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Cranbrook Herald Jul 17, 1919

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THURSDAY, JWI.Y 17th 1»1»
Victoria      '
WnsH rrti.rumA^ M
Orand Display of Fireworks in the Evening
Local Overflow flR COUNCIL
A meeting of Cranbrook's Peace
tVobratlon committee waa held In
the City Council Chamber on Tueaday
evunlng at 8.30, Chairman Percy
AihiniH In tlm cbalr.
Tha mlnutoH of tbe muetlng of July
14: li, when It wa» doelded to hold the
OS ebrutlon, eommlttecui wore apimln-
ted and preliminary nrrangementH
nude, were read ami adopted, on motion of \V, II. Wllmin. neeonded by A.
k. Jones*
The chairman culled for the repot ts of committee*.
V. S. Santo, chairman of finance,
de.orating and advertising committee, reported tbe following expetiHaa:
Sports, -I70.00; baseball, I22B.OO;
datice, $65.00; band $r>0; streamer,
$8.10, but waa unable to report tho
amounts required for advertising nnd
rix'ng the grounds.
Discussion followed regarding the
en .tion of an arch, and It was moved
by W. S. Santo, seconded by W. F.
Camoron, tiiat we dispense with the
erection of an arch.—Carried.
It. O. Eakln reported on the Street
Pmade Committee. He reported that
floats and decorated cars had been
prnnlsed as follows: Canada, W. P.
Cameron; Great Britain, Mrs. Dr, P.
\V. Green; Prance, A. C. Blaine; Belgium, Mrs. A. B. Macdonald; United
States, CO. Staples; Australian Cora-
mo iwealth, P. M. MacPherson; Italy,
F. Provenzano; China, Lee John;
Jainn, Harry Futa; South Africa,
Mr:. H. A. McKowan; Red Cross Ambulance. F. M. MacPherson; Armored
Car. Percy Adams;Tank, B.C. Eakln;
Plre Truck, City; Big Gun, W. H.
Eav'e; Peace, Miss Delia Greaves;
Girl, f All Nations, W. E. Worden,
There will also be a number of decora'3d bicycles.
M >ved by W. F. Cameron, seconded by W. F. Santo, that owners of all
carr. in East Kootenay are requested
to i.ecorate their cars nnd take part
in the parade.—Carried.
W. M. Harris presented the report
on ..rounds, Sports and Entertain*
met i Committee. Nothing had yet
been done on the grounds, but W. E.
Worden would.arrange to do the nec-
essr.i'y work. ._'*-_
It. Adamson was iu charge of the
basrimll and would make all arrange-
meiits necessary.
I.i tie & Atchison. John Manning,
the 1. O. D. E. and the Women's Instil re were unable to handle the re-
frei- ments, but the G. \V. V. A. would
tnki charge of them.
A program of oilier sports was
drav n up and would be submitted
late .
J. P. Gulmont advised that all or-
ranpomentfi were complete for the
danr ■ In tbe evening.
Co lslderable discussion came up In
regr d to tbe prizes and arrange*
mer 3 for Uie ball game.
T! e chairman advised that the man
agar nf the Waldo team was ont of
town and would call up upon his rein rn.
S. Clarke, of Wycllffe. said thai
Wye iffe team would pluy In Cran-
bron'i and celebrate the day here.
A Ash worth, president of the G.
W. V. A., addressed the meeting aud
adv! >d thst the Grent War Veterans
woul I take pnrt nnd do all in their
power to make tbo celebration a site-
CME Also that l.ieut <V»I Davis
won' I be in command of tbe Great
Wat  Veterans.
I.i  Col. Davis addressed the maet-
id assured the committee or bis
.fforts and the co-operation  of
rent  War Velernns    to    assist
wit): (hn progrnm.
Moved by A. J Balment, seconded
by n C. tinkin. that the fireworks be
turn .1 over to the Great War Veterans 1 > be used hy them ns tbey deem
fit.  Harried.
Moved by W. P. Cameron, seconded by It C, Kakln, that the clergymen
of tito city be requested to give a five
mini.mi address after tbe parade at
the Oovernment building.—Carried
Moved by W. F. Camoron, seconded by W. S. Snnto, that all members
of c mmittens wear n suitable badge,
■~V: rrlcd.
M -vod by W. F. Camoron, seconded ly A. J. Unlment, that nny one
having suggestions to make for any
part of the celebration be requested
to bring them to the attention of the
secre ary before Friday evening.
Moved by A. J. Balment, seconded
by v.\ F. Cameron, that Lieut-Col.
Davi; be added to ihe Street Parade
Com m Ittee.—Carried.
M*.■ ed by J. F. Gulmont, seconded
by W. H. Wilson, that the order of
pars le be left In the bands of the
Stre-H Parade Committee—Carried.
M *.ed by A. J. Balment, seconded
by ll, C, Eakin, that the baseball
team decorate their ears, appear In
unlftrm und take part In the parade.
—Cti rfrled.
Tl 0 chairman announced that the
noxl and final meeting would be hold
at F .30 p. m, rrlday, July 18th and
NISI'*;Mil:II  Nt.Yrt.MK   nut
Grand Korku Gazette.
At the hearing ol the three i-.mk-
hobors before Judge Brown hist Friday on tlie charge of not burying
Ihelr deud, they explained their reason for not burying tbe remit ins,
which was that tho bodies were Id be
left for hen sis lo consume so thnt
there would be no waste.
Judge BrOWII pointed nut to them
the nature of tho crime, thai bodies
must he buried so as to prevent dls-
ease, and tried to secure from the
Oimkohors an assurance tiiat In fit-1
tore they would observe tho law nnd
bury their dead. Pur from giving an
such assurance the tenor of their re'
marks was that they would not oh-,
serve tlie law. because they said the
law was oppressive. They were given j
a suspended sentence—In effect al-!
lowed to go free until tiie Provincial
Police again discover nn Instance of
doing what they profess to be their.
usual  habit.
Hoy War Savings Stamps.
Mr . John John lias undergone suc-
ce?pfully a serious operation in the
St. Eugene hospital.
I     BORN—At   tha   Cottage    Hospital,
' Crauhrook. on July 16th, to Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Gammon, a daughter.
! HORN—At the Cottage Hospital,
j Cranbrook, on July 17th. to Mr. and
1 Mrs. 0. Hunlstrom, a daughter.
A i'oni|H-(M-nl Iuiiim keeper wanted
! for August. Mrs. lt. i:. Howard, Bw-
| well   Avenue.
WANTED TO BUY—A small cook
stove and some odd pieces ot turn.
tun',    p, O, Hox 780,
Tho finest field of Alfalfa since wc
came to Crauhrook is to be seen on
Cherry Creek on Pete Woods' ranch.
It requires a lot of beating.
lies 1
The regular meeting wilt be held
on Sunday, the 20 th Inst, and all mem
bers are requested to be present.
DON'T FORGET IT. President Ash-1
worth, who has Just returned from a
well earned vacation will preside
Tiie special meeting called last Sun ;
day was well attended and Comrade
lainu, who was our delegate to the'
conventions in Vancouver, presented'
*■ very fine reporl of the convention
proceedings. I
We nre wondering who it is who 1
la? such a giu-l-to against the organ-j
taction thnt they must need' steal-
thai pair of white blankets. The
Ladles Auxiliary worked hard 10 pro-,
vide comfortable bedding for men who
wish' 'I 1.0 sleep lu the rooms -ind they '
f.H'1 the loss all the more keenly foi
that reason. Our private opinion of
iho guilty party would be refused
Victoria. IV C. July 11.—A telling
appeal on behalf of tlie returned soldier citizen, us represented by tbo or-
ganizntion of which he is tbe head,
wns made to the Canadian Club, by
I.leut.-Col. M. P. Pnrney. president of
the G. w. v. a. or Canada, The war
veterans. Col. Pnrney emphasized repeatedly, had offered their lives for
their country on the fields of France
and now they were carrying on the:
work of making tbe Dominion a place
worth living In. They were Inspired
by n spirit created iu tlie furnace ot
war. a spirit shorn of nil petty prejudice, intollernnce and party; thoy I
stood tor sanity, reasonableness nnd
a better Canada. And in this fight at
home they deserve the same support
which the great Canadian people had
so willingly glvon them during the
four awful years of war
FOUND-■ Gent's finger ring. gold.
Owner can linve sntne by paying for
tliis ad. Apply to G. Dicklnson,Cranbrook, I'lintie !■'..
Tho great attraction or tbe evening
in Cranbrook on its Peace Day celebration. Saturday. July 19th, will he
the fireworks.   Don't miss It.
Had forest fires were raging round
Fernie und south of Yahk yesterday |
and the air was filled with smoke—
lurid hot looking stuff.
The real peace celebration of the
ICootenays will be held in Cranbrook
on Saturday. July 19th, Don't you
miss it.
II. II. Morris superintendent of tlie,
Canadian Bank of Commerce, is mak-'
Ing nn official visit to the branches
of the Rank iu this neighborhood.      ,
The regular meeting of the City
Council was held on Monday evening.
Free lights and water were grained for use of tourists parking cars in
tbe old Curling Rink.
A grant of $500.00 was made to the
Peace Celebration Committee.
Au additional grant of $25n.u» for
the purpose of providing fireworks
for the Peace Celebration was made.
Tlie following accounts were pus-
sod: . Beattie-Noble. $5..1(l: Bridges
Lumber Co., $17.25; Business Systems Ltd.. $88.50; Cranbrook Herald.
$9.00 [Cranbrook Trading Do.,|106,76;
Crnnbrook Bakery and Canfeotlon-
cry, $9.70; C. P. IV Telegraph. $4;
Crnnbrook Sash and Door. $101.44;
Crnnbrook Meat Market, $22.05;
Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer,
$1«S,40; City Transfer and Warehouse, $593.00; Crnnbrook ISlectrlc
Light Co.. $315.80; F. Desalt, $47.55;
Kast   Kootenay   Greenhouse,     $16,20;
Pink Mercantile, $5.7.".;   Glltta. I'ercha
and Rubber Co, $72.90; Hanson Garage, $229,110; Imperial OH Co.. $..4.1)0;
King Lumber Mills, $70.00; Kerr En-j
j glue Co., $13.50;  Kootenay Telephone j
! Linos,   $20.4)5;   Little    ft     Atchison.
I $10.05;  J. Manning. $18..15.;  Montana
Laundry, $4.7T»;   P. Mat boson. $35.00:
'J. D. McBride, $116.90;  ,1. McDonald,'
1 $25.20;   J. McDonald, jr.. $40.00;  T.;
N. Parrett, $8.25;  Patmore Brothers,!
$8.90;   P.  Parks  ft  Co., $82.04.    Payl
Rolla—Polloe    Department,   $335.00;
City,     $287.50;     Fire     Department.
$'!54.2n;      Engineer's      Department,'
$888.87;   School  Department,  $1,760:1
Bchool   Debarment,   $50.00;     Sundry j
cash payments. $69.64.    w. Sowden.l
Major Jumes Brechin, of Vancouver
who arrived some time ago from over
sens umi was recently appointed by
the Provincial Government aa Dumber Market Commissioner for Ontario
and lhe Kast. has urrived in Toronto
and opened an office at 4«9 Kent
Building, corner of Ynnge and Rich-!
moiul Streets, whicli will be his head-
Major Brechin is an experienced j
lumberman nnd was for some years'
manager of the King Lumber Co, at
('ranbrook, B. C, Ills mission to the
Bast is to develop trade and Increase
the demand for forest products from
both the Coast and Mountain regions.
He hns already called on several lead
Ing builders, contractors, architects,!
retail lumbermen and others, and by I
his gentlemanly bearing and earnest.'
quiet imintier hns created n large]
number of friends.
Major Brechin is associated with
the trade extension department of the
B, c. Forest Branch, and will conduct
nn aggressive campaign on behalf of
that brunch. Tlie work will be undertaken on a broad basis.
W, Sowden was acting night con-I
stable for a day or two during the
week. He nearly stopped a row that
didn't take place. I
Wanted—Contracts tor clearing j
and breaking lam! in any quantity, j
First class work guaranteed at reasonable prices. Adress P. O. Box 54,'
Cranhroolt. B. C. 21-tf
Tho Hanson Garage has opened up
a service station on Baker street in!
F. Parks ft Co.'s old stand, where I
gas, air and accessories of nil kinds'
will lie supplied.
1. Ilannn, of the Y. M, C. A., is now ;
enjoying a holiday. Ai present he Is
putting a summer coat on his house,
but. intends to make a trip with Mrs.
Manna to Kingsgate to vi»lt their son
Allien C. a distinguished member
of tlie illustrious Smith family, haa
returned from a pleasant holiday at
liie const nnd is again distributing
smoke.- al lister Clapp's cigar em-
Come 10 Cranbrook and celebrate
peace day. Enjoy the freedom of the
Queen City of the West—Saturday,
July 19th    All day program.
Lieut.-Col. Davis arrived In the
Clly Inst Saturday. He lef hero a»|
Captain and was promoted to Major j
in Kngland nnd won his Colonelsy
and was given his command on the:
hnl'-ofietd He saw a great deal ofj
Kervlce In ^rnnce.
Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Robinson, of tiio1
Cranbrook Jobbers, Mr. and Mrs.
Loucks, C. P. R. engineer, aud Mr.'
and Mrs. Jas. Chester, have spent thej
paM couple of weeks nt Mun roe Lake !
holidaying. Mr. nnd Mrs. Chester returned 011 Monday and report having
bad a very enjoyable time. Munroej
Lake is a very attractive place, nestling as it does among the mountains,
and is only nbout 14 miles from town.
Fishing wns fairly good, There are |
three very decent log houses ot the J
lake thnt can be occupied by those
who do not care to live in tents, hut
0 mosquito netting Is needed to cover
the windows.
It. s. I.eniiu-. Registrar under thej
Military Service Act. 1917, for the
Province of British Columbia, has re-1
ceived Instructions from Ottawa tn j
close his office on the 15th Instnnl, If'
the work In hand can lie finished by l
llinl dale.
The  Governmeni   Imve  decided   to I
amalgamate the records or the four
Western Provinces at itoginn, the latter city being chosen on account of Its ;
iwiim headquarters of the itoyui
North west Mounted Police, under
whose jurisdiction Defaulters now nre
and this is ibe last remaining work I
connected with the Act.
The number of Defaulters hi all
Groups in tills Province is approximately 1000 nnd the records of these
men. no far as nre known, will be also
sent to Rcglna.
All communications connected with
the Military Service Act In this Province Intended to be sent to the Registrar, Military Service Act, Vancouver, B.C., should, after the 15th
Instant, be directed to the Registrar,
Military Service Act, Reglna, Sask..
and such communications need not be
J. B. Sunderland, Chief Assistant
Registrar, has full charge of Ihe final
closing up of tho local office.
We have scooped thc Courier—Hon.
Dr. King. Minister of Public Works,
Is in de city.   As we do not caro to
dnbhlc in politics we are not telling
•vhnt Hie Hon. Minister has up his
sleeve. We will let thc Courier tell
that story, but if tlie doctor has any
prescription tn apply on the roads
he will surely tell us what It is. How
much of flie million and a half emergency fund Is he going to spend on
tbe roads in this neighborhood and
when Is lie going to start the work?
Mrs.   Sinclair,  of    Cranbrook,    is
spending a short vacation with Mrs.
Bottertll at Erlckson.
Chas. Patmore, of lilairnio: e. a
former resident of Cranhrook. was In
town today on his way to spend a■
holiday on the coast. The strike;
among the miners has made business
in Blalrmore very quiet, but an early.
settlement is expected and then)
things will step lively again.
At tbe School Board meeting last
Friday evening Janitor Logan's salary wns increased $5 a month...Thej
position for Division HI in the Ceii-,
tral school was offered to Miss M. L.
Lane at a salary of $1,060 per annum,
and falling her acceptance the position was to be offered to Miss Ida M.
Howard at the same salary. We un-
derstand that Miss Lane Is unable to
accept the position and the position
Is not yet tilled.
Tho fires o.1" hell that ItaVe been
smouldering In Europe since thc armistice was signed last Nov. 11, has
at last been put out. Cranbrook will
celebrate the event on Saturday, July
19th, with a real live all day program
of sports, Including ball games, parade of Veterans, decorated floats,
autos and bicycles, athletic sports for
both adults and children, speeches,
band music, etc.. the whole to be concluded with a hlg dance In the Auditorium.
Harvey's Greater Minstrels was organized and is now owned hy II. M.
Harvey, 11 well known circus man,
who for years has been spending
monoy like water in tlie circus business. Tlie expense of building and
amusement enterprise does not disturb him because its manager of one
of the greatest circus enterprises on
ibe roud be learned thnt It was only
i»y tlie lavish expenditure of money
that success can be attained. Hence
ii is nol surprising that Harvey's
Greater Minstrels wear the DWelleet,
most expansive wardrobe ever worn
by any minstrel und also that Its olio
of seven acts of vaudivllle Include
specialties not to be outclassed anywhere aud the members of this minstrel arc highest salaried aud the
best treated of any minstrel man on
tho road—the result is the best entertainment witli hundreds of would-be
patrons turned away five nights out
of the week. It seems impossible to
find theatres large enough to accommodate the crowds who want to see
the Harvey Greater Minstrels. Moral,
buy your seats us early as possible.
Wll) be ut tlie Auditorium Monday,
July 28th.
So iiit.en.se upon advancing the idea
of a dance nfter tlie performance with
the famous Minstrel Jazz orchestra
on July 28th, Manager Wetherlll
nearly fulled to fill iu a guarantee
clause to Induce the Harvey Greater
Minstrels to exhibit In the city. It Ib
needless to say that from accurate
box office statements as well as from
scores of press and public opinions
thai have heen watched for the past
four mouijis from the company's important city engagements, a guarantee is not essential to assure a capacity house.
Mrs. Haskins of BrickBou, who has:
been on a visit to friends at Alberta
points, has returned accompanied by
two of her nieces, who will spend the
summer with her.
. August 14 -20,1919. Keep the dates |
before you. . \ bl.'ger and better programme than cut before offered.
Corporation of the Clly of Pranhmok
Owing to a shortage of water in I
St. Josephs Creek due to the continued dry weather, water users are
most earnestly requested to economise in lhe use of City water, more
particularly with regard to lawn
City Engineer.
§    l^-f v* ..A;
New Summer
Dress Materials
ProTiacial Library Mar 31*20
in light weights for summer dresses in many new
shades, melon, resedagreen,
Belgium blue and rose,
36 in. wide,   very  special
$1.00 per yard
ZYPHERS in large and
small checks and plaids,
pretty new coloring
at 30c to 65c per yard
McCreery Bros.
c-mmoox s dot cihs am eumwe stmi
Rev. Hugh McKay Lyon, Minister
11 a. m.   "Religion and Politics"
12 noon Sabbath School
7.30 p. m.  "Religion and Patriotism
Enrnost Duffle, of Kitchener, who
lately joined 1111 with the benedicts,
won agreeably surprised the other afternoon nt his home when a nnnlber
of Hie Sanh and Door Company'.*, em-
ployeen hapiienod In and made him
the preeent of a $50 cheque, aa a llt-
tW warning pramt from the clUaena.
■jWcrtjouist Church
Rev R W Lee. pastor
11 a.m. Union Service
In Mehodist Church, conducted by Rev. \V. Daniels
of Vancouver.
12 noon Sabbath School
7.30 p.m. Union Service,
In Baptist Church, conducted by Rev. S. V. Redman
; vrr.z SSf ia--/*lfo*-r S^- Era *i r3*£>-5
to m f t-i
To Fishermen-
Come in and Look at our
caught by our Fishing Tackle.
«'. t. ATCHINOM, Mfr.
llu- Pkeu 74.
Night Pk«M SM OTCSSDAT, JCLT iT.h iiii
. Published livery
W.   A.  MYERS,      :      ;      :
Thursday by
:      :       Managing liMUor
Advertising  Kates  on   aiipllcatluiu   (
this    office    Weduesduy    uooii    thee
Images for Advertlt-ing MUST be ln
in-rent   week   to   secure   attention.
THURSDAY, JULY 17th 1019
Hullo, Is the Herald mill in the
ring? You bet. Just as large as life,
and a little larger. We are nol going
to throw up the sponge like Willard
did. We have some friends yet—we
want to find out just who tbey aro.
therefore we wish nil who have received notice Unit tlifiir subscription
Is in arrears to come through With
lhe money. If your only reason lor
not having paid up is pure neglect-
let tbis be a Buftictenl remlndor, li
Is bard sledding IheBO days on tWO
dollars a year, bul we do not want to
be compelled to raise it Don't plgoon
hole your  subscription  account
whicli  caught   tbe  shouts    of    "Thel
wounded,"      Mnrsballs    Joffre    and|
Foch followed, Joffre riding slightly
in advance of Foch.
rowi;it i'I.ants
Smallpox Is isolated to prevent Us
spread. The boibeds of venereal diseases should bo treated lu the same
way. Houses of prostitution nre
hard to oontrol, but they are like
poverty—we have them ever with us.
lt we wero making u new world—
we would not have nny prostitutes in
it, but as they are here and everywhere and are a product of our
boasted civilization we cannot ignore tlieir presence. The only hallowed bed Is the one that is shared by
man and wife, but there are a great
many unhallowed beds in Uie world.
They are found everywhere. Some
are unhallowed from choice and some
from neccesity. Some of tlie most
confirmed harlots were once as pure
as the lily, and many of Uie frequenters of baudy houses owe their downfall to economic conditions or some
other rotten environment. There
may not be any neccesity ior evil, but
there Is an evil condition to deal
with, not only in Cranbrook but everywhere.
A number of disorderly bouses
were recently raided iu Lotiihridgc
and this is what Uie Lethbrkige Herald aays about their prosecution: —
"How difficult it is to obtain a prosecution in tlie "case of disorderly
houses was shown at Uie city police
court when Magistrate Irwin had lie-
fore him a number of women urrest-
ed on Uio charge of keeping bandy
houses. Tbey were all former residents In tlie restricted area before it
was done away witli."^"tIivo of ftom
deposed that they were both married
women and were not guilty of the
charge preferred against them. Tiie
only men who visited them were
friends, those who were working for
their husbands. The two Japs who
were up along with them in the court
for being frequenters, they averred
wero at the house for getting money
owing them for the sale of vegetables. Another ln her evidence said
that nhe was of Independent moans,
being in receipt of $150 a month
from two furnished houses sho owned
in Revelstoke, B. C, and the interest
from |10,000 she had invested in Victory bonds. The magistrate dismissed tlie charge ln that the evidence
waa not sufficient for conviction."
The question resolves itself into
one of either being controlled by
these Immoral Interests or controlling them.
The Cranbrook pollcB were Instructed by the police commissioners
to give thirty days notice to tbe occil-
plern of houses suspected of being
used for immoral purposes, hut these
women claim thut thoy are property
holders and living within their right
They may be right at that, we hae
our doots. Buf what right have w
to send these people to Fernie, ir we
believe ln the law that "thou shall
love thy uoighbor as thyself?" \V
can't hang them nor burn them allvi
but we can restrict their sphere of
tlie quality of service
much   improved.      Tills  na-
The Peace Day was celebrated In
ParlB on July 14th. The place of
honor In the procession was given to
tbe wounded men—the halt, tiie lame
tbe bl|nd, those who were lu wheel
chairs, on crutches or limped along
with the aid of canes. Tho men wiio
came as near making the supreme
sacrifice as they could and yet be
able to attend a peace celebration—a
peace with honor, a victorious peace,
Pew of them were in uniform. They
represented all the provinces of
France. Tbey made no effort
maintain military formation, hut they
marched as well as they could to the
airs played by the band which led
them. Great crowds filled every Inch
ot space in the many streets and boulevards that commanded a view of tho
line of march. Balconies were packed and roofs were black with people.
Many hung In tbo trees which lined
the boulevards. Tlie wounded soldiers were a surprise to the crowd,
which wus slow to realize who tiio
men were because of tholr disorganized and non-military appearance.
But when the grout throng grnsped
the situation, cheers rose, slowly ut
first, and were taken up by the
crowds far from the line of march,
Success generally comes to those who go looking for it, and the man with a substantial
Savings Account is always in a position to
grasp good opportunities for investment or
Save! Open an account with this Bank at
once.   Interest paid at current rate. ,
Cranbrook Branch,
B. E. Howard. Manager.
Sub-Atfencf at Kimberley.
The recent decision to proceed with
the super-power station scheme for
electric supply in Qreat Britain calls
to our notice what should bo done
along those lines on » more modest
Mali- in certain portions of Canada,
The British plan to Improve lhe
Bupply of electricity throughout Britain contemplates the reptacemenl of
tlie numorous small Btationfl now in
operation, by fewer but much larger
Btartona supplying extensive districts
through high tension transmission
networks. There will be a gain both
in economy and fudi conservation and
in many case:
will Ik- mtlCl
tional electric supply operates under
the supervision of five commissioners
a ppoln I ed by I bo Hoard of Trade;
tiiese In tlirn appoint District Hoards
which include representatives of electric undertakings, of large consumers and of labor.
Lancashire is to bo one of tlie first
areas dealt with, the county being divided into three districts. Some of
the smaller stations will probably be
shut down Immediately, the energy
transmitted from larger existing stations being substituted. Following
the building of the new super-power
plants, Uio Commissioners will eliminate the remaining small stations
nnd. nlso. tho moderate-sized plants.
A similar situation, however, does
not occur iu Canada, as by far tlie
rger proportion of the capacity of
our hydro-electric stations is to be
found In what may be called "super
power" stations; many of them are
also interconnected to allow more efficient   operation.
British Columbia is an Instance In
point, as witness tlie Bonnlngton
Kalis super-power plant, which supplies so much of tbe Southern part of
iho province and which, it is expected
will bo extended to Kimberley and intervening points.
There is, however, a portion of Canada whore the absence of water
power mahos it necessary to supply
power from steam or other fuel agencies, Thla* areu, which comprises
Southern Saskatchewan und adjacent
portion's of Manitoba, and Alberta, is
becoming of much importance thru
its rapid agricultural expansion and
its future needs should be anticipated
so far as possible.
As pofntd out in a report on Electric Generation and Distribution in
Canada, recently published by the
Com mission of Conservation, ade-
ilimlo supply of electric energy In
this section is confined to a few large
centres. Tlie smaller municipalities
have Installed small electric plants
which aro usually very expensive to
operate and only give a night service. The rates which have consequently to be charged and tlie limited
service prevent tiie full benefit which
should otherwise be enjoyed from the
various uses of electric energy. All
these small plants through concerted
action could be replaced by a few
largo and more efficient ones, each
supplying a fairly extensive district
by moans of electric transmission
lines. The cost of production would
be reduced to about one-third and a
bettor service supplied.
Tlie example given In tbe ubove-
mentloned report illustrates the possibilities in tbo Estavan district. A
central power plant at Estavan would
supply transmission lines radiating
in various directions covering a total
length of 160 miles. The estimated
domand, based on the requirements
of the near future, shows a total of
sume (100 li. p. mitslde of Kslnvim. As
the lines would only carry a light
load they could be built cheaply with
light conductors and at a cost possibly not exceeding hmjoo per mile, if
wo allow a loud factor of 40 per cent
the cost of construction would average 2% cents per It. w. ll, The cost
of production In the central plant
would be from 2\<< cents to 8 cents
per It. w. b.. so t tint the electricity
could he delivered for an average of
rrom 6 to ;">>{. cents per It. w, b. at the
various small centres supplied. With
a small plain, tbo present cost runs
as high us from lf> cents to 19 cents
per k. w. li. Numerous other districts
if treutod In (lie sumo wny, would
probably  show  advantageous  results,
Tho arrangements for the convention of the Western Canada Irrigation Association at .Medicine Hat, Al-
berta, August 4tll. fUli apd 0th, are
now nearly completed, Judging from
the Interest thai is being shown In
thc convention not only among farmers in Alberta and tlie adjoining provinces of Saskatchewan nnd British
Columbia, but in the East and the
United Slates, it will be one of the
most successful in tbe history of the
Those who have promised to be pre
sent and probably address tbe convention Include His Honor Lieut en
ant-Governor Brett, the "Hon. C. A.
Dunning, Minister of Agriculture,
Saskatchewan, the Hon. T. P. Pat*
ttilio. Minister of Lands in the Brlt-
nll Columbia Government, H. W. j
\Vood, President of the United Farm-
i»rs - f Alberta, Col. J. S. Dennis, Dr.
Samuel Fortier, Chief of tbe Irrigation Division. United States Department of Agriculture.
\ feature of the convention this
year will be u visit to the model farm
of tlie Cannda hand and Irrigation
Company at Ronalane. Tills company Is chartering a special train to
convey the delegates and their
friends from Medicine Hat to Ronalane and back. At the farm there will
bo a practical demonstration given of
farming under irrigation. - Actual
field operation will be conducted In
respect to Uie preparation of land for
different  methods of Irrigation.   Af
terwards the purposes for which the
various Implements are used will be
discussed, as well as the comparative yields of crops under different
applications of water, crop values
and stock raising as a means of marketing farm qroduofo
Practical addresses will be given
by practical men on subjects of interest to farmers generally and lrrl-
gatiouists In particular. They include such topics as 'increasing Profits with tbe Silo," on which Mr. G.
II. Button and Mr. Sydney Carlyle
will speak; "hive stock and the Irrigated Farm," whicli will probably be
dealt With by Professor W. L. Carlyle, of Calgary; "Commercial Seed
Growing, " "Profitable Irrigation
Crops," "Trees on the Farm," "The
Economic Phase of Irrigation," nnd
ninny other subjects.
A sitrong local board of control under the presidency of Mr. E. L. Chud-
lelgh, president of the Medicine Hat
Board of Trade, has been appointed
to look after the local arrangements,
and preparations are being made to
receive and entertain a large number
of visitors.
Express shippings at Erlckson are
running around 100 crates per day,
with raspberries the most numerous
on the shipping list.
tb   a
, Sealed tenders will be received by
tho Minister of Lands not later than
noon on the 30th day of August, 1919,
for the purchase of Licence X 1710,
to cut 6000 cords of Cedar Posts, 20,-
100 cords of Mining props, and 7000
cords of cordwood, on on area situated on Meadow Creek, Kootenay District. Three yenrs will be allowed for
reiAval of timber. Further particulars ot tlie Chief Forestor, Victoria,
B.C., or District Forester, Cranbrook,
B. 0. 27-8t
Take notice that The Wild Horse
Creek Placer Gold Mining Company
Limited (non-personal liability)
whose address Is Baker Street, Cranbrook, will apply for a license to take
and use -If* feet per second of water
out of Perry Crook, which flows northerly and drains Into St. Marys
Hlver. Tho water will be diverted
from the stream ut a point, on Lot
5446, Group One, Kootenay District,
belonging to the estate of the late J.
A. Harvey, and will be used for Hydraulic Mining purposes, upon the
Mines described as Placer Lea
No. 15f>, 156, 157, 158 and 159, all on
Perry Creek.
This notice wan posted on the
iground ou the 14th day of May 1919.
A copy ot tbis notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act. of 1914," will be filed In
tbe office of the Water Recorder at
Cranhroolt. Objections to the application may be filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C, within fifty
days, after the first appearance of this
notice tn a local newspaper. The date
of the first .publication of this notice
Is Juno 19, 1919.
Tbe Wild Horse Creek Placer Gold
Mining Company Limited,
By Gurd & Spreull, Agent.    25-4t
Train Service
Effective June lst, 1919.   There will be a general change in train
service.   Times for trains at Cranbrook will be:
No. 67 No. 68
ih.ilv Daily
Lv   Medicine Hat
Lv   Calgary
Lv   Lethbrldge   Ar
Lv   Fernle   Ar
Ar   Cranbrook   Lv
Lv   Cranbrook   Ar
Ar   Kingsgate   Lv
15.55 Ar   Kootenay Landing   Lv
For further particulars apply to any ticket agent.
J. E. PROCTOR, District Passenger Agent, Calgary.
Plant Which Is  Revolutionising
he Tire Repair Industry.
Wilb Uils plant wc can rebuild and
retread either in ribbed or plain your
old casings no mutter how badly worn
so long as the walls aro good, so they
will give you from 3000 to 5000 more
miles, at a cost of $10.00 for plain and
$12.00 for ribbed retreading, for size
80x3 1-2. Send for price list for larger sizes. Wo use more tread rubber
In our work than is used on new tires.
Orders left with H. R. Hlnton. Cran
brook, wll) receive prompt attention,
or ship direct. We pay express
chargOB one way.
W. M. 1USII,   Plm-liiT   Creek, Alia.
Vulcani/cr and Auto Painter.
Fagged Out Women
Vinol is What You Need
If all the tired, overworked, run-down women in
this community could realize how our delicious
Vinol, which contains Beef and Cod Liver Peptones, Iron and Manganese Peptonates and Glycerophosphates supplies the vital elements necessary
to enrich the blood and create working strength,
we wouldn't be able to supply the demand.
THE Dominion of Canada offer*
you every safeguard for your
investment In Thrift and War Savings
C Vour postmaster will register every War Savings
Stamp for you, and if they are lost by theft, fire or
other cause, you can still obtain your money, with
the accumulated interest, at the office where tht
stamps were registered.
Sixteen 25-cent Thrift Stamps
will buy a $4.00 War Savings
Stamp worth $5.00 in  1924.
inrltl.li Cnliin.M. Ul.l.lop) Vu-ura, B.C.
BvyDuuft -Stamps
Your Next
Will be a
Find out WHY
Raworth Bros.
Jeweler* ft OptMans
Nixi. ii> iii« 1-ostofflce.
Meets in the
Parish    Hall
Drat   Tuesday
afternoon   of
erery   month
at 3 p.m.
Pros. Mrs. D.
1'umphell, hoi
Secy. Mrs. J. w. Burton, P. O. Boi 611.
All ladles cordially Invited
Civil aid Mains Engineers
B. C. Land Sarreyors
Feather Light
The users  are  the  Con*
Hrs. (lr»* * MaeKlnnoR
Physicians and Surgeon*
Office at residence, Armstrong
Forenoons   ti.00 to 10.00
Afternoons   2.00 to   4 00
Kvenlng*   7.30 to   8.10
Sundnys   2,30 |„   -.no
■ .IIANIUtOOK, D {'.
es9^etS0Ssm\m Heel, every
KfJCJEjl Uood»y ulglu
W«SV at Fraternity
Hill. Sojourning oddfellows
cordially Invited.
W. M. Harris ' w. n. Ollroy
Beer. N. O.
Son Open lor Engagements.    Ole ts
Four Pieces
The Music with the PEP.    For Terms
or phone Sin Cranbrook, B. C.
Dukedom, Tenn.
"I live on a farm and keep house
for six in my family. I got into a
nervous, run-down condition so it
seemed as though I would die. A
friend advised, ma to try Vinol, 1
have been greatly improved by Iti
use and am better and stronger in
every way."—'Mrs. H. H. Goodwin.
Burd.it, N.Y.
"I keen house for my family of
three, ana raise chickens. I had a
nervous breakdown, so I waa unable
to work. The doctor did not seem to
help me, and a cousin asked me to
try Vinol. It built me up-I now
have a good appetite and am well and
strong. —Mrs. Loyal Palmer.
For .11 run-down, nervous, anaemia eondltlam, week women, overworked mon,
feeble aid people Mid delic*. chlldreii, tb.ra u no remedy Ilk. VlnoL
VitlOl  Creates Strength
rraiibr.Hik  Drug & Hook Co., Crnnbrook, H  C, dealer*
Three Months for One Dollar
Six Months for Two Dollars
Fifteen Months for Five dollars
Mail this coupon with   money to Lethbrldge Herald.
Enclosed find * lor which send Ihe Lethbrldge Pally
Herald for   months.
In every Coeur d'Alene bedroom is a framed card on
which Is printed the rates of
the room.   In other words
the   Coeur d'Alene   Hotel
marks their selling prices
in plain figures.   The patron knows what his bill will
be; he knows that he Is not
being overcharged  through
a misunderstand—his or the
clerk's—he knows that he
is paying Just what every
other occupant of that room
pays—* no more, no  hns.
That's  standard   American
practice in first class retail
stores; some day lt will no
doubt be standard practice
ln the Mat hotels. i
That framed card ls a small I
detail,  but   lt   illustrates   the ■
Coeur d'Alene way   of   doing
things.   It's one of the many
concrete applications  ot   the
Coeur d'Alene policy ot fairness
and a full and honaet money's
worth, to every patron whatever
kind or price of room he occupies.	
Spokane, Washington
oa lhe
Clarke •& Sainsbury
Pboae 71 or I7I     F*0.1«iMt
Ofllce in Hanson Block
9 to 12. a.m.
1 to 5 p.m.
Private Nursing Home
Licensed by Provincial  Govt.
Maternity and General Nursing
Massage and Rest Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
Phone 259 p. o Boi 84G
Address, Garden Ave. Cranbrook
Bat*. Pram*, Prep.
^resh Breud, Cakes, Pies
and I'asiry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Rail
Kootenay Granite & Monumental Co-, Ltd.
General Stone Contractors and
Monumental Works
Froat St, Nelson   P. 0. box 8*6
PHONE NO. 40»,
OBANBHOOK        . B. C.
Cmsbrwk, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. la
ths Fraternity Hsll
C. O. Borgstrom, C. C.
C. H. Collins, K. R. ft g.
Waiting brethren cordially In-
Hied to attend.
Forwarding and Dletrlbutlns
Agent for
UttM%raa* ttfcttftl Caal
DIstiMtsa ears a Specialty
Braying and Transferring
(Hm prompt attention
Phone Si
The Shoo Specially
SattHscthn Guaranteed
WoadssM-tws fcr all kinds of
Phone Kill
Nsrinry Aie, am to hi, Hall
Montana Restaurant
■•sis si IU Hoars
fllfars, Cigarettes ttt Candy
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
If you want satisfaction
with vour washlns
•end It to
Soeelal orlceg for family
Mailed loany
uedldae f« till fVmnl* ComjiloJiii
or three fat |10, at drug Htoreti.   Mi
elpt of price. Tut* Sr; mm. r. Dittrii
'    " Ontario. 	
TAD Hill Kcs-ori. Vim
TUB MUl.ud Vitality;
i| InciMHf "jrey Miter';
„jMHp. JSHbox.ortwofor THURSDAY, JuL? itti 1515
paoe .rk^e
A Good Watch, dependable
for time, in the new style
ond siie of igold case;
1 retty Waldemar chain with
9. useful ornament on the
end of it—there you have
about half the Jewelry; the
average man cares for.
Select It (Here
When you purchase Jewelry
here you are sure of three
tilings— quality, style and
I rice.   You can depend up*
on anything we sell you as
being air-right.   Our word Is
y.iur best guarantee.
We Are Moving
And Stock is
slightly disarranged, come
in though &
We will attend lo your
Hardware 4 Mill Supplies
Cranbrook,    -    B. C.
PHONE     •    981   or   Ml
When in Cranbrook
The Place To Eat
is at
Alex Hurry's
Tables  in Connection
Harry's White Lunch
Itemodelling and Hepalr* a
.1.    P.    II1' I' 11 0 R 0 t T
Regular Meeting
 nlll at I! p.m. In Ihe I'll; Hall
. Ilny at Home
M.-ckay,    Smllb.    Hlalr it  <'<
VtiuniintT, H.1'.
Diversion and I'se
T»l:.' Noilrn dial W. 1.. WldBtrom,
whose address in crunbrook, will apply fur a lloenoa to tuke and line GOO
mlneis liiclit'H of wuler onl of NlR|-n-
creek, wlilcti flows siiuthernly and
drains into l.nku Ore*ik ubout. o Imlf
i.ini' from its jiitu'tlon witli th. Mnyl"
Hlver The water will lie diverted
/Mini lhe Htream ut n point about flve-
nlghtl H ol a mile from the Junction ol
Nigger anil I-like Oreoka und will be
used 1 ir Placer mining purpose upon
the claims described as "Mabel' group.
Tills notice was pouted on the ground
on the 23rd day of June, 1019. A copy
of thi3 notlco and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Wnter Act,
1914" ivlll he filed in the office of the
Water Recorder at Cranbrook Oln
lectio s to the application may be
filed with the said Water Recorder
or will) the-Comptroller ot- Water
Rights Parliament Buildings, Victoria, D.C., within fifty days after the
first r. iipearanc.fi of this notice in a
local newspaper.
W. E. Wldstrom, applicant
The date of the first publication of
this t ntlce Is Thursdday, July Ird,
Is your subscription paid to the.
Haralil? If not, aaw la a good lime
tossy tt.
Local and Jrersonal
Insure witli Beale & Elweli.
Kllby frames pictures.   Phone 9.
Enjoy the freedom of the City ot
Oranbrook on Peace Day—July 19th.
The Fernle tax rate thia year haa
been fixed at 39.02 mills.
H. Harvey, of lethbrldge will bring
20,000 sheep to Klko to feed.
There will be a wonderful display
of fireworks In Cranbrook on the evening of the Peace Day celebration—
Saturday, July 19tb.
Mra. .las. Chapman and five children left for Sandon last Friday to
Join her huBband, who Ib employed
with tho C. P. R. there.
For Sale—Dry wood, O. Godderls,
P. O. Box 604, Cranbrook. 27-tf
The Herald's weather forecast—
cooler weather In prospect.
Mra. I> II. Ilonoyman left ynsterriay
or a short visit to her son In Calgary.
(Vliibrutt. I'uai'u' Day ut Crunbrook,
the Queen City of the West on Satiir-
duy, July 19lh.
Mrs. (1. Hussett nnd daughter Connie are on a holiday trip to New
Went minster.
Wanted— l".iu..iiel Lined Refrls'-riit ir
t'-jcond hand, iii..k- be in good condl
tiM..   Phons ti.e .tlo'sld Office.      tW,
The Palace iain )n Kamloons w-t-j
turned to the jri'mmi and clprin
horses perished ln the flames.
A. Ashworth, accountant at ihe Imperial bank, returned on Saturday
from a pleasant holiday at the coast.
WANTED—To rent, two furnished
rooms; reasonable price. Apply to
Herald office.
The annual Flower Show under the
auspices of the Women's Institute
will tuke place on Thursday, Aufiist
2Sth. nt the Parish Hall.
FOR SALE—Hulateln cow, 3*fc
years old, just freshing, good milker,
cheap Inr cash. H. SutnBbury, Cranbrook, IV 0, 29-2t
Also a complete stock of the well
known 0. 0, M. MASSBY bicycles and
ureeHHorlbB.    GOOD    GOODS    ONLY.
Patmore Bros,
nlng  and  Smelting    Company    at
ul ami tias hopes of tft-ttlnK his old
< back again. If not. he will get
•....■r If lu* gets the bonus or
100 whloli it is being advocated
nild -lie given to all men who serv-
in France he won't.turn it down,
lie will not let that keep him from
ting Into productive employment
soon hu possible.
Ubfcf-UL. FOR:
OVER   500   .
MADE   ; "V
e        CANADA        - '
thi: o. b. i
Mrs. Loasby and her sister-in-law,
Mrs. Moore, of SirdaT. were visiting
friends In the city.
Just arrived:—Garden hone, noz-
zles, sprinklers, hose valves, etc.
Patmore Bros.
If It is true that the man who does
not make any mistakes makes nothing else—let ua be men who make
Returned men—Remember the
Peace celebration In Cranbrook on
Saturday, July 19th, and help to make
It a memorable occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Eby and family are
leaving Cranbrook shortly for Revelstoke, where Mr. Eby is taking up his
duty on the C. P. R.
Fifty second hand sewing machines
In good running order, most or them
drop heads, for sale cheap at the
Singer store, phone 167. 2-mly
1,-et us rejoice and be glad that thc
peace treaty has been signed and all
fear of the ashes of war settiiiy the
heather on  fir.* again has .subsided.
The only men who are allowed to
carry gold around with them without
a license now-a-days are the placer
gold miners and they have their
pockets full of It.
The grain on St. Marys Prairie is
not by any means a failure. There Is
not going to.be a heavy crop, but it
is going to be worth while cutting
just the same
Primary and Kindergarten
school: Principal, Miss Rum-
Bay, Burwell avenue. For particulars phone 357. 2m.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S, Taylor and hon
Willie left on iVedn- -ulsiy on a visit
'•-» lhe coast. On tn way ihey will
silj. off nt Calgary for a day. Their
rlafl will only last for about two
All tho stores In Cranbrook except
thp Ice cream parlors will be closed
up tight all day Saturday—the Day
we celebrate IVace. Everybody
should he free to enjoy themselves to
tho utmost limit.
Mr. and Mrs. James Beech and her
I wo Doytl have been heard from trom I
VniM'oiiwr wliere thev ar* enjoying
a fine holiday. They had a swoll trip
out to Ihe COWL There ts nothing
like taking all the j.v out of Hfo thai
tlirre Is In It.
George Hansen, of the Cranbrook
Trading Company1!*, cash store Is hav-
Uvz a gay old time on his holidays.
Flailing! camping, Joy riding. Our
lakes that are stocked with fish are
not for the tourist alone, many of our
own citizens are enjoying them.
Let us show you our EUREKA
VACUUM ^LEANER that we have
had such great success with. This Is
Uie time you need It to gather up the
duet and dirt In the only sanitary way
and save dollar bills. We will be
pleased to demonstrate. Patmore
The Lyceum Course ot Entertainments ls signed up for and next fall
and winter we ure promised a good
program. We hope they do not pull
off anything ns raw as they did last
season. Their last program might be
described as a literary daub. We
paid for a. porterhouse stunk and had
a raw liver thrown at us, which
struck ua to tbo bosom of our beat
Mr. und Mrs. M. T. Jones, of Nap-
uuae, Ontario, arrived in th? city on ,
Saturday. Mr. Jones Iuh secured a
position with the C. P H. in the tele-1
graph service.
Piano and Theory lessons by
arrangement. Phone 404 or box
428- Mrs. Van Braam, 237 Bur-
weM Avenue. 46-tf,
DeVere  Hunt, a  former  Mayor  i f j
Cranhrook, who has been spending a
holiday  In the city since his return
from  overseas,  left on  Monday    lor \
J. F. Smith is expected home from
the coast on Friday. He has been
spending a pleasant holiday with his
bosom friend Jas. FIndlay, at Shawn •
igan Lake.
Tho dance at Bull River last Fri-
day night was a decided success.:
With Mrs. Edmondson's orchestra;
furnishing the music how could It be{
anything else?
> ma he joined li| in 1015 Hi ii nol
i.uiie tin* sum. Hi rspool >tha I reston
i hew. though ii from looking as bud
as advance reports had led people to
anticipate. At one time it wns state I
he had been shot through both eyes
and totally blinded. While he certainly lind a narrow escape nn such
misfortune as blindness bef«l| him,
He is in partnership with Messrs.
Mann and Foote in a ranch here, but
is going hack to work in the Bank of
Commerce at Cranbrook as ?oon as
he gets rlear of the medical authorities.
We had a pleasant call on Saturday
from Signaller W. Attwood. of Creston, who has just recently returned
from the front, where-he did signal
service for his country for upwards
of two years. Before enlisting lie was
In  the  employ  of  the    Consolidated
At a mass meeting of Gladstone local recently held at Fernie, at which
President Christophers, of District 18,1
r M. W. of A. was present, a resolution endorsing the action of the policy committee was adopted without
much controversy. The meeting was
well attended und tlie impression was'
nirrent that the miners aro approaching the operators with a proposition
to open negotiations for a new agree-1
ment lo be entered into by the United II
Mine Workers as un International or-]
gaulzatlon under the charter which
still exists
Tliis would indicate the abandon-1
men) by the district of the 0. B. U.
scheme and may lead to the resumption of negotiations by the operators.
The miners base their request for a
new agreement upon the fact that the
declaration of peace terminates all
old agreements and understandings
between operators, the government
and ibe miners. !
Why Net Build Now}
li   lakes  15,000  feet of lumber to
build the average dwelling.    Suppose
tlie price of lumber advances (1.00 a
thousand.    Suppose It advances $2.00. i
Suppose il advances fS.OO.    The first
means an increased construction coat
or $16.00; the second $30.00; the third
$45,00. Honestly now, would that stop  ,
anyone   from   building    who    really ! I
wanted lo build? remarks the Retail
Hot Weather
Are being shown
in every department in this store.
You may be contemplating a trip
home or to the
camp. Bring your
list here and see
how well we can
care tor you.
Mrs. M. Gateley and her son Frank {
motored over from Harrington,Wash.,
and spent a few days with their cousins. MrB. J. T. Sarvis and Mrs.
Walker Shepherd, returning home on
Fancy and Ball-room Dane-1
Ing taught, For particulars |
phone 404 or box 428.— Mrs.!
Van Braam. 46-tf
A. B. Trite's Chalmers and a prairie car owned hy a man named Hnr-
vey, met in a head on collision jn a
turn on the road near Elko. Uotb
cars were put out of commission, but
fortunately no one was hurt
R. H. Ross, formerly car foreman
at Sirdar, has recently undergone a
critical operation in the Royal Col-1
Uffibian hospital. New Westminster, j
B. C. Bert won't be on his feet for \
some time yet.
S 8. Rumsay has Just returned
from the prairies. There is a bad out
look for the crops and also for the
stock. He was speaking with one!
man who owns five thousand head \
and he is at his wits end to know
what to do with them. He has no |
feed aud will probably have to sacrifice them and they will go Into cold
storage nnd we will have to pay thru
the nose for them next winter.
TATi: HAVE therefore gone right to the
IHiliil nl' rnnlnrt anil Imve touched
your Pochetliook to the extent of the
Subscription Price of TIIK HEItAI.!)—
12.00 a yenr In iidviince.
if you nre In nrrcars—Puy up. If yon
linve not yet subscribed—heroine » subscriber now.
Let us Know Where Ynu Stand.
The Cranbrook Herald
There  was a
whist drive held
lors  last  Friday
enjoyable   time
Counts and  Mrs
wiih solos, nnd
recitation.    The
Miss     Stevens.
George,   ladies   li
pants   first   and
booby.      Dainty
fair turnout at the
in the Veterans* par-
evening and a very
was spent. Mrs.
Adlard entertained
W. A. Myers with a
prizes were won by
Indies first; Mrs.
ooby; W. A. Myers,
Ted Laurie, gents
refreshments    were
A hold up In Cranbrook Is a rare
event, but one took place last Sunday
in Chinatown, when Hep Chong was
ordered to stand and deliver his roll.
But Hep made heap hlg holler and all
Chinatown liegnti to holler and the
three halfbreeds who tried to pull off
the holdup were forced to take their
departuri Mter beating Hep up pretty had. Chief Adams got on their
track In short order, but the vlllians
Tho Creston Review has this to say
concerning Sergt G. P. Horspool.who
is to resume his work In the Cranbrook branch of the Canadian Bank
of Commerce* Creston's latest veteran back from overseas Is Sergt, G. P.
llurspool, who arrived on Friday last,
utter a short .^tiy at Cranbrook, at
vsi.ich point he was employed at the
Helm went*
Md dilation.
ThrM ftovours.
''    Every 10c
Packer of
Will  Kill MORE Flit?, THAN
S8"W0D!H   01   ANY
Qf*At" —Af1 —At>'—Ai"—Ai" —At>'—Ae mfti *\   |
VAPANT l-HT NDMBBn Mi-ock-m,
I HUHII I LU I Located on linker Street,
Cranhrook. Clear of any Incumbrances and
Taxes paid lo July 1st, 11120.
TERMS—One-third Cash, balance on lime
nt W/i Interest on deferred payments.
MAKE rOI'lt BEST OFFER, subject to my
8318 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS, J|o„ 0.8. A.
\\m„mf,H tOfsn    r\ftm    tjf,m    r\f,n   f\f,m   jfrss   i-V>«*fl
JfiX 5 not enouth to make
WRIGLEYS wod. we
must KEEP It good until
you set It.
Hence the sealed package
preserving the delicious con-
tents-the beneficial goody.
The Flavour Lasts
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
ol Canada Limited
OffloeR, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Oold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ore*
Producers nf Hold, Sliver, Copper, milestone. Pig Mad nnd
Spelter "TAIIANAC" Brand. FaOF.  FOUR
THtHSDAT, JULT 17th 1»1»
= ♦■
Fori Stwlo. July U. Foremau J.J J
Wirth and erew have beon remodel- j
ling tlu- surface ot the main streets'
of Fort Steele for the pasl week. A;
great improvement could he recorded
had Ue been allowed to extend the
treatment to tho side streets, which
are used just us much, but not noticed by visitors bo easily. Howovor,
repairs are being continued on the
road toward Wasa, which are badly
Auto tourists would greatly appreciate the fixing up of the road from
Bull River to Steele, aa well aa the
one from Wardner via Rampart
This week Geo. V. Qundry has roturnod to town to re-open tho Victor
mine. Owing to the war this was
closed down for about a your, hut
with Mr. Gundry's return renewed activity is looked for In this promising
silver-lead mine, A ten mile wagon
road connects the mine with Fort
Steele. A gasoline compressor sup-]
plies power for drilling al  the mine.
The l-Jast Kootenay Lumber Co., of
Jaffray, had their jammer hero the]
first of the week loading part of .1. II.
Hayes1 winter cut of logs. On Thurs--1
day il was moved to Doyle, six ml
north of Steele, to loftd the cul of M
Forest Ranger C. It. Watson, with
a crew of men partly from Steele, is
fighting a big firo near Skookum-
chuck. No valuable timber has been
destroyed so far. Tlie continued dry
spell is making this a hard proposition owing to the rough country. A
trail eight miles long had to be cut
Into the country to gel at the fire.
through heavy wind fulls.
E. Hurt! is shipping a quantity of
lumber from Bridges siding to Minnesota points.
Tho Yahk Lumber Co., located at
Wasa, have been shipping steadily
the past two months to prairie points.
They have now started shipping lo
Ohio and Eastern Canada,
The 0. P. R, have a crew of men
dismantling tlie water tank, which
will be taken down in sections and
moved to Athalmer.
A. Doyle disposed of Ills wool clip
this week to a buyer from Lethbrldge,
The price was not so good as last
year but the clip was larger.
A town that can raise mutton, beef,
all kinds of vegetables and grain, bo-
sldes tho forest products surrounding
it and the gold placerlng and thc silver mining within u radius of ten
miles is well worth Investigation
when looking for a place to settle.
The scenery and game of all kinds,
some of which cannot be found at
other places, cannot be heat. Trout
and salmon up to 2ft pounds are in
easy reach of town.
Among the late arrivals from over
there Is Private Uert Hell, who saw
considerable service in France.
Miss Aigncs Walsh 1ms returned
home for the holidays. She has been
studying in thc convent at Nelson.
Q *<-"uV»wtf. ^^.w^iw^iL^^-wjia^ji* ■ ,rfn.ii Mtttm ,f ■   -Y" *y*-  y*   y      y      v ■  y—  yi-   y^i *ym  iftn   yi n   -yin 'yn *ym  Tf-jQ
Celebrate Peace Day
in Cranbrook
Mrs. Adams and hot* young son
Jim, of Cranbrook, spent a couple of
days at Erlckson last week with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Attwood.
Wynndel lias exported nearly 8000
crates of strawberries tliis season-
about 25 per cent more than last year.
Five straight carloads were shipped,
Prom now on the jam factory will Im
getting the output.
Ike Lewis recently unloaded a car
of 35 head of cattle at Sirdar, whicli
were immediately taken to the Lewis
Island ranch. In the lot were eight
head of Polled Angus, including u
pure bred bull. Ike now has a herd
numbering over 100.
On Wednesday of last week Lieut.
Sherley A. MacDonaltl and Miss Mary
Ellen Dow were married at Creston
by Rev. T. McCord in the Presbyter-
kin church. The church was nicely
decorated witli plants and there was
quite an assembly of friends lo wit
nous tho ceremony. Mrs. Lidgate ren
dering Lohengrin's wedding march ui
the bridal party entered tho church.
When in need of a purgative! do not resort to vio-
lent cathartics, but take the
gentle, natural laxative-
Saturday, July 19 th
PARADE of Veterans, Floats, Autos, & Bicycles
Cranbrook City Band in Attendance
BIG DANCE at Night 8 to 12 P.m.
Everything FREE except Dance.   Dance Tickets 50c Each
Grand Display of FIREWORKS in the Evening
QmHi»i u*Ar' —At"—Ai" —Af —Ai" —At" —Af—Ar*
«S^V»    imUfsn i^ftsi i.rlfsttt^/kjm.mfl^l, i Hftll   ir\ftll   lOfH,    r\fi,l,    r\fi,,   mtAl'   —At'   —Ar""'Ar*
t*Af »*A/' »'AQ
List of Bargains this Week
The bride wns given away by her brother, Sergt, Campbell Dow. The
hrldesmaid was Miss Phyllis Lyne,
and thc groom was supported by P.
W. Dow.. The happy couple left on
lhe noon train on a honeymoon trip
that will take them to tho groom's j
home on Prince Edward Island. |
Creston Review: Mrs. Coulter, of
Toronto, is spending a few days with
friends in Creston, the guest of Mrs.
H. A. Speers    Mrs. M. McCarthy,
has gone to Morley, Alta, where Mike
is opera! ing a C. P. R. steam shovel,
and where she will visit friends for a
time Jos. Heath, who is now on
the stuff ut the Dominion experimental farm at Invermere, was here over
the week-end, Mrs. Heath returning
with him to that town.where they will
make their home in future. — R. R.
Piper was at Cranbrook for the week-
pud with Mrs. Piper, who Is still In
the hospital In that city. Her recovery continues favorable nnd tho doc-
tors express the hope that she may
he ahlc to return home the early part
of  August C.  O.  Rodgers  was
business visitor nt Cranbrookover the
week-end, making the return trip in
a new Duplex 6-ton truck, which the
company will use for log and lumber
hauling at the mill at Canyon ('ity.
Tho car is a 64-horso power und made
the Journey from Cranhrook to Creslon in about five hours West Ores
ton had another disastrous fire on
Saturday, July 5, when tlie barn on
the farm of the late Dun English,
along wllli a registered heavy draft
stallion, and a lot of stable equipment went up in smoke. The place
was leased about a year ago by P. J.
Dimn, who came here from Oregon
and  the  loss  will be  quite severely
felt Tho cattlemen of the Valley
at a meeting on Thursday night, June
26tll, organized the Creston Valley
Stockbreeders Association, with J. W.
Dow, president, and Guy Constable,
secretary and a membership of (10 to
start witli. The membership feo is
*)2. The new organization will have
full charge of hay cutting on the flats
as well ns grazing In these parts.
Successful Muslr Candidates
We are always at the other end of
Phone 9. Tor anything in tho turn!-
tare line—If you want to buy, sell or I
The following candidates were successful in tlie examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Academy
exchange, ring phone It. Good prions | ol* Music, and the Royal College of
Music, London, England, recently
held    in    Invermere,  by  Mr.  A.  H.
ftven for all kinds of furniture.
McCLARY RANGE—Only used a few-
weeks, cost $90; $fi5.
Good as new.
Stores, all sizes.
Stands, massive; $40.
! Undo: Elementary Division*—Annie
j Isabel Frailer, piano; Paul Cordlngley
Bennett, piano. Lower Division—
Ethel Mary Turner, piano; Dorothy
Turner, harmony. Higher Division-
Dorothy Turner, piano. Grammar of
Muslc-iMay Elizabeth Williams, Division II; Catharine Anno Dllworth,
Division II; Ethel Mary Turner, Division III. Pupils of Miss Dora R.
(Section 24)
lu tho matter of Lot 1, Block 12,Town
of Kimberley. Map C64, Kootenay
Proof having been filed In my office
of the loss of Certificate of Title No.
4669-1, to the above mentioned Lot, ln
the name of John Donald Mason, and
being dated the 9th day of August,
1917, I hereby give notice of my Intention at the expiration of one calendar month from the first publication hereof to Issue to the said John
Donald Mason a fresh Certificate of
Title in lieu of such lost Certificate.
Any person having any information
with reference to such lost Certificate of Title is requested to communicate with Ihe undersigned.
Dated (it the Land Registry Office,
Nelson, B. C, this 21st day of May,
District Registrar of Titles.
Date of first publication July 10th,
1919. 28-5t
MON., JULY 28th
IL Jl. 1MKVF.Y presents
— unit —
Creole Beauty Chorus ,
The  Largest  und Highest
Class Minstrel Organisation
en   Route.    A   Uuaranteed
Including- famous Ballad Singers, Entrancing Dancers, Novelty Entertainers, Expert Com*
crilnns Instrumental and Vocal
Soloists. A M-plece Hand, -
every man n Soloist.
io vAriii.viu.i-: acts
Entire Lower Floor tl.M: Entire Balcony ftilci First 2 rows
downstairs for children      55c
Sule opens Monday at Beattlo-
Nolili'  Drug  Store
Tin; only Minstrel Show to
Visit Cranhrook tills season.
A Carload shipped from Winnipeg
July 10th to hand this week. First
come, first served.
July 15th we inaugurated a
and are prepared to look after your
Wants day or night.
"We Never Sleep"
We have also opened our Sudden
Service Station in Parks old stand
on Baker St.
Dealers in, and Service Station for
U.S.L. Exide and Eveready Batteries.
Have your battery inspected and filled
with distilled water no charge. A full
line of, Tires Accessories, Oil and
Greases on hand and never to busy
to show you our many lines.
Hanson Garage
Have You a Piano Which Needs
Tuning or General Repairing?
Mr. Geo. Gagnon
With Mason tt Ritch
An Experituced Tuntr, Solicits  Your
Pianos Restored to Factory Standard.
Leave Orders with—
R. W. Edmondson,   Phone 220
We have a registered Shorthorn
Bull to sell, 5 years old. Address D.
E. Wallace, P. O. Boi 612, Fernle,
B. C. 26-lt
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned and endorsed "Quotations tor Coal, Dominion Buildings,
British Columbia", will be received
until 12 o'eleck aeon, Tuesday, Angus! 5, llll, for the supply of coal for
the public buildings throughout the
province of British Columbia.
Combined specifications and form of
tender can bo obtained from the Purchasing Agent. Department of Public Works, Ottawa, and from the caretakers of the different Dominion Buildings.
Tenders will not be considered unless made on the forms supplied by
the Department and in accordance
with the conditions set forth therein.
Each tender must be accompanied
by on accepted cheque on a chartered
hank, payable to the order of the Minister of Public Works, equal to 10 p.
c, of the amount of the tender. War
Loon Bonds of the Dominion will also be accepted as security, or War
Bonds and cheques tf required to
make up an odd amount.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, Oat, My 7, IIU        H-M
Where Eyesight
Is Concerned
McLeod's Store
Dr. R. V. Hoyt
Kyi-Night N|M>rlHll»t
Nn ef Ibe Ms earns, ma tt seven* If
I, Cbeailcsl, Civil,
ileal aad Bleetriosl
JslyaadAagait. Dtnabcr loApril
M       WO. V. CIIOWM, IsiWnr.


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