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Cranbrook Herald Oct 8, 1914

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Fink. Mrs. Wallinger directed her or-
cheutra through two difficult selections in opening tin* program nnd
played an obllgiito duet in "For All
liiMul I'rogram nt St. Mary's Hall He-
lights liurge Audience on L»nt
Tuesday Kvening
The concert which waa held at St.
Mary'8 hall on lust Tuesday evening
fulfilled the advertltted predictions by
producing tho best musical talent ot
the city In a long program diversified ! rubuttt Sir Fitful and wus ably Bccehd-
wlili both vocal and Instrumental cd by Mr. Carl Miickuy as "Cluirlcs
selections, as, well as dancing spec- Gust," Ills sou, who curried Off the
laities and puutomltic songs by the part ot Idler aud lounger wltli ut-un-
little ones, which was well worth tho doned case. Miss Mae Whitehead
admission. Miss Patricia McDermot proved a very graceful und pleasing
added to her dancing laurels hy two ; old lady and Miss Delia Drummond ns
cleverly rendered dances, one an her daughter, was vivacious and
"Irish Jig," and the second a gavotte: flirty, however, proving ut the happy
as danced lu ye olden tyme. Both conclusion that she possessed a mind
numbers drew the admiration of the ()f hor own. Miss JohI
audience. ladies' maid was demure with a pen-
The children from King Edward chant for mixing up in other peoples
school rendered "Where Are You do- business. The act created many
lag My Pretty Maid?" and for an on-; laughs and a hapny finale for tho pro-
core something abut the moon, full of'. gram.
gestures und sympathy. These little '. Tho crowd were served with re-
tots seemed delighted to appear before | freshments on the lower tloor follow-
the audience. - Ing tho program and dancing was in-
Not to be outdone thc pupils of St. j dulged by some of the younger people
Mary's school wound up the musical j after the concert,
end of thc program with an interest- j The concert was given in aid of
ing march, dance and chorus. They j St. Mary's school, which is now accom-
were dressed in true Irish costume I modeling fifty-four pupils. The seat-
and paraded on the stage to the tunc j ing capacity is already taxed and the
of "It's a Long Way to Tlpperary." i trustees have several more appliea-
The song, "Two Little Love Bees" was tlons from pupils desiring to enter the
effectively rendered ond after an en-1 school. For the additional equip-
core they were allowed to depart to
urn mm; sam>n
Large    Class    of    Novices    Hcrnnu*
Shriners tt! Ceremonial lu Cran-
hnxik   l.iivt   Thursday
nesday \\*itli i
wns favored last Wed-
visit from the Shriners.
Eternity" with Master Vincent Fink.  They came in from all parts of the
The program closed with a farce, a   province ami from across the bound:
one-act   comedy     entitled   "Change  nry.   There was one automobile load
Partners."   ln this playlet Mr. A. Un-   up    from    Eureka,    Montana.     The
worth wus it   rollicking,  it' not  very   Nobles were much Impressed by the
scenery    and    tho    splendid    roads
through the Cranbrook district
Members of Kust Roojcmij  IN
I "nit Local Cluh fur Sncli
A genera! m>
N, C. O's of (
the Kast Ki
In the ord
ting of the of]
r. and it. Coin] n
tenoy Regiment, ■■■■
ly room of th.' c.
pa of
The Cranbrook Nobles, with tho as
slstance of the indies, formed cot
mlttees to look after the entertain
ment of Llie visiting Nobles, tness in C
Thursday afternoon the Nobles met  tftlnraents
Thursday. October :
pose of forming ail a:
neetlon with tin* corp
incus in connection .
nnd other
at the Temple  uud   h**ld  a   business
session and the ceremonial wus held
in   tlie   evening   at   tlie   Auditorium,
Drummond as   when   eighteen   novices   crossed   the
burning sands of the desert.
Tlie ceremonial ended at 12.30 p.m.
after which all tlie .Nobles retired to   Col.  Sergt,
the Masonic Temple, where a spjendld   known   as
nd. for tin* |iu
iBDclatlon in i tn
.■ lo triinsiit t bu
ifll , social entoi
functions apai
itlne work of tl
ivikki-stim; meetim;
women's institi ik
Cury Member Culled nn to Participate In 1'nimani nn Tuesdll)
The regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Institute was hold In tlie
Maple hall on Tuesday afternoon,
when n large und enthusiastic gathering was assembled, some forty-six
Members and visitors being present,
After calling the meeting to order the
president, Mrs. Leaman, expressed hor
delight at seeing so many present, and
extended u hearty welcome to the visitors.
Sacred Ciintiita t» be (liven ut the choirs,   There are
Methodist  (Ini it li   Hcdnesda)
Evening, October 21st
A   sacred   cnntati
Uood Shepherd," is
.   entitled  "The
being rehearsed
ten full choruses
interspersed with s,iU,s for soprano,
ultu. tenor and bass. Tl.e choruses
arc at once easy to sing aud nt captivating melodiousness and effectiveness. The Interest aroused and sustained as the work proceeds is again
by tlie choir of tb" Methodist church typlfled in tbe devotional character ot
mid a specially augmented orchestra _['" compositions ol Ui.' composer, -Mr.
under tbe direction or Mr. Chas. F
trom the military ro:
Captain  Davles leu!, the chair uiul
Lieut. 11. Venus was appointed secretary.   Alter a brii'l' discussion il  was
moved by Lieut. Ilalsall, seconded by
Soden, Um  Hi., .lui, be
tlie Cranbrook   Volunteer
baniiuet was prepared, whicli outclass- Club.
1 nil nrevlous occasions. Tiiere were It was then moved by Sergt. liar-
sixty Nobles gathered around tbe fes- rlson, seconded by ('apt. Tisdule, that
tlve board. The Columbia orchestra tlle club should be composed oi mein-
I'uruishe'J some inspiring music, while hers' of tlie Companies ot tin' l-'.ust
tlie bunuet wus in progress. There Kootenay Regiment allotted lo ('run-
were many speeches from tlie visiting hrook.
Nobles,   Including   the   Hon.   It.   P. Mnvod by Lieut. Ilalsall, seconded
Oreen, Hon. (flips. Taylor, R E. Lea-: by Sergt.  Harrison that there la- an
the military step ot the great marching song.
Serious numbers on tiie program
were rendered by Mrs. J. E. Kennedy,
Mrs. Edward Paterson, Miss Wellman,
Mr. J. M. Coutts and Master Vincent I day evening:
1.    (1)    March  	
son, \V. H. Hundley, Potentate, and T.
U. Caven, M.P.P.
Tlie banquet  was  prepared by tbe
Little    Davenport    restaurant,    and
ment   money   must   be   raised   and  plainly showed that the manager was  mlttee of six, five I
those interested  in  the  school  are   well  up along  those   lines,  as  tlie Appointment
honorury president am! lu
presidents appointed; a!
and first and second vi
secretary   and   treasurer
making vigorous, efforts to provide tor , Nobles remarked It was the best ever     Moved by srgt. Harrison
present contingencies.
The following was the complete official program of the concert on Tues-
I .ii.it.
, .R. E. Heldreth
"Peppeta" "(Vals Espanol)	
Cranbrook Orchestra
2. Song—"His Majesty the King" Edward St. Quenten
Mrs. J. E. Kennedy
3. Violin Solo—"Zampa" ."...■ F. Herold
Master Vincent Fink.   •
4. Dance—"Irish Jig"	
Miss Patricia McDermot
5. Song—"Veteran Song" ,,alf(-'
Mr. J. M. Coutts
6. Recitation—"The Last Hymn" ■	
Miss Frances Drummond
7. Song—"Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid"	
Purlls of King Edward School
8. Pianoforte   Solo—"Arabesque"	
"Danse Creole" '. ...Cheminade beautiful!
Miss Wellman ""Loins
9. Dance—"Gavotte"     The music
Miss Patricia McDermot
10. Song—"Far Far Away"	
"Beloved In Your Absence". Amy Woodeford-Flnden
Mrs. Edward Paterson
11. Violin Duet—"For All' Eternity" Angele Masoheroni
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger, Master Vincent Kink
13.. Song—"Two Little Love Bees"	
Pupils St. Mary's School
14.   One Act Comedietta "Change Partners"
Sir Fitful Gust   Mr. A. Raworth
Charles Gust  ... Mr. Carl McKey
Mrs. Sonierton Miss Mae Whitehead
Flo Sonierton Miss Delia Drummond
Parker (Mrs. Somerton's Maid) Miss Josie Drummond
God Save the King
I at   tlie   Oasis   of   Cranbrook.    The by Lieut. 11. 11.  Bourne, thai
ladles committee, Mrs. D. Burton, Mrs.   Col. Muckny be Hon. President.
' W. H. Wilson. Mrs. H. A. McKowan     Moved bby Col. Srgt. Henry, second
and   Mrs.   Dr.   Miles,   decorated   tlie ! ed by H..M.S. .Marebaiit,' tbat Major .I
.tables  with  cut flowers,  which  gave   n. Pollen be Hon. Vice-President.
tbem a beautiful appearance.    Mucb
pruise  is  also  due  these   ladle.   lor
tlieir very great assistance in prcpur-
] ing for tlie Shriners bull, wl ill ii look
| pluce on Friday night.   T'.icy hull full I K.Q.M.S. Marchant, that Capt. 0. P.
id by
be! by
11.  D
be Presld
d by
led bv
charge of the decoration:, uml siii'l>-J".
which meunt u lot of hanl work, and
was very ubly manage!
Tlie decorations consisted of '.anting ferns, in the center of the hull,
entwining the Union Jack uml the
Sturs ami Strides on one wall and
the I'nion Jack and the French flu*
on the opiiDsite side.    The King and   hy Sergt. Instructor ('Iblm, tlmt I
Queen's  portraits,   dressed  In  their  h. H. Bourne be Treasurer,
royal robes, were hung in tlie end of     Moved hy Sergt. Harrison, seconded  Chinese
the hall and encircled with the Union   by K.Q.M.S. Marchant tluit Lieut. Ha!-   wives:
Jack.    VY, s. Santo very kindly fur-  BBn, Lieut. \V, M. I'*,-'-  Col Sergt.
nlshed a bountiful Shriner's emblem Henry,   Col   Sergt.   Soden,   Pte.   0,
which  hung on  the  wall  and added   Itristow, Pte. G. Curwin be Committee.
.Tisdale be Vice-Presli
i    Moved by Sergt. HajJriaon, seconded
by Col. Sergt. Soden. that Sergt. H. 13.
Hicks be Second Vice-President.
!     Moved by Col. Sergt. Henry, seconded by. R.Q.M.S. Murcluuit, tlmt Lieut.
H. Venus he Secretary.
Moved by Captain Tisdale, seconded
The secretary. Mrs. John Shaw, then
read the minutes of tlie provlous ses-
.lon. which were upnruved and other
business disposed of.
Mrs. Qeo, Houghum was appplntod
standard hearer to take chargc\of tlie
I'nion Jack, presented hy the government for tlie use of the Institute at
the September meeting.
The social part of the afternoon was
quite unique, inasmuch as each lady
was asked "To read, or sing, make a
Higgestion or pay a five cent line."
That tills proved to be a popular
scheme wns shown hy tlie fact tliat
only eight members failed to respond,
accordingly paying their tine.
Many amusing, instructive and
helpful readings were ^Contributed,
valuable suggestions offered and musical items rendered by the members,
and lt wus considered, tlmt tlie object of tlie program, to bring out tlte
abilities uud talents of each Individual otherwise too shy or retiring to
seconded limii(, liny effort, was successfully achieved.
Acting upon one of tiie suggestion*'
tlu* fancy work class, usually hold
monthly, will now meet weekly to
make garments fur tlie Red Cross
Society nnd the local Sunshine
After the dispensing of ten and re-1
freshments by the hostesses rospon-!
slblo for the afternoon, the meeting
was brought to a close—two new j
members joining—witli the singing
of the .National Anthem. •
Nidd   and   will   be   produced   at   the
church  un   Wednesday  evening,  October 21st, at S o'clock.
This    cantata
numbers, a  ideal
T. Mee PattUm The orchestration
gives a most delightful color aud
sympathy in tht* accompaniment of the
vocal purts whether solo or chorus
Tlie following is tin* complete pro-
consists   of   twenty
work  for  church   gram of the cantata:
rary vice-
ur. r and coniform a quorum,
!*• Follows
Chorus "I Am the Cood Shepherd"
Chorus "The King of Love Mv Shepherd Is"
IS.   Soprano Solu Ho. Every One Thai Thirtieth"
Miss Connelly
■J.   Tenor Solo and Chorus *., ."O Jesu Elver Present*1
Solo: Mr. C. Rendall
6. Chorus "And They Brought Youhg Children to Him"
li.    Chorus "Ilosanna to the Sun of David"
7. iJass Solo "0 Lord Our Governor"
Mr. J. Venus
S.    Contralto Solo    "Come Ye Children"
Miss L.  Kgger
9.   Quartet and Chorus "Love Divine. All Love Excolllng"
Quartet : Mrs. T. C. Phillips. Miss Baker
Mr. Lee, Mr. Venus and Chorus
10. Chorus for Male Voices	
 "Come Unto Me AU Ye Thai  Labor"
11. Soprano Solo aud Chorus "As tlu Heart i'ams"
Miss Connelly and Sopranos
12. Chorus. "Why Art Thou Cast Down. O My Soul"
13. Tenor Solo and Chorus "Cod So Loved the World"
Mr. Lee and Chorus
 "We Cannot Tell lhe Hitler Woe"
 "Surely He Hath Borne Cur Griefs"
Mr. J. Venus
 "There is a Green Hill Car Away"
Mrs. T. C. Phillips, Miss Baker
Mr. Lee, Mr. Venus
 "Worthy is the Lamb"
 "Our Blest Redeemer"
Soprano: MissBeehtel. Contralto: Miss Egger
10.   Chorale "He is Gone"
20.   Chorus "Chorus Lift Up Your Heads"
liass Solo....
The   soliciting   committee   of   the
Sunshine Club Is pleased to acknowledge tlie following donations from the
business   men    and    their,
y to the decoration of thc
Moved by Sergt. Harrison, seconded
hy Lieut. Halsall, that Lieut. Bourne,
Col. Sergt. Henry mid Private Curwen
net as finance committee.
Moved by Col. Sergt. Henry, seconded by Sergt. Hurrlson. Unit tli'*
president, secretary and treasurer he
authorized to sign cheques.   Any two
ommenced   at  s.no  p.m.
•as furnished by the Columbia orchestra and consisted on live
pieces. Slipper was served hy the
Indies in the parlors upstairs. The
dancing wns thoroughly  enjoyed by
nil.   The Shriners nil wore tlieir Fez's 0f these to be sufficient.
and   together   with   tbe   decoration.      Moved  by  Lieut.  Halsall. seconded
made a very pretty sight.   The dam*-   hy Col. Sergt. Soden, tlmt the funds be
ing broke up at -.;>0 a.m. carried iu the Cranhrook branch of tin'
Tiiere   were  a   number  of  visiting i imperial bank.
Indies,     including      Mrs.     F.     Mc- j    Moved by  Lieut. Halsall. seconded
Mahon, Kimberley; Miss McCormnck.  by Sergt. Harrison, that a stamp be
Winnipeg:  Mrs. Ceo.  Starke,  Inver- * procured with the mini'* of the club
mere nnd Mrs. J. A,  Manning, Hull  having blanks for signatures; also thc
Cause of  Fires aud   He-ults  uf tbe
Season's Destruction nre Given
by Forestry Department
The lire season (or 1014 ended on
September 30th after which dnte
burning permits are unnecessary.
ity will not he logged. Tills same
factor—Inaccessibility—reduces     the
value of thu timber killed und therefore the lire loss.
Tbe loss In saw-logs- cut Is six
and a half million feet and slxty-liv.
thousand railway ties were also destroyed.
The acreage burned over was forty-eight   thousand,   of   whicb   forty-
lit ver.
The visiting Nobles were as follows:
c B. staphs. Wycliffe; C. A. Well,
Eureka, Mont.; C. A.' Hemann. Ku-
reka. Mont.: .1. K. Hrook. Gateway;
.1 A. Manning. Bull Hiver
ftvalis. Fernie; Hr. ll. Anderson. Fernie; lion. Thos. Taylor, Victoria; E
i: l.e.ison. Victoria: T. Parker. Victoria; Hon. It. F. (ireen. Kaslo; H
Qelgerlcll, Kaslo; II. Drew. Kimberley,   W   H.  Handley,  Victoria;  It. J
Mr. Leo John	
.$ 5.01)
Mrs. I.ee John	
.    2.60
Hop Cliong Company..
H. C. Mali Lee	
Mrs. Muh Leo	
(long   Fong	
Wing Chang.'	
Kwong Cluing Wing...
Montana Cafe	
Sam Leo Laundry	
Kwong ('hong Laundry
.    2.00
Mali Jim Laundry	
nocesBary stationery.
Moved  hy  Sergt.  Hicks, seconded
by Lieut.  Uournn. that a  quarterly   107th EAST KO_OOTEJlIAV_
balallee  sheet  lie   published   showing
expenditures, etc.. in connection witb
Evan tbe club.. *
Fer- After Bomo discussion tlie amount
ut $84.so: being the n6t proceeds ot
tbe regimental dance held recently,
was formerly transferred to th. Volunteer club uml a statement of expen-
diture ln  connection   witli   tlie  Bald
Tho local Forest Branch had given four thousand was lugging slash and
ns the following figure*., which wlll range;  two thousand acres  promls-
he revised further, but which ure ap- Ing second growth; and tlie remaining
proximately correal, for lire losses two thousand ucres whs merchantable
und expenses of llro-llgbtliig In the timber wholly or partly Dro-klllodi
Craubrook forest district. Whioh em-      fllO callHI, „. the llros'nro In the
brtiees about seven nnd one-half mil- following order, according to nuiii-
llon aires, from the Alberta Hue to \_cr
Kootenay  Landing, und the Interna-      Hallway locomotives,
tlonul boundary line to the Dominion     unknown    (chiefly
Hurst, Victoria; Oeo. Klrkendale, Victoria; It. J Long. Creston; Oeo.
Slark. Alhaliuere; O, O. Jewell. Jaffray, Frank Stockdale, Invermero;
w VV, Tuyiitou, Invermere; llodfrey
Vlgne, Invermere; Alec. Ritchie, Invermere;   A.   Mi'L.   Fletcher,   t'rows Music 	
Xesl.  S. A. Speers. Creston;   lt. La-   Hepulrs iglnssl   .
mont, Creston: W. S. Hugh. Nelson.      Halsall & Cn	
Ward & Harris
NATION rBAVS FOB l'KACK s 8. ,,„,„ „„.„„ r
.'rarer, miemi l'p Throughout the H''™1'1 i printing i
lulled Slates «. II. Hicks .
dance   laid  on   the  table  by
Bourne, treasurer of the dance committee, the full statement being as
Hall rent   $ 25.00
Detachment Orders by Major J.  II,
Pollen, Commanding c. A  I).
Company; Cranbrook
Week ending Oct. 17th. 1014.
Orderly officer for the week—Lieut.
II. H. Bourne.
Next for duty—Lieut W. M. Harris.
Orderly sergeant—Color Sergt. Soden.
Sunday. October llth. Parade of all
ranks for Held training at 2 p.m. on
tin- recreation ground.
Parade of all ranks Monday and
Friday at the city ball for company
1.50 drill at 7.20 p.m.
.50' Wednesday. 7.30 p.m. Lecture by
2.00 Capt. Davles In tbe Bdlson. Sub-
6.60 jut: "Infantry In Buttle.''
.50 (Signed) ll. I). 1'uvlcs. ('apt.
Logging  locomotives.
ermit   fires   escaping and
Hallway belt at Spilllmiuhecn. Ilur
lug the 11114 Benson over three hundred tires were extinguished through
the efforts of the forest protection
stuff, iilxty-scvmi ot which required
the engaging ot extra help to assist a|or).
the forest guards. :    According to damag
These sixty-seven lires cob! tlie | ran|, ,9 follows:
forest brunch nbput J30.000.00, or an
average of J450.00. This average is
Incresused through one or two expensive fires, notably Bull Hivor. However, the government expenditure of
S30.000.00 should bc decreased by
approximately $10,000.00, which has
been incurred ln lighting fires for
which thc railways are responsible,
and which is also partly nmde up of
expenses incurred lighting lires on
limits on which logging operations
are being curried on, In which case
thn lumber companies bear one-half
of tlio cost. The net cost to the government, therefore, Is about *20,-
Aboul eight nnd n quarter million
feet of standing timber has been
lire killed,.of which six million wlll be
logged before decay sots In. The net
loss In Htlndlng timber is, therefore,
two and * Quarter million (eel, most
, Balance      S4.80
Washington, u.c. Oct. 6.—Prayers
Unit the great war In Kurope soon     Total   $138.001
muy come to un end were offered In Heccip s
churches ul all creeds In the capital  Sale of tickets SL'.x.OO
uud throughout the nation yesterday,
President Wilson set the day aside by
formal proclamation us Peace Sunday,
anil appealed to nil (Sod-fearing per-1
sons to Join  In  beseeching the  Al-
Aetlng Adjutant
"HARii 'miiis*
Campers and lightning.
The large area of logging slush
burned Ih a benellt In rendering lire
ln the future less probable. The fouru
merchantable timber burned over Is
merchantable timber bureu over Ih
only one-nineteenth of one per cent
of the area of the Cranbrook forest
district, ln a season such us the nne
Just passed this must be considered a
fairly small percentage of damage
and appears as prnof thnt the efforts
of the foroBt protection forces were In
a large measure successful.
mighty to stop the conflict.   The President attended peace Rervicea ill the
morning at the Central Presbyterian
'II k K, Is lite 11111111'
niiiili' irons thr hest ut
Allicrln lliird Wlicnl
hy   Ihe J*Mrll>   Mills
OIK I* III C E #8.7.1
II ('(ist  Is #8.1.1
London, Oct. 6.—A despatch to tlie
Times from Home su.m thnt a Human-
Ian sailing ship nnd an Italian hUuiu-
«r havo been sunk by mines In the
•I whicb, on account ol InacctsatMl-[Adriatic with heavy Iou ot lite.
Other II r n t irriiuV
Plow, at #9.110) fit*.
Ilon'l Cornel our Inst
week's not lent Choice
Apples .'ll #1 111 lhe hnx
nr two linxes I'ur #8,S,1.
lull In nml Inslc llicin.
It Is unnoun I that an old-fashioned "liur*« times" dance will he held ut
the Auditorium on the 2sih of October next. It is requested tlmt file
clothes of effete civilisation be not
used, but everyone taking part In the
dancing must represent some form of
hard times. Two prises will he given
one for the lady who represents most
forcibly the current hard times, nnd
the other for the gentleman Who mosl
successfully Inilliiles n dnwn-nt-tbe-
heels enreer.
Tickets nre to be $1.00 per couple
or 60c. each. Refreshments'will be
served by the Indies of the Sunshine
society. Ibe proceeds of which will be
used for there who during the coming winter muy llnd themselves without means nf subsistence, li In in be
hoped Hint everyone wlll make lip
iheir minds to be ihere. The Crnn-
lirook uriheslrii wlll supply He
necessary music, and ovorybqdy le
assured a good tlnu
Ml-s Mary J. Ulllls nnd John Me-
Murreii wore married nl the home of
tl.e brlde'H sister, Mrs. A. Straehuii on
Cranbrook street. Wednesday evening. October 7th. 1014. hy Hev. W K.
Thomson, pastor of the Presbyterian
church. They Immediately took up
their residence on Hanson avenue,
where they will reside.
Tbe grnnm Is a teamster employed
by c. S. Purker and tbe bride ts a sister of Malcolm (Bills of P. Burns k
Co. She has resided In Crunhrrms
for several years and has a wide acquaintance, und many friends of the
happy couple are extending their congratulations.
London. Oct. 0.—The (Ierman dockyards nre working with feverish
energy, says a Copenhagen dispatch
in the Dally Mall, fifty submarines
are being built, It Is rcportodc the submarine successes having nmde the
(lermnn. publlr clamorous for more
ships of this kind The great lack ol
benzine, petrol, und rubber, ure seriously nffectlng the German transport
In tbo void, according lo tho dispatch,
I'llAMIROOK TRADING dOa'l" iiel your old clothes ready and try .aa all secret petrol dopotf, established
Minilt'ti ' I for thu prises. | before thu war are exhausted.
Twenty Thousand More Soldiers Will
he Mobilized in Large titles Says
Ottawa. Oct. 6.—Sir Hobert Borden
announced tonight tliat the government would organize and train a
second expeditionary force of 20,000
men with a first reinforcement of 10
per cent., making 22.000 In all. The
arrangements for providing the necessary arms and ammunition and equipment ure already in progress. The
Canadian force al the front will io
this way bc brought up to 50,000 men.
which with reinforcements means that
Cunada Will contribute at least 70.000
to 80,000 troops.
Col. Sam Hughes, minister of militia, left tonight for Quebec en route to
New York, whence he will sail for
Kngland to consult with the British
war office regarding matters in connection with the war and Canada's
participation in it. He will not stay-
long In Kurope but wlll return to
tuke charge of the mobilization of the
second contingent.
To mobilise at Big Cities
The second force of 22.000 men will
not mobilize at Valcartler. because
even tbe early winter would be too
severe there. That camp is already almost entirely dismantled. It will be
mobilized ut base depots fn large centres such as Halifax. St. John. Quebec.
Montreal. Ottawa. Toronto. Winnipeg.
Iteghia. Calgary. Kdmonton and Vancouver.
After being recruited and equipped
and given some preliminary training
wlll go to Kngland lo complete their
Col. Hughes stated today that the
Ilrst contingent of 33.000 men was the
finest force of shots In the world. He
hud nevi r known Its equal, he said.
Tlle minister believes that no more
difficulty will be experienced In organising the second Canadian contingent than lie- Ilrst. The department
will profit by the experience already
gained to the arming nnd equipping of
the force, while there will be no lack
of volunteers. The seennd contingent
will Include the French-Canadian brigade of four regiments, the organization of wh|cll has already been authorized,
Nearly Thirty Thousand to Front
The premier's announcement wos as
"According to the reports of the
chief embarkation officers, the total
force embarked at Quebec amounted
to nearly 33,000' men, besides 7,000
horses nnd n proper complement of
guns nnd vehicles with full equipment
for men and horses. The transportation of tbis force required no less
than 31 large Bteamshlps,
"It Is probable tliat upon arrlvnl In
Knghind tbe force wlll be orgnnlzed
as follows:
"Field troops. Including a first reinforcement of 10 per cent.. 26.000. Line
of communication troops, 2.100. Total
! force nt fronl. 28.600.
"This wlll leave ubout 4,f,00 men for
training lu  Oreat  Britain   who  wlll
constitute a reinforcement of nearly
20 per cent of the men at (he front.
lu Organise Further Itrlnforremenls
"Tin1 government propoioi forthwith to organize nnd truth n second
i expeditionary force of 20,000 men with
'ilrst iflnforcenivuls of 10,POT cent.
making ::.000 in all This force will
be organised a.s expeditiously as possible and the arrangements for providing the necessary arms, ammunition and equipment are already in
progress. Tbe force al the front will
in this way be brought up to more
than 50,000 men.
"The government is also making
preparations to organize and train necessary further reinforcements for
both the first and second expeditionary forco. The arrangements for organizing and training such reinforcements will be announced at a later
(ranbrook Boys Send Exhibit! to the
Capital—Farmer.1 Institute
A meeting of the Cranbrook Farmers' Institute will be held in the old
gymnasium on Thursday, October 16th,
at V00 p.m. Th's will in all probability be the last of the evening meetings for tbe season. Tbe Saturday af-
t-rnoon meetings were much better
attended. All members are requested
to put in an appearance, as the usual
meetings will be held or, the third Saturday In November if all goes well.
Two Interesting subjects are up for
discussion on Thursday, "The Brood
Sow" and "The Dairy Cow." Messrs.
A. B. Smith and J. A Pringle will introduce these subjects.
Five (.'ranbrook boys who were In
the potato competition organized under thc Institute, sent 29 lbs. of potatoes eacb to Victoria last Monday
Tlie boys are Hugh Macdonald. Harry
Ilorls. Alex. .Mennle. Hugh Hannah nnd
Orvvllle Thompson. The agricultural
department has offered to conduct
short cnurse In soon- branch of farming at Cranhrook thi- full, providing
enough nam's can he secured Thursday nlgl.t would be a good time to
band In your name. Of the many
homesteaders win, came into the district only three have Joined ti"- In-
■tltute. H i»,uid le i" thi Interest
of all settlers to get In touch with
local condition! as soon ;,- posslbh
and the older farmers will be pleased
to make their acquaintance
A war scheme Is also afoot among
the farmers. A suggestion Im- been
thrown out lo the effect that If each
of tlie 8.000 members ol the InsUtute
put up twenty-live cents, u gift of
$2000.00 would be tbe result. Wbo
said the farmers wouldn't help?
J, 11, Davis, who recently secured
thirty days on the chnrge of getting
money under false pretenses, and who
has been serving his time iu the city
gaol, managed early last Monday
morning to walk out of the Jail yard
unseen and slipped away. It wait
very foggy nt the time mid not quite
daylight and the ollicers were unable
lo locate blm, although they were hoi
on his trull shortly after his disappearance. Chief of Police Adnms
took the train for Moyb- and discovered there lhat a man answering the
description hnd passed about nn hour
before.    He rode on lo Ti.ehty and
1 took to tin- road and after a walk of
eleven miles located tb calling prisoner whom he brought buck lo Crnnbrook. Magistrate Arnold added a
ninety days itmtenco to the prisoner
1 for bis break from cuslody PACE TWO
Howard Bt. uud Trout Ave.
A New And
Modern Hotel
A   modern   I'tiuipiied   Cafe   ut
moderate prlcoB
Hates $1,00 and up per day
Our bu**; meeta all trains
The Coeur d'Alene Co*
JACOB UOKTZ, 1'resldent
HA It ItV   V.   BAER,   Sec.
IV. K. Wonleii, Prop.
66  PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
llniru'iiirc Transfer
Sand anil Gravel Supplied
(■iiinl Powder
Moving Pianos a Specially
Furniture   and    Itiiirirastc
.1. MILNE, Manager
Corner  Cranbrook   Street
Phone 201
Open Buy and Mght
Candies, FruitB and Cigars
Good Rooms in Connection
Opposite C.P.R. Stutlon
Tlie I'lHce to Get a Quick Meal
ami a .• I .Veal
Kooma to Hint
J. B. THOMPSON, Editor and Manager
■*»   ■*—
Supxrrlptloi Bates ,
One   Year     12.00
Six Montlis         1.00
Three Months    50
Advertising Bates
Display   Advertising,   25   cents   per
Column Inch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ads. 10
cents per line.
Cranhrook, B.('„ October 8th, 1011
, Owing to the financial conditions,
caitBOd through the monoy stringency
of the lawt few montlis uml latterly
grown worse by the advent of the
war, merchants and others have considerably curtailed their stationery
accounts and almost entirely obliterated tlieir advertising; this, consequently, hus fallen so heavily on us
that tlie llerald has not made OX*
Ileuses for some time past. It is now
absolutely necessary that persons
owing money tu this tirni pay tlieir accounts immediately so that current
wages due to the workmen can he
The "Herald" takes this opportunity of thanking you in anticipation
and trust that our relations may always prove mutually satisfactory.
Wise Precaution
will prevent the little illness of today
from becoming the big sickness of
tomorrow and after. For troubles of
tlie digestive organs you can rely on
Sol.l • very wliere,    tn Uin, 2S c«**U
HANOI l-'OK HOT Comfortable
house, stable for six horses, r.bout
ten ucres brokeu; good grazing
land, plenty wood aud water. Apply Herald ofllce.
Britain's soldiers are proving their
worth because tliey have Individuality.
Tbey are great on team play, but not
lust when they find themselves In a
position where tliey have to shift for
themselves. Tlie road roller may be a
great machine, but give us a lot of
little dynamos every . time when
there's a big job to tackle.
"Austria reports forces gaining
slowly in Servia," savs a headline.
Note that It Is an Austrian report, tliat
the gain is slow, and it is against
little Servia, whom she wus to knock
clear ofT the map at one fell blow. It
is a very cheering report.—for tlie allies. Austrtu has shot her holt, and
muy as well admit it.
Since mobilization began not a drop
of lli|imr has been allowed to be sold
throughout the Russian empire, writes
the Petrograd correspondent of the
London Times. The Russian army tn
tin* held has heen a sober one and
In tills respect It forms a striking
contrast to Its foes. It Is on record
i hat muny prisoners and wounded
have reeked wltli spirits. This circumstance has further helped to explain the difference between the behavior of the Russian troops and
their foes.
Some lumber manufacturers in thc
Southern States have no misgivings
as to the results of the war in Kurope upon their business Mr. Martin
IJndsey, president of the Escnmbla
Mill company of Pace, Fla., Is keeping
his mill running on full force aud i--
n.noted us saying: "tlie big armies
tearing up bridges and destroying
thousands of buildings on the continent will need lumber and need it
UUlckly when this war is ended, and
furthermore, I believe that the war
will end shortly."—Canada Lumberman.
j The largest and heaviest apple ever
I grown ln the world, says au English
I paper, has been raised this season in
: Kngland, It Is a Glorlu Mundl, and
was produced hy the same grower.
1 who a few seasons ago raised thc
{ famous giant apple of the same var-
! loty, which measured 26 Inches In
! circumference and weighed 27 ounces
1 Sent for sale in Covent Garden on
I October the 19th, 1900, it realized the
j astonishing price ol £14 ($70) by
I public auction, breaking all previous
■ records. The new record breaker
! weighs not less than 321^ ounces. This
t wonderful apphi was grown In an 11
Inch (lower pot, the tree product Wi? i ix
mammoth fruits at the Btime t*:no. It
was this very tree which boro the
giant in 1909.
For the next few weeks tiiere will he
a large force of men employed on thc
■ ity water works. It is expected that
the work now underway will continue
until the winter freeze-up. The efforts
of tbe city and tlie contractors in giving preference to local residents and
especially men with a family wlll
meet with the approval of nit citizens.
The work will provide the means for a
large number of families tn live
through the winter nnd will greatly as-
ist In allaying any local hunger or
want. Cranbrook bus been noted for
never having men out-of-work in the
winter time and the condition will apparently be at a minimum this winter
comparison from the reports
emanating from other cities and
towns in Western Canada.
With the object of extending their
markets the Hritish Columbia Manufacturers' association Is planning a
trade campaign in South America, to
he conducted through the American
Express Co, .lames Hart, secretary
of the British Columbia organization
has made an announcement to this
effect. Following the non-success of
tin* agitation for tlie appointment of a
trade commissioner hy either thp
Dominion or provincial governments
to undertake the special work, the
local manufacturers' association arranged with tlie American Express
Co. to make? un Investigation of the
opportunities for developing "trade he- i
tween tliis province nnd the repnh-'
lies of South America. Special re|ire-
sentutlves will leave New York on Or
tober Ist to start tlie work.
uml wltli It the need of
Iletithm;   Stores   and
lilt pays to make an early
choice of your heating apparatus, when stocks are
complete, otherwise when
the cold snap comes, and
you must have a stove at
once, you may not be able
to get what you want.
fiCome early and let us
help you make your selection.
N. B,—Don't forget a corn
popper for Thanksgiving Dny.
We can supply the corn, too.
F. PAHKS & ro.
Hardware & Mill Supplies
his relatives and friend** to enroll.
i There ls nothing In the work now
j proceeding In connection with the
; training of the corps, thnt Is not distinctly beneficial mentally, physically,
and even morally to all those taking
part. The drills are in charge of expert Instructors with actual war experience, no time is wasted over useless parade movements or ceremonial.
Every effort Is being made to get outdoor parades for Instruction in Held
work skirmishing and outpost duty.
As near as possible these operations
are Identical with those employed in
actual war conditions.
The mllltlu department have under
consideration the building of an armory In Cranbrook, well equipped and
adequate to tiie needs of the corps.
; Uniforms and equipment which ure issued free to the rank and file, wlll be
rushed forward us soon as possible.
The regiment, it is understood, will
be armed with the latest pattern mark
two, five star, itoss (short) rille, with
the long bayonet. 1 need say nothing
further, I feel sure, except that tlie
co-operation of every man in Cranbrook will be earnestly welcomed by
those who are now in charge of the
Yours very truly,
Reginald D. Davles,
Captain "C" Company
107th East Kootenay Regiment.
I    Financing tbe Agricultural Class
i Editor Herald:
• Sir: Tlie evolution of the human
i races may be, in short, confined into
, two classes, tbe agricultural and the
; industrial. To the latter statistics
Editor ('ranbrook Herald: ! say belong 4C per cent of the popula-
Sir: I would ltke through your tion ln our Dominion, while the ln-
eolumns to address an appeal to the [ dustrlal classes witli their varied oc-
men of Cranbrook on behalf of the \ cupatfons claim the other 55 per cent,
new corps of volunteers forming In Tlie dominating class In our na-
this district. ' : nion is tlie industrial, which by its
There seems to be a great deal of j majority and technical education has
uncertainty as to the exact object for j a superior right to the final say In
which the regiment ls being raised. I framing our laws by which we all are
In order to set all doubts at rest, I j governed, ln our modern civilization
might say that the corps is being j finance has become the most Import-
formed entinrely Tor home service, unt agency whereby each unit of the
and that tiiere is no direct obligation : ■lunmii race cau obtain comfort, con-
placed on any man Joining the corps i venlence and food for existence, not
to volunteer for active service {only as it relates to our domestic af-
abroad, neither ls there anything in i 'a*rs- ***ul *n our relations also with
the regulations governing the terms |otlier nations. To this end the prln-
of service to prevent any man resign- ] °**P*I nations of the world have
ing except in case of danger of attack I adopted gold as a standard upon
locally* by a foreign power, j which  to issue the currency which
On the other hand, the men desirous i finances them both for domestic and
of volunteering for active service will
drill and train with the local corps,
being carried on the roll of the regl*
foreign  purposes.
The utility of gold for this purpose
in normal times no oue has serlous-
ment for the time being und having j■*v   Questioned    until    our    present
preference over new-comers. ! crisis; but what we do question is if
The strength of the corps in Cran- >m,r statesmen, financiers and cconom-
brook is nt present approximately 70 ii8ts nave given the same sincere and
of all ranks. This number will be , impartial study to the needs and eco-
materlally reduced by men leaving to nonilt; requirements for financing ade-
Joln the second contingent; for that Quately the farming classes, as that
reason recruits are badly needed to fill i BlveD to tllc Industrial classes ln their
the gaps. To bring the local conipan- j v"letl occupations. The agricultural
les up to- full strength about 100 men | busses are largely tbe source and
are necessary. There are vacancies | foundation upon which, Uu. Indus
in practically all ranks, and these va-1trlal classes are built and malntaM-
; eancles will be more numerous as ' ed We know for sure that It is the
! time goes on. > class  which  Is  the  closest  to  aid
Having outlined the situation as it j r°rms thc first ,ink with nature to
, stands, I feel that every man who has I bring fortn from mother earth wua*
' any sense of duty to his country and ils net?dt!d for human existence—food
j the empire will sec the pressing need l ~tl,e ,irst C(m*-M«at1on in sufficient
| for the establishment of strong, well 11uatltlty tor °hr domestic needs and
trained militia corps in the local cen- jlt P°fl8iblfl a surplus to pass on to
tres throughout the Dominion. Apart ItIie otner nattoI1» le**** favored. A
from ull other considerations and re-1 currenc*v based on thc standard of
■ garded merely as a business proposl- i goId ls considered most reliable for
| tion, the maintenance of such a corps
i In Cranbrook, especially In the pre-
! sent crisis, Is vitally necessary.  Wlth-
i out going too deeply into the political
1 aspect of the present great struggle
in Kurope, we know that Great Brlt-
I ain or more properly speaking, the |^otl1 at llome and abroad. To argue
British empire, is lighting for freedom flmt t,le Hystt!*n Whioh Is most con-
-for   right against might, and  we i venlont and secure for financing this
i know too that if Great Britain sue-  industrial  class  In  Its  domestic
all concerned In our bartering both
at home and abroad. The farmers
have left this function of barter to
the industrial class and this class ln
its varied occupations forms this
second  link  In our social 'relations
lust, the arlpllcate copy for the use
of the local co-operative organization. Sui'li loans should, if necessary, be grantld up to the full value
of the property mortgaged, as approved by the local official valuator
of the organization and the district
officer acting on behalf of the respective governments concerned. Ry this
means the mortgage, both as to principal aud interest ls guaranteed by
the local organization' and the Dominion and piovlncial governments.
The Dominion mortgage bond notes
Issued on the security of such mortgages must only be expended under
thc supervision of tlie local organization and for thc purpose only as
specified ln the application, as each
organization must be responsible for
each of Its members nnd the respective province responsible for each of
Uh organizations. The mortgage loan
should be for it term of years with
the privilege to redeem before maturity. Ail payments of principal on
such mortgages must be made in
mortgage bond notes, which must
then bc withdrawn from culcuhittou
as their function has been accomplished and their place taken by the
gold standard circulation gravitating
back tu the farmers through the increased productiveness of their land
by scientific methods of tillage, convergence of perishable products into
marketable commodities and' a national organization for distribution.
Add to this the moral impetus with n
spirit of progresslvencss which i will
be exemplified by the leaders in each
community having such an organization and then draw your own conclusions as to whether our Dominion
government can trust the circulation
of such a currency until the agricultural classes have produced sufficient
surplus to replace it with foreign
gold. If we doubt this then we must
admit that the earning power of our
Dominion agricultural class has beeu
a better stundard under crippled
financial conditions und disorganization than wltli sufficient financial accommodation and perfected organlza-;
tion. The Interest on those mort-
i gages should not exceed 4 per cenl
i und this shall include the cost of ad-
' ministration.
| We will leave lt to those better
| qualified to picture tlie blessing und
progress of our agricultural develop-
■ ment ln Its many nnd varied lines by
; being uble to finance It unhampered,
■ as required, along the lines of scien-
' title modern advancement. Vou ull
; know  that  the < cow   which  has  to
exist on half rations and scanty attention can only produce half or less
of the nutritious fluid and that us a
greater cost to Its owner than the
cow with full rations und proper attention.
And with the agricultural class. If
the politicians, statesmen and financiers claim interest lu the agricultural class, from whom tliey take
most of their nourishment, -tliey
should see, too, that they get full
value by giving full financial ration
and proper attention. Do not overlook
the value of effective co-operation by
the farmers as a result from organization under government control and be
i not misguided by a small percentage
| of better-to-do farmers units in the
j industrial class, have selfish interests
| at stake.
! In this greatest trial of civilized na-
; tions It behooves us ail to throw
' aside all petty differences and selfish
j interests and meet on common ground
' with common interests for tlie eleva-
: tion to a nobler and more perfect ad-
i justment of our social and natloal relations.
,    O. J. Wigen,
On behalf of the Co-Operative Fruit
Growers of'Wynndel,  B.  C,
cumbs in the present conflict our position here in Canada wlll'be precarious In the extreme.
well as foreign affairs Is also thc
most economical and reliable for financing the agricultural class is an
argument not founded upon scientific
i    In muklng this appeal I wish to say
I that us far as the general feeling of I economy
tlie average man in Cranbrook today j *" 0ur statesmen, financiers and
j Is concerned, I believe there Is no rea- ■ economists would give concldcratlon
[son for feur; deep down In the heart to tIl,! following suggestions we feel
!of every man tiiere is an innate re- confident they would make the pro-
| Hpect for fair play and a desire to see ductlve tillable soil the means of settle country's honor upheld even at. curing a moro staple and economical
personal cost to tlie whole nation, but standard for our domestic currency
In the long years of comparative peace 't,,an °ur present gold standard alone;
tho remoteness of the various wars : l**lt*> t,lrr" never was, nor do we trust
thnt have taken place has produced in, MWM ever will be, a time when this
ns all a sense of aloofness. We huve subject needs more consideration
become sowewhat Inclined to adopt a t,)un at tni' present and thut without
cynical view-point, over-wise in our delay.
own conceit, and It would seem us Wo would suggest thut our Domln-
tliough the actual shock of battle Is lim government pass an act, which
needed to wake the slumbering sol- "tight be known as thc Dominion Ag-
dler spirit which is the common her- rlculturul Mortgage Bond Act, to
Ituge of all In whose veins runs the . torm the busts for a standard cur-
blond of fighting ancestors. Aud now ' roncy to be known us Dominion og-
that the fight Is on we all need to rlculturul mortgage bond notes, which
realise to the full that though we are ; notes by act of parliament must bc
not called on as yet at any rate, to ' made legal tender for all debit and
take our places tn the battle line, It Is barter' within our Dominion. Such
nevertheless our bounden duty to an act shall provide that any corn-
forge In Cranbrook such a-link tn the muntty having ten or more active
chain of the empire's defences as will j farmers in need of currency to Im-
be worthy of the groat nation to which j prove tlie production ot their land
wo belong. ' should form  themselves into a co-
As I have said already, there Is no | operative organization operating un-
obllgatlon on anyone here In Cran- der a constitution and bylaws drawn
brook at present to volunteer directly j up by the Domolnlon government to
for active service but I believe It is i meet the situation. Individual raem-
the moral duty of every right thinking ' hers applying for and obtaining a
British subject In this town regardless loan from the government under this
of his  religious,  political  or  social j act should give a mortgage tn trlpl-
opinions, to Identify himself In some  Urate tfio original mortgage which Is
way with the work of preparation for [endorsed and guaranteed by the re-
the empire's defence, not merely by ! spective provinces in which the land
giving a dollar or so to tho patriotic to be mortgaged Is located and whicli
fund, but by actually setting u per-'. ts deposited with the Oomtnlon gov-
sotial example by coming down to the J government In exchange for the mort-
clty hall and placing his name on the gage bond notes; the duplicate mort-.
roll as a member of tho corps by turn- gage which ts endorsed and gnnrnn-
Ing out whenever convenient to a drill teed by the co-operative organization
parade, nnd finally by doing tils ut- of whieh the mortgager Is a member
most to swell the ranks of the two and which Is deposited with the ro-1
companies In Craubrook by Inducing i spective provincial governments; nnd,
Tllicum. P.O., Victoria, B.C.       j
October Gth, 1914.
Editor Herald:
Sir: Kindly grant space ln your
paper for a* question or two. I see
Russelllsm is being discussed, and
while It's before the public I would
like to ask If Dr. Russell or his foi-;
lowers believe that Adam was u per-
foot man physically, and lived and died i
such. If so did he receive his wages! j
We are told the wages of sin Is death,
and God said of thc forbidden fruit
the day thou eutost thereof thou shall
suiely die. Now, us he still lived physically, lie must of retained that breath
that Dr. Russoll culls soul. Then If it
was the soul the breath that sinned
and died, how did he still retain If?:
Does lt not go to show thnt thoro was i
an Immortal part that only Und had
powor to destroy. See Matt: 10:28,
If man's soul Is not immortal, but like
the breath of tho brute as claimed
by Dr. Russell why Is man not able to
il stroy tt the same as thut of tho
brute. I would go further and ask
why so many, some of Dr. Russell's
followers Included, have r.uch foul
smelling, not to say stinking souls, or
oaths? They smell offensive enoucl
to be classed among the unsaved souls.
It would seem as If some of them could
not be cleansed short of fire.
Boys Winter Overcoats
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Assortment of Overcoats
for Boys from four years to
twelve years.
Prices range from$4.50 to $9.00
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CRANBROOK       -       -        B1ITISII COLUMBIA
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keepers! Bar
Tenders! Whol e-
sale Liquor Dealors!
and men from every
walk in lite are on
our list of c u r e d
Why Not Soul
A line will bring
-    our booklet.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Autliorlued  410,000,000.00
Capital raid Up    7,000,000.00
Reserve und Undivided ProHts     8,2611,000.00
D. R. WILKUS, President
HON.  ROBERT JAFFRAY,  Vice-President
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available In any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
A Good Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
Is where Peace, Comfort, Contentment
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranhrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
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•■r.Tii; 2o'», ».'| :io.
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,'i'b,  S.V;   ill's,
WANTED—Copies of the Herald ot
June 18th, 1914, and July Snd and 1G,
1014. Anyone having copies ot these
dates will confer a favor lt they wlll
Inform the offlce as we ne~d same for
file purposes.
The war is In Its 65th day, and lho
kalsor hns lost 300,000 men. How Ioiir
wlll the military rlddon people of Germany stand for U. '
********************** *********** S^A********
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makes keys. Urcen repairs
guns, etc. 41-irt
Rev. A. B. Lan« in in town from Wycliffe for a short time.
Cranberrl a for Thanksgiving 16c.
Ib.—Cranbrook Trading Co,
Mra. B. D. Ireland will be at home
tlie second Tuesday of each month.
Joseph Walsh and wife of Fort
Steele, were among' the vi .»• >• * in li:e
city tho lirm of tlm week
V\i to dato stylos in boys and girls
felt Itats, from 50c to $1.50 oucli al
Model Variety stun*,
llorn.--On Siimliiy, October ard,
1914, to Mr. ami Mrs. Charles .\l Or-
Minium, a huh.
Coiuplote liui' of ladles Bweater
coats. It will pay ynu In look thorn
ovor.—Modol Variety Storo.
w. Rankin, of Dull itiv v,
Tuesday vlHltor hi Qronbroo'**,
torlug at tbo Hotel Cranbrook,
2c, per word tor lirst week, anil lc, jier
word for each week after
.■t i
'i at of M mday at Chrhi       reh when
Mies Sophia K. Plddine        , i  Craubrook, became tlu* brl le of
v. Johnston, the wcii-i*-:,..
ment bridge foreman at ''r ;,. ,
Eg. P, Flcwciiin^. ni' Crawl ansint-
ed by ltev; i:. ituii ■■-;.
bride was given away by Ri   |
Bhe w!(*- ijiH-nmJic ';.- ►.'■..,•■ \
blue with hat trimmed witli i,
osproy :i ii ii carrying B brfd ■   >
ignung  ^ok ,lUlni] in fl ,.,,,   „. (
■Do-     'lint to match and bouqui I ol .
best man was Mr, TUom
; Leaving th.* church, where tl
Potrogrnd, Oct. 8'.   An otllelnl com-   liberally thou i    ..   I
iiuicatitfn Issued from general head-1 dlntf   party   und   Invited   gu   I
lartera Hays; lournod to Uu r i   h   , ■   	
"The fighting on tlie east Prussian   wedding break fan)  was i  rvpd     1 n
(ireen repairs Bicycles. Green
. makes keys. Green repairs
guns, etc. -11-21
I.IIH.KJUIIN   Tl'II   of    li'l.H'iill.
on Bus! Pl'll^llun t-Ynntii
im limeiii Exterminated
irontii r continued on October Tib with
i the Mime r. rocity. In Bplte of Qerman
reinforcements all tbeir ataokB In tbe
region  of  Wlrhaullen   I Russian   Po-
c'ull In and louli over our Hi
girls winter coats, from 8 to 1'J
land) nml PhUtpoff huve been r
Q „r' with great losses- By s night
ears -the Russian troops huve captu
-d tlu
groom is well known In town and hli
many friends exti nd lu and I tn
ston beBt wlshoa foi a     \ ■..■     en ;;
;ind   prosporous   wed led   life,    Th j
will reald ■ in  Cn ston.   '-"Mon -Review.
cutter used onl} nix weeks. Apply
*i KMMIKIl   IlKDROOll   I'd It   t.    -I
-Good locution;   t this   modi ri i
Phone 14!). . 4i.u-
fcOIt HAI4H--A uTTTTTl *.u<*i,tnt-h:.i..!
wood stove, nearly new. Applv
Herald odlce. id
FOR   RENTr-A   Ave  room   modern
■    cottage iu good location on Qardi 1
avenue;    vacant   September   l&th
_ _v iM'iy w. ,i. Atchison, ant
' im:;!) at OfllK.*- Llghi rig nnd
lorse suitable for rancher; nm.-t be
cheap for cash'. What ofTers? Box
'. V„ Herald offleo, 41-11 ■
-"I'M I. Stra.M'd to ut} piTiiii-i-.,
«i*i-i* Mission, about throe months
ugo, one hull, brand S 0. loft hip.
Owner will kindly pay expenBi - an I
remove at once.—CF. McPhee. -ii-::
Mod 'l Var-
of   Kain
at moderate prices ut tin
lety Store.
Mr. S. TomkhiH, nrmy bugler, who
tuiH been staying with Mr. Venus for
the past several weeks, left for tlio
east this week.
Hoys' and girls sweater coats from
75c. to $1.50. lt will pay you to call
in and look them over, at the Model
Variety Store.
Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Green are in Alberta this week where the doctor Is
the latter end of lust week for Cal-  our   troops capturing  by assault  B
pacific i:
Nlobe Miiy bc in South Atlantic Wat-
ers—Rainbow and Subiwr.rires
Mill in Pacific
Ottawa,   (M.   S.   .\
occasioned hero by t
Norwegian  steamer
Honolulu to take to (J
CJuam. an American : 1
It  Is recognized, t
strong fortification constituting one of
tlie principal positions,"
Battle Line Villi he l-imc
Send your heads to the Cranbrook
G. W. Donahoe, of Wardner, was a
city visitor on Wednesday.
W. B. .McFarlane left today for tho
coast for a short business trip.
James Finloy left Tuesday for Al-
.berta to inspect his mlulng property
at Hlllerest,
A. ,E.  Watts,  of   Wattsburg,   was
transacting business In the city tho
first of tlie week.
Complete line of boys and girls underclothing from GOc. to $1.00 per suit
at the Model Variety Store.
Green repairs Bicycles. Green
makes keys. Green repairs
guns, etc. 41-2t
Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Bennett, of Creston, were in the city the past week the
.guests of Mrs, Q. Erickson.
Mr. II. K. Clayton and baby, who
have been visiting her brother, Mr. P,
Bent and family at Revelstoke for the
past few weeks, has returned home.'
Knox Presbyterian Mission Society :
will hold their iitmmvl Yhnnk-Offerlng
meeting in the school room on Thursday evening October Ifith at ,s o'clock.!
A gnod program provided.   Refresh*
ments served.
Sunshine Society will bold a sale of
home    cookery    Saturday,    October
10th,   In   the   old   C.C.S.   store.   Arm-
strong avenue. Afternoon ten will!
be served from :■ to 1. Everybody
welcome, The men are most cordially Invited.
Tbe city lias disposed or $35,000
wortli of the wnter works debentures
at SS The funds derived will enable
the eity to complete the whole of the
distributary system this fall, The u-
Inelt supply muln and tlie dam cannot
be touched until further sub- of debentures nn- made,
The cruubrook brapoh of the st
John's Ambulance Association have
now commenced their work on wrist**
ers, socks, etc., and by November the
1st exi'ii 1 to havo a number of articles
ready to send away, Tholr Ilrst donation bas been received from Utile Miss
Mary Mann, uge eleven yenrs, who
sent In n pnlr of sticks which she knitted herself. The club wish to thank
her for Mime.
Star of the WeHt Lodge, Xo, 08,
I.iulies Orange Benevolent Association will bold an open meeting at tbe
Orange hall on next Tuesday evening.
A musical program Is being prepared
and refreshments will be served. The
members extend a cordial invitation
to the public to attend. This order Is
growing rapidly and the lodge at "the
present has a number of applications
for Initiation to be acted upon In the
. near future.
Miss Sutherland, tlie deaconess, left
the flrst of tbe week for Fernie, where
vl'.e will work In connection with the
Presbyterian church In future. Since
■coming to Cranbrook Miss Sutherland has made n largo number of
friends nnd nt a meeting held lust
week Miss Sutherland was presented with a number or useful
gifts by members of the Literary anil Debating Society as little remembrances of ber stay In Oraif.
broulc. Pastor Thomson, of the Pres- j
hyterlan church, also paid olouuent
tribute to her work here, and she goes I
to hor now Held with tho well wishes
uf a host ot frfenda Id this city.
"In the forest of Massal^tc'hlzenn,
west of Rachtka, our troops In a night
attack surrounded a Gerinan detoch-i
mint, which was partly exterminated,
the others being dispersed, abandoning
their rapid firers.
"Russian troops have qapturod the
town of Bielltz (In Oallcia), 4:1 miles
southwest of Craer.w. In otlier regions
there is nothing of Importance to record,
"in the attacks against the Przemysl there are German
enjoying a shooting trip.   They lert | garrlBon conditions are in our favor,   Pacific they mn.'t c
ports or else secure
capturing British yes
There are four Gqi
tbo Pacific and oue ii
Thu   Leipzig  is   said
London, Oct. K, 10 p.m.—Tbe line of   .. ',   . ' ...
Numbers sailing
tlie cpmlng battle between the combined AllBtro-German forces and the legions or Russia extends from the Gali-
clan frontier near Tarnow, right north
to the Fast Prussian border. Anothe
Russian force Is besieging Przemysl,
in Gnlicfal and still another is invading Hungary,
On the East Prussian frontier ths
lighting-appears to have come to a
standstill for the present. The Rus*
atans, having driven the Germans-back
after their advance in tlie Nlemen
river, found on getting to the German
border tliat reinforcements hnve been
brought rrom KontngBberg and their
further progress was arrested.
The Germans, in fact, claim to huv 1
defeated tlie Russians near Suwalkf
and to have taken 2,700 prisoners and
nine machfni guns.
Fighting on a larger scale will soon
be resumed and it will then be decided whether the Germans are to re-
Invade this region.
Accounts IHnVr
In southwestern Poland tli
gary and will be home in a few days
Mrs. F. R. Morris desires to express
ber most grateful thanks to the many
friends who, from far and near, have
had such kindly thought and consideration for her in her bereavement.
Mrs. A. Malltnson came down from
Nelson tiie first of the week for a visit
with her husband, the new master
mechanic on the,C.P.R. Ho expects to
move his family here ln tlie near future.
Mrs. Percy Adams gave her first reception on last Friday afternoon. She
was assisted by Mrs. Hurvey Brown,
wbo poured tea, nnd Mrs. F. B. Miles,
Mrs. H. A. McKowan nnd Miss Attwood, who served refreshments. She
will receive on tlie lirst Friday in future.
A troup of vaudeville players under
the Pantages circuit are giving a two
nights' performance on Thursday and
Friday at the Auditorium. This is
the flrst road show that lias been in
Cranbrook since the war started. Many
of the theatrical companies were
forced to cancel tlieir engagements
upon the outbreak of hostilities In
The Cranbrook Civilian Rifle Assoc!-
IC     till
Canadian .ciulser Ratal
tr.'o submarines, ou  tin
are in the Pacific, n    w
Japanese and British ei
nloslj  with u German   ,
Lime would not   1 om
Nothing bus been hear-
the  Cnnndlan   cruiser  .'
Berwick,   on which all
midshipmen are serving.
It Is believed that lb
be  now  in   South   Amei
She is manned chii (ly b
naval men.
Fifty dollars v\:n
Tlmt Is Expense to Gren,'. Ilrltjiiii, Says
Sydney lV.*abb--.l3 Economic
1   Kartliouafce
ation will hold a turkey shoot on j Germans liave advanced along both
Monday nexl, October 12th (Thanks- banks of the Vistula river with the
giving day). Shooting will commence : object of compelling the Russlaps to
at 10 a.m. under the following condl- ■ evacuate part of Galtcia and. actord-
tlons: Members having made a prev- 1 Ins to their reports, have defeated
lous score of 76 or over out of a pos ; tl in. capturing (.son
slble 105, will be handicapped the
number or points over T.*> they have
made. One turkey will be awarded
at   each   range-200,   500   and   GOO*
I ondon, Oct. 8.—"This war is costing the country $55 per second, day
iuui night," Bald Sydney Webb, well
known as a political economist, in u
lecture torny at the school of economics and palitieal science, of whieh he
was the principal founder.
The war. Mr. Wi bb aided, was 1 qui-
valent to a Bpecles of economic earthquakes,'which wero upsetting everything and presenting Everything In n
yards. No member will be allowed to
take more than one prize Entrance
fee of $1. Including ammunition will
be charged.
T ThiinksRlving dance under the
auspices of the cranhrook Lacrosse
dub will be given at the Auditorium
on Monday evening, October 12th,
1914. The Columbia orchestra hat
been engaged and the following patrons and patronesses hnve ben all-
OOUnced;    Patronesses,    Mis.    it,    li
Deattte, Mrs. ,\. L, McDermot, Mrs w j
11. Wilson. Mrs. K. 11. McPhee. Mrs A j
C.   Howness;   patrons.   It,   F.   Healtie '
A. l, McDermot, w, n. Wilson, 1: u !
Mcphee, A. C. Howness. Refresh* ]
meats wlll lie served. Dancing will I
commence at !i .!<>.
Rev. J, P, Westman, of Calgary,
Held secretary for Young Peoples'
Societies and Sunday Schools iu Alherta and British Columbia for the
Methodist Church) has been conduct*
ing a special Institute on educational
methods In church work, lu tl,.- Bible
class room of tho Methodisl church
The meetings have been wi ti attended and huve resulted hi an en 111 us*
iusm far more concentrated effort hi
the work of the church. Mr. Westmnu
wlll continue these talks tbis week,
and at the regular Sunday Bsrvjces
be wlll be the preacher of the day.
Four automobiles loaded with
Cranbrook Masons Invaded Kimberley on Wednesday evening for a meeting with Selkirk lodge. Tliey report
a good time with good roads and a line
evening for the trip. Following the
lodge meeting a banquet of the usual
par excellence was furnished by
Host Harry Drew at the North Star
hotel. Those attending from ('ranbrook were Webster Burton, Archie
Raworth, F. B. Miles, W. R. Glbfis,
Wm. Macdonald, A. K. Jones, II. It.
Carter, Win. Henderson, James Martin, Lester Clapp, Dun Burton, J. H.
Henderson, Fred Coffey, W. 0. Worden,   Harry  Spence,   Harry   Ilieken-
The Russians reply that they allow- new light.
ed tiie enemy to advance as fur as the Nobody could predict to what de-
Opatow-Sandomlr   front   In  order  t grce of good or evil the world would
force them to abandon their strongly be cbangftf'b'y the fionfilct, the speak-
■ ,.'r ached position near Klelce and .for said, but thfl chant'- Undoubtedly
iccept battle In tlie open.   Since tliis would be colossal, ''
battle nothing has eome throm-li
entente  of  the  twi
The advance of tlie Russians Into
Hungary has aroused intense tooling
in Rumania with aspect to Transylvania and a section of that country is
advocating Rumania to join the allies
so thai with tho end of Ibe war, should
victpry resi with the allies. Rumania
muy fall heir to tbat part of the Aus-
tro-Hungarlan empire,
Philadelphia,   Pa.,   Oct   8.- tTnles
all  signs  fail  the  wi rld's    i rli     1 f
I!il4 will be modelled along the Un ■■
< f the great Europenn war,
The spirit of brotherly love, for
which the Quaker Is noted, appear?
to have been crowded Into the bai' -
ground. Tlu struggle for the premier
baseball honors of thc universe open-
id with u campaign of threats that
read like bulletins from the foreign
war zone.
Manager George Stall In gs of till
Boston Nationals threatened to punch
Connie Mack of the world's champion
j Athletics on  the nose;   Director Por*
a large wrfger that the wnr will be t0r of thp Bepnrlment 0f public safo.tv
over within three months and he I? lnr(,nten8 tt investigate the- tick.;
Known as a carefiil hotter. , erilfl S(.aml.l]; ,h„ National commls*
Tliis optimistic feeling seems to bo  a|on roc0lVflt* complaints of an ailcg*
reflected In tin-. American  embassy.  P{]  s|tll-()IKp nf j
(VAXTKII—Horses for winter pustnre
Have abundance of good grasi.
stubble, straw stacks and four mile':
water frontage. Price Jl.50 per
head month. -George Gow, Cowlev,
Alia. 30-41
r"t.vm*\ Sume Imc person to n-
ui't s-'iit us for tin* sale of Canada's
War Patriotic Picture. "Doubling
tie- Watch." Send 2fic. for Colored
sample copy and our terms.*—Malone Moulding H Framing Co., Ltd..
Montreal. Qee. 41-1
, 1 VNTGUr—A live iniiiiuger to rcprc-
AGENCY in this town. Must le
good Ipyist und bookkeeper, with a
knowledge of tlu* collection bi-si-
net*.s, and must be ready to devote
whole time to it. (,ApplJ[ ut once.
slating   previous  experience  to   Ho*;
:;fl.:, ivnticton, H.c.       '        4i-.it
There is talk of "tiie greatest iiru.-
i* s ever mustered," but does not the.
reveal snipe forgotfulness? The grout-
::. of ull armies In point of numbers
was tliat which Xerxes hum
against Greece. Herodotus give-, tin
.lumber of lighting men as 2,lJ41,0tup
aud modern critics do not seem able
t«i reduce It very matorinlly. Some
; historians have computed thai. Including servants, eunuchs and other camp
followers, the great host exceeded 5,-
'100,000 souls.
Krnest   Jones,  a   lumberman   from
Elko, was u city visitor today.
W. l-l, Dunham. Pastdr.
Sunday services: Itev. J. P. Wei
man, of Calgary, a former pastor
he church, will preach ut II a m. a
7.:i0 p.m.    '
There wlll be a general conprtv
tional rally at the morning servii
The oichostra will assist in the ■;■
sram of mmvic at the evening servii
under the direction of Mr. Chas.
Nidd. organist and choir leader.
.Mr. Westman will also conduct th
Bible class at 'A p.m.
All  are  invited  to  the  above
Mitliem—"O Worship the King"	
Jil'ertory (Organ) Serenade	
Choir and Qrcheiitra
Orchestral   Preludes da I   Chamson
Triste    Tschalkowsky
Orchestral Preludes (b) Sextet From
Lucia de Lammermoor Donizetti
11 "tint—"Onward   Christian   Soldiers'
Chorus—"Gloria From 12tb Mass"..
Offertory- - "La Cinguantalne"	
ondon, ()>■(.
■ will be far
A  belief tliat tbe
otter than the pres-
-ii nation   Indicates   is   gradually ;
uiio  ground In diplomatic circles;
0    The secretary of the embassy of
■ of lhc Involved powers has made
though nobody there will make pro-
phGBlos ubout the conflict's duration.
it is understood thnt the cheerful
change from deepest pessimism Is ln-
jtcboardfl and, to
cap the climax, tie* weather man
threatens to have n ;;' fer tomorrow,
the day upon which 1!;" American
and National league p nnanl winners
D. V. Mott has return;.! to the
aRer an absence of ovi r a year.
Local (^ontraitor*- are all engagi
1 i-i
spired by information (rom Potrograd  „„, BO|iedulod t0 opoT] ti,e „.,.;. ;„
and Vienna concerning the   Russian   smbp |)ar,t ,,, th,B rj(y
iirogrnni lu Austria Hungary, Through	
diplomatic   channels   the   word   has 1
reach, d  London that the Russian Invasion of Hungary means moving on j
Vienna from the south und tbere Is
little Indication tlmt the resistance by
the Hungarians will bi» bitter, as ul- 1 going ovor the plant
ready there aro signs thut lite Hungar-   mory,  preparatory 1
Inn leaders are seeking understandings   called for.
about the future with Russia. The  Fernie  Rink
Once In Vienna, the Russians nre | meeting on Wednesday evening, when
expected to have little trouble In com-1 the lease of William Roblchaud was
Ing to terms witli Austria, for the renewed at $600 per annum.
Austrlans have already complained j The funeral of the late William K
about the buk of German support and] Russell took place ou Tuesday. The
If Russia treats them fairly thoy will, deceased wns a wostern pioneer, co'm-
probubly decide—bo diplomats here ing wesl to Butte, Mont., from Con-
bellove—that encouraging the knlt-v-- nelsvllle, Pa., over thirty years ago
world-empire scheme is not worth the j with Senator Clark. Cor the past six-
price, in thnt'ease Austria and Hun- j teen years be had bcun making his
would  be considered  separate, '■ hoodtiuartcrs In Fernie.
finders  being
(H.iniAN   l.OSSKS
botlmm, II. J. Palmer, Hurry BanOold I 8ar*
'whicli certainly would appeal to thej
Austria's armies are so badly shut-!     London, Get. 7.   An official
tered now Unit further resistance in! ||8|IP(j ■„  porlln, says tin* Exchange
doubtful, In cuse Vienna  falls.   The  Tologrnph rompnny, gives tho Gorman
i-t pub-
and O. B. Willis.
Have a great many calls for child
'ren'H underwear.   We would Ilka tin
nations of old or new underwear that! capitiilutlou of Austria would open losses In killed and missing up to
can be mudo over or uttered' for ' the way to lhe complete Investment of: September 1st ns 117,000. The iiiilhor-
cbildren. Send all tilings In a Bu'nl-ltlio German empire and even the j IttOB admit, the despatch add:,, the
tary condition to tho city bull any I kaiser could not hope to bold the foe totul Iobrph to dato ure ut. loost 300,-
day ta Ihe w«ek frum 4 to 5 o'clock,    [at bay long on such u huge front. [000.
l.iul People, Ccme"
QboruB  "o   Canada"
Chorus arranged I'm- s.A.T.G. i.y
Em u'son Jami s
Orclii Btral  part; sap'red ity r. p.
Hymn "Abide With Me"
Postlude- "Marche aux riantbeuux"
  Scotson Clark
Chas. F. Nidd, organist, choir and
ircheBtra director.
Literary    evening:     ColerU
Roek.   J. F, Brougbtou.
Sunday Low inasji at S.2Q a.m.,
iigh muss. 10:30 a in ; Sunday School
''rom 2 lo :: p.m.; Ib>sury and Bene*
llctlon ;it 7.,'.11. [t m.
Mondays and holy days of obli|;u-
tlon     Mass ut & a.m.
Pastor,  W, K. Tiionison
Morning si rvlce, il u.ul   Subject:
"Than ksgl vlng
s. s. and Bible class, .'. p.m.
Evening --■ rvice. 7.30 p.m.    Subject;
•The Freedom of the Simple Life."
choir leader -Mrs, E. 1'aiersou.
Organist-  Mr. H. Stephens.
M ii rnhii:
Anthem   "Yi   Shall   Dwell   in   the
l.-.inu" John  stainer
Anthem «<'PraJse  the  Lord"	
 Caleb   Simp-r
Aat'i.em     -o Clap   Vonr   Hands To-
- flier" Edward Turn* r
Knox    literary      aud      Debating
'oeiety   Wednesday  owning  s   p.m.
Kev   O. E. Kendall, pastor
Services 11 'in a.m. and 1 80 ; in
Tl.e morning topic will  1-' "Occasions and Blessing of Thang   :.  .;■ "
Tlie evening topic will  be:    ; : .ill
Man Live by Bread Alon
Sunday school and Bible el:
Baptist Young I'M.piv's unt6i
day S.00 p.m.
Weekly prayer tu   tint   '■■■
s.oo p.m.
Yuu ar.- cordially li \i,- i
CHRIST < Ml I'' 11
E  P. Flowelllng, K   i
A remarkable tl lug     is tn aspired
in I'nited States history.
Tlu- President of t) ■ United .-'.. ti 1
bas    summoned    "ti ■     God**
people" •■;' v.-  ■ ountry tn ubi ■ ■■ <   b
day 1 i lot >-■.. -. l< u :" ir I oail
that are torn with wnr    li ■ .
people "tn repair on li,
plBCI  -     ■  , I,;."'
thi Ir : .* \ ■ a:i. .
overruling tl 1 1 ounsels of mi n, I
ting straight the things that cannot
govern nor alter, taring pity on the
nations now in the thro* b of i id lh 1.
lu His mercy and goodness showing n
way   where   men   can   see   none.   He
vouchsafe His children, healing peace
again, nnd resti ri oa< moi 1 thai
- > ■ ■ ird amoug men and 1 itions,
without  which there can  bt   ncltl   v
Send for Five Roses
Cook Book-
t>.9t<-i i-^rs   1}*   (-*^r*ii-*j-jrj.   tf  nn   f>0   tt.-rjiar.d
*•:<-*. i=! iwri cJ FntR*»--,r^>wthft«£l*-j*CMi*-i».
A^l*^ UtrJtl Sxe* on iSe i tnoss dsatn J p,A Aiogi
ia -»*. -J J *ti*itk U»e ban untiM* dwUI *a-!
rt-cr.rckeij by ctt3p»:-TJ tri'Jt/tty.
m_ TM EmtlM ll IIM DT Tii WMOi MRUIHi CO. UMTED. Wjgg
Cranbrook Jobbers tSSSSXc
AIITK.IIIS V.MIIII. THE 1.1'IOCS Alliaill'AN lll'MOli-
1ST, WHOSE iii'Moit siimi:toii:s *,».is a i.am i;.
!n Canada arc hundreds nf liuslnens firms striving nidi all
tholr iiilt'lit lo make better times for themselves and Iheir
communities. T» lliem oil honor.
Bul tbere nro other firm—manufacturers, wholesalers and
retailers—«Im are "standing pat," "ploying safe." doing
absolutely nothing In build up business. Tbey ure mere
lookers on, nol participants In the valorous struggle of
their brethren in maintain und establish good limes.
Look aboul you ajid ynu will find in the advertising
columns of Hiis and iilber newspapers man) moBSago*,
from flrmS witb a sturdy confidence In tbe future. *
■""-■   '     -   -*rf ;—r
THURSDAY,   OCTOBER 8th, 1914.
No. 34
A. F. * A. V.
Regular meetings    on    the
third Thursday of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
H. Hickenbotham, W.M.
J.    I..    Cranston,   Sec.
W. F. Gl'RD
Barrister,   Solicitor,   Etc
352 Richards St
I I'raubruiik Lodge
J, Meets every Wed-
)nesday at S p.m.
in    Royal    Itlack
Knights' Hall
Baker Street.
Wm, Matthews. Dictator
Frank  Carlson,   Sec,   Box   756
Loyal   Orange
No.   1871
g|„ ,.„.	
intf^      Thursdays at S p.m.
•Win Black
Knights of Ireland Hall, Baker
II. S. Qarrett, W.M.
W. C. Dunstan, Ree. Sec.
_jsmstfmmt.       M e e 1 >   every
W_W__S.   Monday   night
\m&5&V  st    Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
E. H. McPhee,           S. L. Coop,
NU.                    Fin. Sec.
W. M. Harris, Roc. Secretary.
NO. 12. I.O.O.F.
Meets first and third Wednesdays In each month.
A cordial Invitation extended
to visiting brothers.
It. W. Russell, Chief Patriarch
H. White, Scribe
Pride ol Cranbrook Circle, No.lM
Meets ln Carmen's Hall lit and
3rd    Wednesday    of   each
month at 8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Uurle, CC.
Mrs. A. Guthrie, Sec.
P. 0. Box 602
Visiting Companions cordially
Cranbrook. B.C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
tlie Fraternity Hall
Alex. Hurry, CC.
E. Halsall. K. of H. tt S.
P. 0. Box 522
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
MeetH every second and fourth
Wednesday  at  Fraternity  Hall
Sojourning Rebekahs cordial,
ly Invited.
Sis. Lllla Blaine, N.G
81a. Ada Hickenbotham, Ree. Sec
Court Cranbrook. 8*43
Meets  In  Maple  Hall second
and fourth  Thursdays ot each
mouth at s p.m. sharp.
John Shaw, C.R..
I.   Pearron,  See.,  Box  618
Visiting brethren made welcome
Meets In Maple Hall second
and fourth Tuesday of every
month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to   British
E. V. Brake, J. F. Uwer,
President Secretary
Visiting members cordially
Meets In the Carmen's Hall
first Tuesday afternoon of every
month at 8 p.m. and the fancy
work class meets on third Friday evening In the same place at
I p in.
Mrs. B. II. Leaman. Pres,
MrH. J. Shaw, Ser.-Treas
P. O. Box 442
All ladles cordially Invited.
President:   A.   B.   Smith
Meets regularly the first Friday
evening each month
Information on poultry matters
Address the Secretary
W. W. McOregor.
P. O. Drawer 499
President   A.  II   Smith
Secretary   Alb ll Webb
For    Information    regarding
lands and agriculture apply to
tbe Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting -Tho third Thursday
of each month, at old Gym, at 8
DR. F. 11. MILES
Office  In  Hanson  Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Civil and Mining Kngineers
K. Ca LaniKHiirveynrs
Funeral  Director
ie 346 P. 0. Box 585
Day Phone 233 Night Phone 35
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Oeneral Merchant
hmplovnieiit* Agent,
P. 0. Box 108 Phone 244
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge  Coal
XMte Powder
Imperial Oil Co.
Draylng and Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
KoM. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phone 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction   Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Shorthand,    Stenography,
Bookkeeping, Etc
on Mon* Tues. and 1'hurs. Kv'gs
from 7 to 9 o'clock. $8 per month
King Edward's School
Cranbrook, B.C.
Per week.
High School course       3.60
School course      2.50
Kindergarten       1.35
Private lessons       1.00
Miss V. M. Cherrington
Phone 290
(Successor to W. F. Gurd)
Barrister,    Solicitor   and
P. O. Box 859
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
Physicians and Surgeons
Office  at  residence.  Armstrong
Forenoons    9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
Evenings    7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
Cranbrook,   B.C
(Special correspondence)
Qeorge Hayes at the Wasa Btore
Joined the benedicts last Wednesday.
We expected to see him down here for
a few days after the happy event and
drop n few bones ut the local hotels,
but lt looks us If he will have to take
a trip to Wasa now.
Mrs. Hugh Watt, of Elko, was n
visitor to Steele Wednesday und
Thursday of last week.
C S. Skinner, Esq., ot Fernie, look
us by surprise Friday and left a few
dollars and a good name before departing.
Word was received the other day
that the special reporter of the Imperial hotel was killed at the fighting
line In France while trying to get Ilrst
hand news. No doubt the vacancy
will be filled immediately.
Mrs. R. F. Davis, who has been In
ho.iiilt.il ut Cranbrook for some time,
returned home Saturday very much
Wm. G. Carlin left Monday on a
business trip to Calgary.
John Kelly Just returned to Steele
after an absence of nearly a year.
Jack hus been down at Yahk all the
time piling up dough.
T. T. McVittie and B. W. Worden
left Wednesday for a trip to Kimberley and points unknwon.
Robert and Mrs. Barker arrived In
Steele Wednesday from California.
Bob haa_a swell automobile with him
this trip, having motored ull the way.
Its Just a year age since they left here
and we are right glud to see them
again. No doubt Bob will have the
freedom of the burg conferred on him
this time.
Maternity and General Vsi.lug
Garden Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone 269 P. O. Box 845
Butter & Cream
Deliveries Made Promptly When
You Order
McPhee's Ranch
Irrigation Engineer
Dominion and Provincial Land
P. 0. llox 218    Telephone 143
lulitlni mt lor WODua. tl a bu er tkneler
ill. Sold st all Drag BKrw. or ■UMKur
addrMsonroeolptofpHoo. Tuloomi. 0»M
Co.. It ottmiao^ Ontario,
vitality, for Nerve aad Brain; lai
sun.,'': .Tonic-will bud r»« »,.*,»
two tor ,6, tt drug Mom. or by ■an as. avaaara
olprlc.   Ths soossllPip. Co.,St Ojtfc.raaes,
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.. Agenta.
Hat Renovator
Remodelling Ladies Hats
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
is open for engagement
Dance*, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
Taxidermist and Far
P. 0. Box IU
Calgary, Alberta
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk In
We guarantee to Please
If you want satisfaction
with your washing
send It to
Special prices for family
O It C ll E S T It A
llox lihll
TerniH 1111 Application
Phone 105 P. O. Box 33
Organist Methodist Church
Receive! Pupils tor
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
Hours:  2 to 6
Evenings by arrangement
Big John Alexander, one of the best
known local Indian hunters, Is Just
back trom Yahk, where he bagged
four deer, and Is out with a prediction
ot a cold winter. The squirrels are
busy already putt'.ug away nuts and
the wild animals have heavy coats ot
Mr. and Mrs. Blackwood, of Nelson,
were Creston visitors last week.
The rally day service nt the Methodist church Bhowcd n Sunday school
enrollment ot 88. the blggeBt on record.
Miss Laura Kdmondson, who Is attending school at Nedson, spent Saturday and Sunday at her home here.
Guy Lowenburg returned on Saturday from Bonners Ferry.
The new bungalow which the Catholic congregation has erected for the
priest's residence Is completed and is
occupied by Father John during his
visits here.
Creston's streets are this week receiving the usual fall repairs, a
plentiful supply of gravel being put
on tho low spots.
Mr. and Mrs. Boules and family left
on Friday for Spokane, where they
will make their homo.
Mr. and Mra. J. K. Grady, of Spokane, wero here visiting the former's
A citizens' meeting ls called for
October 6th to arrange a concert in
aid of tho Patriotic or Red Cross
(By Fred Roo),
Did you get your name on the voters' list? If not, why not. Remember there'll come a day sometime,
etc., etc.
R. F. Green, M.P., was in Elko twice
last week.
Messrs. C. A. Well, president Eureka Lumber Co.; C. H. Hamann, president First National Bank, Eureka;
J. E. Brooks, chief of United States
customs department, Gateway, Montana, and Mr. Albee, the Marshall
Field of Lincoln County, paid a short
visit to Elko on their return from
Cranbrook, where they had been fraternizing with the Shriners, and were
enthusiastic at the reception they received from the Cranbrook people, lt
was their lirst visit and they made
the trip ln President Haniann's C'hul-
mer's touring car. The Chesterfields
ot Cranbrook must have been out en
masse, as we knew the burg in 97,
but never heard it get such a boost
as the above gentlemen and scholars
gave lt. By the time this reaches the
press everybody ln Lincoln County
vill have heard about Cranbrook, as
the above quartet are all well known
live wires and men you don't meet
every day.
W. M. Walker, the Pat Burns, of
Fernie, was in Elko this week, to
get away from the squalls.
It's to be hoped when the time
comes, the "Allies" won't forget the
way the Prussians went after Lillie
and Nancy.
O. F. Stalker, government agent,
Fernie, and Elko, was visiting the old
historic burg this week. We presume
also to get away (rom the squalls.
Oerman grand operas have been
forbidden In France and Kngland;
also in Elko.
Tobacco Plains needs a Mounted
Police bad.   The Calgary magistrates,
House Furnishings, Linoleums, Carpets, Rugs,
Draperies, Dinner Sets and Toilet Sets,
until you obtain our prices.
John Reid, road superintendent, Dr.
Rutledge and J. McEachern were inspecting the village roads and sidewalks last week.       i'
Jack Lewis, provincial game warden, paid us a flying visit last Monday.
Dr. Rutledge was ln town Friday.
H. K. Padgett is relieving Operator
T. Robson, of the Western Canada
Wholesale Co., Fernie, was calling on
local merchants Monday.
J. Tanner, of Cranbrook, arid A. B.
Carter, of Kimberley, were registered
at the Wardner hotel this week.
Elmer Thompson has purchased
Mr. Herrlcs driving horse and outfit.
Charles Barnes and Charles Wilson
are repairing thc government 'sidewalks this week.
The Crows Nest Pass Lumber
Co. have shipped several carloads of
horses to Nanton, Alta., where they
will winter there.
Archie Leitch motored in from
Jaffray Saturday evening.
Mrs. Renwlck and son Joe spent
the week end with her sister, Mrs. A.
Leitch at Jaffray.
P. Lund left for the prairies Tuesday morning.
Constable Dixon made an official
visit to Jaffray Tuesday.
J. Haleu and A. Ostlund were Cranbrook visitors Monday.
Canadian Pacific
Very Low Fares
in connection with
Excursions to the Old Country
Daily Nov. 7th to Dec. 31st inclusive.
Limit five months, stop over and extension
Full information re Kail and STEAMSHIP TICKETS from
Ticket Agent, or write
District Passenger Agent, Calgary.
Realising That the End Is Near, He
Mike* His Will.
are kicking .taut th.ao»teni test .r^ '   tt_^__f_mi ,„
coming in trom the south.   It they
saw the chance as we see It, they
would wonder how those in authority
hold their jobs. They are coming and
going like Coon's to a melon patch.
Mrs. T. Duncan and children and
Miss Nellie Thompson motored to
Roosville last week, visiting the Roo's
and Lcacy'a, returning via Gateway,
Waldo and Baynes.
Willie Newendorf, at the Merchants
Bank, Elko, waa given a farewell
dance at FlagBtone, where his parents reside, Friday, prior to his de-
parture to RedcllSe, Alberta.
Fred Adolph and H. H. Ross were
In from the prairies this week.
The European powers replied to
President Wilson ol the United
States In effect that they aro not at
present la the market tor peace, but
In the event they need anything ot
the sort, they will keep his name and
address in mind.
Robert Blatchford says In "Thc
Times," that you wlll not And the real
Tommy Atkins In any literature, that
you wlll not hnd him In any books ot
his. The army of which he wrote
has vanished, that of which Kipling
wrote never Misted, the real Tommy
Atkins who nurses French babies,
scrubs his landlady's table, marches
to battle singing music hall songs,
argues about Freddie Welsh In the
midst of the shell fire, and lays down
the fag ot his cigarette while he goes
out to light ten Oerman guardsmen
with the bayonet. Tommy Atkins was
bom alter the Boer war. Some tell
us England is decadent, that the British are played out, but the nation
which can turn out men like Tommy
Atkins by the hundred thousand has
not yet come to the top ot Its form, Is
only now moving towards its highest
It Is rumored in Qermany that the
Emperor-now realizes that his uum-
er Is up, and Is accordingly making
his will, revoking all Wills made heretofore. The will is said to read as follows:
This Is the Last Wlll and Testament
of me WILHELM, the super-swanker
and ruler of the sausage-caters, recognizing that I am fairly up agalst It,
and expecting to met with a violent
death at any minute at the hands of
brave Johnny Bull, hereby make my
last Wlll and Testament.
I appoint the Emperor of Austria
to be my sole executor .by kind permission of thc allies).
I. I give and bequeath to France
thc territories of Alsace and Lorraine
(as this Is only a case of returning
stolen property, I don't deserve nny
credit for It, and am not likely to set
It either).
li.   To Servia I give Austria.
3. To Russia I give Turkey, fur
thc Tzar's Christmas dinner.
4,, .To Belgium I should like (o glvo
all the thick ears, bliick eyes, nnd
broken noses, that she presented mc
with when 1 politely trespassed on her
li. To Admiral Jelllcoo I give all
my Dreadnoughts, Submarines, Torpedo-boat destroyers and licet of
Funkers generally, what's loft of
them. He's bound to have them ln
thc end, so that Is only anticipating;
To John Bull I glvo what's left
of my army, as his General French
seems so hondy nt turning my men
Into sausage-meat, I suppose he
means to finish thc Job with his Kitchener, tho champion German-Baus-
uge cooker.
7.   To the British Museum I leave
Phone 264 I*. O. Box 788
Carpenter aud Builder
Plans aid Estimates rurnl.hed
oi Short Nolle*
Mr. Ollday and family, ol Winnipeg. my tmam moustache, souvenir of the
aro visiting Elko this week. 1 jr^ent swanker In this or any other
Mr,  Cook,  ot  Flagstone,  was  In  „ge
Elko this week. j    8.   To Mrs. Pankhurst and the wild
women 1 leave my mailed list, they'll
I find It useful, no doubt, when thoy ro-
(Spaclal correspondence) ! sume tholr militant tactics.
  ]    9.   To   Sir   Ernost   Shackieton   I
J. McTavish, ol Bull River, spent; leave the Pole, I've boon up It for so
Wednesday In Cranbrook.
P. Rain, of Cranhrook, passed
through to Bull River Wednesday.
J. R. Pollock and wife, of Fernie
s.t\nt* to town last Wednesday.
long that 1  regard  It as my own
Lord of tho I .and, Sea and Air
Not   targeting   tha   Sausages   and
Lager Beer
Signed by the above-named WILHELM as his last Will In the
presence ot us his ministers and
keepers present at tho samo time,
who In his presence and In the
presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed uur nnm-s ns
Bnron Von Sauorkraut
Graf Von MunlclLlagerbier.
j Thc following letter from a Cana-
! dian shoe manufacturer is' being sent
i to the retailers throughout Canada:
Much as I dislike introducing the
; personal element Into a question of
1 such universal Interest, I am prompted
j to do so hy the unprecedented conditions existing, which must cnuse us
! all to realize that we cannot, with
prudence, act independently of one
' another at this time. Hence, this np-
t peal which 1 trust will be accepted in
tlie spirit in which it Is made.
Before me lie two letters, ono to me
personally, from Mr. E. G. Henderson,
president Canadian Manufacturers Association, In which lie states:
"The most fruitful cause of distress
during the coming winter will be unemployment. As un employer of labor
you will huve only your responsibility,
hut the opportunity uf fulfilling this
responsibility, UBH EVERY EFFORT
Tlio other letter Is a copy ot the
original sent by the secretary of the
Retail Merchants of Canada, Inc., tn
thc Qoubec members or that body; (I
herewith quote from Ids letter):
"We think lt would be advisable for
you to point out to your customers
tliat in their purchases thoy should j
give tlie preference to goods "MADE-
IN-CANADA," whicli would help to [
keep Canadian factories busy, thereby
giving employment to Canudlnns, who
are so much in need of earning as
much us possible. 1
"To encouiagc horn" Industries la a j
good policy at all times, but should be
acted upon at tills trying period for
It Is my duty as a citizen or Canada
to subscribe to tho Patriotic Fund-
It ls my duty as a manufacturer to
keep down the prices or my products
even against advancing cost of raw
material but abovo all it is my duty as
a fellow-man to keep my employees 111
bread during tho months to come. Is
It not then my 'duty to ask for your
support during tho critical period?
I wns told yestordny that more thnn
tB.Ollo.OOO.OO worth of shoes entered
Canada from the United mates last
year.   Just atop and realize that tills
business diverted to your own ('ana.
. dhni factories would keep the wheels
turning n little l.K more steadily.
When Cunadians buy "Made-in-Can-,
ada" goods, thc money puid ont still
circulates In this country so that the
whole community benefits thereby;
when Canadians buy elsewhere the
money goes out of the country and 99
per cent of it fails to return.   DO WE
. NEED THAT m per cent!
I havo about 400 workmen—with
their families, and with the thousands
of workmen and their dependents in
other Canadian alloc factories, they
anxiously await your response
Vou know us—and, when we guarantee Rexall Orderlies tj satisfy you
: or your monoy back, ynu know It Is
I because we have fulth in them.     Wo
want you to come to us uud get a
package of them.    Use a few or tho
, entire hex.   Then, if not entirely satisfied, come  hack  and  we  wlll  give
. hack ynur money.   Vou promise noth-
! ing,  sign  nothing.    We accept your
mere word.
We believe Hexali Orderlies are the
1 best bowel remedy nmde.   They taste
I like candy.   Soothing and easy in ac-
1 tion. tliey do not cause griping, nau-
son,  purging  or  excessive  looseness,
us harsh physics do.   Hexali Orderlies
tune and  strengthen the nerves and
muscles nf tho Isiwcls and promptly
relieve Constipation, helping III overcome Its cause, and nt the name time
removing thn chief cnuse id sick
lioadacluie, blllousnoss, Imd breath,
norvouBJiO*,*. and other Ills cniiscil by
iuAqtlVO  bOWols.     Ill   vest   pocket   till
boxes;  Wc., 86c„ BOc.
Vim can buy Hexali Orderlies only
ut The Rexall stores, und In tliht
town only of us.—lteattie-Murpliy
Co., Ltd.	
all persons having any claim against
llie estate of tho lute William French,
who died on or about Ihe 18th day of
September, 1914, at Wolf Crook, In
the Province of British Columbia, aro
required on or before tho 1st day of
November, A.D., 1914, to send by post
prepaid to thc undersigned solicitors
for Valentino Hydo Baker and George
Maslilter Edwards, the executors of
the satd estate, tholr names and addresses and full particulars of their
claims in writing and a statemont ot
the accounts and the nature of tho
'securities, lt any, held by thorn, and
such statement shall ho verified by
statutory declaration.
AND TAKE NOTICE that alter the
1st day dr November, A.D., 1914, Valentino Hydo linker and George Maslilter Edwards will proceed to distribute
tho assets of tho said deceased having
regard only to the claims ol which
thoy shall tlicn hnve hud notice, and
will tli.it bo liable to any person of
whose claim they shall then have not
had notice.
Ilnrvcy. McCurtor, Macdonald & Nisbet
40ia  Solicitor* for said Executors.


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