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Cranbrook Herald Jul 5, 1917

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THURSDAY,  JULY   5th.  1917
iikii rimss iiiNii: it si hut has nnu: sitchsn
We re-gre-t to announce the eli-atli ,,f
Mrs. Hotliwell of Warduer wleo died
in tho Si. Eugene Hospital and was
burie-d from tie.* Metiiodist rlmre-li (in
The decoasod resided with her son,
W A Rothwell, ie progressive settlor
In the Mayook lilslrii-t.
Tine Hlxlh annual  > ling ot  ilia
Cranbrook, Matrlel Atiloniobllo Ah.
SOOlnllOll wees hold ul I*-. ,ri Rtoolu,
un Wodnosdny, July (th,
A basoball nn bolwoon I'rnubronli
aud Klmborloy wus plnyod in lho
iifierueiiiii liniii loam mado a fairly
good Bliowlng ospoclally lownriln llie
luller part nf lb.' gl wlilch lll'nllghl
fortll tnue'li eiilhiisliisin ri-inii Hi,- mi
lookors, The s.'iire was I'riiiilu'iiul.
Hi; Klmborloy 8 Tlie Urnnbrooli
liiuiil were Iii nttcndanco and plnyod
several selections elm-Inn lho gnme.
The Cranbrook lias..Imil rial, me
trying tee secure tin' services ul somo
good pitcher lei put tho finishing
touches lee a fust ainnti'iil' hall team.
The probability of a basoball tournament at thee Cranbrnok Pall Pair
should he definitely known nnd eeut-
side teams notified ley Tuesday, .Inly
Tho Crnnbrook District Automobile
Association hold a mooting ai 8.K0 p.m.
About r>n mombers were present.
President R. .1. McCreery oponotl the.
meeting wltli a few words, thanking
the Fort Steele residents fnr iheir liees-
pltellty and welcoming the representatives of the Fernie Auto Association
ulso referring with deep regret to the
great loss tlie Association leas sustained in the death eef tlieir late Hon-
arary President, Mr. Nils Hanson.
The Secretary's report showed tlie
Association tee lee in good financial
standing having a balance in hand of
$110 with ail expenses paid.
The Association nre. arranging lee
bave a lng nf tiie road inserted lu tlie
Vancouver Standard !te*ael lluid*. of
B. C. and the question was referred
to thc President of thc Vancouver
Auto Association for attention,
The matter eef petting oul a road
guide wltli a map of lhe Dlstrlcl showing the Interesting Side trips was left
In tbe hands eef the Joint executives
nf thc Femle and Crnnbrook Autq
The election of nffiieis resulted as
follows:     Hon.   ITesiueul.   ur.  IV.   ...
Oreen: President: Wen. F. Cameron;
Vice- President: \v A, Nisbet; Sec-
Treasurer: W. II. Wilson: Executive
rommlttcc: H. \V. Drew. Win. Oreaves.
R. J. McCreery. F. M. McPherson, Oeo.
Hogarth. Lester Clapp, IS  T. Cooper.
Tho questlbn of the nnnunl fee wns
discussed and it was decided to reduce
the fee to $2.r.u per annum tor car
owners and $1 Her Associate members, the object beieeg in Induce overy
automobile owner as woll a- all those
Interested in tie., "good roads" campaign ne join Un' Association, ami a
strong membership committee consisting ot President Camoron, I*' SI. Mcpherson and E, T Cooper were appointed tee canvass (nr in w members ;
Another matter ol Importance dls- .
enssod was Uu
in ni,- District
Tills was lefl I
h'xocutlvo tn lain
nf stocking Hie lakes
a- bands
■ mutter
nl   Flshi
it Hie
,  Willi
I'S     III
Right" wns
; s.'i'i'eiiii'y ri
|oxplnlnod il
unable in a
prosent, the
j necessity of
| trie trnckngi
; lail a   Inrgo
In tahe tlie
inn ol "Turning in tho
inxt tlonll evlih The
ail correspondence which
ai iiu. ciovornmonl were'
ah.' lhe change tor tlm
chief objection heing the
changing the B. C. Elec-
system wlilch would en-
expenso. It was decided
nutter up again evith Ihe
suggesting    lhal    lhe
change bo made In tbo Cranbrook,
Columbia ami Fernie rlillngs alone or
East nf the ciis.aih's as considerable
Inconvenience, as well as danger tn I
tlie public safety was incurred (sev- i
eral serious accidents from the cause i
having recently 1 o rported) owing
m llm .Image from the Right to Left
rale al ihe International boundary, j
Improvements nf roads was tlio next
subject discussed. The necessity of
Improving the condition of the main |
Trunk Road was emphasized owing In
the Increasing tourist traffic through
the Cranbrook-Ft.
■ii mileage S and 11
Lake roud beyond
Steele road botwe
nni ihe St. Mary
Matthew Crook.
The Importance nf placing direction
signs ut the Junctions ol ronds was
relerred to nml lhe Secretary was Instructed lo bring these mutters tn tho
attention of Qovernment Engineer, J.
i;   Cummlngs.
Tlie steel gates protecting the right
nl' way nf lhe C.  I*   R. on the' l'nrtn
Rico Compnny's old mill siie* was then
dlsctiBsed.    It  was pointed ont thnt
these gales obstructed  the highway
ami caused considerable inennvnience
iiiiee  In  Innrisls,  and  lhe  Secretary I
was Instructed lee lake the matter up j
wlih Superintendent Harshaw.
A vote of Heanks was tendered to tlie
', ,,.,.,„,.„,   :  BecICtBrt  Iff Ue-lr 111- j
dltotla labors of the year.
Mr. A. Blnmore, Secretary of the j
Vancouvt r Auto Cluh was present nnd j
gnve lho Association a greal deal of
valuable Information.
Tims close il the mosl successful nnd
enthusiastic Autn meeting in the his-'
■nry nf tin. Association
The dance in the evening given by
1!.,.   1 ;.,!:,■-   ni   lhe'Fnrt   Steele   Red j
Cross   wns n huge success.   The hnll j
wns packed In overflowing with peo-
I y from Crnnbrook   Fernie and sur-
rounding towns    The Cronbrook dr-
hi  era   supplied lhc music in tholr:
usual flue style.
The Ladles nf 'he Red Cross wish
thank   Ihe   People  ol  Crnnbrook
others fnr iheir splendid support.
Crnhlirnok   llluli   School
Preliminary    Qrade- Pass    List
.lune.  HUT     Maximum 1000.- John S
Noblo,   lilaelvs   I..   Spell, e.   Muriel   I.
Baxter,  Agnes  Reekie,  Margaret   K
SIElol, Gladys M. Brooks, Rnrnnrd Q.
Lees. Klsle M. Seattle, Jennie I., llnp-
klns, Charles F. Armstrong.
Division <!.
Promotions to Entrance Class—Otto i
Hill, Lily Lancaster, Donna Argue.,
liny Roblchaud, Harry Macdonald,
Margnrot Morrison. Edith Murgatroyd,
N'ormnn Beech, Ruth Simpson, Alma
Sarvis, Donald Dallas. Keith Wasson,
Bessie Woodman, Gnbrtctla Hamilton,
Marlon Druiuinooti, Annie Parnaby,
Delphian Bennett, Eric MacKinnon,
Annie McBlrnie, Mary Pascuzzo, Nina
Belanger. On Trial—Oarflold Taylor,
.lack Dow. Malcolm Belanger. Bruce
Division II.
Promotions from Division 3 to Division 1. -May Brake. Leneerc Hill.
Edith Lewis. Jack Stevens. Paul McNeil, Winnie Phillips. Jack Moffatt,
Arthur Gill, Harold Kummer, Norman
Wasson, Roblna Somervllle, John
Brake. Warren Spence.
Promotions front Division 11 tee Dlv-
Islem 2.—Freddy Hriggs. Reive Pnr-
ker. Vivian Kummer, Jack Wanl. May
Lancaster. Irene Llnnell. Bertha Leclerc. Martha Messenger, Annie Shaw.
Maud Seott. Leonard Burton. Archie
Horie. Alice Brake. Frank Roherts,
Mabel Finley, Isabel Parker. Chris-
line Carson, Charlie Clapp. Edna Sanderson, Charlie Musser, Mabel Cameron, Jack Kirkland. Muriel Reaile.
Promotions fmm Division . to Division 2.—Bessio Hallett. Audrey Farrell, Elsie Black. Oertrudc Hopkins,
Vera Baxter. Gertrude Parnaby. Verne
Woodman, Hugh MacDonald.
E. M. Bechtel, (author
Division I.
Promotions from Dlvisnn 4 to Division " Helen Leclerc, Stella John- 1
son. Ermn McNeil. Eunice Parrett. I
Clyde MacKinnon, Raymond St.Elol,
Agnes Snminervilie. Stanley Moffatt,
Gordon Armstrong. Ray Scott. Minn j
Mnnre. Donald Morrison, Gordon
Woodman, Mae Kirkland, Annie Johnson, Thomas Reekie. Wllma Park,
Lena Brogan. lamoro Little. Joe Mueller Da Trial. Dorothy Bassett. Sam
Speers, James Logan. Robert Eekin.
Ruby Seott
ArrHMffi'MiMits   for Wowcr   BhoM  iu
Auk.*"'      Vote    ol    Confidence
Unanlmoush Puwil i» Shi-.'"1
of  roller  (!omml«RloM|rs.
a very plonsant afternoon was spenl
un Tuosday at tlio Parish Hall when
tin* Women's Institute was «l home i"
[he children Mrs McFarlnne presided ami (In* Imil waa filled to lin cap
arliy mon* seats having tn ho provided. Utter* were rend from Carl
Oill ami .1 Mtlne, who are both In
Sussex. England, acknowledging ro
(lelpl <>r parceU aonl rerenllj by the
Institute Six quilts tumrd in com
plete iiu* Secrctarj was InstrMcteri i<>
write io Dalfonr to Inquire if tiny
really need tliem there rt port sb -wlna
tliey have one hundred bods fully
equipped Twenty two pairs of sock
had been mndi during tbo month in
addition to the quill work and Hie
Hreosnror'a  report   showed  120  for
yarn bad recently boen oxp led nml
a donntlon  had  n despatchod to
<\ ll. f. 8. Prisoners of War Dopartmont
The prize list and competitions for
llie forthcoming flower BllOW on Ann-
list 21st were rend In dotall, tin* Pros!-
dent exuri^Hlnn tin* hope tlmt tbe Institute would break tlie rocoird of
recent shows In exhibits. Pinal arrangements wlll he submitted next
meeting and tbe sliow generally
A vote or confidence wns pussed by
Mra. A. A. MacKinnon witb our Police
Commissioners hi the wny tbey are
striving to mnlntnln n clean ami
cloaed town. The motto of the Institute being for Home nml Country
and tho need of a sntiare deal for onr
boys nnd girls, ao muny of whom were
present tbat afternoon, callod forth
tho real support of lho women of
Oranbrook, as mothers or future oltl-
sens by strengthening tbe baiidn nf
those who desire to uev n  healthy
minded city Referonce being mode
io the nvent police raid nnd ihe
meeting on Saturday last al the City
Hall   the  VOtO   WOS   seconded   hy   Mr*  J
Woodman and carried without :i dls-.
A most excellent paper wns read by i
Mra H II M-'-'lure nf Wycliffe, entitled. "A square ileal for our boys j
and girls." and listened to with no I
Miiall amount of interest. Many im
portent phases of child training were
,|,;ili -Aim iii ii new llghl and regarding ihe ohstlnnto difficulties of family
HfD many inatances wem n'>'en of
lui plan- which uSd eliniin- j
nini  lhe Irmihli'-*
Tho  program   whicli   followed   the
business was with one exception roin-
posed   of   children   of   memhers   and
friends, th,. llttlo ones proving tliem-
nolvea  very  creditable  porformers.
Mi* Mini Sarvis demonstrated on
maple eroam showing ureal ability
and   absolute  confidence  iu   horsolf
wlih   her   subject     This   wns   an   in-
mivaiion  tor ihe Institute mi  dil  Is
hoped  more school  glrll   will  In  tin*
near future lie stl iiilnt il to come for-
ward nml reveal   heir several talents.
Following is tne program:
The Maple Leaf. Kdith Murgatroyd:
Sunt:,     Mrs.   Amentum;     Recitation,
Connie  Basset!  and  Ethel   Williams:
Piano Solo. Kdith Murgiitroyd; Song.
I'lmlce  Parrett;   Playlet, "Thi-* Seven
| Days," Dorothy Qassott, Annie I.aurle,
Rota McBlrnoy, .Mary Park. Ethel Williams, ami Amy Williams; Recitation,
Bessie Woodninn; piano Solo. Alma
After the entertainment each child
was presented with lee cream aud
members uml friends with ten, cake
and sandwiches. A collection at the
door was tuken for Prisoners of War
Fund, reuniting $2,2fi. Tin* meeting
closed with the National Anthemn.
The alncoro iluiiiks of the Methodist
| Sunday school board of management
Is tendered to nil the friends who in
any way assisted to mnke the recent
picnic the mosl successful thun fnr
Hhi-i.-ii fi,
Promotions from Division 5 to Division Reginald Parrett, Margaret
Cofr, Olive Simpson, Ida Johnson,
Delia Paxter. Alexia Me?:ctiRer, Ethel
Clapp. Helen Mueller, Alox Cassldy.
James T.'ylor, Phyllis Horsey, Helen
Somervllle, Marion Henderson. I^iur-
etta I.eclcrc. Marjorie Burton. Rny
Hill. Krne:;t Smith, Edward Spence.
Hope Taylor. Kdith Clnrho. Nora Finley. Loulfie Kelaoy, Mildred Clarke.
Mary Somervllle. John Lancaster.
Evelyn Oreenwood, Leonard Jecks,
Karl Vennessey, Krrol Dickie. Murray
M  I. Cartwright. teacher.
BlvNInn fl.
Promotions from Division fl to Division 4 -Angus McDonald. Dorothy
McKowan, .lean Wilson, Cyril Lees.
To Dlvirioii fi. -Doric. Pnrker. Ralph
Ladds. Malcolm Brogan, Willie Stewart. Norman Parker. Joe Brngnn.
draco Armtsrong, Krmk Hawkesworth. Andy Cassidy, Dorothy Dufour.
Prank Hoy, Maruaret Jolmson, Eddie
RPJfls. .luck DIxbn. Edward White.
MelvtUc Leask. Meryl Cni*son. Lllllnn
Jiicksoii. Wilhelmliia Woodman. Florence (lard, Patrick Kennedy Alway
Blip;-.. D^.i^.y Whittaker. Bennie Murgatroyd. Billie Taylor. On Trial—
Gertrude Scott. Erie stone.
Division 7.
Promotions from Division 7 to Division fi.—Arthur Slmnklnr.d. Gertrude
Patmore, Henry (Jodderls. John Mitchell, Margaret McDonald, Vaughnn
Roy, Pnnny Hep Chong. Robert Pel-
ton. Kenneth Jolllffe, Claience Cros-
hy, Alleyne WnlllnRer, Theodora
Huclicroft, Kathleen Strachan, Marguerite Oodderls. Ktliel Atchison. Kenneth Parrett. Raymond. Beech, Kathleen Dnllas. Jas, Gormley, Doris
Brooks, Loran Jordan, Dorothy Hulling, Robena Kelly. Jack Barrett,
Roale Gormley. Effle Chnrbaneau.
Mary Beattic, Douovan Jecks. Rhdc
Willis, Harry Kemball. Robert Taylor.
Stanley Kemlmll. On Trial,—Fred
Stojack, Evelyn Bowley. fiertle Oeorge
Hmel Jschiim.
■luiit   lake Adiantuge of Excellent
OutlUK  Afforded
Making new departures hoili as to
dale and place us well as oilier new
features in tie- way of a picnic, ihe of-
flceri nni scholars of tin- Methodist
Sunday Si hool and iheir frlonds nre
delighted with the result^ The plc-
nl< was held on Dominion Hay, a
Iii He earlier than In former years,
nml being on a puhlic holiday, the
wholo day was taken advantage of.
Wiih tliis extra tiuo* to use it was also
decided io go farther afield this year
ami thus give the cnililren and their
parents the treat of a ride as well as
Mi ii* ual features of a Sunday school
outing. Tin- result was that the Innovation   proved  a  splendid   success
and at the clOBO o!' the day everyone
voted ii the besl picnic yet. It meant
quite a Utile extra work i'or thOSi
wlo were miperlntouting the meals
fnr ii Involved two meals instead of
one, hut on another occasion this
could he considerably lightened by a
Utile further organization.
Tbe weather proved ideal, a nice
breeze obviating any unbearable heat,
in fact it WftH made to order, ami not
a minute of it was lost. RflCOS, Kumes
and coniests followed one another
lu splendid variety affording amusement and entertainment io upgrowns
as  welt as Ihe little tots.
A new feature nmong the hoys
sports was a blind horse race, enn-
sistitm of a blindfolded boy heing
driven by a partner and guided hy a
pair of reins. It was nol by any
means as simple as il sounds but
created a great deal of merriment.
This idea was an original one of one
of tin* officers of the school. The
ha' trimming contest for the men was
keenly watched hy the lady friends,
especially hy those who were wnnt-
ing pointers for the next millinery display. A list of ahout fifteen events
made up a splendid opportunity for
all tc enjoy themselves by either being children themselves or watching
others going back to their childhood
Two splendid meals were served to
tbe delight of all. one hoy eiitlng so
heartily of the good things he even
hnd not room for a cherry when orfer-
ed it Everybody was extravagantly
liberal in the provision of baskets containing nil kinds or toothsome things,
and there was plenty lefl to have
taken another meal It anyone could
have managed it.
A committee had traveled out to the
picnic prounds. which wero located
at the Ink. Menr the old Standard Mill
about seven and a half miles along
the Fori Steele road, and had prepared
large tables, placed benches out
among tlie --linde trees tor those who
wanted to rest, hammock beds were
prepared for tired nnd sleepy children, although tbey were not always
occupied by children, and every possible convenience nnil comfort was
provided A groat deal of credit and
gratitude is due to the energetic committees who so unselfishly gave themselves up to make a good day fnr the
children and they had the satisfaction nt the close of tbe day tliat they
bad accomplished what they set out
In do. Too much cannot be snld In
the way of appreciation of the way
the nuto owners Inld themselves out
for tlie success of the scheme and It
te a matter of conirratiilatnn that no
untoward event happened thnt caused
anyone to have lo walk, although
tiiere were one or two tire troubles
which   were   quickly   remedied.
Division 8.
Promotions from Division S to Div-
Imiii 7. Florence Bluing. Lillian St-
l.loi. Jack Swan. Evattda Young,
Helen Brown, Jenn Wallinger. Jack
Qonost, Andrew Carr, Irene Muler.
Ivy Dezall. Willie MacDonald. Ethel
Speers Harold Lnilds, Graham Dale.
Mary Mitchell. Ernest Greenwood,
Julln Ernst. Donald Burton, Milliard
Simpson. Cecil Park, Stuart Manning,
Knlherlnc Harrison, David Frame,
Alh,i Olll, Kvelyri Ward, Sherman
Harris. James McKarlane, Thomas
Marshall, Bay Brown. Willie Spence,
Aubrey McKownil, Ronnie llaynees.
sic Mclnnls, Gladys Sane. Willie
Stone, Browoll Karrell, Mary Foster,
Orvllle Bliss. Loltle NVong Fonc. Sllna
E, M, MacDonald. teacher.
Dvlslon V.
Promolteni from Division 9 to Dlv-
Ison S. A. tins- Jack Atchison, Jean
neattle, Helen Brines. Jessie Brown.
Marion Carr, Mabol Clark. Gcdrge
Kemball, Everotl Lowls, Frank .Martin. Berth McDonald, Etta McGlll.
Lizzie Miller, George Pelton. Blrnle
Stracl'.on, Marlon WHltr.ms. Mad line
Woodtni i P. Clans.- .Mice Carter,
May Cox, Mary Genost, Kathleen Hen-
dors.')*!, Mali King, Mali Sim, Hla Mat-
gawr, Sur. a Mnigiw. Kathleen McFarlane, Ida McGregor. Sophie Mc-
Qrogor, G 'oeo McClure, Deris Owen,
Melville Reade, Hazel Simpson. Class
C. Clcorgn George, Malcolm HarrlH
Juck Henderson, Jean Lntrace. Nellie
Suk ague bl.
The jubilee of confederation wos
fittingly recognized and honored In
the Methodist Church and Sunday
school last Sunday, The church was
decorated by the crossed flags of the
I'nion Jack and the Canadian -Marine
flag while u large Jack was draped
over thc front of tbe choir pews nnd
ii new set of silk ullied flags decoruted
ihe Honor Roll of those who have
gone from the Church to Ml-IU the
Empire's battles.
"Brtttanta" and The King" In an-
ihetn  setting   was   rendered  nml   the
nuslor's text ".as chosen f-rm Num
"cr* It. 12. "I will make th- ■ i greater |
nation und nvghtter."
Reciting tbe main facts o Bhe confederation of UOi? the preacher said
that while celebrating onr jubilee we j
were really only coming of age as a
nation which meant that the past fifty
years sufficed for us to have enjoyed
tin- frivolities of youth ns well e.s Its
follies but thut now the obligations of
full tirowu life was upon ns.
Do we recognize, asked Mr. Key-
worth, that the opportunities or solving the problems or the world were
knocking at tin* door of Canada's
nationhood'.' What did it mean to he
a nation'.' To be a nation was to be a
people possessed or a selfhood that
was bolng definitely prosecuted towards a predetermined goal.
otlier nations bave all been marked
by some great characteristic, some for
their wnse of justice, others Tor tlieir
military achievements, some for brilliant organization, some tor colonising genius, hot as yet there had been
no nation whose distinctive and domination personalty had been that of
christian piety. Shall Canada accept
the challenge and become that nation.
She can profit by the mistnkes nnd experiences of older nnttons and by the
uriice of God can tie "Tbe little child
that shall lead the nations up to the
cherished ambitions or God."
In the afternoon the school met In
open session when a pleasing duet by
tbe Sarvis glrlti and a recltntlcn by i
Donna Argue was added to a special
program that wna nf a responsive
character. Th*VPnstor again spoke,
ami remarked tbat Canada was a
nation tbat had n larger amount or
territory than nny otlier nation but
she had one of the smallest population
to cover that territory. Tbe bigness
of her territory gave her the opportunity of belr.g not only the largest nctinn
but the greatest and tbis could only be
done as we met the incoming tides ot
immigration with a christian Ideal and
by every boy and jrirl determining to
be loyal to tlie good name of bis conn- j
try not only by being willing to die
for It but to do the sterner task of living for it. Living above material selfishness and lust and appetite nnd loving every rrood thing and turning the
face against every thing that defile?
and besmirches tbe names of Canada's
citizens. He urged tbe pupils: to be
loyal in tlte way of turning vacant
pieces of ground tliat tbey had access
to, into means of enlarging the food
production nnd offered a prize for the
best production of those things that
can yet be planted now and brought
to full growth before the end of the
The evening service was well attended and i.galn the pastor threw blm-
seir Into his subject with warmth and
feeling. His text was from Psalm ,2.
8. "His Dominion shall be from soa
to sea and trom the river to the ends
of the earth," Remarking how appropriate this description was to the
boundaries of our own country and
Its contemplated limit' Mr, Keyword
went on to say how the term "Dominion" had been suggested from the text
In place of tbe term "Kingdom" of
Canada which was the term first sue-
gested In the draR of the Rritlsh North
America Art.
Tbe preacher thought the text was
one that at least became a union not
only of lam) but of peoples In all their
sentiments, ideals, and traditions
The speaker said, "to-day we are not
a united people, we have a common
government It is true, hut racially
we are divided We are divided Industrially, we are divided ecclesiastically and the danger we are In today Is that w*; may have to commence
confederation all over agnln."
Rreaklng into Impassioned prayer
tlie speaker Bald "God deliver u** from
sueh a turmoil ns Ireland and the
mother country find themselves In tonight." Muy God forbid thnt uny idea
may find lodgement In our mind tiiat
racial differences can only be washed
away by the blood of our noblest citizens, for there an* those who seem to
think tbat this is tlie only solution.
Why do we permit tbe anomaly to
I continue In nur land, or seeking to
I suppress the French language and
force upon them our own against their
I will and at tbe same time compel our
own   children   just  as  soon   as   they
■Gy^Af w'wV1 w*VU" ***Jlr™ w^'nii-^-v iwilfc) — VU"**^H
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Uo Our Out OfVown
Wc regret having to advise our out-of-town patrons
that owing to a zealous enforcement Of the Wednesday
half-holiday we will in future lee unable to oblige you by
filing any letter, telegraph or telephone urgent orders on
Wednesday afternoons. This advice is ihe result of
specific notice' 'te us on lhe pari of tin* city police.
(French Inn gun ge, nur own Ian rubra
ts ilpftinofl by its analytical advantage
over both tho Frenrli nr a or man Ian*
ffiiagafl to dominate the business world
This fnrt Ih rr><*o|{n!zed by educated
Frenchmen and wn dn not nwd tho
terrt of    mmpalilmi tn npmri    It
I Compulsory methods in these days
savour of Prussian Ism and u-- such
will  meet the same fate.    Why not
j cultivate all conclltatry methods such
u- liberal scholarships to the French
and to English students to encourage
tho knowledge of each others Ian-
Riiagfv This will open to each othor
all tin* noble traditions belonging to
the othor and at the same time remove
tho mistrust anil fear that we are In-
con raging by our present methods.
Not only would this he true, but If
there Is any truth In the statements
tnat tlie priests of Quebec desire to
retain the French languogo In order
to keep ihe peasants In Ignorance,
then we will by the encouragement of
both languages In both racen strike
at the very root of the trouble hy giving   free   ami   unfettered    Intercourse
between tho two peoples, which Is the
surest way to n proper am) kindly
unlna    We do not want a French na
tlon here nor an Knglish one but u
Great Canadian one thnt has Its magnanimity solved the problem- that
other- have fulled In
We need unity of policy In politics.
We hear much of the slogan that this
Is no time for pollilc*. We* want In
these days ol fltre^- a business administration Then under heaven when
wus there a time for politics. The
people of thi-* country are not partisan
and we are looking for a body of men
with courage and foresight who wlll
not be Intimidated by wealth or power
hut In the Interests of all will so administer the husiness of this country
as to dispel the Idea from the mind*'
nf the worker.- lhat they are being
exploited, for it is that thought that
In at tho base of ull our labor trouble,
and not the Hordld selfishness that we
have attributed it to.
i Continued on page four i PAOBTWO
THURSDAY, JULY 6th, 1917
Jtnnsl  SIIOI'l.llKIt  I'll UK
1(0 VST III. I'llllk
Shauiruch COOKED HAM
('miked Jclllotl TOXGFE
I  lie   packages
i  lb, packages
I'llllk I'lES
i'iiiim: in
P. BURNS & Go.
win   mit nn ekoji \
IIKI.I.VHI.K   11101
wiio nre' practical workmen miel
know the* best raakeo
AI.AII.MS   from   (1.1,1
Kit-Ill Ha., i'i (4„1II
Xoxt tie Poil Ofllce
Issm'tl   Weekly   l..v   Tlio   ('nitilirtiiilt [    Nue'li were the' viowa anil
lleruld, l.iiiiileil, | trlnea eef Wilfred Lnurler
I). A. kny, Miiiinger,
M.  A,  itt'iilf, Si'i*i'i'liii-y  nml  Eilltor
teeok tlii'lr confederation thoy hied in
view only 'lee- English coloulOB. The.
letisls uf nll llieir calculation, ol all
tlicir hones, ol nil tlieir urojocts, was
always the English colonlea. Well,
thai is not the way we polltlclnns ol
the* I'iinilii'iiii school look at the' million when any e'lituiue whatsoever is
proposed in oar i.ieiiticiil or social Institutions, we il" "nl heieli lei aee
whether the change evil! he nf use to
tho English colonloB or to any other
neighbor; WE THINK eexi.v OP
, bind us in them? Is it a matter ol
origin or religion, language, national
aspirations? No, nol nt all. WE
■ that we arc dependent on the Bame
Another article by lho than Editor
' Lnurler, In the some Issue wtndi up
! heroically:
; "Will iho people nl lasi imdorstond
| that tin' Canadian ministry are the
I valets and slave's nf th,. colonial of-
punishmont for treason. The Gentians  000,000   thnn tbo   liniiiiris for thnt
mtimii.'  tistuki' lhe' unflinching  month, tho first unfavorable balance
mrago Df tbo "brave llttlo nation" since February, 1916,
bul tbe day of reckoning will como.  i    The reports of industrial companies
] recently Issued show remarkable prof-
Fifty years ago tho Dominion    ot  |t8 ,-,,,. t)lt, , wl-iv..moittli noi-lode whicb
Canada   was   born,   and   to-day Bhe|  ,...,., <,, ,...
tiili.es u prominent position amongst
ho great natheus of the world-    mei
inly by reason o[ her unlimited room s but also because Bhe stands
ihouldor tie Blloulder with tho allies
Ightlng gloriously tor tlie rights of
■ivilixatliui. Surely n record te. bc
troud  of,
v. m. c. n. 6Ricc J
Hours r. a.m. to 8 p,m.
lingular Dinner A Slmrl Orders
llensonoblc Prices
Special  Table   tor   Ladles.
Cranbrook, H. •< •• Jul) '>% >•'••
tlie tin's
I atul in tlu* Til's and wlion in London
I a few years ago at the conference nl
tlie empire when by his presence he
" j obstructed every ttvonue towards nnii-
 i lng tin* several divisions of the Em-
~r«\KKi»KH.\Tio7FVm vl:.llF';,,lp,, m"? c,0Ml* Eor s""' 'J™80™;
.,.,.,,,.. tion.   Did in* undergo nny change ol
1 heart in the SO'a or the mrs?   It i«»«
Meets every
Monday night
ut Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
I*:, ll. McPhee. \\\ G. Robinson,
Secy. N. G.
Tin* fiftieth anniversary of Canadian
Confederation finds the Government
and people of Canada facing problems
of a magnitude which might well have
appalled Uio original founders or this
Dominion, resolute and nble thougli
thoy wore. But it also Mails among
the majority of thr people of Canada,
a national eonsclousna. b, which, tho'
It has boen of slow growth, lias been
lhe direct and most important result
of Confederation, and which alone has
nmile possible tin* splendid contributions to the present ivcr for liberty
md humanity in whicli 1.1 ie ihan lia If
tin. world
been written of him that In IS9U "lli.-i
mental furniture so far as politics is
considered, seemed to consist of nil
Indifference to, and alootttess from.
nil Imperial interests which In relation to Great Britain, went, so far as
11 scarcely veiled hostility, If ihis
langungo appears too-strong ll would
[certainly seem to bo justified by his
lown on different occasions, ns tor In-
I stance:
"Is then* ii Canadian anywhere who
! would not linil witli joy tlle day when
wn would be deprived of tl
if Brltlsii diplomacy..    1  have again 1
mil again repeated that tho goal of
Noted     Itj     Tlie  I aiiailhm   Hank  of
('Hiiiiii'iTe, Toronto,
Al Ui« dose of May the crop outlook in tho Dominion was, goncmlly
-.peakin*-'.. Butl ifactory At the beginning of the moath seeding had barely
commence.! bul the advenl of extrcmo-
l> favorable weather resulted In abnormal activity throughout lie
prairie provinces. In othi r parts ol
tho country though cool weather wne
the rule. : ceding was completed under
conditions thai muy bo regarded at
normal. In tho latter part of Mi >
some sevofe frosts wen* recorded in
the West, nnd wen. followed by cool
weatlior. Occasional showers fell m
the early part of Juno and subsequently ruin became general. In sonic districts fro: ts set hack the crops a little
■ind in others sonic dnniugc was done
iy dry weather, but sn far tho cereal
Tops promise to he normal and are
ts forward aa last year. Fruit pro 3-
lects are promising.
Accurate figures of lhe crop ncren-je
ire nol available, and the estimates
mado hy various authorities! shew
vide differences, Some Indicate a de-
:rease of i boui l-!V- In the acrea te
if wheal and Blight Increases in t ie
tcroage of oats, barley and flax. It
s quite evident, however, that stienu
they cover, but it is noticable that the
output of coal is less, and that strikes
in that industry are having a far
fleet, in southern British
Columbia an Important i inciting plant
lias been closed down since the first
of May owing in the shortage of coke
caused by the strike In thc Crows
Nest Pass collieries, and at the end
nf May the prospects of a settlement
were regarded ns being Bomewbat remote. Thc indirect results of this
strike are no loss serious. Hallways
are handicapped by a shortage of fuel
for their englnOH and coneequontly tho
movement of freight Is obstructed anu
business is affected In endless ways,
TllO    i flee!    Of    recent    stl'ilics    in    tlle
coal mine', in the shoe industry iu
Quebec, in the Bteel Industry in thr
Maritime Provinces, ia tho mini's or I
Ontario and elBowhoro lias been to
cnuso a serious tlocroaae in production, An undesirable result of tho prevailing high  wages lias I n  that  a
few weeks of work Is followed by a
few wockc of holiday,   Contrary to ox-
poctntloni   high   wngoB have not  in'
many entOB contributed to labor Bto-
| billty or efficiency.
Html ami Shoe Mtinufneturhig*
The boot and shoo jobbers have not
placod their orders as rapidly as in :
otlier season*., and, ns a consequence,
husiness  with tbe manufacturers of >
Quebec  Is somewhat  quiet    A break ,
in  prices Is expected by the whole-
Balers, but the manufacturers antlci-
pate being able to secure sufficient
orders to  keep their  factories busy j
for the winter montlis,   Tlie past year .
lias been one of tho hest in this bust- j
ness in the history of Quebec,   Many I
of the merchants arc al present carry-
lng  Inrge  stocks of  leather, having!
heen  enabled  to  do so by  the  large ]
profits of the last year or two.   The
fact that the governments of the Unit-.
efforts wore mndo to put under j e(1 s|ill|,,. .„„, (.,.,,.lt „rlt.,ln ,mvo „
.. much hind as possible, nnd of' (iil n„ „,„„,,„ „r i„„t]i,,i> |S Eiv
t bettor evidence ran lee* nddtlC3tl
Cninbraitk, 11. C.
Meets cveTj Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
tho Fraternity Hall
II. C. Carr, C. C.
P, de Vere Hunt, K. 11. S; S.
1». O. Box 622
Visiting  brethren  cordially In
vltetd to attend.
then*, tn tlle prosent ever tier liberty j "'' """"' "' "'' ' '      .   ., ■   ,     ,        .       , ,
.„„. |„„. ,v ,„ „.„!,.,, .,..,. , ,,.,,,• irlMali diplomacy..   1 have imam |   ' "•■ *L ""' " '«><• •»• I™8'»»' ■ nnd or  |)rol,r[nUu „., Btoc)ts „( ,„.„.,„,. is glv_
id l Mi t a a it \  n i v, mill i.t   i e i nan na li , i    > .*, ,,,. ],.,■ t.,.. .... . .,,.,.., ,...,,   .,, .. ,1,1,1.. „i '
,,,   „„..,, :.„„ „ nnd again repented tbat tho gool of    "9 n° Douorevidence can 1 '"'•"» Un ns a roasonwhy no.reductlon In the
tho world is ongngeu.                                aspirations  is tho Indeuendoncc  "mn llle Brl!at demand tor lnt|ilcmon:s.      1( ft        ,  ,ml   t f
The Dominion ot Cm ada   vat, the '  '      wl„lo „,„ nr„lrlos „,„ r„n„s,„>{1 „   ; ^ "'
It   COnie   IO   Dim,   III    nOUi   H  neigUUOr ...  1    t n>   RmnllT   l-hprn hns   nnt    mnn   -it
ev„s   jus,   emerging   trom the w„„„   J*we« the Interests „  Englnnd and   ,;,„',„„;,„        "™.!    ™«""™' "''"" ra'*' "^""" "' "10
ot the greatest civil war In all history.   ,10   » 0re8,     "r Canada, m    w „.,' ■   ;■    "    ■  "-' |(   ™ "        ^"_ cost ot boots and siloes, it may be
h.ari is wltll my native land.   H is   '"'      '''    ^ " '''"' ^.'",';,;    " , \ mentionetl that tn.- ™<i ut an ordinary
  „„„ „ it labor.   Helpal seeding
| Though Canada was not a.bllligerent | ^ ^ ^ — J"— o. I „B „ „„„ „.,,„,,„ ,■,,„„ „
ef  :sands ot hor sons fought I —.,...,...„,.„...,„    ler   urban communities*,   tin* ..soda
mod tbat the cost of nn ordinary
pair of boots at the factory is now
i s„ i ti h- tho .apse of - ;;:;:;• ,r;,i':rtr v:; *™ --•■ **««»'«- ^»,! ;:::;*;;.;.-' ta«.-. reta,,, * ,.r
Ufty yean- finds humanity engaged in .   .      .- .-'-on. was very notlcnule.   uu present| , „,„„„
a yet greater struggle, and Canadians
still fighting tbe battle for liberty, it
is conceivable that had it not been
for the American Civil War, Confederation, though inevitable, would have
been delayed. Many Issues of that
event produeod a reflex whicli united
thoughtful triun in tlio he lief that tlie
British colonies In North America
Bhould join in a union for mutual protection and advantage. Tbe larger
, Idea of nationality, which exists today entered into the thoughts of but a
 —      — j few,  but  dealing   with   the   practical
; problems of that day. the Fathers of
WOMEN'S INSTITUTE        j Confederation were guided aright, and
Meets In  thc I th**y bullded hotter than tbey knew.
Parish     Hall  ! Not all of them hnd the prophetic vt-
Meeta in  Maplu Hall second
Tuesday <if every month at 8
p. m. ,ML\
Membership open   to   BrltlBh
Visiting   members   cordially
h'. y. Brake,       J. P. Lower,
President. Secretary
treasonable sentiments lay deep until I BO"' wl,H v""» noticable. The present
It frutlfied in thai treasonable pact W*h ,,T'i,,,,s Eor ceroalB are In t,,om'
i.-.imvn a "Tbo Iti - pro -It- Treaty" selvos fl vor>* *)ot8nt ln'-«ence tn stlm-
whein iiadnhy t heme wtit tb W | u,nUn*«  nsricultnrnl  activity  and  it
the .Mi:i.v'. of the Pnlted s  '" ' ' i':i"" if "f,"r nI1
bout   ?5.fi0.    This   explains  the   ex-
id of April current loans In i
i that of last :
wonder  lending  men  of the  Liberal
party are deserting the partlzan ship
The offer of n coalition government
Dr. Michael Clark pronounced as mug-1    i;,in,.|.aiiy   apcaWng    tl
nantmous,   Marcll  Bourassa,  Man in
...»         . At the
ild nol be surprising If, after nil. I Canada   reached $Wt.r>uu.ti(»o. an  In-
vear'n acreage proves to be as | crease during the month of $:t",()00.-'
Ti7"lli:N jou ine ifolllg «H
your vucuUoii yon mny
require :i Xt»M Stilt. Wh lime
in stuck n nice run tic nt' lhe
Famous Unmplioll mnke, in the
nenesl styles nnd chillies, nc
nre ulso uymiis for llie lloblicr-
liu Siteciiii Order th'tliintr.
And don't inruet tlmt hc have
si large ninuc <>i' suHlugS and n
staff of tailors that KNOW how
to mnke suits.
We guarantee satisfaction in
every particular, cull nud talk it
over with us.
000, due partly to an accumulation of
renditions in Western Pa inula.
j products nt. tbe head of the hikes
I awaiting Uie opening of navigation.
! On   2Rtli  Mirv   i:i.7l7.s:i:i  bushels   of
—  , farmer is, in many respects, in a much ' ...... ■,,..■,.,	
and the rest of the group would  tn [ bettor  position than  hitherto  to  in-
cold blood desert the heroes who   are
lighting onr battles in Flanders.
wheat were in store at Port William
and Porl Arthur, ns compared with
12,595,900 bushels a year ago. The
amount of oats In store was -unn.noo
Ilrst   Tuesday
afternoon    of
every   mouth
n »t :t p.m.
* Pres,, Mrs. W.
B.   McKarlane.
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. O. Box 621.
All ladies cordially Invited.
Licensed by Prov. Government.
Special ull eut ion given to Nervous and Rheumatism cases by
Violet Hay Treatment
Hulld up the system and
steady the nerves through Electric Vibration. Internal Kxercisc
Violet Ray nnd Ozone, a perfectly natural process.
sion of men like Tupper. Macdonald
and Brown*—some of tbem, Indeed,
grew timid in later years In contemplation of tbo responsibilities that
Confederation Involved, yet tlie work
that they did was a great work tbat
will never be undone. Home of the
tbry  pre
crease liis production.   Two years of
high prices for liis products havo en-
labled him, even with a normal crop,  ^^ greater tl|.in „ year ag0( ,im-
We   cannot   win   the   wnr   witli   ;1 | •<- IkiuUImu* ;i  siiltstsititinl  ^loiinrtltui : j*,,,^.^,-^.^ (,r wh*>iM l»v fjirninrK 1n tlu-*
referendum. I °' llis HaMHtlea and at the same time , ]iniil.j(, provtnees continue to exceed
i to buy improved farm machinery. IU«jthp nnmiin, („tim:ite«l to remain in
prosperity is reflected in the demand lhelr lt.m(1;;_ Depo8|t8 .,, tllP close 0f
for building materials, motor cars and Aprn werc lnwpr on a(,cnunt of ]my.
other equipment, it is no doubt true|mBntg on })l(l wai. lonn Tn olher re
that Bomo extravagance is evidenced
! h> the astonishing demand for motor
i cars, but it must bo remembered tliat
if  these  ears   will   make   for
The man who wants a referendum
on conscription is opposed to conscription.
If (Iermany wins wo shall have conscription as a pence policy. How
will our antis like that?
.peels the hanking situation is normal. Rates of exchange bnvd tended
to move in favor of Canada, as a re-
Oi'tic* 1*1 4' ('•(•
Urs hit-lire Pl*'»
The World Moves and so do We
City Transfer & Warehouse Co.
IV. K. n'UKDKX, I'ruprlctnr
ilgimts fnr lin' I'amoiis Miissuy-lliiriis Miii'lilnt*!*)
(ilnnl 1'iiteili'i' Mel "|l'. oil..
Mil I tell    Till I It     IMVAVS   0\    TDK   Jllll
„r ,„. „„„,,„,,   some or  ut „„.. ,|ip||] ,.,„. ,,„„ .,,„„,
nlilotns  whicli   Imrnsaoil  Hie   snukotclioiviHi 2:
J Irloe 2S et&IittWM
'[    — LIHITEO—•'
[-i|...,::.Jtn'i:ee;i.li,.e.',-.e „
Illl  Illl'
plans of statesmen In the years that
preceoded and succeeded Confederation
are again to tlie fore. Tlie curse of
sectionalism, which it was hoped
would dlsappca haa not berVt exorcised, yet through many trials Providence lias been kind to Canada, and.
despite tbem all, she has grown to a
nationhood thnt is respected by nll
the world. -Saturday Night, Toronto.
TIIK   IHHTItIM,   OT   1.AlT.ll.lt   IN
la  tliis grave national crisis, when
every man throughout the length anil
breadth of Canada Bhould he ready
loyally to support the government in
currying   oul   Its   promise  and   lend
every aid to the men who are bravely
fighting our course on tbe plains of
Flanders, no figure presents a sadder
and more humiliating spectacle than
Sir Wilfred Laurier.   For thirty years
! he hud lieen the recognized leader of
I a  great  party.    Ills  admirers were
blindly devoted to him, his many estimable 'inulitics, and liis eloquence
commanded the respect of all parties
i wlthoui distinction,   He hns boon entrusted hy  Ills  fellow cltlzenn With 0
position thai was enviable, a position
I tliat might enable htm to net In such
a way us to be remembered in futurr
generations .is a patriotic citizen and
n  renowned  stntesinau.    Who of his
devoted admirers do not  regret  that
even now he did not seize the oppor-
people will defeat it
■ •■     suit  of  the  grain   shipments   during I:
lie  who  says  conscription   should | efficiency on the farm and economize | Mny .iml ,;((..uly exportfl ((f munititms'
of war,
_ At the dose of the montii thee Mln-
Quebec is against conscription, but   "lm"r cur" *'"" ""T" ",'' *" .V* :\ IiBler (,r F-naucc, Sir Thomas White.
• i ,s    i      i,.        .1 i.i miming of May, and  ii   is  estimated   ,.■.,,,„,   fi..lt    „.■*,■,,■,„   t*,„   \,,a\    three
if Quebec hail done Its share wo would , .  ,   .   ,    , , ,        , .    ''" ,l   "l,u   w,im"   •'■*'   1,,sl   ,liri e
■ by the department that the lotai would i.......I)w .,..,,r ,,„„ n*nv c.iv|im^ ivr.
not need conscription, . .     """i"'1- <>\*'" m»i.»i»i >\ar savings it*
'reach  30.000 before tiie end or tne I Hflcates, amounting -to $7,000,000. had
Those   who  are  opposed   to  con-  summer,   In 1910 tho number Issued | boon sold
scrip tlon are opposed also to volar
tary enlistment.
In Saskatchewan 21,000 licenses fori
motor cars wore issued up to the '
1 reach 30,000 before the end or
summer, in 1910 tho number Issued
1 amounted to 15,000 and iu 1915 to
I fl.OOO.   This extraordinary increase has ,
A referendum on conscription is
illogical, Why ask a man if lie Is willing to he forced'.' If In is willing he
need not be forced.
I tivlty
impnnled by considerable ;n-
tlle business centres of the
province.  Two years ago empty dwel-1
lings were numerous in almost every ,
city from the bead of the lakes to thej
"Conscription- hut   conscription   of   Pn* lf!c Coast,   Rents were so low that
wealth too" is another excuse.   Tin   hi some ensos high-priced properly did :
man   who  says  that   is  again* t   ron*   n0' bring in sufficient revenue to pay I
script ion. ♦axes,   To-day houses are in general i
■ demand,  nuts are becoming normal ;
Conscription  Is tl,, proner thing. nnil  „ ,,„,.„„  ,s „g„,„  lm.n,;,sl„R.
Tluit Is why Its opponents ilnre nol   r,„B {h,„u.sM,. cnn„g0 r„]i,,v,,a n„xtt*ty I
oppose It openly.   That Is ivhy the>   „,,,, ,.,,,,,,, ,„ „„, nnnnclal posll \
iiiBvrtp- [ of .„MM. ,mm|,.|,„1iiii,.s :l,i,i evidences
'.'.•ni e-iil prosperity iit the siirroimillng
rural communities. Hnppity tlioro |
lines peel iippenr in be nny desire on
tnll, t,r ii referendum
tl f wraltl
ml nl'
Agitators In Quel sny llioy would
ilghi ll Canada is threatened Dul it
tin Invading tinny slumM land In llm'
lice It weinlel be re-|ie.||i.il on I y hy irini|i«
front otlieT provincos,
Tlte survivors of the lir-n eonllii
gnu wlm have lo slay nt tbo from
because tbey are needed aro Ibe nnly.,	
mon   who  have  ronson   omplaln   Rallwnys nnd land companlos roporl
about com sory service. ,nore sale, during tbo past two month.
Hum, bavn ink' n place lie ll"' sami
length of lime fur many vears. M-
logother th" I'lUliiieh If promising nn
In* i.iitt ul the buslnoss public to en- '■
t'liiiriiL'e'     real    estnlo    speculation.
I'l,. v.'  lins  arisen, however, n   very
naiurnl demand ror land nmong suc-
irssfni  I'liiniiT.   and Hn- iitimlit'r of'
promising Immigrants on tho hieeU-oui
tm-  hum, Blends   hns  also  Incrcasod,
Mlnl.*c- Chemlnl. <*ivil, Mfchntilcol nml
Klrt-tnnil   l',ii(*iucciiii({
Art* Coll^^'■   tiv
Summer School     Navigation .School
Jillf ud Auiuit Doaainbaf to Apfil
IB CEO. Y. CHOWN, Ra>Ulr»r
ttinlty so dearly set  before hlm and
unite Wltll those Who have itortie tin?
weight of carrying oul to the end the
great Utah entrusted to tliem. In-
j .-'fad of exhibiting u broad itate*>-
j manfdilp much or his notions in pub-
i lie life would be no credit to a parish
i politician. When wo trace hack tlio
| character and doings of Sir Wilfred
Tiiere are thousands oT people i: ;
Canada winning the war  these  doy* ]
by pnsBlng resolutions and stgninf
. potltloiiF, We could have saved thou
I sands of lives if wc had known Hire,
years ago that tho war could be woi
by tongue and pen,
tho high prices for farm products, on i
which the prcHenl prosperity dependr,'
cm lively io continue fnr some tlmo
after tlo* w
iiilnslrlul loudillons
The brilliant Russian offensive n        ,.,,„,,. r„n-]tUons render It Inoroas-
mtUngln the capture of tho Importaii.   *nt,ly aifffcull to meet the continued
heavy tlemi nd for munitions.   I-obb ol
time through trade dispute*! and do-
siiUnry work ere ns groal an otHt"'
Arc your hands chapped,
cracked, or sore? Have you
"colli cracks" which open and
bleed when the skin is drawn
tight? Have yon a cold aore,
frost bttc, or chilblains, which
town   of   Konincliy   and   over   i
prisoners is as cheering as It. was UU-
unexpocted  and  dispels the  Illusion
that Russia lfl ao longer w fader in
i„ (ll„ mil utilisation of tho country's
imt„ptrlal resources as tho actual
shortage In the supply <f Inhor. Un-
i,i | onto more effective regulation of
hibor Is Introduced, which will bring
•■I., |,| more regular and more pormnn-
1 and compare them with    what   may' tlio fight for liberty,
! universally be regarded as statesman-'     „ |o(p|,s Vl.,.y „„„.,, „ko „ t,,V(llllIin;i
.ship, one is surprised that, only nega-lf||   g))a|n     [{,ng  A1|lhllIlM) ilt  |0M|
,tlve has bee,, all his performances.        Cftnnot cIfl|ni   |ne„   of   ,„ „,,„   ,..
,    Hourassa said tin., .he views he has  Padding on his courso of action.   Ex*    *-■
boon expressing an* not tllfl views of   ...^  m ()  ^  t)|(i  |(Uo ^    of ,.,, BPrvIce, it may not bo possible t.,
i.   loyal  RrlllBh subject but are the nuwln have led the wav nnd Kin,: ■ ..stain the He,, n- volume of exports
'   v" '■' ' "' * !lfrC(1 ' !i"1 tl,a |pn,!' ' Alphonso should take the "tip" and "r manufactured goods, essential ni II
■ r of the Liberal  parly.    In tlle Wo L^ , „„,,,„„ wjthnlll ,,(,  |l(,i( |„ to Ihe niaintenanee of our financial
, Sir Wilfred, then n newspaper editor, poult Inn,   Uuor and oecnn transport-
I Interesteil also In the practice of taw. ■     The llelgl.ni poonle Will not bo co atlon difficulties are perhaps cqttnlly
: iiddreimiul lib; Quebec readers in these J orcod to recognize annexation ol Iheli j ronponnlulo for lho falling off in ex-
I words;   "Wbrn tho mlntnlnrs under*'country by tho ntroclous moans of I portn, which worn lew In April by f 21,*
i a  nun   um, v,  *,..,„._.„.,   	
1 | at times makes It agony for you
to ro about your duties? If so,
Zflm*Buk will give you relief,
and will heal the frost-damaged
Miss B. Strojsa, of East Hans*
ford, N.S., writes: "My hands
were so badly chapped 1 was unable to put them ln water. All
remedies failed to heal until I
trted Zam-Buk, Perseverance
wltli thin halm completely healed
the aorcs."
Zimi-Huk liBili t uts,huTB«,braUri,
enrcs ■( ii-nin, filet, chupped hand*,
cold afire**, froat bitii, sotl til skin
i ; -i ,i(n**i tnd Inlurlci. Holuio tub*
Mtltuici. At tlldruKfliM tod ■torat,
BOc bos,
It will pay you to test Giant Stumping Powder
in competition with any otlier stumping powder.
After using one case of it you will continue to use
it for all of your stumping. J. L. Eidson writes:
"I have used practically every powder on the
market and find there is more strength in Giant
Stumping Powder than in any other, Neither I
nor my men had lhe least hit of trouble in getting the very best results."
anBfStumpingPowder     I
ups nut clennesl ami cheapest
because it is made especially
leir blasting stumps in
Hritish Columbia, It is the
pioneer Canadian stumping
powder, made in British
Columbia fur 32 years.
You will want .**£*:
our free book sa1v"*Bm«h-
ous of blast-
in (■; stumps in this section* It was
written especially to cover conditions
in Hritish Columbia. You will find
it well worth sending for. Mail the
will get your stui
Free Book
Vancouver, B.'.C.
S.I.J me ycur book, "Bettet Pattnln, 'ite.
eii.nl Stumpiiir PoM'.l.t."   I mi n,l.fr.lr,t III
llir iiibiect, wblch 1 liaic nui.r.l Xi
[Herald Wanl Adds Bring Results THURSDAY,  JULY.   5th,   1917
A ('rent  Hlliij   L'eilplo Hnve   n
l*refekrvnco fnr
Tortoise Shell
These stylish frames ure very
comfortable mnl cool mid afford
a pleasing change from tlte
bright metal frames, They ure
large, allowing :t wide Bcope of
vision, and they nre extremely
light iu weight.
We run fit this frame to your
own proscription lenses.
Chi I and lot ns show the ninny
styles we stock.
W. H. Wilson
Kilby frames pictures.
Small safe for sale cheap ut Ftak's.
Binning tho photographer does finishing for amateurs. 	
  QMolloe    lighting  plant
Mr. (J. C. Snowden of Calgary was | cUeap.—Flak's
a visitor iu the city last week end.
Snail safe for sale cheap at Fink's,
Wh are carrying a full line of boots
and    Hlioes.— Cranhrook    Exchange,
: Armstrong Ave.
•Mr. Sidney B, DeLong of Spokane,
representing the West Chester    Pire
tnurance Co.. is in tbe eity conferring
| *tt6 local agents.
fOr        Sal
Mr. and Mra.
Mr. and Mrs. M.
luTenacrp    on
Packet of
$8°-° WORTH  OF ANY   ,
0. E. Howard with
A. Beale motored to
Saturday   returning
The Methodist Ladles Aid will bold , celved
tbeir monthly meeting ou the afternoon of Tuesday, July 10th. at tlie
home of Mrs. W. R MeFarlane, at 8:80
Harbors publii
Gold Seal Flour special this feet'
$t».75.-~rranbrook Trading Co.
Mlsa Opic M. Harris and Mr. N. W.;
Joyce motored luto tbe city from.Flm*
stone on Wednesday.
Tlie regular monthly meeting of tbe
Farmers'  Institute   will  be held  on
Saturday. July Hth.  —
  The Lades Aid of the Knox Preflby-
Qaaollne   llgbtlng   plant   for   sale terlan Church will meet next Tuesday
cup,—Fink's. I afternoon in tbe Sunday Bchool room j imo    fl
at 3:30,    Mrs,  Wright  and  Mrs.  A. Ls II wil
Clean to ha
Sold bv all Drug*
i General Stores.
ied o
Cun you think of any reason why
there should not be one in your
Mr. ami  Mrs.  S,  W.  Hyckinan  left \ Reed wlll be the hostesses
, for   Victoria, yesterday   Tliey expert
, in remain then* tor two months.
ly training in the Two
schools. He nlso stud-
i tlte public schools of
ilii'. uiul un.- year In
Lancaster, Wisconsin. Wlille In the
local high school he always took an .
active par) in high si i i affairs, and <
graduated a ntembpr nf tin* olass uf.
t year out ol high school
emembered, he was em
ployed in the frleght aud passenger
station of the Dulutii mnl Iron Hauge
Mr. Sam 0, Cordon of Seattle, Wash.; |ty . under Mr Oeorge A. Rock, ami
Bpeclal agent tor the Fire Association there received much practical business
of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia experience Ho entered tlu University
Underwriters, is in the city this week ';,, September, 1011 While there, lie
endeavoring   to   make  arrangements   naB always taken  mi nctlve part  in
  [for establishing a local agency. college nnd student activities and was
Mr. II. 11 .Mclntyre of Vlctoriu was'   I In  IDlfi elected vice-president of the
transacting business In tbe eity last j    Mr. C, \V. Surplus and Mr. A, H. j Junior T^aw class,   He was also chOB-
li you hftvo imt nlrcmly
dono go wo iv.hiUI nu unrest
ynu ti) u immiiiiI i'i
Tin* lies, value in lea today
Little & Atchison
Mr. 1'. Matolla of Seattle was
visitor In the city last Saturday
guest at the t'ranbrook Hotel.
I Saturday,
| We are carrying a fail Hue of boots
| ind shoes.— Cranbrook Ki change,
I \rmstrong Ave.
Mr. Rene Wuhrmon of Montreal was
1 registered at the Cranbrook Hotel last
weok end.
Mr. D. P. Fleming of Michel was
visiting friends in tlw city las* Sunday.
Dayton  Computing  Scale for
cheap at Fink's.
Reiner of Chicago, arrived in the city
Wednesday for the purpose of inves-   Leg,
tigating the placer mining properties ! W|10!
of tbe district with a view to Invest-  students,    of
*>«■■•*• schools ill Oil
1 j have shown tl
At tlte special meeting of the Farm-
us' Institute held last Saturday, the
Institute voted to take aO"entage of
tiie stump puller and ordered one at
once.    The  matter  of a  live  stock
rale   was discussed and - committee
[was appointed to go into tbe matter.
.   I Any parties interested, communicate
* e twith Mr. Bardgett, chairman of com-
' mlttee.
Agt, W. r. llorun, CrunbiMik Exchange
Pr. aud Mrs. l.awtou and young sou
were visitors in the city for several
days this week.
You Are Invited
to drop in
have   our
Haynes   demonstrate
Price $12.00
Hardware & 'Oil, Supplies
Cranbrook     -      H.C.
Special this
any brand, $7
week!   No.   1   Flour
—Cranbrook  Trading
Kolled Oats sib bag, regular 50c,
special this week 46c—Cranbrook
Trading Co.
! Have Binning do your picture fram-
j ing*
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller and Mr. j
j Joseph llyan were at Invermere on j
( Sunday and Monday,
Expert piano und organ tuning, re-
' pairing and regulatinu* B. A. Parker,;
j phone 811, P. O. Box fi28, Cranbrook.'
j Mr. and Mrs. Little with Mr. John ;
i Martin and Miss MacDonald spent [
' Sunday aud Monday at Invermept**.
For quick sale—lu acres of improved property mile and half from post
office; 4 acres under cultivation; over
100 bearing apple trees and small
fruit; two storied dwelling house,
y rooms, cost $1500; good well water;
land uuder irrigation. Property
worth $4000; going for $1875; easy
terms.—Apply quickly to Beale end
Elwell. Cranbrook, I). C.
j Mr. William D. Laldlaw, a former
! resident of Cranbrook, but now of
: Champion, Alta., was In the city for a
couple of days this week renewing
acquaintances. "Billy" who managed
the grocery department of tlie Fink
Mercantile Company when this firm
handled greens, was more than
lighted to have the opportunity of
visiting the banana belt before return-
'ng home.
ship in '.lie International
nity of  Phi   DeiCa   Phi,:
rs arc drawn from those
the    Law   in   tlie  best'
r country, who not only ;
leinsi'i-es companionable
hut  have manifested ability and Industry in legal study.   Sinee leaving
Twp Harbors, ho Ims also taken up
special   work   in   Conveyancing   and j
the mu hotel
j Hunting and Fishing       j
Trusts in tho College of Law of the I
University of Michigan, nt Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Thomas L, O'Honrn Is tho son of
Mr,  Wllllnni  O'Hearn or Crnnbrook,:
who may bc considered as one of tho i
old Miners here, having resided In this
district since 1S0S,   Mr, O'Honrn Is a
Boer   War   veteran,   lia vin*;    enlisted
from this district.
(Experimental Farm Notel
The worker bees pnl their house in
oiili'r by killing off nil lhc male bees
as soon as their services are no longer
required. What a greal benefit it
would hi' to tli<> poultry producer and
thu poultry product consumer if tlie
inns of the Nock would likewise dispose of the male birds in those flocks
that arc indifferently managed.   The
unionist lnvcMMtM Co. Ctd
doing about len million dollars dam- ;
agu to the egg-producing business. [
If every person owning a rooster
would manage bim as a male bird I
should bo managed tho poultry Indus- j
try would lie benefited by additional
profits many million of dollars,
"Consul''! t;.'i •
critics, "but It sb
miss hk urn, riostvmt
Lieut. .Howard lias been returned
to England anil ha* received hi$ O. C.
On the eve of the departure of Miss
Bechtel for her home in old Ontario
the members and friend:, of the Methodist Church and Choir gathered to*
gt ther in a social way last Wednesday
evening to say good bye    and    Ood
speed,    A pleasant program of vocal
and Instrumental mu3lc was enjoyed.
Among those contributing being   tho
; Misses Sarvis, Miss Bidder. Mrs. Am-
Slimmer  time  Is  the best   tlu*  t«..,rmsn. Mr   Toombs a-id Mr. BrtUffh-
have   the  children's   photo*,   taken—j ton. *
Mr. .lack W
guest   at   the
Lees of Toronto was a
Cranbrook  Hotel  last
Little Davenport
\ i
I. I), nfter
Tllkfl   in   th
I lie Slum.
appointment today ar Bln-
f, .\. K. Jones, the local contrac*
with Mrs, Jones and family, left'
'nlgary on Tuesday to take in the'
Mrs,  A,  Leniiiy and son  David of
Fort  William arrived in the city last
week  foi
and  Mrs
au extended
Jos, Jackson
visit  with  Mr.
Dayton  Computing  Scalt
heap at Fink's.
for   sale
1(1 il liATIONS
Coal mln lug rights of the Dominion,   in   Manitoba,   Sa- Lit. licwan   and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, ths
North-Wesl Territories and In a portion of Hi-1 I'rovtac. ol British Colum'
Me, may be lon I roi a term uf
iwcnt^one ycoi * ri in ivable for n fnr*
ther lorm oi 31 yean nl nn annual rental ol 11 nn n< re Sol more
than B.SQ0 ni 11 i will tn* [caspil to one
Application   for  a   lease  must   be
made  by   tin*  appli.anl   tu   person   to
the Agent "i Bub \geul .-f the district in which the rljr,htH applied for
pro situated
In survey, ii territory the laml must
be described by sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, ami In unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied fnr simii
be staked out by the applicant himself
Kuril application must lie accompanied by a fee <<f *f> which will be
refunded If the rights applied for are
not available, bul unt i.therwlsc. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of tin* mine at the rati*
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for lho full quantity of
merchantable coat mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If lho coal mining
rights are nol bolng Operated such re*
turn* should lie furnished at least once
a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only.
For full Information application
tdinuhl be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, OU
tawn, or to nny Agent or Hub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorised publication of
ibis advertisement wlll not be |
Kindly reference was made by the
pastor of the church, who presided,
to the faithful services that Miss
Bechtel had rendered to the church in
all of its departments during her live
years residence in Cranbrook and
; spoke of the Intense difficulty that
j would be experienced when trying to
fill her place. Mr. W. O. Morton, tlie
! leader of the choir, also commented
feelingly on Miss Bechtetta work and
i called upon Miss Ethel Parnaby to
1 present, on behalf of thc choir, a
small token of esteem and regard. The
present consisted of an ivory hacked
bevelled hand mirror together with
powder box and hair tidy to match,
these articles filling out a set of
similar articles tbat Miss Mechtel had
received from the teachers and scbol-
1 ars of the public school, the teaching
Mr, Percy B. Hill, a popular knight I staff of whtch Miss Bechtel was a
of the grip from Toronto, is trans*I valued member.
acting business in the city this week ; At the conclusion of commendatory
In lhe interests of Cowan's famous i remirbs on behalf of the official board
Cocoa. Chocolate, etc. j by  Mr.  W.  C.  Adlard.  refreshments
  1 were    served,    the    evening    being
Mr w A. Iilnton of Toronto who j brought to a close hy singing "Dlest
lias been visiting at tlie home of Mr. | Re the Tie-that Binds" and a benedlc
and Mrs, Kred Blnmore of Kort Steele | tory prayer by the pastor,
left for his homo Tuesday afternoon |	
;■!! right," say si ■ •<
ii Id have come long
ago."   Tliey deliver judgment without
stopping to think how difficult it is
even now, how more difficult It would
have been   before  the  United  States
came into tlie war and adopted conscription.    They   do   not   think   how
worker bee permits no shir hoarder to I difficult it was in Kngland, Australia,
de-   loaf around and consume the product and New Zeuland, islands which can-
of her labor.   The hen is not like the i not be left except by boats, and how
boo in asserting her rights.    If she!much  more    easily  the    skodaddler
wto. then    her verdict    would  he.' could leave Canada by boat. nuto. bi-
"Uooster you must die."
There are over two million live hull-
dred thousand roosters of the various
breeds ot chickens kept for breeding
purposes by the people of our country.'
Of tliis vast army perhaps one hundred and fifty thousand have n right I
to live for another year of service,;
One hundred and fifty thousand may;
be good enough as individuals and In i
breeding lo bc used In tlie increase oft
tlieir kind.    What of the two million
three hundred and fifty thousand that
are usually  permitted to live, birds:
tbat consume food, worry the hens and
reduce the quality of market eggs?
The function of tlie rooster is to develop and distribute germ cells, during a short period of three months.
February,  March  and  April.    These.
germ cells should be distributed only}    Notice is hereby given that, under
to such egg-laying individuals as are j the provisions of the "Soldiers' Home-
',    , ' i,„„n,i    ■nt.ij.stead Act Repeal Act/ any person who
desired to perpetuate the breed.   Tl e dW m &^ty mtXef m ,,8old,er8,
germ cell is a living organism capable | Homestead Act, 1916," to complete his
Mr- \ n, Ponwlck, Mrs Fred Bin*'
more, Messrs. At. Doyle and \V. A.
Dlnton Of Kurt Steele were visitors In I
the city last Saturday.
; cycle, railway or on foot.
i ni: u> i'ok mo its.
The Olobe is in favor of conscrlp-
; tlon and of Laurier. Tliat opens a
j vast field for its favors. Why not In-
| elude
Bryan and Militarism.
Roosevelt and  Pacificism.
Carson and Home Rule.
Qermany and Humanity.
The Olobe and Political Fairness.
lie Overdue Payment* on Application*.
to I'urchin*? ti.ie.ii Orant Laud*.
In British Columbia.
of starting a chain of development and . application to purchase, either by pay-
here is where, the mischief lies If thev   ment In full or by the selection of a i
...... ,,,„,. Art nnt  proportionate allotment, may, by prov-
are   distributed   where   the>   do   not   '       h((J   .^^^  an(1   pa,m'g'u'p   in
serve tbeir proper function in  race (Uji *jle balance of the purchase price
perpetuation. ' and taxes before the 31st December.
_.     - ... ,„„_ ,,,„ i.   1017, obtain  a  Crown  grant if proof
The function of the modern hen Is 8aUgfactory t0 the aitntater of Lands
to produce eggs, ten per cent of which , ts furnished that such person Is nut-
may be desired for tlie increase of the j ff ring injury through absence of no-
bird and the remaining ninety per cent He? or otherwise,
for human food.   Nine eggs are used j
And further that tlie interest in uncompleted amplications to purchase
fi r human food whore but one is used ; held by any person ou Active Service
for hatching. Only one-tenth of the may be protected by-notification to the
require fertilize-' '-suds Department of the fact that
such person is on Active Service and
by the filing of proof of the interest
Mr, c. It, Buttl of Spokane arrived ,
In the City last Friday and immediate*
ly proceeded to Wycliffe where he
has accepted a position With the
Staples Lumber Company.
Mr. T. II. Holmnn of Calgary, the
popular nnd genial representative of
I.lbby-MncNelll and Libby. Pickle
Manufacturers, was In the city for
several days Inst week soliciting business for his firm.
Masters Gerald and Rowan CHne,
*=ons of Mr, and Mrs. W. R. Cline of
Medicine Hal. arrived In the city'several days n*ro to spend the summer
holidays with their grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs.. Chas. Magee,
Pire completely destroyed the resl-
donoe of T. K. Pntn on his ranch »o*eth
of the city, yesterday evening at
7 o'clock, starting apparently from-the
stove plpp,
Thn building snd contents are a
total Inn*, partially rove red by tmn»-
[The following   account Is    taken
from June Jlst issue of the Journal
News, Two Harbors, Lake County,
Thomas L. O'Hearn, the son of Mrs.
Julia O'Hearn, Third Avenue Kast. is
one of the representatives from Two
Harbors In the graduating class of the
law College! of the University -of
Minnesota this year. On June Hth.
1917, nc received the degree of LL. D.
and on June tilth, 1917, at the Capitol
In St. Paal, was admitted to the bar
by the Supreme Court of Minnesota,
and authorised-to practice law tn all
the courts of this state, -marking the
final accomplishment of his sn years
of college labors in the Academic and
ejegs that a hen lay
tlon.   Why fertilize tho
tile  product   that  is   ns
food?   The addition of
nine-tenths of
id for human
a living germ
cell to an egg that Is p
human fond does not add
Us value and may si up
embryo development that
oduced for
inythtng to
a chain of
wilt make
of such person..
Further information will be furnished on request to the. Deputy Minister
or Lands. Victoria. B. C.
tlie egg quite unfit f"r human food.
Egg* gathered from flocks where
the roosters an* permitted to run after
tbe hatching season is over, are not
desirable for storage, Tliey are not j
desirable in the pantry during periods
of warm weather ns high temperatures will start incubation. Eggs In
the first stage of decay are not de*
strablo for human food..
It le an easy matter to prevent the
fertilization of eggs, If the male bird
ts just nn ordinary one an axe nnd
a block of wood will prevent further
mischief. If the male bird is possessed of such merits as would warrant
Ids being boarded for a year to be used
In the next season's breeding operations, then give hlm an enclosure of
his own n "l see thnl ho ntnys In it.
The co:v of the food consumed hy
an ordinary rooster Is about twenty]
cents por month,   fan you afford it
On Wodncsda)
. July llh
Mrs. K. J. m
oiiowrtli. s
Klmliorley, t
BOIl,   at
. n
Wash That
Itch Away
There is absolutely no sufferer from
eczema who ever used the simple
wash D, I), H. and did not fet. immediately tliat wonderfully calm, a",
sensation tliat comes when the Itch
Is taken away. Tills soothing wash
penetrates the pores, gives Instant
relief from the mose distressing skin
The Cranbrook Drug & Hook Co. Ltd.
t'ranbrook, H.
Law Departments nf the University
of Mlnnesotu. In June, 1915 ho graduated from the Academic Department
of the University, receiving his degree
of Rarlielor or Arts fl!. A.), since that
time he has pursued his legal course
ln tbe Law College, which he has now
l re-
. I If yon keep poultry with profit as your
object, can yon afford to keep a star
bonnier for nine montlis and perhaps
have him doing mischief nll tho time?
The two million, three hundred and
fifty thoitsnnd odd, unnecessary male
birds are costing the country nbout
three and a half million dollnre per
year while enjoying llfo. These nn-
aocsstary birds are at the eaae Usee
TTixe Lictuid
I DUD U| I'lll lur WuijjiD I*. a boi ur U.rr-IV-
lo. Bold kt nil Prill rltorn, or lualKd t» any
•4dNMuur-Hilf.tul i-rlt** Tei s.-ar, .u Dbihj
Co , St CrtUMiaM. Un urn.
Viuilir.for Kirit ud Bnla; Iwnun "mr
■Hwr',.vT-Mto   wUibuUSftm tv.ar.l--u or
_z ••asacasi'.r'Bsss
-muii i\ i w tin-
The 1917 Ford Touring Car
$495.00 f. o. b. Ford. C<::.
Ymi pay less for this car inn ii gives you more
enjoyment, more mileage anil longer service than
Hiiisi which e-tesi mire.
The touring car gives the utmost in automobile value', pride eel ownership and economy.
Buy ;i Ford this yenr and save money,
$560.00 Cranbrook
A Little Stick of
Makes the Whole World Kin I
This famous chewing
gum aids appetite and digestion, quenches thirst,
keeps the teeth clean
and breath sweet.
Fresh, clean, wholesome
and delicious always.
No wonder WMGLEVS is
used around the world, whenever and wherever people
want lasting refreshment.
ser cps   n  E.ttcsc
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
OBlr>*. Smelttm and ]Wii,ii.t Deieirtmtot
S HI E I, I i: RS   AN II   11 E VI N E II S
li'W II.ISKKS (It (iOI.II, BUT KB, ( OI'I'KK, I.IUli A*ll> 7.l!*r OHM
(it HI) .t SPREULL
Barristers, Etc.
«'. I'. (Iiirtl (i. J. S|ireiill
News of the Surrounding District
Mill 11
tiivm  left  fm' tl"
! July 1st.   She in
llrs.Green * MacKinnon
I'liie-ii'ilins  anil   StiriM'iui*
Otlicte tit  re-Kidence,  Armstrong
OFFICE nouns
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 .0   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   8.30
Sundays  2.30 to   4.30
lilt. V. It. MILES
Olllio In Hanson Blook
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   5 ii.m.
nasi me  Sunday,
tied vlu Spokane
The   Moyle   Public   School   closed I and   Seattle   en   route  to   Nanollm
Thursday  for  the  summor  holidays. Miss Ualloy will nol return to Klngs-
Mlsses Lewis and Bailer, thc teachers, gate nexl term "ii account of having
have lei'in' to the Coast. Iii'in offered ii position In Vancouver,
Mrs Uiii. Brown of Eholt is visiting1 which she Ims accoiitod.
li,.ri. as Miss ISrickson's guest. A farewell dinner was held al the
\ danco was given In tli" Central home ol Mrs  I.. T. I.ovequo on Snttir-
Hotel Saturdnv night. day   lasl.   In 'honor  ot  Miss   Dnlley
Dominion Day was eeleliratod lioro Among lhe guests wore Mrs.  11   I,.
on   Saturdnv,    .lim.    liotli.    A   large Smvyr-r. Mr- f. Itedpatli uud the Mis
crowd  gathered  i"  tl"'  park across sen Flor *e nml Viola Sawyer.
the lake to see the sports.    Messrs.
McFarlani.  Smith.   Birch,  Cnmoron,
Whitehead,   Atwoml  and  nesiiillnlcr, I mil'STIitLi:
: gave* tin* us" ni their motor hoats lo
carry iiassengers. ns lite weather was ,„„,,„„  ,
ideal all had i njovnble time.   It"-      \''«'s   was   recelvotl   yestordn.i   i.j
tw i Mine ami Sill', was paid In prizes Harry Mail,"rs or Fori Steele rrom hi  ,
1 for the races which consisted nt Jump- wife, thai her father, Capt Dclpirdnn j
-ootbnVr match0 \lvs. Filrli nnd Mrs. enil^ Wnsh., last Tuesday    i' |el   ln*l-|
lleerii" hail    charge e.r
linoili and realized tlu
which   lias   been   forwt
Balfqnr Sanitarium.
was tin. concert given hv tlm children
; in Klk" School Huns" June 20tll. Tlle
Sel mil llinis,. was crowded with tho
' parents anil Mends of tli" scholnrs.
The program was tlm host ever seen
iu Elko wltll thrills ul' wit, will and
wisdom. For two hours the audience
evas magnetized ley the eirills. patriotic songs, dialogues ami musical selections presented by the chlldreu, and
Miss M. Nicholson was slinwcrt.il with
congratulations on th" progress tin*
children have made under her tutor-
i,iii tin account i.r the unavoidable
absence of the Minister of Educntlon
,llin Thistlebonk acted as shalininn,
nnd nfter presenting the tlipliinins to
\r i i: ,0K Mtss Bertha Swauson,
■ i mi Frances Gallagher, ho tol
rl ; luilili lied to Jones anti why
mill, i, n home, nfter whicli. dellctous
Ami i
KlM:si. VII
: Cr
Licensed ley Provincial Govt.
"Iiitmnny 1.1.1 ticltcnil Nursing
Massage and Rest Cut". Hlgliest
References,  fair lerins,  Apply
MRS.  A.  SALMON.  Matron.
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Addross.Darden Ave.. Cranhrook
Ml-s Flovetirc
n  mi   Tin
Civil and .tlinlng Engineers
II. I'. Lund Surveyors
entrance ini" lilpl
ncct mpanlctl hy lee
L. Sawyer
Tin.   Klngsgi li
wiiit,.r  lorm   In-'
Miss Dnlley evl,,- : •
ICIngsgnte  ror lhe
announced thnl   "
grctted  li-  liotl   l
Tlie Hull i 1' llofor I'
received   lv   Mis.
Til" Hull of II" ' ti
awarded France! e
ronce llm';' i '.';"i -
fur Rogularlly of All" n
\ i
I Oth
i i,r siu.'if,  JefterBon County, ami ua   nil I  i oi •.
.,,   ,„   ,i.,,   Hn. coaBl    Mrs, ll. Mathori . n , hi-i
hrothor, Oranby Delgardi " liave Im *
wiiii their father Blneo lasl winter
An interesting relic ot llie war ...
received last week hy Mrs. A llroz ."
I",.it  si ioIo iii ill" form "f a  i"i""
irnc 1 trom knife   Tli" hnndlo ot Hi" knlfi I   mad
lasl   week,   of a Carman sl".II will, a Frcni I, hi
notion   for  i,,| fittod Into il: Hi" pen m imi rur,
She wm   „■;,, removed from Hi" shell ami iii i'
'■- Mrs   n,   al  is  titled  a  Canadian   MUII i |
imli.ni. anil tl"' hladi i- madi tn m i
dosed lis Brltlsii IS pounder I'ln, \ B II,
ftornooii. sender of tlio knlfi. of tin r,4ih II I
oachti f in tallon, writes tlial i n Vlcli rlu D r
s months, npartn wero hold and the dlff re il
nl In tier nVttnlloni "inn ,i"il is "li iillu r a
' '.i'n''' i'.'- baseball, football, rm" . ami lm* • ■!
,'  pureuis.   w;„.   Tin. writer says thai it"   com
>'■ V w ,   i,,,,,;,,,!  .,,,  peaceful   thai   mi uld
o Sawyer, hnrdly believe that then wns nn> •■■■ r
'menl w *,.|sa m >. Hat" led Fori Stool ( r
'bile Lav-' t|„, ,.„.lr., |,j. wn), „[ sa. i nm ne i
it ' "' I" I | Senttlo. She will later Icavi for Ci '
rtiia  whore rile will    lav evil': 1   e
nee was bold on Saturday. J .,    ,   Mr
Hie International ll'it"! "net i'' |-i:,ii, isiie
usplces of tii" IIhI i
ss Sewing
Ua; Phone «, Night Phone 35
Ni.rliurj Ave. next lie City Hall
I      \. Chislnil
f Fori Steele lefl In
trnsslz via   Kottll   V
Cluh. Seeing Unit the sum of *,r,l was • , Btoriloy r
roallzod ono can well Judge thnl there |,,v
was n largo crowti present who ex- j|r. Wm, Denlon nnd pr.rl
pressed themsolvea n having npont 0V[„. t0 Crnnhrook tills ntto:
Hi" iimsl enjoynbli evening over spetil | .|-|,(, K,,,,i,.nav river ros
in Klngsgnte. A ditlntj and tempting ln(.|)eR daring lasl rial.* 01
supper wn» served by the ladies al m)ncnrance of the shy this
iniiltiialii - will bo considerably swoll
Mi"-  Helen   Dallr-y,  who litis ler-. a   IM,xt r,.„.  ,aya
loachlng since .1 ary In our littli
Teacher ol Pianoforte
truubrouk, II. t'. Box li
II,ho NOTES I'.V I'lll.li 1:011
Montana Restaurant
Meals nt All Hours
Cigars, Cigarettes and Cunily
Opposite tliee Bank of Commerce
il..rt over trom lasl \ in
iy Knight nt  Raymond, Alhi i.a
Igllt in a trail' load of sheep I'M-
= 1 day anti unloaded them nt the old -i el
per word for Hrst week, tutti 10 per ! yard and will grnzi them wi  : of l:    I
word for each weak after. Creek.
Mrs.   E   Cooper in  12 mile posl
  Kootenay   Vallev.   was   In   Elko   I it,
TWO   I llllll   lilts   I'OH   SALE L.„ok on „ a|lort visit,
iheap.   Tho Kootounj Oarage,      26.     Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Trites of Ferule
from Spokane '
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washine
send it to
Snecial prices for familv
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge and (ireenhill Coal
Imperial (III Co.
Dlstrbution Cars a Specialty.
Drityliig und Transferring
Qlvcn prompt attention
Phone 63
KOll SAI.i: llllll) currlngc, in firsl
clnss condition Apply Mrs. Dennl-
sun. Phono 202. Iii
WASTED i driving hur.se, lielei.
democrat and single linrncBs. C, A.
Foot. Klmborloy, B.C.
toil SALE One. Ford Inuring inr
and one Oakland 40; firsl class con-
dltloni chenp.- Tli" Kootenny Oarage.
WASTE!)    I   i<l    He help    innk
altar tan children.    Mrs   Martin McCreery. 20-tf.
IVASTCII    Piesilltm
in nl'l'ice.   by
girl   nl   Hi.   imt   expe
Icnccil.   Apply
Herald Office,
lee ii  gfl'ls  for
liotel  work,  wage     ■'
i.   North Star
Hotel, Klmhorley.
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O  Box 108 Phone 244
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction (iuarnnteeil
Headtiuarters for all kinds of
pink  illinium  plants 41.011
a dozen: delivered anywhere in Crnn-
lirook.    llnx IS. 1 'raiihri.nl,. II. ('. 23-lt.
TO KENT -Largo nlrj fronl riioni
on Armsirong Ave. ahoul  one block
und  a   Imil   trom   Baker  si Apply
Crunbrook Drug & Book Co. 22-tl
lllll   Stt.t:    line  tcliin   Perrheiieli
in.tri-s. ahoul   IfillO  el'.ch;   also  rogi'l-
torcd lliilsliin Hull Cal! :: li Ha "Id
Apply Huv II, Wardner, II. C.      25-tt*
toil SALIi
in firsl "las, condll
sell for :>::.Mi, Apply
mil.'  plnyer pinna
Iteibl. Frame, Prop.
FroHli lirend, (Juke*, l'les
nml Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp  City Hall
,OST Orcj sinirl c.ial em II. Sll'Ple
1 roud between Picnic Uki ami Cran-
1;. Finder please n turn t" offlco
lot I*. Burns * c.i. LIT-11
KOIt  SALE    7  reinmeil.   Illnlse   .nil
□arden Avonue:  lorn; price $2100.
Cash  $300, balance arranged  ir re
quired    Apply E s llomi. Hull Illver.
Spokane, Washington
This house haa the
happy distinction ot being the favorite stopping place in Spokane
for the people of Brltlsii
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage nnd do
everything lu our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Is excellent —
close to Great Northern Station
ami O. W. II. & N.—Milwaukee
terminal, uiul Within It minute's
wnlk from the principal business
houses anti places of amusement.
See   Stiiiinslilii   on   Hi"1'
$700, in splendid condition, fnr quick
sale ?isr,:  anyone  looking  fnr first
cluss hall lim,,HI  tiir ali .dm.   I,are:,lie
prico,   now   is   Hi"  chance       \pplj
Kilby, Arm 'rung Averill"
AN HONEST I \e lit.I Tit !UN
can obtain constant ompltiyiuonl wltli
J us; mil ur spare llnu by ropn it
[ Ing us locally .a iravi III ,,■ Api iy
ImmedLtcly B. C   S'ursi ri  i Co, Ltt
1403., 7ih   U-o„ '.v, v- ver, li  c
:    FOH SAI.i:   Mill sen  „,;  Inieresl
In leet is, block 80, City ot Cranhrook.
l This storo was formerly occiiiiled hy
i the  Crnnhrook   Co-opernttve  Hinre.s.
Ltd..    nnu  furniture    store,  fur $1100
' cash.   Mrs. \ c. Ollpln, 2804 Nn. Cedar St.. Tacomn. Wnsli :7 i'l
LAND Hill SALE I...I Ills:, liruuii
i. Kootonay i'i tri t. i"staining at;r,
acres, localeii :: utile wesl ul' Crnnbrook, I: i' Tli" railroad nun.
through one corner id' the property.
Tho land ntlJoluB thai mi which ihe
Ensl Kootenny Lumber Company's
Snw Mill is I,,,; toil TM r oxrcllonl
grazing   ami   ngrlcultlire   land     Wil'
sell r.,r $1 por ams    $1.00 per acre
cash nml thu balance in imir Di|unl
annual pnymcnti wlih Interct t ni 7' '■
Tills Is a Bplentlld "i ill" ranch    Fur
particulars nppls In I1 i, I. li"> 180.
I.i'thhildg", Alls 20 tr.
Its pnlnted cross was tlie only thing
tliat was cross at lhe Red Cross f :s-
Mval held ai Flagstone, Saturdiy,
.lune 23rd. A large crowd nssembl d.
vsitnrs coming from Eureka, Wild,.
Oatewoy. and Un- 11 n 'ali- Vail y.
Mrs. Howe and Mr! Abbe) we r. Uu
ntinie movers, both have ons at 'ii"
trout, nml ihey sure gnvi llieir vlflt-
ora u run lur tholr mom y. The tin ■ -
villi* String Bean Band furnished ih"
music. Tlie liiill was beautifully el ■"-
orated anil souvenir rail crosses were
worn by all participants. Tin. proceeds amounted to over rifiy dollars.
Miss Mye-a ,\. Roo, Roosville, was
visiting will' Mrs. C. A. Klingensmlth,
Elko, I liis week.
Jos lliiardnian id' Conl Creek. Hie
noted dill pickle raiser was in Elko
this week.
It's curious says .lim Thlatlebeak,
Unit women rail men brutes. snak.M.
rats anil everything Unit's lead, anil
then insist upon having "duality with
Herb, nnd Frank Lotchor from lhe
Siiuuri* Donl Ranch, Itoosville Volley,
drove, through to Fcmlo tliis woek.
One trouble witli uur present young
ladles, says Jim Thlstlobeak, is Hat
su few of tbem hnvo.aiiylbliiB to wenr
in tin. kitchen.
The cauning season opened up in
tin. Flagstone district lasi week nnu
Hi., gooseberry pies' an- ripe in ihe
Roosville Vullty.
Tin* Adolph Lumber Co.. is pulling
In it new saw mill al Hiensville. below
llie lulls.. Fur th" last inontll Mr.
Fred Adolph, President ul' Hi" Company, luts been looking over the limits nod muklng arrangements lor lugging uiul building camps.
Jim Thistlebeak says if yuu ar.. su
-ad Unit yuu cannot laugh al soi u -
thing then laugh ut nothing. "Lai ai'
ami tlte world" yuu know Ui" ri s'.
Aii ounce of smile's will give yuu more
roal life than seven Inns i.r soli mn-
choly. Choorfiilnoss nnil prosperity
au huml in hand. Make fun, dnn'l
always buy it. Vou can cure disease
and ' kill lh.. tlovll witli laughter.
Practice telling n good funny sti ry,
the etui to tli" film is sur" lu I.- lolly.
Good chnor attracts good luck bul
don't stop advertising.
On account ul' several id 111" dlr "
tors ul' Hi"  Elk" Wator, Llghl   und
Power t" pany removing from tin*
District, und a death . lluy an. calling
a mooting this week "ml wlll re irgnn
Izo.   Mr. Hill of tlio Ca Nil" l'ii'" Co,
Vancouver, is hore i  ii l- :
Ui" Cnmi any will pnl in an ■ lectrlc
ilant in supply the whole town with
Mr. and Mi's T Lotchor "' lhe
simai'i. Deal Ranch, Him .'II,. Villi |
nassetl through EH  their wav :u
Femle Hi'- week ami ri pori n h
if |, nii  iii lii    Vnlli j t'.i   !'
lu.ri ur form li"ip.
Tlie Indians un Tobacco Plain- arc
rlVlng   it    hie    poW-WOW   ul""" lis 'Ig
liily l«t lu 'ih iiiiiI hands ol li el i in
i.helr Bqtinivi, papoose i, pnnii i nil
logs ",. arriving from Allien n '
Flathoud V illey, Montana.
Thero -er,' a dozen nu n In Elkn ve a
liave th ■ Is sl garden ami ' kh - ■ I
gardens savs Jim ThlBllobcnk. ir it
hadn't been I'ur Eve th" tlnrde nl
Eden would ii"! have h en mi Mm ma'
•;lm ra' isi Um devil In i; ami i m el
" famous and il lookB as il' Hi.' girl-
will havo tu start and pasi ea . n| i '""
arnllliil ngain.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fl lulus snii
family, II s Custom !' M nl
".-,ii.wav Molilalia, molor : I ■ Fe a
this week.
iiaii't lilli* Uie hand Ihnl's ft ini'
.1. I. Porker, Manager nl Hi" in' ••*•
nrlso Coal Company, Cnl«nrv   ■
Klko several   ilnvs tills  wed.   lool    l|
nvor ill" Burton Mine proport)
Wm   Mills ami family ed' the l   ■
lliitid,   F"nll",   inielnred   In   KM,      I
week. Billy says nnyonc with cm i je
, neuigli lo run n wheolbnrrov r li * li
a motor enr,
Mr   A11. U'l 111 ii of Tllbnr, AU   i",
hrnuglil In I wanly cars of Mheen lnsl
wi'idi end. nnd wlll move his family
Elkn In lh te T'l'tii'"    11"   I
round with
feetesl cakes
,,111','i'iii'ii-  se
■: i'  livid,ali. Ureal Northern I'm
,  ing   \gont. Sl    Paul, was In   Ell;
<ur ,. Brown reluriictl from Europe
neck.    Ti'ddv   will  over   Willi   a
.•  i i <d' entile hul  did mil  HI i'
■ work and wai glad lu gel
'   i.aimi Davles, teaclu
, r, , Victoria. B C, whort
I      •  uinnier school
,   , „f V.i in'..,- was In Ell,
...  I   explaining   :!m  dlfforeul I
i,I   ul' ninchlnery ids linn used fur
Inn hole  i" macaroni anil putting ,
ti   le mark un nootllos.
lulu, ii  Unckfcllor says thai he is
n- elrlllv years uld and never sat
a  uoke'r game    .Hin Thistlebonk
:!■ ■!   ..rt ir  reading lnsl   week's
, hn a Herald H provos thai Rock- j
i, r I,a i.'i g"i all Hi" money iu the |
um ■ ul  the gam
i   i:   May  Hun.  Private stono-
ar tu Jim Thistlebeak is spond-
ir vacation at  Roosville, going
wilh   111"   Glko-Roosvlllo  singe
ami Mi's   A   .1. Moffatt nf Ki I'I i"
al  down   tu   the  Square   Deal;
. Roosville Valley. Sunday.
wile was given lo milking eh-1
r 'marks, for otnstcncc
'. indlng in fronl of the ni
hi    face   wall   lal
■-   :.:s  hand,   she  asked  "pre
it ving?" "no" li" answered, "I'm
a. nut driving ur at Uie theatre?"
Teddy Mills
'"I'lli"     l.nw
a :•!'.■   lu   Elko
gardener at lite
Dominion  Hay tu
from Hi" cllndel
r  Roosville   Valley
lame  iii   Hi '  ll'i'is-
■ .lum. 20th.   Well
Elko Dominion H;"  ' ml the str
mrrounding the uld historic burg
crowded wilh piscatorial experls
' ar
lulng the elusive anil gc.niey In
1'.   Kltngonsniitb,  Muuager  ul
McLaren   Lumber  Company  wi
s     il
E il    ""'i.   visiting hi.- br
lllll i
.':• irlle. ■ * ll o Elkn Minim: F.xch
nle 1   ve 1 '  '■■-. roomi i" Cnnihi
!■' "'
Hotis . Riverside Avenue, fur a c
Mrs   riuniage. PoBlmistress. M
il d.
id el
anil d. ugltter, motored to Elko
Snndi .   "mi spent Dominion Day
SlETIIOmST (ilFltt'll
H'niiiinihil from pnge
Tln-n wc munt 1"' iiiiih'i] 11
Wo arc ikii bo i'ur nnart oa wo think.
in liii- western country Uio groat gulf
between tli<* oxtronies c*r religious Vie
av li.-in^ liriik-ci. nnd .is never beforo
l tn* iicii]ili- nro Intolerant of nny
agency thai comes between tliem nml
tlieir common Ooil t]i<> Father. We
are ono in onr hymns, we an* one in
our worship ami tlio differences cannot in any way bo attributed to wanting tn worship (ind according to owr
particular fancy, lt is In the things
that do not count tlmt wo aro divided
iiml the time has come tt» find a national religion not by any act of par-
linmont. hul by thu larcenous and
Croedom and of our common acknowledgement of mo I'linl and one family
"Blood will tell." Blotches and
blemishes, like murder, will
out, unless the blood is kept
pure. Ils purity isrestored and
protected by the faithful use of
TVnrfh a {ititnea a Bnx
Dili tli' i nl cp. rnl Valut to Women are Hill, EtotBu
SoMr*<t,i '■ Lie.   Idboici, '.'.j iti.i,.
Peps are the new treatment lor
coughs, colds and lung troubles.
They are little tablets made up
from Pine extracts und medicinal
essence.',. When put Into thc muiiili
these medicinal Ingredients turn
Into healing vapors, which are
breathed down direct to thc lungs,
throat and hrotichial tubes. The
Pops treatment Is direct. Swal-
I vine; cough mixtures into the |
blomoch, to cure ailments and disorders in iliroat and lungs, Is In-    ,
Irecl.   Peps ure revolutionizing    | -—-   ti.
he treatment of colds, as their   | j..S':-~V '.  •<
Ice is within the reach of ull.    , Ut-**"-'-
\)e, box all druggists, or Peps Co.,   ] ~*   ;'
Arc  your   hands   chapped,
cracked, or sore?    Have you
"cold cracks" whicli open and
■i tl when the skin Is drawn
i tight?    Have ynu a cold sore,
frost bite, or chilblains, which
i times makes it agony for you
!o go nbout your duties t  If so.
.;,uli will give you relief,
and will lieal the frost-damugetl
j skin,
I Miss B, Strojsa, of East Hans-
( I', ril, N.H.. writes: "My bands
\ wore so badly chapped I was un*
>.c to put tliem In water, AM
remedies failed to heal until I
-! Zam-Thili. PersoverBnco
I tli ; il i balm completely heal nd
i.Buk heBlicutSiburnn.brula'
i..:<-inn, piles, chopped hum
ui... i,o-.i biles, mm nil t,k
*■ him lulurles,   Kfiiisi- ku
Kj tul   ,tS,A 2mA>AllJ
Whether "Jim" is on a man-of-war or in a
trench, he's ; ing (<> have long-lasting en*
joymenl anl -i lot ol benefit from
The t ntnoua Chawmij Gum
"Mint, ttveirti  —f^'."^^
i^..^r^*-;.     . ;!
„ „f lie,, i.lel rlrel,. Six I* lore-ieien     j,    C.t\lf\\ (J     ! ,K RriiFp  "*J
,\ vi.ry -III ml I eiii.nl "vnl    \     'I J t.O UUIbf\ Kt^l.l      |
■■,,..,^^Atii *" Mnrlssln
..'.'.w -— O.'iiinil-,
It's one of lhe out*
standing features of
the wnr with its
tonic effect onstom-
ach iiml nerves - its
welcome refreshment in time of need


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