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Cranbrook Herald Jul 15, 1915

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THURSDAY, JULY 15th. 1916
September 8th and 9th Dates Set—
Directors Decide to (io Hlght
At u meeting of the directors nf tiie
Cranbrook DlBtrlct Agricultural Association held at 1 p.m. thin afternoon
it ... decided to go right ahead and
hold n fair. This surely in the right
i,,.,ni Thcro are many reasons why
the stop thej lmvo taken mn he called
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ngrlrul-
tural il. trlct with mixed farming well
to in- tor a rair gives the farmers a
cban I how tl Ir products and lucid at . i ■ ndvoctisa the district
from ...... . of our great Dominion.
Thlfl i.   a wnr year anil the setback*]
caused by the awful struggle that in
taking place in Europe an* both numerous nnd sorloun, Tho boys at the
front are doing tin* best thoy know,
ho why not tlie boys Unit are left behind take n lesson from them. How
discouraging for our soldier friends
anil relatives to receive a home paper
and And that we whom thoy loft behind out ul' all danger from shot and
shell have neglected to keep onr end
of tiie load ap. Ail cannot go to the
front, hut nil can keep n cheery face
and boost for Canada, for British Columbia, and for Cranhrook in particular. We know we huve the lund and
the climate and the people will compare favorably with any in tho empire.
Let eacli be up and doing. First produce the stock and crops and then
advertise tlio same through your Fall
Real estate is very quiet at present
but if we as a community "Deliver the
Goods" ami show what our land will
really produce, what better advertise-
ment can it get?
Remember tliat after the war there
will be many looking for permanent
homes hi tliis fair land of ours and
why cannot wo, hy present activities,
show such faith in our portion of this
vast territory that some of the best
may bo attracted and Anally make
tlieir homes here?
The Dominion government, through
Mr. Parham. of tlie Invermere experimental farm, is prepared to send a
! spori** Programme Beady for Wednesdaj Afternoon—-Motors Trip
to Grounds
of the produce of the district? That
depends entirely on tho producers being willing to bring their live stock,
crops, etc., to the grounds even at a
pecuniary loss to themselves.
2. The people who enter the gates.
Will they be enthusiastic enough, even
though tliey bo not producers, not only
to attend In large numbers and pay
their way in, but ulso to subscribe u
little In addition for tho benefit of
their own home district.
A prosperous producing class. Next Wednesday afternoon Cran-
whether farmers or manufacturers,, hr""lj cltlwns will be enjoying the
means a prosperous community iu Pleasures which tlie various corn-
general. Boost your homo fair and mlttces ure preparing for the Sports
show that the Craubrook people arc ' Day. Ail tlio committees are working wa8 ,)U
not downhearted, but are up and do- diligently and everything so far ,,•*, 0I. tJ
Iiik their level best, each and ull,' has been reported progreesfng
against those belter times that des-1 smoothly.   All cltlsens are requested
to congregate at the post-ofilce corner
promptly at l o'clock   from   which
point I'
the grounds by the Cranbrook
trlct   Automobile    Association. A
lengthy programme of events has been
arranged and will start promptly at
1.110 in order to bo through In time.
plto tin* war aro most surely getting
nearer und nearer every day.
The committee at present handling
tho arrangements are: President. T.
J. Doils; vice-President, w. B. Bardgott; Secretary, Alb. 11. Webb;   W. J.
Atchison, A. Nuniei, Dr. j. W. Rutledge, W. Halsall, D, H. Morrison, W.
B, McFarlane, W. Gilchrist, W. B. Wor-
Unable to Assist the Agricultural Association—Noxious Weeds Inspector Before Council
The council held the regular monthly session at the city hall on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Present.
Mayor Bowness, Aldermen Clapp,
Banfield, Balment, Leask and Camp-:
bell, City Clerk Huberts and Engineer Cummlngs.
Mr. A. 13. Shannon, provincial weed
inspector  for Sooth East Kootenay,
■nt and addressed tho coun-
matter of noxious weeds, dn-
daring that the city wus in the worst
condition of any town lie had yet visited.    Ho asked the co-oporatlon    of:
tlio council In mitigating tho evil aud
motor rides will he given to declared that ho would see that the
^■B"   law   was  enforced outside the municipality.
Minutes of previous meetings were
read and approved.
communication from Mr. A. Mc-
Ivan Basse I Selected as
an! Principal o! Central
The Bchool board meeting called for
Pole Boyle, Oldest Resident ef East
Kootenar» Fussed Away
Summoned by the Death Angel on
Sunday morning last, Pete Boyle, the
t oldest resident of Kast Kootenay, who
has made the foothills his home since
Friday evening last did not material- [ 1864, and one of tlie original old-tim-
Izo, several of the i
of tho city on bush
was held, howevei
ing, when a sufflc
ou hand lo form a
lembers being out
The meeting
Saturday moment number wore
quorum, there be-
CAUSE OF HUMANITY  pOCtod that there will be a large at*
■  ; tendance from the district.
Cranhrook Ladles Working DUigen.ly [    The cause is a most worthy one. The
lo Keep Up Supplies for the      I ontiro Proceeds of tho day
Wounded Soldiers
Several committees of young ladies   Lean, tllQ Fernle contractor, was read
have visited many of tiie neighboring
points during tho past week and    a
largo   number   of   admission   tickets
have boon  disposed of and it is ex-
will   bc
given to thc Cranbrook Branch of the
_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_— Canadian   Patriotic   Fund   which     Is
m- „  „.r  i looking after the dependents of all
Tho Red Cross rooms on Norbury soldiers,  who  reside in tlio district,
offering to rent the city cement mixer
for the contract at the St. Eugene
Mission. It was moved that the machine bo rented to Mr. McLean for
$100 for his present contract at tho
Mission, Mr. McLean to put It In
working order and return lt in good
condition.   Rent payable In advance.
Tho pnance committee reported the
following accounts which wero passed
and ordered paid:
P. ('. government  $   2.75
Ave. are open on Mondays, Tuesdays, i Their  burden  of responsibility    has I Beattie-Murphy Co  3.8.1
Thursdays and Fridays from 3 to 6  grown  considerably during the past city Clerk's sundries   27.90
p,m. nnd any lady willing to sew Is" fow weeks and thoy are now rcqulr- j Cranbrook Steam Laundry .... 2.00
cordially invited to come.                    led to expend some $300 per month in j c. p. r, Telegraph   1.13
Tlie following is a list of garments jtllis cause,   The citizens of tho city Cranbi ook Bakery  25.00
ompleted to date at the  Red  Cross ;and district havo been prodigal    In j cranbrook Moat Market   12,56
'their support of patriotic institutions | Crnnbrook Electric Light Co.. 200.70
and as this is one of the most worthy j Cranbrook Cartage & Transfer 68.45
duties which befall the citizens, it is | cranbrook Foundry   55.00
Rooms under the supervision of the
of the following ladles of the I.O.D.E.
Mesdames F. Green, Atchison, Halsall
and Burney.
For the St. John's Ambulance Association :
2 surgical gowns.
2 surgical shirts.
15 triangular bandages or slings.
4 pairs pyjamas.
For the I. O. D. E„
22 triangular bandages.
15 small bod pads.
8 large bed pads
ti pairs pyjamas.
The ladles who have attended the
Hod Cross rooms to make garments
for the sick and wounded under the
rlcultural exhibit to our j auspices of tho I.O.D.E. are as follows
be an education In it-1 (Monday) Mesdames Green. J. H.
*m *v * i King, J. S. Brake, 11. McKowan.
Christie, W. E. Worden, J Laurie, .1.
Shaw, J. Burton, 13. H. Leaman. Clay
ton, Tisdale, Nesbit. A. A. Johnson,
(3d, Paterson.
fair that ■      ____________
self. *>- *
Heretofore, the merchants and hotel
keepers have been the mainstay of tho
fair. They unfortunately cannot AH
the bill so well tills year. Wo know ,
that they will nr, of yore do what they I
can, but of necessity the prlae list
will have to bo severely pruned. It!
behooves each and every one to give !
a little nnd at the very least to take
out a membership ticket, which also:
gives admission to the fair for one l
In ia.!, i   •" n of tho prize list a
ribbon, or in 1     ease of i xhibits other
than live stock, a card, Will be given,
to the first and second, according   to j
A cash prize will be given to the
first only iu each section.
hoped that a record attendance will I cranbrook Sash & Door Co.... 18.32
result and a record fund will bo real- j city Transfer  136.70
tzed.                                                      IF. Dezall    41.30
A general admission of fifty cents ■• Diummond McColl & Co., Ltd.. 25.60
will bo made to the grounds, children j Outtn Percha Rubber Co  500.00
10 cents and children   under   eight Herald Publishing Co  2.10
free.                                                      j Kootenay Telephone Lines .... 19.16
The following Is the programme   of j q. Kiseholl   262.42
sports whicli lias boen arranged and - Medley Lajoie   4.75
for which suitable prizes have been   lra Manning, Ltd  11.05
provided:                                                  , Mueller Mfg. Co v. 16.94
PROGRAM                     j Motuls Ltd  0L.. 160.38
Indian pony race, hulf mile heats,' Mulsey Bros  9.65
2 (n 3,                                                   : McCreery Bros  10.05
Pony race, open, half mile heats, 2 U* A- McDonald   105.06
|n ;».                                                      I J. D. McBride   172.22
Squaw race on horseback, half mile | Neptune Meter Co.
heats. 2 in :•:.
ing present Chairman White and Trustees Wilson and Manning.
Tho mlnuties of the previous mooting were read and approved.
Tho school grounds committee reported on the arrangements for the
carrying on of the work on tho
Tho board placed their mark of approval on tho accounts for tho past
Applications for the position of assistant   principal    wor
by the secretary.    It w
then read
I moved by
econded by
tho applicator the postal    of    the
j    of   $ 100.00
Unties      to
lent   of  the
B instructed
'll fo
r Ul
fl   |ll)si-
i'   uiul
t 111'
(Tuesday) Mesdames Atchison, Boll. I
Howness, Burney. Shackieton, J. Palmer, B. Palmer, Miss Alexander and
Miss Banwell.
(Thursday! Mesdames Halsall. J.
Palmer, Miss Palmer. Mesdames B.
Calmer, Erickson, Leslie. Arthur Ward
l. Jones, Finlay.
(Friday) Mesdames Burney, Scott.
Macdonald, (Jeo. Taylor, J. P. Fink.
Ed, Shackieton and Miss Shllson.
Hitherto no record lias been kept of
names, so possibly some may   under.
iltted for which due eonsldera-      Tug-of-Wnr. C.P.R.
s asked. ment.
mi IK  c
will gii
goes to
best she
etc.     M
. t a many speoial prlsi s will
■  e B. i'  Dnlrynu n's As-
a two i ni li  prises
'i' 180 pounds    lu
In kind for a
l   on,   Mr  j   A   Pringle
i a hi lfi i   ealf as n  special
A shield bj   Mr. T. 8. QUI
>,vi:iis-UTii:it  NUPTIALS
j Cherry  Creek Rancher and  Popular
4td; of Medicine
I City officials   302.50
'police    334.60
iFire Dept  245.50
[School board   1594.82
City Engineer   666.25
City water debenture  1288.30
Parrett, T. N      1.60
Parks, F. & Co     78.51
Ward & Harris    24.60
The city clerk was Instructed to notify all storekeepers that   no   goods
must be furnished without order from
city clerk and that such orders must
lie  attached  to accounts when  presented for payment.
The city engineer's report waB read
fourteen   and j which developed considerable dlscus-
! sion concerning the sludge and  re-
t, 107th Regl-. fuse from the disposal works.
 ^_\ Moved and carried tbat city engl-
Bestdes the programme tiiere will ! ncer  proceed  with  flume  from  dls-
he a number ot ground attractions, In- j posal works to land of C. Godderis as
eluding shooting gallery, refreshment outlined In Ids report.
booths, fortune telling, circle   of for- \    Motion carried that Mayor and City
tune, Bide shows, etc. j Clerk   be authorized   to   enter   Into
In tlie evening a dance will be given j agreement with C. Godderis aa out-
at the Auditorium. The Kootenay or- lined in his agreement with the city
chestra with four pieces, will provide | engineer.
Indians wrestling on horseback.
Teepee building.
100 yard dash
Half mile race
Running high jump
100 yard dash
440 yard race
Running high Jump
50 yard dash, boys eight and under
70 yard dash, hoys 14 and under
40 yard dash, girls eight nnd under
f»0 yard dash, glrh
Trustee Wilson
TruBteo Manning:
tlon of Mr. Ivan 1'
tlon of assistant pi
Central school at a
per month bo accoj
start at tho comm>
term. Tho city cler
to write Mr. Bassett notifying him of
Ids appointment. Mr. Roberts has received word from Mr. Bassotti accepting tlie position. This mull Mas-
sett, from tlio tone of liis letter, seems
■mineuiiy well quallfli
tion, and If le* can ac
tiling contained in
there Is no doubt bul
Craubrook is getting value for
money and the right change hack.
Moved by Trustee Manning and seconded by Trustee Wilson: TJrat tho
supplies and hooks for library requested by Miss Woe Hand ba ordered.
Motion by Trustees Wilson and
Manning: That tho partitioning of the
boys closets In the Central school, also
plastering of the school bo placed iu
hands of tiie committee on building improvements with power to act.
Motion by Trustee Wilson, seconded by Trustee .Manning: That the high
school class be* removed to the receiving class room and the other class
rooms on the first lloor be adjusted to
suit circumstances.
Board adjourned.
Shield    Still
and -
St. Barnabas church, Medicine Hat,(the music, light refreshments will be
Vlbei'ta, was the scene of a pretty and j on  hand and tho committee  promise
! highly Interesting wedding on June 19, that this will be one of tlie most en-
lor tu   best collection ol  farm  l"'"-! ^j,,.,, Miss Mildred Lucier. u charming jjoynhle parts of the day's program.
reports attached.        ,mi popujar young lady of Medicine Tickets are already In the hands    of
1   ,l   nr,MI   ll"    Hat,   became  the   bride  of   Mr.    Roy   tl:
ilttee „f the MSociaUonlMyerBroraerIyftrMMentofMedic,n0
would »Jlke in point onl that a small
cash subscription to tho general fund
will hi* more acceptable than a Inrge
special in kind. HoWovi i. as the old
saying goes "beggars cannot be
choosers" nnd na this is a public utility* supported by voluntary contributions, subscription! of any amounl and
in any form are all ia order.
The decision of the dlreotors hinged
upon ti.i* following facts:
$200 00 interest is due to the mortgage from 1914.
liistiran i,   Laxos   and   interest   for
ID1B wlll he |400,00,
If un fiti,' I .   held a total of 9600.001
will be owing, wo shall lose tbe sup-
port of the agricultural deprntmont, I
who will look upon us as slackers i
and quitters and a sum of about
11000.00 will  he Blacked up against'
Hat, but now of the Cranbrook district, residing at Cherry Creek where
be has a large ranch and where he Ih
| in exceedingly and highly esteemed
Mr. and Mrs. Myers, amid the good
; wishes of their many nml numerous
frlonds left the Hat amid showers of
rice and confetti on their honeymoon
trip, the journey being made hy auto
nil the way,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Myers nro now com-
i ort ably situated at llieir Cherry
■'reek home, whore thoy are receiving
the hearty congratulations of their
j many Cranhrook friends.
of.     The   prll
extra lady 25c
and are being disposed
o is $1.00  per  couple,
tho Association by the time tho 1916*1 Tourimmcnl for Ihe  Benefit   of  the
fair comes along, The directors aro
confident tliat as matters stand, with a
little help from each and u lot of help
from sonic, hy cutting down operating
expenses, and also paring tlio prize
list ns descrihed. they will at least be
able to pay off the greater portion of
the 1914-1916 Interest as well as meet
nil other obligations.
Thin -You'd gi\e is ns a community
a frond standing wltll the department
of agriculture uud in tho eyes of the
wholo province.
Any committee thut can make a financial success out of u fair this year
will have to go some and will deserve
and must have the support of every
Inhabitant iu the dislrict.
There are two main fuetora in a
fair, with the committee us a go-
between ;
1. The exhibition Itself. Will it bo
*% reasonable and fair representation
Tobacco Fund for the
Pretty Wedding Solemnized at Christ
(imnii Yesterday
A very quiet wedding ceremony was
performed at Christ church ou Wednesday morning, July 14th, at ten
o'clock by the rector, tbo Rev. W. H.
Bridge, who united In tho holy bonds
of wedlock Miss Marlon Rumsey, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L.
Rumsey, of this city, and Mr. Cornelius Van Itrnnni, who has been fn the
employ of the C. P, R. bore for the
past several years. Only the immediate relatives nnd friends of the young
people wore present.
Miss Amy Rumsey was bridesmaid
and Mr. Septimus Rumsey was best
j man.   Immediately following the core-
City Engineer Cummings was authorized to dispose of the lead pipe
und pig lead now in stock by the city.
Motion to purchase gasoline engine
and pump from Hotson, Leder k
Goode for $100 carried.
It was moved and carried that city
carriage be placed In the pound.and
left there and city harness be returned to the fire hall.
Report of eity engineer was received nnd filed and matter of disposal
of sewerage was left with the committee, city engineer and city solicitor to bring exhaustive report In the
Immediate future.
It was recommended to the police
commission that the city police force
be reduced to two men.
The henlth and relief committee was
empowered with the authority given
tbo council under Bylaw No. 61 to
deal with unsanitary premises with
in the city limits.
It waB ordered that the owners of
leaky water fixtures be notified to
have same remedied Immediately.
lt was carried that Mr. Worden be
notified that stand-pipe on Dennis
street be repaired Immediately or the
same will be discontinued.
the happy young couple left on the
westbound train for au unknown destination, whore thoy wlll spend their
honeymoon nnd then return to Cranbrook to reside. A large crowd was
wholly to tho Tobacco Fund for the | ^ tllc Bt,Uinn t0 BP°c,i t,,eni on their
soldiers. This fund ls being organized ! wu>' wlttl "howern 0f rice,
by the Indies of the Imperial Order of | The bride Is one of Cranbrook's
the Daughters of the Empire, and the | most popular young ludles nnd has
?,' th.° h0me°f tl10 brid.°'8.PircntB *?. |t* within" the" city "where" noxious
the proud   parents.    Maurice  Qualn.
oldest resident within tho corporation
limits of the city of Cranbrook. electrician,      homesteader,      prospector,
miner, school trustee, politician, poet,
musician and assaycr, has added another feather to his hat, that of dad.
Mr. Qualn Is receiving the hearty congratulations of his many Cranbrook
friends, many of whom  are   looking
upon him with envious eyes, and well
they might.   Mr. Qualn Is a "young"
man considering his age.  Both mother
_—____^____^_____—_m flm* children aro doing nicely.    The
In order to keep right up to the - Herald editor congratulates Mr. Qualn.
^—^—^—-—f. ————*—m———*———,——*——————*       Agricultural Association for a grant jmlnuto In the way   of farming,   the Congratulations   were  ulso   received
above competition will bo hold In or-1 gained a wide reputation as a dancing the council pnBsed a motion of regret' Heattie-Murphy farm has installed the ['trom George Smith, W. O. Morton,
der to endeavor to assist the ladies j teacher. The groom has a wldo ac- j at their Innbillty to grant money to j very latest model of threshing ma- A. It. Macdonald, Harry Roblchaud,
who are so kindly giving tholr time ; qiialntaoco   and   is   most   favorably tlfe association this yenr. ehlno on tholr St, Mary's Prairie farm; William Matthews,   Rush   Adamson,
and services for such a good cause    , known.   Tho Herald joins with tholr,    Tbo  finance    committee    woh  re-1 The machine arrived yesterday   and • William  Currie, O,  L. StoiiK. Frank
Two prizes will be given, ono for i muny friends In wishing thorn n long quested  to meet the school trustee tho farm help an* hut.y getting the I Carlson, Vliioo Llddlcoatt, J. W. Bur-
tho successful lady and one for the and prosperous voyugn uu tho inutrl- .and discuss the manual training school i machine in  running order    prepare* ton, Dr. J. 11. King, Thos. Herron and
successful gentleman. I monlal sea. | ftnd tht present financial situation.     ' tory to threshing operations, i several others.
          Report of special water committee
The    above   club    will    bold    anl-""* K*> Septimus Rumsey was best'     H received and medi
American   tournament   on   Saturday, j man.   Immediately following tbo cere-     The Chief of Police was Instructed
iho 17th Inst.   Tho competitions will W « wedding breakfast was served | to not|fy ownerB or agenta of propt,r,
consist of mixed doubles for which au "* " " '        ~* *'*"   ~'J"' —* ■ ---*
entrance fee of 26c, wlll be charged.
Thc secretary asks und hopes that all
members will kindly do their utmost
to take part in this tournament, ns the
receipts of the same will bo devoted
weeds aro growing that same must be
removed Immediately.
Alderman Banfield gave notice that
at tho next meeting he would Intro*
dure n bylaw providing for special discount on all taxes paid on or before
September 30th.
In the matter of an appeal from tho
Thrilling Talc Told hy Cranbrook Lad
Which Rends Like a Fairy
ers of tho famous Widl Horse Creek,
Ims answered the call and Journeyed
forth into that laud of mystery. Death
occurred Sunday morning at 10 o'clock
at St. Eugene hospital. Mr. Boyle was
lu bis 82nd year.
Mr. Boyle was a native of Limerick,
Ireland, coining Into Enst Kootenay
when the gold rush at Wild Horse
Crook was at its height.
Deceased lias two sisters living in
Montreal and one brother residing in
Some thirty years ago ho took up
farming nt Cherry Creek, where he
engaged extensively In mixed farming
nnd whore today can be seen one of
the host ranches fn the west, which
will stand as a mark of perseverance
and energy to the late "Fete" Boyle.
Of late Mr. Boyle has been making
liis home at the Imperial hotel, where
the old-time ranchers would visit him
and discuss the topics of the day. He
was confined to tho hospital for one
day only, when the ond came quietly
and peacefully on the sabbath morn.
Dally wo road of the passing into
the great unknown of someone, but
it is only when the chilled baud of
death has invaded our midst, that we
are able to realize whut It means, lu
this Instance, the loss of the lirst farmer in the district will be keenly felt
hy those cnguged in that line of endeavor nt tlie present time in Cranbrook.
Death—be it in tho city mansion or
in tho rancher's but—touches a re-
sponslvo chord in every human htart.
for truly sorrow such as this makes
all tho world akin. "Fete" Boyle is
Badly missed.
Tlie funeral took place Tuesday
morning at n o'clock from St. Mary's
church, where Rov. Father Anthony ■
performed the last sad rites of the
Catholic church, and where prayers i
were offered for the repose of the soul
•>f the deceased. Interment was in
the Catholic church cemetery.
The pall-ljearers were John H. McDonald, Harry Drew, Peter Woods.
Oeo. Hoggarth.
Funeral Director Macpherson had
charge of tho arrangements.
Hold Monster Picnic on Monday—Usi
of Sports Winners
On Monday the local Orangemen
held a picnic at thc little island outside of town, when a large number of
Orangemen and their friends duly
celebrated the battle of the Boyne.
Thero was no parade this year, owing
to the large number of men going to
the front. A largo number of the
Ladles Auxiliary were present and a
pleasant afternoon was spout. Mr.
John Flngal Smith was present and
delighted the picnlcers with a choice
program of music which was ably rendered on the bagpipes. Mr. Smith was
highly complimented by tlie many Orangemen who attended, being one of
the oldest members of the order In
tbe city.
A good program of sports was carried out during the afternoon, the
winners of tho several events being as
Oirls, 6 to S years—1. Connie Bassett; 2, Willielmlua Woodman. ll.Myrl
Oirls. •) to 10 years—1. Irene Llnnel;
9, Ruby Scott, 3, Nora Finley.
Girl1*. 10 to 12 years-1, Bowie
Woodman. 2, .Mabel Finley 3, Tootele
(leys, ■) to 8 years—1. Ernie South;
Lome Jordan;  3. A. McDonald.
Boys, 10 to II years—1. Kric Mac*
kinnoii. ;'. C St Biol; 2. Verne
| Woodman.
Boys, 13 to 16 years—1, GrenvlU*
Single women • 1.   Alio
11. Chalmers.
Married women- 1, Mrs
Mrs. Haley
Single men— 1, W. W   Scott;
Married men—l. R. s   Garrett;
T. O. Horsman.
Jack Ilaslam, A. P. Noble, John
Noble and It, W. Russell wore Sunday
visitors at Yahk. The gentlemen succeeded ln securing a good catch offish
a result of which the hike wont |
down about six Inches. Some handsome and interesting pictures were
taken by two of the party. They have
solved the problem of tiie disciples of
old Isaak Walton, as they can produce
actual photos of the catch and have
put the kibosh on the saying"! will
liave a photo of your catch." Mr.
Noble, jr. tolls a pretty fair fish story. I
considering ll is Ills lirst real fishing
John's little llsh story goes something like this: "When about three
minules after I dropped ray hook into
the water, joy beyond description
came to me. It wns really the first
big thing I had tm kled. I found on
feeling my line that something oul of
the ordinary in the way of Bsb hnd
swallowed my hook and was about to
swallow the weo lad on tlie other end.
Discuss the Building of Modern School
House for Wa-a- -Elect
Tho annual meeting ot the residents
of the Wasa school district was held
in the school bouse on Saturday, July
10th, 1915.
Mr. Barr proposed and Mr. Cameron
seconded, that Mr. Quartly should act
us chairman ^____^____
mously. )
A letter was road from Mr. Attree J
tendering his resignation, which was
Mr. Wamsley proposed and Mr.!
Cameron seconded, that Mr. Barr
should act as secretary of the meeting
whisb  was also carried unanimously.
The returning trustee was A. J.
Miller and Mr. Cameron was un-
inimously elected to till this office for
lhe term of three years.
Mr. Quartly was unanimously elected aB a trustee for tho term of one
Tells ef Cranhrook Men and Their
Mu-teaeats Seaewbere In the
Firing Une
A lengthy discussion took placo regarding the building of a new school.
but It  was  decided  to postpone this
However, I had gone on n fishing trip | for nnotlu.r yeftr imtn mon6tary c.on.
and was going to make the best of It.
I tried to pull tlie line and wus nearly
washed off the log on which I had
been so comfortably seated, shouted
to pa, but ho must have been busy
filling his pipe, as ho did not hear mo.
I then decided to make the best of it
nnd tugged away at the line. Presently something came to the surface and
I believe my hair stood straight up.
It was tlm biggest monster of the Bea
I had over seen or heard of! Winded,
l shouted to someone to come quick,'
but alt In v.i.n The fish gave a Jump
In the air and the wave which follow-,
ed washed nie off the log, but I bold
on to the line nnd when the flsh again
took to tlio water. I wns in turn again !
washed back on to the log.   It vvaa | twJns nrriml to Kl|ldden th(! hcartsof
some exciting time, but I managed to
keep my head.    Finally. I thought of
tlio salt I was carrying tu my pocket
and decided to take a desperate
chance. 1 waded out a little and
waited for Mr. Fish to again eome to
tho surface, when I sprinkled q little
of the snlt on tils tail, with the result
that lie gave up the fight and came
ashore witiiout nny further reslfitnnre.
This may sound like a fairy tale, but
the photos will prove the story, as Mr.
Haslam has the pictures."
Mr. E. V. Brake has received the
following letter from Private F.
Franc. June 17th, '16
Dear Mr. Brake:
1 daresay you will think I am a long
time in answering your letter, but
tfme slips by pretty quickly, and there
is not much convenience for letter
writing here. Glad to say I have escaped sickness and wounds so far, and
never left better. In my life than I do
at present.
Bob Henry of Cranbrook wsa killed
at Festubert. as I dart-say you know,
and I believe Billy Harrison vas
wounded there. 1 heard so at any
rate, and have not seen him Blnce.
Altogether, the Cranbrook Contingent
has suffered pretty heavily from all I
can hear. There were quite a few In
thi-i Battalion, but I think there are
Tliis was carried unanf- jonlj two of us left now. 1 had better
[ mention here that my address Is No.
*, C. F., 16th Battalion, Canadian
Scottish, and my regiment No. -3066.
For some reason or other we are ask*
ed to put address In the middle of the
The Allies have gained a lot of
cround this last week, but It Ib bIow
work at present. It Is the German
guns that save them, for they have no
stomach for the bayonet. However,
they are having a taste of their own
medicine lately, as both the British
and French artillery have done some
great work fn that line these last few
weeks, and are likely from all I ran
gather, to do more in the near future,
especially If the weather keeps good,
and the roads continue In rondltlon.
As you may expect they jin- pretty
heavily used just now, but aro In
better shape than I expected they
would,be, Hope It will be my luck to
be on my feet when they get the Germans on the run, as I believe they will
eventually do. The Allies, or the Brit*
(ah at any rate, seem to get the Germans trench practically every time
they attack. eSp-Mlally since they hare
b«en better supported by heavy artillery. But the trouble Is to hold It as
the German artillery have got a line
on the trench, and often make It impossible to hold. However, the Allies
continue to advance, and although they
do nearly all the attacking the Germans seem to suffer heavier than we
do. But I would like to see them on
the run, just once. I do not think they
would rally like the British did after
Mons. However, this remains to be
The Overseas Club is very much in
evidence here. Tobacco, cigarettes,
etc., arrive from them with great regularity.
I was very sorry to hear about J.
Whittaker's bereavement. It ta very
Hope Mrs. L, Miss Brake and yourself are all well.
With kindest regards to you all.
I remain, yours sincerely,
F. Woodward.
dtUons improved when the trustees
hope to build a thoroughly up-to-date
modern school house.
The Stork I'uj** l'h*a**>anl Call at Hone
of Well Kniiwii Cranbrook Couple
in in Oirls
Nature has Imbed been kind to Mr.
md Mis. Quain. in fact, it has been
loubly  kind  inasmuch  an two boun*
ing girls have been left at their home
•n Baker Hill.   The happy event oc-
urred on Sunday morning, when pre-
staely at the hour of 10 o'clock the
J. D. McBride spent Tuesday at St.
Mary's lake on a fishing expedition. A
wireless from Meechams Tuesday after
noon reported the fiah biting nicely
and the gentle patter of tbe raindrop*
beating a tattoo aa aa I PAGE TWO
■..* a a-. i-.L. g___   -—a aw
THURSDAY, JULY 10th, 1816
J. B. Thompson, llaslness ggfgL. j Xu> nm ffrHe8 0f Movements Made
by the Craubrook Men lu the
Sipscrlptlon Bates
One   Tear    WM
IU Monthi          1.00
Three Monthi BO
Advertising Bates
Display   Advertising,   SI   csnta   per
Column inch.
Beading Notices or ClestUM Ads. 10
oeata per Has.
rranbrook, 11. t'* July Kith, 1915
Training tamp
  bound we are on our feet and racing
It Is of course unreasonable to ex- J |j|a, maniac9 upon tho unoffending
poet that any mere citizen can under-; hayricks which we not only surround
stand why it is that after two or three  ftm* CRpturo but leap over, run through
thw explanation thut tho hay rlcto are j tliis movement ourselves,
lines of defence which wo are to ad-} This ls not by uny means all we
value upon In extended order and cap- are learning on their behalf, but the
tare at the point of the bayonet. \ Censor bus deemed It advisable to re-
Squirming and crawling we ut last ar- ■ train from giving to tlie public. At
rive within striking distance. In one j some later dato wo may perhaps
make them known   and   as   we  are
months of drill the meekest and most
diffident of chaps become regular lire
eaters, ready to light at thc drop of
the hat and loudly declaiming that
their one desire is to get to where the
bullets fly thickest.
and completely overthrow.
A little way ahead, cut off from the
others  stands a   particularly  formld
i ide
shortly to commence on mounted
drill, the account of same may tickle
the humorous bump of tho aforesaid
public, but remembering that "A
prophet is not without honor save in
his own country," we shall not bo de-
Will there over come a time when a
nation that goes to war will be arrested for disorderly conduct by the
International police?
Complaint has been made that a
number of people are using dynamite
at Moyie uud Yahk, which is resulting
In thousands of dead fish being found
fn tlie waters of these fishing places.
This is the meanest kind of practice
and nothing but a cheap sport would
resort to this method of slaughter.
Constable Collins is watching this locality pretty closely now and It is to
be hoped* lie will succeed in landing
the guilty parties. Fishermen going
to cither plaee should report any
breach of the law to the proper ofll-
clals. They will not be looked upon
as spotters or spies, as some people
imagine. On the contrary they will bo
doing their duty as citizens. If this
practice of dynamiting Is allowed to
go on there -.vill he no fishing in the
course of a year. Every charge of
dynamite means the destruction of
millions of spawn. Wo talk about the
Germans resorting to mean tactics In
the present conflict, but tho whole
man who will use dynamite in tho
streams in order to gratify his thirst
for destruction, is worse than any
Oerman, because he knows different.
A splendid spirit"   comments   *-^« f attii**ii^lt It, there is a shriek nnd wc
mere civilian, "but you must rt'llU.v! (.;lteh a gtiuij:
excuse us If we find that   we  must j .^ ^|lj(,h fli
take lt with a grain of salt."   I speak I      trm ltmU
confidently on this point;  1 know tlmt i    As u mudl
this is exactly what you think when
you   hear   us   make   what   you   ur-.1
pleased to call our foolish boast, how-
over, I boar you no illwill. I was once
a civilian myself and hope to be one
However, I'll cross my heart and
hope to die if it is not the truth
and  nothing hut the  truth  that we
Since the
the people
lug  for  soi
Evidently s
return of Premier McBride
avo boon patiently watch-
i- poiitieal announcement.
ur the premier came back
empty handed then* will bo nothing
doing as far as an election is concerned. Tiie only iinnoiiiicenient so far
from ullleiiil sources has been the proposal of a coalition government to
hold ollice until after tbe war. In the
present stage of affairs in British
Columbia this is the greatest sign of
weakness the government has yet
shown and It would ho just as great a
sign of weakness by the Liberals
should any of them agree to accept office under Bitch conditions. Any Liberal who would agree to take a seat
in tho cabinet nt the present time un*
dor Premier McBride would only he
looking for n cheap way to slide into 1 tjme "kick
ofllce. The present condition of affairs '. wouldn't "
in British Columbia is not simply
political, it is a question of corruption vs. honesty. The people want an
honest administration of public affairs, something thoy have failed to
get    under    Premier    McBride.      No
looking ono upon which we de- torred by any unseemly mirth ou their
to make a sort of concentrated  Purt from giving a truthful account
about   to of our education as Cavalry.   This is
not to bo taken as a definite promise
io of a weird looking ob- j that any sucli account will be given;
ems to suddenly spring! t«*y of you who have ridden a horse
i* our feet. Illt «*• will remember your unwilling-
on its foot wo seo that  U08S to sit on anything else for days
:  i   ,i i. in, but what ho thought of j afterward, and 1 do not think I would
us I don't know; if he thought at all' care to operate a typewriter standing
ho  must  have  heen  a   pretty  quick UP-    Then again the   Editor   and   I
thinker for he had no sooner lit on might not be able to eome to terms,
the ground than ho was off at a much j or I might be confined to the Guard
quicker pace than I would cure to take j Boom, etc., etc.   lu the face of these
on such a hot afternoon.   Remember- eventualities, therefore, I wlll   make
ing ray own little siesta earlier in the Wo further promises, but do not con-
■ii'ternoou, I felt genuinely sorry   for!"!*"1-*" this silence as meaning that I
aro all itching to got our marching  ||[m am| wm)W ,mV(, .ll]0i0gjKed on*jy have nothing to disclose;  becuuse I
lie was too far away; much too far j warn you   that   history   wlll   surely
prove you to have been wrong when
orders. If you don't believe me, just
try soldiering yourself for a few
weeks and If at tho end of that time
you aro not raising coin and shouting
"Yes, lot mo liko a soldier fall," well,
nil I can say is that you are a poor
Of course one isn't nlways so
charged with patriotic fervour; there
aro times when one's thoughts turn
hack longingly to the flesh pots of
Egypt Just today for instance I was
a little peeved because I had to console an appetite which fairly clamoured for a big, juley beefsteak nnd
onions with a measly ration of badly
cooked beans. Beans may be very
nourishing, I don't doubt that at all,
but I defy any man to say anything
else complimentary about them, After
our bounteous roepast, followed a
broiling hot afternoon during which
wo were led ont ns sheep to the
slaughter to attack an Imaginary
enemy entrenched upon a hill which
Was not Imaginary.
Ths we did In tlio npproved fashion
of short rushes, darting hither nnd
thither in search of cover like an old
horse with the blind staggers. It got
quite tiresome ut last, and weary iu
(oul nnd body, I prostrated myself In
the shade of a friendly hush while our
officer explained the details of the attack.
Even our young lieutenant, who
takes everything so seriously Is laughing, but his lapse Is only momentary;
ho snaps out a command and we ruefully contemplate the topsy turvy
ricks and wish wo had not done our
work so thoroughly, since the lieutenant has decreed that wo shall build
them again.
it isn't nearly as exciting as knocking them down, but then this Is just
plain work; the otlier wns war, and
as I grub au armful of hay and thistles i begin to wonder if even the most
ambitions of us would not hesitnte before going to war, if we know that
what  we    destro
our time for striking a blow for "King
and Country" comes.
No. 11319.
An Interview With His Honor Lteuten-
anMtovcrnur Barnard, Chairman
of Provincial Branch of Fund
In relation to Its operations in British Columbia His Honor Lieutenant-
Governor Barnard, chairman of the
Provincial Branch of the Canadian
Patriotic Fund, upon being interview-
whether it baled yesterday, said:
cathedrals, un offend ing merchantmen, | "Tlie fund was organized shortly
women's hopes or men's bodies we j after the war broke out, at the ln-
would he held strictly accountable for. j stance of His Hoynl Highness, the
Taking tliis view of it I began to bo j p„i(e 0f Connaught, Governor-Gener-
glad that our officer had ordered us to i ai( the objects being set forth in an
repair tlio damage we had done, for appeal by His Boyal Highness to
although the rancher had no doubt. create a fund for the relief of the de-
rejoiced over the good crop of hay; pendents of our brave soldiers who
as he had reaped It and tossed it Into i volunteered for active service at home
ricks, he would surely be sorry    to [ and abroad.
have to do it over again. Then my. »in this Province a Provincial
thoughts wander away to the places branch was organized and an active
whieh we an* preparing ourselves j campaign for the collection of funds
lor and 1 think of the spirit of the | waa commenced. Branches were
architect brooding over the ruins of; formed throughout the Province, with
•athedrnl, nnd the mother nursing collecting and relief committees,
child In hor desolate home,' »its activities and tho knowledge
mourningly crooning a lullaby as her j that patriotic   Canadians   would   see
In a rather reproachful manner I   ]
began to review the events leading up
to my being here and quite sternly thoughts" imrk back  to  the happier j tllat the dependents of those fighting
asked iiiys-lf ill would really have days when she nursed her other child-, our battles would be cared for was no
ron, and  who    are     now    fighting, I doubt an incentive to recruiting, and
wounded, or perhaps It is dend "Some-1 tbo enlistment of married   men   for
whore In Franco." ! overseas rsevlce was therefore encour
Tired and dusty though we are, our aged.
march hack to camp is shortened and! "Although the fund is a national
our feet lightened by thoughts of cold tone, with its head offlce at Ottawa,
shower baths followed by a supper to i still it has boon the effort to have
which we are summoned with the up-1 each Province collect within its boun-
to-the-minute promptitude which char- i darles sufficient to furnish Its propor-
acterlzcs every phase of our "con- tlon of the amount required to meet
temptiblc little army," by a bugle the demands of the dependants of
which sounds "Come to the cook-house  those volunteering from the Province.
heored as heartily on the declaration
of war if 1 had known then that although Tommy Atkins would begin
begin this fight and begin it magnificently he would not bo able to finish
it nnd that 1 personally would have
drop everything and do my bit to
keep the old flag flying." I'd be
blowed if I would" and ut tlie same
myself because I
I began to get drowsy
then, the voice of the officer seemed
to be far away and taking up a more
comfortable attitude I decided that although I would never have chosen
soldiering for a profession  I would
duties free of cost to the Vancouver
War Relief Fund prior to Its affiliation
with the Canadian Patriotic Fund.
In Victoria, the Victoria Patriotic
Aid Society is under thc uble management of Mr. R. H. Swinerton, Its honorary secretary, who has practically
devoted the whole of his valuable time
to its work without remuneration, and
lias provided an office without charge,
the expenses, therefore, being limited
to cost of printing, stationery, light,
fuel and two assistants, in all less
than $2,500 for nine months of operation.
The expenses connected with the
administration of the Provincial
Branch for eight months have been
$796.51, under the uble supervision of
Mr. W. J. Goopel, Deputy Minister of
Finance, who is honorary secretary.
Tho above sum, however, does not
Include postage and stationery, the
work of the office being carried on at
Room No. 7, Parliament Buildings, and
the cost of postage and stationery being borno by tlio Provincial government.
"The secretary of the fund at headquarters, Sir Herbert Ames, maintains
that the expenses of administering tlio
fund throughout Canndu has been covered by tho Interest allowed by the
banks upon the balances on deposit.
New Subscribers Wanted
"All branches aro being urged to
try and secure, new subscribers. A
comparatively small proportion of the
community are contributing to this
very important and necessary fund.
"Some sections of the province, from
which one would expect good subscriptions have responded very poorly,
whereas other and poorer districts
have come forward nobly,
"Likewise, with individuals, those
who can afford It best are giving the
least, and many who can ill afford it
are straining their resources to make
their monthly contributions. All honor
to them. Many of those loudest in
their expression of patriotism are the
last to put fervid loyalty to any practical test.
"In tills province, as elsewhere
throughout the Empire, everyone can
help by placing their services at the
disposal of some charitable or patriotic organlation.
"I must not forgot to give credit to
Daughters of the Empire and other
ladles who have been good enough to
devote a great deal of tlieir time to
rendering valuable service on relief
committees. Mention should also be
made of the work being performed
by tho members on conimlteos of the
Brancll Associations throughout the
province, secretarial and other work
being done, ln thc majority of cases,
without any remuneration whatever,
well as a great deal of time given
by members of the committee to investigate claims.
"The figures quoted above are approximately correct, but eacli organization and branch lias its own auditors
for the protection of subscribers, and
the whole ts again subject to audit nt
Ottawa, under the direction of the Minister of Finance, the Hon. W. T.
nevertheless stay with it until we got
honest Liberal can accept ofllce under] tha order to pl,a arms
I suddenly come to my senses; I no
longer hear the voice of the officer uud
peering through my cover see the last
of my troop vanishing over the crest
of the hill. This is an unlookod for
contingency, as wo have not boen ad-
next session ol the leglsla- v)Md wlmt ,„ „„ ,„ ,m   emorgency
'""' DnUcr l",! "r»",;M"1 "MUm j sucli aa this, but after a few momenta *'°"r
i consideration I decided that it would
bo folly to advance alone and so compose myself to await their return. It
Is perhaps an hour afterward when
they do return, hot and dusty, and
judging time and distance to n nicety
The announcement by the directors I slip unobtrusively Into my place,
of the Agricultural Association that u I am aware of questioning glances in
Fair will bo hold this year will bo l my direction, and observing that I am
generally welcomed by the citizens of shortly to bo Interrogated in a
Criuibronk. There was no half-heart- rather embarrassing fashion, I take
ed interest displayed at the meeting, tho bul] by tho horns and ask the
nnd despite the fact that the city can   little fellow on my left where In thun
present conditions. Tlio provincial
government has nothing to do witli
tho conduct of the war and they must
continue to hold office until they call
an elortlon, and it is up to them
whether that Is done immediately or
pfier tin
government,  Premier McBride  would
still retain the reins of power, and nt
the oxpenso of those   Liberals   who
would accept an office   under   those j
door boys."
Then comes lh
of freedom, with
baseball, or
for these, th
bunk where
any attitude
able.   This
wonderful evening
"In this respect  British   Columbia
has bo far been successful, but should
football, cricket or jLll(i »« Iast- as u ma>*' for a lon*er
not energetic enough ■ pe'tod than at flrst contemplated,
reading room or your ; more money will be required in order
are free to assume
to maintain our proportion of contrl-
whlch is most comfort- j buttons,
brings   to   remembrance!    "Where   largo   contributions   have
the painful "awkward squad" days ;Dcen made by banking, railway, ln-
during which unsympathetic instruct-!aurance* »nd other corporations, oper-
ors wore continually bawling at you! utinB throughout the Dominion, a
to "Throw your chest out", "Square \ sl,arc of the amount has been credited
boulders hack," "Keep your \ nH liavinS been collected within the
tomach in." There appeared to be I Province but tbis figure has not yet
no part of one's anatomy too sacred j baen determined and hence Is not infer them to criticize; their remarks ,cluded ln fi*?ure8 quoted.
about my feet still rankle In my mem-' Tho   approximate   amount
collected to May 31 by the
Provincial branch is (exclusive of tlie Victoria
Patriotic Aid Society) ,.$ 33,901.04
Victoria Patriotic Aid Society
mainly for Canadian Patriotic Fund)        116,000.00
Remitted direct to Ottawa
from contributors  within
this Province        29,821.
ory although I have long since been
able to do the "about turn" and other
gymnastic exercises without getting
my feet tangled up.
Vou will perhaps have noted that''
this Is the only reference I have made;
to my having learned anything at all,
but this Is by no means so unimport-1
ant as it seems; a very little thought
do nothing tliis year in thc way of n | der he hns boon and what ho menus by wfU convince you that n successful
grant, the Association decided to "go   butting Into tlio wrong plnce. '   "treat cannot bo carried out unless     p™*"   ~J        B
right ahead'' with the fair.   This sure* ;    On our way homo we pass through   •vu" can ('arr*v ,,ut the inltlaI move-j    itel,er Mmu  '*______
ly Is the right spirit lu Hold which has just boon mowed, ment successfully whieh Is, of course, '
Ills the duty of every citizen to ns* ; to servo as a parade ground for one  the "About turn."   We aro making n      „° "   '' " " " ".'i V »8".«6.88
slst in every way possible the officers I of tbo other regiments in training special study of this retreating per-: Britlsl1 Louraba? Proportion of
of the Association fu their endeavor '■ hero and the sight of tho ricks of wild formances we are looking forward to "mounts contributed by banking
to make thc Fair a success. Throw hayglvos our officer an Idea. "Halt!" giving the Germans quite a few les- ■ ,01IR^ insurance and other large on-
off your eont and get In and help. ! comes the command, and then comes .'.mis, not because we expect to use: "rprn.es paid in from tlie hend ot-
_ _ _ I flees to the Central Fund is not In
"Amount paid out to dependents to
May l! 1st has boen:
Vancouver  $65,430.72
Victoria Patriotic  Aid  Society  34,960.19
Provincial Branch   32,595.71
Set led Out of Court-P. V* It. Pay
Rentals and Damages to Hum
and Flume
This action came on for trial on the
6th ot July last before Mr. Justice
Morrison and a jury consisting of J.
P. Fink (foreman) J. F. Campbell, Ira
Manning, W. F. Attridge, D. A. Macdonald, B. St. Clair, A. H. Eullock and
Lester Clapp.
Tbe action was for damages to thc
Bull River Electric Power Co.'s dom
and flume by reason of the C. P. R.
driving logs down Bull River and
damaging the flume and dam by the
use of dynamite. The C. P. R. lease
the flume at $5,000 a year and the period of the lease has not yet expired.
After tbe trial iiad been in progress
for four days, a settlement, satisfactory to all parties, was arrived at
whereby the C. P. R. paid $18,500 and
all taxed costs in satisfaction of all
rentnls due for thc uso of the flume
and for all dauicges to same and to
the dam of the plaintiff company.
The gentle but sure
laxative for children is
The intestinal organs of children are so delicate that only
thc most gen t le, mild and natural bowel regulator should
ever be used.
On account of their healthy,
mild nnd natural action, and
freedom from harsh or Injurl-
otisdrugs, Rexall Orderlies area
safe, gentle and most desirable
bowel regulator for children,
and they arc us easy to give as
They do not weaken nor depress the system even by continued use. On the contrary,
they tone up the bowels and
tend to keep them In a healthy
Incidentally, they are as good
for grown people as tliey are for
Retail Store* everywhere recommend Reiall Orderllea, and refund
your money If for any reueon they full
to •iitiafy.
Made In Canada and sold in metal boiee at 10c, 25c and SOc each,
at Hexali Stores only.   Get a Box Today from
Cranbrook B.C,
Total  $132,986.72
The amount paid out for the
month of May was 24,782.32
"Thia wlll probably increase with
■ the new recruiting until by December
! the monthly demand will be at least at
; the rate of $40,000 per month. The
; number of families receiving assistance for the month of May was:
', Vancouver     854
Victoria    380
; Other parts of the province  275
:    Total (families)  1,509
Local Belief Funds
"It should be noted tbat the cities of
I New Westminster and Kamloops have
i local relief funds not affiliated with
tho Canadian Patriotic Fund and are
at present supporting the families of
soldiers residing in those cities. Cor-1
rect information as to the number has j
not boon obtainod.
"The expenses of administering the,
i fund havo been practically nominal.,
i In Vancouver the city officials and a
[volunteer committee   performed   the
light wagon for sale cheap. Apply
Joe Belanger, city.       .        22-tf
HKLP WANTEB^-Woman to work on
farm, one who can milk; foreign
born preferred,  Apply Herald office.
FOK KENT (IIKU\-Small furnlsh-
od house with bath and all modern
conveniences; newly papered and
painted; no children preferred;
must be careful tenant. Apply Herald ofllce. 22-tf
FOK SALE The Maple Hall, Comfort
able living quarters at rear of
building. For particulars apply to
It. W. Kdmondson.
newly papered and painted; $12.00
per month, including water. Apply
li. P. Sullivan, Cranbrook St.
FOK NALE-MIx Hulsteln grade helf-
ers, ages from 1 to 3 years. For further particulars address McDonald
Bros., Box 836, Cranbrook.      27-21*
The parly  who  removed  the lady's
wrist watch and tw« ringa from *.i
apartmenta over the UU.e Davn
port Cafe had better return same
immediately to avoid further trouble,
as tholr Identity Is known. 27-2t
LOST.   At Natal, IL ('„ on the lHtJi
June, Sorrel horse with white face
and 3 white feet, about 15 hands
high and weighs about 1,000 pounds,
9 years old, brand V on left fore
shoulder. Was good looking and ln
excellent condition. When last
seen wns accompanied by another
horse, larger and dark bay with
white on Its shoulders; $5 offered
for Information loading to Its recovery by 0. W. Reade, Natal,
B. C. 28-lt
Make Your  Kodak
Bring it to us and we will make it
uptodate by fitting it with an Autographic back. Any kodak plus an Autographic back gives you an Autographic
kodak and at a small cost.
The Beattie Murphy Co,, Ltd.
ne ItettatX Star,
Where It Pays to Deal
Safety Razors for your soldier friends
A gift which will nlways be appreciated.
When travelling they ensure a safe and smooth shave,
when in camp tliey are lhe only thing.
Yankee Safety Razors, Regular $2.50
We alsa carry the Gillette $5.00
Ever Ready $1.00
Extra Blades for above.
Shaving Brushes, eto.
J. D. McBride
Summer Excursion Fares
Circle Tour Through iSELX? Z £,
ReVelStOKe and fares from all stations.   Good
KflOtenSV lor "lree months.   $22.00 from
To Eastern Canada 1° 1)0'nts in °nt*ri0- TT'
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
and Prince Edward Island at
low fares. Liberal limits, stop
overs and diverge routings.
Panama-Pacif c and 1*e(liieei*,ares from a11 i>°mtB'
c_„ s>.   .   c ...      When going to the Expositions
Sail DiegOCXpOSItlOn or  the  Pacific Coast, it    will
n..i«. r   .. c profit you to   travel   through
Pacific Coast Excursions y0U1. own W0II(leiland _ t,le
Canadian Rockies — visiting
Banff, Lake Louise, Field,
Glacier, thence via Vancouver.
•Sail thp firPflt I akf*« Qn ,lle Four Favorite Palatial
Mil UK UlCdl Ld!\lS steamships, "Alberta," "Assini-
Supenor and Huronboia-" Manitoba" and kcc-
r watin."
They make four round trips
each week.
"Allii'ilii" "..BslnlMa" ".Manitoba" "Keewalhi"
Lv. Pt. Artlmr Sun. 3 p.m.   Tuos.2 n.m.     Sat. 2 p.m.     Fri. 2 mil.
Lv. Pt. William Sun 2 p.m.   Tues.8 p.m.     Sat. 3 p.m.    Frl. 3 p.m.
Ar Pt.. McNlcoll Tues. 8.30 a.m. Tllur. 8.30 a.m. Mon. 830 am. Sun 8.30
Try this route; it oilers an Ideal change and rest to the traveller
bound for Eastern Canada and llie Eastern States.
Particulars from nearest Agent or from
It. DAWSON, District Passonger Agent, Calgary.
P.   BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
Shamrock Hams,
Bacon and Lard
See Window s for Saturday Specials.
New Laid Eggs 25c
Fresh Killed Meats of all Kinds
town Tones
Tills week wlll finish thc strawberry
season. Glvo us your order tor preserving stock now.—lra H. Manning.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dallas and son
Donald Dallas returned Tuesday trom
a brlof visit spent at Kingagate and
other pleasure resorts.
A letter received by Mrs. Robert
Eakln, of this city, from her brother,
together wltll a poem written by a
Fernie member of the Ilrst contingent,
will appear neit week.
Miss Helen Harrison, Secretary-
Treasurer of The Cranbrook Centro
St. John Ambulance Association, wishes to acknowledge tlle following donation to the Red Cross Work Fund:
Amt. previously acknowledged ¥ 09.20
Miss Nina McQonlgal      1.00
Any lady wishing to tuke sewing
home can obtain same by calling at
thc room of the Association (over McCreery Bros, store) on Tuesdays trom
3 to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays trom 11
to 12.30 a.m. THURSDAY,
JULY 16th, 191D
"»  ■
Business Consistency
Coeds as good ya our ads.
Qualities high
Prices always as low as possible
Service prompt
Treatment courteous
Does thai strike you as
being a pretty good system
to run a business by.
We succeed in adhering
very closely to those methods, ami liave no difficulty
at ull in living up to them
every day in llie year.
it's worth while to make
such a store your regular
purchasing place.
You will llnd litis a satisfactory shop from every
standpoint Ilutt you can
think of.
W. li. Wilson
Boale & Elwell   Bteanulup Agents.
Mitts Hunter, of Jnffray, nrrivotl In
tin* city Monday to accept n position
with the Cranbrook Jobbers.
Mr. j. il. MeCluro, n rancher on
Hamilton's Hill, paid iho Herald a
pleasant cull today.
IE you need Pire insurance call on
Bealu & Elwell und let them quote
you rates.
\V. Gilchrist, manager of the .P
Burns Co., left Tuesday on a brief
business trip to Grand Farks.
Safety Deposit Boxes for rent ut
Beale & Elwell's. Tuke one for your
valuables and relieve your mind of
E. IX. Small, the Canal Flats hotel-
keeper, wab a Cranbrook visitor Monday, motoring in with J. It. Pollock,
the Fernie wine merchant.
Recruits are .still wanted for the
£i4tli battalion uud all who wish to
join should see Lieut. F. W. Green,
who is in charge of recruiting for
Group pictures of the Cranbrook
boys within the 6,4th battalion are
arriving daily In tlie city. A large
number of the men are now outfitted
in their new uniform.
VVillluni Reynold.., a former Cranbrook resident, arrived in tlie city
Monday on a short visit. Mr. Reynolds was formerly in tlie employ of
the C. P. R. offices. He left Wedncsdny for Calgary.
A box <>f turtles arrived in Cranbrook Monday by express. Some fellows at the station said Dominion Express Agent Dicks was going to live
on real turtle soup, having decided to
quit thc false in everything.
Mrs. \V, K. Thomson and daughter
leaves tomorrow fur Edmonton on an
extended holiday. Mrs. Thomson's
brother, Mr. Stanley Haiti, who has
been on a visit here for the past ten
days will accompany lior on the re- j
turn journey.
Constable Collins, of the Provincial ]
force, is serving notices on parties
who nre neglecting to cut their uox- j
ions weeds on the outskirts oi the city
A number of complaints have heen received by the provln,ini authorities
from   outlying   points  tn   connection
with the sain,  mutter.
Miss a, i< Hamilton returned Monday from Nelson after ii short visit
She left Tuesday for Maeleod. Alberta.
where she  will  ,'iall  wltll her brother.
After a brief vigil al the Alberta clt>
she will Journey on to St. John, NH.
her old heme, whore her marriage to
Mr. Murray tub's placo about the
middle of next month.
Mrs, <. bat. Magee, who aooompanfed
her ulster, Miss Devney. home to Portland, Maine, arrived hack In Cranbrook Sunday morning on tho Flyer.
Fn route. >he visited ut Old Orchard
Beach and Winnipeg. Gerald and
Rowan Cllno, accompanied Mrs. Magee
to Cranbrook and will spend their boll
days wiiii grandpa and grandma.
Last evening a number of tho high
school children called on Mr. i.. ,1
Cranston, former principal of the high
school and presented him with a watch
fob as a slight token of remembrance
and goodwill toward thorn while under
Ills guardianship hi the Central school.
Mr. Cranston has been connected with
school work in Crnnbrook for tho oust
six years, and It is with reluctance
that lie severs liis connection with the
local high school. At the close of the
evening refreshments wero served,
bringing a happy climax to an evening pleasantly spent.
The Weekly Chronicle, a new paper
Issued from the central mobittzetlon
camp at Vernon, bus made its appearance. Tlie paper is unique in that it
Is tlio llrnt paper to be published from
a concentration camp in Hritish Columbia. The paper is brim full of good
things pertaining to camp life and itu
pages aro being eagerly scanned by
thc Cranbrook people Jn the hope that
somo of tho leading lights with the
64th win jump Inlo print. Wc expect
In the course of time to see our former
dovfi mentioned us u contributor, as
tt Is Impossible for him to keep uway
trom the smell of printer's Ink.
Miss Jessie Kennedy was a Wlndor-
mere visitor this week.
Mr. B.   Mackereath, of   Wardner,
in the city tho Ilrst uf thu woek.
All strictly fresh killed beef,
pork and veal.—PHONE 8.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Tillin returned yesterday from u three weeks vacation
speut on the prulrie and at Field.
Mrs. P. Conrad, of Moyle, who lias
boen visiting Cranbrook friends returned homo the lirst of the week.
Armour aud Kennedy have installed
a fruit stand in their store ou the corner of Van Home and Baker streets.
When lho position of high school
principal has been tilled the sciiool
hoard Will have effected a saving of
Jl-JO per month.
Rov. W. K. Thomson, pastor of tho
local Presbyterian church, left Tuesday on a month's visit to Vancouver
and coast points.
Heale & Elwell have several snaps
in residential ami farm properties
which can be yours ou payment of a
small amount iu cush.
Miss Gertrude Hordell, of Nelson,
arrived in the city Monday on a visit
with ('run brook friends, und will
spend hei; holidays here,
Constable Ardeu, of Moyle, brought
iu three Austrian prisoners of war
from Kingsgate Tuesday. They were
taken to Fernie Wednesday.
John Graf, a Swiss, was found guilty before E. A. Hill and J. Parnell,
justices of the peace, on Wednesday
and fined ?50 and coats,   Ho paid.
Allen DeWolf returned to the city
yesterday from an extended surveying trip through Idaho, where he
reports business conditions good.
If you are going to the Old Country
see Beale & Elwell who will supply
you with full information, also sailings and cost of transportation.
J. D. Henderson and wife, of this
city, and W. K. Whelplcy and wife, of
Fort Steele, left the first of the week
to attend the Shriners convention
which is being held ln Seattle this
Tlie little son of Mr. and Mrs. V.
Bliss ou Monday met wltli a painful
accident, which will necessitate him
aylng up for a few days. Tlie little
fellow trod on a piece of glass while
running barefoot, inflicting a nasty
gash in his foot.
Walter Halsall on Monday received
cable from Oscar Fiedler at Kol It-
stone, England, saying thut the 48th
battalion had arrived safely. This will
bo welcome news to a number of
Cranbrook people, as there are a large
number of Cranbrook hoys in this battalion.
Abraham, the Siwash. who was
found beastly intoxicated by Constable
Robert King near Bull River, was yea-
tcrdya lined $■*» and costs. Tlie evid-
ance given by Abraham led to tho
arrest of the Swiss, John Graf, who
was convicted for supplying tlie Indian With booze.
Upwards of five hundred teachers
are attending the summer school nt
Victoria, wiiero a number of elderly
women are taking the course in the
hope thnt they tuny secure a school
fur tho coming term. The real estate
explosion lu British Columbia has
been the means of driving a number
of former teachers back to the school
The continued rain of the past
month is causing the Crnnbrook farmers anxiety at the present time, us
tlte hay crop is about to be harvested.
What Is needed now Is a few weeks of
good warm weather. If auy man In
Cranbrook has u pull with the weather
man his services will be taken advantage of by Cranbrook farmers.
Pride Of Cranbrook Circle, No. 168,
Companions oi the Forest, will entertain their members and husbands and
also the members of Court Cranbrook
No. SlM-1 nnd their wives, ou the occasion of their Third Anniversary, to
he held In the Maple Hall, Thursday,
.luly SSnd. A sketch by severnl members also songs, cards and dancing
will lie tbe feature of the evening's
A party of I-os Angeles tourists
passed through Crnnbrook Monday,
via automobile, en route to Winnipeg,
Man. The party consisted of four men
and two women. They wore carrying
every requisite necessary for the trip,
the order being that the party would,
under nu circumstances, board in a
hotel during the entire trip, Part of
thc outfit consisted of two bull dogs,
which guarded the tourists as they indulged In nature's sweet restorer. In
conversation wltli a Herald representative, thoy said that at Goat River
Canyon thoy enjoyed tbe best duy's
fishing In their lives, and were loud in
tlicir praise of the scenic bounties of
the canyon, After having a few repairs made to their machine, the party
loft early Tuesduy morning for tlie
Canned Hest-P. Parks & Co. Try our corned beof, il will
Mrs. Burgess, mother of Mr,. F. W   #*»•   >'0U.-Cranbrook    Meat
Burgess,   left  yesterday  for  Sarniu
Peter Lund, tiie Wardner lumber-
A  Lou|tle of bud  leaks In tlie iiei
water mains are  beini* repaired, tli
niun.  farmer and  iioet.
city Monday.
In  tbe result of bad caulking.
Messrs. Harshaw. Hrown and Cameron inspected tlie Kootenay Central
railway Friday.
T. T, Mecredy lias been III for the
past week witb a congested liver and
Is reported improving today.
PHONE 8—Swift's Premium
hams and bacon.—Cranhrook
Meal .Market.
Mrs. md. ismay, formerly a resilient
of tills city, but now residing at Vancouver. Is a visitor in the city.
elms. Porter loft lust Saturday for
Calgary to take ibc examination as a
munition worker for the Old Country.
BORN—At Cruubrook, British Columbia, on .Sunday. July lull. 1016, to
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Maurice   tjiialn,   two
Mrs. G. \v. Johnson und family left
Sunday afternoon for a visit of two
weeks with friends ut Lethbridge,
Geo. F. Stevenson, manager of the
Craubrook Jobbers, Ltd., spent *
collide of days at Nelson tills week on
Three Austrlans were turned back
by the U. S. officials ut Kingsgate and
were sent in to Cruubrook Tuesduy
for sufe keeping.
Simon Taylor and n party of sightseers motored to St. Mary's hike Sunday, spending tbo dny ut the famous
scenic lakeside.
The East Kootenay Lumber Co. this
week received an order for 6,000 grain
doors for tho C.P.H. Tliey expect to
sturt two shifts ut their Jaffray mill.
A. C. Bowness nnd Wm. Steward
made a motor trip to Fort Steele,
Jaffray, Bull Hiver, Elko and Wkrd-
ner on Mondny looking up business in
those towns.
No man can do effective work If constipated—Rexall Orderlies are an-effective laxative. Sold only by Beattie-
Murphy Co.. The Rexall Store. 10c,
c. & fjOc. boxes.
When little onees are peevish, give
Rexall Orderlies: constipation Is often
the cause. Snld only by Heuttlc-
Murpliy Co., Tlie Hexali store. 10c,
c. & 60c. boxes.
Crnnbrook visitors at Moyle Sunday
were Mrs. Hewitt, Mrs. Shackieton,
Mrs. p. Adams, Miss Whitehead, Miss
Ruth Stanton, Mr. Juck Martin, and
Mr. r>. M. Morrison.
Mr. Ashton Powers returned home
from Windermere Friday for a brief
visit. Ashton has been delving deeply
Into the mysteries of the Windermere
Valley nnd the buttermilk poll. He
Is returning whither lie come today.
Captain Kerr, of the Salvation Army
who recently underwent a serious
operation nt St. Eugene Hospital, Is
now rapidly convalescing. He left on
Tuesduy for the Const where he will
spend the next throe weeks and hopes
to be fully recovered on his return.
W. Qold Morton of tlle loenl customs
office, returned nn Mondny from n
very pleasant holiday spent on the:
eoast and lias resumed his official
duties. Mrs. Morton Is remaining for ■
a few weeks longer to enjoy the bulmy
ocean breezes.
Paderewskl, the Polish pianist and
composer, is broken botli In henlth I
and in purse, and his Condition Is such
Hint It Is doubtful If he will ever touch
a plnno again. All of his enormous
earnings were Invested In n magnificent estate In tlnllcla. and this has
been ruined by the wnr. Paderewskl
Is now In America trying to regain his
Mr. nnd Mra. J, Thomson arrived In
llii' eity from tlieir trip to Banff und
otlier scenic spots In tlie mountains
Tbey left Cranbrook Inst Friday for
Pnssburg. where tbey boarded an
automobile going through the heart of
the mountains to Banff, where tliey
spent n day amid the scenery and
grandeur of nature. They left on tlie
following dny for Calgary, where Mr.
Thomson mnde enquiries nbout l'ruil-
entlul oil for severnl Cranbrook people
who nre Interested In this venture.
From Cnlgary the return Journey was
mnde In fust time, although no attempt was mnde to break any records.
Miss Dell Bennett lefl Wednesday
afternoon for Bull River on u short
visit witli her sister Minnie.
Mrs. j. M. Agnew. of Elko. Is
spending a few days iu tlie city, tlie
guest of Mrs. R. P. Moffatt.
Sam Watson, a member of the f>4tii
battalion, is in town on a short furlough. Mr. Watson reports everything
in good order at tbe carup at Vernon
und the Crnnbrook boys well satisfied
with their lot.
Mrs. W. F. Attridge. accompanied by
her mother, arrived In Cranhrook from
Pittsburg yesterday, where she lias
been visiting for a considerable time
aud where slio has been receiving
medical treatment.
Mr. und Mrs. Ayres. Miss Morrison
and Miss Nina Attwood, of tlle city of
Moyle, were visitors In tlie city the
first of the week. They were driven
out to the muny beauty spots of tire
famous St. Mary's Pralrlo country by
Mr. R. E. Beattie.
New potatoes are being dug at tlie
Beattie-Murphy farm on St. Mary's
Prairie. On Monday, Mr. Beattic who
takes an especial pride In his potatoe
patch, brought Into thc city a box of
Irish Apples which looked promising
for a bumper crop. The tubers are
well developed and uniform In size.
The death of "Doc" John Solomon
Sanford was reported at Vancouver on
June 17th nt tho Burrard   Hotel   In j
that city.   He was a familiar character
In Cranhrook a few years ago and was
a pioneer of British Columbia having
resided In various parts of this prov-
Ince for many yenrs.   He was a vet-'
cran of the American t'lvll Wnr In
whicli he lost one of bis arms, und :
wns 78 years of age.   He received an
Injury on a street cur about a month :
before his death but refused to go to'
the hospital. |
Tho crisis is such thnt it culls for t
everyone to put away thoughts of self
pleasure and profit and to concentrate
all our available energies In helping
to husten the end of this devil's drunia I
und those who have been responsible
for It. The ladles of the!
I. O. D. E. Committee will,
be pleased to take your names I
aud no contribution Is too small. Make j
a special effort and swell the funds
ot this society to enable the work to |
be cairied on.
Kierj man, woman and child willing
to contribute tu Red Cress work Is
asked to make monthly promises ot
10 rents upwards and give in their
names without delay to one of thc following committee appointed by the
I. 0. I). E.| Mesdames 3. II.
King. J. S. Brake, 3. I). McBride.
The need for the whole-hearted sup-
port of the citizens of Cranhrook was.
nercr greater thnn at the present time \
in order to provide funds for comfort
of the sick and wounded.
Houston Palmer, hetter known as!
"TubalBt" left Monday for Vernon,
where he has thrown in his lot with
the 54th Battalion band and from
which point ho will discourse sweet
music to the members of the Cranbrook contingent. Mr. Pulnier has j
been a resident of Cruubrook for the
past ten years, arriving when the city
wuter works were being Installed and
when Cranbrook wns struggling for
Ilrst place In the Crows Nest Lacrosse
League. Mr. Pulnier wus one of the
best mechanics In tho city, being n
plumber In the employ or J. D. McBride for a number of years. The removal of Mr. Palmer puts the finishing
touches to the local hand, nnd It Is
thought tlie city will be witiiout a band
for some time to come.
•*■ ■
or thc lack of it. A nation, firm or individual's credit
is based on the Confidence others have in that nation, firm or
individual backed by some kind of guarantee, a guarantee
which one is confident is good and will provide for loss.
prevent loss to you.
That is the one great aim of this
store now and during its seventeen
years in business is to have and (o
hold the confidence of every person
in the whole district.
We want you to feel confident
that your letter orders will have the
same careful attention that you personally would have, that the smallest
child will be caretully served, that
we buy only the very best goods on
the market and we sell them to you
under a guarantee that you are confident is a good guarantee and   will
We do not wish to "toot our horn
too loud" but we believe we have
enjoyed this confidence to the fullest
extent and we will strive by the
same courteous treatment, to maintain it
We do not claim "how cheap"
merchandise wc can sell but we do
claim that we can sell Good Merchandise at reasonable prices, goods that
are backed by our ONE and ONLY
guarantee "Satisfaction or Your
Money Back."
Q. H. Martin nnd J. Allen wont
Bull River Tuesday.
Mr. aud Mrs. Frank Parks are lenv-
lug tomorrow for Spokano on a short
Miss Florence Yarwood left Wednesday Tor Bull River wliere she lins secured a position.
Mr. ond Mrs. Ered Wasson are leaving tomorrow for West Kootenay
points, where they will cunip and enjoy life iu the open.
T ll
in the
W     Ste
t'-Xt.   "
next, when the Cranhrook Pat-
• i. ly   will   hold   a   monster
■   day and tlu- people of Alberta
whether John Barleycorn
■' iiei   will rule the roost.
!':  .U    ...       '.
morning   ■ il   ,-.
'v.*.   :'   liarker. or sprague, Wash.,
member         I'is In tbe city in the Interests ot a big
Orange I  .  .,•      „mnaUj.    Mr Harker went
111 a bo,i>  ' IT) Creek this morning, where he
Baptist churcl .    ..v,;1 look over the ground In the In-
l>,leD> |,,''":'   : •;- nt .. big company.     This Is
*vll!' '  '-: Ir  Barker's first visit to British Co
in Idaho his company has
two biggi ; • ade .i big clean-up and they are
. ti,l- y ar will I ;lng for a new held
As the bell ln the tower of the post
office tolled the hour of ten Saturday night the city of Cranbrook
was plunged Into total darkness.
Rumor had it that a Zeppelin wns
hovering above the city and that Germnn spies had cut the wires In order
to add terror to the scene. One man
said he actually henrd tbe whirr of
the Zeppelin engines. Investigation
elicited the fact that the Zeppelin was
the same machine which caused such
such excitement nt Ottawa two months
ago when the members of the house of
commons had to transact thc business
of the country behind drawn blinds.
The real cause of the trouble wa:- the
burning out of a battery at tbe power
house. The employees had the break
repaired In a short time and the lights
were again turned on. when the Zeppelin stories disappeared.
Sewing Dune at Home or
by Day
tit Hanson Avenue
Calgary Beer
is not as heavy as the Imported Stout, and on this account
is gaining in popularity, especially with WOMEN who are
run down In health and require something that will produce an increase of VITAL ENERGY.
Sold In Pints only by
A. L. McDermot
Cranbrook Branch Canadian Patriotic Fund
Horse Races, Pony Races,
Tepee Competition, Wrestling on Horseback, Blindfolded Boxing Match, Foot
Races, Children's Races, Tug
of War, Shooting Gallery,
Dance in the Evening
Free ride in motor cars from Postoffice at i p. m.
Wednesday, July 21,1915
Entire proceeds go to the Patriotic Fund which
in turn is disbursed by Patriotic Committee to
care for dependents of soldiers.
General admission 50 cents, children 10c
Children under eight free.
THURSDAY. JULY 15th, 1915
t.ojil Oraig*
Na. 1IT1
Meeti first aad tklrd
Thursdays at I a.fa.
itfSI* its Royal BIHk
Knights ol inland Halt, laker
R. S. Garrett, WH.
T. O. Horsman, Ree. Sec.
Meet! svery
Monday nlfht
at    Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning    Oddfellow!
cordially Invited
R. A. Racklyeft J. P. Broughton
N.O. Fin. Im.
W  M. Harris, Ree. Secretary.
Cranbrook. B.C.
Meets every Tuesday at f p.ra- la
thc Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, CC.
F. M   Christian, K. R. 4 S.
P. 0. Boi III
Visit'-q; brethren Mrdlallr >»-
vlted to attend.
Meets every second ail four*
Wednesday at rrateralty Bill
Sojourning Rabtkahs aerflal*
ly Invited.
Sis. A. E. Jones, N.O.
Sis. Ada HtckanboUaa, Km. tae
Meet! in  Maple Mall ******
and   fourth   Taeeday  al  arery
month at I p.at.
Membership .aee ta
E Y. Brake, J. F.
Visiting    members
Meets   In    the   Maple    Hall
Hrst Tuesday afternoon of evtry
ninntli at 3 p.m
President, Mrs. W. B. McFarlane
Secretary, MrH. John Sliaw
P. 0 Bot 441
All  ladles cordially lavtted
President—A.  B   Smith
Secretary -Alb. II. Webb
For information regarding
lundB and agriculture apply to
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—Tlio Second Satur-
day at 2.M o'clock
1 11 E    C II A \ II II 0 II K
il I! (' II EST II A
'h open for engagement
lllll.ctlH, Sin litis Elf.
Apply to
Hrs. Arnold iViilliiiirer
I'rnnliniiik. II.C.
■nlillc stciKigrapher
Phone 485
nlirooli -   -   B.C
      onl    Distributing
Vaont for
ilgr   ('.ml
11 He Powder
Imperial nil Co.
iraying nml Transferrin!
Dlveti i,iom,.i attention
I'lmne 63
i-i •  tm   in kinds of
itl.fartlllll   i.narantead
11     UKAPODI
-   Shut' Specialist
|ui»liiK 1'in for Women. |A a boi or tHretfor
■lu. Bold at all liruf Htorei, or mantel to any
Mdrciior. r.'ifl[it(,( '.rice. Thi 8ex»iHl. DlN
Co ,81. ('lithann*1!, Ontario _ -—
.Wlt'SPeN'S      \
^ ji6*.r»:-iiirift:iioNs   /
^.■,*t«*EF«l«I.Y AND/
VlUlltvifnr Nerve anil llraln, Incrtsi
■astt.r.ftTmilr -will l.ulld you up. II
two for *',, at ilriif alnr.a, or hr mall (
BawrUitiis,  Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Imperial Hunk Iliillillng
(SucccBBor to W. F. Ourd)
Barrister,    Solicitor    and
p. O. Box sr>o
Physicians  anil  Surgeons
OAUe  at  residence. Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
afternoons  2 00 to   4.00
■lenlngs    7.80 to   8.30
•aadays    2.30 to   4.30
Craubrook.   B.C.
Office  fn   Hanson   Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m
7 to   8 p.m.
Sultvruit) and General Nursing
Uardon Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Pbone 2611 1'. O. Box SIS
Phone 340 P. O. llox 5S5
I'uuVral Director and Ilinbulmer
Building Contractor
Dealer in  Heal  Estate,  Mining
Stocks and Minora! Claims
Civil and Minim: l-jiglneer*
11. C. l.nnil Surveyors
Day Pbone 233 Night Phone 35
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Phone 105 P. O. Box 33
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
If  you  want  satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special  prices for family
Oenerul Merchant
Employments  .tin-tit.
P   O   Box  108 Phone  24
Robt. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phono 87
Norbury Aye.      Opp. I Ity Hall
■aatUa-Marshy 0*.. LU,
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin rested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk  twice ti   weok
Tbe only clarified milk In
Wa  faarantoe   to   Please
(By Fred Hoo.)
Mra. Hay Htrla of Riverside Drive
in Cranbrook this
Thomson    of
;   a   week   in
is  visiting  1'rii'ii.
Mr. ami -Mrs.
Cranbrook are a
How some people appreciate their
friends who stood by them in times of
stress, would living tears to a Chinese
Wtr, and Mrs, George Scott of Nelson
und their family passed through Elko
on their way to itoosville where they
will reside in the future.
The boy stood on the burning deck,
He'll never more be seen;
They bit his bead with an aeroplane,
liis feet with a submarine.
.1. A. Broley, contractor, Victoria,
and sou came in over the Great Noitli-
iTii to Roosville, where Mr. Broley
owns considerable property and tlie
lust Inuring orchard In the Itoosville
Notwithstanding their capture of
Galicla tho Russians ure being driven
out Bays ii U. S. paper. Jim Thistlebeak (Elko's old fried egg) Bays
NOT WITH STANblNG is right.
Trade and Commerce says Canada
has exported u half million dollars
worth of dried apples to Kngland recently. Jim Thistiebeak says tbey
might use some of them in pontoons.
Among tho charming visitors to
Flagstone this summer Is Miss Beatrice Holllngshead of Toronto, Ontario,
who will spend the summer with her
aunt, Mrs. Tom Taylor. Many charmingly planned affairs will bc given in
her lienor during her visit here.
Sunburned to a nice baby pink but
smiling her best iin-ghid-to-be-buelt
-In-Elko smile. Mrs. 13. ti. Holbrook,
Elko's pioneer General Merchant returns irom n two months Auto trip to
tbe Sun Francisco Fair, also visiting
Los Angeles, Halt Lake City and tbe
beautiful Flathead Valley.
Jim Thistlebeak got a letter from
Old Man Simpson, who runs tlie Victorian at the eoast this week, stating
that water wus great stuff for bathing
In and Inviting Jim to come down
while tbe wuter was warm. Simpson
always was a great lodestono for getting outside money to bis town.
Word was received In Klko this
week that Sidney .Norton was sending
the writer two German helmets from
t'pres, and Harold Minton was send
ing him a spark plug from one of
Butcher Bill's captured nutos. They
will when received be exhibited with
other Indian curios collected from
barbarous countries.
c. A. Klingensmlth entertained the
Directors jif tho Elko Water, Light
and Power Co. to a little smoker wltll
trimmings and parlor stuff. For over
a week Charlie lias been confined to
his rooms with a bud attack of gout
caused by high living, but we art
pleased to say tliat wc saw him out
Sunday wltli his frolicsome Ford
again; you can't keep a good man
K. A. Whlften and wife, of Medicine
Hut, g. Stoker nnd two boys, of Lethbridge; C. H. Howie, wife; and two
lady friends, of Medicine Hat, and Miss
Cole, of Ottawa, are visiting Klko this
week, and <*. l>. it. Agent Austin's
daughters, who are atendlng college at
Ottawa ure home for their vacation;
two Miss Maddens, of Waldo, are visiting with Miss Muriel Ayre, North
Miss Mamie Hoey, who was housekeeper at tho Elk boteel for the past
four years left this week for West Superior, Wisconsin, her native home,
where she will be married to a popular young business man of ber old
collogo chum duys, nnd tbo commercial travellers visiting the old historic
burg made ber tlie recipient of many
handsome presents, showing their appreciation of the kindness tliey always received when visiting Elko and
the Elk bote]. May the blessings of
heaven pour upon ber till she is soaked to the skin.
Tho Annual School Meeting wafl
held in tlie Bchool house Saturday
according to Hoylo. After a spirited
contest ('. J. Lowls wus elected trustee
and J. M. Agnew Auditor for the coming year nnd Miss M. Nicholson, who
is visiting her brother in southern
California was reappointed   to   take
Yield When
the right help is sought at tho right
time. Indigestion is a torment.
Biliousness causes suffering. Either
is likely to lend to worse and weakening sickness. The right help,
the best corrective for disordered
conditions of tha stomach, liver,
kidneys or bowels is now known to be
and tho right time to take thia famous family remedy is at the first
sign of coming trouble. Beecham's
Pills havo ao immediate an effect
for good, by cleansing the system
and purifying tbe blood, that you
wlll know after a few doses they
Are the
UmM Sal* of Any M-mI-Mm IbMm WmM,
.    UU --?NiwkMf.  Im h*m*** It *****
dhargo of lillko's temple ol' learning.
11' thoro Is a (lui'il.n of Edou in this
worhl It is the Roosville Valley. Hero
wo get snow and Ieo III winter wltll
a Joyful sun ln summer, ami tho rural
school toaolior tun pick U|i a fat bonus
giving music lessons after hours.
Olio oi' the most delightfully plunncd
farewell tous wus given last week by
the Daughters ot the Empire, at the
llomo of Mrs. John Young. The guest
bt honor was Mrs. lxni Foisy, who
left tor Kansas City to Join her husband. The Folsys moved here from
Moylo In 11100. Mr. Foisy is ono of
the best known men along the Crows
.Vest 1'ass and was for soveral years
Government Fire. Warden. Mrs. Tom
Roberts on behalf of thee I.O.D.E.
presented Mrs. Foisy with a beautiful ebony toilet set, and the members
at the Elk Canyon Chapter turned out
en-masse at the Great Northern Depot
to say au-revoir.
Fernie, on Saturday afternoon, when
Mr. Harry Whalley and Miss Sarah
A. Turner were united in marriage by
Rev. D. H. Perley. After the cero-
mony an elaborate repast was served
and the festivities were continued until a late hour.
Preparations are now going on for
tbe greatest horse race that has ever
been pulled off in this district. 3.
Andre offers to put up a 1500 bet that
his horBe can outrun any live horses
In town In a race from Fernie to
Elko and back. w. J. J. Morrison, Jack Hart and several others will
take him up and the date will bo Hied
(From the creston Review.)
Birth—In Creston on July 2nd, to
Mr. and Mrs. James Scott, a daughter.
Mrs. Mnttson, of Cranbrook, returned to her home on Sunday, after
spending a couple of weeks in Kitchener.
Miss Francis Barton Is home from
.'ortlnnd, Ore., to spend the summer
Holidays with her mother, Mrs. J. M.
Miss Augusta Doyle, of Cranbrook.
is spending her vacation in Creston
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Doyle, at tlle King Edward.
The slncercst sympathy is extended
.Mr. and Mrs. M. Boyd who mourn tlle
loss of their year-old daughter. Esther,
whose death occurred Tliursduy morning.
Mrs. J. H. Webster and children
from Wetasktwln, Alberta, arrived on
Saturday to Join Mr. Webster, who
purchased the Walter Corbett ranch
about three montlis ago.
Jas. Compton left on Tuesday for
Calgary, Alta., to attend a conference
jt B. C. fruit shippers nnd tlio prairie
wholesale fruit dealers, nnd incidentally take In the Calgary fair.
A. B. Stanley went west on Wednesday, ticketed to Hedley, B. C,
where he is investigating a newspaper
proposition and may possibly return
to Journalism if prospects arc right.
R. Dodds claims the Valley record
for late potato planting. He put ln
the last of bis 1915 crop on July 5th.
Last year W. Levesnuc was fully as
lute at the same work and he dug n
splendid crop In the fall.
Cupid seems to find Erickson his
favorite hunting ground. The last
three weddings in tlle valley—Kllngen-
smlth-McLeod, Cnrtwrlght-Peck and
Waddy-Huscroft—all solemnized here,
and all under Presbyterian auspices.
The marriage of Miss Penelope
Waddy, teacher of tlie primary room
of the Creston Bchool, to Mr. Chas.
Huscroft, was Bolemnlzoil on Monday
at the residence of Mr. and MrB. H. J.
Long, tho Itev. R. E. Pow officiating.
Both of the contracting parties arc
well known ln tho Valley, and have
the best wishes of n host of friends for
a happy ond prosperous wedded life.
What Is thought to bc tho valley's
record for on orchard retreat was
hung up on Monday night ot the
arrowsmith ranch when a trio of
youths wero taken by surprise In a
cherry tree. The best tlmo for the
getaway was made by a Juvenile who
got off to a Hying start from nonr the
tree top. though slowed up slightly nt
the go-In. executing a somersault or
two on tlio down trip und foiling to
illglil on his running gear. Tho report of n shotgun, discharged ot the
moon, accounted In port for the fast
tlmo niado In whicli the clear out wus
Two (ireat Powers Have Hied Peace.
fully for lllll Years, a Welcome
Contrast to Others.
! It Is a hundred yours sliico tho
Treaty of Qhent ended the lust war between the I'nited stales ot America
und tlio British Empire; for u full
century two great powers, with Interests which ocusslonolly conflicted and
with tempers which were not Invariably conciliatory, have lived at peace
and in steadily Increasing goodwill.
Plans wore on foot to celebrate this
groat event, nnd had not Fate—und
Germany— willed otherwise, this summer would hove seen a celebration of
great magnitude and of exceptional Interest and value. But the war come.
Canadians are bending all their energies and devoting all their thoughts
to tlie work of lighting for the British
Empire, and our friends of tlle United
States liave been confronted wltll nn-
xlous and absorbing problems. In tlle
circumstances, the plans for a great
commemoration of the First Century
of Pence between the Great Empire
and the Great Republic had to bc reconsidered.
Those In charge of the movement
after consulting the leading men connected with It in both Canada and the
United States, decided on a modified
program. Tliat aspect ot tlie planB
which contemplated public rejoicing
has boen postponed, but those portions, it should be said—of tlie plans,
which laid emphasis on education and
on the cultivation of a reasonable
frame of mind In the conduct of International relations are being prosecuted. The public rejoicings ore only
postponed, and the organizations formed to carry out the commemoration
were encouraged to continue their
work of preparation and education,
so that when the war Is over and victory has crowned the British and allied forces, fitting festivities might be
held. Those festivities are likely to
be all the more Impressive In view of
the fact that wo shall be celebrntlng
not only the conclusion of a century
o( peace with our neighbors but tlie
overthrow of those forces which have
for so many years, menaced the peace
of the whole world.
The Canadian Peace Centenary Association— which, by the way, ls not
and never has been o "Peace Society"
has Just Issued o pamphlet which
sheds an Interesting light on the temper prevailing between the Canadians
and the American peoples. The ratification of the Treaty of Ghent took
Plocc on February 17th, 1815, and on
the centenary date great numbers of
messages were exchanged between
tho President of tho Canadian Peace
Centenary Asoclatlon, Sir Edmund
Walker, nnd the Governors of the
States; between cities ond towns on
both sides of the line; between Boards
of Trade, and even between individual
firms and tbeir correspondents across
the border. These are printed ln the
pamphlet, nnd bear witness to a cordiality of spirit which affords a welcome contrast to the dark animosities which make other continents sn
drendful a spectacle today.
These messages display a wonderful
unanimity of conviction, and It may be
added tliat many of those from the
neighboring Republic convey the
henrtlost good wishes for the success
of our cnuse. Another feature of the
pamphlet is thc descilptlon ot the ser-
(From the Fernie Free Press)
Dr. Glndwln, of Corbln, has been appointed a captain in the 54th and will
leave In a day or two for Vernon to
Join his regiment.
Capt. Malandainc of Creston and
Capt. Gladwin of Corbln, nttended a
meeting of the officers of tho 107tll
Regiment nt Fernie on Tuesday evening.
Dr. Simons Is spending n montll
wltll Mrs. Simons at tho coast Ills
son, Dr. H. A. Simmons of Vancouver,
Is looking after his practice during
his absence.
Wralter Hnlncs, sncretnrv of the Fertile Lumber Co., will leave in o. few
days for Vlctorh to rinnllfy ns a lieutenant for ncl'vo service ubroad. Mr.
Iliiinos la a South Afrleau volornn nnd
will tunko a goo 1 olueor.
A largo number of guests gathered
at the new Whalley residence. West
vices held on Sunday, February nth,
ln an extraordinary number ot
churches in both countries.
The public celebrations of this
triumph of reasonableness and goodwill should be one of the earliest
events after the conclusion of the
present dreadful struggle. The Canadian Peace Centenary Association,
and its corresponding body In the
United States, the American Peace
Centenary Committee, have made all
the necessary preparations, and it ls
to be hoped thut their work will be
crowned with buccoss.
Fronk Passmore, who ls now a sergeant, has recently arrived at the
front. He has been serving aa drill
master tn England since he landed
Wltll the first contingent lust year.
A letter from Oliver Bristow states
that he has seen Proudfoot. one of tho
first contingent boys, who Is now 111
the trenches.
Malcolm, who was wounded some
time ngo, Is now In London on a furlough for two weeks according to a
eablegrum received by his people here
this week. He Is a former Cranbrook
boy who enlisted nt Lethbridge.
Modern house, 7 rooms, on Burwell
Avenue; also furniture, Mission Oak;
Chickens, 30 Wyandotte pullets; 15
hens; easy terms.
Apply to
26-lt I, J. Cranslon
Regimental marching song of lhe
Royal Highlanders of Canada. Received from Corporal Druminor Lorraine Adair.
Sung to the tuno of "I'm on My Way
to Mundnlny."
Wo're on our way to Germany,
Beneath tin- Kaiser's roof wo want lo
We'll drink his boor and give a cheer
For Canada fur away.
Wo're regimental ami  wo'rc  continental
We're British subjects that's why;
Wp're on our way to Qermany,
We'll drink the d  place dry.
Diversion and Use
TAKE NOTICE that William Andrew Rothwell, whose address 1 s
Wardner, B. c, wlll apply for a license to take and use 200 acre feet of
water out of Edith's Creek, which
flows easterly and drains into lake on
course ot Ho-Ha Creek, on lots 11768
and 11769, about 425 feet north-east of
south-west corner post of lot 11768.
The water will be diverted from the
stream nt a point about 900 feet west
of the south-west corner post of lot
11768 and also at a point about 1650
teet west ot said post and wlll be used
for irrigation purpose upon the land
described as lot 11766.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 16th day of June, 1915.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will be filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook.
Objections to tlle application may
be filed with the said Water Recorder
or wltll the Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria. B.C., within thirty days after the
flrst appearance of this notice In a
local newspaper.
The date of the first publication of
this notice is June 24th, 1915.
William Andrew Rothwell,
25-« Applicant.
Cool Your Skin
With D.D.D.
Hot weather brings to the surface
all the lurking diseases In the skin.
Prickly hent, rash, poison ivy, bites
and other maladies aro most distressing In summer. Vou can Instantly
cool your skin and relieve yourself
from all suffering. Just a few drops
of the soothing compound of Oil of
Wlntcrgreen und other honllng elements culled D. I). D. Prescription
wlll give you Instant relief.
Conie to us today for u generous
trial bottle, only 25c. We offer the
first full size bottle on the guarantee
that It wlll give you instant relief or
your money buck. Ask also about
D. D. D. Soap.
D. D. D. Is Made In Canada
Take notice that I, George Herbert
Thompson, of tho City of Cranbrook,
B, 0„ Free Minor's Certificate No.
B79618, intend sixty days from the
date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvement for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action
under Section 85 must bo commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
ot improvement.
Dated tho 22nd day of May, A.D.
U-6. 28-M
O. II. Thompson.
Transfer of Bights Under Section 13,
Water Act, 1814
TAKE NOTICE that Winslow E.
Worden. whose address Is Cranbrook,
B. a, will apply for the right to use
part of the water, the right to the
use of whicli is granted by Conditional
License No. 388, on another part of
Lot 5450, Kootenay District.
Tho water will be diverted at a
point point about 2000 feet south east
from the south east corner of Lot
The terms and priority ot the license now applieed for will he the
same sb those ot Conditional License
No. 388, a copy of which ls on Die In
the office of tlle Water Recorder at
Cranbrook, with whom objections to
this application may bc filed.
This notice was posted ou the
ground on the 24th day of Juno, 1915.
The date of the first appearance of
the notice in the local paper Is June,
24th ,1915.
(Signed) Winslow E. Worden.
Dated at Cranbrook. B. ('., this 23rd
day ot June, A. D. 1915. 25-4t
To— *
Archie Waller, of Cranbrook', In the
Province of British Columbia; Watson
S. Hall, ot Red Deer, in the Province
of Alberta, and to all personB to whom
it may concern:
Take notice that tlie Oreat West
Permanent Loan Company of Winnipeg, ln tlie Province of Manitoba,
hereby give you notice, that tbey demand payment of the sum of $1,195.19,
being the amount of principal nnd interest due to them under a certain
Indenture of Mortgage dated the 13th
day of October, 1915, made bctweon
tho above named Archie Waller, of the
one part, and the Groat West Permanent Loan Company, of the other part,
whicli mortgage waB registered In the
Land Registry Office at Nelson on the
20th day of Octobor, 1910, ou tho following property: Namely, In the
District of East Kootenay, City of
Cranbrook, moro particularly known
as Lot Twenty-Five (25) Block Twenty-Seven (27) Map Six Hundred and
Sixty-Nine E. (669E). And take
notice that unless payment of the said
mortgage money and Interest, costs,
expenses, be made within one calendar month from the dato of your being served herewith, tho said Great
West Permanent Loan Company will
proceed wtth or without any consent
or concurrence on your pnrt, and
without auy further notice to you, to
enter into possession of the said
premises and to receive and to take
the rents and profits thereof, and
whether in or out ot possession ot the
same, to make any lease or leases of
the same, as they, the Oreat West
Permanent Loan Company shall see
fit. And to sell and absolutely dls.
pose of the said land and premises,
either by auction or private sale or
partly by auction and partly by private sale, as the said Oreat West Permanent Loan Company shall deem
proper, elthor tor cash or upon such
terms ot credit as the Great West
Loan Company may think proper, and
to convey and assume the same, when
so sold, unto the purchasers thereof,
as they shall direct or appoint.
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., this 19th
day ot June, 1915.
T. T. Mecredy,
26-tt       Solicitor tor O* Mortgagee
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every ©Ijittet Package
The handicap will bo ready In a few
days and severul tournaments are In
Tlie membership Is still on the Increase. A few more shekels dropped
In Inst week. There Is still room on
the course for a few more members.
Last Snturday, Mesdamer, Nelson
and Christie presided over the tea
table and they were kept busy, us Just
about tootime a heavy tmindershower
drove everyone to shelter.
L. J. Cranston, who has tendered
his resignation as principal of the high
Bchool, and aeccpted a position at the
capital city as teacher of Latin, expects to leave for his new home Sut-
The uncertain weather has not interfered with tlie golflst, apparently,
by the appearance or the links every
afternoon. A steady stream of players
can always be seen wending their, in
some Instances, laborious way around
the course.
II tun tht burning, slinging
N". itopt bleeding and brings
mm. PgneYtrance, Willi Zam.
Buk, mum curt; Why not prove,
thit I  All Drsoittte end aarcs,-
5 fAtss*.
Capital Authorised   ....<1I|.iiiiii,iiihi.imi
Capital Paid Up    7,000.000.00
Reserve   and   Undivided
Profits       8,200,000M
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Farmers and
Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters uf Credit Issued
available In nny part of the world.
attention given to Savings Bank Ac
counts. Deposits of $1.00 and up-
wards received and Interest allowed
(rom dato of deposit.
A brand) Is also established at
Athalmer, B.C., under the inatiiige
ment of Irving C. Wedd.
Cranbrook llranrli
II. W. SUPPLE, Mnniiirrr
.    HOTEL
Spokane, WuBhlngloii
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to thia city, let ub
•how you why
this la true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship on the Roof


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