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Cranbrook Herald May 31, 1917

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THURSDAY, MAY 'list. Ii»17
Will,   11111,11
JUNK l.'i
i:vi:iiv HON-
Aie cnlhiitilnstlc eeieel BiiccoBBful mooting eer tin. Crnnbrooh Agrloulluri'.l
Association was lioltl een Mondny ovonlng when II wns tloclilod lie Inelil ei Pull
Kulr nbout tlio nililillo ol September,
Tin. oxncl (Into will bo nunoiincoil lutor
Among iitlleT Bcltomos 11 wns- decided
lo lioltl ii Kne'st membership tie-lift
soiling  ItOBt tee eetlll't on .llllll'  IBtll.
Ah in former yonrB tlto momboralilp
loo will in' $1. Contoatunts In tlilee
competition will iii> I'iiiel io1; on nit
monlos collcctod noil tin' coittostuiit
Wiio eet'lls tin* gre'iiiier number of membership curds will nleeo bo prosontcd
wltli n gold wrist wntcli eer any otlie*r
nrtle'le' lee* eir slit* mny wi. li to tho
value of $21,.
Tlm compotltlon will start on Juno
lr.lli  llllel OlOSO een  August  1st.
It is necessary Hint tlio names or
persons desiring to enter tills content
li,. in Hie hnnds of the Secretory, Mr.
IV. I'. Marshall, not Inter than Monday
Hie llth June. Hooks of Tickets will
bo given out on Thursday evening,
June llth at the ofllco of the Agrl-
eiiltural Association In the City Hall,
from 7.80 to 8.30.
The directors hnve made arrangements for motor cars to he placed nt
tin. disposal of any of the contestants
who may wish to sell tickets out of
Il should lie the aim of evory oltl
Uie coming fair
everyone work:; together tier tlto com-
i.ltili good of the city anil district there
will lei' no elocution in' the fil I benefit to lee derived.
drains,    vegetable,   fruits,   cattln,
| horses ,1'lilrken;;. dogs, home eooki'l'y,
ftlllcy work, J*uh]!e' anil Manual Training Schools exhibits will all he euro-
fully looked utter, tin* Directors Intend
vlsiling every pari r.i llie dlstrlcl to
oncourngo production and solicit exhibits. Sports will also gol evory ut-
tentlon, ll Is Itppnd that arrangements
wlll be mnilo lo hnve some ot the good
old time .Miners and Lumbering Mens
events, base ball unit racing and the'
alwnys popular Indian events will lee
Exooutlvo meetings will be hold In
the Association room at the City
Hall every Mondny evening nt S o'clock, any one Interested In the fair
Is cordially Invited to he present, If
you arc unable to eome write n lottor
to the Secretary and your suggestions
will have every consideration, co-opor-
atlon Is the keynote of success.
Those desiring to enter the membership contest can see the Secretary at
the office In the City Hall from seven
to eight overy Monday evening.
Mr. J. P. Pink Is the newly elected
President of the Association, Dr. Hut-
ledge resumes his old position as Vice
»„d farmer In tl.e district lo mnke  President and W.
,• a great success and if   re'tury 1 reasurer.
Marshall Is See*
(The' following Is taken Irom lh''
Burnley Express, England, through
the kindness of Mr. Thos. BntOS of
Klnascate. I). C.I
School   Olll   "">
OUI boys of the Burnley Uraninie'r
School will deeply regret to hear Hint
Lieut. Wllllnni Harrison, of the Can*
iulini, Seots. wns killed In action on
Enstcr Mondny. Official news was
recolvod ou Saturday noon, by wire
from the Cnnaellau llccorel Office, by
brother.    .Mr.   Jnmes    Harrison.
f :to.".. Handles-
"Regret   ex-
Lieut   William
cotton manufacturer
ter-road.  as  follows:
ceediag to inform you
Harrison, 64th   Ikettnliun Canadians
killed in action. April Ofl."
Wllllnni was il Ideal of "oui bro
Otors, sons of tlie late Mr. John Harrison, and who were onrly i*
phnns.   They lived In Ormerod-ron
nml all panned through the (Iranim
School.     William   was   there
lime of Mr .1. Lnngfleld Ward,
(rniilireeok  vs  Klinhcrley
The iii'.e.ehall game phiyeel on the
local grounds between Crnnbrook and
Kimberley een May 24th resulted in
n win Tor the vlaltlng team by u score
of 1IJ-S. Tin' line-up was as follows-
Klmborloy: Richardson, 1st base;
Drlscoll, Uiul lease; Xewiur.n, s. ston;
Newman, 3rd lease: Crorer. Pitcher;
Chenoweth. Catcher; O'Brien, 1. field;
Hughe..-., r. field; Crnnbrook: Adamson. 1st base: Mcllwalne. 2nd base:
Dallas and McKay, s stop; Sulllvon,
:!nl base-; Pntterson and Musser. Pitcher; Cory cntchor; Kay. I. field: McKay, r field: Patterson and Mott.
e. field. Dan McKachern, Kimberley.
acted as umpire.
I 111 III II,
CUll    S\\
ova! h'
of   lhc
1   tin'
V.    \
endowed with a strung phys-
I was a leader It. aU vigorous
„,ii n. football, cricket, run-
Immlng,   and   ,M*  ''ad  ;.
ttisieoslllon, nnd was one
i   of sportsmen.    After
,1.    lie    qualified    as  a
,| was fur a Hue.' »' Mo1'
,-  lie  Joined  lhe  Queen's
ntorslilre Voomnnry   Then
came back lo llnrnli'.v to Hn* bust-
,. cf tallow chandlers and eill mor-
tits in  Brldgo-stroet, hi  which thinly were cilieelll. il     Here he look |
t  In  various sports. ; ml  was ont
the founders of nnd players wltli
nrlglnnl II Ivodoro Football Club
su nmntoiir orgnnlsntlon which gain
„„   inn,   credll   In   Uncashiro
die iblro
Ahout Ihirteen years ago he- olocted
to it" Iii Canada, There could bo no
doubl that he had hi him lhe Bplrll "f
tin- uiii pi,nicer-* In that colony he
went i-nl "real West." having an OX'
ten-lie when li I in near Calgary,
which he slill possossed and was man-
„ge(l Ine hlm at tho t'nie of his dentil.
He hail e.f recent years also hail a re-
snonslble position ,*n the- Canadian
Pacific Hallway, nnil evme stationed
In the' heart of the llo-kh's on tlio
borders of Brltlsii Columbia, As a
matter of fuct. when wnr broke onl.
The   services   :
I-. j Sunday    were    ill
,-,. well attended T
in their cassock
"inorlar bonrrts"
witli    freshness
proved   .1   great
ihe singing w hi,
Christ Cburcb on
smelly happy nnd
' newly robed ehnir
nml surplices and
etnlereii   tlie music
nd    reverence ami
I ilVsriill'TlOX.
"If the Itovernmcnt of cur country, which l: responsible foi the
administration of nubile affairs,
think tbui conscription is ueces-
sury, I cannot see nn evbul grounds
we should let our opinions, what
e.er tbey muy be, Interfere wltll
our manifest duty of loyalty to thc
state The rights of Die stale tn
enforce sueh u measure cunnol he
i|ues|lnued, nnd to iMCry right nn
Hie purl eu* the stale- there is u
corresponding eluly een the purt of
the subject or citizen. The civil
aiitliierllles have fuller knowledge
.ef tlie sliunllon and ils needs than
we have, und If Ihey think conscription n necessary measure in
ct'Ji*rj the war to n prompt ami
successful conclusion, our obvious
duly, us far us I can see II. is tee
supporl them hy any meuus In
uur power." ARCHBISHOP SIX-
We regret lo report tlie death nf
Hie. John Macdonald who was killed
In action on April !Hh at Vimy Ridge.
Pte. Macdonald, before enlisting,
was a machinist apprentice In the C.
P. It. Shops here. He left Crnnbrook
with the 225th Battalion and went
overseas with tlio 131st Battalion from
Vernon, After reaching Kngland he
was drafted into the 2fltli Battalion.
The Herald joins with the whole
community in extending its sympathy
to ihe bereaved parents.
South Camp, Scaford. May 5, 1917—|
Dcnr Mrs. Sarvis.—I wish to thank you ;
and others of the G. I. A. for your contributions to the box which arrived O.
K. on tho -nd May. It was posted ou
the 25th of March.
I am still In quarantine but expect
to get out In another week at least I i
sincerely hope su, as we are heartily
sick of this confinement especially as
all the boys are going or have gone
over to France; most of tbem have
gone, officers and all.
The  weather has been  fine  lately. |
i Ideal summer weather If It wasn't Tor
the  wind,   which   has  been   blowing
Hert Murgatroyd left In a draft the
day before yesterday and Ashton \
Powers left this camp at the same time
for France. Wp have heard recently
that Harry Banfield and Bert Black !
of Fernie have been killed but you i
will know tbat by now.
I have ahout reached tbp limit of
my ability to write more so I will
have to close for want of time before
supper. I am "dine orderly" and have
to attend to tho grub. Again thr.nl;
Ing you, I remain, youra sincerely.
Carl A. QUI. No.931325.
! HOW    I.IKIT.    BANFIELD    !>1K!>
We Un
vie from  the  Department
I'i-ulfim-.   OtUhnit  (fires
[ il teres ting Lecture.
>ot Hold Ourselves Regjion*
Kor opinions Express-fed '»>
ml,  placi
in th
ting deraonstra-
Manual Train-
Uie parenl
d friends ot
i Invited nol only to
inspect work accomplished hut also
tc see the methods adopted,
"The bUBy Inclinations of children
should always be used to do something whicli will be useful to tbem,"
wrote the ureal Comenins, Here we
saw the principle carried out and
('ranbrook le to be congratulated on
having such mi excellent means of
instilling knowledge and correct habits or work in her growing and developing hoys. After the demonstration
the company adjourned to the school
where Mr, .lohn Kyle from the Department of Education, Victoria, addressed
the aildlenco on tbe necessity and the
advantages  of  technical  education.
"While some of the great nations of
the world." said Mr. Kyle, "are doing
their best to exterminate tholr adult
population. Ihey nre al llie same time
laying'plans I'or training and preparing their rising generation for a groat
industrial warfare which will surely
some after tho present! struggle is
over. Tlle war must lie paid for hy
production and the sl niggle for the
markets of the world will he won hy
the nation composed of the most skillful aud efficient workmen."
own from Vancouver,
,v : ' .1 America, which
-taicmeuts thai  we
amply p'oved
were In 'lie 111
I uieiil edueutloi
illl   111   '
II es
St    111
i people our oivii
I have to fare* In
f the young wgip
deal every'lilm*
me lo give fiem
The !-!
classes v
boys an i
the labo"
to recoM
similar I
Night t
and an <
empty n
2,000 st
schools regularly ' Victoria and New
Westminster tlio Idea Is gaining
ground rapidly. Toronto has just paid
$2,250,000 I'or a Technical School in
which she is going to train her population of adolescent and adult years.
She looks on tliis money spent ns nn
Investnio! I which will bring groat returns and experience proves that she
will nol be disappointed.
schools ''im Id bo inaug mi ted
opportunity given for a eon-
of the training received at the
iry school. It Is not good
to have the schools standing
t nights. In Vancouver over
udents were attending night
ht -  in
iu  leading
rrega tlonal
ireat i
imc of religion
Hie world at In
i iiml of iiu* wi
prepared   to   rei
righteousness, t
had ever been    D
was  getting   less
but   the   t'liiX'h
cleansing and reforming If it
j remain the Interpreter of tin
mlng age.
It ■ bei
Ihe uu
and lov
irighl w
Id less
-..•if     WOl
TI110I1 j
la fit-,
than it
Id    need
was  tO
< th.
and '
ve In
ll Ton.
lie was in Brltl-h Columbia, and on
the day when Britain declared war ho
his name as one or the first
r:- In lhe prospective Cnnr.tl-
oo to be raised,
he was attached to the lflth
Canadian (Scottish), and wore
ed uniform, His previous expirlGiico
with the Yeomanry soon gained for
liltn Hie rank of sergeant, and it was
as Sorgt. W, Harrl-ui lhat ho fought
at Yprot* In April. tfllB, It was the
time when the Canadians were attacked with gas for tbe rirr-t time, liar
rlsofl was not "gasaied," Inn was
wounded In tho BllOllldor, some nf the
b-ine being splintered. When he onme
to Burnley on being discharged from
hospital it was tiie first draft his
brother a"d his many friends had new
him for a dozen years.   After Ills re*
itovitn or  pension  cost.
We have received tli
: ter   for   publication   trom   Mr   T,   M
As vour district conies within tho j
territory assigned i<> this office of the
Board of Pension  Commissioners, I
j would  deem   it   a  utcai  favor If you j
i would  keep  mo   In   loach   with  any;
casualties occurlng In your district,]
where pensions would he available.
and in so doing forward applications
for   pension-   through   Ihis   office,   at
tin* same time Informing mo whether
or not advances of patriotic moneys
have been made In the particular ens-
I have tbe honor to be. Sir,
Vour obedient servant,
Hoard  of  pension   Commissioners
Calgary Dislrict Office.
A letter has been received by W, C. i
Marshall from Charlie Baker, the late ;
I Lieut, Banfield's partner, enclosing
a copy of letter from Captain J. J.
Martin, Lieut. Banfield's superior officer, The numerous friends of Major
Black and I.leut. Banfield will be
deeply Interested in hearing first
hand particulars of their hemic
Dear Baker. Vour letter of 23rd
inst, addressed to Major Black has
been referred to me. Poor Black was
wounded on ihe Bth at Vimy Ridge
aad died of wounds on the 12th. He
and Banfield went out about a month
ago and wcre wilh the 54th.
They wen* both assigned important
objectives    in    the   operation.    Ban-
field  had  the  further advanced  post
land  Blnek  was next to hlm.    They
following let- j bot|)   rflnche(j   their   objectives   but
when  Banfield reached his out  posts
he round lhat his party was heing In-
Mated  with  machine gun  flre  from
both   flanks.    He   retired   his   party'
slightly and  was hit while covering'
the move of his men.   He managed to
gel back to the main position.    Ash-
croft; another I08rd hoy, a lad from
Vernon, started to dress his wounds
but found he was inn far gone,   Ash-
orofl then got a Lewis gun and started operating It himself but whs soon
Bnlpcd,    Meantime   Black   who   waa j
j wounded three times  was  taken   In. ;
| Ile was absolutely fearless and fought,
| like a Urn.
' Banfield and Ashcroft were burled
In a little cemetery in a little village
near the linn.
This cruel war is taking Its heart-'   ,        . til
less toll from all parts of the Kmpire j J*
and from all classes.   Black and Ban-1
field are gone.    They died  fighting
for home and  liberty.    Others  will
I willingly  take  up  the burden   wliere j
I they left off.    And wlll carry on to
victory.    Sincerely yours,
(Capt,) J. J. Martin.
but the serai.s I just participated in
during Easter wae!< last, was tho most
sensational, exciting, and '.ow 1 escaped .vith my hide is miraculous, I
must say as I sure hud some very
narrow escapes. We ventured over
the top to push Fritz back under the
most terrific artillery bombardment
the world has known and we kept it
Up for :: week under the worst weather conditions seen here for years. It
hns snowed almost six inches besides
plenty of rain and cold winds which
sure was hard on the troops and what
1 mean, muddy, but we sure gr.lned
our poinl and the Canadians made
some uame for themselves in the history of the greal  war.
.Many of my pals dropped on nll
sides of me but the Lord must have
been with me as I consider myself
awful lucky to survive it all. We are
at present taking a little rest before
starting out again and only hope I
pull through O.K. as I wlll sure huve
some experience to relate. Say listen,
when I had to Bland in the open
trenches all night long under the
severe conditions prevailing, on very
litlle grab In sight, why ask mr* If I
thought of Cranbrook?
What I mean most if 1 ever get
buck I will know how to appreciate a
little comforts. Well, we are sure
making it interesting for Fritz on the
Western Front and making groat suc-
cpjjscs every day and his impregnable
line Is about to give way. very much
so. With lnsl regards to all. I re-
i main,
Sergt, W. L. McGregor,
The Editor, Cranbrook Herald.
Dear   Sir.—-Virgin fbua   Puertsque'a
ambition to get hold of the "toughest
and the worst" boys in the community
Is most laudable Ii is great m hear
him talk about "rugged rough and
tumble boys," Personally I prefer
this sort to deal with and 1 can assure
my friend 1 am not a stranger to such,
But if he can trot out a dozen such in
Cranbrook I will give hlm a nickel,
In  spite of hard  times!     We   haven'!
got 'em.  Neither, my dear Vlrgfntbus,
hove we auy "Sissies" or Moi hers'
Why nn earth doc« my friend imagine that boys and girls who are setting out In life with a bent towards
Christianity rather than Kaiserlsm aro
described as "Sissies" anil "Mothers'
The fact Is that the rebellious kid
the break aways, junior hooligans an
amateur burglars don't make club!
members of any sort, on a voluntary :
basis. It Is up to the educational j
authorities and the parents to see that I
these typos are not produced, for It
Is a case of (artificial production. !
through education and absence or wise i
handling In most cases—not all. If,'
however, tbey Insist, It is up to the
authorities to Institute In tlie senior,
classes of the schools a Scout or Cadet J
System and to make It iifirl of Hie j
regular curriculum; and falling this I
the erfort must he made by volunteers j
and such volunteers must themselves I
he men either naturally gifted for the!
work, or trained.
Can my friend find men outside the |
churches, men of moral rigour, and I
sufficiently motived by the spirit of |
sacrifice to gfve tbe time and energy
required? Where are these non-Chris-1
Han altruists? I have not yet struck
May I suggest why this kind of work I
is associated -with the churches? For
the same reason that the Red Cross is j
tbe Red Cross, the Cross mark you,
and that 00 per cent, of tbe hospitals
and Orphanages and Rescue Homes ;
and every other Institution for thej
melioration of human suffering 13 !
directly Inspired by Christl.-.nity and !
carried nut by Christians.
Show me any great movement for
koeplng boys or anyone e.tec, the
motive and Insplrr.tion of which Is
We do not believe that you can by ;
any juggling divorce, education, or
social reform or boy or girl development from fundamental religion.       j
That is what the modern state is
attempting"»nd a nice mess we are,
geiting into!
Yours faithfully.
W. H. BRIDGE.    !
Bp*^/b****w*Vb***i*->»^^ w-Vlr'-wAn
li I
Presses hit very smart including
inn li,v in' thr hi I cM colors nml nre (listing:*
tiislicil hi tlio im-u noveltj touelies- Tliore
un* N'nvj Blues, Grays, Greens anti Tans-,
prices ranging from
$12. OO to $28. OO
11.-j. nt Mn I ihiiini iiiiiI correct, met
lhc iiiiiiii'iiiK which an* vo favored li;
lie ii hi- ivomen, imi Uu- plainer ones,
III! In ii. anil prices ranging from
S/.50 to /O.OO
>l a ii
silks i
er lanrj
lhc pie
Silk ami
1 .In cn
O llllll g
imi *.kin
.: lots
it shades tie
free III
at renso
■ uiii.- prices.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
mt\^m ,,m*f\,m  ,s*j\ss,imr\f*ss ittfg\,ss  mr\*ssms.,l\t\tss
On   Tuesday  tbe   23i\l   inst,   .Maple
Lint Rebekah Lodge, No, 19, gave a
progressive whist party in aid of the
Oddfellows Home Fund for their returned iioldier heroes.  Needless to nay I
the party was a great siiccesn both j
socially and from a financial standpoint.   There were over sixty present
and valuable and useful prises were |
presented the card Winners by Mr;-. I
Ll dd ieo tte who also ably managed thej
drive and decorated the hall In conjunction with Mrs. Hartnell and Mrs.
Drew.   -Mr.*:. W. V. Cameron, Mrs. Bax-!
ter, and .Mrs. Bidder were the  prize
winners,    After the cards the (orn-i
pany was entertained with music by ;
Mrs. VYhit-vhou.se, Miss P. Drummond.
.Miss Caslake. Mr. J. Palmer, Mr. and
Mrs.   Van   Staveren  and  a   most  en-1
joyable comic reading by Mrs. J. W.
Spence.   The evening came to a very
happy conclusion when delicious light
Patriotic Women!
rhe Country needs your active - -i; -: - -rt t-i he patriotic you
must spend your money and ■• the same time be prodnctiM DO
something that you CAN do -o others can do more.
Make your own clothes at home ■■'■ u can do it with the
utmost eas.- by using ST.\M>AI'.I> I'ATTKKN* and bo 'ven more
smartly dressed than y      ■■ -■ :-: - .■ : to-day by vlaltlng our
I'reserlptii'ii** » Specially
m-mpt Serrfce Our Mott...
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
W. J. AH BISON, Manager.
II IK It. I I, A Ilk
refreshments    were served
ladle;-.   God Save The King.
by  th
I lias h
out after li
a week, I l
for a while
"no mans I
have  got  I
kl't-1 training was gazetted a full lieutenant
In the 54tl) Canadian Battalion last
September, and went onl again to
Pranco in October.
The date of his death corresponds
with the historic capture by tbe Canadians on tins ter Monday of the key |
position   of   Vimy   Itldge.   and   there j
can be no doubt thai Lieut. W. Har- j
rlson took a manly part In that glorious   aslilevenient.     Ile   was   Just   41
years uf uge, Somewhere In Frrtiee
His youngest brother. Kdward, wbo j April,
was a ninaler at the Leeds Training,    Vour letters to hand yesterday and
Col logo,  his  specially  being  malbe-jvery pleased to benr from ynu and
I'ovnry, which took some lime, ho with I nintles, Ih now at the front as a arc-  glad tn know you are all welt.
offered n enmmlsKlon, nml after his j una lieutenant In the It. (I. A. ■    Well, people, I admit I haro had  fired over
following letter from Private
rl Clark to Mr, John P. Smith
ni kindly handed to us:
France. May 6th, lftl".
Dear Friend.   I havo just received
your letter of March 21 and am very
i>iir from you and get. all
Well.   I   havo   just   eome
ing ii j) tlle line for over
us In tlie front line trench
un! also made a trip into
nd."    1 am glad to any I
alright  and tbat  being
Some when
under fire Ims
tho' It Is not ph
are going pasl
of   and   behind
io! bothered me much
asant when the shells
and bursting in front
the   trench   and   the
machine gun bullets are singing by.
I ennnol describe whnt It Is like over
here  nor do  I   think  anyone  could,
! There was a Frllz sniper opposite to
1 me hut be was not much account; he
I) allots while 1 was ther*
and bit no one; he took a couple at '
me but was away off.    1 am snr>- I
could have done better than hlm If)
I  had as good a chance anil a good
rifle tho*  be did make some of the!
hoys hop for it,   I was trying to locate
him hut he was too well under cover
and   was  probably  shooting  thro* a
bmp bole in a steel plate so was pretty
They say the Huns are rendering
down the dead io get fat and feeding
the residue to ihe pigs, but I ennnot
-ay if It Is true or not.
1 havo had In mind to send yon
something from the battlefield or
front but it is almost Impossible to
send anything much/ away and you I
cannot pack much out as our load: |
are very heavy, I am enclosing, how-
'•ver, a quarter of a Hun signal flag
which I picked up on a famous battlefield and also a button I took off a
dead Hunt A Bavarian). Yon will;
have heard of the "r,nwtootb" bayonet
well I have seen some but they are
rather rare. PrIU has several kinds;
of bayonets,
I   was  talking  to  Sergt    Boy  Hos*,
sack yoHtenlay, be is  well and  tells
me Fred Britney. Cody tbe Cook. Alf
fill! nll of Cranbrook and Oeo. (/owe
OniiHii.it'd  on   pare   four)
Auditorium Theatre
(in- Hill's Ifii: I'll) Production en' -iiml" U.|iir'« l nrlonn
.Musical Coined) Sucfras
'Mut and Jeffs
liltlATIST I.U t.
with ii Cninpniij
iim;  miiiw
eel ii llllll  >.,
<l\   I.Willi
I'HM'KS—;.'•<• iiiiiI 1-IMI.       Viit> M-lliiiL- al Hinttit-'Iarphe
HAIIXII'lt'H.VT nnilh ill \.
ii. r. a.   r
lUKliI   em   tlie*   Il'-i-ls   of  the : .
Canadian  Bbldlers sit   Vimy  Itldfln,
tho V. M i'. A, men wen lorvlns -nt  '"
leis.-iiiN   iiiiiI   chocolate  friee  to  tl»-
ttre-el mon.   Drigadler-Qcnera! Odium,
utli Canadian Infantry Brigade, t-  -
towed high nraloi tliem In e - roi
lowing letter tee Capt. .1 Wallace, Senior V. M. i' .A. officer lie l-'r.m.
•-.My Dear Wallaco. I worn •■■ lot
yeiu know how much I wo Imi - ed
uitli ll,,. weirk dono ley Hi.- V St i \
elurliiR ll." rocont nporattom It *\.i-.
-.imi,ly magnificent Alumni la.-f*.r,.
tin- place ems i onsolldntcd, yo .; rop
rosenlatlva had a distributing rentro
hi iii,- top e.r inn nr,. ii„- ne ,i
Vimy Ftldgo, and wn- iorvlng i.i-. nii:.
uml Chocolate lee I I.r- mien     All rnlile-,
rty e,i r mmi ndlng .ne- 11 -•
oi    -1    foi  ., Military  i rota,  , -: i
. m - rely hope it goei through.
Tli.. V M e-   \  i,:.. endeared .'   If
III Knell. ,- .i- eu, ,,': ■ :
Institution   .'lees "
Very ilncorely,
. ti i victor Odium, ling Oen "
llll.lll   MMl
Previously acknowledged .
Mrs  1*. II   I'yin 	
1 em
I :••* ■
Tin. Agricultural fair wlll illmulalo
production. Production r.-iniir,- itlm*
Hinting in this Dlstrlcl therefore tha
Agricultural Pair ihould receive the
lUpporl nl Mi.- oltlMDa I'll  lli.leinr. PAGE TWO
THURSDAY, MAY 31st, 1917
f^mm^mm'^m^^~^ 'II,|: CRANBROOK HERALD
Shamrock Creamer)'
Crown Creamery
lliiiini-liriieik Dairy
Alberta linlrj
Cam bridge Sausage
Try some, Ihey are the best,
on the market.
l-'rcsh Halibut
Fresh Salmon
I'resh Codfish
Fresh llerrini;
Always on hand to fill your
P. BURNS & Co.
tin!   Weekly   by    I'ln*   CrMnhr-mk
Herald. Limited.
B. X* hii), Manager,
Cranhrook, 11. <„ May Hint, 1917
The Russian Empire is in a chaotic
condition at the proaent junction of affairs. This confusion and uncertainty
Is only to be expected. It Is a natural
result of the sudden acquisition of
power In lhe hands of a people so long
under the yoke of a despotic Qovernment, Time will he required for tbem
lo attune themselves and settle down
to the new conditions for which they
were entirely unprepared. There has
to he a process of adjustment to the
new order of things. Never, perhaps,
in tbe history nf the world has the
need fnr strong levelheaded leadership been so vitally necessary as tt Is
In Russia today. The country Is so
vast aud the population so enormous
that the difficulties confronting the
present dovcrnmenl are Inconceivable
to   116,
The result of the contest between
the Council of Workers and the Government will be awaited with trepidation hut it seems hardly likely that
the present strong Inclination for a
separate flieace with (iermany will
prevail. The Allies are battling for
freedom, the Kusslans have tlirowu off
serfdom and when they have had time
to cool down tbey are not likely to
fall victims to the alluring promises
I of a despotically monarchical Germany
Until the German people assert themselves and overthrow their present
Government, the Russians may he
depended on to remain loyal to the
ise of Ihe Allies.
on the
ciiliatMaK I'lll (Of Wumen. |5 t. boi ur llirto'or
flu. .-"lil nt nil lirujc stori'i. or innlliil t<> Mnv
fidilr"h« un rCCOlptOI 1-rli'r     1'HI ISWIMLI. lJRUCl
ViUlltrtfor  Norfo »nrt Br»1n; InrrtMM1 ni***
uia-itt.T a l-eiiii* will iiiillil yu» up. lift boi. or
•wi. for |6 nt "inn* itortM. or bj au.ll oa rtetfUt
*t ;.r>t*    Inn scomll J)ii>« Oo, tl. OMfarlHt,
Notice  re   I'uurhlmanR
Public Notice Is hereby given to
thou interested tbat cn and after
Juno 1st, II'IT, owners and users of
Punchboardi wltliln the Municipality
will In proBecuted to the fullest extent
of the law.
Hy order ">f the Police Commissioners
Oranbrook. B. c,
April  IOth  1!U*.
mm mi-hook   RLKCTORAf.
Notice te hereby given that 1 shall.
on Monday, the I8tll day of June next,
at 10 o'clock In the forenoon at the
Government Office at Cranbrook. hold
a Court of Revision for the purpose of
hearing and determining any or ull
objections to the retention of any
name or names on the register of
voters fnr the said district
Dated at Cranbrook, H. C. April
28th, I!tl7
N A. Wallinger,
Registrar of Voters.      18-Bt.
Licensed by Prov, Government.
Special attention given to Nervous and Rheumatism eases hy
Violet Ray Treatment
Ituild up the nyHtem and
steady the norvos through Klec-
trlc Vibration, Internal Kxerclso
Vlolot Kay and Ozone, a por-
fectly natural process.
It was only to be expected that the
announcement of a Conscription Bill
would cause much weeping and gnashing of teeth amongst certain elements.
There are unfortunately ln all countries a small coterie of weak minded
citizens who have more regard for
their own personal comfort and safety
than for the safety of the nation.
They will do a lot of shouting and
make much noise, but tbere can be
no question thai the large majority of
the people of Canada will be found
overwhelmingly in favor of the new
Bill. The end of the war Is not yet
In Sight and unless the resources of
the Kmpire are used to the utmost,
nur sacrifices may yet bave been In
vain. Canada cannot side step her
duty and what Is more to the point,
she lias no intention of doing so.
The local newspaper should be regarded us the integral part of the community, and essential to its welfare
and for this reason if for uo other, It
is entitled to receive the active support
and assistance of every individual aud
business firm  in the district,
A live local newspaper in any go-
uheud up-to-date city is more than an
important factor It is r necessity and
the standard of the paper ts In proportion to the support given.
There is sometimes a tendency to allow our trivial animosities to submerge our higher Ideals of citizenship.
The time to sink these bitter party
feelings has surely eome. These are
tbe days for the big things of life when
alt men and women should get together and pull together and stick
together on nll matters of a constructive natnro pertaining to the welfare of
the District In this way w«* can all do
onr small bit towards upbuilding tbe
British Empire, The immense undeveloped resources of Kast Kootenay
are needed, nnr hidden mineral wealth,
our lumber, the production of our
agricultural lands are badly wanted.
Tbe opportunity Is ours, The local
newspaper is a necessary factor. It
can help to get tilings going hut If It
Is to be a vital force. It must receive
adequate support or its usefulness is
What is a local newspaper? It acts
as n focus for Ihe thought of thc community. It is impossible for all the
people to get together and tell each
other what they are doing and what
they are thinking about. But tbe
newspaper is here so that the people
can get together In their actions and
thoughts. It is a duty of a newspaper
to tell its readers what Is going on
locally, and it Is the duty of the readers to supply the newspapers With
paragraphs of news nnd with articles
of public Interest.
And as the newspaper Is in the
above way a centre of news and
thought, It is also a bazaar for the
buying and selling of tangible articles.
It is nn eutropot for the gathering
together and distribution of news,
thoughts and merchandise.
The recent Italian successes in
cheery news, they lay tlieir plans
thoroughly and when they hit they hit
hard. And Trieste Is gradually sllp-
plng from the Austrian grasp.
There ere still many vacant lots In
the city which are calling out for n
little energetic enterprise on the pnrt
of some people tn produce the necessities of life, li Is not yet too late-
get busy.
Subscribe to tlie Cranbrook Herald
Belgian Relief Putul. It will make
you Teel happy. A dollar will go a
long way to feed tho starving Boi*
glans and you wlll never miss It.
Opening oi Returned Soldiers1 Hume
at   Lethbridge   Mayor   Hurdle
Make*. Insplriut! address
iThe following Is a full report of
speech uf Mayor llnnllo of Lethbridge
Alta., at the opening of Un- Return ad
Soldiers'  Homo.)
Patriotism l« the will to servo one's
Loyalty and Patriotism are nourlj
akin, hut are not one aud the sume
One may be loyal to his country
and yet   lack In  true  Patriotism
The loyal person may not be bo willing lo go to this extreme in .sacrifice.
While Patriotism calls for the fullest sacrifice for one's country, ii
does not necessarily follow that we
must all fight. Indeed we cannot ull
fight, for many reasons,
We must, Inaddltlon 10 [fighting-,
carry on the business of the Empire,
We must manufacture; we must give
food; we must keep up transportation
and do the many other thing:-, required to keep the country in good
work ing shape. Wliere a person's
talents and physical ability will give
the greatest good results, Is the place
for every one.
It follows that the most physically
fit are the ones wbo will be mosl expected to do the fighting, hut even
here the mental qualifications must
he considered, flue may be physically
very fit but at the same time have peculiar mental qualifications that will
Justify the authorities in keeping him
at home nt lhe business of running the
However tills clnss will be so small
that we may depend upon it thai a
patriot, if physically fit, wlll orfer for
service, and leave the duty of selecting him for other and perhaps more
suitable duty, to others.
Iu this way then we may assume
that patriotism in Its first fruits will
result in the offering a physically fit
body for the far front of battle ln the
service of his country. A mnn who Is
of military nge and fitness nnd will
not do this may be loyal but be Is no
A Patriot takes a very wide view
of things in the whole world. He sees
the sufferings of others nnd Is willing
that his country will do its proper
share of alleviation and If war Is
necessary for his country, to help in
tbe maintenance of this be will offer
all his ability to forward this object.
He does not simply stand by and
wait the events of circumstances. He
becomes a part of the circumstances
in speech and action or both as his
abilities may qualify hlm.
A patriot does not stand hy or sit
In the inactive chair of greasy plenty
while his fellow citizens do the work
of fighting.
He will not let paltry excuses stand
In his way of doing his duty.
He will not say "I have my father;
my mother; my wife or my children
to look after. He will expect the
authorities to do this In a reasonable
measure and will go forth to fight.
Tho pacificist may be loyal but he
at the same time, in a great crisis may
bo con torn ptt bio in his arguments.
I nlways view these with suspicion and regard them as having
some ulterior motive that may be far
from good. Tbey may cover up tlie
sin of cowardice by the cloak of pretended pacificism.
It Is not always the brave man
who alone does his duty but the patriot always does his duty. The patriot does his duty even If In fear and
My time is short and I must hurry
to my conclusion, so thai If possible
I may Impress on your young minds
the true spirit of patriotism, but In
pnsslng 1 must also Impress upon you
your duty to those who have gone
forth to battle, not only to fight for
their own ideals nnd liberty but that
In the coining yenrs you will be able
to have your Ideals and your owi.
You must care for the wounded: you
must be sympathetic and you must
endeavor to further their prospects
and be'n them in every way you can.
It will be your duty to help see that
the patriotic soldier who enlisted for
the wnr Is not the "outcast" of Ibe
years following the war.
1.   Patriotism  is a willingness   '
serve your  country  lu  any  capacity
specified by tbe authorities that ynur
physical and mental ability wlll permit.
'-. Patriotism will not hold hack
until a nice snap comes along.
3, Patriotism will condemn the
slacker; the shirker and the coward.
1. Patriotism wilt not let anything
stand iu the way of any service we can
i'i. Patriotism is not greedy and
grasping for money made out of the
bravery and gallaiury of our soldiers
at the front.
t). Patriotism Is one and the same
thing as cervlce.
7. Patriotism Is not confined to
one cluss or age but should and does
abound iu all daises nnd at nii
nges, from the hoys nnd girls of early
youth to the very old and feeble.
Willi   I'lne  .Mechanism   Tbey   1'roid
More Kf fie len I (linn Men,
Aftor enumerating tho many channels   in   which   women   uavo   directed
ilnir energies since the outbrenk of
iiu war, Owen K. McQUHouddy. In
-Miiy';; "lUvorywoman's World," pays
lhe following tribute to the women
munition   workers:
"Probably the most Interesting, as
it is also the most painstaking, Is the
way In which she has actually gotten
down to hard manual work In the
foundries and facto .-let* which cre
turning out war munitions throughout Canada.
Here she lias learned a newer end
larger meaning of the terms "citizenship," and "workmanship," and here
also has she earned and learned by
the sweat of her brow what it means
to be truly patriotic. The War has
truly given her equal place In the
service of the nation, although lt
still withholds in four Provinces the
fuller franchise of a share In tho
Government. We hear much of what
tbe British woman has done und is
doing; and she has done and Is doing,
undor the pressure of war production,
an Immense amount of work which,
but for her. wnuld hinder the output
of tbe munitions of victory which are
so needful on all fronts where the
greut conflict  still  rages.
In Canada, there are already 8,500
women in munition factories and that
army is steadily Increasing; and notwithstanding the fact that practically
all of these employees were absolutely unfamiliar with mechanical
work previous to the War, they have
demonstrated, not only a mechanical
ability equal to man's, but In some
departments tbey liave shown beyond
question a superiority to the male
help who formerly did the same work
Examples given along this line by
managers, superintendents, and production captains in munition plants
nre so extreme as to almost stagger
credulity and make any writer who
bas a proper regard for his standing,
hesitate to repeat them—even when
thoy are hedged about with all the
qualifying circumstances that he is
able to view In connection with them.
These statements have all come
from men In high positions us production executives in munition plants,
"I know of a case," declared the
head of a large plant in Ontario,
"wliere a young woman was put on a
machine which had been handled up
to that time by a man who was considered a very fair worKofT Of course,
an exact record of the number of
pieces turned out by him had been
"After this young woman had been
at the work for a much shorter time
than the man whom siie has succeeded, much attention was called to tho
volume she was turning out—tht-
volume being at least two and a half
times as much work as ho had averaged. Truly, she wns an exceptional
girl—probably the most proficient in
a force of many hundred. But she had
many sister workers who were not
very far behind her. In short, the girl
munition worker has demonstrated
that the somewhat common idea that
a woman's mind Ir generally incapable of grasping mechanics, Is utter
Eczema Wash
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he able to rest and sleep once more.
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lng? Get a trial bottle today, Yonr
money back If the firsl bottle docs not I
relieve you.
Cranbroolt Drug & Hook Co
Cranbrook, B. C.
Intermingled with the song numbers
if "Little Miss Innocence," the beauti
ful musical comedy which Is to bc
seen here at tlu- Auditorium Theatre
on Saturday, .lune li. runs a real love
story, "Little Miss Innocence," the
part being played by the dainty in -
genuo, Miss Blanch* Wilcox, finds
herself the ward of a young millionaire spendthrift. He falls In love with
her hut their romance is broken hy
the interference of a young Broadway
Roundel1 who leads ber to the Great
While Way. Several years later, while
trying to save her lover from death
and starvation, she attempts to rob a
house, and tbere comes face to fare
with her former benefartor. The
pretty scenes which lead up to and
follow this mooting mnke one of the
most charming attractions ever seen
in this city.
Charles Gramlich, known for many
yours us tho "Charlie Chaplin of Vaudeville" lukos a comedy character role
in this show, the part being along the
lines of n David War field dramatic
character, sufficiently versntillzed to
make his audience laugh or cry at the
sarv* moment.
Tho company Is fortunate enough
in having n chorus with the ability
to both sing and dance. They have
worked together several seasons and
local theatre goers can depend on this
show surpassing uny musical attraction ever shown fu this city.
The company will be here uuder the
cast-Iron guarantee of W. B. Sherman
which is known to everyone here.
♦CO-17K BR-9S. &*
VOU'RE dealing in very
definite quantities when you
consider our clothes—the style, the
weave, the wear, the value are all
known and established they're
standard in every way.
The  clothes
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sells reach a stage
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no other clothes
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Service & Quality
in Printing
By Helping to Build up
Cranbrook's Pay-Roils
you stimulate the commercial Prosperity ot
your Home Town.
Cranbrook Herald
Is Distinctly a Cranbrook Manufacturing
concern with a substantial weekly pay-roll
Everything in Printing
Job Department       Phone 18
IIMrlct of Fast Kootenny
Notice Is hereby given that sixty
duys ufter date I intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for u license
to prospect for coal nnd petroleum
over the following described lands,
situate In Block 4593, South Kast Kootenny, B. C:    ('ouimeneluK at a post
planted at or near the south east corner of lot 7280, thence 80 chnlns North,
80 chnlns West, about 40 chains South,
about 40 chains Kast, ubout 40 chnlns
South, thenco about 40 chains Kast to
point of commencement,
Located this Bth day of Mny, 1917.
Flathead Petroleum Co.,
Leo  Wardwell,    Agent.
Bonner—On Muy 22nd, at Mrs,
Bent's Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. M
Bonner, Moyle, a son, ■
Conner—On May 28th, at Mm.
Bent's Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. 0, O
runner, Moyle, u turn. THURSDAY, MAY 31st, 1017
Is u necessity In these days when
time means so much to thc average Mun nud Woman., We handle all the leading makes of
Watches. For Gentlemen, the
Walthatn, Elgin, Hamilton, aud
the Very Thin GRUEN. In
Ladies watches about the only
one Hint Is selling to day is the
popular wrist watch. We have
these with the strap an low as
$IU0 up to $14. and ln the gold
filled rrom $ir. to $25. In Solid
Gold from $25 lo $00. When In
need of a reliable timepiece,
don't forget thai wc are here tn
serve you to the best of our ability, and rest assured (lint auy
article purchased nl this store
has our guarantee and reputation behind It.
W. H. Wilson
8     PHONE    8
I'ltlJIK   Ijl'Al.lTV    IX
riti'sii   hiii.in  punk
AMI    VI. A I.
Onr Own .Mak.- m'
I'ri'sli lliillj
Cranbrook Meat
Can yon think of any reason why
there should not be one In your
home f
Kilby frames plcturea.
Mrs. M, MacKay left on Monday
for Fernie.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivor I'atton and family-
of Prank, Alia., are viaitlug lu town.
Mr. and Mr.;. Ray Crlsler ef Cre.itott
aro Crnnbrook visitors tbis  week.
Saddlery for gloves aud tultts. We
buy right and sell right.
Harold Kyte leaves Sunday for hla
home In Spokane.
Mrs. Crowe of Fort Steele spent
several days ihis week In town.
Kred Hurgcss spent a few days of
lust week In Michel.
Mrs. A. C, Blaine and children left
Monday last for home In the east.
Mr. Kjorr of KJniberley spent a
few days iu lown this week.
Mr. T. Howe und Mr. Rmldla Kpfut
Krlday lu town.
Miss Douglass spent tba 24th in
Dull River.
Mr,   W.   Richardson  of  Kimberley
spent the Mill In town with a friend.
Recruits for the Army Medical Corps
ure urgently needed. Apply tn Dr.
l\ W. Green.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Barnes nnd son
of Calgary, are visiting with MrB-
Hob Finley was in town on Friday
to attend the dance gfven that evening.
We sell rubber heels—mens and
womens, nit sizes.—Oranbrook Saddlery Co.
Mrs. W. Llnsoy spent several days
of this week with her mother, Mrs,
G, Kennedy.
If you want to buy or sell or rent
a bouse—In fact, If you want anything
—see Heale & Elwell.
Mr. George Meade of the Imperial
Hank staff, Fernie, spent a short vacation in town with friends.
Mr. und Mrs. Hul penny of Calgary,
are in the city this week guests at thr
Cranbrook Hotel.
We are carrying a full line of boots
ind shoes.— Cranbrook Kt change,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. W, H. Black ban Installed a refrigerator in bis meat market on Armstrong Avenue.
Mr, Tom Martin, who liar been visiting wiin his brother? here for a few
days, returned on Monday to Calgary.
i .Messrs, I). Cowan and R. S. Shields
i motored to Golden on Thursday last
and returned on Mondny.
j We nre carrying a full line of boots
I nnd shoes.— Cranbrook Kichance,
: Armstrong Ave.
Mr. R. Randolph nruee and Mr   W, '     Tin
A. Cleland, two very prominent and   Rel
well known mining men of Invermere, ■ teu Hall
arrived  hi   tbe  city  from  Nelson  on > clock.
Saturday and proceeded horn** vin the
Kootenay Central on Monday. Mr. and Mr
Mr.  Thonius   Davis  of  Seattle,  a   Jaw, who an* i
mining man, who Is largely interested > holiday trip
iu coal mining properties in the vicin- week, leaving 1
ity of Corbln, wus a vidfcr in the city  tbey arrlvec
last week-end. . evening,   Le:
■■ *—— ing they motored be
Mr. J, J. (Jack) Binns of Kaslo, the' that duy bin owing
well known commercial representative [ decidt"
of R. J. Whltla & Co.. Winnipeg, wan j reports 1
in the city  last  week  on one of his   without   ;i   single
periodical visits lu the Interests of his ' the  mad:;  to  h- it
firm. j dition considering th<
Messrs. J. (Jack) Colvtn and J (Jim)
Black, tbe Damon and Pythias of the1
order of the knights of the grip, wen
Irunsacting business In  the city  last
opting   betwi
is aomc
A mosl enjoyable
ist Friday when te
<ek  on  bebulf of their  respective of the
its spent
ling men
Mr. W. M. Atkin of Trail who has
been appointed Travelling Salesman
for the Cranbrook Jobbers Limited,
since Jn.s. Scliell resigned, arrived in
the city last Friday to assume bis
new dutlei.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Hurge.s.s of Waldo
arrived In the city last Frlduy. Mrs.
Burgess who has been 111 for some
time entered St. Eugene Hospital for
treatment and from information received she Is at present progressing
as favorably as could be desired.
Mrs. A. H, Campbell Smith. B. B..
D. Sc. A„ and daughter, Miss L, Fern
Smith, ard Vera V. Smith, of Kingston, Out., have arrived Iu the city and
are visiting Mrs. Isaac N. Campsall,
sister to .Mrs. Smith. Campsall's
Miss Florence Batble of Wynndel,
B. C. came In on Friday's train to
attend the dance given by a number
of young men In the city and Incldent-
ly inspecting a piano she Is purchasing for the Wynndel Club House. She
returned on Monday.
led their
'Ish Hull.
I to iiu- mint
1 present   am
till    til--   eat
Tiie ten bos
lieve is a gl
he followed
Die warm
without con
was I'nrnis]
cbestra. Tl
a dance ni
some time
lu.iir-^ of the n
Introduced whnt
i [novation whlc
t ai oilier dancei
e bo-
ontbs, dancing
. mt
tlu- Cranbrook Or*
e was in return In
illar  nature  given I
six  of the young '
Agt. W. r. D<n un, Crnnbrook Exchange
Specials for
this Week
Fresh Killed Local
fill Nil     Ml: US    ALWAYS
H1VK I* A Till W,
Cily Meat Market
W\ It. IIUCK, Mgr.
■:   noo lis   wist  ni   om
I'linsrrt rtiit office
For Sale! Lot 26, Block *~. fronting on Baker Street; price only ?17."..
This is a splendid Investment -Apply
to Heale & Klwell.
Miss Roberts of Nelson arrived in
the city Sunduy and left on tlte Fort
Stoolo stage Monday morning for tb*
upper country.
Mr. G. O. Garrette of Vancouver,
the portly representative of "Mutt aud
Jeff's Wedding." arrived fn the city
Saturday and signed a contract with
the manager of the Auditorium, for
the appearance here, of thin gorgeous
musical extravaganza, on Friday, Juiip
It has been repeatedly reported that
Major C. Hungerford Pollen was killed
In action on 1st March. We are
pleased to state that there lis no
foundation whatever for this report.
.Major Pcllen ir. at present in Bristol.
Kngland, and his last letter was dated
9th Mny, when ho was uulte well.
Mr, N, 0. Smith, advance agent for
"Little Miss Innocence" was tn the
city last Friday completing arrangements with the manager of the Auditorium Theatre, for the appearance
here, on Saturdny, June 2nd, of this
very popular musicnl comedy under
the management of Mr. W. R. Sherman
Owing to continued 111 health I will
sell my undertaking business out right
or separately. This Is not a cut rate
proposition as I do not Intend to renew
nty stock. There is no set price on
anything I bave. Goods are new and
some of them have not been imparked
No reasonable offer refused.
W. R. Beattie, Cndertiikor.
inn, wife of the late
of Lethbridge. died
my Avenue, on Sal-
,\ short funeral ser-
e residence on Mon-
Mrs. Alary (.'alia
John .1. Callahan,
ai ber home. N'orb
urday, May 2(1 th.
vice was held al tli
day nt -I put.. Father McGulre officiating, aud the remains conveyed to the
train and shipped to Lethbridge,   The
pall bearers were .Messrs. Allen McDonald, Frank kussell. Albert Johnson, John Kealy, .lames Caslake and
S. II. McDermot. Intermenl took place
In  Lethbridge on Tuesday morning at
ten n.m. She leaves in mourn her
loss two sous. Frank and Josopli mnl
one daughter, Mrs, Brancll, all of
Cranbrook, and a ill  -Mrs. Roy Maxwell of Lethbridge.
By the limple operation of pulling out ,),„
seat and lowering the back, you Iim e a 4 fl.
■* 6 ft. Bed of strong angle steel, finished ...
oxidized copper, with tlie celebrated Alaska
twin wire link spring attaelied to each end
of the frame by seventy evenly tempered
helical springs; very comfortable to sleep on.
Makes a most desirable extra bed for the
home. Size of seat, 2 ft. 0 ins. *t 4 ft. 0 ins.
Size of bed, 4 ft. 0 ins. x 6 It. 0 ins. Weinht
120 lbs.
Alk yettr dealer fer it. or write
Its Jar the tiatne of nearest agent
The Alaska B.C. Beddine
Makers of Bedsteads and Btdding
tt handsome, easy, upholstered
sel lee which will fa in any room
U a compact, hanehotne piece of furni-
ture, the ends are solid oak, fumed finish;
tlie.* imiltri-ss is ma.le of soft fluffy cotton,
and covered with the best quality denim,
closely tufted. The back can be lowered
tei Ihrec diflerent angles, ensuring the
same luxury ami ease of the highest price
The but looking and mon comfortable
•tcel coucli on the market. Askyour dealer.
i Taylor nnil family le>ft
May 24th, Tier tlie Const
wlll   remain   uuriue   the
li iiu)*; ARTS
Milling Clieiufcfll. Civil, MechiiiiliMt "ml
IJIt-clrifiil   Ivni-iin-riiiij.
Arts Cour*.** by corrpapondeiirc     |)*>|-,r-*e
with cup year's nttCUdlltlCC.
Sumner School    Navigation School
July ufl Am tut D<K«-a-tb»r to April
U GEO. Y. CHOWN, Rntora-i
Mr. Clms. A. (lasklll. a former resilient of Cranbrook, imt now of Prince
Qoorgo, is In the city thl***, woek,
renewing old acquaintances.
Tlio many friends of Mrs. a. C,
Plgotl. who formerly resided hore,
win regret to hoar or her death In
Pemhrooke, Ont, on May iTtli, ,-fter
ton weeks Illness,
Safety Deposit Boxes to   rent   at
Heale A EhroU's, A safely deposit
vault is tho only safe place for your
Mr. .los. Scliell, tbe popular travelling salesman for the Cranbrook jobbers Limited, lias resinned his position
and will shortly enlist for overseas
A Snap! For quick sale, neat and
comfortable f. roomed cottage on Dur-
lek Avenue, for $360, worth $600.
ICasy terms.—Apply to Beale & Klwell.
Mr. John J. Ehllnger of Spokane,
Senior member of the firm of J. J.
Ehllnger Company Inc., Merchandise
Brokers, nnd Mrs. Eh linger, were visitors In tlio city last week-end.
Thn regular monthly meeting of
Knox Church Ladles Aid Society wl"
be hold In the Sunday School Room,
next Wednesday afternoon, June 6th
at 8.30, All ladles of tho congregation
nre Invited.
Don't put off till to-nwrrnw what
should be done today. Protect your
property by n flre Insurance nolle*
IsmiwiI by llr-alr A Wwell
! It is rumored around town that Mrs.
j P. D, Dexter was recently killed at
! the front by a shell, but up to time of
] going to press we have been unable
to discover the source of the report
Mr. and Mrs, Dexter lived In rranbrook about 3 years ago Mr. Dexter being Principal of the public School,
They left here for Victoria but later
It was learned that Mrs. Dexter had
gone to the front a? a Red Cross nurse.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Women's Institute will take place
on Tuesday, June Bth, at the Parish
Hall, commencing at 3 p.m. Features
for tho afternoon consist of demonstration on "Strawberry Shortcake."
hy Mrs, W. B. McFarlane and a paper
entitled "Worry Is worse, than Work."
by Mrs. J. W. Spence. Members are
reminded that the quarterly question
box will be available and uny subject
may be opened for discussion within
the aim and object of the Institute.
A cordial Invitation Is extended to
rion-members and visitors In the city,
Mr. It. A. Mellwnlm* of thc f'an-
adlnn Bank of Commerce staff, left
for Orand porks on Tuenday to which
placo, ho bas been transferred as
accountant. The departure ef Mr. Mcllwalne* from this city is cause for
considerable regret In athletic and
social circles. He took a very prominent and active part In all lines of
sport and excelled principally In
hockey, tennis and bowling, He was
a member of thc executive committee
of tho tennis club ans tn all competitions he usually carried away a good
share of the prizes. Although practically a novice nt bowling ho received
thn gold medal for tbe best average
score In the bowling league for the
season of 1916-1917. As a hockey
player he Is undoubtedly ono of tbe
best that ever donned the steel blades
In this part of the country. He Is a
performer of unusual mien and In
spite of his aggressiveness nnd dashing play he was u perfect gentleman
nt all times and never known to havo
boen penalized for roughing tt. Mr.
Mcllwalne has beeo a resident of Cran
hrook for four years and has many
friends bore who regret his departure,
but their best wisher, will follow him
wberrvor bt wy g»
siiiiiitauk  of
Swells   turnip
this spring lee oni
onvor tee
e iiiiiI
tl'lllls|llltlll   ll   fSW
sonnil re
ots  tl
line.,, sceil for H
neighbors.    Owli
g   to   III
conditions now i
.  wlll
likely  bo  vol*)'  llttlo swei
,.   see,
el  fur
planting in tlie *
iriiiK or
onr Canuillnil sw
i'uV tun
ip BI
iniiki' provision I'i
r llieir ei
vo supplies
by growing tbe se
■il 1 bonis
adlnn  supplies i
r swede
l*or the convenience of persons
thinking of leaving Canada wo wish
to slr.to thai .■ permit or passport
must he secured bofarfi bucIi
can he made,
For permit and particulars si
J. li. l-lcndercon, Postmaster for
brook, and save a loi of botlio
Inconvenience  with  tho Immlg
V. m. C ». fiRTCE
Hours 6 a.m. to S p.m.
(tegular Dinner \ Short Orders
Reasonable Prices
Special   Table   for    Ladies.
otlier field root and garden seeds formerly came from Europe but this
source is now practically cut off. The
prospects for borne grown seed have
been reduced by the present price of
'i-l I
ft wo
for si
had tlte unfortunati
ing the area in the
ood purposes, as
nearly two bun-
■ ii   full   grown
m-plant an acre
This factor has
effeel of roduc-
lastern provinces
that would otherwise have been |j|i'.:i!-
ed for the production of swede seeds
CITV laOltftK, No. 42
ljr*?*§£m£ssssmt,      Meets    every
KUKbER    Monday ulglit
'•■SSpJC?'*^    at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
eordially invited.
McPbee,    V
. fl. Iloblnsun,
Nllllco te Ceellsllllli-I's iel' Walla*,
Tbe attention of the leublir Is hereby drawn to Section ">T .if By-Law No,
153 of the Corporation eif the Clly of
Cranbrook being the Waterworks Hy-
l-uw wliie-li reads as follows:
"No persons shull vend, sell, or dispose of water trenn Hn, Waterworks or
give aw.iy or pe-milt Hue same to he
carried away or use or apply ii to the
use or bene-HI of others witlueul the
consent of ihe City Engineer bolng
first obtained."
The Penalty for a breach of the
provisions of this By-Law shall, upon
conviction, be u sum not exceeding
*25n.oo. Tin- provisions ot the By-
Law In this respect will bo strictly
Cranbrook, ll C„ May nisi nil".
T. M. Roberts. City Clerk.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
B. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. & s.
P. O. Boi 622
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Meets In Maple Hall second
Tuesday of every month at 8
p. m.
Membership open to British
Visiting members cordially
E. Y. Brake.       J. p. Laower,
President. Secretary
w THREE Flavours
Get a package of the new "JuicyFruit"—
See  what   a   joyous,   lasting
flavour   has   been   crowded
in to give you a great, BIG
5 cent package of refreshment!
Sealed Tight-
Kept Right!
IN THE MATTER of the "Land
Registry Act" and in the mutier Lot
■I, Blink 11. Town eel Kimberley, Provlneo of Brltlsii Columbia, Map 664,
Tu whom it way concern:
Whi'ri'iis pruiel of the loss of the
following title deeds of thc above
mentioned lands (Inter alia) have Wen
file'd wlih in,., namely:-
Crown Orant dated 1th .May 1*97 to
Robert 0. Jennings of Lot Lir-S. Creeup
1, Kootenny District, Provlneo aforesaid.
Conveyance dated Hili July l*»s
Robert 0. Jennings to tho Fun Steele
Development Syndicate Limited of an
undivided two thirds Intoreat in snld
Conveyance doted Wth July IMS
Robert il. Jennings to Charles Est-
mere of an undivided tiiirei interest
in said I.ol.
Conveyance iluti'il JOtii February,
1900. Charles Estmero to the snld
Syndicate of an undlvldod third Interest I nsnid Lot J tinte'r alia).
Tliis is tu glvo notlco to nny one
Into whose possession the aforesaid
title deeds may have como and who
bus nny knowledge of the whereabouts
of snhi ele'ciis tu deliver the samo tn
Archie Donnghy, Deputy Dlstrlcl Registrar of Land Titles, Nolson, ll. C,
And further talto notlco that at the
expiration of thirty duys from tho
date nf the firsl publication hereof
the snhi Deputy Dlstrlcl Registrar
will proceed lu lasuo a Certificate
of Indefeasible Title nf said lands In
the liaiiii. nf Kllznboth .Manual's Fnote
of Klmborloy, ll. C, unless lu the
moantlmo vnlld objection lee mndo to
mo In writing.
Dnted  ill   Nolson,   11   I'..  Hal
day nf Muy. 1917.
A   Donnghy,
Dennty Dlstrlcl Registrar
Meets in  the
Parish     Hall
first   Tuesday
afternoon    of
every   montii
at 11 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
B.   McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. O. Boi 621.
All ladles co-dially invited.
Chew  it  after  every  meal!
(orliiii School.
SEALED   TENDERS,   unperxcribi
"Tender for Corbln Softool," »i.l  I
recelvi-J by tlie HonornDi   i     m
of Public Works uj; to 11! o'clo' k noon
of Tuesday, the -1'nd duy of .May, 1B17,
for the erection and completion of .1
largo one-zoom B0hool-hou»e Jt Cot bin,
In tho Kernie Electoral Dlstrlcl
Plans, upedficiUlonB, conduct, and
forma >f tei*d*-' hiny he seen on and
after the let dny of Muy. 1917, a! tho
afflces of R. Hewat, Government Agent
Fernie; N*. A. Wallinger, Government
Agent, Cranbrook; (J. Spencer, Stnn-
tiny of Scl.col Bci.rd, Co;*bIn; nnd the
Department ot Public Works. Victoria.
Iiy application to the niid(-'--l.-.od.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Offlce, Smelting and Keflnlng Department
S Jl V I, T K H S   A X ll   |{ f. FI > K Ii s
rma.A-.r.m'r'^  .wwa
i btei
■nns ptt-i Hi-erTrntlona fer
often dollars ($10). which will b.
funded nn their return in good order.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque on a char-     Coal mining rights of t]
tered bank of Canada, made payable to  lon, in Manitoba, Saskatcl
tho Honorable tlie Minister of Public   Aiha*.»    v.. '    .,-
...   .    * I.   ... Aineriu,  tne   Yukon   Terrl
Works, for a sum equal to 20 per cf>r     ..    .   '. •*>*"»      "'
of tender, whicli .-.hull be forfeited if "M«i*>w«b( rerrltorles and in a por*
tbe party tendering decline io enter  Hon of the Province of British Colum*
into contract when called upon to do  bia,  may  be  leased  fin   a   term  of
'    rull to complete the work
for.   The cheques of nn-
nf firsl  publication
May IllHt.
so. or if I
successful tenderers will he returned
to them upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not lie considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
signed .villi the actual signature of the
tenderer, and enclosed In the envelope-
■    The lowest or any tender nol necen-
21st; sarlly accopled.
A. 13, -FOREMAN,
public Works Engineer,
Public Works Department,
Victoria, It (', April 2Cth, 1917.
twenty-one years renewable
ther  term   of   2]   yonra   at   an   annual rental of $1 nn u< ro    .Nol more
than a.SCO acre.; will be leaned to  ■
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of tho district In willed the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, of legal Btlb-
divisions nf sections, mnl In uiisiirvey
be staked out by the applicant liiraself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of 16 which will b*
refunded if the rtf-lits applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per too.
The person operating tlie mine shall
nd furnish the Agent with sworn returns
the accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royally thereon. If the coal mining
rlphts are not being operated such returns should be furnished at least once
a year.
ise will include the coal roin-
1*21 i fil trrrlttiry tin- true up^ln-,1 for shall   tor.
lng right* only
For fnii information application
should be made to tbe Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to nny Agent or Sun-Agent
of Dominion i^inds,
\v. W. CORBY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
\  it   Unauthorised publication of
thin advertisement  will not be palil PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, MAY Slst, 1917
ia Id) & S.'I'UUI.L
lliirrislirs, Et<*.
VS. I', Kuril G. J. Spreull
llrs. Oreen & MacKinnon
I'll.-Uinus  nml   Suriii'ieeis
OflU-e  at residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  900 to 10.00
Afternoons 200 :o   4.00
Evenings  7,80 to   8.30
Sundays  230 to   4.30
Ofllce ln Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
UntiTiiTr) niJ General Nursing
Garden Ave.
Tct ms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phono 259 P. O. Box 845
Civil and Mining Engineers
II, ('. Land Surteyors
lluy I'lione 21111, Nlgllt Flume 89
Norbury Aye, next to City Ball
Teacher ol Pianoforte
Cranbrook, II. ('. Hoi M
Montana Restaurant
Heals at All Hours
riitnrs Cigarettes and Candy
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washing
send it to
Sni'ceial prices for familv
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge ind GreenbUl Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlatrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
Oriiyini; and Trannferrlng
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O. Box 108 Phone 244
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds of
Unlet. Frame, Prop.
Fresh llreud, Cukes, Pies
nud Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Hall
Spokane, Washington
This houso lias the
l..M'|iy distinction of being tho favorite stopping placo tn Snokano
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything ln our power
to make you comfortable.
Our locution Is excellent —
cIoho to Oreat Northern Station
and O. W. R. & N.—Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
wnlk from tht) principal business
housf'M and places of amusement.
S«'f  Nteaintthto od  Roof
Prank Conrad returned this week
from Cranbrook in his new Ford car.
The lirst resident of Moyie to Invest
in an automobile.
Burn—on May 22nd, in Cranbrook,
to Mr. ami Mra. M. nonner of Moyle,
u son.
Two generously proportioned bundles containing Roil Cross work, dono
in Kurt Steele, were shipped ou thu
.!7tli to Calgary.    The contents were:
iu dressing gowns. 40  t.  bandages,
24  pillowslips, 9 pair khaki  socks,
i; khaki shirts, 7 sets pajamas, s pair
white   socks,  2   pair  hospital   socks
Mrs,   James   Whitehead   spont   the ■ Tbo Red Cross ladies arc to be con-
week-end in Cranbrook with friends.  I gratuluted  Tor the   work   they  have
In response lo tin appeal made to   done as several members are absent
the children of the Kmpire tor nickels | trim town and still there Is h ureal-
to provide comforts for our soldiers   amount of work done
and sailors the school children of
Moyle have contributed the sum of
$:t whicli hits been forwarded by the
teachers to John Evelyn Wrench, Hon,
Sec, arid Organiser, The Oversen
Club, Oeneral Bldg., Aldwych, London, Eng.
Mrs, Walter Sponcor und children
returned on Sunday from a visit to
their ranch near Ryan.
! MrB. Wm. Weston, who has been
Visiting with Mrs, Joffery lias left for
| Creston where she will meet her son,
Ed. Weston.
Danford Crowe motored from Fort
Steele to Wusii  this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Oeo.. Watson of Fort
Steele passed thru Wasa this week
cn route to the Windermere country
in their new car.
Mr. and Mrs. Quartly of Wasa motored to ('ranbrook on Saturday.
R. Finly of Wasa spent a few days
in Cranbrook last week.
Wasa visitors this week were J,
Walsh, Fori Steele; Mrs. L. Clark,
Cranbrook; Mrs. J. Metcalf ami son,
Fort Steele;  Q,  Watson, Fort Steele;
Merrlt I.eask, Skookumchuck; Mrs.
Jensin, Ta Ta Creek; Mrs. A. J. Miller. Cranbrook; W. Kay, Woolf Creek.
Messrs. Stuart ami Tom Jeffery of
Wasa wen* called home to St. John,
New Brunswick owing to tin* tlllness
of  their   mother.
Howard Jordan of Cranbrook passed through Wasa tlifs waelt also
Marry Llddlcoat of Wolf Creek.
Mrs. Jeffery of Wasa is visiting her
mother. Mrs. Crowe, port Steele,
.Mr. Emery »■' <'ranbrook passed
through Wasa this week on his way
lo his ranch at Sheep Creek.
Tlie bachelor boys of Ta Ta Creek
travn a dance In the Moyase School
House Saturday last a large crowd
being present.
The  ladles  of  the  Red  Cross  will
ive a concert on Saturday June 2nd
hi the Moyase School House proceeds
to bo given for Red Cross purposes.
Mrs. T. Leask gave a party end
dance on May 24th In the Moyase
School House.
In a letter received here from Geo.
Crowe from Prance, he says he vlsit-
id tlie 225th hoys from Cranbrook also
met his brother John; all the boys In
the 225th look fine, tliey sure were
glad to meet him.
2c per word for first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
TO KKNT—l'lirtly lurnlslini cottage
Apply to Herald. 22-11*
H>K NAM.—Few HiiMeln grade
heifers due to calf soon.—apply to
A. C. Morrison. 21-lt*
W \NTi;i> girl for geimral house.
.vork. Apply Mrs. Hannary. Moyle,
II. O. 22-lt,
The list of subscribers to the Red
Cross Fund for April is ns follows:
T. McVittie, GOc; F. lUimiore, 25c;
K. L. T. Galbraith, 60c; Mrs. Galbraith
50c; C. Malr. BOc; Mrs. Cann, 25c;
Miss Hate, 26c; A. Doyle, 25c; Mrs.
Attree, 25c; IJ. Werden, 25c; J. Tuen-
hauser, 25c; W. Taenhaiisor, 25c; o.
Raker, 25c; J. Walsh, 25c; It, T.
Richardson, 25c; Mrs. Crowe, 25c;
Mr. Kershaw, 25c; Mrs. Watson, 25c;
Mrs.  Fenwick. $1.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Klingensmlth,
Mrs. Hugh Watt, Miss Hirtz, aud
Miss M. Nicholson of Klko motored to
Port Steelo on Sunday.
Mrs. Imnaii, wife of T. Iniiinn. C I*.
R. Agent, arrived on 25th wltll hor
littio daughter and will make hor
home here for the present.
L. poisey returned on Sunday from
Miss L. Walsh and Miss s. Anderson
visited Cranbrook on  tho 25th.
Two new cars In town which arrived
last week-end are G, Watson's and
Hanfield  Crowe's,  both   Clievrolcts.
Colin Dunlop, formerly of Fort
Steele, in writing recently said tliat ho
had recuperated from Ills wound and
had been ordered back to France.
Tlie garage which is being built
for Mr. Watson is well under way.
P, Kyckman. Indian agent, of Cranbrook, was In town this woek, also
Robt. Abernethy of Victor Mine.
W. E. Campbell, representing tlie
Slater Shoe Co., Montreal, A. Rowul,
representing the Massey Harris Co.,
Calgary, W. A. Wllmot, Homestead
Inspector, Thos. Chalender of Victor
Mine, Mouse Creek, wero week-end
visitors  in   Fort Steele.
Miss Lavlna Xorris of Dayton, Wash.
Is the guest of her sister, Mrs. T. I ti -
Mr. and Mrs. O. Watson and family
pent the week-end at  Invermere.
Stoker John A. Walsh of 11. M, C. S.
"Nlobe" Halifax. N. S.. said in a letter
to his home here tliat he had had ti
wonderful send off from Esquimau,
He saw Archie Chisholm of Fort
Steele when hi barracks at Halifax
from it p.m. to midnight the flooi
like a polished mirror made dancing
a pleasure. The music was tbe best
that could be had for the money, there
' being two sols of players, and such n
I crowd it was turn about. A splendid
Bupper was provided by the committee
and partaken or at midnight. Sandwiches that would put flesh on a
fence post, the layer cakes were live
or six storied castles of succulent delight, trimmed with rich buttery dressing, and the visitors one and all
rhapsodized over the delicious cream
puffs, until the makers' creamy cheeks
were- pink with happy pride, and the
two-handled pumpkin pies bid them
all good bye. Tea. coffee and sweet
milk so thick the cream couldn't get
to the top. After supper the dancing
was kept up until after 4 o'clock.
Everybody had a delightful time and
promised to come.
Pte. Sam McDonald who left Canada witli the 54th Battalion arrived in
Klko Saiiirday nlgllt and left for his
homo in the Roosville Valley. He
was badly wounded in tin* right arm,
face, and right leg. hut Is verv optimistic, and says the Knglish Military
hospitals are tin* last thing for u
wounded soldier, lho rest (he says the
same as Jack Cnnnki are a joke, q bill
of  expense  ns   it   were  t ogive  some
muttonhoads a job,
Mrs. Jim Thomson of the Colnmli'i
. Hotel. Elko, received a card from Capt
! Thorn, prisoner of war, Knlgsgefun-
geiionsondmig, Prussia, reading between the lines of Ills letter. The
Prussian officers' wives are not en-
lertnlnlng him to any pink teas or
the Von Officers to any purple whiskies a  la  Morrissey.
Miss Somervllle from Cranbrook is
in charge of the central telephone
office in Klko and Is giving great
service to tlie general public.
Another big mine discovery near
Elko. The old historic burg is sure
sel in diamonds amid Tlowers that
ever bloom. Keep your eye on the
Reports coming from Alberta say
that Premier Arthur Sifton, has about
the same chance of getting elected as
a bowlegged girl has to get married
In her home town.
Jim Thistlebeak says if anyone
thinks you have softening of the brain.
the chunees aro they have hardening
of the arteries. So just smile and go
The Roosville Valley is a greal
route for slackers that pass In the
night both ways.
Messrs. A. Wllmot, J. P. Bnnnorman,
Leitch uud Ruddy visited Elko this
week from Jaffray.
Miss E, IJ. Patterson of Roosville,
and one of tlie host equestriennes on
Tobacco Plains was visiting with Mrs,
O, A. Klingensmlth and Miss K, May
Roo this week.
Messrs. Reid, Sherlock and Booth, of
Kdmonton, Calgary and Moose Jaw,
all overland trout salesmen with J.
II. Tabor the Medicine Hat candy
king, llmousined through the old historic burg this woek going west.
A girl In Calgary writes that she
has trouble In getting a husband. Jim
Thistlebeak advises her to try and get
an unmarried man then.
The Retail Meat Dealers and Store
clerks from Fernie held their annual
WANTED IMMEDIATELY—A good i fishing bee nt Rock Creek, on Kmpire
...       a.        ..     ...... fin I'       nml        rut It1.tir.il        11.1 tl. •••nil        (-IM...1
dairy cow.   Apply to Edwin Griffiths,
Fernie, B. C. 17-6t.
ED It SAI.K- 5 acre irnrk In Hiienu
Vista Gardens, partly cleared; $100
down balance on easy payments. Apply to Herald Office. 21-lt.
TD RENT   Lurge airy front room
on Armstrong Ave. about one block
and a half from Raker St.—Apply
Cranbrook Drug K- Rook Co. 22-tf
EOlt SALE—Steel lunlahlr kitchen
range "Canada Pride". »i0 yards linoleum, kitchen cabinet, bureau, bedstead and mntress, all as good as new.
Can be seen at any time ut the Caslake residence, 240 Hunsou Ave. 22-2t
Roadster; this tar with extras cost
$1400; runs and looks like new; can
be bor.~ht for $*>00 or would consider
trade for small five pas:.eigor car.—
R. J. Binning. 19-tf
Co. Grant Lands.—Title to same revested iu United States by Aet of Congress dated June 9, 1910. Two million three hundred thousand ncres to
bo opened for Homesteads and Sale.
Timber and Agricultural Lands containing some of the best land left in
United States. Now Is tlie opportune
time. x Largo sectional maps showing
land and description of soil, climate,
ralnfull, elevation, etc. Postpaid one
dollar. Grant Lands 1-ncating Co.
Box G10,   Portland,  Oregon,       ICtf.
vacancies In tbe Oalt Hospital Training School for Nurses. Thorough
training given in every branch of the
profession. Three years course.
KiKliteen In the school. Good opportunities after graduation for cither
InHtltutlonal work or Private Nursing.
Oflmfortalile rooms In the Nurses
Homo which is a separate building,
Remuneration given 1st year $8, 2iut
year $10., .'Ird year $12. per month.
Three weeks vacation. Pupils can be
taken in at oneo. Apply—The Lady
Huporlntei.dent. c.alt Hospital, Utli-
hrlilK.'. Alia
day and returned with well filled
Premier Brewster seems to have a
busier Job right now than a street
sweeper on Kooter.«y Lake,
Miss Annie Murray of Lnndbrek
Alberta, Is working second trick at
the telephone office.
Automobiles well filled with pleasure seekers came from all parts of tlw
District, on Kmiiire Day and visited
the falls. The Burton Copner Mine
Others came fn on the C. P. R. and
G. N. Passenger trains. Tlie Stars
nnd Stripes and the Union Jack was
flying from every Gag pole and the
crowds mnde one think of old times
before the war.
United States Consul. J. R. Pollock
and wife, of Femle, motored to Elko
this week.
It was his first visit to Klko; Kmpire Day: he visited Silver Spring
Lake, tin-Fulls, and canyon, motored
over somo of the beautiful drives,
He was a Sunday Sschool teacher
from one of the Pass towns, and when
J he was asked what he thought nf It
he said. "It beats the devil."
Government Agent It, Hewat, wife
and son. of Penile, spent Kmpire Dav
iu Klko.
Mr., and Mrs. C A. Klingensinllli
and Mrs. II. Watt motored to Fernie
I this week.
I Mr. and Mrs. John Ricketts and
daughter. Klsie, from the llii; Sand
Creek, drnv.. into Klko khte week
visiting  friends and  doing  business,
Mrs. Hurry Kdmiinils and family
moved Into the Minker Bungalow.
Riverside Park, they all come hack.
Mr, and Mrs. e. nurgess of Waldo
wns in Klko on Kmpire Day.
The pa'Motlc dnnce hold In the
Roosville School House May 25th was
a pleasant surprise to the committee
who worked so hard to make it a success, and It was by far the best social
gathering ever held in tlie Valb
The School- House wns beautiful!;
decorated throughout In Red White
and Blue. The flags of the Allies
surrounding the Stars and Stripes
and the Union Jack side by side, representing the two greatest Rpublhs
In the world todny, and the ladies
reci'ptlnn commllttee stood beneath
them, flags so fair, in red, white and
blue marine, to welcome all their
guests serene, with greetings. Flagstone turned nut en masse to show
their apprci'lHilnn of Roosvllle's hospitality. Visitors from Newgate ami
Gateway were also prosent. Broncho
twisters were there with tlieir Ivory
handled cnyusos thnt could ride anything from a two-humped camel io n
shooting star, looking so slick If a fly
had the misfortune to light on llinin
he would slip off and break his leg
Hearts were light and faces bright
when the music struck up, and on with
Ihe dnnce; let Joy he uiiennflneil. and
If you aro tempted to reveal
A tab* some one to yon has told.
About another—-make it pass
(Before you speak) three gates of
Tliree narrow gates—First, Is it True?
Then, Is It Needful?.   In your mind
Olve truthful answer.   And tho next,
Is lest and nnrrowoat, Is it Kind?
And if to reach your lips at last,
It passes through these gateways
Then you may tell the tale, nor fear
What the result of speech may he.
On the sunny banks of Sand Creek,
Where tlie birdies sing.
Wliere the robin red breast
Is herald of tin* spring.
On its banks the beaver,
There tl.ey liave tlieir homo,
Thru Sand Crock's shady woodlands
Graceful there do roam.
In   Its sparkling waters
Speckled beauties glide.
When* tho river rushes.
Iiy tin* mountain  side.
In tlie dark deep canyon
Towering cedars groin;
Nourished by the streamlets
From tlie winter's snow.
.Money iu tho mineral.
There is  unite a  store;
Hidden in the mountains,
On Sand Creek's sunny shore.
Far off In foreign countries
The cannon loudly roar;
Tiiere is peace and plenty,
Ou Sand Creek's sunny shore.
There I have my cabin,
And flowers at the door;
Living with a faithful friend,
On Sand Crook's sunny shore.
L, (1. R„ Calamity Gulch.
(continued from pnge one)
and Frank Campbell of Steele are
O, K. Hughle Logan, F. K. McLag-
gim and Stanley lleiui aro killed and
1 think lie said Banfield was gone too.
1 saw Major Davis yesterday, he was
looking fine.
I was in the front line on May Duy
and the sun was Bhlnti>b' and the
larks singing and 1 was wondering
how It was back In B. C. 1 have not
gol a Fritz yet but they lmvo not got
me so we are even so far. The lice
are bad and I got snme floas In one
of Fritz' famous dugouts so am all
bit up, hut wo all have them and Hnv-r
to keep tliem down as well as we can
by picking them off. 1 expect to go
back to the trenches tomorrow aud
expect to huve a warmer time as I
lujir Frit*| is malting a desperate
Stand all along tiie lino. However, I
have n<» real' we will heat him. Our
rtlllcry is fur superior and so are our
The V. M. C. A's do n grout work
bore and I do not know how we would
do without them.
1 don't know if I told you I nm in
the machine gun section nt present.
I hope I wlll get hack to tell you ull
bout  what I huve soon.    Write me
.lieu yon can.    Your friend.
II. S. Clnrk.
No. 24274. Transport,
ISth Canadian Buttn,.
B. 10. F.
My Dear Friend.—At Inst I have
plucked up enough courage to settle
down nnd write you that long promised epistle. Really I fool perfectly
ashamed not waiting ynu before now,
hut better late than never, Is quite
true. It must be more than twelve
months ago since Inst I wrote you.
Our I ravels and experiences have been
varied since then, hut I nm thankful
to say I have come through It unscathed. 11 Is twenty-Six months now since
wn lauded iu France but it seems
more. We have done our bit and upheld Canada's name In the various
engagements we have taken part in.
i guess you will have the news by now
of the latest stunt that the Canadians
have pulled off, another featht
our hats. One of tlie strongest, or I
might say the strongest part of the
i German line fell before our boys. By
j the time you receive this Jetter the
! advance' will be old news, but ut
' present It is new. The weather conditions during the advance would have
done credit to the arctic circle; snow,
sleet and rain poured down and this
morning there was between two and
three inches of snow ou the ground.
Talk about sunny France, ye gods!
this country is the limit in regards to
rain, and the mud, you fairly wade iu
It uud practically the middle of April
now. Those great historic batlles of
bygone days which used lo 1 lir 111 our
young blood, whicli wc read about
in school, take a back seat compared
to the modern style of war. Talk
about cannon to Lho right ami lefl of
them, you ought to have heard our
"heavies" during tho bombardment,
it would have done your heart good,
they seemed to be every whore and
they sure wore. Cone are Ihu days
when onr artillery were cut down io
a few shells a day per battery and
when the infantry luul practically no
support behind them. Germany lost
her chance of world conquest then,
when the first Canadian division arrived in Franco the line wus pretty
slim that held Fritz hack, nono know
It better than we do. 1 think we are
the oldest volunteer division in France
only the old regulars I believe were
here before us. We have marked
superiority in artillery though 1 guess
Germany has as many infantry as we
have, probably more, but our boys I
make up for It In nerve and grit, that \
which counts most iu an attack. Us |
the Infantry that bears the brunt of
the fighting always; he is the hero
of this war, tlie man that wins nations
but does not alwayo get the credit for
It. The privations they put up with
Is awful but they are always cheery
and their spirit is really marvelous.
The U. F. C. have certainly, done
their share in the wnr fighting in the
ulr Is a dully occurance and it's some
sport, believe me. Our men are masters of tho air. without a doubt; it's
seldom more than two of the enemy's
planes dare come over our lines. On
a nice clour day you see dozens of
tliem patrolling our lines and Fritz
bus not a chance to come over. Well,
Ralph, It's rather hard to write an
interesting letter ns nll our letters nre
censored nnd I guess you get plenty
war news through the newspapers,
though some of the heroic letters 1
sometimes read in some custom papers from people, hut are really only
a myth to us who know how things
are here. I am feeling fairly woll
considering the conditions of life we
live under. Two years und eight
months of this life takes the host out
of a man and home nnd pence Is the
goal we are all looking forward to.
Canada sometimes seems to mo that
I have seen It In n dream, some far
away country, really it seems years
since I left B. C, "God's Country"
as 1 have heard some of the boys call
It. a good nume for It, with Us magnificent scenery and matchless climate.
1 met quite a few Cranbrook boys
with the 64th Battn.. last fall in
Albert; they arrived just the day before we left there so I did not have
much time to spend with them; some
of tiiem ,1 believe, have gone under
since then; I did not happen to meet
Bill Johns but 1 Intend hunting him
up first opportunity. 1 saw Hugh
ljOgan and Roy Ilossaek in Albert,
Logan, 1 believe, was killed since
then, but I huve heard nothing definite as I have not met the 54th since
then. I met Gordon Cameron the
other night, ho has been out here a
long tlmo, though I have never met
him until now. Woll 'old friend, I
hope you will find timo to write me
a few lines and give me all the news
of the old burg. There is nothing appreciated more out hero than a letter
from a friend. Mall time is about tlie
only bright moment in a usually dull
day. Kindly remember me to all I
know.    Your old friend,
D. MucLennan.
saves money
a farmer writes us. "It
cuts down the quantity
of powder required and
the stumps come out cleaner when 1 fire the
charges by pushing down the handle of your electric blasting machine. I have found thai whether
I fire with a battery or with fuse and cap,
goes further and does better work than ordinary
'stumping powders."
Renew the
Joy of Living
Don't let ill health any longer rob you of life's pleasures.
Get back your appetite,
strengthen your digestion,
stimulate your liver, regulate your bowels and improve your blood by taking
Their action is prompt and
thorough, and you soon feel
their benefits. You will eat
more, work better, sleep sounder, and feel new strength after
a short course of these dependable pills. They restore
healthy conditions, and
are worth a
guinea a box
in Canada fur 32 years—
iiii;- farmersin this section.
ml their tests liave shown
Giant Stumping I'owiler—made
has been used for years by tlie lend
Many of tliem tried (ether makes
that Giant j;ets the stumps out
cleaner and cheaper.   If you are
not already usingGiantStumping   [  FFCcBoOk
Powder, specify Giant the next
time you need explosives.
Have  vou " yo" •*aven't'
nave   yuu write(or h todayi
OUr DOOK?   Itcontuin»44i
:rationsuf the most |
effective methods nf blasting. It shows j
how to ilo many kinds of farm work in
the cheapest, easiest way. Mail the
coupon or a posl card.
Stump BUiling
! Boulder Blaitini
Road Making
Tree Bed Blaiting
Ditch Bla-.iti-.r-
D Mining—Quarrying
Sat., June 2nd
W. li. SHERMAN presents
A Sparkling Rubble of Musical Comedy
'Little Miss
Headed by the Versatile Comedian
A Star Caste and a Chorus of
Surpassing; Beauty
21—Big Song Hits==2i
Unique in charms and scenery
Prices   $1.00, 75c & 50c
Seats on Sale at Beattie-Murphy's
SMsmmrtmmsm.  Ua.


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