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Cranbrook Herald Dec 13, 1917

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IIIMTISH ( <H.|'Mill V
THURSDAY,  DEC.   I3lh.  191"
Pledged to Re-inforce the
BOVS   at   the   Front    l» refutation of Messrs, Macdon
•^ eel.t      .....I      lt.,,1111,.*.      _li>l.„,„„,l      IBB
aid and Beat I US -taU'ineul la-i
I rldnj nii;In ullli ivgtirtl to the
Income Tux. tin* follovriug tele-
irrn in has Just heen received from
Mr. It. V. (ireen:
"iiiirrt'ir*. stalenienl alisolutelj
correct, lu aildltlon governmenl
has since brought down p«llo m'
Kolxhig ail packing house profit*
aver eleven per rent."
It. I. (Ireen.
The Auditorium waa well filled on
Friday evening last, when a meeting
was held in the Interests of Mr, It. K.
Iteattie, tin* Liberal candidate.
The chair was occupied by Mr. A. A
MacKinnon, and tlioro wero a number
ut ladies on (he platform. Including
several   relatives of (Midlers.
Mr. Reatlie commenced his address
(M__ with a reference lo Hie calamity thai
■■t had befallen the eity ni Halifax, and
^^^Hk expressed llupe   that   the   Mayor
Bk      . would take action on  behalf       the
HL city, iu sending not only a message
Ht nf sympathy,  hm to  the
<H ^&
■ ■    . Mr.  Beattie spoke at considerable
|Ht length,   with   bm   1'ew   interrupt inns.
^K which    deprived
WBBI though   not   having   relatives   in   tin*
1 army, had been w'orklng in the in
: tercKts of ihe boys at thc front, of
their vote.
He had little praise, but considerable condemnation for the Liberals
who have joined Sir Robert Bbrden's
Dealing with tlie Conscription Act.
tbe speaker stated thai the conscription policy of the present administration   did   not   go  far  enough,  as
FROM CITY LOCK-UP""nm,n,,t ",,ly cm^am'*■*■».
ilium uiii Luun in  -,„, „,„,, llf „„„„,,. „m] .,„ r,,smM.(.0S
^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^H He advocated  tlle* hillier re's *ces  e,f
  One eer He,, military prisoners who tho country Lcins properly organized
lum* been held at the City Hull since; nnd iUloi'fd to ttie necessary work In
There woro no less tlu.ii tlireo poll- Xovembor Mthi c.sc.„,cd fronl custody : ,.„-„„..*„„    „.„,, ,,„.   production „r
ileal meetings Hold In tie,. Auditorium „„   Mum|il>.  ,.„,„„,. .,„„  ,,  ,ul|  „  f|10„.sn,rrs   „.„,,,„ ,u, ,.„llslllo,.f„ ,,,„
last weok. all ol which woro woll at- ,.,,_,,                                                          ._.,_.,..,   th|__   .^..^   g]mM   .„_
tended, will! a greal many ladies pros- _    „,„,,,.,. „,,,„ ,„,„ „„, ,.,,,„ „  ^..^ ^         $ to ^           .^^
ent on each occasion. iftuui nl about sis o'clock *.vitl. eiee     othor manors dealt with won* the
Following the meeting on Monday, ,„.*„„-„■,* supper Mi went (irst to- L-Uons, or ,.„,,,„ ]a(.k ,3l „.t,onB> ot
addressee by the Unionist cnndldqte, w.u.l|f   „,,.  „.„„„.„•„  „„,„.„,    The  „,0    Koort controller, tie.*   Business
Dr. S.  He:.noll, and the  Hon. Maine, ,„„„„„. *,,„ luu,,; „,1S ,„rml(i N  „,,„,.   -^^ _nJ.   a|](| ]m,nm. ^ ._d „|p
nurroll. moro was a second meetinglUriit slipped quickly out ol the door  Canadian  Northern Hallway,
in tbe intorcsts ,.1 tho I nion Govern- ..d made h*B escnpe                              ,,. M  A M.u,rtol,nlll  „.,„, r_n0wed
mom on Thursday, when the speak- |( ,g 6V*_6-* t]la, t]ll. nr|SOner lead   jIr   nraiti,*.  expressed  his  pleasure
ers were Mr, It. Cassldy, K. »'.. eeeie]
Mr. N'ormnn McLean, both ot Vancouver.
The* chnir was occupied by Mr W.
A. Nisbet, who, in opening ill,* meeting stniod t1i-.it while Ieo had always
'* *n a supporter ot sir Wilfred Laurier in the past, he ell.i nol feel that he*
could mii..*,ii*i anything it'ee thj Union
cause during the prosenl national
crisis. II, maintained eieue he was
still ii Liberal', nnd nn adtnlrei e.r sir
Wilfred, leen In* could nol tolloti the
Liberal loader's policy, which was
ono ot delay ul tin* presenl time
Mr, It Cnssldy tuhi the audience
thnt In* had been n rupporter ot sir
Wilfred Uurler on the roclprocltj
issuo.  Iiiii   hn  differed   wldel)   from
llllll   nl   llii*.   clclln't
The siioi kor compared the foresight
and jndgnivnl ol Sir Roberl Borden
mnl iln' loader ol thc Liberal party,
referring to the lime In IOU, when
tbo former saw a crisis coming mnl
again in Cranbrook, mnl
■i ■
ul   leill.
which wns so atrongl) nppoaod by Sir
Wilfred Uurler, who declared tbat
Hier.. wus nn npproasblng menace
Liberals and Conaervotlves alike.
won* urged i" lay their dlfforonci -
iislili' until after thc wnr aud lo gel
togotber i.i the in*.**-,'iit linn In up
pnrl oi u li lon Qoverinnenl
Mr    Mil.oi.il   spoke  nf  111,*   lite   ami
death struggle going on In Prance,
from wiiiii] country so man) ol tin
hoi eii om men will never return
tlontlng wltli conscription, he -i*.ii*.l
thnt when sir Bobcrl Ii.hiIoii wns In
I'tniliiiiil.  leo IiiiiI  I ii   shown   whnl
i.u h pnrl nl lite Empire .mi - dotni
mnl Mr lieiiim* l.;iw iisk-'il tiiiit whal
Cnnuilii could dn! sli* Roberl Imd
promisee! r.iin.inui nion Tliis number
wus not forthcoming under the voluntary enlistment scheme and therefore
the Military Se-vlee Acl had been Introduced.
Tlio speaker referred In the mini
hor   Ot   stliellk   llli-n   of   tlio   Liberal
pnrty. wlin hud Joined the' Union Qovornmont lee assist Iii ii vigorous prosecution let tho will*
Dealing with the probnbln representation ht leiirlliiniitit In the event nf
sir Wllfrod Lnttrlor being returned Pi
power with a writing ninliirlty of
Iwi'itiy-rivi*. ho allowed thnl the government would contain more Froncli-
f'nnaillnns thnn Engltsli-apoaklng
members, whioh would consequently
inieun Prcncb-Cnnndlnn domination,
Ai tin' eleise eif the meeting, tin*
Chairman nppoalod tei tbo members
nt I'iiii political parlies lee rorect
tholr dlfforonoes at tbo prosent lime
nnd assured nil liberals wlm vnted for
the Union (Invernmont on  He
friends ou the outside a*, although u aI heing nni*
; close wntch  had boon  kepi  on  him „,.„,,,  Borae  eu|osi_tlc  references  in
| and l„* had not been able to use it. n ,*,,, speoc*, ,„■ ,|„, candidate.
I hack-saw    was  ...uiul    between  the     ,,,. spoke „ *B-gt*, „„ ,*„. recrult-
blankets on his bed.   Further, seeing lng ,im,s,i„„.  ,,uotlng percentage ot
that he wus only wearing shirt, trims- ,,lll(stl „s  ., |r(t|ng |n  |,„]„l,.,cl,„1
era  and   Bllppers   when  he  left  tbe ,„■ the vnrious provinces, the figures
police station bc must have secured showing the west to in* far abend ot
clothing lo hnve m.i'.* his getaway, -|„,  ,,;1M    n-1 tli   British  ii.lnniliia  at
llarilliur.lt    was   missed   alienist   ns ,]u,   :,..M|   „f  ,.,,,   ||8|   „*,;,   .,,,   cnl|s(.
soon ns he escaped bul sn tar he has „„,„, ,„  l0 ,„,,. ,.,.„,. ,„■ ,i„. popuio-
iini boon traced although tho efforts .,■„„    The si kor considered that a
being  madi   ror  his  re-captnre will Mr ,vn, ,„ h.,.t recrutta would be tee
llkcl)   prove  successful  in  the near ,|,.,,„ „„,,, from tin eastern  I other
future provinces   until   their   percentage  of
The   lOltce and    civic authorities enlistment eqnallnl thai of bur own
hue.* lu*. n endeavoring to arrange for province before British Columbia  be
removal  ol  Barnhardt  and Griffiths >8ked tor nny moro men    He blamed
ever since Magistrate Arnold ordered sn* Roberl Borden fnr the falling off
that thej be turned ovor to the mill- |„ miuntar) recruiting and denonnc
tir>  authorities, but n telegram re ,.,* „,,,„,, ,,,* :1 *,*,,,.,.. ,„,, |„ charge
celved b> Chief Hersey from Military ,„* ti,|s vv,,ri<
Heodouartars.   Vlctoo-lo,   Wednesday,      Dealing with altowances to depend
states that Instructions from Ottawa. ,,„w ,,,* noidlers, Mr. Mueilunnlii nuot-
regardlnR Iho prisoners, hnve nol yel ,.,| aamc figures whicli sounded  *
ivime to hand. vlnclng, but which were prcnonted In
* sueh n wav Hint they were Bomewhnt
t".i;i   tbat  the)   would nol  have  any misleading
grels net doing so. It,,  i,,,,,  considerable to say with
Bom bad) er Leveque arrived in Cran-
brook 'm Tnes'iay trom Vanconver,
Hv   went   uver   With   tlie   liol  Iteserve
Siege Oarrlaon Artillery mobilized In
Montreal in Man h 1816, and went Into active lervicd with "'i'1 Canadian
Uarrlson Artillery. He was througli
the Battle or the Somu.e. In whieh
battle he waa wounded in the hand
Borabadfer Loveqtio ftati« that the
Canadian Forces al thfl Prom nre ur
gently In i.eed of re-Ittfircemenla, and
tliat   .Sir   Wllfrod   Laurier"*;   reference
to thc in:,uuii men lnJEngland is a
groaa inlarepreBentatloo of the facts,
in July and August thflre were quite
a large number ot men?In England at
tin* base, these men ware collected
tiiere tor the purpose of forming a
l-'ittli Division, but as rj-lnforcemenls
were so aJOW ill COttjlng over, the
Idea   ol'  a   Fill)i   Division   hail   to   Ile
nbandoned ami the majority of these
men sent to France to;re-inforee the
1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 'Ith .^Divisions; we
have quite a force of men ia England
still but a large ma_-irity of them are
men who have lieen to I'Vanee and returned wounded and are in convalescent camps ami training camps getting fit io again take their place in
llie firing line, others are attached to
Hospital Staffs, and Forestry Battalions doing necessary work and doing
their hit as much nfi any man In
France; their work If of vital Ini-
I'lrtanee as lumber must be produced
lor tin* construction of dug-outs and
ami railway ties. etc. Sir Wilfred
Laurier's statement Is nothing more
tar less than an Insult to the Hoys in i
England who are held tiiere on important work and also to tlie wounded
in.'ii   there,  .slid   llomli.'dh-r   Leveqiio. |
imrn.\.ssvs kvjij iiaxji kxpohkii
The whole evil intent af Henri Rour-
U-.NH, Idol of Quebec, Niitlinuillsl, and
aiiti-Kriti-lief, |s shown ill the i'<dlow-
ing pledge vthleh he \s requiring
I.literal eandhhites in Quebec la «ign:
"I, Die undersigned candidate for
the Federal Mepulntitm, by these pre_.
onts agree, if I am elected, to exael
lhe immediate Mi**>pciiKi<in el' the Mili-
lar. Service Act of IH17. and of all
it*. ei'iVct" until the GltiMtflllu eteftois
have beeu eonsnlted by a plebiscite,
and. should lhe majority oi the peujile
condemn conscription in litis referendum, I agree to re quire tliat it (the
Milllar. Act) he considered as void
and without effect from its very orlg>
in, and tbat In consequence the con-
scripts be liberated from service and
"I also agree in vote against an?
governmenl thai vin uld refuse to adopt
lhe nbnre-inenttoned policy."
Every Union Ballot is
a Bullet for ti
• iu. Aug M?   •*'
it/ xvaio-^f
This is no Time to Talk Party
I.    HOHEHT  Kill 11 IUIM   III AT III:
nf Ci'iiiiliiiiiek, It. ('., I>nii!-M nml Itaiichor.
2.   THOMAS HIOOS, rn' Kernie, II. I .
l'ri'nliienl Illst. Vie. IS United Jllttt* H'orkrr, ..i  lutfrl
8.   SAIL  lt(l\\i:i,l,
tViilinslr.i Street, I'liiiii', li. ('., I'liyslclait
Don'l put any other mark on your ballot paper except an X after the
name SAUL BONNELL Any other mark on the ballot paper will
spoil it and cause you to lose your vote
kMI.V   I III III II   \VMM.   llt/.AVIt
Tin* iiiitiiiiil bazaar under the iiuh-
iiiri's ut the Ladles Aid of Knox Presbyterian Church wnee held *ju Saturday
last, unit like all tlie* church bazaars
iiml have tiilu'ii place during iho past
tew weeks proved liiplily successful.
'I'ln- Committee, under tho presl-
ileiuy of Mrs. il M. Hiiruey, linil decorated tlu* various -.lulls la u tasteful manner, and with an attractive*
assortment ot useful nrii fancy
articles displayed for .-.alp. the schoolroom presented n very pleasing ap-
pearonce when the bazaar opened,
Purchase: were present in large
numbers, anil at an early hour every-l
thin*.* luul ln*e-ii disposed of: the pro-,
ceeds anfcuntlng to $1416.60.
l'ii,. following lailii*s weere iu charge
nf ihe varlottB departments:
Fimry work: Mesdames A. r. Harshaw, A. ,1 Balment, and K. Parks;
Cookery: Mesdames s. Taylor and J.
Henderson: Candy table: Miss..* J.
Iirwiir. Macdonald anel s. White; Tea
room: Mesdames A Held. Bttrtees and |
.1. Mn. .1 ild.   Misses   A   Mil.e*llan,|
Simpson, Pellows and Magee
tltRRSTKIl  IS  t Wl
San rialiiis.il. Hit lllli- Alexander von Qorsowald, former lie-r-
iii.m .e.nsiii at Seattle, was arretted
iiilii. ;. ■ ;*. dangorou alien acinrd-
ini.' to feile*rnl authorities. Von (ii'r-
■ewald inui I n re i.i.* el -at.* .mill.nt to Uormnny ley the United Str-tea
fiive>i*iiiiit*in. tcderal agents say.
Baron Oersewald and v/ifo woro
losldents of t'rnnbrooli ,i fan* yarn
Christmas Suggestions
This Year Make Useful Gilts!
Our holiday stocks are very complete, and all goods are priced
most reasonably. In the following lists you will find many
suggestions which reflect the trje Cl.ristt.ns Spirit and will
give actual value to the recipient.
Whist iii tv.- ami dance In tli.* Parli
Hull. Wednosday, December 10th,
Neck Ties
Lounging Robes
Cuff Links
Mackinaw Coats
Knitted Caps
Woik Bags
Knitting Bags
Eelt Slippers
noudior slipper*.
Evening Slippers
Silk Wo^e
[' ancy Linens
Wool Jackets
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Pram Robes
Pram Blankets
Hath Ducks
Bath BOats
Fancy aprons
Hair Ribbons
Cranbrook's   Dry  Goods   and   Clothing Stores
Si** Hmi your lioroto (Iced* have not been in vain; iee Umt Uie cry ot
Dcomber I      Uiu '• VUIK h*"""Eor ■»*»'»*■»«« '■»muwumI.  Y«ur ballot ia MMva4
regard to sir .1
nmong otliflr mat
recent nppolntmi
nm! tho exompUo
vh r farmorn
After Hiionklng fo
Macdonnlil elc
the loader of tho
wnn accordod ai
oxcepi on 11 u
quoflttonH woro ri
pli   Plnvollo  an.:
ttorH tnlirtu*(l on thf        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
iiits  ii 1  the  scnatp.
in from military ner- A public meeting of the t'ltlwm
nnd mnniifactureri.j)» hereby called for V.Vdnfsrtiiy n-xi.
ir ovuf an hoar, Mr. Dec intw. nl B p.m. In '-ip City Hall.
I wltli roforoncoB to ito discuss tho matter of rendering
   .'i   Parlsli   1! il    ',■ xi   Tuen
lay    f'onci rl nnd d im    ■   mini nclng
ii   v.   prls 1     Ln   1 .'■■ <-i   tnstuma  In
nn it
In Crnnbrook. December bih, Bon-
,;r'      '■' |,r"   nl« Josephine, infant daughter of Mr.
and Mr-  n  P Moffatt
i.iin-iai pnrty.   Hi*
attentive  hearing
v   nciitsions   when
isf'ti by some bf the
nanfatance lo the antferera of Hall-
fa* in tbo recenl dlaaatroua uxplo**
hImi, nud rir**
Uator Clapp
frit,j. Uth, WH,   «\ Mn) r
ir v   M  C. ,\  military work
nnd   si    Dunatan'a   Hoi loi
\dnttaalon  -"• c< ntB.
Cranbrook   Taxldermlai   haa
r,|icneii f<ir the aeaaon'i hunting
The Boya al tho Pronl are crying
unt "Do not desert Ufl lu tlu* hour of
nnr need ' What is your reply no-
\ng to he on Monday'.' PAGE TWO
THURSDAY,  DEC.   13th.  1**17
It. A.
Secretary and
Kay, Manager.
mnnde An- roforui Unit fin tho Cnmidlan political atmosphere?
Would lo*? Ask the women of Belgium, who havo been outraged, wIiobo children hnve been tllaroembored before their
I ItlNHKimK, Ki.* Till ItSPAY, DEC. IIHh, 1917
1. THAT only through a Union Government:
can Canada continue to fulfil hor obligations to
her men and to humanity in the war;
2. THAT a united Quebec will dominate a
divided Canada unless all loyal men and women
forget party differences and local prejudices and
unite to support  British ideals and traditions;
3. THAT indifferences or Inaction on tlie part
of any man or woman at this critical stage is playing Into the hands of our enemies;
■I.    THAT tiie future of our soldiers, tlieir wives
and dependents, could not be safely trusted to the
Province   of Quebec,   which has   conspicuously '"
failed in al- patriotic work   enlistments, Patriotic
and Red Cross Funds and Victory Loan;
"..    THAT the I'nion Government is vastly pre-  nn
ferable to any factional government; and thai for
the period of" the war no minor issue should draw   vl
-Canadians from the support of the Union Govern-  u,.
t;.   THAT factional government is always subject   tu pressure   from   special   interests.    I'nion
Government  alone  is strong enough  t<> controij
special interests and govern Ihe country for Lhe
benefit of all the people;
7. THAT the above propositions must appeal
io the sound moral sense of loyal Canadians without respect to class, religion or party, as fundamental to Lhe continuance of our National unity.  |
very eyes, whose husbands havo heen
defiled nnd sent Into slavery.   Ask f;i
tholr comrades crucified.    Ask the
Zabern, struck down hy the sword of
the Ulvlnoly-nppolntod Knlaer    Ash
shot, whose daughters
ii nihil lis who have seen
■rippled shoemaker of
n Prussian follower oi
the massacred Artinm-
lf there be any foundation to tbe rumor that even this slaughter of humanity Ims gone far enough."
tragedy is the outcome and work of enemy hands and pur-
pone, surely nothing should offer a greater incentive to
Ton much cannot be said by way of praise for the
splendid manner in whieh the United States people spontaneously came to the relief of the stricken city. The
magnificence is not surpassed by any act within our own
Larders, and it will never be forgotten.
A very practical gift from this province with its wealth
tot Die Liberals of British Columbia rend those words
from a paper which is vehemently supporting the Laurier
cause and reflect on tlieir full meaning. "Tiie jingoes of
Canada" are the Canadians who believe thnt our cause is
right and just, and will oppose to the last the suggestion that
the allies lay down their arms with the pure and nohle aims
which led to our participation in the struggle unaccomplished.
Hritish Colombia Liberals wltt follow the Laurier leadership must see the direction in which they are rapidly drifting.
Is it by chance that  the whole Western Continent isi
arrayed against (iermany? Surely there is cause for those i of lumber would be several train loads of our best lumber I Are they prepared to follow to the brink of the precipice?    I
who wish to breathe tlie air of freedom to unite together to  together witli what sasli and doors we could muster from all |       They can speak now.    Their voices will be heard now.
destroy for nll tlmo the last vestige <>f enthroned militarism,   j over the province and would be appreciated as few gifts could | p0r the next five years after an election their -words will
| he. make but feeble utteranc.    They must  speak now at the
tho taking i
have   de
r enemies.
In every country, whether i
political divisions have had n
iias tended lo prolong the war.
months of the war, It seemed af
ho sacrificed to dissensions al i>
.   The Germnni
themselves    to
have known tills
dividing   opinion
as the c try was I
in pulling together.
nflnenced hy Germany or not,
far-reaching Influence which
lu Englund, during the firsl
i il tlio army in Frame would
.ome. In Franco itself, united
i Hr si
i spirit, there wns some difficult
Divisions in Greece, made in Ihe interest of Germany, hnve ennbled the Germans to koep connection by rail wtth Turkey until now. Italian division was at
the bottom of the Germnn raid on Hnly. nnd of the failure
of the Italians to hold their hard-won gains. Russian
division enabled the Germans to seize the opportunity offered
hy the state of feeling In Italy.
Are we. in (In* luce of these examples going to nllow a
slate of division lo obtain a hold in this country. Our party
.nay seem a small thing. It is small, as a matter of fact;
and unworthy of a thought in a country involved in so great
a war. ltm one cannot toll v.-hereunto It may grow. "Tin*
beginning of strife is as when one lotteth oul water."
Surely in this world crisis wo should bp candid with eacli
ior but at the same time lot us be courteous. The Manifesto
the Non-UnlonlBt Liberals thus states their positions:
"It i-. ihe Imperative duty of the Canadian people to con-
nd   vigorously  prosecute  the   wnr   until   it   bo
i successful conclusion (a) hy the maintenance of
strength at the front of our fighting forces and
if all steps necessary in that behalf."
low, as Canadians, we are nil honesty seeking (lie light
duo soektn-rf the honor and safety of Cauada, and may
ni  have shortly, and In  words of one syllable, :*ime
er to such .questions as these:
Granting ihe "imperative duty to continuously and
uualj prosecute the war until thc end" how is this m!
uie wiil'iul Conscription?
2. Wnstngo al   the battle  front  is  appalling.    How j
(hen are we hi maintain "unimpaired strength at tlle front"!
without Conscription?
3. If Conscription is to bo repealed and having in view j
Uml ihe voluntary system is no longer successful, how are j
we io keep up our battle line and escape the scorn and
contumely of the world?
I. Canadian valor and military skill have made a deep
Impression un the world, hut, If uur fighting strength Is not
kepi up and. Indeed, Increased, how are we to lie true to the
memories of thoso wli'i have given up their lives already?
fi, Are we to stand aside or stand hack while we have
hundreds of thousands of available men yet, and let the
other fighting nations he bled white?
II. Is il intended to let the United States* soldiers
finish ui> the war aud get for us the final victory, while we
sit ns a nation in box seats in the great theatre and ir.fik on?
7. Are we sunk so far down on the scale of national
manhood thai we will lei other nations fight for us and protect, us? . .
s. Questions like these are constantly arising and will
not down. Let us have them answered hy somebody, not hy
gllttoring resolutions nor by oratorical phrases, but In truth
and in tact, and in n way ih.M ordinary intellects can understand them.
"A thousand years scarce serve to form a state.
An hour may lay it in the dust."
Tlie "thousand years" have been; has this "hour"
Or, wliere are we and, where will we lu*?
next. December 17th, the most momentous
cod before tlie people of Canada is to be decided
ballot or remain silent.
If Sir Wilfred Lnurler wins on December 17th, he will he
but the shadow, the substance will be Henri Bourassa.
The campaign of misrepresentations, and distortion  .if
facts adopted by  the  Laurler-Liberals  In  tills constituency
! In particular will not deceive the Intelligent voter.
Mr. Beattie states Unit a vote for hlm Is u \tlte for Hritish
fair play.
is it Hritisli fair play to desert the boys at the Front?
Tin* cry in.m Krone
food, guns, ships, yds, >
General Joffre.
Send us men and qulokly men*
j;  hul  chiefly and qulokly MHN
Poll vour vote early on Monday morning.
On  Mond; ■" '      '
issue ever pli
hy llu* ballot.
Novor bofore hns ttj vast a responsibility heen thrown
upon the Electorate, and the result will he watched with anxious eyes and beating hearts not only on the battle fields ot
Flinders, not only iu the war-worn countries of our allies,
Imt also lu Germany.
Tin* result will decide the destiny of Canada, even the1
destiny of nations, and every man and woman who casts his
or her ballot on Monday next is pushing that destiny one way
or Die other,
Tlie "Herald" appeals most enrneiitly to those who con-
templnle supporting the Lumler-Llberul candidate to obliterate from their mind every thought but the one all-absorbing
iiucHtiou uud lo Bonrehingly ask their consciences whether
the policy ol' Sir Itobert Ilorden and the Union Government
or that of Sir Wilfred Laurier will be most effective towards
the establishment of a durable peace,
This is a war tor permanent peace upon the principles
of democracy.
Germany would gladly have peace to-day on their own
terms, a victorious Germnn peace based upon the doctrine of
Gorman Kultur, a temporary peace and then again war with
all Its devastating horrors in an Intensified form. Their alms
are well-defined, they seek to dominate the world; to W.tlil
sway over mankind by tlie powor of the sword; they would
establish a military autocracy in a Germanized Canada—a
Colon) no longer a Nation.
There Is only one way to avoid such a catastrophe—tlie
absolute destruction of tlie military and naval power of Germany.
There is only one way to destroy tliat power—not by the
application of strength on ttie instalment plan as the exigencies of the moment require—not hy tlie utilization of
resources under separate commands -UCT ONLY with one
central authority, formulating coherent tactics on one united! sir Wilfred Laurier proposes that Canada shall adopt a
front backed up by the entire resources of every allied nation.! policy of absolute inaction with regard to the war; a victory
The thought of a German victory is tr*. frightful to con-1 for Sir Wilfred Laurier on December 17th would be a quitters
KmrW^m ...*
Should yon not see anything In
our Window tlmt yon require,
please come insider; om* stuck
Is complete und we are   pleased
to show it.
Raworth Bros.
II i a i> <f i a it it its ro it
X >l AS   GI FTS
Will the Canadian men and women give their brave
••Midlers comforts—but not victory?
Vote for the re-lnforcomonts which wlll bring victory.
The murder of Kdith Cnvell. the slaughter of Belgium
women and children.
It is to save our own women from those murderers that
Canada fights ami votes on Mondny.
Mr. Beattie says that profiteering—if he is elected—wlll
he eliminated.
Mr. Beattie forgeis that profiteering has already been
No principles of sane Liberalism find expression in
policies which exalt the slacker and the pro-German at the
expense of the soldiers fighting for the preservation Of civilization.
poster, which appears ou tho hoardings jus
would tile Kaiser vote? Weil, we can be :
tlto Kaiser is down on conscription In otht
ii'iw. asks
are of one
■ countries
than his own or the countries uf his allies. He would vote
against the government which is carrying out conscription in
Canada, and iu favor of any political movement that may hinder conscription or even delay it.
But such a simple proposition as tliat is nut enough for
tlie German mind. The turning movement rather than tho
frontal attack Is iheir favorite form of tactics In the field;
and back of the fighting front, nil over the world, they have
been hard nt work ever sinee the war began, Hying to exercise a disuniting Influence in the countries which arc, oi may
become, hpposed to them. Stupid they may lie iu tlieir methods, but their philosophy is sound. Dissension among their
enemies is their greatest friend. A division of opinion in
Canada that prevents concentration of effort is as good tor
the Kaiser as an army corps or a loan, aud he knows It. ll
he had any influence here it would go heavily lu favor of a
contested election. If. as is likely, he is informed V)f our
affairs, lie must lie rubbing his hands to think how we are
playing into those hands; trying to bring about disunity of
government at a time when unity Is thc only hope.
Successful conduct of the wur on our part, and continual
commercial prosperity, depend upon unity of action now.
A well balanced Government in the future, when the war is
over, may be overthrown tor some time, if the Liberal parly
discredits itself now lu a hopeless contest whicli seeks only
to serve party purposes.
The women of Canada to-day hnve a Krent opportunity;
by reason or their enfranchisement. Those of them who have
studied politics .have as a whole been reluctant to ally themselves with parties; bthers liave timidly shrunk from all
political isoties. being sle-eked by tiie political came Which | tic
Is condemned by Us very players.
Women long lo be nou-partlzan. nnd Io and behold just ' mr
as they approach  tlie  very threshold or their political  life,
the weapon is put into their hnnds with which they may glvo
thu death-blow to party  -and the party machines.
Will they use it?
At no more auspicious moment could the women nf Canada receive their enfranchisement; since their first vote can
be cast without hesitation or confusion or mind.
To women enfranchised by reason of the active service of
tholr  ni'-n  overseas   the   issue   to-day   is   dear   it   1..   clear
Wll.'l  (OH,!* A  LAIlill.lt GOVEKNMENT 1)0 TOWARDS
Our thoughts centre on the struggle in BitrOpe-— the War;
and we have agreed that it must go on until democracy has
shattered the ambitious designs of Europe's autocratic Wnr
Lords, beyond the hope of recovery.
The National Will favors participation by Canada-Quebec
atone dissenting.
W.* are Btrong -strong for the war and for striking the
heaviest possible blow.
it is indeed a grave misfortune thut we havc not been
aide to agree upon what is tlie shortest course to our goal,
and that the national effort is therefore divided and shaken hy
The wonderful efforts our enemies have made could not
hav. heen achieved by n house divided within itself. Kvery
ounce of their National tltougiit and energy goes into the campaign. This is efficiency and the kind of efficiency we should
not he so slow to copy. Indeed our efforts should he greater
if possible, than theirs, for We bave more at stuke. Defeat is
10 them thwarted ambition and loss of prestige, but for us
lhe horrors of defeat nnr unthinkable.
It was never possible to make all men see alike und
think alike, if w,> ure to achieve unanimity of purpose, it
is necessary tor us to lay our personal ambitions and party
prejudices upon tiie altar of our country's cause.
To vote for Union Government pledged to carry on the
wnr witli the greatest expediency is our opportunity.
No argument has been urged against Union Government
thut is r.Ot the result of prejudice, unworthy suspicion, self-
interest, political Idas, and race differences.
The men who have come into tlie Union were the bone
and sinew of tlie old Liberal Party, men who are Leaders ol
Provincial Liberal Governments at the present time men
whose Integrity has never been impeached and who are
among the acknowledged lenders of thought in our country.
Where are the Liberal newspapers?-Behind Union Qovernment; M is au insult to tlie press of Canada to insinuate
that sucli Liberal organs ns the "Toronto Globe" have sold
iheir reputations for lucre.
What would a Laurier Government do towards winning
the war if elected? What could it do! Kieeted by the
Quebec majority it could noi run counter to the wishes of
that majority, who are opposed te Canada's further partlclpa-
templnie aud yet the issue is still in the balance.
It is evident that the enemy is now preparing for a
terrific blow on the British, French and Italian Fronts, taking
j full advantage of the Russian armistice releasing 115 divi-
! sious or a million additional men to throw into the strife,
it is Obviously the last effort to destroy the power of the
Allied forces before tlie United States can bring their forces
into action.
The most critical period of the war will be during the
next few months. It is a matter of life and death to democracy, to France, to Englund, and none the less th Canada;
at no time has the necessity for unity of effort been so
urgent   the slightest sign of wavering may be easily fatal.
Sir Itobert Borden is pledged to united effort to provide
tlie necessary re-inforcements for Canada's army instantly
and at the snme time to exempt the farmer and munition
worker to provide the necessary supplies of food and ammunition. Sir Wilfred Laurier Is pledged to suspend tlie Military Service Aet and all that It entails.
Which policy are ynu going to vote for?
Eliminate sMc issues, eliminate all old party affiliations,
eliminate individual personalities and search your soul for
an answer.
Realize that on you and upon your vote rests the lives of
the brave fighters defending with their blood your Home,
your Family, your Chun try, everything which is dear to you
nnd vote as your own conscience dictates.
If everyone of you do this there need he nn fear of the
in tlo  war.
We  believe
this   is
time   for   bold   and   stlOng
Laurier und his supporters are claiming there is no pressing need for more men at tlie Front. Generals Currie,
Turner. Bumstall and Watson are calling out for more men.
Who knows best? the Laurler-Liberals or the Generals nt the
FrOnt ?
.Monday, December 17th, is to be
Canada since tho declaration of war;
tlie most fateful duy for
British Columbia Liberals who sincerely love their
country and earnestly long for the triumph of right in the
great world's struggle for justice and democracy, but still
hesitate about uniting with political opponents, even In times
of crises, should consider carefully the end of the road upon
which they are traveling.
If they persist in tlieir opposition to Union government
they nre associating themselves with a party dominated by
a section whicb not only Is fighting the principle or con-
scrlptton but is opposed to reinforcing the forces at the
front to the length of urging the withdrawal fiOm overseas of
the Canadian army.
Are British Columbia Liberals prepared to go tliat far?
Are they sure that they are not moving along a perilous road?
At this time of crisis, when the existence of the nation Is
in peril, cannot we consider this serious problem soberly and
Tho Quebec Liberals nre pledged to repeal the Military
Service Act. nnd though reinforcements are badly needed
and we plead for a deep j llavo no alternative proposal.   Bourassa is opposed to any
lonal consideration of the vital consequences Involved.
because to these women there can be but cue thought ^u the
reinforcement of the men and Canada's continued participation in the war.
To these things tlie Union Government is pledged The
sacrifices shall n»:>t be in vain.
The vole of the women expressed for these things will
luni the scale for unity and make I'nion Government ni'sur-
ed. Through their numerical strength women can scatter
the old political parties~nnd break up the game perhaps
for ull time.
A great opportunity indeed
And Who is Bourassn?
He is tlie sti'mgest force in Quebec with the one exception— Lnurler
Sir Wilfred Laurier is now tn his 77th year.   Two elections ago he spoke of retiring from public, life.   No Canadian
li an advanced nge ever led a party,    Tupper retired
It can hardly be expected that
Mr. Beattie claims there will he no interference with the
present draft of 100,000 men.
Sir Wilfred laurier stales emphatically the Military
Service Act will he suspended. Tlie two statements are not
Tlie opponents of Union Government are attempting to
M.w dissension and divert attention from the great luue by
claiming that the present Government Is not a genuine Union
Government, and are controlled by the Wnr Profiteers, No
intelligent voter will be misled by these tactics; Hie nrrsenne!
of the Cabim.t and the steps already taken to stop profiteering, is n fitting answer to such nonsense* •**
Sir Wilfred Laurier deliberately misuses General Mew-
burn's statement that tbere are 1IG.0OO Canadian soldiers in
England, and that we have therefore ample re-lnforcements.
Tlie official returns show that there ure less than 20.000
trained men available for tiie front. Sir Wilfred Laurier
would send hack to the firing line, tbe wounded, the maimed,
the nerve tortured men, wiio have already done their duty
nobly, and hold hack the thousands of able-bodied men In
Another bogey tlie Union Government lias taken core
to quash is the possibility of the C. N. R. getting sixty million
dollars for its toinmon stock. Eight million dollars Is tlie
limit- and eight million dollars is twenty two million dollars
below what Sir Wilfred Laurier had in mind as compensation to the holders of C. N. It. stock.
Premier Borden Is fully seized of the fifty-fifty spirit.
He promises to add enough Liberals to moke it a real half
und half cabinet and to give Labor a real Labor man to
represent it. The Hon. Gideon Robertson represents Labor
now without portfolio and when Labor is given another
minister—presumably u genuine horny-handed s.On of toil-
it will liave no reason to complain that it lias beeu overlooked.
If Sir Wilfred Laurier should win and should form a
drop-om-of-the-wor government how would that help unity
In Canada? An equally strong win-the-war party would
form in tlie House of Commons and the last state of our
Canadian Parliament would be worse than the first. Moreover Sir Wilfred is a very old man and If fate should remove
his venerable figure from the scene what would tlie state
of Quebec be then, with Henri Bourassn ready to cash in?
It would be idle to say that every man who opposes the
Union Government Is disloyal. It is just as wide of the mark
to urge that self-interest has promoted Liberals to become
members of (lie Government. But surely » sane appeal can
be nmde to Canadians of nil political persuasions to forget
party considerations for the moment and to remember the
words of a great statesmnn thnt "If Germany wins, nothing
else matters,"   What will it profit to lick tlie Tories or to
It Is questionable whether anyone outside or those who
imve gone through Belgium or Northern Prance and beheld
tin* villages und towns wrecked beyond recognition, or looked i ih
upon  the gruesome sight of n  modern battlefield with its I of
countless dead and  wounded, can  form any conception as   when 71. Macdonald at 7;
to what tills terrlblO thing   w.<  rend or in  dispatches  from
Halifax, really is.
The ordinary mind bus nothing with which to compare
it, for few have actually seen any greal dlsusier And even
when we recall the things or which we read, even here we
find fow things so heartrending as tills.
The loss of the Titanic or the Lnsitanla are not in the
same class fearful though they were. Tliis disaster comes into the category iu which Messina or Son Francisco earth-1
quakes nre placed.   But it ought to bc snld that the human I such a certnln outlook
loss nt Halifax is possibly six times greater than thnt of Son   trusting; him wherever he lends.    Are thoy  prepared  for
Francisco. j Boi.      in?   Is that to be the destiny of the Liberal party?
It Is doubtless the worst disaster that has befallen any i It is for western Canadian Liberals to decide.
clly in tho Dominion.   The nearest approach to It that thej       Supporters of the Lnurler party proclaim their loyalty
peoplo of this district liave ever witnessed was the disastrous  and resent the suggestion thnt they arc not out lo win the
flre when Fernie was wiped out, with the loss of sovent) j war.   The vast majority of them are sincere,
und  favors  Canada's  withdrawal  from  the As tlie campaign progresses, the people are more and
more impressed   with  the genuine  enthusiasm  of Premier
Borden for Union Government.   IT anybody has risen clean
and sure above the iild party system it Is the premier him-
and he will be the next teuder of the Queber | self.    His  constant   watchword  to  his   followers  is to do
nothing unworthy. Union government has been an Ideal with
him for the last three years and now that It is tn he put ih the
test be Is jealous of anything thnt might smirch it.
In spite of a tremendous election campaign which
Lnurler will remain In public lire for five yenm longer. | scatters Hie cabinet ministers all over Canada. Union Govern-
And Bourassa will succeed him, nnd If tho party is In j ment has found time In the six short weeks since It took
powor will become premier of Canada. In the next house of (Office to Justify Itself of its works. Premier Borden says that
pnrllnmont Hie Quebec block, including Qticl.cc members and . this Is only a sample ur Its quality and (here is no reason to
others under tlie Quebec Influence, will dominate the Laurier | doubt tils words.   Though pressed for time and distracted
There are the facts.   He wiio
This is no nlurmist view
! runs mny rend.
Are western Liberals secure In supporting a parly with
Many of them are devoted to Lnurler,
by a multitude of election troubles Union Government has
done more iu six weeks ttt clear tilings up nt Ottawa than a
party government could do in five years.
lives and t'ranbrook was crowded with dazed refugees. And I linking up witli a party organization, the striking force of
yet this visitation means absolutely nothing compared with j which has views differing much from theirs about Canada's
whal   is now taking place In  Halifax.    It Is questionable j responsibility nnd Canada's proper share in the war, and
Canada's future.   They may be sincere, but thn Quebec wing
whether the surrering and loss of life has been equalled'even
In the hottest battle of the present  world wur.
The question as to the cnuse of the di; after will not be
put the Grits in their place, or to elect a inbor man here nnd , known until nfter the special commission appointed to In-
there, if the iron heel of a crazy despot is to crush out civil-; vestigate.  Ims  re|t.rled  and   possibly  not then.
(cation, Pirce humanity to his whim, replace right with mlghl.  question gives food for speculation aud suggestion
und   destroy   tlie   very   principles   of   Christianity"     Would Corlnhlty   tf   the   people   or   Quebec   could   b.
lllmh-nhurg respect tl.e patronage list, plead with eonsclen- ] glimpse of conditions at Halifax and realized that n somewhat, ing of the Lnnsdowne latter, it says:   "There Is no reason to
lions objectors, re tegulntlou 17, grant reciprocity with ! similar condition exists iu scores Of towns nnd villages in | believe that the jingoes of Canada will r
tlie United Hlntes. give women voles, place the union label  Belgium uud Franc
Sir Wilfred's policy of a yenr's delay while he takes a
plebiscite on conscription—which would kill conserlptfcm--
and then tries out a system of recruiting which ts hound to
fall as thc exemption Iribunnls abundantly prove does not
commend itself to his English fellow-citizens, many of whOm
have heen recently converted to conscription by the alarming
But thoy nr* | news from Europe—Unssin out of it.the new-horn republic
choked by anarchy and disaffection, Italy crumpling, the
Hun victorious everywhere. If We dOn'l whip the Kaiser,
the Kaiser will whip us.
But   tin*
or the party is opposed to war.
Whatever tlie leader may say and whatever the followers
may reiterate, the Laurier party is rnpidly becoming tho antiwar party, if tt is not Hint at the present moment. And tho
evil virus is sprending beyond the hinindnrles of Quebec.
Head tho Calgary News-Telegram of a few days ago.   Spenk-
on public printing, and otherwise accede to the many de-' help recruiting In Hint provlnc
Sir Wilfred relies for his strength on the anti-British
and anti-war elements in Canada—a nearly solid Quebec,
the Fronch-Caiindian vote outside of Quebec, thc antl-con-
scriptlon vote and the pro-German vote. The irony of circumstances has forced Sir Wilfred into a policy of delay ln
regard to reinforcements which ls tantamount to saying "Let I
us quit now." All those who do not wnnt to quit until the
ages in I believe that tlie jingoes of Canada will receive any suggestion | Hun is beaten and the world, Including the North American I
as a result of Hmi barbarism, it might | for n revision of peaee terms with loud shouts >>f acclaim . . ,1 continent nnd this fair land of Canada, is made safe Rir I
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Co.. whose addrosi ts Wnhlo, ll, *'.
will apply for II licence *,, (,i|(,. „„,]
use olglli CllblO feet per second und
to store Ion acre reel of wuter out or
Plum bob creek, whieh flows onstorly
and (Iruins Into the Kootonay Illver.
The storage-dam win lie located about
smith west comer of lot 6107111, The
capacity nf lho reservoir t<> bo croatod
lfl about ten aero feet, nml It will
flood about five aorofl Of land. Tbe
wnter wlll lie diverted from tlte strenm
at u point ubout the south wesl corner of lot 010701, und will be lined for
flaming logs Tliis notice was posted
on the ground on tbo 4th day of Octoher, 1017 . A copy of this notice and
nu application pursuant thereto nnd
to lhe "Water Act, 10H." will be filed
in the office of tlie Water Hecorder ut
Cranhrook. Objections to the application muy be filed with the snld
Water Recorder or with iho Comptroller of Waler Right a, Parliament lluild-
Ingfl, Victoria, B, c, within thirty
days nfter the first appearance of this
notlco in n local newspaper.
Halter Lumber Co.. Applicant,
A. H, PeWoir, Agent.
Tlie dnto of tho first publication of
Dili notlco In November tfifh. 1017.
<1 THURSDAY, era'.  13th, 1917
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tin* Minis tor nf Lands rot inter thnn
titidii tm thf 24th day ot December,
1917, for the purchase cf Licouco X
llio. to out 980,000 feet of Tamarac,
Fir, Pine, and 600 cords Pit Props, on
mi men situated in tlie vicinity of
Bkookumi liueic, Kootenay District.
Two (2) years will be allowed for removal nf tlmbor, Further particulars
of the Chief Forester, Victoria, B, C!„
or District Forester. Crnnbrook, II. ('.
4 Ml.
TiMiu:it sam: x una.
Scaled tenders will be received by
the Minister of Lands not later than
noon on the 24th day of December,
lfll", for tlio purchase of Licence X
1103, to cut 4,100.000 feet of Lurch.
Cedar and Fir and Hemlock, OCd 0R0
Cedar Poles situated on foi, Creek,
Near Creston. Koot-nav Dlstrlot. TVo
(21 yenr.s will be allowed for removal
of Umber. Further particulars or the
Chief Forester. Victoria, II, O., or Dili*
trlcl Porootor, Cranhrook, R. C.
lu the course of Mr. H. H. Heattie's '
address ut liis meeting on Friday lust,
lie referred to "Ttie Herald" as "tbe
most contemptible rug in existence."
Mr. Heattie's reputation is not enhanced by stooping to anathematize
"Tlie Herald" as lie has been given no
cause for so venomous; cn attack.
"Tho Herald" is content to leave ;
its reputation in the hands of the public with a elear conscience that its
columns during tlie campaign hnve
beeu entirely free from attacks of a
personal nature.
Mr. Ilcattie is mistaken if he thinks
liis remark stings "Tlie Herald," he
is quite welcome to liis opinion and It
is only due to tlie statement appearing in tiie report of tlie meeting in
"The Dally News" that "The Herald"
lias deemed it necessary to refer to it.
Tlie following letter was written by
Major   tlie   Reverend   Canon   A.    I*,
Sliatford of St. .lames Cburdl,  Montreal, to Senator Foster:
On Active Service.
Chaplain Service. Canadian corps,
October 8th, 1917.
My Dear Senator Foster:--! liave
been wanting for some time to write
you in the hope of discovering tho
exact conditions of things politically
in Canada. Wo are much concerned
over here because we are quite satisfied tliat the issue is more tremendous
than the people at home think. If
conseript>in is not carried it wlll be
the gravest disaster that could hapten in the lives of our fighting men
Everything really hangs upon that
question. Our men have done magnificently—it is everywhere conceded
tliat tlie Canadian Corps is the finest
in tlie whole army. In every engagement they have been splendidly successful—there are deeds of courage
and heroism that thrill one to the
core, in fact 1 am firmly persuaded j
that human bravery is higher than
ever it was in all the leng history of'
the past.
There is, however, a war-weariness j
setting in. and can you wonder at it?'
Humanity after all can only endure j
so much—the constant marvel to me
is that it has held out so long—und
if we put too much strain upon it
something will snap. There was never an hour when we required more
cheering and encouragement] Our1
lads must, be assured that the coun- '
try Is behind tliem—if by the decision i
of the Cr.nadlan electorate that, fact,
is revealed, tlie future is assured, lfi
on the otlier hand there is any uncertainty about tlie approaching election [
It will paralyze our effort and take j
tbo heart out of our brave boys. What
is the hope, therefore? l am watching tiie despatches anxiously, for 1
stand in ttie position of opportunity
and responsibility. It is my privilege
to speak t»> thousands of these men
every week and I can therefore do
much to strengthen the morale of
the Corps. Put I do nnt want to buoy
them up with false hopes. To be
..quite frank. 1 am desperately afraid
of the situation in Canada.
I tell you folemnly, my dear friend,
thnt the Canadian peoplo must in
some way be made to see that this
time Is critical beyond exaggeration,
Let the whole country realize that
Canada's luture depends upon her full
and determined prosecution of th«
war. Every available dollar and nan
must be put behind the government,
and let no mistake b»> made that the
government is a certain and vigorous
war government. Vou will forgive my
writing so strongly but 1 know your
position tnd Influence and am convinced that your last ounce of
strength is in this struggle. The best
evidence is the surr nder of your buy.
Can >ou give me something that will
wing my message to tin* troops with
directness nnd absolute conviction'.'
We are facing a long, dreary winter
and 1 yearn to put cheer and Inspiration into our wonderful lads.
1 have had a busy summer, all day
and every day working amongst the
men ^ esterday 1 preached four
times and spoke to 50«n men, A big
siomi was on lasl night nnd all our
lights were mil t had one candle
to read over the verses of the hymn
and the men sang In utter Mack darkness It was Wlcrd and impressive.
I must have made » ghostly kind of
preacher standing In the fitful light
Of Ii tallow dip How wonderful it
was to bear those lads sing tlie verse
after I rend jtj they roared ovon
when thoy couldn't remember the
We ere on tlie mow Just now, ho
packing is the order of the day.   All
good wishes and a thousand regards.
Very sincerely yours,
Allan  P. Shatford.
Hns anyone beard from a single
Laurier candidate how he proposes—
if his party is returned to power-
to maintain Canada's strength in the
field-that is an issue which is never
mentioned by the Lanrier-Liberals.
The "Le Droit." Quebec, declares
Hint it would be no dishonor for Canada to quit this wur as thc British had
more than once turned their backs on
tho Pie at Mons, at Chcrleroi p.nd at
Ypres, pnd Hint Canada "hud dene us
much for the English" ns any other
British dependency and there was
no dishonor in quitting work Canada
was not obliged to do and did not de-
sirn to do.
Thin is ihe attitude of the spokesman nf Blr Wilfred Uurler In the
, Province of Quebec which represent!
lh, backbou of bit support
We do not hold our stives responsible
for opinions expressed by
(By A. E, Watts)
In my article which appeared in
several newspapers entitled "Why
Democracy should Support Union
Government" t wound up my appeal
to human intelligence with advice lo
electors, iu effect as follows;
Ask some of the candidates a question, e.g., Will you make a solemn
vuith that when your party was In
power that you were not a profiteer
through political pull at the expense
of the people whom you now aspire tu
represent? If he Is not guilty ho will
answer like o man; If guilty he may
say. "I refuse to answer," as one replied when I put tlie straight unvarnished question to him.
At a public meeting recently addressed by Mr, M. A. Macdonald.
late Attorney-General, and 11, K. Beat-
tie, "Quebec shull rule" candidate for
Federal honors, the latter voluntarily
put on the cap I had innocently made
for nny candidate ft might fit: and is
reported as having said "We all know
whut Mr. WattB alluded to," and then
explained a land deal lie, Beattie. had
made with the government during the
Laurier regime.
I submitted a simple question it remains to be answered by the candidate whose conscience evidently
prompted him to put on the cup alluded to, I therefore rflpeat it In
another form applicable to any candidate whose conscience will not per-1
mlt him to swear.
Will you sign a statutory declaration according to the Canadian Evidence Act, to thc effect set forth in
the second paragraph above? If some
of them will sign 1 promise that I
will attend to tlieir "obsequies political."
I was not invited to the Macdonald
and Beattie meeting although 1 had
offered to meet Mr. Beattie on a public platform at any time. I had the
right to expect the return of courtesies 1 extended to him when 1 was'
the principal in arranging a public
meeting to support and endorse Sir
Itobert L. Borden when introducing
tlie Military Service Act, under my
direction the prominent citizens iu-
eluding clergymen and Mr. Beattie
received written Invitations regardless of politics.
The large audience in the Auditorium at that period will remember
that Mr. Heattie's reply to the invita-
tlon was read, in the reply he stated
definitely that he was a supporter of
conscription, intelligent electors will
ask how does he reconcile that wltli
his present policy of supporting Sir
Wilfred Laurier and his followers who
preach sedition und even secession,
and threaten to rebel and to light
tlieir friends at home rather than
gird on the sword and join, like men.
in fighting tha common enemy of
mankind. Will he promise to vote
against Sir Wilfred in Caucus and in
tlie House'.' To run with the hare and
hunt with the hounds does not win
the confidence of the people.
The amusing piOmises of what Mr,
Ilea ttie will do If returned wnuld
make a screaming farce for machine
politicians; can one imagine n possible picture of two Honorable gentlemen, Frank Oliver and It. E. Be? tlto,
going hand-in-hand to beg Sir Wilfred to abolish political patron ige.
which is the first practical Btep to
stop the vile profiteering which Mr,
Beattie promises to stop, and ho Wlll
also set the selling price of food stuffs.
whnt empty bombast so beautifully
vague; will Mr. Beattie explain how
lie would lower food prices, for example, if it costs the dairyman lfi
cents per quart to pioduce milk, will
he make the milkman sell it for 10
cents? will he furnish Hankers to
make up tbo deficit, like lumbermen
had to do through lack of protection?
, are   Mr.   Heat tie   anil   empty   headed
politicians  more   powerful   than   the
inexorable law of supply and demand?
■ Whal   pu.iile   plfflolll     When   half
the producers of the world are fighting and wasting bllllbns per day instead of producing, how can tlie remaining halt produce enough for all?
Iioes noi Mr. Beattie know that when (
i scarcity and famine exist the purchasing power of gold Is reduced in proportion.'
Mr. Beattie and otlier candidates of
Mite nature know well that no political party within itself could abolish
political potronago.   The Union Qovernment has done it, and It thereby
I has paved the way to stop the profiteering so much tnlkoi*. about but little
underal ood.
Many   candidates   are   young   nnd
i physically strong, and should be pio-
l ducers or fighters Instead of gaseous
1 objects  of derision  through  malting
; such   stupid   and   obviously   wrong
I statement); in hopes of catching u few
: votes from the ignorainl amongst the
j electorate.
; Electors should not lose sight of
j the fact thut if Quebec nnd Laurier
: carry the day on December 17th, with-
j in two years Canada will he in danger
i of civil war.
Sir Wilfred Laurier says Sir Robert
nnrden changed his mind ahout conscription; quite true, but. It wns public opinion due to the preaslng emergency  which  caused  the  change; of.
a vote for the boys in the
A vote forBonnell means the impartial enforcement of the
"Military Service Act".;
A vote for Bonnell means that
Canada will not be ruled by
A vote for Bonnell means the
complete mobilization of
Canada's resources.
A vote for Bonnell means that
all men, who can serve their
country best at home, shall
not be drafted.
A vote forBonnell means that all
war profits will be taxed to
the limit.
A vote for Bonnell means a vote
for Loyal Government.
A vote for Bonnell means that
we shall have a non-party
government for the duration
of the war.
A vote for Bonnell means the
death of political patronage.
If Sir Wilfred Laurier is
Loyal, "Why did the Loyal
Leaders of his party join the
real Win The War Government
interference with the present draft
ol 100.000 men under the present
Military act as stated by Sir Wilfred
Laurier at the Ottawa meeting.
A Vote For Beattie means that the
masses govern Canada and not
the classes.
A Vote For Beattie means that the soldiers at the fronl will be fully supported by the Conscription of wealth
and Natural Resourses ot the Country.
A Vole For Beatiie means that the supply of labor for agriculturel purposes
and all labor problems will be in
charge of qualified men.
A Vote for Beattie means that profiteering which is the direct cause of the
.    high cost of living will be eliminated.
A Vote For Beattie means that food prices will be set by the Goverment instead of the advice to "eat less"
A Vote Fe.r Beattie means a removal of
the discriminating tax on goods imported Irom Great Britian.
A Vote For Beattie is a Vote For British Fair Play. \—\
THURSDAY, XIKC.  13th. 1917
tVA.Vl'EU    Veil while,   rlie-l*.   l",er
cash.—A| lily Horalcl. 60-U*
KOIt    SAI.K-Hnrse.    bue__)    nnil
harness.—I'lione 411, 50-it:
ORGAN—11 steeps, 2 knw swells,
Fine tone—(IS. W. w. Kilby, Arm-
strong Avenue. 40t(
WAN-Kit—second liiuiil typewriter,
Romington preferred.—Apply Hoyal
Pool Koom 4H-U
WASTED—A iiiultl i'ur general
house-woih; apply to Mi ee. A. A. Ward
Lumsden .Vvenue. 4!i-li
IOU SAI.K -1100 (eel Winch 0x11
plow .j.i'.l wire rope, ia ono length;
price nil e*.'ills a rout. t. u. b, cnrB.—
Apply llox I. in. Herald, ttt-'M
I'uir of hock-
ey Hku
tea and toots for
child of
ti  to
8i  u1st
< udf-steerlng h;\
ml  Blelgl
i al-
iiiiiM now.—Apply Herat
t>      fill Mil    still]!.
*,   I!   slo.
IS,   'J
l,IH r  H
wells, by Domini'
on Organ
good a
- new, coat $100,
w. w.
Kilby, Armatrong
I OH S.W-K Some nice two-year
old tiGlfera, due to freshen lu April
anil May.- Apply W|. U. Batoman, r>
miles west of Moyie. 11. C. 50-3t*
WAMI li bt Dee. 15, enpiihle
woman t" hol||J with i blUlrcii and
housework; good wages.—Apply Mrs.
Howard, Burwell Ave. 48-31*
Public Meeting Ui h<> -Tailed U. Iou.
shier  Form  of  WManct- to
Hallfiix     Suffer*!*
The regular monthly meeting of
the City Council was held in the
Council Chambers on Monday evening with Mayor Clapp and Aldermen
MacKinnon, Eakln. and Genest in attendance.
Accounts to the amount of $5490.-
_9 were presented for payment by the
Finance Committee and ordered paid.
The City Kngineer submitted his
usual  monthly  report.
It was decided that the place for
holding nomination for Mayor, Aldermen, Police and License Commissioners and School Trustees shall be the
Municipal Buildings on Norburf Ave.
Mr. T, M Roberts was appointed Returning Officer and in case a Poll
Is reipilred the Poll will be opened In
the Municipal Building,
By-law N' i Uiii, known u* the
Water Works By-laiw Amendment Bylaw 1017 received lis Plrst, second,
nnd Third Reading
By-law No, 104, being the Boarding
and Lodging House By-law was flu-
ally passed and adopted.
On motion Aldermen MacKinnon
nnd Kakin, tin* Mayor was requested
in wire to the Mayor Of Halifax ex-
tending tho sympathy and assistance
or the City of Crnnbrook.
A meeting of tho Council to whieh
the puhlii: will be invited will be held
later tu decide on the form of aa&Ist-
ance to be given,
TWO MAM Al, OUOAN- IU sets ofl
reeds, pedal bass, either hand or foot
pumped, suitable for teacher or Bmall
church,    Bargain seldom moi  wiih
$70.   w W. Kilby, Armstrong Avenue.
Sir Wilfred Uurler ts fighting for
a political principle; the Unionists
oro fighting for the freedom of the
world and lho freedom -of the wortii
Is nt stake.
Some few years ago "(ireen Stockings." one of the best comedies ever
put on the stage was presented ut tlie
principal citiea in Canada und Margaret Anglin in tho principal role.
Those who wore fortunate, enough
lo see Hi" piny had recalled \U their
minds the many humorous situation.-)
in this comedy when they learned
lhat a  compnny of Cranbrook auia-
The REX Theatre
Monday, Dec. 17th
W, II. (LINK'S CINEMA success
teeirs, -wrer-il ot whom took p»rt In
"lady Ursula" mut otli<*r plays given.
In thia city ilurlnB thi* last few years,
plauDet] to telve i. performance of
"Green. SI'xklDH**" at the Amllt.*****-
tum on Friday, January 4th. Those
who hare uot sees this comedy
should uot mlsa the opportunity ot
doing ao. All who have seen It are
lookiat forward to the* pleealure of
seeing lt main. Keep the date free.
The proceeds Will he*' de>»t*d W t-V
funds of the I. O. D. E.
Tbt tbbfcggoa slide on Fenwick
Avonue la proving vwy popular, not
only with the boyti and girls but a.
number of adults are availing themselves of the opportunity to Indulge
la this form of winter sport.
Failure to observe the "rules ot the
road" resulted In ao unfortunate accident 'jn Monday eTeulng when Miss
May Brake, the 16 year-old daughter
of Mr. E, V. Brake, who had
gone down the slide lwth some
girl friends, became separated from
her companions aud started to return by tway or tbe road Instead of
the sidewalk. Oa the way up the
hill she met a bob-sleigh carrying a
load of boys and becoming frightened
the unfortunate girl apparently stood
still.. A collision resulted and she
was carried down the bill across the
front of the sleigh, being severely
bruised and suffering from concussion.
Tl.e Cliy Council have provided a
"uiuble toboggan slide, but all who
use tt must observe the rule of coming down tbe nnd and returning by
way of the sidewalk. If this ls done,
all danger of accidents will be avoided.
If any of the older persons who use
the slide, are willing to co-operate
wtth Chief Hersey by forming a
committee, one member of which
would take charge of the slide each
evening, free indulgence ln the sport,
with a full measure of safety would
be ensured. The Chief would be glad
to discuss tbe question with anyone
•ad more, people with cheet and
throat troublea hare tried to cun
them by pouring cough syrups,
lung tsntcs aad the tike Into thelt
stomachs. All a mletakei The
Pepe way la different.
Peps are tablet! made up of Pine
extracts and medicinal cuencea,
which when put into the month
turn Into healing raport. Theea
are breathed dow_ direct to tha
lunge, throat and bronchial tubee
TH£ eyes 0=*7**<,_-v»tie84_>- -gjj
By Harold Bell Wright
PRICES—25cts. and SOcts.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
A very interesting service was held
at Tbe Methodist Church Sunday
evening, December 2nd, ln which three
of the boys who attended, the recent
boye conference at Nelson t<tok part.
Tbe service waa especially arranged
In the Interests of the boys and a
goodly number of boys were In attendance. Keith Wasson related the doing* from the time of leaving Cranbrook until tbe opening of the con*
Terence on the. Friday evening. Har-
■>ld Kummer told ln a splendid man-
enr thc salient points ot the various
addreanes. up to Saturday afternoon
and also touched upon the Sunday
afternoon addrese by J. W. Storey,
which, be said, made a lasting lm-
presslon upon all the boys and reveal-
f-d to them their mistakes In life and
also tow to remedy them. He said
Mint every boy Almost hnd spontaneously registered some resolve for
tbe future and left that resolv*? with
1 tbe leaders of the movement.
| Jim Cassldy told of the splendid
supper the ladles of Nelson had provided and how every tody enjoyed tt.
Hi.- .\lm told of the remarkable closing eierclses, which he said the leaders of the conference spoke of as the
best they had ever conducted.
The pastor added a few remark*,
first to the parents and then to the
hoys themselves. The words to the
farmer were based upon the passage,
"They have given a boy and sold e.
girl," and applied it to the modem
sale of boys and girls even In supposedly christian home::. The words
to the boys were to tho effect that the
only wny to keep tbe good resolutions
made at Nelson v.*as to work thfia out
Into action and to dally j.rk what have
I don« to work out that resolutbo.
The t*!rvlce wns thoroughly enjoyed
by everybody and the boys acquitted
tttemselveti splendidly ln their maiden
on sale daily during December
Final Return, 3 months from date of issue
"Imperial Limited" -*Tnnis.('«u«cts"
Travel ley '
"The World's Greatest Highway"
Through Nlnndard and TmirM Sleeping Cars.
Ticket h and full  liiforiimthm from any C* P. It, Agents,
it. w. DAWSON, District Pasictiger Agent, Calgary, Alia.
We Do Not ItalJ Ourselves Kt>|.o,i-
■elble for Oplulonn l*,'lpr-*.*:e**tl
Bjr Correspondents
Tu tbe Kditor:
When I handed jpou my note ot lust
week concerning tbe fulttebood that
hits! been circulated concerning tujr
attitude politically at this time I was
not aware of any wrltteu statement
beiug In eil-eteni*** on the questfcn.
nor bid I any ground (or accusing
Mr. Watts ot the authorship ot the
story. When I wrote "Whoever be ne * y
hc" I wejs perfectly Ignorant of \>;e:
could have concxted the story.
ity castlgatlon still stands aud It
Mr. Watts wants to claim authorship
or any complicity In It, then I um
sorry, hut I cannot make an exception
even for Mr. Watts.
But,; Mr. Editor, Mr. Watts should
be the last man in this district to accuse mi of party leanings at this time,
for before any actfan of any kind was
taken towards a win the war movement, Mr. Watts and I discussed the
desirability of doing something to obviate the political strife that was all
too evident, and he can record how
that, on that occasion, 1 Bald do him
whole-heartedly, "Yes, I am one wtth
yeu ni that."   But tba tronMe anise
— not swallowed down to the
itomach, which ta not atliog. Try
a Mc. box of Peps for your cold,
your cough, bronchitis or asthma.
All druggists and none or Pepe
Co., Toronto, will supply
when 1 refused to adopt the methods
proposed by Mr. Watts an rather rtc-
iVatlnn thi> object heing sought, than
He will ulso recall bbw I said to
liini, "Mr. WatUi what in needed at
this time is not nn exposure of the
Iniquity of party and caucus government or of the ramifications of machine politic.., but a movement that
will commend Itself to the best heads
of all parties and thus nullity pollth-ul
feeling rather than Intensify it."
Mr. Watts will recall going away
fi'mi my house In n rape bemuse of
this action of mine.
Why Mr. Watts should lay the blame
upon me for the demise of a movement or league of whieh he soys the
Hev. W. H. Bridge was president anil
possibly Mr. Watts was secretary, I
do not know, for any sueh league was
unknown to me.
I was associated with Mr. Bridge in
a win the war movement, but It wa*.
the one of which Mrs. Burton wrote
hist week and was the outcome of a
resolution offered hy myself In the
Non-Partlzan League, and whioh movement failed and further attempts a-
bandoned a full week before Mr.
Bridge left this city.
There Is one point that Mr. Watts
lias oversmoked, however, and which
has a distinct bearing upon the topic
as to why the Non Partisan League as
a league is not ln the political world,
and so I would respectfully point out
to him that when he was In convention
fighting for a union ».if the forces of
this district, and favouring offers to
the Liberal convention to join In a
union convention, he then forgot that
there was a Xon Partisan League and
never made a move to have them invited, where the ladies tof whom he
is so eulogistic now could have hod a
hand In matters.
The question of where my sympathies are, Mr. Editor, has never been
questioned by those who know me best
and I may say that It would havp never been questioned hy others if they
bad not had definite statements made
to them that were unfounded and untrue.
In conclusion, Sir, I want to say
that this letter ls not to be understood as a desire to enter Into paper
discussion with Mr. Watts, as 1 have
not the time or patience to read "The
Columns" of stuff that he says he
could contribute, and I am satisfied
that your readers know enough of that
already. Therefore I leave the mat*
ter to the judgment of the people.
Positive—Convincing  Proof
Many so-called remedies far anaemia an only ao in name. Their makers are afraid to prove their claims by
tilling what their medicines contain.
Thc only way to be honest with the
people ia te 1st them know what they
an paying fer.   Hen is the Vinol
formula.    When the lector knows
whet e medicine contains, it ceases
te be a "patent" medicine.
& fled Uvevseji test PceteiM, lies ens
" wesgeesss -.puutM, lr*s mtss Am-
■s-uiwChiale, Usm..»t tssS.*l,..r.-
Any lector will tell yeu that the tat'
(rcdicnts ef Vinol, as named above,
will enrich the blood end banish anas-
mis snd create strength. When the
bleed is pare and rich and red, the
body is strong and robust.
Yeu can prove thle et onr espenee
because yourmonsy will be returned
if Vlnol does not improve your health.
Ilranbrook llriiB & Hook Co., f'rau-
brook. B. 0„ also ot tlie besl druggists lu all B. C. towns.
Trappers, Farmers,
It does not cost you anything to
on your furs,   -.xpre.is them to us
over a $5.00 valuation.   Wo make
y*m our offer
for your reply, returning them
If not purchased.   Try us.
In HurtlneNK Since 1888
Send for Price List
Special price paid for Dark Martin
Mackay & Dippic
Sl» IU 1 Tonne, f »If»ry, Alto.
Liberals and Conservatives are United
The People Must Unite to
Win the War
A Laurier-Bourassa Victory means deserting our boys in the trenches
for over a year, throwing up our hands and quitting! Don't shout
"Kamerad" under the Referendum proposal. Come out and fight
for Union Government.
Make No Mistake
(1) Canada will send no more
reinforcements to the front, which
practically means quitting the war and
placing the country in the same class
at Russia.
(2) The French-Canadians who have
shirked their duty hi thin wur will
be the dominating force in the Government of the country.
Tt is because the French-Canadians have not done their duty that Conscription
had to be resorted to.
The French-Canadians have made it perfectly clear that they do not like the war
and are against Canada participating in it further. Some of them even go to
the length of saying that the soldiers should be brought back from the front.
The Nationalists are demanding that the men who have been enrolled under the
Military Service Act be disbanded and sent back to their homes. To secure the
Nationalist support Laurier-Liberal candidates in Quebec have signed the following
pledge: —
"I, the undersigned, candidate in the Federal Election!, undertake by these present!,
if 1 am elected, to demand the immediate suspension of the Military Service Act, 1917,
and of all its effects until Canadian electors have pronounced by way of plebiscite; and
should the majority of the electors condemn it, that it oe considered as null from tti
origin and that in consequence all conscripts be disbanded."
"I also undertake to vote against any Government which should refuse to adopt the
above enunciated policy."
This Advertisement is inserted by The Unionist Party Publicity Committee
Notice is hereby given that on November 8th, 1917, it waa ordered by His
Honor Oeorge H. Thompson, JucIro
of the County Court of blast Kootenay,
that James A. Arnold, Official Administrator for that portion of tlie County
of Kootenay included in the Electoral
District of Cranhrook he Administrator of nil and singular the eBtate of
Michael Zwaslenkc, deceased intestate.
Every person indebted to the raid
dceased is required I'j make payment
forthway to tlie undersigned. Every
person having in possession effects
belonging to the deceased is required
forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having
any claim upon or interest in the
distribution bf the estate of the Bald
deceased is requlrod to aend before
January 10th, 1918, next, hy registered
mail addressed to the undersigned, his
name and address and the full particulars of his claim or interest, and a
statement of his account and the
nature nf tlie security lif any) held by
After the snld lasl mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of whicli
he shall  liave had notice.
Dated at Cranbrook this 0th rtpy of
Decemher, 1917.
J. A. Arnold,
49-2t Official Administrator.
Notice Is hereby given that oa September 17th, 1917, it was ordered hy
His Honor Oeorge H. Thompson,
Judge of the County Court of Kast
Kootenny, that James A. Arnold, Official Administrator for that portion
of tho County of Kootenay included in
the Electoral District of Cranbrook
he Administrator of all and singular
the estate of N. J. Syodin, deceased intestate. Every person Indebted to
the said deceased is requestd t'.>
make payment forthwith to the
undersigned. Every person having
in possession effects belonging to
the deceased Is required forthwith
to notify the undersigned. Every
creditor or ttther person having any
claim upon or interested in the distribution of thc estate of the said deceased Is required to send before January 10th, 1918 next, by registered
mail addressed to the undersigned, his
uame nnd address and the full particulars of liis claim or interest, aud a
statement of his account and the
nature nf the security (if anvi held hy
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard tn those claims only of whicli
he shall hnve had notice.
Dated at Cranbroolt this tith day nf
December. 1917.
J. A. Arnold,
49-i!t Official Administrator
Transfer ol Hlfrhts under Section 111,
Wnter Act. lllll.
Take Notice thut Peter Lund, whose
address is Lethbridge, Alta., will ap-<
ply for the right to use H20 acre feet
of the wnter, the right to use of wlilch
Is granted by Conditional License No.
42fi, on another part of Lot No. 325,
K. D. (viz. Parts of Sub-divisions i'-It.
lying enst of the railroad track.)
There will be no change in tlie
point of division.
The terms and priority of the Licence now applied for will he the
snme as those of conditional Licence
426, a copy of whicli is on file in the
ofilee of the Water Hecorder nt Cranbrook, with whom objections to this
application may be filed.
The consent of the Lund Land &
"Development Compnny, registered owners of the lands to whicli the Conditional Licence is appurtenant has
been obtained.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 26th dny of November,
The date of the tlrst appearance of
the notice In the local paper is November 29th, 1917.
Blgn«d Peter Lund,
41-41 per F W. Burgess, Agent.
Our Christmas Stock
Of Delicacies for Your Table is the best
Procurable.    _*    **    **    %*    .*_*     v<
So mt- lines nc luiio been uiiiililc In secure,   hut   1141
effort hus lieen spared tii mnke it the hest In the city.
We enn only mention n fen lines sueh us:
Something to Please You
Exee|illoiinl mines, as some of these iriioels were ordered hei'ore tlie onthreuk of nnr nnd nre just nrriviwr
now nt the old prlees.
The proper thine for Christum*,    presents.     Every
Indy friend likes Chinn.      We hare :
Children's Mii*k nnd Tea Sets BON BON DISHES
DINNER  WARE IN SETS FROM  .... *12.r>fl to #110.00
A Mee Assortment nf CHRISTMAS   CltACKERS
Staple Groceries. Hay, Grain, Feed, Etc.
Hockey Sticks, Skates
Sleighs, Flashlights
All Seasonable Gifts
Pure Food
Select Eggs
:i don. lor (el, 15
S lit Nil H   ONI.V
Finest Alberta
'.' Hi. for 05 ii'iils
Hi* trill luni: ii 1Mb a8siirlnii.nl
Jlllk-Eeil   ITItliEVS
for ynur Christmas reiiutrenientH
See whnt we hnve to offer nml tret our priees lie-
fore liiiyinu' elsewhere.
Watch this nilvt. next week
P. BURNS & Co.
L 1 J
District   i>i'    Kits.    Koolenjij
TAKK NOTICE thnt  I. aeorge A.
Hunt, of Kitchener, B. t'.. occupntlon
Parmer, Intends to apply fnr potmli
Kilhy frame., picture-,.
Shop- repairs neatly (lone nt thr*
Star—Wo hurry.
Mr. Wm. Hamilton is attending the
Calgary Winter Pair and Stock Show
and expects to bring back a number
of registered Oxford-down sheep.
We are carrying a full line of boots
and shoes — Cranbrook Exchange,
\rmstroiig Ave.
Why pay more when you run save
I my l :•■ for cash nl the Cash Meat imd
Orocery Store.   Phono 72 fur prlcoa.
Don't forget the Sc-totoli entertainment cntning mi Jan. !Hh under the
iinspiccs <>i' ihe si   John Ambulance
I ed lhat tlu. Becoud annual winter nhci
of District Nn. 11 will be held at Crai
brooh on Wednesday and Thnrsda,
January Bth and }0Ui, 101S, The [iris
list will be IssueS shortly in odditlo
to the regular rash prizes, a larg
number <>i' specials will be put up fc
competition. To ensure tbis show i»
ing successful; all poultrymi n Df Crac
brool. and the sutrpundlng dlstriuti
Bhould make W entry Vi r fiirthei in
Eormailou apply to Mr P. S Ryckmai
show secretary or to the Secretarj c
tin- Cranbrook Poultry Association.
il Your
! Xmas
Goods Early
Cranbroolt TnxtUormtsi lues III''*
opcnotl im* ii..* s.*iih,.h's hunting
K.*.|. tl.- ili.i.* in mini]   ii: mber
Utli; Soelnl nl I'ni'lsli Hnll    Ailmls-
i  26 .'.'in*.
Kxport pinna nnd ot'gnn tuning, repairing nn.1 rogulntlng, IC, A, Pnrkor,
phono 311, I*. 0. Uox r,2S, Cranbroolt
Iliih* Work! Transformations, i<>,,i
e'.'s. switches, combings innda up
leul-'il switches r.*iii.;nl-' i*. match
any shade " hair matched.    Will I.
hore  week longer.   Mr. Acton, :i
nud 38 Hanson Block, Cronbrook. II.'
*--*.**- in domestic science will lie*
d in .lanuary in connection with
Edward ,Sclim,l and under n fully
iul  *ei  r*irisli   trained  Instrifctor     Coi \:.n^. dreBs-
" 1 laundry wil! I...
taught,   levelling work will be arrang-
e*d if ii sufficient number .if pupils .1.
Ire It.   Mi*** Cherrington will lee* glad
.. hear rrom thoi * I     in take
i), i! nirse, ii-     Ibl
Don't forget  the
Hall   e.i.   Tuts.iay.   December   ISth. | making, millinery
Concerl nml danco witli r.-r
Admission '-•:. cents
"Till   I lis in   nn   WOIII.II"
Tlu*   Polling   Booth    will    |...
Matliosoifo Hull mi Armstrong Aven-
iio nnil wlll Uo open nt 10 a.m. nnd      A ",n"' "'"""''' in '""
cloaod at ii |i.m. Il.ical tin..*) "'0 s,"'i,'l "'"''"' "'" ""'
Women's Institute, whlcl
■Tin* Eyes ..f Hi.* World," ('lum '«
,*l,.i...ran* film ..I Harold Bell Wright's
en*   I.  I'  Sullivan received a tele-   r"""ms ''"'>■ "ll"' "'"   **'"•
gn  Wei .-.lav , ,     tutor   rheatro mi Mondaj and T luy, De,
 illfax  reporting  1,1.   tamll,   .,11   Mi '   l8t"'  '«   "'''" ""   ""'
safe i..i,i well.   Mr. Sullivan has had   8turi *" "h"1'  ",rmw   ' llc
many anxious .lay*. *,* la* wa- unable   ""'"- "" '"<<""--'    A K Its woll
,o got   in  touch  with   Halifax  until   '•■■"i-n.b.-.vii l»=l1onts a,*,.  •«,„.
Wednesday. ot " »vl<* and 1.1. wandering. In
tin* mountains, th<* kidnapping of 3y-
.ul|' iiii. tin- flight of ih,- girl Into t
,j.    ;:inl tin- search ni the foresl
ier, tin* tragic end til' Tiiiiti
We  Imve  ii   t!«<iit   *>uppl»   of
Christmas Goods in stuck, con.
slstJug m'
in nil sizes.     Imported
hi one mnl five Ib. ptickaites
(ilaeeo a Marlsclitno CHERRIES
Wv exjiecl t>or shipment tti'
In eitrlj next week.   \l*m tonic
wctoim. inn.i,..
Ui- i-nrrj Kiisli Emit and \>k-
I'hililes iii stuck ii'iiiihiil).
Little & Atchison
Jonothun  Ai.ielree   Biimll   hut  K00_.I P'oco on Tuesday noxt,
toil, boxes »l.iil „i il„* Cash Meal nnd  **>«»>>*''  <" "*■"'■■'
Grocery Store. _________
prcpnre paper costura
. Imiounced  l,:""""-' *"hl" !""1 ""- hl -'"
is the ,*eis-. I'1*-'1" '"' ""' '"vr** "" ""' ,liBl1 '
gor.   Worden na
I  Ha*    M.    FolloWl
mild   Belcctlon.
.■ evening .Miss Helen
a violin solo nnd Miss
rondored   a   pianoforte
, ,   lain cliff which  results in tll.' tr.
.tunic competition.   Contestant, must
I .  death of one of the pa r
We are carrying a full line of boot. * not '"""' "''"' ""° '''"'"' VT"'" ',' mi ||KST htll! Till' ItOVS IV I'lll'
,n,l shoo..-Cronbrook E-ohnnge, i"S awarded to the best dressed lady -*•" ■»•'■•' "'• '"'• »'"■* » ""•
Armstrong Ave. nnd gentleman.
( IttMllillllk     BAPTIST     till lit r
i 10   III:
Keep Wednesday .Ian !Uh, clear for
tin big Scotch entertainment to ho
given here under llie auspice, of lhe
St. John Ambulance Association.
Sunday, Ullli  lieremlier.
I*„i*.* a,, II.  fl'iicmoi "Divine Heal-
t.'et    vonr    costume    rends  ...       .,    ,,,,.    * ,..,,
  in i.niiii... in*   Attorn'.  .:.   Bible School.
Evening,    7.30—Theme:    "A    World
nboul Hi.* In- Qohe .Mad"
,,„,..,,                 ,        ..   mniry resting on lice It ot the rain) Preacher:   Itev. Jumes  Dunlop.
tne   gent eman   in    paper mnro-up , ,,,..,,,.,   m,„„i„»
...           ,        , „      ,,        ,   Whoever wrote t wna tn ting uh Monday,       Voung Pooptc's Meting.
cost not to exceed one dollar.   Concert
t„ coimncnc s o'clock.   Dancing 0.30,1 """' "'"•   T1"> "ll'",,ll''v ""v"r ''"sls °"
Pi-xeeds for V. Jl. i'. A. and Sl. Dun-1 '••■'■"""••" «'» «™l '. '"' Ihoy w	
.    ,   „   . , ■ ni*   rest ng   most   nf   the   winit-r   mil
stan s Hootel.
there,    I   know   for a  fnct  that  'lie
Charles Edward Doherty   of Wasa,"I0™*""""8 lli,v" llit(l  ^ iiMl" '*«»'
wl4i whs arrested as :i.t absentee uu-   Bl,lcf li,sl A|,ril" rro1" bo^8 w'"0 H,'e
,      ,,     ,.,,.,        u,      .       ,.1,. com rm  liiicl;   here  I'riini   tli,* fi'iui.    I
der the Military Service Act hv Con*
stable   Walsh   uf     Kort   Steele,     was     1"i"'""li ,'1"m ,m" '"' onr ,)0>'S ,lli"  "»>'
brought before Mr. E, A. Hill. .1. P., in   ",'i bllttfll!9n llud 1"'1"1 "l '"" Ml1" for
thn city nn   Tuesday.   Tho   uccusad I fo'ty-elght days  without  going  hack
Tho  must   suitable   Xmas  gift   fnr
jour wife Is a "Flrcce," or the in- j women's Institute Soclnl to la* held I
comparable "Round Oak Chief" range, i jn til|( parish Hull. Tuesday, Decern- \ml[Vf
Our riuigcs lire nhsolntely the bent ^er 18th,   Prizes for boat dressed lady      ' ,ll(l yo11
ninges on the market.   Patmore Hron. and Kentleman   in  "paper make-up"   r",,try reatinS on
I enst not In nvnnoil n»«/lnlln.-     c,,.......-t :
Currant::! our prices 20 cents ppr
package; wo do not charge for delivery. I'lione 72.—Cash Meat nnd
(irocery Store.
Let us show yon nur '♦I'lreco" and
the grent "Round Oak Chief* ranges
under actual working conditions,
Thej are absolute!) the llest. rat-
more Urns.
Do not send your orders n-tf of
town, v.- can give yon the samo prices
Fill out your order a.id hrlnn to Cnsh
Meat nud Orocery Store
Mfd-weck   Service.
nu: MmiooiKT ciintcii
l'amor: Hev. Titos. Keyworth
stated that he had been slch In bed I tfor tl,e Uslliil ll'w llays PM|-   Ain Kla*1
at the time he should have register.,!,    '   WM ','"   VVltl'   L,,ei" !"  UlC Uroft '
He is being held awaiting word from
the military authorities at .««._»,■.__„._ ff" R TmHAS„ Ass((.
Illl AM II   IIIIOII.Il llllll:
'I'licre evil! In* nee sdrvice On Siniilae*
lornlug owing u> the pastor's absence
re it,  town'.
Sunday School and Adult class at
■: p.m.
I'lvenlng service nt  .
ducted by tlle pastor.
Kiver Crossing
)ranbrook, B.C.,
So much sn w :v :'■■ i may be
ielayi I    hing your store* on the
18th ..3 usual.  Will let you kno.i
for sure soon.
sa:.ta   cu;;s
Tlie   report   of  llie   1'oliev   ll.'|e:,rt- 	
ment Tor the month .if November, ns
presented to the Council    by   Chief      '' ""'''""f •"" "e'a "' ""' Vj^.-CA.
Hersey, shows the number of prison-  "" Tl"'s,la'v ''v''"""-'' "lM"   "   l'"''1
ers received during the montll to have ; lm"" !' '"' '"" l!n :" Wl"' V*''or,".'» **s"
Tho Appenl Tribunal undor tho Mil-   been 20, with the same number dls-   *'l"li"""1  "•'*' organised,    i  •'■   an*
sion  to  iiiirclins,. the fnllowfng eles-   ltor.v Service Act, presided over  by   posed of.   Fines wore paid in IS coses.: " "umber of volurn
crlbod lnnds:   Commencing nt a posl   His Honor Judge Thompson, will sit   on.* ohnrirn wos n*lih,lrn»*n   ,,..,. .11..   •'" lllu present tii
re- .vas withdrawn, on,* ilis-
l.ot ::...„
nm! :
^i.'.'.'i',1''"*' '!°"1|;1'"?' '"'  al ""'  ''""rt  House on  Wednesday,  missed, one remanded,   two   li
chains In an I'
clock a.m. over to Military nutkbritles.    Police*    **ni11'
in tlie dlstrlot
ol wiiii others
i   is anticlpntcd ttinl tho
rapidly becomo a strong
 ''ly   Dceombo. 19th, nt 10 	
dlroctlnn from tho South-wost cprnor   Court fines amounted to $326.00. City I °"^,    , „    ,       „. .   ,.
iliercof.   thonco   sniitli   L'ii   chnlns, „      ,„      »„..,      ,,           . ,   ,      Tho following ollicers wcre oloctod
thonce Ensl I'D chnlns, thonco Nortli I'Honn .-' for lowest ensl. prices on   Pound fines $36.50, making a total of   p    |d       „  .,,  waln„m8 Secret„rj..
to   tho Southern    boundnry of   tiie meet aud groceries; free delivery. -   $360.60.                                                             '                     ,•„,„„,,„,,. ',
Right of way of the ll. .*. Southern   rash \  and Grocery Store freosuror, B. B. Oft. . i tteo, A
nallway.  thenco  following  tlie said ' ' A snoclol moolln-of ,*,.,„i„.„,k   E- Goss, J, Oeorge, R Guminer,   W,
Soutl.e'ry  lioiiil'lnrv nf  the  lllpl.i   at
following    tlle ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1 ndnry nf n„. night of   A special meeting of tho Cranbrook
*™>''" a I'olnt on the South bonnilnry       ^*I"P the leak In i ' fuel lllll, (iel Poultry  AsiDclntiou   will  bo held oe,
pnlnt1 of c'wnnieni'cmY<??tPrt*y '" ""'   "'"'   "''''•' '*  ™"ue  "nd   sure une Friday evening, Dec 14th. at 8 p.m nl
third of jour fuel.   It's tlio onl) air. the City Hull    All  tubers are re-
               'W'< ''ling i the iiinrkel.   Soo Pat- quested  to  male.' a  special  effort  to
<r,*|t ......iin ore Itros. nttonri    i.„„i,r.. ,*., „„i.„. „-„ remind-1 "f '""sidcrlng by-laws and otl
essary husiness.
to   ,!,
lated Octobor 87th, i!H7.
Oeorge Andrew limit.
attend.   Poultry fane
Soden, w. Hewson,
Considerable argnttizatioti work wn
accomiillslied, ami a furtlior moolln
will be held next Week i'i* lho purpoE
• no.
A (I.I.MKI1V is :i Acr*
Friday, Jan. 4th
i'imm t:t:t>s to i. o. n. E.
All returned soldiers, not only re:
dents  of Cranhrook,  hut  thn
I this district, arc Invited to
cate with Secretary Offln.
Un hit: to the fXlriHH'ditian ceiiilllien*. prevailing thi- \ent\ ne Strongl] ailvlso the ciwl) HClooflnii tit'
Christntna (•lit**. Even wider trying market cnntlllJoiis we liave a ver) larae and en id pre hen she slock*
at prlres which should n 11 rn cf threwd nud Ihrlflj buyers.
The Supreme Christinas Gift is the Diamond
such ii gift hn*. pic-eminent ((tiRlllles, It Is ondirrlttfT, raltio.retAtnlng:, n Is a u-lt'i Hun utinicts,
and gives nteastirc all tlirnuuli llu* your, lie l.n.e a liuae iiirleiv le. i-Iioiisc frum in IIINt.s, I'INS,
iiiimii ill s uml  \i imi ts.    imuiiMi  iiim.s, ir        116.00 In fll.'ill.illl
A High Grade Watch
In (llllll ami Hold I'llled frnin
Is n ulit iiml will lnsl a lifetime.    Wi* Hlock Hie wlilclj ndvorljied "t;ill I \ Mill IIIIV'
for  (lenllcnien,  .,hl.li Is niiii.nii doiitit ihe tlilniiKl nml ilrcMleal  unlcl  llu* marVel
f,   \ tei-dn.i,     tl*... tVnllltnmsi I'luhi-.   Ilntiiilions und IlniwiciIm.
Wl' llllll' Millie l'\l'l'|llli.lllll VII 111 OH ill  I.allies' llllH'i'll'l   Wlltillis
li',,/  iu Mikie i Silver, from
B™ (4.50 in noo.00'^*a&t-_ie^ #14.011 i» moo.on  y
■Ij.    Haro you s i Hie "NKW HUDSON I'ATTKHX"   In ISM Wallace Silier.     Vuthiiiit
and cliilui-iiia.   I'unni.l lie delected frum sterling sil.er.    I'rlees ns lew us ni'illnnry silver.
And liire Is wliere wc shim,, because emr Cut l.'lnss Is different.   Different In color Hlng. and Hie largo
variety nf designs tu select frnin.    No ailvance un last year's prices.
In Toilet Sels, Manicure Sets, Jewel Hum's. Tuff Ilexes. Hair Hoteliers, I'liuln frames,   ('lilth llriislies,
Military Drushes,      ' separate Manicure pieces ul       ."ill cents ciicli
Make your selectliins early, if yuu unlit It eiigriiieil, as nc eanniit underluke tn du cnirraiiug nl Ibc lnsl
moment   Any article selected nniv will he held nnd delivered any time ynu wish.
lu 11 Inrge inifelj
more lii'iiutlfnl
KNOX (lU'ltCH  VOI'Nt;  I'liiM'lJ-'S
t.rn.D iu;»ati; (»>
At a meeting of Knox Church Young
I'eoplo'a (Juil'l cm Monday evening ;i
number of the members participated
In ii debate, the .subject being "lie-
solved Mint geh era! conscription
should li.- enforced throughout the
British Empire at the present time."
The speakers dealt with the broad
aspect of conscription whieh embraces resources ns well as men and
Miss Frances Noble, supported by
Miss Magee tooft thc affirmative
while the negative side of the ques«
tf'.iii was presented by Messrs. Herbert Chester -and Arthur Miches.
Secretary Pow, nf the V M C A,
officiated as critic; the Judges, Uev.
H Wright, Mln E. Macdonald mid
Miss A. .Mel.. Unit, renderpd a dn i*--
iiin unanimously in favor of tin*
speakors nu thi* affirmative sj.j,. ,,f
the question.
IIHAX I'OTS . *:i.10 to U.MI
( ASSKItlll.KS f.'l,VI tu *.V,00
KI.KI'TIIII   IKONS ».*,.-,(l
flltt IIMTIIIIS *Ma tn «K.IW
I LOCKS 11.78 to sVsMD
AMITIIKII intiiiistim; LIST
xkxt wi:kk
Hardware 4 Mill Supplies
Cranbrook      ■     B.C.
Can you llilnk of any roainn why
ihiTr sl,,.1,1.1 not hc um* In your
home <- >
lit, H. •'. Ili.r.i,, tests*, mi* SutmWst*
The Flavour Lasts
mm z ?mm——————^
V;4f*_3__-*VII ■ I ll.'lllll  I'll    III    llll'ltllll Ul MS   I'.11 -..liilal.-il  Mil.im* ,*.: SnifltlUB 1
JlE__m.il ,il''N, IM: ^«»lo^ ..I l».|.r„..*,„i...l. !',""•*;,'.'[.,'•»»»:l»: Hi "   .Nun.'.bf
of Packages   I
of this famous War-time Sweetmeat are     "
sent to the soldiers,sailors and aviators
at the front.
If you have a friend there, see that every
parcel or letter contains a few bars or a
package of WRIGLEY'S, the creat chew-
inf> confection that is used around the
Keop it  ale*-,-,-* on hand.    It
helpa* teeth, appetite, digestion.
Sealed tight
Kept right
ni III
"Kmpire" Mfn,*rnl t'lalm,
"Charlotte     Krnutlonal"
"Carbajal      Fractlonul"
"Almriiili,     I'rnctlonol"
"Kathleen     Practionul"
^^^^^^^^^^^       Number ot
the Holder'! Free Mlner'a Certificate:
Mine ral      Tuke* Notice that I. J. K. t'ram. Free
Mln.r'- Certificate, 08811-D, actlnii a»
Mineral  agent t'.r the Conaolldated Mining *
s Itlnfl Company of Canada, Limited,
Mineral I'n*, Mlner'a Cortlflcate, 3S807-B, In-
tend. ;.t the **nr1 nf sixty ilays from
Mlnoral the date hereof, lo apply to the Minute Recorder for ,. Certificate of tm-
"Angus Fractional" Mineral t'lalm, provemonts. for the purpoHe of oh-
"Ward" Mlnernl Claim. talntng Crown  Qrnnta of tlie above
*    "April  Fractional"  Minprnl  Claim,  clatma.
Claim And funlier take* notice tliat artton
"ISrneatlno     Fracttonnt"     Mineral  unelor Seeiinn sr. of the "Mineral Act"
Claim. ni"*' Le* commenced before the issti-
"I'liiillni*" Minora! Claim ance of >„rl, Certificate of Improve-
"Josflphlno" Mineral Claim ments
"Tlji|,erar>*" Mineral Claim Dated  ibis  "lb  day of November,
,    Hltiiateil In llu. Fort Hle.li* Mlnlni! I IIII7
I lllllalnn   of   Fast   Ko, I ,v   tilslrli't.      The I'eeusiillilnteil Mining » Kmell
Whera   Locsted!    fin   Sullivan    Ittll,   -nr " ouiiiaul of t'aiiaila. Limited
*sU*»*s\sl. ■  C    l.a»l..l Mulilei    tuel Per 1. K Ctmss* **-**. PAGE SIX
THURSDAY, DEC, 18th, 1917
La i KA
Day by day the Cranbrook Drug & Book Company achieves Victory against the un-democratic forces of High Prices and rising cost of living.
We are at war against high prices to "A FINISH".   To bring about a triumphant close to the battle we stall devote our every resource and
our every mercantile weapon.
On the side of the people of moderate means, and of those whose income has been cut down, register the name in bold letters
Our Tremendous and Beautiful Christmas Stock BOUGHT FOR CASH to Save lh Money,
SOLD FOR CASH to Save You Money
(ll'lt TOYI.AMi Is lhc Jleeeii for nil Chllilron iij'i.iin.l Knst Kiiolchny.    A large spacious re nml dozen*, in' shelves, thut nre entirely devoted tn tbe display ui Tuys.     Dulls, Games uml In (lift everything In mnke the    |
Kiddle*' Christmas llu* i I enjoyable illl) nf the j •-  its it should lie.      Whin In the city don't lull  lee visit tills department.   Ymi will   lie well rcjinld fur your time anil trouble.    We huve bought cumniiin-sense toy
nf every description,   real vulue   for ynur money.    Vou will find Jlcchnnlcul Toys, Juvenile Writing Desks, Sleighs, Doll lin-Cnrts nnd   Hull  Buggies, llleeehs.  Drums, nnd  hundreds   of others.     I'ntll Christmas .
■k Off for Cash
Rich, Sparkling Cut Class
In exquisite designs, and » sfflck we nre very proud of,   Cut Glass is ihvnjs U|)|ircclnted even  Iiy  llie   mod
fustldlons,      It in  NOW	
one third off
...  -,,c|i tn i-ii- lifimtii'til wares, in many oriinmenlal designs lias jusl orrlred u«d we ran say wltlioiM any lieNllallon wlnit-so-
erer, that no hetter china ran he honirht in Cranbrook nl lhc [trices we offer.
Persian Ivory Toilet Goods
.Never before bine tbe |ieiifile of I riinlirinik hmi sucli un elaborate disph.y nf sn
fine u slock, nur su mint u iiirlrle of -mull nrllclcs In ililllilolr needs, niimlciirc
pieces und travelling rci|lllsltes us wc nre showing. I'm* Htll IS und
Re Created
By Thomas A. EDISON
liny an Kdison Amherol or Diamond Disc
Phonograph, the machine that ALONG stands
fnr above the old style tnlkiim machine.
As a Christmas  sift   what can surpass
this wonderful Instrument!     Wouldn't .mi   /
like fo hnve the great Metropolitan Stars as
yoar Christmas guests.    So far as the en
joyment of their voices Is concerned you can
actually tunc litis distinguished croup as
Vnletidc guests. Probably yon would prefer Patriotic Airs by tbe world's besl bands,
or popular son*; uud ilanci- music. No mutter what your favorites are In a musical
sense, thr New Ellison stands in unequalled
Come In und enjoy the comforts of our
especially prepared plionotxraph uml rest
room* and hear the world's greatest musicians on the New Edison The phonograph
with a soul. We have machines in stock
from $11.•-!.'■ to s_.i;,.imi for yonr Inspection,
tli* tune ii liiru. unit i.fiiniiinl stock ni ebony in Itoudolr Needs, .llanieiire
I'leees nnd Travelling Requisites. In order le, reduce Ibis enormous slocl und
In turn 11 Into cosh,   ne offer ii from nun unlit Chrtsfmus ul
Huml Huns Purges, Letter ciisrs, Curd (uses, Travelling I'nses, und every uther
needful and useful article Iii genuine iiluin nnd fancy leathers. The choice j n r r
in' every traveller's snmiilcs, tlmt have heen shown here     3  Ull
PICTURES & I'll Tllti:
A gorgeous display In nll styles
nf these ics|ieetlvc mires ut
Wtttcrmnns Fnniitiiin Pens
Ever Keuily Flushliiclits
Mnke siiilnble uml useful gifts
JD >• V«/.JlV »J      All lhc liilcst cii|i)rhilil>.   llie best In   reprints,   es| llllll. I nd   l'liri»tnuis biuihs  fill'llllls.
ANNUALS     A iiinitilcte tine .lusi received!   Hoy's Own.  ulrl's  Own, Clintlerbn.v,   Chums, elc.   These iMinlts nre liiiirketi ns low ns 11 Is |iesslble to mark them.  Cnni|iare our prices.
The largest display of Fancy Boxed Clint itM tier   sliotrn   JMellSOIl'S   Cl"10C0l.Sl.t6S    N,,"s""'" l'"x ,'1" *•'*» "»"**'*'*l Inclusively.
in,r rmV' ! . -ri,., ri,n...,i,.,.,.. ,i„„ ,,r„ mtf.,....,," Cho«ita«M thit arc mnde In I ttosi smtllttrj Plant In   tlte
From tlm. Hull' In Hvo I'i.uml Boxen.
"The Chocolate!; that are Different"
I'lit'i's Hie in H7.II0,   Compare  nnr prlnoft nml i|iinllly niili nny in Hit* clly.
TET your gift be an
*-* Ansco Vest-Pocket
Camera. So light and
compact it can be carried with you always.
So efficient it can be
brought into action
quickly. 'I'hc sharp,
clear pictures it takes
nuke fine enlarge**
Let us show you Ansco
Cameras ami tlieir exclusive
features, V. to $55,
Prescriptions Oar Specialty - - "Prompt Service" Our Motto
I IllltlSi: VIM I! DIM (ItilST AS VIII   III) vol II IKK TOR
In ovorj lim* tn' business uml in ,.*,.,•, kind ,,i slnre,   lltcrc Is gnme nne thing nr article thnl slnntls mil.    In thc opinion of ull nur CUSTOM FIIS,   PIIVSICIAXS nml MUSKS, our
stniiils um us „ Professional V< |illshiiien| secninl lo none in um* line of business.     Win 11 ynu nre in need of prescript Inn work, remember Our Prescription Service.    We use no snlistlliiles, ihe nmesl of drugs
nml Ihey ini' nliviiis fresh. ,
The ^j&n6&_r Store
PHONE   74


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