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Cranbrook Herald Jun 22, 1916

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THURSDAY, JUNE 22nd, 1916
,w     _ —,	
llnlh Railway and Vehicular Traffic  Knocked  Out by  High
Waler—Much Damage Done — Mission   Bridge
Carried Away.
IJiliwr Licenses Heiliicecl tnt) a Tear-
School Board Ask for By-law to
I'lircliase St, Hun's
A special meeting of tlie city council
was   held   on Wednesday   morning,
High Wuter caused   t,y   tlie    hot
weather ot hint wook-eud tied up rail- mint by tlie Klk Illver.   Two gangs
way traffic,  washed out roadB and   o! mon, one at each end, havo been
feel ot grade wits washed out at this Present Mayor Clapp In the ohalr and
point by the Klk Illver.   Two gangs Aldermen HanBon, Leask and Santo.
A  letter waa read from tlio Siilvu-
(Speolal  to  the  Herald 'from  our Own  Correspondent)
the statutes, and It Iu.h b tlle prac-     .,
life to make litem a grant equal lo       MorysVIUO, June  21—Ureal  excite-   lite   frantic   woman,
tholr taxes,   it was moved by Alder- ment was caused on Monday when tt thought would   lo*
iiiiii Sunlit uud UnsH, tlmt u grant became, known Unit tlio house occu-
brldgos und did much damage nil bard at work und on Wednesday had Hon Army In regard to tlio grant thia
through the mountains, while many got far enough to mako a transfer of f***- ' ""'™'s are exempt fromtux-
narrow oscaiies Irom drowning nro ro- passengers along with a small quan- ''" '"'l "".' Haivsuon Army, though a
purled. Cranbrook la fortunate In be- tlty of first-class mull. It Is expect- reiiRimis^Hiciy. srejiot exempted by
Ing situated lil«li and dry where wa- ed tluit by to-morrow tho fill will bo
ter can do no datnago, and while onr repaired and ready for traffic again,
neighboring city or Pornlo wus inun-     Main  line traffic is being routed
iluleil   lu   putts  and  over  a  hundred  over tlio crow oil account of tho tlo-  .,,,... ,            	
rendered homeless by the high wuter, up.    A muln lino train was brought be 'mule to t'e Salvation A nny equal   ,,,,.,1 bv Ull,  W|l|t    ,    „y
wlih tbo olty wator supply In dangai over tho Kettle Valley line and for- to tlie nnioiint of tuxes on tliulr build-   ,. , ,  * .,'
of being eurrli'il away anil the school rlod rrom Nelson to Kootenay Land-
shut down on account ol wnter, Cran- lug on a barge and passed through
brook citizens were able tb attend I rt. tills morning. No 513 went thru    »»'«°'' "' nre-cblef ,fromW. It. (bus   White,   w
business ns usual. today  lu  two sections   being trutts- p.'.*i,D?.v...'?.!' I}!S! S^'J^IPIlTC" h"lllv"»,
Thu water reached the high-water ferretl nt Wardrop. Main lino truffle
mark on Monday bat the (add weather from the Kuat is also going through ou
Wlllcll set In Sunday lun! its effect and  this line.
during Mondny nigliL the wuter fell Tlle Kimberley brancll has heen out
considerably, While not normal yet ot commission all week, lt was
tho water Is below the danger lino all thought at one time tliat the railway
over but there Is still it great amount bridge at Wjyclirfo would go out but
of snow lu the mountains und nnothcr good work on lhe part of a gang of
spell of hot weather would be likely to men from tlte Staples Lumber Co.
tiring the wuter up ugaln very rapidly   working to conjunction wltll a gang of
The city was almost completely Is- (I.  I*. It. men  from  here saved the
Utilise Surrounded hv Waler Dnrinir Xltrbt— While Husband
is Gone for Assistance Waler Floats House—l-nllnnt
Rescue 61 .Mrs. While nnd two Children
liv .Murrsrillc Cltlsens.
whom  everyone
her   head   and
In, but the sight of tin- boat
I her considerably,
was sur-     it WIIH ,n] jlllur am| a |,a|( ,lt-t(,r -^|r
rounded by wuter and that tlte oc- Evans got Into tlie bout before he
upantB were unable to escaiie.   Mr. reached   the  house,   such   wus  the
ho Is an employee of the   strength of the current.    Constable
Mine, rose as usual ut IM Slilpniuu left the boat iu order to put
ter II. Hrown. Joiin McDonald and 0. a.m. and found tho crock hud risen ""' ''"I"' over " stump to get a straight
W. Recce.   After considerable dlSCUS-  to sueli an extent that It covered tlie  l1"11 '""'k. he Standing waist high for
Kii.lt of tlie suhpeet It was moved by  floor  of  the  house,  and   upon   look-  "" ll0,lr »"li 'l half In the hitter cold
Aldermen   Leask   and   Hanson    that ing outside  found  u  raging  torrent "rtstw.    He could not be relieved as
(i. W. Ileece bo appointed flre-ehlef at between  himself and  dry  laud     Hc " waa Impossible to get out to hlm.
a salary of flOS.50 \wr month.—Car- plunged   across   the  stream   which   Tl|en Mr. Evans had a narrow escape;
rled. carried liim some distance, In order to ntter leaving the boat to get Into the
Pour applications were received for get assistance and Inside of an hour house  he   was  overpowered  by  tho
the position of Janitor, etc.   The ap- all llie residents of Marysville wero current und went under grasping at
pointment is to be made bya commit- on the scene.    Men tried to wade   sunlu urnsh whicli broke awuy.   Ho
tee composed of the Mayor and Alder- through  lhe  stream  to  rescue  Mrs   "le" grasped a fence post and saved
  himself.    Tho  excitement   was at  Hs
oluled for two or three days, most of bridge.   Five hundred bags of gravel JJ™ £*»•* '" d H»".s0" '^°n,ra"S'       ,"" I".'1 lu'r ','°, clllWrc»' " mie      „,„x ,,.,,„„ „„,„ MMa,Bt, will, Mrs
the roads leading in being Impassible were rushed out from hore and alto- L**?J*lt* tS?.c,,Sr SSgfSSST' i.^Si'SJS'i" B " ,1"a, "°, ^  tour "nd  tw0 re' Wh le      e    i   li one ' m  Men
and tho railway being tied up.   Two gather over ono thousands bags   of   ™» f "^"-^rfS',"' 5a'dWl"' 'Ef*™. Mf "!0 ^'i"0"1. wa1 ,kB0.   ho oilier     A  cheer  went £
spans of the big bridge at Mission over gravel were thrown In. This and other ; *T?/S ,rS,     „     w.    ,,     . ?,"?,"!,U"" ""7 llad \° mlr,e- Albe..t    1 '
the St. Marys river were carried away work strengthening tlio structure had . __ _**•.•*j8 ^j™*™*;£° V'""0, '" "?. '" Work,' m*de a ra,"     The most dan«.rnus narl was now
and  fears  were  entertained  for  the the result that though one end sunk  9™"?,,?^ _  was  Introduced  and   and prepared to cross, but was nearly     ™°m0.s'&-*"????.,'?.',"..?_V1]
Kort Steele bridge over tl.e Kootenny. about five feet tlie bridge is still In- «'.'"*m «"".   ll,reo ,™dl"8s n"J P"™** ffomjed in  lho attempt.    Mr. Keer   » Mme, ; n be ng It tiled up aga Inst
Men were empbVed filling in ballast tact and can bo repaired.   Both t„e ^vltlioiit ,1 vision. It reduces the license    hen hitched up his team and rushed     " 3™V™'   "      f™' ?k, ' a."a
and the bridge stood thc test.   Many railway and   tlte   traffic   road   was: fees 'or hotels from |176 every six   lo tho river for a boat, somo mile    »*pnont UIlly bo"an to?iye I Is slg-
reports of bridges carried out proved washed out or flooded and communi- \ ""*"'j» t0 '180' "° ""notion In whole- away, ten or a dozen going to assist nol   for Pulling or elaoklnj out a*
to he crnuuilless   l>„il.  tha Jl-irv vllle cation was onlv nossible bv a round-  salc licenses. hlm. .needs be.   IB minutes litter Illl renched
Ind MoBKtdges among otJmrabe! aC rente. tL^Cp^o? at the     ?})» <*• **>**."■ ta**™** to ad-     The creek was rising every minuto' l*«j"Ublo Shlpman who was numbed
Ing so reported and both being still Sullivan mine was washed out aud the iy,erlte( '°r application*- tor the posl- and to the horror ot all present the with the col, und will great dlfflculy
mine put out of business for a while. tlon  0( llrlver for the  llro brigade, bouse  began  to movo down  stream th0 bout with Its precious passengers
iv. .„„ j.„» „„ .™i„„ ,„„,,, „i,i„ ,„ Gancs''of men" we7e°betra!* rushed "out 'and "ie MaJ")r npiiolntcd Aldermen   towards tile fulls. What with the sight w"ro landed, Paul Handley going out
For two days no trains wore able to uaa^M.r-^^we-8 ncing ™n«M.ut j,^ gonto am, Hlmson m a 00m-1of the house toppling and turning, the shoulder deep to grab tl,
get through on ,i,o Cow line, tl.e fi™*»J: «Y motor .or .-org repa.r-, Sitt«VtoconferwTth"tbe Fire" Chief |M*^~ortto"£ottart-^ puiritaahoVe. mnds we're^le'd'and
No trains have been running on the and ™*l **• »imolntmont
A letter   was   received   from
yesterday by motor for work repair-
feJ5llL£n«Sl mSf  flSLHlLfl No trains have been running on the !and make the appointment.               Itlw"8raashi"iig"ot dSiIfrwa!5 Pot*8"ana ^ imrty finally landed,   Mrs. White
Si w.^ .« 5. S hi   f hM KacSe^MMteB^ra^^     A Ietter  waa   rece!ved   from   m Ums aii the  le«"»*to kliohen  broke   then collapsed.   Thoy wore hurried to
te%n!Pi^SJSrtL^»?'SS and if? reported there ale twenty Sct,°o1 Boiirtl askInB the rit*v to •»•»• ^way, made all present scream and the  ('.Mitral  Hotol  jvhero thoy  wero
tho track to  some  depth  and   pre- ana   t is reportea tl"ere «e twenty mU ft b   Jaff f()r $fi       tQ b(i uBfid |d                              i                                 ta)ui|i         t (;un; of    T])e    (,Uiz|i|iK
T.^ rSlVJ^ri    1,1 imc   '«» valU   The bSj£'rtSl^hS tl,e mri})am ot' Uw Bt Miiry's Scl,°o1   W(lB I™™*  llIll0»S  Btimps     Mrs. |kindly tlirtllshed Mrs. White and Her
ES? Sld;lvbw^tJBJUk* was reported                                                                                    There wa« ] White fi-equeiitly appeared at the win- children   will,  clothing,  they   having
™ SffeK^w^^H**^ Ste tlmt It is still tl'ere Li«Po«ticon8Wcrable °PP08ltl,on manifested hy   dow crying in vain for some one to   lost "all."
514 came through that day on time ™ wuiatii, is sun mere cnougti oui co|mcU but ns t)|     |mve M         n .                                                                ,   Q,d ^      usc(, tQ ni0UIltaIn Ktrcnnis
There was no current and   he track ot commiasion,                                       the matter the b   ,&y/  m  bp      t                                           j     »                 R wafi u    wofst fl, M u     cyQT
was left   n good shape.   The entire Prom press repors the main Une of | through at the next meeting.                 j end raised enabled Mrs White to keep »aw.   Mr. and Mrs. White cannot ex
Sirdar sub-division is now in good tlie C. P. R. seems to have suffered
shape and trains running about as us- much worse than the Crow line, and
ual.    The  Spokane  International  is   no traffic will get through for some
out of business from Eastport to Spokane on  account of a  wash-out nt
Bonner's Ferry which may take another 24 hours to put In shape
No. 513 on Monday was the last
'a yet.   In the meantime tho traffic .
is being carried through on this line. Will he Big  Features nt Cranbrook
Fall Fair on Sept. 0 and 1
Wiiile all around the water is receding, at Kootenay Landing the water
rose ten inches on Thursday, the wn-
Thfs   Year.
train over the line east, No 514 being , ter being 20 feet, 10 Inches above low '    One  of  the features  at  the Cran-
tlio children from drowning by hold
ing tliem on tlie table. The little
mites had nothing on but their nighties, every article of clothing being
Meanwhile the boat arrived, volunteers were called for and B. Lundin
and Ernest Hawkes volunteered to
man  tho  boat.    Half  way over tin
unable   to   get  through   on   account Water mark.   This however will not! hrook Fall Fair this year will be the'torrent carried them against a stiimn
,..'    „      I.i..      I. 1     _1 It- 1  1... i ,.(....!',,,...     ...111.      .....ft"!..        Il,„     nil..      a...I I 1       ..111. 1         .»       ..... -1 .     .      ,. . . '.. '
of a big wash-out at   Wardrop,   be- i Interfere with traffic, the slip being
tween Fernie and Michel.   About 450 imovable,
FRllM   F  llllll M"*"''AcUilty In Loral Mining Though
I If UIII   I LUUU low New Locations Recorded
  on Account of Snow
Andrew Miller Tarried out with Cul-
mtI into St. Marys River Loses
Team of Horses and Hns
(lose (all Himself
over: class 2—General purpose horse,
1000 to UOO lbs.; Class 3—Standard
bred; class 4—Drivers and roadsters.
Each of the above classes will he dlv-
There lias boen a very satisfactory ido(1 il,t0 ('iRilt «ctIona wi,]l two rib-
amount of activity in mining in the\"°n* ami two cash prIzea ln eacn sec"
t'ranbrook District this vear as shown "on:  Scc- l- sI:lUin11* registered, any
. by the filing of 9:' certificates of work\H& first I,rizo $ir'- s0l'omi D.rl2e $10;
  Ion mining claims with the mining re-!por -• broo(1 mare wlUl f,ml ilt font
Mr. Andrew Miller of tliis city had cordor at Crnnbrook.   Tiiere has how- |10 lul,i *5, SPJ'-.:i* :1->'1'»**''>1<I Wly or
an exciting experience last Monday ! ever been verv few new locations re- £?i     8 " 8e?' t1 2*year_0*a
with the high water, losing a valuable corded on account of the depth of thelfil,y or Rcl"'"B ™ lllu! $:t: s,'c ;i* l
team of horses nnd escaping death snow in the* mountains, the new loca- *eM fu' fl!l-v lir R,",,'i.'1R $;> *'!,ld *2*5°i
from drowning ouly bv a narrow mar- tlons ihis year being about one-third MC' ' , ° . allti • 8PC- '■
gin. of the number recorded  during the JS"0 in h._n*1 V2 lUlli J,6' **_£•
Mr. Miller lias a ranch near Mission  same period lust vonr.   With the dls-  nn>' or P*'1'1111*-' »• harness |10 ami $.).
Horses  must only  he entered  In  one
horses and cattle. A good list of I and the boat capsized. Thev clung
prizes is offered and it Is expected !to the boat and were hauled'back to
tbere will bo much interest shown shore with ropes. BHIv Evans then
and a large entry list on exhibition.; volunteered, together with Provincial
Following Is the prize list in these j Constable Shlpman to take tbe boat,
two classes; (Mr. Evans found it necessary to take
Hentrtment I—Horses tte boat 100 yards further up steam ■ have to "go to Wycliffe over  i'err
Class 1—Draft horses. 1300 Ihs and aml with IS or 20 men on tlie rope jCreek, if irassihle to make it, a die
press their feelings for the way in
Which everyone present did their bit.
Mr. and Mrs. White and family are
now making their home witli Mrs.
Whito'n brother, A, O. James.
While writing the abovo Mrs. Millard, who with her family are living
across the St. Marys Ulver, wus se
frantically waving her hands, giving
us to understand tliat her baby was
sick. All communication being cut off
by the pack bridge going out on Saturday last, a party consisting of Mr.
and Mrs. B. Kerr, John Wilson and
Constable Shlpman left on Tuesday
night to get to Mrs. Millard. Tliey wil'l
aud Monday started out for Cherry
Creek Wltll his team and waggon, leading two horses behind. About four
miles from Mission there is an old
channel beside tiie St. Murys Hiver
which normally Is dry hut the high
water hud filled it up nnd converted
appearance of the snow there will un-    , , .,,.,.
doubtedly be many new claims record- cIa8S- om,|,t 'f^,11 aild 8 w-5'c,u
r)l are open   to all.    Class  5—  Saddle
Sinee the first of January there has |Horses—sec. 1. saddle horse 12% lids.
been the following:  U bills of sale.
ii;! certificates of work. 17 notices funding  six   grouping   notices,  three
it into a regular torrent. The culvert rowers of attorney, two partnership
was still there however and Mr, Mil- agreements, two placer lease lay-
ler thought he could gel across nil lovers, the Devil's Pocket and Forest
right, but as soon as the horses hit Hill, and one application for placer
tho culvert it gave way carrying the lease. White Knight on Wild Horse
horses and wa 'on Into the stream. Creek, There have also been four-
Mr. Miller wns thrown in between tho teen new locations recorded, viz:
horses and their plunging and kicking Vonus, Lewis Creek, by Win. H. Shire;
made liis position very dangerous. Blue tlrouse, Perry Creek, by Donald
Eventually ho succeeded In getting Uio Mcintosh; Veronica, Perry Creek, by
led horses free nnd cutting tlie har- chas. U, Copp; Vancouver, Perry
ness on the otlier two, but tn doing Crook, Chas, l«. Copp; Shamrock,
this was curried out inlo the St. Marys Perry Creek, lien. B. Powell; C.rey
main stream.    He is not an expert Eagle, lost Creek, It  I,. T. Qalbralth
swimmer bv any means and being burden *d with his ilollies his plight was
fust becoming dosparate, At this juncture he uiunaged to gruh hold of sonic*
half submerged willows but these
were not strong enough to bear his
Weigh) and broko off, letting him con
tlntlO his unwilling journey
Just   when   almost   exhausted   Mr,
Miller succeeded in catching hold of
the edge of an old slump, and though
not able* to retain his hold on it swung
himself HiillU ii'iitly in shore to get out
of the force of the current and finally
was able to reach the hank. Today
lie seems none the worse for his thrilling experience hut Is minus liis team,
hnrness uud wagon.
Trail, Mull Ulver, w. io. Richards;
The Iron Duke. Mayook, John l-nurie;
Tiie Truth, Swansea, Augussta Van-
chrdoes; Wycliffe, linker Creek. Donald Mcintosh; Salonlca, nortli ford of $1; Be
Moyle  River,  Arthur  J.   Mott;   Bttb-IM
and over $10 nud $5. sec. 2, snddle
pony, 14*v hands and under $"> und ?2.
Class 6.—Boye' and tiirls Competition.
For the best groomed and conditioned
animal shown In halter or bridle, the
animal to have heen fed and attended
to by tlte exhibitor for at least three
months previous to the fair, the exhibitor to bo under 17 years of age,
$." and |3.
Department II. -Cattle
Class 7, Registered Holsteins, class
8 Registered Ayrshlres, class ft —
Registered Shorthorns. Class 10.—Any
other registered breed, There are 7
sections in each of tlte above classes
with two ribbons and two cash prizes
in each section. Sec. 1. hull, 2 years
or over $10, $5; sec. 1!, bnll, over 1
year unci under 2 $5, $2.50, sec. 3, bull
alf over li, and under V2 months $2.50,
4, cow, ,1 years and over $S,
r>. helfter, 2 years unci under .1
marine, north ford of Moyie river, Dr.
down  Bonnell;    T
'Thos   Mates;
The regular weekl) drill >\ll| he held
Mimdin next a<* usual.   Meel nl   the
lit) Hull al N o'clock,   A full turn-out
at members nml others U rciiuctcd.
Unit, Nlnples.
Ofilcer iu command.
Three recruits havo been signed on
tho strength of 11. Company, 296th
Battalion, during the week, They are:
E. Anderson, of Hull Hiver, single;
Joseph Hitlicll, of Kimberley. married,
musician, nnd C. D, McNeill, of Crnnbrook, single.
Fcrnie, B.C., Juno 19th.—Tho forest
flre situation is considered to In* well
In hand, although a few fires still
exist. The flre which originated near
this eity in the Fairy creek valley on
and pupils will appreciate your interest In the work. The school gives a
practical application of the various
subjects taken up in the classroom.
Drawing, arithmetic, nature study, design and geography are all helped out
by tho work done in tlie Manual Training School,   Habits of accuracy and
*...., t,*j ,„ um- ,«.., ,.,■.■, ,,., „„  JX?8.8.' Mwiry »'"'  P'THcverancc,
Thursday haa now become two distinct re,y}bIlltiV and honesty nre the- nature
conflagrations, with smaller blaseB "'}"' work, «P"tdally developed here,
springing up spasmodically In the : Visitors should a so see the swings,
area over which tho fire originally «?•' pr^ctod by tho pupils of this
traveled. ,i|school,   A number of students will be
 , '"at work und the drawings and models
mi    „  . of the past term  will  bo arranged
The C. P, It. tunnel at Rogers Pass around tho room for everyone to ex-
Is being lined with cement.   It Is live amino,    Remember the date,   Friday,
$0, $;.. sec, 0 heifer, 1 year and under
Koyal, Bridge Creek, *■ *■»■ $2; sec. 7, helfter calf over «
t<* application refused .months and under 12 montlis $;i, $1,
! Class 11 tirade Dairy Cuttle. Two
ribbons nud two cash prizes In enrh
section.   Sec. 1. two typical dairy cows
ra    l ~: Vi' ,.    ...•, '*lft* *■>'• Bec* 8< typical dairy heifer,
(Special to Uie Herald) !2 yoarfl 0]*j j4> $■>■ B0C< ;!< typical l
The river at  Fort steelo reached year old heifer $3, $1.60; see. 4, heifer
tlie highest level yet recorded on Mon- calf under 12 months $2, $1.
day, hut went down a foot on Tues-:   Class VI- Fat Cattle.    Sec. 1, one
day night beef cow or steer $«, $:t.
The bridge is being worked on Class lfl Dairy Cows, (Confined to
steadily, but no traffic can cross as owners of not more than two cows),
yet. Mr. Queon is operating a ferry The hest typo of dairy cow (register-
across for foot passengers, ed or grade) $7.50, $5, $2.50.
A small country bridge has gone out, Class 14. Hoys' and Girls' Competi-
n-iitl 200 feet of railway truck aro Hon. Por the best calf under C months
nnder wuter. No trains hove gono old, to have* boon fed uud attended hy
through for nearly a week, and it Is 1 tho exhibitor, who must bo under 17
not yet known when the railway wlll years of uge $0. $8,
again be operated.  ■
The Rev. Wm. Phillips, H.A..H.D.,
who has heen supplying the* pulpit of
tin. Paptist Church for the tn*K few
On Friday afternoon, June 23rd, Sundays, not seeing his way clear to
the pupils of the Manual Training accept the pastorate, will leav* thl*?
School will hold an open session. Vis- week for Vancouver, if the train Heritors are Invited. If you huve never' vice Is resumed not later than Frl-
been in the school go on Thursday and | day. If the train Bcrvice Is not resitm-
boo the work for yourself. To those! ed by that date, however, he will
who have been before we say "Go a-j preach as usual next Sunday at the
gain—you nre welcome."  Both teacher regular hours.    Mr. Phillips informs
us that hn has enjoyed his vlsli ln
Cranbrook very much. While finding
plenty of room for Improvement and
reform along various lines, yet he is
highly pleased with the hospitable
spirit of the people. And the muny
kindnesses shown to hlm personally lie
greatly appreciates. His wish for tbo
town Is that It will prosper and grow
larger and better In every way, nnd
thnt tlie religion of Je»ns will take u
firmer grip upon the lives of Its people
than ever before.
Reduced rntes to Calgary Exhibition
aro good only from points In Alberta
miles Ion* ami win bo rosily r„r m,r- .1 2:,,„ „„„ „l0 ,„„„ (r„m j to iM ».,«"not from u :"poKas wou u,-
He tills Kimimei' .   >,   ,1...  ,.ri..-........  »_     .• . * ■
lie this Hummer
the two heroes, for that's what they ,tnnce of 14 miles, Mr. Millard being
were, proceeded down stream toward away on tlie Prairie.
Only Two or Three Weeks Between
Itclglniis nnd Heath for Want
of Food
Olven Away In this Letter but it's Interesting all the Same
Dear Judge Ryan:-—
I received your long nnd interesting
ietter some duys ago und needless to
say enjoyed every word of it, for to
...,., ...       .   , , get a letter from you is like getting
There would be wholesale starva- the «wWH rrom the ,lInea*. umt , do
in wIU in two or three weeks if tiie hopo you w,„ r|n(1 tlnu. t0 OTlta more
Importation of food into Belgium wero rre(),iently. I sent you a little souven-
"m'Ti ViHlh';/tltTnntn-iodci))l.an Ir 80n10 tf'»e ae"* * I»Pe» Knife, the
» iL llo!«*hn R°Sk?L8Uer-oF?iUJd^ti"J handle is from a French cartridge
which wth the Belgian Relief Owj- and the bla(ie is Uammered out of a
mlttee, a!( St. leter Street, Montreal, ■GerniBn bullet. I mude a few of them
iias done much to relieve the suffering ; for you know we arL> not a|w   ,H busv
|    Well Judge, you would find a won-
among the wives and children of Bel-
Kf.1!!!^^11"^ Jt"d.,.V«^JJ5ed*P™"C?™" !der'"lJ lot"SfT Uiines to interest you
here.    We are in I  believe the most
batants who are suffering from the
fortunes of war.
Wholesale starvation in this instance moans over three million peoplo and added to tbem four million
more, who must look to food sent from
Canada, the States and South America for their sustenance. Everyone
who has reviewed the history of Belgium since tho first of August, 1914,
hns been appalled at the terrible
things which the Belgian people have
passed through at tbe bands ot the
nemy, Everyone has beard of the
atrocities of tho early days of the war,
of llie reign of terror in Belgian cities
and country places but these fade Into
Insignificance before the great shadow
tliat now hangs over the entire populace—the possibility of death by star*
vatloa—nn end ignominious in view
of tlio heroism of tlte soldiers of the
little country, and a death reflecting
discredit on the civilized world.
Belgium expects the worst from her
enemies, from her allies she has tbe
right to expect assistance. In view
of this tho Belgian Relief Committee
r,fl St. Peter Street, Montreal, tho one
source through which supplies can
safely be transported to Belgium, asks I i,V,'lv!!'
I  ■..,,■, ,11.. a,.-        1.. I...1,. l.-lal....        ll,., 1        iklU "■**»'-
Canadians to help bridge that three
weeks, the end of which means sure
starvation The committee is asking
Canadians to come to the rescue. A
lollnr moans at lest starvation avert-
d a month for one person. Tiiere are
seven millions facing starvation so
much Is needed and Canada Is asked
to glvo generously ln this hour of her
Donations left at the Herald or with
Mrs. King wlll be promptly forwarded.
Tho total amount now received Is
$188.85, the following donations having been received since last issue :
Master Frank Hartmell 50c, Mrs. C.
Patmore $1.00, Miss Bechtel $2.00, Mrs.
A. A. McKinnon $2.00, Mrs. Fred
Clarke $5.00.
The new high level bridge over the
Clout River will he completed to-day.
The distinction of being the first to
drive across tho structure goes to
Floyd Rodgers, who motored over It
on Tuesday. The work hns lieen under way for almost four months, and
has cost close to $10,000.—Creston Review.
Revelstoke youngsters Cleaned up
tlio town of rags, hones, bottles .etc.,
lust month, the sale of which netted
the Belgian IMicf Fund $20.01,
historic section of France. ] only wish
we were allowed to tell where we nre,
and the places we are privileged to
see, for by now war lias become part
of onr everyday life and it takes something extraordinary to upset our equilibrium, the more sight of enemy aircraft overhead does not iu the least
annoy ns, but our aeroplane duel is al-
wnys interesting, and our anti-aircraft
guns are indeed a source of constant
noise and tlie boys that handle them
are no ros|>ector of persons (n.; far
as our sleep is concerned) for ther;
are some of these guns close to us
und they have an awful habit of blazing away about an hour or so before
reveller, which to say the least Is very
annoying. As for the big guns tliey
rumble uway all the time uud the
sound of whizzing shells far above
our heads carrying death and destruction to some* "target" miles away, ore
a common and every duy occurrence.
Wo have for a commander General
Seeley, C, B,, and he is one of the most
cool headed and considerate nun possible to Imagine, a book could be written of his exploits and us for being
I do not think he knows what
that word "fear" means, and as lie
commands n Canadian Brigade you can
appreciate how well the boys like n
man of his tyix.* for no "Colonial"
could be more democratic thun lie.
We are well treated and want for
nothing, the organization and equipment Is something to marvel nt, nothing seems to bo overlooked. Imagine the millions of men over here,
all getting fresh bread every day and
now that tlie warm weather is hero
wo get lime Juice once a day, in fact
every  need  seems  to  be  anticipated.
The wonderful Red Cross trains are
revelation.    Tliey   aro   elegant   in
ppointment und wonderfully complete
in every detail.
Wo get a dully paper here.   All the
news up to date.   It Is the continental
edition of the I^ondon Daily Mail, so
you see we are not so badly off.    I j
don't  think  I   um  giving  away  any ■
military secrets when  I tell you wo
have  Imnt  loads  of  Husssian   troops
here. In  fact It has been  In  all  the I
papers, so I hope our mutual friend
the censor will remember thnt.
Well, I must close with best wishes ;
and give my kindest regards to (lor-
don Mecredy and tell him 1 am writ-:
ing him. Hoping to hour from you
soon, I remain,
Yours sincerely,
lin ih,. afternoon.
|M»r from tbe ad. on page threw.
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Grand Forks butter factory lhat fnr
Iho firsl time In Its history two churn-, hens for sale cheap.
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BEST l'ltll i:s
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd. PAGE TWO
THURSDAY, JUNE 22nd, 1916
Offered in so pleasing
a variety of grateful
fruit flavors
makes it easy for you to
select the very flavor
you will most enjoy at
any time. Comes now
in the new, convenient
package containing five
good-sized sticks. Each
one wrapped in wax-
paper and tinfcil. The
outer wrapper of each
package is  a  valuable
coupon you will enjoy saving
for Regimental and College
Shields. Your dealer has
Tulii Frutti in lhe five
mellow flavors.
amity, we muBt not entangle ourselves
in Futile negotiations. We cannot discuss terms with Germany while she
occupies allied territory and claims to
bo victor iu the war.
(Now !
ork Times)
Issued   Weekly   iiy   Tlie  Cranbrook
Herald, Limited,
T. ll, Kay, Editor and Miuinger
4'rnnm-Hik, It. <., June- 22nd, mt.
The demand for horses has boon in
creased since thn outbreak of tho war,
owing to tlm large purchases In America, both in Canada unci tho United
States, for war purposos. UoportB an
that many more horses will bo required this summer and that the British
Qovernment alone will he in the mur
ket in July or August for 20,000 gunners and transport horses, weighing
from 1200 lbs. up, Tho question being
asked hy the farmers Is whether thi
demand for horses will continue b
Buch uu extent, regardless of tho wai
us to make it profitable to go in fa
Increased production. In an attempt
to answer this <|tii:slion tho Kami anil
Ranch Review hus the following art
Is the breeder justified in bellev
Ing that the present tone of the lior.se
market and the prevailing high pricei
for live stock rest upon a secure fcuni
datlon? May lie look forward with
any confidence to tint next season':, oi
next year's market? Should ho pre-
pure, us against an advertised short'
age unci high prices for all classes of
farm animals, by breeding a larger
number of mares or ot cows, sheep,
hems and poultry? We are confident
that tho farmer has never been In a
more secure position than the present
as regards tho extension of Ills breeding operations, but, to enable i-i.fi to
form more* easily liis own conclusions,
tlio following facts arc* submitted:
Since the outbreak of the war,
British Remount Commission has
purchased in Canada 15,000 horses,
8,000 havo been bought hy French
contractors and 25,000 by the Canadian Department of Militia, 'i'hc
Department of Militia Is now engaged in buying an additional 1,000 head.
The British Ito mo nnt Commission lias
purchased over 700 since March and is
buying daily in Montreal. French contractors are anxious to obtain supplies
and an- arranging to buy all that are
available both iu thc East and In tiie
West. It is understood that, us a result of ther purchases already made,
army buyers ore finding it Increasingly difficult, both ill United States
and in Canada, to readily seouue the
number of horses which they require,
particularly of the type suitable for
heavy cavalry or heavy artillery.
In addition to the purchases for
army account, commercial activity
from two distinct quarters Ims exerted a very evident influence upon
tin.* Canadian horse* market during the
past three or four mouths. Since the
beginning of the year, 0,000 horses
reached tlio Winnipeg stock Yards
from Eastern Canada and 5.017 were
shipped from the* sume. yards westward, mostly to Saskatchewan, During the montlis ot .lanuary, February
und March, 1,806 horses wen* exported to tlie United State's. A few hundred wore gooil farm chunks wolghlng
from 1,800 to 1.500 Ihs. As high as
$500,000 a pair was paid for animals
possessing extra quality ami conformation. This new movement in tin
horse market is having its el'l'ect upon
prices all over Canada.
Buyers report that the bettor classes of drafters and farm chunks are
getting scarce and hard to buy. Tlu*
same holds true of good big roadsters
and saddlers. The noticeable scarcity
of good horses of these descriptions
Illustrates the met that cleniiiiiil has
already overtaken supply and makes
It very evident that all Uie really good
sound mures in the country Bhould be
bred this year, lt cannot lie too strongly emphasized, however, that they
should he mated only with strictly
high-class sires. Tin* number of
horses rejected hy army buyers clearly Indicates thut then* is no place for
the unsound horse or for the misfit.
Such animals have been, are now and
always will be a drug on the market.
Breed to tin* best If you   would  liave*
the best. Unsound or malformed mares
ure just as bad as unsound stallions.
It ts easier tc. raise a good animal than
a poor one. Manage the work this
spring in order thut the* best mare on
the farm may be regularly returned to
the horse. Next year, a good crop of
sound healthy eolts will lie us good
us a bank account. Cauada is likely
to enter shortly the commercial export
market and thut market will require
all you can produce.
Whole trend of the legislation is in ad-
jvancf of the general thought current
in Britain's colonies; tlie government
has not waited to be driven and badgered into bringing in legislation but
has led the way und in so doing has
j merited the approbation of all.
We ;ill know, but few realize, the
many difficulties that beset the premier at tlie commencement of the
session, difficulties caused not by a
powerful opposition which only calls
forth the he*st in a worthy opponent
Buch as Mr. Bowser is, but by the ever
Increasing wants of some of his own
party uiul hy the strain of self-control
tlmt hus t<> he maintained in order to
rule most effectively in one's own
i house, and to the never ceasing watch-
I fulness necessary over a party that
had such an over-powering majority;
a majority that might well lead to disaster from over-confidence,
lu looking over tlle proceedings o:
I tiie last sc-ssiou it would bu a difficult
ta*-); to pick out tho most important
ph-re of legislation; perhaps the most
popular as the Workmen's Compensation Act; as tliis lias received tlie
strong approval and endorsement of
tthe labor leaders of B.C!., we may take
it for granted tliat tlie Act is a benefl
cent one, and has, we know, received
ihe commendation of other provinces
and outside! cihservers; so ulso tlie Act
to provide free homesteads and lionie-
stead loans lor returned soldiers. Another Act to receive publie endorsu-
lieiu is tlu? Agricultural Credits Act,
an Art based upon tliat which has been
such a success iu New Zealand.
In like manner the several Acts al-
fectlng the mining industry of tlie Pro-
.ince have: received public commendation from all parties, as also the Act
.■ospocthig shipping and to make provision for nsslstanco to ship building;
in- Prohibition Act is another that
meets with general favor, and all of
these Acts have beeu introduced by
members of tlu* Qovernment.
Among tho controversial Acts may
In* montloned the Act to enable soldiers
serving in the War to exercise their
lecioral franchise, the Act to extend
tin* electoral franchise to women; und
lin; Act to borrow the sum of ten million dollars for the purpose of loaning
six millions to the Pacific Great Eastern Railway Company for the completion of its project, Time only will
prove tin* benoflconcy of this legislation, and no amount of argument will
prove or disprove Its wortii, but there
Is not tho slightest doubt that the
policy upon which this legislation Is
based is certainly constructive and as
such to be endorsed.
In contradistinction to this policy in
general may he. cited the policy of the
Opposition, as far as the paper reports
go, a purely obstructive one; it appears as IT the Liberals lost a splendid
chance to make a name for themselves; if in place of bickering and objecting and prying into past proceedings in the hope of unearthing unsavoury dealings, they had come forward
and said in the House? "We arc here to
aid you iu bringing in constructive
legislation for the benefit of the whole
province' and had introduced legislation to hack up their statement, their
position today would he absolutely different, but ns a result of the tactics
followed their policy bus been signally
liscrcditeel, and the puerile attempts
to find crooked dealings have earned
we-ll merited contempt.
There appears to be but one Act,
icmsored by a Liberal, tlmt was pass-
1 by the House; it was introduced
by Mr. Williams and related to Trades
It is a singularly easy matter to find
fault with practically any piece of
legislation, but a most difficult matter
That Earl Kitchener should have
been on lily way to lYtrograd jiidt as
the Russians wen* launching a new
offensive toward Qaltcla and the Germans were intensifying their action
against Verdun, can hardly be dismissed as a chance coincidence. For
Its protracted and costly undertaking
on the western front the German tieneral Staff must have been drawing a:
heavily as it dared upon the eastern
front for men. thereby thiunuing tlu
Hue of defence against the Russians
The. Austrlans, on their part, had re
cently prepared au offensive on tlu
Italian front, so that their eastern de
fetises also were probably much impaired. Kvldenlly Russia was not expected to resume suddenly the offensive attitude. The amazing success st
fur obtained by tin* Russlaus would indicate that tlu* Teutonic forces wen
taken unawares.
etiug of Uu
1. 0. D, E.
The regular business nie
I.   O.   D,   E,   was   hold   P
0th in the City Hull.   The balance
hand at present Is $84.15.
Tho Order has very kindly been offered the use of the Auditorium on
the opening nlghl of their moving pictures. A special play will be put on
at popular prrlces of 26c und 16c—announcements later,
The sewing day reports were as
follows:-- .Monday ■ Convenor, Airs.
Smith; work finished- ~ knee pads,
4 suits pyjamas, il M T bandages, G
surgeons gowns, -1 surgical shirts;
socks Mrs. McGuffie 2 pair, Mrs. Williams 2 pair, Mrs. Gilpin 1 pair, Airs.
Morris 1 pair; ladies sowing—Mea-,
dames Christie, McGuffie, Miles, McKowan, Coley, -Morris, Williams,
Mauley, Worden, Smith, Kay, DcWolfe
Paterson and Smith.
Tuesday:*- Work finished- 8 pnirs
pyjamas. 3 thr/.. eye pads, 34 pads 0x12,
2 surgical shirts; sucks Mrs. Williams 2 pair, .Mrs. Shields 1 pair, Mrs.
MclSachern 1 pr, -Mrs. stonder l pair;
Donations-- Bandages and uiouthwipes
Mrs. Speers, mouth wipes and facec
wipes Mrs. Williams; ladies sewing—
Mesdames McEachern.-Beattie. Barber,
Balment, White McKiimou, Shields,
.Mrs. Speers, mouth wipes and face
Thursday: ■ Mrs. Wilson, convenor;
work finished- 12 shirts, 2 surgeon's
gowns, 20 suits pyjamas; donations-
old linen from Mrs. Kink, Miss Mills
and Mrs. Christian: Indies sewing —
Mesdames Leslie, Palmer, Sutherland,
T. .1. Brown, Kink, Burton, Christian,
Mitchell, Manning, Cherrington, Wilson and Miss Smith.
Friday:- Mn-. Scott McDonald, convenor;  work flntshed-
mus,  Kl surgical  shin
The mil J bul sure laxative
with the pleasant taste
If you are bilious
or constipated
Rexall Orderlies
Keep your System
as clean as a stone
jug rinsed with
cold spring water
25c aI„l 50c boxes "at the
Reiall Drug Stores Only.
ilEITflE-lllPII CO.
C'aibroak, B. C.
upon citizens a few cents dropped In
this box will be of considerable assistance and will bo forwarded
promptly for the relief of the soldier*
The total amount received from the
box for two weeks ending 10th inst
; $4.35.
mts pyja-
hot water
' surgeons
ks—Mrs. Mc-
l pair; ladles
■ney, Tisdale,
Id, licuimtn,
-ii, tl. Taylor,
to frame a statute that cannot he attacked; lioroln lies the difference between strength and weakness.
(London Daily News)
Qermany is the author of this war;
iho occupies the territory of the nations tlmt she hus outraged; she can
latin and does claim to liave the victorious positions, and the only terms
t   which   she   has   hinted   are  terms
which canned be considered.  The time
will come, and we believe that it may
eune Booner than is expected, when
er approaches will be more definite
nel will be frankly on the basis of a
suitor lor peace mid not of u belllg-
•rent offering terms of peace. Till that
Inn* comes, bringing with  It to the
Ulies tin* power   to   dictate   such
terms as  will  secure* Kurope against
the recurrence of this enormous cal-
With the dissolution of parliament
and the return of the members to their
constituencies, there to render an account of the session's doings, of those
things left undone that ought to have
been done, and of those things done
that probably might better hnve been
left undone, it behooves every voter
of every electoral district, iu B. C. to
roughly I If unable to go Into the matter more closely) acquaint himself
wlih the* various statutes brought Into
being during the past session and with
the amendments of previous ones.
In hin search he will primarily he
Impressed with the Tact tlmt the policy
of the government has certainly boon
progressive ami constructive, that the
Why Shamed by
Blotchy Skin
If you are a sufferer from ICczema
or unsightly pimply skin you know
just what It means to have that humiliating backward feeling about meeting strangers and oftentimes friends.
Many a time you have looked into the
mirror and wished that your skin
would be like other people thnt you
know "without a blemish." This wish
can be yours for tlm asking. If you
wilt go to tlu- druggist and procure a
bottle of I). I>. 1). the greatest of all
apply It according to
rt time your skin
kin   remeiili
directions in a si:
will he as soft as velvet,
Come in and ask for a Dottle today
on our money-hack guarantee.   Ash
also about  i).   1>.   I>. Soap Mi.it keeps
the* skin lionlthy,
nr   1.1  Years
he    Standard
Skin    Itwiu'dy
bottle covers, I tn i
gowns, 7 eye pods; f
Donald 1 pair, Mrs. Oi
sowing— Mosdumcs 1
Henderson, ,1. McDo
Surtees, McKinnon, I'd
Thompson nnd Mlsa Orr.
Cutting Committee—Mrs. .Miles, convenor; Mrs. Leslie eut Iii shirts, Mrs.
Tlsdnlt! 11 shirts nnd li suits pyjamas;'
Mrs. Whlto !i suits pyjamas.
Tim I.O.D.E. gratefully acknowledge
tlie following subscriptions In tlm sup-
ily fund nnd sincerely timnks ull
those outside tlm order who lmvo so
generously responded:— Mrs. A. li.
Macdonald -fr,; per Miss Mary Terrace
—Mr. und Mrs. Frame 25c, li. Brewer
25c, R Boyston 25c, ll. Bartholomew
25c, C. Kiuslii' Ilk-, W. Doraco inc. W.
li. Gllroy 26c, o. McCreery 26c, I'.
Adams 25c, E. Davles 25c 0. E. Barber 25c, II. Qammon 25c, a friend 25c,
I). Kay 25c, !•'.. Stlvcns 26c, H. Reid
25c, a friend 25c, I. Armons -jci:. D.
McCowan 10c, II. McOill 25c, Jack nud
Dorothy Brown 25c, Mary Terrace 25c.
total $",.20; Leonard Burton 25c; per
Mrs. Bowness- Miss Whitehead 2ac,
Glen Bowness 250. Pauline Bowness
Jran McLeod 26c; Kimberley
ladies $20.00; prr Miss Alexander 20c
Mrs. Cherrington 25c, -Miss Cherrington 10c Mrs. Wooillnnil 10c .Miss
Woodland 10c; Mrs. M. McCreery $5;
Mrs. W. A. Nisbet $1, Mrs. II. Wilson
$1;   Kingsgate nnd  Eastport $25.25;
per Mrs. l.llll .Mrs. .1. II. Henderson
25c Mrs. L Clapp 25c, .Mrs. Hubert-
son 25c. Mrs. .McKay 26c, Mrs. Litlle
25c; per Mrs. Scott Mncdonnld Mrs.
M. (Hills 50c Mrs. it. Watson 10c
Mrs. Briggs 40c, Mrs. Win. Flowers
10c Mrs. F. Dezall 25c .Mrs. Millar
10c, Mrs. II. It. Moscly 25c, a friend
20c; per Mrs. Shacltlotoll 50c, Mrs. M.
Doric 25c, .Mrs. Geo. Johnson 25c; per
Mrs. King 26c, Dr. Macklnnon 25c, Mrs
11.   JollllSOIl   60c,   .1.   Ilaslam   10c,   1.
Murphy 10c, A. I. Noblo 10c, Mrs. I.
Macdonald 26c; per .Mrs. Sarvis- Mrs.
.1. II. Argue llie, Mrs. (1. II. Willis 10c,
Mrs. Hoy Hie, Mrs. Win. McKenzie 25c,
Mra. li. W. Johnson 25c, .Mrs. Dan
I'ninplicll 25c, Mrs. A. Cameron 25c;
per Mrs, II. White-Mrs. Shields 25c,
Mrs. Balment 50c, Mrs. 1':. Patmore 25c
.1. Taylor 10c, W. Taylor 10c, E. White
10c, I). Itussei 10c, Mrs. Inglmm 25c
Mrs. (lanl 25c Mrs. Sainsbury 16c Mrs.
Johns 15. Mrs. Askey 25, Mra.Haleyl0,
Mrs. Kiev 10c, Mrs. Malone 25c, Mrs.
a. Taylor $1. Itev. Thomson $1. Mrs.
F. Parks $1.75, Miss McCallum 25c
Miss White 25c .Mrs. Beattie 25c Mr.
Wcbli $1. Mr. 1!. B. Shields $1, Mrs.
Speers 25c Mrs. Jackson 25c, Mr>.
Palmer lor. Mrs. Muir 26c; Mrs. II. A.
McKowan $1.; per Mrs. Paterson —
Dr. Miles 25c K. Paterson 25c Mrs.
McGnfflo 25c Mrs. w. Mauley 25c,
Mrs. !•'. W. BurgosB 26c, Mrs. Attridge
250, F. Mcphcrsiin 26c, Mrs. F. II Miles
25c; tl. I. A. ol' II. L. E. $5. Total
Three boxes containing lied Cross
supplies huve I u packed ami shipped. All articles have been mado by
I.O.D.E. during the month oi May. and
comprise; 72 suits pyjamas, 12 tunny
tailed bandages, no surgical pads 0x12,
is surgical night shirts. 12 surgeons
gowns. 12 helpless shirt.
Applications will be received by tiie
undersigned for tlie vacant position of
Teamster at the Flre Hall. Salary $72
per month, witli room. Applicants will
please state former experience. Applications will bo received up to 6
|i.ln. on Tuesday next 27th inst.
City Clerk.
Crnnbrook, B. C, Juno 21st, 1910.
Your kind
of cigarette!
Prince Albert tobacco meets your
wishes in every way—no bite, no
parch; just cool, fragrant, refreshing.
It rolls up into a cigarette you'll like
better than any kind you ever tasted.
The Prince Albert patented process
cuts out bite and parch and you
smoke as much as you like without
trouble for your tongue. Prince
Albert has always been sold without
coupons or premiums. We prefer
to give quality!
the international joy smoke
is manufactured to be in a class by itself,
to be better, to meet the taste of smokers
all over the world. It is universal in its
popularity because it is so friendly to every
man who likes to smoke a home-made
cigarette or a pipe. If your dealer cannot
supply you, ask him to secure it through
his wholesaler.
You certainly owe it to yourself to know just what a great
amount oi" pleasure and satisfaction Prince Albert will afford you.
Prince Albert it sold throughout Canada, generally, in ths
%•!*. iidy red tin, also in pound and half-pound humidors.
On lh* m**M aid* of tbis
Iidy red tin you will reid t
"Piuccm Patented July
30th,  1907."
Sir Claud James Rivett—Carnac.
News Is urgently desired of the whore-
bo uta of Sir Claud Jamea Rlvett—Carnac, Hart. He might he going under
the name ot Jack Rlvett—was last
heard of from Bassono, Alta, six years
ago, previoiiK to which lie was In San
K ran cisco.
In all probability lie has enlisted in
a Cavalry regiment as lie nerved in
the South African War as galloper to
Colonel Lucan.
His description is as follows:—Age
:;S, height 5ft, Tin., brown huir, blue
eyes, very fair complexion, prominent
Wellington nose.
Information of great interest and a
large sum of money awaits him. Will
anyone knowing his present wliere-
abouts kindly notify Staff-Captain
Sims. 250 Fountain Street, Winnipeg,
who will passon the information.
'Bread! Wc want broad"—is the cry
our prisoners of war send out daily.
The accounts of returned prisoners
aro heartrending. They do not tell
us the whole truth, for thoy fear reprisals upon those left behind in those
hells on earth In tlie land of "Kultur".
Unthinkable cruelties, Inhuman treatment, unspeakable insults have to bo
borno by our men in tho Gorman
prisons, whllo we in comfortable
homos, enjoying so many blessings in
peaee, oat threo square meals, anil
have a good bed to lie on.
Tlie local brancii of tho Canadian
Bank of Commerce lias a box in Ua
oflien where contribution to the Prisoners of War Fund can bO left. This
fund is handled through F. H. V. Bow-
11, Toronto, Canadian Secretary of
thn Overseas Club who forwards tlio
amount to tlie Prisoners of War Fund
In Berne, Switzerland, A subscription
of |1,26 will keep one man supplied
with bread for four weeks, and whll
June 15th, 1916—1 have examined
ihe following samples of milk and
hereby report:—Atchison 3.87c butter
lat. Bargett 3.2 butter fat, T. Austin 4
butter fat, McDonald 3.8 butter fat,
Tavlor 3.6 butter fat. Yours truly,
A. P. Noble.
Kaslo's city-owned    electric    plant
shows a profit of $1,200 on tiie past
operations.    It  Is  expected to
!>00  in    tlio    next    twelve
yoar i
make  $1
Phone '.''
Low Rates. Cara ran bo got
any hour of day or nlghl Iiy
calling 52.
J. E. HcDONAJ.n, Prop.
■566-1 VOL 11Ai
fiiiiiiiliiin nnd American
Stands at
during (lie lllll, season
Highest efficiency demands
the out-door exercise so pleasantly provided by the smooth-
running "Massey". Saves time
money and doctor's bills.
Mr. Drinking Man
You know you want to
but can't. The ethical
aid afforded hy the
Neal Treatment will do
It for you.
The Neal Institute
Cranbrook, B. C.
Price $i:,.oo
0. V. 91. Model "F" 985.00
Cranbrook Agents, I'atnmrc lira..
Toronto. Onl.
For Sale by Patmore Bros.
Decline in Flour
Following are the New Prices for Flour
1TKITV     SB's $4.00
4IIV..   2.05
24's   1.05
HI IMIKST OS's 98.75
Ill's  1.90
24's  1.00
TllltKK STAR  OS's |il.75
Ill's   1.110
Cranhrook Drug «v Book Co, Oranbrook then*, nro numerous culla helm; mudo tc-___\
Beatrice Cream Separators
Are the closest skimming separators mnde. Built strong, simple, durable. Easy to run, hard
to wear out. Before purchasing
a separator it will be to your interest to make inquiries, not
taking our word, but choose tho
best value for your money.
lluy "KOOTENAY BRAND** Creamer)
Hillier,   mnde   In
Norbury Ave
, OraiiUi k, H. 0,
Refrigerators,   Screen Doors^
Screen Windows, Hose,
Garden Tools.
Everything Needfull For the Summer Months
Tlnsmlthlng, 1'lumlilng nml Healing THURSDAY, JUNE 22nd, 1916
Artistic Cut Glass
At $5 and Under
This store lias steadily increased tlie Cut Glass Department through careful selection
of the pieces for sale and Tor
the name we have earned for
moderate priced pieces that aro
artistic and good.
Only this week the June* Bride's
Cut Glass ciinie in, aud a largo
proportion of the dishes are live
dollars or less.
Many of the patterns are In
floral designs and are wonderfully beautiful. The artists
seem to have more latitude tor
expression In this sort of work.
Please fool free to go over onr
Cut Glass.
I "If you have a muddy complexion
and dull eyes, you are constipated. Six
.glasses of water daily one or two
Roxall Orderlies at night correct this
condition and make you as fit as a
Mrs. P. Adorns and baby left for her J*"*-   "J ""'' *<J<j at all Hexali Drug
Stores.-Tlie Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
town Tories
Kilby Frames Plcturea.
W. H. Wilson
8     PHONE     8
Von IV a nI
Fresh Killed Meats
We have tliem all the
I line
For Breakfast
Best ({unlit)
Dn lly
Cranbrook Meat
Patmore Bros.,
of Cranbrook
have to say about
cream separators
this week
IN the last ten or fifteen yean
there have heen dozens of cream
separators come on the market
which claimed to be "world beaters."
But they couldn't make good in the
hands of thc users and one by one
they dropped out of sight.
Their owners were willing to take
a risk and they lost. If you buy a
cream separator from us you run
no risk of dissatisfaction or loss.
The De Laval is tested
and time proved
Why experiment? What's the use
of taking chances with a machine
you don't know much about, or an
inferior machine, when you know
that a De Laval [a recognized everywhere as the "World's Standard."
More than thirty-five years ol experiment and expel it me have made
the De Laval pre-eminently the
best machine on the market for
the separation of cream.
If you have no separator now, or
nn inferior nm*. we can sell you
a De Laval on
such terms lhat
it will pav for itself while you
are using il.
Sooner or
later you
will buy a
homo in Moyle last week.
Stove Wood for Sale, quick delivery.
—Cranhrook Trading Co.
Mr. C. A. Cock left on Wednesday
to attend Synod at Nelson.
Watch for lurther particulars regarding Miss Anderson's new play
/'The Young Village Doctor."
Miss Alice Cowrall of Cranhrook is
visiting friends in Hope, Ida.
burnished house to let.—Apply to
Heale & Klwell.
Yesterday, June "ilst, was the long
est clay lu lho year.
Miss llailey cd* Trail, B.C. wan th(
|guest or Mrs. .1. Woodman for a week
returning lo Trail ou Saturday last.
Putter dot our prices uu buttor,
cheaper litis week. Dairy butler :.
Ihs for -fl.no   Cranbrook Trading Co
Steamship ticketn to England by Un
safe American Line, for mile by Bonh
.V- Klwell.
Mr. and Mrs. A. tl. Wilmot of Jaffray
were the week-end guests of Dr. and
Mrs. Klllff,
Mr. Maehaurln, principal of the Normal school, Is iu town to-day examln
ing the reading In the High School.
Mr. W. Marshall returned home on
Wednesday after two weeks In Vancouver.
Mrs. Brechin and children left for
tlie coast last week where they will
reside  for  the future.
We are carrying n full line of boots
and shoes. — Cranbroolt Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. J. M. Crookston of tlie Canadian
Hank of Commerce left yesterday for
Creston  to relieve there for a tjlilO,
Mrs. T. Roberts and children return
ed on Monday after spending, six weeks
on tho Prairie.
Don't forget that the postponed regular monthly meeting of the Farmers*
Institute will be held In the city hall
on Saturduy, June 25th, at 2.30 p.m.
Sergt. and Mrs. John Leask will en
tertaln a number of guests to a card
party and musical evening on Friday
the 23rd.
$500 Cash wilt buy ti four-roomed
house In good section of city, Lumsden
Ave, {000 on time. A big snap. In-
cpilre Martin  Bros.
drape Juice BOc and 50c bottle. Lime
Juice r>fic bottle, lemonade 25e tin,
Lemons 'ir>c doz.—Cranbrook Trading
Miss Eassie of Fort Steele has heen
tin; guest of Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
for a few days this week and will return to+Virt Steple on Prlday-.
Mrs. Dnfore who has heen visiting
her parents iu Fernie for the last six
weeks returned home at the woek
Tho Memorial Service held by Rev.
W. H. Bridge* at Wycliffe last Sunday
was very much appreciated hy a largi
Mrs. Dlesendaekor is in the city
from Sand Point, Ida., making an ex
tended visit with her sister. Mrs. P. E.
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Mrs. W. Harris and children left
wilh Lieutenant Harris last week for
the eoast where they will take a
vacation while he is attending a course
I there.
1 Mr. Howard, Manager of the Imperial Hank expects his family this week.
Tliey will make their lunue in the
house formerly known as the Hank
We are carrying ,i full line of boots
and shoes. — Cranbrocik Exchange.
Armstrong Ave.
Flour cheaper this week Mother's
Favorite ami Gold Seal flour now $3.76
per cwt, $1,110 for 50 lbs. Bran and
shorts cheaper now. bran $1.40, shorts
$1.50 per cwt    Cranbrook Trading Co.
Dominion Day
(lOINCI Hills   .lum' Mill Iii Jul) Lt
civil, in n n\ iimit    .ini., nni
Full  particular*. mid  tlckotg Irom
liny Canadian Pacific Ticket Agent, or
District Passenger Agouti
50 Strawberry
Pickers Wanted
hy (he
ASSOh NVNNIHa, 11. c.
io arrive ii» Wynndel II. ('. between
Juno 23rtl and !10th. Combine pleasure
wltli profit,. Huh together parlies of
Kl or 15 with camping outfit and In-
uugiirute simielhlng Hint will become
an annual ment as tlm retjiilrcnii'iitt,
from now on will double uml triple
each year.
tSi-liool teachers and maliii'i'i1 matrons should tako a lend In Hns new ii>
diiNlry for a summer vocation for ladles and children In congested cities.
For further Information address
0. J. WIHKN,
Wyim-Jel, & C.
Tho boys of H. Co., 286tli Battalion,
have boon ongagod this week In levelling down nnd putting the baseball
diamond at the rear nf the Govarn*
ment Huilding In good shape.
Miss Ilnth M. Stevens, of this city,
who has been teaching school al
Hnynes Lake, has resigned her pnsi
tlon   at that   place  to accept   n   posl
tlon al Brookland School, Winnipeg,
The  friends of Mr. anil  Mrs.  WVh-
stor Burton win bo Borrj to hem- that
the y nro leaving town, Mr. Iturlon
having lakeu up a position with the
Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co. of
Huth antiseptic nnd cleansing. Hex-
all *•»:." Shampoo Paste leaves   tho
linir smooth. Die scalp clean. At all
ItOXall Drug Stones only.—The Uent-
tlo Murphy Co., Ud.
The death occurred at St. Eugene
Hospital on Friday last of l-ouis Saucier, aged 57 yenrs, from heart-trouble.
The funeral wns held Monday morning
to Cranhrook R. C. cemetery, Father
McGulre officiating,
Tlie Misses Cameron, Kershaw, Hickenbotham and F. Drummond, also
Messrs. Blflch, Dnllus, Haslam and
Cori>oral Boyston, motored out to St.
Marys Lake this week hut on account
of the high water were unable to
reach tho desired point.
Mr. R. w. Russell returned yesterday from the Coast where ho attended
tlio Oddfellows' Grand Lodge. He
also took a short courso In advanced
optieal work which wlll ho of much
benefit to him In his work hero in that
Thn Rev. A. B. Lane of Fertile pasa-
ed through on Monday on his wny to
attend Synod at Nelson, hut on account of high water wuh not able to
either go to Nelson or return to Kernie. Ilu wns nble to get through to>
Nelsou m Wednesday, bowtwr.
The monthly meeting of the local
W. C. T. U. will be held at the home of
Mrs. .MacKinnon ou Thursday afternoon, June 29th. The ladle.- who gave
tlieir name.-. In to Mrs. Wright as
prospective members are .specially in-
vlted to be present.
Tha Overseas Club will hold their ;
monthly whist drive, social and dance
tn Maple Hall, Tuesday next at 8.301
p.m. Dancing will commence at 10'
p.m. sharp to which non-members are
invited. Admission will be 2fic Including refreshments.
.lust a few dozen left. We will sell
while tliey last a lino of Ladles' Block
Hose at :: pair tor Tide, regular price
35c each pall.- VY. D. Hill.
Tin* Cranbrook Tennis Club have ar-
rangeei iiir following matches with the
local Battalion: r. gents' singles, 2
mixed doubles, 2 men's doubles. The
games will he played off on Tuesday
evening and Wednesday afternoon
next.   Friends are cordially invited.
Mr. and Mrs. (i. B. Hall who havo
been Iii St. l/ouis for about seven
weeks returnod homo the beginning
of tin* week, hy way of Toronto, where
they stopped off to visit their daughter. Mr. I lull went to St. Louis us a
delegate to tlle O. lt. C. convention.
Hev. W. JI. Bridge left on Wednesday
to attend Synod. On account of tills
there will he only morning service on
Sunday whicli Mr. Galbraith of Fort
Steelo has kindly consented to take.
Ther*! will he no Intercession Service
next week also au account of his absence.
Don't forgot that Fire Insurance
Policy-—Flro Insurance is a necessity.
I'lione Heale & Klwell and they will do
tho rest.
There was only a small turn-out of
men at the drill of the 107th on Monday night but those present were given a good drilling by Sergt. Brown of
the 225th Bnttn, Lieut. Staples was
the senior officer in charge. Another
drill will hc held ou Monday night
What is the matter with the usual
erop of fishing stories? So far this
year the big fish and whales in the
district seem to liave been lucky
enough to escape the wiles of humble
disciples of Isaac Walton, judging by
the absence of fish yarns, but then
fish yarns are often—fish yarns.
Knox Church Sunday School will
hold patriotic services on Sunday afternoon next commencing at three o'clock. A special program has been
prepared and the Honor Roll, present-
d by the scholars, will be unveiled.
Parents of the scholars and relatives
and friends of the* men who have enlisted are requested to be present.
There has been a marked diminution
In the number of gamblers and tinhorns around the city of late owing
to the campaign of the Police to
up the town. A number have hit the
high spots for greener pasture's where
they may be allowed to ply their nefarious calling without the interfer-
iiico of officials whose duty it is to
.ee to the welfare of the puhlic.
The Women's Institute of Cranhrook
now have ready for distribution a
Cook Book of eighty pages in size, tlie
recipes contained therein all beiug
tried and tested recipes sent in by
members of the Institute. The price
of tho book is fifty cents, and all profits will be used for Red Cross purposes. Hooks may be* obtained from
the officers of the Institute.
Mr. Bruce Brown, manager of the
F. Parks hardware* company, left last
week for Vancouver, where* he will
visit with his parents and make arrangements for the* placing of his
non-refiltable bottlo on tin* market.
Mr. Brown has succeeded after years
of hard work, in placing before the
public S bottle which it is utterly Impossible to refill.
The card party and dance held in
the St. Marys hall this week was a
success, a large crowd turning out.
The Cranhrook Orchestra supplied the
music iu their usual pleasing style.
Tho prizes for cards were won by
Mrs. A. Wallace, 1st Ladies final aud
Mr. Lionel Leask, 1st gentleman's
final. Miss Hondeau and Mr. Leask,
lirst prizes fen* the night These dances will he discontinued for the future.
Safety First
Indigestion, constipation, biliousness
and many ailments of the digestive
organs arc often the source of serious
illness. At the hrst sign of disordered
conditions take the reliable family
remedy that is always dependable—
Urf .rt SkI« of Anv Madicu-.* In ths WorU.
Sold ••/•rywherc. Id bo-tea, 25 cent*.
gardens   the   law   as   to   im pound iag
stray stock must be strictly enforced.
Mr. aud Mrs. John F. Smith returned from Winnipeg last week-end. They
report hot weather and lots oi mosquitoes on tho prairie. While there
they attended a garden-party given
by the Lieutenant-Governor's wife to
the wives and hostesses of the Commissioners to tin* General Assembly.
The delegates to the Missionary Society chartered a train und went out
to Tuelon about 50 miles out of Winnipeg where they visited the Presbyterian mission school and hospital, of
which Dr. Hunter is the president. The I
people of Winnipeg were very hos-
pliable, driving the Dele-gates audi
Commissioners all ovor to see the various points ot Interest In their city. I
About 100 delegates und -00 commis
sinners were gathered there.
Tlu* Conundrum social given by the
Mi'tiiodist Church on Tuesday last
proved a great success, a large crowd
liming out to enjoy the fun. Mr. Nidd
nd Mrs. Manning gave a short but
xcellent musical program whicli
ias enjoyed by all prosent The floral
on test proved u tie between Mrs
Burton  and  .Mr.  John   Love  aud  on
■awing for It Mr. Love won. The
prize was wortii carrying off being a
inrge bouquet of carnations,
At u mooting of the License Commissioners on Saturday all tho local
license's   were-   renewed   for   another
Ix months, through tlie Inspectors
report was not very favorable. It
was also decided by the Commission*
rH to allow UlO hotelkeepers the
privilege of an extra half hour, from
leven till U.80 after tlie close of the
liars at night, iu which to clean up
tin* bars. During tliis time the proprietor or his employees may remain
In  the bar for tho sole purpose of
leaning the same.
On Tuesday the 27th day of June
the Anglican Church will hold their
Annual Strawberry Festival on the
lawn of Mr. M. A. Beale. While the
social Is iu progress a sale of fancy
Articles made by the Ladies of tho
Church Guild win take* place, A good
musical program wlll also be given.
After the social, dancing will bo in*.
dulged in in the residence of Mr. Beale,
who is kindly loaning both house and
lawn for this occasion. The social
opens at 8.00 sliarp. Silver collection
will be taken at the gate. Como and
bring yonr friends.
A number of cattlo were impounded
u few days ago for running at large
within tin* city limits, and the fact that
some of thorn belonged to one of tho
aldermen Is proof that thoro will bo no
favors to anyone. The owners had to
pay the usual $8.00 and costs. There]
have been a numb or of complaints |
Blnco then, and unless other cattle j
owners want to receive tho same dose
they will need to keep a closer watch I
on their entile. Tim fren range does
not apply within tlie city limits, aud
If wit me to have a good-looking residential city with well kept lawim urn*
The total receipts for the montii of
May from the Cranbrook branch were
$1659,90 and the total disbursements
$840. With the large number of married men who have enlisted with the
225th the amount which will be paid
out for allowances for the month of
June will approximate $900, the total
dependents being 104. With the increased demands upon tho fund every
citizen should make a special effort to
keep up his payments promptly, and
if tiiere are any who havo not been
making regular payments and who
desire to do so, the Treasurer or Secretary will bo glad to havo their
When war came to our Canada fair,
""We joined at once lo do our share.
And all  tlie "First", they stood    the
Of Valcartler and Salisbury Plain.
Wo came through  Ypres, our honors
Through Pestubort, Gfvenchy too,
But some for aye in Flanders stay.
On their account I write tills lay.
The response so fur's magnlficient,
But thousands more must yet be sent
If Canada would still retain.
Her great and glorious freedom'ss
Oue man iu three they have to get,
Don't say conscription's needed yet.
So, eome on, hoys, from every trade.
Show them of whut our Canada's
The Call lias gone from East to West,
And every man Is put to thc test.
We want your help to cross tho Rhine,
So jump in hoys, the water's fine.
Come hastening to your country's call.
Cqmmlssionjy'an't be held by all.
To avenge ourcmnns we've all promised,
And we can do It If You enlist.
—From "The Listening Post" (printed  in   the  trenches),  by  Pte.  C.  T.
Cooper, Ist Can. Div. Cyclcsts Co.
fie per word for first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
POK SALE—Piano #7;».tHl
3ft.lt* —110 Lumsden Ave.
-.Mill CASH WILL MY a four-mom-
ed house in good section of the city
Lumsden Ave, $600 on time. A big j
snap. Inquire Martin Bros.
BURY C01VB KOIt SAW. ut Cranbrook Dairy.- W. H. Bardgett.      24-lt.
WANTED—A maid fnr light house-
work.    Apply   Mrs.   Hogarth,  Cranhrook Hotel. 25-lt■
Bailiff's Sale
I'liiBAY, JUNK Sflrtf, 19IA
at 2.'.,0 p.m. tiiere will be offered for
sale by P. De Vere Hunt. Bailiff, for
James Finlay at the Office on Armstrong Ave, the Contents of Premises
known as the Prospector Publishing
TERMS  CASH-Purchaser  to  pay
5 por cent Auction  Fees.
P. Do Vere HUNT,
Cranhrook, B. C.
Packet of
. $8°-°WORTH OE ANY '
Clean to handle. Sold by all Druggists, Grocers and General Stores,
Incluillim Minimi. CIi.-iiii. .,1. uvil, Mechanical nu.1 KlKUIcai itiiiionriog.
n«rtnii lh. Wa, tssn. will b. coilaaana
.Naiota, in Mcdkina.
Til. Aria M»' i"»y I* WW.n tay ton..
M»>iit1i'iH-<- I'"' miiiIc nm ilc.tranu to vraalu-
iiu- n,«a.| .liten.l tint- ..»»iu„.
jul . »>u»uaull ——.,«««
For A Charming Summer Dress See Our
Selection of
Snowflake Voiles
IVe have a great variety in Pink, Blue, Corn, While witli
I'ink Roses, ami White with Blue Roses that will make beautiful
dresses, light anil cool to wear during the Imt weather we hope
is now starting, and pleasing to the eye.  Buttons to match all goods.
\n mutter how discriminating nor lion hard In please you
may lie we know you will lie alile to I'iml something to suit you in
our Inrge and varied stock.
Long Silk Gloves
Long Black and White Silk Gloves, double tip, 18 inches long, a
splendid article and wortii more than we aro asking.
Ladies Pumps
Our stock of Ladies' Pumps is exceptionally well selected, All
sizes in Patent Leather, Velvet, and Satin, wilh Cuban Heel on
Paris Last.    Very stylish.
Cranbrook's Exclusive Ladies', Misses', and Children's Store
in the
is sealed — that's the thing I
like about it. No matter when
or where I buy it, the flavor
is there — full strength, and
it's fresh and clean.
So I always make sure to
get Wrigley's in the sealed
package —it's the greatest five
cents' worth of beneficial enjoyment I can buy.
it after
every meal
If you want a CHEAT'
Cream Separator
The Magnet
Bul if vou want Ihe BEST.
Call Around
The Kootenay Garage
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
oitlpp, Smelting and Refining Department
S M E I. T E 11 S  A > 11   It E YI X E 11 S
Purchasers of Gold. Silver. Copped and Lead Ores
THURSDAY, JUNE 22nd, 1916
llnrristers. Solicitors and
Money tu Loan
Imperial Bunk Building
(Successor to W. P. Gurd)
Barrister, Solicitor and
P. O. Box 869
Physicians nnd Surgeons
onwo at ivslili'iii'i', Armatrong
Forenoons  OM tu 10.00
Aftornouim 9.0  4.00
Evenings  T.:«) t» 8.30
Sllliiluys   S.80 to 4.30
lilt. F. II. MILES
Offlce In HanBot) Block
9 to 12 u.m.
1 la   a ]i.in.
1'hoiio 34G P.O. Box 686
Funeral Director und Emlinliiior
UiKlertnkliiK Parlors
Fenwick Ave ir Baiter St.
Civil and Jlliilmr Engineers
B. C. Land Surveyors
Buy I'lione 238, Night I'lione BS
Norbury Ave, next lo Clly Hull
Phono 105 P. O. Box 83
PROF. C. F. NU)1»
Organist Methodist Olinreli
Receives Pupils lor
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave.
tieneral merchant
Employment Agent
P. O. Box 108 Phono 241
Bpokane,  Washington
We believe we
have moro regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
•how you why
this is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ol
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. RateB as low
as at the more ordinary
8»e Steamship on the Roof
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washing
send lt to
Sneeial nrices for family
_&*_&__! Meets   every
«:'' '*JfcJm{_\\ M»»day night
MSJr^SS'iivJ at Fraternity
Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows
cordially invited.
W. M. Harris,
S. Fyles,
Cranbrook, B. C.
every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, O. C.
P. i
e Vere Hunt. K. R. & s.
P. 0. llox 522
ig brethren cordlully Invited to attend,
Mi • ts in Maple Hull second
Tuesday ol every month ut 8
p. m.
Membership opon to British
Visiting   members   cordially
wclci ll.
IS. V   Drake. .1. P, Lower,
President Secretary
Maternity and General Nursing
(Jurdeii Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON', Matron
Phono 2611               P. 0. Box 846
Meets In the
Maple Hall
Ilrst Tuesday
afternoon of
every montll
at :'. p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
lt.  MoFarlane.
', Mrs. John Sbaw, P. 0. Box 442
All ladles cordially Invited.
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
l.ellilirldge Coal
. XI.lie Powder
Imperial Oil to.
Untying and Transferring
Given prompt uttentlon
Phono 03
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
•adquartera for nil kinds of
I,.   .11. SMITH
l.iiill,-s nml Gentlemen's Hats
Cleaned nml Blocked
oi.ii styles iii:>ioi>i:i,i,r:i>
Phone 2(1-1
It,,hi. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cukes, Pies
und Pastry
Phono 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Maternity work a specialty
Phone 319.
{nlutltiK 1*111 for Women. |6 ft turn or llireofor
lu. Hulil &t all iJniff Stores, or mulled to nny
tulelroniun rucolpt of price, Tin Scqiikli, Jjiilo
Co ,Ht. CathariUM, Cinutflo _
PH0SPMON0L Toft MEN.~lr«$
Vltalltr;for Nerve und Hrmln; Incrcuws "nro*
matter :a Tonic will Millit yoti up. 13 o lioi.or
two for (', nt elriiir itorpn or hy mail Ot] n■■-••Lpt
i,f |irli-i> Tiik mccjiikm, I'ltuiiCei , Bt. ('AtLarlnM,
Beattie■ Miiri-liy Co, Ltd., Agents.
Di version and r*e
TAKK NOTICIil tluiL tins Crows Nest
Pass Lumbar Co., Limited whose ml
dress is Wardner, B. 0., wlll apply for
a license to take and use 200 acre feet
of water out uf Hit Ua whicli flown
easterly and drains Into tlio Kootenay
River about Sub lot U of lot 325, by
: underground passage,
1 The wator will be diverted from tli**
stream nt a point nbout 10 rods down-
stream from wliere a dam Is now built
Ion tlio land, or about 15 chains from
Westerly boundary of land and will be
used for irrigation purposes upon the
land described as sub lot D of district"
lot 326, plan X Ki.
This notice was pouted on tbe
ground on tbe 25th day of May, 1910.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to tlu*
"Wnt-r Act, 1914," will be filed in tho
oillco of tho Witter Recorder at Cranbroolt.
Objections to tlio application may be
filed with the said Water Recorder or
with tho Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Building, Victoria, B. C,
within thirty days after tho ilrst ap-
poaranco of this notice In a local
Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co. Ltd.,
Hy W. P. Ourd, Agent.
Tlm data of the* first publication of
this notlco Is 2511) of May, 1916.
A. 0. James, Fire Warden fur St.
Marys district, returned from St.
Marys Lake on Sunday and reports
water over the buttments at St. Marys
Lake bridge, ami luul to swim the
! horse at Matthew Creek Bridge.    Paul
Hondly visited Matthew Creek bridge
lon Tuesduy mid reported a jam of logs
140 feet high on nortli side of bridge,
tho bridge nut being visible on account
of the log jam.
|    We are anxious for Hans Lund who
was watching St. Marys Lake bridge'.
also James Angus and Goldio Hodgson
I who are at present In  the upper St.
! Marys country.
A danee will be given at the Falls
View Hotel ou Saturday next, Juno
124th for the beueftt of Mr, and .Mrs.
Wjliite who lost all their belongings In
I Monday's floods.
I The Kimberley road between LO und
Il7 milo boards Is o raging torrent,   It
is feared that the crook bus changed
Ills course uud that iu  I'uliiiv tlte* old
[road will be Mark Creek. Workmen
Ian* engaged opening up lho old Kimberley road over Black Hear crossing.
The road was mado passable on Tuos
(day, Mr. 11. M. Drew driving down
that way.
Mossrs. Adamson and Black of the
Kootenny Telephone lines wore repairing the lines on Monday.
Miss itmh Tibbetts was successfully
operated upon on Wednesday for appendicitis.
The compressor plant at tho Kim*
bertoy mine was washed out on -Mon
(Too late for last week)
B. Lundin was visiting Oranbrook
on Monday when he purchased the
pick of a carload of dairy cows recently shipped in from ClareBholm by Mr.
Playle. Mr. Lundin sure knows a
cow when he sees one, being one time
superintendent of n large dairy concern In Denmark. He lias at present
tho finest herd in the country. Mr.
Lundin commenced to ship cream to
tiie Cranbrook Butter Co. ou Tuesday.
A. A. Ward, Provincial Game Warden, W. Evans and Ooldlo Hodgson
returned on Saturday from Cariboo I
Creek wliere they were hunting "big
game." Their bag consisted of two
large grizzlies, the larger of the two
measuring 9 feet from tip to tip. Bear
aro very plentiful again this year ou
the St. Marys.
A. Mellor, the local merchant, was a
Cranhrook visitor on Monday.
C. Evans and liis brother "Billy" of
Mount Evans, are in town resting up
beforo starting up to their property
on White Pish, which is probably the
largest low-grade silver lead mine In
tlie Province. The boys have been
working steadily ut this property for
the pust 12 years and we think there's
sure something coming to thorn.
Miss Sadlo Tibbetts left on Sunday
for the Sullivan Mining Camp where
she will assist in the dining room during tho absence of her sister Ruth
who wo fear will have to undergo au
operation for appendicitis. Miss Tibbetts was accompanied to tbo hospital
on Tuesday by her mother. Wo trust
an operation will not ho necessary and
wish her a speedy recovery.
Mr. Bluylock, General Manager or
tho Consolidated Mining Co. of Trail,
was visiting N. W. Burdett their accountant on Tuesday.
James Angus left cm Tuesday for
his claim on head of Hell's Roaring
Creek where he will do his assessment work. He was accompanied by
Ooldie Hodgson and Ed, Handley.
(By "Hull's Eye")
When iu Mount*- Play Trumps
"When in Doubt Play Trumps." This
Old rule applies to otlier things than
a card game. Has it ever struck you
that life is very much like .i game ot
of cards? That you get a hand dealt
you, and that it is up to you to do your
best wltli It? That hi life, as in cards,
when perplexed, your best course is
to play trumps. Yes, you say, that
may be so, but how am I to know what
are trumps?
What are trumps in say a game of
Bridge? You study your hand, decide
whicli Is your best, and make your bid.
Providing you are not outbid those
are trumps. Apply this to yourself.
There are more possible lines which
you can follow up in farming than in
a curd game. There you ure restricted to your choice of four suits; in
farming you have a far greater variety. And there Is tliis big difference—
that In farming you can generally pick
that line which most nearly agrees
with your own Individual bent. Every
man has a bias towards some one
thing to the more or less exclusion
of others. Therein lies your trump
But, you say, supposing my special
bent Is towards chickens, and the
chicken industry Is no longer as profitable as it was? If you were really
Inclined strongly that way you would
not ask that question. If you are really
enthusiastic over any particular Hue
of work you will find ways and means
to make that line profitable, There
Is nothing under tlle sun so far advanced thut no further progress can
be made. In every line there are unnumbered opportunities awaiting thc
man who is an enthusiast and keeps
his eyes opon anil his bruin working.
When a man makes a discovery, that
man has been playing trumps,
Again, you may say, look nt the men
who do follow their particular inclination. Look ut the* men who have
taken up sny fruit us a specialty, and
who find that they pay tin* noil ally hy
having nothing else to full hark on
when limes are had. Yes. hut the
over specialized, In farming, more
especially the one-line man always
takes a groat chance; he lias nothing
to fall back on. You must take up
moro than one line to be a successful
farmer. You do not huve to be a specialist at everything to succeed. You
may bc a good all-round man at most
brunches of fanning, and u crank on
one In particular. That is how the
money Is made.
Iu farming us hi other professions,
over-specialisation leads to narrowness of outlook. You must take? up
more than one line, if only for the
sake of a better balance. Besides, the
trouble with the over-specialised is
that he hns to rely so largely on others
for essential things. Who makes the
most money In poultry for instance,
the man who grows most of his feed
or the man who is so over-specialised
that he has to buy all bis feed? In
addition, tli'. mm with enough ground
to new i" sr T a'l it his feed has
also enough so that ho does not have
to raise chickens year after year on
tlio same little tract, with all the attendant diseases which generally follow sue-h n system. So that he Is making money both ways, not only iu having cheap food but also In the healthier birds he raises. How many fruit-
furmers live out of Hn cans, as a result
Of their over specialisation!
H so, remember these facts—Zam*
link Is by far the most widely used
balm In Canada! Why has it become
so popular? Because It *»:als sores,
cures sktu diseases, and does what is
claimed for it. Why not let it heal
your sore?
Remember lhat Zam-Buk ls altogether different to the ordinary oint*
ments. Mott of these consist of animal
fats. Zam-Buk contains no trace of
any animal fat, or any mineral matter.
It Is absolutely herbal.
Remember that Zam-Buk is at the
same timo healing, soothing, and
antiseptic. Kills poison Instantly, and
nil harmful germs. It ls suitable alike
for recent Injuries ond diseases, and
for chronic sores, ulcers, etc. Test
low different and superior Zam-Iuk
really Ib. All druggists and stores at
BOo, box. Use nlso Zam-Buk Soup.
Believes sunburn and prevents freckles,
Best for baby's hath.   25c. tablet
Such cases arc' not the result of
playing trumps, hut of over-bidding on
the trump hand, it's no use bidding
eight when six Is about all you are
sure of getting, Such a courso Is Inviting disaster. When In doubt piny
trumps, hut don't play them for moro
than they are worth.
A   MOTHIKS   Illl
Bead at a meeting of the Cranbrook
Women's Institute hy Mrs. H, II. McClure.
We have heard so much about a
Mother's duty to her Home, her Children, ('hurch and Country, tluit very
often we forget that there are many
duties she owes to herself, and by neglecting herself, very often fulls short
of what she might accomplish for
Mother is the most important and
tho most neglected member of the
Mother is the centre of the home,
on her devolves the duties of running
the household, and making the home
atmosphere She is the pivot on which
everything swings.
If anyone has an acl.e or a pain
mother heals it; if anyone has u torn
stocking, mother darns it; in sickness
It's mother who moistens the parched
lips and cools the throbbing brow. She
Is every wliere, and everything, to
".Nobody knows the work it takes
To keep the home together,
Nobody knows the steps It takes.
Nobody—but Mother."
To accomplish all this a mother
owes lt to herself to keep in good
health, and If she would have It, she
must study and practise the means of
obtaining and keeping it—by planning
her work every duy so that she can
have the proper rest and sleep, fresh
air, change of scene and diversion,
thut Is needed so that at sixty she will
have all the grace and accomplishments In a greater degree than she
had at twenty-five,
No mother can start too soon to
train her child to be Independent, by
teaching It to wait upon itself, and
also to do little errands for Its mother
is not only good for tbe child but In
time will greatly lessen tlie duties devolving on the mother, but as mothers
we all know how much easier it is to
preach how a child should he trained,
than lt Is to put It Into practice. Yet
the fact remains, that a mother has no
right to do for the child that which
the child Is capable of doing for Itself, for In doing so we deprive tbem
of the right to live their own life, to
learn and to grow,
There is no mother but what likes
to see her boys and girls liave a good
time and enjoy themselves when
young, and it Is right that tbey should,
but it Is also a mother's duty to see
that along with this enjoyment, there
Is mixed In a fair share of the responsibilities of tho home. This brings to
my mind the picture of a home where
the daughter's birthday fell on a
Saturday, and she wns looking forward to having her young friends
spend the evening with her. The
dainty lunch which tlie mother waB
expected to prepare meant a lot of
extra work to her already over-taxed
strength, yet when the daughter expressed the desire to spend the afternoon with one of her girl friends, and
asked her mother If she would Iron a
certain elaborate white dress for her,
ns she wanted to wear it thut evening.
Her mother without a protest let her
! go. Of course It was very pleasant
for the daughter- but her pleasure
was short-lived; on returning home
she found her mother hnd fallen to the
'floor In the net of ironing her dress
and for days her life was dlspalred of.
' All mothers naturally deny themselves; lt Is an Instinct bred In them
through long centuries, but to toil und
work and slave all day and often long
Into the night, so as to bc nble tu
grunt their children every whim and
desire tu regard to clothing, pleasure,
education etc., Is carrying self-denial
to the point of martyrdom, and makes
nervous wrecks of mothers, and lays
I unsteady foundations for future
| Then again mothers often become
slaves to the appetite of their families.
Tt ts her duty to provide, or see that
they are provided with a plentiful supply of good nourishing food, but they
would rather have you at the table
enjoying it with them, than that you
should spend your strength cooking
six dishes for supper when three
would do. If you cannot get ull your
work done today, don't kill yourself
trying to do It; remember there is
nnother day coming.
A mother morn thnn anyone requires somo rest and relaxation
every day If she can get It, If not at
least once a week, aud It ls very desirous that she should get away for
a (inin from the cares of home once
| a year; (he added zest and cutlimjlnsm
Warm Weather
Our stock ot
Ladies Wash Dresses,
Blouses, Skirts, Middies and
Under Muslins
is very complete, and the prices are very low
We would advise that you
Make Your Selections Early
as it is becoming very difficult to obtain goods at any price
and as a result the quality is being reduced
which she will bring back will more
than repay for all the temporary inconvenience which her absence may
Important as it is that a mother
should conserve her strength, It is
also very Important that she should
maintain her mental vitality, by carefully keeping her mind well informed
on all questions of the day, also by
cultivating the acquaintance of intelligent people and reading good books
and magazines so that she will be able
to influence and enlighten her children on any subject which perplexes
them. It hns been said. "The Mother
of a family is not expected to 'accomplish things', the raising of a healthy,
happy family is the 'things' she has
Most important of all Is the necessity of her so living In close touch
with her Heavenly Father that she
can with serene countenance go forward from day to day doing faithfully
tho work which comes to her band,
praying always for strength and guidance which she so much needs to do
her duty faithfully.
The Greenwood smelter has blown
out the second furnace, and ls now
running its two large furnaces. If the
coke supply does not weaken tlie
smelter can now treat 1800 tons of ore.
Pastor, W. K. Thompson
Morning Service 11 a.m.
A patriotic service will be held at
the Sabbath School session 3 p.m.
Evening Service 7.110 p.m.
Summer is lhe
Season for Ready to Serve
Cooked Meats.
They make delightful sandwlelies, rich and tasty, try them,
LOCAL ERESH KILLED MEATS available at all times.
Cottage sorviccB every Wednesday
Kootenay Orchard District 8 p.m.
Salvation service Saturday 8 p.m.
Sunday School 2.30 p.m.
Sunday evening 8 p.m.
You are Invited to all tlio above services which are bright and cheerful.
8.00 a.m.—Corporate Communion
11.00 a.m.—Mattlns anil Holy Communion.
3.16 p.m.—Address to Young People:
7.30 p.m.—Evensong.
Let's Go
Motor Wheeling
For business or pleasure a SMITH MOTOR WHEEL
attached to your bicycle will give you the maximum
amount of comfort and satisfaction. So simple a child can
understand it, was the maker's slogan. Absolutely reliable;
4 to 25 miles an hour, and 100 miles to a gallon of gasoline.
Call and try It out yourself, or write for further information.
T. H. Kay,        Agent.
In the Matter of the "Land Registry
Act" and in the Matter of Lot 2,
Block 74 of Lot 132, Group 1, Kootenay District, Province of Hritish
Columbia, Map 1181.
Pastor, Itev. Thos. Keyworth
Organist, Chas. P. Nidd
Morning service at 11 n.m.
Sunday school anil billie class 3 p.m.
Kvening service 7.20 p.m.
In the Matter of the "Land Registry
Act" and In the Matter of Ut 8,
Block 33, mid Ut 8, Block 80 ol Ut
182, Oroup li Kootenay District,
Province of British Columbia, Map
Take Notlco that an Application
(No. 8973-1) 1ms heen made to register
Philip John Ilnnhiun Aplin as owner in
fee simple of the above lots under u conveyance to hlm Irom Bancs Uke Land
Company Limited ot al, dated 2nd
day December 1915 and thnt unless
within SO days from the date of the
Ilrst publication hereof you file In this
Philip John Hanham Aplin as owner
Pendens 1 shall register the said
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
Nelson, this 25th day of May, 1910.
SAM'L. E. R013,
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of lirst publication the firBt
day of June, 191C. 22-4t
! Tako Notice that an Application
(No. 8974-1) has heen made to register
Arthur dale as owner in fee
simple* of the above hit under a Con-
veyauco to him from Baynes Uke Land
Company Limited et ul, dated 14th
day of May 1910 and tluit unless
within 'All days trom the date of the
first publication hereof you file In this
ollice a caveat of Certificate of Us
Pendens I shall register the said
Arthur Gale as owner in fee on the
Register of Indefeasible Veen.
Dated at the Land Registry Ollice,
Nelson, Oils 25th day of May, 191(1,
SAM'L. )•;. noi*:,
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of Ilrst publication the   Ilrst
day of June, 1919. 22-41
stands at
during the season
anti balance nf lime at Ihe
m:\rm:.mi linn ranch
I  mile from  Wycliffe
mm:it nam: m, ;>i»
Sealed tenders will ho received by
the Minister of Lands not later than
noon on the 5th day of July, 1910, for
the purchase of Licence No. 549, to
cut 2,000,000 foot'of Spruce, Flr, Balsam aud Jnckplne, on an area adjoining Ut 9028, Bugaboo. Creek, Kootenay District.
Ono (1) year will be allowed for
removal of timber.
Further particular*! of the Chief Forester, Victoria, U. O. 2*-4t
In tho Matter of the "Land Registry
Act" and In the Matter of Ut 1,
Block 20 of Ut 122, Group I, Kootenay District, Province of British
Columbia, Map 1181.
Tako Notice thut an Application
(No. 3877-1) has been made to register
David Wallace Hart as owner in fee
simple of tlie above lots under a Conveyance to him from Banes Uke Und
Company, Limited et al, dated 15th day
day of January 1915 and that unless
within 30 days from the date of the
first publication hereof you file ln this
offlce a caveat or Certificate of Lis
Pendens I shall register tho said
David Wallace Hart as owner ln fee
Philip John Hanham Aplin as owner
in fee on the ReglBter of Indefeasible
Dated at tho Und Registry Offlce,
Nelson this 20th day of May, 1910.
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date ot first publication that lirst
day of Juue, IMS. 82-41
Certificate of Improvement
Comot Mineral Claim, situate In the
Fort Steele  Mining   Division of  Mast
Kootenay  District.    Where located:
oue und a half tulles above Kimberley
on north side of Mark Crook,
Take notice that 1, Thos. T. McVittie,
F. M. C. No. 0728 KB, agents for Elgin I*!. Jones, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B 7.IU0S Intend, sixty days from thn
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grunt of the' above claim.
And further tuke notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the Issuunce of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this twenty-seventh day of
May, 1916.
TIMBER HAM: No. (149
Sealed tenders wlll be received by
the Minister cf Lands not later than
noon on the 5th day of July, 191(1, for
the purchase of Licence No. 049, to cut
3,060,000 feet of Spruce, Mr, Balsam
and Jackplne, on an area situated on
Bugaboo Creek, Kootenay District.
Ono (1) year will bo allowed for removal of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. 24-41


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