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Cranbrook Herald Nov 15, 1917

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THURSDAY,  NOV.   ir.il>.  1911
HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
• II
We are pleased to report that the above figures represent
the purchases of Victory Bonds for the Cranhrook District to
date.   Thc Committee have set  the mark at $100,000.
The management of the Ilex and Auditorium Theatres have*
kindly consented lee flash the results of the sale every night.
 r """"' $
Tho Union tat Convention hold ii
Cranbrook yoetorday waa vory Inrgoly
iitti'iuU'ii from nil I'oititH of tho District.   Dolosatos poured tn on ovory
train und nt 2 p.m. tho Hull wns filled,
T. t. McVittie, Prosldont of Kast
Kootenay Fedora) Unionist Association culled tho mooting to order and
owing to his not tooling in tlu* host
of health asked tlio meeting to appoint a chairman to act in h\n capacity. Mr. Sherwood Herchmer of Fernie was imunimmiHly choaen and business was commenced witli nt once.
The first matter of business was to
write a letter to the Liberal Convention which waa in .session here to
form a committee of 6 to meet a like
number of Conservative tTnlonlsts to;
see If they could arrive at some t* j
clslou to agree on a Union Candidate, j
Word was received they would meet|
on these plans at the Cranbrook Hotel and delegates were immediately |
elected and proceeded to the Hotel j
and aftor a long consultation no j
agreement was reached. The bone j
of contention being thc Liberals want* j
cd the sent as a Liberal Unionist. Mr. i
Herchmer pointed out that the Liberal
Unionists of the Province had already
claimed tho four seats allotted them
by the heads of the Union Government
at Ottawa; ho suggested if any of the
four mentioned seats already claimed
by the Liberals would drop out in
favor of a Conservative Unionist then
this scat eould go to the Liberals.
The meeting ended here witiiout any
agreement. At 6 p.m. a letter was received from the Liberals saying they
could not entertain this proposition,
A letter was then written the Liberal?
that a joint convention be held on a
fifty-fifty basis consisting of 30 Conservatives and 30 Liberals In person
(not proxy) and the voting to take
plaee fnr a Union Candidate by ballot. 'The answer ffrom flu l.ioerats
was thnt tliey would meet on a fifty-
fifty basis with this addition "thai
the vote be by a show of hands and
thnt the nominee receive a three-fifths
majority." The Conservative Unionists
answered tliat they were still anxious that tiiere be a joint convention
but the vote must be by secret ballot
und a majority rule ns It was ttie
opinion of the meeting thai the siik-
goattons in their letter would be neither fair to cither parties or 10 the
country. The Liberals' answer wns
that they would concede to voting by
ballot but tlie majority of ihree-i'iftlis
should stand. Another letter was written the Liberals stating that ii was
tho decision fif the meet inn that
majority should rule and hoping thai
they   could   see   their   way   clear   to
accept this decision.   Answer received
was that the Liberal mooting decided
thai   the term re three-fifths   majority
must slnnd and that this was final.   A
verbal offer was brought back by Mr. |
Leitch nnd Mr. Manning that llie Lib-
omll! offered to hold a joint convention   and   take   three   volet*   and   thfl
candidate receiving ;i majority of '.It!
24 In** elected and If tftich majority was
not   secured  by either  party  then  tt
was Off,    An answer was despatched ;
at onoo to the Liberals agreeing t"
this and In the event of this :i-ti major-!
ity not being received a fourth ballot
be taken  and the candidate with a
majority  be nominated.    The answer
to this was Unit Ihey could not accept i
and the mattar ba now closed, as they
bad    offered    dlfforenl     concessions
none   were   accepted.     The   Unionist
Convention then proceeded, at the late
hour of 18.80 p.m. lo nominate tholr
candidate    A, K. Watts of WatUburg
nominated Dr, S Bonnell or Ferule to
bo the candidate tu the forthcoming
election;  this was seconded  by Mr.
J.   1>.   Mdlride   of   Cranbrook.    No
other nominations were made and l»r
H, Hounell was then made the unanimous oholCO of the meeting.   Hr. 1km-
nell   then   addressed   lhe  Convention
thanking them very heartily for the
honor bestowed on him by nominating hlm as n candidate in the forthcoming election.   He gave an outline
of hts experiences during the yonr hn
spent at tlie fronl.   He referred to the
groat devastation caused by the Huns
In Kurope.   Tlio Doctor dwelt at some
length on the great work the .Navy
was carrying on; It was the bulwark
which the cuemy could not face.   He
also referred to the  devastation of
Servia where the people were driven
ahead of the Hun and families had
become broken up and members were
lost from ono another not knowing
whether they were alive or prisoners
of the enemy.   Hc said "If 1 nm elected  to go to Ottawa, I  go there to
strengthen tbe hands of tho Government and not to he just merely In th"
political game."    He said he was n
Canadian and was in the wnr to the
toil van and teat dollar.   Ha again
thanked the audience for the honor
bestowed on him and asked all present
for their undivided support in the
coming election.
It. F. Oreen, M. P., came in to the
city yesterday nftornoon and was present at the convention. Mr. Oreen addressed the delegates and outlined the
operations leading up to Union Government and tie advised ull present
that lie was not here to take any part
whatever in the convention but advised them to take plenty of time nnd
give the Liberals every chance to
eome ln and hnve a joint convention
to choose a Unionist Candidate.
HF1THN OF DONAH) i.ksm.:
Sapper Donald I-Cslie returned to
Cranbrook on Friday. He enlisted j
from Xingnra with the Snd Cyclist
Corps in August 1915, but on arriving
In England was made Stuff Sergeant
Instructor. In May, 1916, he voluntarily reduced himself to the ranks In
order to get to Franco, and he went
through the Battle of the Somme with
the  Cnnndian   Engineers.
He unfortunately fell a victim to
arsenic poisoning in October, 1916,
and has rlnce been under medical
treatment. He returns to Hospital
in Victoria on 22nd November.
Hope, B. C. Nov. 15th.
Startling incidents since the Lost
Hope Mine contracted to sell the output of platinum to the United States
Every shipment hns been stolen and
tho messengers killed. Mr. Dixon
started witli the last shipment and
hns also disappeared.    The Mounted
will  follow.
That Is how the "Red Ace." the
ureate-n of Universal serial, starts at
the Auditorium Theatre, Wednesday
ami Thursday. November Ulst and 22.
The CranhriMjk , Committee iu
charge of Uie V.cljffy Loan Issue lias,
had several ineefings and is at pres-1
ent completing its organization, It
tins been considered j.dvisable to have ,
tho Organization In perfect shape be- j
fore bringing the Issue directly be-;
forn tlio puhlic  by  personal  canvass
The organization as ni present arranged is as follows:
A Central Executive Committee who
have the general supervision over the
affairs connected with the Loan.
The Advertising Committee will bc
in the hands of Mr. W. A. Nisbet,
Messrs. W. H. Wilson and F. M. Mcpherson will have charge of the canvassing, and the recording of the
applications, and ai! work incidental
thereto wlil be done by Mr. A. L, McDermot. Ixical sub-committees havc
been appointed in Kimberley, Moyie
Kingsgate, Yahk, Fort Steele, Marysville, Wnrdner, and Bull Hiver. Fort
Steele and Bull Hiver are in the Fernie District, but at the request of the
Fernie Committee, these districts are
being looked after from Cranbrook.
A meeting of the Canvassers will
be held in the Town Hall on Thursday night, and it is hoped lhat there
will be a large attendance. All details in connection with tlu* I_oan will
be then explained, and tiie canvassers
allotted to their particular districts.
lt is tlie intention of the Committee to
have a public meeting in Cranbrook
probably on Sunday evening the 25th,.
but details connected with this will
he announced later on. Several of
the outlying districts ;*.re also arrang-
Jnjr rocelinfii*. nnil rooresfcntatives
from tiie Cranbrook Committee will
go to these meetings to explain thc
details of the Victory Loan and assist the I*ocnl Organization in
way poss.ble.
On Tuesday evening, a dinner was
given in the V. M. C. A. Grill Room
in iiouor of t'aptaln Pearson who was
in the city on behalf of Uie Young
Men's Christian AssociaUon. About
66 prominent citizens were present
who had tho pleasure of listening to
a stirring address by Captain Pearson.
.Mr. H. T. Williams was chairman
and introduced tiie speaker who In
tlu* course of his address told of the
miraculous strides In organization
the Allied armies had made on the
Western Front since tlit* commencement of the wnr, of Uie shortage of
guns of large calibre and ammunition
in the early stages and the enormous
gun power now available; in stirring
words lie spoke of the work of the
air-craft— the eyes of the artillery;
ami how the Allied airmen had gradually become masters of tlie air;
great applause greeted tlie speaker's
glowing tribute to the work of the
British Navy, und the fact that It had
transported millions of men and supplies across the channel witiiout the
loss of a single life.
Captain Pearson declared Uiul the
decisive battles or the war must be
fough: on the Western Front; he gave
a graphic description or the Y. M. C.
A. huts, und what they meant to the
soldiers nnd explained the urgent ne-
eessity of financial  aid.
.Mr. McKellnr. Secretary, made an
earnest appeal to those present to
assist in  the  campaign   for  funds.
At the conclusion, a strong committee was appointed to canvas tlie
city on Wednesday.
Captain Pearson later addressed a
large audience in the Hex Theatre in
, wiiieii an account was given of thc
establishment of Y. M. C. A huts
j right up to th© firing line, within
; 1,000 yards or tlie Oerman trenches.
Private Itoben Ersklin*. a battle
scarred veteran of the war, returned
to I'ruubrook on Sunday.
Pte. Erskine enlisted in August, 191*1
iu (lie 18th Hoyal Canadian Highlanders and has been lighting almost continuously since February. 1016; lie
took part in the 1st battle of Vproa,
on 22ud April, 1015, after which a reorganization of the Canadian Divisions was found necessary; his next
engagement was at Fcstubort, in this
famous battle, commonly called the
Baltic cf the Orchards, the IHU) Hoyal
Highlanders and the 16th Canadian
Scottish carried off the honors; Pte,
Ersklne was seriously wounded In
the face by shrapnel bnl recovered in
time to take part in tlie fierce battle
of Civeneky- known as tin* 'Windy
Corner"; in this fight the Canadians
were attached to the flower of Uie
British army, the Scots. Irish and
Coldstream Guards; he was again
wounded by shrapnel this time in the
leg. On recovering, he wenl through
the battle of Messines Kldges, Bloeg-
strusse Wood. Kcmmel, Dicky Bush,
the Bluff when Brigadier Oeneral
Mercer was killed, aud Gonoral Wil,
Hams taken prisoner; and the battle
of the Somme; tliis battle Private
llrskine declares was the hardest
fight the Canadians had I tl in. lb-
was sent back to the base tor a rest
but was ngain In tin* thick of it at
Vimy Hldge. where the French in 1014
suffered such heavy casualties.
it. k. nt:Aim: to rkprk-
It is reported that Mr, H. K [.cattle
Is the choice of thc Liberal party as
candidate for the coming election.
The campaign for fund:; in aid of the
overseas work of the Y. M. c. A. progressed very satisfactorily on Wednesday. A canvass of tin* eity was undertaken by a number of the business nieii
and the ministers of the city churches,
It was not possible to complete Uie
canvass, but the day's work respited
tn securing subscriptions amounting
to ubout $550.00 (tnd when the returns
are nll In it is anUcipitated that the
total will he. considerably more than ,
this amount.
The  MtHISTEl  "f   1 is*
!'..li.       ■   .' » r ;,tiiei
Canada's Victory Loan
I uue uf
$150,000,000 5J   Gold Bonds
MstvttH Uinui  UmtM   Ut.rmsj'1  in,   1.17, turf offered In tlirrf maturlttei, the choice of which If optional with the luWrHwr. ki folio Wil
5 you, Bondi <l.je December lit, I9'i2
tn \r*T Bninti due December i-t. 1U27
fl) ye.»r Bonds due December l«t. 1937
ThU I •isi-. la mitniMM under \e\ ,-,( o,t Pirlltunent of Can*-*, kn*. both principal uml inicreii ore o chain up*"1 tbe ConioHtilted Revenue
Tbe onMunt of tbn Ittut 1* f I4o.ooy.00tl. ei.luiive of the amount (if .my) paid by the turrtiider of bondi of priviuui luuei,   Tbe -iloiiter ol Ki
MMTW. twervei the rl«b( to allot ihe whole or «ny part nf the amount lutucribe-i ia eiceie of 1180,000,000,
Tha Pi-M-endi of Ibia 1 _•■ will bo need (or War purpoooa only, and will bo apant wholly la Canada.
Principal and Iniaraat payable In Gold
Denominational    150, ||M, |5M ond II.080
Subicripiioiif nm.i  be in eumi uf I So or multiple! thereof.
I'iin.i v.; payable without charte at the Office of the Minister of Kinama and Receiver General at Ottawa, or at the nfrl-c of the Aaelitaoi  He
Central m Holifai, Si. Johu, Cwjottttown,  Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg. Red DO, Calfary and Victoria.
totem! payable, without charge, hatf-ynulv, June lit nnd Derembar In, at any branch in Canada of any Chartered Bank,
Bearer or Registered Bonds
Bond* may be registered ai to principal or ai to principal and Intereai.
•tollable, 0T payable to bearet. in accordance with the choice of the applicant for reiiitered or beater boinli. will he inur I
. Image foi limviwoaal receipt!,    When tbeie Kitp ctrHfie-tei haoe boen paid la full, and payment endoried therwm by the l-_.uk receiving ibe .
may may t>r rn hanged ler bond*, when prepared, witli .nupon* attached, payable to bearer, or regiatcrod ai to principal, or lor fully regtatered uonth
prepared, whhoui coupon*- In acvotdanct nltn the application.
Delivery of Interim cm-CotM and of definitive bondi will be made through the Chartered Banhe.
Ke_rrr bondi with coummi mill be i—.ind iii denomination! of M0., Hot'., I5uu., and li.e-w and may b* rcgitiared » to principal only. I ully
1-i.si bo-d , ine Intent! on »hl.:, i- paid direct to the owner by Government <.i>t<i_r. will he iaeued in denomination of 11,000., |»,000. or any ..nth
multiple <>i $3,000,
Sublet i m the payment ol 30 ctntl for eacli new bond liiued, holder, of fully re«ie«red bonde without coupon*, will have the rlghl to convert '"•"
of ihe denomination ot t'. '*"" "^h coupon*, uml holden <>f bondi with .-ouponn will have the right to >'onvert Into fully regiuerad bondi uf authorized .1*
iimiiein- Kllhotlt rouponi, nl any lime, on application to ihe Minliter of Finance.
albmiHni i
Surrender of Bonds
l> benture StOl
mndi in mm ,M
ii.tm tor i
lit,  1910. and bondi of tlte three preceding Dominion nl
erlptloni to bondi o( thl* i»ue. under tha following rendltl
Debenture Slock, due October    lit 11110. at Par and Accrued Intereit.
War loju Bond*, due December lit. l.ia.1. «t w?', .ml Accrued Interact.
nve wlll be accepted in part payment fur bondi of anv o( the three inemritie* of thl* tssw)
War loin Bond*, due tl, tolwr In. lllll, ut 07S and .Vrrued lmerfiM.
\V.ir i o.in Bond*, due Man-li lit. 10:17. at 0A mil Accrued Intere.*.,.
vill be accented iu irart inytnant for bondi of the 1837 maturity ONLY of thia Imu<
of f'llur- laiuea of like maturity, or longer, nude by 'b*
it of cub 'or the purpnae uf aubacriptiou to tn.h \ssittt
Issue  Price   Par
Includlnjl  any  Inn
ImpOieJ  In  [.ui.uuine nf leflaUtlon anaciad by tba I'arll-nieni uf ('anada.
Ie tu follow*:
Payment t
to* or. December let, 1017
iu*; on January 2nd, mis
30% un Februar) 1st. ii'is
A full half jrar'i Interrtt will
MS un April
  1 be paid on lit June, WIS,
The Honda therefore Alva a net Internet yield lo ih# Inveator of abuuti
5.61% on the 20 rear Bonds
5.68% on the 10 year Bonds
5.81% on the    5 year Bonds
Al! puytteiiu a<e to ft made to a Chartered Bunk for tlie credit of the Minliter of Finance. Failure to pay any iaaulment when due will -
payment* h-'le t.> toti* totr, und tbe ,t Hot lunn to cm. HUtioi.. Subicrlptlone aL-compenied hv a depoait of lO'i of the amount lubicrlbed, mu-i
ihiough the medium of a Cturteied Bunk.   Any branch iu Canada uf any Chartered Bank will forward eubacriptioni and iMue proVlsiooal recall
In ij* of pirtlal allotment) the lurplui depOttt will l>" applied toward payment of the amount due on the January intt-Jmeni.
SutrtCripttOBl may be |Mid in full on January Sad, IHIS. or on any Initalment due date thereafter under dlaeNBt at tbe rate of bt*',, twr ai
i'.h pruviiiou wyineuti of the h.l-ii■-■ of iub>criptioni may be made ni followi:
If paid on January 2nd. 1018, at the rate or AU.HI70.S per llllll.
If paid on February lit, 1111H, at the rate of 70.4tMMi per Ihu.
If paid on March lat, iftlH, at the rate of AU.7i_74 per lum.
If paid on April let, 191h. at the rate of SU.WO-S per lum.
F'"im« of upnlicution may lie obtained from any branch In Canada of any Chartered Bank, or from any Victory l-uan t'omotitiee. or m
Tli<* honk* t,\ tbe I <un will lie kept ut thfl Department of Finance, Ottawa.
Appllratloni will he made io due courie for the Hitiog of thia laine on the Montreal anil Toronto Stock Kiclnngei.
Suhacripllon I, lat a will _m on of bafaca Pgggjg lat, l*JJ.
, November I'tb. 11)17.
■•WU'1 W-V&'   *»*Vb«   W^l'MtAt*! unfit*' ■M*>Vb"*M^PH
More New
■ Provincial Library of
British Co!e_nbla, Aug 3-17
JUST arrived, new dresses
made of serge, taffata and
silk crepe-de-chene in pretty
shade of green, brown, navy
and tan with fancy colored
collars and cuffs and some
with hand embroidery and
beading. _
Prices from $13 to $27   T
More New Blouses
Handsome new crepe de chene
and Georgette crepe blouses
just  put into  stock,  they
come in white, ivory, flesh
pink and maize.
| Mc€reery Bros,
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
&***>   iftfsts  ,r\*4»sel\fs>*s tmssjfssm i0|ftm   ,*lfts* itSjfsm.mSjftI
Two Ways to Save Money
By buying LIBERTY BONDS and
Davidson's Hub Hot Water Bottles
Regular $150   Saturdty $1.10
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
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save money by buying your Oroceries from
.Mall Order'Houses
ORDKRS   MUST   EXCEED   $:'•"..00.
stn|ii<* Groceries, llnj. Gruln. Feed, Etc,
Buy Victory
Bonds First
Then look up your Hardware wants and call on us
Mf5ff|lj|ll*:'* JI. A- Iteiilr, SiiTclarj  uml  Editor
.     *   *  '*     - ■      .if.    . II.    I.   Kill,   JI|MI*IU|.|*.
...  r    ,.■■*.. .. ..
■.  m*       .:.
i ymvm
i -lEWEtRY i «"•:
_*-38   "~ -"»   I thousand '■•
, m  ;,,i,*..    Ilei-.ll*!.    iwlil.li
wu*, ,...i     ud .ni" In liiiiilUiiimeil by
tli.. National Institute tor tlie* llllmll
tiiere in*   l'ii 'e'ie"1 soldiers and eeiiil-
eir*.   takluii   Hn*  courso  ot  training.
== j Two lum.ii.*'i mora aro on tlio waiting
C'niiiliriiiil., II, I*. ',eeei.iiii,i*i* l.'elli. 11117 1 ||at,   i'i i tliis eien Le* judged tairly
III   UM-   111'   I'lll    Illl.I.ION
Woll till' ii
I Is creatin
nt liliml nun the w
. they let heroine
Not .
II    ™
III   :.
Hit uiMo-dflte mini
• is in ix* found here,
iiei  he surt, i! I- 'hv
in  (vtul   let    ns
ivo liiuc  helped
Hen* trill hv imiiiil tin* lineal
-< ini iin of men's Jctrelry it-
iini>.iit's in tin* country.
i. r. li. Watch lus|ii'i'inrs
>,*\( in llu* I'osl Ofllco
i    Wh)
ten times Bti-ange
liundrod thousand
mu blind?"
llui-ep St, Dunstan's has
tho oiiiieertuuity of training will over
descend to thai state -or If thoy over
do, li olll I.i from weakness of character and nut from laeeh of opportunity. The Instituto gives to every
i,ii,.,>, i peldier n training which fits
V. 111. €. fl.  6RICC
I lours ts n.lu. to S p.m,
lingular Dinner & Short Ordei
H. asonable Pricos
Ol'EN to Tin: i'itiic
Special  Table  tor   Ladies,
ncif  Into  ;*.  Jolnl
nil-ill   lo  VICTOR
tho national WILL ne success, Veen
plant a well directed Iclik al* tba Kol-
ser. SubKcrlbe wlmt you can, am!
-ules. nl,.* wltli ,i will. If ye,ii positively may nol . ubscrlbe money then
iinvu.iy.   WILL   Ihi    Loan   SUCCIJSS,
Tin:   m:iii   run   I'MUN
In*, eation ami nc uurnclvoa i.  fat
ponod.   'I
Jl, Ml.  It A KI
ilil. Krame, Prop
lir end, (Jukes,
nud I'aslry
I'lione 37
1    «
Ave'.       Opp  City Hail
0. 0. F.
i>!.\   1
I., N». 12
■ u_**
y inv
Meets   every
v***     Monday night
mm*    st Fraternity
urutng   Oddfellows
i:  II.
ee      W
C. Adlard
the world throughout hin life, and
which moreovor makes hlm Independent ni charity or any need ot assistance, To tiu. soldier who goes Into
St. Dunsum's blind, helpless, and usually hopeless, tho Institute otters a
course ot training to enable him to
follow any one of a dozen occupations, poultry-farming, shoe-repairing, carpentering, stenography, telegraphy, and ninny others. No ono la
ilthor helpless or hopeless afler n
i \\\ days in St. Dunstnn'H, Lady Jol-
llcoo i* ono of iln* many tjtialiflcd ob-
Borvt rs who -pay tribute to the wou-
dertiil cheerfulness which pervades
the atmosphere of the famous hostel.
To carry on tliis work St. Dunstan's
I diffs/Kicac   Buspiclons and|reHB.   u[|;;n  V()!linl;il.y contribuMou8i
Deforo tin* war the National Institute
i'ur the Blind depended almost entire-
rty' ' ie lv upon contributions received from
orgl! iLl lho Iiriiish Isles. The wnr. which
mude ii necessary to open st.»,l)un-
stan's nlso widened tho scope of
tho work greatly, as it is it truly
Imperial Institution treating patients
from overy pnrt of tbe Kmpire. Now
the National Institute feels that tlu*
people of the whole Empire will be
A divided Uauadii is what the Kaiser wants. This war can only be won ;
by unity; one Blngte aim by a united
government Let this be the aim of
every voter who ha: tlio national
crish   at heart.
It tho Victory Loan talis and wu tail I
In winning the war. our usaetA In Can-1
ada won't count for much. This is
unthinkable almost, bid Uie situation
is serious and Caundn must see to it
that the Victory War Loan dues NOT
The Kaiser is eagerly watching for
tho result of the Victory Wnr Loan
campaign; for Its failure meahs wnv-
«. lug, tl ■; ■ * ■:, ih iv i ruination, and ■
the Kaiser is very much concernod.
lie will either smile or ourso, Lei;
him curse.
has important work to do. Under favorable conditions it does
it well. If sluggish, relieve it with
TmmSDAY, NOV. ISth. 1917
Lift.!, Si-le of Ar-y M-.li. 1*.- In Ih. World.
Sola e.crywli, ,--.   In fao.u. SttSSS,
nil   nil
llllll  every e*;IUl
ndurance. con
Pergonal  anil
no lime
l'li.*i*,* is Imt on,
I'ntlon'a." Premier I.loyd
\llii*n  Ihill. last  evoek.
Thero • o iiei te,   nu more lentrlotlc
ireod than ti„* aleove [or the I'nniiiliiin
, ureal ninjnr- *
in,* euuntry.
I   auuport   of I
If tiiere are Caa-
are sill! in ilinilit
nl,I he,
clearly carrylac ee
Ity ot tin best in-
lim     tie,*    jrOOll     W
overy.nmn counla
ndlnn Liberals who :
as 1.. ivli.il their com
hope Ihey shall \ve*i
Lloyd ei 'go, iliai K
British Liberalism, ti
witli Howell mn! Car
Sifton, I'rornr und MacLean in "ron
centraliou   and   unity"   here,   rather
Hum wltli tlio Landers i ml tli,. uliv-
i'i*>. Hn* Mnrphys uiul the Lctnlcuxs.
Flint tu shore in the e*ost of the noble
work the Institute Is doing, and to
iliai. end has sent \V. l'l. Cowen to Cauada, in receivo tho contributions
■ui champion of, (V|||H] m_y lnl ma(,.    Mi, |a „ml. r)slt_
il deeldo in Join   m(; CrBn_rook and wo confidently ox-
e II, lliitlii'ii* ami ..,,,,      ,      ,     mi   i
in*e*t thai i ranbrook will show its au-
ireciation of the work eef the Institute
I tin1 besl   way possible.
t i iialir.i.ik. It. ('.
Meeta every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ln
the Fraternity Hall
ll. C. Carr, C. C.
I' de Vera Hunt, K. II. & S.
P. O. Box 622
Visiting  brethren cordially invited to attend.
0\ J.IIS
M eta in Mat-Io Hall second
Tuesday ot e
very month at 8
||. n«t   -
■v      ■»-.
open   to   British
Visiting   m
■iiiIhtu   cordiaily
B. Y. Brake,
J. F. Lower,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MONK I   JUKES  TIIK   JVIIKKI.S Illl
lllll Ml
Till*: rri'V oi   it 	
A glial natiininl benefit can readily
Wc deeply deplore  having  to an- Bruw out of the floating ot the Victory
nounco Him   thr  n-nit  of Hn*   Haul |,ra,n nmong one* own people.
Kootenay  Convention   hold  In  Cran- supposing 100,000 people who have
brook yeBterday is a tin lornoted never pul a cenl Into savings banks
contest in the coming election. ,..m |M. induced ie. subscribe for even
Tho delegates rcproaontntlvo of the  ., ,-,, „ ,    |3acli subscriber would
dlfforonl Asapclntlona were unable to |,0 ,-.-.a1ij>-.-<] t„ pay down in actual cash
got together m cast awny tlieir party ,,„)v ?- „, nl(, llm0 „f su*,scrib|ngi
afUHat s.   to   eradicate   suspicion 1(|. „.„„,„ .„.,..,,,,.,. ,..,„, ., *,.„,*, to ,,„y
thai """  'ly ■■''- nlteiuptlng to gain Ul(| |la|;lll,.,, |„ instalments spread over
political ascendancy ovrr the otlier; ,, VI.,M.    T]|1. bmik5 ,iri, v(,rv roal]v ,0
and Hi** cause of unity si. essential to |l(,*u B0 lhM it -„,„, eilS||v bl. |10Ksinie
lhe cause of Kmiiire is. in this Hist-   flir 1IMU, ,lllh, „, ,,„ u,|8
, tlcaj ei,;ul.s.»»l»wivii«»l   lie   lh« -esvia. wri|.-ffei an* supposing n case, anil
of tin* political fnachlncs.    It is np- unit the lob.000 havo subscribed.' Tho
imri'iii tho Kasi Kooieany pollticinnie lola| ,lf iu„h. 8Ub8ci'I|illons, 15,000,000
I have yel   le,  learn   the  spirit   of Bolt- is ., small iiieei* of the Lollll. II is true.
sacrlflco so necosanry le. secure vie ,,,„ „.,,„,,, jt „,„ tnilv lpi, ,, grimt Mng
tore over our enemies. l0 |mVQ 8tarted on the roaei to tlirif.
Th.* plly is the greater in thnl we „ Breal 1)C1(|J. ., c|t|Z(,na „.|10 |lavo **v.
ar,* satisfied  the  ili'cislon   does  not L.(j pretty nuch from hand to month?
ni.reseiii   tiie   wishes   of   tlie   Inrge T|lis   .,,.sl  .ivi,  millions  might  well
reeve to he seed for future hundred!
A.in;imi i\ ni.iniKM'
American papers, now thai tl.e
United States Is In tho war. are naturally particularly lnti rested In the pari I
Canada is going tn continue tn play
in iln* conflict, They hevo anltormnl-
ly rojolccd ovor tlie formation of o
Vatlooal Qovornmont. Thoy realize I
tliat  Canada   will   nnw   contlnuo   to
play ti  big pari  In il Ittmato trl-
uniph of the Allies. 11 * ■■-.*- in a sample
comment from tin* Christian Sclonce
"In forming tho now National ministry in Canada, Sir Robert Horden has
(lone a fine tiling, and dono il in a
great way. It will not bo disputed
it is in be Imagined, by anybody, lensl
of all by a Canadian, that parly feeling runs particularly high ia the oldesl ni' the i'l ini..lis.   11 has been the
rule Iii Canadian pnliiie:, for tlu; winner to take his pound nf flesh, and,
anything over and above the pound i
which might bo within his power. In !
a greal National irish*, sir Robert
Horden has broken through tradition.
II.* has gone back to the golden age.
nf the Roman Republic, when none
was fur a party, when ill wen* for lhe
state. In plain ISnglish, in llie very
height nf Lis power, lie has formed
ii National ministry in whieh tin*
nffh-es ar,. divided i*iinally between
his own i arty anil the Liberal party."
.       (#,7. Meets  in  the   majority t>i' the Uistriet electorate
^ J-. «_       SS'V,,eX '     ''"" /I"'"',  ""',' .'".'.."I™..1" .'!!>' 'nilllto,,7 of*" savings'" "wi* might'as
?/• m
tir.Ht   Tuesday ,
>,    ( i^'.I        nf."nioo,_    of j tiiiiiiy ildeKaten ot lHith imrtles w« j tL tuition grow in thrift to rival France
^—J^SIm      cvery   month U*:i,1:lllU-v ;;,n,vt' flir l'ni,J- And what prosperity might we, In this
SW -    ''V'^;t- ;!t 3iun'                Recrimtantlons    nre    useless, we   greivt country of Canadn. not attnln t
m ^_I3Xj-     Pres., Mrs. W.   iui»t bow  to the iocviUible but ^  ,.ould we do that?   For, "money mnki
II.   McFarlane.   ,,     „f ii. .,.., ,vi1PPiK ,,, ,,,.-.1
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. O. Box 621. ^ v       mtl
All hulies co-dially Invited. L„AT 0I,'TO V!( TOHV U)\S   V>   JT^i'^.T'' *".Tmu
■HA.MA(ii:il     liOllltS"     ts     1VK1.L
IIAMMeHi   St;\   I'IMlltl.l >|
Aril-lie    I'rOHeilliltliiii    is    l.hni    lij
Itic111)nl Itemtetl in I iim
Tlio .Mutual hllin Corporation's
presentation of "Damaged tloods" I.-
I'ree from the tniiii which inheres in
ninsi "sex problems plays." it dues
not linger ovor tho horrid and morbid titillate perverted tastes under
the pretonso of preaching a jireat
moral lesson.
Tiiere i. distinct and powerful dramatic element in the story, A variation of tin* tragic Idea that cons«-
yuences are unpitying, thai iiie will
and tlie virtue ot a man or woman
are assailable on n thousand points
and that fow of us will emerge scath-
lesa from tlie conflict with temptation.
a   yotiug man of   excellent home
training and of honest ambition l
a jolly evening with tin
(Ubo ami Storage)
TAIC13 NOTICE thai Baker Lumber
Co., whose addregs Is Waldo, It. C,
will apply for a licence to tako nnd
list- olght cubic foot per second and
tn store ten acre I'.w of water oul of
Plumbob freek, whicli flows easterly
and drains lui" tin* Kooti uay ftlvor.
The slorage-dnm will bc located about
south wesi corner ol im U10TB1. The
onpacity of tbo reservoir to be . rented
is about ton acre feet, nnd ll will
flmxl about five acres of land, Ttie
water will be diverted from tho stream
nt n point about tho south wesl corner of lot (116791, and will bo used I'm-
fluming lugs Tliis notice wns po ted
on the ground on the 4th day of October, HUT . A copy of this notice and
an application pursuant thereto and
to the "Water Act, 11)14," will bo filed
In the office of Uu* Wati r Recorder at
Cranbrook. Objections to tlio application may bo filed with -Hn* said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Waler Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. <'.. within thirty
days nfter the first appearance of this
notice in a local newspaper.
Baker Lumber Co., Ai plicadI
A. II.  DeWolf, Agi nt.
The date of the first publication of
this notice Is November 15th, 1917,
SVNOI'SIS   OF   (OAL   mimm;
Coal raining rights of tho Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, (lie
North-West Territories and in a portion of the Province of Iiriiish Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years renewable for a further term of 1U years at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
than 2,560 aeres will be leased to one
Application for a lease must bo
made by the applicant In parson to
tho Agent or Sub-Agent of tho district In which tlie rights applied for
are situated.
Iu surveyed territory tlie land must
he described by sections, of lenal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvoy-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Knch application must bo accompanied by a fee nf Jj" which will be
refunded If the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of tbo mine at tlie rati
nf five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for tlie full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon, ir the coal mining
rights are not being operat) d such returns should be furnished at least once
a year.
The lease will include the •■■'! mining rights only.
For    f iii  Information
Auditorium Theatre
"First in Everything Worth While"
| FRIDAY AND SATURDAY  vov. um, ,,.«i mn.
Clara Kimball Young in
"The Price She Paid".
A Sple'iuliil I'ie-tiiri/iili.iii eif (lir limit Anioiicun Novel lej*
IIAVII)  (iKAllAM   I'llll,1,11'S
A Sleirj ol Teeeer IVIvCS ol Iticll Men nud a Plea I'm* WeemoilN
Prlcoi-Adult. 2.".«'. Children 10c
Special Roscoe Arbuckle Comedy
1 lulnrliiL' tin. woll known nclor IHIS TIN I AltM >l
A SiiIiikIIiI llllll' Hinl I'leliui*
wltll HOI.I.T MEItSKItUAU pliiiiim llu* li'iiilln. rolo
." nlaim liostmiriml
.. .'   ill A'   I! ,   •
Cigare, I ,    rctti * nn ' I a I
\ ' RXNBIIOI   . SI    ■ I   '.
All   eX|l(!Piolleel..(l   ill.
ctirltj  Orel.    Well,
lui      Iiu liieini'iiei.
'I'luii ij
■     ■
,  cattle   nntl * * rytlii :
>""" i"li;" '*' •'■ ol Ol        I o        [r„„,    ,i„.   uiantle  I      I
1   l"i*.. . I.i    ,;,.e*,ie|  '*> i      ic '.'ol
j f iv .■ ,1        Hli   din i    ■    ill
seem, i .        IB a l  He
Uiii        ,       '  illl        .     i Ol*
in ful
■    Tu ■ ■' ■ in    li ■   **;  -
* ,.        .       i   v iiiin |     iri.i
e|,i, . :■     .
ii anj   Li .'   i .
. Tl,'
e T '  ''       '        '■
I     ..    ..; . ■ .;       :        ill
i.ta    ti ■■    lil   ..   ,..  I
' \ . l,      I   .. ■■■   Invesl
Vour savini - v '! ».,-1., nati
I Hio-froni  will : ■• w i .-■    i   .*. ■•
B'hal he eat., ■■■■  at he <    ■ •   * * 't
pals on. . ml ■ to I
enemy,    for wli 1 ,.m*    i i     ." • i
j   ( •■ lia It o'       '      ii h iviii ' .
•  ■ *   . .  •■■   ■
year  i; ....      a *   ". ■
ivi And 'i* all;, i . i   uu
. evt atu i      ppre ■    ■ i     ta •  ■    .•
rinnl 'Mn.,
of bacholo
I pnnl.. i
1 pair ...
tion jiiim
should li i made to tho
;   it
lie In
Mm Department of  the
his  ;,; a
, tawa, or to any Agent
the hoys
nf Dominion Lands.
W. v..
'i> much
Deputy Mlnlatei o
[ th
li visit,
:    <',.   D.
N   :'    t , uthorlzt 1 i
iiia advertisement wlll
1     sla-RO
il   1^
m ___-
[elicatli ei
17   uf
r, ot-
.. ..'
Get the right kind of
powder for stumping
"The farmer needs to know that
he is getting quality iu thc powder
that   he   is   purchasing,"  says   tht
Western Farmer.     If he secures the right kind of powder, the
cost of removing stumps is greatly lessened.'"
The right powder to use for stump blasting is
because it is made in British Columbia especially for
blasting the kind of stumps that are found here. It has
been used by British Columbia land elearers for 32 years.
It is tlfe orijjtnaVOtam-pawitti -.- ■
Free Book i
Coupon   |
;, i
■the pioneer Canadian farm
Giimt Stumping Powder has a greater
Heaving and lifting effect than ordinary
powders, It therefore uoes further and
gets the stumps out cleaner than txplo-
sives that merelj shatter,
Get oar boo*'; TV5 "C^"
save mons
V.ncoovor. D.C.
•   'IH 1-1
j-ou how 10 cut  dom i   blasting
.*..,.      Ii explain, tlie latest pnwder-Bavins
■.ay. uf loading ami firing,   . f ,(.-    Mail
he coupon or ask for i on ;;cs:d.
Boulder Itlvm;
Read M«Wint
Tree Bfd Blaitlac
Ditch Blcilinc
Mlnlnr- Qu«rnrlof
■ ■  ■
i ..
■x   ■    .   \)<)\l\
il I jl,
III ll        .,     .,, I ■ I
. 1 it fi-u*;,
i.,    ■
res, ii
.:        ,1
* ...
„  ,..     . i
lie   in.   l'l       ,,
III     I.   . .      ,
■     ■■     \f\     Ijf'   ':!_
:.    eJlLIU
rfiiif '■    tit
ju* O
sj^fsl.     \J
ill ,i  i'<
,1 1 r.
iel,e.|    i:i
-Dili,  ,1)
ee.   1.    1'.
oi   flral
v.. '.
thii .,,
. BtoUoi
' I   ■ ,        <i.   „   .■ iiitllt!        ,i   ;i   i-*i  >'   Clt)
*,,,.'.... .   [)ltl .    '.
; Him out ;.      e, .    Iillo fn ..■
,t  , Ri-ouilu   ii:, i,    .,■,..,
In tul    i ,.:     lin   .     .   i   noi  ...
\ uncon   ton . ght, n ■,   *. i ■ oomni ,.i
j in tlio Old World cltion thnn lu lho
District negldtrwr. now.
■■ Fa, ,.i,
t- ; ie ■ ..-iB5.it c: *
■  rvous and ti -..t:
er led ta    ■. -
•. ■      . il , id gave ■     ■ {■  :.
rest   td Iii   .'ica! > bi     .. ..ip,tl' u
lit   hi a   fitilned   u;    ?«ightt—M ■.
l rffdtr^.'   Somraors, Monuca, r...
Vinol is * conatii u nni co*J
and iron remedy ' delicate, ■
ailing children, ula o i
bottle, no you kn , -/ v 'iat you   t   i
ing them.   Ubildn i lov. -..
Cranhrook "mj: k Hook >C!o,KCraii"
brook,  11. 0.,    iiIhii at tlio liv.-U Urug-
gllta In &U D, C. towns. ,
ri   ii  ■.     .    .- •■ ii      in
.  ■''■:-.in*.	
j . e D, D. it.
'   LM    .'*'*-.
k'hc I ,.,n rooli J.irii;*: & Boolt Co, Ltd.
Crnnjirook, i; 0
-,\t   ■        .u! Villi
tod tend '    -i.'tl   ■    . ■ ■    . .    »y
Inif ■ r ■ .  Lu  *.■• i ■   lui     Limn
.  '..i   in.   - .      liny i     S'ovi 111',
, loi   i     it,.      ul   Ltuoiiou   \
i. . ;.i out ..   <* t ui  i>ri Juck-
nu-proiiri ou an nroo altuntud
. Lot 2l)6fi, Lindner Crook, Kootcimy
Dibtrlot, i'\w, (a) yeurs will bo nl-l
... d mr i-i muvul oi timber, Kur-1
tticr pnrttoulnrs o( tin1 Clilut Korout-I
cr, Victoria, ffi,C„ or Dtatilat Forcnter, •
Vitsubfoalm IL C i-l it
,\^^uj jsmy |trf—gx    ^jv
THE mystery of the "lucky card" advertia-
tnents SOLVED.   It's the name of the
Universal'a latest and greatest of all serial
photo plays and also the name of the
fabulously rifch mine, which the Govern-
menl  exhaustut' ain ost every resource to find.
It's the great serial that surpasses in exciting
entertainment ANV SERIAL ever shown,
on any screen.   Romance   love—marveloua
adi suture, depicted with gripping realism
ery episode in which you will see—that
idol of millions—
J        In the l^iVUl/ill Truiv Serial
? •« rE URGE vou to witness the exhibition of
iAi    the fir*^* onioodo on thc day and date as
fT     given   below,   We   promise   you   more
thrills—more   rxcitement  and   more   real   genuine
photo play entertainment than you have ever en-
i   ed   inc<; the movies began.
Yoi   x ill sea thc beautiful and fearlct._ MARIE
1   \LL,f ,ilJ supported by a huge cast of
U.iivcj...   Players, and you'll enjoy to the very
lim.    ,     ramd   succession   of  thrilling
.,.! that make you "just love to pa
,-,«< (ho Roiiinntic, AdvcnturouN
and   riirflllng Possibilities   of
Till.  RED ACE
Sl.tt.   LTA1 •'> AT THE MINKS AT
AUDITORIUM Coinmenclni Wed. & i'iMS., Nov. 21 % 22
■ THtrnSDAT, ?H>V. 16th, IMT
Dictorp 3Bonbs
It In l.nsj lo !*»}■ for Victory
Victory bonds are sold ou the
Instalment plan.
A %'itl bond eosis ?5 Dec. 1;
$5 Jan. 1, and $10 each on Feb.
1. March t. April 1, and Mny 1.
A $105 bond costi: $10 Dec. 1;
$10 Jan. 1, and $20 on Fob. 1,
March 1. April 1, and May. 1.
A full Mix months interest wlll
bo paid June I.
Under such easy terms as
these there is hardly a wugy
earner in East Kootenay who
cannot afford to take at leant
ono $60 bond pay for It on tho
hiatal men t plan ns nhbove.
W. 1b. Milson
W,?niit, mi   ■■■>. iniiiur ij*,|^,>"-fi'iii!iirfc'B:pi   .   t:n*'i*!f.?***j'
Buy a Victory
I'lll* Advertisement Vomited hy
Hardware & U\\\ Supplies
Cranbrook     -     B.C.
Kilby frames pictures.
Mr. Alf. Mackenzie of Spokane was
a visitor In tlie city last Friday.
If you are looking for a few  real
milk cows, apply Model Dairy.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Davis of Spokane
were visitors In the city Inst week end
Mr. P. W. (jeorge of Wallace, Idaho,
was a visitor In the city on Monday.
Mr. J. II. Gloss of Pentlcton. was
visiting friends In tiie city on Tuesday.
.lubber   heels!     Gentis    75    cents, I
ladles tit) cents, at tlie Star.
Mr. James  II. Carter   of WlnnlpOg
was a visitor in the city last Monday.
anbrook   Taxidermist   lias   RE*
ed for tlie season'*-; hunting,
Postponed annual meeting of Cranbrook Curling Club Is lulled on l'ii
day night at 8.30 o'clock to mool in
the City  Hull.
Sergeant   Gratton   of  llio   G.th
timed tm Friday from the front.
Mrs. Christian and MIbb Mills lefl
Ihu  city  on   Wednesday,  tlie   former
for Calgary, nm! the latter for WinnJ*
tf yon are looking for a few real j lt08- wl,t'ri' ,ll«'>' wlu ,,lllk,' "lf'ir rert*
milk cows, apply Model Dairy. donee in f,ltmv
Can you think ot any reason why
tiiere should not be one In  your
home r
Mr. I.. II. Mosher of Calgary, commercial tm vol ler, was drumming up
bUBtueaa in the eity lust Friday.
Danco in Parish Hall, Wednesday.
November 21st; 9 to 1; CO cents admission.
Mr, Sherwood Herchmer, the well-
known barrister from Fernie, was a
visitor in the eity Sunday and Monday.
We are carrying a full line ot boots
aud shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Armatrong Ave,
Mr. K. E. Lewis of Minneapolis was
a guest at the Cranbrook Hotel last
Mr. C. C. Johnson of Spokane was
a visitor In tlie city on Monday, a
guest at the Craubrook Hotel.
Mrs. Chas. Hilton of Yahk Is visit-
lug Cranbrook for a few days the guest
of her mother. Mrs. Maystre.
Expert piano and organ tuning, repairing ant' regulating. E. A. Parker,
phoue 811, P. O. Box 528, Craubrook.
Mr. A. P. Davidson of Toronto was
a guest at tho Cranbrook Hotel on
: Sunday.
Mr. tins Dun, cigar traveller from
Montreal was transacting business in
tho city last week end.
Air. and Mrs. J. B. Kennedy and Miss
Ruth Kennedy were visiting friends
in the i.lty hist week end.
We are carrying a full line of boots
md shoe--. Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
[ Mrs. Martin McCreery left last week
j fnr a visit to her old home in Belle-
I vlllc.
i'M. iV, r. Iiurt'.n. rnmbrwk fciehenge
il      — LIMITED- •   ■>>
SffiCMtoioi ■mOttWSta.IB | |\| ill \ r   '
■aroHHr       |
-       M
\\ .Ti:i| N01ICB
(lihenlon jin.i Uao)
I'AKK   NOTICK  that   Win.   Biggins
Bardgett,   whole address   ii Crnnbrook, P. Ci will apply for u licence
to take nml use Hi acre feet of water
out  of   Joseph  Creek  whieh   /inwi
Northerly and  drains into St. Mnrys
Illver nbout St. Eugene Mission.   The
rater Will be diverted from the stream
t a point nbout fl feel from the North
IV -mdary of Lot 168 Crunbrook Town-
i  and  will  be used  for Irrigation
•■so niiiiii the land described ns
"     l; t Mln IS- a subdivision of I.ot
K. D.   Thin uniiic wns posted on
it   ground on tho 22nd day of October
'■'7.    A copy of this notlco nnd an
ppliculton  piirsuunt thereto nnd to
b.   "Water Act, 1614," will be filed
In i!ie office »f the Water Recorder at
'ranbrook    objections to the- nppllca-
lon muy hi- filed wit lithe said Water
'(■"order or with the Comptroller of
« -.tor Rights, Parliament Buildings,
ictorhi,   n   (!,,   within   thirty  days
ifter tho first appearance of this notice ln a local newspaper.   The date
•f tbe flr I publication of this notice
lfl October 25th. 1117.
W. B  BAIUKJETT. Applicant
I    Miss Harrison who for many years
1 was a  well  known nnrre fn tlie city
Is  visiting  Mrs.   Ed.  Paterson.
I Mtb. Arthur Ward and children returned on Friday from a month's visit
In  Nelson.
Dance In tho Parish Mall. Wednesday. November 21st; 9 to l: 60 cents
The Methodlsl I. dies Aid will hold
their Annual Bazaar on the afternoon
nf Saturday, November 17th, In the
old Gym.   Snle begins at i! o'clock.
A special meeting of the I. O. D, E.
is called for on Monday afternoon next
the 19th of Novombor at 3.00 tr. the
Red CrosB rooms.
Mr. ll H, Rose end Mr. W, II (irif-,
flths, prominent lumbermen from
Waldo uiul Baynes Lake were In the
city on busbies* Inst Saturday.
Mr. A. V. Nosh of Nelson, a mining
expert, arrived in the city on Satur-,
day to make an examination of some
mining property In the district
Mrs. .\ a wirmot nf Jaffray, accompanied by Mrs. Wllmot. sr.. and
Mrs Metcalfe, spent lnsl Friday hi
lown the guests of Mrs   Stewart.
The registration* in British Columbia to Novombor 7th totals L1.4S0, of
which 2,611 arc rcrvlco enrollments
and 8,97s are exemption claims.
Found! «"i Fair Qrounds, parte!
containing money and Jewelry; delivery will tie made on proof of own-
orshlp and cost of thia notice.—J. P.
Miss inn Hew ton of Kingsgate nnd
Miss D. MaDougall of Glenllly, mo«or-
ed Into tin- city last Friday to visit
Mends i*r.d Incidentally do a little
Mr. T. A. F. Wiancko of Victoria
Provincial Dairy Inspector, was In the
city on Monday to tako vxamtnations
for tester's licence In accordance with
tlio Dairy Regulations Act.
Tho I. O. D. E, are having two performances nt the Hex Theatre on
Thursday next, Nov. 22nd, to help In
raising funds for the training of men
blinded In tlm wnr.
Dr. F. W. Oreen linn received word
that, nn officer of the Ttoynl Flying
COrpti will be In Crnnbrook on November llth for the purpose! of obtain
Christ Church Christmas Bazaar
will be held in the Parish Hall( Nov.
l!lnt, at 'A p.m. Dance In the evening
commences et u o'clock; Cranbroolt
Orchestra in attendance.
The regulnr meeting of the Cranbrook Poultry Association will be held
on Friday evening. November 16tb,
at 8 o'clock, at tbe Qity Hall. All
members are urged to be present, Important business.
Kindergarten classes at King Edward's School from 10 to 12 a.m.
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Sewing,
Drawing, Singing and Drill. Fees
$5.40 a month including use of books,
stationery and needlework materials.
The Honorable J. H. King of Victoria, Minister of Public Works, arrived in tiie city last Thursday and
while here was Interviewed by several
delegations fn connection wltll various
matters of interest to tlie district. The
honorable minister returned home via
ttie Kootenny Central on Mondny.
At tlio Rex Theatre on Sunday, Nov.
18th, at the close of the evening services, there will be a lecture with lantern slides by* W. Evelyn Cowen. A
collection will be taken In aid of St.
Dunstans Hostel for Soldiers and Sailors blinded in the Wnr. Como and
help to bring a little light into tlie
lives of those who liave been blinded
for you.
The Local Exemption Tribunal
opened their sittings on Monday
morning presided over by Messrs. H.
Whlto and G. F. Pownall. with Major
Nation as Military representative.
Forty-nine claims fur exemption have
been henrd to date. 50rf of which
have boon deferred for the meeting of
the Medical Board in Crsiubrook from
24th to 2Sth November. About half
tlie remained hav? been returned to
the Registrar as not coming under
this jurisdiction.
Ths Ladles Aid of tlie Methodist
Church gave a "Tea" ort the afternoon
of November Sth nt the home of Mrs.
W. H. Wilson, that iho members of the
Society might have an opportunity of
saying good-bye to. and also wishing
Mrs. Christian and Miss Mills Godspeed on their leaving fer Calgary and
Winnipeg, respectively. They will bs
misted in many departments of tbe
Church. Mrs Wilson, as President
expressed the sorrow of the Aid ou
their departure and wished them overy
happiness and prosperity in their new
MOTION I'M lilti: OF  SI HI \S| \\S
To Ite Shown at tin* Ite*. Theatre uuder the Auspices of the I. 0. l>. I.
Next Suiidu} Kveulng,
Arrangements liave bwn made for
the exhibition here of .*■ special film
brought by w. E. Cowen. representative of the National Institute for the
■Blind. Th,-. National Institute established and maintains st, Duncton's
Hostel, now famous Uio world over ds
the training home for soldiers and
sailors who have lost their BOnoe of
' sight,
St Dunstan's (which Is one of the
many activities of the National Instl
tute ror the Blind) is far awny from
''ranbrook. and words are poor, wepjt
tilings to describe tin wondorful »'ork
ihat Is done there", said Mr Cowan
today, "When I arranged for my Cnn
ndlan tour, therefore, I brought along
the most graphic picture of fit. Dunstan's I eould get—actual living pic*
turea of the everyday life of tin sol
dlers and BallorB in training there. M
doesn't show everything, but ll does
show enough to Indicate to people
hero what is being done, St. Dunstan's
lias 64 ti soldiers aud sailors iu Its
care, and there aroseventy-two teachers for them. They are taught Stenography, carpentering, massage, poultry-farming, shoe-repairing and otli'-r
occupations equally astonishing for
men totally blind. Just how they do
all these things I can't explain half
as well as you cun see for yourselves
In the film.
The people of Cruulirook have
shown a groat interest and are giving
helpful Bupport to the cause 1 represent", said Mr. Cowen, "but even those
who have been bo generous already I
wnnt to Invite to see tliis film, because
to them 1 know it will stand ns proof
that they are making one of tlie greatest humanitarian investments open to
The film will be shown nt the Rex
Theatre on Sunday evening next at
8.46, by courtesy of the management,
and under the auspices of the 1.0 D.K.
Have you bought
BONDS? If not,
''do it now."
Little & Atchison
of BAKING  11 Iti:
Late It* M. Held Showed Daring ami
CiHilness   ut    Dat tie   til'    l.t'ii*
Work Admired bv Officers.
Robert Morgan Reld| son of Mr, W.
T, Held, the well known merchant of
New Westminster, and formerly of
Cranhrook. Is officially reported na
killed in action on October ii. His
record as a soldier was highly commended by liis superior officers. One
of these writing recently said. "At
the battle of Lens I noticed two young
men. Robert Reid. and Arthur Ostcr-
liout, whose coolness and daring en-
tilled tbem to receive special recognition. In the midst of a raking fire
tliey returned again and again to .rescue comrades who had been wounded."
At the time of his enlistment with
tlio 100th Western Universities Buttallon, Robert Reid was a student nt
Columbian College und had secured
matriculation standing in tlie University of British Columbia. To the staff
and student body of Columbian as
well as to many other friends, the
news of ills death brings a great sorrow, for he was well liked by all. In
his death a promising young man of
excellent character bus proved his supreme devotion to duty and to the
cnuse of the Empire.—Vancouver
the I'lmi; sin: paid
one or ihe most absorbing stories
ever projected upon the screen is "The
Price She Paid," in whicli the popular
Selznick pictures star. Clara Kimball
Young, will In* seen ai the Auditorium Tlientre, Friday and Saturday,
November 16th and ITtli. Tliis story
by David Graham Phillips. .Pals with
tlio problems of a young woman who
has always lived in luxury, and who
finds herself practically penniless. It
is not merely a few Isolated dramatic
incidents, but goes Into the details of
tho life of the heroine, Mildred (Jower,
and her efforts to achieve Independence  and   Kive   hor   own   sell'* respect.
She marries tor mouoy, nnd finds herself little more than a slave Wltll
tho aid ol a fanner suitor she studies
for an operatic career and again meets
wltll many disappointments. At
length she learns Lhat thoro la no
royal road to success, and giving up
all her habits of ease nnd luxury,
plunges into n Spartan routine, and
by sheer determination finally wins,
It is dlscovored thai she has uot beon
legally married, ns the husband she
left had a wife still living, and so she
is    free   to   nmkd   her   life   whut   she
chooses. Miss Young hns not, in n
long timo, Imd n role which affords,
such opportunity for beautiful costuming, and her charm of personality
Is revealed ns it seldom has I n In
any of her work for iiie Bcreon. The
director of "The Price She Paid"
Charles Gllilyn. ti new member of the
Selanlck force''., who has many successes to his credit,
Monday and Tuesday, "Fatty" Ros-
eoe Arbuckle will he seen at tiie Auditorium In "His Wedding Night/' and
Dustln Tarnuni in "Son of Erin", on \
Monday and Tuesday, November 19th
and 20th.
Wednesday and Thursday program
will feature Violet Mersireau in "Tile
Little Terror" a special Bluebird production.
Pastor: Uev. Thos. Keyworth.
Tiiere will he no service on Sunday !
Sunday School and Adult Class al
3 p.m.
livening service commences at 7.^0
p.m. at which the pastor will preach.
The Boys at
the Front
Are doing there pan. more than
their part because ihey stand
ready to give lhat which n,> mortal
being can return, their lives. It is
up lo us lo do All that we can at
Buy Liberty Bonds
They are a good investment.
The security could not be bttter
as the whole of Canada is behind
You will help Canada became
the money will be spent in Canada. You will help the boys because the money will buy them
things they most reduire.
Spend your last dollar and pledge
the future for more We miss no
meals or sleep and. with ihe boys
on watch, we are in no danger,
while they miss many meals.
much sleep and are always in
danger. Lookup Liberty Bonds at
once and make the name of Cranbrook ring with joy.
This Wee It He are placing mi sale a large ■•nun.
ment ot BOY'S l'l l.l-.ov.ll SWEATERS, CHILDRESS
I'rlees.  These Uoods are OLD QUALITY and will give
«ali«t.irM(iii.     II mIII put you tu in - .--lignti* it onr*.
  .Morning ll.-Theme   "The Gospel of;
The Honor Roll, on which are fifty I Hard Work."
names  of boys,  who once  attended   Evening 7.30.—Third of the series of
Mr. David Bnlrd wishes to thunk
the kind friends and aei|iiaintance-
tor the beautiful floral tokens, and the
many kindnesses anil expressions of
sympathy shown him in his recent
sad ben avemenl
Central Public School and have enlisted, will be unveiled Friday. November 23rd. A good program of the
best local talent is being arranged
by the Junior Hed Cross Society. A
collection will be taken by the Junior Bright singing; no
Red Cross Society to defray expenses   welcomo,
of boxes sent to the boys nt the front.      Monday   s   p.m.   Young    People's
All   welcome.    Program   begins  at   S   meeting,
o'clock. Thursday 8 f m.   Prayer meeting.
nddresses on "Tragedy in Sacred History." Theme: "The
Wizard's Mistuko."—the tragedy of the wise.
Preacher: Uev James Dunlop.
rents,   all
A good war map liolpfl one to follow and understand the wnr news.
The Family Herald  and Weekly Star
of Montreal offers n fine war map
in four colors about 1! l-.I feet x :il*i
feet In a nent cover free of charge to
nil who subscribe to that great paper
tn $1 86 n year. The map alone would
cost as much as the whole charge in
most stores. The Family Herald Is
greatly improved this year nnd Is
wonderful value. It is a credit Io
Canadian Journalism, it should bo
In every Canadian home at the price ■
offered, $1.26 a year, with the great
war map free. Cronbrook Herald nml
The Family Herald and Weekly Star
of Montreal—13.00 n year in ndvnnco-;
I. O. II. E.
The I. O, D. B, beg to acknowledge
the following donations to Prisoners
Of War Bread Fund. October:
Mr*, II. T WIIHaiM. II: Mrs. White.
ROc; Mrs. Harshaw, ROc; Mrs. McHride. SOc; Mrs. Woodman. 50c; Mrs.
Jackson. 260; Mrs. Manley, 26c; Mrs.
Surteos, 16c; Mrs. MacKinnon, 60c;
Mrs. T. J. Brown, 26c; Mrs. J. Palmer,
10c; Mrs. Wallinger, 35c! Mrs, Howness, 1,60; Mrs. Blaine, 10c; Judge
Uynn, fiftc; Total, 10.86, November:
Mrs. Harshaw, $1; Mrs. Worden, $1;
Miss Dewar. tihv; Mrs. McBrldo, 50o;
Mrs. Mnnley. 80c; Mrs. Jackson. 26o;
Mrs. Held, 86o; Mrs. White, 60c; Mrs.
It. T. Williams, $1; Mrs. MacKinnon,
Mc; Mhi. Bowmh. SOc; Total. ff.Ift.
Mon. and Tues., Nov. 19 and 20
(si:vi:n heels)
Somewhere ai the Front—
Every day boxes trom home are going
to the boys in the trenches. And ol
the things they get, a great prize is
WRIGLEVS-the Gum with Lasting
It takes the place of food and drink In
case of need—which is often. It keeps
spirits up—gives vigour and vim. A
packet ln the pocket lasts a long time.
The Flavour Lasta I
Chew I
after 1
Richard Bennett
Hn* 111-I-..I1111I I'ust iii llio nroflthrit)
I'reiiliictinii een tin* S|.i.iikln..* SIiil'i*
"Simula In. Swell li) K i it) mil'"   Jtl Ion I. Sleek In llu* Wlunl-ii .*
Free 1-reiete.
Notice nl Improremen
"Empire" Mlnoral claim
"Charlotte     Fractional"
"t'lirbajnl      Fractional"
"Alvarado     fractional"
"Kathleen     Fractional'
| ^■■Vi«   1jm 110—mm ijftw ttfgm ^/m  y>i
"Angus Fractional" Mineral Claim,
"Ward" Mineral Claim.
"April  Kractlonul" Mineral  Claim
"I.rnestine     Fractional"     Mineral
i lain
"Pauline" Mineral claim
"Josophlne" Mineral Claim
"Tlpprfrary" Mlnoral Claim
i KUiiHtml In tin- Kort Steele Mining
Division or Kant Kootonay DlKtrict.
Where l,ot»t«d: Oi H.MIvui Kill.
ttj»b«rUs», » a   L*»«UI ItoUtr   TW
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of Canada, Limited Number ol
thi Holder's Free Miner's Certilieate:
Take Notice thai I. J. K. Cram, Free
Miner's Certltlcate. 89811-B, acting as
agent for the Consolidated Mining k
Smelting Company of Canada, Limited,
Pree Miners Certificate, 99807-B. intend, at the end of -ijr> days from
the date herc-of. to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of lm
provemonts, for Uie purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of ih" above
Ami further take notice that action
under Section S6 of tht "Mineral Aot"
nni't he commenced before tin- 1*001-
anre of nueh Certifiraie of Improvements
Dnted this 7th da) of November,
Tlu* ('MiiolhUtfld Mining A Smelt
lag (t,mo*uij of r_umda. Msalted.
Wm J. n. cmk.       «* »i. PAGE POUR
THURSDAY, NOV. isili, 1917
Barristers, Etc.
W. t. Guril (i. 1. Spreull
Ofllce Id Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   5 p.m.
Civil anel Mlnlni; KiiflncorK
lt. ('. I.anil Surveyors
liar rhenif .S.'l. Night Phone nr.
Neerlinrj Ate, neit lo I'ltj null
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Uuaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds ol
Spokane, Washington
This house has the
happy distinction of being the favorite stopping place In Spokane
for the people of British
Columhla We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything ln our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Ib excellent —
cIobo to Great Northern Station
and 0. W. R. & N.-Mllwauk*
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from the principal business
bouses aad places of amusement.
See  Slcainshln  on  Roof
Licensed ley Provincial Govt.
Maternity 1,1.1 General Neersin,
MuiiHug.* and litest Cure, Highest
References,  fair  terms, Apply
MRS. ,\. SALMON, Matron.
Plioue 259 P. 0. Boi 845
Addres8,Qarden Ave., Cranbrook
His. Ilri'i'ii A MacKinnon
Pliysleiaiis anel Surgeons
Oflice at  residence, Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 .o   4.00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
(HAS. S.  1'AltKER
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge »nd Ureenlilll Coil
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrbutlon Cara a Specialty
llrnylmr anil Transferring
Olven prompt attention
Phone 63
General Merchant
Employment Agent
p n   ei..j inn phone 244
Mine \
nni ions aud ltcporls
P A It K 1
inn Engineer
■mill Pig.,
Elko, u. C.
If vou want satisfaction
with vour waahli.'fit
send It to
Special Drlces for faiutlv
At ;i mooting held Thursday evun-
j Ing it wua decided hy a number of
[ our  patriotic  people  to  huve a  Pie
Social    and  Whist    Tarty  Saturday
! evening which proved a tremendous
, success,    Progressive  whist  played
I from 7.30 lo IG.itO; 1st prizes won by
I Miss  Pa-rroll  aud  Mr,  A   Cameron;
consolation awarded *'■ Mr. and Mrs.
1 Botlwmy.    Mr, Prank Joyce sold by
t auction nn excellent display of pies
I which fetched from $3.50 to B.75   The
Committee responsible for thy evening's entertainment consisted of Mesdames.    Hamster,    Pitch,    Gardner,
1 Cameron,  Dosaulnicr and Miss Mnr-
. shall. Messrs. Taylor, Filch. Bidder,
Joyce. Thomas, und Burch.   The satisfactory  sum  of one  hundred  and
' thirty eight dollars wns realized for
the Ked Cross Fund.
I.O.D.H.,  WA 1,1)0,   IU'.
The silver leas whicli were given by
mombers ol the I. O. i>. E. last winter
will be contlnuod now that cold weather has come again.
The firsl of these was given by Mrs
. A. C. Wright, at her home, October 1«.
The sum of $8.00 was realized, whicli
; will ko towards  purchasing articles
' I'ur BOldlors' comfort hags.
I    The school children of Haynes Lake
i nave $-.0ii for tin- Tobacco Fund   for
soldiers, forwarding the money thru
I tin* Chapter.
A concerl   was given in Hoss' Hull.
Waldo, on October 23rd, under the
auspices of tho Kast Kootenay Chnp-
| tor. The program was mado up of
I vocal ami Instrumental music, and
! a one net farce entitled "Chiselling."
The affair was very successful, a
largo audience gave encouragement to
tlie performers, ami made a financial
success of the evening, The nel proceeds were $S^,
Several more parcels lmvo lately
been sent off to Prance to local men
now in the fighting HnV Altogether
_1 parcels were dispatched, each containing Q pair of hand knitted socks.
tobacco, cigarettes ami gum. All told
over r.n of those parcels have been
sent  by tlie Chnpted.
A general meeting was held on Nov.
1st, and a donation of $26 was voted
to V M. C. A. war wink, and $60.00
was voted to the British Red Cross.
To the latter sum was added $11*. the
proceeds of fl dance given for this
good cnuse, by some of Waldo's young
The following Red Cross supplies,
numbering 78 articles, havo been shipped to Ferule: Wash cloths 60, crochet ties 10. scarf 1, hand-knit socks
i pr.; machine knit socks ti pr. Pyjamas I! sails. The cash cloths ami
ties are chiefly the work of the school
children or Haynes Lake uml Waldo.
Subscriptions to the Patriotic Fund
for September are as follows; R. h.
T. Onlbralth, $6; A. Doyle. $5; Chas.
Muir, $5; R. T. Richardson, $2.60; H.
Kershaw $2.50; R. Hake . $2.0(1; 0. S.
linker. $1; A, ,) Oro.sz $1; Mrs. F. C.
Cann 50c.
The scliool report for October
shows a good attendance of pupils.
The following is a list of the names
of children for perfect attendance:
Pearl Johnson, Robt. Johnson, Alfred
Kershaw Ethel Kershaw, Olive Reid.
Albert Richardson, Oeorge Werden,
Murg. Werden. Helen Wlrth. ami Ruth
At a parly to the school children by
Miss Sim isi er, Ktbei Kershaw was
given a prize for neat appearance and
cleanliness and Pearl Johnson was
given a prize for composition and neat
N'olsou Olen, after lumping through
ofllce window mnl throwing lighted
lump tm floor uf dining room tit Wasa
Hotel, Wasu. WU* taken iu charge
by Constable Walsh of Fort Steele,
was taken to rranbrook and examined as regards his i.anity ami was sent
to tlie Mental Hospital. Xew Westminster ou tlte 10th. Olen is a young
man about 2X years of age, and is
reported to have n ranch on the
A surprise party was given to Mrs.
Johnson   of  Fort   Steele by   laldes of
the town. Those present wero Mrs.
Werden, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mirth, Mrs.
E, Johnson, Mr. n, Kershaw, Mrs. L.
2c per word for first week, aad lc per
word for each week after.
WANTED    TO    KENT   I'lam.    iot
month. - Uox 287, Cranbrook.      45-St'
EOR SALE OR HIRE   One team;
about 1200 lbs,—Apply Herald Office.
LOST—l'air nf Eyeglasses, Under
will please leave at Beale & Elwell';.
office. -iti-it
WANTED- A  reliable man lo run
the skating rink.   For particulars apply to John Levett, Iti-lt*
ORGAN- halm Organ Co., P.1 steps,
8 knee swells- $36. W. W. Kilby.
Annstronk Avenue. 4,Hf.
ORGAN—IS slops, 2 knee swells,
Fine tone—$88, W. \V. Kilby, Armstrong Avenue. 4litf.
Will iconic Mlaa E. Wllltcome, Miss M.
Blair, Miss E Fenwick. U A. Willi-
eome, ami Miss M. Sliuister; an enjoyable evening was spent.
A meeting of tin* Fort Steele Unionist Association was held at the Imperial Hotel yestordny, for the purpose of appointing two delegates to
nominate a Unionist candidate for tlio
coming Federal Election at the Convention wlilch is to be hold in Crnnbrook on the Utli. A Doyle, and E,
H. L. Attree of Fort Steele were appointed as delegates. Q. S. Baker
was secrotary pro tern for tho meeting.
(Left over from last week!
Cranbrook Taxidermist lias HE-
.iened for tho season's hunting.
! On the eighteenth of October, "Our
Day" for the British Rod Cross Society, was the occasion i'or a supreme
effort. On that occasion the Windermere District was thoroughly organized and parcelled out under the various heads which came uuder the directions of the various committees of
tho Cnnedlnn Red Cross Society and
tho whole territory canvassed In au
onorgetic  effort  io collect  funds to
aid iu this good cause, witli the result
that the sum of three hundred uud
seventy dollars was netted, which a-
mount Inculdes a generous contribution from the friends residing in and
aboul the post otflce of Spilliniaehene.
One of the most ardent canvassers
lor the fund, has possibly been Mrs.
T. A. Pope of Westcliffe ranch, wife
of Thomas Arclidale Pope*, late of Edinburgh. Scotland. Mr. Pope has already had one son who has given liis
life up in lhe cause of freedom aud
iias a younger wm who has beeu once
wounded and who is again back in the
trendies doing his bit. On this "Our
Day" It fell to the lot of Mrs. Pope
to visit the employees of the Paradise
Mine, a property well over twenty
miles from here, situated at a great
height, near the foot of Mount Nelson. Mrs. Pope was very successful
iu her visit to these workers aud iu a
short account has set out the result
of her visit in the hope thai it might
In* of interest to others engaged iu
similar work and stimulate them to
no and do likewise.   She says;
"Various members of our Hod Cross
Committee having undertaken to visit
different parts of our scattered dislrict for "Our Day" U fell to my lot
to interview the miners half way up
Mount Nelson. As il meant a drive of
ubout twenty-two miles along a fairly
difficult road a kind friend offered to
take me up In a rig. We started at
six thirty in the morning and at
twelve o'clock we arrived at the mine
ofllco, and from tiiere up to the mine,
i ten minute wnlk, landed ns breath-
■ esp. In a room where the miners
.vere wailing for us—impatient at tlie
Interruption, I thought, but looking
ery interesting with their little mining lamps all lit. just ready to return
to work. A few words addressed them
ibout the needs of our poor wounded
boys' touched tlieir hearts and tliey
iti responded most generously. The
journey we had taken, generally done
u two days, may have appealed to
hem, also tlie unusual sight of a
woman In ramp, but whatever the
reason, they certainly made tlie trip
/ery well worth while, for we started
>n our return journey with over one
hundred dollars collected, having left
:i small I'nion Jack flying iu the room
is a souvenir.
There was still more collecting to
be done at Jack Pine and even Hie
'hlnaman cook did not hesitate to
ipeii his purse. When we reached
untie it was seven-thirty and dark.
ve telephoned our success to Mr. Ran
lolpii Etruce, the owner of the mine,
mil on bearing that we had collected over one hundred nnd thirty dol-
ars he added twenty five dollars to
lie sum nnd we felt that our share in
he dav's work had certainly been
.vorth while."
The fingers were those** ot Hr.
J. W. Besnard, ot 539 Craig St.
E., Montreal. He says, —" A tailing beam jHidly smashed my hand.
Two (Inters were so severely
crushed that the doctors said they
would have to be amputated. Naturally 1 didn't want this, ao decided to try Zam-Buk flrsi. 1 applied Zam-Buk daily, and by the
time 1 had used $4 worth, the in-
Jury was completely healed. My
Augers were saved!"
Just another illustration of tbt
heating power of Zam-Buk. Accidents wlll happen. It may be your
turn next. Better get a box and
keep tt handy, Accidents are less
frequent than skin diseases, and
remember thit-—*
Zam-Buk ls just as good for
eczema, ulcers, skin diseases, and
piles, as for cuts, burns, bruises.
All ilruggiHis and stores 50c. box,
or '*i tor $1.25,   Refuse substitutes.
Now tliat there are :■ number of
returned soldiers iu Cranbrook and
iistrict, tlie i-nestlon of forming ;.
Hrnnch of the Great War Veterans'
Association  lias been raised.
To tbe present some ninety brandies have been formed throughout tht.
Dominion, with a membership of over
25,000, Nelson has had a branch for
sbtno tjme, and one was recently
'ornied at Pernie.
In order thnt a meeting may he
called to further consider and. 1/
possible, take some action In the mnt-
•or. all returned soldiers in this district are requested tn communicate
with ... T. Williams, Cranhrook.
HMriel    "f    (.lis I    hiintemi*,
TAKK NOTICK that 1, Oeorge A.
Hunt, of Kitchener, B. C, occupation
Karmer, intends to apply for permission to purchn.se the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the Southern boundary of
Lot .'tflOIi and 20 chnlns in an Easterly
direction from the South-west corner
thereof, thence .South 20 ehaiiiB.
thence Ensl 20 chains, thence North
to the Southern boundary of the
Right of wny of the B. C. Southern
Railway, thence following the said
Southerly boundary of the Right of
way to a point, on the South boundary
of I/Ot 8903, thence Westerly to the
point of commencement,
Dated October 27th. 11)17.
Oeorge Andrew Hunt,
46*01 Applicant.
ORGAN—Piano shape, 12 steps, 2
knee swells, by Dominion Organ Co..
good as new, cost $100, bargain—$45,
W. W. Kilby. Armstrong Avenue. 4-tf.
I OU SALE Organ, lunuinhm Orgut
Co., piano shape, in splendid condition, 11 stops, 2 knee swells, cost
$160; for quick sale $46..—Apply Kilby
Armstrong Avenue. 33-tf.
TO RENT CHEAP—Double ttull In
warm stable; electric light; $2 por
month. Large dry warehouse, suitable for furniture or grain; electric
light; $5 per montii.- Apply Herald.
reeds, pedal bass, either band or fool
pumped, suitable for teacher or small
church, Bargain seldom met with—
$70. W. \V. Kilby, Armstrong Avenue.
LODOE NO. 42, I. O, O. F.
J, li. (tinss, of Pontic ton, Grand
Master of the I. O. O, P., for the jurisdiction uf British Columbia, paid his
official visit on Tuesday of this week
to Key City Lodge. No. 42. of this
city, accompanied by Past Orand .Master Dudley of Pernio. A specinl meeting or tlie Lodge was called for llie
purpose of receiving the Orand Master and his suite in open session,
comprising District Dop. o. M., s.
Fyles, I*. 0. M. Dudley, l». O. M. II,
White, After the reception a social
evening was spent when the Maple
Leaf Rebekah Sisters attended by
specinl request of the Orand Master.
The proceedings opened with a sumptuous repast In the form of light
cakes, sandwiches, irults. etc. Noble
Orand, Brother W. K. Adlard presi,.
ed al the head of the table. The following program was very ably carried out by all concerned, The appreciation of those present was proved
by the npplniiKc and spirit in which
ihe several items were received.
Chairman's remarks: welcome—N,
O., VV, C. Adlard; Response: on behalf of Hcbekah Sisters—Sister Hartnell, N. o.; Solo, Mrs. Wallace;
Speech, p. o. M„ Dudley; Solo, Bro.
W. O. Morton; Speech, Bro. O. M.,
J. II. Oluss; Solo, Sister Mrs. Adlard;
Speech, It. E, Beattie, P. O.; Speech,
Bro, P, O. M„ White; Solo, Bro, Han-
mi; Speech, Bro. P, O. McDonald;
Ood Save the King; Ood Save our
Splendid Men. I
Secretary    .Reports    10*1    Christmas
Parcels  Sent Overseas.
A well attended meeting oj the
Women's Institute was held in the
Parish Hall on Tuesday afternoon
wltll Mrs. W. H. McFnrlane presiding.
A letter of acknowledgement was read
from Mrs. Blnckw-ood-Wlleman thanking the members for their united voto
ol' sympathy with Iter in her loss
sustained by fire while she wbb attending tlie recent conference. Mr.
Scott's grateful note of thanks was
also road expressing hearty appreciation of tlie gift of $25 from the Institute to the British Empire* Agrlcul*
ural Relief of the Allies Fund while
a thiid letter of thanks was read
from Balfour acknowledging safe arrival   of  cushions   and   quilts.
The Secretary gave a detailed re*
port of articles given at the Octobor
shower and the work of packing the
parcels recently despatched to FranCc
and the wounded in England, One
hundred parcels had boen sent con-
laining socks, fruit cake, smokes end
comforts of all kinds to the extent of
'21 articles in all and at a cost of
$276 approximately, The report was
received with applause, everyone
wishing the parcels a safe journey
and tn time for Yulettde. A vote of
thanks was extended to Mrs. D.
Campbell who so kindly made the
A donation of $10 was granted Bab
four Sanltorlum to be sent to Miss
Forrest, Matron, to assist her In her
efforts fnr Christmas cheer for the
The Annual meeting falling on New
Year's Day It was arranged to hold
Hie same on the Thursday instead of
Tuesday and members were reminded
nf their subscriptions running out on
December 31st and that to be eligible
for voting at the election of officers
on January 3rd their fee of 50 cents
would have to be renewed meanwhile.
Tbo President expressed the legret
of the Institute In lcslng Mrs. Christian, Senr., and Miss Mills, through
their removal from Cranbrook, the
former going to Calgnry while the
latter takes up her abode In Winnipeg.
Mrs. Krickson very kindly described
how socks should be properly made
to btiit Red Cross requirements, giving measurements and particularly
detailing the "Kitchener" toe so
necessary in army socks.
Lengthy correspondence waa read
from the University of B. C, re tho
Conservation of Food movement, Including among other things the appeal to tiie women of Canada from
the Food Controller, Mr. Hanna.
Mrs. Her icy waa appointed convenor
>f a committee to take charge of this.
Severnl pairs of socks were given In,
while .'ui pairs had been made during
the pasl two weeks to pack in the
•m reels.
After the conclusion of business
Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Keywatrth
kindly rendered vocal contributions
which were well received. Mrs. A.
A, MacKinnon read nn eloquent article ou "Home Influence, and How
to Manage a Husband," At the outset
Mis. MacKinnon stated that If ber
hearers expected something humorous they would be disappointed, and
if siie (thc speaker) could have chosen her subject slm never would have
selected "How to Manage a Husband."
Particularly did she dislike the word
"mailage," When prepaiing her sub-
vet the speaker attempted to Imagine ; company of Intelligent men
sembled together to discuss tho
problems of "mauuglng" a. wife and
in her mind's eye could she see the
victim of thc society butterfly type
giving advice to the husband of the
dccp-chcsted homo-loving mother.
All mon bed their own individuality
and needed different methods of ('.eul-
ing on behalf of the wife. The perpetual scold, the fault-finding and the
crying wife were nil condemned
equally as pitch as thc woman who
indulges In Intermittent protests
made as forcihly as possible. The
policy «f cultivating in our own lives,
ns well as fostering in onr husbands'
those virtues we deem so essential
wan tbe only way whereby two lives
Going Fast
£1 Sidelo Cigars are "going fast."
Dealers are requesting us to double
their orders and RUSH the cigars.
We're doing it. We expected this
immediate popularity of El Sidelo*
—the product of 17 years' study
They are so mild, so fragrant, so
good, that we guarantee them
Buy 50c wortii of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or
Club House size).   Smoke them.   Criticise them.
Then if you are not satisfied with the cigars and
the value given,   return the bands to us and
get your money.
~     r.Tr_,vp        V
CHESTERFIELD Size, 4 for 50c
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,      6 for SOc
Made from selected Havana Leaf
For sale at first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co.
London, Ontario, Canada
II. .1.
The Ford is Now Considered a Necessity
for Large-Scale Farming
WHETHER you are doing work on a large scale, or a small
scale, you endeavor to reduce the delays of your farm
machinery to a minimum'and^save time. A Ford will assist
you in doing these two things.
If your tractor runs short of gasoline, the Ford will bring a few cans
right to the spot and greatly shorten the delay. Or if you need
a repair, or some new plow points, you can "run" the errand to
town and back in one-third the time it would take with a horse
and rig.
With a Ford you can supervise the work on your ranch much more
thoroughly. You can get your mail and supplies oftener, and take
more enjoyment out of prairie life. A Ford will do all these things
and many more, and at the same time save you money.
The strength and endurance of the Ford has been proved the
world over.   It is equal to the western roads and the distances.
The Ford is I Ae cur for the Western Farmer.
Runabout - $475
Touring • • $495
Hanson Garage, Dealer, Cranbrook, B.C.
ynur ear lot shipments.
Onr Prices aro the lowest anil
our Imy Is tho host — prompt
Ken. A Simpson & Co.
US llth ite. Weil,    I'nlgar,
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
once, .melting tod Rednlni Department


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