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Cranbrook Herald Jun 17, 1915

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THURSDAY, JUNE 17th. 1915
School Board Deal With Matter at
Special Meellng—Principal
Tenders Resignation
The Bpeclal meeting of the Cranbrook school board held on Tuesday
night at 8 o'clock in tlio council
chamber brought out a full attendance of members. Tlie mooting was
specially called to consider tlie sal-
ary reductions, which matter came up
before tlm board on previous occasions, and to deal with any resignations to hum).
The secretary reud the minutes of
the previous meeting, which were up-
proved hy the hoard.
A communication wus reud from
H. ('. Garrard, tendering his rosignu
tlon as principal of the Central school
to take effect at the cud of the school
term. It was moved by Trustee Wilson and seconded hy Trustee Henderson that the resignation be accepted,
the board expressing its regrets.
A letter from Miss Woodland, principal of the South Ward school, was
read. The letter stated that the register In the South Ward school had
been re-arranged and Dr. Robinson
advised to thnt effect. The leter also
dealt with tlie proposed salary reduction aud Miss Woodland thought
instead of her wages being reduced
they should be Increased. That part
of the letter dealing with the register,
etc., was sustained, while the portion dcaliug with the salary was held
over until later in the evening, when
the matter would be discussed.
The question of the deed to the
Kootenay Orchard school was brought
up by Trustee Qualn, It being pointed
out that the present building was not
fit for human habitation. Some of the
board members felt that the school
Bhould be closed down or have arrangements made at once for tiie erection of the new building. The deeds
to tlie property on whicli the proposed new building will be located are
as slow as cold molasses in winter
Chairman White will get figures
on the needed alterations to the
lavatory system. This matter wus
the outcome of a visit here by Inspector Hope.
Board adjourned on motion of Trustees Manning and Qualn.
~ MSCUS8~wCRr8I8 IN B. C."
CniuhriMtk   1'.  U*  M,  Endorses   I'n
posal for Benefit ef Odd Fellows
on Active Service
, Rev.
A. K. Cooke Will Address Meeting at Auditorium Next
Thursday Evening
Quartly presided, lu the unavoidable
absence of the president, Mr. Doyle,
wiio unfortunately, bad a broakdown,
on his way to attend, between Fort
Steele, and Wasa.
The secretary read tho answers received from the Canadian Pacific railway, re tlie inefficient cattle guards,
and after a short discussion the matter was dropped for the present.
The chairman then reported that
they had opened a banking account,
and it was necessary to appoint signing officers.
Mr. Stevens proposed and Mr. Barr
seconded, that cheques be signed by
the president, or in his absence from
Wasa, the vice-president, and in the
absence of both, one director, and
countersigned by the secretary-treasurer. This was carried and the secretary instructed to write to the bank
to that effect.
A motion waa then put and carried
to the effect tbat the association be
affiliated with the British Columbia
Central Association.
It was then agreed, and a motion
was duly passed .that the association
hold an Agricultural Fair, on or
about the 10th of September, at which
j live stock and all agricultural pro-
j ducts should ba encouraged to be
| shown and prises given.
! Tiie secretary was consequently tn-
| structcd to make preliminary ar-
| rangementa and get matters in a con-
_. ! crete form to be put before a meeting
The  question  of  a  new  principal  :    . ..   ..__ .y^  ■
,.,.,.. to bc ve#y shortly held for the pur-
for the high school was the next or- \ ... ..     .   „ '   ..
.       „, pose of thoroughly dealing witli the
der.   The name of Mr. Roy Shields1
HARRY WHITE RECEIVES       lodge to the Grand Lodge of Mani-1RECEPTION' TO
GRAND .MASTER'S JEWEL luDa> WWTted on •'■'• vl8lt t0 tue W* REV. T. KEYWORTH
" tor Grand body. 	
An  occasion which brought forth >*»•■) ApH«te** Me.fcodist Minister
muny   complimentary   remarks   and!      Arrived la City Friday Last to
______________t_a___      wl-Ich merited the hearty approval of | T*** l> •N*w Duties
  the large number of Odd Fellows, was'■ 	
Hurry White, past grand master of   the   presentation   to   retiring  prand j    On Friday lust Rov. Thomas Key
the  Independent  Order  of Odd  Fel-  Muster White, of a   Grand   Master's | worth, the newly appointed Method
WILL HOLD FAiTt lows of British   Columbia,   returned jewel.   Tho presentation was made by j JhI minister for tliis city, arrived in I no doubt eventually find its way to the 10e held in the Auditorium next Thurs-
— ] home Tuesday from New Westminster  p, (-;. Simpson, formerly of Cranbrook ! Cranbrook from  Esquimau, and was j cash registers of the business men of
j where he lins been in attendance at      pagt Grand Masters A. Henderson ; met at the train by n committee of the , Cranbrook.
the Grand Lodge ot Brltlsii Columbiu,  and F. E. Simpson, and Grand War- i church   congregutlon,    who escorted!    The city authorities  at a meeting
| which opened its session at that city den J. II. Glass carried to the Re-  Mm to the manse:   lu the evening   a held Saturday afternoon decided that
| on June 7th and continued lu session   bckah  Assembly  greetings     of    the, reception was held at the church   at; tliey could do nothing lu tho way of a I the publication of tho pamphlet, "The
until the 10th. Grand body.   They complimented tbe which a large number of the mem- \ grant  to  assist  the  fair  until  they i crisis  tu   B.  C."    Nothing tbat bas
Interviewed by a Herald represents-  ladies of tht* order on their zealous ' bem and friends of the church      at-1 found out just how tbo taxes came In. i happened recently in provincial poll*
,. I   j.   jtlvo Tuesday on his return lo the city  administrative labors for the good of! tended to welcome the    new pastor, i Here again is some excellent food for ' tics has been so disconcerting to tbe
' I Mr.   White   was   enthusiastic   in   his  the order, congratulated the Assembly I Previous to coming to Cranbrook Mr. | thought.    Every   taxpayer In   Cran
Wasa Ranchers Discuss Many Matters of Importance to District
A meeting ot Uie directors ot the
Wasa Stock und Agricultural Association waB held nt the Wasa hotel    on
be only one solution to the problem
and that is to take a long chance on
holding the fair.
Should  the city  decide  to  hold  a
fuir tlie government grant ot $700.00;
, can be secured which, if looked at ■
'. from a business  point of view,    is' „ ,,-.-
$700.00   which   will    be    distributed;    public interest is being aroused in
among the exhibitors and which will j the forthcoming meeting which Is to
day evening, when the public will bo
addressed by Rev. A. K. Cooke, one
of the members of the Ministerial As-
i soclatlon which was responsible   for
j praise of the work accompllslied by
j the forty-first annual session ot the
j order. Upwards of two hundred re-
! presentatives attended the session.
Few cities the size of Cranbrook have
on the growtli of tho branch during
tlie past year, and on the excellent
manner in which they had conducted
tlieir deliberations, demonstrating to
all that women could co-operate In
been privileged to have a man ut the fraternal work and could show the
head of ouch an organization as the \ same ability as men ln all fraternal
Odd Fellows. However, Cranbrook and associate benevolent endeavor.
has been fortunate In this regard Mr. Following the election ot officers
White being the second Cranbrook ut this session, a special session of
man to attain to thc highest position the Rebekah Assembly was held when
in this order. F. ii. Simpson held tlie degrees were conferred on Grand
offlce a few years ago. Lodge representatives by Beqlah Re-
Key City Lodge, No. 42, was repre-, bckah Lodge No. 6. There was a
sented by Grand Master Harry White, \ large attendance of Odd Fellows at
E. H. McPhee nnd E. Y. Brake. ' both sessions.    In the early part of
In his annual report to the Grand tlie Grand Lodge session greetings
Lodge Mr. White endorsed the proposal that members of the order on
active service with the empire's
forces should be kept in good standing, and in this connection gives the
I Koyworth wbh Btotlonod ut Esquimau | hrook should make a special effort to
from the Rebekah Assembly were presented by Mrs. K. Phelps-Simpson,
formerly of Cranbrook, grand warden
of the assembly, and Mrs, Evans, past
president  of  the  Assembly.    Grand
decision that It is quite legal for the I Muster     White    acknowledged    the
lodges to UBe the contingent fund to greetings from the sister branch In a
meet the liabilities Incurred In this  gallant speech,
emergenccy. Tlie Cranbrook Rebekah lodge was
Under the head of Necrology,    he J represented by Mrs. Isaac Baxter and
records  with  regret tlie death of a;M,BS Ada Hickenbotham.
number of well known ond Indefatlg-.    KelftWna  was  the  next place    ot
able workers for the order during the , meeting selected.
past year,  including Bros.
I government us the action takeu    by
' these ministers.     Tirades   uf   abuse
as chaplain to the forces at tliat point. I pay his or her taxes this year before j have  been  heaped   upon   thcro,  they
A lengthy programme wns carried j the end of the month and by so doing; have been sued and threatened, aad
they are performing a double duty In, (hey are still going their purposeful
paying their rates to the corporation; way.   Rev. Cooke is now touring the
and assisting the tall fair.   Several province presenting the facta and ap-
aldcrmen  have expressed themselves j pealing  to  the  people  to demand  a
as being in favor of a fair, believing  judicial commission from the Domln-
the opportunity should not be let slip'ion   government to    investigate   the
this year. ' whole matter.
'      " ,,r"r™ If the government does not fear an
was suggested as Mr. Gerrard's successor. Some of tlie members thought
Mr. Shields too young a man for the
head of a school, but all agreed as
to his teaching ability and possessing
the necessary qualifications for the
"sit." A motion by Trustee Qunin.
seconded by Trustee Manning, that
Mr. Shields be offered the position of
principal of the Central public school
at a salary of $125 per month, carried unanimously. The new prin-
clpalship will take effect from thc
beginning of the next school term.
When school re-opens Miss Fisher
now nt the South Ward school, will
have charge of n class in the Central
school, while Mrs. Deane will again
be on the teaching stuff of the South
Ward school.
A motion hy Trustees Wilson and
Quain authorising UlQ clerk to advertise for a teacher to illl the vacancy
on the Central school staff was passed. Tho ml. will be placed In thc
Victoria Colonist. Vancouver Sun and
Nelson Pally News. The applicants
will have to possess musical ability.
It being felt that the musical education of the Cranhrook school children has been suffering of late ns n result of there being no musical directors in tlie school, One of the trustees remarked on this occasion that
the school children could not render
"Tlpperary" when the 54th. departed
from tin* illy. The salary fur the new
teacher has been llxed at $100 even
Tlio salary reduction question was
brought up by Trustee Wilson, stating that he hoped the hoard could arrive ut some conclusion this evening. After u few minutes discussion In which every member of thc
board took part, Trustee Wilson moved and Trustee Qualn seconded that
the salaries bc as follows;
Principal High School $145.00
Principal    Manual      Training
school    $135.00
Principal   Public   School $125.00
Asst. Principal Public School..$100.00
Miss Woodland (same as before) 82.50
Balance of staff cut $5.00 each.
The motion passed, Trustee Henderson hanging for $140 for tho manual training school Instructor-
Trustee Qualn asked re the visit
of the committee of thu Women's Institute to the public school and was
anxious to know Just what tho Idea
wu. So far the board know nothing
ei tlw visit
1 matter In detail, and to appoint com*
, mittee's to take charge ot the different
I classes of exhibits.
After a rather protracted discus-
. sion on thc several very necessary de-
i tails which an undertaking such as
i this entailed, Mr. Quartly, in adjourning the meeting, remarked thnt
! It was a very Important meeting which
' they had Just got through, ns it was
' thn flrst directors meeting, nnd they
: had got through a good deal of work,
: lie for his part saw no reason why
their tlrst fair should not be very
I successful, and it they all worked together for the interests of the a«-
| soclatlon and particularly   this fair,
Jas Mc-
Crossan, P.G.M., P.G.R., Nanaimo;
J. F. MeDougall, P.G., of Phoenix; J.
F. Waddell. P.G., of Princeton, and
S. Keith, P.G.R., of New Westminster. Of the last, he says: "His activities were not confined to the . , . ,
subordinate lodge; in the Encamp- The special meeting of the city dads
ment and the Patriarchs Militant he i called for Saturday afternoon took
was a moving spirit, and with his' Place at 2.30 in the council chamber,
estimable wife was ever working to | There were present Mayor Bowness,
advance the best intersts of the Re-  Aldermen  Erickson, Banfield, Clapp,
Decide Matter at a Special Meeting
Held Saturday Afternoon
bekah branch of our order. All these
departments have sustained a great
Iosb by his death."
During the year Mr. White paid official visits to fifty-two of the llfty-
seven lodges within his jurisdiction,
usually In company with Gmid Treasurer J. H. Glass.   While the total ln-
Leask and Balment; City Solicitor A.
II.  Macdonald and City Clerk T. M.
The meeting was called to discuss
tho question of the refund to the
hotel men of $75 on each license,
for the next six months. After considerable discussion a   motion    was
crease In membership lias been but moved by Aid. Banfield and seconded
sixty-six, he regards this as satisfactory in  view of the times, and be-
)>• Aid. Han ment to the effect that the
•Ity clerk be Instructed to notify the
lleves there has been a drawing of the hotel licensees, tliat tlie council find
members closer together in the good they have no power to make a refund
works of Friendship, Love and Truth, on any license.   The motion carried.
The lodge went on record and has      The question of   cleaning   up the
thcro wob no reason to doubt    that I ,|ec|an.d that there Cftn be no peoce  streets  after the  Installation of the
their tuture fairs would be on a bigger and he hoped, a better style.
It was 12 o'clock before the meeting adjourned.
Mrs. T. tt. Ilorsman and Mrs. J. Bennett Honored by (ranbrook
At the home of Mrs. J. I). Gtlmour
on Friday afternoon last the members
of the Baptist Mission circle met to
say good-bye to two of Its members,
who are leaving the city. The occasion
wns the presentation of addresses to
two members of the Baptist ehuch,
Mrs. T. O. Horsmun and Mrs. J. Bennett. Each lady wus presented with
uu address, neatly worked In silk.Tin*
! signatures of nearly every member ofl this capacity, F. E. Simpson
the Circle.   The address reads:
"As you are soon to go from our
midst for a time, we have met to spend
a social hour together. We are glad
that you have been one of our number In the Master's service. Please
look on these lines as a small token of
our love and esteem. We trust that
you will have a safe and pleasant
journey and although tt be long and
wearisome; when it.Is over you will
havo a foretaste of Heaven in meeting the loved ones again:
"Whom we asunder part
It gives us Inward pain;
But we may still be joined In heart
And hope to meet again."
Your friends of the Baptist church,
Mrs. B. Palmer, president.
in this great war of nations until new wator system was discussed. A
right and Justice has been vindicated, motion, moved by Aid. Erickson and
Grand Master White recommended a seconded by Aid. Clapp "That the city
uniform system of bookkeeping for ; engineer ond Mr. McCullough be ln»
all the subordinate lodges and advo- j structed to see that all points In the
oates a campaign for the enlargement j contract entered Into with Hotson,
of the membership. He further ur- j Leder and Goode be fully carried out"
wed that steps be taken to provide for | met with the approval of the council,
brothers who may return, permanent-1 Aid. Balment moved and Aid. Leask
ly disabled, from the field of battle. j seconded a motion asking that the
Past Grand Master Cullen was I city engineer be Instructed to take up
elected to the coveted office of re-1 the report of the medical health onV
presentntlve to tho Sovereign Grand I cer In respect to the sewerage system
Lodge, by unanimous vote, an ex-1 w*ta the John Gait Engineering Co.
presslon of confidence In his ability, The grant to the Sunshine Society
good Judgment and zenl for Odd Fel-1 W»*- extended to July 31st on motion
lewshlp, which his frlenda say has |of A1<«- Banfield and Aid. Clapp.
been fully merited. The senior re-1 Council adjourned,
presentatlve to Sovereign Grand Lodge I A -*P*einl meeting was Immediately
is Wallace Uw, P.G.M., wiio, elected I <*■■■*"' to deal with the bylaw author-
last your, has still a year to serve In i lz,nB the remuneration of $400 as the
P.G.M., I ntayor'i 1MB salary. The matter passed the council, Aid. Banfield voting
Council adjourned.
out during the evening nl which a
number of well-known people took
part and will be long remembered by
tlte members of tho Methodist church.
The programme:
Opening hymn  707 2nd Part
Prayer Rev. Mr. Stephens
Chairman's Remarks Mr. Adlard
Pianoforte Solo Mrs. Ryekman
Address   Mr. G. W. Patmore
Solo Mr. F. Broughton
Address of Welcome	
    Rev.  W. K. Thomson
Address of Welcome 	
Capt. Kerr, S. A.
Solo—The Flight of Ages	
   Mr. A. Bent
Address Rev. Thomas Keyworth ] to be released by legal process the at
j Investigation, there is on reason for
ASK FOB RELEASE j the tirades which have been directed
T. T. Mecredy 0^n7l.egal Fight M aRaW8t the   ««•*"»•'   Association.
Release ef Men Interned \&n<i no rHWOn ,or ppi>OHtnK lMr *c'
at the Coal City. illon as thl>> ftr*' on,y asklnK (or r,*ht
tion as th
und justice and the conservation of thfl
Fernie,  B. C, June  16—Following I people's Interests.
rumors circulated here Tuesday after-1    Mr. Cooke announces  that hit has
noon and today that the Interns were | Beonred additional facts since the publication  of the  pamphlet and as    he
Rev. Mr. Keyworth in the course of I tempt to substantiate these developed; bears the reputation of being a force-
hls address thanked the members ot j this evening, when Thomas T. Mecredy i ful speaker, there is no doubt that thf*
the church for their reception of wel- [barrister,  arrived    from    Cranbrook meeting will be full of Interest,
come and their whole-hearted interest i armed with legal documents for ser-1    Every citizen Interested ln the wel-
lu  tho welfare of the church.    Tlie! vice upon George Welsby, chief pro-
gentleman disclaimed uny title \ vinclal constable, as the commence-
to being an expert S. S. teacher
Intimated  by  some  speakers  of the
He congratulated thc church on Its
fare of the province, every citizen
who desires to see right and honesty
transplant graft and corruption In
this province, every citizen who
owns property in this province, every
citizen who owns    anything    ln this
ment of a legal battle for the release
of   two   A list ro-Hungarian    Internes
as test cases by way of habeas corpus.
The case will be heard before a Su-
representatlon on the recruit list and ' premc court judge at Vancouver on ■ province should attend this meeting
was pleased to learn of thc large num-1 Monday. ; which is to be held at the Auditorium
ber of British Columbians who were i The applicants have been residents j on next Thursday evening, June 2ttb
lighting ln the cause of freedom and i of Canada for 14 and seven years re-
justice. ; spectlvely and made affidavit that tbey
The speaker referred to his re- havo quietly pursued their ordinary
cent position as chaplain at Esqul- * avocations and never engaged in en-
malt. He wbb well acquainted with i plottage or engaged or attempted to
the llfo of the average soldier and engage in any act of hostile nature or
the hardships he must endure on tho. attempted to give any information to
field ot battle. In this particular he ■ the enemies ot Great Britain and her
expressed his especial sympathy with! colonies and believe that they have |
the   boys  gone  to    the  not contravened any law    -",— *-'
New Otte+ra Elected at Meeting He-U
Wednesday Attar-a-m tk
the Y. M. C. A.
families of
Tbe Craabrook Boy Scoots were in-
order ln I spected by T. R. Heneage, Chief Scout
council or proclamation  in  force In j (or briUsh ColujnWt( at the gymnasia speaker accepted on behalf ofl Canada and are willing to sign the  ium 0D Wednesday evening.   The boys
Mrs. Keyworth and himself the good   Dominion proclamation dated Aug. 15,|were required to ftnswer  MtJ que8.
wishes already expressed to them for   1914, and abide by the terms thereof.  tl0M  concero*ng    tJia  work of     the
their future life ln tl.e Kootenays.    I They both say they believe their In.*, 4nd _tee of lhe second cIas8
He referred to the task ahead and  ternment Illegal. The notice of motion \8amSs w,re ask(.d to Mlw v„Ious de.
expressed a distinct partiality not to i calls upon Mr. Welsby, Attorney-Gen* Lonfilrations )Q fir6t aid.
MethodiBtn  "per  se"  but  for Chris-! erai Bowser and Colin S. Campbell |    " .    .*,.  • ,.,.,,_
.,    .. . , ..    M The work of the Boy bcouts Is the
tlanlty and a spirit of unity among  chief provincial   constable, to show , ,_*...»..* i-
......     m,  a Dost  practical  way In  which to In-
all following that name. caU8e why   writ   of   habeas   corpus f ;
.... ,   , I terest boyh in learning those things
In closing he assured those present  nhould   not be   issued   and   further,
.... , ... i which wiU make them useful cltlsens.
of his hope of an especially close eo-  Htates two grounds  upon  which  the'
..        ..... .       _,   .. .Three  patrols  were represented    co
operation with his own people and all ; application    should    be      sustained : .   .
..„...,..,.„.,;" , Wednesday evening and there was   a
the Christian bodies in Cranbrook.       pirat, that they were detained in cus- j
Mr. Adlard In his   concluding   re- j t0dy illegally and were arrested with-1
marks expressed his confidence In the t out sufficient authority or Jurisdiction j,
. . ,..,,,.,„     i ! largely Increased here.
future  ot the  church,  in  Mr.  Key- and without warrant and without due
worth's words, and by permission of proceB8 of law.   secondly, that the* I   A mceUof w" held at the Y" M C
A. on Wednesday afternoon and steps
large attendance of other boys and It
Is believed  that the Scouts can  Im
Mr. Nidd, omitted the last Item on the
I process of law.   Secondly, that they
have not In any way contravened the
programme, owing to the latenesB of j provisions of the proclamation dated!uk"D to ,orm ft n*w association    to
the hour, and requested those present
to adjourn to the school room, where
refreshments were served and a soc-
August 15th last.
Chief Welsby could not  be  found j
tonight  hence  service  could  not  b*>
} look after the Interests of the boys,
provisional    officer*
lal half hour permitted those present I matit,,   i^oCat i,.gai firms declined to
to become acquainted with the new ; ^^q t|i[s action,
pastor. — ■' ■
being the retiring grand representative.
P. W. Dempstor, Past Grand of
Columbia Lodge, No. 2, Victoria, and
Past Grand Patriarch ot Victoria Encampment   was  unanimously  elected
Time Is Near When Some Ueclshe
Action Must be Taken by the
The time when arrangements    for
; Th**    following
were elected:
President-N. A   Villager.
Vloe-Pretident—P. DeVere Hunt
Beoretaf y-Treasurer— W. C. Crebbln
Kiecutlve    Committee—(apt     Tis*
J   R   Thompson
ARE GROWING id**.--. C. M. Ormston
, |and 11. Green.
(ranbrook    Ladles    Patting    Forth
Special Eforts te Assist la
Philanthropic Work
Miss   HeUn    Harrison,   secretary-
treasurer of the St. John Ambulance
Oneof the presentations made to the
recruits last week before thoy left tor
Vernon, which was overlooked by the
Herald, wan 144 pair of socks given
[■» McCreery Brat.
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of I Held Friday From the Family Kesld-
Brltlsh Columbia.    During the pnst I cure to Church of England
year Past Grand Dempster has worth- Cemetery
lly filled the position of offlce of Do- \ 	
puty Grand Master, and now reaches The funeral of the late Mrs. Robert
the highest position in British Co-' Clarks, whose sudden demise the
lumbla Odd Fellowship, succeeding ' Herald chronicle laBt week, took place
Harry White, of this city, who has ion Friday afternoon last at 2:80 from
filled the position for the past year.      the family residence, Dennis street, to
Grand Secretary Davey, Is the the Church of England, where the
grand old man of Odd Fellowship in Rev. Mr. Walton performed the fun-
British Columbia, having held this eral obsequies. From the church the
office now for thirty-one years. His i remains wcre conveyed to the little
re-election once again called forth Church of England cemetery, where
an ovation from tho Grand I-odgc they were confined to mother earth,
members/ !    A wealth of llowers testified to the
Past  Grand    Master    Simpson,  a i esteem ln which the deceased   waa
■pedal representative from thc Grand [held by tho many Cranbrook friend*
Cranbrook's Fall Fair must be made; As-wciallon begs to acknowledge thc
lias ngaln rolled round, and there Is  following donations to the Red CrosH
much  speculation  as to whether or  Work Fund:
not thu Agricultural Association enn Amount     previously     acknow-
H. Green, who was farmerly assistant scout master at Reglna, was chos-
4-n provisional scout msst'T for Cranbrook. The new officers of the *v
Hocltttioo expect to call a meeting In
the near future and elect permanent
officers and scout master.
T. R. Heneage addressed tbe meeting, giving many valuabl*- pointers
concerning the conduct of the work
make the grade up the race course,    lodged   14*5.001 and the benefits to be derived from the
hill this year.   Wiiat will the answer  Mr. H. W. Supple      6.00 \ Boy Scout movement
be?   The more optimistic residents of  jjr, and Mrs. Ccvley tWardner)    5.001 -
the city and district feel that the fair  Waldo   May   Day   sports,   per
should be held and that every man.      Rev, C. L. Cowan, sec-tress.. 21.20
woman and child should work ln har-. MKs Madge Robertson ■
raony with the directors of the fair'Miss Marlon Robertson      1<
A Friend      L00
association to make the fair a sue-
cess,    There  is  another  element:—a ■
considerable   number—who say   the'
present conditions of ilnanccs in the j
city will not allow the fair to be held
tills  year.    Whether the  association
holds a fair or not there ore a number of fixed charges against tti^ build*; i*mr^^~—
lngs and grounds which must be met.     On Saturday at the Y. M, 0. A. n
Such Items as taxes, Insurance, in-1 cookery sale will ba conducted by
terest, etc., must be roised.  The ouch- ', thn Overseas Club.   Tbe club Is roak-
tion Is again asked, "Where Is this, lug an effort to make good ibe loss
At the regular meeting ot the
Knights of Pythias lodge held In Castle Hall, this city, last week the foi-
Totaj . ..|80 2oi'owln*R omcprB were tlccled for tbe
ensuing term :
R. C. Carr. C. C.
Tbe Women's Institute, Burton,
C, 10 pair of socks and cigarettes.
Mrs. J. P, Fink, 6 pair socks.
money coming from?"   To look at the
affair from every angle there seems lo
Incurred lu tbe entertainment of the
children ou JCuplr* day 141
F. M. Christian, V. C.
P. lie vere Hunt, K. of R. k S.
Wm. Gilchrist. Prelate.
J. Scanlon, M. of W.
A. Hurry, ftf. of F.
F. Kummer, M. of Kx.
J. It. W. Wood, M at A.
C. Collni. 1. Guard.
I. Roberta, O. Guard PAGE TWO
THE CRANBROOK HERALD : Hunt offlo* officials anu the mailing|
■ clerks in business houses have to
l handle two stumps, where one would'
do.   No business concern would per-:
I,. P. Sullivan, Editor
J. R. Thompson, BoiIbmi Manager
SapscrlptUn Intel
One   Year     $1.00
Six Months        I.M
Three Months    U
Advertising Intel
Display   Advertising,   11   cants   per
Column Inch.
Reading Notices or assailed Ada. 10
cents per line.
Mr, J. P. Fink, ot tliis city, has
brought forward a suggestion which,
we believe, should appeal to the various Merchants' Associations nnd
Hoards of Trade throughout British
Columbia. It is predicted that on account of tlu* greatly increased acre
age and thu heavy yield now almost
assured on the prairie this year tluit
there will be a great scarcity of lubor
for the harvest, especially as so
many nun have gone to the front.
Mr. Fink's proposal Is tills: That
every merchant In British Columbia
spare one of tlieir regular employees
for the few weeks of the harvest to
assist iu saving Die grain. That the
employer insist that the employee assist in the harvest, holdiug his situation for liis return. If every mer-
ehant in Hritish Columbia would do
this there would be a largo amount of
labor available and thu situation
might ho saved without recourso to
the American labor market. The work
would bo in the nature of an outing
for tiie men going aud thc Canadian
labor market will not be overcrowded
with men from the United States. Tiie
season is short now and If this sug-
gestlon is to be nctud upon it will be
up to every public organization in
the province to get busy at once uud
ascertain the available supply provided In tliis manner and the information laid before tlie prairie provinces
Immediately, in order that men may
be called from this province when
mlt such ineflletent methods.
Recently another modification has
been announced. It will be seen from
thee following tlmt several sucks of
matter mailed by Windsor people
have been held up for weeks. The
Windsor Record says:
"Postmaster Alfred WJgle received
a communication from the post office
department at Ottawa [Thursday
morning lu which a modification of
the war stamp tax on post cards was
announced. j
"In future souvenir postcards bear-  =—   -
ing only pictures aud printed matter Ltrument
will be accepted by the post office at
the old rate of one cent.   If a com- j    Thc
iiiunicution written on the same side j     ■ f      . H
as the address ls limited to live words jana
Including the    signature,   no   extra i the
Arts Courses only.
J11V ssa* »»««"
>-?       UNIVERSITY
GEO. T. CHOWN, Kc«,.tr»r
botweon nets stunts were good
funny wpot In most of
udltors. Who bubbled over llllHiy
A „     , J,     ..„   .    ^     ■   .     -      ■       .    ., ,   -■■ J„.
THURSDAY, JUNE 17th. 1915
j times. The hoop rolling net was also
i cleverly performed. Tlio performer
' had the hoops trained so well that
I on a couple of occasions he gave them
11 the high ball und several otlier signs
| which greatly assisted tho said hoops
Political   Heroes   ef   the   Boundary
Country Get Easy Sits In the
>'ew Kat'alion
Below are printed two letters from
residents of the Boundary. Political
pull in securing easy sits for members of the "family circle" nre made
apparent from the perusal of the letters, something whicli the average
citizen wilt regret to read about.
Editor Herald:
Sir: ln these times of stress and war
wo don't like to call attention to unpleasant domestic offalrs, but at the
same time we are forced to observe
how some persons take advantage of
the circumstances tn further their own
[ personal ends. We don't mind so |
much seeing W. tl. Foster (lately of
tho Nelson Dally News stuff) or
young McQuarrie (son of M. It. Mc-
Quarrle, president of the Nelson Conservative  association)   getting   lleut-
stunip wlll be necessary, but if tlie
message Is over live words lu length
tho war stump must he affixed, other-
wste the card will go to the dead
letor nlllco.
"Advertising, if printed on postcards, will hc accepted us second
clasfl matter and only one stamp will
he necessary. The text of tlie advertisement must be wholly in print and   	
ou the opposite aide of tl.e card than i ■» walking tho tirfht rope and other Lnanolos, for they will be in tl.e ilrin
the «<l<lrcss. Intricate feats.    It may be suld that1
"When tlie war tax order went Into
effect,    there    were    no    conditions j *-■••*■ was tlio very best hoop act wit-
named lu the official communication  n0fl$od in Crnnbrook
from Ottawa,   Several sucks or printed   matter  and  uouventr    postcards     The show closed wltli a sketch call-
which  were mailed in Windsor and, .j ..T,ie D   ,,.    M *   ,   d ,.
which did not have   the   additional: **    Ul
stamp affixed, were forwarded to the J foundation  work or laugh-provoking
dead   leter   office.   These  havo now > „„_h*i-_ _ u    „,,.   , ,
been returned to Windsor and will be \<limlltleH t0 U'   Tho sll0W W*™*    at
sent to their original destination. ' zero, rose to blood heat and closed at
"This order will be the means of j _
(TeetIng a large saving for Windsor ( *Lro* 	
manufacturers, who daily send away! -*
lurge numbers of postcards and cir-
ulars. _—_
-Tho Financial Post,   Thfl ii|mroftd| contofjt .^ on ^
WHAT THE BOYS OF THE       Mb of June proved a great success.
2\D CONTINGENT DID'There were twenty-four entries and
— ■ ■ ' | the three distances were keenly con-
IVrey  Adlard Tells How Canadians
Curried the Buy and Covered
hTemscbes With Glory
Dr. Coulter, Deputy Postmnater-
Goneral, is very much In the public
eye these days. Ho revels in regulations. The war taxes gave hlm the
opportunity to enjoy his element.
Evory week at least, a new regulation
or an explanation of It is issued
When ho can't develop a new regulation lie issues an explanation of an explanation. Wo believe we are now
nt tin* explanation of the explanation
of the explanation iu several cases.
We can't keep up. The Postmasters
are giving up in despair. Kmployees
of corporations aud other business
men are wondering whether they
ought to vote Tor a government that
permits such irritating methods. The
people of Canada are now experiencing the potty Irritations to which the
newspaper publishers have been subjected ever since a small village politician, with no practical experience,
was placed over the heads of hundreds of old and capable officials
Many of his regulations arc so absurd uud unworkable, that often after
repeated amendments, they are withdrawn.
The latest explanation of an ex-,
phuintioti whicli Is sent out from Ottawa, reaffirms that "under no clr-
oumstanuQB will the war stamps Issued hy the Inland Revenue Department he accepted In payment of the
war tax or other charges on letter
postcards, postal notes or post office
orders." It Is further announced
that to pay the wur tax postage
stamps may be afflxeed to checks,
hills of exchange, promissory notes,
express orders, patent medicines, perfumery, wines nnd champagne.
Dr. Coulter might now rise and explain why the country should have
been put to-the expense, and the busl-
mny he used for any purpose for
standing nnd using two sets of stamps.
Apparently ordinary postage stamps
muy eb used for uny purpose for
which a war tax stamp is required.
Why therefore, should there bo any
Inland Revenue stamps?
Was it not Mr, White, Minister of
Finance, who told Canadians this
was the tlmo for economies? He
should interview the Deputy Post-
master-Oeneral who ims unnecessarily increased the expenses of the Post
Ofllce Department and the mailing
departments nf business concerns by
fifty per cent. Tho war tax of an
extra cent on letters, is being paid
by mi extra stamp. This means that
the Government pays for making two
The following is an extract from a
tetter Mr. Adlard received from his
wn Percy. The leter ls dated May
I'.l nnd is dated In France. Percy is
with the 16th battalion:
Dear Dad:—
I am thankful to be able to write
to you again. On tlie night of the
>0th I never thought thut I should be
ihle to again. But 1 thank God that
I came through it all safe and sound
with u few narrow escapes to my
■redit. 1 could sec the bullets dropping ull around mc, and I thought
•very moment would be my last. Well,
we attacked an orchard that three of
tho English regiments had tried to
take, but tliey had to retire with some
heavy losses.   But we got into the j M0SES COTSWORTH AM)
I teested. A three foot hazard hud been
i erected at the most vulnerable spot
and the efforts of some of tlie players
to overcome this obstacle proved
entertaining to tlie lookers on and
the good players succumbed to the influence of the barricade us readily as
the beginners. The final results were
as follows:
Stewart Morris, first prize 10
II .W. Supple, second prize 11
Mrs, F. W. Green, first prize 14
Mrs. M. A. Beale, second prize 1(1
The course has been greatly improved by the cutting away of the long
Lust Saturday the threatening
weather deterred many of tlie enthusiasts from entering forth and the attendance was not as good as usual.
line anyway taking their chances, but
when we see the sons of II. F. Green.
M.P., and A. S. Goodeve, ex-M.P., both
going as paymasters with the rank of
captain, It Is enough to turu one's
stomach. But It just shows the size
of the two fathers, when they will use
their positions to obtain for their
sons, who, they knew, didn't have the
sand to enlist and take their chances
with the rest of our sons, offices In
the army where they would be safe
from bullets, shells and deadly gases,
but at the same time receiving pay
larger than those brave boys who are
tho pride of our country. And when
tlie time arrives for our heroes, those
of them that are left to return, I suppose tese two heroes (?) will Insinuate
themselves among their ranks and expect us to take off our lints to them
and hall them with cheers. They
should be treated with scorn.
Mother, may I go off to war? Yes, my
darling son,
Hang your pride on a hickory limb,
but don't go near a Hun.
A Kaslo Father.
:    Kaslo, B. C, Juno 10th, 1915.
ircliurd and dug ourselves In and
held lt. The military authorities say
that this Is a very great gain and are
,-ery proud of the 16th. battalion.
We were cut up pretty badly losing quite a lot of the 30th (Victoria,
u. C.) that had just come over from
Shorncliffe, Most of the Cranbrook
boys came through all right. As for
myself, when I look back I think lt
waa a marvel that any of us came
through it at all. There was some
awful sights! 1 shall never forget
them ns long as I live. I cannot say
as much as I would like to, but all
that 1 can say Is that I am very thankful to get out of lt myself. I lost one
of my chums. He was killed by
shrapnel. I was awfully sorry when
I heard about lt.
Hope everybody ls well. Remember
me to all Inquiring friends, and the
hoys especially, I nm ln good health
and doing fine. Will write again
From your son
P. S.—Shall be glad of any cake or
stuff you like to send.
Kditor Herald:
Sir: It must be a source of pleasure
to all loyal Canadian and Brltlsii citizens to note the Bplendld response to
tlie call for recruits in connection
with tho formation of tho 54th battalion from the Kootenay and Boundary districts, each and every town
nobly doing well. A finer lot of soldiery looking men was never collected together than the body of recruits now joining the 54th. Thc taking of the battalion to Vernon Is not
dealing fairly with the districts from
which are drawn these capable, loyal
and willing fellows who are offering
themselves, with nothing more thnn a
sense of duty to their King and country.
We have an excellent territory, both
I at Cranbrook and Grand Forks, su-
: pcrlor In many respects than the one
i that has been chosen.   Besides, when
! the facts in connection with the mini
: bers are considered, ln the matter   of
recruiting, lt wlll be easily shown thnt
| the Kootenays and Boundary    hnve
_     .      . .   ! given possibly a larger number when
It's a wise Crnnbrook woman who
..     .    ..     ...      .    u   a   we consider the population, residing ln
knows the truth about her husband, b
.   .   .       ,a ,. „  ,, ..,._       i    I these districts.   Then why should wc
but doesn't tell him so.    Where Ig- J
noranco Is bliss there's bound to he
I The challenge issued by Mr. Moses
j B, Cotswortli through the columns of
(The Sun to produce"the evidence to
| prove certain charges mado by him in
"The Crisis in B. ('.," lias been Ignored. Mr. Cotswortli in Monday's issue
offered to allow representatives of the
Vancouver papers to meet him at the
I.*abor Temple yesterday afternoon at
two o'clock, und while Mr. Cotswortli was on hand, as was also a representative of The Sun, representatives of the government press and Mr.
H, H. Browne fulled to put in an appearance, no doubt realizing that Mr.
Cots worth's evidence was Irrefutable.
Culllgan's minstrels held the boards
at the Auditorium tonight, and put on
a show whicli may bu classed as good
and bad. It was one of the best worst
shows in the minstrel line ever witnessed. The company has a cracking good band und the musicians arc
well up In their line of work. The
street parade and open air concert
In the afternoon attracted a large
crowd who enjoyed a fifteen minutes
progi amine of lively music.
The bill opened with the regular
nigger minstrel flrst part There were
only six members of the troup ln
tliis part of tlie program and it was
anything but a minstrel show.
This cannot bc said, however, about
tlie second part, which consisted of a
high class musical programme. One
number, a saxaphone solo, "The Rosary." was ono of the best musical renditions heard on the Auditorium stage
nnd elicited a hearty round ot applause. Another musical number
well worthy of the applause merited
was the work of thc trombone artist, who performed trlplc-tongued
solos of a high-class order, proving
conclusively by these most able boIcc
Pastor, Itev. Thomas Keyworth.
Sunday services: The pastor will
give his farewell sermons nt 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m.
stamps where one would do, while | tl«l«i tnat he w" *-*** •' «*» I*
Holiness service, 11 a.m.
Sunday School, '■'• p.m.
Week day
Public    meetings   every   Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturduy at 8 p.m.
W. Kerr, C. O.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning service, 11 u.m. Subject:
"The Anger of Jesus."
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7..I0 p.m. Subject:
"Not Far From the Kingdom of God."
"Faithful are tlie wounds of a
friends, but the kiss of an enemy are
deceitful."—Prov. 27c;6vs.
at 11 a.m.
Preaching service
7.30 p.m.
Morning subject, "Thc Stirring of
the Eagles Nest."
Evening subject: "As a Man Thlnk-
etli In His Heart So ls Ho."
Kev. W. Stephens will preach.
I not have received consideration, when
the question of tho training camp
choice was made? Wc may assume
the "pull" was with Vernon. I do
not desire to in any way bring up tho
question of politics, In referring to
these regrets for the slights placed upon the districts mentioned, which to
my mind were more suitable than the
one decided upon, but wc cannot Ig-
noire the fact that politics has entered
Into the whole matter of the recruiting, not only with the 54th, for wo arc
fully tiwure of tho haste shown In
connection with the former contingents. These wero rushed off either
to the coast or some other place, that
may have In several Instances ju'it as
well have remained at the points from
which they recruited for thc accommodation was excellent for drilling of
small squads; nnd It tho partisans
had not had so many of their relatives and partisans to be placed to
ollicersliips, we may naturally suppose
the recruiting of the Mth battalion
would have easily began long before
ft did. But R. P. Green, M.P., for Koo
tenay and similar caliber of M. P.'s
desired to make sure that their partisans and relatives were flrst gazetted.
The member for Kootenay certainly
has done nobly for his relatives and
partisan friends. His son appointed
paymaster, with the rank ot captain;
| Lieutenant Garland Fostor, who Joined
the second contingent a private, went
into training for a lieutenantshlp nnd
failed twice to pass, yet he retains the
title, and also the pay, after his failure to pans the examination.   He was
glVen a Job to make an exchange in
the call fur recruits ln connection with
the cnretnkershtp ot the Nelson drill
hall some two months ago.   Since he
arranged that strenuous affair he has
merely  "loafed,"  employing  himself
with giving out the fact that he would
be the recruiting officer and when that
was  through  he  would  be gazetted
quartermaster of the 54th, and it has
all come to be, we regret to say only
too true.   Then we havo another arrival only tbe other duy in the person of a young man, who has just left
school, a nephew of R. F. Green, M.
P., who iu luture will bo known    us
Lieutenant Green of the 54th.   These
three are ull more or less incapable
of lining the positions they have   received appointment to through political pull.    It Is u shnme uud an insult to tin* many old and experienced
soldiers   who   hnvn   given   up   everything (hey liave for the sake of doing
their duty In the defence of our liberties.   When wo see such contemptible Interfering wltli the appointment
of officers by tho-member for Koo-,
tenay and others who, through clr-
cunistnnces,  are   In  a  position     to;
have the privilege of influencing tlie
minister of militia   in such   serious!
matters.   Canada   looked upon   the I
dirty work carried on through these]
same channels of Influence when the'
grafting in connection with thu pur-:
chasing of supplies came to light with ]
disgust and resentment, and Hon. R. j
L, Horden, the premier, received full
credit for his manly action with those1
who were found to have used their
positions of WL P. to carry on a clear
every duy steal.   Yes, tiiat was    bad
enough, hut it appears these leeches
are at their old game, hut it is a far
more serious business tliis time. For
an      inn jiiuli lied     officer     appointed
through their influence may be   the
means through which may of our loyal
fellows may he led into a death trap,
and oul of which no escape would likely be possible, If it should be left   in
the hands of these incnpables who are
now beiug "Fostered" on tlie 54th battalion.  The superior officers should be
given the power to refuse these useless appendages, for it is only through
tho work of the men thut the officer
in muny cases will bo able to judge I
of uny man's capability to become the
leader of men.   Especially is this the
ease in tliis war, when we are brought
face to face with tiie fact tliat many
of those who only n few montlis ago
left for the front and today nre burled
on a foreign soil.    It is a fact that
a great portion of the men today that
have joined make up ln greater pro-
portion of experienced men than any
former contingent.   Then why should!
the officer in command be entirely ig-
nored, in so many instances ln tlie!
mutter of appointments?   Surely it Is ■
not tliat the officer in command is In
league with these disloyal men   who
are   called   representatives   of   the
people.   If not why is it thut no complaint has  been  made  against these
partisan M, P.'s nefarious acts?    We
said   these  disloyal  men,  and  what
else can  we think or say, when we
know the mean dirty work tliey are
doing, and when they lose sight of tlie
fact, thc responsibility they are assuming when they stoop to the   accomplishing uf tlie possibility of our
fellow citizens, sons, husbands, fath-
to be officered by such Inexperienced nnd altogether unsuitable class
of men just because they ure sons und
nephews, also partisans of these members of parliament.    Disloyal, to my
mind, is not strong enough.   One redeeming tiling is that the officer in
oniniiiiid will be able to place these
pots where they belong whenever the
battalion leaves Canada without fear
or favor of the M. P.'s.   May God pro-
t   our   noble   boys   from   harm
ought about through the scheming
u hunch of politicians.
Yours truly,
G. W. Allan.
Nelson, I). C„ .lune sth, 1015.
Do ynu know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner you can clean all the carpets in un eigiit-roomed house ln two
hours? You do tt better than with
the old stylo carpet beater and do
not Injure tlio carpet—in fact you
make it look like new.
Wo rent Vacuum Cleaners at BOc.
and $1.00 per hour and cartage.
Cranbrook   Electric  Light Co„ Ltd.
5 cent
We are overstocked on certain lines
of writing pads and for one week will
offer them at following prices:
Regular :ir>c puds for 80c or 2 for 35c
Regular 25c pads for 20o or 1! for 25c
Regular 16c pads for 10c or 2 for 15c
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stationery cheap
The Beattie Murphy Go, Ltd.
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Where It Pays to Deal
Do you know that with our Vacuum Cleaner you can
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hours? You do it better than with the old style carpet
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We rent Vacuum Cleaners at BOc. and $1.00 per hour
and cartage.
You Should Worry If
it were difficult to find a safe and reliable remedy for the
ailments due to irregular or defective action of the stomach,
liver or bowels. These ailments are likely to attack
anyone; likely, too, to lead to worse sickness if not relieved.
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For Saturday
Pork Roasts  12 1-2
3 lbs. Fresh   Dairy Butter for  80c.
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Cooling Wash
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wash, the D, D. D, Proscription, will
glvo you luslinit relief from your
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protection from nil summer skin
troubles, I). 11. I), is ii scion tide
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groen and other healing elements,
Don't full tu try I). I>. ll. for any
kind of summer Bltln troublo, u win
give yon welcome relief, A genorouB
trlul buttle fur 85c, Ask also about
D. D. I). Soap.
D. D. D. Is Made In Cunadu
i    In the matter of an Application for
i the Issue of a duplicate certilieate ot
!Title to Blocks 9 and ir. of Huhillvl-
Islon of Sublet 43 or l.'it 4505, ({roup 1
(Wynndcll    Fruit l<nuds,)    Kuntciiiiy
District, Map mm
j    Notice Is lierchy given tluit It Ih my
Intention to lSHiic at the expiration of
| uno montll after the Ilrst publication
! hereof n duplicate of the Certilieate (if
Title to tlle above mentioned  mucks
In tlie name of John Johnson, which
Certificate Is dated the 27th August,
Him, and numbered 112S7A.
Saml. II. Uoe.
Nelson, It. 0,, District Registrar.
20th May, 19U. Bl-tt
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that the Canadian 1'nciilc Hallway
Company (as Lobhcch and exercising
the franchise of the Kootenny Central
Hallway Company) did deposit (in accordance with provisions of Sections
107 and 160 Dominion Kail way Act) In
the Nelson Land Registry Ofllce on
the 7th day of Juno, A. D. 1916, as
No. 759.W. plan, profile and hook of
reference showing revised location of
portion of the said Kootenay Central
, Railway from a point on the Southern
1 boundary of Lot 288 to a point on the
' Western boundary of the Nortli West
Quarter of Ixit .15,., East Kootenay
district. "Revised Location II. C. L. S.
Mile 9G.1G to Mile 109.41."
Dated at Winnipeg this llth day of
June, A. D. 11*15.
P. Mcl'horson,
Right of Way and Lease Agent,
24-2t Western Linen.
Take notice that I, Oeorge Herbert
Thompson, of tho City of Crnnbrook,
B. C„ Free Miner's Certificate No.
1379618, intend sixty days from the
date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of improvement for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action
under Section 85 must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvement.
Dated the 22nd day of May, A.D.
19yG. 23-91
0. II. Thompson, THURSDAY, JUNE 17tU. 1915
They are ground of the
same material. The difference is in their curve. This
requires more work to
make and therefore surfaces conform much better to the Held and line of
let Us Show Vim the Difference
They will please you
and lhal is what Is wanted
of every pair of Klasses fitted and Ki'nund hy
W. H. Wilson
Miiniil'mlurlntr Optician
town Tories
Safety deposit boxes to rent at
Ileule & Elwell's.
Don't forget tho Strawberry Social
on Christ church lawn next Monday
P. M. Macpherson hns accepted a
position as manager of the Hanson
Born—On Saturday, June 12, to Mr.
and Mrs. K. W. Greene of this city,
a daughter.
A splendid musical programme has
been arranged for the Strawberry
day evening.
Beale & Elwell, steamship agents
for all European points. Apply to
them for rates.
The Overseas Club will hold a sale
of cookery at the Y. M. C, A. Saturday
afternoon from 3 to 6.
The miniature range at the Curling
Rink will be open every Wednesday
afternoon and evening.
The grounds around St. Mary's
church have been plowed up this week
and a new lawn is being planted.
Born—In this city at the Cottage
hospital, on Saturday, June 1-th, 1916,
to Mr. and Mrs. John Venus, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Morrish left last
weok for Calgary, Alta. They Intend
to return to England to reside In future.
On Sunday, June 27th, thc children
of the Presbyterian Sunday school
will attend church In a body. The
day Is known as Patriotic Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Tlffla left
yesterday for a soveral days' visit
with relatives and friends nt Lethbridge and other prairie points.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ellott, of Wasa,
were visitors In the city on Tuesday.
Mrs. W. H. Wilson Is considerably
Improved this week after her serious
operation ot a week ago.
Norman Gardner and D. M. Morrison have established bachelor quarters on Durlck avenue.
A. E. Watta, of Wattsburg, was a
Cranhrook visitor the first of the
Puul Handley, Uie Marysville hotel
man, wan in the city the first nt' the
Bob Brown Is tn tlie city on a visit
to relatives und friends. Bob is with
the llth C. M. R.
A meeting of the W. C. T. U. will i •^orh on th)I IH.W wuU,r workH Hys.
bo held on Thursday next, June 24th, | tpm lf. aoout completed. The flnlsh-
at the home of Mrs. J. P. Smith.   Mem-j*nK touches will be put to the work
bers are asked to attend.
His Worship the Mayor, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Atchison, returned tonight from an auto
trip lu tho Elko and Waldo country.
Rexall Orderlies are a safe laxative
even for the most delicate woman or |
child. Sold only by Beattie-Murphy
Co., Tho Rexull Store, 10c,, 2Cc. and
50c. boxes.
An extraordinary general meeting
of the Cranbrook Auto Club will he
culled shortly for the purpose of taking action In connection with the erection of tho new club house at Green
Mr. and MrB. R. W. Russell left last
weok for Alberta, Mr. Russell returning on Monday and Mrs. Russell remaining at Wtldrunn, Alberta, for n
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Wilson.
Harry White and E. H. McPhee,
arrived homo Monday from New Westminster, where they atended the meet-
Ing of thc Grand Lodge of British Columbia Odd Pellowa. Mr. E. Y. Brake
also a Cranbrook representative Is
expected home tomorrow.
The Rev. W. H. Bridge, the new rector of Christ church, will be here next
Thursday with his family from
Nakusp, and will be Inducted by
the Right Reverend Lord Bishop of
Kootenay at Christ church on the
Sunday following, June 27th at tlio
morning service.
The Creston record for hatching
chickens has been smashed to smithereens! Three weeks ago Mra. St,
Elol purchased a setting of eggs from
ye editor. The clutch consisted of
16 eggs of the Rhode Island Red variety. The hatch came off the first of
the week, sixteen good healthy chicks
being the result.   Some hatching, eh?
Mr. end Mrs. A. C. Bowness, Miss
Whitehead. Mrs. A. C. Blaine, Mrs.
John Gates, Mrs. P. Adams, Mr. and
MrB. J. W. Rutledge, Mr. N. Hanson,
Mr. George Leask, Mr. D. M. Morrison and Mrs. Donohue were among
the Cranbrook people who motored
Inst Sunday to Green Bay on Moyie
lake, spending several hours there in
the afternoon.
Hume grown strawberries are now
ottered for solo In the city.
The stork lm= alighted on a few
housetopB In Cranbrook duriug the
past week.
Horn—In this city on Wednesday, i
June 16th, to Mr. and Mrs. li Woodland, a daughter.
A few dollars on your back subscription will be much appreciated. It;
costs money to run a newspaper.
Percy H. McAsklll. one of the Cranbrook members of the flrst contingent, was reported among the wounded yesterday.
T. E. South and children ar-
home from Enderby Tuesday,
tliey   Imvu   been   visiting   wtth
Word has been received from several of the boys who left with the 54th
battalion to the effect that they arrived at Vernon at 4 p.m. Saturday.
A   big   electric   storm   and   a  heavy
Rexall  Drugglr.ts,  everywhere,  sell
and guarantee Rexall Orderlies as a . ,
i downpour of rain greeted the men on
safe and  gentle    laxative.      Beattie-1 ..   . .    .      _.
Murphy Co., Ltd.. Thc Itoxnll   Store
10c, 25c. *K 50c. boxes.
1 llieir   arrival.    The ,boys  are   busy
' I preparing   their
A special mooting Of the Ladles Aid
Society of the Methodist church will
be held at the home nf Mrs. T. C
Phillips, Armstrong avenue, on Wednesday, June ".Ird, at ,'t o'clock.
If yon are thinking Of buying a
piece of hmd or a homo of your own
now Is llie time. Prices are low and
••any terms can bo procured. See
Heale & Klwell ubout It at oncn.
Maurice Oiiain returned Monday
from Ottawa, after a ten days business visit to the capital. Maurice
reporta things generally quiet lu the
city of good people and bad politics.
Mr. and Mrs W. B, MiuKiirlane accompanied by Mrs. A. A. Johnson
motored out to Green Hay last Sunday, where tbey were met by Moyle
friends, spending the dny at the lakeside.
Leslie Walsh, who left Cranbrook
with the third contingent arrived back
In town the Ilrst of tho week from
Victoria. Walsh was honorably discharged, his feet giving out compel!
Ing him to retire.
At Enderby the school teachers have
only received one month's salary so
preparing their camp arrangements
and doing otlier work tn the regular
line of camp life
In the course of another week.
Lieut. H. H. HtckS, of tlie 54th battalion, left Vernon on Monday for
Ottawa  where he  will take u course
lu tlu* manipulation of machine guns
Morgan H. John, wltli the llth C
M. R.'s Ih In town on a visit with Ids
family. Ho will be leaving In the
course of u couplo of daya for hli
Two prisoners of war passed
through Cranbrook on Monday en
route for Lethbridge, where tbey will
be provided with good grub and an
easy living until after the war ls
brought to a close.
"Old Bill" Jones has quit the country and journeyed forth to the Blue-
nose province of New Brunskick. Bill
will make his home In St. John, the
home of his boyhood days.
Lyman Taylor, the Wycliffe rancher, wns ln town this woek. Mr. Taylor brought In some rye measuring
7 ft. 3 Inches. Cutting is now ln progress In the St. Mary's district.
Miss Helen Harrison, secretary-
treasurer of tho St. John Ambulance
Association acknowledges the following contributions wtth thanks:
The Women's Institute, Burton, B.C.,
ten pr. socks and clgaretes; Mrs. J. P.
Pink, 5 pr. socks.
The Sullivan mine rat Kimberley
have commenced work on a new tunnel the past week, putting an extra
bunch of men to work. Two shifts
will be worked, employing some fifty
additional men.
The attention of Herald readers ls
called to the cookery sale ln thc
Y. M. C. A. on Saturday next from
3 to 6. The Rale Ib being conducted
by the Overseas Club. This sale is
to defray expenses Incurred In connection with the Empire day celebration.
MrB. Harry White is visiting in Vancouver with frlenda and will remain
in that city until the end of the
month. At the clone of the Wycliffe
school for the summer holidays Miss
Sybil White, the teacher at the Wycliffe school, will Journey to the coast
where she will Join her mother, when j mers and the music of tbe saw told
they will go to Victoria, Mrs. White j in so many words that the kids were
to visit with friends and Miss Sybil, |mrd at It.
to nttend the summer school. I    one lady visitor expressed herself
as being pleased with the work of ber
son nt the school. She Bald her husband had been trying for two years to
building a fence and had spoiled about
fifty dollars worth of lumber and cut
Mrs, South'! parents.
During the pust week the name of
George  Jones  appeared  In  tbe  can*
I unity  lists as wounded and missing.
' The family here wish this corrected
as they have recently had word from
hlm and he Is ln a hospital at Edinburgh and doing splendidly.
John Reekie is the new devil at tbe
Herald ollice . He Is now delving deep
Into the mysteries of the art of printing and is learning to use printers Ink
most scientifically. He has already
contributed a couple of line squibs and
later on promises Herald readers a
column of genuine Scotch articles
dealing with the land o' the heather.
Miss Devney, slBter of Mrs. Chas.
Magee, who has been visiting with
her sister here for the past year, left
Tuesday morning on tho Plyer for
her home in Portland, Maine. Mrs.
Magee accompanied her. Miss Devney has been an invalid for years
suffering with rheumatism. It was
thought llfo in the mountains would
benefit the patient, hence her visit
here, Tho trip, however, has made
no noticeable change. Before return-
ing home Mrs. Magee will visit friends
at Winnipeg and Montreal before returning home.
Sale of Ladies'
Aborn, Queen Quality
Copeland Ryder makes
All black, brown, gray and white suede shoes, regular prices up to $6.50
at $3.00 per pair
AU black, satin and velvet shoes, regular price up to  $600
at $2.50 per pair
All brown, grey and white suede pumps, regular price up to $5.50
at $2.50 per pair
Some of these lines are broken in sizes, yet the sizes missing in one line
can be lound in another so that those who come early con find their proper
size and obtain a great bargain.    Every pair guaranteed.
of sedentary habits
Large   Number of Visitors Inspect
Work of Cranbrook Boys
Tbis Evening
Upwards of eighty Cranbrook residents visited the Manual Training
school during the afternoon and evening, when the boys held open house
nnd conducted exhibitions ln woodcraft. When a Herald representative
dropped In last evening the boys were
busily engaged at work of various
kinds. Work of activity on all sides
wns In progress.  The banging of ham*
—Luck of exercise, Irregular
hours ond diet, nervous
strain, ull tend to produce
constipation with Its train
of evils—Indigestion, nervousness, sleeplessness, and
many ills even more serious.
0 a
TO RELIEVE CONSTIPATION— One tablet crushed In the mouth  they are pleasant to the taste)
and swallowed on retiring is usually sufficient.  Where a pronounced
action Is desired, let this be followed by one on rising.   If the cause
Is obstinate, however, take two tablets nt night.
Rfiall Onl<.tIU-, :iro Mail** In Canadaan-l aold In mrr.il bomar 19c, 25*:an4 'V n-h,
tt R*Mll .Stores everywhere. Get * Bo* Todjy on tiie Mom/y-twck Basil f r"ra
Cranbrook. B. C.
Arthur BowneiS, son of Mr. A. V.
Bowness, arrived home yesterday
from Calgary, where he has been attending Western Canada College,
where he bus pnssed his exams. While
there he won the Junior athletic
championship and carried away the
lienors In bis class for the. art of
self-defence. The Ind will eelebrute
IiIh Kith birthday tomorrow.
Nyiik Knreek, a Cranbrook bohunk
interned nt Kernie, on Friday evening
biHt created some excitement when he
mnde n d»**h for liberty. lie suc<
ceodfld In getting outside the building
and vaulting the wire fence which
surrounds It, but wos apprehended
before getlng any distance. Several
of the guards witnessed Furcek's attempt and he Is a lucky man to be
alive today, although he is a dead
one as far as the community goes.
"Jim" Roberts, of Moyle, B. C, was
a welcome visitor to The Wed. offlce
last Monday. He Is one of the best
known members of the Western Fed-
oration of Miners In the province, and
was for some time an executive board
member of tho B. C. Federation    of
far this year.   Unless tho government Ubo-**  Neve-" '•» U» best of health, be
extends considerable financial relief
the schools will not re open after summer holidays.
Remember tho Strawberry Social
wlll be held on Monday evening next
at 8 o'clock on the Christ church rectory lawn. Musical programme starts
at 8 o'clock. A sliver collection wlll
to taken at tbe gate.
went to England two years ago, under
the Arm conviction that he had not
long to live, as the doctor had told
him he could not. But after a long
and painful cxpoMenco of sick bed and
operations, he is alive and back hero,
although not by a long way feeling as
vigorous aa ho ought to and bb be
would like to be.—B. O. Federatlon-
Customs officer Jack Walker is n
happy man. In fact he Is about the
happiest man In Crnnbrook. On
Monday morning he announced tbe
glad tidings that a baby girl had arrived at liis home the previous night.
This Is the firBt little stranger In the
Walker home which has already
brought unbounded joy and happl-
nesH to the young couple. Both
mother und child are doing splendidly.
Frank Murphy has received a post
card from Billy Harrison, who left
Cranhrook with tho second contingent. He reports being wounded tn the
right shoulder on May the 20th at
ltlchebourg, France, nnd was at Canadian hospital at Leteport In the
north of France for five days and feeling finer than silk now. I am now at
Leicester, England, and may be moved
In a week or two. 1 am with thc 16th
battalion, Canadian Scottish. He says
the Germans call his company the
white ghurkas.
Jack Smith, one of the Cranbrook
men who left with the third batch of
men from this city Is back In town
again this week and without a uniform. Jack could not be licked into
shape aa Private John Smith and was
let out, not being amenable to military discipline. Ono story goes that
one day while at drill Jack gave the
order to fix bayonets. When caution*
ed by the officer In charge he Ib re
ported to have said: "Well, old timer, I've been a private all my life and
I Just thought I would be an officer
for once,"
ten years off his life In his efforts, but
all to no avail. Last week the boy
told his dad he thought he could carry on the work If his father would
see to It that the heavy work of packing the lumber around was attended to.
The fence ls now erected, thanks to the
work of the training school.
Principal Webb was on hand
showing tho many callers the
work of the several classes. There
were on exhibition numerous articles
of household value embracing such
articles; as household furniture of
very description.
Sewing; Done at Home or
by Day
210 East Vaa Home Si.
Do you know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner you tan clean all the carpets In an eight-roomed house la two
hours? You do It better than witb
the old style carpet beater and do
not Injure the carpet—In fact yon
make It look Ilka new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at Mc.
and fl.00 per hour and cartage.
Oranhreok  Electric  Light Ce- LU.
light wagon for sale cheap. Apply
Joe Belanger, city. 22-tf
TO BINT CHBAP-Basene.it wart-
house, large and dry, 95 per
month.   Apply W. J. Atchlaoa. Iltf
WANTED. --Young woman wants
work by the day or hour. Call op-
poslte Foundry, Cranbrook St. 24-lt
LOST.-In   Cranbrook,  canary   bird
with grey wings and grey spot on
head. Kinder return to I,. I). and
receive liberal reward. 24-lt*
FDR   SALE.- Horse,    harness   aad
wagon; light buggy; will take milk
cow In trade; cabbage plants for
sole.- S. Macdonald.        23-1
FOR RENT CHEAP.   Small fnralsh.
cd house with bath and all modern
conveniences; newly papered and
painted; no children preferred;
must be careful tenant. Apply Herald ofllce. XMf
This is the title of the first war pictures taken on the firing line. Thc
pictures represent the first scenes of
actual fighting brought to America.
Tbey wero taken on the Belgian
battlefields during the months of September and October by Edwin F.
Welgle, staff photographer of the
Chicago Tribune, whose work In this
connection is muklng hlm fumous.
■crimps the most important feature
Is the fact that they were the only
motion pictures which were authorized by the Belgian government. Joseph Medlll Paterson. of tbo Chicago
Tribune, made nn exclusive arrangement with the Belgian government
whereby fifty per cent of the profits
from these pictures will be turned
over to the Belgian Bed Cross for
Belgian sufferers, and tlm** permission
was obtained which had been refused
to hundreds of persons and firms who
sought to photograph on (in* firing
line, Tbe plcturea constitute four of
the most exciting reels over reviewed.
Heel 1 portrays Antwerp. Hie "City
of Sorrows," showing the great Notre
Dame Cathedral nnd a panorama view'
of Antwerp, also tbe pontoon bridge
over the Hiver Scheldt, over which the
British and Belgian armies and thel
entire population of Antwerp, mini-
b'-ring 350.000, made their escape:
when the Germans shelled and burned
the city. In succeeding reels the city,
of Termonde Is reproduced, Including
the fighting which occurred In and
about the city remarkably well. An '
Idea of the great Interest these pictures possess can be obtained from
the fact that the city of Termonde hnd
a population of 60,000 before the war
and that when Welgle wns ohtnlnfng
his views immediately following the
attack only twenty buildings remain"!
Tho battle of Alost followed by the
battle of Aorschot and the battle of
Mallncs are also depleted remarkably
well. Scenes of trench digging, of
machine gnus In operatiou, of Bel
gians on the firing line being shot and
lated being carried off on hospital
motor trucks are all brought out vividly.
In reel three the flooding of the
Lierre Is shown. This occurred when
tho Belgians blew up their own dykes
to drown the incoming German* The
capture of Antwerp is likewise jx>r-
truyed, including the burning of the
city. In the lust reel some of the
fiercest fighting of the European war
is brought out Just as It occurred.
The Chicago Tribune's staff photographer was within fifty feet of this
bloody warfare when the pictures
were made. Out of a little group of Infantrymen, among whom Welgle was
nt work, eight are shown us they full
dead or wounded In three or four
minutes. The photographer with re-
markable courage stood his ground
until all were forced to retreat. At
another point the llelginn Infantry is
shown fighting Its wny to the front
After the Belgians hnd advanced a
hundred yards u Herman shell tan
be seen striking a small bouse, Mowing it into pieces,
The pictures wind up with the eep-
tare of Antwerp and a tremendously
fmpreaeive flight of the most unfortunate Belgian refugees Into Holland. Al-
together they constitute the only moving pictures of actual fighting ever
brought to this country, und because
of the existing contract with the Belgian government—the only motion
pictures which will be permitted.
These plcturea art sure to create a
great sensation throughout lh* world.
These pictures will bt shown at the
Ilex theatre June 30th and July 1st.
I find the report circulated that IS
recruits of the Cranbrook contingent
having railed lo leave Ihf town on
Friday.  June   llth,   was  an   ebsolut*
falsehood,   ah th** m*n. except three
or four detained In the local hospital,
departed for Vernon with the Fernie
Fertile contingent. Seeing that th«
King and empire have rall'd upon us,
• very patriotic eltlteo ought to   do
their    beet   to   discourage   drinking
among the recruits.
(Signed) Hev. w. Su-phMi*.
Mayflower Talcum Powder
Nyal's Mayflower Talcum is an experience to every first time user. Its touch
is soft, soothing and refreshing. Its distinctive Mayflower perfume, delicate, individual,
elusive. Ideal for every use to which you
can put a Talcum.
Nyal Quality preparations can bc obtained Only in
Hjtl Quality Stores. Ask one of them for free copy of
Booklet entitled "Your Completion," P™* ,uU l"»-
ticiilarl of best method, of massage.
Cranbrook, U C.     , l'AGK FOUR
THURSDAY, TONE 17th. 1915
a           Loyal Orange
L-.            Lodge
|L«J           No.   1871
*.,\ Meet, flrst and tklrd
''■ Thursday, at 1 p.m.
m* in     Royal     Blaak
ts ot Ireland Hall, laker
3. Garrett, W.M.
0. HorBman, Ree. See.
Ueets .vary
Monday nlghl
.,^-jw at rrat.ralty
HaU. Sojourning Oddfellow,
cordially Invited.
It. A. RacHUrett J. F. Broughton
N.O. •"'n- *—■
W. M. Harris, Ree. Secretary.
Mont, .very Tuesday at 1 *■*>■ la
the maternity Hall
It. ('. Carr, C.L
K. M, Christian
k. n. k a.
I'. 0. Box
VUlUag brethrea
eardlallr ta-
vtted to attend.
I.ODCF.. SO. 1»
Meets every second aad fourth
Wednesday at (Tater.lty Ball
Hnjournlug Rekakak. eeraUl-
ly Invited.
Sin. A. E Junes, N.O.
Sla Ada Ulckenhotkua, Ree. ta.
Muttts   ln
tuple aUU mud
and   fourth
Vnwday  et  etery
month nt t-J
ip •»« to BaMah
E  Y. Urako
j. r. Lrtrer.
Vi nl ting
uambere    mritoilj
Meets   In    the   Maple     Hall
flrst Tuesday afternoon af .vary
mnntli at It p.m.
President, Mrs. W. li. McKarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
P. 0. Bai .41
All ladles cordially lavUaa.
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. II. Webb
For Information regarding
lands and agriculture apply to
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at L'.:lO o'clock.
THE    1  It A JI II R 0 0 K
is ojien for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
I'tiiillc Stenographer
Phone 485
Cranbrook -   -   -
Forwarding   and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge  Coal
M-lle render
Imperial Oil Co.
Dnijlng and Transferring
Ulveii prompt attention
Plione 63
Headquarters for all kinds of
HathtacUoa  durante,!
The Shoe Specialist
;A  :■ r-* >*i   _4l.
—HaTitBO- •
"ttsoimfl c.caioepja&CB
on th*
|M.  goin
'utiifii.   15 ii liox or three for
I i i m: ft'-ir-., nr Dull**!! to My
;■' . i pTlOO.    Till Hi-OKlt. IJRI'S
Vitalitytfar Nerreua Rnlaj incr«uM''ii*F
i«ll«'r"»  I «■'.'• ■ ■ ■■■ i'l l.'ilJ.l Jon Up. II r.b*l,ar
two (or i'i  nt 'Inii* Morel, "r l>r Dl»ll **9*WWt
Beattle-Mur-vby Co.. LW., Afamla.
rV     Packet of
\ $8°- WORTH  OF  ANY
Barristers,  Solicitors and
akiney to Loan
Imperial Bank building
(Successor to W. F. Ourd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   and
P, O. Dox 859
Oilloe In  Hanson  Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
maternity and Oeneral Nursing
Warden Ave.
Terms on Application
UBS. A. SALMON, Matron
rtssris til P. 0. Box 146
Phono 348 P. 0. Box SSS
Faneral Director und Kmbalmer
lluildlng Contractor
Dealer In   Ileal   Kstate,   Mining
Stocks and Mineral Claims
Vltll and Mining Engineer.
B. ('. Land Suneyor.
Pay Phone 233 Night Phon. IS
Herhury Ave., next to City Hall
I'lione 1 (,r. P. 0. Box II
Organist  Methodist  Church
Receive. Pupil, tor
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Av.
If  you  want  satisfaction
with your washing
send It to
Special prices for family
tieneral Merchant
Employments Agents
P. 0. Box 108 Phon. 144
Bobt Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Flu
and Pastry
Phone 87
Nerkurr Ave.      Opp. Clt7 Hall
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has Just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk In
Wa  (aarantee to  Plaasa
Physicians and Surgeons
Office  at  residence,  Armstrong
Bveulngs    7.30 to   8.10
Cranbrook,  B.C.
(From the Fertile Free Preei)
Ulzzuto llros., Angelo and AL, hud
it large tores of Italians mit on Sunday giving them a preliminary drill in
order to Inspire them with the proper military spirit and prepare them
for their return to Italy.
An empty dwelling house In West
Fernie wns destroyed by lire on Monday night about U.80. The lire brij,--
ado turned out, but owing to the
distance from the city water mains
nothing could be accomplished.    The
! property belonged to \V. J. Gray, oi*
| the  Ferule  Steam  Lun miry  und  was
'insured for $1,000.
I On Wednesday morning Dr. Corsan
received a wire stating that hin son
Tom, who went to the front from
Victoria with the Snd B. 0, regiment,
whicli wns expected to lie known us
I the sotli battalion, had been wounded
In action. Xo details of liis injuries
were given. Tom wns uue of tlie boys
who grow up In Fertile and u host
of friends here, us well as his anxious
, parents, are eagerly watting further
news.    Kennotli CorBan, the second
: son of Dr. and Mrs. Corsan, Is with
■the 54th regiment This morning a
cable wus received frum Tom himself,
from u hospital in France, saying that
bc had been wounded but thut he was
doing well.
Sergt. Major Garvin, of the Hoyal
Northwest Mounted Police,   Maclcod,,
i spent Saturday In the city and took j
over from the custody of tho provln- j
clal police u (Jerman and his wife wbo [
are now prisoners of war und will be ;
tuken to the internment camp at Leth- j
bridge. The male prisoner had man-1
aged  to  evade  the  immigration   olll-!
IlOW COURAGE AND I he safer In tho wator.   I hud an Idea
COOLNESS SAVED HIM j that 1 would he hetter to strip   and
Jump lu ut once, und thut the sea
the blaze, nnd some other neighbors
came on the scene it wus Impossible
to rescue anything but a fow old
clothes uiul a box of tools, whicli wore
near tin* tloor. lie Is al a loss lo account for the flro, except tlmt a tame
chipmunk, which hail the run of lhe
house, started thu eoiitlugrntfon by
attempting u breakfast off u supply of
matches on the larder shelf.
(By Fred Roo.)
The Wilkinson  family
back to Elko from Haynes.
Hilly Ingram, wife und baby, of the
Bodega restaurant, Fernie, drove to
Elko Sunday.
A lazy man, says Jim Thistlebeak, is
one wbo will take nny kind of a job
lie can't get.
Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Stevenson, A. ti.
Macdonald and wife, of Cranbrook,
motored to Elko this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hutchison, Mrs,
I elate, which fact only developed when I Heldratt nnd three daughters rode In
the wife attempted to gain admission [from tlte south fork this week,
| to the United States, when it came to wfe are pleased to say that busi-
j light that the husband, who until re- j ness Is very good In Elko just now
| cently had been a resident of Alberta,\ and umbrellas still going up.
Bonner's  Ferry, Idaho,     at'    Elko.a Knitting, Needle and Thimble
was  in
which place lie was taken ln charge
by the immigration officials und
brought hack and handed over to the
Canadian authorities.
(From the Creston Review.)
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cameron, of Crnnbrook, who have been guests of the
former's parents for a few days, returned home on Monday.
club will hold   several    sessions this
week for the beneilt of the I.O.D.E.
Tlie cricket match played at Waldo
Saturday between the Elko juniors and i me his experiences, always with
Mr. IE „!. Mccrcdy's Narrative of the
Sinking of the S. S.
The following most extraordinary
' experience of Dr. Ralph Mecredy, of
Dublin, one of the survivors of the
loss of the Lusituniu, cannot fall to
be of great interest to our readers.
; The account Is tuken from the Dublin
Evening Mail of the 10th May, three
days alter the massacre.
Mr, It. .1. Mecredy, tbo father of the
narrator, is a hrst cousin of Mr. T. T.
Mecredy. barrister, Crnnbrook, und of
the famous "It. J." mighty athlete
und amateur cycle champion nt ull distances of tlie British empire In the
early eighties, it can he suld tlmt as a
writer of It. J.'s paper, "The Irish
Cyclist and Athlete" that llnrms-
worth, now Lord Northcllffe, "Tho
1 Lord of the .Missing Word," earned his
first shilling.
Tin* experience of Doctor Mecredy
show (but lie must be about tbe coolest "proposition" that ever put ou u
life bolt, Our readers will observe
with amazoment the manner In whicli
he analyses bis mental processes at
the very moment the liner was sink
ing from under him, the advantage of
this place over that, nnd the disadvantage of the next placo over the
one he was about to try. It Is not
surprising that he escaped. More
power to lilni:
The narrative follows:
I had the pleasure of lunching today
with Dr. Ralph .Mecredy, son of Mr. It.
J. Mecredy, who is so well known lu
connection with the Irish Motor and
Cycling World. Dr. Mecredy was a
passenger on the ill-fated Lusltanla,
and when 1 saw him today, except that
he was a little pale, a little hoarse,
and bud his finger bound up in bandages, he did not appear to be a great
deal the worse for the terrible experiences through which ho hnd passed.
Dr. Mecredy was kind enough to tell
Waldo juniors was won by Elko, Bcore
45 to 20.
Train Dispatcher Deesmond and
wife nnd 0. Burgess and wife, of
Waldo, drove to the Elk Hiver Canyon
Since the police stopped the farmers tying their tennis to the city by-
Mrs. Bennett Is having u bee nt her i drants they have started to use the
home on Wednesday next, June llith,
to mike personal I'mo* y bags for
the wounded soldiers Boltitf Into hospital.
Creston Orangemen are arranging
(o huve a monster citizens' picnic,
most likely at Huscroft's on Monday,
July 12th, It Is not likely there will be
an Orange celebration anywhere In
the Kootenays this year.
Andy Miller, whose work as flre
ranger takes him to all points In the
valley, states the 1915 clover crop is
almost 100 per cent heavier than he
has ever seen It In these parts for
several seasons.
It muy Interest you to know that
Foster, the weather prophet, who
quite often predicts things about
right, says June Is to be a wet month,
after which things will clear up and
we will have a warm dry summer.
The editor Is keeping down the high
cost of living to some extent this
weok. W*a were remembered with u
tine 8-pound char out of the Bcvnn-
I-owenberg-Callander catch—and very
tasty couple of dinners it made.
Creston Lodge Knlrfntf. of PythtflS
nominate their ollicers t it* the ensuing term at Monday night's meeting,
The grnnd lodge bus selected E C
Qlbbl as deputy grand chancellor to
conduct the Instullutloii,
Express shipments of strawberries
commenced at all points in the valley
on Tuesduy. The crop is not coining
on quite us lust us expected, thc
nights being decidedly cold. Thc rush
will commence ubout tlte 21st from
present appearances.
Creston wlll hnve uu Independent
fruit selling ngency this season under
tbe direction of D. S. Timmons, who
has secured a market for his own uoft
| fruit crop and is also handling thc
I trade of a few otlier ranchers. He
| wilt take rare of some 1200 crates of
; soft fruits.
j Cranbrook's claim to having pro-
| duced the first outdoor-grown 1915
sweet peas In thc Kootenay—Joo Jackson gathering some on Juno 1st—is
disproved right here in the valley.
Mrs. Walter Hall, of Erickson, has
been .gathering more or less large
bouquets of them since May 27th.
barber poles.
Two automobile parties passed
through Elko Saturday for Cranbrook
from Calgary and one from Reglua
going to thc coast.
Jim Thistlebeak says Its to bc hoped
that the June brides in selecting the
trousseau this year did not overlook
a serviceable raincoat.
Bert Black, superlntendeent of the
M. F. & M., Fernie, motored to Rex-
ford and met W. R. Wilson, general
manager of the Crows Xest Conl Co.
According to Chicago papers, lawyers ure barred from the small deb-
promise tliat it is not very easy ln an
emergency of the kind through which
he has passed to preserve clear and
collected memories of everything that
happened, There was u great deal of
confusion, a great deal of excitement, und a series of dramatic pictures that have burned themselves Into his mind.
"It was fortunate for me," he said,
"that I happened to be on deck when
the torpedo struck us. It took me
quite unawares, and I um not amongst
those who sny that they saw the track
of the torpedo coming strnlght to tbe
I asked Dr. Mecredy If he could tell
me what the sensation is like when a
big liner is struck by a torpedo? "I
cannot very well describe it," he said,
"but It wus us though the ship was
suddenly cheeked by a gigantic and
invisible bund, lt was as though the
ship wns pulled buck mice, went on
again   n   bit,  aud   was   pulled  back
tors court In tlie Windy City. lt agaln< Tnen thcru ff(W ur oxpln,
would be right, says Jim Thistlebeak, Bion, and everything seemed to turn
to call lt a real Justice court. black. Huge spouts of water, ap
Two of Elko's popular young bach- parently black, came up all round
dors to become benedicts In tlie near us, and then washed down over the
future. Messrs. Blrce und Hoss was decks. There was a lady standing by
up to Fernie this week and secured the rail just under wliere the torpedo
the commitment papers. The charm- struck, A huge water-spout rose being brides-to-be, we understand, live side ber, fell on her, and knocked her
In the vicinity of College avenue. down, but 1 do not think she was ser-
would be safer than the ship at tbat
moment. But as she was still travelling, I realized that if 1 jumped In I
would soon be left fur behind and perhaps out of sight. And tiiere were no
rescue ships iu sight, not a sail nor a
smoke track on tlie horizon.
Then I had to muke up my mind to
drop into the sea over the stern of the
ship, or to go for'ard to the bow where
she wus sinking, und where her deck
rails were awash. I thought that If I
tried the for'ard plunge she might go
down ut that moment und perhaps roll
over on to 1110, or that lu any case if
she went dOWH 1 should be sucked under with her, anil perhaps be struck
as 1 citme up with some of the flouting
wreckage. It 'was while I wan pon
daring Ibis matter that It occurred
to me that 1 ought to go down below
uud gel u lifebelt, I found no great
difficulty in going down below and
getting ii life belt, though I am sorry
to sny I did not know exactly how to
put It on. However, I look off everything except my trousers and shirt,
aud got nito the life-belt as best 1
could. Then I tackled again the problem as to whether 1 should get Into tlu
seu from the stern or the bow. Just
as I came on deck the vessel gave a
lurch which knocked a lot of people
down, and it occurred to me that It
was time to move. I decided that I
would go aft und see what I could do
1 went aft as far as I could go, but
the dive which I saw from there was
too much for me, I never was much
of a high diver, uud with the stern of
tho Lusltanla sticking out of the
water, it was u murderous-looking
Jump. I noticed thc log rope hanging
over the side, nnd I decided that I
would take the risk of going down by
tlmt. 1 climbed over and began to
lower myself hand over hand, and using my bare feet to steudy myself.
But I found the rope soon tailed off
Into a wire rope, and when I looked up
I found a couple of stokers wero coming down ou top of me, nnd that I had
to hurry. I proceeded to slide down,
and that is why my fingers are In
bandages. It tore the flesh off them,
though I did not feel lt at the time, or,
indeed, until the next day. When I
was in the water 1 think they soon got
When I reached tbe wnter I must
liave gone down a few feet, and when I
came to the surface I was bumped
Into by the stoker who was coming
down tho rope after me, and I was
driven under the surface again. I
immediately struck out with the Idea
of getting as far as I could from the
sinking ship. I swum around for a
bit, trying to collect my wits, and to
decide what was tlie best thing to do.
Presently I snw n ship's boat, and, although she wus pretty full, 1 thought
the best tiling I could do was to go
after her.
"Were you invited to get In?" I asked. "Well," he said, "to tell you the
truth I was not. But I did not think it
an occasion to stand upon ceremony,
or rather to swim upon ceremony. 1
came up behind the stem of thc boat
and simply climbed in.
Perhaps I forgot to tell you that one
of tlie most trying moments wns when
THE D^ragy
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every CljuUt Package
The Indians on Tobacco Plains an
planning a big celebration to be holt
lously Injured."
"What happened after the shock?'
at Edwards lake some time in July. I asked. "Well," be said, "I remcin-
Four-Sky-Thunder who has Just re- ber walking along tho deck realizing
turned from u visit to Dayton Creek, what had happened and wondering in
Montana, says the Indians across tlu; j my own mind whether the ship would
lino are rolling ln wealth and whiskey, and that tlie Tom-Toms are
thumped below thc dead line.
Every dny last week Elko was visited hy some gay and handsome traveling man from the coast and Inland
centres. Langford of Victoria witli
coffee as black   as your    hut, fried
sink. I cannot say that there wus any
panic, whicli Is a relative term, but
thore was certainly a great deal or
confusion. The first thing that I noticed wan lhat an order wus Issued
litat the women and children should
go nt once to the boat dock. Another
thing thut | noticed—though whether
chicken In tins, nnd n full line of con- tllon or Hubsei|tiently 1 am not quite
contrated emergency rations; Jim (-h,ai'—was that when a lurge number
Bates, of Vancouver, with tlie finest' of PMMbgers were going to one of tho
line of boots and shoes over booh :lltllirB' followed by a number of sea-
with the naked eyeball, and bookless,mon iiml stokers, some children fell
shoe buttons; Stanley Pratt, ot Van- Tnoro waB lw attempt to rush over
couver, with Grandmas ginger 'tllPU1- Tll°y .were certainly carefully
snaps, peppermint flavored chewing, l,ii;kcd up und set on their feet again.
gum, sour dough biscuits as light as j II Wlia after walking around the
kisses and much more filling, angel id(,(:k to* Q few minutes that I made
cake and other kinds of dog biscuits; |l'l> n»y "■■'■d that tho vessel was go-
Fa J. McCrohan, Nelson, with talking i lnE to «*•'■*■ I did so because she was
machines, mouth organs, und otlier j Bmhlng by tlio bead and listing to one
death-defying    Instruments;     Kelly, ( Bf(Jo*   ' think it was at this moment
from Chicago with cream and milk In
cans, bottles and vials; W. A. Grunt,
Calgary hardware, barb and plain
wire, matchless automatic (Ire klnd-
lcrs, nose rings and car trinkets and
E, Keddell had the misfortune to! other garden truck; Norman Gardner,
lose his bungalow by flre on Sunday  Cranbrook,   domestic   cheese,   court
morning, with practically nil Its contents. Ho wim away at the time, and
when John Ullitco, who flrst noticed
plaster and sausuge; a baker's dozen
who fulled to register and acted liko
ft lot ot Cockneys at a fox hunt.
that I saw that one of the boats had
boen swung out and had caught on
one of tho davits, There were people
still In her, and then I saw some
people In the sea a little distance
away; nnd I remembor wondering
how tliey Rot there, and realizing af-
torwnrda that they must have fallen
out of the bout. Then I decided that
If the ship was going to sink I should
moment of Intense excitement the memory registers sound. The waler wns
churned Into a frolli over lhe place
wliere the liner had been; and air
bubbles cuiiie bursting up, Then
wreckage begun to come up and float
around, und you tound ll almost Incredible to believe that the great liner
had beeu there so short a while ago.
1 suppose it may have been au bour
before we saw the Ilrst sign of rescue
ships. We saw a smoke slack ou tho
horizon, a little while afterwards another, and hi a short while help could
be seen coming from nil points of the
compass. We were picked up hy a
trawler, but some of my fellow-passengers declined to go ou board the
trawler as tbey feared that she might
bo torpedoed. Tiie Irish coast was by
this time iu sight, und we were taken
to Queenstown. There we were taken
In charge by the Cimard Company
and I was quartered in the Hoy Hoy
hotel, and given food and clothing. We
were not given any money, and I had
left everything behind on the ship,
However, I was given a pass from
Queenstown to Dublin, and I was fortunate enough to be nble to Induce the
Cunard Company to advance me ono
shilling, which represented my fare
from Dublin to Bray.
Dr. Mecredy smiled over the recollection of the financial embarrassment, surely the least troublesome
thing In an experience of this kind.
"It ls hard," he said, "to give you a
connected narrative where so many
things come crowding Into your mind.
For example, I believe I saw the German submarine. I thought I saw nn
upturned boat some distance away
with men walking up and down upon
her. A lady, who was saved, told mo
tho same thing, and thnt she recognized It as a Germnn submarine, because lt flew a Germnn flag. Another
thing I noticed before the ship sank
was u steward who was busy taking
photographs of the doomed ship; no
doubt lie had a good Idea of the valuo
of such war photographs. His dead
body was brought ashore afterwards,
with two cameras strapped round his
CsplUI  AutliorliiMl   ....tl0,0l)l>,000.M
('•pltal Paid Up    ; ,1)1111.111111.(10
Keserte   snd   Undivided
Profits    g,'2IIO'IOO.OO
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities   ,Mercliants,   Farmers   nnd
Private individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued
I wbb atteniptlne to get upstairs after | avallalilo In any part of the world,
getting my life belt.   Tlie stalrwuy In
tlio Interval liad become packed with a
struggling mass uf humanity pushing
their wny down, nnd ugnlnst whom I
could have hnd no chance nf making
my way up. 1 swung my leg over the'
banister, nnd crawled up on the outside hand over hand, without Interfering wltli tho crowd. I daresay If I
had to wait for them to pass by 1
should lmvo been too late.
Hut 1 was telling you how I gut Into
tho boat. It wns pretty full, uud women nnd children nml somo of the
crow, seumeii, stokers und
stewards. Tiiere did not seem to bo
nnybody nble to take charge, and wo
wero rowing with two oars on one side
nnd four on the other. There wus a
good deul of excitement. Somebody
suggested thnt there wus no plug In
tho bottom of the bout, merely because there was a little wuter in hor;
and somebody else suggested that wo
should probably bo torpedoed As soon
as 1 took a look round, however, I wns
satisfied thnt things wore nil right for
the present, and I ut once turned
round to sec what I could of the Lusltanla.
She was sinking rapidly by tho
head, nnd her stem wns getting higher and higher out of tho wnter. There
were boats dotted about here and
thoro, nnd a number of people clinging to wreckage. Then she gavo a
great lurch and wont right undor. I
cannot say whether there was much
Buctlon. I don't think thoro wns any
explosion, but I could not bo litre of
that, because I do not think that la a
attention given to Savings Unnk Ac
counts. Deposits of 11.00 nnd upwards received nnd Interest allowed
from dato of deposit.
A brancii la also established at
Athalmer, H.C, under thc maniige-
ment ot Irving 0, Wedd.
Unnbronk Itrnnch
H. Vi. SVPPIiK, Mnnugrr
Spokane, Washington
We believe wo
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ub
show you why
this li true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
8m Steamship on the Root


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