consolldsled Mining • Smelt-  »* »'"1'li !""> """" « lK'"li' l]''"i,!"
|„g Compony of Conada, Limited.       j roll or phone us.   D, A. Aclon, noon,
Pnr J  ''   Craffi 46-1)1.   lift. Hanson  Hlnrk.
CltAMIKOtlli    I,AMI    iHSI'llKT '    Tim Annual mealing ot Knox Pres-
__— bylorlnn t'linreli will bo held on Tues-
liWriet   nf   Kail   liiinli'ii'iy doy evening, January 8th at 8 o'elock;
TAKE NOT1CI3 thai  I. tlcorgo A.  tho mombors and  adherents of tho
limit of Kitchener, U. C., occ ttlon  ror.grcgntlon , te specially reniesi >.l
Parmer, intends to npply for portnls- (l   „ttend.   Aftri' ihe business tine
slon to purchase the following too- b    rolp^Iimcnttt  served    n
ei'lheil lauds:   Cotnmenclng nl n imsi
planted on the Southern boundnry of ■ serial hour spi n the School I on o
tot 8008 ami '.'ii chains In nn Masterly 	
direction from Iho South weBl corner ,  „      ,   , acknowledge
thereof     thenee     Keillll     UII    elltlins, . '
thence Bool 20 chains, thence North "'i   rt im of HB.20 from Siiirerln-
to   the Southern   boundnry "f   the tondont A. C, Horshow.   This ntnonnl
lllght of way nf the n. ('. Southern| Uolng donntod by tho cltlstona ot Crnn-
reinforcements;   so  for  nnither  has
been  forthcoming, and  If they ever
turned us iiiiise in Quebec what happened to Helgiatil  would he small In
"The English people are very much
IAXT.V Cl.Al'S VISITS nfANBIIOOK   Interested   and   nearly   everyone   jiju
IMITIST I III III II , meet is asking If Conado Is Bolng to
drop out of the war.   it fairly makes
o„  Thursdnv   27th  December, the   '">' '"'■'" '"'>'" »«» slli,n"', ""•' lf tl,ls
hllrtren or the school met for .heir' government is turned down, with all
Preat     The   par-   Ihe disastrous consequences that are
illdron assembled   lmm"1 '" r
,i ,. lo o't inii, for supper,   After sup
per, an inief  nun piijgrom of musl
r'l','.' ehll'ilr!'','"   nnni'ly"' S,',',i,'a'''',''l,,!!s   nXS OK     BAPTIST     liirilUf
nnpwrcd to make glad tho hearts by
i n,,i,i itlBburiomcnt of two heavily Sunday, Ittli January,   im
laden trees    With a ChristmaB Carol   l^noon.  u    Theme:   Tho  Law of
ami tho henedlrtlon n very Interesting
nnd happy evening was brought tn a
i lose
The following Ib the program:
Carol   by   nie  congregation:   "Ihirlt
tho Herald Angela Sing."
Invocation by tha Rev. James Dun Rap.
Carol:    The children.
Recitation:    Ralph Lndds,
Recitation:  Nettie Qnrd,
Recitation: Elvln Leaik.
Recitation:  Connie Basset,
Recitation:  Ronie Haynes,
Song:    Wllholmena Woodmnn.
Rocltntioi :   Willie Taylor,
Recitation:   Mildred Bridges.
Recitation:   I-IaiOld Udds,
Recitation:   Helen Ollroy,
Recltntion:  Clifford Haynes.
Carol:    Class Five.
Recitation: hy Santa Clans Junior
Recitation:   Doris Haynes,
Recitation:  Kenneth Bnssett.
Recitation:   Madeline  Woodman.
Club Drill: The Girls.
Recitation:    Dorothy   Bridge
I wish te dispose of eight) acres uf
laud in the Creston District, situated
Upproxliimtel) five ami one hull'
utiles to the North East of the station
and in closer proxlmltj to the stations
of Crlekson ami He Nellie, lielug the
West hah of Slid hot twelve of Lot
j.'iD-j U, I ■ Would take two thousand
dollars cash, or give terms to suit
the purchaser| or twenty.five bun*
died dollar* in pari eush and balance
in trade for horned rattle and haled
bay: or I •••mid give a five year lease
of the propert), renewable for another
lite tears mi the husis of lessee uiak*
lug erluiii stated iniprou'im-ntK and
patlmr all rates, taxes aud assess-
ineuls, lease to carry an option to
purchase. Indefeasible title. If aboie
not satisfactory state your own terms.
Basil 0. Hamilton, liner unite, II. I'.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to
the electors of tho  Municipality of
Cranhrook.  that   I   require  the  pics-
owe of tho said electors at the Municipal    Building,    Norbury    Avenue,
Cranbrtok, v.. c. on the 14th d;-.y of
January. 1018, al twelve o'clock noon
tone o'clock City Time), for the purpose of electing persons to roprosent
them   in   the   .Municipal   Council   as
! Mayor, Aldermen, Poltee Commifislon-
j ers.    License    Contra I ssfcn era    nnd
J School Trustees.
The mode of nomination of caudt-
! dates shall he as follows:-
j Tlie candidates shall be nominated
i in writing; tho writing shall be subscribed by two voters :)f the municipality as proposer and seconder.
and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between (lie
date of the notice and two p.m. CI
p.m. City time) of tlie day of nomination; the said writing may be in the
.'inn numbered •'• in tho Schedule of
the "Municipal Elections Act," and
shall state the names, residence, and
occupation or description of each person proposed, In such manner as to
identify such candidate; and in the
event of a poll being necessary Btich
poll will be opened on the 17th day
of January, 1918, at the Municipal
Building. Norbury Avenue, cranbfaok
B. C, of which every person Is hereby required to take notice cud govern
themselves accordingly,
Qualifications for Mayor. The persons qualified to be nominated for
and elected as tlie Mayor of any city
shall be any person who is a British
subject of tlie full nge of twenty-one
years, not disqualified under any law,
and for the six months next proceeding the day ot nomination been the
registered owner, in the Land Registry Office, of land or real property
in the city of the assessed value, on
the last municipal assessment roll,
Of one thousand dollars or more over
and above any registered judgment or
charge, and who is otherwise duly
qualified as a municipal voter.
Qualifications for Aldermen. The
persons qualified to be nominated for
and elected as Aldermen of a city
shall be such persons as are British
subjects of the full age of twenty-one
years, and who are ii'it disqualified
under any law, and have been for the
six months next proceeding the day
of nomination the registered owners.
In the Lund Registry Office, of hind
or real property In tlie city of the
assessed value, on the last municipal
assessment roll, of five hundred dol-
more over nnd above any
I registered judgment or charge, and
i who are otherwise duly qualified us
municipal voters.
Qualifications for School  Trustees.
Any person being a British subject of
the full sge of twenty-one years actually residing within the district, and
having been for the six months next
proceeding tho date of nomination the.
registered owner, in the Land Registry Office, of land or real property
I in the City School District of the as-
| sessed  value, on  the  last municipal
: assessment roll, of five hundred dol-
i lars   or   more   over   and   above   any
: registered judgment or charge, and
j being Utherwise qualified to vote al
i an election of school trustees in the
said school district, shall he eligible
• to he elected or to serve as a school
trustee In such city school district.
(liven under my hand nt Cranhrook,
B. c„ this 2nd day or January. 1018.
Thos. M. ItDberts,
1-21 Returning Officer
Bible School, 3.
Evening,   7.po. - -Tliemo:   Among   the
Preacher:  Rev. .lames Dunlop.
Railway, thence following the said
■Southerly boundary nf the Right of
way to n point on the South boundary
<>f Lot Moil, thence Westerly to the
point, or commencement.
Dated October 27th, Ifli7.
(lenrge Andrew Hunt,
4Mt Applicant   ». b
hroolt nl the polling booth on Ibe
night f December 17th In aid ft the
Chapter Work. All those who contributed to ll'is fund please flccopt the
thnnkn and appreciation nf the I. O.
And   She   Soon  Got   Back
Her Strength
New Castle, Ind.—"The musics
left me run down, no appetite, could
not rest at night, and I took a aevera
cold which settled on my lungs, so I
was unable to keep about my housework. My doctor advised me to take
nlnlou: riiiitili' nmi Konnctli Bnssoll, Vinol, and aia bottles restored my
Recltntion i Bessie Woodmnn. heal* so I do all my housework, in-
,.,    .it...i„. eluding washing.    Vinol is the best
Reollntlon: Bdward Taylor. medicine I ever used."-Alice Record,
The Cranhrook Trading Co.s
Cash Grocery & Meat Store
Ml  I'll  Order*  ii.-ii,,<ml I. n. Ii.
HuMiis. in os, |ikge, rm'li 	
Jinn Strawberry- large tins 	
Hie Rose Flour, iht i»l	
Tlllilf I'nliiii! niMns lii'r tli  	
Cnniiibell's Tomato Sou", tier Mn
Herrings in Tomato Sauce, per tin
Gold Dull, I'i'r I'knr	
Tiinmtoi's large m/»- tin. eaclt
lllue Itiiiimn Tea, per Ih  	
Kill 1'leklcs, large tin* 	
I nttuni\ Hint Seed, per tikge ...
Bice por lb	
Sweet Potatoes, :i lbs for 	
I ri.i'n   I   i.tli     	
. inc.
. 15c.
With the land forces
and with the fleet
gives solace in the
lone watch, it freshens and refreshens,
steadies nerves,
allays thirst, helps
appetite and digestion.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada* Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Rending: Mm. Kithnerl.
puott:    Miss smiili nmi Mr, Pnlmor,
Rootling; Mrs, Woodmnn,
Valodictory: Leslie Knltnert.
Carol:    Congregation.
B#n auction. %
437 Sa IItn St" New c"tle' Ind-
We guarantee thii wonderful cod
llvet end iron tonic, Vinol, for all
weak run-down, ntrvoua conditions.
Cranbrnnk Drug A Book f'o., Cran-
brook, B. C, also st the beat drug
rlili in all B. C. towns.
SYNOPSIS   lit    VitAl   MIMMi
Coal miniiiR rights of the Dominion, in Manitoba. Saskatchewan and
Alberta, tlie Yukon Territory, tlie
North-West Territories and tn a portion of the Province of British Colum-
btai may be leased for a terra of
twenty-one years renewable for a further term of :M years at an annual rontal of $1 an acre. Not more
than 2,560 acres will he leased to one
Application for a lease must be
made hy tlie applicant In person to
tlie Agent or Sub-Agent of the district In which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvoy-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
he staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of If. which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
nf five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tile Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable cnnl mined sod pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal aUnlai
righti are not being oparalts sack rs-
Spokane, Washington
Tills bouse has 0a
happy distinction of being the favorite stopping place In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage ami do
everything In our power
tn make you comfortable
Our location Is excellent —
close to flreat Northern Station
and O. W. R. A- N.—Mllwattke
terminal, and within a mloni''s
walk from the principal busiu-ss
houses and places o[ amusement
Sec   Si«>am*ililii   on   Roof
im «»nly
■ - LIUITED— •_
UN  till'
311 > A It l»'N
turns should be furnished at least once
a year.
Tho lease will Include the coal mining rights only.
For fill Information application
should bo made to the Secretary ot
the Department of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
nf Dominion Lands,
Deputy Minister ot the Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement will not bo paid
Wonder"*   Pump
Humps Water, Oil and Sand
Real  Power Pump Mode
i    . .,,.-■   >,, opei »te   ii -f ■ "    ■ '■• l
Hlti [..<•     '"I        '■'"'   v-    I    '■  '^l:1
wYiflrioo  n i  -■- ■ ■      ' "  '■"■
■ In*!    Tini'i- J   Wntri    Whfrti
WllMII.ll  PI MP  V  IMilM'.
usi p.»... a,, w.. ,■«.■•»»,'■
THURSDAY,   IAN.   3rd,   1917
Following the practice ot former years we are placing on Sale all odd and broken lines
to make room for new stock and to facilitate stocktaking on February first.
These Lines are all dependable and desirable Merchandise and many of them cannot be duplicated under present conditions, certainly not
at these prices.
50c Sleighs    85c
C1.S5 Sleighs #1.00
*l.".-> Sleighs   (1.25
#5.75 Cutter  *4.00
»«.«<> Cutler       $4.25
18.00 Cutter      (5.75
9.00 Cutter       #0.2.',
#10.00 Cutter      #7.00
#11.50 Culler       #8.25
#1».00 Cutter   #9.25
#2.75 Doll Gall     #1:75
#3.75 Doll Cult #2.75
#4.50 Doll Cah  #8.25
#0.50 Doll Cab  #4.50
!5c Wool (.loves    55c
#1.00 Wool Glove   80c
#1.25 Wool Glove #1.00
76c Wool Mills     50c
#1.00   Wool  Mills       75c
#1.25 Lined Ulotes    90c
#1.50 Lined Gloves #1.10
#1.00 Lined Mitts «0e
#1.25 Lined Mitts     90c
#1.76 Lined Mitts #1.25
#2.00 Lined Mitts #1.50
ALL DOLLAR HIS   ....   75c
ALL 75c TIES    60c
00c Arm Hands      40c
50c Arm Hands      85c
#1.50 Suspender Sets ... #1.00
#1.75 Suspender Sets ... #1.25
#1.50 Belt Sols #1.00
#1.50 Suspenders       #1.10
#1.00 Suspenders    75c
#2.00 Muffler  #1.35
#1.50 Muffler  #1.10
#11.00 Sweater      #1.50
#7.00 Sweater   #5.25
#8.00 Sweater   #6.80
#9.00 Sweater #7.50
#2.50 Kelt Shoes  #1.90
#8.50 Kelt Shoes #2.90
#5.50 Kelt Shoes #4.00
Any $25.00 Suit
Including Blue and Brown Serge
or Overcoat
In the Store for $19,85
Furniture Dept.
#8.60 Men's Heavy Robbers
#3.75 Men's Heavy Ituhhers
$5.50 Men's Overshoes . #1.50
$3.75 Men's Overshooes . $3.00
$.",.25 Men's Overshoes .. #1.25
$2.25 Roy's llctivy Rubbers 1.00
Ii5c Roy's Long So\ .... 50c
50e Roy's Lined Mitts .... 85c
$1.25 Roy's Lined Gloves. 90c
$1.50 Hoy's Lined Gloves #1.10
#1.25 Roy's Lined Mills .. Oflc
The Ladies' Dept
is cnntrMiiiting many money
saving opportunities. On »e-
ciiiiiiI ni' Ihe varied lines il
would require inure space to
(lisci'ihc eneh article. Suffice
lo say there ore SERGE
Call Early and Get the Best Selections
JOlt   SALK-Ford   Touring-   Car,
$225.—Apply Box 905, City.
(URL IVIVrUl Inr general lnn.se.
work; good wages.—Apply to Mrs. W,
E. Worden, Armstrong Avenue.    52-tf
FOB   SALE---Srien   Jtmim   lions?
with bathroom; two lots; good terms
and bargain price.—Apply A. D.
Bridges. 1-lt.
FOR SALE-Suw Mill and Quantity
of Rubber Belting. For particulars,
write P. Lund, Box 189, Lethbrldge,
Alta. l-4t.
1XEBICAN OHtiAN-pMti*. bargain ever offered; mirror back, 12
stops, 2 knee swells, condition as new;
price $175, sacrifice $50.00.—W. W.
Kllby, Armstrong Avenue.
STRAYED   TO   LOT   SttHt—thrre
head of cattle, one red cow, one red
and white steer; owner may have
same by proving ownership and paying expenses.—8, P. Chllds, Han-bury,
B. C.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Bonner and children, Mrs. James Whitehead and children, and Mr. McNeil, returned this
week from Spckane, where thev spo*:
the Christmas holidays vMtlng
Mrs. J. W. Pitch has had as her
guests her sister, Mrs. E. A. Hill of
Cranbrook, and Mrs. W. E. Swartz of
Messrs C. Roberts, A. Sjubert, J.
E. Kelly and M, Cusek have gone to
hew of the L'nd Depot Battalion of
Victoria, as military representative,
did not have very many persons ft)
come before them. The total registrations were sixty in all. Of this j
number forty-three came before the
tribunal, one of them whs trunsferr- |
ed, thirteen had registered in error,
sixteen were allowed oft temporarily,
five applications were disallowed and
eight were after examination by the
medical lAmrd. found to be medically
unfit, leaving a total of seventeen others who have noi asked for exemption.
And, moreover, take notice, the publication of this notice is deemed to be
equivalent to a personal demand by
the   Assessor   and   Collector   of   all !
tuxes   due  and   payable  by  persons |
liable to pay Ihe same.
Dated at Cranbrook, H. C, Hiis 2nd i
day of January, 1918.
Deputy Assessor and Collector, Fort ■
Steele  Assessment   District.
l-2t. I
Tie luncheon set which was donated to rulse money for patriotic use,
and worked by Mrs. A. B. Fen wick
and Mrs. C, Levett, was raffled last
Thursday week. Tho lucky ticked
drawn was No. 22, wlm by Mr Harry
Drew of Kiinberley, B. C. The sum
of $4ti was realized and a cheque for
the amount will be sent lo the Patriotic and Prisoners of War Funds
and the Red Cross Society.
Sealed tenders wilt bo received by
the Minister of Lands not later than
noon on the 28th day of February.
1918, for tlie purchase of Licence X
1212, to cut 2,520,000 feet of Sawlogs,
44,890 Railway Ties, and 4,070 Cedar
Poles on an ana known as Lots 3877
and 8878, situated near Creston,
Kootonay District. Two (2) years
will be allowed for removal of timber. Further particulars ol the Chief
Forester, Victoria, B. C, or District
Forester, Cranbrook, B, O, l-4t.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the Minister of Lands n')t later than
noon on the 10th day of January, 1918,
for the purchase of Licence X 1215.
to cut 11,200 Tamarack and Fir Railway   Tics   on,. ;iii   area   situated   on
Lowov Mnyie l-ake. Kootenaj District,
One (Ii year will be allowed for removal of timber. Further particulars of the Chief Forester, Victoria.
B. C, or District Forester, Cranhrook,
B. C. 1-lt.
Sealed tenders will be received by
tho District Forester not later than I
noon on the 10th day of January, 1918,
for the purchase of Licence X 1210,
to cut 3,200 Juckplne. and Tamarack |
Railway Ties 'jji an area situated near
Lower Moyle Lake Kootenay District.
One (1) year wilt bo allowed for removal of timber, Further particulars
of the Chief Forrester, Victoria, B. 0„
or District Forester, Cranbrook, B. C.
Among other contributions of late
to the Upkeep ol the Windermere Dis-
ti'ct General Hospital have been vegetables from Messrs. T. A, Pope. John
Jones of Windermere, Bills and Stod-
dart of the same place und Hugh L,
Fuller. Fowl have been sent in by
Mrs. c. D. FiUfllmmOns, together with
^electables for Christmas dicer and
bandages; Messrs. Bills and sioddart
have given chickens; Captain A. H.
MacCarthy of Wllmer, a handsome
money donation aud supply of vegetables and Mr. G. E. Purhnru, bulbs.
The sum of five hundred dollars has
also been received being tho legacy
left by the late Mrs. Mary S. Aduml
of Montreal. Several of the canvassers for tho Canada Victory Loan 1S1"
have foregone their commission on
the sale of the bonds and asked that
the amount be contributed to this institution while in the case of still
other ajfcnvassera he) (funds oi the
Patriotic Society and tlie Red Crosu
Society of Canada are to be enriched.
The many calls for volunteers l'>
join the forces to flgbl the battles of
King and Empire Which have been
answered by the men of the Windermere Mining Division have been In
their several drafts so generously
answered that from a total population or twelve hundred souls ihe nam-
Iter from causes Incident ft) the war
has been reduced throughout the territory to some six hundred persons
Including men, women and children,
nf the former population not lose
than one hundred and twenty-five
joined the colors, For this rearfin
the work of the military tribunal for
Ibis part, Comprising Messrs. Joseili
Lake nf Atbalmer and F. C Stockdale
of this part, with Captain I. II. Mny-
(Contlnucd from Page Our)
count, and begin tu product- some- j
thing more useful than.the vaparlags j
of puerile boobies and self termed
1 may bo permitted to suggest the
first stages towards practical work:
Tlie Board of Trade or the Mayor and
Council should invito, consult and assist practical men, prospectors   and
miners who know of tho hidden sources of untold wealth in this district,
which single handed these struggling I
I pioneers are powerless to develop, but
i by united effort, not by "bobby boost-
■ ing" capital and labor may be attract-1
j ed to unlock the vaults of hidden treasure.    Other districts have made  a
success along the lines of n1 monition. [
Anothr great field for energy   nnd \
thought   is  the  dormant   agricultural I
capacity for the dlfltrlct,  Invite prac-1
tical   farmers  tfj  meetings iwho  can j
tell of the drawbacks and obstacles.]
and how many of tlip hitter can bo |
overcome   hy   united   effort,   human  |
sympathy and  the application  of    a
common sense policy hy those in nuth- II
ority  wtio preach, cat less, and pro- j
duce more: but preaching d'tes   not j
bring  water to the arid spots which ;
could be made to blossom and produce
abundance, nor does It drain the valuable swamps and lowlands Which are
held by the wealthy speculators   who
need more of the super tax and   n
little less of it for the toiling farmers.
This is jiist a starter for the exercise of the brain power nf the embry- i
onic statesmen and shining politicians J
to digest, let them show ''■- people
that  their  assimilative cajaclty    Is j'
equal  to the occasion, we will then  Ij
keep them occupied with a full meal
of equally useful  suggestions,   And '|
ttie Herald will give every assistance i
i'.issible in formulating a progressive;1
policy  based  on   business   principles f
for the welfare nl  this district. ■
Adopt the use of Classified
Want Ads. Thty have proved
money makers lor others.
They are appreciated hy the
buyer, as they enable him to
quickly locate the plate where
he can find his requirements.
Will he find your business
Notice is hereby given that all taxes |
for the yenr 1917 for properties situ- j
ate in the Fort Steele Assessment I
District are now due and pnyable at |
my office. In the Court-bonne. City ,
nf Crnnbrook, It. O. *•'■
you must do something more
than use cosmetics. You must
keep tlie blood pure, the liver
and kidneys active anil Ihe
'bowels regular. You must also
■correct the digestive ills thai
cause muddy skin and dull eyes.
•ofteryputhe needed help. They
are mild in action, but quickly
strengthen the stomach, gently stimulate the liver and regulate the bowels. They put the
body in good condition to the
organs work as nature intended. Backed by sixty years of
usefulness," Beechams Pills
are worth a
guinea a box
Actual Size
5 Inches
or money back
Briefly speaking that's our guarantee; and it's
just as broad as we can make it. In fact, it's
so broad that unless El Sidelo Cigars please
your taste and win your approval, they cost you
absolutely nothing.   Here is our offer:
Step into a cigar store
and buy SOc worth of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or Club House size). Smoke them critically; note their mild, delicate flavor, and
rich fragrance. Judge them from the standpoint
of your own likes and dislikes. Then if you are
not thoroughly satisfied, return the bunds to us
and get your money back.
el SWel0
~     CIGAR        v
CHESTERFIELD Size, 4 for 50c
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,      6 for 50c
Made from selected Havana Leaf.
For sale at first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co., London, Ontario, Canada.
>l.«li« 1+Vmilm *
■ a* SWW hi <f IsmU VU» k 1


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